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T I I If I3 L l I E ST IQ I2 ,N K 1901 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL ARCHBOID OHIO EDITOR IN CHIEF IAIVIFS IOHNSOIN ASS STNNT EDITOR NANCY STAHI BUSI1 FSS FDITOR CARI OS BFRNAF FAC ILTY ADVISE? I I-I SPENGIER 1+ Y 1 . - 1 . . ,.,... .. . . . ,. . , 1 Y J . 1 5 f ..,.,,I. I ., Y Y Y Y Y A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ,f I., NY ' ' LI '1 . 1 ' ' A ' ' ' ' ' ' ' A A A A .A -sy .I Y - ------ Y - Y Y A . . . I FOREWORD 'I1me truly does fly It seems but yesterday s1nce we entered h1gh school and now 1t IS t1me for us to depart To us the senrors 1t bnngs to a clo e th most 1mportar1t era of our l1ves It IS w1th 1'I11X9d fe hngs of emot on that ve d part from our Alrna Mater We r al1ze that 1t has a ked much of us but 1' has g ven more We want always to remember our hrgh chool day b ca s th future can only enr1ch tho e expenences so dear to all of us It IS w1th the e thouahts ID m1nd that the Class of 1951 brmgs you th1 ed t1on of the Blu Str ak It IS our w1sh to IEVGIW all of the thmgs wh1ch were a part of our help you recall the many happy hours you have spent 1n s hool lfe As t1me wntes f1H1S to our school days we sadly cont mplate the future real1z1nq that school days were truly the I1ChG t exp I1 nces ID ou l1ve ENGRAVING GRAPHIC, ARTS CORPORATION Toledo Ohio PHOTOGRAPHY SELLERS STUDIO A chbold Oh1O PRINTING ADRIAN COLLEGE PRESS Adr an Mtch gan BINDING HUGO KALIVIBACHER 61 SON Toledo Ohro ' ' ' , . , ' , ' ' . 3 e - ' ' ."' 2' i -V e . e ' 1 ' S , '. i . ' 5 . 3, 2 u e e ' s ' . ' ' e . ' ' ' . ' ' ' school life during the year. We hope that the familiar scenes and faces will ' C 1 . ' " - ' A , e 1 , I ' . ' S 9 'e ' r ' 3. I I . i , ' 1 DEDICATION rhe class of l951 has known httle of our world except ln tlme of War or tl rea's of war They hav seen the world only as an unsettled and confused place They have heard much of permament world peace wrh th1s 1deal apparently stlll a Utoplan dream Young people 1n school all over the world are contus d and bewxldered by the condltlons 1n Whrch they f1r'd them elve for next They have wltnes ed lnept leadersh1p from the local level to the hghest places ID our own natlon They feel that there must be om th1nq better tn he future lf only 1t can be fully real1zed Wlth these feellngs ln rrund the Class of l95l dedlcates th1s annual to a world of p ace where the 1de-als of true Chr1st1an1ty and Democracy may fnally be realxzecl , . . . I ' ' e ' A ' ' ' ' . s s. They are afraid to make plans for the future for they don't know what to look . s ' , ' ' . s e ' ARCH BOLD HIGH SCHOOL Archbold Hgh Scfmool oraduat d rts lust class rn 1891 The class of 1951 marks the lrfty mnth class to be graduated More than a thou and young men and women have gradaat cl lrom here slnce l89l They may lxterally be found rn all parts of the world The lame fortune and succ ss whrch many ot them l'ave achreved IS ample evxdence that their Alma Mater dxd well bv them Thus an educatronal mstrtutron yus rl es ns somewhat costly exzstence Educatron the Amencan Way and Chrrstanrty cortrnue to he te chrel plllars ol the thmgs we hold dear The old Elementary Bulldzng was the only burldrng on our campus untrl 1924 when the present Industrial Arts Bu ldmg was constructed The pr sent Hrgh School was burlt ln 1930 ln 1937 the German Townsho Schools and the Archbold Schools were consohdated 1nto the present drstrrct A new Vocatlonal Aqrrculture Bulldmg was opened m 1948 In May of 1949 work was begun on the new Flem ntary Burldmg It was ready for use 1r1 the tall ol 1950 and was a hre addr' on to the school Several other addttlons wrll be needed 1n the near futu e An El mentary gymnasrum an addrtlon ot classrooms to the Hugh School and a new lndustrral Arts Buxldmq have all been suggested by the State Department ol Educatlon The school has had a contmuous growth and rf rndustrral ana onomrc factors rn our commumty may be as a ba o meter thrs growth wrll contxrle rndetrnltely ELEMENTARY SCHOGL lawn' if Eiffel: .e....-.,.,.,. , , , . E ., T e ' ' . ' - ' . . s . ' 2 . ' - . ' ' . e ' ' ' , , L .. 9 ' ' . . ' . '. '.Q ' . e . - ' ' ' ' ' -f ' ' ' r - . N . .JV , . . Q he , X, ' x Y f X J' ' A 4' -' ' . J A li 4 , -f , . W. .X , T - ' fl 'Yffili ,' . -4 t a - , I ', r V 4, at ,rr ', - ' I x X f ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated George Rupp Peter Rupp Dr E R Murbach Presxdent Owen Rrce Clerk I R Peters Vrce Presrdent Standmg Melvm C Wxnzeler I H Spengler Local Supermtendent of Schools The Graduatmg Class of 1951 wrshes to pay 1ts respect to the Board o Educatron of our School As we are about to 1 ave we b come aware of the fact that we have had the advantages of a fme school bu1ld1ng and 1lS excel lent facllrtres VVe do not often pause to ask who makes these thxngs posslble but we are s1ncere 1n our expressron of thanks and apprecratron for the hne school we have been prrvrleged to attend We know you have glven unt1r1ng effort and unceaslng devot1on to the task of prov1d1ng educatlonal advantages for the youth of today whlch d1d not ex1st rn your day We know that your mater1al rewards are as none and that your cr1t1c1srns are often great It rs only 1n the knowledge that your contrrbutlons of trme and effort are a g nurn servrce to the youth of our communrty that your rewards must l1e We sm cerely wrsh to acknowledge our debt of gratltude to you and the publ1c whom you represent and as we leave we humbly say Thanks a lot for everything - 1 . e e " A . . , . . . . 3 : ix - - ADMINISTRATIGN M pengler Bety Rychener Mr Lorton Mr Burkholder B L LORTON Elementary Pr1nc1pa1 B S Oberlm M A Oh1o State Umversxty BETTY RYCHENER School Secretary I H SPENGLER Local Superlntendent of Schools B S Bowlmg Green State Un1vers1ty M A UHIVSISHY of M1ch1gan IACOB BURKHOLDER H1gh School Prmclpal B S A B Adnan College M A Bowlmg Green State Un1vers1ty HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Back row Mr Parker Mr Slesmck Mr Conroy Mr rlormsh Mr Memchettt Mr Carr Front row Mr Spengler Mrs Kerm Miss Felsted Mrss Manhart Mrs Bourqum Mtss Runp V Burkholder Mr Gallaway Thomas L Parker Mathernatlcs L Berea A Ohlo Unrversrty A Ohro State Irwrn Slesmck Sclence B S Bowlmq Green State Robtert Conroy Physrcal Educatlon B S Bowlmg Green State Donaldl Hornrsh Industnal Arts El Degree Manchester B S Ohro Northern FIGHCISI Men1chett1 Mus1c B M Mrchrgan M M MlChlQUh lllmors Lester Carr Engllsh B S Deflance lacob H Spengler Supenntendent Ame-rlcan Problems B S Bowlmg Green State M A Mrchrqan Elva Kelm Commercral B A Spokane Ohto State Ohto Umversrty B S Bowlmg Green State Margaret Manhart Soc1al Studles B S Bowl1ng Green State Gayle Bourqum Llbrarlan Latm B S Bowlmg Green State Evelyn Rupp Enghsh Commercral B S Bowlmg Green State lacob Burkholder H1gh School Pnnclpal l-hstory Sclence B A B S Adnan College M A Bowlmg Green State Glen Galloway Voc Agnculture B S Ohro State B. . . . B. . ' ' ' ' M. . ' ' ' ' . : Charlotte Felstecl: Voc. Home Economics ELEIVIENTARY FACULTY 'Ili'- ..f fs Back row M1ss Frey Mrs Tressler Mr Fobrson Mrs Spengler Mr Lorton Mrs Zrmmerman Front row M1ss Noizrger Mrs Bernath Mrs Walter Mrs Burkholder M1ss Aschlrman Mrs Frey Mrs Mrller Maxrne Frey Second Grade Goshen College Marvel Tressler Mus1c Ypsrlantr Normal Bowlmg Green State lack Robrson Srxth Grade Toledo U Bowlmg Green State Dorothy Spengler Fourth Grade Bowlmg Green State R L Lorton Elementary Prrncrpal B S Oberlm M A Ohro State Mary Zrmmerman Thrrd Grade Bowlrng Green State Mabel Nolzrger Fourth Grade Bowlmg Green State Mrldred Bernath Frrst Grade Bowlrng Green State Florence Walter Klndergarten Ypsrlantr Normal Hazel Burkholder Frith Grade Bowl ng Green State Indrana U Kathryn Aschlrman Frrst Grade Goshen College Bessre Frey Second Grade B A Goshen College Bowlmg Green State Treva Mrller Thrrd Grade Bowhng Green State Mary Ellen Rupp Second Grade Kon leavel Goshen College Houghton College MAINTENANCE A nrce clean burldmg 1S alway an xncentrve to do a good days work Vlany hours of hard labor are nece sary to have our burldmgs rn readrness for a new day of chool each mornmg Good food we srmply cant get along wrthout rl It keeps us gomg and domg our best We are all srncerely grateful for our kxtchen staff because we just know that there are none better How could there be? No one envxes the bus drlver hrs thankle s task He must battle the weather bad roads and a f w bad kxds Regardless of the obstacles en counter d thes men do a fme 1ob oi transportmg several hundred PUPIIS to and from school darly The combmed efforts of these folks IS an essentlal part ln the dally routlne cf our chool Thanks to all of you for the parts you have played ln our years at Archbold Hlgh School Y Ili 1 Earl Bourqum Art Taylor , S . 1 s ' ' ' s ' . , . . . S . ., ,. . 2 . , . v - e e ' I . .,. . '7'-f "3 'a a r "W . I I 1 ' gi Q, . 1 . id f' I . Q . : J O D QL In Q, "fl: 00-f,' A, V - ral COOKS Ella Beck Mary Grrme Chnstme Gnme Bessre Short BUS DRIVERS pai I,-SEX JUG as Qs. Harold Flemmg Ecxrl Bourqum Arthur Lrechiy Wrlmer Rupp Don Hormsh V1rg11 DeGroff Lawrence Schmucker Wesley Thomas Gorfleld GIQQX Glen Gcxliawuy lin' ui' 4 5 L s Q 8,3 fi 5 I il SENIORS F.-.-.-----. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS . l I F , 9 I K I i A i r lc, --,..,,- -of' 'i Bill Ries, Pres. Make good in life Basketball, Track, Class President, Honor Foil, Student Council, Sci-Questa Club, National Honor Society, Szhcol Projectionist Larry Bourquin, Vice Pres. Fanner Baseball, A-association, F,F.A., Parliamentary Proce- dure, Judging Team, Noon Games, Scholarship Tests. Honor Roll, "A Ready Made Family" "Cheaper by the Dozen" Nancy Kernig, Sec. Artist or Actress Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Sextet, Spring Festival, Chrfstmas Concert, Soloist, Social Club, Science Fair, F.H.A,, Class Officer, Halloween Queen, Attendant to Queen, "A Mind of Her Own" "Cheaper by the Dozen" "Lelawala" B Cara Belle Frey, Treas. Teacher' iff--1 1 i l z , ,I ds. ,, .1,.. A l 1 5 1 4 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Sextet, Christmas Con' cert, County Music Festival, District State Auditions, Spring Festival, Honor Society, Scholarship Test, Class Treasurer, Alpha Honor Roll, Sci-Questa Club, Bowling Green Competition, Science Fair, Science Talent Search Test, "Lelawala" "A Mind of her Own" "Cheaper by the Dozen" SENIORS Dorothy Beck Beautlcian Chorus, Noon Games, F.H.A., Honor Roll, Archette Staff, Cafeteria Aid, Social Club, Grade School Assistant, I, H, SPENGLER ADVISER "Say lt With Music" S E N I O R S Carlos Bernath Own Eusmess Plac Band Chorus Boys Cl e C ..1b S x Quartet Boys Quartet County Banl and Chorus Student Councrl Class Othcer Busmess Manag r of Annual Aassocla hon A Mmd ol her Own Cheape by the Dozen Rose Bemath Dental Techmcxan Chorus Mayorette Typlng Contest Sc Questa Club Social Club Bowlmg Green Scrence Competxtlon Honor Roll Noon Games Cheerleader No Bnde for the Groom Cheaper by the Dozen Ioyce Burkholder Nurse Band Sax Quartet Dance Band Chorus and Glee Ac compamst Spnng Festrval Chrxstmas Concert County Chorus Accompamst County Band Noon Games Socxal Club Scl Questa Club Bowlmg Green Competr txon Alpha Honor Roll Honor Socrety Senror Scholar shxp Tests A Mmd ol Her Own Lelawala Cheap er by the Dozen Rxta Burkholder Beautrclan FHA County V Pres and Song Leader Grrls Glee Chorus Lelawal County Festrval Chr stmas Con cert A Ready Made Famtly Noon Games Sprmg Festrval Halloween Queen Attendant Cheerl ader Archette Stall Cheaper by the Dozen Soclal Club Gwendolyn Cronmger Beautlcxan Chorus Gxrls Glee Club Noon Games Honor Boll Archette Stall Lxbrarxan Caieterra Ard Grade School Assrstant Soclal Club FHA Say lt Wxth Muslc Cheaper by the Dozen Helen Excher Lab Technrcran Chorus Grrls Glee Club County Musrc Festlval Scholarship Test Honor Roll Scx Questa Club Bowlmg Green Scrence Competltron Science Farr Noon Games Brology Lab Assistant A Mmd of Her Own Chean er by the Dozen Thomas Flemmq Navy Chorus Boys Glee Club Sc: Questa Club Cheaper by the Dozen Shrrley Gaddxs Secretary Chorus Gxrls Glee Club Archette Staff Lvb ar a'x Honor Poll Cafetena Ald Grade School Asslstant F H A Socral Club -1' 15 ' O ' , 2' , . , A - ' 1 I E . - ' 1 11 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 - -1 -' 1 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 A . 11 . 11 11 11 11 11 11 - 1 1 1 1 - ' 11 1 11 . 1 1 1 ' 2 1 1 - 1 11 11 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . 11 1 . 11 1 1 . . .1 11 11 . - 1 . . 