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 - Class of 1958

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' ' ' 'ffm if 'Q , .,.. b ' 3 Ji' , B 1 x Z1 Wa if , .. iw A . ,, A 54 Lime, 25 -,www , aww- f -- MN .,.-.f.,4w.mfm,,fQm I ffm -6 any 1? lv f f ff H WF' f X, a ., -, ,,,h' f . A . , ,. wk ,G ,EM E e' E V . M, . G. ' . . A 5 'i'l5EEf' QQ E GY' ' MQW-53135129 'L V ' 'I A A L , ME , . .5 F it .. V A -an K ,E V.,k . K ,rms K '5-E Y'-E , 155,-E, ,ugrfs 7 r "Wa it 'B 55'J5:?'fi,uk5Yv :G f., -, -1 -. f iii E, .,- t 152945 z V L We xi is E , N, 4 3 ff QC, HA? C A GI -fx fir M 8 x 1E P1 'fr 5' Gia 35 , iz- Faculty ...... Seniors . . f Activities . . Sports. . . . . . . . PAGE 8 . PAGE 20 . PAGE 66 . PAGE 104 Q. QUE A s'2 'Y' :E Wm, Mmm A , , ,.. A 4 .v .!' n 1:4 .,-.1-ff .J N - .M vw, - 0 4 ,F s .L-.Fw '42 'Fi "-1"fi1:. " , my Qt. Q.. .. ,. z,- 15, .Ji I.,-,,-ww? Xgrpkjjig M,-v,, 1-. , 1, "1 ' ' ' -4'5" ' ff',,g ."g"i'-,.:v1'J,. . ' V f''5',?"'-ei-'-'EY5'3f..'ff ' ' A 'mf -f1.1'vg,"Ye' 4 :- N - my fi-!9..g?S'5'ff"x '.vrr.'-f,,'f- ,5j,.',3.Y,, .x - ' ,,,, ,- X: 4- V , J-:L2,.ggyQP'SigQ-ep H., .. ' .. Q N ' qw"-ai .T , J. .i.L.1',,Z'51fJ.fA:fQff5i5,E!'f.:51,'Q5f'a.,:,. F vi .5-. -V' fn. Qin, .': W. - fg1",.,g'z:!.U'.r5Qv. ' W ' :4-gig: Www 'J"f,5xI, 19. 2 ' , N'-,.-.9 ,df .FJ , 5-" ' , H ' -1-li". 'f,.-- - ' 1ff1,..'f g-fr."-X. '11-.' - -1'-4,5 -Q' ,1 ' " . :f'i,:-tg-1 -s 4, A ' 'fi - ,.S'51i-1.s?9'T"-'..a ,?.i.,, . . . , - :f,f',frg--1 2 :sl-sL,1.,gf.-V-, VU: . 1 5' .-ff? ' - . . - 'Lf " - :M --11.-'rn ' 'h - 1 215- ,, - ggi, 'ill ,W ur' ' .:- "3 I . ' ,F .' 1 jg: ,1::.',..-Qg,,,g1.' 711. A- f:e'Ig7"i4 - 4,1-'T-' QL? V -,Q .auf L' f. 2'1.f:"' i' 12, V . , 'Q'- ,fl 5 . , .5 . . -v 7. - 1 I. ' -11.9 'gm ...- Q X. ,. x V 4 me"- - L fn f' " 'JT " lnlv 1 ' .Q . . . , F, ,, fy, ' 194- LLM: ' "Qlcv'f 1 , , ---,- A 1,-.. v N1 ., .1-':'..x,-QI, . ',?V 1 ' ,V ,n, , Y V ., 1 Q 1 ,' . I- ,' . y ,y . , iz .Gif ' in V V-. ,Ev ,-' ' 1., 1 -'pn' .,,' V , .r,.- , 1 . , , ,.- ,E A . - Q N ' 120: K 'QI ,-3, , , .Md 0.5 u. fl N v ,, . , 1- u fn 'rn Remember, O most gragious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyohe who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, and sought thy intercession, was left unaided. Inspired with this confidence, I fly unto thee, O -Virgin of virgins, my Mother! To thee l comeg before thee I stand sinful and sorrowful, OX Mother of the Word flncarnatefdespise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer them. Amen. W , THE SENIIIR CLASS UE IIRCHBISHIIP STEPINIIII HIGH SCHIIUL WHITE PLAINS NEW YIIRII PRESENTS 'l'l-IE 1958 412, 514512 5 F is Y K A Q 3 'N 1 K -M W , M1 51 'iw ak' 15 V -. 7755 S A personal devotion to the Mother of God is in most instances the legacy of every Catholic student. lt goes without saying that anyone convinced of the Divinity of Christ must immediately consider the ineffable position of His Blessed Mother. So it has been down through the ages. From the hidden catacombs of Rome to the world famous shrines at Lourdes and Fatima, men of all ages have been overwhelmed by the power and influence of the Mediatrix of All Graces. ls it any wonder then, that the members of the Senior Class of Archbishop Stepinac High School, a schoot from its first days dedicated to the Queen of Heaven and Earth, living in a nation itself under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception, should address the i958 "Shepherd" to the Blessed Virgin? On this Tenth Anniversary of the establishment of our school, one could look back upon the first decade of its history and see everywhere the work and guidance of our Holy Mother, lt is essential that a strong, unfailing reverence for the Blessed Virgin fill the heart of every Stepinac student, for such devotion is often the key to his physical, mentai, and spiritual success. ln all our scholastic endeavors, extra-curricular activities, and participation in athletic events, She is our guiding light, the omnipotent source of our strength, and our greatest consolation if we should fall short of the goals we have established for ourselves. ln l858, one hundred years ago, a little peasant girl, Bernadette Soubirous, while walking among the rocky foothills of the French Pyrenees, was blessed with an apparition of the Blessed Mother and was entrusted with a message of immeasurable importance to the entire world, Bernadette was not of the wealthy class, nor had she been born of noble heritage e she was only a frail little peasant girl who found great difficulty even in memoriz- ing her catechism lessons, By social and cultural standards, Bernadette was a nobody! And yet now, one hundred years later, this little peasant girl is a canonized saint, having realized a treasure many times greater than wealth and famef The Beatific Vision, For all eternity she will stand beside the Blessed Virgin, at whose bidding the shrine at Lourdes was first erected. When- ever we find ourselves in need of inspiration or assistance, we can bow our heads in prayer to the Blessed Mother, for we have been promised that no one seeking her holy protection or asking her intercession will ever be denied, f' J fl 'xx ,X '35 'Mi is 2.1, 'R 7164 Eminence Aww Hmmm Szepmm OUR PATRON Wa Zmawwe Zuwcckz .Szeeiimcw OUR FOUNDER Zaeenajfieafvy The admonition of the Blessed Mother to the servants at Cana, "Do whatever He tells you," is the guiding norm for every religious. Spurred on by a desire to serve the cause of Christ, Priest and Brother heed the Divine Mandate to "Teach all nations" under the protection of their heavenly Queen. jlaql, . 1' wi-.Q , , f 5 .2 1 N Y 3 ' is sw ' I". 'UV' 45' , W W 1 1,0 J ,,, I The Reverend William J. Ward, B.A. Assistant Principal, Dean of Studies The Reverend Stanley J. Mathews, M.A. Director of Guidance O The Right Reverend Monsignor Edward M. Plover, S.T.B. Procu ra tor The Reverend Jeremiah B. Sullivan, M.A Dean of Student Activities Father Vernon Alden, 0.S.C., B.A. English Athletic Moderator, !Annexl Brother Alphonse, C.F.X., M.A. Chairman of Business Department, Typing, Business Club Brother Benignusi, C.F.X., M.A. Chairman of French Department, French Club Brother Alois, C.F.X., M.A. Chairman of Spanish Department, Religion, Freshman Basketball Father Juno: Cashman: Brother Cornelius, C.F.X., B.A. o-s'c'v M33 Mathematics, Poster Club English, Dramdticg ' r 1 1 Brother Andrew Joseph, C.F.X.. M.S. Mathematics Brother Bernardine, C.F.X., M.A Chairman of Science Department, Shepherd, Camera Club Father Augustine J. DiBlasi, M.A. Chairman of Latin Department, Alumni, Bowling, Classical Club Father Anthony J. Dougherty, Brother Elroy, C.F.X., M.A. 0.S.F.S-, M-A- Mathematics, Math Club Religion, Social Studies Father Stephen J. Fitzgerald, M.A. Chairman of Social Studies Department, Golf Father John Gaffney, O.S.F.5., M.A. Religion, Knights of the Blessed Sacrament Brother Donatus, C.F.X., M.A. Chairman of German Department German Club, J.V. Baseball ,iff Brother Garrett, C.F.X., B.S. L L Brother George Patrick, Business, Typing, Business Club c'F'x'f MA' f ' Librarian, Library Club Father Edward Gust, 0.S.C., B.A. Religion, Altar Boys, Mission Crusade, Rifle Team 5- Brother Isidore. C.F.X., M.A. German, Mathematics, Religion Father Robert J. Kane, M.S. Father John F, Lyons, M,S, Pl'IYSiCS, Aquinas Society, Chairman of Religion Department Physics Club Senior Senate Brother Maurice, C.F.X., B.A. Mathematics, Math Club father Thomas F. McCaffref, M.A. ' Father Joseph J. McCarthy, M.S. Social Studies, Altar Boys, Alumni, - English, Crusader, Dance Rifle Team Committee, Usher Society I4 me Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing J.V. Basketball, Model Airplane Club, Railroad Club Brother Mauricius, C.F.X., B.A. Father James M. McDermott, M.A. Father Joseph F. McGann, B.A. Latin, Sodality of the Blessed Social Studies, Moderator of Mother, Tennis Athletics Father William J. McGann, M.A. Chairman of the Music Depart- ment, Latin, Social Studies, Band, Glee Club, Ladies'Auxiliary Father Laurence J. McGowan, B.S. C hemistry, Chemistry Club, Scientific Society Father Bernard J. McMahon, Ph.D Contemporary Literature, English Phoenix gpg? K ummm Meena, c.r.x., MA. S ai'ei' swam Mama, c.r.x., u. M Chairman of Mechanical Drawing Science, Chess Club, .l.V. Football Department Father Francis J. Melican, B.A. Father John J. Mulroy, M.A. English, Dads' Club Chairman of English Department Public Speaking Father James E. Murphy, O.S.F.S.. B.A. Religion, Book Store Father John J. Murray, O.S.C., B.A. Religion, Mission Crusade, Tennis Father Walter J. Murray, B.A. Social Studies, Freshmen Track aaiige j Samui., migmgt cron., B.A. scfencg, Auto Club X . . ' iyqgzgsguif W X X .x . f sf - Fame, Thomas Qqqeefe, B'A. Brother Padraic, C.F.X., B.A. Health Education' Track and Mathematics, Track and Field Field -- 'fa 1. 1 Brother Philip Neri, C.F.X., M.S. Chairman of Mathematics Depart- ment, Electronics Father Harry Quinn, 0.S.F.S., M.A. Religion Q Father Daniel A. Peake, M.S. English, Shepherd, McCloskey Volunteers 'Fafher Pamrl Efkhmpe, 0.S.C., B.A. i Science Prefect of Discipline lAnnexl Mr. John L. Reilly, M.A Music ,yi Q J, wjvwg neg' -. E535 'Shri X", -rf' v T' 15" 121751 Elf 'mi ' V327 '- 'ivri 4 1 MM" rx' 'I Father Francis K. Scheets, Father Joseph Smerke, O.S.C.. M.A. O.S.C.. M.A. Social Studies, Cheerleaders, Latin, Principal lAnneXl Debating Mr. T. Joseph Sullivan, B.S.S. l Physical Education, Varsity Foot- ball, Varsity Track Brother Thomas Patrick, C.F.X.. M.A. Chairman of Language Depart- ment, Religion, Spanish, Spanish Club Mr. Joseph S. Torpy, B.B.A. English, Shepherd east ur. 1.-dm J. van, u . Qt, D - mf, seam 1. wa.-af, n.s.s. Chairman of Physical Education . t Q Phvficatfdwcetion, Vw'fY'Fwf- i Peplrtmont, Varkity Basketball 1 , F c , e ball. Varsity Baseball i , it - e r , f it c . 1 l ' L ,!,8 QA, K 3 'rv' Mrs. Anne Carmeci General Office Secretary 'i""""0 Mrs. Josephine Mantione Scholastic Secretary Mr. John J. Carthy Chief Engineer L, Mrs. Diana Tassani General Office Secretary .MRM Mrs. Josephine A. Retfenmeyer Dieflcian ii rk .MR .Q Miss Irene S. Kos? Scholastic Secretary 19 S Mrs. Frances Wingender Receptionist Mr. Harold McDonald Superintendent A Mrs. Catherine Hunt Bursar W U ll Momzcmno Q P M, Y, T A 1 x l .- k,Q4 ng Vincent Lawrence Abbene Yonkers, New York St. Mary Biology Club 2, Bowling Club 3: Class Of- ficer l, 43 Glee Club lg K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade l, 2, 33 Physics Club 33 Spanish Club 3, 4. Vinny's cheerful manner will be an asset to him in college- and later in medical school. He really enjoyed science but could not wait for the final bell to ring in Eng- lish class, closing for another day that dread hardship. Richard Alfred Aglietti Yonkers, New York St. Casimir Electronics Club 4: K, B. S. 2, 3, 4, Physics Club 33 Senior Senate 4. "Red" prides himself in his collection of "Rock-'n-Roll" and semi-classical records. Math ranked as his favorite subject while homework was his pet peeve. He pla-ns to go to Manhattan and continue his studies for an engineering degree. Martin George Anderson Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary Hailing from Hawthorne, Marty enjoys his hobby of Electronics. He is an active mem- ber of the Civil Air Patrol and the Air Force is his choice among the Armed Forces. Robert Francis Andnola Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Aquinas Society l, 2, Biology Club 2: General Science Club l, German Club l, 23 K. B. S. l, 2, 3. 41 Physics Club 3, Scientific Society l, 25 Stage Crew 4. Andy prides himself for having won the Second Science Fair in January '56. He plans to further his studies in Chemistry at Fordham. Robert Stephen Anthony Ardsley, New York Sacred Heart Shepherd 3, 43 Aquinas Society 25 Physics Club 35 Scientific Society l. 2, 3, 45 Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Track J. V. 2, 3, 43 Freshman. A staunch devotee of the Cross Country Team, Bob plans to attend Yale and become a Chemical Engineer. His dignity as a Student Councilor was ever in evidence in our corridors. Charles Richard Arslan Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Mission Crusade 43 Physics Club 43 Rifle Club 3, 4, Track Varsity 3, 4. A transfer from Hayes in Junior year, Charlie has taken an active interest in track. Another pre-engineering student, he is qoing to Manhattan to study. His hobbies are hunting, fishing and his car. We are proud to know him. Robert Paul Austin Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Baseball Varsity 3, 4: J. V. 2, Class Officer l. 2. 3, 43 Football J. V. I, 23 German Club l, 23 Mission Crusade 25 Senior Sen- ate 4. Bob played an active part in Stepinac af- fairs ranging from athletics to various clubs, and he also served as Class Officer. Coach- ing the teams of his parish and leading the teen-club have taken up his spare time. The Silver Jubilarian 22 Joseph Maurice Bambara White Plains, New Pork Assumption Bowling l, 2, 3. 43 Business Club l, 2, 43 Dance Committe 35 K. B. S. I, 2. Despite the difficulty he found with Span- ish, "Bambi" enjoyed most of his high school courses. College or the Armed Forces will follow after graduation. Richard Alfred Barba White Plains, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Biology Club 23 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4. "Rick", an energetic man around guns and tackle, hopes to continue his hobbies while attending college. His interest in Spanish will be of value to him in the future. Eighth Period." 23 Richard Joseph Barber Rye, New York Resurrection Dance Committee 43 Dramatics 3, 4, Elec- tronics Club 45 Track l. The "Judge" advocated the abolition of Senior assemblies. As a member of the stage crew, he got quite a kick out of the school's plays. He is planning further matriculation at St. Michael's in Vermont. Thomas Gerard Barrett Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Dramatics 3, 4g Glee Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee, K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 4: McCloskey Volunteer 'lg Sodality 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4. Spanish and Latin rated high with Tom, while Algebra did not. He would like to attend Le Moyne College to prepare for a teaching career. Robert Michael Barz Port Chester, New York Sacred Heart of Jesus Band 33 Class Officer 23 Football J. V. 2: Student Council 33 Swing Band 3. While at Stepinac, Bob's greatest thrill was the Junior Prom. He preferred Span- ish to Chem, and hopes to make a career for himself in Navy blues. Andrew Raymond Basile Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Chemistry Club 41 Class Officer l, 2, 4, Crusader 3, 43 German Club 2, 33 K. B. S. l 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 35 Physics Club 35 Rifle Club 2, 31 Track 3, 4. Andy spends most of his time collecting Quarters from his daily passengers. In his spare time, he likes to hunt, fish, and work on cars. He hopes to attend the University of Detroit. Nicola Joseph Bellantoni Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy German Club 25 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4. "Joker's" chief hobbies are bowling and weight lifting. He also enjoys participating in sports in his native Port Chester. As for the future, either drafting school of the Marines beckons him. Roland Francis Berlingo Port Chester, New York Corpus Christi Band 43 K. B. S. 41 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Roland really enioyed participating in the Wizard of Oz. His favorite pastime was daily music instruction, while he turned thumbs down on Math. Roland sees his future in the Arts after a course in Music at college. John Thomas Bernarducci White Plains, New York St. Anthony Shepherd 43 Baseball J. V. 2, Varsity 2, 3, 43 Bowling l, 2, 3, 43 Crusader 3, 43 French Club 2, 33 Student Council 4. Bernie's greatest experience was hitting a home run in his first varsity game in Sophomore year. Bowling is one of his favorite pastimes in his leisure hours. After graduation he plans to attend Du- quesne to study public relations. Henry William Boettger Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Auto Club 43 Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 43 De- bating 23 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Tennis J. V. 31 Track J. V. 2. Hank is interested in all sports, with bowl- ing and tennis at the top. At present his plans are to attend college and study Chemistry. James Eugene Boyle White Plains, New York St. Bernard Basketball J. V. 23 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 23 Track l. Jim is an avid golfer and thinks nothing of spending an entire day at the links. J. B. would not trade History for any other subject, and vet he found no one willing to swap Math for, hmmmm, a study per- iod, perhaps? Gerard Martin Brent Montrose, New York Assumption Baseball J. V. 23 K. B. S. 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 4. Not even a stronn aversion to homework could overshadow the fondness "Moose" had for Stepinac. After college, he anticipates pursuing a career in physical education. "Dig that crazy beat " Cornelius Patrick Broderick Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Chemistry Club 43 Class Officer 1, 35 Dance Committees 3. 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 35 Spanish Club 3, 43 Track J. V. I, 23 Varsity 3, 4. "Colonel" was at his best at track, and his worst in the first period. He plans to attend college and then make the Army his career. Ronald William Brown Dobbs Ferry, New York Sacred Heart Chemistry Club 43 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. Like many of his fellow students who worked after school, Ron found it hard to participate in extra-curricular activities. The antics of his classmates in 4G con- tributed much to his enjoyable stay at Stepinac. Ron hopes to attend Manhattan College in the fall of '58. 24 "H y, other wooden nickel!" James Leland Buckingham White Plains, New York St. Bernard Altar Boy i, 2, 4, K. B. s. ig Rifle Club 2. "Buck", although he hasn't decided on a career as yet, would like to take a course at Westchester Community College in Business Administration. His interest in Business Math should help him a great deal in the future. Christopher Henry Buckley Scarsdale, New York Sf. Pius X Shepherd 3, Editor-in-Chief 43 Chemistry Club 43 Class Officer 2, 3, 43 Dance Com- mittee 3, 43 Football Varsity 3, 4, J. V. 23 French Club 33 Freshman President 43 Honor Roll 2, 3, 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Phoenix 43 Senior Senate 43 Student Coun- cil 43 Tennis lg Varsity 2, 3, 43 Track Varsity 2, 3, 43 Usher Society 3, 4. Chris achieved wide success at Stepinac, excelling in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the estimation of his friends. Editing the Shepherd, captaining the tennis team, and looking after the Freshmen were three of the major activities in his Senior vear. Chris plans to attend Notre Dame in the fall of '58. 25 Kevin Paul Buckley Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Shepherd 3, 43 Aquinas Society l, 2, 43 Class Officer 3, 43 Classical Club 43 Cru- sader l, 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 43 K. B. S. 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 2, 3, 43 McCloskey Volunteer l, 33 Mission Crusade 3. 43 Phoenix 43 Public Speaking l, 2, 3, 4. "Kev" was a scholastic leader and a suc- cessful journalist. His writing was not confined to school alone, because of his great abilities. A career in Journalism or Law lies ahead for him. Christopher Joseph White Plains, New York St. John Physics Club 33 Tennis J. V. 3. Burger Chris transferred to Stepinac from a high school in Massachusetts in Junior year. An avid railroading enthusiast. he would like to make it his life work. College will be the next stop for him. Gregory John Burger Dobbs Ferry, New York Sacred Heart Auto Club 43 Bowlino Club 33 Science Club l3 Scientific Society l. Greg, whose dislike, for English was ex- ceeded'only by his dislike for Father Sullivans Late Show, plans to attend a Seighboring college under the ROTC pro- ram. John Martin Burke Rye, New York Resurrection Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 43 K. B. s. 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 43 Track l. John found Grendel's mother to be Math, while he found English to be his knight in armor. John intends to matriculate at Iona and take a course in preparation for a career in teaching. William John Burns Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary General Science Club lg Physics Club 33 Track Varsity 2, 33 Freshman. After graduating, Bill plans to attend a neighboring college. Following college he plans to enter the Armed Forces. M., f 3 Daniel Patrick Campanaro Yonkers, New York St. John The Baptist Dan, whose favorite subiect was Health, practices what he studies. Every fall he enioys the fresh air and goes hunting. Naturally his service choice is the Air Force, where he'll see plenty of wild blue yonder. Edward Joseph Cantlin Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Business Club 43 Class Officer 2, 33 J. V. Basketball 23 Mission Crusade 33 Senior Bulletin 43 Senior Senate 43 Spanish Club 43 Track 3. Eddie's one ambition is to enter sports either as a coach or as a participant. His most outstanding experience was his first pep rally. His hobby is keeping in the know on all New York pro teams. He has his eye on St. Anselm's college in New Hampshire. Dominic Anthony Canzano Yonkers, New York St. Bartholomew Baseball J. V. 23 Basketball J. V. 23 Freshman 13 Class Officer I3 K. B. S. 'l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade lg Spanish Club 43 Track J. V. 23 Freshman l. Dom's favorite hobby is singing and it has brought him both money and satis- faction during his years here. A college campus lies ahead. Donato John Caporale New Rochelle, New York St. Joseph Biology Club 23 Mission Crusade 3. "Cap's" adroit skill in keeping calm never helped him evade tests. His sincere in- terest in his country! welfare will serve as a good basis for O S in the Marines. James Thomas Carpenter Irvington, New York Immaculate Conception Band l, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Or- chestra 2, 3, 43 Swing Band l, 2, 3, 43 Tennis l. Tom, the dance band leader for '58, has a magical touch with the trumpet, sax, and string bass. He plans to further' his education in the field of music. Vincent Michael Carroll Scarsdale, New York St. Pius X J. V.4 Basketball 23 Chemistry Club 43 Track VBFSITY 3, 43 Usher Society 3. Such happy memories as his first track meet at Randall's Island will soon obscure -the torments of Paul Kinsley. Vin's interest in electronics has prompted him to seek a career in electrical engineering. Edward Patrick Casey Yonkers, New York St. Eugene Art Crew 2, 3, 4: Business Club 23 Dance Committee 3, 43 Football Manager 2, 3, 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 2. "Case" will be remembered as the work- horse for the football team. His spirit here at Stepinac was exemplary. This member of 4H had a dislike of homeroom and Spanish. Ed will never forget the suspense filled opening nights of the pays. 4F's disciplined homeroom 26 John James Catapano Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 45 Mission Crusade 3, 45 Track l. John's antics in Father McGoldrick's Alge- bra class will be a source of amusement for 3E in the years to come. His plans in- clude Electronics or Engineering, possibly at the Air Force Academy. John Henry Cerra Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Basketball Intramural I5 Biology Club 25 Chemistry Club 45 German Club l, 25 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 45 Math Club 15 Mission Crusade 25 Physics Club 35 Scientific S0- ciety i, 2. John still gets hot under the collar when you mention our discontinued Driver Ed. Course. Getting his Senior ring and at- tending the Senior Prom are John's best remembrances of four years at Stepinac. Pretty sneaky l' ' 27 Leonard Francis Charla New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Shepherd 3, 45 Business Club 45 Crusader 25 Senior Bulletin 45 Editor 4. Lenny was known by all for his journalistic endeavors. His dislike for Algebra was only matched by his love for Contemporary Literature. He plans to matriculate at Iona where he will study Journalism. Francis John Childs Irvington, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 45 Art Club 3, 45 Dramatics l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4. Most of Frank's time was taken up by the musical comedy. Math in his words was strictly taboo. He plans to attend Yale for a course in Fine Arts. Newman Bernard Chittenden Mount Kisco, New York St. Francis of Assisi "Newm" had the greatest admiration for Father Sullivan, but only when he cancelled Jug. He had a creat deal of trouble grap- plinq with the six foot Roman iavelin, but he enioyed Biology. College and Law are in his foreseeable future. William Henry Choquette White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 3, 45 Chemistry Club 45 Class Officer 2. 45 Dance Committee 45 Football Varsity 3, 4, J. V. 25 French Club 3, 45 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Track Varsity 2, 3, 4, Freshman l. Bill merited praise in the classroom, on the gridiron, and on the track. His con- tributions to the downfall of Cardinal Hayes this year will long be remembered by Stepinac men. Bill will probably study pre-meg at Notre Dame. Harold Chandler Clark New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Baseball J. V. 25 Basketball 25 Chemistry Club 45 Football J. V. l, 25 Varsity 3, 45 Glee Club 45 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 45 Mission Crusade 3 45 Prom Committee 35 Track Varsity 3, 4. Harry found Chemistry to his liking, which shoulil prove beneficial to him when he enters medical school. His choice of service is the Marine Corps. i i A 5 fry . 1,7 i 4 ami Ll ' E1 r t t. .r. X R "H N Ffhv. ..55.:s. , It t N I Q-- 1 'Y l 1-Ti' Gerald Eugene Clarke Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Chemistry Club 43 Class Officer l, 2, 33 German Club lg K. B. S. l, 2, Math Club lg Mission Crusade lg Track J. V. 2. Jerry's genial personality and willingness to work will always be of great value to him. He. has the distinction of being the only Junior last year to achieve a perfect score in spelling competition. Richard Thomas Clarke Bronxville, New York St. Joseph "Richie" joined us in Junior year, and with his wit cheered many a dull day. He maintained an aversion to homeroom and regarded his French classes as a real experience. James Collier Clarkson Bronxville, New York Sts, Peter and Paul Business Club l, 2, K. B. S. 2. Jim found gym to be a complete waste of time. He was of the opinion that Math was a dream and English a horror. Fordham is the college of his choice, where he plans to take a business course. Salvatore Joseph Colangelo Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bowling Club 2, 34 4g K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 4. Sal has a great dislike for Stepinac Math. His chief interest is cars, and he intends to follow this up by attending the Com- munity College for Mechanics. Vincent Joseph Colarusso Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Business Club 1, 2. Vince really liked the Junior Prom, but naturally enioyed the Senior Prom. He likes nothing more than taking time off from his work to go fishing and hunting. Business Law was his favorite subiect and English was a real nightmare. Even though Vince works after school, he always found time to supoprt his school. Hungry campaigners John William Colgan White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Shepherd 43 Bowling lg Dance Committee 35 Dramatics l, 2g Glee Club 35 K. B. S. l, 25 Track 1. Much to the dismay of Father Mulroy, John thought Shakespeare was a fraud and Beowulf a bird. College and Law School form the pattern of John's future. He hopes to enter the field of diplomacy. Brien Thomas Collins White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 3, 43 Band 1, 23 Crusader 3, 43 Dance Committee 33 Library Club l. Brien relieved the monotony of many classes with well-timed remarks.. He is an avid gun-collector and very willing to talk on the subject. He hopes to further the dental health of his friends in later years. 28 Charles Atlas has nothing on me!" William Thomas Collins New Rochelle, New York Holy Name Dance Committee 3, Dramatics 35 Library Club 23 Glee Club 4. Bill rated being in the school play the highest on his list of favorites. He plans to attend Brown to take up Chemical Engineering. Michael Taaffe Connors Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Business Club 43 Cheerleaders 4, K. B. S. 3, 4. A late arrival at Stepinac, Mike came to us in Junior year from Iona Prep. Mike's good disposition and fine school spirit made quite a contribution to the cheerleading squad. This popular member of 4H hopes his college career will be as enjoyable as was his stay here at Stepinac. 