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r n r 2 v w 1 1 1 1 x E ! fu 'ff Q Q1 xi 2. 5. ,D x 1 lf" 'A , Qs, " lr. , t V .X ! , Wa' ,gs at X J' .i "' t is -is e sf , "X t 5 Ny ,N eqevl' Dew? 4TMO ' ' 0561 gals 110,801 Shutzt, Scales--or put your foot ' -- in 't "Prithe'e, let her alone, and list .-godgznesx 1 to me. one "'4YS'i - Li Y gf W Pan Y af E and -V. Maxine, , ' . x Wwix Lavefn M. noi. Quaid a , ..g1i'diK9yu9 - ' b9je,6L" You go to mg' my head How to Please a Man Delight produced from cafeteria food. , , Parting is such 4-. sweet sorrow! A 4 ', 5 5 N' it ,,, all 02, v Ka O Hotter than a pistol! Bang! Q6 Bang! 13. fi gl .9-an B01 Swv N0 Q62 X Real Cool Tomatoes Dennis the Menace "O, what a rash and bloddy deed is this!" IN MEMORIAM This yearbook is published in the memory of our departed classmates, Jean Pearl Osborn and Charlene Grieser, whose companionship we will always remember. 'CX' v 'Sf' eyes 50 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL ARCHBOLD, OHIO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ,... ...... B ILL RUPP ASSISTANT EDITOR .... ...... J ANE SCALES BUSINESS MANAGER . . . .... .IEANNE JOHNSON FACULTY ADVISOR ..... ...... J . H. SPENGLER DEDICATION We, the Senior Class, dedicate this our 1953 year- book, "The Bluestreak", to our superintendent, Mr. J. H. Spenglerg for his Christian leadership, which has become a beacon guiding our livesg for his unfailing willingness to aid us in each minute problem, and for that personality which teaches us anew everyday that the sportsmanship which has led our teams to great victories may lead us to greater victories. These characteristics have made our years at A.H.S, more profitable. 2 The principles of the institution . . must be upheld B0 RD UF EDUCATIO DR, J. R. PETERS Vice President DR. E. R. MURBACH President LYLE OSBORN ., OWEN RICE Clerk ol ., , 1 WWE x. ,V .z wsu ..w-:,,g,,-iw-,a'f.fx-ww :-f, '.H'.-fa.-if1.,f i V- fiiiizygffiiikw-qgqwsnlx -mfg:-K .. - ' J - 3:2-H , :'s5,W2iEs1'2 , V' 5' 'H , . K. , ,,. f-3 . - fmfxwwsi - -:.,, V, V. A -fkiesfmw. . .4 , .. . , ,A ,i,Ki,w, - ' . . ,,,..5w:7. in . Qff5i?? ' M jm x-QA, fm wg i' gi -,.: I V .-.- "A: .": 2 .gif ' 1 K 1 5 f 5 2 S1 V f ff T1 5 5 K Qffgfwzi if 34 si f .. 'xx ' Mi I J 1'2ffa.1'212:isf- 53:5 29255 I ' - Q sw, U JAMES BARGER MELVIN WINZELER A-.., 4 B S., A,B, Adrian College M A ADMINISTRATION J. H. SPENGLER: SUPERINTENDENT B.S. Bowling Green State University M.A. University of Michigan. JACOB BURKHOLDER: HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL . . Bowling Green State University. -465 R . L. LOR TON: ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL B.S. Oberlin, M.A. Ohio State University. BETTY RYCHENER: SCHOOL SECRETARY fu-QQSU' if 1 5 ROBERT CONROY: Physical Educa- tion,B.S. Bowling Green State Uni- versity. vwvvvw WILLIAM ADAMCHEK: Driver's Training, Social Studies. B,S. Bowl- ing Green State University. IRWIN SLESNICK: Science. B,S, Bowling Green State University. '-M 3 8 1, I t 51: Commercial. B.A, ELVA KEIM: Spokane, Ohio State University, Ohio University. THOMAS L. PARKER: Mathemat- ics. B,L. Berea, B,A. Ohio Univer- sity, M,A, Ohio State University. 6 a- , if DONALD HORNISH: Industrial Arts. El. Degree, Manchester, B.S. Ohio Northern. V ,it EVELYN RUPP: English, Commer- cial. B.S. Bowling GreenState Uni- versity. -,-, viii' JOSEPH KNAB: Latin, English. B.S. Xavier University. RUTH H, FAGLEY: Home Econom- ics, Engjlish. B.S. Defiance College, Colum ia University GLEN GALLAWAY: Vocational Agriculture. B.S. Ohio State Uni- versity. GAYLE BOURQUIN: Librarian. B.S. Bowling Green State University. FRANCES J. MENICHETTI: Music. B.M, University of Michigan, M.M University of Michigan, University of Illinois. 7 1 sa FLORENCE WALTER: Kindergarten Ypsilanti Normal. BESSIE FREY: Second Grade. B.A. Goshen College, Bowling Green State University. KATHRYN ASCHLIMAN: First Grade. Goshen College. MILDRED BERNATH: First Grade. Bowling Green State University. MARY ELLEN RUPP: Second Grade. B.S. Goshen College. MA RY ZIMMERMAN: Third Grade. Bowling Green State University. DONNA SLESNICK: Third Grade. B.S. sity. Bowling Green State Univer- 8 ,V , 4 MABEL NOFZIGER: Fourth Grade. Bowling Green State University. MARVEL TRESSLER: Music. Ypsil- anti Normal, Bowling Green State University. DOROTHY SPENGLER: Fifth Grade. Bowling Green State University. JOHN FUNK: Fourth Grade. Defi ance College. HAZEL BURKHOLDER: Fifth Grade Bowling Green State University Indiana University. JACK ROBISON: Sixth Grade. To- ledo University, Bowling Green State University. KENNETH RYCHENER. Sixth Grade. B.S, Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University. 9 COOKS Ella Beck, Mary Grime, Bessie Short, Christie Grime. srooifms QU uifxfun Earl B lot . Bad BO Ourquin Myra? BUS DRIVERS Harold Fleming Arthur Liechty Wilmer Rupp Earnest Case Virgil De Grof Dennis Roth Lawrence Schmucker Howard Reed 10 Old Seniors never die Q ,W Lf -in a we SE SENIORS fu X J QS. they just fade away E IOR CLASS TOM LAUBER ENGINEER Senior Class President, Sophomore Class President, Sci-Questa Club President, Stu- dent Council President and Vice President, Science Fair Master Committee, Science Competition, Honor Roll, Basketball, "A" Association, Football, Track, Noon Games, "Finders Creepers", "A Broom For The Bride". WILLIAM RUPP BUSINESS Band, Brass Sextet, Honor Roll, County Fes- tival, Chorus President, Science Competi- tion, Student Council, Sci-Questa Club Treasurer, Senior Scholarship Test, Editor of Annual, Band Council, Class Vice Presi- dent, "Finders Creepers", "A Broom For The Bride " . ANNABELLE STUCKEY LAB, TECHNICIAN National Honor Society, National Science Fair, "Finders Creepers", "A Broom For The Bride",County Festival, Chorus, Glee Club, Sci-Questa Club, Class Treasurer, Class Secretary, Lab Assistant, Senior Scholarship Test, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, Noon Game Cap- tain, Summer Dramatics, Westinghouse Talent Search Test, Science Competition, Music Competition. PAUL YODER TEACHER Baseball, Track, Basketball, Football, Class President, Vice President, and Treasurer, Student Council, "Finders Creepers", "A Broom For The Bride", "The Bashful Bache- lor", Honor Roll, "A" Association, District and Preliminary Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Science Competition, Science Fair. H. SPENGLER - Adviser SARA SHORT NOVELIST Student Council, National Honor Society Treasurer, Band Treasurer, Chorus, Glee Club, Clarinet Quartet, Sci-Questa Club, Social Club President and Vice President, County Festival, District and Preliminary Scholarship Tests, Senior Scholarship Test, Science Fair Committee, Science Competi- tion, "Finders Creepers", Home Ec. Club Secretary, Music Competition, Alpha Honor Roll, Summer Dramatics, "A Broom For The Bride." DEE DEGROFF SALESMAN Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track, Band, Chorus, Glee Club, Solo Competition, Brass Sextet, County Festival, "Finders Creepers", "The Bashful Bachelor", "Lelawala". BETTY SEILER FACTORY WORKER Home Ec. Club, "The Bashful Bachelor", Archette Staff, Grade School Assistant, Chor- us, Glee Club. MARLENE LEU BOOKKEEPER Student Council Treasurer, Chorus, Glee Club, Music Competition, County Festival, Archette Staff, Office Assistant, "Lelawala", "The Baby Sitter", "The Bashful Bachelor", Science Competition, Preliminary Scholar- ship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll. BUETTA WYSE NURSE Chorus, Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble, Music Competition, NationalHonor Society, Alpha Honor Roll, Senior Scholarhips Test, Pre- liminary and District Scholarship Tests, County Festival, Science Fair, Science Com- petition, "The Bashful Bachelor", Noon Game Captain. HELEN DENNIS NURSE Band, Chorus, Glee Club, Brass Quartet, Brass Sextet, County Festival, Music Com- petition, Social Club, Sci-Questa Club, National Honor Society, Senior Scholarship Tests, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Noon Games, Alpha Honor Roll, Class Vice President, Halloween Attendant, "The Bashful Bachelor", "Finders Creepers BARBARA CHRISTY BUYER National Honor Society, Band Secretary, Band Council, Chorus, Glee Club, Girls Sextet, Clarinet Quartet, County Festival, Social Club, Sci-Questa Club, Home Ec. Club President, Class Treasurer, Music Com- petition, Alpha Honor Roll, District and Pre- liminary Scholarship Tests, Noon Games Halloween Queen, Halloween Attendant, Homecoming Attendant, "Lelawala", "Find- ers Creepers", "A Broom for the Bride" Summer Dramatics. DE ROYCE HORNISH IND. ARTS TEACHER Band, Brass Sextet, Baritone Soloist, Basket- ball, Football, Baseball, "A" Association, Honor Roll, Glee Club, Chorus, County Fes- tival, Science Competition, SCPQUCSI3 Club, Senior Scholarship Test, Preliminary Scholarship Tests, "Lelawala", "Finders Creepers", "A Broom For The Bride". 1 o 13 ,V if ROBERT BERRY LATHE OPERATOR Football Manager, Track, Glee Club, Chorus, "The Baby Sitter", "FindersCreepers", Main- tenance, Sci-Questa Club, Noon Games. VELDA STUTZMAN SECRETARY Honor Roll. DORIS GUNDEN DENTA L ASSISTANT Chorus,Glee Club, F,H,A,, Home Ec. Club, "The Bashful Bachelor", Archette Staff, Music Competition, Grade School Assistant. TOM FANKHAUSER BUSINESSMAN "Finders Creepers," Basketball, Baseball, Track, Chorus, "The Bashful Bachelor". NANCY RUFFER COMP. OPERATOR "Finders Creepers", "The Bashful Bachelor", "A Broom For The Bride", Archette Staff, Cheerleader, Chorus, Glee Club, County Festival, Music Competition, Elementary Office Assistant, Honor Roll, Social Club. ELEANOR STUCKEY SECRETARY Glee Club, County Festival, Music Competi- tion, Science Competition, Home Ec. Club, Alpha Honor Roll, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Elementary Office Assist- ant, "The Baby Sitter", Archette Staff. BARBARA NAFZIGER SECRETARY "The Bashful Bachelor ",Archette Staff, Home Ec. Club, F,I-LA., Kindergarten Assistant, Science Competition, Science Fair. ROLLIN BECK FARMER 'The Bashful Bachelor", 'The Baby Sitter F.F.A., Noon Games. DONALD KLECK MINISTRY District and Preliminary Scholarship Tests, Baseball, Noon Games, "The Bashful Bache- lor", "The Baby Sitter", "A" Association, Honor Roll. MARY ELLEN NAFZIGER SECRETARY "A Broom For The Bride", "The Baby Sitter", Cafeteria Aid, County Festival, Glee Club, Grade School Assistant, Archette Staff. CHARLOTTE EICHER ELEM. TEACHER Chorus, Glee Club, Saxophone Quartet, Band, Honor Roll, County Festival, 'Finders Creep- ers", "A Broom For The Bride", Music Com- petition, Socia.l Club, Librarian, Science Fair. SALLY PALMER DENTAL ASSISTANT Summer Dramatics, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, Major- ette, Sci-Questa Club, F.H.A,, "The Baby Sitter", "A Broom For The Bride", Archette Staff, Office Secretary, Science Competi- tion, Science Fair Committee, Science Fair, Halloween Attendant, Social Club, Noon Game Captain, First Grade Assistant, Maiorette Contests. DALE SHORT FARMER F.F.A., "The Bashful Bachelor". VIRGINIA SAUDER BOOKKEEPER Cafeteria Aid, Home Ec. Club, Glee Club, Grade School Assistant, Archette Staff. IIM STUCKEY FARMER F.F.A. Treasurer, "The Baby Sitter," "The Bashful Bachelor". ALICE MARY ROTH SECRETARY "The Baby Sitter", 'The Bashful Bachelor", Chorus, Glee Club, Honor Roll, Music Com- petition, County Festival, Archette Staff, Science Competition,Science Fair, Kinder- garten Assistant. 