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THE BL TREA 1952 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL ARCHBOLD. OHIO EDITOR IN CHIEF ---------- DENVER WYSE ASSISTANT EDITOR IACK LAUBER BUSINESS MANAGER MARLIN RIEGSECKER FACULTY ADVISER I H SPENGLER FOREWORD Time truly does ily. It seems but yesterday since we entered high school and now it is time for us to depart. To us, the seniors, it brings to a close the most important era of our lives. It is with mixed feelings of emotion that we depart from our Alma Mater. We realize that it has asked much of us, but it has given more. We want always to remember our high school days, because the future can only enrich those experiences so dear to all of us. It is with these thoughts in mind that the Class of 1952 brings you this edition of the Blue Streak. It is our wish to review all of the things which were a part of our school life during the year. We hope that the familiar scenes and faces will help you recall the many happy hours you have spent in school life. As time writes finis to our school days, we sadly contemplate the future, realizing that school days were truly the richest experiences in our lives. ENGRAVING - - GRAPHIC ARTS CORPORATION Toledo, Ohio PHOTOGRAPHY - - - - SELLERS' STUDIO Archbold, Ohio PRINTING - - ADRIAN COLLEGE PRESS Adrian, Michigan BINDING - - KALMBACHER BOOK BINDING CO. Toledo, Ohio DEDICATION During the past several years the businessmen of Archbold and sur- rounding areas have contributed generously toward the publication of a high school annual. They have generously supported athletics, music, science, and other school activities with financial assistance as well as displaying a keen interest in the school in general. This support and attitude on the part of the businessmen is greatly appreciated by the entire school and its various organizations. i In appreciation for what they have done for us, we, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred fifty two, wish to dedicate this issue of the Blue Streak to all who have so generously supported the school and its activities during the past years. U Ly ARCHBOLD HIGH scHoo1. Archbold High School graduated its first class in 1891. The class of 1952 marks the si:1t.e.h class to be g azlualed. More than a thousand young men and women have graduated from here since 1891. They may literally be found in all parts of the world. The fame, fortune, and success which many of them have achieved is ample evidence that their Alma Mater did well by them. Thus an eduggfignql institiyion juslifies its somewhat costly existence. Education, the American Way, and Christianity continue to be the chief pillars of the lhi11CJS we hold dear. The old Elementary Building was the only building on our campus until 1924, when the present Industrial Arts was constructed. The present High School was built in 1930. In 1937 lhe German Township 5Cl109lS GI13 the Afchbold Schools were consolidated into the present district. A New Vocational Agriculture Buildinq was opened in 1918. In May of 1949 work was begun on the new Elementary Building. It was ready for use in the fall of 1950 and was a fine addition to the school. Several other additions will be needed in the near future. An Elementary gymnasium, an addition of classrooms to the High School, and a new Industrial Arts Building have all been suggested by the State Department Ol Education. The school has had a continuous growth and it industrial and economic factors in our community may be as a baro- meter this growth will continue indefinitely. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL l l ADMINISTRATION I H. Spengler, Local Superintendent of Scho 1 BOARD or' EDUCATION , ,W I. R. Peters, Vice-President, Melvin Winzeler, Iames Barger, Owen Rice, Clerk, I. H. Spengler, E. R. Murbach, President. Lyle Osbom. The Graduating Class of 1952 wishes to pay its respects to the Board of Education of our School. As we are about to leave we become aware of the fact that we have had the advantages of a fine school building and its excel- lent facilities. We do not often pause to ask who makes these things possible, but we are sincere in our expression of thanks and appreciation for the fine school we have been privileged to attend. We know you have given untiring effort and unceasing devotion to the task of providing educational advantages for the youth of today which did not exist in your day. We know that your material rewards are as none and that your criticisms are often great. It is only in the knowledge that your contributions of time and effort are a genuine service to the youth of our community that your rewards must lie. We sin- cerely wish to acknowledge our debt of gratitude to you and the public whom you represent, and as we leave we humbly say, "Thanks a lot for everything." ADMINISTRATION Mr. Spengler, Betty Ptychener, Mr. Lorton, Mr. Burkholder R. L. LORTON: Elementary Principal B. S. Oberlin, M. A. Ohio State University BETTY RYCHENER: School Secretary I. H. SPENGLER: Local Superintendent of Schools B. S. Bowling Green State University M. A. University ot Michigan IACOB BURKHOLDEB: High School Principal B. S., A. B., Adrian College M. A. Bowling Green State University HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY QQ? Back Row: Mr. Burkholder. Mx. Knab. Mr. Slesnick, Mr. Conroy. Mr. Parker, Mr. Homish. Mr. Menichetti. Front Row: Mr. Spengler, Miss Fagley. Mrs. Bourquin, Miss Rupp, Miss Manhart, Mrs. Keim. Mr. Gallaway. Iacob Burkholder: High School Principal B.A., B.S. Adrian College M.A. Bowling Green State Ioseph Knab: English, Latin B.S. Xavier University Irwin Slesnick: Science B.S. Bowling Green State Robert Conroy: Physical Education B.S. Bowling Green State Thomas L. Parker: Mathematics B.L. Berea B.A. Ohio University M.A. Ohio State Donald I. Hornish: Industrials Arts El. Degree, Manchester B.S. Ohio Northern Francis I. Menichetti: Music B.M. Michigan M.M. Michigan Illinois Iacob H. Spengler: Superintendent B.S. Bowling Green State M.A. Michigan Ruth H. Fagley: Home Economics, English B.S. Defiance College Columbia University Gayle Bourquin: Librarian, Latin B.S. Bowling Green State Evelyn Rupp: English, Commercial B.S. Bowling Green State Margaret Manhart: Social Studies B.S. Bowling Green State Elva Keim: Commercial B.A. Spokane Ohio State Ohio University Glen Gallaway B.S. Ohio State Voc. Agriculture ELEMENTARY FACULTY .r 'N' H1931 C23 s - rf-' ' f X 212' W 'NN' Back Row: Miss Frey, Mr. Rychener, Mrs. Tressler, Mr. Lorton, Mrs. Spengler. Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Zimmerman Front Row: Miss Notziger. Miss Aschliman. Mrs. Bernath, Mrs. Burkholder, Miss Rupp, Mrs. Walter. Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Frey. Maxine Frey: Second Grade Goshen College Kenneth Bychener: Sixth Grade B.S. Ohio State University Bowling Green State U. Marvel Tressler: Music Ypsilanti Normal Bowling Green State R. L. Lorton: Elementary Principal B.S. Oberlin M.A. Ohio State Dorothy Spengler: Fourth Grade Bowling Green State U. Iack Robison: Sixth Grade Toledo University Bowling Green State U. Mary Zimmerman: Third Grade Bowling Green State Mabel Nofziger: Fourth Grade Bowling Green State Kathryn Aschliman: First Grade Goshen College Mildred Bernath: First Grade Bowling Green State Hazel Burkholder: Fifth Grade Bowling Green State Indiana U. Mary Ellen Rupp: Second Grade Goshen College B.S. Goshen College Florence Walter: Kindergarten Ypsilanti Normal Treva Miller: Third Grade Bowling Green State Bessie Frey: Second Grade B.A. Goshen College Bowling Green State FACULTY SNAPSH OTS and x"Yt all Q A look at some of the faculty members when they were out of their classrooms. They appreciate vocations and lei sure time too. MAINTENANCE A nice, clean building is always an incentive to do a good day's work. Many hours of hard labor are necessary to have our buildings in readiness for a new day of school each morning. Good food: we simply can't get along without it. It keeps us going and doing our best. We are all sincerely grateful for our kitchen staff because we just know that there are none better. How could there be? No one envies the bus driver his thankless task. He must battle the weather, bad roads. and a few "bad" kids. Regardless of the obstacles en- countered these men do a fine job of transporting several hundred pupils to and from school daily. The combined efforts of these folks is an essential part in the daily routine of our school. Thanks to all of you for the parts you have played in our years at Archbold High School. Earl Bourquin Art Taylor COOKS , Ella Beck. Mary Grime, Christine Grime, Bessie Short BUSDRIVERS -,..r 1, K r ,nw in I srssi 9 .. ,. ,.. I.. , 0 :" P- A- ,-" I -y. rf? .,,-' S - ' - Q . . an nf T E, :,. .,,, ..., ai Q, rear W Lee '.., 46 i.. - ..,. ,ga r 1 gg Qs .. A - K 57 K : X f Harold Fleming Earl Bourquin Arthur Liechty Wilmer Rupp Dennis Roth Virgil DeGroff Lawrence Schmucker Wesley Thomas Garfield Gigax Howard Reed SENIORS Sully Scales, Ralph Burkholder, Glendon Schcmiz, Harriet Spengler SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Ralph Burkholder Farmer Class Pres., Honor Holl, Honor Society Pres., Student Council, A-Association, Basketball, Baseball, Scholar- ship Tests, Band, Brass Sextet, Brass Quintet, County Festival, Chorus, F.F.A. Quartet, Past Treas. and Present V. Pres. of F.F.A., "A Case of Springtime." "One Foot In Heaven." Denver Wyse Business Basketball, Baseball, Track, Noon Games Capt., Vice Pres. Class 1-4, Pres. oi Class 3, Student Council, Chorus, Glee Club, Prince ol Peace, Honor Roll, A- Association, Editor oi Annual, Sci-Questa Club, "Mum- bo Iumbo," "Hillbilly Courtship." Lyle Lauber Business Class Secretary, Track. A-Association, Honor Roll, Noon Games, Chorus. Glee Club, County Festival, Music Competition, "Mumbo Iumbo," "A Case ol Springtime." Mary Sue Rychener Nurse Mixed Chorus, Glee Club Pres., Noon Games, Honor Society, FHA Pres., Sr. Class Treas., Mixed Octette, County Festival, Alpha Honor Roll. Prince oi Peace Contest, Scholarship Tests, Librarian, Ping-Pong Champion, "Lelawala," "A Case ol Springtime," "Mumbo Iumbo," Elementary Otlice Assistant. I H Spengler Local Superintendent of Schools SENIORS Gene Bemath Business Band, Brass Sextet, Brass Quintet, Trombone Solist, Basketball, A-Association, Honor Roll, Glee Club, V. Pres., County Festival, Science Competition, Student Council, Sci-Questa Club, Ping-Pong Champion, "Hillbilly Courtship." "One Foot in Heaven." Hattie Clinqarncrn Nurse Glee Club, Chorus, Band, Social Club, Pres., Noon Games, Captain, Mixed Octette, Girls Sextette, Science Club, Treas. 2, Sec. 4, Student Council, Treas., Na- tional Honor Society, County Festival, Alpha Honor Roll, Scholarship Tests, Science Competition, Science Fair Master Committee, Clarinet Quartet. Cheerleader, Music Competition, Ping-Pong Champion, Boys and Girls Glee Acc., "Le1awala," "Hillbilly Courtship," "Mumba Iumbo." Harley Theo Gaddis Law Enforce: Glee Club, Science Club, Archette Stait, lVfa'ntenance, "Mumba Iumbof' Bruce Giqax Engineering Maintenance, Noon Games, Track. Ioan Gigax Music Teacher Science Competition, Sextet, Sci-Questa Club, Music Competition, Social Club, Chorus, Glee Club, Band, Honor Roll, Honor Society, Student Council, Scholar- ship Test, County Festival, Boys Accompanist, Noon Games, "A Case oi Springtime" "Lelawala," "Muml:o Iumbo." Robert William Gigax Farmer Track, Parliamentary Procedure, FFA otiicer, Baseball, Noon Games. Conna Graber Stenographer Bookkeeping Contest, Chorus, Glee Club, Honor Roll. Office Assistant, County Festival, Science Competition, "Lelawala," "A Case oi Springtime," "One Foot In Heaven," Cafeteria Aid. Donna Graber Secretary Spring Concert, Librarian, Girls Glee, County Festival, Cafeteria Aid. Bowling Green Competition, Science Competition, Chorus, "One Foot In Heaven." SENIORS Carolyn Grirne Nurse Twirler, Drum MaQorette, Noon Games, Sci-Questa Club, Sextette, Mis-lit Quartet, Chorus, Glee Club, County Festival, Summer Dramatics, Honor Roll, Office Assistant, Cheerleader, Twirling Classes, Fulton Coun- ty Baton Coniest, Scholarship Tests, Music Competi- ton, Science Fair, "Lel:xwala," "A Case of Sprinq- time," "One Foot In Heaven," "Mumbo Iumbo." Dick Grirne Automobile Salesman Track, A-Association. Rollin Hayes Business Basketball, Track, Noon Games, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Prince of Peace Contest, Honor Roll, County Festival, Scholarship Tests, "Mumbo Iumbof' Elaine Kemig Secretary Chorus, Glee Club, County Festival, Soclal Club, Sci- Questa Club, Home-Ec. Club, Cheerleader, Fort Wayne Twirling School, Assistant Majorette, "A Case ol Springtime," "One Foot In Heaven." Florence King Secretary Mixed Chorus. Glee Club, Spring Concert. County Festival, Music Competition, Honor Roll, Grade School Ollice Assistant, Cafeteria Aid. lack Lauber Teacher Chorus, Glee Club, Basketball, School Projectionist, Band, Honor Roll, Music Competition, Scholarship Tests, Sci-Questa Club, V. Pres., Summer Dramatics, Science Fair, Noon Games, Ass't Editor of Annual, "Mumbo Iumbo," "A Case of Springtime." Mary Ellyn Lauber Nurse Chorus, Girls Glee, Sextette, County Festival, Science Fair, Sci-Questa Club, Science Competition Social Club Sec. and Treas., Sludent Council, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Cheerleader, Noon Games, Class Sec., "Miss Archbold," "Hillbilly Courtship," "One Foot In Heaven," "Mumbo Iumbo," Aitendant to Halloween Queen. Dick Miller Farmer FFA. SENIORS Muriel Miller Bookkeeper Chorus, Glee Club, Honor Roll, So:i:rl Club, Cafeteria Aid, Sci-Questa Club, Music Competftion, Boukkeeo- ing Contest, "A Case of Springtime," "One Foot In Heaven." Iames Myers Success in Business Band V. Pres., Brass Sextet, A-Association, Basketball Manager, Baseball, Chorus, Glee C.ub, Sci-Questa, Band Council, Noon Games, County Festlval, "Mumba Iumbo." "Hillbilly Courtship." Benny Pidbirny To Make Good Chorus, Boys Glee, Track, Noon Games. Honor Roll. Ann Reidell Interior Decorator Boys Glee and Chorus