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The Heighth of ambition Snow Queen Two ofa kind? No Sale !! k ll ww People are funny nllee i ,Q 1 Sy 5 5 in K? 1 1 A 1 3,9 4 ,S M ,5 ,Z 3, 4 i 3' R X I 'Q xi -Tye if 1 M 1, i -fs . 5 , i -r 1 5 :K ai W Wifi 5096 . . aka 50W 'neil 1 XX in us?-W Xie Oh for the privileges of 'Ya O05 M0 8 SCl'1lOI' Q Surprise ! ! Living it up Need help Ethel and Albert G00f1l1g Off ! ! F Both and brains The thinker The studlous senior 613, Happy Wander Give us the right answr Wake up! Tis morning Did you forget x Looks good enough to eat Hole in one! Eat, drink and be merry. . . "Little Darkies" YOUI' "wheaties" this morning? Oh to sing forever and a night Four pretty mermaids! ! Balancing act. Three cute chicks! ! Three guys named Mike. School is too tough, I'm leaving! Sorry boys, she's taken!! Yi ox X m on 9 . we ER? iowm' 09 Seeing double ,Hlnl-V-, ...- , .. ... IN MEMGRIAM This nineteen hundred fifty-four Blue Streak Yearbook is published in the mem- ory of Marlin Grieser, a. departed class- mate, whom we will always remembers. THE if 499 f f Editor-in-Chief ...... CoNette Nofzinger Assistant ...... Bill Kernig Business Manager .... Ethel Traut Faculty Advisor ...... J. H. Spengler PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL ARCHBOLD, OHIO DEDICATIO I We the senior class, of nineteen hundred fifty-four, dedicate this yearbook to the Quadria County Science Fair. This organization has helped promote science in our school, and also in many of the schools in the surrounding area. Every year two outstanding projects are chosen from the many displayed and sent to the National Fair. There are only 55 science fairs in the whole United States. Let us hope that this fair shall in the future continue its magnificent effect on the citizens of this community, who so generously support it. 2 FACLI LTY BOARD OF EDUCATIO DR. J. R. PETERS m President DR. W. J. NEAL OWEN RICE Vice President Clerk ARVA SIEGEL JAMES BARGER LYLE OSBORN 4 DMIN ISTRATION J. H. SPENGLER Superintendent B. S. Bowling Green State University M. A. University of Michigan JACOB BURKHOLDER High School Principal B. S., A. B., Adrian College M, A. Bowling Green State University R. L. LORTON Elementary Principal B. S. Oberlin M. A. Ohio State University BETTY RYCHENER School Secretary 5 WILLIAM HARRIS Science B.S. Ohio State University. THOMAS L. PARKER Mathematics-B. L. Berea, B.A. Ohio University, M.A. Ohio State University. IRWIN SLESNICK Science B.S. Bowling Green University, M.S., Univer- sity of Michigan. DONA LD HORNISH Industrial Arts-El. Degree, Ma nchester, B.S., Ohio Northern. WILLIAM ARTHUR Physical Education - B. S. Ohio Northern University. ELVA KEIM Commerc ia l-B.A. Spo- kane,Ohio State University, Ohio University. RALPH THORPE SocialStudies-B.S. Findley College. 6 A LLEN RINDERLY English, Latin, B.A. and M.A. Xavier College. EVELYN RUPP English, Commercial. B.S. Bowling Green State Uni- versity. RUTH FAGLEY English, Home Economics. B.S. Whittenberg, Defiance College, Columbia Uni- versity. FRA NCES J. MENICHETTI Music, B.M. University of Michi- gan, M.M. University of Michigan University of Illinois. GA YLE BOURQUIN Librarian. B. S. Bowling Green State University. GLEN GA LLA WA Y Vocational Agriculture. B.S. Ohio State University. 7 FLORENCE WALTER Kindergarten Ypsilanti Normal MILDRED BERNATH First Grade Bowling Green State University DONNA SLESNICK Third Grade Bowling Green State University CARABE LLE FREY BETTY DIETZ Kindergarten Washington Seminary, Bowling Green State University, Defiance College. ANNA ROSE NAFZIGER First Grade Goshen College Third Grade Goshen College BESSIE FREY MARY ELLEN RUPP Second Grade Second Grade Goshen College, Bowling Green Houghton College, Goshen Col- State University. lege. 8 MABEL NOFZIGER Fourth Grade Bowling Green State University MARVEL TRESSLER Music Ypsilanti Normal Bowling Green State University DORTHY SPENGLER Fourth Grade Bowling Green State University Indiana University ew JUNE KOHLI HAZEL BURKHOLDER Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Bowling Green State University Bowling Green State University JACK ROBISON VIOLET SCHLATTER Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Toledo University Bowling Green State University Bowling Green State University Indiana University 9 COOKS Ella Beck, Bessie Short, Christie Grime, Mary Grime. CUSTODIANS Earl Bourquin, Art Taylor. BUS DRIVERS Lowell Thomas Earl Bourquin Lawrence Schmucker Dennis Roth Howard Reed Arthur Liechty Virgil DeGroff Wilmer Rupp 10 SENIGRS Q ...asf ED LAUBER Business Class President 7th, 8th, llth, 12th, Sci- Questa Club, Student Council President and Vice President, Science Competi- tion, Alpha Honor Roll, Basketball, Base - ball, Football, Track Noon Games, Cho- rus, Glee Club, "Suicide Specialist", "Lena Rivers", A Association, Science Fair. ROGER SCI-IA NTZ Coach National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, "Suicide Specialist," "The Late Mr. Early", Basketball, Baseball, Foot- ball, Sci -Questa Club, Alpha Honor Roll, Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Band, A -As- sociation, Class Officer, Sr. Scholar- ship Test, Pre lim ina ry and District Scholarship Tests. SUZANNE STUCKEY Medical Assistant Band, Chorus, Glee Club, Solo, En- semble, Music Competition, Student Council,County Festival, Science Club, Science Fair Committee, Science Com- petition, Noon Games, Summer Dra- matics, Band and Chorus Librarian, Majorette, "Suicide Specialist", "The Late Mr. Early". ANDY MURBACH College Senior Class Vice President, Student Council, Science Competition, Alpha Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Test, Music Competition, Basketba1l,Baseba ll, Foot- ball,Track, Golf, "Suicide Specialist", "Lena Rivers", Chorus President. KEITH SHORT Business A Association, Senior High Honor Roll, Football, Noon Games, Maintenance, "The Late Mr. Early". HELEN WLASIUK Elementary Teacher Science Competition ETHEL TRA UT Elementary Teacher Band, president, secretary, Band Coun- cil, Chorus, secretary, Girls' Glee, Honor Roll, Noon Games, Prince of Peace Contest, Class President and secretary, Science Club, secretary and treasurer, National Honor Society President, Stu- dent Council, F.F.A. Sweetheart, Cheer- leader, AnnualStaff, Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, County Festi- val, "Professor, How Could You", "Lena Rivers". CONETTE NOFZINGER Teacher Band Treasurer, Chorus, Band Council, StudentCouncil Sec., District and State Science Competition, Solo Music Com- petition, National Honor Society, Sax Quartet, Social Club, Girls' Glee Club, Annual Editor, District and Preliminary Scholarship Tests, Science Club, Sci- Questa Club, Noon Games, "Suicide Specialist", "The Late Mr. Early", Football and Halloween Attendant, Prince of Peace Contest. 12 'Q' WFP? BILL KERNIG U.S.M.C. StudentCouncil, Sci-Questa Club, Sci- ence Competition at Bowling Green State University, Kent State Univer- sity, Miami University, Honor Roll, Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball, A -Association, Boys' Intramural Team Captain, As- sistant-Editor of the 1954 Annual. MA RJORIE FISER Dental Assistant Band, Chorus, Girls' Glee, Preliminary Scholarship Test, F.H.A., President, Class Secretary, Noon Games, County Festival, Music Competition, "Suicide Specialist," "Lena Rivers," Science Fair, Prince of Peace Contest, Home Ec. Club, Honor Roll, Sci-Questa Club, Solo Competition. SUE YOUNG Secretary Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Social Club, Home Ec. Club, F.H.A., Archette Staff, Science Competition, Science Fair, Band, State Band Competition, "Lena Rivers -Prompter. " JAMES SCHMUCKER Farmer F.F.A., Basketball, Track, Science Competition, F.F.A. Judging Team. PAUL STUCKEY Farmer Scholarship Tests, Honor Roll, Vice President 10, Halloween Queen Escort, Science Competition, "Lena Rivers," F.F.A . , Honor Roll, Secretary, Reporter, President, Judging Team, QF.F.A.J Par- lia me nta ry Procedure, Agriculture Scholarship. ETHEL MECK Secretary F.H.A., Girls' Glee, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Team Captain, County Festival, Archette Staff, Science Competition, Music Competition, Science Fair, Noon Games, Honor Roll and "Lena Rivers". BETTY NICOLEON Nurse National Honor Society, Glee Club, Home Ec. Club, Sci-Questa Club, Sen- ior Scholarship Test, Alpha Honor Roll, Band, F.H.A., Science Competition, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Science Fair, "The Late Mr. Early", Noon Games. JOE E. CROSSGROVE Geologist Band, Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Science Club,Science Competition, Band Com- petition, Football, Track, "Suicide Specialist", 'The Late Mr. Early", A- Association, Golf Team, Band Council, Prince of Peace Contest, Preliminary Scholarship Tests, County Festival, Honor Roll. 13 9 1 " OKSANA HOLIAN Teacher "Suicide Specialist", Honor Roll, Sci- ence Fair. NORMAN WINGA RD College Chorus, Glee Club, Science Club, "Sui- cide Specialist", "The Late Mr. Early". ROGER MILLER Small Business Science Competition, Music Competi- tion, Basketball, Baseball, A Associa- tion, Band, Football, County Festival. DONNA RUFFER Secretary and Model F.H.A., Home Ec. Club, SocialClub, Cheerleader, Majorette, Drum Major, HalloweenAttendantand Queen, Twirl- ing Classes, Archette Staff, Archette Editor, "Suicide Specialist", Honor Roll, Noon Games, Science Competition, Office Assistant. EILEEN BEAVERSON Practical Nurse Home Ec. Club, Science Competition, Archette Staff, Cafeteria Aid, Science Fair, Noon Games. KEN FA NKHA USER Printer Chorus, Boy's Glee, Science Competi- tion, Basketball, Noon Games. LOWELL RUFENACHT Farmer Science Competition, F.F.A., F.F.A. District Livestock Judging Contest, F.F.A. State Science Fa ir. Livestock Judging Contest, MARY WLASIUK Elementary Teacher Honor Roll, Science Fair. JAMES CLINGA MAN Electrician Basketball, Football, Baseball, Golf, A - association, Honor Roll, Science Com- petition, "The Late Mr. Early." SHIRLEY GRAF Elementary Teacher Band, Cheerleader, Science Club, Cho- rus, Girls Glee Club, County Festival, Music Competition, "Professor How Could You", "Lena Rivers," National Honor Society, Science Fair, Halloween Attendant, Footba ll Queen, Class Treas- urer, Prince of Peace Contest. CAROLYN GRIESER Secretary Chorus, Glee, Music Competition, Sci- ence Competition, Science Fair, Home Ec. Club, Librarian, County Festival, Honor Roll, Office Assistant, Archette Staff, "The Late Mr. Early," "Professor, How, Could You." LAWRENCE W. GA UTSCHE, JR. Factory Worker Science Competition, Football, Chorus, Golf, "Professor, HowCould You," "Lena Rivers". EVERETT WYSE Business Baseball, Track, Honor Roll, Science Competition, Noon Games, A -Associa- tion, Basketball, "Professor, How Could You". BARBARA RICH Teacher Band, Chorus, Glee Club, Woodwind Quintet, County Festival, Boy's Glee, Girls Glee, and Chorus Accompanist, Band and Chorus Librarian, Brass Quar- tet, Chorus Vice-President, Girls Sex- tet, Music Competition, Sci -Questa Club, Science Competition, Class Sec- retary, Summer Dramatics, Honor Roll, Home Ec. Club, Prince of Peace Con- test, Summer Music Scholarship, Foot- ball Queen, "Suicide Specialist," "The Late Mr. Early". MARY WINZELER Nurse Girls' Glee Club, Senior Scholarship, Tests, F.H.A., Home Ec. Club, F.H.A. Vice President, County Festival, Noon Games, Noon Games Captain, Music Competition, S c ience Competition, Honor Roll, Sci-Questa Club, "Profes- sor, How Could You," "The late Mr. Early," Cheerleader. LOWELL FLORY World Airline Pilot Chorus, Track, Basketball, Alpha Honor Roll, Science Club, Boys'Glee Club, "Professor, How Could You," Noon Games, Science Competition, A-As- sociation. 