15 ORVILLE FRICKE ELEC. or FARMER Basketball, Baseball, Noon Games, Chorus "A" Association, "Finders Creepers", "A Broom For The Bride", F.F,A,Vice President, F.F.A. Judging Team, Parlimentary Proce- dure, F.F.A, Honor Roll. IEANNE JOHNSON HOUSEWIFE and NURSES AID Glee Club, Chorus, Band, Social Club, Noon Games, Saxophone Quartet, Sci-Questa Club, Student Council, National Honor Society Vice President, County Festival, Senior Scholarship Test, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests, Alpha Honor Roll, Summer Dramatics, Music Competition, Science Competition, "The Baby Sitter", "A Broom For The Bride", Annual Staff, VELDA LANTZ SECRETARY Home Ec. Club, F.H.A., Chorus, Glee Club, "The Baby Sitter", Archette Staff, Honor Roll, Science Competition, Music Com- petition, Grade School Assistant, Cafeteria Aid. IOAN GRIME FACTORY WORKER Cafeteria Aid, Chorus, "The Bashful Bache- lor", Archette Staff, JANE SCALES PHYSIOTHERAPIST Band President, Chorus Vice President, Glee Club, Social Club Treasurer, Sci-Questa Club Vice President, Student Council Sec- retary, Honor Society President, Lab Assist- ant, Summer Dramatics, Brass Quartet, Brass Sextet, "Finders Creepers", "The Bashful Bachelor", Science Fair Master Committee, County Festival, Senior Scholarship Tests, Westinghouse Talent Search Test, District and Preliminary Scholarship Tests, Noon Games, Alpha Honor Roll, Music Competi- tion, Science Competition, Band Council, Class Secretary, Grade School Assistant, Annual Staff. CAROL JEAN RUPP SECRETARY "The Baby Sitter", "The Bashful Bachelor", Chorus, Glee Club, Honor Roll, Music Com- petition, County Festival, Science Competi- tion, Archette Staff, Preliminary and District Scholarship Tests. NANCY SHORT SECRETARY "The Baby Sitter", "The Bashful Bachelor", Archette Staff, Chorus, Glee Club, County Festival, Music Competition, Office Assist- ant, Honor Roll, Science Competition, Sci- ence Fair. LOUIS BROCK FACTORY WORKER Football, Noon Games, "The Baby Sitter", "The Bashful Bachelor", Basketball Manager, Maintenance, "A" Association. 16 -is V 5 S Al I X -ug " CLASS HISTORY Entering A. H. S. as seventh graders, we pushed and plodded our way through the halls for two years, and then - we were freshmen! With the addition of new members from Elmira and Zone, we were initiated into the hallowed halls by the sophisticated sophs. Vengeance is sweet! The next year we initiated the Class of '52! We opened the eyes of the theatre lovers with our outstanding dramatic productions, "FlNDERS CREEPERS" and "THE BABY SlTTER," in our junior year. 'So darn much fun," 'So beautiful," "lf we could just do it again" - remarks heard while decorating for and the night of our watery Ir.-Sr. Banquet, "NEPTUNE'S COURT." lt provided the perfect ending for the year. ln the autumn of 1952, we began our last year at A. H. S., electing Richard Thomas Lauber our president. We were enchanted by the lovely and haunting "BLUE HAWAll," to which the Juniors led us for the Ir.-Sr. Banquet. Shortly afterward, we pre- sented our first Senior play, "THE BASHFUL BACHELOR," followed by "A BROOM FOR THE BRIDE." On Sunday evening, May.17, our Baccalaureate services were held with Reverend H. E. Bertsche bringing us a wonderful message. Kevin McCann, President of Defiance College, delivered our Commencementaddress Tuesday evening, May 19. On Sunday evening, May 24, we departed for our six day trip to Washington D. C. and New York City, thus ending our days at A. H. S. With varied feelings and emotions the class of 1953 leaves Archbold High School to iigurney oug into the world to do their part to keep it forever the wonderful place we ow it to e. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY The class of '53, having decided at their senior picnic to have a reunion in ten years, met in May of 1963 at Pokagon State Park for their first reunion. When we arrived, Dr. Annabelle Stuckey, B. S., M. D., Phd., D. D. S., D. D., and now assistant librarian of the ArchboldlMc Laughlin Memorial Library had already ar- rived with the hot dogs which she had .frozen after the senior picnic. Annabelle lives meagerly, but comfortably in her thirty room house at Lugbill's with her eighty-two hy- brid cats with which she has been experimenting since her biology days. The cats fill most of the rooms, so Annabelle lives in the butler's pantry. The butler is Donald Kleck, who also has his D. D., and is presently preaching in revival services Tuesday and Thurs- day nights in the back room of the Home Restaurant. These inspiring services feature Buetta Wyse singing her outstanding hymn, "lt's Still in the Book." Soon after, Jane Scales arrived with the olives lripe of coursej. We learned that she has divorced Bill Rupp, whom she had married to psychoanalyze and reform, so that she could marry Einstein whose mental level is more nearly her own. She also had just re- vised the week into six twenty -eight hour days. When Bill learned of this, he left the country for his hermitage in Siberia Che likes cold saltj, for he hates everyone anyway. More pleasant news was brought with the arrivalof the successful Paul fYogij Yoder, manager of the Burlington Bombers who have just defeated the Yankees five games straight. Bob QHuckj Berry is his magnificient pitcher who allowed one hit in the first game of the series, but pitched four nohitters in the remaining games. At that moment we were all startled to see a figure in a striped uniform creeping out of the woods. We realized at once that it was our classmate Rollin fBad Boy Budj Beck, whom we hadn't seen since his departure from us on the senior trip. A news flash later in the day reported his escape from Sing Sing. Psychiatrists believe it was his criminal role in the senior class play which started his life of crime. 18 A distinguished classmate, bearing the potato chips, landed in his private helicopter. DeRoyce Hornish, conductor of the Cleveland Symphony, proudly announced that he now plays wayback on the Cleveland Browns between rehearsals and on Sundays before his TV appearance with the orchestra. He is noted in the football world for his extra-point kicking. His beautiful wife, the former Helen Dennis, is now modeling kneepads and chest protectors for the MacGregor-Goldsmith Athletic Company, which was recently purchased by Velda Stutzman. As soon as Barbara Christy arrived, we had a rousing square dance. Barbara is now calling at Mason's Pit, but will soon have to give it up since the speedway opens in a few weeks and she'll have to start driving again. Her wonderful position was secured as a result of her winning the Arion Award. A more refined classmate drove up later. It was Charlotte Eicher, caretaker of Carol Jean Rupp's art gallery. Famous as she now is, Carol Jean's first painting hangs in the halls of A. H. S, Marlene Leu, Secretary General of the United Nat-ions, was flown in her own private plane. Another member of our class is engaged in politics. Tom Lauber, president of the U. U., fUnited Universej, is trying to overpower the U. N. A war is raging on Mars, and Tom Fankhauseris the chiefrocket ship designer. The president's wife, Velda Lantz, is sewing all the space suits by hand. The former Sara Short drove up late in the afternoon in her Cadillac, purchased by her Pulitzer Prize winnings. She won the award for her book THE SHORT REPORT, or INSIDE THE LUCYS, an intimate novel of the lives of these famous women. Her hus- band, Orville Fricke, helped with the inside work on INSIDE THE LUCYS, About 4 o'c1ock, a gaily decorated car with tin cans clanging on the fenders drove up, Out stepped the bridal couple, Alice Mary Roth and Jim Stuckey. After ten years of rtmning, Jim was finally caughtby Alice on a hayride given by the Spinsters' Society, of which Alice was formerly president, and was dragged into Angola. We were all delighted to see Louis Brock, chief ambulance driver of City Hospital. He drove Jeanne Johnson, famed head of the Bluestreak PublishingCompany, and recently elected the best dressed woman in Archbold, to the picnic, as both her limousines were out of commission. Incidentally, the morgue-keeper at the hospital turned out to be Digger O'Dale Short, who accompanied Jeanne and Louis in the ambulance. The pies and cakes were furnished by Betty Seiler, whose Better Baking for Better Living Shoppe netted a cool million last year in Hollywood. Another classmate who is now living there is Doris Gundeng and though she has never been able to break into movies, her picture is on every loaf of Betty's Miracle Bread. We were all at the dock when a beautiful Cris Craft pulled up. Having crossed the Atlanlgic on a raft, Mary Ellen Nafziger and Virginia Sauder felt they could now handle a yac t. Before dinner that evening we all went horse-back riding on the pure-bred stallions which JoanGrime breeds on her ranch in Kentucky. Sally Arcaro Qalias Palmerj rode her champion to victory in the Derby this year. Nancy Short, president of the Central Canadian Truckline, arrived in aspecialsemi with her banker Eleanor Stuckey. After dinner atPotowotami Inn that evening, we danced to the music of Dee De- Groff's Filthy Five - they're from Dirt, not Hunger - and were entertained by the golden voice of Barbara fBabsj Nafziger and the tap dancing artistry of Nancy fTwinkletoesj Ru fer. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. 