1 1 , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 11 . ,, ,, 1 , A - 11 11 1 1 . I G 1 1 1 SENIORS Annabelle Grreser Ofhce Work Chorus Gxrls Glee Club F HA Archette Staff Socnal Club A Ready Famrly Lelawala Arden Gnme Farmer FFA Noon Games Ba eball Basketball Track Nancy Stahl Secretarv Ba1d Chorus Grrls Glee Club Grrls Sextet County Chorus and Band Drstnct Band a Frncllay Chrrstmas Concert Spnng Festrval Sax Quartet Mayorette and Drum Mayor Twxrlrng Contests Band Lrbrctrran Socral Club Scr Questa Club Honor Society Annual Staff Secretary For Prmcxpal A Mxnd ot 'Her Own Lela wala Boys Glee Club Chorus Honor Roll Student Council Scr Questa Club Honor Society School Proyectromst Basketball Track Cheaper by the Dozen Delphme Kennel Factory Worx Lxbranan lla Krauss Clerk Chorus Grrls Glee Club Music Festxval FHA Noon Games YTeens Archette Staff Sports Captam As srstant Gym Instructor Dale Leu Farmer Boys Glee Club Noon Game Captaxn Honor Roll Student Councrl Basketball Track A assocratxon F F A F F A Reporter Parlramentary Pr cedure Cheaper by the Dozen Ned Lorton Show Busmess Band Boys Glee Club Chorus Basketball Track A assocratxon Sc1 Questa Club A Mmd of Her Own Cheaper by the Dozen Iames I ohnson A College SENIORS Wrlham E Lovejoy State Patrol Cl'o us G1 e Club Noon Games SC1 Questa Club Lowell M111 r Ir Farmmg or Workmg m a block factory F F A Basketball lane Murbach Teacher L n Bc.'1:l Flue Trlo County Festwal Band Chorus G e Club Pres Sextet Spnng Festtval Noon Games Scc al Club Honor So xety Student Councll SC1 Questa Club Scholarshq: Tests Sctence Falr Alpha Honor Hcll Chezxoer by the Do en A Mmd ot Her Own L D Notzzqer Poultry Buyer Chorus Boys Glee Clue A Read: Made Fam1ly Cheaper by the Dozen Betty Nofzmger Nurse Band F H A S 1Ouesta Club Soclal Club 4 H County Band A Mmd ot Her Own A Ready Made Famxly Cheaper by the Dozen Dick Palmer Become Successlul Boys Glee Club Chorus Student Council Sc1Questa Club Alpha I-'onor Roll Scholarship Tests Cheaper by the Dozen Elmer Oyer Ir Farmer Honor Poll FFA V Pres and Sec Parhamentary Procedure Sate and Dlstnct Iudqmg Contest State C nvent on Noon Games A Ready Made Famxly Cheaper by tl'e Dozen Carol Qu1l1et Elementary Teacher Chorus Gxrls Glee Club County Feshval Noon Games Cheerleader Llbrarxan Archette Staff Student Councxl 4H Halloween Attendant Prmce oi Peace Contest A Ready Made Fcxmmly -ns, l vi i"""'b '-Oli "2 'U' SENIORS 70 1--1 if.. f OU-in K Q Roseanna Riegsecker I .ai --1? I Secretary F,H.A., Librarian, Archette Staff, Honor Roll, "Cheap- er by the Dozen" Iohn Roth, Ir. Fcrnner Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, 4-H, F.F.A. Manlyn Rufenacht Secretary Llbrarran Honor Roll Farmer Rrchard Gene Short FFA Band Brass Ensemble Brass Quartet A Mmd of Her Own A Ready Made Famrly Cheaper by the Dozen B111 Scales Nuclear Phys clst Sc1Questa Club Pres Vrrqrl Schroeder Farmer FFA FFA Sentmel Noon Games Ba ketball Manager Parhamentary Procedure Carol Short Sec etary o Clem al Work Chorus Grrls Glee Club Alpha Honor Hall Lrbrarran FHA Typmg Contest Noon Games A Mmd of er Oven Cheaper by the Dozen County Musxc Festrval Bowlmg Green Chorus Competrtron Bowl mg Green Grrls Glee Competrtron Iean Rychener Nurse FHA Band Chorus Grrls Glee Club County Festrval Noon Games Lrbrarran Scxence Farr SEN!-ORS Marcella Stuckey Stenographer Chorus, Girls' Glee Club Archette Staff Grade School Office Assistant, 'A Mind of Her Own , A Ready Made Family 'Cheaper by the Dozen' Bowling Green Competiiion. Spring Festival. Ross Taylor Editor Band Track Basketball Aassociation Sc1 Questa Club Cheaper by the Dozen Sally Wmgard Decorator Girls Glee Club Chorus Yteens Social Club Sci Questa Club Latin League Basketball Mirror Staff Track Score Keeper Napoleon Iunior One Foot in Heaven Cheaper by the Dozen Evelyn Wyse Stenographer Chorus Girls Glee Club Librarian Grade School Assistant Noon Games FHA Bowling Green Com petition Spnng Festlval County Music Festival A Ready Made Family Say lt With Music Marlm Wyse Farmer Chorus Boys Glee Club Lelawala Noon Games Rosemary Wyse Bookkeeper Honor Roll Archette Stall Girls Glee Club Chorus Typing Contest County Music Festival Chorus and Glee Club Competition grade School Assistant Cheaper by the Dozen Valetta Wyse Recephonlst Girls Glee Club Chorus Honor Roll Oifice Assistant Arche te Stall County Festival Roger Zxegler Success 1n Busmess Chorus Boys Glee Club Lelawala Track Com petition Chorus Competition Glee Club 8' 45 fl .-:NH SENIOR AMBITIONS Dorothy Beck Carlos Bernath Rose Bernath Larry Bourqurn loyce Burkholder R ta Burkholder Gwendolyn Cronrnger Helen Ercher Tom Flemmg Cara Belle Frey Shrrley Gaddls Annabelle Grreser Arden Grlme Nancy Grrme Stahl lames Iohnson Delphrne Kennel Nancy Kernra lla Krauss Dale Leu Ned Lorton Brll Lovejoy Lowell Mrller lane Murbach L D Nofzrqer Betty Nofzrnger Drck Palmer lunror Oyer Carol Qurllet Roseanna Rregsecker Wrllram Rres Marrlyn Rufenacht Iean Rychener Brll Scale Vrrgrl S hroeder Carol Short Rrchard Short Marcella Stuckey Ross Taylor Evelyn Wyse lVIarl1n Wyse Rosemary Wyse Valetta Wyse Sally Wrnqard Roger Zregler Beaut1c1an Busrne smar Dental Technrcran Farrne Nurse Beautrcran Beautrcran Laboratory Techrucran Navy Teacher Secretary Beautrcran Farmer S cretary Enqrneer Factory Worker Actress Clerk Farmer Show Busmes State Patrol Farmer Medrcal Secretary Poultry Buyer Nurse Busmess Executrve Farmer Teacher Secretary To Become Successful Secretary Nurse Nuclear PhyS1ClSl Farmer Secretary Farme Stenographer Edrtot Stenographer Farmer Bookkeeper Receptxonrst Interror Decorator Successful Busmess ' ,,rr ., . , ,, e , , L .....,, L L or L L ' S ' K . . . M M M V V Y HU V 1 Ir, Roth T S S , L v,ccc , ,,,,r ,,,c cc,cccc A ,cc.,....., L L L Farmer . S 7 y y .'..'vYff yynykkynnwr . . ' ' ,QC ' , v,,A,,,,, , , ,,,,, . ,,,. .. ,.,,,..,,., ' , ,,.cc , ,,.,c L r SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Tne magrc mrrror rev als many unusual happenrngs of the senror class of ten years ago Reflected rn the magrc mrrror rs the theater owned by NED LORTON a famous movre drrector Appeanng on stage rs hrs glamorous actress MISS NANCY KERNIG Nancy and Ned are both famous rn Hollywood for therr extraordrnary talent of acting and drrectrng The scene fades and we see a beautrful decorated home rn suburban Cleveland lt rs the home of Mr and Mrs BILL RIFS SALLY CWINGARDJ RIES rs rn much demand as an rnterror decorator and Brll rs the mayor of Cleveland and we mrght add a very successful one Brll leaves all hrs busrness to hrs secretary CAROL SHORT and hrs receptronrst VALETTA WYSE two very capable women Valetta and Carol share therr apartment wrth lv ARCELLA STUCKEY Marcella rs a stenographer for the Cleveland Trust Company and rs her bosss favorrte stenograph r Another prcture flashes onto the magrc mrrror I s the styl sh apartment of NANCY GRIME and CARA BELLE FREY rn Columbus Ohro Nancy rs a secretary for the Natronal Band Assocratron whrle Cara Belle rs a teacher m one of Columbuss larger schools Nancy rn her spare trme plays rn the Columbus Crty band and as for Cara Belle she doesnt have much spare trme for there are always papers to grade and other endless tasks Suddenly before our eyes rs reflected a shrp deck On rts srde rs parnted US Navy Why we ask should thrs appear and then before our eyes we see a blond harr ed man scrubb ng the decks yes he does look famrlrar ladres approach One rs ILA KRAUSS and the other rs CAROL IEAN QUILLET Tom asks rf he can be of any help and both reply that they are reporters for the Future Outlook and are seekrng rnformatron about therr exclassmates of 1951 Therr edrtor ROSS TAYLOR had sent them out on thrs assrgnment so that he mrght publrsh therr present occupatrons rn hrs newspaper one of the greatest rn the country Tom sard that IEAN RYCHENER was the head nurse on the shrp and BETTY NOFZINGER was her assrstart Both grrls had entered nurses trarnrng as soon as tlf ey had graduated Of course you remember ROSE BERNATH and DICK PALMER replred Tom Well Rose rs our dental technrcran on the shrp and Drck has been wrrtrng novels and rs fast becomrng rrch The scene changes and reveals several houses m the vrcrnrty of Archbold One of the houses rs occupred by RITA BURKHOLDER and her famrly Rrta has been mar rred for qurte some trme and rn her spare trme she runs Z1 beauty salon DOROTHY BECK who has marned LOWELL MILLER helps Rrta rn her salon whrle Lowell lrlls the sorl of therr 140 acre farm GWEN CRONINGER who has always had too much fun to settle down wrth anyone also owns a beauty salon rn Toledo and takes lrfe easy whrle her able assrstant ANNABELLE GRIESER does all the work Seen on the magrc mrrror rs a large furnrture store owned by Mr CARLOS BERNATH and kept under control by hrs secretary SHIRLEY GADDIS Carlos plans to retrre as soon as he makes enough money whrch wont be too long for he has a very prolrtable busrness Keeprng Thrngs Under Control was the next trtle shown on the mrrror It was the trtle of an address to be grven by the State Patrolman BILL LOVEIOY It seems that people are always tryrng to dodge Brll so he thought he would explarn to them hrs srde of the traffrc laws Our attentron was then turned to the country where we frnd DALE LEU and VIRGIL SCHROEDER farmrng on par n rshrp It seems that LARRY BOURQUIN and IUNIOR OYER also own a farm together and that the young men are constantly competrng agarnst each other for the Champron Ohro Farmer award So far none have suc ceeded however DICK SHORT who took over hrs fathers farm after graduatron won the award last year JUNIOR FOTH ARDEN GRIME and MARLIN WYSE are bachelors who lrve together and share the housework also tryrng to keep a 1000 acre farm rn Texas gorng A column of smoke clouds the mrrror and then evaporates and we frnd that rt was caused by BILL SCALES Neclear Scrent st He was expermentrng on a B bomb and HELEN EICHER who rs hrs laboratory technrcran mrxed the wrong solutrons together causrng them to explode It was such a loud explosron that the poultry buyer L D NOFZIGER when he heard rt rushed out to see rf a burglar had broken a wrndow whrle tryrng to steal hrs chrckens Our glances agarn fall on the magrc mrrror and we see the Archbold Memonal Hosprtal One of the nurses rs just gorng off duty She rs tall and slender and looks very trrm rn her unrform She looks rather famrlar and when she turns around we see that rt rs our exclassmate JOYCE BURKHOLDER She pauses rn her walk to wart for a young lady As she catches up wrth Ioyce we frnd that the hosprtal was burlt lane rs a Medrcal secretary for one of the doctors and as she tells Ioyce of her days work we see that she really loves her work And next appears a road and walkmg along rt we frnd ROGER ZIEGLER Roger who rs a travelmg salesman walks a great deal of the trme gorng from place to place Rogers only trouble rs that hrs feet get trred but thats the lrfe of a salesman The prcture fades and rn rts place stands a factory of some krnd Its a mrlrtary secret so we dont know what rt makes The lady foreman rs DELPHINE KENNEL She has held the posrtron for three years and rt has become a part of her lrfe It rs reported that her frrends at the factory thrnk that she rs a very good boss Next the mrrror reveals a famous englneerrng company and the Presrdent rs IIM IOHNSON Irm has been at the head of thrs company for the last trve years after hrs grad uatron from college Our eyes gaze on a scene rn the crty of Detrort where we see a bus approachrng As the bus stops ROSEANNA RIEGSECKER and MARILYN RUFENACHT step off the bus They are rust comrng home from the Ford Plant where they work Roseanna rs Henry Fords Ir Prrvate secretary whrle Marrlyn rs her capable assrstant As they enter therr apartment they collrde with two grrls none other than EVELYN WYSE and ROSEMARY WYSE Rosemary told the grrls she was a bookkeeper at the Mc Ness Rocket factory whrle Evelyn was the head stenographer Wrthout a warnrng the magrc mrrror falls and breaks nto many preces and rt rs wrth many regrets that rt has broken for rt has been a means of lettrng us glrmpse mto the tuture lrves of our past classmates of the year nrneteen hundred and frfty one M ' ' . t i ' I ' I . Why of Course, it is TQM FILEMINGI He turns qs two it is IANE MURBACH. Both girls have worked there since SENIOR SNAPSHOTS 0 u A .. 'S .warmth 5. - "-" - ' 'er K y ...." 