15 V its MONA ROTH Secretary Chorus, Glee Club, County Festival, Music Competition, Librarian, Prelimi- nary Scholarship Tests, Elementary Of- fice Assistant, Archette Staff, Science Competition, Science Fair, Honor Roll, Home Ec. Club, F.H.A. AVON ROTH Bookkeeper Student Council, National Honor So- ciety,Chorus,Glee Club, County Festi- val, Music Competition, Preliminary Scholarship Tests, District Scholarship Tests, Office Assistant, Archette Staff, Science Competition, Science Fair,Al- phaHonor Roll, Home Ec. Club, F.H.A. JERRY GRIME Feed Salesman F.F.A. Vice -Pres., Secretary, Jr. Fair Board, Honor Roll, A -Association, Bas- ketball, Football, Track, "Professor How Could You", "The Late Mr. Early". Sci- ence Competition, A g.Scholarship Test. RA LPH CRONINGER Mechanic F.F.A., Football, Science Competition, Science Fair. ROY E. SCHOTT Electrician Chorus, Boy's Glee Club, Science Com- petition, Science Fair, County Festival, Senior Scholarship Test, District and Preliminary Scholarship Tests, Sci- Questa Club. MARY KUNKLE Home Ec. Cafeteria, Home Ec. Club, Band,Girl's Glee Club, Chorus, Science Club, Sci- ence Fair, District Science Competition, State Science Competition, Archette Staff, Band Staff and District Com- petition, 4-H Leader. IA MES BUEHRER Farmer Honor Roll, District and Preliminary Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Science Competition. C HA RLES RIEGSECK ER Farmer F.F.A. Parliamentary Procedure, Sci- ence Competition. 16 ELAINE GRIESER Office Work 8: Housewife "Professor, How Could You", F.H.A., Home Ec. Club, Chorus, Majorette, Archette Staff, Social Club, Glee Club, Library Assistant, Teacher's secretary, Music C o mp e t it io n, "Lena Rivers", Twlrling Contest, Noon Games. RUTH ANN TERRELL Teacher Chorus, Girls Glee Club, County Festi- val, Home Ec. Club, Archette Staff, Science Competition, Music Com- petition, "Lena Rivers", Science Fair, Honor Roll. GENE RUPP Teacher National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Preliminary Scholarship Tests, District Scholarship Test, Class Treasurer, Cho- rus, Glee Club, "Professor, How Could You", Halloween Queen Escort, "Lena Rivers," Lab. Ass't, Science Competi- tion, Sr. Scholarship Test. DOROTHY GEARIG Private Secretary Band, Chorus, Glee Club, SocialClub, County Festival, Archette Staff, Music, Competition, Honor Roll, "Professor, How Could You", Science Fair, Sci- ence Competition, Library Assistant, "The Late Mr. Early". MARY LOU RUFFER Housewife "Professor, How Could You", Honor Roll, Chorus, Glee Club, Social Club, County Festival, Home Ec. Club, Of- fice Secretary, Archette Staff, Science Competition, Music Competition, "Lena Rivers" -prompter, Science Fair. GENE WA IDELICH Farmer F.F.A. Treasurer. ROBERT ROTH Farmer F.F.A., Science Competition. JEANNINE CRONINGER Surgery Nurse F.H.A. , Chorus, Glee Club, Music Com- petition, Science Competition, Home Ec. Club, Alpha Honor Roll, Librarian, Cafeteria Aid, 4-H Club, Noon Games, Scholarship Tests, Sr. Scholarship Test, Science Fair. 17 rs. STR'- 60" A ,.,,,.,asv-""" -QZQISE n ga E 94 . X Ir 5 5 A , if , W I , H'-t ..A. . ' , A X . ' EA ' 5, 1 lf I 'if 'Y W .5 'V i f : 'P .-31" ' ,r ff Yin Sw 9 'Ci Q SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of the Archbold German Township High School, City of Archbold, County of Fulton, State of Ohio, being of sound mind and memory after twelve years of arduous study, and realizing that our high schooldays are to be memories of the past, do hereby publish and declare this to be our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills, bequeaths and devises of whatsoever nature made. Article I To Archbold High School we give the honor of graduating a fine class such as ours. Article II To the faculty we give our sincere thanks and appreciation for guiding us through high schooL Article III To each of the succeeding classes we give the courage to go on. Articles IV I, Eileen Beaverson, will my ability to accomplish something in Home Ec. to next years Home Ec. classes. I, James Buehrer, will my quietness to Larry Fish, so he will stay out of trouble. I, James Clingaman, willnothing special to no one special. I, Jeannine Croninger, will my ability to get along with the teachers to Fred Gear - mg. I, Ralph Croninger, will my ability to skip school to anyone that wants it. I, Joe Crossgrove, will my new Chrysler to Jim Short, so he can win some races. I, Kenneth Fankhauser, will my height to Pam Lauber. I, Marjorie Fiser, will my Ford to Jim Short. I, Lowell Flory, will my bass voice to the bass section of next year's chorus. I, Junior Gautsche, will my manly phy- sique to Veryl Roth. I, Dorothy Gearig, will my nickname back to where it came from. I, Shirley Graf, will my chair in English Class to Helen Loder. I, Caroline Grieser, will my magazine salesmanship to next years senior class. I, Elaine Grieser, will my ability to go steady to Sandy Polite. I, Jerry Grime, will my high jumping ability to next years high jumper. I, Oksana Holian, will my locker to the first one that gets there. I, William Kernig, will my slenderness to Ted Lovejoy. I, Mary Kunkle, will my personality to someone who needs it. I, Edward Lauber, will my ability to flirt with the girls to Marvin Lantz. I, Ethel Mae Meck, will my ability to stick to one boy to Barb Walters. I, Roger Miller, will my tuba to John Scales. I, AndrewMurbach, will my smoothdanc- ing to Jack Miller. I, Betty Nicolen, will my p h y s io lo gy project to anyone who can't do better. 1, CoNette Nofziger, will my clothes to those that can afford them. I, Barbara Rich, will my long hair to Susie Murbach. I, Charles Riegsecker, will my curly hair to Fred Grieser. I, Avon Roth, will my banking ability to future bankers. I, Mona Roth, will my bookkeeping ability to the most deserving. I, Robert Roth, will my shortness to Bob Kleck. I, Lowell Rufenacht, will my agricultural ability to Walter Schmucker. I, Donna Ruffer, will my figure to Donna Gaddis. I, Mary Lou Ruffer, will my ability to go on a diet to Sue Fankhauser. I, Gene Rupp, will my public speaking ability to anyone who has the nerve. I, Roger Schantz, will my basketball ability to Tommy Stevens. I, James Schmucker, will my manners in the corridors to the 7th grade. I, Roy Schott, will the school's erasers to anyone who can throw them and not get caught. I, Keith Short, will my maintenance job to anyone that doesn't like to sit in the study hall. I, Paul Stuckey, will my leadership in F.F.A. to Roger Rupp. I, Suzanne Stuckey, will my dark com- plexion to Barb Walters. I, Ruth Ann Terrell, will my freckles to Ioan Beck. I, Ethel Traut, will my typing speed to Don Short. I, Gene Waidelich, will my amiable disposition to someone who needs it. I, Norman Wingard, will my interest in English Class to anyone that wants it. I, Mary Winzeler, will my interest in gym class to an uninterested person. I, Helen Wlasuik, will my dark hair to Anneita Baldwin. I, Mary Wlasuik, will my small feet to Sharon Stutzman. I, Everett Wyse, will my new math. solu- tions to Mr. Parker. I, Sue Young, will my ability to get out of study hall to someone that doesn't like to sit in it. We, the Senior Basketball Boys, will our ability to win games for Archbold High to next years bas- ketball team. PROPH ECY The 25th of May 1975 A.D., the distinguished members of Archbold High, Class of "54", met at "Milky Way" Field, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A., North American Continent at 1100 homes for the prespace dinner at the luxurious Mars Room in preparation for the first trip to Planet X. This notable assembly was greeted by Captain Edward Lauber, manager of the largest Space Ships' Incorporated, and his charming wife Oksana Holian. A tour of the space station was conducted by Jerry Grime and his pleasing assistant, Marjorie Fiser. Much to our amazement at the fabu- lous discovery of Skyhooks by Professor James L. Buehrer and Roy Schott, we were informed that the invisible Robot, attaching these devices to cosmic rays was designed and assembled by "Wabet Woth" alias Robert Roth. At our next stop we inspected the Atomic Pile which was being cooked under the di- rection of the eminent Dr. Ralph Croninger with the assistance of his partner Avon "Einstein" Roth. Fear- ing possible radiation injuries, we walked on to the commissary, where we were pleased to find Mary Winzeler and Betty Nicolen in charge of the Anti- radiation unit. Their assistant in Pharmacy was none other than our own Eileen Beaverson. Walking across the field to the office we saw Lowell Rufenacht, Paul Stuckey and Gene Waidelich loading the space ship for the air-lift to Planet X. We were the dinner guests of Major General Bill Kernig of the space patrol and his lovely wife, CoNette Nofzinger, in- vited us to be their guests at the popular Gluckstein's Cafe. Shrimp A la Murbach, so named after the universally famous Doctor Edwin Andrew Murbach, inventor of the multi-constellation air-suit, con- stituted the main course of the dirmer. Chef-de -cuisine, Ruth Ann Terrell, prepared the savory food aided by her culinary staff