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I 2Table Of Contents Administration...............19 Faculty......................27 Students.....................39 Organizations................69 Activities...................83 Music........................95 Sports......................109 Elementary................. 127 Directory...................141 Advertising.................147It was 9:30 one evening, and the school was dark except for one room. The lights shone clearly to the outside from Mr. Spengler’s office. He was completing his state reports for his nineteenth consecutive year as superin- tendent of the Archbold-Local School District. As Mr. Spengler sat at his large wal- nut desk, he thought back over his thir- ty-five year educational career. It was 1937 when he came to Archbold as a teacher. He later became principal, and in 1948, superintendent. Mr. Spengler has taught a variety of subjects while at Archbold, some of them being history, biology, govern- ment, and psychology. He received his B.S. degree from Bowling Green State University and his M. A. degree from the University of Michigan. The job of superintendent is a very time consuming one, but over the years Mr. Spengler has found time for his hobbies of golfing, fishing, traveling, watching sports events, and collecting antiques. He and Mrs. Spengler attend many auctions and have a large variety of beautiful and interesting antiques dis- played in their home. Mr. Spengler is eagerly looking forward to travel after his retirement. A Long Career In Education 4Draws To A Close It has been a busy nineteen years as superintendent: board meetings every month, records to be completed, budgets to be prepared and new programs to be started. Retirement has been long awaited. The last state report is now completed. The office lights fade as a long, success- ful career draws to a close. 5One Hundred Years A man stands on a rise of ground dipping his ax into virgin timber. He is making a home for his family. He wants to get it done as soon as possible, for his family has been sleeping in the wagon since they came to this new land. The man is Christian Lauber and the place is Lauber Hill. Thus the first settlers came to this untamed land and began to build one of the most prosper- ous communities in Ohio. Although Christian Lauber, along with forty- two other pioneers, was one of the first settlers in "The place is Lauber Hill" Settlers outside the church at Lauber Hill 6 Scenic views in Goll's Woods enjoyed by everyone • ' Cemetery in Goll's Woods Northwestern Ohio, he was not the founder of Archbold. George Ditto from Scotland, who came here in 1838, and a land speculator from New York by the name of Haywood bought a siz- able portion of land in this area. In 1855 Ditto laid out the town of Archbold. Just eleven years later Archbold became an incorporated village, having a population of 350 persons. Peter Goll came to this country from France An enchanted evening in Goll's Woodsin the same year that George Ditto came from Scot- land. Goll settled about four miles northwest of Dit- to. During thirty years, Goll cleared over fifty acres of farm land, but he is most remembered by students and adults for the area he did not clear - Goll's Woods, As more people settled in this community, it be- came necessary to provide schools. Little red brick, one room schoolhouses were built. Because school buses were unheard of in the early days, walking was the only way for these children to get to school. A large, imposing, pop-bellied stove heated the school; it was either at the center or at one end of the room. Those sitting closest to it roasted, while those sitting The little red brick, one room schoolhouse farthest away froze. Many students are familiar with the bell which Drinking water was kept in a pail in the back of the school 8The bell which rests in front of the elementary building reminds onlookers of the old school is located in front of the elementary building. This bell used to be in the bell tower of the old school building. During their noon hour, some of the older boys would go up to the bell tower and play cards. The teachers often had a problem getting the boys to come down from the tower for classes. The coming of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad through Archbold was a big boost to the town’s growth. As in all small towns in America during the early days, the railroad was the lifeline of Archbold. Around 1900 the depot caught fire. Those who answered the fire bell thought it was the best fire Blackboards were essential in the old school system 9Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad Depot they had seen for a long time, that is, everyone ex- hard and Archbold might have had a new train station, cept a seed merchant who had grain stored in the Another feature of transportation in Archbold was freight house. If it had not been for his shouts of des- the Toledo and Indiana lnterurban Railway. Its 55.8 peration, the firefighters may not have worked so mile stretch extended from Toledo to Bryan. In Arch- New York Central train when steam engines were in useOne of the oldest houses in Archbold was built by George Britsch in 1884 The T. I. made many stops along the line, each stop having a number. Those wishing to ride the car would stand in the center of the crossing and "flag" the approaching car. To get off the car, the passen- ger would give the conductor the proper stop number. Basketball fans often chartered cars to take them to Bryan or Wauseon, or wherever the game happened to be played. The era of the trolley car came to a close on August 16, 1939, when the last T. 1. car. No. 100, made its final run through Archbold. George Britsch came to this country from Switzer- land at the age of nine. As a young man he went I I bold the line extended through the village on East and West Holland Street.Innocent bystander being hauled in into the construction business. He built a house on North Defiance Street in 1884. The fact that it is still in good condition today is a testimony to the fine workmanship of Mr. Britsch. Along with being one of the finest builders in the country, he was a prominent and dedicated public servant. He served as Township Treasurer, Township Trustee, a member of the Board of Education, a mem- ber of the Village Council, and Honorable Mayor. About 1910 the town hall was built. Among the first mayors to use the new building were R. E. Chase, Edward L. Downer, and George Britsch. It now houses 12Archbold’s main street in February, 1913 the Police Department, the Board of Public Affairs, American Legion, Town Council, Mayor's Office, and German Township Hall. It was a normal Saturday night, August 30, 1913. The biggest portion of Archbold's residents were en- joying a good night's rest, when the clanging of the fire bell awoke them with a start. The local firemen ran to the station, hauled Old Phoenix out of its stall, Archbold's main street after August 30, 1913 13Archbold school in 1891 Archbold's Elementary Building of 1922 and rushed to the nearest water cistern. A fire had started in Theobald's and Gype’s dry goods and general store and it was spreading quickly to the other buildings on North Defiance Street. How- ever, Old Phoenix wasn't what it used to be. Just when it looked as though progress was being made to bring the fire under control, the valves on the pumps stuck and the water ceased to flow. Attempts to fix it were to no avail. The mayor made emergency calls to several other towns for help. The citizens, who by this time had been roused by the repeated ringing of the fire bell, formed a bucketbrigade; but all efforts seemed futile. When morning dawned, only the two buildings on either end of the street were standing. As Archbold increased in population, the need for a new school became evi- dent. In the spring of 1891 a two-story brick building was erected to improve Archbold's educational system. In 1922 the white frame building which is now used for storage, was built to house the primary grades. However, the school continued to suffer from grow- ing pains and the present building was built in 1930 to house the Archbold School System. Additions were made to the building in 1961. The present school building as it was in 1930 15Lynn extends a cordial welcome to Governor Rhodes The Archbold Area Centennial celebration formally began Sunday, July 31, 1966, with an interdenominational church service at the foot- ball field. Monday was Agriculture Day. The main feature was a tour of some of the large and modern farms in the community. Before the rain came down on Monday evening, the teen- agers and a few interested adults enjoyed danc- ing and listening to the Novi, a local combo, at the teen dance on main street. Opening night for the pageant was Tuesday. The cast consisted of more than two hundred people. The story be- A hair raising experience at the Kangaroo Court 16gan with the settlers coming to this "black swamp' to build their homes. It portrayed each era in Archbold's history. Wednesday began with the cracker eating contests. In the evening the little folk of the town enjoyed participating in the Kid- die Parade. Thursday was Alumni Day with a dinner and dance honoring many of Archbold High’s graduates. Archbold was privileged to have Governor Rhodes here on Friday for Gover- nors’ Day. The parade with its beautiful and well planned floats, old cars, and bands, was the highlight of the last day of the Centennial. Archbold’s midway on a busy afternoon during the Centennial I v » "4 Archbold Centennial Queen and her Court 17' . T • ' • ' . ' . ' i ✓ rr.',: l, • ■ 5; ,■ , •ff t A; , • ' ••»».. ; ' r‘ v v ». •V . • . , . . v v • V -..vC 1 3S6ffi8S2l • :. v • . ••’• A ' • ; ■ ■': •' V .'■ ••' - , ■. •• Administration 19MR. J. H. SPENGLER MISS MELVA BECHTEL, Secretary to the Superintendent Superintendent As superintendent of the school, Mr. Spengler had many responsibilities placed upon him. Employed by the Board of Ed- ucation, his main duty was to administer the school system and act as the board’s representative. Part of his work consisted of finding teachers to fill the positions which were open and ordering supplies. Another duty was maintaining the trans- portation system and buying any new buses or equipment which was needed. He also saw to it that the cafeteria was properly staffed and equipped. However, Mr. Spengler did more than simply carry out his required duties. He was genuinely interested in each student and teacher and was respected by them. The new look on the bulletin boards in the high school was furnished by Melva Bechtel, who assumed the duties of secre- tary to the superintendent this year. 20President, Mr. Lowell Short; Vice President, Mr. Hal Hackett The Board of Educa- tion is made up of five elected members and a clerk, all of whom are determined men of the community. The board's goal and purpose is to provide the best possible education for all students. The board meets once a- month to act upon the problems and questions which arise in the school system. This is a very progres- sive board which looks to the future and profits from the past. Board Of Education SEATED: Mr. Lowell Short, Mr. J. H. Spengler, Mr. Hal Hackett; STANDING: Mr. Dale Nafziger, Mr. Evan Bertsche, Mr. Dale Pape, Mr. John Zimmerman 21Principal Mr. Burkholder, as principal of the school, is faced with many duties and activities. Among his duties is the responsibility to co- ordinate the high school teaching staff, regis- ter students in the spring, recommend students for college, and approve athletic events and contracts. MR. BURKHOLDER MARVA WYSE, Secretary to the Principal His summers are spent teaching at Adrian College and Bowling Green State University. Miss Marva Wyse, a 1966 graduate of Arch- bold, assumed the duties of Mr. Burkholder's secretary. 22MISS RUPP, Dean of Girls Guidance The guidance program at Archbold High School be- gins with Mr. Treadway's conference with the eighth graders' parents. Tests are administered to the students throughout their high school years o determine aptitudes, abilities, preferences, and vocational inrerests. Many of the tests are required for admittance to college. Mr. Treadway also counsels students on high school schedules and college plans. Another part of the guidance program is the writing of recommendations for students, and for this reason a student's conduct and attitude in high school may de- termine his success in securing a job or gaining accept- ance to a college. Miss Rupp completed her second year as Dean of Girls. She counsels with girls who approach her for advice, and issues excuses for girls who need to leave the building. MR. TREADWAY, Guidance Counselor 23COOKS: Ella Beck, Elnora Rupp, Bessie Short, Florence Grime, Betty Barger Mary Grime, Joan Eash The odor of cookies baking floated up the stairs to the third floor. 'Am I ever starved and it’s only second period.' Each day the cafeteria served several hundred hungry students and teachers. Al- though there were no major changes in the cafeteria this year, the staff felt they did not receive enough government aid. All of the students who ride on buses five and seven were over- joyed to discover, on the first day of school, that they were blessed with a new bus. Some of the other improvements students profit- ed from this year were the black topping of the playground area and the new drapes and lighting system for the stage. CUSTODIAN: Lawrence Ruffer 24HEAD CUSTODIAN: Warren Kingsbury BUS DRIVERS: Ruth Ann Nafziger, Melba Schmucker, Dick Rufenacht, Kenneth Short, Dennis Roth, Warren Kingsbury, and Clair Sallows who is missing from the picture. 