Accompanist, Chorus, Girls Glee, Honor Roll, Typing Contest, Science Club, Noon Games, "Mumba Iumbo." Marlin Riegsecker Business Chorus, Glee Club, Boys Quartet, Mixed Octet, Noon Games, President ninth grade, Annual Business Mgr., Honor Roll, S,udent Council, Sci-Questa Cub, Science Competition, "l.elawala," "Mumba Iumbo," "A Case of Spring'ime." Donald Ruienacht Farmer FFA, FFA Reporter, FFA Parliamentary Procedure, FFA Honor Roll, Track. Iames Rupp Farmer FFA, Parliamentary Procedure, FFA Treas. Velma Rupp Secretary Glee Club, Chorus, FHA, Home-Ec. Club, Cafeteria Aid, Librarian, Music Competitlon, Prince of Peace Contest. "A Case oi Springtime," "One Foot In Heaven." S E N I O R S Sally Scales Research Work or Receptionist Glee Club, Chorus, Band, Social Club, Noon Games, Misfits Quartet, Clarinet Quartet, Girls Sextette, Science Club, Student Council, Class Pres., National Honor Society Sec., County Festival, Alpha Honor Roll. Scholarship Tests, Summer Dramatics, Music Competi- tion, Science Competition, Westinghouse Science Talent Search Test, Valetiictorian, "Hillbilly Courtship," "Mumbo Iumbo," "Lelawala," "One Foot In Heaven." Glendon Schantz To Make Good Science Club, S.udent Council, Honor Roll, Noon Games, Scholarship Tests, Science Competition, Vice Pres. Iunior Class, Science Fair. Carol lean Schmucker Secretary Chorus, Glee Club, FHA, Honor Roll, County Festival. Science Pro'ect, Typing Contest, Music Compelition. Cafeteria Aid, Scholarship Tests, "A Case oi Spring- time," "One Foot In Heaven." Gerald Short Farmer FFA, FFA Honor Roll, Track, A-Association. Basket- ball, Noon Games. Marlin I. Short Farmer FFA, FFA Parliamentary Procedure, FFA Honor Roll. B111 Short Farmer FFA. Harriet Spengler Nurse National Science Fair, Sci-Questa Club, Honor Society, Alpha Honor Roll, Gen. and Senior Scholarship Tests, Girls Quartet, Glee Club. Clarinet Quartet, County Festival, Bowling Green Audition, Accompanist, Surn- mer Dramatics, Social Club, Noon Games, Band. lr. Academy oi Science, Salutatorian, "Lelawala," "Hill- billy Courtshipf' "One Foot In Heaven." Lowell Spiess Aeronautical Engineer Sci-Questa Club, Glee Club, Chorus, County Festival. Class Treas., Honor Roll, Science Competition at Bowl- ing Green and Miami, Science Fair, Senior Scholarship Tesis, Baseball, Basketball, Track, DeVilbis Night Relays, District Track Meet, "One Foot In Heaven," "Hillbil1y Courtship." S E N I O R S Marvin Stoner Business Basketball. Baseball, Track, Glee Club, Chorus, Honor Roll, County Festival, A-Association, "One Foot ln Heaven," "Hillbilly Courtship." Darrell Stuckey Music Teacher Sci-Questa Club, Pres., Band, Chorus, County Festival. Glee Club, Boys Quartet. Mixed Octette, Honor Roll. School Projectionist, Science Competition, Band Coun- cil, Music Competition, Solo Competition, "Lelawala." "A Case of Springtime," "One Foot In Heaven." George Wagner Farmer FFA Sec., FFA Pres., FFA Iudging Team, FFA Parlia- mentary Procedure, FFA Quartet, Chorus, Boys Quar- tet. Mixed Octette, Noon Games, "A Case ot Spring- time," "One Foot In Heaven." Patricia Winzeler Elementary Ed. Honor Society, Summer Dramatics, Noon Games, Cap- tain. Social Club, County Festival. Sci-Questa Club, Chorus, Glee Club, Band, Clarinet Quartet, Girls' Sextette, Home-Ec Club, Alpha Honor Roll. Scholar- ship Tests, Mis-tits Quartet, Halloween Queen. Senior Scholarship Test, Science Compeition, Music Com- petition, Science Fair, "Mumba Iumbo," "Lelawala," "Hillbilly Courtship." Herbert Wyse Comedian Chorus, Blee Club, County Festival. Noon Games. "Hillbilly Courtship," "A Case of Sprpingtimef' "Lela- wala." Iohn Wyse Farmer FFA. Parliamentary Procedure, Chorus, Glee Club. Noon Games, FFA Quartet, County Festival, Class Sec. and Treas., "Lelawala." "One Foot In Heaven." Iohn Young Business Baseball, Basketball, Track, Honor Roll, A-Association, Sci-Questa Club, Glee Club, County Festival, Chorus. Class Sec., District Track Meet, DeVi1bis Night Relays. "Hillbilly Courtship," "Mumba Iumbo." Iames Ziegler Business Chorus, Glee Club, Noon Games, Honor Roll, Basket- ball. Band, Music Competition, Prince ot Peace Cou- test, Boys Quartet, Mixed Octet, "Le1awala." "One Foot In Heaven." """i4" SENICB SNAPSHOTS ie W R 'Q -1 Seniors are usucxlly not as serious as they should be. The reason they are so cure-free is that they don't know os yet what the future will demand of them. They'1l find out soon enough, so here is to their happy days: may they enjoy them to the fullest extent. SENIOR CLASS HISTORY ln September 1948 fourteen students from Elmira and seven from Zone joined the thirty-four from Archbold to become the future seniors of 1952. Fifty-five students were initiated and made full-fledged members of A.H.S. Under the guidance of President Marlin Riegsecker, they also gave the sopho- mores a good return party. The next year all these students came back except seven. They elected Sally Scales to be their leader. Under her guidance they picked out their class rings and pins and decided what plays they would give as Iuniors. Four more students dropped out at the beginning of their Iunior year and one more later. In their busiest year, Denver Wyse, a most capable president was elected. On November 3, 1950, they presented a hilarious play, "HILLBILLY COURTSHIPH and on March 27 their other play, "A CASE OF SPHIIiGTl1VlE." Then all the year's work was brought to a point when they entertained the seniors at the Iunior-Senior Banquet and Prom. The chosen theme was "OVER THE RAINBOW." In their last year, they lost another classmate after school started. They elected Ralph Burkholder to lead them during their last year of high school. 'lhey decided to publish another annual, so much work and planning was put into that. On April 18 they were entertained royally in Neptune's Court at the Iunior-Banquet given them by the Iuniors. On April 21 they all attended Career Day at Wauseon. This year they presented two plays. On April 29 they put on the comedy "MUlVIBO' lUlVlBO" and on May 2 "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN." On May 18 they assembled in the auditorium for their Baccalau- rsat: service with Reverend Dietz from St. Martins Lutheran Church as the speaker. May 20 was the date of the commencement exercises for the class with Grove Patterson giving the address. Finally on May 725, they left on their trip to Washington, D.C. and New York City, thus ending their days at A.H.S. with the various members of the class going into many different Walks of life. SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY The Archbold Advocate Editor-in-chief .7,,v....,..AAA, ,Y.....,A,,., PAT WINZELER May 20, 1977 Cub Reporter V ......4, SALLY "SCOOP" SCALES "LITTLE RODEO" IN TOWN The largest little rodeo east of the Mississippi, headed by Bruce "Slim" Gigox cmd his sharp- shooter wife, the former Carol Iean Schmucker, arrives here Wednesday afternoon. Daredevil Gerald Short has yet to find the horse that can throw him. Will this be the time? Tickets now on sale. ANNOUNCEMENTS The eminent Evangelist, Billy Short, will hold his semi-annual revival meetings every night this week in the school gymnasium. The Youth Choristers, led by Reverend Iohn Young, will render inspirational hymns. Guest speaker at the meeting of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, held at the home of President Mary Sue Rychener, was Mr. Her- bert Wyse. His speech was entitled "Bring Back Prohibition." His final words were, "Take all the liquor and throw it in the river!" The meeting was closed with the singing of the fine old hymn, "Shall We Gather at the River?" PRESIDENT DECLARES NO INCOME TAX Too Much Money In Treasury President Denver L. Wyse stated today that the nation is entering a period of prosperity. The reason for this is, of course, the World Peace Treaty signed recently at Copenhagen. Foreign Correspondent Benny Pidbirny reports similar conditions in all European and Asiatic countries: and, as a result, they are paying back all debts and interest due. So, for the time being, we will have no income taxes. SOCIAL COLUMN Rumor has it that Hattie Clingaman will waltz down the aisle again, this time with the Oil King, Donald Ruienacht. It is suspected that the engagement gift will be a vermillion Cadillac. Miss Harriet Spengler, who began her nurs- ing career at Percy Iones Hospital, has finally received the transfer which she applied for when veterans were replaced by WACS twenty-five years ago. Colonel Ann Reidell speaks for the staff in saying that Miss Spengler will be greatly missed. Latest style in mink evening wraps was worn by Velma Rupp Short, wife of mink ty- coon, Marlin I. Short, at the banquet held in honor of Iames Ziegler, who recently returned from another of his trips to the moon. The prominent Ioan Gigax is planning to hold a private concert for her promising stu- dent, Iames Rupp. The newly discovered Mr. Rupp will play classical numbers on the cello. It is rumored that the well known talent scout for the Philharmonic Symphony, Darrell Stuckey, will be among those invited. SPORTS COLUMN Florence King's Blond Bombers were again rated top girls' basketball team in the nation. We extend our heartiest congratulations. Glendon Schantz, The Swedish Devil, won his match last night with Gypsy George Wag- ner who, incidently, put up quite a fight. The mighty Gypsy gave Mrs. Schantz, the former Muriel Miller, several moments of real anx- iety. SCHOOL NEWS Superintendent Iohn Wyse. who succeeded the retired I. H. Spengler, has announced that school will be held only three times a week. "This is due," Coach Stoner reported, "to the change in training rules." The change referred to is a 12:30 curfew on all week days except Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and week-ends when they must be in by the time they feel sleepy. Does your piano need tuning? When you play "Prelude in Cil: Minor" does it sound like "Uncle Zeb With His Fiddle?" If your piano sounds like this, then send for that piano virtuoso, Mary Ellyn Lauber. Reasonable rates. THEATRE NEWS Appearing at the Roxy this week is Dick "Roll 'em in the aisles" Grirne, who does a marvelous soft shoe act and really proves that Vaudville is not dead. His piano-pound- ing partner is Theo "Fingers" Gaddis. The Little Theatre Around the Corner will present, this week only, a modernized version of "Charley's Aunt" starring Dick Miller and Carolyn Grime in the leading roles. The play is directed by Robert Giqax, noted playwright. Box office records were completely shattered at the Lyric Saturday evening as the noted Slapstick Comedy team, Spiess and Lauber. made a personal appearance. When asked about rumored parting of ways, Spiess replied, "We have thought of no such thing. Where Lyle goes, I go." CLASSIFIED ADS Hayes' Haberdashery has in a new stock of "straight from the loom" union suits. Opening of the new restaurant Donna 6. Gene's Beanery" Saturday at 1:00. Free lollipops to all the kiddies. "Why be fat?" Reigsecker's Reducing Re- sort, having been closed for new plumbing, will re-open August 5th. Chief Masseur Iames Myers, and his able-bodied assistant Ralph Burkholder say, "Are you flabby? Do you sag over the belt? Then comes to us." Iack "Antoine" Lauber announces a special on "Mongrel" haircuts. With each haircut. you receive a manicure by Conna Graber and a shoeshine by Elaine Kernig. SENIOR OBITUARY It is with profound regret that we announce the death of the well-known and highly re- spected Senior class of the Archbold High School. After its remarkable achievement recent- ly with the examinations, which it passed with flying colors, the class was noticed to be chang- ing perceptibly, Upon skilled diqgngsis, the trouble proved to be an enlargement of the intel- lect which, after a lingering attack lasting four years, caused the demise of the class on May 18 The senior class was one respected and loved by all who knew it and will be greatly miss- ed in the social, athletic, and educational circles of the school and neighborhood. Its qualities of industry, idealism, and charm endeared it to all who had the pleasure of its aCquaintaI1C9. and it will be sincerely mourned by the faculty, classmates, and friends. Its place in the social life of the school was by no means small and in the field of athlet- ics it was widely known. In its mental achievements, however, it attained its greatest distinc- tion and gained high honors. The passing of the Senior class leaves a void in the intellectual circles of the school that will be long marked. The loss of this class will be deeply felt in the community also, and it will be difficult to assemble another with so much public spirit and power of accomplishment. The Senior class is survived by a Iunior class, a Sophomore class and a Freshman class. The first mentioned will be appointed to the place left vacant by the untimely decease of the Senior class, but can in no measure fill the position, nor will it be expected to do so at first. A great class has gone from us, and together we mourn its passing, consoling ourselves with this thought: "ls quen di amant adulescens moritur," which means, "He whom the gods love dies while a youth." i The funeral services were held in the auditorium on May 20, 1952. Attendance at the serv- ices was by invitation only, and all friends were requested to attend, bearing flowers and gifts. Services were conducted by Grove Patterson, Editor-in-chief of the Toledo Blade. SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and L Fifty-two, on leaving this institution of learn- ing, being of sound mind and memory do be- queath Article I these valued possessions. To the faculty of Archbold High School we leave spanking new wigs to replace the hair they pull- ed out on our behalf. To the Iuniors we leave the head- aches of putting out another an- nual. To the Sophomores we leave the suggestion "Hornet's Hideout" as a possible theme for the 1953 ban- quet. To the Freshmen we leave the heartwarming respect our teach- ers had for us. V To our efficient school secretary, Betty Io