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-'.,f , x,f.. -3,31 rv-471114, X .W -y. -. THE BLUE TREAK 1950 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL ARCHBOLD. OHIO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - - MAYNARD SAUDER ASSISTANT EDITOR - - DONALD WYSE BUSINESS MANAGER - ' - IOHN CLAIR FACULTY ADVISER - - - I. H. SPENGLER INTRODUCTION The graduating class of l950 is following the plan established last year by the class of 1949 in bringing you a complete history of the school year l949- l950. This made it necessary that you receive your Annual sometime this fall instead of in the spring. The class of 1950 hopes that you will like their Annual. If it brings to you the joys that come from recalling school day memories its publishers will feel well paid and that their labors were not in vain. FOREWORD Time truly does fly. It seems but yesterday since we entered high school and now it is time for us to depart. To us, the seniors, it brings to a close the most important era of our lives. It is with mixed feelings of emotion that we depart from our Alma Mater. We realize that it has asked much of us, but it has given more. We want always to remember our high school days, because the future can only enrich those experiences so dear to all of us. It is with these thoughts in mind that the Class of 1950 brings you this edition of the Blue Streak. It is our wish to review all of the things which were a part of our school life during the year. We hope that the familiar scenes and faces will help you recall the many happy hours you have spent in school life. As time writes finis to our school days, we sadly contemplate the future, realizing that school days were truly the richest experiences in our lives. ENGRAVING - - GRAPHIC ARTS CORP. Toledo. Ohio PHOTOGRAPHY - - SELLERS STUDIO Archbold, Ohio PRINTING - - ADRIAN COLLEGE PRESS Adrian, Michigan BINDING - - HUGO KALMBACHER 6: SON , Toledo, Ohio DEDICATION We, the graduating class of 1950, dedicate this annual to the old and to the new. We wish to dedicate a portion of it to our former elementary building H1888-19505 and the part it and its teachers played in shaping the lives of hundreds of young men and Women of this community. We Wish to dedicate a portion of it to the new elementary building to be opened this fall. We sin- cerely hope that it too will continue to wield a Worthy influence on the lives of hundreds ot our youth, and that our democratic American Way of Lite shall be forever maintained. FORMER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 1888-1950 NEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SEPTEMBER 1950 '-"vw WX' 5 ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL Archbold High School graduated its first class in 1891. The class of 1950 marks the fifty-ninth class to be graduated. More than a thousand young men and women have graduated from here since 1891. They may literally be found in all parts of the world. The fame, fortune, and success which many of them have achieved is ample evidence that their Alma Mater did well by them. Thus an educational institution justifies its somewhat costly existence. Edu- cation, the American Way, and Christianity continue to be the chief pillars of the things we hold dear. The old Elementary Building was the only building on our campus until 1924, when the present Industrial Arts Building was constructed. The present High School was built in 1930. In 1937 the Gennan Township Schools and the Archbold Schools were consolidated into the present district. A new Voca- tional Agriculture Building was opened in 1948. In May of 1949 work was begun on the new Elementary Building. It will be ready for use in the fall of 1950. Several other additions will be needed in the near future. An Elementary gymnasium, an addition of classrooms to the High School, and a new Indus- trial Arts Building have all been suggested by the State Department of Education. The school has had a continuous growth and if industrial and economic factors in our community may be used as a barometer this growth will con- tinue indefinitely. ADMINISTRATION V I. H. Spengler. Supt. of Schools It is the duty and the purpose of the school administration to facilitate an effiicent management of the schools, to provide the essential needs in carry- ing out the educational program, and to see that each part of the organization bears to each other part the proper relation. Administration of a school pro- gram involves supplying all educational and business needs which facilitate the giving of essential and needed instruction. BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: George Rupp, Peter Rupp, Dr. E. R. Murbach. President, Owen Rice, Clerk, I. R. Peters, Vice President. Standing: Melvin C. Winzeler, I. H. Spengler, Local Superintendent of Schools. The Graduating Class of 1950 wishes to pay its respects to the Board of Education of our School. As we are about to leave we become aware of the fact that we have had the advantages of a fine school building and its excel- lent facilities. We do not often pause to ask who makes these things possible. but we are sincere in our expression of thanks and appreciation for the fine school we have been privileged to attend. We know you have given untiring effort and unceasing devotion to the task of providing educational advantages for the youth of today which did not exist in your day. We know that your material rewards are as none and that your criticisms are often great. It is only in the knowledge that your contributions of time and effort are a genuine service to the youth of our community that your rewards must lie. We sin- cerely wish to acknowledge our debt of gratitude to you and the public whom you represent, and as we leave we humbly say, "Thanks a lot for everything." ADMINISTRATION Mr. Lorton Mrs. Beck Mr. Spengler Mr. Burkholder R. L. LORTON: Elementary Principal B. S. Oberlin, M. A. Ohio State University MARY BECK: School Secretary I. H. SPENGLER: Local Superintendent of Schools B. S. Bowling Green State University M. A. University of Michigan IACOB BURKHOLDEH: High School Principal B. S., A. B., Adrian College M. A. Bowling Green State University HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ,mm F ,ff-vas. Back Row: Mr. Mayer, Mr. Parker, Mr. Slesnick. Hornish. Mr. Gallaway. Front How: Mrs. Bourquin, Miss Manhart, Mrs. Mrs. Keim. Donald Mayer: Music B. M. Baldwin Wallace Thomas L. Parker: Mathematics, Public Speaking B. L. Berea A. B. Ohio University M. A. Ohio State Irwin Slesnick: Science B. S. Bowling Green State University Robert Conroy: Physical Education, History B. S. Bowling Green State University Iacob Burkholder: High School Principal, History A. B.. B. S. Adrian College M. A. Bowling Green State University Iacob H. Spengler: Superintendent, American Problems B. S. Bowling Green State University M. A. University oi Michigan Donald I. Hornish: Industrial Arts El. Degree, Manchester College B. S. Ohio Northern fe as Mr. Conroy, Mr. Burkholder, Mr. Spengler, Mr. Turgeon, Miss Fraas, Mrs. Beck, Miss Felsted, Glen Gallaway: Vocational Agriculture B. S. Ohio State Gayle Bourquin: Librarian B. S. Bowling Green State University Margaret Manhart: Social Studies B. S. Bowling Green State University Buhama Turgeon: English, General Business A. B., B. S. Bowling Green State University Florence Fraas: English, Latin B. S. Wittenberg College Mary Beck: School Secretary Charlotte Felsted: Vocational Home Economics B. S. Bowling Green State University Elva Keim: Commercial Ohio State Ohio University A. B. Spokane University 1 ELEMENTARY FACULTY -amy. Back Row: Miss Pupp. Mrs. Tressler, Mr. Lorton, Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Burkholder, Mrs. Farber. Front Row: Mrs. Frey, Miss Notziger, Mrs. Walter. Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Bernath. Mary Ellen Rupp: Second Grade Goshen College , Marvel Tressler: Elementary Music Ypsilanti Bowling Green State University H. L. Lorton: Elementary Principal B. S. Oberlin M. A. Ohio State University Mary Zimmerman: Third Grade Bowling Green State University Hazel Burkholder: Fifth Grade Indiana University Bowling Green State University Edna Farber: Sixth Grade Defiance College Ohio Northern Bowling Green State University Bessie Frey: Second Grade B. A. Goshen College Bowling Green State University Mabel Nofzinger: Fourth Grade Bowling Green State University Florence Walter: Kindergarten Ypsilanti Normal Treva Miller: Third Grade Bowling Green State University Mildred Bemath: First Grade Bowling Green State University G9 FACULTY SNAPSHOTS 'ts tawssww Looks like a faculty party of some kind! The teachers had a party at Dr. Murbach's cottage at Devi1's Lake. Yes, they can relax and have a good time too when the occasion presents itself. They aren't always as serious as their work requires them to be. , d 5 'iikuwqgww Q r I' I MAINTENANCE A nice, clean building is always an incentive to do a good day's work. Many hours of hard labor are necessary to have our buildings in readiness for a new day of school each moming. Good food: we simply can't get along without it. It keeps us going and doing our best. We are all sincerely grateful for our kitchen staff because we just know that there are none better. How could there be? No one envies the bus driver his thankless task. He must battle the weather, bad roads, and a few "bad" kids. Regardless of the obstacles en- countered these men do a fine job of transporting several hundred pupils to and from school daily. The combined efforts of these folks is an essential part in the daily routine of our school. Thanks to all of you for the parts you have played in our years at Archbold High School. i ' t X, . ,hi Earl Bourquin Art Taylor COOKS N Ellcx Beck. Mary Grime, Christine Grime. Bessie Short BUS DRIVERS H. Fleming, E. Bourquin, A. Liechty, W. Rupp O. Hitt W. Breniser L. Schmucker O. Rueger G. Gigcx C. Lucas ELEMENTARY GRADES Back Row: Delbert Britsch. Don Bernath, Ioan Williams. Garry Short, Bobby Fraas. Front Row: Ianice Harper. Byrdalene Wyse, Gene Baus. David King. Oh, so young, but yearning to grow older. How slowly the days and years pass until you are in high school. Don't be impatient. Your time is fast approaching. You've been fine learners and spectators. In a few short months and years you will be playing leading roles on the court, diamond. stage and classrooms. The graduating class of 1950 extend to all of you boys and girls, the future pupils of Archbold High School, their very best wishes. 