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Pipe Dream Virtuoso Old Doc Land Ahoy! These Hands Some Come Laud Misses America Cool, Cool Water Gorgeous Gams Hepple, The Judge 1956 Coiffure Dead or Alive? Anticipation an Q -:nfl .4 :. .5 'Q .vm-vf ' Beach Combers Spring Cleaning Leaning South Chorus Line Hits the Spot Luigi The Gourmet Dig That Pose! Too Close For Comfort . As Usual To The Rear Brains At Rest Sophisticated Sleeper It's Good P 1 DEDICATION We, the graduating class of 1956, wish to dedicate this edition of The Blue Streak to all of the young men and women who have graduated from Archbold High School since its beginning and have gone on to higher fields of education and training as a means of helping themselves and, at the same time, to better serve their fellow men. We congratulate them on having the desire and de- termination to devote years of their lives, along with much hard work, to reach a previously determined goal. Their greatest reward is their SUCCESS and their degree of service to mankind. The Class of 1956 and the school are indeed very proud of the many notable achievements of these men and women. We also wish to dedicate a portion of this edition to the fine, new addition to the high school which we were privileged to use during our final year. We will remember it as the year of ten new classrooms, a new cafeteria, a new Music department, a new Indus- trial Arts Building, a beautiful new gymnasium, a new home economics room and a new biology room. May the future classes use these fine facilities to their best advantages and profit to the utmost in their preparation for their futures. 4 THE W X 1 ss Editor-in-Chief ........ Suzanne Miller Assistant Editor. .Wilmer Dean Rupp Jr. Business Manager ........ Sandra Short ' 1 Advisor. ........ . . .J. H. Speng er Published by the Senior Class Archbold High School Archbold, Ohio BOARD OF EDUCATIO Dr. William J. Neal President gegfwgfz X2 35 , Dr. J. R. Peters James Barger Vice President I Owen Rice, Clerk Lyle Ogbgrn Arvah Siegel 2 FACULTY ADMINISTR T10 I. H. SPENGLER Superintendent B.S. Bowling Green State Uni- versity M.A. University of Michigan R. L. LORTON JACOB BURKHOLDER Elementary Principal High School Principal B.S. Oberlin College B. S., A.B. Adrian College M.A. Ohio State University M.A. Bowling Green State Uni versity BETTY RYCHENER School Secretary 4 HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY THOMAS L. PARKER Mathematics B.L. Berea College B.A. Ohio University M.A. Ohio State University GAYLE BOURQUIN Librarian, Latin B.S. Bowling Green State Uni- versity FRANCIS I. MENICHETTI Music B.M. University of Michigan, University of Illinois M.M. University of Michigan RUTH FAGLEY Home Economics. English B.S. Wittenberg, Defiance Col- lege, Columbia University GLENN GALLAWAY Vocational Agriculture B.S. Ohio State University DONALD HORNISH Industrial Arts E1. Degree Manchester College B.S. Ohio Northern EVELYN RUPP ELVA KEIM English. Commercial Commercial B.S..BOW1iD8 Green Stale Uni- B.A. Spokane University, Ohio VCFSIIY State University. Ohio University. 5 Defiance College HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY WILLIAM ARTHUR Physical Education, Basket- ball, baseball coach, assistant football coach B.S. Ohio Northern University WILBUR C. MILLER Social Studies, Physical Edu- cation B.S. Bowling Green State Uni- versity M,A, University of Michigan S ,,t.s, m...:..... ntnt,nn MARGARET LODER English, Social Studies B.S. University of Michigan GEORGE CLARK Mathematics, Science B.S. Defiance College EDWARD SUTHERLAND Social Studies, Football and Track Coach B.S. Defiance College GEORGE F. BAIRD Mathematics. Physical Edu- cation B.S. Ball State EVERETT H, SAUDERS Student Teachers Mathematics. Science Tommy Vitello B.S. Manchester College Robert Westerbeck G B.S. Degrees. Defiance College ELEME TARY FAC LTY VIOLET SC HLATTER Sixth Grade Bowling Green State University. University of Indiana HAZEL BURKHOLDER MARVEL TRESSLER Fifth Grade Elementary Music Bowling Green State University Ypsilanti Normal, Bowling Green MABEL NOFZIGER Fourth Grade Bowling Green State University State University 7 JOHN BAMONTE 6th Grade B.S, Defiance College JUNE KOHLI Fifth Grade Bowling Green State University DOROTHY SPENGLER Sixth Grade Bowling Green State University. Ohio University. Defiance Col- lege, Indiana University ELEMENTARY FACULTY MILDRED BERNATH FLORENCE WALTER First Grade Kindergarten Bowling Green State University Ypsilanti Normal MARY ELLEN MEIER BETTY DIETZ BESSIE FREY Second Grade Kindergarten Second Grade Bowling Green State University. Washington Junior College. Defiance College, Bowling Green H o u gh to n C o 1 le ge , B . S . Bowling Green State Uni- State University, B.S. Goshen Goshen College versity. B.S. Defiance Col- College lege MARILYN FREY MARY ZIMMERMAN Third Grade 3rd Grade Goshen College Bowling Green State University 8 SCHOOL E PLOYEES Ella Beck. Mary Grime, Bessie Short. Christie Grime. Earl Bourquin -Elementary Custodian Arthur Taylor -High School Engineer Lawrence Smucker Lowell Thomas Warren Kingsbury Earl Bourquin Elmira Howard Reed Virgil DeGroff Arthur Liechty Wilmer Rupp Franklin 9 ,- ' 1-x. KH SE IDRS sf BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Sunday Evening, May 20, at Eight 0'cIock Norma Burkholder Vee Schlatter Musical Prelude - Processional Graduating Class Come Thou, Holy Spirit - Tschesnokotf-Tkach Go Not Far From Me, 0 Lord ----- High School Mixed Chorus Haydn Morgan Invocation - - ------ Rev. H. E. Berfsche Evangelical Mennonite Church Chaconne from Sonata No. 4 . ---- J. S. Bach Doris Jeanne DeGrofi', Clarinet The Halls of Ivy -------- Russell-Knight High School Mixed Chorus Baccalaureate Sermon ---- - - Rev. Jesse J. Short Central Mennonite Church Hymn- Abide With Me ----- Chorus and Audience 1. Abide with me! Fast falls the eventide. The darkness deepens-Lord, with me abide! When other helpers fail, and comforts flee, Help of the helpless, oh, abide with me! 2, Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day, Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass awayg Change and decay in all around I seeg O Thou, who changest not, abide with mc! 3. I need Thy presence ev'ry passing hour: What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's pow'r? Who, like Thyself, my guide and stay can be? Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me! Benediction Rev. Bertsche Rgcgsgignal Audience Seated Q COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Tuesday Evening, May 22, at Eight O'clock Musical Prelude -------- High School Band F. J. Menichetti, Director Processional - - . - - Graduating Crass Pump and Circumstancen National Anthem Band and Audience Invocation ----- Rev. A. Donald Collins Methodist Church Scene and Air -Qfrom Luisa di Montfortj - - M. Bergson Wilmer Dean Rupp, Jr., Alto Clarinet Commencement Address - - - - - - Robert Wyandt Sylvania Public Schools Guidance Director The Carnival of Venice ---- H. L. Clarke John Scales, Tuba Presentation of Diplomas - ----- Board of Education Dr. William J. Neal, President Beatrice et Benedict - - - - Berlioz-Henning High School Band Benediction - Rev, Cqlling CLASS HISTORY On the morning of September 3. 1943 at 9:00 A. M. a group of 45 timid little boys and girls started kindergarten under the supervision of Mrs. Walter. Of the present 47 members, 29 of them were in the original class. They are: Orlene Stuckey. Howard Grime. Nancy Ruffer. Donn Bernath, Bruce Werder, Suzanne Miller. Donna Miller. Barbarawalters, Delila Gautsche, Maureen Rupp. Donna Waidelich. Roger Grieser. Dee Ann Christy, Annabelle Miller, Bill Crossgrove. Joanne Beck, Tom Mekus. Dean Rupp. Neil Spengler, Dale Storrer, Sue Fankhauser. Sandra Short, John Scales. Betty Miller, Don Sommers. Jim Rice, Anabelle Zuercher. Larry Short, and Doris De Groff. As the class moved up to the first grade. they were greeted by the open arms of Mrs. Bernath. This year 33 students were in the first grade. As the group moved to the second grade. they were welcomed by Mrs.Frey and Mrs. Litwiller. As they entered the second grade 42 students were in the class. Three new students joined the class. They were: Joan France. Marlene Leininger. and Larry Rychener. I wonder if Donna W. and Orlene S. remember when Mrs. Frey used to give them spankings about every day. During the third year, three new members were added to the class. They were: Janet Moore, Bob Rufenacht, and Fred Mehrling. The class was under the fine supervision of Mrs. Zimmerman. The next year proved very interesting. The class was under the supervision of Miss Nofziger. As they entered the fourth grade, the total enrollment was 39. Three new students joined the class that year. they were: Jack Miller, Rosemary Brock, Catherine Troeger. giving the class 42 students for the year. In the fifth grade the class was under the fine leadershipof Mrs. Burkholder. There were no new members added to the class. Do you seniors remember the beautiful plants that Mrs. Burkholder used to bring to give the room a fresh lookl Then as they entered their last year in the elementary building they were under the direction of Mrs. Farber. During the sixth grade, they had 39 members in the class. The next year was the big year. for the class was able to go to the Jr. High School. As they entered the seventh grade. there were 38 members in the class. The class was joined by a new member, La Mar Gisel from Stryker. The eighth grade saw one addition to the class. Anne Ruffer from Saginaw, Michigan. This was the year of the dreaded eighth grade tests. Somehow the class survived and the whole class was looking for- ward to entering high school. In the freshman year. there was a much larger class. Pupils from Zone and Elmira enrolled at Arch- bold. The new additions were: Sue Case, Verle Seiler, Lowell Rupp. Marvin Lantz. Virginia Leininger, Roger Johnson. Elaine Hoffman. Karen Roth. Barbara Smucker. Mike Holian. Gene Sauder. Rosetta Burk- holder. and Ruth Herbert, giving the class 52 members. During the sophomore year, the class had the privilege of choosing their class rings. that would join them with A. H. S. As so honored, they also had the privilege of initiating the freshmen. Time moves on. and the class entered the junior year