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7 151-mlwmhe ml ' vs-. ' The Class of 1958 presents ARCHBISHOP WALSH HIGH SCHOOL . 4,, -' gf ff Q L 1' 'Y -, X whww "f.X Z Q 4 n' X4-Qs f QA 3 f. 'F iw 1 I 'W 1 v X 3 gf ,f ,fi . nfl A . m , X 1 m, .,H aw ,f U V 5 J G 3 A f M N f ,' ' gQ , Ji, I N A, , 2 S, , Q3 gg? M, fvffxy Q v L' yn V 535,315 ww- Q V YA 'Meer 35: ffagiwa iii? i , 'di' ' 5 am? 521 iangs' ,Ui f '1?flEff3,?ili!l7l"!? :Ni J has 4L.:a.R4-i2 . Winn wx "5 I 3WY1'T5F?9U5,uu 'uf ,,xv . 1? fra!" W ,... if Q54 'mifw a!5Ha' 5 1 -"'-af ,I.,. by v'x".a-4' , A, 'kay-Lf N p'M 51923 , ' "A f:g:::5:!f.1 ffl N ' dir M -. ,,: .s A, us, :ffQf5.f55w W f., I R A A.f' A -L n 2 X ' X x 2 K . 2 ,wxxpii 7,6 4 5 .F v v - 15345, :fy 4,3 i ,g,W,. ,V M mi f ix :,,'!3f'7!f5X, 'gif'-5Ei'f,. ,M-V-ff I Z1 K :1'5f:ff':iz'fsL'32i5 2 .9 ,gp ,, K , ,VA,L. .,,7 . V VVLLVV Mvazpm,-ww , . W V .... 1 ,4.fx, ,, , 2 ' X S ' 1 3 AJ'E'1?:i'-"f7:'L'if1, L ., f With Respect, Admiration, and Gratitude . . Sister Mary Gerard, S.S.N4D. PRINCIPAL I We, the Graduates of l958, dedicate to our revered principal, SISTER MARY GERARD, this Buchmann Beacon. I Through Sister Gerard's untiring energy, the school has State Accreditation. During its "green years" of growth from sixty to four hundred and Sixty stu- dents, our devoted principal has developed its personality with patience, wisdom, and encouragement, from three teachers in l952, the faculty has increased to twenty-twog the courses of study have expanded to include, be? sides the Academic, the Commercial and General Courses. These fruitful six years of endless endeavor have materialized in universal respect for Archbishop Walsh High School, and in laurels for its graduates, Under Slster's leadership, scholarship has been nurtured and ambition en-F kindled. Sister Gerard is the epitome of goodnessg her thoughtfulness and charity emanate from a truly great heart. Daily we thank God for so beloved a prin- cipal, and daily we thank our principal for bringing us closer to Godf S S. REVERED OOO 6 Sister MARY ALOISE S.S.N.D. Religious Superior Right Reverend Monsignor JOHN O. BUCHMANN Director of Archbishop Walsh Memorial High School Pastor of St. Leo's Church Irvington FACULTY SISTER MARY ALOYSINE, S.S.N.D.. SOCIAL STUDIES Class 2A SISTER MARY AUSTIN, S.S.N.D. ENGLISH Class IA MR. ROBERT BRADY SOCIAL STUDIES, ENGLISH Class 4C MR. ROBERT BURROWS PHYSICAL EDUCATION SISTER MARY CAROLA, S.S.N.D. ENGLISH, SOCIAL STUDIES Class 4A Buchmann Beacon SISTER MARY CORONATA, S.S.N.D. VOCAL Schola MRS. JOSEPH GHEGAN ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT SISTER MARY JOHN GABRIEL, S.S.N.D. COMMERC IAL SUBJ ECTS COMMERCIAL CLUB MRS. ALLEN JONES FAMILY LIVING PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. KARL KING MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE Class 3B Science Club MR. ANTHONY LAGRAVENIS SCIENCE, LATIN Class 2C REV. JAMES LAING RELIGION, FIRST YEAR . . and In the foyer the statue of OUR MEDAL, gift of Monsignor heavenly LMC- Iltvf' , .V , ' ,fly REV. EDWARD G. PRICE REV. JOHN W. TOMBLER MR. JOHN LAWLESS SISTER MARY PETRONILLA, S.S.N.D., MATHEMATICS, BOOKKEEPING LATIN Class IB Class SISTER MARY MARGARETTE, S.S.N.D. REV. EDWARD G. PRICE FRENCH RELIGION, FOURTH YEAR French Club Cathohc Action REV. HENRY J. scHREITMuEI.LER SISTER MARIE, S.S.N.D. RELIGION, THIRD YEAR LIBRARY SCIENCE Athletics Moderator LIBRARIAN Library Club MR. EUGENE TOMBLER SISTER MARY MARTINA, S.S.N.D. ENGLISH' TYPING SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS REV. JOHN wi TOMBLER scifi mlb RELIGION, SECOND YEAR MR. HARRY NEIGEI. SISTER MARY WALTER, s.s.N.D. COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS, SCIENCE, ENGLISH MATHEMATICS glass IC Class ID Camera Club SGI-IR8I7fM,U5LLER, v BR I A - REv.T,wMs 'r. LAINGI I -IILI 1,5 ,I',, T,.' , ,,L, ,, E,,,, ,,,, ' h 1., J Q I It ' P III S lf' fIffvIIi4f5' iiiawiv ii Ili g g,fii',',l i:i'f'ff,Qi2' fifgififk DURING M I E ! HOURS XXQKVKXNLG m I lillllllllf 'I ""Il,,,,,,,,f:::::...-1411lm I Qlihisihllllllfwifliunui .Q 42 Class SA Front Row, Left: Palma Cozza, Judith Goodwin, Patricia Dutter, Carol Herbert, Eileen Young, Patricia Trabalik, Donna West, Catherine Reilly. Second Row: Janice Goodwin, Joan McConnell, Arlene Guiliano, Mary Kathryn Scott, Virginia Masucci, Carol Ann Kaptor, Mary Lou DeBenedittis. Third Row: Julia Hawkins, Eleanor Maziarski, Patricia Dorsey, Jean Zrebiec, Rita Carver. Regina Schwartz, Elaine Andres, Mary Ellen Avery. Fourth Row: Nicholas Corclasco, Joyce Wacker, Barbara Zekeres, Louena Guidera, Kathleen Orzech, Marlon Monteverdi, Gregory Handler. Back Row: Joseph Coviello, Joseph Krukauskas, Robert Cureski, Edward Chrystal. Not Pictured: Darlene Donahue, Owen Shea. ,YY 1 AA ff f "' Yew MACHINE WORK-Arlene Guiliano and Donna West demon I strate their ability with the Singer sewing-machine. PHYSICS MADE EASY-Sister Martina reviews from the chart the six machine elements. a..c,,-Ma,g,gT,,ggM - f eq-M, V' 'M ,, .. Just one step more QUIET BIRTHDAY-Solemn as a judge, Mary Lou DeBene- dittis has just made a pronouncement to Louena Guidera and "Sweet Sixteen" Kathleen Orzech. SAINTLY SOPHS-Under that title Donna West Ueftj, Ralph Kobberger, Patricia Dorsey, and Carol Herbert entertain the seniors at the 1957 Student Supper. GOOD FELLOWS TOGETHER-Joseph Krukauskas and Owen Shea gather the crowd around them. CLASS SPIRIT-3A's Mission Representative Eleanor Maziar- ski, President Mary Lou DeBenedittis, and Secretary Palma Cozza spark their class for the coupon drive. li Man's World. . . RQ , 'iff 2 ww' "lT'S ONLY A MARK!"--Mr. King's philosophy on marks helps to preserve his and our genial natures. SCIENCE RESEARCH-Physics sfudenfs lclockwisel William Scheik, John Mech, Walter Melinis, and Michael Foehner scrutinize the recordings of the ammeter. ORDERLY EXISTENCE-William Szpiech, Kenneth Camp, and Rose Santonello copy the week's schedule from the Master Schedule Board. ' - BOOK-BUYING-Nicholas Cordasco fleffi and Edward Dough- erty lrighfi examine The condition of the books they propose to buy from Donald Rogers, senior I2 E, L :fig L W 11, , f ,fx 55 E w ,319 . 's 4 'M Jfvig gl - ff! V , L, 1 LL il 5 ' A 5' A ' g"7' :gpg L gi 5 l I . :g f I gh K VV , ' ' si 7 5' si' i 'VVLV ': X A LL in W:A'iL:L'1 Q 'JL V gy g A' V ,C L ' A 'n QF , U' ' K - W Y' Q. i l I' i P2 R . T . I . 1 an fi J' ia 2 m ' f 1 ff ' 2 af Our Fair Ladies !IP'S-President Patricia Ryan, Vice President Sheila Sac' zenti, and Secretary Kathy eri pose before the picture of Monsignor Buchmann in the lobby. FLYING FINGERS- Elizabeth Schreitmueller Clefti and Jo Ann Stawski try to better their 'speed with the keys. RELAXING LUNCH HOUR-Elizabeth Hynson ileftl, Barbara Zekeres, Mary Ann Kossach, Carol Schlegel, and Marion Monteverdi mix lunch and gossip. Q, ENGLISH IS BASIC-And so they take it seriously. The stu dents are Kathy Jotz Lleftj, Kathy Neri, Sue Soelbrandt and rlene Gebhardt. I5 5,5 fx S- v Viv Vl w , 1 :Zf ,.,, Q 39 MBR? QWK. M ALL IN THE BOOKS-Sophomore girls buy books 'from Mrs. Palmeri fleaning overl, Mrs. Moriteverdi and Mrs. Ulrich. Yo u n g ci n d G a y EXPLORING BIOLOGY--Joan Buddenhaqen ileffl, Claire Biunno, and Jo-Ann Vitanzo are totally absorbed In their favorite subiecf. LEAKY ROOF?-Kathy O'Brien searches for the recent 'for- mula for house-repairing, while Barbara Zach lstandingl and Joyce Sabatos seek answers to other queries. HERE'S HOW-Elizabeth Ghegan Car big beakeri explains the process of osmosis to other participants in the sophomore science assembly. I7 ff as M481 H 2 fs- fi -if . .D 5719. N , ,Y E 0 Q if if 'Q ph I 1.: -' 1 QUELLES BONNES ELEVES-Good students of Class 2B are Secretary Helen Stolzenberger, President Melanie Janusz, and Vice President Margaret Bogstahl. Books and Bells GOOD WAITERS-Until Sister Marie comes to unlock the library, Patricia Hospodar Ueftl, Mary LaRusso, and Catherine Maziekien enjoy a ioke. GOODBYE, FRESHMAN YEAR-Sophcimores lthen 'freshmenl enjoy the last get-together of their first year at the Student Supper. I9 "Gentlemen from Sole to Crown . . ." T'Hri'iEE -MUSKETEERS--Jan Krufy flefth, Thomas Hamer, and Frank Fehrenbach model Lackets for the well-dressed Wafs man. 20 WONDERFUL NATURE-Mr. Lagravenis calls attenfion to The intricacies and structure of a bird's wing. i ,J L. is COMMANDOS-In charge of 2C are President Frank Shea lleftj, Secretary William Lisowski, and Vice President Daniel Klimek. 6 RIGHT, 2 LEFT-Thomas Palmeri lacks the magic touch. Edward Hopkins has succeeded in getting his locker open. Class 2C Front Row, Left: Joseph Valente, Lee Scartone, Richard Fachet, Frank Shea, Peter Caldwell, Philip Errico, Thomas Palmeri, Martin Brophy. Second Row: William Drobach, Peter Wilk, James Hand, Daniel McConnell, 'Ihomas Burkard, James Stoekal, Thomas Flanagan. Third Row: Paul Burst, William McFadden, Vincent Coppola, William Kratinski, Martin Merbler, Michael Carney. Timoth Mennuti, George Strauch. Fourth Row: Daniel Klimek, Dennis Hughes, Brian Kane, Edward Kiziukiewicz, Roger Woodhour, Wilnam Pollak, Jan Kruty. Fifth Row: Christopher Ulrich, William Lisowski, Florian Zepecki, Frank Fehrenbach, Thomas Hamer, Mark Olesnichy, Edward Hopkins. Back Row: James Boland, Thomas Cort, Walter Nielwocki, Thomas Tahaney. FRIENDS REJOICE-"How did you ever do it?" inquire Christopher Ulrich ileftl, Joseph Valente, and Roger Wood- hour lrightl, after seeing all those 95's on Daniel Klimek's report card. 21 my -uk s Q H Our Youngest RELIVING ALEXANDER'S CONQUESTS-Bernadette Noll ileftl, Marie Markovich, and Carol O'Hare lbackj trace the route of the great conqueror. THE ARCHBISHOP WALSH COLLECTION--The contents of the showcase, the memorials of the former Archbishop, at- tract the attention of Class IA President Marcella Galfy, Vice President Barbara Gawron, and Secretary Anita lmperatrice. FORBIDDEN TERRITORY-Kenneth Pietrucha, Diane Reiner lleftl, and Susan Wolters enjoy the freedom of "after school." 23 "ELEMENTARY, MY DEAR WATSON!"-or so it seems to Mr. Lawless. ln the Morning of Life... ,Lff r . H REAL WORK-A quiet hour in the library ,is appreciated by Bohdan Czerniach, Joseph DeSantis, and Charles Weber. EARLY MORNING CRAMMING--Students of IB try to fit in a bit of studying before the 8:20 bell. 24 CLASS BUSINESS-"Are you sure that's his right address?" asks Vice President Dennis Hoffman istandingl of Secretary Rita Gulbicki while she and President Eugene Culkin check Advocate subscriptions. I , k 'Sw J s 5 me 5 ,,-vmf '42 . , .,. 1, K, A V, , f ,N 3 is 5 2 . 5 w S 2 ye i l g 1 W? 'Q YQ? 'Y' in 'ig M 1 eaffif Mm wg J Q is M First Steps COAXING SMILE-Sister Walter in her engaging way initiates The freshmen into the mysteries of science. BARBERSHOP QUARTET-Joseph Szpiech Ueftl, Raymond Krawczuk, Richard Mancini, and George Varga harmonize for the benefit of the rest of the class. TOP PERSONAGES-President Roberflrebiec icenferl, Diane Byrnes fleffj. and Catherine Reddington Take their jobs noi too seriously. BOOK-WORMS-But beautifull Diane Burns ileffl, Barbara Chmielak, Joan Rommel, and Catherine Reddingfon "dig it out" in The library. 27 Q, Q. I M ' -4 gg 5, -Q, M Wt' 'W M' fi HA' . V ' , ': ' NW' k lg G1 , 5-' ig g gi A : ' ' 1, f , f a b -Z M T. 1- , ,rf . :WML 64- S mf 6? iii' L- cw ii b my 1 Bi Q Qffd, M Yi 5 MQW 5 V J Q gy? ni if L 'TL we fb nv IQ- ff' gf T" 1? ON THE WAY UP-Boys of Class TD return to their homeroom after history class. MARKING PERIOD-"Oh, well, there's always another one." William Madden ponders the enigma of the marking system. Last, But Not Least RIGHT HERE-Michael Matthews shows Brenda Remmliriger the exact location of ancient Athens. 29 EXECUTIVE BOARD-lD President Brian MdGough talks things over with Secretary Kathleen Devine lleftl and Vice President Gail Wiesner. More V. l. P. EEP AND WIDE-Agnes Rujak submits to the ministrations of Mrs. Gloria Frevert school nurse. OMNIPRESENT-A book? A lost bag? Change for a dollar? Late slip? Mrs. Ghegan amiably supplies the answer. OUR MRS JONES-A smile for each and every student exem- plifies an essential in Family Living--graciousness. THE UBIQUITOUS TELEPHONE-A game is in sight as Coach Bur- rows makes last-minute arrangements for the Walsh Star Cagers NEWEST AND LATEST-Mr. Tombler looks perfectly at home in his new surroundings. 30 AFTER HOURS is 'lW mf miQrf-- - --111-1'f', 5 yur A3AYrVEE,TEAlA+4-E-EFQIWEEIQOW Ilofil: Frank Heaney, Raymond Forse, Robert Muller, Frank Shea, Daniolklimek James Broph Vincent Coppola Richard Fachet Back NCHEER? For Coach Burrow JACK MCGINNITY Rows- Coach Burrows, J-Raivn Kobberger, Jrtian McGough, Brion Kane, Robert' Kinny, Dinfiis Hughes, John Nichfefn, Ronald Wanczyk, Edward Kiziukiewicz, James Hoag, ' V A Pbfel' Wilk, and Father Schreitmueller. EDGAR HERMANN GEORGE SCHNEIDER JOHN MURY w v 1 Twin Varsiteersf-JOHN McEVl TOM TURNEY BOB CURESKI UP IN THE AIR-Bob Kinney TERRY LARNEY smks one for the J.V. 32 HEERL :md His Team!" JOE COVI ELLO "GIVE US A W!"-Cheerleaders Ueftj Alice Fay, Suzanne Gleason, Irene Feengy, Barbara Scherer, Joan O'Brien, Mary Gulbicki, Kafhleen Larhey, Joyce Devine, Lana Kelleher, and Claire Reddington put their best knees forward. READY! AIM! FIRE!