19 SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty -three, on leaving this institution of learning, being of sound mind and memory do bequeath these valued possessions. Article I To the faculty of Archbold High School we will back your private officesg we 're clear- ing out. Article II To the Juniors we will the courage, ten- acity, and strength that we have left over to bind you closer together during your last year. Article III To the Sophomores we leave the problem of the Junior-Senior Banquet, but wouldn't we love to go through it again! Article IV To the Fres men we bequeath our sophisti- cated and worldly manner, not that you don't know plenty already. Article V I, Rollin Beck, bequeath my faithful vigil- ance to any boy who can wait at the Home Restaurant until the dishes are done. I, Bob Berry, bequeath my variety of cars to John Rich. I, Louis Brock, bequeath my graceful strut to Barb Walters. I, Barbara Christy,have nothing to spare. I, Dee De Groff, bequeath my suave manner to any wolf who might need it. 1, Helen Dennis, bequeath my poodle cut to Mr. Slesnick. I, Charlotte Eicher, bequeath my moldy money to Susie Stuckey, so she and Jack can go out once in awhile. I, Tom Fankhauser, bequeath my sensitive camera to Norman Wingard. I, Orville Fricke, bequeath all my endear- ing charms, with the exception of my eyes to any boy who can utilize them as well as I have. I, Joan Grime, bequeath my love of horses to Janet Myers. I, Doris Gunden, bequeath my Cinderella locks to Loretta Kernig. I, DeRoyce Hornish, bequeath my paranoic complex to Eddie Lauber. I, Jeanne Johnson, am too tired to will any- thing. I, Donald Kleck, bequeath my altitude to the Buehrer twins. I, Velda Lantz, bequeath my domestic a- 20 bilities to Ella Beck. I, Tom Lauber, bequeath my obstinance to any one stupid enough to want it. I, Marlene Leu, bequeath my office ability to Betty Rychener. I, Barbara Nafziger, bequeath my substantial platforms to Doris De Groff. I, Mary Ellen Nafziger, bequeath my seat in American Problems to Ruth Ann Terrell. I, Sally Palmer, bequeath my tight skirts to Donna Ruffer. I, Alice Mary Roth, bequeath my dieting ability to Dee Ann Christy. I, Nancy Ruffer, bequeath my three bids to the Banquet to the Junior girls who will need them next year. I, Bill Rupp, bequeath my chauffeuring a- bility to anyone stupid enough to want to haul Barb and Sara around. I, Carol Jean Rupp, bequeath my artistic talents to Dee Ann Burkholder. I, Virginia Sauder, bequeath my efferves- cence to Susie Fagley. I, Jane Scales, bequeath my gregariousness to the next year Seniors. I, Betty Seiler, bequeath my sunny disposi- tion to Larry Fish. I, Dale Short, bequeath my freckles to Jeannine Croninger. I, Nancy Short, bequeath my natural black hair to Ruth Fagley. I, Sara Short, am too busy right now to will anything. I, Annabelle Stuckey, bequeath my scientific ability to the new Science teacher. I, Eleanor Stuckey, bequeath my neutrality to Fred Gearing. I, Jim Stuckey, bequeath my neck brace to Andy Murbach. I, Velda Stutzman, bequeath my slender frame to Elaine Huffman. I, Buetta Wyse, bequeath my abstinance from all things both good and bad to Barbara Rich. I, Paul Yoder, bequeath my versatility plus to Roger Schantz. Barbara Christy Sara Short BACCALAURE TE SER ICES Sunday Evening, May 17, at Eight O'clock Music Prelude Barbara Rich Processional Graduating Class "Beautiful Savior" arr. F. M. Christiansen 'Cherubim Song" Bortniansky Invocation High School Mixed Chorus Pastor, St. Iohn's Evangelical Reformed Church "There's a Lark in My Heart" "The Erl-King" "Incline Thine Ear' Baccalureate Sermon Hymn-- "Abide with Me" Benediction Recessional Verlin Eash, Tenor Soloist James Cunningham, Accompanist Pastor, Evangelical Mennonite Church Rev. N. B. Wierwill C. G. Spross Franz Shubert Ernest Charles Rev. H. E. Bertsche Chorus and Audience Rev. Wierwill Audience Seated COMMENCEME T EXERCISES Musical Prelude Processional National A nthem Invocation Tuesday Evening, May 19, at Eight O'clock F. J. Menichetti, Director "Pomp and Circumstance" Pastor, Method ist Church "The Vanished Army" fThey Never Diej Commencement Address "Minuetto" "To a Water Lily" "Danza Briziliana" Presentation of Diplomas High School Band President, Defiance College, Defiance, Ohio Gaylord Yost, Violinist Leobess Chappell, Pianist High School Band Graduating Class Band and Audience Rev. Paul E. Fisher Kenneth J, Alford Kevin McCann Kreisler MacDowell-Yost Harold Triggs Board of Education "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral" from Lohengrin--Wagner-Caillet High School Band Benediction Rev. Fisher 21 WPT' THE BASHF L BACHELOR Back Row: Dale Short, Rollin Beck, Louis Brock, Jim Stuckey, Helen Dennis, Dee DeGroff, Betty Seiler Joan Grime, Carol Jean Rupp, Paul Yoder, Tom Fankhauser, Buetta Wyse. Front Row: Nancy Ruffer, Bar- bara Nafziger, Nancy Short, Alice Mary Roth, Don Kleck, Jane Scales, Marlene Leu, Doris Gunden, Carol Jean Rupp Helen Dennis Easter... Mollie . . . . . . Alice Mary Roth . . . Jane Scales . . . Louis Brock . . . Nancy Short . . Tom Fankhauser Viola ..... . . Betty Jean . . Freddie ..... . Mrs. Todd ..... . . Professor Todd . . . Miss Abbott .... . . Bertie ...... . . . . Buetta Wyse . , Jim Stuckey . . . Don Kleck . . Marlene Leu . . Dee DeGroff . . Rollin Beck . . . Paul Yoder . . . . DaleShort . . Joan Grime Barbara Nafziger, Betty Seiler, Doris Gunden, Nancy Ruffer David ....... Miss Blythdale . . . . Mr. Bixby ..... . Burglar ........ First Policeman .... Second Policeman .............. College girls ..... ............. THE SCENE The entire action takes place in the living-room of Miss Lydia Abbott in a small college town. Director ...... ............... M r. Burkholder Advertising . . . ........... Byrl Swisher Furniture . . . . . .Rupp's Furniture Company Costumes . . . ......... Miss Ruth Fagley Velda Lantz, Eleanor Stuckey Music ....................... Mr. Menichetti Ushers . . Charlotte Eicher, Sally Palmer, Jeanne Johnson, Nancy Ruffer, Bill Rupp, Bob Berry, and DeRoyce Hornish Prompters . . .Sara Short, Barbara Christy and Annabelle Stuckey Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French 22 sg, l 1 BROO FOR THE BRIDE Q Back Row: Sara Short, Bill Rupp, Sally Palmer, Nancy Ruf er, rvi e , , nish. Front Row: Mary Ellen Nafziger, Jeanne Johnson, Barbara Christy, Tom Lauber, Charlotte Eicher Annabelle Stuckey. Clara Grey . . Berty Grey . . . Josie ..... Linda Grey . . Susie Jones . . . Mrs. Digberry . Ernest Digberry Miranda Gow . . . Roger Hornblow Dolly Laurel . . Tony Piper . . . Lola Lovelace . Deacon Merride .... W ..--... 'K-Q1 Z. Z ff f 5 Q., w. f O 'll Fricke Paul Yoder DeRoyce Hor . . . Barbara Christy . . . . .Tom Lauber Sally Palmer . Annabelle Stuckey Mary Ellen Nafziger . . . . .Jeanne Johnson . . . DeRoyce Hornish . . . . . Sara Short BillRupp . . .Charlotte Eicher . . . Orville Fricke . . . Nancy Ruffer . . . Paul Yoder THE SCENE The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of the Grey home in a small suburban town. Director ..................... Mrs. Burkholder Advertising ..................... Byrl Swisher Furniture . . . . Rupp's Furniture Company Costumes ................... Miss Ruth Fagley Music Mr. Menichetti Ushers: Eleanor .Stu.clrey', lleld.a'Lantz, Buetta Wyse, Marlene Leu, Louis Brock and Jim Stuckey Prompters . . .Jane Scales, Helen Dennis and Alice Mary Roth Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French. SENIOR TRIP SIX DAYS IN WASHINGTON and NEW YORK CITY J UNDERCLASSMEN UN IORS Z6 7 4,1-wa Barbara Rich CoNette Nofzinger Daryl Johnson Jerry Grime Keith Short Andy Murbach Ethel Traut Roger Suhantz Paul Stuckey Ruth Ann Terrell Susie Stuckey James Schmucker Elaine Grieser Oskana Holian Carolyn Grieser Shirley Graf Dorothy Gearig Marjorie Fiser Roger Miller Bill Kernig Junior Gautsche Lowell Flory Betty Nicolen Ethelmae Meck Gene Rupp Lowell Rufenacht Robert Roth Charles Riegsecker Mary Lou Ruffer Mary Kunkle Jeannine Croninger Ralph Croninger Joe Crossgrove Ken Fankhauser James Clingaman Eddie Lauber Avon Roth Mona Roth Donna Ruffer James Buehrer Eileen Beaverson Roy Schott Sue Young Everett Wyse Mary Wlasuik Helen Wlasuik Mary Winzeler Norman Wingard Gene Waidelich OPHOMORES 27 David Ruffer Barbara Ruffer Marlene Rufenacht Bob Roth Donald Nafziger Walter Schmucker Don Short Betty Jo Scott Helen Schultz Richard Nafziger Willard Nofzinger Lynda Miller Ted Lovejoy Pat Lisak Bob Kleck Curtis Beck Loretta Kernig Sandy Polite Joan Sauder Roger Rupp Janet Wyse Dean Wyse Sharon Stutzman Charlene Stuckey Merle Seiler Nick Holian Inez Guerrero Fred Grisier Ralph Grieser Barbara Graber Susan Fagley Deanna Burkholder Stanley Buehrer Philip Buehrer Bill Buehrer Jon Pettegrew Joel Pettegrew Glen Short Mary Gibson Bob Frey Jim Short Jo Ann Brodbeck Shirley Bridges Absent Richard Stuckey F RESHME 28 Barbara Walters Nancy Ruffer Annabelle Zuercher Colleen Wyse Bruce Werder Fred Merhling Delila Gautsche Sue Fankhauser Doris De Groff Bill Crossgrove De Ann Christy Sue Case Verle Seiler John Scales Dean Rupp Lowell Rupp Maureen Rupp Anne Ruffer Annabelle Miller Virginia Leininger Marvin Lantz Roger Johnson Elaine Huffman Dianna Hitt Karen Roth Jim Rice Suzanne Miller Jack Miller Donna Miller Betty Miller Cara Lou Stamm Dale Storrer Neil Spengler Barbara Smucker Sandra Short Larry Short Mike Holian Gene Sauder Donald Sommers Ruth Herbert Bob Rufenacht Rosetta Burkholder Howard Grime Rosemary Brock Donn Bernath Joanne Beck La Mar Gisel Roger Grieser Donna Waidelich Orlene Stuckey EIGHTH GRADE Vee Schlatter Janeth Schantz Myrl Sauder Jeanette Sauder Eloise Sauder Janet Myers Sandra Miller Carolyn Miller Joan Lovejoy Balbina Lisak Margaret Zuercher Ran y Wyse Joan Williams Grace Waidelich Ramiro Trejo Jo Ann Huffman Florence Herbert Doyle Hayes Beryl Grisier Fred Gearing Arlene Rupp Brenda Pursel Janis Peters Billy Palmer Louise Nafziger Larry Fish Ronnie Fielitz Janet Erbskorn Norma Burkholder Mary Boynton Roy Santos Gary Rupp Richard Leupp Arleta Kennel Linda Stamm Rex Short Elaine Frey Norma Fleming Verlene Nafziger llva Nafziger Roger Vonier SEVENTH GR DE Bonny Schroeder John Rupp Herbert Ruffer Mary Lou Roth John Rich Bud Stuckey Burdell Stuckel' Merle Short Joyce Short Gary Short Nadine Gisel Marilyn Gautsche Carol Gautsche Bernadine Beck Donald Frey Roy Trejo Rex Ziegler Peggy Yoder Shirley Wyse Janice Wyse Ruth Miller Robert Miller Clara Miller Mearl May Pamela Lauber Billy DeGroff James Davis Donald Clair Dean Buehrer Darrel Buehrer Susan Murbach Victor Miller Darlene Short Bonnie Short Donna Fleming Barbara Dohm Carole Wheeler Jerry Thompson Robert Grieser Phyllis Graber G 'Wy ,,,....w 4.295 . . f V A , , .f Q 3, as i f , . K :P 5 W! 1! f"? ,. 