with 51 members. The Juniors put on a very fine banquet for their superiors. The theme was Enchanted Forest. They also put on two fine plays The PerfectIdiot and G1amor Boy which the casts enjoyed very much. This year the class lost two of their girls, who decided that they wanted to enjoy matrimonial bliss. These girls were Diana Hitt and Cara Lou Stamm. In the last year at Archbold High School many things were undertaken by these dignified seniors of 1956. At the first class meeting held during the Senior year. they chose class officers. Bill Crossgrove was elected President. Doris DeGroff, V. P., Suzanne Miller. Secretary. and Orlene Stuckey, Treasurer. Then there was the choosing of the class flower which is the white rose, class colorsg charcoal and white, class mottog Not finished. just begun . The next big event was having Senior pictures taken and re- ceiving their name cards. One of the big nights was attending the beautiful Junior-Senior Banquet. The theme was Carolina Moon , and it was enjoyed by all. On May 4. the first Senior play entitled Clover Time was given. The second play was given the 15 of May. The title of this one was O1d Doc . On May 20. the Baccalaureate sermon was delivered by Rev. Jesse Short from the Central Mennonite Church. Commencement Exercises were held on May 22 where all the Seniors received their diplomas. The climaxing event of the year was the Senior trip on which the Seniors planned to go to New York and Washington on a combined tour. Memories of many happy years spent at A. H. S. will linger in the minds of the Seniors for the rest of their lives. l2 . , , 1 A,,..A y 'F L -gf: 5 F . . wg? xy, Suzie KINDERG RTE Orlene Nancy Homer Shmo Donna Barb Bruce Annabelle Dusty KG Maureen Rosy Carl Willy Delila Sandy Donna John Elaine Louie Dean Deac Colleen Sue Marvy Jake Bruce Karen 13 WILLIAM CROSSGROVE - Engineer Senior Class President, Student Council, Vice President, National Honor Society. Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Glam- our Boy , Old Doc , Alpha Honor Roll. Science Competition, Science Club. Noon Games, FFA Secretary, Vice President, President, FFA Parliamentary Procedure, FFA District and State Judging Teams, Ag Scholarship Test. State Farmer. DORIS DeGROFF - Music Educator Band Secretary and Treasurer, Chorus, Girls Glee. District and State Solo and Ensemble Competition, County Festival. Alpha Honor Roll, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Old Doc , Perfect Idiot , National Honor Society Secretary. Student Council Treasurer. Junior and Senior Class Vice President, Secretary of Sci Questa Club, Music Educators National Convention, Li- brarian, Social Club, Local and District Science Competition. Summer Music Scholarship. Dance Band, Annual Staff, Senior Scholarship Tests, Science Fair Master Committee. SUZANNE MILLER - Secretary Class Secretary and Treasurer, Band, Girl's Glee. Halloween Queen Attend- ant, Noon Games, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests. Ensemble Competition. Editor of Archette, Annual Staff-Editor, Glamour Boy , Clover Time , Alpha Honor Roll, District Science Competition, Quadri County Science Fair, County Festival, National Honor Society, Office Secretary. 4-H. Marching Band. ORLENE STUCKEY - College Senior Class Treasurer. National Honor Society. District and State Science Competition, Science Club, County Festival, Chorus, Girl's Glee. Pre- liminary and District Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests. Noon Games, Clover Time . JOANNE SUE BECK - Nurse Band, Chorus. Girl's Glee. Girl's Vocal Quartet. Woodwind Quintet, Clarinet Quartet, Sci Questa Club, Basketball Cheerleader, FFA Sweetheart, Football Queen Attendant, Halloween Queen Attendant, Band Council, Perfect Idiot , Clover Time , Home Ec. Club, Science Fair, Marching Band, County Festival, Honor Roll. DONN LOUIS BERNATH - Electrical Engineer Solo, Ensemble. Band Competition, Band President. Class President 9,10,ll, Vice President of Science Club, Glamour Boy . Clover Time , Science Com- petition, National Honor Society, Alpha Honor Roll, Student Council. ROSEMARY BROCK - Office Work Majorette, Archette Staff, Home Ec. Club, Prompter for Ir. Play, Science Fair. Elementary Assistant, Noon Games. Librarian. Usher for Sr. Play. 14 SUE CASE - Office Work Home Ec. Club. Girl's Glee, Science Fair, Archette Staff, Junior Play- Glam- our Boy , Cafeteria Aid, Noon Games. Elementary Assistant. DEE ANN CHRISTY - Speech Therapist Chorus - Vice President,County Fes- tival, Music Competition. Honor Roll, Annual Staff. Sci-Questa Club, Science Competition, Home Ec. Club. Intra- mural Games, Summer Dramatics, Glamour Boy . Old Doc . Social Club President. SUE FANKHAUSER - Comptometer Operator Chorus, Girl's Glee, Honor Roll, Archette Staff, Science Fair, Play Prompter, Sci. OuestaClub. HomeEc. Club, Librarian. 4-l-I Club, Chorus State and District Competition, Social Club. DELILA GAUTSCHE - Secretary Alpha Honor Roll, District Science Competition. Quadri County Science Fair,National Honor Society. Glamour Boy , Old Doc , Principal's Secretary. Preliminary and District Tests. Cafeteria Aid, Assistant Editor of Archette. LA MAR GISEL - Business Executive Golf, Honor Roll, Sci Questa Club, Science Competition, A-Association, Noon Games. ROGER LEE GRIESER - Salesman The Perfect Idiot , Basketball, Golf, Science Competition, Noon Games. HOWARD GRIME - Millionaire Football. A-Association, Honor Roll, Noon Games, Science Competition. RUTH HERBERT - Musician Chorus, Glee Club, Band, Social Club, Science Club, Home Ec. Club, Honor Roll, Perfect Idiot , C1over Time , District and State Scholarship Tests, Choral Accompanist, Dance Band, Science Competition. Prince of Peace Declamations. Girl's State. I5 ELAINE HOFFMAN - Secretary Band. Chorus. Girl's Glee. Woodwind Quintet, French Horn Quartet, District and State Solo and Ensemble Com- petition, Band and Chorus Competition, Science Club, Science Fair. 4-H Club. Honor Roll. Glamour Boy . Old Doc . Noon Games. County Band. Music Camp. MIKE HOLIAN - Musician or Music Teacher Chorus. Music Competition. County Festival, Boy's Glee. Noon Games Perfect Idiot . MARVIN LANTZ - Electrician FFA Treasurer and Secretary. Parlia- mentary Procedure, State Electrical Award, Mixed Chorus Competition. County Festival, O1d Doc . VIRGINIA JUNE LEININGER - Peop1e's State Bank Honor Roll. Gir1's Glee. Mr. Lorton's Secretary, Home Ec. Club. Librarian. Science Fair, Science Competition. 4-H Club. FRED MEHRLING - United States Army Basketball. Track. Science Com- petition. THOMAS MEKUS - Businessman Chorus. Boy's Glee Club. Music Com petition. Honor Roll, Sci Questa Club, Science Competition, Perfect Idiot , Noon Games, Basketball, Golf. A- Associa tion. Football Manager. Scholar- ship Tests, Annual Staff. ANNABELLE MILLER - Factory Worker County Chorus. Mixed Chorus, Home Ec. Club, Quadri County Science Fair. Chorus Competition-District and State. Cafeteria Aid, Honor Roll. BETTY JUNE MILLER - Factory Worker Home Economics Club, Science Fair I6 DONNA MARIE MILLER - Secretary Honor Roll, Home Ec. Club, Glamour Boy , Old Doc , Archette Staff, Sec- retary for Mr. Burkholder, Science Fair, Noon Games. JACK MILLER - Teacher and Coach Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Honor Roll Sci Questa Club, Science Competition A -A ssociation, Homecom- ing Captain, Basketball Co-Captain, Northern Border Conference First Team- Basketball, Honorable Mention All State. JAMES RICE - Engineer National Honor Society, Science Club, Alpha Honor Roll, Clovertime , Glam- our Boy , Science Competition, Pre- liminary and District Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Test, Student Coun- cil, Football Manager, Basketball Mana- ger, A-Association. KAREN ROTH - Nurse Chorus, Glee Club, County Festival, Music Competition, Library Assistant, Preliminary Scholarship Tests, District Scholarship Tests, Science Competition, Science Fair, Science Club, Honor Roll Noon Games Clovertime ROBERT D. RUFENACHT - Mobile Farm Service FFA, Jr. Play Glamour Boy , Honor Roll, FFA Judging Team, FFA Parliamentary Procedure, FFA Honor Roll, State FFA Convention. ANNE RUFFER - Elementary Teacher Band Solo, Flute Trio, Chorus, Honor Roll, Sci Questa Club, District and State Science Competition, Student Council, SocialClub, Perfect Idiot , Old Doc , Football Queen Attendant, County Fes- tival, Science Fair, NANCY RUFFER - Beautifician Glee Club, Science Club, Social Club, Home Ec. Club, Archette Staff, Honor Roll, Majorette, Drum Major, Science Fair, Science Competition, Music Com- petition Glamour Boy . LOWELL RUPP - Farmer A-Association Football, Glamour Boy , Old Doc , Chorus, Boys Glee, Noon Games, Honor Roll, County Festival, Science Competition, Music Com- petition. I7 is MAUREEN RUPP - Nurse Band, Chorus, Girl's Glee, Vocal Quar- tet,Woodwind Quintet, Solo, Band Sec- retary and Treasurer, Band Council Chorus Vice President, Glamour Boy , Old Doc , FFA Sweetheart, Football Queen, Sci Questa Club, Home Ec. Club, Noon Games, Girl's Captain, Football Cheerleader, Basketball Cheerleader, Science Fair, Honor Roll, County Fes- tival, WILMER DEAN RUPP JR. - Chemist Student Council President, National Honor Society President, Baseball, Bas- ketball, Track, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Annual Staff, Per- fect Idiot , Old Doc , Alpha Honor Roll, Valedictorian. Science Com- petition, Sci-Questa Club, Band, Cho - rus, Band Council, Solo and Ensemble, County Festival, Noon Games, Sr. Schol- arship Tests - lst in County, Boys Glee, Summer Music Scholarship A-Asso- ciation, Bousch and Lomb Science A- ward, Band Equipment Manager, Rych- ener Award. GENE SAUDER - Businessman Golf, Noon Games, Basketball, Baseball, Science Competition, A-Association, Basketball Manager, Perfect Idiot . JOHN SCALES - College Football,Track, Band Chorus, Glee Club, Solo, Ensemble, Band, and Chorus Com- petition. Glamour Boy , Old Doc , Science Club, A-Association Science Competition, Boys State, Honor Roll, Summer Music Scholarship. LARRY SHORT - Coach Chorus, Boys Glee, Honor Roll, Sci Questa Club, Science Competition, Perfect Idiot , Old Doc , Quadri Coun- ty Science Fair, Basketball, Baseball, County Festival, Golf, A-Association, Noon Games. SANDRA SHORT - College Band Chorus, Music Competition, Coun- ty Festival, Band Council, National Honor Society, Alpha Honor Roll, Stu- dent Council, Sci Questa Club, Dance Band, Annual Staff, Noon Games. Old Doc , Glamour Boy , Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Senior Schol- arship Tests,Science Fair, Science Com- petition. BARBRA SMUCKER - Elementary Teacher Band Chorus, Glee Club, Mr. Lorton's Secretary Librarian, Honor Roll Per- fect Idiot , Science Club, County Fes- tival Ensemble Competition, Marching Band Noon Ga mes District Science Com- petition, Quadri County Science Fair, 4-H. DONALD SOMMERS - Woodworker Noon Games, Track. 