-Edgar Hermann. BAREFOOT CONTESSA--"Hey, watch my toes!" Tn0fnf1S Tufney. P-Sf FOIGY, and Owen Shea yells Joseph Coviello during practice. practice outside shooting. fleffj and JOHN REYNOLDS. OWEN sl-:EA JACK HUBER Joe PIERZ PAT FOLEY 33 CAMERA CLUB REEL-HAPPY-Raymond Babineau, Frank Shea, and Joan Budden hagen prepare for a film session. Among the clubs at Walsh, the Camera Club is one ot the most popular. Under its moderator, Sister Mary Walter, it has pro- moted an interest in photography. This Year a dark-room has been equipped, where club members learn to develop and enlarge their pictures. Several times during the year mem- bers have exhibited their etforts on the library bulletin board. DO-IT-YOURSELF SHUTTERBUGS-Jean Zrebiec, Carol Herbert, and Charles Weber try their luck at picture-developing. Camera Club Raymond Babineau President Martin Brophy Kenneth Camp Michael Carney Patricia Chmielak Nicholas Cordasco Mary Lou DeBenedittis Joseph DeSantis William Drobach Frank Shea Vice President Joan Duchs Richard Fachet Joan Faber Frank Fehrenbach Madelyne Glasscox Patricia Grimes Carol Herbert Dennis Hughes Joan Buddenhagen Secretary Joanne lsemann Brian Kane Dorothy Lenz Rosemarie Lowe Mark Olesnicky Phyllis Orlando Charles Weber Jean Zrebiec LlBRARY CLUB LIBRARY KNOW-HOW-Raymond Woicik, William Scheick, John Mech and Walter. Melinis discover that all the information they need is right at their fingertips. Raymond Wojcik President Robert Aruta Peter Andreyuk Mary Ellen Avery Raymond Babineau Kathleen Berman Robert Brady Kenneth Camp Caryl Caporaso Nicholas Cordasco Janice Coen Palma Cozza Eugene Culkin Bohden Czerniach Gail Demko Joseph DeSantis Kathleen Devine K Q accounts. RALLY ROUND THE DESK!-Library Club members reporting for duty, Gertrude Spence, Brenda Remmlinger, Helen Stolzenberger, Edward Manure, Louena Guidera, Rosemarie Roccasecca, Bernard Baehr, Jan Kruty, Joan Farber, Melanie Janusz and Patricia Gaynor. Library Club William Scheick Vice President Joseph Dolan Joan Duchs Joan Farber Peggy Ann Ferrugia Judy Goodwin Thomas Gorden Susan Gormly Louena Guidera Richard Hattersley Julia Hawkins Carol Herbert Jan Kruty Bartholemew Lawles Stephen Leonardis Robert Marut Michael Matthews 5l.l5?-"Yes, your book is long overdue," responds Sister Marie, librarian, as she checks over her S John Mech Secretary Judith McCauley Jean Anne McConnell Timothy Mennuti Martin Merbler Robert Neri Walter Nielwocki Richard Niewiarowski Carol O'Hare Mark Olesnicky Thomas Palrneri Gertrude Pech Catherine Reilly Brenda Remmlinger Richard Renga Donald Rogers Joseph Ruddy Walter Melinis Treasurer Agnes Rujak Mary Ellen Schoonover Mary Ann Shea Gertrude Spence Barbara Stahl James Stoeckel Helen Stolzenberger Mary Ann Thran Henry Tobey Pat Trabalik John Tully Donna West Eileen Young Gerald Zappa Vito Zappa Jean Zrebiec JUST FOR A DAY-Joan O'Brien, Bernice Janusz, Suzanne Gleason, and Evelyn Pascavage rest on the steps of Low Library during a day-long trek around Columbia University, to get ideas on editing a yearbook. Buchmann Beacon This annual literary work recalls vividly the Senior Year in every aspect of its school and social life. The Yearbook develops slowly with innumerable plans and revisions which even- tually materialize into the finished product. Both the literary and the business staffs work hand in hand to make it a successful publication under the supervision of the mod- erator Sister Carola. A feeling of pride, a sense of accomplishment, and a hint of the future envelop each Senior as he views this Panorama of a brief but fruitful period of his life. Editor . Artist .... Business Manager Photographer . . Business Staff Caryl Caporaso Joyce Devine Doreen DiGiacomo Margaret Fischer June Kimmig Kathleen Larney Terry Larney Susan Markovich Anthony Mustalish Carole Preshong Claire Reddington Claire Rossbach Barbara Scherer George Schneider Barbara Szlaga Mary Ann Thran Thomas Turney Joan Valenti Patricia Villanova Irene Virostek . Alice Fay . Joseph Pierz . . . Joan O'Brien . Raymond Babineau Literary Staff Carol Bauer Thomas Bruckner Joyce Devine Geraldine Elsman Kathleen Feely Irene Feeney Suzanne Gleason Jack Gormiy Bernice Janusz Thomas .laworski Audrey Julg Robert Marut Darlene O'ConneIl Bernice O'Keefe Evelyn Pascavage Donald Rogers Joseph Ruddy MASS MEETING-The entire literary staff discuss yearbook problems. l HOT OFF THE TYPEWRITERS-Buchmann Beacon typists roll out the first draft of the senior write-ups. Seated Ileftlf Pat Dasko tchairmanl, Mary Ann Holtz, Maureen Boland, Mary Canncn, Julie Krein, Sandra Jund, Dorothy McCallum, Virginia Muller. Standing: Kathleen Belldl, Nancy Dougherty, Lana Kelleher, Julie Gorski, and Patricia Reilly. PEP RALLY-Participating in a rally for the yearbook are, standing: Patricia Villanova, John McGinnity, John Mury, Alice Fay, Anthony Mustalish, Joan O'Brien, Operating the opaque projector are Claire Reddington and Donald Rogers. Seated: Audrey Julg, Barbara Szlaga. Patricia Dasko, and Julie Gorski. Bucnmann Beacon cheerleaders are Irene Feeney, Kathleen Larney, Mary Gulbicki, Barbara Scherer, Lana Kelleher, and Joyce Devine. TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY--Girls lead out their escorts at the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance sponsored by the CYO. SADIE HAWKINS DANCE OUR TABLE-A good time for all, especially for fclockwisej Helen Stolzen- berger, Owen Shea, Mary Ellen Avery, Patricia Trabalik, Edgar Hermann, Joseph Coviello, Judy Goodwin, Joseph McCannon, Janice Goodwin, Kalman Dolgos. CYO "FATHER, MAY WE . . .?" -CYO officers, Kathleen Larney and Mary Gublicki seek the advice of Father Schreitmueller, moderator, a- bout affairs pertaining to the organization. Catholic Action Club YOUTH ENGAGES IN CATHOLIC ACTION The Catholic Action Club, under the direction of Sister Margarette, performs various charitable works throughout the year. The club consists of mission representatives elected from each homeroom. The Advocate Drive, the medical and stamp campaigns constitute some of the mission projects the Catholic Action Club sponsors throughout the year. The students of Archbishop Walsh High are able to exercise an apostleship whereby they become closer to God through Patricia Dasko Frank Heaney James Kilkenny Bartholomew Lawless Eleanor Maziarski Thomas Palmeri Cecilia Piotti the missions. Irene Reilly Marion Roncskevitz John Schiavino Gertrude Spence Florence Tambasco Patricia Villanova COUPONS, COUPONS, COUPONS-Catholic Action representatives BELLES VS. BELLS-Sophomores Carol Kapscady, Patricia Hospodar, Patricia Dasko Kstandingj, Florence Tambasco, Gertrude Spence Irene and Patricia Brady enlist the services of bells, balls, and pointsettias Reilly, John Schiavino, Cecilia Piotti, James Kilkenny, and Marion for the Christmas corsages. Roncskevitz count coupons. WALSH'S ANSWER TO RUSSIA-Two Nucleus members, Ray BORN CHEMlST-Anthony Mustalish, vice president ofthe Wojcik and Thomas Bruckner display with pride and joy, a success- Nucleus, shows how to suffocate a,gasoline fire. ful gas compressor, built by them. Nucleus Club The Nucleus is the charter Science Club of Archbishop Walsh High. lts moderators, Mr. King and Sister Martina, have in mind to pro- mote a lively interest in science, by providing additional features not encountered in the regular scientific courses. The members, con- sisting of thirty-five Chemistry and Physics students, undertake special projects to be demonstrated at the meetings, hear lectures by erudite personalities and visit interesting plants, both chemical and industrial. On February l l, of this year, Mr. King took Senior members to visit the CIBA plant in Summit, New Jersey. The Nucleus hopes to lay a sound foundation for future members interested in the mysteries of science. President . . Vice President Treasurer . . Secretary . Paul Brady Thomas Bruckner Gerald Dougherty Alice Fay Kathleen Feely Michael Foehner James Hughes Bernice Janusz Thomas Jaworski June Kimmig Arlene Klem Terry Larney John McEvoy John Mech Walter Melinis John Mury ., . . Gerald Zappa . Anthony Mustalish . . Audrey Julg SCIENTISTS ARE PINNED-President' Gerald Zappa and Secretary Barbara Szlaga assist Sister Ma.y Gerard in handing out the mem bership cards and pins to Nucleus members. Thomas Podlas receives his. DIAMOND? NO, GLASS CUTTERS--Demonstrating the process of . Barbara Szlaga fire-polishing the tip of a piece of glass tubing is Gerald Zappa Joan O'Brien Thomas Palma Evelyn Pascavage Kenneth Pietrucha Thomas Podlas Lawrence Pribula Claire Reddington Robert Reilly Richard Renga William Scheick Barbara Scherer John Schiavino Bernadette Turner Patricia Villanova Raymond Wojcik Claire Reddington Cleftl, Robert Reilly, and June Kimmig watch Secretary . . . ..... . in mm French Club Members of the Senior and Junior classes constitute the entire French Club. The express purpose of the club is to enable its members to improve their conversational and reading French. lt also aims to impart to those as yet unaquainted with the language the pleasures found in its songs and dances. lt is customary for the French Club to present a skit once or twice a year at Assemblies. Under the expert guidance of Sister M. Margarette, President Audrey Julg, and the other officers, the French JOYEUX NOEL-French students present their Christmas tableau. Left: Mary Lynn Helurich tat the pianoj, Elizabeth Fetzer, Regina Donroe, Gail Demko. Standing: Margaret Cassidy, Marlene Pennell, Frank Shea, Claire Biunno, Joyce Sabatos. Audrey Julg President Elaine Andres Rita Carver Palma Cozza Mary Lou DeBenedittis Darlene Donahue Alice Fay Kathleen Feely Barbara Scherer Vice President Margaret Fisher Suzanne Gleason Judy Goodwin Louena Guidera Julia Hawkins Carol Herbert Bernice Janusz Club will surely succeed in fulfilling its aims. Arlene Klem Secretary-Treasurer Carol Ann Kaptor Eleanor Maziarski Joan McConnell Patricia Trabalik Donna West Eileen Young President . . Vice President ....... Commercial Club The purpose of the commercial club is to. introduce our senior and junior business stu- dents to the activities of the business world through projects and lectures. The senior students act as secretaries to the faculty and are trained in integrity and efficiency. They also have charge of the school banking, and type programs for the school assemblies and special occasions. Patricia Bardi Linda Bauer Kathleen Belzel Maureen Boland Rosemary Bussiculo Meredith Byron Mary Cannon Patricia Clark Patricia Dasko Mary Ann Demeter Patricia Derrig Nancy Dougherty Diane Eggert Florence Fischer Ruth Fischer Joan Fitzgerald Isabelle Ford Carole Golden Janice Goodwin Julie Gorski Arlene Guiliano Mary Gulbicki Naomi Helmstetter Mary Ann Holtz Mary Jane Hulighan Elizabeth Hynson Kathleen Jotz Sandra Jund Beverly Kanzler Lana Kelleher Joan Klingel Julie Krein Elizabeth Lach Judith Laferrera Kathleen Larney Dorothy Lawless Susan Markovich- Virginia McBain Patricia McCallum Dorothy McCallum Eileen McGough Jeanine McGouQh Virginia Muller WALSH'S -BUSINESS WOMEN-Patricia Clark ttelephonel, Sandra ET CETERA, ET CETERA, ET CETERA--Sister John Gabriel tries out Jund, Patricia Reilly, Lana Kelleher, and Susan Markovich show how. the. shorthand speed of Virginia ,vans . H1 . . Julie Krein . Patricia Clark . Patricia Reilly Paula Mustal-ish Katherine Neri Kathleen O'DonnelI Barbara Pehler Theresa Petrillo Vivian Plante Patricia Reilly Rosemarie Roccasecca Patricia Ryan Sheila Saccente Barbara Schaefer Carol Schlegel Betty Schreitmueller Phyllis Schwartz Rosemary Sobolewski Susan Soelbrandt Jo Ann Strawski Elizabeth Stopper Marjorie Strong Rose Santoriello Regina Schwartz Joyce Wacker Muller and Julie Gorski. Music Club Sing . . . for the Glory of God. SCHOLA CANTORUM The Schola Cantorum, or School of Singing, functions as the Choir of Saint Leo's Church. Under the able direction of Sister Mary Coro- nata, the Schola has completed another suc- cessful year in the parish. Schola membership enables Archbishop Walsh girls to sing Sunday High Mass in Gregorian Chant, to participate in Holy Week Services, Midnight Mass, Forty Hours Devotion, first Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies. President . . . Mary Cannon Vice President - . Mary Gulbicki Secretary . . . Irene Virostek Librarians . . . Mary Ann Thran Paula Kaufmann EVERYONE SAY "CHEESE"-Freshman and Sophomore Schola mem- bers willingly oblige. Front Row: Lillian Kimmig, Mary Karosen, Jacqueline Wiggins, Rosamund Lockwood, Joan Ricciardi, Dorothy Visconti, Mary Jo Turner, Carol Krychiw, Patricia Smith, Eileen Keane. Second Row: Rita Gulbicki, Patricia Homza, Kathleen Her- man, Lorraine Rossbach, Barbara Zach, Carol Kapscady, Carol Cali- mano, Evelyn West. Back Row: Dorothy Lenz, Diane Reiner, Susan Wolters, Barbara Rimmele, Melanie Janusz, Joan Farber, Margaret Cobb, Joan Mury, Rosemary Lowe. NOTEWORTHY-Sister Coronata, vocal, teacher, expertly accom- panies a class in singing. ALLELLJIA! HOW THE SCHOLA SANG--Junior and Senior Schola members lumber up for the Christmas singing. Front Row: Kathleen O'DonnelI, Claire Rossbach, Margaret Fischer, Catherine Neri, Cecilia Piotti, Joan Valenti, Arlene Guiliano. Second Row: Mary Ann Thran, Irene Virostek, Phyllis Schwartz, Rosemarie Roccasecca, Bernadette Turner. Back Row: Patricia Bardi, Mary Cannon, Irene Feeney, Mary Gulbicki, Jeanine McGough, Eileen McGough. HOLY NIGHT-Members of the Glee Club rehearse 'for the Christmas pageant. F 2? 'J s, s 'A ,sf 4 MQ 55", , T r F K 1 , 4-. .3 , K. MM' V ii RH 3113. Q1 3 fg'9',M'+... ,, . Z, f1f1'fiq"1"fA5 rf, A fi If J, tiff' SU ,na , A 4 fZ g ' ifgi , Uv, , I my 1, 5, L. MF," r ri HIM' 'Y M: '33 i. 7 . . xg df R 3 f? -.1 ti M I? af gs Q ' J .WV X Q ,Wigs K, S., . 3 s T35 + ' M na 1 -ii? .wxiiflf I 2 W : 'ijflff Je P: X. ,'+f:,',g1w 1 f ,M 4.3-,x,,"'AA A gy, ev. f, A354 Q- 5 PA , .z5Qwi .. , , .. ,Y 31,535 , A 3 . X 41 , 4: if . 5' 7 M 14 , 1 f W x X X .. , Fm 1 X , M' , gf L 5 ,gy g,5ifzz,u , , M W- W K, f , ff, M, Q f , ff V SZ L Eiifilfiiifiigz A . LLe.,,,. lg . I W E :si 1 ' -A gi iq ' 'Ss 5 5 fi V if 5 ek' ' 4, 1 5 gf w W V X, Q Q wa K S K W' ,.cmW4,, Wim .V SV :Y ,um W' V19 E, 4 EL Q9 .QQ -'muff . gi. . V".-1" ff. 