Rychener, we leave the thought of next year's seniors taking over in the office as we did. I, Gene Bernath, will my talent on the trombone to Don Short. I, Ralph Burkholder, will not much of any- thin to anyone who will accept it. I, Hattie Clingaman, will my freckles to any- one who can afford to buy freckle cream. I, Theo Gaddis, will my manly physique to anyone who can carry it around. I, Bruce Gigax, Will my manly stride to Norman Wingard. I, Ioan Gigax, will my dark rimmed glasses to Mr. Knab. I, Robert Gigax, will my car to anyone who can afford to buy gas every 10 miles. I, Conna Graber, will my bookkeeping ability to next year's strugglers. I, Donna Grober, will my curly hair to Sally Article II Article III Article IV Article Article VI Palmer provided she keeps it that way. I, Carolyn Grime, will my scatter brains to Barb Christy. I, Dick Grime, will my many girl-friends to Paul Yoder so he can get a start in life. I, Rollin Hayes, will my speech to anyone who I, Elaine Kernig, will my Sharon Lindley so she start. I, Florence King, will my Stutzman so she can enjoy life. I, lack Lauber, will my ability to play the piano to Ted Lovejoy so he can be his own ac- companist during the tuba solos he plays. ability to write a can memorize it. twirling class to can get an early giggles to Velda I, Lyle Lauber, will my discus throw to Iim Clingaman. I, Mary Ellyn Lauber, will my musical ability to Norma Burkholder. I, Dick Miller, will my height to Stanley Buehrer. I, I I I I I I I L I I, I. L I. I. I. I, I. I, I, I, I, I, I. I 1 1 1 1 1 Muriel Miller, will my friendliness to Mary Winzeler provided she use it. Iames Myers, will a pair of chartreuse socks to every member of the band so they can wear them instead of black ones. Benny Pidbirny, will my cosmopolitan ap- pearance to Dee DeGroff. Ann Reidell, will my taffy-colored hair to Ieanine Croninger. Marlin Riegsecker, will my ability to play ping-pong to Don Kleck. Don Rufenacht, will my size 13-A-A-A shoes to Barb Rich. lames Rupp, will my flare with the ladies to Dale Miller. Velma Rupp, will my love magazines to Nancy Ruffer. Mary Sue Rychener, will my ability to select class plays to the Iunior Class so they can be sure of getting a good one. Sally Scales, will my ability to pronounce words correctly to Mr. Slesnick. Glendon Schantz, will Conette Nofzinger to Darrell Iohnson. Carol lean Schmucker, will my quietness to Ruth Ann Terrill. Bill Short, will my ability to skip school and get away with it to lim Buehrer. Gerald Short, will my ability to yodel to Lowell Flory. Marlin Short, will my perfect word enuncia- tion to Bob Ilrwinl Roth. Harriet Spengler, will my parking rights in Bert Storrer's lane to the Sophomore girls. Lowell Spiess, will my hook shot to "Huck" Berry. Marvin Storrer, will my build to Charles Rieg- secker so the girls will begin to appreciate his presence. Darrell Stuckey, will my vibra-harp playing to Betty Seiler so she can leam good music. to enjoy George Wagner, will my tenor voice to Ralph Croninger. Pat Winzeler, will my half-hour exercises each night to Sara Short. Denver Wyse, will my ability to lead the class to Eddie Io Lauber, Herb Wyse, will my careful driving ability to Orville Fricke. Iohn D. Wyse, will my antique car to Henry Ford unless it falls apart before he can get it. Iohn Young, will my four aces to anyone who Wants to "bet the pot." lim Ziegler, will my wise remarks in Chorus to Bill Kemig so he can entertain Mr. Menichetti. Hattie Clingaman Mary Sue Rychener BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Sunday Evening, May 18, at Eight O'clock MUSICAL PRELUDE V,....v ,...,,....Y..,.. B arbara Rich PROCESSIONAL . ,,.. 4...., ... ....,... G raduating Class "MAY DAY CAROL" ,.... ...... ,..., ,..vV 4,...,..........,A,.... ,...,.. a rr. Deems Taylor "THE GREEN CATHEDRAL" ..E..E,,......v...vV...,,EA....,.w....,, ....A.A,...w.,.... C arl Hahn Girls' Glee Club INVOCATION ..v,,....s.....ssss,..,,,...sss...,s.....w,,...,s,..,,....,... Rev. H. F. Hall St. Iames Lutheran Church, Elmira, Ohio HMORCEAU SYMPHONIQUE" .....V......i....,........,...........,.,.....,.......,..... by Guilmant Trombone Soloist, Gene Bemath SCRIPTURE READING oo...oo.o....,,....w.....,ooo,,.s,,...w.,o..o.,...,,.r....w,.... ..,,,o,.. R ev. Hall "CLAIR DE LUNE" .... .....,,,..,,.A,....i......,,.....,,...oi......,.....w, .....,.. D e bussy "FIFTH WALTZ" .....,....,,,,..,,.....,,,..,,,,,...,o,.,..,A,..,,,.,,,,, ,,Y,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,. G o dard Piano Soloist, lack Lauber BACCALAUREATE SERMON ,,,oo...Y.voY...,.,,.,....,,...,,,vo.,.,.,. Rev. E. W. Dietz Pastor, St. Martin Lutheran Church, Archbold, Ohio HYMN-"Holy, Holy, Holy" ...,.....Yi......,c..........v,..,..,....... Glee Club and Audience BENEDICTION .vv,.......,.....wo,.. . A, , ......,.................. .....Rev. Hall RECESSIONAL ....,. ,.....,,. A udience Seated COMMENCEMENT EXERCIQSES Tuesday Evening, May 20, at Eight O'clock MUSICAL PRELUDE ..,..r.. .,,.Y,.........,.,,,..o..,css...,,r,,...,s.,....,,,.,,... H igh School Band F. I. Menichetti, Director PROCESSIONAL ,.,,o,......V....v...YY...,,...ssr..,,.....,,r..r.......,.,....... ........ G raduating Class "Pomp and Circumstance" NATIONAL ANTHEM .,...,..,...,s....L,..,...,..........,..,,..................,.,. Band and Audience INVOCATION .,.......v......,......,..s..Y,......s.......,,.....,A..,........,........,..,.. Rev. N. B. Wierwill St. Iohn's Evangelical G Reformed Church "HlS HONOR" .,Y...i......,....s......,w,,i.............. March ....Vi....,.,i....V......, Fillmore High School Band COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS ......,......sC.s....,....,,i.....Ys.. Grove Patterson Editor in Chief, Toledo Blade "PILGRIM'S SONG" ...Vss..,ll...ssl.,s,....,,,,...CCC.,,..,,,.C,s.c....csi.,..,,,.,...,s,. P. I. Tchaikovsky "HURRICANE ON DE ISLAN' " ,l,,Y,...,,..,, .vss.....,,i... 1 ,,,....w.,,i..... O live Dungan Vocal Soloist, Walter Treadway PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS ..i.,.....,......,.......,w.,,..........,...,,,. Board of Education "SCHOOL DAYS" ,...,,.,,s....,.ssi ,.s.......,.......,, a rr. Lang High School Band BENEDICTION ....... ....s.......,c,.s....,,.v,,....,si.,......, ........ R e v. Wierwill .af SENIOR PLAYS .t 1 at l r' Back Row: Iames Ziegler, Sally Scales, Velma Rupp, Caroline Grime, Gene Bernath, Ralph Burkholder, Darrell Stuckey George Wagner, lohn Wyse, Marvin Storrer. Lowell Spiess. Front Row: Harriet Spengler, Elaine Kernig, Conna Graber, Donna Graber, Carol Schmucker, Muriel Miller, Mary Ellen Lauber. Rev. William Spence, ai minister Hope Spence, his wife , . Hartzell, their son , , Eileen, their daughter , , Dr. Romer, a good friend Louise, a pretty miss THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN Friday Night, May 2. 1952. 8:00 P.M. CAST OF CHARACTERS ,,,,.,,,,.Lowell Siess , ,. Harriet Spengler Ralph Burkholcler ,,,, ,.,,.. Elaine Kernig Marvin Storrer Carol Jean Schmucker Letty, a pest Mrs. Sandow, a proud woman Mrs. Digby, a chair singer Georgie, her son , , Mrs. Cambridge, a church worker . ......,,. Mrs. Jellison, a church worker Maria, a pretty Mexican girl ,,,,,.... .,.......,.... D onna Graber Major Cooper, a man of sixty Molly, a crusader .. , Conna Graber Bishop Sherwood, a just man Ronny, her brother , Gene Bernath Rev. Frazer Spence, prologue and SYNOPSIS Place: The little town Time: About 1910 Act I: Scene Scene Act II: Scene Scene Scene Act III: Scene 1 2: l 2 3 l Mr. The The The The The of Laketon, Iowa Spence's parsonage. Early afternoon in April. same. same. An hour later A rainy afternoon in Iune same. A Saturday afternoon in April. same. Aftemoon a iew days later SQIT19. Afternoon a iew days later. , . . Carolyn Grim: . Mary Ellyn Lauher W, ...,,, ., Sally Scaes John D. Wyse Velma Rupp Mary Sue Rychener George Wagner Darrel Stuckey narration . ,.,.,,.,.,., Jim Ziegler Scent 2: The same. A Sunday morning in Iune ol the following year. PROLOGUE AND NARRATION Pulpit of the Reverend Frazer Spence's Church in Laketon Ushers: Ioan Gigax, Denver Wyse, Lyle Lauber,Hattie Clingaman, Patricia Winzeler, Marlin Rieg- secker: Prompters: Jack Lauber, Ann Reidell: Music: Pipe organ recordings by Ioan Gigax: Stage Managers: Marlin Short, Herbert Wyse: Director: Iacob Burkholderg Music between Acts: Iunior Band, Mr. Menichetti directing. SENIOR PLAYS Back Row: Marlin Riegsecker. Lyle Lauber, lack Lauber. Middle Row: Hattie Clingamcm, Ann Reidell, Sally Scales. Mary Sue Rychener. Patricia Winzeler Front Row: Caroline Grime, Mary Ellen Lauber, Ioan Gigax, Iames Myers Mrs. Sarah Reynolds, Dick's Aunt John Reynolds, her husband ,,,,,,,,... . Dick Reynolds, a college boy .....,, Pee-Wee Smith, his pal ...,.., , ,,,....,. Tweety, a hired girl ..., ,,,,,A. , ,.,.,,, Monahan, a state policeman ....,. .,,, . Harold Custer, a very polite man ., Mrs. Custer, his aged mother .,..... John Young, Denver Wyse, Harley Gaddis, Rollin Hayes THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS MUMBO IUMBO Tuesday Nagin, April 29. 1952, sion P.M. CAST OF CHARACTERS ..,,,, Ann Reidell Glendon Schantz , ,.... Denver Wyse ., Rollin Hayes Mr. Peter Beamish, who is blind ..,,. ,, ...,.. , ,, , . . John Young Doctor Omahandra, a West indian mystic Lyle Lauber Key Samedi, his ward ,,,.....,.... ,, .... ,.... ,...,, M a ry Sue Rychener Madame Celeata, a native witch woman . .,,,, Mary Ellen Lauber .... Pat Winzeler Peaches Greeding, a chorus girl ..,,,,,,, ,..,.. , ., ..., ,. Carolyn Crime ., , Marlin Riegsecker Lem Marblehead, sheriff of Milburn Jim Myers ., Jack Lauber Miss Emma Burpee, sheriff of Hope Town Hattie Clingaman . ..,, Sally Scales Daisy, her ten-year-old niece .,.........,.,. ..., , . Joan C-igax SYNOPSIS The action of the entire play takes place in the living room of Cherry Tree Farm, the summer home ot the Reynolds in New England. Act l: Scene 1: About five o'c1ock in the evening of a day in Iune Scene 2: Two hours later. Act Il: Very early the next morning Act III: A second or two later Ushers: Elaine Kernig, Donna Graber, Conna Graber, Carol lean Schmucker, George Wagner. Ralph Burkholder: Prompters: Ann Reidell, Velma Rupp, George Wagner: Stage Properties: Miss Ruth Fagley: Costumes and Make-up: Mrs. Keim: Director: Iacob Burkholder. SENIOR TRIP The vlznss nf 1931, :uftt-r Nt-va-rznl xt-:us uf liilliwllilililtll, nl the I! X U Rnilrftzul, :mtl tht-ix' ltlm-1'nl'y cull:-tl fm twt Hll Sutltlzty cvnlimz, Klux J? :mtl ruwlvctl nl XYaNl1im4tfv ltpitl pztvtx 'Vhcy vi-tml luvth Ilullws lvl l'w1lgx'cv, tht- Iln ulll NI ull lat! I mx X1 nulltl th Wlltt lltlt L' , cn1vr't , I -no - . cl 'Q , Q -1 ' mtl uatif-xml mtercxt. .X tow 4-xt-n fuuml time In mln Thvy bu:11'4lutl tht-xx' tmlu I-vt Xcxx Ywrk Klitt I-H 'lk stty. Here thug' xixltt-tl Nutlm plftu-N .AN 4'h1l11nttm'x1, thu llntlirc Stzltv Hmltlltlg, tt 95 mule hunt tmp armxml H111 zulhattzlll, fuzituliltg l'1-pm :mtl I.-mt-I Nun' Yvrrk .tml mtl mqtrtupulitzul Qlglltx, Stunt- Jnuzull ftuuntl time IH: ulunva Il lmrt wt' the "lim 'I'--un". 'lzllcy clltrznllul f-vt' Iwmu Ilum ,Itl-my lity U11 'Hut tw. .Xrlmgt-ll femctery, Mt ni-Ntlglt Quit-glluwmx :mtl qw-nt XX .W N' WM- 'I-.1 k N A ., .....,, Q .,1. T . 't K t 1 1 ,N I N h V liasxkfg i "m5"' 6l' t'41'-51' 'L' ft irf K t , 4 . R, wr- 5, - , Mg. 'L 1 H ,.,, f . pf M 1 , 'b X tr 1 V- if s 5-ve Q K as J Q, J k Bwi s . Ji it K f YC-JSI finullt tuuwl the day fur tln-ir St-uint' 'I'1'1p :tt lmml. 'l'l:ur tmp wzu in tht- Immi- :mtl run nuns' ul Xnw Yfwk filj. 'Vln-v lcfl Iicslllcr t tlztyx in XY:ul1inptu11. IH. n tm Ytitmtlgty lllw-runlg, 'l'ilv11' xlzu 111 XX:1ah1x:gttu1 lwpt the-111 nu tllc lntlve nt 3 Sttylxmm- tlurt liuildmg, the I.iIn:u5 --1 Untgruw. thtt Hztxluumtttuu Nltmmm-nt, rullt Xt-1111111 :mtl xlllmur-wtn uthvl plum-N ut lllxfufll' mme Sh0pIvl!lg. cultic-41.tx :ut-I 'l'ht1lN-izu 111 the xxtultll Inrgrxt Ihywtf-5. Rgulw Klty Mu-tt' Hull, lhttlqtt im-I lllmlxlttxn Intt,..1,'ggNt11lx: -tu-ln.-, thq xltzttlxut lxlzmwl un :1 Ulm' 1 urcls xqtrht. :t tvvm h--ut hue tmp tw-tt-111194 tht- lxlillltl 4-t ltmcy lxlqnnl :tml mxmx -ttltt-I llltt-lc-tttlu l11xtm'1t':Al Hzxrlvm, Xl:u'Cy'S. -llinllwls elmpluvlp, :tml ll tcw zlilclltlml Nunn- -rt thc 5-wptllztl Nhtut- xlv-mx wlllcll :Irv rvlnx' t-xt-llmgr :lt :about 6:30 :mtl sf-nw ,vu-ultm-1: In-tlrf Izttt-1' tllt-x .nun-tl m lit-slllulx lu LZCIICVIII they were it tllwl wt, but they twvk the'Al1'xp tn gtltul xlmlv-. :mtl thvy alll felt that tht- wht-lc vxtvt-l'iv1lvv xxxtw urll wvrlh WIIIIV. :mtl one which xxuultl plcvvnlv tht-'11 wltlu lieu-I'tw-be-tt:l'p:-vtt with rliffurt-11: 4-ulms Ht Imit. Yes, nt was great fun! on xxxt-all-wins: yer. eve-n ilu-ae n1c111tu1t-N xxlnvlu rztttft-ti smut- -nf tht-m tt- Culllk' hmm' UNDER CLASSES Norma Burkholder. Ethel Trout. Pcxul Yoder, Donn Berncxth. Helen Schultz -,-' . '- X H 5'-T it S -. y .I fs 3 Y f W -v e,nMWfH - ry: 0.1 rf 3. ,X .rags .L bl: N- fr r. X X S 5 cl 3 x ' r , N ,J- f L 5 'F X -x as it - iw S IUNIORCLASS -: HRX Doris Gunden Ioan Grime Virglnia Sauder Betty Seiler Veldcx Stutzman DeRoyce Hornish Dee DeGrofl Paul Yoder Barbara Christy Sara Louise Short . ..:, rx ,r "" z . Helen Dennis , - Icme Scales 1, P - ' li Tom Fankhauser sk z Dale Short ., - FM - , Donald Kleck if S if ""' 1 Z ' -' A A , .zsz xx N9 gif 1 ,K S, Bill Rupp Tom Lauber Orville Fricke Ilm Stuckey P Robert Berry Q -rg X ,y .gf .',,. Velda Lantz ' Q' iw X ' y - 1 :S'b:, Barbara Naiziger fn b 'Q ,Z 'F P 'Ek an-ix Alice Mary Roth V .gi ,',. N . A?'f2- "'f - V I ' X x. f Nancy Short ' I c Charlotte Eicher ldllx - '1. . . EZZE, ,,:. ,1.:, -::: i J rr Carol lean Rupp Annabelle Stuckey Mary Ellen Nafziger Eleanor Stuckey Buetta Wyse Marlene Leu Sally Palmer Louis Brock Ieanne Iohnson Nancy Rulfer Not ln Picture Q-all .rw-at A, . Rollin Beck SOPHOMCRE CLASS - an T tm 1 ., AN l X 1 ig 3 X. . 