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Soups on! ix You Got To Have Rock Love ,ur rg, ., 5 Oh these women! xv? swag YJ .swax ge There must be an answer somewhere! Beautiful car isn't it? 'ld . 1311 I I ft! . fw't?,H -7 y af ,,:YMXk 0 M ,rr rrr. are-.rn if 3, hrr it Jr Ogi 41 ,,, m e U , s f J 'A i gm - Beautiful day isn't it? o h at Q . W - it of orro fr ,ei M 7 K ,-. :ge-,gr1.:1Ps5' ww W Ljgif he -X 1 . The three bosom? buddies. .oz Long day wasn't it? ,ff ff' veg' i xt was How comfortable can you get! A ,, Q! ' 'ek 'ai W ' ' , - eswffwlgfjb Where is the male population? pn. ,tw 'I , M Q' Wx WMLQH Nature boy? Just like the birds do it. 0 bg 1, a C6 allbe r 'Who Germ 904 Looks good doesn't it? yr- f V e we gf' Here we are ! DEDICATION .. '55j' if S, ti., A ,Q 5 1, ff ,w it ff' 5 A! A Ns. 1 .1- .- . hw ix - I my We, the graduating class of 1955, take great pleasure in dedicating this issue of the Blue Streak to the 1955 COUNTY and DISTRICT BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS. The Blue Streaks won the county title for the fifth consecutive year and after being runner-up in the district for two consecutive years, they came through in fine style to annex the District title. The team won Z3 games and lost onlyZ and went farther along the tourna- ment trail than any Archbold team had done in years. Congratulations to the team, the coach, and their loyal followers. ,, Editor-in-Chief. . . Robert Kleck Assistant Editor. . Helen Schultz Business Manager. Barbara Ruffer Faculty Adviser . . J. H. Spengler THE W f H5577 Published by The Senior Class Archbold High School Archbold, Ohio BOARD OF EDUCATION DR. J. R. PETERS President mmxw W I LYLE OSBORNE MRS. ARVAH SIEGEL OWEN RICE Clerk 2 DR. WM. J. NEAL Vice President JAMES BARGER FACULTY ADMIN ISTR TIO I. H. SPENGLER Superintendent B.S. Bowling Green State Uni- versity M.A. University of Michigan R. L. LORTON JACOB BURKHOLDER Elementary Principal High School Principal B.S. Oberlin College B. S., A.B. Adrian College M.A. Ohio State University M.A. Bowling Green State Uni versity BETTY RYCHENER School Secretary 4 . an Y HS A P5 L ' i ' ., E .,. I W ' . FACULTY SNAPSHOTS 1---....,., 1 . ws? jg, K .. ,,, XA, ,Q M, ff FF' A, lnlI w A 4amxirwW .iwsxxnw W 2.-':'MffW1- K X THOMAS L. PARKER Mathematics B.L. Berea College B.A. Ohio University M.A. Ohio State University EVELYN RUPP English, Commercial B.S. Bowling Green State University RALPH THORPE Social Stud ies, junior High School B.S. Findlay College IRWIN SLESNICK Science B.S. Bowling Green State University M.S. University of Michigan EDWARD SUTHERLAND Social S t u d ie s , Football and Track Coach B.S. Defiance College ELVA KEIM Commercial B . A . S p o k a n e University, Ohio State University, Ohio University, Defiance College MARGARET LODER English, Social Studies B.S. University of Michigan 6 RUTH FAGLEY Home Economics, English B.S. Wittenberg, Defiance College, Columbia University GLENN GALLAWAY Vocational Agriculture B.S. Ohio State University DONALD HORNISH Industrial Arts El. Degree Manchester College B.S. O io Northern WILLIAM ARTHUR Physical Education, Basketball baseball coach, assistant foot ball coach B.S. Ohio Northern University FRANCIS I. MENICHETTI Music B.M. University of Michigan, Uni- versity of Illinois M.M. University of Michigan GAYLE BOURQUIN Librarian, Latin B.S. Bowling Green State University 7 mm- FLORENCE WALTER Kindergarten Ypsilanti Normal MILDRED BERNATH First Grade Bowling Green State University BESSIE FREY Second Grade I Defiance College, Bowling Green State University. B. S.Goshen College JOAN SLENTZ Third Grade Bowling Green State University MARILYN FREY Third Grade Goshen College 8 BETTY DIETZ Kindergarten Washingtonjunior College, Bowling Green State University, B. S. Defiance College. ANNA ROSE NAFZIGER First Grade Goshen College MARY ELLEN RUPP Second Grade B o wl i n g Green State University, H o u g h t o n College, B. S. Goshen College MABEL NOFZIGER Fourth Grade Bowling Green State University HAZEL BURKHOLDER MARVEL TRESSLER Fifth Grade Elementary Music Bowling Green State University Ypsilanti Normal, Bowling Green VIOLET SCHLATTER Sixth Grade B o wl i n g Green State University, University of Indiana State University 9 DONNA SLESNICK Fourth Grade B.S. Bowling Green State University JUNE KOHLI Fifth Grade Bowling Green State University DOROTHY SPENGLER Sixth Grade Bowling Green State University Ohio University, Defiance College Indiana University Mary Grime, Ella Beck, Christie Grime, Bessie Short Earl Bourquin-Elementary Custodian Arthur Taylor -High School Engineer an 1- ,WWF Mg xx, 'N ' . Mx 1 J .4 4 gh X f iii Lawrence Smucker Lowell Thomas Warren Kingsbury Earl Bourquin Elmira Howard Reed Virgil Degmff Arthur Liechty Wilmer Rupp Franklin 10 SENIORS ROBERT KLECK Engineer Student Council Pres. and V. Pres., Class Pres., Nat. l-lr. Soc. Pr e s. , A -Association V. Pres., Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Foot- ball Co-Capt., Band Manager, Chorus, Prelim. and Dist. Scholarship Tests, Annual Ed.-in Chief, Sr. Scholarship Tests, Books and Crooks , East Lynne , Alpha Honor Roll, Salutatorian, Sci. Competition, Sci. Club Pres., Music Compe- tition, Halloween Queen Escort. JANET WYSE Elementary Teacher Band, Chorus, Glee Club, Solo, Quintet, County Festival, Band Treas. , Band Council, Sci-Questa Club, Sci. Competition, Social C lub , Office Sec., Class Sec., Alpha Honor Roll, Football Quee n, Summe r Dramatics, Wedding Spells , Pickles Be- comes a Lady . CURTIS BECK Television Technician Sr. Class V. Pres., Student Council, Dist. and State Sci. Competition, Alpha Honor Roll, Nat. Hr. Soc. V. Pres., Prelim. and Dist. Scholarship Tests, Sr. Scholarship Te st s, Sci-Questa Club Pres. and V. Pres., Sci. Fair Committee Chairman, County Festival, Chorus, Music Compe- tition, Boys Glee, Track, Noon Games, East Lynne CI-IARLENE STUCKEY Stenographer Band, Band Council, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Clarinet Quartet, Mixed Octet, Music Competition, County Festival, Student Council, Ir. and Sr. Treas., Chorus Sec. and Treas., Sc i. Competition, Scholarship Tests, Nat. l-lr. Soc. Honor Roll, Books and Crooks , Pick1es Be- comes a Lady , Home Ec. Club, Noon Games. ANNEITA BALDWIN SHIRLEY BRIDGES JOANN BRODBECK Bank Teller Secretary Band , Chorus, Girl 's Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Arch- County Festival, Ensemble Com- e t te S t a ff , G r a d e School p e t it io n, Band Librarian, State Assistant, Librarian. a nd Dist. Competition, Chorus Librarian, Sci-Questa Club, Quad ri County Science Fair, So cial C lub, Archette Staff, Office Secretary, Annual, East Lynne . PHILIP BUEHRER STANLEY BUEHRER Teacher and Coach Teacher and Coach A-Association, Honor Roll, A-Association, Baseball, F o o tb all, Basketball -Captain, Basketball, Golf, Football, Band , Golf, B a se b all, East Lynne . Solo and Ensemble Competition, Books a nd Crooks , Science Chorus , Books and Crooks , Competition, Chorus, Boy's Glee East Lynne , Honor Roll. Club, Band , County Festival, Noon Games. Medical Technology Nat. I-lonor Soc., Nat. Honor Soc. Sec., Alpha Honor Roll, Sci- Questa Club, Nat. Sci. Fair, Sci. Talent Search Test, Dist. and State Sci. Competition, Quadri- County Sci. Fair, Jr. Academy ol Sc 1. , Sci. Club Sec., Treas. of Class, Sec. of Class, Summer Music Scholarship, Band, Major- ette, Chorus, State and Dist. Music Competition, County Fe st iv al, Student Council, Sr. S c h o l a r sh ip Test, Scholarship Tests, Books and Crooks , East Lynne Summer Dramatics, Play Prompter, Social Club, 4-H Club, Annual. DEANNA BURKHOLDER U.S.W.M.C. Archette Staff, Noon Games, Social Club, Girl's Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Cheer- le a d e r , Sports Captain, Office Secretary, Band, Quadri County Science Fair, Grade School Assistant. SUSAN FAGLEY Entertainment Field Band,Chorus, Girls Glee, Solo Music Competition, County Festival, Sci-Questa Club, Band Council, Science Competition, Social Club Treas., Honor Roll, Prelim. Scholarship Tests, Summer Dramatics, Books and Crooks , East Lynne , Quintet, Sr. English Librarian, Girls Basket- ball C apt . , Intramural Games, Sci. Fair. BARBRA-DYNE GRABER Secretary Home Ec. Club, Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Atchette Staff, Music Competition, Science Fair. ROBERT FREY Teacher Chorus, Band, Dist. and Local Sci. Competition, Brass Sextet, Sci-Questa Club, Wedding Spells . and Pickles Becomes a Lady , Boys Glee Club, Basket- ball, Football Track, Noon Games, A-Association, County Fe stiva l , Dist. and State Band and Chorus Competition, Student Conductor. RALPH GRIESER Farmer 4-H, S c ie nc e Competition, Noon Games, Chorus. MARY ELAINE GIBSON Beautician Home Ec. Club, Honor Roll, Social Club, Chorus, Girls Glee Club , Sc ie nce Fair, Chorus Competition , Science Com- petition. Band, Secretary to the P r in c i p al, Pickles Becomes a L a d y , Class Prophecy Writer, Archette Staff. FRED GRISIER Undertaker Sci-Questa Club Sec., Science Competition, Science Fair Com- mittee, Movie Operator, Football, Track, Basketball, Noon Games, A -Association, Band , Chorus, Boys Glee C lu b . Band Competition, Ensemble Competition, County Festival, Class Vice Pres., Wedding Spells . Pickles Be- comes a Lady . 14 INEZ GUERRERO NICK HOLIAN LORETTA KERNIG Secretary Engineer or Poet U.S.W.M.C. Home Ec. Club, F.H.A. Club, Honor Roll, Noon Games, SocialClub,Girl'sClub,Home Girl's Glee Club, Archette Staff, Science Competition. Ec. Club, Office Secretary, Band Social Club, Librarian, Honor Homemaker of Tomorrow Award Roll. Winner, Grade School Assistant. PAT LISAK HELEN LODER TED LOVEJOY Lab Technician Doctor's Receptionist Businessman Noon Basketball, Table Tennis Socia1Club, Honor Roll, Home BaI1d,Ch0fUS, Boys C166 Club C h am p ion , Chorus, Prince of Pea ce Contest, Sci. Fair, Sci. Competition at B.G. and Athens, Sci-Questa Club, Office Sec., Social Club, Jr. Play. Wedding Spells , Prelim. Tests,Dist. S c h ol a r . Test, Sr. Scholarship Test, Honor Roll, County Festival, 4-H, Pres., V. Pres., Girls Scout L e a d e r , Sr. Play, Pickles Be - comes a Lady . Ec. Club, Chorus, County Festival Senior English, Class Treasurer Archette Sta ff -Assistant Editor, Books and Crooks , Pickles Be- comes a Lady , Science Fair. Solo and Ensemble Competition Books and Crooks , Football, A- Association, Chorus Competition Band Competition. 