'sssz?5?L. -..15?f't K ,,,,,l,x: H . ' f'ffi?ff,: as f 'a ld "THE HERALD ANGELS SING"-The sophomores "sipping and sing- SANTA'S HELPERS-Darlene Donahue, Nicholas Cordasco, Marion ing" society consisting of Jane Silbernagel, Patricia Gaynor, Mary Monteverdi, and Barbara Zekeres wrap Christmas gifts. Ann Roselli, and Veronica Helmslinger add the traditional touch to a Christmas gathering. Christmas IT WASN'T A WHITE CHRISTMAS . . EXTRA HPARENTALH ACTIVITIES-Parents attend the Candlelight SIDEWALK SUPERVISOR-Kenneth Camp Krightj suggests some origi- Caroling during the Little Christmas season. nal finishing touches for a 3B bulletin board to William Zylinski. S . BUT IT WAS fs SANTA IS COMING TO WALSH-Freshmen Thomas Frantz, Joseph JINGLE BELL ROCK-Senior girls demonstrate rock 'n roll styles at Trabold, Peggy Ann Ferrugia, Mary Ann Shea, Gail Wiesner, and AA Christmas party. Brenda Remlinger display their artistic ability in decorating their homeroom. Dramatic Club Under the direction and guidance of its moderator, Sister M. Gerard, the dramatic club was organized six years ago to give its members the opportunity of developing their interest in the stage. Having adopted the name "Genesians" in honor of St. Genesis, the patron saint of actors, these thespians each year present as their main offerings two plays. The first, a one-act play, is entered in the annual C.Y.O. One-Act Play Contest. The sec- ond, a three-act play, is presented in the spring for the benefit of the high school. Par- ticipation in this latter production is limited to Seniors. ln this manner, students are enabled to test or display their histrionic ability, President . . . Claire Reddington Vice President . . . Terry Larney Secretary .,,.... . Julie Gorski Joseph August John Gormly John Nichtern Paul Brady Louena Guidera Evelyn Pascavage Mary Cannon Frank Harling Barbara Szlaga Mary Lou DeBenedittis Edgar Hermann Patricia Trabalik Joyce Devine James Hoag Bernadette Turner Patrick Foley John Huber Patricia Villanova Janice Goodwin Carol Ann Kaptor Gerald Zappa Judith Goodwin John Mury THREE KINGS-Senior Thespians portray their acting ability. Kneel- ing: Terry Larney and Julie Gorski. Standing: Frank Harling, John Mury, Mary Cannon, Patricia Villanova, John Huber, Claire Redding- LIGHT-UP TIME-John McEvoy and George Schneider of the stage ton las the Blessed Motheri, Bernadette Turner, Barbara Szlaga, crew, find the tables turned on them as they prepare to simulate Robert Hetter, Philip Laferrera, John Gormly, Gerald Zappa inarratori. the Star of Bethlehem with the spot-lights. fi 9 2 3? ii!! ,im 5 5 I fs uQxvxxum 1 'Will ' Nlli.....::.:...K1'sunlightI 1 Y U?i:iif:nuu11:'M.m 5 SENIORS K i Q ilk-' Qi! i as 'Wie '1.v'4i4 K l 4, x,, I up . f if :1 if , ,7 5 3 Robert Joseph Arutaj iO3liWestfEnd Avenue is ,tii Newsguy fWaIsh Weavings 33 .lunior'Prom Com- mitteeg Library Club i,- 2, 43. Class 4' Basketball' 3 fl 3 unlimited laughter . . . "Bob" . . medic, master . . . superb driver . . Oldsmobility . . . Union bound If - ,i ' ' ff: :-me -. , , -R2Y"'s?'4 1 14444 Maple Avenue! n nn n lggfiivingfoii T CY0"lf 2+ 3,1l4,17CiE?0BFa?tC3Ub 3, 442 C Library'Ciubi it,f32g5,Jun5oQpfProm Com-f 4, mlfIEE1"BLIC'hfh8.lfif?'B9QC5fi 1'1 Aix ' lf' ' "Tl'ie'Baber" . .V . photo fanatic . . . math enigma . .3 .f class monitor . "Mr. -King, will you piease" . Raye ' fmfiiz 'l V,ig:Ll i JT? f . , ifffwil ' 5 as -we - fee., '- eil 3 li 4 is 3 Kathleen Anne Belzel Carol Mary Bauer 57 Smith Street- lrvington CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer l, 23 Mission Club Officer 23 Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Junior Prom Committeeg Latin Club l 3 Buchmarm Beacon 43 ,Library Club l "Belle of the Telephone Company" . . . passion tor pickles . . . "We're neighbors!" . . . tennis talent 1 . . pleasant and popular . . . seen in the stands 3 Linda Joyce Bauer ll2 Cummings Street Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Schola 23 Glee Club 33 Dramatics 33 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 pony-tail profile , . . jolly with Joyce . . . sweet and sensible . . . friend of the great outdoors . . . ever Army . . . the name's the same 46 , 2A Laventhal Avenue 4 Irvington Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4g Commer- cial Club 3, 43 Glee Club I 3 Dramatics 33 Walsh Weavings 2g Buchmann Bea- con 43 CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee i "Beezel" . . . slow motion . . . "Yo, Lana!" . . . anything edible . . . "Why won't they let me loose on the high- way?" . . . dark hair and dancing eyes i Anne Marie ,Beary r Rosemarie Annbittmangg 258 Irvington Avenue South Orange Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4g CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Library Club lgCommereial Club 3, 4, Walsh Weavings 2 r human Star-Ledger . . . Galleon Room's constant visitor . . . starry- eyed . . . one of the "Beury" clan . . . coke addict , . . subdued and serene A fl. 2, 4: Libraryiluli Q1 QQCYQ zimisloyisffeei rrr r l Commercial, ,Club '45, Catholicllli1AetEgin1il5 3.i4' ' - A r, A " rrzf 2 xxf Food fanatic, . .early bird Q . , "Gb, gee,.'n0t again" .' quldtfsometimesi . . Q "Speedie" ., . . diminutive and Q dulcet i A A Maureen Joan Boland l3 Madison Avenue ' lrvington Commercial Club 3, 4, CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 45 Dra- matics 3, 4, Class Vice-President lg Junior Prom Committeeg Buchmann Beacon 4 "When lrislyeyes are smiling" . . . willing worker . . . stuffed animals galore . . . "What's new?" . . . ardent for Upsala . . . elfin charm Jdseph Sterling Bretal I967 Mountainview Avenue Union Camera Club l, 2, Science Club 3, Class Wrestling Team 33 Spanish Club l, ' ' New faces of "58" 4 . . "Angel" . . , friendly . . . class iester . . . welcome to Walsh . . . most likely to be blamed A ,47 Thomas John Bruckner 63 South Ashby Avenue A Livingston CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball 33 Science Club 4 nonchalant . ,. . slow but sure . . C. baseball batty . . . math whiz . . . "Sports page, please!" . . . will go far IN SHORT--'At the Commercial Club Assembly? Jqlie Gorski exhibits her shorthand skill. Other members of the club are ibackl Mary -Jane Hulighan, 'Isabelle Ford, Patricia Daskog lfrontl Mary Ann Holtz, Mary Cannon, Mary Gulbicki, I and Nancy Dougherty. M5ryL?EIi:abethfCannon I I 8 Crescent Lane Irvington Schola President -43 Junior Prom Come mitteeg Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Com- mercial Club 3, 4, Glee Club I, 3g Buchmarm Beacon '43 Catholic Action I, 2, 3, 4g CYO I, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3, Schola 2, 3,4 the eyes have it . . . anything red'. . . tonic for low spirits . . . 'fHey, Bernie" . . . sugar and spice . . . 'fLet's have a ball!" L V I T Caryl Marie Caporosof I4 Marshall Street , I Irvington cvo 3, Li, Library Club 3g semis 3, 4, CetholicpAction 3, 4g Walsh Weav- ings 3, Buchmann Beacon 4 . "Caryl with a y" . . . serious 'student' . . . "Spanish, anyone?" . . . aesthetic sense . . . tutor for the tiny . . . smiles so sweetly, 48 y'il QSC Q A,,1 1, f A Leonard Erwin Burst I 94 Millton Avenue Union CYO I, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Jun- ior -Prom Committee, Class Basketball 3 I . amiable . . . friendly personality , . '. helping hand . . . "Lenny" . . . atomic driver, . .likeable fellow - ,Patricia Anne Clark , I I I Richelieu Terrace Newark Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Commercial Club 3, 41 Junior -Prom Committeeg Dramatics 35 Glee Club I, 3, Catholic Action I, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Club Vice-President 4 . ' efficiency personified . ., . artistic ability . I. . polite and poised . . 1 If IFS different, she likes it! . . . the art of the "faux pas" . . . "How do you know I'm Irish?" , - f ajf finer Patricia Mary Dasko 7l7 High Street Newark Class President lg Class Secretary 2, 33 Mission-Representative 4, SAB 23 Glee Club l, 35 Commercial Club 3, 43 Schola 35 Walsh Weavings l, 2, 3, Buchmann Beacon 4, Junior Prom Committee, Catholic Action l, 2, 35 4, CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3,5 Mis- sion Club 4 young cosmopolitan . . . "lt's a real snap" . . . collegiate dresser . , . goal--New York City . , . brilliant Patricia Lynn Derrig 30 North 43rd Street lrvington Junior Prom Comrniteeg Catholic Ac- tion i, 2, 3, 4,5 CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Schola lg Library Club l, 2, 35 Commercial Club 3, 45 Walsh Weavings 2, 3, Dra- matics 35 Buchmann Beacon 4, Glee Club l, 3 Where there's life, there's Pat . . . striking blonde . . . wears her blushes well . . . "Have you seen Sue?" . . . bubbling with enthusiasm . . . lvy Leaguer ' Joyce Eleanore Devine 20 Stanley Street lrvington Junior Prom Committeeg CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader 34 Buchmann Beacon 4, Dramatics 3 "Joy" . . . Linda's protege . . . Air Force booster . . . good Tab-ulator . . , treckls, forever! . . . "What's your story, Morning Glory?" blue eyes . . . University of Bridge- port gk i Doreen Mary DiGiacomo 133 Carolina Avenue Newark Junior Prom Committee, Buchmann Beacon 41 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Schola 2, Dramatics 35 French Club 2, 3, Glee Club lg Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Cath- olic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club l, 2 Con"Dean"ial . . . happy-go-lucky . . . personalized laugh. . . disc di- lemma . . . a pint-sized pixie . . . generally jesting ROYAL ROAD-to the life ot a secretary, Sister John Gabriel introduces the typewriter to her class. An na Rose ij 22 ,Tremont Terrace 4 I, eiee clam, schoia 2, 3, 44 cvo Lugz, i 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4g Dramaties ,, 33 WailshfWeavings 35 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4g,Buchmann Beacon,4 A . "Nancy" . . . dark-eyed charm . 2 "I-laveia black Chuckle" . . . a helpe ing hand . . . attractively tall . '. . "Gin"erally speaking Anton Carl, Eggert 914 Smith Street Newark Library Club i, 23 CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee V .. E r g tees egg? , . , ,t C A l,rr i 4 lll - gschoia 2, 3lj"CYOjl1,i2, 3, 45 Drama. ities 31 ,WalShQfWeavfngs 2,231 Glee ,Club Sig fJur-tor Prom Committee, ,Bachmann Be-a,con.,,4,: Catholic :Action ji, l 2,,3, 45-,Libtaryl-,Club i y C X- lionstantly campus-bound . . , "'Let's "go,to.the Crick!" . . . amo, amare, 'amavi . . . "Who says l'm late?" . . . "Listen to this!" . . . boundless energy Alice Agnes Fay 1422 SpringfieldHAvenue Irvington Forensic League l, 25 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club l, 3, Library Club l, 2, 33 Walsh Weavings l, 2, 33 SAB 3, Cheerleader 33 Editor Buchmann Bea- con 4g Class Vice-President l, 25 Science Club 4, Catholic Action i, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, French Club 3, 4 A personality plus . . . flare for fashion . . . sparkling blue eyes . , . "lt's ridiculous" . . . wizard of the keys . . . high "C" with a smile French phobia . . . curly . . . Honest Anton . . , ready with a smile . . . "The Egg!" . . . hill-billy hepcat I 50 if S V, Kathleen Ann Feely l49 Brookside Avenue lrvington' CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Buchmann Beacon 43 Glee Club lg Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 3, Walsh Weavings 25 Science Club 4 knack for knowledge . sweet shy- ness . . . adroit witticisms . . . "Hey, wait for me!" . . , monkey-shines . . . fabulous vocabulary 'E lrene Patricia Feeney 53 Srnith Street Irvington Library Club lg Junior Prom Commit- tee, Catholic Action I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club lg Dramatics 33 CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Walsh Weavings l, 2, 39 Schola 2, 43 Cheerleader 33 French Club 31 Buch- mann Beacon 4a Latin Club lg Girl's State Representative sunny disposition . . . Carol's other half . . . "l'm not short, you're tall" . . . greatest little dancing partner . . . cute 'n clever . . . Synde-Kette Margaret Mary Fischer W 46 Rosehill Place Irvington CYO l 2 3 4' Walsh Weavin s l 2 erlll T lrle ctlr ,M ,arm ,ffiir F? ,l we A 1 S a -ai?-.ta ss. Slit .ggi eg, 2-if , 1.3 .fl of yr if Wiflifilzb r- f-V -.ll -wi . Q, .. ,A tn.. ,-1 . 1 N at - 1, ii 4 ,. 4,5545 Mfrs . fx, V5 7 5- iii : , ii ' 2.5 151' 5- 4: llflwir Mtdtholio Acfamii, 2, 3, 45 H cial Club 3, 4, Glee Clubfljg Walsh Weavings 2, 3':f,Qla5s-ff President 3j g g - , liA I 1m" Model secretary . g. 4 kitten-soft . . . lrish twinkle. . 4 "'s have a' pep rally!" . sincere ,smiles .' . . 'fHonestlY?" A , l 'li- 2 Janet Ann Gerolstein i893 Arbor Lane Union Buchman Beacon 43 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 French Club 35 Walsh Weavings 2, 3g Glee Club l, 35 Dramatics 3g Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 electric personality . Q . "Captain Jan" . . . "You don't love me!" . . . hostess with the mostess . . . sports ace . . . Neptune's daughter - l 1 D 1 g I ' 31 Schola 2, 3, 43 Glee Club lg Cath- oiic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee, Buchmann Beacon 4 Bowling maniac . . , "Which Claire?" . . . mysterious miss . . . sisters! she's got sisters! . . . a "Bob-Link" . . . dainty and demure ' Sl Suzanne Elizabeth Gleason 225 Kingsland Terrace South Orange Buchmann Beacon 45 Cheerleader 35 Class Officer 33 French Club 35 Dra- matics 35 CYO 2, 3, 43 Catholic Ac- tion 2, 3, 4, Walsh Weavings 2, '3 Oh, Suzanne! . . . "Meet you at Grun- ings!" . . . full of fun . . . hails from Buffalo . . . a natural kind of beauty . . "Where's Pat?" i if Thomas Joseph Gordon 66 North Grove Street East Orange Library Club l, 2, 3, 45 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 33 Walsh Weavings 33 Junior Prom Committeeg Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 pleasantly willing . . . paper-boy for 4A . . . quietly efficient . . . allergic to French . . . lost in thought . . . "Dad, can I have the car?" in w"'X1,," 1, f ffl -t ,E J - John James Gormly, Jr. lO Berkeley Terrace lrvington CYO lg 2, 3, 4, Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4, JV Basketball 23 Junior Prom Committeeg Buchmann Beacon 4 Latin Lover . . . "Let's go skating!" . , . cool convertible . . . Jack of all trades . . . "Can't wait till summer!" . . . always in the mood , ' Julie lAnn Gorski A S 75 Franklin 'Terrace lrvington Class President 2, 35 SAB 2, 3g Glee Club i, 33 Dtamatics 3, 4g, Walsh Weavings 343' Junior-jPi'om Chairmang Catholic Action' l', 2, 3, 4, Commer- cial Club 3, 43 CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Buch- mann Beacon 4 Mr, Wonderful Q pert and 'pretty . . . letters--slwegets letters . . . Siamese Julie . . . vim, vigor, and vitality . . .Synde-Kette TIMES READERS-Mr. Brady instructs class 4A in the intelligent use of a newspaper. Mary Magdalene Gulbicki 572 Grove Street A lrvington Library Club l, 2, 3, 4g CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club lg Schola 2, 3, 43 Cath- olic Action l, 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader 33 Dramatics 33 Buchmann Beacon 4: Junior Prom Committee "Mitzie" . . . "Who said Benedict's?" . . . girl most likely to come out first in any competition . . . "Yes, Doctor!" . . . usually unusual . . . Synde-Kette Frank Andrew Harling ' l58 Fairview Avenue South' Orange ,Library club 1, 2, cvo 1, 2, 3, 4, iunior Prom Committee, Camera Club 35 Catholic Action i, 2, 3, 4 sharp Chevy . . . general chauffeur . . . Woolworth'5 wonder . . . well- liked . . . "What's cookin?" . . . care- free, friendly, and always witty A i ,ge.oMANoFFs AND'JULlETS--Modern Ramos of ' 'ly' SMC gaze romantically at the fair damsels of'4A. V ,xy i A 5 we Richard Anthony Hattersley 2l5 Parker Avenue Maplewood Library Club l, 2, 3, 4g CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Cornmitteeg Catholic Action 2, 3, 43 Buchmann Beacon 43 SAB 3 l crew-cut craze . . . Ruddy's buddy . . . "Dick" . 