25English W. TERRY MURBACH; A. B. Kenyon College, M.A.. University of Michigan CHERIE SHORT; B.A. Michigan State University, Defiance College, Toledo UniversityTwo new teachers joined the English department this year: Mrs. Short and Mrs. Schnitkey. Mrs. Short taught College English XI, General English XI, and English journalism. Mrs. Schnitkey taught seventh and eighth grade English. Other members of the department included Mr. Murbach who taught College English XII, General English XII, and English X; and Mr. Rex who taught English IX and X. English is a very controversial subject, and there are prob- ably as many ideas on how to teach it as there are English teachers. Mr. Murbach believes English is a subject to be enjoyed. Whether it was through discussing poetry or writing an impromptu, the students discovered a new level of English. Mr. Rex emphasized grammar and literature in his fresh- men English classes. He required one book report from each student every six weeks period. The students spent a large part of the year writing compositions. His sophomore general English class spent most of the year learning certain reading skills and comprehension. Much of the students' grammar study was from the 'Practical English' magazine. Mrs. Short has an unusual philosophy of teaching and learning. Her junior English students soon realized what was expected of them in her class. The students spent a large part of their time writing compositions and participating in class discussions. Mrs. Short placed strong emphasis on the development of the student’s imagination. The journalism class effectively illustrated their imaginative technique through the school newspaper the "Blue 'N Gold." Seventh and eighth grade English was not all nouns, verbs, pronouns, and dangling participles. Mrs. Schnitkey included a variety of activities to make English more meaningful. There were spelling contests within each grade with such teams as Rat Patrol, Duds, Bluestreaks, Toronados, Jets, and Surfers. Mrs. Schnitkey also gave the students poetry pro- jects in which the students could let their imagination have free rein in illustrating the idea of a poem. DAVE REX; B.A. Adrian College, M.S. Indiana University ELAINE SCHNITKEY; B.A. Adrian College 29History Five teachers staffed the history depart- ment. Mr. Walker taught American his- tory, driver education, and health. Mr. Miller taught American history and world history. American problems, American government, and junior high English were taught by Mr. Stahl. Psychology was taught by Mr. Spengler, and Mrs. Couch taught Ohio history and American history. History may be considered a subject of facts, figures, and dates. However, Mr. JACK MILLER; B.A. Adrian College, Indiana University Walker made history more than this. Any student who heard his account of John Brown at Harper's Ferry will agree. Mr. Walker often used appropriate films and brought in stories of his own that livened the class period. Mr. Miller also did more than just give a student histori- cal names and places to memorize. Through the use of filmstrips and current events the students realized the im- portance of learning from their ancestors' mistakes. Stu- dents also learned of the importance of basketball in the country's development. If the high school students are to become the responsible voters of tomorrow, it is necessary for them to understand their democratic system of government. Mr. Stahl realizes this. Through informal class discussion, studying current events, and being able to express their views freely, the government students learned to take a more mature attitude towards the problems which face the country. Mr. Spengler is qualified to teach a subject that deals with the study of the mind. His years of experience with many different kinds of students and teachers has made him conscious of different behavior patterns. He often gave true stories to illustrate a certain behavior pattern he was trying to communicate to the students. Although the class was primarily lecture, students sometimes verbally disagreed on a point and a good discussion was under way. Having said farewell to Mr. Arthur, the students and teachers welcomed Mis. Couch to the faculty October 31, 1966. She taught Mr. Arthur's Ohio History classes and Mr. Walker's American History classes. Mrs. Couch believes in covering the material thoroughly. Questions and dis- cussion were encouraged to help the students understand the subject matter. 30MIKE WALKER; B.S. Bowling Green State University, M.S. Indiana University MYRLAND STAHL; B.S. Defiance College BETTY COUCH; A.B., B.S., Defiance College, Drury College MR. SPENGLER; B.S. Bowling Green State University, M.A. University of Michigan 31EUGENE WINFIELD; B.A. Wittenberg University, Defiance College, M.Ed. Bowling Green State University GEORGE CLARK; B.S. Defiance College, Bowling Green State University, Iowa State University Math Many science and math students were introduced to .some- thing new this year--rotating teache«. The freshmen sci- ence survey class was divided into four nine week sessions, including earth science, biology, physics and chemistry; each section was taught by a different teacher. Mr. Dilbone's schedule included many subjects: health, science, American problems, physiology, and the biology section of the science survey. Mr. Dilbone’s philosophy of learning is apparent in his classes; encourage questions and self discovery. Lab work took up a great deal of the stu- dent's time. One of the first teachers the seventh graders met as they entered the high school world was Mr. Geiger. In Mr. Gei- ger's room, orderliness and a comfortable air of respect for THOMAS SCHULTZ; B.S. Case Tech, Defiance College, Bowling Green State University 32GERALD GEIGER; B.S. Defiance College, Bowling Green State University RONALD DILBONE; B.S. Adrian College, Toledo University STANLEY BUEHRER; B.S. Ohio Northern University, M.A. University of Illinois Science the teacher was apparent, whether the class was chemistry, math, or the chemistry section of science survey. In Mr. Clark's physics, biochemis- try, math and physics section of sci- ence survey students learned to expect the unexpected when they entered his room. There seemed always to be time for fun and a time for serious work, and Mr. Clark's broad back- ground provided the motivation for each. Mr. Winfield taught a wide range of courses including junior high and freshmen math classes, physics, chem- istry, and the earth science section of science survey. Students found Mr. Winfield's class one which provided stimulation for learning and apprecia- tion for the material being presented. Study hall students could not help but observe the seventh graders scamp- ering about for encyclopedias and the Atlas. Students in Mr. Buehrer's sci- ence and geography classes learned how to use outside resource material as well as good study habits. High school math is a challenging subject, and Mr. Schultz never fails to challenge his students to deeper degrees of learning. The classroom atmosphere encouraged discussion in an informal way. Also apparent was his belief in logical methods for work- ing out problems. 33Foreign Languages •wW -Cl mm V I IB ■ GAYLE BOURQUIN; B.S. Bowling Green State University Spanish and Latin were the two foreign languages offered this year. Mrs. Bourquin taught Latin I and II. Mr. Lause taught elementary Spanish and Spanish I and II. Students in the Latin classes taught by Mrs. Bourquin learned quickly that the reason they were there was to learn, and that this required daily study and hard work on their part. Mrs. Bourquin showed the students how Latin applied to other areas of learning in a manner that encouraged good study habits. A hole had to be cut in the top of the door frame of the Spanish room this year in order to accommodate the new Spanish teacher. Mr. Lause is as long on ability to make his classes interesting and pleasant as he is on height. The emphasis was on learning the Spanish vocabulary and the ability to use it in conversation. KENNETH LAUSE; B.A. Defiance College, Bowling Green State University Physical S '. CHARLOTTE SHARP; B. A. Adrian College, Toledo University 34Clicking typewriters or the sound of a pencil scratching out characters that only the shorthand student could decipher were familiar sounds of Mrs. Keim's classroom. Since typing was a course that almost every student wished to take at some time or another during his high school career, Mrs. Keim taught one of the most practical and beneficial courses in the entire school curriculum. Miss Rupp realizes the important part business plays in the complex society of today. Through class discussions and an informal classroom atmos- phere, she helped the business student apply what he had learned to everyday situations. In book- keeping class the students had several workbook pro- jects which required them to use all their knowledge of bookkeeping procedures. Business EVELYN RUPP; B.S., M .Ed. Bowling Green State University ELVA KEIM; A.B. Spokane University, University of Washington, Ohio State University Ohio Northern University, Defiance College Education Physical education courses are very important to . the well-rounded student. Some of the sports which Miss Sharp taught the girls were basketball, softball, and archery. In her classes the girls learned not only how to play the game, but also where and how it originated. Although the class was mainly physi- cal work, Miss Sharp gave some written work. Mr. Miller's physical education students worked independently in their activities much of the time. By working on only a few basic activities during the year, the students could see how much they had im- proved themselves. Mr. Miller prefers this philos- ophy to teaching them a great variety of sports which may be only half-learned. There were a few written tests although the class consisted primarily of physi- cal activity. WILBUR MILLER; B.S. Bowling Green State University, M.S.P.H. University ofMichigan 35The Arts In all subjects, learning is a personal experience. No where is this more evident than in the art class- es of Mrs. Kolb. After the first years of learning the fundamentals of art-colors, textiles, lines, etc., students are pretty much on their own. Class- es were characterized by students working on their own projects. Mrs. Kolb taught elementary art and Art I, II, HI, and IV. WALTER TREADWAY; B.S.M. Bluffton College, M. Ed. Indiana University Most classes have about twenty-five students but Mr. Winzeler had approximately eighty students in band. Getting all of the students to play musically all of the time proved to be quite a challenge. During the football season, Mr. Winzeler also organized and master minded the excellent half- time shows. The music program, like the sports program must begin with the elementary to insure high quality for the high school band. Mr. Winzeler begins by teaching the fundamentals of music to the elementary students. The fine compliments the band received at its performance for the WOEA meeting in Findlay this year attests to its high qual- ity. SHARON KOLB; B.S. Bowling Green State University Mr. Treadway handles the vocal music department. He directed the chorus and the training choir this year. Choir directing, as all members of choral groups realize, is more than simply waving your hand in front of a group of people. Students in other subjects may work for themselves, but an excellent choir demands group effort. Singing well also means understanding what you're singing, and for this rea- son Mr. Treadway taught some basic techniques in music. Whether it was at a concert with other schools and churches or at state competition, the chorus and Mr. Treadway were always well praised. 36 CHARLES WINZELER; B.M . St. Olaf College, M.E. University of ToledoAnd Skills Mrs. Weldy’s home economics classes fairly buzzed with activity. Sewing machines whirring, mixers beating up cake and cookie batters and the chattering of the students were all familiar sounds of the classroom. The dif- ferent classes took turns sewing and cooking. Refreshments for the coffee hour in honor of Mr. Arthur were made by the junior and senior classes. Sophomores were given a chance to show their skill at the faculty tea held for all teachers at Christmas time. GLEN GALLAWAY, B.S. Ohio State University Most of the boys who took industrial arts felt that they were learning a skill which could help them the rest of their lives. Part of the course was devoted to teaching the techniques of mechanical drawing through informal lectures. However, much of the time Mr. .Hornish taught the students to apply what they had learned from the book to the projects they were working on. The students worked on an individual basis, making anything from a table to a pig-shaped cutting board. wr HELEN WELDY; B. A. Bowling Green State University Walking into Mr. Gallaway's vocational agri- culture classroom, one noticed the distinctive table arrangement which characterized his class- room atmosphere. The tables were arranged in a way that encouraged discussion. Mr. Gallaway is a believer in the science of vocational agriculture, and his students studied this science through class- room discussion, FFA, and their own laboratory projects. DONALD HORNISH; B.S. Ohro Northern University, Manchester College 37StudentsHonor Students ■ ■?»jf Larry Zuvers, Stanley Wyse, Andrew Holian, Mike D. Short, Roger Springer, Karl Kuehn, Joyce Beck, Eileen Yoder, Sandra Finley, Mary Couch, Kathy Hoblet 40Our Trip Ends Thirteen DAVID KEITH AESCHLIMAN LARRY EUGENE ARMSTRONG LYNN EUGENE ASCHLIMAN EVA BEATRICE BECHTEL JOYCE ELAINE BECK LARRY L. BECK NANCY JANE BECK LEONARD S. BURKHOLDER MARY ELIZABETH COUCH DOROTHY JEANETTE CRENSHAW Years Of Class Activity LESLIE A. DORIOT THOMAS G. EASH LOIS MARIE EDGE JON D. F1ELITZ SANDRA ELAINE FINLEY NANCY LEE FREY 43We Dissected Frogs, Poems, ROGER L. FRUCHEY BRIAN J. GRAF PHILEMON L. GRIESER FRANK D. GRIME SAM E. GRIME PHYLLIS ANN GRISIER MARY ANNE HAHN KATHY ANN HOBLET ANDREW HOLIAN MARY JANE HOLLANDAnd The American Tax System JAMES D. HOOD REBECCA MARIE JIMENEZ LARRY C. KINSMAN KARL H. KUEHN TED C. LAUBER BETTY ANN LEHMAN BONNIE LUE LEHMAN PHYLLIS KAY LIECHTY MICHAEL O. LINDLEY 45Whether It Be College CURTIS BRENT LINK DAVID L. MAY TIM L. McCORD curtis mcdaniel EDWIN LOWELL MERILLAT WANDA MARIE MERILLAT CHARLES MIGNIN, JR. LEONARD MILLER, JR. CAROLYN SUE NAFZIGER SHANNON GLEE NEELOr Job, We Know . . . MILTON NOFZIGER VIRGINIA OYER PAUL R. PAPE GARY RICE MARINA RODRIQUEZ ANTHONY J. RUPP"A Place In The BEVERLY ANN SHARPE BARBARA JEAN SHORT JERRY L. SHORT KEITH EDWARD SHORT MICHAEL DEAN SHORT MICHAEL KEN SHORT PATTY JO SHORT RODGER D. SHORT STUART JOHN SHORT SAMJ. SMUCKERWorld Awaits Us” DONALD TEEL EDWARD A. THATCHER MARILYN SUE TROWBRIDGE 49Class Colors: Royal Blue And White GRACE VIELMA SANDRA JEAN WEYANDT THOMAS JOHN WINZELER GREG WLASIUK STANLEY WYSE EILEEN CATHERINE YODER EMMA JEAN YODER LARRY L. ZUVERS Class Flower: Red RosePresident------ Vice-President Secretary----- Treasurer ---- -JILL DOMINIQUE - STEVE RETTIG ----LOIS ZAERR DAVE RYCHENERLarry Baus Arlene Bechtel Mark Beck Janet Buehrer Randy Buehrer Robert Clark Tom Christy William Daniel Sharon Dilyard Donald Dohm Jill Dominique Veryl Doriot Helen Durst Steve Gigax Scott Gleason Andy Grime Leslie Grime Dawn Hitt Juniors Showed Enthusiastic School Spirit School spirit was popping corn for a basketball game. ..or making a sign Nancy Hootman