15 , il askw lynn-Inv' LYNDA MILLER RICHARD NOFZIGER DONALD NOFZIGER Dental Hygienist Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Band. Solo E n se mb le Competition , Social Club Pres. and Treas., Honor Roll, Sci-Questa Club, Sci. Competition, Sci. Fair, Wedding Spells , Homecoming Attendant, Intramural Games, Class Treas., County Festiva1,Girls Basketball Capt., Senior English Librarian, Prelim. Tests, East Lynne . WILLARD NOFZINGER Track, A-Association. I Teacher Nat. Honor Soc., Football, Sr. Scholarship Tests, Prelim. and Dist. Scholarship Tests, Books and Crooks , Pickles Becomes a Lady , Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, Class Pres., Student Council, A- Association, Alpha Honor Roll, Sci. Competition, Sci. Club, Music Competition, Halloween Attendant Escort. ROBERT ROTH Wildlife Technician Ba nd, Brass Sextet, Brass Quartet, Dist. and State Solo Competition, Chorus, Boys Glee Club, C ounty Band, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Dist. and State Sci. Competition, Nat. Sci. Fair, Honor Roll, Scholarship Tests, Sci-Questa Club, Quadri- C o u n t y S c i. Fair, Wedding Spells , East Lynne , Laboratory Assistant, Band Manager. College Track, Prince of Peace Con- test, Boy's Glee Club,Noon Games, East Lynne , A -Associa - tion. MARLENE RUFENACHT Teacher Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee, Music Competition, Librarian, G r ad e School Assistant, Alpha Honor Roll, Books and Crooks , Office Secretary, Science Com- petition, Home Ec. Club, Pickles Becomes a Lady . 16 is BARBARA RUFFER DAVID RUFFER Secretary Girl's Glee Club, Honor Roll, Student Council Treasurer, Social C lub , Cheerleader, Home Ec. Club Vice President, Science Competition, Librarian, Office Secretary, Class Treasurer, An- nual Staff, Halloween Attendant, A r c he t t e Staff, Music Com- petition, Chorus Accompanist, Science Fa ir, Grade School Assistant, Editor of Archette, Solo Accompanist, Pickles Be- c o me s A Lady , Senior Play, County Festival, Chorus Com- petition. JOAN SAUDER Elementary Teacher National Honor Society, Girl's Glee Club, Pick1es Becomes A Lady , Senior Scholarship Tests, District and State Scholarship Tests, Science Competition, Sci- ence Fair. Business Band, Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, S c i e n c e Club Vice President, Science Competition, Archette Staff, Solo and Ensemble Com - petition, A Association Presi- d e nt, Wedding Spe1ls , East Lynne , Football, County Festival, District and State Scholarship Tests. WALTER SCHMUCKER Dairy Farmer Honor Roll, Chorus, Boy's Glee C lu b, N oon Games, Science Competition, Archette Staff, Books and Crooks , Pickles Be - comes A Lady . - ROGER RUPP Farmer Football Co-Captain, A Association, Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, F.F.A., Pickles Becomes A Lady , Noon Games, Science Competition, Science Fair. HELEN SCHULTZ Nurse Band , Chorus, Girl's Glee Club, National Honor Society, Student Council Secretary, Band Council Treasurer, Social Club Se c re ta ry and Vice President, East Lynne , Wedding SpellsZ', Sci -Questa Club T r e a s u r e r, Freshman Class President, Sum- mer Dramatics, County Festival, Scholarship Tests, Noon Games, Alpha Honor Roll, Science Com- petition, Music Competition, An- nual Staff, Science Fair, Football Cheerleader. 17 BETTY IO SCOTT MERLE SEILER DONALD D. SHORT Professional Musician Band President, Chorus, Gir1's Glee Club, Band Council, Band, Solo and Ensemble Competition, Sci-Questa Club, District and State Competition, Science Fair, Music Competition, County Fe st i va 1 , Summer Dramatics, Prince ofPeace Contest, Pre- liminary and District Tests, Noon Games, Social Club, Alpha Honor Roll, Wedding Spells , East Lynne , National Honor Society, National Science Fair. Farmer F . F. A . --Sentinel, F.F.A. -- Parliamentary Procedure Team, Noon Games , Science Com- petition, Chorus, Boy's Glee. Farmer and Business F.F.A. Presid ent, F.F.A.-- Judging T e a m, F.F.A. --Public Speaking. F.F.A. - -Parliamentary Procedure, Band, Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, Junior Play, Books and Crooks , Science Com- petition, Senior Play, Pickles Becomes A Lady . GLEN W- SHORT JIM snorzr RICHARD STUCKEY Farm? Businessman Farmer F- F- A' usefmnel- F-F-A- Band Manager, Chorus, Honor F.F.A., Chorus. Pafliameman' ,Procedure Team- Roll,Junior High Basketball, Noon F- F- A-njudgmg Team Dlsmcf Games,Movie Operator, Science and State, Noon Games, Honor Roll, Science Competition, Pre- liminary and District Scholarship Tests. Club. 18 SHARON STUTZMAN Nurse Sci-Questa Club, Quadri- C o u nty Science Fair, Science Competition, Honor Roll, Girl's Glee Club, Wedding Spe1ls , Archette Staff, Science Trip to C h ic a g o , Music Competition, Pickles Becomes A Lady , An- nual. ROBERT VORTHMAN Business HAROLD DEAN WYSE Farmer Alpha Honor Roll, East Lynne , Mixed Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, Music Competition, Sci- ence Competition, Science Club, Vice President: Freshman Class, Noon G a m e s , Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Prince of Peace Declamation Contest. J. H. SPENGLER Senior Advisor. 19 '- SENIOR SNAPSHOTS J N, w 3 -xr, H.. R W ,adm SEN' Eu it at K Kiki -'27 if SE IOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class ofthe Archbold German Township High School, City of Archbold, County of Fulton, State of Ohio, being of sound mind? and memory after twelve years ofarduous study, and realizing that our high school days are to be memories of the past, dohereby publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills, bequeaths and devices of whatsoever nature made. Article I To Archbold High School we leave the task of finding another class as fine and outstand- ing as ours. Article Il Tail the faculty we give our sincere thanks and appreciation for guiding us through high sc ool. Article Ill To each of the succeeding classes we give the courage to go on. Article IV I, Anneita Baldwin, will my ability to go steady to Nancy Ruffer. I, Curtis Beck, will my curly blond hair to Mr. Menichetti. I, Shirley Bridges, will my ability to wait tables to Diane Hitt. I, Jo Ann Brodbeck, will my astronomical ability to Mr. Slesnick. We, Philip and Stanley Buehrer, will our athletic ability to next year's basketball team I, Deanna Burkholder, will my ability to play baseball to next year's baseball team. I, Susan Fagley, will my ability to laugh at all Dee Ann Christy's jokes to Sandra Short. I, Bob Frey, will my ability to obey Mr. Menichetti's order to open our mouths when we sing to next year's chorus. l, Mary Gibson, will Elmer to anyone who likes to dance with a 6 ft. 8 in. skeleton. I, Barbra-dyne Graber, will my quietness to Dee Ann Christy. I, Ralph Grieser, will my ability to farm to Neil Spengler. I, Fred Grisier, will my small feet to John Scales. I, Inez Guerrero, will my beautiful black hair to Barb Walters. I, Nick Holian, will my poetic ability to Gene Sauder. l, Loretta Kernig, will my ability in home -ec. to Sandra Short. I, Bob Kleck, will my ability in physics class to next year's scientists. I, Pat Lisak, will my incessant chatter to Betty Miller. I, Helen Loder, will my sense of humor to Howard Grime. I, Ted Lovejoy, will part of my 285 pounds to Jim Rice. l, Lynda Miller. will my mischievous nature to Marvin Lantz. I, Richard Nofziger,, will my physique to Donald Sommers. I, Donald Nofziger, will my whiskers from Easty Lynne to next years class play. I, Willard Nofzinger, will my ability to skip school half the time to anyone who wants to try it. I, Robert Roth, will my rabbits to anyone who wants them. I, Mlarlene Rufenacht, will my ability to laugh heartily and talk anytime to Dee Ann C risty. I, Barbara Ruffer, will my ability to play the piano to Ruth Herbert. I, David Ruffer, will my ability to sing like a bird to Neil Spengler. I, Roger Rupp. will my ability to play football to J ack Miller. I. Joan Sauder. will my quietness to Colleen Wyse. I, Walter Schmucker, will my stuttering to anyone who cares to try it. I, Helen Schultz, will my ability to sit in band and play one note on the tymps per period to John Jiminez. l, Betty Jo Scott, will my science and music ability to anyone who wants to work at it. I, Merle Seiler, will my shyness to Dale Storrer. I, Donald Short, will my ability to be late to band every morning to David Rupp pro- viding he doesn't get there any earlier than I did. I. Glen Short, will my ability in agronomy to Terry Murbach. I, Jim Short, will my ability to flirt to LaMar Gisel. I, Charlene Stuckey, will my good sense of humor to Sandra Short. I. Richard Stuckey, will my four minute mile to Billy DeGroff. I, Sharon Stutzman, will my tallnes to Doris DeGroff. I, Bob Vorthman, will my walking shuffle to Richard Leupp. I, Harold Dean Wyse, will my historical ability to Larry Short. I, Janet Wyse, will my Pickles to anyone that will take them, for Iamalady now. 22 PROPI-IECY OnJune3, 1980, a former student of Archbold High decided it was time he found out whatbecame of his classmates. This student whom everyone remembers, is DICK NAF- ZIGER. Now asyou may have heard, there is a little city, by the name of Archbold, Jr. This is where Dick headed, because some of the class of 1955 built this city. Dick's first stop was the turkish bath which was run by none other than TED LOVEJOY and assisted by his charming wife, SHIRLEY BRIDGES. As Dick came out later, he met JIM SHORT, who owned the Elite Oil Company, and his wife, ANNEITA BALDWIN who was president of a bank fjust for amusement.J Anneita left to meet SUSAN FAGLEY who was to have herhair done at the Paris Beauty Salon that was owned and managed by MARY GIBSON. Susan was to have her opening engagement at the Blue Moon Nite Club that very evening. For several years she had traveled with a singing group known as the Yodelers but now she was entering into serious singing. Just about thattime there was an awful noise out in the street, it sounded like several cars hitting each other. But after everyone rushed out to see what it was, they saw just a Jaguar Jeep round the corner lickety -split. Who should be in the car but none other than the Master Sergeants of the Women Marine Corps, LORETTA KERNIG and DEANNA BURKHOLDER. They pulled up and started talking to Dick and guess what they had just seen? BETTY JO SCOTT outside of the local Starlite Theater. She had told them she was married to BOB ROTH who owned a chain of theaters across the country. Now who should appear walking along the street but Mayor BOB KLECK, that's right, our former class president is now a Mayor. He mentioned the fact that he was onhis way to see Susan's performance and after that he was planning to go to Hernando's Hide- way where INEZ GUERRERO was doing the mambo. The next day severalpeople who belonged to the Noonday Gossip Club went visiting throughout the city. The group included HAROLD WYSE, local weatherman, known for his perfect record ofnever giving the correct weather, ROGER RUPP, build ing contractor, WALTER SCHMUCKER and his wife BARBRADNYE GRABER. As they walked by the hospital, they saw coming out, Doctor NICK HOLIAN Qfamous surgeonj and Doctor ROBERT VORTHMA N, PediatricianlBaby Doctorj nurse, SHARON STUTZMAN and dental assistantLYNDA MILLER. Entering the hospital, they encountered CHARLENE STUCKEY who told them she was married now and had four children. Next the group went to the school where BARBARA RUFFER is secretary, and BOB FREY is the Superintendent. Right there in the hall stood the Reverend DONALD NOFZIGER and his wife JOAN SAUDER talking to two elementary teachers, MARLENE RUFENACHT and PATRICIA LISAK. The Science teacher, JO ANN BRODBECK and her assistant HELEN SCHULTZ were there. Together they invented the famous baby diapers that never get wet. Coming out of school, the group met JANET fDiorJ WYSE, famous Paris Designer. She said that she was going down to the park to hear DONALD SHORT blow on his horn, the talking trombone. As the group came back through town, they noticed a crowd of people standing around a flagpole. Much to their surprise, on top of the pole was FRED GRISIER, famous stunt man. Shoutingencouragementtohim was his wife HELEN LODER. Another strange sight was a line of every conceivable animal traveling down the middle of the street led by GLEN SHORT and RICHARD STUCKEY. They announced that they owned the SHORT- STUCKEY Circusand were going to give a performance that night. Guess who was doing the high-wire act. None other than MERLE SELLER. The last stop on the tour was to the Green Acres Farm which was managed by RALPH GRIESER. The farm produced different flavored eggs and its specialty was raspberry- coconut. After visiting in this friendly city, DICK decided to reside among his former associ- ares. 23 PICKLES BECOMES A LADY f . Back Row: Robert Frey, Walter Schmucker, Patricia Lisak, Barbara Ruffer, Sharon Stutzman, Helen Loder, Fred Grisier, Roger Rupp, Donald Short. Seated: Joan Sauder, Charlene Stuckey, Richard Nafziger, Janet Wyse, Marlene Rufenacht, Mary Gibson. Bur1eigh............. ........ .............RobertFrey Pickles fEditha Fairy . . . . Janet Wyse Hattie ......... . . . Patricia Lisak Mag . . . . . Helen Loder Flo . . . . . Sharon Stutzman Pee -Wee . . .... Joan Sauder Miss Dibble . . . Marlene Rufenacht Lillian l-laller . . .... Barbara Ruffer Helen Martin . . . . .Charlene Stuckey Myra ......... . . . Mary Gibson Lt. Tony Hamilton . . . . Richard Nafziger Sgt. Reed QBlimpJ . . . . . Walter Schmucker Duke . .... Roger Rupp Pete . . . . . Fred Grisier M.C. ..................................... Don Short THE SETTING The entire action occurs in the study and reception room at the Dibble School for girls. Act One: Afternoon of an early spring day. Act Two: Several Days later-afternoon . Act Three: Later that same day -early evening. 24 EAST LYNN v-'KN Back Row: Donald Nofzinger, Stanley Buehrer, Robert Kleck, Philip Buehrer, Helen Schultz, David Ruffer, Betty Scott,Curtis Beck. Seated: Harold Wyse, Susan Fagley, JoAnn Brodbeck, Lynda Miller, Anneita Baldwin. Richard Hare ........................... Donald Nofzinger Archibald . . . . . . Harold Wyse Barbara Hare . . . . . . Susan Fagley Lady Isabel Vane . . . . . . JoAnn Brodbeck Wilson .................. . . Philip Buehrer Raymond Vane fLord Mt. Severnej . . . . David Ruffer Emma Vane CLady Mt. Severnej . . . . . Helen Schultz Mr. Dill ...... . . . Curtis Beck Cornelia Carlyle . . . . . Betty J. Scott Joyce ....... . . . Lynda Miller Wilhelmina ...... . . . Anneita Baldwin Capt. Francis Levison . . . Robert Kleck M.C. ................................. Stanley Buehrer THE SETTING The entire actionofthe play takes place in the living room at East Lynne, located ona large estate in Eng1and,except for the park scene in France. Act One-Scene One: Afternoon in May Scene Two: A year later Act Two: Fall evening, a year and half later Act Three: Scene One: Late afternoon, early fall Scene Two: Six years later, evening in Sept. 25 BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Sunday Evening, May 22, at Eight 0'c-lock Musical Prelude Roth Herbert Proccssional Graduating Class Oh, Ye That Loveth the Lord - Haydn-Morgan For the Blessings of Our Day ---- arr. Kroncs High School Mixed Chorus Invocation ----- Rev. Robert J. Seek Missionary Church I Sought The Lord - - - Stevenson Think On Me - - ----- - Scott Susan Fagley-Alto Thanks Be To God Dickson Prayer Perfect - - ---- Speaks David Ruffer-Baritone Baccalaureate Sermon ---- Rev. N. B. Wierwill St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church Hymn - Onward Christian Soldiers - Chorus and Audience COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Tuesday Evening, May 24, al blight OR-lock Musical l'relude - ---- lliigh School' lland l . J. Nleniehetli, llirevtor l'i-ocessional - - ----- Graduating Class I'omp and Cireumstancen National Anthem - Band and Autlidenee Invocation ------ - - Rev. Il. F. llall St. James Lutheran Chureh Soir-ee Russel? -------- Wm. Popp Jo Ann Brodlxeck-lflute Carnival of Venice - - - 5 - Dcl StaiiZ0 5 Betty .lo Scott-Cornet Crmmenccment Address ---- Mr. A. W. Short Ohio Department of Conservation Columbus, Ohio The Three Trumpetersn ---- Agostini-Bainium Betty Scott, Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer Presentation of Diplomas - - - Board of Education J. R. Peters, President The Finale, Symphony No. 4 - Tschaikowsky-Safranek High School Band Benediction - Rev. Hall UNDERCLASSME N ,F ,pw w, P if 21,-it '. 5 ws ':,J P k , v trek fri. UN IORS 28 L 4 ,. ., an X 1 ,, fffzzf ifi gffzf , . Era i , 2 M1 a 5 if ffirf' fy ' - liz ' 1 . f C if lg - ,. 1 z . - 'sg 3 ,P A I . 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V-V , , Joanne Beck Donn Bernath Rosemary Brock Rosetta Burkholder Sue Case DeeAnn Christy Bill Crossgrove Doris DeGroff Sue Fankhause Earl F oust Delila Gautsche LaMar Gisel Roger Grieser Howard Grime Ruth Herbert Mike Holian Dianne Hitt Elaine Hoffman Marvin Lantz Virginia Leininger Fred Mehrling Tom Mekus Annabelle Miller Betty Miller Bob Rufenacht Karen Roth lim Rice Suzanne Miller Jack Miller Donna Miller Dean Rupp Gene Sauder Maureen Rupp Lowell Rupp Nancy Ruffer Anne Ruffer Neil Spengler Don Sommers Barbara Smucker Sandra Short Larry Short John Scales Bruce Werder Barbara Walters Donna Waidelich Orlene Stuckey Dale Storrer Cara Lou Stamm l If SUPHO ORES if H as il M . Q... '74 M f Q ' H X . S Q1-zlsfwixi ff'l ?f7G 'fail 'i 7 -I ' .. H41i?5 . .4 ie. i - Q P '--Q - 4 . . fu- f' R . 1 as W gffr ff 2 1 , 451525 fa N b .nw 1 - fa - Viv' f -.W 'gi V 31 el. A i s 'gi -. J ., J , ' Q 1 -gp. J , fry-few . - E , - . ,Q lias 1+ H V . J ff glqflbg sf ..- V wr 3.9255 1-5, , -5 , A. gm ' . 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' 29 Donna Baldwin Mary Boynton Carolyn Bridges Norma Burkholder Janet Erbskorn Ronnie Fielitz Larry Fish Elaine Frey Donna Gaddis Fred Gearing Ronnie Gigax Gene Graf Beryl Grisier Robert Hausch Doyle Hayes Florence Herbert Jo Ann Huffman Arleta Kennel Pauline Leininger Dorthy Leu Richard Leupp Balbina Lisak Joan Lovejoy Carolyn Miller Sondra Miller Allen Moog Janet Myers Lois Myers llva Nafziger Verlene Nafziger Louise Nofziger Duane Penrod Janice Peters Gary Pickett Brenda Pursel Earl Riegsecker Veryl Roth Arlene Rupp Margaret Rupp Gary Rupp Eloise Sauder Jeanette Sauder Myrl Sauder Janeth Schantz Junior Schantz Vee Schlatter Rex Short Linda Stamm Tom Stevens Gary Storrer Doris Thomas Ramiro Trejo Roger Vonier Grace Waidelich Larry Weber Joan Williams Not in picture: Ben Westfall Claude Mendez Carl Guerrero FRESHMEN li ' - nga gi .ry ,f K -cs W rf gm PM vi . Bernadine Beck John Bleikamp Bob Bridges Shirley Buerge Jerry Case Donald Clair James Davis Billy DeGroff Barbara Dohm Lynda Emery Donald Frey Carol Gautsche Marilyn Gautsche Barbara Gearig Larry Gigax Nadine Gisel Phyllis Graber Bob Grisier Richard Jacoby Graeme Lauber Pam Lauber Dale Leininger Mearl May Clara Miller Marilyn Miller Robert Miller Ruth Ann Miller Victor Miller Susan Murbach Gerald Myers Larry Nofziger Carolyn Picket John Rich Betty Lou Roth Mary Lou Roth Herbert Ruffer John Rupp Bonny Schroeder Bonnie Short Darlene Short Gary Short Joyce Short Merle Short Bud Stuckey Burdell Sruckey Kriss Stutzman Jerald Thompson Roy Trejo Carole Wheeler Janice Wyse Leland Wyse Shirley Wyse Peggy Yoder Rex Ziegler EIGHTI-I GRADE N . Mi? - ma J: ui, T 'Q .ala Jeanette Wyse Mike Wyse Tom Yoder 31 Sharon Aschliman Leola Baer Gary Baus Merle Beck Ronnie Borton Delbert Britsch Linda Brodbeck Phyllis Buehrer J ul iene Crossgrove Alfred Dohm Jerry Dominique Carol Erbskorn Louana Gisel Patricia Gisel Tom Grieser Bonnie Haas Sharon Lindley Joanne Lisak Paul Lovejoy Sandra Maust Doris Miller Marvin Miller Charlene Nafziger Judy Nafziger Rollin Nafziger Cloyce Nofziger Nola Nofziger Patty Rufenacht Stanley Ruffer David Rupp Dean Rupp Arlene Sauder Sandra Schang Bill Short Pere Short Mike Sullivan Ray Trejo Donovan Vorthman Billie Kae Winzeler Frank Winzeler Ronnie Wise Byrdalene Wyse Not in picture: Janice Hausch at - ,sa SEVENTH GRADE fi f F- fr-to , l T: ' ,G 4... 4 S .. . R X , - ag ' 6. 3 K K ' ' F 9:5 1 'f' 4, Z f . , i I l at is t 'EEE ri - if it - - S I --: I , -it it -.',. ' .y , f95 y g ,, 5 Q .HM - Af V:,. , 1 ' R Q K R if S -A1. ' ' A . : 17? ' W M - i - Qi Eiiffg 'L ' WA V4 VE IB' V I L ' . 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K, , , Qs- In 3 I R .T H Q ,Q M Walter Wyse, Jr. - 3 ,V 5-i ,ft 5 LW 1 N, ,A , It Valetta Aschliman Larry Barger Gene Baus Dean Beck Maretta Britsch Jane Buehrer Allen Carter Elida Cerna Linda Collamore Marilyn Davis Betty Dohm Willard Fletcher Bob Fraas Diane Frey Duane Frey Tommy Gallaway John Guzman Eunice Hall Ronald Hausch Teresa l-lolian Russell Horn Rex Hornish Sally Huffman John Jimenz Carol Kauffman Brenda King Merle Klopfenstein Paul Lauber Sharyn Mekus Roger Meier David Miller Denny Miller Gary Miller Rosene Miller Terry Murbach Gene Nafziger Kenneth Nafziger David Neal George Petrowsky Douglas Rich Dwayne Rufenacht Susie Rufenacht Ruth Ann Rupp Carol Sauder Mary Sauder Cara Lou Schrock Betty Schultz Beverly Scott Jack Short Linda Short Max Smith Eugene Spiess Joanne Stamm Patricia Stamm Allen Stuckey Roger Stuckey dv 4. , 4' 'F' 4. if + M .Ll f in , ar 4 1. -K . ww A Md w!! 'fl .3 K - EW, ' H1 .um if ELEMENTARY pf E Nm , 411 wg E--5. his QMM cn.. 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' ' . -JE:-Nh: 36 Keith Beck Billye Detter Sandra Fielitz Barbara Gisel Lyle Graber Ronny Graber David Grisier Lois Hall Janice Harper Christine Haubold Lyle Hayes Joyce Kingsbury James Kleck Roger Klopfenstein Robert Lauber Roger Mehrling Lavern Miller Lou -anne Nafziger Mervin Nafzinger Paul Nafziger Margaret Neel Janice Nafziger Peter Nafziger Karen Peters Merle Reigsecker De -ann Rupp Marlene Rupp Tommy Rupp Sandra Schlosser Jo-Ann Schrock Francisco Serna Sue -ann Short Max Stuckey Larry Wheeler Denton Wyse Linda Wyse Natalie Wyse Patricia Wyse Mary Vasquez Not in picture: Mary Criado Elvarado Santos Lana Cotter David Tyerina Lawrence Hausch s is FIFTH GR DE ' ' i, .. . of i ., V f ---Vf . f. --1 . V 1 - S .1 V ' , V - -- Q V-2. V , QQ A 5Q j es ,, , f ' M- W ' V gijgg V ' . ' f Q . in- ning , . L 'W , ---' , - - - r V .L Q Q Q, X Q , K , , .,QQt, ,V, Q Q QQ. Qs, f Q Q . 5.- v'5---r'- V Q V 3 1- AQ V , 'V 1- V. 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VL' 'filfiiie Q A Y 1 H X is L, Q Q QQ Qt iv .ff , ,L - ZQQNL f Xxx' t V, , ,Q 1 , -V V I 'L WB -5 as , wa A-V -Q t. , QQQ5 QQ -- -. - 'V QQQ .Vi 'Hui-Q Q .AQ QQ Q, QQQ. Q Vi Q ,qs A 7 f Mt lg Q QV-M-Q-' - Q Q V V V , QQ Q ,Q Q Q, , 1 !H.