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AJ nf f V 5-1 f gf' ' 1 ' y' ., ' 1 , f .A ' X 4. 1 , 'HQ , f ,, 4,1 A X, . . 111 1 , ' .gg I ff. 1 1,1 1 f 1 , ax ' 'f ' 1 i' I 11 6 1 f J 1 fy VV1' I 'fi ' f 1 1 f ' A' 1 1 A 1 1 , 1 A 1, 1' ' V 1, 1 ff 11 - ' 1 .5 1 f , f N , 1 U p U p U p 1 , 1 1 I , 1 Q1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V w, 'I .1 , R ,11 1 A f ' W u X I ff ' 1 f , 1 1 J, gy N W1 mm 1 N11 E I ' Sc Away Archbishop Ryan High School for Girls K Academy Road '79 Phlladelphla, Pennsylvania Z XI X 19154 VOIUITTG II Faculty 6 Classes 26 Activities 46 Sports 82 Seniors 'IO6 T , :Ji Principal . . .l-le is a shephera, a counselor ancl a friencl. FaTher Conahan's renoyaTion of Ryan's physical boay is a symbolic aT- TempT To consTrucT The Ragaolls inTo shining examples of ChrisTian womanhooa ana To lavThe founaaTion of ChrisTian promise. iT Vice-Principal . . .Her day sTarTs early ancl enas IaTe. From Teacher subsTiTuTions To Thanksgiving fooa arives, Sr. Mary ElizabeTh hanclles each problem wiTh skill ana auieT paTience. She is always There when neea- ea, acTing as a liason among aaminisTra- Tion, faculTy ana mosT imporTanTly, The sTuaenTs. inspiration D9CliCCJTiOl'1 Rev. John J. Conahan, Principal Sr. Mary ElizabeTh, OSF, Vice-Principal Deans . . Education, Guidance, Discipoline,and Activities. The four basic components of a RagdoII's daily scnooi life. in Sisters Veronica Brooks, Eugenie Madeleine, Ann Maureen and Josepna, Ryan nas tour deans vvno give unceasingiy of tneir time and energy to fulfili ine needs of every student. D CINS Teens 1142 Sister Veronica Brooks, RSM, Studies Director Sister Ann Maureen, IHM, Dean of Students 1 5 3 Sister Josepha, CSFN, Activities Director Wi F SisterEugenie Madeleine SSJ Guidance Director i N, A - S f- 1 .. an 'ri-4-S l Mrs. lvlarieria Agocs Sisier Alma Agnes, IHIVI Sister Angelila Marie, lHlVl Social Studies 1,2 Discipline Office Business 3,41-Chairperson: Guidance Sister Ann Greely, SSJ Falner Aquinas SislerAvila, lHlVl German l,2,3,4 Library Assisiani Science 3,41 fiilll itll lvlr. Frank Bernard Religion 1,3 .44 I. Mrs. Adele BissoneTle Miss Holly Bloom Science 4,2 C.O.R.A sxwx Mrs. Joon Borruso SisTer Brendon, CSFN MoThemoTics 4,2 English 4,2 Mrs. Arlene Brickmon SisTer Comille, CSFN English 4,2 Religion 4,2 Miss Noncy Corney Philocieliohio-TARGJ-"She hos reolly mocle my four yeors oT Ryon memorciblef' ciuoTes Don- no Goivin, Three Time oil-CoTholic cincl BulleTin Scholcir-AThleTe. The person who is The obiecT of Don- no's oclmiroTion is none oTher Thon Miss Noncy Cgrney, Ar- chbishop RYCIDIS c1ThleTic direcTor ond soflboll cogch. Miss Corney hos been wiTh The Archcliocescin school sysTem for more Thon TwenTy yecirs - one of The longesT Tenures of ony lciy Teocher c1T Ryon. She begon her Teoching coreer oi John VV. l-lollohon High School for Girls ond is currenTly in her TenTh yecir ciT Ryon, Teciching bhysicol educoTion. Even Though she is o yorcicious reocier, Miss Corney's heorT sTill lies wiTh sporTs. She hcis workecl os o comb counselor oncl hos cilso been nomed o NolTionol l-lonorciry Bciskeibcill Officiol. As cooch of l?yon's soflboll Teom, she hos led Them To Three CciTholic Leogue chombionshibs ond works uncecxsingly To co- or- dinoTe oil The yorious sioorTs oT Ryon. If There is one berson who hos conTribuTed The mosi To l?yon's oThleTic clomincince in high school sborTs, iT is Miss Noncy Corney. rm Mrs. Mary Campbell Mrs. Kathleen Carclarnone Social Siuaies 23,4 English 4,4-Chairperson Miss Palricia Carlo English 'IA "-14' 2 tx M Miss Suzanne Carroll Miss Nancy Carney Mrs. Maryann Carpenler Physical Eaucalionp Alhlelic Direclor Science l,2,3 Malhemalics l,2,3,A-Chairperson Miss Lucille Carrozza Science 1,25 N,H.S. Xp .: 12 'Yi RR S RRCSS. iii . it ..,. , g r... Mrs. Veronica Casey Business 3,115 Swenson-Guidance Sister Cherubim, CSFN Social Studies 3,4-Chairperson Sister Christine, RSM Latin 4,25 Guidance Sister Celine, RSM Guidance Office Miss Pearl Chong Social Studies 4,3 Mrs. Marie Comber Science 4,2,3,A Sr. Kathleen Waugh, RSM Philadelphia-IARGJ-For the past nine years, students here at Archbishop Ryan have been guided through the great works of literature by the smiling Sister Kathleen Waugh. Whether it be Shakespeare, Fitzgerald or Keats, Sister brings life to all their works. Coming to us from Bishop Con- well High School in 4974, Sister has become a vital part of Ryan, helping it to grow and develop in all areas. She is the moderator of the CSC Arts and Crafts pro- gram and a member of the Fine Arts Committee, She is also in- volved in the Charismatic Move- ment but is never too busy to be a friend and counselor to a stu- dent in need. Sister attended West Catholic High School, Gwynedd Mercy College, Villanova and Mar- auette Universities. This year is a special one for Sister Kathleen. On April 22, she celebrated her silver jubilee as a member of the Sisters of Mercy. We at Ryan would like to extend to her our sincere thanks and congratula- tions for her service to us and to God. S .M Q xy 5 i Q. f . L -.X ,f'F,.s..WM Mrs. Lorroine Cook Miss Borboro Cowley lVIrs. lVlorv Denise Curron Sociol Sluclies l Sloonlsh 'l,2,3 ivlolhemolics 2,3,4: Guidonoe - .r.- rrsr - f i"" Sister Denise, CSFN ivlr. Joseph Devlin lVlrs, Polricio Devlin Religion 3,4 Business 2,3,A English 3,-4 Mrs. Suson Devlin lvlolhemolios l,2,3 1 fi Q i ! X .s 1 s s. Sister Dolorata, SSJ Miss Patricia Donnelly Main Office: Mimeograph Room Religion 3,4 MMM Miss Mary Edwards Sister Mary Elizabeth Hedges, RSM Religion 3,4 Main Office Mrs. Clara Evans Miss Adrienne Farrace Home Economics-Chairperson: italian l,2,3 Guidance Mr. Joseph Mac Cracken Philadelphia-KARGJ-In whose class would you see students constructing cameras, dropping parachutes from third floor win- dows and learning how to repair cars? DaVinci's? No! lt's Ryans Renaissance Man, Mr. Joseph MaoCracken. Mr. MacCraclcen has the distinct honor of amassing more credits than any other member of Ryan's faculty. At last count, his credits totaled over four hun- dred. He received his degree in Mathematics and Science from Thomas A. Edison College in Princeton, New Jersey, and one in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. l-le also has earn- ed credits in law, counseling and architecture from Temple University, Marywood College, Penn State University at Indiana, and the College of Notre Dame in California. Mr. MacCraci4en came to Ryan in 4969 and has establish- ed himself as our foremost physics teacher. l-le is also involv- ed in counseling and has been an invaluable help to our juniors and seniors with his excellent knowledge of college entrance reauirements. Mr. MacCracken is more than just a teacher to the girls at Ryan. Our Renaissance Man is their friend and advisor bringing to his profession limitless energy and an innovative mind. lVlrs. Florence Foy Sisler Florence, CSFN Sisler Fronces Clore, ll-llVl English 4,4 Religion 3: Book Slore Business 3,41 Mrs. Glorio Furmon Miss lvlorilyn Gonlkof V Sister Groce Polrice, SSJ Business 2,3,A Molnernolics 1,41 Frencn 4,2 lvlrs. lvlory Green l-lonne Economics 2,3,A lvliss Carol Harkins English 3,-41 lvlrs. Nancy Hill Social Sfudies A lVlr. Dennis I-laugh Ari l,2,3,1l-Chairperson Fafher lra Library AssisTanT , .twig Sisier Joan lVlarie, SSJ Mr. JOVTTGS Kane English 2 Religion 1,25 Sacrisian Sr. Rosalima, CSEN Philadelphia-IARGJ-Who is The SisTer who can pe found in The vicinify of The Third floor newspaper room helping The girls To meei Their deadlines? Why iT's SisTer Rosalima, of course, who for The pasf four years has been The moderafor of l2yan's newspaper, The Orafor. SisTer aTTended Cenfral Needle Trades School and Nazarefh Academy. She worked Towards her pachelor and masfers degrees aT lvlarywood College and Villanova, GeorgeTown and Cafholic Universifies. SisTer Rosalima came To us from Nazarefh Academy six years ago and Teaches Reading and English. Through her endeavors, Thousands of dollars were spenf To buy eduipmeni necessary in esfaplishing a com- prehensive reading program designed To fiT The needs of every Ragdoll. Bofh as a moderafor and Teacher, SisTer has helped The girls To grow in Their academic and exfracur- ricular pursuiis. Besides her inTeresT in jour- nalism, Sisfer Rosalima is an avid sTudenT of The iiscience" of piorhyfhms. lviany Teachers could noT face each day wiThouT SisTer's coffee and piorhyfhm chari. We Thank her and hope Thaf The farce sTays wiTh her! Sister Kathleen Waugh, RSM English 3,11 Sister Laureen, Il-iM Mathematics 4,2 Mr. Robert Lewis Social Studies 4 sift Mr, Tom Klee Miss Rosemary Korbel Shalom English 2: Yearbook Mr. Edward Lawrence Miss l?OS9i'T1C1ry LGODG Religion 3 English 3 l'There is at Ryan a very pronounced family spirit between teachers and students. Within the faculty and. student body exists a special feeling of communi- ty. This all adds up to a school which l en- joy, a school I would hate to leave." Sister Rosalima Miss Mory Lorenzo Mr. Joseph Moc Crocken Librorion Science l,3,11pGuidonce Sisler MorgdreT Conry, RSM Sisier Morgorei Thompson, SSJ Business 2,3,A Ari 'l,2,3,A SisTer Morio Invioloio, IHM Slsier Morie Sconlon, SSJ Religion A-Choirperson Sponish 1,2 Mrs. Josephine Turner Philodelphio-LAIQGJ-Science: A sysiemized knowledge derived from observolion, siudv ond ex- perimenis cdrried on in order To deiermine The noTure on prin- ciples of vvhoi is being siudied. Science Teocher: o person who is orgonized, ODSGVVOIWT, in- novdilve ond poTlenT. Who beiier To hove os choirmon of i?ydn's science depcirimeni, Thon The person vvho embodies dll These duoliTies - Mrs. Josephine Turner! Mrs. Turner received her degree in Biology ond Chemlsirv from Rosemoni College. To sup- plemeni her educdiionol ex- perience, Mrs. Turner hos done bocieriol siudies ond resedrch vvork CIT Einsiein Medicol Cenier ond Grodudie Hospiiol in Philodelphid. She hos been ol Rydn for Ten vedrs ond chdirmon of her deporTmenT for six. As o member of The Foculiv Council, Mrs. Turner hos shovvn dlplomdcv ond responsibilliv in hdndllng foculiv-odminisiroiive oifoirs. We Thonk Mrs. Turner for The Time ond devoiion she hos given To her vvork ond To her sludies. We olso congroiuloie her ond her husbond on Their Tvveniv-fifih wedding dnniversory which They will celebroie on Moy Tvvenlv-fiTTh. Sister Marie Veronica, SND Social Stuaiesl Sister Mary Corbett, SSJ Religion 2 Miss Mary Claire Mc lntyre Health: Physical Education Sister Mary, IHM Sister Mary Anne Francis, RSM Business 3,4 Religion 1,3 w ilk ,,yyLL AQLHSSMQ, f'm,,, pf 1 sv, 12 " S u swf tml, f Sister Mary Martin, RSM Miss Patricia Mathis Library Assistant I-lealthg Physical Education- Chairperson Ulhe most important thing that a teacher shoula rememloer is that she is also a stu- olentp in that knowledge, growth is assured," Miss Rosemary Korloel 4, -A Mrs. CaTherine McKeown Mrs. Deborah McShane French 2,3,1l: STudenT Council French 1,35 lTalian A-Chairperson Mrs. KaThleen Merrick Miss ConsTanoe Meyer Library AssisTanT Science 4,2 Mr. John Miller Miss Ann Murphy Religion 4,2 Mathematics 1 1. l 5 9 x Y V' TV' 'T f ff . iraq .' T if Yvpgf Mild ff'k',.s? ., . , 1. 41, '- r, ,Q ., H.f2r!. 1 I4 . A V 'g ' -qi -gm I ' il Miss Adrienne Farrace Philadelphia-IARGJ-There are cerTain people in This world who sTand aparT from The resT of us in Their knowledge of The world or as The French would say, Their "Savor-faire." We are lucky To have such a person here aT Archbishop Ryan in Miss Adrienne Farrace. Born in lTaly, Miss Farrace mov- ed To Canada aT The age of Three. She aTTended school in MonTreal and received her degree in Spanish and lTalian aT Loyola UniversiTy in MonTreal. ln 1971, The Farrace family emigraTed To The UniTed STaTes and Miss Farace joined The Ryan 'lTamily" in January of 4972. FluenT in four languages: French, Spanish, lTalian and English, she has been an invaluable asseT To our language deparTmenT. ln Teaching lTalian, her favoriTe sub- jecT, Miss Farrace has made her sTudenTs deeply appreciaTive of The lTalian culTure and Their lTalian heriTage. VViTh her dry vviT and enormous collecTion of puns iboTh good and badj, Adrienne Farrace is one of The mosT vvell liked members of Ryan's faculTy. As The lTalidns would say, T'Che signorina erudiTa!" Mrs. Catherine Murray Miss Mariellen O'DonneII Mr. John O'Neiii Business SA: Guidance Maihennaiics 'I,2,4 English 3 i 1 3 F , Mr. Joseph O'NeiII Sister Pairicia Mulcierick, RSM Mrs. Regina Reggi Religion 3,-41 Spanish 'i,3,-4 Science i,2,3,4 Sisier Rita Good, SSJ Religion 42,115 Sacrisian Sisler Rosdlimo, CSFN Miss Moygoil Rolhweiler English lg Newspdper Shdlom Mr. Dennis Smilh Mrs. Rilo Tomlinson Socidl Sludies 3,11 Science 4,2 ln November, Rydn losl d friend ond ledcher in Sr. Florence Teresd. As d member of our longuoge ond guidonce depdrlmenls. Sisler wds dn imporlonl in- fluence in The lives of lhe Rogdolls. She hos lefl o void which will bedifficulllofill. Sr. Florence Tereso, SSJ Mr. AlperlSchueIler Sociol Sludies 3,41: Audio-Visudl Coordindlor il's,s . , fiir -' W, 'f" " , Mrs. Josephine Turner Science l,-41-Chdirperson EK Miss Susdn Ydckel Sholom Cafeleria Personnel lSeaTeaJ L. Milione, E. Mc- Corrnac, V. Delaneny, R. Dellore, L. Mueller, M Callagnan. lSlanalngJ M Divirgilio, B. Bakos, H. Burns J. Boyd, M. Welsh, F Morano, B. Tell, C. Yike. Nurses: Mrs.Tneresa Falik ana Mrs. Lorella Volz Mainlenancez llefl To rlgnll George Barn Mary Srnlllle Joanne Faber Volunteers: lSlanaingJ K. Haugn, J. DeMarzo, K. Cipriano, N. Paylicnko, J. Perrone, P. Orlanao, B. Cor- ney, G. Cinque. fSeaTeaJ D. Agnew, A. Oswall, C. Gior- aano, R. Farley, A. Wasniewski, J. Munlz, R. Pauley. Kevin Eccleslon Personnel . . .They ore here when we orriye ond look The doors offer we Ieoye. Our seoreidries, moinienonoe sidff, yolunieers, oofeierio personnel, ond nurses insure Thor eooh doy di Ryon runs os srnooihiy os possible. They ore olwoys There when needed, reody ond wiilingio heioihe eniire Ryon oornmuniiy. Mrs. Mdrgdrei Ldrnio ' Mrs. Peggy Gilligdn Reddy Willing Mrs. Angeio Coliins Mrs. Mory Kyle LOTS AND DCEW NS. f 9 S aw H mi H! W, 251 ,f Seniors -if , 'Vk5"VlifQfVfi':f ,' WWW ,YW wg M75 Juniors W r 1 A, ff! y -1 . X' f 4 ,fv'a3,gXff,,' 4-"','41I,, , A I , W I , , I, .VM I II A K 1 I I , fm I If I If ? I ,i , ,R I , Vf I 1 .A 54 Xc.,f,,.,I4 J mf V vm. f X4 , aff". ' ff, - . ,T .L4'f4'9"f V ' U j X f ' K 5 'Ar I5 if Ak A K fr' ff' ffm f f , 1 ' ' , . f X f ,yf , jf I I , .4 , I A I If II, I Il' I CI II' .. .!. IVLMIIM 5 ,I f ' M . 