1 J KINDERGARTEN -- MORNING in fl' - I iff! .fl 'O A ' A - Q1 Back Row: Richard Stuckey, Connie Wyse, Carolyn Wyse, Ruth Osborn, Pete Rodriquiz. Grieser, Elaine Kauffman. David Zuercher, Eugene Schrock. Louise Stuckey. Steven Mrs. Walter. Middle Row: Dean Miller, Iean Schlatter, Norma Crossgrove, Roger Fielitz, Donna Gisel, Rutter, Terry Alexander, Ierry Winzeler, Tim Grieser, Iunior Notzinger. Front Row: Steven Wyse, Danny Rutter, David Short, Marcine Notziger, Edward Stamm. Klopfenstein, Rodney Wise. Beverly Short, Lupe Iiminez, Dexter Wyse. KINDERGARTEN - AFTERNOON Ronny Grime. Ronny Sharon Top Row: Diane Eash, Rachael Sigg, Ir. Roth, Karen Palmer, Margaret Ann Walter, Sharon Schantz. Iimmy Rupp, Iudy Stamm, Daryl Graber, Ricky Schultz, George Flory, Mrs. Walter Front Row: Max Yoder, Susan Dominique, Laurel Baer, Billy Swisher, Douglas DeGrotf, Bonny Fraas, Sheila Wyse, Iimmy Fagley, David King, Ierry Bernath, Bruce Lauber. Absent: Suellen Sullivan, Iimmy Schroeder. XVII' V .v-ll l FIRST GRADE Back Row: Lois Hall, Sandra Schlosser, Robin Stotzer, Keith Beck, Iimmy Kleck, Mervin Nofziger, Sandra Fielitz, Marlene Rupp, Iudy Baer, Roger Mehrling, Paul Nofziger, Stanley Miller, Mrs. Bernath. Middle Row: Ioanne Schrock, Mary Trejo, Lavern Miller, Karen Short, Bobby Lauber, Roger Klopfenstein, Karen Peters, Lou Anne Nofziger, Natalie Wyse, Patricia Wyse, Christina Haubold, Merle Biegsecker, Max Stuckey. Front Row: Ianice Nofziger, Billye Detter, Sue Ann Short, Ivars Ambatsk, Lyle Hayes, David Grisier, Tommy Rupp, Denton Wyse, De Ann Rupp, Barbara Gisel, Peter Nofzinger. Absentees: Ianice Harper, Adda Margaret Neel. I, l K i' '--' ' - v -WY 7- 7 it , SECOND GRADE Fourth Row: Miss Rupp, Denny Miller, Ruth Ann Rupp, Edward Buehrer. Tommy Gallaway, Daryl Nofziger, Bobby Fraas, Iane Buehrer, Carol Ann Sauder, Larry Barger, Willadene Rigg, Lynn Short, Rex Hornish, David Neal, Gary Miller, Roger Meier, Mrs. Frey. Third Pow: Beverly Scott, Paul Lauber, Eunice Hall, Ioanne Siamm, Duane Frey, Terry Murbach, Kenneth Nofziger, David Miller, Merle Klopfensiein, Dean Beck, Gene Nafziger, Iohn Baer, Ronald Hausch, Wayne Mast, lack Short, Allen Carter. Second Row: Gene Baus, Betty Dohm, Linda Short, Betly Schultz, Eugene Spiess, Douglas Rich, Iunior Wyse, Roger Stuckey, Verlan Klinger, Valetta Aeschliman, Sally Huffman, Linda Collamore, Dwayne Rufenacht, Steward 4 Wyse. Front Row: Iohn Iirninez, Maretta Britsch, Susan Rufenacht, Sheldon Grieser, Brenda King, Allen Stuckey, Maureen Sullivan, Carol Kauffman, Cara Lou Schrock, Mary Alice Sauder, Patty Stamm, Amold Mast, Marilyn Davis, Diane Frey. THIRD GRADE Fourth Row: Frankie Winzeler, Ronny Wise, Ronny Borton, Tommy Grieser, Rollin Nofziger, Delbert Britsch, Bonnie Haas, Stanley Buffer, Michael Wyse, Sharon Lindley, and Doris Miller. Third Row: Gary Baus, Peter Short, David Rupp, Michael Sullivan, Merle Beck, Merle Grieser, Alfred Dohm, Kenneth Graber, Ierry Dominique, Sharon Aschliman, and Pauline Kellicut. Second Row: Cloyce Nofziger, Tommy Yoder, Billie Winzeler, Leola Baer, Jeanette Wyse, Conna Stamm, Linda Brodbeck, Patty Rufenacht, Charlene Nofziger, Kay Cassell, Ioanne Lisak, and Sandra Schang. Front Row: Arlene Sauder, Iudy Nafziger, Patsy Gisel, Iuliene Crossgrove, Carol Ann Erbscorn, Dean Rupp, Ray Trejo, Paul Lovejoy, Byrdalene Wyse, Sandra Maust, Louona Gisel, and Nola Nofziger. FOURTH GRADE .. A . of at.Jf.S?l f 'QQ Fourth Row: Merle Nofziger, Roy Trejo, Bobby Grisier, Hex Ziegler, Iohn Rupp, Roy Mata, Gerald Myers, Susie Murbach, Darlene Short, Victor Miller. Third Row: Graeme Lauber, Iohn Rich, Donald Frey, Dean Buehrer, Robert Miller, Gary Short, Buddy Stuckey, Merle Short, Donald Clair, Donna Fleming. Second How: Sue Ann Murphy, Clara Miller, Carol Ann Gautsche, Barbara Dohrn, Ioyce Short, Mary Lou Roth, Bemadine Beck, Bonnie Short, Daryl Rupp, Peggy Yoder. Front Row: Darrell Buehrer, Bobby Costell, Iimmy Davis, Burdell Stuckey. Billy De Grofi, Marilyn Gautsche, Ruth Ann Miller, Ianice Wyse, Pamela Lauber. Absent: Bonnie lean Schroeder. FIFTH GRADE KQV? Fourth Row: Ioseph Baer, Myrl Sauder, Gary Rupp, Billy Palmer, Beryl Grisier, Iames Hausch, Rex Short, Ramiro Trejo, Doyle Hayes, Randy Wyse. Third Row: Ianis Peters, Ronnie Fielitz, Ioan Huffman, Ieannette Sauder, Ianet Erbscorn, Arlene Rupp, Margaret Zuercher, Deloris Graber, Ioan Lovejoy. Second Row: Susan Rinkle, Ioan Williams, Ianet Myers, Vee Schlatter, Elaine Frey, Grace Waidelich, Verleen Nafziger, Sondra Miller, Balbina Lisak. Front Row: Louise Nofziger, Ianeth Schantz, Linda Stamm, Nonna Fleming, Ilva Nafziger, Brenda Pursel, Arleta Kennel, Norma Burkholder. Absentees: Mary Louise Boynton, Freddie Gearing, Richard Leupp, Carolyn Miller, Eloise Sauder. SIXTH GRADE Fourth Row: Dianna Hitt, Shirley Grieser, Carol Hausch, Annabelle Miller. Ioanne Beck, Colleen Wyse, Suzanne Miller, Betty Miller, Nancy Buffer. Third Row: Neil Spengler, Dale Storrer, Billy Crossgrove, Frederic Mehrling, lack Miller, Dean Rupp, Iohn Scales, James Rice, Howard Grime, Donald Sommers. Second Row: Sue Fankhauser, Rosemary Brock, Maureen Rupp, Barbara Walters, Cara Lou Stamm, Orlene Stuckey, Donna Waidelich, Delila Gautsche, Annabelle Zuercher, Mary Grieser. Front How: Roger Grieser, Donn Bernath, Bobby Rufenacht, Larry Short, Charles Sauder, Bruce Werder, Dee Ann Christy, Sandra Short, Doris Degroff, Donna Miller. ELEMENTARY SNAPSHOTS 519 I5 These Elementary pupils seem to be having a good time, eh? Hope that they will never need to lose their smiling faces and their care free youth. HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES CLASS PRESIDEN TS i l ! I 0 et Eddie Ioe Lauber, Bill Rupp, Carlos Bemath, Bobby Kleck, Sally Scales To those school mates of ours, the Iuniors, the Sophomores, the Freshmen, the Eighth and Seventh grades who are pictured on the following pages we merely say, "Make the most of your present opportunities for opportunity knocks but once." The best of everything to all of you. I -'Y' 4- - SEVENTH GRADE t L,......,, . , , - . . , . , , . . . .,r.i. ,,,.-.,. .........,-....... . .,... . iil, :.' , -::, l X 'QD Fourth Row: Miss Manhart, Barbara Graber, Robert Trejo, Iohn Graber, Richard Nafziger, Patty Lisak, Bob Kleck, Mary Gibson, Charlene Stuckey, Mr. Conroy. Third Row: Susan Fagley, IoAnn Brodbeck, Helen Schultz, Ianet Wyse, Linda Miller, Curtis Beck, Marlene Rufenacht, Bill Buehrer, Loretta Kemig. Second Row: Glenn Short, Bob Frey, Iim Short, Fred Grieser, Bob Roth, Ted Lovejoy, Donald Short, Dale Miller. First Row: Harold Dean Wyse, Ralph Grieser, Betty Io Scott, DeAnna Burk- holder, Willard Nofzinger, Donald Nofziger, Philip Buehrer, Stanley Buehrer, EIGHTH GRADE Fourth Row: Jerry Grime, Kenneth Fankhauser, Gene Rupp, Lowell Rufenacht, Roger Schantz, Keith Short, Iames Schmucker, Paul Stuckey. 'Ihird Row: William Kernig, Iimmy Buehrer, Roy Schott, Roger Miller, Roberi Miller, Gene Waidelich. Second Row: Charles Hausch, David Sauder, CoNette Nofzinger, Barbara Rich, Suzanne Stuckey, Iunior Gautsche, Robert Roth, Charles Riegsecker. Front Row: Eddie Lauber, Lowell Flory, Donna Ruffer, Elaine Grieser, Mabel Miller, Ruth Gochenour, Carolyn Grieser. FRESHMEN wr.: s., ww if-1, Q ff 'LQ41 ' LFGFBT JAY .ni fx W Mc.-A is 'K K - e if , wmv! ww me -eg EW VLVZQGCR nv. XS- 9 ,,-wx w 1 94' ef I '-w. A X5 I is 'II 2552: if "" E 45 1 2 .1 2 .gamgsfev .. A U' QSi????i f 5? ' " 'I H553 H. ., ,, ,, , , . .. A UAPFFLA 5' UCWIY fue IUNICRS -p . . x X . Q Q . ,v ' Q Q K V f ,. Q.. I 6- J x -- X X 5 Ex an 9: " W . .,x'. I' "s 3 JA mmf mil iv, ,Q .21 Fu HLXLWUL' ,wi N fm M ,,,,,,x 7 .WHEN B! nl 1''fgwix p 5 M Y . , 6' Q px, ff X f L 4 M555 SHUI fl 11 L ........,M ..... its-' 4,1,.:u H' Q ff 1, fy? fd 'ssh .ms ,. 9 A 1 HIGH SCHOOL SCENES . , .,... 1 fgkflw A M My l ll l S ' Z ' , . . Y K WMS I SSWW' ' l ' xl gi- - 5 I ,, g ' " X W dmv N3 1' ' as ESF S I Al-55-"'-Aww' 1 X 7 L xg? ff U, - Q KK' 9 5 bl . f ,V-in an V ' t - A .S . w-iy...xiw'7.?3 4 E E I I H -TH A few informal looks at life about our school. 5g-Q P ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS J Jw 3 Richard Winzeler Carlos Bemath Nancy Crossgrove Pres. Vice Pres. Sec. G Treas. Academic subjects must come first in any high school. School activities are a very important second to book learning. The following pages bring you a brief review of some of the extra-curricular activities in our school. STUDENT COUNCIL .rl it il... 4, M S 1 xref: .f is L A 4g .L .. 2 . ..,.,..... .... . .. ,.,,,.. .an M... ...M L. Back Row: Mr. Callaway. Carlos Bemalh. Dale Leu, Denny Wyse, Glendon Schantz, Maynard Sauder, Don Wyse, Mr, Burkholder. Front Row: Dick Palmer, Bill Rupp, Bobby Kleck, Richard Winzeler, Eddie Lauber, Sara Louise Short, Sally Scales, Nancy Crossgrove, Mrs. Keim. This was the second year for the Archbold High School Student Council. Mr. Burkholder, Mrs. Keim, and Mr. Gallaway were the advisors. The officers were: Richard Winzeler, President: Carlos Bernath, Vice President: Nancy Crossgrove, Secretary and Treasurer. The Council met regularly twice a month and during the year accomp- lished many things, some of which were: having the different clubs decorate the gym for the home basketball games, which added very much to the atmosphere of the games: sponsoring noon tournament games in table tennis and shuffleboard and buying medals to give to all the winners: having a Dad's night, honoring the fathers of the varsity basketball players at one of the basketball games. The Council did a fine job this year and will continue to be a major par? of the school program. ARCHETTE STAFF gov .- . 4 - QM - 3 .if 5 A .fills ' ic, 9 get ... va Back Row: Charlotte Hausch, Shirley Dennis, Wayne Nolzinger, Wilmer Eicher, Wilson Wyse, Ross Taylor, Robert Nolziger. Ben Young. Middle Row: Ruth Hayes, Claudine Nofzinger, Phyllis Buehrer, Shirley Gaddis. Howard Stahl, Marlin Wyse. Ir. Grime, Mrs. Keim, front Row: Myrtle Noizinger, Annabelle Grieser, Eunice Traut. Carol Quillet, Donna Leupp. Shirley Klempner, Rita Burkholder. This year one of the biggest Iournalism classes in the history of A.H.S. took over the duties of publishing the Archette, our school newspaper. The Staff, under the leadership of Mrs. Keim, published many interesting papers. They were published on every other Friday. The class visited the Toledo Blade on April 17 and attended the Iour- nalism Convention at Bowling Green on April 22. The Staff of the Archette is as follows: Editor-in-chief . Assistant Editor , Business Manager Elementary Editor Sports Editor Social Editor , Art Editors , ,, ,,.......Ben Young .......Ross Taylor ..,..,,....Ruth Hayes ,,,......,.,Eunice Traut , , ,,....Wayne Noizinger ,.,.....Annabelle Grieser Rita Burkholder, Bob Nolziger Humor Editor , ,. .. ,,,,,,.. .....,,,........., ,,,, , . .Howard Stahl Mimeograph ...,. .,..,, , Charlotte Hausch, Claudine Nolzinger Stencils ,,,.....,.,.,, Shirley Klempner Wyse, Donna Belle Leupp Reporters: Phyllis Buehrer, Iunior Grime, Myrtle Nofzinger, Wilson Wyse, Shirley Dennis. Wilmer Eicher. Shirley Gaddis, Carol Quillet, Carolyn Gautsche. Marlin Wyse Adviser .,,.......,,..,..,.. ,..., . . . ,..,............,.,.,..,.,,.,,,,.....,., Mrs, Keim SCI-QUETSA CLUB Fourth Row: Glendon Schantz, Bill Scales, Iames lohnson, Bill Lovejoy, Robert Nofzinger, Bill Walters, Ross Taylor, Lowell Spiess. Iohn Young, Darrell Stuckey, Mr. Slesnick. Third How: Thomas Fleming, Iane Murbach. Ioyce Burkholder, Hattie Clingaman, Nancy Fagley, Harriet Spengler, Patty Winzler, Carolyn Grime, Ioan Gigax. Second Row: Dick Palmer, Walter Short, Denny Wyse, Marlin Riegsecker, Iohn Desboeufs, Fred Fethers, Ned Lorton, Iames Myers. First Row: Betty Nofzinger, Doris Fleming, Elaine Kemig. Muriel Miller, Marlene Burkholder. Ann Riedell. The Sci Questa Club was organized early in the school year under the direction of Mr. Slesnick. This is perhaps the first active Science Club which the school has ever had. Membership was open to all students above the freshmen level who were interested in science, Meetings were held every other Monday night. Some very interesting programs were arranged for these meetings. The high spot of the year was their three day trip to Chicago via the New York Central. They visited numerous mus- eums and other points of interest while there.. They will be forever grateful to La Choy Food Products, Beatrice Creamery Cor- poration for their very generous gesture of having them as guesis for a wonderful dinner and floor show at the Stevens Hotel. Science students entered numerous projects in the Iunior Academy of Science Day at Bowling Green State University. They won eight Superior ratings for their efforts. At the meeting of the Ohio Academy of Science William Scales won a Superior rating on his Oscilloscope. Sci Questa Club oificers for the year 1949-1950 were: Iim Iohnson, President: Bill Scales, Vice President: Dick Palmer, Sec- retary: Hattie Clingaman, Treasurer. W..- M 5 YW F1 K J P""' g Roger Short, Walter Short. Iames Iohnson and Bill Scales Iim Stuckey Bill Scales 5 6 lm- 'C' A fi h v SOCIAL CLUB :+i nt Q- 1- , 1 . H f H E vi- X -R A 3 h f J t ,S E we . A K sph A - A i- .. ze .nf N Aw X sf' 3 ' vw S' N EM A Q Q , rf' t , 0 S ,M fer M A S' at xv , ls- vi 3 1. , br A Q A sy- . ,,,,,, ' S A E M 2' f X - A ,,, R if-1 , 2 es ss if l .. E, .,-. 