4 M Q avr? A f, !s f:5 - v- . ' . s ' ! iff 1 ELE ENTARY SNAPSHOTS J' 5175515 ,QE KW 4 SK fl QUE! N xy his mf' ' 'Mmm-pq-4 .2 w-. ELEMENTARY GRADES SIXTH GR DE 34 Bonnie Haas Carol Erbskorn Iuliene Crossgrove Linda Btodbeck Delbert Britsch Ronald Borton David Rupp Patty Rufenacht Rollin Nafziger Cloyce Nofziger Judy Nafziger Doris Miller Ronnie Wise Mike Wyse Jeanette Wyse Frank Winzeler Connie Stamm Pete Short Stanley Ruffer Nola Nofziger Charlene Nafziger Sandra Maust Paul Lovejoy Joanne Lisak Tommy Yoder Byrda lene Wyse Billie Kay Winzeler Ray Tre jo Michael Sullivan Sandra Schang Louona Gisel Jerry Dominique Alfred Dohm Merle Beck Leola Baer Sharon Aschliman Gary Baus Sharon Lindley Arlene Sauder Tommy Grieser Dean Rupp Patty Gisel Absent Marvin Miller FIFTH GR DE 35 Beverl Scott Sally lgoffman Diane Frey Howard Fausey Marilyn Davis Linda Collamore Junior Wyse Maureen Sullivan Roger Stuckey Allen J, Stuckey Patty Stamm Eugene Spiess Jack Short Cara Lou Schrock Mary Sauder Susie Rufenacht Douglas Rich George Petrowsky Allen Carter Jane Buehrer Gene Baus Betty Schultz Ronnie Hausch Dwayne Rufenacht Brenda King Carol Kauffman Roger Meier Linda Short David Neal Steward Wyse Terry Murbach Gary Miller Denny Miller David Miller Paul Lauber Merle Klopfenstein Rex Hornish Teresa Holian Eunice Hall Tommy Gallaway Duane Frey Bob Fraas Charlene Wyse Jerry Vonier Joanne Stamm Carol Ann Sauder Ruthann Rupp Kenneth Nafziger Betty Dohm Edward Buehrer Maretta Britsch Dean Beck Larry Barger Sally Aumend Valetta Aschliman F0 RTH GR DE Larry Wheeler Max Stuckey Sue Short Jo Anne Schrock Sandra Schlosser Bobby Lauber Lyle Hayes Janice Harper Sandra Fielitz Dorothy Bradley Merle Riegsecker Adda Margaret Neel Paul Nofziger Mervin Nafziger Lou Anne Nofziger Stanley Miller Keith Beck Connie Mills Tommy Rupp Marlene Rupp Karen Peters Peter Nofziger Janice Nofziger Laverne Miller Roger Mehrling Christina Haubold Lois Hall David Grisier Ronnie Graber Barbara Gisel Patricia Wyse Natalie Wyse Denton Wyse Everardo Santos Dee Ann Rupp Billye Detter Mary Lou Criado Betty Lou Routt Daryl Roth Roger Klopfenstein Jimmy Kleck THIRD GRADE Junior Nafziger Bruce Lauber Sharon Klopfenstein Elaine Kauffman Daryl Graber Shelia Wyse Carolyn Wyse Margaret Ann Walters Mary Tre jo Donna Gisel Louise Stuckey Rachel Sigg David Short Ricky Schultz Jim Schroeder James Fagley Susan Dominique Norma Crossgrove Joe Bustamantes Roger Fielitz David Roth Ruth Osborn David Zuercher Max Yoder Terry Alexander Judith Stamm Richard Sruckey Edward Stamm Eugene Schrock Jean Schlatter Bonny Fraas Roger Fausey Dianne Eash Jerry Berna th Sandra Aumend Dannie Ruffer Orville Roth Karen Palmer Marcine Nafziger Dean Miller Steven Wyse Dexter Wyse Connie Wyse Jerry Winzeler Billy Swisher Suellen Sullivan David King Steven Grime Sharon Schantz Lupe Santos Jose Santos James Rupp Absent: Richard Weires Olivia Fonseca Delores Fonseca Michael Ker Joey Cordaro SECO D GR DE Charlene Roth Paul Nofziger Mary Lou Nofziger Melda Nafziger Ronald Lovejoy Jane Short Cheryl Short Linda Shipe Robert Sauder Judith Sauder Rodney Wise Tamara Taylor Pamela Taylor Fred Stamm Marilyn Routt John Holian Duane Hayes Larry Short Terry Short Susan Short Michael Grime Jerry Collamore Lucille Baer Sally Short A. J. Short Sharon Zuercher Elaine Weyandt Tommy Vonier Karen Stamm Karleen Springer Michael Miller Carl Miller Victoria Lindley Jerry Leupp George Kunkle Terry Schroeder Phyllis Schrock Shiela Schrnucker Ronnie Sauder Odette Pursel Ronnie Ruffer Donna Nofziger Gene Grime Susan Fielitz Laurel Baer a bsentg Charlotte Lantz FIRST GR DE 39 Robert Zuercher Sanford Wyse Christine Wise Mary Beth Walter Jane Stuckey Roger Stamm Jimmy Rueger Betty Jeanne Roth Linda Pace Carolyn Liechty Linda Klopfenstein Linda Lou King David Schrock Lonnie Short Duane Sauder Rudy Santos Danny Barrera Myron Ruffer Kathleen Grime Jimmy Grime Carol Sue Gisel Daryl Beck Roselyn Aschliman Joanne Armstrong Scott Engle Tommy Dominique Tommie Buehrer Deanne Bednar Karla Barger Mary Ruffer Bonita Nofziger Sonny Lauber James King Joe Grime Linda Grieser Deanne Gisel Tim Rupp Frank Routt Philip Roth Darlene Roth Marilyn Reynolds Tommy Polite Wanda Yingling Judy Wyse Karen Sword Janie Stuckey Lavon Short Mary Ann Schroeder Jonathan Wierwill Gilbert Short Mary Kathryn Grieser Jon Fish Jeffrey Pettegrew David Schroeder absent: Lupe Fonseca KI DERGARTE Lynette Stamm Joyce Shipe Dean Seiler Paul Schroeder Grace Schrock Randy Schang Gloria Trejo Rudy Barrera Larry Wyse Judy Wyse Larry Stuckey Linda Schroeder Rodney Roth Paul Roth Velda Nafziger Esther Nofziger Sara Jane Nafziger Edward Nafziger Jackie Mills Jerry Miller Allen Leichty Shirley Klophenstein Paul King Roberta Grime Gary Gearing Joyce Frey Carolyn Frey Junior Davis Suzie Burkholder David Buehrer Janet Beck Tommy Timmons Rose Mary Nofziger Gregory Grime Kenny Aumend Ronnie Aeschliman Michael Stamm Nancy Springer Verle Short Connie Rupp Phillip Rich Diane Pettigrew Paggy Ziegler Wolder Wlasink Joline Winzeler Stanley Wilcox Betty Sword Diane Storrer Paula DeGroff Joey Dominique Larry Christy Irwin Carter Paul Buehrer Calvin Britsch Pamela Pace Patty Miller Darlene Miller David Layman Bonita King Polly Fleming Jeanne Menichetti Michael Rupp Steven Pape Bruce Beck Vicki Erbskorn "It's a great life ACTI ITIES living STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row: Billy Palmer, Merle Short, Philip Buehrer, Donn Bernath, Richard Nafziger, Bill Kernig Paul Yoder, Charlene Stuckey, CoNette Nofzinger, Orlene Stuckey, Susie Stuckey. Front Row: Mr. Menichetu Mr. Burkholder, Tom Lauber, Marlene Leu, Jane Scales, Mrs. Keim. The only organization at A. H. S. to be sponsored and supervised directly by the studentbody is the Student Coun- cil, agroup of student class representatives banded together to maintain order and enforce school regulations. This year Mr. Burkholder, Mrs. Keim and Mr. Menichetti were the advisors. The officers were: Tom Lauber, Presidentg Ed Lauber, Vice Presidentg Jane Scales, Secretaryg Marlene Leu, 'Treasurer. 11 Ud Emotion Comm Slra Welgttiexercige th gil e- eil' ri I COVE ghm in Smden 'he 136 . 42 ARCI-IETTE STAFF Back Row: Joan Grime, Barbara Nafziger, Doris Gunden, Marlene Leu Alice Mary Roth, Nancy Short, Betty Seiler, Mrs. Keim. Front Row ckey, Mary Ellen Nafziger, Nancy Ruffer. THE STAFF IN ACTION Marlene Leu, Nancy Ruffer, Nancy Short. The Archette staff this year excelled in journalism by publishing fifteen issues of the Archette at two-week inter- vals, plus a special issue, the Ettehcra, on April 1. The staff consists of the full journalism class, which is staffed as follows: Editor-in-Chief . . Assistant Editor . . Elementary Editor . . Sports Editor .... Feature Editor . Social Editor . . . . . Marlene Leu . . . . Nancy Short . . Eleanor Stuckey . . . . Sally Palmer . . Barbara Nafziger . . . . Nancy Ruffer Art Editor ....... .... C arol Rupp Humor Editor ...... . . Alice Mary Roth Circulation Manager ..... Virginia Sauder Exchange Editor .......... Joan Grime . . Mary Ellen Nafziger . . . . . . . Betty Seiler Doris Gunden Stencils ................ Velda Lantz The helpful guidance of Mrs. Keirn as an adviser has been invaluable through the year. Copy Editor . . Mimeograph . . 43 Carol Rupp, Sally Palmer, Virginia Sauder, Velda Lantz, Eleanor Stu- SOCIAL CLUB hs. Back Row: Helen Schultz, Sally Palmer, Helen Dennis, Barbara Christy, Sara Short, Pat Lisak, JoAnn Brodbeck, Front Row: DeeAnn Christy, Sandra Short, Janet Wyse, Barbara Walters, Jane Scales, Susan Fagley, Sue Fankhauser, Nancy Ruffer, Barbara Ruffer, Sandra Polite. VOLUNTEER DISC JOCKEYS The social club this year consisted of seventeen ambi- tious girls who sponsored numerous dances and parties. The c1ub's officers are Sara Short, president: Barbara Ruffer, vice president: Lynda Miller, secretaryg Jane Scales, treasurer. Anlnformal Scene from an Inform al Dance 'UW ram The 59099 so An Action Packed Meeting 44 SCI-QUE STA CLUB Back Row: Fred Grlsier, Bob Roth, Ted Lovejoy, Richard Nafziger, Curtis Beck, Jim Short, Walter Sch- mucker, Harold Wyse, Bob Kleck. Middle Row: Bill Rupp, Tom Lauber, Roger Schantz, Annabelle Stuckey, Pat Lisak, Jeanine Croninger, Shirley Graf, Marjorie Fiser, CoNette Nofzinger, Helen Schultz, Ethel Traut, Mary Winzeler, Betty Nicolen, Mr. Slesnick, Norman Wingard, David Ruffer. Front Row: Sandra Polite, JoAnn Brodbeck, Susan Fagley, Janet Wyse, Barbara Christy, Sara Short, Sally Palmer, Betty Scott, Suzanne Stuckey, lane Scales. In our scientific age, with its ever increasing availability of positions in the field, student interest in- creases chemistry, physics and biology. This student interest has been incorporated into the Sci-Questa Club, under the supervision of Mr. Slesnick. The club produced the third and biggest Quadri-County Science Fair this year at which nearly two thousand people attended. Joan Brodbeck and Nedra Hall of Wauseon were sent to the National Science Fair at Oak Ridge, these being the top two winners among the many at the fair. The officers this yearwere: Tom Lauber, Presidentglane Scales, Vice President, Ethel Traut, Secretary, Bill Rupp, Treasurer. EXHIBITION ROOM SCIENCE FAIR MASTER COMMITTEE - Jane Scales, Curtis Beck, Tom Lauber, Annabelle Stuckey, Suzanne Stuckey. Q. , 'QW M' w"'9' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Back Row: Charlene Stuckey, Annabelle Miller, Betty Miller, Barbara Nafziger, Alice Mary Roth, Anna- belle Zuercher, Cara Lou Stamm, Ruth Ann Terrell, Barbara Graber, Inez Guerrero. Middle Row: Betty Seiler, Virginia Sauder, Donna Miller, Barbara Ruffer, Shirley Bridges, Marlene Rufenacht, Ruth Herbert, Diana Hitt, Sue Case, Donna Waidelich, Deliah Gautsche, Virginia Leininger, Rosetta Burkholder, Mary Kunkle, Mary Gibson, Miss Fagley. Front Row: Doris Gunden, Nancy Ruffer, Sue Fankhauser,DeeAnn Christy, Barbara Christy, Sara Short, Sandra Polite, Joan Sauder, Eleanor Stuckey, Velda Lantz, Deanna Burkholder, Loretta Kernig. The interrelation of the preparation of foods, clothing, and interior decoration