1 . ,f 2 Af 1' Q f f , wi. fA.f'T ' fu ff 0-1 -,AJ ' ' K 'J , f ln, I 1 XJ- , I, X rf .yn I A K 1 4 ff I V N 1 , , , , A ' ,ff 1 ,, , ,f 4 W - ' f ff Af' . 3 'I f f f J f 2, . , ,, ,, , A , ,. 1 ff , ,, - ff -f If If, .- I! J Lf I,1l f C., Af , X, I If II II K ,, , I, X I A LX! LX! If II X I XVI IQ! ,ff X K ,f f' f ' Q , E J 1 ff fi f 72 lbw? fi'if-- ff' f ' x f N " 'Q ,- " A ' 'V J S Y , I, rf ,. I I I I, I Il II , In 7 IJ, MI II , , wif, fy ,,,-,!fh7,y- J. I . LJ KIIIIIQI I If 'III I- II.II ,AI I, if -fm, M IIAW ,,A,,,, .0 ff 2 ., If f ..-LAI I ,, .f -- ff JJ , I f , ff vyxzf' ffl f f f L" ' , 'f , ,, ,.., 'KA ,, f f f K, J- 1" , f ,fu ,L , ,fg ff, ..-L4 L , , f f X . jg 4 ' I :,,f ' v 4 ' 1 ,Q :fi 'Z f y ' mf' ' , v M- .. , JI 1 ,ww I, , , ' . 'V , ' f , X, ff Eff" 'f' ' ' V ,- ,,- - , ffj'!f"f,.L1-L 74 f 'ff' ' 'Z , 1 . 1. -,f ,, 'f f ff v ' f - 1 I: f I! I, ., I If 1 I I I ,Ig III I II IA A ,ft 5 ,,VV - I .I If . 7 JI, , I g ,J f R 2 Ii ., f. . fff X - jgwf I f,?,.: 'I fd ,iid ,If w , 'X 1 I I ,ff M' f "' I, f , ' 1 , ' I J Y . fn Q . f f , .ff f , P 'v ff' f f ,fw fnff , .sf -I I , fy V ,ff - I , , -N . , IA I , 'I ,Y ,4 I- II, X , , ' Q f-af 'L A ,ff "" J td fx ff ,I ff "' j I .fx x f f ,' 1 Sophomo X, z f c fx 2? 3 X Q L , ,Z ,Q ,Q 'Zi Q., 1, W 1 ff ,' ,M ,if 4, l :egg iif' 2 ? ,545 f, sk 52 5 ss , s .I ,X Ei W s 5 s i hm. 2 -if A A ,fa .22 35' 1 was K Wx? ,, I-, K w x I Z 5 Cf 523 5 1 E 33 35 L0 Religion . . .The essence of Ryon's exisTence is The sTudy of our TdiTh. In reTreoTs, The ForTy Hours DevoTion, ond vorious liTurgies, our sTudenTs ore given The opporTuniTy To grow in opprecidTion of . Their Cdiholic religion. And Through Their sTudies, FI The reuguoiis Qiiempr To undersTond Their relo- Tionshio To God in This rnodern world. .5 ' Q .......xE+ .,.,,,. N Sr. Comille lends o helping hond in o group discussion. l Amid The confusion of o school doy ci rnomenl ofTronduiliTy. W , f Nldry Por Durkin pours some Hindu Teo in ComporoTive Religions. English . . .Shakesbeares famous line, "All The worIci's a stage," abtly describes The dramatic sbirit which is imbued in our English stuclents, Whether iT be George Bernard Shaw's Arms and The Man or Bram SToker's Dracula, The Ragaolls love To "sink Their teeth" into The worlaI's literary masterpieces. Quotes AnecdoTes Three Bites are better than one! Diane Garbarina seems auite "clear" about her choice! Michele Vitali isn't worrieci about Marie WaIclron's overbite! PI Mathematics . . .Multiple Choice: Math is a class where l. Knowing all the angles really pays off: 2. The class hero is the inventor of the eraser: 3. x,y, ana Z are more than the last . three letters of the alphabet: rl. the plus ana M I n minus of Students ana teacher aaas up to fun. Answer: all ofthe above. Math? Of course I understand it! 'No 'QP 'M Ryan likes to do things in a pig way! No, we are not coneheaas! Sooiol STudies . . . oourT Trios ond mock Tridls. Does Ryon horloor orimindls? No, These doTiviTies ore only o smdll sTep in The Rdgdolls' journey To undersTond The world dround Them. In d course like World CuITures, new oulTures dnd sooieTies ore discovered by our sTudenTs. Besides, where else con one explore These new worlds ond be book in Time for your nexT oloss? Now Then Il Ryon's seniors hove Their doy in courT. I sweor l won TTeIl Them The ncime ofyour hoirdresser' 4 Z 3 T 1:-19' And This is my house! People Places Languages . . .The expression "all roads lead To Rome" is noT auiTe True aT Archbishop Ryan. The Ragdolls have many visTas To Travel in Their linguisTic journeys. Paris, Madrid and Berlin are jusT a few of The ciTies which beckan our language sTudenTs To explore Their culTural heriTage. Lf Now, ThaT's ITALIAN! "The French Fever"-soccer Ryan slyle! A Toga pany in LaTin class? if s s i l Science . . .ChemisTry ond l.P.S. dre lessons in dcids ond odses, TesT Tubes dnd iounsen burners. Biology is The dissecTion of frogs ond worms vviTh d quick rnedicdl lesson To cure Tdih- Ting. WhdTever The course, science dT Rydn is d fun-filled excursion inTo The world dround us, discovering The mysTeries of The universe ds we discover The rnysTeries of ourselves. Con d pencil grow in d Terrdrium? ls This picTure blurry or is iT OD opTicdi illusion? I wonder if The Gdlloping G-ourmeT sTdrTed like This? Checks Balances Business . . .Famous auotes from the Ryan business world: i. "My fingers keep getting caught between the keys!" 2. 'tl-low come my carriage won't move? Oops, I forgot to plug in the typewriter." 3. "Can l get another station on this dictaphone, Sister Frances?" 41. "lVlr. Devlin, why am l one hundred thousand dollars short on myfinal balance?" l?yan's new game show-Beat the Clock! And you thought all teachers knew howto type! All this time, Rose Payne thought she had a manual typewriter. I Art . . .One imaginative mina plus one steady n nana aaas up to one Ryan art stuaent. Wnetner it loe on oanyas or oiay, no medium is too clif- fioult for our Ragaolls to work witn. In tneir creativity ana skill, our art students , imaginatively prove tne oici truism tnat pictures n S do speak Iouaertnan woras. Q ............. H A 1 Is this the S198 beauty snow Adrianna Saayeara snows off some of ner artworki Getting the right perspective-for the camera! ex QM sygfiyjt 1 ' A EMM Basie Bdke Home Eoohomios , . .Ahhie Homemdker poses some disTurpihQ duesTiohs dpoul home eoohomios. l. Does The Pillsbury Doughpoy redi- ly exisT'? 2. How ooh l DOSTG d Turkey ohd hem oT The some Time? 3. l-low ore puTTohholes mode? 4. ls There d difference peTweeh poking powder dhd poking sodd? 5. Why isr1'Td USimplioiTy" pdT- Tem simple To mdke? This picTure spedks for iTself. Their ddTe for The prom is dll "sewn" up! VVhoT did l do wrong? . ,-f kg 'gs . 2 . T .. his? as " .-. .z xx i i s .44 Q Lf 'E Q55 . . 55 5- Physical EducaTion . . .Annie Ryan poses some disTurbing auesTions abouT gym. l. ls balance possible on The balance beam? 2. Are demeriTs given for "horsing around" near The horse? 3. Does iT hurT if a person geTs spiked in volleyball? 4. Do They really expecT people To change back ihTo Their uniforms and run up To a class on The Third floor in Tour minuTes? Vaults Somersaulls Reading Barb lVIcFarland's mind: IThink l'Il IeT go! l ScooTer Soccer-a new dimension in Ryan aThIeTics! Which end is up? TAKING A CHANCE A CN RYAN. ACTIVITIES 'F' 'B f:xQ-vwmwmnkexvsfnxcaz Purple ana Gola . . .The Theme was yaucleyille, The place-our school auoliiorium. The jokes were ola puT The lauQhTer was young. On ThaT special OcToper clay, The Ragaolls, lea py Their peloyea Annie, laughea aT The comics, aancea To aisco ana proyea once ana for all ThaT aT Archbishop Ryan- SPIRIT is The name of The game. Annie Andy X King TuT seems really wrappea up in his music! Apbon ana Costello in "Whos on firsT"! -vw -- X" - 1: - A serious momenT in The show? Their names were announced To Their fellow olassrnaTes. The banners are gone, The speeches and applause buT fainT echoes in Their rnernories, The exciTernenT, however, never , died. lT reached iTs climax on ThaT day when our Se sTudenT Qovernmenl' assumed The ribbons of of- Tice. i p InsTallaTion . . .lT has been five monThs since Beverly AnThony addresses her fellow sTuclenTs. Palricia Cheney slands with her proud parenls after her insTallaTion as a represemalive. Our school leaders: Principal-Reverend John J. Conahan, flefl To righlj Sheila Roche llreasurerj, Beverly AnThony lVice Presidentj, Mrs. CaTherine lvlcKeown llvloderalorj, Kalhy Hough lPresidenTJ, Madeline Fox lSecreTaryJ. 1 f f i , 1 . Qj2:2g,45C N V,, CAL, ,f,'1,,6r,f,,,, J, fps, L bf 'iff' f f f f ,w , v 4 f 4..fV- 8.1 . m , , , K. ,s ' -' g?ff.f.,,gc sfzffyfll 4' !2'f'77 irff'1ff:, Vi-uf-724 fs- f4'7 34N-"1 XM ff f .f 'V' . 'IA '-' in 7 . .rj ' ' if , 'I , ' ' I I , , ,f 5 . dggfg,-if"y-4.1 154, '1LZK,,,.,,T-','y,fw:q'6J45Z,f , .,f 474, , 5.6-5 fyfffff ' f' T . c , - if ' " T' , ,fpZ'g'ff2-Pe' ,f.Vqf'f35j y wcfL1fl7eC ifafflaleff .40 4' Lf ' T ' ff' C4594 "fi, Councillors . . .Syiols movies, ond food drives. These dre some of The ocTiviTies spon- sored by our STudenT Council. During Their work- ing surnrner, rndny godls were sei for The 1978-79 school yedr. Now, ds The yedr ends wiTh The dchievernenT of These godls, our coun- cillors cdn proudly look pdck on d lop well Rules ff Regulations Student Council Officers: llefl To righlj Mddeleine Fox fSecreTdryJ, Kolhy Hough lPresidenTJ, Beverly Anthony Nice Presidenij, Sheilo Roche Urecisurerj. 4 Ti vzstfrqsfi "vw r we 'V " V' ,iw ww! Annie Rycin lends support To her STudenT Council, Senior Councillors: fFirsT row len To righil DoiTie EliTz, Nddine Pfender, Sue Knowles, Mdrgie Quinzdn, Sldcy Risdvy. lSecond rowj Micheline Pdgliei, Cdlhy Bdiley, Leslie Hdyes, Koihy Hough, Sheild Roche. lThird rowj Michele McLoughlin, Pdiricid Semdnyk, lvlddeleine Fox, Beverly An- Thony, Trdcy Donofry, lVldry Fdiih Miller. Junior Councillors: lFirsT rowjz Sue Penrose. lsecond row lefi io rignij Terry Spoerl, Liso Zimmermon. llnird rowjx Berf nodelie Curl, Lindo Kolb, Liso lVlcFodden. lliourln rowj: Kolny Rooney, Terry L9C1VG,J9C1O Costello, Judy Adorncnok, Fresnmon Councillors: lFronl row left To rlgnij Diane Brolly, Pouleiie Pielrofilio, Noiolie lvldurizio. lSecond rowl Sdndro Poljdn, Liso Clark, Poiricid Logon, Teri Higgins. flvlissingj Anne Andrews, Colleen Moloney. ff fry Sophomore Councillors: lFirsl rowjz Tneresd Rogue. lSecond row lefl To rignil: Mory Anne Fleming, Koiny Bell. linird rowl: lvloriio Gurl, Corol lVlcGorry, lvldry Bein Vendngo, lFourin rowl: Sdndy Deery, Tnereso Miller, Kirn Principe, Brendd Cosscdrelli, l Representatives anol Associates . . .The jobs are many ancl the responsipilities great. As news intormers, collectors ana encouragers, they are the keys to homeroom unity. Whether it is decorating a pulletin poara, helping the moderator or simply sharing a smile, the representatives ana associates help to insure a smooth-running homeroom. Business Pleasure Senior Representatives: lBottom left to rightl Sue Sullivan, Llnaa Kishel, Lisa Wojtkielevvicz, Cheryl Cummins, Kathy Fitzgerald, iSe- cona rovvj Denise Smith. Maureen McWilliams, Maureen Mallee, Teresa Hammona. lihira rovvj Donna Poulton, Pat Cheney, Jackie Penrose. Senior Associate Represen- tatives: lBottom left to rlghtl LuAnn Dovva, Lisa Wolf, Pat Slook, Kathy Fleming, Roseanne Maloney. lSeconcl rovvl Lyaia Pyrlh, Lee Mele, Delopie Thom, Donna Gavin, Terry Brolly. i 53 Junior Representatives: iBottorn left to rightj Terry Ann Salome, Maria Weber, Karen Pallante. lSecona rowj Debbie lrv- ing, Sandy Stabler, Mary Pat Durkin, Maureen McEaohern. lThira rowl Carolyn l-lannigan, Chris Murray, Cinay Bailey, Colleen Brassell, Lincla Konobka. Junior Associate Rebresentaitves: lBottorn left to rightl Cathy Costello, Julie Giasio, Ann Braay. iSeoona rowj Terry Kelly, Bethann Pyne, Barb Mclfarlana, Maria Nickels, lThira rowl Lynn Bahmiller, Beth Durkin, Linda Torbey, Linaa Kook. Freshmen Representatives: lBottorn left to rightj Kelly Clinise, Kathy Nickolas, Lisa Tonelli, Vicki Babst, Natalie Maurizio. lSe' cona rowl Beth Wittiok, Nadine McCarthy, Llnaa Petusky, Terry Monahan, Margaret Kinrnonth, Pat Handel. 'B X3 QQ x si---mg Sophomore Represenloiives: fBoriom left io righfj Vicki Lon- zidelle, Desiree Sielwlok, lvloripeih Guicloili. lSeoono rowj Trooy Wilemon, Joon Rice, Nololie Duolo, Rose Donize. Uhirol rowj Joonne Senske,Anilc1 Boxler, Arlene Jenoo, Vol Pogliei. Sophomore Assooioie Repre- senloiives: lBoliom lefi To righlj Morio Lozzoro, Lorlenne Alosl, Debbie Tyndoll, Corolyn Dilerio, lSeooncl rowj lylory Anne lVlo- Cole, Mcrry Brodzik, Maureen Lofferiy, Lindo Heory, Joyce Woss. llhird rowl Lindo Reslo, Liz Fovell, Kolhy Slone, Colleen O'Driscoll. Freshmen Assooiole Represen- Tolives: lBollom Iefl lo righij Kelly Ford, Regina Roski, .leonine Ehlf ing. lSecond rowj Ann lVloGele Tigon, Jookie Chioclehi, Donno Mortimer, Poi Wiegond, Audrey Lisowski, llhird rowj Kolhy Supin- ski, Noureen Hone, Donno Bosile, Koie Konen, Sonclro Pol- jok. Junior Members: lFirst row left to rightj K Thompson, R. Grab, D. O'Connor. lSe cond rowj A. Llorens, T. Previtera, K Fromnic, K. Franks, L. Davies, K, Malone E. Kennedy, L. Davis, L. Corcles, L Knopka, L. McFaaclen. Senior Ola Members: fFirst row left to rightj J. Crank, B. Kooker, M. Russo, B. Walush, M. Quin- zan. fSecond FOWI T. Dorr, G. Mulligan, E. Wasser, D. DiLauro. B. Pawnall. flhira rowj K. Haugh, E. Daman, M. Fox, C. Bailey, D. Hanson, K. Rooney, D. Zabel, A. Donahue. New Senior Members: lFirst row left to rightj L. Davies, D. Burke. K. Fitzgerald, V. Nuzzo. lSeoona FOWJ M. Mc Laughlin, N. Wom- mer, J. Rocks, D. Colbert, M. Fromnic. 54 Noiionoi Honor Socieiy . . .Leooershio Schoiorshio, Service ond Chorocier ore The four chorocierisiics of o member of The Noiionol Honor Socieiy. Once corefuiiy seiecieci onci hopioily inciucieci, she foces o long rood poyeci wiih mony responsibiiiiies ond choilenges. Alwoys reody ond willing To serve, her reworci is The soiisfociion of o job well clone. N.H.S. Officers: lToio To bottomi Miss Lucille Corrozzo fModeroTorJ, Coihy BoiIeylPresi- cienij, Ncincy DurkinlSecre'roryJ, Morgie QuinzonfTreosurerJ, Terry Previiero Uunior Represenioiiyej. Scholarship Servic Koren O'Connor Nice-Presidenij fulfills her N.H.S. duties byiuioring. Senior New Members: fFirsi row Iefi To righil J, Ryon, G. DeMorzo, J. Lieb, M. Misenko, C. Siumco. M. Duffner. D. Pioschke. lSe-cond rowj K. Boronoski, T. Gollino, C. Dougheriy P. Pendergosi, P. Perrone, E. Peck, D Quinio, S. Solecki. fihirci rowj M. Don- nelly, P. Molone, C, Ney, S. Roche, T Leniini, L. Pyrih, N. Durkin, E, Orgon S. Felicerii. L. Gollogher, A. Duciek. Sophomore Staff: lBo1'iom to topj Carol Margioiii. Helen Pierce, fSeatedJ Janet Ryan iEaiior-in-Chiefj, lLef'iJ Patricia Wiser fAssocia1e Patricia McGarvey. Ediiorl, Maureen ThomaslTyping Editorl. Senior Staff: lSeaTed1 Janei Ryan, fLef'r To rignij Eileen Ver- done, Patricia Wiser, Maureen Thomas, Barbara Waiush. ,,,,,.......a.....,..r...........,,...,W,.,-f-e...