6, ,J I s J QS- sig! V Back Roy: Ioyce Burkholder, Nancy Crossgrove, Mary Ellen Lauber, Hattie Lou Clingaman. Nancy Kernig. Harriet Spengler, Patricia Winzeler, Carolyn Grime, Ieanne Iohnson, Miss Manhart, adviser. Middle Row: Iane Murbach, Nancy Fagley. Nancy Grime, Sally Scales, Barbara Christy, Ianey Scales, Helen Dennis, Ioan Gigax, Doris Fleming. Front Row: Eunice Traut, Ioan Burkholder, Sara Louise Short, Muriel Miller, Betty Notzinger, Lois Burkholder, Charlotte Eicher, Marlene Burkholder. Elaine Kernig. Again this year the Social Club has been quite active in providing some of the social entertainment for the students by sponsoring school dances. The auditorium was always decorated very nicely to suit the occasion of the dance. Miss Manhart was the advisor this year agin. She was very helpful in giving suggestions to the club. The officers this year were: President, Eunice Traut: Vice-President, Nancy Grime: Secretary-Treasurer, Betty Nofzinger. SENIOR HIGH HONOR ROLL ff' - mg ffl? H 6 fi . . i-- wi- t " -- -' , , - K " '? g E . S YY? sg' Jig 4- , Ns fs ' ' S .e , Q Q ft' PP! g , 1 an pg. x .J . -,A . X V P it ' if ' , gr TJ f- I l , 1 A B 1 1 6' Fourth Row: Dick Palmer, Glendon Schantz, Iim Iohnson, Maynard Sauder, nichard Winzeler, Bill Stuckey, Bill Walters, Darrell Stuckey, Gene Bernath, lohn Clair, Donald Wyse, Howard Stahl, David Bednar. Third Row: Mary Ellen Lauber, Patricia Winzeler, Sally Scales, Nancy Crossgrove, Eunlce Traut, Doris Leatherman, Donna Belle Leupp, Anna Rose Schmucker, Ioan Gigax, Carolyn Grime, Hattie Clinqaman, Harriet Spengler. Second Row: Ruth Hayes, Annabelle Grieser, Betty Rychener, Nmcy Grime, Ioyce Burkholder, Nancy Faqley, lane Murbach. Roseanna Riegsecker, Carol Short, Marilyn Rufenacht, Helen Eicher. Front Row: Phyllis Buehrer, Arlene Klempner, Betty Nofzinger, Carol Quillet, Marlene Burkholder, loan Burkholder, Cara Belle Frey, Rosemary Wyse, Marcella Stuckey, Valetta Wyse, Ralph Burkholder. The following students have been on the Honor Roll quite consistently during the year. All have earned grades of B or better. Many of them have competed in the SENIOR, DISTRICT STATE PRELIMINARY, and the STATE FINAL SCHOLARSHIP CONTESTS. Many of these boys and girls have brought honor ta themselves and their school by outstanding achievements in the State Scholarship Tests. ' Fourth Row: Robert Roth, limmy Buehrer, Roger Schantz, Paul Yoder, Tom Lauber, Donald Kleck, Ierry Grime, David Sauder, Gene Rupp, Andy Murback, Billy Rupp, Robert Kleck. Third Row: Richard Nafziger, Nancy Short, Buetta Wyse, Barbara Christy, Alice Mary Roth, Annabelle Stuckey, leanine Farber. Ieanne Iohnson, Mary lane Scales, Geneva Gautsche, Patricia Lisak. Second Row: Bill Buehrer, Betty Io Scott, Eleanor Stuckey, Sally Palmer, Velda Lantz, Sara Louise Short, Carol lean Rupp, Ruth Gcchenour, CoNette Nofzinger, Suzanne Stuckey, Barbara Rich, Susie Fagley, Charlene Stuckey. Front Row: Harold Wyse, Stanley Buehrer, Curtis Beck, Bob Frey, Linda Miller, Ianet Wyse, Io Ann Brodbeck, Helen Schultz, Iimmie Short, Ed Lauber, Marlene Rufenacht. SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Good scholarship is considered one of the real goals of our system of education. It is and always has been considered ct wor.hy ideal in the Arch- bold schools. Considerable emphasis is placed upon a testing program which includes the Every Pupil Test, the Senior Scholarship Tests, the Preliminary District State Tests and the final State Scholarship Tests. The students whose names appear on this page may feel justifiably proud of their very fine Scholarship achievements. Name Subiect Local District State Nancy Fagley-Senior Scholarship 7th in county HM William Walters' Senior Scholarship HM in county Nancy Fagleyff-'English IV First 3rd 16th Richard Winzeler---Senior Social Studies First Nancy Crossgrove-I-Senior Social Studies Second Eunice Traut-Bookkeeping First William Walters-Physics First lane Murbachff English III First Sth Cara Belle Frey English III Second 3rd Stn William Scales-Chemistry First l3th Betty Nofzingerf--Chemistry Second Sth 15th William Ries - American History First Patricia Winzeler--English II First Carol Schmucker-f-English II Second 10th lack Lauber--World History First Sth Harriet Spengler--Latin II First Sth Iames Iohnsonewliiology First 3rd 18th Mary Sue Rychener-Biology Second 3rd 18th Sally Scales--Plane Geometry First William Walters-Plane Geometry First Sara Louise Short--English I First 4th Ieanine Farber----English I Second 13th Buetta WysewEnglish I Third Carol Schmucker-Latin I First Bill Rupp-General Science First 9th Helen Dennis-General Science Second Mary Iane Scales- Algebra First 4th 19th Paul Yoder-Algebra First EIGHTH GRADE TESTS David Sauder ranked first in the 1950 State Eighth Grade Tests. Next in order were Roger Schantz, Iames Buehrer, Edwin Andrew Murbach, CoNette Nofzinger, Ruth Gochenour, Paul Stuckey, and Gene Rupp. SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP LETTERS Eleven members of the graduating class of 1950 were awarded a script A scholarship letter for outstanding scholastic work done during four years of high school. They are presented each year to the upper one fourth of the graduating class. The following graduates were awarded letters: Ioan Burk- holder, Nancy Crossgrove, Nancy Fagley, Ruth Hayes, Doris Leatherman, Betty Io Rychener, Anna Rose Schmucker, Eunice Traut, William Walters, Richard Winzeler and Donald Wyse. V...,,W,, r,,,,.,- , SENIOR BAND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC The various organizations in our school under the heading of Instrumental Music are the Senior Band, the Intermediate Band, the Iunior Band and the Brass Ensemble. These groups, especially the Senior Band, enjoyed another good year. The band played at numerous homecomings, carnivals, and festivals. A large number of our members were chosen to play in the all county band at the Music Festival at Wauseon. The Band won a Superior rating in the District competition at Ada and re- peated with another Superior rating in the State finals at Springplace to place them among the elite. Numerous appearances are being arranged for the band during the sum- mer and with a large Intermediate Band an energetic Iunior Band to supply material prospects look quite encouraging for several years to come. The band holds daily rehearsals in the Library Auditorium and is avail- able for any and all occasions whenever the demand arises. The Brass Ensemble won an Excellent rating in District competition at Bowling Green. MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS I ti SAXIXPHONE QUARTET Nancy Grime, Ioyce Burkholder, Charlotte Eicher, Nancy Crossgrove. BAND COUNCIL Nancy Grime, Nancy Fagley, Ben Young, Mr. Mayer. David Bednar, Howard Stahl. BRASS ENSEMBLE Standing: Howard Stahl, Dick Short Seated: Eugene Bernath, Dee DeGroIt, Dee Royce Homish. INTERMEDIATE BAND Back Row: Gene Rupp, Robert Roth, Susie Fagley, Bob Frey. Teddy Lovejoy. Barbara Rich. Middle Row: Roger Miller. Norma Burkholder, Ianeth Schantz, Donald Short, Philip Buehrer, Helen Dennis, Frederick Grisier, Io Ann Brodbeck, Stanley Buehrer, Betty Io Scott. Front Row: Maureen Rupp, Vee Schlatter. Ianis Peters, Dean Rupp. Sondra Miller, Suzanne Stuckey. CoNette Nolzinger, Sandra Short, Linda Miller, Frederick Mehrling, leanne Iohnson. IUNIOR BAND 1--'-"1 Back Row: Gary Myers, Mr. Mayer, Ianet Wyse, Deanna Burkholder. Middle Row: Ianet Myers, Susan Murbach, Ioyce Short, Peggy Yoder. Front Row: Freddie Gearing, Iohnny Rupp, Bobby Grisier, Iohnny Rich, Buddy Stuckey. SEQ, HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS i Q QE' ,X 1 hi VOCAL MUSIC The vocal group found in our school consist of a mixed quartet high schood chorus, a boys Glee Club and a Girls Glee Club. The Chorus meets three days each week and the Glee Clubs meet once weekly. Members of the Glee Clubs are also members of the Chorus and vice versa. The Chorus last year consisted of seventy members. The Chorus won a Superior rating in the District competition at Ada, and the two glee clubs won Excellent Ratings. In the State meet at Springfield the Chorus won a rating of excellent. These were very fine showings for all of these groups. Many of the boys and girls from these organizations were selected to sing in the all county chorus in the Spring Festival at Wauseon. Registration for next year indicates an even larger enrollment in these groups and the prospects are indeed very bright in the field of vocal music for some time to come. GIRLS GLEE CLUB 'V D on, ucv. in is 3 ' L40-I 'Nur 1-l"" Fourth Row: Mr. Mayer, Nanzy Crossgrove, Nancy Kernig, Hatt.e Lou Clingaman, Mary Sue Rychener, Ann Riedell. Myrtle Nof zinger, Ieanne Iohnson, lean Rychener. Helen Dennis, Mary lean Scales, Carolyn Grime, Harriett Spangler. Ioyce Burkholder Ruth Hayes. Nancy Fagley. Third Row: Ioan Burkholder, Valette Wyse, Betty Rychener, Rosemary Wyse, Mary Ellen Lauber, Doris Gunden, Florence King Patty Winzeler, Ieanine Farber, Carabelle Frey, Nancy Grime, Sally Scales, Barbara Christy. Second Row: Marcella Stuckey, Ioan Gigax, Elaine Kemig, Annabelle Stuckey. Muriel Miller, Anna Rose Schmucker, Velma Carol Quillet, Marlene Leu, lane Murbach, Marlene Burkholder. Front Row: Nancy Short, Rita Burkholder, Lois Burkholder, Charlotte Eicher, Alice Mary Roth, Sara Louise Short, Conna Graber Carol Iean Rupp, Betty Seiler, Shirley Yedica, Velda Lantz, Buetta Wyse. BOYS GLEE CLUB lg if fill? hifi r Back How: Mr. Mayer, Marlin Riegseclcer, Iohn Wyse, Howard Slahl, Donald Wyse, Bill Walters. Maynard Sauder, Darrell Front Row: DeRoyce Hornish, Herbert Wyse, lim Ziegler, Orville Fricke, Verdene Aschliman, Roger Ziegler, Marlin Wyse, Desboeufs. Dee DeGrolt. IUNIOR PLAY . . ,ls pay A READY-MADE FAMILY By Jay Tobias ARCI-IBOLD HIGH SCHOOL APRII. ll. 1950 Cast of Characters Mrs. Agnes Martyn fHoratio's widow ,, , , .. Evelyn Wyse Bob f-her son ..,.,,, ,...,,,,,...........,.,.....,... , , ,,,., Dick Short Marilee- her daughter ....,,.,,...,.,,,.., ,, ,, , .... Carol Quillet Gracie-her other daughter .. , ...Rita Burkholder Miss Lydia---Horatio's sister . Henry Turner' 'her fiance , , Sammy-her son H , Doris' her daughter ,. . Begonia- -colored maid .,,, ,, Nicodemus--handy man ,, , . , , , Scene Living room of Mrs. Martyn's home. Time--The present. Act I-A 'Agnes comes home with a big surprise ior her children. Act IIA AA few minutes later--The children surprise their parents. Act III-Later the same days HParents and children are both surprised. ...Betty Nofzinger .Larry Bourquin ., ,Junior Oyer Marcella Stuckey , ,Annabelle Grieser D. Notziger Music before and between acts furnished by Mr. Mayer and our Music Department. Fumiture for the stage is iumished by Rupp's Furniture Store. Mr. T. L. Parker, Director and Supervisor 36 - Back Row Mary Sue Rychener Betty Rychener Ruth Hayes lean Rychener Evelyn Wyse Carol Short Geneva Gautsch Felsted Mrddle Row Shrrley Yedrca Anna Rose Schmucker Shrrley Gaddrs Myrtle Nofzrnger Annabelle Gneser Donna Belle Roseanna Rreqseclcer Velma Rupp Claudrne Nolzrnger Front Row Carol Schmucker Ioan Burkholder Eunrce Traut Dorothy Beck Gwendolyn Cromnger Rrta Burkholder Lot holder Sally Palmer Absent Barbara Natzrqer The FH A Club has 25 members rncludrng 7 members who are rn the graduatrnq class The club has had a very prosperous year takmq on such pro,ects as a booth at the County Farr presentmg the play Say It Wrth banquet Chrlr supper for our fathers yomt meetrngs wxth the FF A a county rally and panel leadershrp ol Mrss Fels ed have enloyed therr accomphshments and look forward to more rn the FOUR-H CLUB Back Row: Dale Storrer, Don Short, George Wagner. Richard Winzeler, Iames Quillei, Bill Tanner. Lowell Miller Eunice Traut, Ioan Burkholder, Nancy Grime, Helen Schultz. Middle Row: Rita Burkholder, Annabelle Grieser, Myrtle Nolzinger. Gwendolyn Croninger, Dorothy Beck, Lois Burkholder, Mary Kunkle. Patricia Lisak, Marlene Burkholder, Carol lean Quillet, Front How: Bobby Rulenacht. Ralph Grieser, Robert Roth, Glen Short, CoNette Nofzinger Loretta Kerniq, Ianet Meyers. Ioan Huffman, Balbina Lisak, Cara Lou Stamm. The 4-H Club is a national organization consisting of boys and girls be- tween the ages of 10 and 21, living in rural communities and on farms. There are projects such as raising cattle, farm crops, gardening, cooking, and sewing for members to choose as their subject. Each year the finished products are exhibited at local, county and state activities for prizes. A secure feeling and an early start in the life of self-support can be gained through the education received in this organization. FUTURE FARMERS Q.. SPN. .. .