29 Salvatore Joseph Contristano Mamaroneck, New York Sts. John and Paul Shepherd 3, 41 Aquinas Sociefv lg Chem- istry Club 4g Crusader l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Committee 31 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 41 K. B, S. I, 2, 3, 45 Legionnaires 2, 3, 4, Phoenix 43 Physics Club 41 Scientific So- ciety 4. Sal's quiet mien conceals a studious nature, which found a challenging outlet in Chem. He plans to attend Fordham or Manhattan for a career in Nuclear Physics. James Bernard Cooksey Pelham Manor, New York Our Lady of Perpetual Help Electronics Club 4: K. B. S. 2, 3, 45 Pl1YSlC5 Club 3: Rifle Club 2, 3, 41 Track J. V- 2- Jim's sharp eyes and steady hands were invaluable to the ritlehteam. The college of his choice will be gainzng an outstanding gentleman and a diligent student. James John Corbo Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Rosary Aquinas Society 1, 23 Business Club 1, 2, Football J. V. Varsity 33 K. B. S. 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 23 Student Council 4. Jim, known for his bitterness towards homework, plans to pursue his education at Iona in Accounting. After he has served his time in the Armed Forces, he wants a steady job and a family. Brian Anthony Cosacchi Harrison, New York St. Gregory the Great Band 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Chemistry Club 4: Dramatics, 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4. "Briggs" was a happyago-lucky individual while .at Steplnac. The college of his choice will find him a friendly person, good stu- dent, and an asset to parties. John Louis Costa Bedford Hills, New York St. Mary Biogagy Club 23 Chemistry Club 4, K. B. S. "lgY" won a Certificate of Merit for his essay on, cancer. Winning two certificafes for SD9llIng made him equally proud. He found Biology interesting and a preparation for a pre-med course at college. 'C' 5,13 Thomas Richard Costello Mamaroneck, New York Holy Trinity Bowling 43 Class Officer 43 Senior Senate 4. Tom transfered to Stepinac from Chaminade for this year and was very pleased with his new school. Cars take up some of his spare time, while bowling is another big interest. The Air Force is his service choice. Louis Francis Cudak Port Chester, New York Sacred Heart Physics Club 3. Lou, tormented for four years by the con- gestion in the locker section, enjoyed Brother Benignus' clever wisecracks in French Class. His scholastic interests cen- tered upon History and the Languages, and he plans to teach these subjects some day after a tour year stint at a teacher's college. Anthony Joseph Curinga Verplanck, New York St. Patrick Shepherd 43 Biology Club 43 Cheerleaders 43 Chemistry Club 43 Class Officer lp German Club l, 21 K. B. S. 1, 2, 3, 45 Legionaires 4. Tony spent his fall Saturday afternoons cheering our football team. Music and Physics rated highly with him. He plans to attend Manhattan and then join the Air Force. Bruce John Daab Brewster, New York St. Lawrence O'Toole Biology Club 23 Class Officer l, 23 Foot- ball J. V. l, 23 German Club 2, 3. "Denaab's" only grouch was having to get up so early to get to school on time. He has a great interest in cars. After graduation from Stepinac he plans to take a science course in college. John Gerald Daly White Plains, New York St. Bernard Auto Club 4, Basketball Intramural lg K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Track l. Red, who spent most of his after school time in customizing cars, will give Uncle Sam some time in the Armed Forces after graduation. William Francis Dargin Eastchester, New York Immaculate Conception Chemistry Club 4: Class Officer 43 Dance Committee 3: K. B, S. 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 43 Swimming 2, 3, 4. Bill is one of the most spirited and en- thusiastic students at Stepinac, As a swim- mer he has done much for the school. He is a salt water addict and has chosen the Navy as a career. We wish him lots of luck in his future endeavors. Arthur Vincent Deianni Yonkers, New York St. Mary Artie's inclination for Chemistry offsets his distaste for German ll. His hobby of boating provided him with relief from the rigors of Father Kane's homeroom. l-le plans a career in the field of printing, after fulltilling his service obligation in the Air Force. -an 'Ms- "Excellent reading material!" 30 Michael Francis Delfino Ossining, New York St. Augustine French Club 3, 45 Legionnaires 3, 4. "Dell's" pet peeve was the short lunch period. Having been in three homerooms, he considered "C" the best of all. His after school hours were takeri up by his work and a car. After graduation he plans to study pre-law at Fordham. Frank Anthony DeMartino Bronx, New York Sacred Heart Shepherd 45 Chemistry Club 45 Dance Committee 45 Electronics Club 45 Junior Prom Committee 3. After four years, "Dee" was still unable to adjust to Stepinac's short lunch per- iods. His plans include Manhattan and a career in engineering. Fr Cashman speaks to the Juniors during the volation Tridium. 31 Thomas Joseph Dempsey Crestwood, New York Annunciation Class Officer l, 2, 3, 45 Cross County ll 2, 3, 43 K. B. S. 2, 3, 45 School President5 Senior Senate 3, 45 Student Council 35 Track l, 2, 3, 4. As school President, Tom was a fine stu- dent and able representative of the stu- dent body. He is without doubt the best known harrier on the Eastern Seaboard. For Tom the future holds a career as a lawyer. Patrick Felix DeSena White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Shepherd 45 Bowling 3, 45 Dramatics 4. Pat, a transfer student, has really enioyed these past two years at Stepinac. While studying Business Management at Man- hattan, Pat will remember all the bad times he had in a certain French teacher's homeroom and classes. William Edward Dickett Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary Band l, 25 German Club i, 2. Fr. Lyon's Religion classes made school almost worthwhile to Willie. The Air Force and Paul Smith's College of Forestry are strong future possibilities. Lawrence Joseph Dingee Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Baseball J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 45 Class Officer 2' K B S 2 3 4 Larry found Our Lady of Fatima Day the most exciting of all the events at Stepinac. English rated at the top of his list of favorites, while untold agonies were heaped upon him at the mention of Math. He has expectations of attending Fordham upon graduating. Peter Joseph Dirr Crestwood, New York Annunciation Baseball J. V. I5 K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 45 Legionnaires 35 Spanish Club 2, 4. Pete- was active in many of the clubs at Stepinac with preference for Dramatics and the Glee Club. A very good student, Pete listed Spanish as his favorite subject. John Joseph Divney Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Class Officer 4: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Track Varsity 2, 3, Freshman I. "Div" enioyed golfing at the Scarsdale Golf Club. In the past years he erpoyed track as well as American History. A ter gradua- tion. he plans to attend college or join the Marines. Michael Joseph Donahue Bronx, New York Sacred Heart Mike, being optimistic, picked graduation as his most outstanding experience. His long trips to school greatly handicapped him from any activities or clubs. His future is undecided. Terence Adams Donnelly Mamaroneck, New York Sts. John and Paul Bowling Club 43 Chemistry Club 4: Dance Committee 3, 43 Physics Club 33 Spanish Club 4: Dramatics 4. Terry. who was startled by the sudden departure of Monsignor Krug, was tran- quilized by the relaxing lines of Eliza- bethean poetry in his nglish class. An erstwhile worker for many of the social functions at Stepinac, Terry's affable man- ner should win him many friends at Villanova. Domingos Antonio Dos Anios Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy K. B. S. 4: Spanish Club 3: Track l. "Sonny" picked his English assignments as his pet peeve. Most of his time is taken up with cars. After graduation he plans go attend college and then loin the Air orce. "But Bert, Piels is NOT lOO proofl' James Francis Dowd Peekskill, New York Assumption Baseball Manager lg French Club 2, 3: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4. "Dowdie" spent most of his leisure time fooling with cars. He picked Typing as his favorite subject. only because there was no homework, which. by the way, was his pet pecve. Matriculation at Iona is his next step. John Patrick Dougheny White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Auto Club 43 Class Basketball l, 4. Roderick Anthony Dowling Eastchester, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 43 Business Club 45 Crusader l, 2, 3, 4: K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 4. "Rod" lent his literary talents to the Crusader for four years, but would have gladly exchanged his pen for a wrench to work on his beloved Chrysler. His straight forwardness is sure to make him a success at Tufts. Jack was well-liked by both teachers and students. He plans to ioin the Navy and when discharged, take up a career in Elec- tronics. 32 Now, when Im a varsity man . . ." Peter William Drake Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Aquinas Society 33 K. B. S. 3, 43 Physics Club 33 Track l, 2. Pete loves hunting, fishing and camping. Physics and Electronics agreed with him but he is grateful that his two years of German are behind him. Next fall he will be pursu- ing courses in Electrical Engineering at Manhattan College. William Gleeson Driscoll Bronxville, New York St. Eugene Altar Boy lg Business Club 43 Class Bas- ketball l3 Dance Committee 1, 33 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 23 Rifle Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 4. Bill enjoys both playing basketball and target shooting. He showed his studious side by consistent good marks and by be- ing Religious Editor of the Senior Bulletin. Fordham's Business School is in his future. 33 Eaward Michael Duffy Yonkers, New York St. Eugene The "Giraffe's" dislike for Chemistry was only equaled bv his distaste for Spanish, His dramatic abilities were displayed for the first and last time in Freshman year. Any college with high doors will be a welcome change for Ed. James Martin Duffy Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart French Club 43 K. B. S. 3, 4. "Duff" came tc Stepinac in his Sophomore year from Power Memorial. He immediately found short lunch periods his major com- plaint. After graduation he plans to study for his B.A. at Boston College. John Lawrence Durkin Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 43 Bowling 3, 43 Cru- Seder 1. 2. 3. 4: K. B. S. I. 2, 3, 43 l5Ai?ion Crusade l, 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 2, John was greatly impressed by the abun- dant school snirit and enthusiasm at his first football rally. His mature and sociable personality should win as many friends at Georgetown as it did at Stepinac. Brian Michael Dwyer Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 43 Cheerleaders 43 Class Officer l, 23 Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Football J. V. l, 22 K- B. 5- 2. 3. 43 Mission Crusade 43 Senior Senate 23 Sophomore Vice President3 Tennis J. V. 2, Freshman l, Brian- evidenced great school spirit by participation in many activities. Success in dance contests at school came often to him. Pending graduation he will study for a medical career at Georgetown. Matthew Thomas Dzubak Yonkers, New York Most Holy Trinity Football Varsity 3. Matthew, known for his inherent iolity, passes his spare time hunting and fishing. A hitch in the Air Force should give him his chance to work with jet engines. Kevin Mitchell Ecclesine White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Shepherd 3, 43 Altar Boy 3, 41 Chemistry Club 4, Dramatics 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4: K, B. S. 3, 43 Legionnaires 3, 43 McCloskey Volunteers 45 Physics Club 35 Student Council 4. Although he was a student at Stepinac for only two years, "Eccy" made a fine name for himself and should continue to do so at the college of his choice. This year Kev made a reputation for himself as the Business Manager of the Shepherd. Arthur Francis Evans Rye, New York Most Holy Trinity Biology' Club 23 Class Officer 1, 2, 33 Dramatlcs 2, 3, 4, German Club l, 23 K- 5- 5- l. 2. 3, 4, Mission Crusade l, 23 Glee Club 45 Scientific Society lg Tennis J. V. 2, 3, Freshman l. "Ev's" wittvuremarks in class won him many friends in44D. Geometry tests, in ad- dition to breaking a shoelace when tying his shoe,'made up his pet peeveg, His interest in Biology and Earth Science will strengthen his aspiration to be a chem- ical engineer. Lawrence William Farrell Tarrytown, New York Transflguration Altar Boy 2, 3, Business Club 2, 3, 4. "Pixie," relieved at passing the English Regents, will spend the next few years in the service of his country. His mind is set on a career in conservation. Kenneth Francis Fennell White Plains, New York St. Bernard Class Officer 'l, 25 Dance Committee lg German Club lg Senior Senate 41 Track l. After graduation, Ken plans to attend the Marine officer training school at Quantico. He hopes to make this his career. Leo Mark Feret Bedford Village, New York St. Patrick Shepherd 4, Chemistry Club 43 Chess Club 43 Electronics Club 45 Physics Club 3: Scientific Society l, 2. Leo is a true scientist, as his marks in these courses showed. Because of his in- terest and ability in science and math,- he will go far. For diversion, he 'enjoys fish- ing and is an avid angler. His plans are to become a Physicist and to study at Notre Dame. Thomas Richard Fitzgerald Ardsley, New York Our Lady of Perpetual Help Baseball J. V. l, 23 Class Officer l, 2: Dance Committee l, 2, 33 K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 4: Mission Crusade l, 2, 3, 43 Track l. Although teachers of all descriptions did not faze him, "Fitz" had trouble keeping his wits about him during Brother Mauricius' Trigometry class. His P. A. D. classes could well have been replaced by an extra smoking period or two. Philip Santo Fiumefreddo Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Class Officer l, 2: K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 49 Track l. The "Professor" is an adept accordion player. Phil listed Math and a certain teacher's French classes at the bottom of his list of favorites. He hopes to use his talent as a professional musician. "I hope it fits" 34 Anybody got an extra sandwich, Joseph James Flechaus Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist German Club 'lg Swimming 'l, 2. German and jug were two useless pastimes for Joe. Planning to enter the Navy or the Marines, he ,could never understand the value of either of his frequented after school activities. English and Math were tops in his book. William Joseph Foley Yonkers, New York St. Joseph K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 2, 3, 4: Mission Crusade l, 3, 4. "Wild Bill" found English quite interesting. He could be seen rooting for the football team every fall weekend. After graduation, he plans to attend Fordham or anhattan. Paul Francis Foraste Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 4: Aquinas Society l, 2, 3, 4: Altar Boy 'l, 2, 3, 43 Band 'l, 2, 3, 4: Bowling l, 21 Crusader 3, 4: Dance Com- mittee 4: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3,115 Swing Band 2, 3, 4: Usher Society Amiable Paul was a reliable participant ln school activities, musical, literary, social, and religious. Coupled with his sincere desire for intellectual achievement, he qualifies as a promising applicant for Holy Cross and later for the priesthood. Richard Allan Flintoft White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Altar Boy 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 23 Class Officer l, 2, 3, Dance Committees l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 45 Football J. V. 23 K..B.. S. Prefect l, Member l, 2, 3, 45 Mission Crusade lg Track lg Ushers 3, 4. "Flint's" most outstanding experience was participating in the school pay "Student Prince,'. After graduation it's the Naval Academy or Holy Cross. Robert Spencer Francis Mount Vernon, New York St. Catherine Business Club 1, 2. 3, 4, K. B. s. 1, 2, 3, 4. Bob is lookingA forward to four wonderful years in the arines, followed by a good college education. His business training at Stepinac should aid him greatly in be- coming a Public Accountant. - an 35 Anthony Joseph Francomano Yonkers, New York St. Paul the Apostle Football J. V. 25 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, Mission Crusade 2, Spanish Club 4. Tony's football career was suddenly ended in- Sophomore Year because of a knee iniury. His greatest experience was seeing the -'55 Mount-Stepinac game in which Stepinac won in the last few seconds. Tony sees college in the distant future. Francis Joseph Francomano Scarsdale, New York St. Pius X Class Officer lg Classical Club 43 Crusader 2, 3, 4, Dance Committee lg Dramatics 43 Football J. V. 2g Glee Club 45 Spanish Club 43 Tennis Varsity 4, J, V. 2, 3, Fresh- man lg Track l. Frank displayed great resources of wit and intelligence while at Stepinac. His aptitude for languages resulted in the Spanish prize in junior year and numerous citations in Latin contests. His combination of humor and responsibility should serve him well in the future. i- S i 1- . K i-1 J c.- r R " for ,gi Q f 50' i ,.. F. is 1127 James Robert Franzese Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Bowling 43' Class Officer l3 Dance Commit- tee 43 Senior Senate l, 23 Track Varsity 2, Freshman l. Jim will be remembered for the fine job he did as Freshman President. His greatest problem while at Stepinac was the ad- justment from a co-ed school to one with- out the fair sex. Donald Brian Frost White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Class Officer 2, 33 Dance Committee l, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Student Council 43 Track Varsity 2, 3, Freshman l. Don's work on the decorations and light- ing contributed immensely to the success of the Junior Prom. Math periods follow- ing lunch aroused the ire of this otherwise quiet and unobtrusive student. Kenneth Richard Funcik Mamaroneck, New York Holy Trinity Automobile Club 43 Biology Club 23 Bowl- ing 43 Football Varsity 43 K, B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Track Varsity 3, 4, Freshman l. Ken likes to work around boats. He is also at home on dry land. and did well on the track team. As a footballer he put that speed to work. An avid car fan, he helped found the Automobile Club. John George Gagnon Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Camera Club 4. "Gag" transferred to Stepinac in the middle of his Junior year. He was rather surprised at the number of holidays that we celebrate. The Air Force may be his next pursuit. But in any event, he plans to attend college. Edward Joseph Gallagher Katonah, New York St. Mary of the Assumption Dance Committees 2, 33 French Club 3, 43 K. B. S. 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires l, 23 Rifle Club 2. 3. Ed was an excellent student, with Latin as his favorite subiect. His plans for college involve a pre-med course and the R.O.T.C. "Why doesn't the darn thing light James Patrick Gallagher Chappaqua, New York St. John and St. Mary Bowling 43 Chemistry Club 43 Classical Club 43 German Club I3 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Library Club l. Jim was known as a likable and friendly student. His '50 Mercury was the subject of many jokes until it experienced some long forgotten paint. "Red" would like to take his car with him to Fordham next year. Robert William Gallagher White Plains, New York St. Bernard K. B. S. 3, 4, Swimming, J. V. 2, Track Varsity 3, 4. Bob enioyed much success on the track team. Holy Cross or Georgetown will prepare him for a dental career, 36 an so-4 ther McGanns volunteers clear the parking lot. Joseph James Garro White Plains, New York Assumption Band 2, 33 Bowling l, 2, 3, 43 Business Club l, 2, 33 Stage Crew 2, 4. After graduation Joe plans to attend a local college. He was a great backer of Stepinac's sports activities. Joe is a stu- dent you can not help liking. Gregory Thomas Gates Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Business Club 43 Crusader 43 Dance Com- mittee 43 Junior Prom Committee3 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 33 Senior Bulletin 43 Track Varsity 3, 4. Gregfwas a good student and well-liked by is classmates. Fishing and collecting records took up his time after school. Fordham's College of Pharmacy is in the future. Paul Joseph Gangemi Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Baseball Varsity 2, 3, 43 J. V. lg Basket- ball Varsify 33 J. V. 23 Freshman l3 Chem- istry Club 43 Class Officer 13 Dance Com- mittee 33 Electronics Club 43 Physics Club 3. "Deatz," as he was called bv his classmates and teachers enjoys "hot-rods" and. has a beautiful Ford convertible to prove it, His athletic abilities contributed much to the school and brought him great pleasure. We will all remember him for his great personality which will help him in his future engineering career. Paul Andre Gaulin North Tarrytown, New York St. Theresa Basketball Intramural I3 Chemistry Club 43 gruiader 43 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team Paul will never forget winning the high- est honor for Mechanical Drawing. Amon Paul's pet peeves, sessions in Room Hg after school topped the list. His plans for.the -future include Manhattan and an engineering career. Jan Ravas Garigliano Bedford Hills, New York St. Mary Dance Committee 43 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. College and the Navy fill Jon's future plans. Jon felt that he was "robbed" in Senior year3 he had only half a gym period! At college he plans to take courses that will enable him. to enter one of the professions. 37 Pasquale Anthony Gemma Irvington, New York Immaculate Conception Bowling 43 Camera Club 43 K. B. S. 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 43 Physics Club 3. Pat, a do-it-yourself fan, also liked to spend time drawing. His future interests lie in college where he will study archi- tectural engineering before entering the Air Force. Thomas Peter Girard Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 3. Pete, a quiet and unassuming fellow, was well liked by his classmates. Listing Reli- gion as his favorite subject, he plans to devote his life to the service of God as a Capuchin Brother. James Raymond Gmelin Mount Kisco, New York St. Francis of Assisi Aquinas Society l. 33 Business Club 4, Class Officer 2g Football J. V. 2, K, B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Legionnaires 3, Senior Bulletin 4, Jim was a well-known and well-liked stu- dent at Stepinac. He has the brains and the brawn necessary for a well rounded individual. After graduation he will study engineering at either Holy Cross or Notre Dame. George Francis Goebeler Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima Aquinas Society li Biology Club 23 Chem- istry Club 4, Dramatics 2, General Science Club 25 K. B, S'. l. 2, 3, 4, Scientific Society l, 2. Georges greatest honor at Stepinac was bee ing selected school representative to the Rcrl Cross conference in Frederick, Mary- land. An interest in cars no doubt in- fluenced his decision to major in mechanical engineering at Villanova. Thomas William Golden Yonkers, New York St. Barnabas Baseball 2, Dramatics I3 Glee Club 3, K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, Track l. Tom had various hobbies which helped him to keep his mind off his pet peeve, studying. He plans to take a pre-med course in preparation for a career in Orthodontistry. Frederick Charles Grady Bronx, New York St. Benedict Spanish Club 3. Fred transferred to Stepinac in his Junior year from Mount St. Michael. His fabulous record collection and love of dancing should serve as a firm background for his music studies at the college of his choice. Robert James Graap Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 43 K. B, S. l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 4. Bob will long remember his part in "The Student Prince". He was quite an accom- plished musician during his four years at Stepinac. Annoyed by wise guys, hunting and French appeased him. Thomas Patrick Griffin White Plains, New York St. Bernard Baseball Varsity 3, 4g J. V. 23 Chemistry Club 4, Football Varsity 3, 43 J. V. 23 K. B. S. 1, 2, 3, 4, Usher Society 3, 4. Laconic Tom shone in English with 4B's Fr. Mulroy. The CHSFL Lineman of the Week can't stand bull sessions in the car. An unusual combination of brains and brawn, Tom wants to become a dentist. Michael Joseph Hach Yonkers, New York St. Anthony Class Officer lg K. B. S. 1, 2, 3, 4. Due to his friendliness to everyone,-Mike should not find it hard to succeed in all his endeavors. Let's go Stepinac 38 That goes for you too, Ref! Richard Tower Hanley Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 4 5 Bowling Club 3, 4 3 Dance Committee lg Glee Club 3, 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4g Legionnaires 2, 3. Dick, an outdoor man, enioys- hunting and fishing as hobbies. During his four years here he made many new friends and shared worthwhile experiences. With his preference for Mathematics he should do well in his chosen career of business. James Michael Harkins Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Shepherd 43 Track lg Varsity 2, 3, 4. "Hawk" was a fine cinderman, who ought to be a real asset for St. Michael's College, Vermont. While there, he hopes to get on his way towards a medical career. 39 Edward Augustus Harvey Chappaqua, New York St. John and St. Mary Bowling 45 Classical Club. 4: K. B. S. l, 2g Rifle Club 2, 3, 43 Tennis 1, 2. Most of Ed's time was taken up hunting and fishing in the northern woods. His love of the outdoors is evident by the fact that he was a member of the Rifle Club- for the past three vears. His favorite subject, Chemistry, will fully prepare him for pre- med at Holy Cross. George Edward Hauck Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Aquinas Society 2, 35 Class Officer 3: 5. 3, 4, Physics Club 33 Rifle Club In spite of George's love of food, he de- tested the senior lunch period. Hungry or not, his membership in the Aquinas So- ciety indicated the extent of his scholastic endeavors. Physics, having gained his favor, will indubitably aid him in his pur- suit of an engineering degree at the college of his choice. Edward Francis Hayde White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist J. V. Baseball 23 Varsity 3, 4. Ed will find his pleasant smile and friendly personality far greater assets than high math marks could ever be. After gradua- tion, he plans to major in business. William Justin Hegeman Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist Bill -came to Stepinac this year from Salesian. He takes great pleasure in hunt- ing and fishing. Although h: was here only one year, he left Stepinac with many fond memories. Manfred Heinzeller Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Aquinas Society, 33 Biology Club 2, French gluga 2, 33 Physics Club 33 Student Council Manfred preferred Brother Benignus' French classes to any other class that he attended. He is an avid stamp collector and spends a lot of time in expanding his collection. A course at Manhattan in Business Ad- ministration is Manfred's future. David Francis Hendrick New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Class Officer 3: K. B. S. 3, 4. Dave came to Stepinac in Junior year. He had previously attended Blessed Sac- rament in New ochelle. His immediate Siture includes college and a hitch in the avy. Robert James Hennessey Croton-on-Hudson, New York Holy Name of Mary Shepherd 4: Altar Boy 1, 2: Crusader l, 2, 3, 4: Dance Committee 4: French Club 2, 3: K. B. S. 2, 3, 4: McCloskey Volunteer 3: Prom Committee 3: Stage Crew 4. The best years in Bob's life were spent at Stepinac, so he says. He is sure to be a success at St. Anselm's College, where he will take a course in Liberal Arts. Arthur Edward Hoffman Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Art will be remembered by his classmates as the boy who thought everything was a joke. He plans to attend college, if pos- sible, after graduation. Mighty George shows his muscles Robert Arthur Hubertus Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary Altar Boy l: Bowling Club 4: Chemistry 4: Crusader l, 2: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Mission Crusade 3: Spanish Club 4. "Hubie's" pet peeve, short lunch periods, manifested itself in the cra? cafeteria antics of 'cream-puff' Bob. ollege and the Air Force loom. near in the eyes of this very popular Senior. John Albert Homberg Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary Chemistry Club 4: German Club 4: Physics Club 3: Scientific Society 3, 4: Student Council 4. Particularly interested in any subject deal- ing with Math, "Ham" enjoyed Physics and the Chemistry Club after school. He in- tends to go to Manhattan where he will major in Electrical Engineering. Raymond Court I-lorncastle Crestwood, New York Annunciation Shepherd 3. 