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 REV. NOEL WALL, O.F.M - PRINCIPAL There is a story in the Southwest of a series of Franciscan Friars who came to evangelize a pueblo in what is now New Mexico. As the first ones arrived, and before they could so much as explain their mission they were promptly put to death by the unfriendly and suspicious Indians, but more kept coming to the number of nine. This set the Indians thinking that there must be some rugged driving force that compelled these men to come to them. Finally when the tenth man came, they heard him out and embraced the Faith. In a short time, you’ll be leaving Ryan High School for new horizons, and you’ll come to these new horizons perhaps as the tenth priest came to the Indians. You may appear on a scene that others have prepared and have given their lives to. You may reap the harvest that perhaps other men have planted, just as it was others who opened the doors of knowledge and wisdom so that you might now begin your journey into the future. Richly have you received from the past, and remember now richly must you donate to the new and future horizons of your world in order to make it a just and peaceful one for all.Dedication The greatness of any community is distinguished by superior quality of its leadership. As Principal of Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys. Fr. Noel has indeed been the man behind the greatness of the Ryan spirit and the Ryan tradition. Born in Chicago. Illinois. Fr. Noel completed his college education at St. Francis College in Burlington. Wisconsin, and then undertook his theological studies at Christ the King Seminary in West Chicago. In 1966. he obtained his Master of Art degree in Political Science from Villanova University. Coming to Ryan in 1966 he was appointed Dean of Students and also the Chairman of the Theology Department. Still continuing his education, he also received an M.A. Degree in Religious Education from LaSalle College in 1968. In the same year, he was appointed Principal of Ryan High School for Boys by the Franciscan Board of Definers. Some of Father Noels other distinguished positions of service were elected representative of the religious priests of the Philadelphia Council of Priests, member of the Senatorial Scholarship Interview Recommendation Board, former Chairman of the Secondary School Committee of the Assumption Province, and even a former chaplain of the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey team for 5 years. Facilitating, coordinating, and supervising all school policies, activities, and programs were his major responsibilities as Principal of Ryan. He feels that his major accomplishment here has been bringing everything together so that Ryan can become an outstanding school with a firm basis in tradition and Christian Philosophy” ... “a Catholic High School is a community of believers where the faculty and students come together under Christ's leadership. It is not only a place to study and teach but a Christian experience. Following such a philosophy, he strove to make the educational program here at Ryan creative and practical as well as theoretical through the initiation of new courses in the humanities and religion. All of us are grateful to Father Noel for his outstanding service and dedication in guiding us along the way of growth and education in the spirit of Christianity. Over a 12 year period, there is no doubt we all realize why “Noel” is so appropriate a name. It is an Incarnational Word that really means “Christ among us . And as our deep feeling and admiration for him grows so much, we can never say thank you for all he has done for Ryan. However, we will always know that Fr. Noel has become the first beat of Ryan's heart!r. • However, although this year brings to an end Father Noel’s stay with us, it also marks a new beginning for our community when we shall welcome the arrival of our new principal. Let us embark to gether on this venture in the Christian spirit of the Ryan tradition which Father Noel •helped to build and encourage.US.FOR BOYS I. ■aefWEEKENO SOCIAL SAT. HOOP CLUB J ETBALL: jfl «S. ROMAN CATH. AT RYAN 6:30 READING CATH. AT RYAN 6:30 .gYAN AT ST. JAMES 2:00ADMINISTRATION The administration of Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys plans the academic curriculum, coordinates classroom movement, and various other school activities both athletic and social, arranges the school’s budget, student rostering and guides the students towards receiving a quality education in a disciplined meaningful atmosphere. Rev. Noel Wall—Principal Rev. Stanley Janowski—Vice Principal St. Francis College. B.A Villanova University. M.A. Mr. Stephen Pawlowski—Dean of Students Villanova University, B.S. Temple University. M.S. 8Mr. John Scioli—Director of Studies St. Joseph's College. B.A. Temple University. M.A. St. Joseph’s College. M.A. Rev. Joel Szydlowski—Director of Activities St. Francis College. B.A. Christ the King SeminaryTHEOLOGY DEPARTMENT And you,” Jesus went on to ask, “who do you say that I am?” Religious education at Ryan has three important components: MESSAGE. The first is the good news about Jesus Christ and his meaning for mankind. This involves instruction in the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church, the Bible and the contemporary culture. COMMUNITY. Next the good news about Jesus Christ is meant to be experienced in a community of brothers and sisters where charity abounds. Through opportunities for prayer and celebrating the sacraments, an atmosphere of love and concern begins to form. SERVICE. The experience of Christian community leads naturally to service to our neighbor. Through the practice of the works of mercy, we make the good news of Jesus Christ come alive for those in need. In this threefold way. we at Ryan hope that Catholic education's lessons are learned not only in the classroom and pew. but also in the home and neighborhood. Rev. Liquori Mierzwiak. St Francis College. B A . Cornell University, MS.. Theology I. Basketball Moderator Rev. Edward Brukner. St. Francis College. BA. LaSalle College. Marywood College. MA . Theology IV Rev. Clement Kurowski. St Francis College. B A.. LaSalle College. M.A.. Theology III Rev Terrence Pinkowski. St. Francis College. B A,. Cornell University. St. Bona venture University. M A.. Theology I. IV. Charismatic Moderator Rev John Kosinski—Department Chairman. St. Francis College. BA. Aquinas Institute of Theology. M.Th., Seattle University. M.Rc.. Theology III Rev. Louis Stislow. St. Francis College. B.A.. Marywood College. M S.. Theology IV Rev. Carl Graczyk. St. Francis College. B A . Theology IIMs. Theresa Ryan, Wheeling College. A.B.. St. Charles Seminary. M A„ Theology II. III. Minorities and Peace. School Ministry Rev. Richard Olszewski. St. Francis College. B A.. LaSalle College. M.A , Theology I Mr. James Gannon. Allentown College of St. Francis deSales. B.A.. Theology III. IV. Guidance Counselor Mr. Earl Meyer. Kutztown State College. B.S.. American