7 in Sv 'A The seniors were not olwoys cr serious lot. Here ore cr few poses of some of them in their less serious moments. They don't know it yet, but they have just ended the most cure-tree doys they will ever know. More power to them! SENIOR CLASS HISTORY After the graduatlon SXGICISGS from the srxth grade we entered the Arch bold Ir Hrgh There under the gurdance of Mlss Nofzlger we grew more ln ttlhgent and at the end of two long years were able to enter the flrst year of our 'ugh chool tra1n1ng at Archbold H1gh School We were jolned by puplls from Elmrra and Zon After bemg fully 1n1t1ated by our Sophomore fnends we had at last become full fledged members of th1s grand school' At the end of the n1ne month term as Fre hmen Cand we seemmgly had survrved the many hard lessonsl we were ready to enter 1nto the second year of our trarmng 'lh1s year we as Sophomores had the pr1v1lege of 1n1t1at1ng the areen Freshmen mto th1s 1nst1t1,t1on of learmng The class hav1ng over come th tnals and tr1bulat1ons of the year was on 1ts way to the second last year of schoohng ln our Iunror year we chose the plns and r1ngs that would bmd us to Arch bold Hlgh School forever Accordmg to custom we presented two class plays A lVl1nd of Her Own presented tn the fall and Ready Made Famlly g1ven rn the spr1ng However the ma1n event was our entrance mto Dreamland at the banquet g1ven by us rn honor of the Semors After many weeks of planmna and then hard labor we were rewarded by the many comphments from those attendmg We appreclated the help g1ven us by our class advlsors to make lh1S Banquet a huge success And then the last lap of our tramrng here at the best school 1n the land Archbold Hlgh School was reached We were the d1gn1f1ed Semors We had our plctures taken and recelved our name cards whrch were g1ven to everyone We attended the beaut1f.1l Iumor Sen1or banquet Over the Ram bow On May 3 and 4 the class play Cheaper by the Dozen was g1ven We decxded on the class trxp whlch was the Washlngton D C and New York Ctty tour combmed The Bacculaurate sermon was dehvered on May 20 by Bev Elhs Roth from the MISSIOHGIY Church and the Commencement exer CISGS were held on Monday May 21 w1th Rev Carlson from Toledo g1v1ng the address After these ceremomes we the class known for dolng thlngs most drfferently 1o1ned the alumm of the Archbold I-hgh School Many happy memones w1ll l1nger Wllh us for the rest of our lxves of our days at AHS to bnghten the rought spots we travel l1fe s road I - 1. S . . L . . . . C. 1 ' . A .. .3 , - 1 1 . . . . 1 . . . - .1 ' ' I: ' ' ' ' -f 1 . . , 11 - 11 3 11 . 11 . - - - - 11 11 - 1 , . ' J I .1 1 - - - 11 . 1 - - . 1 ,, 11 11 . . 1 1 1 1 . . - 1 1 1 1 - . 1 1 , . . - I SENIORS AS KINDERGARTENERS Carol Short Herbert Short Arden Grxme lane Murbach Bxll Loveloy Ross Taylor Mrss Mxller Front row L D Nofzxger Irmmy Schultz Rxta Burkholder Drck Short Pauhne Yedxca Carlo Bernath Nancy Grxme Larry Bourqum Marlrn Wyse Absent Ronald Aungst Ned Lorton Myrtle Notzmger Roger Sword Valetta Wyse Robert Lay man Paul Clark Now at the end of twelve years of school we senrors of 1951 look on the above plcture of us as klndergarteners wlth some m1sg1v1ngs and fond recol lect1ons Faces have changed and the class enrollment has ranged all the way from twenty seven to s1xty pup11s Now as we leave our school days behmd us we remember our early years here as among the most dehqhtful of all t1mes X 2 i 3 E 1 f E 2 ft ' Back row: Donald Grieser, Betty Nofzinger, Dorothy Beck. Roseanna Riegsecker, Charles Haas. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Senror Class of The Archbold Ger man Townshrp Hlgh School Cxty of Archbold County of Fulton State of Oh1o bemg of sound mmd and memory after twelve years of arduous study and realrzrng that our h1gh school days are to be memones of the pat do hereby publrsh and declare th1s to be our last w1ll and testament hereby revok ng all former wzlls bequeaths and devtses of what oever nature made AI'I1Cle Arhcle Arn cle Arttcle AI'l1Cle Artlcle I I V VI To the faculty of Archbold Hrgh School we leave one large bottle of Hadacol to cure the1r ulcers To the Iunlors we leav our respon Slb1l1l1eS and our money problems To the Sophomores we leave our 1nf1n1te knowl dg and w1sdom To the Freshmen we leave our somewhat shady reputatlon To the cooks we leav our appre- c1at1on for the1r Lndymg patlenc throughout the tnals and tnbula trons of our school days To the band we leave n1ne empty chalrs and all our best wlshe Dorothy Beck leave my home economlc grades to Dons Gunden Carlos Bemath w1ll my ab111ty to look lrke Ro e Bernath Wlll my gtggle to Robert Roth Larry Bourquln w1ll my knowledge of cur rent events to the 1n comlng Senlors Ioyce Burkholder w1ll my rubber bands to Pat Wlnzeler so she can keep her socks up Rlta Burkholder w1ll my bubblmg personalrty to Velda Stutzman Gwendolyn Cronlnger w1ll the FHA to Mar1or1e F 1ser Annabelle Gneser w1ll my sense of humor to the Roth twtns Arden Gr1me w1ll my bowhng team to Itm Myers Nancy Stahl w1ll my tw rhng class to Elalne Kerntg Iames Iohnson w1ll my talent for drawmg dragramatlc plctures to Mr Slesn1ck Delphrne Kennel w1ll my sweet soprano vorce to Darrell Stuckey Nancy Kerntg w1ll my soft vo1ce to Mr Men1chett1 lla Krauss vull my athletlc ab111ty to the 1952 Varsrty Dale Leu w1ll my coachlng ab1l1ty to Lowell Flory Ned Lorton w1ll my sunny d1spos1t1on to Ioan G1gax I B111 Lovejoy w1ll my s1ze 50 overalls to Fuzzy Burkholder Lowell Mrller w1ll my seat m the Ir htstory class to B111 Short lane Murbach w1ll my seat m Enghsh class to Hafnet Spengler so she can reach the rest room dunng bloody noses L D Nofzxger wlll my ab111ty to get to school late wlthout bemg bawled out to DeRoy e Hormsh Betty Nofzmger w1ll my g1ft of gab to Bruce G1gax D1Ck Palmer w1ll my long golden lock t Marltn Rlegsecker Iuntor Oyer wtll my mathemattcal mmd to D1ck Gnme Carol Qurllet Wlll my cheerleading umform to Ethel Traut Roseanna Rregsecker w1ll my l1tt'e feet to Gerald Short Wllllam Rles wut my ab111ty to run th school to the next Senror class pres1dent Iumor Roth w1ll my overall lntelhgence to Bob Roth Mar11yn Rufenacht w1ll my job tn th dtme store to I-lathe Clmgaman Helen E1cher w1ll my smokers cough to Florence Kfng Tom Flemlng w1ll my gracefulness to Donny Kleck Young Shlfley Gadd1s leave my love magazxnes to Velma Rupp V1rg1l Schroeder w1ll my manager s trunk to Dean Rupp Carol Short leave my manners 1n the co ndors to the 7th grade D1ck Short leave my f1rst chaxr comet to Freddy Gns1er Marcella Stuckey leave my freckles to Bar bara Chr1sty Ross Taylor leave my tongue to anyone whose mouth IS b1g enough to hold rt Sally W1ngard w1ll Lowell SPISSS back to the Iumor g1r1s Evelyn Wyse w1ll my numerous brothers to some lucky g1rl Marl1n Wyse leave my hot rod to Herbert Wyse Rosemary Wyse leave my ab111ty to keep Mr Lortons off1ce neat to Mr Burkholder s next secretary Valetta Wyse leave my red ha1r to Mary Kunkle Roger Zregler w1ll nothmg because I have nothmg I can spare lean Rychener w1ll my ab111ty to get along wrth Mr Carr to Orvrlle Fncke B111 Scales w1ll my bullheadedness to any one dumb enough to want rt I , . I . L I . . . K . . S I I, . . . I . . . l 1 - 3 Il - I . - ' l ' I, ' L , ' rs o . H . S - . . . ' III .., . . . . e 9 . . L . I . . ' V . . ' L . I . . . e . . . S. L . I , , I, , ' ' . . ' L . I . nobody else to the Buehrer twins. I, Cara Belle Frey, will my good posture to Iohn I, s . ' ' . . . L . I . 5 L . . I . I' I . L . . I I . 1 I' . I . . . I' I I , Y- I, . I . I' I I - I' . I . . . L I . Il I - i - ' I, . I . - l I, , ' ' I, , ' L ' I ' ' I, ' . L - I I. . . . L I . - I' I . 1 . . Il .' I I . II I ' ' ' ' I, I 1 l - . SENIOR PLAY f Back row lames Iohnson Dick Palmer Ir Oyer Dick Short Rose Bemath lane Murbach Rita Burkholder Seated L D Nofziger Ioyce Burkholder Ned Lorton Nancy Kernig 'rr-is sr-:mon CLASS PRESENTS CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN THURSDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS CHARACTERS Mr Gxlbreth Mrs Gxlbreth Emestme Frank Iackre Dan 1 Fred Anne Lillian Martha Mrs Frrtzgerald Dr Burton Ioe Scales Miss Bnll Larry Act I: Act II: Dad Mother Part of the Dozen housekeeper Doctor Cheerleader A teacher SOIDGOHE special 4 800 pm THURSDAY Ned Lorton Sally Wmgard Nancy Kemlg Iames Iohnson Dxck Palmer Iunior Oyer Dick Short L D Nolziger lane Murbach Rita Burkholder Rose Bemath Gwen Cromnger Tom Fleming Virgil Schroeder Helen Ercher Dale Leu SYNOPSIS DIRECTED BY T. L. PARKER Scene 1: The Gilbreth living room. A day in Autumn Scene Z: The same. Two weeks later. CLights dim to denote FRIDAY Ross Taylor Ioyce Burkholder Betty Noizinger Carlos Bernath Dick Palmer Iunror Oyer Dick Short L D Nofzrger Cara Belle Frey Roseanna Riegseclcer Marcella Stuckey Rosemary Wyse Tom Fleming Virgil Schroeder Carol Short Larry Bourquin passage of time: curtain not drawn.l The same. A few weeks later. The same. A day in Spring. Music before and between acts-H courtesy of Music Department and Mr. Menichetti Prompters: Cara Belle Frey, Helen Eicher, lane Murbach, and Nancy Kernig Act III: BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Sunday Evening May 20 at Eight O'clock MUSICAL PRELUDE Ioan Glgax PPOCESSIONAI Graduatron Class rOR THE BLESSINGS OF OUR DAYS Krones AS TORRLNTS IN SUMMER Elgar Mrxed Chorus INVOCATION F ev N G W1erw1ll St Iohn s Evanqehcal df Reformed Church LHORALF AND VARIATIONS Delmas Trumpet solo1 tAnthony Roberts Bowlmg Green State Unrversrty SCRIPTURE READING Rev Wlerwlll El UDE DE CONCOURS Petrt Trumpet o otst Anthony Roberts BALCALAUREATE SERMON Rev Ell1s Roth Pastor MISSIODGIY Church Archbold HYMN Come Thou Almxghty Kmg Chorus and Audxence BENEDICTION Rev W1erw1ll RECESSIONAL AUd19nCe Seated COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Monday Evemng May 21 at Erght O clock F I Memchettx Drrector PROCESSIONAL Graduatrng Class NATIONAL ANTHEM Band and Audlence INVOCATION Rev H E Bertsche Pastor Evangehcal Mennonlte Church AMERICANS WE March F1llmore H1gh School Band COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Rev Alexander Carlson Mmrster Pllqflm Congregatlonal Church Toledo Oh1o MLLODY IN F Rubenstem DEEP PURPPLE De Rose V1braHarp1st Darrell Stuckey PRESENTAI' ION OF DIPLOMAS Board of Education ' AMERICAN FOLK RHAPSODY Grundman Hrgh School Band BEN EDICTION Rev Bertsche MUSICAL PRELUDE . ..,,.a..a....u. au.a S S aua....,uaa,r.raaaluuaaaa E. .. S, High School Band S E N I O R T R I P WASHINGTON, D.c. AND NEW YORK ' 99119 'D gil' ,,-.T 0" if I Y t93'1 The class of 1951 enyoyed cz wonderful trxp to Washxngton and New York as the chmax to therr qraduatlon from h1gh school They lelt Deshler on the B 61 O Raxlroad on Tuesday evenmg May 22 and arrxved tn Washtngton the next mornmg Htgh spots m Washmgton were vrstts to the Bureau of Pnntmg and Engravmq Washmqton Monu ment Lnbrory ot Congress Sm1thson1an Instxtute Mellon Ar! Galleries Lmcoln Memonal Arlmgton Cemetery Mount Vernon and numerous other 1nterest1r'g places They en ramed for New York on Thursday evenxnq and spent Fn day and Saturday 1n Arrencas largest clty Here they vlstted such places as Chlnatown the Bowery LaGuard1a Arr F1eld Radlo Cxty Mus1c Hall a 35 m1le tour around New York Cnty on cr Blue Cncle Yacht the Empxre State Ob servatortes Maceys Gtmbels and many other xnterestmq hlstorzcal and Metropohtan sxghts Some of the group saw South Pactfrc and other promment stage shows They boarded the tram for home on Saturday evenmg and exght een hours later they arr1ved 1n Deshler a very t1red rundown gang of ex semors but they all had a teehng that th whole expertence was well worth whtle and one whxch would provxde them w1th never to be forgotten memones r , y se, ' 1 y fx 4 f' Q P - x l I " X, j '- 3 l ' , T I Q' X If , N 3 to 9 5 , 'l . Q , ,,. , , if V 1.2 ff 'P Y 5 .Q . Tl' A ' 'Vinh' qt . . I 2 lx f .J A 1 ' Q 'H' f -t' Y ' X4 2, Q 4 Q 3 . 9 . 'g ' , y M . f , B 95 . , . ,M -. - :T ,, , we , gig' tx T t" we 2 UNDER CLASSES Palph Burkholder Marlxn Rregse ker Iohn Wyse Dxck Miller Rollm Hayes Lyle Lauber Donald Ruienacht George Wagner Ann Rledell Blame Kernxg Murlel Mlller Velma Rupp Iames Zregler Gene Bemath Glendon Schantz Florence Klng Carol Schmucker Dorxs Fleming Ioan Gxgax Herbert Wyse Marlm Short Peter Pryszlak Benny Pxdbnmy Hattxe Clmgaman Mary Sue Rychener Sally Scales Marvm Storrer Lowell Spxess Denver Wyse Iames Myers Iohn Young Theo Gaddxs Iack Lauber Dlck Gnme Bruce Gxgax Conna Graber Donna Graber Mary Ellyn Lauber Patrxcxa Wxnzeler Harrret Spengler Darrell Stuckey B111 Short Iames Rupp Gerald Short Robert Grgax Carolyn Grime Sally Palmer Ioan Grrme Velda Lantz Betty Serler D r s Gunded Tom Fankhauser DeRoyce Hormsh Roger Short Iames Stuckey Lucxlle Mrller Brll Rupp Roger Nofzrqer Donald Kleck Tom Lauber Dale Short Vrrqmra Sauder Carol Iean Pupp Mary Iane Scale Ieanne Johnson Barbara Chrrsty Robert Bernath Robert Berry L01 s Brock Dee DeGroff Barbara Nafzrger Ahce Mary Roth Nancy Short Eleanor Stuckey Velda Stutzman Paul Yoder Helen Dennrs Buetta Wyse Annabelle Stuckey Charlotte Ercher Sara Louxse Short Orvrlle Frrcke Rollrn Beck Geneva Gautsche Shrrley Yedxca Marlene Leu Mary Ellen Nolzrger Eugene Zaerr SOPHGMORE CLASS .ar EW J C' KN 1- ---1 9.14 it A ind .. ii? JN .4 W sf - . D Y' ' ' r 'U' ef' B ' X Q r A K K K A ' N lj F I W : QQ , ld 3 .,.. . , .. ..,.,. ,..,. E ,k.. . yi . . . " A , t",, ' . . i n Q , ti Abr "bah ' if V ".'-., S' Q B t'lt S S 7 S U -.,, 1 R if " T f t'.. 