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gym'- ngx .3 A.. 31 1 Feelin fit and ready to go 2 A11 set for another trip. 3. Maid service at its best. 4. Who said he's a.square? 5. What's wrong herezf 6. - and let the rest of the world go by. 7. One of the more serious t 8 Read for action if needed 9 A11Aboard' New York and Washington. 10. Ain't we momen s. . y - . . . got fun? 11. The wor1d's most majestic! 12. Getting ready for bed - or getting up. 13. Cheaper by .1 . 5. .g 1 1 K . H x, VM- ,Q .WL -9 'Wil , ,V h , . .. .. r. 5 S + 11 fi ?FYli'L- x Wi' 'ND the half dozen. 14. Nothing funny here! 15. What a grand and a glorious feeling. 16. Such coyness! 17. Are we going or coming back? 18. Now 1ook'a here Ilva and Tom! 19. It musta been a hard day 20. Just too tired to care much. 21. What a face! 22. Bill has gone Hollywood. 23. You just can't beat good rest! 24. There must be a hair problem here. 25. Just a lookin. I ll 'fi Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . Business Manager Advisor ..... Photography . . . Producer . . THE X X W W H5777 Published by the Senior Class Archbold High School Archbold, Ohio . . Norma Burkholder . . Myrl Sauder . . Randy Wyse . . . J. H. Spengler . . . Erbskorn, Sellers, Seniors . . . American Yearbook Co. Y Board of Education 1 Dr. W1111am J. Neal ' JQIITICS BBFSCI' president ' V ' V1ce Presxdent f il 5' 1 - 'YL ' V 1 X Q, . if V. if I,-yd 'w,ff'Lf' ,gx1j1, 'K'W Q wJv,.'3H r , K W Mi . gggzil -fx x 4:4335 :ff A ? Dr. J. R. Peters f Qin sew lr, 0 I Owen Rice, Clerk 4 1: T Lyle Osborn Arvah Siegel e ' 2 FACLI LTY Administration J. H. Spengler Superintendent B.S. Bowling Green State University M.A. University of Michigan R. L. Lorton Elementary Principal B.S. Oberlin College M.A. Ohio State University Betty Rupp School Secretary -1- Jacob Burkholder High School Principal B.S., A.B. Adrian College M.A. Bowling Green State University High School Facult 4 'N Glenn Gallaway Benjamin Londeree Vocational Agriculture Science and Mathematics B.S. Ohio State University B.S. Defiance College 'QA W. 5 is Xa ,Vi ,ini mf i-fxlyz ,sy mx, 11. i , v as 1 M W x-L ' Gayle Bourquin Dorothy Spengler Evelyn Rupp English, Latin Jr. High English English, Commercial B.S. Bowling Green State B.S. Defiance College B.S. Bowling Green State University Bowling Green State University University Ohio University George Borich Wilbur C. Miller Music Social Studies, Science, Phys B.M. Vandercook College Education B.S. Bowling Green State University M.A. University of Michigan 5 High School Faculty William P. Arthur Driver Training Social Studies Basketball, Baseball Coach B.S. Ohio Northern University Edward Sutherland History, Football and Freshman Basketball Coach B.S. Defiance College ' D Ruth F agley English, Home Economics B.S. Wittenberg, Defiance College Columbia University George Clark Science and Mathematics B.S. Defiance College Donald Hornish Industrial Arts Elementary Degree, Manchester College B.S. Ohio Northern University Elva Keim Commercial B.A. Spokane University Ohio State, Ohio University Defiance College William Adamchak Thomas L. Parker Mathematics, Social Studies Mathematics Speech Junior High Basketball Coach B-L Berea College B.S. Bowling Green State B.A. Ohio University University M.A. Ohio State University 6 Elementary Facult Thomas Vitello Sixth Grade, Assistant Football Coach B.S. Defiance College June Kohli Fifth Grade Bowling Green State University Mabel Nofziger Fourth Grade Bowling Green State University Violet Schlatter Third Grade B.S. Bowling Green State University 7 John Bamonte Sixth Grade B.S. Defiance College Hazel Burkholder Fifth Grade Bowling Green State University . saw? s Dorothy Spengler Fourth Grade B.S. Defiance College Bowling Green State University Ohio University Elementary Facult .3 I5 iflglfi 32 as iff? lj 3"i Z5 wg H3 at if ev 55 pr L5 'Iv ?5' Bessie Frey Mary Ellen Meier Second Grade Second Grade B.S. Goshen College B.S. Houghton College Defiance College, Bowling Green Goshen College, Bowling Green State University State University Mildred Bernath Mary Zimmerman Florence Walter First Grade Third Grade First Grade Bowling Green State University Bowling Green State University Ypsilanti Normal, Defiance Defiance College College Bowling Green State University Betty Dietz Marvel Tressler Kindergarten Fourth Grade Washington Junior College Elementary Music B.S. Defiance College Ypsilanti Normal, Bowling Green Bowling Green State University State University 8 4 School Employees 'mmm Elnora Rupp, Ella Beck, Mary Grime, Bessie Short. Custodia ns Earl Bourquin, Elementary Custodian, Arthur Taylor, high school engineer. Bus Drivers Q. A'K' M A s V 4 U am, - V A. gy, A x 8 ltlyt 2 Howard Reed Earl Bourquin, Arthur Liechry, Virgil Lawrence Smucker Franklin DeCroff, Dale Nafziger, Wilmer Rupp, Elmira Warren Kingsbury, Calvin Dillyard - Elmira. 9 Faculty Snapshots , I A BX? I .. ,ks -up 5 , ,W X Vf, ' -my M 1 , 1 :W 3 X W , .imma mm: W A ' vw Mm M,,43,i,'g,Vg5gg gn f:'1f,f1.n rx- A., 1'-wha Seniors x' 17 i Baccalaureate Services Commencement Exercises Sunda Evenin Ma 19 at Ei ht 0'clock Tuesday evenin , Ma 21 at Ei ht O'clock ! I Y Musical Prelude ----- Mary Lou Both . I Musical Prelude --A--- High School Bind Processional - - - - Graduating Class George R. Bondi, Director "You'll Never Walk Alone" Rogers-I-Iammeratein-Stickles "Now the Day is Over" ----- Bamby-Ringwald Processional - ---- Graduating Class High 5011001 Mixed CMYU5 "Pump and Circumstanceu Invocation ----- Rev. H. E. Bertsche Evangelical Mennonite Church National Anthem I Band md Audience "Concerto, Opus Il" ----- Richard Strauss . ' h, l . Lan'y L Fis French Horn So o Invnclmon ' I . . Rev. John Redd: -'The Halls of Ivy" ----- Russell-Knight Missionary Church High School Mixed Chorus Baccalaureate Sermon ---- Rev. A. Donald Collins "No Man Is An Island" - - Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer Meflwdist Church Janet Myers, Vocal Solo Hymn ----- Chorus and Audience Commencement Address ---- Dr. Galen Starr Rau COME THOU ALMIGHTY KING Capital University, Columbus, Ohlo 1. Come Thou Almighty King 2. Come, Thou incarnate Word, Help us Thy name to sing Gird on Thy mighty sword, Help us to praise! Our prayer attend! --Qunnette No. In , , , , H. M. Endnun Father all-glorious Come and Thy people bless, O'er all victorious, And give Thy word Success! izgggggholder gfnmielgerben Come and reign over us, Spirit of Holiness, , - me pp Ancient of Days! On us descend! Chnnet Quntet 3. Come, Holy Comforter Thy famed wnness bear' Presentation of Diplomas ---- Board of Education In this 1 d ii i Thou, wi: ahgxmy mn Dr.Wil1iam J. Neal, President Now rule in ev'ry heart, And ne'er from us depart, spirit of power. "Finga1's Cave Overture" ---- Felix Mendelssohn High School Band Benediction - - - - Rev, Bertlghg Recessional Audience Seated Benediction Rev, Rggldg 11 Class History On the morning of 'September 6, 1944 at 9:00 A,M. 48 little boys and girls entered the Kindergarten room for the first of their school experiences. Their teacher, Mrs. Walter, was waiting for them and gave them a very friendly freeting. Of the present 59 members of the class the following were members of this group which started in Kindergarten. Mary Boynton, Norma Burkholder, Janet Erbscorn, Ronnie Fielitz, Elaine Frey, Beryl Grisier, Doyle Hayes, Joan Huffman, Arletta Kennel, Balbina Lisak, Joan Lovejoy, Carolyn Miller, Sondra Miller, Janet Myers, Ilva Nafziger, Louise Nofziger, Bill Palmer, Janis Peters, Brenda Pursel, Arlene Rupp, Gary Rupp, Jeanette Sauder, Myrl Sauder, Janeth Schantz, Vee Schlatter, Rex Short, Linda Stamm, Ramiro Trejo, Grace Waidelich, Randy Wyse, Margaret Zuercher. The class then moved on to the first grade, where they were welcomed by Mrs. Bernath and Mrs. Litwiller. They still had the original 48. Mrs, Frey and Mrs. Litwiller were waiting to greet a group of 44 youngsters as they entered the second grade. The class lost Mary Leininger, Marlene Miller, Nick Mendez, Suzzane Grime, Sue Ann Murphy and Dean Leininger, and gained Susie Rinkle and Fred Gearing. Mrs. Zimmerman was the teacher as our group moved along to the third grade. The number was now 47. They gained Joan Williams, Carlos Fonseca and Esther Mendez, lt was during this year that their classmate, Patsy Grieser lost her life in a tragic bobsled accident. In the fourth grade the class was reduced to 41 as Shirley Francis, Eloise Purdy, Leona Beltz, Carlos Fonseca and Esther Mendez moved on to other schools. Miss Nofziger was the fourth grade teacher. Mrs. Burkholder was the fifth grade teacher. The class gained Verlene Nafziger and lost Clara Springer. Their last year in the elementary building was a big one, for they entered a brand, new building. Mr. Robison was the sixth grade teacher. This year Susie Rinkle left and Roger Vonier came, so there were still 41. The next year was abig one for the class as they now moved to the high school building where they had many new experiences. Larry Fish came from Stryker. 42 now. During the eighth year they gained Florence Herbert from Minneapolis and Roy Santos. However, they lost Joseph Baer, Delores Graber and James Hausch making a total of 41. As Freshmen the class experienced a large growth, mostly from Elmira and Franklin. The new pupils were: Margret Rupp, Lois Myers, Dorthy Leu, Pauline Leininger, Doris Thomas, Carolyn Bridges, Tom Stevens, Frank Wheeler, Larry Weber, Veryl Roth, Gary Pickett, Duane Penrod, Robert Hausch, Ronald Gigax, Curtis Zaerr, Donna Gaddis, Gene Graf, Earl Riegsecker, Gary Storrer, Donna Baldwin and Junior Schantz. Norma Fleming went to Wauseon. As Sophomores, the class selected their class rings and pins, which they will always cherish and remember. They lost Frank Wheeler and Bill Palmer but gained Alan Moog, Ben Westfall, Claude Mendez and Carl Guerrero, making a total of 63. As Juniors, the class put on a very fine banquet for the seniors. The theme was, "Carolina Moon". They also enjoyed presenting two fine p1ays,"Headin' ForA Weddin"', and "The Adorable Imp". This year they lost Eloise Sauder, Richard Leupp, Claude Mendez, and Larry Weber, but Bill Palmer came back and Sandra Hall came from West Unity to make 61. As seniors, the class endeavored many enjoyable and worth-while tasks. Their class officers were Myrl Sauder Presidentg Bill Palmer, Vice Presidentg Balbina Lisak, Secretaryg Dorthy Leu, Treasurer. Their class colors were Royal Blue and Light Blue, the class flower - gardenia, and the class motto, "We Can Because We Think We Can". The first large project was the usual magazine sale, which made a fine profit. Next they bought their name cards and had their pictures taken. On May 3 the class enjoyed a very beautiful Junior-Senior banquet, for which the theme was, "Alpine Wonder- land On May 7 the first Senior Play, "Three Girls and Jeffry" was presented and on May 14, "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose" was given. The Baccalaureate Services were held on Sunday evening, May 19 with Rev. A. Donald Collins, Archbold Methodist Church, delivering the sermon. On Tuesday, May 21 Commencement Exercises were held and 59 seniors received their diplomas. Dr. Galen Starr Ross was the Commencement speaker. On Sunday, May 26, the class left on their senior trip. They enjoyed a wonderful week in New York and Washington as a never-to -be -forgotten climax to their graduation from high school. The class will always remember the happy times they shared with each other during all of these wonderful and memorable school years. Kindergarten .ul V ., 4' fix In WA 6 B ilu? , X. , V . 