4: Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 4: Business Club 4: Crusader l, 4: Dance Committee 2, 4: K. B. S. 3, 4: Phoenix 4: Senior Bulletin 4. A valuable asset to the "Junior All-Stars", Ray's love of basketball was only super- ceded by his hobby of Golf. Homework and Algebra were common thorns in his side, relieved by a refreshing Contemporary Literature Class. The halls of Notre Dame will welcome Ray next fall. Charles Joseph Huff Pelham Manor, New York Our Lady of Perpetual Help Shepherd 2, 3, 4: Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 4: Business Club l, 2, 3, 4: Dance Committee 4: Dramatics 2, 3, 4: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Bulletin 4: Stage Crew 3, 4: Tennis Freshman l. Joe was a very active student, participating in Quite a number of school activities. "Hu fue" found Bookkeeping a very in- teresting subject. He hopes to attend Notre Dame next year. 40 - A tw' . "Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer . . ." Richard William Hyams White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Quto Club 43 Biology Club 23 Business Club Dick thought a certain teacher's French classes were the 'most', even though he rated them the 'least'. The Senior Prom was Dick's best remembrance of Stepinac, while ,ug was his worst. He's looking towards the Air Force for his future. James Alfonso lorizxo Eastchester, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Bowling Club 4. Jim's greatest thrill was being a part of the class of "58." He enjoyed his Hisf tory classes the most. As for the future he isn't sure whether it will be college or the Navy. 4l Edward Walter Johnson Pelham, New York St. Catherine Altar Boy lg Business Club 23 K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Student Coun- cil 3, 4. "Swede" plans to attend college after graduation from Stepinac, working his way through with part time jobs. After college, he plans to join the Army. George Charles Johnson Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary Class Officer 33 Electronics Club 43 Stu- dent Council 3. Electronics and Chemistry found a warm spot in the heart of this fine student and were useful in his hobby of tinkering around with radios. St. Michael's College in New Hampshire may possibly serve as the cultivator of these talents. Kenneth James Jones Yonkers, New York St. Barnabas Baseball 3, 43 Class Officer 3, 43 K, B. S. 3, 43 Mission Crusade 3, 4. Ken, who came to Stepinac in Junior year, seemed to have an all round dislike for English. He lent his talents to the baseball team during the spring. After graduation he plans to join the Navy. Eugene Thomas Kane Pelham, New York St. Catharine Altar Boy lg Business Club l, 23 Basketball 2, K. B. s. 1, 2, 3, 4. "Sugar"- glans to attend Iona College after graduation and will study accounting there. After college he will be more than ready to accept his training from Uncle Sam. Roger Francis Karl Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Chemistry Club 43 Electronics Club 43 K. B. S. 3, 4. Upon his arrival at Stepinac last year, Roger became a member of Brother Benig- rius' "l.egion- of Lost Souls." This 'fall will find him maioring in electronic engineering at Gannon College. Frank Lawrence Kelly Bronxville, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Business Club l, 2, 3: Dance Committee 3: Football J. V. 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Mission Crusade l, 2, 31 Track 3. A fine lineman on the football squad, Frank will miss 4H and English. His witty replies to John Shea's caustic comments will be a part of this Senior's remembrances. Michael John Kelly White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 41 Chemistry Club 43 Class Of- ficer l, 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee 3, 43 Electronics Club 4: Football J. V. l, Varsity 2, 3,41 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 45 Phoenix 43 Physics Club 3, Scientific Society 3, 45 Senior Senate 2, 3, 4. "Big Mike" was admired for his prowess on the football field, as well as in the class- room where his high marks drew praise from the faculty. Cornell is next on Mike's agenda. Joseph Grant Kerwin Yonkers, New York St. Eugene Biology Club 2, Class Officer l, 2, Dance Committees l, 2, 33 Football J. V. l, Varsity 2, 3, 4: German Club 23 Glee Club 31 Library Club l, 4, Senior Senate 21 Track 2. Joe was a standout on the Varsity football team for three years, nailing down the full- back slot until he sustained a knee injury against Chaminade this year. Next year Joe plans to attend Detroit to complete his education. Francis John Kindermann Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima Business Club l, 2, Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Football Varsity 3, 4, J. V. 23 Jr. Prom Committee, K. B. S. 3, 4, Mission Crusade 2, senior Senate 3, 43 Track Varsity 2, 3, 4. One of the most popular members of the Senior Class, Buddy excelled in extra cur- ricular activities. His outstanding experi- ence at Stepinac was scoring the only touchdown in the Fairfield game. Next fall will find our track star wearing the colors of Georgetown. Paul James Kinsley Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Basketball l, Varsity 2, 3, 43 Class Officer l, 2. "Kins" still recalls the great Freshman team that he was on, and their fabulous record. Paul was one of the best cagers that Stepanic has produced. English rated "the most" with Paul, but mention Math and he broke out into a cold sweat. He got the greatest kick out of making Divney laugh, but the faculty did not. Joseph Nicholas Kinstler Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul K. B. S. 2, 3, 45 Physics Club 3, Rifle Club 2, 35 Track J. V. 3, Varsity 4. "Kins," disliked the short lunch period, but hot rods and guns rated highly with him. After attending college at Marquette, laeoqwcauld like to remain in the Naval Thomas Joseph Kinstler Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Crusader l, 23 Dance Committee 3,-K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 4, Mission Crusade lg Physics Club 33 Rifle Club 2, 3, 45 Scientific Society I. Tom's membership in the Rifle Club for three years found practical use in his hobby of huntin . The Nav will be the Q Y , proud recipient of this fine Stepmac stu- dent. X Behind every man 42 .il 559' may-' Henry Ralph Korn White Plains, New York St. John School Vice President, Class Officer l, 2, 35 Dance Committees l, 2: Math Club 2, Physics Club 33 Senior Senate 45 Track Varsity 2, 3, 4, Freshman l. l-lank's great ability as a shot-putter has gained him lasting fame in the world of sports. At Notre Dame he will study for an engineering degree. Frank George Kosky Yonkers, New York St. Bartholemew Class Officer 3. Frank has an interest in cars and is building his own hot rod. After he grad- uates he plans to join the service and then settle down and get married. xi 3. . r - . there's a woman! 43 Victor John Kriss New Rochelle, New York Blessed Sacrament French Club 2, 3, K. B. S. 3, 4. Vic picked Health as his favorite subject. On his free week-ends, he enjoys hunting. Winning two hundred dollars in the raffle was his great:st experience. Pending gradu- ation, he plans to attend college. Vito Joseph La Monica White Plains, New York St. John Class Officer 2, 33 Missions 3. Dancing in Student Prince along with the Presidency of his homeroom coupled to- gether to highlight Vito's four years. His hobby of drawing is sure to blossom into a profession after a stint at Art School. Lawrence Maurice Lancto Bronxville, New York Sts, Peter and Paul Altar Boy 1, 2, 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 4, Dance Committee 35 K. B. S. 1, 2, 3. 43 Legionnaires 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 43 Public Speaking I, 2, Rifle Club 2, 3, 43 Swing Band 3. One of Stepinac's foremost musicians, Larrv could be found after school playing for either the band, the dance band, or the orchestra, The bane of Brother Norman in Junior year, l.e hopes to enter Manhat- tan, and add a B.A. after his name. John Roger Lazar Ossining, New York St. Augustine Shepherd 4, Basketball Intramural lg Biolo- gy Club 23 Chemistry Club 43 Crusader 43 Dance Committees 3, 4g Dramatics 43 German Club 'l, 23 Rifle Club 2, 3: Scien- tific Society 23 Usher Society 3, 4. One of Rods outstanding achievements was taking first place honors in the Science Fair at Hayes in Sophomore year. He plans to attend Villanova for Engineering. Richard Francis Lillis Pound Ridge, New York St. Patrick "Honcho" came to Stepinac as a transfer student. A good athlete. he found himself ineligible to participate in sports at school. Dick was one of the few men who really liked l-jlistory, and wished that there was one universal language, English. C' 'R' 2135 f ii-'frwlli ,E tmfff.-'I J? it 3 d""Y ,F I 4 7134 'T Q-and L V rf! 'T A-1 Q'-if .C'f11.i'fq:f 4. 3 . ' 2S':t2'+ , ze ', v -nv-ve ' .,..,: .,',.' Zi.,-.w-V.,Q Us 5, 513919 in Thomas Henry Lloyd Bronxville, New York St. Joseph Chemistry Club 43 Electronics Club 43 K. B. S. 3, 41 Physics Club 33 Scientific Society 3. Tom was a great supporter of scientific activities at Stepinac. His great interest in this field should help him during his next four years at the Coast Guard Academy. Charles Andrew Loiacono New Rochelle, New York Holy Family K. B. S. Prefect l, 2, 3, 4. Chuck, who never enjoyed American His- tory, did however, relish the thought of art class. The cultivation of this desire will result in the harvest of the fine talents he has to put forth in art school. Lawrence Emil Lombardi Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Shepherd 43 Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 43 Band l. 2, 3, 4, Basketball J. V. 2, Freshman lg Crusader l, 2, 43 Spanish Club 43 Swing Band l, 2. Larry is a young man thoroughly infused with school snirit. Musical, literary, and athletic activities benefitted from his efforts. Holv Cross and Fordham Law School may be the scenes of his future endeavors. William Richard Lonergan White Plains, New York Our lady of Sorrows Auto Club 43 Dramatics 43 Glee Club 4. Coming to us from Iona Prep at the begin- ning of Senior year, Bill contributed his many talents in the dramatic outlets of the school, Our aspiring lawyer plans to con- tinue his studies at Fordham University. Richard Joseph Longo North White Plains Holy Name Business Club l, 2, 33 Class Officer l, 2, 43 Football J. V. l, 25 K. B. S. l, 23 Senior Senate l. His amiable personality and good sense of humor won Rich many friends while here at Stepinac. His smily face was a familiar sight while helping Mr. Morris with the attendance slips. His next step is to join the Navy and keep the boys in blue happy. "Those two books will cost you 515.00 George Harry Lyddane White Plains, New York St. John Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 43 Electronics Club 43 J. V. Football l, 2, Varsity Football 3, 43 K. B. S. member 3, 43 Senior Presidentg Senior Senate 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 4. An outstanding member of the football team, 'Frenchy" was often praised for his great defensive play. The Senior Class was proud to have such an able student represent them. For George the future has a place for him in either the Air Force Academy or the University of Detroit. Herman August Maass Peekskill, New York Assumption Shepherd 43 Biology Club 23 Chemistry Clug 43 German Club l, 2g K. B. S. Prefect . . 4- Herman rode all the wav from Peekskill in his famous ialopy. All his free time was spent showing off his car. He plans to at- tend Manhattan to take a course in Elec- trical Engineering 44 'iv 'Nm -Q.. 'JL' ll . 53" ,fifzx f . 137.4 Z' l 3 3 u' .'!z u,ve.fis ,ffj2'?i..5fe" 'fs.- ..9f'i.s me ir.. 1 rm asv,-sf . ,s 'tgps :cis Roll em again!" Thomas Dudley Mackey Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Cheerleader 4: Class Officer 4: Dramatics 2, 3, 4: Football Manager 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Mission Crusade 4: Senior Senate 4. "T" was an important part of the chore- ography for the musical comedies. Serving as manager of the football team in Junior year and being a cheerleader this year took up the rest of his time. Dennis Patrick Madden White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 4: Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 4: Chem- istry Club 4: Dance Committee 4: Glee Club 4: K. B. S. 1, 2, 3, 4: Mission Cru- sade 2: Scientific Society 2, 3, 4: Track Freshman: Usher Society 2, 3, 4. Denny, a key member of the stage crew, likes to build things. He will satisfy this penchant by becoming an engineer. Re- sponsible for much of our dance success, he devoted much time to the dance com- mittees. 45 Richard Glen Madden Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Shepherd 2, 3, 4: Aquinas Society l, 2, 3. 4: Class Officer 'l, 2, 3, 4: Dance Com- mittees 3, 4: Debating Society 2, 3: Foot- ball J. V. 2: Public Speaking 'l: Senior Senate 4: Track 1: Ushers 2, 3, 4: Vice President l. One of the tops scholastically, busy extra- curricularly, and well liked by all, Dick can be proud of his record here. lt's West Point for Dick. Robert Stockton Magdelain Scarsdale, New York Annunciation Shepherd 3: Literary Editor 4: Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 4: Crusader 2, 3: Dramatics 2, 3: Football J. V. 2: Glee Club 2, 4: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Phoenix l, 4: Tennis J. V. 2: Track 3: Ushers 2, 3, 4. Bob 'will be remembered for his acting in the Student Prince as Ruder, He thinks Dartmouth or Tufts will be the site of his next four scholastic years, provided he does not change his mind. Arthur John Malesardi Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Baseball Varsity 3, 4, J. V. l: Basketball Varsity 3, 4, J. V. 2, Freshman: Business Club 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 3: Football Varsity 2, 3, 4: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Senate 3: Student Council 3, 4. Art's biggest thrill was being on the championship football team of l955. A standout on the basketball. baseball, and football teams, Art hopes to continue ath- letics at college. He shines in History and has no stomach for English. John Frederick Manfredi North Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa Shepherd 3, 4: Aquinas Society l, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 2, 3: Debating Society 2, 4: Football J. V. 2: French Club 2, 3, 4: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Legionnaires 2: Public gpegkigig l, 2, 4: Tennis J. V. l, 2: Ushers Certainly one of the most outstanding students in Stepinac, John's interest in public speaking made him well known to the student body. His speaking in the American Legion Oratorical contest in Sophomore year and being made editor of the Phoenix during Senior year will be a few of the many memories that John will take when he leaves for Harvard and a course in pre-law. Robert Courtney Mangone New Rochelle, New York Annunciation Shepherd 4: Crusader I, 2, 3, 4: Debating Society 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Public Speaking 2, 3, 4: Ushers 2. Bob's placing in the Westchester C.Y.O. Oratorical Contest was one of his greatest thrills at Stepinac. He will be remembered for the fine iob he did as Co-Editor of the Crusader. He hopes to continue his education at Harvard in preparation for a career in Law. hiv' hd 'sf kay 'ld' John Charles Manno Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary Biology Club 2, K. B. S. 3, 4: McCloskey Volunteers lg Physics Club 3. John's pet peeve at Stepinac was the over- whelming burden of homework. This cur- tailed his trips and dreams of far-off places. John Joseph Marino Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Basketball Intramural lg Business Club 4: Chemistr Club 41 K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 4: Physics Club 33 Track J. V. 2. Johnny hopes to take up Electrical Engi- neering at college. Those drawn out as- semblies were always a sore spot for Johnny, but having Father McGann for Religion balanced this dilemma. Robert Charles Mayer Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Chemistry Club 43 German Club l, 2, K. B. S. 4. Attending Father Kane's Physics class was an experience Bob will never forget. His dislike for English was only counter-bal- anced by his ove of all the science sub- jects. Included in his post-graduation plans is a course in Geology at the University of Dayton. Joseph Peter Mazxetti Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Dance Committee 43 K. B. S. 3: Physics Club 33 Track Varsity 2, 3, 4, Freshman. Joe's .pet peeve waslalways being broke. Chemistry, his favorite subiect, will no doubt be a .firm foundation for a career in Engineering. Michael David McAdams Scarsdale, New York St. Pius X Shepherd 4: Bowling 3, 43 Class Officer 35 Crusader 43 Dance Committee 33 Golf 3, 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Legionnaires 4. "Spike" has his eyes set on Notre Dame According to "McGoo", passing the Al- Arthur Clarence McBride Yonkers, New York St. Mary Art's hobby is building model boats. This, along with his favorite subject, History, influenced his choice to join the Navy and see history made first hand. Daniel William McCarthy Putnam Lake, N. Y. Sacred Heart Chemistry Club 43 Classical Club 4. "Mac" ioined our number this year as a transfer student, and wasted no time in becoming one of us. An easy going stu- dent, he makes friends easily. Stepinac will miss a fine student and eager sup- porter ot school activities. gebraa Regents wassanrexperiemcle to. re- mem er orever. owing in e win er if - and golf in the summer are his main en- If Id Onlv studmd last mght ioyments. 46 Joseph Andrew McCarthy Ossining, New York St. Augustine Football J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 4. Football took up most of Joe's time while at Stepinac. He was a Lineman of the Week in the C,H.S.F.L., and he won the Thom McAn Trophy as Stepinac's out- standing football player of the year. Joe plans to take business administration at Detroit U. Joe rated Chem and English as rough as playing a stiff four quarters of football. Jefferson Brian McCarthy Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Shepherd 3, 4: Aquinas Society 2, 3: Bowl- ing Club 3, 4: Crusader 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Physics Club 4. Jeff, an officer in the French Club during his Senior year, was well known for his clever witticisms. He hopes to attend West Point in the fall. where his liking for Math and Physics should serve him well. My homework h we had homework?" 47 Thomas Peter McCarthy White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Shepherd 4: Basketball lntramural l: Chemistry Club 4: Dance Committee 3, 4: Football J. V. 2: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Legionnaires 3, 4: Physics Club 3: Usher Society 3, 4. Known as "Mac" to his classmates, he takes pleasure in playing the accordian in his spare time. Chemistry ranked tops with Tom and, maybe, this is the reason for engineering as his choice of a career. We hope he will find Detroit University to his liking. Edward Joseph McGirr Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Baseball Varsity 2: Basketball Freshman: Varsity 2, 3, 4: Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Senate 4. Eddie, a key figure in Stepanic's basketball team, hopes to pursue a college education. A likeable young man, he will undoubtably be a success in the future. John Joseph McGowan Harrison, New York St. Gregory the Great Baseball Varsity 3, J. V. 2: Class Officer l, 2, 3: Dance Committee l: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Mission Crusade l, 2: Track Fresh- man l. "Mac" was an active participant in school activities, especially in baseball. The blue of the Navy lies ahead. William Joseph McGowan Harrison, New York St. Gregory the Great Dance Committee 3: German Club 'l: Track l, 2, 3, 4. Bill spent most of his afternoons out on the cinders and enjoyed every minute of it. One thing he can't understand is why the seniors must wait so long for their mid- day meal. Peter Joseph McHugh New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Biology Club 2: Dramat' 2, 3: G Club l, 2: Glee Club 2, BIFSA: K. B. SFrln,Ja2r: 3,I 41: Scientific Society l, 2: Student Coun- ci . Pete found participating in the three plays at .Stepinac his greatest thrill. His interest in Chemistry prompted him to choose a career in that field of Science after graduation. -.Q s Thomas Edmund McNamara Mount Vernon, New York St. Catherine Altar Bo l, 2, 35 Biology Club 25 Class Officer 25 Crusader l, 2, 3. Chances are if you mentioned tennis, Ted would be the first to ask you for a game. After four years, he was still grateful for being accepted into Stepinac. James Kerry Mcsweeney Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Shepherd 4, K B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Legionnaires 2, Phoenix 4, Tennis lg Ushers 2, 3, 4. Kerry was the editor of the Phoenix this year, under Father McMahon. He was in ecstasy whenever he attended an English class, because he enioys reading and ap- preciates the works of master writers. Fordham will find him in its Freshman class, majoring in English. Theodore Henry Meister Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Business Club l, 3, Glee Club 43 Mission Crusade 4. Ted has the ambition of becoming a disk jockey. His experience in the Glee Club snould help him immensely in future years. Immediately after graduation, Ted will enter the Air Force. Gennaro Lucio Mellis Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Rifle Club 2, 31 Track 1, 4. Mel was another hot rod enthusiast. He thought his science course was the most. After graduation the Navy will be taking up all his time. Gabriel William Merola Yonkers, New York Annunciation An avid History fan, Billy hated Math. Keeping his convertible shining is a big job and he is a mean hand at it. He hopes to become a lawyer after a hitch in the Air Force. ef'-N J Their hard work was well rewarded Frank Paul Merolla White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Band l 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 4: Glee Club 43 Golf 3, 41 Mission Crusade 4. Frank's time was at a premium due to his many interests. He found French a very interesting subject. His future aspira- tions are in the field of Medicine. John Thomas Milbury Irvington, New York Immaculate Conception Altar Boy lg Tennis l. Unlike the rest of us, John despised home- work. Religion overpowered Math in the battle for his affection. As for the future, John hopes that the obiect of his wrath mill not be found in either the Army or the avy. 48 Y u mean I flunked again?" Charles Joseph Mirabella New Rochelle, New York Blessed Sacrament Business Club l, 23 Cheerleaders 43 Cru- sader 33 Glee Club 43 Photography Club 33 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. Buddy spent most of his time with guns and sports cars. He also had an interest in jazz. He plans to attend a local college and ioin its R.O.T.C. Julian Stanley Modzeleski Port Chester, New York Sacred Heart of Jesus Basketball Intramural l3 Chemistry Club 43 Dance Committee 43 German Club 43 Mission Crusade 4. "Muzz" enjoyed American History but could not stand any type of Math. He Blans to wind up his education at the mversity of Detroit. 49 Peter Edward Moffa Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Electronics Club 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 33 Track J. V. Pete found Physics a welcome escape from the complexities of the German language. The University of Detroit and a career'in aeronautical engineering comprise his fu- ture aspirations. James William Mooney New Rochelle, New York St. Catherine Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Varsity Baseball 2, 4, J. V. Baseball l3 Varsitv Basketball 2, 3, 4, Freshman Basketball l. Jim, who actively participated in many activities, was quite peeved about the lack of spirit. His leisure hours were appor- tioned among sports, girls, and cars. He looks forward to attendance at Villanova. Joseph Martin Morgado White Plains, New York St. Anthony Shepherd 43 Art Club l, 23 Class Officer 3, 43 Cheerleaders 43 Dramatics 3, 43 K. B. S. 3, 43 Library Club 33 Glee Club 43 Bowling Team 2, 3, 43 Poster Club 43 Sen- ior Senate 4. Joe's artistic ability was known to all Step- inac students. Attendance at Pratt ln- stitute should make him a fine commercial artist in the field of advertising design. Lewis Rensselaer Morrison Ardsley, New York Our Lady of Perpetual Help Class Officer 3. Lewis, a well known ioker, listed Junior year with Father Kane as his best at Stepi- nac. His college plans are indefinite, but he may ioin the Air Force after graduation. James Charles Moshier Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Bowling 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3,42 Rifle Club 3. Being a member of the Naval Reserve, Jim plans to go on active duty after grad- uation. His most outstanding experiences were the football rallies. ln his off hours he likes to go hunting. George John Natt White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Dance Committee 3: Football Varsity 33 Glee Club 43 Physics Club 4. George came to Stepinac in Junior year from the Christian Brothers Academy of Albany. His dislike for French Two was balanced by his liking for Physics. It will be college next year for George, where he will pursue a career in Engineering. John Anthony Nimphius White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Auto Club 4, Class Officer 43 Senior Sen- ate 4g Swimming 2, 31 Track l, 2. John will never for et that great Algebra class conducted by sFather McGoldrick. He was one of many seniors starved into un- consciousness by the late lunch. John Ryer Nixon New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Basketball Varsity 33 Prom Committee 3. John, who hails from New Rochelle, was another Senior who stood in the ranks of those who desired to abolish English. Short lunch periods also aroused his ire. Donald Joseph Noonan Port Chester, New York Holy Rosary Class Officer l, 43 Football Varsity 3, 4, J. V. 23 K. B. S. 2. 