Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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gf s 2 6 1, s ! i Wsrs .rp ff vi, 3 na I ,,..,A if an ki I gf kgs 54 QI: i 3 5 ,,.... we 35 1 ,Q 3' gi 7 5,1 4 . .. W Q 5 'Q f,.,.,,.,i...a1, W ,, E. 2 5? Y Q .., ,A, J E Q Q L L Q ., 3 sf E ' ? , X f I ? , EW., af K f iw. I Alf Q' N 'Rv 113,53 , . 5,8-I p ,..-LQ r' A W s fs 1. x Sf 'E . r o 1 IMI' 4. . V V X. Mg 'xnxx W 9 . M. ff. W w WW SW .wigs i ,AI mg," 1.7 YM ff' Q iw K ww- ' 5 L., M ,.:,W,,,.!, . K K Wea... ., fA,.H h 4 Q. if ' .fu -T -Nu. '5' V I . mx Y '51 1 .114- 4 "Ar if. ff! - .ii f E. .-'I " ' .11 .JY Liyq' rf : -' 1.-, :IW- W I .1 mr .M 2 vw uf L . 1-4 FV. . . , I 1 .A w ,Q 1 f- t -, , I .,, If , 1 4 w x g 9 -4' A Lf- u s 1 3 1 1 1 . 1 N 'f 1' ' I Mg, ' Jin, .- I- A 1 A JI1 1 ' --in gj,'2' ..:. yr -1. A--.. ' , ru' , 1, 5' I - 'Q V1 ' L "' 1 1 'rx ..4. 'Q . X 1, 41, 1 N 4, n "M .H . 1-1' a .uf . 4. 4 4 ,,1 g'4,. 3' , x 3 I ... 'nh I ' W L 4 . 4 - aHga'+i"2-HQMJQ f- s'wE'?2?il'LII!-fl?"-iqLT"'5'1 f 1 ff-v ,HW .E,,.e " A pg 41 :iw .334 ' eq 1 :M -1 H ' 1161 4 T' I fi' -"-'- ' . .. HY, ' Y . I , W .- Em, u ,- , f 1 . . X 1- r vw .i W: , vw ft.. , lmzfwrx '-J R A I., , WS- , l. A gf- ,fiwfg .f 5 ' , ., ,...c,-, K, , 'iWe have left nothing undone, but have championed by every means at Our disposal-in Our public utterances written and oral, and in Our conversa- tions and interviews--the restoration of that peace and concord which must be based on justice and reach its per- fection in mutual fraternal charity." l' ' Pius XII, April l5, l94O ti? X? The Senior Class presents FTHE 1959 SHEPHERD Archbishop Stepinoo High School Wllite Plains New York ,-x.x5,.,j,,g Q. at -:A .5 3335141 , kk . , .,,,,,,-,,.:.....-.h---.w H42 in .Yf4Q3,"IfI1 ..aunua.--- ,,., . . 1 ,..-, R R Q Al- ,ff -, .1-V , ,-Ay, , v 1 x. , A . 1 3 ,l , ,Q 1. . . v' 455- Q 5 V ,Y -F - A . , 1 ' 1 e :dia , , 5 -6, .. ,.- ""'4 . - V FT 'fm r ' Y ' A C' ' F1 t X Q 0,4 iff , ff,-fu.. fi t .' , 4 Ki V -,kr , , f 1,42 ' I-A Q 3 A A ' 4, ' y ' ' 2 V, r K-gig! Q, W 155,35 'rvxsfbki , ' fi X V 1- X Q XM A my ,Q ,gk Q .L A 2? A KQMJQWQT l' K 1 f .' ifggk' ' , f' 7'-fy T,-haf' K -A g 'Nfl .ray 'Nw -flf . r 1 f V, I .4 , Q5 L4 -, J- if K' f:. ,sy I ' A r., 1? lwfx ,rj ' 4 ' X , 'fl + 1:4 K Q 'Kfl KS A41 aa-if fa fi? 1 Vxii ,A-""f'+f VE t M, -v W 3 -.Ay gig? fry 'W'-.w i xi ying' E T -. f sf. ' 1-. , .. -t'f:9'ff . 1, P K,,,,h . ., ..YK '-. if , l g f ,sam nu lr... whrv N-19,'i5l'1f" 1 -v ,..-...a-f .d.,'1r.?wnq,g?.., l my N., 'Sw Mfwu M 5, . an-,. ,M- W it ,gy ' , K' ' "m,- Z? eg, Q5 A55 ,. 5? s , 'E ' . 'S ' 5132 A A 5 T V9 L ' my F' X f ..,.3',g wig - 5 -V ,. W "ff, - ,sf ,grief 6 5 R zkmkx V R 4' Q. ,,,. . . f .., A " ,- - . 75 I 1 f' ' . s . . . Aw ' . V V ,. r Q r- .m.k ff 5 . f 5 1 .f. . , Y I . f. Q ,- Amy'ni.AWW.M,,A.... , ,..,,. N"-'M M 7 K' I . k. V , I ,:qg.4,.,lg,,f7k A Q.. ' . may . ,,......,,,,,A N W' Q , T, if f, 5 f Q . . g j ' or ' ..ffgi5f4Mj-w r A. - 1 ' . gi, . gf- ,n n - . . - , 1 .wif ., . - i-44142 -l I , ' i 5. x ., we 1 . it K .'1 I .4 if-W fl. ' 'A KK fi.2fu.', --LA' ,Q " -. ,ZX I Q ' airy, f -L ,- , Q V. . 2 . --:Cwis-A B , 1 Q , -fwd' - .s 2 ' . my if 2 , . , , y 3, ,N W ...,. .3 .25 at ,X g lfajg-gf :' .big L l .A M , "rg-X Nc ..rg..i it,-lg 1 A ,r T - Q 'Q gg T f - . . ' 1 is . sw- . .1 0 , A vs- . ,J . . . 9 ,QQ il T T f'f'f"' PM . , . .3 T , l 5 f'ftef:5',iSs 3 46' l T 'i ,V ' . T f ' : Q. f F 3 H wuigi' f K 5 In ' .N 1 . ww, ,p , h , .4 ,,.w L A 4 My . 5 l ily 1-it 'K 359: P Y . if E -- "' ' L , , 1 .sg -riff: lf? ' M- ' f s ' X ga 1- ' 5. 543' gg Q gf .:K!L.1i'v,.Lr Af tt, , k K ,f T .. E 3 5-21Q'K'f ll 1- tTr"f+rff4'l,-'sitio-ii, 9 . T K' ' In .. 1 'Q' ' il' 5, 3. - V4f+E5.gff1'si l i K s '1 s 51 H K' r 1 y ' z . ,M .. , sa ,W - 4 ,,. 1,1 1 A 4' K3 , " N Q. 'M' ,. -. Q gr.: 13, , ,R X was wang M , E , sv U' 39 I i EK' K3 ,gi Qt? xg ji 'fa 2 M K .fp L :gi K' if 5 " 3 2 td Y 1 HA . Q A 2- 3 A M ' Nl fs 95? if N , .V -A Si A an a ,A 4 fc ft ,v f , :jg at W r. . 5. ' , i- 5.. 1+ f 1,1 rs 9 'S .45 ' A ' xi ggf s raffle ,fe 1 is . ,f ' 'n 15 I .yay .. ,5- . Kx' .-1: . ' Q" f . - "Q 1' if it 3 U fi, pi ti, 1 5 r , .Swv 5 jg 1" V' , ik 'ff' , 3. gh ,. Q. .wt . W Q of -:" K1 KK lf, s K Y , K K1 V K f.. K' . 1 5 ,ff ' 4 f K. f Q- '- f f f . K r J 1? F' no 2' . . ' L L. :". A as , fx 5 F , . . 1. 1 ,, f , gf ,A 5' 3 i f 11 A ' 2 it .-' Q- ' W5 ' . ff -' fi -I Ki 'QF . gg , 9, . , 3 v A, .. . lr . X X K -K 5,33 4 5' 5 f , ' K 'A .. 'Q : WA' . 1 4 x x- K 9- f., .T j ,f , ' nfs 'f K' L Q f '- ' ,f' 5 g Q A - .K' 14' 5 r -. .li V ' 'lg 4 F? T 'ti Q li' x ' . 65 iii' if p 54515 .hs Q Kid' ' I 5 l- N, V aff. . x , 3 3 ls' lg. Q. Q Q' ' Q L ,f, A f.. -Q x'v'.' tn 'C' ,. ..y, I 4 .4-1 .1 .. A , . as. -' - ,Q ' f K , tu. ,is ,. . -r f,.. A.,--s , . .,,.,,, I, ff, t. 9 A, 9 4' .Vw . .. - t .' ., . ga df 1 if . T f, K fgyqfl -,xl V ' J ,S . . ' ff- 1: use AHL 4 ' K'.- " ',, is Us V , X V ' Z' .1 V V gf- V if .-,V ' V ' " ' 'S i es' -- TK A 'A .Q "fl 1- '- M -gs 25+ Q v ff 2 Q' 7 f ,-F A -' ' ' K 5 ff ' .fffi-QSQK , 9' K" ' 4 - . . 'rl' 1 KK 'lik . . , , , fr ,. Q, lent. ' at - p . t. . . 7 - A .1 - L-f 4, T, 1 A , f- g V -sg? J., ' it of if F' -' 'J Tw. gg ' , V ,el-i' 535' rl 515 if "Q M, ,f . K ' , 3 ' ' " A 55 ,wg .PK 5 T E,-'5 4, , .3 'Y N , 5 L Q44 A 152 sg-1. .- D ., Mutt' r: ' ff ,sry if M- ' 4- lg X K, ff iffy K' -. if . .V rf' K' a K! -aff .. ' Ts 1 +16 .Ar 4 ' ,., wx tj , 1. iff' n,,, -. K - . ,sift 3' ' '. ' .. ., . -1' 4 . ' . 'F' 7' 3 'W ' 'K ' .-ms'-' ' ' K t . K Za' T ' . ' 'rr . T T f mare ff f V PM vt . -9 f A 's 1' 5 ' 4: .ff T . fx s 's 1' A a ,yi 'ff' wg? - 1, ,M fc, M- ' - .' K , A ff'- 1 ,Mr A ,... f 'gg X ,M M S, . A' gk we V1 x ., . as , -W ' . 1 . ' f ,i i .. I 'f - "1 Q. ,h.' J M ,f ff . ff M it nw 1 . ,Q , ., -as ew. ' , K 4 4?-fl NJ- vtifnf .' . , ' .- A x , ,H 4' w .Q A Fav, 3 A' V ,f - i .f W - M .f I-f. . f" v-ri ' . ','., A 1. 91. if 5 A' ..,. it Us - T . . ,V s ft . , - ' rf :ff V: ' if., .fm r ig, K 15 - .63 ,uw kr In I. . , V! Q! .iffy .. L' F K V L A r 5,-T,4s.m1f?Q1J gulf YJ, up K: , Y its K . K -, 'ff' A Ag... ,454 :A '51 A . VM A. .3-.1 . 4.'.. 1 f .. s it I .,,, ,MLK The year l958 saw the passing of one of the greatest men of modern "6 mt' sf- days. This judgement becomes more striking when one considers the areas of TQ , 'I' influence which felt the wisdom of his counsel and direction. Through the most difficult years of upheavel, war, persecution, and famine, the late beloved Holy Father Pope Pius Xll found the key to each and every situation. Whether 53' 4 ff he spoke to a group of highly trained electricians or to the simple multitudesg whether he conversed with leaders of nations or with the ordinary citizeng whether he chatted with rich or poor, young or old, it mattered notg for in this KKKy outstanding figure of the 20th century a word of encouragement, instruction or simple greeting can be found for all men of all classes in all circumstances. f,fiziAK'L ln this light, the theme of the l959 Shepherd is carried out recognizing fi fi that this saintly,- scholarly, humble Pontiff typifies the words of the New Testament, "All things to all men." tv I 3-fs I In , gf- .gig f. 'K 1 f A " elf- 4' , .. 1 5 -fl 'N df. V .1 we , AA if s' qw if ' we . 5 . if l U . Lf ,L rf' " ' 7- , ' , lf lg ,f 1 .I 3 i His Eminence Aloysius Cardinal Stepinac OUR PATRON 6 His Eminence Francis Cardinal Spellman OUR FOUNDER 5 1 gil 2 c . 5 . "The teacher who draws his inspiration from fatherhood, whose aim is to develop beings similar to himself, will form his pupils not only by precept, but also by the example of his own life. lf the con- trary should be true, then his efforts are merely, as St. Augustine says, those of a 'merchant of words', and not of a fashioner of souls . . Pope Pius XII, September 6, l949 "My apostolic blessings to the faculty and stu- dent body of Archbishop Stepinac High School." Addressed to Monsignor Nolan and Fathers Dil3lasi and McDermott. August l9, l958. 2 -ka an-77"-.Q NNW . :cz-i' 'S-wana..-,i,.. 'UBC i ,sc 1' iii' f .... , W 5, k k M!! M... Mn' ,,,,,.W:f . M--wr . .aww .v-"N XX. Q3 K .,, Q Y: ,f 1 3' ax. X WI.....q'L J. . file. ...lj A .s:'fm.-ZffS?gjgvi,Qk I "MQ"-" 1 'fi af, .- '!ffvL:gf,fH- LULTY ,,.,,,.4-ws-nu" x 16' Blot: EB n Hmm? ' ,. , ' . Y M, JSE. x Q 15 Q? x 4 V if X' V- F I iw i - , 5-ea-X, N - M mpg My w,g,,.5gE K 3311 S2 A fi sem i 44155533953 2 - if Walter Breeds School President V v M. " W ' fi 5,515wi.Qi3f.:9kfg:.' '5f.q?iq.ii3f1,1., gyfjg 1 if . , . . x A NQ5, ,Q -5, ., 7 jk uf. , '- '- i, ff, --:fz:'Qfiibf4'b - A f. ,W f A W,gfffgsff1,,1,-,1,g, f, 8 1 1 .I V, - : - ' . :Iwg:fwfiiiffagwflf-?Ki'1'p7i 'if-f-f-12-5 M ' ' i ' kk,,h 5, f-2:,1LX1,kg115g5Qi wigaqggffggigezi I .. , M..W.x55ggifk5?2g,Lz ZX f , k V m.:.2+gJ?s,gf,,S,1'- 24143 -- ff 'gi S, , .ff-V, - f W Niall? Xp:ftT'1,'.cL' .1 M, 5,1'mTx'7f7i7f15,5gmf!z QL qty! pw U ' 1.02.2 LJ?:::,-jigil-gf.-.ivy "'14:A:sl., 3.-V5 .3557 lf Zffi ,ji ytvggwf' qt: 5,115 wzgv'fL.gi5 -1 ,5:g.:,k,,U QQ? ig xy-ey , X .. vw ' V9 4 54-f,-'zfw-gas'wgmgsxgifsffw'aff111ffzefisyig235227wmwtwgsfff:,, 1m.,wz'g53-mwg.vf1fzs:1f,:fwz, 12119:MZHXKek-:S-5Mifwim'QE?w,-fag'awwgg?in - L-inf . Q , 15 W. -if 'Q 1 1 , -Q -I 5' :gig f . W, . ,.,. , ..X,.M . Hx HL, fm. K ,... Um H,L.,,4.1,.,.m .vQ.,,,X. 3,.,,W 1 ,, sw. , . ,k x , , ,, X x .af I , .. f Y ,L , , -' "' A 1, f ,W ,. i Y , T V f . f, L M15 3 K 1 :I ,N QI? 5,'.4s?g,-kgwlli f M lf?-f'Q:: 15,-1 iffi,i:5. 5 9511541-' ' M . filly'-QAQYA-w?f'1lf? 5' --1'fZ51bf7i'f,f QT EW U"SYf5,f?I-71 WF ' rg'-551' f' - 5 ' x K .W ,ygfym A.,, K, f ,2.,f,A -Sv-wgmw ,, xv, 3 .L X E -Mil, N5Mfi,,L.,f W0 ,K V. , , 'Wig' 125215 mf.Kiev?-i??ijiK'?,'Lvifikfgggzlf-,'i'QEZggfq--5?'2i:fiJF,1i'?iE??fEX+2?i5QgE2:i2iig , wg- '-: -Q ' 5:iUi2f:fi5ff,Gifii2f,gEvjfQj'fi fi?-2 Hi' A A fu 1, ' ,,,, . - 'M ' ' 4 4 ' 5 2 ,, 4, T .5 ,.., , ,,-...NW rims , ,. ,,, - N wa svn-imig' 'QJH-su'5fffifP1,,Qgff-1-ask sais- QSM: w,.-am-gs - f ' The Reverend William J. Ward, B.A. Assistant Principal, Dean of Studies The Reverend Stanley J. Mathews, M.A. Director of Guidance The Right Reverend Monsignor Edward M. Plover, S.T.B. Procurator - The Reverend Jeremiah B. Sullivan, M.A. Dean of Student Activities ,JH V Father Vernon Alden, O.S.C., B.A. English Athletic Moderator iAnnexi Brother Bernardino, C.F.X., M.S. Chairman of Science Department, Shepherd, Biology Club, Camera Club Father Augustine J. DiBIasi, M.A. Chairman of Latin Department, Alumni, Bowling, Classical Club Brother Alphonse, C.F.X., M.A. Brother Andrew Joseph, C.F.X., M.S. Chairman of Business Department, Mathematics Business Club it Father James Cashman, 0.S.C., M.A English, Dramatics Brother Donatus, C.F.X., M.A. Father Anthony J. Dougherty, Chairman of German Department, 0-5-F-5-1 MA- German Club Social Studies 12 1 1 1 ,L1xziwfahwmsisasuweeirfei f Brother Edward, C.F.X., B.B.A. Br6ther Elroy, C.F.X., M.A. Father Stephen J. Fitzgerald, M.A Business, Typing, Business Club, Mathematics, Math Club Chairman of Social Studies Track Department, Golf Father John Gaffney, 0.S.F.S., M.A. Father Peter Gelsomino, B.A. Religion, Rifle Club English, Religion, Crusader, Italian Club, Poster Club Brother George Patrick, Father Edward Gust, O.S.C., B.A. Brother lsidore, C.F.X., M.A. C-F-X-, M-A-y M-L-5- Religion, Mission Crusade, Mathematics, Religion, Librarian, Social Studies, Rifle Club Social Studies Library Club 13 Father John F. Lyons, M.S. Chairman of Religion Department Senior Retreats QE, Brother Mauricius, C.F.X., B.A. Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing, J. V. Basketball , ,Wm , 5 S-T'-Q. Father Robert J. Kane, M.S. Brother Kerry, C.F.X., B.S. Physics, Aquinas Society, Mathematics, Freshman Basketball Physics Club 'Qia---If Brother Marcus, C.F.X., M.S. Brother Maurice, C.F.X., B.A. Religion, Spanish, Co-Moderator Mathematics, Co-Moderator of Juniors of Juniors, Math Club ,STL 'nv ""'......"? Father Thomas F. McCaffrey, M.A. Father Joseph J. McCarthy, M.S. Religion, Social Studies, Rifle Club, English, Alumni, Dance Committee Senior Senate Usher Society 14 www Father James M. McDermott, M.A. Father Joseph F. McGann, B.A. Latin, Sodality, Tennis Social Studies, Moderator of Athletics Winans Father Laurence J. McGowan, B.S. Father Bernard J. McMahon, Ph.D. Chemistry, Chemistry Club, Contemporary Literature, English, Scientific Society Phoenix 'Q' Father Francis J. Melican, B.A. Father John J. Mulroy, M.A. English, Dad's Club Chairman of English Department, Public Speaking 15 'bfi K ins.M-v Father William J. McGann, M.A. Chairman of Music Department, Latin, Social Studies, Band, Dramatics, Glee Club, Ladies' Auxiliary Brother Medard, C.F.X., M.A. Chairman of Mechanical Drawing Department, Model Railroad Club Father John J. Murray, O.S.C., B.A. Brother, Norbert. C.F-X-, B-A- Religion, Mission Crusade, Tennis Science, Rifle Club Father Walter J. Murray, B.A. Social Studies, Altar Boys, Track Father Thomas O'Keete, B.A. Father Daniel A. Peake, M.S. Health Education, Raffle, Track English, Shepherd, McCloskey Volunteers t as R it Brother Padraic, C.F.X., B.A. I ms Mathematics, Track , f K ,V i"' N-Inv Brother Philip Neri, C.F.X., M.S. Brother Quentin, C.F.X., B.S. Chairman of Mathematics Science, General Science Club Department, Electronics I6 Father Harry Quinn O S F S M A Religion Archery Club Father Paul E Rampe 0 S C BA Science Prefect of Discipline lAnnexl Father Francis K. Scheets, O.S.C., M.A Social Studies, Cheerleaders, Debating Brother Ramon, C.F.X., M.A. French Club Father Edward Simons, 0.S.F.S. Religion, Bookstore dhnln.-wi Father Joseph Smerke, O.S.C., M.A Latin, Principal lAnnexl Mr. Joseph Soprano Mr. T. Joseph Sullivan, B.B.S. Physical Education, Track Physical Education, Football, Baseball I7 Brother Thomas Patrick, C.F.X., M.A. Chairman of Modern Language Department, Religion, Spanish Club Father James B. Tobin, M.Ed. English, Religion Interested Spectators s I I8 Mr. Joseph S. Torpy, B.B.A. English, Shepherd Mr. Ignatius J. Volpe, B.S. Chairman of Physical Education Department, Varsity Basketball chool taff Mr Harold McDonald Superintendent Mrs. Catherine Hunt Bursar 5 Mrs. Ada Nancy Weiner Miss Alice Lynch School Nurse nf Dietician Q Mrs. Frances Wingender Switch Board on Mrs. Maureen Palesfrant 'A P Scholastic Secretary . fs We Q' .... ' . Mrs. Irene Sims l Scholastic Secretary 15: Miss Loretta S. 'Barrett J Bookkeeper K A Mr. Raymond Morris Attendance Clerk Miss Donna Matturro Seaeta,-Y Mr. John J. Carthy Chief Engineer l 9 "lt should rather be said that you are young people atire, a consuming youth, ready to light and fan the tire which Jesus came to bring to the world. You have an obligation to study, an obligation of serious study. This study should be well integrated and compre- hensive, You must seek the truth, struggle to possess it, and finally, you must have the will to make your actions conform to that truth." Pope Pius Xll, March 24, I957. IUP1 X 4' R ,Q Q . K Q l.lj',g V B WZ5: , "wg:-, L . 5 K,- 'wy- .4 N'-. X ,gl-i,.NaYt -. . ., , .... V v Vx- . f f- 12 "w':5,--mr:-Q ved? mggf'---. ,QT i1....w:. , 4,.w,mmvb4x .Am Rx, z 1" K f i 15 Aw P ,ff ' , gil? L-ig' Lf 1 ' 1' 1,3 ,iff lf Jill' ,ffm ff n L I YJ., .fan I 4:5-' ' ' ' Vf f' 4, , , . 2 f':""'d.l.,fifL E sl, ,,L.,, 1 3 -s...,,,Q iff' "-s-MQ., V. :Q-11 , 1.-... Q -, M1 "'-' L ff 'Q1 f L1 1' ff "Q X W aagfffbf wyx nl Vincent Louis Albano Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 Senior Senate 43 Track l, 2, 3. Vinny's pleasant smile and likeable personality was proved by his election as a class officer for four years. Physics rated high with Vinny, while History was at the bottom of the list. Follow- ing graduation he plans to take up dentistry at Fordham. John Vincent Aliberto Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Auto Club 33 Legionnaires 2, 3, 43 Library Club 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 4. The extent of the sch0ol's growth made a lasting impression on "Doc". Father Scheets and his history classes were his favorites. Although he did not relish French, he enjoyed working with autos. lona College is his preference after graduation. John Baptist Amendola Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Bowling Club 33 Electronics Club 45 Physics Club 3. Although John did not enjoy stuffy classrooms or German, he did manifest a strong liking for Brother Padraic's classes. Next year he may be found at Villanova. Seventh station at Gonzaga. John Edwin Aschenbren ner Bronxville, New York St. Catharine r will .guna-" James Francis Atwell New Rochelle, New York St, Augustine Dramatics 3. Jim, a quiet and unassuming fellow, was well liked by all his classmates. Biology Club 23 Class Officer lg Rifle Club l, 2, 3, 43 Rifle Team 3, 4g Scientific Society 2. "Ashes" was much impressed by the 'manly and Christian manner of doing things at Stepinac. Many of his after- noons were spent at the rifle range peeping through the sight of his gun. He plans to become a biologist for the Conservation Department. that was left by his dislik at-Providence next fall. Willard Francis Baisley Peekskill, New York Assumption Swimming 2. Bill enjoyed History during his stay at Stepinac. Preparing for the regents was his toughest assignment while swimming was his leisure pursuit. A successful career in the Marines is his ambition. vfffns' .Y - M .E ig. 594' ff Law filled the empty spot in his studies e for Geometry. He plans to take up Law Thomas Anthony Balash. Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Auto Club 4: Drarnatics 3, 43 Cross Country lg Glee Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 4. Tom was impressed by the cooperation between the facult and the students in running the school. This popular member of 4H enjoyed Spanish but disliked Math. He plans to attend college, then join the Air Force. James Anthony Barbara Mount Vernon, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Coming to Stepinac in his Junior Year, Jim found Jug most unpleasant. His plans for the future include a college education at either Fordham or lona where he would like to take a Liberal Arts course. At home he enjoys collecting records as a hobby. John James Banahan Rye, New York Resurrection Spanish Club 4. John enjoyed his Spanish classes with Bro. Thomas Patrick, but dreaded those long English periods. He is undecided about college, so he might be found in the Navy after graduation. John Turnbull Benjamin White Plains New York Our Lady of Sorrows Dance Committee 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 KBS 2 3 4 Student Council 4 "Hap" picked English as his best sub ject. He will always be remembered for his lending hand when needed After graduation he plans to attend Dayton. Hail, hail the gang's all here' James Joseph Birrittella Ossining, New York St. Teresa Baseball 45 Class Officer 23 K.B.S. 'l, 2 3 4 Jim s good humor has enlightened many a faculty member as to how a class should be conducted. His infectious laugh and amiable personality will assure his success in later life. 23 rl-- X . Peter Vincent Bisconti Bronxville, New York St. Joseph Shepherd 4, Freshman Basketball, J.V. 2, Biology Club 4, Crusader 4, Class Officer I, 3, 4, K.B.S. I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Usher Society 2, 3, 4, Golf 2, 3, 4, Phoenix 4, Classical Club 3, 4. Pete's amiable personality rubbed off a little onto everyone he came in contact with during his four years "in the halls". An avid athlete and excel- lent golfer, he merited the title "Westchester Junior Amateur Golf Champion" in his senior year. Next year he plans to take Pre-Med,at Notre Dame. Thomas Anthony Bishop , New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Shepherd 4, Class Officer 41 Football J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, K.B.S, 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Usher Society 2, 3, 4. "Bish" was a familiar sight on the foot- ball field due to his ability as a fine defensive man. After his transfer as a sophomore from Iona he proceeded to form many friends which he will miss while attending Notre Dame. 'Ei David Robert Blot Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary Biology Club 2, Chess Club 2, 3, Crusader 2, 3, 43 Debating 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Marching Band I, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4, Phoenix 4, Public Speaking 3, 4. His big smile and his love of music made Dave a very happy man at Stepinac. Although Physics and home- work bothered him, it was well made up for by his interest in History. Dave's goal after graduation is to study for the Xaverian Brothers at Catholic University. John Armand Bouffard Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Advanced Calculus 45 Baseball 4, Junior Prom Committee. John, a man with a great personality, regarded meeting Mary Ellen as the best thing that happened to him while at Stepinac. He ranked Math as his best subject. Perhaps this is why he plans to enter Manhattan, majoring in the field of aeronautical engineering. It-' ffm" Peter William Bonhag Eastchester, New York Immaculate Conception Basketball 2, 3, 43 Tennis I, 2, 43 K.B.S. I, 2, 3, 4. Known for his aggressive playing on the basketball team, Pete plans to at- tend college or join the Navy, where his genial personality will go a long way. Leonard Joseph Bonville Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary Chemistry Club 4, Chess Club I, 2, 33 Football J.V. 2, Varsity 3, Physics Club 3. Lenny's ability on the football field rated only second to his love of Science. English and commuting time were among his few dislikes. His abil- ity in Science should prove handy in his chosen field of Nuclear Physics. "Let's put him into orbit!" John Arthur Bourque Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Shepherd 43 Altar Boys l, 2, 3, 4, Bovgling Club l, 2, 3, 4g Rifle Club l, , 3, 4. John could never appreciate home- work given over the weekend or on holidays. French and rifle club held his study and support. A business career in the future is foreseen. John James Brady Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Bowlin Club 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 45 glee Club 2, 3, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Track l. While John excelled in Chemistry, he did not particularly care for short lunch periods or German. Next year between classes at Dayton, John's time will be spent at the bowling alleys. E.. George James Brlgandr White Plains, New York Walter John Breede White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Shepherd 3, 43 Aquinas Society l, 3, 4, Class Officer l, 2, 33 Cross Country l, 2, 3, 4, Crusader 3, 43 Dramatics 4, J. V. Football l, 2, German Club, Junior Prom Committeeg K.B.S. 1, 2, 3, 43 School President, Senior Prom Committee, Stage Crew 43 Student Council 3, 4. Serving as school president, Walt al- ways presented himself as a true Stepinac man. Well liked by all, he was best known for his scholastic and athletic ability. He has achieved for himself one of the highest places in Stepinac history. William Patrick Brennan Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Band lg K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3. Upon graduating in June, Bill plans to spend the next four years in the Navy. While at Stepinac, he enioyed Father Scheets' history period the most. Outside school his hobby was cars. "Hurry up, the stage leaves at one!" St. John the Evangelist Crusader 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Senate, School Officer 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Usher Society 4. Besides presiding as Freshman Presi- dent, George enjoyed dancing, judo, and track. Next year should find him at St. MichaeI's College studying for a degree in Business Administration. He intends to enter the ranks of some personnel department. Robert Anthony Briganti Port Chester, New York Sacred Heart of Jesus K.B.S. l, 2, 3. Bob's iob kept him, for the most part, very busy, so he had little time for school activities. Some local college will welcome Bob after graduation. QU Timothy Kevin Broderick Bronxville, New York St. Joseph K.B.S, 3, 4g Bowling Club 3, Baseball 4. "Timbo", a transfer student from Iona, came to Stepinac in his junior year. His ability to double talk had teachers and students alike in a constant state of confusion. This popular senior plans igoutake a business course at Iona next a . Kevin Joseph Brosnan Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Bowling 33 Football J.V. 2, K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4. "Broz", as he was commonly known, will be most remembered for his hu- mor and wit both in and out of the classroom, His many "gadgets" and choice of "ties" will never be forgotten by his classmates. We are sure Kevin will find success at Villanova. R'- ww ,fx X Pierre Richard Brown White Plains, New York St. Bernard Camera Club 3, 43 Electronics Club 4, Junior Prom Committee, Model Railroad Club. Along with cars and Chemistry, football will long remain in Pete's memory. Pete was well liked by everyone and will be recognized for his part in planning the best of Stepinac's Junior Proms. Patrick Anthony Browne White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Pat will spend the next few years in the Coast Guard. He believes this will give him every opportunity for an education, position and social life. Francis McKeon Buckley Scarsdale, New York St. Pius X Shepherd 43 Basketball lg Classical Club 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball, J.V. 2, Varsity 45 French Club 33 General Science Club lg Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee, K.B.S. I, 2, 3, 43 Mission Representative 33 Senior Prom Committee, Tennis 'l, J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4. "Mac's" ability on the football field and tennis court was surpassed only by his ability to "play the role" when it came to girls. This bright, serious minded senior took up boxing and has excelled in that field as a member of the Golden Gloves, with several knocke outs in his favor. "Mac" intends to enter Notre Dame next fall to start a "Smith, Burns, Jones, Doe . . . Farquhar?" career in the field of law. James Joseph Buckley Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Genieral Science Club lg German Club "Buck's" serious manner and likeable personality won him many a friend at Stepinac. He enjoyed golf and hopes to pursue a Chemistry course at St. Michael's. in '4ns..,, "C"'?f Richard Francis Burns Yonkers, New York St. Barnabas Shepherd 43 K.B.S. 3, 43 Bowling Club 4. Dick will never forget the Algebra class conducted by Bro. Elroy, He was one of the many seniors starved into unconsciousness by the late lunch. Upon graduation he plans to rest his study-weary bones, then on to college in the fall. Ralph James Carl Valhalla, New York Holy Name Altar Boys I3 Aquinas Society lg Cross Country l, 43 Track 2, 3. Father Sullivan was a constant source of amazement to Ralph as was Fr. McGowan's Chemistry class. French was always a lot of bother, but it might come in handy during his stay ln the Air Force. SiE els' I 'HL , 1' f ,".