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, .s , X u x x I f x xx' Y , EMMA-,, ,4.........Q--m..-..,L..:,x.m...,... -, L if .. .Q..M.mH,.....n- X ' f 4 x w Q r W. ,QQ Q Q .4 7 if el , Cm! Ja .H .,-, 35 . 4 1. w E.Q N , W . 1 ix 'A JL41 ., 5.9 2 ,y x J. ,i T H E L.. H01 BL E STREAK sg 1948 PUBLISHED BY THE SENIORW CLASS ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHCOL ARCHBOLD, OHIO EDITQR-IN-CHIEF - RICHARD SCHANTZ ASSISTANT EDITOR - VERLIN EASH BUSINESS MANAGER RALPH LUGBILL FACULTY ADVISER ---- J. H. SPENGLER vi' 'W' 'FV NW' bf-PXmSwEiD!4'Ifw bNFXQ5wWQQ2!4"Qf9 'I af ' P 5 ad P 1 Introduction The graduating class of 1949, for the first time in tihe history of Archbold High School, is publishing an annual designed to give a full year of sclhool history, The general plan was to include all events which oc- curred during the school year. This made it necessary to plan delivery of the book after the opening of the next school year, sometime during the fall, So, as the 1949 edition of the BLUE STREAK comes to you, remember you are receiving a rather complete history of the school year 1948-1949. The class of '49 will feel well repaid for their time if the BLUE STREAK of 1949 helps all of you to recall the many happy days spent togetiher in the Archbold Public Schools. 2 Foreword Time isg time was. 'Dhe years have come and the years have gone. To us, the seniors, it has brought an important milestone in our journey along life's highway, Time has taken from usg it has also given to us, That which has been lost can always be recaptured in memory. Strange as it may seem, the tlhings which are hard to endure are often pleasant to remember, We, the Senior Class of 1949, are happy to publish this edition of the BLUE STREAK. It is our Wish to give you a general review of all of the things which were a part of our school life during the year, It is our fondest wish that familiar faces and scenes in this book will help you to recall those personal incidents and events which made your school life a pleasure, As time has brougt us to the end of our high school journey, we sadly realize that school days were "wonderful days." Engraving .... .. . Fort Wayne Printing and Engraving Fort Wayne, Indiana Photography ...... Seller's Studio Archbold, Ohio Printing .. Weir 8z Weir Fayette, Ohio 3 E V I I LM DEDI CA TI ON WE, 'THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949, DED- ICATE THIS ANNUAL TO THE MEMORY OF OUR DEPARTED CLASSMATE, MARGIE OISBORN, WHOSE FRIENDLY SMILE AND QUIET PRESENCE WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER. 4 MISS BVUEHRER The Graduating Class of 1949 wishes to honor Miss Osee Buehrer, elementary teacher, who is retiring this year after serving this community for forty-two years as a teacher of young folks, Your restriis Well earned and may you receive much satisfaction from the know- ledge that you have played a prominent part in shaping the lives of many of the people of this community, 5 ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL OUR SCHOOL It is fifty-eight years ago this spring since the first class graduated from Archbold High School, Since then about one thousand young men and women have graduated from here. They have gone to 'all parts of the world in seeking their places. Some have achieved fame and fortune in their chosen fields, and this success has been the school's success, for their achievements re- flect the part 'played by their school in their journey to success. The present elementary building was the only building on our campus until 1930, when the present high school building was built, In 1937 the German Township Schools and the Archbold Schools were con- solidated into the present district. A new Vocational Agricultural building was opened in 1948, and last fall bonds were voted to erect a new fourteen room elemen- tary building, Work will begin on this new building by early sumlmer. The school has had a continuous growth and in- dications are that this growth will continue indefinitely, 6 ADMINISTRATION 7 BOARD OF EDUCATION George Ruppg Jacob Spengler, Supt, of Schoolsg Owen Rice, Clerkg Edwin Murbach, Pres.: John Leupp, Vice Pres.g Peter Rupp, Arthur Fagley The Graduating Class of 1949 wishes to pay its respects to the Board of Education of our school, As we are graduating from high scihool we realize that we have had the advantages of a fine school building and its excellent facilities. We do not often pause to ask who makes these things possible, but We are sincere in our ex- pression of tlhanks and appreciation for the fine school we 'have been privileged to attend, We know you have given untiring effort and unceasing devotion to the task of providing educational advantages for the youth of today which did not exist in your day. We wish to acknowledge our debt of gratitude to you and the public whom you represent, As we leave you we simply say, "Thanks a lot". 8 'JDIIHIIIS J, H. SPENGLER Mr, Spengler succeeded Mr. Lor- ton as local Superintendent of Schools last year, Mr. Spengler graduated from the local school and was a student under botlh Mr, Lorton and Mr, Parker, He teaches American Problems, He has a B, S. Degree from Bowling Green State University and an M, A. Degree from the University of Michigan. Golfing, squirrel hunt- ing, fishing and football are his hobbies. J. BURKHOLDER Mr. Burkholder, after serving two years as Elementary Principal, was made Principal of the high school, He teaches American His- tory and Biology, He is also Ath- letic Director and Junior High Coach. He has an A, B. and B, S, Degrees from, Adrian College and an M, A, Degree from Bowling Green State University, w W MARY SCHMUCKER 'I Bill 1011 R. L. LORTON Mr, Lorton, after having been Superintendent of the Archboll Schools for 27 years, resigned his position and became the Principal of the Elementary School. He has an A. B. Degree from Oberlin College and an M. A. Degree from Ohio State University, He spends his summers at Odin, Michigan where he combines Vacationing with summer employment, Miss Schmucker, Mary, is our keeper of the books, She is 'a very efficient school secretary, She graduated from Archbold H i g h School in 1947. Her pleasant nature and her willingness to work with teachers and pupils alike make her an invaluable member of our force, She likes boating and ice skating for recreation. 9 T. L- PARKER M. A. FARBER Mathematics, Public Speaking, B- science, Phy, Ed,g Basketball, B. I- Degree Berea, KY-3 A- B- De' S, Dennisong Ohio University: gree, Ohio University: M- A. Ohio ohio Norbherng M, A. ohio state State University. University. SBHDUL l DONALD J. HORNISH GLEN G. GALLAWAY Industrial Artsg Baseball Coachg Vgcational Agriculture E1 Degree, Manchester Collegeg B, S, Orhio State University B. S. , Ohio Northern 10 DONALD MAYER Music, Baldwing Wallaceg B, M, Ohio State University, ROBERT CONROY Physical Education, Basketball and Track. B. S. Bowling Green State University MARGARET MANHART Social Studies ELVA KEIM B, S, Bowling Green State Commercial University A, B, Spokane University Ohio Northern Ohio State Fi1!3UL'l'Y RUHAMA TURGEON English, General Business A. B, and B. S. Bowling Green State University GAYLE BOURQUIN FLORENCE FRAAS CHARLOTTE FELSTED Librarian Junior High English, Latin Home Econoniics B. S. Bowling Green State B. S. Wittenberg College Bowling Green University University 11 F, , ,.,. 3-, Q-1 EDNA FARBER HAZEL BURKHOLDER MABEL NOFZIGER Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Junior High ' Defiance College Bowling Green State University , . . -. t Bowling Green State University Indralnaggniversity Bowling Green State Umversl y Oflmio Northern in-2 eff' 1 . ELEIIIEIITHBY MARY ZIMMERMAN BESSIE FREY Third Grade Second Grade Bowling Green State University B. A. Goshen College Bowling Green State Universiey 12 ! W, MARY ELLEN RUPP MILDRED BERNATH FLORENCE WALTER First Grade First Grade Kindergarten Bowling Green State University Goshen College Ypsilanti College FIIBULTY OS SEE BUEHRER MARVEL R. 1 LER Sixth Grade T ESS Heidelberg College Music Defiance College Bowling Green State University Bowling Green State University Ypsilanti 13 FACULTY SNAPSHOTS Our School Faculty in Various Places, Doing Various Things, and At Various Times 14 Maintenance Pupils and teaclhers make up a. major part of a school, But there is 'another group of workers whose presence is equally important, Many Fhours of hard work are necessary to have everything in readiness for aa, new day of school each morning, A clean building is an extra incentive in attacking the day's work. The most popular place in our school is the cafe- teria. Good food keeps us going and doing our best, We are all very appreciative of the efforts of our Culi- nary Artists and we honestly and truthfully feel that there are none better. The bus drivers have Uhe thankless task of trans- porting several ihundred pupils to and from school in all kinds of weather, The problems encountered by these men are beyond all imagination in scope and number, The combined efforts of these groups play an ex- ceedingly important 'part in the daily routine of our school, :Thanks to all of you for the part you played in our years at Archbold High School, 15 Cooks Jani tors Ella Beck, Mary Grime, Christine Grime Earl Bourquin, Art Taylor Bus Drivers Art Liechty, Earl Bourquin, Garfield Gigax, Wiliner Rupp, Orville Rueger Walter Breniser, Harold Fleming 16 SENIORS 17 Senior Class Officers ARTHUR KLECK Basketball. Baseballg Trackg "A" Associa- tiong President of Student Councilg Senior Class Presidentg "The Big Blow Up"g UI-T'resh Air"g "The Professor Goes I-Iaywire" Winner of County Prince of Peace Contestg Mixed Chorusg Boys' Gleeg Honor Rollg Basketball Captaing Senior Scholarship Testsg "Choose neitlher a woman nor linen by candlelight," BARBARA WERDER ---- "Barb" Chorusg Girls' Glee Clubg Sec.-Treas. lg Vice Pres, 43 Social Clubg Bandg Clarinet quartetg Social Club Treas, 45 Archette Staffg County Festivalg Attendant to theQueeng Honor Roll: "Fresh Air"g "The Big Blow Up"g 4"Ihe Professor Goes Haywireu. "Just a little Ray of Sunshine, that's me. SUE ELLEN SCALES Valedictoriang Social Clubg Sec,- Treas, of Student Councilg Bandg Chorusg Girls' Glee Clubg Sec,- Treas, 43 General and Sr, Schol- arship Testsg Honor Roll: County Festival Double Quartetg "The Big Blow Up"g "Fresh Airg "The Professor Goes Haywireu, Lab Assistant, "Nature I loved and next to nature art." 18 RICHARD BERNATI-I --- 'tDick" F.F,A. Secretaryg F.F.A, Reporter-g Baseball Basketballg 'tThe Professor Goes I-IayWire"g "Fresh Air"g Parliamentary Procedure Con- testg Noon Gamesg Honor Rollg 4 H, "I am looking forward to the day wfhen fish will be educated," SHIRLEY BERNATH Bandg Chorusg Girls' Glee Clubg Social Club Honor Rollg Flute Triog County Music Fes- tivalg "Fresh Air"g "Professor Goes Hay- wire"g t'The Big Blow-Up", Seniors VERLIN EASH Brass Ensembleg Sousaphone Solog Boys' Glee Clubg Boys' Quartetg Mixed Octetg Band Chorusg County Festivalg Honor Rollg Prince of Peace Contestg Asst. Editor of Annualg "Fresh Air"g ""Ilhe Big Blow Ufp"g "The Professor Goes Haywiren, BILL FANKHAUSER --- "Funky" Basketballg Trackg A Associationg Ping Pong Champg Bandg Brass Ensembleg Cho- rusg Glee Clubg Quartetg Octetg Honor Rollg Freshman President: County Festivalg "F'res'h Air"g 'The Professor Goes Haywire' "All 'bills' are nice, especially 5 and 10 dollar bills". f GLEN R. BURKHOLDER Future Farmer of Americag Trackg Bandg Basketball. JACQUELYN BRODBECK --- "Jackie" . . Sec, of Social Clubg Grade School Assistant Librariang Chorusg Girls' Glee Clubg County Festivalg Archette Staffg "I love my faith- ful teachers, they are good as gold to me, I'm sad to think that all too soon they will become a cherished memory, 19 SENIORS CHARLES GAUTSCI-IE F,F,A. Presidentg Trackg Ag. Scholarshipg Senior Scihoiarshipg Honor Roilg Noon Gamesg Parlimentary Procedure T e a nig Livestock Judging Teamg F'.F.A, Public Speaking Contestg F.F,A, Honor Roll. HAROLD W, FLORY f'F1ipper" Boys' Gleeg Mixed Ohorusg County Festivalg "Fresh Air"g "The Professor Goes Haywire" 20 F. FREDRICK FETHER --- "Fritz" Brass Ensembleg Bandg County Spring Fes- tivalg "Fresh Air"g "The Big Blow-Upi"g "The Professor Goes Haywireng Archette Ftaff, ESTHER FLEMING- --- "Blondie" Bandg Chorusg Glee Club: Social Clubg Archette Staffg Noon Garnesg County Fes- tivalg "Fresh Air"g "The Professor Goes Haywireng Honor Rolig Attendant to Queeng Prince of Peace Speech, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." VERLEEN GRIESER --- "Beanie" Chorusg Gleeg County Festivalg Arcihette Staffg Social Clubg Librariang "The Profess- or Goes Haywire". "Flirt and the world flirts with you." HELEN GRIESER Archette Staffg Glee Clubg Chorus, "The Professor Goes Haywiren, SENIORS PAULNIE KLOPFENSTEIN Archette Staffg Librariang Cafeteria aid. Of manners gentleg of affection, mild. VELDA LEDYARD Mixed Chorusg Girls' Glee Clubg Archette Staff 3 Librariang Aid in Cafeteria: "The Pro fessor Goes Haywiren. "A smile goes a long, long way," DALE EDWARD QUILLET Noon Captain lg A-Associationg F,F,A. Vice Pres, 83 F,F.A. Treas. 