-v..,,, ,-,,..,........,,,9r ,El ,,,. r . ,i.i.i,...l Golden Vine . . .What does it take to keep a memory alive? How can you hear the lockers banging, the bells ringing or the type-writers clicking away when you open your yearbook ten years from now? It takes a special group of . girls with oledlcorion and polle-noe, creatively M 0 S and originality: but most of all love. Janet Ryan, Maureen Thomas, Patricia Wiser, Miss Rosemary Typists Eileen Verdone and Maureen Thomas try to beatthe deadline. Korbel, Moderator. l Junior Staff: lKneeiing left to 1 rightj Kathy McMenamin, Lisa Fetzer, Frances Corcoran. iStan- dingl Terry Previtera, Ellen Rochford, Barbara White, Cathy Veneziale. fMissingJ Tina Kutschera lyk X x -Y -S" ,Q r.-f'i"3f 38 sggf 'rs K wie: 1, J,,.?...-,..r,-M: ww I ' ' Im. ' 'P .H ' xx- .. . - , , ,,-,W 4 " ,i 'nv' V . , f .- ' ' fi ,miss ' ' f s ELL, ' ,,A'wj3+:J,,,4-'P 4 . Wd i',5,,.iLi. , ,ff ,Wi - A '- . 14- -i-' kv ww' Vp --rr nf. nf' 'Q :'.:T1.,'1 ,,f'fU2,f' if .fi , Q-' Zffgiiifi 'gjfnfa 'New J" " M' v ' , 3- . n , - , ' A. 1- .A M32 . . 'Kf34.A Rf- H wh""5i: A ' , .M MLM, A Nu l , Are they working or posihg for The phoiogropher? 60 o l p ii W7 A H, . , , 'L Lindo Cordes Types to meer 0 deodlihe. Sr. Rosolimo advises Associote Editor-ih-Chief Michele Brook, ond Editor-in-ChiefTereso Dorr. Orator . . .What is black and white and read all over? Why, Ryan's newspaper, the Orator, of course! Forget about action news and hot news. Ryan's news tearn is the best in keeping us up to date on the stories and students which make Ryan click. Constantly burning that mid- night oil, Sister Rosalirna and her staff insure that Ryan's news and views are hot off the press. Editorial Staff: fStanding left to Rightl Linda Cordes, Mary Wissman, Marge Jajko, Kathy Kidd, fKneeIingJ Letitia Rushton, Pam Russo. News Views Michele and Terry take a break from their busy schedule. Orator Staff: fStanding left to Rightl Gail DeMarzo, Mary Wissrnan, Mary Kay Dee, Sr, RosalirnafModeratorJ. Marge Jajko, Teresa Dorr, Michele Brook, fKneelingJ Linda Cordes, Elizabeth Organ, Kathy Kidd. Letitia Rushton, Pam Rossi, Colleen Zeitz. CSC Senaiors: LFirsT row left To righij Kalhy Arnberg, Valerie C-aniz, Kathy Frornnic, Beih Kooker, Diane Whoriskey, iSe- cond rowj Doiiie Burke, Nancy Durkin, Carolyn Dougheriy, Doi- iie Cook, Karen Trimmei, Cass Nahm, Colleen Murphy, lThird rowi Beatrice Dee, Debbie Ur- ban, Lydia Pyrih, Ellen Wasser, Lisa I-lution, Michele McCole, Debbie Nickel, CSC Moderaiors: li.ef'i io righii Mrs. Mary Green, Sr. Brendan, Miss Mary Edwards, Sr. Kathleen Waugh, Sr. Marie Veronica, Sr. Inyioiala, Mr. Frank Bernard. Sania's elves lend a helping hand in Operation Santa Claus. Cdring CSC . . .Cdring, Shdring, ond Concern. Ryon girls in The CommuniTy Service Corps sTdnd for These TrdiTs ond more. WheTher wrdpping Toys or cheering The dged, TuToring o child or ddop- Ting one every monTh, our CSC girls give Their dll. And when They give Their dll, we couldn'T dsk for dnyThing more. Shdring gsncmdg'i5D1Z:'JrLenJ Dororny Buri4ersec.i, Kdihleen Fromnic rv. Pres.J, Kdren csc Moderororsz lLefTJ sr. Grdce Pdirice ond sr. Pamela lvl ic RegisTrdTion, permission forms . . .The seed is pldnTed . . .sick people, old, XXX lOeolOIe, liTTle children . . .service gm mqwil . . .The seed grows . . .SdnTd Cidus T . .dnd grows . . .dlwdys service 9 cerr sg, . . .Thing in spring . . .we give . . . vu we receive . . .so much from Those ,fl 4 we serve . . .we grow! SisTer Grdce PdTrice Nurses Aides Gym Aides Disciptine Aides Office Aides . . .VVanTed: prighT, eager and personable sTudenT who is willing To give up her sfudy period To help in The various Ryan offices. No experience is necessary, buT applicanf musl loe in good physical shape and own a pair of Track shoes. Sorry fellows, This wanT ad is for girls only. Eager Earnest Guidance Aides AcTiviTies Aides ividiri Office Aides Sdcrisiy Aides Lob Aides Lobby Aides Librdry Aides Studies Office Aides i 67 ,Li K JV! fi Q. W, -- I ,c, . ?5-km-, 1 , , A f' , y 'JML hifi gc- 3, A.A,,L ,f LQ1Lg,W.if' 'N gg g xg' , EJi,,'j.fLiid 'ff , , L , if 1' , ig nf " "l"f' - JJ - f, L Q 'ii L, ' eff ' ' f f 7 - L, , V f if .. f' . , ,gf X A, yi rg I if i ifgf, ,f H .V 6 Ljvifsfifg 5 af.,-JL. I ' if f In f f'y . ' ,Q 'iff",f"f?"i'-+A '.,- '.fW '54, ' ' In I wt! , X f ll ff, !.?QfeQ.,,f5f?f QL' FSL I if "ff , L , 'ff 5, , L ' ff , ,- "ff I -W M-'if wi- .f ,. ,424 ' ,f ff .fair uf. wi, Ji, gifsmv if , gf L A , , f I i ff: liLfff'4LbAh"'N' M ff' ' f ff' i , I Q! f il'-Qui f if J-wr fi fffri L , bl, LQ, gwqfu Q 2 f' A M 5 . ci Ag: If I A 3 i iw.. ,tif , ' EV I J 1 , 6 fmndft. ,L -A-QL if if Tk , ,..,f" V 'M 1Y ir W pg?" 2 German Club: llefi io righlj Linda Cordes iSec.J, Karen Rooney fTreas.J, Debbie Zobel IV. Pres.J, Missing Karen ' i S- O'Connor fPres.J 'Q Lillie French Circle: iSealeaj Mary Cole iTreas.J, Lorraine Swierk French Club: iSealedJ Janel Ryan KV. Pres.J, Dollie Burke lPres.J, fSlanaingJ iPres.J. lSTanaingJ Lauren Solecki IV. Pres.J, Missing Sharon Cory Barb McFarlanalTreas.J, Missing Reenie DirnelrilSec,l. lSec.J, , Spanish Club: Eileen Rossman lSec.J, Geraldine Mulligan KV. Pres.J, Lydia Pyrih fPres,J, Maryann Mor- rell fTreas.J. 68 Language Clubs . . .l-low can you visit Franoe, Italy, Spain ancl Germany for free, ana not leave Philadelphia? By belonging to our language clubs, of course! Through the Marai Gras, ethnic clinners, fiela trips ana many other activities, our language clubs, with their moderators, attempt to aaa a touoh of Euro- pean class to the Ryan oornmunity. Latin Club Representatives: lLeft to rightj Louise Newell, Carol Margiotti. Italian Club: lLeft to rightl Sue Marzullo lSec.J, Mary Russo LV. Pres.J, Mary Santilli lPres.J. Comme Ci Comme Ca Freshman-Sophomore Spanish Club: lTop to bottomj Natalie Ducla LSec.J, Joanne McLoughlin IV. Pres.J, Denise Quai' tronefPres.J. A , - LM U a 1 K 4 2 " M---Mx., mx, , ,M . MM, , L 0 , . Nlcthle-tes 1 l Bio-Science Club if E DAQ X...! Sewing Club XX K fMT7W gif! QW? ScholasTic Clubs . . .VVhaT makes a Ryan sTu- aenT aeciae To join The lvlaThleTes, French or Business Club? Does she have To be an EinsTein, speak French or Tybe sixTy vvoras a rninuTe? No, The only reauirernenTs are inTeresT ancl The aesire To become involved. l?yan's scholasTic clubs broviae one rneans for Thai involvemeni. Q-4-W--J ....c., Irflereg 'J W , f f ' 4 If C T Involve Q W X fi zff' World Affairs Club Glee Club Officers: lFirsT VOQKDOWD Caiwireasj, Laureen Gallagher lPres.J, Marv Kosicl'1'f'VfF'FeE.J, lBackJ Allena Llorens Denise Callahan. .M-m,, Business Club. 71 Clubs Continued fN,.W., ., U kk..Q. I 29 Y, we Q N 2 Xgffifgez N ---1, -T 'T , . '- sg we 54 .X A - - QQ J X ef X M -1 wk Future ArTis'rs Club lag. 3 if K Stage Crew FdTher-DouQhTer Ddhce . . .We dress him up dhd Tdke him ouT. We Tedch him To disco, bump dhd sTomp. Arid when iT is dll over, sore feeT dhd dll, our ddTe hos hod The besT Time ever. BuT wdil, Ddd, be sure dhd hdve us home by Twelve o'clock or lvlom will ground you for The hexi Two weeks. l l l ccccsic cc, T A "double dole" for This lucky Ddd! A ddhce wiTh Ddddy's liTTle girl ! I ,, .l. Four hdppy seTs of fdihers ohd CTGLJQHTGYS! A rwighffo remember for Dofrie Burke! I om so hoving o good Time! Whofclo you meon you have To be home byfwelve? Is London Bridge folling down? Junior Prorn . . .StordusT, dim lights oncl heoven scents chorooterize The coptivciting set- ting of Cl rnuoh onticipoteci evening. Forgotten is the ernborrossment of osking the tooy next cloor, The feor of oreoking out in pirnples or vveoring your sisTer's gown, The evening belongs To you-to bejust the woiy you ore. Agony Ecstasy Come on and dance with me! A penny for your thoughts, Dottie Elitz! For Kelly Molvlonogle, hoopy reflections! l-low do we solve o problem like Moria? Do-o-deer. . . l IT cloesn'l ouch rne! Mother Superior if-Xmy Dudeckj ond Mario-Close encounters of o religious kind! Who pul ci frog in my bed? 76 I Play . . One of "our favorite things" is watch- ing o Ryan play. We cheer the final product put the months of planning and rehearsal receive no applause. With patience and perseverance, our students have tlclimped every mountain" and "forded every stream" to produce the sweetest sound of music ever heard. Mary Jeffery as Maria embarks on a song. Daddy s little girl' ,MQLMLJ The Baroness Uvluftin lvlisenkoj, Captain Von Trapp and lnow pronounce you Uncle Max. Solos Sopranos Glee Club . . .lf music is The universal language of man, Then one of iis beiler iranslaiors is Ryan's glee club. Uncler The clirec- iion of Sisier Josepha, our glee club enaures many hours of praciice lancl sore Throaisj To perfecl The performances Thai brighlen The lives of The eniire Ryan communily. From Their spring concerl To The Chrisimas program, our singers are clefinilely The club for all seasons. A wintry song from The Christmas X if is ? f concert, Accompanisls Debbie DiLaurio ana Pal Penaergasr. 1 y Everyone is in key! is S Bona . . .They may not have seventy-six trom- bones, but Ryan's bana has the spirit ancl talent which make it a winner. With the help of their music man, Mr. Robert Purcly ancl a few cirums, clarinets, cymbals etc., our Ryan boys ana girls make beautiful music together. Whether they are marching in a paracle or entertaining a football crowa, Ryan's bana is the best band around. Drum Bugles Where clia that note come from? Does Ronnie Poole really know howto play the trumpet? Bona Members: lFirst row left to rightj Mary Rose Walsh, Karen Rooney, Mary Anne Smilowski. lSecona rowl Christine Long, Colleen Agnew, Emily Henaersac. Ilhira rowl Maureen Garrity, Cheryl Perri, Joanne Sokowloski, Marie Wagner, Juay Zapczynski, Michele Cox, lisa Holshizer. lFourth rowl Lisa Mosiniak, Cathy Giammaruti, Diane DeAngelo, Juay Peck, Colleen Logan, Brenaa Collins, Debbie Kelly, lFifth rowl Marie Pickup, Rose Mary Spills, Lauren Solecki, Kathy Bcrranyos, Nancy Ser- piello, Virginia Pickup, Betty Ann Rooney, , 79 Honor Guard: ltlolding bannerl Dina O'Connor, Donna Stott, lBacl4 rowl Cathy Nicholas, Michele D'Alessan- dro, Beatrice Dee. Colleen Zeltz, Chris Salyatore, Deyita Sable, Diane Schoellkopff. Color Guard: lFirst row left to rightl Colleen Brassell, Pamela Rosso, Don- na Bouden, Debbie Beloyitz, Mary Jo Mooney, lSecond rowl Shiela Collins, Maureen Fromnic, Sue Felicetti, San- dy Krebs, Beth Kooicer, Terry Feeney, Bernadette Kalinoski, Marie Waldron. Twirlers: lKneeling left to rightl Debbie Strybuc, Jackie Lieb, Judy Adam- chak, Maureen McEachern, lStan- dingl Sue Marzullo, Debbie DiMar- shall, Ann Marie Baker, Susan Gilllgan, Carolyn Spalding, Kathy McNally, Reenie Latterty, Colleen McNally, Nancy Bulza, Lory l-lorrell, Marian Pettit, Judy Crank, Banclfroni . . .43 flag bearers in The big parade: 6,7,8,9,'lO rifles aiming away: 9 honorable honor guaras ana olozens of fwirlers ana arillers with bornborns waving, bafons in The air. Adrenalin flowing, excifernenl growing ancl finally exblocling wifh Ryan's band-fronf marching info view. Whirls Twirls Rifles: lFirsf row left to righfj Delores l-lansen Lisa Flanagan. fSeoona rowJ Donna Duncan Mary Brodzick, Kafhy Fromnio, Carol Day flhira rowj Maureen Flanagan, Mary Kay Dee, Linaa Davis Linda Cordes, DrillTeam QM WM, gy Jfwc .MAN MM own! l'ijMC5QfU945f7f7Q00 JN Kwik wcvxifa ?j,WLLi?my?Hjwg3ffwwfW MM f,UJ-O dyffff EM ffm xgfamm WW WM ww WM pf Z5 WWW? LAM H Lg,-4,6 MJ JCKMJ W if fig iffy WM MMM if nwwwff ltwqwmbwnz , f VWUZLMJ Www W Wglziffsw Jfljfjiww MQ? ffm Zildfiffgg WQEJWW Qwf OJ WM amfmc g4ffQm '17fiL,,O6w fd fw4ZMjfUf 7 7 QW QWg W Il! 0 ' .asa Q f-72" L5 '2:.v, QL ' Q F . 1 g , f ' N 1 jyffgmlgksw in Al ' . ,. H ' 'Rf -VH, M x ,.9"'A'f QM: Q, ' - , V " ' .A N ' v. ' - ilfl: fv-v ' ' ' - . ., U : 1ew3.y,,K4g,., ' ,, - - 3' Whai more can we say? We've heard ofa hanging curve, Maryann, bullhis is ridiculous! rf. as I ., , M W: . AW N. ' . W., Y. K P 4 K Now Thai I have ii, whal ao I ao with ii! li's an oui. but where is The runner? Softball lFirsi row Iefl To righij lvl. McGinn. K. Devine. lvl. Tarn- burini, D. Gavin, D. Cusick. P. Hagan. lSeconcl rawj P. Penn- co, S. Deery, J. Senski, K. Butler, J, Rice, C. Ailirnar. R. Tamburini, Miss Nancy Carney. Softball . . .Archbishop Ryan and soflball have sTarTed a love affair where a diamond is Truly The girls' besT friend. Knowing all The ins and avoiding The ouTs, hiTTing homeruns or sTealing bases, our nimble nine plays hard yeT always manages To have a swinging Time. Under Coach Nancy Carney, The Ragdolls have won Three CaTholic League championships. The TalenT is deep, The pride is Tremendous, The inn- ings always Turned inTo winnings. Innings Winnings l'll Take Two hamburgers, no pickles! Oh, To be "DevineIy" double-joinTecl! Donna haTes people looking over her shoulder' Name ThaT posiTion! . x lx . A i ,Li if . i is nfl 'Nllfdpxlfl qi f ' I G iiliilitjvyfim' !Qii,,W grimy? W y ,idly if :Till , MYILXJ ,ii T .riff M. Q2 5 RL .ii i fi W iw' i .il ., ii f T Swimming . . . IT is a summer sport, put forthe u ' ' 9 ,yy V A si Ryan mermaids, swimming is in season all year. X0 V Tir I Under Coach Karen Porpiglia, our Ragdolls , 3 VJ FM have won six Catholic League Championships. V iw" ,Q Qi Whether it is the relay, butterfly, or preaststroke: r" if ' 1 Q 400, 200 or 4100 yards, Ryan swimmers never find themselves in over Their heads. Sleek, fast and tremendously talented, They have splashed Their way to an aquatic dynasty. ,I IJ' l Kathy Fitzgerald andthe smile ofa winner! Oh, no! l forgot C1 IGD! Swimming ilfirst row left to rightl A. Kelly, J. Schaffling, K. Clinese, L. McFadden, K. Brock, K. Fitzgerald, D, White, N. Polio. iSeoond rowl R, Danse, B. Pine, R.lVloCIintook, T. Kane, T. Alvarez, A, Walker, L. Boyle, S. Baker. fThird rowj B. Sohriper, E. Dillon, K. Tears, K. Kennedy, D. Cohill, C. Lyons, A. lvlcGetTigan. fFourTh rowl Miss Karen Porpiglia iCoaohJ S. l-letherington, D. Hanson. L. Cionoi. D. Buck, K. Atkinson, lvl. Donahue, L. Rodgers, L. Bahmiller, M. Barnes. 