44 K mm , ,V i . I he uma , 'x l i I x W J' ' an i 'L , 5 V if 5-P4 A35 a K L Q A ., .. W jg' . s " ' , QQ, - ff X J' , I t if f Janis Art Norma Dort Red Carolyn yyn , 4 H J 3 1 we wi it K ..,gg L 4 Vkl E , '::: """:gfk J, ' J V Grubber Beanie Benji Janet, Ronnie Earl Veryl J 'Lx E, I , R E " 93' . nv in J s A.. . 1, Jo Ann Doris Gary Donna Finnigan Curt BACK ROW: Mrs. Litwiler, Doyle Hayes, Clara Springer, Ilva Nafziger, Delores Graber, Myrl Sauder, Sue Ann Murphy, Jim Hausch, Leona Beltz, Brenda Pursel, Patsy Grieser, Dean Leininger, Mrs. Bernath. THIRD ROW: Mary Boynton, Janis Peters, Ramiro Trejo, Norma Fleming, Nick Mendez, Beryl Grisier, Balbina Lisak, Elaine Frey, Jeanette Sauder, Richard Leupp, Vee Schlat- ter, Joan Huffman, Suzanne Grime. SECOND ROW: Shirley Francis, Joan Lovejoy, Joseph Baer, Arleta Kennel, Arlene Rupp, Mary Leininger, Eloise Purdy, Janet Erbscorn, Sondra Miller, Linda Stamm, Marlene Miller, Janet Myers, Ronnie Fielitz. FRONT ROW: Janeth Schaniz, Gary Rupp, Ra.ndyW e, Billy Palmer, Louise Nofziger, Margaret Zuercher, Eloise Sauder, Carolyn Miller, Grace Vgidelich, Norma Burkholder, 1 Seniors Class Officers MYRL SAUDER Engineering Class President, Vice President, Student Council, President of National Honor Society, Senior Scholarship tests, District and Pre- liminary Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District and State Science Competition, Cho- rus 2, Boys Glee, Sci-Questa Club, Science Fair, Annual Staff, County Chorus, Track, Chorus Competition, "Headin' For A Weddin"' 'Three Girls and Jeffery," Delegate to World Affairs Institute. BILL PALMER Doctor Class President, Vice President, Student Coun- cil, President of Student Cotmcil, Junior and Senior Plays, Senior Scholarship Tests, District and Preliminary Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District and State Science Com- petition, Football, Basketball, Track, Sci- Questa Club, Quadri-County Science F air, Delegate to World Affairs lnstltute, A-As- sociatirm. BALBINA LISAK Nurse Class Secretary, 'The Adorable Imp", "Three Girls and J ef.frey," Senia Scholarship Test, Alpha Honor Roll, District and State Science Competition, Quadri-County Science Fair, Band, Clarinet Quartet, Chaus Business Manager, Chorus, District Ensemble Competi- tion, ci-Questa Club, Librarian, Annual Staff, 4-H Secretary, Vice President, Presi- dent, Marching Band, Girls State, Prince of Peace, French Jenkins, Band, District and State Competition. DORTHY MAY IEU Accountant Class Secretary and Treasurer, 'Headin' for a Weddin"', 'Mammies Lil' Wild Rose," Alpha Honrx Roll, Chorus, Girls Glee, District and State Solo and Ensemble Competition, Annual Staff, Halloween Attendant, Homecoming Football Queen, County Chorus, Elementary Assistant, Principal's Secretary. 14 DONNA JO BALDWIN Teacher Class Vice President, "The Adorable Imp," "Mam- m 's Lil' Wild Rose," Al ha Honor Roll, State Y P Science Competition, District Science Competition, Band, Marching Band, Chorus Librarian, Sci-Questa Club, Social Club Secretary, Science Fair, Foot- ball Attendant, Home Economics Club, Elementary Assistant, District and State Band Competition, District and State Chorus Competition. CAROLYN BRIDGES Worker Home Economics Club, Science Fair, Archette Staff, Librarian, Grade School Assistant. NORMA BURKHOLDER Nurse Student Council Secretary, "The Adorable lmp," "Three Girls and Jeffry," "l-leadin' For A Wed- din"' prompter and Business Manager, National Honor Society, Senior Scholarship Test, Alpha Honor Roll, Science Competition, Band, Band Vice-President, Band Council, Marching Band, Chorus, District and State Solo and Ensemble Competition, Sci-Questa Club, Summer Scholar- ship, Summer Music Camp, Science Fair, County Music Festival, District and State Band and Chorus Competition, Accompanist chorus and Solos, Basketball Cheerleader, Girls Vocal Sextet, Mixed Clarinet Quartet, Bb Clarinet Quartet, Prince of Peace Declamations, Chorus Secretary and Treasurer, Dance Band, Annual Staff - Editor. JANET ERBSKORN Secretary Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, District Science Competition, Quadri-County Science Fair, Pre- liminary Scholarship Tests, Home Economic Club, Cafeteria Aid, Prompter Senior Play, Principal's Secretary, Honor Roll. RONAID GENE FIELITZ Farmer "Headin' for a Weddin"', "Three Girls and Jef- frey," Science Competition, FFA Reporter, FFA Public Speaking , District and State Judging, Parliamentary Procedure, Honor Roll, Chorus, Boy's Glee, Science Fair, County Chorus, A-As- sociation, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Prince of Peace Declamation, District and State Chorus Competition, Farm Safety - Second in State. LARRY FISH Ministry "Headin'ForA Weddin"', "Three Girls and Jef- fry", National Honor Society, Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, Science Competition, Band Student Conductor, Chorus, Boys Glee, District Solo and Ensemble Competition, Sci-Questa Club, Science Fair, County Musicale, Marching Band, Basketball Cheerleader, A-Association, Prince of Peace, Jenkins Declamation. ELAINE Pl-IYLLIS FREY Physical Therapy "Headin' ForAWeddin"', "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose", National Honor Society - Secretary and Treasurer, District Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District Science Fair, Chorus, Girls Glee, Sci-Questa Club, Science Fair, Annual Staff. DONNA GADDIS Accountant Honor Roll, Sci-Questa Club, Librarian, Local and District Science Fair, Quadri-County Science Fair, Elementary Assistant, Home Ec. 15 Seniors www? E ,riff R FRED GEARING Journalist Science Club, Archette Stazff, Sdrolarship Tests, Honor Roll, Chorus, Beg: Glee, A-Association, Science Competition, ootball, Basketball, Base- ball, Track, "I-leadin' For A Weddin"'. RONALD GIGAX Farmer FFA Secretaxg, FFA Parliamentary Procedure, FFA District and tate Judging teams, Honor Roll, Football, Baseball, Track, A-Association. GENE GRAF Farmer Class President, "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose", Science Competition, Band, Band Cozmcil, Marching Band, Chorus, Science Fair, County Musicale, District and State Band and Chorus, Student Coumcil, Football, Boys Glee, A-Association, Prince of Peace, Chorus President. ERYL GRISIER Navy Career 'Headin' For A Weddin"', District Science Com- petition, Band, Chorus, Boys Glee, District and State Solo and Enseniales, Science Club, Science Fair, County Musicale, Marching Band, Drum Quintette, A-Association, Football, Basketball Manager, Track, District and State Band Com- petition. CARIDS GUERRERO Army Archette SMB, Fortball. SANDRA HALL Beautician "Marnmy'sLil'Wi1d Rose", Honor Roll, Chorus- District and State, Girls Glee, Deb-U-Society, Archette Staff - Business Manager, 4-H, Ble- mentary Office Secretary, Cafeteria Assistant. ROBERT HAUSCH Farmer Science Competition, FFA. DOYLE HAYES Salesman "The Adorable Imp", "Mammy'sl.i1' Wild Rose", "Three Girls and Jeffry", FFA, Chorus, Boys Glee, Archette Staff Sports Editor, A-Association, roosbs11-co-cspmn, Mm vambre Player, All Nnc League Team Basketball Baseball Track Prince of l I I 1 Peace. 16 FIDRENCE NADINE HERBERT Nurse "Headin' For A Weddin"', "Three Girls and Jef- fry", Sci-Questa Club, Girls Glee, Chorus, Band, Science Competition, Science Fair, Clarinet Quartet, Social Club, District and State Music Competition. JQANN HUFFMAN X-Ray Technician Class Treasurer, "The Adorable Imp", "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose", Student Council, District Scholar- ship Tests, Honor Roll, Band, Chorus, Science Club, Quadri-County Science Fair, Social Club, 4-H Club, Home Ec., Marching Band, Summer Dra- matics, District and State Band and Chorus. ARLETTA KENNEL College Honor Roll, "Three Girls and J effry", Home Ec. Club, Quadri-County Science Fair, District Science Competition, Elementary Assistant. FHA Reporter, Chorus, Girls Glee, Honor Roll, WYNEMIA KLOPFENSTEIN Practical Nurse Jr. Y-Teens, "Three Girls and Jeffry", Elementary 1-'V Assistant, Quadri-County Science Fair, Prelimina Scholarship Tests, Reporter for Red and White, Noon Captain. PAULINE IEININGER Beautician Honor Roll, Science District Competition, Home Ec. Club, Archette Staff, Science Fair, Cafeteria Assistant, Elementary School Assistant. JOAN LOVEJOY Nurse Scholarship Tests, Honor Roll, District Science Fair, State Science Fair, Quadri-County Science Fair, Chorus, Girls Glee, Sci-Questa Club, Li- brarian, 4-H, Secretary and Treasurer, District and State Chorus, CAROLYN MILLER Secretary "l-Ieadin'ForA Weddin"', District Science Fair, Chorus, Girls Glee, Quadri-County Science Fair, Archette Staff, Elementary Editor, Home Ec., Elementary Assistant, Cafeteria Assistant, District and State Chorus Competition. SONDRA MILLER 1 7 ,, in LOIS ANN MYERS Success "I-leadin' For A Weddin"', "Mammy'S Lil' Wild Rose", National Honor Society, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, State Science, District Science, Chorus, Girls Glee, Science Fair, Chorus Competition. JANET MYERS Singing Career "The Adorable Imp", "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose", National Honor Society, Senior Scholarship Tests, District Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District and State Science, Band, Chorus, Ac- companist, District and State Solo and Ensembles, Sci-Questa Club, Social Club, Quadri-County Science Fair, Summer Band Scholarship, Dance Band, County Musicale, Marching Band, Alto Solo, Trumpet Solo, Brass Sextette, Girls Sextet, Trumpet Trio, Miami Summer Music Camp, District and State Band, VERLENE NAFZIGER Nurse "Headin'ForAWeddin"', "Three Girls and Jeffry", National Honor Society, Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District Science, Senior Scholarship Tests, Chorus, Girls Glee, District and State Solos and Ensembles, Sci-Questa Club, Quadri-County Science Fair, Elementary Assistant. ILVA ANN NAFZIGER Teacher "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose", Scholarship Tests, Science Competition, Science Fair, Home Ec., Cafe teria Assistant, Prince of Peace. DUANE EUGENE PENROD Draftsman Chorus, Boys Glee, Sci-Questa Club, Science Com- petition, "Headin' ForA Weddin"', "Mammy's E :lild lgospg, Football, Track, A-Association, c ette ta . LOUISE MAY NOFZIGER Practical Nurse Girls team captain, Honor Roll, Chorus, Quadri- County Science Fair, Home Ec., Secretary for Music Director, Accompanist, El. School Assistant, "Three Girls and Jeffry". GARY PICKETT Transportation Alpha Honor Roll, Science Competition, Scholar- ship Tests. JANIS EILEEN PETERS College "Headin' ForA Weddin"', "Three Girls and Jeffryg National Honor, Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholar- ship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, Science Competi- tion, Band, Band Secretary, Band Council, March- ing Band, Chorus, District and State Solo and Ensembles, Sci-Questa Club, Social Club, Sum- mer Music Scholarship, Summer Music Camp, Science Fair, County Musicale, District and State Band and Chorus, Accompanist, Football Cheer- leader, Girls Sextette, Clarinet Quartet, Clarinev and Piano Solos. 