18 hs.. NEIL DOUGLAS SPENGLER - College National Honor Society, A -A ssociation, Basketball Co-Captain, Baseball, Foot- ball, Golf, Chorus, Boy's Glee, Pre- liminary and District Scholarship Tests, Annual Staff, Senior Scholarship Test, Perfect Idiot , Old Doc , Alpha Honor Roll, Science Competition, Current Events Convention, Science Club Pres- ident, County Festival, Music Com- petition, Science Fair Committee, Noon Games Summer Dramatics All League Basketball. DALE STORRER - Farmer Band, Chorus, Basketball, Football, Track, The Perfect Idiot'!, C1over Time Honor Roll, Science Fair Com- petition. DONNA MAE WAIDELICH - Secretary Mixed Chorus, County Festival, Home Ec. Club, Quadri County Science Fair, Clovertime Honor Roll, Chorus Com- petition, Noon Games, Cafeteria Aid, Grade SchoolAssistant, District Science Competition. BARBARA WALTERS - Art Teacher Sci Questa Club, Social Club, Alpha Honor Roll, Science Competition, Girls Glee, Betty Crocker Home maker Award, Summer Dramatics, Senior Play Old Doc , Scholarship Tests, Music Com- petition. Noon Games. BRUCE WERDER - Engineer Band Ense mble, Glamour Boy , Clovertime , Science Club, Science Competition, Honor Roll. BERDENE ANN WYSE - College Sci Questa Club, Home Ec. Club, Mixed Chorus, County Festival, Noon Games, Honor Roll, Perfect ldiot , Glamour Boy , Science Fair, Chorus Competi- tion, Girl's Glee Club. COLLEEN WYSE - Physiotherapist Band, Chorus, Flute Trio Girl's Quar- tet, Honor Roll, Perfect Idiot , Old Doc , Social Club, Sci Questa Club, Flute Quartet, Music Competition, Summer Dramatics, Noon Games, Girls Glee. ANNABELLE ZUERCHER - Elementary Teacher Mixed Chorus, District and State Science Competition, County Festival, State and District Music Competition, Quadri County Science Fair, Honor Roll, Pre- liminary Tests, Girl's Glee,Noon Games, Grade School Assistant, Home Ec. Club Cafeteria Aid, Archette Sta ff, Glamour Boy , Old Doc . I9 APS IQ ' A 'AX SENIOR PLAYS SEATED: Bruce Werder, Joanne Beck, Ruth Herbert, ING: Jim Rice, Orlene Stuckey, Karen Roth, Donna Marvin Lantz, Donn Bernath, Suzanne Miller. STAND- Waidelich, Berdene Wyse, Dale Storrer. OLD DOC SEATED: Barbara Walters, Larry Short, Bill Crossgrove, Sandra Short, Elaine Hoffman, John Scales, Neil Speng- Maureen Rupp, Anne Ruffer, Delila Gautsche, Lowell ler, Dean Rupp, Dee Ann Christy, Donna Miller. RuDP.Co11eenWyse. STANDING: Anabelle Zuercher, SENIOR TRIP 'JO UNDERCLASSMEN UNIORS - ws, mg 1 mg V - AA-, . .. .. -B B . ff ' 1 L ..,, . L ' X re. K , ,95.Vr,.f..V - VNV.. V. . ,, , V . I .lg .M V gm - V .. .Q 'rbwi ...wars , ... .-' - . .--gy , V ,, .3 . - ,,. - A: V - E.. eg --Q .. . .ai f f' -V 51' , Q ' . V , ' . y ., . 1 . .. . - 5 . . 4 4 ' 5 V V . f ,V V . V . A,,L , . - A . L.,, V ,,, 3 ., . . . iii- tvs V .P V -',' VV wk .nh '-- Y V , ' V ' L V wi . w kk , , I fy., I .yy ,. . ' 653 . ,kj , W : - .A K3 V . s 5 4- ' Verbing. i 3 lr?2s wm,gf 2-'V V ' V53 P , -11155 . lr - ' V. iff may . ag.. .. ig fr-.Vim f --'Q' V ., .- . - . - 4. 1. . V ... 5 .Mai i . K fi .,.. mil f! . Q .K K, .V . , 154.152 - K . . . 2' .- ,,.- W. 1-Q'-we 6... .Vi-,. , . pw-W ' 'ks ' V.Z5, sf .V VV e - ' X . , - , .1 ' , 5 V . .. V s 1 we ,-V 1 S r 1 B .V . ,Vg-31zf': . rw' Q .V 5 ' , ,V ,. , n . .. 5 'Vi'..11.Lgg--V ' , ' .....-V,..-:ze ww' '--'V - ' . I , ' -f 'M . 9 B he if V V 1 B Ve 1 2 if 4 B as fi . R X 'sf f V M ' ' . ,,.L : V , V H . I- I V ' -dk ,f .7 V... 1-Vf .' n K V P V 4 5 an ...slip ' ' K 155-5:-Avg I E . . . 1 or rr' 2 6 VV f V . -:2. JW J Q ,, EZ X . , il . . . VLVQ, . : '11V V.' fl. flax. hn, . V as ,Q Yi 49 ff.. .Y -'Z A' t l.. ,. 531.-V, . X 3' 5 wr 'WW i , N N Q 4 'Qs 4 . I V.. M ,. .. . -. . ,V .M f . -1 :V VV 1 If L? . is N A r V 2. 2 VVV D. Baldwin M. Boynton C. Bridges N. Burkholder I. Erbskorn L. Fish R. Fielitz E. Frey D. Gaddis F. Gearing R. Gigax G. Graf B. Grisier C. Guerrero S. Hall R. Hausch D. Hayes F. Herbert J. Huffman A. Kennel P. Leininger D. Leu B. Lisak I. Lovejoy C. Miller S. Miller A. Moog J. Myers L. Myers I. Nafzinger V. Nafziger L. Nofziger B. Palmer D. Penrod J. Peters G. Pickett B. Pursel E. Reigsecker V. Roth A. Rupp G. Rupp M. Rupp I. Sauder M. Sauder J. Schantz J. Schantz V. Schlatter R. Short L. Stamm T. Stevens G. Storrer D. Thomas R. Trejo R. Vonier G. Waidelich B. Westfall M Williams Wyse Z.aerr Zuercher 4. rf f' . M S' . ss' 9 ... wi? 2 53 W . Q' . ,sf 1 ' .gg ,-: Y L ,Y . 45:17 ,Q A .ii ea if . L -V .- 1.4. Q.. fs: K 3? , I 3, W? N Sf sz 1 T r 1 f , 1 ...gif ,Q :,: wg-Z W P3333 A. S sw . SOPI-IO ORES 5 ' 5 M5173 Q ls sf vw - W.f+,,.Q . r B sf 6 x Rf JR M. . q l ifzm., .- I X S U it mm I gr I ,ififv-. ,L X- kr . I, S 'S s.. .- -I f I i G A f'i-if 2 w QQQQA Nr. ,Q ,. f ' S Lyk I - '. i .I ,. , 5 . f ,X ' . . :G T I.. I VV,' X ,:zry.2,f ,, 5 VJ VVLL Q. 3 .K ...M f ,L AX H A , W-- ',,1 1 ' I In 4 K V U 3 .1 E , P .B .... 1 rsr.rrsi . ' f' . ..,, 5 iifi 5?!'fflfE A N ., , V - . W .... S s . is ' . . 1 P ,.. , 1 . ' K T . Y x f g s 1. 2 .- sm is 43 W 1' . R . is i gr- A AAAV Ai A Vg bl zv V 3521! ., 25 r ' I R ri 9 'E N ..:21 ,.,,.W x , Hz..- P . 'B' .X . r i 'Q , X Y Q r ,M I 4. , ,e 2 1 . f ..,. -FW - :sf Q 11 1 XX B. Beck B. Bridges S. Buerge I. Case D. Clair J. Davis B. DeGroff B. Dohm L. Emery D. Frey C. Gautsche M. Gautsche B. Gearig L. Gigax N. Gisel P. Graber R. Grisier G. Lauber P. Lauber D. Leinirlger M. May C. Miller M. Miller R. Miller R. Miller V. Miller S. Murbach G. Myers L. Nofziger C. Pickett I. Rich B. Roth M. Roth H. Ruffer J. Rupp B. Schroeder B. Short D. Short G. Short I. Short M. Short B. Stuckey B, Stuckey K. Stutzman I. Tompson R. Trejo C. Wheeler I. Wyse L. Wyse S. Wyse P. Yoder R. Zeigler ., .. A 'Ut ww L may . 55.525, 7,5 . ..y EJ J Q' .N-' snr .ff .6 Q. y f .3 EQ' 1 A W Y f 'S Magi 'Q' QR . L,L.,,1 i 1 'fe Wan ala. Sm? fffifi Jia K z..-.gzeiiiiie we .Af . , . Q ng i.. A 5 , vt 'nik S Q . -. me. .V - K : a .L - dei .- .ox 021. L HS. A FRESHMEN ' fe, .- Ln . in L Z Q i --,i m ,.-- -. P V, , kk I,, f L . a.a T . .. P L W. : ' ' A . ,I k.r, ZIQVV L 7 yn A.. 1 A ':-L A 'M mf , 55 Ln g., s L. P A P' S tw 4 : an x 2 M L f ...w?..2..-S554 5153.54 P . . ' I 3353 ,g?g2T,Zfg.,.' . ' M P , ' . d f Laae PL .4--1. X F17 'f'T55 ..... f. . L 5 .... 4 WI S A ' . 7 'Q5F1i.5 331. 'By . s k... K :Vk V ., - M . Q ,ff' Y ef' .-2: Lkkk : i ., . ITF. . - ZW : .-' A ,Y AL 1 . .. f-. , ' . ' ' ' 1 ' , ' .. Q, gg: .3 : i .1 . '- ' , -ui? 'L MM' , .8E.,.. .. 3.5.5. . ., , 2. 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Q 14, .s 1 W -. ., .mm W uf. Sli. mln .sf if .gf . 'W ww E . wmtma. .. I 3 'SRF f 5 ta S M' , ,:, , a g... H i. .. .x :. in .1 1.Q,, . 9 Q, g .f . . JSM 'w , , 1 f. ,Xl -V . .. '--f1 . , . .5 . ,A.. 2 A 1 'AAV Y . K. . E K .fag ji K' .in nn SWS , , .,.. . ...E l 00 wrap 2. V. My . Q ' Q1 :W wr . , - ..-- . 1 5 xx , sh ii '41- K EIGHTI-I GRADE :- W Ml, .1 .5 it ,,, , I Ay MA im ii t 'F' .af I Q r T 1 x , Q x 'lr qymmm . . . A S yy . g S . - . ., 1 S W ' S.. - x 1 W A A ., 14 . x m l A fa: , uwt' Q K, , 4 ,M I ,, . ey . ,..a., .L l 3 ' S- A 1, , ,'.J-5: K I G 'V.7 .gu t K, 4 X' - ' 5' vw f- -f Q .- 5 1 ,, g 1. z fif A . Z, .f.. 2 J.1.A...R, '-125553 N .- W - ...23g,,g1x,'.17 , . fK-,',, 5 ,, - WW LLVV, KLLL N V A 1 'L ll S an J . I to -.L, 153 .......a A r . WW I . W'f ' f A Y v . . 2 1 ., -, I ' W ' or S f . ,L . !'f- llflx I V ,-'g A A K .. .. Y ,E ,kh .- u ' . .. V, Q., . ,B ,B IXZZ K, ,.. . .L,L . ,ak , . W. , . ..k,Lk .Q . ...L k . 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Vonier C Wyse S Wyse K my ,.,, . V L . . l BFE. Bee ae Mf - I W- Wyse 1: ,'.,,, - 'Y g a . u f , , 1 lll . .,, y G ...., x YP' t 5 ...H Q L :aw ... A-M. .1 W .F .,., . .J , . WW K me ' ss ' fa. .4 -Q. Jag! Hs Q 69 if S5 SEVENTH GR DE '??sI'- 179-M2 L 1-'H g. -'f 'f'! f f11f?Z Lffwfv 'IF ' 5 A M-M. Q A. - .. :f.c.v.w'Y. f-7 an A s EEEEE ff K 6 . . 'E 5. . 4 M i l In ' S L L h A. Q - : 1': 6 h ,A V V L N ff 'E . EEE S EEEE . ' ? A X an I L . . ,, L . fi f . . . My . . ww .ea ffifw. ' ' A , . 1 --E -. ,,,: J , - ' - A ,S My L .M . EEE E ae 'Z WEZ' . vi .L, 'L L 'W f H A E . q . f . J :-- I L h. 37.1 K V K V E E -W 'Q H K 'L . ' 5 I E 5. .- ,V '. 1 , Q VlE,,EW,,. . ,,LL 5. 1 , M: .A .M K 143255 2 J f 1sk ?2U Wi.-2. :- W RX W 'W ' rw il 52 7 - i f 'E-H . V, is j 'Q QQ: ,,.,V 3 f f gg egg, LwIOW?- gi . . E , E . in ff .sua -1 S . E EQ . .rf K. Beck L. Cotter M. Criado B. Detter S. Fielitz B. Gisel R. Graber D. Grisier L. Hall J. Harper C. Haubold L. Hayes L. Hausch J. Kingsbury I. Kleck R. Klopfenstein R. Lauber R. Mehrling L. Miller R. Mora M. Neel L. Nafziger M. Nafziger P. Nafziger I, Nofziger P. Nofziger K. Peters M. Reigsecker D. Rupp M. Rupp T. Rupp E. Santos S. Schlosser J. Schrock F. Serna K. Short S. Short L ' L R ' 'L E M. Stuckey L 9 1 , y - '.oo .H , V M. Vasquez L o.aa.SL . L. Wheeler ., M I L . D. Wyse -'ff'a N - ' .L..., - L- WYSS ..... My .... N- Wyse ' ,E Z , . fl ,. L. 'D 'A L 'S Q 'L P- WYSC 28 LSN M BM 553 , W 443 Q 4' 4, i H Z!! - 5 '4vfj J yn i .xx nil .W 15,3 ' A raw W QQ fx ' -QQ if Edd X' ELEMENTARY GRADES :fert.aV.5g1..,.1- 1 . f i.- SIXTH GR DE . K ' . VV ' ' . x -W W ,A,..,.A.. . , if ' '- A ' Q-Q. . K , 1. V- K I K a M 5 VL,, V 'a - V, lesl W . . V , V . ' KVLAA if . , .Vggfge ,,h i ,tw Q. 1 -,.-..- 1 ' .A ' - F .- .. W. . , riy.i. ' V ag , rw- . 1 A W W V l if g M V mf-1 1fVVV.1Vfff V . y -- A 1 V ' ' W S - L'L,-. L , 5 .- U V. - V- ,J ' . fs mmV' S ' XmA VVh' H 1 fQ?..?.f'Sf . 'mmz 5 K'hk . A H ' . 