Institute of Drafting. Theology I. Mechanical Drawing H Mr. Carl Tori. Villanova University. B.A . Theology 111, Guidance CounselorENGLISH DEPARTMENT To teach students, not a subject, is our primary aim. Utilizing all of the communication skills, we hope to form men who will use effective speech and writing for their own and their fellow's betterment. We wish to convince the student that literature exists for his enjoyment and to make him aware of its power to sharpen perception, enrich life and deepen compassion by enlarging his knowledge of human strength and human frailty. For reading and for the many other modern facets of entertainment. we hope to aid him in making independent, responsible judgments, based on sound moral and artistic criteria. We would like him to leave Ryan convinced that English is unique among his studies, literature being truly the mirror of life. Mr Walter Zeglinski. Pennsylvania State University. B A . English III Rev. Roderick Drag. St Francis College. B A.. Boston College. M A.. English I. Asst. Library Moderator Rev Gabriel Rosetti—Department Chairman. St. Bonavcn-ture University. St. Francis College. BA.. Notre Dame University. M A . English IV Mr Michael Wolohan. Villanova University. B.S.. Villanova University. M.A.. English III The Globe i Theater Mr. Kyran Connelly. LaSalle Mr Paul Pedlow. LaSalle Col- College. B A.. English I. Media. lege. B A . English I T V. Studio DirectorMr Edward Macko. English IV Mr. Robert Clothier. St. Joseph’s College. A.B., Beaver College. M.A.. English II Mr. Gerard Nejman, Allentown College of St. Francis. B.A.. English IV Ms Barbara Dillon. Immaculata College. A B.. Villanova University. M A . English III Mrs. Joanne Clothier. Holy Family College. B A., Beaver College. M A.. English I. Ill Mr. Robert Melzi. Widencr College. BA. English II Mr Ward Onsa. University of Dayton. B.A., English IVSOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr Edwin Ulmer —Department Chairman. St. Joseph’s College. B S . Trenton State College. F.d.M . U S. History. Political Behavior Rev George Jaskulski. St. Francis College. B A.. St Bon-aventure University. M A . U S Cultures. Asst Athletic Director Mr Jerome O'Connell. St Joseph's College. B.S.. World Cultures. Guidance Counselor Rev. Rene Barczak. St. Francis College. B A . Fordham University. M.A.. Minorities-Peace. Peace-Justice. Sociology. Cafeteria Supervisor The Social Science Department at Ryan offers a wide array of courses that gives the student a good three year background in World Cultures and American Culture, and then affords one the opportunity to elect a senior course from various social science disciplines. Senior courses which are taught hetero-geniously include Sociology. Psychology. Political Science, and Economics. The media center provides the student with an abundance of research materials ranging from filmstrips to periodicals. Ample opportunity is provided in class to discuss values of our complex society. Attempts are made to incorporate the dual values of a Christian American Heritage. Mr Robert Cwenar. LaSalle College. B.A.. Villanova University. M A . World Cultures. Guidance Counselor Mr. George Deal. Temple University. B.S.. World Political Cultures Mr Charles Fowler. Villanova University. B.S.. Antioch College. M.Ed.. Guidance Director Rev. David Jakubiec. St. Francis College. B.A.. Loyola College. M.A.. St. Charles Seminary. M.A.. Psychology I. II. Guidance CounselorMr George Pauli. LaSalle College. B.A . U S. History. Political Behavior Bro. Jerry Tokarz. University of Wisconsin. B S.. World Cul tures. World Political Cultures. Guidance Counselor. Vocational Counselor Mr Robert Kaupp. University of Pennsylvania. B.A . World Political Cultures. Economics Foreign Policy Mr. James McCoy. LaSalle College. B.A.. U.S. History Mr. Edmond Brodblne. LaSalle College. B.A.. World Cultures. English I Mr. Stephen Tomchik. LaSalle College. B A.. Fordham University. M.A.. Spanish II. World Political Cultures Mr David Mulholland. West Chester State College. B.S.. World Political Cultures. Eco-nomics Foreign Policy 15MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT The aims of the Math Department are to give the students the type of background skills and basic principles they will need for their future in areas of logical thinking. For the college bound students, there are college prep courses available which incorporate various aspects of computer programming. The department has a computer well-equipped for this purpose. For the non-college bound students, the department provides instruction in all basic areas of mathematics. There are twenty-two courses offered to give flexibility, yet still provide a well-rounded education. Mr Joseph Schuler—Department Chairman. LaSalle College. B A.. Trenton State College. M.A., Geometry, Trigonometry. Analytic Geometry Rev. DePaul Sobotka. St. Francis College. BA. Villanova University. M A T M.. Algebra II. Analysis Rev Ira Targonski, St Francis College. BA. Rosary College. MA . L.S.. Geometry. Attendance Director Mr Louis Fante. St. Joseph’s College. B.S.. Algebra I. Guidance Counselor Rev Joseph Stryjewski. St Francis College. B A . Villanova University. MA. Algebra I. Athletic Director 1977 Mr. Eugene Davis. LaSalle College. B A.. Temple University. M.A.. Algebra I. Geometry 16Mr John Saccomandi. LaSalle College. B A.. Math Applications 1. Trigonometry. Statistics Mr. Thomas O’Connell. Xavier University. Temple University. B.S.. Geometry Mr George M Pellak. Drexel University. B S . Drexel Uni versity. MBA. Algebra I. Math Applications II Ms Irene Ampthor. Chestnut Hill College. B.S.. Finite Math. Algebra U 17SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Student investigation of the phenomena of nature is a major activity in the science classes. Well equipped laboratories provide students with the tools to explore the scientific world An experienced staff uses inquiry-oriented lectures to help satisfy the needs of Ryan students. Discussion of newer horizons of scientific discovery is encouraged. always within the framework of the Christian Ethic. A variety of courses enables students in Ryan to acquire the background of scientific material necessary for a person in today’s technological age. Mr Hairy Neenhold—Department Chairman. Villanova University. B.S.. Temple University. Ed M . Biology. A P. Biology Mr Barry Rogers. Pennsylvania State University. B S . Temple University. M S . Biology. Advanced Environmental Science Mr Frank Morris. Temple University. B S . Community College. A A Med Tech.. Biology. Advanced Anatomy. Physiology Mr John Mulroncy. LaSalle College. BA. Trenton State College. M.Ed.. R.P.S., Political Behavior Mr. Joseph Birzes. West Chester State College. B.S.. BiologyChomistry Mr. Frederick Magenheimer. Drexcl University. B.S.. Drexel University. MBA. Physics. Advanced Computer Science Mr John Connelly. LaSalle College. B A . Princeton Uni versity. M.A.. Chemistry. A P Chemistry. German IV Mr. William McIntosh. Temple University. B.A., Pennsylvania