31 4 X 399 6 l 'WM ' W ' W G 31 22 'ga If Baskeiball . . .Annie Ryan asks some in- TeresTing auesTians abauT The game of baskeT- ball. 1. Do guarcls have To be forvvara? 2. Does a player have To be eaTing a cloughnuT To clunk? 3. Does a aleep bench mean ThaT The juclge is overvveighT? 4. lf one Team "meeTs The press" will They be on Television? 5. Does "palm- ing The ball" mean Thai a gypsy is going auT of business? For The answers, consulT The experTs in This fielal-lvlr. Dennis SmiTh ana The Ryan Ragaolls. Hoops Loops Debbie Thom can outreach The besT offheml VH QW9 YOU C1 dollar if YOU 'GT me hflve if! Varsily fFirsT raw lefl To righTJ K. Cufler. J. Rice, S. STabIer. D. Remick, M. lvlickolowski. fSecona rowj lvlr. Den- nis SmiTh, L. Garvin, D. Gavin, K. Devine, D. Thom, T. Brclly, lvl. lvliller lCapTainJ, lvl. Tamburini, D. Franchel- Ti. Donno Govin gets "feed" oh' oi her opponent! This is O QOOC! DIOCG TO! 0 "SUCK-UF3"'! i i CHARGE!!! Oops! I missed! I Tnink we missed ine boi!! , T i5'. af .f PM 5 FK" a'f5 ':k?R'XEnMRf5wiiXs.mYdgE' QF.. 'Wall Field Hockey . . .Annie Ryan asks some in- leresiing auesfions about field nockey. 4. Does ine cenier loully naye fo weigh over Two nun- dred pounds? 2. If a player advances To go does sne collecf Two nundred dollars? 3. Are inree goalies legal? foiciured loelowj 4. Does underculfing mean 'rnaf ine grass is Too nign? 5. lsn'T l2yan's field nockey learn ouisianding in iis field? Advancing Checking Wifn fnree goalies now can we lose? HOW COV1llWiTiTWhGfWiT'S UD Thefel Field Hockey: lFronl row lefl To rignlj D. Gavin, M. Brolly. fSecond fowl J. Rocks, E. Doman, N. Carey, D. McKay, D. Baoninsky, M. lVlcLauQnIin D. Cusick. Unird rowi D. Tnom, B. Pyne, J. Furlong, M. Logan, lvl. Klien, N. IVlcGorry, K. Valenti, L. Davies, Miss Patricia lvlafnis. i We're okay, as long as lney don'i turn on ine loall VVaiilCorne back! relurnl Junior varsity LSeaiedJ S. Milligan. KSeoond row len' To rignlj S. Dubee, L. Barnes, P. Nooera, K. Mansfield iBook rowj M. Rhodes, J. Murray, R. Wilowski, Miss Gonlkof. I need This like l need 3 noles in my nead. Bowling . . .Strike up tne poncl for l?yon's bowl- ing teoml Miss Morilyn Gontkof cincl ner keglers ore o tolentecl group of otnletes wno spore no mercy toword tneir opponents. Keeping out of tne gutters ond owoy from splits is only port of tneir gorne plon: sportrnonsnip oncl o lock of foul ploy is tne other port. When everything is overogecl out, our Rogclolls proye tnot tnree strikes do not olwoys meon you're out. Pins PQiniS A "striking" pose for Cgrol Grgy! Mciggie Hector nos o lot of style! V m Vorsity lSeotedJ D. Coyo. lSecond row left to rigntl P. Socns, M. Brodley, D. DeMorco, K. Rooney. iBook rowl Miss Morilyn G-ontkof, M. Hector, M. Belcner, C. Groy. U J Volleyball . . .The neT is raised, The Teams are seT, The arms flexed and ready. Volleyball-a sporT of quick reflexes and spliT-second Timing. The players musT be on Their Toes wiTh eyes look- ing up Leven if iT does mean a sTiff neokl. Our Ragdolls have all These reauiremenTs "locked" in The "palms of Their hands." VVheTher They are diving, spiking, or roTaTing, l?yan's volleyball Team always knows The score. Seis Spikes Nobody does iT beTTer! lT's all in The wrisT' Volleyball lFirsT row lefT To righlj S. Mammarella, D. FrancheTTi, K. CuTTer, K. Tate, L. Parker, S. Souders L Yourko J WiTowskl. fBack rowl C. Dougherty, L, CroTTy, D. Thom, IVI. Canfield, S. Walsh, E. Doman, Miss PaTrlcia MaThis Cross Couniry lFirsi row Iefi To righij M. McConn, M. Creeiole, L. Loiro, N. Heroi, T. Welsh, C. Lyons, R. Kelly, L. Moiie, B. Sorzynski, M. Brown. iSe- oond rowl N. Bruno, G. Hughes, L. Brodies, B. Bucci, J. Henry, S. fry, G. Gronski, M. Klink, C. Link, M. Burke. Uhiro rowj Miss Mory Cloire Mclniyre. S. Siobler, J. Bochmeyer, T. Aiyorez, L. Tusoono, L. Wingerier, F. Golden. M. Burns, H. Conyerry, K. Abenciroih, C. Berry, B. Kooker, K. Sconion. Q. is .f K. LX gr ssss They went ihcii-o-woyi "Aw, shucks, ' soys Liz Tusoono, "ii wos nothing." The Bosion Moroihon in Philooeiphio? ' Cross-CounTry dnd Trook . . .The muscles Tense wiTh dnTicipdTion. The ddrendlin courses Through The body. Legs limoer, drms loose. The gun igniTes The explosion. Over The fields or on o Trdok, she runs . . .ond runs. Fdoe reddened, lungs exploding. The losT Ido, The Tinol sTreToh, The Tooe in sighT. EmoTions droined, ouT one finol oursT, hurdling her To vioTory. Nlelers Miles lThink iT's sluck To my neck! Terry Brolly is on The mork! Trdok lFirsT row lefl To righTJ L. Doy, lvl lvloConn, B. Collins, P. Beohr, lvl Brown, S. KonsTdn2er, T. Rougue, N Bruno, J. Gdrlio, lSeoond rowj D. Kro jeski, C. Boiley, B. Pyne, L. Soleoki, J Pennese, G. Hughes, G. lvlossolro, N lvloGorry, lvl. Kline. lThird rowj lvliss lvl lvlolnlyre, J. Coslello, C. Berry, J Furlong, A. Donohue, P. Lewis, F Golden, L. Boil, J. Rocks, L. Tusoono T. Brolly, T. Alvorez, lvl. Brolly, lvl Shorp, lvl. Logon, K. Sodnlon. -gkziwaikm M2'vwQ?.E5fg!5-L? 32mg-"-,1 Q , 2 1 'iff ,vu . V Z 5 E y Tk MH KW, AW, w2v",'2: R iigsfifxi 2 H k"'wH"'x W w, 'X L . 2 sf xryswwfg R4 lf ,L X , L, V1 X w,..i ,, V, Lg V-'La ZX, Z 'H -k,w5,g, ,sQ55iiwg1, A, QW? 'V H, 'Hwy w 'ypaxw Q? 7, S X v 2 W Q wa H 2. 1' 4 'ww X ,,A3Q..1,Ri mmf. I K xqfa,-f,,,-V, , , yi, fa -rwxzv, g wi H , W ,m3M,,fx,-, QR W, f W , , 'H L1 - qw +43 M S 2 Y 2 u wsxink rv fw 1, ,Q if f v. ' 2-W. W, 1' as h.,..,,?fz N '2 "'fm .vLx,'W 's5,f"2JWf,,Qv35L, " Q ' -. wk 3 Wim ,V Q. 4 g ii, T ., , ,h .k 5,4 , .- . , . , ,w,,,,,w,WM4Mf ,P - ' 1. 3 K 5 W, K Mg, 3, , , M A , Y , x F M . ., A M S ,L 3 ,Q ,Qi .L ,N ,Ag Y y .lb ER, , -I ,, ,V 1 , Ak 3 4,4 gx ',t"3H git al 'L L,i1wiY-- 1 in W VM X Q A AJ ,S gg I . 51-gl ge, f-,Q 2 X , 1 I 1 31 QQ 3 A Y, , yy, ' M 1 5 f 'QQ , E A 5 f ' g X 1, 9 - Q S Sa 7, 2 Nik 3 ' 2' M X gy V Y 'V 37,5 WH ' V 'if 2 E A F LL sg, ,M ,gf kkrr I I A my V V , , .K I rv ,W 3 ', k. A 1 A : 1, Q2 a 1" f V " I ki , Q ,m g V' gif V. V 'f -. . in L 'fr Y SW" 1, "wi f QM: K K f W X Lg 'Q x V z K Q, 1 1 - ' 5, - - . A ,fs ' ' W' , VA ff , z ,xl 4- , ' A f ,QW gig, ik KU A, Y xii K .V . fa-,ws " Q' 'Y Q VV If V A 3122, Qga 1? ' if xi Q7 U , 8? K. h Jax w'bf"f 329 "1 f 4 A V 1 lyk, A HL .. f Q ' 4- K W 5 W 1 4 Y A 'L Wim- wm'N 2"f?f44H-f:i'vewfM ' A if f M Q , 4 , Q hm, ,,,H..:g mx. f--,-- f,z,5,f-.,, ,.,, . , W 'W-f ' -- isa 12 ..i. A .,... -.,-N M., .- -1 , . . lntrdrnurdls . . .The gym wdlls ore smothered with signs ond posters. The cheerledders con be hedrd prdcticing in the corridors long dfter the lost bell. lntromurdls-d blend of pride, prestige ond spirit. The rivdlry between the cldsses is intense-from the seosoned seniors to the feorless freshmen. Cheerleoders dnd pldyers shout ond ploy towdrd thot emotiondl moment when the victors ore dccloirned ond the cup is roised in tribute to dll the cldsses ot Archbishop Rydn. Spirit Competition "ls she still behind me," GSKS Cdrol Ney? lt's good to be on top ofthings, but this is ridiculous! Look girls, the object of the gdme is to get the boil into the bosket! The Sen iors' lost hurrcih! Ryan Athletes 5 To Be Lauded C,Xq6GlXead'lUQ Peg ?xev'iS9 5 hem JUni0f VGFSWY Field H0CkeY Junior Varsity Volleyball We ' They We They 0 h e ' 2 Cardinal Dougherty 2 4 G' b 0 . Lillle Flower 0 4 '1 'sh oo 0 0 Archbishop Wood 0 I r 0 0 Cardinal Dougherty 1 0 I 2 3 Bishop McDevill 0 0 shop McDevill 2 0 SainlHuberl 0 ' Q Bishop Conwell 2 4 Bishop Conwell Dir IV Liiiie Flower o 0 Archbishop Wood 1 2 ' ' ' " ' ' 0 0 Cardinakboprxwy e i1 n B 0 ol ' 5 iieyb . Q15 NIO 5 W inn ly Field Hockey We TheV wav OW G They 0 'Y 2 2 Bishop iviooevirr 2 2 4 1 soini Huberl 0 0 A I 2- ' 2 1 w ii, S 1Archbi5733i:i"wR an' 117 ing S or '3?935,?3eU 'Y ' '15 1 Cardinal oughew ' 2 0 p ,Shep Wm 2 2 Bishop ivioneviii 1 2 Bishep Conwell 0 2 soihi Huberl 0 2 Ullle Flewef S ex Q ul 0 1 Bishop Conwell 1 2 D iRg'flH'lfjll59" 0 1 Archbishop Wood 0 C, ' XS 0 Cardinal Dougherty Q23fr'rb3 R BU Gil' Dr J lille al Y 'Y O Keep Junior Varsily Baskelball We They 1 0 19 Bishop Conwell 24 0 14 Bishop Monoviir 26 at Cardinal Dougherty '18 0 Archbishop Wood 11 4 Lillie FIOWGI' 22 X ' 23 enrick 24 rs Sei Goa n 27 on 23 1 9 BiSh nwell , '14 Bounce O POSYMQ 23 Bishop ivioooviri 24 Beofs P 33 cordihoi Dou y i 30 R T k Ho f I Archbi op Wood X5 27 Y rec pe u S iiiri Flows hoo 6 S k 125 U Bish p Ken 9 1 99 QCITI' P soi Huberl 38 ch lenger Swimming Season Ends, Team Makes Big Splash W aske1bolI Th Y qs Th Y Oddfscoawsza 1 .110 1 :is gugxerw 35 1 gislgsggrmvcii 2 Q'oday'sgQjQQtQgts calc-bridal? Asiioifigiifo-I 3 47 Bishop Conwell 33 za Csz ff r.5,,,,. 55 ,- 1 1 vt Q.. . A A v 'fl 5 IS Softball dew 74 we ea J' If- Y 4 uber' gIf?gIF?o 7ns 2 . ,N . 17 Usflq igfnuben 2 fc Eg Ciegaziigilfffy 2 . Swim in . .is op cnveglitt mann-SA,1aaiiaQQs,Uwing: " 2 DoublesCZEh'E1ES'CProwesiT I Yom nl sz fxamtsamzzfizgz' is iv-yQfs" gang? ' .iheg 107 Bishgoltllgixvell 30 OPCOHW . 2 lFZrfei1J 0 I CcrdinclIDou Y 'm 'ng Bowling Sixth He downs the 10 pin 1 for a 300 3 3 Cneerleoding con be o book breaking experience! 7 2Si?Si5f15?i5SE'?i"22 viii N.---QSWR' Annie couidniquiie reach the floor, so . . . we got ner on ner feei! Cheerleaders . . .VVhaT are The reaulremems for a Ryan cheerleader? She musT have a sTronQ back, an exoellenl sense of balance and mosT of all-SPIRIT. Led py our masooT, An- nie, and Coach Roe Bllneloury, our Ragdolls have proved ln oompeTlTion and in games ThaT Their sTyle is unique. ln Their mounTs and dis- mounTs, jumps and oarTwheels, The Ryan cheerleaders are definiTely The creme of The crop. M0unTS DismounTs SomeTimes we all need a shoulder To lean on! Cheerleaders: fFirsT row lefl To rlghTJ L. Welsh, lvl. Goepfrioh, L. TroTTnow, B. Durkin, R. Kelly lRagdollJ, C. Bailey, lVl. Durkln, T. Peppleman, E. Madden, fBack rowJ L. Rusolca, K. Belle, B. lVliT- chell, K. Campbell, lvl. Glanlnni, L. Carson, llvllssingj V. G-anTz, 105 "L ., J ,QJJVJ Qvf'!i,jfffi,Mo F ygp QVJMW M45 aff X My W ww 1 ,X VK f ffyvjyfbuf' X, N My ff Vw v ff M ff . Li Njvjkffi , 1 .J '13 wg Ce. 0y51Gl1Q" Seniors Kathleen Hough Deborah DiLouro Karen Trimmel Teresa Dorr Donna Gavin Marie Ambroskiewicz Kathleen Baranoski Dorothy Burke ' Donna Colbert Judith Crank Gail De Marzo Karen Abendroth Cathleen Bailey Ellen Carrow Sheila Collins Lisa Davies Ellen Doman Carolyn Dougherty Teresa Dorr Amy Dudek Annette Fanelli Sonya Eediw Susan Felicetti Honors Graduates Deborah Di Lauro Amy Donohue Maureen Fromnic Laureen Gallagher Teresa Callina Elizabeth Kooker Geraldine Mulligan Katherine Nables Karen O'Connor Elizabeth Organ Elizabeth Peck Patricia Pendergast CUMULATIVE SECOND HONORS Kathleen Fitzgerald Barbara Fiis Madeline Fox Deborah Giel Dolores Hahn Delores Hanson Kathleen Haugh Jacauelinel-lillgrube Barbara Jardine Sharon Kelly Regina Kirwan Jeanmarie Lemerise Jacaueline Lieb Lisa Mc Carthy Michele Mc Loughlin Maryann Mc Nally Lisa Montesano Venus Nuzzo Patricia Perrone Diane Ouinto Sheila Roche Joann Rocks Diane Ploschke Barbara Pownall Lydia Pyrih Barbara Walush Ellen Wasser Karen Rooney Mary Russo Janet Ryan Mary Santilli Cynthia Shebta Maryellen Smith Christine Stumbo Lisa Vallorani Lisa Wolf Nancy Wommer Deborah Zobel i 109 T1 , ff i l. K. I I X V x x X V i I 1 I i ? 1 5 1 1 ! L. ug.T,,,, , A ,,,--,,, Xa 5 3 wa X K' .. xv- F Ni agu- Q - Qhik A ww ,Q R 1 -P' Y ,., wg , ' xg F , 'K K ,.. , m ' PI- b v .I .,.. Q, S " X' , X.?f Fixx "" X ,Ex 5 of ,ly 9 'QE mf' s L ' X f fm if YJ- KAREN L. ABENDROTH LISA A. ADAMS KATHLEEN B. AMBERG MARIE B. AMBROSKIEWICZ THERESA A. BABST DONNA M. BACHINSKY KAREN L. ABENDROTH Art Club 4: Bond Front 4,2,3,4: Sewing Club 4: Prom Committee 3,4: Office Aide 4: Tuition Aide 4,2: Cross Country 3,4: lntrdmurols 4: Purple ond Cold Ddy 4. LISA A. ADAMS Art Club 4: CSC 4: Edsnion Snow 4: Prom Committee 3,4: Mission Aide 4,2,3: Office Aide 4: lntrdmurols 2,4. MALJREEN R. AGNEVV Erencn Club 4: Olee Club 4,2,3,4: Pldy 4,2,3,4: Snolom 4,2,3: Librory Aide 3: Boys Cneerleoding 2: Purple ond Gold Ddy 2,3,4: lntrdmurols 4,4. CHRISTINE M. ALBERTS CSC 4,2,3lSenotorJ: Fosnion Snow 3,4: Sndlom 2: Prom Committee: Gym Snow 3,4: lntrdmurdls 2.4. KATHLEEN B. AMBERO ltdlidn Club 4,2,3,4: CSC 4,2,3,4: Edsnion Snow 4: Prom Committee 3,4: Activities Aide 4: Gym Snow 3,4: ln- trdmurols 2,4. 