-'V 7 . 5 Francis'John Burke Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 43 Altar Boys 1, 23 Bowling Club 33 Class Officer 43 Crusader 43 Dance Committee 43 Physics Club 33 Student Council 3, 4. Frank was well liked by both teachers and students. History with Father Scheets gained his favor, while Algebra rated low. Matriculation at Fordham or St. Michael's is his future plan. Richard Leo Burke Mount Vernon, New York Our Lady of Victory Altar Boys 43 Football 2, 33 German Clug 3, 43 Legionnaires 43 Rifle Club , ,4. Dick was an avid fan of guns and was in the rifle club for three years. He plans to become a Xaverian Brother and one day return to Stepinac to teach. Dick's favorite subjects were History and German, but he disliked Physics. .,"0' xx ix 9 .. ,e., '1'f"'N ta . iw " 7 K W, - rat, V . Ai r? hi fy f. t Rs., 5' f'Qff3l3i,15 -A . :- 'U 1 ada m 'Y' 7? "V ' nfs.. 1 I : ',,3.i,- ,, -i 55 .nw 1 1- , J- 1 ff 'Sq ' , FT in . -ii' 3 K Richard Joseph Bykowski Port Chester, New York Sacred Heart of Jesus K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3. I , Richard found Health most enjoyable while Brother Elroy rated as his favorite teacher. During his four years at Stepinac he was greatly impressed with the helpfulness of the teachers. ln the years to come the campus of lona will be graced with his presence. Another "X"? 2. 27 , mhbrawlrs. "ha-v-"' 3 f ' .. i x E Nw?-...- i . gf, 32 . . xc. A i N Edward Michael Callaghan Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception gross Country l, 2, 3, 43 Track l, 2, , 4. Although English was his pitfall, Ed plans to make history with the Navy. His varied talents especially on the track should be as welcome there as they were here. 0'0- up xi it , x X i 'N Katonah, New York Douglas Arthur Carpenter Bronx, New York St. Barnabas Business Club I, 2, Track 45 Baseball 4. Doug found the long wait for the short senior lunch period much to his dislike, as was History. The antics of his classmates in bookkeeping have added to his memories. After gradua- tion he plans to enter Iona College. Robert Joseph Carriero Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Rosary Bob spends his leisure time reading about his hobby, hunting. History was his favorite subject and he was most impressed with the dedicated interest of his teachers. 'ilvw Edward Francis Carroll Mount Vernon, New York Our Lady of Victory Basketball lg Bowling Club I, 2g Class Officer 2, 3, Debating 33 K.B.S. I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Track 3. Eddie liked English, while German proved to be a stumbling block. He enjoyed bowling for relaxation. After graduation he plans to go to either Fordham or Iona and take Marine officer training. Edward Patrick Carroll Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Baseball J.V. Ig Class Basketball 4, Class Officer I, 2, 43 Football J.V. 23 K.B.S. I, 2, 3, 43 Tennis I. A deep love for cars and other high school interests have been Ed's trade- mark at Stepinac. His genial person- ality ancl willingness to work made his high school life a happy one. David 1Efford Cassidy Us U St. Mary of the Assumption Not even a strong aversion to long hair could overshadow Dave's fondness for Stepinac. English was on the top of the list for him and will be a big factor in college where he plans to prepare for a career in journalism. Gary Anthony Casarella White Plains, New York St. Anthony Camera Club 45 Junior Prom Commit- tee, Stage Crew I. 2, 3, 4. "Cass" gave most of his attention to his favorite subject, Chemistry, and his hobby, photography. The Air Force is in his future. S 5 ll' li BSIEH il 1 'Ls Ronald Carmine Castiglia Harrison, New York St. Gregory the Great Basketball l, 23 Bowling Club 43 Class Officer 4. Quiet and sedate, Ronald enjoyed Geometry. He plans to spend the next five years at Detroit in an engineering Francis Hayes Cavanaugh Ossining, New York St. Ann At Stepinac only for his Senior year Frank spent his first three years of high school at Ossining. He found that Trig held the greatest interest for him. COUYSC. HS Q3 Oi-.sq - , snuff Benjamin John Cestone' White Plains, New York St. John Band 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Junior and Senior Prom Committee. Ben liked Engineering Drawing but Algebra was not to his taste, His abil- ity on the tuba will provide him with a future musical interest. A career in civil engineering and the University of Detroit constitute his future hopes. Watch that first step. Francis Vincent Chisari Bronxville, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd l, 2, 3, Editor in Chief 43 Aquinas Society l, 43 Biology Club 4: Chemistry Club 43 Class President 2, 3, 43 Classical Club 3, 43 Freshman Cross Country3 Crusader l, 2, 3, Managing Editor 43 French Club 33 Freshman Basketball3 General Science Club3 Honor Roll l, 2, 43 Junior Prom Cornmitteeg J.V. Football 23 K.B.S. 'l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 23 Oratory I, 43 Phoenix 43 Senior Senate 43 Usher Society 2, 3, 4, Frank was well known not only for his excellence in academic pursuits but also for his extracurricular endeavors. Editing the Shepherd, Crusader and Phoenix kept him busy most of the afternoons throughout the year. A bright future is seen for him in the field of medicine. George Louis Ciaramella White Plains, New York Holy Name of Jesus Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball lg Bowl- ing Club 3, 43 Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 Football l, 3, 43 Junior Prom Commit- teeg K.B.S. 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 4. "Chich" plans to attend the Air Force Academy after graduation. A man with a driving spirit, he enjoyed Fr. O'Keefe's Health class the best but he found Physics a tough subject to pass. William James Collins White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 43 Crusader 3, 43 Dramatics 2, 33 K.B.S. I, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires l, 23 Tennis 3, 4. Bill's favor for English should provide a firm basis for his desires to enter the literary fields. lt was probably Father Mulroy's zealous inspiration that led Bill to his interest in writing, James' well rounded personality made mg! Richard Peter New Rochelle, Holy N Comerford New York ame Altar Boys l, 2, 3, 43 Track l, 21 K.B,S. l, 2, 3, 4.- English rated high while Math did not. tend Iona College in career in teaching, a seek his doctorate. with "Whitey" He plans to at- preparation for a nd eventually will Thomas Edward Condon Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Tom's hobby combined with his favor- ite subject, Mechanical Drawing, no doubt will make him a leader of de- signs to be seen in coming futuramas. James Gerard Connery Edward Anthony Connors Hastings, New York Scarsdale, New York St. Matthew Immaculate Heart of Mary Classical Club 3, 4, Electronics Club 4g K.B.S. 3, 4. him a hit with everyone. He could tackle any Math problem but English just wasn't his strong point. Next year Manhattan College will gain a fine Electronics student in Jim, Altar Boys 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 33 Class Officer 3, 4, Football J.V. 2, Varsity 3g Track 2, 3. av- 'nuff' Anthony Francis Cosacchi Harrison, New York St. Gregory the Great General Science Clubg K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4. Tony's friendly manner and his sense of humor provided the key to his four years at Stepinac, Biology rated high on his subject list with Physics bring- ing up the rear. Engineering and the University of Detroit are his objectives Ed was profoundly influenced by the many activities and the fine sports program offered at Stepinac, Partici- pation in many sports, especially foot- ball, took up most of Ed's time. He plans to attend college after graduation. Dads support the football team. l upon graduation. ' Gerald Francis Cox Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bowling Club 2, 43 Class Officer 2, 43 Crusader 45 Dance Committee 35 Foot- ball l, 2, 3, K.B.S. 2, 3, 45 Stage Crew 4, Track l, 2. Alertness and cooperation marked "Jerrie's" stay at Stepinac. What he did not do himself, he supported with equal eagerness. Next fall will find him at Fordham for Dentistry. 3 A Vincent Michael Cremona White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 3, 4, Class Officer l, 2, 31 Crusader 3, Glee Club 41 J.V. Football l, 2, Manager Varsity Football 35 Phoenix 4. Vin was often seen around school after the last bell. Next year he hopes to attend Notre Dame or Villanova to follow in his father's footsteps and take up medicine. Edward Joseph David Irvington, New York Immaculate Conception Bowling Club 4. Eddy could never seem to get used to the food served in the cafeteria. He found' Religion great after his transfer to Stepinac at the beginning of Junior year. College is in the fu- ture but no choice has been made yet. Peter Bingham Cox Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Baseball 4, Classical Club 4g Dramatics 2: Spanish Club 4. Pete plans to attend Holy Cross next year and then into Uncle Sam's service. His classmates will never forget the many uproars that he caused, especially in English. Richard Carson Craig Bronxville, New York St. Joseph Auto Club 4, Dance Committee 43 Class Officer 2. Rich found the halls of Stepinac be- tween periods like lunch hour in New York City. His seriousness in his studies will help greatly in his college career at Fairfield. Ubi' David Charles Dalldorf White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Dramatics 43 Football 31 Glee Club 43 K.B.S. 2, 3, 4. When not busy with Chemistry or praising Bro. lsidore, "Dave Babe" could be found clown at the office discussing his entrance into Fordham. Although American History did not rank very high in his list of prefer- ences, Radio Science and, of course, "Bonnie" certainly did. Dave plans to own an importing company. ' ' 9 ., f . . " ' ' . ' f fi .lQ'2.'iZJe,55fiit ' I f Ni , el VQ:t2Y.:L John Joseph Daly, Jr. North Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa Camera Club 35 Electronics Club 43 Freshman Basketballg Freshman Track, J.V. Cross Country 2, K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 2. John's scholastic record and a burning desire to attend Holy Cross will be an asset for him in the future, While at Stepinac John's interest revolved around Biology and fishing and were accompanied by a strong dislike for short lunch periods. "Who wants to play 'Jud'?" sm, f.u.h,.i -f,i.- if,xtii9iaSIQeK59ii .-wfiis - f fa-if X 32 Dominic Gerald Desio Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 45 Bowling Team 3, 45 glass Officer l, 2, 35 Golf Team l, 2, , 4. Although "Dez" showed a liking for Geometry he found an even greater joy in golf and bowling. ln the future lies Detroit and an engineering course. Joseph John Delfino Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Shepherd 45 Altar Boys I5 A uinas Society 2, 35 Class Officer 2, C3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Crusader 45 Football Manager 45 Freshman Basketball5 Gen- eral Science Club5 German Club l, 25 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee5 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 45 Phoenix 45 Physics Club 35 Scientific Society l5 Student Council 3, 45 Track 3, 4. Joe, in his quiet and laughing man- ner, had many varied interests while at Stepinac. He excelled in many subjects which is evident from his honor roll listing. Dennis Francis De Luca Eastchester, New York immaculate Conception Shepherd 45 Classical Club 3, 45 Cru- sader 45 Dance Band l, 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee l, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Workshop 45 Marching Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 45 Phoenix 45 Poster Club 4. Dennis, a familiar figure around the school, plans a career as a television producer after he completes his col- lege. With his many talents he should find no difficulty in attaining his goal. Robert Alfred Desrochers Mount Vernon, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shepherd 45 Class Officer 3. One of Bob's biggest thrills at Stepinac was being a member of the Class of "59". Judo and bowling were among his many hobbies, all of which he excelled in. English and Math topped his long list of pet peeves. George Nicholas Dianni Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Class Officer l, 2, 45 Varsity Base- ball 4. During his four successful years at Stepinac "Londo" was impressed by many things, But Stepinac's system of working as a team stood out most. However, the lack of a course in driver education didn't particularly please him. Next year should find him in college. Requiem Mass is offered for Pope Pius XII. Gerald Joseph DiRienzo Eastchester, New York Our Lady of the Assumption 2, 3, 4 Manager. Fine personality, friendliness and def termined athletic power were Jerry's assets at Stepinac. Next in sight is Notre Dame where he will study engineering. Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer l, 5 Football 2, 3, 45 Student Str ES. Immaculate Heart of Mary lf' . " A . Phillip James DiRuocco White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Bowling Club 3, 4, Class Officer 3, 4g K.B.S. 2, 3, 4, Crusader 4. Phil had a preference for sports stories and did very well in the field of sports. He found History difficult but liked Biology. After graduation Phil plans to go to Duquesne to study iournalism. The new coach takes over! Louis Ralph Di Rienzo Tuckahoe, New York Our Lady of the Assumption Football J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 41 Physics Club 43 Prom Committee 3, 43 Spanish Club 4, Varsity Track 3, 4. "Mighty Mouse's" most familiar words were "I'll take on anybody." Lou, a man with a driving spirit was a prominent figure on the gridiron as well as the track. His liking for Math sways him towards engineering as a career. Lawrence John Dirksen Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary A uinas Societ l 3 4' Biolo l ' Q y , . . , QY Cub, Cheerleaders l, 2, 3: Chemistry Club: Chess Club l, 2, General Science Club, German Club 43 Junior Prom Commit- tee, Physics Club, Scientific Society l, 2, :Senior Prom Committee, Stage Crew 2, ,4. Larry's most exciting and electrifying experience was that of being master electrician during his senior year. Also of prime importance was his scholastic ability which was evidenced by his interest in Physics. All this adds up to a fine prospect for pre-medical studies. William Gregory Ditoro White Plains, New York St. Bernard Auto Club 35 Bowling Club 23 Crusader 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 23 McCloskey Volunteers 2, Mission Cru- sade 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee. Bill's confusion about the complexities of Math was furthered by Intermediate Algebra. His senior year ambition was to have a Senior Prom as good as the Junior Prom. Bill's work with Bro. Garrett on the Junior Prom made it a memorable occasion. Emmett Michael Dockery White Plains, New York St. Bernard liasgetball lg Bowling rl, 3, 4, K.B.S, A well rounded student and friend made "Doc" a hit with everyone. Next year you can find him at Villanova or putting on the green. His field will be engineering. James Michael Donovan Scarsdale, New York Class Officer 3, K.B.S. 3, 4. Even though Jimmy found history hard he was glad to retire to an interesting period with Bro. Garrett, His mechani- cal interests have prompted him to follow a career in the employ of Con Edison after four years at Fordham. ' III 1-9? Ricardo Manuel Dos Anjos Portchester, New York Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Baseball 45 Basketball l, 23 Varsity 3, 43 K.B.S. 4, Spanish Club 4. "Rico" was the playmaker ot the bas- ketball team. He hopes to turn pro after majoring in accounting at Fairfield. A strong affinity for bookkeeping should help him in his career. James Joseph Downey North Tarrytown, New York Immaculate Conception Glee Club 2, 33 Dramatics 45 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4. Jim was eager for Business Law but had a mediocre affection for Latin. Fishing was his hobby and he enjoyed Bro. Edward's classes, Jim's plans after high school are centered around Boston College. .wah E' is .... ' 'G . v:,, 5114 iiitf- 1.14, U ' 3 1, .QI if John Joseph Drohan Arthur Thomas Dunn White Plains, New York St, Bernard Camera Club 3, 45 Class Officer 33 Legionnaires 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew 2. John's interest in photography provided many laughs with his candid photo- graphs taken during class. Science courses rated high with John, and his future plans call for attendance at Niagara College. White Plains, New York St. Bernard Edward Joseph Dunn Irvington, New York Immaculate Conception Art Club 43 Auto Club 4. Ed enjoyed stamp collecting and re- ligion class while Math rated low. The future will see Ed entering the religious if 'K 4 Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 41 Bowling Team 2, 3, 4. Art, who was a staunch advocate of the bowling team, could usually be found at the bowling alleys in his spare time. English was a sore Spot healed by Bro. Padraic's geometry classes. Next year should find Art at Iona studying accounting. "Yaahh , . . the ref is missing a good game." priesthood. 5, A r lflff W ' 1 '-1 . E1?l.l -Q ' E520 William Paul Dunning Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary German Club 4. Willie's distaste for English and short lunch periods was well made up for by his preference for Chemistry and Bro. Philip Neri. After graduation he hopes to join the Navy. S 5 5 , .. v, William Francis Eaton Mount Vernon, New York St. Catharine Track 'l, 23 Student Council 4. Swimming was Bill's main interest, and he was sorry to see the swimming team disbanded. He found history to his liking, but could have done without English. His plans include Springhill College, and the Navy. William Joseph Elgert Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Biology Club lg Camera Club 35 Dra- matics 'l, 45 Legionnaires l, 25 Mission Club l, 4. Bill's ability in science helped to make those subjects his favorite. He liked to mix science with the outdoors in his hobby of fishing, Bill plans to attend Manhattan next fall to take up a career in engineering. wif Bruce Russell Elkington Pleasantville, New York Holy Innocents Auto Club 33 Bowling Club 45 Class Basketball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. Hunting and fishing rated high with "Elk". His well rounded personality was responsible for his success with teachers and students. Next year either Georgetown or Holy Cross will gain a very valuable student. Robert Charles Fallmann Portchester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Auto Club 3, German Club l, 2. After school, chances were that you'd find Bob under his Ford, with a wrench in one hand and a pen in the other doing Trig homework, Besides cars he favored Chemistry and four years at Manhattan. I Bernard Francis Ellrodl' Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Auto Club 45 Bowling Club 2, 3, 4, 4 Track . Most of Bernie's free time was spent in making homer. ade rockets, which he fired in the most peculiar spots. His aptitude in Physics aided him in choosing Atomic Physics as a career. R-r-r-i-i-i-i-p-p-pl an 'f-'J "9 sf-'Nd .2 , '-Vw , J,-lil? Q r we r -. ,K pi I 1' :il,.L. , 1. . Jw. "'X".:"':,x., nr -' . ' Donald Francis Fagon Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Shepherd 45 Band 21 Altar Boys 2, 4, Auto Club 33 Electronics Club 45 Ger- man Club 2. Don had a pet peeve about short lunch periods. He had his better side, how- ever, and was an amateur radio ham, Don also had an interest in electronics and plans to continue his education at Notre Dame. NHL. .s. He, Pip, v Crusader 45 Rifle Club 43 Stage Crew 4. Swimming and rifles took up most of Bob's spare time. He ,found Math difficult, and rated Science tops. After graduation he plans to matriculate at Class Officer 2: KIBS. 1' 2, 3, 4. Robert Francis Farmer Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Cars and golf were right up "Chas" alley but school books and Latin just were not for him. However, Geometry and engineering brightened his day. Charles Brian Feeley Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Thomas Thorvalcl Foley Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary spanish Club. 2. Tom found Bro. Alphonse very interest- ing but could never figure out why he had to take English. Electronics took up much of his time but it will have to wait during his stay at Fordham. Thomas Paul Gabriele White Plains, New York St. Anthony Camera Club 43 French Club 45 Stage Crew 3, 43 Student Council 4. Tom devoted much of his spare time to the schopl play and photography. After graduation he plans to study Physics or Chemistry. M.l.T. and St. John's are among his choices for college. William Anthony Fraioli Mamaroneck, New York Holy Trinity Business Club 2. "Wild Bill" could usually be found on the golf links trying to forget the pains of homework and English. The service will follow after graduation but he is not certain whether it will be the Army or Air Force. Juni' uv John Peter Frucco Yonkers, New York St. Eugene John, whose ready wisecracks made him well known throughout the school, will try to carry his sense of humor with him to Fordham. "Eh - you - minus three!" HwiL ' ' 1.5-fiilI.H ve 4 4 'fri' -Q-""' Gerard Maurice Gagnon Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Football Varsity 3, 43 Track 1, 4. Jerry disliked Algebra while his favorite teacher was Father Cashman. The short lunch period greatly unnerved him. He has not yet chosen between S'yracuse and the Navy as his future. "Do I get a letter for this?" Thomas Leonard Gaffney Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Altar BOYSQ K.B.S. 1, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 4. Tom found History much to his liking due to the efforts of Fr. McCaffrey. Although Physics proved to be his downfall he found much consolation on the links with his clubs. Villanova or Iona constitute his future hopes. Frank Mary Gagliardi Il Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Bowling Club 43 Freshman Glee Club3 K.B.S. l, 2, 33 Student Council 43 Swimming Team 23 Usher Society 3, 4. Frank's winning personality and friend- ly smile won him many friends during his stay at Stepinac. He hopes to attend the Air Force Academy at Denver and make the Air Force his CEFEGF. 