member, Mary Kunkle, famed for her homemade Lasagne Ripiene. Co -workers, Helen Wlasuik, consultant on home- making and gardening, and Dorothy Gearig, the originator of inner-space recipes contributed their epicurean abilities. During the dinner, the super-sonic nationally known quartet, Gene Rupp, Charles Riegsecker, Everett Wyse and Roger Miller entertained and one of the featured numbers was "Junior's Rocket Rag" Uunior Gautschej composed by Ethel Traut fwho was inspired when she sat on the East fire escape of Arch Hi and observed the sun rise.J Preceding the last course of our very delicious dinner we had the plea- sure of hearing Madame Mary Wlasuik, one of our esteemed classmates who generously contributed to the program by singing her favorite Aria from Sa- brina Fair. Joe "Doisey" Crossgrove and his orchestra accompanied her. During the Grand Finale, more fa- miliar faces appeared. Donna Ruffer, Mary Lou Ruf- fer, Sue Young, and Jim Clingaman, members of the sensational Spacetts on a planetary tour from the R.C. Atomic Space Station in New York added gla- mour to the festivity. At the close of the program, Captain Edward Lauber presented Carolyn Grieser, the head -waitress, with the Planetary Platinum Award for her outstanding achievement in catering and dining service. To no one's surprise Shirley Graf, the Women's Society Editor ofthe PETER PAN HA NDI- CAP, and writer of the special column "Advice to the Love Loin" announced a miraculous romantic event, the engagement of Ethel Meck and James Schmucker who had enjoyed the courtship of twenty- six years. We were interrupted by the super -sonic communication system announcing flight of Ship Polaris to Planet X. Aswe were being escorted to the flight deck, we passed the beauty salon and whom did we see but Mona Roth entrusting the arrange- ment of her coiffure to the deft hands of Jeannine "Red" Croninger once famous for her freckle re- mover. Upon entering the Rocket Polaris, stewardess Elaine Grieser conducted us to our private compart- ment and gave us instructions regarding the preflight take off. Introductions to the personnel followed. We were elated when we discovered Pilot Lowell Flory and his co -pilot Roger "sure -shot" Schantz discussing the course with navigator Keith Short who was swear- ing with tears in his eyes and lamenting the death ofthe fair maiden mettor.Incidentally, the pseudonym on the bow of the ship of Pilot Lowe11's Ship was "Flipper's Flapper". Looking out our window we saw none other than Kenneth Fankhauser busily writing the description of the first flight to Planet X for the headlines in the INTERNATIONAL CHASE REVIEW. As blast offtime drew nearer, cancellations became more frequent untilonly two fearless passengers were left on the list. Who were they? You guessed it! Su- zanne Stuckey and Barbara Rich. Now the blast off- utter darkness-pain, pain-oh pain, sans sight-sans mind -suddenly awareness returned with the jolt of the landing. Victory! I The first arrivals of Planet X! -Cautiously, we descended, testing the air with ca- naries. Freezel! Off to the left--a white blue -We flashed a light--a sign--"Welcome to Planet X--- Try our coffee shop--Hallmark Cards sold here. "--- proprietor NORMAN WINGA RD. THE LATE MR. EARLY Back row: Carolyn Grieser, Suzanne Stuckey, Keith Short, Joe Crossgrove, Betty Nicolen, Jim Clingaman, Nor- man Wingard, Mary Kunkle, Dorothy Gearig. Front row: Jerry Grime, CoNette Nofzinger, Mary Winzeler, Roger Schantz, Barbara Rich. Evelyn Clarke . . . CoNette Nofzinger James ...... . . . Jerry Grime Vera Smith. . . . .Mary Winzeller Mark Mercer. . ...... Keith Short Asher Crump. . . . . Norman Wingard Don Early .... . . . Roger Schantz Doris Hull. . . . . . Barbara Rich Judge Sewell. . . . . Joe Crossgrove Selma ........ . Dorothy Gearig Mrs. Fanny Hull. . . . Betty Nicolen Amos Comstock. . . . Jim Clingaman Joe Lincoln ..... . . . Mary Kunkle Nora ........ . . Carolyn Grieser THE SETTING The entire action occurs in the living room of the Sewe1l's summer home at Blue Point, Long Is- land. Act One: One Sunday evening in Summer Act Two: Monday Morning Act Three: Monday evening. 22 LEWA RIVERS Back Row-Elaine Grieser, Lowell Flory, Junior Gautsche, Paul Stuckey, Ethel Meck, Andy Murbach, Gene Rupp Shirley Graf. Front Row-Donna Ruffer, Marjorie Fiser, Eddie Joe Lauber, Ethel Traut, Ruth Terrell. Lena Rivers .... . . Shirley Graf Granny Nichols. . . . . . Ruth Terrell John Livingston. . . . Junior Gautsche Mrs. Livingston .... . . Donna Ruffer Caroline Livingston. . . . . .Marjorie Fiser Anna Livingstone. . . . . . Ethel Traut John Junior ...... . . Ed Lauber Frank Graham. . . . . Paul Stuckey Mrs. Graham ..... .... E thel Meck Durward Bellmont. . . . . Andy Murbach Malcolm Everett. . . ...... Gene Rupp Aunt Milly ...... . . Elaine Grieser Old Ceasar .... . . Lowell Flory SETTING The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the John Livingstone's palatial home at Maple Grove, Kentucky. Act One: An afternoon in May Act Two: One week laterg afternoon Act Three: Noong one year later. 23 BACCALALIREATE SERVICES Musical Prelude ........... . . . . .... Barbara Ruffer Processional .............. . . Graduating Class "Call To Remembrance, O Lord" .......... ..... R . Farrant "The Halls of Ivy" ...................... . . .Russell-Knight High School Mixed Chorus Invocation ............................... Jesse J. Short Central Mennonite Church "How Beautiful Are The Feet" fFrom "The Messiah"Q. . . . Handel "The Little Damozel" ....................... . . Novello "Ecstasy" .............................. . . Rummell Phyllis Ann Erney, Soprano Shirley Ann Ketzel, Accompanist Baccalaureate Sermon ................. Rev. Francis A. Miller Hymn---"Holy, Holy, Ho1y". . . Chorus and Audience Benediction ............ ....... R ev. Short Recessional ........... . . . Audience Seated COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Tuesday Evening, May 25, at Eight o'clock Musical Prelude ......................... High School Band F. J. Menichetti, Director Processional. . . ...................... Graduating Class "Pomp and Circumstance" National Anthem ........................ Band and Audience Invocation ............................ Rev. H. E. Bertsche Pastor Evangelical Mennonite Church "Nocturne, Opus 16, No. 4" ..,................ . . Paderewski "Fantaise Impromptu" ........ ..... C hopin "The Girl With the Flaxen Hair'.' ......... . . Debussy "Finale" QFrom Piano Sonatinej ........... .... ..... R a vel John Duro, Pianist Commencement Address .............. Rev. Gordon Zimmerman Pastor, Evangelical Mennonite Church, Wauseon, Ohio Egmont Overture ..................... ..... B eethoven-Page High School Band Presentation of Diplomas .................. Board of Education J. R. Peters, President University-Grand March ................ Edwin Franko Goldman Benediction ................. ............ R ev. Bertsche 24- LINDERCLASSMEN sk " in ?l t 1 nth? lawful 1 fz I Wir S 2' hi We Axe. , -f vm. . ii. . ., WM ia T W9 R ' QW 4 S J Q A " ar 4 jl bn :xv - . JU IORS M K . .,,,.,- FN' .2 My - gf . , ,,...'::h . - ..,.. L 'gate .E ' -- f' , -. flu, . 'Wi f , U i V f H J f - W ' we fa. , - ' " r, in , , . ' 4:12. ,pril- lsliii w -ff : tg'-' W i ? 71 , B .af A. ,P KVVV Q ' L, -' - - .Qiffli-5 " X r A ' ky '- , U r,. , f si ' -' A-" 5 2 - .- a ,. , " .. " . f- , if lair sf Q. .L 3' . -'--f '- V - A 17: 4 f ,V W, -V ,rv V , 1. . ., - , gg a , , -:- ,V f -.X ' K- .,:: f se: t -' . . fr A 1- fri' 921, A 1 '. ii' lx , gf i w- W 1-is lr' 5 - .Li -- ,far-3, . . A -. ' Kms -1 :'- - "iii"-M I V. ' 322' new ,z 4 .K .. s I W .K l U 1 p 'fi ,' ' ..:f::.. . fx fi? ' , ,, S1 Qlezm , wiiwfif H - has ' -. " '- W , U I jim ,Z . QQ ' S 1 Q- ' it , ,wi . an -r, kr A ' Q ' - K ' L X Qiiq, fi ff 1 f ., N , ,,.. 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' t ,.Q . 1 ,, Q Lt,, - S P aiiia 25 ' 'Q' ' . v Li f ,." 5, A i Curtis Beck Walter Schmucker Jo Arm Brodbeck Shirley Bridges Barbara Graber Mary Gibson Robert Frey Susan Fagley Deanna Burkholder Charlene Stuckey James Short Glen Short Donald Short Merle Seiler Helen Schultz Betty Scott Robert Roth Sandra Polite I on Pettegrew Joel Pettegrew Stanley Buehrer Philip Buehrer Marlene Rufenacht Willard Nofzinger Lynda Miller Helen Loder Janet Wyse Harold Wyse Sharon Stutzman Anneita Baldwin Joan Sauder Donald Nofziger Richard Nafziger Roger Rupp David Ruffer Barbara Ruffer Richard Stuckey Theodore Lovejoy Loretta Kernig Patricia Lisak Robert Kleck Fred Grisier Ralph Grieser Mykola Holian SOPHCDMORE A ..,,-.' -,',-wx L ,, A -1'-pr J f he . 1 ps A 'C A rie li' sz? ASL:- .:.. - - .err if EE A W. K Eg? AA is A , Ai .t M " ' ir Q' I A' 1 i J ' M " gi g f ' ' A - 1 as i J -2+ :fr LM " ' iii w - ai .J -JW' iii- 2 'i f' V35 rt.. . HA, ' ' ' A gi in SW ' A A A A tt K , A . 'jf ff' -,I 'gag . .,.. 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L 5 K Betty Miller Roger Johnson Larry Short Donn Bernath Robert Rufena Virginia Leininger Marvin Lantz Mike Holian Elaine Hoffman Annabelle Miller Fred Mehrling Jack Miller Joanne Beck Maureen Rupp Lowell Rupp Nancy Ruffer Anne Ruffer Karen Roth James Rice Barbara Walter Donna Waidelich Orlene Stuckey Cara Lou Sramm Neil Spengler Donald Sommers Suzanne Miller Diana Hitt Ruth Herbert Howard Grime Roger Grieser LaMar Gisel Delila Gautsche Sue Fankhauser Dale Storrer Jerry Johnson Tom Mekus Berdene Wyse Annabelle Zuerche Colleen Wyse Bruce Werder Doris DeGroff William Crossgrove DeeAnn Christy Sue Case Rosetta Burkholder Rosemary Brock Barbara Smucker Sandra Short Verle Seller John Scales Gene Sauder Wilmer Rupp Donna Miller cht 1' gi- -Q f gi FRESHME X.: s H... , Q, .,.:., ,.. 4. i .t .... , an . . TF' '4 Eli zi agifa ff, :gr fr, i as ' li l! M y -- -I H . - L - 1:4 .ggi fbi, , ,, wf 2 ,- W . ,I U .. 1 A .,,,,. . 4 ' 3 ,. 