affords a well- rounded education in home making. The Early American theme has been carried out in the redec- oration and renovation projects of the club. With the highest national award of 5100, won in a con- test, and the profits from concessions, the girls purchased a Heywood-Wakefield Early American dining room suite. The activities include catering to the football dinner, the FFA Banquet, the Bald- win-Wallace dinner, and the Valentine reception. The Home-Ec Club girls served hors d'oeurves of rattlesnake meat and exhibited their various pro- jects at the Quadri-County Science Fair. In addi- tion to these activities the girls launder and mend the athletic uniforms, and do the costuming for the various high school entertainments. The club officers are: Barbara Christy, presi- arf dcntg Barbara Ruffer, vice presidentg Sara Short, secretary: and Betty Miller, treasurer. Constructive Geniuses M-f' ,M ms 8 , A cwb Te Ambitious Renovators 46 Back Row: Richard Stuckey, Roger Rupp, Charles Riegsecker, Verle Seller, Gene Waidelich Robert Roth Glen Short, Bob Rufenacht, Lowell Rupp, Middle Row: Marvin Lantz, Don Short, Ralph Cronlnger, Lowell Rufenacht, Jim Schrnucker, Roger Johnson, Bill Crossgrove, Dale Short. Front Row: Mr. Gallaway, Merle Sieler, Jerry Grime, Paul Stuckey, Orville Fricke, Daryl Johnson. The local F. F. A. chapter has done much during the past year to fulfill the purposes ofa good chapter such as fitting and seeding the foot- ball field, judging of livestock, and parliamentary procedure. They also exhibited a dairy booth at the Quadri-County Science Fair. The school may indeed feel proud of the fine Work of this organiza- tion as it goes about its task of making good farmers and citizens out of its members. Wa i '+L NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Back Row: Mr. Burkholder, Mr, Slesnick, Mr. Knab, Mr. Adamchak, Mr, Parker. Middle Row: Curtis Beck, Roger Schantz,Andy Murbach, Gene Rupp, Bob Kleck, Richard Nofziger, Jane Scales, Jeanne John- son, Miss Rupp, Mrs. Keim. Front Row: JoAnn Brodbeck, Betty Nicolen, Ethel Traut, Buetta Wyse, Avon Roth, CoNette Nofzinger, Shirley Graf, Sara Short, Barbara Christy, Helen Dennis, Annabelle Stuckey. Archbold's highest recognition of superior accomplishment is mem- bership in the National Honor Society, which is awarded for outstanding leadership, service, scholarship, and character during the entire high school career. The emblem of this Society is the keystone surmounted by the flam- ing torch. The torch signifies the fourfold purpose of the Society. To bear forward the searching light of truth, to lead that others may follow in the light, to keep burning in our school a high ambition for the endur- ing values of life, and to serve -- these purposes are symbolized in the torch. On February 10, nine new members were inducted into the Society and four sophomores were brought in on probation by the six senior members in an impressive candlelight ceremony. The officers this year were: Jane Scales, presidentg Jeanne Johnson, vice presidentg Annabelle Stuckey, secretaryg and Sara Short, treasurer. VTTQT BT331315 55 LIBRARIAN S Back Row: Marlene Rufenacht, Shirley Bridges, Barbara Ruffer, Janeth Schantz, Norma Burkholder. Front Row: Janis Peters, Arleta Kennel, Mrs. Bourquin, Grace Waidelich, Verlene Nafziger, Joan Williams. A school is as good as its library. Mrs. Brouqin, librarian, works diligently to keep standards high. Each period of the day the student librarians help with the circulation and maintenance of the library. These duties include circulation of books and magazines, shelving of in- coming books, and keeping the shelves in order. They receive one-half credit for their work. Many students find the library a pleasant place to read, study or enjoy the many books or magazines placed in the li- brary for the attainment of knowledge and enjoyment for all the students and for the community of Archbold. 49 Back Row: Joel Pettegrew,Jon Pettegrew, Tom Lauber, Andy Murbach, Bob Kleck, Don Kleck, Paul Yoder, Roger Schantz, Bill Rupp. Front Row: DeRoyce l-lornish, Richard Nafziger, Harold Wyse, Walter Sch- mucker, Curtis Beck, Lowell Flory, Joe Crossgrove, Gene Rupp. SENIOR HIGH HO UR ROLL Back Row: Jeanne Johnson, Patricia Lisak, Ethel Traut, Betty Nicolen, Marlene Rufenacht, Oksana Holian, Ruth Ann Terrell, Charlene Stuckey, Ethel Meck, Mona Roth, Barbara Rich, Mary Lou Ruffer, Annabelle Stuckey. Middle Row: Barbara Christy, Jo Ann Brodbeck, Co Nette Nofzinger, Nancy Short, Alice Mary Roth, Nancy Ruffer, Buetta Wyse, Eleanor Stuckey, Velda Lantz, Velda Stutzman, Joan Sauder, Betty Jo Scott, Helen Schultz, Dorothy Gearig. Front Row: Donna Ruffer, Mary Ellen Nofzinger, Avon Roth, Mar- lene Leu, Charlotte Eicher, Sally Palmer, Carol Jean Rupp, Helen Dennis, Sara Louise Short, Jeannine Croninger, Susan Fagley. 50 Back Row: Larry Fish, Donn Bernath, Dale Storrer, Dean Rupp, Neil Spengler, Bill Crossgrove. Front Row: John Scales. John Rupp, Merle Short, Bud Stuckey, Bill Palmer, John Rich, Myrl Sauder, Burdell Stuckey Jim Rice. UNIOR HIGH HO OR ROLL Back Row: Barbara Walters, Brenda Pursell, Jeanette Sauder, Joan Williams, Suzanne Mi1ler,Or1ene Stuckey,Ver1ene Nafziger, Bonnie Short, Susie Murbach, Janet Myers. Middle Row: Sandra Short, Anna- belle Zuercher, Donna Waidelich, Delila Gautsche, Ruth Herbert, Donna Miller, Florence Herbert, Arleta Kennel. Grace Waidelich, Vee Schlatter, Elaine Frey, Janeth Schantz, Doris DeGroff. Front Row: Janis Peters. Balbina Lisak, Joan Lovejoy, Clara Miller, Shirley Wyse, Joan Williams, Barbara Dohm, Nadine Gisel, Bernadine Beck, Norma Burkholder, Darlene Short. 51 SCHOLARSHIP AW RDS Good scholarship is considered one of the most important goals of our system of education. lt is regarded asa worthy ideal in the Archbold Schools. Considerable emphasis is placed upon a testing program which includes the Every Pupil Tests, Senior Scholarship Tests, Preliminary-District State Tests, Eighth Grade Tests and the Final State Scholarship Tests. NAME Sara Short Jane Scales William Rupp Annabelle Stuckey Sara Short Buetta Wyse Barbara Christy Jane Scales Annabelle Stuckey Jane Scales Sara Short Annabelle Stuckey Donald Kleck Sally Palmer Andrew Murbach Ethel Traut Avon Roth CoNette Nofzinger James Buehrer Andrew Murbach Jeannine Croninger Betty Nicolen James Buehrer Andrew Murbach Robert Kleck Jo Ann Brodbeck Charlene Stuckey Curtis Beck Joel Pettegrew Jo Ann Brodbeck Richard Nafziger Helen Dennis Richard Nafziger Curtis Beck Robert Kleck Richard Nafziger Jon Pettegrew Betty Scott Wilmer Dean Rupp Sandra Short Suzzane Miller Delilah Gautsche Wilmer Dean Rupp Suzzane Miller Robert Kleck James Rice Orlene Stuckey Donn Bernath Suzzane Miller William Crossgrove Wilmer Dean Rupp James Rice SUBJECT Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship English XII Physics Senior Social Studies English Xl American History il n n Chemistry English X Latin Il Plane Geometry Biology World History English IX Latin I Algebra I General Science ll N LOCAL 3rd in County 10th in County Honorable Mention Honorable Mention First Second Third Third First Second First Second Third Fifth First Second Third First Second Third Fourth First Second Third First Second Third Fourth First Second Eirst Second First Second Third First Second Second First Second Third Fourth First Second Third Third Fifth First Second First Second Third EIGHTH GRADE TESTS DISTRICT STATE Third, Eleventh Second Second, Sixth Second Fifth Seventh Fifth Third Third, Eighth Fourth, Ninth Seventeenth Twelfth Thirteenth Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Eleventh Thirteenth Fifteenth Ioan Williams ranked first in the 1953 State Eighth Grade Tests, closely followed by Vee Schlatter. Others pacing in the upper one-founh of the class were: Brenda Pursel, Eloise Sauder, Myrl Sauder, Elaine Frey, Norma Burkholder, Balbina Lisak, Jeanette Sauder, Joan Lovejoy, Janeth Schantz, and Arletta Kennel. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS Members of the graduating class of 1953 were awarded a script A Scholarship Letter for outstanding scholastic work done during four years of high school. These letters are presented each year to the upper one-fourth of the graduating class. Letters were awarded to the following graduates: Barbara Christy, Helen Dennis, Jeanne John- son, Jane Scales, Sara Short, Nancy Short, Annabelle Stuckey, Eleanor Stuckey, and Buetta Wyse. 52 w SENIOR BAND Who works harder than the band? Who? Mr. Menichetti, our director, of course, who is the backbone of our band. Under the direction of Mr. Menichetti, our band made many outstanding achievements, including the Christmas and Spring concerts, exchange concerts with Bryan and Pettisville, and the major accomplish- ment, which was receiving a superior rating at both district and state competition. The inspiration Mr. Menichetticreated in his students was responsible for the 21 participants in solo and ensemble competition, 13 rating superior at district competition and 1 superior and 11 excellents at state competition. BAND COUNCIL Back Row: Philip Buehrer, Mr. Menichetti, john Scales. Front Row: Janeth Schantz, Barbara Christy, Jane Scales, president, Ethel Traut, secretary. Janet Wyse, treasurer. "f -.07 MAJ ORET TES Sharon Lindley, Susie Stuckey, Sally Palmer, Nancy Ruffer, Elaine Grieser, Donna Ruffer. UN IDR Back Row: Louona Giesel, Maureen Sullivan, Bernadine Beck, Tommy Grieser, David Rupp, Michael Sul- livan, Robert Fraas. Middle Row: Tom Yoder, Rollin Nafziger, Joan Williams, Robert Griesier, Sharon Lindley, Delbert Britsch, Larry Bar- ger, Rex Hornish. Front Row: Frank Winzeler, Maretta Britsch, Betty Schultz, Pamela Lauber, Peggy Yoder,Joanne Stamm, Patty Rufen- acht, Dean Rupp, Douglas Rich. 3,1 54 SOLUS Back Row: Janet Myers, Stanley Buehrer, Philip Buehrer, Betty Jo Scott,John Scales, Larry Fish, Donn Bernath, Bob Roth, DeRoyce Hornish. Front Row: Sandra Short, Lynda Miller, Doris DeGroff, Norma Burk- holder, Janis Peters, Dean Rupp, Janet Wyse, Susie Stuckey, Anne Ruffer, JoAnn Brodbeck, Susan Fag- ley, Barbara Rich. ENSEMBLES ,bf a ,tt k0L 1 ,, i A ,Q ,Ia In V f I wmwfw ,in 'AW' , 321, BRASS SEXTET: Betty Scott, Bill Rupp, Helen Dennis, Jane Scales, De Royce Hornish, Dee DeGroff. -50516 BRA 11 ' YN- R SS 0 QU?1i?a1ba'a me Baz-if T CQTXT 1-Ir. c - e- er, Ov -' v4OODv?ioaY2,B?aiX9f'vHs Sta111eJ05' on