6 ' '-.V if li ,, A wiv 1 5 ttlt S llt r r ' ltt S i' ' X r--r , 124 'A P -" ' ' ' I S '.,. I x Q, Sf ef A , - - E 2, vw A, A 5 ' f ' , ,F U ,mi l s .V y V I .,V,,.,,,.1 atv 2 y Vx ,,,q , 1 , B. lg I Q5 ix 1 -f FRESHMEN CLASS Sli-N .DQ Q.. ,gm vs 'C' 'K fi hat al wir 41 1 f ,lx Q V' l V41 Adm ...rt 5 -- 261 My 'FQ W nn Kenneth Fankhauser Lowell Flory Kreth Short Andrew Murbach Wxllram Kermq Flame Grleser Roy Schott Iames Schmucker Paul Stuckey Gene Waxdelrch Gene Rupp Daryl Iohnson Carolyn Sue Young Mary Wmzeler Ethel Traut Stephanyx Prdbrray Avon Roth Mona Roth Everett Wyse Foger Schantz Charles Rregsecker Robert Roth Lowell Ruienacht Donald Rregsecker Exleen Beaverson Iames Buehrer Iames Clmqaman Ieanme Cronmqer Ralph Cronmger Ioe Crossqrove Carolyn Grxeser Dorothy Ann Gecmg Ierry Gnme Robert Mrller Eddre Ioe Lauber Mary Kunkle Iumor Gautsche Suzanne Stuckey Donna Ruifer Barbara Rich CoNette Notzmger Betty Nlcolen Maryone Fxser Marlene Rychener Benny Guerro Shrrley Graf Ruth Ann Terrell Roger Muller li V '-'f 'QP A' h an Q E '75 Z e N' -... ,,. N, ' Q W 'X bl Q Af - - - 1 X ' V l Fi, 5 . . 1 lun W' f'M? - ,S 3 Q .,'- , , Z .i is I ,V Q '--- In 1 -JA' if 'M , ' . . fee.. ' Q 1 gg! Q ,P , gy 4 C 1' be "' N 'uv' , 9 I I vi V X - '- - T Q V, ' at Q -R Q2 R l 12 -Q - H , y,r, ' ' , l "5 .4 .. .. -'K A,-'A E.. V1 V Q ,,-,r. ,.. EIGHTH GRADE Back tow Pobert Roth Bll Buohrer Ted Lovetoy Curtrs B ck Charles Rychener Harold Dean Wyse Dale Mrller 'l'h1rd row Rlchard Nafzrger Freddre Gr1s1er Iohn Graber Robert Kleck Mary Grbson Loretta Kermg Deanne Burkholder Second row Suste Fagley Lmda Mrller Ioan Brodbeck Ianet Wyse Charlene Stuckey Betty Io Scott Marlene Rufenacht Barbara Graber Patrrcxa Lrsak Front row Stanley Buehrer Phtlllp Buehrer Wrllard NOfZlqEI Bobby Frey Ralph Grzeser Donald Notzrger Irmmy Short Donald Short Glen Short Ioan Sauder SEVENTH GRADE Back row Lamar GISQI Donald Bernath Nexl Spengler Fredrrck Mehrlmq Donald Sommers Wrlmer Rupp Ixmmy Rzce John Scales Thrrd row Donna M1ller Betty Mrller Orlene Stuckey Delrlah Gautsche Mary Grteser Cara Lou Stamm Nancy Rutter Barbara Walters Second row Dale Storrer lack Mxller Brlly Crossgrove Carol Iean Hausch Sandra Short Coleen Wyse Maureen Rupp Drana H1tt Donna Wazdehch Suzanne Mrller Front row Annabelle Muller Rosemary Brock Larry Short Bobby Rufenacht Roger Grreser Dons DeGrotf Sue Fankhauser DeAnn Chrxsty Ioanne Beck Annabelle Zuercher Bruce Werder Absent Shlrley Grreser Howard Grlme Absent: Helen Schultz I I SIXTH GRADE Fourth row Ianet Erbskorn Margaret Zuercher Fandy Wyse Gary Rupp Myrl Sauder Ioseph Baer Ieanette Sauder Brenda Pursel Grace Wardelrch James Hausch Thrrd row Mary Boynton Norma Flemmq blame Frey Beryl Gnsrer Ioan Loveloy Vee Schlatter Rex Short Roger Vonrer Mr Robrson Second row Ronald Frelrtz Delores Graber Rrchard Leupp Doyle Hayes Io Ann Huffman Ianrs Peters LOUISE Nofztqer Sondra Mrller Ianeth Schantz Verlene Nafzrger Ftrst row Norma Burkholder Fred Gearrng Arleta Kennel Ioan Wrllrams Ianet Meyers llva FIFTH GRADE Back row Rex Zregler Bonme Short Donna Flemmg Vrctor Mrller Iohn Rupp Gerald Myers Mrs Burkholder Darlene Short Sue Ann Murphy Donald Frey Bernadrne Beck Bobby Grrsrer Merle Short Second row Donald Clarr Buddy Stuckey Pcbert Mrller Darrell Buehrer Bonny IGGH SChrOQd9I Sus e Murbach Mary Lou Foth Dean Buehrer Iohn Rrch Ioyce Short Carol Ann Gautsche Nadine Grsel Front row Clara Mxller Shxrley Wyse Burdell Stuckey Brlly DeGroff lamce Wyse Peqqv Yoder Ruth Ann Mtller Gary Short Marrlyn Gautsche Barbara Dohm Irmmy Davts Pamela Lauber Daryl Rupp Graeme Lauber Absent Ray Mata Myrl Nofzrger Nafziger, Carolyn Miller, Linda Stamm, Eloise Sauder, Arlene Rupp, Bill Palmer. FOURTH GRADE 'Nutr Back row Llnda Brodbeck gba on Lrndley Conme Stamm Delbert Bntsch Mlke Wyse Bonnie Haas Mrss Nofzlger Rollrn Iwafzmger Frank Wmzeler Gary Baus Ioyce Sauder Ronny Borton Front row Carol Erbskorn Iultene Cros grove Patsy Gnsel Davxd Rupp Dons Mrller Patty Rufenacht Ronny Wrse Peter bhort Ieanette Wyse Cloyce Nofzrger Absent Arlene Sauder Iudy Nafzrger FOURTH GRADE Ba L row Brlly Kay Wmzeler .Alfred Dohm Stanley Buffer lerry Dommrque Kay Cassell Ioann Lrsak Mrs Spengler M1chaelSull1van Kenneth Graber Sandra Schang Sharon Aschhman Merle Beck Tommy Grreser Front row Dean Rupp Leola Baer Nola Nofzrger Byrdalene Wyse Charlene Nafzrger Sandra Maust Paulme Kelhcut Merle Grreser Tom Yoder Louona Gtsel Paul Lovejoy A 2 Y .. if X-, MV ' .. "- 4 s . W xi , . . -1 - q - , . ' . - . S J. "K 1 ' ' ' ' ., f f . tix: f I ' , I t' lit. . V 1 ' .-.r ' . ,' . ' . ' . ' . . . , . . 3 , ' S , ' . ' . ' A . rl A W ' - l , 1 an l . ,, 4 L ' f - L Q .' ' 5 R .- ,..,',. K L V A M . my - ' ' ' ' 43 THIRD GRADE Back row Duane Frey Valetta A chhman Davrd Neal Pobert Fraas Wxlladene Rrgg Mrs Mxller Larry Barger Dean Beck Denny Mrller lane Buehrer Gary Mrller Second row Verlan Klmger Steward Wvse Carol Sauder Todd Lxedel Charlene Wyse Kenneth Nafzlqer Eumce Hall Beverly Scott Davxd lVI1ller Terry Murbach Paul Lauber Front row Merle Klopfenstem Ioanne Stamm Betty Dohm Edward Buehrer Lrnda Short Rex Hornrsh Ruth Ann Rupp Davrd Men1chet!1 Absent Maretta Brltsch THIRD GRADE Back row Eugene Sp ess Foqer Me er Ierry Von1er Allan Carter Ianrs Clmdrns Mrs Zxmmerman Iohn Baer lack Short Tommy Gallaway Dwayne Rufenacht Second row Mary Sauder Cara Lou Schroclc Pcrtrrcla Stamm Lmda Collamore Betty Schultz Roger Stuckey Maureen Sulhvan Gene Nafzlger Ronald Hausch Dougla Rlch Gene Ban Front row Sally Huffman Carol Kauffman Drane Frey Marxlyn Davrs Ir Wyse Susre Rufen acht Shelly Gneser Allen Stuckey Brenda Kmq Absent Daryl Nofzrger I . S l . ' . - , l I , - Y . : r ' , A . . , ' . Q A ' l 2 r S ' t ,- - ,g- ' l lrrf - 4 , 1 . , . K Y 5 V O - I . 5 6 , . 5 M h 1. - , S ' . , . g 5 ' , " 4 " . :X r . , Q , is . , I r , . . , A , V ' I V , . - . ' ' C I IJ SECOND GRADE Bac row Davrcl Gnsrer Roger Mehrlrng Iames Kleck Mrss Frey Roger Klopfenstem Denton Wyse Pe er Noizrger Luvern Mrller Front row lam e Nofzrger Barbara Grsel PCIUICIG Wyse Lors Hall Chrrstma Haubold Brllye Detter Natahe Wyse DeAnn Rupp Karen Peters SECOND GRADE Buck row Mervxn Nolzmger Sandra Fxelrtz Sue Ann Short Sandra Schrosser Lyle Hayes Mrs Frey Paul Noizmqer Max Stuckey Adda Margaret Neel Iamce Harper Kreth Beck Marler e Rupp Front row Bobby Lauber Karen Short Tommy Rupp Io Anne Schrock Teressa Hohan Lou Anne Noizmger Merle Rxegsecker Judy Baer Stanley Mrller FIRST GRADE Back row Sharon Schantz Dexter Wyse Dannie Ruffer Terry Alexander Suellen Sdlhvan Eugen Schrock Iumor Roth Miss Aschliman Karen Palmer Bonny Fraas Iudy Stamm lean Schlatter Marcme Nafziger Connie Wyse Front row Rodney Wise Steven Wyse Dianne Eash lames Rurp Ierry Bernath Douglas De Grolf Dean Miller David King Richard Stuckey Edward Stamrn FIRST PRADE .4 Back row: Billy Swisher, Daryl Graber, Iimmy Schroeder, Steven Grime, Mrs. Bernath, Ansis Cimdins, David Leon Roth, David Zuercher, Laurel Baer, Ronny Ruffer. Second row: Rachel Sigg, Ruth Osborn, Carolyn Wyse, Ierry Winzeler, Roger Fielitz, Donna Gisel, Norma Crossqrove, Sheila Wyse, Margaret Ann Walter, Louise Stuckey, Ronald Grieser. Front row: Pedro Rodrequez, Iimmy Faqley, Sharon Kloplenstein, Elaine Kauffman, Susan Domini- que, David Short, Richard Schultz, Bruce Lauber, Max Yoder. KINDERGARTEN MORNING V' rox Sus n F ehtz Susan Short Yolanda Rodrequez Cheryl Short Roy Rlgg George Kunkle Sharon Zuercher Robert Sauder Karen Stamm Front row lerry Leupp lame Short Mllcla Nofzlger Paul NOfZ1g6l' Carl M1ller Mary Lou Nofzrger A I Short Dav1d Graber Donna Nofzlger Absent Duane Hayes Rtchard Rychener Lynn Rupp Carlos Grleser KINDERGARTEN AFTERNOON Back row Tamera Taylor Pamela Taylor Ronme Lovejoy Elame Weyanclt Iudy Sauder Sally Short lerry Collamore Shxela Schmucker Phyllrs Schrock Mxchael Gnme Ronme Sauder Terry Schroeder Front row Lucxlle Baer V1ck1 Lmdley Nancy Storrer Freddre Stamm Terry Meyers M1ke Mrller Tommy Vomer Gene Grrme Charlotte Lantz Larry Short Terry Short - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - DEDICATION PROGRAM 01' ARCHBOLD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Hrgh School Audrtorrum FRIDAY OCTOBER 20 1950 Prelude Hall of Parne- Hrqh School Band P I Menrchettr Drrector lnvocatron lvangelrcal and Reformed Church Musrc The Green Cathedral Hrgh School Grrls Glee Club Onward Chrrstran Soldlers Presentatror or Burld ng Acceptance of Burldrng Musrc Address Benedrcatron Hrgh School Mrxea Chorus Brrtsch :S Munger Archrtects Presrdent of Board of Educatron Two Moods Overtr Hrah School Band Bowhnq Green State Umversrty Bond and Audrence OPEN HOUSE I Ohvadotr N B VVr1rWrrr Hahn Sulhvan Srrneone C C Brtscn Dr E R M rbacr re Clar Grundrnau Dr WaIter Lauac Rev Wrerwrrt ARCHBOLD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Dr Edwrrr R Mrrboch Pres I R Peters Vrce Pres Dr Edwrn R Murbach Pres Iohn L upp Vrce Pres Hrgh School I H Sperrqler Sup Iocob Burkholder H S Prrnc T L Parker Donala I Horrrrsh Glen Galloway lrwrn Slesrrrck Francrs Menrchettr Lester Carr Robert Conroy Elva Kerm Evelyn Rupp Charlotte Felsted Margaret Manhart Gayle Bourqurn Bntsch and Nlurrqer Weaver Brothers L B Frey of Sens Salzman Electrrc Arthur Taylor BOARD OF EDUCATION Ovxerr Rrce Clerk Peter Rupp M C Wrnzeler George Rupp Board Members 1948 1949 Ovten Rrce Clerk George Rupp Peter Rupp Arthur Faqley FACULTY Elementary R L Lorton El Prmc Iack Robrson Hazel Burkholaer Marvel Tressl r Mabel Nolzrger Dorothy Spenqler Treva Mrller Marx Zrrnmermarr Bessre Frey Maxrne Frey Mrldred Bernath Kathryn Aeschhman Florence Walter Toledo Ohro Bryan Oh o Pettrevrlle Ohro Bryan Ohro LUSTODIANS Archrtects Gcneral Contracto Plurnbrnq Electrrcal Contractor Larl Bourqurn f N1 , . ' A ' I I I Rev. . . L "' . Ag fy., V A .,, 1 -V e '. Music , National Anthem L Y I ' ' ' A . ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL Back row B111 Fupp Gene Bernath D1cc Palmer Fobert K1 ck Tom Lauber B111 Rres Denver Wyse Paul Yoder Roger Shantz Front row Mr Gallaway Ioan G1qax Mary Ellyn Lauber lane Murbach Carol Qu111et Suzanne M111er Ethel Traut Mrs Ke1m Mr Burlcholder Th1s was the thlrd year for the Archbold H1gh School Student Counc11 Mr Burkholder Mrs Ke1m and Mr Gallaway served as the adv1sors Th Ofhcers were B111 R195 Presldent Ioan G1gax VICG Presxdent Iane Murbach Secretary a 1d Treasurer The COL-UC11 met regularly tw1ce a month and durmg the year accom phshecl many thrngs ome of whlch were help estabhsh the Archbold Chapter of the NG11OIlG1 Honor Socrety condu t a f1r1e Chap 1 program at Thanksg1v1ng and d corate a large Chnstmas tree 1n the ma1n corr1dor wh1ch everyone en Joyed The Caunml d1d a fme job th1s year and w111 cont1nue to become a more 1mportant par' of school 11fe 3 ' V U ., '1 1. e, .' ', . Q D . , . 1, . . . .. ' I I ' I I I ,. 1 . . . F .g . :D 1 . , F . 3 , V V 1 D . . . . - .., . , I ' D . I ' I ' 'L . NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Back Mr Burkholder Ralph Burkholder Sally Scales Ma y Sue Hychener Mr Slesmcl: Mr Carr Bill Rres Iames Iohnson Miss Manhart Mrs Keim Mr Parker Front Ioan Gxgax Mary Ellyn Lauber Pat Wmzeler Harriet Spengler lane Murbach Ioyce Burk holder Hattie Clmgaman Nancy Stahl Betty Notzmger Cara Belle Frey The idea of a chapter of the National Honor Soc1ety rn the Archbold High School has been considered a possibility for several years This year through the efforts of Mr Burkhold er the Student Council and a Faculty Committee a chapter was finally organized and install ed in our school On Octob r 20 1950 Charter number 4147 was granted to Archbold H1gh School , The members were chosen from the upper twenty five per cent of the Senlor and lumor on the basis of scholarshrp leadership character and servlce On February 8 1951 the Bryan High School Chaptcr Bryan Ohio lnducted seven Seniors and eight Iuntors into the National Honor Society of Archbold High School The interpretations of the four standards were given by the Bryan members in a very impressive candlehght cere mony during which all the new m mbers received pins Durlng the Awards Day Pro gram held on May 18 all ff mor members of the society turned in their pins and were a warded new gold fill d one whlch become their permoment property The additron of thls chapter means another organization which should serve as an lncen tive for students to excell in scholarship and the other worthv ideals for which 1t stands . ' 3 1 I . Classes. From these eligible candidates fifteen per cent of the class enrollment were chosen . 2 Q . . . A ,. -e 1 ' ' ' ' - ' e 3, ' ' . ARCHETTE STAFF Standmq Nrs Kexm Marcella Stuckey Rosemary Wyse Valetta VVyse Sally Wmgard llc Krauss Gwen Cronmger Roseanna Fhegsecker Marllyn Ruienacht Dorothy Beck Ceated Hrta Burkholder A very srrfall Journallsrn class pubhshed hfteen ed1t1ons of the Archette thrs year They d1d ve ry well and plbhshed pracncally every pap r on hme Severa of the tudents attended the Iournahsrn Convennon at Bowl1na Green Urnverswty on May 3 Mr Grove Patterson ed1tor of the Toledo Blad was the speal er at the Ccnvenhon The en'1re class V1Sll6d the Toledo Blade Bu11d1ng on May 8 and saw manv mterestlnq and educat1ona1 thmgs HALLOWEEN QUEEN? 