6 . "enormous" appetite . . . "Oh! Brother" . . . an asset to any good time Robert Charles, Hefter l'O Walter Place Irvington cYo'1, 2, 3, 4gCatl'1olic Action 1, 2, 3, '41 Class Basketball 33 Buchmann Beacon 45 Varsity' Baseball 3 "Squeaker" . . . a breeze on skates . . . one of the boys . . . "Ya dummie" . . . "What do you think I am? A bank?" . . . Hopatcong hide-away 53 Mary Arm Theresa. Holtz l65l Porter Road Union Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Glee Club i, 3, Class Vice-President 4gaCYO l, 2, 3, 4g Catholic Action I, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee, Buchmann Beacon 45 Commercial Club 3, 4 "Dimples" . . 4 pride of Pinecliff . . . "l could jazz all night" , . . persever- ing . . . "l'll will my spit-curls to you" . . , loyal, charming, efficient -30554 Paul Hllibel' Mary Jane Hulighan i 2 , Bell Street ' lrvington Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 JV Basket- ball lg Class Basketball 3g CYO I, 2, 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 2g Dramatics 3, 43 Varsity Basketball 3 4 "Mule" . . . Wyatt Earp 4 ,. . one of the boys . . . Cube-buster co-captain . . . crewcut craze . . . cupid's cohort 114 Leslie Street ,Newark Junior Prom Committee gi Dramatics 33 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4g Class Secretary 43 Commercial Club 3, 4, Glee Club l, 33 Library- Club ll. "Who says a girl can'tl go to West Point?" '. . . "Janie" . . . pals with Pats . . . calm, cool, collected . . . remarks for all occasions . . . "How do-3 you pronounce your last name?" Bernice Helen Janusz 45 Rich Street lrvington Latin Club l-gsGlee Club lg Dramatics 33 Science Club 4, Walsh Weavings 2, 33 CYO 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 43 Buchmann Beacon 4g Class Secre- tary 4g Schola 2, 3 "Frenchie" letters . . . lives life,-every golden minute of it . . . contagious giggles . . . future woman in white . . . ,"Bambi" . . . Dodger daze! Thomas Stephen Jaworski ' 383 lsabella Avenue Irvington Boys' State Representative 3: Science Club 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Class Basketball 3g Library Club lg Forensic League lg CYO i, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 Buchmann Beacon 43 Catholic Action I, 2, 3, 4 An avid sports fan . . . "Thorn'i . . . Hey, Mr. Manager . . . motor madness . . . "Tennis anyone?" . . . future pharmacist t, , Q, tw I , . If S L we , , 2 - 4 Eileen Julg , 1457 Montgotnery Avenue Irvington Treasurer Science Club 43 Glee Club i, 33,French Club 3, 43 Walsh Weav ings 1, 2, 33 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Drama tics 3, Buchmann.Beacon 4g Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 Mademoiselle Modiste . . . pretty per fectionist . . . quiet wit . . . drives like A a woman . . . every inch a lady . way with words Sandra Yvonne .lund l27 Carolina Avenue V Newark A We Library Club lg Buchmann Beacon 43 Walsh Weavings 33 Dramatics 33 Com- V mercial Club 3, 4, CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom A Committee "Sandy" . . . star secretary . . "What time should l be over?" , , ready and willing . . . "Call me later!" . . . "Sonora's herfnameu guhggggthafaaag, Keiieitefa li Fairchild flacei ' lrvington Glee Club lg Commercial Club 53, 4g Mission Representative. 2, 3:'Drn'taf tics 33 Catholic Action l, 25' li, 'QA' Cheerleader 3geBuchmann Beacon 45, CYOjl, 2, 3, 4, ,Junior Prom ,Conv mittee: Catholic 'Action'Secretary 3 Bubbling friendliness 'a'Where's Beezel?" . . , vivaciousysocialitej. . . "Hi, Shorty!" Q . . perpetual chatter- box, ggydandy dancer A l 4 y James Paul Kilkenny ll4 Mead Street Newark Junior Prom Committee, Library Club l, 2, 3, Catholic Action 3, 45 Camera- Club 35 CYO l, 2, 3, 4 "Carrot top"'. . . ace in the hole . . . "Moonshine" . . . Mississippi fortune- hunter . . . jolly . . . blarney bug June Carol Kimmig, l88 Hillside Terrace ' A ,Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club lg Library l, 2g Walsh Weavings 2, 3, French Club 3, Science Club 4, Catholic Ac- tion l, 2, 3, 4g Bachmann Beacon 4 blue-eyed blonde . . . math magic . . . good word for everyone . . . shore- bound . . . Ioveliest 'locks imaginable . . . "June's my real name!", Andrew John Kleissler o 70-22 Street Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Com- mittee, Walsh Weavings 2g Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 "Andy" . . . swimmin's his sport . . . home by nine . . . math's his game . . . "Gimme a ride" . . . forgettable French 'fn 4 Arlene Margaret Klem 2l6 Myrtle Avenue lrvington Latin Club lg Schola 35 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 French Club 3, 45 Dramattcs 35 Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Science Club 43 Buchrnann Beacon 4 V Julie Rita Krein l7O Clinton Place Newark Commercial Club 3, 45 SAB 23 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Class Vice-President 25 Walsh Weavings 33 Buchmann Beacon 45 Dramatics 31 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committeeg Glee Philip Peter Laferrera 3l Crawford Street East Orange Junior Prom Cornmitteeg CYO I, 2, 3, 43 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4g Buchmann Beacon 43 Class Basketball 3 "Mickey" . . . tall and willowy . . . Club 4.COrnn,1erCial Club president 4 x paroxysrns of laughter . . . French big brown eyes , . . convertible en- ' polyglot . . . "Phil" . . . down to earth thusiast . . . one in a million . . . most "Well, you can imagine my dismay!" .V . . Walsh's taxi service . . . easy unpredictable yet . . . the other Siamese Julie . . . Carol's friend co-pilot . . . always ready to aid and abet. . . "Look Ma, no hands!" . . . "Ever write a Religion book?" MAD CHEMISTS-Irene Feeney lleftl and ,,,12, Carol Sonderman assemble equipment. , . -..', zctgglgy g E Kathleen Margaret Larney 38 Norwood Avenue Irvington Buchmann Beacon 43 Commercial Club 3, Ati Glee Club 3g Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 35 Dramatic Club 35 CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, Junior Prom Committee "Hi, Kids!" 4. . . better late than never a Benedict Booster . . . "The freckle-faced kid in the third row" . . . 56 bubbling personality . . . "Remember the time" . . . Synde-Kette Terrence James Larney 93 Orange Avenue Irvington Science Club 4g Class Vice-President 4, CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Walsh Weavings 39 Class Basketball 3, 43 JV Basketball l,'2g Varsity Basketball 3, 4g Varsity Baseball 33 Dramatics 3, 4 Mr. Shortstop . . . Cyc No. 8 . . . Ace of the court . . . a Friday-niter man . . . "Lancelot" . . . one of the boys 'o e . V - Qs: We WORDS, WORDS, WCRDS-J"-Let's play with some words? J announces Sister Carola to the seniorilinglish class, H Dorothy Mary Lawless 224 Myrtle Avenue Irvington Glee Club I 3 Schola I, 2g Library Club lg Walsh Weavings 23 CYO I, 2, 33 43 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 45 Com- mercial Club 4 Laughing eyes . . . "Dit-Dot" . . , Music, soft and dreamy . . . "I almost died" . . . "A party-where?" . . . determined Dottie Susan Ann Markovich I0 Walter Place Q Irvington Commercial Club 3, 4g Glee Club lg CYO I, 2, 3, 43 Buchmann Beacon 4, Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Library Club Ig Junior Prom Committee "What, me worry?" . . . brown eyed blond . . . mischievous mimic . . . rare sense of humor . . . Synde-Kette . . . lacadaisical lass 57 Robert Paul Marut 85 Sherman Place Irvington Library Club 45 Class Basketball 33 CYO I, 2, 3, 4, Walsh Weavings 33 JV Basketball 2g Buchmann Beacon 4 "Moose" , . . ready and willing . . . Ford fanatic . . . "Who says iodine doesn't explode!" . . . "Hey, Clown!" . . . always helpful --MM E' , .a as ,, 5 iff' - Mme? Edward John ,Maziekien 2, 6 Forty-First Street A . cvo 1, 2, 3, 4: Library' Club 1, 2, sr, it Class Basketball 35 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee "Call me Zeke" . . . Sister Martina's pal . . . knack for complieating math . 4 . a finger in the pie . . . "Eddie" . . . unobtrusive John Martin McEvoy 38 Cummings Street Irvington Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Base- ball 3g Class Basketball 35 SAB 3, 45 Mission Representative 3g CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4g Science Club 4 one of the boys . . . distinguished cager . . . "Sharm" . . . Cyc No. 7 . . . reliable guy . . . star hurler A , x Dorothy Elaine McCallum 27 Brookside Avenue Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Commercial Club 3, 43 Glee Club lg Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 45 Buchmann Beacon 4 A "Honest we're twins!" . . . lovely to look at . . . delightful to know . . . laughing blue eyes . . . "Nuggies any- one?" . . . Synde-Kette - 58 Patriciay Eileen Mecaiium q 2fI,Brookside Avenue, 1 'ltvlflgton Class Secretary tl :Commercial Club 3, 43 CYO l, 2, 3, 4g,Glee Club l 5 Cath: olic Action -l, 2, 3, 4g,Buchmann Bea- con4 ' A "Pat", . . . velvet brown eyes . . . tres chic . . . delights in dancing . . . Irish air ,. , Synde-Kette . Frances, Elizabeth iMcFadden 1615 May sneer union Glee Club T, .33 CYO l, 2, 3g 4, Latin Club l, 2, 3, 45 French Club 33 Dra- matics 3, Walsh Weavings 2, 3g Buch- mann Beacon 4 Myriads of mirth . . . "Jan"-uine friend . . . Doctor McFadden . . . bright blush . . . steak and tomatoes . . . curly hair? . . . but naturally! x i John Thomas McGinnity l62 No. 14th Street East Orange Class Basketball 33 Varsity Basketball 4, CYO 3, 45 Catholic Action 3, 4 sports acumen . . . Johnny-come-lately . . . "Wait, l can explain" . . . way with the world . . . great guy . . . "Hey, Leprechaun!" Kathleen Sara McMaho l 73 Harrison Place Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 "Kay" . . . merry and mischievous . . . a generous,heart . . . mission minded . . . sincerity plus . . . "Oh, no!" Eileen Catherine McGough 8l Union Avenue Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club lg Schola 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, 4 "No, l'm not Jeanine!" . . . quick wit . . . easy to get along with . . . per- sonalized sneeze , . . flying enthus- iast . . . one of the twins 59 Jeanine Elizabeth McGough+ 8? ,Union Avenue r 'irvington cYo 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial scrub 34 43 Schola 2, 3, 43 Catholic Action 'l, 2, 3, 4, G-lee Ciub l v y 4, . . "l'm Jeanine!" . . . extra special . . pro on ice . . . Charleston artist . . . canteen capers . . . generally joking Virginia Doris Muller 12 Garwood Place Irvington Class President 45 Buchmann Beacon 4, Glee Club l g Commercial Club 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 35 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Bas- ketball 2 most likely to do the unlikely . . . steno star . . . curls without coaxing .'