112 MAUREEN R. AGNEVV CHRISTINE M. ALBERTS W'sW KATHLEEN ANDERSON BEVERLY A. ANTHONY DEBRA A. BAGNELL CATHLEEN A. BAILEY MARIE B. AMBROSKIEWICZ Germdn Honor Society 3: Prom Committee 3,4: Booster Club 4,3,4. KATHLEEN ANDERSON ltdlidn Club 4: Nurses Aide 2. BEVERLY A. ANTHONY Sewing Club 4,2: Student Council 2,3,4lVice-Presidentl: Associote Representdtive 4: Usher 2: CSC 4,2,3: Snolom 4: Prom Committee 3,4: Activities Aide 4: Guiddnce Aide 2: Office Aide 3: lntromurdls 3: Booster Club 4,2: Purple ond Gold Doy 2. THERESA A. BABST ltdlidn Club 4: Sewing Club 4: Representotive 2,4: CSC 4: Sndlom 4: Prom Committee 3,4: Librory Aide 3: Lob- by Aide 4. DONNA M. BACHINSKY Sewing Club 2,3: Sponisn Club 4: Usher 4: Eosnion Snow 4: Prom Committee 3,4: Lobby Aide 4,2: ln- IVIICHELE Ivl. BALDI ANNE D. BALUKONIS ELIZABETH lvl. BARANEK KATHLEEN lvl. BARANOSKI MARYANN J. BELCHER JANETANN Ivl. BELL frdmurdls 2,SA: Tennis l,2,SA: Field Hockey 2,SA. DEBRA M. BAGNELL Associoie Reioresenidfive 2: CSC I: C-uldonce Aide I. CATHLEEN A. BAILEY Ari Club A: Noiiondl Honor Sociely SA iPresidenfJ: Sew- ing Club 4: Siudenf Council l,2,SA: CSC: Prom Com rniflee SA: Office Aide SA: Cheerleodlng 2,S. lvllCHELE lvl. BALDI Norfheosf Swilchbodrd I: Office Aide 4. ANNE D. BALUKONIS JULIA K. BAIVIBERGER Glee Club l,2,SA: Sbdnish Club l,2,SA: Usher SA, CSC l,2,SA. LINDA K. BANNON Usher A: Librdry Aide IA: Office Aide A. ELIZABETH lvl. BARANEK French Club SA: Bond Fronf l,2: lnirdrnurdls S. JULIA K. BAIVIBERGER LINDAKBANNON I E, w DENISE BARONE KAREN M. BARTLEIT DIANE L. BENDELL COLLEEN A. BERRY KATHLEEN lvl. BARANOSKI French Club SA: French Honor Sociely S, A: Noflondl Honor Socieiy A: CSC l: Prom Commifiee SA: Purple ond Gold Doy 2. DENISE BARONE French Club 'l,2,SA: Olee Club I: CSC l: lnfromurdls 2. KAREN lvl. BARTLETI Prom Commiffee S: Office Aide I: Socrisiy Aide l,2. lvlARYANN J. BELCHER French Club 41: Norfhedsi Swiichboord 'l,2: Librdry Aide 4: Bowling SA. JANETANN lvl. BELL CSC l: Bowling l,SA. DIANE L. BENDELL Bondfroni l,2. COLLEEN A. BERRY Trock SA: Cross-Couniry A: lnlromurols SA. NA barf of my life was Taken away To rnake roorn for The fuTure." Pafricia Wiser GAIL BETTINGER LYNN BONVlNO Sewing Club 3: Fashion Show 3: Lobby Aiae 2: Office Business Club 3,4: Prom Commifiee 3,11: Acfivifies Aiae Aiae 2. MARY BIECENVVALD Glee Club 'l: Sbanish Club 11: CSC 2,3: Library Aiae Li. JOANNE E. BLEVVITT Shalom 4. MARY T. BOESENHOEER Sewing Club 2: CSC 'l,2. MARIE C. BOLLENBACH Clee Club i: Shalorn l,3: Office Aiae 2. LISA BONVlNO Business Club 3,41: Associate Rebreseniafiye 4: Prom Comrniffee 3,4 GAIL BETTINGER MARIE C. BOLLENBACH SUZANNE BOYLE MARY BIEGENWALD LISA A. BONVINO SUSAN E. BRADLEY 114 i. KAREN A. BOYLE Associate Rebresenfafiye 3: Shalom 'l,2,3,4: Acfiyiiies Aiae i: Tuifion Aiae 2: Boys Cheerleading 'i,2,3,11fCab- fainJ:Gyrn Show 3,A. SUZANNE BOYLE French Club l: Boosfer Club 4: Prorn Commiffee 3. SUSAN E. BRADLEY Prom Cornmiffee 3: Library Aiae 2. KATHLEEN M. BRETZEL Bana 2: French Club l: Glee Club 2: Aciivifies Aiae 2: lnirarnurals i,2. JGANNE E. BLEVVITT MARY T. BOESENHOEER LYNN BONVINO KAREN A. BOYLE KATHLEEN M. BRETZEL DONNA M. BRINKMAN DONNA M. BRINKMANN Lolin Club 2: Sponish Club 2,3.4: Sponish Honor Sociely 2.3.4: CSC 4,3.4: Sholorn 4. KATHLEEN M. BROCK Swim Teorn MAUREEN P. BROLLY Glee Club 4: Sewing Club 2: Sholom 3: Prom Commil- lee 3: C-ym Show 3.4: Fielcl Hockey 4,2,3.4:TrC1ck 3.4. THERESA M. BROLLY French Club 4.3: Sewing Club 2: Represenlolive 3: Associole Represeniolive 4.2.3: Prom Commillee 3: Ac- livilies Aide 4: Boskelboll Teorn 3.4: lnlromurcils 3: Fielcl Hockey 2: Soflboll 4.2: Trock 3.4. LINDA M. BROWN CSC Sholorn 4.2: Norlheosl Swiichboorol 4. DOROTHY M. BURKE French Club 4.2.3 lSecreloryJ,4: French Honor Society 3.4: Oroior 2.3.4: Usher 4: CSC 4.2.3 fSenolorJ.4 lSecrelciryJ: Sholorn 3: Prom Commillee 3.4: Purple ond Gold Doy 3: Senior Ploy 3: Boosler Club 3: Worlcl Affoirs Club 3.4: Lob Aide 4. GERALDINE M. BURKE French Club 3.4: CSC 3.4: Prom Cornrniliee 3.4: Office Aiole 4. CATHERINE T. CAMERON Ari Club French Club Ploy 2: Librory Aide 2: Equeslrion Club 4. DAWN M. CAMPANA Clee Club Urecisurerj: Ploy 2.34: Aclivilies Aide 4. KATHLEEN M. CAMPBELL Arl Club 4.2: Shcllorn 3. KATHLEEN v. CAMPBELL Usher 4: Prom Comrniliee 3: Aclivilies Aide 2: Girls Cheerleoding 3.4: Gym Show 3.4. DIANE BRUNETTI Sponish Club 4.2: Associole Represenloliye 4: CSC 4.2. NANCY LYNN BURGER Shcilom 3: Prom Comrnillee 4. KATHLEEN M. BROCK MAUREEN P. BROLLY DIANE BRUNETTI NANCY LYNN BURGER fNATLIEl'3lIxICT f"AlkAEDfNIxl l1AXAlhIhIl HNAAAFSAIKIA THERESA lvl. BROLLY LINDA lvl. BROWN DOROTHY lvl. BURKE GERALDINE lvl. BURKE KATHLEEN M. CAMPBELL KATHLEEN v. CAMPBELL IVIARYANNE CANFIELD CLARE CANNING LU ANN CAPUTO NANCY T. CAREY LINDA IVI. CARTER REGINA CASCIELLO MARYANNE CANFIELD Sholom 2:VoIIeybC1llTec1m I,2,3,-41. CLARE CANNINC- French Club 3: Aclivilles Aicle 4: Lobby Aicle 3: In- lromurols 2. TARA lvl. CANNING French Club 3: Rebresenlolive 3: Sholom 3: Guiclonce Aide 11: Lobby Aicle 3: lnlromurols 2. TRACY A. CANTANDO Gyn Show 3. LU ANN CAPUTO Iiolion Club I: Drill Teom I. NANCY T. CAREY French Club l,2,3: Sewing Club 3,11: Rebresenlolive 2: CSC l,2,3,rI: Foshion Show A: Sholom 3: Drill Teom 'I,2,3: Prom Commillee 3,A: Librory Aide 3: Tuilion Aicle l,2: Inlromurols rl: Fielcl Hockey Teom l,2,3,-4: Gym Show 3,A. 116 TARA IVI. CANNING TRACY A. CANTANDO CHRISTINA CARR ELLEN CARROW LISA R. CATALINE DEBORAH A. CAVA CHRISTINA CARR CSC 2,3,Ll:Ec1ueslricin Club 3. ELLEN CARROW CSC 2,3,L1fSenC1lorJ. LINDA IVI. CARTER REGINACASCIELLO French Club 2,3,A: CSC l,2,3,4: Prom Commillee 3,lI: Office Aicle I: lnlromurols l,2,3,L1: Gym Show 3,4 LISA R. CATALINE Sewing Club 3: CSC 3: Guiclonce Aicle 2,3,4: In- lromurols 3,-4: Boosier Club 3. DEBORAH A. CAVA PATRICIA ANNE CHENEY Boncl Fronl 2,3: Rebresenlolive 4: CSC 3,4I: Prom Com- millee 3.11: Socrisly Aicle I,2,3: Gym Show 3.4: Senior PATRICIA ANNE CHENEY JQYCE L, CHIODETTl ANDREA M. CIFELLI SUSAN M. CIRULLI SANDRA LYNN CIANFERO THERESA CAROL M. COGHLAN DONNA MARIE COLBERT KELLY A. COLE SHEILA COLLINS Play 3: Boosler Club 3,4: Purple and Gold Day 4. JOYCE L. Cl-llODEi'll CSC 2: Boys Cheerleading l: Eauesfrian Club 3. SANDRA LYNN CIANFERO Usher 'l: Shalom 3,4: Prom Commilfee 3,4: Nurses Aide 4. THERESA CICALO Glee Club l,2,3,4: Sewing Club 2: Represenlalive l: Associale Represenfalive 2: Usher 3,4: Shalom 3,4: Library Aide 3: Lobby Aide 3: Mission Aide l: Office Aide 3: Eaueslrian Club 4: Gym Show 4: Boosler Club 3,4: Purple and Gold Day 4: lnframurals l,2,3,4. ANDREA M. ClFELLl Oralor 4: Mission Aide 2: Office Aide 3: Sacrisly Aide l,2,3: Gym Show 3,4: Senior Play 3. SUSAN M. ClRULLl Glee Club 'l: llalian Club 2: Shalom 3: Nurses Aide 4. DONNA L. CONAWAY MARY ANNE CONLEY CAROL M. COGl-lLAN Fashion Show 3,4: lnframurals 2: World Affairs Club 3,4. DONNA MARIE COLBERT French Club 3,4: French I-lonor Sociely 3,4: Represen- faliye l,2: Associafe Represenfaliye 3,4: CSC 2: Shalom 3: Acfivifies Aide 3,4: Senior Play 3. KELLY A. COLE World Affairs Club 4. SHElLA COLLINS French Club l,2,3: CSC 3,4: Shalom l,2: Drill Team 3: Color Guard 4: Library Aide l,2: lnframurals l,2: Gym Show 3. DONNA L. CONAWAY Band 'l,2,3,4: Play 3,4: Shalom 2. MARY ANNE CONLEY Shalom l: Sacrisly Aide 'l,2: Bowling 3. . 117 DENISE CONNELLY Band Froni 2.3: French Club 2,SA: Sewing Club S: CSC 2,SA: Fashion Show 4: Shalom l,2: Prom Commiilee SA: Iniramurals l,2,SA: Gym Show A. JULlA M. CONNOR CSC lA. MARY A. CONNOR French Club l,2: Glee Club l: CSC l,2,SA: lnlramurals 2A: Gym Show SA: World Affairs Club A. DENISE A. CONTI Glee Club l: Spanish Club SA: Spanish Honor Socieiy SA: Play A. DIANE CONWAY Shalom S: Mission Aide l. DOROTHY G. COOK CSC 2,3 lSenaiorJ, A ESenaiorJ: Prom Commiliee A. MARGARET A. CORCORAN DENISE CONNELLY JULIA M. CONNOR DIANE CONWAY DOROTHY G. COOK s . .,,, ... E - g lrl: :.... A ill-. iii " . . . :, 'z .V . .... H ESQ - X 2 .". . f ,,.,', 5 ..' S 5 . :-1r ,':. '..- ".: -l..' JACQUELINE A. CORWELL RENEE L. COSGROVE 118 CSC l: Shalom 2,S: Prom Commiliee 4: Aciivilies Aide l. LINDA A. CORNEY CSC SA: Aciiyiiies Aide l,2: Edueslrian Club S Presi- deniJA: Macrame Club l. JACOUELINE A. CORWELL Ari Club SA: Band Fronl S: French Club S: Sewing Club S: CSC lA: Shalom l,2,SA: Prom Commiiiee SA: ln- TFOITTUTOIS l: Girls Cheerleading 2,S: Gym Show A. RENEE L. COSGROVE Glee CLub l: CSC A: Eauesirian Club A: Gym Show SA. MARY MARGARET COSTELLO German Club A: German Honor Socieiy A: CSC SA: Girls Cheerleading l. HELEN BRIDGET COYLE Ari Club SA: Band l,2: French Club 2,SA lVice- Presi- MARY A. DENISE A. CONT! MARGARET A. CORCORAN LINDA A. CORNEY MARY MARGARET COSTELLO HELEN BRIDGET COYLE dentj: Stage Crew 3,4: Tuition Aide 'I,2: Intramurals 2: Equestrian Club 2: Booster Club 3: World Affairs Club 3,4 JUDITH ANNE CRANK Band Front I,2,3,4: Business Club 3,4: National Honor Society 3,4: Representative I: Library Aide 2: Office Aide I: Gym Show 3,4: Shalom 3: Intramurals I,2,3,4. LISA CREEDEN Spanish Club I,2: Usher 3,4: CSC 3,4: Prom Committee 3,4: Lobby I,4: Cheerleading 3,4. KATHERINE CRETA Prom Committee 3: Office Aide 'I. LINDAJ. CROTTY French Club 3,4: Representative 3: Associate Represen- tative I: Volleyball I,2,3,4. IVIAUREEN P. CULLEN Library Aide I: Basketball I. JUDITH ANNE CRANK LISA CREEDEN IVIAUREEN P. CULLEN CHERYL K. CUIVIIVIINS CHARLOTTE A. DAVIES EILEEN DAVIES CHERYL K, CUIVIIVIINS Representative 4: Associate Representative 3: Play 'I,2: Prom Committee 3. CAROLYN DALE Band Front I,2,3: Library Aide 3. IVIICHELE DARPINO Guidance Aide 2. CHARLOTTE A. DAVIES CSC 2. EILEEN DAVIES French Club I,2,3,4: Associate Representative I: Library Aide 2: Purple and Gold Day 2: Boys Cheerleading 2. LISA DAVIES French Club 2: Office Aide I: Gym Show 3: Field Hockey flvlanagerj. BRIDGET DeBAECKE French Club I. KATHERINE CRETA LINDAJ. CROTTY CAROLYN DALE IVIICHELE DARPINO LISA DAVIES BRIDGET DeBAECKE 119 BEATRICE R. DEE MARIE DGEINIS NANCY L. DEMBROVVSKI REGINA M. DEPAUL KATHLEEN M. DEVINE CAROL A. DICKERSON BEATRICE R. DEE Business Club 45 French Club 3,45 French Honor Sociefy 35 CSC 2,3,4 iSendTorJ5 Bond Fronl 45 Inlrdrnurols 3,4. MARIE DeFINIS Giee Club 45 iidlidn Club 4. - THERESA R. DELUCA Sewing Club 45 Foshion Show 3,4. GAIL C. DEMARZO Ari Club 3,4 fTredsurerJ5 lfolidn Club 45 Ndliondl Honor Sociefy 45 Ordfor 3,45 CSC 3,45 IDTVGFTWUFOIS 35 Prom Comrnifiee 3. NANCY L. DEMBROVVSKI Bond Froni 4 ,2,35 Librdry Aide 4 ,2,35 Office Aide 4. REGlNA M. DEPAUL CSC 3,45 Sfdge Crew 3,45 Ordlor 3,4. ANDREA DeROCCO CSC 45 Fdshion Show 4. COLLEEN DeVlNCENT CSC 4. 120 THERESA R. DELUCA GAIL C. DEMARZO ANDREA DGROCCO COLLEEN DGVINCENT SHARON M. DICKERSON KAREN A. DIERENBACH KATHLEEN M. DEVINE French Club 25 Bdskelboll 4,2,3,45 SOHDCJII 4,2,3,4: ln- TFOFTWUFOIS 4,2,3. CAROL A. DICKERSON French Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 4,2,3,45 Pldy 4,2,3,4: Shdlorn 2. SHARON M. DICKERSON CSC 45 Office Aide 2. KAREN A. DIERENBACH Office Aide 4. DEBORAH DiLAURO Glee Club 2,3,45 lidlidn Club 4,35 Ndfiondl Honor Socie- fy 3,4. COLLEEN R. DILLON Bond Froni 25 CSC 4,25 Librdry Aide 45 Gym Show 35 ln- TVOFTWUFOIS 2. MARLENE DiLUClANO Glee Club 45 Usher 2,3,45 CSC 4,2,3,4 fSendforJ5 Librdry Aide 45 lnirdmurdls 3,4. DEBORAH DILAURO PATRICIA JANE DOLAN KAREN E. DONAHUE fs I X. I COLEEN R. DILLON BARBARA ANN DOLHAN- SKY LUCY IVI. DONAHUE ANNETTE B. DITTUS Fashion Show 41: Office Aide 2,3. PATRICIA JANE DOLAN CSC 4. BARBARA ANN DOLHANSKY Rebresenfafive 4: Associafe Rebresenfafive 3: Office Aide 2,3: Shalom 3. CHRISTINA A. DOLKIEWICZ Band 2: Spanish Club 4,2,3: Play 2: Usher 4: Inframurals 4: Track 2,4: Cross Counlry 3. EILEEN IVI. DOIVIAN Nafional Honor Socieiy 3,4: Shalom 2,3,-41: Office Aide IVIARLENE DILUCIANO ANNETTE B. DITTUS 3 CHRISTINA A. DOLKIEWICZ EILEEN IVI. DOIVIAN IVIAUREEN A. DONNELLY TRACY DONOFRY 4,3,4: Field Hockey 2,3,4: Volleyball 4,2,3,4. KAREN E. DONAHUE CSC 4,2: Shalom 3. LUCY IVI. DONAHUE French Club SA: French Honor Socieiy 3: CSC 4,2: In- framurals 2: World Affairs Club 3. IVIAUREEN A. DONNELLY French Club 3,4: French Honor Sociely SA: Nafiohal Honor Socieiy 11: Guidance Aide 4,2: Lobby Aide 3: In- framurals 4,2,3,4. TRACY DONOFRY Ari Club 4: Sfudenl Council 4: Rebreseniafive 2,3: Library Aide 2: Cheerleading 3,4 "All I ask of you is forever To remember me, as loving you." Kaihy Haugh LIZABETH A. DONOHOE Prom Commifiee 3: Office Aide 4: Tuiiion Aide 4: Nurses Aide 11: Boys Cheerleoding 4,2. AMY L. DONOHUE Germon Club 4,2,3,1l: Germon Honor Socieiy 3,Ll: No- iiondl Honor Socieiy 3,4: Orofor 2,3,4l: CSC 4,2: Sholom 4 ,2: Cross-Couniry 3: Trock 3,A: World Affoirs Club 4. MARIA DORMANN French Club 4,2: CSC Ll: Lobby Aide 3. TERESA M. DORR French Club 3,4: French Honor Sociefy 3,A: Ndfionol Honor Socieiy 3,L1: Ordfor 4,2 fEdiiorJ,3 fEdiiorJ,A fEdifor- in- Chiefl: Usher 4,3,11:Tuifion Aide 2: Gym Show 3. CAROLYN DOUGHERTY Noiionol Honor Socieiy 4: Sbonish Club 4,2,3,A: Sbonish Honor Socieiy 3,4: CSC 4,2,3,4l: lniromurdls 2,3,1l: Gym Show 3,A: Volleyboll 4,2,3,Ll: World Affoirs Club 3. CELINE M. DOUGHERTY Germdn Club 3,1l: Oermon Honor Socieiy 3,ll: Office Aide ll: lnfromurols 4,2,3,A: C-ym Show 3,A: World Affoirs LIZABETH A. DONOHOE AMY L. DONOHUE CAROLYN DOUG-HERTY CELINE M. DOUGHERTY All PATRICE V. DOYLE SHARON DREISBACH 122 Club 3. LUANN DOWD Associoie Rebresenlofive A: Acfiviiies Aide 4. MAUREEN M. DOYLE Associofe Rebreseniofive 4: Office Aide 4: Swimming 4,2,3. PATRICE V. DOYLE Aciiviiies Aide 4. SHARON DREISBACH DONNA M. DREW Associoie Rebresenioiive 2: Shdlom 4 ,2. ELLEN J. DRISCOLL Ari Club 3,A: Prom Commiifee 3: World Affoirs Club Ll. JACOUELINE G. DRlSCOLL Foshion Show 3,11: Prom Commiiiee 3,A: Librory Aide 4,3. AMY DUDEK French Club 4,2,3,4: French Honor Socieiy 3,4l: Olee Cub 4,2,3,A: Ndlionol Honor Socieiy 4: Rebresenioiive MARIA DORMANN TERESA M. DORR LUANN DOWD MAUREEN M. DOYLE DONNA M. DREW ELLEN J. DRISCOLL l 4: Picy 2,3,4: Office Aide 41: Gym Show 3. NANCY P. DURKIN IVIARIANNE ElVlELlA DUFFNER Business Club 3,Ll: French Club 3: Nofionol Honor Socie Ncifionol Honor Sociefy ll: Prom cornrnillee 3,rl: ly A fSecrefciryJ: Associofe Rebresenlcifive l: Prom Corn lnfrcimurols 2. miflee 3,4: Office Aicle l: Purple oncl C-olcl Dey 3: In LYNN B. DUFFY frcirnurols 2,3,1i: CSC i,2,3,L1lSenc1forJ. Bond 11: Glee Club l,2,3: Ploy 2,3: CSC l,2,3,1l: Lobby DENlSE MARIE DUSKIEVVICZ Aide3. Shcilom l,2: Office Aide 4: Gym Show 3. MAUREEN F, DUGAN JANE DUTKIEVVICZ Sewing ciuie 2: csc 3,11: Office Aicle ri. CSC 3- MARIA Tl DULCZAK KATHLEEN lvl. DWYER CSC 314:81-WGIOI-n 213' Guiclonce Aide 2. iviicHELE J. DUNN MARY KAY DYKAN French Club l,2:Shc1lorn 2. 