6 4 iii Q ,, ii Gerald Robert Gallagher Chappaqua, New York Sts. John and Mary Jerry was rather quiet around Stepinac which in no way hindered his popular- ity. Although the short lunch period disturbed him, he found solace in his hobbies of hunting and cars. His future remains undecided. Peter Phillips Galloway Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima Shepherd 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legion- naires 2, 33 Phoenix 43 Senior Prom Committee3 Student Council 3, 43 Usher Society 2, 3, 4. Pete, a quiet sensible fellow while in the classroom was just the opposite once he left the building. He held Algebra high and German l lower and enjoyed boating in his leisure time. His future plans lay in Notre Dame where he intends to undertake a law course. Eugene Victor Gamble Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Missions l. Gene's love of records and cars left little time for his books, but his natural ability to make friends seemed to fill the gap for him. The only thing that rubbed Gene the wrong way was room ll2 at 2:43. X, ,-Ass 37 aN. John Michael Genovese Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Biology Club 23 Bowling Club 33 Bowl- ing Team 33 Class Officer 43 K.B.S. 3, 43 Senior Senate 4. John liked Biology but had no taste for Physics. The retreat at Gonzaga and the pep rallies impressed him most at Stepinac. Bowling is his hobby, while his pet peeve was Father Sullivan's class. Next fall he plans to study medicine at Seton Hall. Peter Anthony Garrity Scarsdale, New York immaculate Heart of Mary Business Club 2. Pete thoroughly enjoyed Brother Garret's Bookkeeping class, but waiting for the short senior lunch period took all the pep out of hirn. Water skiing was his favorite form of relaxation although it is doubtful he will have much time for it at Fordham. Peter John Gennuso Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shepherd 43 Bowling Club 43 Classical Club 43 Dance Committee 43 Debating 3, 43 French Club 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 2, 43 Student Council 4. Brother Benignus' French classes made a notable impression upon Pete. Math wasn't one of his favorite subiects but he enioyed History. His pleasing man- ner and fine Italian smile will prove to be the key to his success as an economic consultant. David Ross Gerling Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima Biology Club 2. Dave's various hobbies helped keep his mind from Geometry, which he found distasteful. His liking for Biology, in- spired by Brother Leroy proved to be one of his greatest pleasures. His friendly way and affability should be a valuable asset to him later in life. Fl I Y ii.. f- E H Robert Edward Gilligan Eastchester, New York Immaculate Conception K.B.S. 33 Track J.V. 33 Student Council 43 Varsity Football Manager 4. Bob's innate school spirit made him well known among the seniors. His most memorable experience was the first football rally in his freshman year. He followed up this experience by doing a fine iob as manager of the Varsity football team. Next September he plans to attend Fordham to take up business. Louis Patrick Giovanetti Mamaroneck, New York St. Vito Business Club 1, 23 Class Officer l, 43 Football J.V. 2. "Ju's" quiet, amiable personality made him well liked by all. His aversion to English was balanced by a liking for History. Next year he may learn how to keep his sizeable record collection in order when he trains for account- ing at Fordham. , .1 has is pn. Christopher Stephen Girard Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bowling Club 43 Classical Club 41 K.B,S. 45 Legionnaires 4, Spanish Club 43 Usher Society 4. John Joseph Giuliani Yonkers, New York 'LW :Y After three years in Glenclyffe, Chris came to Stepinac and was immediately impressed with the unified spirit of the students. Chris rates Spanish high whereas History is rated somewhat lower. Cathedral college is his post graduation choice. St. Eugene Rifle Club l. A sharp wit and bursting with en- thusiasm, John is thinking of channel- ing his energy into engineering, perhaps at Manhattan. German ll floored John while Engineering Drawing apparently pleased him most, but never was his spirit dampened. , . fir' FW? ar' "CJ" Vincent Louis Gonzalez New Rochelle, New York St. Joseph Although "Tut" and Father Sullivan very rarely saw eye to eye on matters of discipline, he thoroughly enjoyed his stay at Stepinac. The future should find him in the Navy awaiting the news that Stepinac has gone co-ed. Patrick Anthony Grosso Pelham, New York St. Catharine Business Club 2, Class Officer 2, 3, Basketball . l, 2. Pat found Spanish distasteful but he did enjoy Brother Garrett's Business Arithmetic class. After graduation he plans to attend Westchester Community College in preparation for a business Cafeef. Kenneth Vincent Grasso Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Band l, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 43 Tennis 3 4' KBS l 2 3 4 Team l, 2, Usher Society 3: 4.A A - i f i 1 Ken was a great contributor to the glee club, and this gift of expression might well lead him to be a scccessful radio commentator. As for his greatest experience at Stepinac the complex-, ities of Algebra ll proved to be Ken's "Waterloo". Richard Paul Greco New Rochelle, New York St. Gabriel Business Club i, 2, Spanish Club 4. "Rit," as he was called by the boys in 4E, enjoyed Business Law, and held Brother Garrett as his favorite teacher. This golf enthusiast plans to study business administration and manage- ment at Iona after graduation, Monsignor Nolan speaks at College Night. wg T? - 6 if ft? sg ...., T 'Q "s,'l"'.'x:'1 t .15 . w -an MMWW xg.-,-,x 1- 'xztzrg stir- -we ,i-,Ew Q. Qmgqgs Elia .233 .W ti: -L' Drexel Walsh Hall White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Glee Club 4, Dramatics 4. Soft spoken and sharply alert, "Drex" enjoyed American and World History but shied away from Algebra. Spend- ing leisure hours collecting stamps, he has amassed interesting information about the world. After graduation Drexel intends to enter the Air Force Academy. William Joseph Hallahan Mount Vernon, New York St. Catharine Aquinas Society l, 2, 33 Class Officer 3, Electronics Club 45 German Club l, 2, Honor Roll l, 2, 33 Junior Prom Committee, Physics Club, Stage Crew 4, Student Council 4, Track 3, 4. Truly "Hal" was one of those on the ball as shown by his excellent schol- astic record. He was very impressed with the efficiency of the school, and this impression was further advanced by his favorite teacher, Fr. Joseph McGann. His likin for science should . 9 . help him in an engineering career. 'T""5r' Richard Lee Halvorsen White Plains, New York St. John Bowling Club 2, 4: Class Officer 33 Football 3, K.B.S. 3, 4, Legionnaires 2, Track 2, 3, 4. Richard had a great dislike for the short lunch period and home room period. His greatest interest, by far, was keeping in tip-top physical shape. His affable personality won him many friends and should prove a valuable aid to him in the future. Donald Francis Hartmann Mount Vernon, New York St. Catharine Don's quiet exterior was well known at Stepinac as well as his aversion to lug and a certain teacher's French class. John Richard Hansen Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Altar Boys l, 2, 3, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4, Legionnaires 3, 4. The knowledge of the teachers and the respect of the students amazed Dick. He will have an ample outlet for his hobbies of music and sports now that he is joining the Navy. Brian Thomas Hart Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Brian was a capable student. Yet his full potential was never realized. Per- haps college or the service will help to bring out his ability. "Once upon a time . . ' He hopes the Coast Guard will expand his knowledge about electrical engi- neering and give him more time for cars. -f i . I William Thomas Haughton Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity During his four years at Stepinac, Bill was impressed by the fairness and understanding of his teachers, He ex- celled in Business Law and Bookkeeping, and plans to enter the Army after graduation. David Patrick Hatch Larchmont, New York Sts. John and Paul Classical Club 3, 43 Crusader 4, Legion- naires 3, 43 Stage Crew 4. Dave, an avid French student, regarded Algebra with indifference. Father Scheets rated as his favorite teacher. Xavier College is Dave's choice after senior year. Anton Joseph Hang Peekskill, New York Assumption Cheerleading 3, 4. A previous student at Salesian, Anton entered Stepinac in his Junior year. Strong in Math and Science, his goal is to be a physicist. Tony hopes to attend Long Island College to show what a Stepinac man can do. George MacArthur Henke White Plains, New York Frederick Anthony Heaney White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Baseball 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 23 Football J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Senior Senate, Swimming Team lg Track l, 4. Rick left a big hole at offensive end when he was iniured in the Iona game. We hope that while he attends Boston College he will not miss Father McCaffrey too much and it is fairly sure that he will find success waiting for him in a business career. Monsignor Nolan blesses Senior rings. St. John the Evangelist Shepherd 43 Biology Club 23 Crusader 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, K.B.S, I, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 3, 4, Rifle Team 43 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. George loved the wild rallies and the football games here at Stepinac. He was a great asset in our cheering sec- tion. His favorite subiect was Nuclear Science and George plans to go on to college at either Holy Cross or Fordham. Thomas Joseph Hickev White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Tom's great interest in auto-mechanics will prove helpful in his iob as a me- chanic. He hopes to enter the Mer- chant Marine after graduation. Tom had one of the most popular pet peeves, that of a short lunch period. ii?5Hi!a5if5EaiiE5iI,:Zi25Aii9ZiilG'T' ' ' Z - is-ifffiitfi' tid if -'fi . I E F Robert Thomas Hopkins Dobbs Ferry, New York Sacred Heart Auto Club 3, 43 Business Club 23 Chemistry Club 43 J.V. Football 23 Physics Club 33 Rifle Club 43 Usher Society 4. Bob, who came to Stepinac as a Soph- omore, has made the most of his three years here, Fishing, hunting, and working on cars take up most of his spare time. ,Charles Joseph Hofgartner Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Bowling Club 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Physics Club 33 Student Council 4. A dedicated faculty made an impres- sion upon "Chuck" as did Electronics and Bro. Philip Neri. Auto repairs held his interest but Math didn't rate so high in his scholastic interest. An electrical engineering course at Detroit University are in his future plans. James Martin .Hogan Mamaroneck, New York Holy Trinity Class Officer 3, 43 Football J.V. 2, Efarsity 3, 43 Senior Senate 43 Track l, , 4. The football team benefited greatly from "Big Jim's" services. His popu- larity was proved by his election to a class office for two years. As for the future Jim sees an engineering course at Detroit. Brian James Horan Bronxville, New York St. Catharine General Science Club lj Rifle Club,l, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3. "Hogan's" pet peeve was the short lunch period. His hobbies, rifles and hunting, show his great interest for the outdoors. U. S. History rated high with him, while his aversion to Algebra ll was prominent. College and a career in business are his future plans. "Ten dollar bets, third window to your left." Peter Joseph Hughes White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Football J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Phoenix 4. An impressive lineman on the football team, "Pete" rated English as his fa- vorite subiect and Math somewhat lower. After graduation, Pete plans to attend Fordham and a career in Journal- ism. An achievement that will keep him long in the memory of Stepinac was meriting the "Most Improved Player" football award. Richard James Indiveri Sands Point, New York St. Peter Class Officer 13 Glee Club 43 Dramatics 43 Tennis 2. Rich, who hails all the way from Long Island, noticed the cooperation and in- terest of the teachers with the students. He found History interesting and Chemistry just one of those subiects. He hopes to attend Fairfield next September. Walter John Johnson Pelham, New York St. Catharine Wally likes Math, and listed Brother Garrett as his favorite teacher. His course of study at Stepinac has pre- pared him for a career in business. His college choice will be lona. Theodore Earle James White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Shepherd 2, 33 Aquinas Society l, 2, 33 Band 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Class Officer 43 Crusader 2, 3, 43 Debating 2, 33 Football Manager 23 General Science Club3 German Club 33 Honor Roll I, 2, 3, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 2, 33 Oratory lg Physics Club 3. Teddy had a well rounded career at Stepinac. Not only did he show his ability to study but also to handle the sports page of the Crusader. His ambitions in the medical field should have a good chance if he has anything to say about it. a+ Karl-Eric Johanson Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Dance Committee 2, 33 German Club 2, 43 Usher Society 4. Most of the "Flying Sportsman's" four years were spent in expectation of his trip on the first jet-airliner flight to Paris. After this experience he should also find studying at George- town for a career in medicine quite exciting. Robert Michael Jones Briarcliff Manor, New York St. Theresa John Thomas Joyce Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Basketball 2, 3, 4. John's quiet manner and basketball prowess won him many friends while at Stepinac. He hopes to attend either St. Bonaventure or Holy Cross, where he will pursue an engineering course. Aquinas Society l, 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4. Mike was one of the few who really made use of his mind. Disliking Social Studies he much preferred Geometry and Calculus, Notre Dame should have ample opportunity to make use of his genius in things scientific. . fi it x...,a Robert Blackburn Jordan New Rochelle, New York Blessed Sacrament Rifle Club 2. Bob's love of the outdoors made him an expert fisherman and hunter. The spike horn buck which he shot near the end of the season of "5B" is proof of his deer hunting proficiency. Bob plans to attend Iona College after graduation. "Look, Ma, no cavitiesll' .ax Q Edmund Thomas Kennedy Brewester, New York St. Lawrence O'Toole K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4, Track 2. Ed and Father Sullivan couldn't see eye to eye on detention. History rated high, while he thought Physics was in- sufferable. Iona or a stay in the Air Force are his future plans. Michel Francis Kuwahara Joseph Michael Kelley Port Chester, New York Our Lady ot Mercy Biology Club 23 Class Officer 2. Joe possessed a definite aptitude for engineering and its inter-related fields. Marquette will benefit greatly from his talent and amiable personality. Francis Hugh Kelly, White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 43 Phoenix 45 Football Varsity 25 Crusader l, 2, 3, 4, K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 French Club 43 Classical Club 4. Hughie's likeable personality and hu- morous ways have easily made him one of the most popular men in the graduating class. Because of his ex- cellent work as associate editor of the Phoenix, success in a writing career is assured. ,si may 'l . 1 ,fs g tk dl- . 5 A n , ,ig Kevin James Keogh Greenwich, Connecticut St. Mary Shepherd 33 Aquinas Society 2, 3, 45 Camera Club 3, Crusader l, 2, 3, Editor 43 French Club 3, Honor Roll 2, 3, 43 Debating 2, 3, 4, K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4g Legionnaires 3, 4, Phoenix 4, Public Speaking l, 2, 3, 43 Senior Prom Committee, School Vice President 4, Student Council 4. Kev was not only a brilliant student but also a fine journalist as shown by his excellent job of editing the Cru- sader. Acting as Prefect of the Legionnaires, Debating and Public Speaking also took up much of his Senior Year. His departure from Step- inac will leave a big gap. John Elliot Klein Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Baseball 41 Bowling Club 3, K.B.S. 4. John, a transfer student, came to us in his junior year. His pet peeve is sloppiness which is apparent because he is always neatly dressed. He liked Math but shied from foreign languages. lt's the Coast Guard Academy for John next September. Father McMahon . . . and family. Larchmoni, New York Sts. John and Paul Shepherd 43 Crusader l, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matics 3, 43 Drama Work Shop 4, De- l batin 2' French Club 4' General l Q - , Science Club lg Mission Representative l, 2, 35 Poster Club 4. Good work in his studies, a definite ability in art, and participation in various activities greatly determined the friendly personality that Mike has. Like many seniors his favorite teacher was Father McMahon. 5 E 1 l 3 i x iamfieif Yi 1.5. fsiilf 5- Yg Thomas Francis Lantry Yonkers, New York St. Eugene Football Varsity 3, 4, J.V. 25 Track 1, 2. Tommy made a name for himself by those sparkling conversions he carried out for the football team. Father Mulroy's English classes helped to make up for his problems in Geometry. Next Fall T-om hopes to attend Notre Dame. Michel Emile Lafitte Armonk, New York St. John Dramatics 45 French Club 2, 35 Glee Club 4. "Mitch" was a transfer student from Barnard School for Boys. His friendly attitude and appreciation of the work of the faculty made him well liked. Next September will find him at Georgetown. Louis Michael Lalli, Eastchester, New York Immaculate 'Conception Camera Club 45 Debating 45 German Club 4. After his transfer from Fordham Prep at the start of his iunior year, Lou proceeded to make Stepinac his happy home. After graduation he is interested in an engineering career. Math copped first place on his list while English took a sad last place. Richard Michael Lanxa Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Baseball 45 Golf Team 4. Golf kept Dick busy when he was not participating in an activity after school. He is enrolling in a college for a degree in iournalism. Dick's great interest in English will help him in this field. "Where were you last night?" X Robert Thomas Leggiere Mount Vernon, New York St. Catharine Business Club 25 Class Officer 'l, 2, 3, 45 J.V. Football 25 Mission Crusade 45 Track l. Bob enioyed Business Law and plans to study business at Fordham after grad- uation. While at Stepinac, he was impressed by the friendliness of the teachers, and lists Brother Garrett as his favorite among them. John Francis Lenoci Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Shepherd 45 Bowling Club 2, 3, 45 K.B.S. 15 Legionnaires 2. An amiable personality and a ready wit made John well liked among his fellow classmates. His hopes for the future include majoring in dentristy at Georgetown. HB1 Robert Martin Lunny Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima Business Club 23 Cross Country I, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 4, Glee Club 43 Track I, 2, 3, 4. "Speedy" was an all out track man. His pet peeve was that there are no pep rallys for track. In addition to track, bookkeeping rated high with him. English took the low notch. Dominic Michael Longo White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist James J'-'SCPI' Lohman. Baseball 4, Class officer 1, Football 2. EaSfCheSfer.New Yofk Sports, especially football, pleased "Doc" very much. French ll and Brother Ramon were his favorites. Marriage and college are uppermost in his plans. Immaculate Conception Jim, a transfer student from Cathedral Boys High School in Springfield, Illinois, made a favorable impression upon everyone during his short stay at Stepinac. Next Fall he hopes to attend St. Louis University. I William Leo Lynch White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Crusader 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Legionnaires 3, 43 Physics Club 3, Tennis I, J.V. 2, 3, Varsity 4. Bill was a well-liked student, and avidly supported all school activities. 'C-saw' will N 1 3 I Allan John MacDonald Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Crusader 2, 3, 43 Debating 2, A, Gen- eral Science Club lg Pheonix 4, Rifle Club 2, 33 Usher Society 4. During Allan's four years at Stepinac he was very active in many clubs and worked on the school newspaper for three years. He dreaded Physics and liked American History the most. He hopes to attend either Iona or Manhattan and then join the Marines. "Who said it was fixed?" His ready smile, and friendly manner should help him immensely in the future. His dislike of German was balanced by his interest in Chemistry. The Naval Academy or an N.R.O.T.C. College are his future plans. su' SP2 7 , P' '51, Thomas Oliver Mahaffey Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Crusader 43 Dance Committee 3, 4: Football Varsity 4. Tom liked French while Algebra proved to be his weak point. He was im- pressed by the amount of school spirit manifested on the part of the students. Upon graduating he plans to attend Notre Dame. jf KE' Q' sliv- Jeremiah Michael Mahoney Mamaroneck New York Most Holy Trinity Cross Country lg Dramatics 2, Glee Club 1, 25 Golf Team 2, 3, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 45 Swimming l. As many students, Jerry's pet peeve was the food prices and the short lunch periods. He found the musical plays at Stepinac most enjoyable. Jeremiah George Manning Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Bowling Club 43 Camera Club 4, Li- brary-.Club 'lg Physics Club 4. Jerry was a quiet but friendly member of the Senior class. He enjoyed col- lecting Hi-Fi equipment but dreaded the sound of the alarm clock early each morning. He plans to attend Fordham next fall. 'if-V' .5-'N Edward Gregory Marcato Bronxville, New York St. Joseph Auto Club 3, 4, Legionnaires 45 Track 3, 4. Ed found Health very interesting and his hobby was engines.