New ' gov ' ey B12 Bob Fgsbort '5vAauiee,0 ellref ey. IS TRUMPET TRIO: Fred G' ' ' risier, Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer. 11, 11D CLARINET , pp, Sara Short, Barb Christy, 55 QUARTET: Charlene Stuckey Dean Ru MIXED CHOIR IT'S A GREAT LIFE SINGING At 11:20 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays a slow trickle of students enter an empty auditorium. If you know our stu- dents well, you will realize that these are the students that make up the Mixed Choir. Mr. Menichetti, takes the same stance two mornings a week to direct the girls' and boys' glee clubs. Through his skillful musicianship, the girls and boys try to achieve a harmony that will satisfy both the director and the glee club members. During choir and glee club rehearsals the singers work for perfection of various songs to be presented at the annual Spring Concert, Baccalaureate services, and the district competition at which the Mixed Choir received an Excellent rating. GIRL ' GLEE CL B Back Row: Doris Gunden, Elaine Hoffman, Mary Gibson, Diane Hitt, Marlene Rufenacht, Marjorie Fiser, Marlene Leu, Nancy Ruffer, Ethel Traut, Mary Winzeler, Carol Jean Rupp. Middle Row: Carolyn Grieser, Karen Roth, Sue Case, Orlene Stuckey, Sue Fankhauser, Nancy Ruffer, Barbara Graber, Colleen Wyse, Io- anne Beck,Ruth Herbert, Ethel Meck, Virginia Leininger, Betty Nicolen, Doris DeGroff. Front Row: Barb Rich, Barbara Walters, Barbara Smucker, Nancy Short, Suzanne Miller, Susie Stuckey, Mona Roth, Avon Roth. BOYS' GLEE CL B John Scales, David Ruffer, Ted Lovejoy, Dale Storrer. Front Row: Donald Short, Bruce Werder, Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, Don Short. 57 W f -X ,claw vf--f A-f,,,,t,as.aH1Wap,rmfrrifrrra::rt .f.. tf.-,H.fz,.s,.,t,,ff:,W:-as UNIOR PLAYS Back Row: Mr. Parker, Norman Wingard, Roger Schantz, Joe Crossgrove, Andy Murbach, Eddie Lauber. Front Row: Susie Stuckey,Barbara Rich, Marjorie Fiser, Donna Ruffer, CoNette Nofzinger, Oksana Holian. The Junior Class presented two plays during the school year 1952.- 1953. In the fall the above cast gave "The Suicide Specialist." The group pictured below presented the "Professor, How Could You!" Both plays were very well staged and were much enjoyed by all who attended. Mr. Parker directed both of the plays. Back Row: Mr.Parker, Junior Gautsche, Everett Wyse, Gene Rupp. Avon Roth, Dorothy Gearig. Front Row Ethel Traut, Mary Lou Ruffer, Elaine Grieser, Carolyn Grieser, Mary Winzeler, Shirley Graf. 58 HALLOWEEN QUEEN Donna Ruffer, Joanne Beck, Barbara Christy, Barbara Ruffer, Sally Palmer. As a part of the activities program on Halloween night, A. H. S. selects a Halloween queen and court each year. The queen is chosen from the senior class and one attendant from each of the four high school classes. The queen this year was Barbara Christy, and her attendants, Sally Palmer, Donna Ruf- fer, Barbara Ruffer, and Joanne Beck. The queen and her attendants each re- ceived gifts from the Community Commercial Club, who sponsored the event. The program, developed for the prevention of damaging Halloween stunts, also included prizes awarded for the best and most original costumes in the various age groups. The program was nearly successful in the prevention of vagrant Hallo- weeningg but, despite the carefully planned diversions the morning after Hal- loween, a total of eleven privies were located at various places about town and had to be carted away by the street department. THE CROWNING OF THE QUEEN WITH COURT AND ESCORTS Donna Ruffer, Orville Fricke, Sally Palmer, Bill Rupp, Tom Lauber Master ofCeremonies C. W. Pette- grew, the Queen, Barbara Ruffer, Paul Yoder, Joanne Beck, Louis Brock. 59 INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts Department, under the capable instruction of Mr. Hornish, displayed an outstanding exhibit in this year's Quadri-County Science Fair besides sending DeRoyce Hornish as Archbold's repre- sentative in the State Industrial Arts Association meeting at Columbus. This exhibit, sponsored by the Toledo Edison Company, was a booth on shop kinks. Besides the furniture department, the Industrial Arts Department includes machine shop welding, plastics, mechanical drawing, sheet metal and bench metal, art metal, and pattern foundary. 60 C LEN DAR SEPTEMBER Faculty meeting First day of school Faculty Party Freshman Day Football at Payne. Archbold 20, Payne 6. OCTOBER Return Party Football at Edon. Archbold 26, Edon 21. Whitmer Freshmen here. Archbold 58, Whitmer Freshmen O. Payne here, Homecoming game. Archbold 34, Payne O. F. F. A. meeting N. W. O. T. A. teachers meeting DeVilbiss B here. Archbold 13, DeVi1biss B 6. NOVEMBER St raw vote Science Assembly Boy Scouts meeting in cafeteria Armistice Day County Teachers' meeting at Swanton Grand Rapids here F. F. A. Banquet Miller City here Alger there 28 Thanksgiving vacation DECEMBER Ridgeville there Deshler here Freshmen at Montpelier Wa useon there Metamora here Christmas Concert 8th grade Christmas party F. F. A. meeting Fayette there Pettisville here 7 82 Sth Pettisville here Christmas vacation begins JANUARY Fayette here School resumes 7 Sa 8th Pettisville here Toledo Hospital representative here Fulton here. Dad's Night. Delta here Stryker there -15 Semester exams Faculty party Flower Hospital representative here F. F. A. meeting at Pettisville '7 8a 8th at Stryker Lyons there Swanton there Augsburg Choir - Concert series Harlem Aces vs Boosters Chesterfield here Sr. Scholarship tests Delta there FEBRUARY Ridgeville here Fayette 7 Sc 8th here Pettisville there Jr. High tournament at Pettisville Wauseon here Ridgeville Jr. High here CALENDAR Honor Society induction ceremony County tournament County tournament County tournament County tournament Jr. High Tournament at Pettisville Piano Duo--concert series County tournament County tournament championship game County tournament and Jr. High finals at Wauseon. Jr. High at Adrian 7 8a 8th at Fayette MARCH Jr . Play District Solo and Ensemble Competition at Toledo. 4-H meeting Pettisville Chorus here Band concert at Bryan District Band and Chorus competition at Bryan F. F. A. Skating party at Ridgeville County Music Festival at Wauseon Social Club Party Baldwin Wallace College Band--Concert Series County teachers meeting at Pike Science teachers meeting F. F. A. Dad's night APRIL 2 Every Pupil tests 4 Spring vacation Science Fair Baseball with Pettisville, Archbold 9, Pettisville 5. Baseball with Defiance. Archbold 25, Defiance 10. 62 State Solo and Ensemble competition at Bowling Green Bowling Green Science Day . Baseball with Defiance. Archbold 5, Defiance 3. Skating party at Ridgeville Baseball with Fayette. Archbold 5, Fayette 6. 8th Grade Tests State band competition at Columbus Baseball with Lyons. Archbold 15, Lyons 5. County tournament Baseball with Fulton. Archbold 17, Fulton 2. County tournament. Arbor Day State Science Day at O. S. U. Jr.-Sr. Banquet Teachers meeting at Montpelier MAY Baseball with Deshler. Archbold 10, Deshler 6. Dis- trict tournament. Sr. Play. 'The Bashful Bachelor' Final State Scholarship Tests Baseball with Sherwood. Archbold 5, Sherwood 1. District tournament. Sr. Play--"A Broom For The Bride' Baseball with Edon. Archbold 4, Edon 2. District tournament. Spring Concert Baseball with Holgate. Archbold 1, Holgate 9. Dis- trict Finals. Awards Day Baccalaureate 19 Final Exams Commencement Faculty Party Last Day of School -30 Sr. Trip THLETICS The way to an athlete's heart is through his stomach VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row: Bill Kernig, Orville Fricke, Tom Lauber, Paul Yoder, Roger Schantz, Ed Lauber, Back Row: Coach Conroy, Tom Fankhauser, Andy Murbach, Ken Fankhauser, Jim Clingaman, Lowell Flory. The Blue Streaks continued to shine on the basketball court again this season. The Varsity won 23 games and lost only three. The Reserve team won 19 and lost only one. The Junior High team came through with an undefeated season of 18 straight wins. The Varsity finished second, behind Fayette in the Fulton County League, but they came through to win the County Tournament in convincing style. They went to the finals of the District Tournament held at Anthony Wayne, where they lost a tough one to Holgate by a 48-45 score. The Streaks were ahead almost all the way, but a big fourth quarter pulled Holgate through. The Henry County boys came through to win the Regional at Toledo and made an excellent showing against Mariemont, the eventual state champions. Four more trophies were added to their large collection. Paul Yoder won the foul shooting trophy. The squad lost Paul Yoder, Tom Lauber, Orville Fricke, and Tom Fankhauser by graduation, leaving a fine group of experienced players for next year. The hold-overs will be supplemented by some promising material from the Reserve and Junior High Teams. Archbold Opponent Archbold Opponent 62 Grand Rapids 46 50 Lyons 47 67 Miller City 31 69 Swanton 54 61 Alger 45 68 Chesterfield 52 60 Ridgeville 38 62 Delta 34 42 Deshler 45 74 Ridgeville 46 62 Wauseon 48 49 Pettisville 32 55 Metamora 35 54 Wauseon 45 53 Fayette 54 22 525225112 gg COUNTY TOURNAMENT 58 Fulton 41 57 Pettisville 31 46 Delta 41 58 Metamora 28 . 