43 Archette Staff: Baseballg Basketlcallg Parliamentary Pro- cedureg Livestock Judging, RICHARD L. RIEGSECKER --- "Ricky" Boys' Glee Clubg Mixed Chorus: Basketball: County Festivalg Honor Rollg Trackg "The Professor Goes Haywire", "Good fellows are scarce, Better take care of me." 21 -W Jr-L, RALPH LUGBILL Basketballg Bandg Trackg Honor Rollg Vice President 25 Student Councilg Business Man ager of Annualg Prince of Peace Contest: Noon Game Captain 33 County Music Fes- tivalg "Fresh Air"g "The Professor Goes Haywireng 'tAfter the event even the fool is wise," MERLIN SAMUEL OYER --- "Sam" F,F,A, Treasurerg F.F,A, Vice Presidentg Trackg Basketballg Baseballg Archette Ed- itor -in -chiefg "Fresh Air"g "The Professor Goes I-IayWire"g Parliamentary Procedureg Livestock Judging. Seniors VIRGINIA RUFENACHT --- "Ginny" Clhorus, Girls' Glee Clubg Archettei Staffg School Librarian, County Festival. "Smile and the world smiles with you." HOWARD RUPP Bandg F,F,A,g F,F.A, Parlimentary Proce- dure Oontestg F.F,A, Honor Rollg 4-Hg Basketball Managerg 'Fresh Air"g "The Professor Goes Haywireu, "A" Association. "Small but mighty!" LEROY RUPP --- "Roy" F',F,A,g Noon Games. "I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing." LEON RUPP F.F',A. Noon Games. 22 RUTH RYCHENER Honor Rollg "Professor 'Goes Haywirevg "Contented With little and cheerful with more." VALETTA SAUDER Librariang Ardhette Staff 5 Chorusg Girls' Gleeg "The Professor Goes Haywireng Typ- ing Contestg Honor Roll. "WLlrat's worth While doing, is worth while doing right," WELDON J. SCHANG --- "Art" Basketballg Baseballg Archette Staffg A- Associationg Noon Games. RICHARD SCHANTZ Senior and General Sclholarshipg Basketball: Trackg Honor Rollg Editor of Annualg Band Student Councilg A-Association "The Prim- fessor Goes Ha.yWire", CHARLENE SHORT --- Chuckie Bandg Chorusg Girls' Glee Clubg Pres, of Social Club 45 Archette Staff: County Fes- tivalg Clarinet Quartetg Noon Games: "Fresh Air"g "The Professor Goes Haywiren "Good things are put up in small packages." DONALD SHORT --- "Don" F.F.A,g A-Associationg Ghorusg Boys' Glee Clubg Trackg Agriculture Scholarship Testg 4-H Secretary Treasurerg 4-H Vice Presi- dentg "Professor Goes Haywireug Parlimen- tary Procedure Contestg Noon Gamesg Spring Festivalg Competition Chorusg Com- petition Gleep Honor Roll: F.F.A, Honor Roll. N 1 Seniors l Q PHILIP SIEGEL --- "Phil" Bandg Ohorusg Boys' Glee Clubg Basketballg County Festivalg Noon Gamesg "The Pro- 1 fessor Goes HayWire", l WALTER SHORT F'.F,A,g Archette Staffg Noon Games, "I never do for myself wlhat someone else will do for me," ' l l N 23 1 I N Semors HARRY THOMAS SPRADLIN --- "Tommy" Baseball Trackg Noon 'Games Captaing "The Professor Goes Haywiren. "Wouldn't that make a preacher cuss ?" RUTH SPRINGER --- "Rick" Bfandg Chorus and Glee Club: General Scholarship' Testsg "The Big Blow Up"g "'Ilhe Professor Goes Haywireng Secretary and Treasurer 33 Social Clubg Clarinet Quar tetg Librariang Clarinet Solo Auditiong Hon- or Rollg County Festivalg Attendant to the Queeng Noon Gamesg Typing Contestg Arch ette Staff, EUGENE WAVE SHORT --- "Gene" F.F,A,g Basketballg Baseball, "There were greater men than I, but I doubt it", JEANETTE JOSEPHINE SHORT' --- "Jenny" Girls' Glee Clubg Ohorusg "The Professor Goes Haywireng County Festival, "Not bash ful -- but!" 24 FONTABEL STUCKEY Bandg Chorusg Girls' Glee Club: County Festivalg Flute Triog Honor Rollg Typing Contestg Noon Gamesg "Fresh Air", "The Professor Goes HayWire", BETTY JOAN STORRER Cheerlefaderg Pres, 15 Sec, 23 Vice Pres. 3: Girls' Glee Clubg Chorusg Bandg Social Club Typing Contestg Archette Staffg Social Club Reporterg Honor Rollg HalloWe'en Queen of 19483 "The Professor Goes Hay- wire"g "Fresh Air"g Clarinet Quartet. "Shake hands witlh a GENE'ius!" JOHN TWISS Glee Clubg Chorusg "The Big Blow Up"3 "The Professor Goes HayWire"g Archette Staffg Spring Festival, LOIS TRAUT --- "Slim" Oheerleaderg Bandg Chorusg Glee Clubg Hon or Roll: "Fresh Air"g "Professor Goes Hay- wire"g Sports Captain -2 -3 -4 5 County Festival: Social Club. MARJORIE WAIDELICH --- "Ma.rj" Archette Staff: Librariang Honor Rollg Senior Sdholarslhipg Grade School Aid, "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market," DORIS W YSE Chorus: Glee Clubg Archette Staffg Noon Gamesg Honor Rollg County Festival, SENIORS 25 J OPHN ZIMMERMAN Senior Scholarshipg "Professor Goes Hay- wire"g Honor Roll. "If silence were golden I would be a pauper". SENIOR SNAPSHOTS 1949 Seniors --- Believe It Or Not Senior Class History SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the year 1937, there were 38 meek, timid little tots who entered Archbold Public School for the first time. In the second and third grades we were still dar- ling little tots. Much to our surprise in the fourth grade we lost five and gained four pupils, namely, Shirley Bernath, Ruth Springer, Ralph Lugbill and Franky Hernandez, In the fifth grade we gained Marjorie Waidelich and Fon- tabel Stuckey, In the sixth grade we lost three students and gained one, namely, Sue Ellen Soles. Then came a long trip to the Thigh sohool building, In the seventh and eighth grades there were thir- ty-eight students, In our Freshman year there were seven from Zone and five from Elmira, plus three others from various schools, September 28, 1946, fifty-three pupils were in- itiated into A. H, S. Our Junior year was an exciting yearg We all looked forward to the Junior and Senior Banquet, Pick- ing out our class rings and pins that would bind us to the A. H, S, forever was thrilling for us, 'Dhen came the Junior play, FRESH AIR, which made everyone laugh till their sides hurt, At last the year came when we were Seniors, On December tenth We received our long awaited pictures taken by JimSellers, Our last play, "THE PROFESSOR GOES HAYWIREQ' was given May 5 and 6. On May 17, we were ushered into commencement ---finally receiving our diplomos. With mixed feelings we leave this institution, only hoping that the classes to come will enjoy it as much as we have. We now have confidence to face bhe many obstacles which will confront us. 27 Class Qbituary In the month of September, of the year 1937, a class was born without fanfare or recognition. It started its life, which was soon to be known the world around for its remarkable achievements. Then, on May 17, 1949, it happened, When this class had obtained the ,highest position yet achieved by 'a senior class, it started out to set new records in fields no other class had ever dared to attempt, but was cut short with its deatlh. Left to mourn is the Junior class, the Sophomore class, and the Freshman class, The first class mentioned will succeed the late Senior class but will in no way be expected to fill the position achieved by the late Seniors, When the first grade class of 1937 was born they were yet fairly undeveloped but as this class grew and grew it advanced higher and higher in this big, wide world. Not only did it grow in size, but also in the realm of wisdom and social ability. It seems that the Senior Class of 1949 could be unsurpassed in athletic, musical and educational abilities. Although they died from this activity, yet may they live forever in the memories and the purifying in- fluences that are left behind to the future Seniors of Archbold High School. The funeral service was held on May 17, 1949, in the Archbold High School, where they had spent the last six years of their life, Attendance at the service Was by invitation only and all friends were requested to attend, bearing flowers, and gifts, Z8 Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and forty-nine, being sound of mind and body, leave 'che following will upon our departure from this life at Archbold High School, Article Article sees fit, Article served. Article Article Article Article I We leave to the faculty a bottle of dye to camouflage the gray hair we have given tihem. II To the Archbold Higih School Band we leave sixteen empty chairs, to be filled as Mr, Mayer III We leave to the Cooks our heart fand stomachl felt tnhanks for the delicious meals they have IV We leave to the Junior Class our ability to put more money in the treasury than we take out, V We leave to the Sophomore Class our good looks and intelligence. VI We leave to the Freshman Class our dignity, VII To the Seventh and eighth graders we leave our good mannersg may they use tlhem at every opportunity, Is Ia IJ I: I, I, Ir I1 I, In In Iv Is I, In Is If I: I, In If I, I: I: Ir I, Ir I: I. I: I1 Is I, In If Ia Is Ir In In I, I, I9 If Richard Bernath, will my dark, curly hair to Mr, Galloway, Jacquelyn Brodbeck, will my singing ability to Phyllis Buehrer. William Fanlchauser, will my place on the varsity bench to Ben Young, Harold Flory, will my physique to Eddie Lauber. Esther Fleming, will my blond hair to Hattie Clingamang provided she keeps it clean. Velda Ledyard, will my slimness to Shirley Gaddis. Richard Riegsecker, will my happy disposition to Miss Manhart. Virginia Rufenacht, will my musical giggle to Harriet Spengler, Arthur Kleck, will my stubborn hair to Mr, Burkholder, Helen Grieser, will my curly hair to Cara Belle Frey, Ruth Rychener, will myf ambition to Mary Sue Rychener, Charlene Short, will my unlauglhable jokes to Barbara Christy, Eugene Slhort, will my quietness to Janey Murbach. Jeanette Short, will my appeal for the opposite sex to Charlotte Hausch, Philip Siegel, will my ability to dance romantic .lly to Joan Burkholder, Fontabel Stuckey, will my long skirts to Doris Leatherman. Lois Traut, will my atlhletic ability to Ben Young so he won't have to sit on the bench, Marjorie Waidelich, will my freckles to Virgil Shroeder, if he needs them. John Zimmerlllan, will my intelligence to aiiyofie who Wants it, Sue Ellen Scales, will my paint brush to Nancy Kernig, Oharles Gautsche, will my leadership in F,F,A, to Arden Grime. Ruth Springer, will my ability to study in study hall to Doris Gunden. Verleen Grieser, will my brainstorms to Mrs. Turgeon. Richard Schantz, will my intellectual ability to Verdeen Aeschliman. Doris Wyse, will my size four shoes to Jane Scales, Valetta Sauder, will my little ears to Mr, Parker. Ralph Lugbill, will my hidden talent to anyone wvho can find it, Glen Bfurklholder, will my bashful smile to Ned Lorton, Leroy Rupp, will my blushing ability to Marvin Nafzinger, Verlin Eash, will my bass playing ability to Dee DeGroff. Betty Storrer, will my sparkling brown eyes to Geneva Gautsche, Pauline Klopfenstein, will my English ability to the Junior Class, Dale Quillet, will my catching ability to Mr, Hornish's team, Fred Fether, will my crutches to John Dean Wyse, Shirley Bernath will my ability to get to sclhool on time to Nancy Fagley. Donald Short, will my ability in track to Duane Stamm. Walter Short, will my bashfulness to Orville Grieser. Leon Rupp, will my height to any body who wants to be a papenhanger or painter, Howard Rupp, will my cuteness to Theo Gaddis. Sam Oyer, will my magnificent muscles to Walter Short, Tom Spradlin, will my Southern accent to Eunice Traut, John Twiss, will my grades in English to anybody who wants to take sophomore English Three years. Barbara Werder, will my contrariness to Betty Nofzinger, Weldon Schang, will my collection of telephone numbers to Lowell, Spiess. 