- Upon gradua- tion he plans to take up Air Force R.O.T.C. at Notre Dame. He and Brother Maurice never coexist and thus his dislike for Trig. Frederick Charles Marcell Mount Vernon, New York Our Lady of Victory Attending Stepinac for only one year, Fred was quick to notice the value of the Senior Retreat and the low water pressure at the Water fountains. His future looks bright for he intends to work as a draftsman by day and take up machine design and mechanical engineering in night school. William Joseph Marion Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Track 4. Bill who has always been interested in ships and skin diving has decided in favor of the Merchant Marine. Good in Physics and Math, he intends to go to Kings Point Academy to study the ways of ships and the men who sail them. "l feel like 'll Duce'!" Clement .Iohn Martone North Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa Auto Club 45 Bowling Club 4, K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4. Clem's dislike of English was offset by his enthusiasm in Practical Math. His future is undecided between college and the U. S. Marines. if' Legionnaires i, 2, Stage Crew 4g ' 4 'Q es - J fi. iii-f-gi, 48 WN 4915 qu--as 555 ., ,V :. -it-fx1'1azsx5'fi 4 irish A i' vis - if ,. fri :--is 17 Zi' s'i".si: B -1wY'+?3l. Anthony Thomas McAndrews Rye, New York Resurrection Tony enjoys working on cars and plans to enter the Navy or lona College upon graduation. His favorite subject is business law, and of all the teachers that taught him he thought that Brother Garrett was the best. Gerald Peter Matera White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Band lg Bowling Club 3, 43 K.B,S. 3, 4. Jerry liked English while History pre- sented a maior problem in his curricu- lum The mark of Ste inac that he . D , . . carried away was the outstanding abil- ity of the teachers. His choice as to college is as yet undecided. Joel James Mazzarella Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Of all the courses that he took at Stepinac, Joel enjoyed Father Scheets' History class most. He plans to enter Fordham College next fall, although the Air Force may possibly be graced with his membership. awp -q.,,.-- can Michael Benedict McAndrew New Rochelle, New York Holy Familv Altar Boys 2, 33 Cross Country 25 Glee Club 3, 43 K.B.S. 1, 2, 3, 4: Pheonix 4, Track i. Mike has taken part in many activities while at Stepinac. He has been a faith- ful member of the K.B.S. and does much singing with the Glee Club and in the play. He plans to attend Iona College and take up English or retailing. XXX. H613 'Urns Brian John McAuley New Rochelle, New York St. Catharine Shepherd 43 Basketball I, 3, 4: Class Officer 43 K.B.S. 4: Senior Prom Committee, Spanish Club 4. "Mac" has shown his love of the game of basketball by his participation on the varsity squad. He hopes to play for Fairfield while he maiors in the arts and sciences. His favorite teacher was Brother Alois. Monday morning Maffia meeting. James Francis McDermott Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Basketball ig German Club l, 2. Chemistry rated high with Jim, while the brevity ,of the lunch period was his pet peeve. Jim plans to study engineering at Manhattan. "ig 'lf .Sl "' al' Altar Boys 'l3 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Track Year- H9 WGS lmDVeSS9Cl bv The 'QL' . "luv" Thomas Michael McDonald Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Shepherd 2, 33 Editor-in-Chief 43 Bowl- ing Club,43 Camera Club 3, President 43 Chemistry Club 43 Crusader 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll l, 23 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club President3 Student Council 4. "Mac's" ability to devote himself en- tirely to whatever he was doing made him a great asset to the Shepherd as Editor-in-Chief. The long tireless hours developing pictures for the Crusader and Shepherd made the publications of these editions possible. An avid Chem- istry student, this quiet, likeable in- dividual plans to attend Manhattan to train for a career in Chemical Engineer- ing. Joseph Patrick McGIinn Pelham Manor New York Our Lady of Perpetual Help Shepherd 2, 3, Business Editor 43 Altar Boy lg Camera Club 3, 43 Class Officer 13 Crusader 3, 43 Dance Committee 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 23 Phoenix 43 Senior Bulletin 43 Spanish Club 43 Usher Society 4. Joe's friendly, laughing manner won him the friendship of most of the students. His faithful and tedious work in the darkroom had much to do with the excellent "behind the scenes" photog- raphy work on the Shepherd and Crusader. Acting as Business Editor of the Yearbook was excellent prepara- tion for the business course he wants to begin next fall at Fordham. 10" if John Patrick McGorty New Rochelle, New York St. Catharine 3, 4. A good basketball player and track man, John enioys exercise and the outdoors. Walking, e vanishing but worthwhile hobby is enjoyed by "Mac" along with small repair work. Hoping to attend Springfield or St. Michael's, he intends to take up a career in Electrical Engineering. Charles William McGovern Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Aquinas Society 13 Class Officer 2, 33 John Kenyon McGuirk Yonkers, New York St. Barnabas Shepherd 43 Classical Club 43 French Club 43 K.B.S. 43 Legionnaires 4. "Ken", a transfer student from Cathe- dral came to Stepinac in his senior DUYTISY- Cross Country l, 2, 3, 43 Track 13 Senior Presidentg Senior Senate 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 4. ous courses afforded to the students. His quiet, friendly manner made him well liked by all. Next year "Ken" As an outstanding member of the Varsity Track Team for three years, Charlie gained great fame. The senior class was more than satisfied with his achievements. Georgetown will be proud to have him as both a student and harrier in the future. ". . . and two little piggies stayed home." hopes to attend either Fairfield Uni- versity or Manhattan College. 4 .. f.. .kv 7. John Patrick Mclvor Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Shepherd 43 Class Officer 43 Dance Committee 43 German Club I, 23 J.V. Basketball 23 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 2, 33 Usher Society 4. During his four years at Stepinac, "Mac" has lent his many talents to the various activities. A very popular stu- dent, John plans to attend Manhattan to study accounting. cd' an Stewart James McMillan Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Class Officer lg Classical Club 3, 45 Crusader 2, 3, 4, French Club 45 K,B.S. l, 2, 3, 4: Mission Crusade lg Tennis l, 2, 3, 4, Usher Society 2. Stew, whose humor and wit kept things alive during Father McMahon's English class, was also an asset to the Varsity Tennis team for two years. He plans to take law at Holy Cross or Villanova. Francis Joseph McNally Tuckahoe, New York Assumption Bowling Club 43 French Club 43 K.B.S. 4. Frank's wit made him well known in the halls. Brother Benignus' French class kept him in stitches while Trig was his downfall. Upon graduation, Frank will begin to work through college. James Patrick McNulty- James Rocco Messina White plains, New york Port Chester, New York St. John the Evangelist Band 3, 4, Dramatics 3, 43 French Club 43 German Club lg Glee Club 3, 43 Swimming 2. Stepinac will never forget Jim's humor and enthusiasm in the school play. Chemistry ranked high while Math was a problem. Holy Cross will welcome Jim's spirit in both his school work and activities in September. Our Lady of the Rosary Bowling Club l, 2, Class Officer 2, 33 Student Council 3. "Big Jim" lives up to his name in every way-size, spirit, personality and friendliness. Elated with the many days off which give him time to lift weights, he also enjoyed P.A.D., and English. Jim plans to enlist in the Navy and after discharge resume his schooling at the University of Detroit. Andy Robustelli speaks at Football Dinner. ' -4-"""' ' 'veg l :fs 1462555 Eugene Frederick Meyer Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Shepherd 45 Bowling Club 4, Classical Club 43 French Club 43 K.B.S. 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 2, 3, 43 Ushers 4. ' Gene rated English at the top of his list of favorites, while untold agonies were piled upon him at the mention of Math. He plans to attend Holy Cross and then a career in journalism. Edgar James Michels Scarsdale, New York St. Pius X Chess Club 2, 35 Dance Committee 3, 45 General Science Club lg German Club 35 Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Committee, Ski Club 43 Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4. Ed's maior activity at Stepinac was perfecting the electrical and special effects for the musicals. His enthusi- asm in all his activities made him well known and appreciated by all. Ed's future plans include college and training in the N.R.O.T.C. X - 'J Jr tt QW r 4 Q ' i' 3235 -. r ,sw WSP' ii ffff , ,cr 'iii s ..iigaf:flfZ:1f,, +l5' iff . '2ff? .if' ,gi rf we ENN f is , . J li it 2 0 -i ik . '-, Y tw i Q ,., ' . -ra .:- i e 'Zg.j.51. x . . Q.x?z:.1 Q , 2.-'yi54,, ,,l. f' ts , Stephen Aloysius Mitchell Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus The school spirit of the students im- pressed "Mitch" more than anything. "Mitch" is another advocate of a co- ed Stepinac. His hobby is bowling and his favorite subject is Business Math. He plans to enter the Navy after he graduates. James John Moriarty Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Class Officer 3: Cross Country lg Football J.V. 2, Track l. Jim kept busy by cleaning and using his large collection of firearms. Next autumn he plans to go to college. Emil Arnold Milisci Crestwood, New York Annunciation Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3. "Enoch" was a valuable asset to the varsity baseball team for three years but his likable personality never per- mitted him to sound one word of self praise. One of the most popular sen- iors, this sincere individual is bound for big things when he enters St. Michael's next year. Dominic Anthony Minnitte, Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Class Officer 1, 23 Football 25 Track 2, 3, 4. Dom found that his comical antics in class did not exactly fit in with Father Lyons concept of the ideal Stepinac student. A book written by Dom en- titled "How to Look Innocent When Found Guilty" would certainly become a best seller. This popular senior hopes is realize his ambitions either in the avy or within the hallowed halls of some college. Basil Thomas Moore Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Class Officer 43 Football 45 K.B.S. 3, 43 Senior Prom Committee. Tom, a transfer student from lona, was very much impressed by the close relationship between the students and faculty, and by the large number of extra-curricular activities, His pet peeve was the lack of spirit of some students. Tom hopes to enter St. Michael's for a Business Degree. Qatar xiii John Charles Moretti Mamaroneck, New York St. Vito Automobile Club 3g Class Officer 41 Science Club l. "Jay" found the musical plays produced every year very impressive. His favor- ites were Music and working on cars. Springfield College will receive a worth- while individual next September. "Now, when I was playing Rugby . . ." Htl wing ...- . ' .la sK' 3l 52 James Thomas Morrissey Yonkers, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Class Officer l, 2. Jim's love of Stepinac's inter-scholastic sports did much to overcome his aver- sion to Physics. His means of trans- portation was the scourge of the parking lot. His fellow classmates only hope that he will earn enough money as a dentist to afford a new one. William Raymond Morrissey Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary Class Officer 25 Cross Country l5 Jun- ior Prom Committee, K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 45 Missions 25 Track l. Bill found golf and history much to his liking, while the short lunch period was not to his pleasure. The marines should find him a willing subiect dur- ing his stay with them. John Joseph Mullen Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist' Bowling Club 45 Business Club 35 Classical Club 3, 45 K.B.S. 2, 3. 45 Legionnaires 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 3, 4. John's silence and attentiveness in class would have been a good example for some other seniors to have fol- lowed. His transfer from Cathedral High School did nothing to impair his desire to one day become a priest and perhaps teach'at Stepinac. John Patrick Murphy George Leahon Munroe' New Rochelle, New York Blessed Sacrament Cross Country lg Glee Club 45 K.B.S. 3, 45 Track. During George's four years at Stepinac he was most impressed by the good teachers that the school offered, es- pecially Father Lyons, but found no pleasure in any of their tests. 'College plans see Iona in the lead and then a stretch in the Navy. Form? ? QM! 15,7 James Michael Murphy Yonkers, New York Annunciation Altar Boys l, 2, 3, 45 Freshman Bas- ketball5 J.V. Football l, 2, Varsity 3, 45 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4. The fighting Irish is "Murph's" by- word as he fought for victory for four years on Stepinac's Junior Varsity and Varsity Football teams. Rating high in Latin and Spanish he will try for Notre Dame or Manhattan to pursue medicine or dentistry. cfs -s Q i V A Port Chester, New York 4 ,QI NE :lg Our Lady of Mercy Bowling Club 3, 45 K.B.S. 2, 3, "Murph's" void expressions were per- haps the greatest distraction Father McMahon ever encountered in a class- room. John hopes the Navy or Iona will offer some course wherein he can escape from the hard work he encountered here. lmt X 'Y 'U-"Z.f?" WIP' Charles Kevin Neville Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Band 1, 2, 3, 4, oiee Club 45 K.B.S. 4. "Nev's" hobby, animals, was evidenced by his favorite subject, Biology. ln order to fulfill his desires to become a veterinarian he will attend Cornell. Richard Andrew Murphy Mount Vernon, New York St. Catharine Dick found the different languages taught at Stepinac too tough for him. He spent most of his time working on cars. His perseverance should help him in the future. Richard Walworth Nagle Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Biology Club 35 Cheerleaders l, 2, 3, 45 Crusader 45 Dance Committee 45 Drama Workshop 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Prom Committee 45 Stage Crew 4. Dick's school spirit was unquestionable. He supported all activities with equal zest. His liking for Biology and in- sects iust about balanced his pet peeve of lack of school spirit. His future plans call for attendance at college, and a career as an entemologist. Roland Joseph Nicol North Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa Altar Boys l, 2, 3, 45 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 45 Sodality 45 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. "Nick" was active in the school plays and was impressed with the success with which they were carried out. After graduation he plans to go to Cathedral College to study for the Priesthood. "N'gowa b'wana b'wana n'kruma!" i Kenneth John Nykiel Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Before school Ken could probably be found in the parking lot with his favor- ite pastime, cars. Ken is thinking about entering Xavier after graduation and following that, he plans to open an advertising agency. Michael Xavier 0'Connor Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Basketball lg Business Club 35 K.B.S. l. 2, l, 2, Mike liked hard most iness 3, 45 Mission Crusade l, 25 Track 4. liked horses and cars. He dis- the fact that he had to study to get good grades, a fact that of his friends agreed with, Bus- Arithmetic and History represent the high and low points in his book. tif-ftssz 151 ,Raymond Vincent Oddo Eastchester, New York lmmaculate Conception Varsity Baseball 3, 43 J.V. 13 Class gfficer 'lg Varsity Football 3, 43 Track , 4. Ray's enioyment of his hobby of weight lifting can be seen in his well-muscled frame. Being named as the outstand- ing defensive player in football proved to be one of his most memorable ex- periences. His position at right tackle will be hard to fill. Daniel Joseph Odenfero. Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Varsity Football 3. During his four years, Dan found Al- gebra very much to his liking while English did nothing for him. Upon graduation he hopes to enter the Marines or some other branch of the service. Brian Charles O'DonneIl Kevin Patrick 0'Hare White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Due to the punctuality of the 8:55 bell, O. D. soon became a part of the fabulous memory of Father Sullivan. Brother Padraic and mechanical draw- ing went hand in hand to provide a happy life, while boxing was his favorite hobby. Elmsford, New York Thomas Edward Owens Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart "Bones" rated Biology high, while Earth Science and Geometry were his Moment of tension. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Altar Boys l, 2, 3, 43 Auto Club 3, 43 General Science 'Club 'I3 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew 43 Track 4. Kevin was interested in automobiles. He was a very active member of the auto club and also a track man. He hopes to attend General Motors ln- stitute upon graduation. pet peeves. The future will see Tom in college. ' Edward Joseph Parr White Plains, New York lI"1 Yi. Our Lady of Sorrows Shepherd 43 Auto Club 33 Crusader 43 Dance 'Committee 3, 43 Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Drama Workshop 43 General Science Club3 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 K.B.S. 43 Student Council 3, 4. "Ned", like many other students, no- ticed the declining school spirit of the student body. Chemistry rated high with him while he had a dislike for French. Ed is not yet certain as to what college he will attend but where- ever he goes, he will again be active and will find many more friends. Edward Taylor Pegg Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Aquinas Society 31 Bowling Club 35 Physics Club 3, K.B.S. 3, 4. Ed's interests vary from land to sea to air. On land he is a scientist excelling in Chemistry and Math. On the sea, he is an avid water skiing enthusiast. Finally, in the air, Ed intends to attend the U. S. Air Force Academy to become a pilot. Raymond Frederick Petri Shrub Oak, New York St. George Anthony Michael Passerelli Port Chester, New York Holy Rosary Aquinas Society, General Science Club lg German Club l, 2. "Mooney's" favorite loves include golf, ping pong and tennis. He rates'English high, while he dislikes Physics. lona will see him studying accounting for next fall. Raymond Edward Pastor Eastchester, New York Immaculate 'Conception Shepherd 43 Basketball lg Class Officer l, 2, 35 Crusader 3, 43 Dance Commit- tee 45 Spanish Club 4. Ray was interested in basketball and History. He plans to study Business Administration at Siena College. His one great impression, inspired by Father McCaffrey, was the life of the faculty. Ray, a model airplane enthusiast, was impressed most by the closed senior retreat held last October. Math rated high with him while Physics was at the bottom of the list. Ray will enter the Air Force upon graduation. Michael Alan Pennucci Mamaroneck, New York St. Vito Aquinas Society 33 Electronics Club 43 General Science Club lg K.B.S. 33 Physics Club 3. Mike was one of the thinkers of his class. His greatest liking was Algebra while he did not do too well in German. Cathedral College or Detroit are his choices as he is not yet decided to be a priest or an engineer. Mutt and Jeff. l Z 1 , Eugene Michael Pepe Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Bowling Club lg Debating Society 2, Glee Club 45 German Club l, 23 Physics Club 35 Rifle Club l, 2, 3. A familiar face in the noisy halls was Gene keeping order at his post. A sharpshooter with a rifle he intends to hit the bulls-eye and score in Chemical Engineering at Manhattan. ' 55 i l . - fm., mama l' . '- ""' i ' ' " ' A l 56 '95 W1 'Sl f v i i a ' Thomas Joseph Pierce Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Bowling Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 43 Legionnaires 2, 3, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 33 Tennis l, 2, 4. Tom had a liking for Math but did not particularly go for German. Although he complained of too much homework he will find a lot of it to be done at.Manhattan College, where he plans to take engineering. Peter Anthony Pizzarello Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Shepherd 43 Altar Boys 43 Bowling Club 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Cruasder 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 23 Usher Society 2, 3, 4. Math and Brother Maurice were held in high esteem by Pete, as is his hobby of swimming. English didn't rate as well in Pete's opinion. A pre-med course is to be taken by Pete after graduation. Richard John Popp White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Band l, 2, 3, 43 German Club l, 2, Glee Club 43 Student Council 4. During all of his four years at Stepinac Dick has been a member of the Band. In his plans for the future he hopes to go to Manhattan to study Electrical Engineering. Outside school he enjoys baseball and bowling. Douglas John Post Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 4. Doug was amazed at the number of students in the halls between classes. Spanish was a sore subject to Doug, but History rated high along with Brother Garrett. Doug plans to join the Navy after graduation. i 3 mar, hind 'kT""D Robert Edward Preston Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Glee Club Concert, Soloist l, 2, 3, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 43 Shoenix 43 Spring Festival Soloist l, 2, . 4. Bob was known throughout the school and the country for his professional touch at the piano. His flawless ac- companiment at the Glee Club Con- certs and plays won him widespread acclaim. He also played for thousands of listeners on radio station WQXR. This outstanding ability should lead Bob to a very successful career as a concert pianist. "Ha, ha there is no Santa Claus."' Carl James Pugni Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Rosary Football J,V. 2, Varsity 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 4. "Axle's" outstanding playing on the gridiron this season earned for him the coveted Lou Gehrig Award. The rallies and the annual retreats will remain in Carl's memories of Stepinac always. Su? 3 .g.c....5 Ali - HKS William Eugene Quinn White Plains, New York St. Anthony Shepherd 45 Business Club 25 Dance Committee 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Drama Workshop 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee, K.B.S. 3, 45 Mission Crusade 25 Phoenix 45 Spanish Club 4. "Tex" could be found almost any afternoon in the auditorium rehearsing with the other students on the play and various skits. He plans to attend Fordham. His proudest achievement is his newly acquired driver's license. "I found a freshman!" Peter David Quinlan . New Rochelle, New York Holy Name Pete spent most of his spare time around cars. During high school, Math rated poorly although Brother Maurice was his favorite teacher. While attend- ing St. Michael's in Toronto, he will determine his ambition in life. Kevin James Quinn. White Plains, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Classical Club 45 K.B.S. l, 2, 45 Legion- naires 45 Spanish Club 45 Tennis 1. Kevin's favorite class was Brother Alois' Spanish I and ll. One of the better fans he was seen at most of the football and basketball games. Intermediate Algebra will be his best preparation for his stay at Notre Dame. HJ' ...,.m.....-rv' David Lawrence Rae White Plains, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Aquinas Society5 Basketball 15 Class Basketball 3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Physics Club 3. Dave, who served as the guardian angel to a little guy named Toby, pos- sesses the brains and know-how for success in the future. His college plans consist of an engineering course. Q 1liW-s-I- AWS f. .S - H21 Brian Joseph Raleigh Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Basketball Varsity 45 K.B.S. 4. While at Stepinac "Bones" found Chemistry most enjoyable among his subiects while he found History a complete waste of time. Jug became most offensive to him after some exper- :ences in it. Next year he hopes to attend either Holy Cross or Kings College. Erik Henrik Rambusch Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Biology Club 25 Debating 2, 3, 45 Gen- eral Science Club5 K.B.S. 35 Oratory li Phoenix 3, 4. Erik's experience in Father Scheets' Debating Society will be a great asset to him in col ege. During his 'four years at Stepinac the declining school spirit has left an impression on his mind. His favorite pastime is collecting coins. 