Junior Jimenez Gail Johnson Tom Johnson Bill King Gary King Sharon King Marcelle Klinger Kathy Kutzley JoAnn Lantz Bonnie Lauber Karen LeuppLinda Ludemann Don Mathews Flora Merillat Gerald Meyer Becky Miller Linda Miller Dan Nafziger Steve Nafziger Joe Nofziger Lynn Nofziger Shirley Nofziger Chester Parsons (Withdrawn) Linda Pilbeam Fred Replogle Steve Rettig Mary Rich David Riegsecker Richard Rodriquez Bob Rose Gloria Rowe Nancy Rueger School spirit was studying Bill Rufenacht James Ruffer Beverly Rupp Doug Rupp Dave Rychener Carol Schnitkey Steve Schnitkey Steve Schroeder Sue Schultz Jeri Shaffer Roger Shirley Eric Short 53Jane Short Lee Short Randon Short Randy Short Jeff Smith Connie Sommer Kathy Springer Donna Stamm Margaret Stamm Bruce Stanforth Rick Stotzer Dean Stuckey Dale Stutzman Gary Taylor Teresa Thomas Albert Tijerina Jane Waldfogel Dianne Weber Mary Weires Gene Wyse Marlene Wyse Lois Zaerr Dave Zimmerman 54President....................................DALYNN BADENHOP Vice-President....................RANDY NAFZIGER Secretary....................................DEBBIE CLEVENGER Treasurer KATHY LINKRobert Alexander Donna Armstrong Bruce Arthur Dalynn Badenhop Andrea Beck Kirk Beck Linda Beck Bruce Bernath Linda Bowman Barb Burkholder Teri Burkholder Steve Case Debra Childs Dale Clark Debbi Clevenger Jim Crossgrove Ruth Crossgrove Fred DeGroff Steve Dominique Linda Durst Larry Erbskorn Rodney Fielitz Daniel Finley Raymond Fruchey Mary Gisel Carmilla Grieser Elizabeth Grieser Kathleen Grieser Ron Grieser David Grime DeAnna Grime Peggy Grime June Hayes Cindy Heckel Marsha Heckel Dan Heer Susan Heer James Holsopple Debbie Huner James Kidd Jerry Kingsbury Patty Kinsman 56Sophomores seemed to find the time and energy to do just about anything The High School Routine Came Easier This Year Ed Lantz David Lauber Deborah Lauber Tim LaVigne John Leininger Joe Leu Steve Liechty Kathy Link Jerry Lugbill Emma Jean Lugo Mike Lumbrezer Joyce May Gary McQuistion Mike Me Robbie Helen Merillat Sam Merillat Tom Miller Karen Myers Randy Nafziger Joyce Nelson Beverly Nofziger Debbie Overmier Mel Pace Cathy Phipps Suzanne Quillet Rita Reynolds Michael Richer Raymond Rodriquez Richard Rodriquez Rosie Rodriquez 57Jim Roth Ed Rupp Gary Rupp Susan Rychener Karen Sallows Mickey Sattison Warren Sauder Mary Schrock Grace Seiler Si Shaffer Jerry Short John Short Kathleen Short William Short Mary Silcox Robert Springer Ann Stamm Michele Stamm Terry Stamm Rodney Stannard Chuck Storrer Kathy Teel Linda Thomas Karla Timmons Efrain Torres Sally Vielma Randy Volkman Cynthia Walter Richard Winzeler Karen Woodward Elaine Wyse James Wyse Marthella Wyse Monty Wyse Ned Wyse Randy Wyse Sam Wyse Bonnie Yedica Cheryl Yingling Joe Yoder Nathan avala Mike Zuver 58 Pauline Bechtel Allen Beck Jane Beck Carol Bertsche Keith Buehrer Carol Clark James Couch Sheri Cowell Hilda Dohm Don Ebersole Sharon Erbskorn Lynn Fraker Debby Frey Larry Gautsche Cherylnn Geesey Lowell Gisel Ned Gisel Lynn Gleason Ilse Goertz Roger Graber Bill Grime Pam Grime Patsy Grime Randy Grime Pat Hackett Gaylene Holsopple Steve Jernigan Armon Kauffman Joyce King Scott Kutzley 60vocational agriculture,... FrCShlTlCn or shop Found Their Choice Of Courses Challenging Jane Layman Leslie Layman Ellen Liechty Eric Liechty Christine McNally Sue Me Robbie Paul Mendez Rodney Meyer Barry Miller Craig Miller Vicki Miller Sandy Myers Bonnie Nafziger Dennis Nafziger Gary Nafziger Kalev Purge Joyce Rice Abel Rodriquez Mary Rodriquez Barb Rueger Mary Rupp Phil Rychener Nancy Sauder Sherri Schmucker Scott Schnitkey Joe Schrock Guy Schroeder Robert Schrock Margaret Serna Jim Sharpe 61Florencio Uribes Sandra Waldfogel James Weber Lynne Wells Sharon Wingard Sam Wlasiuk Anna Wyse Lynn Wyse (transferred) Renee Wyse Roxanna Wyse Keith Yoder Herlinda Zavala David Short Jane Short Gareth Short Rhonda Short Ronald Short Royce Short Sam Short Terry Short Phil Smucker Stan Springer Mark Stamm Dale Stamm Rick Stevens Robert Stuckey Leroy Swalley Ken Thatcher Jenny Thompson Roger Tope 62Eighth Grade Class Officers Barb Kleck, Secretary-Treasurer; Jake Dominique, President; Peter Short, Vice-President Seventh Grade Class Officers I Mark Warner, Vice-President; Richard Clevenger, President; Norma Britsch, Secretary-Treasurer 63Eighth Graders Looked Forward To High School Kay Arend Nancy Armstrong Mary Barber Susan Beck William Beck Grant Bernath Lonnie Blosser Edward Bohner Peggy Bohner Carol Christy Bob Crossgrove Darlene DeGroff Barb Dominique Fred Dominique Jake Dominique Romakay Durst JoAnne Fielitz Linda Frankowski Mary Garcia Janie Gleason Kathy Gnagey Keith Gnagey Debra Kocn Juergen Goertz Cynthia Grieser James Grieser Tim Grieser Toynetta Grieser Tony Grime Mike Hackett Barb Hill Penny Hitt Chris Johnson Karen King Barb Kleck Darlene Leininger Blaine Martz Bruce Martz Ester Moreno James Mafziger Jane Nafziger Connie Nofziger The eighth graders worked hard at their sports and studies, 64Karla Nofziger Randy Nofziger Dale Phipps Susan Plassman Joe Pursel Lianna Quick Dave Radabaugh Beth Riegsecker Elaine Roth Bruce Rupp Joe Rupp ReNee Rupp Christine Rychener Toby Schang Peggy Schroeder Ruth Seiler Mark Shirley Betty Short Dianne Short Doug Short Jeff Short Mary Beth Short Peter Short David Sommer Richard Spiess Jim Springer Ellen Springstead Joyce Springstead Bradley Stamm Curt Stamm Jim Stevens Randy Stuckey Ron Stuckey Allyn Swaney Diane Taylor Diane Thatcher Juenal Torres Jim Weyandt Peggy Winzeler Doug Wyse Karen Wyse Norma Wyse Rhonda Wyse Teresa Yoder 65Grace Armstrong Jane Arnold Jean Arnold Sue Arthur Keith Aschliman Amy Barber Norma Britsch Kay Burkholder Richard Clevenger Russell Dohm Marty Dominique Patty Dominique Patsy Ebersole Michael Erbskorn James Fluckinger Craig Frankowski Leslie Gnagey Arnold Grime Bradley Grime Mike A. Grime Mike J. Grime Donald Grieser James Hayes Tom Hecnel Toby Hines Elroy Holsopple Bill Hood Dennis Huner Diane Jimenez Twila Kauffman Dean Kinsman Philip Lange Pam Lantz Billy Leininger Doug Liechty Lou Ann May Mark Meyer Paula Mohr Cathy Nofziger Julia Nofziger Marlene Nofziger Diane Overmier Richard Perez Matti Purje Debbie Rice Karen Rich Brooks Richer Candy Rodriquez 66Josefina Rodriquez Debbie Roth Bill Rueger Ned Rupp Carol Rychener Roger Rychener Dean Sauder Rosanne Sauder Steve Sauder Stuart Schnitkey Sue Shaffer Joyce Schrock Julia Schrock Debra Sharlow Andrew Short Donald Short Joanne Short Nancy Short Sam Stamm Sue Storrer Gary Sw alley Stephanie Swann Bill Thomas Antonia Tijerina Ricky Volkman Chrystal Walter Mark Warner Kristen Weldy Mark Wells Terry Wingard Brent Winzeler Linda Wolf David Wyse Mark Wyse Sara Wyse Danny Yoder Denton Yoder Stanley Yoder Eliasar Zavala Marlene Zimmerman Roger Zimmerman The Seventh Graders Came With Determination During the winter there was an ice skating party and a Christmas party SUOTJEZTUB3JQSEATED: Nancy Frey, Sandra Finley, Eileen Yoder; STANDING: Curtis McDaniel Karl Kuehn, Mr. Schultz, Rex Stanforth, Mike D. Short Spring Delivery Marks 1967 Annual Coke, pizza, fun, and lots of work were the main elements of the annual staff. The decision to publish a spring book put more pressure on the staff to meet earli- er deadlines. Editing copy, cropping pictures, and checking layouts all went into making the book com- plete. To help them understand the fundamentals of making a yearbook, the staff attended an all-day semi- No page was complete until every de- tail had been checked Copy editing required a lot of source materi- al and thought nar at Findlay College and also a morning session at Bryan High School. The staff consisted of Mike D. Short, Editor-in-Chief; Sandra Finley, Assistant Editor; Eileen Yoder, Copy Editor; Karl Kuehn, Sports Editor; Nancy Frey, Business Manager; Rex Stanforth and Curt McDaniel, Photographers; and Mr. Schultz, Faculty Ad- visor 70For the first time in twenty-six years, the school news- paper acquired a completely new look. The name was changed from the "Archette" to the "Blue 'N Gold". The "Blue 'N Gold" consisted of news, editorials, features, and sports. Throughout the year, it was printed in the offset process, in contrast to the duplication process previously used. The offset process, through the use of pictures, has produced an attractive paper. Deadlines were met only through team effort Papers were distributed during ninth period Members of the "Blue 'N Gold n staff included Karl Kuehn, Editor-in-Chief; Sandra Weyandt, News Editor; Larry Zuvers, Editorial Editor and Copy Read- er; Michael Sallows, Feature Editor; David May, Sports Editor; Eva Bechtel, Exchange Editor; Wanda Merillat, Business Manager; Tom Eash, Column Writer and Artist; Mary Anne Hahn, Advertising and Reporter; Andrew Holian, Photographer and Copy Reader; and Mrs. Cherie Short, Faculty Ad- visor. 1 Entirely New Paper Replaces "Archette” FIRST ROW: Eva Bechtel, Wanda Merillat, Karl Kuehn, Mary Anne Hahn, Sandra Weyandt SECOND ROW: Andrew Holian, Larry Zuvers, David May, Mrs. Short, Mike Sallows, Steve Rettig, Lenny Miller, Tom Eash 71SEATED - ROW 1: Rick Stotzer, Dave Zimmerman, Jake Dominique, Dalynn Badenhop; ROW 2: Jill Dominique, Marlene Wyse, Bruce Arthur; ROW 3; Patty Short, Terry Short, Sam Short, Richard Cleven- ger; STANDING - Randy Pape, Phyllis Grisier, Mrs. Keim, Lynn Aschliman, Ann Stamm Student Council Saw A Year Of Action Whatever the problem, Student Council found a solution "It was one of the best chapel programs I have seen during my thirty years at Archbold. ” This was Mr. Spengler's comment about the Christmas program. Everyone agreed that the student council did an impres- sive job of arranging the Christmas assembly. In addi- tion to organizing chapel programs, the student council reorganized the system of cheerleader elections, appoint- ed ushers for the basketball games, voted on hall regula- tions, and decorated the Christmas tree. They also did an excellent job of coordinating the Home- coming activities. Serving as a link between the students and faculty, the council, led by Lynn Aschliman, President; Randy Pape, Vice-President; and Phyllis Grisier, Secretary- Treasurer completed another successful year. The ad- visers were Mrs. Keim and Mr. Murbach. OFFICERS: Randy Pape, Phyllis Grisier, Lynn Aschliman 72Tense excitement filled the air the day of the National Honor Society tapping cer- emony. To many of the juniors and sen- iors, the words of Roger Springer and Mr. Burkholder, as they explained the princi- ples of NHS, seemed distant. It was dif- ficult to concentrate as one wondered, "Did I make it?" Then the time came. The envelopes were opened and the very slow process of searching out the new mem- bers began. Eight juniors and five seniors were selected. There seemed to be some question this year about the purpose of the organization. An editorial in the "Blue 'N Gold" ques- tioned the inactivity of NHS. The Mem- bers were confused about their role in the school. This search for a purpose is char- acteristic of the calibre of students recog- nized through membership in the NHS. Complacency is not a trait of these students One thing seemed certain: if the purpose of the organization was to recognize stu- dents of nigh academic standards and strong character, the year Was a successful one. FIRST ROW- Mary Weires, Kathy Springer, Jill Dominique, Nancy Rueger, Joyce Beck, Barb Short, Phyllis Liechty, Sandra Finley, Eileen Yoder, Kathy Hoblet, Secretary-Treasurer Becky Schrock, Mary Couch; SECOND ROW: Gene Wyse, Stanley Wyse, Larry Zuvers, Dave Zimmerman, President Roger Springer, Karl Kuehn, Randy Pape, Lynn Aschliman, Vice President Andrew Holian, Mike D. Short, Rick Stotzer, Dave Rychener NHS Recognizes Character And Roger Springer taps Jill Dominique • Scholarship 73Latin Club The residents at Fairlawn Haven and Vernier's Nursing Home had a pleasant surprise this year when the Latin Club came Christmas carolling. During the rest of their regular monthly meetings, a style show was presented, slides were shown, Roman games were played, and plans for the spring banquet were made. The spring banquet was the highlight of the year; dinner was served by the fresh- men slaves. OFFICERS: Michele Stamm, President; Elizabeth Grieser, Secretary; Mrs. Bourquin, Advisor; Mary Schrock, Vice-President; and Ann Stamm, Treasurer 74 ROW 1: Sheri Cowell, Bonnie Nafziger, Cheryln Geesey, Gaylene Holsopple; ROW 2: June Hayes, Kathy Grieser, Jane Short, Sandra Waldfogel; ROW 3: Nancy Sauder, Mary Rupp, Barb Rueger, Ellen Liechty, Usa GoertzROW 1: Carol Bertsche, Sharon Erbskorn, Don Eber- ert Stuckey, Christine McNally, Jim Couch, Carol sole; ROW 2; Debby Frey, Sheri Schmucker, Larry Clark, Ed Lantz Erbskorn, Vicki Miller, Sandy Myers; ROW 3; Rob- Library Staff ROW 1: Debbie Koch, Peg- gy Bohner, Hilda Dohm, Di- ane Taylor, Darlene DeGroff, Peggy Winzeler; ROW 2: Linda Frankouski, Carol Christy, Karen King, Elaine Roth, Mary Beth Short, Paul- ine Bechtel; ROW 3; Larry Beck, Gaylene Holsopple, Cynthia Grieser, Barb Domi- nique, Ed Lantz; ROW 4: Mrs, Spengler, Mrs, Fank- hauser, Mrs, Nofziger 75ROW 1: Eileen Yoder, Susan Heer, Kathy Link, Kathy Springer, Jean Yoder, Gloria Rowe, Jane Waldfogel; ROW 2: Eric Short, Rex Stanforth, Carol Schnitkey, Sara Stuckey, Becky Schrock, David Lauber, Gary Rupp; ROW 3; Andrew Holian, Tony Rupp, Randy Pape, Curt Me Dan iel, John teininger Science Club Sponsors Never did a problem occur which they couldn't handle Sorry about that chief! " These words spoken as the members of Science club filed into the study hall to hold their first meeting. George Clark, Eugene Winfield, Ron Dilbone, and Gerald Geiger presided over the meeting. The meeting was called to order and the officers chosen. Tony Rupp was chosen President; Vice-Presi- dent, Mike D. Short; Secretary, Barb Schrock; Kathy Springer, Treasurer, and Bev Sharpe, Re- porter. You did not need to be eighteen to avoid the draft this year. The Science club's aim was to raise enough money to take a trip. In 76order to do this, Science club members "anxi- ously" were drafted to handle concessions at many of the basketball and football games. Coat check was also handled by Science club. This was one of the most entertaining jobs members were drafted to do. Many times, at the end of a game, it seemed as thought a white tornado went through the gym, for scat- tered over the floor were white stubs. How- ever, the job was completed with a few surviv- ors. The highlight of the year for the science de- partment was the Quadri-County and Greater Ohio Science Fairs. Members of the club helped organize the fairs by