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I t X' " ' '----- ' at R 28 Margaret Rupp Lois Myers Dorthy Leu Pauline Leininger Doris Thomas Carolyn Bridges Margaret Zuercher Tom Stevens Linda Stamm Rex Short Frank Wheeler Vee Schlatter Janeth Schantz Myrl Sander Florence Herbert Doyle Hayes Beryl Grieier Elaine Frey Larry Fish Ronnie Fielitz Janet Erbskorn Jeanette Sauder Larry Weber Eloise Sauder Gary Rupp Arlene Rupp Veryl Roth Brenda Pursel Gary Pickett Janis Peters Duane Penrod Billy Palmer Louise Nofziger Verlene Nafziger Robert Hausch Sondra Miller Carolyn Miller ,Ioan Lovejoy Balbina Lisak Richard Leupp Arleta Kennel Io Ann Huffman Ronny Gigax Ilva Nafziger Janet Myers Fred Gearing Curtis Zaerr Donna Gaddis Gene Graf Randy Wyse Joan Williams Grace Waidelick Earl Riegsecker Roger Vonier Ramiro Tre jo Gary Storrer Norma Burkholder Mary Boynton Donna Baldwin Junior Schantz . Jim. .ii 'FPS Q F A is i EIGHTH GRADE use .t,, . -- in t ts- ix vw-gn , was A 'W SLQQ xi fxhig' K mr A if r, Mary Lou Roth John Rich Susie Murbach Victor Miller Ruth Ann Miller Robert Miller f- , . A L M ,, gfgzfsialztf' , . - R K. , I ., in T rf. , K -i :s ' Z "" m i r W ' ' 1' X . ' .2 , S I1 J -ws N" it 1 - . S53 J ' .M ., r av.. L .- " 4 N A A V . S K 1? , fl f .,.. . ,sri , ,es , I . V ,nj ,UQ - yi , M ' -"WX V is V'-, Sir X' 'i swf T5 ew-.0-v :S :S-17: ' iw 1, ,- V, A V .f W r - V "WT f ,. - , , flflffiifi , - A - h, V. ., :gtk Q ., D 'fur my rr,:!5g:'::,, f:r , " K 'Wm "',.,,,' is S A. , .,:-:l v l 'Riagg N W' taxi ' V 2:1599 f itilfliin twink L f ,, :lt X gi ,.,. g J, ..,5- 5555-fr,vx '51 ' BSE if .ieigrw -,gr 1 w as : :rgsztgfdmf kms- 1 ., A -, 1- ,r U 1. ., t or if ' my 1 tx ' .1 V r .. - U - - A K , U 'V V so ,sessii S . H . :Q ., Swift f . .51 .. .. E -ik" 1: , rsiyl w 4 - . -L -' r' - f ,naw '- wa ' ,ig ws ' W f -2 ,.i , . J. 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L4ififfifQrS"f'Zf Him ' " 29 John Rup Bonnie S ort Clara Miller Shirley Wyse Merle Short Carol Gautsche Donald Frey Barbara Dohm Billy De Groff James Davis Donald Clair Bernadine Beck Janice Wyse Carole Wheeler Roy Trejo Jerry Thompson Berdell Stuckey Bud Stuckey Pamela Lauber Graeme Lauber Robert Grieser Phyllis Graber Nadine Gisel Marilyn Gautsche Frank Garza Mearl May Robert Bridges Leland Wyse Rex Ziegler Peg Yoder Joyce Short Gary Short Darlene Short Bonnie Schroeder Herbert Ruffer I, w in 4 f lbw ,,,, 9 fn was Q ' Y I 5 2 S F 'Q 'Wa 1 at EV 5 ,L if-'j a ,, W " ,sa m y A fi yi.,.,W. M ,W s 51 .QQ sr si -1' 5 af mf 'Ye Q KX :gym 651 ' RF gf f f W L is 4' 4 x 5 . 2 l N 5 lg af? 'afifziign 4: X fs . . W ' l Q M e 4 ' a W Q, E 2 ga 54155 if 5 f "' W X Eng H -,gf 5 .Af B? mains, X1 1 :wa 'F f W M MM - 1E , rw if M ix M213 4 gi H1 5 ' X fin ggi N 6 15 W s 1 ,.,. ,. V.. . fs r '1 I , ff '3 x Q xl X s 3 Q wk Y' ex 5 as M 1 in 1 si it A lv. W L 5 ' l K 5 2 r mf 5 -xx . 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Maureen Sullivan Roger Stuckey Susie Rufenacht Allen Stuckey Patricia Stamm Eugene Spiess Laida Cerna Jane Buehrer Gene Baus Dwayne Rufenacht Douglas Rich George Petrowsky Gene Nafziger Roger Meier Gary Miller Brenda King Carol Kauffman Sally Huffman Ronald Hausch Diane Frey Howard Fausey Marilyn Davis Linda Coilamore V' .7 Q. 'ITNSNS Q , I - '1-VI Aa gl 'M li -:L" J M Wx F, tri s 1 T. r we s isfgkr 84 f is Mi' A l ef W gf! U . :s ize - . Q wi' X .4 ii S ., ,,.,. ,Q . J ' 2,-. - .. as ..,. xl 1- 'lx 9' vi is S X?- sg sg? 5 W FIFTH GRADE f 1 I -- .ry 8, v ' sys ,M we M, :Egg 4 .r ' was . . , WM ' K S sian? 6 Wffbri X i . - V My wr is , J Elf' ' an is M , 'f R T ri? s S 1- i 551. J H . ,rim ' 'Q 1' f ws., , Wm -. 1.3-riff i f mils I? 'Wwwi , "llf'ffQ2f -V 1 1 fi Sai f rf'w'gi,z:ws,Lfggi .. 3233! 4.1. - 4 V . L' I .. lg if? 1 . f AK s 'H :S s ss 2 K 1 Y S Jeff - -J. : . - :s., gs, ' ' 4 Y rw ' ' f we . . 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' SE 5 5 1 :K , : -2 u f 'l'?5f "ft- ,- .:.:l'r3Lf,', " 4' David Zuercher Max Yoder Steve Wyse Dexter Wyse Carolyn Wyse Richard Weires Margaret Ann Walter Daryl Graber Susie Dominique Roger Fielitz Norma Crossgrove Terry Alexander Shelia Wyse Connie Wyse Junior Nafziger Bruce Lauber Sharon Klopfenstein Mary J iminez Delores Fonseca Dianne Eash Jerry Bernath Mary Trejo Louise Stuckey Rachael Sigg David Short Ricky Schultz Jimmy Schroeder Ruth Osborn Lupe Santos Joe Santos Jimmy Rupp Dannie Ruffer Orville Roth Karen Palmer Marcine Nafziger Jerry Winzeler William Swisher Suellen Sullivan Richard Stuckey Judith Stamm Edward Stamm Joyce Short Michael Ker Elaine Kauffman Daniel Garza Bonny Fraas Roger Fausey James Fagley Dean Miller Eugene Schrock Jean Schlatter Sharon Schantz Donna Gisel Steve Grime David King Bernard Leyman Janice Short . r 55553251 'E , ha f . A ,Z .1 MA ii K Q91 ' 5 mn Q cf .tr .w UV M K ll 'S rf . sg X S Mp 15 , ' I iff 'L L3 -,Q A' ,,,, , ,Q 4 i 3, itll 51 S 2 ,i X 2 wi 'K l I. 0 E THIRD GRADE ,, ' 'fi Il : A Alix . W .: gl if K F x 1 1 , ' E - ,. .' ', i . gg - 'Qi , f ,q'fe" -it ii 5 'zlkk 4 X ,.. ,131-millin g I -V m"..: 3 -. ,. ff ,gt - 1, K . ' , ra , ff :- if I , 51 'ff We :HQ I-1 " , r ,. H ' ,YR ff, + 'ff' K. - U Q " ' ,awp iieee ' w w at S L , Ti 1 4, o f . V d , .'-iffy f f . , . - .,.. L new eff rQsf"""l AW K If A Q if ,K 'ml 6 'W . ,awe L . ff P L MJ f 4512 fi' S A M W, -'fn Q """"'i law h h ,m , . ,f,. L . in 1 es ,,.. vs gm. . f. - ,::.. 1. H, gr ette ,V M 'S M '4' to i M Q K . h h I ff E A 5, 34. 5 H , t L nr new eertnwai ,, I? "rx " trfilf .THR . ' :ei A xzzs lfrgfgswfai ' f .. 1 V 'it V2 fa, ffiE'Efii2'55i K I , f or L y L i ' S 42 ' ' R .- ?.ZZa..v. 1iQ:- .., -y fftiegj , "xii, - .asv-k. - ,. , M ,' ,af 1, fl A iW'?'? A A if l Z 'fi sg? 'dai' -- , i ' 53,1 A if 'Ye . 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WWS 'V M A A S QS isa: 4 .i Terry Schroeder Phyllis Schrock Shiela Schmucker Ronnie Sauder Ronnie Ruffer Odette Pursel Judy Sauder Charlene Roth Paul Nofziger Mary Lou Nofziger Melda Nafziger Ronald Lovejoy John Holian Duane Hayes Michel Grime Robert Garza Jerry Collamore Lucille Baer Terry Short Larry Short Susan Short Jane Short Cheryl Short Lynda Shipe Gene Grime Susan Fielitz Laurel Baer Rodney Wyse Tamara Taylor Pamela Taylor Sharon Zuercher Elaine Weyandt Tom Vonier Karen Sta mm Karleen Springer Sally Short Donna Nafziger Mike Miller Carl Miller Vicki Lindley Jerry Leupp Charlotte Lantz A. J. Short George Kunkle Freddy Stamm Bernardine Layman Bobby Sauder v w . Q ,Q Q f..,, .x,.f.-Q f,, .,,. ., , -sy. L1 'S' , K Th- X is Q34 I if-aw la, , SECO D GRADE 5, , . 2 'L .. 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Scott Engle Tommy Dominique Deanne Bednar Karla Barger Sanford Wyse Christine Wise Jane Stuckey Roger Stamm Lonnie Short Gilbert Short David Schrock Angela Serna Daryl Beck Roselyn Aeschliman Joan Armstrong Bonita Nofziger Robert Zuercher Mary Beth Walter David Schroeder Timothy Rupp Darlene Roth Marilyn Reynolds Tommy Polite Jeffrey Pettegrew Duane Sauder Myron Ruffer Mary Margaret Ruffer Jimmy Rueger Betty Jean Roth Linda Pace Sonny Lauber Janice Kingsbury James King Junior Guzman Linda Grieser Deanne Gisel Wanda Yingling Judy Wyse Jonathan Wierwill Karen Sword Jane Stuckey Lavon Short Carolyn Liechty Jon Fish Mary Ann Schroeder Mary Katherine Grieser Carol Sue Gisel Lupe Fonseca Linda Klopfenstein Linda Lou King Kathleen Grime 4 -,U A ,,-,S , 7+ ,, ,L rw, rea ,Q H C . ,S fwgigega - FIRST GRADE Q6 -.. . , ,K , , , 1 KA Q3 ' - iii. i' " 31155: . H! ' ,DKK K X, .K ., . , . 'K , K X E 'ir K V ' K K Y. ,.,, KK 0,5 , '," " , S f. . 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H V A N' .. , ', R E- KK K K ,WZK'.f2WW!wgkt - -ve' ,ata-a. y ,,,K ... , A J -iw " - 39 S 2 4 ,,LL1 Alun. - A Azura: 7 i F .VK-415 'X . ' , EJ . L L 1 i n K , ,K . Vik is-2,1 JS, I- - th e i Sifi, E?i5?ziQ t S 53 a V434 t fl Paw? 1 . ::f1n'Xf..x'.r 493' V U ' ' giiffff' L, V 4 1 f C l' KKK V .,."' X -,.....f Jai' LSUY Wyse Judy Wyse Woldo Wlasiuk Jolene Winzeler Tommy Timmons Larry Stuckey Paul Schroeder Stephen Pape Pamela Pace Rosemary Nofziger Esther Nofziger Patty Miller David Layman Bonita King Joyce Grey Jim Grime Joe Grime Connie Rupp Gregory Grime Vicky Erbscorn Larry Christy Linda Stout Diane Storrer Nancy Springer Verle Short Michael Rupp Paul Roth Diane Pettegrew Joe Dominique Gary Gearing Kenny Davis Paul Buehrer Suzanna Burkholder Bruce Beck James Layman Lynnette Stamm Joyce Shipe Linda Schroeder Grace Schrock Randy Schang Rodney Roth Phillip Rich Allan Liechty Shirley Klopfenstein Paul King Margaret Jimenez Dora Fonseca Carolyn Frey Stanley Wilcox Paula De Groff Irvin Carter David Buehrer Calvin Britsch Janet Beck Ronny Aeschliman Peggy Ziegler Velda Nofziger Edward Nofziger Sara Jane Nafziger Jerry Miller Darlene Miller Gloria Trejo Betty Sword Michael Stamm ' - . ..., ,. 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' iiiiirfgifg J A " W ,HA - af! ,,.g i ,J HI 4-0 J it f ' 1 11, -,eaf f l . . .. 'J' 'g". 1 ii, .yt - ., Vs " 3 in V -- ' . -.ff f 5 1- Hruzm 9 X 1 345 J W as 11 if . S Terry Lee Miller Sharon Meyers Carol Ann Kramer Karen King Joan Kernig Dawn Hootman Tommy Hines Teresa Siebeneck Jimmy beichty Carol Jean Roth Mary Yoder Terry Stotzer Sidney Short Judy Springer Jim Dominique Michael Eash Bonita Fausey Rollin Britsch Teresa Grime Janis Baldwin Robert Baer Timothy Hall Danny Grieser Sharon Grime Carol Jean Galloway John Fraas Gay Finn Barbara Britsch David Stuckey Tommy Storrer Richard Pursel Linda Sauder Karen Sauder Sharon Beck Karen Beck Bettelu Gisel Joyce Elaine Gautsche Mary Flores Duane Fielitz Barbara Joan Grime James Rudy Gleason Brenda Gisel Michael Schlarter Lee Edward Sauder Danny Schang Jimmy Pilbeam Margaret Santos Louise Riegsecker Carolyn Beck Allen Wyse Marianne Winzeler Terry Lee Stuckey Carol Stamm Roger Short Anna Marie Short Bonilyn Short Marta Olivarez I on Miller Donna Jean Maust Shirlyn Liechty Suzette Leupp Mary Ann King Paulette Hayes Duane Fielitz Kathleen Engle Rodney Crossgrove Franklin Lee Crossgrove Joan Buehrer ACTIVITIES ARCHETTE STAFF Back row: Eileen Beaverson, Sue Young, Mona Roth, Ruth Ann Terrell, Ethel Meck Mary Kunkle Mary Lou Ruffer, Carolyn Greiser, Avon Roth. Front row: Mrs. Keim, Dorothy Gearig Elame Greiser Donna Ruffer The year 1954 brought us many exciting issues of the Archette, the school paper. It was published quite regularly every two weeks The staff consists of the full journalism class, which is staffed as follows: Editor in Chief. . Assistant Editor. . Business Manager. . Production Manager Assistant ........ Sports Editor ..... Social Editor ..... Elementary Editor. Exchange Editor. . . Humor Editor. . Feature Editor. . Advisor ..... . . Donna Ruffer . . . Avon Roth . . . . Ethel Meck . Elaine Greiser Eileen Beaverson . ...... Sue Young Circulation Manager. . . . . . . .Mary Lou Ruffer Carolyn Greiser . . . . Mona Roth . .Dorothy Gearig . . . Mary Kunkle Ruth Ann Terrell . . . . Mrs. Keim 42 STU DETNT COUNCIL Back row: Norma Burkholder, Barbara Ruffer, Jim Rice, Andy Murbach, Mr. Burkholder, Don Bernath, Curtis Beck, JoAnne Burkholder, Avon Roth. Front row: Bill Palmer, Mr. Harris, Mrs. Keim, Bob Kleck, Ed Lauber, CoNette Nofzinger, Dean Rupp, Merle Short, Patty Rufenacht. This organization is the student governing body of the Archbold High School. It is composed of a group of students, chosen by each class to be representatives in the council. This year the advisors are: Mrs. Keim, Mr. Harris, and Mr. Burkholder. The following were the officers: Ed Lauber, Presidentg Bob Kleck, Vice Presidentg CoNette Nofzinger, Secretaryg and Dean Rupp, Treasurer. Beside the duties regularly taken on by this group, they also spon- sored a poster and essay contest, which turned out to be a great suc- cess. A n Exciting Meeting 43 SCI-QUESTA CLUB Back Row-John Scales, Dick Nafziger, Theodore Lovejoy, Norman Wingard, Neil Spengler, Bob Frey, Deanne Hitt, Bob Kleck, Coleen Wyse, Sharon Stutzman, Joanne Brodbeck, Pat Lisak, MarjorieFiser, Mary Winzeler, Betty Nicolen, Berdene Wyse, Karen Roth, Orlene Stuckey, Barbara Smucker, Elaine Huffman, Anne Ruffer. Middle Row-Bob Roth, Deanne Christy, Barb Walters, Mr. Slesnick, Mr. Harris, Fred Griser, Dave Ruffer, Curtis Beck, Ethel Traut, HelenSchultz, CoNette Nofzinger, Sue Fankhauser, Nancy Ruffer, Ed Lauber, Roger Schantz, Dean Rupp. Front Row-Betty Jo Scott, Sandra Short, Joanne Beck, Maureen Rupp, Sandra Polite, Suzanne Fag- ley, Lynda Miller, Doris DeGroff. Again this year the Sci-Questa Club engaged in many exciting activ- ities: they sponsored the Quadri-County Science Fair, which was bigger and better than everg and they also took atrip to Chicago. This trip was for the purpose of learning more about science, and also having a lot of fun. These are only two of the many things that they did. Instead of having only one advisor, as they always have in the pastg this year there were twog Mr. Slesnick, and Mr. Harris. The officers for 1953-54 were Curtis Beck, Presidentg David Ruffer, Vice President, Fred Greiser, Secretary: and Ethel Traut, Treasurer. Chicago Science Trip 44 SOCIAL CLUB Back Row: Anneita Baldwin, Sue Fankhauser, Helen Schultz, Ruth Herbert, Helen Loder, DeA nn Christy. Front Row: Barb Walters, Nancy Ruffer, Sandra Polite, Lynda Miller, Sandra Short, Susie Fagly. It has always been our belief that every institution should have afountain of activities, so ever since 1934 our school has sponsored an active program known as "The Social Club". The purpose of this club is to create and maintain high standards of recreation for everyone's enjoyment. At the beginning of each year, reliable officers are selected to carry on with the fun. This year Lynda Miller was elected president, Janet Wyse Vice Presi- dent, Helen Schultz Secretary, and Susie Fagely Treas- urer. 45 LIBRARIAIN Back Row-Shirley Wyse, Donna Gaddis, Darlene Short, Orlene Stuckey, Barbara Smucker. Front Row-Clara Miller, Phyllis Graber, Mrs. Bourquin, Carolyn Bridges, Karen Roth. The librarians of A. H. S. play a ve.ry important part in the school activities, by helping other students in selecting books quickly and more easily. The li- brarians help Mrs. Bourquin for one or two periods each day and receive one-fourth credit. 46 NATICNAL HO GR SQCIETY 5 , , s a A Q i . 5 E L Back Row-Mr. Parker, Joanne Brodbeck, Curtis Beck, Dick Nafziger, Don Bernath, Neil Spangler, Bob Kleck Dean Rupp, Charlene Stuckey, Helen Schultz, Joan Sauder, Suzanne Miller, Mr. Burkholder. Front Row-Mr Slesnick, Miss Rupp, Roger Schantz, Gene Rupp, Betty Nicolen, Avon Roth, Ethel Traut, Shirley Graf, CoNette Nofzinger, Andy Murbach, Mrs. Keim, Mr. Harris. The Archbold Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed in 1950, and is based on standards set by the National Honor Society. These standards are Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. Eligible students must be in the upper fourth of the Junior Class. Sophomores are sometimes selected as probationary members, but they do not be- come active until the induction in their Junior year. The students are chosen by a faculty committee composed of teachers who have come in contact with the eligible members on afairly broad scale. The selected students must maintain a grade average of above aC in order to remain in the organization. lf they are able to do this, they become lifetime members. This years induction was held in front of the student body in April of 19545 it was a beautiful and impressive ceremony. 47 SENIOR HIGH HO OR ROLL Back Row-Philip Buehrer, Wal- ter Smucker, Curtis Beck, Dean Wyse,Bob Kleck, Richard Nof- ziger, Bob Roth, Glen Short, Joel Pe ttegrew. Front Row- Lynda Miller, Helen Schultz, Janet Wyse, Charlene Stuckey, Barbara Ruffer, Sharon Stutz- man, JoAnn Brodbeck, Marlene Rufenacht, Ioan Sauder, Susie Fagley, Betty Jo Scott. Back Row-Jim Buehrer, Lowell Flory, Everett Wyse, Keith Short, Gene Rupp,Paul Stuckey, Joe Crossgrove, Roger Schantz, Andy Murbach, Jerry Grime, Eddie Lauber, Barb Rich, Su- san Stuckey. Front Row-Mary Wlasuik, Oksana l-lolian, Mary Winzeler, Shirley Graf, Betty Nicolen, Donna Ruffer, Co- Nette Nofzinger, Ethel Traut, Jeanine Croninger, Ethel Meck, Marjorie Fiser, Mone Roth, Avon Roth. v Back Row-Donna Waidelich, Jim Rice, Neil Spangler, Dean RuPP. Bill Crossgrove, Don Bernath, Dale Storrer, Delila Gautsche. Front Row-Anr1a- belle Zuercher, Susan Miller, Ruth Herbert, Maureen Rupp, Ioanne Beck, Barbara Walters, Sandra Short, Orlene Stuckey. Berdine Wyse, Doris DeGroff, Donna Miller. JR. HIGH HO CR ROLL Back Row- Verlene Nafziger, Janet Myers, JoAnn Huffman, Pauline Leininger, Dorothy Leu, Gary Pickett, Roger Vonier, Myrl Sauder, Vee Schlatter, Brenda Pursel, Joan Williams, Bill Palmer. Front Row- Janeth Schantz, Janis Peters, Eloise Sauder, Jeanette Sauder, Lois Myers, Joan Lovejoy, Sandra Miller, Balbina Lisak, Elaine Huffman, Arleta Kennel, Mar- garet Rupp, Norma Burkholder, Louise Nafziger, Grace Waide- lich. Back Row- Judy Nafziger, Patty Rufenacht, Nola Nafziger, Frankie Winzeler, Pete Short, Dean Rupp. Front Row- Sandra Maust, Iuliene Crossgrove, Jeanette Wyse, Sharon Lindley, Billie Winzeler, Arlene Sauder, Louana Gisel, Joanne Lisak, Doris Miller, Back Row- Bud Stuckey, Don Clair, John RUDD. John Rich, Merle Short, Burdell Stuckey. Front Row- Bernadine Beck, Bonnie Short, Susie Murbach, Shirley Wyse, Joyce Short, Nadine Gisel, Ruth Miller, Mar- ilyn Gautsche, Bonnie Schroe- der, Darlene Short. SENIOR BAND Under the capable direction of Mr. Menichetti, the senior band is one of the outstanding organizations in Archbold High School. During the past year this group has given two excellent concertsg one at Christmas and the other one in the spring. They have also played for plays, football games, and other such activities. The band received a superior rating at district and also at state competition. They are one of the very few bands in Ohio to have made such an accomplishment. BAND CGUNCIL Back Row: Mr. Menichetti, Gene Graf, Wilmer Dean RUDP. Joe Crossgrove, Betty Scott, John Rich. Front Row Maureen Rupp, Secretary: Don Bernath, Vice Presidentg Ethel Traut, Presidentg CoNette Nofzinger, Treasurer. 50 NSEMBLE Back Row: John Scales, Bruce Werder, Don Bernath, Larry Fish, John Rich, Betty Scott, Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, Bob Frey, Don Short, Bob Roth, Ted Lovejoy, Middle Row: Florence Herbert, Janice Peters, Norma Burkholder, Susie Stuckey, Joan Beck, MaureenRupp, Janith Schantz, Barb Rick, Doris De Groff, Anita Baldwin, Dean Rupp. Front Row: Margaret Rupp, Bud Stuckey, John Rupp, Ann Ruffer, Collene Wyse, Susie Murback, Mary Lou Roth, Joyce Short, Charlene Stuckey. SCLOS Back Row: John Scales, Bob Roth, Larry Fish, Dean Rupp, Don Bernath, Ted Lovejoy. Middle Row: Betty Scott, Philip Buegrer, Stanley Brehrer,Janet Myers,Maureen Rupp, Sandra Short, Linda Miller. Front Row: Susie Fagely Joan Williams, Ann Ruffer, Joanne Broadbeck, Janice Peters, Norma Burkholder, Doris De Groff, Janith Schantz Janet Wyse. 51 JUNIOR BAND MAJORETTES .., ...,... BEGINNERS' BAND LITTLE BOYS: BIG HORNS CHORU Back Row: Carolyn Grieser, Janice Peters, Marlene Rufenacht, Mary Gibson, Marjorie Fiser, Walter Schmucker, Merle Seller, Dick Nofziger, Ted Lovejoy, Neil Spengler, Bob Kleck, Dean Rupp, John Scales, Bob Roth, Jon Pettegrew, Joel Pettegrew, Dave Ruffer, Gene Rupp, Dean Wyse, Andy Murbach, Lowell Flory, Middle Row: Mona Roth, Barbara Rich, Janith Schantz, Suzanne Stuckey, Mary Lou Ruffer, Doris DeGroff, Barbara Ruffer, Ruth Herbert, Janet Myers, Charlene Stuckey, Ethel Meck, Elaine Frey, Bud Stuckey, Gene Graf, Curtis Zaerr, Mike Holian, Lowell Rupp, Larry Fish, Jerry Johnson, Marvin Lantz, Roger Rupp, Vee Schlatter, Margaret Rupp, Suzie Fagely, Norma Burkholder, Shirley Graf, Dorothy Gearig, Elaine Grieser. Front Row: Barbara Graber, Ruth Ter- rill, Florence Herbert, Betty Scott, Donna Baldwin, Louise Nofziger, Joan Lovejoy, Verlene Nafziger, Balbina Lisak, Sandra Miller, Joan Williams, Joan Huffman, Lois Myers, Jeanette Sauder, Dorothy Leu, Dee Ann Christy. BOYS GLEE Back Row: Walter Schmucker, Merle Seiler, Fred Grisier, Dick Nafziger, Jon Pettegrew, Roger Rupp, Lowell Flory, Don Short, Front Row: Mr, Mennichetti, Bob Roth, Theodore Lovejoy, Dean Rupp, John Scales, Dean Wyse, Dave Ruffer, Joel Pettegrew. 53 JU IOR PLAY Back Row: Mr, Parker, Sandra Polite, Fred Grieser, Betty Scott, Joel Pettegrew, Sharon Stutzman, Helen Schultz, David Ruffer. Front Row: Pat Lisak, Linda Miller, Bob Frey. Janet Wyse, Bob Roth. The Junior Class presented two plays during the school year 1953- 54. In the fall the above cast gave "Wedding Spe1ls". The group pictured below presented the play, "Books and Crooks". Both plays were very well staged and were enjoyed by all who attended. Mr. Parker directed both of the plays. Back Row: Ted Lovejoy, Richard Nafziger, Charlene Stuckey, Bob Kleck, Joanne Brodbeck, Marlene Ruf- fenacht, Philip Buehrer, Don Short, Stanley Buehrer, Susie Fagley, Mr. Parker, Walter Schmucker. 54 ,M V a w September 8 15 18 22 25. 