1? Mary Ellyn Lauber Carol Quxllet Nancy Kermg Barbara Chnsty Shlrley Graf SCI OUESTA CLUB Back low Mr Slesmck lame Iohnson Theo Gaddrs Dclc ralmer Cene nernath Bob Berry Iack Lauber BxllR1es Thrrd Row Betty Ncizrnqer Mary Ellyn Lauber Tom Flemmq Darrell Stuckey Glendon Schantz B1ll Scales Tom Lauber B111 Rupp Ieanne Iohnson Nancy Stahl Second Row Ioan Grgax Harrxet Spengler Helen Ercher lane Murbach Dorrs Flemmg Hathe Clmqaman Ioyce Burkholder Rose Bernath lane Scales Front Row Sally Palmer Sara Short Barbara Chnsty Cara Belle Frey Carolyn Grrme Mary Sue Rychener Patrrcra Wrnzeler Sally Wmgard Sally Scales The Scr Questa Club was orgamzed early rn the school year of l949 under the drrectron of Mr Slesmck scrence rnstru tor The purpose of the club rs to promote and further an rnterest rn scrence Club membershrp rs open to those students who have taken or are takrng one year of electrve scrence Meetmgs are held br monthly and are usually attended by a mayorrty of the club members The club thrs year made a contnbutron to the Phoenrx Pro,ect a study ol atomrc power and also sponsored a Scrence Farr held at the hrqh school on March 24 The tarr was open to the publrc and consrsted ol demonstra trons and drsplays ol scrence proyects Schools from the nerghbormg countres were mvrted to partrcrpate rn the larr The farr eyhrbrts and pro,ects were classrhed 1nto the followmq general helds General Scrence brology chem1stry phYSlCS and s n1or broloqy The two projects ludged to be the best were those made by Wrllram Scales and a combmed pro1e by lane Murbach and Harrret Spedgler Other top wmners were lack Lauber B111 Rupp and Tom Lauber These folks were rewarded wrth a tnp to St Lours where they attended the Natronal Scrence Farr held May 10 ll and 12 The two top proyects were on drsplay at the Natronal Farr Gold lovrng cups were awarded for second thrrd and fourth places rn each drvrsron as well as to the wxnners The club oihcers for the year l950 1951 were Wrllram Scales Pres Iames Iohnson Vrce Pres lane Murbach Sec Gene Bernath Tr as B111 Scales won a Second ratrng one of four m the Natronal Scrence Farr at St Lours lane Murbach won a Fourth Place ratrng ICI! III? N ., , 3 . F --.. . ' 8" it ' K v 3 Ff- 1 -' V, P yy y y A N47 L SOCIAL CLUB Back Nancy Gnme Pres Ioan Grqax Ieanne Iohnson Helen Denms lane Scales Mrss Manhart Sally Scales Annabelle Grxeser Betty Nofzmger Mxddle Nancy Kernrg Mary Ellyn Lauber Treas Pat Wrnzeler Harrret Spengler lane Murbach Sec Ioyce Burkholder Sally Wmqard Carolyn Grrme Hattxe Chngaman Front Dorothy Gearrq Elame Gneser Donna Buffer CoNette Noizmger Sue Young Rose Bernath Murrel Mrller Barbara Chrrsty Charlottee Ercher Sara Short 'lbouqh the work of o r cu.b ocral aliarrs hav corne to play a more rrnportant part ln the school year All work and no ploy IS deflnrtely not our mottoll to help her presrdent Nancy Grrme V1C9P1'QS1C1eI'1lSCIlly Qcales secretary Tane Murbach treasurer Mary Ellyn Lauber In the fall several rootrn tootrn square dan es were held At Chn tmas trrne a SCI'1'11fOI1'1'1Ql dance was glven 1'1 the beautrfully de oraled aJcl tor1urn complete Wrth wonderful refre hments Thls year the annu l sprrng dance named The Starhght qwlrl complete Wllh all the trrmrmngs of a formal dance ended the season Wrth a BANG ' ' et ' . f ' ' - 3 r . . - , .M - r Miss Manhart was our advisor this year with the following ollicers chosen 2 -' - - ' , ' - C ' . .- .., . , -. - . .h . . . F 1 : , ll . . ll A- ' - , A 1 . N A I V vu , .J - r LIBRARIANS 41 Left to nqht Evelyn Wyse Carol Short Mary Sue Rychener Marxlyn Rutenacht Delphme Kennel Roseanna Rxegsecker Susxe Fagley Doroth Gearlg Carolyn Gneser Mona Roth Seated Mrs Bourqum Each penod of the day the student lxbranans help wrth the crrculatlon and housekeepmg dutles of the hbrary under the supervlslon of Mrs Bourquln These lnclude the shelvmg of all lncommg books and the readrng of all shelves keepmg them rn order They recelve one half credlt for then' work Students who contlnue wrth thelr educatlon beyond hlgh school irnd that th1s tramlng IS of value to them They not only are better able to help themselves but car also help the other students to fmd therr book or mformatlon on an asslgned TOPIC Many students hnd the hbrary a pleasant place to read study or enyov the many books or magazrnes placed ln the hbrary for the attarnment of knowl edge and enjoyment for all the students and for the commun1ty of Archbold Archbold Pubhc Llbrary SENIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL .ON ..iL-J lm Back Row Drck Palmer Paul Yoder Denver Wyse lack Louber Tom Louber Benny P1db1rny Glendcn Schamz Dale Leu B111 Rles lames Iohnson Darrell Stuckey Larry Bouvqum Rollm Hayes Gene Bernath Thrrd Row Ralph Burkholder Helen Denn1s Sally Wmgard Pat W1nz ler Sally Scales leanne lohnson Sally Second Row loyce Burkholder Hamet Spengler Home Clmgaman lane Murbach Rose Bemath Marv Sue Ry chener Conna Graber Ahce Mary Roth Annabelle Stuclcey Rosemary Wyse Carolyn Gnme lane Scales Betty Noizxnger Front Row Ioan G1qax Buetta Wyse Barbara Chrlsty Murxel Mxller Carol lean Schmucker Florence Kmq Eleanor Stuckey Sara Short Cara Belle Frey Nancy Short lV'ary Ellen Nafzlqer IUNIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL Back Row B111 Kemtg B111 Buehrer Roger Shantz Lowell Flory Paul Stuckey Andy Murbach lerry Gnme Robert Kleck Gene Rupp Ieannme Cromnqer Betty Nrcolen Iames Buehrer Thrrd Row Betty Io Scott Lmda Mrller Susre Faqley Mary Wmzeler Ethel Traut Marlene Rychener Patncta Lrsak Charlene Stuckey Marlene Rulenacht Maryorxe Ftsev lanet Wyse Ioan Brodbeck Helen Schultz Second Pow Stanley Buehrer Edche Lauber Harold Wys B1111e Crossgrove Nerl Spengler Curtts Beck Dean Rupp Bobby Frey Dale Storrer Itmmy Rrce Don Bernath Bobby Rufenacht Front Pow Glen Short Shrrley Graf Mona Roth Avon Roth Orlene Stuckey Donna WG1d9l1Ch Suzanne Mtller Ioan Sauder Deltla Gautsche Maureen Rupp Donna Mrller Dons DeGroff Annabella Zeurcher Sandra Short pi t-fe , ' ' Q 4, - 5 4 ., it We ' ' 'f 'ff , ' r " tt I' Ill .n 1 Lo, 1 4,1 A Palmer, Dorothy Beck, Gwen Croninqer, Marilyn Ruienacht, Nancy Grime, Roseanna Riegsecker, Bill Rupp. Good scholarship is considered one of the most important goals oi our system of education It is regarded as a worthy ideal in the Archbold Schools Considerable emphasis is placed upon a testing program which in cludes the Every Pupil Tests Senior Scholarship Tests Preliminary District State Tests Eighth Grade State Tests cmd the Final State Scholarship Tests The stud nts whose names appear on this page may lustly ieel proud ot their very tme Scholarship achieve IIISIIIS Name Iames Iohnson Betty Nofzmger Cara Belle Frey William Scales Ioyce Burkholder one Murbach Cara Belle Frey Larry Bourqum Betty Nofzmger Iames Scales William Scales Iames Iohnson Sally Scales Mary Sue Rychener Harriet Spengler Patricia Wmzeler Mary Sue Rychener Glendon Schantz lack Lauber Harriet Spengler Sara Louise Short lane Scales Barbara Christy Ieanne Iohnson Sara Louise Short Helen Dennis lane Scales Paul Yoder Bue'tta Wyse Eleanor Stuckey Annabelle Stuckey Sally Palmer Ieanne Iohnson Paul Stuckey Gene Rupp Roger Schantz Iames Buehrer Paul Stuckey CoNette Nofzinger Ieannine Croninger Roger Schantz Andy Murbach Ethel Traut Carol lean Rupp CoNette Nofzinger Avon Roth Andy Murbach Ethel Traut Marlene Rychener Ieannine Croninger Mona Roth Sublect Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship Senior Scholarship English XII English XII Senior Social Studies Senior Social Studies Senior Social Studies Physics Physics English English English English Chemistry Chemistry American History American History English X English English English X Biology Biology Plane Geometry Plane Geometry Latin Latin World History World History World History Algebra Algebra Algebra General General General General General General Latin I Latin I English English English English English English Science Science Science Science Science Science IX IX IX IX IX Local 2nd in First First First Second Third First Second First Second Second Second First Second First Second First Second Fourth Fifth First Second First First First Second First Second Second First Second Fourth First Second Third Fourth Fourth Sixth First Second First Second Third Third Fifth Sixth county county county county county Seventh District Fourth Ninth Sixth Tenth Twelfth Eighth Twelith Sixth Sixth Eleventh Eleventh Twelfth State English IX EIGHTH GRADE TESTS Curtis Beck ranked tirst in the 1951 State Eighth Grade Tests. Robert Kleck and William Buehrer were tied tor second, Next in order were Ioan Sauder, Harold Dean Wyse, Richard Natziger, Ianet Wyse, Charlene Stuckey and Betty Scott. This group received certificates for ranking in the upper fourth of the class. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS Twelve members of the graduating class of 1951 were awarded a script A scholarship letter for outstanding scholastic work done during tour years ot high school. These letters are presented each year to the upper one- tourth of the graduating class. Letters were awarded to the following graduates: Betty Nofzinger. CGICI Belle Frey, lane Murbach, Ioyce Burkholder, Iames Iohnson, William Ries, Rosemary Wyse, Nancy Grime, Dick Pdlmeff Carol Short, Sally Wingardfand Helen Eicher. SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS ' ' ' 7th in ' ' HM in ' ' ' ' HM in lane Murbach Senior Scholarship HM in county ' ' HM in I Q i . 'U XI ' U ' XI ' ' XI . , . . XI - . X . ' I X , A H f ' Il - A -I I 1 IX SENIOR BAND The rnusrc organ1zat1ons of the Archbold Publlc Schools had a very successful year Groups from both the hrqh school and the elementary school made numerous pubhc appear ances durmg the school year Home Commgs programs the varlous phases of compet1t1on and a var1ety of other requests on the department for thelr talents kept them qu1te busy durmg the year Many beg1ners were started on the way to becomlng the future mus1c1ans for the school 1n both the vocal and mstrumental departments Qulte a number of new mstrument were purchased by the Board and several others were added from funds rarsed by the muslc de partment Instruments were made ava1lable to beglnners on a small rental fee bas1s mak 1ng 1t posslble for th m to fmd out whether th y were adapted to therr chosen lnstruments w1thout a large outlay of money on the part ot the parents When a pupll has estabh hed strument for h m thus maklng one more avculable for another beg1nner Many of thrs y ars begmners w11l be moved up to the semor organ1zat1ons next year S prospects look v ry good for larger groups 1n all of the orgamzatxons next year In fact slnce a good ground foundat1or1 was la1d thls year pro pects look good for many y cr ta come BAND COUNCIL Back Row B111 Rupp Darrell Stuckey Mr Memchettz Gene Bernath Iames Myers Front Row Betty Nofzmger Nan y Grrme Suzanne Stuckey . . - - e . e . - -1 . the tact that he can play an instrument it is expected that the parents will provide an in- . 9 . . . . . In O INTERMEDIATE BAND Back row Ted Loveyoy Betty Nrcolen Beryl Gnster IoAnn Huffman Mary Kunkle Shzrley Graf Helen Schultz Dorothy Gearxg Mr Memchettl Second row Ronny Fxelxtz Iohn Rrch Freddre Geanng Larry Fzsh Ioan Brodbeck Ianeth Shan z DeAnna Burkholder Don Bernath Ianet Wyse Maureen Rupp Pro t row Bobby Grxsxer Dean Rupp Burdell Stuckev Ioyce Short Vee Schlatter Iams Peter Sondra Mrller Norma Burkholder Peggy Yoder Suste Murbach Malorettes Natahe Wyse Sharon Lmdley Rosemary Brock Patty Rufenacht IUNIOR BAND Ba k row Patty Lxsak Loretta Kemrg Mary Grbson Iohn Graber Mrke Wyse Gary Rupp Mr Memchettz Second row Donald Claxr Dorrs DeGrotf Io Ann Brodbeck Brenda Pursel Myrl Nofzlger Tommy Grleser Davrd Rupp Frank Wmzeler Delbert Brrtsch Front row Ieanette Wyse Pauhne Kelhcut Connre Stamm Mary Lou Roth Carol Ann Gclutsche Tommy Yoder Dean Rupp Kay Cassell Bonnxe lean Schroeder Ianet Myers 1. , V W t Q A ,, s , , 4. -:If .. . 7 . x A Y - V 1 , ' w , . , ,B 3 w ..... 4 n , K .4 - .. A , - .P4- ' . . V , .-. f A . 4 5 if "" ' ' X' ' vue. A NK4-. , . ke f' . 5 me , .- 1 A ' 1 5 ' . - , .I . t- I . 1 ' 1 1 I I I K' 'Y 3 S' . , . , I 5, 5 I . I . 