43' J 'W it 13 Top Row: Stephanyi Pidbirny. Elaine Grieser, Belly Nicolen, Donna Butler, CoNette Noizinger. Marjorie Fiser, Andy Murbach Sixth Row: Ioe Crossgrove. Susie Stuckey, Barbara Lich, Ralph Cfoninger, Eddie Lcruber. Roger Schantz. Ierry Grime Filth Flow: Iunior Gautsche. Lowell Flory, Kenny Fankhcxuser. Robert Roth, Charles Riegsecker. Iames Buehrer, Roy Schott Fourth Row: Mary Winzeler, Shirley Grai. Dorothy Gecxrig. Mary Kunkle, Ruth Ann Terrell, Helen Wlasiuk, Ieannie Croninger Third Row: Norman Winqard. Pcxul Stuckey. Avon Roth, Mona Roth. Ethelmae Meck, Carolyn Grieser, Okscma Holian Second Row: Eileen Beaverson, Lowell Ruienacht, Mary Wlasiuk. Iomes Schmucker, Daryl Iolrnf son. Gene Waidelich, Ethel Traut Bottom Row: Mary Lou Rufier, Gene Rupp, Keith Short. Sue Young, Bill Kernig, Roger Miller. lcm:s Clingaman, Everett Wyse FRESHMAN CLASS Robert Trejo Betty Io Scott Linda Miller Ianet Wyse Helen Schultz Richard Stuckey Sharon Stutzman Charlene Stuckey Marlene Rufenacht Io Ann Brodbeck Patricia Lisak Ioan Sauder Roger Rupp Walter Schmucker Glen Short Iim Short Susie Fagley Ted Lovejoy Iohn Graber Richard Nafziger Dean Wyse Donald Short Ralph Grieser Barbara Rutter Willard Nofzinger Bill Buehrer Stanley Buehrer Fred Grisier Curtis Beck Bob Roth Mary Gibson Inez Guerrero Loreita Kernig DeAnne Burkholder Shirley Bridges Barbra Graber Philip Buehrer David Buffer Bob Frey Bobby Kleck Merle Seiler Donald Nafziger Dale Miller Delila Gautsche Ioanne Beck Rosemary Brock Maureen Rupp Dean Rupp Neil Spengler Bruce Werder Orlene Stuckey Dee Ann Chrisiy Colleen Wyse Annabelle Zuercher Barbara Walters Nancy Rulier Sue Fankhauser Doris DeGroil Sandra Shor! Donn Bernath Dale Storrer Fred Merhling La-Mar Gisel Bill Crossgrove Larry Short Roger Grieser Bob Rufenacht lack Miller Dianna Hitt Betty Miller Annabelle Miller D'onna Miller Iimmy Rice Suzanne Miller Donna Waidelich Shirley Grieser Carol Haucsh Iohnny Scales Howard Grime Donald Sommers Mary Grieser Cara Lou Stamm Anne Buffer Ramiro Trejo Larry Fish Vee Schlcxtler Schantz Myrl Sauder Eloise Sauder Gary Rupp Ivkrgcret Zuerchcr Ieanett: Solder Linda Siarnm Arlene Ruon Ve:len: Nzfzige l"g:r Vonier Richard Leupjw Randy Vllyse Ioan Williams Io Ann Huffman Mary Boynton Balbina Lisak Doyle Hayes Beryle Grisier Norma Fleming Norma Burkholder Ioe Baer Ianis Peters Billy Palmer Louise Naiziger Ilva Nalziger lane! Myers Sondra Miller Grace Waidelich Deloris Graber Ianet Erbskom Iames Hausch Rex Short Elaine Frey Ronnie Fielitz Brenda Pursel Fred Gearing Carolyn Miller Arleta Kennel Ioan Lovejoy HIGH SCHOOL SNAPSHOTS K fx. r ' A X X- ' A M. TV 5 'li if , ..135 l K N i 2,- S 3 J X 535 3 foals VND Vlilllulla A few looks here cmd there of some of the high school students cmd some of the many cxciivities they engage in. Is il any wonder that mosi of the pupils of today enjoy going to school? lt's not all work and no play. ELEMEQNTARYSNAPSHOTS Ill E' ,gil Q it .-Q-"""4'MMVm Here are the real care-free days. Wou1dn't it be wonderful to relive these glorious days of early child hood? They look happy cmd they are happy! ELEMENTARY GRADES .wwwQsUQ ,,af .A Carlos Grieser, Rczchcxel Sigg, Decm Rupp, Terry Murbuch. Mcxry Lou Roth, Ioan Schrock, Ion Fish SIXTH GRADE , . , Y ty ., :.. 3 ' ., ' , 'U ' i fxk : al X f 3 Q ., ' 1,4-I ,. X je E 5 it al' iff x V - 5' ,, r A L- , ,S , r . Mr Back Row: Bonnie Short, Iohn Rupp, Gerald Myers, Susie Murbach, Victor Miller, Ruth Miller, Pamela Lauber. Middle Row: Peggy Yoder, Shirley Wyse, Ianice Wyse, Ierry Tompson. Burdell Stuckey, Buddy Stuckey, Gary Short Front Row: Graeme Lauber, Marilyn Gautsche, Donald Frey, Billy DeGroff, Donald Clair, Bernadine Beck. SIXTH GRADE 31 law 1, 1. is S 5- ,sff in . .. N' , A , 3 .7 .. ..., , ...,. . 3 4 A f" - Eg: f My l sf, i , i rrre 4 fr - J 9, ,x ,ua X- -. ' . 1 4 - ,,,, - - 3' .i . ,., ., 1 ,.,,K,g. Back Row: Mary Lou Roth, Iohn Rich, Robert Miller, Clara Miller, Ray Mata, Robert Grieser, Nadine Gisel. Middle Row: Herbert Rutter, Rex Ziegler, Merle Short, Joyce Short, Darlene Short, Bonnie Schroeder, Roy Santos. Front Row: Carol Ann Gautsche, Donna Fleming, Barbara Dohm, James Davis, Dean Bueher, Darrel Bueher. S in 5 FIFTH GRADE x x r 6 ' . Qs BN .f-"."'..'.1.""5 NE X L x X xx Q X ,Q i Q, .t E KA .:.. . J W3 F rrslr t. a "' r . , f I ef " Top Row: Connie Stamm, Sharon Lindley. Bonnie Haas, Patsy Gisel. Carol Erbscorn, Iuliene Crossgrove, Linda Brod- beck. Michael Wyse. Middle Row: Arlene Sauder, David Rupp, Patricia Rulenacht. Rollin Naiziger, Cloyce Nofziger, Iudith Naiziger, Doris Miller, Ronny Wise. First Row: Frank Winzeler, Peter Short, Delbert Britsch. Ronnie Borton, Gary Baus, Ieanette Wyse. FIFTH GRADE . rv-- : r s . 3 xvlv fb as ' f- 1 v. ' . r itt- E ' . - - P . Q C -. A st . , xi ex be v 1 : Q 3: +1 35 - .,,. Q X ' - . e Top Row: Tom Yoder. Byrdalene Wyse, Billie Kae Winzeler. Ray Trejo, Michael Sullivan, Sandra Schanq, Dean Rupp, Merle Beck. Middle Row: Tommy Grieser, Merle Grieser. Kenneth Graber, Louona Gisel, Ierry Dominique, Allred Dohm, Kay Cassell, Leola Baer. First Row: Stanley Ruifer, Nola Nofziger. Charlene Nafziger, Sandra Maust. Paul Lovejoy, Ioanne Lisak. Pauline Kellicut, Sharon Aschliman. FOURTH GRADE ffiiE2E2f5'EI." .-1 V' l,,.,1,f:' :2: : H ' " : -V ---- i 5:15, -- V - '- , - ' EIE521::2zr'z2.,2f:a:2: 2, 5:5 1: ' :V .:, .:-: -11.-: 1 :1 ' my ' - 215.5 .. .,.. ' 5- -' - 1. . fwm 'i-:2212E:2:3 ' i::..1 - 5 1 552 - 1-.1 f ' : ::a: ::-'21'2:S2:5 ' ' mes: . fw -, - . 42,522 M- - . .. M , 'fit . 9' 57:55 " - 23? i' iff -- ' ' ' if' 'W .1 - '1.I':' . in K0 V 74,333 '- .' - .9 S93 V- 'W , hr. .Wgef . 1 'gg ,,':,:k . W r JI' 5 . 5353 -r5:,1:1:5 V' f , 1 is -, ' :W 'I ,- . . 35555 V 'I an :-" EEZ: gs' """' . - ' '- A A Q' - Q ,:'.,: gi:, '12 A' 5 - , li' Y 3. 'lf 4 gf l W' -1 A 2 1 'iw 1 'l fw izszfgffw , , -f' -,gg , ' ' " " .gZ:5,.5g1gg:5,,'- ., -'gi:.5:.':..,, , -g.,:gf'ggf,g. . .f: 'I :Z" ' , gi -2 rs - :L+ 1 - 'V 1. 1 'V1,,,.., I, 1 'vw 1 1 H ' VV A N . . ' ' 'Ii it ...... , .l 15 .,.,.,., , ,.... , .. V , , , , ., .. - pig? , ,1 -VW f 1 6' rt mist!! rex. . .wr .1 . . , 1 5, f f,1 1,-:::,- .1211 -. X I . - , .... 1 . - 1:15 g I K . . . .. , , ,-11e:,,sg'f--:- 1 ' 4 ' 1-. ' 1 V. ' aff, ii. 1 1, i1V,1.1.,1,,.15'5Ef? - ' "" 'Ve'-W 'r. Sf, . img , " 4:14 ,,3, -:1 V ,Qiigigifi ' 1 . T J ,. if L, FTW E V V - ff ' 4 D V A Q. 1. M .M -V Qffifig ' ' aw J , .,,,. - - diff, 'r , ., , A 5 , . - 5-1 Q' :E A' 5 ,' - " I-' : sf it il if lf . 'gl' . 5, -V .. V 1 Top Row: Iunior Wyse, Patty Stamm, Eugene Spiess, Iackie Short, Betty Schultz, Cara Lou Shcrock, Mary Sauder. Third Row: Allen Carter, Sally Huffman, Ronnie Hausch, Shelly Grieser, Tommy Gallaway, Diane Frey, Howard Fausey. Second Row: Linda Collamore, Dwayne Rutenacht, Douglas Rich, Gene Nafziger, Roger Meier, Brenda King, Carol lean Noiziger. First Row: Ierry Vonier, Roger Stuckey, Gene Baus, Iohn Baer, Allen Stuckey, Maureen Sulli- van. Susie Rufenacht, Marilyn Davis. FOURTH GRADE ' . 11, . 21-5 ' - , . " W 1,5 ,I 95 . + nm , V , ., V M ..,. gas? 3 nv d 1 Q j Q' N ,xr Q' X 1 ,111 ,e " rr.. Q:: :,.,,, .,., E Y sm K if Egg at 4 my VV .. W -. 4 we 'V l 'R ww g Q, is ,, -. .5 ., X -- ,- - - V 1-ii 9 - '51 " 71 ' 2 t ah- 'ILT' l i: , . -V-- - Q - fir ? 3 ' , 1, ,,,, , .,., or il .5 1 - 1955? ' 1 3 , - ' K 1 - , . f' . A ' QM, ., 11: , zwfiag f j ,V pu- V , 3 W 1 ' 1' -f W " """1. , . 'M' gl ' -V - 'V V9-4:2 1 ,.,,, .11 ...,. , V M , 1 K . 1 , ,, V A -. A I I fr 1 . . Back Row: David Menichetti, Paul Lauber, Merle Klopfenstein, Rex Hornish, Teresa Holian, Eunice Hall, Duane Frey. Third Row: Steward Wyse, Charlene Wyse, Ioanne Stamm, Linda Short, Beverly Scott, Carol Sauder, Ruth Rupp. Second Row: Robert Fraas, Betty Dohm, lane Buehrer, Edward Buehrer, Maretta Briisch, Dean Beck, Larry Burger. Front Row: David Miller, Willadene Rigg, David Neal, Terry Murbach, Gary Miller, Denny Miller, Valetta Aschli- man, Kenneth Naiziger. THIRD GRADE S - ' 'i 17. t Q 1. .. Top Row: Stanley Miller, Robert Lauber, Lyle Hayes. Ianice Harper, Sandra Fielitz, Keith Beck, ludith Baer. Middle Row: Marlene Rupp, Merle Riegsecker, Aclda-Margaret Neel, Paul Nalziger. Sandra Schlosser, Tommy Rupp, Max Stuckey. First Row: Mervin Naiziger, Lou Anne Naiziger, Sue Anne Short, JoAnne Schrock. THIRD GRADE -Q 5 1 , , -' ' ,iff it ' . ,554 1- I i '1 r at L gi-rf' .- . ,, , , si, t is ufg r kii: L AU' ll I"9.i-1"A'-W. Back Row: Natalie Wyse, Patricia Wyse, Denton Wyse, Everardo Santos, DeAnn Rupp, Karen Peters, Peter Nolziger Middle Row: Christina Haubold, Lois Hall, David Grisier, Barbara Gisel, Billye Detter. Mary Criado, Roger Mehrling Front Row: Sally Krieger, Roger Klopienstein, Iames Kleck, Lavern Miller, Ianice Nolziger. , SECOND GRADE -Qt t , X X y . A a. r E -A! Top How: Billy Swisher, Louise 'Stuckey. Rachael Sigg, David Short, Ricky Schultz, Iames Schroeder. David Roth. I Third Row: David Zuercher, Max Yoder, Shelia Wyse, Carolyn Wyse, Ierry Winzeler, Margaret Walter, Mary Trejo. Second Row: Ruth Osbom, Iunior Noiziger, Bruce Lauber. Sharon Kloplenstein, Elaine Kauffman, Bonnie Grieser, Daryl Graber. First Row: Donna Gisel, Ronnie Fielitz, Iimmy Fagley, Susie Dominique, Norma Crossgrove. yy SECOND GRADE qgl ., .,.' ., ...g i ' E Isyl Q .Q IHA fi. ..,.. X 'L' ' "" N.. W Ew'kl'2s ""' Top Row: Edward Stamm. Eugene Schrock, lean Schlatter, Sharon Schantz. Lupe Santos, lose Santos. Or- ville Roth. Third Row: David King, Steven Grime, Bonita Fraas, Dianne Eash, Douglas DeGrofi. Ioey Cordaro, Ierry Bernath. Second Row: Roger Fausey, Steven Wyse, Dexter Wyse, Connie Wyse, Suellen Sullivan, Richard Stuckey, Iudy Stamm. First Row: Iames Rupp. Danny Rutier, Karen Palmer, Warren Alexander, Marcine Nafziger, Dean Miller. FIRST GRADE 5 . , . T SF ' ' 1 ' ' la I iw t Q Top Fow: Shiela Schmucker, Roy Eigg, Donna Naiziger, Mike Miller, Carl Miller, Ierry Leupp, Charlotte Lantz. George Kunkle. Middle Row: A. I. Short. Gene Grime, David Graber, Susan Fielitz, Laurel Baer, Karen Stamm, Terry Schroeder, Sally Short First Row: Phyllis Schrock, Ronnie Sauder, Vicki Lindley, Ronnie Rufler, Sharon Zuercher, Elaine Weyandt, Tommy Vonier. FIRST GRADE tw il'r X is we A E ' A J i "' fi t 5 M-xye ki X5 is .A ,L ,ref . 5 nu if if 5534 QF? img S v. in . wi X Q K Q' X K J- 5 'lf 4 . KX r , an- fflg . """ ego W if r'-: Grieser. Back Row Mary Lou Nofziger, Melda Noiziger, Terry Myers, Ronnie Lovejoy, Duane Hayes, Michael Grime, Carlos Middle Row: Rodney Wise, Freddie Stamm, Tamara Taylor, Pamela Taylor, Susan Short, Larry Short, Terry Short. Front Row: lane Short, Cheryl Short, Bobby Sauder, Iudy Sauder, Paul Nofziger, Ierry Collamore, Lucille Baer. Not in picture: Iohn Holian KINDERGARTEN -- MORNING get . . .ggi 3. . ' ty .51 .:se,a,5 ' W if ii it s 55 ,-::-::-:' ,ff I l x ri. 5 J L K :yur --,. ' . Srl VW my Top Row: Daniel Santos, Rudy Santos, Myron Buffer, Iimrny Reuger, Linda Klopienstein, Iames King, Kathleen Grime, San- :ord Wyse, Robert Zuercher. Middle Row: Roger Stamm, Lonnie Short, Gilbert Short, Mary Ann Schroeder, Deanne Gisel, Carol Sue Gisel. Ion Fish. Scott Engle, Rebecca Cassell. First Row: David Schrock, Duane Sauder, David Schroeder, Iudy Wyse, Ioan Armstrong, Roselyn Aschliman. Christine Wise, Ianie Stuckey. KINDERGARTEN -- AFTERNOON I " ' ----:' 252 '-'-' ': ' -2- . - :2'25215'22-25'2?g'gE2 "" , . "HS "Z:-:E::2,:: . ' '5 5- 2- , ' .,.., - . r 2.5. : , ., ts 1, hifi . - ng.--' 1 va, ,,V,, . a ' . .. ' , x--, Q '1 so Y s ' ' ' '-" ' r Q Jim . I ,...p'i. . Top Row: Karla Barger, Sonny Lauber, Ioseph Grime, Jimmy Grime, Mary Grieser, Linda Grieser, Tommy Domini- que, Tommy Buehrer. Middle Row: Mary Rutter, Phillip Roth, Darlene Roth, Marilyn Reynolds, Linda Pace, Bonita Noiziger, Carolyn Liech- ty, Deanne Bednar. N First Row: Daryl Beck, Ionathan Wierwill, Mary Beth Walter, LaVon Short, Karen Sword, Ianie Stuckey, Tim Rupp. Not in picture: Linda King, Wanda Yingling. S fs . Q 'wr lr X as Y ' I . M '-it .4 -ff M51- 'X s ACTIVITIES loom Gigux. Icme Scales. Tom Lauber, Hattie Clingcxmcxn STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row: Donn Bernath, Eddie Lauber, Curtis Beck, Ralph Burkholder. Tom Lauber, Glendon Schantz, Paul Yoder, Roger Schantz, Mr. Menichetti. Front Row: Norma Burkholder, Helen Schultz, Ethel Traut, lane Scales, Hattie Clingaman, Ieanue Johnson, Ioan Gigax, Mrs. Keim, Mr. Burkholder. The student body of Archbold High School has seen four years go by in which the Student Council has been functioning. This year Mr. Burk- holder, Mrs. Keim, and Mr. Menichetti were our advisors. The officers were: Ioan Gigax, President: Tom Lauber, Vice President: Iane Scales, Secretary: Hattie Clingarnan, Treasurer. The Council met the first and third Thursday of each month during the school year. It has furthered the development of cooperation among the students by: having school clubs decorate for the home basketball games, sponsored noon toumament games of shuffleboard and table tennis and buying medals for winners, having a Dad's Night which honored the fathers of the Varsity basketball players and having a luncheon for the parents after the game. The Council has also devised regulations so congestion in the halls would not be so great. These are a few of the many activities in which the Student Council has taken an active interest. We, of the Senior Class, wish the Student Council to have many more years of fine leadership in the Archbold High School. ARCHETTE STAFF ver Harley Gaddis, Herbert Wyse, Ben Pidbirny, Iim Ziegler Mrs. Keim-adviser, Barbara Naiziger, Betty Seiler The staff was probably the smallest in the history of the paper as there were only six members. The members of this staff however, received a practical course in Iournalism and it was not until they had a working knowledge of Iournal- ism that they were permitted to take on the task of publishing the Archette. Perhaps this didn't seem like much of a job but the staff soon discovered that it was a bigger task than it appears to be on the surface. Due to the small class there were only six issues published this year. but each one was a good sized paper. With all the hard work that goes with publishing a paper, the staff has enjoyed keeping the students informed through the Archette. SOCIAL CLUB ii -Vx X I , W if .. ff gs w f . .,,. c H A W ... as . 