29 CLASS PROPHEC Y Yesterday, May 17, 1974, the high school graduating class of 1949 met in the high school cafeteria. There we were served a scrumptuous meal prepared by Ella Beck, who is still chief cook and manager of the high school cafeteria. Ella looks older now than she did twenty-five years ago, but her cooking is still of the same champion- ship calibre, As we looked over this group of '49ers, we noticed that some of them had abundant amounts of gray hair, whereas others had almost no hair at all, We really made a sophisticated looking picture, After we finished tlhe meal, We sat and talked of the things that we all seemed to hold as the high points in our lives, our high school days. Then Mr, Spengler, our very well-liked class advisor and our banquet toast- master, asked us if we would like to hear each member of the class give a brief summary of his life since he had graduated from A,H.S, We all agreed wholeheartedly that this was an excellent idea, Here are some of the things that were related to us. Dick Bernath, our first speaker of the t49ers, seems to have a very strange problem, Dick has become a very successful dairy farmer and has compiled quite a fortune. His problem is, how can he will each of his sons a million dollars when he has only two million dollars and three sons, He is thinking about consulting Einstein for tlhe solution. Shirley Bernath seemed to be quite successful in her line or business. She is the head of the General Motors office in Detroit. She has twenty girls to tell what to do, She seemed to be enjoying herself, Jackie Brodbeck told us she is now working out in Hollyvwood, She is one the famous star's favorite hair dressers, She had been Working in Toledo until M,G.M, hired her. She says she is very happy, but did anyone ever see Jackie when she wasn't happy? Glen Burkholder was the next eager speaker to take the floor, Glen has become a very successful farmer and he is thinking seriously of retiring to let his seven sons farm his land, Glen plans to raise racoon dogs for a. pastime. Then there was complete silence, 3, very cultured looking gentleman got up to address our class, You guessed itg the gentleman was Verlin Eash, Verlin, well known the world over as Irving Berlin 11, has written 103 songs that have become popular. Later in the evening Verlin told us that he made the most important decision of his life when he chose between pole climbing and song writing, The next person to address his classmates was Bill Fankhauser. Bill found it difficult to start talking be- cause his sides were shaking with laughter from a joke that Ralph had told him. Bill, a nationally known drafts- man, has recently drawn plans for what is to be the largest and most modern building in New York City. Bill said his weakness is the sam-e as always, beautiful women!!! Fred Fetlhers, a very prominent man in the field of Industrial Arts, was called upon next. Fred is now head of the Industrial Arts department at Ohio State University. Fred really enjoys life and he has invited Ralph Lug- bill down to his 'home in Columbus for a week next summer, Fred says that he wants to catch up on the latest jokes and Ralph seems to know a lot of them, Esbher Fleming relayed to us that she is now running a beauty salon in Toledo with a staff of 20 girls under her. This salon is strictly for the upper crust. She is still the old maid which she predicted she would be. Then tlhe air rang witlh a series of chuckles as Harold Flory got up to talk, Harold said that he would tell a funny story h'ad the meeting been scheduled to last a week, but he feared that time would run out on him if he would try to tell a story at this one-day meeting, Harold has become manager of the largest grocery store in Chicago. Chuck Gautshe was the next of the male speakers to address this classmates, Chuck has become the C,S.F,O, fClhampion Scientific Farmer of Ohiol. Since Chuck has become so proficient in his chosen profession, he has had a big influence in making the Ohio farm system progress, Helen Grieser has just recently returned from China with her husband and their two children, They have been doing social work there and expect to return in the near future. Pauline Klopfenstein married a successful farmer and they have a home on a 120 acre farm and she' seems to be very happy with her husband and four children, Veldia Ledyard relayed to us that she is now a full fledged bookkeeper. She is keeping books for her hus- band and it seems that they have all profit, and it is no mistake on the part of the bookkeeper, Then a very handsome and dignified gray haired man got up to address his classmates. That's rightg it was Ralph Dugbill. Ralph, a very clean cut sort of individual, has become a very successful and a very well liked businessman, He has been the president or the Livestock Dealers Association for the last ten years, Ralph said that he had attained his life's ambition when he made Verlin Eash laugh at one of his jokes, Sam Oyer, chief mechanic in Ford's Detroit factory, was next to reveal his success. Sam acquired this job last year after having run his own private machine shop for ten years, For a hobby Sam is collecting old cars, and he now has quite a collection. Then Dale Quillet, a, youthful looking fellow, rose to tell about himself, Dale has turned down several pro- fessional basehall offers to go into his chosen profession, dairy farming, He has a herd of 200 registered Guernsey cattle tlhat have taken three national dairy show prizes thus far. Virginia. Rufenacht told us her husband had been elected Mayor of Pettisville in the last November election, Besides being the "First Lady of Pettisville", she has fulfilled her lifetime ambition by running a hostess house, Howard Rupp, one time of our basketball team, was next to be heard, Back in his high school days Howard was commonly known as "Minnie" because of his small stature, but behold, Howard has suddenly taken root and has grown to be 6'1". He is a carpenter by trade, and, I might add, a very good one, Dick Reigsecker, President of the National Truckers Association, was the next jolly speaker to blow off steam. Dick hasn't changed a bit. He has more good jokes than Carter has pills. Dick is fast becoming known as the world's top humorist. In spite of his popularity as ahumorist, Dick still feels happiest when he is driving a truck, Leon Rupp, still a ratlher quiet individual, was next to talk of his accomplishments, Leon is quite proud of his well-kept hundred acre farm north of Archbold, He has a very happy and contented family and he is very much devoted to them. Leroy Rupp, a clerk in a large furniture store in Toledo, spoke to his classmates, After graduating from high school, Leroy farmed for a few years, but finally settled down as a clerk in a furniture store. He is a very energetic person and is quite concerned about his family's happiness Ruth Rychener has long since become a graduate nurse and is now a medical missionary in Africa, She has been very successful in all tlh-ings. 30 CLASS PROPHECY Continued Valetta Sauder is well known about Archbold as one of the best accountants, Ever since graduation she has been trying to build her education in bookkeeping and has been very S1-1CCeSSful. We all knew that if She wants something sihe will get it, Sue Scales, oifr "Brain", flew down to Archbold from her estate in Alaska in her private plane and is going on to her other estate in Bermuda. By the way, her occupation is commercial advertising and chasing the men from her doorstep, Weldon Schang, the next person to speak, seems to have changed quite a bit, He seems to have taken a more serious slant on life and is doing quite well for himself. Weldeh Still likeS to have a good time With the fellows, and has become well known as an expert raglio and television repairman. Then Dick Schantz, an outstan-ding businessman, addressed his classmates. Dick, always reliable, has made some remarkable contributions to the business world, His exceptionally pleasing personality and his good judg- ment have helped him to gain the title of B,B,M.A, fBest Businessman of Americaj. Dick thas many friends and really gets a kick out of life, Gharlene Short t01d us she had succeeded in her 3l'r1bllZlO1'1S of becoming a, b93.l1lZiClaI1 and 3, wife, First she worked for Madame Esther, as a hair dresser, for three I11OhthS and Uhen She quit t0 get married. NOW She "Bobs" all her c?hildren's hair, Then Don Short was called upon to speak, Don haS become a very successful farmer and has become Well- known for his highly productive acres West of Archbgld, He has done quite a bit of agricultural experimenting and has increased his production and prestige by dOi1'1g S0- Then a peculiar, but familiar laugh rent the air as 'Gene Short rose. Gene, a noted poultryman in Fulton County, seems to be doing quite well in his chosen profesSiOn and has amaSSed a neat fortune. Gene's favorite hobby is eating. Jeanette Short, with fher ambition to do nothing at all, has not succeeded for she has to keep house for her husband but she seems quite content. The next of Une '49ers to speak was Walter Short, WValter, rather shy in his speech, but enthusiastic in his profession, farming, has purchased two 80 acre farms within tihe laSt tW0 yeaI'S. Walter haS 2. Splendid family of six and he takes great pride in making them happy, 'Ilia-e next to sound off was Phil Siegel, once a prominent girl-0haSeI'. I-Ie no longer has to chase giFlS3 he is manager of a fifty-girl office force in a General Motors plant. He is very happy in this position and spends almost all of his time winking at the typists, Tom Spradlin the guy with the catching personality, was the next gentleman to take the floor. Tom, a scream in a, clown suit, ihas done quite a bit of professional clowning for several big league baseball teams, Tom picks up a neat 310,000 per year doing this and fhe enjoys it immensely, Ruth Springer, our most fickle minded girl, has become a successful marriage counselor in Columbus. Thougfh no one ever thought she would make up her mind, she finally did marry and is making a 'huge success of it too!!! After graduation Betty Storrer started nurses training but went for five Weeks and quit to get married, Her son turned out to be quite a "genius", Fontabel Stuckey is new the head nurse of the HMARGIE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL" here in Archbold, She also is married and 'her eldest son Don, Jr. is studying tobe a doctor, Lois Traut, our most atihletic girl, was making good money playing with an all girls' basketball team. She was their doctor in case of injury. As I said before, she was, until Ben finally graduated from college, then they got married. Now she is living on a farm while he runs tlhe Elmira Elevator. Tlhen John Twiss, owner of the Paramount Theater' in Toledo, SpOke to US. John, 2 Sharp businessman, pur- chased the tfheater in 1970 and is now one of the richest men of Toledo, John likes nice automobiles and has eight new ones parked in ihis garage at all times, one fo" each week day and two for Sunday. Marjorie V'aidelich was Working in the bank up town for some time until Chuck became so successful lie needed some one to balance his books, So she married the guy and seems very happy with her wealth, Barbara V'erder, our first engaged and married girl, and our first mother in the class, is living on the Rupp farm. She has quite a bit of help in feeding the chickens as she has two pair of twins, Doris Wyse and her husband returned the same time as Helen G, from China. 'llhey have been doing social work together, She has three children, The oldest is studying to be a minister, John Zimmerman, manager of the A8zP chain stores of Olhio was the next healthy looking '49er to speak. John, 'always a good sport, received loud applause when he admitted tlhat his greatest weakness is women, Though he is forty-three, he :has never had a date with a woman, He is thinking seriously of asking a Fulton County farmer whether he can take his twice-married daughter to a movie next week, Art Kleck informed us that he had been pitching for the New York Yankees up until last year, but had to retire because of his age. He is now back in Archbold running his dad's restaurant. As for Beanie Grieser, she hasn't been doing much Work as she has been traveling around the country and after each trip she goes about to different schools and 'tells her experiences, ARTHUR KLECK VERLEEN GRIESER 3 1 Senior' Play --T .. ,..