1 - , C 1 A , 4. ' . . A . , - 'U 'li VOCAL ENSEMBLES GIRLS SFXTETTE Nancy Kern q Ioan Grqax Nancy Grrme Care Belle Frey Ioyce Burkholder Iane GIRS QUAHTET Barbara Rrch Maryorre Frser Ethel Traut Suzanne Stuckey GIRLS SEXTETTF Back row Mary Ellyn Lauber Barbara Chrrsty Sally Scales Front row Hattre Clmgaman Patrrcra Wmzeler Carolyn Grrme BOYS QUARTET Marlm Rregsecker Drck Short Carlos Bernath Darrell Stuckey X Murbach Q- Q' I KN 'W' , I S Q f l 5 Y INSTRUMENTAL ENSEMBLES SOLOISTS Stanley Buehrer Betty Scott Dxck Short Dee DeGrofi Darrell Stuckey lack Lauber Suzanne Stuckey Cseatedl Gene Bernath Iames Myers Suste Fagley Lmda Muller Phlhp Buehrer CLARINET QUARTET Barbara Chnsty Charlene Stuckey Patncta Wmzeler Sara Loutse Short BRASS ENSEMBLE Dxck Short B111 Rupp Ralph Burkholder Dee DeGroif DeRoyce rlomlsh Gene Bernath CLARINET QUARTET Ioan Gtgax Sally Scales Patncta Wmzeler Harrlet Spengler BRASS ENSEMBLE SAXAPHONE QUARTET Nancy Gnme Ioyce Burkholder Lmda Mtller Carlos Bemath MAIORETTES Nancy Rufier Suzanne Stuckey Donna Buffer Elame Kermg Carolyn Grxme Nancy Gnrne l - I I - - - ' Betty Scott, Helen Dennis, lane Scales, Barbara Rich HIGH SCHOOL 'YW Back row Alrce Mary Roth Hattre Clmgaman Nancy Kerrng Mary Sue Rychener Ieanne Iohnson lean Rychener Marlm Rregsecker L D Nofzrger Tom Flemmg Fourth row Rosemary Wyse Mary Kunkle Annabelle Stu key Evelyn Wyse Conna Graber Marvtn Storrer Iames Zregler Carlos Bernath Thrrd row Joan Grgax Mary Ellyn Lauber Elame Kermg Valetta Wyse Nancy Short Sue Young Vmrgma Sauder Dons Gunden Second row Carolyn Gr1me Marlorre Frser Charlotte Etcher Mary Ellen Nafz1ger Carol Ie-an Schmucker Shxrley Yedrca Dons Flemmg Ioan Grrme Carol Iean Rupp Front row Ruth Ann Terrell Carolyn Grreser Barbara Rrch Marcella Stuckey Rlta Burkholder Florence K1ng Mona Roth Avon Roth BOYS GLEE CLUB 'R Q lb W--1 .. 'Q fi 5 Back row Ierry Grlme Roger Zzegler Lyle Lauber Donald Kleck Dale Leu Lowell Spxess Iohn Young Wrllram Loveloy lames Iohnson Thtrd row Roger Mxller Darrell Stuckey lack Lauber Kenneth Fankhauser De DeGrofl Iames Stuckey Harley Gacld1s Lowell Flory Second row Ann Rrerdell Roger Nofzmger Roy Schott loe Crossgrove Roger Schantz Andy Murbach Carlos Bernath Marltn Rregsecker Iohn Wyse Marvm Storrer Mr Memcheth Front row Barbara R1ch DeRoyce Homrsh Keith Short R1chard Palmer Herbert Wyse W1llxam Kerntg Thomas Flemmg Gene Rupp L D Nolzrger Iames Zxegler n ' , ' M- ' A , fd SJ SE' . K Q, 6 ' 1 " ' , S or ' A ' .- X ni, .Us K , my Ea ri M1 .Q 1 ,, .' gs t y, if ' , S X J 'K . 1 'V ik x va Q - ' .., , Q .. ' " , 'xt 8 . A - 23 . 5 'ug l . W , .Q f W ef y "Y 1 - F 'F Qs . " ' ' A 5 3 Y lvt x Y ' Y Q A L, my W 3 . -In J. , L xx Y A vs in Jw K 3 A ,V A 4. 414 :S 'Eff . A' I g - X . 4 Q, .- TW Q ,gn . are F , Y , 1 . l C5 l"l fl L . ' X ' ' J - la, f ffl tx :ZA g 3,-f AQ -'. ,Q N . x 5 4 -1 , ' 'rl Y f?E .--. . , -'Ff V A H V , -' 1 5' T X . , r l Y CHORUS it We av Y. Back row lohn Young B111 Loveyoy Dee DeGroff Hame Spengler Sally Scales Pat Wmzeler Betty Nrcolen Ila Krauss Fourth row Iames Iohnson Roger Zregler Darrell Stuckey Marlene Leu lC1H Scales Ethel TIUU AHHCIIDS Grreser Dorothy Gearlg 'Thrrd row Mary Wrnzeler lane Murbach Ieamne Cronrnger Carol Short Donna Grab r Elame G eser Buetta Wyse Second row Murrel Mrller Betty Seller Sally Wmgard Joyce Burkholder Sara Short CoNette Nofzmger Velda Lantz Front row Carol Qulllet Velma Rupp Nancy Grxme Cara Belle Frey Barbara Chrrsty Shrrley Graf Suzanne Stuckey GIRLS GLEE CLUB Bacx row Carolyn Grrme Pat Wmzeler Mary Sue Ryc tener Nancy Kermg leannre Cronmger lean Rychener Sally Wmgard Mary Ellyn Lauber Evelyn Wyse Carol Short Thxrcl row Carol Schmucker Mona Roth Avon Roth Suzanne Stuckey Cara Belle Frey lVlur1ellVl1ller Florence Krna Barbara Rrch Ruth Ann Terrell Carolyn Gneser CoNette Notzmger Shrrley Graf Second row Carol Qurllet Donna Graber Sue Young loan Gxgax Sally Scales Conna Graoer Betty Nrcolen Dons Flemmg Velma Rupp lane Murbach Elame Gr1eser Mr Memchettr Front row Harrxet Spengler Hattre Lou Clmgaman Joyce Burkholder Marjorre Frser Elame Kermg Valetta Wyse Mary Kunkle Ila Krauss Ethel Traut Mary Wmzeler Nancy Grrme Absent Marcella Stuckey Rosemary Wyse o : , ' , , , e , t, lle - - I A 1 1 ' A 1 1 31 l If 1 l 1 , Y, ,- I 1 . . ' . ' x 1 , 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I , 1 1 1 1 1 y FUTURE FARMLLRSQ yy A MV- Back row Robert Bernath lerry Gnme Donald Rufenacht Gerald Short Lowell Mrller Duck Mrller Daryl Iohnson Thlrd row Iohn Wyse Paul Stuckey Iames Stuckey Marlin Short Arden Grrme Eugene Zaerr Robert Grgax Ralph Cronmger Second row Drck Short B111 Short Iames Rupp James Iunror Roth Gene Wardelrch Front row Mr Gallawav Robert Roth Roger Nofzxger George Wagner V1rg1l Schroeder Dale Short The Archbold H1gh School chapter of the standmg organ1zat1on s1nce 1lS crect1on four honor achreved by only 10 chapters out of The boys have partrcrpated 1n lrvestock the County Fa1r They have also taken part rn Schmucker Lowell Rulenacht Orvxlle Frrcke Rollm Beck Ralph Burkholder Iunxor Oyer Larry Bourqum Dale Leu Future Farmers of Amerrca has been an out years ago It has won three gold ratmgs an 325 rn the state ot Ohro Judgmg rn the D1SlI'1Ct m the State and at the Busrness Procedure contests They have showed many projects at the County Fan Therr part1c1pat1on rn these numerous contests has won many trophres plaques and rrbbons for the school The school may mdeed feel proud of the fme work of th1s orgamzatron as 1t goes about 1ts task of maklng good farmers and crtlzens out of 1lS members 'Q 4unvv--"' ,aww E51 WSW ,?qt,,ug X .,,........-mrv-we sRw.m L.- A, , , , -ugzw - W . 1 I ' ' ' 7 . 1 1 - :A tt-1 I as-W K.-cf ' as 1 -f, 15, ' A ,fl V 1 su- , 4 45 ia 'T 1 rf' ftix. 51' 'F ! 1 ,wxcXv'P' ' Gr' Q I A. A D 5 Q V v flew ji x -Hi, 1' FUTURE HOME MAKERS I ,ma EHUMEMA X3 R K S AMERICA Back Be ty Nofzmger Shlrley Gaddrs Ieannme Cromnger Betty Nxcolen Iean Rychener Velma Rupp Mrss Fel sted Mrddle Sue Young Donna Rutter Mary Wmzeler Dons Gunden Elcnne Gneser Sally Palmer Velda Lantz Mona Roth Avon Roth secker Annabelle Gneser Rlta Burkholder Carol S hmucker 'Ihe Future Hom makers of Amenca chapter of the Archbold H1gh School has twenty f1V9 members seven of whom are 1n the graduatlng class of 1951 The club has had a very pros Derous and busy year Som of the projects and events sponsored by the group dunng the year were a Fan' Booth a Homecommq Float County Rally Baked Sales Io1nt Meetrngs w1th the FFA Parent Daughter Banquet Dad s Nlght Ohlo FHA Conference at Columbus and a Reg1ona1 Meetmg The club also made 1ts presence felt 1n the school by the many practlcal 1obs 1t d1d such as launderlng athlet1c equlpment remakmg audltorlurn drapes banquet and play costume and numerous other odd jobs These young lad1es may justly feel proud of the many worth whrle thmgs they dld dur ng the past school year lllilll 0 ' T IQ . 'D an . , f 'f T 1 Y r but 2 , vi rx Q - - 1 A4 ' Q T "" 9 , ' 2 , ... 5 Front: Stephanyi Pidbirny, Mary Sue Rychener, Barbara Nafziger, Gwen Croninger. Dorothy Beck, Roseanna Rieg- . Y 9 . 4 t . ' . . e ' ' ' . . . I . . . I S 1 'f Qs' ' UL .. ,gg , I Q , I , S C IUNIOR PLAYS Standlng Sally Srales Gene Bernath Marvm Storrer Lowell Spless Denver Wyse Pat Wmzeler Seated Mary Ellyn Lauber Hattre Clmgaman Irm Myers Hamel Spengler The lunror Class presented two plays durlng the school year 195051 In the fall the above cast gave H111 Bllly COUftSh1p The group plctured below presented A Case of Sprrngtlme Both plays wer very well presented and were enjoyed by large audrences Standmg Ralph Burkholder loan Glgax George Wagner Darrell Stuckey Lyle Lauber Marlrn Rregsecker Carolyn Grrme lack Lauber Seated Elame Kermg Murrel Mrller Conna Graber Dons Felrnrnq Carol Schmucker Mary Sue Rychener Velma Rupp rg V if , Q 4 't . 1 V. 6 i r 7 ' , a I W , , T xl x, .K ,. . . .-,. . In SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 3 Everyone was l'appy to begm tl Thanksglvmg Thrs was the rmportant day for all new puprls rn the elementary buxldmg to regxster The new hrgh school puprls regrstered and became acquamted wrth the buxldrng Everyone got mto the full swmg of another school year The baseball season dldnt start out so well Iewell defeated us B 5 An all school skatrng party at Bryan was qurte well attended 'l'he baseball team was agam defeated Thxs trme by Fayette O l The faculty had therr ftrst party and mrtrated the new tea ters The baseball team defeated Pettxs vllle 9 8 The FHA had tts nrst party In the cond game wxth Fayette we defeated them Ierry lVc'cfety VlSlf9d school and talked to the students The band en,oyed a concert by the Manne Band at Bowhng Green The brg day of the year for the freshman they were mrtxated The baseball team won another vrctory by scormg ll whxle Pettrsvrlle scored 2 OCTOBER Everyone wanted to try 1u11tsu after Morgan and Dahler gave us a very mterestmg demonstratron The baseball team defeated Iewell 91 Chesterfxeld was defeated 12 4 The season was ended by a 10 O vrctory over Rldge v1lle The So ral Club had 1ts frrst dance of the year The enhre student body had thexr prctures taken The freshmen had the annual Return party for the Sophomores The Ir Class also had a hayrrde The FFA had a Jotnt meetmg wlth Pettrsvxlle Mr Brrtsch from Toledo spoke at the dedlcatlon ser vrce of the new elementary bu1ld1ng The FFA and FHA had a 1o1nt meetmg The NWOTA had a meetmg m Toledo The Socxal Club sponsored a quare dance NOVEMBER The Iumors presented themr f1rst play Hlllbtlly Courtshtp The Semors sat m the snow at Ann Arbor to see the Ill1no1s vs Mlchrgan game A county teachers meetrng was held at Metamora The Socral Club sponsored another successful square dance The Blue Streaks opened the season by defeatmg Jewell 59 50 The puprls m the elementary burldmg gave a pro gram thxs evemnq Rev Bertsche spoke to us at a Thanksgrvmg chapel servrce vacatton The Blue Streaks defeated the Stryker Panthers 65 24 Once agam the Archbold team came out on top by defeatrng West Unxty 2515 The FFA had a oarent son banquet DECEMBER Lyons wa defeated Ss 45 DJ our team Mr Chavre a ctrzen of Indra gave us a very rn terestmg talk on Indra Yesterday and Today Rev Frey from Toledo drscussed wrth the students the effects of alcohol tobacco and narcotrcs on the human body Once agam Archbold fans came home happy after a 4529 vxctory over Wauseon The students were all busy wtth Every Pup1l Tests The Streaks had an easy vlctory defeatmg Fayette 72 28 Mr Vmcen Taylor spoke to the Sclence Club on tltanlum The Streaks defeat d Pettrsvllle 82 38 Several of the Semors took a Sctence Talent Search Test put out by Westmghouse The muslc department gave a Chnstmas concert The Streaks defeated Chesterfleld 75 36 The Socral Club sponsored a Chnstmas Dance The basketball team kept up 1ts record by beatmg Montpeher 63 55 The female members of the faculty had a dmner at Nafzrgers Chnstmas vacatron began after a chapel servrce at whxch Rev P L Frey spoke The Streaks wound up therr tenth consecutrve vrctory by a score of 69 39 at Fayette The boys celebrated the Chnstmas season w1th a 63 43 wm over Rrdgevrlle IANUARY School began after Chr1stmas vacatron The basket ball team started the New Year wxth a 63 28 v1ctory at Stryker The Blue Streaks after a hard game ended wrth 53 pomts to Swanton s 45 The end of the semester brought w1th It exams The Blue Streaks ended the semester wxth a bang by toppmg Fulton 73 41 The f1rst day of the second semester The Holland Trro gave a very rnterestmg musrcal program Metamora bowed to Archbold w1th a score of 53 38 The Blue Streaks defeated Napoleon 54 38 Each member was allowed to brmg hrs father to thls meetmg of the FFA The Student Councrl sponsored a Dads Nrght for the team at the Pettrsvrlle game whrch ended wrth Archbold scormg 91 pornts to the opponents 38 2 I . Z9 . , . ' ' ' , zae , . , s ' ' ' za ' I , ' - :zo A - . . l . . 1 S T-. ' 1 . I 4 . , LA ' , - . D ' . ,. s A - A GLW I Y 8 I ' 1 8-3. . ' . , ll . A t ' ' , - 12 6 ' ' - . ' . 13 ' , ' . .. I 14 . . I ' ' ' ' ' - 15 ' - , 16 ' ' . , 18 The FHA had a Christmas party. . . . I 19 ' - - . I ' Zl K ' . ' ' 22 ' ' , - s . 5 I I I I . . . I ,, . . 12 ' ' I - - I - - I 15 ' - . - I 16 ' ' ' ' I 19 ' - . ' 23 - - . - . 25 ' ' . . I 26 . ,. . . ,, SCHOOL CAI ENDAR FEBRUARY The entrre faculty had a hobo party The Blue Streaks completed therr second vrctory over Wauseon wtth a score of E9 49 The Brg Frve wound up number 19 rn a lme con secutrve wrns Thrs trme rt was Rrdgevrlle 58 45 The physrology clas had an mterestmg tour through the Toledo State Hospttal The Archbold Chapter of the Nattonal Honor Soctety was rnstalled rn an rmpressrve ceremony by the Bryan chapter The basketball team after a hard fought game com p'eted a perfect season by defeatxng Delta 54 52 Ten senrors took the annual Scholarshrp Tests at Wauseon The Blue Streaks started the tournament wrth a bang defeatmg Fayette 70 42 The boys kept up therr record by defeatrng Fulton 76 38 Washmgtons brrthday came as a welcome day of rest from school The Varstty became County Cham prons by topptng Lyons 47 43 Smce the roads were bad we had an extensron of our holrday A drsappomted yet proud group of fans left De france after the frrst game of the d1str1ct tournament Af er a valrant frght the Blue Streaks were trarlmg Ottovrlle 35 37 MAY 1 The I-'rel mma y Drstrrct S ate Scholarshrp Tests wer g ven Archbold scored 7112 pomts to Fayette s 4512 rn a track meet Archbold drdnt score any runs rn the baseball game whrle Lyons made Z The boys won the track meet wrth Delta The score was 60 57 Pettrsvrlle scored 12 runs to our 4 The erghth grade puprls took therr state tests I we defeated The Iunrors followed the theme of bow for a very mce banquet Metamora 12 2 Over the Ram a tournament game In a tr1 school track meet Morenc1 was hugh wrth 58 lfl2 Archbold Z6 llf12 second wrth 52 Wauseon The baseball team couldnt qurte Fayette beat them 85 make rt today The boys won therr second tournament game Lyonsl Archboldll The Anthony Wayne baseball team defeated ours wrth a score of 8 4 Our track team scored 63 pomts to Wauseon s 55 Our baseball team was defeated by Iewell by a score of 3 2 4 The Semors presented the r class play Cheaper by the Dozen The baseball team defeated Ney 56 m therr frrst ll Q ' 1 ' ' 1 ' 3 2 ' . n X j 1 3 u y , . . U 12 ' ' ' BT . .1 . . . . . - ' 16 ' . 