2 , . , i lj Af Ji Q . A IN as so is . Q . We . '3 .tai 3 is Y 'W C '- , L4 A x T - " Back Row: Helen Schultz, Betty Io Scott, Ianet Wyse, Patricia Winzeler, Hattie Clingaman, Harriet Spengler, Nancy Rulfer, Mary Ellyn Lauber, Sally Scales, Carolyn Grime, Elaine Grieser, Sue Young. Front Row: Linda Miller, Susie Fagley, IoAnn Brodbeck, Sara Short, Barbara Christy, Patricia Lisak, Ioan Gigax, Helen Dennis, Donna Rutter, Dorothy Gearig. This year the social club has tried to give the students of Archbold High School the enjoyment they wanted. The club sincerely hopes every- one enjoyed what was provided. The club sponsored many round dances, inviting all the Iunior High and Senior High grades. One of the favorite dances was the "Broomstick." The Social Club had a very successful dance at Halloween. The gymnasium was decorated with the customary black-cats, goblins, pump- kins, and comstalks. The Christmas dance "Snow-Ball" was a semi-formal affair. Beauti- ful white paper stars and snowballs decorated the hall. Then, because the students demanded, the club sponsored two square- dances with music sponsored by "Donny Grime's Five." Of course as a whole we weren't very good at first but as the evenings wore on everyone began to really enjoy themselves, even the chaperones. This year the Club adopted a policy to let their parents chaperone some of the dances. The ones that participated really enjoyed themselves as much as the students if not more. The final event of the year was a banquet held at Biddie's Restaurant, Napoleon, Ohio, on May 16. The leaders of the club for the 1951-1952 year were: Hattie Clingaman -Pres., Sara Short-V. Pres., Iohn Gigax-Sec., and Barbara Christy-Trea- surer. S C I - Q U E S T A C 3 WWW WW 4 .3 . I l cv w- ' -V - Back Eow: Glendon Schantz, Bill Rupp, Ioe Crossgrove, Tom Lauber, lack Lauber, Darrell Stuckey, Gene Bernath, Ioan Gigarc, Suzanne Stuckey, Barbara Fich, Mr. Slesnick. Middle Row: Eddie Lauber, Lowell Flory, Mary Kunkle, Mary VVinzeler, Marjorie Fiser, Sara L. Short, Barbara Chris'y, Helen Den- nis, lane Scales, Annabelle Stuckey, DeRoyce Hornish. Front Row: Betty Nicolen, Ieannine Croninger, Hattie Clingaman, Mary Ellyn Lauber, Carolyn Grime, Harriet Spangler, Sally Scales, Patricia Winzeler, Ieanne Iohnson. The Sci-Questa Club enjoyed another busy and fruitful year. The club, which was organized early in the school year of 1949, under the direction of Mr. Slesnick, has as its purpose, "to promote and further an interest in science." The club sponsored the second Quadri-County Science Fair, held at the high school on April 12. The fair drew hundreds of interested patrons and they were well pleased with the many fine projects and demonstrations presented by the science students. The two projects judged to be the best were those made by Annabelle Stuckey of Archbold High School, and Robert Herman of Napoleon High School. Annabelle had a project of making sugar from wood and Robert had one of time-lapse photography. These two winners, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Slesnick attended the National Science Fair held at Washington, D.C. Annabelle received a fourth place award for her project. Anna- belle and Mr. and Mrs. Slesnick made the trip to and from Washington by airplane. They all enjoyed it very much. ' Archbold had by far the greatest number of projects on exhibition at Bowling Green on Science Day, and had nine of them at the State Academy of Science at Kent Univer- sity. Archbold received the Kroger Award, a cash award of fifty dollars, for having the highest per centage of their high school pupils exhibiting science projects. The club officers for the year 1951-1952 were: Darrell Stuckey, President: lack Lau- ber, Vice President: Hattie Clingaman, Secretary: Marjorie Fiser, Treasurer. 3ARjrse.-w MS :- HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Back Row: Inez Guerrero, Loretta Kernig, Barbara Rutter, Shirley Bridges, Mary Lou Buffer, DeAnna Burkholder. Middle how: Mona loth, Avon Roth, Ethelmae Meck, Eileen Beaverson, Mary Kunkle, Marjorie Fiser, Betty Nicoleu, Ieanine Croninger, Mary Winzeler. Front Row: Donna Buffer, Sue Young, Elaine Grieser, Carolyn Grieser, Miss Fagley. Ruth Anti Terrill, Velma Rupp, Elaine Kerniq, Pat Winzeler. The Home-Ec Club was organized this year due to the tact that we were no longer affiliated with the F.H.A. ' LaChoy Food Products conducted a tour through their food processing plant. The girls rnade the acquaintance of the Singer Sewing Center in Defiance also, and new tech- niques were demonstrated on the use of the sewing machine. However, the 180 mile char- tered bus trip to Battle Creek, Michigan, proved to be one of the most unusual and enjoy- able. There, we visited several hospitals, toured the Post and Kellogg Cereal Plants and visited the Kellogg Sanitarium. Evening dinner at the world-famous Schuler's, an Eliza- bethan hostel, Marshall, Michigan, climaxed the trip. The Home Economics students won fame for their culinary art by conducting Baked Goods Sales down town. Versatility has no end in our department. We entertained the F.F.A. boys to an Italian Spaghetti dinner also. r - ' t FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA i r Cyn., r . -- -Vw --.www k I G' , Iames Schmucker, Rollin Beck Back tow: Dale Short, Iames Stuckey, Gerald Short, Daryl Iohnson, Orville Fric e, erry rime lohn Graber. Middle Rowi Roger Rupp, Gene Waidelich, Walter Schmucker, Iohn D. Wyse, Marlin Short, Lowell Rule-naclrt, Ralph Croninger Donald Short, Robert Roth. Charles Riegsecker, Glen Short. Front Row: Mr. Gallaway, Robert Gigax, George Wagner, james Rupp, Donald Rulenacht, Paul Stuckey, Ralph Burkholder Merle Seiler, Richard Stuckey. The aims and purposes of a good F.F.A. chapter are: 1. To develop competent, aggressive, rural, and agricultural leadership. 2. To create a nurture, a love for Country lite. 3. To strengthen the confidence of farm boys and young men in themselves and their work. 4. To create more interest in intelligent choice of farming occupations. 5. To encourage members in the development of individual farming programs and to become ers- ' - ' ' f . 7 T rti- tablished in farming. 6. To encourage membzrs to improve thS1I home arms . 0 pa p character, train for useful citizenship and fos- thrift. 10. To encourage and improve schol- cipate in worthy undertakings. 8. To develo ter patriotism. 9. To encourage and practice arship. The local F.F.A. chapter has done muc of a good chapter. '.1 during the past year to fulfill the purposes NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3 Back Row: Mr. Burkholder, Miss Manhart, lane Scales, Helen Dennis, Mary Sue Rychener, Annabelle Stuckey, lean- ne Iohnson, Buetta Wyse, Mr. Knab, Mr. Slesnick, Mr. Parker. Front Row: Mrs. Keim, Sara Louise Short, Hattie Clingaman, Mary Ellyn Lauber, Ralph Burkholder, Ioan Gigax, Sal- Ly Scales, Harriet Spengler, Patricia Winzeler. The Archbold Chapter of the National Honor Society was formed in 1950, and is based on standards set by the National Honor Society. These standards are Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. Eligible students must be in the upper fourth of the Iunior Class. Sophomores are sometimes selected as probationary members, but they do not become active until the induction in their Iunior year. The students are chosen by a faculty committee composed of teachers who have come in contact with the eligible mem- bers on a fairly broad scale. The selected students must maintain a grade average of above a C in order to remain in the organization. lf they are able to do this, they become lifetime members. This chapter was inducted February 8, 1951, by the Bryan Chapter of the National Honor Society. Since it is now an established branch, the induction of the new members this year was administered by the Archbold Chapter. Mr. Parker, Mary Sue Rychener, Ioan Gigax, Mary Ellyn Lauber, Harriet Spengler, Ralph Burkholcler, Buetta Wyse, Hattie Clinqaman, Annabelle Stuckey, Sara Short, lane Scales, Pat Winzeler. lean Iohnson, Helen Dennis, Sally Scales, Mr. Burkholder. LIBRARIANS it t t . . ,,,:,..:x:,, t , Sue Fankhauser, Diana Hitt, Donna Graber, Ieanine Croninger, Mary Ellyn Lauber, Charlotte Eicher, Betty Seiler, Doris DeGrotl, Mrs. Bourquin. One of the most important laboratories in the school is the library: it is full of val- uable and important toolsf Students should learn how to use their school library, and also. in a general way, how to use all libraries. This knowledge and skill will enable you to do your high school work more efficiently, will make you a better college or university student, and will open the doors for you to boundless stores ot information which you will want throughout life. Human beings cannot remember all they learn, nor would they want to: they can never hope to assimilate in their school life all they will want to know later. The person who knows how and where to find what he wants to know is the person best equipped to meet his own demands and those of the world. Each period of the day student librarians help the supervision of Mrs. Bourquin. shelving of incoming books, and keeping the shelves in for their work. Students who continue their education training is of value to them. "Books Books Books Books T with the work of the library under circulation of books and magazines, order. They receive one-halt credit beyond high school find that this These duties include GIG GIS GIG GIG keys to wisdom's gates to lands of pleasure: paths that upward lead: friends. Come, let us read." Emilie Poulsson. l1'eGSl1I91 McLaughlin Memorial Library SENIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL Back Row: Iack Lauber, Tom Lauber, Lowell Spiess, Iohn Young, Glendon Schantz, Lyle Lauber, Iames Ziegler, Gene Rupp, Paul Yoder. Third Row: Ralph Burkholder, Bill Rupp, Roger Schantz, Bill Kernig, Andy Murbach, Gene Bernaih, Denver Wyse, Marlin Rieg- secker, Rollin Hayes. Eddie Lauber. Second Row: DeRoyce Hornish. Marvin Storrer, Iames Buehrer, Helen Dennis, lane Scales, Betty Nicolen, Mary Winzeler, Ieanne Iohnson, Iames Myers, Lowell Flory. Front Row: Marlene Leu. Carol Rupp, Ethel Traut, Shirley Graf. Dorothy Gearig, Sara L. Short, Barbara Rich, Barbara Christy, Ioan Gigax. SENIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL Back Row: Ieanine Croninger, Marjorie Fiser, Buetta Wyse, Ann Reidell, Mary Sue Rychener, Elaine Kernig, Nancy Rufler, Avon Roth, Mona Roth, Ruth Ann Terrill. Middle Row: Velda Stutzman. Carol Schmucker, Florence Kinq, Nancy Short, Ethelmae Meck, Alice Mary Roth, Conna Graber, Annabelle Stuckey, Sally Scales, Mary Ellyn Lauber. Front Row: Eleanor Stuckey, Velda Lantz, Virginia Sauder, Mory Ellen Nafziger, Charlotte Eicher, Carolyn Grime, Hattie Clinga- man, Harriet Spengler, Patricia Winzeler. IUNIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL Back Row: Helen Schultz, IoAnn Brodbeck. Marlene Ruienacht, Sandra Short, IoAnn Huffman, Grace Waidelich, Arleta Kennel, Brenda Pursel, Shirley Grieser, Delilah Gautsche, Annabelle Zuercher. Middle Row: Charlene Stuckey, Betty Io Scott, Ieanette Sauder, Ioan Williams, Orlene Stuckey, Donna Waidelich, Barbara Ruf- ier, Elaine Frey, Ianis Peters, Maureen Rupp, Ianeth Schantz, Patricia Lisak. Front Row: Ioan Sauder. Doris DeGrofl, Barbara Walters, Vee Schlatter. Donna Miller, Suzanne Miller, Verlene Nafziger, Bal- bina Lisak, Ianet Myers, Norma Burkholder. IUNIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL Q H 5 was A' ,mg Q , gr ny, rx, Y 1 X X 1, Back Row: Bob Frey, Curtis Beck, Bob Kleck, Richard Naiziger, Iohn Scales. Middle How: Walter Schmucker, Bill Crossgrove, Dale Storrer, Bill Buehrer, Dean Rupp, Neil Spengler, Iames Short. Ph'l' Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, Fred Gearing, Lamar Gisel Front Bow: Iames Rice, Larry Fish, Donn Bernath, Howard Grime, up Billy Palmer. xx SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Good scholarship is considered one of the most important goals of our system of education. It is regarded as a worthy ideal in the Archbold Schools. Considerable em- phasis is placed upon a testing program which includes the Every Pupil Tests, Senior Schol- arship Tests, Preliminary-District State Tests, Eighth Grade Tests and the Final State Scholar- ship Tests. Name Subiect Local DiSlIiCl Slllle Sally Scales Senior Scholarship 3rd in county HM Mary Sue Bytiherler Senior Scholarship 5th in county HM lGClC I-Cillbel' Senior Scholarship 6th in county Pal!iCia Winzeler Senior Scholarship 8th in county Harriet Spengler Senior Scholarship 12th in county Sally Scales English XII First Patricia Winzeler English XII Second ll0lliI1 Hayes Senior Social Studies First lack I-Clube! Senior Social Studies Second Glendon Schantz Physics First Darrell Stuckey Physics Second Seventh Harriet Spengler Chemistry Third Sara Louise Short English XI First Sixth Twelfth Buetta Wyse English XI Second Eleventh Annabelle Stuckey Chemistry First SCIIG LOLliSe Sl'lOl'f Chemistry Second Annabelle Sli-lCk9Y American History First Sally Palmer American History Second Barbara Cl11'iSlY American History Third Paul Yoder Algebra II First Ethel Trcut English X First Sixth Andrew Murbach English X Second Avon Roth English X Third Betty Nicolen English X Fourth Ieannine Croninger Biology First Iames Buehrer Biology Second AVO!! R031 Biology Third Gene R1-IPP Plane Geometry First Kenneth Fankhauser Plane Geometry Second Twelfth Ethel TFC!!-ll Latin II First Andrew Murbach Latin II Second Shirley Graf Latin II Third lames Buehrer World History First Ieannine Croninger World History Second Andrew Murbach World History Third Roger Schantz World History Fourth Glen Short Algebra I First Twelfth Richard Nafziger Algebra I Second Robert Kleck General Science First Fifth Richard Nafziger General Science Second Walter Schmucker General Science Third Curtis Beck General Science Fourth IoAnn Brodbeck Latin I First Ioan Sauder Latin I Second Charlene Stuckey Latin I Third IoAnn Brodbeck English IX 'irst Ioan Sauder English IX Second Charlene Stuckey English IX Third Harold D. Wyse English IX Fourth EIGHTH GRADE TESTS Neil Spengler ranked first in the 1952 State Eighth Grade Tests, closely followed by William Crossgrove and Wilmer Dean Rupp. Others ranking in the upper one fourth of the class were Dale Storrer, Iames Rice, Donn Bernath, Delilah May Gautsche, Suzanne Miller, Howard Grime and Annabelle Zuercher. These students received certificates for their outstanding scholarship work. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS Twelve members of the graduating class of 1952 were awarded a script A Scholar- ship letter for outstanding scholastic work done during four years of high school. These let- ters are presented each year to the upper one fourth of the graduating class. Letters were awarded to the following graduates: Sally Scales, Harriet Spengler, Patricia Winzeler, Mary Sue Rychener, Carol lean Schmucker, Hattie Clingaman, Glendon Schantz, Ralph Burkhold- er, lack Lauber, Gene Beniath, Ioan Gigax, Mary Ellen Lauber. SENIOR BAND W-Q, , T' - . M it . . A - ' ' ,,, is X K . A , ... ass- -- A K N, K :ff A K A AX . N K A ,Q W Ni. ,J N 2 X "l X ' sr is his fits A ' - - K A. Sw A .tr t N if SWS- iitttet.-ifss Lf A The music organizations of the Archbold Schools had a very busy and successful year. Groups from the high school made many public appearances during the school year. The ele- mentary school presented a fine program in early December. Home comings, programs, the var- ious phases of competition, and a variety of requests on the department for their talents, kept them quite busy during the year. Many beginners were started on the musical highway of the future and undoubtedly many of them will become important members of the vocal and instrumental music picture of the future. The Board of Education added some more instruments, and this phase of the department is about complete. Instruments are made available to beginners on a small rental fee basis, making it pos- sible for them to find out whether they are adapted to their chosen instruments without a large outlay of money on the part of the parents. When a pupil has established his mastery of an in- strument it is expected that the parents will provide an instrument for him, thus making one more available for another beginner. One major achievement of the year was the purchase of sixty-five beautiful new band. uni- forms for the senior band. These uniforms were purchased through the efforts and support of the Band Parents and some very generous contributions from a number of local business organi- zations. The old uniforms were kept for the Iunior Band and they were a very proud lot of boys and girls when they made their first appearance in them. The Senior Band received a Superior rating in the District and an Excellent rating in the State. The girls Quartette received a Superior Rating in the State. The mixed chorus and the girls glee club received ratings of Excellent in the district. Many soloists and ensembles also partici- pated in the district and state competitions. A good foundation has been built in the music department during the past two years and in- terest is high. More boys and girls than ever before are taking part in the various music organi- zations. This bids well for the future, and should assure the school of many more years of the same high type of music which they have enioyed during the past two years. IUNIOR BAND BAND COUNCIL Gene Berncxth. Bill Rupp, lack Lauber. Charlene Stuckey, Ethel Truut Donn Bernalh, Icrmes Myers, Barbara Christy, Sara Louise Short I f' 4 i Q VOCAL ENSEMBLES MIXEDOCTET George Wagner, Marlin Rieqsecker, Iames Ziegler. Darrell Stuclcey Hattie Clingaman, Mary Sue Rychener, Buetta Wyse. Ethel Traui GIRLS' SEXTETTE A i X 1 5 .k .i Q, K ' S S if ' ,N is A f S Vi ew 'A 'X A ' -f 1 in J A X ,, W ' ' Q W5 Q W K , mi? ' . N 'fi y ff K S- gig., .X-EQSSSXQ gy R .Q rv W , 2 I ,ask V l X if Helen Schultz, Barbara Rich, Ethel Traut. Marjorie Fiser. Susie Fagley, Suzanne Stuckey GIRLS' QUARTET Harriet Spengler, Sally Scales, Patricia Winzeler, Carolyn Grime HIGHSCHOOL "i 5 J lg. Us Y' 3 3' 'U' 5 rv :,- . 1? 5 . wif gi B t X 4 M , ,-' .pf 'E ,E QMS' , wi M fl Q r . Q .4' 'Ll-. Back Row: Lyle Lauber, Denver Wyse, Bill Rupp, Roger Schantz, Lowell Spiess, Ioe Crossgrove, Norman Wingard, Richard Stuckey, Nancy Rutter Third Row: Marlene Rulenacht, Ethelmae Meck. George Wagner, Roger Rupp, Merle Seiler, Roy Schott, Marlin Biegsecker, Elaine Grieser Second Row: Helen Schultz, Barbara Rutter, Charlene Stuckey. Buetta Wyse, Ethel Traut, Barbara Christy. Marlene Leu, Sally Scales, Harriet Spenqler, lane Scales First Row: Sara Short, Suzanne Stuckey, Nancy Short, Lynda Miller, Dorothy Gearig, Carol Rupp, Shirley Graf, Susie Fagley, Mary Gibson BOYS'GLEECLUB bfi 5 . , A M" ' if W fi A W ' 'fff of ., 5 R W 49,5-Q., ,sf W Q if 'SQ f 3 , W9 A wk, 5 Mt' TSI: FAQ l ,Q J ,,,,,,,. Q Ye ,W vm Y Vx fs, . I A . A , 4 X , ..,, . S 5 I Q rr , 515, A f .Q " wI4S5:1 . .. ' , W , 1" KD S tix X' ii? 't V l X - ' 'I 3 J W W ' ff, ls "" .W yy F ,.j fl J a J ,ig F ,ip g P se r , M W V Q em, fi, , 1 A le Q T , fm ' Q it W 5 .-A -- 9 - .r., .,, + it l 4 5 HV Y as HIE: g A , tw fury .Keg-351. 1.5 , iw i: : , , .X t. ,. 1 .Q l- S F 2 F "-' 1 of 5 is N 1: 3? . I -:sy F Q, . ,X ..,, , T, P wit Ft f ,.. Q :Q f Q Q Q 'cl 1 8 I ' . X i , A 'v 2 A r gi! , , A 1 , 1 . ...- Back Row: Marlin Riegsecker, Roger Schantz, Lowell Spiess, Robert Kleck, Benny Pidbirny, Ted Lovejoy, Gene Rupp, Herbert Wyse, Lyle Lauber, Richard Stuckey Middle Row: Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, Norman Wingard. Merle Seiler, Roy Schott, Rollin Hayes, Robert Roth, Iim Ziege ler, Lowell Flory, Denver Wyse, Bobert Berry, Dee DeGrolf Front Row: David Rulfer, Roger Rupp, Harold Wyse, Curtis Beck, Bobby Frey, Donald Short, Fred Grisier, Iohn Graber CHORUS ' S s-1 x. 5 l' Top Row: Iohn Graber, Andy Murbach, Iames Ziegler, Herberi Wyse, Dee l'JeGrofl, Ben Pidbirny, Third Row: Hattie Clingaman, Mary Sue Rychener. Darrell Stu ckey. Lowell Flory, Iohn Wyse, Donald Short, Ralph Burkholder, Rollin Hayes, Conna Graber Second Row: Mary Kunkle. Mariorie Fiser. Alice Mary Roth, Charlotte Eicher. Annabelle Stuckey. Carolyn Grime, Mary Ellyn Lauber, Patricia Winzeler, Donna Graber ' ' A Brodbeck. Ianet Wyse, Avon Roth, Mona Front Row: Carol Schmucker, Carolyn Grieser, Barbara Rich, Betty Io Scott, Io nn Roth, Ioan Giqax GIRLS' G'-LEE CLUB 4- l KW. . Al' Mar Roth, Conna Graber Donna Graber, Annabelle Stuckey. Marjorie Fiser, Hattie Clinqaman. Mary Sue ny- Back How: ice y , chener, Betty Nicolen, Marlene Leu, Nancy Rutter, Ethelmae Meck. Buetta Wyse. Sally Scales Middle Row: Nancy Short, Ruth Ann Terrill, Eleanor Stuckey, Ioan Giqax, Carolyn Grime, Mary Ellyn Lauber, Pat Winzeler. Charlene Stuckey, Lynda Miller, Ethel Traut, Susie Fagley, Elaine Kernig, Mary Gibson, Mary Winzeler, Susie Stuckey W A on Roth, Mona Roth. Ioan Sauder, F t Row: Mary Lou Rulter, Carolyn Grieser, Barbara Rich, Betty Io Scott, Ianet yse, v l'Ol1 Dorothy Geariq, Carol lean Rupp, Shirley Graf, Helen Schultz IUNIOR PLAYS Back Row: Orville Fricke, Tom Fankhauser, Mr. Parker, Barbara Chris.y, Paul Yoder, Bill Rupp, Dee DeGroti, Robert Berry Front Row: lane Scales, Helen Dennis, Charlotte Elcher, Annabelle Stuckey, Nancy Rutter, DeRoyce Hornish, Sara Louise Short The Iunior Class presented two plays during the school year 1951-1952. In the fall the above cast gave "Finders Creepers." The group pictured below presented "The Baby Sit- ter." Due to bad weather "Finders Creepers" was given a repeat performance. The "Baby Sitter" drew an exceptionally large audience. Both plays were very well staged and were much enjoyed by all who attended. Mr. Parker directed boih of the plays. Back Row: Nancy Short, Rollin Beck, Iames Stuckey, Donald Kleck, Robert Berry, Louis Brock, leanne Iohnson. Mr. Parker Front Row: Velda Lantz, Eleanor Stuckey, Sally Palmer, Carol Iean Rupp, Mary Ellen Nafziger, Marlene Leu, Alice Mary Roth or N HALLOWEEN QUEEN v E t E -'Q' -ui Shirley Graf Helen Schultz Nancy Buffer Patricia Winzeler Mary Ellyn Lauber For the past several years the Community Commercial Club has been sponsoring a program of Halloween activities on Halloween Night. The purpose of these activities has been to provide wholesome entertainment for the young people of the community in an attempt to curb the malicious forms of amusement which are so prevalent in many commu- nities. The Club has every right to feel proud of the fact that last year the young folks of the community were one hundred per cent cooperative and practically none of the usual type of Halloween mischief occurred. As a part of this Halloween Program of entertainment the school has been asked to select a queen and a court of attendants. The climax of the evening's events is the crown- ing of the queen. The queen is selected from the senior class and she has one attendant from each of the four high school classes. Patricia Winzeler was honored by being chosen queen for the 1951 celebration. Her attendants were: Mary Ellyn Lauber, Nancy Buffer, Shirley Graf, and Helen Schultz. These young ladies, besides, receiving the honors of the occasion, were presented token gifts by the club. Following the crowning of the queen, prizes were awarded to the boys and girls who had the best and funniest costumes. Quite a large number of adults entered the spirit of the event and also appeared in comic costumes. Cider and doughnuts topped off the program. Many attended the theater as the weather was quite cold and the streets were deserted at an early hour. INDUSTRIAL ARTS get 1 ,k,A 1--lla The above picture shows the Industrial Arts exhibit which was on display at the Science Fair held here last spring. This display drew much favorable comment from the many people who attended the fair. Some very nice articles of furniture, metal work, plas- tics, and various other items too numerous to mention are made in this department. It is a very popular and important part of the school, and is under the direction of Mr. Hornish. This department has been very valuable to the school by building needed items for the various departments and for dramatic productions. This year two of the boys, under the direction of Mr. Hornish, made 48 very fine new lockers for the boys dressing rooms. This department has been very helpful and cooperative at all times. Four years of industrial arts is included in the curriculum. This gives the boys a fine opportunity to get a good basis and foundation for this type of work if they care to follow it to make a living. If they do go into other kinds of work the training and experience they received in these courses will always enable them to do most of the small construction and maintenance tasks which always need to be done in the average home. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 3 New pupils registered. 4 School officially began. 4 Faculty meeting. 10 Sci-Questa Club meeting. 14 Baseball season sfarted with Archbold playing Fayette there. Archbold-15 Fayette-2 Faculty party. 18 Baseball game with Chesterfield here. Archbold- 12 Chesterfield-2 20 A Trampoline Act was the iirst of our lyceum num- bers. Baseball game with Pettisville there. Archbold-16 Pettisville-2 Social Club dance. 24- Baseball game with Iewell there. Archbold-17 Iewell-0 Sci-Questa Club meeting. 28 -Baseball game with Fayette here. Archbold-8 Fayette-2 Freshman initiafion. OCTOBER 2 Baseball game with Iewell here. Archbold-7 Iewell- 6 5 -Baseball game with Metamora there. Archbold-13 Metamora-0 Freshman retum party. 8 -Sci-Questa Club meeting. 9 Baseball game with Fulton here. Archbold-20 Fulton-0 12- -Baseball game with Lyons there. Archbold-14 Lyons-1 19 NWOTA teachers meeting. 22 Sci-Questa Club meeting. 23 Farm Bureau Safety Program. 25 Second lyceum number- George Iohnson. pianist. 27- -Social Club square dance. 29-Practice game with Deshler. NOVEMBER 2 Senior class sponsored a skating party at Bryan tor all classes. 6 First junior play, "Finders Creepers." 7 F.F.A. meeting. 9- Student Council sponsored a skating party at Bryan for all classes. 12 Sci-Questa Club meeting. 13 Repeat performance of the junior play. . 16-First basketball game at Grand Rapids. Archbolcl- 63 Grand Rapids-67 20 Ioint F.F.A. and Home Ec. Club party. Zl Basketball game with Alger here. Archbold-79 Alger-58. 22 Thanksgiving vacation began. 23 Basketball game with Stryker here, Archbold-71 Stryker-22 30-- -Sci-Questa Club meeting.. N.W.O. Sclzoolmasters meeting at Stryker. Basketball game with Wauseon here. Archbold-64 Wauseon-37 DECEMBER -Feading Club Pageant. Elementary grades gave an operetta. Every pupil tests. Basketball game at Fayette. Archbold-92 Fayette-73 Sei-Questa Club meeting. Basketball gcme at Pettisville. Arclibzld-62 Pettis- ville-34 -Basketball game with Delta here. Archbold-til Delta-39 Band Concert -Seventh and eighth grades party. F.F.A. Parent and Son Program. Start of Christmas vacation. -Sci-Questa Club meeting. Basketball game with Iiidgeville here. Archbold-63 Ridgeville-37 IANUARY -1952 school began after vacation. Basketball game with Fayette here. Archbold-71 Fayette-51. Basketball game at Stryker. Archbold-64 Stryker-Gi --Semester exams. Basketball game at Fulton. Archbold-78 Fulton-26 -Sci-Questa Club meeting. Basketball game at Ridgeville. Archbold-68 Ridge- ville-50 -Basketball game with Swanton here. Archbold-SZ Swanton-49 -Basketball game at Wauseon. Archbold-57 Wau- seon-35 Miss Naomi Crow from Flower Hospital talked to the girls. Basketball game with Lyons here. Archbold-56 Lyons-27 Sci-Questa Club meeting. C.D. Beard Defiance College talked to seniors. --Basketball game at Delta. Archbold-55 Delta-36 Senior Scholarship Tests. FEBRUARY -Basketball game at Chesterfield. Archbold-52 Chesterfield-32 -Basketball game at West Unity. Archbold-69 West Unity-40 -Wauseon School Masters Meeting. -Basketball game at Metamora. Archbold-46 Meta- mora-29 6-Midyear faculty party. CALENDAR 7-Home Ec. Club party for F.F.A. 8-Mrs. Florence Herbert from Toledo Hospital talked to girls. Basketball game with Pettisville here. Archbold-97 Pettisville-36 ll-Sci-Questa Club meeting. 