18 GRENDA PURSEL Sociologist "Headin'ForA Weddin"',"Three Girls and Jeffry", "Adorable Imp", Preliminary and District Scholar- ship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District and State Science, County Musicale, Band, Chorus, Girls Glee, District Solo and En- sembles, Sci-Questa Club, Quadri-County Science Fair, Dance Band, Saxophone Solo, Marching Band, Sax Quartet, District and State Band. EARL RIEGSECKER Farmer District Science, Boys Glee, Quadri-County Science Fair. VERYL ROTH Minister "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose", Honor Roll, Jenkins Declamation, Prince of Peace, Basketball Cheer- leader, District and State Science, Boys Glee, Quadri-County Science Fair, Sci-Questa Club, Basketball. ARLENE RUPP Secretary Junior play prompter, Honor Roll, District Science, Quadri-County Science Fair, Librarian, Chorus, Archette Staff, 4-H Club, Home Ec. Club, Cafeteria Assistant. GARY DEAN RUPP Accountant Jr. Play Stage manager, Honor Roll, Science Competition, FFA, FFA State and District Judging Teams, Chorus, Boys Glee, Archette Staff, Radio Club, Track, Baseball. MARGRET RUPP Elementary Teacher Junior Play, Alpha Honor Roll, District and State Science, Band, Band Council, Band Treasurer, Chorus, Girls Glee, District and State Solos and Ensembles, Social Club, Science Fair, Annual Staff, County Musicale, Marching Band, District and State Band. JEANETTE SAUDER Elementary Teacher National Honor Society, District and State Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District and State Science, Chorus, Girls Glee, Science Fair, Annual Staff, County Musicale, Home Ec., Elementary Assistant, District and State Chorus. JANETH SCHANTZ Nurse Class Treasurer, National Honor, Preliminary and District Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District Science, Band, Band Council, Chorus, Girls Glee, District and State Solos and Ensembles, Sci-Questa Club, Science Fair, Summer Music Scholarship, Football Queen Attendant, FFA Sweetheart, County Musicale, Marching Band, Girls Sextette, Woodwind Quintette, Football Cheerleader, Basketball Cheerleader, Home Ec. Club, District and State Band and Chorus, "Adorable Imp", Three Girls and Jeffry". VIOLETTE ELIZABETH EMMA SCI-ILATTER Biochemist Westinghouse Talent Search Winner, Valedictorian, Student Council, National Honor Society, District and State Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, District and State Science, Quadri-County Science Fair, Band, District and State Band, Chorus, District and State Solo and Ensembles, Science Club Vice President, County Musicale,Accompanist, "Headin' For A Weddin"'. National Science Fair - Los Angeles. JUNIOR SCHANTZ Navy Career District Science, Chorus, Boys Glee, Quadri- County Science Fair, Archette Staff, Golf, A- Association, Football, Track, Baseball, District and State Chorus. ROBERT STEENSEN Success Football, Baseball, Track , Usher for Senior Play. REX ALLEN SHORT Farmer "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose", "Headin' For A Wed- din"', Quadri-County Science Fair, State Science Fair, District Science, FFA, FFA Treasurer and Reporter, FFA District and State Judging team, Parliamentary Procedure Contest, FFA Honor Roll, FFA Camp, Delegate to State FFA Conven- tion, Chorus, Boys Glee District and State Cho- rus, Farm Safety Award. GERALD STORRER Mechanic FFA Sentinel, Parliamentary Procedure, Chorus, Boys Glee, A-Association, Football, Baseball, Track, Prince of Peace. THOMAS JOHN STEVENS College "The Adorable Imp", "Three Girls and Jeffry", Student Council, Science Competition, Chorus, Boys Glee, Sci-Questa Club, Quadri-County Science Fair, A-Association, Band Manager, Base- ball, Football, Basketball, Track, Boys State, Prince of Peace. RAMIRO TREJO Technician Quadri-County Science Fair, Sci-Questa Club, District and State Science, Honor Roll. DORIS IRENE THOMAS Typist Science Competition, Majorette, Chorus, Girls Glee, Science Fair, Archette Staff, Marching Band, Home Ec., Elementary Assistant, District and State Cha:us. 20 ROGER VONIER Radio and TV Broadcasting "The Adorable Imp", Honor Roll, District Science, Band Manager, Sci-Questa Club, Quadri-County Science Fair, Radio Club, Football Manager. GRACE WAIDEHCH Secretary Honor Roll, Science Competition, Home Ec., Elementary Assistant, Cafeteria Assistant, Science Fair, Chorus, Girls Glee. BEN WESTFAIL Merchant Baseball, Football, Basketball, A-Association, Science Competition. JOAN MAE WILLIAMS Architect Salutatorian, National Honor Society, District, State, and Senior Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, Sci -Questa Club, Quadri-County Science Fair, District and State Science, Phi Epsilon Phi Fraternity Botanical Award, Concert and Marching Bands, District and State Solo, En- semble, Band and Chorus, Chorus Librarian, Piano Accornpanist, County Musicale, Library Assistant, "I-Ieadin'ForA Weddin"',Prince of Peace, Science Talent Search Test, Ohio State 1956 Music Festival, Mobilgas Safety Economy Run, Junior and Senior Play Usher. RANDYL WYSE U.S. Army "Mammy'sLil' Wild Rose", Quadri-County Science Fair, District Science, Chorus, Boys Glee, Annual Staff - Business Manager, Archette Editor, Football, Track, Basketball, A-Association. 1 CURTIS LEE ZAERR Farmer "I-leadin' For A Weddin"', "Mammy's Lil' Wild Rose", District Science, FFA, Parliamentary Procedure, Chorus, Boys Glee, Quadri-County Science Fair. MARGARET ZUERCHER Typist Chorus, Girls Glee, Archette Staff, Home Ec. Club, Cafeteria Assistant, District and State Chorus, Quadri-County Science Fair. 21 ij? mx !A n -in l I f---..,,,N F I , 4 W4 M. ,, Q ,,. - t , 1, 1 1, ,V ,A T- A 51 I ,,.: Ak WZ? H 1- .1 - 'i I I I :gif I M ,mix K " M H , .1--7 ,. .nt '- U ,W +1 Y-52' in M, , AS53'-14523 x.Y, 4 ii I AF '--Q... L.. Al .-,LU Senior Plays "Three Girls and Jeffry" l F--0 XL-Hsa R STANDING: Myrl Sauder, B111 Palmer, Ronnie Fielitz, Roger Vonier, Randy Wyse, Wynemia Klopfen- stein, Louise Nofziger. SEATED: Arleta Kennel, Verlene Nafziger, Janis Peters, Norma Burkholder, Tom Stevens, Balbina Lisak, Brenda Pursel, Florence Herbert, Janeth Schantz. "Mammy's LiI'Wild Rose" STANDING: Janet Erbscorn, Donna Baldwin, Veryl Roth, Rex Short, Dorthy Leu, Ilva Naiziger. SEATED: Lois Myers, Duane Penrod, Joan Huifman, Janet Myers, Gene Graf, Elaine Frey, Curtis Zaerr. Senior Trip QE? ff Announcer: Brenda Fred Bre nda Fred Brenda Fred Bre nda Fred Class Prophecy "Ladies and Gentlemen of the television audience, It is my privilege to announce the name of the high school class which has contributed the most to world progress in the past twenty years. This aspiring class graduated from Archbold High School in the year 1957. And now Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to present Miss Brenda Pursel, the nation's Secretary of Health, Education and Wel- fare." "Thank you, Tony Gerkins. And now Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the president of the Newsman's Guild, Fred Gearing." "Thank you, Brenda. It certainly is an honor to present all of our classmates to the nation via televi- sion from this spacious Hollywood Bowl." "Indeed it is Fred, and here is the first one. In the field of political science, the President of the United States, Myrl Sauder. Next, Gene Graf, Secretary of Agriculture, then Junior Schantz, Secretary of the Navy. Here is the senior senator from Ohio, Ilva Nafziger, and sitting on her right, the Rev. Veryl Roth, Chaplain of the Senate. Veryl is followed by his wife, the former Norma Burkholder, now head of the Society for the prevention of Contagious Diseases. Norma is well known for her fight a- gainst Scarlatina. She really belongs in the next category, Fred, the field of Medicine. Suppose you introduce the principals." "That I will, Benji. After Norma, we have Dr. William Palmer, now head of the College of Obstetrics in darkest Africa. His wife-assistant, the former Vee Schlatter, and he have made remarkable advan- ces in educating the natives in this territory. Elaine Frey is head of the Physical Therapy department, and has found a companion in a little brown chimpanzee. In the adjoining hospital, Florence Herbert, the head nurse, is assisted by Verlene Nafziger, Wynemia Klopfenstein and Louise Nofziger, the heads of the various departments. Now I present Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stevens fthe former JoAnn l-Iuffmanj now living in Antartica. JoAnn is working on a cure for frost-bite in the Bajanjo Hospital, thus named for its founders, Balbina Lisak, Janeth Schantz, and Joan Lovejoy. Tom is head football coach of the University of Antartica. His Assistant football coach and also Music Director is Beryl Grisier. That introduces us to the field of sports, with Ben Westfall leading the way. Ben, now in his eighteenth season with the Cleveland Indians, is an All-Star shortstop and has a lifetime batting average of.358. His roommate is the manager, Doyle, Tubby Hayes. Doyle and Ben have set up bachelor quarters in rooms under the stadium. Their landlord is Carl Guerrero, who made his fortune on quiz shows, The Guerrero Stadium was designed by Joan Williams of Williams, Williams, Williams and Williams Ar- chitectural firm. Now, Brenda, would you like to present our classmates who are in the field of entertainment." "O.K. Fred. First, we have Ramiro Trejo, who received the best actor of the year award for his por- trayal in "Around The Sun In 80 Days". Next is Janet Myers, who has just received her fifth gold rec- ord from Mecca Records, commemorating the sale of her five million records. Her husband, disc jockey, Roger Vonier, is responsible for her success. Dreamy Dewey Penrod, the successor to Elvis Pres- ley, is now approaching. Dreamy is attired in an aqua and orange zoot suit, Penrod is the latest heart throb since the Pelvis. Janis Peters, successor to Liberace, is giving a concert in this very bowl on Friday