-, , ,...,-,, A , ,MMM E ,X CHARACTERS Scott Bunting Lucinda . Katie . Froggy Taffy . Dean Farrell Ellice . Abby Russ Warren Jo . Hannigan Socko . Jennie . Mrs. O'Brien Calvin . Millie Tom "THE PROFESSOR GOES HAYWIREH May 5 and 6, 1949 a young professor his stern aunt his gentle aunt . his pal the terrible her father the charmer . a silly miss . a student a college photographer . a city reporter a city photographer . a boxer . the maid . a visitor Western,Union "boy', . a cheerleader a student 32 Thursday Night Bill Fankhauser Lois Traut Betty Storrer Verlin Eash Shirley Bernath Dick Bernath Friday Night Art Kleck Ruth Springer Barbara Werder Ralph Lugbill Fontabel Stuckey Dick Schantz Marjorie Waidelich Esther Fleming Helen Grieser John Twiss Philip Siegel Velda Ledyard Don Short John Zimmerman Charlene Short Valetta Sauder Howard Rupp Jeanette Short Fred Fether Verleen Grieser Dick Riegsecker Sam Oyer Ruth Rychener Dale Quillet Harold Flory Charlene Short Sue Scales Tom Spradlin Jeanette Short Fred Fether SENIOR TRIP TO WASHINGTON, D. C. "WE 9' war: ,V 'h ' ' ,gif Vg.. 1 , I Tx, Wi Scenes from a. wonderful trip to Washington, D. C, by t.he senior class of 1949, Who of the group will ever forget the many thrilling incidents which arose during the trip? The wild ride to Deshler, 'Tm feeling fainty' the beautiful train, the Columbian: the Stratalinerg Breakfast on the traing the first glimpse of the nation's capi- talg the many wonders beheld in Wasahingtong the Annapolis Hotel: the Washington-St. Louis baseball game: the moonlight cruise on the Potomac Riverg Mount Vernong Dinner at the George Mason Hotel in Alexandriag sleeping on the traing getting, oh so tiredg the long trip homeg and finally, the grand feeling of getting back home safe and sound, The class of 1949 feels that the trip was very much worth while and worth much more than the actual cost in money, It was a trip which they will never forget. 33 BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Sunday Evening, May 15, at Eight O'clock Musical Prelude .................... Joyce Burkholder Processional ........................ Graduating Class "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" .................... Bach Higxh School Mixed Chorus Invocation ........................... Rtv, Jesse Short Pastor Central Mennonite Church Music ...................... High School Male Quartet "Blessed Is He That Readeth" Scripture Reading ................... Rev. Jesse Short "Holy, Holy, Holy" ............................ Glinka High School Mixed Chorus Baccalaureate Sermon .............. Rev, Wyse Graber Pastor, Lockport Mennonite Church Hymn .......................... Chorus and Audience "Come Thou Almighty King" Benediction ........................ Rev. Jesse Short Recessional .......................... Audience Seated COMMENCEMENT EXERCI SES COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 17, AT EIGHT O'CLOCK Musical Prelude .................... High School Band Donald Mayer, Director Processional ........................ Graduating Class Music .............................. National Anthem Band and Audience Invocation ........................ Rev, T, F, Amstutz Pastor, Missionary Church, Archbold Music ........ 'tIntermezzo" ...... Saxaphone Quartet Commencement Address .... Prof, Joseph L, Tucker, Jr. International College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Trumpet Duet .......... Donald Stamm, Roger Taylor Presentation of Diplomas .......... Board of Education "Farewell to Thee" ...................... Senior Class Benediction ............. .... R ev, Amstutz 34 UNDERCLASSES 35 JUNIORS ' Y V Charlotte Hausdh John Clair ' . ,, 1 Shirley Dennis :,: ,,,,: 5,22 ,.,. 1 Ili: :""' W? ,g "'- li Ben Yoflng . ,.:4 -.-. - . ,. ,A -.:, 4,... .---. I Buehrer g f . J h D b f SSH r l -f-f1 b-L: : - '1 :- 0 H es ow S Ek ,.,.,.:... Q... .v,. . ...... 9 -.1. . 7 an xii? 2.3 y 5 ,gg-3 .:,,:,1::.,.".AQV.: , Q 'WDW :- -, was .,:1.:, ,. 4 -'-i "-., X get f . lm 2 Q S R 23, Enya 36 TY Robert Burkholder Doris Leatherman James Quillet Clare Grime Ruth Hayes Orville Grieser Richard Slhort Roger E-bersole Clau-dine Nofzinger Virgil Waidelich Maynard Sauder Bill Stuckey Bill Tanner Duane Stamm Howard Stalhl Shirley Klempner Richard Winzeler Junior Grime Betty Jo Rychener Arlene Klempner Harley Burkrholder Bill Walters Robert Leupp Nancy Fagley Robert Nofzinger Donna Belle Leupp Eunice Traut David Bednar Verdene Aeschliman Clare Grime Rose Schmucker Wilson Wyse Nancy Crossgrove Joan Burkholder Junior Eicher Donald Wyse Wayne Nofzinger SOPHOMORE Dorothy Beck Carlos Bernath Larry Bourquin Joyce Burkholder Rita Burklholder Gwendolyn Croninger Jim Schultz Bill Scales Tom Fleming Cara Belle Frey Shirley Gaddis Lewis Hass Carolyn Gautsche Carol Slhort Herbert Short Helen Eicher Rosemary Wyse Roger Ziegler Donald Sieler Myrtle Nofzinger Lowell Miller Marlin Wyse ' " W Elmer Miller 1 if Delphine Kennel V A J Marilyn Rufenacht Junior Roth Virgil Schroeder Marcella Stuck-ey Merle Wyse Annabelle Grieser Junior Oyer Nancy Grime Nancy Kernig Bill Ries Evelyn Wyse Arden Grime Walter Short Valetta Wyse Pauline Yedica Jean Rychener Roseanna Riegsecker David Sieler Dale Leu Dick Slhort Marvin Nafziger Carol Quillet James Johnson Leroy Dominique Bill Lovejoy Ross Taylor L, D, Nafziger Betty Nofzinger Dick Palmer Ned Lorton Jane Murbach 37 3 ,... M 1 .y ., ,,.Av .E x 5 arf ,::. ,,,, . wi 'f' 27. 'V 1 X Q, .K Nfl' ii? fe, twx if 1 1 V . i l S v I 9 FRESHMEN 38 John Springer Velma Rupp Jack Lauber Elaine Kernig Glendon Schantz Harriet Spengler Arlene Riegsecker Marlin Riegsecker Carol Jean Schmucker Lowell Spiess Mary Sue Rychener Dick Miller Dick Grime Hattie Lou Clingaman Harold Buerge Donna Graber Robert Gigax Doris Fleming Murel Miller Bruce 'Gigax Marjorie Grime Ralph Burkholder Caroline Grirne Sally Scales John Dean Wyse Patty Winzeler Jim Myers Mary Ellen Lauber Jolhn Young Billy Short Ann Riedell Darrell Stuckey Conna Graber Arnold Leininger Shirley Lookout Joan Gigax George Wagner Dale Klopfenstein ,Eileen Burklholder Marvin Storrer Rollin Hayes Gerald Short Florence King Lyle Lauber Marlin Slhort Denver Wyse Gene Bernath Marlene Burkholder Theo Gaddis Donald Rufenacht James Rupp Herbert Wyse Jimmy Ziegler Dale Schang J ohn Beaverson Sara. Louise Short Tom Lauber Barbara Clhristy Lucille Miller Shirley Yedica Bill Rupp Mary Jane Scales Dee DeGroff Eleanor Stuckey Donald Kleck Jeanine Farber Tom Fankhauser Virginia Sauder Louis Brock Buetta Wyse Geneva Gautsche Roger Nofziger Richard Miller James Stuckey Sally Palmer Doris Gunden Nancy Short Annabelle Stuckey DeRoyce I-Iornish Larry Dominique Roger Short Charlotte Eiclher Paul Yoder Joan Grime Dale Short Joan Leupp Bardara Nofziger Alice Mary Roth Rollin Beck GRADE EIGHT 1 -1- 555 hlx. f , , . """'1" 'wxmv v-YM-W 'X in ,. ,.2. , ., I- ::: Q ., ' ,,- '1 2, ' . x -:::l,:: 7 Y Q: :'::: 2:5252 5 i l f 'A',':'-' is 111':2 W -'-2' -:-.1 Q S if if is 212 ,1 we ,S MMT? ,gi Tbwf, .5 fa 39 GRADE SEVEN i wi 1 'fx f J 1 mi, i' 40 Kenneth Fankhauser Mabel Miller Elaine Grieser Andy Murbach Jimmy Buehrer Charles Riegsecker Roy Schott Susanne Stuckey Barbara Rich Robert Robh Ruth Ann Terrell Donna, Ruffer Gene Wailelich Paul Stuckey Mary Kunkle Jr, Gautsche Robert Miller Roger Sdhantz William Kernig J erry Grime Keith Short Marlene Rychener Gene Rupp Carolyn Greiser Charles Hausch Absent David Sauder HIGH SCHOOL SNAPS SNAPS AND SCENES FROM LIFE AT ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL 41 ELEMENTARY SNAPSHOTS The Elementary Kids have their big moments too. Here are a few of them 42 Elementary Grades Youth must be recognized! In a few short years you boys and girls of the elementary school will be the students in our higih school. We are enjoying our place in the sun this year, Next year another class moves ing soon your turn will come, You've been fine specta- tors, but soon on the court, the diamond, the stage and in the classroom you will be playing the leading roles, and tlhe spotlight will be centered on you as you enjoy your turn at the top. The graduates of 1949 extend their best wishes to all of you boys and girls, the fu- ture pupils of Archbold High School, 43 GRADE SIX 44 Stanley Buehrer Philip Buehrer Janice Leupfp JoAnn Brodbeck John Troeger Helen Schultz Susie Fagley Jimmie Slhort Betty Jo Scott Bill Buehrer Janet Wyse Teddy Lovejoy Robert Roth Robert Kleck Joan Sauder Fred Grisier Loretta Kernig Faith. Springer Glen Short Dale Miller Curtis Beck Donald Nofziger Deanna Burkholder Sandra. Polite Harold Wyse John Graber Ray Tary Willard Nofziger Marlene Rufenadht Donald Short Bob Frey Ralrph Grieser Oharles Gvrieser Linda. Miller Jack Lee Patricia Lisak Barbra Graber Mary Gibson Charlene Stuckey Joanne Beck Bruce Werder Sandra Short Jolhnny Scales Barbara Walters Dale Storrer Dee Ann Christy Charles Sauder Rosemary Brock Dean Rupp Colleen Wyse Roger Grieser Shirley Grieser Donn Bernath Diana Hitt Jimmy Rice Annabelle Zuercher Johnny Rodriguez Maureen Rupp Arlene Stuckey Nancy Ruffer Mary 'Grieser Billy Crossgrove Robert Trejo Suzanne Miller Donald Sommers Catherine Troeger Cara Lou Stamm Carol Jean Hausch Annabelle Miller Donna Mller Frederick Mehrling Neil Spengler Betty Miller Howard Grime Delila Gautsche Bobby Rufenacht Sue Fanlchauser harry Short Doris DeGroff Donna Waidelich Absent Jack Miller GRADE FIVE 45 , -- W F., .,,.,. 1. TS I -:z:.-5. .,.,. . ..,..,. i 1 M. .. ,. 1. .s , 1. r . - - -. .. 1.1. s,-'kfzw 1.:::ga.:f1:a-:.--:-11-:. if 1 auf .., 1 ....,.,.. , 1 .1 j' "I.i.IE1 ... 1. 1. ESQ i' 1 1 'V I fm 902 ,.. 1 0 80+ ve, X was Q3 9 Q. S V5 ' " Mei' Q? Q ' 1 A ' -,.'fz.:2E.:?:. A not .V 1'1' . ..:, A,,. . .,.. , . ,,...,.,:, . 1 SN 5 S Q wa .. .,..,...... 1 . 'ri'-K. .,.,f.:, -' 1' ..- 18. -. 1. K0 .RVN Via: VV ,wBVgiV5? Ei M 12 ' 5 6 S V . 1 .- Km ,S . - .,,. 1. ,,.. .1 ' "'A ' 1. ,.. 1.1.5 ,.,1. 5. .V1VgV VV .. . 8 'lx .3353 GRADE FOUR N- . .,,1,r., ,,,x ,. ....,...,,?.,. .,,.. :e:a.e:.. .gg , A ,., -. 5 ': . 1.1-Q.. 1 :1.1e - .:.-:j:.'1 ' ' .1-af.: . ,S .V ....... ... . VVVVQVVVV V . V V VV., 1 I ii :- 3 'I-ff? 5 1... x .-1: 1-:-:-r-r- . .. . ef sis 2- 1. .. QS... .V 1 11 V V VVVVVV 4 1: X. , . 23.1. .. ,:,:: X ::- .:: 1- - '-' - -- we 1 1 '--- wg. 1-' -. 1- --1: . .1 1 935111. 11 -.V-5..5.-- e 1. 1. A 'V .51 :1.' ,N V29- V,- IX K Q ga 15 1 , - - - :.1Qw::s1-. - 12 - --'ii' . ' if x S fn-3. G- io' XE: 3 " 1. '-1- '-.. 1 - 1 g was ,.A,,x,,.2A, 13. . " 9.82 A T ' - . .44 ' 'S 1, 2 . A 1.: - ., 1 -gy. -- ggisisw My M ,11..VS1.:.l-1sV.- . ---511.-1s 9.331121 11-M: ' . 1. 1 1 -2 'x Q 16' . W 19' . - ies. .. V . we ' QW .... V ...V . V. ,V.:,.,VV, M 3.1. ,. . - , .A -.. :.- .11 .. .. ,. gf ? '. ' " 4 Q .. - 2 . 2 3 ...,.,. as -2 5 aggitgzgg'-.3 -we ia..,3::5"- .010 '-:-it 4 -1-gs-2 -ge .,Q.. '1:. 52: A ,. 3-3. ,- .51.. 5-, pgs.: 1. 3. .. -1511... -:1 4. .5 " -. "" ,. .. . . :. 1-V 'jg VV 321.2 7.1.11-5.1 V .V -V-:. 1..g'115VVV1.- VV 3- VV 13 'I 1 g-jig Q A 1. 1 1: 22 0 :'2. 0 . -. - ' V 1. h 5:5 1.. 14 V VV VV VVZ,.V Y. ...V ' 7 'f"' , ,,1,- . ' 'M 0 4' V' U n ' efx..-11 ez.: - ' . . .. ............. . 5 4' . 1- ,Q'2ri..,f.,.., ' -' 1-:iw , 1 1 N 1 N '4 zj,-.. . 1- -1- 2 ,,,.f-we .fa j , . . . . - J M 1 - 1 . ::.1. 1 - - ":' 1. 1 ' - Z5 " 1- 1- 'S . 1: . ..1.-. . 1.525 "" I . jT221:2I5. 122.52 ef' 'X 44-v:::':u-:Q 13'11.S.:.---sei-:f--'if"::. 124123 225-aff: 'ip' 21 '7-5-15255-ii-1 ,- '- ' .. " 1., .-.Vg jgfjg. 21:2 131. ---...-V V V, it V .V VV VVVVVVVVVV-1-11 ff " : I . ' .1 ' - i . '13 -f . 55133 ..' H no 5 1, 'g:j,Q,.2, -3gVW.,:1L , , .. 1'5" ' egg " 2-.151 'ig '-f gg-'2ij.Q.- :ju 31 13? Ei? ' -11' If' "Z, 'f" :-f"" " M '17 gz- ' W' 1: J fi.-52. 5??553Q:,If!f':i-'-5?:i:ff'fE5::.'I 1. h -7 Z? ':"7' 3 : .II 3-2-.'1-5"12:s:'5555 I-sf " .. V V..VVVV .VVV VVVVV V V V4 ,. V ,V V .V . VV .5VV ., ...., VV .... - ,.::...,g.,-.133 VV . V. A ., ' . .. . . . - - -V ,V .fe A V " '- 1-:. f-3111"f , . W . . 0 ' . 'Z 1. 1,1-1:-3. 6.111 Q -in 1 . 3 M-,,V1.V,V.61V4f,V es 1- V V . . f' ........ ' 4 1 -1 ""' . 1:1 . 1 , 1: 2 - - .- 1 fysif' ' ...5.f::-he - Msn.. - 'Eff .E.::3..1Za:5-12-2"-' '-: 1- 1-1 -:. :':-J" - New 1-:I-: - - .'1-.- 1- - Egg V VVVVV ., VV.VV...V.5.:.VEVVV V .ZVVEVV .. 33.32. V . ,,. .. . V V.V:. . . , ,,,, , . ,,,A .,,. .. V , . y,,,,.V,VVV.VV , 1 . 1- ' Wm., V .V . Q... . .V A32 W 2 .. y , .1 :-- - 1- " ,I ',,'1q -1 Q", 2,1 5:5915 '-1:-. 1"' ?2T,'Q,.,,,.-3421 Q IQ' .. 1'9" '3 " ' 'Q 1': f --"M: """ 'I fX:fki'?29' ' ' '. .9-.1 -fi-:., z W...-.V -. ... . AMVVGV ,- ,. ,.1 11- 3 1- . .. . V .. VV -VVV . ..., .i?VVV.VVVE.g,...1 23? . V 4, , . V.V ...VVVV . .VV .V-VVVV.-VV-VVV.. VE .... , 5k?2V5..VVV5gV,VV .. V. VV MSKZZVYVVV .4 V VV JV . 75 ' H 1' .. ' -1 -. - ,, 14 1- Q- :Z ZZ, 1.. :wir-1-iff., ,' 1"'1g-'ESI' N' " , ., df 115' 'Z' 4 ., .. 14 .. 4- VVV V, -1 . "V ,V IV. , ...hi 1. -VV V 9, 14.1.21.V..QV,VV,.VM1...-rf. .4 A I' 1 V .QQIQ-,,. . . V .. .. .. V.. V - . ...,:, ,,,V .. V ...,. 1 VV V, VV V ,. , . fi 1.1.2 '..- ...V .... . if 4 .... zf V 6, . A 'tail .., - - -1-:.11, . 1 - 1: Y ... . :1- --25:5-if ', 1. --' :1f 1:.,1:'1. I- --'::""' . , 11 ES: Q 1:2 - - 1 . , . 3. .......V 4 1 - - . 12... --W e-35.-' 1. 1 - -' -. 'f s-2 , ., ' -:- -:.5:"' 1 ' -- V2, .g. .Q 5 Q 11 - .'1i32'1j ..,.. . 1 . we :Q ' ' " ' -12.511 -1 '- 1- 513, 1- 1 'T' " 94 3011.11 was - - . , 4 , 1.1111 . .num . Jig' I 1 if 1 11- V- .,s ,'1.,,,fd 'IE531 Vi 2 - v 1' .