3, 4: Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Physics Club 3, Student Council 43 Track J. V. 3. A great sports lover, Don proved himself on the football field. This was his out- standing experience and perhaps he will follow it up at the Air Force Academy. Here he will begin his career as an officer in the Armed Forces in September. If he is half as popular there as he was at Stepinac, the Air Force will be proud of him. Bernard Joseph 0'Brien Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Business Club 23 K. B. S. 1. Bernie's dislike of Math was always balanced by his love of History. He plans to work for a year before entering college. Thomas Joseph 0'Brien Ossining, New York St. Augustine German Club 2: Track l. The Junior Prom was the highlight of "Obie's" social whirl at Stepinac. He would like to ioin the paratroopers or the Marines. Math, his favorite subiect, should be useful to him as an engineer. John Edward 0'Connor Katonah, New York St. Mary of the Assumption Physics Club 3. Jack thought that getting up so early was quite a deterent to his good health. His desire is to wear the Navy blues and see the world. "ln case of an explosion " 50 Frank Emmet O'Moore Yonkers, New York John Timothy 0'Donnell Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Altar Bo l, 23 Business Club l, 2, 33 Cheerleaders 43 Class Officer l, 2, 43 Foot- ball J. V. 23 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Senior Senate 43 Track l, J. V. 2. "O.D." was one of the more well known men at Stepinac. His plans for the future include night school at lona and getting a good iob during the day. William Joseph O'Leary Armonk, New York St. Patrick Chemistry Club 43 Dance Committee 43 Spanish Club 4. After attending Mt. St. Michael for two years, Bill came to Stepinac last year. With sports as his hobby, he hoped to make the varsity baseball team. After Stepinac, Bill plans to attend Holy Cross next year. Stepinac s first outdoor rally. W Sl St. Barnabas K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4. Frank was one of the few Stepinac students to play baseball at the Yankee Stadium. He plans to continue his education either at Annapolis or the Coast Guard Academy. Terence David 0'NeilI Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 Football Varsity 3, 4, J. V. 23 Mission Crusade 3, 43 Senior Senate 4. Terry 'was one of the most popular boys in Senior year, and also one of the quietest. The football team would have been lost without his cry, 'Huddle Up!" after every play. We are sure that Terry's likeable personality will gain him much success in future years. William Andrew 0'Rourke White Plains, New York St. Anthony Business Club l, 2, 33 K. B. S. 1, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Track l. Choosing between Iona and Fordham has become more of a problem than Nippy ever realized. He plans to obtain a job as an accountant after college. John Thomas 0'Shaughnessy Mount Kisco, New York St. Francis of Assisi Altar Bov l, 23 Biology Club 23 Business Club 43 Classical Club 41 Class Officer 43 K. B. S. member l, 2, 3, 43 Prefect 2, 3, 43 iillanager Varsity 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade Jack was one of the most well known and active students of our class. While keeping up his grades he was manager of the Varsity Basketball team for three years and played on the class team in freshman vear. He plans to study business account- ing at Iona. Walter Healy Ovenstone Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Bowl' izch 'f cib4,G ci 21 Piwnygacs clfrlngfy U erman uh "Ovie" wil never forget the great time he had at the Junior Prom. English was his best subject, while Trig was his worst. He plans to Join the Navy after graduation. up-. Q q I P 'vt art' E 0 William Edward Page Marnaroneck, New York Holy Trinity Shepherd 43 Cardinal McKIoskey Volunteers 43 Glee Club 45 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Legion- naires 4g Swimming 23 Tennis l, 4. Bill detested any form of Math, but he rather enjoyed Latin. This love for the classics will serve as a good foundation for his course of studies at the Foreign Service School of Georgetown University. Michael Thomas Palen Crestwood, New York Annunciation Football Varsity 45 K, B. S. 3, 43 Tennis 'lg Track J. V. l, 2. Mike, whose favorite course was science, will pursue his college education in Physi- cal Education. He plans to attend a near: by college. Pasquale Anthony Palermo Yonkers, New York St, John the Baptist Football Varsity 3, 4. J. V. 23 Track Varsity 2. 3, 4, Freshman l. Pat was sturdy and outstanding on the gridiron and cinders for the past two years. He is liked by all and should find this an asset at the college of his choice. Robert Edward Parzyck Yonkers, New York St. Mary Bob was very quiet while at Stepinac, but made up for it at home. He liked to recall Father McGann's great tirade during our last rally. Bob will probably be found in Navy blues after graduation. Ronald Anthony Pasqua Yonkers, New York St. Bartholomew Shepherd 2, 3, 4: Crusader 43 German Club l, 2, 3g K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4: Prefect l, 2, 33 Mission Crusade 3. Ron is a great photographer, as our last three yearbooks show. He finds nothing more relaxing than snapping a few shots. German found itself at the bottom of his subiect list, while Mechanical Drawing was at the top. Manhattan is his next goal. "Oops,-I closed it too soon again' James Francis Patterson Briarcliff Manor, New York St. Theresa Altar bov l, 2, 3: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade lg Physics Club 43 Swim- ming 25 Track l. After college, Jim plans to attend a school for morticians. His dislike of woman drivers was offset by the relaxation he found in hunting and fishing. Robert Peter Pennacchia Crestwood, New York Annunciation Altar Boy l, 2, 33 Glee Club 33 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Track Freshman l. Bob found Trig exciting, but the subiect of Brother Benignus ranked rather low with his tastes. He would like to join the Air Force, but his ambition in lite is to be- come a pharmacist. 52 John Joseph Pierce Valhalla, New York Holy Name There ought to be plenty of bacteria on this!" Robert John Pesce Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Basketball Intramural lg Class Officer 2, Football J. V. l, 2, Varsity 3, 45 Mission Crusade 2. An outstanding lineman on the varsity football team for two years, Bob will never forget the touchdown he scored in the Hayes game. College and football are Bob's plans in the future. William Campbell Pfister White Plains, New York St. Bernard Dance Committee 3, 43 Legionnaires 43 Public Soeaking lg Stage Crew 2, 3, Stage Manager 4, Tennis Freshman l, J. V. 2, 3, Ushers 3, 4. Known to Stepinac musical comedy fans as "the man behind the scenes", Bill labored tirelessly to transform his stage hands into a well functioning crew. Bill's amity toward Math and his love of English will come in very handy at whatever col- lege he enters upon graduation. 53 i Glee Club 3, K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Legion- naires 4, Tennis l. Health class provided John with a haven from the rigors of Father Mulroy's English class. His future plans include the Air Force and a career in accounting. John Constant Pietrusewicz Thornwood, New York Most Holy Rosary Shepherd 3, 4g Crusader 43 German Club 2, 3' K B S l 2 3 4 , . . . , , , . John likes to go hunting and fishing in his spare time. The short lunch periods al- ways got under his skin. College and engineering are the "big two" in his future. Emil Alexander Pisarri Scarsdale, New York St. Pius X Physics Club 33 Swimming 3. Emil has an interest in Electronics, and hopes to gain a degree in Engineering in the near future. Father Mulroy's English classes were a dreadful nightmare to him. Anthony Richard Piscetta Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist Biology Club. 23 Class Officer 2, 43 German Club l: Senior Senate 4, Track 4, Varsity Football 4. Tony, who was the president of his home- room of 4-F, anxiously awaited the Senior Prom. After this he plans to attend Ford- ham College. William Francis Plunkett Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Baseball J. V. 2, Basketball J. V. 2, Fresh- man, Chemistry Club 43 Class Officer 4, Football J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 43 French Club 3, K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade l, 2, 3, Student Council 4, Track Varsity 2, Ushers 3. Bill was an outstanding athlete at Stepinac until he was severely injured in the Fairfield game in the beginning of Senior Year. The able Student Manager received the coveted Lou Gehrig award in Senior year. He plans to attend Holy Cross in prepara- tion for a career in Medicine. Anthony Alexander Pugliese Silver Lake, New York St. Anthony Shepherd 3. 43 Art Club l, 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Crusader 3, 43 Dance Committee 3, 43 Dramatics 3, 43 Glee Club 33 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Library Club 3, 43 Poster Club 3, 43 Swing Band 2, 3, 4. Tony hopes to attend Pratt Institute to take up advertising art. His favorite sub- iect at Stepinac was study hall, where he could ponder over the complexities of his worst subiect, French. James Bradley Pugmire Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Chemistry Club 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 23 Physics Club 33 Swim- ming 2, 3. Jimmy will always remember the retreats, and English rated well with him. He doesn't think that he will miss Physics. He plans to attend drafting school next fall. Robert Joseph Raynor White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Baseball J. V. 23 Bowling 43 Classical Club 43 Stage Crew 2 3, 43 Tennis J. V. 2, 33 Varsity 43 Freshman3 Ushers 2, 3, 4. Bob, a great tennis player, hopes his in- timate knowledge of Latin acquired through four years of study, will enable him to Enter Fordham and prepare for a career in aw. William Michael Quad! Tarrytown, New York Immaculate Conception Bill was known as the very quiet type in his four years at Stepinac. ln his spare time, he likes to strum his guitar and do a little country singing. He plans to matriculate at a neighboring college. David Anthony Quigley Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Shepherd 43 Glee Club 3, 43 K. B. S. 3, 43 Physics Club 3. "Daddy Dave" came to Stepinac in Junior year to find History his favorite subiect. After graduation he plans to attend Iona where he will take either Liberal Arts or Accounting. When the time comes, he plans to ioin the Navy. Paul Thomas Ranni White Plains, New York St. Bernard Biology Club 23 Business Club li Dance Committee 33 French Club 2, 33 J. V. Base- ball l. 23 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Prefect l3 Legionnaires 3, 43 Mission Crusade l, 23 Physics Club 33 Tennis l, 2, 3, 4. Paul's preference for tennis prompts him to establish his permanent residence in Miami, where one may wear shorts all year long. But before this can happen, Paul will have completed his education at Georgetown. William Dennis Reagan White Plains, New York St. Bernard Baseball Varsity 3, 43 Dance Committee 43 Iillission Crusade I3 Spanish Club 43 Tennis Willie's dislike of surprise quizzes was compensated when he got out on the fair- way to play his favorite sport. Not to be outdone in other sports, he found baseball and tennis to his liking. Villanova will be seeing the amiable Willie in the near future. "One coke,-with cherry, lemon, and grape added " 54 Lawrence Harry Redler White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist German Club l, 23 Scientific Society l. Tom waited three years for an Automobile Club to start, and to his ioy this year one was opened. He did not hold Math very high, and this is especially true of Algebra. As for next year, he plans to work. Michael Thomas Reid White Plains, New York St. Bernard Biology Club 23 German Club l, 23 Glee Club 43 Physics Club 33 Tennis l, 23 Track Trig, hunting, and history interest Mike who plans to attend either Georgetown or Brown after graduation. Raymond Joseph Renza, Jr. Peekskill, New York Assumption Biolog-f Club 23 Band l. 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Dance Committee 43 German Club l, 23 Glee Club 43 K. B. S. 3, 4. The main pull that brought Ray to school was Father McMahon's English class, es- peciallv during his reading of Beowulf. Earth Science idn't seem to agree with this popular Senior from Peekskil. ' Joseph Albert Riello Yonkers, New York St. Bartholomew Business Club l, 2, 33 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4. "Fingers" preferred American History to Spanish, and liked girls best of all. After graduation he plans to attend an out of state college. Thomas Joseph Rinaldi Yonkers, New York Annunciation Football Varsity 33 K. B. S. 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. "Big Tom" was among the few who did not advocate homeroom assemblies. lt was a familiar sioht to see Tom driving around in his hot Willy's. After graduation, he plans to attend Fairfield. Seniors take time out for a smoke. 55 George Malcolm Riss Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa George will long be remembered by all for his likeable personality and quick wit. His favorite subject was Biology, and his hobby, collecting records. ln college he plans to take up a technical trade course. Wayne Hugh Roberts Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary Class Officer lg Dance Committee 33 French Club 23 Football J. V. 23 Track Varsity 3. Wayne's experiment in student exchange will be long remembered by French stu- dents. Fervently patriotic, he was proud of the tact he had been a "C" man for his four years at Stepinac. George Cornelius Robertson White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Basketball Freshman I3 Business Club I, 2, 33 Crusader 43 Football J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 43 Swimming I, 2, 3, 4. "Robbie" was considered quite an aquatic star here at Stepinac besides participating in other sports. He enloys chopping around the golf course and also snapping pictures. Duquesne is the next stop for this popular athlete. Edward Joseph Robinson Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity Business Club I, 2, 3, 43 K. B. S. 2, 3, 43 lntrarriural Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football J. V. . Ed's experience in the Business Club and being a member of the class of 4H should set him on the right track for a business career after graduation. Ed hopes to have more time to eat at college, for the lunch period seemed too short for him at Stepinac. Stanley Henry Romaine Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 4. St. Michael's will gain a budding chemist when Stan graduates. Chemistry and Eng- lish held preference over Intermediate Tgebra, while the Navy will be his service c once. John Claude Roth Bedford Hills, New York St. Mary of the Assumption Although his activities were few, John was very active in the past. He has attended five hioh schools, both here and abroad. We are all sure that he will succeed in his endeavors. Cornelius Michael Ryan Ossining, New York St. Augustine Shepherd 43 Biology Club 23 Chess Club 23 Dance Committee 43 Dramatics I, 2, 3, 43 Electronics Club 43 Glee Club 3, 43 K. .B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Librarv Club 23 Physics Club 33 gif? Elub 2, 3, 43 Scientific Society I, A four year man in the musical comedies, Neal was a familiar sight on our stage. HisA interest in Physics should produce a fine scientist, after Notre Dame. "But Brother, it will reach the moon' Walter Kieran Ryan North Pelham, New York St. Catherine Business Club 'l, 2, 3, 43 K. B. S. I, 2, 3, 4. "Rojo" delighted in Business and cars. Well liked by his fellow students, he plans .1 study Business Administration at Iona, eventually becoming a C.P.A. Joseph Peter Saline Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Rosary Cheerleaders 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Ger- man Club 2: Glee Club 3, 43 K. B. S. 2, 3. 43 Physics Club 33 Senior Senate 43 Student Council 43 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. Joe was known by his classmates for his great sense of humor. He plans to attend Detroit University for Civil Engineering. 56 Joseph Nathan Sapienza Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist But I was sure l looked here before." Alfred Christopher Sanchirico Yonkers, New York St. Mary Chemistry Club 4. Due to his job after school, "Phil Babe" found it impossible to participate in extra curricular activities. Detroit will gain an engineering enthusiast and a fine student. Carmine Thomas Santoro Mamaroneck, New York Holy Trinity Business Club l, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 43 Football J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4, Track Var- sity 3, 4. "El Toro", as this popular 4H man is called, could always be found towering above everyone at his student council post, talking to a large crowd about his football experiences. His participation in extra- curricular-activities was exemplary and contributed to his great popularity. Architectural Club 3, 41 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Legionnaires 4. "Sap" has an excellent talent for archi- tecture. This appears to be his greatest interest and he intends to pursue it in college and then set up his own practice. David Lawrence Sayles Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Business Club lg Swimming l. "Sage" was often seen around Stepinac in his bomb, a '54 Ford. He enjoys hunting or listening to good music. In August of '58 he will enter the Naval Reserve. Francis Joseph Scarduzio Ossining, New York St. Augustine Basketball J. V. 2, Chemistry Club 43 Class Officer lg Physics Club 3. "Frank" was one of the boys from up the river. Math was on the top of the list for him and will be a big factor for him in college. where he plans to study Engi- neering. Joseph Frank Schmidt Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary Business Club 45 Senior Bulletin 4. "Sonny" wishes to study Law at a local Catholic college, probably Fordham. If he does not change his plans, a stint in the Air Force will be next in line. Hermann Wilhelm Schulz Yorktown, New York St. Patrick Business Club 2, 3, German Club l, 2, 35 K. B. S. 45 Swimming l. 57 Hermann's career as an automobile insur- ance adiustor will be furthered by his proficiency in Business Mathematics and his interest in cars, Charles Sabin Schunk Putman Valley, New York St. Columbanus Unfortunately, Charles' most outstanding experience at Stepinac was being hit by a car when he was a Freshman. English and too short a lunch period topped his list of pet peeves. John Warren Shampnoi Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist Class Officer 3. John likes to spend his spare time re- modellin cars. He hopes to enter the Armed Fiorces after graduation and take some phase of mechanics. John Anthony Shanahan White Plains, New York St. Bernard Dance Committee 3, K.-B. S. ll. 2. 3. 41 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Tennis Varsity 4, J. V. 2, 3, Freshman, Ushers 2, 3, 4. For "Shaggy," liking English turned out to be his greatest surprise in all his four years at Stepinac. He found Physics and Chem- istry to be wonderful but Latin and French iust the opposite. He plans to attend R. P. I. after graduation. John Francis Shea Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Basketball J. V. 25 Business Club 1, 2, 3, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 3, Football J. V. 1, 2, Varsity 3, 43 Glee Club 43 K, B. S. l, 2, Mission Crusade l, 2, 33 Track Varsity 2, 3, 4. Running for school president was John's biggest thrill. He was an all around ath- lete, participating in three sports. John rated P. A. D. as a bad dream, and Bus- iness Law as the tops. Joseph Harold Shea Bronxville, New York St. Joseph Track Varsity 3, Ari K. B. S. Prefect 2, 3, 4, Member l. An outstanding trackr-nan in his later days at Stepinac, Joe was well known by all his classmates. Short lunch periods in Senior year and the lack of food made his blood boil. In the fall, Providence will gain a fine athlete and a well rounded personality. James Anthony Shopovick Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Track Varsity 3. f'Shoppy," one of the most popular fellows in 4H, plans to enter the service after leaving Stepinac. A member of the track team in Junior year, he served as Athletic Representative or his class for two years. Anthony Mark Silo Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Football Varsity 4: K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4. One of the most popular members of the Senior Class, Tony considered graduation the most outstanding experience in his four years at Stepinac. His knowledge of cars and Math will aid him greatly in his future career in the Army. A hot rodder poses with his chief mechanic 58 Peter Ernest Silvain White Plains, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Business Club 45 Crusader 3, 45 Stage Crew 3, 45 Swimming 2, 45 Ushers 4. Pete would like to attend Iona after grad- uation. Planning to take a business course, Pete will be aided by the experience gained as business manager for the Crusader. Nicholas Joseph Sinigaglia Mount Vernon, New York Our Lady of Victory Business Club 1, 25 Class Officer 25 Track Nick had trouble concentrating on Span- ish, for he caught the hot rod bug early in his matriculation at Stepinac. He plans to learn the trade of maintaining jet en- gines in the Air Force. Y u mean you didn t apply to the Cross?" S9 William Thomas Snyder Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Basketball Intramural 'lg Biology Club 25 Dance Committee 41 Dramatics 45 German Club 1, 25 Glee Club 4. Bill's past four years at Stepinac were productive both socially and scholastically. The near future will find him in a pre-med course at either Holy Cross or Georgetown. John Donald Sparno Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Chemistry Club 45 Class Officer 3, 4: Crusader 35 Dance Committee 35 K. B. S. 45 Physics Club 35 Senior Senate 4, Track Varsity 3, 4. "J, D." carried his crusade for no week- end homework through Stepinac for four years but to no avail. The fall will find John at Manhattan. Charles John Steets Bronxville, New York Immaculate Conception Bowling lg Class Officer l, 2, 35 Track Varsity 2, 3, 4, Freshman l. Charlie was an outstanding member of the track team for three years. He likes fish- ing and English, dislikes Chemistry and the fact the school was not co-ed. He will join the Navy or go to St. Bonaventure. llario John Sterino Tarrytown, New York Immaculate Conception Auto Club 45 Band l, 25 Biology Club 25 Class Officer 2, 35 Football J. V. 25 Ger- man Club l, 2. "Lar," a handy man to know when plagued with car troubles, has his eye on turning his hobby into his life's work by attending General Motors Institute. C. Douglas Stram Yonkers, New York St. Mary Chemistry Club 45 Electronics Club 45 K. B. S. 21 Scientific Society l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club l. If Doug continues along the path he fol- lowed for the past four years, his success is assured. Although he disliked History, he redeemed himself in the sciences by winning a number of science project medals. The engineering profession will gain an in- dustrious worker when Doug graduates from college. Robert Terry Sullivan Crestwood, New York Annunciation Class Officer 2, 33 Track J. V. 2, Freshman Terry's chief interests are cars and motors. lt follows, that his favorite subject was Mechanical Drawing. After graduation, Terry would like to take up drafting or architecture at a technical school. Robert Francis Sweeney White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Biology Club 29 Dance Committee 33 Physics Club 3. After playing with figures in school, "Sweets" heads for the golf course for more enjoyment. Although he did not like math of any kind, he hopes to attend Fordham or Dayton and pursue a career in accounting. "We've got lOO today' William Thomas Telesca Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy giogogy Club 25 Chemistry Club 41 K. 'B, S. Bill had no use for home room assemblies. In class he shined in our science lab, and his services as an altar boy were well appreciated. ln Senior year he took up bowling and was well known for his ability on the alleys. Joseph Andrew Thompson New Rochelle, New York Blessed Sacrament Baseball Varsitv 3, 4, J. V. 23 Basketball Varsitv 3. 4, Freshman: Football J. V. 25 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. "Joe T's" lumbering frame was at home on the basketball court. A season on Brother Lucas' J. V. convinced "Big Joe" to become an active cager. He enioyed history and was always good for a laugh in Span- ish, where he kept both teacher and stu- dents guessing. Charles Martin Tomaselli Bedford Hills, New York St. Mary Shepherd 43 Bowling 45 Classic Club 43 French Club 3, 43 Stage Crew 3. A real country boy from the sticks of Bedford Hills, Charlie, for four years made the arduous journey in his quest of higher learning. Well liked and popular with his classmates, Charlie has fallen under the spell of Father Mathews, and as a result is going to use his knowledge of Latin as a basis for the study of Law at Holy Cross. Peter Michael Tomonto Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Football J. V. 23 Student Council 2. Pete, most obscure in his German class, enjoyed tinkering in the Electronics lab after school. He plans to enter his father's lumber business after he graduates. Martin Andrew Tori Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Chemistry Club 43 Football J. V. 'l, 25 K. B. S. lg Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, 4. Marty contributed greatly to the school dances and stage productions through his work in the stage crew. Physics and senior assemblies irritated him, while History was the object of his affection. St. Michael's of Toronto will find him a hard working asset to the student body. 60 Behold the Lamb of God!" Paul Peter Trainor Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 45 Dramatics 3, 45 K. B. S. Pre- fect 4. Paul and Brother Benignus didn't see eye to eye, although that didr1't stop him from being happy. He was an active mem- ber of the Dramatics Club for two years. Thomas Owen Trainor Yonkers, New York St. Mary Tom roamed the halls of Stepinac for four years and bewails the clay that French was born. With his quick wit and sharp tongue the law course at Fordham should not be too difficult. 61 Michael John Totaro Yonkers, New York Our Lady of the Rosary Shepherd 35 Assistant Editor 45 Aquinas Society l. 2, 3, 45 Basketball Intramural 15 Chemistry Club 45 Classical Club 45 Cru- sader 2, 3, 45 French Club 2, 35 K. B. S, l, 2, 3, 45 Legionnaires 2, 3, 45 McCloskey Volunteers 3, 45 Phoenix 45 Public Speaking 25 Ushers 2. Mike was one of the best liked men at Stepinac. The school will lose a good stu- dent and a fine young man when he grad- uates. He sees a place in the field of Medicine for himself. Donald James Toucey White Plains, New York St. Bernard Business Club l, 2, 35 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club l, 25 Student Council 3, 4. For'the past two years, Don had the privilege of serving on the Student Council. After graduation, he plans to maior in Business Administration at Dayton Uni- versity. Arthur Vincent Trifari Pelham, New York St. Catherine Chemistry Club 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Physics Club 35 Scientific Society I5 Stage Crew Il, 24, 3. 45 Student Council 45 Tennis l, 2, Tennis and the stage crew were Art's chief interests.. The college of his choice will gain a willing and popular student. John Campbell Trifari Ossining, New York St. Theresa Shepherd 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Business Club 45 Chemistry Club 45 Dance Committee 3, 45 Senior Bulletin 45 Spanish Club 2, 45 Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. John found that only by persistant study and concentrated effort could one suc- cessfully negotiate the rigors of Brother Philip Neri's Trig class. Responsible for many of the dances held at Stepinac during Senior year. he will find that his appoint- ment to the Air Force Academy leaves little time for dancing. Anthony Edward Trovato Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Cheerleader 25 Chemistry Club 45 Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Electronics Club 45 K. B. S. 1, 2, 3, 45 Track Freshman l. Ed, an advocate of the plays at Stepinac, called this his main interest. His future entails college and then a career in the Navy as an electronics engineer. Louis Achilles Tucci Tarrytown, New York Immaculate Conception Altar Boys 2g Class Officer 41 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 41 Mission Crusade 4. "Big Lou" was noted for his unique walk. His one complaint was that they don't make the spaghetti in school the way it should be made, After graduation he plans to attend college. Joseph Alfred Vanorio White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows With his preference for Accounting, we are sure Joe will make good in his chosen business career. He will first at- tend Westchester Community College and then enter the Navy. John Richard Van Valkenburg Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Biology Club 23 Bowling 3, 4, Dance Com- mittees 3, 4, K, B. S. 3, 4, Mission Cru- sade 3, 4. John and Father Sullivan could not see eye to eye on the Question of the Late Show. lt will be quite a long time before John forgets Father Lyons and his Religion classes. Michael Henry Venuti Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bowling l, 23 Business Club 1, 2, 33 K. B. S. l, 2, , 4, Stage Crew 4. "Mickev's" hobbies of bowling and golf left little time to pursue the study of Geometry. This fall, he will enter Fordham in preparation for a career in pharmacy. Joseph Patrick Viggiano Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Business Club 2, Football J. V. 23 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 4, Track J. V. 2. "Vigg's" distaste for iug was appreciated bv manv members of the Senior Class but not by any of his teachers. Discounting four years of English, he considered his stay at Stepinac as being thoroughly en- goyable and regretted having to leave. James Wesley Voight Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima Shepherd 43 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer l, 2, 31 Crusader 33 Golf l, 2, 3, 4: Track l. Wes' athletic abilities were displayed on the fairway and the basketball court throughout his four years at Stepinac. I-lis singing talent will no doubt win him many friends at the college of his choice. Vincent James Volpe Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bowling 'l, 2, 3, 4. Father Mulroy was a constant source of fascination to Vin, who was overwhelmed by his mannerisms. Finding Spanish to his liking, Vin should do well in college and law school if he finds companions who speak the language. Kinsley dunks it' 62 Arthur Leo Walsh Pleasantville, New York Holy Innocents Chemistry Club 43 Physics Club 3. Art will long remember the time he made the Honor Roll, a deed which brought him great pleasure. His appreciation of Earth cience has inspired him to study Geologi- cal Engineering after graduation. This smiling hunter and fisherman will have no trouble being a success in this field. John Joseph Walsh Larchmont, New York Sts. John and Paul Class Officer lg Chemistry Club 45 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 41 Physics Club 3, Track Varsity 3, 43 Freshman i. Jay enioyed English, disliked French and liked to work on his car. He worked hard on the track team and plans to pursue Business Administration at college. Peter Charles Walz Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa Shepherd 3, 43 Altar Boy i, 2. 