Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ)

 - Class of 1959

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Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1959 volume:

.'f 1 'N ' My X R KF' Wg W Q71 QV W 9 51 X55 My 1 1 01 ' xg Vfywf W X15 7 Qx ' E9 i7n is is 'WAQVMLW XLJIMZLJ ' gli 1 J-fJ'4'- X N . wwf-MJS ,Mwq ' ii 2 mf Mwyffw BR 5ifM,u.54C1,ZjWQffwW 'I UQ 5 fmagigw 4 M9 - ,J Y' -1211-' 5.5 -5, -- ni .Y I X t YA"' Q U , 1 pw J MZ Q . + F f. f ', W w i ' ,f W J' " '- 9 ' ' A an QQ . ' ga, ,7 1 i mf A 0-L fMM wx M ffjgwi , ' ' ,WW 1 , FLY, 4, - 5 wal, lj., 5? .-V: ' If VL 'gpgt "lk 'WN fivy. ,- . Mfr? F' 9 Q .1 ' g".' ' ' 'Ci r-eq.. lf. .Q .,, gif,-:k a 1 V ' ,A ' i' 1 ,-'flu sz Aa, W ' xt'-.f -'q','111:-,g,'r. X "- .P 'ni ,F y f . + H qw . '- .idk . . , , 7: wesj'f'? . '-.- , H1-'f,, 3.-'nf'-" , , if-,V V. , , , .xjgfkq ,I Q F - 5 J V N 'Q 1 :, -- , ' 9 1 4, I Y'-" ' ' :wi - " ,. , 115- Hx- - .pg y A -wfgk, - - , wax..-,. A Q- 'V' P L, :19',l2"I' .sf L' ' ',,'i1I I' .Vfgl ' . .1pf"i , X N- 1, ' A '-:4""" ig. . Mil.. .Im-,, l w n .fi 'r If r w u' 1 I J T ll 'Fl N. 1 K w s I in Ea C '21 'H 33 3: 'E 111 9 sr. af, kc nf al, 'r 53 QQ if , ,- if- 2 ,. Yi ii' 5 i gk 3: Q5 'yi E s if JA, 5, 5 1? 5 .,, , , N I 41 .13 C. 3: f 1 if .rr , I. E5 121 ' 5 J, A 'si 1: if 4 I C .55 m 25 '. 3: :S I I 9. up if .-4 Q6 'ii W.. L2 'sv fJo'.:l'cxw5mr':'5:4.-'srsta ::girth2':14?f4'11"f:rema-5mS':ieb'riWEm'nii'sfHw5Qw55f9WrcR:SeQ5v'1 Q11J:91:1'.5a:'x Miclfsl I:f:S'1's:'5'.f-YP: JQ-51?Qiffy:'L11'aramss'5wv:PrA'7skxs2l9fMi4w.'z'.iQa1:2m1a'311l 1' ufriimrrslii-vaxlfo x'kim,iSi1'ii42:fC Q Swfk s' X '. Tl' .. ga -,-. V16 , 2 JAN W-iff. Q -es' . h 2 lv in .4-. ,s :kwa rl aZSf..A"3 . A 'B , 'ff L.1,f'A 123311 is ---,K f 5 41 gr 1: .L an ,, . . . ir., qgvyf Aga. , ' ,' " , ., 5. . vt 'Y 3 4 Gs' Ti 4' ' ' 3 ,Wy .S ,-1..., -mi 'gf L . . , .,. 3 ' A P1.' 2 N fkdyp ' -5 , 4, . .. ' ff ' '- , mv' -. ',. , V. ,aug 4 - .K . Qt. - . k ,,. 2, .X , ' . J, ,Q , ,. QQ9 s 2 If-'Q e". XY ""i,'5' "9 'f- . . 5 wx-' 'a .A .-P. 5,4-yi'.' ' -Q. 31' Q'-ifx , - 'X 'J A 'Huh we-559' ,ef-E' " . 2, - 24.641 1 ' ' G .,u,4 I., .,, 7 'T 5 s , f, Q VLH' . 1 ,f7ff"" ui-:x?'i.k '.-.1,l,,,'.,.A Q wk ' 'S' -7fl'5'04 '. il .. Q.. 1. Nw-.S.5fge..,1iu ,,w'5q.h.yA .vLZ3l4NV '1V,,., , 2 N w 1 I ga. ,L Q, . fi i-,it G I' 1' 'wr - ' l N 9 N " N Q.-'ff Jill 5 'WJ if 4' fu-fairs '4 'lrsf-el 1,52 ' . 'f -.,y"t! -5 2 ' -vw- "'T A V- ww: mmm -' W ...nv-G MK 1959 BUCHYHHHH BEHCUH HRCHBISHUP LUHLSHHIGH SUHUUL unvlnsrnn, nfw JEWSEU WE 4.3 d by the School Sisters of Notre Da His Excellency, The Most Reverend THOMAS A. BOLAND, S.T.D., LL.D. Archbishop of Newark llElllCllllllll SPACE AND SANCTITY Because they exemplify our ideal of sanc- tity, we, the Class of l959, dedicate the i959 BUCHMANN BEACON to our beloved Arch- bishop, The Most Reverend Thomas A. Boland, and to his auxiliaries, Bishop Stanton and Bishop Curtis. Lofty ambitions and ideals typify this space age. Man seeks to penetrate the mysteries of the universe. He plans space platforms and rockets for travel into the great beyond. Liter- ally he reaches for the moon, and if the moon, why not farther-for a star? Soon after his consecration, Bishop Curtis, in a sermon to the members of the CYO gathered in Sacred Heart Cathedral stated: "We are reminded lby the Sputniks of the communistsl that there is another world-a spiritual world-and that we are children of both worlds." One can not forget the older and more fa- miliar name for outer space-"the heavens". Following the advice of the adage-"Hitch your wagon to a star"-we seniors choose a star from the spiritual world. Sanctity is our ideal, our goal, our star. To reduce this ab- straction 'ro reality we quote again from Bishop Curtis: "God wants you to manifest His love, His glory, in your life, in your homeg to do the will of God where you are, as you are, with His help." His Excellency, The Most Reverend MARTIN W. STANTON, S.T.D.. Pl1.D. Titular Bishop of Citium and As we step forth on this eighteenth day of June, l959, we resolve to live this ideal every day. Auxiliary to the Archbishop of Newark His Excellency' The Mos' Re"e"e"'d WALTER W. CURTIS, S.T.D. Titular Bishop of Bisica and Auxiliary to the Archbishop of Newark HDlllIllISlliHlIUll SISTER MARY GERARD, SSND Principal Right Reverend Monsignor JOHN 0. BUCHMANN Director of Archbishop Walsh Memorial High School Pastor of St. Leo's Church SISTER M. ALOISE, SSND Religious Superior ,, x N ,A Q. .,... .,. ..,, , .V.,. .,,,.t,.. . ,-.. V ,-f. .... .,... .W ., .- -,.V - ,4.4.,. .,,, Q. .,g,.V,-.M -,,-, ,,,...,orh,V,,,,,,V.V,,.1,19 , .,,, ,, : ,1V,.V7V,'V.m.H,., .wg , ' -f'4,+',g+1,- -:-I., 'fa-'sf 4' . wmv ',.'f.,ff:f J .V':.V.-44 -.Jw 1--V'. -af. sn ,- rr1:"..'. .M .Aa U V. . ' ' " "YW "L . Q ,vjiffo V 'S 4 '-3,5 'Wag' 5.54:fiQ115134:-eifgiaqziV:-zsfscffyazzV5:Vf,s5ggg?x:V?f.,VVzVV.,.151V,f Q Q ww. 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VV -V -5 ' ' K vw -is . law " -gs 5 - 7 . fl 'lf' V Q M571 Vi' uf " . . if V: ,pf gf 3i7Q?2g? .fl:1Vf 'V if V' f Q V' ' . ". f.-, 4,3 ff' ' ?',?. W v ,M"'5l2V"-1 +45TE k X 2 V ' V yr A ' ' f. xVfl'f V " 4 ' .','- " . .5310 "fd ,g?,i5'L., world, known or un nown, ual V.-ryfpro, g- 5 - ,. ,V, QV , . o ,Vg Q f ' V ' .V ,x i 1 5 . ' ,Va .w x ,gm"VV-:VV . .4 ,Q 5 mf' tant place. In thus age of other worlds we V avea o M.. ,., q,,af1:+-V,-sffg .. : ' - V f Q 3'f5?.f'3l :M VHF' - N224- Km f 9, 5 .4 ,V .gfigiu J., X, 'V .Vu .V .V .M r GP . .... lg .bv gx .: AV ." if 51 3 r' QQ. " gf 44 .4 Vgaii " A' ' -:v ,bn .1 ..V' ,g3:71" , V W V jg L, , . 4 I . ,vi.V"" Ig ,431 4? 'om -av' 'P ,. .. . ..- I. Kb .. ,- f' 5. ,-4-.5 ' - G-5" :V3'g fe' 1V 9'.c'f,gg F JV, ,-. ' ff M A 1 B ,V V an K: ,xg V1 P K A f f ,HU A Q, do , L ,Q V X' V . 5 rl fb Q4 if L AF ,A an . , ., 0 f .V 1 ' 46' V ,am . V , , 3 1 , ,l tk .4 1 n QV ' f , 1' ' ef K , ff .mm w' " A, Yqggifggdr W ' ,aids 5144-7z3'1w:ff1 "VT" ...L-. bmnmmwfvdvw' , mf- . .1 ff, M.. illlIUliU A94 . if-nr I SISTER M. ALOYSINE. SSND Social Studies Fourth Year Homeroom MR. ROBERT BRADY Social Studies English Public peaking SISTER M. ALBERT, SSND Debate Club Social Studies English First Year Homeroom Walsh Weavings 'QP' MR. ROBERT BURROWS -- Physical and Safety Education I V Health JUST FOR LAUGHS-Mr. Brady fthird from Ieftl entertains other members Coach of the faculty with verse written by his English students. 7 SISTER M. CAROLA, SSND English Social Studies Fourth Year Homeroom Buchmann Beacon MRS. JOSEPH GHEGAN Administrative Assistant L .....-, SISTER M. CORONATA, SSND Vocal Schola and Glee Club SISTER M. JEROME, SSND English First Year Homeroom Walsh Weavings FAVORITE SPOT-Father Schreitmueller fleftl and Father Price enioy the privacy of "the garden" while at the same time keeping an eye on "the campus". TIMEKEEPER-Sister John Gabriel about to tap the bell to indi cate the end of a typing speed test. SISTER M. JOHN GABRIEL. SSND Commercial Subiecls Commercial Club FHCULTU MRS. ALLEN JONES Physical Education Family Living MR. ANTHONY LAGRAVENIS Science Latin Second Year Homeroom MR. KARL KING Science Mathematics Science Club JE. , Y ff?-ff . f-W,-J . . , ww Mi:fw-it '- LIGHTER MOMENTS-Watching the World Series on TV are Mr. Lawless fleftj, Mr. Lagravenis, Mr. Neigel, Mr. King, and fseatedl Mr. Brady. MR. JOHN LAWLESS Commercial Subjects Algebra Second Year Homeroom REV. JAMES T. LAING Second Year Religion Sodalify CYO SISTER M. MARGARETTE, SSND French Third Year Homeroom French Club Missions SISTER MARIE, SSND Librarian Library Club REV. EUGENE A. McDONALD First Year Religion Athletics SISTER M. MARTINA, SSND Science Maihematlcs Third Year Homeroom FHCUHU MR. HARRY NEIGEL Commercial Subjects Malhemallcs Flrst Year Homeroom SISTER M. PETRONILLA, SSND Lafin Third Year Homeroom Lafin Club l l REV. EDWARD G. PRICE Fourth Year Religion ,.,v9- ff L- -fel. -,i,.f::av1ie1u,wgs,szQg,g1w1ieg, REV. HENRY J. SCHREITMUELLER lllUUllll MR. EUGENE TOMBLER English First Year Homeroom 12 SISTER M. WALTER, SSND Science Mathematics Second Year Hcmeroom Camera Club I It Mary Lou Therese DeBenediffis Saint Antoninus, Newark Class President 3, 43 Camera Club 2, 31 French Club 3, 43 Science Club 4g Dra- matics 33 BUCHMANN BEACON: Junior Prom Committeeg Debating 4. dynamic leader . . . Saint Dominic's booster . . . personalized insignia . , . "But Sister!" . . . nothing but white . . . companion to Cicero and Vergil. ., My M . . J A ff ' . ,Y .L A-af' x iq i .j .C . . .f l ferr V il Xa. is it 32 'ESV J: ir ieii , 1 gm T Pip. at A .itwi-if sf Robert Alexander Lisowski f Saint Leo's, Irvington Junior Prom Committeeg Class Basketball 33 Varsity Baseball 31 Class President 4. Mr, Baseball . . . the green Chevy . . . one of the best . . . "Speedy Gonzales" . . . "Pres" . . . likeable fellow. l Qi. LEHIJEHS Shelia Margaret Saccente Blessed Sacrament, Newark Class President 4g Class Vice President 2, 3g Walsh Weavings 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Commercial Club 3, 43 BUCHMANN BEACON. radiant redhead . . . "Sheil" . . , terror at a typewriter . . , "Hiya, Rosie" . . . modest miss . . . tranquil charm. if W H W, lil Elaine Virginia Andres Saint Leo's, Irvington Library Club l, 23 Junior Prom Com- mittee-3 Schola 23 French Club 33 BUCHMANN BEACON. flair for fashion . . . "Oh, that white uniform!" . , . attractively tall . . . Joan's other half . . . faithful friend . . . "The Crew". Paul Gregory Brady Saint Leos, Irvington Library Club l, Walsh Weavings 4, Joseph Thomas August Saint Leo's, Irvington Mission Representative 23 Library Club l, 23 Junior Prom Committee3 Class Basketball 2. dry sense of humor . . . slow and easy- going . . . "Joey" . . . smooth dancer . . . allergic to math . . . personality per diem. MAN N BEACON Susie Darling", Patricia Lucille Bardi Saint Leo's, Irvington Walsh Weavings l, 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Schola 33 Commercial Club .. 3, 43 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Patsy" . . . vim and vigor 4 . . Johnny and Jo fan . . . "You'll get yours!" . . . cha-cha champ . . . "B" for becoming. Junior Prom Committeeg Varsity Base- ball 23 Class Basketball 2, 33 Science Club 3' JV Basketball I 23 BUCH- "who is she?" . . . the in-between man . . . "Uncle Paul" . , . one-time traveler . . . "See you in Canada!" . . . "Oh, Rosemary Margaret Bussiculo Christ the King, Hillside Walsh We-avings l, 43 Junior Prom Com mitteeg Commercial Club 3, 43 BUCH MANN BEACON3 Debate 4. ready with a smile . 4 . "Hi, Meredithl' . . . constant conversationalist . . . per sonalized laugh . . . "That's right" , . long tresses. PLANNING THE FUTUREfSister Gerard helps Judy Goodwin and John Mech make a decision regarding college. Meredith Lou Byron Sacred Heart, Vailsburg BUCHMANN BEACON, Commercial Debate Club lg Camera Club '25 Dra- mat'cs 3, Library Club 4g Junior Prom Committee. "Merry" . . . mischievous "Miss Fili- buster" . . . chatterbox specialty . . . pleasing personality . . . always smiling . . , "Silhouettes". DEFENDERS OF THE FAlTH4Walsh High boys line up tor the Holy Name parade. From left, Daniel Schneider, Edgar Herrmann, Paul Brady, Lawrence Pribula, and James Hoag. Club 3, 4, Walsh Weavings l, 2, 45 Kenneth Allan Camp Saint Joseph, Maplewood BUCHMANN BEACON, Walsh Weav- ings l, 4g Latin Club 31 Junior Prom Committeeg Library Club 3, 43 Camera Club l, 3. king ofthe keyboard . . , "Did you see Nicky?" . . . future medic . . . kind hearted . . . enjoys golf . . . tuna and coke. Joseph Daniel Carello Saint Leo's, Irvington Class President lg BUCHMANN BEA- CON, Walsh Weavings 2, 4. ready smile . . . "Honesty is the best policy," . , . just call me "Casual" . . . good sense of humor . . . back row capers , . . always a friend. 16 Rita Jean Carver Saint Leo's, Irvington French Club 33 BUCHMANN BEACON Business Managerg Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Debating 4. politician deluye . . . Seton Hall bound . . . SNAFU , . . "Mr, King, are you sure it can't be done this way?" . . . prominent historian . . . efficiency plus. Saint Leo's, Irvington James Martin Cavanaugh BUCHMANN BEACONg Junior Prom Committeeg Class Basketball 3. that beautiful Ford! . . . one of the boys . . . "What a face!" . . . of girls l am shy . . . "Cav" , . . guy from Bridgeviile. Nicholas AI Cordasco Saint Leo's, Irvington Walsh Weavings l, 4, Library Club 33 Junior Prom Committeeg BUCHMANN BEACONQ Camera Club 3. "Kenny's chum" . . . future Harry James . . . "The Great Driver" . . . "Nicky" . . . Captain Hornblower . . . junior class party. Joseph Vito Coviello Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Basketball 23 JV Basketball lg Junior Prom Commitfeeg Varsity Basket- ball 3, 4. "Brillo" . . . "Honest?" , . . generosity personified . . . blond curls . . . always grinning . . . back seat math student. I7 Palma Ann Cozxa Sacred Heart, Vailsburg French Club 3, 43 Class Secretary 3, Library Club 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Corn- mitteeg BUCHMANN BEACON. "short 'n sweet" . . . seen but not heard . . . dark hair and dancing eyes . . . "The Crew" . . . precious pixie . . . push-button driving. .,- F U: '4'N at es f Wa a,., ,,,. L, , T, L GIRL AT THE BAT Class 4A watches with interest to see what Barbara Zekeres lat bati will do for the score. Maryann Theresa Demeter Immaculate Heart of Mary, Maplewood Junior Prom Committee: Walsh Weav- ings 4g Commercial Club 3, 43 BUCH- MANN BEACON. day-dreamer . . . Mr, BeIl's little helper . . . "Mare" and Joanie . . . sweet and petite . . . whiz at the keys . , . "Who, me?" Darlene Kathleen Donohue Saint Michael, Union Camera Club 23 Walsh Weavirigs l, 2 French Club 35 Junior Prom Committee Dramatic Club 33 Science Club 4g BUCHMANN BEACONg Glee Club 4 artistic ability . . . surprisingly studious , . , bluefeyed blonde . . . good times follow her . . . dandy dresser . . , "Sil houettesf' Patricia Dorsey Saint Leo's, Irvington BUCHMANN BEACONg Debating 4. "Pat" , , . real, real shy . , . Arlene's constant companion . . , flashing dark eyes . . . "Oh, Christmas!" . . . talent for teaching. Gerald James Dougherty Saint Paul the Apostle, Irvington Library Club lg Walsh Weavings 43 Class Basketball 2, 35 Science 3, 4g BUCHMANN BEACON. "doc" . . . the little Irishman . . . which way to Pennsylvania? . . . math apathy . . . batty over baseball . . . Seton Hall or bust! Patricia Helen Dutter Saint Paul the Apostle, Irvington Class Basketball lg BUCHMANN BEA- CON: Walsh Weavings 4g Camera Club 4g Debating 4. fun-loving . . . coke sipper . . . at home behind a rostrum . . . Lu Ann Simm's protege . . . nicest personality . . . leaves 'em laughing! Diane Marie Eggerl' Blessed Sacrament, Newark fValsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Com- nitteeg Camera Club 2g Commercial :lub 3, 4g BUCHMANN BEACON. 'Di" . , . those curly tresses . . . effer- rescent personality . , . "Where's Liz?" . , office parties . . . "Blue Moon." l9 Florence Marie Fischer Saint Leo's, Irvington Walsh Weavings 43 Commercial Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Flo" . . . perky blonde . . . delightful to know . . . quick with an answer . . . "You know what I mean" . . . her home away from home-Marie's. Ruth Rose Fischer Saint Le0's, Irvington BUCHMANN BEACON: Walsh Weavings 43 Commercial Club 3, 4. "let's go somewhere!" . . . quiet and demure . , . one of the girls . . . sweet disposition . . . a helping hand . . . "Rue" . . . knack for knitting. 3 : nl-vd' v , -ri Q: lf WV lil I Michael Dennis Foehner Saint Peter, Newark Class Vice President 33 Science Club 3, Treasurer 43 BUCHMANN BEACON. "why?" . . . a thorough gentleman . . "Mikel" . . . insatiable thirst for know- ledge . . . bulwark of dependability . . next President. Joan Annette Fitzgerald Saint Leo's, Irvington BUCHMANN BEACON3 Junior Prom Committeeg Commercial Club 3, 43 Glee Club 4. "Joni" . . . impish smile . . . chock-full of fun . . . "Oh! for a lavender Chevy Corvette" . . . "ls there a letter today?" . . . "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." 20 Robert Emmett Fitzpatrick Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Class Vice President 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Walsh Weavings 43 Library Club 23 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Fitz" . . . "What, me do homework?" . . . tall, dark, and handsome . . . a big guy with a big heart . . . "Vice President, who me?" . . . in silence there's safety. Patrick Joseph Foley Immaculate Heart of Mary, Maplewood Class President 33 JV Basketball l, 23 Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Class Basketball 23 Varsity Baseball 2, 33 Junior Prom Committee3 Walsh Weavings lg BUCH- MANN BEACONQ Canteen Committee 3, 4. a regular guy . . . "Two bits, l take a girl out" . . . "Fole" . . . deadly jump shot . . . the big green bus . . . a bit of the old sod. John Howard Frantz Saint Leo's, Irvington Latin Club 35 Junior Prom Committee the man with the record collection , . . "Where's Kathy?" . . . future pharmacist . . . "Farmer" . . . insurance prospect . . Pennsylvania accent. Arlene Dorothy Gebhardt Immaculate Ijeart of Mary, Irvington Latin Club 23 Walsh Weavings 45 Com- mercial Club 3, 43 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg BUCHMANN BEACON. medical secretary . . . solemn and sincere . . . short hair . . . dainty and demure . . . conscientious student . . . "Tea for Two." FRIENDLY Cl-lAT7Father Laing exchanges views with seniors Palma 5 w egg 1. A119 A All ANTICIPATED HOUR-One period during which seniors can promise themselves no problems, at least not of the book kind, Carole Marie Golden Saint Leo's, Irvington Schola 33 Commercial Club 3, 45 Walsh Weavings 43 BUCHMANN BEACON. uniquely sweet . . . top typist . . . really rocks with Bandstand . . . friendly smile . . , "Carole" . . . "Need You." Cozza, Donna West, Cecilia Piotti, Robert Kinney, and David Meehan. Janice Rose Goodwin Saint Leo's, Irvington Class President 25 Commercial Club 3, 4g Class Secretary l g Junior Prom Com- mittee: Library Club l, 23 Walsh Weav- ings 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. lovely to look at . . . clothes-conscious "Jan" . . . that certain something . . . "Judy, did you lose something again?" . . . one of the twins . . . "The Crew." Arlene Roseann Guiliano Saint Leo's, Irvington Walsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee, Schola 3g Commercial Club 3, 4g BUCHMANN BEACON. bundle of joy . . . never a dull moment , . . dandy dancer . . . bubbling person- ality . . . dark eyes . . . "Meat balls, anyone?" ,Wllllll Louena Marsha Guldera Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Class President lg Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee, Class Bas- ketball lg Glee Club 4, French Club 3, 43 Science Club 4, Dramatics 3, BUCH- MANN BEACONQ Walsh Weavings 4' Debating 4. 