'lRyon hos lciughi rne rnony Things bolh Through books ond oihleiics. lvlosi of oil if hos fciu hi me The mecining of recil frienclshibf' Qfriviwig lvlciry Foifh lvliller IVIARIANNE EiviELiA pw' JACQUELINE e. Dniscou Aiviv DUDEK DUFFNER LYNN B. Durrv MAUREEN F. DUGAN 4 MARIA T. DULCZAK IVIICHELE J. DUNN NANCY P. DURKIN DENISE MARIE DUSKIEWICZ JANE DUTKIEWICZ KATHLEEN M. DVVYER MARY KAY DYKAN JOAN M. EASTON EILEEN EGAN 3 I PATRICIA ANN IVIIRIAIVI ESLINGER ENG-LEI-IARDT BARBARA FEENEY TERESA A. FEENEY JOAN IVI. EASTON EILEEN ECAN ArfClub 3: CSC 'l,2: Baskeiball I: lnframurals l,2,3,A. SUSAN C. EIDENSHINK Spanish Club 2,3,Ll: Spanish Honor Sociefy 2,3,4: Mis- sion Aide 2. DOROTHY A. ELITZ Sludenl Council l,2,3,A: Office Aide I: Swimming l,2,3,4. PATRICIA ANN ENGLEHARDT Glee Club I: Spanish Club 2: Associale Represenfafive I: Fashion Show 3,4 IVIIRIAIVI ESLINC-ER French Club I: CSC 2. ANNETTE FANELLI Prom Commlflee 3,1i: lnframurals IA. SONYA B. FEDIW Band Fronf 2,3: German Club l,2,3: German Honor T24 SUSAN C. EIDENSI-IINK DOROTHY A. ELITZ X ANNETTE FANELLI SONYA B. FEDIW SUSAN IVI. FELICETTI I BARBARA A. FIORE Sociefy 2: Lalin Club l,2: Usher 'l,2: CSC l,2,3: Prom Commiiiee 3: Office Aide 4. BARBARA FEENEY CSC 2,3,4: Shalom 2: Band Froni I,2,4: World Affairs Club Ll. TERESA A. FEENEY Represenlaliye I: Associale Represenfafive 2: Acfivifies Aide I: Lobby Aide 2: Office Aide AI. SUSAN lvl. FELICETTI Band Froni l,2,3,A: French Club 2,3,A: French Honor Socieiy 3,Zi: Olee Club l,2,3,4: Nalional Honor Sociefy 4: Play 2,3,L1: CSC 2,4: Gym Show 3,A: Purple and Cold Day 4. BARBARA A. FIORE CSC 3: Library Aide 3. VERONICA FITCH German Club l,2: CSC l,2: Shalom l,2: Library Aide 3: Tuifion Aide 2. KATHLEEN FITZGERALD VERONICA FITCH KATHLEEN FITZGERALD I PATRICIA M. FLANNIGAN KATHLEEN M. FLEMING S KATHLEEN B. FLYNN KAREN FOSS French Club 3: Represenlolive 'l,2,3,4: CSC I,2: Prom Commiiiee 3,ll: Swimming 'l,2,3,1l: Purple ond Cold Ddy 3. PATRICIA E. FITZHENRY Spoinish Club 1I:InTrdmurc1Is 2. LISA ANN FLANAGAN CSC 3: Bond Fronl 3,4ICopioinJ: Prom Commiilee 3: Purple dnd Gold DOY 11. PATRICIA lvl. FLANNIGAN Glee Club l,2,1l: Plciy I,2,4: Prom Commillee 3,4: Tui- Tion Aide 'l,2: Purple dnd Gold Doy 3,4 KATHLEEN M. FLEIVIING Assocdiie Represenlciiive 4: CSC 3.41: Bdnd Fronl I,2: Acliviiies Aide 4: Office Aide 3: Prom Commillee 3.4: In- lromurdls 3: Usher 3. BARBARAJ. FLIS Bio-Science Club 3,A: French Club 2,3,4: French Honor Socieiy 4: CSC 'l,2,4. T S PATRICIA E FIT7HFNRY imiliixivli FI ANAPA BARBARAJ. FLIS MONICA L. FLUEHR MADELEINE M. FOX AMY JO FRAME MONICA L. FLUEHR Bio-Science Club 3,11: Sponish Club 2,3,Ll: Guiddnce Aidel. KATHLEEN P. FLYNN Ari Club A: Germon Club 2,3 TSGCVSIOTYIJ Olee Club I,2,3,4: Represenldlive I: Pldy I,2,3,4: Aciivilies Aide 3.41. KAREN FOSS Fdshion Show 3. IVIADELEINE IVI. FOX Business Club 3,41: Noiionol Honor Socieiy 3,A: Sludeni Council l,2,3,-41 fSecreldryJ: CSC 'l,2,3,ll: Prom Commii- iee 3,A: Inlrdmurdls 2,3,1l: Gym Show 3,4: Purple ond Gold Doy 3,4 AMY JO FRAME CSC Ll. 125 DIANE FRANK TERESA M. FREEMAN CSC 4: Bond Front 4,2,S. MAUREEN H. FROMNIC Bond Front 4,2,SA: Sermon Club 4,2A: Lotin CLub 2: CSC 4,2A: Prom Committee SA: Purple onol Gold Doy SA: Office Aide A. KIM M. FRYER Cheerleading 2,SA. GALE G. FUSCO KATHLEEN A. GALLAG-HER Sewing Club 2: CSC 4,2A: Prom Committee SA: Cross- Country S. LAUREEN J. GALLAGHER French Club SA: Olee Club SA: fPresiclentJ: Notionol Honor Society A: Sbonish Club SA: Sbonish Honor Society 2,SA: Golden Vine S: Guidonce Aide 2,S: CSC 4. DIANE FRANK TERESA IVI. FREEMAN GALE G. FUSCO KATHLEEN A. GALLAGI-IER TERESA A. GALLINA DOLORES GALLO 126 IVIAUREEN GALLAGI-IER TERESA A. G-ALLINA French Club SA: ltolion Club SA: Notionol Honor Socie- ty A: Golden Vine S: CSC 4,3A: Guiclonce Aloe 2. DOLORES OALLO Prom Committee SA: Booster Club 2. PATRICIA A. OANNON Bono Front 2: French Club SA: CSC 4,SA: Footboll 2 lMonogerJ. PATRICIA L. GARROVV Prom Committee A. LISA GARVIN Bond Front 2,SA. DIANE M. GASPAR CSC 2A: Office Aide 2,3. LISA OAUDET DONNA M. GAVIN Associote Rebresentotive 2,SA: Activities SA: Bosketboll IVIAUREEN I-I. FROIVINIC KIIVI IVI. FRYER LAUREEN J. GALLAGI-IER IVIAUREEN GALLAGI-IER -L PATRICIA L. GARROVV 4,2,3,-4: Eielal Hockey 2,34 SofTbalI 4,2,3,4: lnTramuraIs DIANAJ. GIAIVIPIETRO 'I,2. Spanish Club 2: CSC 'Ip Office Aiole 4: Prom CommiTTee LINDA ANN IVI. OAZAK 3,4. Spanish Club 4: InTramuraIs 2: Prom CommiTTee 3,4 IVIICHELE OIANTOIVIASO KIMBERLY ANN GENO Shalom 3. KATHLEEN GIBSON CLAIRE C-ENTIL Fashion Show 2,3,4: Gym Show 3,4 DEBORAH A. OIEL IVIICHELE A. GENTILCORE CSC 2. Shalom 3,4 'When we look back on our years aT Ryan, we will always cherish The gooa Times ThaT we sharea ana The frienclshibs ThaT we maoIe." A Maureen Thomas LISA GARVIN DIANE IVI. GASPAR LISA GAUDET DONNA IVI. GAVIN M is QI I 5 S .r . I T Q 2 my . I Sw LINDA ANN IVI. GAZAK KIMBERLY ANN GENO CLAIRE GENTIL MICHELE A. G-ENTILCORE DIANE J. GIAIVIPIETRO IVIICHELE GIANTOIVIASO KATHLEEN GIBSON DEBORAH A. G-IEL . 127 1 PAULA ANDREA GINDELE FRANCES A. GLACKIN 'Owl CAROL LEE GRAY TERESA ANN GREENE KATHLEEN M. HAGGERTY DOLORES M. HAHN PAULA ANDREA GINDELE Rebresentdtive 'l: Prom Committee 3.4: Librory Aide 2.3,4: Mission Aide 2: Office Aide 'l. FRANCES A. GLACKIN Sewing Club 3: Bond Front 2.3: Activities Aide 2: Office Aide 4: lntrdmurols 4.2. CONSTANCE M. GOLDEN Sbonish Club 3.4: Sbonish Honor Society 3.4: Office Aide 2: Gym Show 3.4. KATHLEEN GRACE CSC 'l.2.3: Office Aide 3. CAROL LEE GRAY SHALOM 2. TERESA ANN GREENE Art Club 4: Tuition Aide 1. JEANMARIE GRIMES 128 CONSTANCE M. GOLDEN KATHLEEN GRACE 'U'-lm JEANMARIE GRIMES KATHLEEN M. HAEBER TERESA M. HAMMOND DELORES C. HANSON KATHLEEN M. HAEBER Usher 3: Activities Aide 2. KATHLEEN M. HAGGERTY Usher 4: Gym Show 2. DOLORES M. HAHN Art Club 3.4: CSC l: Prom Committee 3.4. TERESA M, HAMMOND Business Club 3.4: French Club 3: Reioresentotive 4: Associdte Rebresentotive 3: Ploy 4.2: CSC 2: Sholom 2: Office Aide 'l. DELORES C. HANSON Bond Front 3.4 iColotoinJ: Business Club 4: Ndtiondl Honor Society 3.4: Sbonish Club 3: Activities Aide l: Guidonce Aide l: Swimming l.2.3.4: Volleyboll l. CAROL A. HARRIS Shdlom 4.3. CAROL A. HARRIS JAMIE TARA HARVEY MARI-JO HECTOR DONNA HEIN JACQUELINE HILLGRUBE KATHLEEN M. HINKIE JAMIE TARA HARVEY Art Club LI: Sewing Club 4: Representative 2: Associate Representative I: Fashion Show 11: Stage Crew 4: Girls Cheerleading I,2, KATHLEEN MARIE HAUGH Business Club 3: National Honor Society 3,A: Student Council I,2,3,L1 fPresidentJ: Usher 3: Prom Committee 3,-41: Lobby Aide 3: Office Aide 3: Booster Club 2. LESLIE ELLEN HAYES Business Club 4: French Club 3,4 iTreasurerJ: Student Council 2,3,L1: Usher 2,3: Shalom I,2,3: Prom Commit- tee 3,4l: Basketball Team I: Intramurals 'I,3,LI: Gym Show 4: Booster Club 3,4: MARI-JO HECTOR Bowling 2. DONNA HEIN KATHLEEN MARIE HAUGH LESLIE ELLEN HAYES MARY BETH HERLINGER ALICE H. HERRON MARY ALICE A. HOFSTAEDTER IRENE A. HOFFMAN French Club 3: Prom Committee 3,4 MARY BETH HERLINGER French Club I: Sewing Club rl: fashion Show 4: Shalom 4: Prom Committee 3. ALICE H. HEROON Art Club 3,1I: Shalom 3: Office Aide 3: World Affairs Club A. JACOUELINE HILLGRUBE CSC 11: Activities Aide IA: Tuition Aide i,2: Boys cheerleading i,2,3,L1:Gym Show A. KATHLEEN M. HINKIE IRENE A. HOFFMANN MARY ALICE A4 HOFSTAEDTER IVIARCIA I-IOI-IIVIANN JOANNE V. HOR French Club 'l,2,3: Sewing Club A: CSC I,2: Shalom 3: Prom Commillee 3, KATHLEEN L. HGRRELL Spanish Club 'I,2,3A: Spanish Honor Sociely 3A: In- Iramurals I. BETH-ANNE HUGHES French Club 'l: Shalom A: Tuilion Aicle 4. GINA MARIA HUNTOVVSKI German Club I,2: CSC I: Shalom 3A. VIRGINIA LISA HUTION Ari Club 2: Lalin Club l,2: Represenialive I: CSC I,2,3 lVice-PresiolenlJA lSenalorJ: Shalom 2,3A: Prom Com- millee 3A: Inlramurals 3A: Equestrian Club 2: Senior Play 3. DEBGRAH M. IHLENFELD Nurses Aide A. IVIARCIA I-IOI-IIVIANN JOANNE V. I-IOR GINA MARIA I-IUNTOVVSKI VIRGINIA LISA I-IUTION IVIICHELE IVI. IPRI DOREEN P. IRELAND 130 TERESA ILKI Drill Team 'I,2: lnlramurals 2: Bowling 3A. MICHELE M. IPRI Nurses Aiae I. DOREEN P. IRELAND DENISE MARIE JACOX MARGARET-MARY A. JAJKO Spanish Club 3A: Oralor 3A lEailorJ: Golden Vine 2: GuicIanceAiaIe2,3A. BARBARAJARDINE French Club A: Sewing Club A: Spanish Club A: Reioresenlaiive I,2,3: Usher 3: CSC IA: Shalom 2,3: Prom Commillee 3A: Aclivilies Aiae IA: Guidance Aide A: Iniramurals 2A. FRANCES IVI. JASKIEVVICZ MARY J. JEFFERY Band I,2,3: German Club I,2: Play I,2,3A: Purple anal KATHLEEN L. HORRELL BETH-ANNE HUGHES DEBORAH IVI. IHLENFELD TERESA ILKI MARGARET-MARY A. DENISE MARIE JACOX JAJKO Gold Ddy 2.3.45 Senior Pldy 3. BERNADETTE IVI. KALINOSKI LISA JENKINS Bond 'lg Bond Fronl3,1l: World Affdlrs Club 3,4 Ploy l,2,3,4: Librory Aide 3: Boys Cheerledding l,2,3,11p ELIZABETH A. KEARNEY Gym Show Ll: Purple ond Gold Ddy 'l. Shcilom 3. JACQUELlNE JOYCE COLLEEN A. KELLY Ari Club 2: French Club lp Sbdnish Club 21 CSC 3: Fgghion SHOW 2, DEBORAH A. KELLY SUSAN JUNOD csc 2g Fesiiieii shew 3. Mission Aide 1,25 Office Aide ii EWEEN E- KELLY World Affdirs Club 3.41. KATHLEEN IVI. KELLY i'We ore The memories which will olwdys rerndin: we ore The ldughler ond leors we've shdred: we ore friendships growing eoch doy. We ore RYAN! Kdren Trirnmel BARBARA JARDINE FRANCES lvl. JASKIEWICZ MARYJ. JEFFERY LISA JENKINS JACQUELINE JOYCE SUSAN JUNOD BERNADETTE M. KALINOSKI ELIZABETH A. KEARNEY COLLEEN A. KELLY DEBORAH A. KELLY EILEEN E. KELLY KATHLEEN M. KELLY 131 MARGARET M. KELLY SHARON C. KELLY SUSAN KELLY KATHLEEN E. KENNEDY MARGARET M. KENNELLY MARY FRANCIS KERNS KATHRYN KIDD REGINA M. KIRWAN LINDA J. KISHEL CATHY KLOTZ DEBORAH ANN KNOTWELL SUSAN KNOWLES MARGARET M. KELLY REGINA M. KIRWAN French Club l,3,4: French Honor Sociely 3: Sholorn 3,4: SHARON C. KELLY Prom Cornrnlllee 3,4. French Club 3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: CSC 3,4: LINDAJ. KISHEL Aclivilies Aide 4. Bond 4,2,3: Reioresenldllve 4: Associole Rebresenlolive SUSAN KELLY 'l,2: Sholorn 3: Aciivilies Aide 3: Inlrdrnurols 3,4. French Club 4. CATHY KLOTZ KATHLEEN E. KENNEDY Rebresenldlive 4: World Affoirs Club 3,4. Business Club 4: CSC 3: Shdlorn 3: Prorn Cornrnillee 4. DEBORAH ANN KNOTWELL MARGARET M. KENNELLY Gym Aide 3, SUSAN KNOVVLES MARY FRANCIS KERNS Sludeni Council 3,4: Reoresenlolive 2: Usher 3: CSC 2: Ari Club 4: Rebresenldlive 3: Associole Rebresenlolive Office Aide 45 Inlromurols 2,4. 2,4: CSC 4: Gyrn Show 3,4: Purble ond Gold Ddy 4 LISA KOLODZIEJ KATHRYN KIDD Ari Club 4,3 Sbonish Club 3,4: Orolor 3,4 lEdiIorJ: Guiddnce Aide ELIZABETH A. KOOKER 3,42 UUVOVY Aide 42 Offiiie Aide 2- Bond Fronl 3,4: Bio-Science Club 3,4: Germdn Club 132 LISA KOLODZIEJ ELIZABETH A. KOOKER SANDRA L. KREBS JILL ANNE KROL BABETIE P. LA BADIE DONNA LAFFERTY MARY REGINA KOSICH DIANE C. KOSMAN MARY KUECI-I DAYLE M. KUVAK MARIA L. LAMBING LISA A. LANZILLOITI 'l,2,3,41: Germon Honor Sociely 3: Glee Club l,2,3,4: lvlolnleles 3,Ll: Nolionol Honor Sociely 3,-4: Orolor 2,3,4: Ploy l,2,3,1l: CSC 'l,2,3,4 fSenoforJ: Snolom 'l,2: Ac- livifies Aide l,2: Office Aide 3,Ll: lnirornurols 3,4: Gym Snow 3: Cross Counlry 4. MARY REGINA KOSICI-l French Club 3,A: C-lee Club l,2,3,1lfVice-Presldenllz Ploy l,2,3,41: CSC A: Aclivilles Aide 2: Office Aide 2,3,4: Pur- ple ond Gold Doy 4: lnfrornurols 2. DIANE C. KOSIVIAN CSC l: Snolom 3. SANDRA L. KREBS Bond Fronl 3,11: Frencn Club 3: CSC I: Snolorn 3: Tui- fion Aide 2: Purple ond Gold Doy 2,3: Lob Aide 4: World Affoirs Club 3,4 JILL ANNE KROL Bond Fronf 3: Usher 3,4: Librory Aide rl: Office Aide 4,35 Eoueslrion Club 4: World Affoirs Club 3,4: Purple ond Gold Doy 3,4 MARY KUECI-I Drill Teom 3: Tuillon Aide I. DAYLE lvl. KUVAK Fosnion Snow 11. BABETIE P. LA BADIE Bond 2: Libroory Aide 2,3. DONNA LAFFERTY Bolon Twirlers I: World Affoirs A. MARIA L. LAMBING Ari Club 3,L1: lfolion Club I: Snolom 2: Sfoge Crew 2. LISA A. LANZILLOTII Snolom 2,3. - 'E THERESAA. LAZORKO Bana front 3: CSC 3: Shalom 3. LISA LEEPER Associate Representative 2: CSC 2,4: Library Aiae 4: Equestrian Club 4: C-ym Show 3,4: Intramurals 2,3,4: Purple ancl Cola Day 3,4 KATHLEEN A. LEICHT JEANMARIE LEMERISE Olee Club 4: CSC 4,2,3,4: Usher 4,2,3,4: Prom Commit- tee 3,4 TERESA MARIE LENTINI Olee Club 4: Italian Club 4: National Honor Society 4: Play 4: Tennis 4 ,2: Intramurals S: Prom Committee 3,4 SHARON LEWIS Office Aiae 4. JACOUELINE LIEB Baton Twirlers 4,2,3,4 lCaptainJ: French Club 3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: Mathletes 3,4: National Honor Society 4: Intramurals 2. THERESA A. LAZORKO LISA LEEPER TERESA MARIE LENTINI SHARON LEWIS LISA ANNE LINEY PAMELA LOFTUS sgsi -3 i 134 MARYBETH LIEBEL Bana 4,2,3: French Club 4,3: Play 3,4: CSC 4,2,3: Mis- sion Aicle 4. LISA ANNE LINEY Bona Front 3:French Club 4,2,3,4: Play 3,4: CSC 4,2,3: Mission Aiae 4. PAMELA LOFTUS Office Aiae 4,2,3. CHRISTINE LOUGHLIN Nurses Aiae 4. FRANCES M. LYONS CSC 4: Office Aiae 3. IVIAUREEN P. MACKIN Business Club 3,4: CSC 2. CHERYL L. MACKO CSC 4,2,3,4: Shalom 2: Activities aiae 2: Library Aiae S,4: Gym Show 4: Worlcl Affairs Club 3,4: Intramurals 4. BETHANNE M. MAGUIRE French Club 2,3,4: Glee Club 4,2,3,4: Play 4,2,3,4: Shalom 4,2,3: Gym Show 4: Senior Play 3: Purple ana KATHLEEN A. LEICHT JEANIVIARIE LEIVIERISE JACQUELINE LIEB MARYBETH LIEBEL CHRISTINE LOUGHLIN FRANCES IVI. LYONS 1 Gold Day A. Team I: Intramurals l,2,3,Al. JANE J. IVIAI-IER DIANE IVIARASHESKI French Club I: Representative 'l,2: Track 3. Associate Representative I: CSC 2: Shalom 3,4 IVIAUREEN A. IVIALLEE Tl-IERESA IVIARCIANTE Spanish Club 2: Student Council l,2,3:Representative Library Aide 3: Tuition Aide 2. 