81 Stryker 33 59 Delta 47 ff1I'lalS, 59 Sherwood 41 '76 Columbus Grove 5'7 45 Holgate 48 ffinalsj 64 VARSITY INDIVIDUALS Tom Lauber Paul Yoder Orville Fricke Roger Schantz Bill Kemig Lowell Flory Tom Fankhauser Ken Fankhauser Jim Clingaman Andy Murbach Ed Lauber 65 BASKETB LL 1952-1953 Grand Rapids--Here. Nov. 14. Streaks evened the series with GRwith a convincing 62-46 win. Tom Lau- ber 16, Jerry Grime 13, Paul Yoder 11. Dick l-leyman 23 for losers. Miller City--Here. Nov. 21. Another easy one for the Streaks 67-31. Revenge for a defeat at Defiance in 1950. Paul Yoder hit for 14, Alger--There. Nov. 26. Another win over the l-lardinCounty team 61-45. Jerry Grime 16, Roger Schantz 12. Ridgeville--There. Dec. 5. The Falcons fell 60 to 38. Jerry Grime 13, Tom Lauber 12. Deshler--Here. Dec. 6. This wasn't supposed tb end this way! Deshler 45, Archbold 42. Hard-fought all the way. Jerry Grime 13, Tom Lauber 11. Wauseon--There. Dec. 9. A good rebound, a Memphis Special. Archbold 62, Wauseon 48. Paul Yoder 16. Jerry Grime 11. Metamora--Here. Dec. 12. The Streaks had too much for the Panthers-55 to 35. Paul Yoder scored 15. Fayette--There. Dec. 19. Something wrong here! The Eagles edged the Streaks out in the final mo- ments 54-53. Bill Kernig 16, Jerry Grime 14. Pettisville--Here. Dec. 20. An easy one for the Streaks--88-42. Yoder 17, Fricke 12. Fayette--Here. Jan. 2. Revenge is sweet! and how! Streaks 74, Eagles 42. Grime and Schantz netted 18 each. Yoder 16. Fulton--Here. Ian. 9. The Raiders didn't have what was required and the Streaks won 58 to 41. Orville Fricke 16, Paul Yoder 10. Delta--Here. Jan. 10. The Streaks ran into a surprise. The Green and White boys refused to give up. Fricke tied the score in the last seconds with a field goal. Streaks won in overtime 46-41. Grime 13, Schantz 11, Yoder 10. Stryker--There. Jan. 13. An easy 81-33 Streakrvictory. Paul Yoder scored 25. Lyons--There. Jan. 23. A tough game all the way. Streaks 50, Lyons 47. Kernig 14, Yoder 13, Fricke 10. Swanton--There. Jan. 24. The Streaks looked good all the way and won 69 to 54. Yoder 16, Kernig 15, Grime 14, Fricke 13, Schantz 11. Nice balance! Chesterfield--Here. Jan. 30. The Comets flashed briefly, but the Streaks won 68 to 52. Orville Fricke scored 21. Delta--There. Ian. 31. This time it was easy. Streaks 62, Panthers 34, Fricke 12, Grime 11, Yoder 10. Ridgeville--Here. Feb. 3. The Streaks had too much for the Falcons by a 74-46 count. Paul Yoder was good for 17. Orville Fricke, Bill Kernig and Tom Fankhauser had 10 each. Pettisville--There. Feb, 6. A slow game. Archbold 49, Pettisville 32. Paul Yoder 13, Roger Schantz 10, Wauseon--Here. Feb. 6. The Streaks were ahead all the way. The Indians got going too late in the final quarter. Tom, Jerry, and Bill scored 13 each. Paul had 11. This made 12 straight wins. Memphis Special. Last home game for Paul Yoder, Tom Lauber and Orville Fricke. COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT WAUSEON Pettisville--Feb. 11, The Streaks 57, Blackbirds 31. Jerry Grime scored 15, Paul Yoder 11. Metamora--Feb. 13. The Metamora boys didn't have what was needed to stop the Streaks. Archbold 58, Metamora 28. Tom Lauber 14, Paul Yoder 13, Roger Schantz 10, Delta--Feb. 19. The Panthers made a game of it, but the Streaks were ahead practicallyalltheway. Final count 59-47. Another County Championship for the Streaks. Roger Schantz 16, Orville Fricke 15. DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT ANTHONY WAYNE Sherwood--March 3. The Streaks drewa bye and met Sherwood in their first game. The Defiance County boys couldn't stop the Streaks. Score 59-41. Paul Yoder 16, Roger Schantz 11, Orville Fricke 10. Columbus Grove--March 5. A semi-finals game, The Streaks really pulled an upset and beat the tourna- ment favorites by a 76 to 57 score. A great team victory. Seventeenth straight win. On to the finals! A great game for Fricke, 22, and Schantz 20. Holgate--March 7. The Streaks reached the District Finals for the first time in many years. They had a good chance to beat Holgate, but it just wasn't in the books. After leading practically all the way, the Streaks fell as Holgate came through with 16 points in the final period to win by a score of 48 to 45. Paul Yoder scored 17, Roger Schantz 12. Holgate went on to the State. 66 BESER E BASKETB LL TE tg! Q Univ 201 ,W Back Row: Jim Clingaman, Bob Roth, Fred Grisier, Roger Miller, James Schmucker. Front Row: Philip Buehrer, Eddie Lauber, Ken Fankhauser, Bob Kleck, Andy Murbach, Lowell Flory, Stanley Buehrer, UNIOB HIGH BA KETBALL TEAM Back Row: Fred Mehrling, Neil Spengler, Dean Rupp, Jack Miller, Roger Johnson, Dale Storrer. Front Row: Ronnie Fielitz, Roger Grieser, LaMar Gisel, John Scales, Donn Bernath, Doyle Hayes, Larry Short. SEVENTH Sr EIGHTH BASKETBALL TEAM VJ iw Back Row: Ronnie Fielitz, Bill Palmer, Victor Miller, Myrl Schantz, Gary Short, Donald Clair, Bud Stuckey. Front Row: John Rich, Doyle Hayes, Beryl Grisier, Fred Gearing, John Rupp, Robert Grieser. 67 VARSITY FOOTBALL " 5? , ns ii 'Q .V ,M ,,,,.,,, A , , lf!.Q.,,,: A55 rfb N37 34 wan? S1 ' J' 40X Back Row: Louis Brock, Dee De Groff, Bill Kernig, Andy Murbach, Keith Short, Paul Yoder, Roger Schantz. Front Row: Jim Clingaman,Joel Pettegrew, Eddie Lauber, Roger Rupp, Junior Gautsche, Ralph Croninger. Back Row: Jon Pettegrew, Norman Wingard, Bob Kleck, Ted Lovejoy, Bob Roth, Joe Crossgrove, Fred Grisier. Front Row: Roger Miller, Bob Frey, Stanley Buehrer, Philip Buehrer, DeRoyce Homish, David Ruffer. Bill Kernig, Eddie Lauber, DeRoyce Hornish, Tom Lauber. V-ph, , , L, .,r- . 'ffl 'KJ tg, JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Back Row: Jim Rice, Fred Gearing, Mike Wyse, Beryle Grisier. Ray Mata, Jack Miller, Dean Rupp, Neil Spengler, Roy Santos, John Scales, Bruce Werder, Mr. Adamchak. Front Row: Roger Vonier, Jim Davis, Don Clair, Randy Wyse, Mearl May, Larry Short, Billy Palmer, John Rupp, Bob Grisier, Gary Short, Dave Rupp, Billy De Groff. FOOTB LL Football was restored to the high school sports calendar after a lapse of about 20 years. Jack Robison and Robert Conroy served as coaches. Much time was needed to teach the boys the fundamentals of the game and give them an idea of what it would be like. A squad of about 40 boys reported for the opening sessions of practice After a month of hard work, offensive and defensive units were developed with some of the boys going both ways. The team possessed considerable size and many of the boys were adept at other sports. Most of them readily absorbed the game fundamentals and were ready for their first testina game. A schedule of five games was arranged for the team The boys came through in fine style and won all of their games. Some ofthe opposition was not too rugged, but some extended the boys to the limit. All of the players gained valuable experience for next year when they will encounter stronger opponents as they will compete in the Maumee Valley League. A group of boys from grades6through9 worked out under the direction of Mr Adam chak. They also gained valuable experience which will prepare them for future play Five seniors will be lost by graduation. Tom Lauber and DeRoyce Hornish who were first string backs, Paul Yoder played at end and also at fullback, Louis Brock did a fine job at defensive end, Dee DeGroff was at center where he played both ways most of the 1952 FOOTBALL Payne--There. Sept. 26. Archbold 20, Payne 6. This was the first game played by an Archbold team in over 20 years. The Streaks scored first as Eddie Lauber plunged over in the first quarter. Andy Murbach scored on a 12 yard plunge and Roger Schantz on a 30 yard pass. Extra points were scored by Tom Lauber and Andy Mur bach. Edon--There. Oct. 3. Archbold 26, Edon 21. A free scoring game featuring long runs Edon scored on plays covering 62, 50, and 47 yards. Tom Lauber scored three touch downs for Archbold, one on a pass from Andy Murbach covering 65 yards Eddie Lau ber scored the other Archbold TD. Extra points were scored by Tom and Eddie Lau ber . Whitmer Freshmen--Here. Oct. 10. Archbold 58, Whitmer Freshmen O This game was a run away for the Streaks. Everyone got into this game and even the second stringers looked good. Touchdowns were scored by Eddie Lauber 2, Tom Lauber Bill Kernig, Andy Murbach, Roger Schantz, Jim Clingaman, Philip Buehrer and Fred Grisier. Extra points were made by Tom Lauber 2, DeRoyce Hornish, and Fred Grisier Payne--Here. Oct. 17. Homecoming. Archbold 34, Payne O. A large Homecoming crowd of about 800 saw the Streaks humble Payne in perfect weather. The band gave a nice performance for the fans. Shirley Graf was crowned Homecoming Queen Paul Yoder and Andy Murbach each scored2 touchdowns and Bill Kernig one. Extra points were scored by Yoder and Hornish. Payne was also thrown for a safety. DeVilbiss B--Here. Oct. 24. Archbold 13, DeVilbiss B 6. The Streaks had their hands full in this game. Two quick TD s in the second quarter did the trick. A pass play I-lornish to Schantz went 65 yards for one score. Bill Kernig circled left end for 10 yards for the other one. The extra point was added by Hornish. This ended an un beaten season in the Streaks' return to gridiron play. 69 HOMECOMING QUEEN Janet Wyse, Barbara Christy, Shirley Graf, CoNette Nofzinger, Sandra Short Shirley Receives Her Crown The Court Rises to the Occasion Archbold High's firstfootball Homecoming Queen and her four attendants were chosen by the squad for the Archbold vs Payne game on October 17. Shirley Graf, ajunior, wasselected by the team to reign as queen at the Homecom- ing game and the dance which followed that night. The court consisted of Barb Christy, CoNette Nofzinger, Janet Wyse, and Sandra Short. A crowd of about 800 alumni and friends watched the game as Archbold, althougha new- comer to football, won over Payne 34-0, a fine ending to the royal festivities. BASEBALL Back Row: Jim Clingaman, Bill Kernig, Roger Schantz, Larry Short, Roger Miller, Gene Sauder. Middle Row: Philip Buehrer, Wilmer Dean Rupp, Neil Spengler, Ed Lauber, Andy Murbach, Stanley Buehrer, Everett Wyse. Front Row: Mr. Spengler, DeRoyce Hornish, Don Kleck, Paul Yoder, Tom Fankhauser. The Blue Streak nine of 1952-1953 had another good year. They practically duplicated the achievements of the team of 1952- I953. They went to the finals of the county tournament along with Fayette. The Championship game was not played as both teams entered the District tournament at Defiance. The Streaks reached the finals by virtue of wins over Deshler 10 to 6, Sherwood 5 to 1, and Edon 4 to 2. They lost to Holgate in the finals 9 to 1. Fayette, meanwhile, lost their first game to Ottawa Hills 3 to 1. The Streaks had an over all record of 8 wins and 2 losses. Don Kleck, Roger Schantz, Andy Murbach, Stanley Buehrer, and DeRoyce Hornish shared the pitching duties. Paul Yoder and Philip Buehrer worked behind the plate. Don Kleck, Paul Yoder, DeRoyce I-Iornish, and Tom Fankhauser were lost by graduation. Another good team will be available next year with experienced players in all positions. BASEBALL SCORES 1952-1953 Date Archbold Opponent April 9 Pettisville 5 April 25 Defiance 10 April 5 Defiance 3 April 5 Fayette 6 April 15 Lyons 5 C. T. April 17 Fulton 2 C. T. May 10 Deshler 6 D. T. May 5 Sherwood 1 D. T. May 4 Edon 2 D. T. May 1 Holgate 9 tinals TRACK :Y Back Row: Mr.ConroY. Jack Miller, Joe Crossgrove, Ierry Grime, Paul Yoder, Andy Murbach, Bill Buehrer, Fred Grisier, Tom Fankhauser. Front Row: Everett Wyse, Jim Schmucker, Ed Lauber, Bob Frey, Don Nofziger, Wilmer Dean Rupp, Bruce Werder. The 