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 - Class of 1955

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M Rx L4-J Wm gjiy ,M 5 1' Q in s 2-' 'l' 1 ', N-fS'f.gL, W Q ,-Ulf. 5' X QR , ,Lu ..?,5 fl 1 1' ,f 1-v Hflh liifsffl ' 5 161 ' 4422 . ,i." Z " -'sk 15- -1,533 W,flL'AQ1 ' ,gk is we :ss gs- L,, 1,,,z,g at V, fx . . -V., ,. ,fn f ,, 0,5 . f " n ARM 1 Q Z , ,-1, , . . ., . vm , .4 Q ...A-..a-J ...,-, u ,. A fa' , . J . IHQVQW I Mg-4 . Q, Es , ' b ,iw V 3 A625 532 , " fffffg ' if . P' + 7 , ,J V M X Y : 2 ' 0 Q'-s I el A-4-'M nv' ' o---Q-. , ,gl -f -Gap' x"-. . V V f , ! Q 1 ' .4 M7 is ig'- , 'V . 353. Q4 A Qt V my J we W I - S' ? I . F , E s ,, I W Here then l concelve ns the object of the Holy See and the Catholic Church in settm g up UHIVSFSITIGS afldgahvols at ns to reunite thnngs which were un the beginning parted YOWRF by God and have been put asunder by man Some ersons will say that l am thnnkung of confmmg dlstortmg and stuntmg the growth of the mtellect to rmge wuth the utmost freedom and relnglon to engoy an equal freedom but what l am stlpulatmg for as that they should be found persons It wall not Satlsfy me what satisfies so many to have two Independent systems l t ll n e ectual and relnguous gomg at once snde by sude by a sort of dnvusuon of l b a our and only accldentally brought together lt wall not satlsfy me If an one and the same place and exemplnfred In the same relagnon IS heme, and sclence there and young men converse wnth scuence all day and lodge with reluguon In the evennng lt IS not touching the evll to whnch these remarks have been dsrected If the young men eat and drunk and sleep on one place and thunk In anoth er l want the same roof to contain both the mtellectual and moral duscuplme Sermon ol Cardinal Newman Intellect the lnstru ment of Relfglous Tralnmg before the Cathollc Un: versity of lreland on the least of St Monica l856 5 Cardinal Nevvrrlan .. . . , . , , , fi g,l,.,k,, i - . Q . . . I A . . . . . . if ' 3 1 . -'W -n 1 ,.,f,wN Y 7.5-we-, "fn Ula- - - no u. 11 'A 3 V , Lg 1111, P ' r Q A . . E . 1 vs . . . . is A 'l fe l ., ' . . n ' - I Q L . . Y . . . . . , - , , A , we X V : I' ' Y , , . . . . A I ! . . . . .. .5 . .. 'A . . . . H ' . . . , . N r Q, 2- ' x xl ,, Q - - N ,. f , A . lr . t , , ' ,ff X 0, , fi I w 4,0 '43 K 5 fflo 4.71 6 WU J, N! f A fffl VWX 1955 WHITE PLAINS NEW YORK Archbishop Stepinac 'F Q"?: 'J 'W if illill ln 5 X whit?- if fimzazze 7400844 WV . 1449441015 if um glam H wm- xx 4, ' 3 fflaaap A gfa 2 5 2 7400944 7fg,.,, 4 "i'!'r 1 A X . h' Q I fvfyy ' :Lu 1 9' I QI. 1 , , N X I lx S2 X fx , N 4 1 , Q -Tri x Ex X, 1 1 xl X I !l i LI , .2 e 1 H Q WNW , L X 1 1 7 1 A I' W QI W! F0411 tx E!! ' A I ,511 1 K9 if V I 4 'F-'K 1 - f fi 5 up XM 1 , M' 1, , ll i Q 53 ui f D X vi 31 Y' f' 1 t ' NX NX .' ly L ki Y ' 2 IZ. ' y X xl xx 2 ff: " P-I L . rfk, .Qtr 2 ix , J Q x -f 1 J, Y R2 '- at 3 W' . ' - 6 M XM I 5 735, . l ,, . K X - lm X, V 'sl 'I R' km Laws: if "' 5231 , 1 - no .S ij' ,, -- if 7 -Ai". N fha ' 1 " I -fi? U 43 ' K! iii z W 'u il K F 'R I- ' Vf his - , fn, Xl, ' wi ie ES f N ls :J -' A., . . , fl, if X 'f ' I +' " Q E g Q ., A Vir' .H I xx U,-'J X y wi -' 4 Y xii li' N I xl ' N gift, Q, L' I,-1 -U R . i i ,l t lil di ation Christian education is the refining of the raw stuff of human nature into the harmonic unity of personality. We graduates of l955, on the basis of our observations at Stepinac High School, subscribe to this definition. We were rather "raw stuff" four years ago We still are, But the meantime has seen a refinement of human natureg the process of transformation continuesg and some day, please God, we shall attain, through Christ, harmonic unity. We are grateful, therefore, to our school and to our teachers, No Aristotle, Augustine, Alcuin, Aquinas, or Maritian, perhaps, among themg but i X A men who follow the tradition of such masters and of the Supreme Teacher. Christ, our Lord. Having so much still to learn, and so many implications of our definition still to understand, we yet envision the goal. Proudly, then, we dedicate this record of the past four years to the concept of ed- ucation here proposed, to its pioneers in the past, and to its champions of f the future. i l il 4 WMO i i Wu Eminence fflaqame 6cmdum!Sz'epw4c OUR PATRON 74'-'aa ' The common bond of Apostolic succession which links Cardinal Stepinac and Cardinal Spellman has always found a deep and strong expression in their devotion to the schools, the children and teachers under their care. The beliefs stated by Cardinal Stepinac in his pastoral letter on Education in l939 have always been re-echoed in the thoughts, writ- ings, and accomplishments of Cardinal Spell- man. While Cardinal Stepinac fought to pre- vent the destruction of his schools, Cardinal Spellman has devoted most of his boundless energy since his appointment to the Arch- diocese of New York to increasing Catholic grammar school enrollment by fifty per cent and high school enrollment by over one hun- dred per cent. The following words of Cardinal Stepinac, which caused his imprisonment in I939, helped to inspire Cardinal Spellman to found this school: "As custodians of the flocks of Christ, as custodians of the temples of God and not only those temples which are con- structed of stone but especially of those in- ternal temples, the immortal souls of youth, we share the anxiety of our people, of those great members of faithful who remained de- voted to Holy Mother Church and in their name we raise our voice." ' s OUR FOUNDER ,sa was "7de ' 646141 n-,gxslllllllljffflfjlli ,yum I I 1 l l 1 1 i l ' i- 1 l I l i l l 2 l BISI-IOP FULTON SFIEEIU Fulton J. Sheen was born in EI Paso, lllinois in 1896. He received his M.A. at St. Viator's College Qlllinoisl and was ordained in 1919 after graduating from St. PauI's Seminary 1Minn,J. While studying at Louvain University in Belgium he received his Ph.D. and later his D.D. while in Rome. A receiver of many degrees, he has been a faculty member of Catholic University since 1926 and a preacher on the Catholic Hour 1930-1945. He also has been a preacher at St. Patrick's Cathedral, N.Y.C., from 1931 to l945. He was appointed papal chamberlain in 1934 and domestic prelate in 1935, and since then has written a great many books and pamphlets on varied subjects. Among his countless activities is a popular, weekly TV program, "Life is Worth Living." 1 6 ffftieqalawolmczkeamczaaeaihaffzee, lf they are not ordained to that perfect freedom of the man who, because his heart is with God, is above all the vicissitudes of this life, whom nothing or no one can enslave. The liberal arts, whether taken in their traditional sense of the Trivium and the Quadrivium or in their more extended sense, are at best only an introduction to perfect science and incomplete in themselves. ln the Middle Ages, the remaining science necessary for true living was completed by the light of faith. But in modern times, where faith is no longer the common possession, the speculative and moral sciences, which are the organic completion of the liberal arts, are absolutely indispensable if man is to have anything like a complete concept of himself." BISHOP FULTON SHEEN 2494! Peuozead mmym yum 5 KM, ma, 5.70. R NC I IPAL , I A. ff , j, A f 2 L I Lf! I I I I A ""'f'N .S-5. THE REVEREND THE REVEREND JAMES T. NOLAN, Ph.D. WILLIAM J. WARD, B.A. Assnstam Prmcnpal. Dean of Studies Director of Guwdarwce, Chairman of Relxgion Department THE REVEREND THE REVEREND JEREMIAH B. SULLIVAN, M.A. EDWARD M. PLOVER, S.T.B Dean of Student Acfwmes Procurator I I WW G- Rev Stephen J Fntzgerald M A Chasrman of Department Golf Team TS 4 Rev Stanley G Mathews MA Rev Thomas F MCH MA Lafsn C 8 I'ey Alurnns Sensor Moderator Sensor Relsgson Prom Sensor Senate Alfa, Boys K B 5 A-0' w Rev John W Murphy C P S M A Relsgson Rev Joseph F McGann BA Relsgson Athletsc Moderator I2 Rev Walter J Murray BA 'K+ Rels son Q Mssssons Track Rev JarnesA Reynolds PhD Relsgson Shepherd 4,-f' Brother Douglas, C.F.X., M. . ro er lguorl I I I 4 , - A, ,- f . - ., ..-4 ... , ., .. V 1 " f . , 11' 24.. J 'f' ' 1 .'f f. fl ,f,' of lA! ' s ch L' ',c.r.x.,B.s. , 'J' ""' 'f f ' ' f Chairman of Depart Business Clu T if ,Mfg M Q95 3' 4: 59 '25 Rev. Raymond Connolly, A!- Rev. John J. Gaffney, O.S.F.S., M.A. Dance Moderator Rev. John F. Lyons, M.S. Cheerlegdiers, Shepherd lf! . ' if Arif 7 1 0.S.F.S., B.A. Rev. Ettore Canzano, C.P.S., B.A. Oh, I get so tired of thus stuff. I3 - 4 Q bk "'...'.2' Q1- Rev. John J. Mulroy, M.A. Chairman of Department Public Speaking 43-'hh 'iv N-1... iv 'gf Rev. Bernard J. McMahon, Ph.D. EKWX Dramatics, Phoenix Rev. Joseph J. McCarthy, M.S. 9' . -:TS ' 'vs-, Crusader G A rv'-"""""'5A ""' bb Leif-K-I - Rev. James Cashman, X ,,.,5 as-"'xX""' o.s.c., a.A. C56 Religion 1-0 Rev. Henry A. Paul, 0.S.F.S.. M.A. Bookstore Qfeczlzfd :snuff Rev. Daniel A. Peake, B.A. J.V. Basketball, McCloskey Big Brothers Rev. Joseph Smerke, 0.S.C., M.A. Religion Rev. Thomas E. O'Keefe, B.A. Track Brother Andrew Joseph, C.F.X., M.S. Chairman of Department R. Rev. Harvey J. Quinn, O.S.F.S.. M.A. Religion Chairman of Department Junior Moderator Dominic, C.F.X., M.A. G' k'4,o Brother Myles, C.F.X., B.5. Mathematics Club Brother Ralph, C.F.X., M.A. Track ..-.f Brother Nivard, C.F.X., M.S. Brother Justin, C.F.X., M.A. Sophomore Moderator Swimming Team I5 Brother Lucas, C.F.X., M.S. Auto Driving, LV. Football Brother Padriac, C.F.X., B.A. I Brother Sylvester, C.F.X., M.A J.V. Baseball 7 . ,W 434 Brother Benignus, C.F.X., M.5. , Frenc - l Frenc lub tiff! r Brother Carl, C.F.X., M.A. Brother lsidore, C.F.X., M.A. Chairman of German Department German , fir 7' 7' F V Rev, Augustine J. DiBIasi, M.A. Chairman of Latin Department Bowling Club, Ushers 7' , X , Y ' lb' 'ir--"" Rev. James M. McDermott, B.A. Latin Legionnaires I6 ....9.... Brother Alois, C.F.X., M.A. Chairman of Spanish Department Religion Freshman Basketball, Spanish Club Rev. Dominic A. Ruscetta C.P.S., B.A. italian Italian Club Brother Thomas Patrick, C.F.X.. M.A. Spanish Religion Chemistry Club Physics and Electronics Club Brother Leroy, C.F.X., M.A. Religion Biology Club Rev. Laurence J. McGowan, B.S. Rev. Robert J. Kane, M.S. Brother Martinian, C.F.X., M.S Chairman of Department Religion General Science Club Brother Meinrad, C.F.X., B.A. 1 Q Don'1' worry, it's only poisonous! H BUMAA Ted. wxvloo ffl reg-rd. lulfsalf lxw-Qaxb ui WW' Af' . irmmf Lf:-me VU-ll71'1x0 if? i '-N"'f"3"X -has-H" Brother George Patrick, C.F.X., M.A. Library Qub Mr. George R. Wolfer, B.A. SWK' Rev. William J. Mr, John L. Reily, M.A McGann, M.A. Chairman of Department ,445 Mr Richardl Werder BSS Football Baseball "H Y?-7 1 f Mr. Ignatius J. Volpe, B.A. Chairman of Department Basketball Mr, Thomas J. Sullivan, B.S.S. Football, Track lil Mnss Josephme Esposnto Dleflclan Mr Raymond Moms Mr Harold McDonald Attendance Clerk Supernntendenf IV' Mr John Carthy Chlef Engineer Miss Margaret Croke Secretary, Scholastic Office if Mass Josephnne Pagano Mrs Alnce Sprague Bursar Secretary Prmcupal s Offnce 'Q Q Mrs. Anna Carmeci Secretary, General Offnce Miss Diana Giarillo Secretary, General Offnce Mrs. Vera Murphy Receptnomsr rff ' wx 1 X gf MS, f W X x X N ' Sw '1 Xbx gk? l x X X 2 SX A 4 fQ xL1I . X N 1 x X 1 , XX Nxxxb 'N X X X X SIR HUGH TAYLOR Snr Hugh was born ln Lancashlre England nn 1890 In accordance wnth hus keen Interest an the scuences held Snr Hugh received has BS at Llverpool Unsverssty m 1909 He continued hls studxes at The Nobel Instntute ln Stockholm until 1914 when he decided to brmg hus wlfe and two daughters to the Umted States ln 1922 he be came a professor of chemlstry at Prmceton Umversnty chaurman of the chemistry department In 1926 and an 1945 dean of the graduate school The most lmportant of has hterary contrlbutlons are Catalysis nn Theory and Practlce 119191 Fuel Productlon and Utlhzatson 119201 He was awarded the Nscholas Meda1 CA C S1 ln 1928 and the Research Corporatnon Plaque nn 1937 Sur Hugh now makes has home ID Prmceton New Jersey y U l I . KI: ' I X 1 fT5'vX:fa'f'f" 11 ' 'X YR 5- 'X 1 fm Xi , V ., .s t . , - , .Q ' , - x ,I ft .A Q X 1 gb X -Q1 ' , Xxx XX S3 r 1 ' X X-XXX ' 1 A 'Q TY X , .1 A , x K -,px , ' 1 1 1 ,Q I .1 I l r w' In V' A -1 1 ,' 6 X - 1h 1 11 ' X X xt ' cf-' f X' xx 'T ax K: SELNX fi' A A"- -, 'J 3 lil ,X I X .,.'.. X X x sf Rx N X L Q! Lf' 11 11 X 1 1 f 1 1 xi ... 1 , XM X 1 1. W Ti wx ' 1 R11 XX X -e 'xxx V, fx' 'XX X ' x, X X 1 age 1 af and The world has need today for a strong group of dedicated Christian scholars who will resolutely integrate the eternal riches of Christian truth into the various intellectual disciplines of the modern world. The Christian scholar can with wisdom. patience and understanding lead all men down the paths of philosophy, history, sociology and science to the Eternal Truth." SIR HUGH TAYLOR C 3 I1 I 11 YS Ant'ly1py1K4' hael Arne dola Jlf Tuckah , New Yor " f Aslumpiiorp 1 varsiry Dlaseball ' 3, Xifciass saskefbsii 2, 3, 45 Bo ub lg J V Football 2, Varsity footba 4, ltaljxn C ub 2, 3, 4g K B s 4 siualfm Jaw cil 4 ushers 3 Tony. aifr e Lagyajmanr, divided his time between ll signals r the Crusaders and tossing no-hitters. flfy' Gladiators in Training isdn fs! 'L',,."7 James Mitchel Anderson Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Class Basketball 2, Class Officer lg Varsity Football 35 J. V. Football 2: Student Council 3, 3, Swimming Team 2, 3, 4, French Club Mitch's outstanding swimming ability will long be remembered at Stepinac. His ap- preciation of math will be a great asset to him at R. P. I. and in his future engineer- ing career. Robert Jude Ansbro Mount Vernon, New York St. Joseph Class Basketball l, 2, 33 J.V. Football Manager. "Bones" spent most of his time in G19 running the shop equipment and pestering Bro. Sylvester. His main dislike is English. After leaving Stepinac he plans to make a career in the Army. Ralph Francis Angiolelli Yonkers, New York St. Ann Class Basketball 2, Bowling Club l, 2, 35 K. B. S. 4. Ralph has an amazing talent for making friends. Fordham will gain a medical stu- dent with a prefabricated bedside manner. For a portion of senior year he was known as "the Man on a Horse", for reasons best known to himself. iz, Gustavo Arthur Antonini White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Band 2, 3, 4, Social Orchestra Ag Italian Club 3, 4, Mission Crusade 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, 4. Gus, Stepinac's "Liberace", thrilled many a musical audience with his adept and melo- dious piano arrangements. His driving skill was about equal to the speed of his nimble fingers. sf uf N I .- John Anthony Audia White Plains, New York St. Anthony Varsity Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Baseball. John, coming to us from Preston Junior High in his iunior year, rapidly assimilated the Stepinac spirit. He found lab work to his liking and hopes to study engineer- ing at Manhattan. Vincent Edward Balint Yonkers, New York Most Holy Trinity Varsity Football 31 Bowling Club 3, 42 J.V. Basketball l, 23 Class Basketball 3, 43 Mission Crusade 2, 4. Well known to all students in the halls of our school is Vinnie's bulky form. His ample size made him the mainstay of Fr. DiBlasi's bowling team. 23 wg 'hd Henry Richard Austin Mount Vernon, New York St. Catherine Art Club l, 23 Cheerleaders l, 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Honor Roll l3 McCloskey Vol. 23 Crusader I, 2, 3, 43 Radio and Electronics Club l, 23 French Club 2, 3, 4. "Pick" was a spirited cheerleader. He has acquired many oratorical honors tor Step mac and should find his niche as a rosa inent bifister. , R ' I N ll l wflf - 1 I 1 I , j ' . Q W 1 f 1 I I I ' l I 0 i My f I,-f"41 ,1', l I' I -J il. I . f , 1' K' 9 'X x VN X will l , .X i gjlil Syl Wy A Q X ik' NNW X X pil J X40 pvfxi QQ Xmgl ii l Wlglix li X Y J ' it . 1 Ss ' am o n 'vi X llbl ou t e , w York X K Sts.lPe r Paul Bowl: Cl , 3x 43 hemistry Clu l4j Honor 3 Italian Club 2, 3, 43 , , S. 2, 3, ennis Team 4. Notre Da e will benefit from Jim's s t and ebullient wit. His enthusiasm was successfully dampened by algebra but he revived in time for American history. Joseph Peter Bardinella Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Camera Club l, 23 Chemistry Club 43 Class Officer 33 Crusader 3, 43 Drarnatics 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll l3 Italian Club 33 K. B. S. 3. 43 Glee Club 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 4, Joe's green convertible is a familiar sight in the parking lot. His interest in music has been shown by his participation in the musical comedy and in the Glee Club. After college Joe plans to enter the busi- ness world, Final Briefing St. Ursula John Anthony Barna Bronx, New York Sacred Heart Varsity Baseball 4. Although he came to Stepinac in his senior year from Manhattan Prep, John has well integrated himself into Stepinac life and has filled a valuable role on our varsity nine as a catcher. Lawrence Louis Bohn Mount Vernon, New York The Shepherd 3, 4, Class Basketball l, 2, Bowling Club 2, 33 Business Club 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Crusader 3, 4, Dramatics 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Bulletin 4, Glee Club 4, Senior Senate 45 Phoenix 4. Larry is known for a cheerful personality. ln the classroom he finds business law to his liking, with Spanish a high hurdle. He hopes to make journalism his career. A Dentist's Delight. Godfrey Francis Bauer Rye, New York Resurrection Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 4: Senior Glee Club 4, K. B.S. 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. Godfrey's quiet personality will well suit him in his hopes of a musical career. He has had three year's experience in the or- chestra and band. 17' t of -. , KV , . A .4111 M7 51,7 irff 7 J 4, C? .x..a6s..fl I A - if . ' 5 I yar f, 'i I My, f' ,-. L.. . 19' f l f Q 29 I ,1 1 , I ' x 4 .leynold .lAeph,Baumstark ' ndvogih' Tarryiownf New York ii' St. Teresa Shepherd 3, 43 Chemistry Club 4, Cru- sader 2, Make-up Editor 3p.Editor-in-Chief 4lDl'arT18fiCS 3, Honor Roll l, 2, K. B.S. 2, 3, 43 Usxrs 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 4, Stage Cr '21 Glee Club- 43 Phoenix 4, Junilr Prom Committe "Ren" has all the alities of a Stepinac leader. In addition to being an outstand- ing student he has shdwn editorial prowess as Editor-in-Chief of the Crusader. labs.. Anthony James Bosco Garrison, New York Our Lady of Loretto Italian Club 2, 3, 4, Altar Boys 3, 45 Mc- Closky Vol, 2, Student Council 35 Senior Senate 3, 4. Tony, with his efficient business person- ality, served on the Senior Senate. Hailing from Garrison, he hopes to put his talent to work in the field of law after college. -Pick . 3. ,fl 4' -i-h . 4. - 5 ' . 1-5f7'i.,',' .V V, f , 4. . ff' 'ee-wwf' W-'. 4 'Q .1 , " eg im: -sf? f , :E-5? f'.' "ti-'d.1l."' .l in w-W'7.:i'f fi r . 1i'."' 