14-County tournament, Archbold vs. Chesterfield. Arch- bold-7U Chesterfield-24 16-County tournament. Archbold vs. Fulton. Archbold- 71 Fulton-43 19-Choral concert. 20-Bowling Green Ind. Arts Exhibit. 21-County toumament. Archbold vs. Delta. Archbold- SU Delta-48 22-Washington's Birthday-Vacation. 23- County tournament, Archbold junior high vs. Pettis- ville. Archbold-29 Pettisville-22. County Champs. 25-Sci-Ques'a Club meeting. F.F.A. Father and Son Banquet. 27-District tournament. Archbold vs. Edgerton. Arch- bold-56 Edgerton-61 MARCH 7-Denison Players presented "The Patsy." 8-District solo and ensembles contest at Bowling Green. 10-Sci-Questa Club meeting. 13-Sgt. Nassner of the U.S. Air Corps talked to the seniors. 15-District band and chorus contest. 18-Boosters Dinner 21-County Music Festival Chicago Field Trip for the science students. 24-F.F.A. meeting Sci-Questa Club meeting. 26-Fulton County Teachers Meeting. Every pupil tests. 27-Social Club had Chapel Program. 29-Social Club square dance. APRIL 1-Iunior Play, "The Baby Sitter" 2-Preliminary-District State Scholarship Tests. meet. Archbold 77, Wauseon 41. At Dual Track Ruihley Park. 5-Science Day at Bowling Green State University. 8-At Pettisville, opening baseball game. Streaks 2'J. Pettisville 2. 9-Streaks at Defiance. Archbold 11, Defiance 3. 11-Spring Vacation. 12-Quadri-County Science Fair here. 14-Sci-Questa Club meeting. 16-Baseball at Fayette. Streaks 5, Eagles 3. 17-Dual Track meet here. Archbold saw, Swanton 57M. 18- Fulton 1. Iunior-Senior Banquet. Eighth Grade Tests. State Science Day at Kent State University. l9sState Solo and Ensemble Contests. 21-Career Day at Wauseon for all seniors in Fulton County. Triangular Track meet at Morenci. Streaks savz, Morenci 38, Blissiield 22 Vg. 22-Pre-Competition band concert. Baseball at Ruihley Park. Archbold 7. Lyons 0. 25-Senior Play, "Mumbo Jumbo." Second toumament game. Streaks 9, Chesterfield 1. 26-State Band Competition at Westerville. 28-Dual Track mee? here. Archbold 70. Liberty Center 44. 29-Baseball at Ridgeville. Archbold 10, Ridgeville 6. 30-Northwestem Ohio Schoolmasters meeting at Pauld- MAY ing. District Toumament baseball game. Archbold 2. Grover Hill 0. 2-Senior Play. "One Foot In Heaven" A warm-up game at Iewell. Archbold 18, the Hams 6. 3-State Final Scholarship Tests at Bowling Green State University. 6-Spring music concert by the combined Fayette and Archbold bands. District Tournament. Streaks pulled one out of the fire. Archbold 3, Edgerton 2. 7-Quadrangular meet at Delta. Swanton 67 V2, Arch- bold seV2. Delta 57, Holland IBV2. 12-Still in the District Tournament. Archbold 5, Ham- ler 4. 13-Finals of District Baseball Tournament. Archbold 5. Deshler 6. 14-County Track meet at Delta. Won by Streaks. Arch- bold BSM. Delta 74. 16--Awards Day. Senior picnic. Baseball-no seniors. Archbold 7, Pettisville 1. 18-Baccalaureate Services. Rev. Dietz gave an ox- cellent sermon. l9sFinal Examinations. 20-Commencement Exercises. Grove Patterson was the speaker. Gave a fine address. 21--Baseball at Chesterfield-no seniors. Chesterfield 8. 22- Archbold 6. -Last day of school. Grade cards and ice cream. It's all over now! 25-Forty three seniors and Mr. and Mrs. Spengler left lor Washington and New York. 30--A weary lot of seniors retumed from their trip. County tournament game at Fulton. Archbold 2. SPORTS MW is Denver Wyse, Iohn Young, v A .f . Y: AAL. Lowell Spiess. Lyle Luuber 'Q-Q. ff 'E X VARSITY BASKETBALL I im ack Row: Iames Myers, Lowell Flory, Gene Bemath, Ierry Grime, Roger Schantz, Rollin Hayes, Mr. Conroy Front Row: Denver Wyse, Tom Lauber, Iohn Young, Lowell Spiess, Paul Yoder, Ralph Burkholder, Marvin Storrer The Blue Streaks had another good basketball season. They won 22 games and lost only two. They had a record of 22 straight wins, losing their first and last games of the sea- son. The team won the County League title and the County Tournament for the second straight year. They dropped their opening game in the District Tournament at Defiance when Edgerton won an upset victory by a 61-56 score. This first game jinx has stopped the Streaks two years in a row at Defiance. They are about due to get some better breaks one of these years. The team added two more trophies to their large collection: one for the League title and one for the County Tournament. Ralph Burkholder won the foul shooting trophy. The squad lost seven players through graduation. Lowell Spiess, Iohn Young, Ralph Burkholder, Denver Wyse, Marvin Storrer, Gene Bemath and Rollin Hayes are the boys who received their diplomas last May. They will be exceedingly hard to replace. Statis- tics are not available but it is quite likely that Lowell Spiess is the highest scoring player in the history of the school. Paul Yoder and Tom Lauber will form the nucleus about which the team will be built next year. Plenty of good boys will be available from last year's reserve team. 1951-1952 SCORES A1-chbold Opponent At-chbold Opponent 63 Grand Rapids 67 56 Lyons 35 79 Alger 58 55 Delta 36 71 Stryker 22 52 Chesterfield 32 64 Wauseon 37 69 West Unity 40 92 Fayette 70 46 Metamora 29 S2 Pettisville 34 87 Pettisville 36 62 Delta 39 ' 60 Ridgeville 37 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 71 Fayette 51 70 Chesterfield 24 64 Stryker 31 71 Fulton 43 78 Fulton 26 60 Delta 48 68 Ridgeville 50 62 Swanton 49 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT B7 Wauseon 35 56 Edgerton 61 ,,....N ix-Q Sw: -f':L"':: A :W A f X 8 x Q is X Q" F5 Q S . x-isis SSR wx sys? sm, m, . S H E 3 if x e if ii Sf x FultonfThere. Ian. 11. The Raiders couldn't raid and the BASKETBALL 1951-1952 Grand Rapids-There. Nov. 16. Streaks lost a heartbreaker, score 67-63. Grand Rapids--There. Nov. 16. Streaks lost a heartbreaker 67-63. A tough battle all the way. Spiess hit for 26, Young 16. Trumbull and Kiefer had 24 and 22. Alger-Here. Nov. 21. Streaks 79, Alger 58. Spiess again with 25, Young 17. Stryker-Here. Nov. 23. An easy game for the Streaks, 76 to 22. 'I'he issue never in doubt. Spiess 21, Yoder 15. Wauseon-Here. Nov. 30. The Streaks grabbed a big first- half lead and won going away 64 to 37. A "Memphis Special." Iohn Young scored 14, Yoder 13. Fayette-There. Dec. 7. The Streaks went to Fayette and feathered the Eagles in a high scoring game by a count of 92 to 70. Lowell Spiess scored 27. Denny Wyse 17. Harman hit 21 for the Eagles. Pettisville-There. Dec. 14. Streaks used the entire squad as the Blackbirds fell 62 to 34. The boys all liked Pettisvil1e's fine new gym. Ierry Grime scored 13, Iohn Young 11. Delta-Here. Dec. 15. The Streaks made it six in a row by taming the Panthers 62-39. Spiess and Young were good for 15 each. Football Basich 12 for Delta. Ridgeville-Here. Dec. 28. The Falcons put up a good fight but fell 60 to 37. A bit of revenge for some oi those beatings of a few years ago. Lowell Spiess again with 18, Tom Lauber 11. Fayette--Here. The Eagles clawed hard but the Streaks had too much for them. They went down by a score of 71 to 51. Spiess 24, Young and Burkholder 13 each. Stryker-There. Ian. 8. Stryker had an oft year. Over the years they have been tough. Streaks had an easy time. Score 64-31. Spiess good for 18, Yoder 16. Streaks won their tenth straight 78-26. Spiess 20, Yoder 16. RidgevilleYThere. Ian. 15. Another win over the Falcons. Score 68 to 50. Fuzzy Burkholder hit 19, Spiess 18. Swanton-Here. Ian. 18. The Bulldogs were tough, but the home boys made it twelve straight with a 62-49 win. Spiess 20, Burkholder 16. Wauseon-There. Ian. 22. The Streaks scalped the Indians on their own reservation 67 to 35. Lowell Spiess had a very large evening as he meshed 29 points. Iohn Young had 14. Dr. Rychener was on hand to see exactly how he has been spending his money in recent years. Lyons-Here. Ian. 25. Lyons came here with a good team and a big crowd of fans, but it wasn't enough and they lost 56 to 27. Iohn Young was Mr. Big with a fine total of 25 points. Dr. Rychener and Ray Fisher were here for this one. DeltaeThere. Ian. 29. The Streaks made it fifteen in a row since their opening game loss to Grand Rapids by beating Delta 55 to 36. Lowell and Iohn sank 18 points each. Dick Basich knows about basketball too as he paced both teams with 20 markers. Chesterfield-There. Feb. 1. The Comets gave the Streaks a busy evening during the first half, but they ran out of gas in the third quarter and the Streaks won 52 to 32. Spiess 15, Yoder 12. West UnityeThere. Feb. 2. The Williams County lads could not keep up the pace set by the Streaks and succumbed by a 69-40 count. Paul Yoder had his big evening as he scored 20. Lowell Spiess had 12. Metamora-There. Feb. 5. The Tigers had the Streaks worried and they couldn't hit the basket. This was their lowest score of the season as they won their eighteenth straight game by a score of 46-29. Lowell Spiess netted 18, Iohn Young 10. Pettisville-Here. Feb. 8. In the last game of the regular season the Streaks beat the Blackbirds by a score 87 to 36. Everybody got into the act. Iohn Young scored 19, Tom Lauber 15. Last game before a home crowd for Spiess, Young, Burkholder, Wyse. Hayes, Bernath, and Storrer, senior members ot the squad. The Streaks cinched the League title. County Tournament at Waseon Chesterfieldelreb. 14. The Streaks drew into an easy bracket and got off to a good start by dimming the Comets by a score of 70 to 24. Everybody saw action. Iohn Young hit for 21, Paul Yoder 12. Fulton-Feb. 16. The Raiders were the second easy victim for the Streaks-71 to 43. Bench cleared again. Spiess bagged 20, Yoder 17. Delta-Feb. 21. The Panthers snarled, clawed and tought all the way but the Streaks had plenty in reserve and won the County championship for the second straight year. Score, Arbold 60, Delta 48. Lowell Spiess and Iohn Young were good for 20 and 19- A fine trophy to the team and gold basketballs to each of the players. Edgerton-Feb. 27. The Blue Streaks entered this tourn- ament as one of the favorite teams. They record of twenty-two straight wins and were favorite to win over Edgerton, their first game The Williams County boys had ideas of their capitalized on the breaks of the game and carried a a definite opponent. own and upset the favored Streaks by a score of 61 to 56. The Streaks suffered heavily in the personal foul department, losing three regulars and having most of the team heavily burdened with personals. The referees kept most of the games of the entire tournament from being well played by excessive whistle tooting. The season thus ended with a record of 22 wins and 2 defeats. This made two years in a row that good Streak teams went to Defiance and lost their first games. 'l'hey will be back again and one of these times they will have better luck. Columbus Grove won the District championship. Lockland Wayne won the State class B title. Steubenville won the State Class A crown. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM E2 Rf Xxj I Back Row: DeRoyce Front Row: Mr. Conroy, Lowell Flory, Bill Kernig, Ierry Grime, Andy Murboch, Orville Fricke, Roger Schantz, Iames Myers Hornish, Eddie Lauber, Everett Wyse, lim Clingaman, Robert Berry, Tom Fankhauser, Dee DeGroii The Reserve team compiled a perfect record of 20 straight wins during the past sea- son, and they were rarely extended to win their games. This indicates a lot of good prospects for next year's varsity. Many of them have already seen considerable action on the varsity squad. The Iunior High team also came through in fine style. They dropped two close games during the season, but closed on the up grade and won the County Tournament at Wauseon, for the second successive year. IUNIOR HIGH TEAM .. , Q 2 '1'- K 5. 1. .f .A f is -:Q s .i ,Q El? sf S ' ,.,. + i ' S ' '-:' a ssi ss S N ,F i.'. Q, ,.,, 1 f 14 f by X . . X 5 - mfr' X .. i l l , R 1 ss T - if E A rr 5 1 . 3 1 lx . Q5 E s ?.sM:.:-Q? tx B W I X ... . 5 . M . ,N '. X Q. K J, j M was-IP' Back Row: lack Robison, Bob Roth, Fred Grisier, Bob Kleck, Dale Storrer, lack Miller, Iim Short Front Row: Neil Spangler, Larry Short, Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, Bob Rufenacht lMgr.l BASEBALL f".a " Back Row: Stanley Buehrer, Everett Wyse, Iames Myers, Dee DeGrofi, Eddie Lauber, George Wagner, Philip Buehrer Front Row: Denver Wyse, Lowell Spiess, Andy Murbach, Iohn Young, Don Kleck, Paul Yoder, Ralph Burkholder. Marvin Storrer, DeRoyce Hornish. Absent-Roger Schantz The 1951-1952 high school baseball team had the best season in the history of the school. They won nine straight games in the fall, and added eleven more in the spring for a record of twenty consecutive wins. Their string was broken when they lost to Deshler in the District Finals at Defiance by a score of B to 5. Their over-all record forthe year was 21 wins and 2 defeats. The last two games in the spring were played without the senior members of the team. The team won the Fulton County League championship in the fall and the County Tournament in the spring. They advanced to the District Finals by beating Grover Hill 2 to 0, Edgerton 3 to 2, and Hamler 5 to 4. The championship game with Deshler was lost in the last inning. Errors gave Deshler 5 unearned runs during the game, however the boys play- ed good ball most of the time and their record speaks for itself. Iohn Young, Don Kleck and Roger Schantz did the pitching with Paul Yoder behind the bat. Denver Wyse played spectacular ball in center field. The Streak nine added three trophies to their collection, one for the County League, the County Tournament, and the District Runner-up. The team lost heavily by graduation. The departing members of the team were lohn Young, Denver Wyse, Lowell Spiess, Marvin Storrer, and Ralph Burkholder. BASEBALL SCORES 1951-1952 Date Archbold Opponent Sept, 14, 1951 ,,,.,. ....., 1 5 Fayette ,........,......,.. 2 April Fulton ..........i..-. - ..... 1 C-T- Sepf, 18 ,,,,,,,Y.. . .,.... 12 Chesterfield ..... ...... 2 APYU I-YOHS -'-------A---- -'--- - 0 Sept, zo ,,,.,. ....... 1 6 Pettisville ,... ....... 