. . basketball bombshell . . . "Give her the tap!" . . . package of energy John Norman Mury l67 Hillside Terrace lrvington Dramatics 3, 4, CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, JV Basket- ball lg Science Club 4, Junior Prom Corpmitteeg Class Basketball 33 Walsh Weavings 3 , "Normal" . . . Johnny on the spot . . . "l'm- not TOO good-looking" . . . club member to the end , . . "the Clam" . , . information, please! Anthony Charles Mustalish 4 219 Chadwick Avenue Newark Class President 2, CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Catholic Action l 5 Class Vice-President 3, 'SAB 2, Science Club Vice-President 43 Junior Prom Committee, Bachmann geacon 4, Class Basketball 3, Library lub I "Skippy" . . . quick smile for every- one . . . Mr. King's Pal . . . muscle- man . . . volunteer for everything . . . inquisitive mind Jaan nemesis omfieri 357 Chapman Street Newark French Club'3,g Catholic Action sl, 2, 3, 43 CYO l,i2,,,3,-41 Walsh Weavings l, 2, 3, Glee Club l, 33 Library Club lg Class Vice-President l, 4: Cheer- leader 33 Business Manager, Bachmann Beacon 43 Junior Prom Committee, Science Club 4 ' color 'oi eyes, a big ,surprise . . . "Love me, love my dog" . . . Coleman craze . . . "Slowpoke" . , . Synde-Kette . . . Popularity with a capital "P" A FOUNTAlN FOR YOUTH'--While attending the Yearbook Conference at Columbia University staff members Bernadette Turner ilefti, Alice Fay, Patricia Villanova, and Irene Feeney stop for the pause that refreshes. S Darlene Ellen 0'Connell , l O2 Augusta Street lrvington Glee Club l, 3, Walsh Weavings l, 2, 33 CYO l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, Cath- olic Action l, 2, 3, 4, Buchmann Bea- con 4, Junior Prom Committee "Red" . . . that bandbox look . . . whackey at the wheel . . . collegiate clothes . . . partial to pizza . . . affably efficient Bernice Teresa 0fKeefe 2 y l 42 Seymour Avenue Newark CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Library Club lg Glee Club l g Walsh Weavings 2, 3: French Club 33 Dramatics 33 Buchmann Bea- con 4 Irish thru and thru . . . capable cashier . . . "lf we were friends, Barb--" . . . just so it's math . . . in the shoe- maker's shop . . . inconspicuous im- portance I f ANGQL--John Gormly lat the door! loads up foifathe home-vrard trip, . K , , , , K it .XY Eileen Rose 0'Toole 70 - 22nd Street Irvington Library Club l, 2, 3, 4g Schola l, 23 Catholic Action l, 2,,3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, CYO l, 2, 3, 4 "Who, me?"' . . . if it's food, sh'll take it . . . aquatic aspirations . . . haircut 5 la Eileen . . . "Olympian" . i . impish grin Jo Ann, Pagans L 466 l5th Avenue Newark Dramatics 3, CYO l, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l 3 Walsh Weavings 3g Class Officer 33 Junior Prom Committeeg Bucshmann Beacon 4g Latin Club i, 2, dynamic on the dance fioor . . . spark- ling specs . . . mischievous miss . . . "the mad chemist" . . . laughter and more laughter . . . picture-pretty ,Evelyn Victoria Pascavage l i6 Shanley Avenue Newark Forensic League 2, Glee Club l g Latin Club lg Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 2, 3g Junior Prom Committeeg French Club 3g Library Club 23 Buchmann Beacon 4, Science Club 4g Dramatics 3 Ever-eager Evie . . . "But, Mr, King" . . . blue eyes promising mischief . . . "Did you ever see my bongo drums?" . . . "All this homework!" . . . likes "knights" that are golden "a fr ,M ' it MSP" Ffvisit 7l9'?fH l-4i9,Madison Avenue ' iwrngfoff 4 Bachmann Beacon 43 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Baseball 3, 4g Junior Varsity Basketball 2g Class Secretary l 3 Junior Prom Committee, Walsh fWeavings l, 2, 33 Library Club l, 2g School Band 3g Varsity Basketball 4 X' "Flat-Top"' . . . mild manner . . . "Web" . . . easy going . . . flair for art 1 . . smooth stepper S L 142 liii riewsfigi S cvo ll,,2, 3, 4gfv5fsify Baseball 43g 4 Science Club 43. Class,-Basketball 3, Forensic Leaguei 4 4 4 r numismarist and by philatelist. . . Tom . . . bowlingmanria . . glfrossword Kid . hill-billy harmony . . , heads, l wing tails, you lose' ' Claire Lynne Reddington Carole Anne Preshong 505 So. l9th Street Newark CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4, Buchmann Beacon 4 individualist . . . that Boston twang . . . "My Special Angel" . . . china blue eyes . . . "l'm not short!" . . . natural charm Kyran James Purcell 29 Halsted Street Newark Library Club l, 2, 3, 43 CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Class Basketball 35 Camera Club 3, 45 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 "Jerry" . . . math genius???? . . . "Herbie" . . . joint juggler . . . a little man with a big heart . . . sure cure tor a dull classroom 62 816 So. l5th Street Newark Glee Club I, 35 Dramatics 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 2, 33 CYO l, 2, 3, 4, French Club 33 Cheerleader 35 Catholic Ac- tion l, 2, 3, 43 Buchmann Beacon 44 Library Club lg Junior Prom Commit- tee, Science Club 4 warm, pleasant and enthusiastic . . . potential pharmacist . . . quick-witted . . . "I'm sorry l'm late" . . . some- times serious . . . "A piano-where?" ' ' .',, K g '- f , ,, , " sf 'filfzail ,5f:"2w1:gg- f- , 1.'ig.5Yt' 2 T A Patricia, 1 '85iManor' Drive ' SAB 33 Commercial' Club 3,4 4g Glee Club lg Schola 2g Junior Prom Com- mittee: Cathoiic Action ii, 2, 3, 41 CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Buchmann Beacon 43 Commercial.Club Secretary 4 Berkeley-Bound . . . dash of spirit . "l'll put it in my scrapbook" 4' . , cheerful colleen . . . summers at Orb ley Beach . . . biushes becomingiy ., 6 ,F 2 .,9g,2gfgs,,, g W. f 1 as . MS. -. we :ii if f- .og 't imi- W T 551 iii my . pie- 1' 5' f ill L t ,.i -sim, M, hwy, in 5 ia.. I 'gag' , t k r., - , ,, fn, , W e ii ii it JM M 2 ie rg ' ,Eur 5 is-liigif i is it V i -is vis 1 - . ,Q fi-,J f e -4 clrrl 4 llcll ,lrc .lolc f i iq locrrl l llL A clcr lrrl 4 2 l 1 C roo rlrc A CYGA T .r 2,231,143 Catholic Acfiofw :ll llclll 34 . ' 2 fseienipa is! gc-idea 'The Rceaiwsg 39993, 3ldefl5lCk"3 - -Q l5l"3l?PY SOCKS? L' 4 quiet, inteilectual yqjgsg dafdrearner 1 'l'r , Richard Vincent Renga I49 Madison Avenue lrvington Class Secretary 45 CYO i, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee, Science Club 4 true gentleman . . . still water runs deep . . . "How's the weather up there?" . . . ','Rich" . . . nice to have around . . . eager beaver ,, if f . K ' f , W" LQKQSQL 1. ,. , , yu ., .. V, I kififiipi H ' ' ' Ez i? 4- , ,. . 5. a . gn " . 2.21:-'L ...I . , ,jp ., qv is-ya, f -P.: ,Cia o if V X ISVII1' if:1?"?15f 1 . 14, ' :H 4' v ai r"',',-4 'fi yew , 4- in 4 S lj ,. N ",,.Me' ' ,.wfff:i.w:,..ffr 4 r .. A is 4?:H,,,si,,.,.:,:9,hq A. ,. 41: :A f., ,'r1,,,,j4,:4rH,,9fi im '..M4.""1sg1- a 1, 'W "5 if-N", M ea ,,,.,W 'www 1 u"N?' as-" "f ., f-sf.-1. 'fr1vj,af,' a1"pfwfsg:,i- :,f:,z,,:s5zVg1 A fr .W A leur-ff1.sr9"viy' 44 , 8, 5 ", P., ws" wh, B-UQ, at-+11-ev:-in 'fd' 'K' QU-.VI av' J' -.MG !g,4i,, .,i.i-'l-v. fffheff' 4'-r f at 1-'4'ni'-as-.n H? Johan Joseph Reynolds 28 Boyden Avenue Maplewood Varsity Basketball 3, 4g CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4g Cath- olic Action l, 2, 43 Varsity ,Baseball 3 southern drawl . . r "Minuet, any- one?" . . . star on the court . . . trig whiz . . . the Sen-Sen gum chewer . . . tall, dark, etc. asv Y' Donald Paul Rogers 261 Chadwick Avenue Newark Walsh Weavings i, 2, 33 Library Club l, 2, 43 CYO l, 2, 3, 45 Buchmann Beacon 43 Catholic Action l, 2, 35 Forensic League l loyal supporter . . 4 jovial disposition . , . tops on the dance floor . . . con- scientious student . . . "Don" . . . can count on him 'fi' 2, ii.?l:g,,' , LQ ,tl Y , 2 :V iii" f. Q1 if- .Ii , Kita K R 4 1 4 , 3 Q he-sis if Fifi ,235 K ' :fi me i J-2:25 my Claire Elizabeth Rossbach ' 18 Rodwell Avenue Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Schola 2, 3, 4, Cath- olic Action l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club lg Walsh Weavings l 3 Junior Prom'Com- mittee, Buchmann Beacon 4 sparkling brown eyes . . . soft spoken . . . future RN .... avid Como fan . . . "Skating, anyone?" . . . capti- vatingly gracious Joseph Anthony Ruddy I6 Walter Place Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Library Club l, 2, 3, 43 Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Junior Prom Committee, Buchrnann Beacon 4, Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 "Joe" . . . song and dance man . . . congenial guy . . . Blessed Sacrament fan . . . a good sense of humor . . . a true friend in time of need "NOW JUST A MINUTEVZ-interrupts Father Price as he listens to a class discussion on "going steady." We er.-:rr Barbagat,Joan Scherer 1027 Grove Street f i Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 43, Forensic League lg Walsh Weavings 1, 2, 3, S.A.B. 2, 3, 4, Schola ll, 2,7 3, '43 French Club 3: Class President l, 3, 45 Cheerleader 35 Library Club l, 2, Glee Club l, 3, Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 4g Buchmann ' Beacon 41 Dramatics' 35 Junior Prom Chairmang Science Club 4 "Bobbie" . , . unforgettable sneeze . . . La Presidente excellante . . . bound ,to succeed . . . Walsh's superb diplomat . . . Synde-Kette 4 s , V- i f ' 'W -:wifi-if i:ef?.'f,g,'a .3-25:34 i.,5r,..IofgQM -,, ,,, ,,, ,bi , M .V,, , gm sy V George Leo Schneider l 5 l Madison Avenue Irvington CYO l, 2, 3, 41 Class President 33 Varsity Baseball 3, 4, JV Basketball 33 Walsh Weavings 35 Class Basketball 3, Varsity Basketball 4 Cyc No. 5 . . . Cube-buster co-captain . . the Yoger . . . real George . . . 64 pilot of the Yogmobile . . . "Yea, well l might!" i lv 'Www g Phyllis Elizabeth Schwartz l i5 Ellis Avenue Irvington Schola 4g CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Commercial Ciub 3, 4g Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club lg Library Club lg Junior Prom Committee sentimental dreamer . . . "Miss Coke, 1957" . . . air of nonchalance . oonvuisions in the caf . . . blushes blithely 1 . . quiet stability ,,. Chester Francis Smith 825 Eighteenth Avenue Irvington Junior Prom Committee, Library l, 25 Buchmann Beacon A, Caholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 "Chet" . . . trouble, trouble . . . "Wait a minute" . . . Mr. King's big- gest math problem . . . 'fNow what did l do?" . . . Chem-capers ' lGY Bguglgi5er,:narrates as Raymond ,Woiciki dispiaces A water withghydrogenat, ti'ie5Senior-Junior Science Assemblyi' Joan Margaret Sosnowski Carol Ann sonderman ' A 266 lsabella Avenue Irvington 2l IO Kay Avenue Union CYO l, 2, 3, 45 French Club 33 Walsh Weavings 2, 33 Dramatics 33' Buch- mann Beacon 43 Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4g Junior Prom Committee never a dull moment . . . always hank- ering to talk . . . Julie's partner in crime . . . beauty and brains . . . trig' terror . . . the "Yup" girl Library Club lg Commercial Club 4 SY? l, 2, 3, 4g Catholic Action 1, 2 Curly-locks . . . "Driving's, my hobby' . . . tops with a typewriter . . . "Oh m' gosh!" . . . nice 'ri neat . . . envi able auto Barbara Casimira Szlaga ' B ,552 ' Grove 'Street A lrvington CYO l, 2, 3, 4g SAB 2, Glee Club l, 3g'Class Officer l,s2, 31 Catholic Ac-i tion'Club 33 French Club 33 Forensic League lg Walsh ,Weavings l, 2, 3, 4g Library Club 'lg Buchmann Beacon 4g- Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Secretary, Science Club 4, Dramatics 4 i "Bas"' . . . lust get her laughing . . . "Gee Whiz, Mr. Kingv . . . piano per- fectionist . . . "l'm starved!" . . , pretty, perky party-goer Mary Ann Thran ll Orange Avenue ' lrvington Library Club 2, 3, 43 Bucl-:mann Bea- con 4, French Club 3, CYO l, 2, 3, Margaret Mary Tichgnor , . 448 Main Street l B East Orange ,cvo 1, 2,,a, Qi, Class offacefzl, 3, 'ESAB' 2: Catholic lV,, Action, il,g,2,,j 3, 4: Junior Prom Comrnitteeg Bachmann ,Beacon 43 Walsh Weayings 3 . casual, carefree . . . "Parlez-vous tran- ecais?f' . . . "Tichie" . '. . classroom rnurmurs . a touch of- the mischiev-s ous . . . "Oh, great!" V Bernadette Frances Turner 66 Melrose Avenue lrvington cvo l, 2, 3, 43 Walsh Weavings l, 2, 3, Science Club 43 Glee Club l, 33 Schola 2, 3, 4: French 'Club 3, Cath- olic Action l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatlcs- 3, 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Buchmann Beacon 4 "Bernie" . . . optimist supreme . . . simply daffy over Dodgers. '. . swim- ming sensation . . . "There's a Buick!" . . . Howard Johnson's favorite waitress 4, Glee Club l 5 Walsh Weavings 2, 3 Engagingly quiet . . . keeper of the keys . . . dependability plus . . . con- stantly "CaroI"ing . ., . unequalled honesty . . . pianissimo i 66 Thomas James Turney 165 Elmwood Avenue 4- ,Irvington JV Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Forensic League 'l, 23 Walsh Weav- ings 3, Junior Prom Committee, Buch- mann Beacon 4g CYO l, 2, 3, 4 doubting Thomas . . . "The Arm' . . . Mr. Basketball. . . pride of his- .tory teachers . . ,. political debater . . . lrish laughter F Raymond John Wojcik nW' Joan Catherine Valenti 179 Carolina Avenue lrvington , Buchmann Beacon 45 Dramatics 39 Glee Club l, 35 Schola 2, 3, 4, Library ' Club l, 2g CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Walsh Weavings 2, 3g Junior Prom Commit-l teeg Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 4 precious pixie . . . littlest angel . . . "bouncy" dancer . . . fun and more fun . . . "Oh, treat!" . . . yen for the unusual ty , .29 ,f Q Bloomfield Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Buchmann Beacon 4, Junior Prom Committeeg Library Club l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4 463 Beardsley Avenue enthusiastic chemist . . . Ray . . . Olds olympian . . . exacting . . . Hi-Fi happy . . . "You're kiddin' me!" 9 4 ,. . Y , lies Patricia Ann Villanova A 44 Schofield Street Newark Forensic League l, 23 Catholic Action 2, 3, 45 CYO l, 2, 3, 4g Library Club ig Walsh Weavings l, 2, 33 Glee Club I, 3, Dramatics 3, 43 Junior Porm Committee, French Club 35 Buchmann Beacon 43 Science Club 4, petite Pat . , . beautiful, beautiful brown eyes . . . constantly catcher . . . Chopin reincarnated . . , "Pm Pat!" . . . sweet, smiling, sensible 67 ' Jysl A fire-ineejsmgiiae vamgfqk is 221 Delmar Place in 'C lryingibrt, Walsh Weavings 'ly , 32 ,?gS2,r- 3, Glee,Club lg Catholic Aciifm 4:lBuchmann Beacon 4 H V ' "Bob-Link" . . . candid comments . . . piano's herrpleasure . a laugh a minute . . .'can'ber counted on . . . "Let me show you" 1?:aq,9,,,r Gerald Francis Zappa 52 Fuller Place Irvington Catholic Action l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee, Camera Club Vice- President 33 CYO l, 2, 3, 43 Buch- mann Beacon 43 Class President l, 2, 43 Science Club President 4 "Zape" . . . born leader . . . whiz on the dance floor . . . Mr. President . . . sharp dresser . . . last, but certainly not least ' J Our Choice BEST STUDENTS Audrey Julg Thomas Bruckner MOST ATHLETIC John Mury Ginny Muller HANDSOMEST and PRETTIEST Robert Hefter Suzanne Gleason MOST POPULAR Barbara Sxlaga Terry Larney MOST VERSATILE Gerry Zappa Alice Fay WITTI EST George Schneider Susan Markovich MOST CO-OPERATIVE Joan 0'Brien Frank Harling NEATEST Maryann Holtz Richard Reng. BEST DANCERS Mary Gulbicki Don Rogers MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED John McEvoy Bernadette Turner walk PESHINE DRUGS A FRIEND I I H. L. GREEN COMPANY I I 248 Peshine Ave' Newark GOLDFINGEKS LECKENBUSCH'S BAKERY MONTES BARBER SHOP 1028 Springfield Ave.,Irvington,N.J. 126 MYYUC AW- Irvington, N- J' Teddy Agnieszko A1 and Carol George P. Albiez John's Amoco Mrs. Elsie Andes Mrs. Robert Andily Andrea and John Janice Andres Mr. and Mrs. L. Andres Mrs. K. Arata Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. J. Aruta Robert J. Aruta Mr. and Mrs. A. Asony Compliments of G. B. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Baatz Miss Janet Baba Mrs. E. Babbitt Bernard J. Baehr David W. Ball Mrs. Peter Barbalaci Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bardi Regina Carol Baron Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Baron Bas' and Peggy Carol Bauer Fred Bauer George J. Bauer Mrs. George Bauer Mrs. B. Becker Eugene J. Beeh Doris Beer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Belcher Mr. and Mrs. Fred Belzel TRO Fred Belzel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Belzel Mr. and Mrs. John Bergen Mr. and Mrs. W. Berman Bert and Harry Mr. and Mrs. James Beury Bev and Mick Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward Bielawski The Big Three Anna A. Bill Bill, Nancy, Johnny Mrs. Charles Bischoff BBF, Big Mark Bill and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bittman Arthur J. Bittman Rosemarie Bittman Mrs. Anthony J. Biunno Dr. Anthony J. Biunno Mr. and Mrs. A. Blasi Bob, Dick, Smokey . Bob and Marlene Mr. John C. Bock Ann Bodnar John Bohlig Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boland Maureen J. Boland Mr. and Mrs. William Boland, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Boland, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Bogstahl Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Borowic 69 S Bosco Auto Service The Bow Family Mrs. C. Bowdish Rosemary Bowman Randolph Boyle Mrs. A. Bozza Mrs. A. Bozza D. J. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Brady Mrs. James J. Brady Mr. and Mrs. John Brady Mary Brady Mr. and Mrs. Matt Brady Paul Brady Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Brautigan Mr. and Mrs. H. Brennan, Jr. 'Irish' Brennan Michael Brennan Brer and Ginny Elda Bretal Mrs. Ann Breynock Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Britchford Barbara Brophy Patricia Arm Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown Raymond Louis Brown, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bruckner Thomas J. Bruckner Ludwig J. Brunner ESsex 2-4225 GOLDA MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FROZEN FOOD 397 MYRTLE AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ESsex 2-6779 MAJOR ACCORDION SCHOOL AND SCHOOL or MUSIC 57 NEW STREET IRVINGTON, N. J Branches: LINDEN, WESTFIELD, PLAINFIELD MAIN TOBACCO COMPANY I436 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE at 43rd STREET COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. H. JANUSZ and FAMILY ESsex 3-7507 HENRY NEIL CARD COMPANY Complete Line of Everyday and Holiday Cards Wholesale Distributors of Gift and Box Assortments 35 UNION AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ESsex 2-6159 A. R. fr SON RADIO fr TELEVISION Specializing and Repalrlng Main Office 67 DELMAR PLACE IRVINGTON 11, N. Michael W. Brunner Frank Buck Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Buddenhagen "Bumble" Bumble's Chauffeur Carolyn A. Burr Mr. Herman Burst Herman J. Burst Mrs. Irene Burst Paul J. Burst Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Butler Mrs. A. Butterwei Mrs. B. Bussiculo Paul Buyer Frank Byrnes Henry F. Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Byron, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. J. Calimano Mrs. Carol Callan Robert Camisa "Candy" Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Canning Eileen Cannon Mr. and Mrs. john Cannon John F. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. S.iC. Capik Mr. James Caporaso Mr. Nunz Caporaso Mr. Rocco Caporaso Miss Mary Carle Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Carello Mrs. H. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carter Miss Gert Casey Patricia Cassidy Mr. and Mrs. N. Catona Patricia Cavanaugh Cecile and Bob "The Chic-Lettes" Joseph Chmielak Claire and Beth Michael and Carol Clark Class 2B Ann Classick Jim Classick Mrs. D. M. Clinton Clinton Hill Meat Market Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cobb Mr. and Mrs. J. Russell Coen Mr. and Mrs. D. Colby Mr. and Mrs. Philip Colletto Maurice Condren Mrs. Richard Connors Miss Gertrude Conrad Mrs. William F. Conry Mrs. Helen Cooper Miss Barbara Corcoran Nicholas Cordasco Nellie Cotton Mr. and Mrs. D. Cove Joseph V. P. Coviello Mr. and Mrs. P. Cozza "The Crew" Mr. and Mrs. H. Crook Mrs. Eugene I. Culkin Eugene Culkin Romayne J. Culkin Mr. and Mrs. P. Cunningham Miss Joan E. Curry Catarina Czerniach Taras Czerniach Arthur Daignault Mr. Joseph M. Dal-y Bob Dalley Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Daly Miss Agnes Dancak Elizabeth Dasko Mr. William Dasko Daukshus and Mastrarrigo Dave, Steffie, Audrey, and Diane David and Maureen Mr. and Mrs. J. Dedelutri Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Deglman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Deglman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl DelCorso Raymond A. Delfmo, M. D. Lucy DellaFerra Delta Sigma Phi Mr. Peter R. DeLuca Mrs. P. DeLuca Gail Demko Mr. and Mrs. M. W. DeNike Mr. Harold C. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dennis Mrs. Marie Dennis Miss Dianne DePaul Mrs. J. DePaul Mr. Joseph DePaul Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DePaul Mr. and Mrs. Russell DePaul Mrs. John P. Derrig Mr. John P. Derrig Miss Maureen Derrig Mrs. I. DeSantis Mrs. Harry G. Devine Af2c Harry T. Devine Mr. and Mrs. George Devine L. 1 1 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Dietz Doreen DiGiacomo Mr. Daniel DiGiacomo Mrs. Elizabeth DiGiacomo Mr. and Mrs. L. DiGirolamo Glenn and Dennis DiKowski Mrs. R. Dippold Anne C. Dirion Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas DiSesso Helen Dobrowski Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Dolan Joseph Dolan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Dolch Dolores and Lucia Don Mr. and Mrs. William Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Donroe Regina Donroe Pat Dooley Dot and Ronnie Mr. Edward Dougherty Mrs. Edward Dougherty Edward Dougherty Joan Dougherty Nancy Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. William Douglass Donna DosSantos Mrs. I. Dowd Miss Julia Doyle Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Doyle Mr. Ben Dreskin Mr. and Mrs. William V. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Drobach Pat Drumm Mrs. Charlotte Ducas Mr. John Ducas Bill Duff Joseph Henry Dunaj Mrs. Ella Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Earlman Earl and Eileen Anton Eggert Mr. and Mrs. George Ellmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elsman Mr. and Mrs. Philip Errico Farber Family Mr. and Mrs. John Farley Frank Farrar Mr. and Mrs. R. Farrell Alice Fay Mrs. Agnes A. Fay Mr. William I. Fay, Sr. Mr. William J. Fay, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Feely Irene P. Feeney Irene E. Feeney Mrs. Patrick J. Feeney Patrick J. Feeney Walter B. Feeney Frank Fehrenbach, Sr. Frank Fehrenbach, Ir. Mrs. Frank Fehrenbach Marlene Fehrenbach Mr. and Mrs. Lee Fenlon Mr. and Mrs. John Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. Edward I. Filtz Claire Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Hans Fischer Margaret Fischer Theresa Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fischer Ruth Fischer Mrs. Fred Fitzgerald Mr. Fred Fitzgerald Joseph P. Fitzgerald Miss Peggy Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fitzmaurice John Fleming Mike Flood Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Flynn and Son Mr. and Mrs. J. Foehner Vicki Foehner Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Foley Isabelle E. Ford Mr. and Mrs. James Ford Jimmie Ford Mary Beth Ford Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Forse Mrs. Martha Fox Fran and J an Fred and Betty Carol Joan Freiberg William M. Freiberg Mr, and Mrs. William H. Freiberg W. Peter Freitag Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Frey Miss M. Friary A Friend A Friend of the Turners B. H. G. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Galfy Mrs. L. I. Gartz Mrs. Rose Gauvain Barbara Gawron 7I ESsex 3-0885 WAYNE FURNITURE CO. "AT THE CENTER" II27 CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON. N. .' ESsex 5-5699 CAROLINA MEAT MARKET CHOICE MEATS AND POULTRY 290 ORANGE AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J ESsex 3-8359 GOOT'S DELICATESSEN "The ses: For Your Table" In Cold Cuts and Homemade Salads Barbecued Chickens Our Specialty 833 I8th AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARD J. THRAN COMPLIMENTS OF PETER DROBACH COMPANY Roure zz- UNION, N. J COMPLIMENTS OF STERN'S ARMY AND NAVY STORE SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J Mrs. M. Gawron Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gaynor Arlene and Edward Gebhardt Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gebhardt Mr. and Mrs. George Gehringer, Jr. Ernest Geissler Mr. and Mrs. E. Geissler George and Alicia Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gerolstein Joseph T. Ghegan Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ghegan Miss Therese Ghegan Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Giaimo Thomas Giblin Mr. and Mrs. R. Gingrich Mrs. Sonia Glasscox Sue Gleason Kathy Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Gleason Mr. and Mrs. D. Goedeke Golden Nugget Candy Store Janice Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. J. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gormly Mr. Edward M. Gorski Mrs. Mary P. Gorski Gene Goscicki Mrs. Frank Gothie Mr. Frank Gothie Barbara Gramm Mr. and Mrs. John Grazian Mr. and Mrs. John T. Greeley Pat Greeley Mr. and Mrs. William J. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Elwood K. Griggs Patricia M. Grimes Edward P. Grosclaude Bernard Grossman Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Guidera Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gulbiki William Gulbicki Kathy Haage Mr. Burnett Hamilton Miss Barbara Hand Mrs. James Hand Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hand J. B. Hanlon Mr. Frank Harling Mrs. Frank Harling Frank Harling Peggy Harling Mr. Harry A. Harty, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harty Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hasior Barbara Ann Hasior Edward Hasior, Jr. Mrs. Mary C. Hattersley Mary and Doris Hattersley Mrs. S. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. John P. Healy Geraldine Heaney Francis W. Heaney Mr. Henry Hefter Mrs. Henry Hefter Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hein Mr. and Mrs. Byron Heinecke Mr. Frank Helmstetter Mrs. Emil Hensler Mr. and Mrs. Ray Herbert Carol Herbert Julius Herr Mr. F. P. Heurich Mrs. F. P. Heurich Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hillner Joyce Hillner Mr. and Mrs. A. Hines Joseph Hinlicky, Jr. Rev. Carl Hinrichsen Carol Ann Hippe Mr. and Mrs. James Hoag Thomas Hoff, Jr. Mrs. T. Hoffman Adrian J. Hollywood, Jr. Michele and Frank Holtz Mrs. Frank E. Holtz Mrs. John J. Homza Mr. and Mrs. George Hospodar Pat Hospodar Mr. A. J. Huber Mrs. A. J. Huber Cpl. F. X. Huber, USMC Mr. and Mrs. William Huber Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hucker Mr. Joseph Hudzik Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Hug Mrs. Rose Hug Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hughes Mr. and Mrs. John Hulighan Mrs. J. Hulighan Mrs. Leona Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hurtuk Elizabeth and George Hynson Mrs. James A. Hynson Mr. and Mrs. G. Hyser 72 Richard Illeck Anita Imperatrice Jim Imperatrice Mr. and Mrs. J. Isemann Mr. and Mrs. Percy M. Ivory Rev. Robert J acunski Jan and Phil Mr. and Mrs. R. Janis Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J aworski Mrs. Margaret Jennings Mr. and Mrs. A. Jentis Mrs. Elizabeth Jernick Jerry and Eileen Jim and Julie Mr. and Mrs. V. Jimeson Joan and Maryann John, Teya, Dale and John Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Johnson Dolores Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson Robert Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Johnston Mr. and Mrs. J. Jotz Joyce and Bob Mr. and Mrs. Albert Julg Mrs. Armand Julg Barbara Julg Mrs. Cecile J ulg Mr. and Mrs. Charles Julg Miss Flora Jund Mrs. Sally Jund Sandra Jund S. William Kalb, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kane Mr. and Mrs. D. Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. J. Kapscady Leo R. Karosen ' Marie G. Karosen Peggy and William Katla and Family Kathy and Charlie Katy, Jane, Regina Miss Kathleen Kaufmann Mrs. R. Kaufmann Mr. Joseph Keane Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keane Maureen Keely Mrs. P. Kelerman Mr. and Mrs. William Kelleher Nick Kelly Kathleen Kelly ESsex 5-3380 LEO ESPOSITO CENTER TYPEWRITER SERVICE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR ROYAL TYPEWRITER CO. BURROUGHS ADDING MACH. CO. SALES and SERVICE Il63 CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON ll, N. J. MUrdock 8-8lOO GEORGE P. ALBIEZ Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduating Class JOHN J. ALBIEZ Cr CO. INSURANCE or ALL KINDS 'Ir U. S. HIGHWAY 22 and FAIRWAY DRIVE UNION, N. J. COMPLIMENTS CHARLES A. MAIER COMPANY BLACKBOARDS - BULLETINS SIGNS - PLASTIC A I23 VAN BUREN STREET NEWARK 5, N. J. MArket 3-5173 DUnellen 2-0408 J. F. ZAPPA ZAPPA TOOL CORPORATION JIG BORING Toolmakers - Moldmakers - Designers ROUTE 22 GREENBROOK TOWNSHIP, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kelly Timothy Kennedy Mr. John Kennington Tom Kenny Edward C. Ketterer Mrs. Khalaf Rev. Adalbert F. Kiczek Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Kiefer Charles J. Kiefer Jimmy Kilkenny Mr. A. Kilkenny Mr. T. Kilkenny Mrs. A. Kilkenny Mrs. T. Kilkenny Miss Mae Kilkenny Frank Kimmig June Kimmig Lillian Kimmig Louise Kimmig Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. King Mrs. Dorothy Kistner Mr. and Mrs. A. Edward Kiziukiewicz, Sr. Andy Kleissler Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kleissler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kleissler Mary Kleissler Mr. Ted Kleissler Mrs. Ted Kleissler Thomas James Kleissler Loretta Ann Klem Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klimek Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Klingel Mr. Edward G. Klingel Emmett Kluxen, Jr. Robert P. Kluxen Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Kluxen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Knapp Mrs. William Knapp Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Knoth Ingrid Kobberger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kobberger Walter Koch Mr. and Mrs. John Kochis Mr. and Mrs. Albert Koeck Rev. Louis J. Konzelmann Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kosisko Ida Kosowski Mary Anne Kossack Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kossack Angie R. Kovaleski Stephanie Kozak ESsex 3-6365 FRED PUORRO. Mgr. MELODY CENTER RECORD SHOP RECORDS - APPLIANCES and ACCESSORIES Large Discounts On Everything JUNCTION OF ELMWOOD and SPRINGFIELD AVES. IRVINGTON, N. J. BEST WISHES MAYOR LEO P. CARLIN NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Essex 2-6868 Murdock 6-1838 HOLLYWOOD FLORIST, INC. 1700 sTuYvEsANT AVENUE UNION, N. J COMPLIMENTS or THE KREIN FAMILY HUmboldt 2-8025 WILLIAM T. PEARSON REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 851 MT. PROSPECT AVENUE NEWARK, N. J Murdock 6-3421 GAISER'S PORK STORE. INC. Home of New Jersey's Finest Quality BOLOGNA AND PORK PRODUCTS 2019 MORRIS AVENUE UNION. N- J- Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kozak Mrs. Joseph Kozak Mrs. Anna Krauss Nicky Krawczuk Rev. John Krozser Miss Kathleen M. Krozser Joe Krukauskas Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krychiw Kurk's Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kuzak Helen J. Kwiatkowska Mr. and Mrs. Adam Kwiatkowski Mr. Joseph C. Lach, Sr. Philip Laferrera Mr. and Mrs. Philip Laferrera Robert and John Laferrera Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Laggan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lagravenis Lana and Johnny Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Langbein Helen Langemann Mrs. Frances Larney Mr. Neil A. Larney Mrs. Neil Larney Larry and Peggy Mr. and Mrs. A. M. LaRusso Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lawless Thomas J. Lawless Mildred Leeds Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Leedy Dorothy Patricia Lennon Mr. and Mrs. James Lennon Mr. James Lenz Mrs. James Lenz Evelyn Louise Leonard Mrs. Mary Leonardis Rochelle Leonardis Stephen Leonardis William Leonardis Miss Kathryn M. LeRoy Albert Lescavage Mr. and Mrs. William Levant Ludwig Lew Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ley Wilber Lindgard Mr. and Mrs. David Lipkin Sue Lipkin Mr. and Mrs. A. Lisowski Mrs. A. Lisowski Mr. A. Loria Joy Lockwood Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Loellner Frank 'Loki' Loftus 74 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Loftus Carol Lombardi Miss Alice E. Long Nathan Loss Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lott Rosemarie Lowe Mrs. William Lowe Mr. and Mrs. S. Lubkiewicz Miss Bette Luby Mr. Harry C. Luby Miss Helen Claire Luby Mr. John Lurz Mr. Louis Lurz Mrs. Theresa Lurz Mr. and Mrs. William F. Lydon Mr. and Mrs. J. Maccario Mr. and Mrs. M. Machnowski The Machwowski's Miss Patricia Mader Harvey R. Madden Mr. and Mrs. William Magnusson Mrs. Sally Maguire Catherine Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mahon Elizabeth Mahon Mr. and Mrs. E. Mancini Richard Mancini Rudy V. Mancini Mrs. Margaret Manchine Mrs. Edna Mantz Marilyn and Tony Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Marin Mrs. W. Markey Joe and Richie'Markovich Mr. Joseph Markovich Ann Markowski Arlene E. Markowski Maryann Markowski Mr. and Mrs. J. Markowicz Kevin Marks Marlene Margaret Martin Mr. Paul Marut Mrs. Paul Marut Maryann and Joan Anne E. Matthews Mr. and Mrs. M. Emmett Matthews Mr. H. J. Matthijssen Mr. and Mrs. A. Mauriello Catherine Maurin Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Maziarski Mary Lou Maziekien Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Maziekien Mr. and Mrs. L. Mazzarella Dorothy McCallum Mr. and Mrs. G. McCallum Rev. James W. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. James McCauley Rev. James McCloskey Mr. James F. McConnell Mrs. Jean H. McConnell Judith McConnell Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McConnell Mrs. I. McCrudden George A. McDermott Mrs. John McEvoy Maureen McEvoy Mrs. James J. McFadden Mr. and Mrs. John McFadden Michael McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McGlynn Eileen McGough Florence McGough Jeanine McGough Kathy McGough Mr. Matthew McGough Mrs. Matthew McGough Mr. Laurence McGraw Tom and Judy McGuire Miss Alice McGuirk Miss Bessie McGuirk Miss Laura McGuirk Mr. and Mrs. F. X. McHugh Mr. and Mrs. F. X. McHugh, Jr. Veronica A. McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKee Mr. and Mrs. William McKenna Miss Patricia McKeown Mrs. A. McLaughlin M. Eileen McMahon Patricia McMahon William McMahon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McMahon Mr. and Mrs. Edward McNulty Eleanor McNulty Joe McNulty Judy McTernan Dr. Daniel E. McIntyre Mrs. Daniel McIntyre Mr. and Mrs. J. McSpiritt Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Mech Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Mederer, Jr. Mrs. Christina Mehrer Walter Melinis Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Melody Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mennuti Mrs. William F. Menzel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mercer Mrs. Anna Merck Miss Terry Meringer Miss Patricia Merritt Mr. and Mrs. William Merritt Mr. Joseph Mertz Robert Metrovitch Mickey and Tommy Mickey, Bernice, Jan, Fran Mr. and Mrs. John Migalski Mrs. Peter Miller Mr. Charles Miscioscia Ted Mokler Anne Montanari Mr. and Mrs. Montanari Mr. and Mrs. J. Moran Ella Marie Morris Mr. L. Mortensen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mould Mrs. S. Moysey Mr. and Mrs. George Mraz Mr. and Mrs. Julius Mroszczak Mr. and Mrs. Karl L. Mueller Andrea Mueller Mr. Lester Mueller Mrs. Margaret Mullee Mr. Mark Mullee Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Muller Mrs. Barbara Muller Virginia Muller 1 Mr. and Mrs. W. Mulvihill The Musketeers Mrs. Eugene B. Mury Joan Mury John N. Mury Mr. Richard Mury Mrs. Richard Mury Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mury, Jr. Mr. Robert Mury Alice E. Murphy John C. Murray Mr. John Murray Anthony Mustalish Mr. A. T. Mustalish Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mustalish Mrs. Wanda Mustalish Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Neigel Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Neigel Kathy Neri Robert Neri Bernie Neuhaus' Mr. and Mrs. C. Niedermaier "The Fine Nine" Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Nittoli Mrs. G. Nocht Patti and Barbara Noga 75 ESsex 4-0500 888 SPR SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. A. J. GEROLSTEIN, Manager INGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ESsex 5-5558 ROBERT F. TAYLOR N06 CL CLINTON YARNS Cr GIFTS Knitting Yarns, Gifts and Greeting Cards Hummel Figurines INTON AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. MURRAY'S RESTAURANT EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY MR. a BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l958 nd MRS. CLARENCE A. SCHERER fl TTR'-C.,,. Zvzs . OJQJSHER Gww 0Pr1c1ANs :on smmmsm Avnwuz lRWYG10Nli.M.L ,ESnu 1-un COMPLIMENTS OF REZEM FUNERAL HOME IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY Flossie Noheart Bernie Noll Mrs. Lillian Noll Katherine V. 0'Brien Kathy O'Brien Joan Patricia O'Brien Rita M. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. O'Brien Timothy O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. William E. O'Brien Mrs. William F. O'Brien Darlene O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. J. O'Connell Mrs. E. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. M. J. 0'Connor Rev. Terence T. O'Connor, OSB Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Donne1l Mrs. Helen O'Donnell Miss Kathy 0'Donnell Brian O'Gorman Carol O'Hare Mr. Charles O'Hare Mrs. Charles O'Hare Bernice 0'Keefe Miss Eileen 0lKeefe Ellen O'Keefe Mr. John O'Keefe Miss Mary 0'Keefe Mr. Michael O'Keefe Mrs. Michael O'Keefe Dr. B. Olesnicky Gorgeous Aunt Olga Mr. and Mrs. N. Orlando Phyllis Orlando Mr. and Mrs. H. Orzech Ted Osiecki Aflc Edward F. O'Toole, Jr. Mr. Edward F . O'Toole, Sr. Mrs. Edward F. 0'Toole, Sr. Mrs. Bernard Ott, J r. Dr. and Mrs. Franklin B. Ott Louis Pace Mr. and Mrs. William S. Palle Mr. William R. Palle Thomas Palma Mr. and Mrs. M. Palmieri Miss Eleanor J. Pascavage Arthur Pascuzzi Pat and Carole Pat and Vito Thomas A. Patetta Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pecararo Mrs. Arthur Pech Mr. and Mrs. Chris Peck Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pecora Mr. and Mrs. John Pedropessi BEST WISHES MR. and MRS. FRED KLEM and FAMILY MR. and' MRS. JAMES P. CLARK COMPLIMENTS OF RICHIE'S CONFECTIONERY iso MYRTLE AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. HARNISH FUEL CO. IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY MAPLE LIQUOR SHOP CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I9S8 CHARLES "TEX" RITTER anocrn 876 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. 124 MYRTLE AVENUE IRVINGTON' N J ESsex 2-2900 KRAFTE CAMERA CO- FRANK B. OTT AGENCY INSURANCE smc: 1910 'loo CUNTON AVENUE 'RV'NGT0N, N' J- uosv SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N J MALLQN MALLQN SUBURBAN MOTORS, INC. SUBURBAN M91-QRS fxmfw CSDGZ3 II28 Springfield Avenue Irvington II, N. J. 445 Main Street East Orange, N 76 ESsex 2-3343 OUR 54th YEAR BRUCK G' MURY Plumbing. Heating, Gutter and Leader Work Jobbing and Gas Fired Heating a Specialty Sanitary Engineers and Heating Contractors I67 Hillside Terrace Irvington ll, N. J. Essex 3-7600 SINCE 1925 WILLIAM McMAHON Complete PRINTING Service LETTER PRESS - OFFSET 26 Washington Avenue Irvington I I, N. J. WALDRON'S COUNTRY BOTTLED MILK AND CREAM Crearneries at Caliton, N. J. Distributed by HERBERT J. VORHIES HUmboIdt 2-3895 ROBERT L. HAREN HAREN MON UMENT CO. MONUMENTS AND FAMILY MEMORIALS Quality - Craftsmanship 271 ELLIS AVENUE IRVINGTON, N, J. 579 CENTRAL AVENUE NEWARK- N- J- THE NEW M I L L E R' S FRANK and ALICE WOODHOUR Clothiers -- Haberdashers IRVINGTON CENTER COMPLIMENTS OF F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. C. L. MULLINS, Manager IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY MArket 3-3917 JOSEPH D, ADLER EAGLE OIL COMPANY, INC. Fuel Oil-Burner Service-Oil Burners NEWARK 5, N- J- CIHVABTOOH GNOWAVH O08 ESsex 5-7929 FREE ESTIMATES C. G' V. INTERIOR DECORATORS UPHOLSTERING - SLIP COVERS - DRAPERIES New Furniture Designed for You H62 CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ESsex 2- I 424 THE HILL PHARMACY L. H. PODOLLE, R.P. - R.H. PODOLLE, R.P. Let Us Fill Your Next Prescription CLINTON and STUYVESANT AVENUES Peggy and Debbie Mr. and Mrs. B. Pehler Mr. and Mrs. F. Pribula Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pennell Mrs. I. Peter Pete and Pete Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Petrillo Terry Petrillo Mr. and Mrs. Gus Pfeifer Mr. and Mrs. Al Piccirrilli Mrs. Aniela Pierz Barbara Pierz Frank Pierz Marilyn Pierz Mr. and-Mrs. Richard E. Pietrzak and Sons Christina Pines Mr. and Mrs. Louis Piotti Tony Pizzano Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pironti Mr. and Mrs. Pascal Pironti Mr. Harry Plante Mrs. Harry Plante Vivian Plante Miss Barbara Podlas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Podlas Thomas Podlas Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pollak Margaret Pollak William J. Pollak Mr. and Mrs. William J. Pollak Mr, and Mrs. Anthony Poplawski Mrs. A. Pouliot Mr. and Mrs. A. Pouliot Mrs. Anna Potpora Mr. Michael Potpora Mr. and Mrs. P. Prasa Mr. A. Prachar Mr. and Mrs. T. Prazmowski Francis Preshong Frank Preshong Irene Preshong Angela Purcell Margie Puresoul Mr. and Mrs, Jack Quinn Gloria Ramsthaler Miss Erica Rapp Miss H. Rawa Helen Rech Mr. and Mrs. George R. Rech William Rech Mr. and Mrs. D. Reddington Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. Reddington Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Reddington Patricia Reddington GEURGE W. FRUST and SUN ESsex 5-7405 H29 CLINTON AVENUE IRVINGTON ll, N. J Dear Faculty and Students: We welcome this opportunity to salute the i958 graduating class of the Archbishop Walsh High School. To the members of the Faculty and to the pa rents of these students we say congratulations, and may these students in future yea rs reward your efforts and sacrifices by living the lessons they have learned and ever remaining faithful to God and Country. Sincerely, GEORGE W. FROST and SON 78 "THE CREW" ESsex 3-2426 DR. ALBERT GAAL DR. ALBERT GAAL, JR. cxrnv ooNNA ELAINE JoAN Juov PAM PAT 0PT0METR'5"'5 4I WASHINGTON AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ORSFIQS 5-2239 ESsex 2-2676 ESsex 4-I624 MICHAEL STEIN G' CO. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S CUSTOM TAILORS DRY CLEANERS - FURRIERS I6 Halsted Street East Orange, N. J. WALTER A. ZACH Plumbing and Electrical Contractor We Sell, Install - Service Guarantee Coal, Gas and Oil Burners Installed Sewers and Drains Cleaned Electrically 280 Madison Avenue Irvington I I, N. J. K ,dl W.,-w,.,,..w-M TH E SYN DEKETTES THE BOYS OF 4C A Social Group Yoger The Arm The Ginter The The T k K'Il- ' Th J b Bosal: IRENE JULIE MITZIE PAT The sam The 'gf Th: 11,111 The Mule Jrirysg. k lm: Mooser Th B e uea er non DOTTIE JOAN SUE KATHY ThE Iliilr The Franker The Skipper Zape If You Had A Million Dollars You CouIdn't Buy Better Baked Goods FISCHER BAKING COMPANY NEWARK, NEW JERSEY BLAKE WASHMOBILE SYSTEM 373 IRVINGTON AVENUE SOUTH ORANGE, N. J. ESsex 5-9868 J. F. LICCONE .lIM'S DELICATESSEN We take Pride in the Quality and Service We Give Delicious Cold Cuts - Groceries Candy - Borden's lee Cream CRETER VAULT CO. FRANK E. CRETER 742 LYONS AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. 