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Q 1 mtv.,- s X . .gg E ' wgia 35 .w T. Alexander I. N S. Bernath . Crossgrove Dominique D. Eash J. R. B. D Fagley Fielitz Fraas . Gisel D. Graber S. R. Grime Hall M. Jiminez E D. S. B. D. R. S. Kauffman King Klopfenstein Lauber Miller Miller Miller M. Nafziger J. R. K. O. D. I. I. L. S. I. E. I. L. R. D. D. I. R. E. J. L. R. S. Nafziger Osborne Palmer Roth Ruffer Rupp Santos Santos Schantz Schlatter Schrock Schroeder Schroeder Schultz Short Wyse Short Sigg Stamm Stamm Stuckey Stuckey Sullivan W. Swisher R. Taylor M. Trejo M. Walter R. I. V. C. C. D. Weires Winzeler Wlaszyn Wyse Wyse Wyse M. Wyse S. Wyse Wyse M Yoder D Zuercher I ,ily 4- '.- . . K S' ,V V. k.V.. 5 - V c - . Q 32 We , ,Q V Ts' .ff W- rf K K 31:3 , ,. K A 5, 3 ffl u -v . ze - Q f 'Lk' f ff-'L w '7Q?'5'2' - H yfyfiffxxffi 'L '--' :4 : '5:- ' .f : 'E3 'F ' A K I K f V- -. -f 5' - ' 'fra ,i5,'U'5g7. 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Gearing G. Grime I . Grime J. Grime F. Hausch M. Jiminez B. King . King . Klopfenstein . Liechty YB? iv S'Sir UP at 3 S si js Y A AM. xg D' Layman .V ig 'Wi: V , , gy ag ' ff I :.- rr . I T V f 7 Q.. z ,, . ' N 7 . X ' ,K In C2 -5? L-'f V ' Cf 3' K iff' in ' V -A S .M . H. .M M S . rree 1. .. , , H ,fs wwf. so if . 21 My .Q S L fK......- e' f' B if ireii 2 1 K R-H ei y t. fr f Q y Kfmfid' 'P' rg git ,,.. MW' .3 w D ' , , F Fira ' Qfifsi f 5.35 L S - ., ..,. if H . , . - -vp, sp. K' M 5, Q.. ,lf .-:, 5 g'kk L.'a' ' 1 I K :K K I 1.V:, ,, V ? Kiran if ra: Kin . Q 5 M -- 1 L is . ' fa, 'L ' 'K' i if . A . - U A ,,.. K . Z - I V Q , , M A K Mig Q .14 Q in t K Q 'Q , V 5 i L G. f . 1 - , g. .eee L .L S df ' - . eeeree Brrr L L .. 'fXU25'fi.'.1 fm' , W J , 'EW W ', ff ,li ' 4 . A .1'i ' D - A A . f ,. i A , Jfwwig. ' t Qr : Ei. L, , A . ri f l ,... -K , In y , ., its 1 or ' ' f W 'VA' ...lf Qi? so 3 Q 'G ..- ' ' , .. , , UP. Q , .1 7 eg . . i . 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Shipe R. Short V. Short N. Springer L. Stamm M. Stamm D. Storrer L. Stout L. Stuckey B. Sword S. Tice T. Timmons G. Trejo S. Wilcox J, Winzeler W. Wlasiuk Wyse Wyse Zuercher M wr . ' ii i ii A . L . J S' sysi i g P. Ziegler ...vii if re... 35 R- - - .. - A F SECOND GR DE . T, T- . Q- .. . . ' A QV g . - ea dii Ia A Ty., N L ' ? A l C he ' lf i A :4:: - kk t K or S 1 1M 5 4 if i w . . - nag.. at. .V , 4 ' .Q wg - r M 6 753' , T' . TQ ,I F'1 ,.,.- A . I wi Y' - I .M ..f, .aw . I , V 5155.5 ,Q g i - 1 ef- . af B212 . , f Z V gil' 1 ,- .V-zl:7,33f.f g -ff. S ,V,'V. 2. y fa . , . ,K r - H 'Mgr' -V V . , I 2 . T S 1- 1' ' fi 5 fi T T K S M W , -vp V . ...QL 2 .1 ... fy W,,,, ,Q V w x.. V , -,L1hh,b W y N - .m:.:.:s V : ' B ' i an yaer -AW' ' ' ...M .--7.5 Hi ' . ' x ' , 1 ' at' ' ' 1119? , . K T Wwfgia 1 : 1.15. 1 Q , 'ar . V ' . ..ff ' 'M ' ' 'Y , Q . 4? G - P S S at K eayy Mya S y ' W- B , 44 ? fs 1 f. M , - ' -e i! -, B , ' , I . K A , i, ,. . I ex : Q aaa . . 'S V1 ,iyf ' V s ..., , fi r + 2 1 S 1 gl .ff ' if ww. . V . ' ' A T A . .'-' ' 15- ' 4 M I. Aldrich R, Baer J. Baldwin C. Beck K. Beck S. Beck B, Britsch R. Britsch I, Buehrer F. Crossgrove R. Crossgrove J. Dominque M. Eash K. Engle D. Fielitz G. Finn J. Fraas C. Gallaway Molly Garza J. Gautsche B. Gisel B. Gisel D. Grieser B. Grime S. Grime T. Grime T. Hall P. Hayes T. Hines A. Holsapple D. Hootman I . Kernig K. King M. King C. Kramer J, Liechty S Liechty S. Leupp D. Maust C, McDaniel S. Meyers I. Miller T. Miller A. Mora J. Pilbeam R. Pursel C. Roth P. Ruffer K. Sauder L. Sauder L. Sauder D. Schang A. Short B. Short R. Short S. Short J. Springer C. Stamm T Storrer T. Stotzer D Stuckey T. Stuckey E. Trejo M.Winze1er A Wyse M Yoder u Q .. . 1. may W W M N- KE , 113, . -,' , 36 ,f K .V 1 i-: 1. fm. V M4 . K W?-'L V. ,. 'rh' an-2-iff f 4 ..4'.i , ..-.' in I , . FIRST GR DE P . 5 L K K S A A A KKKK it I A 0- wus. ' S , K .vim A Q -awk K .A f 'V' ' I ... Z- KK KK KK K ,. . ' I ' A A W-1' .lily A W- -,.. : AK 'KKW..-fp 1,, .AAL-wr'-W Q - Q K V ...A A K' KK ,X KA A ,335 .53 A Q K r Q K. A ,,....:AK K' L A 2 pp: ,K . ffg -gf' Kfwipgfqg ...QQ gg K f ' A Y, ls:f1371bfQ5 ' ff A L M 2r5? '?'f Ai KK K K A, : . K I i: Qffy A BB Nh h .7 V K 1,.. ' K -... K , i., Y A f AA -- AA A -. we K' Q. V, ,.L , , V , K Kg 5 Ai' K A 4cl: , ,, 'Kf' , , - f .K 'K ' K A, ' K ' , 1 ' E 5 A . A. .....,. Vrrk , .. 'wrt V. x . V K K - Q K .wi E 5 'M' K, f KK K4 j r : ' ' ,MJF I ,V lx' A : V A , : I AAU S HC? kg. -3 ' 1 - . . ff- A4 I. A g,:A,,,,. ppgw, .5.A W A A .ganili K lk 6,5 + A K 6 .K Kff' 4 K . L-',- 2. M.. 4.-. rx : my L.. Ki ' K . 131 ' -Ixiz'-' 'P A .. 'Ana r A . vit K K .AA ,, L,'. ' 1 I A A, A5 L ,Q -.fy , A A .PA A t AA A A KK WA if i,i ' iwf ' A: fr Aw. . K ' A A - K A 'K .ii I gtg- 5. ..'k A. M WW , 3 . K .- Ti YQ., 'K +f. 'A'f '--- 1 A '1'- A y. 2 A A I lr , W. . . KKKK AA A Af.,,,.3 A A A. A qw- 5 KW QA 1 'fi A A K K .'- KA :-k z, Kf' K VKX 'f,, Y' if v fr A . 'fix N A ' . A KA . A A -,.,i' A NK .Q ' A ' F KM? - g A Kfggw - Egfr 'A 2. 1. L.:, 31. :A gr 5' - . K,Q.5 2. A ,, 5 A A -u 2 - 'L' K KA- A A KU K K ', ,,.-' A ' U ry YI K .gf ,Q , V 2 if :fin ' AK i' 'A M K ' v A K 5. A ,J A A 'K A I I KAAA KA AKKLKKAK A K . ,,.L A A A. fir AK 'K fv A mmh- A 2 K A . 2 I . N A , K gg 'K IA- g.. L.. AK- ,A . AAA, 1 - K1 A Ag... Ki.. Av ' K KK KIKV 1,.ww-K. ..,1...f? .. ff-35:1K.5: r- ' B ur V2.1 K in f ' 1 'AW' . ..K 'z M a-5 ii' 5 1 , K K Kr L Kr .J P55 K A A. K. A M K . ' l Y K . .- A K? K kv L..r K - - M Wk ,V ,KKKK ,J ' KK 1: :': K ,, ' A, M Qi .1 V K A V A : KA 1:-K KKK-K K K A Au- KA : K ' A 'Kil f-' Qty A a ',,, QKiK.fKK ' 5 . . ,-,' ..-A i A ' 1 A gg- if .A 3 .xg M. .A A ' 'ti , ,'fL3i,:,...:5' .KK X ' K-5. -s A Z ,- A! A W 'K 1- A r M. K g ' A u' V A A K A .Kev I an ' A In AV,,,. ,f,V L..r A V' :wg .vu T1 V I : LAI - 9' ,M . K t i K A AAKAK - A A Z - ,,', KKK, 1 K1 KY A LL',K' . gp-'KA' Q .Qu LL,,,.,'. Y 'W' K .r ,'-- .A 1' A.. ,--- ., N1 ff..-My - . .A-sf A A ,K AKAA K'K K K3 A 9.-f K A A .kk, wwf' U Kf,, Af 'i 54:2 r 2. A H , In ,A ,A,5 2 ' ' ' 3. . . 1 . 'B . f- A K 'ff -- - 1 A i 'A iii K K ' U ,KK.- '1KK.K5 ,f 1-E fKK'L 'KU .:. 1 15' 1- .'h:Z.Li1EK KK KK 'K lf ' KKA K A K. A A L AK.KA: KK A A A, ' Q A' AA A' A X L.- -ft if A fi ,,KA A, A A- AAAA KKKK .- K i S? 1 -' 4552 i' ': K ' ' 1 k4AAAf Ki ' f ' 5 X K K i ee . K K K wwf? M A AAAA -2 A A U fra ' if 1' A 7 K- sew. 'mf' A AA KAA KK KK A KKK AA A A A f f AK A. A 1 AAK KKKK 37 L. Armstrong L. Aschliman I. Beck N. Beck L. Burkholder M. Couch L. DeGroff D. Dohm D. Dominique T. Eash J. Fielitz N. Frey M. Garza P, Grieser P. Grieser F. Grime A. Holian R. Iiminez L. Kinsman T. Laubet P. Liechty M. Lindley J. Lugbill D. May M. McDonough C. Mignin C. Miller L. Miller S. Neel M. Nofziger V. Oyer R. Pape L. Reigsecker A. Rupp B. Schrock R. Schrock T. Seek. M. Serna W. Seiler B. Sharpe B. Short K, Short M. Short P. Short S. Short R. Springer R. Stanforth M. Storrer D. Stuckey S. Stuckey S. Stout S. Weyandt T. Wierwell T. Winzeler G. Wlasiuk L. Wyse S. Wyse E. Yoder KI DERG RTE n rf... 5m 3. W' ,. H.. 2 V at V 5 Ma. S' 1 2 .. 1. of 'f My ,QP .yr 1A' , L. Haus V ' IQ. ' If gf .:. . M' Beck W... ,. 4 4 . M. Beck . . , A l l I L . V K .V M y K T. Christy .JC N-If 9 S a.. S Z, R. Clark A' Vfhh I iM l-' A,l, x G , I. Dominique D. Fleming We 14. .. . , ,. A. Grime Q W ' D. Hitt N. Hootman X if S2-gf M. Iiminez ff S- Km taa3f?Vf1yl -HW W- KIHS P. Kinsman D. Kohli J. Lanrz G. Lehman I. Mendoza M G. Mleyer di L. M111er D , R. Miner ne... A m- e..n D- Nafigef ' rr 2 r,,,. - JS . IT efv' 3 S. Rerrig A yy S D M. Rich jf. .',:. Q 4 Nqv, J. Reigsecker W C. Roth .gf LEVVV, N. Rueger M V .. -'-:e W J. Ruffer P' 1 S Z2 W. Rufenacht V' JS? D B' RUPP D. Ruchener S. Schnitkey . A S' fd fr S. Schroeder W- 1 -- S. Schultz r f J GVFQS A. Short ' , A, Se S E. short f r rlre J. Short ., 2' KL 5 A L . Short ,,. R. Short W . , R. Short .S W ' 'f 1. Smith i .Wwe ,Sigma ipringer G -e - ' K . tarnrn g ,, ,.'iA. mg M 3 W. Stanforth , Q.. K7 r y my 4... villll 0 E C. storrer 'Zi' i' 'S ':,L fy E.. , rkkkl G. Stotzer qi . . V g .f M M 7 ? T. Sword , i, MW .ar .Vh. AVVV ...,, N . T. Thomas '1f'Y .- S W' ,, .i21-i,. , . - . S' 1' V w . 2' V M. T166 rrr' .ef r.. . i 5I?5:XSW 2 ..' B. Weber ABSENT: M. Weires S. Loder C. Wyse S. Gleason G. Wyse 38 I. Garza ACTIVITIES H1 ll is 5-.Ui I2.L M2 STUDENT COUNCIL - BACK ROW: Mr. Menichetti. Gene Graf. Bob Fraas. Bill Crossgrove. Wilmer Rupp. IohnRich. Tom Grieser, Bill Palmer, Dean Rupp. Bill DeGroff, Mr. The student governing body of Archbold High School, composed of elected representatives from grades seven through twelve experienced another busy year. This group, with the advice of the faculty advisers, plays an important part in the high Burkholder. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Keim. Karen Peters, Norma Burkholder, Doris DeGroff. Sandra Short, Joan Huffman, Bud Stuckey. school activities. The Council is the voice of the student body through which the students, their classes and organ- izations have their opportunities in the matter of participating in school af- fairs inademocratic way befitting our American way of life. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BACK ROW: Mr. Sutherland, Myrl Sauder, Bill Crossgrove, James Rice, Neil Spengler, Wilmer Rupp, Donn Bernath, Mr. Clark. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Loder. Mrs. Keim. Doris DeGroff. Janet Myers, Norma Burkholder, Suzanne Miller, Orlene Stuckey, The Archbold Chapter of the Na- tional Honor Society was formed in l95O,and is based on standards set by the National Honor Society. These standards are Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. Eligible stu- dents must be in the upper fourth of the Junior Class. Sophomores are sometimes selected as probationary members, but they do not become ac- tive until the induction in their Junior year. The students are chosen by a Delila Gautsche. Mr. Parker. FRONT ROW: Mr. Burkholder. Janis Peters. Joan Williams. Jeanette Sauder, Sandra Short, Verlene Nafziger, Elaine Frey. Vee Schlatter, Miss Rupp. faculty committee composed of teachers who have come in contact with the eligible meiribers on a fairly broad scale. The selected students must maintain a grade average of above a C in order to remain in the organi- zation. Ifthey are able to do this, they become lifetime members. This years induction was held in front of the student body in a beautiful and impressive ceremony. ARCHETTE STAFF t A -drama STANDING: Donna Miller, Delila Gautsche, Sue Case, Sue Fankhauser. Nancy Ruffer, Fred Mehrling, The ARCHETTE is eagerly antici- pated by the student body twice each month. It keeps them informed on all phases of school activities including sports, dramatics, scholastic accom- plishments, music, science etc., as Gene Sauder, Mrs. Keim, faculty adviser. SEATED: Jack Miller. Armabelle Zuercher, Suzanne Miller. well as the latest developments in the Romance departments. The ARCHETTE is edited and pub- lished by the Journalism Class, under the supervision of Mrs. Keim. LIBRARIANS Q. .,,, STANDING: Sara Jane Zaerr. Mrs. Bourquin faculty. Billy Winzeler, Arlene Rupp. SEATED: Elaine Nofziger. Joyce Nofziger. Judy Nafziger, Eunice Hall. Maretta Britsch. 