2 if-JM' li i N' s A , - .1 , . Raymond James Brady White Plains, New York St. John the Evangalist Class Basketball 2, 3, 4, Business Club 2, 3, 4, Class Officers 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Student Council 3, 4, Rifle Club lg Track 2, 3, 4. Ray, an active member of the track team lholding record for high hurdlesl, could be seen in the halls keeping the frosh in line. Fordham College appears in his im- mediate future. James Alphonsus Breen Ossining, New York St. Augustine Swimming Team 4, Senior Senate 43 French Club 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Cheerleaders l. Through four years of Stepinac life. .limmy's energetic school spirit has made up for the lack of enthusiasm and drive of others. 25 Brian O'Neil Brent Montrose, New York St. Christopher Track 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, K. B.S. 3, 4. Brian commutes from Montrose via the powerful legs that have brought his fame as a Stepinac track man. While attaining athletic renown, Brian has remained his pleasant self. Homeroom of 4D Donald Peter Brass Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Baseball 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 45 Jayvee 2, Freshman lg Class 3, Class Offices l, L 3, 4, Dance Committee 3, 45 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4, Jayvee 'l, 2, Science Club lg Spanish Club 3, 4. Don's record in sports gives ample evidence of Stepinac spirit. Last year he was one of the lights of the football team. He hopes to attend Vwanovei' , A!! if V 0' , 1 Lf V. wi -T few X if , ,lf .. .P if' QQ' John Edward Brin New Rochelle, New York Holy Name Shepherd 4, Cheerleaders 2, Chemistry Club 4, Class Officer l, 3, 4, Crusader 2, 3, Managing Editor 43 Honor Roll l, 23 K. B.S. l, 2, 3, 4, Prefect 2, Altar Boy l, 23 Ushers 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Senate 4, Stage Crew 2, Glee Club 4. John, one of the most active men in the school, was the president of his homeroom first, third, and senior years. He was the Managing Editor of the Crusader in his Eenizpr year and president of the Chem. U . Cahill receives his reward for a job well done. Paul Nielson Burger Dobbs Ferry, New York Sacred Heart Chemistry Club 43 Radio and Electronics Club 45 Science Club 45 German Club 3g Stage Crew 4. Paul could be found any afternoon after classes attending a meeting of one of the schooI's science clubs. His scientific ability coupled with his cheerful manner is a sign Paul will be a successful engineer. George Francis Browne Ossining, New York Sf. Augustine Swimming Team 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Art Club 3. "Browne" is well known to all the teachers. Fr. Fitzgerald insisted he never got the proper amount of sleep at home. Q ! l. 4 L ill! Ai" l .91 Un! Dennis Eugene Butler White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Cheerleaders l, 43 Stage Crew 3: Radio and Electronics Club 2,i3, 4. A "Butts" was much in evidence every Sun- day afternoon during the football season leading his fellow students in cheering for the team. In future years you may find' "Buttsf' repairing your radio. N' ur ,. vi fl ly 26 James Gustave Bugniazer Rye, New York Resurrection Stage Crew 4. Photography got Jim's nod, but English quizzes proved almost too much. There's nothing definite in the future for "Gen- eral Bugs" except hard work. New 4 1 -ff W 7 I ' 1 V 1 Q John Kenneth Carron Ossining, New York St. Augustine Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club 3, 4, Chem- istry Club 4, K.B.S. Prefect 31 Student Council 4, Senior Senate 4. Ken's strong left arm has helped to support the varsity baseball team since sophomore year. His ability earned him presidency of senior year and assurance of success in college. 4: Cuoccakj ft Ne Teresa 4 Science Club l, 2, Club 3, 4, Stu- 4g French Club Basketball l, 2, Art, quiet and intelligent, has manifested his school spirit in many ways, His presence will bolster the aquatic reputation of the college of his choice. 8? James Peter Cassisi Ossinlng, New York St. Augustine Class Basketball l, 21 Italian Club 3, 4 Track l, German Club 3. Pete found Italian his favorite subject. After serving Uncle Sam in the Marine Corps, he will become an auto mechanic 'vga-fl' ,A Joseph Michael Civetta Mount Vernon, New York St. Ursula Shepherd 4, Chemistry Club 4, Latin Club 2, Crusader 3, 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Italian Club 2, 3, 4, K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4, Altar Boy I, 2, 3, 4. Duly influenced by Fr. Mathews. "cheech" heads for Holy Cross. There he will study to be a research scientist if he can survive his own home experiments. "Esse quam viderif' 'bl' 'Qing i Francis Thomas Castellano Tuckahoe, New York Assumption Senior Senate Class Officer 4, J.V. Foot- ball 2, Varsity Football 3, "Hank", one of the better small men of the football squad, plans to ioin the Navy. His favorite subiect was history, with math his sorrow. X. 'A Peter James Coleman Irvington, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 4, Bowling Club 2, Crusader 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Tennis Team l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Senate 4. Since Pete's forte is tennis he has been a four year letterman and captain in his senior year of the tennis team. Owing to his agreeable manner he was popular among all students. He hopes to hang out his shingle and defend the public after college. .' 31:1 , ,tied-. ft. 2,1 f lil l ' f Thomas Edward Colleton 'EVM o o I I flfnfut Patrick John Collins 1 1 Q 1:7 White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Class Officer 23 Mission Crusades 2. Tom's favorite subiect is math and after graduation he plans to put his knowledge to good use in the air force. Valhalla, New York Holy Name of Jesus Varsity Football 3, Track 2. In school mechanical drawing was his pride German his sorrow, After college Pat in- tends to start his own landscaping business N i l l -4 C , ll, WJ Don Caldera, our graduate electrician. Joseph Anthony Coloccia Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist Italian Club 2, 3, 4. Joe, who hlked daily from Yonkers, favors history and dislikes math. His robust fea- tures and pleasing humor have made him a popular member of his class. He hopes to seek success in engineering. Eugene Joseph Conway Verplanck, New York St. Patrick Class Basketball l, 2, 35 Business Club 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Gene was on early-morning commuter. In his spare time he likes to tinker with cars, He finds SDanish a weak spot but thrives on business law. He is undecided about college and career. q 0 i f ,K ,ic to Ralph Lawrence Corrigan New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Swimming Team 3, 43 Phoenix 4, Glee Club 4, Art Club 3, 4, K. B.S. 4. Ralph has demonstrated his athletic ability in the gym and his artistic talents in var- ious art competitions. T Arthur Patrick Cortesi Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Chemistry Club 4, Track 2, 3, 4. Art. one of the mainstays of the track team fholding the school's broadyump and low hurdles recordj, favors the humanities. Iona is his choice of college. we 'A I X Y"'l I - lxklx.-If-s.f X ,118 1' f. X bn D X-.1 S inf, X Carmen Rocco Coviello Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Rosary Business Club 2, 3, 4, Band lg Class Bas- ketball l, 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Although Carmen has had more nicknames than anyone else at Stepinac "Cutty" has stuck the hardest. He plans to attend Manhattan with a view to a career in ad- vertising. 1. 5 Thomas Paul Cramer Yonkers, New York St. Mary Class Basketball l. 2, 31 Bowling Club lg Business Club 2, 3, 41 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Tom has enlivened many a period with his quick wit. Homework and an after-school iob frequently clashed, and Tom's Spanish marks suffered. He plans to join the Navy. fl fp D 0 yiywt :Ml wt all I l i f i Vincent George Cotrona New Rochelle, New York St. Joseph Bowling Club 43 Camera Club I: Radio and Electronics Club 4, Physics Club 3. A native of New Rochelle, Vinnie favors electronics and foundi German quite an- noying. An ability to make friends is his most noted asset. The Pony Express interrupts English 4 N . Robert Emmett Crimmins Yonkers, New York St. Paul Band 2, 3, 4. Energetic, musical, and witty, Bob has lent his talents to the band for the past Three years, His fine sense of humor has cheered many a classmate when things became too dull. John Patrick Cunningham Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Honor Roll 2, Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. "Big John's" athletic prowess and exten- sive football ability have been invaluable to the football squad for the past three years. His easy-going nature has won him many friends at Stepinac. Homeroom of 4E H44 Richard Barry Cronin Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima Shepherd 3, 4, Art Club l, 2, Camera Club l, 2, Glee Club 4, Scientific Society 4, Stage Crew 4. An avid cameraman, Dick has lent his tal- ents to the Shepherd and the Camera Club. His happy disposition and desire to work have made him popular among both teach- ers and classmates. Jerome Thomas Culver Hastings on Hudson, New York St. Matthew Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, J.V. l, Business Club 2, 3, Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officers 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. Big Jerry, a popular fellow at Stepunac, hopes to loin the student body at Syracuse. His good sportsmanship should help him in years to come. Dennis Mackey Curley Mount Kisco, New York St. Francis of Assisi Class Basketball 3, 4, J,V. Football 2, Mission Crusade l, 2, German Club l. Denny doted on biology and spent much time in research around Briarcliff. He should find it a good background for his scientific studies at St. Michaels Toronto. "ZF fa f .K 5-lr W l ,f JMC fl' n, l 2. .' 1 a,'i 9 'fi ' John Larkin Cuskley Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Shepherd 4, Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Commuttee 43 K.B.S. 3, 43 Swim- ming Team 3, 4g French Club 2, 3, 4, Physlcs 4. John has been a mainstay on his class bas- ketball team and a member of the swim- mlng team. His ultimate ambition is to be a doctor. Z L ,vw George Michael Dawson Chappaqua, New York Sts. John and Mary The Shepherd 3: Editor-in-Chief 43 Bowl! ing Club 3: Class Officer lg Crusader 3, 4 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 41 K.B.S. l, 2, 3, 4, German Cluo 3, 4, Physics Club 3. George could be called the ideal 'Steoinac Man" He was consistently a "cum laude" scholar. editor of this volume, and author ot a column "Names an the News" in the Crusader Colorado School of Mines' gaun wlll be Steplnacs loss Bl z sf. Meditation Eugene Edward D'Alessandro Yonkers, New York St. John Gene came to Stepinac in his sophomore year from Roosevelt High. l-le could be seen on any brisk October morn driving around un his galopy. Popularity and suc- cess will always be his. Thomas Joseph Delaney Pelham, New York St. Catherine James William Deiso Mount Vernon, New York St. Catherine , Italian Club 33 Swimming Team 2, 3, 4. Jim, famous for his unusual Questions in class, is well liked by the senior class. He looks to Syracuse for his future education, Q Baseball 3, 4: Varsity 2. Freshman lg Class 3, 45 Spanish Club 2. Tom has .X sl. ll nf' 4 . -,hy V1 ann-ll' 'C George Otto Deshensky Larchmont, New York St John and Paul The Shepherd Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Bus' ess Clu 2, 33 Senior Bulletin 45 Crua 3, 4, nor Roll lg McCloskey Vo' g Spani Club 2, 3, Stage Crew 3, Glee lub 4 eorge ha reputation of loyal Stepinac an, well iked by all. n should ind hi a rovidence 41215 335517 . 13"'?5"1f16A' U li And everybody is almost in step! Joseph Nicholas DeLuca Eastchester, New York Immaculate Conception Varsity Baseball 43 J.V. Football 23 Var- sity 3, 4, Honor Roll lg Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 K. B.S. 3, 4, Math Club 4, Science Club 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, Track l, 4. "The Duke," has been a consistent contri- butor to Stepinac athletic activities and he has always shown a great determination to do his best in all his undertakings. Vincent Alexander DeStefanis White Plains, New York Mt. Carmel Bowling Club 4g Italian Club 3, 4, Phoenix 2, 3. Study and good nature have characterized Vin's three years at Stepinac. He achieved higl'. marks in mechanical drawing and cherristry. Civil engineering is his am- bition. 1 .. 1 l Robert James DeLuca Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Business Club 2, 3g Spanish Club 2, 3. Bob, known to his friends as "Ducky," found English difficult but liked business law. Future undecided. bs tl David Jerome Disbrow Mount Vernon, New York Our Lady of Victory Dance Committee 45 K.B.S. 3, 4, Stage Crew 4. 'tThe Deacon", well-liked by the senior class, is on his way to take up agriculture at Farmingdale College. Richard Dean Ditoro White Plains, New York St. Bernard Shepherd 43 Bowling Club 43 Chemistry Club 4, Dance Committee 4, Band l, 2, 3, 41 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Social Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Ushers. A veteran bandman, Dick has lent his talents to the concert band, orchestra, and dance band. He enloys math and science and hopes eventually to be a doctor. Robert William Dolan Bedford, Hills, New York St. Mary Chemistry Club 4, Science Club lg Stage Crew 4. While at Steoinac. Bob's cheerful nature and willingness to make friends has made him very popular, ,ff- Raymond James Donovan Harrison, New York St. Gregory the Great Chemistry Club 41 Honor Roll lg K B. S. 3, Math. 3, Rifle Club l, 2, Student Council 33 Track l, 2, 4, German Club 3, Stage Crew 4. After 'four years at Steoinac Ray a chemical engi- neer future. , - XJC, -.fbv kj., IJ! Q 'L-1,642 .Q ,ffy L x l I 'x U X X 3 John Lawrence Dowling' 3 Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Chemistry Club 4, Dramatics 43 K.B.S. 2, 3, 43 Altar Boys l. 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 2, Swimming Team 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 4. "Juggler" received his title as a freshman and successfuly defended it through the years. He likes chemistry and faithfully attended all meetings of the Chem Club. Daniel Anthony D Tarrytown, New York Church of the Transfiguration Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 41 Class O 2, 43 Varsity Football-3, 4, J.V. 2, K. B 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council , 3, 4. Dan, co-captain of the football team, has left many a passer with a mud-stained iersey. lf he can use football tactics in his career as a lawyer, his success is assured. "What are you looking at Charley?" John hopes for a career in law after college. 1, , - ll A' l ll Of' ',4 iw. I' -J l . f"'l Cr . , nv rn 7 IP y r 5 John Kevin Downing Tarrytown, New York Church of the Transfiguration K.B.S. 3, 43 Prefect 33 Band l, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Student Council 4. Jack has drummed his way through four years of Stepinac. The college of his choice will benefit from his percussionary talents, Sincerity and friendliness are his trade- marks. is Nl Edmund Joseph Drake John Andrew Drohan Bronx, New York White Plains New York St, Francis of Rome A student of history, Ed, intends after a career in the Navy, to set up shop as a draftsman. St Bernard Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Chemistry Club 43 Honor Roll l 2' Track l 2A Germ Club 3. John is one of the few who appreciate the intricacies of math. This talent will stand him in good stead at Manhattan Meeting of the Minds. 4 James Michael Durkin Hastings, New York St. Matthew Class Basketball l, 2. 3, 43 Bowling Club 2, 3, 43 Business Club 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 33 Tennis Team l. Jim's good humor and school spirit have won him many school friends. After study at Manhattan College, he hopes to become a C.P.A. .1 Thomas David Elling Ardsley, New York Our Lady of Perpetual Help K B S l, 2, 3, 4, Altar Boys l, 2, 3, 43 Science Club lg Track l, 2, 3, 4. The Naval Reserve will be the first to make a claim on Tom, an amateur mechanic. After Oswego State Teachers College, he plans to become an industrial arts teacher. I .' I- " ,J-'.1 -4- f ez-1 ..- f L alt. ' 'Q 'J ,iff fi A Albert Joseph Emanuelli White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Class Basketball 4. Al attended Notre Dame H. S. in Con- necticut prior to coming to Stepinac. There he played golf and baseball. After college he hopes to become an airplane pilot. James Joseph Fillis Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Jim was a stalwart of the track team and one of the school's best runners. His medal-earning days are just beginning. Robert Anthony Esposito Yonkers, New York St. Joseph Varsity Football 3, 43 J.V. lg Band J, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra lg Italian Club 3, 4, Class Officer 3, 43 Senior Senate 4, Class Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 4. Bob is an irreplaceable member of the foot- ball team and band, "Pancho" tackled his studies and activities as enthusiastically as he did opponents on the gridiron. Joseph Patrick Fletcher White Plains, New York Sf. John the Evangelist Class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 33 Altar Boy 2, Band lg Stu- dent Council 3g Track 3. "Fazzy" likes all sports and is well known for his good humor and wit. He was a student councillor in junior year and now eyes Fordham. Joe's heart lies deep in the heart of Indiana, although he will prob- ably study journalism in the East. ..-so s WM Thomas Reid Fagan Yonkers, New York St. Barnabas Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Math Club 33 Track 2, 4, German Club l, 2, 3. Tom's quiet and genial ways should endear him to future colleagues at St. Michael's, Toronto. Favorite Senior Course. Edward Joseph Flynri, L V' Pelham, New Yo5Jc'f'3 U ' sf. cashew? if' ' Class Basketball l, 2, 3,"4g Business Cluli,-I 3, Latin Club 2 Classl Officer- Qlf K B L ' - G35- 2, 3, 43 Spanish Civil: 2,43, 4512" N.,-, i f lv' 1 Ed, Stepinads rflaughirlg l,8oy,", was the classic example 'of bility. to brealc up the monqton of"a teclious, class, His battle cry,f'1'A one got,a1mop", w'U' go down in the' anna of Stefpinac histody. xx , ,Q ,, z- . 1-Xe Q ' 2 it , . A fi f K. NQA 4 nf David Michael France Ossining, New York St. Augustine Business Club 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 43 Track 2. Dave, a four year student from Ossining, liked business law. He intends to continue his education at Fordham. Homeroom of 4B Y E Edward Joseph Foley Yonkers, New York St. Joseph Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Math Club 3, Ushers 2, 3, French Club 2, 3. "Smiley" wants to be an engineer. His interest in science should help him in the quest which he hopes to pursue at Man- hattan. Joseph Rudolf Fontanella White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Shepherd 43 Dance Committee 3, 43 Var- sity Football 3g Track 2, 3. Joe, one of the most popular seniors, was elected student manager, a post which he excellently filled. The school dances flour- ished under his expert guidance. Donald Louis Galgano Elmsford, New York Our Lady of Mount Carmel Honor Roll l, 2, 33 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Senate 3. Don, by his constant presence on the honor roll, shows a great ability to succed. The experience he gained in the Senior Senate will provide an excellent background for his future studies at Fordham. 