138 ELLIS AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ESsex 3-9752 ESsex 5-0311 COMPLIMENTS OF KATS KORNER CANTEEN ORCHESTRA THE PAGANO FAMILY MUSIC FURNISHED FOR ALL OCCASIONS IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY DRexel 6-1990 BRECK'S HOME AND GARDEN CENTER Everything for the Home Gardiner - Unusual Gifts Compliments of DR. HENRY ZULTOWSKI RT. 24-MORRIS TURNPIKE MILLBURN, N. J. DENTAL SURGEON ESsex 3-0566 FRANK ELLIS, Propfiewf BEN AND FRANK'S DELICATESSEN INCORPORATED A oun SPECIALTY - PARTY sANowici-iss 1341 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE lRviNeToN, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Reeber Mr. and Mrs. Russ Reed Mr. and Mrs. John W. Reid Catherine Reilly Mrs. F. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. James A. Reilly Mr. Joseph Reilly Mrs. Joseph Reilly Patricia M. Reilly Mr. Robert Reilly Mrs. Robert Reilly Mr. William Reilly Mrs. William Reilly Mr. and Mrs. George Reiner Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Reiner Fay Reitermeyer Mrs. Maria Remmlinger Mr. and Mrs. Michael Renga, Robert Michael Renga Mr. and Mrs, Vincent Renga, Jr. Mrs. E. Renner Mr. and Mrs. John J. A. Reynolds, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred F. Ricciardi Joan and Al Ricciardi Ricky The Reilly Family Mr. and Mrs. George Rimmele Mr. and Mrs. R. Rinaldi Genevieve Rischmann Miss Dolores Jean Rogers Mrs. Frances Rogers Donald Paul Rogers Donald W. Rogers Mrs. Regina Rogers Mr. Andrew Rojeski Mrs. Andrew Rojeski Mrs. Bernice Rojeski Miss Mary Rojeski Mrs. Doris Rommel Miss L. Roncskevitz Mr. and Mrs. A. Roselli Rosie and Shelia Marie Ross Mr. and Mrs. Arthur' Rossbach Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ruddy Joseph A. Ruddy Pat Rudge Ann Ruf Mrs. A. Rujak John James Rujak Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Rusak Judith A. Ryan Pat and Peggy Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Ryan Beatrice M. Sabatos Andrew L. Sabatos Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sabo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Savarese Lee Scarfone Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schaefer Mr. George Scheick Mr. Joseph Scheick Barbara Scherer Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Scheuermann Mr. and Mrs. I. Schiavino Rev. B. C. Schlegel Miss Carol Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. B. Schlegel Miss Carol Schoenknecht Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schoenknecht Louise Scholz Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Schoonover Donald R. Schmid Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmid, Sr. Mr. George W. Schneider Mrs. Hans Schneider Henry Schneider Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Schneider Joseph G. Schreck, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Schreck, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Schreitmueller Bernard Schwartz Frank Schwartz Mr. Frank Schwartz Mrs. Frardc Schwartz Phyllis Schwartz Regina Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. R. Schweitzer Mrs. J. Seeley Mr. and Mrs. A. Sergel Eddie Sereika Gene Serino Mr. and Mrs. N. Serino Sal Severini Ann Shadis Mr. and Mrs. Neil Shaffery Mrs. Frank Shea Frank Shea I oe Shea Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Shea Mary Ann Shea Shelia and Jack ' Ronald Sheppard Miss Genevieve Sheridan George E. Sherman Mrs. George Sherman Glenda Sherman Mr. and Mrs. John Siconolfi Jane Silbernagel Treat Yourself to a Visit to CONGRATULATIONS AND GOD-SPEED GIRLTOWN TOTHECLASSOF 1958 A Complete Line of Separates for All Glrls DR' and IO VALLEY STREET SOUTH ORANGE, N. J. coMPl.lMENTs OF THE HULIGHAN FAMILY GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1958 THE GORDON FAMILY SOuth Orange 2-9666 COLLEGE CITIES SERVICE 405 IRVINGTON AVENUE ESex 2-2688 PATRICK J. FOLEY Dealer in KNORR'S MILK, CREAM AND DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPLIMENTS OF TILTON DAIRY FARMS or NEWARK IIO MT. PLEASANT AVENUE NEWARK, N. J. SOuth Orange 2-9898 SETON ESSO SERVICE CENTER 455 uRvnNGToN AVENUE SOUTH ORANGE, N. J, ESsex 3-7361 CUSTOM CLEANERS PLANT ON Pntuusss 527 STUYVESANT AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. ESsex 4-6762 O'CONNELLS DAIRY Guaranteed Early Delivery A 102 Augusta Street Irvington, N. J. 82 2 mc'S1S QM iw. Wi' 5 - , -r , 'V E V my ,R JFS? 123 E we uv- iw g sg W Vg .fffw 5 ,,, .- W 75555: mrs E 'B X gang 944' Y 22? www QQ! FEW i f vf Suhr Mmg ' .N ? Q Mr. and Mrs. N. Silbernagel Mr. and Mrs. V. Silbernagel Mr. and Mrs. Peter Simon Mike Simon J ames Simpson J. Sitek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Skryha John Sluboski Alex Smith Catherine Smith Chester F. Smith Miss Jeanne Smith Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Smith Miss Kathleen Smith Mrs. Lester Smith Miss Teresa A. Smith Af2c Walter Smith Elaine Smisco Winifred Snee Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Soelbrandt Susan Soelbrandt Carol Sonderman Miss Marie Sonderman Mrs. Marie Sonderman Mr. Ted Sonderman Betty Sosnowski Joan Sosnowski Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sosnowski Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Spence Mr. and Mrs. Walter Spiech Dr. and Mrs. William Spinosa Veronica B. Staba Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stahl Mr. and Mrs. H. Stahl Jo Ann Stawski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stawski Miss Carol Stecher Rocco Stefani Mr. and Mrs. Lester Stein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stein Joseph Stellita Mary 'Skip' Stepka Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Everett I. Stratton George Strauch Mrs. G. Strauch Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stocker Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Stohr Mrs. John Strong Margie Strong Bertha F. Sturn Sheila and Shirleen Sturn Mr. William Sysyn Mr. Albert Szlaga Barbara Szlaga Mrs. Julia Szlaga Mrs. Rose Szlaga Agnes Szpiech Marian Szpiech IRVINGTON ESSO SERVICE CENTER CONGRATULATION TO THE CLASS OF '58 S. S. KRESGE COMPANY 842 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE 9IO SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. .I ESsex 3-0606 MAYFAIR CLEANERS AND DYERS WOZNIAK FUNERAL HOME A "Dignified and Efficient Service" CONRAD .I. WOZNIAK RAYMOND E. WOZNIAK , 291 40th Street Irvington, N. J 320 Myrtle Avenue IVVINQYOU, N- -I- CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF IQSS from THE LAY FACULTY of ARCHBISHOP WALSH HIGH SCHOOL ik ESsex 3-3838 M. E. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 22 HILLSIDE TERRACE NEWARK 6, NEW JERSEY GREETINGS FROM The Irvington Board of Commissioners Mayor EDWARD J. MCKENNA Comm. HERBERT KRUTTSCHNITI' Comm. HARRY A. SCHUMAN Comm. WALTER T. GUTOWSKI Comm. JOHN R. MARTIN WE ARE PROUD TO EXTEND OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO ARCHBISHOP WALSH HIGH SCHOOL Yes, we are proud, because of the fine work that is being done by your school, and the opportunity you have given us, your official photographer, to be affiliated with it. LORSTAN STUDIOS UFOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE EAST" 850 BROAD STREET NEWARK, NEW JERSEY 85 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Szpiech Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Szpiech Mr. and Mrs. Peter Szpiech Andrea Tadrick Mrs. N. Tambasco Nick Tambasco Edward Thompson Mrs. Edward J. Thran Mary Ann Thran Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tichenor Mr. Charles Tichenor Mrs. Charles Tichenor John Tichenor Margaret Tichenor Michael Louis Tichenor Mrs. Pauline Tobey Anna Tonra Nonie P. Tonra Mr. and Mrs. John Torma Dr. William T. Torppey Pat Trabalik Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Trabalik Joe Trabold Mr. and Mrs. John M. Trabold Edward Trainor Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Trapp Thomas Tretola Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tuite Mrs. John E. Tully Mrs. William B. Tully William B. Tully Mr. and Mrs. George Turner Mr. and Mrs. George J. Turner Joey Eugene Turner Mary Jo Turner Mr. James T. Turney Mrs. James T. Turney Mr. Curtis Turney Mrs. Mary Turney Patricia and Nicholas Tworischuk Rev. John Tyks Mr. and Mrs. S. Ulatowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Valente Anne VanCleve Mrs. William S. VanCleve Mrs. Mary Vanlderstine Mr. and Mrs. George Varga Margaret Vilggard Nick Villanova Ann Marie Virostek Mrs. A. Virostek Visconti Family Mr. and Mrs. Bela Visy Mrs. Anthony Vitanzo Mrs. A. Vyniski Joyce Wacker Mrs. Wm. Wagner ma. Yu I ffflfr QW if ,sw 3 rx '41 49 -CY ,ff 5 1,51 A,,, ' H my ,er 4 Ts 1, W? xv A uh: 5 M Q 5 Q ,Q sum , 'Q vs W y H55 5 ff WW n , lessons of her master Gary Serlno 4' I DOG WITH BOY-"Lassie" supervises e . ' ' A A , Y ' ' 2ws:.1K 'fm 'fi ff' , ' -A "l . W 4225 ' ' A-HL, ' H ' , '-,--f W ' W di ii k gf' A Q , .A K -, 5 H was M 5 , 1 Jw - S N' ef 1 W ff A Q , W 4' -, V f 753w,.wgsiff,,,1,1g f -.-L,,fW.g,,nys fsrfm- ,, -, ' 2.-.wiaarfsg V, . J, srx -fm :fs-swims. .L Mmm fmmmrfiiir " ,1 ' 'zxzsm 1 WSH ' V A K f, .L Q4 ,F Q f wa X f M 4 5 Q62 sistsn MARGARETTE'S YELLOWSTONE CHEERLEADERS Judy Barbara P. Ginny Cathy Pat Darlene Regina Kathy Barbara S. Meredith TH E YELLOWSTON ES Hans Bumble Fol Ollle Brlllo Nick Paul Chunky Larry Peter Jim Hoag Murdock 6-ioao SABOSIK FURNITURE CO. 927 STUYVESANT AVENUE UNION, N- J- ESsex 3-3317 EVELYN C. BROWN GRACE CHINA CO. Unconditional Guarantee of FREE Replacement for 25 years. Private showing of Exclusive Patterns. Inquire' about our Bonus Club Plan. Fine Imported Bavarian China and Crystal. Moderately Priced. Call for appt. Free Gift for Your Opinion 85 SHERMAN PLACE IRVINGTON, N. J. KOECK'S TAVERN AL KOECK, Prop. Joe Wren and George Cole, Your Hosts VALLEY STREET ORANGE. N. J. AL'S MARKET Birds Eye Frozen Food Del Monte and Lilly Food Products ISO SANFORD STREET EAST ORANGE, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. WILLIAM BOLAND, SR. and FAMILY BLUE COAL KOPPERS COKE VAILSBURG COAL Cr ICE CO. OIL BURNER INSTALLATIONS 24 Hour Service - SOuth Orange 2-9200 I W. SOUTH ORANGE AVE. SOUTH ORANGE, N. J. BROAD DRUGS MICHAEL c. VITALE, R.P. ESsex 2-9593 IRVINGTON SHELL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Distributor Shell Petroleum Products Karl Soyka - Joe Rozenel - Leo Travaglini SPRINGFIELD AVENUE and 40th STREET IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY ESseX 2-0686 LOUIS LOBMAYER, Prop. HEADLEY DELICATESSEN - SALADS MADE TO ORDER Imported and Domestic Specialties 1352 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. coMPLiMENTs or NEISNER BROTHERS I I Mr. and Mrs. P. Walburg Mr. and Mrs. Austin Waldron Mrs. Ida Walkonis Ronald Wanczyk Mrs. Thomas Ward Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Walsh Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Weber Mr. and Mrs. A. Weigel Sam Weiss Cile and Henry Weismantel Mr. Edwin Wentworth Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werner Miss Dale West Mr. and Mrs. Donald West Mr. and Mrs. Milton West Mrs. L. Westervelt Mr. and Mrs. Martin White Mr. L. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. John Wieczerzak Helmut Wiedmann Mrs. Howard Wiesner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. John Wilusz Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Wojcik Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Wojcik Mr. and Mrs. George Wolff Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Wolters Mrs. F. Wnek Mr. and Mrs. David Wyles Mr. and Mrs. E. Wysocki Miss Anne Yarum Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Yarum Mr. Stephen Yarum Eileen C. Young Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Young Timothea Young Mr. and Mrs. Walter Zach Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zamorski Joseph F. Zappa Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zegar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zegar Barbara Zekeres Mrs. Eleanor Zekeres Adele A. Zemkowski Chester T. Zemkowski Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Zepecki Mr. and Mrs. William Zidonik Stephen J. Zihala Miss Dorothy A. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. R. Zimmerman Mr. William J. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. I. Zrebiec Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Zrebiec Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zrinko ESsex 3-3500 VITO M IELE M 6' M SPORTING GOODS CO. SUPPLIERS OF ALL SPORTS EQUIPMENT IO65 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. IRVINGTON CENTER PRODUCE MARKET 994 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE IRVINGTON, N. J. Mfxfkef 2-2410 JAMES J. PLUNKETT Mfxrkef 3-2854 . R. R. BRANT CO., INC. F'-oR'5T STATIONERS and rmwrsns Motor Vehicle Resgistration Agency SPORTING GOODS 357 SOUTH ORANGE AVENUE NEWARK, N. J. 340 BROAD STREET NEWARK' N. J. New Jersey Phone: UNion 7-2400 New York Phones: LOngacre 4-9I 6I -Z PRODUCED BY NEW CITY PRINTING CO. 802-806 sup STREET - UNION CITY, N. J, THOMM'S LUNCH EoNs A 2 Goble Street Newark, New Jersey mama by Eayuudu NEW CITY PPINTINGI UNION CITY, HIV! Jllllf wxfiwli'

Suggestions in the Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) collection:

Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 17

1958, pg 17

Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 5

1958, pg 5

Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 48

1958, pg 48

Archbishop Walsh High School - Buchmann Beacon Yearbook (Irvington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 50

1958, pg 50

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