State University. M Ed.. Physical Science. Advanced Astronomy. Guidance Counselor Mr Victor Stanicc. Pcnnsyl vania State University. B S Trenton State University. M.A Chemistry Mr. Joseph Feighen. Cabrini College. B.S.. I P S. b= L 19LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Students at Ryan High School have the opportunity to learn any of three languages—Spanish. German or French. Words are used to communicate ideas, but just as important, words are the medium through which students become acquainted with a foreign culture and civilization. The knowledge of a foreign language is more necessary today because the world is more closely-knit by the advances made by modern scientific technology. College-bound students and future professionals will be required to make research in sources of information originally written in a foreign language. Rev Leonard Stunek- Depart- Mr George Todt. St Joseph s ment Chairman. French I College. BA. French II. IV. Athletic Director 1978 Mr Joseph Cunningham. LaSalle College. B A . Spanish II. French III. Asst Disoplin arian Mr John Kurek. LaSalle College. BA.. Temple University. M S.Ed . Spanish I. German I  Dr Joaquin Stable. West Chester State College. M.A.. University of Havannah. Law. Dr., University of Havannah. Ed Dr . Spanish II. III. IV Mr. Donald Reardon. Holy Cross College. A.B.. Trenton State College. M.Ed.. German II. III. Guidance Counselor Mr. John Nickels. University of New Mexico. B.A.. Spanish I. Asst. Disciplinarian Mrs. Mary Jo Brooks, Holy Family College. B A.. Temple University. M.A.. Spanish IBUSINESS DEPARTMENT The main objectives of the Business Education Department are to introduce students to the methods used by businesses to manage their resources in order to generate profit and to familiarize students with the skills used by consumers to manage their income in order to satisfy their needs. These objectives are accomplished by courses of study in the principles of accounting, management, marketing, law and typing. Also, each course includes topics that are related to the main area of study so that the curriculum includes the study of income taxes, insurance, investments, real estate, office practice, job interviews and banking. 22 Mr Daniel Vorgity—Department Chairman. LaSalle College. B.S.. Accounting I. II. Algebra Part II Mr James Conahan. LaSalle College. B.S.. Typing Mr Richard Maguire. Villanova University. BS.. Mechanical Drawing. Architecture Mr. James Conroy. Allentown College of St Francis de Sales. B A . Typing. Asst. Studies Director Mr Gerald Becker. St. Joseph’s College. B S.. Accounting I. II Mr. Joseph Ryan. LaSalle Col lege. BS. Law. Political Be havior. Asst. DisciplinarianTHE ARTS Art has a special unifying force. It not only integrates the personality by putting to work all the natural powers, spiritual and physical, but it also brings into focus that creative activity of the individual. Creative power is universal. Everyone is born with some degree of creative capacity which can be cultivated like any other growing thing. This innate impulse needs direction in carefully nurturing it. to achieve their destiny of relative happiness and fulfillment. The T. V. studio serves as a medium for presenting the faculty and students with programs of educational value as well as means to produce innovative visual programming for educational and recreational purposes. In addition to providing informative news during the homeroom period, the studio has proved a valuable tool in training the Media class— the future directors of the Studio's operations. The management of the Studio can be accredited to Mr. Kyran Connelly. It is his sincere hope that as WARB matures in its programming, the teachers will become more aware of the possibilities of educational T.V. within their regular class presentations. Mrs. Mary Wahl. Moore College of Art. BA. Art I. II. Ill Mr Robert Purdy. West Chester State College. B.S.. Musk:. Band Director Mr John Molnar. Villanova University. BA. Villanova University. M A . Related Arts Mr Kyran Connelly. LaSalle College. B A . Media. A V A . T V. Studio Director Ryan has a multi-faceted band consisting of a marching unit, orchestra, symphonic and stage band. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Purdy, these talented musicians perform in several concerts, recitals and also provide the musical accompaniment for the play. By playing and practicing music, students are given the opportunity to explore their limits, develop leadership qualities, grow mentally and physically, and learn to work together.PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT In an effort to balance students physically, mentally and socially, the Physical Education Department has evolved a varied program of different activities and sports. Through instructing students in basic games and rules, the instructors hope to show points of direction in their own individual skills, and to utilize these skills to the best of their ability and effort. With this in mind, a healthier community would be possible. The gym instructors encourage their students to never give up and to persist with the utmost in their ability to reach their goals. 24 1 Mr. John Quinn. Notre Dame University. BBA. Physical Education. Health Mr Robert Hawkinson. Catholic University of America. St Joseph's College. B.S.. Temple University. M A . Physical Education. HealthMEDIA RESEARCH CENTER Who can count the ideas in a Library? Author Unknown Ryan's Library Staff strives to provide a pleasant and informal atmosphere where the students of both schools can come to do something as complicated as researching a term paper or as relaxing as reading the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. Our holdings consist of over 20.000 volumes, an adequate and updated periodical collection and subscriptions to both local and national newspapers. These sources together with a newly formed vertical file combine to provide Ryan students with a wealth of facts and figures on almost any topic. Rev. Aquinas Helwig, St. Francis College. BA. Asst. Direc tor Media Research Center Mrs. Kathleen Merrick. Library Secretary Ms. Loretta Stoebenau. Holy Family College. B.A.. Villanova University. M S.. Director Media Research Center Mr Clyde Herr. Eastern Men-nonite College. BA. Villanova University. M S L.S.. Temple University. M Ed.. Asst. Direc tor Media Research Center 25SECRETARIES AND PARAPROFESSIONALS Rev. Roman Zbieranski. St Mrs Eleanor Mulligan Francis College. BA.. Univer- School Treasurer sity of Notre Dame. MSA. Superior of the Friary. Attendance Director Without the work of our conscientious para-professionals and secretaries, many important duties would be left unfinished. Their work lies in the filing of confidential and permanent records, handling tuition payments, recording absentee calls, sending out monthly mail, typing up various schedules for exams and activities, recording the minutes of all the principal's council meetings and various other administrative