814: aw. l ax 'law J kb'-I Lawrence William Gallagher Scarsdale, New York Our Lady of Fatima Bowling Club lg Business Club 43 Science Club lg Physics Club 4, Larry favored math and dnsliked all lan- guages. He plans to attend college after graduation, Thomas Vincent Garceau White Plains, New York g '71 Anthony Salvatore Gentile New Rochelle, New York St. Joseph Bowling Club 33 Honor Roll 23 Prefect 3. 43 Radio and Electronics Club 43 German Club 33 Physics Club 3. Tony, a good student, eyes the Air Force and then college. He has trouble wlth algebra. Homeroom of 3H John Joseph Gannon Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Bowling Club 43 Golf Team 43 Mission Cru- sade 23 German Club 33 Stage Crew 4. John's quiet manner and retiring ways have made him one of the lesser known seniors. Hrs abillty to concentrate and work will greatly aid hlm at Iona. Charles Franklin Gerwig New Rochelle, New York Sts. John and Paul Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 23 Class Ofticer l, 2, 3, 43 Dance Corn- rnlttee 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Jayvee Football l, 2, Varsity Football 3, 43 Track 23 German Club l. "Chucks" good nature and humorous ways are known to all. He was Mr. Werder's standout tackle on the gridiron and should flnd Maryland to hrs lrking. St. John i K. as 4. -fl 3 3 "Reb" could not gurte accept the view ot 1 I' the War between the States he got in his A' ij American history classes. Only two years - in Steplnac he has shown all the ualities , l ,f . Cl ot a southern gentleman. 37 is Pi' ' - f 151-L Li In l X 'x Daniel Joseph Graney White Plains, New York St. Barnabas J. V. Basketball l, 2, Class Officer l, 2, 3, German Club 3, 4, Class Basketball 3. Diminutive Dan sparked the J.V. basket- ball team during hls sophomore year. His popularity gained him class offices during his first three years. y ral P 'Y W -2, , aaa.. I fat-31445 " 2: 4. , .f H vv'?'. . ' 1- Eluiiiffi Our Founder, Cardinal Spellman William Michael Glasheen Larchrnont, New York St. Augustine Dance Committee 35 K. B.S. 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3. Bill rates health and chemistry high but fails to appreciate English. He will loin the Navy after attending Holy Cross. 43 Bowling or armed forces, a clvll engineer. Kivou. jo 65 time slug 'Wu 1310? lairmitv WATERS P I 1 voir!-i HIS 9 ' 1212571 VC? IN H15 Wi Wg FWD Charles Joseph Goetz Yonkers, New York St. Barnabas Shepherd 43 Chemistry Club 43 Dramatlcs 3, 4, Missions 3, Ushers 3. "Chuckie" spent a very active two years at Stepihac after an internship at Cathedral High. His rich voice bolstered the chorus of school musicals and played a valuable part in the oratorical department. Carl J. Guariglia Mamaroneck, New York Holy Trinity K.B.S. 2, 31 Prefect 33 Altar Boys 3, 4, Student Council 4, Swimming Team 4, Physics 4, Dramatics 4. Carl attended Poly Prep in Brooklyn dur- ing his freshman year. His pet peeve is teachers who can't pronounce his name. Dean Bonner Hansen White Plains, New York Our Lady of Sorrows Varsity Basketball 4, Freshman Basketball Basketball 35 Class Officers 3' is looking forward in the near future a White Plains-Stepinac rivalry. After stint at the University of Detroit a career architecture awaits him. James Gerard Healey Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Committee 41 Radio and Electronics 4, Stage Crew 4. four years at Stepinac, enioying elec- bored with English, Jerry has de- upon a career in electronics. The powers of Bro. Lucas choice. Thomas Blair Hartley White Plains, New York St. John Spanish Club 4. Blair is in his element in languages, espe- cially Spanish. Although he maintains good marks he dislikes math. He plans to enter the Navy after Stepinac. Peter George Heller Mt, Kisco, New York St, Francis of Assisi Business Club 4, Pete, an import from Brshop Loughlin Memorial H. S., has captured the friend- ship ot his classmates. He plans to at- tend Providence College in the autumn. Down you go! l I Lawrence Anthony Haug Peekskill, New York Assumption Chemistry Club 4, Math Club 3, 4, Scien- tific Society 4, Biology Club 2. Larry, the youngest student in our class, gave up hitch-hiking from Peekskill and lately rides in the luxury of the bus. His constant attendance at the Chem. Club should insure his success as a chemist. Vi, ...Q 'bt nl iw ,X 4 N CM l Aly l l X L A i, , .4 l i o 'fx ' r' J 3 i l 1 ,f I X If . 'J ,XV I fi, XJ rf lf Cf Joseph Patrick Hendron Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Bowling l, 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll 2. One of the rnainstays of the bowling team, 'tThe Blade" has won numerous awards for his alley activities. lt will be an engineer- ing career after Manhattan. Rl 'l Gunther John Herdegen -1 'tv' M"uuf Michael Shaun Hines Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Honor Roll lg German Club 43 Athletic Representative 4. "Gunner" when not tinkering with cars could be found studying his auto driving. This knowledge of mechanics should help him in his engineering course at St. Bona- yenture's. I 1 3 ii" ,J J fx Golden's Bridge, New York St. Joseph Bowling Club 3, 43 Rifle Club 2. Mike endured the long trip from the wilds of Golden's Bridge to school for four years. His quiet personality and sure ways will insure his uccess as alveterinarian. fm X-y'ktvl"5 Q lf I .bfi fl ,off Twas the night before Christmas." Q, f fri bf' If Thomas Joseph Houlahan Eastchester, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 43 Varsity Football 3, 43 J.V. 23 Art Club 23 Track 2, 43 Stage Crew 2, 3, 43 Science Club l, 43 Dance Committee 43 Senior Bulletin 43 Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Business Club 43 Senior Glee Club. 'tDoc", after he suffered a leg iniury in football, transferred his team spirit and good will to the literary staff of the Shepherd, Richard William Hunt White Plains, New York St. Bernard Baseball 43 Shepherd 43 J.V. Basketball 23 Class Basketball l, 3, 43 Class Officer l, 2. 3, 43 Varsity Football 3, 43 J.V, Football 2, Track l. Dick has been one of the most active and popular seniors at Stepinac. He has man- aged to GO successfully whatever he at- tempted, an ability ensuring a successful future for him. Richard Erwin Johnson Bronx, New York Sf. Philip Neri Spanish Club 3, K. B.S. 3. In only two years at Stepinac "Big Chief" has made a host of friends with his pleas- ing manner and his ability to be always cheerful. Colman Christopher Keane Hawthorne, New York Holy Rosary Class Basketball 2, 3, Business Club 3, Class Officer 2, Spanish Club 2, 3. "Cole", after a year at Chaminade H. S., gained here a reputation for clothes, man- ners, and generosity. He plans, after study at Iona, to be an accountant. Robert John Johnson White Plains, New York St. Bernard Baseball 4, Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee 3, Varsity Football 3, 43 J.V. Foot- ball 2g K.B.S. 3, 4, Track 2. Bob's athletic abilities were displayed on the gridiron to the acclaim of many. His other fine qualities have made him one of Stepinac's best assets. Robert Michael Keane White Plains, New York St. Anthony Class Basketball 2, 3, 41 Biology Club 2, Math Club 4, Science Club 4, German Club 2, Senior Glee Club 4. Bob, a dispassionate scientist, has shown an aptitude for making friends and an- tagonizing no one. Manhattan will wel- come a student of Bob's obvious ability. Douglas Joseph Kayatt Crestwood, New York Annunciation Bowling Club 4, Dance Committee 4, K.B.S. 2, 3, 4, Physics Club 4. Doug reveled in mechanical drawing but could never bring himself even to tolerate history. As a preparation for his career as an auto mechanic, Doug plans to attend the Chrysler Institute. Now remember, look for the camera John Francis Kelley Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart French Club 2, 3, 4. "Champ" is a devoted student of French. History tloored him, gin-V ,N A I H.x 3 . Vincent Paul Kennedy White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist Varsity Football 3, 43 Class Officer 3, 43 Senior Senate 43 Track 43 K.B.S. 3, 43 Class Basketball 3, 43 Dance Committee 4. This talented lad from Niagara Falls arrived at Stepinac only two years ago, where his inexhaustlble qualities were soon recognized and appreciated, especially in football and basketball. '7 A ' i X 7 f' ff 1 f' 3 I7 - 3' I ,' fl 47 3, ' If f A ' ,e ff ,f Arif K' fjbpf Lv tiff ,f If J A 1 ' V V' Lawrence ohn Keyesg' Cres od, New Yor f" aj I -C nnunciation I jfi " Bpwling Cl f lCCY 3 ce " , .af ' lite ykvwsftflizldio j ' Q ' 'n I y ronics I 4. f ff X, 4,7 Lsafyczt-igiwbuted much to the s ior Prom, C'L f ,ff-li i in ess to work has b n one of f" his outstanding characteristics. I I-f 7 A ,, K, f - V K if lffffip ,zf fi!! 1 , 'jf f f ,1 jlifeiffw ' I 'fi X,-ff of 4F - Il J 'iltefb x tl, , 1 v l NY M lf ,i f ' li l lf XFN!! ill ll: , x , , 1 if ' 4 ' rgjq , ill lx I 3 ' 'X ii vt' R' 'K . J' 3 .i , f i i i lcb, ix 1 i P X f ' V l , . il if' l J 6435 rl? I YJ In X 7 LU! " A it l 1 L Anthony Allan Kerr V I Larchrnont, New York Sts. John and Paul Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 4 Class Officer l, 23 Dance Committee 4 Dramatics 4, K. B.S. 3, 4, Track lg Ger man Club 3. An active member of many Stepinac activ ities, Tony has contributed much to the school, Yale should prepare him for a career as an architect. Martin Joseph Koening Yonkers, New York St, Paul Band l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 43 Ger- man Club 3, 43 Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. Martv's musical talents are as outstanding as his social and athletic qualities. His ultimate ambition is a successful completion of an electronics course at Fairfield. Ronald Edward Kula Ossining, New York St. Augustine Class Basketball l, 23 Class Officer l, 2, 3g Science Club lg Track 2, German Club lg Biology Club 23 Junior Prom Committee, German Glee Club l. Roni, a good student with a versatile per- sonality, has a high popularity rating after four years at Stepinac. George Pierre Lesieutre Marnaroneck, New York , Sts, John and Paul Class Basketball 2, 33 Chemistry Club 4, Class Officer 3g Senior Senate 3. George. a quiet man around Stepinac, will enter college for an engineering degree. 43 X, at A , AJ, William George Lewis Ossining, New York St. Augustine Bill, a red-headed devotee of French, will put his ability to work at Fordham in his studies to be a writer. Nl Homeroom of IH Vincent Peter Landers Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary The Shepherd 45 Bowling Club 2, 3, Busi- ness Club 2, 3, 43 Camera Club lg K.B. S. Prefect 2, 31 Spanish Club 2, 3, Dra- matucs 43 Senior Glee Club 4. An exceptional ability to type has made Vinnie invaluable to the yearbook staff. After college he plans to become a steel construction supervisor. Ralph Joseph Lionetti Port Chester, New York Our Lady of the Rosary Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, "'Flash", one of those easy-golng seniors, showed himself a quick thinker in the lively relrgion period, Known for his bas- ketball, he will continue his studies at Iona and then do a stint in the Air Force before becoming an accountant. Robert Parrow Lohmann Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Model Railroad Club 3, 4, Radio and Elec- tronics Club l. Bob is an avid model-railroading fan. His love of physics will stand him in good stead at Clarkson Tech., where he plans to prepare for a career in engineering. "Big Brothers" Donald Richard Lloyd Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Chemistry Club 4, Class Officer 3, Varsity Football 3, K, B. S. 2, 3, 4, Prefect 3, Mis- sion Crusade 3g German Club 2, 3. An active member of school activities, Don contributed much to Stepinac spirit. r X J ,Milt ,l tt Paul Joseph Lombardi Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul The Shepherd 43 Class Basketball 2, 3, Bowling Club 33 Camera Club lg Class Officer 2, Italian Club 3, 4, Mission Cru- sade l, 2, Science Club. Paul is a familiar sight on the sidelines during the auturnrfs football campaign. Together with his camera he has accounted for many of the fine pictures in the Shep- herd. He has also obtained second honor in literature contest in second year. Lfcl-iagrcghof hisfclassmates. -ci, James Joseph Logue White Plains, New York St. Bernard Baseball 2, 3, 43 Varsity Basketball 3, J.V. Basketball 2, Freshman Basketball l Class Officer 3, Dance Committee 3, 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Senior Senate 4. Easily recognizing his qualities of leader e ship, Jim's classmates elected him vic president of the school. He plans to fur ther his knowledge at Maryland U. ,r, D ohn Edw rd Lynch 'LJ-l ' gto - w Y a 'il S frr A I CbiB RE V .ri 'X hemistry 4, Bio ulfgg tack X f , i ce 'lub .Lgifnanish Clu 3, 231 ,,. ack'sBt'gp r is well leH3Wfi to all each He e led h ffm o the YS. JJ: delight of B5JtheAlTM PatHck? nd the : 'Q' XXX. ' g L XX 1 -. K xxx Paul Michael MacDonald Hastings-on-Hudson, New York St. Matthew K. B. S. 43 Track 3, 43 French Club 33 Glee Club 4. "Mac", one of the lucky few to answer the call, plans to enter the seminary after graduation. We wish him all the happi- ness and success possible in his vocation. Robert Lawrence Malara Yonkers, New York St. Ann arsity Football 3, 43 J.V. 23 Italian Club , 43 Freshman Basketball l3 Class Bas- etball 2, 3, 4, ob's defensive efforts against both half- acks and teachers have been exceptional. ell liked by his fellow class and team- ates, he seems assured of success in ad- nrtisinn. James Travers Madden Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Hetart The Shepard 43 Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 3. 43 K.B.S. 43 Science Club l3 Student Council 33 Track l, 23 German Club 3. An extremly active and popular member of the senior class, Jimmy has shown leader- ship qualities, His enthusiasm has been an example to the rest of the school. Edward Michael Malone North Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa Business Club 2, 3, 4, Camera Club 4, Spanishs Club 2, 3, "Silent-Ed" intends to put his business course to use in bookkeeping. He admits only one oeeve-English. His spare mo- ments will be given to photography, And remember win that trophy! Joseph John Mahoney North Tarrytown, New York St. Teresa Mission 43 Cheerleaders 43 Class Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4. Besides showing his cheerleading ability "Moe", has become an active class bas- ketball player and intends to become a draftsman after serving some time in the Navy. A true scientist, Karl, when he can escape 1 ,, I A f0Z4'fU7v 1 4 l 7 l N Joseph George Maloney Peekskill, New York St. Columbanus Dance Committee 4, Science Club 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, German Club 4. Joe is devoted to all sports, his first love being track. What time he can spare from track he devotes to tennis. Our efficient business staff? W' 1 Br 4 ,,l, fx Karl George Mangold White Plains, New York St. Anthony Baseball 3, 4, Class Basketball 4, Chemistry Club 4, German Club 4. from English finds relaxation on the local golf links. Although he has been at Step- inac only two years, his forthright manner has gained him many friends. Eugene Jeremiah Markey Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Class Basketball l, 2, 35 J.V. Football 2g German Club 2, 3. Physics and basketball took up most of Genes spare time. He plans to attend St. Michaels College. ,Zed 7764516 . by 1 ff I 1 X 17 1 Charles Francis Marino Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 3, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, Student Council 4 Ushers 3, 4. A prospective engineer, "Chuck" was a hard working student who attained a high average throughout his four years. A four year intramural "star", he was a student councillor in his senior year and could be found at his post ready for the surging masses of freshmen. an V 1' Peter Thomas Martin White Plains, New York St. John Class Basketball 2, 3, 43 Business Club 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. In the classroom Pete delighted in math and Spanish, outside his interests are hunt- ing and fishing in the wilds of Valhalla. He will commute to Fordham to prepare himself for a career in accounting. Qymfl tl I., fx I 4 '54, , if 'WMV VM f if ,x i I l 1 3 I 'WVJV . vi, JJ .,nAf'+f t John James tAndrewl 07,0 1 New Riochell , lxgw York, 'I X 'xj',J,A-jloly Family Shbbberd 45 Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Buisness Club 23 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, Draa matlcs 43 K, B.S. l, 2, 3, 43 Spanlsh Club 2, 3, 43 Student Councul 4. l-Nimathematlcal abnllty should serve hum ,we as an accountant after four years at I 1 1 Iona. His dependabullty and wullungness to work have made hum one of the maunstays of the Shepherd. Roy Aristotle Mason john Joseph Masterion 'I White Plains, New York White Plains, New York Holy Trinity Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Roy achleved fame b a earln nn th St. John Shepherd 3, 4, Busnness Club 3, 41 Chem- lstry Club 4, K. B.S. 3, 4, Sclence Club l' Ushers 2, 31 French Club 2, 3, 4. Y DD Q C Crusader a number of tumes, A very neat dresser, he hopes to continue hns study of music. Alois Sollar McAvoy White Plains, New York St. Bernard Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Spanush Club 2 3 A The tneld of advertlsung beckons Al to Iona tor trannlng, Hts wnllnngness to work and llknng for basketball should ensure him a pleasant stay there. 47 John started Stepinac as one of the always late Klsco boys, but after mussing English Il every rnormng, he moved to Whxte Plains an order to enjoy his favorite alegbra class. Charles Henry McCabe Larchmont, New York St. Augustine Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 2' Chernestry Club 43 K.B.S. Pretcct 3, A Altar Boy 2. Math Club 3: Spantsh Club 3 4, Student Councll 4. Chartres wt and hurnor wtll brlng popu- lartty tn hls future ltte l-l.s ctgntty as a student counclllor ns not apcreclated by the treshmen who gave htm a rough ttrne at hls Dost. -5 Scivvy leading off down 5th Avenue. ffl!!! A. 3' James Francis McCarthy City Island, New York St. Mary Star of the Sea "Jay", a daily commuter from City Island in the Bronx, was a faithful member of the K.B.S. for four years. After serving in the Coast Guard this future draftsman looks to college. lp fl lt ,A x 5 . Bernard Jag: Bronx, fbfifork Holy R sary i Mechanical drawing was Bernie favorite, and history his nemesis. Atte career in the navy he intends tpxbeciiike a drafts- ry TTTBYT. Short Beer after a long game. , was Bernard James McGIinn Pelham Manor, New York Our Lady of Perpetual Help The Shepherd 4, Class Basketball I, 2, Var- sity 3, 4, Business Club 2, 3, 4, Camera Club l, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club l, Class Officer l, 2. Business Law was Bing's favorite subject, an auspicious choice since he intends to become a lawyer. Autumn will find him attending Manhattan College. lily W Michael Josegih McGreaI Hartsdale, New York Cur Lady of Mount Carmel Bowling Club 4, Chemistry Club 4, Golf Club 4, K.B.S. I, 2, 3, 4, Altar Boy 4, Math Club 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Councll 4, Ushers 4. Quiet Mike seems to hold a grudge for hu- manity as he plans to become a dentist. Harold Joseph McMahon White Plains, New York St. John the Eyangelist Dance Committee 4, Dramatics 4, Radio and Electronics 4, German Club 3. Harold finds dancing and acting to his taste. He would like to be an engineer. 