- Fourth Row: Richard Short, Dale Leu, Ir. Grime, Roger Ebersole, Bill Tanner, Ir. Miller, Lyle Lauber, Dick Miller, Don Rufenacht. Ir. Roth. Bob Leupp, Arden Grime. Third Row: Iames Rupp, Larry Bourquin, Eugene Zaerr, Bob Gigax, Marvin Storrer, Orville Grieser, Orville Frlcke, Robert Bernath, Marlin Short, Gerald Short, Dick Short. Second How: Dale Short, Bill Short, George Wagner, Ralph Burkholder, Rollin Beck, Harley Burkholder. Clare Grime. Duane Stamm, Virgil Schroeder. Front Row: G. E. Galloway, advisor: Ir. Oyer, Sec.: Iames Quillet, Reporter: Virgil Waidelich, Pres.: Richard Winzeler, Vice Pres.: Bill Stuckey, Treasurer. I The Archbold FFA chapter has been outstanding during the past three years, winning two gold ratings. It has only been organ- ized since 1947 in the local high school, but the FFA in Ohio was formed and organized in 1927. This is an organization for boys who study Vocational Agriculture in high school. The aims and purposes of a good FFA chapter are: 1. To develop competent, aggressive rural and agricultural leadership. 2. To create an nurture a love for Country lite. 3. To strengthen the confidence ot larm boys and young men in themselves and their work. 4. To create more interest in intelligent choice of farming occupations. 5. To encourage members in the development of individual farming programs and become established in farming. 8. To encourage members to improve their home farms. 7. To participate in worthy undertakings. 8. To develop character, train for useful citizenship and foster patriotism. 9. To encourage and practice thrift. lO. To encourage and improve scholarship. The local FFA chapter has done much during the past year to tuliill the purposes of a good chapter. NATIONAL FFA REPRESENTATIVES Richard Winzeler Virgil Waidelich FUTURE FARMER SNAPS waxing Scenes from the Ag. Department ARCI-IBOLD'S FIRST STATE FARMERS J AJ 41511 N Charles Gautsche Howard Rupp CLASS OF 1949 Y"'v""" If L.. LIBRARIANS vi lf, Back Row: Charlotte Hausch, Shirley Gaddis, Delphine Kennel, Claudine Nolzinger, Evelyn Wyse, Mrs. Bourquin. Front Row: Carol Quillet, Elaine Grieser, Carolyn Grieser, Arlene Klempner, Barbara Rich, Suzanne Stuckey. Each period of the day one of the librarians help Mrs. Bourquin in the library. Each has his special duties assigned to him, and must see that they are carried out. For this work they receive one-half credit a year. With the help of these girls, the students are able to find books quicker and easier. Many students find the library a pleasant place to do their studies and are free to do so. r Archbold Public Library -gb RN,-1 HALLOWE'EN QUEENS . -si-+ 3 f N9 at Helen Dennis Marlene Burkholder Eunice Traut Arlene Klempner Nancy Kernig This year, as was done the year before, ten girls of Archbold High School were nominated by the student body, one to reign as queen and four as her attendants. From these candidates, a queen and four attendants were chosen. Eunice Traut was the queen, her attendants being, Arlene Klempner, Helen Dennis, Marlene Burkholder and Nancy Kernig. Following the crowning of the queen, prizes were awarded to the boys and girls dressed in the best and funniest costumes. After this everyone was treated to free cider and doughnuts. The eve- ning was summed up by a dance which was held in the Legion hall. This evening of entertainment eliminated at least part of the mischief kids can get into on Halloween night. "7 5 ,.. A INDUSTRIAL ARTS t Q' . 1 5 I Top Row: Bill Tanner, Clare Grime, Wilson Wyse. Center Row: Bob Burkholder. Iohn Clair, Bottom Row: Mr. Hornish and Maynard Sauder. Iames Quillet, Verdene Aschliman. Above are a few scenes from the Industrial Arts department. This is a very popular and important part of the school, and is under the direction of Mr. Hornish. Some very nice articles of furniture, metal work, plastics and various other items too numerous to mention are made in this department. This department has been very valuable to the school by building needed items for the music department, athletics, and different dramatic productions. One of the most important factors is that this department is very helpful and cooperative at all times. SCHOOL CALENDAR September -new Pupils Register. -School officially begins. -No school. "Archbold Day" at the Fair. -Baseball game at lewell. Final score: Iewell C41 Archbold 631. -Fall Faculty Party. -Baseball at Lyons. Archbold 1163 Lyons f3l. First Victory. -Boiler explodes. -Black rriday for Freshmen. .Green freshmen are officially members of high school. -Baseball game held here. Archbold C45 Pettisville t2l. -"Melody Four" entertains school with singing and bell ringing. -Baseball. Pettisville beaten 15-6. -Baseball. Archbold 137 Iewell 1109. -Baseball. Fayette shutout 3-0. Grtme al- lows l hit. October -Seniors sponsor skating party. -Memory wizard entertains. -Freshmen Return Party. -Richard Winzeler and Virgil Waidelich leave for National Convention at Kansas City. -Sci-Questa Club organized. lim Iohn- son elected President. -F. H. A. meeting. -Iunior play "A Mind of Her Own." -School dismissed early. Teachers Meet- ing. -F . F. A. meeting. November -County F. H. A. Rally at Archbold. -Band goes to Elkhart, Indiana. Visits instrument factory and attend concert. -No School. Armistice Day. -Science Club and F. H. A. meeting. -A. H. S. opens basketball season with 60- 29 victor over Iewell y . -County teachers meet at Fulton. -Brown's Science Circus Lyceum number. -F. F. .A. sponsors Thanksgiving Program. Reverend Wierwill gives message. -Thanksgiving vacation begins. -F. F. A. meeting. -Streaks defeat County Seat quintet 44-32. -Science Club. -Archbold wins at West Unity 55-27. December -Singer Sewing machine demonstration for Home Ec. -A close one. Achbold 25, Lyons 23. -High School Operetta "Lelawala." -Duke Montague performs feats of music. 9-- Another rival drubbed. Score AHS 52, layette 25. -No. B. Archbold 72, Pettisville 33. -Iunior Class Christmas Party. -Sophomore Class Christmas Party. -Chesterfield entertains and is aefeateqft 51-14. 19-F. H. A. meeting. 20-A second half spurt makes it 8 in a row. Archbold 50, Montpelier 27. 21-Seventh Grade Christmas Party. 22-Ninth Grade Christmas Party. 23-F. F. A. meeting. 23-Christrnas vacation begins. -Ridgeville ends streak at 8. final score: Ridgeville 47, A.H.S. 38. Ianuary 3-School is resumed. 3-Upset Special. Stryker 36, Archbold 33. 3-History Class visits Toledo Museum. 4-Cole Marionettes entertain. 6-'lhe Streaks blew a big lead and lost again. Swanton 36, A.H.S. 35. 9-Science Club meeting. 10-'Ihe Streaks defeated the Indians again. Archbold 42, Wauseon 36. -Nurse here from Toledo Hospital. -First semester ends. 13-The Streaks have an easy game. Arch- bold 44, Fulton 27. 16-Second semester begins. 16-F. H. A. meeting. 17-The Streaks lost another game in last minute. Fayette 41, Archbold 39. 20-The Streaks scored an easy win. Arch- bold 60, Metamora 32. -Northwestern Principal Meeting. -The Streaks came through on top after a stiff battle. Archbold 50, Napoleon 36. -Another easy win for the Streaks. Arch- bold 65, Pettisville 43. -Young farmers meeting. -The Streaks lost another game in the final moments. Ridgeville 45, Archbold 43. February 2-Home Ec. has Tea. 3-Faculty Party. 4-H Club meeting. -Not too much trouble for the Streaks. Archbold 55, Stryker 36. -First game of Ir. Hi Tournament. Fay- ette defeated Pettisville. -Lyceum number. -The Streaks lost a close one. Delta 41, Archbold 39. -Archbold Ir. Hi defeated by Swanton in overtime, 30-28. 13-Science Club meeting. SCHOOL CALENDAR 14-Archbold loses in final seconds in game which decided the tournament winner. Delta 31, Archbold 30. 16-Streaks start comeback. Beat Metamora 47-27. lcl-l ayette and Delta win in Ir. Hi. Semi- I- inals. 20-F.F.A. Dad's ni ht. Rev. Deitch uest 9 g speaker. 22-Washington's Birthday. No school. 22-'l'he Streaks won their second tourna- ment game by defeating Pettisville 51-33. 24-An aggressive Lyons team was defeated b Archbold 44 33 y - . 25-Eagles w.ngs clipped. Score at the final gun, Archbold 64, Payette 32. On to Defiance. 27-Science Club meeting. 23 -County Band Rehearsal at Wauseon. March 2-A hot West Unity team was defeated at Defiance in the first game of the distr ct tournament, 47-43. 4--Delta finally defeated. S.reaks get hot r- in f.nal minutes. Score-Archbold 48, Delta 38. I-County boys' and girls' glee club re- hearsal. 8-County chorus rehearsal at Wauseon. lU-Streaks lead until final seconds over un- beaten Miller City. Final score-Miller City 39, Bluestreaks 38. 13-Science Club meeting. 14-County band rehearsal. 14-Commercial Club entertains basketball squads. Mr. Anderson, speaker. 15-F. F. A. Parent and Son Banquet. B.ll Megget, speaker. 17-County Music Festival at Wauseon. 21-F. H. A. meeting. 24-Science Club joumeys to Chicago. 28-31--No school-flu and bad roads. 27-Science Club meeting. 29-County Teachers Meet at Lyons. 30-F. F. A. meeting. April 1-District Music Auditions at Bowling Green. 3-Track and Baseball practice begins. B-F. F. A. elect officers. 10-Science Club meeting. ll-Ir. play, "A Ready Made Fami1y." 12-"Hamlet" at Scott Theatre. 12'-Senior Career Day at Wauseon. 12-F. F. A. District Night at Archbold. 13-F. H. A. Banquet. 15-Band and Chorus at Ada. 17-Iournalism Class visits Blade. 18-F. H. A. elect officers. 19-Baseball practice with Pettisville. A.H.S. 8, P.H.S. 6. 20--Track Meet here with Wauseon. Z1-Ir.-Sr. Banquet. 22-Iournalism Convention at Bowling Green. 24-'track Meet with Morenci. Score-Mor- enci 56, Archbold 44. 25-Baseball. Metamora beats Archbold, 3-1. 26-Recruiting officer from Defiance speaks to Senior boys on Anny as a career. 28-State FHA Convention at Columbus. -Miss Felsted, Carol Short and Annabelle Grieser attended. 23-Stare Academy of Science at Capital University, Columbus. Ten sc.ence stu- dents went. 28-Iewell Rams 9, Archbold 1 at Iewell. 29-Band received a Superior rating at Springfield. 23-Chorus received an Excellent rating at Springfield. May 2-Art Hook gave an interesting talk on Alaska. fl 4 -Seniors have a Skip Day. 2-Pettisville Blackbirds upset Archbold ll A F to 2. :Sf 5-Senior Play-"Feathers In a Gale." .-Archbold whitewashed Fayette 15 to 0. C -State Scholarship Tests at Bowling Green. Thirty-one of the Intelligensia went. 8-County Track Meet at Delta. Delta won. Archbold third. 10-Revenge on the Blackbirds-Archbold 10. Pettisville l. 10-Seniors receive billfolds from the Farm- ers and Merchants Bank. Memory Books from the People State Bank. 10-Seventh Grade picnic. 12-Awards Day Program. 12-Senior Picnic at Harrison Lake. 14-Baccalaureate Services - Rev. Paul E. Fisher. 15--A new era. Archbold High School's baseball team played the first night game in our history. Results-Fayette 2, Archbold 0. 16-Commencement Exercises. Dr. Arthur S. Fleming, Pres. of Ohio Wesleyan Uni- versity delivered the address. Subject- "Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative." 17-Seniors leave for Washington, D.C. via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from De- fiance. 20-Seniors retum from Washington. 23-Grade cards handed out. Fifty gallons of ice cream consumed. School is over! - 1 SPORTS 1-Q-r,g.,n x ,, My , . L . ,. ,N ,wf ..-,,- A r r V M ---- Richard Short, Iohn Clair. Wayne Nolzinger. Clare Grime Sports really add flavor to high school life. It's a great outlet for energy for both players and spectators. Basketball, baseball, track and intra-mural sports afford many students an opportunity to participate in worthwhile phy- sical activities. The following pages bring you a brief sports review of 1949-1950. 