duties. Although at times the work seems boundless, we are deeply grateful to all of our office personnel. Mrs. Midge Pfender Secretary. Main OfficeBro Julian Cerkiewicz Asst. Dean of Students Mrs. Edyth Barras Secretary. Studies Office Mrs. Kay Korc2, West Chester State College. B.S.Ed.. Trenton State College. M.Ed.. St. Catherine College. R.N.. School Nurse Mrs. Joan Cox. Secretary. Gui dance Office 27MAINTENANCE AND CAFETERIA STAFFS Although feeding a hungry group of 2.300 boys is not an easy task, its everyday work for the Ryan Cafeteria Staff. Even though the job is hard work and the lines are long, these helpful ladies are always ready to serve you your food and drink with a cheerful smile. Maintaining a physical plant as large as Ryan's is an awesome responsibility, but nevertheless the Maintenance Staff, under the direction of Brother Edward, always has everything under complete control. Whether it is plumbing and heating, electrical, groundskeeping. janitorial upkeep, the Maintenance Staff performs all of the above with great concern. It is this kind of dedication which keeps Archbishop Ryan neat, clean and orderly. The faculty and student body are deeply grateful. Bro. Edward Makowiecki— Maintenance Director Bro Regis Howitz— Cafeteria Director s Mr. James Mcllmail— Maintenance Staff Member Mr. George Brown— Maintenance Staff Member 282930313233 major part of our life issin !y;vsharing it with others. During our high school days, we not only learn with others, but we live with them side by side each day siharing our hopes, joys, sorrows, and dreams. That is what a student’s life is all about, one not only filled with iQiinv? responsibilities and studies, but alsQv .uuth precious, good times -These moments jjrffiily sharing enrich our lives and help toward our futufe horizons of challen«flnjg responsibilities.STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council at Ryan is one which makes it a point to involve itself in all facets of student life. They are always there to lend a helping hand to those students in need of help. Through their hard work and dedicated efforts, they have been able to establish a better rapport between the students, faculty, and administration alike. The Student Council has made many accomplishments during the year, some of which include: participating in operation Santa Claus, co-sponsoring the food drive, and decorating the courtyard for Christmas, along with many other services. This year the Student Council has been outstanding in the areas of cooperation and student involvement. We would all like to thank them for giving of themselves in order to help others. Mr. James Conroy—Student Council Moderator Student Council Officers (l-r) M Fox. Treas. . M Baxter. Senior Class Pres.; R Bakos. Student Council Pres.; E. Chappel. Secretary; Father Noel; D. O'Neill. Senior Class V.P.; N. Adamchak. Student Council V P Student Council Members {l-r) Row 1—Front: R Bakos. Pres.. N Adamchak. V P . M Fox. Treas ; E Chappel. Secretary; Row 2 M Baxter. M Sterthous. B Coyle; Row 3—J. St. Clair. J O'Neill. B Marcantuone. J MacGregor. M Green. B Walsh. J. Earley. Row 4—J. Visco. B Landgraf. B. Batty. E Flughes. G. Rhodes. T. Whelan. E. Reynolds; Row 5—B Hunt. A Varker. J. Vander-slice. R Lonergan. B Cory. M. O'Connor. M. Les kiewicz. Row 6— J. Poulson. M McCreery. M Buck. P Drungowski. J. Devine. T Burgmann. J. Tomany.R Bakos helps prepare another Student Council Fr. Noel poses with the members of Student Council and Warpath Weekend Queen and her court activity. Dear Fellow Classmates: Yes. our four great years are over; but our life has just begun. It becomes a new understanding of new people and the new life that will surround us. As we left eighth grade we had doubts as to what Ryan would be like. Now we have to decide which road to follow to success and where to begin. As we entered Ryan we were only dust in the wind, trying to find a place where we could fall safely to the ground and become a part of Ryan’s Community. Now that we have traveled the long journey of Ryan brotherhood it is time to look back and cherish all the people, places, and things that helped us to grow and mature towards manhood. Ryan for us has become a short but maturing challenge in our life-long journey down the road to successful living. We have experienced the happy and the sad. But more importantly we have been shown how to love one another as true friends and brothers in Christ. Let us not forget our classmates whose journey on earth was cut far too short so that they may experience a greater life than the one we know. As long as they are remembered their spirit, life, goals, beliefs, and our love for them continues to live. We do not bid them farewell since this is merely a brief respite for we shall be joined with them again. A part of them lives in each of us. Friendship is not something that ends with graduation. It will always be a living, growing, and vibrant experience! Respectfully. Rudy Bakos This year's Thanksgiving week Mass was an inter-school event planned with the cooperation of Campus Ministry and the Student Council APPEALS BOARD Appeals Board Members (Left to right) Row 1 front: J. Hasher. D. Chappell. J. Senske. Row 2: R Bakos. D. Quinn. J. Hennessey. J. Pawloski. K. Pawloski Row 3: R Winslow. M Fox. M. Gerber. J. F.arley (Vice-Pres ). M. Murray. E. Chappell (Pres.) This committee of students is comprised to make judgements on whether or not demerits which were given to students were justified or not. If they feel that the demerit(s) were given unjustly, they are given to Mr. Pawlowski who makes the final decision whether or not the demerits will be revoked. The committee tries to settle disputes in a diplomatic manner. 37NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The purpose of the National Honor Society is to give public recognition to students of the school who show exemplary qualities in scholarship. service, and leadership. Each year, new members are inducted into the Society during a traditional Mass and banquet. This year, the members were chosen by the respective department heads as well as the Society’s moderators. We must not forget the main function of the organization. These young men aid and assist any fellow student who might be in need of academic help. With this year’s 62 members, there was always someone available to lend a helping hand. R. Trobich presents Fr. Noel with an Honorary Membership Certificate to the National Honor Society. (Left to right) M. Green. Secretary; M. Murray. Pres.; R Trobich. Vice-Pres.; M. Dempsey. Trcas. National Honor Society inductees are presented their certificates of membership. (Left to right) Row 1 (front): K Zajac. M. DePerro. E. Chappel. R Trauffcr, R Pieri. J Cullen. Row 2: T Hunt. E. Bennett. S. Milcarsky. D. Koestler. M. Pierson. S. Lombardo. M. Whelan. D. Krecko Row 3: R Reese. A. Fulginitti. J Curcillo.The induction ceremony began with a Mass concelcbrated by the Ryan Faculty members. Fr. Leonard Stunek. O.F.M.