4" Michael Vincent McMillan Larchrnont, New York St, Augustine Varsity Football 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Track l 3 German Club 2, 3, 43 K. B. S. 3. 43 Fresh- man Basketball lg Class Basketball 2, 3, 4. During his four-year sojourn, Mike displayed his versatility in the athletic and cultural activities of Stepinac. 3 13:- Bruce Michael McNichoI Bronxville, New York St. Joseph K. B.S. Prefect l, 2, 3, 43 Track 23 Ger- man Club 3, 4. "Mac" hopes to attain his goal as an archi- tect at Lehigh English came easy to him. but history proved a bore. 49 C73-' V1 Arthur Paul Meagan White Plains, New York St. Anthony Business Club 33 Spanish Club 3, 43 Science Club ll A well dressed man with the Westchester hauteur. After completing his studies at N.Y.U., Art will devote his time to account- ing. His outside interests include basket- ball and feminine society. Homeroom of 3B John Patrick McMorrow Dobbs Ferry, New York Sacred Heart Shepherd 43 Class Basketball l, 23 Chem! istry Club 43 Honor Roll l, 23 Scientific Society 43 K.B.S. 2, 3, 43 Ushers 2, 3, 43 French Club 2, 3, 4. In "Mag" Stepinac loses a quiet, efficient student who made success for himself in all things. ,!r 1 rx, - r, I ul NS Anthony Francis Menillo Bronxyille, New York Holy Family Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club l, 23 Science Club l, 23 Rifle Club I3 Ger- man Club 4, "Ghenges". one of the few who appreciated German, was a consistent member of his class basketball team. A staunch supporter of Stepinac teams, Tony can proudly say that he never missed a football game. Robert Michael Merrick White Plains New York St Bernard Varsity Basketball 4 JV Basketball 2 Prefect 3 4 Science Club l Tennis Team 3 4 Track 2 3 4 French Club 4 Bobs ambition the surgeons scalpel A scientific bent should help toward that goa 2 l j i ii' I ? 'S' 1.1 881455, vs NIO David Timothy Moriarty Mount Kisco New York St Francis of Assisi Glee Club 4 Science Club l Shepherd 4 A really dependable member of the year book staff Dave s willingness to work made a lasting impression on the rest of the sta Robert Charles Morgan Yonkers, New York Roy Alan Mongelh Elmsford New York Mt Carmel Camera Club 2 3 Math Club 3 German C ub 2 3 4 Photography is Roys favorite pastime His presence in the German Club for three years belies hls distaste for the subject After Stepinac Roy plans to go to Stevens U to continue engineering studies William Joseph Mortell Yonkers New York Most Holy Tnmty S German Club 2 3 Math Club 3 A ready smile is the best posszble descrip tion of Willy He leaves many friends at Stepinac 50 Sacred Heart Class Officer 2, 43 Chem Club 43 Honor Roll 23 German Club 2, 33 Track 2. 33 Stage Crew 2, 4. A popular senior, Bob, has been an out- standing member of many school organiza- tions. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn will gain an engineering student full of spirit. '30 xx Oliver Andrew Mulvihill White Plains New York St Bernard Class Basketball l 2 3 Bowling Club I Business Club 2 Spanish Club l Drews love of bookkeeping will be a great asset to him In hrs future career as a C P A ' Q . . . - QW V v ' - I i i I i " . Q : I , , . . . , , . . , . . . 1. 3 ' , I , .. . 8 Q li: . . , A . 13 , ' - ' 3 ' ' Ai -i ' .fE::1 ,. Q ., . 1, .,,-.-: ::3:,,:,.g, " . 1 1. f 35 .3i'5l'C37:5I'2:33i-ififffggz - - 2 gp .rgzugp .zz ,-:fl-':.',g-:sg 1'5,i'!1:f2'z:' .ruff-.f --1 A-x .' -.-. - .-...... K.B. . 1, 2, 3, 43 Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 43 . . . - I . s'LVrj 0 ii r 71 'W XY -1,bA,Lf . A , s. ' '1 - V is 'fvw ' I ', j L2 X, 1,9 0 L - IQ 4 A rx J? 1 V4.1 4 i ff X . ' ff fl , VV' Hugh Kevin Murphy A f ff Port Chester, New York R . ,fi Y Nj Our Lady of Mercy Lx' 'C Radio and Electronics l, 2, 3, 41 German ,A Club 2. 33 Physics 33 Glce Club 4. ' M "Murph" :evoted all his spare time to elec- 44 tronics. His ability to get along with Christopher David Munger Mamaroneck, New York Most Holy Trinity gpanish Club 2, 3. 4: Swimming Team 2, ,4. Dave, the leader of the swimming team. has achiewed many aquatic honors. He is one of the outstanding breast stsroke swim- mers in the East and is the County cham- gion. He plans a military career at West oint. Qu-un, Joseph Edward Murphy White Plains, New York St. John the Evangelist K.B.S. l, 2. 3, 4g Band lg German Club 35 Raoio and Electronics Club 4. During his four-year stay at Stepinac "Murph",oreterred mechanical drawing and English. He plans to study for his engi- neering degree at Manhattan. '-fi... A people will also contribute to a successful career. James Francis Murray White Plains, New York St. Bernard Glee Club 43 K.B.S. 3, 45 Math Club 31 German Club 3. "Murr's" genial personality and willingness to work should be two great assets in his future career as a priest. Homeroom of 4H H! A' A Jeremiah Paul Murphy Mount Vernon, New York St. Catherines J. V. Football 23 Swimming Team 2, German Club 3. This future lawyer found German to his liking, but math and its intricacies left him puzzled, The Fordham College campus will be enlivened by Murph and his antics. 'u John Joseph Nevin Yonkers, New York Sacred Heart Class Basketball 45 Cheerleaders 45 Physics Club 4. A newcomer to Stepinac, Jack first at- tended Glenclyff. He is the proud posses- sor of an amateur radio license. Jack hopes to attend Manhattan after graduation. eczf . wg. . M. Robert Ryer Nixon New Rochelle, New York Holy Family Basketball J.V. Manager 25 Varsity Man- ager 3, 45 K. B.S, 45 Spanish Club 3. Bob won the eternal thanks of the varsity and J.V. basketball teams. No wiser or more able manager could delight a coach. This is how I want it done coach! Joseph Peter O'Brien Harrison, New York St. Gregory the Great Glee Club 45 Stage Crew 3, 45 German Club 35 Track 2. A ready wit combined with a sense of humor has made "O'B" popular among both students and teachers. David Donovan Norg ren Ossining, New Yo St. Augustine "Gus" is another of the boys river." University popular, to his career as a draftsman wishes of all who knew him rk from "up the he will take with the best at Stepinac. l i . Denis Robert O'Co H HHOI Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 l, 25 Track 2. Mink-ranching is Denny's ul tion. But a stay with the come first. J. V. Football timate ambi- Marines will Arthur Francis O'Donnell 7 Z' Patrick William O'Neal Larchmont, New York St. Augustine ' Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Pat dutifully completed his daily assign- ments, but those Latin verbs frequently kept him from his favorite pastime-sail- ing. A career in business awaits him. White Plains New York St. John Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Trac "O,D.'s" spirited support of all Stepinac activities is well known to all of us. "R ncis Xavi 0 Do ' Larc 0 H fl he Chemistry Rol l ence Club 3 4 rman Club s Rocky impressed eve h his member his blue Packard pont us qood nature y s o A d io 1 eakin the sch arly W notony of M I T 523'- Kurt' Paul Pahl White Plains, New York St. Bernard Chemistry Club 4, Bowling Club 2, 3, 4. The devotion which Kurt has to chemistry and physics easily explains his desire to become a nuclear physicist or aeronautical engineer. 'SL- Mario Samuel Papagni White Plains, New York St. Bernard The Shepherd 43 Camera Club l, 25 Chem- gtry Club 43 Glee Club 4, Italian Club 2, , 4. His attendance at math classes has been a penance to Mario and to his teachers. His descriptive nickname, "Parrot", fits well with his prowess in Latin. Now this my children, is a monster! Donald Charles Papcsy White Plains, New York St. John Class Officer 25 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4: J. V. Football lg Track l, 2, German Club 4, Don definitely preferred biology to Ger- man and football to both of them. Man- hattan will gain a promising engineering student. Robert Bellarmine Peck Rye, New York Resurrection Peck's diploma will be a passport to free- dom, With ultimate .ambition unknown, he will be ready to accept training under Uncle Sam. Homeroom of 2C Alfred Francis Mount Vernon York Our Lady of Victory Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 23 Chemistry Club 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 43 Italian Club 2, 3, 43 Math Club 33 Band l, 23 Tennis Team lg Senior Senate 3. The "King's" facility in math and Latin will enable him to be a success in his chosen career as a doctor. Whenever there was a need for an answer in Latin Al readily sup- plied it. James Henry Parthemore Ossining, New York St. Augustine Class Basketball l, 2, 35 Cheerleaders lg Class Officer 2, 35 German Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 4. One of the few who have the ability to enliven a dull class. "Parthy's" ingenious wit should obtain for him success in his future naval career. lf Kw uiqi K Vi l WM Charles Louis Perone New Rochelle, New York St, Joseph Radio and Electronics 43 Stage Crew lg Track I.- A genial manner earned "Chuck" many Stepinac friendships. White Plains, New York 1 vel' Joseph Claudio Perri White Plains, New York St. John glass Basketball 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 2, , 4. Few students have heckled teachers so deftly as Joe. Withal an avid student of American history. Yftin sim, Michael George Petrello Mount Vernon, New York St. Catherine J.V. Basketball 23 Freshman Basketball lg Class Officer I, 2, 33 J.V. Football lg Var- sity Football 2, 3, 4, Italian Club 3, 4, Mission Crusade 2, 3, 4, Science Club lg Biology Club 2. ,K 7 I 1 rs ' Mike, an outtpnding footblller, Si fi ,Q -Lf Y DoDular s Pres, , , l 'K Kyra? V J, , f . " A, I lf X Dr Cf ,X Aff U ,f , ,,lf ,rf sotl -A L ,Jay Nllolf f ... f S J x- 1 Arthur Richard Peyer St, John Chemistry Club 41 Science Club 3, 43 Radio and Electronics Club 4, German Club 31 Physics Club 3, Stage Crew 2, 3, 4. Dick seemed never to worry about any- thing, His sunny disposition assures a bright future. ". . . and it's no good in a hock shop Patrick Joseph Peters Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy Art Club lg Class Basketball 2, 3, 43 Track l, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3, Chemistry Club 4. Pat's neatness and love of history should aid him in his study at Manhattan. Donald Raymond Piekarx Yonkers, New York St. Anthony Bowling Club l, 3, 43 Business Club 2, 3, Class Officer 2, 3, 43 McCloskey Vol. lg Missions 2, Spanish Club 2. 3. Don intends to be a bookkeeper or perhaps to loin the F.B.l, His favorite sport is bowling and his hobby polishing his expena sive car. Fairfield U, will gain a ready worker and apt leader. Club 3, 4. gag 'Uh as 1 .,.,4 if . I . f M If 4. f 1 ia 1 5, I Dino Mario Pomponio Tuckahoe, New York g Assumption Baseball 43 Class Basketball 43 Bowling Club l, 2, 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4, Bowling Team 3, 4, Honor Roll lg ltalian Club l, 2. 3, 4, K. B. S. 3, 4. Dino, the little man with the big voice and a lot to say, seems to eye Manhattan and an engineering degree. Italian proved a romp but not so history. . A we fi J. ' . , -' R iff? t'9'?X,i', . 9' v-Y N44 -i,.: f- n f ' r . 'Bi 4 .' ef' 1 'Gu '. . iz .' - Stepinac builds the whole man socially, David Cornelius Pierce Larchmont, New York Sts. John and Paul Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 41 Swimming Team 2. Dave's interest in the more difficult math- ematics and sciences will be found helpful to him in his pursuit of an engineering degree at Detroit University. l l Anthony Frank Pontecorvo Greenwich, Connecticut Our Lady of Mercy Dance Committee 31 Dramatics 3, 4, Mc- Closkey Vol. 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Glee An import from "the other school" in the Bronx, Tony soon won the respect and admiration of his classmates. He enjoyed the distinction of being a member of the Senior Glee Club for two years. He will attend Fordham for business administration. Willard Marshall Plessner Mount Vernon, New York Sts. Peter and Paul Chemistry Club 43 Math Club 33 German Club 2, 3. Bill looks to engineering as his chosen field. His liking of mathematics, especially trig, should be an asset to him in his study at Manhattan. Richard Joseph Proft East Irvington, New York Immaculate Conception An amiable personality and good humor have been Dick's trademarks in all his un- dertakings at Stepinac. He should have no trouble in securing his position in lite as a draftsman. Emil Benedict Ravenda Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy J.V. Basketball l3Chemistry Club 43 Math Club 33 German Club 2, 35 Glee Club 4. Trigonometry was EmiI's love but English his downfall. Wishing to become an engi- neer he will commute to Manhattan. James Joseph Raleigh Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary K. B.S. 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4. A hard worker, Jim could be found out on the track every afternoon. His preference is science, and he plans to enter Fordham after graduation. Hayward Michael Rigano Larchmont, New York Sts. John and Paul Art Club 45 Class Basketball 1, 2, Band 2, 3, 4. Hayward's continuous success at was evident by his participation Rocco Pefer Rescigno musical events of the school, and intramural basketball. Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Varsity Football 3, J.V. 2, K.B.S. 3, 43 Altar Boy 45 Track 4, Phoenix 4. The "Little Rock's" small but muscular frame and great mechanical knowledge will vastly aid him in flying today's modern l - r .i , P anes Fr. O Keefe and Oscar ' s f-. Frank Higgins Reagan White Plains, New York St. Bernard Class Officer 35 Spanish Club 3, 4. Frank is one of Stepinac's quiet and suc- cessful men. Up to now in his golfing career he has never shot an ace, but we wish him at least a birdie in all his future endeavors. Philip Francis Rigney Yonkers, New York St. Barnabas Phil was one of the more illustrious trans- Q ter students, coming to Stepinac from Ford ham Prep after sophomore year. or 49' if It's supposed to be square! Ritorto Mount New York St, Ursula ers 4. At Stepinac only one year, previously at A. B. Davis, Emil distinguished himself as a cheerleader and won the estseem of his classmates. His love of sports and history will accompany him to Fordham. Charles William Russell Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Dramatics 4, Chemistry Club 4, Latin Club 2, Bowling Club 2, Business Club 33 Honor Roll 2, Italian Club 2, 3, 4, K. B. S. 2, 3, 43 Mission Crusade 2, 3, Glee Club 4. Charley, a happy lad, has a perpetual grin. He should make a good doctor providing he dosen't take a tit of laughter in the operating room. if fu, vfjr ry. . James Arthur Ruddy Tarrytown, New York Transfiguration Class Basketball 2, 3, Dramatics 33 Science Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 3, Student Council 3, Track 2. Jim's proficiency in the sciences will help in his study of medicine at Mount Saint Mary's College. Thomas Leo Ryan White Plains, New York St. Bernard Class Basketball l, 2, 31 Class Officer l, 23 Prefect 4, Mission Crusade l, 2, Track l. Smiling Tom was always ready and willing to give his time and service to others. Qs- l Lk .- James Richard Sapione Port Chester, New York Corpus Christi Chem Club 43 K.B.S. 21 Math Club 31 Science Club lg German Club 2, 3. Jim is a rabid hot-rod fan. This fad usually took most of his spare moments, although he found time for the study of his favorite subject, chemistry. He hopes to become an engineer after an enlistment in the Air Force. William Theodore Schaefer New Rochelle, New York Holy Name of Jesus Art Club 2. 3g Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Business Club 33 Math Club 3. "Max" enlivened many classes and activ- ities. Upon his departure Stepinac will miss an energetic rooter. CS' John Francis Sayles Port Chester, New York Our Lady of Mercy German Club l, 2, 3. P, A. D. was one of John's favorite subiects along with laugh-provoking English periods. Once out, he hopes to further his ambition as an electrician. Frederick John Schwitz Mount Kisco, New York St Francis of Assisi Track 3, 4, German Club 3, 4. Freddy came to us in his iunror year from Horace Greeley. he is a yearercund track- man running cross country, the Quarter on the boards, and pole waulting. Coach Sul- livan will find him hard to replace. Falco Thomas Scappaticci North Tarrytown, New York Immaculate Conception Class Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 43 Italian Club 3, 41 Band l, 2, 3, 4. "Scap" has contributed his talents to the band and has been on his class basketball team for tour years. Michaelangelo had to learn also. li John Scnvoletto Peekskill, New York Assumption School President, Baseball 3, 4 ketball l, 3, 43 J.V. 23 Varsity 4, Honor Roll lg German Club One of the most spirited seniors, "Sciv" was elected school president, in recognition of his sterling character and friendly dis- position. Ronald Joseph Semenxa New Rochelle, New York St. Joseph Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 Business Club 3, 43 Class Officer I, 2, 3, Dance Commit- tee 3, J, V. Football lg Spanish Club 3, 4, Ronnie hovers between the law and ac- countancy. His loyal spirit, genial person- ality, and athletic ability should help him at college and then a stint with the Air Force. Horneroom of 3D V 'YZ Yin M Michael John Scott Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Mike liked history and business law, Latin and geometry left him cold. He plans to attend St. Lawrence. Richard Julius Seidt Putnam Lake, New York St, Lawrence O'Tooie Science Club 4, German 3. A man must have real love for a school to travel eighty miles a day to get to it. Dick did, He hopes to enter the Air Force Academy and study to be a pilot. William Russel Shampnoi Yonkers, New York St. John the Baptist German Glee Club l. Bill found science to his liking. History was not so appealing, Electrical work may well be his future, after a four-year stay at the Coast Guard Technical School. XN ff' R, J sf Daniel Joseph Shaughnessy Rye, New York Resurrection Class Basketball l, 2, 35 Business Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4. Called "Shag" or "Shondo", this future ac- countant will first attend lona College. Robert Thomas Sheridan Yonkers, New York St. Bartholomew Cheerleaders l, 2: Chemistry Club 4, B - ology Club 2, Prefect 4, Bob hopes to attain his degree in aero- nautucal engineering and then to earn a commercial pilot's rating. Stepunac i illiam Alfon S' 9 ew chelle e and 1 - ,f frie - . w - 'Q f' ' I W , Q, f 1 4 , .A vt', ' . -1 . I N Yo H I m ' B . 