7 1 ' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM i 1 , , 3 -,ns 7 'mf f Back Row: Ross Taylor, Lowell Spiess, Iohn Young, Dale Leu. Ned Lorton, Carlos Bernath. Front Row: Mr. Conroy, Harley Burkholder. Iohn Clair, Wayne Nofzinger, Iames Quillet, Clare Grime, Richard Wingeler Mgr. Basketball is the number one sport in the home of the Blue and the Gold. The game started here in 1910 and did well from the start. lt's been going strong ever since and shows no signs of slowing down. The Streaks have won more than their share oi victories over the years. They have gone beyond the county tournament 18 times in the past 26 years. Twice they have gone to the State Tournament: in 1924 they lost the State Championship game to Bellepoint by a 24-Z0 score. This year's team won the Runner-up title. They lost a heart-breaker to Delta by a 31430 score then came back to win their next four games. Delta thus won the tournament championship and the League Championship. The Streaks made a fine showing in the District Tournament at Defiance, winning over West Unity and Delta and losing to Miller City, the eventual State Champions by a 39-38 score. Archbold was ahead all the way until the iinal hall-minute ot play. Archbold's Iunior high team had an excellent season, winning 17 straight games before losing a 30-28 overtime battle to Swanton in the Tournament. Fayette's Eagles were the tournament winners. Plenty ol good material is available for the coming years which portends more good teams. , Iohn Clair, Wayne Nofzinger, Clare Grime, Iames Quillet and Harley Burkholder were lost by graduation. 1949 - 1950 SCORES A1-chbold Opponent Archbold Opponent 60 Iewell 29 50 Napoleon 36 44 Wauseon 32 65 Pettisville 55 West Unity 27 43 Ridgeville Z5 Lyons 23 55 Stryker 62 Fayette 25 39 Delta 72 Pettisville 33 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 51 Chesterfield 14 30 Delta 50 Montpelior Z7 47 Metamora 38 Ridgeville 47 57 Pettisville 33 Stryker 36 44 Lyons 35 Swanton 36 64 Fayette 42 Wauseon 36 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 44 Fulton 27 57 West Unity 39 Fayette 41 48 Delta 60 Metamora 32 38 Miller City VARSITY INDIVIDUALS Clare Grime. Wayne Nofzinger, Iohn Clair, Lowell Spiess Ross Taylor, Iohn Young. Dale Leu Harley Burkholder, Ned Lorton, Icmes Quillet, Carlos Berncxlh 3- '-Y--- ---.-,f- - BASKETBALL 1949-1950 Iewell-Here Nov. 15. The Streaks opened the season with a 60-29 victory over the Rams. Iohn Clair scored 21 and Lowell Spiess 10. Wauseon-Here Nov. 25. The Streaks hung a Memphis Specials on the Indians, 44 to 32. Dr. Bychener's check came through. Clair 13, Spiess 12, Nofzinger 10. West Unity-There Nov. 29. The Streaks had an easy time in their 55-27 win. Clair 14, Young 12. Spiess 12. Lyons-There Dec. 2. Almost upset here. A 25-23 win on lim Quillet's last second field goal. Spiess scored 12. Fayette-Here Dec. 9. An easy 62-25 win for the Streaks. Iohn Young scored 19 and Lowell Spiess 18. Pettisville-Here Dec. 13. The BlackbTrds were ' easy victims, 72-33. Spiess 19, Clair 16. Young 12. Chesterfield-There Dec. 16. Another easy one for the Streaks, 51-14. Wayne Nofzinger scored 15. Montpelier-There Dec. 20. A big second half put the Streaks over by a 50-27 score. Lowell Spiess rang up 12 points. Ridgeville-Here Dec. 27. After eight straight wins the Falcons upset the Streaks 47-38. Lowell Spiess had 16, Wayne Miller was too tough as he scored 22 points. Stryker-There Ian. 3. Shades of Troy. The Streaks suffered an unexpected reverse as Stryker led all the way for a sweet 36-33 win. Iohn Clair meshed 17. Swanton-Here Ian. 6. Hey! Where does this stuff end? The Streaks blew a bia lead and lost in the last minute 36-35. Lowell Spiess scored ll. Wauseon-There Ian. 10. The Streaks had a hard time, but again beat the Indians. Final score 42-36. Thanks Dr. Rychener for your check. Spiess 12 and Quillet 10. Fulton-There Ian. 13. Not too much trouble for the Streaks as they won 44-27. Lowell Spiess caged 18. Fayette-There Ian. 17. Fayette's Eagles really staged an upset as they gave the Streaks another last minute defeat 41-39. Clair. Lorton, and Nofzinaer scored 10 each. Metamora-Here Ian. 20. The Streaks coasted to a 60-32 win. Iohn Clair and Carlos Bemath scored ll each. Napoleon-Here Ian. 24. The Wildcats put up a stiff battle but the Steaks had too much for them. Final score 50-36. Clair and Spiess led with 15 and 13. Pettisville-There Ian. 27. Streaks again down- ed the Blackbirds. Score 65-43. Iohn Clair scored 20. Ridgeville-'Ihere Ian. 31. 'Ihe Streaks led the Falcons most of the way but faded in the final moments as they lost 45-43. Iohn Clair and Iim Quillet had 12 each. Stryker-Here Feb. 7. Revenge for the Streaks. They- evened the score with a 55-36 win over Stryker. Iohn'Clair scored 26. Delta-Here Feb. 10. A terrific battle in which the Panthers emerged victors 41-39. This game gave Delta the League title. Spies: scored ll. Art Welch for Delta, 22. COUNTY TOURNAMENT at Wauseon Delta-F eb. 14. 'Ihe Streaks and Panhers staged another furious battle. The Streaks were ahead until the final momen s and lost a heart-breaker 31-32. This game de- cided the tournament winner as Delta coasted in . Spiess scored 13 for Archbold. Metamora-Feb. 16. The Streaks had an easv time as they rolled to a 47-27 win. Lowell Spiess scored 19. Pettisville-Feb. 22. Another easy Streak vic- tory-score 57-33. Iohn Clair meshed 16. Lyons-Feb. 24. The Streal-'s hcd too much for Lyons and won 44-33. Iohn Young scored 15 and Iohn Clair 11. Fayette-Feb. 25. The runner-up Champion- ship qame. The Streaks left no doubt as they drubbed the Eagles 64-32. Iohn Youna scored 18. On to the District at Defiance DISTRICT TOURNAMENT at Defiance West Unity-Mar. 2. The Streaks prevailed in a tough battle by a score of 57-43. Iohn Clair 23, Lowell Spiess 14. Delta-Mar. 4. The third time was the charm. It just couldn't go on forever and the Streaks made it decisive with a 48-38 score over Delta. It was a tough battle until the final moments when the Streaks made the qame safe. Lowell Spiess scored 17, Iohn Clair 14. Miller City--Mar. 10. An undefeated opponent faced the Streaks in this one. The Streaks went out in front at the start and never were headed until the final half-minute. Miller City 39, Archbold 38. An injury to Iohn Clair hurt. Miller City won the tour- nament and went on to win the State Championship. Lowell Spiess scored 14 for Archbold. I T RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM MQW X-. Coach Conroy, Gerald Short, Gene Bemcth, Denver Wyse. Ralph Burkholder, Icxck Luuber, Marvin Storrer Carlos Berncrth, Icxmes Myers, Mgr. IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row: DeRoyce Hornish, Icrmes Schmucker, Kenny Fcnkhcxuser. lerry Grime, Dee De-Groii, Donald Kleck, Lowell Flory, Philip Bueher, Stanley Bueher, Mr. Burkholder. Front Row: Eddie Lczuber, Roger Schcxntz, Tom Fcnkhcxuser, Tom Lcruber, Pcxul Yoder, Andy Murbcch, Willicrm Kerniq U P L. BASEBALL Back Row: Arden Grime, Richard Winzeler, Donald Wyse, Iohn Clair, Dee DeGroff. Iohn Young. Lowell Sjiess, Clare Grim Paul Yoder, Denver Wyse, Larry Bourquin, Mr. Hornish, Coach. Front Row: Iames Quillet, D'eRoyce Hornish. Ralph Burkholder, Iames Myers, Manager, Marvin Sorrer, Iohn Wyse. Archbo1d's diamond efforts were somewhat blighted by a lack of good, consistent hitting. The team was fairly well balanced in other respects. The boys lost to Metamora in the County Toumament by a score of 3 to 1. A few timely hits would have won the game for them, but they were not forthcoming. Metamora won the County Championship by defeating Lyons in the championship game by a score of 12 to 6. Both teams advanced to the District Tournament at Defiance. The District Tournament was won by Iewell of Defiance County. The team loses the following seniors by graduation: Iames Quillet, Iohn Clair, Don Wyse, Clare Grime and Richard Winzeler. Some promising material will be available for next year and if a couple of good pitchers are developed and some batting punch is found the team should do fairly well. SCORES FOR 1949-1950 Archbold Opponent Sept. 15, 1949 ....,.,... 3 Iewell ........, ..,..,, 4 Sept. 21 ,.....,.,,,. ........., l 6 Lyons ............ ......, 3 Sept. 23 ,........ ..,....... 4 Pettisville ...... .,...., 2 Sept. 27 ,,,,..... .....,,... l 5 Pettisville .,.. ,.,..,. 6 Sept. 28 ,..,..,,.... .,.,... 3 Jewell .,......,,,,...,........,., ,,,,,,, 1 0 Sept. 30 .,.,,,..,.,..,, ....... 3 Fayette .,.,.,..........,i,..,.,,.,. ,,.,,., 1 April 26, 1950 ,...... 1 Lyons Cfoumamentl ...,,,,, ,,,,,,, 3 April 28 ., ,..,..,...,,, ....... 1 Iewell .,,,..,..,......,,,.....,.,,,, ,,.,,, , 9 May 2 ...,.,,....... ..,,,,.... 2 Pettisville ...,.. ..,..... ..,,,,, 1 1 May 5 ....... ...,....., l 5 Fayette ........ ,.,,,,, 0 May 11 ..,,.,.. ..,,,,,,,i 1 0 Pettisville ...... ,,,,,,, 1 May 15 ......., .,..,., 0 Fayette ...... ,,,,,,, 2 TRACK . . R :QR s. Bock Row: Coach Conroy, Ned Lorton, Dale Leu, Iohn Young, Lowell Spiess, Roger Ziegler. Richard Short, Arden Grime. Donald Rufenacht. Front Row: Marvin Storrer, Bob Leupp, Denver Wyse, Gerald Short, Paul Yoder, Rollin Hayes, George Wagner, Richard Grime, Iames Myers, Mgr. The 1950 Track season was somewhat hampered by very bad weather this spring. The squad was crippled in personnel because a number of good prospects did not participate because oi work and various other reasons. Delta won the County championship for the seventh consecutive year. They scored 73 points followed by Swanton with 56, Archbold with 46, Ches- terfield with 22 Va, and Fayette with 2lV2. Several of the boys participated in the Devilbiss Relays. Ned Lorton placed fifth in the discus, and a team composed of Iohn Young, Dale Leu, Lowell Spiess and Richard Short placed fifth in the shuttle relay. Richard Short, Bob Leupp and Duane Stamm are the senior members who will be lost by graduation. The awards for high point man on the Track team in l949 went to Richard Schantz and to Richard Short who tied for the most points. The individual trophy for the 1950 season went to Lowell Spiess who acquired the most points. SCORES OF MEETS FOR THE 1950 SEASON April 18 Dual, here ...,.......,.,....,................,............................................ Archbold 44 V2 Wauseon 7316 April 24 Dual, There ........ Archbold 54141 Morenci 63341 April 28-fffDual. Here ................ ,.,..,.. A rchbold 74 Fayette 41 May 5 Devilbliss Relays May County Meet at Delta ss' ...N .Q N if i COACHES WH- Mr. Homish Mr. Conroy Mr. Burkholder Donald I. Hornish , , , , ,,, ,AA,, ,,.,A,,,,,, A ,,,, , , , ,,,A ., Baseball Coach Idcob Burkholder . . Athletic Director and Ir. High Coach Robert Conroy .,.o A or o,..,oo,ooAoo4o oooA..,,ooo,o , ,o., B crsketball and Track Coach MANAGERS 1 33.1 X-..W.L.-f vwwqm- i Iames Myers Richard Winzeler O II! U1 l"'.1 -'IU IF' U1 IJ: U I-"1 ,, :U Cn ,125 , ,gfhvwaad ' ""' V -f-fl- f "'-' '-'. '2-'Q : 1 1 W fijs,g, Eunice Trout Corolyn Grime Ioan Burkholder Carol lean Quillet You can't have basketball without cheers. Our girls pictured here did a line job oi providing spirit and moral support for the boys out on the floor. They helped the varsity to many victories by their loyal support and excellent job of leading cheers. Three cheers lor the Cheerleaders! IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Mabel Miller, DeAnna Burkholder, CoNette Nofzinger, Lois Burkholder "A" ASSOCIATION QI' of Q 11' . 