-Moderator Mr. Robert Cwenar—Assistant Moderator (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): J. Trusdell. M. Sterthous. D. Quinn. K. Horn-berger. Row 2: D. Pierson. B. Connor. V. Raspanti. T. Langan. J. Visco. C. Gregory. Row 3: M. Connelly. D. DeBias. J. Filips. B. Batty. J. Hanuscin. P. Trusdell. M. Schwartz. M. Meistring. Row 4: J. Wieckowski. G. Konstancer. A. Budzichowski, K. Green. B. Wittick. T Murphy, J. Devine. Row 5: E Baranoski, L. Laurifo, R. Miller. J. Puodziunas. P. Lisiewski. P. Koestier. Row 6: M. Matthews. C. Budka. J. McGinley. M McGinty. W. Hughes. C. Downs, S. McCabe. - rtWORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL The World Affairs Council gives the students a chance to get involved in various outside events. If politics and the like are your “bag. this group will interest you. Its membership has increased rapidly over the years. Led by Mr. Deal and able officers, the club concerns itself with world problems. Its activities include mock elections, participation in actual elections and a city-wide model United Nations, guest speakers, field trips, a political action seminar and many others. Here, we find the leaders of tomorrow. World Affairs Council Officers (Left-right) H. Mazzafro. M McGinty. J. Puodziunas. V Raspanti. World Affairs Council—Ryan Boys Moderator—Mr George Deal (1st Row—far right) 40TELEVISION STUDIO Each day, during homeroom, announcements are made to the students via the T V. studio located on the first floor. Many students believe that this is WARB's only responsibility. However, everything shown on the television in each room is a result of the efforts of the members of the media class. The studio, under the direction of Mr. Kyran Connelly and the members of the media class, brings such diverse programming with documentaries such as Jacques Cousteau and The Ascent of Man series, also in the video tape library there are many literary film classics and religious films. The WARB News Team (Left-right) K. Za)ac. M Dempsey. L Desiato The WARB Crew (Left-right) Row 1 R DiStefano. B Walsh. L. Desiato. M Dempsey. K Zajac. Row 2: Mr Kyran Connelly Director of T V J. Whelan. D. Lafferty. C. Golas. K. Connelly. N. Suckh, J. Langan. J. Gilbert. B. Gocrgen Row 3: Communications. R Trobich. R. McHale. Row4: J. Cullen. M. Nessel. M Baranoski. E Carroll.FRENCH CLUB Le Club Francais (Left-right) Row 1 (Kneeling): W. Allison. D. Mulligan, G. Kueny. J. Hanuscin. J. Paulson. A. McDaniel. M. Baxter. J. Ehling. Row 2: M Sterthous. T. Gaul. R. Allison, K Zajac. M. McFadden. L. The Flying Frenchmen are here to stay! This fairly new club combines cultural education with pleasure. Through various informal activities, the club provides its members with background information on French society. The club prides itself on this year’s defeat over the rival German Club with a 5-1 soccer victory. Other activities include crepe nights with the girls, visiting French restaurants, seeing French cultural films, a picnic and a host of others. All these social events prove to beaucoup de fun and provide an excellent opportunity to meet many worthwhile people. Les Champs-Elysecs ct L'Arc de Triomphe. Mr. Joseph Cunningham Moderator. French Club Officers (Left-right) R Pieri. Treas.; T. Hunt, Secretary: M. McGinty. Pres.: K Mitchell. Vice-Pres. 42 Laurito. K. White. D. Bones. J. Pendrak, W. Jarek. J. Smyrl, S. Benetz, M. Dempsey. J. Thompson, J. Mullen. Absent: V. Raspanti.GERMAN CLUB Mr John Kurek and Mr Donald Reardon—Moderators. German Club. Throughout the years, the German Club has always been one of the most active clubs in the school. This year was no exception. The moderators. Mr. John Kurek and Mr. Donald Reardon planned many activities relating to German culture. These activities included German dances and parties as well as activities with the girls’ school German Club. Also scheduled were rematches of last year’s soccer and basketball games against the French Club. German Club Officers (Left-right) C. Gregory. Treas. Sec.; S Deltuffo. Pres.; K Green. Vice-Pres. The Town Hall and Glockenspiel in Munich. Germany The German Club— Row 1 (Front): D Kooker. J. Malkowski. G. Skala. G Molz. M Koubek. P Ballasy Row 2 D Uhlenbrock. M Becker. J. Posusorcy. C. Diori. P. John. M. McGinley Row 3: S. Gregory. A. Budzichowski. D. DeBias. P Trusdell. S. Deltuffo. C. Gregory Row 4: K Green. J Buckley. P D'Angelo. J. McGinley. F. Golczewski. S. Helnalinger. B Landgraf 43 !RAIDERSCOPE The newspaper, in any school, plays an integral part in relaying past accomplishments, current events and up coming ones. The Raiderscope serves not simply as an informative medium, but in addition, it provides valuable journalistic experience and practice in literary expression for those individuals aspiring to future careers in creative writing, journalism and news broadcasting. We would like to take the chance to thank the Raiderscope staff for sharing with us its literary knowhow in an attempt to expand the student body’s minds to newer horizons. Homeroom C-13 reviews the latest Ryan news following homeroom delivery of the Raiderscope. The Raiderscope Staff (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): J Langan. T. Green, P. O'Neill. J. Poulson. Row 2: R Trobich. J Earley, E. Chappell, J Filips. G Hoffman Row 3 R Reese. D. DeBias. C. Downs. W Hunt. R Walsh, M McGinty, E. Baranoski.CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP This group of students, under the direction of Fr. Terrence, meets weekly to offer praise to the Lord for working in their lives and the lives of others around them. We hope that Fr. Terrence and the members of the prayer group will continue to spread the “word” throughout the halls of Ryan. Fr. Terrence Pmkowski— Moderator The Charismatic Prayer Group (Left right) Row 1 (Front) P Thomer. F. Delgado. M Ritter. COMPUTER AIDES Computer Aides (Left-right) Row 1: D Bucciarelli Row 2: W Dustman. W. Bennett. P Cava. C Budka Row 3: E. Baranoski. S Avato MATHLETICS Mr Joseph Schuler—Moderator—Computer Aides. Mathletics. The Computer Aides, a recently organized group, provides a valuable time-saving service for teachers as well as students. These students program the computer and prepare testing materials along with various other jobs. This group is becoming skillful in the uses of the computer, an integral part of our society, and is sure to expand in the years to come. Under the direction of Mr. Schuler, the members of this club compete with representatives from other schools using their ability in solving difficult mathematical problems. Each competitive meet is held every three weeks and a different math problem topic is selected for each meet beforehand to allow the “mathletes “ time to brush up on their skills in that area. At each meet, teams are awarded points for each problem they answer correctly. At the end of the year, the points are tallied, and a trophy is awarded to the school whose team possessed the highest score. Mathletics Members (Left-nght) Row 1 (Front): S Lombardo. J. Broscius Row 2 On Stairs (Left-right): E