co-ordinating registration and the project displays. Science Fair ROW 1: Sandra Finley, Nancy Frey, Beverly Sharpe, Phyllis Grisier, Barb Short, Mary Couch; ROW 2; Marilyn Trowbridge, Phyllis Liechty, Joyce Beck, Mary Jane Holland. Deb- by Diverchy, Barb Schrock; ROW 3; Stanley Wyse, Mike D. Short, Tony Rupp, Roger Springer, Lynn Aschliman, Ed Thatcher, Brian Graf 77FHA FHA OFFICERS: Cathy Phipps, Dorothy Crenshaw, Virginia Oyer, Emma Lugo, Jane Short, Bonnie Lauber Adopting a child may seem like an unusual proj- ect for a school organization. This was accomplish- ed, however, by the Archbold Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America from the money received from concessions at the football and basketball games. The FHA also had many other activities ranging from their annual Christmas party with the FFA, to attending a state convention, and distribut- ing pamphlets on the bond issue. The officers of the FHA consisted of President, Bonnie Lauber; Vice-President, Jane Short; Secre- tary, Virginia Oyer; Treasurer, Dorothy Crenshaw; Reporter, Cathy Phipps; Historian, Emma Lugo; and Advisor, Mrs. Weldy. ROW 1; JoAnn Lantz, Arlene Bechtel, Andrew Holian, Beverly Sharpe, Sandra Finley; ROW 2: Debbie Diverchy, Sara Stuckey, Phyllis Grisier, Kathy Hobler, Jean Yoder, Mary Jane Holland, Nancy Rueger; ROW 3: Pauline Bechtel, Nancy Hootman, Miss Rupp, Becky Schrock, Barb Short, Joyce Beck Future Teachers "Oh boy, do I have a headache!" was a com- mon statement made by the members of the 1966- 67 chapter tof FTA. The members decorated bul- letin boards and served as student teachers. The monthly FTA meetings were conducted by President, Phyllis Grisier; Vice-President, Nancy Hootman; Secretary-Treasurer, Barb Short; His- torian, Rebecca Jimenez; and Advisor, Miss Rupp. The meetings were characterized by lectures by different speakers, reports given by the historian, and movies. The members were from grades nine through twelve. Pep Club V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that's the Senior battlecry. Promoting school spirit and aiding the cheer- leaders in any way possible was the purpose of this year's Pep Club. Four board members headed the organization: Ann Stamm, Jean Yoder, Steve Rettig, and Sam Grime. Mrs. Short served as advisor. The club was divided into four committees: hoop, poster, skit, and ride. No regular meetings were held; each committee worked on its own. 78FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA - ROW 1: Cathy Phipps, Hilda Dohm, DeAnna Grime, Patty Kinsman, Rhonda Short, Roxanne Wyse, Helen Merillat; ROW 2: Virginia Oyer, Anna Wyse, Emma Jean Lugo, Mrs, Weldy, Carmilla Grieser, Sharon Dilyard, Jane Beck, Joyce King; ROW 3; Linda Bowman, Kathy Teel, Marsha Heckel, Becky Miller, Donna Stamm, Dianne Weber, Nan- cy Sauder, Jane Short, Carol Clark; ROW 4: Ruth Crossgrove, Jane Layman, Bonnie Lauber, Grace Seiler, Linda Thomas, Donna Armstrong, Kathy Grieser, Carolyn Nofziger, Dorothy Crenshaw PEP CLUB - ROW 1: Mrs. Short, Mary Ann Hahn, Mar- lene Wyse, Rebecca Jiminez, Nancy Beck, Miss Sharpe; ROW 2; Cheryln Geesey, Barb Burkholder, Lois Zaerr, Karen Leupp, Sam Grime, Steve Rettig, Jean Yoder, Ann Stamm, Karen Myers, Beverly Nofziger, Cynthia Walter, Lenny Miller; ROW 3: Sheri Schmucker, Teri Burkholder, Marty Wyse, Debby Overmier, Andrea Beck, Rita Reynolds, Debbi Clevenger, Mary Gisel, Kathy Link, Linda Beck, Michele Stamm, Peggy Grime; ROW 4; Bonnie Nafziger, Joyce Beck, Sandra Weyandt, Becky Schrock, Debbie Diverchy, Joyce May, Mary Schrock, Susan Rychener, Karen Sallows, Mary Silcox, Debbie Huner, Linda Pilbeam; ROW 5: Sharon Erbs- korn, Mary Couch, Barb Schrock, Phyllis Grisier, Barb Short, Mary Jane Holland, Beverly Rupp, Margaret Stamm, Kathy Springer, Jill Dominique, Janet Buehrer, Kathy Kutzley; ROW 6: lisa Goertz, Mike Sallows, David May, Brent Link, Lynn Aschliman, Curt Mc- Daniel, Randy Pape, Chuck Mignin, Frank Grime, Brian Graf, Ed Merillat, Wanda Merillat; ROW 7: Rod- ney Meyer, Mark Beck, Jim Weber, Bruce Stanforth, Tom Christy, Dave Aeschliman, Rick Stotzer, Rex Stanforth, Rhonda Short, Sharon Wingard, Barb Rueger, Gloria Rowe; ROW 8; Chris McNally, Tony Rupp, Tom Eash, Gary King, Stan Wyse, Mike Short, Mary Weires, Mary Rich, Nancy Rueger, Sharon King, Gail Johnson; ROW 9; Pam Grime, Susan McRobbie, Dawn Hitt, Mar- celle Klinger 79FFA OFFICERS MEMBERS OF ONE HUNDRED BUSHEL CLUB Future Farmers Of America FFA Sweetheart Jean Yoder and President Dave Aeschli- man Promoting leadership in agriculture is the purpose of the local FFA chapter. Members must have taken vocational agriculture and had a farming program or work experience. The FFA participated in many area activities during the year. The Livestock Judging team compet- ed against twenty-five other schools. The Parliamentary Procedure team also did a fine job in competition. Nine boys were enrolled in the 100 bushel corn club. In addition to the regular monthly meetings, the FFA sponsored «a joint meeting with the FHA and a joint meeting with the Pettisville FFA and FHA. They also had a Parent-Son banquet. The officers of the club were: President, Dave Aeschliman; Vice-President, Larry Kinsman; Secretary, Stuart Short; Treasurer, Gary King; Sentinel, Milton Nafziger; Student Advisor, Tom Winzeler; Reporter, Jon Fielitz; and Advisor, Mr. Gallaway. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA - ROW 1: Steve Case, Richard Winzeler, Joe Leu, James Holsopple, Les- lie Grime, Roger Fruchey, Raymond Fruchey, John Short, Randy Volkman, Dave Aeschliman, Larry Kins- man, Sam Wyse; ROW 2: Mr. Gallaway, Steve Jernigan, Bill Short, Milton Nafziger, Gary King, Sam Merillat, Gary Rice, Jim Kidd, Mike Richer, Raymond Rodriquez, Gary McQuiston, Phil Grieser; ROW 3: Tom Storrer, Keith Buehrer, Ned Gisel, Phil Rychener, Dennis Nafziger, Sam Short, Lowell Gisel, Allen Beck, Doug Rupp; ROW 4: David Grime, Randy Buehrer, Joe Nofziger, Stuart Short, Chuck Storrer. Mark Beck, Dan Heer, Jon Felitz, David Riegsecker, Mike Lumbrezer, Dean Stuckey, Tim Stahl, Mark Stamm, Leslie Doriot 80ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION - ROW 1: Tim Stahl, Frank Grime, Sam Grime, Mike Short Junior Jimenez, Tom Eash, Tom Johnson, Don Mathews, Dave Aeschliman, Sam Smucker; ROW 2; Jim Hood, Stanley Wyse, Stuart Short, Tom Christy, Chuck Mignin, Lenny Miller, Bruce Arthur, Rodney Fielitz, Mike Lum- brezer, Eric Short, Warren Sauder; ROW 3: Rodney Stannard, Dave May, Scott Gleason, Rodger Short, Tom Storrer, Andy Grime, Rick Stotzer, Steve Schnitkey, Curt McDaniel; ROW 4; Bob Clark, Dave Ry- chener, Steve Rettig, Randy Short, Tony Rupp, Greg Wlasiuk, Roger Springer, Keith Short, Randy Pape, Lynn Aschliman, Bob Rose Athletic Association GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION - ROW 1: Gaylene Holsopple, Bonnie Nafziger, Cheryln Geesey, Carol Bertsche, Helen Merillat, Lois Zaerr, Kathy Teel, Rhonda Short, Debby Frey, Sandra Waldfogel, Jean Yo- der, Mary Anne Hahn, Sandra Finley; ROW 2; Jane Beck, Anna Wyse, Shirley Nofziger, Sharon Wingard, Sheri Schmucker, Debbi Clevenger, Barb Burkholder, Phyllis Liechty, Beverly Rupp, Sandra Weyandt, Cyn- thia Walter, Kathy Springer, Margaret Stamm, Nancy Rueger, Kathy Link; ROW 3; Teri Burkholder, Mary Rich, Joyce Beck, Jane Short, Carol Clark, Sharon Erbskorn, Susan Rychener, Kathy Kutzley, Joyce Rice, Joyce May, Mary Gisel, Flora Merillat, Chris McNally, Jane Waldfogel; ROW 4; Miss Sharpe, Ellen Liechty, lisa Goertz, Debbie Overmier, Debby Lauber, Barb Rueger, Mary Schrock, Elizabeth Grieser, Mary Weires, Jeri Shaffer, Barb Schrock, Nancy Hootman, Elaine Wyse, Mary Silcox, Debbie Huner, GAA The score was tied as the Archbold GAA team stepped forth to win their game over the opposing team. This win and many others helped build the GAA into a thriving school club. The 1966-67 Archbold GAA was headed by Joyce Beck, President; Jean Yoder, Vice-President; Elizabeth Grie- ser, Secretary; Phyllis Liechty, Treasurer; Sandra Weyandt, News Reporter; and Miss Sharp, Faculty Advisor. These people worked hard to keep a complete schedule of meet- ings and games for the year. Freshmen and sophomores met together as did juniors and seniors. The girls partici- pated in intramural and extramural sports competition. 81Candyland Express Will we ever get done? The juniors wish the well success. Finished at last! Class advisors, Mrs. Keim and Mr. Winfield, wish the seniors success.Candlelight provided an enchanting effect. All aboard! . The Candyland Ex- press is now leaving for the Archbold Junior and Senior Banquet. As the train pulled into the station the pas- sengers were enchanted by the beauti- ful scenery. To the east one viewed the beautiful rolling hills (composed of hundreds of feet of aqua toilet paper which the seniors of 1967 will remem- ber for years to come because of the soreness still in their fingers.) All paths led to the wishing well where couples tossed in a penny or two and made a wish that the evening would never end. Time progressed, however. After the teachers and students had finished the dinner, they heard from the junior and senior president and Mr. Wilbur Miller. Then came the entertainment with the Northern Rebels playing the latest hits. Mr. Murbach sang a few folk songs followed by a magic show by Mr. Hutchinson. The clock continued ticking off the minutes as the students proceeded to the Scott Theater to see "Do Not Dis- trub." After the movie, the students then went dancing or bowling. The night was coming to an end. As the Candyland Express left the sta- tion there was some sadness in the hearts of the Seniors, as they boarded the train for the last time. All aboard for the Candyland Express 85Homecoming was a chilly convertible ride Traffic was held up for pep session Homecoming 1966 Students and teachers walked down Stryker Street, led by Mr. Arthur and the cheerleaders, headed for a pep rally in the middle of town. This, as well as the burning of the dummy on Thursday night at the bonfire in the park, have been traditional homecoming activi- ties for many years. Homecoming Day, October 21, 1966, was a day of tradition rather than learning. Students were busy all day with decorating, rehearsing, and picture taking. Snake dance headed down Stryker Street at 1:00 p.m. 86Student Council spent "all" day decorating Seventh grade, Jean Arnold; sophomore, Debbie Clevenger; senior, Jean Yoder; Queen, Becky Schrock; junior, Sharon King; freshman, Bonnie Nofziger; eighth grade, Allyn Swaney; crown bearer, Kenny VanDoozer; flower girl, Betsy Grieser The evening festivities began early with the supper sponsored by the band. Before the game, the homecoming court was escorted onto the field in shiny convertibles and Queen Becky Schrock was crowned by the 1965 Queen, Joan Buehrer. The Streaks presented Queen Becky with a 52-0 rout over Delta with scores by Mignih, Rose, Storrer, Miller, Stotzer, Jimenez, Arthur, and Stannard. Queen Becky also watched her fellow bandsmen perform a half- time show featuring classical mus- ic with a grand finale of balloons flying into the air. 87Jean Yoder, Randy Pape Attendants and Escorts Bonnie Nofziger, Phil Rychener Sharon King, Rick Stotzer Debbie Clevenger, Rodney Stannard Frank Grime Becky Schrock Lynn Aschliman Allyn Swaney, Jake Dominique Jean Arnold, Richard Clevenger 88aWho doesn't believe in Leprechauns It was reported that on the after- noon of November 10th, students in study "hall" who wandered past the old gym were confronted by the strangest assortment of humanity ever to set foot in the hallowed halls of A.H.S. In this menagerie was an old man who appeared to have just awakened from a century of sleep, two young girls, a house maid, a French musician, and various and assorted French doctors. After delving deeply into these reports the astute students of the A.C.C. of I. deduced that this was the matinee ofMoliere's "The Imag- inary Invalid" which was presented November 11th and 12th. The direc- tor, Mr. Treadway, said that this was the best talent to come out of Archbold. Marge, there's a crown on your head The Imaginary Invalid The stage crew: Lee Short, Becky Miller Donna Stamm, and Larry Baus 90The junior play cast consisted of Randy Short, Bruce Stanforth, Joe Nofziger Gene Wyse, Jeff Smith, Jill Dominique, Steve Nafziger, Eric Short, Nancy Rueger, Gloria Rowe, Beverly Rupp, Rick Stotzer, and Director Mr. Treadway When in France 919293Besides listening to announce- ments, the purpose of the Arch- bold High School Symphony Band is to present the students with the best possible band literature. Dur- ing this past year, the band, under the direction of Mr. Charles Win- zeler covered a different period of music history each six weeks. Band, then, is not for the purpose of performance, but a subject of academic nature. The students were instructed on music theory as well as the ability to handle an instrument and perform well as a group. BAND OFFICERS: President, Randy Pape; Vice-President, Mike D. Short; Secretary-Treasurer, Sandra Weyandt Archbold High FIRST ROW: Kathy Hoblet, Mary Jane Holland, Beverly Nofziger, Karla Timmons, Barbara Schrock, Kathy Link, Debbie Frey; SECOND ROW: Sandra Weyandt, Mary Anne Hahn, Sara Stuckey, Jean Yoder, Allynn Swaney, Carol Bertsche, Barbara Rueger, Joyce May, Mary Schrock, Eric Short, Rodger Short, Mary Weires, Darlene Leininger, Nancy Frey; THIRD ROW: Mary Rich, Beverly Sharpe, Michele Stamm, Peggy Grime, Susan Rychener, Nancy Hootman, Phyllis Grisier, Chris McNally, Beth Rieg- secker, Katny Kutzley, Barbara Short, Tony Rupp, Mary Couch, Dalynn Badenhop, Ann Stamm, Nancy Rueger, Becky Schrock 96Probably the highlight of the year was the band's performance at the North- western Ohio Education Association and the Ohio Music Educators' meeting. Twenty ensemble groups represented Archbold this year at contest. The band has become very active in solo and en- semble work over the last few years and has amassed an unusual record of superior ratings at district and state levels. The regular band rehearsals were handled somewhat different this year. The rehearsals were used in part for preparation for the Christmas and the Spring Concerts. During February about two rehearsals per week were used for BAND DIRECTOR: Mr. Charles Winzeler solo and ensemble work. Symphony Band FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Yedica, Use Goertz, Maggie Serna, Dianne Short, Susan Plassman, Bill Beck, Jim Couch, Don Ebersole, Robert Stuckey, John Short, Rodney Stannard, Bonnie Lauber, Brian Graf, Randy Naf- ziger, Bruce Stanforth, Mike D. Short, Randy