2 1- qv 'ib- T l L ell S iess. Iohn Young, Paul Yoder. Bock Row: Marvin Storrer, Arden Grime, Ross ay or, ow p Richard Winzeler, Iames Meyers. Front Row: Don Wyse, Ned Lorton, Iohn Clair, Bob Burkholder, Iames Quillet. Denver Wyse. Richard Short, Clare Grime, Wayne Nofzinger. This club consists of those students in high school who have earned their monogram in at least one of the school's major sports of basketball, baseball or track. At present the organization is not active. It holds no meetings nor does it engage in any school activities as a group. Membership comes automati- cally to any student who earns his letter. However, several years ago all new members were subject to initiation and the club engaged in a few activities. The membership of the club seems rather small but this results primarily from the fact that a majority of the members are lettermen in two or three sports. DR. R. o. RYCHENER IOHN CLAIRMISSO RYCHENER AWARD MR. AND MRS. N. l. RYCHENER ATHLETIC AWARD Dr. Ralph O. Rychener, an Alumnus of Archbold High School, and now a successful surgeon in Memphis, Tennessee who has long been noted for his very generous moral and financial support of all athletics in our school, in 1946 established an Annual Senior Athletic Award of S100 cash, to a graduating senior boy. This scholarship was named in honor of Mr. Rychener's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. l. Rychener, local residents, who always displayed a keen interest in local school affairs. The Award is to be made on the following basis: thirty per cent athletic ability: thirty per cent scholarship: twenty per cent general school attitude: and twenty per cent neatness and personal appearance. Former winners of this award were as follows: Aden Storrer, 1946: Gerald Lehman, 1947: Paul Sigg, 1948: Arthur Kleck, 1949: and Iohn Clair, 1950. -..........., in X .gk 6 I I i ARTHUR KLECK- - 1949 i'1 SPORTS SN APSH OTS ik 1' 5 Jn A I P s i Aww' A ww-mm , 'K " ' , gi? I. 5' Shots and Scenes from the various sports engaged in by Archbold High School. SENIORS William Walters, Eunice Trout, Nancy Fagley, Donald Wyse The following Pages bring you the highlights in the final year of the graduating class of 1950. It was cr wonderful year filled with many interesting events, olimaxed by graduation and a never-to-be-forgotten trip to Washing- ton, D.C. 1 4- 1 1-1 1 l SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ii PRESIDENI VICE PRESIDENT Richard Winzeler Maynard Sauder I-'.F.A., Honor Roll, Parlirnentary Procedure Contest, "A" "Feathers In A Gale," "Protessor Pepp," Chorus, Glee Association, Iudging Contest, 4-H, Baseball, Noon Club. County Chorus, County Glee Club, Baseball. Games, Scholarship Test, Class President, Student Honor Roll, Student Council, Bowling Green Scholar- Council. ship Test, Noon Games, Vice President. ,...---- S- -N -,.--, . .- , ., ,.... -- .- . SECREFARY AND TREASURER 1. 1-1. SPENGLER-ADVISER Ioan Burkholder Noon Games, Sec. and Treas., Chorus, Glee Club. "Professor Pepp," F,H.A., "You'l1 Die Laughing," "Say It With Music," "Lelawa1a," Social Club, Halloween Attendent, Cheerleader, Honor Roll. Office Assistant. County Festival, "Feathers In A Gale." SENIORS erdene Aschliman Baseball. Noon Games. Track, Glee Club, County Glee Club, "Professor Popp." Chorus, "I.elawala." County Chorus. av'd Bednar - Track. Prince ot Peace Contest, Band, Brass Ensamble, Boys Quartet, Chorus, Vice President, Student Council. County Band, County Chorus. County Glee Club, "You'll Die I.aughing,' "Lelawala," Honor Roll, "Pop" Band. Toastmaster at Banquet. hyllis Buehrer "You'll Die Laughing." Chorus, Glee Club. County Competition, Honor Roll, Archette Staff. Grade School Assistant. Librarian. 4-H Member, 4-H Advisor. arley E. Burkholder Basketball, Track. Band. I-'.F.A.. Parlimentary Procedure Contest, Noon Games. ohn Clair Honor Roll, Band, Basketball, Track, Baseball, "You'll Die Laughing." "Professor Pepp," "Feathers In A Gale," Noon Gaines. Scholarship Test. "A" Association. Co- Captain in Basketball. obert Burkholder "Professor Pepp." Track. Basketball, Noon Games. "A" Association. Nancy Crossgrove Chorus, Band. Sec. and Treas., Student Council, Social Club, Noon Games. Scholarship Test. Grade School Assistant, "Professor Popp," "Lelawala," Honor Roll. Prince ot Peace Contest, Librarian. "Feathers In A Gale," County Festival, Sax Quartet. Shirley Dennis Glee Club, Chorus, Archette Statf. g...........--.-. .-A.-. .. -N.. -.-44. - - 'T SENIORS 1 I n P E I ! N "ZS 'Qi i ...J Iohn Desboeufs Science Club, County Festival, Chorus. Band, Glee Cl "Le1awa1a," "Pop" band, Trombone Quartet, Sen Scholarship Test, "Feathers In A Gale," "You'll Laughing." Roger Ebersole F.F.A. Wilmer Eicher, Ir. Band, Chorus. Glee Club, County Festival, "Profess Pepp," "Feathers In A Gale." Nancy F aqley Valedictorian, Band, Chorus, "You'll Die Laughin Social Club, Science Club, Clarinet Quartet, Scholarsh Test, Honor Roll, Band Council, Bowling Green Au tions, Music Festival, Noon Games. "Feathers In Gale," Grade School Assistant, Glee Club. Orville I. Greiser Glee Club, Chorus, F.F.A., Noon Games. Clare Grime F.F.A., Parlimentary Procedure Contest, F.F.A. Hon Roll Basketball, Baseball, "You'll Die Laughing," Ban Lawrence Grirne, Ir. F.F.A., Chorus, Glee Club, Archette Staff. Charlotte Hausch Chorus, Glee Club, Social Club. F.l-LA., "Profs: Pepp," Cafeteria Aid, Librarian, Archette Staii, Sp ' Music Festival, County Chorus. Grade School Assista Noon Games. County Glee Club, "Feathers In A Gale SENIORS th Hayes Chorus, Glee Club, County Festival, "Professor Pepp." "Lelawala," F.l-I.A.. "Feathers In A Gale," Noon Games. Librarian, Cafeteria Aid, Competition Chorus, Spring Music Festival, Archette Staff. ene Klempner "Professor Pepp." Honor Roll, Librarian, Halloween Queen Attendant, Office Assistant, Sports Captain, Noon Games. Grade School Assistant, "Fea.hers In A Gale." 's Leatherman Sec. and Treas., Honor Roll, Band, Sax Quartet, Grade School Assistant, Spring Music Festival, Band Competi- tion, County Festival, "You'll Die Laughing." ley Klempner Archette Staif, Grade School Assistant. na Belle Luepp Archette Staft, Glee Club, Honor Roll, Mixed Chorus. County Festival, Grade School Assistant, "Say It With usic." "Professor Pepp." F.H.A.. Competition Chorus. 'Lelawala." ert Luepp horus, F.F.A. Lopez oved away.l dine Nofzinger lee Club, Chorus, Social Club, F,H.A., Librarian, rchette Stafi. Noon Games. Chorus Competition, Spring estival, 4-H Club, Grade School Assistant, Cafeteria id ,..-e, ... .. 'S NP if 'Fw L if Q, cap I l I l 5 ' .J t N? , .A 'P SENIORS Robert Noiziger Archette Staff. "You'll Die Laughing." Assis Custodian, Track, Basketball. Chorus, Science C Noon Games. Wayne Notzinqer Basketball, Track, Baseball, "A" Association, Captain of Basketball. Archette Stall, Noon Games Iames Quillet Basketball, Baseball. "A" Association, F.F.A., Parl' tary Procedure Contest, 4-H. "Feathers In A Gale. Betty Rychener Chorus, Glee Club. County Festival. "You'll Die La ing," "Professor Pepp." "Lelawala." "Say It Music," "Feathers In A Ga1e," F.H.A. Compe Chorus, Spring Music Festival, Noon Games, Libr Honor Roll. Grade School Assistant. Anna Schmucker Mixed Chorus, Glee Club. F.H.A., "Say It With M Honor Roll. Grade School Assistant, Spring Festival. Noon Games, "Feathers In A Gale." C Festival, Chorus Competition. Richard Short F.F.A., Track, Basketball, Noon Games, "A" A tion. Howard Stahl Basketball, Baseball, Track, Prince ol Peace Glee Club, Band, "Pop" Band, Barber Shop County Music Festival, "You'll Die Lau "Feathers In A Gale," "Lelawala." Brass E Band Council, Archette Staff. Duane Stamm Track, Chorus. Glee Club. F.F.A., Noon Games. ,. , ,....-Al SENIORS 1g 3' liam Elias Stuckey F.F.A., Parlimentary Procedure Contest, F.F.A.. Honor Roll, Noon Games. 'am Tanner F.F,A. l Traut Social Club, Archette Staff. Youll Die f "Professor Pepp," "Say It With Music," In A Gale," Band, Halloween Queen. Cheer- Noon Games, Student Council, Scholarship Test, School Attendent. F.H.A., Honor Roll. Waidehch Games, F F A , Parlimentary Procedure Contest. l u Walters Glee Club, Science Club, Honor Roll, "You'll Laughing." K- Wyse ln A Gale,' "Professor Pepp," Chorus, Glee County Chorus. County Glee Club, Baseball, Roll. Student Council, Bowling Green Scholar- Test. Noon Games. In-..' Wyse Archette Staff, Noon Games. "Professor 5 ounq Track, Prince of Peace Contest, Band, Glee Club, President, Student Council, County County Chorus, County Glee Club, Band Council, Club. Archette Staff. Assistant Custadan, Noon SENIOR SNAPSHOTS '91 IE MFI' . 1 'LA . Q, x A ,M K as ibn-wf': "56"'f""' ilu!-I-nfl 6'0"""""""' Sikh A few informal looks at the class of 1950 all the way from then until now. I .l dvi.. SENIORS AS FIRST GRADERS Back Row: Howard Short, Lupe Hernandez, Bobby Nofziger, Roger Ziegler, Iris Keafer, Betty Io Rychener, Donald Wyse. Miss Spiess. Middle Row: Doris Leatherman, Iohn Clair, Ralph Hollingshead. Billy Stuckey. Iunior Grime, Billy Walters, Maynard Sauder. Front Row: David Bednar, Donna Belle Leupp, Iune Aeschliman, Iohnny Desboeufs, Glen Layman, Harley Burkholder. Absent: David Beltz, Phyllis Buehrer, Wilmer Eicher Ir.. Nancy Fagley, Claudine Nofzinqer. What a big difference a dozen years make! Here we have the class of 1950 as it appeared back in the fall of 1938 as first graders. The class then consisted of twenty five boys and girls. Many additions and losses of mem- bership were recorded as they moved along until they numbered forty-two when they were awarded their diplomas on May 16, 1950. Can you identify them without looking at the names? The boys continued to outnumber the girls as the class membership listed twenty-seven boys and only fifteen girls in their final school year. Memories of their school days will always be recalled as the most de- lightful experiences of their lives. CLASS HISTORY In the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred forty-six, September 9, a group of loud, arrogant, none-too-talented young boys and girls, numbering some fifty, more or less, entered the lower portals of learning in the Archbold High School. They were often referred to by such adjectives as green, ignor- ant, stupid, awkward and others of a similar nature. On September 27 they survived the ordeal of a terrific initiation and became full-fledged members of the high school. By next year the tables had turned. We felt a little more secure in our advanced position as Sophomores. It was indeed a pleasure to be on the giv- ing end of the initiation ceremonies and the Frosh were duly humbled in a never-to-be-forgotten manner. Our Iunior year loomed large ahead of us. There were to be big doings this year. Class rings were chosen. Two plays, "You'll Die Laughing" and "Professor Pepp" were presented during thetyear. The big social event of the year as usual was the Iunior-Senior Banguet. The class really went all out to entertain their older guests, the class of 1949. This was a most joyous oc- casion and the closing of our Iunior year was filled with happy memories that will linger in our hearts forever. In September 1949 we entered the most important phase of our careers when we enrolled as seniors. The year held promise of manv important and exciting events. The first of these events was having our graduation pictures taken. Then followed the business of selecting a Commencement speaker. ordering invitations. making plans for a trip and aettina readv for the senior plavs. The play "Feathers in a Gale" was presented by a dual cast on May 4 and 5. 'I'he bigaest events were yet to come. On Sundav evening. Mav 14 our Baccalaureate Services were held. with Reverend Paul E. Fisher bringing the message. On Tuesday evening. Mav 16, Dr. Arthur S. Fleming, President of Ohio Wesleyan Universitv delivered our Commencement address and we were awarded our diplomas. On Wednesday, Mav 17, we departed for a four day trip to Washinaton, D.C. This was a wonderful experience for all of us, one which we shall never forget. With varied feelings and emotions the class of 1950 leaves Archbold High School to iournev out into the world to do their part to keep it forever the wonderful place we know it to be. 