4l CLQUESTA CL B nfl? BACK ROW: Bruce Werder, Veryl Roth. Myrl Sauder. James Rice, Jack Miller, Larry Short. Tom Stevens. Larry Fish, John Rupp, Kriss Stutzman. Bill Crossgrove, Donn Bernath. THIRD ROW: Bud Stuckey. John Scales, Beryl Grisier. Wilmer Rupp. Duane Penrod, Neil Spengler, Tom Mekus, Lamar Gisel, Fred Gearing. John Rich, Roger Vonier, Bill Palmer. SECOND ROW: Mr. Saunders, faculty. Janet Myers. Bonnie Short, Vee The Science Club had another outstanding year in the way of accomplishments. Archbold science students again won more than their share of Superior and Excellent ratings at Bowling Green and in the State finals held at Wittenberg College. Their big undertaking was sponsoring and preparing for the Sixth Annua1Quadri-County Science Fair. which was bigger and better than all of the previous ones. The quality of the projects was better and more space was available for showing them. Donn Bernath, Wilmer Dean Rupp and Thelma Ernst Schlatter, Balbina Lisak, Joan Huffman. Verlene Nafziger. Elaine Frey. Joan Williams, Anne Ruffer. Colleen Wyse, Maureen Rupp, Joanne Beck, Norma Burkholder. Mr.Clark.faculty. FRONT ROW: Florence Herbert, Carol Gautsche, Barbara Gearig, Nadine Gisel. Pamela Lauber, Carole Wheeler. Marilyn Miller, Donna Baldwin. Dee Ann Christy, Sandra Short, Doris DeGroff, Barbara Walters. Brenda Pursel. Janis Peters. of Fayette were the grand prize winners and exhibited their projects at the National Science Fair held at Oklahoma City. Mr. Clark and Mr. Sauders, science instructors, along with Mr. Miller, who assisted the Junior High pupils with their projects, furnished the necessary guidance to make the fair the success that it was. The club officers for the year 1955-1956 were Neil Spengler, President, Donn Bernath, Vice President. Doris DeGroff, Secretary. and Sandra Short. Treasurer. 19 6 QUADRI-COUNTY SCIENCE F IR FFA QUEEN FFA JUDGING TEAM Ronald Gigax. Rex Short, Bob Rufenacht, Gary Rupp. 43 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA BACK ROW: Alfred Dohm, Lyle Fruchey, Mike Wyse. Rollin Nafziger. Dale Leininger. Roger Miller, Ronnie Gerald Myers. Gary Short,Jerry Case, Gary Rupp, Curtis Borton, Cloyce Nofziger. Marvin Miller, Tom Yoder. Zaerr. THIRD ROW: Larry Nofziger. Ralph Van Slyke, Roger Roth, Richard Waldvogel. FRONT ROW: Donald James Nicolen. Stanley Ruffer, Ben Westfall, Leotus Frey, Merle Beck. Merle Short, Gary Storrer, Bob Amstutz,Robert Hausch,Dera1d Seiler. SECOND ROW: Rufenacht, Ronnie Fielitz, Marvin Lantz. Mr.Gal1away, FF PROJECTS 44 SOCIAL CLUB STANDING Susie Murbach. Sandra Short, Marilyn Ruffer. SEATED: Doris DeGroff Dee Ann Christy Miller Ruth Herbert Carol Gautsche,Caro1eWheeler. Joan Huffman, Barbara Walters Bonnie Short Donna Nadine Gisel Barbara Gearig, Lynda Emery. Anne Ba1dwin.Janet Myers,Pame1a Lauber Colleen Wyse The Social Club is the high school organization which attempts to pro- mote and develop wholesome activities for the high school students. They promote a number of school dances during the year. Most of these are in- formal and much time is devoted to encouraging and teaching anyone who is interested in learning to dance. They usually have at least one or two dress-up dances as well where the young folks have an opportunity to come decked out in their very best attire. They sponsor and encourage other social activities as well. Officers of the club for the school year 1955-56 were Dee Ann Christy, Presidentg Susie Murbach, Vice Pres- identg Donna Baldwin, Sec retaryg Janet Myers, Treasurer. 45 SENIOR HIGH HO OR ROLL BACK ROW? Howard Grime, Veryl Roth. Myrl Sauder. James Rice, Jack Miller, Larry Short, Larry Fish. John Rupp. Kriss Stutzman. Bill Palmer, Neil Spengler, La- Mar Gisel. Bill Crossgrove. FOURTH ROW: Bud Stuckey, John Scales. Donn Bernath, Wilmer Dean Rupp, Tom Mekus. John Rich, Annabelle Zuercher. Donna Waidelich, Sandra Hall, Louise Nofziger. Jeanette Sauder, Sondra Miller, Pauline Leininger, THIRD ROW: Grace Waidelich, Berdene Wyse, Karen Roth. Virginia Leininger. Elaine Hoffman, Suzanne Miller, Anne Ruffer. Colleen Wyse. Maureen Rupp, Joanne Beck. Delila Gautsche. Donna Miller. SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Miller. Nadine Gisel. Marilyn Miller. Joan Huffman. Donna Baldwin. Bonnie Short. De Ann Christy, Sandra Short, Doris DeGroff. Darbara Walters. Sue Fankhauser, Nancy Ruffer. FRONT ROW: Verlene Nafziger, Joan Williams, Elaine Frey, Janet Myers. Vee Schlatter,Dorothy Leu, Lois Myers, Arletta Kennel. Janis Peters, Norma Burkholder. Barbara Smucker. UNIOR HIGH HO OR ROLL BACK ROW: DwayneRufenacht, Bob Fraas, Gene Roth, Dean Rupp. Peter Short, Tom Grieser. Leotus Amstutz, Roger Roth, Jack Short, Steward Wyse. FIFTH ROW: Rollin Nafziger, Kenneth Nafziger, Gene Baus, Allen Stuckey, Tom Gallaway, Douglas Rich, Gene Nofziger, Larry Barger, Terry Murbach. Rex Hornish, Dean Beck. FOURTH ROW: Karen Peters, Phyllis Schnitkey, Bonnie Haas, Doris Miller, Sharon Aschliman. Byrdalene Wyse. Karen Short. Paul Lauber, Bob Lauber, James Kleck. Everardo Santos, Denton Wyse. THIRD ROW: Carol Erbskorn, Charlene Nafziger, Joyce Nofziger. Juliene A , I M -L-023' B, A V L. 5,5 iw 'vi ,gr M G 2 eu- , Crossgrove, Elaine Nofziger, Jeanette Wyse, Billy Win- zeler, Judy Nafziger, Shirley Weber. Patricia Rufenacht, Shirley Rupp. Mary Alice Sauder. SECOND ROW: Betty Schultz, Cara Lou Schrock, Maureen Sullivan, Jane Buehrer, Linda Short. Eunice Hall, Beverly Scott, Diane Frey, Linda Collamore, Carol Sauder, Charlene Wyse, Rosene Miller. Valetta Aschliman. FIRST ROW: Lois Hall, Linda Wyse, Janice Harper, Marlene Rupp, Joyce Kingsbury, JoAnne Schrock, Natalie Wyse, De Ann Rupp. Barbara Gisel. Billye Detter, Christiane Haubold, Adda Margaret Neel, Sandra Schlosser. SCHOLARSHIP WARDS Good scholarship is considered one of the most important goals of our educational system. Considerable emphasis is placed upon a testing program which includes the Every Pupil Tests. Senior Scholarship Tests, Preliminary District State Tests. Eighth Grade Tests, and the Final State Scholarship Tests. Archbold students have excelled in scholarship even as they have in science. music, athletics and all other departments of the school. . NAME SUBJECT LOCAL DIST. STATE Wilmer Dean Rupp Sr. Scholarship lst in Co 3rd 15 William Crossgrove 2nd in Co.H, M, H. M. James Rice 4th in Co. H. M. H. M. Donn Bernath 5th in Co. H, M, H, M, Neil Spengler 13th in Co. Sandra Short 14th in Co Doris DeGroff 17th in Co Ruth Herbert 23rd in Co Orlene Stuckey 25th in Co Neil Spengler English XII lst Wilmer Dean Rupp lst Sandra Short 3rd Karen Roth 4th Wilmer Dean Rupp Physics lst William Crossgrove 2nd James Rice 3rd Orlene Stuckey Latin 11 4th Ruth Herbert 6th Larry Fish English 11 lst Joan Williams lst Vee Schlatter 3rd Brenda Pursel 4th Jeanette Sauder 4th Joan Williams American Hist. lst Vee Schlatter 2nd William Palmer 3rd Ilva Nafziger 4th Janet Myers 5th Vee Schlatter Chemistry lst 6th H. M. Larry Fish 2nd Verlene Nafziger 3rd NA ME SUBJECT LOCAL DIST. STATE Susie Murbach English X lst Kriss Stutzman 2nd Bernadine Beck 3rd Kriss Stutzman Latin ll lst John Rupp 2nd Susie Murbach 31-d Ruth Ann Miller Plane Geometry lst 11th H. M John Rich 2nd Kriss Stutzman 31-d John RUDD Biology lsr 10th Kriss Stutzman 2nd 7th H, M Bob Grisier 3rd John Rupp World Hist. lst Kriss Stutzman 2nd Bud Stuckey 6th Herbert Ruffer Elaine Nofziger English 9 lst Joyce Nofziger 2nd Shirley Weber 3rd Byrdalene Wyse Latin 1 lst 3rd. 8th I-l. M. Nedra Kauffman 2nd Elaine Nofziger 2nd Roger Roth Algebra lst 13th Jeanette Wyse 2nd 11th Juliene Crossgrove 2nd Donelda Sauder 2nd Leotus Amstutz Gen. Science lst 6th Roger Roth 2nd Dean E. Rupp 31-d Byrdalene Wyse 4th Shirley Rupp 5th EIGHTH GRADE TESTS Cara Lou Schrock ranked first in the 1956 State Eighth Grade Tests in Archbold. She ranked fourth in Fulton County. Others placing in the upper one-fourth of the class were: Linda Short, Allen Stuckey. Paul Lauber. Robert Fraas, Dwayne Rufenacht. David Miller, Tommy Gallaway, Kenneth Nafziger. Douglas Rich. Larry Barger, Valetta Aschliman. Terry Murbach, Maretta Britsch. Linda Collamore, Betty Schultz, Rex Hornish. Gene Baus. Eunice Hall, Dean Beck. and Beverly Scott. The following additional pupils ranked in the upper fourth in Fulton County: Gene Nafziger. Jack Short, Carol Sauder, Diane Frey, and Gary Miller. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS Members in the upper one-fourth of the class of 1956 were awarded a script A Scholarship Letter for outstanding scholastic achievement during their four years of high school. The following Seniors were awarded letters. Don Bernath. William Crossgrove, Doris DeGroff. De1ilaGautsche, Donna Miller. Suzanne Miller, James Rice. Wilmer Dean Rupp. Sandra Short, Neil Spengler. Orlene Stuckey, Annabelle Zuercher. UNIOR PLAYS ii i -7 i e , r I i n BACK ROW: Elaine Frey. Dorothy Leu, Duane Brenda Pursel, Carolyn Miller, Verlene Nafziger, Penrod, Fred Gearing, Larry Fish, Myrl Sauder. Joan Williams, Linda Stamm. Lois Myers, Janis Ronald Fielitz. Florence Herbert. FRONT ROW: Peters. The Adorable Imp BACK ROW: Roger V0f1i6r. Bill Palmer. Gary JanetMyers. Donna Baldwin, Balbina Lisak, Norma Storrer, Tom Stevens, Doyle Hayes. FRONT ROW: Burkholder. Joan Huffman, Janerh Schantz. -18 SENIOR BAN ,E h J., .. Et f. ,. .W ... .. The Archbold High School Band maintained their reputation as one of the most outstanding high school bands in the state of Ohio and in the entire middle west. Under the very capable direction of Mr. Menichetti the band and its ensembles made their usual number of public appearances during the school year. They have yet to turn down a request for their servicesunless it came ata time of direct conflict with their school pro- grams. The band did an excellent job at all of the home football games last fall, they presented two fine pro- grams during the school year, played for various school functions, exchanged concerts with Defiance High School, played for the Music Association in Toledo, en- joyed a trip to Bob-Lo and other activities too numerous to mention. They received a Superior rating in the state for the fourth consecutive year, which is added proof that they are on a par with the very best of high school bands. May they continue to excel! ARION AWARD AND COUNCIL STANDING: Joanne Beck, Bud Stuckey, Mr. Meni- 5 Maureen Rupp, Donn Bemath, Susie Murbach, San- chetti,Norma Burkholder. SEATED: Douglas Rich, 49 dra Short, Patricia Rufenacht. JUNIOR BAND BEGINNER'S BAND MAJORETTES STANDING-CENTER-BACK: Sharon Lindley. STANDING: Eunice Hall, Mary Ann King, Connie Wyse. KNEELING: Doris Thomas, Natalie Wyse, Rosemary Brock. SOLO AND ENSEMBLES Larry Barger, Delbert Britsch, David Miller. Norma Burkholder, Janis Peters, Florence Herbert, Margaret Rupp, Sharyn Mekus, Jane Buehrer, Dean Rupp, Rex Hornish, Douglas Linda Short, Susie Rufenacht. Rich. Anne Ruffer, Colleen Wyse, Su- BACK: Tom Grieser. MIDDLE: sie Murbach. Michael Sullivan, Barbara Gearig Tom Yoder, FRONT: Delbert Britsch, Dean Rupp. BACK: Carol Gautsche, Mary Lou Roth. FRONT: Burdette Stuckey, John Rupp. Doris DeGroff Barbara Smucker, Mary Lou Roth, Doris DeGroff, Wilmer Rupp. 51 CHORUS JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS ENSEMBLES Mary Lou Roth, Joanne Beck, BACK: Janis Peters, Janeth Maureen Rupp, Colleen Wyse. Schantz, Dorothy Leu. MIDDLE: Verlene Nafziger, Norma Burk- holder. FRONT: Janet Myers. 'K-J I r 3 2' BACK: Joyce Nofziger, Jeanette BACK: Linda Short, Sharyn Me- Wyse. MIDDLE: Sharon Asch- kus. FRONT: Susie Rufenacht, liman, Sandra Maust. FRONT: Jane Buehrer. Byrdalene Wyse, Sara Jane Zaerr. Donn Bernath, Michael Sullivan, Robert Sandra Short, Maureen Sullivan, Be rn- Fraas, David Rupp. adine Beck, Brenda Pursel. 53 INDUSTRIAL ARTS M ..-- -f- . i be Y fM,,r,..-- I ,,. '-4' KA 7' A I 4 or M. -.s---M if 5 , y 'fr t -..-bp :ale . - - EH ll ll!! II r alll 5 um ll llll llll ,llll 1 ll-l slcy ,, ,. ,.., .,,,...m,c. W... ,......: KI , , Y , up JK .W .,A. ,W ,,,,,.,' ,W k v. 5 k y I lgrkr ., V 'fun ,V .VU ' V . The year 1955-56 marked a new era for the Industrial Arts Department. After being housed for many years in somewhat of a temporary structure Mr. Hornish and the boys moved into their new building last fall. They now have afine, modern, fire-proof struc- ture with all of the latest equipment and machinery. They spent consider- able time in getting the building ready ,r, Wg . V ,g,,-55, ,- for occupancy and therefore, were unable to accomplish and complete their usual amount of shop work. They are looking forward to next year when they can get things under way as soon as school opens. Archbold High School offers a full four course in Industrial Arts for any boys who wish to specialize in this area. l i i s U-f-1 SEPTEMBER Faculty Meeting School Opens Archbold Day at fair Football Preview here Archbold 25, Eden 12 Faculty Party Archbold 6, Delta 6 Swanton 60, Archbold 12 OCTOBER Wauseon 20, Streaks 0 Homecoming, Arrows 27, Streaks 6 Ir, Play. Heading For A Wedding Archbold 22, Hicksville 13 Streaks 20, Bloomdale 14 NWOEA Meeting in Toledo NOVEMBER Montpelier 45, Archbold O. Armistice Day Vacation County Teachers at Pettisville Basketball in new gym, Streaks 55, Elementary Program Archbold 51, Montpelier 42 Thanksgiving Vacation Streaks 62, Fayette 47 DECEMBER Archbold 82, Swanton 37 Junior Play, The Adorable lmp Streaks 54, Liberty Center 38 Streaks 59, Pettisville 45 FFA Banquet Archbold 65, Delta 69 Christmas Musicale Christmas Vacation begins Streaks 70, Wauseon 71 Archbold 69, Ridgeville 73 Archbold 67, Montpelier 57 JANUARY Resume school Streaks 47, Arrows 58 Semester Examinations Streaks 66, Delta 63 Swiss Singers Concert Archbold 62, Swanton 53 Senior Scholarship Tests Archbold 65, Falcons 57 Streaks 64, Eagles 42 Archbold 58, Indians 46 FEBRARUY Streaks 55, Blackbirds 50 Drawings for County Tournament Faculty Party Streaks 58, Arrows 65 Streaks 90, Metamora 34 C.T. Archbold 51, Fayette 44 C.T. Washington's Anniversary Archbold 70, Delta 55 C.T. Finals MARCH 3 Adrian vs Defiance College here CALENDAR Lyons 40 3 6 6 10 16 21 24 27 30 APRIL 3 4 5 6 7 9 9 10 11 12 12 13 13 14 13-16 18 18 19 20 20 23 25 26 27 28 MAY 2 3 4 4 5 7 8 8 8 14 15 16 17 18 18 20 21 21,22 21 22 23 24 30 Archbold 53, Ottawa Hills 54 D,T. Miami University Boys Chorus Blood Bank in new gym District Solos and Ensembles County Musicale County Teachers at Archbold District Band and Chorus Second Every Pupil Tests Good Friday Services f Archbold 2, Fayette 3 Preliminary Dist.-State Tests Sturgis, Mich. Band Archbold 16, Pettisville 4 Science Day at Bowling Green Archbold 6, Stryker 3 Track-Archbold 36, Fayette 82 Spring Musicale Archbold 18 112, L. Center 59 112, Delta 70 Eighth Grade Tests Archbold 2, Defiance 16 Archbold 2, Montpelier 4. Quadri-County Science Fair State Solos and Ensembles Spring Vacation Track, Archbold 58, Swanton 60 Golf, Archbold 5 112, Swanton 16 112 Archbold 6, Fayette 5 C.T. State Science Day at Wittenberg Junior-Senior Banquet Archbold 2, Lyons 4 C.T. Track, Archbold 48, Liberty Center 70 Arbor Day Program Golf, Archbold 5, Napoleon 19 State Band and Chorus Track, Archbold 56 113, Montpelier 61 213 Archbold 4, Wauseon 6 Senior Play, Clover Time Track, Archbold, Lyons, Pettisville, Chesterfield State Final Scholarship Tests at B. Green Archbold 10, Delta 11 Golf, Archbold 2 112, Ottawa Hills 21 112 University of Michigan Band Baseball, Archbold 0, Defiance 16 County Track Meet at Delta Senior Play Old Doc NBC Track Meet Senior Practice for Commencement Awards Day Senior Picnic Baccalaureate Services Faculty Party Final Examinations Golf, Archbold 12, Wauseon 0 Commencement Exercises, Senior Reception Turn in books, Seniors leave on trip Grade cards and ice cream Seniors return from trip UNIOR SENIOR BAN UET sf' HO E ECONOMICS ,fmt gl '1-s. BACK ROW: Patsy Gisel, Bonnie Haas, Sharon Asch- liman, Phyllis Schnitkey, Mary Lou Roth, Bonnie Short, Carol Gautsche, Carolyn Pickett, Clara Miller, Shirley Buerge,Phyllis Graber, Barbara Gearig. THIRD ROW: Jeanette Wyse, Shirley Riegsecker, Marjorie Schantz, Leola Baer, Janice l-lausch, Doris Miller, Barbara Roth, Louana Gisel, Juliene Crossgrove, Charlene Nafziger, Sandra Maust, Linda Brodbeck, Anabelle Miller, Donna Waidelich, Bonnie Schroeder,Shir1ey Wyse, Nancy Ruffer, Sue Frankhauser. FRONT ROW: Nola Nofziger, Benadine Beck, Pamela Lauber, Betty Lou Roth, Marilyn Miller, Nadine Gisel, Carole Wheel- Dohm,Peggy Yoder, Joyce Short, Marilyn Gautsche, 3,5 er, Miss Fagley. Darlene Short, Sue Case. SECOND ROW: Lou Ann ATHLETICS I ff 11 VARSITY BASKETB LL BACK ROW: John Rich, Rex Ziegler, Doyle Hayes, Tom Mekus, Tom Stevens, Bob Bridges, William Ar- The Blue Streaks, playing a tough schedule, com- piled a record of 16 wins and 6 losses for the season. They won the county tournament for the sixth consec- utive year. They tied with Delta for the Championship of the Northern Border Conference. In the District Tourn- ament they drew a bye in the first round, then lost a heartbreaker toa good Ottawa Hills team by a score of 54 to 53. The game was decided on a free-throw in the final seconds of the game. The Reserves won 17 games and lost only one for an excellent record. Thisteam will be the varsity for next year as all of the Varsity starters will graduate. The Junior High boys had a good record and should have another fine team next year. Arcanum won the State Class B title,and Middle- town won the Class A crown. Neil Spengler won the foul Date We Opponent They Nov. 15 55. . .Lyons ..... .40 23 51. . . Montpelier. . . 42 25 62. . .Fayette .... .47 Dec. 2 82. . . Swanton . . . . 37 9 54. . .'Liberty Center . 38 13 59. . . Pettisville. . . .45 16 65. . . Delta ..... . 69 23 70. . .'Wauseon. . . .71 27 69. . . Ridgeville. . . .73 30 67. . .'Montpelier. . .57 Ian. 6 47. . . Ottawa Hills. . .58 13 66. . .'Delta. .... . 63 thur, Coach. SEATED: Roger Grieser, Fred Mehrling, Jack Miller, Neil Spengler, Wilmer Rupp, Larry Short. shooting honors and his name will be added to the trophy. Jack Miller was high scorer for the team as he netted 420 points, for one of the two or three all time highs for an Archbold player. The squad loses Jack Miller,Neil Spengler, La rry Short, Wilmer Rupp, Fred Mehrling, Dale Storrer, and Tom Mekus by graduation. The Streaks added two trophies to their collection, one for the league title, and the other for the County Tournament. The 1955- 56 season marked a new era in Archbold High School Basketball - the opening and using of the new gymnasium, taking care of about 1200 people. Large crowds were on hand for several of the games and even the smallest crowds were larger than the old gym could accomodate. Date We Opponent They Jan. 20 62. . .'Swanton. . . . 53 24 65. . Ridgeville. . . 57 27 64. . .Fayette .... .42 31 58. . .Wauseon .... 46 Feb. 3 55. . .Pettisville. . . .50 10 58 . .Ottawa Hills. . 65 County Tournament 17 90. . Metamora .... 34 18 51. . .Fayette .... .44 24 70. . .Delta ..... . 55 District Tournament Mar. 4 53. . .Ottawa Hills. . 54 VARSITYI DI IDUALS 19 6 si' I '2i1f?f?.4 7 by -1 ,kai K ireif. o oorr rero 1 o Neil Spengler Jack Miller 2 N f J' Ng. , , i ., Ayzffggg? ,. 6, 43 ., L, my A, Fred Mehrling Dale Storrer A, -. ' eee , ryyer p NM V , .l i , I if X 51: 5 :lil y U ,. .yiwr ' K kk IZ, A ' 'TSI W -i ..-Iv' '-: P-N : :- Tom Mekus Doyle Hayes I ff K .-V:, eee ee fl ' o y A ll o ..,.,. or y V: I Bob Bridges 59 Q -.Q-.AQLQZQLEST r .WW . XA air .1 JH S11 V I . 