7 1 5 . I 18 ' ' . 8 , . zoe ' ' ' . n 9 ' f E' ' Z3 '- , ' ' ' 12 I I l . ' 24 1 ' ' ' . 14'-V ' . D U ' ' 26 . ' , .. l7 ' ' - . D 22 I 1' ' A 21 . .' Q ' at ' ' . 23 ' . ' 28 ' ' , , - ' I ' ' I " 3' . i I .1 4 y , . . MARCH . 1 y 12 1 . ' , , ' 5 . . . . l6 1 ' ' ' ' ' - 7 . 17 ' ' ' ' . . . . D 12 A , , I ,, 22 ' . ' ' '. 24 .- . . 14 . 27 ' - - " 15 . ' . ' ' 16 1 - 28 ' . ' i. - as . - . 17 ' 31 ' - 1 ' " . 18 e " ' - 22 . . . . V - . 21 A . ' ' 5 h , , . D . . t , 22 , A ' . - - - , 23 ' ' ' . 6 - - - - - 25 ' ' . 2 I ' ' ' . 22 ' ' 9 ' ' APRIL 4 1 Pev Geartg from Ft Wayne who 15 vrsrtmg the Mxssronary Church talked to the students Those who were tr' County Band or Glee Clubs spent most of the day practrcrng at Wauseon and 1n the evemng gave a very mce concert All the students takrng sctence courses took therr proyects to Bowhng Green to be yudged Easter vacatxon began The Scr Questa Club sponsored a Scrence Farr at whrch the prolects were drsplayed and judged The yunrors gave therr second play A Case of Sprrngtrme A county teachers meet1ng was held at Zone The FHA had a praent daughter banquet The vocal and mstrumental ensembles went to Bowl mg Green to enter competrtron Archbold met Morenc1 rn the frrst track meet of the season and won 5412 to 6412 Archbold started the baseball season nqht wxth a 13 6 vxctory over Chesterfxeld The Aprrl Every Puprl 'lests were grven Those who recerved Superror ratmgs on therr scxence lroyects at Bowlrng Green went to the State Scrence Ne t at lV1am1 Unrversrty The Lc 1:1 cho us and glee clubs entered competrtron at Bowl ng Creed game of the drstrtct tournament About 30 students took the Drstrrct Prehmmary State tests at Bowhng Green The baseball team ts out of the d1str1ct tournament after bexng defeated by Deshler Score 4 3 The track team was defeated by Swanton They scored 64 pomts to our 54 The Socxal Club sponsored thexr sprmg formal The Starlrght Swrrl Delta won the County Track Meet wtth a score of 91 Archbold was second wnth 7512 pomts Tl-e Streaks whxtewashed the Fayette Eagles 7 to 0 The Streaks bowed to De ta for the baseball Cham pronsh D 9 to 6 The Streaks errored thetr way to an 8 to 7 loss to Lyons All c rtlhcates and honors were gtven out at an as sembly The Semors are now fmrshedl Rev Foth spoke at Baccalaureate l'ev Carlson from Toledo gave some partmg advrce to the Semors at Commencement before the drplomas were gtven out Tle Senrors left for Washmgton and New York All fmal exams were frnrshed for underclassmen The students handed rn all therr books to end another ,ear Everyone was mvrted to com back to recerve therr graule cards and eat rce cream cones Thus another s hool years ends ELEMENTARY SNAPS Ir fe' xnilvv ind .www-uni' 4 M xr 'N ' -v-.T-T-"if" A few helementury snaps The klds seem happy Last shots of the old Grade Bumldmg as lt nears the end INDUSTRIAL ARTS 3 wr? L., Ts ... .Q 3 'SVU Mr. Hornish cmd the boys at work WX ILXQ 'sp WW 3754 Wm W, 15" -N 1 NN. an Y X . 4 F -5+ SPORTS Archbold Opponent Archbold Opponent VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Back row Coach Mr Conroy Vxrgxl Schroeder asslstant manager Marvm Storrer Denver Wyse Tom Lauber Paul Yoder Gene Bemath Iames Myers manager Front row Carlos Bernath Lowell Spxess Dale Leu Iohn Young Ralph Burkholder Basketball contmued to be a bxg tame sport dunng the past year The Blue Streaks set an all txme record for the school when th y won 23 strarght games wxthout a loss then went on to wm the next three games and the County Toumament They entered Drstrlct play at Dehance wlth a perfect record They lost a clcse game to Ottovrlle rn the hrst game by a score ol 37 to 35 It was a tough one to lose but the over all record ot Z3 w1ns and one defeat IS the best ever made by an Archbold team Deshler went on to wxn the D1str1ct Toumament The Streaks added two more beautxiul trophxes to therr collectxon one for the League Champronshxp and the other for wmnmg the tournament CARLOS BERNATH won the foul shootmg trophy Archbolds Reserve team complled a fxne record of 17 wxns and 3 defeats The Iumor Hlgh team coached by Iack Roblson also enloyed an undefeated season They compxled a record of 16 lor then champlonshxp Plenty of good materxal IS available lor next year Spress Young Burkholder Lauber Yoder and numerous other POSSlbl l1t1es pomt to another good team Carlos Bernath and Dale Leu were lost by graduatxon 1950 1951 SCORES Iewell Stryker West Umty Lyons Wauseon Fayette Pettxsvxlle Chesterheld Montpeh er Fayette Rxdgevrlle Stryker 53 Swanton Fulton Metamora Napoleon Pettxsvllle Wauseon Rzdgevxlle Delta COUNTY TOURNAMENT Fayette Fulton Lyons DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Ottovrlle 1 straight wins during the season and added four more to win the Iunior High Tournament. They also won a fine trophy 59 50 73 65 24 53 83 ' 32 54 56 45 91 ' ' 45 29 69 72 28 58 ' ' 82 ' ' 38 54 '75 ' 36 63 ' 55 ' 70 B9 39 76 63 ' ' 43 47 63 28 45 35 ' VARSITY INDIVIDUALS I Dale Leu Denver Wyse Carlos Bemath Ralph Burkholder Tom Lczuber Lowell Spxess Iohn Young Marvm Storrer Gene Bernath Paul Yoder fu. R, BASKETBALL 1950 1951 Iewell Here Nov 14 The Rams gave the Streaks a tough battle 1n therr opener Archbold 59 Iewell 50 Dale Leu h1t for 18 and Lowell Sp1ess 15 Shock netted 20 for the Rams Stryker Here Nov 24 Streaks 65 Stryker 24 Dale Leu h1t for 18 and Lowell Sp1ess West Un1ty Here Nov 28 A bxg score Archbold 83 West Umty 32 SPIGSS swrsh ed 25 and Iohn Youna 15 Lyons Here D c 1 Lyons put up a tough battle but the Streaks prevarled by a 56 45 count Dale Leu was on the beam as he scored 21 Wauseon Here Dec 5 A Memphrs Spe c1al Streaks 45 Indrans 29 Dr Ry chener pard off as usual Sp1ess 11 Leu ll Young 10 Fayette There Dec 8 The Streaks were hot as they clrpped the Eagles 72 to 28 Young 18 Sp1ess 16 Pettrsvrlle-Here Dec 12 Archbold rolled up another b1g score as they walloped the Blackb1rds 82 to 38 Lowell Sp1ess wrth 26 and Iohn Young wrth 20 paced the dr1ve Chesterfleld Here Dec 15 The Streaks fell Bernath 18 Leu 15 Montpelrer Here Dec 19 The Locomotrves were powerful but they ran out of steam Archbold 63 Montpeher 55 Lowell Sp1ess kept up hrs hlgh scorlng w1th 26 markers Fayette Here Dec 22 The Streaks tamed the Eagles o9 to 39 Carlos Bernath wa tough as he h1t for 22 Iohn Young had 13 and Lowell Sp1ess had 10 Brdgevrlle Ther Dec 26 A tough battle but the Streaks flnally hung one on the Falcons by a 63 43 count Smess 16 Burkholder 15 and Young 14 Say th1s made about eleven stralght wms' Can we keep th1s machme ro1l1ng'7 Hop so' Stryker There Ian 2 The Stryker lads got another sohd trouncrng 63 28 Iohn and Lowell were good for 17 each Swanton There Ian 5 These Swanton boys had rdeas of an upset and they made thrngs pretty tough The Streaks won 53 to 45 Lowell Sp19SS 15 Iohn and Fuzzy 13 each Fulton Here Ian 12 The Streaks coasted to a 73 41 Wm Lowell SPIGSS had the brg gest nrght of tus career as he scored 35 polnts Metamora There Ian 19 No trouble here Streaks 53 Metamora 22 Lowell and Iohn good for 20 and 10 Napoleon There Ian 23 The Wrldcats were deternnned to end the Streaks Wm streak but no could do Archbold 54 Napoleon 38 Say th1s makes about 16 1n a row Sp1ess 17 Leu 16 and Young 15 Pettrsvrlle-Here Ian 26 Brggest score of the season Archbold 91 Pettrsvrlle 38 SPIBSS 20 Young 19 Leu 17 Wauseon Here Feb 3 The Indrans played a frne game but they just couldnt check the Streaks A chbold 69 Wauseon 4:3 Another Memphrs Specral Thanks Dr Rychener Sp1ess and Young agam at 22 and 16 Rrdgevrlle-Here Feb 6 The Falcons were determlned but the Streaks sald No' Fmal score Archbold 58 Rrdgevrlle 45 SPISSS and Young 15 each Wayne Mrller was tough 32 pornts worth Delta There Feb 9 Boys that wrnnrng streak almost petered out The Delta boys wouldnt co operate very well We had our hands full as we squeezed by for a 54 52 score Hooray' Th1s gave us the Lea gue Champron and the frrst undefeated strarght wrns Nrce gorng boys County Tournament at Wauseon Fayette l-eb 14 The Streaks got a good tour nament draw They lxmbered up by beat 1ng Fayette 70 to 42 SPIGSS 19 Young 18 Bernath 16 Fulton Feb 17 The Fulton Rarders were the next v1ct1ms They went down by a score of 76 to 38 Burkhold r 15 Young 14 Leu 10 Bnng on those Lyons Lrons' Lyons Feb 22 Lyons was ready to make an rssue of th1s game They were ahead most of the f1rst half The Streaks moved out rn front the thrrd quarter and won 47 to 43 It was a tough frght Ma but we won The County Champlon a beautlful trophy and our 23rd strarght w1n Drstnct Toumament at Dehance Ottovrlle Feb 28 The pressure of an unde feated season plus numerous other un known factors were perhaps rnstrumental 1n the downfall of the Blue Streaks They drew a strong contender rn Ottovrlle Put nam County Champs The Streaks we e both good and bad durmg the game but when the frnal score was posted 1t read Ottovrlle 37 Archbold 35 Ottov1lle went on to the frnals and were elrmrnated bv Deshler Well be back next year 15. ' ' . . . ' - . e . . ' . ' ' .1 ' - . r , ' . Q I I ' ed the Comets by a 75-36 score. Spiess 25, season in the history of the school. Twenty- 6 . s - . . ' ' ' - e. . . . ' ' . ' 1 . . A s . L u . V . r ESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM ly R Back row DeRoyce Hormsh Robert Berry Dee DeGrofi Mr Conroy Donald Kleck Ilmmy Zxeqler Izm Myers Front row Rolhn Hayes Marvm Storrer Gerald Short Paul Yoder Tom Lauber Tom Fankhcxuser Denver Wyse Gene Bernath ,5- IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Back row Mr Robrson Phrlrp Buehrer Ioe Crossgrove hm Chngaman Everett Wyse hm Schmucker Stanl y Buehrer Dean Rupp Frort row Eddre Ioe Lauber Roger Schantz Bxll Kemrg Ierry Grxme Andy Murbach Lowell Flory SEVENTH AND EIGH TH BASKETBALL TEAM Back row Mr Robxson Dean Rupp Ixm Short Roger Mehrlmg Ne1lSpengler lack Miller Don Bernath Front row Larry Short Bobby Rufenacht Dale Storrer Ph1ll1p Buehrer Stanley Buehrer - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 . ." 1. - 111. . . . . . . . D - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 . - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 - BASEBALL gum' c Back row Coach '-Iornrsh George Wagner Ralph Burkholder Everett Wyse Roger Schantz Marvxn Storrer De Royce Hormsh Vrrgxl Schroeder Iames Myers Managers Front row Donald Kleck Iohn Young Lowell Spress Arden Grxme Andy Murbach Dee DeGroff Paul Yoder Den ver Wyse Larry Bourqum Tommy Fankhauser The Archbold Hlgh School baseball team had a tcnrly good season dunng the school year 1950 1951 Thelr won and lost record was not very 1mpress1ve but several of thelr de feats came when the team was made up of mexpenenced players The boys reached the fmals 1n the county tournament along w1th cr strong Delta team They beat Ney 1n the Drs tnct Tournament at Dehance then lost a tough game to Deshler by a score of 4 to 3 The pltchmg w1th Iohn Young Lowell Spress Roger Schantz and Donald Kleck was plenty good Paul Yoder dld a frne 1ob of catchmg and the heldrng 1n general was good en ough The real weakness of the team was the1r lack of a consrstent battmg attack W1th only two semors graduatlng the team has excellent prospects for next year The two depart1ng sen1ors are Larry Bourqurn and Arden Grrme The Blue Streaks put on a comedy of errors and dropped the county champ1onsh1p game to Delta by a score of 9 to 6 Thus Delta won the County trtle and the Champron trophy wxth Archbold w1nn1ng runner up honors and the Runner up trophy BASEBALL SCORES 1950 1951 Rrchbold Opponent Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oc Oc Oc Apnl Apnl Apnl Apnl Apnl Apnl May May May May May May 1951 Iewell Fayette Pettrsvxlle Fayette Pettxsvrlle Iewell Chesterfield Rrdgevrlle Chesterfxeld Lyons Metamora Fayette Lyons Anthony Wayne Iewell Ney Deshler Fayette Delta Lyons 1 l . 13, 1950 ...,....,....,.,, ,.....,,.,.......,...,......... 5 ,,,AA,, ,A,,.,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,...,,.,.,..,.,.........,,...,....... S . 