1 a lady through and through . . . Vincent Van Gogh in a skirt . . . decidedly dif- ferent . . . pointer in one hand- stethe- scope in the other . . . "Children?-I love them!" . . . Broadway bound? Judith Margaret Goodwin Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Vice President 2g BUCHMANN BEACONQ Library Club l, 2, 35 Science Club 43 French Club 3, Debate 45 Junior Prom Committee. that English! . . . "Oh, teacher!" . . . miles of smiles . . . summers at camp . . . "A party! Where?" . . . "Tl-ie Crew."' Joseph Gregory Handler Immaculate Heart of Mary, Maplewood Class Vice President lg Library Club lg BUCHMANN BEACON. shutterbug . . . "Hey Steve, drive me home" . . . history and railroads . . . likeable fellow . . . "Mr, Curiosity." Julie Martha Hawkins Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Library Club 3, 45 Walsh Weavings 25 Junior Prom Committeeg Class Basketball l5 Glee Club 45 French Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON5 Debating 4. " 'ots of 'uck" . . . the Merc. and I . . . "Oh, he's too young" . . . leaves you laughing . , . twin to Pat . . . tennis, bowling, soccer, basketball, etc. MAN TO MAN-Father Price gives religious instructions to the senior boys. WHICH COLLEGE?-Patricia Dutter lseatedl, Catherine Reilly, and Naomi Frances Helmstet-ter Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Library Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Committeeg Walsh Weavings 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. one of the stationery store-keepers . . Seton Hall advocate . . . "Nae" . . . where there's fun, there's Naomi . . . Betty's constant companion . . . sweet disposition. Kenneth Pietrucha try to decide by perusing catalogues in the guidance FOOTT1. Carol Ann Herbert Saint Leo's, Irvington Library Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Schola l, 25 Camera Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 35 BUCHMANN BEACONQ Science Club 45 Walsh Weavings 4. quietly poised . . . anything blue . . . dynamic on the dance floor . . . Mr. Frost's protege . , , headed for the Point . . . starry-eyed. 23 Edgar Joseph Herrmann Saint Leo's, Irvington Junior Prom Committee5 Varsity Baseball 2, 35 Class Basketball 25 Varsity Bas- ketball 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. real good guy . . . little man on campus, big man on court . . . 8:20 arrival . . . the German kid . . . "Have cube, will shoot" . . . "Hans." James Joseph Hoag Saint Leo's, Irvington Walsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Varsity Baseball 2, 35 Class Basketball 2, 35 JV Basketball l, 2, 35 BLJFTMANN BEACON5 Varsity Basket- ba . math man . . . hard worker . . . great guy . . . brains incorporated . . . "The Hoager" . . . "Yeah, well all right." Robert Michael Hofmann Saint Anne, Newark Science Club 4. "Hoff-DoH" . . . lean man . . . someone you're glad to know . . . silence is golden . . . geometry whiz . . . artistic talents. James Peter Hughes Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Basketball 2, 35 Science Club 3 45 Library Club lg JV Basketball 2 the "jumper" . . . "Hey, you guys" . . good conversationalist . , . "Jumpin' Jim' . . . future M.D .... quiet and refined. 24 Elizabeth Lenora Hynson Blessed Sacrament, Newark , Library Club l, 25 Walsh Weavings 45 . Junior Prom Committee5 Commercial Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. becomingly blonde . . . wide-eyed lass . . . "Liz" . . . always laughing . . . i deluxe indifference . . . "Where's Di- ane?" Kathleen Claire Jotz READY, GO!-Sister John Gabriel instructs the senior commercial class on the importance of the time element Saint Paul the Apostle, Irvington Class Secretary 43 Walsh Weavings l, 43 Junior Prom Committee3 Glee Club 43 Commercial Club 3, 43 BUCHMANN BEACON. wise but not tall, precious things are small , . . that certain smile . . . "An- chors Aweigh" . . . personality plus . . . "Don't rush me" . . . "Silhouettes" Carol Ann Kapfor Saint Stanislaus, Newark Library Club l, 23 Junior Prom Commit- f68Q Glee Club 43 French Club 3, 43 BUCHMANN BEACON: Dramatics 33 Debating 4. "want a cookie?" . . . Montclair and Mercury-minded . . . headed for happi- ness . . . laughing blue eyes . . . superior seamstress , . . "Dance? but of course!" Beverly Ann Kanzler Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Mission Representative 4 Walsh Weav ings 43 Junior Prom Committee Commercial Club 3 4 BUCHMANN BEACONQ Mi sion Club 4 cheery classmate Would you like to buy a subscription? winning per sonality . buddies with Betty catchy conversationalist slated for selling. 25 iii FOLEY'S TRUCKMOBILE-Owner Patrick Foley lto right of signl home. James Bernard Keegan Saint Leo's, Irvington seems not at all troubled by the number of friends expecting a ride Walsh Weavings 4g BUCHMANN BEA- CON: Library Club 3. kats korner regular . . . personality plus . . . "What's her name?" . . . always smiling . . . Navy bound . . . one in a million. WALSH ESTHETE-Louena Guidera puts the finishing touches on a Thanksgiving bulletin board. Robert William Kinney Sacred Heart, Vailsburg JV Basketball 2, 35 Class Basketball 2, 33 Junior Prom Committeeg Walsh Weavings 4. distinguished among the fellows . . . the hub of things . . . winning personality . . . cool ball-handler . , . "Hey Ralph, how about a dime?" . . . camp counselor. Joan Marie Klingel Saint L.eo's, Irvington Commercial Club 3, 43 BUCHMANN BEACON: Junior Prom Committeeg Walsh Weavings 4. "Jo" . . . "l'm not tally you're short" . . . "Let's dance!" . . . gym pal . . . belle of the Telephone Company . . "Guess what happened last night?" 26 flv 0 tl' at QP . F fist W QOQLQ V. -0ii.HPfx9VvY4F' MXN X OX s.. n Qxoqk xv ssw 959 Ralph William Kobberger Saint Paul the Apostle, Irvington Class Basketball 2, 33 Varsity Baseball 2, 31 JV Basketball 2, 35 Junior Prom Com- mittee, Walsh Weavings 4, BUCH- MANN BEACONQ Varsity Basketball 4. one of the boys . . . tough enough on the field . . . "The Czar" . . . "No butter on the sandwich, please" . . . good guy . . . Bob's sidekick. Mary Ann Kossack Saint Leo's, Irvington BUCHMANN BEACONQ Commercial Club 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 4g Junior Prom Committee, Class Basketball l. "Mare" . . . alert driver . , . argyle artist . . . dazzling dark beauty . . . always Lavellette bound . . . "Walnut sundae, please." - v Judith Ann Laferrera lk X. Blessed Sacrament, East Orange Commercial Club 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 4g BUCHMANN BEACON. everyone's friend . . . lively fun . . . pleasing mannerisms . . . Judy and Ro . . . sewing . . . American Bandstand. l Elizabeth Ann Lach Immaculate Heart of Mary, Maplewood Walsh Weavings 43 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Commercial Club 3, 43 BUCH- MANN BEACON. delicate and ladylike . . . pretty golden locks . . . Bev's pal . . . pleasantly per- sonable . . . quiet cutie . . . a ready smile. 27 Vincent David Lockhart Saint Ann, Newark quiet ways . . . loves laughter . . . new boy in town . . . half a container . . . one of the boys . . . that certain grin. as-Ma....,.. TRY OUTS-Announcement of try-outs for basketball resulted in a yard full ol boys with Mr. Burrows in the midst. William Joseph Mastrarrigo Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Basketball 3. "Bill" . . . collegiate . . . most persuasive . . . always seen with Mike . . . "I-lere's a smile for you, too" . . . forever looking. Virginia Lee Masucci Saint Leo's, Irvington Junior Prom Committee, French Club 43 BUCHMANN BEACON, Debating 4. class jester . . . "Hey Stein" . . . Belmar summers . . . "quiet one" . . . Mary Kay and Ginny . . . "Bird Dog." BIG LOAD-Meredith Byron, Barbara Schaefer, and Elizabeth Flynson comply with the request-"Save your old newspapers". Eleanor Mary Maziarski Sacred Heart, Irvington Mission Representative l, 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Club l, 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee: French Club 3, BUCHA MANN BEACON. always a lady . . . a scarlet blush . . . loyal friend . . . ready, willing and able . . , "Batter up" , . . math and missions for Eleanor. Virginia McBain Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Secretary 25 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Schola l, 25 Commercial Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Ginny" , . . the mailman always rings twice . . . canteen customer . . . gaiety gal . . . "The Crew" . . . sugar and spice FN Joseph Francis McConnon Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Junior Prom Committee 35 Class Basket- ball 35 JV Basketball 35 Varsity Basket- ball 4. one in a million . . . "Joey" . . . gener- osity personified . . . good sport . . . back seat math student . , . friends for fun. James Joseph McFadden Saint Michael, Union Class Basketball 3. "the big man" . . . "Jimmy" . . . cool complacency , . . old Dodger fan . . . silence is golden . . . always thinking. Joan Mary McConnell Saint Paul the Apostle, Irvington Junior Prom Committee5 French Club 3 Science Club 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. smiles galore . . . those bangs . . tomato red blush . . . "The Crew" . . . tonic for a dull party . . . "Dancing? Definitely!" John Joseph Mech Saint Leo's, Irvington Science Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEA- CON5 Library Club l, 2, 3, 4. Princeton tiger . . . John Kirby . . . "Einstein? He's wrong" , . . choo-choo . . . "Remember the Krell!" . . . one of the Friday night boys. David Francis Meehan Immaculate Heart of Mary, Maplewood EIGHT O'CLOCK STUDY PERIOD- Early morning last-minute refreshing for the day's grind is done by Edward Szpiech lleftl, James McFadden, John Schiavino, Ralph Kobberger, Thomas Palma, Gerald Dougherty, and William Mastrarrigo. Library Club 4. V "Reb" . . . that Southern drawl . . . "Do you wanna dance?" . . . happy go lucky . . . great kid . . . ace in the hole. Walter Francis Melinis Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 45 Latin Club l, 2, 33 BUCHMANN BEACON, Class Secretary 25 Class Basketball 2. The Waller , . . sterling qualities . . . "I give three!" . . . owner of the Volkzer . . . atomic energy . . . "What home- work?" . . . rug-cutter. FACULTY SECRETARIES-Ruth Fischer ileftl and Regina Schwartz do some work for Sister Carola Marion Frances Monteverdi Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Secretary 45 Library Club l, 2g Junior Prom Committee, Class Basketball lg Camera Club 25 Science Club 43 BUCHMANN BEACON. adds to the fun . . . "Goldie Locks" . . . sweet, polite, considerate . . . Barb's twin . . . Lavallette or bust . . . no French, please! Kathleen Marie 0'Donnell Saint Leo's, Irvington Walsh Weavings 41 Schola.3p Commercial Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. affectionately yours . . . "Kathy-O" . . . jivy jitterbug . . . Carole's gal Friday . . . Yankee fan . . . shorthand speed d6fn9f7. , 4 A Katherine Anne Neri Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Secretary 3, Walsh Weavings l, 2, 43 Commercial Club 3, 4, BUCHMANN BEACON. suave coiffure . . . aspiring typist . . . good things come in small packages . . . nail polish . . . "There is another team besides the Yankees?" John 'Thomas Nichtern Saint Leo's, lrvington Class President 25 Junior Prom Commit- tee, Class Basketball 23 Dramatics 45 J V Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Walsh Weavings, Co-Editor 43 Varsity Basketball 4. Nick has the knack . , . Walsh all star . . . shots in the dark . . . "Hey Nick, get your license yet?" . . . crew cut. '1- J-fl Kathleen Mary Orzech Saint Leo's, Irvington lalsh Weavings 4g Junior Prom Com- witteeg Camera Club 2, Science Club 43 ilee Club 45 BUCHMANN BEACON, Debate 4. ngaging giggle . . . polka passion . . eaches and cream complexion . . military minded . . . "Oh please, no rench!" . . . china blue eyes. 31 Thomas William Palma Saint Columba, Newark Walsh Weavings 4, Science Club l, 2, 3, 4. only a two year man . . . crew cut . . . in or near my '52' Chevy . . . humorous type . . . one of the boys . . . cooperative Spirit. r L f ,C I iL- '4 4 L I' .1 ff' Barbara Ann Pehler Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Vice President 45 Library Club l5 Junior Prom Committeeg Walsh Weav- ings 45 Schola l, 25 Commercial Club 3, 45 Class Basketball lg BUCHMANN BEACON. "The Crew" . . . that certain smile . . . crown of curls . . . perfect lady . . . Miss Congeniality . . . top personality. Joseph Charles Peterson Immaculate Heart of Mary, Maplewood Mission Representative 25 Walsh Weav- ings 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. epitome of good nature . . . casual but capable , . . sturdy tower of spirit . . . licensed man . . . terror of Barnegat Bay . . . "Got any gum?" Theresa Ann Petrillo Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Basketball l5 Junior Prom Commit- teeg Walsh Weavings 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Terry" . . . a "Shore" thing for fun . . . makings of a model . . . typing talents . . . Latin beauty . . , lovely locks . . . "Chances Are." Kenneth John Pietrucha Sacred Heart, Irvington Walsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Com- mitee5 Science Club 35 Orchestra 25 BUCHMANN BEACON. sharp dresser . . . unpredictable . . . "Of course I ride in an Impala" . . . "Stretch" . . . known tor nonsense . . . electronics. Cecilia Agnes Piotfi Saint Leo's, Irvington Mission Representative 35 Walsh Weav- ings l, 2, 45 Junior Prom Comrnittee5 Schola 35 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Ceil" . . . attractive bangs . . . just inches high . . . constant good spirits . , . emulates Roger Williams . . . mis- chievous twinkle. Vivian Alice Plante Sacred Heart, Newark Walsh Weavings 3, 41 Commercial Club Ag Dramatics 35 BUCI-IMANN BEACON. the pause that refreshes . . . indispen- sable to the Vailsburg Library , . . "Viv" . . . wonderful to know . , . polite and pleasant . . . ladylike. Lawrence Stephen Pribula Saint Leo's, Irvington Junior Prom Committee, Class Basketball 2, 33 Science Club 3, 4. smooth, relaxed and easy-going . . . "What was that, Mr. King?" . . . "Larry" . . . amphibious . . . trig, geometry, chemistry, etc .... studious attitude. WANTED-A LOCKSMITI-I-Mary Lou DeBenedittis struggles with the lock of her car. Friends Jean Zrebiec lleftl, Patricia Ryan, Julie Hawkins, and Kathleen Orzech register disgust. 569 Catherine Joan Reilly Our Lady of Sorrows, South Orange Library Club 2, 3g Junior Prom Commit' teeg Class Basketball Ig BUCI-IMANN BEACON: Debate 4. "why am I so tall?" . . . bubbling wit . . . "The Crew" . . . better than best . . , Miss Optimism . . . constant corn- posure. LIVING IT UP-Seniors and juniors fill out the lunch period with jukebox capers. A Rosemarie Elizabeth Roccasecca Saint Leo's, Irvington Library Club 2, 3, 4g Schola 2, 3, 4 Commercial Club 3, 4, BUCHMANN BEACON, Glee Club 4. generous heart . . . early bird . . . "Where's Judy?" . . . loves to shop . . . "I have a question" . . . hula-hoopster. Patricia Elizabeth Ryan Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Class President 35 Walsh Weavings 2, 4, Junior Prom Committeeg Class Basketball lg Glee Club 45 Commercial Club 3, 43 Varsity Basketball lg BUCHMANN BEACON. harmonious personality . . . beautiful eyes . . . true Irish wit . . . sun-kissed locks . . . natural sportswoman . . . pals with Julie. Ralph Romano Sacred Heart, Newark Walsh Weavings 4, Class Basketball 3. "one of the boys" . . . wicked jump shot . . . sheepish grin . . . innate sense of mischief . . . breezy exterior . . . opera- tion skywatch. 