3, 43 Camera Club 43 Crusader 3, 43 K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 godglgy 2, 3, 45 Stage Crew 3, Stamp u . Stamps and cameras took much of Pete's time, as he had a great deal of interest in each. His dislike for English will long be remembered by the members of his class. Edward Merle Weis North White Plains, New York Holy Name of Jesus Bowling 3, 43 K. B. S. 1, 2, 3, 4: Track l. Ed could never understand the reason why we had to have assemblies, but he did enioy the rallies. Each Science was to Ed's liking, but unfortunately he was unable to appreciate Spanish. Christopher Joseph Weldon Briarcliff Manor, New York St. Teresa K. B. S. l. 2, 3, 43 Prefect 4: Altar Boy 5, 445 French Club 2, 33 Legionnaires The Religion course was the most en- joyable time spent for Chris. since he plans to enter the priesthood. The scope of his activities also reflects his interest in de- voting his life to the service of God. John Joseph Welsh Rye, New York A future scientist explains his prize-winning exhibit. 63 Resurrection K, B, S. 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. John enioyed the easy-going atmosphere of Fr. John Murray's Junior religion class. Undecided about college, he seems to pre- fer the Army to the other services. William Anton Wetzel Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 4: Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer I, 23 Crusader l, 2, 3, 4: K. B. S. L. 2. 3, 43 Legionnaires 25 Mission Crusade Willie's hand could. be found in almost every event at Stepmac. His school spirit and sense of' humor contributed to his popularity. Willie will be Worcester bound for Holy Cross next September. .w iv t 9-f ' 3 vl 1 .iw M. 'R if Q' l 1""?' Qan- 'x George Francis Wiggers New Rochelle, New York Our Lady of Perpetual Help Auto Club 4, Electronics Club 43 General Science Club lg Physics Club 3, Scientific Society l. Known as "Charlie" among his classmates, George was proud of his medal for third place in the Stepinac Science Contest. Although a familiar face in ll2 after school, lug was Charlie's pet peeve. He shouldn't have any trouble becoming an engineer with his knowledge of the sciences. Robert John Woianowicz Yonkers, New York St. Casimir Band l, 23 Business Club 31 K. B. S, 3, 4. "Smiley" plans to attend the Academy of Aeronautics of La Guardia Airport and serve in the Air Force, With this serious ambition, he should do well in later years. Martin Peter Yannario White Plains, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bowling lg Glee Club 45 Physics Club 3, Swimming l, 2. "Motz" regarded passing Junior year as his outstanding experience. ln his spare time he enioys working on cars. After graduation he will either attend college or loin the Marines. Attilio Zavaglia Larchmont, New York Sis. John and Paul An arrival at Stepinac during his Junior year, "Duals" found the atmosphere here stimulating. History and Physics found themselves opposite each other on his scales of taste, when he was not pursuing his favorite topic, sports cars. Pasquale Joseph Zavaglia Larchmont, New York Sts. John and Paul Shepherd 43 Biology Club 4: Chemistry Club 43 Crusader 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, General Science Club lg German Club l, 21 Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Honor Roll l, 2, 33 K. B. S. 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 33 Public Speaking 2, Scientific Society l. Pat's busy extra-curricular schedule was highlighted by his membership in the Dramatic Society, l-le thoroughly enjoyed Biology and Earth Science under the instruc- tion of Brother Leroy, yet detested Elec- tronics. After graduation Pat plans to at- tend Notre Dame or Villanova. "Hey! Get your thumb out of my eye' Edward Victor Zegarelli North Tarrytown, New York St. Mark Biology Club 23 Chemistry Club 4, German Club l, 25 K, B. S. 4, Honor Roll l, 2. "Zig" considers graduation his most out- standing experience during his four years at Stepinac, Biology being his favorite subject, it will indubitably assist him in his pre- veterinary studies at Cornell University. Paul Joseph Zucconi Ossining, New York Sf. Augustine Aquinas Society lg Baseball J. V. 2, Biolo- gy Club 2g Chemistry Club 45 Scientific Society l, 25 Track l. "Zuc" favored History over Math, al- though he excelled in both. Like a few of his classmates, his pet peeve was the annual raffle. His popularity among his classmates is sure to continue at Cornell. 64 KENNETH JAMES JONES 4A RICHARD GLEN MADDEN 4B GEORGE HARRY LYDDANE 4D FATHER JOHN LYONS Senior Moderator ANTHONY RICHARD PISCETTA 4F EDWARD JOSEPH McGI RR 4G O THOMAS JOSEPH DEMPSEY 4C JOSEPH MARTIN MORGADO 4E FRANCIS JOHN KINDERMANN 4H 65 39 X J si I X Pu ea :css ,X X . Xu - .,,,-...A 1...e..,...... , XR ,M Yx 'M'-,,,..-'--v 'faux 117-'asp ' " X xxx Q R ,AM ,vu-f"-' ' ' ' wifes, A,,,1'if' ,--fff"?.- g A awe ' s -,Jf"W ' ,.- " ' " w xxx is R --an-VM-f 'K At Bethlehem, the angels announced "the tidings of great joy which would be to all the people." Through Mary's "fiat" the world was given the basis for all happiness. It is in this that school activities take on their value and worth under the Blessed Mother, "the cause of our joy." -if -6.-si' Ns X X N?- ri J is . -Q 4 l M l . V 'P l' Wiml- f A 7 i . 1, V ,i N , K . T vit infix W l l BOYS' CHORUS Kneeling: J. McNulty, G. Henke, B. Cestone, M. Santoro, N. Soriano, F. Mero D. Andres, R. Nagle, M. Stafford, J. Siess. Front Row: J. Barrett, C. Ryan P. E Y J. Brady, J. Reidy, J. Scordo, J. Deely, E. Sheridan, J. Sofia, J. Suozzi, Eva R. Burke, W. Snyder, P. McHugh, P. Rice. Back Row: F. Francomano, W. Pa GIRLS' CHORUS M. Yannario, B. Cosacchi, K. Grasso, W. Quinn, J. Benjamin, J. Saline, E. Pi Front Row: K. Hernon, J. Meehan, M, Waters, P. Peppard, M. DeMillo, C. LOmbardi, P- Zavaglla, W. Flynn, C. Santoro, A. Zavaglia, T. Balash. A Bohlcn L Tocdtman, D. Bcgley, B. Markert, M. Renz. Second Row: H. Young, ,.....n'xf'l' Kadela, D. Runge, M, Burke, J. Vercesi, J. Desnoyers, D. Lynch, C. Geoghegan, Larson, R. Troster, C. Mandcll, G. Weis, M. Unger. Back Row: E. Maher, M. Burke, Lenzirii, A. Belanger, H. Schmitz, C. DeLuca, G. Di Napoli, G. Joyce, V. Risl, M. Hyland, T. Russo, J. Detta, E. Turco. PSAT PRINCIPALS Sitting: Fr. McGann, B. Cohane, H. Dwyer, M. Wright, E. Gallagher, Fr. Cashman. l Standing: F. Childs, W. Lonergan, K. Ecclesine, C. Ryan, F. Francomano, R. Flintott, l J. Sfcrra, A. Pugliese. IRECTORS STAGE CREW STAGE D Kneeling: J. O'Hara, B. Garber, D. Hunter, IG. Casarella, R. Andriola, R. Johnson, Kneeling: D. Madden, A. Trifari. Standing: A. Pugliese, W. Pfister, J. Trifari, F.l R. Lazar, J. Clark, E. Casey, L. Dirksen. Sitting. R. Myers, V. Magnotta, P. Ruben, D. Madden, G. Fox, P. Patch. Standing: E. Michels, M. Venuti, P. Wring, R. Nicol, A. Siconolfi, F. Somma, A. Tritari, J. Pitaro, T. Gabriele, W. Wring, D. Frost. 68 Back Row: T. Donnelly, W. Pfister, R. Raynor, J. Huff, M. Tori, J. Trifari. DANCERS cling: L. Matarcse, A. McAdam. Front Row: Mr. LaBru, R. Kear, A. lrnprota, Iccconc, S. Kennedy, B. Kinslcy, P. Munnelly, V. Yans. Back Row: W. Elgart, flackey, P. DeSena, G. Natt, B. Dwyer, J. Morgado, W. Collins, W. Lynch, P. Trainor. . 7 ff This year's dramatic endeavor, "Plain and Fancy", marked the seventh successful musical comedy staged by the Stepinac Dramatic So- ciety in as many years. A recent hit, running almost two years at the Winter Garden in New York, "Plain and Fancy" received more than due justice from the professional acting of the Stepinac and Good Counsel thespians in their fine top notch performances. Returning for her second appearance on the Stepinac stage, Eileen Gallagher gave an excellent portrayal ot Ruth, the blase city girl whose high class tastes contrasted strongly with the simple way of life lived by the Amish. Dick Flintott returned from the role of a dancer in "Student Prince" to take the lead in 'the person of Dan King this year. Dick's natural, easy going attitude aided him greatly l in his role of a likeable Broadway writer. Katie was splendidly portrayed by Helene Dwyer. Returning from a lead in the "Wizard of Oz", Helene gave her all for the success of ELECTRICIANS AND SPECIAL EFFECTS neeling: R. Myers, A. Siconolfi, P. Patch, G. Casarella. Standing: J, Huff, L. Dirksen, J. O'Hara, A. Trifari, T. Donnelly, J. Trifari. 69 WARDROBE MISTRESSES Sitting: J. Fallon, J. McGonogaI, R. Freedson, P. Cawlcy. Standing F Torres L. Galardl, P. Hanifcr, T. Chcnoweth. SUPPORTING ROLES Sitting: L. Toedtman, A. Lenzini, J. Vercesi, M. Renz, M. Wright Standing: J Desnoycrs vans, K. Grasso, C. Ryan, J. Reidy, F. Merolla, W. Snyder ORCHESTRA Front Row: D. DeLuca, l. Sousa, J. Kearns, Fr. W. McGann, E Cohen B Wynn R. Preston, E. Cicatelli. Second Row: W. Hallinan, L. Lombardi, P. Foraste M Truglio W. Nicholls, M. Leonard, A. Gressel, L. Lancto. Back Row: D. Blot, T Carpenter R. Berlingo, J. Shanahan. "But Mr. Yoder, times have changed!" W. Lonergan and R. Flintoff. "Pass the second traffic light." R. Flinioft, E. Gallagher, and Chorus. the production. Miss Dwyer's vocal abilities supple- mented her acting talents when she pleased the audi- ences with "Young and Foolish" and "lt Wonders Me". For Bill Lonergan, a Senior transfer student from Iona, this was his first appearance on the Stepinac stage and unfortunately his last. His portrayal of the strict Papa Yoder was superb. Papa, a stubborn and dedicated man, was set in his ways, and would not permit his daughter, Katie, to marry the man she loved. One would hardly recognize the nonchalant Bill as he bellowed at the unfortunate Peter. "Who dro ed the curtain?" PP A. Pugliese, L. Dirksen, W. Wring, E. Michels. 70 Peter Reber, the pugnacious but inherently good and meaningful outcast of the group, was excellently played by Kevin Ecclesine. Kevin's fine bass voice led the chorus in last year's play, but this year, he took an important part among the leading characters. He also doubled as the Student Director of the play, and co- ordinated much of the administrations connected with this complex undertaking. Playing the role of Peter, he "It wonders me, so beautiful a day can be." W. Lonergan and H. Dwyer. The Lantern Dance. won the hearts of many sympathetic viewers in his vain attempt to win the favorable nod of staunch Papa Yoder. Complete with Dutch accent and long gray beard, Frank Childs did a fine job as Isaac Miller, the aged brother-in-law of Papa Yoder. Frank took to the part like a duck to water, and his guttural intonations helped him fill the role to the brim. lA capable artist, he, along with Tony Pugliese, designed the beautiful back- drops which graced the Stepinac stage this year.l John Sferra, the clown of this year's production, completely wowed the audiences. The bedroom scene "Plain we live . . ." W. Lonergan and Chorus. in which he had his first experience with "vegetable juice", and his return from the carnival quite intoxi- cated, had the audiences holding their sides at every performance. Betsy Cohane, a Junior, rendered an admirable first performance under the Stepinac spot light. Her sweet, unfailing voice led her to a favorite spot in the "Perhaps I could Bee the farm tomorrow, Katie . . ." H. Dwyer and R. Flintoff. Hilda is introduced to city ways B. Cohane and R. Flintoff. 7l al' "With nails and wood, and schlitzing good, we make a barn." "Mr, King, I would like very much Io buy your farm." B. Cohanc, F, Childs, E. Gallagher, W. Lonergan, R. Flintoft. hearts of all for whom she performed. The Kitchen Girls led by Marie Wright as Emma Miller and consisting of Lucie Toedtman as Rachel, Jean Desnoyers as Bessie, Anita Lenzini as Sarah, Mavin Renz as Ester, and Jeanne Vercesi as Rebecca, could not be overlooked in their realistic presentation of the chaotic state of affairs in an Amish kitchen. Frank Francomano, playing the part of Samuel Lapp, certainly deserved a great deal of credit. Al- though this was only his first year in dramatics, Frank more than capably supported the leads with a subtle impressiveness. Along with Frank, in the parlor scene, the quaint simplicity of the Amish folk was brought "What a way to run a love affair!" E. Gallagher 72 out in the performances of Ken Grasso, Neil Ryan, Bill Snyder, Frank Merolla, Art Evans, and Jim Reidy. Tony Pugliese demonstrated his dramatic prowess as the rather likeable state trooper. Together with Frank Childs, he was responsible for much of the art "All right girls, I'm coming!" E. Gallagher, L. Toedtman, M. Wright, M. Renz, A. Lenzini, J. Vercesi, J. Desnoyers "I will talk to Papa, Peter, to me he will listen." H. Dwyer and K. Ecclesine. work. For the past two years both Frank and Tony designed the backdrops for the musicals. The choreography, once again under the guid- ance of Mister Raymond La Bru, provided the perfect steps to complete the quaintness which surrounded "Bird-in-Hand". The orchestrations, arranged and conducted by Fr. William McGann, filled the air with the inherent simplicity of the Amish folk. Making sure that all the sets were properly constructed and ar- ranged, Bill Pfister, Stage Manager, did an admirable job. "Take your time and fake your pick E. Gallagher, R. Flintoff, B. Cohane. Certainly this outstanding performance could not have been given had it not been for the time which Father Cashman spent in rehearsing for it. The ex- cellent production put on this year is indeed a tribute to Father Cashman, to the entire cast, and all others who helped make the show possible. "Plenty of Pennsylvania . . ." The dancers liven up the carnival scene 73 BASS HORN SECTION F Walsh, B Ccstone, W. Flynn HORN SECTION r10f'lrnq.' V Pussuzh-ntu. W. Oumlf 5f.wdrnc,v D BMI, W. Halllvan, J Uon.1huc,R Gramm TRUMPET SECTION Front Row: L. Lancto, J. Rncdcl, R Popp, I. Sousa, F. Merolla Back Row: W. Fllanowskl, R. Forasfc, VV. Coillns. A, Greswl, C. Dunn. THE BAND ,Major F, Vcrce. Front Row: D Blof, B Ccsionc, L. Lando, R Popp, P Forastc, R. Re J Trufare, J. O'Hara. Second Row: W. Possudonto, W HnJImnn, W Cmlum, I Soum, C. Dona M. Leonard, P. Mcdurc, M. Trugluo. Third Row: R Gmnp, W Fwnn. C, Dunn, J. Rhode Nassefta, T, Wynn, P. Bavasl. Fourih Row' F Mc-rol1a, W Oaucit, K Gmgso. C Snlvan, T. Ja J. Munroc, D. Dc-Luca, J. McNulty B.1ck Row. W. Nncho1I5, F Wnlxh, A Gremsl. R. For. E, Cucatellu, J. Sfcrra, C. Fcnccl. F, Francomano N49 THE BAND STRUTS UP FIFTH AVENUE ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY 74 nt R T. James. M. Leonard, G. Salvan, R. Renza. Second Row: L, Lombardi. a sctt P. Meclura, P. Modzelcski, Back Row: R. Berlingo, J. Munroe, P. Foraste, CLARINET SECTION J. Trifari, J. Sferra. Performing at various functions throughout the school year, the music department at Stepinac maintains a dizzying pace. The Swing Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, and Glee Club all demonstrate their high proficiency and training with their fine interpretations of their assigned pieces, Providing the rhythmic background as well as the colorful marches and team spirit for the football games, the Marching Band, under the direction of Father William McGann, contains about sixty members in its ranks. Besides playing at all the football games, the Band also performs at the pep rallies and various other functions during the school year. The two highlights of the year, as far as the Band is concerned, are the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and the Spring Concert. The Band, as well as the entire Senior Class, marches up Fifth Avenue in the annual parade. Here they are able to show, to the thousands of spectators, the training and proficiency they have received at Stepinac, During the Spring, the Band takes on a new sound. During this season, the emphasis is on classical and concert pieces. The Spring Concert, usually made in conjunction with some well known Catholic girl's school in the county, is the crowning musical event of the year. Stepinac's Dance Band, the Stepintones, under the direc- tion of Tom Carpenter, performed at the many dances held at Stepinac, as well as many other social functions around the county. Their fine ability was one of the contributing factors to the immense success of the Stepinac dances. Tom welded his men into a tight knit group which attained much praise for its fine sound. 75 nguoi 5 I 9 H '3 PERCUSSION SECTION eicel, P. Bavasi, F. Francomano, J. McNulfV. D. DCLUC5- M4 TVUQ .RS THE BAND LEADER AND HIS DIRECTOR Father Vliliiain McCann anti P Varn- o"' W0 of ro' :IMF lmdemy Suphac H. Mm . gh sdmd Althhgbop GL'i""'ff 72.-fav 1 4, 13' ' vi- 194' 4 Ummm lllfrmw, Mflillqgn :Zi ...... 5 l 1 I J LAWRENCE LANCTO DANCE BAND Left to Right: E. Sicatelli, L. Lancto, P. Foraste, D. DeLuca, A, Pugliese, T. Carpenter. The Glee Club provides excellent backing to many extra-curricular activities. Demonstrating their musi- cal prowess, they sing at High Masses in the school, and in the May Day procession. During the school year they give two concerts. One, at Christmas, is done in conjunction with Our Lady of Victory Academy of Tarrytown. The other, the annual Spring Concert, in which the other musical organizations also perform, is also given with Our Lady of Victory. The master gives a few tips to make that crazy beat a little crazierl 76 The combined Glee Clubs of Our Lady of Victory and Sfepinac. The School Orchestra helped to make "Plain and Fancy" one of the best plays ever to be produced at Stepinac. Composed of the school's finest musicians, the orchestra played the difficult arrangements which characterized the musical score of this play with professional skill. All the musical groups in the school, with the exception of the orchestra, took part in the Spring Concert. The program commenced with numbers by f 1 -4 1 ROLAND BERLINGO , W 5. if --We .. V 4 if R . Y l The "Professor" takes a bow. is s.. - 4. ROBERT GRAAP 77 l 'xxx lf, r Father McGann teams up with Robert Preston to' play a difficult duet. 'T LAWRENCE LOMBARDI THOMAS CARPENTER . the combined glee clubs. Hymns, rounds, love songs, and comical pieces brought applause from the pleased audience. Then the Swing Band performed, playing popular music and jazz. The Concert Band closed the show with marches, concert pieces, and a comical number or two. A grateful audience left the audi- torium at the end of the performance with words of praise upon their lips for the superb music department we have here at Stepinac. GLEE CLUB Front Row: J. McNulty, J. Saline, W, Flynn, T. Cassidy, F. Merolla, M. Yannario, T. Balash. Second Row: J. Brady, G. Natl, W, Snyder P. McHugh, M. Reca. Back Row: H. Clark, R. Pennachia, W. Lonergan. i L I 3 l 5 t, 'Q D K f' ,f J 5 ,. ' C! I J H f 114 A llld mf' 1 W , f ,... L, 9 I P , i ,,,, M i ,, X 1 AVIV y s v. .1 l it f J - , C 3' , JOHN SHANAHAN PAUL FORASTE 79 KCCI Zllld UIUC Dons C'Iri.-cn On Mau li IT thi- ui "-t l'2ll'l1'k, thi- mt-:vim r-lu:-.s uf M4-pixxisi will 'wnll .x cl:-miimlluix inf llllll tial lnwvrs nl ilu- l-.nnwzxlii Isle' A-. ilu "Nx i iii, .ilniiz ,gn-n if ,- ,.,i,i. A iii, l-um, xi. , llii-i, will Y 1- it lil' i 'li- l'liyiliii--- i ii it-i lmiiil in i , fi i' Wlllmi: 'l ii 'U miliuxi ii' A " l will ii- c H ii- ili !l.i 1 i ' iw 'ii iririiiii vii i i liiri-iiiiiv' iilwrii' ill' .l 11 it i I :mul-W ,Nui-ii As. iii: ii ,gl-niq, i liliiil li. i x " ii gi 4-1 N4-it i ii im ..,i.ii.i ilu- .i:gli' ii: xiii'-'liixip Liliiil if. tlii- -lmli-t.'1 --l Slviiiiiw X. 'li' i-lim: einiiii- li-r-tum, York will Iii l.iml, 'l'lu--.i- who In ii-.i nth: 'vii-at mm.ili in Spc ll 'l'liv- limit, wus pu-:Jdiiiif Alljmllpfli ii In Yi film Hill?-Hlfiiill' 2:9 llciclw S lii'Qi1iSt'lt' liiif-ri l'l,mLf' Bouts llii- :tml-W .mill -.Kittie-txt-. ul H mmf- uv-ri' lrrviu-il in A lmxllxg Q min- .itziim Liu-it www Thi- al -igwii fvy- tim-ml lu Hit- liziiltf Phill. iiiii mi il- llir' twirl wil hw-. Unfit il BEIDBI' OCll.HJl'b Ijriivfm fats 'Uiixn pw llxrm- ur tw held at LVLHKC D :Jn Y' IGAX 1' "Wit-it-it-ii liiilii Q-Qflli xii.. ki. iii i'l-' iii, kill-4.--i, iw Ni iii.iii li lil. limit in Mnnmi mf . . , and May 'l'lii-rc .iw llixvi- xi-itvillrf. limi ' ""' lviiiiili-lv 5xl.ieizii'il. i'.oi'l'i iii iii- ll The Crusader has now completed its tenth year of publication. Each i, year more experience has been gained and each year the Crusader has achieved l Ii a higher rung of excellence. ii As testimony to its high standing the Crusader can show the awards ,, which it has won in competition. lt has merited an "All Catholic" rating from ll the Catholic Press Association and in addition has achieved a first place in the . if f 1- iii- ii if Columbia Press Association's annual competition. The skilled editors and other i L fit! ' N members of the staff received Quill and Scroll medals at the end of the year. if. ftA1gi,H,,il , i., ,gy mul .1 Wm, tiiiiriiiiiiiq lin- ii-tiwuii will mlliiw mmf. um my mmm by FHM, iwliiliii iiii it .lim il- ti-, iliti iii ,- V. all ' , ,X HW ll'lm"Y Wllmll JH' ml! l"'!'N'mP lN'l.ig1.i1x.l".iiu'-i' :mil ifiriglxsli. 4 , i ig ' viiiiiliii-it-el lie-rv iliiiiml gamut yi-mf. 55 ,-.,,,,w,i Ui ...M-,,,,,x,,. bpm, Sill-ure lVlgxmtainr-d .mai llflii:-4. iivi-ijt' iiiiiiiiitiig Nl. ilu- re-itimxi Jiwt 1--ilt-tim xiii lil- vi-it-iii iii'--.l init- tit iii i--,limi nil iiiiii tiiiriiig- liii- sm' iiiiziix -iii tiiil ilzit -wiiiiiilf. ,mil iliiiii lim'-i i.. iiillaxiiig .iilm 1-iii liiiii' Mtiixiiiiiaiiii-i'i limi .mil ilu-ii ine iixili iiiii- liiizxi .iii Fxiill lii- viii' l-i iw ii iw-ii liiiii lfixf -iiiiiliiiw in iiliiiiiil lin' i-icuii ,-'itiii ii- itil iiiiilriiii' i iwixiiiili-il iii :ii-in i-ew-. iiii We-iiiiv iiiii "en: Slii- -i-iiimiii iiii- it-:item--i 2. ilu. :-liiili'1il- wtli lei ii 1l1li".'iA'il ln' itii- -wr-ini-. ini' ill:-ii l-li:-ii--i ,Xlii-iiitniiic :ii tin- -.ii--:':.ii it-li fwi-iiiiy iii-iw liiis vi ri-ir:-ii l4'll'1x'ltl?'-i ilu- -,iiiiii-ni ' iiiiliigailiwi 1-ii iii liiir Ni-it 'Yiiili Agni- ilu- 5-irtiwii lt'-txt--iii 1'll:fiiiiii imxtii Tin- "M-ii lm- fini iii' llii :wifi-ict in 1 cRusAoen zorrons "ll"lml'll' l R. Madden, R. Mangone, Fr, McCarthy, moderatorg K. Buckley. lllwi. it .lK.,.l.ill.LlN.,i."1 I. lllll. will iiiwivi- thi.-ii ini-iii---i thi- lust iliiut- gwsii'--, iii-i-.iziw iii' tilt liiit iii' iimiiti- lm:-ii l.ii.'lt ul' ni.iii-:mil ilu' wliiiiil, 1-.iixiit-Siiiiv iii varivd'lt'ei llllllil iiitfi ii lim-. iii-i-ii Viv- lviiaiii :il iiiv ni. uw '- B. t . iiiixtiiti-rc ltlsii ii'ixi'ii-ii ix'i'l , i,..i 1' i... , .iv i, it 2, 'vim i nn., . will lie iii in t 1--iw in .mil iiiitin -will .iiwgiinz iii llii--: 1:-2 ter:-2 ill.ll.1l.'l1CY Aficld 'lllllfl Viiiii un .t 'mi C3Ci.'llL'j.,fCfUYVl'1 . OH If'I"l2HYlQ1l iii ilu- ilvlizttr- iiii ilw iiiiciliii x' iiiitiwl:-rw rllniiiiiv. liiitm' ilw l sm lil im :xii iiixv.-:-iiitiitiuix iii Kiililm' f-li ilu- iw llw 7554'- N 0 'N ,nn ii-'mix lizml-V. iixlww- iliii llx'-it ileiyxi' i-. l"lAlllXm"'- il-Hi - lbw -lllltl lk'Xll'lll"ll li W-t,,,iM.lm. M-Ulm-ini ,ii ggigiiiiiy H., limi: wi: i'iH'l'i'iiilii5g .mil 1-iiiii-.ilitwrixii F 1 1 1 X 1. x 1. 1 FI-W' I 7 I viii-i-ie1.ilw , . . OI' t L 100 c,L.lLl'lLL .. cl.. SKA-pilx.n-'s .iuuiml F-it-u-uiw l-lui i ii i iiiiiii vnu. hu-lil ini l-1-ln "lt in tlu- i-lm K lit it tronu--, l.ilmr.nwry lrum .i until I n'4-lock ln tht- :nfl,4-rumm .lutlnmig llll- rnllh-xl urls- l'r Halt:-x' Humax ilu' iiwzi- iii i iwiliigiili Fr. .Luna--. N11-ll:-rnmll Hr 'lhmi i H ,Hi X 1-ills. and I'-r, lmue-liuf. , W Lfunrn-lli Hin-N Flvi- .ixw:ii.x .i- .i iii ' ' iiiii il.. iii-i ,ii ini iii .ii-i ii it ni ' in Yizqixlllv ill .iriiwr .- i ' 7-i 'wld iii' liii ln- grit-i-wi i! iiiiluiiii, -ifllaliu iii" gi' H iiirvilniiiiii in i.i:ifii,iiiii-. .ii-im,il- fii'li ,iii-llili Sitting: R. Chisari, K. Keogh, WRITING STAFF Henncssev, M. Totaro, Trifarl. Second Row: J, McCarthy, Zavaglia, P. Foraste, P. Tobin, B. Wilbur G. Carmenini, C. Rogers. Back Row: W. Breede, H. Wilson. N. Senecal, F. Harvey, D. Blot, F F. Francomano, J P lllaeu. u ' im 'l'l'it' ituiiii DANHCI. l'lSl',l,l.0 nl Zh displays has Q-4'i1-rxvr't't 10 Fr. liiuurvnrt' ,U UW TV'wMXlPhr'wP'Xl Xhml' vtyml' UN 'UHQIR 'fun' T0 yg'A5lnNfg,1'0N' un. gwpjnmi dvhating team Mn-liownn. lu-zul nf tht- -wu-ut-r da-pulrm-nt. .md Hr. Philip Nvri during '1filfl"'l -ll itlt'iW'f-ll' "N l"'lt lu W SVHMM. ummm uruhka M Nq,hm5k.L HMT ht. W,,,.,,, wigh E,-gc Un- rw-4-nl '-t'is'm-a- prujc-rl vmnpt-Lxiiml. l'linrii hu .'lli'lIimz1li,l :iipliiititmufi ttinlii:itii'il Qjmwihv pr' Mihmitm Ktwm Kmmhv pmmk Qhmm-K and pea... G,-.uni l',191p'l'Wri fi R U iii- A iff il R ' ' 1 linmk Riirwisrm A Klliliwil it l' li vim. riiriw - fM yr.:5,,. ggi... ,5,, 5rg.,wi aQ,,a,g ill ll? H. ,i.4,i,. JE tal incl. an v fmt. ll My Mani-, 4 ii Y X 'Uris af' ci ei ns? wiiwll sg. iii'-lmnwi lt mir, mltlll Hull llmll elim si 1 ximii mlw timlr ll? llellllllll mlllmlm, M lwllllrlll Y , l.'w:'r':- iltmtrtcq Has uittwr, luv. alt:-:xi l 1--ti i and Robert With Father McCarthy as moderator and Kevin Buckley Mangone as co-editors, the Crusader published a special anniversary edition 4 commemorating the tenth anniversary ot the school with an overall history ot the events of the past ten years. Very competent assistant editors of the Crusaders are Kevin Keogh, Frank Chisari and Ted James. Richard Madden supervised the third page as Sports Editor. ti. limit 'iw i mn li-ii-in mg -. . , . P , , , , , , ,. , vw imiEmX2v ls viii-matsw an nn .ning li., miilini in ii V. ,. i MAA. emit' iircahi.. ii: , , ,. wwf - w ,ni nhl lull .ii ',.,iiii'x.- win .mill 1-ight' Zvi www! ilu :in xwiriiiwi mr iviiiggri--,mimi limi .ill slxiih'urt.5 tie- liiiim-ii :fi mr' gsimuixeia pi lxuiixaigauixi ti gi.iitiiigi.ixiim in min will iwtm iuimrxziixi' .iv-initqi-vi ii ,-,mlm lwrug .mr mtl:-r wtiiiiiriits ln vlmk -in Nw-We lI'f'.l!'1'V.S. i"' rilllllff' ll!" illml. M til-IHW. i mimi- Htltlllmal.-s ,mm tlllliw lm llw iixril vmwtef uiuxasr I trfwmksar lll' ll' lull' ll 'JA ll ll "A' 'lm J ll rivrZf.u'h' ll'l'l lm ' ' 'll' J I atscriegil lt' ll ' J' J l ' tw, ml-it iz ii ' ii, ' J ' ' fi 'X . in t tail iiiiiilwi V?-.. i i i i i int. i 'ww .wan lrixi SPORTS STAFF Sitting' J. Bcrnaducfl, M. McAdams, T. Jarncs, F. Walsh, S McMillan Standing' W. Collins, R. Dowling, R. Waters, F. Kelly, C. Topping, R. Pastor. iulwtly Aim .H rl ilu- uni E. .i .ii.,,,- iwlalin g.. 111. Vin . ,,,,,,,,, gy, i,,,,,,i, , , niiiiziaii will ,,,,-yr iw, ,, 3, g., ,- g,, . ii in ui rw-Vg ww My hum Vmll? inuii wi livin". lu' will limi- lil him-vlli im ther 5-9-:ti'lrmih. gil! ,J i., ligxutu. fl' -W 'gr ' lbs , l it ' H' Y Si llw liiini.. VN i. .. ...Jim RIMM' ry. siiuu-lmiig: wiitlx lwlurli uw .rw .ill viimw riii'-el, ldv lun' wliulw, mir lmm' ham' v'liv'f'lw., limi- lvxnlii, Lima' limlm -,qt ixmllilxmr nl d,ltim1-i- wlatiiirg tu iumx vm r t-all tinw. i i i i mme il. tiwl l-Allawi? litem: ating? witn- rti ul' UAW-i t. Nw m'ilv'i Miha, .ui i' K Mr an aint, .Li 45 .?f.iwv, at r. lillilih-X"i:i1l'ri aitsttrg rn mlm waatlsmiirxxl ,ui Mimi ill tilt in LX in l .iii xiitl iwiisl! in flwlr. i i-xi-i: wi -imxiszu f i i Jlwl twirl ' Um-r 5, ,lv i, i l l . iii'1vliriini-- ini -- ii H+: X i -:i,1 ,. ww' laaitifd un 'i'a.hxtx, an xriianii in lin' iqrewx' ixixfixtl.-ri -.ill will in iii, ,N-gmt , .. 121 .ni , ,i iiii .intl iw--i .xml Smith Seas, and fimimg it irrxmsiiati 3 Swwmg M35-,mg,,,,m my Ln, -wr. me-, der-idvd not to iw cm with the ,,,m,,,g,.,, ,., Em. M.,-img ,ig H M-v, lllali N nt' iw -.1-gxiwnl. cv! mn' inner gin-ix ii wrtax: Quin upim wlut uv t ti-:nil wx' will lun- ul it hart ltwvix use ug, lu' full ul' lump :thc-r ham! it' 1 lm! wi' cum l.1 ,iixlhmpmi--asv. 'flaw i. tit' " it-riilinluil i lf .itll iiiicmitw ..i iii .wilt will il wi iimaltictliiil U l Txlziii 1' l-l, IDF ln llw JKWAFKA s hrhwlHMl,WlmHWwr lXhtor mm "' ln tuiwxri ilvriigtx fini-is Mel7i..iiii lit 1 i . ns. , ' i:if-eiiingl' .Xi l+ali.x.Lrtl i'.u'snIl 'itil lt lil we s iilii i.' ii , .i. 