- v X- 'af 1 : 90 . ,1 Elaine Frey Ronnie Fielitz Eloise Sauder Vee Schlatter Deloris Graber Balbina Lisak Richard Leupp Randy Wise lLinda. Stamm Grace Waidelich Ramiro Trejo JoAnn Moffman Janet Myers Sondra Miller Joseph Baer Janis Peters Jimmie Hauscih Joan Williams Janet Erbscorn Susie Rinkel Ilva. Nafziger Rex Short Joan Lovejoy Louise Nofziger Freddie- Gearing Gary Rupp- Norma. Burkholder Myrl Sauder Jeanette .Sauder Norma. Jean Fleming Billy Palmer Beryl Grisier Janeth Schantz Brenda Pursel Arlee Rupp Margaret Zuercher Arleta. Kennel Doyle Hayes Mary Boynton Clara Springer Absent: Carolyn Miller Karlene Lovejoy Robert Costell Merle Short Carol Ann Marilyn Gautsche James Davis Janice Wyse Keith Brodbeck Janet King Victor Miller Burdette St-uckey Mary Lou Roth Myrl Nofziger Gerald Myers Pamela Lauber ,Bonnie Short Clara Miller Burdell Stucke Donna Fleming Robert Grlsier Darrell Buelhrer Darlene Short Gary Short Barbara Dohm Robert Mlller Dean Buelhrer Donald Clair Peggy Yoder Rray Malta Sue Ann John Rupp Joyce Short John Rich Mearl May Susan Murbach Donald Frey Rex Ziegler Bernadine Beck Graeme Lauber Roy Trejo Ruth Ann Miller Billy DeGroff SECOND GRADE -:1 ' z ,,., ' Q '-1--"A"" AV,. J 2 ":"A A :Eiga V :" -1- -'1.' S ::,. IT: .,,,.,., -,'.3 :." . ',A,i E 'ig ':V, A. I '-:- - ' ' A 'V' ,- Q --I::-l.: Q :Z1 T EE- I, I .,.1 .-I,, :,. , -I.v,.: 1 . ,.--A H-I n :ae .g , ff' ,"""-mf? ,WS ',,", :,: 3 zzu I., J 1--1 J J zl: 1 A J ' ea 11 ll . ' 'A:t" :::"' ' " ' 2 -1 --lb -b y-v,: ::::: : I .,.,,,:, ::, 1 ":A" :,:::: I I I .,,..,,' Q E , . V ,,. Z -A, e 1 ' l J he --::,2.1:. ' AA,A ',::.-A2 ' ,l',:.: A eeeee eee e J y yeyyty Q no fi of f am . ....., ef- .Mx 4 T x 2 AAIEI, f fzz ' A ..,..,., .. ., :::.., I lvl ,S ' to Vlzizl N ,A.,.,.:, , 5 :v' at ,3 .,.. ' 1'.,.., It ..,, I ,:'f1ff vE:- In ,-:- v-lV::2 ,..A . 1.A 1 Q ' :,A il f e anl a ee ,,., 1 1"f " 23:53 -2:5Q i'f hiZ .-.:,. 'H Sir I Q .,,,:,,,, Q , M " -- . 125-gal? I 'x-2 111 ef' '-Q, ai ' a e J f " -. ' ,,:. .,.':: M :.. ,,.,. 3 ' .:VVV. E - A l "A' Q:::'::2:':":"':::: "" ','. 1 e -ziib ,, , , 1 ? ::, ,.:-Z lv z :-.. -- : Q 5 ei-ggi: A 1 3 :1 , EF -. , .. ,. Z 1 7 ,.. ' zz' or .', - 2 ",1f f T ' :': :ZV Q A ,A. , . 'S A':: X Si' f ,5 ' Q. "', T "f'gi?f21 - A Tw., 'M 'fm Y , ",-v 535 - if Q 2, , X gp as -,.-,. -- , :wk- 3 3 :1- V . K ,. .4 . e ,, nzzp , ,. . ..I Z - t -::l r A . :. ' ",,'. 1 sg - -' ":-- A A A l :.,., :.. -v' E e "- 5 - :S i :: 2 -rg, 'Vt l . i A -""' llzl ' .,,v "',:':, J " x' :" 5Z31,Q":.,.:, 1 X s' - .:,.. ii: i :a: ig- "'-",':'1' ' ' 81 f i . is - W-1, if 8 I V' Wzzu Y A.,.V - 51 ' ':"'::' E zl- EL I., I , , N' --'-- 2 "' ,,,. I -.QQ H ---- .. ...ffl -, f S f Eg' f fl! ' if '... if , ,S S 'L l ffii J S fig ii , " W 1 5 2'::: .,.', ,.'. I "'1 '-::' ' 2 :': ' 5: 5 : V 55 ':" ". ' ? ,--- f' 'x ":' 1 .1,1,., J Zz. Z -,.le lbbl II- P ' ,,.:: ::: ' 1..: J 1 ' 22 1 2 1 ' J Q 41, Lily T fi '-,' . . " V . ,. .,::. j- , ::: zz. V ll grz .1.l ,:1. .'A1- J Ir- :iz " Q . ,.:, 'il' fi ,.., 1-- - E -'-- -'-: 211 ' ," . . ,.""' - :zz I-in ""- '1" . - .,.. ' 5 " ' 5 1:: ' f ,,::.,,. - . P '-l: , J C ' 2 : J x, WMA? Q ,zlz ji x , V- A. :IZZ :E .:-'. E Q , '--- 'P . f .1 ,. , ...' be .- i f .'..: ,X ,.,,. , . ,, . lzl, 1 N ' fl 1.,- .. .. .. F-5: Q fi .-.' . .. ..1 zzza ., 1' A R" ' S., ' . ' --" 2 :-1 ::: - ' ",' 11 :-.::- -11e: .':':fs: -,- ' -" e ""' '.::. " lz' V Sl ' ', ',.' ' ' 5 q"' "::: " " '.'2 ' ' V ' ee ayr P reee as vie all I.: ,-lv,-, Z ".,',v,.l Z .-,' X , .:.,. In vi: tz . -:-' Izl I 5 , ,x,., . A -, ,:-. ,f ....,, I 1 IQIKQ ,' ' - If v'1:1 - 48 Pauline Kelliicut Nola Nofziger Cloyce Nofziger Dean Rulpp Patsy Gisel Jeanette Wyse Michael Sullivan Paul Lovejoy Kennetlh Graber Sharon Kay Lindley Joanne Lisak Carol Ann Erbscorn Linda Brodbeck Bonnie Lou Haas Alfred Dohm Sandra Schang Joyce Rycliener Tommy Grieser Billie Kae Winzeler Sharon. Kay Asdhliman Merle Grieser Edwin Ripke Arlene 'Sauder Sandra Maust Patricia Rufenacht Doris Miller Ronnie Borton Jerry Dominique Kay Ann Cassell Tommy Yoder Rollin Nofziger Delbert Britsch Byrdalene Wyse Merle Beck Leola Baer Connie Stamm Louana Gisel Ronny Wyse Peter Short Michael Wyse Charlene Nofziger David- Rupp Juliene Crosgrove Ronny Leupp Ray Trejo Stanley Ruffer Frank Winzeler Denny Miller 'Gary Miller Jackie Short David Miller Maureen Sullivan Edlward Buelhrer Maretta Britsch Eugene Spiess Allen Stuckey Wayne Mast Susie Rufenacht Steward Wyse Ruth Ann Wyse Terry Murbaclh Brenda King Slhelly Griescr Tommy Galloway Carol Jean Kauffman Eobby Fraas Linda Collamore Jimmy Lee Beverly Scott Daryl Nofziger Joanne Stamm Mary Alice Sauder Verlin Klinger Diane Hayes Gene Notziger Jane Buehrer Douglas Rich Roger Stuckey Marilyn Davis Larry Price Betty Dohrn Junior Wyse Valettu. Aeschliman Buzzy Lovejoy John Baer Diane Frey Sally Huffman Rex Hornish Ronny Hausch David Neal Betty Schultz Linda Short Willadene Riggs Dwayne Rufenacht Patty Starnm Cara Lou Schrock Jaun Jirninez Carol Ann Sauder Merle Klopfenstein Arnold Mzist Lynn Slhort Paul Lauber Gene Baus Larry Barger Gene Baus Allen Jay Richards Duane Frey Absent- Dean Beck FIRST GRADE 49 FW ,P KINDERGARTEN ' ir W-1---rr fv-l-,m--.- mf- 4--x . we . - a- --we --f1 -t--M .W---W W-e. f- V. -sa .V ., f.- 5, .. A , .,., I We ,,V, .. - . ' " , ' ------ ,. A I ,V V- A I lif f ., ' X ii ' W - V A f . 32: I1.'1"'5:5ff 'I' Tl K it "I ""' ee! fx 'i 22 x 3 9 : is , .Q ,,AAA , "'A"" ,. 'WS' " 5' dw ' " 1 -if WW'-f 3 .,... I .,.,., , - 5 " WW " X we 'iii -'- -:-::"' 1 ..v, .il ' .::2:fff: -' f K W .,.A, 1 " '- - 1 ' . ' . ., , I Q, qw, ,,.y4j v. 1, C 1 - " xgiz 3 sw. VX l vt ' .:,:: ,.,:.,. .., S Q . H:-'V J, fgigae h:-'-:5 ' 55 2Q25f: ::a:ag:g - 4 - " - """' ' ,,,., I, , X V' a : . . , E155 -:12E5:5::5, 2EE:5E5E31rEl'l..,-.-'1:- :5- ,,,l , ' -11:52- E:I"Y-1-::5:, .,..:1"P2i'E:I,EEEE' 55: ' ,E519::Hff'i2f2E1IQE 1, V ' if Q 2 P, H , W - .,,. , ,, Pei: ' WM , V, f l f if ,A gt 'Y f fe - 1 1 ' 'ff ffl 1 . . .... 1 A x fi- . '1?e53:x,wNf' 1 ' " ,L Back Row: Sue Short, Barbara Gisel, Patricia Wyse, Glenna Rupp, Peter Nofziger, Keith Beck, Natalie Wyse Middle Row: Paul Nofziger, Denton Wyse, Mary Troeger, Bobby Zimmerman, Lyle Hayes, Lou Ann Nofziger Roger Klopfenstein, Mervin Nofziger. First Row: Tommy Rupp, Billye Marceille Detter, Ricchard Wagler, Karen Peters, Janice Wyse Marlene Rupp, Merle Reigsecker, ,. E ,...i: VV.:Q Q K .a2,2 ..,.:..-." .. E i ii W ' s , ,gif 3 7 - .ff ew E .rjifr , , 1, ,,,,,.,,,,,4ff, - ste , fisvx Axiggnf ff.. 1. . , gi: ,,,, ,, '33 ' wif E SI f' f . , I '-W i :, :sr '- 12' if . , E fi., -. " ,. . .i,: ,. 1 E . .j:::5f.,. we A ,naw K , ,,,,:.f 2 'K S X e ..l: Z ::::' vllz , :::-: 5 ..., : :Q l ,253 if -, Q Q i P S '. ri , 'e 1 , ' ..yi. .. 4 9 1.4, .,,,, ,FIQ I , .:,., 9 ev W , at W Qwr A., gg M ...:,,.,. 5 ...,,., 5 ag W xi Q Q ' "::.:ss'E-: - -1" Q ,',.,M . E if 33? 2 qw ,233 S Q Q W 141 3, A' :ja-4BM,,,l wiv: it f' Q52 ' is .X MM 'QNX Qfxifav Absent : Mary Trejo 4- f. I Back Row: Judy Baer, Roger Melhrling, Lois Hayes, Robin Stotzer, Peggy Neel, Jimmy Kleck, Middle Row: Sandra Fielitz, Sharon McElmurry, Lavern Miller, Wayne Ripke, Max Stuckey, Karen Short. First Row: Sandra Schlosser, DeAnn Rupp, David Grisier, Stanley Miller, Bobby Lauber, JoAnne Schrock, Absent: Lois Hall, 50 ACTIVITIES I 51 Student Council Back Row: Jane Murbach, Richard Winzeler, Carlos Bernath, David Bednar, Richard Schantz, James Johnson Mr, Spengler, Ralplh Lugbill, Eunice Traut Front Row: Eddie Joe Lauber, Marlin Reigsecker, Sue Ellen Scales, Arthur Kleck, Mr. Burkholder, Mrs. Keim Mr. Farber, Ben Young, Sara Louise Short, Marlene Burkholder STUDENT COUNCIL Tihe school year 1948-1949 saw the birth of a Student Council in the Archbold High Sclhool. Mr. Burkholde and several senior students laid the groundwork for theCouncil, After a constitution Was adopted delegates wer elected from all the classes and officers were elected, Arthur Kleck was president, Ben Young, vice presiden and Sue Ellen Scales secretary 'and treasurer. The Council held regular meetings twice each month and special ones as needed, 'Ilhe Council soon mad its presence felt in the general school life. It devised a very good plan for handling the cafeteria line, and a Ghristmas time they decorated a very fine tree! in the main corridor. Several other decisions regarding policie on certain matters were enacted by the Council, All in all this new organization made a fine start and mucih is expected from' it in years to come, 52 1. Archette Staff Back Row: Esther Fleming, Charlene Short, Ruth Springer, Barbara Vilerder, Verleen Grieser, Jeanette Short, Dale Quillet Middle Row: Virginia Rufenacht, Pauline Klopfenstein, Helen Grieser Doris Wyse, Velda Ledyard, Weldon Schang First Row: Jackie Brodbeck, Marjorie Waidelich., Mrs. Keim, Sam Oyer 'llhe Archette Staff of 1949 is proud of theii dhievement at the Ninth Annual Convention of the North- western Ohio District Journalism Association, which was held at Bowling Green State University, April 301, 1949, Most of tlhe Journalism class, accompanied by their adviser, Mrs, Keirn, attended the convention and were proud to receive an "Excel1ant" certificate reward, The highest point average received by any school paper entered, was 258 points, The "Archette" received 241. The Journalism class has enjoyed putting out their paper. Even thougih good hard work was involved, they certianly had their fun doing it. Mrs. Keim has been a wonderful advisor, and a good inspiration to every jour- nalist inthe class. The following students are on the Archette Staff g which is published once every two weeks: Editor- in Ohief ---Samuel Oyer Sports .Editor --- Dale Quillet Assistant Editor --- Ruth Springer Art Editor --- Esther Fleming Business Manager --- Charlene Short Humor Editor --- Jacqueline Brodbeck Elementary Editor --- Marjorie Waidelich Mimeograph --- Doris Wyse, Velda -Ledyard Stencil --- Betty Storrer, Virginia Rufenacht Reporters --- Helen Grieser, Verleen Grieser, Pauline Klopfenstein, Valetta Sauder, Jeanette Short, John Twiss, Fred Fether, Weldon Sdhang, Adviser --- Mrs, Keim 53 Social Club Back Row: Margie Grime, Carolyn Grime, Hattie Clingaman, Charlotte Hausch, Ruth Springer, Nancy Cross- grove, Barbara Werder, Verleen Grieser, Joan Gigax Third Row: Muriel Miller, Sally Scales, Patricia Winzeler, Shirley Gaddis, Annabelle Grieser, Mary Ellen Lau- ber, Marlene Burkholder, Esther Fleming Second Row: Elaine Kernig, Sue Ellen Scales, Betty Nofzinger, Nancy Kernig Claudine Nofzinger, Nancy Grime, Jane Murbach, Joyce Burkholder, Doris Fleming First Row: Myrtle Nofzinger, Gwendolyn Croninger, Dorothy Beck, Miss Manhart, Charlene Short, Joan Burk- holder, Eunice Traut This year as every year the Social Club has tried to provide social entertainment for the school kids by having dances. Most dances were held in the auditorium but some were also held in the Legion Hall, The one banquet that was held was at Bunny's at Edon, Ohio. Tlhis year the leaders who were chosen were: President - Clharlene Short, Advisor - Miss Manhart, They both did a fine job, 34 SENIORS J UNIORS SOPHOMORES Senior High Honor Roll The ,following students have earned places on the Honor Roll at least once during the first se mester, To earn a place on the Roll all grades achieved must be B or better. Many of them have competed in the SENIOR, PRELIMINARY, STATE, DISTRICT, and the STATE FINAL SCI-IOLAR SHIP Contests, Shirley Bernath Sue Ellen Scales Fontabel Stuckey Richard Schantz Marjorie Waidelich Verlin Eash Esther Fleming Charles Gautsche Ralph Lugbill Ruth Rychener Valetta Sauder Ruth Springer Lois Traut Barbara Werder Bill Fankhauser Arthur Kleck Sam Oyer Richard Riegsecker Doris Wyse John Zimmerman Richard Bernath Betty Storrer Nancy Crossgrove Nancy Fagley Doris Leatherman Betty Rychener Eunice Traut Phyllis Buehrer Joan Burkholder Arlene Klempner Donna Belle Leupp Anna Rose Schmucker Bill Walters Richard Winzeler Donald Wyse David Bednar Maynard Sauder Howard Stahl Bill Walters Jane Murbach Joyce Burkholder Betty Nofzinger Cara Belle Frey Carol Short Dick Palmer Shirley Gaddis Nancy Grime James Johnson Bill Lovejoy Marvin Nafziger Junior Oyer Roseanna Reigsecker Bill Ries Marilyn Rufenalcht Rosemary Wyse Carlos Bernath Valetta. Wyse Helen Eicher Nancy Kernig union High Honor Roll FRESHMAN EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE Sally 'Scales Marlene Burkholder Harriet Spengler Mary Sue Rychener Patricia Winzeler Gene Bernath Harold Buerge Eileen Burkholder Carolyn Grime Mary Ellen Lauber Glendon Schantz Carol Jean Schmucker Darrell Stuckey Rollin Hayes Ralph Burkholder Conna Graber Jack Lauber Lyle Lauber Muriel Miller Hattie Clingaman Annabelle Stuckey Billy Rupp Buetta Wyse Sara Louise Short Mary Jane Scales Barbara Christy Jeanine Farber Joan Leupp Nancy Short Eleanor Stuckey