25. October 2 6 9 16 20 22 23 29 November 3 6 8 11 13 17 18 20 25 26-37 27 December 2-3 4 5 11 12 19 21 22 24 29 January 4 4 5 7 8 13-14 15 22 CALENDAR First Day of School Faculty Party Edon H. 41-0 Freshman Day Lugbills Club Calf Sale Delta T 7-46 Holland T 20-67 Freshman Return Party Hicksville T 12-20 Homecoming Football game Ottawa Hills 34-20 Junior play Paulding T. 27-19 N. W. O. E. A. De Vilbiss B H. 6-20 Elementary Program Swanton l-I. 0-6 Elkhart Symphony Armistice Day F. H, A. and F. F. A. Party Basketball Pettisville T 68-38 County Teachers meeting Miller City T. 57-36 Fayette H. 45-38 Thanksgiving Vacation Ottawa Hills H, 79-45 lst. Every Pupil Test Delta T. 47-44 Deshler T. 61-52 Swanton T. 68-45 Lyons H. 74-51 I-lolgate T. 43-58 Program at Zone F. F. A. Meeting School Vacation Wauseon T. 39-42 School Resumes Organ Recital Central Church Program F. F. A. with Pettisville H. Holland H. 58-37 Semester Exams Ottawa Hills 43-47 Delta H. 72-40 February March April May 55 24- 24- 23 27 28 29 1 3 5 10 12 17 18 20 22 23 25 25 27 4 6 10- 13 13 20 24 25 25 15 16 17 24 29 30 1 7-8 14 18 21 23 25 25-26 25 27. 30-5. Sr. Scholarship exams Booster Polio Game F. F. A, Banquet Swanton H. 22-21 Faculty Party Boy Scouts in Cafeteria Fayette T 71-42 F. F. A. Meeting Holland T 48-43 County Tournament Metamora 70-31 Delta 51-40 Washington Birthday KNO Schoolj Bowling Green Chorus County Tournament F. F. A. Meeting County Tournament Edon 87-53 Mark Center 69-51 Holgate 58-44 Ottoville fFinalj 60-48 B. G. Solo 8: Ensemble Competition Chorus, Band 8: Boys Glee Club Comp at Bryan F. F. A. Meeting Concert Series Every Pupil Tests 8th Grade Tests Spring Vacation Quadri-Co. Science Fair State Music Competition F. F. A. Meeting Jr. 8: Sr, Banquet Final State Test at B. G. Science Trip to Chicago Sr. Play Sr. Play Awards Day Baccalaureate Commencement Final Exams F. F. A. Meeting Faculty Party Senior Trip to Washington 85 New York HALLOWEEN QUEEN CoNette Nofzinger, Dorthy Leu, Donna Ruffer, Sandra Polite, Suzanne Miller For the past several years the Community Commercial Club has been sponsoring a program of Halloween activities on Halloween Night. The purpose of these activities has been to provide wholesome enter- tainment for the young people of the community in an attempt to curb the malicious forms of amusement which are so prevalent in many communities. The Club has every right to feel proud of the fact that last year the young folks of the community were one hundred percent cooperative and practically none of the usual type of Halloween mis- chief occurred. Following the crowning of the queen, prizes were awarded to the boys and girls who had the best and funniest costumes. Quite a large number of adults entered the spirit of the event and also appeared in comic costumes. Cider and doughnuts topped off the program. Many attended the theater as the weather was quite cold and the streets were deserted at an early hour. Gene Rupp, Paul Stuckey, Bob Kleck, Richard Nofziger, Bill Kernig, Dorthy Lue, Sandra Polite, Donna Ruffer, Suzanne Miller, CoNette Nofzinger, 56 I953 BANQUET l I954 BANQLIET 57 INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts Department is under the cap- able direction of Mr. Hornish. This year at the fourth Quadri-County-Science Fair they had an inspiring dis- playg it included: wood working, metal work, and plastics. In this class the students learn a lot of in- teresting and useful things. 58 SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Good scholarship is considered one of the most important goals of our educational system. It is re- garded as a worthy ideal in the Archbold Schools. Considerable emphasis is placed upon a testing pro- gram which includes the Every Pupil Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Preliminary-District-State Tests, Eighth Grade Tests and Final State Scholarship Tests. NAME Edwin Andrew Murbach James L. Buehrer Ethel Traut Roger Schantz SUBJ ECT Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship LOCAL DISTRICT STATE 9th in county 10th in county Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Edwin Andrew Murback English XII lst Ethel Traut English XII 2nd Norman Wingard Physics lst James Buehrer Physics 2nd CoNette Nofzinger Senior Social Studies lst Edwin Andrew Murback Senior Social Studies 2nd Jeannine Croninger Senior Social Studies 3rd Jo Ann Brodbeck English XI lst 11th Charlene Stuckey English XI 2nd Richard Nafziger English XI 3rd Joan Sauder English XI 3rd Robert Kleck American History lst Richard Nafziger American History 2nd Jon Pettegrew American History 3rd Harold Wyse American History 4th Robert Kleck Chemistry lst Curtis Beck Chernistry 2nd Richard Nafziger Chemistry 2nd Wilmer Dean Rupp English X lst 2nd, 'Ith Sandra Short English X 2nd 6th Neil Spengler English X 3rd James Rice Latin II lst Suzanne Miller Latin II 2nd 8th Karen Roth Latin II 4th Donn Bernath Plane Geometry lst 5th Curtis Beck Plane Geometry 2nd 4th Suzanne Miller Plane Geometry 2nd Delilah Gautsche Biology lst 4th Wilmer Dean Rupp Biology 2nd Neil Spengler Biology 2nd Doris De Groff Biology 4th Neil Spengler World History lst James Rice World History 2nd 3rd, 9th Eloise Sauder English IX lst 7th Brenda Pursel English DC 2nd 12th Verlene Nafziger English IX 3rd Joan Willians English IX 4th Jeanette Sauder English IX 4th Lois Myers Latin I lst Eloise Sauder Latin I 2nd Vee Schlatter Latin I 3rd Joan Lovejoy Latin I 4th Vee Schlatter Algebra lst 3rd Elaine Frey Algebra 2nd 12th Vee Schlatter General Science lst Larry Fish General Science 2nd "lth Janet Myers General Science 3rd Janeth Schantz General Science 3rd Roger Vonier General Science 3rd EIGHTH GRADE TESTS Bernadine Beck ranked first in the 1954 Eighth Grade State Tests. Others placing in the upper one- fourth of the class were: Nadine Gisel, John Rupp, Ruth Ann Miller, John Rich, Susie Murbach, Darlene Short, Bud Stuckey, Bob Grisier, and Joyce Short. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS Members of the graduation class of 1954 were awarded a script A Scholarship Letter for outstanding scholastic work done during four years of high school. These letters are presented each year to the upper one-fourth of the graduating class. Letters were awarded to the following graduates: James Buehrer, Jeannine Croninger, Shirley Graf, Edwin Andrew Murback, Conette Nofzinger, Betty Nicolen, Avon Roth, Mona Roth, Gene Rupp, Roger Schantz, Paul Stuckey, and Ethel Traut. 59 1 gi Q its 4 Q rrrzggigk 5 ez at T ilil E A W. 3. 3,Q. 2, 3W,,,..,,A.,A.M,A. C get? 2 Q ,Q 4? 212, 36 2 ,J Z, my ,LL,LL LL,, ,L Back Row: Merle Seiler, Curtis Zaerr, Randy Wyse, Gary Rupp, Lowell Rupp, Rex Short, Jerry Johnson, Marvin Lantz, Lowell Rufen, Robert Haush, Glen Short, Richard Stuckey, Roger Johnson. Front Row: Ronald Gigax, Ron- ald Fieltz, Roger Rupp, Gene Wiedlick, Jerry Grime, Bill Crossgrove, Paul Stuckey, Glen Galloway, Ralph Cron- inger, Verle Seiler, Richard Leupp. The local chapter of the F.F.A., has done much during the past year to fulfill the purposes of a good chapter. The boys that belong to this club during their school days learn a lot of valuable information and also get practical experience that will help them in their future years. The school may indeed feel proud of the fine work of this organi- zation as it goes about its task of making good farmers and citizens out of its members. ...-f-"W" "'- r V JK ,eg x K in W 9 f it t if 1 lr E, 'y Qt 1 'E r if in i x , 1 ' ' im Wwmi H ani .L . ,,.,m.,- v 'F f , 'J V wma" WW H ip r. A "" My x , 1 . -fthe' ,"VN!y9",l7-yi. x' K HOME ECGNOMICS CLASS Back Row: Mary Kunkle, Mary Boynton, Pauline Leininger, llva Nofziger, Eileen Beaverson, Janet Erbscom, Grace Waidelich, Donna Baldwin, Joan Huffman, Sue Case, Cara Lou Stamm, Carolyn Bridges, Linda Stamm, Doris Thomas, Eloise Nafzinger, Margret Zuercher, Donna Miller, Rosemary Brock, Barbara Rich, Arlene Rupp. Front Row: Deanna Burkholder, Carolyn Miller, Annabelle Miller, Betty Miller, Delila Gautsche, Donna Waide- lich, Annabelle Zuercher, Rosetta Burkholder, Joanne Beck, Miss Fagley, Maureen Rupp, Colleen Wyse, Berdene Wyse, Diana Hitt, Sue Fankhauser, Nancy Ruffer, DeAnn Christy, Suzanne Stuckey. The Home Economics Club is under the direction of Miss Ruth Fag- ley. In this club the girls are taught how to cook, sew, and many other household tasks. During the school year the girls prepare and serve at many of the school's annual banquets. This year they started a new idea--giving a tea for the senior girls and their mothers. The party was a huge success. In addition to their own sewing projects, they also mend and take care of all the athletic uniforms. 61 :ml za? Q' it ,es YK-sf 'W ff, ,-..:., ATHLETICS VARSITY BASKETBALL Back Row: Richard Nofzinger, Donn Bernath, Tom Mekus, Jack Miller, Bob Kleck, Neil Spengler, Fred Mehr ling, Dean Rupp, Bob Frey, Gene Sauder. Front Row: Dale Storrer, Stanley Buehrer, Andy Murbach, Ken Fank hauser, Coach Arthur, Roger Schantz, Bill Kernig, Philip Buehrer, Larry Short. The Blue Streaks enjoyed another fine season on the basketball court. The Varsity won 20 and lost only 4. The Reserves won 17 straight games in an undefeated season. The Junior High team won 14 and lost 3. The Varsity won the Maumee Valley League Championship, as did the Reserves. The Varsity and Junior High both won the county tourna- ments for the fourth consecutive year. Five more trophies were added to Archbold's already-large collection. The Streaks went to the finals of the District for the second straight year. Their greatest achieve- ment in the District was their upset victory over Holgate by a 58-44 score. The Streaks lost to Ottoville in the finals 60 to 48. Delphos St. John's represented Northwestern Ohio in the state meet at Cleveland. Hamilton won the Class A Championship and New Lexington St. Aloisus won the Class B Championship. Roger Schantz won the foul shooting honors and his name will be added to the trophy. The squad lost Roger Schantz, Andy Murbach, Bill Kernig, and Kenneth Fankhauser by gradu- ation. There will be a fine nucleus of players on hand for next year. Philip and Stanley Buehrer, and Bob Kleck, plus a large number of sophomores and Junior High boys will be on hand to carry on for Arch- bold. Date Opponent They Fayette Nov. Pettisville 38 Holland Miller City 36 Fayette 38 OHM Him 45 c:ouNTY TQURNAMENT Dec. Delta 44 Deghlef 52 Feb. 18 70 Metamora Swantgn 45 20 72 CheSI6l'fiC1d Lyons 51 Delta Holgate 58 Wauseon 42 Jan. Holland 37 Ottawa Hills 47 March 4 87 Edon Delta 40 6 69 Mark Center Swanton 21 Holgate Feb. Wauseon 42 Ottoville fFinalsj ARSITY I DIVIDLIALS E 5 : 1 :ii 8.9 Andy Murback Roger Schamz Bill Kernig Ken Fankhauser 'way P 1 Philip Buehrer Jack Miller Dale Storrer Larry Short l l g X , ' if i Stanley Buehrer Neil Spengler Fred