night. Janis bids everyone to attend. And now, before we continue, a word from our sponsor, "Storrer Motors. For the best Service in town, see Gary Storrer, at Storrer Motors. He has the best in used cars and his own Storrer 8 is the number one road car in America. So, drop in tomorrow and see Gary Storrer." "Rev, Larry Fish wishes me to invite all of you to his tent meeting in Burbank next Thursday. Larry has established one of the largest tent revivals in America. And now, I would like to present the principals in a field close to my heart, Education. In my capacity I rather control the field, and I must say without prejudices, that Margret Rupp is a symbol for all educators in the country. Her as- sistant, Jeanette Sauder, and Maggie have made the American School System proud of Ohio Educa- tion. Donna Jo Baldwin has been named teacher of the year and I am happy to present her with this award for her achievement. In our home town highschool, Archbold, another classmate, Lois Myers, has succeeded Miss Fagley, after a ten year apprenticeship as an English teacher on a college level. Rex Short another classmate, is head of the Agriculture Department at MSU, East Lansing. You know, we have many aspiring classmates who entered the field of agriculture. Suppose you present them Fred." "Fine. First, the Farmer of the Year, Curtis Zaerr and his wife, the former Margaret Zuercher, are well known in agricultural circles throughout the country for their scientific methods of farming. Ran- dy Wyse, Farrner of the Year for 11 straight years with his 7000 acre turkey farm is now retired, and living a life of ease in Florida. Ronnie Fielitz has made his first million as a livestock broker, with Gary Pickett his chief Transportation officer. Ronnie Gigax, the leading tomato farmer in the state for four years rxmning is next. Working for Ronnie as fore man is Bob Hausch. They flew to the coast last night i'n Gigax's plane, piloted by Bob Steensen. Earl Riegsecker is the Vo-Ag teacher at Arch- bold, taking over when Mr. Gallaway retired." "Well, Fred, if nothing else, our class should eat very well! Now, before we go any farther, I would like to present Arletta Kennel, a model. Arletta has been modeling Airplanes for Boeing for the past seven years. Gary Rupp is the head of the Accounting Department at Boeing. You know, Fred, that many of our people have had 'secretarial careers. Janet Erbscorn is secretary to Mr. Jacob Burkholder, State Supt. of Schools. Carolyn Miller is the head of the office staff at LaChoy. Doris Thomas and Grace Waidelich are her right hand girls. Arlene Rupp is President Sauder's private secretary. Donna Gaddis is a C.P.A. and has her own office in Washington and has become well known, helping various classmates with their income tax problems. Carolyn Bridges is a timekeeper for U.S. Steel, working in Pittsburgh, Pa. Now, Fred, suppose you present the rest of the class, in their miscellaneous occupations." "All right, we'll move right along to Sandra Hall and Pauline Leininger, owners of Sapaul's, world famous beauty salon in New York. Their chief customer is Dorthy Leu, fashion model for Fogue Maga- zine. Last year Dorthy was selected as Miss Fire Extinguisher of 1976. Sondra Miller is a flight stewardess for Georgia Airlines." We hope, Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow students and classmates that you have enjoyed this Prophecy as we have inbringing it to you, and in closing, we wish to say that we are both very proud to have been a part of the Archbold High School Class of 1957. Brenda Pursel and Fred Gearing Senior Class Will We, the Senior Class of Archbold-German Township Local High School, City of Archbold, County of Fulton, State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory after twelve years of arduous study, and realizing that our high school days are about to become memories of the past, do hereby publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills, bequeaths and devices of whatsoever nature made, Article 'I To Archbold High School we bequeath the almost impossible task of finding another class as fine and outstand- ing as ours. Article II To the faculty we give our sincere thanks and appreciation for their efforts in enabling us to achieve high school graduation. Article III To each of the classes who follow us we bequeath the courage to go on and ever strive to do your very best. It is our fond hope that you may all profit by and from the many mistakes we made. I, Donna Baldwin, will my Terry Cloth concern to the Canon Towel industry. I, Carolyn Bridges, will my patience to numerous members of the seventh grade. I, Norma Burkholder, will my many musical activities to Mary Lou Roth. I, Janet Erbscorn, will my naturally curly hair to Karen Peters. I, Ronnie Fielitz, will my ability to rock the cradle to Charlie Sauder. I, Larry Fish, will my impulsive nature John Rupp. I, Elaine Frey, will my Little Red Hen back to the farm. I, Donna Gaddis, will part of my figure to Shirley Buerge. I, Fred Gearing, will my ability to get into trouble to Ralph Van Slyke. I, Ronald Gigax, will my calm nature to Larry Wheeler. I, Gene Graf, will my ability to act tough to Donald Clair. I, Beryl Grisier, will my ability of winking an eye to the young wolves of A.H.S. I, Carl Guerrero, will my introvert nature to Delbert Britsch, who has need for it. I, Sandra Hall, will my Elementary Secretarial position to Janice Wyse. I, Robert Hausch, will my avoirdupois to Peter Short so he can be a football player, I, Doyle Hayes, will my ability to make the all-league team to Herb Ruffer. I, Florence Herbert, will some ofmy altitude to Lois andEunice Hall. I, JoAnn Huffman, will my ability to become engaged to Carol Gautsche. I, Arletta Kennel, will my immaculate appearance to at least six Junior girls. I, Wynemia Klopfenstein, will my brunette complexion to Billye Detter. I, Pauline Leininger, will my ability to act silly in Home Ec. to Shirley Riegsecker, I, Dorthy Leu, will my secretary position to Betty Lou Roth. I, Balbina Lisak, will my figure to Phyllis Graber. Joan Lovejoy, will my blue eyes and blonde hair to Sharon Klopfenstein. Carolyn Miller, will my giggle and happy disposition to Carolyn Pickett. Sondra Miller, will my 'tight skirts and sweaters to Marilyn Miller. Janet Myers, will my small stature to Darlene Short. I, Lois Myers, will my ability to go steady to Bonnie Short. I, llva Nafziger, will my ability to talk about Senator Taft to Mr. Sutherland. I, Verlene Nafziger, will my scholastic ability to Roger Fielitz and Roger Miller. Louise Nofziger, will my study habits to Rosene Miller and Joan Case. William Palmer, will my ability to dress neatly to Mike Sullivan. I, Duane Penrod, will my girl friend back to the Sophomore boys. I, Janis Peters, will my dating problems to any girls who want them. I, Gary Pickett, will my height to Cloyce Nofziger and the basketball team. I, Brenda Pursel, will my ability to make quick decisions to all who need it. I, Earl Riegsecker, will my quiet nature to Grandpa Nafziger. I, Veryl Roth, will my cheerleading ability to next years Junior boys. I, Arlene Rupp, will my reserved nature to Carole Wheeler. I, Gary Rupp, my short stature to Gary Myers if he wants it. I, Margert Rupp, will my sneeze to anyone who needs a good, healthy sneeze. I, Jeanette Sauder, will my quietness to Pam Lauber, who has great need for it. Myrl Sauder, will my executive ability to Bud Stuckey for next year. Janeth Schantz, will my rubber bands to Billy Winzeler to keep up her socks. I, Junior Schantz, will my mud-flappers to John Rich for his Thunderbird. Vee Schlatter, will my spider collection to Yale University. Rex Short, will my ability in agronomy to Merle Short and other FFA boys. Robert Steensen, will my speed afoot to David Neal and Terry Murbach. Tom Stevens, will my basketball ability to Frank Winzeler. I, Gary Storrer, will my muscles fbut none of my brainj to Kriss Stutzman. I, Doris Thomas, will my Majorette position to Joyce Kingsbury. I, Ramiro Trejo, will my artistic ability to George Petrowsky, who doesn't need it. I, Roger Vonier, will my ducks to Rex Ziegler. I, Grace Waidelich, will my shortness to anyone who doesn't want to be tall. I, Ben Westfall, will my study habits equally to the Sophomores and Juniors next year. I, Joan Williams, will my broom to the janitors. My study habits to John Bleikamp. I, Randy Wyse, will my curly, manageable hair to Mr. Borich. I, Curtis Zaerr, will my ability to chew gum gracefully to Lyle Hayes. I, Margaret Zuercher, will my extrovertiveness to Bernadine Beck. 1. L I, L I. 1, I, 1, I, I, I, L LINDERCLASSMEN B. Beck J. Bleikamp B. Bridges S. Buerge D. Clair J. Davis B. De -Grof.f B. Dohm D. Frey C. Cautsche M. Gautsche B. Gearig L. Cigax N. Gisel P. Graber R. Grisier D. Holsopple S. Klopfenstein G. Lauber P. Lauber D. Leininger C. Miller M. Miller R. Miller R. A. Miller V. Miller S. Murbach G. Myers L. Nofziger C. Pickett J. Rich B. Roth M. Roth H. Ruffer J. Rupp, B. Schroeder B. Short ' D. Short G. Short J. Short M. Short B. Stuckey B. Stuckey K. Stutzman J. Thompson C. Wheeler J. Wyse L. Wyse S. Wyse P. Yoder R. Ziegler L. S. L. G M. R. D. L. J. J. A J. C L. L. P. T. B. J. N S. J. P. S. D M. R. C. J. R J. C E. J. N S. G L. R P. S. D D. S. D. S. M. P. D P. P. R M. R. S. B. F. B. B. J. M. T. S. f . Am stutz Asc hlim an Baer Baus Beck Borton Britsc h Brodbeck Clingam an Cxossgrove Dohm Dom inique Erbskorn Fruc hey Gisel Gisel Gxi eser Haas Hausch Kauffman Lindley Lisak Lovejoy Maust Miller Miller Miller Na. fziger N afziger Nahiger Nico len Nohiger Nofziger Nofziger Nofziger Rie gsecker Roth Roth Roth Rufenac ht Ruff er Rupp Rupp Rupp Sauder Schang Sc hantz Schnitkey Se iler S hort Short Van Slyke Sullivan Wa ldvo gel Weber Winzeler Winzeler Wyse Wyse Wyse Wyse Yoder Zaerr Sophomores ' ,, . . an . .w If S L 13- .-Gly? .1 ,K Q... .. .ff Q if , .9 , mix- eg. , sl M E MQ. ,, .6 .4 it J ., in L' S 3' .N . fx . lily S S... 1. figs: -si W an . 5' .f.- A'. L.-. 3 , 'I .1 -7 X 3 ' .X "' .".a..w ' 5 .-3 ,h 1 , 29 J, .... .fy y V 1 ., X., Freshmen K4 .Ji W J , Al l ' -l. sf. , 'BMW . rr' KW . 5 'A " Sf? 'A ' Y.. , f ' 3 -, 5' V ,-9 LL-- A - 5 to 1"f 1 few ff ' i 4 A A . ..,. J . .,, Q M. . .- I-. my A bl. W ' B'-fr' J 1 G-, if S R X h w Z ,F ' f I J , K .-.QF y A 'H ff: QW? - . f ,.M""vM"'---1 iii: i A' Q fa 5 .Q B f 'iw l f A f f. ff. or f' li . .. 145 . Liv, S A A ...W ,. . , ' n . .Q .2- 1 ' me . Simi - .S .... r .. , J ,rw .A .- 'Y 5 . A . 'A 'Qs' i 'VM ' 5, 5 1: Y ? 