34 Stephen Frank Rogala Saint Joseph's, Maplewood did it . . . "Ah, fellas, don't step on my bucks, huh?" . . . a G.M. lover . . . "Where's your car?" . . . French allergy. Rose Marie Santoriello Saint Columba, Newark Walsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Commit- tee, Commercial Club 3, 4, BUCHMANN BEACON. "Little Ro" . . . kingfsize personality . . . laughs so nice and smiles so sweet . . . jitter-bug . . . pint size . . . friendly chatter. Barbara Joan Schaefer Saint Joseph, Maplewood Walsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Commit- teeg Glee Club 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. dainty and dernure . . . candy counter caterer . . . sweet sincerity , . . delicate dreamer . . . "Silhouettes" . , . soulful eyes. "PLEASE, FELLOWSV'-Walter Melinis lin carl begs companions to leave him on the ground. Joseph Krukauskas, John Mech, and James Hughes at the front. Richard Fachet, Martin Brophy, and William Scheick at the rear. SERIOUS PROBLEM- Rose Santoriello tcenter seatedl finds it difficult to decide on a pose for the yearbook. Diane Eggert tleftl, Barbara Pehler lstandingl, and Janice Goodwin offer expert advice. William Joseph Scheick Saint l.eo's, lrvington BUCHMANN BEACON5 Science Club 3, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club l, 2, 35 Walsh Weavings, Co-Editor 4. "anyone for psychology?" . , . profound speaker . . . trying anything is his trade- mark . . . shore bound , . , a dilettante author . . . sure to be a success. John Ralph Schiavino Saint Leo's, Irvington Mission Representative 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Class Basketball 2, 3. chemistry capers . . . one of the guys . . . "Aw, hey, Mr. King!" , . . keeps them rolling in the aisles . . . exuberant laughter . . . habitually hungry. 35 Carol Ann Schlegel Saint Leo's, Irvington Class President l 5 Walsh Weavings 2, 4 Library Club l, 2g Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Commercial Club 3, 41 Class Basketball 25 BUCHMANN BEACON "can I have the car, Dad?" . . . sweet, smiling, and sensible . . . charming man Elizabeth Kathryn Schreitmueller Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Junior Prom Committee, Commercial Club 3, 4g BUCHMANN BEACONg Walsh Weavings 45 Library Club l. diligence deluxe . . . flashing brown eyes . . . "Big brother is watching!" . . . delightful buoyancy , . . peals of laughter ner . . . Maplecrest regular . . . earnest . . . active girl. worker . . , knit one, purl two. , 5: , '7X"' I lm., A,!l!,g ukfll lli I Xl '.n, all' 1 Regina Marie Schwartz Saint Leo's, Irvington Walsh Weavings 4, Junior Prom Commit- teeg Commercial Club 3, 43 BUCHMANN BEACON. "hoIy crow" . . . blushing blonde . . . Johnny Mathis fan . . . secretarial para- gon . , . a Woolworth's smile . . . fashion fanatic. Mary Kathryn Scott Saint Leo's, Irvington Junior Prom Committeeg French Club 25 BUCHMANN BEACONQ Debate 4. "got a stamp?" . . . Parisienne . . . fashion-wise . . . velvet voice . . . friendly sincerity . . . telephonitis. 36 Owen Richard Shea 'Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Walsh Weavings 4, Library Club l 3 Class Basketball 23 Junior Prom Committee: JV Basketball l, 2g Varsity Basketball 3, 4, BUCHMANN BEACON. "Ollie" , . , ballrocm's best . . . always good for a laugh . . . Wildwood Wan- derer . . . pleasure before business . . . one of the boys. 'Peter Francis Smeraldo Our Lady of All Souls, East Orange BUSINESS WOMEN-Working at the ditto are Elizabeth Schrelt mueller fleftl and Patricia Ryan. Susan Soelbrandt lseated leftl prepares to add on the calculator, and Kathleen Jotz tries out the electric typewriter. Mission Representative 25 Walsh Weav- ings 45 BUCHMANN BEACON5 Intra- murals 25 Library Club 3. man of l,OOO faces . . . "But Sister, we were talking about schoolwork" . . . quick wit . . . sartorial-minded . . . "Yeah . . . well!" . . . a guy with a congenial personality. Susan Elizabeth Soelbrandt Saint Paul the Apostle, Irvington Class Vice President l 5 Class Secretary 25 Commercial Club 3, 45 Walsh Weavings l, 45 Junior Prom Committeeg Glee Club 45 Commercial Club Secretary 45 BUCH- MANN BEACON. "really?" . . . jovial joker . . . "If you knew Susie" . . . spring in her step . . . short and sweet . . . "Silhouettes" 37 x Rosemary Barbara Sobolewski Saint Leo's, Irvington Junior Prom Committee5 Walsh Weavings 45 BUCHMANN BEACON5 Commercial Club 3, 4. "Rosie" . , . long dark tresses . . . con- vertible craze . . . makes fun a habit . . . Flo's favorite . . . "Earth Angel." Jo Ann Marie Stawski Saint Joseph, Maplewood MORNING CHORE - Senior paperboys Gerald Dougherty lleftl, Nicholas Cordasco, and Kenneth Camp count out papers for the senior classes. Commercial Club 3, 45 Walsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Commiftee5 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Jo" . . . pussy cat sneezes . . . Miss Subways . . . lyrical laugh . . . "Dad, teach me to drive?" . . . future letter writer . . . Walsh forever. LAB TECHNICIANS-Fractional distillation is the experiment under Elizabeth Helen Stopper Saint Leo's, Irvington Class Secretary l5 Walsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Commercial 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. N.C.E. enrollee . . . artistic ability , . . weakness for lavender . . , wistful ways . . . iceskating champ . . . tall and talented. consideration by Barbara Zekeres llefti and Marion Monteverdi. t- -5-L13 .,., 4 Marjorie Ellen Strong Sacred Heart, Vailsburg Library Club l, 25 Walsh Weavings 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Bonnie" . . . invaluable friend , . . bookkeeping whiz . . , altruistic attitude . . . lunch time jitterbug . . . light- hearted. 38 Edward Peter Szpiech Saint Leo's, Irvington BUCHMANN BEACON5 Class Basketball 25 Walsh Weavings 45 Class Vice Presi- dent l5 Latin Club 3. "Spike" . . , tall, dark, etc .... Mr. Latin . . . "Ed, anybody see Bill?" . . . "I give two" . . . the helper. Patricia Ann Trabalik Saint Michael, Union Class Secretary l5 BUCHMANN BEA- CON5 Library Club 2, 35 French Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Comrnitteeg Science Club 45 Dramatic Club 3. "The Crew" . . . a live wire . , . math magician . . . heavenly blue eyes . . . patented laugh . . , chatterbox specialty. p59 Joyce Maryann Wacker Saint Leo's, Irvington Commercial Club 3, 45 Walsh Weavings 45 Junior Prom Committee5 Glee Club 45 BUCHMANN BEACON. "Miss Candy 1959" . , . blue-eyed blonde . . . Woolworth's special . . . Irvington House regular . . . "Jolly Joy" . . . warm smile. Donna Ann West St. Mark, Sea Gift Canteen Committee 3, 45 BUCHMANN BEACON: Science Club 45 Library Club l, 2, 35 Junior Prom Committee: French Club 35 Class Basketball l. canteen captain , . . "Do you have a red lollipop?" . . . loquacious lass . . , small girl, big heart . . . "The Crew" . . . delightful disposition. 39 Eileen Claire Young Saint Leo's, Irvington Library Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Commit- teeg Schola 25 BUCHMANN BEACON. pretty as a picture . . . best in a Buick . . . pampers her pageboy . . . sincerity plus . . . walks in beauty . . . high ideals. .pf ml-4 cm, he ..g 7 ,L , 4 5 U A 5, Q al! vwmm' . 1 zsizggiw ,avg Hina LSI' ,. we fk f. CV' , f za ani is , K, wha-uni rf Front Row Heftl: Judy Anderson, Mary Karosen, Carol Sorchinski, Eileen Larney, Barbara Lawrie, Regina Donroe, Patricia Brady, Elizabeth Ghegan, Patricia Gaynor. Second Row: Patricia O'Connor, Carol Ann Krychiw, Mary Kleissler, Joan Vyniski, Margaret Cobb, Patricia Grimes, lngrid Kobbergcr, Rosemary Lowe, Third Row: Barbara Bussiculo, Mary Newcombe, Gail Gingrich, Phyllis Orlando, Patricia l-lomza, Lucille Cunningham, Oliyia Mauriello. Patricia Hospodar, Margaret Cassidy lSecretaryl. Back Row: Elizabeth Hurtuk, Dorothy Niziolek Nice Presidentl, Barbara Zach, Elizabeth Fetzer, Barbara Wulff, Barbara Mizia, Marlene 'lllllllll Pennell lPre-sidentj, Veronica l-lelmlinger. Not Pictured: Carol Kapscady. "TOO TIGHT?"-Asks Mr. Ghegan of Margaret Cobb. Oliyia Mauriello and Patricia Grimes await their turn to be measured for the school ring. APOLOGETlCS-A formidable-sounding subject is clarified for the junior girls by Father Schreltmuel er. 42 R-fir-vii' 'J r....g...tlM A til 1 Front Row tlefil' Peter Wilk, Lee Scarfone, Gary Serine, Thomas Palmieri, William Kratinski, Michael Carney, Mark Olesniky. Charles Kiefer. Second Row: Martin Brophy, Timothy Mennuti, Richard Fachet, Thomas Burkhard, William Drolaach, Vincent C0DDOl3, Patil BUYS? Third ROWS JHPOOS Hand lViCe Presidenti, Peter Rinaldi, Peter Caldwell, Georqe Straiich, Daniel Klimek, Dennis Hughes, Douglas Hughes, Frank Loftus. Fourth Row: Wlilliam McFadden, William Pollak, Edward Kiziukiewicz, Roger Woodhour, William Lisowski, Florian Zepecki, Brian Kane. Back Row: Bernard Baehr, Joseph Krukauskus, Frank Fehrenbach, Thomas Hamer, James Boland lPresidentJ, Edward Hopkins lSecretaryl, Walter Nieliwocki, Thomas Cort. N-f--sd 'R ,'- 1 0- , . 34. u -X i G ill!.llll.l,llS BOOK OVERDUE?-"lmpossiblel" exclaims Frank Fehrenbach to librarians Brian Kane and Vincent Coppola. George Strauch waits patiently for service. l l l Si, 12- ggi fa , un ,,f PHYSICS PARAPHANALIA-Physicists Florian Zepecki fleftl, M James Hand, Margaret Cobb, Paul Burst, and Edward Kiziukie- wicz handle some of the utensils of their science. X l l -.l ,ll Llf- 43 , '32, X - f l new v -'V me 5 , i .t .ulnifgii .,- .. V! , L. i, 3 K Front Row fleftJ: Mary Ann Roselli, Joan Ricciardi fSecrefaryJ, Jo-Ann Vitanzo, Gail Demko, Jacqueline Wiggins, Joyce Hillner, Mary LaRusso, Joan Buddenhagen. Second Row: Catherine Maziekien, Margaret Bogstahl, Kathryn Zimmerman, Rosamund Lock- wood, Marian Roncskevitz, Mary Jo Turner, Florence Tambasco, Helen Stolzenberger. Third Row: Joann lsemann, Madelyne Glasscox, Kathleen O'Brien Nice Presidentj, Margaret McHugh, Patricia Chmielak, Melanie Janusz, Jane Silbernagel, Virginia Burns, Fourth Row: Joan Farber, Evelyn West, Elizabeth Smith, Paula Kaufmann, Anne Van Cleve, Joyce Sabatos lPresidentj, Eleanor Refinski. Back Row: Mary Lynn Heurich, Patricia Lennon, Joan Mury, Claire Biunno, Sandra Farell. Not Pictured: Dorothy Visconti. mm som :ltll,ll,',QB,,l SACKY SOPHS-Elizabeth Hurtuk directs the one- time "Sacky Sophs" in a number to entertain the seniors at Class Night. nu NEIGHBORHOOD PETS-Young puppies engage the attention of James Boland, Joan Farber, Gertrude Pech, Jean Ann McConnell, Gail Demko, and Susan Hulighan. MESS HALL-Peter Smeraldo fthird from leftj ques- tions Joseph Krukauskas on his appetite. Appearing also are William Drobach, William Pollak, and Eileen Larney. WORKING WITH WORDS-Juniors concen- trate on working out exercises in vocabulary. GOOD BEGlNNING-Juniors start the year right by preparing for the Mass of the Holy Ghost. ,I PET PERFORMERS-Juniors proudly display the antics of pet bears, panda, and cat. 45 MICROPROJECTOR-Mr. Lagravenis illustrates to sophomores g the bioscope. SOPHlllllllllES SISTER WALTER xx l X F49 , T - R Q f, I , .- , N 5 1 Xi fi" ,' ,jg 6' 1 needlework. Front Row Klc-ftj: Susan Hulighan, Agnes Ruiak, Andrea Pribula, Gertrude Pech Nice Presidentj, Mary Lou Reddington, A Siconolti, Gloria Tambasco, Janice Coen, Joan Laterrera, Kathleen Devine, Bernadette Noll. Second Row: Nancy Brothers Tadrick, Diane Byrnes, Karen Kurnpf, Lillian Kimmig, Barbara Stahl, Kathleen Gleason, Susan Gormly CSecretaryl, Barbara Third Row: Gisela Weigel, Patricia Greeley, Carole Palle, Kathleen Brady, Gertrude Spence, Rosemary Ley, Gail Wiesner Remmlinger. Fourth Row: Judith McCauley, Judith Andes, Barbara Chmielak, Jean Ann McConnell, Marcella Galty, Marie Rita Gulbicki, Larissa Janiw. Back Row: Joan Ducas, Irene Reilly, Jule Ann Sitek, Kathleen Berman tlfresidentl, Dorothy Lenz Carol Calimano, Catherine Reddington, Mary Eileen Keane. fM.t.....,.1-We A y -.wk-f-M-Quffie Y- 7 I I I is l li 61 wi .. i asi h.,1 NEEDLE AND THIMBLE-Mrs. Jones directs girls in the art of i ,a 1'-zr"g"t' 12 If SllPHlllllllllES SW .W-in-.dull M - Front Row Ileftjz Bart Lawless, Peggy Ferugia, Charlene Hippe, Anita Humphrey, Kathleen Herman, Margaret Clinton, Eileen Conry, Joan Rommel, Veronica Carello, Stephen Leonarclis. Second Row' Joseph Valenti tPresidentt. Rosemary Reilly, Ellen Brown, Charlotte Paris, Ellen Farmer, Nancy Ford, Valerie Markowski iSecretaryJ, Diane Reiner, Joyce Gingrich, Samuel Franco. Third Row: Thomas Frantz, Bernard Kilzaitlewski, Brian McGough, Michael Llpkin, Howard Leary, Mario DeLuca, Raymond Forse James P k ' ' as o, Joseph DeSantis. Fourth Row, Charles DeBenedittls, Frank Liiak, Thomas Flanagan, Richard NIGWOUFSRI, Joseph Trabold, Jan Kruty, Frank Heaney, Robert Brady. Back Row: Joseph Dolan, Thomas Dobrowski, John Tully, Not Pictured: Michael Mat- thews Nice Presiclentj, Leonard Kingston. MR. LAGRAVENIS 'ii,,,... Thomas Frantz, and Nancy Ford. x-llli any-A-diiha-fx... L......,.. SEPTEMBER REUNION--Renewing acquaintances and exchanging books on thc first day of school are Veronica Carello fleftJ Charlene Hippe, Carol O'Hare, Dolores SCIlJllI5, Mary Ann Shea LATIN-LOVERS-Bernadette Noll Kstandingj translates a passage from Julius Caesar for Sister Petronilla and members of Latin ll It K Q - vw' ., W I xi X , , A 'Q' ' 71 " TQ .Q fe, H, W' RQ U S 9 ,,,A ' 7 ' I -5325-ka.,-,gp I 7 M, I , Aw , . 'ffff ' . 7: IWW, ,Q -W., xi f ' W I3 'Y f ' V 5 ' . M ' ? . ' -- .gisisiafi 'fik - M fun' Y 5 b f' if 4? im Gva 'I , , , wi-1 ww, Q 3' If HU Q19 U LJ 1 -QA v. :yi 4 5 gap? . 1.2, G'-2 H? 62. Q' 4 'S' i ii Front Row Kleftl: Maureen Dasko, Kathleen Campbell, Barbara Ciangio, Eve Feret CPresidentl, Joanne Pisapia, Maureen Derrig Second Row: Susan Delfrancisco, Carole Lombardi, Patricia Pilas, Harriet Dziuban CSecretaryl, Mary Brennan, Kathleen Cregan Third Row: Kathleen Olvaney, Jane Gingrich, Betty Baumgartner, Eileen McGinty, Edith Gallucci lVice Presidentl, Kathleen Coma iskey, Patricia Murray. Fourth Row: Marilyn Herbert, Mary Ellen Sickles, Patricia Vyniski, Barbara Julg, Regina Kiziukiewicz, Alice Lowe, Kathleen Duffy. Back Row: Evelyn Brennan, Karen Walsh, Cecilia Krein, Mary Hughes, Janet Schreck, Eleanor Demko, Joan Hoag. Not Pictured: Madeline Giordano. ll B HOOPING IT UP-Freshmen Kathleen Campbell fleftl, Mary Hughes, Patricia Ann Pilas, and Kathleen Duffy try. their skill with the Hula Hoop. PUZZLE PAPERiNewcomers to Walsh try to puzzle out their schedules. Bonnie Gingrich fleftj, Madeline Malovany, Alice Lowe, Penny Farrell, Daniel Schneider, Charles Menary, and Thomas Gramm, 50 lllESMlllhlQgflll c OVER THE TOP-Books piled high are no obstacle to the rapt attention of Class IC. OPEN MOUTHS-Class IC gives its interpretation of American Folk Ballads. E 6 6 Front Row fleftj: John Callahan, Thomas Grimes, Edward Dorsey, Peter Marie, John David LaVeIle, Daniel Cavanaugh, John Nimeth, Glen Roberts. Second Row: Thomas Conroy, Robert Hughes lVice Presirlentj, Daniel Schneider lPresidentl, Jeffrey Guerin, Ronald Petracca, Robert Haas, Fred Lepple. Third Row: Joseph Joyce, James Reilly, Robert Egan, John Zalewski, Michael McFadden, Dennis Connell, Denis Foley. Back Row: Carl Spolarich, Joseph Nadzan, Robert Delrkat lSecretaryJ, Stanley Gorski, John Wojcik, Bernard Michalski, William Mink. l t l L Front Row Kleftj: Margaret Mahon, Mary Dugan, Judith Calabrese, Audrey Goodman, Hermine VanS:'meren, Rita Kushner, Joan Reitberger. Second Row: Thomas Gramm lPresidentl, Marianne Schaedel, Lorraine Guiliano, Teresa Karneszewska, Dolores Scheick, Margaret Winters Nice Presidentl, Robert Budra. Third Row: John Laurino, Barbara Dwyer, Madeline Malovany, Catherine Freel, Ellen Yurecko CS'ecretaryJ, Alma Farrell, Robert Smith, Ronald Jacobovitz. Back Row: Arthur Rossbach, Charles Menary, Charles Mauer, Joseph Mauer, Michael Mauer. 4,y.M.,. .4- BIG BOOKS-The bigger the better for Class l D. ABSORBING TOPIC-Under the guidance of Sister Albert, freshmen find ancient history interesting, 52 l ll ll -. FOURTH "R"-Father McDonald gives a lesson on Scripture. t In au E fi Q Wi A ra l 0 Q QQO ,QQ 1 S ,"1 A 4 wa!If1lv1iW +'W'iHN'1muuW"5fiH1"' 5, v- INTERESTS GLEE President . . . Secretary . . Kathleen Berman Carol Calimano Barbara Chmielak Patricia Chmieklak Janice Coen Darlene Donohue Joan Farber Joan Fitzgerald Patricia Grimes Louena Guidera Julie Hawkins Patricia Homza Elizabeth Hurtuk Melanie Janusz Kathleen Jotz Carol Ann Kaptor Mary Karosen Paula Kaufmann SCHOLA Betty Baumgartner Mary Brennan Carol Calimano Judy Calabrese Eleanor Crecca Cecilia Dolch Susan DeFrancisco Joan Farber Carol Genabith Maria Grasso Lorraine Guiliano Marilvn Herbert Carol Hoag Joan Hoag Kathryn Homza Patricia Homza Mary Beth Hughes Melanie Janusz Carol Kapscady CLUB Ingrid Kobberger . Gertrude Spence Eileen Keane Lillian Kimrnig Mary Kleissler Dorothy Lenz Rosamund Lockwood Jean Ann McConnell Margaret Mcl-lugh Bernadette Noll Kathleen Oigzech Gertrude Pech Diane Reiner Rosemarie Roccasecca Patricia Ryan Barbara Schaefer Joyce Wacker Gisela Weigel Barbara Zach Barbara Zekeres CANTORUM Mary Karosen Paula Kaufmann Eileen Keane Lillian Kimmig Carol Krychiw Rosamuncl Lockwood Alice Lowe Dorothy Lenz Carol Lombardi Madeline Mallvany Barbara Pollak Virginia Parlan Diane Reiner Joan Reitberger Barbara Rimmele Rosemarie Roccasecca Dolores Scheick Hermine VanSomeren GLEE CLUB The Glee Club numbers forty girls who are trained by Sister Coronata and Mrs. Lucy Carpenito to sing at various functions in Church and to entertain social groups, At Christmastime the members carol for the Rosary Society where they are always warmly received. Annually the club is invited to Irvington High School to participate in the Human Relations program which features folk songs, SlIHlllH lIHlllUHUlll Another opportunity for girls who are interested in music is the Schola, which is limited to members of St. Leo's Parish. This choir sings the High Mass on Sunday, Christmas Midnight Mass preceeded by carols. and other liturgical services. Each spring representatives of the Schola take part also in the Demonstration Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral. CHRISTMAS CHEER-Members of the Glee Club enjoy refresh- ments at the Christmas Party of the Rosary Society, at which they sang. A MERRY TUNE-Glee Club rehearses a favorite number, "A Christmas Card." l I F - f ggxii Y A CONCERT-GOERS- Juniors and Sophomores board bus to attend the Youth Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, HIGH MASS-Nine o'clock High Mass is sung by the Schola every Sunday morning. Sister Coronata directsg Mrs. Carpenito S4 at the organ. "b Se 700 H9 Walsh Weauings f Q.. WHAT'S UP, DOC?