'ual I i CLASS PROPHECY The place: A street corner in the town of Archbold. The time: 1975 A. D. The scene: Two unidentified, gray-haired men are approaching from opposite directions, only to collide with each other and both to fall to the pavement. "Excuse me," says the shorter man. "Certainly, and me, too," replies the taller. "Say, don't I know you?" "You sure ought to. We both graduated from Archbold High School at the same time." "The old home town certainly looks differ- ent than it did in l950." "Yes sir, and I wonder how many of our old classmates are still around." "Well, let's mosey down to the old City Drug Store and we'll see if we can recollect everyone." ' So the tall one and the short one walked down to the old drug store. "Do you suppose Iohn Desbouefs came back to work in the City Drug?" asked the short man. "I don't know, but we'll soon see," said the taller man. So in they went, ordered two cokes and sat down to drink them. It wasn't long until a gray-haired man came brisky into the store. "Desbouefs!" said the taller man. "Hello fel- lows, long time no see," said Iohn. "What do you think of the old place? Changed quite a bit, huh?" "Yep, shore has," said the short man. "What have you got in the back room, pinball machines?" "Yes. Say do you know this fellow coming in the store?" "Bednar!" yelled the tall fellow. "How do you do," said David. "Married, Dave?" asked the short man. "Yes sir, got six kids. You know Arlene Klempner, she's my wife and secretary. Stick around for a little while. Some of the old class- mates come in every noon. Here come Clare Grime and Harley Burkholder now. They are big time dairy men, you know." "Say, aren't those two guys Bob Burk- holder and Iim Quillet?" asked the tall man. "Yes," spoke up a voice in back of him! "Hello, Duane, what are you working at now?" asked the short man. "Oh, I'm farming. Iim and Bob are the prosperous guys, though. lim has a three hun- dred acre farm and Bob is raising mink by the thousands." "Well, we've got to be going. So-long," said Clare. "Yes, good-bye fellows, see you again soon," said the tall fellow. "Well, Iohn and Dave, what are the rest of the old classmates doing?" said the short man. "Well, Ir. Grime is doing a pretty good job of farming. fRowdyl Bob Nofzinger is run- ning the frozen food plant. He married Phyllis Buehrer, but she's still working in the telephone office," answered Dave. "Say," inquired the tall man, "where is Bill Walters?" "Oh, he's head of the Mayo Clinic now," spoke up Iohn. "Willie Wyse is selling farm machinery. He's got some new fangeled con- traption, something like a robot. You push a button and it does all the work for you." "Now that's something," said the short man. "What about Don Wyse and Maynard Sauder?" "Well, Don is teaching mechanical en- gineering out in Louisiana and Maynard is the top man at Sauder's Woodworking Co. Ir. Eicher runs Eicher's Poultry concem and Wayne Nofzinger is the General Manager there," said Dave. "What are Richard Winzeler and Virgil Waidelich doing?" inquired the tall man. "Well," said Iohn. "Rich is a turkey farmer and Virgil is a great steer raiser. Bob Leupp decided to be a bachelor and now he is a well to do farmer. Nancy Crossgrove and Anna Rose are teaching up at the high school. Nancy Fagley is the Band Director there. Bill Stuckey and Orville Grieser are both steer farmers and each has already made a million. "Claudine Nofzinger runs the Beauty Shop here in town, doesn't she?" said the short man. "Yes, and Shirley Dennis owns that beau- tiful summer resort just north of town. Shirley Klempner is now one of the most successful homemakers in Archbold, although she still is a telephone operator. Charlotte Hausch mar- ried Richard Short and they are very happy together. Dick owns a nice farm west of town. Betty Rychener is a missionary in Africa. Doris Leatherman is a secretary at Lugbills," said Dave. "Let's see, is that all of them?" asked the tall man. "No, spoke up Iohn. "Ruth Hayes is typ- ist at La Choys and Verdene works there, also. Let me think. Oh yes, Donna Belle Leupp is the fifth grade teacher in Wauseon, and Roger Ebersole is a farmer in Michigan. Iohn Clair married Ioan Burkholder and they are living in Texas. Iohn is a bridge constructor. Bill Tan- ner is driving a racing car and Eunice Traut is a secretary in the ,Toledo Trust Company. "Well," said the short man, "by the pro- cess of elimination, I suppose you know who we are." "Sure," replied Iohn. "You're Hody Stahl and the tall one is Ben Young." "Right you are. And it's time now to make it right back to my elevator in Elmira," said Ben. "Me too, or I won't get enough hours in to feed all eighteen of my kids," Stahl cackeled. We hope we have given you some insight to the future in these few paragraphs, although we do not claim 100 percent accuracy in our predictions. I .fe -A t t r l . SENIOR AMBITIONS Aschliman, Verdene Bednar, David .....,.. .,.. Buehrer, Phyllis ......... Burkholder, Harley ..,... Burkholder, I Burkholder, Robert Clair, Iohn oan ..,..i. Ir. ..,......... . Crossgrove, Nancy ..,4.,. Dennis, Shirley .....,r Desboeufs, Iohn ..... Ebersole, Roger ...., Eicher, Wilmer, Ir. ., Fagley, Nancy ........ Grieser, Orville ..... Grime, Clare ,,...........,.... Grime, Lawrence, Ir. Hausch, Charlotte Hayes, Ruth ...,,.,..... Klempner, Arlene ....., Leatherman, Doris ....,.. Leupp, Donna Belle ...... Leupp, Robert ,r.,...., Nofziger, Robert ..,,.....,.. Noizinger, Claudine Nofzinger, Wayne ....... Quillet, Iames ..,.....V,r.. Rychener, Betty Io .,...,.,. Sauder, Maynard ....,i,......, Schmucker, Anna Ro se Short, Richard .r.V..,..r.......... Stahl, Howard ....,r Stamm, Duane ....... Stuckey, Bill .,v,,....rr Tanner, William ,...... Traut, Eunice ,......... Waidelich, Virgil .,..,.. Walters, Bill .l.......... Winzeler, Richard ..... Wyse, Donald ...,.... .,r,.....Factory Worker ...................Chiropractor ... .. . , .Telephone Operator ..,,.,.,.....,...............Farmer .,,,.....,.........,,...Secretary ..,...,,........State Patrolman ,.,......Mechan1cal Engineer .....,..,..Elementary Teacher ...,.,.Operate Summer Resort ........,.,,........,,,,....PharrnacisE .........Poultry Merchant ,......V...Music Director .........,,....Farrner .,....,.Fanner ,,,,..,,.,.,...,,.....Farmer .........Factory Worker ......,.....,,,Waitress .... . . .Stenographer ,,H,W,,,,,,..,..,,..,.,Waitress ,....,..Elementary Teacher ........Frozen Food Locker ,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,.,.,,,,Beaut1c1an ..........Carpenter ...........Farmer ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,.,,.....,.,Secretary .........Woodworking Business AU.,,,,,,A,..,.,,,......,..Secretary .,,.,,...,.,......Fanner ..,.,.....Law or Music ....,.........,Farmer ,,.,,,, ..,.,... F anner Bookkeeping or Accountant .......,...,........,Physician ........Farmer ...,..,......................Enqineer Wyse, Shirley ,,,,,, ........ T elephone Operator Wyse, Wilson ,..,... .................... S alesman Young, Ben ,,,.,,,, ........ G rain Elevator -1- - LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty, on leaving this school, with a better mind and more knowledge, do bequeath these pos- sessions. Article I To the Freshmen, we bequeath our knowledge of the school. Article II To the Sophomores, we bequeath our ability to produce good plays. Article III To the Iuniors, we bequeath our seats in the auditorium. Ar.icle IV To our teachers, we bequeath our thanks for understanding us and having patience with us during our school days. I, Verdene Aschliman, will my ability to break windows to Mr. Hornish. I, David Bednar, will my unusual sense of humor to anyone who can understand it. I, Phyllis Buehrer, will a little of my thinness to Marlene Burkholder. I, Harley Burkholder, will my place on the basketball bench to lack Lauber. I, Ioan Burkholder, will my ability to get ex- cited to Harriet Spengler. I, Robert Burkholder. will my salesmanship to lim lohnson. I, Iohn Clair, will my athletic ability to Bill Scales. I, Nancy Crossgrove, will my ability of par- ticipating in all school activities and still keeping my grades up to anyone who can't do it. I, Shirley Dennis, will my tallness to the Bueh- rer twins. I, Iohn Desboeufs, will my classy clothes to Roger Ziegler. I, Roger Ebersole, will my long dark wavy hair to Ralph Burkholder. I, Wilmer Eicher, will my Pontiac to anyone who wants to go to Indiana. I, Nancy F agley, will my glasses to lane Mur- bach so she can look more intellectual. I, Orville Grieser, will some of my chubbiness to Dale Short. I, Clare Grime, will my pitching ability to Dee DeGroff. I, Ir. Grime, will my willingness to work to Ned Lorton. I, Charlotte Hausch, will some of my hair to Patty Winzeler. I, Ruth Hayes, will my ability in learning play parts to Dick Short. Arlene Klempner, will my chair in Mr. Burk- holder's office to Valetta Wyse. Shirley Klempner, will my shyness to Anna- belle Grieser. Doris Leatherman, will my popularity with the boys to Shirley Gaddis. Donna Belle Leupp, will my little feet to Barbara Nofzinger. Robert Leupp, will my farming ability to Dick Miller. Robert Nofziger, will my manly looks to Dick Palmer. Claudine Nofzinger, will my giggle to Betty Nofzinger. Wayne Nofzinger, will my place as the first one to get married in my class to anyone who is able to get married, hold a job and go to school. Iames Quillet, will my faithfulness in haul- ing the basketball players and cheerlead- ers home to Iohn Young. Betty lo Rychener, will my singing ability to lim Myers. Maynard Sauder, will my false teeth to any- one who needs them. Anna Rose Schmucker, will my pleasantness to Ioyce Burkholder. Richard Short, will my track ability to Lyle Lauber. Howard Stahl, will my ability of going with one girl to Harold Buerge. Duane Stamm, will my ability to run the mile to Robert Gigax. Bill Stuckey, will my laugh and never end- ing talking to Dick Grime. William Tanner, will my home permanent to Iohn D. Wyse. Eunice Traut, will my bookkeeping ability to Ir. Miller. Virgil Waidelich, will my quietness to Bill Lovejoy. William Walters, will my manly physique to Walter Short. Richard Winzeler, will my membership in the "Loafers Club" to Theo Gaddis. Donald Wyse, will my ability of not doing my English but still staying in class to Ross Taylor. Wilson Wyse, will the left bower to anyone who has the right bower. Ben Young, will my ability to get along with my teachers to lim Schultz. I - . SENIOR OBITUARY It is with profound regret that we announce the death of the well-known and highly respected Senior class of the Archbold High School. After its remarkable achievement recently with the examinations which it passed with flying colors, the class was noticed to be changing perceptibly. Upon skilled diagnosis, the trouble proved to be an enlargement of the intellect which, after a lingering attack lasting four years, caused the demise of the class on May 16. The senior class was one respected and loved by all who knew it and will be greatly missed in the social, athletic, and educational circles of the school and neighborhood. Its qualities of industry, idealism, and charm endeared it to all who had the pleasure of its acquaintance, and it will be sincerely mourned by the faculty, classmates, and friends. Its place in the social life of the school was by no means small and in the field of athletics it was widely known. In its mental achievements, how- ever, it attained its greatest distinction and gained high honors. The passing of the Senior class leaves a void in the intellectual circles of the school that will long be marked. The loss of this class will be deeply felt in the community also, and it will be difficult to assemble another with so much public spirit and power of accomplishment. The Senior class is survived by a Iunior class, a Sophomore class, and a Freshman class. The first mentioned will be appointed to the place left vacant by the untimely decease of the Senior cass, but can in no measure fill the position, nor will it be expected to do so at first. A great class has gone from us, and together we rnoum its passing, con- soling ourselves with this thought: "ls quen di amant adulescens moritur," which means, "He whom the gods love dies while a youth." The funeral services were held in the auditorium on May 16, 1950. At- tendance at the services was by invitation only, and all friends were requested to attend, bearing flowers and gifts. Services were conducted by Dr. Arthur S. Fleming, president of Ohio Wesleyan University. CLASS EPITAPH Here lie the good Seniors whose genius was such We scarcely can blame it or praise it too much: Who, bom for distinction, perfected their mind And fraught with all learning, gave joy to mankind, They were equal to all things, for nothing unfit, They were pleased with their culture and proud of their wit. They are missed by their classmates, their teachers as well. Who their virtues and wisdom now tearfully tell: They died of brain fever, brought on by delight, In their fourth year of age on commencement night. They are glad to be gone to a new world, alack! If we could when we pleased, we'd not whistle them back. But let us be candid and speak out our mind, Their equal as students 'twill be hard to find, And in peace may they lie, our good Seniors. who now Have taken their finals and made their last bow. Fig SENIOR PLAY ,. M m v. ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL MAY 4-5, 1950 Friday Ruth Hayes Betty Rychener Maynard Sauder Anna Rose Schmucker Arlene Klempner Orville Grieser Bill Walters Don Wyse Iohn Desboeufs lr. Eicher Charlotte Hausch FEATHERS IN A GALE A Comedy In Three Acts Characters Thursday Matilda Nancy Faqley Phoebe Fuller Eunice Traut Zeb Hibbitt Ben Young Lucy Abner loan Burkholder Annabelle Hallock Nancy Crossgrove Captain Ebenezer Howard Stahl Reverend David Thacher Bob Nofzinger Captain Seth Barnabas Iohn Clair losiah Abner Dave Bednar Mr. Spoor Iim Quillet Abigail Charlotte Hausch Prompters Nancy Faqley, Nancy Crossqrove Arlene Klempner, Ruth Hayes Stage and Property Manager Costumes Miss Felsted Director Mr. Burkholdei and Anna Rose Schmucker ,, Verdene Aschliman SYNOPSIS ACT ONE, Scene Onef Four o'clock of an afternoon in early Iune. Scene Two: Early eveninq, that same day, ACT TWO, Scene One: Two weeks later, afternoon Scene Two: Seven o'clock that evening, ACT THREE: The following day just before noon. Place The middle room of Annabelle Hallock's house at Sesuit, Cape Cod Time 1804. Presented by Special Permission THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS BACCALAUREATE EXERCISES Sunday Evening, May 14, at Eight O'clock MUSICAL PRELUDE nnn,. ........ I oyce Burkholder PROCESSIONAL , ,,,. , .,,,, Graduating Class "OPEN OUR EYES" .v.,,,v,aaA.a,,Y. Ya,. ..,.aaa.aa .a,, .,a,.A. ,.aaa,..... G i r l s Glee Club INVOCATION A...,a,a...n ...w.v.YaYa....,CC.,....C,.,,,,...,..,,Y..Y..,.waw.,,a,A.., v,a,anai. R e v. H. E. Bertsche Pastor, Evangelical Mennonite Church "THE HEAVENS ARE TELLING" .aa,A.t...,..,a,........,,..,.......a4,,,,....,,a,a,,. ...Male Quartet Don Mayer, Don Hornish, Don Stamm, Robert Short SCRIPTURE READING ..,,aaA..,......a,4.e,.A.,,..S,.aS.....,....,..,Y.a..,,,,.,.,a,,A,....,..,.. Rev. Bertsche "THOU KNOWEST LORD" A,.... aaaa a,,.. H i gh School Chorus BACCALAUREATE SERMON .,t.,o,o,o....,.,,..oo,,,AtA o,.,o,oo.o,o. r ,o,,, R ev, Paul E. Fisher Pastor, Methodist Church HYMN-"Holy, Holy, Holy" . o.oo,,,.,.,,,., Y.oYo,o, r o.o, . .. ,o,, Chorus and Audience BENEDICTION ,,,.....,o.o,o,i....,,,,, . .. ...,,,,,,....,. Rev. Bertsche RECESSIONAL Yo,.,... ,o,,,,,, A udience Seated COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES Tuesday Evening, May 18, at Eight O'clock MUSICAL PRELUDE-"Three Gates of Gold" .. .i..,,o,,, ,o,. .o.. H i gh School Band Donald Mayer, Director PBOCESSIONAL ..w. . I .. .,.,.,,.............,.... ..,oto,o,,,o......Yv ,w,o,Y. G r aduating Class "NATIONAL ANTHEM" ....,o o.... Band and Audience INVOCATION ...,.....o,......,....,w,,..,, .,,e,,,o,o r , ..,,,,, I , ,,., . I I .Rev. N. G. Wierwill St. Iohn's Evangelical 6. Reformed Church MUSIC-"March of the Noble" .,,,,,.......o..,o....,.. ..,o,Y,o,o. . . ,o.,,,,, o,o.,, B rass Ensemble COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS .ooo....e,,,,,,,o,..we,,o,o r .. ..YoYo,,,o ,,l.... D r. Arthur Fleming President, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio MUSIC-"March Romaine" a,va,....a,.,S.......Y..a.,,....,Yw,,...........waa,w... Brass Ensemble PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS r,..rrrYr,r,S...,r....r.....rr,V,Y,r r .....r... Board of Education Dr. E. R. Murbach PRESENTATION OF AWARDS ....rr.............,....,.,.Yrr........ ,.... Mr. Spengler BENEDICTION .. .,,,,,,.r,,.,,,,,,,.,...,, ,. ,..... Rev. Wierwill MOIINT VERNON mms or WASHINGTON VW' :I SENIOR TRIP TO WASHINGTON D.C. The class of 1950 enjoyed a wonderful trip to D.C. after their graduation. They left iance via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad on the Columbian on Wednesday evening, May 17 arrived in the nation's capital on Thursday ning. This trip provided many new experiences most of the class. Features such as a long train , riding the Stratoliner, breakfast and dinner in ining car, the first glimpse of the dome of the 'on's capital building, the many wonders beheld ashington, their stay at the Annapolis Hotel, ting new friends from far away places, the Po- ac River, Mount Vernon, the fine dinner at the George Mason Hotel in Alexadria, Arlington Na- tional Cemetery and all of its historic heroes, Christ Church in Alexandria, the Iefferson and Lincoln Memorials, going up and down the Washington Monument, a trip through the PBI and seeing our Senate and House of Representatives in action pro- vided thrills which will never be forgotten. Then, finally, the long tiresome trip home and then the grand feeling of getting back home all safe and sound. The class feels that the trip was very much worthwhile and cannot be measured in money value. This event will always remain a source of a happy climax to their graduation from high school. SENIOR FAREWELL We, the seniors of 1950, through much painstaking labor, have reached the twelfth rung of our ladder and are about to be pushed off to make room for the Iuniors. At the age of six we mounted the first and hardest rung with fear and trembling. After the six fast steps we reached a new extension-the "other" building. Several times the ladder seemed wobbly and some of us looked longingly at the ground. We came through initiation only by keeping our eyes on the upper rungs. Having attained the tenth rung, we were a bit more self-confident: and on the eleventh we gained real triumphs with our plays and banquet. Before we leap we wish to thank our teachers who steadied the ladder and gave helpful pushes now and then, our fellow students who called words oi encouragement from lower rungs. and our parents who were responsible for our ladder. So one ..... two ..... three ..... Goodbye! COMMERCIALS Students, Teachers, Parents and Friends: This annual was brought to you at a reasonable price, through the whole-hearted co-operation and financial support of the friendly merchants of our community. They have amply demonstrated their good will toward our school and their supportis greatly appreciated by the publishers of this book. Let's extend our patron- age and good will to them in the same friendly manner in which they have given theirs to us. ' . ADVERTISING ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Willard Mack Owen Rice AUCTIONEERS Lehr Fulmer, Bryan Kenneth Grieser Peter I. Short DENVER STUCKEY AUCTION SALES LUGBILL BROS., INC. YODER AND FREY. INC. BAKERIES Terry's Bakery BANKS FARMERS 6. MERCHANTS STATE BANK PEOPLES STATE BANK BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOPS Fankhauser's Barber Shop F1orence's Beauty Shoppe Fred Grime's Barber Shop Kay's Beauty Shoppe Ioe LitWiller's Barber ShoD Stahl's Barber Shop, Elmira BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS BEHMAN'S. Ridgeville Liechty Bros. RIEGSECKER BROS. I. H. Rupp :S Son, Pettisville WEAVER CONSTRUCTION CO. BUILDING MOVERS E. M. SAUDER 6: SON CHIROPRACTIC HEALTH SERVICE Dr. E. U. Bednar COAL DEALERS Bryan -,-v Y DIRECTORY CONCRETE PRODUCTS Archbold Concrete Products Elmira Cement Block and Tile C CONFECTIONERS Arage Confectionery CLOTHIN G-FURNISHIN GS Ora Lauber 61 Son Dale Rufenacht DAIRY PRODUCTS Natziger's Dairy Farm NOFZIGER'S DAIRY STORE Short's Dairy Store DENTIST Dr. I. R. Mellor DITCHING AND EXCAVATING Clyde Gigax, Elmira MILLER BROS. ROTH-THIERRY Rychener Bros. Stamm Bros. Wm. M. Wyse DRUG STORES CITY DRUG STORE RED CROSS DRUG STORE DRY CLEANERS ARCHBOLD CLEANERS DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Archbold Dry Goods Helen's Dry Goods ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ELDEN ROTH Twiss Tire 6 Appliance, Elmira FARM EQUIPMENT Babson Bros. Ellis Farm Equipment KING-WYSE MFG. CO. Eicher Coal Co. Short's Ferguson Sales 6: Service ADVERTISING DIRECTORY OR COVERING HORT FLOOR COVERING RISTS rchbold Greenhouse OD PROCESSING CHOY FOOD PRODUCTS ERAL HOMES RISIER'S FUNERAL HOME hort'S Funeral Home DEALERS eorge Beatty-West Unity awrence Townes-Fayette eorge WindiSchfTedroW AGES AND SERVICE STATIONS rchbold Sales and Service reniser Service Station HRISTY MOTOR SALES rossgrove Garage-Elmira reek Motor Sales, Bryan arry'S Station EICHTY MOTOR SALES eupp Bros.-Stryker indsey Motor Sales, Bryan iller Auto Supply iller'S Gulf Station, Elmira yers Body Shop OFZINGER BROS. AUL'S FRIENDLY SERVICE andy Winegardner-Bryan hort Ferguson Sales 61 Service ERAL STORES rank's General Store, Zone B. Meister and Sons, Pettisville . P. Roth and Son, Elmira IN MILLS AND ELEVATORS LMIRA ELEVATOR olb Feed Mill, Wauseon HARDWARE AND LUMBER GOTSHALL MFG. CO. STOTZERS VERNIER McLAUGHLIN. PROBECK CO HATCHERIES RUPP'S HATCHERY WYSE BROS. TURKEY FARM HOME FURNISHINGS Short'S Furniture Store Your Furniture Home INSURANCE Vincent Beck Couch With Lincoln A. O. Fagley Floyd Lauber Ora Lauber 6. Son Ora Rupp Alvin I. Stamm W. G. Theobald Glen E. Zimmerman IEWELERS O. P. KLUEPFEL LIVESTOCK AND MEAT PACKING LLOYD MYERS LUGBILL BROS.. INC. MUSIC SALES AND SERVICE Ives Music Shop NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS Archbold Buckeye PAPER HANGING AND PAINTING Frank Sturpe PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Herman Britsch IESSE L. SHORT OIL CO. PHOTOGRAPHY SELLERS STUDIO ADVERTISING DIRECTORY PLUMBING AND HEATING H. L. F raas 6. Son L. B. Frey 6, Sons Iim Gearing POULTRY PRODUCTS PETER EICHER 6. SON ROBERT HAYES Sam H. Nofzinger I. B. Rogers Co., Dennis Roth Glen V. Soule, Delta PUBLIC UTILITIES Ohio Gas Co. RADIO AND APPLIANCE SERVICE Ed's Radio Shop-Elmira HUGHES RADIO SHOP REAL ESTATE Curly Manor RESTAURANTS Bud and Gert-Stryker The Hub-Stryker Io's Restaurant K1eck's Home Restaurant Sheneman's Triple-Six RETAIL FOODS Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. Corner Market GLEN BERNATH'S MARKET Rich Food Lockers RUFFER'S MARKET SCAFFOLDING EQUIPMENT BIL-IAX INC. FEED AND SEED ARCHBOLD SEED 6. GRAIN CO. FAGLEY SEED CO. Nelson Rupp Sylvan Rupp-Wauseon Rychener Seed Co.-Pettisville Calvin and Theron Short Iohn W. Stuckey SHOE REPAIR Stork's Shoe Repair SHOE STORES Hess Shoe Store THEATERS SCOTT THEATER TRUCKING AND FREIGHT Mac Buehrer Bill-Ed Trucking Co. MILLER TRUCK LINE INC. Elmer Miller Iohn A. Short VARIETY STORES Fish and Schroeder VENDING MACHINES Sam Miller VETERINARIANS Dr. I. R. Peters WELDING AND REPAIR Calvin Stannard-Elmira Wotring's Machine Shop ELECTRIC WELDING Ray Lantz Vic's Electric WOODWORKING ARCHBOI.D LADDER CO. BAER CABINET Home Furniture Shop LAUBER MANUFACTURING CO. Leininger 'Cabinet Works-Elmira Miller Manufacturing Co. New York Boat Oar Co. SAUDER MANUFACTURING CO. SAUDER WOODWORKING CO. Sommers Woodworking MISCELLANEOUS Al-Meda Candy Co. Dennis Nofziger I. D. Polite Earl Rychener Sylvanus CSoxl Short Floyd Lauber AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS . - .,i " 'k-2 .1 -W , u:s. .,f.ff1-f , 312'-T110-IF? HQ. f we-, f u- .I --Y .P , ,, , , ,, . K --- Q. ,, ' X H- 11 3' " sw- f.J4:",.'1-15 Y 3-'Z '1"2'1".'u'i -f-a:"'.!ff-f 1" X.. 99,-:, 4L7f31 'Gigi ffm -517' "'f'Z'V"' 1' '7' "W ' i ' af- "' ' A' " Z, 'A if pf ?-,nf ' W' x xr.

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