- 4... fl 5- , ., . if-' ' 'rt , r ' 37 Terry Alexander Jerry Bernath Norma Crossgrove Susan Dominique Dianne Eash James Fagley Patsy Ann Fletcher Bonita Fraas Darl Graber Donna Gisel Steven Grime Mary Jiminez Elaine Kauffman David King Sharon Klopfenstein Bruce Lauber De an Miller Stanley Miller Roger Miller Junior Nafziger Marcine Nafziger Ruth Osborne Orville Roth Dannie Ruffer James Rupp Sharon Schantz Jean Schlatter Jimmy Schroeder Larry Schroeder Eugene Schrock Richard Schultz David Short Janice Short Joyce Short Rachael Sigg Edward Stamm Judith Stamm Louise Stuckey Richard Stuckey Suc -Ellen Sulivan William Swisher Roberta Taylor Mary Trejo Margaret Walter Richard Weires Jerry Winzeler Victor Wlasyn Carolyn Wyse Connie Wyse Dexter Wyse Marcia Wyse Sheila Wyse Steven Wyse Max Yoder David Zuercher Not in picture: Jose Santos Lupe Santos Esther Tijcrina A 'fu L 'x , fx 3 W li - fl 3 in N E ,. .rftw ,A af f fl' F ra' 4 .. all ,W .ia , H - In I K .J , s4',. 1 QLSJPQ M, -5. gf FO RTH GR DE r Q . : Qi K' T ,gt P- -tsl ' , -W f S 'i tx: ,, S' if .. 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A J J, E Nw? .,. .75 . -Q 'ling , T . J r . ,X Y- H: U VW K .i in g V.L r i n L rr 6 2 Ik I W I af . ei 0 . ,wmv Wg '- .. .Q 4 I: 1 ' 2 A-sw is ig V pw. A I I' J I k,' li 'k'- if? , Q ' ' l W' S 3 i, ff? K ... A W ,, :H 5, I Q,,'iii.w. ---. . 1 .- 11 .. ' ' ' i ' wg ' ggi A ' .. I ,- 'xq as y I ' V X C -god! Ssilii +A . ' iixixffgi, Jiffl ri A . 'J li A. . ff? zf. ..fif'a5.:w, Sflhiffi - sri! ' J P 1 f':'r-755525 ' - ,. i Q an . ,- ' - . r.:' . f- ' ' J 'L ' , K. . ,- ytff , . gif Y ' H K 1 W. H as ,wk i -, . 'W , my :sw M K K. IQS. V' ' ' W - thi: .:l.. ' ,.. - , ' - 5 .. . 7. ii if ig' ' ,'.jv.s , ,ESL 2 ' sf :ar . - M- Y? .s.:r'f ' ' 1512 : -. fi i'Z-.agar . 7 '-isfrfrfsliiiiff 1 N, .,,..... -'M' L. ' P I. iid 3 'W ' 'fag ' -' ----,-- f sl iw, awp: , H .,,. , ,. ,V , J for , EA , ,H , .V yi f'.,,....J' -S5 A 'If Tix ' f---H r .. 1' - ' ,, il . wmiif 'lf H . 5: 1 if J . , ya -W. . V i , Q ' L R' .. - . 2-12 522' J 53 A.ff 'Aw .M fi i-Bs . 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I , i.,M,iA3,,,t K, 31-.-,Ml YWf'S:is:1.:r722'M W?-H W l'5fi'i'f f'ff':fAf f ff' vii..--- - , , 4- J I g.'fg32iyfg::.g.g.,gj,a5Q' - . J ' IFF' L My L . ' A J S H 1 is iw is . 7 Q J . K R -:if H. .f l ' , Q H' K ,Ig l ll gp 23 A 3 , it F S J 0 Y r , i i 56 f A all A ER AM, J f . . 159 J. un? - ssl :il i rg s i s 'iii ia... Y Woldcr Wlasiuk Judy Wyse Peggy Ziegler Robert Zuercher 40 ,gf Ronnie Aeschliman Bruce Beck Janet Beck Calvin Britsch David Buehrer Paul Buehrer Susanna Burkholder Irvin Carter Larry Christy Kenneth Davis Paula DeGroff Joey Dominique Vicky Erbskorn Carolyn Frey Joyce Frey Gary Gearing Gregory Grime Jimmie Grime Joey Grime Margaret Jimenez. Bonita King Paul King Shirley Klopfenste in David Layman Allen Liechty Darlene Miller Jerry Miller Patty Miller Rose Nafziger Sara Nafziger Edward Nofziger Esther Nofziger Velda Nofziger Pamela Pace Stephen Pape Philip Rich Rodney Roth Connie Rupp Michial Rupp Randy Schang Grace Schrock Paul Schroeder Joyce Shipe Verle Short Nancy Springer Lynette Stamm Michael Stamm Diane Storrer Linda Stout Larry Stuckey Betty Sword Thomas Timmons Sharon Tice Gloria Trejo Stanley Wilcox Jolene Winzeler ABSENT Freddie Hausch Robin Rupp Lynda Cotter Larry Wyse ?+ FIRST GR DE - . 755 ' J' 1 .. ,.,. ffl - . 1 J' 1 - L 'fl ' W' '55 LW . L' ' . i ' M3 ff t NK, by. .1 5, qu' ' - Lt A ,Q ' :Vx ' 14 , 45 V- 4 VV- V 1, 7 as L 1 f N sf-VV VL V' ' V 'V L. J ,.,. . J 1 ' -. m . 1 1 ' 'lf 17 if . 1 . L 7 -.-L 1 LL'L A W--Q., 'L Lu .V 'T' ' . ily-iff L a. aw L . ' ' 'te . 'f sr, 4 'lil ' . 1 L fgfz' . V ' 9 ' H 4 . 5 if W 1 1 ff ' , VV v -. I a l : QE Q2-QQ! 1 VV 11:1 s VL ks,g,. .. :F- -1-Q. Vg.- .W V W' Q -' ' 1- '- . -. V L,L- 'L . if 7 2 ' X. 531' h' 1 F V I ug 1 -V xg V .V - LAVL K f ' A j H .1 I I ff 1: 1 .I a if 1 J . 11: . I , In V - . - 1:5 L . .. an :MA V M V. Y- r gif A ' .VV A 12 'I L V- f 1. .nf V V i 'Li .-,fi li-Q 4. V -VU ' ' .M '- .1 V I 1 B PV 5: 5 , . K I -1. .. 9-- .,., 5 K .ri ..A Y 1 .,.. C rg V, if L 'Q ' - L L M 'f ' M 'lv 1: , w :nf . -. U 4 .. .X '- K V.. V 1 L M, X. 1 K 5 2- . .1 . 1 V. -W.. r ,. its ,W 1 A ? Q- 7 is 1,1 . 1. I.. i I lr tt 1,5-J .. A g - 'L M .A 5 1, L Va' 1. - L I +9 ' f L f - 1 Silziiigzii L:'?16'.fA ' ' f i- GH f arf 1 f' L V if we H, V:f .EEL 5- J . A J ..', IL T. V 'Q V L LL 31-4. g.,.g. V L Vf V1..1. J 2- L V' .. 5 1 ' f ' , - ' -.- gf-.,f1,, V- K 7 -L s x y .mmmm.'Afn1 V Jail , L .. - V .ff-. .. , '-'- . V QQ V - if V. :Q V 1 X -K 4 . ,... . .- 'Z .1 7 ' . . .2-Q, , .1 . 1 -, , M- - 11, , .. .E Vzflkg .. V V-... - V fr... g- . -- 1 Vg 1 31V .. . - ,I . ' if - 1,..: x 'J ,i - L , 'W , TF ' ' 1 ' . 2 I -Y' -.-- 1 '- - - . 5 VV VVVVV ri L L V , up 1 A L L L JV . 1- L. A 457i Q3 3:5 ,th-an t i wk 3 .SHS .. ' K .a H H J ' LL L V.'L L' L' ' -g?'i.??r5?Wfi LVL2i.?Vf 4 L . - if ? W 2 - af Efiffiiii LV ....-L ff1is2.. f-MD A ,- , ..--. up 1. . .-1 . -- Q ffl., -. .7 .gf A Mefzey, A , . -agar . Ee W' J .. ' ' . J 1 wi - L N . V ' 1 - ' ,. -- . ---V ' 1- L ' , .. 1 1 H.. - - - -, T. ..... . . . .- .- at , ff' Q-.2 .ww V fr .- K . V . ' V V L is i '211 -fd? . ..., M TV 1.-,L 1 1 V L ., .. ui., V' v L f7l1if5iVQii-52 if L L 771 ' W W EEES 5' 955135 V ' .kA A ' 9--ff ,, -.gFax2He.rz5 1, . . - 'V ,g V: 55.13 .V . ' - I tl Zak -as :gn-V .11 V , V11.vgg J .- , - - 1 ' . 1 V. Q , ... , . ,.. .... V sae. . . , . ..1.1 - ,g .. , . il 4-1- Kg if 1' gg Q M .. -kg wg -hw 6 .Fx 1 N-. .5 E' . X . 42- Qlfwgek Egg gs, 4, ABSENT Allen Holsopple J - W5 f R Aldrich . Baer J 5 ?LVl J. .. if' K Baldwin Beck . S. Beck Eiga:-, - k V C .,R. T. Britt J. Buelirer F. Crossgrove R. Crossgrove Dominique . Eash K. Engle J. M Fielitz Finn J. Fraas C. Galloway J. Gautsche B. Gisel B. Gisel D. G. Graber Grieser B. Grime S. Grime Grime Hall D. D. T. T. P. Hayes Hines Hoorman J. Kernig K. King M. A.-King C. Kramer S. Leupp T. D. J. Leichty S. Liechty Maust S. Meyer J. A. Miller Miller D. T. J. Pillbeam R. Pursel L. Reigsecker C. Roth N. Rychner Jr. K. Sauder L. E. Sauder L. Sauder Schang D. A. M. Short B. Short R. Short S. Short J. Springer C. Starnm J ' W . T . .1 E . s J 551.9151 T V D Beck B. Britsch Britsch . Storrer . Stotzer . Stuckey . Stuckey . Trejo 'A V V- V M. Winzeler . ,-V.. 1.5 1. .... .. L A ,wr ti M. . Wyse Yoder f,' 'ii lx .-rr'fffxffrywrw.., gi - riff :L KINDERG RTE 'X if .a feta-ay A-an N-a-pn Aww 'S r 9 wmv? 'na ' nz R . S5315 -r :.f' , -H-H 4' 4, - A :ml K if'-' if if A X F: . we J i k. . M, K 5, 5. I. M ' .fa .1 . L - Y 2 - J .2 , ,' S , N L 2 n r V mAA Q se- . - -9 A' ' 1. L sstl L L L, L L , at ,A 'A ' S' 1g.- ,.,. z .. - ' . - A , L '- WA dm Y rf' ' , p ' .. '- 1 f at A Q ' -- ' 5- - K r N F' . Q1 I jg Q ' -... , - tw: , 7 57' I f5f32f2, 'f ' . si rf 4' ' ? TYV3 'f'? 3 zg- v Sijii a 5' .1 ' 1 1 --..,.,,,, ga , u MA N: 9 , ,- ws' If . A,,V. . ., , f ' ff' A - 5 M 'fi L - . ' ,... .X . wr is 2 Za, S iw, ' I ,, W , I k , vga 5 I ,V .- I K hi ... Q -pr - in rv-me 55 Q ,,, . 'V M. .-5 f -' , if ,... ' r , f- a--- A X ,V ,. ' nf A QV.-sew r 5? ' 5 'Z ' 3,7 ., .' , ' ' re ik? 87 3' ' VL ...: K H SL J .. . ,. wg- r . N , , . ,. A ,L ig Mixhi , A V 5 7 A yi ww' L 1 2 ' 2 X, i 1, ' I 3 L r A r , 4.,k, , . -1 S r y sm - vi.,-13 4 z Q fe - as- S? Larry Armstrong Lynn Aschliman Joyce Beck Nancy Beck Leonard Burkholder Mary Couch Larry Dc-:Groff Donald Dohm David Dominique Tommy Eash Jon Fielitz Nancy Frey Philemon Grieser Phyllis Grieser Franklin Grime Andrew Holian Rebecca Jiminez Ted Lauber Phyllis Liechty Michael Lindley Jackie Lugbill David May Charles Mignin Cara Lou Miller Leonard Miller Michael M'Donough Ronney Nafziger Shannon Neel Milton Nofziger Paul Pape Anthony Rupp John Sauder Barbara Schrock Rebecca Schrock Timothy Seek Wanda Seiler Mary Serna Beverly Sharpe Barbara Short Keith Short Michael Short Patty Jo Short Stuart Short Trina Slesnick Roger Springer Rex Stanforth Michael Storrer Deborah Stuckey Sara Jane Stuckey Susan Stout Dale Stutzman Sandra Weyandt Timothy Wierwill Thomas Winzeler Gregory Wlasiuk Luana Wyse Stanley Wyse Emma Yoder Robert Zuercher ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL Back row: Mr. Burkholder, Norma Burkholder, John Rich, Tom Stevens, Dean Rupp, Don Bernath, Ann Ruffer, Mr. Parker,Mr. Menichetti. Second row: Mrs. Keim, Susie Murbach, Gene Graf, Dean Rupp. Terry Murbach Doris DeGroff. Seated: Barb Ruffer, Bob Kleck, Philip Buehrer, Helen Schultz. The student governing body ofArchbold High School, composed of elected representatives from grades seven to twelve, again experienced a busy schedule. The executive positions in the council were handled by Bob Kleck, President, Don Bernath, Vice Presidentg Helen Schultz, Secretary, Barb Ruffer, Treasurer. The council's activities were capably supervised by four advisors: Mrs. Keim, Mr. Parker, Mr. Burkholder, and Mr. Meni- chetti. ln addition to the duties regularly taken on by this group, they also spon- sored a successful two-week long clean up campaign employing the slogan Don't be a Litter Bug . 44 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Miss Rupp, Mrs. Loder, Mr. Sutherland, Mrs. Keim, Delilah Gautsche, Richard Nafziger, Joan Sauder, Donn Ber- nath, Orlene Stuckey, Betty Jo Scott, JoAnn Brodbeck, Robert Kleck, Neil Spengler, Sandra Short, Doris De- Groff,James Rice,Helen Schultz, Charlene Stuckey, Curtis Beck, Suzanne Miller, Mr. Parker, Mr. Slesnick, Mr. Burkholder. The Archbold Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed in 1950, and is based on standards set by the National Honor Society. These stand- ards are Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. Eligible stu- dents must be in the upper fourth of the Junior Class. Sophomores are some- times selected as probationary members, but they do not become active until the induction in their Junior year. The students are chosen by afaculty com- mittee composed ofteachers who have come in contact with the eligible mem- bers on a fairly broad scale. The selected students must maintain a grade average of above aC in order to remain in the organization. If they are able to do this, they become lifetime members. This years induction was held in front of the student Body in April of 1955, it was a beautiful and impressive ceremony. R rf ,EQQNC5 i sfiaag Janis Peters, Joan Williams, Vee Schlatter, Elaine Frey. i 45 ARCHBOLD COMMUNICATIONS CLUB Q Back row: John Rich, Roger Vonier, Beryl Grisier, Lee Wyse, Mr. Slesnick. Middle row: Bud Stuckey, Herb Ruffer, Duane Penrod, Allen Moog, Bob Grisier, Kriss Stutzman, Gary Rupp. Front row: Douglas Rich, Rex Hornish. RADIO CLUB This year the radio bug hit Archbold with full force. Under the cap- able direction of Mr. Slesnick, those bitten by the bug were organized in- to a club. The ARCHBOLD COMMUNICATIONS CLUB, which consists of six licensed amateur radio operators and three other members who have not yet obtained their licenses, is a school sponsored club. The club was organized by Mr. Slesnick and three already licensed operators. The president of the club is Lee Wyse WNSUAC, vice president, John Rich W8TTV, and secretary, Roger Vonier WSUAG. John Rich and Roger Vonier have obtained the General class license which enables them to use voice transmissions instead of being re- stricted to using code as are the other Novice operators. The other mem- bers are Beryl Grisier WNSVVM, Bob Grisier WNSWTM, Kriss Stutzman WN8WTN, Gary Rupp, Rex I-Iornish, and Douglas Rich. The members of the club had their stations set up at the Science Fair as a radio exhibit. The club was organized to promote further interest in ham radio, and to help other boys obtain their licenses. 