4-pdf Arthur Henry Riegel Scarsdale, New York St. Pius X Biology Club 2, Scientific Society l, 2: Stage Crew 2, Electronics Club 4. Art could never seem to get used to the comedians at the assemblies. Next year he can be found at Catholic U. where he will study for an engi- neering degree in electronics. James Gerard Reidy, New Rochelle, New York Blessed Sacrament Shepherd 4, Altar Boys l, 2, 3, 45 Business Club 2, Dramatics 3, 43 Dra- matic Workshop 4, Glee Club 3, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Com- mittee, Spanish Club 43 Student Council 4. Jim's most interesting days at Stepinac were those spent preparing and pre- senting the school musicals under the direction of his favorite, Father Cashman. Jim hopes to go to Fordham and then enter the Air Force. Philip Kearney Rice White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 41 Altar Boys 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 23 Crusader 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 4, General Science Club, Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 3, Legionnaires 2, 3, 43 Scientific Society. Phil was active in histrionics and musi- cal productions at Stepinac since his sophomore year. Phil's college plans include engineering study. Henry Gerald Riekers Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Electronics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, A member of the Electronics Club for the past four years, .lerry was also on the staff of the Phoenix. He is cer- tainly prepared for the future in his particular field of endeavor, electrical engineering. "Muskrat liver and pickles on pumpernickel to go, please." 3, . eff 1 'V six .., 'Aviv 'f mw- Frank Anthony Rigano Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Class Officer 33 Football J.V. 23 Ger- man Club i, 2, Rifle Club 2, Track l. Although the school play served to impress Rig much, the prospect of having to do the trig homework left him high and dry. Father Lyons and health were two of the more joyful aspects of his school life. John Joseph Rock Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Basketball lg German Club lg Glee Club 4. John is one of the many seniors who put Father McCaffrey's American History class on the top of their list of favorites while Physics rated con- siderably lower. John's easy going manner is sure to bring success at Manhattan. .ww ,, 1,5 at ia, -lllll III IHIKHHQQQ Til - an l si'-W--r 1315751 dl Charles Joseph, Rohrmann Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary inn' Vincent James Sammartino Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Bowling Club 2, 4. Sam had a definite dislike for having to do homework on the weekends. This nay have been due to an excess of Berman which he did not favor. The Viarines seem to hold his future in their hands. Albert Anthony Saviano Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Auto Club 3g Class Officer 43 Junior Prom Committeeg Physics Club 33 Student Council 3. Hunting and fishing took up most of Al's extra time. Biology ranked high with him, while Math was low. Next year will find him at Iona. "Charlie" enjoyed Father McCaffrey's American History class and spent time collecting stamps and fishing. He hopes to attend Fordham where he will pursue a preemed course. -if-4-F Patrick Donald Roth. Bedford Hills, New York St. Matthias Pat was a happy-go-lucky individual while at Stepinac. Intermediate Algebra was a thorn in his side but he really enjoyed American History. Pat plans to enter the Navy after graduation. John Paul San Giovanni Rye, New York Resurrection Aquinas Society lg General Science Club lg German Club 2. "Sange" was quite an avid sandlot football tan, but had a mishap in Senior year when he Nevertheless he has worked hard and found that his favorite subject was Chemistry. John plans hattan where he will study architecture. F' broke his leg. to go to Man- ,K-rs, Q95 Wwpwuvf Carmelo James Santoro Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Altar Boys lg Biology Club 2: Chemistry Club 43 Dramatics 3, 43 General Science Club lg Glee Club 2, 33 Junior Prom Committee 35 Student Council 3, 4. Carm excelled in dramatics and science. Always punctual, Carm was noted for his exactness. After graduation he will attend Manhattan College and study for a Masters in Nuclear Physics. my "Ooo Ia la J' Ooo la Ia I" '4- oi- R 59 Ill- -5 - 5:53532 CN x X so Noel Edward Senecal Eastchester, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 43 Bowling Club l, 2, 4, Bowling Team 4, Crusader 3, 4: Dance Committee 4, Debating 3, K.B.S. 3, 43 Mission Crusade 3, 43 Physics Club 35 Senior Bulletin, Usher Society 4. Whether in or out of school, Noel's chief interest was in his hobby, bowl- ini. Although Math was his worst su ject, it will not affect his college plans to take up the study of journal- ism. After graduating from Stepinac, Noel plans to attend St. Michael's in Vermont. James Michael Scully Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima gross Country l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, Mike's love of track and running has won him great fame here at Stepinac. Our cross country man had a liking for History and Biology, and next to running, his favorite pastime was de- fending Winston Churchill. Mike plans to continue his education by studying pre-med at Notre Dame or Boston College. Glenn James Secrest Valhalla, New York St. John the Evangelist Chemistry Club 4, Classical Club 3, 43 K.B.S. 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 4, Swim- ming Team 1, 2, Track 2, 4. "Zeke's" interest in extracurricular activities brought him a great number of friends. Athletic competition has prepared him for the struggle ahead in both college and the armed services. John Ennio Sferra New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Shepherd 4g Band 3, 43 Class Officer 4, Dramatics 3, 43 French Club 4, Glee Club 3, 4: Poster Club, Chairman 4, Rifle Club 2, 33 Senior Senate 45 Track 2. John, a transfer student from Iona, has made most of the students and faculty glad that he chose to attend Stepinac. His outstanding perform- ances in "Plain and Fancy" and "Okla- homa" had the audiences' sides split- ting with laughter. Perhaps he will be able to patch them up after his pre- medical studies at Fairfield. 'i-in Brian John Shea Easfchester, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 45 Classical Club 33 Crusader 3, 43 Debating 33 French Club 43 Senior Bulletin 43 Usher Society 4. Brian was well known around the school. During his stay he was most active in both the debating society and the Crusader. We wish Brian the best of luck next year at Notre Dame. Spiritual reading on Retreat. Vincent Michael Shea White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Vincent's ability in Geometry never resigned him to the rigors of Father Kane's tests. The competence of the teachers such as Bro. Alois served to impress him the most. J-WAQ at , J S aa: ""' wean.:-' YQ, 7-vw-M 4 'Wm i ,, N X S Q1- 1 i 5, x 'N I , K if -aff' f P . 5 N V3 i"ti""f'z 5' x'-' if ., '--, ig . Q, x 2 Q .. 'X I . sf' sigafit 'lf' wi"3 if , r, .s,,,uE misgq if 'rs' vs get x 1 ., Qian Mx tie N. , an U, Q dm vb QQ, . if . ,. -,fi -i AQ, e r . is Q- 2,3531 " . .J at ti .Q x , W K ,V ,mis f -1: Armand Peter Siconolfi Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Auto Club 33 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. Arman's liking of Chemistry will be an asset in college. He hopes to enter Manhattan and study for a dental career. Eat, drink and be merry? Q .2 Eugene Anthony Sheridan Chappaqua, New York Sts. John and Mary Dramatics 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 K.B.S. 3, 4, Sodality 2, 3, 4. Gene's dislike of Algebra and Chem- istry remove him from our atomic age. His love of History, Dramatics and Music leave him a wide field to plough. Edward John Shields Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary During his four years at Stepinac, Ed won many friends by his quiet and unassuming manner. He is an excellent mechanic and was a great help to those in his Engineering Drawing class. There will be little doubt of Ed's con- tinued success in the University of Detroit as an architectural major. Robert George Simyon North Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa A it invi- inquires... William Arthur Small White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Auto Club 33 Science Club lg K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Swimming l, 23 Track l, 2. Bill spent most of his time in his red convertible. History was his favorite K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 3, 4. Bob liked to work with cars, and thus his hobby limited his after school ac- tivities. He enjoyed History, disliked Math. The halls of lona will welcome Bob next year. subject. His future is undecided fm Timothy Patrick Smith Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Basketball l, J.V. 2, K.B.S. l, 2, Tennis lg Track l. Smitty, who was at Stepinac for only three years of his high school career, was one of the most liked students in the school. Next year will find him at Providence. 49 sw. , x Frank Joseph Sorrentino Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary With us for four years, Frank has be- come well-known and well-liked. Since entering Stepinac his activities have been centered around science. We are sure that Frank will achieve success when he enters college in the Fall. John, James Smyth White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Altar Boys lj Baseball 43 Basketball l, 23 Class Officer l, 2, 43 K.B.S. l, 23 Senior Senate 4. Johnny hopes to follow up his business administration studies at Niagara Uni- versity. He enjoys playing basketball and working out Math problems, Eng- lish has been his major obstacle. John James.Sofia Yonkers, New York St. Joseph Business Club 43 Classical Club 43 Dramatics 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Italian Club 43 K.B.S. 1, 2, 3, 4. English class provided John with a haven from the rigors of Father Lyons' religion tests. He hopes the future will include college, either pre-law or business administration major. Bernard Aloysius Sotter White Plains, New York St. Anthony K.B.S. 3. Bernard disliked Latin but found Eco- rnonics most pleasing. After gradua- tion he plans to enter the Religious life as a Lay Brother. Father "Spirit" and his boys. l SIEPI NA David Walter Spence Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary Swimming Team l, 2. Dave was often found during the warm- er months enjoying his favorite pastime, swimming. His scholastic ability will lead him to a successful career at the R.C.A. Institute. Leonard Anthony Spina Tarrytown, New York Immaculate Conception Aquinas Society l, 2, 33 Class Officer l, 2, 3: Electronics Club 43 German Club l, 23 Track l, 2, 3, 4. Lenny was an important part of the track team for four years. Besides physical competence he also excelled in science. He hopes to attend Man- hattan and follow a career in electrical or mechanical engineering. Inl- 'mir' Joseph Bertram Stackpole Pelham, New York St. Catharine Class Officer l, 2, 33 Football l', 25 Mission Crusade 3: Rifle Club l, 2. Joe spent most of his time up in the Catskills looking for deer. Father Cashman's English class was his down- fall, while Latin delighted Joe. Follow- ing graduation Joe ekpects to make a career of the Merchant Marine. Frank,Anthony Spinelli Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Rifle Club l, 2. Frank's pet peeve was studying. His favorite subject was Math and his worst was English. Frank enjoys hunt- ing and fishing. He plans to go to college in September. Martin Goodwin Stacey Mount Kisco, New York St. Francis of Assisi Bowling Club 23 Physics Club 33 Glee Club 4. Upon graduation from Stepinac, Martin would like to study biology at an eastern college. Physics rated high with him while he tried to keep clear of Latin. Outside school he enjoys flying and has a pilot's license. Daniel Neal Stephens White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Danny's interests revolved around parties and history class. He had a Joseph John sfagliano Harold John Stamler, Jr. White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist "Stag's" witty and numerous remarks in and out of class kept things alive most of the day. His pet peeve was Father Sullivan's "eighth period." Joe's enjoyable sense of humor will help him find success at Villanova. Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart K.B.S. l, 2, 3. 4. Quiet but forceful, Harry made many friends for himself at Stepinac. He was in the K.B.S. for the past four years and following in the footsteps of many of our men he will enter the Air Force in their technical training program. Perfect attendance record? ? ? fondness for Brother lsidore. After graduation he plans to find a career in the Army. S:l RZi Bl...-3 w ilk "' -3- -K 64 ,- V 1 E-121 s'3 ,. .,iZ. 1-9 iii iff 1 .31. 5 . . Q s Q- ., L, Z f .. A ' 1 , 114 X iz: .na E, ,ol Sl lun . - f Ln A I' Cl- Zsolt Charles Szalay Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Bowling Club-45 K.B.S. 3, 4, Tennis 4. Zsolt, who came to us from Hungary in his Sophomore year, has gained many friends in the halls of Stepinac. He had an aptitude for Math but had trouble with English. His future is undecided. David Charles Sullivan Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Bowling Club 2, 3, 4, K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 3. Dave's quiet unassuming attitude made him well liked among his friends. His ability in science will help him greatly when he takes a pre-med course at Holy Cross. Thomas Francis Sullivan White Plains, New York St. Bernard . The fact that Stepinac doesn't have girls irritated "Sully." He plans to go to college for two years and then ioin the Marines. Pasquale John Tedesco White Plains, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Indoor Track lg K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4. "Duke" enjoys working on hot rods and racing them. His favorite subject was bookkeeping and his worst English. "Duke" plans to attend St. John's Uni- versity. He was especially impressed with Father Sullivan's patience. 45" S My-10' i' 85" ll' nf' 'mari' James Stuart Thomas Yonkers, New York St. Eugene Baseball 43 Class Officer 1, 43 Football l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 4, Track l, 2, 4. Jim is already a legend because of his football fame. When he wasn't on the football field, Jim liked to go hunting. His favorite teacher was Brother Garrett and best subject was Spanish. Jim plans to go to Holy Cross and take Business Administration. Could these be the editors of 'MAD'? John Joseph Tobias Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Altar Boys l, 4, Aquinas Society l, 2, 3, Junior Prom Committee, Physics Club, Spanish Club 4, Track Manager 4, Usher Society 4. "Toby" served the track team well as a faithful and diligent taskmaster. His warm personality and high intelligence should put him on the top of any list. Manhattan will see John in the future. Charles Griswold Topping, Jr. White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 4, Class Basketball 3, 4: Crusader 3, 4, Dance Committee 43 K.B.S. 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 3, 45 Usher Society 4. Coming to Stepinac in his sophomore year, "Chip" was a truly welcome addi- tion. He was an avid basketball fan and English also pleased him. His post graduation intentions include Notre Dame and a business career. Thomas William Towell Larchmont, New York Sts. John and Paul Shepherd 43 Auto Club 3, 43 Bowling Club 3, 4, Crusader 4, Legionnaires l, 2, 3, 45 Tennis l, 2, 3, 4. Tom, with a special dislike for home- work spent most of his free time playing tennis. Villanova or Notre Dame will await Tom with a business career. K' ,JEFF Joseph John Tracy Crestwood, New York Annunciation Auto Club 33 Football 4, Rifle Club l. Joe still has to figure out a method for skipping jug. This extra curricular activity cut deeply into the time he preferred to devote to fooling around with cars. After graduation it will be the Navy or a small college for Joe. Thomas Michael Trigg Bronx New York St. Philip Neri Class Officer '13 Rifle Club 43 Track 4, German Club 3, 4. "Trigger" though here only 2 years came to be impressed by the fighting spirit of the various teams. His liking for History and dislike for German went hand in hand to make the cur- riculum at Stepinac a very interesting one. Either Fordham or Manhattan will be receiving his application fee. Richard Francis Vaillancourt White Plains, New York St. Bernard Next year should find Richard in the Marine Corps. While at Stepinac he despised large homework assignments, although he enjoyed those in History, ln his spare time he likes to work at his hobby of photography. Peter Joseph Valenti Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 4, Team l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2. "Lentils" was one of our many Port Chester men. Noted for his zeal, his main contributions have been on the bowling alleys, being a four year man in the club as well as a key member of the team. His sense of fair play and high ideals will bring him numerous new achievements. Mario Thomas Truglio Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Shepherd 43 Band l, 2, 3, 4, Crusader 43 Dance Committee l, 4g Glee Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 33 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4, Legionnaires l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Phoenix 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 43 Swing Band 4. "Bambino's" great love was for music and most of his spare time was spent in activities concerning this field. He was one of the hardest workers for the school dramatic presentations. His plans for the future are to go to Julliard and become a music teacher. Alexander John Van Eyck Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Chemistry 43 Radio Electronics 43 Tennis Varsity 'l, 2, 3, 4. This athletically inclined senior made a county-wide name for himself in the field of tennis. "Sandy" won the "Westchester Junior Amateur Tennis Championship" during his last year at Stepinac. He was a very valuable asset to the varsity tennis team for four years. This fa l "Sandy" plans to attend Notre Dame. Joseph Thomas Varley Mamaroneck, New York Holy Trinity Bowling Club 43 Camera Club 43 Class- ical Club 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 33 Legionnaires 23 Physics Club 43 Spanish Club 4. Joe was often accused of talking and horseplay simply because he was seated at the far corner of the classroom where the notorious lair of Pete Zucks and Brian Raleigh stood. Golf and Bowling made him forget this some- what and college seems to have a prominent place in his future. Thomas Augustine Vasold Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Tom's like of Electronics could be the reason for his choosing Manhattan for a career in electrical engineering. His dislike for English and small freshmen were counterbalanced only by his keen intellectual searchings. Francis Xavier Walsh Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Shepherd 33 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Cross Country lg Crusader 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 2, 43 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Student Council 3, 43 Tennis 3. "Baltz", as called by his buddies in 4C was a likeable and friendly individual who spent most of his free time in extracurricular activities. He plans to continue his education at Holy Cross and obtain a degree in law. Robert James Waters Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 43 Baseball l, Varsity 43 Bowling Club 33 Classical Club 43 Cru- sader 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 43 Phoenix 43 Physics Club 33 Senior Bulletin 43 Senior Prom Committee3 Usher Society 4. A mild manner, ready wit, and partici- pation in various activities and publica- tions made Bob one of the best liked men in the graduating class. Journalism at Columbia and fighting conformity are his future plans. William Michael Watters New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Bowling 2, 4. Bill's only regret is that Father Time has put the past four years behind him so fast. He chose the perfect habitat for his future iourneys when he decided to join the Navy. 66 Raymond John Walsh White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Classical Club 43 K,B.S, l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires l, 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 43 Spanish Club 4. "Whitey" was the N. Y. Giant spokes- man for Stepinac and perhaps their greatest fan. His dislike for Math and the short lunch period was equalized by the enjoyment of Fr. McMahon's English class. After graduation Ray plans to attend Villanova. Harold Joseph Wilson Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 43 Biology Club 23 Business lClub Presidentg Class Officer l, 3, 43 Crusader 3, 43 Electronics l, 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 33 Scientific Society 23 Us er Society 4. Willie's quick wit and school spirit made him well known and liked among the seniors. His perpetual presence and hel in the Crusader office after school wilrlong be appreciated. This budding scientist plans to attend Holy Cross come September. Joseph Patrick Welsh New Rochelle, New York St. Catherine Class Officer 43 Cross Country l, 2, 3, 43 K.B.S. 2, 3, 43 Senior Senate 43 Track l, 2, 3, 4. Joe has become a valuable asset to the track team for four years. His soft spoken, amiable personality has made him well liked by all. A serious student, Joe plans to enter Manhattan or Iona. Stephen Edward Wholley Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Baseball 43 German Club 33 Class Bas- ketball 33 Legionnaires 3, 43 Math Club 43 Track 4. Steve, a likeable fellow, has his sights set on West Point. He was not only a top-notch student but also an agile athlete. He enjoyed Chemistry the most. William Bryon Wring Pleasantville, New York Holy Innocents Biology Club 23 Electronics Club 43 Rifle Club 43 Stage Crew 3. A variety of activities have occupied Bill's time in his four years at Stepinac. Bill is primarily remembered for his calmness and pleasant smile. He has been active in the Electronics and Biology clubs. His winning ways will serve to secure him new comrades. Joseph Louis Zehnder, Jr. Mount Kisco, New York St. Francis of Assisi Baseball 2, 43 Class Basketball 3, 43 Classical Club 43 Debating Society 3, 4: French Club 43 General Science Club I3 K.B.S. 3, 43 Student Council 3, 4. Joe hopes that the halls of Holy Cross will welcome him next fall, for he plans to take a pre-med course there. His worst hours at Stepinac were spent in a Math class. 