-Co-editors John Nich- tern and William Scheick go over an issue of Walsh Weavings. -'jx . 41 X: 'L ' S6 , A, Walter Melinis. JUNIOR JOURNALISTS-Page editors get to work. From left: Mary Jo Turner, John Nichtern, William Scheick, Louena Guidera lartl, Claire Biunno, Gail Demko, Mark Olesnicky, Paul Burst, Timothy Mennuti. LEARNING FROM OTHERS Scrutinizlng other publications are Kleftl Joyce Hillner, Mary Newcombe, Nicholas Cordasco, Joan Mury, Margaret Cobb, James Hand, and Jacqueline Wiggins. Standing: William Drobach, Kenneth Camp, Joseph Peterson, and After the lapse ot a year, publication ot our student newspaper, Walsh Weavings, resumed under new mod- erators, Sister Jerome and Sister Albert. The call for volunteer journalists was so enthusiastically answered that the staff could be selected only by means of a written test, Now most of the literary work is done by the upperclassmen. Excellent photographs are supplied for each issue by the Camera Club. ' ui Co-Editors Associate Editors Page Editors Sports Editor Artists Reporters Photographers Business William Scheick, John Nichtern Paul Burst, Tim Mennuti, Mark Olesnicky, William Drobach Claire Biunno, Joan Buddenhagen, Joseph Peterson, Thomas Cort, Patricia Dutter, Gail Demko, Mary Newcombe, Elizabeth Fet- zer, Mary Jo Turner, Thomas Burkhard James Hand Louena Guidera, Robert Smith, George McDermott Virginia Burns, Mary Lynn Heu- rich, Mary Karosen, Joy Lock- wood, Margaret Cobb, Patricia Gaynor, Margaret Bogstahl. Re- gina Donroe, Elizabeth Hurtuk, Walter Melinis Charles Weber, Phyllis Orlando Kenneth Camp, Nicholas Cordasco lHE Clilllillll CLUB President .... . Phyllis Orlando Vice President . . . Charles Weber Secretary . . , . . Carol Herbert Q , if "LOOK AT Tl-llSl"fMembers of the Camera Club find some interest ing shots submitted by club pho tographers. Seated: Dolores Scheick, Bohden Czerniach, Phyllis Orlando, Carol Herbert, Madelyn Glasscox Marie Werner. Standing: Robert Neri, Charles Weber, Stephen Leona rdis lHllll CLUB President , . . . Vice President . . Secretary . . . . EJ Mary Ann Roselli . .Claire Biunno . Jane Silbernagel Mary Lynn Heurich Joyce l-lillner Kathleen O'Brien Joan Buddenhagen Virginia Burns Patricia Chmielak Gail Demko 93. .1- .-, ' r tyt l-llC, HAEC, HOC-or something that sounds like it ought to be the I first words of the constitution of the Latin Club. So think Joyce l-lillner, Mary Lynn l-leurich, Jane Silbernagel, Claire Biunno, Marv Ann Roselli, Pa- tricia Chmielak. Gail Demko, Kathleen O'Brien. Virginia Burns, and Joan Buddenhagen. One of Walsih's most active organizations is the Camera Club, which aims to make the art of photography fun. Guided by their capable moderator, Sister Walter, the members find that taking as well as developing and printing pictures is fascinating. An annual event antici- pated by all the members is the trip to the Coliseum to view the photography exhibit there. Peter Andreyuk Robert Brady Nancy Brothers Carol Calimano Barbara Chmielak Peggy Clinton Janice Coen Lucille Cunningham Bohdan Czerniach Charles DeBenedittis Patricia Dutter Eve Feret Madelyn Glasscox Patricia Greeley Marilyn Herbert Joann lsemann Eileen Keane Dorothy Lenz Stephen Leonardis Rosemary Ley Richard Mancini Michael Matthews Wayne Miller Robert Neri Carole Palle Patricia Pilas Dolores Scheick Marie Werner September 1958 brought about the organization of the Latin Club of Archbishop Walsh High School. The club con- sists of eleven members, who chose as their motto, Latina viam ducit. Under the guidance of Sister Petronilla, this organization will continue to grow and prove that Latin, indeed, leads the way. 7' i ' MAKlNG ENDS MEET-"Will wc have enoiiqh money to have the WHO-S WHO?7 LITCYHW Staff meets 10 Caption picmresl This kinct of hook we want?" ask fclockwisel Eileen Young, Cecilia Piotti, task is completed only after they have recognized the students in Eling Amlrsii :bla Carter' Vwgmla MBSUCU- Marv Kall""Vn SCOTT' the photo and discovered what they were rloing, an Omni' 05' lfx 'sw M BUCHlllllllll SL'lllllASlll.' PRESS ASSlllIlflllllN 34,1 ALL IN A DAY- Racing the deadline are fsittingl Kathleen Jotz, Editor .... Jean Zrebiec ' Susan Soellwranctt, Katherine Neri. Carol Golden, Rosemary Rocca secca, Kathleen O'Donne1l, loycc Wacker. Rose Santoriello, fStand ingl' Elizabeth Lach, Meredith Byron, Carol Schlegcl, Barbara Pchler, Virginia McBain, and Shclsa Saccentc. ' Business Manager . . Rita Carver 94 dimes iw V H. '1w,,,kKK guy i. ' iii L... CAPABLE ARTISTS-Louena Guidera fsittingl I . and Darlene Donohue sketch a few designs BUSINESS WOMENgRita Carver fstaridirigl for me Buchma,-m geacom explains the financial condition of the yearf book to Kleftj Theresa Petrillo and Patricia Dorsey. "LOOK HOW THEY DO lT"' Exclaims Jean Zrebie it r ' X 1 CROWDED SUBWAYS7gGoing uptown to the early morning session ot the yearbook con- vention are Jean Zrolwiec. ,lo Ann Stawski, Julic Hawkins. anil Mary Lou Del3c-neclitlis. ,f 1 C, ed o, to Rita Carver and Sister Carola. moderator. Examining the yearbook display at the Columbia Scholastic Press Convention arc also fleftl, Julie Hawkins, and Jo Ann Stawski. -.x - fn' -'fffgwwferanwzzww a1ff HOTEL BlLTMORE-Played host to the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Clockwise around the table: Rita Carver, Jo Ann Stawski, Jean Zrebiec, Julie Hawkins fstandingl. Sister Carola, and Mary Lou DeBenedittis. POSING PRETTY- Friday Night Canteen Committee consists of: C. U. ll. Practically every student ot Archbishop Walsh High School belongs to the Catholic Youth Organi- zation. Members attend the monthly Communion on the third Sunday, participate in the First Friday Holy Hour, and enjoy the Friday Night Canteen. Father James Laing is the moderator. Front Row' Vito Zappa, Joseph Krukauskas, Edward Kiziukiewicz, Back Row: Donna West, Gail Demko, Rita Gullnicki, Judith Andes. THE WEEK OF THE YEAR 7 Preparing a CYO bulletin board are ORCHIDS OR RADISHESP-Cecilia Dolch Kleftj and Patricia Chmielak pin vegetable corsages on their dates, ' flefti Elaine Andros, Judy Goodwin, and Joan Mary McConnell. l F SADIE HAWKINS SOCIALIZERS - Around the table clockwise are Joseph Trapoid, Carol Lombardi, Raymond Forse, Patricia Brown, Mary Ann Shea, Jan Kruty, fbe-hindi Peggy Ann Ferugia, and Thomas Flanagan. 'Ii X in V i .f-Ill--'E FOR OVERSEAS-Medical supplies are being sorted and packed for foreign missions by class representatives Ot the Mission Club. llllSSlllll CLUB To ease some of the suffering of the people of foreign missions and to help sup- port our home missions, representatives from each homeroom collect money, stamps and medical supplies. Each student contributes by his generosity to this charitable work. Other responsibilities of the Mission Club are the Advocate Subscription Drive as well as the Watch Dance on New Year's Eve. v iliEllCH lJlUB President . Vice President Secretary . . Claire Biunno Joan Buddenhagen Patricia Chmielak Palma Cozza Gail Demko Regina Donroe Elizabeth Fetzer Patricia Ga nor Elizabeth Gheqan Patricia Grimes Julie Hawkins Mary Lynn Heurich Joyce Hillner Elizabeth l-lurtuk Carol Ann Kaptor Paula Kaufmann Mary Kleissler . Mary Lou DeBenedittis . . Joyce Sabatos . Louena Guidera Eileen Larney Barbara Lawrie Virginia Masucci Olivia Mauriello Margaret McHugh Dorothy Niziolek Kathleen O'Brien Marlene Pennell Joan Riccardi Marian Roncskevitz Mary Ann Roselli Mary Kathryn Scott lane Silbernagel Patricia Trabalik Mary Jo Turner Jo-Ann Vitanzo Jacqueline Wiggins A pleasant way to become acquainted with French culture is through Le Cercle Francais. To initi- ate the Junior members, the Seniors had them dramatize La Marseillaise. At Christmastime the club carolled for the Sisters tin French, of coursel. Class dramatizations of La Belle France prove both enlightening and amusing, as past experiences have shown. '-I K' Ay - 2 il if .vt X541 " -.a 0 Q. If Ingrid Kobberger Jean Zrebiec LE MARSEILLAISE iPart 31-Juniors give their own interpretation to National song as part of the French Club initiation of new members. From left' Marlene Pennell Claire Biunno, Elizabeth Fetzer, Mary Jo Turner, Patricia Grimes: Olivia Mauriello: Patricia Chmielak, and Margaret McHugh. i PARLEZ-VOUS FRANCAIS or ESPANOLP- Sister Margarette talks to Miss Rodriguez ot the Latin American Institute of New York. Appearing with them are Joyce Sabatos fleftl, and Mary Lou DeBenedittis, officers of the French Club. Judy Andes Peter Andreyuk Judy Becker Kathleen Berman Robert Brady Carol Calimano Daniel Cavanaugh Janice Coen Dennis Connell Kathleen Cregan Maureen Dasko Robert Delikat Maureen Derrig Edith Gallucci Kathleen Gleason Susan Gormly Stanley Gorski Rita Gulbicki Marilyn Herbert Joan Hoag Joseph Joyce Diana Jund Eileen Keane Lillian Kimmig Regina Kiziukiewicz Cecilia Krein Frank Kyak Karen Kumpf Joan Laferrera John LaVelle Howard Leary Fred Lepple Dorothy Lenz Rosemary Ley Alice Lowe Richard Mancini Michael Matthews Michael Mauer Judith McCauley Jean McConnell Eileen McGinty Bernard Michalski William Mink Robert Neri Gertrude Pech Joanne Pisapia Frank Pollak Armand Pouliot Andrea Pribula Catherine Reddington Mary Lou Reddington Patricia Reid Rosemarie Reilly Diane Reiner Brenda Remmlinger Barbara Rimmele Joan Romrnel Daniel Schneider Mary Ellen Schoonover Janet Schreck Maryellen Sickles Patricia Smith Gertrude Spence Carl Spolarich Barbara Stahl Bernadette Sullivan Joseph Szpiech John Tully Karen Walsh Gisela Weigel Marie Werner Gail Wiesner John Woicik John Zalewski Robert Zrebiec SlllllllllU HERE'S HOW-Father Laing, moderator, introduces two faithful members of the Sodality in St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City, who will spark Walsh boys in joining the Soclality here. mica-i.. XXX lNTRODUClNG-Joyce Hillner, veteran Sodalist from St. Paul's, Irvington, explains some of the rules to her intent audience, This is part of the Sophomore and Freshman turn-out at the inception of the Sodality. DEBHTE CLUB Mr. Robert Brady, instructor in Public Speaking, has undertaken to revive the Debate Club of three years ago. Activities began with practice debates within the club. The subject tor this year is a topic of world-wide interest- "Should Red China be admitted to the United Nations." -in AWN, M ,,.,. c.a..,a,,.s.,,.,.e,,k -1 S-inmates ' L' D' FIVE VOICESA-Participants in the Voice of Democracy orator ical contest practice their speeches. From left: Joyce Hillner Darlene Donohue, James l-land, Roger Woodhour, and Michael Foehner, LIBHHRU CLUB The purpose of the Library Club is to promote good reading habits and a better un- derstanding of library techniques. Library members render valuable assistance with the card catalogue as well as signing out books for students. President , . . William Scheick Vice President . . . . John Mech Secretary . . . Walter Nieliwocki Treasurer . .... . Walter Melinis Judy Becker Patricia Brown Eve Feret gsevhj Jggce Car a Biskey Kenneth Camp Peggy Ann Perugia Plalfa il f Patricia Bradley Veronica Carello Stanley Gorski Nftlfa L au mann, h Kathleen Brady Patricia Dutter A A Carol Gruenling Eifegn Kggeyeuflc Ellen Brown Charles DeBenedittis Carol Herbert Mary Laszok John LaVelle Florence McCormack Michael Matthews Timothy Mennuti Jane Meringer Joseph Nadzan John Nimeth Anne Marie Oliver Thomas Palmieri Virginia Parlan Patricia Pilas Dolores Scheick Carl Spolarich Joseph Trabolcl ' John Tully Frances Walsh John Woicik Marion Wroblewski l Eileen Young - ' 1YYfW'Wnf2i4iYMW'rwww lfwerf vw i President . . Vice President Secretary . . James Boland Virginia Burns Paul Burst Rosemary Bussiculo Meredith Byron Rita Carver Thomas Cort Darlene Donohue Patricia Dorsey Gerald Dougherty Patricia Dutter Elizabeth Ghegan . Michael Foehner Darlene Donohue Eleanor Maziarski Judith Goodwin Louena Guidera Edward Hopkins James Hughes Barbara Lawrie Walter Melinis Walter Nieliwocki Mark Olesnicky Kathleen Orzech William Schelck Elizabeth Smith Evelyn West IT SHOULD NOT! - Evelyn West, first speaker for the negative, gives reasons why Red China should not be admitted to the UN. Other members ot the negative team are Darlene Donohue and William Scheick. IT SHOULD1- Upholding the affirmative to the question of Red China being admitted to the UN are Patricia Dorsey, Kathleen Orzech, and Carol Ann Kaptor. RALLY ROUND THE MAG AZINES-David Meehan, Dolores John Tu Wojcik, browse Scheick, Eve Feret, lly, Glen Roberts, John and Mary Laszok through the latest. OFF WE GO-to the Library Conference in New York, Library enthusiasts include John Tully, Bart Lawless, Bohdan Czerniach, Thomas Grimes, Dennis Connell, John Nirneth, Peter Marie, John Laurino, Michael Matthews, Robert Brady, Robert Neri, Diane Byrnes and Hilda Rumsauer. ...-41 ,S POTENTlAL CLJRIES-Darlene Donohue and Judy Goodwin, under the directuon of Mr. King, observe the neutralization of phosphoric acid when reacted with sodium hydroxide. "WELL, YOU SEE, I STARTED LIKE THIS . . . "-explains Florian Zeoecki holding one of his geometric figures made with toothpicks. Admiring companions are Thomas Burkhard, Cleftj William Pollak, and Daniel Klimek fstandingl. llUlIlEUS CLUB The Nucleus, or Science Club, consists of members of the Senior and Junior classes who show interest and ability in the scientific field. Students of chemistry and physics who have an average ot eighty-tive or above are eligible to join. Meetings are devoted to science pro- jects and to lectures. President . . Vice President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Thomas Burkhard Paul Burst Margaret Cobb Thomas Cort Mary Lou DeBenedittis Darlene Donohue Gerald Dougherty Judith Goodwin Louena Guidera James Hand Carol Herbert Robert Hofmann Dennis Hughes James Hughes Edward Kiziukiewicz . . Walter Melinis 023 o 3 4 1 .N ' 3 H L no J xg -dur Fa i it ,xr . . .John Mech . Barbara Zekeres . Michael Foehner Daniel Klimek Ralph Kobberger Joan Mary McConnell Marion Monteverdi John Nichtern Kathleen Orzech Thomas Palma Thomas Dalmieri William Pollak Lawrence Prihula William Scheick John Schiavino Patricia Trahalik Donna West Florian Zenccki Jean Zrebiec mY EASY NOW- Larry Prihuln and William SLMCICR tlemonstmte the varying effects ot weights ot a catalyst on a substance. H llllllllllflillllll CLUB The purpose of the Com- mercial Club is to prepare the Senior and Junior business stu- dents for the many varied ac- tivities of the business world by means of club projects and lectures. To give training in efficiency and integrity, the Senior stu- dents act as secretaries to the faculty. They have charge of the school banking, and type programs for school assemblies and other special occasions. FOR FUN AND WORK-Joyce Wacker Kstanding, leftj describes what the well- dressed business woman wears for work and play. Aspiring models are fseatedj Catherine Maziekien, Elizabeth Stopper, Elizabeth Schreitrnueller, Patricia Ryan, Dorothy Visconti. Standing: Patricia Lennon, Carol Sorchinski, Meredith Byron, Barbara Pehler, and Janice Goodwin. 62 Judith Anderson Patricia Bardi Margaret Bogstahl Patricia Brady Barbara Bussiculo Rosemary Bussiculo Meredith Byron Margaret Cassidy Lucille Cunningham Mary Ann Demeter Diane Eggert Joan Farber Sandra Farrell Florence Fischer Ruth Fischer Joan Fitzgerald Arlene Gebhardt ?,,,,.......,,..., Gail Gingrich Madelyn Glasscox Carol Golden Janice Goodwin Pres. Arlene Guiliano Naomi Helmstetter Patricia Hospodar Elizabeth Hynson Joann lsemann Melanie Janusz Kathleen Jotz Beverly Kanzler Carol Kapscady Joan Klingel Mary Ann Kossack Carol Ann Krychiw Elizabeth Lach Judith Laferrera Mary LaRusso Patricia Lennon Virginia McBain Kathleen Neri Mary Newcombe Patricia O'Connor Kathleen O'Donncll Barbara Pehler Theresa Petrillo Vivian Plante Eleanor Refinski Rosemarie Roccasecca Patricia Ryan, V.P. Shelia Saccente Rose Santoriello Barbara Schaefer BEVY OF BEALJTIES - The Commercial Club members model the latest in formal wear. Front Row: Mary Ann Kossack, Mary New- combe, Joan Farber, Theresa Petrillo, Mar- iorie Strong. Second Row: Barbara Schaefer, Susan Soelbrandt, Kathleen Jotz, Patricia Barcti. Back Row: Carol Schlegel, Joan Fitzgerald, Naomi l-lelmstetter, Rosemary Bussiculo. .35 'vvv 4- f 5 IJGAJ Q ji 55.252,-Z kfafei Carol Schlegel Regina Schwartz Rosemary Sobolewski Susan Soelbranclt, Sec Carol Sorchinski Jo Ann Stawski Helen Stolzenberger Elizabeth Stopper Marjorie Strong Florence Tambasco Anne VanCleve Dorothy Visconti Joan Vyniski Joyce Wacker Barbara Wulff Kathryn Zimmerman af' li le Ilr Elizabeth Sch reitmueller MARY OUR MOTHER - is a part of every Walsh activity. Here, Vin- cenf Coppola and Edward Kiziukie- wicz honor their Heavenly Queen with roses. "' S JUlllUll lllllll CEHElllUllU Under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother, members of the Junior classes received, in December, something that was to become a part of them from that day forward-their class ring. To show their gratitude and loyalty each placed a rose at the feet of the statue of Our Lady. The brief ceremony was completed with a congratulatory note from our beloved Monsignor Buchmann. A MILESTONE- ln the life of any Junior is receiving the school ring. Sister,Gerard, assisted by Sister Martina, Sister Margarette, and Sister Petronilla, gives The coveted ring to Jacqueline Wiggins, Eileen Larney Imiddlej, and Joyce Hillner fleftl. 