'lll.'lll :ir L i iii ' lil it Q 1 t t i r i 3 . f. Y! i -im' .illvl ln., if xr--, l.x, it lvlll ri it . in twill l'ii lr. . l.i. iii: ,,, 'ii xxli i- ii Utudc Ili JT? 1 "fi F 1-i,fi 'mit W M lflixiff i zilegia-li -it i 'Mr lam 1 Ji. llwwv t3illw.i.u LH T' i i J iii. ' i A .. thrill. 'wliivig .rrp ii, ' ' li. in vt 'L iltllii HAM all r-i Q i it 1 .V , i, , , r llvl:i.,.lfttfx"x1t Honor Roll i " i i i- ' in sriztlil li-ini iii. .i, lvziwil1iiirii.ii..i:.4il1n l y l lit lrivwl l':il.isl.i l'ixi ful X, Yu ii .i it V. 1 i i i . war, 1 lw-i' i i BUSINESS, ART, PHOTO, FEATURE STAFFS Sitting: M Kuwahara, W Lynch, P Srlvain, , T. McDonald. Standirig: A Puglicse, J. McGlinn, J, McCarthy, G. Gates, J. Tritari, ll.v J. Sicss, luilrrri i Q- . .. 'JMU' gn iw- l .i Wvlllii L' ii. lain. ,Hmm v i ii li- iii '- i lxral' l i lil I Us Wiwlii ,, , 1 i 1'1'::iii i i , i i livllii ll H Vliilii 'li,vx4'X.l5ttLt'x' llllml i . if i Q J lliilvi lk' ibn- l .viii in ln-i l i lrrlt 2 "Nm iizi-Mir? i - mi.. fmt tw 1. it it ii . :mil , ,, ,, , 7,-i lit.: imxmi, ixiiigi it i 1w,,.,, i i V ix- ix t ' 'vi-" w, , ii , 4 il r. i- l ll" " Htlliw- . i i V y Lflfl presses. Thr' llfil":f"S'l'Xlf?U are silty: i' M Vai, 'ii f,g,ii,,.,., l5,.i., , i,,,,,. wwf lax, 2 Rt wifi ' l J with ii' lil H, 3 -"iw.',ix.'e, ,iw S',i'3..,i V4 'l-,Hit , , " " 'l ' ' J' ' , . , . ull ' lx J l 'X Xlll ll 'lm' ll lt lllll ml L" if-iiiilvvwritm' lfirxsxlmlin .inn Swim- f,,,, is ll l Hi f.,.,,g, , ii. 'till i i .fi li J-li.iriwi.i at -l Tl fl ill Iii' li' -it-nf, 1 .H ' i,.'l f V, . ,, l' "' ' ' . , , . ll'l'l"l' MWF 'l'll"fl' l fW'l'l'l liwisw i':ilh'1.l thi' Yleiwll Hllxtl-iiiiaif ,-,,,,,, i, . li r if v, ll f me-G fm iii" flili-' rival-n lwifiii vii linilwrrireir' Hex' .liiwgili ,i lvflirl :irllm , , H ,, T, A 1 , 1, . , M V H , A iv i l "Civ 2 r..U l ' ill fl'4 'i' !.LilNr' ' it 1 i.Iiii A' ' Mi-rrilvi-i uf Sli: 4..illll1lli l're'-.s, K tilimiliige ilwiar .mil ml y ll, l Nl M X ll J l l H R l W l l l l ' 'J l J' Um ml 11 M1111 ff: STAFF VJRITU 1 1.111 11 1 1 11. 1 111, 11, X1 1 1 1 11111 1111,11 1 ' 1' 4,4 N EDITORIAL STAFF 11411111 1 I 11 1 1 1 1 111111, rl M1-111 11, 1 8111111111 'J 111 1 11 M111111111 1 1 11111 1 1 1- 11+-1 1 11111, V1 1 J TYPISTS 11111 1 1111 1 1, 11 1 111111-111 111 1,1 1 've 11111-, 1 1 11-' 11,111 1, 1 1 111 111111 STAFF WRITERS , , 1 1 . 1 l1111',11d 1 1 11111.- 11 5. 1 1 511 11 , 11 W .1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 411 1111111 1111 1 is 51 1 1111? ,i .. in 'f ti , ,F-L . ,t Lim ii: t W V' Stir t X,I NN f ir? 4 ., ' fgiFollowing in the footstegisyybfi their predecessors, 'the fl ,Shepherd staff? pfesemxeia ,enofherl prize winnirrgl tyear- book 1gpz1'l:1QlSBl!l'llGflidCill3SS. Desydiiterfa late start dtpielltoia change inf moglerators,. and handifcappfecii the timef in. v iwlgiiqlsii sieegwweiil' deadtiret they A., were.-,emi ,gebiefto tpirni tiiitin-out an ' ' eiligcefzitionalsachrgifiiciie, Adi, alifthe riitlteworthy etfentseofiithe SCl3QQlllljg'E3l'l' .' V ' , 1 J ,iff 'prettier TiPeake,- mode'rarQ.r, of- Brother Beffiirdine 'endif Mri'.l.TQfeY,tQ'l ofttiifftl iilfidrfteslvggbr 1 i ,' ' ' , .f f P' 9 5, Qkiiii, 'vfj f- l " W1 , nl. l N I . ll ei, ef . wat. . x M BUSINESS STAFF Kneeling: F, Wtilsh, R. Lazar, P, Zavaglia Q P, DQScna, C Tornnsolli Sitting' S Con tristano, R, Honnesscy, L Loiacono, J l-lmkms, J. Durkin Sfurtdfrtg' NV, Pago, W i Collins, H Mnnss, A Ctrlnqn, M Mcfmlarns, A L Feret, J Colgan, V. Cremona, J. Thomp son. Kevin Ecclesine Knot picturcdj. W l 'ii 1'l':2'ir A ff: 'w wmttf:. 5411, t at A if w frafefi- 'i H f B , t Q, , :iw -t 't2,,'22' i QQAFQJ a t in N We W-Tm 4 1 ei J fciriflwiitititl ' wr"fe - ' Q Cyst: i If 116515, ,Vi ,i - ' ' ifift, Q f WET. U ,Q J, .v.Y ,,,,J J" '-Mifliizlb V A ,it ' i A li l i ' wetaittireeai- rf ft 1. if 'K ra-W, A"f'?'Q3:. , 4- 'rgfi sf f . ,ve i, i A Y Al' b 1 It . Rui . 'lg X .fi it ' - ' i il if ART STAFF J. Morgnrlo, W, Brcedc. A. Pugliese, : i F. Childs. ,r . J ui x 9 , A Q K X gf' , r rl' .til 1 l ' ' i, ,il " t if i. i H F - Q 3 L' r. i., t , , 4 Q-K infinite value. The plans which Chris Buckley, Editor, and his capabie assistants, Robert Magdelain and Michael Totaro, had lforrnulated in their first editorial conferences had to be car- ried out precisely. Many obstacles were encountered as their work progressed, and many decisions had to be made as to the context of the book. However, due to the whole-hearted l 'cooperation of the entire student body, the Tenth Anniversary issue of the Shepherd is truly one of the finest yearbooks ever pi,iblishedA at Stepinac. . t ' PHOTOGRAPHERS Srifllig. 1. MCGllrm, Bimllitfr l?c'irmr'lirWO. K. Keogh. Stnndinq' T Mcl'Win.ilil, F Burke, T llnqnillo. Cs, Ci- it ' 7 in at ', t Q " ' -' ii J ii 'P 'mg 4 3 " ' if K it f U f 'grit' 'it Q M- -, a 1 ,. ,- mf' SCHOOL OFFICERS Sitting: Msgr. Nolan. Standing: T. Dempsey, School Presidentg H. Korn, School Vice President, W. Plunkett, Student Manager, G. Lydclane, Senior Presidentg C. Buckley, Freshman President. SENIOR SENATE Kneeling: J. Lombardi, J. Saline, J. Nimphius, W. Breede, T. O'Neill, C. McGovern. Second Row: E. McGirr, J. O'Donncll, G. Lyddane, T. Mackey, R, Madden, E. O'Keefe, R. Austin, F. Kindermann, Fr. Lyons, moderator. Back Row: K. Fenncll, H. Korn, C. Buckley, E, Cantlin, W. Plunkett, D. Noonan, A. Piscetta, T. Costello. STUDENT COUNCIL Kneeling: D. Toucey, E. Johnson, M. Heinzeller, J. Saline, W. Breede, F. Burke, J. Homberg, J. Delfino, A. Saviano, C. Buckley. Standing: Father Sullivan, R. Anthony, P. McHugh. D. Noonan, C.. Santoro, W. Plunkett, R. Bykowski, A. Malesardi, D. Frost, F. Walsh, W. Choquette, J. Bernarducci, L. Bonville, R. Graap, K. Ecclesine, M. Truglio, C. Santoro, E. Parr, A. Saviano, J. Zehnder. Here at Stepinac, a somewhat democratic form of government exists. During the school year the students themselves must be governed and are allowed the right by the Administration to voice their opinion as to what way this govern- ment should be brought about. The three components that represent the students in self government and who are acknowledged by the Faculty as such are the Senior Senate, the Student Council and the School Officers, The Senior Senate, whose mem- bers are duly elected by their respective homerooms, is a syn- posium where the wishes and suggestions of the student body are presented and discussed. lt is also responsible for the scheduling and planning of many of the events that occur throughout the school year. The student councillors fulfill the roles of corridor controllers and maintainers of traffic order. lt is through the proper enactment of their duties that the wise school policy of "safety first" is perpetrated. Last, but far from least, are the School Officers. These men, elected in the Fall of every year represent the direct delegation of all the stud- ents to the Administration, Digesting the complaints and desires of the student body, it is their function tc present, not demand, their sugges- tions to the school officials in the hope that they will be considered and acted upon for the benefit of all concerned. Q4 I I The success of the Mission Crusade was again the direct result of the generosity and zeal of the entire student body. Mission representatives were elected in each homeroom. Those students assisted Father John Murray who succeeded Father Walter Murray as moderator of the Crusade. The contributions were forwarded to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Special collections were made at Christmas for the children at the Cardinal McCloskey Home, and during Lent for the Bishop's War Relief Fund. The members sponsored a Mission Dance for the benefit of the Crusade and Mothers' Day Mass Cards were distributed which reaped both spiritual and financial returns. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES front Row: D. Palartnno, T. Menadier, K. Cacchlone, P. Patch. Second Row: iather JOhn Murray, morleratorg Michael Ltarr, J. Rock, G. Redmond, J. Brad- ord. M. Gilbert. Back Row: M. Ansbro, . Lattimer, J. McCarthy, F. Winzig, W. Bassett, P. Steinberg. 85 JUNIOR AND SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Front Row: P. Grosso, P. Fusco, F, Me rolla, L. Tucci, J. Stackpole, W. Elgert. Second Row: B. Dwyer, H. Wilson, J. Drohan, W. Wetzel, K. Jones, M. Mu Kuwahara, N, Senecal, Father John rray, moderator. Back Row: W. O'Rourke, B. Plunkett, J. Modzeleski, C. Arsian, J, Sparno, R. Horncastle, L, Charla. W. Ditoro, T. Costello. l I The Legionnaires Sodality is a group whose work is two-fold: apostolic work in and around the school, and personal sanctity with special devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Under the supervision of Father McDermott the group meets each Tuesday morning before school in the auditorium. The meetings feature is a Gospel reading and short talk on a religious subject. With officers Kevin Buckley, prefect, Eugene Sheridan, vice prefect, and Dennis Madden, secre- tary, the Legionnaires carry on many activities throughout the school year, most important of which is the maintenance of the magazine rack in the lobby of the school. LEGIONNAIRES Front Row: Father McDermott, moderator, K. Buckley, prefect, W. Wuestenhoefer, T. James, D. DeLuca, J. Mullen, L. DiRienzo, C. Rogers, lf Moyer, J. Murphy. Second Row: J. Drohan, P. Medure, N. James, A. Curinga, R. Rcnza, J. Pirato, H. Maass, E. Sheridan, T. Pierce, J. Hansen. third Row: J. Sapionzn, J Barrett M. Totoro, M. Truglio, J. Pierce, K. Ecclcsine, S. Contristano, E, Parr, D. Madden, L, Lancto, D. Johnson. Back Row: J, Durkin, T. Barrett, C. Weldon, P. Walz, D. Hatch, G. Shupe, J, Aliberto, P. Rice, W. Page, P. Gemma, J. Thompson, 1 l l LEGIONNAIRE PROJECT - GOOD READING l. Miillwri, M. Timaru, C lluilriiiiu, K lrilcsinc, T l'ii'icL'. 86 Front Row: K. O'Hare, L. Lombardi. J. Bourque, R Comerford. Second Row: L. Lancto, D. Madden P Foraste, W. Wetzel. Third Row: J. Hansen, R Magdelain, R. Dowling, E. Connors. Fourth Row: C Weldon, J. Durkin, R. Nicol, P. Walz. Fifth Row: W Breede, J. Reidy, D. Gerling, P. Rice. Sixth Row: Back Row: J. Burke. Standing: Father McCaffrey, ..iQ.,....1x . - ...,, ..3:vff.L ' g I "lt is my will to seek admission into the circle of the Knights of the Blessed Sacrament. On my word of honor I promise to receive the Most Holy Body and Blocd of my Lord in Holy Communion at least once a week, and to observe all the customs of the Knighthoodf' With these words and the taking of their word of honor, a Stepinac student becomes a member of one of the most a v ' x distinguished, yet outwardly inactive organizations sponsored here. What then is this organization? The K.B.S. is a spiritual organization, founded to serve the Blessed Sacrament in every way possible by means of personal, individual service. The present head of this organi- zation is Father Gaffney. He has taken the place of Father McCaffrey, who served as moderator for a number of years. K.B.S. PREFECTS Front Row: Father Gaffney, moderator, D. Pisello, G. Rep- icky, P. Tedesco, W. Ruddy. Second Row: J. Sofia, H. Stamler, W. Wetzel, P. Kane, J. Downey, C. Protano. Third Row: P. Trainor, W, Morrissey. H. Maass, R. Horncastle, J. McGowan, J. Barrett, R. Magdelain. Back Row: J. Huff, G. Robinson, T. McCarthy, J. Deltino, C. Weldon, J. Trier. JUNIOR AND SENIOR ALTAR BOYS Page, J. Murphy, J, Hoff, J. Roth, R. Flintoff, Msgr. Ryan, moderators. FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE ALTAR BOYS Front Row: R. Burke, P. Devlin, H. Morelli, R. Dorman, F. Labrusciano. Second Row: J. Manganiello, G. Kunz, P. Pitocco, J. Murphy. Third Row: L.. Nelson, J. Coffey, B. Rigano, F. Snyder. Fourth Row: D. Ryan, W. Mastellon, W. Ruddy, W. Summa. Back Row: J. Ogden, R. Foraste, J. McLaughlin, T. Cawley. Standing: Fr. McCaffrey, Msgr. Ryan, B. Mead, F. Winzig, J. .Elston, P. Sabatos, T. DeLitta, D. Venuti, T. Ryan, C. Browne, R. Saline, J. McKenna. 745541 'gage The main purpose of the Altar Boys at Stepinac is to assist at Mass, Benediction, and the various liturg- ical and special services throughout the year. Father McCaffrey, together with Father Gust, is in charge of the Altar Boy Society, which numbers about one hundred and twenty-five boys. To provide the opportunity for others to become altar boys and to serve on the Altar of God, Mon- signor Ryan is always available for instruction. A . 5 'Q J! JUN IOR-SEN IOR MEMBERS Front Row: M. Totaro, P, Drake, J. Tobias, C. Ryan, R. Madden. L. Dirksen, Father Kane, moderator. Second Row: M. Pennuccr, J. McCarthy, W. Breede, P. Foraste, G. Hauck, J. Mantredi, K. Keogh, E. Pegg. Back Row: T. Lloyd, R. Anthony, J. Gmelrn, J. Dcltino, D. Rae, R. Aglietti, J. Shanahan, D. Blot. l -11. lnstituted three years ago, the Aquinas Society, moderated by Father Kane, has the purpose of encouraging the students to attain high scholastic achievement. Under the patronage of Saint Thomas Aquinas, the "Angelic Doctor" and patron of all Catholic schools, the society provides due recognition to those students who constantly excel in their studies. The society is divided into two groups, the Primi and the Secundi. The Primi is composed ot all those who have obtained at least 85W in each subject for the mid term. To quality tor the Secundi you must obtain the same grades for only one marking period. Pins merited by the FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE MEMBERS front Row' J. Anton, M. Puglicse, P. Ruheli, P. Kiernan, E. Gernert, G. Kunz, D. Plsello, Fr. Kane, moderator. Second Row: T, Lucitiy, R. Przzarello, D. Palamlrno, J. Salvatore, G Reprcky, R. Dorman, V. Corbo, T. Ryan. Ihird Row: P. Lochner, E. Dualy, W. Bennett, J. Lavery, D. Ryan, L Brarda, M. Honcs, S. Kuter, P. Tobin. Back Row: E. Cosgrove, J Lombardi, R. Saline, B. Wilbur, D. McGovern, D. Baisley, D. Lynch, C, Baumstark. x The men who help--fthey are the ushers. Under the direction of Father McCarthy these students perform invaluable service at many school functions throughout the year. Serving as waiters at the an- nual Ladies' Bridge and seeing that everyone is seated properly for the school play constitute their most important duties. 88 Primi are awarded by the Dean of Studies. 1 .1 UN USHERS Front Row: Father McCarthy, moderatorg T. James, J. Lazar, R. Madden, P. Galloway. Second Row: P. Bisconti, P. Gcnnuso, G. Lycidanc, P. Przzaretlo, P. Foraste. T. McCarthy. Third Row: HL ' x W. O'l-Iara, J. Mantrcdi. F. Buckley, F. Chrsari, T. Bishop, R. Magdelain, W. Pfister. Back Row: F. Gagliardi, J. McSweeney, R. Raynor, J. O'ShaughA nessy, C. Buckley, W. Plunkett, K. Grasso, R. Lombardo. 1 QQ.. 11 DANCE COMMITTEE Front Row: W. O'Hara, P. Foraste, D. Madden, D. Frost, A. Pugliese. Second Row: Father McCarthy, modefatorg E. Michels, J. Lazar, R. l-lcnnessey, R. Madden, J. Pitaro, J. Trifari, T. Carpenter. Back Row: R. Lombardo, F. DeMartino, T. Donnelly, E. Parr, C. Ryan, J. Huff, T. Mahaffey. ' pftdm Under the guidance of Father, Lyons, the Senior Prom Committee made the last social event of the year for Seniors a night long to be remembered and cherished in future years. With tradition in the spot- light, the prom was held at the Glen lsland Casino once again, and the Seniors danced to the melodic strains of the Casino band. All those who attended expressed their appreciation for the expert :lirection and hard work graciously donated by Father Lyons, whose sacrifices made the prom a memor- able success. N JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE Front Row: L. DiRienzO, E. Carroll, J. Tobias, E. Michels, W. Morrissey. Second Row: M. Truglio, L. Dirksen, J. Brady, P. Brown, D. DeLuca, Brother Garrett. Back Row: W. Ditoro, J. Ready, W. Breede, G. Ciaramella, W. Q'Hara, P. Rice, A. Saviano. . wi.. 7nwscw .Q : 7 Under the direction of Father McCarthy, the dance committee performed invaluable service for the various dances held throughout the year. The duties and responsibilities of the members were extensive. They chose themes, and assisted in deco- rating and prepared posters to announce the event. ln fact, the duties did not end until the last coat had been retrieved from the check room. SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Kneeling: W. Plunkett, G. Lyddane, T. Dempsey, H. Korn, C. Buckley. Front Row: J. Shopovlck, T. Mackey, J. Corbo, J. Sparno, Father Lyons, moderator. Second Row: J. Cooksey, J. Morgado, A, Basile, P. Trainor, M. McAdams, G. Gates. Back Row: J. Thompson, J. Kinstler, F. DeMartino, W. Collins, E. Cantlin, D. Noonan, J. Burke. ' pun On May 23, the Junior Class had, their night of nights. About 300 Juniors danced to the music of Lou Martin. The hard work and sacrifice of Brother Garrett made the Junior Prom an evening to remember for the Class of l959. '89' iv' """'-A---1'--rg., ,A """""""'?"'f1-NM-N.. bf HA---......., ,-M4 SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY Front Row: N. Walsh, C. Stram, D. Pisello, T. Troy, W. Wuestenhoefer. Second Row: C. Reilley, D. Massaro, N. Marchetti, E. Zegarelli, E. Cusati, Back Row: Father McGowan, moderatorg R. Anthony, J. Anthony, J. Saline, J. Brady, W. Nicholls. Father McGowan makes final check on Joe Saline's project. Brady Garber and his exhibit at Westchester Science Fair 90 I I I I The Scientific Society, one of the few honorary societies at Stepinac, is directed by Father Laurence McGowan. lts membership consists of all those students who have repre- sented Stepinac in an accepted science contest. While Father McGowan is mainly respon- sible for the organization, members receive necessary help in the form of ideas and mater- ials from other members of the faculty. Early in March, the Society sponsored its Annual Science Fair for the students, as a preparation for forthcoming contests. Many of the outstanding projects entered here go on to win awards in national, local and diocesan Science Fairs. Through the years a number of scholarships and prizes have been realized as a result of the efforts of this group. "1 D. Pisello explains his project to Father McGowan and Bro. Philip Neri. Two aspiring scientists - N. Marchetti and E. Cusati. E. Ajello and D. Massaro await the verdict of the judges. O GENERAL SCIENCE CLUB 'ont Row: E. Cusati, G. Fcigcl, R. Fanelli , Troy, J. Manganiello, W. Wuestenhoefer , Giacco. Second Row: A. Cucurullo, J ourquc, B. Murphy, D, Massaro, R iarcato, R, Paladino, Brothen' Norbert, ioderator. Back Row: M. Myers, R. Flood Moran, C, Reilley, P. Barth, A. Mascia K. Walsh, J. Doherty, F. Winzig, Once a week, those freshmen who have an extra-curricular interest in science meet together with Brother Norbert. During their meetings, films and demonstrations of general interest are shown to these up and coming men of science. On occasion, the members themselves prepare experiments for demonstration and explanation at the meetings. ln addition to assisting them in their preparation for more advanced science courses, which they will take in future years, the club provides the members with a chance to prepare whatever projects they plan to enter in the science contests that occur throughout the school year. The primary purpose of the Chemistry Club is to give its forty senior members a deeper interest in Chemistry, which would result in a broader. , preparation for college. The meetings, which are held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school year, may consist of a science lecture, a film concerning the course, or the doing of an extra experiment. Each member can work on a project of his own choosing. using chemicals and apparatus over and above what is used in the regular course. Also during the year, through the efforts of Father McGowan, the moderator, the club sponsors field trips to places of scientific interest. Q i CHEMISTRY CLUB - Front Row: E. Pisarri, P. Drake, E. Stram, P. Zavaglia, A.Trifari, R.AndrioIa. Second Row: R. Karl, G. Hauck, G. Johnson, A. Walsh, J, Saline, L. Feret. Back Row: Father as-avr-taiifelvffnfq-rs'-e.4.-,v. Qmlli H1353 1 F330 3-T5 -l-.4 DI " 9 r- 2-Pm Q, 3 ' a Wggfu , :OS 3sru'0-. 3229, -..--v-. B. . S Tip? . A The Physics Club, under the direction ot Father Kane, seeks to instill a greater appreciation of the science of Physics among its many members. At meetings Father Kane discusses various topics of interest and importance which cannot be considered in class due to the time element involved. By taking part in many experiments and by observing various ' ' demonstrations, students become more familiar with the scope and technique of Physics. By learning to appreciate this science, the members ot the club become more interested in the subject and are able to obtain better grades in class. BIOLOGY CLUB Sitting: C. Rogers, V. Karl, M. Leonard, D, Bank, J. Maher. Front Row: Brother Bernardine, J. Rock, W. Hallinan, W, Elgert, J. Hisle, J. Nicosia. Back Row: R. Bolander, J. Nagle, C. Salvo, P. Bauman, B. Garber. 93 PHYSICS CLUB Front Row: E. Pegg, T Pierce, J. Delfino, J. Tobias, L. Dirksen, R. Hopkins, Father Kane, moderator. Second Row: W. Lynch, G. Natt, N. Senecal, H. Wilson F. Sorrentino, F. Burke, M Pennucci. Back Row: W Hallahan, E. Pepe, D. Rae, A Saviano, D, Sullivan, L Bonville, J. Hoffgartner, P. Rice. The activities ofthe Biology Club are for the most part on an individual basis. Under the guidance ot Brother Bernardine, the members learned ad- vanced laboratory techniques and have carried out various experiments. One of the projects has dealt with radioactive particles and a Geiger counter, which are beyond the scope of the regular classroom work. The fifteen students who are in the club were given special assistance and guidance toward entering projects in numerous science contests. .5 pn ,Q- W-Y? CH CLASSICAL CLUB Front Row: J, Connery, P. Foraste, F, Francomano, M, Totaro, R. Mnnqonc, A. Applc-boy, T, Ryan. Sc-cond Row: P Bisconti, D, DcLuca, SI McMillan, R. Cacchione, J. Del Vecchio, M Bonafielrl, J, Mullen, G. Fox, Father DlBlGSI, moderator. Hack Row: K, Buckley, E, Gallagher, B. Dwyer, D McGovern, G. Secrcst, B. Shea, D. Hatch. R. Hunter, This year the Classical Club was re-introduced into the life of Stepinac by Father DiBlasi, the moderator, The purpose is to further the study ot the Greek and Roman classics. Through such mediums as lectures. puzzles, and newspapers a true Roman culture is developed in the members, The members ot the German Club, under the direction of Brother Donatus, seek to gain a better understanding of the history and culture of Germany, Through the viewing of German films and the study of German folk songs, the boys become more intimate with the Customs of the country. Membership is open to all German students, while organization meetings are attended by representatives elected by the students of each class. Members partake in various field trips to the German sections of New York City, where they can obtain a more vivid picture of the everyday life of the modern German, twat 3 ,-h 1 X lt xx I , M 3 GERMAN CLUB Front Row: D, Ryan, J, Mclvor D. Johnson, M. Hones, E, Michels Second Row: Brother Donatus moderator, J. Rock, D. Pisello, J Salvatore, T. James, L. Nutson Back Row: J. Homberg, A. Gressel J. Risoli, E. Dealy, M. Myers, J Doherty, R. Burke. 94 The French Club, under the direction of Brother Benignus, was created to provide for all French students a greater knowledge of the language and a cultural background in French, The principal members ot the club, those taking third year French, engage in such activities as listening to French records, viewing slides pertinent to the course, and conversing in 1 French. Thus they are able to obtain a more extensive knowledge of France and the French language. FRENCH CLUB Front Row: J. Dowd, J. Bernarducci, P Ranni, W, Wetzel, W. Voight, P. DeSena C. Tornaselli. Second Row: J. Pierce, D McCarthy, E. Gallagher, M. Deltino, M Totaro, M, Heinzeller, Brother Benignus moderator. Third Row: W. Choquette, R Gallagher, A. Puglicse, C. Weldon, P. Walz F. Childs, J. Manfredi, J. McCarthy, C Burger. Back Row: B. Lonergan, W, Page B. Plunkett, J. Duffy, M. Lafittc, C Buckley, J, McSwccncy, T. Griffin, V. Kriss X Combining both cultural and conversational pursuits, the Spanish Club, under the able direction of Brother Thomas Patrick, is open to those studying third year Spanish. The members learn tirst hand conversational Spanish by listening to records, which are purchased with the weekly dues ot the Club. They increase their proficiency in the language by reading Spanish books from the school library and special textbooks at the meetings. Interest in Spanish is stimulated and the further pursuit of the language is encouraged. SPANISH CLUB Left Row: L, Lombardi, W. Reagan, P. Dirr, T. Donnelly, F. Francomano. Second Row: J. Trifari, J. Thompson, J. Burke, J. Welsh, R. Magdelain. Right Row: G. Robertson, E. John- son, N. Broderick, W. Dargin, D. Dos Anios. Back Row: R, Hubertus, G. Brent, W. Driscoll, T, Barrett, E. Cantlin, A. Francornano, J. Mooney, D. Canzano, Bro. Thomas Patrick, moderator. 95 iaeaiz PHOENIX STAFF M f d' R M d la'n St din L. Fcrct, K. Buckley, Fr, McMahon Seated: R. Mangone, J, McSwecriy, J. an re I, . ag e I . an Q: Moderator, R. Horncastle, G. Hauck, After a two year absence, The Phoenix again began publication, under the inspiring leadership of Father McMahon, The articles that were submitted ranged from musical criticism to poetry, from Organic Chemistry to an appre- ciation of snakes, from French and Italian to Latin. Selecting and editing these selections was the job ot the Board of Editors, Headed by James McSweeney, the literary staff, consisting of John Manfredi, Kevin Buckley, Robert Magdelain and Robert Mangone, read and judge these offerings, choosing only the best. George Hauck and Leo Ferret, the science editors, were responsible for checking and editing the rather large number of Science and Mathematical works. ln attempting to ,keep up the high standards of past Phoenix publica- tions, the entire staff has been indebted to the sage advice and views of 'Mgsr. Edwin Ryan. 96 This year the reins of the Business Club were handed over to Brother Alphonse by Brother Douglas, who is no longer at Stepinac. Its purpose is to give further training in the field of business law and in the usage of calcu- lating, mimeographing, and duplicating machines. The greatest manifes- tation of the efforts of the club is the Senior Bulletin. The membership of the club boasts about fifty percent of those Seniors who are planning to take up Business Administration in college. i W 15:44 plays .ls PM in ,L auf f l 3 .Q-., 6 nl- TYPING Front Row: E. Robinson, J. Schmidt, G. Robertson, L. Farrell. Back Row: J. Mullen, Bro, Alphonse, Moderatorg W. Ryan, 97 SENIOR BULLETIN Frontl Row: L. Charla, E Cantlm, R. Horncastle, J Gmelin. Back Row: W. Dris- coll, W. Wetzel, J. Marino 'ls' err' 5 Maw x LIBRARY CLUB Front Row: W, Wuestenhoefer, P. Nofrogatc, V, Possidento, F. Snyder, Bro. George Patrick Moderator Back Row: J. Munroe, D. Johnson, R, Nagle, M, Murray, J. Kerwin, J. Pitaro, M Farrell J Aliberto mist was iisvf 2 Qi 2 Although young in years we possess one ot the most quantitive high school libraries anywere. Because of the over- abundance ot work Brother George Pat- rick, librarian, has selected a group of students to help him, This comprises the basis for the foundation of the Library Club. Among the more noticable services ot the club are monthly displays which cover the bulletin boards. The annual Catholic Press Month Exhibit brings to the attention ot the students the recent works ot the finest Catholic writers. Also included in the functions of the Library Club are the audio-visual aids which enable the students to grasp more easily the subject matter of their studies. 98 ORATORICAL SOCIETY Seated: Fr. Mulroy, Moderator, K. Keogh, P. Tobin, P. Lochner. Standing: D. Blot, P. Ciccone, C. Malacalza, Father Scheets once again was aced with setbacks in his attempts o mold a prize winning debating eam out of his aspirants. Two of ast year's varsity team failed to try lut this year and so again he had to tart almost from scratch in a seem- 'igly endless chain of unfortunate ivents. ln spite of these misfor- unes, however, the team enjoyed a easonably successful year. Trips fere made to Georgetown Univers- ty in Wash., D. C., Kings College 'i Wilks Barre, Penn., and Scranton, 'enn. to attend tournaments. Other Jcal tournaments were attended and he outcome was commendable in iew of the personnel difficulties. x large number of Sophomores and uniors are members of the novice nd J.V. sections. Resulting from he size of the squad and the exper- ence gained this year, the skies of he future are brightening with the Jminescence of success. 