4 B 1 .lf Q ., . i.'2'5k 1 3 .1 , al K, ff. A N X K A J" ' it A M 1 I W J Q W N :M In PM .G f S-f' 4 N '- yt 11 QQ .gf f 'Bela S f' wif' 'X ' 3 'y ' ., Q 5 4 fs. .e A ww S ' iff? J .:7' Q S :rf ssere 5,7 'ikkig K-. f24l'51'ffk:z5ZQ..if , 2- , fl ki? K V 'khk 30 P. Aeschliman V. Aschliman L. Barger G. Baus J. Beaverson E. Bechtel D. Beck B. Britenrlker M. Britsch J. Buehrer A. Carter J. Case L. Collamore M. Davis B. Dohm J. Fiser B. Fraas D. Frey D. Frey T. Callaway R. Gerken R. Givin M. Graber E. Hall R. Hausch T. Holian R. Hornish S. Huffman J. Jiminez C. Kauffman B. King M. Klopfenstein J. Lauber P. Lauber R. Lauber R. Leu S. Mekus R. Meier M. Merillat A. Miller D. Miller D. Miller G. Miller R. Miller T. Murbach D. Neal G. Nafziger K. Nafziger C. Petrowsky D. Rufenacht S. Rufenacht R. Rupp E. Santos C. Sauder M. Sauder A. Schantz C. Schrock B. Schultz B. Scott E. Serna J. Short L. Short M. Smith L. Spengler E. Spiess J. Stamm P. Stamm S. Stannard M. Stevens A. Stuckey M. Sullivan R. Stuckey J. Vonier K. Weber S. Weber J. Westfall C. Wyse S. Wyse W. Wyse J. Zimmerman K. Beck L. Carter B. Detter S. Fielitz B. Gisel R. Graber D. Grisier L. Hall J. Harper C. Haubold L. I-lausch L. Hayes P. Holsopple J. Kingsbury J. Kleck R. Klopfenstein R. Lauber J. Lee R. Mehrling L. Miller R. Mora J. Nofziger L. Nafziger M. Nafziger P. Nofziger P. Nafziger M. Neel K. Peters M. Reigsecker D. Rowe D. Rupp M. Rupp ' T. Rupp S. Schlosser J. Schrock F. Serna K. Short S. Short M. Stuckey L. Wheeler D. Wyse L. Wyse N. Wyse P. Wyse M Eighth Grade . .f iJJff"'s N , y 5 ap A Y aw. .QQ ,. 1: . 1 K in at EK il' X 31 Seventh Grade T. Alexander M. Bechtel J. Bernath R Britenriker Crossgrove S. Dominique D. Eash J. Fagley R. Fielitz B. Fraas D. Cisel D. Graber S. Grime R. Hall M. Jirninez E. Kauffman D. King S. Klopfenstein B. Lauber D. Miller R. Miller S. Miller J. Nafziger M. Nafziger R. Osborn K. Palmer O. Roth D. Ruffer J. Rupp J. Santos L. Santos S. Schantz J. Schlatter E. Schrock J. Schroeder I.. Schroeder R. Schultz D. Short J. Short R. Sigg E. Stamm J. Stamrn L. Stuckey R. Stuckey S. Sullivan W. Swisher R. Taylor M. Walter R. Weires J. Winzeler V. Wlanyn C. Wyse C. Wyse D. Wyse S. Wyse S. Wyse D. Zuercher M. Yoder 32 W6 'ww E Q7 Q Hey - ,,..,, F ,Q LL. ,- .S Am ,gl E ff Elf 11 if 'M 7 rm Lip if an . YW 5 Q "if A ll .l., ,,,. . 5514 ,zgxbv if if .V ,, ,Q yr . """ . W, ,Q I 'E "'Tj"'Q'.,,1 ELEMENTARY GRADES Sixth Grade n3,r'1'r1g4 36 L. Baer L. Baer B. Benien R. Buehrer J. Collarnore S. Fielitz G. Grime M. Grime D. Hall D. Hayes J. Holian L. Holland G. Kunkle C. Lantz J. Leupp V. Lindley R. Lovejoy G. McDaniel C. Miller M. Miller D. Nafziger M. Nafziger M. Nofziger P. Nofziger R. Ruffer J. Sauder R. Sauder S. Schmucker P. Schrock T. Schroeder L. Shipe A. J. Short C. Short J. Short K. Short S. Short S. Short L. Short T. Short T. Smith K. Springer F. Stamrn K. Stamm P. Taylor T. Taylor R. Taylor T. Vonier E. Weyandt S. Zuercher we Fifth Grade , Armstrong 4 Aschuman Q ' Barger A ' ,A , Beck ff-f Siva o ' i -1 Ly e En le ' M 1, i ' ' .g - 5 L - -1243 6 Flsh A , Gisel to A' H Cisel "' 'E , "',. f V' E. . Grieser Y "gk J W M. Glzieser e y le R 0 OPP JKT! I Jones King King Kingsbury Klopfenstein Lauber Liechty y Nofziger X . Pace Q H- b Reynolds ' ff' V. I Rueger Wg Ruffer ' Ruffer ,N Rupp , 1 1 lr, .A schmk 'M A Schroeder wJ gchroeder A K ,V erna aw my Short e 5, . Q , K wwf' 51,01-t 1 K eooo 1 ,S-3 Sm K K K yo W ,, ,, Kg K K Sfamm '- U -ff-3 f A Stuckey L fy f We sway . .ff , Sword mi my CM ""' K K S 'lwyilor K I y I T A J 'wigrxfu .. V J. Wyse f K eyee K 5- WYSe A . - V E ',,':: : 5-1 .V :R .,. A f L fx 'I 'ff I V1 I 6 ::. r W ' ' . A, I' - ,Q h . gf I .lh -K A 2 . :.: .f. . Ylngllng XL M .A.4. ii YFL, f vff z H . y Ko 37 Fourth Grade 38 R. Aschliman J. Beck C. Britsch D. Borton D. Buehrer P. Buehrer S. Burkholder I. Carter L. Christy L. Cotter K. Davis P. DeGroff J. Dominique T. Dominique V. Erbskorn C. Frey J. Frey G. Gearing B. Gerken G. Crime J. Crime J. Crime F. Hausch T. Holsopple M. Jiminez B. King P. King S. Klopfenstein D. Layman A. Liechry D. Miller J. Miller P. Miller A. Mora R. Nafziger S. Nafziger J. Nichols E. Nofziger E. Nofziger V. Nofziger P. Pace S. Pape P. Rich R. Roth C. Rupp M. Rupp R. Schang C. Schrock L. Schroeder P. Schroeder J. Shipe R. Short V. Short N. Springer L. Stamm M. Stamm D. Storrer L. Stout L. Stuckey B. Sword T. Timmons G. Trejo S. Wilcox J . Winzeler W. Wlasiuk J . Wyse L. Wyse P. Ziegler R. Zuercher '41 Third Grade ' . i . W 'W' .ff M ' . ' 1 f',. . ,I 'ifzeszt if Ng. Q 4.1 39 J. Aldrich R. Baer J. Baldwin C. Beck K. Beck S. Beck B. Britsch R. Britsch J. Buehrer F. Crossgrove R. Crossgrove J. Dominique M. Eash K. Engle D. Fielitz G. Finn J. Frass C. Callaway J. Cautsche B. Gisel B. Gisel D. Grieser B. Crime S. Crime T. Crime T. Hall P. Hayes T. Hines A . Holsopple D. Hootrn an J. Kernig K. King M. King C. Kramer S. Leupp J. Leichty S. Liechty D. Maust S. Meyer J. Miller T. Miller J. Pillbeam C. Roth P. Ruffer K. Sauder L. Sauder L. Sauder D. Schang M. Schlatter A. Short B. Short R. Short S. Short J. Springer C. Stamm T. Storrer T. Stotzer D. Stuckey T. Stuckey E. Trejo M. Winzeler A. Wyse M. Yoder L. Armsuw., L. Aschliman E. Bechtol J. Beck L. Beck N. Beck L. Burkholder M. Couch L. Degroff D. Dominque T. Bash J. Fielitz N. Frey J. Gaffin R. Gorr P. Grieser P. Grieser F. Grime A. Holian R. Jiminz L. Kinsman T. Lauber P. Liechty J. Lugbill M. Lindley D. May C. McDaniel M. McDonough C. Mignin C. Miller L. Miller S. Neel M. Nofziger V. Oyer R. Pape L. Reigsecker A. Rupp B. Schrock Schrock Seiler M. Serna B. Sharpe B. Short K. Short M. Short P. Short S. Short R. Springer R. Stanforth M. Storrer S. Stout D. Stuckey S. Stuckey S. Wayandt T. Wierwell T. Winzeler G. Wlsiuk S. Wyse E. Yoder R. W. First Grade ,want ,Kuff . 11. ,fl was F . as , W '53 Www- . - - 41 H. Adarnchak L. Baus A. Bechtel M. Beck J. Buehrer T. Christy R. Clark D. Dohm J. Dominique S. Ellis H. Gore A. Crime D. Hitt N. Hootman M. Jim inez S. King W. King J. Lantz T. Mendoza G. Meyer L. Miller R. Miller D. Nafziger S. Nafziger J. Nafziger S. Nofziger L. Pilbeam J. Riegsecker T . Reside S. Rettig M. Rich C. Roth N. Rueger W. Rufenacht J. Ruffer B. Rupp D. Rychener S. Schnitkey S. Schroeder S. Schultz A. Short E. Short J. Short L. Short R. Short R. Short J. Smith C. Springer M. Stamm W. Stahl B. Stanforth C. Storrer G. Stotzer T. Sword T. Thomas J. Walter M. Weber M Weires G. Wvse Kindergarten Q ,J V mf ' .Tl : J he fe "" R. .r ,, A "' gl-L zz la Xxx! 4. 1. L was 1 V ' ga fwui' .61 fab i .L .ye- ff f I 'C' if . ye , .jgjzrh D. Armstrong D. Amos B. Arthur C. Aschliman D. Badenhop A. Beck K. Beck L. Beck B. Bernath B. Burkholder D. Clark J. Crossgrove F. Degroff S. Dominique K. Ellis S. Engle L. Erbskorn R. Fielitz D. Fleming M. Gisel J. Gorr C. Grieser E. Grieser K. Grieser D. Grime P. Crime J. Hayes S. I-leer J. Holsopple T. Keafer J. Kingsburry P. Kinsman E. Lantz D. Lauber S. Leichty D. Lugbill J. Lugbill J. May N. McDonough E. Mendoza B. Miller M. Miller B. Nofziger M. Pace R. Reynolds M. Richer E. Rupp G. Rupp S. Rychener W. Sauder M. Schrock D. Seiler G. Seiler K. Short J. Short J. Short R. Short W. Short M. Silcox R. Springer S. Stahl A. Stamm M. Stamm E. Taylor K. Timmons R. Volkman C. Walter P. Wilcox R. Winzeler J. Wyse M. Wyse N. Wyse R. Wyse S. Wyse C. Yingling ACT: ITIE Y hx? MMS n.z4-Q-N., -4-...- Y tnwex of r ' 'X f D Q . .1 S Student Council BACK ROW: Mr. Clark, Roger Roth, Jim Fiser, Sharon Lindley, Vee Schlatter, Myrl Sauder, Bob Fraas, Susie Murbach, Marilyn Miller, Mr. Burkholder. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Keim, Bud Stuckey, Keith Beck, John Rich, Bill Palmer, Norma Burkholder, Pete Short. David King. ational Honor Society BACK ROW: Mrs. Keim, Miss Rupp, Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Clark, Mr. Parker, Mr. Burkholder, Mrs. B' - quin. SECOND ROW: Lois Myers, Jeanette Sauder, Larry Fish, Bernadine Beck, John Rupp, Kriss atz- man, Janeth Schantz, Janis Peters, John Rich, Bud Stuckey, FRONT ROW: Janet Myers, Bonnie Short Joan Williams, Elaine Frey, Myrl Sauder, Vee Schlatter, Verlene Nafziger, Susie Murbach, Norma Burk- holder, Ruth Ann Miller. 44 Archette Staff . 19 STANDING: Doris Thomas, Margaret Zuercher, Mrs. Keim, Gary Rupp, Curtis Zaerr, Doyle Hayes, Earl Reigsecker, Junior Schantz, Duane Penrod, Carolyn Bridges, Fred Gearing, Sandra Hall, Gary Pickett, Carl Guerrero, Carolyn Miller, Sondra Miller, Pauline Leininger. SEATED: Arlene Rupp, Randy Wyse. Librarians STANDING: Charlene Nafziger, Billie Kay Winzeler, Joyce Nofziger, Eunice Hall, Marilyn Davis, Ron- nie Hausch, Arlene Rupp, Adda Margaret Neal, Sandra Maust, Janice Harper, Sandra Schlosser. SEATED: Mrs. Litwiller, Joanne Stamm, Mrs. Siegel. 45 Sci-Questa Club BACK ROW: Tom Stevens, Roger Vonier, Herbert Ruffer, Beryl Grisier, Mike Wyse, Delbert Britsch, Jerry Clingaman, Mr. Clark. THIRD ROW: Carol Gautsche, Florence Herbert, Carol Wheeler, Sharon Lindley, Barbara Gearig, Marilyn Miller, Judy Nafziger, Sharon Weber, Myrl Sauder. SECOND ROW: Joan Williams, Verlene Nafziger, Elaine Frey, Bernadine Beck, John Rupp, Kfiss Stutzman, Janeth Schantz, Janis Peters, John Rich, Pam Lauber. FRONT ROW: Janet Myers, Billie Kay Winzeler, Sandra Schang, Bonnie Short, Bill Palmer, Vee Schlatter, Bud Stuckey, Susie Murbach, Norma Burkholder, Brenda Pursel. The Archbold High School Science Departments and the Quadri-County Science Club experienced another out- standing year in the various fields of science. As usual they exhibited many projects at Bowling Green and at the State Academy of Science exhibition. They came home with more than their share of Superior and Excellent Iat- ings. The seventh annual Quadri -County Science Fair was better than ever. More than 300 projects were entered and the general quality of the work done was much improved. The high lights of the season were achieved by Vee Schlatter and Myrl Sauder. They were the finalists in the Science Fair and their projects were exhibited in the National Science Fair, Los Angeles, California. These two students, accompanied by Mr. Clark, their instructor and Mr. Spengler, Supt. of Schools traveled to Califomia by TWA Airlines. It was a fine experience and greatly enjoyed by all of them. Vee Schlatter was also a Westinghouse Talent Search Winner and enjoyed a week in Washington, D.C. as guest of that corporation. Mr. Miller again taught Eighth Grade Science and started many of his pupils on the road to scientific knowl- edge. Four of his pupils achieved Superior ratings at Bowling Green. Bill Palmer was the president of the Science Club and did a fine job in leading the group on to another very good year. Westinghouse Talent Winner Science Fair Winners ark, " ,QQ Nr Spukrs i SULHR Vee Schlatter Myrl Sauder Irwin L. Slesnick 46 Vee Schlatter MQA F. F. A. Queen F. F. A. Judging Team Ronnie Fielitz, Dale Leiningu, Rex Short, Merle Short, Ronald Gig 48 21. Future Farmers of America BACK ROW: John Bleikamp, Marvin Miller, Tom Yoder, Rollin Nafziger, Lyle Fruchey, Ronnie Leu, Gene Weber, Gene Nafziger, James Nicolen. THIRD ROW: Ronnie Fielitz, Gary Short, Dale Leininger, Gerald Myers, James Beaverson, Roger Stuckey, Alan Stuckey, Ronnie Borton, Richard Waldvogel. SECOND ROW: Jim Fiser, Ralph Van Sylke, Cloyce Nofziger, Roger Miller, Dwayne Rufenacht, Ronnie Hausch, Duane Frey, Stanley Ruffer, Roger l.a.uber. FRONT ROW: Mr. Callaway, Ronnie Gigax, Don Frey, Rex Short, Merle Short, Cary Storrer, Merle Beck. F. F. A. Projects Senlor H ugh Honor Roll BACK ROW: Gary Rupp, larry Fish, John Rupp, John Rich, Bill Palmer, Veryl Roth, Bud Stuckey, Kriss Stutz man, Pete Short, Roger Roth, Myrl Sauder. FIFTH ROW: Vee Schlatter, Balbina Lisak, Florence Herbert, Ar- leta Kennel, Darlene Short, Janeth Schantz, Janice Peters, leotus Amstuz, Gene Roth, Frank Winzeler. FOURTH ROW: Joan Williams, Shirley Rupp, Patty Rufenacht, Elaine Frey, Lois Myers, Dorthy Leu, Arlene Rupp, Louise Nofziger, Joyce Short, Byrdalene Wyse, Dean Rupp, Tom Grieser. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Pick- ett, Clara Miller, Wynemia Klopfenstein, Jeanette Sauder, Nadine Gisel, Betty Lou Roth, Janet Erbscorn, Sondra Miller, Sandra Hall, Donna Gaddis, Donelda Sauder, Doris Miller. SECOND ROW: Verlene Nafziger, Ruth Ann Miller, Joan Huffman, Margret Rupp, Shirley Wyse, Janice Wyse, Sharon Lindley, Billy Winzeler, Jeanette Wyse, Sandra Maust, Joyce Nofziger, Bemadine Beck. FRONT ROW: Charlene Nafziger, Grace Waidelich, Donna Baldwin, Janet Myers, Bonnie Short, Susie Murbach, Sara Jane Zaerr, Judy Nafziger, Shir- ley Weber, Juliene Crossgrove, Elaine Nofziger, Brenda Pursel, Norma Burkholder. Junior Hi h Honor Roll .1 L l ... , BACK ROW: James Fagley, Denton Wyse, Rex Hornish, Paul Lauber, Kenneth Nafziger, Ronnie Leu, Gene Weber, Max Yoder, Danny Ruffer, James Rupp, Allen Stuckey. FOURTH ROW: Gene Baus, Keith Beck, Danna Gisel, Bonnie Fraas, Connie Wyse, Bob Fraas, Dwayne Rufenacht, Billye Detter, Lois Hall, DeAnn Rupp, Ricky Weires, Bob Lauber. THIRD ROW: Sharon Stannard, Rachael Sigg, Louise Stuckey, Jean Sch- latter, Junior Bechtel, James Fiser, Tommy Callaway, Lynda Short, Jane Buehrer, Mary Alice Sauder, Christiana Haubold, Sandra Fielitz. SECOND ROW: Joyce Short, Charlene Wyse, Linda Spengler, Betty Schultz, Valetta Aschliman, Sharyn Mekus, Joyce Kingsbury, Marlene Rupp, Peggy Neel, Karen Peters, Karen Short, Barbara Gisel. FRONT ROW: Marcine Nafziger, Joan Schrock, Pauline Aeschliman, Cara Lou Schrock, Carol Sauder, Eunice Hall, Carol Kauffman, Maretta Britsch, Diane Frey, Maureen Sullivan, Janice Harper, Lana Cotter, Natalie Wyse. 50 Scholarship Awards Good scholarship is considered one of the most important goals of our educational system. Considerable emphasis is placed upon a testing program which includes the Every Pupil Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Preliminary District State Tests, Eighth Grade Tests, and Final District State Scholarship Tests. Archbold students have excelled in scholarship even as they have in science, music, athletics and all other de- partments of the school. NAME SUBJIIIT LOCAL DISTRICT STATE NAME SUBJECT LOCAL DISTRICT Vee Schlatter Sr. Sch. lst in Co. 2nd llth Doris Miller " 3rd Joan Williams " 6th " " H. M. H.M. Sara Jane Zaerr " 4th Larry Fish " 14th in Co. Jeanette Wyse Biology 5th Myrl Sauder 16th in Co James Fiser Gen. Science lsr 14th Norma Burkholder 21st in Co. John Lauber " lst Balbina Lisak 24th in Co Allen Stuckey 3rd Verlene Nafziger 25th in Oo Valetta Aschlim an " 4th Brenda Pursel " 25th in Co Vee Schlatter Adv. Algebra lst Vee Schlatter Eng. XII lst Ruth Ann Miller " 2nd Jeanette Sauder " 2nd Roger Roth Plane Geom. lst 7th Joan Williams " 3rd John Rupp " 2nd 9th Susie Murbach Eng. Xl lst Shirley Rupp " 3rd John Rupp " 2nd Allen Sruckcy El. Algebra lst Ruth Ann Miller " 3rd Valctta Aschliman " Znd 9th Bernadine Beck " 5th Marietta Brirsch " 3rd Elaine Nofzinger Eng. X lst Bill Palmer Sr. Soc. St. lst Byrdalene Wyse " 2nd Joan Williams " 2nd Patricia Rufenacht " 3rd 13th Larry Fish " 3rd Leotus Amstutz 4th Kriss Stutzman Am. Hist. ist Joyce Nofziger ' 5th John Rupp " 'Znd Roger Roth " 6th John Rich " 3rd Terry Murbach Eng. IX lst Herbert Ruffer " 3rd Lynda Short " 2nd Bud Stuckey " 5th Cara Lou Schrock " 3rd Lcotus Amstutz World Hist. lst Judy Zimmerman 4th Elaine Nofziger " 2nd Maretta Britsch 5th Byrdalene Wyse " 3rd Valcrta Aschliman 6th Gene Roth 4th Beverly Scott 'Ith Shirley Rupp " -ith Paul Lauber " 8th Linda Spengler Latin I lst l3th Vee Schlatter Physics lst 8th Terry Murbach " 2nd Myrl Sauder " 2nd Mary Alice Sauder " 3rd John Rich Chemistry lst Betty Lon Schultz " 4th Kriss Stutzman " 2nd Elaine Nofziger Latin II lst John Rupp " 2nd Byrdalene Wyse " 2nd Byrdalene Wyse Biology lst 2nd Joyce Nofziger " 3rd Ralph Van Slyke " 2nd Joanne Lisak 4th Eighth Grade Tests Denton Wyse ranked first in the 1957 State Eighth Grade Tests in Archbold. Denton tied for 3rd place in Fulton County. Adda Margaret Neel was second in Archbold and sixth in Fulton County. Joanne Schrock was third in Archbold and ninth in Fulton County. Others who placed in the upper fourth of all eighth grades in the county as a whole were: Karen Peters, Natalie Wyse, Robert Lauber, Christiana Haubold, Janice Harper, DeAnn Rupp, Lois Hall, Joyce Kingsbury, Billye Detter, Tommy Rupp, David Grisier, Karen Short, Sandra Schlosser, Patricia Wyse. Senior Scholarship Awards Members of the upper one-fourth of the graduating class of 1957 who were outstanding in their scholastic achievements during their high school years were: Norma Burkholder, Larry Fish, Elaine Frey, Arletta Kennel, Janet Myers, Lois Myers, Verlene Nafziger, Janis Peters, Brenda Pursel, Margret Rupp, Jeanette Sauder, Myrl Sauder, Janeth Schantz, Vee Schlatter, Grace Waidelich, Joan Williams. Vee Schlatter was Valedictorian and Joan Williams was Salutatorian. 51 Junior Plays "Wild Oats Boy" BACK ROW: Pam lauber, Shirley Buerge, Gerald Myers, Dale Leininger, Phyllis Graber, Clara Miller. FRONT ROW: John Rich, Bonnie Short, Merle Short, Susie Murbach, Bud Stuckey, Nadine Gisel, Bob Miller, Bill DeGro.ff, Mary Lou Roth. "An Old Fashioned Mother" BACK ROW: Darlene Short, Burdell Stuckey, Ruth Ann Miller, Donals Clair, Leland Wyse, John Rupp, Bar- bara Gearig, Carol Gautsche, Joyce Short. FRONT ROW: Bernadine Beck, Donald Frey, Peggy Yoder, Bob Grisier, Mary Lou Roth, Janice Wyse, Bonnie Schroeder, Marilyn Gautsche. Senior Band Chorus , L 1, L F., .. : Tig 'g nu i V M , , K - H 'W .af , . , x. g , ., 5 Q . , ., . -Q . if , V 5 , .Ks , J S." vi 1 Q , - is Ml. . t V "5 . ff ' ' ii. 2 we , ' " 'Cf W if P--4 ui :ii l f ' I b 3 Arion Award Norma Burkholder Band Council Majorettes T ... ' , i 5 ' XY x f' :5'g T15 ..,, .... 1 'V ' I 'Vi-ef! if 'gf ' .. I 'S' ' S .,,, Qi, . ee , .""- LQ LLK--QL? 'L F 73- .2 V 4 ':i'1. - Ist' " , W . "W ,,L-Law' qs' - T at is F r or i , . . . y - was P ffil?efiiiilfii- Sir - fig i ii '-o'A , P f-. is ' f Q f f 'r'r ii W T' Vi T : E ,r .s s r S , oorrr r. T 1 , f ,i ., , M 'Y i lzfg ,rr , Margret Rupp, Bud Stuck- Sharon Lindley, Doris ey, Terry Murbach, Karen Thomas, Natalie Wyse, Peters, Janeth Schantz, Connie Wyse. Patricia Rufenacht, Norma Burkholder, Susie Murbach, Janis Peters. The Archbold High School Band enjoyed another fine year. The marching band did a fine job at all home foot- ball games. They made the usual number of appearances during the school year, always being available when the community had need for their services. For the fifth consecutive year they won a Superior rating in State Competition. This achievement is a good indication of the quality of the band. George Borich served as director of the band and did an excellent job in continuing the high type of achieve- ment which has become a part of local tradition. U W? I' fig iia Zfyx M. I - ...M x 45 gr, , 7 ,Qi g WS 3 11' . A' VJ g. , if if f 'v wp, Q Z, , ' I V ww, f ff k an , 1 A g ,, x M .YL , , . - .I . y- , f , . ,. , :LQ . M ' vs fr N gs. . 1 .n'f. :Sr 'T' sv' ' fff , . aa If ' . . I . L 1 F- 2 -1 'P 39, A if f v X E39 ' I a ' V 1 ' ,AQ X . 1 ' 2 -225' : ' :A ' 'Zh' , Y. , 5 mmwvgwh 4 5 , . .ff U . ,. 1 S Junior Band Beginners Band ifgvffiw Beginners Band Ensembles wal' ,K fl Qi! 1-mmap? f. fmr, snr" " -N an 7? -:LL as Janis Peters, Janet John Rich, Dorthy Joan Williams, Myers, Janeth Leu, Gene Graf, Janet Myers, Terry Schantz, Norma Bud Stuckey, Bal- Murbach, Susie Buxkhnlder, Dgfthy bina Link, Norma Murbach. Leu, Verlene Naf- Burkholder. ziger. Mike Miller, Jerry Bud Stuckey, Jane Joan Williams, Collamore, David Buehrer, Susie Beverly Scott, Joan Miller. Rufenacht, Sharyn Schrock, Jean Mekus. Schlatter. Social Club BACK ROW: Carol Gautsche, Joan Huffman, Carole Wheeler, Marilyn Miller, Sandra Schang, Teresa Holian. MIDDLE ROW: Maureen Sulli- van, Sally Huffman, Linda Collamore, Pamela Lauber. FRONT ROW: Janet Myers, Bonnie Short, Susie Murbach, Barbara Gearig. Home Economics BACK ROW: Miss Fagley, Ruth Ann Rupp, Grace Waidelich, Phyllis Schnitkey, Pauline Leininger, Mar- jorie Schantz, Linda. Brodbeck, Patsy Gisel. MIDDIL ROW: Betty Dohm, Marilyn Davis, Joanne Stamm Sandra Schang, Sara Jane Zaerr, Shirley Weber, Charlene Wyse. FRONT ROW: Patricia Stamm, Pau- line Aeschliman, Brenda King, Charlene Nafziger, Rosene Miller, Joan Case, Donelda Sauder, Sandra Maust. Industrial Arts NNE Bt Junior Sensor Banqu .3 - x flu., Ns. X I ng ' x li U. , ,psf mf NJ f A X r Calendar September 26 Sigurd Rascher - Band Parents Progam 3 Faculty Meeting March 4 First day of school 4 Kindergarten Program 7 Football Preview at Ottawa Hills 10 Fall Faculty party 14 Gridiron opener - Streaks 7, Edon 13 21 Streaks 19, Delta 12 26 Lyceum program - The Bonellis 28 Streaks 12, Swanton 38 October 5 Streaks 0, Wauseon 6 12 Streaks 0, Ottawa Hills 78 19 Streaks 19, Hichsville 7, Homecoming game 25 Streaks 7, Liberty Center 13 26 NWOEA Meeting in Toledo November 2 Streaks 18, Montpelier 61 9 Junior Play - "Wild Oats Boy" 14 Fulton County Teachers Meeting at Fulton 16 Junior Play - "Old Fashioned Mother" 20 Lyceum Program - Ambassadors of Variety 20 Cage Season opened, Streaks 53, Blackbirds 57 22-23 Thanksgiving Vacation 23 Streaks 51, Montpelier 52 28 Streaks 60, Liberty Center 59, O.T. 30 Archbold 78, Fayette Eagles 85 December 6 Kindergarten Program 7 Archbold 53, Liberty Center 59 10 Freshman Party 11 FFA Banquet 13 Seventh Grade Christmas Party 14 Streaks 88, Delta 45 21 Archbold 61, Wauseon 42 21. Christmas Vacation starts 27 Senior English Reception for college 28 Archbold 61, Montpelier 56 January 2 School resumes 4 Streaks 61, Swanton 59 8 Lyceum Program - Smith and Dane 9-11 Semester Examinations 11 Streaks 54, Delta 43 15 Streaks 55, Birds 75 16 Blood Bank here students 17 Oberlin Woodwind Ensemble, Band Parents 18 Archbold 45, Ottawa Hills 66 19 Senior Scholarship Tests 24 Faculty Mid-Year Party 25 Streaks 41, Swanton 61 29 Archbold 54, Indians 58 31 FFA Dads Night February l Archbold 58, Fayette 56 5 Band Concert 8 Band at Fayette 8 Streaks 45, Green Arrows 69 15 Archbold 69, Lyons 50, C.T. 16 Archbold 