Merling Bob Kleck 65 ASKETBALL I953- I 954 Pettisville-Here Nov. 17. Streaks opened the season with an easy win over the Black birds by a score of 68 to 38. Kenny Fankhauser scored 27. Roger Schantz 17. Miller City-There Nov. 20. The Streaks made it two straight over the Putnam County boys. 57-36. Roger 15, Kenny 12, Jerry 10. Fayette-Here Nov. 25. A tough one but the Streaks won 45 to 38. Kenny 17, Roger 14. Ottawa Hills-Here Nov. 27. A big score-an easy game. Streaks 79, Green Arrows 45. The first M V L win for Archbold. Roger 17, Kenny 17, Jerry 14, Bill 12. Delta-There Dec. 4. The Streaks had a rough time in this game, but finally edged the Panthers 47-44. Andy 13, Roger 11, Bill 11. Jim Green 15 for Delta. Deshler-There Dec. 5. Another tough battle. Archbold 61, Deshler 52. Andy 14, Roger 12, Jerry 12. Swanton-There Dec. 11. Streaks 68, Bulldogs 45. Kenny 18, Jerry 15, Andy 10. Third M V L Victory. Lyons-Here Dec. 12. The Streaks rolled again. Archbold 74. Lyons 51. Eight straight wins. Roger 23, Jerry 13, Kenny 12. Holgate-There Dec. 19. The Henry County boys were just too tough for the Streaks, Holgate 58, Archbold 43, Revenge comes later! Kenny 16, Roger 12. Too much Eitzman, Grim and Dietrich. Wauseon-There Dec. 29. Something went wrong here. After scalping the Indians nine straight times they upset the Streaks 42 to 39. A big Celebration in Wauseon. Roger scored 16 for the Streaks. Holland-Here Jan. 8. Back on the Victory trail-rather easy. Streaks 58, Holland 37. Roger 24, Kenny 10. Ottawa Hills-There Jan. 15. The Green Arrows didn't do what was expected of them. They had ideas of their own and derailed the Streaks 47 to 44. First MVL defeat. Qand only onej. Roger 14, Andy 10. Delta-Here Ian. 22. The Streaks were up for this one. No more of that close stuff. Archbold 72, Delta 40. Ken- ny 15, Roger 13, Bill 12. Swanton-Here Jan. 29. Swanton staged a real freeze. Action at a premium. Fans disgusted. Streaks 22, Swanton 21. One such game should last for years. Kenny was high with 7 points. Wauseon-Here Feb. 2. The Indians found out they could not match the Streaks when they were on. No question as to the better team. Archbold 63, Wauseon 42. Roger Schantz hit the jackpot with 31 points. Fayette-There Feb. 5. The eagles had high hopes for a win over the Streaks. These hopes were soon clashed as the Eagles lost their feathers by a score of 71 to 42. Roger 19, Philip 17, Bill 16, Kenny 11. Holland-There Feb. 12. A tough M V L game. Streaks needed this one for an undisputed League title. Streaks 48, Holland 43. Won 7, lost 1 to cap the league championship and trophy. Roger 18, Kenny 14. Stanley Buehrer netted four important long ones. Streaks Reserves ended an unbeaten season with 17 straight wins. Yea! Varsity! Yea! Reserves. COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT WAUSEON Metamora-Feb.18. Streaks rolled to an easy 70-31 win. Second string played half of the game. Roger 25, Kenny 15, Philip 10. Chesterfield-Feb. 20. Another easy one as the Comets fell 72 to 35. Reserves again saw much action. Roger 19, Bill 12. Everybody scored. On to the finals. Delta-Feb. 25. The Panthers had high hopes but they just didn't have the horses. Streaks ahead all the way. Final score 51-40. Fourth consecutive county tournament title. Bill 13, Roger 12, Kenny 11. Delta edged Fayette to become runner up. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT ANTHONY WAYNE Edon-March 4. An easy victory for the Streaks 87 to 53. Everyone got into the act. Twelve players scored for Archbold. Roger 17, Jack Miller 14, Kenny 11. Mark Center-March 6. The Streaks upset a good Mark Center team 69 to 51. On to the semi-finals and a favored Holgate team. Bill 21, Roger 13, Andy 13, Philip 12. Holgate-March 10. Mighty Holgate! Last year's District and Regional winners who played a fine game in the state semi-finals last year. Team almost intact from last year. Streaks definite underdogs. Packed house, Streaks trail 21-20 at half time. Streaks lead 36-27 at the three quarter mark. Final score-Archbold 58, Hol- gate 44. Upset of the season! Holgate-third ranked in the state. Joy in Archbold-Gloom in Holgate! To the finals for the second straight year. Revenge for two defeats by Holgate-last year and this year. Roger 17, Bill 15, Kenny 12. Andy and Philip played fine ball. Everybody was good. Ottoville -March 13. The Streaks reached the finals for the second straight year. Ottoville just couldn't miss the basket. Streaks couldn't meet the heights of the Holgate game and went down to a 60-48 defeat. Ottoville reached the Regional finals. Roger Schantz ended his high school career scoring 26 points. Last game for William Kernig, Andy Murbach, and Kenny Fankhauser. A good season! Final record-Won 20, lost 4. Con- gratulations, Coach Arthur and the team! See you next year. 66 JU IOR HIGH BASKETB LL TE M wr , . I , - si. ai I ? i Ji? 5 I I I Back Royv: 1 Mike Sullivan, Tom Grieser, Merele Sauder, Fred Gearing, Frank Wheeler, Gary Short, Bill Palrher, Ronny FIEIIIZ. Front Row: Doyle Hayes, Tom Stevens, Couch Thorpe, Bob Bridges, John Rich, Beryl Grisier. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETB LL CHEERLE DERS Sharon Lindley, Janeth Schantz, Janice Peters, Mary Lou Roth 67 VARSITY FOOTBALL Back Row: R. Roth, J. Pettegrew, T. Lovejoy, J. Scales, J. Miller. Third Row: R. Kleck, P. Buehrer, R. Croninger, R. Mi11er,N. Speng1er,R. RuDD,D. Ruffer. Second Row: J. Cross- 'o'.o , grove, A. Murbach, E. Lauber, B. Kernig, L. Gautsche, K. L , V 'f'o A Short, R. Schantz, J. Petregrew. Front Row: Coach Arthur, R. , ,. ' K . 49, Nafzinger, F. Grieser, I. Clingaman, L. Rupp, S. Buehrer, J. aff Arrrr ' ' Q Grime, Coach Robison. -A 4, X ,A A ,A rrooo . f -' -x - If' A 65.7 VLL7 L - E.: .., f .. be Brick . , ,,, f 9-vii. , VKV ,.' I 5 . . Wall . 'Rmb v r-.1 :Q JE, Rf T ,wg .. , I , ..: .,.. M... ,, Egg axis N fe. H we iv gk 1 Bxazfxg Bacvjiexd Beware ! ! ! Danger Ahead The Mrghty Mrte WAWZ H Don't Tread On Me Add A Point Nor TW 68 OU ah Me JU IOR HIGH FOOTB LL Back Row: Delbert Britsch, Stanley Ruffer, Larry Barger, Paul Lovejoy, Tom Galloway, Terry Burbach, Paul Lauber, Jack Short, Gene Spiess, Roger Meier, Tom Grieser. Middle Row: Coach Thorpe, Graeme Lauber, manager, Bill DeGroff, Rex Ziegler, David Neal, Vic Miller, Frankwinzeler, Randy Wyse, Bob Frass, Bob Grisier, Mike Sullivan, Denny Miller, Tom Yoder, Bob Miller, Stewart Wyse, Gene Graf, Dave Rupp, Lee Wyse, Mike Wyse, Don Clair. Front Row: Duane Penrod, Frank Wheeler, Gary Storrer, Tom Stevens, Junior Schantz, Gary Rupp, Beryl Grisier, Bill Palmer, Fred Gearing, Ronald Gigax, Bob Bridges. FOOTBALL The Streaks joined the Maumee Valley League and found themselves in some very fast company as far as football was concerned. The squad was somewhat hampered by injuries to key players. They played an eight game schedule, winning 3 games and losing 5. Several of the games were dropped by narrow margins. Only Holland and Delta ran over the Streaks for large scores. Holland won the league title and were one of the highest scoring teams in the state. A new. lighted field was inaugurated and will serve for future grid iron teams. The field has been fenced in and shrubs have been planted around it. Within a few years it should rank with most of the fields in our area. The Varsity coaching duties were carried out by Jack Robison and Bill Arthur. Ralph Thrope served as Junior High coach and worked with a squad of 40 boys. The boys made a good start as they won 3 and lost 4. Much good material will come from this group for future Varsity material. The boys made good showings against all opponents and gained much valuable experience. The Varsity squad lost the following seniors by graduation. Backs - Andy Murbach, Bill Kernig, Roger Schantz, and Eddie Lauber, Linemen -Jim Clingaman, Jerry Grime, Keith Short. Joe Crossgrove, Junior Gautsche, Roger Miller and Ralph Croninger. Andy Murbach, Roger Rupp, Jerry Grime, Ed Lauber, Bill Kernig, Junior Gautsche, and Jon Pettegrew were given recognition in the selection of the all league teams and honorable mentions. I 953 FOOTBALL Edon-Here. Sept. 18. Archbold 41, Edon 0. First game on the new football field. Touchdowns were scored by Kleck, Kernig, Clingaman, Murbach 2, Grisier, Andy Murbach kicked 5 extra points. Delta -There. Sept. 25. Archbold '7,Delta 46. The panthers had too much experience and power. Murbach passed to Clingaman for the TD and also converted for Archbold's score. A MVL game. Holland -There. Oct. 2. Archbold 20, Holland 67. Holland saw fit to pour it on. Why, no one knows. Andy Mur- bach scored twice and converted twice. Bill Kernig scored the third TD. A MVL game. Hicksville-There. Oct. 9. Archbold 12, Hicksville 21. The Streaks could not take advantage of things in this game. Breaks went the wrong way. Touchdowns by Clingaman and Murbach. Ottawa Hills-Here. Oct. 16. Homecoming game. Archbold 34, Ottawa Hills 20. A big crowd, beautiful night, a fine game. Touchdowns by Murbach 2, Kernig 2, Ed Lauber. Conversions by Murbach 4, First Maumee Valley League winl Paulding -There. Oct. 22. Archbold 27, Paulding 19. A hard game all the way. Murbach scored twice, Jack Mil- ler twice on passes. Murbach kicked 3 extra points. DeVillbiss B-Here. Oct. 29. Archbold 6, DeVillbiss B 20. Streaks lost to a good team. Fumbles hurt Streaks. Roger Schantz passed to Andy Murbach for a 60 yd. TD. Swanton-Here. Nov. 6. Archbold 0, Swanton 13. Fumbles again stopped the Streaks. First game the boys failed to score. Record for the season-3 wins, 5 defeats. 69 HOMECOMING QUEEN -Q., ww Janet Wyseg CoNette Nofzingerg Barbara Richg Joan Beckg Donna Baldwin, Again this year, the football squad chose a Queen and court to reign over the Homecoming Game, which was played against Ottawa Hills. Barbara Rich, a senior, was selected to be the queen. The court con- sisted of CoNette Nofzinger, Janet Wyse, Joan Beck, and Donna Bald- win. A large crowd turned out to view the game, which was won by Arch- bold 34 to 20g a fine ending to the royal festivities. -3, 3,- 8 ff' 4 70 ,, BASEBALL The Blue Streak Baseball Team enjoyed a fine year in 1953-54. They won 15 games and lost only two. Both losses were by one rung to Defiance Z to 1 and Deshler in the District Tournament 3 to 2. Deshler went on to win the District title. The Streaks won the County Championship, beating Delta 8 to 1, Lyons 11 to 0, and Fayette 7 to 0. They also won the Maumee Valley League Championship with a record of 8 wins and no losses. Roger Schantz, Andy Murbach, Jack Miller, and Stanley Buehrer shared the pitching duties. Philip Buehrer and Doyle Hayes did the catching. Andy Murbach, Roger Schantz, Bill Kernig, Eddie Lauber and Everett Wyse were lost by graduation. Prospects look fairly good for another winning team next year. BASEBALL SCORES I953-54 DATE ARCHBOLD OPPONENT April 8 12 Pettisville 1 May 4 20 Pioneer 9 D. T April 9 Delta 0 May 6 2 Deshler 3 D. T April 12 Ottawa Hills 2 May 10 Defiance 4 April 13 Swanton 3 May 13 Holland 4 April 14 Defiance 2 May 14 Delta 1 April 20 Holland 1 May 1'7 Swanton 3 April 21 Lyons 0 C. T. May 18 Ottawa Hills 0 April 23 Delta 1 C. T. May 20 'WwSe0r1 0 April 30 Fayette 0 C. T. 