20 ..,..,.,....v.,...,,,,,,,, ,r.......,....,.,,.,,,..,.....,..,. 0 ,,,,,,,YY,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,.,...,......,. ......,..,.......,.... 1 . 22 ,,..... ,,,,..,,,, ,.... ..v,,,. ,,........,.....,. 9 ' ' ,,,,,,.r,r,.,,,,r.,,,,,.....,.,,...,,..,.....,...,.... . 8 . 26 , ..,., ...,,....., . ........,,,. ,.,.............. 8 ,,,r,,,,,,,,,, ,rr,,,,,,.,,,,,,,... ,,...,.. ..,.,...,,..,...,. . 3 . 29 .... , ,......,, ,, ....,, .,.,....,,,,,,,.,..,.,.., 1 1 ' ' ,rA,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,, ,.....,,,,........,.. . 2 t. 2 ......,., , .,..,, . .. , . ,,,,, ,, .,., ,, .. 9 A ,,,r,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,r,,,..,.,,,,,,,,...,,,..,.....,,. 1 L 3 ,, ...,,.... ,..,., , , ... ,,,,,,r,, 12 ' ,,.,r,,.,,,. ,, ,,. , ,,.,, , 4 f. 4 ...vvv.,, , .. Y.,. . , ...,,,...,..,. 10 ' ' .,.,, ,,...,,. , , ,..,,. ,. .. ., .... . , 0 ' 5, ,....... .... ,,,,.,,... , .,,,,,,..,..,,,,,,,. 1 3 ' .,r,,....,,,..,.. ,, , ,..,,,,,.,..,,,........ S ' 12 ...,,. W .. ....,, .. , ,..,,,, ,. ,,.. 0 ....,...... ,v..,....... , ,..,..............,.,.....,,, , Z April 18 .,,.,,, ....,,,,,,..t. .... , , ., H ..,.,..,,..,....,...,, 4 Pettisville ....,,,,,......,,...,,,.,...,,. ...,,,...... ,...,..,. A . ,,.12 ' 20 .......,,,..,,..........,,,.,, ..........,,.,,......,...,...., 1 2 ,........,,,......,................,..,........,......,,,. 2 T ' 24 ,...............,,,.... ......, ,,,, , , , ,,,,,,,Y,,,,r,, , 5 ,,..,, ,.A.A,,.r,,,,,,rr,,,,,,,,,,4,,r,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , B ' Z6 ...............,....... ....,... ,,,,,,,,...,.r.,.,,.. 1 1 .,,........,..,,.,,.....................,,,.,,.,.....,,.,.,,.., 1 T ' 27 .... ..,,,.,.,.r........ . ,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,r,r,,,,, 4 ,,,,..,.,,r ,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,.,,,,,r,,,r,,,,,,, , A , 8 1 ...,,........ ......,,,,,,,.,,r,rr,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AA, 2 ...,,,,,rr..,rrr,,r,,r,,,,,,,,.,,A,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,w,,,V,,,,,,, 3 4 .,...VYYVY ,. .,,...,..,..,,,,,,,,,,.,. ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S .,..........,,.,........,,.,,r,,r..,,,,,,,r..,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,A, , M 5 DT 5 .......... ,.,.,,,,,,.,r,,... ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,. , ,,,.A,,,,,v,,,,, 3 ' .,,... ,.,..r...,,,,r,,,,,,,r,r,,,,,,,, ,,,,A,,,,A,,,,,,,,,.,--- 4 D T 15 ., ..,,,.., ,.....r...,,. , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A.,A,.,,,,A,,4 7 ...,,, ,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,4 , , , 0 16 -',-----------,,,............................,.... .............. 6 ..-..................,.,, ,,,....,,..........,,,,,,....,,,r.,r ,,,,, 9 C h , TRACK Back row Marvm Front row G1 :me Dck Gnme Rollm Hayes Gerald Short Don Rulenacht Boo Glgax Robert Berry Tommy Fankhauser Storrer Iames Myers Manager Coa h Conroy Paul Yoder Ierry Gnme Lyle Lauber Dale Leu Lowell Spress Iohn Young Arden Denver Wyse Coach Conoroy and a small group of track candrdates spent consrderable t1me gett1ng 1nto shape for the 1951 season They were greatly hampered by the cold wet weather of the early season Eventually they were able to swlng 1nto act1on and held several dual and tnangular meets wrnnrng all but a tnangular at Morencr and a dual meet wlth Swanton The County Meet was held at Delta on May 14 Delta on the bGS1S of hav1ng held the t1tle for the past seven years was cast mto the role of the favonte wrth Archbold a lrkely contender When the meet was over and the po1nts were counted rt was drsclosed that Delta had agam won the t1tle The Panthers scored 91 po1nts wlth Archbold hnrshmg second w1th 75Vz po1nts Several of the Archbold boys placed rn the D1SlI1Cl meet at Bowlmg Green None com pleted 111 the State Meet Iohn Young recerved the 1nd1v1dual trophy for sconng the largest number of of po1nts dur mg the Tracl' season Apnl Aprrl April Aprtl May May 7 15 TRACK SCORES FOR THE 1951 SEASON dual meet here dual meet here Trtanqular at M dual meet here dual meet here County Meet at orencr Delta Archbold Archbold Archbold 52 Wauseon 26 Archbold Archbold Archbold B412 1 llfl? 7516 Fayette 391 2 Metamora Chesterheld Morencr Fayette Morencr 58 Wauseon Sw anton Delta 5416 45172 112 ' 4--f , .................,.....,....,..r...................,... , f' ' ' ll- , ....,,...,......,............,,.,.,,,.,,....,.,.,....... 71 !2 April 16-dual meet, here ,,.,,..........,..,,..... ,..,,.,.....,........,.,..,,., A rchbold 60 Delta 57 " 23 --'- ' ' .... , -. ' f ' 30- , , r...,...,..,,. .. .........,...,.. ..............,.... B 3 55 , ....,..,,,.,....,,,,...........,.... ......,.....,.,.... 5 4 64 Y- ' .......,..........,.,..,.....,....,,..,.,... 91 m' , 5. ' 12 ATHLETHISTAFF M Ho sh Mr B khold M Conroy Mr Rob son Donald I Horn1sh Baseball Coach Iacob Burkholder Athleuc Duector Robert Conroy Basketball Track Coach lack Rob1son Iumor H1gh Coach MANAGERS V rgml Schroeder Wxlmer Rupp llm Myers r. rni . ur er r. . i, i . VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Fo Bernath Ela ne Ke IC Carol Qurllet Rrta Burkholder The Cheerleaders of Archbold Hlgh School really had a good season 'Ihey had plenty to cl-eer about as the vanous teams representmg our school rewarded them and ihe1r followers wrth many vrctones and few defeats IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Maureen Rupo Shzrley Graf Erhel Traut Mary Wnzeler . Se i . rn'4 ' ' 1 ,. . , 1 "A" ASSOCIATION Back row Ralph Burkholder V1rg1l Schroeder Denver Wyse Lowell Spxess Arden Gnme Carlos Bernath Paul Yoder Front row Marvm Storrer Larry Bourqum Dale Leu Iohn Young Iam Myers Thrs club consrsts of those students rn h1gh school who have earned therr or track At present the orgamzatzon 1S not actlve It holds no meet1ngs nor does lt engage rn any school QCllVll18S as a group Membershrp comes automatr cally to any student who earns hrs letter However several years ago all new members were sublect to rmtratron and the club engaged rn a few GCl1V1t1eS The membershlp of the club seems rather small but thxs results prlmanly from the fact that a malorrty of the members are lettermen rn two or three sports monogram in at least one of the school's major sports of basketball, baseball DR R O RYCHENER HYCHENER AWARD MR AND MRS N I RYCHENER ATHLETIC AWARD Dr Ralph O Rychener an Alumnus of Archbold Hrgh School and now a successful surgeon 1n Memphls Tennessee who has long b en noted for hrs very generous moral and imancxal support of all athletrcs 1n our school 1n 1946 estabhshed an Annual Senror Athletlc Award of S100 cash to a qraduatmg semor boy Th1s scho1arsh1p was named rn honor of Mr Rychener s parents Mr and Mrs N I Rychener local resrdents who always dxsplayed a keen rnterest 1n local school affa1rs The Award IS to be made on the followlng basls thxrty per general chool att1tude and twenty per cent neatnes and personal appearance Former w1nners of th1s award were as follows Aden Storrer 1946 Gerald Lehman 1947 Paul Srgg 1948 Arthur Kleck 1949 and Iohn Clarr 1950 lun Dale Leu 1951 Rychener Award Wmner cent athletic ability: thirty per cent scholarship: twenty per cent s ' 5 M31 . SPORT SN APSH OTS 4559- .Esau HSE If f' I5 The Streak CIthlGtlC teams had Cl very good season durmg 19501951 Above you see some of the Streak Stars ln cctxcn m then vanous spots F ,gn F N :gg yt V L fl .. . ' if if ? 3 fi .. X Y I 1 ' ?"'f"?1' "' ' 1 ' 'U :iv a . ' 1' ff 1 A , ' X X .-ws. COMMEBCIALS Students Teachers Parent and Frlends Thls annual was brought to you at a reasonable pnce thraugh the whole hearted co operatlon and amply demonstrated thexr good w1ll toward our school and the1r support IS greatly apprec1ated by the pubhshers of th1s book Lets extend our patron age and good Wlll to them 1n the same fnendly manner 1n wh1ch they have gxven thelrs to us financial support of the friendly merchants of our community. They have ADVERTISING DIRECTORY ATTORNEY AT LAW Wlllard Mack Owen Rrce AUCTIONEERS DENVER STUCKEY P UCTION SALES LUGBILL BROS INC YODER AND FREY INC BAKERIES Terry s Bakery BANKS FARMERS :S MERCHANTS STATE BANK PEOPLES STATE BANK BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Fankhausers Barber Shop Fred Grrme s Barber Shop BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS Lrechty Bros RIEGSECKER BROS I H Rupp G Son Pettrs nlle BUILDING MOVERS E M SAUDER 61 SON CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH SERVICE E F Bednar CONCRETE PRODUCTS Archbold Concrete Products Elrn1ra Cement Block ci T1le Co CONFECTIONERS Arage Confectronery Harold Nagel s Recreat1on Sllver Maples West Un1ty CLOTHING FURNISHINGS Ora Lauber :S Son Dale Rufenacht DAIRY PRODUCTS Nafz1ger s Darry Farm NOFZIGER S DAIRY STORE Short s Da1ry Store DERTIST Dr R I Mellor D TCHIIXG AND EXCAVATING Clyde GIQGX Elrmra Rychener Bros MILLER BROS DRUG STORES C1ty Drug Store RED CROSS DRUG STORE DRY CLEANERS ARCHBOLD CLEANERS DRY GOODS 6: NOTIONS Archbold Dry Goods Helen s Dry Goods ELECTRIC WIRING Ray Lantz V1c s EIGCIIIC FARM EQUIPMENT Babson Bros Becker s Fert1l1zer Walter Bren1ser Huffman Dustmg 61 Seedlng Serv1ce KING WYSE MFG. CO STACEY FARM SUPPLY FLOOR COVERING SHORT FLOOR COVERING FLORISTS Archbold Greenhouse Ioe Litwil1er's Barber Shop BCII'1C1'Off CIGCIIIGIS ADVERTISING DIRECTORY FOOD PROCESSING LA CHOY FOOD PRODUCTS TUX E AI HOME CRISIER S FUNERAL HOME Short s Funeral Hom FUR DEALERS Lawrenc Townes Fayette GARAGES AND SERVICE STATIONS ChI1SIY Motor Sales DeGroff s Marathon SGIVICS Ford Sales and Serv1ce Greek Motor Sales Bryan Gr1eser Motor Sales LIECHTY MOTOR SALES Leupp Bros Stryker Lmdsey Motor Sales Bryan Lowell Thomas Soh1o SGIVIC Mlller Auto Supply Myers Body Shop NOFZINGER BROS Paul s Fr1endly Servlce Shorts Chevrolet Sales and SGIVICG I1Vest Unlty GENERAL STORES Roth s General Store Elm1ra GRAIN MILLS AND ELEVATORS Elm1ra Elevator HARDWARE AND LUMBER GOTSHALL MFG CO STOTZERS VERNIER MCLAUGHLIN HATCHERIES RUPP'S HATCHERIES WYSE BROS. TURKEY FARM HOME FURNISHINGS RUPP S FURNITURE STORE Short s Furnlture Store Your Furnlture Home INSURANCE Vlncent Beck Couch Wlth L1nco1n A O Fagley Ora Lauber :Sf Son Ora Rupp C I Short Stryker A I Stamm W G Theobald IEWELERS O P Kluepfel LIVESTOCK AND MEAT PACKING LLOYD MYERS LUGBILL BROS INC NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS Archbold Buckeye PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Herman Brltsch IESSE L SHORT OIL CO PHOTOGRAPHY SELLERS STUDIO PLUMBING AND HEATING H L Frass ci Son L B FREY 6: SONS Ilm Gear1ng POULTRY PRODUCTS ROBERT HAYES I. B. Rogers co. -I P L ' S I I S ' e - 1 9 . Crossgrove Garage-Elmira Glen E. Zimmerman ' ' e , L s ADVERTISING DIRECTORY PUBLIC UTILITIES TRUCKING AND FREIGHT NORTHWESTERN TELEPHONE CO. ARCHBOLD TRUCK LINES INC. RADIO AND APPLIANCE SERVICE Hughes Radlo Shop REAL ESTATE Curly Manor RESTAURANTS Bud and Gert Home Restaurant Io s Corner TRIPLE SIX RETAIL FOODS At1ant1c and Pacrhc Tea Co Corner Market GLEN BERNATH S MARKET Rlch Food Lockers RUF FER S MARKET SCAFEOLDING EQUIPMENT BILL IAX INC FEED AND SEED ARCHBOLD SEED 6. GRAIN CO F AGLEY SEED CO Iohn W Stuckey Rychener Seed Co PCIIISVIIIG Stryker Farmer Exchange Sylvan Rupp SHOE REPAIR LOUIS Stork Shoe Repalr SHOE STORES M HESS SHOE STORE THEATERS SCOTT THEATER Bill-Ed Trucking co. Mac Buehrer George Klng Trucklng Earl Rychener Iohn A Short Ronald Sonny Wyse VARIETY STORES Archbold 54' Sl OO Frsh and Schroeder VENDING MACHINES Archbold Clgarette 61 Mus1c SGIVICG VETERINARIANS Dr I R Peters WELDING AND REPAIR Cal Stannard Elm1ra WOODWORKING BAER CABINET Dan Somrners Horne Furnlture Shop Graber Manufactunng Co Stryker Le1n1nger Home Supply Elrrura Mlllef Manufacturlng Co New York Boat Oar Co Sauder WOOdWOIk1Hg SAUDER MANUFACTURING ISCELLANEOUS Al Meda Candy Co Denn1s NOIZIQGI Overhead Doors I D. Pol1te Gaylord FIELIIZ Herb Lantz Keys Nelson RUPP - 8 . . LAUEER MANUFACTURING oo. SENIOR FAHEWELL It IS now t1me for the sen1ors of l95l to close the door on thelr school days It rs Wllh great sadness that th1s class leaves the1r classmates fnends and teachers There were occasrons of cour e when school appeared to be a l1ttle dlsaqreeable but now that 1t IS almost over those trmes seem to be qreatly outnumbered by the plea ant and enjoyable ones each Senror has had make a place m the world for hrmself The Senlors approach th1s t1me wlth courage and determrnatron to do therr best so that all of you who have seen them through these past years can be proud of them Th Senrors would hke to express therr thanks to therr teachers parents and frrends who have made therr days at school such pleasant ones they w1ll remember both you and them And now for a hnal word from th1s Graduatmq Class of 1951 Farewell . S I 1 I s ' I ' . It is also now that the door to the next part of life is opened. Each must AUTOGRAPHS

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