4: Shalom 2,3: Guidance Aide LI: C-ym Show Ll: World Affairs Club 3,Ll: Intramurals 3,4 PATRICIA IVIALONE Art Club 3,4 lSecretaryJ: French Club 3,4: French Honor Society 41: National Honor Society 4. ROSANNE I. IVIALONEY Associate Representative 4: Activities Aide 2: Basketball SUSAN K. IVIARR Shalom l,2: Intramurals l,2,3,rI. KAREN IVIARKEE ANNE P. IVIARKWARD 'iRyan is the soil in which the seed of friendship grows." Janet Ryan IVIAUREEN P. IVIACKIN Cl-IERYL L. IVIACKO BETI-IANNE IVI. IVIAGUIRE IVIAUREEN A. MALLEE PATRICIA IVIALONE ROSANNE I. IVIALONEY gs I 5 5 THERESA IVIARCIANTE KAREN IVIARKEE ANNE P. IVIARKWARD JANE J. IVIAHER DIANE MARASHESKI SUSAN K. IVIARR ANDREA M. MARTIN CHRISTINE MAURIZIO KAREN MCCOY MICHELLE MARX JOAN M. MCCABE KAREN ANN MCCRACKEN ANDREA M. MARTIN Bond l,2: Lolin Club l,2: Spdnish Club 3: Shdlom 'I,2,3,A. MICHELLE MARX CAROLYN J. MASSI C-lee Club I: Ilolidn Club I: CSC l,2,4: Aclivilies Aide I: Office Aide 2: lnlrornurols 3,-41. RITA M. MATTIOLI CHRISTINE M. MAURIZIO JOAN M. MCCABE csc 2,3,4: Bowling I. PATRICIA MCCAREY CSC I: Office Aide I. LISA MCCARTHY Pldy I: CSC '1,2,3,4: Office Aide I: Boosler Club 2,3,4: Purpleiond Gold Doy SA: lnlrdrnurols 2,3,A. 136 CAROLYN J. MASSI RITA M. MATTIOLI PATRICIA MCCAREY LISA MCCARTHY I MADONNA MCCREA KATHLEEN MCDEVITT KAREN MCCOY KAREN ANN MCCRACKEN MADONNA McCREA Sewing Club 4: Sludenl Council 'l,2,3: Fdshion Show 4: Shdlorn 2: Mission Aide I: lnlrdmurdls l,2,3,A: Gym Show ll: World Affdirs Club 3,4 KATHLEEN McDEVITI French Club I: Lobby Aide I. MAUREEN McDONALD Tuilion Aide I. VIRGINIA L. MCCAULEY CSC I: Fdshion Show SA: Drill Tedm l,2,3,11ICdpIdinJ. JACOUELYN MCGINNIS Associdie Represenldiive 3: CSC I. ELIZABETH S. MCGLYNN CSC I: Office Aide A. DENISE M. McKAY Sewing Club 4: Edshion Show 4: Aclivilies Aide 2: Field I . MAUREEN MCDONALD VIRGINIA L MCGAULEY DENISE M. McKAY ELIZABETHANNE MARY MCKENNA KELLY MCKERNAN MICHELE C. MCLAUGHLIN Hockey l,2,3,4: Gym Show 3,4. ELIZABETHANNE MARY IVICKENNA Art Club 4: Bond l,2,3: Prom Committee 3,4 PATRICIA M. IVICKEOWN Business Club 41: Golden Vine 3,4: CSC 1: Shdlom 3: Prom Committee 3,41: Activities Aide 2: Office Aide 4: ln- trdmurdls 3,4 THERESA lVlcKEOWN Drill Tedm 3: Purple dnd Gold Ddy A. KELLY IVICKERNAN "Ryon is our fountoin of life: she forthe future." I JACQUELYN MCGINNIS ELIZABETH S. MCGLYNN PATRICIA M. MCKEOWN THERESA MCKEOVVN L mm KATHLEEN MARIE KATHLEEN A. MCMICHAEL MCMANUS I Art Club 4: CSC I: Shdlom l,2: Northedst Switchbodrd 'l: Purple ond Gold Ddy 11: World Affdirs Club 41. MICHELE C. IVICLAUGHLIN Ldtin Club 2: Student Council 41: Usher 3: CSC I: Field Hockey 3,4 KATHLEEN MARIE MCIVIANUS Activities Aide 3,4: Guiddnce Aide 3: World Affdlrs Club 3,4: Purple ond Gold Dcry 4. KATHLEEN A. MclVllCHAEL Art Club 2. replenishes our souls with life Deboroh Di Louro DOROTHY IVICIVIONAOLE KELLY A. MCMONAGLE CSC 2,1I: Office Aide 11. MARYANN K. McNALLY French Club S,-41: French Honor Sociefy SA: Pldy SA: Usher S: CSC 4: Ldb Aide S. MARY ALICE McSHANE Olee Club 4: Sfudenf Council S: Represenfdlive 4: Associdfe Rebresenldfive 2: CSC 4: Shdlorn 2: in- frcrmurdls S. EILEEN McVEY CSC S: Lobby Aide 4,2. MAUREEN T. McVVILLIAMS Rebresenldfiye 4 ,2,S,1I: Office Aide Ll. LETITIA A. MELE Bdnd 4: Bdnd Fronf 4,2,S,A: French Club SA: Associdfe L DOROTHY IVICMONAGLE KEL Y A. IVICMONAGLE EILEEN MCVEY IVIAUREEN T. IVICWILLIAMS I SHARON A. MERKEL DENISE L. IVIERSCHEN I 138 Represenfdfiye 4,11: Prom Commiflee SA: Acfivilies Aide 4,A: Boosfer Club S: Senior Pldy S. KAREN M. MELLACE French Club 2,S,A: Sewing Club LI: Mission Aide 2: Gym Show S,L1:InIrdmurols 4,2,A. SHARON A. MERKEL Office Aide 4. DENISE L. MERSCHEN MARY FAITH A. MILLER French Club S: Ldfin Club 2: Nofiondl Honor Sociefy S: Sfudenl Council SA: Shdlonn S: Office Aide SA: Tuifion Aide 4: Prom Comrnilfee SA: Bdskefbcrll 4,2,S,4: In- frdmurdls 4,2: Gym Show S: Soffbdll 4. MIRIAM M. MISENKO Arf CLub 2,S,ZI fPresidenfI: French Club 4,2,S,A: French Honor Sociefy SA: Ndfiondl Honor Sociefy 4: Pldy 2,S,1I: MARYANN K. IVICNALLY MARY ALICE IVICSHANE LETITIA A. MELE KAREN M. IVIELLACE MARY FAITH A. MILLER MIRIAM M. IVIISENKO CSC I,2,3,45 Shalom 2,35 Boys Cheerleading I5 Gym Spanish Club l,2,3,Al lTreasurerJ5 Represenlaliye I Show L15 Purple ana Gola Day 2,3,4. Shalom 2,415 Drill Team 4,25 Eaueslrian Club 1,25 Cross LISA M. MONTESANO Couniry 3. Arl Club 35 French Club i,2,3,rl5 French Honor Sociely NINA MORENI 35 Eaueslrian Club 2. Lobby Aicle 35 Track 3. MARGARET MONTIJO PATRICIA MORRIS Arl Club 3,415llalian Club I5 Shalom 3,4 Lobby Aiae I,2. PATRICIA MOONEY CAROL A. MORTIMER CSC I. CSC I,2,35 Shalom 4,25 Prom Commillee 3. THERESAA. MOONEY OERALDINET. MULLIOAN French Club I,2,3,4l5 Glee Club I5 Play I5 CSC I5 ln- Ari Club 3,-415 Olee Club l,2,3,-415 Nalional Honor Sociely lramurals 2,3,4l5 Purple ana Gola Day 2,3,A. 3,415 Spanish Club l,2,3,11 Ivice-PresiolenIJ5 Spanish SUSAN MOORE Honor Sociely 3,11 Nice-PresiolenlJ5 Play 'l,2,3,4l5 CSC 'I Aclivilies Aide I5 Girls Cheerleading I5 Track 3. Senior Play 3. TERESA MOORE SHARONROSE MULLIOAN BoosIerClub 35 Track 3. Bancl 3,115 Lalin Club 25 CSC I5 Tuilion Aiae 4,25 Purple ,MARYANNE C. MORELL ana Oolcl Day A. LISA M. MONTESANO SUSAN MOORE MARGARET MONTIJO PATRICIA MOONEY TERESA MOORE MARYANNE C. MORELL PATRICIA MORRIS CAROL A. MORTIMER GERALDINE T. MULLIGAN THERESA A. MOONEY NINA MORENI SI-IARONROSE MULLIGAN 4 THERESAIVIULVENNA DONNA E. IVIUNDY Ei KATHERINE R. NAPLES JOANNE NARDUCCI LISA ANN NEFF PATRICIA NELSON TI-IERESA MULVENNA Shdlom 3: Prom Commiffee 3,l1: Office Aide Ll: ln- fromurols 2,Ll. DONNA E. MUNDY Rebresenfoiive I: Swimming I. CAROL MURZYN Business Club 3,11: French Club LI: Sbonish Club 2: World Affoirs Club LI. MARIE ELISE MYERS Sfudenf Council 2: Rebresenfofives I: Sholom l,3: Librdry Aide 3: Girls Cheerleoding 4,2 KATHERINE R. NAPLES French Club A: lfolion Club l,2: CSC 3: World Affdirs Club 3. JOANNE NARDUCCI lfdlion Club LI: Sholom 3: Usher 3,-4: Office Aide 41: Boys Cheerleoding I,2:InIromurc1ls 3.41. O CAROL MURZYN MARIE ELISE MYERS PATRICIA NEEDHAM LINDA LEE NEFF CAROL A. NEY PATRICIA M. NOLAN PATRICIA NEEDHAM Bond Fronf l,2,3: Business Club 4: Sponish Club 2: Mdihemdfics Club A: CSC 3,l1: Sholom 3,A: Sioge Crew 4: Aciivifies Aide 3: Librory Aide 2: Infrdmurols 2,3,4: Pur- ple ond Gold Doy 4. LINDA LEE NEFF Glee 'Club l,2: Sewing Club 3: Represenfofive 2: Associdfe Reloresenfciiive 3: Usher 3: Acfiviiies Aide 3: Librory Aide 2: Office Aide 4: Girls Cheerleoding 2: Sofi- boll 2,3. LISA ANN NEFF Associofe Represenfdlive 3: Foshion Show A: Shdlom 3: Prom Commiffee A: Office Aide A: lnfrdmurdls 4: Gym Showrl. PATRICIA NELSON French Club 'I,2: Sewing Club 3: Foshion Show 3,r1: Guidonce Aide I: Tuifion Aide 2: Ploy 3. JANE M. NOSELLI VENUS IVI. NUZZO DENISE IVI. OCHENDOSKI KAREN T. OCONNOR JOANNE C. O'DONNELL KAREN E. O'DONNELL CAROL A. NEY Germon club l,2,3,4: Lofin Club l,2: Ncifionol Honor Sociely 4: CSC 2,3,4: Snolorn 2,3: Acfiyifies Aide 2: In- TTOFDUTGIS Ll. PATRICIA lvl. NOLAN Associole Rebresenlolive I. JANE lvl. NOSELLI Office Aide 3. ' VENUS lvl. NUZZO Glee Club l,2,3,4: lfolidn Club l,2,3,41: Pldy 2,3: CSC l,2: Snolom 3: Office Aide I: Prom Cornmilfee 41. SUSAN O'BRIEN Glee Club 'l. DENISE IVI. OCHENDOSKI Lobby Aide I. KAREN T. O'CONNOR Gerrndn Club l,2,3,L1fPreSidenTJ: Gerrnon Honor Socie- SUSAN O'BRlEN GENEVIEVE E. O'DONNELL DENISE IVI. O'DONNELL SUZANNE O'KANE DIANE O'MALLEY ly 3,A: Lolin Club l,2: Nofionol Honor Sociely 3,11lVice- Presidenlj: Orcilor 3,AfEdiiorJ: Ploy 3: CSC l,2,3: Shalom 3: Aclivilies Aide 'I:lnTrc1r'nuroIs 4: World Affoirs Club 4. DENISE lvl. O'DONNELL Iicllidn Club l:CSC 2. ' GENEVIEVE F. O'DONNELL Sndlorn 3. JOANNE C. O'DONNELL Erencn Club l,2. KAREN E. O'DONNELL Fosnion Snow 41:SnOlorn 3. MARY PAT O'DONNELL lNofPnofogrobl'1edJ SUZANNE O'KANE A Arf Club Ll: Frencn Club 1,2,3,4: French Honor Socieiy 4: Snolom 3: Inlrcirnurols l,2,4: field Hockey 2,3: Senior Plciy 3: Purple ond Gold Doy 4. DIANE O'IVIALLEY 141 LINDA A. O'NElL CSC 45 Office Aide 3. JACOUELYN M. O'NElLL Associoie Rebresenfdfive 45 CSC 35 Office Aide 45 Boys Cheerledding 2. ELIZABETH IVI. ORGAN Business Club 3,45 French Club 3,45 French Honor Socieiy 3,45 Noiionol Honor Socieiy 45 OFOTOI' 2,3 lEdiIorJ,45 CSC 4,2,3,45 Office Aide 4,25 lnirdrnurdls 2,35 Tennis 3,45 Purple ond Gold Ddy 3. SLJZANNE S. OSKIERA Sewing Club 45 Ploy 45 Foshion Show 3,45 Senior Ploy 3. DONNA L. OTTINGER BERNADETTE T. PACITTI Sewing Club 45 CSC 4,35 Shdlorn 35 Librory Aide 45 Lob- LINDA A. O'NEIL JACQUELYN M. O'NElLL DONNA L. OTTINGER BERNADETTE T. PACITTI MARYTHERESE K. PALMER ROSEMARIE E. PAYNE 142 by Aide 35 Office Aide 35 World Affdirs Club 3,4. MICHELINE PAGLIEI French Club 3,45 Glee Club 45 Sfudenf Council 4 Rebresenfdiive 35 CSC 35 Gym Show 45 lnfrdrnurols 3,4 KIM PALLANTE French Club 4,35 Office Aide 45 Cross Counfry 35 World Affdirs Club 45 LOD Aide 3. IVIARYTHERESA K. PALMER Shdlom 4,45 Noriheosi Swifchbodrd 45 Trock 3. ROSEIVIARIE E. PAYNE Bond Fronf 25 Shdlom 45 Office Aide 3. VALERIE A. PEARLMAN French Club 25 Office Aide 4. CHRISTINE M. PECIC Sbonish Club 25 CSC 45 Mission Aide 2. ELIZABETH PECK ELIZABETH M. ORGAN 5 SUZANNE S. OSKIERA MICHELINE PAGLIEI VALARIE A. PEARLMAN KIM PALLANTE CHRISTINE M. PECIC Q5 Mothletes 3.4: Ndtionol Honor Society 4: Sponish Club 2,3,4: Sbdnish Honor Society 3,4: Ordtor 4: CSC 4,2,3,4 PATRICIA MARIE PENDERCAST Bio-Science Club 3: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Itdlidn Club I: Ndtionol Honor Society 4: Pldy I,2,3,4: Stdge Crew 4,2,3,4: Lob Aide 2,3. JACQUELINE PENROSE Glee CLub 'I: Rebresentotiye 2,4: Drill Teoim 4: Office Aide 4: Cyrn Show 4: lntrdmurdls 4,2. VERCNICA A. PERRI Activities Aide 'I. PATRICIA IVI. PERRONE Itdlioin Club 4,2,3,4: Ldtin Club 4.2: Ndtiondl Honor Society 4: Ordtor 4: CSC l,2,3,4: Bio-Science Club 3,4. IVIICHELE PESINI Bdnd 3: Bond Front 1.2: Business Club 3: Siodnish Club 'I,2,3,4: Fdshion Show 4: Sholom 2. PATRICIA MARIE ELIZABETH PECK PENDERGAST PATRICIA IVI. PERRONE IVIICHELE PESINI JOAN B. PIERCE DIANE T NADINE PFENDER French Club 4: Student Council 3,4: Representdtive 2: Pldy 3: CSC 1: Lobby Aide 3: Office Aide 4. IVIICHELE PHINN French Club 4: French Honor Society 3: CSC 3: Shoilorn 2,4 JOAN B. PIERCE Colden Vine 3: CSC I,2,3,4: Guiddnce Aide 4: Bowling 3,4 World Affdirs Club 4. DIANE T. PLOSCHKE Business Club 3: Cermdn Club 4,2,3,4: Germon Honor Society 4: Notiondl Honor Society 4: CSC 3: Senior Ploy 3: Intrdrnurols 3,4 IVIAUREEN B. PLOVER Art Club 3,4: CSC 4: Shdlorn I,3. DENISE PODY Art Club 4: fdshion Show 3,4 JACQUELINE PENROSE VERONICA A. PERRI NADINE PFENDER IVIICHELE PHINN IVIAUREEN B. PLOVER DENISE PODY 4 KRISTIE ANNE PODY JOANNE PONENTE VICTORIA R. POWELL BARBARA C. POWNALL NANCY B. PRINCIPATO LYDIA A. PYRIH KRISTIE ANNE PODY Christian Pen Pal I: Italian Club 4: Shalom 2A. JOANNE PONENTE Shalom 3: Office Aiae 4: Intramurals l,2,3A. DIANE MARIE POSPIECH Spanish Club 2: CSC A: Fashion Show 4: Intramurals 23' DoNNA MARIE PouLtoN Stuaent Council l,2,3: Representative A: Shalom SA: ln- tramurals 2,3A. VICTORIA R. POWELL BARBARA C. POVVNALL German Club l,2,3A: German Honor Society SA: Latin Club l,2: Orator SA: CSC l,2,3: National Honor Socie- ty SA. 4 ANNEMARIE E. PRELLE N l DIANE MARIE POSPIECH DONNA MARIE POULTON ANNEMARIE E. PRELLE CAROL PRESEL JANICE M. OUINN DIANE E. OUINTO Glee Club I: CSC l,2,3A: Fashion Show A: Shalom 3. CAROL PRESEL CSC 2: Volleyball I. NANCY B. PRINCIPATO Orator 3: CSC I. LYDIA A. PYRIH Mathletes SA: National Honor Societa 4: Spanish Club SA: Activities Aicle A: Tennis 3A: Spanish Honor Society 3A fPresiclentJ: Associate Representative 4: CSC l,2,3A fSenatorJ: Booster Club 3. JANICE M. OUINN Shalom 2: Office Aicte A. DIANE E. OUINTO Art Club SA: Italian Club 4: National Honor Society 4: Band Front I: Office Aiae 4: Senior Play 3. MARGUERITE L. QUINZAN German Club I,2,3: Latin Club l,2: National Honor IVIAROUERITE L. OUINZAN MARY JOE A. RAFFAELE DIANE IVI. RALPH CHRISTINA IVI. RASTETTER DENISE RICI-IEY KAREN J. RIESS Socieiy SA lTreasurerJ: Spanish Club I: Oralor SA: Slu- clenl Council SA: Represenlaiive I: Shalom 3: Aclivilies Aide 'l,2: Gym Show SA: lnlramurals l,2,SA. IVIARY JOE A. RAFFAELE CSC 2: Shalom l,2: Gym Aicle S. JACOUELINE RAGUCCI Library Aiae 4: Office Aiae l. IVIAUREEN A. RAINEY DIANE IVI. RALPH Represenlalive I: Fashion Show S. CHRISTINA lvl. RASTETTER Business Club 2,S: French Club l,2,: CSC l: Shalom 'l: Eaueslrian Club l: Gym Show SA: lnlramurals l,2,S. JEAN REID Glee Club 2,SA: Play SA: Shalom 2A: Aclivilies Aicle S: Senior Play 3: Purple ancl Golcl Day ll. JACOUELINE RAGUCCI IVIAUREEN A. RAINEY JEAN REID ALLISON RICE ANASTASIA RISAVY KAREN ROBERTSON ALLISON RICE CSC I: Drill Team 1. DENISE RICHEY Spanish Club 2: Aciiyiiies Aicle l,2: Tuilion Aicle 2. KAREN J. RIESS C-lee Club l,2: llalian Club 41: Spanish Club 'l,2:CSC I: Shalom 2: Slage Crew l: Tennis 2 llVlanagerJ,SA. ANASTASIA RISAVY Band Eronl l,2: Glee Club l,2: Sluaenl Council Ll: Represenlalive 2,S: Associaie Represenialive I: Play l,2: CSC 4: Shalom S: Mission Aicle l: Office Aide 4: Tui- lion Aicle l,2. KAREN ROBERTSON CSC SA: Tuilion Aiae l: lnlramurals 'l. SHEILA ROCHE Cermdn Club I5 Olee Club 'I,25 Ndliondl Honor Socieiy 45 Siudenl Council 4 fTredsurerJ5 Associole Represen- idiive 2,35 Ploy 1,25 fdsnion Snow 45 Snolom 3,45 Drill Teom 25 Prom Commiilee 3,45 Aclivilies Aide 2,35 Office Aide 45 Girls Cneerleoding 3,45 Boys Cneerledding 4,25 Gym Snow 3,45 Swimming 'l. JOANN L. ROCKS Field Hockey 3,45 Trdck 3,4. DENISE E. ROMAN KAREN B. ROONEY Bond 3,45 Bond Froni 1,25 Oermdn Club l,2,3,4 lTreosurerJ5 Germdn Honor Socieiy 3,45 Glee CLub 2,3,45 OVGTOI' 45 Ploy 3,45 CSC I,2,3,45 Prom Commiiiee 3,45InTrdmurC1Is 3,45 Bowling 3,45 Senior Ploy 3. EILEEN MARIE ROSSMAN SHEILA ROCI-IE JOANN L. ROCKS EILEEN MARIE ROSSMAN EILEEN ROWAN PATRICIA R. RUDEVVICZ MARIA RUGGIERO 146 Sbdnisn Club l,2,3,45 Sbonisn Honor Sociely 3,45 CSC I,2,4. EILEEN ROVVAN Glee Club 4,25 Pldy 25 CSC I,2,4. JOAN ROVVAN TINA M. ROVVLANDS Bond Fronl 'I,25 Spdnisn Club 25 Librdry Aide 45 Tuiiion Aide 2. PATRICIA R. RUDEVVICZ CSC 'I,25 Sndlom 45 Inlromurdls 3,4. MARIA RUGGIERO ELLEN J. RUPPENTHAL Sndlom I5 Prom Commitiee 3,45 Girls Cneerleoding I,2,45 Senior Ploy 35 Purple ond Gold Ddy l,2. MARYTRUSSO DENISE E. ROMAN KAREN B. ROONEY JOAN ROWAN TINA M. ROWLANDS ELLEN J. RUPPENTHAL lidlion Club 4,2,3.4: Ndiiondl Honor Socieiy 3.4: Shdlom 2: Aciiviiies Aide 2: Ldb Aide 3.4: lnirdmurdls 2. COLEEN RYAN CSC 4.2: Office Aide 4. JANET RYAN French Club 2.3.4 fVice-Presidenil: French Honor Socie- Ty 3.4: Glee CLub Nciliondl Honor Socieiy 4: Golden Vine 3.4 lEdi'rorJ: Pldy 2.3: Usher 3.4: CSC 4,2: Shdlom 4.2: Prom Commiiiee 4: Cross-Country 3. ADRIANA SAAVEDRA French Club 4,2.3.4: Sewing Club 3.4: Librdry Aide 4: Office Aide 4. VICTORIA SABATINI lldlidn Club 2.3: CSC 4,2: Shdlom 3.4: Prom Cornmiilee 3.4: Librdry Aide 4: World Affdirs Club 3.4: Ldb Aide 3. DEBORAH SABELLA CSC 2: Shdlom 2.3. COLLEEN RYAN JANET RYAN DEBORAH SABELLA MARGARET S. SACHS MARYANNE T. SCHAEFNER DIANE E. SCHIEBER MARGARET C. SACHS Shdlom 3. MARY SANTILLI lidlidn Club 4,2.3.4: rebresenlolive 4: CSC 2,3,4: Shdlom 4: Gym Show 4: World Affdirs Club 3, SUSAN SANTA BARBARA CSC 4.2: Shdlom 3: Aciiviiies Aide 4: World Affdirs Club 3. MARYANNE T. SCI-IAFFNER DIANE E. SCHIEBER French Club 2,3,4: Ordlor 3.4: Rebresenidlive 2: Shdlom 4,3: Tuilion Aide 4. DEANNA L. SCHIEFLER CSC 4,2. MARIE E. SCHLARP Sbdnish Club 3: CSC 2. ADRIANA SAAVEDRA VICTORIA SABATINI MARY SANTILLI SUSAN SANTA BARBARA DEANNA L. SCHIFFLER MARIE E. SCI-ILARP JOANNE A. SCHLIPF GERALDINE SCHNEIDER CHRISTINE IVI. SCHWEIZER DEBORAH SEJDA PATRICIA SCHAEFFER IVIARJORIE AN SHAPLEY JOANNE lvl. SCHOEN FRANCES lvl. SCHRADER A PATRICIA F. SEIVIANYK ELAINE SESTITO MARIE SHARP IVIELISA K. SHARP v JOANNE A. SCHLIPF Glee Club 3,4I: Spanish Club 4: Oraior 2,3,A: CSC 2,3,-41: Intramurals 2,3.L1: Gym Show 3.41: Senior Play 3. GERALDINE SCHNEIDER Spanish Club 3: Associale Represenlalive 2: Office Aide 'I. I .IOANNE lvl. SCHOEN Lobby Aide 3: Aciiviiies Aide 4. FRANCES lvl. SCHRADER Fashion Show 4. CHRISTINE lvl. SCHWEIZER Office Aide 4: Shalom 3. DEBORAH SEJDA Lobby Aide 3: Nurses Aide 'I. PATRICIA F. SEMANYK Ari Club 4: Chrislian Pen Pal l: Sludenl Council 4: 148 Represenlalive 2,3: Usher 2,3,4: CSC l,2: Shalom l,2: Norlheasl Switchboard I. ELAINE SESTITO CSC l,3,4: Lab Aide A. PATRICIA SCHAFFER IvlARJORIE A. SHAPLEY Girls Cheerleading 2: Boys Cheerleading 4. MARIE SHARP Associale Represenlalive I: Swim Team I: Lab Aide l,2,3,-4: Purple and Gold Day 2,3: World Affairs Club 4. IvIELISA K. SHARP Band 2,3: Lab Aide 4: Track Team 3: Purple and Gold Day 2,3: World Affairs Club 41. SUSAN lvl. SHARP Spanish Club 3.4: Play l,2,3,-4: Girls Cheerleading I: SUSAN M. SHARP DONNA M. SHEA E , CYNTHIA S. SHEPTA MAUREEN A. SHERRARD ALEXIS J. SIKORA MICHELE M. SLAWESKI DENISE SMITH KAREN P. SMITH Boys Cheerleading 2,3,A lCo-Caplainl: Purple and Gold Day 2,3,4: Senior Play 3. DONNAMSHEA CYNTHIA S. SHEPTA CSC 2. MAUREEN A. SHERRARD Ari Club 41: French Club I,2,3,L1: Clee Club I: Play I: CSC I: Fashion Show 3,4: Shalom A: Drill Team I,2,3,4 fCaplainJ: Inlramurals 2: Purple and Gold Day 2,3,A. ALEXIS J. SIKORA Spanish Club 3: CSC 1: Shalom 2: Color Guard 1,2,3: Aciivilies Aide 2. MICHELE M. SLAWESKI CSC I: Intramurals 2. PATRICIA M. SLOOK MARY ANN E. SMILOWSKI KATHLEEN P. SMITH KATHLEEN R. SMITH PATRICIA M. SLOOK French Club 3: Associale Reloresenlalive IA: Aciiviiies Aide 2,4: Lobby Aide 3: Inlrarnurals 3,4 MARY ANN E. SMILOVVSKI Band 3,L1: CSC I. DENISE SMITH French Club 3: Sludenl Council I: Represenlalive A: Associale Represenlaiive 3: Aciivilles Aide 3: 'ln- lramurals 1,2,3,4:SofIbaIl I. KAREN P. SMITH Norlheasi Switchboard I. . KATHLEEN P. SMITH Gym Aide 3. , KATHLEEN R. SMITH Italian club I,2: Usher 3,11: Prom Comrnillee 3,L1: Lobby Aide 3. 149 LINDA M. SMITH Golden Vine 3,41: CSC 'l. LISA B. SMITH Shdlom 3: Librdry Aide Ll. MARY A. SMITH CSC 2: Tuilioh Aide 'l. MARY ELLEN SMITH French Club 3,4: French Honor Sociely 3: Glee Club 'l: CSC 2,3,Ll: World Affclirs Club 3,11: lnlrdmurdls 2,3,-41. SUSAN M. SMITH Shdlom 2. MARIBETH A. SOCHA French Club l,3,4: French Honor Sociely 3: Liberdry Aide 2: Boys Cheerledding 4. SUSAN SOLECKI Bond 3: French Club l,2,3,4l: French Honor Sociely 3,ll: Noiliondl Honor Sociely 4: CSC 3,4: World Affdirs Club A: Senior Pldy 3. ANNA MARIE SORRENTINO LINDA M. SMITH SUSAN M. SMITH I s i l i I ELEANOR SPOERL 150 ELEANORSPOERL French Club 'l: Fdshion Show 3: Shdlom 'l,2,3,4: ln- lrdmurdls 2,4 HELENE T. STANTON CSC I,11:ShdIom 2,3. LISA STEFENACK Shdlom l,2: Nurses Aide rl: Lobby Aide 3: Mission Aide 4. DEBORAH STEINMETZ Slodnish Club 'l,2: CSC l,2. EILEEN K. STIRLING Clee Club 4. SHARON L. STONE French Club I: Rebresenldlive l,2,3: CSC l,2: Shdlom 3: Aclivilies Aide 2: Gym Show 4. BARBARAJ. STRICKER Shdlom 3. CHRISTINE A. STUMPO Nolionol Honor Sociely 4: Orcllor 3: CSC 3: Drill Tedm 3. LISA B. SMITH MARIBETH A. SOCHA HELENE T. STANTON MARY A. SMITH SUSAN SOLECKI i i LISA STEFENACK MARY ELLEN SMITH ANNA MARIE SORRENTINO i DEBORAH STEINMETZ I I WAN DA C. SZAJDECKI SUSAN J. TADDEI Shalom 2,35 Norlh Easl Swiiohlooard I. IVIARYANN E. TAIVIBURINI Office Aide A: Baskelball Team l,2, l,2,3g Softball l,2,3,rl, LYNN lvl. TARQUINO Color Guard 2. For The ioasl four years Ryah has deall me a areal hahd of oards eduoalloh friendship and memories!" Madeline Fox EILEEN K STIRLING SHARON L STONE BARBARAJ. STRICKER CHRISTINE A STUIVIPO KATHLEEN A SULLIVAN SUSAN IVI SULLIVAN PATRICIA A. SUTTON SUSAN SYSOL WANDA SZAJDECKI SUSAN J TADDEI IVIARYANN E. TAIVIBURINI LYNN IVI TAROUINO CELESTE M. TAYLOR DIANE N. TAYLOR DEBORAH A. THOM MAUREEN A. THOMAS NANCY E. THORNTON LOUISE BRIDGET TODD CELESTE M. TAYLOR Glee Club I: Library Aide l,2: Boys Cheerleading 2: Gym Show 3,11. DIANE N. TAYLOR Spanish Club 2,3,A: Activities Aide 'l. MARIANNE T. TERLESKY Spanish Club I,2: CSC l,2: Shalom 3. VERONICA M. TEVIS French Club I: Shalom 3: Library Aide 4: Office Aide A. DEBORAH A. THOM Associate Representative 41lAssociate Headig Shalom 3: Basketball Team 4,2,3,L1: Gym Show 3,4: Intramurals I,2: Field Hockey L1 lManagerJ: Volleyball 4,2,3,41: Gym Aide 4. MAUREEN A. THOMAS Business Club 3: Golden Vine 3,-4 Uyping Editorl: CSC 152 MARIANNE T. TERLESKY VERONICA M. TEVIS DENISE M. THOMPSON LILLIAN A. THOMSON LAURIE TORPEY ANNETTE M. TORRES l,2,3: Fashion Show A: Color Guard l,2: Tuition Aide 2. DENISE M. THOMPSON Tuition Aide I. LILLIAN A. THOMSON NANCY E. THORNTON LOUISE BRIDGET TODD Shalom 3. LAURIE TORPEY Gym Show 3: CSC 2,3,-4. ANNETTE M. TORRES Spanish Club 4: Golden Vine 3: CSC I,3: Activities Aide I: Guidance Aide 3,11: Intramurals A: World Affairs Council 4. ELIZABETH TOSCANO fr Ii 'Z ELIZABETH TOSCANO CAROL ANNE TOWEY THERESA TRODDEN KATHLEEN A. TURNBACH I DONNA JEAN VACCA LISA VALLORANI Gym Aide ll: Boskeiboll Teom l,2,3,4: Cross-Couniry 3,4 CAROL ANNE TOWEY RENEE TRAPPIO Bond 3,4: lidlion Club 3,4: Loiin Club 3: Sloonish Club 4: CSC 3,4: Aciiviiies Aide 2: OfTice Aide l,2,3: Boosier Club 3,4: OFOTOI' 3.4. KAREN TRIIVIIVIEL Sbonish Club l,2,3,4: CSC l,2,3,4 fPresideniJ: Lob Aide 2,3. Boosier Club 3,4 THERESA TRODDEN French Club 'l: World Affdirs Club 3,41: Librory Aide 4. KATHLEEN A. TURNBACH Shdlom 3,4: Color G-uord 4.2: Gym Show 3. ,ww RENEE TRAPPIO KAREN TRIIVIIVIEL IVIICHELE D. USILTON TERESA UVA KATHLEEN E. JULIE A. VAUGHAN VANDERSLICE IVIICHELE D. USILTON Foshion Show 3: Librory Aide 2. TERESA UVA Sbonish Club 2: Sholom 3: Librdrion Aide Li: Mission Aide 2. DONNA JEAN VACCA French Club I: CSC I: Sholorn 3: World Affoirs Club 3. LISA VALLORANI Glee Club I: liolidn Club I: CSC I: World Affoirs Club 3. KATHLEEN E. VANDERSLICE Ari Club 41:Sho1lom I: Acliviiies Aide 1: Office Aide A. JULIE A. VAUGHAN CSC l,2: Librory Aide 'i,2,-41. I MARGARET R. VENANGO Glee Club I: CSC 3.4: Fashion Show 11: Library Aiae 4: Gym Show 3,A. DIANE VENDETTI EILEEN VERDONE Golclen Vine 4: CSC l,2: Fashion Show A: Prom Com- miiieell. LISA VERRECCHIS Shalom I, MARY T. VERZICCO Library Aiae 2: Fashion Show 3: Shalom 2. MICHELLE M. VITALI Ari Club l,2,3,4: Chrislian Pen Pal I: German Club 'l,2: Sign Language -41: Play 2,3,Zl: CSC 4: Shalom 2: Purple ana Gola Day l,2,3,L1: Senior Play 3: Ari Crew 'l,2. MARGARET R. VENANGO MARY T. VERZICCO COLLEEN P. WALSH 154 DIANE VENDETII MICHELLE M. VITALI KAREN A. WALSH MARIE K. WALDRGN Bana Fronl 3.4: French Club 'l,3,ll: Laiin Club 2: Prom Commillee 3.4: Purple ana Gola Day 3: Worla Affairs Club 3.4: Senior Play 3. THERESA IVI. WALL CSC 2: Shalom 3: Office Aide 4. COLLEEN P. WALSH KAREN A. WALSH KATHLEEN WALSH Banal l,2: Purple ana Gola Day 2,3,4. LINDA A. WALSH French Club 3: Purple and Gola 2,3: Lab Aide 3. MARIANNE WALSH Lalin Club I: Assooiaie Represenlalive 'l: Fashion Show EILEEN VERDONE MARIE K. WALDRON 2 E KATHLEEN WALSH LISA VERRECCHIA THERESA M. WALL LINDA A. WALSH SA: Shalom 2: Aclivifies Aicle l: Tuilion Aide 2. MARYROSE A. WALSH Ari Club 4: Bona SA: German Club 2,S: Glee Club 2: CSC 2,S: Fashion Show 4: Ari Crew SA: Worla Affairs Club 4. SANDRA A. WALSH Ari Club SA: Volleyball SA. BARBARA M. WALUSH German Club 'l: German Honor Sociefy SA: Glee Club l,2,SA: Nalional Honor Sociely SA: Golaen Vine 41: Play 2,S: CSC l,2: Shalom l,2: Prom Commillee A. JUDY A. WARD Represenlalive l,2. KATHLEEN WARD MARIANNE WALSH JUDY A. WARD NANCY M. WEISS Nas' MARYROSE A. WALSH KATHLEEN WARD we MARY L. WELSH ELLEN A. WASSER Ari Club SA: German Club 2: Nafional Honor Sociefy SA: Play l,2,SA: CSC 2,SA fSenaforJ: Shalom l,2: Pur- iole ancl Gola Day 2,SA: Macrame Club S. FRANCES A. WElSS NANCY A. WElSS MARY L. WELSH Shalom l,2,SA: Office Alcle 2. NANCY E. WELSH French Club l,2: Office Aide 4: Glee Club l. SUZANNE M. WERYNSKI CSC 'l: Lobby Aiae l: Saorisfy Aicle l,2,S: Gym Show SA: Senior Play S. SANDRA A. WALSH BARBARA M. WALUSH ELLEN A. WASSER FRANCES A. WEISS NANCY E. WELSH SUZANNE M. WERYNSKl RUTI-I ELLEN WILKINSON KAREN WILLIAMSON JEANETTE M. WILSON LISA A. WINGERTER PATRICIA T. WISER JANICE WISNIEWSKI MARY T. WISSMAN LISA A. WOJTKIELEWICZ LISA WOLF NA CY RUTH ELLEN WILKINSON Sewing Club 45 Fashion Show 3,45 Shalom Play 3. KAREN WILLIAMSON Boys Cheerleading I. JEANETIE lvl. WILSON LISA A. WINGERTER Gym Show 45 Cross-Country A. PATRICIA T. WISER French Club l,2,3,45 Golden Vine 3,11fAssoCiate EditorJ5 Usher 3,415 Office Aide I5 Prom Committee 3,4 JANICE WISNIEWSKI Sacristy Aide 4,25 Intramurals 3. MARY T. WISSMAN French Club 4,2 fPresidentJ5 Orator 'l,2 lPage EditorJ,3,A5 Activities Aide 25 Lab Aide 45 Senior Play 3. 156 BARBARA A. WOOD JOANNE E. WOODS LISA A. WOJTKIELEWICZ rench Club 45 French Honor Society 3,45 Represen- tative 45 Shalom 45 Prom Committee 3,115 Office Aide I5 Gym Show ll. LISA WOLF Latin Club 4,25 Spanish Club 2,35 Spanish Honor Society 3,45 Representative 35 Associate Representative 2,115 CSC 35 Purple and Gold Day 45 Intramurals 2,3,l15 Booster Club A. NANCY L. WOIVIIVIER Spanish Club 2,3,45 Spanish Honor Society 2,35 CSC l,3,45 Guidance Aide A5 Senior Play 35 Purple and Gold Day 41. BARBARA A. WOOD CSC I. JOANNE E. WOODS CSC 1,3,45 Shalom 35 Intramurals l,3,4. I I . LINDA IVI. WRIGHT DONNA JEAN WRUBLESKI THERESA YOUNG PATRICIA A. ZACCAIRO X. LOREITA E. ZIEGLER CATHY ZIIVIIVIERIVIAN DEBORAH C. Riff V . ' , ,I.A J ,wMA,fi',.0 I -Jax! 4 ,fLg.i:,,fJCZ 1, x . X' LINDA lvl. WRIGHT LORETTA E. ZIEGLER LC' Bond l,2,3: Ploy l,3: Purple ond Gold Doy 2,3,Li. Guilor Club 1i:CSCi,41:ShCJIon'1 2: Eoguesiridn Club I. DONNA JEAN WRUBLESKI CATHY ZllvllviERlvlAN Ari Club 41: French Club l,3,L1: Usher Li: Snolorn 2,3. Olee Club I: CSC I: Aclivilies Aide I: Office Aide Ll: THERESA YOUNG World Affoirs Club 3. Sbonisn Club 2 iPresidenlJ: Oroior 3,1l: Rebreseniolive DEBORAH C. ZOBEL I:ASsocic1Te Represenlolive 3: CSC 3: Aclivilies Aide 3. Bond Froni l,2,3,Li lCopldinJ: Sermon Club 2,3,Li ivice- . PATRICIA A. ZACCARIO Presidenlj: Sermon Honor Sociely 11: Nolionol Honor ' Fdsnion Snow 3,4: Cross Counlry Li. Sociely 3,4 l'Tne gredlesi iriunnbn or berson con ever oicnieve is noi To noive conquered ine world bui lo nove given every ounce of ner energy for sorneining inol sne iruly loves!-' Beverly Anlnony 157 ',,...?,,, , ,fn , X 54, ,'X L nik N X 44. 4 4 Qgfi-ixvfi 'A 4 NWA X4 7 'X AXE XX x fx Lt X 4 1 x if! 4 ' X X' .QW f N 8' A. E YNLi5.f 4 54 NQHQW 4 Yiswwgffs 4 9 4 ' X Nx X W IH 4 44, Nwgxaiwfffzf 44+ N '44 mWw'W'W4'0 War QNX 5700 4444 44xw44'w W 4433344 515544 4494454 W WRX 2452 4444 19- HN y'?QCQi1V'-'QP mpxexwx 471 f A 0 'NN sy jx, A GP NX NiffiN.L,i!f' fp'- .Qr 4 my 'wv.w:4a44f 4444 '4'Wv4'??J!5'2'fW?4?4 Pope PGUI VI, 4897-4978 PpPIVlCIJhPIIThy Q Thky hTkQCi h ThAPT IkdThhTf dfClTh 4 fl cfm fk :cg Popemrm PC1uIl,4942-'I978 J' 'NIV ' Miss Rosemary Korbel Janet Ryan Patricia Wiser Maureen Thomas Like the balloonlsts of Eagle ll, we, the staff of the 4979 Golden vine, have attempted to catch in word and pictures the spirit of adventure that is the essence of Archbishop Ryan High School for Girls. There were many anxious moments when we thought we would never be able to buffet the winds, to stay aloft and to remain on course. We would like to thank those people who have helped to insure a safe journey and successful landing: Our sponsor and principal, Father John J. Conahan: our pilot and moderator, Miss Rosemary Korbel, our flight direc- tor, Mrs. Susan l-leidt and Cooke Publishing Company, our aerial photographer, Mr. Joseph Lippl and Carl Wolf Studios, our ground crew, the faculty of Archbishop Ryan, our flight crew, the staff of the 4979 Golden Vine: and the explorers themselves, the students of Archbishop Ryan High School for Girls. Our special thanks goes to Mr. Michael Fairbanks and the Balloon Club of America who gave us the opportunity to make this journey. in 4 My ivfi 6 00 3' 59,9 NE -0292, Q55 Q., 3,3- 17 as ff an X' Q 'N F' viz. I EL. o fy 0 W 0 o W J at XZ., an H if "V"'f'Uwww A Ombm if Q 542. f fi? W Wfffffwff www ,,7'-fzwvf- Mad! Qfie- z4?ZQ ?,fWfWMU 7,efovV, M9404 efcwv will 2fm,244,64gzG4f,, .Zfiafi af iaaiav, 4,9 fiaff afnwmv, J? df MZW 'Qu iid -700 7-6, pLe,7,YG'w.2f. GM! jmymda fhavw it MJ iff4fQ5ff?f15100m,i' WW Lpbwou, 2 MJ, 1' WW! ML? 75'-if dfZL5'l67?0 ?rU2,1-,470 ?,ga,Eou g. fi QW Z4 ?7'm'b mfifv' M014 4542 Z3 yi iff' 4049 eafuwflf. lL fzfLef.! Img! 9031- 1 ZZUV- Z20'W?"'fd' dfuzyvwai gcwadofu yxpouflfj foci, Zim-Q c,Q,w,w 7Zg,eZ1cdI 204256 AJ- JAMA 21150411 ZQLKZLMJ 2,01-fig, Zfoml Wm, dx 79Afw42,-6,0 Zdmfnu 4H6 fp, fd H6050 if V, TJ flfwfdfmzaw fa, ibliuj wwf! Zffffuiw-7714110 -f4,Z'21'if, kwmcmf- 72042, -69,63 gf',m,4nfffu.0wf074,e,,' Wm figgwj 0Z7L 024 7504 M0 fwvlv, mf'4f7fy Zifv,-5 555?L iam!! '7ovf .45 Ovdffbf, of-2123 Woo 4,120 07777 bmah! 5EN'54 yfnef, Wie dow! CZXWZLM 544572422 yawn Taigdfv- W jwti de A M6 Hannah, y,Z" ZHMC. UXL.ZJ!,76CnAzpcZf07d,,Laff,Z15,700v6Z9,LL,j ui' ffm ZZZQI Q QZWVS 20"-ff iam -6,'Qfmu g.53zaC Zz? XLQAO 5 ,QC fGgcZiw,d1wl we zucw Www is ,mf ..1,1,1L6i 7c'dA71p7ffZ0'Z7!Z6f,,f Wg, 7af4J,0L43O,LC,3,kJ WQM4 dfdf Mdwfjci? 5 meal? 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Suggestions in the Archbishop Ryan High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

Archbishop Ryan High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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Archbishop Ryan High School - Sentinel Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 153

1979, pg 153

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