99 R. Mangone, K. Buckley. I I The Oratorical Society is an excel- lent means of preparing students to speak before large audiences. ln the first regular contest of this year Kevin Keogh represented the school in the American Legion com- petition speaking on the United States Constitution. He reached the finals of Westchester County before he was eliminated. The Catholic Youth Organization sponsored its Westchester County contest in the school later in the year. Here the topics were l'Catho- lic Youth and the Popes Annual Christmas Message - l9'57" and "Catholic Youth and the Annual Report of the American Bishopsw- l957". Speaking against contest- ants from all over the Countv, Rob- ert Mangone captured third place for the second consecutive year. DEBATING SOCIETY Kneeling: P. Lochner, M. Murray, P. Medure, J. Lavery, L. Braida, C. Malacalza. Seated: D. Blot, J, Zehnder, R. Mangone, P, Gennuso, F. Chisari, T. James. Standing: K. Keogh, F. Harvey, P. Ciccone, B. Shea, W. Bennett, P. Tobin, E. Rambusch, Fr. Scheets, Moderator. ELECTRONICS CLUB Front Row: W. Wuestenhoe- fer, J, Conley, R. lanelli, C. Strom, E. Cusati, Bro. Philip Neri. Second Row: N. March- etti, D. Mnssaro, R, Aglieti, W. Fischer, G, Johnson, M Anderson. Back Row: A. Trovato, J. Cookscy, G. Wig- gers, R. Karl, L. Fc-ret, F. DeMartino, ln Room G-5 a group of serious minded students, the Electronics Club, convenes regularly, and discusses and unravels the intricate and perplexing problems encountered in electronics. The society is open to all four years, and the scientific minded members, under the supervision of that electronics wizard, Brother Philip Neri, devote themselves to the construction of such projects as solar powered automobiles and complex electrical machines. The Electronics Club is an outlet for those students whose ambitions are centered around entrance into that vital field of science. However, its primary purpose is to prepare its members for college courses in electronics. The Model Railroad Club, this year under the direction of Brother Medard, has given its members a great opportunity to work on their hobby, scale model railroading. The members have built and displayed engines and equipment representing the various stages in the development ot American railroading. At weekly meetings they discuss the advances in railroading since Peter Cooper's "Tom Thumb" and thereby further their interest in their hobby. MODEL RAILROAD CLUB Front Row: H. Morelli, C Lewit, K. Ludwig, R. Frescc A. Roberts, B. McMahor Back Row: J. Ogden, F Brown, B. Sotter, T. Ecker' C. Deierlein, A. Pfister, C. Koval. IOO Meeting bi-monthly, with Brother Norbert acting as moderator, the twenty-five members of the Auto Club gather together to discuss and share their knowledge of cars. At each meeting Brother passes out literature that pertains to the technical aspects and safe usage of cars. Many field trips to various assembly plants and training centers in the surrounding area add to the members' increased knowledge of automobiles, 4,1 AUTO CLUB Front Row: T. Lloyd, A. Saviano, G. Wiggers, E. Parr. Second Row: R. Hopkins, J. Boyle, J. Iorizzo. Back Row: K. Funck, J, Daly, A. Sicon- olfi, Bro. Norbert, moderator. CAMERA CLUB Front Row: D. Snow, P. Ru- beli, T. Menadier, J. McGlinn Bro. Bernardine, moderator T. McDonald, R. Burke, R Dorman. Second Row: Rl Patrella, G. Preston, T. Troy, G. Repicky, T. Shea, N James, P. Medure, W. Elgert, S. Hutter. Third Row: V Karl, G. Maher, W. Webber T. Ryan, J. McDonald, T Pagnillo, R. Vaillancourt, P Brown, J. Drohan, W. Lynch Back Row: A. Curinga, H Maass, M. Gilbert, L. Forma ato, W. Breede, R. Hunter G. Fox, G. Simon, P. Walz L. Kumins, M. Mormino. lOl 1 -Q. The Camera Club, one of many extra-curricular activities to make a welcomed reappearance at Stepinac this year, is under the direction of the very capable Brother Bernardine. Membership is made up of students considering photography as a future career. Meetings, held weekly, frequently consist of practice in the develop- ing and enlarging of pictures. Many fine photographs are acquired by the club through the competition sparked by monthly contests, and these pictures are often seen gracing the pages of "Crusader" issues. Had CHESS CLUB First Table: D. Ryan, J. Lcmon. Second Table: S. Kuter, M. Pugliese. Standing J. McKenna, P. Kiernan, P Houle. Third Table: E. Mich- aels, C. Browne, J. Coffey, R. Dorman. The Chess Club, under the direction of Brother Meinrad has now fin- ished its third year here at Stepinac. Comprised of some eleven Freshman, tour Sophomores and tour Juniors, the Club meets three times a week to pit their mental prowess against each other, Due to a late start this year, it did not compete in any matches with other schools. However, with such a large underclassman membership, ex- perience is sure to be a valuable asset next year. Unlike the other clubs, the election of its hierarchy is dictated accord- ing to the individual's skill at the board, A "Round Robin" tournament provides the opportunity for the members to campaign for office. The Poster Club is one of this year's addition to Stepinac's growing roster of societies. lt came into existence as a result of the discontinuation of the school's Art Courses. The club was organized under Brother Cornelius, with a two-fold purpose in mind, namely to get the necessary poster work done, and at the same time, to search tor any talent in the school. The finding ot this talent is of great importance, especially where such activities as the school show are concerned. One look at the posters around Stepinac would be all that would be necessary to learn of the club's success. ?a4tefa POSTER CLUB L. Charla, R. Dadarria, Bro Cornelius, moderator: F. Childs, A. Pugliese. lO2 l The Alumni Association has continued the ever growing task of informing gradu- ates of their classmates endeavors, as well as current activities at their Alma Mater. This information is conveyed principally through the "Alumni News" and letters which are mailed to all the graduates. Fr. McCaffrey and Fr. Di Blasi, who now super- vise the association, succeed the moderator during the first eight years, Fr. Matthews. The moderators work jointly with the elected representatives from each graduated class to plan the Alumni-Varsity basketball game at Thanksgiving, the Christmas Dance, and the Communion breakfast in the Spring. Under their new moderator, Fr. William McGann, the ladies club had another very successful year. lt was high-lighted by their chief social function, namely, the Easter Bridge. On the line of education, they had many interesting and informative speakers at their meetings. ln addition to the tradi- tional task of running the communion breakfast, they took on, and skillfully han- dled, with the aid of the Dads' Club, the job of giving those connected with the School Show a free dinner and dance. Of the many societies at Stepinac, one of the most important is the Dads' Club, Few groups do more for the school. This year, under the presidency of Harold F. O'Neill and the new direction of Fr. Francis Melican, club activities were very success- ful. As in the past, the clubs' first job was that of assisting at the football games, which was followed up by the Annual Football Dinner. Then, in conjunction with the Ladies Auxiliary, they originated and heloed carry through successfully the project of giving a dinner and dance for those associ- ated with the School Show, "Plain and Fancy", The year was finally brought to a profitable close by the traditional Boxing Night. IO3 ALUMNI Left to Right: Fr. McCaffrey, D. McLaughlj:n. Sullivan, P. Maron: G Gunzenhauser W Beeck r. I asa. I ' I I LADIES' AUXILIARY Seated: Mrs, C. John Andres, Mrs. Truman Smith, Mrs. James Keogh Sta ding M s Walte J Ka I Fr. W. McGann, Mrs. George Russ Dada' X if 'Z J? .ff 2 X f"Mw---Q -WM' ,,..---- 0:04 .lady of 'Patong Victory over sin and death was achieved by Christ on Calvary. ln this, as in all things, His Divine Mother shared. Thus the athlete hopes to learn the necessity of self-discipline, sacrifice, and perseverance at the foot of the Cross, with Mary who is Our Lady of Victory. x Q23 K . aukrliz Q Q9 f Ei "Y 'W ' X V 'QQ'-EW, M- 5 Lzyzi if , .wiv -X f, ,-x , . mf - .J EDWARD MeGlRR All-County First Team 106 ARTHUR MALESARDI PAUL KINSLEY All-C.H.S.A.A. First Team All-County Honorable Mention World Telegram 8' Sun Third Team JOSEPH THOMPSON JAMES MOONEY WESLEY VOIGHT VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: E. McGirr, R. Dos Anjos, M. Howard, P. Bonhag. Second Row: J. Bernaducci, managerg B. McAuley, A. Malesardi, P. Kinsley, W. Voight, R. Lombardo, manager. Back Row: Mr. Volpe, coachg J. Joyce, J. Thompson, J. Mooney, R. Yannantuono, WWW! Z The i957-58 basketball squad more than made up for the mediocre seasons of past years, compiling one of the best records in the history of the school. After the sinking of the last basket, and after the last whistle had been blown, Stepinac was recognized as having been one of the finest teams in the metropolitan area. Starting on the right foot, Ed McGirr and Paul Kinsley led the cagers to a 46-40 win over the Alumni. Journeying to Hayes for the first regular season contest, the team was bested in the final seconds, 48-46. On Decem- ber lO, they again invaded the city to play a strong Fordham team. Three key players fouled out in the second half, and the Prep took full advantage of our weakened condi- tion to pull away and win in the last quarter. lO7 F. Richichi. lc Q' -f'ss'?ffie.f.--- - ' A. .sn 1 mf' uwyr ,Jars-1v?P'P Q, wedvsmfwft, .pl4'5f"i? I :QUIK , ,np-.-1 Q f 04 r 5' Ill Nffa' ' at si. 'Le at f 1'-aff 'G I was robbed!" "If I miss this one Playing away from home again, the Crusaders found the range against Sleepy Hollow and by virtue of a strong second half they downed the Horsemen, 48-42. December I9 marked Stepinac's first game of the season in the newly formed Division IV of the C.H.S.A.A,. Entertaining Salesian, the team showed promise of things to come and easily downed the Eagles, 65-49. Two days later they again took to the road, Playing against Mount St, Michael in their spacious gym, the Crusaders fought and hustled all the way to a 63-47 victory. Tournaments seemed to be a stumbling block this year, although the team managed to give a good account of itself. Such was the Mooney sinks another nice lay-up. Richichi tries a jumper. case in the Marist Tourney, which took place during the Christmas vacation. The team played good ball, but St. Helena eked out a 52-49 win. Returning to their home court at the end of the vacation, the squad reeled off five straight victories over Sacred Heart, Mount St. Michael, Blessed Sacrament, Sleepy Hollow, and Iona. The victories over Sacred Heart and Iona were particularly satisfying. The win over Sacred Heart proved that Stepinac was tops in the league, and that a successful season lay ahead. The team had trounced Iona on their home court before a large crowd, and Jim Mooney, Paul Kinsley, and Ed McGirr played fine ball in this game. Mooney bombs from the corner. "What a cinch!" 9 McGirr beats the whole Sleepy Hollow squad on a fast break. lIO McGirr goes all the way again. On January Bl, the cagers hosted New Rochelle, a perennial county power. As the first half ended the Huguenots led by a slim margin, but in the second half, behind the fine shooting of Johnny Counts, they pulled out in front to stay, and won, Sl -4l. With seven games remaining in the regu- lar season, the team boasted a 9-4 record. The next three weeks would make or break the season, and the Crusaders, rising to the oc- casion, downed all seven foes. Ed McGirr hit for 35 points to pace the team to an 82-43 win over Salesian, and then the Blue and Red proceeded to defeat Blessed Sacrament, Ossining, Edison, Iona, and New Rochelle. The final league game against Iona was scheduled Richichi tries a one-hander. for Sunday, February l6, but the big snow caused it to be postponed until the following day. The weather failed to freeze the Stepinac attack, however, as the Crusaders crushed the Gael's by 26 points, 68-42. Paul Kinsley, Ed McGirr, Art Malesardi, Jim Mooney, and Sophomore Frank Richichi spearheaded this fine performance. This victory enabled Stepinacito go undefeated in league competi- tion with a perfect lO-O record. Closing out the season, the team traveled to New Rochelle, intent on avenging an early- season defeat at the hands of the Purple Wave. At the end of the third quarter the Crusaders led by only two points. ln the last quarter, however, Stepinac pulled away and won by "Jump Ball"' A long shot from the corner falls short. McGirr . Kinsley . Mooney . Richichi . Malesardi McAuIey Voight . Thompson Joyce . Howard Bonhag Dos Anios Yannantuo "Get off my back!" INDIVIDUAL SCORING H0 390 244 207 l88 109 58 37 25 23 I6 3 2 2 t . uf, li, -'is 's-:,'fi NDS ni: ,Y nf- Q qv i 'M it Q. My si ix, .5 ., if - . HI ffl- s '-Alf ax' . , . 5 I '- 4, 15, W N. x j ,f '3 l Q li' Q 0 1.3 flx, f J 3' 3 V 'L .1 - S 19 ' t -i 8 ' we L' Q " 3 -f "' ' " " J .M "' ' A Q QW 4.1 Q, ' 5 an we - . ,Qi I 3 Q - Q? in an TX, . Q kj i ka V- . ii , ,iw 3 al +-N., X35 - x X, fi -1 J sd xl 9 UI nf, WW 9 ,1 Q 3, x M. 'E fi x ix ,R 1 ft: 9' s 5'-r P, F, lib i 4. , 41 f if ' u H th C ' !"f A FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: J. Munroe, C. Galardi. Second Row: R. Doherty. R. Pizzarello, Bro. Alois, coachg S. Springer, R. Foraste. Third Row: T. McCaffery, J. Searing, J. Mastropolo, R. O'NeiIl, J. Callahan. Back Row: J. Wray, J. Elston, D. Reid, W. Dwyer. Not Pictured: C. Devitt. 2? With a league record ot I l-l, the Freshman team was the champion of CC the Westchester Division of the C.H.S.A.A.. They had a 22-7 overall record, but six of their losses were to strong New York City teams. Outstanding moments included an overtime loss to St. Francis Prep, fifty points in the second half of a game with a good Stepinac Annex team, and the final contest, a 69-50 shellacking of top-notch Manhattan Prep, Brother Alois rates the team's captain and high scorer, John Mastropolo, as one of the finest prospects he has coached or seen. Jack Searing, Ray Doherty and Bill Dwyer give promise of developing into outstanding players for the Crusaders. A fine group of reserves backed up the starting five, and ably assisted the team in compiling one of the best records in the school's history. The start of a winning effort against Xaverian. I l 5 A future star in action ARTHUR MALESARDI f I A WILLIAM CHOQUETTE All C H S L 3rd Team HAROLD CLARK 7 Q I Y- , ff ROBERT PESCE THOMAS GRIFFIN All-C.H S L Isl' Team tk 'N Tsnsucs o'Nnu. f X DONALD NOONAN All-County 3rd Team II6 I Li: 1 - .E ff- Q '16 5 Q X vm if S PASQUALE PALERMO CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY Y . LL.,, f L si sv , -- f V JOSEPH McCARTHY All-C.H.S.L. 'lst Team CARMINE SANTORO Y v MICHAEL KELLY JOH N SH EA , ' 4 I In W, V GEORGE LYDDANE wlu.lAM PLUNKUT Groks: nosEnTSoN ANTHONY PISCETTA JOSEPH KERWIB FRANCIS KINDERMAI FRANCIS KELLY ANTHONY SILO Pre-season forecasts of greatness for the Crusaders of '57 showed indications of fulfillment in their first game against Fairfield Prep. With Buddy Kindermann romping 26 yards to 'score early in the first quarter, Stepinac held defensively and won 6-2, breaking highly touted Fair- field's fourteen game winning streak. Fairfield's points came late in the fourth quarter when Bill Plunkett, on his own one yard line due to a punt, intentionally gave Fairfield the safety. Stepinac went into its first league game minus the leadership of quarterback Bill Plunkett. Bill, having ag- gravated last year's injury, in the Fairfield game, was for a while, in critical condition, and lost to the team for the year. Sophomore Dick Bolander filled in and did a fine job. However, Stepinac's bad breaks had just started. The one-two punch of Kindermann and Kerwin was also lost to the Crusaders early in the game, and they too missed the remainder of the season. ln spite of all the hardships, the Werdermen put up a terrific struggle and lost a close one, 6-O. Playing their county rivals, New Rochelle, led by John Counts, the injury ridden Crusaders went to their second close-one touchdown defeat. Counts scored both of New Rochelle's touchdowns, on a forty yard run in the Moment of gloryg Stepinac retains the DuBois Trophy. . 3 .jey r r PFQOTBALL nsconn ,sa-spinner ' if . opnmf T ,ree os.. F Fairfield? i F. . 2 sogrvchama-ads j. e 'eff iwewlkochesiei. . . ia j 6 C .Mount sr..Michaei V . . is j f26 Hayes . .r . 0 l .51 sf, Ffmisj. . . '19 .26 . I4 A Chaminade tackler hits Kindermann after a short gain. . .3-5 "nh, iff' I af .Jani ' 'luv M fl ., .nw Kindermann finds a hole. Noonan grounds a Flyer. second quarter and on a line plunge in the third period. The first extra point was made, but New Rochelle failed in their second attempt. Stepinac's score came in the final period on a one yard plunge by Tom Lantry which sparked this 40 yard drive to paydirt. Stepinac, for the game, led in yards gained and first downs. One of the brightest spots in the contest was the ball handling and passing of Sophomore Bolander who completed ten passes for l3l yards. Returning to league play, Stepinac faired no better against Mount Saint Michael. The Crusaders looked good in the opening minutes, but that was about all. Early in the initial period Tom Griffin blocked John Ahearn's kick and Art Malesardi fell on it for the score. The conversion was blocked. From then on it was the Mount's game. In the sec- ond period the Mount recovered a Stepinac fumble on the 23 yard line from which point Charlie Barr went over on the first play. The extra point try was no good. The Mount kicked to Stepinac who after three plays were forced to punt. The kick was blocked and the Mounties had the ball again, this time on the 22 yard line. After picking up a first down, Barr went the remaining yard- age for the score. The final scoring of the day came in He s gone! . W. , ...W , .Au 1 ' 'P A ,. ,ix if .wink . if l . , T W Y I Jwx 1 , E ywii G M A Q - xx V Q ' , . . A J vs -, Y- H., fb-914 ' , ff K A ,W W ,M fH5,5.,....,,.w'Q.. M A Wm fe -K Q 0, knkn Nw. ,.Afv.,...- E Q5 ' J' ' J .- .1 ' kfw 'W .. A-h X if 'L 'Q Q - a V' .5 .2 1, e A n ,, , ,..,, -W . 5.5 ' ,kg M. 5 am Wm w g S ' .1 . V Q 5 . x wi ' my ff 1"" - ft... ""'f-ml'-" ' Q Q. . QMW1 ,, 0 Q X' YQ ":'a .u ,,,.. 0. ,N X K A Q ,f In V M . -..g..-.sf , , . A . x W M E ,,,,, L: 5f":'?M53'x3N.i 'QE . Q ff Q' E S 5 .... S. g ,B in . 31,9 ,M +3 4 'inf' T9 K Q b. ., ,, I K L. 5 ,:., , z,. , ..., fig? Q E .Eg Pj 1 5 J, .,, . , , A X 'N W 3 1 1, 'ff 'V V A .. f l Q E434 'ii S 4 .s ink J 5 k lg E A SN K V 'I , H -"5 2.1. .1 az.. ,,-ig . K f .H ,-.mi-'ww +.:+-,nw . + , X Y M H w 1 f , 5 . fwggla' ..... k U S-. Q , f . My M EE gm we ,iff if 4 A X K fr N ,914 3 , A K Q gg 5 5 ,A K "gm, .7 I mx Q, E Q 6 i W an 5 Q X F E X' ' Z 5 - 3 , If , 4 'Q W, ,,A. -::. E r fl E? ' .ff 3 Y Q A as V ff u 7 ff 'J 1 Ik v Q 1 Sf. Q 4 W'-W I -Q f 4 XX X X 'Z' I S :ff ' :V i -X 'Q MB- Q . i Jr , sn I' ' '.'wAYk1wp:i'i4ZTwgtf fidrlzixs Eid' .Lvi2x',Xe P - g , ' ' L an V - X f gl' M .ff ,pwgthjt 's -n,b'f,,,g2, ..v. 'X 'J ,nXfX'3?qbX3+?'ifI wfsm 51 X Q3 f'-Q4 ,K EAM K 'fm f f" ,gre-iw H531 Ylj"'rf" 'XX''Xjgggwisg.sPQs315?w,iX','+a6Eggs wf'?g?f4 if 'Alilfi-S W' 'qi s X ggi 'X' K 'W 'f ' X' s "FIA , Q in HA fffi' ' 'Q' NX -ZW P--4 :3M'wL"s 'GSW gif? 3' '?"g2?fsX'23?!+t'fF5e'i?!ia:53mi ',.1aXff4!M"f'1YXnXf.Q'2'7+aQ' Y is wk 'lf f ,Xs in e f '17 ' ' ffl 9 'f X' L If- 5P"X5"r?s3ygW3g 3 193.3 5Ai'.1-'vfffim EWIWWQQ ' N X Q 'Y f.w+i'f sz. .- 1, X Xm'f'l'. Ta, 1 s Qi a if Us s.?'3X1.1 K ' -2 w ' fs 'F' X s A ' - X. we W we ra XW QSA X X X n..Xs:f.s Xe if "Q f fx .X ,X-I-.-5. A X K i 1 :,:g ' Y ,X X: f , X' A x ' ' SX f K I f 'Jw 1, y t A A L.,c ,X Xi . W, 'Q f . I 8 Qi, , A -. 2 1 7 X-Q X , f ' in e X iff uf X Hs' f f S .-,- .isf gi-:Z 1' ' K 5 X ' ,fs ff H - in .X was 9 NS sf uf ? . 1,1 M' xx 5 in X J -uf 'S ii Q . 1. 4 21 M A 76 NUS s S5 ms M K 1se'E S ' t 1 .3 X :WX ei Xia H gf 4 fr X K .V iii A "f new Q kwa ' X? s X is 5 A du ESM ' QE M ' Q X H' X A 'Q 1 33 ' My W V - .K L - QX Y X A Y X 'MSX i 515 he e Q M X fy PS F ie , Wzl ft J is X .gsls y s Q girl if gl K W M E VW XXX X L Riggs? ss is Q3 Q y i iw X ,X X N 1 Q X S, X Se , 5k -453' e-fig 'F .X X Qfs F X A .SX ' W ss N EM 5 L A X, umm .Fi-3 P 1 ,, X X an y we I We A X , , .. X53 b Qasxw sm u -u- .. - ff:-5g,'f-i,.: ep I H - 5 EE.: '-.f1 XX gg It ag, - , 3275 gig. a W K , , x n Q as fs X R ' XXX 'ff 'S s s I wg S55 s X W '-'f'T'w XY X qty 'W ,Y I e - Wi 1 is -' N -lf . - L X L 51a,3314g,- ,W ilk X .X V X, .M Q S 9 X X sv fa i A 2 ' .X e fn 2 f i gy Q 5, i s X ' , V ' '1 '49-. x Q F Q X B w X K Y ' M sw, ff " .. Q Q. ss 2 X 'Q e Q as Q XX Sify? is 9 A in 5 jg W J B fy 'W ' sf Q Lf ' Stepinac's defense bounces Counts for a big loss. Q gfasqi li 6' if f ,f 1 I Bi S if S . ,. Q f Eg 3"3 ' , ' 3 41 S iv , . s 71 Q, , l syizwfm K .Q 'P , 'I f z ' , .Ji g QQ V I xgg '+A 3 T ' , Vu Q' ,Q y 4,-2 ,Q a sex?-'45 ggi A :Vi gi is 5 4. Q ry A , wa , , , , MQ R "' 3' g?i,q,?a 43, Z iirrgtrs 1 i K q, :QW f Wfsx if 545 ping Q ,i ak XX, " 1-f f if 35 'v mifi? W gf iff I M ' iz, Q -- v'W LL f L Qs, V 4 ' ' Q 7.1. V m lwgpffgi 'J K ,V L is ,ig A Lp WA ,Q 9 7 1- RJ-lx 1 m 5 ML-an sy., lvz . :AP , , Qt fs, W, ,095 ,Y , HAI, 3, , , 1 VLZA 5 , 'fs , ,. 4 , ,h l, ,jk ri! wk, , im fs ,yd f fy f f ' . 5 L' nx . ' Him, . 1 4 s M V is 3? iii sim X.. fd ii f . 5 A ,M xv , -2V' JVDQ ' A A S " ' ' Lm"Z' 1 15 X' .V 'Q '6 Yf Y qi .338 1 I my if 'Q 1 ff + 33" -Q XTNWSS ,, 0 is SYN M K Q-QS 1 ..,: 5 Qv X zv: . .. x!-,-, V 1 ' :E'kv My f-,,L. ,,fN K , a, , 'E ': " ' - N1 " D I - 1' liiif Jwff va. sy ff , 5 4' .3 is N 'WS M ' ' ' f 5 r 1' 4'-75 gg i' 1 1 " 'K if? -I -V : - V W U A Q 5 ML V f A . V m ,,., m A WNMNWW .. .. , ' , F' V Lg' "" H' 4 , Yip Q V, ' X , -q . - Q. NMWW ' ' : . A A V - ' ' .fig T AAL , ", V M Q L ::, t - ,. 3, Lf x 11? 1 I ,V I Q-:. lit In .--, x7 ,X . , ..,, 5- J K X K S, E krii -I i w 43 1 ' ' A , F X 'A - , 2 k b A ' gr , f' , A ' x " f f- 'L 1' 4' N 'W' f Y' ' 1 : 3 if - 1 'Q " " 4 P , . - ,. I I , - - X. 5 K , f f -, : --' 3 . 4 ,.- 1 .V Q- ,. f 2 , .A A ,.. f V.,. X . 0 ' ,HF Q .g , Fr w X " 'f gk X. ii ' ' K V """ l " tr iw kkh- N -'nu . , P iw My W, 1 . M Sf, X, NSF' M V I F wee? .f 4 .1 .1 4 .4 4 .f .f '43 sq . .1 II .1 ,y .yay may . ' A , 4 Q. , ,. K JAMES HARKINS V 41, HENRY KORN HAROLD CLARK JOHN WALSH GEORGE LYDDAB JOSEPH MAZZETT I M .tm ax - ' I ROBERT GAL'-AGHER WILLIAM CHOQUETTE 1,-x JOSEPH SHEA I 3 U 4' I Skzfbfw-54 'J -vm :fam elf 512, -s , , 'iii' N , 1 - -- ,Q I 1 :Q ' l :izmiwu FH" I -:fi If fi I ' ww -1fx1+ izf 4,gim K .-. . : -Wir -fwgfg, Q51 fqwf w :mFaif5Q,ggg5fk: 152 - -k- Ewan. 5 V' f i .W ,gf g Qf ., f 3 ' , -:: Q,,1::ag-Q ,f , - if jf ' 'z ' -1' 7'-- f-'1 I KS! yu ARSLAN CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY FRANCIS KINDERMANN THOMAS DEMPSEY WILLIAM McGOWAN VINCENT CARROLL I27 VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM C. Faughnam, C. McGovern, V. Carroll, T. Dempsey, E. Callahan, W. Breede, M. Scully. Early in the Fall, our Varsity Cross Country team started to trample down the grass on the hills. This year's team, composed of two seniors: Tom Dempsey and Vin Carroll, and six Juniors: Mike Scully, Walt Breede, Charlie McGovern, Ed Callahan, Joe Welsh and Bob Lunny, had a relatively poor season because of lack of depth. But this fact was over- shadowed by the superior running of Tom Dempsey who set a new meet record in five of seven major contests. The thinclads launched their season on September 27, against Sacred Heart. Dempsey paced the Crusaders to a 27- 29 victory, beating second place Mike Scully by one hundred yards. The following week Tom began his record breaking performances. Traveling to Schenectady to compete in the Grout Memorial Meet, Dempsey ran the 2.4 mile course in ,X . w l2:O6, bettering the old mark by thirteen seconds. This, plus Tozlreazgfllrfikrz Scully's eleventh place, helped to place the team in Si-epinac's history. sixth position. Returning to New York, the Crusaders captured fifth place in the N.Y.U. Invitational Meet. Dempsey again took first place. His time, l3:O3.4, set a new Van Cortlandt Park record and cut down the old record by 4.6 seconds. Picking up eleventh spot was Mike Scully. ln the Westchester Coaches' Meet which was run for the first time at Blue Mountain, Dempsey set an automatic record of l2:29. As a team the Crusaders took fifth place. Running at Tibbett's Brook in the Iona College Invitational Meet, Stepinac took third place. This was due mainly to the first and third combination of Dempsey and Scully respectively. Taking first place in l l 354, Tom set a new county record. On October 26, competing in the Fordham Eastern lnterscholastic Championships at Van Cortlandt Park, Tom Dempsey, finish- ing twenty yards in front of Laris from the P.S.A.L., broke his own course record, l3:O3:4, set two weeks before and was timed in l3:Ol:5. With this win, he became the undisputed Eastern Champion and unofficial National Champion. ln the Bronx-Manhattan-Westchester Meet the hill and dalers took third place, failing to fully defend the title which they had held for two years. On November 2, running in the wind and rain, the Crusaders climaxed a successful season by capturing fifth place in the CHSAA Championship. Claiming the honored title Mk H T D k h AH C C ' d - t was Tom Dempsey. '28 i e Scu y an om CST'RselyT21aame t e ouny ross 2 h e .. , g Q Y . . KKK 'i "- ,.. ' . t F Z ff t 5 S S 5 3 S l lr S i Ln F ts , , F t. ss i Q . 1 X l fs W is get-lil al , WW After a brief rest, the hill and dalers transferred to the boards to compete in the pre-season Providence Four Mile Relay. The Crusader Relay, composed of Dempsey, Scully, McGovern, and Breede placed third and set a new school record. The official opening of the indoor season took place December seventh with the CHSAA Relay Carnival. lt was here that, along with Tom Dempsey, Henry Korn, entered the national spotlight. The "King" heaved the twelve pound ball 58 feet l inch to break the old meet record by 2 feet 4 inches. The distance medley team consisting of Walt Breede, Frank Kindermann. Charlie McGovern and Tom Dempsey finished only one second behind the meet record and took first place. ln the same event, the B team composed of Ed Callaghan, Mike Scully, Bill McGowan, and Joe Mazzetti took fifth place. Stepinac captured an overall second place behind St. Francis Prep. is its S as ,gg ar f!. G .gli W U' 4 ..wsg.... . y ws Y Kb x ? A . Q..-.-flf. VARSITY TRACK TEAM Front Row: G. Sims, W. Breede, J Welsh, G. Brigandi, J. Daly, C Arslan W. McGowan, F. Kindermann, G Lyddane. Second Row: R. Carl, T Cassidy, R. O'Keefe, J. Morrissey W. O'Hara, E. Callaghan, V. Carroll J. Harkins. Third Row: R. Gallagher' J. Shea, C. McGovern, F. Faughnam J. Mazzetti, L. Spina, C. Buckley, C Pugni, H. Clark. Back Row: W. Choquette, P. Sullivan, L. DiRienzo R. Talbott, D. Boiandef, D. waishf H. Korn, J. Walsh. 1-3 Mr. Sullivan accepts the first place team trophy at the St. Francis Games. Dempsey breaks the tape in record time in the CHSAA championships. E I , v l 1 S1-i r. A 5 is 'ft' fx sifgffi mg fx.. li ig if li i' ti FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY Front Row: T. Ryan, J. Elston, J. Gallagher, G. Schmitt, W. Steets, L. Nelson. Second Row: G. Feigel, J. Malpass, J. Cook, J. Cavanaugh, J. Coffey, W. Jahn, P. Mazzetti, Fr. Murray. Third Row: A. Claridge, D. Massaro, D. Hedderman, B. Whalen, P. Krug, P. Meleshe- wicz, E. Peduzzi. Back Row: D. Gannon, T. Kuhr, P. Nassetta, J. Stanton, K. Walsh. l29 v G 1. ' , , ,W 1w'r..m 'A A SM ,mb 1 hi- .Bin Qi Q S "' 1 g . 