Paul Yoder Charlotte Eicher Tom Lauber 55 Andy Murbach Marlene Rychener Suzanne Stuckey CoNette Nofzinger ,Eddie Lauber Barbara Rich Gene Rupp Keith Short Jerry Grime James Buehrer Scholarship Awards Good Scholarship is considered a worthy ideal in the Archbold Schools. Considerable emphasis is placed up- on the Every Pupil Tests, the Senior Scholarship Tests, the Preliminary District State Tests and the Final State Tests, The students whase names appear on these pages may feel justifiably proud of their achievements NAME Patricia Gibson Paul Sigg Theron Short Pauline Short Sue .Ellen 'Scales Oharlcs Gautsche Richard Schantz Mona Aeschliman Bill Walters Donald Wyse Richard Winzeler Nancy Fagley Eunice Traut William Scales James Johnson William Scales Jane Murbach Cara Belle Frey Sue Ellen Scales Fontabel Stuckey Nancy Fagley Betty Rychener Cara Belle Frey Jane Murbach Sally Scales Patricia Winzeler Harriet Spengler Sally Scales Betty Nofzinger Cara Belle Frey Jack Lauber Darrell Stuckey Marvin Nafziger Dick Palmer Donald Wyse Bill Walters Richard Schantz Sue Ellen Scales Shirley Bernath Marjorne Waidelich Rollin Hayes Ralph Burkholder Wllliam Scales James Johnson William Scales James Johnson William Ries Betty Nofzinger Nancy Fagley Donald Wyse Richard Sohantz Charles Gautsche Sue Ellen Scales 1948-1949 1947-1948 SUBJECT LOCAL English XII First Senior Social Studies First Physics First Bookkeeping First English XI First American History First Chemistry First Biology First Biology First Plane Geometry First World History First English X First Latin II First General Science First Algebra I First Algebra I First English IX First Latin I First English XII First English XII Second English XI First English XI Second English X First English X Second English IX First English IX Second Latin I First Latin I First Latin II First Latin II First General Science First General Science Second Biology First Biology Second Chemistry First Chemistry -Second Physics First Physics Second Bookkeeping First Bookkeeping Second Algebra I First Algebra I First Algebra II First Algebra II Second Plane Geometry First Plane Geometry Second World History First World History 'Second American History First American History Second Senior Social Studies First Senior Social Studies Second Senior Social Studies Second S6 DISTRICT 3rd 17th lltlh 11th 10th 10th 3rd 5th 7th 6th First 9th 5th 5th Sth 4th 3rd 10th 9th 10th 12tlh 11th 2nd 6th STATE 13th Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention Honorable Mention 16th 16th 16th 11th 13th Honorable Mention 111311 Scholarship Awards Continued 1948 Harriet Spengler placed first in her grade in the State Eighth Grade Tests, Sally Scales and Mary Sue Rychener were next in order, Other members of the class who finished in the upper one-fourth of the county Wereg Patricia Winzeler, Rollin Hayes, Carolyn Grime, Jack Lauber, Gene Bernath, Glendon Schantz, John Springer, Darrell Stuckey, Marlin Riegsecker, and Ralph Burkholdcr. 1949 Sara Louise Short finished first in her grade in the State Eighth Grade Tests, Buetta Wyse and Mary Jane Scales were next in order, Other members of the class who finished in the upper one-fourth and received certifi- cates wereg Joan Leupp, Annabelle Stuckey, William Rupp, Barbara Christy, Paul Yoder, Nancy Short, and Eleanor Stuckey. xii if ig gi: S E 2 7 -ww " if f i is J I Q ig? 5 p 1 i QR G51 fb c 6 n m 57 union Band Front Row: Bruce Werder, Donn Bernath, Dean Rupp, Joan Huffman, Tom Fankwhauser, Suzanne Stuekey, Stanley Buehrer, Philip Bue4hrer, Teddy Lovejoy Back Row: Hattie Lou Clingaman, Joan Gigax, Maureen Rupp, Janice Peters, Sondra Miller, Vee Schlatter, Freddy Gearing, Ronny Fielitz, Norma Burkholder, Janeth Schantz Standing: Bobby Frey, Jerry Grime High School Ensembles Top Row: Clarinet Quartet: Ruth Springer, Nancy Fagley, Barbara Werder, Betty Storrer. Flute Trio: Jane Murbach, Shirley Bernath, Fontabel Stuckey, Tympaniz Ben Young, Vocal Quartet. Bill Fanix hauser, David Bednar, Howard Stahl, Verlin Eash, Front Row: Brass Ensemble: Bill Fankhauser, David Bednar, Verlin Eash, Ralph Burkholder, Gene Bernath Saxaphone Quartet: Doris Leatherman, Nancy Crossgrove, Joyce Burlrholder, Nancy Grime 59 V I I 1 1 union fPlay JUNIOR PLAY - Arohbold High School YOU'LL DIE LAUGHING by Jay Tobias Q1Tihurs. Oct. 28, 8:00 o'clock THE PLAYERS BRIDGET MULDUOON . ........ Housekeeper . . . .Jason Pikefs Heir . . . . . . .KJim's Sidekick . . . .Village Lawyer . . . AUGUSTUS CEASAR JONES ...... .... .... h a. ndy man ...... PEACHIE CHRYSANTHEMUM JONES ....... cook ...... ...... truck gardener . . . KIM WALLER ...... . . . TOMMY UPTON ...... ...... LEVI HACKETT ...... ...... ...... . . . . OfTTO -SWARTZ ...... ...... ...... .... .... DIANA DALHART ...... . ..... ...... .... K i m'S hearturn . . . MARILLA DALI-IART' . . . .... Di's aunt . . . . . . . giddy Widow ...... KITTY PIKE, ...... . . . . . . . IONA PIKE ...... . . . .... giddier daughter . . . . . GHOST-GIRL .... GHOST-MAN .... ..... SYNOPSIS . . . Nancy Fagley . . . Howard Stahl . . . . John Clair BenYoung David Bednar Doris Leatherman . . . . . Clare Grime . . . . Eunice Traut Nancy Crossgrove . . . . Joan Burkholder . Phyllis Buehrer . . . .who died laughing . . . . . . . . Betty Jo Ryohener in search of his tongue . . . . William Walters The entire action of the play takes place in Creepy Castle, a rambling old farmhouse near 'che Missouri village of Riverton, ACT 1 Eight o'c1ock of a dark, stormy October night, The heirs arrive -- the will is read. ACI' 11 A few minutes later, The ghosts go to work, ACT 111 Ten minutes later. The ghostly Work is done. Tommy repeuts, Presented under the direction of T, L, Parker Music is furnisted by the Music Department. Thanks to Mr. Mayer! 02. FUTURE! HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Y Back Row: Carol Jean Schmucker, Donna Belle Leupp, Ruth Hayes, Charlotte Hausch, Mary Sue Rychener, Myrtle Nofzinger, Betty Jo Rychener, Claudine Nofzinger, Shirley Gaddis, Margie Grime Front Row: Annabelle Grieser, Joan Burkholder, Evelyn Wyse, Gwendolyn Croninger, Miss Felsted, Dorothy Beck, ,Eunice Traut, Carolyn Gautsche The Future Homemakers of America, a part of, or associated with the Home Economics department, is a very important unit in the Archbold High School, This group, under the direction of Miss Felsted, is devoted to the study of making home life continually better and more interesting. MissFelsted and the girls have been very helpful in many scfhool projects, They have given noble service in the athletic department in laundering all of their uniforms, They have been especially helpful at banquets, commencement, plays and other school functions. The school and faculty are indeed grateful to Miss Felsted for 'her able assistance, The FHA has regular meetings, a part of which are devoted to Work and a part to recreation. They plan extensive work for the fair this fall, No department in school has as much to offer vvhicvh will be put into every- day use in later life by the girls who study Home Econogciics. 63 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Archbold High School chapter of the FFA has been a. very active one during its two years of exist- ance, Mr, Galloway and the boys have done exceedingly well in the classroom and with their projects. They have excelled in the matter of livestock judging and in Parliamentary drill procedure, They have brought back to the school, both District and State honors for their fine achievements. The school may indeed be proud of the work of this department. In school and community life they have played an important part as they have given generously of their time and effort whenever called upon, The Ag, department made eighteen new tables for the park and made a set of hurdles for the Track team, For the Athletic Boosters Club they made a number of basketball backboards, which were installed in various locations in Archbold, Elmira and at Lugbi11's. This department is to be commended for its fine work and cooperation in community and school affairs. JUDGING TEAM: Sammy Oyer, Walter Short, Dale Quillet, Charles Gautsche 64 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ,,..v"T" Jr. Grime's Litter 2. Bob Leupp and his Litter 3. Don Rufenacht's Project Larry Bourquin's Calf 5. Marvin Storrer's Calf 6. Gerald Short's Pet Virgil Schroecier's Pet 8. Walter Shortfs Pride 9. James Rupp's Steer Behind the Backboard 11. Dale Leu's Fine Litter 12. An Ag. Inspection Trip 65 W Industrial Arts Above are a few scenes from the Industrial Arts department, This is a very popular department in the high school and the classes are usually Well filled, The boys, under the direction of Mr. Hornish, turn out some very nice articles of furniture, Metalwork and various other items too numerous to mention, This department, along with the Vocational Agriculture department, has given valuable assistance to the school in building need- ed items of equipment for dramatic productions, athletics, music and Une general school needs. Both have also aided materially in several community projects such as building needed equipment for Ruihley Park and a con- siderable amount of Athletic equipment for the school and the commlunity, The Vocational Agriculture depart- ment was especially helpful in the matter of making new equipment. The important part is that both depart- ments are Very helpful and cooperative at all times, 66 Halloween ueens Back Row: Ruth Springer, Lois Traut, Nancy Crossgrove, Barbara Werder Front Row: Esther Fleming, Joan Burkholder, Eunice Traut, Nancy Kernig, Rita Burkholder BETTY STORRER 'This year something a little different was done on I-Iallowe'en, 'Ilh-e students of Archbold High chose by popular ballot, ten girls, from which to choose a Hal1owe'en queen and attendants. The girls in the above picture were tlhe candidates for the queen, Betty Storrer was the honored one, her attendants beingg Barbara Werder, Joan Burkholder, Nancy Kernig, Esther Fleming and Ruth Springer. After the crowning was held, several prizes were awarded to those in Hallowe'en costume. Free cider and doughnuts were served and a dance was held for all in the Legion Hall, The purpose of this celebration was to provide Wholesome entertainment for the children of the commun- ity, 67 l Librarians Back Row: Margie Grime, 'Gwendolyn Croninger, Mrs, Bourquin, Jean Rychener, Shirley Gaddis Front Row: Jacquelyn Brodbeck, Mary Sue Rychener, Virginia Rufenacht, Marjorie Waidelich, Velda Ledyard LIBRARIANS The librarians of A, H. S. play 'a, very important part in the school activities by helping other students in selecting books quickly and more easily, The librarians help Mrs. Bourquin for one or two periods each day and receive one-fourth credit, 68 Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sep ti Sept Sept, Sept Sept Sept, Sept, Oct. Oct, Oct, Oct, Oct. Oct. Oct, Oct. Oct, Oct, Oct, Oct. Oct. Oct, Nov. Nov, Nov, Nov. N ov. Nov. Nov, Nov. Nov. Nov. N ov, Nov, Nov. Nov, Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec, Dec. Dec. Dec, Dec. Dec, Dec. Dec. Dec, Dec, Dec. Dec, Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan, Jan, Jan, Jan, Jan. School Calendar All new pupils came for registration, Faculty meeting "Let's Get Acquaintedu was held, School begins for everyone. Baseball game with Jewell 6-0 Archbold Won, Baseball game with Chesterfiield with the score of 6-12, Archbold lost. The Lyceum Program "Sperandoes" was given, F. H, A, Meeting. Baseball game with Fayette 11-5, anottlher win for Archbold, No school! Everyone went to the Club Calf Sale at Lugbills. Baseball game at Pettisville 25-11, Archbold won again, "Bobo, the Magician" came to entertain and puzzle everyone, Freshman Initiation Day- They really looked green but it was worth it. They are really High School members now. . Lyons and Archbold played baseball with a score of 4-3, Archbold won, Fayette game at Archbold 6-3, another victory for Archbold, The Social Club held the "Come and Learn to Dance". Baseball game with Lyons held here with a score of 2-5, a defeat for us. Pettisville game held here 23-11, another victory. Mr, Muir came to give a talk to all Seniors on the benefits of Social Security. The Freshmen gave the Sophomores a return party for their Initiation Party, The Harvest Masquerade Dance was held. The Junior High held a skating party, F. H, A, Meeting. The Deep River Quartet entertained the entire school with their songs of the South and their Negro Spirituals. Seniors receive and exchange namecards. ' The Juniors gave their play, "You'll Die Laughing." Northwestern Teachers Meeting in Toledo: no school, Hallowe'en Celebration held, Queen and her Attendants are honored. 