46 sci-QUESTA CLUB f Q E r Seated: Helen Schultz, JoAnn Brodbeck, Bob Kleck, Curtis Beck, Mr. Slesnick. First row standing: Doris De- Groff,Ianet Myers, Barb Walters, Brenda Pursel, Donna Gaddis, Donna Baldwin, Betty Jo Scott, Norma Burkholder. Second row: Don Bernath, Joan Williams, Maureen Rupp, Janeth Schantz, Janis Peters, Joann Beck, Ann Ruffer, Ver1eneNafziger,Dean Rupp. Third row: Pat Lisak, Jim Rice, Sharon Stutzman, Richard Nafziger, Sandra Short, Florence Herbert, Vee Schlatter. Fourth row: Robert Roth, Roger Vonier, Beryl Grisier, Neil Spengler, Jack Miller, Tom Mekus, John Scales, Duane Penrod, Fred Gearing. The Sci-Questa Club's main function this year, as in the past five, was the sponsoring of the Quadri-County Science Fair. This year the fair took in two days and included a record number of exhibits. Although the Science Fair kept the members of the club busy, they found time for an overnight field-trip to Rock Circus, a. geology survey station, which was enjoyed by everyone. Mr. Slesnick, who waslargely responsible for the club's origin, again served as advisor. The officers for 1954-1955 were Bob Kleck, President- Curtis Beck, Vice Presidentg JoAnn Brodbeck, Secretaryg Helen Schultz: Treasurer. 47 HO E EC CLUB ...san Fourth row: Shirley Buerge, Nadine Gisel, Carol Wheeler, Arleta Kennel, Darlene Short, Helen Loder, Elaine Frey, Marilyn Gautsche, Clara 9Mill'er. Third row: Marilyn Miller, Phyllis Graber, Carolyn Pickett, Pauline Leininger, Mary Boynton, Janeth Schantz, Doris Thomas, Carolyn Bridges, Bonnie Jean Schroeder, Bonnie Short. Second row: Florence Herbert, Shirley Bridges, DeAnna Burkholder, Dorthy Leu, Donna Gaddis, Jeanette Sauder, Janetlirbskorn, Margaret Zuercher, JoAnn Huffman, Barbara Gearig, Peggy Yoder. First row: Janet Myers, Shirley Wyse, Janice Wyse, Barbara Dohm, Ilva Nafziger, Linda Stamrn, Carolyn Miller, Grace Waidelick,D0nna Bald- win, Miss Fagley. LIBRARIANS WFP' Standing: Carol Erbskorn, Billie Kay Winzeler, Virginia Leininger, Balbina Lisak, Joan Lovejoy. Joanne Lisak, Inez Guerrero. Seated: Mrs. Bourquin. 48 SOCIAL CLUB Front row: Sandra Short, DeAnn Christy, Janet Myers, Middle row: Barbara Walters, Helen Loder, JoAnn Huff man,Bonnie Short. Back row: Helen Schultz. Janet Wyse, Susan Fagley, Lynda Miller, Nancy Ruffer, Ruth Her bert, Anneita Baldwin. The Social Club which has been part of the school for 20 years has been a promotor of stu- dent social activities throughout this school year. They have been the promotor of the annual Snow Ball and various other dances and social gath- erings during this year. The officers for the year were: Pres. De- Ann C., V. Pres. Helen S., Sec. Sandra S., Treas. Susan F. 49 ARCHETTE STAFF Seated: Mrs. Keim, Barbara Ruffer, Helen Loder. First row standing: Barbra-dyne Graber, Shirley Bndges Deanna Burkholder,Inez Guerrero, Mary Gibson, Anneita Baldwin, Wal joy, Roger Rupp, Robert Vorthman, Sharon Stutzman, David Ruffer. ter Schmucker. Second row: Ted Love The news-filled, action-packed Archette of 1954-55 has been the production of the journalism class of 1955. Our school paper of which we are very proud is pub- lished bi-monthly by the following staff. Editor-in-chief ................ Assistant Editor ..... Business Manager .... Circulation Manager. . Sports Editor ....... Assistant Sports Editor. . . Elementary Editor ..... Feature Editor ...... Social Editor ..... Humor Editor ...... Production Manager. . Exchange Editor. . . Art Editor. . . . . . Advisor. . . 50 . . . .Barbara Ruffer . . . . .Helen Loder . . . . . David Ruffer Barbra-dyne Graber Deanna Burkholder . Robert Vorthman , Sharon Stutzman . . Shirley Bridges . . Anneita Baldwin . . . . Ted Lovejoy . . . . . .Roger Rupp Walter Schmucker . . . . .Inez Guerrero . . . . Mary Gibson . . Mrs. Keim SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Good scholarship is considered one of the most important goals of our educational system. It is regarded as a worthy ideal in the Archbold Schools. Considerable emphasis is placed upon a testing program which includes the Every Pupil Tests, Senior Scholarship Te sts, Preliminary-District State Tests, Eighth Grade Tests and the Final State Scholarship Tests. NAME SUBJECT LOCAL DISTRICT STATE Richard Nafziger Sr. Scholar. 4th in Co. H.M. Robert Kleck 5th in Co. H.M. Curtis Beck 9th in Co. Joan Sauder l'7in th Co. JoAnn Brodbeck 20th in Co. Patricia Lisak 22nd in Co. JoAnn Brodbeck Eng. XII First Joan Sauder Eng. XII Second Robert Kleck Eng. XII Third Robert Kleck Physics First Eighth Richard Nafziger Physics Second Eleventh Harold Wyse Sr. Soc. St. First Robert Kleck Second David Ruffer Third Sandra Short Eng. XI First Twelfth Delilah Gautsche Eng. Xl Second Fourth William Crossgrove Am, Hist. First , Second Fifteenth Neil Spengler Am. l-list. Second Wilmer Dean Rupp Chemistry First Second, Fifth Seventh James Rice Chemistry Second Fifth H.M. Larry Fish English X First Joan Williams English X Second Brenda Pursel English X Third Jeanette Sauder English X Fourth Verlene Nafziger English X Fifth Vee Schlatter Latin II First Joan Williams Latin ll Second Lois Myers Latin II Third Elaine Frey Latin Il Fourth Eighth Vee Schlatter Geometry First Second, Fifth Sixth Wilmer Dean Rupp Geometry Second Janice Peters Geometry Third Vee Schlatter Biology First Joan Williams Biology Second Ninth H.M. Merle Sauder Biology Third Joan Williams World History First Larry Fish World History Second Vee Schlatter World History Second Joan Huffman World History Fourth Janet Myers World History Sixth Susie Murbach English IX First Bernadine Beck English IX Second Larry Fish Latin I First Kriss Stutzman Latin I Second Ruth Ann Miller Algebra First First, Sixth Fourteenth Kriss Stutzman Algebra Second William DeGroff Algebra Third Kriss Stutzman General Science First Third, Sixth Eighth John Rupp General Science Second EIGHTH GRADE TESTS Dean Edward Rupp ranked first in the 1955 State Eighth Grade Tests. Others placing in the upper one fourth of the class were: Byrdalene Wyse, Tom Grieser, Jeanette Wyse, Peter Short, Doris Miller, Patricia Rufenacht, Billye Kay Winzeler, David Rupp, Juliene Crossgrove, Merle Beck. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS Members of the graduating class of 1955 were awarded a script A Scholar- ship Letter for outstanding scholastic achievements during their four years of high school. These letters are presented each year to the upper one-fourth of the graduating class. Letters were awarded to the following graduates: Curtis Beck, JoAnn Brodbeck, Robert Kelck, Richard Nafziger, Marlene Ruf- enacht, Joan Sauder, Betty Scott, Helen Schultz, Glen Short, and Charlene Stuckey, and .Harold Dean Wyse. 51 SENIOR HIGH HO OR ROLL First row: Suzanne Miller, Orlene Stuckey, Karen Roth, Rosetta Burk- holder, Do nn a Mille r, DeeAnn C hr i sty, Maureen Rupp, Barbara W a l te r s, Doris DeGroff. Second row: Elaine Hoffman, Annabelle Zuercher, Delila Gautsche, Donna Waidelich, Berdene Wyse, LaMar G is e l, Larry Short, Ruth Herbert, Virginia Leininger, Sandra Short. Third row: Dale Storrer, Donn Ber- nath, John Scales, Neil Spengler, Jack Miller, Dean Rupp, Jim Rice, Howard, Grime, Bill Crossgrove. wr. ,... ....,. 5114 First row: Joan Sauder, Charlene Stuckey, Linda Miller, Marlene Ru- fenacht, Sharon Stutzman, He le n Loder,Jo AnnBrodbeck,Janet Wyse, Helen Schultz. Second row: Pat Lisak, Walter Schmucker, Barbara Ruffer, Susan Fagley, Curtis Beck, Bob Frey, Stanley Buehrer, Philip Buehrer, Betty Jo Scott, Mary Gib- son. Third row: Bob Kleck Don Nofziger,Richard Nafziger, Harold Wyse,Nick Holian,Bob Roth, David Ruffer, Glen Short, Roger Rupp. First row: Grace Waidelick, Mar- garet Rupp, Verlene Nafziger, Brenda Pursel, Norma Burkholder, JanetMyers. Second row: Dorthy Leu, Jeanette Sauder, Janeth Schantz, Arleta Kennel, Vee Sch- latter,Elaine Frey, Lois Myers, Jo an Williams. Third row: JoAnn Huf- fman, Balbina Lisa k, Larry Fish, G ary Pickett, Roger Vonier, Myrl Sauder, Janis Peters. UNIOR HIGH HO OR RGLL Back row: Tom Grieser, Sharon Aschliman,Janne Lisak, Doris Mil- ler, Billie Kay Winzeler, Sharon Lindley. Middle row: Frank Win- zeler,Louana Gisel, Sandra Maust, Jeanette Wyse, David Rupp. Front row: Patty Rufenacht , Juliene Cross- grove,Byrdalene Wyse, Pete Short, Dean Rupp, Tom Yoder. ' 53 Back row: Carolyn Pickett,Darlene Short, John Rupp. John Rich, Betty Lou Roth, Bernadine Beck. Middle row: Shirley Buerge, Nadine Gisel, Susie Murbach, Bonnie Short, Bud Stuckery, Kriss Stutzman, Donald Clair. Front row: Berdell Stuckey, Merle Short, Marilyn Miller, Ruth Ann Miller, Shirley Wyse, Marilyn Gautsche. Back row: Terry Murbach, Bob Fraas, Dean Beck, Charlene Wyse C arol Sauder, Cara Lou Schrock, Diane Frey. Front row: Paul Lauber, Eunice H all, Betty Schultz, Mary Sauder, Linda Short. UNIOR PLAYS THE PERFECT IDIOT7' Back row: Gene Sauder, Mr. Parker, Barbara Smucker, Dale Storrer, Joanne Beck. Neil Spengler, Mike Holian Dean Rupp. Colleen Wyse, Ruth Herbert, Berdene Wyse, Roger Grisier. Front row: Tom Mekus, Anne Ruffer Larry Short, Doris DeGroff. NGLAMOUR BOY Back row: Berdene Wyse, Elaine Huffman,Annabelle Zuercher, Delila Gautsche, Donna Miller, DeeAnn Christy SandraShort,Rosemary Brock,SueCase,Mike Holian, Bruce Werder, Bill Crossgrove, Bob Rufenacht, John Scales Lowell RUPP. Mr. Parker. Front row: Suzanne Miller, Maureen Rupp. Donna Bernath, Jim Rice, Nancy Ruffer Diana Hitt. 54 SENIOR BAND Q 8. Under the capable direction of Mr. Menichetti, the senior band is one of the outstanding organizations in Archbold High School. During the past year this group has given two excellent concertsg one at Christmas and the other one in the spring. They have also played for plays, football games, and other such activities. The band, its soloists and ensembles made over one hundred public appearances during the school year. The band enjoyed two trips dur- ing the school year, the first was to Windsor, Canada to play in the May Day Parade. Their second tour found them playing a concert at the Sturgis, Michigan High School, visiting the Conn musical instrument factory at Elk- hart, Indianag and playing a concert at Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana. The band received a Superior Rating in the state for the third consecutive year. They have been one of the outstanding bands in Ohio and few can match their accomplishments. BAND COUNCIL Standing: Janis Peters, Susan Fagley, Mr. Menichetti, John Scales John Rich, De an Rupp. Seated: Maureen Rupp, Betty Scott, Don Beinath, Helen Schultz. ARION AWARD Betty Scott 55 ENSEMBLES AND SOLOS Back row: John Rupp, W. Dean Rupp. John Scales, David Rupp, Mike Sullivan, Don Short, Donn Bernath, John Rich, Bob Roth, Bruce Werder. 