'Forfeit VARSITY FGCDTBALL CHEERLEADERS Barbara Ruffer, Shirley Graf, Donna Ruffer, Maureen Rupp, Ethel Traut, Joanne Beck. These are the girls who helped our boys to many victories by doing a fine job of leading cheers. They worked hard at their jobs and usually succeeded in giving the team the support which it needed to chalk up another victory. VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Maureen Rupp, Shirley Graf, Ethel Traut, Joanne Beck. 72 GOLF The Blue Streaks engaged in their second season of golf and recorded victories over Bryan and Maumee Valley. They participated in the Montpelier Invitational Tournament and in the District Tournament at Heather Downs, Toledo. Much interest has developed in this sport and the future should produce some more better than average high school golfers. This sport has great carry-over value and will provide life-long recreation for its participants. lames Clingaman, Andy Murbach and Joe Crossgrove were the top players. All three will be lost by graduation. Others who took part in most of the meets wereg Neil Spengler, Bob Kleck, and Tom Mekus. Gene Sauder, lr. Gautsche, and Ir. Schantz, also saw limited service. Next year there will be a good number of underclassmen on hand to form a good squad. GOLF SCORES DATE ARCHBOLD OPPONENT PLACE TEAM April 7 112 Napoleon 28 U2 Napoleon 9 man team April 4 Montpelier 4 Montpelier 4 man team May 0 Holland 12 Valleywood 6 man team May 11 Maumee Valley 13 Heather Downs 6 man team May 6th Montpelier Invitational Montpelier May 16th in a field of 17 Heather Downs "District meet May 18 l!2 Bryan 5 112 Orchard Hills May 21 Maumee Valley 3 Valleywood Andy Murbach Joe Crossgrove Jim Clingaman Bob Kleck Tom Mekus Neil Spengler 1 if gg... 'P . ATHLETIC COACHES William Arthur-Basketball, Ass.-Varsity Football, Baseball, Jack Robison-Varsity Football, Jacob Burkholder- Athletic Directorg J. H. Spengler-Golf, Ralph Thorpe-Jr. High Football, Ir. High Basketball. MA AGERS Bob Frey, Dick Nafziger, Gene Sauder, Beryl Grisier 74 A-ASSOCIATIO Back Row: Joel Pettigrew, Fred Grisier, Bob Roth, Dave Ruffer, Ted Lovejoy, Bob Kleck, Neil Spengler, Jack Miller,Bob Frey, John Scales, Dick Nafziger, Stanley Buehrer, Philip Buehrer, Middle Row: Jerry Grime, Keith Short, Ralph Croninger, Joe Crossgrove, Andy Murbach, Bill Kernig, Roger Schantz, Lawrence Gautsche, Roger Rupp, Lowell Rupp, Front Row: Jon Pettigrew, Lowell Flory, Everett Wyse, Roger Miller, Eddie Jo Lauber, Don Nafziger, The A-Association is an inactive club composed of boys in high school who have earned a letter in one or more of the following sports: baseball,football, golf, or basketball. Membership in this organization comes automatically to any student who earns his letter. In the last year the membership of this group has increased greatly because of football and golf. pg -. ,- ff Philip Buehrer Joel Pettigrew Ralph Crornnger Roger Miller Jim Clingaman 75 DR. R. O. RYCHENER RYCHE ER AWARD Dr. Ralph O. Rychener, an Alumnus of Archbold High School, and nowa successful surgeon in Memphis, Tennessee, who has long been noted for his very generous moral and financial support of all athletic and other activities in our school, in 1946 established an Annual Senior Athletic Award of one hundred dollars cash to a graduating senior boy. This scholarship was named in honor of Mr. Rychener's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Rychener, local residents, who always dis- played a keen interest in local school affairs. The award is made on the following basis: Thirty per cent athletic abilityg thirty per cent scholarshipg twenty per cent general school attitudeg and twenty per cent neatness and personal appearance. In 1952 a slight revision was made in the award making the cash payment of the one hundred dol- larsonly if the winner goes on to college. If he does not con- tinue his education beyond high school he will receive a watch chain medal instead of the cash award. Another new provision states that he must have an average of B or better in all of his English courses. If the one chosen for the award does not use it by going to college it will be held in escrow for the next year. The winner of the award is selected by a secret vote of the high school faculty. Former winners ofthe award were as follows: Aden Storrer, 19465 Gerald Lehman, 19475 Paul Sigg, 19483 Arthur Kleck, l949gJohnC1air, 1950g Dale Leu, 19513 Ralph Burkholder, 1952: and Paul Yoder, 1953. A NDY MURBA CH 1954 Winner 76 COMMERCIALS Students, Teachers, Parents, and Friends: This annual was brought to you at a reasonable price, through the whole-hearted co-operation and financial support of the friendly merchants of our community. They have amply demonstrated their good will toward our school and their support is greatly appreciated by the publishers of this hook.'s extend our patronage and good will to them in the same friendly manner in which they have given theirs to us. On the following pages you shall find! THE ADVERTISING DIRECTORY ACCOUNTANTS Walter C. Webster ATTORN EYS-AT-LAW Willard Mack Owen Rice AUCTION EERS Denver Stuclcey AUCTION SALES Yoder and Frey BAK ERlES Dick's Pastry Shop BANKS Farmers and Merchants State Bank PeopIe's State Bank - Member of the Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Denny's Barber Shop Vearl's Barber Shop Florence's Beauty Shop Fred's Barber Shop Joe Litwiler Barber Shop BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS Riegsecker Bros. Rupp Lumber Co., Pettisville Claude Rupp, Pettisville BUILDING MOVERS E. M. Sauder CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH SERVICE E. F. Bednar CONCRETE PRODUCTS Archbold Concrete Products Elmira Cement, Block, and Tile Calvin Short and Maurice Zaerr CONFECTIONERS Harold Nagel Recreation CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS Ora Lauber and Son Dale Ruffenacht DAIRY PRODUCTS Nafziger Dairy Farm Short's Dairy Bm Nofzinger Dairy Sterling and Meadowgold Products DENTIST Dr. R. J. Mellor DITCHING AND EXCAVATING Miller Bros. Contractors DRUG STORES City Drug Store Red Cross Drug Store Beck's Drug Store - Stryker DRY CLEANERS Archbold Dry Cleaners Bancroft Cleaners DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Archbold Dry Goods Fashion Shop HeIen's Dry Goods ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Vic's Electric Roth Electrical Ray Lantz Eldon Roth Electric FARM EQUIPMENT Walter Breniser Huffman Dusting and Seeding King-Wyse Mfg. Co. Rychener Implement Stacy Farm Supply - Elmira Liechty Farm Implement Grieser Farm Equipment FLOOR COV ERIN GS O. J. Short FLORISTS Archbold Green House FOOD P ROCESSING La Choy Food Products FUNERAL HOMES Short's Funeral Home Grieser's Funeral Home GARAGE AND SERVICE STATIONS Archbold Sales and Service Christy Motor Sales Christy Buick Crossgrove Garage - Elmira DeGrotI's Marathon Service Grieser Motor Sales Garber Motor Sales - Stryker Heer's Garage - Elmira Liechty Motor Sales Lowell Thomas Service Station Nofzinger Motor Sales Paul's Friendly Service Short's Sales and Service GENERAL STORES Roth's General Store General Store Cecil Frank - Zone, Ohio HARDWARE AND LUMBER Gotshall Manufacturing Co. Stotzer Hcrdware Vemier-McLaughlin-Probeck Co. Western Auto Association fSporting Goods and Appliancel HATCHERIES Archbold Hatchery, Inc. Wyse Bros. Turkey Farm iTelephone No. 54911 HOME FURNISHINGS Rupp's Furniture Store Detter's Home Fur iture INSURANCE John Couch A. J. Stamm Ins. Agency W. G. Theobald Ins. Agency Floyd Lauber C. J. Short Ins. Agency - Stryker Ora Rupp JEWELERS O. P. Kluepfel LIVESTOCK AND MEAT PACKING Lloyd Myers Lu bill Bros. Wa?dock and Short MANUFACTURING COMPANIES Wauseon Mfg. Co. Fulton Mtg. Corp. - Wauseon NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS Archbold Buckeye P ETROLEUM PRODUCTS Herman Britsch PHOTOGRAPHERS John M. Davidson, Portrait and Commercial Bryan PLUMBING AND HEATING R. M. Gearing L. B. Frey and Sons - Pettisville Johnson Electric Plumbing and Heating Stryker POULTRY P RODUCTS Robert Hayes PUBLIC UTILITIES Ohio Gas Co. Northwestern Telephone Co. RADIO AND APPLIANCE SERVICES Hughes' Radio Shop RESTAURANTS The Home Restaurant Leu's Diner Triple Six RETAIL FOOD SERVICE A. 8: P. Store Comer Market LugbiIl's Market and Restaurant Rich Food Lockers Rutter' s Market SCAFFOLDING Bil-Jax, Inc. SEED AND FEED Archbold Seed and Grain Co. Elmira Elevator Fagley Seed Co. Bob Nofzinger and Bill Rupp Nelson Rupp Fayette Feed and Grain Stryker's Farmers Exchange Joyn W. Stuckey Sylvan L. Rupp SHOE STORES Hess's Shoe Store THEATERS Scott Theater TRUCKING AND FREIGHT Archbold Truck Lines Mid-American Highway Express VARIETY STORES Wingard's Gift Store Fish's 5 8. IOC Toys - Gifts - School Supplies VETERINARIANS Dr. J. R. Peters WELDING AND REPAIRS Calvin Stannard - Elmira WOODWORKING - MANUFACTURING Archbold Ladder Co. Baer Cabinet and Specialty Shop Ph. Office 2358 - Residence 4l56 Leininger Home Supply - Elmira New York Boat Oar Co. - Archbold Sauder Manufacturing Co. Sauder Woodworking Co. Lauber Mfg. Co. Home Fumiture Shop Nisely Cabinet Shop - Pettisville Wauseon Woodworking Co. Lumber and Cabinet Works MISCELLANEOUS AImeda's Candies Gaylord Fielitz - Honey Kenny Polite I Racetracks - Wauseon Raceway Mahlo.n E. Miller Drs. Murbach and Neal Archbold Music Service Eth Susie Ruffer Car N z: .. ti I 1m Jumor K zfxifii N1ck Wobert Gref One Fiz Goofus Bink C. L. Emmett Greiser The other t Murbach Jimmy Beave rson Terrible Terrell Funky , N Stuckey Charlie Billfold Tootie Kunk Barb M3TY Flip Anf- -981 'K tt' 5 1 as 4 B ' L ' ,bi Q vi ai K S WIP . 1

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