67 Peter Alphonse Zucks White Plains, New York St. John Basketball 23 Bowling Club 3, 43 Bowling Team 43 Legionnaires 3. Pete was a good student and a member of the bowling team. His favorite sub- ject was Science and worst was Religion. When Pete graduates he hopes to at- tend either Niagara or Manhattan and study engineering. Richard George Yannantuono Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Baseball 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 33 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4. A friendly smile and love of sports coupled with team spirit has helped "Tex" succeed in baseball and basket- ball. Having enjoyed Business Law, he intends to study at St. Michael's and follow a course in Law. ', ,mfg fl i 586635 fl I CTIVITIE "lt is your task, gentlemen, to consider contempo- rary society in all its activities and to select that which seems to you worthy of interest . . . work with a just and loyal conscience, with a concern for uncovering whatever will serve the cause of truth and promote genuine and universal human values." Pope Pius Xll, June 4, l955. Oklahoma. The annual musical production of the dra- matic groups of Archbishop Stepinac and Good Counsel Academy continued the long line of sparkling performances witnessed over the years. Once again the combined efforts of both schools brought a rousing ovation from those who were fortunate enough to be in the audience at one of the six presentations. There surely can be no denying that hard work and sacrificed time do bring results. Although there is an immediate difficulty to face when a high school group attempts a Broadway success, namely, comparison, the l959 production of Oklahoma in the Major Bowes' Auditorium brought accolades of approval. Helen Dwyer, again returning for her third successful year, gave an excellent por- trayal ofthe flirty western belle, Laurey. ln the male lead, Bill Quinn, after rising to a major role, shone as the aloof cavalier of the old west. Working together with an easy-going western style, a tint of Broadway showing forth, the couple proved themselves worthy of a promi- nent place in the magical realm behind the footlights. Another of the outstanding characters, Jud, was presented by Tom Phillips, himself a native Oklahoman. His dastardly, bedraggled appearance, coupled with his true to life southern drawl enhanced the show with the necessary local color. Betsy Cohane, as Ado Annie, did an excel- lent job in presenting the lighter moments to the overall production. As Will, the lovestruck country lad, Dick Nagle proved his abilities in the combined roles of singer, dancer and actor, and in the administration of the Okla- Stage Crew Front Row: J. McKenna, D. Riordan, P. Rubeli, W. Bar- rett, W. Martin, E. Marcato. Second Row: M, Mormino, G. Donahue, J. Pitaro, C. Rogers, G. Sears, R. Nicol. Back Row: W. Marion, N. James, R. Delaney, T. Gabriele, G. Fox. Electricians and Special Effects Front Row: G. Norton, J. Waters, R. McDermott. Standing A Siconolfi, B. Garber, C. Herrick, J. Michels, G, Cassarella homa "Hello". A newcomer to this talented circle was Gene Sheridan in his role as Ali 5- Sef Designers Front Row: P. Medure, M. Kuwahara. Back Row: J. O'Hara, W. Breede, J. Benjamin. Absent: D. DeLuca. Lt- l no in J""Ohl What a beautiful morning"J' 5 L. Toedtman and W. Quinn J"'Everything's up to date in Kansas City"J' D. Nagle, L. Toedtman, W, Breede SD ,Sijl "Yo're takin' Laurey???" H Dwyer, T. Phillips, W. Quinn and L. Toedtman "That's a mighty strong lookin' rope you've got there, Jud." W. Quinn and T. Phillips 72 Bb Hakim. His bizarre costume complemented by mustache and beard gave the audience an unforgettable picture of the Persian peddler. Lucie Toedtman, as Aunt Eller, filled the role of the warm and vigorous farm woman. Another of the elders, Andrew Carnes, was the character ably enacted by Phil Rice. Phil gave a realistic interpretation of the over- zealous father and the blatant, justice minded judge: For Elizabeth Maher this was her first major performance and as the laughing Gertie Cummings she played the part admirably. The farm hands, lke, Fred and Slim were played by Walter Breede, John Benjamin and Vincent Cremona, respectively. This trio of happy-go- lucky Oklahomans artfully added color and vigor to the production. John Sferra, whose comical performance last year proved to be a lasting remembrance returned to fill the role of the belligerent Marshal. The grandest feature by far was the star studded chorus. A great deal of praise is well leserved by the members of both the boys' ind girls' chorus. The true spirit of Oklahoma vas most effectively brought out by this en- ,emble especially during the last scene with he final swing of "Oklahoma", Direction of the dancers was again handled ry the most competent Mr. Raymond La Bru. roving his exceptional ability as a choreogra- iher he coached his dancing group to a status if high excellence. The foremost of his chievements was the team of Ginny Yans nd Karl Johanson who so artistically per- ormed in the Dream Sequence. Outstanding as usual in the thespian ndeavor was the musical direction of Father Villiam McGann. The orchestra showed their xellence both during the play and in the- vertures previous to both acts. The Stepinac rchestra welcomed the augmentation from 7 91- Laurey's nightmare. ,F"The farmer and the cowhand should be friendsnf t ts sushi "Wanna dance, Ma'am?" L, Toedtman, W. Quinn, Chorus A defeated Jud stalks away. T. Philips, Chorus. Andrew Carnes says a word for the farmer. P. Rice, Chorus. "Hey Gerfie, ever had an Oklahoma hello?" E. Cohane, E. Maher, D. Nagle, Chorus. J' Starhn as a farmer with a brand new wife I H Dwyer W Quinn Chorus "Take your bow." J. Sferra, V. Cremona, W. Breede. 74 White Plains High School and Eastchester High School. The young ladies from these schools enhanced the performances splendidly. A great aid to the on-stage actors was the stage crew. Their emphasis on precision, silence and speed was readily exemplified by the efficient handling of the various sets. Also present in quality were the electricians and set designers, giving their all to provide superior staging for Oklahoma. At the head of these groups were the principal contributors to the success: Walt Breede, Larry Dirksen and Edgar Michels. Walt, who gave himself so wholeheartedly ful- filled the triple role of student director, set designer and supporting principal. The in- separable team of Michels and Dirksen proved themselves to be a mainstay of the production and ably directed their crews with the assist- ance of Joe Pitaro and Brady Garber. I' ,HNF ,ff 4 This year for the first time a children's merformance was held. It provided a wonderful vpportunity for the understudies to take over. 'his policy gives a larger number of students greater degree of experience and should vrove advantageous in future years. The task of caring for make-up was gener- 'usly handled by the capable threesome of Ars. John Benjamin, Mrs. Walter Breede and Ars. E. Spizzato. A word of commendation is lue also to the wardrobe mistresses for their ssistance to the cast. For Father James Cashman, this year was he culmination of five years of effort to ecure the production of Oklahoma for the tepinac stage. Maybe that is why he seemed :J work harder and longer and give more of imself, if that is possible. Both the cast and 'nose who viewed the musical felt that his aternal and inspiring influence had achieved asults that will never be forgotten. is But Sister, what was wrong with the bIoomers?" Ali Hakim, finally caught. G. Sheridan, E. Maher. A job well done. P. Rice, L. Toedfman J"'0klahogi1a,' you're okay!"J' 75 T :Ei i ' i , V ' l ' W - S F I. ' ,-. 7 ' ' N ' ' " X 1 ' 1 " ' I '. , 5' '. J ' , . . . I Q ' .f A , . 'o .QS . Q - ' ff '. Q as 3 A 2516 '- X I f 'offs . - . Q. '. , W 4 . A JH , 3 , - ' IX W 1 , , V- ' A" . ' Qi-f 1- ff-Q2 , 1 - ' 0 0 . l U - ' ' X' ' gf fm, 0. an of QD Q fa Y t 5 2 A I. I H .fs n. z 1 f - ..-.--M :gif-fx W ..f . s . 4 f I 5. 41 v V265 is-4, -.f X. Y?- , ,ff UL'- E 3 i 2. W 9 Marching Band Front Row: S. Carlucci, D. Riordan, R. Popp, J. Frost, V. Possidento, V. Magnotta, W. Modzeleski, G. Salvan, F. Pennella, G. Feigel, l. Sousa, R. Ridel. Second Row: F. Verce, drum major, P. Neligan, P. Carr, G. Loftus, D. Marion, J. McNulty, T. James, L. Thompson, J. Giorgi, J. Ridel, W. Halinan, M. Pugliese, Father William McGann. Third Row: J. Munroe, J. O'Hara, J. Barett, M. Leonard, P. Medure, R. Kelly, J. Mangold, G. Donohue, C. Dunn, B. Messetta, L. Ventrusca. Back Row: D. Blot, J. Liptak, J. Sferra, F. Walsh, W. Collins, R. Foraste, K. Grasso. Not Pictured: M. Truglio, D. De Luca, B. Cestone, A. Gressel, G. Cicatelli. Department The Glee Club has complemented beautifully the other sections of the Music Department. lt usually joined with the neighboring girls' schools so that a full glee club with varying ranges and tonal effects might be employed. After doing eight musical comedies to- gether, the glee clubs of Stepinac and Good Counsel finally joined to present one of the best Christmas Concerts in the history of either school. The Orchestra has accompanied the school play for the past four years. This year the school presented the long awaited musical comedy "Oklahoma" The orchestra played the different arrangements skillfully. Reeds Front Row: G. Salvan, D. Riordan, S. Carlucci, G. Loftus, F. Verce. Second Row: P. Medure 77 T. James, J. Giorgi, M. Leonard, P. Nassetta. Back Row: G. Donohue, J. Sferra, J. Munroe J. Liptak. x, fl rx 4 , K A M Senior Band Members Another phase of the Music Depart- ment is the highly regarded Swing Band which supplies dance music throughout the county. The Dance Band under the leadership of Dennis DeLuca leaned to- ward Jazz and Swing with a discrimil nating view on Rock and Roll. Dennis proved his competency by forming a social orchestra ranking among those of the highest caliber. Due to the fact that this year's play was presented in April it was impos- sible to assemble a Spring Concert worthy of past ones. Through the years at Stepinac, Music and Fr. McGann have gone together but little time has been given to praise this man for the endless efforts and sacrifices he has put into the department. Fr. McGann Front Row: Father William McGann, J. Sferra, W. Collins, R. Ropp, K. Grasso. Back Row: F. Walsh, D. Blot, B. Cestone. Not Pictured: J. McNulty. ugh Robert Preston Mario Truglio has conducted for nine plays and he has been head of the band ever since its formation. Besides being an excel- lent teacher, he is also an accomplished pianist. The Class of '59 can find only one word of regard for Fr. McGann, for to show their real appreciation it would take up too many pages of this publication. The word . . . THANKS. The Music Department constitutes an important part of the school life. It contributes such varied activities in the musical field that, as one may well imagine it attracts students. But it is not only the members it draws, it is the high standard of production that gives it preeminence over other similar programs. Dance Band G. Cicatelli, M. Pugliese, M. Truglio, D. De Luca. Dennis De Luca David Blot 1 i ' ' s-Q2 x -may 1- L, z.,gw,sf,e,f.ffy,,, ,w,i.1z tg g'Q'ii'aigi4ti1,g' 4,lfjr'f.3:Qjl"H1fflQgQg5gfeif l Xl 1' if. li faq., Y hepherd Stepinac's largest and most time consuming publi- cation, the l959 Shepherd would not have been possible without the tireless guidance of Father Daniel Peake. Had it not been for the photographic efforts of Brother Bernardine it is highly improbable that any noteworthy pictures would have appeared. The coordination and arrangement of the ominous mountains of material was efficiently carried out by co-editors Tom McDonald and Frank Chisari, The long hours and lost holidays spent by these boys facili- tated the early issuance and excellent caliber of the book. The all important financial aspect of the effort was capably handled by business editor Joe Glinn. He and his assistants incessantly labored to solicit the essential bill paying medicine-money. Art editor Walt Breede generously lent his talents to the Shepherd. Thanks to Walt and his contemporaries the theme was well supplemented artistically. Finally the active enthusiasm of the student body aided in the publication of a yearbook not to be obliter- ated by the grandeur of the lOth Anniversary issue but one which will bring back pleasant memories of old friends and will long be remembered as one of Stepinac's finest. Shepherd Editors Thomas McDonald, Walter Breede, Father Peake, moderator, Joseph McGlinn, Frank Chisari. l . f f 1: V 13 1 5 3 'V .qi :i 7,k H. 4' ...M Q-. x W ' 157 an A y wa JV 22,513 XE' 'ff ,ix 15 MF A "' wi 5? ag 1, 1 37' 1 5 H 1 'A 72 QT Jt': Yi y avg, i V' fgjiegzsij ' ' 45 ..tLQg:.LEiImi5 ,, Q if K RW -lk, ??f,s U v :M ww -M 5 ' E. ln. " - ' - f...? . .., 1 Lf 5 , 'I H 5 u -.- 4 4 , A K . 1 'E' p .,, , . , -Yah - , ,iq :Z KJ Qgiigfg g - 5 QU sims f , ' " ':,f.'-M ,'L i.,g-:LG 'nr A '- ix 'fig f , giszsi I 1 35 E. s X , x ng. , U '50 .Q W if-f S ' '. . s il J. g ,W J . x Q' Y E 7 K i , f. ..:,4, 1 P Aa' . x if . hi lx a Crusader Frank Chisari, Father Gelsomino, Kevin Keogh, Ted James. 81 Sports Writers Sitting: P. DiRuocco, F. Kelly, T. McGinnis, T. James, R. Waters. Standing: T. Mahaffey, J. Delfino, F. Walsh, J. Tobias, P. Pizzarello, C. Topping, W. Collins, R. Pastor, K. Kelly, P. Bisconti. This year's Crusader was published under the direction of Father Peter Gelsomino. The task of editing the peri- odical fell into the capable hands of Kevin Keogh. Through Kevin's tireless efforts it was possible to distribute ten issues this year. Kevin was ably assisted in the fields of manage- ment and editorials by Managing Editor, Frank Chisari. Page three-the sports page, was handled by Ted James and the assistant sports editor Joe McGinness. Phil Tobin provided competent aid as associate editor. Tom McDonald and Joe McGlinn, acting as photography editors, provided the Crusader with a constant flow of interesting and up-to- date pictures. , f I L... is s ff 3 MN' ,Q News Writers Sitting: V. Williams, R. Pastor, T. Palmer, P Tobin, D. DeLuca, J. Murphy, J. Florentine Second Row: M. Truglio, B. Shea, H. Wilson M. Hones, W. Lynch, C. Rogers, W. Bennett C. Dunn, G. Calamai, N. Senecal, N. James Back Row: E. Parr, F. Burke, D. Blot, F. Harvey A. Costa, T. Towell, D. Hatch. 83 Art and Photography Staff Sitting: W. Ditoro, J. McGlinn, W, Breede, T. McDonald. Standing: M, Kuwahara, G. Brigandi, M. Leonard, R. Paladino, J. Coffey, Father Gelsomino, moderator. -.1 Phoenix Sitting: R. Preston, F. Chisari, Father McMahon, moderator, F. Buckley, T. James. Standing: K. Keogh, A. MacDonald, E. Rambusch, V. Cremona, P. Hughes, F. Kelly, R. Waters, W. Breede, L. Dirksen. The Phoenix L.ast year's successful return of Stepinac's literary publication, "The Phoenix", has led-its moderator, Father Bernard McMahon, to expand the size and variety of this year's issue, The acquisition of a new photo offset printing press will enable the school to print the publication itself, resulting in the production of more copies at a minimum cost. This is a tribute to Father McGowan. The position of editing the issue was handed to Francis Buckley, who did a fine iob in accumulating and directing a very capable staff of associate editors. These include Francis Chisari and Robert Waters who edited short stories and poetry. Essays were judged by Eric Rambusch and Alan MacDonald. Kevin Keogh chose the best foreign language articles, including the translation of a T. S. Eliot poem into six different languages. Walter Breede was responsible for the art illustra- tions and Robert Preston edited the cultural articles. Entries dealing with sports were handled by Francis Kelly while Peter Hughes and Vincent Cremona took care of the humorous offerings. With the aid of Father McMahon, Buckley and his staff were able to choose the best of the articles submitted, resulting in a top-notch publication of Stepinac talent. During the winter, "The Phoenix" sponsored two contests. R. Michael Jones and Michel Kuwahara, both of senior year, placed first and second respec- tively, in the short story contest. The poetry contest had William Collins of senior year as its winner. enior Bulletin K. KeIly,'H. Florentine, N. Senechal, H. Wilson, B. Shea, J. McGlinn, J. Delfino,. J. Reidy, J. Sofia, Bro. Alphonse. i -, -i' , ,The Senior Bulletin Edited by Joseph Delfino resumed its publication in thelatter half of thef Brother Alphonse served as its moderator and directedythe publishing newspaper, exclusively for the senior class. The staff fashionedaa worthwhile publication. Their efforts and hard work produced a lively, entertaining paper. General school sports, senior home- room activities and the accomplishments of outstanding men of '59 were highlighted. Undoubtedly the Senior Bulletin served as a valuable cohesive force in fosteringStepinac school spirit. 85 School Officers Sitting: Monsignor James Nolan. Standing: Walter Breede, School President, Kevin Keogh, School Vice President, Charles McGovern, Senior Presidentg Jerry Di Rienzo, Student Manager, George Brigandi, Freshman President. Senior Senate Kneeling: E. Carroll, E. O'Keefe, P. Bisconti, F. Chisari, V. Albano, G. Brigandi, E. Michels. Standing: Father McCaffrey, moderator, R. Fallon, J. Thmas, W. Breede, J. Sferra, J. Hogan, F. Heaney, J. Welsh, J. Genovese, K. Keogh, C. McGovern. Student Council Front Row: Father Sullivan, Samuel Young, J. Hagerty, M. Santoro, R. Popp, T. Shea, J. Bradford, P. Galloway. Second Row: W. Breede, P. Gennuso B. Garber, L. Formato, R. Autovino, M. Turglio, W. Eaton, J. McDonald A. Lareau. Third Row: J. Reidy, W. Hallinan, E. Dealy, E. Parr, J. Delfino J. Zehnder, T. Garriele, T. Pierce, J. Benjamin. Back Row: W. l-lallihan T. McDonald, J. Nicosia, R. Gilligan, F. Burke, G. Shupe, E. Galgliardi, E Pepe, C. Hofgartner, C. Santoro, K. Keogh. tudent G0 ernment "Excelsior" seemed to be the motto of those in whose hands rests the stu- dent government at Stepinac. This year the three groups that comprise the voice and representation of the student body strived for higher things in their field of concern. School officers, elected in May of last year so that they could assume their duties immediately at the begin- ning of a new year, represented the main organ of appeal for those who wished to present their suggestions for consideration by the faculty. In their capacity as the official representatives of Stepinac, these officers not only pro- vided the l.iaison between students and administration, but also between school and those with whom Stepinac came into contact as well. Theirs was the task of weighing the desirability of stu- dents' requests and presenting them in a favorable light to faculty officials, and of offering to those outside the school an example of the Stepinac man. The representative body of the school, the Senior Senate, strives throughout the year to air the prob- lems and wishes of the classes through their elected representatives. The delegates from each homeroom in senior year, along with the leading officers of the underclassmen met regularly to thrash out the sometimes knotty problems of student govern- ment. ln this body, the highest form of that type of democracy peculiar to school life finds its expression. Striv- ing to obtain better circumstances always, their motto was well fulfilled this year as they constantly pushed "higher." Discipline and "conduct befitting a Stepinac man" was upheld in the cor- ridors and on school grounds through the efforts of the student councillors. Chosen to be members of the Council because they are outstanding in their classes, these men extended their efforts to achieve a higher sense of courtesy and order. Not to be regarded as merely "police action" their activ- ities helped to bring to Stepinac this year a genuine spirit of cooperation and unity. ln so doing, they met, to the highest extent, the demands placed upon them as members of the Student Council. 86 3 K K ,K mx I S 2 S , rf Q? mx S3 1 Q K Q .x. .3 . ww Q A ' W' I xv Ha' sg ss Q IWW: h V 'ffl s Q ,,'.l m Q . x ,ax . .. :J . 5 X , fi g Q t X Q K .N gf Q Lx . bvlx 7 w A im' AN Qin A ' QW Q X A"h i 'Nm , 1 Q amy . x g f . .Q-Q l 54 'li K ,. I 49 ,Q ,falf an , A 4 ffm Ji T' ,QW 'Q O 1' 3 L 1: . A , 7'.. 35 -. . W 'Qi , V X fr , 0 R x ia, W Hi. is Y 1 -,- K G H- E wr Vff X3 y . , 1 VNW,,..WMw ' 1 'A vs, Q " sQ 1 1 ,Aiggxllyw t , ' j ig' X , X wa, Q52 fifi 'Xt ' , W 1, y .M . A I V X A J! 'Sp s E 'I I ,' A K ix , f ,Y M 6 5 , ,I I 3 a ltar B0 Altar Boys Front Row: C. Rogers, W Ruddy, J. Bourque, J. Tobias Second Row: M. Farell, R Saline, R. Nicol, W. Mastellon Third Row: R. Foraste, B Mead, J. Hansen, T. Cawley Fourth Row: J. Murphy, R Burke, R. Frost, F. Winzig Standing: R. lrwin, J. Floren tine, T. Ryan, N. James, J Ogden, Father Walter Murray, moderator. S8 Under the direction of Father Walter Murray the Altar Boys are an important part of the religious life at Stepinac. They assist at all the liturgical events from Benediction ot the Blessed Sacrament to the daily sacrifice ot the Mass. This year Father Murray introduced a large freshman section into the Altar Boys who when instruction is necessary secure it from Monsignor Ryan and other members of the faculty, who give their spare time to such a well deserving organization. Altar Boys Front Row: T. May, R. Dowling, E. Tully, R. O'Brien. Second Row: J. Clough, P. Saline, J. McCloskey, D. McMahon. Third Row: J. Cook, R. Burke, L. Nelson, R. Dorman. Fourth Row: T. Dillon, J. Ward, F. Labrusciano, T. De Litta. Back Row: R. Romeo, J, Carcano, A. Krayer. Standing, Front to Back: P. Rubeli, B. Rigano, W. Clark, J. McKenna, J. Murphy, J. Coffey, G, Mooney, Father Murray, moderator. Sodality Traditionally, the Mission Crusade in Stepinac, has promoted a sacri- 'odalit Once a week the members of the Sodality assemble in the auditorium, where they participate in the meeting conducted by Father McDermott, the moderator, or Kevin Keogh, the prefect. The purpose of this spiritual organ- ization is to foster a better relationship between the students and Our Blessed Mother. The members are also brought into a closer contact with her facets of the spiritual life that we, as Catholics, revere so highly. Front Row: Kevin Keogh, pre ator, C. Barrett, W. Clark, L Nelson, J. Muprhy, K. Renda, C Rogers, J. Pitaro. Second Row T. Ryan, W. Lynch, P. Gennuso E. Meyer, J. Florentine, R. Nicol berto, T. Pierce, N. James, E B. Claussen. fect, Father McDermott, moder- Third Row: M. Turglio, J. Ali- shefidan, B. Mead, J. Muiienf Back Row: T. Towell, D Hunter, R. Cotter, P. Rice, G. Shupe, Mission Crusade Mission Crusade :ront Row: J. Bradford, J Nlimphius, R. Saline, J. Rock, J krens. ,L. Nelson, J. Cook, P vlazzetti. Second Row: P. Pizza- 'ello, R. Leggiere, V. Albano, R Stock, R. Castiglia, H. Wilson NI. Senecal, M. Gilbert, J. Caro: an. Third Row: Father Murray I. McCarthy, R. O'Keefe, if -attiner, R. Bolander, W. Ditoro, 3. Steinberg, G. Wayne, R Talbot. 89 ficial spirit on the part of the Student Body. lts activities are extensive. Weekly, the mission representatives collect the offerings of the various home- rooms. Under the direction of Father John Murray, the annual Christmas drive for Cardinal McCloskey provides for the children "next door". A mis- sion dance, the Bishops' War Relief Drive and the Mother's Day Enrollment are all part of this essential activity. The French Club, under the direction of Brother Ramon, is open to all French Club Front Row: Brother Ramon, moderator, J. McGuirk, G. Sims, D. Alberi, S. McMillan, J. McNulty, R. Terpsandier. Sec- ond Row: R. Fallon, G. Ciara- mella, P. Gennuso, F. McNally, R. Nicol, M. Kuwahara. Third Row: E. Meyer, J. Zehnder, J. McCarthy, B. Shea, F. Marcell, D. McGovern. Back Row: D. Blot, L. Bonville, M. Lafitte, J. Sferra, V. Cremona, F. Kelly. the students who are taking French and who have the approval of the director. The members are instilled with an appreciation for the French language and P Q n C u culture, by means of tape recordings and conversational talks. Italian Uluh This year marks the inaugura- tion ofa new club in the language field at Stepinac: the Italian Club. This society, directed by Father Peter Gelsomino, was organized for the purpose of promoting the appreciation of the Italian lan- guage, its customs, and history. lt also provided a basic instruc- tion in the pure dialect. The members are students from Fresh- man through Senior year and meetings are held weekly. Al- though no other activities were planned this year, the club looks forward to an expanded program through which an Italian supper will be tended the faculty. 