3rd row: Maureen Rupp, Charlene Stuckey, Bud Stuckey, Lynda Miller,Bernadine Beck, Sandra Short, Brenda Pursel, Larry Fish, Elaine Huffman, Barbara Gearig, Patty Rufenacht, Tom Yoder, Florence Herbert. 2nd row: Mary Lou Roth, Joyce Short, Vee Schlatter, Suz- anne Miller,Norma Burkholder, Doris DeGroff, Janis Peters, Carol Gautsche, Joanne Beck, JoAnn Brod- beck, Joan Williams, Susie Murbach, Colleen Wyse, Ann Ruffer, Margaret Rupp. Front row: Rex Hor- nish, Delbert Britsche, Dean Rupp, Janet Myers, Stanley Buehrer, Betty Jo Scott, Philip Buehrer, John Rich, Douglas Rich, Janeth Schantz, Ruth Herbert. SOLOISTS GI.. Top row: Betty Jo Scott, Doris DeGroff, Wilmer Dean Rupp. Sandra Short, John Scales. Bottom row: Susan Murbach, Larry Fish, JoAnn Brodbeck, Robert Roth. 56 UNIOR CHORU S ML, ing: UN IOR AND BEGINNERS 1569! 2 ',n.A.MAb-X GIRLS GLEE l x - V E A ' ,3 ' 'i .,-wr' f 2 L Ld -sT.':' t Wfhix. - Q ...T Back row: Doris Thomas, Nadine Gisel, Joan Lovejoy, Mary Gibson, Darlene Short, Sharon Stutzman, Ber- dene Wyse, Janeth Schantz,Joanne Beck, Ruth Herbert, Barbara Ruffer, Jeanette Sauder, Bonnie Short. Mid- dle row: Maureen Rupp, Margaret Zuercher, Anneita Baldwin, Bonnie Jean Schroeder, Orlene Stuckey, Marilyn Miller, Ruth Ann Miller, Louise Nofzinger, Elaine Frey, Carolyn Miller, Dorthy Leu, Norma Burk- holder, Florence Herbert,Janice Wyse,Joyce Short, Carolyn Pickett. Front row: Donna Baldwin, Annabelle Zuercher, Shirley Wyse, Marilyn Gautsche, Peggy Yoder, Barbara Graber, Verlene Nafziger, Karen Roth, Barbara Gearig, Margaret Rupp, Janet Erbskorn, Brenda Pursel, Lois Myers. 57 IXED CHORUS if f r kwin f f . if 1 . an-Ui Z? fi? 5 Qthfbackrowl: D. Penrod,I.Schantz, B. Vorthman, B. Grisier, T. Lovejoy. I. Scales, H. Wyse, F. Grisier,B. Frey, D. Ruffer. 8th row: P. Buehrer, S. Buehrer, F. Gearing, C. Beck, A. Moog, L. Rupp, M. Seiler, M. Lanrz. 7th row: J. Brodbeck, B. Sruckey, W. Schmucker, D.Shorr,R. Rupp, R. Herbert. 6th row: D. Short, M. Gibson, J. Lovejoy, N. Gisel, C. Stuckey, B. Ruffer, B. Wyse. 5th row: P. Lisak, G. Waidelick, B. L. Roth, E. Frey, D. Leu. 4th row: S. Fankhauser, A.Ruffer,D. Waidelick, S. Fagley, L. Myers, C. Gautsche. 3rd row: M. Miller, A. Zuercher, B. Scott, B. Short, D. Christy, J. Huffman. 2nd row: D. Thomas, R. A. Miller, Shirley Wyse, P.Yoder,M.L. Roth, J. Sauder, J. Short, B. Graber. lst row: P. Lauber, O. Stuckey, A. Bald- win, D. Baldwin, V. Nafziger, J. Wyse, B. Gearig, J. Myers. BOYS GLEE - -fs , ' f 95' f s we 5 . tb 1 'Q . . A A s. .. . r .. we -A--b ew' u .: 3rd fback rowj: B. Frey. J. Scales, T. Mekus, N. Spengler, H. Wyse, F. Grisier, R. Rupp. 2nd row: W. Schmucker, T. Lovejoy, B. Grisier, L.RuDD.T. Stevens, C. Beck, D. Ruffer. lst row: L. Short, F. Gearing. J. Schantz, J. Myers, A. Moog, M. Sauder, D. Penrod. 58 CALENDA R SEPTEMBER 7 First Day of School 17 Edon 20-20 T 20 Faculty Party 24 Lugbill's Club Calf Sale 24 Delta 52-6 28 Freshmen Day 28 Table Tennis Stars OCTOBER 1 Holland 40-6 5 Freshmen Return Party 8 Hicksville qHomecoming Gamej 13-0 H 21 FFA-FHA Party 22 Paulding 13-0 T 25 Skating Party 27 FFA Parliamentary Procedure Contest 29 NWOEA 29 Halloween Party 29 Melbin Ehrin presented piano concert NOVEMBER 5 Swanton 7-6 6 The Band appeared at Bowling Green on Band Day 10 Prince of Peace Contest Armistice Day Science Club took trip to LemoynefRockCircusj 8th Grade Skating Party Pettisville 71-32 17 Teacher's Meeting Held at Chesterfield 18 AHS 'S Band gave a Broadcast over WONW 19 Leipsic 52-39 21 22 ll 12 15 16 Band Concert Series qBarber Shop Quartety FFA Skating Party NWO League Meeting in Wauseon Fayette 79-40 24 Thanksgiving Chapel Program 23 24 25 Thanksgiving 26 Delta 49 - 34 DECEMBER 1 Julius Caesar 2 First E. P. Tests 3 Swanton 66-29 H 9 FFA Banquet 12 Messiah presented by Community Chorus 14 Wauseon 60-36 T 15 Christmas Parade 17 Holland 55-46 T 18 Holgate 55-29 H 19 Annual Christmas Concert presented by the Archbold Music Department 20 7th Grade Party 21 Chorus recorded for Defiance 22 Booster's Polio Benefit Game 24 Christmas Vacation Begins 27 Annual Christmas Dance 28 Fayette 73-34 H 30 Ridgeville 89-63 H JANUARY 3 Resume School 5 AHS'S Band gave another Broadcast over WONW 7 Ottawa Hills 93-63 12 Semester Exams 13 Semester Exams 14 Delta 46-55 18 Pettisville 65-54 H 21 Swanton 78-60 25 Jr. Play The Perfect Idiot 26 Mother's March 27 Band Series Concert qFort Wayne Symphonettej 28 Ridgeville 75-58 T 29 Sr. Scholarship Tests FEBRUARY 1 National Honor Society Member Induction 1 Wauseon 68-49 H Holland 65-42 H Booster's Benefit Game 9 Augsburg Choir 10 Science Teacher's Meeting 11 Ottawa Hills fCancelledj 4 8 14 15 17 18 22 24 Faculty Party Fayette 73-34 Chesterfield 72-35 FFA -Dad's Night Washington's Birthday Delta 47-45 fChampionship Game of Fulton County Tournamentj MARCH 2 Assembly Program fTed Parkison- -Speaker on India Kc Pakistanj 4 Edon 73-48 5 District Solos and Ensemble Contest 8 Jewell 74-41 10 Troy-Luckey 71-67 11 County Music Festival at Wauseon 12 Delta 42-34 15 Jr. Play Glamour Boy 18 Mission House Choir 19 District Band and Chorus Competition 23 E. P. Tests 24 E. P. Tests 27 Capital University Band 28 Athletic Meeting 30 Pre-District State Tests 31 Band Recording over WONW APRIL 2 Science Day at Bowling Green 5 Anthony Wayne 5-6 6 Easter Chapel Service--Student Council 6 Montpelier 8-2 7 Fayette 56-61 9 Spring Vacation Quadri-County Science Fair 13 Liberty Center 29 1!2 - 89 112 13 Stryker 1-3 14 Dinner for the Basketball Team 14 Arbor Day Program 15 8th Grade Tests 18 Delta 3-1 19 Career Day at Wauseon 19 Fulton 5-3 20 Delta 29-74 1X2 20 Swanton 6-7 22 State Science Day at Delaware 22 Fayette 1-7 23 State Band and Chorus Competition at Marion 24 Spring Concert by Archbold Music Department 26 Pettisville 59-59 27 Defiance 3-6 27 R. W. Kauffman fMagicianj 28 Hicksville 23 1!2 - U2 28 University of Michigan Singers 29 Jr. Sr. Banquet 30 Ottawa Hills 9-0 MAY 2 Swanton 6-9 3 Bryan 6-18 4 County Track Meet Preliminary 5 County Track Meet 5 Harlon 3 1X2 - 4 1X2 7 Final Tests at Bowling Green 9 9 11 12 12 13 17 17 17 17 18 20 20 22 23 24 25 26 28 29 MVCD Swanton 47 - 74 Ottawa Hills 4 1!2 - 19 1X2 Blue Creek 2-4 Senior Play Pickles Becomes A Lady National Science Fair Trip Senior Play East Lynne Party for Seniors Hicksville 20-4 Pettisville 52-66 8th Grade Party Awards Day District Golf Tournament Baccalaureate MVCD 4-8 Commencement Faculty Party Napoleon 27 1X2 - 12 112 Montpelier Invitational Senior Trip BANQUET Q F.F.A. QUEEN F. F. A. JUDGING TEAM Don Short, Bill Crossgrove, Rex Short, Glen Short. Bob Rufe-nacht. 61 Back row: Larry Nofziger, Allen Fourst, William Crossgrove, Robert Hausch, Gerald Myers, John Bleikamp, Glen Short,Rex Short, Merle Seiler. Middle row: Gary Storrer, Ronald Gigax, Richard Leupp, Mearl May, Gary Short, Richard Jacoby,Jerry Case,RichardStuckey,Larry Weber. Front row: Mr. Galloway, Gary Rupp, Randy Wyse, Dale Leininger, Curtis Zaerr, Dale Lantz, Ronald Fielitz, Merle Short, Donald Frey, Donald Short. The Archbold High School FFA Chapter had a very good year in 1954-55. They did everything expected of a good chapter. The FFA boys learn much valuable information and also get practical experience that will help them in their future years. The Judging Team won first place in the District, easily defeating twenty- five other teams. Marvin Lantz won a first place in the state for his work in electricity. The Chapter also won an award for their work in the field of safety education. The school and the entire community may indeed feel proud of this fine or- ganization as it goes about its task of making farmers and future citizens. f fri fl, ' 'Jaw-4 ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL Back row: W. Dean Rupp. Tom Mekus, Neil Spengler, Bob Kleck, Jack Miller, Fred Mehrling, Coach Arthur. Middle row: Iim Rice-mgr., Doule Hayes, Tom Stevens, Dale Storrer, Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, Larry Short, BerylGrisier-mgr. Front row: Veryl Roth, Gene Sauder, Randy Wyse, Duane Pen- rod, Fren Gearing, Gary Storrer, Ronnie Fielitz, Roger Grieser. The Blue Streaks enjoyed one of their very best seasons on the basketball court. With only one regular returning from the previous season they won 16 games and lost only one during the regular season. They won 3 games to win the county tournament for the fifth consecutive year. They moved on to the District Championship for 1955. They lost their first game in the Regional Tournament at Toledo when they ran into a hot-shooting Sycamore team. This gave the goys a record of 23 wins and 2 losses for the season. The Reserves won 15 and lost Z. The Junior High Boys won 13 and lost only 2. Lockland Wayne won the State Class B title and Zanesville annexed the Class A Championship. Philip Buehrer won the foul shooting honors and his name will be added to the trophy. Robert Kleck was high scorer for the season. The squad loses Robert Kleck, Stanley and Philip Buehrer by grad- uation. However, there will be a fine nucleus of experienced players available for the team next year. Jack Miller, Neil Spengler, Fred Mehrling,Wilmer Dean Rupp, Larry Short, Tom Mekus, Dale Storrer, Doyle Hayes and Tom Stevens plus some promising material from the Reserve and Junior High squads will be on hand to carry on the bas- ketball traditions for Archbold. The Streaks added a fine trophy for winning the District title and a nice one for the County title. DATE OPPONENT THEY DATE WE OPPONENT Nov. 16 Pettisville 32 28 75 Ridgeville 19 Leipsic 39 Feb. 1 68 Wauseon 24 Fayette 40 4 65 Holland 26 Delta 34 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Dec. 3 Swanton 29 Feb. 15 56 Fayette 14 Wauseon 36 17 73 Chesterfield 17 Holland 46 24 47 Delta O.T. 18 Holgate 29 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 28 Fayette 34 March 4 73 Edon 30 Ridgeville 63 8 74 Jewell jan. '7 Ottawa Hills 93 10 71 Troy-Luckey O.T. 14 Delta 55 12 42 Delta 18 Pettisville 54 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 21 Swanton 60 17 50 Sycamore THEY 58 49 42 35 39 45 48 41 67 34 63 VARSITY INDIVIDUALS Stanley Buehrer Philip Buehrer Bob Kleck Neil Spengler Jack Miller Fred Mehrling Larry Short Wilmer Dean Rupp Dale Storrer Tom Mekus Tom Stevens Doyle Hayes 65 BASKETB LL 19 4-1955 Pettisville-There-Nov. 16. The Streaks opened the seasonwith an easy win over the Pettisville Blackbirds by a score of 71 to 32. Bob Kleck