65, Birds 69 18 Eighth Grade Skating party 20 Archbold 64, Delta 66 22 Washington's Anniversary - no school 6 U. S. Marines lecture for seniors 7 Seventh Grade Skating Party 16 District Solo and Ensembles 20 Fulton County Teachers at Lyons 27 Second Every Pupil Tests 30 District Band and Chorus April 3 Preliminary Scholarship Tests 6 Science Day at Bowling Green 8 Career Day at Wauseon 11 Eighth Grade Tests 12-13 Quadri - County Science Fair 13 State Solos and Ensembles 12-16 Spring Vacation May 17 Archbold 6, Pettisville 1 19 Good Friday Services 20 Archbold 11-12, Liberty Center 1-1 22 Archbold 4, Lyons 0, C.T. 26 Streaks 3, Blackbirds 2, C.T. 26 Golf at Napoleon 26 Track - Liberty Center here 27 State Band and Chorus - Columbus 29 Golf at Swanton 29 Archbold 2, Wauseon 0 29 Illinois Band - Band Parents Program 30 Archbold 2, Bdon 0, D.T. 2 Quadrangular Track Meet here 3 Junior -Senior Banquet 4 Archbold 6, Westwood 4, D.T. 4 Scholarship Finals at Bowling Green 6 Archbold 4, Edgerton 12, D.T. 6 NBC Golf meet at Swanton 7 Senior Play - "Three Girls and Jeffry" 8 Fulton County Track Meet 8-11 National Science Fair - Los Angeles 9 Archbold 0, Fayette 4, C.T. 13 NBC Track Meet at Delta 14 Senior Play - "Mammy's Lil Wild Rose 15 Archbold 3, Delta 0 16 Archbold 6, Swanton 3 16 Practice for Commencement 16 Last Day for Seniors 17 Awards Day 17 District Golf Meet at Valleywood 17 Senior Picnic at Pokagon 18 Archbold 2, Montpelier 0 fforfeitj 19 Baccalaureate Services 21 Commencement Exercises 21 -22 Final Examinations Illfle 23 Books turned in 23 Freshmen Class Picnic 23 Faculty Year-end party 24 Grade cards issued 24 Junior Class picnic at Pokagon 25 Montpelier Invitational Golf Tournament 26 Senior Trip - New York, Washington 2 Seniors return from trip TH LETICS H f Varsity Basketball 'af 5 Y f i , M -' fi rp rc, 47 .li Vklrk t W ' 3 K I I 0 ag " Z' V' mn . ' . iw i s if t E X 1 - y I .....::. 4 W M ' ?':..'J BACK ROW: Ronald Fielitz, John Rich, John Rupp, Donald Frey, Mike Sullivan, Coach Arthur. FRONT ROW: Bob Bridges, Doyle Hayes, Gerald Myers, Tom Stevens, Victor Miller, Bill Palmer. The Blue Streaks had their first losing cage season in more than a dozen years. The loss of the entire team from the previous year, by graduation, proved to be a major handicap as this years team lacked experience. They played many fine games and lost several close ones which were decided by the breaks of the game. In tournament play, they lost two close games in bowing out. Losing seasons must be expected in all sports every so often and even though it was a new experience for the team and fans, everyone lived through it in good shape. With four starters back for next year and a freshman team which won 18 straight games, including the county tournament, prospects look good for some more good teams in the future. Bob Hidges, Gary Myers, Vic Miller, and Mike Sullivan are the returning starters. Tom Stevens, Doyle Hayes, Bill Palmer and Ronnie Fielitz are the graduating seniors from the squad. Bob Bridges won high scoring honors and Tom Stevens won foul-shooting honors. Ayersville won the State Class A Championship, and Middletown again won the AA title. Date We Opponent They 11 54 Delta 43 Nov. 20 53 Pettisville 57 15 55 Pettisville 75 23 51 Montpelier 52 18 45 Ottawa Hills 66 28 60 Liberty Center 59 25 41 Swanton 61 30 78 Fayette 85 29 54 Wauseon 58 Dec. 7 53 Liberty Center 59 Feb. 1 58 Fayette 56 14 88 Delta 45 8 45 Ottawa Hills 69 21 61 Wauseon 42 15 69 Lyons 50 C. T 28 61 Montpelier 56 16 65 Pettisville 69 C. T Jan. 4 61 Swanton 59 20 64 Delta 66 C. T Basketball I9 6-l957 PETTISVILLE - There, Nov. 20 - The Streaks lost a close one to the Blackbirds, 57 to 53. Stevens 15, Hayes 13 and Eidges 12. MONTPELIER - Here, Nov. 23 - Streaks lost a tough one 52-51. Tom 13, Doyle 10. LIBERTY CENTER - There, Nov. 28 - A big win for the Streaks - 60 to 58 in an overtime game. Bob Bridges scored 19 and Tom Stevens 15. FAYETTE - 'I'here, Nov. 30 - The Eagles ran wild on offense and beat the Streaks 85 to 78. Vic Miller came off the bench to score 36 points in less than three quarters. Bob had 22 and Tom 14. LIBERTY CENTER - Here, Dec. 7 - The Tigers avenged their earlier loss - 59-53. Stevens scored 15 and Bridges 14. DELTA - Here, Dec. 14. - Streaks crushed the Panthers 88 to 45. Bob Bridges scored 33 before he left the game in the third quarter. WAUSEON - 'I'here, Dec. 21 - Streaks scalped the Indians 61 to 42. Dividends - a Dr. Rychener feed. Bob 22 and Vic 12. MONTPELIER - There, Dec. 28 - Streaks avenged an earlier defeat 61 to 56. Bob and Vic paced the scoring with 21 and 17. SWANTON - Here, Ian. 4 - A great come from behind win for the Streaks 61 to 59. Bob rolled up 25 and Tom marked up 18. DELTA - There, Ian. 11 - Panthers were victimized again - 54 to 43. Bob and Tom again with 23 and 13. PETTISVILLE - Here, Ian. 15 - The Birds really went to town and waylaid the Streaks 75 to 55. Vic 12, Tom 11, Bob 10. OTTAWA HILLS - Here, Ian. 18 - The Arrows wee too good - 66 to 45. Bob 17, Tom 11. SWANTON - There, Jan. 25 - The Bulldogs were bent on revenge and the League title. Swanton 61, Archhold 41. Tom Stevens scored 16. WAUSEON - Here, Jan. 29 - The Indians staged an upset 58 to 54. Bridges and Stevens again with 20 and 18. FAYETTE - Here, Feb. 1 - 'I'he Streaks evened the score with the Eagles 58 to 56. Vic 16, Mike 14, Bob 13, Tom 13. OTTAWA HILLS - There, Feb. 8 - Too much Arrows again - 69 to 45. Vic 16, Bob 16. LYONS - County Tournament at Swanton, Feb. 15 - Streaks 69, Lyons 50. Bob 18, Tom 17, Mike 13, Gary 12. PETTISVILLE - C. T. at Swanton, Feb. 16 - The Birds made it three in a row with a 69-65 win. Bob Bridges amazed with 36 points. Injury to Tom Stevens deprived the Streaks. DELTA - C. T. at Swanton, Feb. 20 - The Streaks ended their basketball season by dropping a close game to Delta 66 to 64. Bob Bridges scored 23 for the Streaks. Varsity Individuals Xu 1 a N g , .1 . Ilzll " -cs! X 4 . N ,fly . s nam, 5 .' f 53 I6 , .1 l ' ,., . ' V, " .,,, l - if KR. - k 's .X V 121. 3 - K A ',.g "ii i Q s. . 'A M S --- - i i ,li a lill i if A :Tl lim. Q W - ix'X-Tlx? A 0 f S tansa A Bill Palmer Doyle Hayes Ronnie Fielitz Tom Stevens Bob Bridges John Rich Don Frey John Rupp Gary Myers Mike Sullivan Vic Miller 61 Reserve Basketball BACK ROW: Coach Arthur, Dean Rupp, John Rupp, Frank Winzeler, Pete Short, Kenneth Nafziger, Mgr. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Fielitz, John Rich, Donald Frey, Mike Sullivan, Torn Grieser. Junior Hi h Basketball BACK ROW: Coach Adamchak, Roger Mehrling, Max Stuckey, James Kleck, David Grisier, Lyle Hayes, Merle Riegseck- er. FRONT ROW: Junior Nafziger, Mgr., Dean Miller, Danny Ruffer, James Rupp, Max Yoder, Ronny Rupp, Roger Miller, Roger Klopfenstein, Mgr. Freshmen Basketball BACK ROW: John Jiminez, Gene Nafzige Roger Meier, Jack Short, Max Smith, Larry Barger, Terry Murbach. MlDDI.E ROW: Coach Sutherland, Merle Klopfen- stein, Everardo Santos, Bob Fraas, Dean Beck, Dwayne Rufenacht, James Fiser, David Miller. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Leu Benny Britenriker, Denny Miller. I i -...X 3 Q' a if Wi' ., bt . 1- , 'H if TK , u M 1 , 3 1 - W V . . 5 .vs xx V, W yy- x ,. . X 1- - , ,, f Q- K - My ..W,. .5 , f, W , . A - -V f QQ' y Q S - - .. ,v . ' 3.-X.. . ' f 1 ,MF I ' ' - 'N " ' -yggfif ' . .5 Hx- 1 , O' Varsity Football BACK ROW: John Lauber, Ben Britenriker, John Jiminez, David Miller, Bob Fraas, Jack Short, Allen Carter, Merle Klopfenstein, Kenny Nafziger, Denny Miller, Frank Winzeler. THIRD ROW: Terry Murbach, David Rupp, Mike Wyse, Mike Sullivan, Alfred Dohm, Torn Grieser, Gene Roth, Delbert Britsch, Derald Seiler, David Neal, SECOND ROW: Coach Sutherland, Everardo Santos, Bob Miller, Rex Ziegler, Don Clair, Vic Miller, Bill DeGroff, Gary Myers, Bob Grisier, Bob Bridges, Herbert Ruffer, Coach Vitello. FRONT ROW: larry Barger, mgr. Duane Penrod, Gary Storrer, Bill Palmer, Doyle Hayes, Ben Westfall, Junior Schantz, Tom Stevens, Bob Steensen, Randy Wyse, Gene Graf, Dean Beck mgr. The Bluestreaks experienced a very rough season on the gridiron. They played an extremely rough schedule including their NBC schedule. The boys won only two and lost six. The Streaks played good football in most of their games, especially against Wauseon and Liberty Center. Ottawa Hills and Montpelier had too much offense for the Streaks and rolled up large scores. The Streaks finished fifth above Delta in the NBC Conference. Edward Sutherland and Tom Vitello coached the Varsity. The Jr. High squad was coached by Ben Londeree. The following seniors were lost by graduation. Doyle Hayes, Randy Wyse, Bob Steensen, Bill Palmer, Ben West fall, Duane Penrod, Tom Stevens, Gary Storrer, Junior Schantz, and Gene Graf. Doyle Hayes and Rex Ziegler were chosen on the NBC for their fine performances. 1956 FOOTBALL. Preview Sept 7 Ottawa Hills. EDON There Sept. 14. The Bombers won their first game from the Streaks 13 to 7. Bill Palmer scored for Archbold, and Bob Fraas added the extra point. DELTA Here Sept. 21. The Streaks upset the Panthers 19 to 12. Hayes, Myers, and Ziegler scored, Fraas added an extra point. SWANTON There Sept. 28. Bulldogs 38, Streaks 12. Hayes and Ziegler scored. WAUSEON Here Oct. 5. The Indians had a tough time but edged the Streaks 6 to 0 before a record crowd. OTTAWA HILLS There Oct. 12. The Arrows poured it on 78 to 0. HICKSVILLE Here Oct 19. Homecoming. The Streaks looked good and won 19 to 7. Zlegler, Clair, and Storrer scored. PAT: Fraas. LIBERTY CENTER There Oct 25. A tough one to lose. Tigers 13, Streaks 7. Palmer scored. MONTPELIER Here Nov. 2, The Locos rolled 61 to 18. Palmer 194, and f75j yards for scores. Gary Myers T.D. Junior High Football AQ L, 1 xc' 'T . f ' -V T1 ' re. sa, rg 11 7' V A 1 L, 1 51-qi is . . he v x .S f In V: R .t - Z , Asrglrxy HW, ' "J I N mix at 'f Iif ' If BACK ROW: Coach Londeree, Merle Riegsecker, Bob Lauber, Roger Hall, Steve Crime, Rodney kitenriker, James Rupp, Roger Klopfenstein. MIDDLE ROW: Max Stuckey, Ronnie Lovejoy-, Paul Schroeder, Ricky Weires, Ronnie Ruffer, Rollie Taylor. FRONT ROW: James ldeck, Larry Holland, Dean Miller, Lupe San- tos, Junior Nafziger, Tommy Vonier, Fred Stamm. Veryl Roth, Larry Fish, Norma Burk- holder, Barbara Gearig. Homecoming Queens ,lf-1 STANDING: Janeth Schantz, Bonnie Short. SEATFJJ: Maureen Sulli- van, Dorthy Leu, Shirley Rupp. Football Cheerleaders Connie Wyse, Susie Rufenacht, Jane Buehrer, Lynda Short, Marilyn Stevens. Janis Peters, Janeth Schantz, Barbara Gearig, Mary Lou Roth, Shirley Rupp, Patricia Rufenacht. 