1 I il q t 1 ,n t hi y 1- ' e o de . is abilit a - I' ing s to 1' have mad I 'a o stu 1 W at Q I 1 all fl x,-F 4 Homeroom of IB Christopher Joseph Sheridan Yonkers. New York St. Bartholomew rleaders l 2 Class Officer l 2 3 Chee . I . . Q Prefect 43 Radio and Electricity Club 3, 4. "Chris" looks forward to the University of St. Louis and then to a career as a mining engineer. Vincent Andrew Sorise New Rochelle, New York St. Gabriel Class officer 4. For four years Vince has represented New Rochelle. A vibrant sense of humor will make hum long remembered at Stepnnac, 'ff Francis Xavier Strasser Paterson, New Jersey St. Lawrence O'TooIe Class Basketball 3, 4, Student Council 4g Glee Club 4. Coming to Stepinac half-way through his junior year, Frank has been an active man considering the distance he has to travel every day. He hopes to continue his study at the Air Force Academy prior to a career as an architect. Dig that Crazy Locomotive! Melvin Joseph Spicer Peekskill, New York Assumption Art Club 23 Class Basketball 31 Dramatics 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Biology Club 23 Track 2, German Club 2, 3. Mel's long traveling to Stepinac will come in handy when making his rounds as a doctor. Biology and Fordham are MeI's choice of subjects and college. K William Paul Strenkert Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 4, Art Club l, 25 K. B. S. 2, 3, 4, Senior Glee Club 4. "Willie" came to Steplnac from Stamford in his freshman year and quickly adapted himself to Stepinac ways. A ready smile, quick wit, and the willingness to cooperate in any school function stamped him as a true Stepinac man. 62 Frederick Joseph Stock Bronxville, New York St. Joseph K. B. S. l, 2, 3, 43 Altar Boy lg Swimmin Team 2, 45 German Club l, 2, 3. Fred was an active member of the K. B.S during his four years at Stepinac. He ha chosen Purdue for chemical engineering His liking of physics should aid him in hi ambition. Arthur Vincent Sullivan Pelham, New York St. Catherine Dramatics 4, Glee Club 4, Math Club 3, Spanish Club 3, 4. Art entered Stepinac in i953 and brought with hirn an enviable devotion to the Span- ish language and tradition. Stephen Francis Sullivan Larchmont, New York Sts, John and Paul Baseball 23 Class Basketball 1, 2, 3. Known for his aggressive playing on the baseball team, Steve is headed for the campus of Tufts College, where he will pre- pare himself for a career in broadcasting. 'Tx f. ' Gilbert Alfred Timone Hastings-on-the-Hudson, New York St. Matthew Basketball 2. 43 Glee Club 43 K. B. S. 43 Swimming Team 2, 43 French " looks to Dartmouth for his next mater. His ability in chemistry should him in his quest of an engineering Hugh Alan Taylor Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Chemistry Club 43 Social Orchestra 3, 43 Science Club 4. Hughie was the ace yiol man in the social orchestra, even though he spent three years at Stepinac. Morning found him hustling like a trouper at the White Plains bus station, smilmg as he shove x,,,..y Richard James Tobin Tuckahoe, New York Immaculate Conception Shepherd 3, 43 Crusader 3, 43 Camera Club l, 23 Chemistry Club 43 K. B. S. 3, 43 Band 33 Phoenix, Associate Editor 4. for excellence in English. ra- tions will long ring in the memory inac. This, coupled with his love of will help him to become a good Y Thomas Howley Taylor Scarsdale, New York Pope Pius X Chemistry 43 K. B, S. l, 2, 3, 43 Prefect l, 2, 43 Altar Boy l, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 33 Track 2, 3, 4. "Tuck" is well known for his school spirit by both students and faculty. An active member of both the Altar Boys and the K. B, S., he hopes to become an engineer. Tuck's preference for history and math should aid him toward his goal. Intellectual development, Stepinac style Dick will be eternally by 4B ' o l 1 1 teacher. -.a Herbert Low Traver Hartsdale, New York Sacred Heart Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3. An excellent football player, Herb has made many friends at Stepinac. He is undecided 85 to Wl1lCl'1 college he will attend, .fyil l i Alfred James Wall White Plains, New York Holy Name ,I u 1 I t J 5. N M' y 9 my 'X yi i Z. Roger Joseph Vizoli Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary K. B. S, 3, 43 Honor Roll lg Radio and Elec- tronics 4g Science Club lg Glee Club 4. Roger's devotion to math will be a great help to him in his study for an aeronautical engineering degree. John Joseph Wahlberg White Plains, New York St. Bernard Class Officer 2, 3. Coming from St, Bernard's, Johnny has the true Stepinac spirit. His participation a class officer in second and third year shown his fine qualities of leadership assure his success in future liff. I' if Barry Peter Voig ht Scarsd I Shep erd 3. Ar ub ss Basket- , . 3 : ' try 4' Honor Roll ' . .S.l, - " l'1C 4gSci ce u 5 wimming 4' rac 4 erman C ich Barr osse make one most ell li e me in uati ass His ness d ilit laugh sel e the t ' re ess 7 , New V O a of , Li 'i I Cl , i b J? f lHL er , , tgp L: Q 1 I X . e in ecti s p r V ' y a read , . H ' the ' llh? m- 2B Q I L7l. N t 2 Bowling Club 3, 4, Chemistry Club 4 Honor Roll lg Radio and Electronics Club 3, 4, German Club lg Physics Club 3. Al possesses a definite aptitude for elec- tronics and its interrelated fields, Man- hattan will benefit reatl from Al's talent Q Y and sparkling personality. X me I wr .fffffi 7 Charles Martin Weimer White Plains New York St John Bowling Club 2 4 Glee Club 4 Ushers 4 Marty has become well known for his bowl ing tactics After the Naval Academy he wants to become a mechanical engineer '22's.i, U-..: ,...H l ::::5. r .-.. It 1 'sftiif i,,.n., 4.,,unr Hyun: ,' ,nuns , ,frvslnrr gffr, .,,,axtxun , ,f,4,, ,rxnquf 'a,'ff4,',' 1 xuu. i h.','f!r.'f,' 3. .'I,5f!1'!' 1':' Harry Francis Waters Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 43 Class Basketball l, 2, 3, Bowl- ing Club l, 2, 3, 45 Business Club 3, Chem- istry Club 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 43 Crusader 3, 4, Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 23 Ushers l, 2, 3, 41 French Club 2, 3, 4' Phoenix 4 Good work in his studies and participation in the various publications and activities compose the friendly personality th t is Harry . . . V . . a . . . . xy 5 . -eco 7 i I i - r N ' , , 5'il ia, ' . lf. fir we 64 . - n wzesa 5- Paul Joseph Wetzel Scarsdale, New York Immaculate Heart of Mary Shepherd 2, 3, 43 Class Basketball l. 2, 3 43 Crusader l, 2, 33 Sports Editor 43 K. B. S. l, 3, Prefect 2, 43 Mission Pretect 43 French Club 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Com- mittee. In each of his four years Paul combined a preference for English and athletics, to contribute a sports column to all school publications. Wetz hopes eventually to earn his laurels as a journalist. Richard Charles Wisker Thornwood, New York Holy Rosary Although math was his pitfall, Dick intends to make history with the U.S.A.F. His friendly personality and varied talents should be as welcome there as they were at Stepinac. William Thomas White Ossining, New York St. Theresa Class Basketball 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 2, 33 Dance Committee 2. 3, 43 Honor Roll l K. B. S. Prefect lg Math Club 43 Radio and Electronics Club 43 Swimming Team 2, 3, 43 Track 2. "Whitey" is looking forward to a career in engineering after a stay at the Naval Academy. gn., 'Wh 3 Alfred Mario Zambelli Mount Vernon, New York Sacred Heart Class Basketball 3, 43 Varsity Football 3. Italian Club 3, 4. Last year Fred won a trophy as the best defensive player of the year, Such spirit should help him when he enters the Frog- Pnen. 65 Joseph Gerard Williams Riverdale, New York St. Margaret Altar Boy 3, 43 Track 33 French Club 3. Joe came to us midway through junior year and since then has gained wide popularity. A good athlete, he was a dominant mem- ber of his class basketball team. After col- lege he hopes to become a physician Salvatore Orlondo Zavaglia Larchmont, New York Sts. John and Paul Class Basketball l, 2, 33 Chemistry Club 43 German Club 3. "Gus" likes basketball and can almost al- ways be found practicing. He will enter the University of Detroit. "74wecuZ4e I fig- 4. fl, Af M 4,5 1 1 fff 2' ' A X , " X ,f ff' f f fffv 5 I if I 's, 'Q , , 'V rr: ff l , A" 'J 'l "A, W 'l xbf . l ,.,l FRANK J. Sl-'IEED Frank J. Sheed is an Australian of Irish descent. He was graduated from Sidney University in arts and law and upon coming to England with his wife in 1926 es- tablished the London publishing house of Sheed 8- Ward and, in 1933, the American house. He has translated some dozen books and written several himself including "A Map of Life" and "Communism and Man". For more than 25 years he has been a speaker for the London Catholic Evidence Guild and has addressed thousands of street- corner meetings in all parts of England, America, and Europe. Today Mr. Sheed ranks as one of the most distinguished American Catholic authors, lecturers and publishers. fofzeczclcucl the tendency which makes solitary confinement so great a horrorg and the plain fact that men gain from contact and collaboration, and are incapable of reaching their full stature without them. The collaboration can be on the smallest scale and the largest, there are human powers that find an outlet and human needs that find a satisfaction in every sort and at every level of collaboration." FRANK SHEED Activities The term, "good neighbors," has a very deep and intimate meaning for a group of Stepinac students who visit every week the Stepinac rooters living in the adjacent Cardinal McClosky Home. The Stepinac students under the direction of Father Peake plan many trips for the youngsters, take them to various Stepinac athletic events, and highlight the year with a trip to the circus. The boys in this group are more than "good neighbors" for they are "big brothers" in every sense of the word. Fror1tRow.' Father Peake, Moderator. S. Serpagli. R. Barba, T. Barrett, J. Burke. Back Row: G, Chapman, L, Keyes, J. Dowling, P. Lombardi. M6040 W During the entire year the men in the Ushers' Society unseltishly gave ot their time and labor at all school functions. Under the di- rection ot their moderator, Father Mathews, who filled in so capably for Father DiBlasi during his ill- ness, this group has performed a very valuable service to Stepinac and has contributed much to the success of school affairs. 69 9806600665 J 70 Brother Douglas demonstrating. The Calculating and Poster Group Sitting: D. Touchy. Standing: P. Dirr, J. O'DonneIl, W. Ryan, G. Robertson, Brother Douglas, C. S W. O'Rourke, W. Robinson, C. Mirabella, J. Bambara, P. Ranni. anfor O .f-""' Senior Bulletin Front Row: L, Bohn, H. Waters, D. France, R. Brady. Back Row: E. Malone, L. Keyes, G. Deshensky, T. Houllhan, P. Heller. V. Landers. The Typing Group D. Dakin, C. Reiner. ' i 0 The Business Club of Archbishop Stepinac High School is a co-curricular group, the aim of which is to offer further training in business and related subjects through the application of the principles learned to practical problems. This is accomplished in a variety of ways. The club is divided into several groups determined by the degree of training already received. One group, for example, the typing group does various service jobs for the school-typing school notices for duplication, form letters, teachers assignments, etc. Another group publishes a Mimeograph News Bulletin for the seniors, thus applying many of the skills learned in their office practice course. The freshmen form a group which works on colored posters for vari- ous school events - basketball, football, and baseball games, dances, etc.-which are then duplicated in color and distributed to the students or placed on bulletin boards. This group is highly popular at the time of school elections for preparing propaganda for each of the parties. All of these activities are aimed at giving students who are currently taking business subjects an opportunity to apply the skills learned on a broader scale than is possible in actual subject fields. 7l Front Row: C. Morgan, C. Magnotta, J. Magnotta, P. Tighe R Traub. Back Row: J. Balco, P. Schwalen, V. Zopes, L.. Gallagher Senior Senate Front Row: J. Madden, E. Sciyeletfo, Father Mathews, K. Carron,-R. Morgan. Second Row: B. Hartley R. Gregory, J. Cahill, T. Delaney, J. Fonfenella, J, Logue, C. Gerwlg, R. Esposito, P. Coleman, A. Bosco J. Brink, L. Bohn, V. Kennedy, D. Brass. Student Council Front Row: C. McCabe, D. Dowmng, Father Sullivan, Moderator, C. Maruno. Sec ond Row: M. McGreal, C Guarnglna, F, Strasser, J McAnclrew, A. Clocca, A. Amendola. Back Row: T. Marrie, T. Harkuns, C. Meny B. Cosacchn, W. Walsh, F Bholen, A. Claramella, R Lauenstein, J. Whelan, K Carron, R. Brady. 3 School Officers Sitting: J. Voight, Junior President: J. Logue, School Vice Presidentg E. Scivoletto, School Presidentg K. Carron. Senior Presidentg J. Fontanella, Student Manager. Standing: J. Picone. Sophomore Presidentg D. Judkins, Sophomore Vice Presidentg J. Franese, Freshman Presidentg R. Madden, Freshman Vice President. The framework of student gov- ernment at Stepinac is built on three distinct groups: the Senior Senate, the Student Council, and the princi- pal officers of each year. The Sen- ior Senate meets on a weekly basis under the direction of Father Mat- thews to plan for future school events and to work out solutions for various school problems that have arisen. The members of the Student Council have direct responsibility under Father Sullivan for the overall conduct and movement of the stu- dents within the school limits. They together with the class officers act as an advisory board to the Senior Senate. lever Irish Politician . 'LJ 'a i F .Q- 'Wx i Y ww- X XX -iii Crusader Editors Sitting: R. Baumstark, Father McCarthy, Moderator. Standing: J. Brink, P. Wetzel. Missing: J. Civetta. ...ff ' Crusader Photographers W. Caldera, R. Foraste, J. Jandrucko . Q J. Lawler, T. Kinstler, G. Gayet. -2f1,,.,' .. -iii-1-. I Crusader Writers Junior and Senior Sitting: H. Waters. Front Row: J. Bardinella. G. Deshensky, G. Daw- son. J. Dowling, R. Tobin. Second Row: H. Trainor. A. Huddinott, L. Bohn, D. Munger, J. Caldwell. E. Cummings, R. Mendel. Back Row: R. Myers. R. Andres. H. Murray. D. Wiegers, M. Brown. I 1 ' Of. I H' ,Q ,gli ,Q .Q wax - ,pu R ' .. , V , O--:Sid . 'S' -1-.4 .ef ' ,4- I .F Y , ,rr t . ,Q 1 il xx' if :I .V Q - ! Writers Freshman and Sophomore Sitting: C. Wilbur. K. Buckley, R. Horncastle. Standing: R. Mangone, R. Tedesco, P. Schellharnrner. 91 .il . Crusader Artists Sitting: L. Charla. R. Mendel. E. Cummings. Standing: K. Plick, R. Mackewitx. Senior Prom Committee Front Row: E. Scuvolettom, P, Wetzel, F, Madden, J. Fontanella, J. Cahill. Second Row: K Carron, Chairman, J. DeLuca, R. Morgan, G. Deshensky, J. Nevin, J. Brink, D. Galgano, J. Culyer, A, Bosco, D. Curley, V. Kennedy, V. Balnnt, D. Brass, T. Houlahan, R. Mathews, Moderator. Annual Senlor Dance 1 Dance Committee Front Row: Father Gaffney, R. Frank, H. McMahn, W. White, R. Kula, J. Bardnnella. Second Row: A. Fischer, T. Pontecorvo, J. Dowling, T. Houlhan, W. Caldera. The success that has been characteristic of Stepinac dances is directly attributable to the planning, preparation, and execution ofthe many small details that are incidental to every dance. This has been the voluntary task of the school dance committee under the direction of Father Gaffney, To the senior prom committee under Father Mathews falls the task of planning the most important traditional social event of the sen- ior year, the senior prom at the Glen Island Ca- sino. I-lere in one of the most beautiful prom sites in the country, the first of the concluding events of senior year takes place. ln order to provide a means for interested students to go beyond the scope of routine class assignments in the increasingly prominent fields of physics and electronics and to utilize the scientific facilities at Stepinac, Father Kane has established this club with membership on a very selective basis. The instruction is of a very detailed nature and is aimed at the individual. Students who have taken advantage of this facility testify without exception to the value of the training received as a preparation for college. Sitting: R. Frank, P. Oehrlein, M. Bri- enza, J. Kadela. Standing: A, Catan- zaro, P. Sullivan, T. Marrie, J. Gardiner R. Myers, A. Gentile, C. Perone, T Taylor, V. Cotrona, D. Mandell J. Diyney, A. Page. Front Row: J. Caley, T. O'Neill, J. Chap man, D. Fernandez, R. Rubelli, A Munoz. Second Row: J. Reilly, W Cantlen, J, Balco, B. Sheridan, J. Walsh Back Row: G. Sansone, M. Alos, R Egan, J. Trapp, M. Flood, P, Herbert, D. Dakin, Brother Alois, Moderator. I S xi 3, ri' Q Combining both cultural as well as more popular pursuits, the Spanish Club, under the able guidance of Brother Alois appealed to many students of Spanish. The Spanish classics are enjoyed equally as well as Spanish books, recordings, and movies. Each of these gives the student an appreciation of the people and the lan- guage he is studying in addition to the practical usage necessary in order to obtain some degree of proficiency in speaking the Span- ish language. 77 Front Row: B. Giottre, R. Espos- ito, D. Pomponio, G. Antonini, J. Camille. Second Row: A. Parisi. A. Zambelli, J. Bardinella, P. Lombardi, W. Celestino, C. De- Vito. Third Row: L. Martin, V. DeStefanis, A. Ciaramella, J. Baglivi, J. Civetta. P. Cassisi, M, Papagni, J. Yannuzzi, J. Bell- antoni, C. Russell. Back Row: R. Malara, A. Fagnani, T. Scapf paticci, C. Marino, A. Bosco, J. Coloccia, F. Nicolai. Proficiency in speaking a lyrical language and a deeper appreciation of a rich culture form the aim of the Italian Club and its moderator, Father Ruscetta. Readings in class and in the club not only provide the experience necessary for fluency in the language but also serve to instruct members in the numerous contributions of Italian culture to the American heritage. Perhaps we are more familiar with the popularity of Italian cooking. Even this field is explored by the club when it climaxes the year's activities with an annual spaghetti dinner for the faculty. Every- body passes "cum-laude!" Sitting: M. McMillan, First Vice President, G. Dawson, President, R. Andres, Third Vice President. Standing: J. Feaster, Secretary, P. Murphy, B. Dobson, Treasurer, R. Myers, Second Vice President, Brother Carl, Moderator. 