Pape, Stanley Wyse, Brent Link, Jerry Lugbill, Bradley Stamm, Roger Graber, Si Shaffer, Steve Nafziger, Dave Rychener, Randy Short: BACK ROW: Linda Beck, Cynthia Walter, Nancy Beck, Rex Stanforth, Scott Kutzley, Cheryl Yingling, Mr. Winzeler, Mark Stamm, Pat Hackett, Mike K. Short, Stuart ShortSara Stuckey, Head Majorette; ROW 1: E. Wyse, M. Hahn, B. Nafziger, Mr. Winzeler, M. Holland, K. Sallows, R. Jimenez, N. Beck, P. Griesier; ROW 2; R. Stuckey, J. Couch, J. Short, B. Lauber, R. Nafziger, B. Stanforth, M. Short, B. Crossgrove, M. Hackett, S. Kutzley, C. Yingling, M. Serna, D. Ebersole, S. Short, R. Stanforth, L. Beck, C. Walter, S. Weyandt, R. Rupp, B. Sharpe, M. Stamm, P. Grime, I. Goertz, B. Yedica; ROW 3: D. Short, S. Rychener, G. Nafziger, B. Graf, J. Goertz, D. Wyse, P. Short, B. Beck, J. Fielitz, C. Bertsche, B. Rueger, J. May, M. Schrock, E. Short, R. Short, M. Weires, D. Badenhop, M. Couch, N. Frey, D. Leininger, D. Short, N. Hoot- man, K. Kutzley, M. Rich, S. Plassman; ROW 4: J. Dominique, B. Schrock, K. Hoblet, R. Short, S. Shaffer, B. Stamm, R. Spiess, R. Graber, J. Weyandt, S. Wyse. J. Lugbill, P. Hackett, M. Stamm, M. Short, B. Riegsecker, C. McNally, A. Stamm, N. Rueger, B. Short, J. Gleason, T. Yo- der, C. Rychener, D. Frey, K. Timmons, K. Link Marching Band And Pep Band ROW 1 John Short Brian Graf Randy Nafziger Stuart Short Bruce Stanforth Mike Short Rex Stanforth ROW 2 Stan Wyse Rodger Short Mike Short Randy Short Eric Short Randy Pape 98FIRST ROW- Pamela Lantz, Twila Kauffman, Judy Wolf, Karen Rich, Dianne Short, Susie Piassman, Nancy Short, Carol Rychener, Allyn Swaney, Chris Rychener, Teresa Yoder, Jane Gleason. Kim Weldy; SECOND ROW- Joyce Schrock, Julie Schrock, Mike Grime, Ned Rupp, Doug Short, Darlene Leininger, JoAnn Fielitz, ReNee Rupp, Patsy Ebersole, LouAnn May, Paula Mohr. Beth Riegsecker; THIRD ROW: Stan- ley Yoder, Crystal Walter, Patty Dominique, Sue Arthur, Bill Beck, Juergen Goertz, Doug Wyse, Jake Dominique, Peter Short, Roger Rychener, Denton Yoder, Dean Kinsman, James Fluckinger; FOURTH ROW: Bradley Stamm. Richard Spiess, Phillip Lange. Roger Zimmerman, James Weyandt, Jim Nafziger Mike Hackett. Mr. Winzeler. Robert Crossgrove, Billy Rueger, Mark Warner, Doug Liechty, Danny Yoder, An- drew Short, Arnold Grime Junior High Band Junior High Band on parade during Centennial 99bKAoo CriuiR otAibU: Randy rape, Cheryl Yingling, Rodney Stannard, Bruce Stanforth, Bonnie Lau- ber, Mike K. Short; STANDING: Mary Weires, Short, Mike D. Short, Steve Nafziger odgei Short, Randy Nafziger, Dave Rychener, Randy SAXOPHONE QUARTET Barb Short, Tony Rupp, Chris McNally, Phyllis Crisier 1 CLARINET CHOIR Jean Yoder, Sandra Weyandt, Kathy Kutzley Mary Couch, Sara Jane Stuckey, Mary Anne Hahn; Nancy Frey is missing from the picture. 100WOODWIND QUINTET Kathy Hoblet, Mary Weires, Sandra Weyandt, Nancy 101FIRST ROW: Cynthia Walters, Jean Yoder, Nancy Frey, Bonnie Yedica, Nancy Rueger, Linda Beck, Debbie Huner, Andrea Beck, Beverly Nofziger, Barb Burkholder, Connie Sommer, Eileen Yoder, Gloria Rowe, Jill Dominique, Linda Pilbeam, Karla Timmons, Lois Zaerr, Kathy Springer, Kathy Link, Janet Buehrer, Rita Reynolds, Patty Kinsman, Debbie Clevenger, Lois Edge; SECOND ROW: James Roth, Jim Wyse, Larry Armstrong, Dale Clark, Dave May, Dave Zimmerman, Brent Link, Larry Beck, Roger Springer, Sam Merillat, Dalynn Badenhop, Randy Short, Keith Short, Randy Pape, Dave Rychener, Stuart Short, Eric Short, Si Shaffer; THIRD ROW: Gary Rupp, John Leininger, Randy Nafziger, Gene Wyse, Mike D. Short, Dawn Hitt, Cheryl Yingling, Mary Rich, Peggy Grime, Elizabeth Grieser, Jo Ann Lantz, Susan Rychener, Mary Gisel, Kathy Kutzley, Bruce Arthur, Stanley Wyse, Ed Rupp, Archbold High CHORUS OFFICERS: President, Lynn Aschliman; Vice Presi- dent, Roger Springer; Secretary-Treasurer, Jean Yoder Chorus is one of the most popu- lar fine arts courses in Archbold. An outstanding feature of the Archbold High School Chorus is that many of the school's best ath- letes participate. One hundred and thirteen members, from grades ten through twelve, practiced the fifth period every day. Numbers .varied from "They Call the Wind Maria" by Loewe, one of the most popular songs, to "Could Ye Not Watch with Me" by Bright, a more •difficult number. Due to the large number of stu- dents who wished to participate Mr. Treadway organized a Train- ing Chorus to prepare interested freshmen for membership in the large chorus. Boys' and Girls' Glee was dropped from the curri- culum this year. 102Mike Sallows, Mark Beck, Lynn Aschliman, Tony Rupp; FOURTH ROW: Michele Stamm, Debbie Di- verchy, Sara Stuckey, Sharon King, Joyce Beck, Nancy Beck, Phyllis Liechty, Barb Short, Becky Schrock, Kathy Hoblet, Mary Schrock, Mary Jane Holland, Barb Schrock, Mary Silcox, Phyllis Grisier, Karen Leupp, Nancy Hootman, Beverly Rupp, Linda Bowman, Wanda Merillat, Virginia Oyer, Mary Couch, Sue Schultz, Mary Weires, Debbie Overmier; FIFTH ROW: Sam Wyse, Doug Rupp, Ed Lantz, Randy Buehrer, Tom Eash, Larry Erbskorn, Mike Short, Tom Christy, Ned Wyse, Lee Short, Larry Baus, Larry Kinsman, Jerry Lugbill, David Lauber, Rodney Stannard, Bruce Stanforth, Brian Graf, Joe Nof- ziger, Rex Stanforth School Chorus One of the activities the chorus sponsored was a week-end concert with the Pettisville High School Chorus. Mr. Don Hustad, a world- renowned organist and director who formerly traveled with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Team, was the guest conductor. The combined choirs performed on January 15, 1967, singing selected religious numbers. The chorus traveled to Bluffton College for a program on February 21, 1967. They also sang at Bluffton High School. CHORUS DIRECTOR; Mr. Walter Treadway 103FIRST ROW: Maggie Serna, Cindy Heckel. Debby Frey, Sheri Cowell, Sandy Myers, Jennifer Thompson, Gaylene Holsopple, Carol Bertsche, Shari Schmucker, Jane Beck, Sandra Waldfogel; SECOND ROW: Chris- tine McNally, Barbara Rueger, Karen Myers, Suzanne Quillet, Jane Short, Mary Rupp, Pauline Bechtel, Lynne Wells, Anna Wyse, Rhonda Short, Carol Clark, Ellen Liechty, Sharon Erbskorn, Joyce Nelson, THIRD ROW: Ilse Goertz, Jim Kidd. Allen Beck. Sam Short, Robert Stuckey, Keith Yoder, Lowell Gisel, Gareth Short, Scott Kutzley, Keith Buehrer, Don Ebersole, Nancy Sauder Archbold Training Choir . , r Don Hustad directs the combined Archbold Members of Chorus return from Blufton trip. and Pettisville Choirs 104The Sound Of Music FIRST ROW: Lynn Taylor, Debbie Sauder, Vicky Weires, Debbie Treadway, Marsha Frey, Jim Fluckinger, William Beck, Jane Dominique, Ana Dominique, Mary Storrer, Allyn Swaney, Debby Frey; SECOND ROW: JoAnn Laniz, Kathy Springer, Sue Schultz, Connie Sommers, Sharon King, Nancy Rueger, Mary Rich, Jean Yoder, Barb Short, Wanda Merillat, Cheryl Yingling, Debbie Overmier, Peggy Grime, Debbie Huner, Marv Gisel; THIRD ROW: Nancy Beck, Susie Rychener, Beverly Rupp, Dawn Hitt, Phyllis Grisier, Mary Holland, Eric Short, Bruce Stanforth, Jill Dominique, Gloria Rowe, Kathy Hoblet, Barb Schrock, Debbie Clevenger, Karen Sallows, Andrea Beck, Mary Silcox, Kathy Link; FOURTH ROW: Mary Weires, Barb Kleck, Mary Schrock, John Leininger, Bruce Arthur, Brian Graf, Mike Sallows, Lynn Aschliman, Keith Yoder, Robert Stuckey, Keith Short, Stuart Short, Mike D. Short, Rex Stanforth, Gary Rupp, Sam Merillat, Patty Short, Debbie Diverchy, Joyce Beck; Nancy Frey is missing from the picture "You are Sixteen Going on Seventeen" "An Ordinary Couple' Do Re Mi" Cast Maria Captain Von Trapp Elsa Max Mother Superior Liesl Rolf Jill Dominique Lynn Aschliman Kathy Hoblet, Gloria Rowe Rex Stanforth, Mike D. Short Mary Jane Holland, Phyllis Grisier Debbie Clevenger, Karen Sallows Mike Sallows, Stuart Short Director Mr. Treadway Orchestra Director Mr. Winzeler 106March 28, 30, 31, April 1, 1967 STAGE CREW BACK ROW: Sam Wyse, David Lauber, Jim Roth, Gary Rupp, John Leininger Jim Wyse, Ned Wyse, Bill Rue- ger, Larry Erbskorn; FRONT ROW: Becky Miller, Kathy Kutz- ley, Donna Stamm, Linda Pilbeam, Jane Short, Shirley Nof- ziger ORCHESTRA, BACK ROW: Rodger Short, Randy Nafziger, Randy Short, Michele Stamm, Mike K. Short, Scott Kutzley; MIDDLE ROW: Linda Beck, Cynthia Walter, Joyce May, Barbara Rueger, Sara Stuckey, Kathy Kutzley, Becky Schrock, Mary Hahn; FRONT ROW: Ann Stamm, Sandra Weyandt, Nancy Hootman, Beverly Nafziger, Don Ebersole, Carol Bertsche 107ROW 1: L. Miller, F. Grime, C. Mignin, D. Aeschliman, T. Rupp, T. Winzeler, K. McDaniel, R. Pape, L. Aschliman, T. Storrer, K. Short, B. Link, S. Smucker, S. Grime; ROW 2: R. Buehrer, L. Nofziger, S. Gleason, R. Stotzer, S. Nafziger, D. Rychener, B. Rose, B. Clark, A. Grime, A. Tijeri- na, S- Schnitkey, F. Replogle, J. Jimenez; ROW 3: W. Sauder, J. Crossgrove, R. Stannard, B. Arthur, R. Fielitz, D. Heer, D. Clark, M. Lumbrezer, C. Storrer, M. Pace, D. Grime, M. Zuver. Football 1966: "Total Team Head Coach Mike Walker, and assistant coaches Terry Murbach and Ron Dil- bone Effort” noThe 1966 football season could be described as a "total team effort." As their 7-2 record indicates, the Streaks had one of the best sea- sons in recent years. Napoleon and Swanton were the only teams to defeat the local gridders by scores of 20-8, and 32-22, respectively. An exceptionally good defensive team gave up an average of only 9 points per game. Op- ponents scored a total of 8 points in the last five games, a feat which will go down in the history books of AHS football. Because the offensive unit supported the defense by averag- ing more than 26 points per game, the Streaks struggled to 7 victories. Frank Grime and Keith Short were chosen as co-captains for the 1966 football season. Sam Smucker was voted the most improved player of the year, and Lynn Aschliman re- ceived the Most Valuable Player award. AHS was well represented in the All League Selections. First team offense included Lynn Aschliman, Tom Storrer, and Steve Schnitkey. Keith Short and Lynn Aschliman were chosen for the first team defense. Bob Rose was the lone AHS gridder to be chosen for the second team offensive team. Chuck Mignin, Lenny Miller, Dave Aeschliman, and Frank Grime, received honorable mention. Senior football players: ROW 1: Frank Grime, Keith Short, Tony Rupp, Lynn Aschliman, Brian Graf, Brent Link, Sam Smucker, Tom Storrer; ROW 2: Sam Grime, Lenny Miller, Dave Aeschliman, Randy Pape, Chuck Mignin, Tom Winzeler; Not pictured: Kurt McDaniel. Half time was a time for rest and instruction Concession workers rarely got to watch the game After the line did their part, it was up to the runner Two new players for Archbold this year were...Freshman ROW 1 Randy.Grime, Gary Nafzinger, Ken Thatcher, Lynn Fraker, Stan Springer Phil Rychener, Roger Graber, Bill Grime. ROW 2 Lowell Gisel, Robert Schrock, Scott Kutzley, Jim Couch, Scott Schnitkey Sam Short, Keith Buehrer, Ned Gisel, Terry Short, Phil Smucker. ROW 3 Coach Turpen- ing, Pat Hackett, Sam Wlasiuk, Leroy Swalley, Coach Buehrer Eighth Grade ROW 1 Jeff Short, Bruce Martz, Mike Hackett, Tim Grieser, Keith Gnagey Lonnie Blosser, Jim Stevens. ROW 2 Randy Stuckey, Randy Nofziger, Blaine Martz, Bob Crossgrove, Dave Radabaugh, Jim Nafziger, Dave Sommer. ROW 3 Curt Stamm, Chris Johnson, Jake Dominique, Joe Rupp, Tony Grime. ROW 4 Coach Rupp, Mgr. Eddie Springer, Mark Shirley, Fred Dominique Eddie Bohner, Mgr. Jerry Zuver, Coach Miller Seventh Grade ROW 1 Roger Rychener, Doug Liechty, Dean Sauder, Marty Dominque, David Wyse Mark Wyse, El- roy Holsopple, Richard Clevenger. ROW 2 Eliasal Zavala, Sam Stamm, Stuart Schnitkey, Stan Yo- der, Bradley Grime Matti Purje, Mgr. Gary Swalley. ROW 3 Jim Hayse, Ned Rupp, Steve Sauder, Toby Hines, Coach Rex, Keith Aschliman, Mike Grime, Russell Dohm, Tom Heckel. I 14SEATED: Bill Rufenacht, Keith Short, Steve Rettig, Roger Springer, Steve Schnitkey, Rick Stotzer, Dave Rychener; STANDING: Assistant Coach Dave Rex, Jeff Smith, Tom Storrer, Bob Rose, Dave Zim- merman, Chuck Mignin, Coach Jack Miller NWOAL Champions Again New Head coach Jack Miller and Assistant Coach Dave Rex The 1966-67 basketball season was one of success for the varsity, although it was a year of rebuilding. ArchbokTs varsity team came back from behind many times to end the regular season with a 16-2 record. Their only defeats came at the hands of Ayersville and Pettisville. Jack Miller, coaching his first year of varsity basketball, led tne Bluestreaks to their second consecutive NWOAL cham- pionship with a 7-0 record in league action. Roger Springer, one of four seniors on the varsity team, rewrote Archbold's record book this year. He topped the NWOAL single game and all year records as well as Archbold's modern single game, one season, and three year records. Much recognition must also be given to the jun- ior members of the team in helping Roger achieve these records.Dave Rychener tries to escape from an onslaught of Indians. Coats were checked in the old gym during the game. I 16Scenes At The Games Cheerleaders tried to raise the roof. The Pep Band provided entertainment be- Roger Springer was effective at the foul line. tween games. School spirit soared on Friday and Saturday night. 