'A . R T op grfi- 1 ii -fi 'e'e V ..,, , N ,...,.,... Wilmer Rupp , Q. IQXY. fi. V - an or -, af .iw ' -2 A Q, fe A o o yr y S EX , r .,,. X gQgw we ..,. .X S4 Larry Short ,3 5 or lggi? .kx.! 1 1 2. HB 1 5 Lr,o ,. l .b...,. Tom Stevens BASKETBALL 1955-19 6 Lyons-Here-Nov.15: The Streaks initiated the new gym with an easy 55 to 40 win over Lyons. Jack Miller scored 14, Neil Spengler 13, and Larry Short 12. Montpelier-There-Nov. 23: The Streaks had to come from behind to win this one by a score of 51 to 42. Jack Miller hit for 15, Neil Spengler 14, and Wilmer Rupp 12. Fayette-Here-Nov. 25: The Streaks won an easy one over the Eagles 62 to 47. Miller 21, Spengler 18. Swanton-Here-Dec. 2: The Bulldogs forgot their fight. Streaks 82, Swanton 37. Larry Short 24, Jack Miller 21, Neil Spengler 13. Liberty Center-There-Dec. 9: The Streaks were behind at half-time but came through for their first NBC win, 54 to 38. Wilmer Dean Rupp scored 17. Pettisville-Here-Dec. 13: A packed house, Streaks 59, Blackbirds 45, Fred Mehrling 16, Neil Spengler 14. Delta-There-Dec. 16: The Streaks put up a game bat- tle but were edged 69 to 65. Jack Miller netted 27. Wauseon-Here-Dec: The Indians pulled a major upset and handed the Streaks an NBC loss 71 to 70. Jack Miller scored 23 and Neil Spengler 13. Ridgeville-There-Dec. 27: The Streaks ran short of gas in the closing moments 73 to 69. Miller 22, Rupp 19, Spengler 18. Montpelier-Here-Dec. 30: The Streaks annexed their second league win 67 to 57. Fred Mehrling 25, Jack Miller 20. Ottawa Hills-There-Jan. 6: The Arrows were too good and the Streaks were far from top form and lost 58 to 47. NeilSpeng1er 13, Larry Short and Jack Miller 12. Delta-Here-Jan. 13: The biggest crowd of the season: The Streaks gain revenge in a thriller 66 to 63. Dale Storrer the hero with 4 straight free throws. Miller 23, Spengler 16. This was an NBC game. Swanton-There-Jan. 20: A tough game but the Streaks prevailed 62 to 53. Jack Miller 24. An NBC win. A tie for the championship cinched, Ridgeville-Here-Jan. 24: Re v e n ge on the F a l c o n s. Streaks 65 Falcons 57. Jack Miller 27. Fayette-There-Jan. 27: Streaks had an easy win, 64 to 42. Miller 20, Short 16. Wauseon-There-Jan. 31: A Memphis Special Re - venge on Indians. Archbold 58, Wauseon 46. Spen- gler 17, Miller 16. Pettisville-There-Feb. 3: A packed house-Streaks 55. Blackbirds 50. Miller 15. Ottawa Hills-Here-Feb. 10: Aclose tough, game all the way but the Arrows again downed the Streaks 65 to 58. Miller 23, Rupp 13. Last Home game for Senior Members of the squad. COUNTY TOURNAMENT Metamora-Here-Feb. 17: An easy win. 12 men scored for the Streaks as they won 90 to 34. I ack Miller scored 21 and Fred Mehrling 16. Fayette-There-Feb. 18: The Streaks had a tough foe, but came through the second half for a 51 - 44 win. Short 13, Rupp 12. Delta-At Archbold-Feb 24: These two teams broke even in their two games during the season-both scores c l o se . A great game in prospect. Gym packed. Streaks played one of their finest games ever and d owned the Panthers 70 to 55. Jack Miller scored 28, Larry Short 14, and Neil Spengler 12. This marked the sixth straight year the Streaks were County Champs. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT ANTHONY WAYNE Ottaway Hills-March 4. The Streaks drewafirst round bye and then were matched with theirseason's nemisis, Ottawa Hills. Another terrific battle en- sued. The Streaks held a 4 point lead at half-time, but a poor third quarter saw them 4 points behind. The score was tied several times in the final quarter and when it seemed the Streaks might salvage the game fortune decreed otherwise. A combination of inefficient timing and a doubtfull call by an official gave the Arrows the game on a free throw. Score 54 to 53. This ended the Streaks efforts on the bas- ketball court, and saw them relinquish their 1955 District Championship,which was eventually won by Ney. Jack Miller closed his career with 21 points and Neil Spengler had 14. Win or lose the boys generally gave their best and no one can give more. The lessons they leamed play ing the game are worth much more than the victories won. RESERVE BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Gary Short, Donald Frey, John Rupp, Bill Palmer, John Rich, Tom Stevens, Doyle Hayes, Gerald Myers, Lee Wyse, Rex Ziegler, Mearl May, Bob Bridges, Gary Storrer. Coach Bill Arthur. FRONT ROW: Ronnie Fielitz, JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL STANDING: Everardo Santos, Alfred Dohm, Dean Pete Short, Cloyce Nofziger, Denny Miller, George B e c k , T o m Gr ie s e r, Mike Sullivan, Bob Fraas. Baird, Coach. SEA TED: Dean Rupp, Frank Winzeler, Gene Roth, SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL STANDING: Merle Klopfenstein, Gary Mil1er,Dwayne Max Smith, Paul Lauber, Roger Meier, David Grisier, Rufenacht, Jack Short, Steward Wyse, James Kleck, Max Stuckey, Bob Lauber, Douglas Rich, Coach Baird. James Kleck, David Miller. SEATED: Rex Hornish, 61 SPORT APS HN I1-41 'SV , is 3 ,ff -, U VARSITY FOOTB LL 2333? i. y I ' V 1A, - ix . 2 L......-,main-. .... ...... BACK ROW: Fred Gearing, Doyle Hayes, Bob Bridges, Gary Storrer,Donald Clair, Rex Ziegler, Herbert Ruffer. THIRD ROW: Jerry Thompson, Bill DeGroff, Richard Stickroth , Bob Grisier, Gary Myers, Victor Miller, Robert Mille r , Coach, Sutherland. SECOND ROW: Graeme The Blue Streak had a fairly good season consider- ing the fact that they played a very rugged schedule, including the teams in the Northern Border Conference. The boys won three, lost four and tied one. Wauseon won the first championship of the newly created NBC Conference. Edward Sutherland and William Arthur coached the team. The Junior High team, coached by George Baird had a good season and many of the boys will be seeing action on next year's varsity. The Varsity lost the following seniors by graduation. - Backs, Jack Miller, Howard Grime, Dale Storrer. Line- men - John Scales, Lowell Rupp, Neil Sperigler. 1955 FOOTBALL Eddon-Here-Sept. 16: Archbold 25, Edon 12. The Streaks looked good as they stopped the Bombers quite easily. Bob Bridges scored twice, and Dale Storrer and Gary Storrer once each. Rex Ziegler place kicked the extra point. Delta-There-Sept 23: The Streakswonagreat moral victory as they held the highly favored Panthers to a 6-6 tie. Dale Storrer scored for the Streaks. Swanton Here-Sept. 30: The Bulldogs ran wild. Swan- ton 60, Archbold 12,Jack Miller and Bill DeGroff scored for Archbold. fs ,QMS -X ,..f ,ax VVLKIMQ S-ew f- A A ' X' '7-' W f is 7. RH Mi .vll J J A J Y Y ,f as Lauber, Bill Palmer, Beryl Grisier, Tom Stevens, Duane Penrod,Randy Wyse, Gene Graff, Coach, Arthur. FRONT ROW: James Rice, Dale Storrer, Howard Grime, Lowell Rupp, Jack Miller, Neil Spengler, John Scales. Wauseon- There-Oct. 7: The Indians were too good-- a very muddy field plus Streak mistakes equals final score, Wauseon 20, Archbold O. Ottawa Hills- Here-Oct. 14. A close game for three quarters. The Streaks gambled and lost several times. Arrows 27, Streaks 6 - Homecoming game. Bridges went over for Archbold. Hicksville - There - Oct. 21. The Streaks rolled toa 20-O half-time lead and fought off a last quarter scare to win 22 to 13. Doyle Hayes, Jack Miller and Tom Stevens crossed the last stripe for the Streaks. PAT-Mi1- ler and D. Storrer. Safety, John Scales. Bloomdale-Here Oct. 27. The Streaks again coasted toa 20-0 half-time edge and were hanging on the ropes at the finish, but won 20 to 14. Neil Spengler, Dale Storrer and Jack Miller pushed over the markers. PAT- Doyle Hayes and Rex Ziegler. Montpelier- There - Nov. 4: The Locomotives were rolling full steam ahead! Final score, Montpelier 45, Archbold 0. Streaks held a large margin in first downs but could not cross the goal line. Final game for Arch- bold's seniors. Most of these boys gave four years of football and were highly instrumental in establishing it on the high school sports calendar. UNIOR HIGH FGOTB LL .P A Q' as ,3j'-is ' 9 - ill 4 , fi... is :Qi ai R livll is Vi at M U N Y he v,g3.,.,,,, , V- Vivv Q X V . ,VV':, ' 4-fa...-f ., , ,, as , 4 A J B i X 1 fs l s 1 gig, riglf ' W, . f 1LlW A K Ke is 5 ' W 'fn ' ' ,, 75' r B ,K an f,......i , Q , , , sex ' tft. as Q fs L A It lgessssalai laik S ' L.: A . , - A . S all BACK ROW: Bob Lauber, David, Grisier, Roger Hall, Larry Wheeler, Dean Mil1er,James Kleck, Max Stuckey, Jun- ior Nafziger,Jimmy Rupp,Denny Miller, Coach George Baird. MIDDLE ROW: Terry Murbach, Tommy Galla- way, Paul Lauber, David Miller, Gene Spiess, David Neal, Kenneth Nafziger, Johnny Jiminez, Larry Barger, David Menichetti. FRONT ROW: Bob Fraas, Mike Wyse, David Rupp, Tom Grieser, Mike Sullivan, Alfred Dohm, Gene Roth, Delbert Britsch, Roger Meier, Jack Short, Everardo Santos, Rex Hornish. I-IOMECOMING Q EENS Mary Lou Roth, Joanne Beck, Maureen Rupp, Queeng Janeth Schantz, Shirley Weber. As usual, the football squad chose a Queen and her c o u r t t o r e i gn over the annual Homecoming game. Maureen Ruppwas chosen to be the queen. Her attend- ants were Joanne Beck, Janeth Schantz, Mary Lou Roth and Shirley Weber. The Green Arrows of Ottawa Hills gave the Streaks their first Homecoming defeat in the last four years by a score of 27 to 6. Mary Lou Roth, Joanne Beck, Maureen Rupp, Queeng Janeth Schantz,Shir1ey Weber. J SPORT SNAPS G4 CHEERLEADERS VARSITY BASKETBALL Janis Peters, Ianeth Schantz, Ioanne Beck, Maureen Rupp, Barbara G g JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL P icia Rufenacht, Shirley Rupp, Jnae Buehrer, Sharon Lindley FOOTBALL Mary Lou Roth, Joanne Beck, Janis Peters, Janeth Schantz, Maureen Rupp, B b G g BASEBALL BACK ROW: Tom Stevens, Wilmer Rupp, Gerald Myers,Doy1e Hayes, Larry Short, Gary Storrer, Rex Ziegler. FRONT ROW: Coach Arthur, Ben West- The 1956 Blue Streak baseball team did not enjoy the success of the teams of the past decade. Good pitching was available, but a lack of hitting and an inexperienced infield kept the team fromgoing far. They eliminated Fay- ette in the County tournament, then lost to Lyons in the semi - finals. Pettisville defeated Lyons for the county championship. Date Archbold Opponent April 3 .... Z .... Fayette 3 ..... 6 .... 16 .... Pettisville 4 . . . 6....St1'yker3... 9 12 . . . Z .... Montpelier 4. . 13 . . . 2 .... Defiance 16 19 .... 6 .... Fayette 5 C.T. fall, Tom Grieser, Dean Rupp, Pete Short, Alfred Dohm,Ronny Gigax,Mike Sullivan. ABSENT: Neil Spengler, Jack Miller, Bob Bridges and Rex Ziegler did the pitching with Doyle Hayes and Mike Sullivan sharing the catching duties. A nucleus for a good team is available for next year. Neil Spengler, Larry Short, Jack Miller, and Wilmer Rupp will be lost by graduation. Date Archbold April 23 .... Z .... Lyons 4 C.T. May 3 .... 