78 I The purpose of the German Club is to aid the students in bettering their knowledge of German and to increase their desire to learn more of the culture and way of life of this interesting country. Under the leader- ship of Brother Carl, it extends to the German students any help desired. lt makes it possible for the students to discuss with the teacher the vari- ous problems which they meet in studying the language and if necessary to receive personal instruction from him. Altar Boys M R Wa ne Father McCaffrey Moderator T Garceau J Puerce R Meyers Front Row R Reslgno A unoz y Second Row R Magdelaln P Wetzel P Coughlan J Yanuzzu P Bunluer C Guarlglla T Ellmg Thrrd Row R h R Andres G Chapman O OHenr T Taylor Back Row L Kasparl M McGreal A Krug J oc e W Mortell J Wlllams J Dowlung R Foraste J Brink E Rlzzo Mmcyfeeemwz Th KBS under the dlrectnon of Father McCaffrey alm to promote :ndlvldual sanctlfuca e tnon through nncreased devotnon to the Blessed Sacrament The Knlghts promlse to recenve k h ble to make danly vnsnts to the chapel and to attend b d ctnon often The KBS at Steplnac now number about BOO students 5 o w om ac ene u altar boys for the reluguous functions of the school Mass Benedlctlon Holy Hours Statnons of the Cross Holy Week services and the May Day ceremonles Most of these altar boys have been tranned by theur parush priests Slnce January l954 however 20 boys have learned the art of servnng Mass under Father Ryan s tutelage K B S Prefect Front Row J Catapano P Durr H Maas Father McCaffrey M Coughlm R Magdelaun P Wetzel Second k D H tle J Graap D France R Mackewltz R Bernard: R Johnson Third Row M Row M Colduc ar y C f t A Kerr A Sampers I Henry J McGarry L Kasparc Back Row T Taylor J Wooten Hannon D on or e P Schwalen M Kelly H Rlgano J Brmk I Holy Communion once a wee w en possl , ' ' ' , ' ' , ' , 7 t h t as Sitting: C. Goetz, Father Ber- nard McMahon, Moderator, A. Parisi, H. Waters, Standing: R. Tobin, R, Corrigan, E. Flynn. hnendz Now in its third year of existence, the "Phoenix" is the chief outlet for literary expression at Stepinac. The main purpose of the magazine is to present to the parents a comprehensive pic- ture of the high achievements of some of the students, not only in composition but in the sciences and languages as well. This effort has not passed unnoticed for the "Phoenix" has received very favorable recognition from varied sources in the past two years. Under the direction of Father Bernard McMahon, the magazine is made up of articles in modern languages, science, local history, poems and short stories. The writing and editing of these articles not only contribute to the reputation of the school but to the cultural development of the students involved. Sitting: T. Schoemer, P, Bergan, A. Parisi, Father Nolan, Dean of Studies, R. Andres, L. Mis- tretta, P, Ryan, Standing: M, McDonough, J. Sgammato, P. Bourlier, R. Madden, P.. Brienza, P. Ranni, R. Frank, R. Tedesco, E. Brown, P. Zucconi, P. Schellhammer. -.J The Aquinas Society was formed this year in order to give substantial recognition to those who have achieved scholastic excellence and to promote keener competition and better scholastic standing among the students. lt is under the patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas, the great Cath- olic theologian and philosopher and Patron of all Catholic Schools. The members have the impor- tant responsibility of setting an example. By the formation of such a group the dignity of the stu- dent body as a whole is elevated considerably and an incentive is offered to produce grades which are indicative of the individual students ability. The society is composed of two groups. Those who have obtained at least 85 percent in each subject for the first three mark periods of either semester are called the Primi. The Secundi are those who have obtained such grades for any mark period. Pins are awarded to the Primi as a mark of special recognition. Meetings are held at the call of the Dean of Studies. Although there are only seventeen students in the ranks of the Primi, there is a promising outlook that quite a few additional names will be added to that list when the awards are again 80 presented. Devotion to the Blessed Mother has always occupied a principal position in the religious life of Stepinac. This year a special organization was conceived by Father McDermott to foster this de- votion among the students and to give the opportunity to the members of the group to learn more about the life and ideals of Mary. At the meetings every Monday afternoon, prayers to Mary are followed by a discussion of the ways to interest more students in the company of Mary and slides and motion pictures of the shrines of Mary are frequently viewed. Other activities of the group include visits to Maryknoll and Dunwoodie Seminaries, and to various Marian shrines in the Metro- politan area. Deeper personal devotion to Mary and a consequent increased personal spirituality are the primary purposes of this excellent group. Front Row: R. Trainor, R. Myers, J. Burns, A. Munoz, A. Page, D. Fernandes, E. Morrissey. Second Row: Father McDermott, Mod- erator, R. Andres, J. Coughlin, T. McGarry, P. Shellhammer, T. Dwyer, P. Brennan, A. Ward. Back Row: O. O'l-leur, L. Kaspari, M. Flood, J. Schoemer, F. Bohlen, T. Dowling, G. Chapman, T. Whalen. The Mission Crusade is one of the most successful organizations at Step- inac. The effectiveness of this school-wide activity is due to the generosity of the student body, the work of the homeroom and class representatives and the efforts of Father Murray. Each year the Mission Crusade sends countless spiritual offerings as well as financial aid to the foreign missions and to the Bishop's War Relief Fund. ln addition the offerings from the Mother's Day Mass Cards are sent to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Front Row: W. Reagan, A. Cur- lnga, M. Allen, P. Ranni, R. Hen- G H n J C nessey, , ermanspa , . as son, T. Klnstler. Second Row: J Durken, R. Mendel. J. Patterson P. Wetzel, P. Kerman, D. Gal- gano, A. Ward, P. Soccodatco Third Row: R. Madgelain, J. Gal- lagher, J. Dehrenwlnd, P. Cough- Iin, M. Dockery, E. Ryan, G Chapman, R. Keane. Back Row A. Barardls, R. Pope, J. Mahoney R. Johnson, V. Balint, E. Reagan M. Petrello. 81 I I ff.-.qv--.rr f .-us-in , , , N , K ,,,A..,.,. V . H VV. A P g T 4? W, Pt, ,.-L.S1-1 6 - Six co 8 - Eighth .X Gail: mp Q IL Wf il 7 l i W 'FE 105-50 mf MAURO Dmm M . S-H e Tro hdeasure ery ,"'i:.f"" Li st1c -..Q .4 PANDO mm f. Musicians at Stepinac lead a busy life ln almost constant demand they divide their time among frequent rehearsals parades band concerts and other performances The sixty piece school band is on hand with rous ing martial strains for all football games and rallies ln addition it provides music for vari ous assemblies and special occasions such as the graduation and the annual May Day pro gram The social orchestra lends its rhythm and harmony to most of the school dances At the end of each year usually in May the various groups present an account of their efforts in the Annual Music Pageant. This is a concert offering, a generous and rounded program consisting of selections by the con- cert band, the social orchestra, the glee club Cwhich is composed chiefly of seniors, but which also contains some talented underclass- menl. Soloists of various types and small in- strumental ensembles are also heard. Directing and guiding all of this activity are Father Vtfilliam McGann and Mr. John Reilly, who select the music to be performed, rehearse the performers, and,in addition, train potential musicians to play the instruments. 82 is 5 Q- ".. my ' I 3, 1, 0 - x .- J ,5 13' P53 . .ru 5X .1 .1-, I , 'fn , w , N n 9 ,A 9 . r , ' ' sf vo' - . . ,X , - . , :B N f 'Yvgs 5 ' 15 ', 1 S "' A SN 4 QQ! 1 "' Xlifff-x H . H -W ' X' 041 .A X " Q 4 1 I A 1- ' ,Q ' t AA f Es Q s L K .jr A 1' , 'W 7 JW 'K ffm , r 1 LI I Q. 3,4 1 W4 .2 I D .4 4 2 ' 1 - Q ' 4 1 ni .' .5 ' ' fl , ' X , A .5 . f 45' . A ' 1 , 1 , 4424- s i,,jll1l'lLlgli'f 'f ' 1- - A-'L J- -x4., L,,1-- " . 5 Af.: ' K. - . 4 i' -if , " RO' 1 4 aA"".g 9' 12 . Y --,W . , ZULKER 2-'FL . . . 4 cf-,fr 4, karl 1---QKQ-Q . H. x A-ua, . . A Er v er' iv. ' 'By ,- Front Row: J. Bardinella, A, Wail, G, Lesieutre, F. O'Donnell, D. Pierce, E. Foley, J. McMorrow, R. Tobin, Sec- ond Row: -M. Weimer, J. McAndrew, C. McCabe, S. Zavaglia, J. Lynch, P. Burger, A. Peyer, B. Volght, M. Mc Greal. Third Row: B. Brent, R, Morgan, Secretary, H. Taylor, G. Dawson, J. Sapione, R. Donovan, L, Haug- T. Taylor, Fourth Row: K, Pahl, A. Ciocca, R. Ditoro, A. Parisi, A. Bosco, J. Masterson, C. Goetz. Back Row Father McGowan, Moderator, J. Brink, President. H. Waters, J. Dowling, J. Drohan, K. Mangold, A. O'ConnelI R. Baumstark, R. Cronin, W, Plessner, Three Thursdays a month forty seniors with a special interest in chemistry gather in the chemistry lab after school These members of the Chemistry Club under the direction of Father Laurence McGowan, perform extra experi ments for which there is no time in regular class The program also includes general discussions and movies After they have completed the experiment of the day and tidied the laboratory the members relax with Father McGowan over refreshments Another attractive feature is the joint meetings with the Chemistry Club of Good Counsel The chief social event of the club is the special Chemistry Club Dance held in May 0 ' - . Front Row: Brother Leroy. Father Kane, D. Strarn, C. Ryan, G. Burger, A. Trifari, R. Grattepanche, R. Patrie, P. Zavaglia, M. Muller, W. Webber, T. Kinsler. Brother Martinian, Father McGowan. Second Row: R. Vizoli, R, Resigno. M Anderson, T, Tracey. D. Wayne. R Bernardi, R. Frank, A. Page. F. O'Donnell, President, K. Amerrnan. Third Row' N. Mandel, J. Kadela. C. Ceccon, R. LaBrusiano, J. Mclvtorrow, H. Taylor. P. Oehrlein, R, Myers, G. Goebler. R. Muller. Fourth Raw: K. Jones. E. Millbury, P. McHugh, J. Cerra. R. Hellin . A. Catanzaro, R. Bernardi, T. Taylor, P. Sullivan, B. lppilito. Back Row J. Gardner. E. Brown, P. Ryan, T. Horesky. K. Pahl, M. Weimar, G. Wiggers, R. Anthony, R, Pratt, T. Marrie. The Scientific Society, though only in its second year, has become a permanent part of the Stepinac curriculum. This club is composed of members of the General Science Club, Biology Club, Physics-Electronics Club, and Chemistry Club. It meets once a month under the direction of Father Laurence J. Mc- Gowan, Father Robert F. Kane, Brother Leroy, and Brother Mar- tinian. The meetings include demonstrations by students and special guests, talks by special guests, movies, etc. The purpose of the Scientific Society is to instill in the students a better under- standing of science and to encourage the members to develop L science projects for the various fairs and for the Westinghouse competition in senior year. Pins are awarded to faithful under- graduate members on Undergraduate Night and to senior mem- bers at a special dinner held in June. Oh? Why did it have to break? The grant prize winner, Father McGowan at work in the inner-sanctum. LC? S SCC HOW. 0 I I ...N General Staff Sitting: R. Baumstark, literary editor, Father John Lyons, moderator, G. Dawson, editor-in-chief, Father James Reynolds, H. Waters, assistant literary editor. Standing: P. Lombardi, photography co-editor, J. Voight. art editor, R. Cronin, photography co-editor. 14 as 'fi 1 -'ff :aff lik. tx 1. 7 zzv' - ' " '92 f ggi. ,Vp . .1 . 6 ky x 'V NN . f I - A 1 it -:ELI N I 'I "iff: lf - , . - 7 wfg ur.. y S -1 gif Ai Writers Kneeling: J. Deltino, C. Meany, P. Bergan, R. Myers. Second Row: Trainor, R. Mendel, R. Tobin, J. McMorrov. J. Civetta. Back Row: T. Houlihan, R. Cuskley, J. Brink, H. Austin, J. Masterson. Assistant Photographers G. Gayet, W. Caldera, L. Pesce. .' ' J. 1 ' ,. ,. X .A-Wfi"f-:fN L' 'f!4y"'-'ff 12 M- W' ' , -Q17 L 5A1j3.A'2g4A,.."f 1 ,J 4 .5 fy . -Yfsrg E , ,I TEN.. L In 3 .' . j -',.. -1 5 . Q1 .4-'Q' -' V 4' i .v mb: ,- fig? ,215 N5 Q .f ., 0 p Q , , .5 v r f .- ., H 'Nw ' ,' .' Q fm.. it 4 -1 W2 -Av W.. A H L-. f, 1, . K 1. f'.'e,',. r P , .. Q I J. M:Andrew. L. Bohn, V. Landers, F Standing: A. Kerr, D. Moriarity. B G. Desllensky, W. Strenkert, B. Voight R. Ditoro, M. Weiner. 1 1 E Principal Characters P. Bergen, K. Nicholson J Gllleran B Escott J Voight Supporting Characters T. Houlahan, T. Pontecorvo, C. Russell, M J. Rollo, R. Colgan, F. Mclntyre, K. Sullivan. Girls Chorus Sittln : G. Mieczhovslii, J. Petti, R. Faso- lina, Garro, J. Saldicco. P. Creaghax, J Silvis, V. Curry, M. Borxa, P. Blaine, K Kay, B. Froster, K. Cook, E. Dockery. J Griffin, B. Bauer. Standing: M. L. Hol- linger. J. Malta, M. A. Perano, C. Foren- ski, M. Flynn, M. A. Farrieri. M. Mitchell XS i 4 J1?g ing! ', V . b-fl 'rg M . A 'ugh' 1'- , it 1 ,q, 0 'V fl A 451 'Pi A , S Dancers Mr R La Bru Front Row: B. Capauno. H, Daly. J. Thovton, M Mnstcrson. J, Lloyd F ncll Second Row: R Bam. J. McAnd1ew Kneeling: . . . ' C. Gicslcr, W. Kennedy, A. cn . ' Shea. L Grant, V. Covert. G, Putaro, T. Filard, D. Lloyd. J. Bunk, D. ff 1 VE 'fee 'Q 4'-v H fn 1 I I 11, f a EA W I . ' ' :uf 44,5 'N gg . I , ff ,, ,VVV .X ' I in ,, ,L "ff 12 , gf A f E - aa 74 5" 2 1,49 Que: P q......, f - A CQ Nr ld . tl 'ff 5 1 other Jcme, another JC' Www WW , a :ww-r ,xv --fa.--Q5 A Q 'Z 8 v .uf 0 'Not tomorrow bm now " ,-:'1ug,4yf7 H, hw,-p , - J Afgsifs' . I x 'LA' Y ilef M 5 ,121 , , la-3 E W 'Rah ' 72 'L ,QSSSZQI ' Q Y-' if if x 2""" 11.3, 1 Sl My 'Qkm gmivnki Q' x A --8' L i 'i"'. f5'f QBQWL, Q -5 " YN- X Wi. .g5:'f'?.f!f 'Q' q gl 3 I Bfci, E I ,xml W V ,S Q ':' f 5 5,E?ei ay-" I fs ff-'23 ll" 'ir f Evgyv 4 ffkx if "6 APR -b j 5 n."'a'STE 'if 1 MoNTH ADAIBMC li? H ' unvgu 5 iz 8 if Sy 1,1 'N N 3 img :gf 'lf if I 'Q '. 6 '70, W",mz4w S S f Q TCIVIIVIY LOUGHFIAN The test ot true greatness for any sports idol has been passed by Tommy Loughran for he stands even higher in public opinion today than he did when he reigned as light-heavyweight champion ot the world, His tistic career, built on unceasing devotion to training and obedience to the advice ot spiritual and physical directors. covered the span 1919-1937 and included 92 wins, 22 losses, 8 draws and 18 knockouts. Never was there any stigma attached to any of his tights nor more importantly to his personal life. His devotion to his country led him into the Marine Corps in the Second World War as a physical instructor. Today he represents to all Americans, young and old, an outstanding example of athletic greatness, Catholic in every phase of his life and dedicated to the ideals of God, Country and Youth. mqdwa, Zeatempleogzieifalqgdad Therefore, I had to guard it, keep it in perfect condition, and regard its achievements with something more than pagan pride. As a result, when fatigue, aching muscles, and exhaustion urged me to give up, l was able to carry on. This awareness still prevails in my daily activities, and to it l owe not only splendid health but also peace of mind and contentment of heart. lf such spirit guided me in the boxing world, it should be the mainstay of any boy who is an athlete and has faith and confidence in Almighty God." TOMMY LOUGHRAN Y i r l i X 0 AQ"v,f Upset. ' 'Q-,Ag-1., V .ly .ar -Nz.- -M am... The Crusaders opened the l954 season before 4,500 fans with a 7-6 victory over Cardinal Hayes, the first since l95O and typical of the close, hard- fought battles in the Stepinac--Hayes rivalry. Hayes began moving late in the first quarter, and just after the teams changed goals an eleven yard pass brought them to the five yard line. After two cracks at the line Genero Novelli went over guard for the score. Novelli tried to dropkick the extra point, but his attempt was blocked by a swarm of Iinemen led by Cuerwig and Downing. After Manny Scivoletto returned the kick to the 34 yard line, Stepinac fought back stubbornly, driving to the Hayes 33. There Dick Hunt took a hand-off, cut off tackle, and went all the way. Don Brass booted the all impor- tant extra point cleanly through the uprights. The second half was a tight defensive battle with Step- inac controlling the ball most of the time. In the second outing of the year Stepinac jour- neyed "down east" to meet Fairfield Prep of Con- necticut and to emerge with a l4-7 upset, smashing the highly touted Prep's ten-game winning streak. Within less than two minutes from kick-off, Charlie Gerwig pounced on a fumble on the Prep's 25 yard line. The following play saw fullback Paul Choquette bowling over three would-be tacklers and carrying the fourth into the end zone for the touchdown. Fairfield came right back, however, with a sustained 102 4, 'I an ef' drive of 66 yards. John Robotti climaxed this push with a two yard thrust for the score. After the ensu- ing kickoff the Crusaders once again started a ground attack. With Choquette bearing most of the burden, Stepinac drove to the two yard line. Then Jim Logue cracked over guard for the score. Don Brass added his second successful extra point and the score stood l4-7 at the half. The second half saw the defensive unit stave off the Prep time after time. Dan Downing and Herb Traver intercepted key passes and in the waning moments of the game the line, led by Bob Malara and John Cunningham, smothered the Prep passer before he had a chance to throw. Returning home to Memorial Field, Stepinac easily defeated St. John's Prep 34-7. Playing for the in- jured Vince Kennedy, junior Paul Choquette bat- tered his way to three first-half touchdowns. Jim Logue added two more. Don Brass kicked four out of five extra points and distinguished himself also on defense. When statistics were added up the Cru- saders had ground out 264 yards rushing, Most of this was due to Choquette and Logue who made H2 and 64 yards respectively. The defense was again outstanding, limiting the Indians to 34 yards on the ground. On October 31 Stepinac suffered its first defeat of the season at the hands of Iona Prep, An over- ioa F got it. Let's go Step .. , ,K 1 'c f If f 1' ,A I N V I U 'r w. gf - I 6 A Q A 1 up , .K , . I 'af I I , ... .4 . ' :fd f r X U? w if X 5 1 1' fy a Q X. I 5 I Ns A 4 X 7 I 4 3, 4 9 Off and running, , 1 ff HQ 1 'I' 'H R La- A ' ' l -4 R i, Q wi ' , 6 A gi -X 4 "' 4? 5 ff . X' g l ' if f In .M is 1 hw 6 I 1 hh' k v 4 f . f...v. ,, something Logue' A ' 1 .f',.d X' 'PFC ,f Z Q--x www- :Jr ' I 4 fx 151 4144, W J - 'aw 1 - 4, W .zr , V X -3 ig We X , v.. . vw 5 J' X . . . . 