4-H. Achievement Meeting held, The Social Club held their Autumn Dance. Tom Kelly gave his humorous yet serious talk on Soil Conservation, The Senior and Intermediate Bands gave a Band Concert, Charles Gautsche and Sam Oyer left to go to the National F, F. A. Convention held at Kansas City from 14-18, Mr, Spengler and the Seniors went to the Michigan-Indiana football game held. at Ann Arbor at the Michigan stadium. F, H. A. Meeting, A County Teaciher's Meeting was held at Delta, Sohool dismissed at 2:30, Prince of Peace Declamations given by three Senior boys, Cole Marionettes entertain with "King of the Golden River". The first basketball game of the season was with West Unity, The score was 52-31, Archbold won, Seniors received their class sweaters. They are all proud to show their school and class colors. The Stryker game proved to be a thrilling one with Stryker ahead with a score of 41-42 The F, H. A, gave a Thanksgiving Day Program to the high school, Thanksgiving Vacation, Thanksgiving Vacation. Basketball game at Wauseon 23-45, Archbold lost again, Lyons and Archbold played basketball with a score of 47-32, Another victory. 'The seniors received their pictures from Jim Sellers, Archbold Blue Streaks went to Fayette to win 38-17. 'Iihe game with Pettisville ended with a score of 46-24 in our favor. Chesterfield came to Archbold to play but to lose, The score was 32-23, The Freshmen and Seniors held their Christmas Parties. The eighth graders had their Christmas party. The seventh grade party was held in th auditorium, Jewell and Archbold played here with the score of 40-31. Our victory, Christmas vacation is here, Archbold Blue Streaks went to Ridgevlle, but to be defeated with a score of 25-36. The Social Club had their Christmas Dance. F, F, A, Meeting. V , School begins after onr Christmas vacation. Wauseon Indians came to Win over the Archbold Blue Streaks but they were sadly dis- appointed because the Blue Streaks won 31-30. Swanton and Archbold played with the result of 22-18, Archbold won again. The first Archbold Student Council begins their work, Archbold went to Scott to play and they won. The score was 35-32. 'Ilhe home room periods were established, Archbold Blue Streaks played Fulton with a score of 62-49. Another victory for us. The second semester begins with resolutions to do better, F, H. A. Meeting. Jan, The game with Fayette resulted in a score of 30-28, our victory again. Jan, The Seniors take a day off, They canvassed Archbold for the March of Dimes, J an. The game with Metamora ended with a score of 25-33, Archbold lost again, Jan, Jan. Jan, Jan, Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb, Feb. Feb, Feb. Mar, Mar, Mar, Mar, Mar, Mar. Mar, Mar, Mar. Mar, Mar, Mar. Mar. Apr, Apr. Apr, Apr, Apr, Apr, Apr. Apr. Apr, Apr. Apr, Apr, Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr, Apr. Apr, Apr. Apr. May May May May May May May May May May May May SCHOOL CALENDAR---Continued Napoleon and Archbold played with the result of 47-41, another victory, The nurse from 'che 'Toledo Hospital came to talk to students Who wish to become nurses. F, F. A. Meeting. Pettisville players came here only to lose again, The score was 47-23, The game with Montpelier ended with a score of 30-25, a winning score for us, The Faculty Party "A Breather" was held. Six seniors went to Wauseon to take the Senior Scholarship Tests. The game with Stryker ended with a score of 35-25, we won this one, Delta and Archbold played. The score was 38-47, Delta won. F. H, A, Meeting, The tournament game 'With Fayette ended with a score of 41-30, a victory for us, The game with Delta had a score of 26-20, our victory, The entire high school had a lecture on Russia. Home Economics students had a Hoover Demonstration, Patch tests were given to the first, third, and Junior classes, F. F. A, Meeting, The game with Metamora ended with a 50-25 score, a fine victory for Archbold. Band members went to Delta for 'a County Band Rehearsal, The Ramsden music program was given. It consisted of different instruments and the different sound effects on them, 'The game at Vaughnsville ended 29-42, a defeat, Basketball is over. The Seniors held their bake sale at Helen's to make money for their trip, The County Mixed Chorus Rehearsal was held at Wauseon. The game "The Komedy Kings" vs. "Conroy's Collegiansu was held here. F, H. A. Meeting, The Annual Music Concert was given. County Band Rehearsal was held at Delta, The County Teacher's Meeting was held at Fayette. The F, F, A, had 'a conservation program. The Coun-ty Spring Musical was fheld at Swanton. The Chorus, Glee Clubs, and Band participated, Soloists and the ensemble went to B. G. to enter a contest. The Polemene Potters showed how pottery was made, The Senior Class members received their composites, The Band and Chorus go to Ada for the contest, The Seniors went to Wauseon for Career Day, This day was set aside to try to help Seniors of Fulton County to -choose their future work, The Ford Safety Program was given to all grad-es up to the eighth. The first baseball game of the season was played with Fayette with a score of 4-3, our victory. The Preliminary District State Scholarship Tests were given to whomever wanted to take them. The Junior Class play was given, "Professor Pepp". A track meet was held with Fayette and Pettisville. The scores were Archbold, S93 Fayette, 433 Pettisville,16, The baseball game at Jewell ended with a score of 3-1, our victory again, The track meet at Fayette resulted with scores of Archbold, 76 1-2g Fayette, 595 Pettisville, 11 1-2, Easter Vacation, Easter Vacation, The baseball game at Jewell had a score of 6-1, we won again, The high sdhool students had a lecture on Alaska told with the help of colored slides, The tournament game with Chesterfield ended with a score of 16-3, Archbold Won again This day was declared Senior Skip Day The Seniors held their second bake sale at Rwpp's Furniture Store, The Boy's Quartet goes to Westerville, The Archbold-Fayette baseball game ended with a score of 2-1, Archbold won, The Wauseon track meet was held, The scores were Archbold, 60 1-65 Wauseon, 57 5-6, F, F, A. Meeting, The Junior-Senior Banquet Was held, The Journalism students journeyed to Bowling Green to the Journalism Convention. The Senior Class play was presented, "The Professor Goes HayWire", The second performance of the Senior play was given. The pupils who placed first and second in each subject in the Scholarship Tests went to Bowling Green to take further tests The County Track Meet was held at Delta, Awards were given for honors in Scholarship Tests and for Sports Achievements, The Band went to Springfield for the state finals. Baccalaureate Exercises were held in the auditorium. A Senior picnic was held at Independence Dam, Commencement Exercises were held, F. H, A, Meeting, The Seniors leave for their trip to Washington D, C. The faculty meeting, "It's All Over Now" was held. SPORTS 71 Varsity Basketball Back Row: James Quillet, Clare Grime, Bill Fanksauser, Dick Reigsecker, Dale Quillet, Mana- ger Richard Winzeler Front Row: Managed Howard Rupp, John Clair, Wayne Nofzinger, Art Kleck, Richard Sohantz, Ralph Lugbill, Coach Farber Basketball is a tradition in the Archbold High School. The game started here in 1910 and it has thrived ever since, Teams from here have won more than their share of victories, and have brought many trophies back as the spoils of their battles. Arohbold teams have gone beyond the County Tournament 17 times in the past 25 years, Twice they have gone to the State Tourna- mentsg in 1924, dropping the State Championship game to Bellepoint by a 23 to 20 score, This year's team won the County Championship by beating Metamora 50 to 25. Metamora, however won the League title, Archbold's Junior High team won the County title for its second straight year, and hasn't lost to a county team during the past two years. The Reserve team was also undefeated in County play during the past season. These fac- tors indicate continued strong material for the next several years. The team loses seven of its members by graduation, 1948-1949 SCORES ARCHBOLD OPPONENT ARCHBOLD OPPONENT 52 West Unity 31 30 Fayette 28 41 Stryker 42 25 Metamora 33 23 Wauseon 45 47 Napoleon 41 47 Lyons 32 47 Pettisviile 23 38 Fayette 17 30 Montpelier 25 46 Pettisville 24 35 Stryker 25 32 Chesterfield 23 38 Delta 47 40 Jewell 31 COUNTY TOURNAMENT 25 Ridgeville 36 41 Fayette 30 31 Wauseon 30 26 Delta 20 22 Swanton 18 50 Metamora 25 35 KOTJ Scott 32 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 62 Fulton 49 29 Vaughnsville 42 72 Va rsityi Individuals 'lop Row: Bill Fankhauser, Clare Grime, Art Kleck Middle Row: Richard Sclhantz, Richard Riegsecker, James Quillet, Ralph Lugbill Bottom Row: John Clair, Dale Quillet, Wayne Nafziger 73 Basketball 1 948-1 949 WEST UNITY---Here Nov, 19, The Streaks opened the season with an easy 52 to 31 victory over West Unity, Ralplh Lugbill had a good evening as he scored 20 points, STRYKER---There Nov. 23, The Streaks were ahead most of tlhe way but Stryker came through with a 42 to 41 win. Kleck hit 16 and Clair 11. WAUSEON---There Nov, 26, Something was wrong here, Wauseon 45 and the Streaks 23. LYONS---Here Dec, 3, John Clair and Art Kleck scored 18 each as Archbold rolled up a 47 to 32 win. FAYETTE---Tihere Dec, 10, Streaks 46-Eagles 17. The Eagles never had a chance. Kleck was high with 12, PETTISVILLE---There Dec. 14, Streaks 46 - Blackbirds 24. Clair hit for 15. Kleck and Grime were good for 10 each. CHESTERFIELD---Here Dec, 17, The Comets were tough, but after a hard battle the Streaks won 32 to 23, Clare Grime hit for 10 to lead the Streaks scoring, JEWELL---Here Dec. 23, 'Dhis game was nip and tuck until the last two minutes when the Streaks got hot, Fin- al score: Streaks 40, Rams 31. Kleck and Clair again-14 and 10 respectively. RIGDEVILLE---There Dec, 28, The Falcons were just too tougih again, 'The Streaks bowed 36 to 25. Nobody could hit for Archbold, Wayne Miller of the Falcons was tougih, WAUSEON---Here Jan. 4. A sweet victory -revenge for an earlier loss to the Indians. A Memphis special-Dr. Rychener's check, It was only 31 to 30 but it was a win just the same, John Clair was good for 13 markers, SYVANTON---There Jan, 7. Swanton played a stalling game, Not much offense, but what there was enabled the Streaks to win a 22-18 affair. John Clair scored 8. SCOTT---There Jan, 11, The Streaks blew a big half-time lead but managed a 35-32 overtime win. Lugbill had 12 and Kleck 11 to pace the scoring, FULTON---Here Jan, 14, Streaks 62, Raiders 49 in a real scoring game. John Clair had 22 points, Art Kleck, 21. FAYETTE---Here Jan, 18. The Eagles were after revenge and seemed about to get it, when a fourth quarter rally gave the Streaks 15 points and a 30-28 win, Wayne Nofzinger scored 11 points for the Streaks, t 25. METAMORA---There Jan, 21. The Black and Gold boys were too tough in this one, and the Streaks lost 33 0 John Clair scored 9, Joe Nykodym of Metamora was a nuisance. NAPOLEON---There Jan. 25, The Streaks were hot and staved off a desperate last quarter charge by the Wild- cats to win 47 to 41, Kleck 13, Scfhantz 11, and Clair 10 for the winners. PETTISVILLE---Here Jan, 28. Streaks 47 , Blackbirds 23, Kleck and Clair again with 14 and 11 respectively. MONTPELIER---Here Feb. 1. A tough battle but the Streaks stalled the Locomotives 30 to 25. Ralph Lugbill led the way with 12 markers, STRYKER---Here Feb, 8. Revenge was achieved, The Streaks downed the Williams County lads 35 to 25, John Clair rang the bell for 15 counters, DELTA---There Feb. 11, The Streaks had a bad eveniig. Delta grabbed a big, early lead and the Streaks could- n't close the gap, so they lost 47 to 38, Kleck and Clair had 10 each in the losing cause. COUNTY TOURNAMENT Cat Wauseonj FAYETTE---Feb, 15, The Streaks 'humbled the Eagles by a 41 to 30 score. The Eagles made it interesting for a- while, but Kleck's 15 and Clair's 10 'points were too much for them, Bring on those Delta Panthers! DELTA---Feb. 17. A new low in offense. Scoring punch lacking on both sides as Delta held a 7-6 half-time lead, Tfhe Streaks did better the second half and reached the finals as they edged the Panthers 26 to 20, John Clair was good for 10 again. A tough Metamora Crew coming up in the finals, METAMORA---Feb, 25, The Streaks were the underdogs n this one, but not for long. They were never hotter all year, They really poured it on and won at will 50 to 25 and brought a beautiful gold trophy back to Archbold. Metamora became runner-up by beating Delta, DISTRICT 'TOURNAMENT Leipsic VAUGHNSVILLE---March 5. The Streaks could not stop Meyers of Vaughnsville and after the first quarter were never in the ball game, Meyers scored 22 points, Final score 42 to 29. Thus the curtain falls on an- other cage season, Metamora beat Edon and lost a heart-breaker to Blanchard in the quarter finals. Both Fulton County teams bowed out the same evening. 