90 Seated: J. Vaccarino, Fr. Gelsomino, M. Truglio, J. Scordo. Standing: F. Labrusciano, J. Giampaolo, A. Pagano, J. Santucci, R. Cacchione, R. Funaro, L. Checca. panish Club The prime purpose ot the Span- ish Club is to give the student a working knowledge and experi- ence of the language. Under the guidance of Brother Thomas Patrick, students are also ac- quainted with customs and life of all Spanish-speaking peoples. Thus, the members, all third year Spanish students, have an oppor- tunity to broaden their knowledge and increase their interest above and beyond ordinary classwork. Spanish Club Kneeling: B. McAuley, R. Dos Anios, J, Varley, K, Grasso. Sitting: P. Cox, T. Foley, T. McDonald, Brother Thomas Patrick, J. Tobias, J. Murphy. Standing First Row: R. Walsh, E. Sheridan, L. DiRienzo, F. Walsh, J. Thomas, C. Girard, R. Greco. Standing Second Row: J. McGlinn, J. Riedy, K. Quinn, J. Banahan, R Pastor, T. Balash. German Club Sitting: K. Johanson, R. Burke, Brother Donatus, moderator, L. Braida. Standing: J. Conley, L. Serio, D. Paladino, E. Gernert, E. Cosgrove, J, Anton, P. Lavery, V. Corbo. German Cluh The German Club, under the able direction of Bro. Donatus, is open to those studying the lan- guage who want to advance their knowledge in both the cultural and historical aspects of the Ger- man People. Meetings are held by the elected representatives of the first, second, and third year classes. Through a series of films, lectures, and various trips to the German sections of New York City, the club hopes to achieve its purpose of stimulating interest and enthusiasm toward the study of the German language. 9l L. Dirksen, T. James, Father McGowan, moder- ator, C. Santoro, T. McDonald, W. Elgert, F. Chisari, A. Van Eyck, J. Delfino, D. Rae, L. Bonville. Chemi tr Club The Advanced Placement Chemistry Course is one of the many new after- school classes made available to the more advanced Stepinac students. lt is, in reality, a cc-llege freshman course in Chemistry. The students who par- ticipate in the course meet twice a week during which time they either conduct experiments based on a college level of study or receive a lecture from the moderator of the course, Fr. Laurence McGowan. The value of the course is immeasureable in so far as it not only offers the participants an insight into college work, but also gives him a marked advantage in gaining acceptance to a worthwhile college. The Physics Club, by dint of the tutorship of Father Kane, endeavors to provide its members with a sound understanding and a familiarity with the principles and applications of the science of Physics. During the meetings the members either do an experiment or are given a demonstration explain- ing some ,law or theory being studied. By means of such activities the club is able to give its students a real interest in the matter and facilitate their learning of it. Ph, ic Club Front Row: Father Kane, moderator, B. Garber, G. Maher, J. Anthony, J. Farrell, A. Lareau, J. Salvatore, M. Hones, A. Venuti, D. Lynch. Standing: B. Faulkner, L. Kumins, J. Morris, C. Protano, T. Jacques, V. Karl, R. Kuno, J, Di Ber- nardo, J. Manning, J. Rock, J. Nicosia, S. Kuter, G. Repicky. B551 .7 QI, . The Biology Club provides the individual student with an opportunity to further his biological studies on an advanced plane. Weekly meetings conducted by Bro. Bernardine usually feature a movie or lecture dealinggwith some outstanding facet of Biology. Besides meetings and experiments students also take various field trips. General cience Club The General Science Club tries to instill in its members a greater appreciation of science than that given in the classroom. At the weekly meetings different phases of science are shown and scien- tific investigations are conducted. Brother Norbert, the club moder- ator, also takes the club on field trips to various places of 'scientific interest. General Science Club Biology Club Sitting: S. Skeckowski, P. Rubeli S. Blaha, R. Redler, R. Paladino R. Cacchione, G. Dey, B. Mac- Donald, P. Barth. Standing: R Paladino, Brother Bernadine moderator, D. Massaro, P. Bis- conti, F. Chisari, R. Aumueller A. Mascia, E. Cusati, A. Cucur- ullo, M. Myers, W. Hallinan Biology Club Front Row: W, St. Paul, R. Aitken, J. Cecora, D. Gironda, F. DiMichale, J. Lynch, Bro. Norbert. Second Row: M. Mallary, S. Blaha, R. Johnson, P. Carr, W. Clark, D. McCarthy. Back Row: T. Dillon, D. Delorien, R. Sieland, E. Minicucci, J. Amodeo, W. Sieland. 93 Electronics Club Front Row: Brother Philip Neri, W. Wuesten hofer, T. Hartman, F de Barros, Blaha, D. McCarthy, J. Ferreri, N. Poduie, J. Conley. Second Row: J. Tobias, L. Franzello, J. Bowque J. Connery, P. Barth, E. Cusati, R. Fanelli, G Riekers, M, Pennucci. Third Row: P. Brown W. Wring, H. Wilson, N. Marchetti, D. Fagon P. Bauman, F. Sorrentino, M. Farrell. Back Row T. Beary, W. Hallahan, D. Stadler, D. Rae. Electronic Club An interest in the study of Latin and Greek is encouraged through the efforts of Fr. DiBlasi in the Classical Club. Weekly meetings, planned to For those students wishing to further develop their knowledge of this field, the Electronics Club meets every Friday afternoon. Its forty members are instructed on the principles of electronics, the use of technical equipment and are given demonstrations on improvements which have come out recently. ln addition to the instruction, the members are encouraged to construct an appa- ratus or perform some experimentation. Such exhibits are demonstrated by the students to the rest of the members so that an exchange of individual ideas is attained. Through the efforts of Brother Philip Neri the members, coming from all four years, are given the opportunity to learn a great deal in this field by both theoretical and practical discussions and demonstration. Classical arouse a deeper understanding of earlier writers and forms, give the student an impetus for further study. Among some of the more interesting topics this year were "The Latin Newspaper" and "Etymology of English Words". Membership is open to all years. Classical Club Seated Front Row: S. Blaha, J. Sofia, J. McGuirk, F. Chisari, Father DiBlasi, mod- erator, J. Mullen, D. DeLuca, R. Pegg. Seated Back Row: K. Quinn, P. Gennuso, J. Zennder, E. Meyer. Standing: N. Carlveri, T. Troy, P. Bis- conti, N. James, R. Stack, F. Buckley, B. Mead, F. Kelly, F. Harvey, D. Hunter, R. Cannon, R. Waters, D. Mc- Govern, G. Fox, R. Walsh, A. Appleby, G. Pearce, S. McMillan, P. Gallagher. 94 Club Oratorical ociet The Oratorical Society, under the direction of Father John Mulroy, once again left its mark in forensic compe- tition this year. Kevin Keogh, a returning veteran, represented the school once again in the American Legion Oratorical Con- test speaking on the "Elastic Clause" of the U.S. Constitution. Kevin spoke his way up to the state semifinals be- fore he was eliminated. As in the past, the Catholic Youth Organization held the Westchester division of its contest on February 27 at Stepinac. A newcomer to the field of oratory, Frank Chisari, won recogni- tion for Stepinac in the contest by winning over a field of 36 speakers. Frank spoke on "Catholic Youth and the Pope's Annual Christmas Mes- sage". On March 13 Frank spoke in the Archdiocesan finals at Cardinal Hayes H. S. and placed third. The' spirit and ability shown by the .inderclassrnen will prove to be an asset to the society in years to come. Debatin ociet Oratorical Society " Sitting: Father Mulroy, D. Blot, K. Keogh, F, Chisari. Standing: D. Paladino, P. Ciccone D. Venuti, L. Braida. The Debating team enjoyed an exceptionally successful season under the guidance of Father Francis Scheets. Lack of experience and insufficient mem- bership were no longer stumbling blocks to the team, thus it enjoyed one of the best years since it was initiated. Participating at the Holy Cross tourna-' ment on December l3, Stepinac won a third place trophy. During the course of the year the team entered approximately nineteen tournaments sponsored by various colleges and forensic leagues. The Stepinac debating team also actively participated in the newly formed Westchester County Debate League, and did quite well for itself. A bright future is seen for the Debating Society. Debating Society Seated: E. Rambusch, P. Lavery, P. Medure, C. Malacalza, T. Anderson, P. Tobin, G. Fox. Standing: K. Keogh, F. Harvey, P. Ciccone, G. Calamai, W. Ben- nett, K. Moran, L. Braida, I. Sousa, A. MacDonald, P. Rubeli, Father Scheets, moderator, D. Paladino, C. Lewit, R. Bione. 95 Dance Committee Front Row: Father McCarthy, J. Mahood, J. Whalen, V. Magnotta, D. De Luca, R. Craig, R. Burke, W. Ruddy, M. Leonard. Second Row: J. Benjamin, R. Nagle, E. Parr, T. Gabriele, M. Truglio, J. Mclvor, R. Pastor, G. Fox, W. Quinn. Back Row: F. Kelly, R. Minard, F. Burke, C. Topping, D. Hunter, N. James, J. Pitaro, J. McGlinn. Those dashing young gallants, the ushers, again served uncler the coordi- nation of Father McCarthy The play and Ladies" Bridge proved to be their Dance Committee Under the guidance of Father McCarthy the dance committee again took charge of the various dances held during the school year. The various delegations within the committee provided school dances with decorations, themes, and checking services, so vital to the enjoyment of the stu- dent body. Under the leadership of Charles Topping, the cornmit- tee was successful in providing the students with very good dances. . a I rnain tasks, and as all know, they were well done. This organization should be U h Q I1 0 C l the aspiration of every underclassman as the highest degree of serving at Stepinac. Usher Society Front Row: P. Pizzarello, J. Tobias, P. Gennuso, J. Mc- Glinn, K. Johanson, H. Wil- son, N. Senecal, P. Galloway. Second Row: J. Mclvor, F. Buckley, F. Chisari, J. Mc- Carthy, R. Fallon, J. Pitaro, K. Grasso, R. Minard, S. Delehanty. Back Row: G. Brigandi, D. McGovern, P. Tobin, T. Cawley, R. Waters, T. James, C. Topping, F. Gagliardi, R. Hopkins, Father McCarthy, moderator. 96 i Camera Club This year, after last year's zbirth, the Camera Club con- nued its activities through me efforts of its moderator, rother Bernardine. Meetings 'e held weekly in order to dis- Jss practical applications of wotography and to provide the iembers with an opportunity I receive aid in their photo- 'aphic problems. Contests e also held, giving students 1 outlet for their artistic ideavors. 97 enior Prom Committee The Senior Prom Committee, this year directed by Father McCaffrey gave the seniors one of the most enjoyable events while at Stepinac. The prom, again held at the Glen Island Casino, was on June 4, where the seniors danced to the music of the Glen Island Casino Band. The seniors wish to thank both Father McCaffrey and the employees of the Casino for providing them with an outstanding exper- ience of their high school life. Senior Prom Committee Front Row: Father McCaffrey, moderator, G. Ciaramella, F. Buckley, G. Briganti, E. Carroll, H. Wilson, M. Kuwahara. Second Row: B. McAuley, E. Michels, K. Keogh, W. Beede, J. Sferra, L. Di Rienzo, C. Topping, W. DiToro. Back Row: C. McGovern, J. Genovese, J. 7 DiRienzo, F. Burke, E. Pegg, P. Bisconti. Camera Club Front Row: P. Rubeli, J. McGlinn, Brother Bernadine, Moderator, T. McDonald, G. Ripicky. Second Row: V. Williams, R. Dorman, B. McMahon, E. Hoffmeister, T. Troy, L. Nelson, G. Casarella. Third Row: J. Conley, R. Paladino, G. Bradley, G. Maher, G. Pearce, P. Medure, P. Barth, R. Vaillancourt, J. Coffey. Back Row: F. Richichi, L. Kumins, J. Drohan, W. Hall, T. Conroy, R. Monfini, V. Karl, W. Quinn. T' "' ' 'Q if 5 A l , ggi w ,, 4 as-. -Q iff ' 1 V x. L L Q ,W V, A 5 3 I ' ' r .S i 2.2 fi M ,,w, ' I 3553 ' 3' f N, f N ' H f 5 Ei' ' , 'fffiif ', ,. 1 , 5 Q? I 13 I 'gggjigwfs A ,,w, f A., V ty ,. , in KN . A W V 2 R - I 4 " ' ,911 45 '- Q ., - , M w I , -X V Q , 4,,. ha-3 , Q , ,..1 k , g W K Qgjg 4 5 wg I aw... ' A , f , M N4 Xi v ,nn 4 5 ggxlilai 5 .5 1' ...---I JL 1:13135 s 5 K V 3: i i-mir.. . fl gi. - 3' wa, -ia K bf 5,4 Hg, M ' " . 'dial ,, :wb fs lash . W W A , M A l- ,f,,..,, as f. ' a sl g ifglzgi ki I gfPi:,?-557 V vm 4 5 'Q " Y Ki ,M ., Q- .Q ng J I Lg .,w 1, E- fur? 1- ,b e5RA.,V,,, , - -v-ik my Q,-Q4 1, .. A If -fmrmfr ' if? ff' i I - . 1 1 V' -5 7 'P' mgxij , . . Q' wifi. Af- ,f 5 j A il t - ., P0 ter Club The Poster Club, under the direc- un of Father Peter Gelsemino, is ne of the growing Stepinac socie- rs. The posters that were made r football games were a great in- ntive to school spirit. The mem- rs have entered contests but their ain purpose was to draw attention the religious and social events of e school year. lf one were to ance through the halls of Stepinac, would have proof of the club's tiring work. Poster Club Sitting: R. McDermott, J. Suozzi, J. Lynch, D. Gironda, J. Davis. Standing: Father Gelsemino, J. Rush, E. Moser, R. Johnson, C. Deierlein, R. Sieland, A. Roberts. Archery Club Front Row: E. Cusari, G. Salvan, M. Myers, J. Aschenbrenner, R. Cunneen. Second Row: R. Wilson, R. Giacco, A. Peterson, J. Wollff, R. Saline, R. Jordan. Back Row: L. Serio, J. Conley, T. Menadier, J. Murphy. Archer, Club A newly formed organization at Stepinac is the Archery Club directed by Father Quinn. The aims of the club are to promote safety and skill in the use of the bow and arrow. Meetings are held every week, instructions are given, and plans are made for future outings. 99 Junior Prom Committee Front Row: N. Ceglio, E. Stone, P, Mclvor, M. Leonard, T. Pag- nillo, Second Row: F. Racioppo, J. Cockerill, C. Protano, A. Roberts, J. McCarthy, Brother Maurice, moderator. Back Row: J. Lombardi, B. Wilbur, R. Morrissey, C. Pacenta, P. Giangrande. Junior The Class of l96O held its Junior Prom on May 8, dancing to the music P I1 0 m Lou Martin. Their moderator, Brother Maurice, was most helpful in seeing tt Committee The Model Railroad Club, moderated by Bro. Medard, meets Wednes- the arrangements that made the prom such a success. days and Fridays during the school year. The purpose of the club is to assist 0 cl interested members in obtaining advice for their own model railroad equip- ment. During the year the club members help in building a layout and visit different railroad clubs in the vicinity. H d l l Club Model Railroad Club Left to Right: G. Repicky, L. Pizzarello, J. Tomasetti, A. Roberts, J. Pizzuti, C. Lewit, K. Renda, K. Ludwig, B. McMahon, C. Deierlein, Brother Medard, moderator, W. Honegger, R. Peterkin, C. Koval. lOO Dads' Club Teated: R. Cody, J. Lemmer, J. Delfino, Father Melican, Moderator, J. Lombardi, A. Schneider. Ie-cond Row: H. Shea, J. Divney, D. Ciccone, W. Walsh, H. O'Neill, R. Kavanaugh. Back Row: '. Palmer, S. Aronin, J. McNamara, J. Kerrigan, F. Marchetti. Ladies' Auxiliar Father William McGann again took his place as moderator of the Ladies' Auxiliary during this past year. During the year the Ladies' Auxiliary held its annual Easter Bridge along with their monthly meetings wherein they receive a talk from some eminent personality. This year a new tangent was added to the scope of the club. The individual members held bridge parties in their homes to raise funds for use by the organ- ization. This should provide the Ladies' Y Auxiliary with even a greater part in the school life in the future. Dads' Club One of the most important societies, the Dads' Club, helps support the other extra-curricular activities at Stepinac. This year, under the direction of Father Melican, the club activities were ex- panded. One of their biggest projects, which was begun last summer, was the donation of lumber and know-how for the board track. During football season, the club assisted at the games and later spon- sored the annual football dinner. The cast and crew of "Oklahoma" were given a dinner and dance, by the Ladies' Aux- iliary and Dads' Club. Ladies' Auxiliary Mrs. Rita Coffey, Mrs. Mary Galloway, Mrs. Verna Keogh, Father William McGann, moderator Mrs. Kay Collins, Mrs. Barbara Stackpole. Alumni Association aated: Father Di Blasi, Don McLoughlin, Father McCarthy. Standing: Paul Maroni, William Beeck. lumni ssociation Since the first graduating class in i950 the graduates of Stepinac have kept in touch with their Alma Mater through the Alumni Association. The old grads under the leadership of Frs. McCarthy and Di Blasi help perpetuate the spirit of the school through various sports and social events throughout the year. The most-important of these are the Alumni-Varsity basketball game, the Communion Breakfast and the Christmas Dance. The Alumni also published the Alumni News, a semi annual paper through which they keep in touch with the activities of the school and each other. if MXXAN NN 'WN f fix? 3. ,EJ X r L C 1 F Q l QE PORT "Sports, provided they are understood in a Chris- tian sense, are an efficacious school for that great contest which is our earthly life, whose goals are the perfection of the soul, th ness, the unfading glory of the saints." e rewards of eternal happi- Pope Pius Xll, October 9, 1955 2f2,.f1-.EEZAF ,,-rf BASIL MOORE JAMES HOGAN CARL PUGNI RAYMOND ODDO All County 2nd Team All-Catholic, Honorable Mention All-Catholic Journal American 2nd Tea All-Cathol IC 2nd Team All-Catholic Journal American 2nd Team Lou Gehrig Award FRANCIS BUCKLEY THOMAS BISHOP THOMAS LANTRY IEDERICK HEANEY LOUIS DIRIENZO GERALD DuRIENZO JAMES THOMAS All-County 3rd Team All-Catholic Journal American All-Catholic World Telegram and Sun Post All-Catholic Football PETER HUGHES All-County 3rd Team All-Catholic lst Team Post All-Catholic lst Team JAMES MURPHY fd? 'UU 1 z 3? W Q 0 fx? d GIANAS x r 1,,i 2y'g:,'axg Q K,',f,"'?,Q 5 Q51 1,25 S .?igql, , 2 , W. Q S . 'wi Wi x 6 w 'lx 8 1 in Ya Q .H X X7 N V sb xi N LQ ME ii I2 fr 3 x C K N" ii KE E D K Q X-15,9 5 M? ' j Z ' 1 X, I R H K X 1 SV x 9 X 5 Q- f- SQ + 4 i X Q Q ,,. k 'bswygx 'kkgxgi - 'K 'L 'X A Qkssx iv 1, YW!! ,Y 9 ! K YM' k ,A U? 1 gig Q 1fx-x ,Q Q ff? fw t X Q, f.-HQ.-,+, f,f5'Q W z.1frs?k 'wwf N w L x, Q M x:L A K 5 Lf X ' ,, n K F X is k E 5 L X 1' kk ix ' i Q X 5 xx s T A Q x K g ang I X i Q 5 if ii ' X Q if . ww 1' 3 k k - t . x . 5 W ' - K Q x 4 .5 K x iv 3 : x.zq .. ' 2 L A 9 X m m f Q X W K A A' f V L . V Ai . ...X ATX X X K Q i .X K A v:.1 1 , A- xy . gi xx ikk K .iii Q , d ' gi 2 v 1-H E V in 1 ' A ,. 7,kli W Q 5 'S --,x:- fl? ' R QQ Q Six Li, 'hm A, P Q x x 'jk 1 W V 1 if X K Lk YN Q' . Vx, XJ x K X sx .nL, X xnxx' Q R -.YA X vw 'N lm? fk f + 'AKA f1Yi'5f??F5 575355: is Q X ,f-1 ., 'lvix QTEZQTKZV-N iA'3Z,Nf!f'QX b?'i1-Warsaw H E m MX X K x Y .- if iw ,-. 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A K f . yxifglgfr' I , I 5 2 H5 Q V X if 1 W4 L fi ii X Y A 4 7 LL, Nici 5 1, fgixi X f If .V Xgu af Q ' 1 5 'E as as SNMM K " NE? A Eiiwf -, G if 55 S . Q f 4, gm 5 , Q' g .er , 1 -- x, L 4 Q .w M 5 f . y Q V- " fi , 1 '1':.ff-f 5 MA Wim I M 2 ,M if . A k , sg .A ' 67.1 1 if-- as M -'h' Q A s v E 51 an 'W L , .V ,, s , Q Y Q fx , , ,Q.-. , 'M ,iv - 1 x 1 , , ,J ,il EW-12651351 K fi E E, -mmm M, Q5 N? QQ, gm, 1 2 ,, M mg Raw if ? .rf X Q , xf im X ' f 'Y 3 . ,ai f 1 2 6 I i 2 Q1 gun A J? Y : . MW -K + 1, '- RICARDO DOS ANJOS All County Honorable Mention BRIAN MeAU LEY BRIAN RALEIGH JOHN JOYCE CHSAA Division IV First Team Journal American Honorable Mention ll4 PETER BONHAG 'Q , . knew A-.. gs A.:.. f J xx ix , X, A 521' 1 , 3 f .3 :Q , : ji: 7 ,wa i F fs if 1 -5 , 'ilk Q 5 f wife up fl 53' f 'X 'ffm 9? ,W . Ma D I Going UP? CARDINAL HAYES Stepinac's Crusaders opened their i958-59 basketball season on a rather dismal note by bowing to Cardinal Hayes 72-5l. The Blue and Red, crippled by graduation, lacked game experience as a team, although they put forth a fine effort. SALESIAN Stepinac and Salesian tangled in a league game which saw the New Rochelle team emerge victorious. The margin of victory was a basket in the last l5 seconds. Brian McAuley got Zl points for the Crusaders. The final score was 54-53. NEW ROCHELLE The Crusaders journeyed to New Rochelle Armory and absorbed a second one point defeat at the hands of the Huguenots, 61-60. Diminu- tive Rico Dos Anjos poured 22 points through the 'hoop for the losers and John Mastropolo, just elevated from the J,V.'s, showed promise as a backcourt man. MT. ST. MICHAEL Whoops! -4' Joyce bombs from the foul circle. Stepinac hosted Mt. St. Michael and proved to be a good host as the Mounties engineered a 63-55 win. The Crusaders showed more spark than in their previous games and much improvement. . -'X Richichi's magic touch. BLESSED SACRAMENT The Crusaders broke a four game losing streak as they rolled over Blessed Sacrament 65-43. Many players scored in double figures as Dos Anjos, McAuley, and Mastropolo paced the winners with l4, l3, and l2 points respec- tively. IONA The Crusaders met their arch rival, Iona on Stepinac's court and rallied in the second half for a convincing 62-46 victory. Dos Anjos with I7 points and John Joyce with lO spear- headed the home club's attack. s1'AMFoRD ' Stepinac's Blue and Red invaded Connecticut, and nailed down their 3rd straight victory with a 4l -38 victory over Stamford Catholic. Brian Mc!