65 Basketball Junior High Baseball BACK ROW: Tom Callaway, Tom Steensen, Ben Westfall, Gerald Myers, John Rupp, Junior Schartz, Doyle I-hyes. FRONT ROW: Coach Arthur, Ronnie Leu, Bob Bridges, Ronnie Fielitz, Max Smith, Denny Miller, Bob Fraas, Mike Sullivan, Gary Storrer. The Blue Streaks enjoyed a good season on the baseball diamond. They won eleven games and lost only two. They won the Northern Border Conference Championship and were the runner-up in the County. They won two games in the District tournament before bowing out. Bob Bridges won 8 games and lost only one. He pitched two no-hit games in succession against Lib- erty Center and Lyons. Rex Ziegler and Ronny Fielitz were the other pitchers on the squad. Mike Sulli van did the catching. Bridges, Ziegler, Sullivan, Myers, Fraas, and Miller will be back next year to form the nucleus of another good team. Date April 17 20 20 22 28 . 29 30 Archbold Opponent 6 Pettisville 1 1 Liberty Center 12 liberty Center 4 Lyons C.T. 3 Pettisville 2 Wauseon 2 Exlon l l l 2 C.T. 0 O D.T. 66 Date Archbold May 4 6 6 4 , 9 0 15 3 16 6 18 2 Opponent Westwood 4 D.T Edgerton 12 D.T Fayette 4 C.T Delta 0 Swanton 3 Montpelier 0 fforfeit j Y! - .. .V -ws , W..-so We -,V- ee 'W ww ssh, nw L, 'M 2 if - Fi ? :Y 'ffm Q 5 ," Lrg. Miz, x s Q, gg' X-4 . , FQ , Lgrugg . i d jg? Q, Q53 'k'h 2 .1 "'f' ' ' '22 1-if ff 1 . thi s 'C , "1 Lf- S' ' ' ' F-QL A . Qs: D if , '-'-' z , 2:-, fig H: -bi. ,Y . 'W , in X . .. u o ,. f I 1-'f"' 1 A --: f .. ,. , , . , . . ,V ,sr so -' X ' of ' gk , K H F W asno oyross j 1 s ' if.- I Lg' 3,7 ' - . Q ' 'fy ,X . 1 Q .. . jj fg,1 RQ I A ,In Coach Londeree, Ronnie Fielitz, Bob Steensen, James Fixer, John Rupp, Herbert Ruffer, Terry Murbach, Ever ardo Santos, Bill DeGroff, Larry Barger, Dean Beck, John Rich. on 6 f ' " A Q i 2 The 1957 Track team was made up of mostly Freshmen. Many of the upper classrnen found themselves too busy with other activities to report for this spring sport. Consequently several lettermen from past years were not avail able for the squad. The boys gained much valuable experience and if they. continue to work diligently during their remaining school years some of them will become excellent performers. Bill DeGroff, James Fiser, Dean Beck, John Rich, Herbert Ruffer and several others gave some impressive performances. April 27 Liberty Center Here Dual Archbold 27 l. Center 89 May 2 Quadrangular Here Archbold 61 Chesterfield 33 Lyons 22 Pettisville ll May 8 County Meet at Delta Delta 94, Fayette 47 112, Archbold 45, Lyons 26, Chesterield 14 112 Pettisville 1. May 13 Northern Border Conference Meet at Delta. liberty Center 52, Delta 46, Swanton 26 112, Mont pelier 21, Archbold 8 112, Wauseon 0. Golf Rex Hornish, larry Burger, Tommy Callaway, Jack Short, David Neal, Terry Murbach fSteward Wyse - absentj. The 1957 Golf squad which saw action in five events for Archbold High School was composed almost entirely of Freshmen. All of the letter winners were Freshmen. Their scores were not low and the boys did not win any matches but if they keep on playing by the time they are Juniors they will begin to be heard from. Golf is a dxf ferent type of game. The boys enjoy playing the game regardless of whether they win or lose. It is a game of in dividual effort and all golfers always hope that they will hit them better the next time out. Our boys April 26 April 29 May 6 May 17 May 25 are looking to the future and hope to be heard from before they graduate from high school Archbold 3 112 Napoleon 20 112 Napoleon Country Club Archbold 0 Swanton 12 Valleywood Swanton Northern Border Conference League Meet at Valleywood. Swanton, firstg Montpelier, secondg Archbold, thirdg Wauseon, fourth District Meet at Valleywood - won by Toledo Central Montpelier Invitational - won by Bryan High School Athletic Staff was :af mf 'K BACK ROW: William Adamchak, Jr. High Basketball, William Arthur, Basketball, Baseball, J. H. Spengler, Golf. FRONT ROW: Tom Vitello, Assistant Football, Edward Sutherland,Footba1l,Freshmen Basketball, Ben Londeree, Track, Junior High Football, Jacob Burkholder, Athletic Director. Managers Roger Klopfenstein, Rex 1-lornish, Merle Riegsecker, Paul Lauber, Dean Beck, Larry Barger, Kenneth Na- fziger. A-Association FOURTH ROW: David Miller, Don Clair, Tom Stevens, Vic Miller, David Rupp, Derald Seiler, Merle Klop- fenstein, Gene Roth, Frank Winzeler, Mike Wyse, Jack Short. THIRD ROW: Gene Spiess, Graeme Lauber, Herb Ruffer, Gerald Myers, Bob Bridges, Gary Storrer, Doyle Hayes, Junior Schantz, Ben Britenriker, David Neal, Allen Carter. SECOND ROW: Denny Miller, Bob Miller, Rex Ziegler, Jerry Thompson, Gene Graf, Ronnie Fielitz, Mike Sullivan, Alfred Dohm, Kenny Nafziger, Bob Frass, Delbert Brltsch. FIRST ROW: Randy Wyse, Bill De Groff, Fred Gearing, Duane Penrod, John Rich, Beryl Grisier, Bill Palmer, Everardo Santos, John Jiminez, Terry Murbach. Rychener Dr. Ralph 0. Rychener Award Dr. Ralph O. Rychener, an Alumnus of Archbold High School, and now a successful surgeon in Mem- phis, Tennessee, who has long been noted for his very generous moral and Hnancial support of all athletic and other activities in our school, in 1946 established an Annual Senior Athletic Award of one hundred dollars cash to a graduating senior boy. This scholarship was named in honor of Mr. Ryche- ner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Rychener, local residents, who always displayed a keen interest in local school affairs. The award is made on the following basis: Thirty per cent Athletic ability, thirty per cent scholarshipg twenty per cent neatness and personal appearance 3 and twenty per cent general school attitude. In 1952 a slight revision was made in the award making the cash payment of the one hundred dollars only if the winner goes on to college. If he does not continue his education beyond high school he will receive a watch chain medal instead of the cash award. Another new provision states that he must have an average of B or better in all of his English courses. If the one chosen for the award does not use it by going to college it will be held in escrow for the next year. The winner of the award is selected by a secret vote of the high school fac- ty. Former winners of the award were as follows: Aden Storrer 19465 Gerald Lehman, 19475 Paul sigg, 1948i Annu: meek, 19495 John chu, 19505 Dale Leu, 19515 Ralph Burkholder, 19525 Paul Yoder, 19535 Andy Murbach, 19545 and Robert Kleck, 19555 Wilmer Dean Rupp, 1956. ,fn William A. Palmer 1957 Winner 70 Advertising Directory Students, Teachers, Parents and Friends: This Annual was brought to you at a reasonable price through the wholehearted cooperation and financial support of the friendly merchants of our community. They have amply demonstrated their good will toward our school and their support is greatly appreciated by the publishers of this book. Let us extend our patronage and good will to them in the same friendly manner in which they give theirs IO IIS. Following is a list of the merchants whose contributions made the 1956 Edition of THE BLUE STREAK possible ACCOUNTANTS Walter C. Webster ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Willard Mack Owen Rice AUCTIONEERS Denver Stuckey AUCTION SALES Yoder and Frey BAKERIES Lang'a Bakery BANKS Peoples State Bank Farmers and Merchants State Bank BARBER SHOPS AND BEAUTY SHOPS Vea.rl's Barber Shop Florence's Beauty Shop Litwi1er's Barber Shop Fred's Barber Shop BUILDHQS AND CONTRACTORS Riegsecker Brothers Claude Rupp L 8: R Builders Paul Ruffer CONCRETE PRODUCTS Archbold Concrete Products Elmira Cement Block and Tile Co. DAIRY PRODUCTS Babcock Dairy Dale Nafziger - Ice Cream DENTISTS Dr. Hal C. Hackett DITCHING AND EXCAVATING Miller Brothers DRUG STORES City Drug Store Red Cross Drug Store DRY CLEANERS Archbold Cleaners Bancroft Cleaners DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Archbold Dry Goods Helen's Dry Goods ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Elden Roth Electric Vic's Electric Ray Lantz Electric FARM EQUIPMENT Liechty Farm Equipment Co. Stacey Farm Shop King Wyse, Inc. Rychener Farm Implement Walter Breniser Zehr 8r Company FIDOR COVERING Short Floor Covering FLORISTS Archbold Greenhouse FOOD PROCESSING Lachoy Foot Products FUNERAL HOMES Grisiet's Funeral Home Short's Funeral Home GARAGES AND SERVICE STATIONS Liechty Motor Sales Archbold Sales and Service Pau1's Friendly Service Grieser's Service Station De Groff's Marathon Service Christy Motor Sales Nofzinger Motor Sales Lowell Thomas-Mobiloil Short Sales and Service Elmira Garage HARDWARE AND LUMBER Stozer Hardware Vernier 's Hardware Gotshall Lumber Co. Rupp Lumber Co., Pettisville Western Auto Supply HATCHERIES Wyse Brothers Turkey Farm Archbold Hatchery HOME FURNISHINGS Short Furniture Co. Rupp Furniture Co. Your Furniture Home - Detters INSURANCE A, J, Stamm Vincent Beck Kenneth D. Short Ora Rupp John Couch W. G. Theobold Floyd Lauber Robert Wilcox JEWELERS O. P. Kluepfel LIVESTOCK AND MEAT PACKING Lugbill Brothers Inc. Lloyd Myers Emmet Short MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS Dale Rufenacht Lauber Clothing Store NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS Archbold Buckeye PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Herman Britsch Orville Pursel PHOTOGRAPHERS Richard Erbskorrr Kull Photos - Wauseon John Davidson-Bryan PLUMBING AND HEATING Fraas Plumbing and Heating L. B. Frey and Sons Gearing's Plumbing and Heating POULTRY PRODUCTS Hayes Poultry Peter I. Eicher and Son Dennis Roth PUBLIC UTILITIES Ohio Gas Co. Archbold Telephone Co. Toledo Edison Co. RADIO AND TELEVISION Bob,Hughes Radio 81 TV RESTAURANTS Home Restaurant Cup and Saucer Gert and Bud 's RETAIL FOOD SERVICE A 8a P Store Ruffer's Market Red and White Lugbil1's Market Corner Market Roth's Store - Elmira SCAFFOLDING Bill-Jax, Inc. SEED AND FEED Archbold Seed and Grain Co. Elmira Elevator Co. Fagley Seed Co. John Stuckey Nelson Rupp SHOE STORES Hess Shoe Store THEATERS Scott Theater TRUCKING AND FREIGHT Archbold Truck Lines, Inc. Mid America VARIETY STORES Fish 's Variety Store Archbold Gift and Variety VETERINARIANS Dr. J. R. Peters WOODWORKING AND MANUFACTURING Sauder Mfg. Co. Sauder Woodworking Leininger Home Supply - Elmira Lauber Mfg. Co. Archbold Ladder Co. Dennis Nofziger Scott Porta-Fold Inc. Home Furniture Shop Hitt 's Cabinet Shop MISCELLANEOUS Huffman Dusting and Seeding Milton Schantz - Decorator Nagel Recreation Family Book Store Bob Dominque '- Plastering Arch Motel -vwqy - -3- -, Fmt, ,.,.. In Memoriam Patsy Grieser We, the graduating class of 1957, dedicate this annual to the memory of our departed classmate, Patsy Grieser, whose friendly smile and sxmny disposition we will always remember. Patsy, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawerence Grieser, was a victim of the bobsled tragedy which befell our school and community on Smtday aftemoon, January 4, 1948. fav L af ,,1,, I A , A in - 5' ww 1w?Z,v' k Q gf . 3, vm f. ff W li. -DW ..,,.q. 4 Ql-' j gf nh 45, 4' wif' K' ' X -92 V jfs: k 51 x,.s'37'4 I-g' Y , -mf 12 RWM JU wma, 4 if Wx I 51", ,, . ag ' J 4 I iw K' Q if

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