117SENIOR MEMBERS OF VARSITY TEAM: Roger Springer, Tom Storrer, Chuck Mignin, Keith Short MANAGERS: Rodney Fielitz, Warren Sauder, Mike Zuvers I 18Reserves Were The Team To Beat Doug Rupp, Robert Springer, Jim Crossgrove, David Grime, Si Shaeffer, Bob Rose, Dalynn Badenhop, Sam Merillat, Dave Zimmerman, Dale Clark, Bruce Arthur, Jeff Smith, Mike Lumbrezer, Coach Rex Freshmen Will Soon Be Varsity 119 STANDING: Mgr. Lynn Fraker, Eric Liechty, Joe Schrock, Craig Miller, Coach Turpening, Roger Graber, Sam Wlasiuk, Robert Schrock, Don Ebersole, Mgr. Armon Kauffman; SEATED: Pat Hackett, Jim Couch, Abel Rodriquez, Stan Springer, Phil Rychener, Leslie Layman, Scott SchnitkeyEighth Grade Was Well Balanced STANDING: Jake Dominique, Jim Nafziger, Bob Crossgrove, Mgr. Jim Stevens, Coach Buehrer, Mgr. Jim Weyandt, Bruce Martz, Tim Grieser, Jeff Short, Mike Hackett; SEATED: Randy Stuckey, Jim Springer, Bruce Rupp, Ed Bohner, Ron Stuckey, Fred Dominique, Chris Johnson Seventh Grade Improved With Each Game BACK ROW: Philip Lange, Bradley Grime, Toby Hines, Steven Sauder, Keith Aschliman, Mgr. Mark Wells, Coach Lause, Coach Rupp, Sam Stamm, Mike Grime, Stanley Yoder, Bill Rueger, Mark Wyse; 2nd ROW: Arnold Grime, Craig Frankouski, Dean Kinsman, Roger Rychener, Doug Liechty, Scott Schnitkey, Brooks Richer, Danny Yoder, Ned Rupp, Terry Wingard, Marti Purje; FRONT ROW: Elroy Holsopple, Brent Win- zeler, Richard Clevenger, Dean Sauder, Tom Heckel 120W restling FIRST ROW: Lenny Miller, Bruce Bernath, Sam Grime, Junior Jimenez, Edd Merillar, Tom Eash, Frank Grime; SECOND ROW: James Kidd, Richard Winzeler, Steve Dominique, Bob Clark, Mr. Murbach, Andy Grime, Tom Winzeler, Kirk Beck, Tom Johnson; THIRD ROW: Randy Short, Randy Pape, Larry Gautsche, Michael Sallows, Rex Stanforth, David Aeschliman, Melvin Pace, Cnuck Storrer, Bruce Stanforth, Steve Liechty, Gary McQuiston, Randy Grime, Ed Thatcher After many years of neglect, the AHS wrestling team moved into the major sports bracket. Archbold's matmen had a tremendous season finishing with a 10-1 record. They met their only defeat the last match of the season, at the hands of Defiance, 28-18. The regional contest at Hilltop was one of suc- cess for the Archbold matmen. Seven out of eleven members of the first team went to Toledo to compete in district competition. Edd Merillat was the only member to survive the second round of competition. Frank Grime is given recognition 121KNEELING: Mike Short, Stuart Short, Stan Wyse, Frank Crossgrove, Ed Rupp, Tom Christy STANDING: Coach Buehrer, Lynn Wells, Rodger Short, Rodney Crossgrove, John Fraas, Mike Eash, Jim Gleason Baseball ROW 1: Jim Crossgrove, Bill Rufenacht, Sam Grime, Don Mathews, Warren Sauder ROW 2: Ron Mc- Laney, Bruce Arthur, Roger Springer, Rick Stotzer, Bob Clark, David May, Roger Shirley ROW 3: Jim Hood, David Stuckey, Dan Grieser, Coach Dilbone, Terry Stuckey, Frank Crossgrove, Steve Rettig. GolfCross Country The track team saw a season of success under head Coach Walker. Achievements of the team included the district meet, the Napoleon Gold Medals, and the Blade Relays. Next year's season should be one of success as the returning letter - men will try to defend the Blade Relays championship. Cross country was established as a sport for the first year in AHS history. Mr. Lause took the res- ponsibility of coaching the team. This year's schedule included five neighboring teams. The Blue-streaks defeated Ridgeville, tied North Central, lost to Fayette and Napoleon, and placed first in the Montpelier match. "The golf team experienced a year of rebuilding since the sport had not been active for several years," according to Coach Bueh- rer. Although the team experienced a loss in League Tournament, plans are for next year's team to enter the district tournament. The team will include four returning letter- men and promises to be a success- ful year. KNEELING: Si Shaffer, Andrew Holian STANDING: Tim Stahl, Mr. Lause, Randy Short Track 123 ROW 1: David Aeschliman, Tim Stahl, Rodney Stannard, Scott Gl’eason, Sam Grime, Tom Johnson, Junior Jimenez ROW 2: Mike Lumbrezer, Kurt McDaniel, Greg Wlasiuk, Tom Storrer, Randy Short ROW 3: Danny Schang, Dan Grieser, Jim Cox, Mr. Walker, John Fraas, Randy Pape, Dave RychenerCheerleading Became Better VARSITY FOOTBALL: Elaine Wyse, Marlene Wyse, Phyllis Grisier, Nancy Beck Rebecca Jimenez, Mary Anne Hahn JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL: Mary Beth Short, Sue Arthur, Re Nee Rupp, Jane Nafziger FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: Cheryln Geesey, Lynn Wyse, Pam Grime, Susan McRobbie 124Organized This Year VARSITY BASKETBALL: Marlene Wyse, Nancy Beck, Rebecca Jiminez, Mary Anne Hahn JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL: Re Nee Rupp, Toy- netta Grieser, Christine Rychener, Sue Arthur FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: Sue McRobbie, Cheryln Geesey, Bonnie Nafziger, Pam Grime RESERVE BASKETBALL: Elaine Wyse, Sharon King, Gloria Rowe, Jill Dominique 125Custodian, Earl Bourquin Santa visist the school. 1 - W Students practicing foPrincipal, Donald Hoblet Secretary, Principal "The most important thing is to make each child feel that he is an in- dividual and that he is needed and wanted, ” said Mr. Hoblet about a child's education. Mr. Hoblet's warm personality and genuine interest in each child along with his knowledge of the name of every student gives the child a sense of worth. Mr. Hoblet does not have a "typi- cal" day. He visits the classrooms, referees the noongames, selects ma- terials for the departmentalized fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, and schedules their classes. Public relations, he be- lieves , is also an important part of his job. Another important job of the princi- pal is the disciplining of the students and Mr. Hoblet has a unique method. He feels talking to the child about his problem does more good than severe punishment. Rosemary Short 12?Elementary EDWIN j. alLen Fourth Grade B. A. Adrian College JOCELYN ARTHUR First Grade B.S. Defiance College, Ohio Northern MARY LOU BECK Second Grade B. A, Goshen College, Defiance College HAZEL BURKHOLDER Fifth Grade B.S. Bowling Green, Indiana U., Adrian College, Ohio U. MARY ELLEN MEIER First Grade B.S. Goshen College, Houghton, Bowling Green CAROLYN PALMER Second Grade B.S. Bowling Green FLORENCE RUFFER First Grade Bowling Green JAMES RUPP Sixth Grade B.S. Defiance College, Blufton College, Bowling Green RUTH ANN TREADWAY Music B. S. M. Blufton College, M. A. Bob Jones College DONALD TURPENING Fifth and Sixth Grades B. A. Adrian College, Siena Heights, Indiana U. THOMAS VITELLO Fifth and Sixth Grades B. S. Defiance College, Siena Heights 130Faculty BESSIE FREY Second Grade B.S. Goshen College, Bowling Green, Defiance College VIOLET SCHLATTER Third Grade M. A. and B. S. Bowling Green JO ANN WINFIELD Sixth Grade B. S. Wittenberg CLARIBEL GALLA WAY Kindergarten Bowling Green, Adrian College MARY SCHNETZLER Third Grade Ypsilanti, Bowling Green, Defiance College JUNE YOST Second Grade B. A. Adrian College JUNE KOHLI Fifth and Sixth Grades B.S, Bowling Green • MARVEL SHAFFER Fourth Grade Ypsilanti, Bowling Green MARY ZIMMERMAN Third Grade Bowling Green SHARON KOLB Art B. S. Bowling Green DARLENE MAE SHORT Fourth Grade B. S. Goshen College, Bowling Green, Jersey City Teachers College 131Sixth Grade ROW 1 J. Arend, J. Arnold, R. Baer, K. Bert- sche, L. Bettison, M. Boh- ner, B. Burk, K. Clark, R. DeLaCruz, ROW 2 J. Dominique, J. Dominique, K. Eichner, J. Fluckinger, M. Fraker, J. Frey, L. Gautsche, N. Gleason ROW 3 M. Gnagey, B. Grime, B. Grieser, J. Grieser, M. Hackett, N. Heckel, B. Hill, M. Hol- sopple, J. Huffman ROW 4 A. Jiminez, S. Lange, R. LaNeve, E. Lantz, S. Leininger, M. Luna, J. McNally, E. Miller, E. Miller ROW 5 B. Miner, J. Moreno, B. Nafziger, S. Nafziger, A. Nofziger, C. Nofziger, K. Nofziger, E. Overmier, M. Pape ROW 6 C. Peachey, B. Plassman, J. Plassman, B. Quick, S. Rettig, R. Rice, J. Roth, P. Rowe, S. Rufenacht ROW 7 L. Rupp, C. Sharpe, C. Short, D. Short, D. Short, J. Short, T. Short, E. Springer, S. Stamm ROW 8 L. Storrer, S. Storrer, L. Stotzer, L. Swaney, B. Thomas, J. Thompson, D. Volkman, F. Warner, K. Weldy, ROW 9 K. Wyse, M. Wyse, P. Wyse, R. Wyse, T. Yoder, J. Zuver 132 Transferred: L. Bettison, K. LawsonFifth Grade ROW 1 M. Armstrong, D. Barber, D. Barshaw, C. Beck, J. Beck, K. Beck, N. Beck, M. Bernath, S. Bernath, ROW 2 D. Berry, A. Broadbeck, G, Carper, D. Clark, T. Crossgrove, J. Dominique, J. Domini- que, T. Dominique, M. J. Eash, ROW 3 J. Ebersole, J. Fuentes, C. Fultz, N. Garcia, F. Gnagey, E. Grieser, J. Grieser, A. Hackett, J. Hartzell, ROW 4 D. Hess, S. Holian, C. Hoblet, M. Holsopple, S. Hurd, S. Jacoby, R, Johnson, S. Lantz, B. Layman, ROW 5 D. Leininger, B. Liechty, J. Meyer, A. Miller, J. Miller, S. Montgomery, G. Nafziger, J. Nofziger, K. Oyer, ROW 6 L. Pace, R. Park- er, D. Pape, J. Phipps, V. Quillet, C. Riegsecker, A. Rupp, T. Rupp, A. Rychener, ROW 7 D. Sauder, S. Schmucker, E. Seiler, K. Sharlow, D. Short, G. Short, G. Short, H. Short, ROW 8 R. Short, S. Short, R. Stamm, L. Stotzer, L. Taylor, R. Thomas, J. Tijerina, D. Treadway, J. Ulrich, ROW 9 M. L. VanDoozer, J. Waidelich, V. Weires, J. Wolf, K. Wyse, R. Wyse, W. Yedica, B. Yoder, V. Zavala Tansferred: W. Aeschliman, m o nn a A 133Fourth Grade ROW 1 D. Arend, D. Baer, L. Baer, T. Barshaw, J. Beck, G. Beck, L. Beck, M. Beck, P. Berts - che, ROW 2 D. Bettison, P. Broadbeck, C. Burk, D. Cannon, J. Childs, T. Croyle, C. Clair, A. Dominique, J. Dominique, ROW 3 V. Eash, C. Eicher, C. Fluckinger, M. Frey, D. Grieser, S. Grieser, M. Grime, T. Grime, J. Heer, ROW 4 D. Hurd, O. Hernandez, G. Johnson, M. Kauffman, M. Kauzlick, H. Kohv, J. LaNeva, P. Lange, A. Leija, ROW 5 R. Liechty, M. A. Leininger, L. Mack, M. Mignin, M. Miller, D. Moraz, T. Myers, M. Nafziger, N. Nafziger, ROW 6 L. Nofziger, L. Nofziger, R. Nofziger, W. Overmier, B. Peachey, J. Perez, S. Perez, M. Penrod, B. Plassman, ROW 7 K. Rice, J. Rivas, 1. Rodri- quez, B. Roth, C. Rowe, D. Rufenacht, R. Rufe- nacht, R. Sallows, S. Schrock, ROW 8 S. Shir- ley, B. Short, G. Short, L. Short, L. Short, J. Silcox, P. Stackhouse, J. Stamm, K. Storrer, ROW 9 J. Stotzer, M. Stuckey, P. Stuckey, L. Taylor, R. Taylor, L. Thomas, T. VanDoozer, L. Weber, D. Welke, ROW 10 J. Winzeler, A. Wlasiuk, G. Yoder, L. Yoder, T. Yoder, S. Zavala, S. Zimmerman, D. Zuver Transferred: D. Bettison, A. Doehrman, J. Perez, S. Perez, J. Rivas, P. Stackhouse, P. WalterThird Grade ROW 1 R. Acevedo, R. Acevedo, C. Badenhop, D. Berry, P. Bowman, H. Buehrer, D. Burk, J. Car- per, C. Coressel, ROW 2 T. Croyie. D. DeGroff, D. DeLaCruz, R. Double, J. Draper, W. Edwards, J. Eicher, V. Elling, E. Fuentes, ROW 3 R. Gar- cia, B. Gnagey, D. Gna- gey, D. Grieser, G. Grieser, J. D. Grieser, M. Grieser, W. Hackett, J. Henson, ROW 4 C. Hernandez, T. Hill, R. Jacoby, A. Johnson B. J. King, D. Kinsman, K. Kramer, R. Krueger, D. Lange, ROW 5 J. Leija, J. Lantz, S. Leininger, P. Lerma, S. Luna, K. May, J. Meier, D. Mig- nin, A. Miller, ROW 6 C. Neuenschwander, C. Nofziger, E. Peachey, D. Perez, L. Plassman, L. Purje, R. Rivas, E. Ruffer, J. Rupp, ROW 7 P. Rupp, P. Rupp, D. Rychener, D. Sauder, M. Schmidt, J. Schmucker, M. Seiler, D. Short, P. Short, ROW 8 S. Short, G. Smith, V. Springer, T. Stamm, J. Stannard, M. J. Storrer, S. Storrer, J. Swalley, R. Swaney, ROW 9 P. Swann, T. Thatcher, J. Tijerina, C. Treadway, R. Tuckerman, J. Vitello, M. Walter, P. Wlasiuk, D. Wyse, ROW 10 R. Wyse, P. Yoder, T. Ziegler, B. Zimmer- man I Transferred: A. Byrd, M. Gomez, D. Perez, R. Rivas, L. Robertson, C. Sherman, D. Sherman, K. Unverzagt P. Babcock Second Grade ROW 1 A. Barber, T. Barshaw, K. Beck, L. Beck, B. Bernath, D. Bernath, J. Cannon, B. Childs, C. Clair, ROW 2 S. Coressel, B. Domini- que, V. Elling, L. Fielitz, R. Fluckinger, J. Galvan, J. Gautsche, S. Gelios, W. Graber, ROW 3 J. Grieser, M. Grieser, P. Grime, R. Grime, M. Hayes, J. Holsopple, J. Jacoby, J. Kingsbury, W. Lantz, ROW 4 D. Lapp, T. Lugbill, M. McNally, M. Mignin, D. Miller, M. Miller, T. Montgom- ery, R. Moraz, A. Mo- reno, ROW 5 B. Nafziger, D. Nofziger, M. Nofzig- er, T. Nofziger, V. Nof- zinger, M. Plassman, L. Quick, S. Ries, M. Risley, ROW 6 J. Rodriquez, M. Rodriquez, S. Rodriquez, J. Roth, J. Rufenacht, K. Rupp, L. Rupp, S. Rupp, C. Rychener, ROW 7 S. Sauder, D. Schmucker, S. Schnitkey, D. Schroeder, J. Seiler, E. Short, J. Short, L. Short, L. Short, ROW 8 M. Short, S. Smith, L. Sommers, A. Stamm, D. Storrer, A. Stotzer, D. Stuckey, K. Stuckey, M. Stuckey, ROW 9 K. Sullivan, T. Swalley, L. Taylor, A. Thomas, J. Thompson, F. Ulrich, M. Waidelich, S. Walker, T. Warner, ROW 10 D. Wingard, B. Wyse, K. Wyse, S. Wyse, J. Yoder, T. Yoder, 1. Zavala, T. Ziegler, R. Zuver 136 Transferred: E, Brooks, E. Doehrmann, R. Hocklin, L. Neifer, S. UnverzagtFirst Grade ROW 1 D. Avers, A. Bab- cock, P. Baden hop, B. Barshaw, S. Beck, J. Ber- nath, P. Bertsche, L. Bet- tison, M. Buehrer, ROW 2 D. Cantu, D. Clark, J. Davis, A. Dominique, F. Dominique, M. Dom- inique, K. Edwards, C. Eicher, M. Fairbanks, ROW 3 D. Frey, D. Fuentes, C. Fultz, C. Fultz, B. Grieser, K. Grie- ser, D. Grime, E. Hall, L. Henson, ROW 4 C. Hess, J. Hootman, A. Kauffman, T. Kauzlick, N. Kibbee, A. Kinsman, M. Kohv. J. Leija, L. Leininger, ROW 5 R. Liechty, R. Liechty, S. Lieja, D. Lovejoy, R. Luna, J. Mack, A. Mil- ler, T. Miller, J. Mont- gomery, ROW 6 K. Naf- ziger, M. Nafziger, L. Neuenschwander, E. S. Nofziger, J. Nofziger, S. Penrod, T. Reed, M. Richer, D. Risley, ROW 7 E. Rivera, T. Rufenacht, T. Fuffer, J. Sauder, K. Sauder, M. Schmidt, K. Schroed r, L. Sharlow, S. Sheckler, ROW 8 A. Short, J. Short, J. Short, S. Short, R. Smith, N. Spiess, J. Springer, D. Stuckey, L. Tuckerman, ROW 9 K. VanDoozer, J. Waidelich, N. Wlasiuk, N. Wyse, A. Zavala, B. Zavala, D. Zimmerman 137 Transferred: T. Byrd, L. Bettison, L. GomezKindergarten ROW 1 E. Acevedo, T. Avers, P. Babcock, D. Beltz, C. Bernath, J. Buchhop, S. Cannon, P. Christy, S. Coressel, ROW 2 N. Croyle, B. Dam- man, L. Davenport, D. Dohm, K. Dominique, J. Ebersole, N. Esquibel, G. Frey, E. Fuentes, ROW 3 H. Galvan, J. Gerken, B. Gnagey, G. Gnagey, D. Graber, F. Grieser, J. Grieser, P. Grieser, J. Grime, ROW 4 T. Hayes, J. Henson, J. Hernandez, E. Hinojosa, J. Holsopple, J. Hurd, M. Johnson, M. Klopfenstein, A. LaNeve, ROW 5 W. Lantz, E. Lau- ber, J. Leininger, C. Lerma, F. Lerma, C. Leu, H. Lugo, K. May, L. Meyer, ROW 6 D. Miller, M. Miller, M. Moreno, L. Nafziger, S. Neifer, A. Nofziger, J. Nofziger, E. Penrod, H. Rangel, ROW 7 R. Riveria, S. Rodriquez, L. Ruffer, D. Rychener, S. Schmucker, C. Schroed- er, P. Seiler, J. Short, K. Short, ROW 8 S. Short, B. Smith, T. Sommers, T. Stamm, D. Storrer, M. Storrer, D. Stotzer, D. Stuckey, N. Stuckey, ROW 9 T. Sullivan, C. Swalley, B. Taylor, A. Tijerina, D. Trevino, J. Wilson, L. Winfield, H. Wlasiuk, A. Wyse, ROW 10 D. Wyse, C. Yoder, C. Zavala, T. Ziegler, J. Zuver Transferred: G. Fray, B. Gomez, S. Neifer, J. Rangel, M. Robertson, K. Tetrick, M. Youman 138Scenes From The Elementary Cafeteria Helpers Champions Parent Teacher Conference 139Senior Activities DAVID KEITH AESCHLIMAN: FFA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4; FFA Parliamentary Procedure Contest 2, 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; A Association 3,4; Wrestling 3; Honorable Mention Football 4; Honor Roll 4; Pep Club 4. LARRY E. ARMSTRONG: Mixed Chorus 1,4; Boys Cho- rus 1,2,3; Basketball 3; Track 4; Latin Club 1. LYNN E. ASCHL1MAN: Class President 1,3; Student Council 1,2, 3,4, President 4; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, President 4; Boys' Glee 2,3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Science Club 4; Pep Club 4; Junior Play; The King I; Sound of Music; Basketball 1, 2; Wrestling 3; Football 1, 2,3,4; A. Association 2,3,4; All-Ohio Football 4; All-League Football 3,4. EVA BECHTEL: Girls' Glee 2; FHA 2; Blue N Gold 4. JOYCE ELAINE BECK: Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Scholarship Tests 2,3; Science