74 CReserve fBasketba11 Team Black Row: James Johnson, William Ries, Ross Taylor, Ben Young, Riohard Short, Harley Burk- holder Front Row: Manager Howard Rupp, Richard Short, Carlos Bernath, Lewis Haas Coach Conroy, Ned Lorton, Elmer Miller Dale Leu, Manager Richard Winzeler Jr. Hi Basketball Team Back Row: John Springer, Ralph Burlcholder, Denver Wyse, Gerald Short, Roger Schantz, Bill Svh0I't Front Row: Coach Burkholder, Paul Yoder, John Young, Lowell Spiess, Marvin Storrer, Gene Bernath, Manager Jim Meyers 75 'BASEBALL l I Back Row: Lowell Spiess, Richard Bernath, Arthur Kleck, Wayne Nofzinger, James Johnson, Maynard Sauder, William Ries, Coach Hornish, Front Row: Donald Wyse, Richard Winzeler, Arden Grime, Dale Quillet, Clare Grime, Tom Spradlin, John Clair, Archbold and Swanton tied for the Fulton County baseball Championship in tlhe spring of 1948. Both teams advanced to the finals and because of a lack of time no Championship game was played as both teams moved to the District Tournament at Defiance, Both teams were awarded trophies for their efforts, and thus Coaclh Hornish and the boys brought Archbold its first baseball trophy. Congratulations to them. This spring the boys won their first tournament game, defeating Chesterfield 16 to 3, They lost their chance 'to go to the District when they lost 'a 13 inning game to Delta by a 10 to 6 score. Art Kleck and Dale Quillet formed a good battery for the team, Lewis Haas and Clare Grime were other members of the pitching staff, Prospects for next year look fairly good with a good share of this year's team coming back, Art Kleck, Dale Quillet and Tom Spradlin will be graduating and will be hard to replace. BASEBALL SCORES April 9, 1948 .... Archbold 28 Pettisville Afpril 16, 1948 ............. Archbold 0 Chesterfield .. April 23, 1948 ............. Archbold 12 Fayette ..... April 28 1948 fTourna1nentJ Archbold 20 Pettisville ........... April 30, 1948 CTournamentJ Archbold 2 Lyons .............. May 5, 1948 QDistrictJ ..... Archbold 4 Holgate 110 inningsj May 6, 1948 CDistrictJ ..... Archbold 2 Holgate ............. Sept, 10, 1948 ......... Archbold 6 Jewell .............. Sept, 17, 1948 Archbold 6 Chesterfield .. Sept. 22, 1948 . . . Archbold 11 Fayette . . . . . Sept. 24, 1948 Archbold 25 Pettisville Sept, 27, 1948 . . . Archbold 4 Lyons . . . . . Oct, 1, 1948 . . . Archbold 6 Fayette . . . Oct. 4, 1948 . . . Archbold 2 Lyons . . . . . Oct, 5, 1948 ..... Archbold 23 Pettisville April 7, 1949 .... Archbold 4 Fayette April 12, 1949 ............. Archbold 3 Jewell ...... April 19, 1949 ............. Archbold 1 Jewell .............. April 21, 1949' fT'0urnamentD Archbold 16 Chesterfield ......... April 251, 1949 ............. Archbold 2 Fayette 19 inningsj April 28, 1949 CTournamentJ Archbold 6 Delta C13 inningsl . May 6, 1949 ............... Archbold 5 Ridgeville ........... May 16, 1949 ............. Archbold 2 Stryker C8 inningsj Track Back Row: John Young, Donald Short, Richard Scfhantz, Arthur Kleck, Ben Young, Ross Taylor Middle Row: Richard Srhort, Sammy Oyer, Wayne Nofzinger, Bill Ries, Ned Lorton, Lowell Spiess, Blill Fankhauser First Row: Coach Conroy, Duane Stamm, James Johnson, Roger Ziegler, Robert Burkholder Richard Grime, Charles Gautsche, James Myers, Manager Track is an old sport at Arohbold High School. It goes back to the early years of the high school, Many outstanding records lhave been turned in by Archbold Track men, Delta, Swanton 'and Archbold were considered the top contenders for county track honors this year. This prediction ran true to form as Delta annexed the county championship for the sixtlh consecutive year. The County Meet was held at Delta on Wednesday evening, May 2, Scores of the meet Were: Delta 701 1-3, Swanton 61, Archbold 54 1-3, Fayette 32, and Pettisville 6 1-3. Besides participating in the County Meet the Streaks won two Triangular meets and three Dual meets for a very satisfactory season. Robert Conroy coached 'che squad. I Art Kleck and Richard Schantz were outstanding senior members of the squad who will be lost by graduation, SCORES O-F MEETS April 9 Triangular Here Archbold 86 Fayette 49 Pettisville 16 April 13 Triangular at Fayette Archbold 76 1-2 Fayette 59 Pettisville 11 1-2 April 18 Dual Here Archbold 61 Morenci 56 April 26 Triangular Here Archbold 60 1-6 Wauseon 57 5-6 May 4 Dual Here Archbold 61 1-2 L, Center 56 1-2 May 11 County Meet at Delta 77 Coaches Mr. Hornish, Mr, Burkholder, Mr, Farber, Mr. Conroy Tlhe athletic staff is composed of Mr, Hornish, Baseball Coach, who brought a championship trophy to the sohool last spring, Mr. Burkholder, Athletic Director and Junior Hi Coach. Mr. Far- ber, Varsity Cage Coach, who has brought many championships and trophies back to Archbold, Mr, Conroy, Track and Reserve Basketball Coach. oManagePs James Myers, Richard Winzeler, Howard Rupp 78 Varsity' Cheerleaders Joan Burkholder, Carol Quillet, Lois Traut, Eunice Traut These are the girls who helped our boys to many victories by doing a. fine job of leading oheers. They worked hard at their jobs and usually succeeded in giving the team the support which it needed to notcfh up another victory, unior High Cheerleaders ' Carolyn Grime, Jeanine Farber, Barbara Christy, Suzzane Stuckey 79 cy'1-Association Back Row: Bob Burkholder, Richard Winzeler, Clare Grime, Richard Short, Don Short, Richard Sohantz, Dale Quillet Front Row: John Clair, Bill Fankfhauser, Howard Rupp, Tom Spra.dlin, Arthur Kleck 'Dhe A-Association is composed of all boys who earn major sports letters, This is not an active organization, and membership comes automatically to all boys who earn letters, Letters and medals are awarded to boys on a point basis, involving a minimum amount of participation in the various sports, 80 Rychener Award MR, AND MRS, N. J. RYCHENER ATHLETIC AWARD Mr, R, O, Rychener, an alumnus of Archbold High School, and now a successful surgeon in Memphis, Ten- nessee, Wlho has long been noted for his loyal support of all athletics in the local school, last year established an Annual Senior Athletic Award of S100 cash, to a. gradu- ating senior boy. This scholarship was named in honor of Mr, Rychener's parents, Mr. and Mrs, N. J, Rychener, local residents, who always had a keen interest in the local school. The award is to be made on the following basis: thirty per cent athletic abilityg thirty per cent scholar- shipg twenty per cent general school attitudeg and twen- ty per cent neatness and personal appearance, DR. R. O. RYCHENER l VU, , of the Rychener Avvard, Aden Storrer, class of 1946, and Gerald Lehman, class of 1947, were the previous winners. 81 SPORTS SCENES Sport Scenes from Archbold High School During the School Year 1948-1949 The Future Fellers, Mikans and Pattons 82 nm,QmyQNmvvmm,nvyyvvvmvvmvvmvn,11!1g1101,91I1y11lvyvvvmvvyyvvlyyvvveiww COMMERCIALS Readers of the 1949 edition of the Blue Streak! This annual was made available to you at a reasonable price through tlhe fine cooperation and financial support of the merchants of this community, They have given material evidence of their good will toward our school and their support is greatly appreciated by the Gradu- ating Class of 1949. Let's extend our patronage and good will to them in the same friendly manner in wihich they have given it to us, MN5Nlmllmlll55lU'NlI55III555I555II555IlmllmllmllimmhmnmlllI56lN5Ml5mm 83 IIDVEITI 131118 Attorne y-at-Law Owen Rice Auctioneers ELIAS FREY Lehr Fulmer, Bryan Raymond Laser Peter J. Short Denver Stuckey Auction Sales LUGBILL BROS., INC. YODER AND FREY Banks FARMERS Sr MERCHANTS STATE BK. PEOPLES STATE BANK Barber and Beauty Shops Belle's Beauty Shoppe Fankhauser's Barber Shop Florence's Beauty Shoppe F. E. Grime's Barber Shop Kay's Beauty Shoppe Joe Litwiller's Barber Shop Stahl's Barber Shop, Elmira Builders and Contractors BEHRMAN'S, Ridgeville Liechty Bros. RIEGSECKER BROS. Chiropractic Health Service Dr. E. P. Bednar Coal Dealers Eicher Coal Co. Concrete Products ARCI-IBOLD CONCRETE PRODUCTS Elmira Block and Tile Co. Confectioners Arage Confectionery First's Confectionery, Pettisville Clothing - Furnishings Lauber Clothing Co. Rufenacht's Haberdashery 84 DIBEIETDBY Dairy Products and Ice Cream H. NAFZlGER'S DAIRY J. NOFZIGER'S DAIRY K. Short's Dairy Store Ditching, Excavating and Bull Dozing Clyde Gigax, Elmira MILLER BROS. Elden Roth and Paul Thierry Drug Stores CITY DRUG STORE RED CROSS DRUG STORE Dry Cleaners Bancroft Cleaners Dry Goods and Notions Archbold Dry Goods Helen's Dry Good Electrical Appliances Twiss Tire SL Appliance, Elmira Elden Roth Kenneth Roth Farm Equipment Babson Bros. KING-WYSE MFG. CO. STACEY FARM EQUIPMENT Elmira Floor Covering SHORTS FLOOR COVERING Florists Archbold Greenhouse Food Processing LACHOY FOOD PRODUCTS Swift and Co., Defiance Funeral Homes GRISIER,S FUNERAL HOME Short's Funeral Home HDVEBT 131115 UIBEBTDBY Grain Retail Archbold Sales and Service BRENISER'S SERVICE CHRISTY MOTOR SALES Crossgrove Garage, Elmira Larry's Station Leupp Garage, Stryker LIECHTY MOTOR SALES C. S. Mast MILLER AUTO SUPPLY Myers Body Shop NOEZINGER BROS. PAUL'S FRIENDLY SERVICE Mills and Elevators ARCHBOLD SEED Sv. GRAIN ELMIRA ELEVATOR Pettisville Elevator Foods Atlantic SL Pacific Tea Co. Corner Market Disbrow Bakery Franks' Store, Zone LUGBILL'S MARKET Meister's Grocery, Pettisville Rich Food Lockers D. P. Roth S1 Son, Elmira RUFFER'S MARKET Hardware and Lumber GOTSHALL MFG. CO. STOTZER HARDWARE VERNIER McLAUGHLIN, PROBECK CO. Music LUGBILL BROS., INC. LLOYD MYERS Emmet Short Sales and Service Honolulu Conservatory, Wauseon Ives Music Shop Newspaper Publishers Archbold Buckeye Fulton County Expositor Wauseon Republican Petroleum Products Herman Britsch JESSE L. SHORT OIL GO. Photography SELLERS STUDIO Plumbing and Heating H. L. Fraas SL Son L. B. Frey SL Sons, Pettisville Gearing's Heating Sr Plumbing Poultry Products PETER J. EICHER SL SON Sam H. Nofziger Public Utilities Ohio Gas Co. . Radio and Appliance Service Hatchiigspps ARCHBOLD Hatchery Ed,s Radio Service, Elmira HARVEY RADIO SERVICE Home Furnishings Wauseon Rupp FURNITURE CO, Hughes Radio Sales SL Service Short's Furniture Store Your Furniture Home Rawleigh Products Ervin Rupp Insurance . Paul E. Beck R I E t t h C h ea "S H C g,ranRuZLgc Hackett SL Salsbury A. J. Stamm W. G. Theobald Recreation Glen Zimmerman H. Nagel HDVEBT 131116 DIBEITIDBY Restaurants Veterinarians Bud and Gert's, Stryker Dr. J. R. Peters French's Place Jo's Corner Kleck's Home Restaurant Welding and Repair Cleo Peters, Pettisville Scaffolding Equipment Stannard's Repair Shop, Elmira BIL-JAX CO. WOTRING'S MACHINE SHOP Feed and Seed FAGl.EY SEED CO.. Woodworking Nofziger Purina Service ARCHBOLD LADDER CO. Nelson RuPP"'DeKalb BAER SPECIALTY co. Rychener Seed Co., Pettisville Lauber Mfg C0 Leininger Cabinet Works, Elmira J. D. Miller and Son New York Boat Oar Co. SAUDER MFG. CO. SCOTT THEATRE SAUDER WCODWORKING Sommers Woodworking Shoe Repair Stork's Shoe Repair Theaters Trucking and Freight Mac Buehrer WLLLARD C. MILLER Miscellaneous Edgar B Rath Paul Berry, Elmira HERMAN SHQRT BUCKEYE RABBITRY Floyd Gautsche Variety Stores Earl Rychener Gravel Co. Fish and Schroeder Mickey Mouse Pyrofax Gas Co. Vending Machines J. D. Polite Sam Miller Richard Polite 86 Senior Farewell Many years ago we started our careers in the Archbold Public School, As the time comes for us to leave it seems only a few days ago that we started. Several times we've had to work hard on special occasions and yet we had our fun too, Being Seniors we realize that bitter and sweet comes together, As we have gone thru our sclhool years, we learned that our teachers were happy to 'help and direct us. We realize as we approach our graduation that we soon will be going on alone, we will no longer have leaders to depend on because we, also, will be leaders, As our final thanks We wish, to express our deep appreciation to our teachers, parents and friends who have made our stay at Arch- bold Sclhool a pleasant one. And, So, Farewell. 87 Autographs ' V Z 'i -QQ V' ...D i '37 V . W m 7' ::Q?L ' , 5 V 'V : Q Eng . " .fvifr - QQNT' 'wiv' ' Q" '-51, .X.. 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