63 nj i ' I K-Qs..-1 U an-ru 1 255: PROUD PARENTS- "That's my son recciv ing his ring!" serious countenances of Monsignor Buch mann and Mrs. Phillip Dolch. SOLEMNITY-That the Ring Ceremony is not to be taken lightly is evident from the ,x Q 'J-'Q IN GRATITUDE - Senior and Junior presidents, representing 'their classes, offer a token of gratitude and affection to Sister Gerard. From left, Robert Lisowski, Shelia Saccente, Mary Lou DeBenedIttis, James Boland, Marlene Pennell, and Joyce Sabatos. B 1 3'i..ii?6ii.5 L,-if! fs AV, l ? B I rr: ' y Rflf' 4? SANTA'S OFFICIAL HELPERS-4A class officers, Marion Monteverdi, Barbara Zekeres, Eleanor Maziarski, and Mary Lou DeBenedittis help arrange gifts. and lent of it is indicated b the carolers CHRISTMAS SPIRIT- D Y Y . Joseph DeSantis, Kathleen Herman, Veronica Carello, Anita Humphrey, Charles DeBenedittis, John Tully, and Michael Matthews of Mr. Lagravenns sophomore class. THE MASCULINE TOUCH-Edward Hopkins Ietti and James Boland present their special alt' rn Sister Petronulln CHIIISIIIIIIS FOR ME?- Eleanor Crecca, Carla Biskey, Judy Becker, Patricia Brown, Patricia Bradley, and Carol Genabith exchange gifts at their class party. n 5 I ' il ,-ft' . 1 K MRS. SANTAS-Carol Kapscady, Patricia Brady, Marlene Pennell, Barbara Bussiculo, Joan Vyniski, Barbara Lawrie, Margaret Cassidy, and Patricia Hospodar prepare a Christ- mas surprise for Sister Martina. . ,xy 4. in Vllllrlfl Blix, OLIDAY HOPPERS--Goltunn ID the I-Iollrlay Splrif are Lorraine ulllano, Aullrcy Goodman, Mary Lou Dugan, Ronald Jacobovutz, and THE SENIOR WAY-Rcglna Scnwarlz, Kallwerlnc Nora, olJQrTSmItr1. Jo Ann Stawskx, Naomi I-Iclrnslcllew, anrl Joan Klxngol enyoy The lnlormallly of the closmg rlay. CHRISTMAS TALKSEXA changlng Chrrsrrnas con- frclenccs are rbackl Susan l'lLIllQlnlDV1. Judy McCauley, Bernadette Noll, Janlcc Coen. rS1ltrr1g Earlaara Chmnclak, ,Ioan Ducas. anal Mary Lou Reclcllng- Ton, Dorolhy Lenz, and Kalhlecn Berman. r S IUIIIIIH llllllllf "-lam ' H q v Q, u 'iv ,N 1 rf , as as ' If " A rv n ul 3' rn a i W n r rl U . STAG LINE-"Well, maybe later Father," COULD HAVE DANCED ALL NIGHT-Walshcrs dance the Old V Year Out and 'the New Year in. WALSH WATCHER5- PHFHCIDBTIHQ in N16 fun Of The WHICH DEVICE 65 SITTING iT OUT-Mkobert Brady and John Tully prefer thc are fleftj John Nichfern, Pafricia Trabalnk, Mary Jo Turner, Michael peace and quiet gf The 5rdQ.lmC5 fg rockin' an' yollif-1'. Carney, Jo-Ann Vifanzo, Vincent Coppola, Elizabeth Fetzer, Richard Fachef, William Drobach, Mary Newcombe, and Jacquellne Wiggins. Quarters JV SKILL Peter Rinaldi gains possession ot the Plqygd PTS WALSH CAGERS Front James Hoag Richard Fachet Edgar Herrmann Ccaptainl, Joseph McConnon, William Kratinski, Ralph Kobberger Vincent Coppola Back Father Eugene MacDonald Patrick Foley fco-captainj, Brian Kane, John Nichtern, Frank Heaney, Ronald Wanczyk Frank Loftus Edward Kiziukiewicz Charles Menary James Hand tmanagerj, Coach Robert Burrows. VllllSllU BllSllElBllll Overcoming a little bad luck at the start, the Walsh Basketball Team brought about .an enthusiastic mid- season. The captain, Ed Herrmann, together with Coach Burrows, led the team to its seven victories. They were invited to play in the North Jersey Catholic Conference and lost to St. Michaels of Newark. At the close of the season the record was 7-l2. CD Wanczyk . . 39 McConnon . . 67 Koblnerger . . I2 Nichtern . . . 44 Herrmann . . I93 Fachet . . BO Hoag . . . l5 Foley . . . 73 Coppola . . 4 Kane . . . 26 Heaney . . 208 Kratinski . 44 Coviello ..... l38 ' it if' SCORES 2 WALSH Noy. Good Counsel . Dec. St. James . . Dec. lmmaculate Conception . Dec. Queen of Peace Dec. DePaul . . . Dec, Alumni . . . Jan. lrv. Tech. . Jan. DePaul . . . Jan. St. Cecilia's . Jan. Holy Trinity . Jan, Bloomfield Tech Jan. St, Mary's . . Feb. Sacred Heart . Feb. St. Michael's . Feb, Good Counsel . Feb. St. James . . Feb, Holy Trinity . Feb. Bailey Ellard . Feb. St. Michaels . Points tor 972 Points against lO96 Team RecorclY7 Wins, l2 Losses High Scorer? Ed Hermann l93 LET'S HEAR THAT CHEER-Walsh High students ioin Varsity Cheerleaders in cheering the team to victory. SILVER AND RED, KNOCK 'EM DEAD!-JV Cheerleaders fkneelinglr Regina Donroe, Joan Ricciardi, co-captain, Mary Jo Turner, standing: Catherine Maziekien, Ingrid Kobberger, Kathleen O'Brien, Beth Fetzer, co-captain, Jane Silbernagel, Margaret Bogstahl, Joyce Hillner. J.V. BASKETBALL SCORES WALSH OPP. Nov. Good Counsel . Dec Irv. Small Fry , Dec Essex Catholic. Dec Immaculate Conception , Dec. Queen ot Peace Dec. DePaul . . . Jan. Irv. Tech. . . Jan. DePaul . . . Jan. St. Cecilia's . Jan. Holy Trinity . Jan, Bloomfield Tech Jan. St. Mary's . . Jan. Immaculate Conception . Feb Sacreil Heart . Feb St. Michael's . Feb Good Counsel . Feb. St. James . . Feb. Holy Trinity . Feb Bailey Ellard . Team Recordf I2 Wins, 7 Losses 67 il.V. Bl-ISIIEIBIIII J.V. BASKETBALL INDIVIDUAL SCORES PTS. Rinaldi ......... I3 Wilk . . . 5 Lipkin . . 23 Valenti , . . 20 Loftus . , . 23 Czerniach . . 9 Pasko . . . 53 Kiziukiewicz . . . 4 Meanery . . . . 221 Klirnek . . . 55 McGough . 5 Schneider 2 Hughes . . 26 Mueller . . . IS Kratinski . . 9 Wojcik . . 0 Delikat . . O Foley , . . 6 Coppola . . IO6 Fachet . . l22 DcSantis . . . 2 Forse . . . 29 Wanczyk . . 48 .Q-.5 IN A HUDDLE-Mr. Burrows, Ralph Kobberger, Ed- gar Herrmann, Pat Foley, Ronald Wanczyk discuss the next play. WIN OR LOSE-the team is sure of the rousing cheers, unfailing support and undy- ing loyalty of the Varsity cheerleaders: fStandingJ Barbara Pehler, Meredith Byron, Darlene Donohue, Donna West, Virginia McBain, and Patricia Trabalik. fKneeling1 Joan Mary McConnell, captain, Kathy Jotz, Judy Goodwin, and Janice Goodwin, co- captain. .... XX II AH 1958 BHSEBHLL 1958 BASEBALL TEAM- Front Row: Frank Heaney, Fred Foster, Ralph Kobberger, Ronald Wanczyk, Edgar Herrmann. Back Row: Coach Burrows, Richard Niewiarowski, James Hoag, Dennis Hughes, Robert Lisowski, Patrick Foley, Edward Kiziukiewicz. Walsh Baseball Team had a very successful season with 10 wins and 3 losses. This success can be traced to power at bat and a strong pitching staff. Although Walsh boasted 6 over 300 hitters, at the top of the list stand Kobberger and Lisowski. Herrmann leads the pitching staff with a four and one record. 300 CLUB PITCHERS WON HITTERS or soo ora oven HjgQfQj"'f Q j Q Kobberger . . . 389 14 for 36 Wanczyk . . 1 Lisowski . . . . 417 for Reynolds . . 2 Larney . . 395 for Valenti . , 0 Pierz . . 409 for McEvoy , , 1 McEvo . . 412 for - Brucknyer . . 334 for Record IO Wlns McConnon . 333 for Podlas . . . 500 for Hughes . ' 400 for LEADING 5 HITTERS Kiziukiewicz . . . 1000 for Lisowski .... . . . Herrmann . . 308 for McEvoy . Pierz . . Larney . . Kobberger ...... LOST I O 0 0 1 1 3 Losses 417 412 409 395 389 SCORES WALSH OPP. 2 Good Counsel . . 4 4 St. James . . . 1 3 Bailey Ellard . . . 9 11 Bloomfield Tech. . . 1 4 Bailey Ellard . . . 3 20 Holy Trinity . . 8 8 St. MichaeI's . . . . 4 9 Bloomfield Tech. . . . . 3 3 Immaculate Conception . . 10 4 Good Counsel .... . 3 11 St. Michae1's .... . 'l 8 Queen of Peace . . . . 10 12 Immaculate Conception . . 2 89 59 Team Percentage 769 3113 Batting At Bat Hits Average Kobberger . . 36 14 389 Lisowski . . 48 20 417 Foley . . . 21 0 O Larney . . 38 15 395 Pierz . . . 44 18 409 McEvoy . . 34 14 412 Bruckner . . 36 '12 334 McConnon . . 3 1 333 Podlas . . . 4 2 500 Hughes . . 5 2 400 Reynolds , . . 36 10 278 Valenti .... 2 1 500 Kiziukiewicz . . . 1 1 1000 Herrmann . . 13 4 308 Heaney . . O 0 O Wanczyk . . 3 0 0 Coviello . . 8 2 250 Foster . . . 31 9 254 Huber . . . 1 O 0 Hoag . . 1 O O lUUlBHll GRIDIRON STARS-The Junior Football team as represented by Peter Rinaldi, Joseph Krukauskas, Gary Serino, James Boland, Frank Fehrenbach, Edward Hopkins, Thomas Hamer. Back Row: Douglas Hughes, Dennis Hughes, and Edward Kiziukiewicz. IT'S YOURS-Robert Lisowski passes the stick to Frank Fehrenbach in the relay race. lllllllll ON THE MARK-Track Team with Father MacDonald, moderator Kneeling: Edgar Herrmann, Ralph Kobberger, Samuel Franco, Thomas Flanagan, Bohdan Czerniach. Howard Leary, James Cavanaugh. Standing Robert Lisowski, John Mech, Charles Helmlinger, Frank Fehrenbach Mark Olesnicky, James Hughes, Richard Niewiarowski. Y i ON THE MARK -Thomas Hughes coaches members of the track team Jack Cavanaugh, Robert Brady, Samuel Franco, Mark Oles- nicky, and James Hughes. f?:?x , Lp all - 'D 7' If li ' + 69 YOU DOU BT OUR ABILITY? - question Robert Lisowski, Ralph Kobberger, James Cav- anaugh, Robert Brady. REAL TOUGH-Thomas Flanagan and Samuel Franco ffrontj, John Mech and Frank Fehren- bach. 70 CELEBRATED HOMEMAKER- Naorni Helmsietier, Walsh win- ner of the Betfy Crocker Home- making Contest, receives her award from Mrs. Jones. :fmawerrw s- as' QQ l.ET'S GO!-says Junior policeman, Joseph Krukauskas on Sunday morning duty. l lilIllIPSES Ui OUR TAKE -YOUR PICK-Y-Mr, Kean, in charge of the magazine drive invifes the top salesmen for the day To Try their luck for the money prizes in The envelopes. Top salesmen are Cecilia Dolch fleftj, Carol Herbert, and Robert Hofmann. yi, LUUHLD TRYING OUT THE FRONT DOOR-H are Marion Wrob- l e w 5 k i , J u d y Becker, Lynne La- cey, Sheila Skel- Ton, Carla Bisky. LOCKER STRLJGGLE- How 'ro make room and how to open a lock are The problems of Margaret Winiers, Lorraine Guiliano, and Catherine Freel. SHIHT lEU'S P.T.H. - gn-'--' -' A pre-meeting chat- Father Edward G, Price discusses the agenda of the meeting with the officers Mrs. John Ducas, Mrs. William Drobach, and Mrs. Frank Kijak. 71 THE CHOPPING BLOCK l88l SPRINGFIELD AVENUE, MAPLEWOOD, N. J. ESsex 5-0875 MARY ANN LITTLE SHOP JOE RESTIVO, Prop. 790 CLINTON AVENUE NEWARK 8, N. J. Compliments of REZEM FUNERAL HOME 579 GROVE STREET lRVlNGTON, N. J. To KATHERINE May God bless you, and may your future be filled with all the luck and happiness in the world. Love AUNT CATHERINE ANNA and GEORGE ESsex 3-5 I 97 DAN - CLAIRE'S DELICATESSEN Home-made Salads, Qualify Cold Cuts We Cater ll64 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE at STUYVESANT Compliments of PETER DROBACH COMPANY U. S. ROUTE NO. 22 UNION, N. J. PHTHUIIS Rev. Francis Ignacuinos Rev James T. Laing Rev. Eugene McDonald Rev. Patrick D. McGrath Rev Robert Patterson Rev Edward G. Price Rev. Rev. Bernard Schlegel Henry J. Schreitmueller Sister Agnes Bertrand Sister Gertrude Maureen, S.C. Sister M. Joanne, O.P. A AAAA Moi et Toi Mr. and Mrs. David B. Amory Jack and Judy Anderson Mrs. Elsie Andes Elaine Andres Janice Andres Mr. and Mrs. L. Andres Andrews Food Store Walter S. Andrews Andy and Barb Angelo's Delicatessen Anita's Shop Ann and Rosemary Anonymous Connie Aquilina Mr. and Mrs. P. Aquilina Arlene, Sam and Little Sam Hilda August- Joseph August Manuel August Mrs. Mary August Kitty'Ayers B Mr. and Mrs. S. Bachmura Agnes Baldino Mrs. Gertrude Balvin Bamburg Band Hairdresser Mr. Alexander V. Banko Barb and Dottie Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bardi Mr. and Mrs. T. Baron and Regina Bas and Peggy Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bauer Mrs. J. Baumann Mrs. Edward Baumgartner The BB's Mr. Joseph J. Becker Judy Becker J. A. Beisler Mrs. James P. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Fred Belzel Kathleen and Fred Belzel Ben and Frank's Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. J. Benes Gilda Benimeo Bev and Betty Mrs. P. Berdi 72 Mr. John Bergen Mrs. John Bergen Richard Berla Mr. and Mrs. Walter Berman Diane Berzanskis Betty and Chris Mrs. K. Beyer Mrs. Sophie Biancone Louis Bilancia Bill, Nancy and Johnny Barbara Bilski Mr. and Mrs. C. Bing Dr. A. J. Biunno Mrs. A. J. Biunno Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blahut Mr. and Mrs. S. Blatt Mr. and Mrs. M. Bogan Mr. and Mrs. M. Bogstahl Mr. and Mrs. James Boland Pat Boland '57 T and H Bollmann Mr. and Mrs. J. Borowy Phyllis Borragine Mrs. C. Bowdish Bob M. P. Boyle Frank A. Bozza Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bozza Elmer J. Bozza Eugene Bozza Leonard Bozza Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Brady Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brady Af3c John J. Brady Mr. and Mrs. John J. Brady Patricia Ann Brady Paul Brady Mr. and Mrs. R. Brannan Mr. E. Brennan Mrs. E. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. J. Brennan Mary Brennan Michael Brennan Jeanette Breustle F. J. Britchford Jean Brooks Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Brothers Mr. George D. Brown Mrs. George D. Brown Mrs. Oscar J. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Brown Mr. Vincent Brown Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bruder Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bruschi Mr. Frank Brys J Mrs. Valerie Brys Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brzdek Stella Brzozowski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buddenhagen Joan Buddenhagen Anna Bueschel Mr. and Mrs. Bukowiez Rudy Burkhardt Mr. James Burns Mrs. Rose Burns Mr. and Mrs. Basil Bussiculo Mr. and Mrs. John Bussiculo Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bussiculo Tina and Eileen Butka James Butler Mary Ruth Butler Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Byrnes C Mrs. Joseph Caffrey Mr. and Mrs. W. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. James Calebrese Judith Calebrese Mr. and Mrs. A. Callaremi Carmella Callaremi The Calypso Brothers Camp Drugs Mr. and Mrs. J. Camp Emma Campbell Kathleen Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Mrs. J. Campbell Mary Cannon Mr. Vincent Cappiello Miss Betty Lou Capitella Mr. and Mrs. W. Cardinale Mr. Ambrose J. Carey Carl, John, and Jim Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carlson Mr. and Mrs. James Carney Carol and Mike Carolyn and Pat Mrs. Catherine Carroll Miss Marge Carroll Mr. and Mrs. W. Carter Cathy Carver Mr. and Mrs. G. Casano Frank J. Cassidy Patricia M. Cassidy Catalog Department Cathy Mr. and Mrs. George Catrambone Mr. and Mrs. Cattabiani and Family Patricia Cavanagh Daniel Cavanaugh Mr. James M. Cavanaugh Mrs. James M. Cavanaugh Ceil and Bob Center Millinery Frank Chaira, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chmielak Pat Chmielak Thomas J. Ciangio Anna Cimino George Cimino Mr. and Mrs. P. Cimirro Mr. and Mrs. Elias Cinter Class IC L 8: B Cleaners Joseph M. Cleary Mr. Fred Cobb Mrs. Fred Cobb Jimmy Cobb Miss Josephine Cocuzza Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Coen Theresa Colleuechio Mrs. Frank Collins Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Collins Mr. Eugene Comiskey Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Comiskey Jimmie Conahan Olga Concepcion Confusion Racing Team Thomas J. Conroy Mrs. Mary Corcoran Miss Mary Cornell Mr. and Mrs. James Connell Judy Conway Miss Olive M. Conway Mr. and Mrs. William Conway Mildred F. Cook Louis Cooperman Nicholas Cordasco Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cordone Mrs. Catherine Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cotton Mr. A. Cozza Mrs. Marie Cozza Mr. Pat Cozza Pam Cozza Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cozzone Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crecca Mr. James Cregan Mrs. James Cregan The Crew Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cronk Anne Cuidera Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cuidera Mr. and Mrs. George Cuidera Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Cunningham Mrs. John Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. P. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. T. Czerniach D John P. Daniels Mr. W. Danko Mrs. W. Danko Mrs. Elizabeth Dasko Miss Patricia Dasko Catherine A. Daukshus Mrs. Joseph Daukshus B. E. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis Mrs. Helen B. Dean Mr. and Mrs. L. Dean Mr. Richard T. Dean Mr. and Mrs. George DeAngelo Deb, Col, Eddie, Jackie, Fraass 73 EARL'S SUN SERVICE BALL STREET, CORNER NYE AVENUE IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY EDDIE'S ESSO SERVICENTER I'l1h AVENUE and 'LIVINGSTON STREET NEWARK, NEW JERSEY ROBINS Telephone Answering Service IOIO CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON. N. J IRVINGTON CENTER PRODUCE MARKET 994 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON. N. J ESsex 2-95 I6 JULES ESSO SERVICENTER II29 SO. ORANGE AVE., COR. MONTICELLO AVE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY ESsex 3-0066 GEORGE J. STAHL PRIME MEATS, POULTRY VEGETABLES and GROCERIES 399 STUYVESANT AVENUE, IRVINGTON, N. J. JUST A NEW YORKER AT HEART - "OH THESE MODERN INVENTIONS!" Sister Carola enioys the subway ride -cries Daniel Schnieder as he to Columbia University for the year- struggles with the coke machine. book convention. Name Address Elaine Andres ...,........ Joseph August .,....... Patricia Bardi .......,. Paul Brady ..............,...s..... Rosemary Bussiculo ............ .r....... Meredith Byron ............. Kenneth Camp .....,... Joseph Carello r..r....r.. Rita Carver ...................... H James Cavanaugh ............ Nicholas Cordasco ........... Joseph Coviello .......,..... Palma Cozza ................... Michael Daukshus ................... ,,,.,,,,, Mary Lou Del3enedittis ............. ........, Mary Ann Demeter ................. .....,, Darlene Donohue .....,... Patricia Dorsey ..,.,......... Gerald Dougherty .....,,.,,,,. Patricia Dutter ......,... Diane Eggert ......,,.....,. Florence Fischer ........... Ruth Fischer .,......... Joan Fitzgerald ............, Robert Fitzpatrick .,......... Michael Foehner .......... 29 Sharon Ave., Irvington .....,... . l07 Linden Ave., Irvington .......... . 79 Montgomery Ave., Irvington ........, .......... 23l Isabella Ave., Irvington ........,.. . ,320 Florence Ave., Hillside ........... 9l Lindsley Ave., Newark ,....,,, , 2601 Burns Pl., Union ,,.......... . l7l Ellis Ave., Irvington ....,,....,. , 36 Grace St., Irvington .......... . 9 Civic Sq., Irvington ...,...., . 749 l5th Ave., Irvington .......... . 50 Linden Ave., Irvington ................................... . I I58 So. Orange Ave., So. Orange .............,.. . ll5 Melrose Ave., Irvington ............,.., ........ . 392 l3th Ave., Newark .................. . N55 Manor Dr., Newark ......... .. i984 Ernst Ter., Union ...,,,.... . 44 Union Ave., Irvington ...,,................... ......,. . I l68 Stuyvesant Ave., Irvington .....,.......,...... 30 So. 43rd St., Irvington .,.,,...,......... . 9l4 So. l7th St., Newark ........... . 4 Lafayette Pl., Irvington .......... . 46 Rosehill Pl., Irvington ....,..... . 306 Vermont Ave., Irvington ......... . I I5 Pine Grove Ter., Newark ......,.. . 77 So. Munn Ave., Newark .......... . 74 KEEP CLAPPING-Jane Silbernagel and Margaret Bogstahl carry out their after-school chores with winning smiles and clouds of chalk dust, Can You Imagine Me ln a white uniform Hunting pheasant Wide awake Picking flowers Unable to talk Quiet Without Nick A math star Not confused Without my Ford Sister IMartina's math adviser Walking to school Five feet five Winning the Indianapolis "500" Lonely Getting up early Awake on Mondays Talking to a stranger Tall, dark and handsome Skating in the Roller Derby With short hair A Wave In a Cadillac Driving a lavender Chevy Corvette Being energetic At the head of the cafeteria line Name Patrick Foley .......... John Frantz ................ Arlene Gebhardt ........., ............ Carole Golden ..,......... Janice Goodwin ............. ............ Judith Goodwin ............. ........... Louena Guidera ............. ......,..... Arlene Guiliano ,.....4...... ............ Gregory Handler ........... .......,...4 Julia Hawkins ............ Naomi Helmstetter ..4...... ............ Carol Herbert ............. Edgar Herrmann ........... James Hoag ................. Robert Hofmann ........... ..........., Address 60 Ellery Ave., Irvington ..........,....... . 751 Pennington St., Elizabeth ............ .......... . 29 Frederich Ter., Irvington .......,, . 571 Grove St., Newark ............ . 920 So. 20th St., Newark ......,,,... . 920 So. 20th St., Newark ............ . 12 Cleveland Ave., Newark .....,....,. . 63 Linden Ave., Irvington ...... . 2 Elmwood Ter., Irvington ............... . 1026 So. Orange Ave., Newark .... . 57 Commonwealth Ave., Newark ....... . 64 Linden Ave., Irvington ..................... ,,..,,,,,, . 1 14 Myrtle Ave., Irvington ............ . 251 Columbia Ave., Irvington ...... . 714 Springfield Ave., Newark ........,,. .......... . James Hughes ............... ............ 2 2 Cummings St., Irvington .....,.... . Elizabeth Hynson .............. ............ 6 05 Filbert St., Roselle Park ........, . Kathleen Jotz ..............,.. .,.,,....,,. 3 3 Denman Pl., Irvington ..,.,,.,,,, , Beverly Kanzler ............ ............. 9 4 Central Ave., East Orange ........ . James Keegan ....... 19 Garwood Pl., Irvington ........... . Robert Kinney ........... 40 Valley St., Newark .......,....... . Joan Klingel ........... 16 Eberhardt PI., Irvington ....... . Ralph Kobberger ............... ..........., Mary Anne Kossack ............ ........... Elizabeth Lach .............., ........... Judith Laferrera ............ ............ 145 So. Durand Pl., Irvington ............ ......,... . 37 Cleveland Ave., Newark ............. . 58 Peach Tree Rd., Maplewood .... . 31 Crawford St., East Orange ...,.... . Can You Imagine Me Short Without my records In the business world Without Kathy Remembering a joke Behind a wheel Without a paint brush Being punctual Speaking French A math genius Getting home early Taking a bus to school 6'2" and 210 lbs. A professional wrestler A poet airplane pilot Tactiturn Standing in a hole ............Ignoring you Taking chemistry Taking French Noi ranking A basketball player The clam-digger's wife Being early Getting my license JUNIOR CAPERS - 3B boys mimic the fairer sex to entertain the Seniors at last year's Student Supper. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Debski Decorator's Den Mr. and Mrs. John DeFeo Lucille DeForie Mr. and Mrs. A. DeFrancisco Susan DeFrancisco Jack and Amy DeHart Arlene Delfino 18 Avenue Delicatessen Bob Delikat Mr. P. DeLuca Mrs. P. DeLuca Mrs. Mae Demeter The Demko Children Mr. John Demko Mr. and Mrs. Julius Demko Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dennis Deposit and Pork Mr. John Derrig Mrs. John Derrig Mrs. J. Develly Harry T. Devine Mrs. Harry G. Devine Mrs. J. DiChiara Dicky Boy Mr. and Mrs. Fred DiMenna Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiMenna Mrs. Angela DiMuro Helen Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Dolan Cecelia Dolch Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Dolch Mr. C. Dolson Mrs. M. Donovan Donny and Dottie Mrs. Elizabeth Donohue Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donohue Mrs. Louis J. Donroe Pat Dooley Tom Dooley Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doran Mary Doran Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dorsey Mr. James Dorsey Mr. John Dorsey Dottie and Barb Dottie and Bas Mrs. Angela Dougherty James Dougherty Jerry Dougherty Patricia M. Dowd Walter T. Dowd Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Drobach Mr. and Mrs. J. Droppa Pvt. Theodore Droppa Adam Drozdowicz Mrs. Irene Dryzga Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Dubel Joseph Dubs Mr. and Mrs. John Ducas Mrs. Patrick J. Duffy Mr. Charles P. Dugan Mrs. Charles P. Dugan Mary Lou Dugan Mr. F. Dughi Mr. T. Duhig Mrs. T. Duhig Mr. and Mrs. John Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. D. Dunkirk Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dunn, Jr. Mrs.4Ella Dunne Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Durek Mary Durkin Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dutter Mrs. John Dwyer Rhett Dwyer Dr. S. I. Dyckman Mr. John F.' Dziadzio Diane Dziuban Mr. and Mrs. S. Dziuban E Eddie and Ellen Eddie, Jim and Freddy Eddie and Sonny Mr. Edward Edison Edythe's Mr. and Mrs. Anton Eggert Ernie and Jo Rose Estrello Mr. and Mrs. John Evans F Mr. Louis J. Fachet Mrs. Louis J. Fachel: Beatrice Fairscey Mr. John J. Fairscey Mr. Albert J. Fanelli Mrs. Thomas Fanning ' Farber Family Joan Farber Millicent Farrand Mrs. G. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell Mr. and Mrs. L. Farrell Mr. and Mrs. R. Farrell Mrs. Lillian Farro Alice Faye John Feely Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Feely Mr. and Mrs. Michael Felber Mr. Adam E. Feret Mrs. Adam E. Feret Fred Fergurson Mr. Emil Fernicola Mr. and Mrs. James Fernicola Mr. Nicholas Fernicola Maryanne and Beth Fetzer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fetzer Mr. and Mrs. Martin Finley Mr. and Mrs. Charles Finn Mrs. Leonard Fischer Margaret Fischer Rosemarie Fischer Ruth Fischer Mr. and Mrs. W. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Fischl Connie Fiske Eileen Fitzgerald Mr, Fred Fitzgerald 76 K 8' L DELICATESSEN 476 NYE AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. KRAFTE CAMERA CO. Hoo CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON 11, N. J. LACH'S GULF SERVICE STATION 925 l8th AVENUE NEWARK, N. J. Compliments of THOMAS MALLOY and FAMILY ESsex 3-5030 DR. VICTOR W. MINTZ ROOM 310, DRAKE BUILDING IOO7 SPRINGFIELD AVE., IRVINGTON ll, N. J. ESsex 5-8647 Sal Neri, Prop. Call and Delivery Service NERI CLEANERS moles' and MEN's TAILORING Tre Tailor With Many Years Experience Pressing - Repairing - Alferallonl 1260 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE, IRVINGTON, N. J. NALMAR PACKAGING CORP. 657 l5fh AVENUE IRVINGTON ll, N. J. Compliments of MR. and MRS. H. PLANTE and FAMILY G. M. STARK STORES l889 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE, MAPLEWOOD, N. J. ESsex 3-4600 MOVING SERBE STORAGE CO., INC. LOCAL - Nniouwios IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY ESsex 3 -7570 HENRY NEILL CARD COMPANY Complete Line of Everyday and Holiday Cards Wholesale Distributors of Glh and Box Assortments 35 UNION AVENUE IRVINGTON. N. J MUELLER'S STAR LIQUOR ioso CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J Mrs. F. Fitzgerald Miss Peggy Ann Fitzgerald Mr. Joseph Fitzpatrick Mrs. Julia Fitzpatrick Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Jr. Mr. Robert Fitzpatrick "Flat-top Mike" Frank Flood Joseph F oehner Michael O. Foehner Vicki Foehner Victoria F oehner Denis Foley Pat Foley Miss Marie Forentino Ann M. Fortunato Fran and Jan Frank and Angela Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Frank Mr. and Mrs. John A. Frank John J. Frank Mr. and Mrs. John Frantz, Jr. Tom J. Frantz D. Fraser Freshman Class 1D A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fuchs Melvin P. Furd, Jr. G Donald J. Gaffney Gail and Frank James, Joseph and Marcella Galfy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Galfy A. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Gallagher Mr. Joseph Gallucci Mrs. Joseph Gallucci Mr. and Mrs: William Galuska Mrs. A. Gamache Mr. and Mrs. A. Gancy The Gannon Family Mr. George Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Gawel Mrs. Martha Gawron Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gaynor Mrs. Anna Gebhardt Arlene and Edward Gebhardt Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gebhardt Mr. Frederick Gebhardt Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gehringer, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gehringer, Jr. Mrs. Frank A. Geiger Mr. and Mrs. J. Gelsomine Carol Ann Genabith Carl H. Genabith Mr. and Mrs. F. George Georgie and Pat Georgie and Rosie 77 Mrs. Emily Gerhardt Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gevaza Joseph T. Ghegan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ghegan Miss Therese Ghegan Mr. and Mrs. John Ghiggeri Ginny, and Nicky, and Cindy Anna Ginsberg Mr. and Mrs. S. Giordano Mrs. Sonia Glasscox Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Gleason Sue Gleason Joan Goelbuski Mr. Vincent Golden Mrs. Vincent Golden Mrs. Ann Goldenberg Marie Golembeski Mr. and Mrs. George Goodman Mr. and Mrs. J. Goodwin Mr. Jack Gordon Mrs. William Gordon Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gormly Mrs. Mae Gorny Anne S. Gorski Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gotsill Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gottko Mrs. Katherine Goy Grand Order of Mutton Heads Mrs. E. Graybush Mr. and Mrs. John T. Greeley Nancy Greeley Ann Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. William J. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Griggs Mr. and Mrs. W. Grimm Thomas Grimm Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gross Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grossman Grove Jewelers Grove Shoppe Edwin H. Gruenling, Sr. Mr. Louis Guckenheimer G. A. Guenther Mr. Harold Guerin Beatrice Guidera Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Guidera Mr. and Mrs. Fred Guidera Lenny Guidera Mr. Charles Guiliano Mrs. Marion Guiliano Lorraine Guiliano Gus Beauty Salon H Kathy Haage Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haage Mr. F. W. Hack I Mr. Edwin L. Hadley Name Robert Lisowski ........,. Vincent Lockhart ........... ......,... William Mastrarrigo .... Virginia Masucci ............ Eleanor Maziarski ........, Virginia McBain .......,,,,.. Joan Mary McConnell ........ .......... Joseph McConnon ......... ......... James McFadden ............ .......... John Mech ......,.......... David Meehan .......,,... Walter Melinis .........,,..,... ...,...,,, Marion Monteverdi ...... Katherine Neri ............ John Nichtern .........,......,. v Kathleen O Donnell .......... ......,... Kathleen Orzech ............. ......... Thomas Palma ............. Barbara Pehler ......... Joseph Peterson .......... Theresa Petrillo ........... .. Kenneth Pietrucha ........ Cecilia Piotti ................. Vivian Plante ..,,,........... Lawrence Pribula ........... Catherine Reilly .............. Rosemarie Roccasecca SEIIIUII IIIIIEIIIIIIIU Address 67 So. Munn Ave., Newark ........ . I27 I6th Avenue, Newark ......... I I4 Lenox Ave., Irvington ........ . 350 So. 6th St., Newark .......... . 357 Myrtle Ave., Irvington ....... . 79 Melrose Ave., Irvington ............. ......,..... 659 Chancellor Ave., Irvington 342 Ellery Ave., Newark ....,.............. .......... . IO22 Falls Terrace, Union ........... I4 Orange Place, Irvington ..,.......... ..........., 25 Manor Drive, Newark ............. 33 Norwood St., Newark ........ . IO8 Wilson Place, Irvington ..,....... ........,., 77 Delmar Place, Irvington ............ ............ 2I7 Myrtle Ave., Irvington ....r....... ............. I52 Myrtle Ave., Irvington ............. .......... . 265 Isabella Ave., Irvington ......,.. ....,...... . 52 Parkhurst St., Newark ........... . 88 Rich Street, Irvington .............. IO4 Mt. Vernon Place, Newark .....,...... ....... I49 Columbia Ave,, Newark .............. ........ I58 Isabella Ave., Newark ......., . 427 Chapman St., Irvington .......... ....,....... 79 Dover Street, Newark ............. I I56 Grove St., Irvington .......,... . 64 Dunnell Road, Maplewood ........... ............ 67 Delmar Pl., Irvington .............. Can You Imagine Me With a blue convertible Dancing A bachelor Doing a chemistry experiment right Going to Alaska At Providence, R. l. Behind the wheel .Without my newspapers A "brain" in trig. Digging ditches Driving a Triumph In a 300-Convertible Cleaning Liberace's teeth Taking dictation at I2O words Playing college football Sitting still Broadway's leading lady Walking instead of riding Calm, cool, and collected "Married" "Short" Taking 3rd year French In a '57 Oldsmobile Without library books As marshal of Dodge City Liking the Yankees Driving EVER-PRESENT ALUMNUS- Well, how does it fee to be a member of the faculty, Mr. Larney?" questions Sister Aloysine. WINTER ON THE CAMPUS Laughing off the cold Kathleen Orzech, Joseph McConnon, and Patricia Trabalik display their skill in making snowmen. 'n FACULTY FANS --Sister Gerard, surrounded by basketball enthusiasts and two new students, Igy and Igy Jr. lheld by Sister Gerardl, anticipate the climax of the Faculty-Student game. Name Stephen Rogala .......,,.. Claude Romano .......... Patricia Ryan ............ Shelia Saccente ........... Rose Santoriello ......... Barbara Schaefer ............ William Scheick ............. John Schiavino ............ Carol Schlegel ............................ Elizabeth Schreitmueller ........ ......,.... Regina Schwartz .................. Mary Kathryn Scott .......... Owen Shea ...................... Peter Smeraldo ..................... Rosemary Sobolewski ....... Susan Soelbrandt ................. Jo Ann Stawski ........... Elizabeth Stopper .......... Marjorie Strong .......... Edward Szpiech .........., Patricia Trabalik ............. Joyce Wacker .......... Donna West .......... Eileen Young ........,....... Barbara Zekeres ............. Jean Zrebiec ............ William Zylinski .......,.... Address I57 Laurel Ave., Union ............... . 235 West End Ave., Newark ......... ..,........ . I29 Richelieu Ter., Newark ........... ........... . I7 Farley Ave., Newark ................ . 965 Roosevelt Ave., Union ............. .........,. . 6 Hart Place, Union ........,,. ............. 76 Orange Ave., Irvington ......... I94 Columbia Ave., Newark ........ . 207 Linden Ave., Irvington ............ .....,..... . 3I2 Smith St., Newark ............ . II5 Ellis Ave., Irvington ............ . 497 So. 2Ist St., Irvington ........... . I8 Noll Place, Newark .............,......,...... ............ Can You Imagine Me In the French Club In a crewcut Sad and serene Walking to school A model Without the "Silhouettes" On a phsyciatrist's couch An undertaker Dating Rock Hudson A driver .............Manager of Woolworth's A chemist An "A" student g 2I4 Rutledge Ave., East Orange ...................... A mathematical genius I4O Myrtle Ave., Irvington ................. ............. Bowling over IOO I29 Prospect Ave., Irvington ............ ............. W ithout problems 32l Ohio St., Union ....................... . I9 Delmar Place, Irvington ........ I43 Richelieu Ter., Newark ........... ............ 475 South 2Ist St., Irvington ............ ............. I IOI Falls Terrace, Union .............. ............. 24 Silkman Place, Irvington ........... ............ 