Club 4; Latin Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 2; Pep Club 4; FTA 2,4; GAA Reporter 3, President 4; GAA Basketball and Volleyball 1,2, 3,4; Sound of Music; District and State Music Competition 1,2, 3,4. LARRY BECK: Latin Club 1,2; Mixed Chorus 4. NANCY BECK: Mixed Chorus 4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3,4; Honor Roll 2,4; Basketball Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4; Football Cheerleader 2,3,4; FTA 4; GAA 1,2; Freshman Attendant; The King and I Orchestra; Sound of Music; Latin Club 1. LENNY BURKHOLDER: Football 1; Photo Club 1; Work Experience 3, 4. MARY COUCH: Band 1,2, 3,4; District Solo and En- semble 1,2,4; State Solo and Ensemble 2,4; Chorus 2, 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Pep Club 4; Alpha Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Scholarship Test; National Honor Society 3,4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3. DOROTHY JEANETTE CRENSHAW: GAA 1; FHA 1,2,3, 4; Girls' Glee 2, 3. LARRY L. DEGROFF: Football 1. DEBORAH ANN DIVERCHY: Football Cheerleader 1; Latin Club 1; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Chorus 4; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play; FTA 4; Science Club 4; Sound of Music 4. DAVID DOMINIQUE: Football 1, Photo Club LESLIE DORIOT: FFA. TOM EASH: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Boys' Glee 1,2,3; Wrestling 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Golf 4; A Association 2, 3,4; The King and I; Pep Club. LOIS MARIE EDGE: Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus4. JOHN DEE FIELITZ: Boys' Glee 2,3; Honor Roll 4; FFA 2,3,4; District Public Speaking; Photo Club 2; Parlia- mentary Procedure Team; Librarian. SANDRA ELAINE FINLEY: Annual Assistant Editor; Cho- rus 1; Latin Club 1; Preliminary District Scholarship Tests 2; State Scholarship Test 2; ACC of I 3,4; FTA 4; Pep Club 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 4; GAA 4; Alpha Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4. NANCY LEE FREY: Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Girls Glee 1,2,3; Science Club 4; Latin Club 1; FTA 1; Junior Play; Honor Roll 1,2,4; Sound of Music; Business Manager Annual; ACC of I 3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; District and State Ensembles 2,4. ROGER FRUCHEY: FFA 1,2,3,4; Parliamentary Proce- dure Team. BRIAN J. GRAF: Football 1,2, 3,4; A Association; Boys Glee 2,3; Science Club 4; Junior Play; Sound of Music; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 4. PHIL GR1ESER: Boys' Glee 3; FFA 1,2, 3,4. FRANK D. GRIME: Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Pep Club 4; A Association 1,2,3, 4; Honorable Mention Football 4; Track 2. SAM GRIME: FFA 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Wrestling 3,4. PHYLLIS ANN GRISIER: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Girls' Glee 1, 2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble 1,2,3,4; FTA 2,3,4, President 4; Student Council 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4; Latin Club 1,2,3, Vice President 3; Class Treas- urer 1; Scholarship Test; Science Club 4; Cheerleader 1, 2,3,4; Sound of Music; Junior Play; GAA 1,2. MARY ANNE HAHN: Junior Attendant; Football Cheer- leader 1,2, 3,4; Basketball Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Blue 'N Gold 4; Honor Roll; Band 1,2, 3,4; Solo and Ensemble 1,2, 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Girls' State 3; Sound of Music Orchestra. KATHY HOBLET: 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; FTA 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Junior Play; Sound of Music 4; Latin Club 1,2; Alpha Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Senior Play. ANDREW HOL1AN: FTA 1,2, 3,4; Photo Club 1,2, 3,4, President 2,3,4; Boys' Glee 2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Cross Country 4; Blue 'N Gold 4; Scholarship Tests 1,2,3,4; Sci-Questa Club 1,2,3,4; Science Semi- nar 2; National Honor Society 3,4, Vice President 4; District Science Fair 2,3,4; State Science Fair 3,4; Junior Science and Humanities Symposium 3,4, Student Board Member 4; Librarian; A Association 4; Quadri- County Science Fair 1,2,3,4. MARY JANE HOLLAND: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; District and State Chorus Competition; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Junior Play; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Spanish Club 1; Pep Club 3,4; GAA 1,2; Science Club 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 3,4; Sound of Music 4; Girls' State Alternate; Solo and Ensemble Competition. JAMES D. HOOD: Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1; A Association 1,2,3,4. REBECCA MARIE JIMENEZ: Freshman Football Cheer- leader; Varsity Football Cheerleader 3,4; Varsity Basket- ball Cheerleader 3,4; GAA 1,2; FTA 2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Girls' Glee 1,2; Student Coun- cil 3; Class Secretary 4; Honor Roll 2; FTA Historian 4. LARRY C. KINSMAN: FFA 1,2, 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1,2, 1403,4; Boys' Glee 1,2,3; Parliamentary Procedure Team 3, 4; Sentinel of FFA 3; FFA Vice President 4. KARL H. KUEHN: Boys' Glee 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Blue 'N Gold 4, Editor-in- Chief; Annual Staff. TED LAUBER; Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3. BETTY ANN LEHMAN BONNIE LUE LEHMAN PHYLLIS KAY LIECHTY: National Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; GAA 1,2, 3,4, Treasurer 4; Latin Club 1,2; Junior Play; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Cho- rus 3,4; Honor Roll 1,3,4. MICHAEL O. LINDLEY: Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1; Boys' Glee 1,2,3; District and State Chorus Competition 1,2; District and State Boys' Glee 1,2,3; District and State Band Competition 1,2, 3,4. CURTIS BRENT LINK: Band 1,2, 3,4; Mixed Chorus 1, 3,4; Boys' Glee 1,2; Junior Play; Buckeye Boys' State Delegate; Football 1,2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Pep Club; Honor Roll 1,2. DAVID MAY: Blue 'N Gold, Chorus, Boys' Glee, A. Association, Pep Club, Baseball. TIM McCORD CURTIS MCDANIEL: Football 4; Wrestling 3; Track 1, 2,3,4; Honor Roll 3; The King I; Pep Club 2,4; Annual Photographer; A Association 3,4; Science Club 1,2,3, 4; ACC of I. EDD MERILLAT: Wrestling 1,2, 3,4; A Association 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 3, 4. WANDA MARIE MERILLAT; Mixed Chorus 1,2,4; Girls' Glee 1,2; GAA 1,2; Junior Play; Sound of Music; Streak- ettes 2,3,4; Senior Play; Blue'N Gold; Pep Club 1,2,3, 4. CHARLES L. M1GNIN JR. : Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; A Association; Pep Club 4; Foot- ball Honorable Mention 4. LENNY MILLER; Football, Wrestling. CAROLYN SUE NAFZIGER: FHA 2,3,4. SHANNON NEEL MILTON NOFZIGER: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Boys' Glee 1,2,3; FFA Chaplain 3; FFA Sentinel 4; Honor Roll 3,4. VIRGINIA OYER: FHA, Chorus. PAUL R. PAPE: Band 1,2, 3,4, President 4; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Boys' Glee; The King I; Junior Play; Student Council 1,4, Vice President 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Class President 1,4; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4; Pep Band 2,3,4; A Association 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 4; Boys' State, Baldwin Wallace Music Scholar- ship. GARY RICE: FFA 2,3,4; MARINA RODRIGUEZ: Honor Roll 1; State Scholarship Test 1; FFA 2; Science Club 4; Girls Glee 2. ANTHONY J. RUPP: Science Club 1,2,3, 4, President 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1; A Associa- tion 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Boys Glee 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Solo and Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4. MICHAEL SALLOWS: Boys' Glee 1,2,3; Latin Club 1,2; Pep Club 4; Wrestling 2,4; Football 1; Blue 'N Gold; Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Sound of Music. BARBARA MAY SCHROCK: Band 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 2,3, 4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; District and State Competition 1, 2,3,4; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Science Fair Award 1, Latin Club 1; Junior Play; Sound of Music; Science Club 1,2,4. REBECCA SUE SCHROCK; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3, 4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; FTA 4; Latin Club 1,2; Student Council 3, Vice President 3; National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary - Treasurer; Honor Roll 1,2,3; Homecoming Queen 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Science Club 4; Class Secretary 1; Pep Club 1,2,4; The King 1 Orchestra; Sound of Music Orchestra. BEVERLY ANN SHARPE: Honor Roll 1,2,4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Girls' Glee 2,3; Band Solo and Ensemble District and State 1,2,4; District Band Competition 1,2, 3,4; State Band Competition 1,3,4; FTA 1,2, 3,4; Science Club 4; Science Club Reporter 4; State Scholarship Test 3; Dis- trict Scholarship Tests 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Junior Play; GAA 1,2; Marching Band 1,2, 3.4. BARBARA JEAN SHORT: Science Club 4; Future Teach- er Association 3,4, Secretary 4; Latin Club 1,2,3, Presi- dent 3; Pep Club 3,4; Class Secretary 3; Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Band 1,2, 3,4; Ensembles 1, 2,3,4; Sound of Music 4; Honor Roll 1,3,4; District and State Chorus Competition 1,2,3, 4; District and State Band Competition 1, 2, 3,4. JERRY L. SHORT KEITH E. SHORT: Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Boys' Glee 1,2,3; Football 1,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play; A Association, Vice President 3; Sound of Music; All- League Football 4. MIKE D. SHORT: Band 1,2, 3,4, Vice President 4; Cho- rus 1,2,3,4; Boys' Glee 1,2,3; Honor Roll 1,2,3,4; Sci- ence Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4; Latin Club 1,2, President 2; Pep Band 2,3,4; The King I; The Sound of Music; Junior Play; Annual Editor-in-Chief; ACC of I 3,4; Bowling Green Band Scholarship; District and State Band And Chorus Competition 1,2,3,4; Solo and Ensem- ble 1,2, 3,4; Preliminary District Scholarship Test 1,2, 3,4; State Scholarship Test 2,3; American Legion And Americanism Government Test 3. MICHAEL K. SHORT: Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Boys' Glee 1,2,3; Junior Play; Wrestling 1,2; Golf 3,4; A Associa- tion 1,2,3,4; The King and I; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3.4. PATTY JO SHORT: Football Cheerleader 1; GAA 1,2; Girls' Glee 2,3; Mixed Chorus 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Stu- dent Council 4; Junior Play; Sound of Music; Office Work 4. RODGER D. SHORT: Band 1, 2,3,4; District and State Competition; Solo and Ensemble Competition 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Sound of Music Orchestra; Wrestling 2,3; A Association. STUART JOHN SHORT: Basketball 1,2; Track 1; Golf 3,4; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play; Sound of Music; FFA 141Judging Team 2,3,4; FFA Chaplain 2, Reporter 3, Sec- retary 4; Parliamentary Procedure 1,2,3,4; Boys Glee 1,2,3; A Association 3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3, 4; Solo and Ensemble 1,2,3; 1st in Reporters Book in District 3. SAM J. SMUCKER; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2; FFA 1,2, 3.4, Student Advisor 3; A Association 3,4. ROGER LEE SPRINGER: Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, Vice Presi- dent 4; Boys Glee 2; Science Club 4; National Honor Society 3,4, President 4; Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; Student Council 3; Class Vice President 4; A Association 1, 2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; All-League Basketball 2,3,4; District and State Competition 2,3,4. TIM STAHL: A Association 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Cross Country 4; Basketball 1; FFA 2,3,4; Honor Roll 1,2,3, 4. JOSEPH REX STANFORTH: Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1. 2.3.4, President 4; Chorus 1,2,4; Boys Glee 1,2,3; State Competition 1,2, 3,4; Solo And Ensemble 1,2,3, 4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Photo Club 1,2,4; FTA 4; Wrestling 1.2, 3,4; Football 1; Track 2; Honor Roll 3; Science Club 1,2,3,4; Science Seminar 3; The King and I; Sound of Music 4; Annual Photographer; ACC of I 4. TOM STORRER: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; First Team All-League End 3,4; FFA 1.2, 3,4; FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team 3; State Track and Field Meet Fifth Place Pole Vault 3; A As- sociation 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 4. SARA JANE STUCKEY: Junior Play; GAA 1,2,3, Treas- urer 3; Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; FTA 4; Science Club 4; Latin Club 1; Hon- or Roll 3,4; Sound of Music Orchestra; Majorette 3; Drum Majorette 4. LINDA TAYLOR DON TEEL: Baseball 1, Photo Club. EDWARD A. THATCHER: Baseball 1,2; Football 1,2; Wrestling 4; Science Club 4. MARILYN SUE TROWBRIDGE: Latin Club 1,2; Science Club 2,4; Girls' Glee 2; Honor Roll 1; Junior Play. GRACE VIELMA SANDRA WEYANDT: Honor Roll 3,4; Blue 'N Gold, News Editor 4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 4; Volleyball Team 4; Basketball Team 1; Band 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 4; District Solo and Ensembles 1,2, 3,4; State Solo and Ensembles 3,4; District and State Band Competition 1, 2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; District and State Chorus Compe- tition 2,3,4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; District and State Glee Competition 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Sound of Music Orchestra. TOM WINZELER: FFA 1,2,3,4, Student Advisor 4; Football 4; A Association 3,4; Wrestling 1,2, 3,4; Par- liamentary Procedure Team 2,3,4. GREG WLASIUK: Basketball 1; Football 1; Track 1,2, 3,4; A Association 1,2, 3,4. STANLEY W. WYSE: Golf 3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Science Club 4; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; Boys' Glee 1,2,3; A Association 3,4; Student Council 2; Class Vice President 1,2; Pep Band 2,3,4; District Scholarship Tests 1,2; Band Solo and Ensembles 2,3; Pep Club 4. EILEEN CATHERINE YODER: American Legion Amer- icanism and Government Contest Winner 1; Latin Club 1,2, Secretary 2; Science Club 4; Alpha Honor Roll 1, 2,3,4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Annual Copy Editor; ACC of 1 4; State Scholarship Test 1,2; Vocational Rehabilitation Scholarship; District Music Competition; State Music Competition; Preliminary District Scholarship Test. JEAN YODER: Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4; Science Club 4; Junior Play; GAA 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice Presiden 4; Class Treasurer 2,3,4; Sound of Music; Mixed Chon Secretary-Treasurer 4; Girls' Glee 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3, 4; Latin Club 1,2; FTA 4; Pep Club 4; Senior and Soph omore Attendant; FFA Sweetheart. LARRY L. ZUVERS: Library 2,3; Blue 'N Gold, page Editor; Honor Roll 1,2, 3,4; State Scholarship Tests 1. Student Directory SENIORS David Aeschliman 42,79,80,81, 110,111,112,121,123 Larry Armstrong 35,42,102 Lynn Aschliman 39,42,72, 73, 77, 79,81,84,88,95,102,103,106, 109,110,111,112 Eva Bechtel 42, 71 Joyce Beck 39,40,42, 69, 73, 76, 77, 78,79,81,102,106 Larry Beck 42,79,102 Nancy Beck 35,39,42,79, 86,96, 98,102,106,112,124,125 Lenny Burkholder 42 Mary Couch 40,42,73,76, 77, 79; 97,98,100,103 Dorothy Crenshaw 42,79 Larry DeGroff 43 Debbie Diverchy 43, 77, 78,79,83, 102,106 David Dominique 43 Leslie Doriot 43, 80 Tom Eash 39,43, 71, 79,81,102, 116,121 Lois Edge 43 Jon Felitz 43,80,116 Sandra Finley 19,40,43,70,73,77, 78,81 Nancy Frey 43,70,77,97,98,102, 106 Roger Fruchey 44,80 Brian Graf 44, 77, 79, 95, 96, 98, 103, 106, 109,117 142Philemon Grieser 44, 80 Frank Grime 44,79, 81, 88,110, 111, 112,121 Sam Grime 44,79, 81,110, 111, Phyllis Grisier 44, 72, 77, 78,79,86, 96, 98,100,103,105,106, 112,124 Mary Anne Hahn 44,71,79,81,84, Kathy Hoblet 40,44, 73, 78,85, 96, 98,101,102,106 Andrew Holian 40,44,71,73,76, 78.83.123 Mary Jane Holland 44,69,77,78, 79,83,96,98, 102,105,106 James Hood 45,81,122 Rebecca Jimenez 41,45, 79, 84,86, 98.117.125 Larry Kinsman 45,80,103 Karl Kuehn 19,40,45,70,71,73, 88 Ted Lauber 45,85,86 Betty Lehman 45 Bonnie Lehman 45 Phyllis Liechty 45, 73, 76, 77, 81, 102 Mike Lindley 45 Curtis Link 46, 79, 97,102,110, 111, 116 David May 46, 71, 79,81,102,109, 122 Tim McCord 46 Curtis McDaniel 19,46, 69, 70, 76, 79,81,87, 109,110,111, 123 Edwin Merillat 46, 79, 84,121 Wanda Merillat 46, 71, 79, 84,103,. 