Bennett. B Bennett. D Deb:as. C. Budka. D Bucciarelli. P. Cava. E Baranoski 45CHESS CLUB The game of kings and pawns is alive and well at Ryan through competitions with fellow students. faculty members and other schools. Through these competitions and tournaments, club members are given the chance of continuous improvement. The club also teaches chess to those who wish to learn by means of personal instruction and maintains a chess library. Chess Club Row 1 (Kneelinf: J Gilbert. E Baranoski. S Lombardo. Row 2: R. Pieri. P Cava. L l.aurito. B McGuinness. J Kubis Absent V Raspanti. Pres. J Fabbia. M DiGacamo. R Morrison. G Mob. S Chek Mr Jerome O'Connell— Moderator LAB AIDES Under the guidance of Mr. Victor Staniec, the Laboratory Aides are involved in learning and using laboratory techniques which are not part of the basic chemistry courses. In addition, they prepare and test all of the labs that are performed by the freshmen chemistry students. The Lab Aides (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): J. Melnichuk, M. Dugan. P Abendroth. J. Klink. J. Malkowski. Row 2: B. Duffner. T. DeFeo. Mr Victor Staniec— Moderator. M. Pendergast. M. Geib. CHEMISTRY LAB AIDES The Chemistry Lab Assistants perform one of the most difficult and least recognized jobs in the school. They are responsible for keeping the Chemistry Lab and chemical storeroom in order and in preparing the various solutions needed for experiments. Mr. John Connelly provides the club members with a knowledgeable background in proper handling and safety procedures in the maintenance of materials necessary for a well run and developed Chemistry Department. The Chemistry Lab Aides (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): Mr. John Connelly— Moderator. M. Kuchs. P. Drusdell. M. Swartz Row 2: K. Green. L. Laurito, T. DeFeo. C. Gregory. 46BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): M. Raksnis. M. Leskiewicz. R. DeStefano. W. Mills. B. Bentz, J. Morelli. D. Devine. Row 2: K. Meehan. A. Rementer. P. Thomer. R Prince. M. Owens. R Hight. Absent: J. Seymour. J. Venuto. (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): J Rogue. D. Szymkowski. S Boyce. T. DeFeo. L. Calter. K. O’Donnell. B Kane. J. Sands Row 2 (Back): T Murray. R Weiler. F Amspacher. R Birkbcck. B Fulginiti. R Moroz. C Ferguson. Mr. Frank Morris—Moderator. These future scientists continue to grow. This dedicated group sacrifices much time and effort in order to maintain proper functioning of the Biology lab and its equipment. Their volunteer work includes caring for the animals, setting up for experiments, cleaning the lab and its delicate equipment and placing it in proper order. Together with moderator, Mr. Frank Morris, these devoted students put forth a serious effort to maintain the high quality of the Biology Department here at Ryan. Biology Club Officers (Left-right) J. Morelli. W Bachman. J Hall. W Bentz ART CLUB The Ryan community owes a resounding “thank you to these masters of the brush and easel. They have enhanced the Ryan environment with various murals and have provided countless posters for school events. These creative geniuses, under the guidance of Mrs. Mary Wahl, also design sets for occasions such as Cozy Morely Night, the Mother’s Association Review, and this year’s school production of “The Sound of Music.” The Art Club (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): Mrs. Mary Wahl—Moderator. T. Green. J. Kubls. J. Langan. P. O'Neill. Row 2: J. Fredrick. M. McHale. W. Ridgeway. J. Affcrbach. P. Dressel. J Hannigan. 47OUTDOORS CLUB Based on the thinking of the Outward Bound Schools of America. Ryan's Outdoor Club was established on the principle that the individual develops self-confidence, concern for others, and self-awareness when confronted by challenging. shared experiences involving adventure in the outdoors. Some of the means by which the Outdoor Club tries to help its members achieve these goals are: hiking, climbing. developing survival techniques, map and compass reading skills, as well as Red Cross training. Members are helped along each step of the way by the club's moderators. Mr. Tori. Mr. Reardon and Mr. Trainer. Mr Carl Tori. Mr. Donald Reardon. Mr. Fred Trainer—Moderators of the Outdoor Club The Outdoor Club (Left right) Row 1 (Front) Sitting P Moser. J Whoris key. J Miller. S Boyce. M Sullivan. J Tisiewski. T Bengough, T Clemins. R Polidoro. J Barron. B Bonner. R Tarasiewicz. D Reardon Row 2 (Kneeling) T. Kane. J Pew. H Dietz. J Petti. J. Broscius. M Fox. J Earley. M. Sterthous. H Areius. T Calter. J. Gillespie. R Novak Row 3 (Standing): C. Tori. M Leskiewicz. C Burke. M Baxter. F Trainer. M Kelly. R Bakos. E Chappell. J Cunningham. J Thompson. J. Mullen. B Wittick. P Cava. R Kane. T. Lesenko.COUNSELING CENTER AIDES Keeping things running smoothly is the goal of any institution. Here at Ryan, the Counseling Center Aides accomplish just that task. Their responsibilities include the distribution of counseling appointment slips, paper work, and the caring of the center. In a time when counseling is so very important, the aides are an integral function in helping things along. Mrs. Joan Cox—Moderator Counseling Center Aides (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): E. Bennett. S. Bambcrski, G Kueney, J. Milligan Row 2 J. Trodden. T Hunt. D Krecko ATTENDANCE OFFICE AIDES Attendance Office Aides (Left-right): D. Bontempo. W. Igwasiak. W Hunt. J Seymour. B. Jako. The Attendance and Dean of Students Office is an integral link in the school between administration and students in the Ryan community, and the aides help to maintain the efficiency with which it operates. The function of the aides include the responsibility of sorting out late arrival slips, absentee notes, demerit slips as well as filing them in the proper places. We thank these students who give freely of their time and act responsibly in the busy atmosphere of the Attendance and Dean of Students Office. 49 Bro. Julian Cerkicwicz. O F M.— Moderator.ACTIVITIES OFFICE AIDES Mr G Becker lends assistance to some homeroom representatives Need your locker fixed? This is the place to go. These students also perform a list of odd jobs which include selling tickets to all the events, keeping the Homeroom announcements in order, operating a lost and found, and posting school activities. Fr. Joel certainly has a dedicated group of men working under him. Activity Office Aides (Left right) Row 1 (Front) L Grimmer Row 2 D Pierson. E Rowen. T Whelan. T Horan. J Devlin, M McMahon. P Curcillo. Row 3 Fr Joel. D Bonar. S McKeon. F Horan. I) Wiggins. R Moessner. M Hegarty. J Klember Fr Joel Szydlowski. O.F.M Moderator —Activities Office Aides. Senior Prom Committee. Dance Crew SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Twenty years from now you’ll thank these fellow students for making the Senior Prom the most memorable night of your life! Not only did they choose the place and dinner (sirloin), but they also found the groups that you swayed to and the price that you paid. So as you look back on this precious night just give a thought to these fellow students who cared enough to get involved to make this the treasured occasion it was. The Senior Prom Committee (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): J. Langan. E. Chappell. J. Smeck. B Marcantuono. M Matthews Row 2: J Gilbert. K Zajac. W Sucich. J Trodden. M DePcrro, J Doyle. R Pieri. C. Zambito. W Bentz. J. Puodziunas. M McGinty Row 3: E. Schmelt er. P D'Angelo. J Buckley. S McCabe. W Hughes. R Migliaccio. D Waiter. B Trobich. J Curcillo. Fr. Joel. M Gerber. M Pierson. R. Berk-beck. J Hall. W Bachman. S. Avato. W Dustman. J St Clair. J O'Neill Absent : V Raspanti. 