4 .... Wauseon 6 7 .... 10 .... Delta ll 8 . . . 0 .... Defiance 15 Opponent GOLF V ic t o r Miller, Lamar Gisel, Tom Mekus, N e il Spengler, Gene Sauder, Roger Grieser, Steward Wyse. The Blue Streaks engaged in their fourth season of golf. Most ofthe squad members had only limited previous experience. Neil Spengler was the number one player on the team. Tom Mekus, Roger Grieser, Lamar Gisel, Larry Short and Gene Sauder were the other regular members. Bill DeGroff saw action when he had no conflicts with Track. Since all the first string menwere seniors it will be necessary to develop some new material for next year. There is considerable interest in the sport and a goodly number of younger boys have been working to learn the primary fundamentals of the game. Golf has great carry-over values and will be played by adults long after their school days are over. Date Archbold Opponent Place April 18 ..... 5 lfZ . . . . Swanton 16 lfZ . . . . . Valleywood-Swanton Z7 , , , , 5 , , , . Napoleon 19 ........ Napoleon Golf Club May 8 ,,,,, 2 1fZ . . . . Ottawa Hills Z1 lfZ . . . va11eywo0d-Swanton 21 ,,,,, 12 , . . Wauseon O ..... . . . Napoleon Golf Club GOLF SNAPS TRACK BACK ROW: Coach Baird, Bob Grisier, Wilmer Rupp, I ohn Seales, Duane Penrod, Dale Storrer, Junior Schantz, John Rich, Doyle Hayes, Myrl Sauder, John Rupp, Mike Sullivan, Ronny Gigax, Coach Sutherland. FRONT ROW: An ambitious, but inexperienced squad of track hopefuls reported for action this spring. Mr. Baird and Mr. Sutherland coached the boys. Bad weather made practice and holding meets a problem but the boys kept at it and some of them began to show considerable improvement as time went on. Several close meets were lost because the team lacked balanced strenght, expecially in the field events. Pete Short, Merle Beck, Bill Palmer, Bill DeGroff, Ron- nie Fielitz, Gary Rupp, Graeme Lauber, Tom Grieser, Gary Storrer, Dean Rupp, Alfred Dohm. also we re exposed to the fundamentals of the different events in the hope that itwouldcreate more interest and give the boys a good start when they enter high school. Duane Penrod was the winner for top scoring honors, with John Scales second. The following seniors will be lost by graduation: Wilmer Dean Rupp, John Scales, Dale Storrer, and Don Sommers. A large number of Junior High boys Liberty Center 591fZ Delta 70 Liberty Center 70 Montpelier 61 2.f3 2.0, Pettisville 17 lfZ, Chesterfield 17 DATE PLACE SCORES April 9 Home . . . Archbold 36 ..... Fayette 82 April ll Delta . . . Archbold 18 lf2 . . . . . Arpil 18 Home .... ,Archbold 58 . . . Swanton 60 April 25 Away . . . Archbold 48 . . . . . May Z Home . . . Archbold 56 lf3 . . . . . May 4 Home .... Archbold 89 1f2, Lyons May 14 Delta fCounty Meetj Fayette 93, Delta 69, Archbold 30 lf2, Lyons 13, Pettisville ll 1fZ, Chesterfield 2 May 16 Liberty Center fNBC Meetl Liberty Center first, Delta, Montpelier, Archbold, and Swanton in order 68 TI-ILETIC STAFF Edward Sutherland,Footba11,Track: William Arthur, Basketball, Baseball, Assistant Foot- ball: I. H. Spengler, Golf, Jacob Burkholder, Athletic Director, George Baird,Junior High Football, Basketball, Varsity Track. MANAGERS BACK ROW: David Rupp. Victor Miller, Robert Miller, James Rice, Graeme Lauber, FRONT ROW: Jerry Thompson. Rex Hornish. Kenneth Nafziger, Roger Klopfenstein, Roger Mehrling. A-ASSOCIATION BACK ROW: Robert Miller, Rex Ziegler, Gary Myers, Victor Miller, Gary Storrer,Doyle Hayes, Donald Clair, Jerry Thompson, Randy Wyse, Ronnie Fielitz. MIDDLE ROW: Graeme Lauber, Robert Bridges, Beryl Grisier, Herbert Ruffer,Robert Grisier, Tom Stevens, Gene Graf, Duane Penrod, Howard Grime, Wilmer Rupp. FRONT ROW: Fred Gearing, Bill Palmer, James Rice, Bill De- Groff, Dale Storrer, Larry Short, Neil Spengler, Tom Mekus,Lowe1l Rupp, Gene Sauder, Fred Mehrling, Jack Miller. G9 DR. R. O, RYCHENER RYCHE ER AWARD Dr, Ralph O. Rychener, an Alumnus of Archbold High School, and now a successful surgeon in Mem- phis. Tennessee,who has long been noted for his very generous moral and financial support of all athletic and other activities in our school. in 1946 establish- ed an Annual Senior Athletic Award of one hundred dollars cash toa graduatingsenior boy. This scholar- ship was named in honor of Mr. Rychener's parents. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Rychener. local residents. who always displayed a keen interest in local school af- fairs. The award is made on the following basis: Thirty per cent Athletic abilityg thirty per cent scholarshipg twenty per cent neatness and personal appearanceg and twenty per cent general school attitude. In 1952 a slight revision was made in the award making the cash payment of the one hundred dollars only if the winner goes on to college. If he does not continue his education beyond high school he will receive a watch chain medal instead of the cash award. An- other new provision states that he must have an aver- age of B or better in all of his English courses. If the one chosen for the award does not use it by going to college it will be held in escrow for the next year. The winner of the award is selected by a secret vote of the high school faculty. Former winners of the award were as follows: Aden Storrer, 1946: Gerald Lehman, 19475 Paul Sigg. 19485 Arthur Kleck, 1949gJohn Clair, l950g Dale Leu. 19515 Ralph Burkholder, 19523 Paul Yoder. 1953: Andy Mur- bach, 1954: and Robert Kleck, 1955. I X .9mg:,syg, K 1 - i fy , ,715 . A xi, -'fjflgil - , ' . ii .5-wi 11. ,, J , ,jgjtfg ww 7 A f f - . V. :f5g:algf,t',fg:,g,t1ig: 12. f i , i l il71'1Z5-fi ET 1 f ' 3 --. . .gf T: -,, , ' iii-fi '2ffstf1i.gtgtfigg5E ' all WILMER DEAN RUPP, I R. ' 'fu' X ..., ' , .. .. ,...,,,, .. , 70 ADVERTISING DIRECTORY Students, Teachers, Parents and Friends: This Annual was brought to you ata reasonable price through the wholehearted cooperation and financial support of the friendly merchants of our community. They have amply demonstrated their good will toward our school and their support is greatly appreciated by the publishers of this book. Let us extend our patronage and good will to them in the same friendly manner in which they have given theirs to us. Following is a list of the merchants whose contributions made the 1956 Edition of THE BLUE STREAK possible. ACCOUNTANTS Walter C. Webster ATTORNEYS-AT- LAW Willard Mack Owen Rice AUCTIONEER'S Denver Stuckey AUCTION SALES Yoder and Frey, Inc. BAKERIES Lang's Bake ry BANKS Peoples State Bank Farmers and Merchants State Bank BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Vearl's Barber Shop Florence's Beauty Shop Fred's Barber Shop Litwiler's Barber Shop BUILDER'S AND CONTRACTORS Riegsecker Brothers Claude Rupp, Pettisville CONCRETE PRODUCTS Archbold Concrete Products Elmira Cement Block and Tile DAIRY PRODUCTS Babcock Dairy Short's Dairy DENTISTS Drs. Hackett and Mellor DITCHING AND EXCAVATING Miller Bros. Contractors Vern Gisel DRUG STORES The City Drug DRY CLEANERS Archbold Cleaners Bancroft Cleaners DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Helen's Dry Goods Archbold Dry Goods ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Eldon Roth Electric Vic's Electric Valiton Electric Service Ray Lantz and Son FARM EQUIPMENT Leichty Farm Equipment Stacey's Farm Implement King-Wyse , Inc. Rychener Farm Implement Walter Breniser FLOOR COVERING O. J. Short FLORISTS Archbold Greenhouse FOOD PROCESSING La Choy Food Products FUNERAL HOMES Grisier's Funeral Home Short's Funeral Home GARAGES AND SERVICE STATIONS Leichty Motor Sales Archbold Sales and Service Paul's Friendly Service Whitey's Sohio Service Crossgrove's Garage - Elmira De Groff's Marathon Christy Motor Sales Nofzinger Motor Sales Lowell Thomas - Mobil Short Sales and Service HARDWARE AND LUMBER Stotzer's Hardware Vernier's Hardware Rupp Lumber Co., Pettisville Gotshall Lumber Co. ADVERTISING DIRECTORY Western Auto HATCHERIES Wyse Bros. Turkey Farm and Hatchery Archbold Hatchery, Inc. HOME FURNISHINGS Short Furniture Co. Rupp's Furniture Co. INSURANCE A. J. Stamm Vincent S. Beck Kenneth O. Short Ora Rupp John Couch W. G. Theobald Floyd Lauber JEWELERS Kluepfe1's Jewelry LIVE-STOCK AND MEAT PACKING Lugbill Bros. , Inc. Lloyd Myers MEN'S CLOTHING AND FURNISH- INGS Dale Rufenacht Lauber's Clothing NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS Archbold Buckeye PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Jesse Nofzinger Orville Pursel Herman Britsch PHOTOGRAPHERS Richard Erbskorn Kull, Photographer, Wauseon Davidson Studio, Bryan PLUMBING AND HEATING Fraas Plumbing and Heating L. B. Frey and Sons R. M. Gearing POULTRY PRODUCTS Hayes Poultry PUBLIC UTILITIES Ohio Gas Co. RADIO AND TELEVISION APPLI- ANCE SERVICES Bob Hughes S and S Television Service RESTAURANTS Home Restaurant Gert 8: Bud's The Cup and Saucer The Steak House RETAIL FOOD SE RVICES A. 8: P. Store Ruffex-'s Market Jim's Red and White Lugbill's Market Corner Market SCAFFOLDING Bil-Jax, Inc. SEED AND FEED Archbold Seed and Grain Co. Elmira Elevator Fayette Grain and Feed Elevator Fagley Seed Co. John Stuckey Northwest Farm Service, Bill Rupp, Jr. SHOE STORES Hes s Shoe Store THEATERS Sc ott The ate r TRUCKING AND FREIGHT Archbold Truck Line, Inc. Mid-Ame rica Trucking, Inc. VARIETY STORES Archbold Gift and Variety, Fashion Shop Fish's Variety Store VE TE RINARIANS Dr. J. R. Peters WOODWORKING AND MANUFAC - TURING Wauseon Woodworking Co. Leininger Home Supply, Elmira Wauseon Manufacturing Co. Sauder Manufacturing Co. Lauber Manufacturing Co. Archbold Ladder Co. Dennis Nofziger-Overhead Doors Scott Port-a-Fold, Inc. Sauder Woodworking Co. Baer Cabinet and Specialty Shop Home Furniture Shop MISC ELLANEOUS Nagel's Recreation Family Book Store Huffman's Dusting and Seeding 'K fy ' is AWK ?4T f i , Q L, ,pa F 1 .,,, . - W . fifth 0 'fl , af W b xy M .4 v g . 1,f,L ,. R 7, , 4,25 ' A .to ' I M , 'D 1'-fnww? 4 ' Kaur' lv! A ,fa W 'wsu N33 sf ff, Q -lg Af. 'W F in 4? 'Ji 4 ,M .51 A , jx gli. 4 H ',,v F ' ,im , .AS V B , 8 H., -Ki ,, 5 0 K, A ' uv, 1 2 fa- 1-, Qu Q W . fv I. I HX - , ,R V., as v ig? M 'N' K+ ' 'wi we ' ww 99' fa.,

Suggestions in the Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) collection:

Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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