scored 22, Neil Spengler 16, Philip Buehrer 11. and Jack Miller 10. Leipsic-Here-Nov. 19. The Streaks upset a good Putnam County team 52 to 39. Neil Spengler 17. Philip Buehrer 13, and lack Miller 10. Fayette-There-Nov.24. Kleck scored 30 as the Streaks tamed the Eagles 79-40. Philip Buehrer 17. Neil Spengler 12, Jack Miller 11. Delta-Here-Nov. 26. The Streaks stopped the Panthers 49-34. Jack Miller netted 17 and Philip Buehrer 11. Swanton-Here-Dec. 3. An easy win for the Streaks 66 to 29. Jack Miller 18. Neil Spengler 14. and Philip Buehrer 10. Wauseon-There-Dec. 14. A Memphis Specia1 60 to 36. Jack Miller 16, and Neil Spengler 14. Six straight wins. Holland-There-Dec. 17. A tough one but the Streaks won 55 to 46. Neil Spengler hit 22, Phil and Stan Buehrer ll each. Holgate-Here-Dec. 18. Streaks won an easy one-55 to 29. Neil Spengler 17. Phil Buehrer 16, and Jack Miller 10. Fayette-Here-Dec. 28. Streaks 73. Eagles 34. Bob Kleck looped 23. Neil Spengler and Jack Miller 12 each. Stan Buehrer 10. Ridgeville-Here-Dec. 30. High Score Basketball. Streaks 89, Falcons 63. Bob Kleck a big 29. Neil Spengler 21, Jack Miller 16. Fred Mehrling 10. Ottawa I-lills-Here-Jan. 7. More high action. Streaks 93, Arrows 63. Phil Buehrer hit 23, Bob Kleck 21, Neil Spengler 20, Stan Buehrer 13, Jack Miller 12. Eleven straight. Be careful boys! Delta-There-Jan. 14. It happened! The Streaks had a bad night and trailed all the way as the Panthers ended their winning streak 55 to 46. Free throws did it. Bob Kleck made a real effort as he scored 20. Pettisville-Here-Ian. 18. The Blackbirds gave the Streaks a tough game. Final score -- Archbold 65. Pettisville 54. Bob Kleck 18. Stan Buehrer 15. Phil Buehrer 14. Swanton-There-Jan. 21. Streaks 78, Bulldogs 60 after a hard fought game. Phil Buehrer 23, Neil Spengler 20, Stan Buehrer 11, Bob Kleck and Jack Miller 10 each. Ridgeville-There-Jan. 28. Another tough battle before the Falcons bowed 75-58. Neil Spengler scored 21, Stan Buehrer and Jack Miller 16 each, Bob Kleck 14. Wauseon-Here-Feb. 1. Indians fell again 68 to 49. Bob Kleck scored 15 and Phil Buehrer 13. Holland-Here-Feb. 4. A rough and tumble affair -- Streaks 65. Holland 42. Bob Kleck 18, Jack Miller 12, Stan Buehrer 11. Last home game for Bob Kleck and Stanley and Philip Buehrer. COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT WAUSEON Fayette-Feb. 15. Streaks coasted to a 56-35 win over the Eagles. Bob Kleck warmed up with 24 markers. Chesterfield-Feb. 17. The Comets were no match for the Streaks -- 73 to 39. Everybody played. Jack Miller 14, Larry Short 11, Wilmer Dean Rupp 10. Delta-Feb. 24. Streaks seemed scared and were behind most of the way. They came to life in the final period and won the County Championship in an overtime game for the fifth straight year 47 to 45. Philip Buehrer scored 15. Neil Spengler hit the winning basket with 5 seconds remaining. Hail the Champions! Delta became runner-up. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT ANTHONY WAYNE Edon-March 4. After a slow first half the Streaks started rolling and clipped the Bombers 73 to 48. Bob Kleck, lack Miller, and Neil Spengler scored 18 each. Phil Buehrer had 12. Jewell-March 8. The Rams didn't have what was needed and fell 74 to 41. Everyone got into the act. IackhMiller scored 13, Larry Short 11, Phil Buehrer and Neil Spengler 10 each. Tougher games ahead! and ow! Troy-Luckey-March 10. In one of the most sensational tournament games ever played tne Streaks upset a highly favored Trojan team in an overtime game 71 to 67. The boys came from 9 points behind in the final period to tie the score and win in the overtime. Bob Kleck played the best game of his career on offense and defense. He scored 27 points including the winning basket in the overtime. Jack Miller played a fine game and scored 19 points, Neil Spengler scored 10. Is everybody happy? Delta-March 12. Again we meet the Panthers. This time for the District Title. The Streaks lead all the way. The Panthers came within a point in the third quarter, but the Streaks soon moved away and iced the game. Bob Kleck scored 12. Stanley Buehrer 10, Jack Miller and Neil Spengler 8 each. and Phil Buehrer 4. District Champions! Congratulations boys! REGIONAL TOURNAMENT AT TOLEDO Sycamore-March 17 . The Streaks ran into a hot-shooting Sycamore team and lost 63 to 50. The Streaks hit only 20 out of 78 shots. Sycamore hit 27 out of 52 and these statistics tell the entire story. Jack Miller scored 16, Bob Kleck 10, Stan Buehrer and Neil Spengler 8 each, and Phil Buehrer 6. Last game for the Buehrer twins and Bob Kleck. A fine season 23-2. Congratulations, Team! Congratulations. Coach Arthur! We will be back next year! 66 UNIOR HIGH BASKETB LL TEAM Back row standing: Billy DeGroff, Dennie Miller, Peter Short. Mike Sullivan. Dean Beck, Tom Grieser, Bob Fraas, Dean Rupp. Cloyce Nofziger. Middle row: Robert Miller, Gary Short, Mearl May. Gerald Myers, Donald Frey, Bob Grieser, Donald Clair, Mr, Thorpe. First row: Victor Miller. Robert Bridges, Rex Ziegler, Leland Wyse, John Rich. SPORTS SN APS V Y ARSITY FOOTBALL L U 5' ikhlgf. ff f' 'L -'v,,. qw ax ' L -- V UQ W 1 4' -iwixifi i' in h h M5-if B L fXr.,,ex l 4 f i 1 X, X 41 A - , H r - Q , ':, , y , , .. ::,.,, if , . S, V .. ,, . L 3. . 1 , V A iAVi S.. ,. g s, t ,, . a ,,f aQ Back row: Beryl Grisier, Randy Wyse, Ronnie Gigax, Duane Penrod, Doyle Hayes. Fred Gearing. Jim Rice-mgr, Middle row: Asst. Coach Arthur, Tom Stevens, Lowell Rupp. John Scales, Neil Spengler, Jack Miller, Howard Grime, Gary Storrer, Coach Sutherland. Front row: Stanley Buehrer, Bob Roth, Dick Nafziger, Fred Grisier, David Ruffer, Roger Rupp, Bob Frey, Bob Kleck, Bob Vorthman, Philip Buehrer. FOOTB LL SNAPS IN SEC G LAY S. UNIOR HIGH FOOTB LL Back row: Max Stuckey, Dean Beck, Kenny Nafziger, David RuPP. David Grisier, Tommy Grieser, Jack Short, Steward Wyse. Roger Mehrling, Stan Ruffer, Gene Spiess, Herb Ruffer, David Neal. Middle row: Coach Thorpe, Jimmy Kleck. Russel Horn, Terry Murbach. Bob Fraas, Alfred Dohm, Allen Carter, Denny Miller, Paul Lauber, Johnny Jiminez. Gary Miller, Tommy Gallaway, Bobby Lauber, Graeme Lauber-mgr. Front row: Mike Sullivan, Robert Miller, Larry Nofziger, Vic Miller, Rex Ziegler. Bob Grisier, Bob Bridges, Billy DeGroff, Roger Meier. Don Clair. Gary Myers. John Bleikamp. Larry Barger-mgr. FOOTBALL The Blue Streak Football team enjoyed a successful season last fall. They started slowly, butwhen they once hit their stride they were a very good team and held their own against all competition. They were coached by Ed Sutherland with Bill Arthur assisting. The varsity won 4 games, lost 3 and tied one. They had no league affiliations and played as an independent team. Next year they will compete in the newly formed Northern Border Conference QNBCy which will include Swanton, Delta, Liberty Center. Wauseon, and Montpelier. The Junior High Team coached by Ralph Thorpe had a good season as they won 5 games and lost 2. The seventh and eighth grade teams won one and lost one. The Junior High squad will send some fine prospects to the Varsity squad for next year. The Varsity squad lost the following seniors by graduation: Back -- Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer. Bob Frey. Fred Grisier. Linemen -- Bob Kleck, Bob Roth, David Ruffer, and Roger Rupp. 1954 FOOTBALL Edon-Here-Sept. 18. Archbold 20. Edon 20. The Streaks were not at their best for this one. Touchdowns by -- P. Buehrer, S. Buehrer, F. Grisier, Safety-Neil Spengler. ' Delta-Here-Sept. 24. Archbold 6, Delta 51. The Panthers were very tough. Fred Grisier scored for Archbold. lglglland-Here-Oct. 1. Archbold 6, Holland 40. The Streaks looked good in the first half. Kleck scored for Arch- ld. Hicksville-Here-Oct. 8. Archbold 13, Hicksville 0. Before a large Homecoming Crowd the Streaks played their best ball of the season. Fred Grisier scored both touchdowns. Bob Kleck kicked the extra point. Ottawa Hills-There-Oct. 15. Archbold 27, Ottawa Hills 12. In a game played during a drizzling rain the Streaks were ahead all the way. Philip Buehrer scored twice. Richard Nafziger and Jack Miller once each. Bob Kleck kicked 3 PAT. Paulding-Here-Oct. 22. Archbold 13, Paulding 0. The Streaks pulled an upset in this one. Stanley Buehrer inter- cepted two passes and ran them back for TD's. Bob Kleck place kicked one extra point. Waynesfield-Here-Oct. 28. Archbold 20, Waynesfield 15. The Streaks upset the dope bucket again, A thrilling game. Touchdowns by Stanley Buehrer, Tom Stevens, Neil Spengler, and Safety by Tom Stevens. Swanton-There-Nov. 5. Archbold 6, Swanton 7. A moral victory for the Streaks. They were ahead until the final 5 minutes. Fred Grisier scored for the Streaks. JUNIOR HIGH SCORES Archbold 12,Delta 13g Archbold O. Holland 20g Archbold 18. Hicksville Og Archbold 30. Wauseon 7g Archbold 31, Whitmer 145 Archbold 6, Wauseon Og Archbold 19. Swanton 144 Archbold 12, Ottawa Hills 7g Archbold 0.Mont- pe ier . 69 HOMECOMING QUEEN Q f Q . ,, -gl X K Anne Ruffer, Linda Miller, Janet Wyse. Ianeth Schantz, Mary Lou Roth. Again this year, the football squad chose a Queen and court to reign over the Homecoming Game, which was played against Hicksville. Janet Wyse, a senior, was selected to be the queen. The court consisted of Linda Miller, Anne Ruffer, Janeth Schantz, Mary Lou Roth. A large crowd turned out to view the game, which was won by Arch- bold 13 to Og a fine ending to the royal festivities. Numan. at-J,m xw f mln. -5' .t war' l BASEBALL A J Back row: Coach Arthur, Gary Rupp. Rormie Fielitz. Bob Bridges, Doyle Hayes. Tom Stevens. Bob Miller. Front row: Larry Short, Jack Miller, W. Dean Rupp. Bob Kleck, Neil Spengler, Stanley Buehrer, Philip Buehrer. BASEBALL The Blue Streak baseball team of 1955 did not enjoy a highly successful season in the won and lost column. Theywon four games and lost seven. They were runner-up team in the county and reached the semi-finals in the Dis- trict Tournament at Holgate. Practically all of their losses resulted from a lack of hitting and in some cases the fielding was below par. The pitching was both good and not so good. Stanley Buehrer, Jack Miller, and Bob Bridges did the pitching with Doyle Hayes doing the catching. Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, and Bob Kleck will be lost by gradua tion. BASEBALL SCORES 1955 Date Archbold Opponent 5 5 April Anthony Wayne 6 April 20 Swanton 7 April 8 Montpelier 2 April Z2 Fayette 5 CT April 1 Stryker April Z7 Defiance 6 April 3 Delta April 30 Ottawa Hills O CT April 5 Fulton May Z Swanton 9 May 12 Blue Creek 4 DT CHEERLE DERS 'swf X .,.. 1 V ?f35?s5-lSif1,'5fK.mzMaier' 3 : xx sa :Ili if W - ef' 2 is Q sy 42 Varsity Basketball Maureen Rupp. Joanne Beck, Janeth Schantz. Barbara Ruffer. fl 1? Q ' a QQ54 r at Hn? 1. at :1 Sass ,i 5 3 G QW t :Ng , K af: u,.' as .roar . :-- 'mn .::1:,nsi4 f14':'1:?T'd:. . 1: .