1953 Track squad lacked the necessary balance to be t Some fine performances were made by some of the boys, s rong. but the team strength was missing. The squad won dual meets tt and Morenci They dropped two dual meets to Delta from Faye e . y and one to Liberty Center. They finished second behind Delta in the County meet. Paul Yoder placed third in the half-mile run in the District meet at Bowling Green. Andy Murbach received the trophy for scoring the highest number of points during the season. He broke the county record ' ' t f 314 inches. in the discuss with a throw of 135 feet, 7 inches. Davenpor o Delta set a new record in the high jump, going over at 5 feet, 8 Graduating members of the squad were Paul Yoder and Tom Fankhaus er . April 1 Dual meet, here .... . . . Archbold '77 Fayette 41 April 8 Dual meet, here .... . . . Archbold 50 112 Liberty Center 65 112 April '28 Dual meet, here. . . . . . Archbold 54 Delta 64 May 4 Dual meet, here ..... . . . Archbold 81 Morenci 35 May 6 Dual meet, at Delta. . . . . Archbold 54 Delta 64 May 11 County meet at Delta ,,,,,, Delta '76 112 Archbold 59 112 Fayette 42 Pettisville 22 Chesterfield 20 112 Fulton 5 112 Digguli What's Phid- . Mmbach gurls the 1DIJ1des Got Thar Yoder Hasn'r G ot? Mighty GOLF The Squad Archbold added a new sport to their athletic program with the introduction of golf last spring. Several boys in school had engaged in the sport on their own and enjoyed the game very much. A squad of six boys was assembled and, after a few practice rounds, the boys made their debut in scholastic golf. The boys were not able to win any of their meets, but they made some good showings considering the fact that they were competing against schools that were all experienced in the sport. James Clingaman was the low scorer closely followed by Andy Murbach. Other members of the squad were Robert Berry, Joe Crossgrove, Robert Kleck and Neil Spengler. GOLF SCORES Date April April April May May Archbold Opponent Place 20 7 Holland 9 Valleywood ...... Swanton 20 4 Maumee Valley 10 Valleywood. . Swanton 29 4 Montpelier 20 Hillcrest. . . . Montpelier 15 12th in a field of 16 teams fDistrict Meetj Heather Downs, Toledo 21 3 Montpelier 21 Hillcrest .... Montpelier Bob Kleck Andy Murbach Neil Spengler Bob Berry Jim Clingaman Joe Crossgrove F . 1' C ,, -I lsak iE?gi t 5f4': -' M .qi-'Si t 5 sf, . y ,t x v-L W ss. IVA' .1 :N .tt t--'t i THLETIC COACHES J.l-l.Speng1er,basebal1g William Adamchak, junior high footballg Robert Conroy, varsity basketball, track assistant footballg Jacob Burkholder, athletic directorg Jack Robison, football, junior high basketball. - ANAGERS Bruce Werder, Bob Berry, Gene Sauder 74 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Ethel Traut, Barbara Ruffer, Donna Ruffer, Shirley Graf. The Blue Streak cheerleaders had a very good season and did a very good job of encouraging the boys to victory. The teams responded to the whole hearted support of the cheering sections with many victories and only two defeats. JUN IOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Joanne Beck, Maureen Rupp, Ianis Peters, Ianeth Schantz. 75 "A" ASSOCIATION Back Row: Bill Kernig, Andy Murbach, Robert Berry, Paul Yoder, Donald Kleck, Orville Fricke, Tom Lau- ber, Joel Pettegrew,Jerry' Grime, Keith Short. Front Row: Tom Fankhauser, Ralph Croninger, Roger Rupp Eddie Lauber, James Clingaman, Roger Miller, Lowell Flory, DeRoyce Hornish, Roger Schantz. This club consists of those students in high school who have earned their letter in at least one of the school's major sports of basketball, baseball or track. At the present time the organization is not in the active category. It holds no meetings, nor does it engage in school activities as a group. Membership comes automatically to any student who earns his letter. Some years ago the club initiated all new members and engaged in a few activities. The membership of this groupis rather small. This re- sults primarily from the fact that many of the boys engage in two or three sports. The size of theA Association is growing because of foot- ball. It may become active again. 76 DR. R. O. RYCHENER RYCHE ER AWARD Dr,Ralph O.Rychener, an Alumnus of Archbold High School, and now a successful surgeon in Memphis, Tennessee, who has long been noted for his very generous moraland financial supportof all athletic and other activities in our school, in 1946 established an Annual Senior Athletic Award of one hundred dollars cash to a graduating senior boy. This scholarship was named in honor of Mr. Rychener's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Rychener, local residents, who always displayed a keen interest in local school affairs. The award is made on the following basis: Thirty per cent athletic abilitygthirty per cent scholarshipg twenty per cent general school attitudeg and twenty per cent neatness and personalappearance. In 1952 a slight re- vision was made in the award making the cash payment of the one hundred dollars only if the winner goes on to college. If he does not continue his education beyond high school he will receive a watch chain medal instead of the cash award. Another new provision states that he must have an average of B or better in all of his English courses. If the one chosen for the award does not use it by going to college it will be held in escrow for the next year. The winner of the award is selected by a secret vote of the high school faculty. Former winners ofthe award were as follows: Aden Storrer, 1946, Gerald Lehman, 1947g Paul Sigg, 1948g Arthur K1eck,1949g John Clair, 19505 Dale Leu, 1951g and Ralph Burkholder, 1952. Paul Yoder--1953 Rychener Award Winner 77 W NSF' fn 'mv If-""'5x he we Mn. COMMERCIALS Students, Teachers, Parents and Friends: This annual was brought to you at a reasonable price, through the whole-hearted co-operation and finan- cial support of the friendly merchants of our com- munity. They have amply demonstrated their good will toward our school and their support is greatly appreciated by the publishers of this book. Let's extend our patronage and good will to them in the same friendly manner in which they have given theirs to us. On the following pages you shall find: THE ADVERTISING DIRECTORY Attomeys-at-law Attorneys-at-law Willard Mack Owen Rice Auctioneers DENVER STUCKEY Auction Sales LUGBILL BROS. INC. YODER AND FREY Bakeries Di ck 's Pastry Shop Banks FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK PEOPLES STATE BANK Barber and Beauty Shops Denny's Barber Shop Fankhauser Barber Shop Florence's Beauty Shop Fred's Barber Shop Kay's Beauty Shop Joe Litwiller Barber Shop Builders and Contractors RIEGSECKER BROS. Rupp Lumber Co. - Pettisville Claude Rupp - Pettisville Building Novers E. M. Sauder Chiropractic Health Service E. F. BEDNAR A. A. Morey Concrete Products Archbold Concrete Products Confectioners, Beverages HAROLD NAGEL RECREATION Clothing - Furnishings Ora Lauber and Son Dale Rufenacht Tot and Teen Shop Dairy Products Nafziger Dairy Farm Short's Dairy Store Sterling Creamery - Ezra Kohli Dentist DR. R. J. MELLOR Ditching and Excavating MILLER BROS. fcontractorsi Drug Stores City Drug Store RED CROSS DRUGSTORE Beck Drug Store - Stryker Dry Cleaners ARCHBOLD DRY CLEANERS Bancroft Cleaners Dry Goods and Notions Archbold Dry Goods Ginny's Fashion Shop Helen's Dry Goods Electrical Contractors Vic's Electric Rupp and Roth Electrical Ray Lantz B- Farm Equipment Walter Breniser Huffman Dusting and Seeding KING-WYSE MFG. CO. Rychener Bros. Stacy Farm Supply - Elmira Wauseon Fertilizer Co. Floor Covering O. J. SHORT Florists Archbold Green House Food Processing LA CHOY FOOD PRODUCTS Funeral Homes SHORT'S FUNERAL HOME Grisier's Funeral Home Garages and Service Stations ARCHBOLD SALES AND SERVICE Christy Motor Sales Christy Buick Crossgrove Garage - Elmira De Groff's Marathon Service Grieser Motor Sales Garber Notor Sales - Stryker Heer's Garage - Elmira LIECHTY MOTOR SALES LINDSEY MOTOR SALES - Bryan Lowell Thomas Service Station NOFZIGER BROS. PAUL'S FRIENDLY SERVICE SHORT SALES AND SERVICE Leupp Bros. General Stores Rotl1's General Store Zone General Store Hardware and Lumber Gotshall Mfg. Co. STOTZER HARDWARE VERNIER-McLAUGHLIN-PROBECK CO. Hatcheries RUPP'S HATCHERY WYSE BROS. TURKEY FARM Home Furnishings RUPP'S FURNITURE STORE DETTER'S HOME FURNITURE Short 's Furniture Store Insurance John Couch A. J. Stamm W. G. Theobald Insurance Agency Floyd Lauber C. J. Short Insurance - Stryker Ora Rupp Jewelers O. P. KLUEPFEL Riegsecker Jewelry Livestock and Meat Packing LLOYD MYERS LUGBI LL BROS. Newspaper Publishers Archbold Buckeye Daily News Petroleum Products Herman Britsch Plumbing and Heating R. M. Gearing L. B. Frey and Sons - Pettisville JOHNSON'S ELECTRIC PLUMBING AND H EATING - Stryker Poultry Products ROB E RT HAYES Public Utilities Ohio Gas Co. NORTHWESTERN TELEPHONE CO Radio and Appliance Service Trucking and Freight HUGHES' SALES AND SERVICE George King ARCHBOLD TRUCK LINES Real Estate Mac Buehrer CWIY Mm' JESSE L. SHORT - Mad American Restaurants John A' short Gert and Bud's Vqfiefy Sfgres I-eu's Diner ARCHBOLD se - 51.00 TRIPLE SIX FISH AND SCHROEDER Retail Food Service A 8. P Store Veterinarians Corner Market Dr. J. R. Peters LUGBILL'S MARKET AND RESTAURANT Welding and Repairs Rich Food Lockers Calvin Stannard - Elmira RUFFER'S MARKET Spiess's Market - Stryker Woodworking Manufacturing Sand and Grove' ARCHBOLD LADDER co. Earl RYChef'e" BAER CABINET AND SPECIALITY SHOP Leininger Home Supply - Elmira New York Boat Oar Co. SAUDER MFG. CO. SAUDER WOODWORKING CO. Lauber Woodworking Home Furniture Seed and Feed ARCHBOLD SEED AND GRAIN CO. ELMIRA ELEVATOR FAGLEY SEED CO. BOB NOFZIGER lYour Purina dealerl Nelson Rupp- Fayette Grain and Feed Miscellaneous Stryker's Farmers Exchange Fa ene Mf C John Stuckey S L Shorfg' 0' Sylvan Rupp AImeda's Candies Shoe Sfore Gaylord Fielitz - Honey HEss's sHoE sToRE D-k'10'i'e ran turpe Theaters Racetracks - Wauseon Raceway SCOTT THEATER Jo's Rooming House .:.., f . IT'S BEEN A GREAT LIFE THESE FOUR YEARS i- i sl vw ZWQEWM is A ," We, the Seniors of Archbold High School, thank all the parents and all members of the faculty for everything they have done and are doing for us, and We ask God's blessing on ev- ery one of them and on everything they do. 83 AUTOGRAPHS y l Z ef ,I - .1 fr, 1 ay -1-.f M

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