2.14.3-,,,' X, ,Q Complete. yr, in the game, Gagliano went back for his first attempt. He was badly rushed and Bob Malara knocked the ball from his hands. Stepinac's guard Frank Muscolino, grabbed the pigskin and raced 53 yards for the score. Brass added the extra point. Later in the second period the Crusaders started a drive culminated by Vince Kennedy's two yard thrust to pay dirt. After the intermission, Brass was forced to punt. The ball rolled dead on the Mount 17. On the second play a mix-up in the Mount back- field enabled Bob Johnson to fall on the ball. Two plays later Herb Traver broke over guard for ll yards and another score. Late in the game the Mount made its only touchdown on a 5l yard pass from Gagliano to John Gundlach. The victory gave the Crusaders third place in the league. In a game played in a driving rainstorm at Min- eola, Long lsland's Chaminade handed the Cru- saders their second defeat of the year, l9-6. Step- inac scored early in the game. Brass, punting with the wind at his back, booted the ball from his own 38 out of bounds on the 4. Chaminade attempted to kick out of danger, but the wind blew the ball out on the one. Then Jay Davis carried over. But the Islanders came back and early in the second quarter pushed over a marker of their own. On the last play of the half they scored again and added the extra point to earn a l3-6 lead. At the start of the second half Chaminade again began to move: Ron Ferreri dashed 32 yards up the middle to sew up the victory. Tripped. Mount carrier loses he Looks good. Where's my blocking? efor a .W Front Row: B. Flanagan, R. Aus- tin, J. Sullivan, D. Kerans, G. Lyddane, S. Lupis, J. DeNisco, G. White, F. Clarke. Second Row: J. Flanagan, F. Fitzpatrick, W. DiBIasio, B. lppolito, J. Whalen, L. Fatato, J. Lynch, J. Picone, O'Neal, J. Austin. Third Row: M. Tori, R. Wehle, H. Sampers, F. Coughlin. W. Mc- Laughlin, E. Ryan, W. Lotz. Fourth Row: Brother Lucas. J. Shampnoi, B, Dwyer, T. Dwyer, H. Clark, J. Kerwin, J. Donahue. R. Cavallo, F. Kelly, Brother Meinrad. Fifth Row: D. Bradley, B. Zuk, J. Trapp, M. Kelly, D. Whamond, A. Siess, D. Lareau, J. Chapdelaine. J.V. FOOTBALL SCORES Stepmac Opp. Stamford ..... .... Iona ..................... -. Greenwich .............. .. Blessed Sacrament ..... .. Mt. St. Michael ...... .... Hayes ................... .. Greenwich .. Presaging a bright future for the football fortunes of Stepinac, the junior varsity football team, under Brothers Lucas and Mein- rad, closed out their best season with a record of four wins, two losses, and one tie. Mr. Werder's eyes gleam slightly when he con- siders that next year he will be able to call upon quarterback Tommy Dwyer, halfbacks Joe Kerwin and Steve Lupis, Linemen Joe Picone and Dennis Bradley. Dwyer will be a most able alternate for Jay Davis as varsity quarterback, and Steve Lupis should give Step- inac a breakaway runner reminiscent of Larry Traver. Kerwin, Picone, and Bradley are merely only three of the very good defensive alignment developed by Brothers Lucas and Meinrad. They should make last year's varsity returnees work very hard to keep their jobs. Who tripped me? STEPINAC TOUCHDOWNS Dwyer lQ.B.l .... Kerwin lH,B.l . Chapdelaine lF.B.J , . Cavallo lH.B.J . . Bradley lE.l . . .White lF.B.l Lupis lH.B.l ,... . Stepinac Opposition Rushing Yardage ............. 939 yards ........ 779 yards Passing Yardage ..... ..... l 88 yards . ..... l I8 yards First Downs ........ ...... 4 7... .... 39 Dig out, buddy! 3 DONALD BRASS L ka ,vm V. L- D5 4 ? V 5 , x W N N A X Ay X ff! 4 Q ' 4 S QQ, A C 1 Wgmlwlu-" -f " ' Y Wg:-4 X! .ylgrfak Si. ARM. 4 V Huslw Lf' . ez' X , M ,gn X' ' ' K Z' ld mm A0 X ,f Ui, '11 In H ew i ' ,-E. X iz-"'-'- O 532 1 i X Z f 0 T' 4, 1, S ,- fffi 1 N 4? gf x x x X X X X x ' x X 2 14 an gin 4 5 ' ,ff Q Q 1 -- 'Han 4 3 Ano McGLlNN' fllllf J --fx Y At .Q ss' X ' .xv M f V 'ff' W7 . f ' , 51,4 X Q ' V 1 iw ' D X ? S il? T - "1 gf ' E793 V' l 2 ,f X! f"'se:.Sf:7'if' E ww A 1' ' W " f fffoofffurfuli. giigagf K x Lf-V 5 V1 J 45" L ' L KM , T ' 7 ,gy MCGIIM. lack Row: R. Meniqk, R. 4 V- 1 I N - ' , "'V N X Lavoadeln. Mr. Volpe, Cogch, J. ' ' Q by 2 - 5'--f f ,HJ064 I x Yiqhe, G. Markley, R. Nlxan, 5 f , 'JY X, 4 -V 1 A Manager. A w ' , I , ' N K X ' vu J X A , Q A in I 32 i ,, fri! 9: RONALD SEMENZA Daily News ALL STAR Westchester County Westchester County ALL STAR Honorable Mention A s 'N 1 1 x 1 K X u s N X Q N x ROBERT MERRICK K N 5 5 N ' X N 3 V ! awk, THOMAS DELANEY f QP fff Q 5 . Y X I X 'S ,Q I - ,,l xx S", r ft , ,ir 7' , ,,,, vm 'R . x I ' 'IIA 1 ' M1 3435? I Who's shoot: g ,, W , N 4 lg Hacked again ,,, .gf g ,f wflf' I I A f 1 ,X -, aff IQ Ka I cans a othe erage fi M1 Vf ,I I. .0 if fg ilk, SUOCKQ Nz Y . J 'f 1' 7 1' ! fr, A X.i np . eg? +2- 5 5 A 5 al!! Q-A S Higher, h gh ' x Of' A r tgbfzy' 'Q' ,W Q, 9 -'D fd pAr,K I: 55 i 5' an on' I ar ' Www 4. 'h f 'M 'S ,vi an 'af 425, W 3 4 , , f F O Z' I , J' fi i I7 13 6 A LOok E ing, , 3 if 4 aim . - I Y I Pre season warm p t L...wJ I 4 I I s 'IE 1-L A+ X, 'n A ve '. .v ef I S SR 'V gi W I 7' ll 5 .1 R ,df fx f ,, Y . I F" r 1 G i t before the g . ef-Af 1 x -f -4 V 1 W hy X X, j r ji L.: i EV 4 Q ' 'Q fx ,11Qhf5J5'wf3 3 5 -sf 3 I if I X41 I L L x Sem a goes up. A 5 1.4, I 4 " 5 Q m i a' . 4 'I er , , I, gy. 1' ' 1' Q " Fl ' J Front Row J Chapman A Bianco G Smith W Reyellc-se W Cantlin Second RowMHoctorJShaJChdInJDLri LAdm Bckl? e ap eau e e o a a s a ow Father Peake J Trapp P Kenny D Bradley M Flood V Priore .W 2? SEASON'S RECORD Iona ,,,,, . . Mt. St. Michael ,,,,,,, Fairfield Prep . . Manhattan Prep ..., All Hallows St. l-lelena's . Hayes . .. . All Hallows .. .. . Mt. St. Michael Manhattan Prep Ossining .. . .. St. Helena's Hayes .... .. .. , Blessed Sacrament l l4 The Junior Varsity coached by Father Daniel Peake was better than its record would indicate. Considering the opposition faced, the record of seven wins and eight losses is deceiving since it does not reflect the many close decisions that were dropped by a few points. This year's team showed a strong scoring potential, a well balanced defense, aggressiveness and a fair amount of height. The Sophomore cagers promise to develop into good material for Mr. Volpe for the com- ing two years. Two newcomers to the school, Vito Priore and Tony Bianco, led all the scorers. Although not supporting a six-foot two inch frame as Priore did, Bianco had an excellent set shot and was a good driver. Diminutive Jimmy Chapman was the outstanding ball- handler, dribbler and passer and was one of the most valuable men on the squad, Maurice Flood, the top rebounder onthe club, scored a number of key baskets in the clutch when they were most needed. A calm player, he had good shots and good height and was rewarded for his efforts by being brought up to the varsity at the end of the year. The spark of the team was Jack Chapdelaine whose competitive spirit and drive helped the club to win key games. Z' Promising is the word for the freshmen. Brother Alois rates them the best prospects he has handled in eight years of coaching frosh basketball. lndivid- ually, Paul Kinsley with a wide variety of hooks and pivots from the center, Bill Plunket and Ed McGirr with fine ability to drive from the outside, Art Malesardi and Peter O'Brien with good corner sets and rebound- ing ability, all add up to a potentially strong varsity in a few years. ln back of these five, Wes Voight, Tom Winkopp, Tony Bellantoni and Paul Gengemi make for a strong bench. One of the characteristics of the team that was most impressive was their spirit. Faith- ful and hard-working in practice, they showed them- selves eager to learn, tireless in effort and determined to win. Such is the stuff of champions. Step 47 48 53 58 inac uBu Step 49 48 69 53 55 83 4l 52 53 58 53 57 54 53 53 52 54 6l 50 39 47 47 inac SEASON'S RECORD 2l Wins 5 Losses Opp. Manhattan Prep ,,.....,,. ,.,,.. 3 9 Valhalla J. S. ,,,,,,, . Bishop Loughlin ,,,, Fordham Prep ,,,,,. Fordham "B" ......... 22 33 38 Opp. Greenburgh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,.., St. Helena's Annex ,,,.,,. u..,.. Preston J. S. ,,,..,,..,..,. ,,,,, , Iona ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,..,,. Sacred Heart ,. .. Valhalla J. S. ..,... . St. Helenas ....,. .. ., Mt. St. Michael . ...... All Hallows ...... ,....,,,, ,,,.,, Hayes . .................. . Iona . ........ ......,..... . Manhattan Prep ......., ...... St. Helena's Annex ....... ...... Greenburgh ........... Scarsdale .. ...........,... All Hallows ,..... . .,.,,.., ,,,,,, Blessed Sacrament .. Hayes .... ..,...,......., Mt. St. Michael .,... Fordham Prep ..,.., 38 40 50 38 56 72 3l 59 40 69 St. l-lelena's Annex ..... . 38 32 40 55 38 45 35 78 35 30 38 42 Senior Year 48 Kneeling: F. O'DOnnelI, B. Vo4ghT, J, McMorow, C. McCabe. Second Row: Father Mathews, Moderafor, D, Downing, E. Flynn, A. Parusx, J. McAndrew, T. Delaney, Coach. Back Row: J. Masterson, C. Manno, J. Drohan, R. Baurnstark, K. Mangold, J. Brink. I 7 Junior Year 3H Kneeling: M, Harrungton, J. Hennessy, O' O'Hcur, F. DnGnacorno, J. Pnercc. Standnngf R, Downs, M. Frawlcy, P. Wcsterman, M. Folcy, E. Canro, Brother Alous, Modcraror. I 'Fl I Start of lunror-sensor warfare Nm: clean pNay. N6 Cahill Oufruns the fzcld. .....1 . ,n I .r - I lk, . V .J V . L -ms 'X l a.. f f ' ll7 Sophomore Year 2B Front Row: A. Munoz, J. Raidy, J. Fierro, A. Ward, J, Sunnotf. Back Row: T. Dwyer, R. Czpriani, J Schoemer, S. Gallagher, R. Egan, B. Shcrudan, D, Judkms, T. Fisher, J. Flanagan, J. McLaughlin F, McGrath, F, Nucolan, E. Ryan, Father McDermott, Moderator. Freshman Year I J Kneeling: R. Gallo, J. Cafapano, J. Mulhare. Standing: Father Peake, Moderator, F. Callpa, J. Whalen A. Snlo, T. Casey, J. DeNusco. JV AND FRESHMAN TENNIS SCHEDULE April 30 Fordham Tournament May I-5 Fordham Tournament 5' Xavier Freshmen? 7 Fordham Freshmeniii ll Xavier J.V.:' I7 - Iona Prep J.V.F I8 Iona Prep Freshmen 23 LaSalle J.V.i: 26 SI. Francis J.V.'ii June 3 Hayes 'Indicates Away Match ff J .V. Tennis Front, Row: J. Hildner, P. Achelhammdrg E. Cummlngs, N. Mandell. Back Row: R. Andres, J. Shomer, T. Corlvery, R. Egan. QTEPIN40 Q ,SQEPIN40 T ID f X Freshman Tennis Front Row: F. Francomano, A. Trlfari, T. Harvey, P. Ranni, J. Pierce, R. Magdelain. Back Row C. Buckley, J. Shanahan, A. Evans, P. 0'Brien, W. Pfister, B. Dwyer, T. Winkopp, Captain. ROBERT MERRICK April I9 QXQPIN4 X 3 9. J' TENNIS SCHEDULE All Hallowsm 20 Fordham Prepg 22 Xaviera 26 Brooklyn Prep? 28 30 Loyola? Fordham Tournament May I-4 Fordham Tournament 5 Iona Prep: 9 All Hallows Fordham Prep A Xavier West Pointz' Chaminade St, John's: Loyola Iona Prep Laughlin: I2 I3 I4 20 ZI Fordham College 24 25 27 3 I June I Scarborough Prep" 'ilndicates Away Match s, EMMAN UEL SCIVELETTO , . vw-fi 351 fm 11 '23 JA , KENNETH CARRON ' l 'raoums nsunin L ,nf ff Mi ,M-,. at I ' in "1 ,. , M. - " .agfgz-5fz6'f5gag,1Q0QQf4,'Gt9!lkL', , - ff W' J '4 v"i1'f15, gif vigil' :5ij,1Yfi' , ,YQ-,A . K f 1f'f',fg5,j1 'iff ' 12 ' ,' 'W ,4.Qg,wQ?Q1ff? ,j-g .jy'E3gv.:f? 1 1 .Hg 4, ' E f+1f:fg'. vhsifa ' , Rf a an iw , I r . -Mi! -M Y V i , - l'.'i.,:Q, , ii . f' :fr-'fx yr- --. ,.4,.,,l ' ,, V kt. f ix Q my ' '- sly ' 9, 4,4 .. f , X . Varsity Baseball Team Front Row: E. Cioffi, Manager, Ken Carron, Tony Amendola, John Cahill, Tom Delaney, Manny Scivoletto, C. DiVito, F. Muscolino, J. Hennesy, J. Depalo, S. Martin, Manager. Back Row: J. Phalen, T. Dunleavy, 0. O'Heir, M. Flood, G. Markley, J. Logue, D. Brass, K. Lehmann, M, McMilIian, M. Fiore, Bus Werder, Coach. 5 1 , 35232 4 4? . , we ,S K L iv wif 53x-yapiig 5 1 1 1 D-J 1 - ff ,vt - :kgs T:?"A,11.vv Q Q. 4' ln 0.1 x,5Q ffkgyi'-QV "'4 "95lg.2g, 'it'-.W ' m -7, .Mr-1f'j"1f'a .- V QI, 725 Q Q-- X , Q 'Y A, 1 s--sen, .,, - fs 4,564.5 .-23 .uf ff' , . ,jf R ,IQ .' ' xi 1 , . ' fu' , - s .f-A-M fwmw .AQ A 1 2. ll' ll .QA - , 'R ,f F" , 1 .'. .' s-5, -. if ww - , ' ' 1 " 'gg vi 3 . ' Xa , 'S C v a I. X4 ,I lm xg , 1 I ' .A A oar." , M, "1 'lr I , 'iw :nuff 'M Q 1 - M -I 1 4 A I 0 H5 x 5 . ,ii 41.- .Q .5 1 ' -+' "Wff 1 W i. - .aan " QgfIf' 1 A""' V L,,LM ...Q.....,,,........-----f Bowling Club Row: F. Foraste, J. Burnar- A. Page. Second Row: J. rra, K Nowak, J. Mogatto, Merola. D, Kaxatt, J. Burke, VVall. Tniro Row: R. Re, A. P. Carml, F. Reiner. M. R. i-iorncastle, J. Dur- W. Gone, cher, Foi.rtn Row: O'Grady, J. ceCorcoba, A. P, Brennan, B. Dzubak, M, McGreal, M. Weimer, Eack Row. R. Forastc, D. Robertson, J. Mc- Pratt, A. Bosco, K. we ls B Team Front Row: A. Ciramefa. J. Cullen, Pierce. Back Row, T. Marne, F. Eorzlen. A Team V, DeSte'anis, Father DiE'as:, Mod- erator, C. Fomponio, R, Gregory, V. ,Zi Balint, Captain, J, Hcngron. .X .5 The Bowling Club meets once a week and has pro- vided many hours of enjoyment for Stepinac men. From the ranks of this club the "A" and "B" teams were chosen. This year the bowling team, under Father DiBlasi, really came into its own. The keglers claimed an un- beaten season with a victory over White Plains High School and two over Mamaroneck High. However, the highlights of the season came when the team won the Westchester Private and Parochial School Tournament at the Westchester Alleys. To climax a most successful sea- son captain Vince Balint led the scorers and won the high game title for Stepinac with a tourney-high three game series of 563. The team finished under its own power as Father DiBlasi was suddenly taken ill. His spirit and devo- tion carried the team despite his physical absence. COUNTY CHA MPS Ama 4: L ..'Q WN? 'af VARMTY TRACK Front Row: K. Ammerman, F. Chris- tiansen, S. De Lanni, Manager M. Brown G Verduso J Sullivan , . , . , A. Cortesn. Second Row: D. Weise, J. Groccia, R. Swanson, J. Fullis, W. Walsh, J. Maloney. Third Row: K Jones, L. Kasparu, P, Choquefte, J McGarry, B. Brent, K. Scrnpcrs, R. Brady. Back Row: J. Caldwell, J. De Luca, A. Hoddmoit, W. Gottwald, T. Peters, J. Raleigh, T. Harkins. .L , s Q, ..y 2 ' Q S.. o f 'ffm ff: I K 'W' wi M14 ,-,, SAW' fi ,wil A il-7 r B2 Y mf T. u , 'La'-'Qs it E! Y I 'V yu ' Xia: w Tl. 4 1, lk "li 3 jg. U! 1 I 'auuliix' ' 'U 4 Q1 1 fl Q A ,.-. A ,af 93 - ' f- Q ' , '.'. ' ', 1 5 f Q W Q 4011, Fi' l' Q- an A 1 E W "+aN2f"'M e3.f 4, A .5 'I A 32 Q-' ,,, L -Yi. 71 f, ' The mob takes off. QV ,.., ' 'wma M A Y w'f'ff',i ' MW' N7 Z, N4 il, .W , , , ww, 1 ww W z.. 1 , , 1 ffl ,V .1 ' ,X fffiisfj' Mk' ' m .ia 0,1 1 . x iv 4'-ns.-sg ', K , s., f', R 4 ,s , 1 i Q, 3 I f r ,L -iv? 1 I The Varsity Cross Country Team enjoyed a very suc- cessful Fall season and their successes were further am- plified by the great success of the Freshman Squad. The varsity came home first in three meets and were runners- up in another. In the Westchester Officials and Coaches, The Bronx-Manhattan-Westchester, and the Westchester Private and Parochial Schools Meets the Crusaders were the winners. They finished second by a close margin in the New York University Meet. The promising Freshman Squad also were victors in the Bronx-Manhattan-Westchester test as well as finish- ing second in the Coaches meet. Thom Dempsey and Jim Harkins give high hopes for a bright future in the next three years. Along with these two men John Mc- Gowan, Peter O'Brien, Michael Coughlin, and John O'Donnell also ran well and Freshman Moderator Father Walter Murray looks for a good deal of success from these men next year. ln the indoor track season, the harriers ran up a good record, although it was not as great as the cross country record. ln the Catholic High School Relay Carnival, the 880 yard team, composed of Brent, Maloney, Hoddinott, and Cortesi, won its event. Joe DeLuca took second in the IOO yard dash. George Verdisco and Joe Groccia teamed up to take a first and second in the mile run. ln the final tabulation the team ended up second. The Westchester Coaches' Meet saw the team com- pile 33 points for a first place in the standings. The points were gained by: Weiss with a first in the lOOO yard run, Verdisco's copping of the mile, Groccia's sec- ond in the same event, a second in the hurdles by Cor- tesi, Gottwald's third in the high jump, and a first and third in the shot put by Choquette and Ciccone. The team ran up a total of 22 points in the Bronx- Manhattan-Westchester Meet for a third place. Cortesi copped a second in the 50 yard dash, while Brent took a second in the 280. Verdisco's third in the mile, Gott- wald's third in the high jump, and the six lap relay teams helped the score. The mile relay team, composed of De- lanni, McGary, Weiss, and Christianson took second. The Catholic Championships saw Paul Choquette's second in the shot put the only score registered by our team. Five seniors, Fillis, Cortesi, Brent, Maloney and 127 I 1 al' FATHER OKEEFE AND MR SULLIVAN T a k Coache PENN RELAY TEAM neelmgf A. Cortesi, Standing: B. Brent, R. Weiss, H. Murphy. Raleigh, went to the Penn Relays this year and composed the nucleus of four relay teams. The 440 yard relay team of Brent, Maloney, Hoddinott and Cortesi placed fourth in its heat but did not place in the finals. On Saturday the sun shone bright after a rainy Friday and the mile relay of Brent, Murphy, Cortesi and Weiss came in a close second behind Washington and Lee of Washington, D.C., which clocked the fastest class mile relay time of the day. ln April the team travelled to run in the Catholic High School Relay Carnival held at Randalls Island. Due to the tremendous effort of Art Cortes: the team placed in every event except the discus The broad :ump relay team of Brent Maloney and Cortes: which won :ts event was helped by the 2l foot SM inch effort of Cortes: The javelin team of Vo:ght Hansen and Cortes: came out on top inspired by the effort of Cortes: who threw the lavelin l52 feet Finally the hurdle relay team of Brady Sullivan and Cortes: placed second behind a fast Bishop Loughlin team The 880 yard relay team of Brent Deluca Am merman and Maloney reached the finals but due to the sudden illness of one of :ts members they were scratched in the finals The second place gained :n this meet held out high hopes for the future In the Queens Iona Meet the mile relay team of Brent Cortes: Murphy and Weiss competed and came back w:th a first place Nosing out New Rochelle High School by lk points the Step:nac track team won the i955 Rye Inv:tat:onal Meet with a total of 26M points The team of Joe Maloney Al Hodd:nott Walt Gott- wald and Brian Brent set a new record running the 880 yard relay in l:33.3. Brent also copped 2nd in the 220 yard dash. Paul Choquette set a new meet and school record in the shot-put with a winning toss of 56 feet IOW inches, and a school record in the discus with a 2nd place throw of I39 feet. Art Cortesi set a school record and narrowly missed a meet mark as he won the broad jump with a leap of 22 feet, 3V2 inches, and also took a third in the l80 yard hurdles. Jim Raleigh placed second in the 880 yard run with a 2203.5 clocking which proved to be another school standard, Dick Weiss tied for fourth in the same event. l29 Milf? f - ?iff '3?1 , fra, -m,.,,,, iixggit ffiffvfa 'N unc, , E , ffagggaglvfg, 5'ul?,5Q L ,W 5 S, , iq' K. 5 ' Q 5 , 1 fu ' f xg' 1'--fl 'in 51 l,a.S 0 .41 ,,-max: ' i K. :2r"""'7 , pam -qw ' FS ci!! Swimming Team Front Row: G. Robertson, C. Guarglia, P. Texan, J. Colaneri, R. Cercena. J. Munger, R. Corrigan, Secon Row: F. Stock, M. Anderson, B. Dohrenwend, G. McGrath, J. Deiso, B. Voight, Bro. Justin Moderator Back Row: D. Larean, D. Munger Capt., D, Eagen, D. Robertson, J. Dowling, A. Ciocca. O I The best in the history of the school, the varsity swimming team finished the year with a record not revealing its true potential. Tremendously handicapped by the lack of practice facilities, the natators nevertheless completed the year with many honors, individually and teamwise. Coached and moderated by Brother Justin, the team was led by undefeated captain Dave Munger, freestylers Art Ciocca, Barry Voight, John Sayles, freshman Joe Colaneri, and backstroker Dick Egan. The Crusaders finished fourth in C.H.S.A.A. competition. Opening the year with an easy victory over Xavier, the mermen dropped one to Lough- lin and followed it up with a close loss to St. John's. The record was more than evened with victories over Trinity and our traditional arch-rival, Cardinal Hayes. Close losses to St. Fran- cis and Brooklyn Prep preceded a triumph over Fordham Prep in the final league encounter. The clash with Mamaroneck was lost in the final relay by the margin of a foot. The Crusaders captured three events and the team as a whole came up with third place in the Charles Evans Hughes Championship Meet. Johnny Sayles and Barry Voight won the fifty and one hundred yard freestyles respectively, the team of Sayles, Egan, Colaneri and Voight copped the two hundred freestyle relay, and Joe Colaneri placed second in the two hundred yard in freestyle. Defeating Peekskill and lona Prep, the mermen succumbed to powerful Peekskill Mili- tary Academy and then competed in the C.H.S.A.A. Senior Championships. Captain Dave Munger, the only double winner, coasted to an easy record-breaking performance in the one hundred yard breaststroke, and immediately afterward took the individual medley. Johnny Sayles of Port Chester was runner-up in the fifty yard freestyle, and Art Ciocca copped fifth in the same event. The relay team placed third and Joe Colaneri splashed to a third in the two hundred yard freestyle. With Barry Voight out because of illness the Crusaders as a team finished only fourth. Hampered again by sickness and minus Munger the team placed fifth in the Westchester Private and Parochial Tournament. Meanwhile Munger scored a second and a fifth in the Villanova National Meet. For his outstanding performances throughout the year, Dave was the recipient of the Con Edison Award--the only Stepinac student so honored this year. The Crusaders concluded the sea- son on a pleasing note, handily downing lona Prep at the New Rochelle Y.M.C.A. Unfortun- eately, the traditional dunking of the coach at the final meet did not occur, for Brother Justin had vacated the premises. 