7I8 Cresent Place, Sea Girt ........... ............ 20 Cummings St., Irvington .......... I Standard Place, Irvington ............ ............ 798 Lafayette Ave., Union ......... 83 Richelieu Place, Newarkz .......... 79 Always working in a 5 6' IO In a lavender convertible I Without Betty and Naomi In a blue '58 Pontiac convertible Mickey MantIe's bat girl Dancing with Joey Dee Graduating ............Liking school Owner of Barbara's Better Burials Going home early millionaire ES 2-9359 ES 2-9873 TsD's uquons TEDDY and ELEANORE ALBINOWSKI BEER, WINE and LIQUORS Prompt Free Delivery 751 LYONS AVENUE COR. UNION AVENUE IRVINGTON. N. J. Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH C. L. MULLINS, Manager IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY ESsex 2-4811 ROY W. KIEL ROY W. KIEL CO. MORTGAGE FINANCING and INSURANCE 1007 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE AT THE CENTER I'RVINGTON, N. J. WEISBROD PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY HYMAN J. HAIT, B.S., R.P. 980 SO. ORANGE AVENUE, NEWARK 6, N. J. TONY'S MEAT MARKET 452 KERRIGAN BOULEVARD, NEWARK 6, N. J. Res. MAdison 6-0275 JOSEPH SODANO Kosher Live and Dressed Poultry Strictly Fresh Eggs - Stores - 88 MAIN STREET 431 FIFTEENTH AVE. MADISON, N. J. NEWARK, N. J. MAdison 6-0651 Bigelow 3-5538-9 79 OCEAN AVENUE JERSEY CITY, N. J. DEIaware 3-4426 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hagan Mrs. Evelyn Hall Sylvia Hamela Don and Angel Hamill Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hammond Louise Handschuch Mitty Handschuch Miss Lucylle Hanretty Kraft Hardware Harold R. Harlan Frank Harling Peggy Harling Mr. Philip Harris Mr. and Mrs. Malachy Harris Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harty Harry Harty Rita Harty Margart Hassler Frank Heaney Miss Laura Heck Mrs. Hefter Mr. and Mrs. A. Heinz Veronica C. Helmlinger Mr. and Mrs. John Helmstetter Mrs, F. J. Helmstetter Francis J. Helmstetter, Jr. Frank Helmstetter, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. J . Helmstetter Naomi Helmstetter Nonnie Helsper Carol Herbert Mr. and Mrs. Ray Herbert Marilyn Herbster August B. Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. A. Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. August B. Herrmann Edward Hester Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Heurich Gertrude Hevy Agnes Hierl Joe Higgins Mr. and Mrs. John Higgins Don Hillner Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Hillner James Hoag Mr. and Mrs. James Hoag Mr. Joseph Hoag Mrs. Joseph Hoag Mrs. E. Hofmann Mrs. Edna Hofmann Mr. W. Hofmann Mr. and Mrs. William Holt In Memory of Anna Homza Mr. and Mrs. John J. Homza Mrs. Irene Hooper Mr. Walter Horgy Mrs. Mary Horgy Edward Horn Mrs. A. Horvath Mr. and Mrs. G. Hospodar Pat Hospodar Hot-Rodder in the Red Truck 80 The Howard Family Thomas Howard Mrs. A. J. Huber Dr. and Mrs. Francis J. Hughes James Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hughes Mr. H. Hughes Mrs. H. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hughes Mr. Thomas Hughes Robert Paul Hughes Mr. and Mrs. J. Hulighan Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hulse Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hurtuk I Mrs. K. Ignacuinos Mark Illuminati Anita Imperatrice Anthony Imperatrice Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Isemann Mr. and Mrs. Percy M. Ivory I Frank Jackes Mrs. Teresa Jackes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jacobovitz Bernard Jacobson, R. P. Mr. Richard Jacques Mrs. Rose Jacques Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jaekel, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jaekel, Jr. Jan and Judy Jan, Barb, and Marie Jane and Rosalie Mr. Ted Jania Miss B. H. Janusz Bernice Janusz Mr. and Mrs. H. Janusz Melanie Janusz Jennifer and Joe Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jennings Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jernick Jerry and Eileen Jimmy and Evelyn Jimmy and Marlene Mrs. Marion Jochum Mr. Al Jochum Joe and Andy John and Pat Johnny and Pat Ralph Johnson Teresa M. Jones Wanda E. Jones Josie's Pizza Kitchen Mr. Joseph Jotz ' Mrs. Joseph Jotz Ronnie Jotz Jeaarnty Joyce and Bob Mr. and Mrs. Joyce Audrey J ulg Mrs. Mary Julg Mr. and Mrs. M. Julian Mr. and Mrs. A. J uliano K Brian Kane Mrs. Martin F. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Kanzler Mrs. Gertrude Kanzler Mr. and Mrs. D. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. J. Kapscady Mr. and Mrs. Kaptor Mr. Edward Karan Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Karnaszewski Teresa Karnaszewska Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Karosen Mary Karosen Mr. and Mrs. E. Kasper Miss Karen Kaufmann Lester V. Kaufman Mrs. Rosemary Kaufmann Mr. and Mrs. M. Kay A Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keane Mr. Frank J. Keegan Mrs. Frank J. Keegan Mr. James B. Keegan Mrs. James B. Keegan Mr. Vincent R. Keegan Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kelemen James Kelly Mrs. Joseph Kelly Barbara Kempel Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kendler Mrs. Lawrence C. Kennedy Mrs. Mary G. Kennedy and Family Mr. Julius Kent Mrs. Z. Khalaf Stanley J. Kicki Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Kiel Frank Kimmig Mrs. Louise Kimmig Cora and George King Mr. and Mrs. James King Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. King Pfc. John Kinney Mrs. George Kiselica Mr. and Mrs. A. Edward Kiziukiewicz, Sr. Andy Kleissler Mary Kleissler Mr. T. Kleissler ' Mrs. T. Kleissler Thomas Kleissler Bobbie Klem Mr. J. Klem Mr. Joseph Klimek Mrs. Joseph Klimek John D. Kline III Emmett Kluxen Robert Kluxen Chris Knudsen Ingrid Kobberger Sherwood Koblatz Richard Koogan Peter G. Kohl Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kossack Dr. George H. Kostant Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kozak Miss Stephanie Kozak Alex Kozlowsky Mr. and Mrs. W. Krack Mrs. E. Kranz Mr. Edward Krasucki Mr. George Kratinski Mrs. G. Kratinski William Kratinski Mrs. Anton Krause Mrs. Anna Krawczuk Raymond R. Krawczuk Julie Krein Mary E. Krein The Krell Mr. and Mrs. M. Krychiw Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kryzwa Mrs. Joseph A. Kubinski Stanley C. Kubinski Mrs. Mary Kulikowska Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kumpf Kury's Delicatessen Rita Kushner Mr. and Mrs. R. Kunze Helen J. Kwiatkowska Mrs. Katherine Kwiatkowska L Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lach John J. Laferrera Judith Ann Laferrera Mr. Philip P. Laferrera ' Mrs. Philip P. Laferrera Robert G. Laferrera Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Lagravenis Mr. and Mrs. John Lamken Jeanne LaMotta L and D Superette Emerald Lanes Eileen Larney Mrs. Frances Larney ,Kathy Larney Terry Larney Mr. and Mrs. A. M. LaRusso Mr. and Mrs. John J. Laurino Mr. and Mrs. John J. Laurino and Family Mr. and Mrs. John N. Lawless Barbara Lawrie Rose and Gene Lazarus Mr. James J. LaVelle, Sr. Mrs. James LaVelle Peter D. Lawrie Mrs. Evelyn M. Leary Mr. Howard R. Leary, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Leavitt LeCercle Francais, AWHS Leckenbusch's Bakery Mrs. Percy Lee Mr. and Mrs. James Lennon Mrs. Pauline Lensky 81 STUYVESANT SERVICE STATION, INC. 1020 IBth AVENUE NEWARK. N J ESsex 3-7486 KUEBLER FUEL CO. HEATING ENGINEERING Fuel OII - Sales and Service OII and Gas lnstallatlons I8 ORANGE PLACE IRVINGTON ull, N J ALDERNEY DAIRY CO. ze BRIDGE STREET NEWARK 2. N J ESsex 2-4225 GOLDA MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FROZEN FOOD 397 MYRTLE AVENUE IRVINGTON, N MArket 2-2410 JAMES J. PLUNKETT FLORIST Motor Vehicle Registration Agency 357 SOUTH ORANGE AVENUE, NEWARK, N. ESsex 2- I 693 LOU ISE P. NOSHER GUILD OPTICIAN IO82 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE, IRVINGTON, N. Compliments of THE GOODWIN FAMILY Best Wishes To The Class of 1959 THE FOEHNER FAMILY ESsex 2-6 I 59 Electric Work A. R. Cr SON Specializing in REPAIRING ON TELEVISION, FM RADIO and PHONOGRAPH All Work Guaranteed - I4 Years Experience REASONABLE RATES 67 Delmar Place Irvington, N. J. TIRES - TUBES ACCESSORIES BATTERIES IGNITION - TUNE-UP SHELL SERVICE CENTER "SERVICE THAT SATISF I ES" ESsex 2-9235 II73 CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON. N. J. ESsex 3-0606 "DIGNlFlED and EFFICIENT SERVICES . . WOZNIAK FUNERAL HOME CONRAD J. WOZNIAK, Director 320 Myrtle Avenue Irvington I I, N, J ESsex 3-2241 AL'S MARKET Home Mn: BOLOGNAS and QUALITY Mens I408 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N J Compliments of STERN'S ARMY and NAVY STORE IOI2 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. Compliments of R. 6' L. SHEET METAL Cr CO. WAYNE, NEW JERSEY Best Wishes To The CLASS OF I959 Compliments of DR. HENRY ZULTOWSKI DENTAL sunGeoN ORange 4-9767 DAN'S GULF SERVICE O 402 Springdale Avenue East Orange, New Jersey ORange 5-9663 zooms GULF STATION A 429 Main Street East Orange, New Jersey Compliments of ESsex 5-7046 MICHAEL W. DENICE for sursmon Mens In me Finest Italian Tradition 441 15th AVENUE 850 SO. ORANGE AVE. I028 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. NEWARK 3, N. J. NEWARK 6, N. J. ESsex 5-8814 ESsex 5-7929 Bed Spreads - Draperies CAMP DRUGS C. 8' V. INTERIOR DECORATORS "PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS" M. ZAMAT, B.S. -- J. RESNICK, B.S. 850 18th AVENUE, NEAR COLUMBIA, IRVINGTON, N. J. UPHOLSTERING and SLIP COVERS NEW FURNITURE DESIGNED FOR YOU Free Estimates II62 CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. Mr. James Lenz Mrs. James Lenz Leo and Diane Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lepore Mr. and Mrs. Karl Lepple and Family Mrs. M. Lepple John Lesynski Mrs. Louise Levane Barry Levy Mr. Joseph Ley Lenny Librizzi Mr. and Mrs. R. McLinden Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lintott Mr. and Mrs. Dave Lipkin Susan Lipkin Lisa, Gail and James Bob Lisowski Little Sarge Mr. and Mrs. L. Lobmayer Mr, and Mrs. Albert Lockhart Mrs. A. Lockhart Gil Lockhart Dr. Joseph Loftus Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Loftus Mr. E. Lombardi Mrs. Ann Lombardi Mr. and Mrs. John Lone Mr. and Mrs. Irving Long ' Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lopapa Mrs. F. Lopapa Lucille Lopoltro Mr. and Mrs. S. Lopoltro Louis and Bill Mrs. William Lowe Rosemarie Lowe William Lowe Mrs. Juanita Lowery Mr. Gary Lowery Mr. Glen Lowery Ludwig Lou Mr. and Mrs. Lubkiewicz Ralph Luksza Ann Lunquist Arnerico Luongo Fred Luongo Miss Celia Lynch Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Lynch Lynne and Joan Lyon's Pharmacy M Mr. and Mrs. P. Maglione Catherine Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Mahon Elizabeth Mahon Margaret Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Mahon, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mahon Main Tobacco Co. Majestic Paint and Hardware Co. Jackie Malachefski Robert Malanga Mrs. Malena Miss Patricia Malia Mrs. E. Malovany Margaret Manchine Mr. and Mrs. E. Mancini Sam Mancini Mrs. Edna Mantz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maracsna Raymond Marcus, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. Marie Mr. Joseph Markovich Sue Markovich Pat Marinello, Jr. Evelyn D. Marion Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marut Mr. and Mrs. A. Masucci Mr. and Mrs. William Maziarski Margaret Martin Andrea Lynn Martino Miss Sue Martone Catherine Marturano Maryellen and Maryann Mary and Charlie Mrs. Felix A. Masterson Joan F. Masterson Mrs. Dorothy Mastrarrigo Marilyn Mastrarrigo Mr. M. E. Matthews Mrs. M. E. Matthews Mauer Triplets Mr. and Mrs. A. Mauriello Pat Mauriello . Thomas J. Mawn Mayfair Florist Mary Lou Maziekien Mr. and Mrs. William Maziekien Joseph McAvoy Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McBain Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McBain Mr. Daniel McCandless Rita McCann Veronica McCann William A. McCann Miss Peggy McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. James McCauley Mr. and Mrs. James D. McCauley Miss Alice McConnell Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McConnell Mr. and Mrs. James F. McConnell Joan Mary McConnell Judy McConnell Edward McConnon Joseph McConnon, Jr. Mr. Joseph McConnon, Sr. Mrs. J. McConnon, Sr. Mr. P. McConnon Mrs. P. McConnon, Sr. William McConnon Mr. and Mrs. W. McCormack Mrs. T. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. R. K. McDonnell 84 Mrs. J. M. McEvoy Dorothy McFadden Mrs. James J. McFadden Mr. and Mrs. F. McGarrity Mr. and Mrs. James A. i McGinty Leonard Joseph McGlynn Mrs. Joseph P. McGlynn Eileen McGough Jeanine McGough - Mr. and Mrs. S. McGowan Mary C. McHugh Mr. and Mrs. F. X. McHugh, Sr. Mardi McHugh Veronica McIntyre Kathleen McMahon Mr. and Mrs. William McMahon Florence Mead Gertrude A. Mead Marie C. Mead Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mech Mr. and Mrs. George L. Mederer, Jr. ' Mr. and Mrs. Peter Meeker Mrs. Melinis Valentinas Melinis Mary Melinis Mr. and Mrs. R. Melinis Walter Melinis Marie Melito Mr. and Mrs. Mick Melito Melody Center Records, IRV Chuck Menary Mr. W. F. Menzel, Jr. Mrs. W. F. Menzel, Jr. Pam Merritt Mrs. T. Metcalf Mrs. Mary Meyer Mr. and Mrs. J. Michaels Bernard Michalski Mickey and Diane Mrs. F. Mikalits Mike and Susie Mike and Val Mr. and Mrs. W. Mikorski John S. Milano Mr. and Mrs. Paul Milcik Mrs. Betty Miller The Milmoes Mr. and Mrs. Mathew J. Misiur The Mission Club, AWHS Mr. and Mrs. E. Mizia John L. Mohr Shirley Monaco Mildred L. Money Mr. and Mrs. Montefuseo Marion Monteverdi Mr. and Mrs. William Monteverdi Mrs. Robert Moore Grace Moreau Mrs. John F. Moore Mr. and Mrs. V. Morgan Edna F. Morrison . GEORGE . PRO T AND ESsex 5-7405 ll29 CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON ll, N. J Dear Faculty and Studentsf A We welcome this opportunity to salute the I959 graduating class of Archbishop Walsh High School. To the members of the Faculty and to the parents of these students we say congratulations, and may these students in future years reward your efforts and sacrifices by living the lessons they have learned and ever remaining faithful to God and Country. Sincerely, GEORGE W. FROST and SON 85 Special Parts and ESsex 4-6281 Equipment Serviced A. IiEE'S CAMERA SERVICE EXPERT CAMERA REPAIRS FOREIGN and DOMESTIC CAMERAS - ALL TYPES MOVIE CAMERAS and PROJECTORS - SOUND and SILENT Press and Commercial Cameras ADAM J. GRAEF, Prop. 33 PARK PLACE IRVINGTON, N Telephone Mltchell 2-5090 Gifts for All Occasions at Bal Luggage hop ZOO WASHINGTON STREET NEWARK 2, ICorner Raymond BIvd.I Frank Woodhour Ned Wilson Ken Sherman NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS OF Airplane Luggage Fountain Pens Brief Cases Manicure Sets Attache Cases Fitted Cases Golf Bags Desk Sets Gift Candles Wallets Clocks Umbrellas NJ 86 Mr. and Mrs. Imbro Mostecak Mortimer Mouse, D.D.S., B.S. Ziegfried Q. Mouse P.H.D. Mr. and Mrs. J. Mroszczak Muccore's Market Mrs. M. Mudrowsky Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mullen Miss Virginia Muller Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mulligan Miss Frances T. Murphy Mr. James B. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Murphy Miss Margaret Murphy Miss Marie A. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Paul Murphy Betty Murray Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murray Mr. James Murray Mr. John J. Murray John P. Murray Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Mury Vinne Musum Mr. John R. Myers Mrs. John R. Myers N Joseph P. Nadzan Jack Nafus Joseph Neigherbauer E. J. Nelson Bruno Neri Catherine Neri Jean Neri Joann and Linda Lu Neri Marianne Neri Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Neri Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Neri and Diane Mr. and Mrs. E. Neri Mr. and Mrs. Louis Neri Mr. and Mrs. Nick Neri and Sons Robert B. J. Neri Janet and Dave Nester Mr. and Mrs. A. Nester The New Arrivals Mrs. Mary N ewcombe Alfred E. Newman Miss Patricia Nichtern Mr. Harry Nichtern Mrs. Harry Nichtern Mr. and Mrs. John Nichtern Mr. John G. Nimeth Dot Niziolek Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Niziolek Mr. Philip Nobile Bernie S. Noll Mrs. John V. Noll Mrs. Lillian Noll Dr. and Mrs. S. S. Novich and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Noviski O Mrs. M. Oblachinski Eileen O'Brien Joan and Kathy O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. William E. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. M. J. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. F. O'Donnell Mrs. Helen O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. O'Gorman Carol O'I-Iare Dr. B. Olesnicky Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Oliva Mr. and Mrs. John Oliva Mr. Wm. Olvaney Mrs. Wm. F. Olvaney Mrs. E. L. 0'Neill Mr. and Mrs. N. Orlando Orphan Annie Mr. and Mrs. Henry Orzech Susan Orzech Mr. and Mrs. Walter O'Toole John Ouehigon Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Owens P Pacchia Family Mr. and Mrs. John J. Pakenham Palent Market Mr. William R. Palle Mr. and Mrs. William S. Palle Bobby Palma Mr. Palma Mrs. Palma Lorrie Palma Tom Palma Mr. Michael Palmieri Mrs. Michael Palmieri Angelo Palmisomio Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pansica Samuel Parell Park Service Station Parker Brothers Charles G. Partinston Pat and Bob Pat and Butch Pat and Cecilia Mr. James Patterson, Jr. Mr. Thomas Patterson Patricia Patton Paul and Marlene Mr. Bernard Pecararo Mrs. Mary Pecararo Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pech Trudi Pech Mr. and Mrs. John Pechkis, Sr. Peggy and Debbie Peggy and Larry 87 Peggy and Ronnie Mr. B. Pehler Mrs. B. Pehler Bob Pennell Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pennell Pamela Pentecost Penny Peter and Emily Beauty Salon Mr. W. Peterson Mr. D. Petracca Mrs. D. Petracca Anthony Petrillo, Jr. Mr. Anthony Petrillo Honey and Tony Petrillo Mrs. Louise Petrillo Phil and Jan Phi1's Barber Shop Willy Pieper Miss Maryanne Pietrucha Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Pietrucha Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pietrucha Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Pilas Cecilia Piotti Ernest Piotti Mr. and Mrs. Louis Piotti Mr. Charles Pisapia Mrs. Charles Pisapia Lucy Pizzi Helen A. Plante Mr. and Mrs. R. Podesfinski Beverly Poempner Mrs. Edward Poempner Mr. J. Polewczak Louis Polewczak Stanley Polewczak Dede Politano Barbara Pollak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pollak William J. Pollak Mr. and Mrs. J. William Pollak Bennie J. Portuese Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Harry Prahl M. B. Prawdzik Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pribula Mrs. William Price Processing Line Mr. and Mrs. James Proscia Q Alan A. Quinn R Mr. and Mrs. R. Rae Mrs. Margaret Rausch The Red Impala Mr. and Mrs. D. Reddington Mrs. F. Reddington Mr. Theodore Refinski ' Mrs. Theodore Refinski Mr. and Mrs. James J. Regan Regina Ceramic Arts PETER CARREA ESsex 2-2688 PATRICK J. FOLEY DEALER IN KNORR'S MILK, CREAM and DAIRY PRODUCTS MArket 2-l6l6 HOOPER'S PHARMACY WM. HOOPER, Registered Pharmacist, Prop. 365 SOUTH ORANGE AVENUE Compliments of THOMAS and EVELYN HALL Compliments of HALSEY BURKE 969 CHANCELLOR AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. IF YOU HAD A MILLION DOLLARS YOU COULDN'T BUY BETTER BAKED GOODS FISCHER BAKING COMPANY NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Best of Luck To The Class of '59 LUTZ'S PORK STORE lFormerIy Schumns'l ESsex 5-7497 ORANGE BAR Cr LIQUOR STORE 221 ORANGE AVENUE 1RvINGToN ll, N. J. ESsex 5-5553 ROBERT F- TAYLOR ESsex 3-0566 FRANK ELLIS, Proprietor CLINTON YARNS CT GIFTS BEN and FRANK'S DELICATESSEN A KNITTING YARNS, GIFTS and GREETING cARns 'NCORPOR TED HUMMEI- FIGURINES ouR SPECIALTY - PARTY SANDWICHES 1106 CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON. N. J. 1341 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. BROAD DRUGS MICHAEL c. VITALE, R.P. MArket 3-2831 HARRY F. MURPHY PRINTING 78 CLINTON STREET NEWARK, N. J. Best of Luck To All of You FRANK S. BARONE TULLY and McCONNELL szs so. ORANGE AVENUE NEWARK BLUE COA'L MArket 2-3415 LEHIGH VALLEY ANTHRACITE CHARLES P. RIX COAL COMPANY J1 M. DUDLEY, Prop. KOPPERS COKE - FUEL OIL 92 CONGRESS STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. Congratulations to The Class'of 1959 THE CARELLO FAMILY Compliments of MR. and MRS. MICHAEL DAUKSHUS, JR. and FAMILY To The Senior Class of 1959 "God's Blessings Always!" MR. and MRS. F. L. GUIDERA Best Wishes to The Class of l959 ZREBIEC FAMILY Best Wishes Always To The Class of l959 THE CARVER FAMILY Best Wishes to Mary Lou Compliments of and Congratulations to the Class of 1959 from MR. and MRS. J. DeBENEDITTIS and FAMILY HOME BAKERY 722 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE iRv1NGToN 11, N. J. ESsex 2-8367 KEMPLER SHOES lO55 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N J JOE REILLY'S TAVERN Treamont Avenue and Cedar Avenue Newark, New Jersey CLINTON CUT RATE DRUGS IKNOWN FOR LOW PRICESI 1031 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON II, N. J. Compliments of MRS. JAMES A. HYNSON. GEORGE and ELIZABETH Congratulations to The Class of 1959 G R U B E R ' S THE GIRLS OF ROOM 321 IRVINGTON UNION WEST ORANGE THOMAS FULLERTON eo STANLEY RoAo , souTH ORANGE, N. J. WY 1-7000 Res. Pi 3-3566 RAY WOJCIK - O'CONNOR'S AGENCY INSURANCE COUNSELOR Auto - Casualty - Fire and Life 3 GRAND UNION PLAZA NO. ARLINGTON, N. J. ESsex 4-0666 ROBERTSON CONSTRUCTION CO. PERMANENT DRIVEWAYS Belgium Block Curbs - Flagstone Walks 24 CUMMINGS STREET IRVINGTON, N. J. Best Wishes to The Class of 1959 MR. and MRS. PATRICK HUGHES LORSTAN STUDIOS UFOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EAST" 850 BROAD STREET NEWARK, N. J. Compliments of KLESS DINERS IRVINGTON UNION NEW J ERSEY ESsex 5-9868 J. F. LICCONE JIM'S DELICATESSEN We Take Pride In The Quality and Service We Glve DELICIOUS COLD CUTS - GROCERIES CANDY - BORDEN'S ICE CREAM 724 LYONS AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. Compliments of W. T. BRADY FAMILY ESsex 5-0465 FREE DELIVERY JIGGS PRIME MEATS and POULTRY GROCERIES - VEGETABLES - FROZEN FOODS SAM SACCARDI, Prop. ISS FLORENCE AVENUE ' IRVINGTON, N. J. WAverIy 3-8800 FREE DELIVERY RUBIN BROS. DRUG STORE PI-IILIP I. SKURATON, Reg. Ph., Mgr. DRUGS - SUNDRIES - COSMETICS - CAMERAS 392 CHANCELLOR AVENUE NEWARK 8, N J ESsex 3-7277 HERMAN GREEN MEATS - POULTRY - SEA FOOD FRU ITS and VEGETABLES 86 MT. VERNON PLACE NEWARK, N. J Compliments of THE ZYLINSKI FAMILY ESsex 2-6l34 I FREE DELIVERY Low In Spirits? See Us HARRY'S DELICATESSEN and LIQUORS Iooz CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON, N J Compliments of A FRIEND J. V CHEERLEADERS '59 '59 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS J B h oan et Regina Joyce Darlene Meredith Pat Kathy cathy Donna Barbara Ginny Mary Jo Ingrid Jan Kathy Judy Margie Jane Joan Mary LES JEUNES FILLES . SENIOR GIRLS I Barb Mary Lou Diane DWI' "3" "NY ARLENE - zI.:ANon - JEAN Gee, Karen Card MARY LOU - PAT - PAT - RITA Irene Eileen Rosie Kathy Cathy ESsex I -I 400 MAJOR AccoRoioN sci-iooi. MALLON AND SCHOOL 0, Mum SUBURBAN MOTORS, iNc. 57 New Street, Irvington, New Jersey . Branch studios I I28 Springfield Avenue Irvington I I N J Union - Linden - wesifieid - Plainfield ' ' JOHN J. ALBIEZ, INC. Insurance of All Kinds V Highway 22 and Fairway Drive Union, New Jersey TIGER BEEF CO. PRIME Mens 307 16th Avenue Newark, N. J. Compliments of THE IRON ANGELS ESsex 3-6500 n MIDLAND TRUCK, CASTER and WHEEL CO. THOS. N. D'ALT'RUI, President 485 SOUTH 2Ist STREET IRVINGTON, N. J. ORange 7-I7I7-8 RUDOLPH CECERE CROSSTOWN PLUMBING SUPPLY Wholesalers of PLUMBING, HEATING and INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES 194-198 SO. GROVE STREET EAST ORANGE, N. J. MArke1' 3-8477 -3-8478 EDWARD C. DOMANSKI MANHATTAN TOOL MFG. CO. Manufacturers or BLACKSMITH FORGED TOOLS 36-38 VAN BUREN STREET NEWARK 5. N. J. Compliments of YOUR SCHOOL SAVINGS BANK THE HOWARD SAVINGS INSTITUTION NEWARK and SOUTH ORANGE NEW JERSEY Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of JAMES F. CAFFREY G' SON A RECOGNIZED SERVICE SINCE 1889 AIR CONDITIONED FUNERAL HOME 809 LYONS AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ESsex 3-5133 JAMES F. CAFFREY, JR. - JAMES F. CAFFREY Ill PU LASKI SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION O 575 GROVE STREET and 860 I8th AVENUE IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY ESseX 5-5699 FREE DELIVERY CAROLINA MEAT MARKET cnolcs Mins and POULTRY 290 ORANGE AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ESsex 2-1129 R. HARPER, Prop. TRAFFIC DELICATESSEN and LIQUOR ISI FLORENCE AVENUE IRVINGTON II, N. J. ESsex 2-3343 OUR 55th YEAR BRUCK G' MURY Plumbing - Heating - Gutter and Leader Work Jobbing and Gas Fired Heating a Specialty I67 HILLSIDE TERRACE IRVINGTON, N. J. Bob Reilly Mrs. Catherine Reilly Cathy Reilly Mary L. Reilly Nancy Reilly Robert Reilly Mrs. H. Reitberger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Renga Eugene Reseigno Carl Reynolds Miss Kathy Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. James Reynolds Al and Joan Ricciardi Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Ricciardi Richard and Mary Jane Dotty Richardson Mr. and Mrs. George C. Rimmele Mrs. James Rinaldi Rita's Confectionery Rita's Gift Box Mrs. Kathryn Ringleib Mrs. F. C. Ritzger Charles Ritter Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Roberts Muriel Robertson Mr. George Robinson Katherine Rockl Mr. and Mrs. F. Rockl Mrs. A. Roeder Donna and Valerie Rogala Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rogala Mrs. Charles Rommel Lorraine Roncskevitz Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Roncskevitz Ronnie and Marie Mary Ann Roselli Mr. and Mrs. A. Roselli Rosie and Georgie Otto Rothman Mrs. A. Rubinetti Mr. and Mrs. Nick Rubino Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ruddy Al Rudeen Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Rudge Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Rudge Pat Rudge Mr. John Rujak Mr. and Mrs. W. Rutan Ruth and Bernice Mrs. G. C. Ryan Judy Ryan Margaret Ryan Pat Ryan Mr. Patrick Ryan Mrs. Patrick Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Ryan Christine L. Rzemieniewski Henry E. Rzemieniewski S Mr. Andrew L. Sabatos Mrs. Andrew L. Sabatos Peter Sabo III Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sabo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Sandmaier Mrs. A. Santoriello Edward P. Santoriello James Santoriello, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Santoriello Rosie Santoriello Mrs. Thomas Santoro Marie and Nicky Santucci Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Santucci Mike Saputo . Frederick H. Sasse Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Sasse Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Sasse Henry J. Sayer Mr. and Mrs. C. Scarfone Lee Scarfone Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schaar Marianne Schaedel Mr. and Mrs. H. Schaefer Earl Schefter l Earl Schefter, Sr. Mr. Frank N. Scheick Mrs. Frank N. Scheick Mr. George Scheick Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scheick Mr. Joseph Scheick Mrs. Joseph Scheick Mr. Theodore C. Scheick Mrs. Theodore C. Scheick. Mr. William Scheick Mr. and Mrs. John B. Schiavino Mr. and Mrs. B. Schlegel Bruce Schetelick Nancy Schetelick Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Schintz Miss Carol Schoenknecht Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schoenknecht Mr. and Mrs. G. Schmauder Mr. and Mrs. R. Schmauder Mr. George W. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Schneider S. J. Schoonover and Family Miss Marilyn Schott Mr. and Mrs. Jos. G. Schreck, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. G. Schreck, Sr. Betty Schreitmueller Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Schreitmueller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schrietmueller, Sr. Mrs. Mary Schreitmueller Mr. and Mrs. W. Schumarty Mrs. Fred Schurmann Kookie Schwab Bernard Schwartz Frank Schwartz Phyllis Schwartz 94' Mr. and Mrs. F. Schwartz Barbara Schweitzer Mrs. B. Schwedt Mrs. V. Scialli Laurie Scibilia Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scibilia Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Scott Miss Monica Lee Scott Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scureman Ben Seader Miss Dolores Seaman Miss Gertrude Seaman Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Seekell Peggy Seigfried Norbert Seitel A Setonian A Setonian Mr. Phil Seraga Mrs. Sharott Edward Shaw Frank Shea Mrs. Frank Shea Joseph Shea Mr. and Mrs. John J. Shea Mary Ann Shea Daniel C. Sheehan, M.D. Miss Genevieve R. Sheridan Glenda Sherman Mr. and Mrs. H. Shevlin Terry Shockley Mrs. Shrott Helen Sickles Richard E. Sickles Mr. and Mrs. Oscar A. Sieben Mr. and Mrs. N. Silbernagel Mr. and Mrs. V. Silbernagel "Silhouettes" Mr. and Mrs. Peter Simon Richard Sims Mr. and Mrs. J. Sitek Patricia Skelton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skwirut Murray Sloshberg, R.P. Mr. Peter Smerick Mr. and Mrs. Chester Smith Edward Smith Mr. and Mrs. L. Smith Mr. Lester Smith Mrs. Lester Smith Rita Smith Roger Smith Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smolyn, Sr. Laraine Sobolewski Mr. R. Sobolewski Rosemary Sobolewski Mrs. S. Sobolewski A. F. Soelbrandt Mrs. A. Soelbrandt Sue Soelbrandt Mr. Eric Sonnet Mr. and Mrs. B. Sorchinski Margarete Speldrich Mr.' and Mrs. Steven Spolarich Mr. and Mrs. Victor Spolarich Bobbie Stahl Mr. and Mrs. William J. Starna Dimitri Stavropoulos, Jr. Dolores Stawski Jo Ann Stawski Mr. Joseph Stawski Mrs. Joseph Stawski Richard Stawski Mr. and Mrs. Steel Rocco Stefani Stefanowicz Family Carol Steingall Ronnie Stembal Mary "Skip" Stepka Step 'n Cleaners Mr. James F. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Stewart Elizabeth and Nick Stohr Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Stohr Helen Stolzenberger Ralph Stopper and Family Mrs. George Strome John J. Strong Margaret M. Strong Margie Strong John T. Sules Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sullivan Della Swaykowski Mr. John Swaykowski Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swider Mr. and Mrs. Henry Szczyglinski Agnes Szpiech Mr. and Mrs. Peter Szpiech Mr. and Mrs. Walter Szpiech T Florence Tambasco Mrs. N. Tambasco Mrs. Joseph Tauriello John J. Teahan Terrace Gulf Service Station Terry Shop Kenneth L. Thalheimer Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Tolley Roy Tolley Mr. and Mrs. John Toltl and Son Tom's Radio and TV Store Mr. and Mrs. John F. Tomburo John Frank Tomburo, Jr. Topf's Maplewood Pharmacy Otto Torrisi Carol Trabalik Mr. and Mrs. William Trabalik Pat Trabalik Joe Trabold Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Trabold Mrs. Harold E. Trautwein R. and J. Tucci Mr. and Mrs. H. Tuerff Jim and Lois Tuerff In memory of John E. Tully Mrs. John E. Tully Mrs. William Tully William B. Tully Bernadette Turner Mr. and Mrs. G. Turner The Twins Mr. Nicholas P. Tworischuk, Sr. V Mr. and Mrs. Vacca and Family "Val" Vaillancourt Anne M. VanCleve Mrs. William S. VanCleve Mr. A. Vardi ' Mr. G. VanSomeren Mrs. G. VanSomeren Varsity Cheerleaders Doris Verna Clarence P. Vierschilling Mr. and Mrs. Pat Villanova Ruth and Ray Villanova Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Villanova, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. S. Villanova, Sr. Elsie Visconti Mr. and Mrs. A. Visconti Mr. and Mrs. J. Visconti Mr. and Mrs. Bela Visy Mr. Anthony Vitanzo Mrs. A. Vitanzo Mr. and Mrs. S. Vlatowski Arthur Vohden Mr. and Mrs. James Vohden Jane Susan Vohden Lou and Julie Volpe Miss Alice Vreeland Mr. L. Vreeland Miss Marian Vreeland Mrs. A. Vyniski Pat Vyniski W Mr. and Mrs. E. Wacker Joyce Wacker Bernadette E. Wagner Susie Walker Mr. John Walkonis Charles and Thomas Walsh Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh Mary Ann Walsh Mr. and Mrs. V. Walsh Vickey Walsh Walt and Diane Mrs. A. Wanczyk Mr. and Mrs. A. Warholick Eileen Watts Mr. and Mrs. C. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Weigel Gisela C. Weigel Mr. and Mrs. E. Wendel Mr. Fred Werner Mrs. A. Wesch 95 Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. West Mrs. E. K. West Mr. and Mrs. Milton West Mr. and Mrs. John Wieczerzak Gail Wiesner Mrs. H. Wiesner Mrs. Kathryn Wiggins Thomas S. Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wilk Mrs. Cecilia Wilkie Miss Louise Wilkinson Donald Williams "Willie" John Wilusz Mr. and Mrs. John Wilusz Mrs. Susanna Wilusz Margaret Winters Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wojcik Mrs. George Wolff Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Wolters Mr. and Mrs. F. Woodhour Mr. and Mrs. James J. Woods and Family Mr. and Mrs. E. Wysocki Mr. and Mrs. Philip Woolite Mr. and Mrs. A. Wroblewski Mr. and Mrs. F. Wulff and Family Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wynn X Ignatz Xenophon Y Eileen C. Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Young Timothea Young Mrs. W. Yurecko Z Grace Zabriskie Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zach John Zalewski Mrs. A. Zapach Anna Zeitler William Zeitler Mr. and Mrs. Florian Zepecki Miss Julia Zepecki Mr. and Mrs. William Zidonik Margaret Zielinski Mrs. Zikaras Miss Dorothy A. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Roy Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Zoellner Jean Zrebiec Robert Zrebiec Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Zukowski Christopher Zwick Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Zwigard Compliments of Compliments of THE LISOWSKI FAMILY A FRIEND ESSEX 3-3838 ESsex 5-3380 I.Eo EsPosITo CENTER M- E- MAWHEW5 TYPEWRITER SERVICE REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE EXCLUSNE D,STR,BUTOR ROYAL TYPEWRITER CO. BURROUGHS ADDING MACH. CO. I SALES and SERVICE 22 HILLSIDE TERRACE II63 CLINTON AVENUE NEWARK 6, NEW JERSEY IRVINGTON II, NEW JERSEY 96 Prodund lay Euywhwvu ITY PRINTING CO U 0 1'Y.MEwJllslY M110ff5!WfL 02124 JMMQMH QMWW7 Awwwimw s Maw, WMM MBU M-Miiwfww M JM MJJ72 W- . """"""ff4 W Wy af GPM! ALMA, ZZXLAML bag! i AMQWMM Hula' fvwnmwtf' MN fm? M W5 msmlfmavw' MMA P??E, f , .. Y. - '1- 1 , ' UW? Kjm1!"U'f'f'g '0J"g 4Q gfzkan-M, ig ,,,T7, , ,cm WWWWWWWW ' fbi! 01f !L.aW,7,,,f,L4g,QJ ,g,,9g,.,w2.f-. feng ,?4w fLf47f. ' ,,2,,,,,5w,,gfAw 9210 KWMLQJ

Suggestions in the Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) collection:

Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 99

1959, pg 99

Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 19

1959, pg 19

Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 73

1959, pg 73

Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 61

1959, pg 61

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