2 April Chesterfield 1 Cf sept, 24 ..... ....... 1 7 Iewell ...... ...l.... 0 April Ridgeville le----l-------- 5 Sept. 28 ggggl ,,,,-,, 3 Fayette ,nnn ,,,,,,1 2 April Grover Hill 0 DT Oct. 2 ....... ,.,.... 7 Iewell ...... ..--.-. 5 MUY lewell -'-----'4---A-- ----- 6 oct, 5 ,..,,.. .....,. 1 3 Metamora .. ..,.. .. 0 MUY Edgerton l----. .-------- 2 DT oct. 9 ........................ 20 Fulton ..... ..l... 0 MUY Hflmlef 4 DT oct, 12 ,.................. ..,... 1 4 Lyons ....... ....... 1 May Deshler 6 F April a, 1952 ,...,,..... zo Penisville .... ...,... 2 May Pellisville ..-. ..-.4.-- 1 April 9 ,......... . ...... 11 Defiance .. . ...... 3 MUY Chesfeffield 8 April 16 ,,,,..,. ....,,.., 5 Fayette .... . ...... 3 TRACK Back Row: Coach Conroy, Bob Berry, Ben Pidbirny, Paul Yoder, Ierry Grime, Iohn Young, Lyle Lauber, Dee De- Grolt Front Row: Gerald Short, Denver Wyse. re risre Gigax, Don Rufenacht F d G' ' r, Rollin Hayes, Bob Frey, Lowell Spiess, Lowell Flory. Bob The 1952 Track squad was small but it had enough stand-out performers to have a very successful season. The boys engaged in the usual dual, and triangular meets and in one quadrangular meet in preparation for the County Meet which was held at Delta. The Delta Panthers had won the County Title for the past eight years in a row and were again the favorites. However, the Streaks had too much for them and the title came back to Archbold as the team scored 89V2 points to 74 for Delta. A number of the boys entered the District Meet at Bowling Green and scored 9 points. Iohn Young and Denver Wyse qualified for the State meet at Columbus. Iohn Young received the trophy for scoring the highest number of points during the season. Graduating members of the squad were.Lowell Spiess, Iohn Young, Denver Wyse, Lyle Lauber, Rollin Hayes, Ben Pidbimy, Don Rufenacht, Bob Gigax, and Gerald Short. TRACK SCORES FOR THE 1952 SEASON April 2!Dual meet, here ........................,...,...,,.....,,,....,.,.........., Archbold 77 Wauseon 41 April 16-Dual meet, here ......,... ..........,.........,.........,,.,..,,..,,... A rchbold 59Vz Swanton 571fz April 21ATriangular at Morenci ..,....,.... Archbold 66V2 Morenci 38 Blisstield 22Vz April 28-Dual meet, here ......,......,..................,......,..,,..,.........,...,... Archbold 70 Liberty Center 44 May 7-Quad. meet at Delta ....,.....,......,..... ..........,,.......,... A rchbold 66Vz Swanton 67 L2 Delta 57 Holland 18 V2 May 141-County meet at Delta ,,,,.,,......,,..,..,,..,..,.,..,,,,,,..,,,.....,,.. Archbold 89V2 Delta 74 Chesterfield 26 Fayette 14Vz Pettisville 5 ATHLETIC COACHES 'WIQQ P' .3 , fi AWN: Varsity Basketball and Track Coach-- Robert Conroy Baseball Coach I. H. Spengler Ir. High Coach- lack Robison MANAGERS Iarnes Myers Donn Bernath Lamar Gisel VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Hattie Clingaman, Nancy Rutter, Mary Ellyn Lauber. Ethel Traut The Blue Streak Cheerleaders had another good season. Their teams rewarded them often with victories and rarely with defeats. They were al- ways on the job and doing their very best to encourage the boys on to victory. IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Deanna Burkholder, Maureen Rupp, Ianice Peters, Barbara Rutter FX "A" ASSOCIATION Back Row: Eddie Lauber, Gerald Short, Andy Murbach, Donald Kleck, Lyle Lauber, Ierry Grime, Tom Lauber, Paul Yoder, Roger Schantz Front Row: Dick Grime, DeHoyce Hornish. Ralph Burkholder, Lowell Spiess, Iohn Young. Denver Wyse, Marvin Storrer, Iames Myers This club consists of those students in high school who have earned their letter in at least one of the school's major sports of basketball, baseball or track. The organization is not in the active category. It holds no meetings, noi' does it engage in school activities as a group. Membership comes auto- matically to any student who earns his letter. Some years ago the club initiated all new members and engaged in a few activities. The membership of this group is rather small. This results primarily from the tact that many of the boys engage in two or three sports. It is planned to start football again in the fall of 1952. This will un- doubtedly bring out a much larger number of boys and the size of the A Association should grow accordingly. With a larger membership it might well become active again. DB. R. O. RYCHENER 1 RYCHENEB AWARD Dr. Ralph O. Rychener, an Alumnus of Archbold High School, and now a successful surgeon in Memphis, Tennessee, who has long been noted for his very generous moral and financial support of all athletic and other activities in our school, in 1946 established an Annual Senior Athletic Award of one hundred dollars cash to a graduating senior boy. This scholarship was named in honor of Mr. Rychener's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. I. Rychener, local resi- dents, who always displayed a keen interest in local school affairs. The award is made on the following basis: Thirty per cent ath- letic ability: thirty per cent scholarship: twenty per cent general school attitude: and twenty per cent neatness and personal appearance. In 1952 a slight revision was made in the award making the cash payment of the one hundred dollars only if the winner goes on to college. If he does not continue his education beyond high school he will receive a watch chain medal instead of the cash award. Another new provision states that he must have an average of B or better in all of his English courses. If the one chosen for the award does not use it by going to college it will be held in escrow for the next year. The winner of the award is selected by a secret vote of the high school faculty. Former winners of the award were as follows: Aden Stoner, 1946: Gerald Lehman, 1947: Paul Sigg, 1948: Arthur Kleck, 1949: Iohn Clair, 1950: and Dale Leu, 1951. l l Ralph BurkholderIl952 Rychener Award Winner SPCR TS SNAPSHOTS The Blue Streak athletic teams made a clean sweep all sports events in Fulton County last year. They won the championships in basketball. baseball, Iunior High basketball and Track. Above you may see some oi the Streaks as they participate in their favorite sports. BASKETBALL RECORDS BASKETBALL WON AND LOST RECORDS Below is a year-by-year won and lost record of Archbold High School Basketball teams from the year 1911 to the present year of 1952. Year Won Lost Year WOH I-051 1911 3 2 1932 ,... ., . 14 5 1912 ,. 8 6 1993 ..,, ,, , 12 9 1913 5 4 1934 .... ...... 1 6 5 1914 5 5 1935 ..,, , 6 12 1915 9 4 1936 ,,,,, . ,. 14 5 1916 5 5 1937 ,,,. .. 10 8 1917 ,,,, .. 19 4 1938 .... .. 5 14 1918 ..,.,.. 11 2 1939 ..., 15 10 1919 2 5 1940 15 7 1920 9 8 1941 ,... ,. 22 4 1921 ,,,..., 16 7 1942 .,,. ...... 1 6 ll 1922 ,,..., 23 4 1943 ,.., ,. 9 10 1923 ,, .... 20 5 1944 .,,, . 14 5 1924 , 21 2 1945 ..., ,. ,. 12 10 1925 ,, 8 3 1946 ,.., .,.,,. l 7 6 1926 11 9 1947 .... 12 ll 1927 ...., 10 0 1948 .... ..,.., 1 8 9 1928 .,, 12 5 1949 .,, ,,., ,, 18 5 1929 9 5 1950 .,.. 20 9 1930 .,, 20 4 1951 ..... ...,. 2 3 1 1931 .,.,., 12 B 1952 .,, H, 22 2 Totals 549 257 COMMERCIALS Students, Teachers, Parents and Friends: This annual was brought to you at a reasonable price, through the whole-hearted co-operation and financial support of the friendly merchants of our community. They have amply demonstrated their good will toward our school and their support is greatly appreciated by the publishers of this book. Let's extend our patron- age and good will to them in the same friendly manner in which they have given theirs to us. ADVERTISING ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Willard Mack Owen Rice AUCTIONEERS DENVER STUCKEY AUCTION SALES LUGBILL BROS. INC. YODER AND F REY BAKERIES Terry's Bakery BANKS FARMERS 6. MERCHANTS STATE BANK PEOPLES STATE BANK BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Denny's Barber Shop Fankhauser Barber Shop F lorence's Beauty Shop Fred's Barber Shop Kay's Beauty Shoppe Ioe Litwiller Barber Shop BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS RIEGSECKER BROS. Rupp Lumber Co.-Pettisville BUILDING MOVERS E. M. SAUDER 6. SON CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH SERVICE E. F. BEDNAR CONCRETE PRODUCTS ARCHBOLD CONCRETE PRODUCTS CONFECTIONERS, BEVERAGES Arage Confectionery Harold Nagel Recreation Lloyd Leu Sheneman's Silver Maples-West Unity DIRECTORY CLOTHING-FURNISHINGS Ora Lauber 61 Son Dale Rufenacht TOT AND TEEN SHOP DAIRY PRODUCTS Nofziger Dairy Farm Nafziger Dairy Farm NOFZIGER DAIRY STORE Short's Dairy Store DENTISTS Dr. R. I. Mellor DITCHIN G AND EXCAVATING Clyde Gigax-Elmira MILLER BROS. Wm. M. Wyse DRUG STORES City Drug Store RED CROSS DRUG STORE DRY CLEANERS ARCHBOLD DRY CLEANERS Bancroft Cleaners DRY GOODS 6. NOTIONS Archbold Dry Goods Ginny's Fashion Shop Helen's Dry Goods ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Vic's Electric FARM EQUIPMENT Walter Breniser Huffman Dusting and Seeding KING-WYSE MFG. CO. Rychener Bros. Stacey Farm Supply-Elmira Wauseon Fertilizer Co. ADVERTISING DIRECTORY FLOOR COVERING O. I. Short Floor Covering FLORISTS ARCHBOLD GREEN HOUSE FOOD PROCESSING LA CHOY FOOD PRODUCTS FUNERAL HOMES Short's Funeral Home GRISIER'S FUNERAL HOMES GARAGES AND SERVICE STATIONS ARCHBOLD SALES 6. SERVICE CHRISTY MOTOR SALES Crossgrove Garage-Elmira DeGroff's Marathon Service Grieser Motor Sales GREEK MOTOR SALES-Bryan Heer's Garage-Elmira Lindsey Motor Sales-Bryan LIECHTY MOTOR SALES Lowell Thomas Service Station Miller Auto Supply Myers Body Shop NOFZIGER BROS. PAUL'S FRIENDLY SERVICE Short Sales and Service-West Unity GENERAL STORES Roth's General Store-Elmira Zone General Store HARDWARE AND LUMBER GOTSHALL MFG. CO. Meister Hardware-Pettisville Short's Hardware-Stryker STOTZER HARDWARE VERNIER-MCLAUGHLIN-PROBECK CO. HATCHERIES RUPP'S HATCHERY WYSE BROS. TURKEY FARM HOME FURNISHINGS Your Furniture Home RUPP'S FURNITURE STORE Short's Furniture Store INSURANCE Vincent Beck Iohn 'Couch A. O. Fagley Floyd Lauber A. I. Stamm W. G. Theobald Ins. Agency Glen Zimmerman IEWELERS O. P. Kluepfel LIVESTOCK AND MEAT PACKING LLOYD MYERS LUGBILL BROS. INC. NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS Archbold Buckeye PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Herman Britsch Miller's Propane Gas Ohio Oil Co.-Triple Six IESSE L. SHORT PLUMBING AND HEATING R. M. Gearing L. B. Frey and Sons-Pettisville POULTRY PRODUCTS ROBERT HAYES I. B. Rogers Co. ADVERTISING DIRECTORY PUBLIC UTILITIES sHoE STORES Ohio Gas CO. HESS SHOE STORE RADIO AND APPLIANCE SERVICES THEATERS HUGHES' SALES AND SERVICE SCOTT THEATER Twiss Tire and Appliance-Elmira TRUCKING AND FREIGHT EEEE ESTATE ARCHBCLD TRUCK LINE Mac Buehrer Curly Manor IESSE L. SHORT-Mid America Iohn A. Short Short 61 Rudolph RESTAURANTS HOME RESTAURANT VARIETY STORES ARCHBOLD 5c-51.00 FISH AND SCHROEDER Leu's Diner RETAIL FOOD SERVICE A 6 P VETERINARIANS GI-EN BERNATH DR. I. R. PETERS Corner Market Rich Food Lockers RUFFER'S MARKET WELDING AND REPAIRS Calvin Stannard-Elmira SCAF FOLDING EQUIPMENT BIL-J-AX INC WOODWORKING MANUFACTURING ARCHBOLD LADDER CO. BAER CABINET AND SPECIALTY SHOP FEED AND SEED Graber Mfg.-Stryker ARCHBOLD SEED AND GRAIN Co. EIXIQEESUIJITQETGCQTOP ELMIRA ELEVATOR Leininger Home Supply-Elrnira FAGLEY SEED CO' New York Boat Oar Co. TUYRW? GfOfmf'5' Feed SAUDER MEC. Co. Pefflsvlue Gram CO- SAUDER WOODWORKING Co. Nelson Rupp Rychener Seed Co. Stryker Farmer Exchange MISCELLANEQUS Iohn W. Stuckey Fayette Mfg. Co. Dennis Nofziger-Overhead Doors Sox. H. Short SHOE REPAIRS A1meda's Candies Louis Stork Shoe Repair Gaylord Fielitz-Honey SENIOR FAREWELL It is for you and for me to exchange farewells. This is the hardest parting of them all. To think that the time has come when we, who have grown so accustomed to each other, who have formed a brotherly love for one another as the days, weeks, months and years have glided by-to think that the time has come to say the last farewell. Time flies. It seems but a short time since we entered school. We enjoyed many pleasant days but occasionally we encountered a few rough spots here and there. We learned--sometimes the hard way, and now we are quite certain that life is not a bed of roses. We have strolled along pleasantly, occasionally plucking the fruit of knowledge, and we have been drawn together until we seem parts of each others lives. There are some of us here who spent their hours in se- questered nooks: some who preferred the strenuous toil of the court and the diamond: but all have shared alike in the absorption of high idealism and cf the obedience to honor. Today we have reached a dell where the road stops, and each must choose his own path and push on alone. As we approach our last goal we are troubled with the thought that we will be on our own. We realize that we can no longer lean on the friend- ly arms of our soon-to-be Alma Mater. We must face the future boldly, with determination to meet what the world holds in store for us. It is with sad- ness that we take leave from that part of our lives which has given us so many pleasant memories. With grateful hearts to our parents, teachers, and friends who have made our stay at Archbold High School so pleasant, we pass on, greeting cheerfully those who are to follow on the morrow, and with a last, lingering look into each others' eyes, we say farewell. Bon Voyage. AUTOGRAPHS l'Y"'x57i:,W-' '-X W?-.J , ,V ., , W -- f"9f'j?Q' 4515-5-'Ag' M:-F Sm.--- ....,, 1 , " "1 ..., DHI' 2 -fr' "C.arf- ,,,,Q.Y+l 1' tafjqig-tftxgfnggf, A A 'ni' v Y in 5 ' ' ,V .. Y ,:?,f4l..,, 4 If-:A--.:f,:"j,F Q.. L gn .Q J an A 4 A ii.?Q.',?2 j5a?.g2 ,gg , " 'Tg"- .Rf .1 .IQ 1 . A -ag" -'- xc--F3-X'?-..-Vfpi-'L f-'.'g-Q--1-"g5,:'i',11 1--1? f.,i-'-"5" -T555 ' ,- 5 -f .-W . ,. ' - f - -ff A'. 1- "'xTS?'fZ3f-.9-'x HU- 2 Aff 'Ti -Q '-if. ,fyrf-', lg-ip . 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Suggestions in the Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) collection:

Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Archbold High School - Blue Streak Yearbook (Archbold, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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