106 Chuck Mignin 46,79, 81, 110, 111, 113,118 Lenny Miller 46, 71, 79,81,84,110, 111, 121 Carolyn Nafzigsr .46, 79 Shannon Neel 46 Milton Nofziger 47,80 Virginia Oyer 47,79,103 Paul Pape 41,47, 72,73, 76, 79,81, 88, 96, 98,100, J03,110, 111, 112, 121.123 Gary Rice 47, 0 Marina Rodriquez 47 Tony Rupp 39,47, 76, 77, 79, 81, 97,100,103,109, 110, 111, 112 Michael Sallows 39,47,71,79,106, 109,121 Barbara Schrock 47, 69, 77,79,81, 97,98,100, 102, 105,106 Rebecca Schrock 47,73,76, 78, 79,, 107 Beverly Sharpe 48, 76, 77, 78,96, 98 Barbara Short 39,48, 69, 73, 76,77, 78, 79, 97, 98,100, 102,105,106 Jerry Short 48 Keith Short 39, 48,81, 82, 84, 103, Michael D. Short 40,48.70. 73, 77, 96. 98.100,102,106,115 Mike K. Short 48, 79, 81,84, 95, 98, 100.102, 107,117 Patty Short 35,48, 72,83,87,106 Rodger Short 48,81,84, 97, 98,100, 107,109 Stuart Short 39,48, 80, 81, 86, 95, 98,103,106 Sam Smucker 48,81,110, 111, 112 Roger Springer 39,40, 41, 49, 73, Tim Stahl 49,80,81,123 Rex Stanforth 18,49,69,70,76,79 86, 95, 96, 98,101, 103,106,121 Tom Storrer 49, 80, 81,110, 111, 115,118,123 Sara Stuckey 49, 76, 78, 96, 98,100, 102,107 Linda Taylor 49 Don Teel 49 Ed Thatcher 49, 77,116,121 Marilyn Trowbridge 49, 76, 77 Grace Vielma 50 Sandra Weyandt 35, 50, 71, 79,81, 96,98, 100,101, 107 Tom Winzeler 50,80,110, 111, 121 Greg Wlasiuk 50,81,123 Stanley Wyse 39,40, 50, 73, 77,79, 81,84,97,98,103 Eileen Yoder 19, 40, 50, 52, 70, 73, 76,102 Jean Yoder 40,41, 50, 76, 78, 79, 80,81,87,88,89,96, 100, 102, 106 Larry Zuvers 40, 50, 71,73 JUNIORS Larry Baus 52, 90,103 Arlene Bechtel 52,78 Mark Beck 52, 79, 80 Janet Buehrer 52, 79, 103 Randy Buehrer 52,80,102,110 Robert Clark 52,81,110,121,122 Tom Christy 39, 52, 54, 79, 81,102 William Daniel 52 Sharon Dilyard 52, 79 Donald Dohm 52 Jill Dominique 51, 52,72, 73, 79 83,87, 91. 95,103,106,109,125 Veryl Doriot 52 Helen Durst 52 Steve Gigax 52 Scott Gleason 52,81,110,123 Andy Grime 35,52,81,110,121 Leslie Grime 52,80 Dawn Hitt 52, 79, 102,105,106 Nancy Hootman 52, 78, 81, 96, 98, 101.107.109 Junior Jimenez 35,52,81,110 121,123 Gail Johnson 52, 79 Tom Johnson 52,81,121,123 Bill King 52,71 Gary King 52, 79, 80 Sharon King 52, 79, 87, 88,89, 102 105.106.109 Marcelle Klinger 52,79 Kathy Kutzley 52, 79, 98,100,103, 107 JoAnn Lantz 52, 78,105,106 Bonnie Lauber 52, 79, 96, 98,100 Karen Leupp 52, 53, 79 Linda Ludemann 53 Don Mathews 53,81,122 Flora Merillat 53,81 Gerald Meyer 53 Becky Miller 53, 79, 90,107 Linda Miller 53 Dan Nafziger 53 Steve Nafziger 53, 90, 91,100,110 Joe Nofziger 53,80, 91,103 Lynn Nofziger 53,73, 110,112 Shirley Nofziger 53,81,107 Linda Pilbeam 53,79,103,107 Fred Replogle 53,110 Steve Rettig 51, 53,71,79,81,115, 122 Mary Rich 53, 73, 81, 96. 98,102, 105,106 David Riegsecker 53,80 Bob Rose 35,53, 81,110,112,113, 115,119 Richard Rodriquez 53 Gloria Rowe 53, 76, 79, 91,102, 106, 109,125 Nancy Rueger 53, 73, 78, 79,81, 14398,102, 105,106 Bill Rufenacht 53,115,122 James Ruffer 53 Beverly Rupp 53, 79, 81, 90,91, 106 Doug Rupp 53,80,102,119 Dave Rychener 22, 51, 53, 73,81, 100,103,110, 112,115,116 Carol-Schnitkey 53, 76 Steve Schnitkey 53, 81,110,112, 115 Steve Schroeder 53 Sue Schultz 53,103,106 Jeri Shaffer 52,53,81 Roger Shirley 53,122 Eric Short 39, 52, 53,73,76,81,90, Jane Short 54,81,113,107 Lee Short 54,71,99,102 Randon Short 54 Randy Short 54,81, 91, 98,100,103, 107,117,121,123 Jeff Smith 54,91,115,119 Connie Sommers 54,102,106 Kathy Springer 39, 54, 69, 73, 76, 79,81, 103,106, 109 Donna Stamm 54,79,90,107 Margaret Stamm 54,79,81 Bruce Stanforth 54, 71, 79, 91, 98, 100,103,106,117,121 Rick Stotzer 54, 69, 72, 73,79, 81, Dean Stuckey 54 Dale Stutzman 54 Gary Taylor 54 Teresa Thomas 54 Albert Tijerina 54,100 Jane Waldfogel 54,76,81 Dianne Weber 54, 79 Mary Weires 54, 73,81, 95, 98,100, Gene Wyse 54,73, 91,102 Marlene Wyse 54, 72, 79, 86,109, 112,124,125 Lois Zaerr 54,51,79,81, 103 Dave Zimmerman 54,72,73,102, 115,116,119 SOPHOMORES Robert Alexander 56 Donna Armstrong 56,79 Bruce Arthur 56, 57, 69, 72,81, Dalynn Badenhop 55, 56, 72, 95, 98, 103 Andrea Beck 56,79,102,106 Kirk Beck 56,121 Linda Beck 56, 68, 79, 96, 98,102, 107 Bruce Bernath 56,110,121 Linda Bowman 56, 79,103 Barb Burkholder 56,79,81,102, 109 Teri Burkholder 56,79,81 Steve Case 56,80 Debra Childs 56 Dale Clark 56,39, 102,110,119 Debbi Clevenger 55,56,79,81,87, 88,89, 103,106 Jim Crossgrove 56,110,119,122 Ruth Crossgrove 56,79 Fred DeGroff 56 Steve Dominique 56,121 Linda Durst 56 Larry Erbskorn 56, 75, 102,107 Rodney Fielitz 56,81,110, 118 Daniel Finley 56 Raymond Fruchey 56,80 Mary Gisel 56, 57, 79, 81,103,106, 109 Carmilla Grieser 56, 79 Elizabeth Grieser 56, 76, 81,102 Kathleen Grieser 56, 79, 74 Ron Grieser 56 David Grime 56,80, 110, 119 DeAnna Grime 56, 79 Peggy Grime 56, 79, 96, 98, 102, 106,109 June Hayes 56, 74 Lucinda Heckel 56,104 Marsha Heckel 56,79 Dan Heer 56,80, 110,112 Susan Heer 56, 69, 76 James Holsopple 56,80 Debbie Huner 56, 79,81,102,106 James Kidd 56,80, 104,121 Jerry Kingsbury 56,113 Patty Kinsman 56,79,103 Ed Lantz 57, 75, 102 David Lauber 57, 69, 76, 103, 107, 116 Deborah Lauber 57,81 Tim LaVigne 57 John Leininger 57, 69, 76,102, 107, 106 Joe Leu 57, 80 Steve Liechty 57,121 Kathy Link 57, 55, 69, 76, 79, 81, 98,100,103,105,106,109 Jerry Lugbill 57,98, 103 Emma Jean Lugo 57, 79 Mike Lumbrezer 57,80,81,110, 112,119,123 Joyce May 57,79,81,96,98,107 Gary McQuistion 57,80,121 Mike McRobbie 57 Helen Merillat 57, 79,81,109 Sam Merillat 57,80,119, 103, 106 Tom Miller 57 Karen Myers 34, 57, 79,104 Randy Nafziger 55, 57, 68, 95, 98, 100, 102,107,117 Joyce Nelson 57,104 Beverly Nofziger 57,79,96,98, 102,107 Debbie Overmier 57,79,81,103, 106 Mel Pace 57,110,121 Cathy Phipps 57,79 Suzanne Quillet 57 Rita Reynolds 57,79,104,104 Michael Richer 57,80 Raymond Rodrequez 57,80 Richard Rodriquez 57 Rosie Rodriquez 57 James Roth 57,102,107 Ed Rupp 39, 57,103 Gary Rupp 58, 69, 76,102,106, 107,116 Susan Rychener 58,79,96,98,103, 105,106 Karen Sallows 58, 79, 98,106 Carl Mickey Sattison 58 Warren Sauder 58,81,110, 111, 118,122 Mary Schrock 58, 74, 79,81, 98, 102, 105,106 Grace Seiler 58,79 Si Shaffer 58, 98, 103,119,123 Jerry Short 58 John Short 58, 80, 95, 96, 98, 117 Kathleen Short 58 William Short 58,80 Mary Silcox 58, 79, 81,103,105, 106 Robert Springer 58,119 Ann Stamm 58,72,74,79,83,87, 107 Michele Stamm 58, 74, 79, 96, 98, 102 Terry Stamm 58 144Rodney Stannard 58,68,81,88,96, 100, 103,110, 112 Chuck Storrer 58,80,110,121 Kathy Teel 58,79,81 Linda Thomas 58,79 Karla Timmons 58, 98,100, 103 Efrain Torres 58 Sally Vielma 58 Randy Volkman 58,80 Cynthia Walter 58,79,81,96,98, 102,107 Richard Winzeler 58,80,121 Karen Woodward 58 Elaine Wyse 58,81,86,98, 109, 112,124,125 James Wyse 58, 102, 107 Marthella Wyse 58,79 Monty Wyse 58 Ned Wyse 58, 102, 107 Randy Wyse 37, 38 Sam Wyse 58, 80, 102,107 Bonnie Yedica 58,98,102 Cheryl Yingling 58, 98, 96,100, 102,105,106 Joe Yoder 58 Nathan Zavala 58 Mike Zuver 58,110, 118 FRESHMEN Pauline Bechtel 60, 75, 78,104 Allen Beck 60,61,80, 104 Jane Beck 60, 79, 81, 104 Carol Bertsche 60,80,104,107 Keith Buehrer 60,80,104,114 Carol Clark 37, 60,75,79, 81, 98. 104 James Couch 60,75, 96, 98,114, 119 Sheri Cowell 60, 74,104 Hilda Dohm 60,75,79 Don Ebersole 60,38,75,96,98, 104,107,119 Sharon Erbskorn 60,75,81, 104 Lynn Fraker 60,114,119 Debby Frey 60, 75,81, 98,100, 104, 106 Larry Gautsche 60,121 Cherylnn Geesey 60,59,74,81, 124.125 Lowell Gisel 60,80,104,114 Ned Gisel 60,80,114 Lynn Gleason 60,139 Ilse Goertz 60. 74,81,96, 98, 104 Roger Graber 60, 98,114,119 Bill Grime 60,114 Pam Grime 59, 60, 79,124,125 Patsy Grime 60 Randy Grime 60,114,121 Pat Hackett 38, 98, 60,114,119 Gaylene Holsopple 60,74,79,81, 104 Steve Jernigan 60 Armon Kauffman 60,119 Joyce King 60, 79 Scott Kutzley 60, 98,104,107, 114 Jane Layman 61, 79 Leslie Layman 61,119 Ellen Liechty 61,74,81,104 Eric Liechty 61,119 Christine McNally 61,75,79,81, 96,98,100,104 Sue McRobbie 61, 79, 124,125 Raul Mendez 61 Rodney Meyer 61,79 Barry Miller 61 Craig Miller 61,119 Vicki Miller 61,75 Sandy Myers 61,75,104 Bonnie Nafziger 29,61,74,79,81, Dennis Nafziger 61,80 Gary Nafziger 61,98,114 Kalev Purge 61 Joyce Rice 61,81,139 Abel Rodriquez 61,119 Mary Rodriquez 61 Barb Ruger 61, 74, 79, 81,98, 104 Mary Rupp 61, 74,104 Phil Rychener 61,80,88,114,119 Nancy Sauder 61,74,79,81,104 Sheri Schmucker 61, 75,81,104 Scott Schnitkey 61,119,114 Joe Schrock 61,119 Guy Schroeder 61 Robert Schrock 61,98,114,119 Margaret Serna 61, 96, 98,104 Jim Sharpe 61 David Short 62 Jane Short 62,74,104 Gareth Short 62,104 Rhonda Short 62,79,81, 104 Ronald Short 61, 62 Royce Short 62 Sam Short 62,72,80,104,114 Terry Short 59,62,72,83,87,114 Phil Smucker 62 Stan Springer 59, 62, 114,119 Mark Stamm 62 80, 97, 98 Dale Stamm 62 Rick Stevens 62 Robert Stuckey 62, 75, 96,104,106 Leroy Swalley 62,106,114 Ken Thatcher 62,114 Jenny Thompson 62,104 Roger Tope 62 Florencio Uribes 62 Sandra Waldfogel 62,74,81,104 James Weber 62, 79 Lynne Wells 62,104 Sharon Wingard 62,79,81 Sam Wlasiuk 62,114,119 Anna Wyse 62, 79,104 Lynn Wyse 62,81,124 Renee Wyse 62,139 Roxanna Wyse 62,79 Keith Yoder 62,104,106 Herlinda Zavala 62 145Patron Directory The following businessmen, merchants, professional men, service clubs, and others have made this an- nual possible through their fine cooperation and financial assistance. The 1967 Blue Streak Staff and the en- tire Senior Class wish to thank all who are listed in the Directory for their kindly assistance and encourage- ment. The presence of your name indicates your support, your interest in the school and the youth of this community. A P Stores George's Field Crop Roth's Store A W Root Beer Grisier's Music Rufenacht Clothing Archbold Dairy Freez Dr. Hal Hackett Paul Ruffer Archbold City Loan Hayes Poultry Nelson Rupp Archbold Equipment Co. Helen's Dry Goods Ora Rupp Arch Motel HeMar Industries Bud Rupp Carpeting Co. Archbold Bowling, Inc. Hess Shoes Rupp Furniture Co. Archbold Buckeye Hit Archery Rupp Lumber Co. Archbold Dry Goods Hood's Auto Parts • Lowell Sauder TV Archbold Greenhouse Hughes Radio TV Sauder Mfg. Co. Arch Commercial X Int. Minerals Chemicals Corp. Sauder Woodworking X Archbold Hatchery Jim and Dale's IGA Schmucker's Restaurant Archbold Hy-Flash Zaerr's Home Restaurant Scott Porta Fold Archbold Rotary X Kull Studios Scott Theater Archbold Ins. Agency Sterling King Seven-Up Bottling Co. Archbold Ladder Co. Kleck’s Home Bakery Short Floor Covering Archbold Laundry Village O. P. Kluepfel Short Funeral Home Archbold Sales Service LaChoy, Inc. X Short Furniture Archbold Seed Grain X Lantz Electric Donald Short Insurance Archbold Telephone Floyd Lauber Kenneth Short Insurance Archbold Truck Lines Lauber Mfg. Co. Springer Welding Bancroft Cleaners Lauber Clothing A. J. Stamm Insurance Vincent Beck Leininger Home Supply Sterling Store Bernath Super Dollar Liechty Farm Equipment Storrer Contractors Bil-Jax, Inc. Liechty Motors Storrer's Marathon Herman Britsch Litwiler Barber Shop Stotzer Hardware City Drug Store Lugbill Brothers, Inc. X Stuckey, Short Auctioneers Christy Motor Sales Willard Mack Realtors Christy Rambler Sales Gino Marzoli Stuckey Bulk Feeds John Couch Meadow Gold X Toledo Edison Country Squire Restaurant Merle's Service TriState Elevator, Inc. Crossgrove Garage Miller Brothers, Inc. X Vernier McLaughlin Chuck Cy's Cabinet Shop Miller Gas Co. Z Vic's Electric Cup Saucer Restaurant Murbach's, Neal, Ebersole X Wayne Poultry D W Collison Service Myers, Lloyd Jesse Wyse Sewing Machines Dielman Supply Co. Nafziger Ice Cream Wyse Motor Repairs Robert Dominique Nagel Recreation Wyse Truck Service Dick and Dee Photos Napoleon Spring Yoder Compost Eckert Packing Nofzinger Motor Sales Yoder and Frey Wilmer Eicher Jr. Ohio Gas Co. X Young Spring and Wire X Enterprise Cleaners Pauls Service Your Furniture Home Fagley Seed Co. Dr. J. R. Peters Zehr and Company Family Book Store Orville Pursell Fulton-Henry Dist. OSNA Farmer's Merchant's State Bank Quick Printing Fulton Co. Medical Society Y Denotes a contribution of ten Med. Adv. Trust Detw. Hosp. X Fielitz Builders Forecraft, Inc. dollars or over X Denotes a contribution of fifty First National Bank Y Denotes a contribution of twenty dollars or over Fraas Plumbing dollars or over Y Denotes a contribution of one James Frey Fulton Tubing Rice Plassman Attorney hundred dollars or over Z Denotes a contribution of two Gendron Wheel," Inc. Dennis Roth hundred dollars or over 146147 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made"

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