-Xuley scored l3 for the winners in an un- usually low team point production. SACRED HEART The battle of the basketball titans took place at Stepinac as the home team took on the defending league champs, Sacred Heart of Mastropolo shows his muscles. lf only my arm was two yards longer -3 .. Cohane scratches the hoop. He's got the whole world in His hands. l l 8 V for victory. Yonkers. When the battle was done, the Crusaders had a well earned 89-85 overtime victory and a new school scoring record. Al- though it was a team victory, Rico Dos Anjos and John Mastropolo stood out with fine back- court play and indentical 25 point totals. EDISON TECH Stepinac entertained Edison Tech and proved to be the better team. The home forces moved to a sizeable half-time lead and coasted to victory in a not too strenuous 58-47 decision. John Joyce scored a modest l l points for the Crusaders but he also hauled down 20 big rebounds. MOUNT ST. MICHAEL Stepinac's hopes of retaining its league crown were dealt a cruel blow as Mount St. Michael's cagers scored a 49-44 defeat over Stepinac. The Mounties also managed to break the Crusader's 6 game winning streak. Brian McAuley garnered Zl points for the losers. UTICA CATHOLIC Utica Catholic became Stepinac's seventh vic- tim of the basketball season as the Crusader's ground out a 54-45 triumph. The Blue and Red, playing their second game in 24 hours, were obviously not up to their usual pace but still managed to be ahead at the final buzzer. Frank Richichi scored ll points to lead the winners. BLESSED SACRAM ENT The Blue and Red of Stepinac visited Blessed Sacrament of New Rochelle as they secured a 53-38 victory. Though looking a bit cold in the field goal department, the Crusaders' built up an early lead and were never headed. Mastropolo and McAuley netted l4 and l3 points respectively to lead the Blue and Red. IONA Rico Dos Anjos calmly pumped in two foul shots with l8 seconds left in the game to give Stepinac their second win over Iona this year 65-63. The Gaels blew an attempt to tie the game and Stepinac captured the rebound with about 5 seconds left, thereby insuring the victory. SALESIAN Salesian fell before the Crusader attack as the Blue and Red avenged an early season loss by way of a 60-5l win. The rebounding of Joyce Rico rides again. Stretch, Brian! Plopl Mastropolo hooks to Rico. and Richichi spelled the difference as Salesian got a 33 point performance from Frank DeRosa. SACRED HEART The gallant cagers of Stepinac were foiled in a playoff bid by Sacred Heart of Yonkers. The victors frustrated all Crusader efforts for a rally and won the game 67-55. Tim Cohane was the bright spot for the Blue and Red as he scored 22 points. STAMFORD CATHOLIC Time couldn't run out fast enough for Stam- ford Catholic as they absorbed a 73-35 shel- lacking at the hands of Stepinac. The game was never in doubt as the Crusaders raced to an l8-O lead and built it into 47-12 at the half. NEW ROCHELLE Tim Cohane led all scorers with 20 points. Joyce bounces it off the ceiling. Cohane attempts a jumper. Stepinac's gym was the scene of a hectic, see- saw battle, which saw the Hugeunots of New Rochelle nip the Crusaders 67-64. The game was in doubt until New Rochelle tipped in a rebound with less than l5 seconds left. Frank Richichi was magnificent as he scored 22 points and consistently out-rebounded the highly touted New Rochelle quintet. JISON TECH i their final appearance of the regular season epinac's cagers drubbed Edison Tech 83-46. "hot" first half plus strong rebounding by icAuley, Cohane and Richichi proved to be o much for the Tech. Coach Volpe of Stepi- ic cleared the bench during the second half id almost every Crusader scored. The victory :ted Stepinac's record to a respectable ll-7 ir the season. DNA TOURNAMENT mr the second year in a row, the Crusaders are ousted from the Iona Tournament in the itial round as they succumbed to La Salle, Z-53. The whole difference was forward zrry Houston who scored 26 points for the ew York team. Stepinac was very much in e game until the fourth period when they n into difficulty in hitting on field goal at- mpts. With Houston scoring 13 of his points that stanza, the Blue and Red fell too far ck and never caught up. John Mastropolo d Rico Dos Anjos had l6 and l2 points spectively for the losers. Ball goes up . . . Joyce goes down Think fast John! Timmy guides one in. J. V. Basketball Kneeling C Galardi, R. O'Neill, D. Coldrick, A. Priore, P Kaufmann, J. Searing, J. Weis. Standing: Brother Mauricius coach, D. Manning, W. Dwyer, D. Reid, R. Foraste R Doherty, J. Wray, J. Salvatore, J. Burke, Stepmac .l.V. , Opponent Cardinal Hayes . Salesian . . . New Rochelle . Mount St. Michael Blessed Sacrament Iona .... Sacred Heart . . Edison .... Mount St. Michael Xaverian . . . Blessed Sacrament lona .... Salesian . . . Sacred Heart . . New Rochelle . Edison . . . J.V. Basketball ln all respects, this J.V. team was an outstanding club. lt would be impossible to write about this team without mentioning the unlimited talent of each member. One could point out the vast improvement of Don Manning and the development of a fine centerg the playmaking of Pete Kaufman, the aggressiveness of Jack Searingg the outstanding drive and rebounding ability of Joe Salvatore, Joe Wray and Ray Dougherty, the bench strength of Bobby O'Neill, Dan Reid, Bill Dwyer, Gus Priori, Roger Foreste, and John Weissg the spirit and desire of Chuck Gelardi. One could write at length on any of these players but the facts that made them outstanding was their ability to play as a unit and their desire to win. As one coach so aptly phrased it, "I think they are too dumb to quit fighting but let's hope they always stay that way." One might consider their season as only half successful considering their loss in the city semi-finals. But in losing, they never ceased to be not only fine ball players but outstanding young men. lf the The center of attr future varsity depends on these players then success cannot pos- sibly elude us. Kaufman chases rebound in Xaverian game. Freshman Basketball . -4 Q Q fr- Freshman Basketball Kneeling: B. Schwalen, J. Carroll, P. Doherty, J. Lorden, C. Coletti. Standing: Brother Kerry, coach, D. Flanagan, manager, G Mooney, G. Bertsch, D. Dwyer, C. Sparkmann, J. Ward, J. Ferris, E. Binzen, manager. This,year's frosh aspirants were ably coached by Brother Kerry, a new addition to Stepinac's faculty. The team was led by the play-making of Dennis Dwyer and consistent scoring of Bill O'Donnell, John Lorden, and Mike'Carroll. Although not as dstrong as last year's team the frosh ended their season with a 5-l5 record placing third in the league. Nonetheless, the experience gained by these men will serve as a strong basis for Stepinac's ball club in the years to come. 123 Q This year's cross-country team was not as successful as in the past. Coach Joe Soprano's harriers didn't have the depth needed to be a top-notch club. The thinclads were well grouped but lacked the low individual places necessary for that all important low score. The J.V. was much more succcessful than their varsity counterparts. This fact plus a fine group of Sophomores shows that Stepinac can look for a successful future in this sport. This unpublicized sport attempts to de- velop discipline and endurance. Although this past season was only fair, all who competed developed these two attributes. This surely was a triumph in itself and a potent reason for this sport's activity. Seniors gather before the starting gun. Hey! Where's the fire? Carl Pugni Walter Breede Track Robert Lunny Edward Callaghan Charles McGovern I 2 5 Joseph Welsh John Tobias, Manager Leonard Spina Louis Di Rienzo 'Q l vw. A 'A r William Hallahan Michael Scully George Brigandi X Q? Wffw Varsity Track . Front Row: J. Morrissey, L. Nelson, K. Krug, T. Daly, P. Mazzetti, J. Malbass, G. Schmitt. Second Row: T. Ryan, F. DeVito G. Sims, J. Gallagher, R. Kennedy, T. Delitta, R. Schunk. Back Row: D. Bolander, D. Fallon, J. O'Keefe, L. Patterson, R. Faughnam, J. Pugni, J. Butkis. i3u-uv-v-- Novice Track T Front Row: T. Cawley, P. Parisi, R. Pizzarello, J. Anton, C. Giombetti, J. Cook, F. Governaci, P Fiore, C Walther Second Row: ' Mr. Soprano, J. Manganiello, A. Turgeon, T. Kuhr, F. DeVito, J. Fuchek, J. Deigan, J. Pizza, R. Aumueller, M. Dunn, D. Gallagher, B. Whalen, W. Streets, D. Alberi. Third Row: M. McVoy, W. Murray, F. Lobbin, J. Kovacs, E. Landers, D. Lynch, B. Wilbur, D. Carpenter, J. Delfino, S. DeMarco, J. Bradford, P. Kane. Back Row: P. Flannery, M. Mormino. l27 , . e X s If ' M n, , gg 4' 'H . 4 m QQ msrmggqt K lk 4 XX ! jsp' 1, w. , ' -529 lv ji, , ff' 5 4 Quik x . 1 Q . WNMPQ A v pf! if Q if P' Q Qu ., X. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick . . . l ln the Mt. St. Michael Polar Bear meet, prior to the Christmas vacation Stepinac's two mile relay of Welsh, Scully, Callaghan, and McGovern, brought home a first place. This talented quartet beat out Mt. St. Michaels, which was led by John Reilly, the top schoolboy runner in the Metropolitan Area. ln the Cardinal Hayes' and St. Francis' Games held on successive Saturday's, the Cru- saders ran well but did not place among the top five finishers. ln the N.Y.U. Meet, the two mile relay of Faughnan, Callaghan, Scully, and McGovern placed second in the fast time of 8:l4.6. Taking advantage of a holiday, Lincoln's Birthday, the Crusaders placed fifth in the overall standings in the Fordham Prep Relays. The two mile relay team of Pete Mazzetti, Rickey Faughnan, Mike Scully, and Ed Calla- ghan, captured third place, while the mile relay - I . s 2' 'mv ,A . 12 V . ,L -4 ,Y ,A-sf: , M i - 'ffflsli 2 . ' . ., ,flew S., ' Q A .V xl 5.5 lm g '- . . in 'X !"4..wn' ga . fi- 15 S' 2 "-i .f,f'i'si. " . 111' -- ,F - .,-uf. A -z Va Yrzggfshvf ' yew i 561. .N .yy ia., -t a.i!fWj,2,,i? 'if-ig, 8 , . L. W. .. , 4.2, ,f T .rn A .C Y, ,sw Q I R? Q -pkg JM. in ffwfglliy 1 i " 9? i fb 3 I . T- ,E . ,Q-sl ,-. K . . - W . 4,--we jr B in , 4 4 L ,,,,,ftz Wagga if., 'f V 5 . N " -of f T - P x ' , x f - ' , . QF " Q We ' :rtyf BSN Q 1 f've.1'M 9 xii EM. ag K f ,, 7. 1 s 'Q' w R - fy ., it 'N Aw, you can break the tape! Anybody want snow shoes? A ,. fi .rr'c X ' X- .a K 1 .. . H . sf,'k-..- -' as .bi jeg, n ,zatcstfkg S P P . i.. r .. .g .1 -ffl 5tf3?I?saQa:g.g r ti , .. it ,V D Spina takes the lead. my M an K. Q. yv'fasTMu-- S. ,QA lg X cg Samaria-gg - .. we f .... . . if W- - Delfino chucks iron ball. 3 ,. ' 'Si 'F . . . a. h1f3L'Y"' .. . . fx L X xx A 5 M 7.5 ,I LXA. 6 4-:,.. fifif ,M X Di' .gl X . Nr-f 1 I Q' ' 1 4 ' as 1 QEIII av Q-., . - 'R 414 Q XA 2-A 5 N ,,, 3 'G , 66 ,., xi! ff, 'S 0' . x X 5 U H lm" K K - 'hr A AM MM.-wtf' second. gf M .SV 5 Q1-T7 ag, if X f A 1 FR L, ' N M N I . 1 I .5 ,Z . :Q J Q -Eh if W - W VM W 'Y' ,V . X - und: R L .V 1 5 f N f Q 5 I L Y xg- 4 Freshman Track Kneeling: J. Weis, T. McHugh, B. Magdelain, M. Hand, D. Canepa, J. Ciccone, D. Gironda, F. Adinaro, A. Krayer. Standing: T. Conroy, J. Markey, J. Michels, J. McGrane, R. Hendrick, M. Aronin, L.-Ventresca, J. Lynch, R. Cambridge, D. Ackerman, G. Bradly, A. Kaltenback, Father Murray. Father Murray and his boys, in the rain. . . . and they're off . . . and down. Freshman Track The frosh track season opened with Cross Country at the beginning of the school year. Forty boys, unaware of the hardships ahead, tried out. But due to overwhelming trials, about twenty boys remained to complete the season. They competed in many meets, fin- ishing in the Catholics-as high as third and fourth place out of forty schools from the surrounding area. Indoor track followed and many of the old faces from XC were seen on the new board track. Many new boys tried out, rounding out a fair-sized team. Most of the running was done by relay teams of all sorts. The frosh showed that they could do it by taking first place in a 660 yard relay at the Novice cham- pionships. They again proved what they could do in the 8-lap relay in the Westchester Coaches' Meet at the County Center. The relay team of J. Liptak, B. Magdelain, M. Aronin and J. Michaels broke a record by 2.5 seconds, taking first place. The frosh also ran several relay teams in meets at the IOZ Engineers' Armory. They finished the season with a Frosh-Novice meet held at Stepinac. The Frosh lost, but not without a fight. The Sophomores won the meet by l point. Spring Track for the Freshmen opened on April lst with the 440 relay team of Liptak, Magdelain, Aronin and McGinnis taking a first place, and the next week a second place. Fr. Murray, Frosh track coach, sees great prospects ahead for his boys in the years to COINS. l33 L+ 5 as I Emil Milisci mes Thomas 4 Richard Yannantuono Douglas Carpenter Raymond Oddo Gerald Dikienzo PH' Baseball Front Row F Rocioppo J Mastropolo E Bianco E Milisci G. DiRienzo. Second Row: J. Zehnder, R. Oddo, J. Lattimer, F. DeVito, T Kelleher Back Row R Siconolf manager D Yannantuono, E. Lombardi, D. Carpenter, T. Cohane, W. Dwyer, F. Richichi. Baseball "Great Expectations" isperhaps the best way to describe the Potential of the i959 Baseball. team. Under the direction of Mr. Joe Sullivan, who has taken over the reins for the first time, and augmented by a number of returning letter- men, the Crusaders should field a representative nine. The presence of some new faces from Sophomore and Junior year augurs well for the future. ln John Mastropolo and Ed Lombardi the team has young strength at short stop and on the mound. The outfield presents a Junior array in Phil Lamanna, Tom Keileher, and Senior co-captain Gerry DiRienzo. Ray Oddo, Tim Cohane, Ernie Bianco and Frank Racioppo fill out the starting team. Aftera few practice games in which the Crusaders ironed out theftlaws, Mr. SuIIivan's sluggers won its opening game against Iona. This extra-inning thriller placed them in definite contention for the Westchester C.H.S.A.A. title. l35 Batter up-First Pitch-First Game. V4 P ., 'Q "Our hats are off to you, Tim," "Where's my ring?" "Son, that's a bat, not a cane." 13 6 X A 1 - f f tiff. "See that window, Oddo?--break it!" N . , . A-' -, 1 X V ,. M " to 2 N-W x - - , X X W - - .- Q. ..: x - ' L 'hs " vi 'Q 4 '. Xe tr' Q,- . U ,. , 6 ...My .H 793- ,P ,av , fofwwkg Q .,.,w. 5- .,.,gW,.5,a -1 , '- Q - , 1-'Ffh ' -....7.fQ,f1i-- -'mf-1 M .wann:1.?bf-.- if 2'-"'fww'? T' ii' w"T'2+w' 3 -' ow ..,, .v xi - i K, .3455 -, . wg- - ,Kyla 5-"j " Lombardi warms up. '4How does it look, coach?" "Out by a mile!" 137 4 l i 1 l Golf Team l l Front Row: P. Bisconti, J. Mahoney, D. Rae. Back Row: Father Fitzgerald, T. Luddy, D. Desio, W. Friolli, R. Hunter, R. Lanza. Golf rg-1 Pete blasts out of trap. l38 This year's golf team should be one of the most colorful and outstanding Stepinac has ever had. Much of the credit is due to the genial Father Fitzgerald, who has coached an undefeated team for the past four years. The team is composed of six seniors, one junior and two sophomores. Returning from last year's undefeated team are Senior Lettermen, Peter Bisconti, Westchester County Junior Cham- pion, Dominic Desio, Portchester Open runner up and Jerry Mahoney. Junior Lettermen Tom Luddy and Don Bank played an important part in all the victories. Richard Lanza, a senior, filled out the starters, playing sixth man. Rounding off the team were three alternates, Bill Friolli, Dave Rae and Bob Hutter. Five out of the six starters are seventy golfers which is a rarity among high school circles. The linksmen opened the season by defeat- ing the Sacred Heart golf team 6.V2 to 2Vz. They then turned their attention towards defending their titles as P.P.S.A.A. and C.Y.O. champs. The low scores posted in the opener were an indication of the championship caliber the team possessed. Villiam Fraoli ,....-wr avid Rae E X X 4 M4 , if """""'-w- j D 1 Richard Lanza Ki Peter Bisconti Jerry Mahoney Domlmck Deslo Fall CHSAA Tennis Tournament Winners T. Palmer, Father Murray, E. Dealy, A. Van Eyck, D. Ryan. 140 Alexander Van Eyck Francis Buckley Tennis The Crusader tennis team is flying high! Having won the fall C.H.S.A.A. tennis tour- nament, considerably ahead of their nearest competitor, great things are expected of the varsity squad this spring. A nicely rounded schedule, including the Fordham Tournament, should undoubtedly prove the hustle and skills of the entire team. In last years Fordham Tourney Stepinac finished second, while Ford- ham Prep copped first honors. Captain Al van Eyck reached the semi-finals bowing out to the Fordham finalist Hugh O'Donnell, who in the finals lost to top seeded Terry McMahon of Bishop Loughlin. Victories in seven of eight matches in the fall, makes Stepinac a serious contender for this Catholic Archdiocesean title really the highlight of the spring tennis season. Seniors Stu McMillian, Bill Collins, Mac Buckley, Zsolt Szalay, Ken Grasso, and Al van Eyck, plus the services of juniors Ed Dealy and Dave Ryan, and Sophomore Tom Palmer will no doubt spirit the squad to heights unknown. . c Qs, -Q22 . ii., . T n ' l ' ,QQ , Stewart McMiIIal l J.V. Tennis Kneeling: J. Anton, J. Delvecchio, T. Corrall. Standing: Kiernan, Father McDermott, D. Dohrenwend, M. Feeks, P. Finley, L. Lonerban. Freshman Tennis Front Row: R. Palmer, T. May, J. Clough, Father McDermott. Second Row: J. Byrne, J, McCloskey, A. Luongo, E. Dooliw, J. Bryan, D. McMahon. l4l Varsity Tennis Kneeling: D. Ryan, F. Buckley, S. McMiIIian, W. Collins, T. Palmer, Standing: Father Murray, A. Van Eyck, K. Grasso, Z. Szalzay, E. Dealy, Father McDermott. l Kneeling: R. Dohrman, P. Saline, P. Kierney. Standing: R. Saline J. Aschenbrenner, B. Garber, J. Cumming. Rifle Team The rifle team this year was able to equal the record that it posted last year. This record placed the marksmen third in the Westchester lnterscholastic Rifle League. They also placed third in the West- chester private and Parochial School Tournament held in the beginning of February. The highest score in competition this year was a l87 shot by Reuel Dorman, who is only a sophomore. R. Hopkins and J. Ashenbrenner sight target. "Don't shoot the photographer, boys." I l42 1? f Rifle Club The Rifle Club under the guidance of Father Thomas McCaffrey, who was assisted by Father Edward Gust, Brother Norbert and Brother Padraic, had an unusually large membership at the beginning of the school year. As there were sixty members, five groups of twelve each had to be organized and each group shot at the new rifle range once a week. However, before anyone shot at the range, several classes were held in order to instruct the boys in the proper methods of f. xx' shooting and the various safety precautions to be used. The rifle range, which was just recently completed under the direction of Father McCaffrey, is the pride of the rifle club, and justly so, for many of the mem- bers themselves have put long hours of work into its building. It is dedicated to Father Miguel Pro, whose coat of arms is a pair of crossed rifles, by which he was martyred. He is a truly appropriate patron for the rifle club. Moderators: Fr. Gust, Bro. Padriac, Fr. McCaffrey, and Fr. Gaffney at Fr. Pro range. Pete Zucks concentrates on upcoming gutter ball. Bowling "B" Team R. Marsico, P. DiRuocco, Fr. DiBIasi, C. Ivers, N. Senechal, J. Genovese. Bowling "A" Team G. Wayne, P. Valenti, Father DiBlasi, moderator, D. Desio, A. Dunn, P. Zuchs. I44 Desio heads for another strike. Bovvlin Under the direction of Fr. DiBlasi, the Bowling Team had one of its most successful seasons. The team placed second in the newly formed West- chester High School League with a commendable record of 38 and lO. Among the teams the Stepinac Keglers defeated, were Iona Prep, New Rochelle, Bronxville, Blessed Sacramentj Sale-Sian, Rye Neck and Pelham. On February l7, the team captured the Private and Parochial Schools Tournament held at Post Academy. Art Dunn had the high single game with a 2l2 and Gary Waynehad the high triple with a 573. The Stepinac "B" Team took second place with Noel Senecal hitting 504. Gary Wayne and Pete Valenti led the Crusaders with averages of 183 and l75 respectively. They received considerable help from Don Desio, Art Dunn, Phil Dikuocco, JohnGenovese, Noel Senecal and Pete Zucks. -of G al' x me X5 .. QT.. .---wg f 3 N ,S- 5 Fi N fx 3 , my 4 I hz. ' J ' . 'x:. .lfgfwfff X. - ' X V ' , Ali.. 'Ili X J 0 W Xu .v,QJ4 Xl r X I M 1 125 ff' . s V + .wg MSM! Q, - Umm fs 1. Inf A N Q V 'i I Q2 ' 5, . L55 9 Y W .. ff:-A . . Z' , -iff'-Q-F if s A l F Aix , .Ji ee.. . Mario-Keep your eye on the music. 1- 2 - 3: Indoor ..5OO,, Hai isnnzusw-I -1: The Brain Trusts. .A Pixfx vu- 'n Q Q ei Iwi? X S mi-QF? 'S' we 'WN X K 5' X mg, swf. Spiritual Rejuvenation. W Q W me ' Co-Captains 3,4 is we W Our faithful receiving clerk. u ,, B I5 YS i . is N, I t qi? ' 4' .f- ,a ' sh 'WM' Q r - ' ak r ., r fig ff s g . 3 f- .Q ,. ,ff f as er wwf 4 Ar , 3 rg .1 .pfifvfif x .iw ,f, 1 . frffu .Ml 'M , Shir , s m . , i YV X , 1. x' is D-ik ,S "' ff?" :l..fH V Q f wf ' ff- .::-K W ' 'N' Z' '5- . , i' ifxayg . ng. . 0 . :mi K at I 0 ' , . ' iii A I . 11, 'ff 1 un, ... px :1"i-- C ,, .fn .ad 4. .,.Q L .sw Y' 'Q , ,n M. 8' f f Wg XM W , . X x ,J..MJ,,S. ,MWA ,k,k ...Lp W Munn H 1 LM! I Vx X I w 2 Q X w . Xl: mdulmtlml' X Q V S F .3 .ik 1' K nr Q :A - . LV 1 , ! , 4 575' 31 L-,fi il? il Q W .f" flffl, Siifwilfflbeff ' "5"T!'.'... Y ,,Q-'WESQ 4534 3449 :Sf a . f wig S522 .MN ,S - ugh .,' 'gh 5 'S aff 3 S U Q ,C Q Y 2 ' Q i Q L. Ju Xym,- nn 6 , yy 1 ' 5 ' 1 A , .igfzww R SX A 3 I 1 Q g E 5 v l R Rx Church pecial Patrons Most Reverend Edward V. Dargin, D.D., V.G. Most Reverend Joseph M. Pernicone, D.D. Rt. Rev Rt. Rev Rt. Rev Rev. Fr. Church Church Church Church Church Church Church Msgr. John M. Costello Msgr. John D. McGowan Msgr. John J. Hartigan Paul M. Bertolami, O.F.M. of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Our Lady of Fatima of Our Lady of Mercy of Our Lady of Perpetual Help of the Sacred Heart of St. John the Baptist of Sts. Peter and Paul of Pius X St. Anthony's Church St. Bernard's Church Blessed Sacrament Church Diocesan Priests' Faculty Crosier Fathers The Oblates of St. Francis De Xaverian Brothers Dads' Club of Stepinac H. S. Ladies Auxiliary of Stepinac H. S. Alumni Association of Stepinac H. S. Patrons Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Deegan, D.D. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles E. Fitzgerald Rt. Rev. Msgr. Eugene A. Murtha Rt. Rev. Msgr. Francis X. Scott Rt. Rev. Msgr. Lawrence F. Ryan Rt. Rev. Msg r. Joseph J. Stuhr Rev. Michael Kowalczyk Church of The Holy Name of Jesus Church of Our Lady of Pompeii Church of St. Paul the Apostle l5O The Aloysian Fordham University Manhattan College Dr. and Mrs. Peter V. Bisconti Mr. and Mrs. Mario Chisari Mr. and Mrs. John H. Galloway Mr. and Mrs. James Keogh Mr. and Mrs. John E. McGuirk R.S.A. Corporation Badolato's Glen Island Casino "Compliments of A Friend" Joseph Delfino G Sons, Inc. Delma Studios, Inc. The Great Atlantic C1 Pacific Tea Co Lawrence Labriola E. Robison, lnc. Class of 4A Class of 4C Class of 4D Class of 4G Class of 4H Class of 3B Class of 2B Class of lA St. Catharine's Church St. Ma ry's Church St. Ursula's Church Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Burke Angelo A. Ciaramella William Collins James C. Murphy John J. McDonald John J. Sofia Mr. John B. Amendola, Sr. Patrons Mr. S. Malfetano A Friend Stepinac Alumni at Holy Cross Albanese's Eastchester Tavern Blechner's Furniture Co. Blind Brook Lodge Brown Motors Camera Craft, lnc. Colony Flower Shop, lnc. Duvernoy Westchester Corp. Elmsford Construction Co., lnc. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Friends James K. Bishop James Buckley Bernard J. McGlinn Michael Riccio James R. Rush Alexander Kennedy and James Kelly Aniello Duro Thomas Ricci Louis Mallas Frank Marinelli L. V. Trimming Albanese's Eastchester Tavern Brown Motors Century Musical Instrument Co. Crestwood Texaco Crisfield's Market Daddy Michael's Ice Cream Parlor Gedney Service Station Gedney Way Delicatessen Hugh S. Jenkins, lnc. Empire Plastic Corp. Esso Standard Oil Company Hanff Company Stone's Joseph Polchinski Co., lnc. Whiffen Electric Co., lnc. Class of 3A Class of 3D Class of ZF Tavolilla Bros., lnc. Ensign Ribbon Burners Johnson Roofing Co. Kingswood Camp Lake Farms Market Louis' Super Market Arnold Mancini, lnc. Marco Beauty Salon Mercedes Ties H. B. Nash Pharmacy Post Road Liquor Store Rosedale Garage Rudy's Service Station Sarnoff's Stationery Saxon Chemists, lnc. Sunbeam Market Tracy's Shoe Shop Virginia Road Service Class of 3A Class of 2F Inc Thank You . . . ln the name of the Class of 1959, the Shepherd Staff wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to all those who aided in the publication of this book. A special word of thanks is given to New City Printing Company, Delma Studios, the S. K. Smith Company, and to all our special patrons, patrons, and friends for their encouragement and general support. ISZ cad by Sagfuwatug NEW crrv Pnmruma co cirv raw mtsrv : - .1 fv ,,..,-7, I- , P .'ff-:-:- - .YHA .1 y,..'. , J '- 5 4, LW -1-.HW 'Q, . . ..,V.,- I ,K ,- iv , . L'-,V - ' ' - ' 1 Tl U - 1 'F A.- r-- 225335-5-iwfff-F2-wifi--, 5 ff 4- A U -. 4 '- .L-1 1-rw .- is 5 1 .EQ 'F wi. '-if 1-x L. 2 ,-v J-vi' , J. 1-49 r J r L:- ,iihn A :JE F 2.- if - -!"L2?:4, . .,.g ,-J.:-xg,.:a ' 1- ' - -'-, me 651 ,v pr-sk gin 1- A J V-' 95-in .--1:5 A :- ,ea VL!-" i','. '13-wi . , '. A .v ug ufprtn ,r fu .j -gm 43.1, nj , 1 . 1, .. Q x ' - !!:g'fia.ff!- . -ri-1 Q - U . ,-54'-1' ' F . --x is.. -.L 'f' ' . S ' ' 1: : X I ' Q9 L- J J' ' ' 'A H P1 'W I I7 12 4 . - . ... A if 1 m .-- - ,, .. ' my.- ',A. -.II-lz 7, : .-1.. zrr.-.3 .., - -f ..u5,. f 4. QQJ'-"5., 5:1-1, - -. 'c-V. '-ra' 5 ,-4: . - W, Ulf -- -0-- 44. , A, .A ..,- '. '- - CQ 'Q 1 " 'Hx i 'ff . xl,-' ,um -. 1- ,--.L - '--27,1-. . rg, fr- -: C, '35-gjlia .,.4 . . .-5 5- --z-- - -AnF73f.g-' IP' 1'1s-. r. ' pg .L, 1 .',V, Pmvl.- ' v ,I Mi. .. ,1- - ., 'A 1' '?"w'.f- ,,,., ,-.grvrxgg K, -4, -- F.- . ,' f-1 --..f-- 5,1-V ' w ...- .1. x S, , m , f tr? --,-'Q " -.'-I LL.-J ., Wi 5' "V ,'f1 f -J H Vi-.Ji .-J V! I , M.. .4 .E V, "hw- an - - .1565 --.iz ' ' 'ar .. V5 "Q ., ., iv 'il I-f -,V -3- ., 1-1 ff--' 31 rg ff, - .. 2? x 1, -7 i , - V -32? If . ., mg: .1 aes +L 1-5. sf ,..,f- . .1--1-rn. , . v. .L..., f V .rx ef . ., x,-- , ,Q ' :N ' ,1 . . ' 4 , ,L lg' A . . --' u f ,Nr I'-, 1 'V ' Q-.,.A.wg,g 4 ,.r, .Xu - gg .wi gm. ,.. .'l :. i . . 5 -dl.: 17-- r -v. egg' :..., f . .1 ' 'THA' 4' 'gj"- A '. .Q -- fr fu- V-r J-54 4-J:f,L-S -I -,-Q A 1 4 -4+ 4 1 Q vifffge-'ii--2-Z-, 'T' 'T lf' -Qs - f. 3'-r 7,33-S-5,5 1I.,: .f , ',i!i' 3 , ' if :-!7qF"f'E5L"': ' -. 3 4.-.,.2f-1,',n2-311' -'. -gf f A . . 1n',.,rq.. . " f ':fs?V?3f4pEj:3g: ,.z 0 v' N. - :Li fan- V .' L? ' , "Eli MH, IU? lV3g1Y'-- 1- .Le . - , , J ,Q -.1 " Ii 1- .-1.--,- f i ff, . ,jf - - . , . ' - , ' '-'5 " H'P -- . ' 1 -'- , v-nv-. ' V 7 4 4 L il3L5iExf.i.s5m.- . . . -Af . 3-Jaeiliw- 4121... -L .,.-... Q L.. 1 ..u.xL...... .A is ,AUS ia E 'YW ,1- if ' 't 0 2 V Y ' 5 I f e 6 'M Mm WMA Q Y L E' 3 i n ' "Af ' x .I ' A 4 . 5, Q. , A,...,,, .f Q "3 2 2 I A ,,,, 5 L a . ,,. ,wr X Q 5.-fr-xr...-f a+- ,Ln-.1 --.f---.-,w-.,w,vr1,.W . - ,fa--, -1 r. .-1-.u.a. -v--V 1 A '- 1' Lv H :-V--K-.m.+ 1..y1n-.x,.. . .-vw., I b ,HL-.,,, ,, l WW I. I . . N V, Q 'ww F as' Q J' ! ff 5' A M x 4 V ya wif, L My R,J- ig 5:55. ,, H f ga- ? 2 +QE,i,fZ . X1 ,P A, 2 T' - .QM r' 5 Liv I r .x L , , Q, . . 'il -4 V' 9' ,K 'Wvwx sz ,gm F 'iw A em at 'f 'qv M xg v J' 5 n nf' 5 I , yskssh' . . W . '- 35.1.-4 Xu'

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