131 10- 1- pu f 1 Q. Q In. . ... . Golf Team R Brady J Camlllo, ,Q N - x ,Y 'V , u M Hurley J Gay J Vonght . O.. - 1 . Q y X -... X. lg 0 x ' ww D M-1- u-- . f 'I . up-. AX 1 'fy 1 ish xx P .v Left to Right: Fr. Fitzgerald, .Moderaton W. Voighf, D. Qraney. C. Kupefx, uf' 7x'g xy .h ' f F, , '41 ijih. K ' 'Q 1, S Q X Q f R . , X X x 4 Q x X ' Careful this IS a fast green. :-.KU 'fm Aww , aw, I ,ff , vWf?7c52f" 'QM Www. , Mifflin ,S .,. . .W .,,Qf, ai' AH set for a s Once again Father Fitzgerald, moderator of the golf team, has assembled a fine team. This year's squad highlighted the season by capturing the Westchester Private and Parochial Schools Championship and winning their first three matches, Junior Jim Gay led all the scorers in the county contest with a 75 and went home with the medalist prize. His sparkling round was made possible by no less than nine one-putt greens and a steady game off the fairways, Behind Jim were Jon Voight, Charlie Kupetz, and Mike Hurley whose combined scores gave the Crusaders a team total of 240 strokes and the team trophy. Their nearest competitor was Iona Prep with 257. Prior to this sweep the linksters had shut-out Sacred Heart, and defeated Briarcliff and Blessed Sacrament. The squad consists of two seniors, Dan Graney, and Ray Brady, who are backed up by Juniors Gay, Hurley, Voight and Kupetz and freshman Wes Voight. The team operates out of Westchester Hills and also practices in the pit in the school's basement. QNX J volsm' AND J GAY Golf Schedule April I8 Sacred Heart 25 Alexander Hamiltonfi 28 Horace Manniii May 2 Westchester Private Cr Parochial Tournament 9 Horace Mann ll Briarcliffm I6 Blessed Sacramentii 23 lona Prepfi 30 Briarcliff June 6 Alexander Hamilton iflndicates Away Match Home Matches Played At Westchester Hills C. C. CO ml 04 RAY BRADY DANIEL GRANEY P-WS QI' gi 1 Y if P turf ' ' ' .4 L i wi an gr, I 4. W BT -,ffl Y Q 30. E'-Q. ,. X , , my W! ..., if 4 ' f ?, if 2 0 1? u ' 5 , f Lznq V .x 7 ' , fu A A " A - 4' 1 " ' Q ' 'ww 5 i ia 1 fi I 1, .4 Q .hh O Da ge Iad'e at work. Y" .3 ' Q if, K i t Sitting: Mr. Harold Shea, Mr. Ralph Bohn, Mr. Harold O Nelll Standing: Mr. Walter Bohlen, Rev. Wulllam J. Ward, Mr. Edward Mylod 2 I ada The Dad s Club has completed another successful year rn realaz mg :ts goal of establlshrng a closer relatlonshnp between the school and the home The club enables the fathers to become personally acquannted wnth the school s facnlntnes and faculty It ns Important that there be closer assocuatnons among father teacher and son an order to promote a more rewardrng hugh school career for the student This year under moderator Father Ward and presldent Ralph Bohn this goal was achleved through various socsal functions the Annual Sports Night and Dinner the Communnon Breakfast the Boxung Bouts and the two annual dances l35 -iq Alumni Board of D rectors The Alumnn Assocnatnon of Stepmac was founded four years ago so that the graduatlng classes could perpetuate the splrlt of the school The Alumnl Coun cll composed of one member from each graduating class and the officers under the guidance of Father Mathews prepares a sem: annual clrcular paper the Alumni News to keep old grads Informed about their classmates and to notufy them of coming events at Step mac The annual alumna varsuty basket ball game already a tradntnon two dances and a communion breakfast hnghllght the yearly social program of the AlumnlAssoclat1on This June will mark another mule stone In the llfe of the one hundred and forty sux men an the furst graduat :ng class four years ago. They left femme Stepnnac to enter college the vanous Armed Servnces and the busmess world Thus year s Stepnnac graduates and the underclassmen might well be proud of the record compnled nn college the services and ln all the varlous phases of the busnness world As a partial trlbute to these far flung representatnves of Stepnnac there ss presented on the fol lowlng pages representatnve grouplngs of Steplnac graduates now attending some of the leadung colleges of the country At the present tlme over four hundred and fnfty Stepnnac graduates are attendang forty dufferent colleges unlversltnes and professional schools of such nature as Holy Cross Princeton Notre Dame West Polnt Fordham R P I Manhattan M I T Dayton Cornell, Detroit, and St. Bonaventure. . , . .I . J A Tm, ,I ,' ,- ,, , . .s 3 ' . 4 fw.--g.ff 'L A 'Sf' 1 , f"'w-- '-fd: 4 'Q . f V mfg -Z' 'ja ' v,-xl. ' .1 I .- 1 '5' " x ' -s ' if 5 ' m Ji pg, .- ,gy w "YW' H h H 1 L 0. .. - ' 1 . lv. - I "l" I I ,, . Ill Ili mmm " , 5 WE!" 4 1 - x , QQ 3 4 W 'e ,4 ,Qi 1' v Q ,, xg , K V i WO' fit' G? M K.- fw vgwg gi ,rg Ii 1 :Qu Z s 5 iii 5 x 1, "'4!aunEA av--W 'W' W'- ige ,, 5 'Q 'er , Ev' EXW X :fy S 1 . f ' Y My K.. W. f S New - if .14 D.. ,f K Most Reverend V Domenico Balducelll 0 S F S william el? gfzflfylug 5 F 5 6e05Zcu!e Nt ln l95O at the unvutatuon of Hus Emunence Cardunal Spellman extended through Monsugnor Krug the Very Reverend Wulluam Buckley Superuor Provuncual of the Oblate Fathers of St Francus de Sales assugned three men of that congregatuon to the faculty of Archbushop Stepunac Hugh School The arruval of Fathers Carlun Quunn and Fulchner completed a cycle un the hustory of the congregatuon un Ameruca that had begun fufty seven years earluer The Congregatuon orugunally entered the Unuted States from France un l893 at the unvutatuon of Monsugnor Preston then vucar general of the Archduocese of New York Monsugnor Preston had just completed the founda tuon of a congregatuon of susters to whom he gave the name Susters of Duvune Compassuon For theur mother house at Whute Plauns he desured to secure a spurutual ad vusor who would brung to the new congregatuon the spurut of St Francus de Sales Whule the Amerucan monsugnor labored to establush hus congregatuon un Whute Plauns pruest of the Duocese of Troyes un France Father Louus Brusson was seekung papal approbatuon for a congregatuon of pruests whuch he had founded to assust the Duocesan pruests un the Chrustuan educatuon of youth On Chrustmas Eve l875 Father Brusson receuved the Decretum Laudus the offucual papal laudatory decree for hus luttle band of pruests The followung August the furst sux mem bers of the new congregatuon The Oblate Fathers of St Francus de Sales pronounced theur furst vows un the bushop s chapel at Troyes Shortly after thus begunnung the founder at Troyes receuved from the founder at Whute Plauns a request for the servuces of a pruest of the new congregatuon Not untul l893, however, after the death of Monsugnor Pres ton, was Father Joseph Marechaux assugned to Whute Plams, to begun hus dutues at what us now Good Counsel College Dure need of pruests moved Father Brusson to recall Father Marechaux to France un l898 The Amer ucan project was resumed un l9Ol, when un response to repeated pleas of the mother superuor at Whute Plauns, three Oblate pruests were sent to Ameruca In l903 the Oblates scattered throughout the eastern states uouned forces and, at the unvutatuon of the Bushop of Wulmungton, Delaware establushed a small pruvate school un the cuty of Wulmungton The luttle school whuch opened uts doors un l903 to twelve students at present has half a thou sand boys and counts among uts alumnu many of the leaders cuvuc and ecclesuastuc of the state of Delaware The sudden rapud expansuon of Catholuc secondary educatuon un the early l92Os created an urgent need for teachung reluguous To the Oblates ut afforded an opportunuty to realuze un Ameruca the end for whuch they had been founded un France to assust duocesan pruests un the Chrustuan educatuon of youth In 1926 Hus Emun ence Cardunal Dougherty archbushop of Phuladelphua asked the Oblate Fathers to provude a faculty for one of the proposed hugh schools un hus expandung duocesan secondary system The Very Reverend J F Tucker present canon of the Cathedral of Monte Carlo and chap laun to the Prunce of Monaco was at the tume provuncual superuor of the Amerucan provunce He acceded to the cardunal s request and un September of the same year the school was establushed wuth an enrollment of 400 boys by l95O wuth 4 OOO students ut had grown to be the largest Catholuc hugh school for boys un the world Durung the years that followed vocatuons and founda tuons multuplued rapudly At present the provunce numbers l69 pruests l68 professed scholastucs and 37 clerucal novuces There are 20 professed brothers and lO brother novuces The provunce staffs the facultues un whole or un part of hugh schools un the Archduoceses of New York Phuladelphua and Detrout the duoceses of Wulmungton Buffalo Toledo and Erue and admunusters parushes un the cutues of Wulmungton Delaware and Toledo Ohuo Father Marechauxs mussuon of half a century ago "to brung the spurut of St Francus de Sales to Whute Plams," has found ample fruutuon The Oblate Fathers have returned to theur "gateway to the New World," brungung the spurut of "the Gentleman Saunt of Savoy" to the blendung of cultures that makes Stepunac the unuque unstututuon ut us And, oddly enough, the cycle has embraced gust two generatuons Father Quunn, who youned the Stepunac mathematucs department un l95O, studued hus hugh school mathematucs under Father Fro mentun, the puoneer chaplaun at Good Counsel un l9Ol up 'JK 1" :X S I f.. V l ,ll fm .hz il f L " - 'l' .. 3 " Mu" , - Z ' l ' l ' ---- e u ' ' . . . . . Master General ' 2 , provincial 1 Q S 0 0 a . 1 1 . - . . - ' a ' I ' I ' I . ali Pix., T: iii w 5 A ft"f'fEil5 1 hafxiu, .n --W---' ,r -Q . f if ' 'EEF' LA , 1 la an , ' L, ' ' . B 1 -, 3 fill-l : ri, I ' ' 4. ' 'Q I .. I ,w,X , :vii-I ,., 25 "'?'34 -s, il VA 5, . V .A N K ,A 13.2.- .."xj.""n,LLg , -"M 5-5 ,, 'B' N ig ....f"' fmirtg, '-x , :ll if 'Q .h V A .A -ft' s . .R 3- .wg ' -Z". J, ,559 -' . - 5. 5 A x V 4 ' I 4' 'Z' 1. ,fx H 'NY fu- . wg ,' ,, N. 1 no Mx IVHPDV ,inw- ,P 6. . . Q . ESQYLM E4 1 2' if 1 '3 "W ,Q , . f IE A 'I FF! u I E f LL ,4 xxx xx" we ga, X Hill! X 4,---D. M mmnn 1 .,, 1 run ' 595 4., . an .fur-nr" ,,,,sv""', ,E fy, ,,,,..A nl 8 'I I A ,. 1 Malawi' 'P'f"'fL I 1-C I 'Q 4-' 4 tv '-' 'sl ' X nl V 5 if I gg Q I 5? X 1 n 4 , l v 1 Q 4 Q I I 1. 1 f J BA 2' ""Tf1iZf' . 1 I -AJ M11 .M 5 S? gk ,am x.--3, Q , i 5 I gf .W .v. if 5- -QA G' 1 ff" Qf YT' ..:.+., - 2 N. is if EI.. 5 ' 9 g 6 . HVFFEEEF ,1 f Q 1 I X I 5 p ' ' iwfgxw . -f-""f""' V 0. 5' Q 1 , , . y 6, ' K Af A -V i V Qgalrilfw , 0 H' A .f , ' ' QF" fy - QQ-27 I -v R231 ' H 'L A iw -f'Y'1.:, 55' Qi! ' '- . 31 : Q , f . .gi '- ' 3 '?7?7.3" ,, 1 7 Y' x 2' fa, f ,. i f- , , ? 5 'WUIYH -I 1 1 B nf J-fin' K MA 'J ' 'B 1-9 Q - -.-...,.-.. .. A ,yank ,,,,, w ,.. -MW-sf-fum ,,,, H 11: . v 12' ,, rwqi? MM? X xzymjff y ff nh' 1 ff. 1 1 1, I U Q A N X V 2 5 an F 5? 7 V 44 ,qw I ' Q MU 4,51 -x-'CXL 2190-N u,so.5 Si' . zso o, -s-has z-ao, n.Sm so. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph A. Kerwin Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas Deegan Rt. Rev, Msgr. John Hartigan Rev. Joseph Stuhr Church of the Assumption, Peek- skill Church of the Blessed Sacrament, New Rochelle Church of St. Dennis, Yonkers Church of St, John, Pawling Church of St. John the Baptist, Yonkers Church of St. Joseph, Bronxville Church of St. Joseph, Yonkers Church of Our Lady of Mt. Car- mel, White Plains A Church of Our Lady of Fatima, Scarsdale Church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Port Chester Church of the lmmaculate Heart of Mary, Scarsdale Bill" Sirignano takes over. F9 Church of the Holy Family, New Rochelle Church of the Holy Name, New Rochelle Church of the Holy Name, Val- halla Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Ardsley Church of St. Catherine, Pelham Church of St. Pius X, Scarsdale Church of St. Peter and Paul, Fleetwood Church of the Resurrection, Rye Church of the Sacred Heart, Port Chester Art Craft Floor Covering Co. Dr. and Mrs. Godfrey F. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brady, Sr. Brown-Longyear Motors, Inc, Butler Lumber Co. Carmelo Bambace, Inc, White Plains I49 Century Musical Instrument Co. Colony Flower Shop, White Plains Maurice L. Condon Co., Inc. County Chair Renting Co., Mt. Vernon Mr. and Mrs. Piercy M. Culyer Charles Deer Dominick De Matteo Mr, and Mrs. Charles Deshensky Donatore's Court Restaurant, White Plains Francis M. Dursi Max Feldman Mr, and Mrs. Joseph P. Fletcher Efficiency Printing Co., White Plains Foley's Dairy, lnc., North Tarry- town Food Enterprises, Inc., White Plains Gedney Way Delicatessen Hon. and Mrs. Louis M. Galgano Neale R. Gilson Gus's Shop, White Plains Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hansen Happiness Laundry Service, lnc. Holiday Inn Dr, and Mrs. James M. Houlahan Hub Diner Kruger's Toy Shop, White Plains Lawrence Labriola Lake Farms Market, White Plains Larchmont Federal Savings and Loan Association Larry's Baking Co., Peekskill Mrs. Minnie Latella Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lehr Letts Chevrolet, lnc. Mr. Manlio M. Liccione Elizabeth Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Lynch Frances M. Lynch 1' Mary Lynch Mr, and Mrs. James H. McAvoy Hudson K, Mason Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Masterson Midtown Poultry Market, Elms- ford MirabelIa's Grocery, New Rochelle Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nevin Noble Van and Storage-Fireproof Warehouse, Scarsdale Mr, and Mrs. Albert R. O'NeaI A, T. Petrillo Co. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Picone Mr. James Ranni Frank H. Reagan Mr. and Mrs. James Sapione Scarsdale Diner John J. Scivoletto Sofia Bros., lnc. Fireproof Storage Warehouse ISO Italian Club takes over the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Spellman Sweetmen's Printers and Pub- lishers Maxl's Ratskeller Uncle Sam Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J, Taylor Victoria Luggage, lnc. Arthur J. Walsh Westchester Floor Craftsman, lnc. Kurt Wayne Jewelry Manufacture Xavier Printing Co., Mt. Vernon Yannantuono Funeral Home, Mt. Vernon Englewood Tire Distributors Howard Clothes Gristede Brothers Romeo La Brusciano Post Bowling Academy, White Plains Benjamin's, lnc. Mr, and Mrs. P. K. Pahl Morrls Abrams lnc dustrlal Supplies A V Acocella Mr and Mrs M L Amen doa Arr way Yellow Cab Allbertos Grocerles and Dellcatessen Tuckahoe Alndo Tallors Yonkers Mr and Mrs James Baglnvn Baslls Meat Market Yon kers Bens Barber Shop Peeks Mrs Madellne Bracco WlIburJ Brady d Mrs P J Br C W Brezovskypacy Buckley Realty C Port Chester Camera Craft Inc M and Mrs Anthony Camp Carrozza Accordnon Studno Mt Knsco Carmellte Holy Name Soc: ety Tarrytown Central Tlcket Agency Whute Plalns Christy the Tallor Chapleau Osborne Photographers Church of Our Lady ot Sorrows Mr and Mrs James Clark 'fm An R iW1'-- z rp? I.- Dr and Mrs Mlchael J Cnvetta Clover Restaurant White Plauns Crestwood Market Crozler Bros Movnng and Storage Mary Colllns Columbus Ave Pharmacy Cords Whute Platns County Boys and Mens Shop Scarsdale Mr and Mrs J Curran Church f St John he Evangelist Kathernne E Carroll Allen Sport Shops lnc Argu Glass Co DeMarcos Grocery Store New Rochelle Dr and Mrs Thomas A Dwyer a d M s H D E I Ellmghouse and Co Emmadlne Farms lnc M and Mrs Frederick Esposlto Gedneyway Pharmacy Gene s Market Port Chester Gls Restaurant Bedford Hnlls Graessle Bros Hardware Mr and Mrs V J Guarlglla was 'tv 4, rx, 'irq County Golt Champ Jlmmy Gay Harney Tallor and Cleaners Harns Men s Shop Tuckahoe Wm Hart Real Estate Scarsdale R B Heny Hub Dlner lrvnngton Pharmacy ltalnan Amerlcan Socual Group Whnte Plalns Jans Contractlng Servlce Purchase Jones Flornst Port Chester Mr and Mrs H Kamph Mr and Mrs Maurlce Kayatt Rev J Kellv Rudolph Kraus A Kerner Mr and Mrs HughJ Kerr Klnclerman Flreproot Storage Warehouses lnc Knox Lent and Tucker Insurance Mr and Mrs Wlllnam Landry Charles Llbrett lnc New Rochelle Rev ThomasJ McGovern McGraths Esso Servlce Whlte Plains Rev V1ncentJ McShane Mr and Mrs Joseph A Mahoney Rev Anthony L Maltese Mallys Coffee Shop Joseph A Maloney Louus Maraventano MD Moores Quality Market Arthur Murray Dance Studno Whlte Planns H B Nash Pharmacy Nlcks Flower Shop Mr and Mrs F Norton Mrs Susan OBrlen Dom Pace Plano Tunlng Mr and Mrs J C Papcsy Patterson Silk Store White Plains Mr and Mrs Salvatore Pascale Papa John s Restaurant and Plzzerua Whlte Planns M and Mrs J P Petrul MII Ellen E Phean Phnllups Drugs White Planns A M Matthew Purone Post Radlo Servuce Mrs Ernrl Ravenda Reluable Tax: Inc Fulton Pres Rellable Taxa lnc Delso Vlce Pres Relnable Tax: Inc Clarcla Treas Mr and Mrs Francls Reynolds Angelo Rlgano Mr Robert Haur Deslgner Lester James Angelo Rocco Motor Sales Corp Rooer Smlth Hotel Barber Shop Mr and Mrs S Russell Santana Bros lnc Rev Thomas F Scanlon Shaws Funeral Home Port Chester Shettueld Farms Co Inc R Shulman Snlos Restaurant New Rochelle AnthonyJ Sposato Steplnac Llbrary Club Dave Stevens Mr and Mrs M Stnller Mr and Mrs Leo S Sullnvan Tavolllla Bros lnc FrankJ Ttmko Monu ments Yonkers Ray Tlmney Whute Planns Mr and Mrs Gilbert J Tlmone Tnre Servxce lnc Tuckahoe Itallan Bakery Co Inc Mr Anthony Vallarellr Mr and Mrs G Vuzlolx C R Wallauer and Co lnc Wallace Cornlng Whlte Plalns Bob Warren Westchester Church Goods Co The faculty settles down to ouslness ISI I ' , ., ln- . . 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Suggestions in the Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) collection:

Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Stepinac High School - Shepherd Yearbook (White Plains, NY) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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