2? I h 'ff 4 I ul Harkina 'Uzlcarg the bar" at five fact, ton inches in the Catholi ,rx 1 ,r xx Q 1 KA. X . , ' , , W L Hnrkiw, takwa wcomf in the high jump. "CongratuIations!" X ' XX u Carroil kicks in his log of The two mile relay in Madwon Square Garden. ,P-X DiRienzo lunges for the tape to win the novice mile run. national record of 62 feet 4 inches. .ln the mile, Dempsey took second place again behind Eric Groon of Leonia. The Crusaders also took a fourth in the two mile relay. The Stepinac Varsity placed third behind LaSalle and Mount Saint Michael in the Bronx- Manhattan-Weschester Meet. Dempsey set a new meet record in the mile, bettering it by 4.4 seconds. Behind him in fourth place was Mike Scully. Korn, following Dempsey's example, also set a new meet record in the shot put with a toss of 60 feet 2M inches. The Crusaders' two mile relay placed second behind the Mount. ln the 880-yard relay the foursome took a disappointing third. Buddy Kindermann came in fourth in the fifty yard dash and Ed Callaghan and Jim Harkins tied for fourth in the high jump. Competing in the N.Y.U. Meet, Stepinac took second place. Tom Dempsey captured second in the mile, while Korn took first in the shot put. Coming to Westchester for the only time during the indoor season, the Crusaders retained their glory by winning the Westchester Coaches' Meet for the fourth consecutive year. ln doing so, they scored in every event. Lead- ing the parade were Tom Dempsey and Henry Korn who controlled the mile and shot put respectively. Pugni also picked up a third in the shot, and Ralph Carl a fourth in the mile. Other scorers were Jim Harkins and Dick Bolander who tied for second in the high jump, and Ed Callaghan who tied for fourth. ln the 50-yard high hurdles George Brigandi picked up a third and Jim Harkins a fourth. Buddy Kindermann followed with a second place in the 40-yard dash. Scoring fourth was Korn. In the 500, Jay Walsh took second place. Ed Callaghan and Dick Faughnan captured third and fourth in the thousand. And finally Stepinac's A and B team tied for fourth in the 8-lap relay. l33 The birth of a new champion! Pugni throws for third place in the Westchester Coaches' Meet. Denny Walsh takes a perfect stick pass from Lyddane. s.y'D ' x ' --r. -1-r mv ' H 1 4 Q --J Ht I 11 In G , ls-. ' x. ,ldfllff-l ?'y ,. MF' 450 Q, T :,"'m. A93 W ' f 1. :mf . ' M 'Qff . -35-,V a.,g,,r V1 "" wx- ,M - af, , , ' "' H qp"i..'S5m.q..i"..vf fl W, , , ,aw 1 'LS-Q5-.m A 1 wa A! 3 LQ-1g9i:a?1f,f W J, lf .jk 'm'i.w,g,, ' was . lv Milfgh r 'ml -3,124 6 . . ' Mazzettl and Spma show fme teamwork nn the Iona-Queens Relays . l ' fo , y of -"-'s.n,j.all' w- ,Q . ' V. A ,, , nal .sw .5 , t , ,W K 'F - -E f ,Q ' ' 'Y-W NT , f . . . 1 . . - . t.. i .., 1 In qty ,ra AVN ke mags ..-,S at M M lurk 4,,,. k f' "fu 3' k" ff.. , ' w' S :Bi 71' 5 f"" Qa,ffv.3,UfSf"4 " ,, .,5lf':' "":7'iQ4.. H g - ,Y ,wg-5 , V, ' Gallagher takes a commanding lead in the milc rclay at the Relay Carnival. Scully pulls away in the two mile relay. I34 Kindermann sprints away from the rest of his competitors. The Crusaders then traveled to compete in the Fordham Relays. The two mile relay composed of Dempsey, Scully, McGovern, and Callaghan picked up third place, while the 6-lap relay of Kindermann, O'Hara, Walsh, and McGowan took first. Travelling to the Nationals, the same fine performances were realized. Although Korn only took a disappointing fifth in the shot put, Dempsey made up for it by running the mile in 4:l8.l, but lost to Laris of George Washington who beat him by five yards. After a two weeks rest, the Crusaders took part in the CHSAA Championships. Dempsey and Korn took their expected first places. Also scoring were Jim Harkins who tied for second in the high jumpg Buddy Kindermann who took fourth in the 6003 and the mile relay. Thus ended a very successful season for the Stepinac Track and Field Team. A successful outdoor season was anticipated as a result of the team's initial good showing in the Catholic High School Relay Carnival and the Queens-Iona Meet. The distance medley quartet broke the existing' .record by six seconds. Kindermann, McGovern, Scully, and Dempsey set their eyes on the National Record which they strove to break at the Penn Relays. 135 McGovern holds the lead around the first turn. hw Kom exhibits the form of the champion that he is. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Front Row G DiRienzo J Bernarducci L Lombardi P LaManna. Second Row: R. Austin, F. Rociappo, E. Hayde, R. Barz, E. Milisci. Third Row A Malasardi G Ciaramella R Oddo E Lombardi, Mr. Werder, Coach. Back Row: L. Dingee, J. Mooney, J. Thompson, T Griffin, P. Gangemi. Z The outlook for the i958 edition of the Crusader Varsity Baseball Team was highly optimistic. The squad of twenty-one ballplayers, ably coached by Mr. Werder, entertained difficulty in obtaining the time and the place for the much needed spring practice. ln the short time allotted, the squad has worked hard and spiritedly. If the team, which contains an important nucleus of returning veterans complemented by a most prom- ising group of newcomers, continued to jell as expected, then it would have been no surprise to find the team a strong con- tender for the first league title of the CHSAA Westchester division. Being called upon to supply much of the punch and sorely needed experience were shortstop John Bernarducci and out- fielder Art Malesardi--a pair of seasoned three year men. Others who returned to the lineup were first baseman Larry Dingee and infielder Bob Austin. Two of last year's pitchers- Jerry DiRienzo and Ed Hayde, were expected to carry much of the pitching load. They were backed up by Seniors Jim Mooney and Paul Gangemi, and underclassmen Dick Yannantuono and Ed Lombardi. Ray Oddo held down the third base slot. Other promising infielders who could step in whenever called upon and perform capably were Joe Thompson, Jack McGowan, Emil Milisci and Ernie Bianco. The outfield situation found George Ciaramella, Phil LaManna and Larry Lombardi fighting for the two remaining spots. 136 Senior Infielders J. Thompson, L. Dingee, J. Bernaducci :G S 'hon 4 ibn: "lt isn't that bad!" 137 'iii Senior Pitchers and Catchers Standing: P. Gangemi, R. Barz, E. Hayde J. Mooney. Kneeling: T. Griffin. Dingee makes the putout. DiRienzo throws hard in opening victory. 139 "You're out! When the Stepinac tennis squad lost seven of the nine members of its C.H.S.A.A. championship team through graduation last Spring, the prospects for a suc- cessful l958 season seemed to have dimmed substan- tially. However, under the direction of Father John Murray, who had succeeded the equally competent Father Mathews early in the Fall, the squad breezed through its autumn schedule, suffering only two de- feats. With the leadership of co-captains Chris Buck- ley and Alec Van Eyck, the netmen fought their way through the first half of the Spring season undefeated, and were driving for their third straight Catholic High School championship. The squad crushed St. John's, Iona, St. Mary's of Greenwich, and Rye by overwhelm- ing match scores. In tournament competition, Stepinac teams have always done well. Last year Jack Sinnott won the White Plains "Jaycee" Tourney and journeyed to Rochester, where he reached the semi-finals. This year the net- men were out to win the Fordham Tournament and to place two men in the finals of the "Jaycee" Tourney. The future of the varsity squad appears to be ex- cellent. Chris Buckley and Art Trifari were the only Seniors among the top nine players on the squad this year, and Juniors Alec Van Eyck, Frank Buckley, and Stu McMillan will be the backbone of a fine team next season. Sophomores Ed Dealy, Dave Ryan, and Bob Kuna will also be fighting for high positions on the squad. A fine Freshman team, coached by Father McDermott, will also achieve great success in future years. CHRISTOPHER IUCKLEY Co-Captain ARTHUR TRIFARI VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Front Row: E. Dealy, A. Trifari, D. Ryan, S. McMillan, F. Francomano. Back Row: Fr. McDermott, Modera- tor, A. Van Eyck, R. Raynor, F. Buck- ley, C. Buckley, R. Kuna, Fr. John Murray, Moderator. me ffl ' J. V. TENNIS TEAM ,, Front Row: B. Lynch, J. Walz, J. Hag- gerty P. Bonhag. Back Row: Fr. John Murray, T. Towell, K. Grasso, J. May, R. Perry. FRESHMAN TENNIS TEAM Front Row: W. Torpie, P. Kiernan J Del Vecchio. Back Row: K. Krug, T Egan, S. Springer, T. Palmer. Fr. McDermott. l4l QE? N40 vt Q----'-W - 4 will 1 ......-an GOLF TEAM Standing: Fr. Fitzgerald, Moderatorg J. Mahoney, D. Desio, P. Bisconti, W. Voight, M. McAdams, F. Merolla, Kneeling: T. Luddy. FRANK MEROLLA and MICHAEL McADAMS This year's golf team was probably the strongest Stepinac has ever had. There were five returning lettermen, three of whom were Seniors, Wes Voight, Mike McAdams and Frank Merolla. The team suffered only the loss of one letterman, John Yannuzzi. The linksmen, for the second consecu- tive year, beat New Rochelle in the opener 5-4. The second match against Sacred Heart was a more decisive win, 9-O. Every man scored below 80 in at least one match this year and this should assure them of defending their P.P.S.A.A. championship. That crown has not left Stepinac for the last few years. "Undefeated" was their cry--in order to maintain last year's pace. The team had plenty of depth with Dom Desio, Jerry Mahoney and Pete Bisconti backing up the seniors. The future is also bright, with two new promising golfers- Freshman Tom Luddy and Sophomore Don Bank leading next year's squad. l42 f f WESLEY VOIGHT ,N-fall!-"Y wus! 5.1 -MX n 1, ws Jw 'rw 1 J M- .g4'g., 'N Q N -:La I lg..- ,,, -K- ,JI Ray Horncastle, Mike McAdams, and Frank Merolla plan their strategy before the match with Sacred Heart. 4 Frank Merolla tees up on the first hole. r it 6. - its li . 5 Q ' dr., . NIM'-. RIFLE TEAM N. Chittenden, E. Harvey, P. Gaulin, J. Garigliano Stepinac riflemen show their winning form. I Under the capable direction ot Father Thomas McCaffrey, Bro. Norbert and Father Gust the rifle team in its second year was able to come back from a 3-7 record last year to finish the season with a much improved record of 7 wins and 5 losses. This record allowed the team to be ranked as third in the VVestchester ln- terscholastic Rifle League. The team scored its 7 victories of the l2 scheduled matches by defeating A. B. Davis twice, Port Chester twice, New Ro- chelle twice, and Roosevelt once. Losses were had at the hands ot Scarsdale twice, Mamaroneck twice, and Roosevelt once. The top scorers on the team this year were John Garigliano, Paul Gaulin, and Ed Harvey. The most noteworthy advancement made tor the team this year is the build- ing of a school rifle range in the basement of the school itself. It is a project that is realizing success under the tireless et- forts of Father McCaffrey, other faculty members, the Dads, and some of the stu- dent body itself. Although the team will lose the majority of its members this year, the completion of this range will no doubt help to replace these men and enable the school to have finer teams to represent it in the future. Harvey, Garigliano, and Chittenden help Gaulin sight in his rifle.' I44 ."Safety through skill" is the motto of the National Rifle Association. Our rifle club has been a member of the N.R.A. for many years. Members of the club are in- stilled with a great respect for the power of guns, and are trained in the proper, safe use of the .22 calibre rifles in par- ticular. Shooting under this supervised program is an exciting sport requiring exacting self control and discipline. During the past year forty students participated in the club's activities. The twelve best marksmen represented the school in the Westchester lnterscholastic Rifle League, and performed well con- sidering the limited opportunity to prac- tice at the Air National Guard Armory in White Plains. Our record was seven wins and five losses. With the completion of our range here at school laccommodating six shooters at one timel, well over one hundred stu- dents will be able to join the club in the future. Our sincere gratitude is due to the Dads' Club and to the many students who have labored so untiringly in its con- structionl Moderators of the Rifle Club are Father Gust, Father McCaffrey and Brother Norbert. "Watch how a pro does it! l4S ii RIFLE CLUB Kneeling: J. Cooksey, J. Garigliano, P. Cavanagh, R. Burke, J. Mullen, R. Saline, J. Bourque. Standing, First Row: P. Gaulin, N. Pagano, G. l-lenke, A. Basile, E. Harvey, W. Durkin, D. Ryan, L. Braun, N. Chittenden, Fr. McCaffrey. Standing, Back Row: K. Acton, Bro. Norbert, E. Pepe, C. Pacenta, W. Hall, C, Mirabella, G. Hauck, J. Ascenbrenner, J. Saline. Members of the Rifle Club look on as cement is prepared for the rifle range. f K ' 4' if , . , I " --. . L 1 4 ' .an ' U f 1 5 'fa ggi! V M 1' I if-i, K , Q 0 ' ' 321 wx .-1 , i Q SF ,W,,. ai W Q 1, ' 53 MLK '2 1 , , . vw Q Q, +31 , - Ig A' 'V 4 U , K. K is K ' 05 I' Y 5 Q ' ,. ffm, , ,L M '15, , , ink 15' kk'- 1 gl Wm ' 1 , A 4 .1 ,zl I W - , V - 'm lf Mg - G 6 Li. -v 6' uv 1 V i . -Q , ' 5 . .. l g g j ij S 1 1' if? Fi , L. l W1 Z.,, sf ,rf-JY 'A , s 1 ..-. liiuwr:-:L-:uns-an -mw- BOWLING CLUB Front Row: G,Matera, T. Palmer, F. Doolity, R. Ucci, R. Morgado, G. Salvan, P. DiRuOccO. Second Row: E. Pegg, t E. Dockery, M. Pugli- ese, G. Atkinson, J. lorizzo, R, Burke, R. Corelli, D. Venuti, " Father DiBlasi. Back -- Row: J. Lenoci, D. Q Post, J. Morgado, H. Boettger, J.Amendola, 'fi B. Eirroaf, A. Pfister, 'le M. McAdams. 3 Q Under the direction of Father DiBlasi, the Bowling Team not only had an outstanding season, but one of its members, Joe Garro, received recognition in the "Bowling News" and achieved national acclaim. The team's record of seven wins and one loss is indeed a commendable oneq The only loss was suffered at the hands of Salesian when B Garro and Bernarducci were absent. Among the teams twice defeated were Port Chester, Mamaroneck, lona Prep and the Crusader keglers downed Salesian once, Joe Garro, who averaged I76, was the Westchester County Bowling Champ, and he also took first place in the New York Parochial Bowling Tournament in which there were ll6 participants. John Bernarducci finished in a respectable eleventh place. Besides Seniors Garro and Bernarducci, the team was composed of Juniors Pete Valenti and Bill Voeltz and Sophomore Gary Wayne, all three of whom will bolster next year's team. Bernarducci lines up his shot before wracking up another strike. - 451, H , My x as 1 I X . Q 5 . I Q39 Three of the finest scorers to be found! 5 Q 0 L , 1 Q ' 5 qi ,izp gy L A' x , Q A +7 f i 533' 'KU' . ,,,,,f,Nm2.i' Q 1 LN -que- s ,qs 7 , . r .9 , i 4 9-f . ,, i ,V I I' L s 4 D i K5 " A I -.. - ' ' 'I if. K ,.. -J K W . O, :amL':.m lil .rug W Q. 1 -1 ' I. ' Q ,N l si Ni -M FI 'E 1 XR is YT Y, Fd V V W , Q 7 A f My 131 4" "T"' fa Q!! 'Q 1 ?"'g at , V, V A- Q ,W E 'Lx' ,,, . 'u 5 ,355 M E W 'J Q Qi: QW? 4 I I -MF? 3. Q fm NM 4 ,, x i., S 552 'T 1 Q ,, ,lf x ,W f" x bf P"- ,.-Sf s Sis A ,f, i ,' .Q ANS PER . Q . x N B 1- .M -44 Uxff-,fy 1 4 H V "W" 1' fs- Ns ina., X A W Q, yffr nb vf' A -'NNW iv W . ' Qi S V Ninn-" Q- 5' , 5 ? lb morning the seminarians scan the bulletin board for activities of the day. 54 Fw l in f' Q13 , ,, Q 'lgxyfy 'Aj . 1 .f MN QL! A seminarian's da isn't all work, and a ame of ool ma Y V U Q D v provide recreation. Between classes, a seminarian stops for a minute to chat with a faculty member. St, Joseph's Major Seminary, located in Yonkers, N. Y. this great boon for the diocesan priesthood, Cardinal Farley also accomplished much in the field of Catholic education. His importance is undeniable, for a reorganization of the Society for the Propaga- tion of the Faith, can also be given to his credit. March, l9l9, saw Bishop Patrick J. Hayes rise to leadership of New York. Specialization in various fields was being undertaken by the priests at this time and under the leadership of the Cardinal, great strides were taken in the field of organized charity. Since l939, while Francis Cardinal Spellman has been leading the faithful, diocesan priests have embarked more and more into specialized fields: secondary school teaching, military chaplaincies, and social administration to mention but a few. And therefore it is evident that the training received by the aspiring priests must be the finest available. Truly, in the Archdiocese of New York is no better training possible. Of course, each boy who desires to become a priest must have certain basic qualifications. He must be physically fit and have sufficient intelli- gence. For the life of a priest often exerts pressure and requires long hours of work. Also, since every priest is a teacher he rnust be able to learn and convey to his faithful the truths of Catholicism. ln addition to this physical and mental fitness, he must have a great desire for holiness. For no one can become a good priest without first becoming a man of prayer and holiness. ISO Seminarians set tables each day for every meal. The fulfillment of these essentials enables a boy to begin his preparation for the priesthood. lf a boy wishes he can start his training as early as high school. For Cathedral College was established for this purpose. lt is a day school and includes an academic four-year high school course, plus the first two years of college with a Liberal Arts program. Upon graduation from Cathedral College he would be ready to enter St. Joseph's Seminary. However, many other boys decide to enter Cathedral College after high school, and still others, to enter St. Joseph's after college. But these are merely different paths which all lead to Dunwoodie, where they become one. Dunwoodie, St. Joseph's Seminary, although relatively young, has trained more than one thousand priests, and today houses some two hundred seminarians and almost twenty priest-professors. At Dunwoodie the seminarians major in Philosophy for two years and then receive a degree of Bachelor of Arts. The following four years are devoted to a more intimate training for the priesthood, with Theology as a major. There are also courses in Canon Law, Preaching, Liturgy, History and Scripture. The life of the Seminarians is a well-balanced program of prayer, study and recreation. He is kept busy and is constantly drawn closer to God. All this preparation and labor is finally rewarded at the ordination ceremonies, wherein the Seminarian ISI - H W. - .,..,. ,,, .,.. . .li , it A deacon receives instruction on the rubrics of the Mass. 'W l if , K 11 ' A ' A-f1'fwg9af,a,., -, In the afternoon, when classes have ended, the seminarians often walk about the spacious seminary grounds. f PEC 1" Seminarians must study hard each night to be prepared for their classes the following day. . ., u ..--Q. 1 v For this is the Chalice of my Blood of the new and eternal covenant . . ." nffigw A bishop confirms an Air Force pilot.-U.S. Air Force Photo. Father Mooney, a former member of the Stepinac faculty, distributes Holy Communion at an air base in Texas. I A chaplain hears a soldier's confession on the front lines in Korea, - U.S. Army Photo. becomes a representative of Christ, the living representative of Christ on earth. After his ordina- tion he will enter into one of the many activities in which the New York diocesan priests are involved. Within the complex organization of the Arch- diocese, priests are called upon to serve as teachers, hospital workers, social workers and pastors. But no matter how varied their jobs may be they have only one main purpose -- to save and win souls for Christ. The chief activity of the diocesan priests is parish work. There are some l lOO priests serving in the many parishes of the Archdiocese. Their main duties are to offer Mass, administer the sacraments, and instruct. Since the Mass is the center of Catho- lic devotion this alone gives inestimable value to the work performed by the parish priest. Yet, his services do not end here. He administers the sacraments, and also provides counsel and advice for his faithful. This includes preaching from the pulpit, giving private instruction and consolation, and setting an example for the Catholics of his Community. Many priests are also involved in teaching in the Archdiocesan high schools. ln attempting to accomplish the ideal Catholic education - to develop the whole man - they dedicate their entire lives. To mature their students physically, mentally and most of all, spiritually, is their goal, Their mere presence and example goes a long way towards attaining this goal. l52 I I I Father Lyons distributes ashes to the Seniors on Ash Wednesday. . Another interest in which the diocesan priests are connected is Catholic Charities. The activities of this organization include homes for the aged, foster homes, The Family Home Bureau and institutions for dependent children. These are but a few of the various agencies of this tremendous organization. The guidance, maintenance and accomplishment of the divers works these charities offer, is all affected through the diligence and efforts of hundreds of priests. Some priests are also active in hospital work. They work in non-sectarian as well as Catholic hospitals, thus enabling the sick to have the comfort of the sacraments in their hour of need. Others serve as chaplains in all the branches of our Armed Forces, as retreat masters and in many other in- numerable fields. And yet at all times their main purpose is to teach and bring souls to Christ. This is but a brief account of the history of the priesthood, the training, the activities, and the goal of that priesthood within the Archdiocese of New York. Perhaps a quote of Cardinal Spellman can best summarize what we have attempted to convey. "The Church seeks men to follow in the footsteps of the Master and answer His call to the Priesthood. No nobler cause is there to which our youth could offer themselves." isa . .52 Father Mulroy presides at a Pre-Cana conference in our auditorium. "Go, therefore, and teach ye all nations . . ." "I absolve you of your sins in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." September i957 marked another step. in the growth and progress' of Archbishop Stepinac High School. For the first time, an annex was established, located at the St. Theresa Parochial School in North Tarrytown. Renovations were made in the school building to provide a library, science classroom, and cafeteria. Over a period of three years, the Annex will increase the student enrollment at the main build- ing in White Plains by two hundred and seventy stu- dents. Staffed by three Crosier Fathers, Fr. Smerke, O.S. C., Principal, Frs. Alden and Rampe, O.S.C., the Annex offers the finest first-year education available. The enthusiastic school spirit of the boys, typical of all Stepinac men, will make their class and those to fol- low a welcome addition to our student body. 'Meri ANNEX BASKETBALL TEAM Kneeling: J. O'Brien, R. McCoy, P. Ascenzo, T. Gehrman, T McManus. Sitting: A. Priore, K. Burke, R. Edwards, J. McGuire P. Kaufmann. Standing: Father Alden, J. Magnotta, L. Carron J. Meszaros, J. Joyce, J. Capiola. "Don't you dare take my picture." P. Dashnaw, G. Loftus, Father Rampe, O.S.C.g D. Maguire, A. Peterson, C. Miller. "Follow my instructions and you'lI have no trouble." Father Paul Rampe, O.S.C.g Father Joseph Smerke, O.S.C., Principalg Father Vernon Alden, O.S.C. "The Annex Staff. " J. Fuchek, E. Montero, R. McCoy. "I think l'Il take this one." "A happy and contented homeroom," l54 Y' li' V +. 'K T 4 N E .M W ,F lr X - ' ' .- I , B- .fw A , K s Q Q44 "The line up." yer? wins .Y.....,-- - Igdy5 1f '- sa AM".-?f "Ain't She Sweet." Put on your Easter Bonnet." I56 Wife-,H PRIZES "Let's go South!" "Anyone for a drag "Lourdes' Centennial as? -.-.... .f . fu i fif- ,,,. . I A A Q I J.. Ayr' N, 1. :",'.'f ' , .is f A wf",,al g 'V . Most Reverend Edward V. Dargin, DD, V.G. S Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Deegan Rt. Rev. Msgr. John V. Delaney Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles E. Fitzgerald Rt. Rev. Msgr. John D. McGowan Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Hartigan Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph C. Krug Rt. Rev. Msgr. Lawrence Ryan Rt. Rev Msgr. G. G. Murdock Rt. Rev. Msgr. Francis X. Scott '?a,han4 The Aloysian Fordham University Iona College Manhattan College Mr. 8. Mrs Mr. Si Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 8t Mrs. Mr. St Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Robert S. Anthony Thomas J. Dempsey George A. Ecclesine T. Fitzgerald Maurice P. Franzese J. P. Lombardi Rev. Fr. Louis A. Stryker Diocesan Priest's Faculty Crosier Fathers The Oblate Fathers of St. Francis Xaverian Brothers Dads' Club of Stepinac H. S. Ladies Auxiliary of Stepinac H. S. Alumni Association of Stepinac Church of the Annunciation Church of The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church of Our Lady of Fatima Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church of Our Lady of Victory Church of St. Augustine Church of St Pius X F Rt. Rev. Msgr. Vincent J. Brosnan Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles E. Fitzgerald Rt. Rev. Msgr. L. W. Yarwood Dominican Fathers Stigmatine Fathers Church of the Assumption Church of the Holy Name of Jesus Church of Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church of Our Lady of Sorrows Church of the Transfiguration St. Catharine's Church Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry W. Beisel Laurence Labriola "Compliments of A Friend" AIbanese's Delma Studios Badolato's, Glen Island Casino The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co E. Robison lnc. Ucci Bros. Plumbing St Heating Co. Class of 3C Class of 3D Class of 3E Class of 3F Class of 2A Class of 2D Berger Appliances Gerald P. Bourlier Burke Feul 85 Heating Co. J. Howard Byrne , Mr. 8. Mrs. E. J. Cantlin Century Musical Instruments John Charles, Ltd. Community Auto Service Robert P. Crisfield Wilfred J. Dion Sr. Otto E. Dohrenwend Mr. 8i Mrs. William G. Driscoll' l58 Mr. 81 Mrs. Daniel Driscoll Elmsford Construction Co., Inc. Declan J. Foley Sr. Mrs. Mary Garigliano Mr. 8t Mrs. John J. D. Griffin William H. Graham Happiness Laundry Service Inc. Heathcote Flowers Uoseph G. Wardl Leewood Beverages S. Malfetano W. J. Marion Milbrandt 81 Co., Inc. Noble Van 81 Storage Co. ' Camello Pagano ' Peekskill Council CK. of C.l S. Pisacano Fish Market A. J. Purdy Raleigh Sporting Goods Frank H. Reagan Thomas Ricci Rev. Michael Kowalczyk Daniel Adams Airway Yellow Cab, Inc. Berman Delicatessan Joseph Berretta Bi-Rite Market Elizabeth M. Booth William E. Brezousky Leonard Bryan Mrs. J. R. Burke Burton's Men's Shop Camera Craft lnc. . V. J. Caruso Supermarket Cass Delicatessen Anthony A. Cervini lDuvernoy Bakeriesl Leonard Charla Tommy Chen's Cafe Corp. Fred Coleman Colonial Garage Maurice L. Condon Co., Inc. Frank Corelli County Boy's and Mens' Shop lnc. Vincent M. Cremona Daddy Michael's Ice Cream Palor Dee's Auto Repair Depot Deli P W. A. Russell-Ford Rose Scandinaio Mr. 81 Mrs. John Sofia Stepinac Alumni at Holy Cross Stone's Dr. 84 Mrs. William Telesca Times Jewelers Vernon Roofing 84 Sheet Metal Works Walters Lincoln Mercury Mr. 81 Mrs. Kurt Wayne Whiffen Electrical Co. White Plains and Pleasantville Bus Line Inc Xavier Printing Company Class Class Class Class Class Class Class H. A. Devoe 81 Co., Inc. Joseph J. DiMarzo Joseph Dolicker Food Enterprises, Inc. iN. Y.l Thomas Fox 81 Son, lnc. Gedney Way Delicatessen Rudolph Geller Valentino J. Gennarelli Mrs. William Girardi Mr. 84 Mrs.. Patrick J. Griffin John J. Hayden Holiday Inn Hollywood Flower Shop Mr. 84 Mrs. Heinrick Homberg Mrs. C. Helbock Mrs. Bette Holmer John Huber lmmucci Delicatessen J 81 R Auto Body Works Juliano's Service Station ' Kadish Chemists Mrs. Joseph Leone Mr. William W. Luman Harold R. Maltby Frank Marinelli McGrath's Esso Service Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward J. McGirr IS9 of 3B of 3G of 2E of 2F of lF of lG of lH Harry J. McGowan Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank McMahon Nardone's Barber Shop H. B. Nash Pharmacy National Plumbing 81 Supply Co Nick's Flower Shop John J. Nowicki Olson 81 Gordon, Stationers William D. Phelps Pohl-Crisp General Tire, lnc. John V. Reynolds Rosedale Garage Sandor Auto Body Repair Corp. Silver Lake Bar Si Grill Spencer Pharmacy Margaret Stavis Tom's Charcoal Pit Mr. 81 Mrs. T. George Tracy Mrs. T. R. Travers Treno Stationery Treno Stationary Trotta's Pharmacy Mrs. Otis Trowbridge Mrs. J. Vanorio Weinstein's Pharmacy A Friend Class of 2G The publication of the i958 Shepherd could not be completed unless a special word of gratitude be extended to the Right Rever- end Monsignor Joseph Krug. For nine years he contributed to the success and the growth of Archbishop Stepinac High School. During that time the faculty, graduates, and student body profited by his ability, experience and direc- tion. ln the name of all, a sincere "thank you" is given to Monsignor Krug. May his years at St. Bernard's be long and fruitful. faced! Zeng. 54.90 S,7D. rt ll sz n,,'-2 V, xi .Q V Finally, the Shepherd Staff, representing the Class of l958, wishes to express its appreciation to all those who aided in the publication of this book. A special word of thanks is given to New City Printing Co., Delma Studios, the S. K. Smith Company and to all our special patrons, patrons, and friexids D ixgggilt for their encouragement and generous support. " 'f F I , ? ,, gn 'Q-1 ' 5 - 1 P V S 1 H an ' ,, 1, 4 2,5 ' if , S g , g Y ae ' 1' is igsolghp- """""5"""""' ra K K ,r.,i...gLl 'I is 1 union Cl'I'Y.DQlWIIRSlV 'l ,-' if , X. ifjgfyg ' Q x rig. Q., xg '-'Q '- 4 t .3 " :,'-iff " Z! ,- , v . ,, ., 4 lv' ' f 1 J -r L f fr.. 1' ii' Ln, - i-Y.-1:6 :I i f' 1 . f, V. -. , .11-si' , 9. - .5ffx"'.1V .... f vel- - 4-"'9 . H. ., 5 . 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Suggestions in the Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) collection:

Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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