- :ifiv 3 . ' : k .1 f- 4, :w ma fm i A! if :fsiggjfgjfr-5,EPz Eff: . r':i:as:.21W5 : 5 : ' Z K ' f ar, f, -s, K y,,1g-fs fzzmmggsi - 5,gg5,gt7-11,4-vii Seem? 1asassmfrezsifafrfeifanar W' f W-sez' sa 'fi?siKsisf9f'f1- - r Jr. High Basketball Jane Buehrer, Sharon Lindley, Barbara Gearig, Mary Lou Roth. 1 .. f 1 Football Maureen Rupp, Joanne Beck, Janis Peters, Barbara Ruffer, Janeth Schantz, Helen Schultz. ,,A, f 655- 9 , , GOLF Standing: Billy DeGroff, Steward Wyse, Lamar Gisel. Roger Grieser, Larry Short. Seated: Stanley Buehrer, Neil Spengler, Bob Kleck, Tom Mekus, Philip Buehrer, Gene Sauder. The Blue Streaks engaged in their third season of golf. Their won and lost record was about even for the season. They did well considering the fact that several of the boys had no previous experience. Besides their regular schedule they participated in the District Tournament at Heather Downs, Toledo, and the Montpelier Invitational Tournament. More boys are becoming interested in the sport and if this interest continues some good players should eventually be available. Golf has a great carry-over value and provides life-long recreation for its participants. Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, and Bob Kleck willbe lost to the squad by graduation, Other players who saw action were Neil Spengler, Gene Sauder, Tom Mekus, Bill DeGroff, Larry Short, Roger Grieser and Lamar Gisel. DATE April 28 May 3 May 5 May 9 May 11 May 17 May 20 May 23 May 26 May 28 GOLF SCORES ARCHBOLD OPPONENT PLACE 23 112 Hicksville 112 Auburn. Indiana Country Club 6 Bryan 18 Orchard Hills Country Club, Bryan. O. 3 112 Harlon 4 112 Auburn, Indiana Country Club 13 MVCD ll Valleywood, Swanton, O. 4 112 Ottawa Hills 19 112 Valleywood. Swanton. O. 20 Hicksville 4 Orchard Hills, Bryan, O. District Tournament, Heather Downs, Toledo, 0. Ottawa Hills, Firstg Holland, Secon, Arch- bold 16th placeg 18 teams competing. 4 MVCD 8 Valleywood, Swanton. O. 27 112 Napoleon B 12 112 Napoleon Golf Club. Napoleon, O. Montpelier Invitational, Hillcrest Golf Club. Montpelier. O. Won by Napoleon. Defiance. Montpelier, Bryan, Archbold, and Hicksville finished in the order listed. 3'-4 in f aa 1' ., ..p, ATHLETIC COACHES .AQHA William Arthur-Basketball, Asst. Varsity Football. Baseballg I. H. Spengler-Golfg Jacob Burkholder-Athletic Directory Edward Sutherland-Varsity Footballg Ralph Thorpe-Jr. High Football. Jr. High Basketball. MANAGERS Jim Rice, Beryl Grisier. Tom Mekus, Fred Gearing. A-ASSOCIATION 1 ff, J J J 1,53 A I , Q V t ci X x Back row: Bob Roth, Jim Rice, Beryl Grisier, Jack Mi11er,Tom Mekus, Neil Spengler, John Scales, Roger Rupp. Middle row: Bob Kleck. Don Nofziger. Duane Penrod. Dick Nafziger. Fred Grisier, David Ruffer, Bob Frey, Howard Grirne, Tom Stevens. Front row: Ronnie Gigax, Gary Storrer, Randy Wyse. Lowell Rupp, Stanley Buehrer. Larry Short, Philip Buehrer, 74- TRACK ,Niagra Back row: Wilmer Dean Rupp. John Scales, Jack Miller, Middle row: Herbert Ruffer, Graeme Lauber, Bob Vorthman, Ronnie Fielitz. Gary Storrer. Tom Stevens, Coach Sutherland. First row: Bob Grisier, Willard Nofzinger, Duane Penrod, Bob Frey, Ronnie Gigax, Gary Rupp. Track was returned to the scholastic sports calendar after a year of absence, A large group of eager aspirants reported for practice. This number dwindled considerably as it became apparent that track candidates must work hard and be in good condition if they are to accomplish anything. Duane Penrod and Bob Frey ran a close race for top scoring honors, with Bob Frey coming out first. Tom Stevens and Jack Miller were next in order. April 7 home Archbold 56 Fayette 61 April 13 away Archbold 29 112 Liberty Center 89 112 April 20 away Archbold 29 Delta 74 112 Fayette 47 112 April 26 home Archbold 59 Pettisville 59 May 5 County Meet at Delta. Delta 74. Fayette 60. Pettisville 35 112, Archbold 32, Lyons 12, Chesterfield 9 112. May 9 home Archbold 47 Swanton 74 May 10 away ffreshmenj Delta 50 112 Fayette 46 112 Archbold 21 Pettisville 4 May 17 home Archbold 52 Pettisville 66 SPORTS SNAPS x its f 1:1 ,L 'a DR, R. O, RYCHENER ss, .A , f f 4 sw::,:,gg:gw-A Y, , 1. . A Wyii if?-1..53.:s L W or ,iiiivusx . tiff: fffyri Hg' 7f7.whi5?f'Q' Zkafpffq fi ' ' K L' RYCI-IE ER AWARD Dr. Ralph O, Rychener, an Alumnus of Archbold High School, and now a successful surgeon in Mem- phis, Tennessee.who has long been noted for his very generous moral and financial support of all athletic and other activities in our school, in 1946 establish- ed an Annual Senior Athletic Award of one hundred dollars cash to a graduating senior boy. This scholar- ship was named in honor of Mr. Rychener's parents. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Rychener, local residents, who ialways displayed a keen interest in local school af- airs. The award is made on the following basis: Thirty per cent Athletic abilityg thirty per cent scholarshipg twenty per cent neatness and personal appearanceg and twenty per cent general school attitude. In 1952 a slight revision was made in the award making the cash payment of the one hundred dollars only if the winner goes on to college. If he does not continue his education beyond high school he will receive a watch chain medal instead of the cash award. An- other new provision states that he must have an aver- age of B or better in all of his English courses. If the one chosen for the award does not use it by going to college it will be held in escrow for the next year. The winner of the award is selected by a secret vote of the high school faculty. Former winners of the award were as follows: Aden Storrer. 1946g Gerald Lehman, 1947g Paul Sigg. 1948: Arthur Kleck, 1949g John Clair, 19505 Dale Leu, 1951g Ralph Burkholder, 1952g Paul Yoder. 1953g and Andy Murbach, 1954. ROBERT KLECK 1955 Winner 76 COIVIIVIERCIALS Students, Teachers, Parents, and Friends: This annual was brought to you at a reasonable price, through the whole-hearted co-operation and financial support of the friendly merchants of our community. They have amply demonstrated their good will toward our school and their support is greatly appreciated by the publishers of this book. Let's extend our pat- ronage and good will to them in the same friendly manner in which they have given theirs to us. On the following pages you shall find: THE ADVERTISING DIRECTORY 77 ACCOUNTANTS Walter C . Webster ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Willard Mack Owen Rice AUC TIONEERS DENVER STUCKEY AUCTION SALES YODER AND FREY, INC. BAKERIES Lang's Bakery BANKS FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK PEOPLES STATE BANK COM- PANY- Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit In- surance Inc. BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Vearl's Barber Shop Florence's Beauty Shop Fred's Barber Shop Joe Litwiler Barber Shop BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS RIEGSECKER BROTHERS RUPP LUMBER CO., PETTISVILLE Paul M. Ruffer and Son Claude Rupp, Pettisville BUILDING MOVERS E. M. Sauder CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH SERVICE Dr. Bednar CONCRETE PRODUCTS Cal and Maurice Elmira Block Co AR C HB O LD CONCRETE PRO- DUCTS ' CONFECTIONERS HAROLD NAGEL RECREATION CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS Dale Rufenacht Lauber's Clothing and Shoes DAIRY PRODUCTS Babcock Dairy Sterling and Meadowgold Products Short's Dairy DENTIST DRS. MELLOR AND HACKETT DITCHING AND EXCAVATING MILLER BROS. CONTRACTORS Vern Gisel DRUG STORES RED CROSS 'DRUG STORE City Drug DRY CLEANERS ARCHBOLD DRY CLEANERS Bancroft Cleaners DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Helen's Dry Goods Archbold Dry Goods ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ELDON ROTH ELECTRIC Vic's Electric Ray Lantz FARM EQUIPMENT Liechty Farm Equipment Stacey Farm Supply -Elmira Rychener Implement KING-WYSE, INC. Walter Brenheiser FLOOR COVERING O. J. SHORT FLORISTS ARCHBOLD GREENHOUSE FOOD PROCESSING LA CHOY FOOD PROCESSING FUNERAL HOMES Short's Funeral Home WYSE BROS. TURKEY FARM lTelephone No. 5491, Archbold Hatchery, Inc. HOME FURNISHINGS Short's Furniture Rupp's Furniture Detter's Home Furniture INSURANCE Robert Wilcox A. J. Stamm Insurance Agency Couch with Lincoln V. S. Beck Insurance W. G. Theobald Insurance Agency Harold Dean, Insurance-Montpelier Grisier's Funeral Home GARAGE AND SERVICE STATIONS ARCHBOLD SALES AND SERVICE SHORT SALES AND SERVICE PAUL'S FRIENDLY SERVICE CROSSGROVE GARAGE Garber Motor Sales-Stryker Lowell Thomas Service Station CHRISTY, BUICK AND CHEVY LIECHTY MOTOR SALES Heer's Garage-Elmira DeGroff's Service Station Nofzinger Motor Sales Claude's West End Gulf GENERA L S TORES Roth' s General Store HARDWARE AND LUMBER STOTZER HARDWARE COMPANY VERNIER - MCLAUGHLIN - PRO BECK COMPANY Gotshall Manufacturing Company Western Auto Association fSporting Goods and Appliances, HATCHERIES Ora Rupp C. J. Short Floyd Lauber JEWELERS O. P. Kluepfel LIVE-STOCK AND MEAT PACKING LLOYD MYERS LUGBILL'S MFG. COMPANIES WAUSEON MFG. Fulton Mfg. Co.-Wauseon Graber Mfg. Co.-Stryker NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS Archbold Buckeye PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Herman Britsch Orville Pursell Jess Nofziger PHOTOGRAPHERS RICHARD ERBSKORN John M. Davidson, Por Commercial, Bryan trait and PLUMBING AND HEATING Johnson Electric Plumbing and Heating -Stryker R. M. Gearing Frass Plumbing and Heating L. B. Frey and Sons-Pettisville POULTRY PRODUCTS Robert D. Hayes, Poultry and Eggs PUBLIC UTILITIES Ohio Gas Company RADIO AND APPLIANCE SERVICES Hughes Radio Shop RESTAURANTS HOME RESTAURANT Leu's Diner Gert and Bud's RETAIL FOOD SERVICE RUFFER'S MARKET A. 8: P. STORE JIM'S RED AND WHITE Corner Market Lugbill's Market and Restaurant SCAFFOLDING BIL-JAX, INC. SEED AND FEED Elmira Elevator FAGLEY SEED AND GRAIN FAYETTE SEED AND GRAIN, INC. Archbold Seed and Grain Company Stryker's Farmers Exchange J0hn W. Stuckey Northwest FarmService, Bill Rupp, Jr. SHOE STORES HESS SHOES THEATERS Scott Theatre TRUCKING AND FREIGHT MID-AMERICA TRUCK LINES ARCHBOLD TRUCK LINE VARIETY STORES Archbold Gift and Variety Fashion Shop Fish's 5 8: 1042 Toys -Gifts -School Supplie s VETERINARIANS Dr. J. R. Peters WELDING AND REPAIRS Calvin Stannard-Elmira WOODWORKING - MANUFACTURING ARCHBOLD LADDER COMPANY SAUDER WOODWORKING COM- PANY SAUDER MANUFACTURING COM- PANY Wauseon Woodworking Co. fLumber and Cabinet Works, Lauber Manufacturing Company New York Boat Ore Co.-Archbold Baer Cabinet and Specialty Shop QPh. Office 2358-Residence, 41561 Leininger Home Supply-Elmira Sommer's Home Furniture Shop Dennis Nofzinger MISCELLANEOUS Dr. Murbachs and Neal Kenny Polite Grisier's Piano and Organ Family Book Store Q404 Brussel Streetj Gaylord Fielitz -Honey as ', ig SK- Gabby Phil Stan Jo Denny iw W Q' se DeeDee Ginny Stuke Christy Barb -dyne Liz Bessie Eggie Pat Pinhead Chalky Suz Lovey Curt Klum .A I i ,I A K digs , .JY ' M34-Qfff N i , flak Riff R, kfgp 0 6 1 1 4-'Q x. HL v-- S new, X Why gui fr-'Z live-nfsavwun 'N 9-an 2 3' n' 4? 5? '5

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