50DANCE CREW Who makes it possible for thousands of Ryan and various surrounding schools’ students to get down and boogie ? The dedicated members of our dance crew, that’s who. Setting down the mats you hustle on is only part of their duties. Putting up decorations, selling sodas and pretzels, checking coats, and cleaning up afterwards constitute their responsibilities. So the next time you're slow dancing with a beautiful girl, remember these students. he Dance Crew (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): T. McArthur. J. Curcillo. J Hannigan. A Krol. t. Petner. P. Curcillo. J. Devlin. J Klaber. R Cullen. B Tyndall Row 2 J O'Donnell. M. tegarty. L. Grimmer. R Burke. M Kelly. F.. Rowen. R McLaughlin. F Horan. Row 3: G. )ellapia. J. Palidoro. D. Pierson. T. Horan. J. McKeon. S Lento. D Bonar. J Rauch BOOSTER CLUB With the creative guidance of Mrs. Mary Wahl, members of this high ly active, involved club do much to stimulate school morale and spirit. They do this by making signs, posters, and decorating the entire school, so that the school has a cheerful atmosphere, making everyone thankful to be involved in the Ryan community. The Booster Club (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): R Bakos. E Chappell (Pres.). J Earley. (Vice Pres.) M Fox (Treas). P Mulvenna, M. Sterthous. Row 2: J. Langan. D. Chappell. J. Visco. T Green. J Afflerbach. M Murray. (Scretary). M McGinty. Mrs Mary Wahl (Moderator). 51STUDENT STORE Need copybooks, a Ryan decal, tokens, gym shorts, or a jacket with your sport printed on it? The student store is the place to go. Here. Fr. Rene and students who volunteer to work in the store during their lunch periods, provide the student body with the necessary supplies for school. All are sold by the loyal aides in the student store. Fr Rene Barczak. O.F.M. — Director. The Student Store Aides (Left right) G Fudala. T Hudson. E Bennett. N Pfendner Student Store. STAGE CREW Mr James J Mcllmail—Moderator. Thanks to the hard work of this talented group, this year’s stage productions were a great success. For 1977-1978, the boys were headed by Rudy Bakos, and the girls by Jeanne Bernacki. For the Mother’s Review, the Christmas and Spring Concerts, this year's play. The Sound of Music, and all other events requiring the stage, they made sure that the scenery and the lighting were just right. And. by the audience’s response, they should know that their achievements were worth their time and energy they put into it. 52 The Stage Crew (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): K Phelan. T Fitzgerald. F McFadden. S. Amberg. Row 2: J. Venuto. P. Degregorio. M DiPentino. K Obee, P. Pendergast. M McFadden. Row 3: R. McReynotds. D. Bontempo. S. Amberg, J. Bernacki. R. Bakos. M. Kerper, K. Meehan.SCIENCE FICTION CLUB This fledgling group got off to a great start. They had an outing to see one of the best science fiction movies ever made. Star Wars. Dr. David Stevens gave a lecture on science fiction, and many aspects of science fiction literature were discussed. Girls were also admitted to the club. The members of the club are working on the development of a science fiction curriculum to be taught in the classroom. One of their goals is to eventually write their own book to be published. Science Fiction Club (Left-right) Row 1 (Front): M Matthews. S. Avato, P. Cava (Sec.-Treas.). C. Budka (Pres.). Mr Robert Clothier-Moderator J Cullen (Vice-Pres.). W. Jajko. Row 2: S. Lukshides. M McFadden. W. Bachman. W. Bennett, T. DiFeo. M. Berkowitz, S. Lombardo. Row 3: W Bentz. J. Lamina. S. Ebingcr. J McGuinncss. R Landgraf. E. Baranoski Absent: R. Williams, C. Burke, W. Coughlin. C. Bernhardt. LIBRARY AIDES Under the direction of Mr. Clyde Herr, the Library Aides assist the library in providing various services. They are most often found collecting passes at the boys' entrance or distributing magazines from the periodical room; however, they also check out books at the circulation desk, run errands, and assist in processing books and media for circulation. The Library Aides are students who are willing to give of their free time during lunch, study, before and after school, and to them, we extend our grateful thanks. The Library Aides: T. Green. P. Logan, R. Morrison. Mr Clyde Herr—Moderator IBAND The Band is a dedicated and hard working one. Many, many hours of practice go into this group daily. This is evident in their excellent performances. The Band performs at various school functions during the year such as: The Christmas and Spring Concerts, the play, in parades, along with numerous football games, to mention a few. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Purdy, the Band has grown to one of the finest in the city. We congratulate them on a year well done and wish them good luck in the future. The Ryan Band Mr Robert Purdy Music Band Director Practicing for one of the many orchestra concerts The Archbishop Ryan I ligh School Band Marching UnitJUDO CLUB Fr. David Jakubiec. O F.M.—Coach and Instructor. Row 1 (Front): J. Bradley. J. Dorety. G. Saboth. C Burton. E. Ulcnbrock. Row 2: P Lange. S Avato. E. Dickerson. F Foley. H. Solti. D. Moore. R. Baur. Row 3: Fr. Dave. J. Ward. C. O'Brien. H. Dietz. F Kenney. R Hight. T. Crooks. J Yanuzzi Absent —Fr Rene Barczak. O F M Ippon! To experience a taste of Japanese culture, one must experience one of Japan’s oldest and most popular sports. Judo. However. Judo is much more than this. It is the art of gentleness in the sense that it doesn't emphasize any form of violence, but rather a peaceful development of the mind and body. “To be calm, quiet, attentive, and considerate is to be strong. “One gains victory over the opponent by giving way. gentle turns away sturdy. According to Prof. Jigoro Kano, who founded the art in 1882. “The principle of the maximum efficient use of mind and body is the fundamental principle governing all the techniques of Judo. The Ryan Judo Club, under the direction of its sensei. Fr. David, attempt to give its students instruction and experience in many forms of Judo, including throwing techniques, pins, holding techniques, escapes, various forms of self-defense and many, many others.THE SOUND OF MUSIC This year Ryan has proved itself to be. once again, spectacular on stage. Under the direction of Fr. Gabriel, the cast of The Sound of Music” excited audiences for four nights in March. This Rodgers and Hammerstein musical is the touching story of a family in need of a mother whom they find in the governess. Maria. The Captain and his family struggling against the overpowering forces of the Third Reich, are forced to leave their homeland. Austria, and are destined to find peace and happiness in America. The Nonnberg Abbey Choir The Entire Cast 56The Family Von Trapp with Elsa Fr Gabriel Rosetti —Producer and Director Mr Purdy. Music Director and the Pit Band D. Monahan. S. Jovovich —Liese and Rolf Each year Archbishop Ryan High School puts on a musical show. This entails the obvious details of casting, stage sets and music. The latter is provided by the Pit Band. This organization is made up of the more accomplished members of the High School Band. Its sole purpose is to supply the musical aspect of the play. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Purdy, it works together with the rest of the cast to put on the best possible show. A lot of time and effort is put in by the Pit Band, since the music is the heart of the show.WEEKEND P TO Bicg Warpath Weekend is the weekend when the academic atmosphere at Ryan is relaxed somewhat so that the weekend may be devoted to the uplifting of school spirit. Here at Ryan, Warpath Weekend is regarded with much esteem. For it is during this weekend which Ryan students are permitted to seek new hori-zdns in school spirit, unity, fun, and fellowship among all members of Ryan’s community. The school year has passed and with it, many wonderful humorous moments involving you, the student body. As hard as the yearbook photographers try, they are not always there to capture those joyful moments as spontaneously as they occur. With this in mind, the photo staff, Mr. Rogers and the student life and sports photographers of Carl Wolf Studios took over 1,700 photos for the production of this book. As we reviewed this multitude of captured moments, we tried to recreate for you some of the more humorous ones using selected photos as our medium. We hope you enjoy this lighter side of the 1978 Arrow as much as we enjoyed preparing it. THE ARROW STAFF Do we have to dance? You just hit it right about here. Just 8 miles to go!3rd Floor Security Guard. I'm definitely buying tokens next week. | ui u (Mwe And on the eighth day he created term papers. Can I borrow your math homework?What chart? And you’ll stay there until you give me my whistle back! Ryan bull pen They caught a what in the pool? They couldn't all have the flu!Let's quickly review the last 200 pages. Let's see now—That’s 17 Quarter Pounders. 12 Big Macs He wants his demerits gift-wrapped. She loves me'So you want to tr out for the Tin Man' Close Encounters of Demerit Kind1 Uttfstee. go out WUnJoan. Friday: Mary. Saturday: Sueyfcunday And your date for the prom is. 64 65Each new year brings a fresh start on the track of life as we race against age and time to find happiness, mgifhirtg, peace, and truth in life. Likewise, all sport! symbolizeiman’s constant reaching out fpr fuffillme lv Sports are human dramas of striving for the goal of victory in becoming a tru champions not necessarTl winning the firs Wzt»fe«L in becoming a better person. Each newEeeln is a bieginning of ne hope, a surge qf iHw Pfpyt to once again reac the golden victory. At the end, whether we complete our journey toward the glistening horizon of our goal or not, we feel good that at least we have tried with our best effort and have grown in the process. I3| I PH1U. PI. VFOOTBALL Under the superb guidance of an excellent coaching staff, the team put forth a commendable effort this year. The Raiders, settling down into a well based game, are growing in power and maturity. The team gave their best and they will come back as an even stronger threat next season. We hope the graduating seniors, both those on the team and those who are not. will attend next season's games as new members of Ryan alumni and help cheer the Raiders on to victory. Ryan’s Coaching Staff (L-R) Row 1—J. Patrone. F. Nocella. M Keys. J. Jordan. S. Michalowski. Row 2—W. Morgan. W Hain. W. Connelly. P. Turner (Head Coach) Fr Louis Stislow. Fr Terrence Pinkowski Moderators Team Captains F Brown. R Bakos The Varsity Football Team (L-R) Row 1—Front: P DelVecchio. B Adams, G Kovacs. M DePerro. F Brown. R Bakos. P Santini. M Ford. J Boyle Row 2- P McFadden. J. McGettigan. M Baxter. M McEachern. W Dustman. D Breslin. D Diola. J. Brady. J Schmild. G McGinlcy Row 3 Fr Louis. J Goshow. D O'Brien. J Kovacs. M Hoelsworth. J Vandcrslice. J. St. Clair. B Walsh. D Waiter. J McCoulIough. M Perelli. Fr Terrence Row 4 S Azzolina. M Connelly. D Roberts. E Hughes. F. Cusak, M Sutton. J Senska. J. Simons. T. O'Hara Row 5—T Clayton. G Rosiak. G. Mlchowski. M O'Brien. P Koestler. G. Bream. J Lorenzo. S. Benetz. J Sands.Junior Varsity Football Team (L-R) Rowl — Back: C. McCloud. C. Krause. L White. B Manes. M Roth. D Bradley. N. Russo. R. Smith. Row 2— C. Pietrafitta, M Forward. K Duffy. S. Montgomery, R DcMaio. R Longergan. Hufnagle. J. Hollawell. J. Hanuscin. J. Hogan. O. O’Donnell. Row 3—J. Vanderslice, J. Pawlowki. Flaville. E. Oczkowski. Stevens. K. McDade. K. Pawlowski. J. O’Neill.4SOCCER The 1977 Soccer Team established themselves as an authentic powerhouse by continuing its winning ways. The Raiders, literally stacked with talent, chalked off victory after victory during its prosperous season. The team was able to outplay most opponents rather easily. Led by excellent coaching and the superb play of Ernie Knowles, the Ryan booters compiled their much respected record of 19-2-1 in machine-like fashion. Ryan can be proud of a fine season and look forward to perhaps an even better one next year. Row 1 -Front: B Scarengelli. J Milligan. M Sterthous. A Quasti. M 2-Fr Joel. M McGowan. F Gerstenfield (All Catholic). R Oskiera (All Petrillo. R Pyne. J Montagno. J. Boyle. O Stackhouse. J Smeck. M Catholic). R Trusdell. B Raucheisen. P D'Angelo. G. Beebie. J Kelly. Fucci. B Nelms. B. Pyne. .J Stackhouse (All Catholic) J Bogosky Row E Knowles (All Catholic). G. Todt (Coach)Junior Varsity Soccer Team (L-R) Row 1—Front: M Doyle, M. Malone. B Saltmer. D. Schullers. D Knowles. D. Bontempo. B Nelms. T Tomaro Row 2 —B Kerran. A Gargoni. Swervo. F Junod. A Smith. D Pote. Lawren. C Sider. Row 3—Buck. W Alisan. B Fassnacht. W Schaffer. M Walls. G. Lawsen. M McMann. Frank Grayo—Coach. Freshman Soccer Team (L-R) Row 1—Front: J. Junod. A Stackhouse. A Purkcr. T Fassnacht. E Steilow. M. Schnell. J McFadden. Row 2 T Hanson, K Haggerty. B Broder. T. Raucheisen, M Stanton. E. Nutting, J. I.iddy. R. Cauriello. Row 3—C McWilliams. J Zambito. K Casey. D Duvak. T Romano. S Wo)tko. G Kenney. Dave Bontempo Coach. 73R West—Captain. J Miller Head Coach. D O'Neill—Captain BASKETBALL This year the Basketball Team came on stronger than ever. Under head coach. Mr. John Miller, along with an excellent assistant coaching staff, the team has developed into a league powerhouse. After many new plays and building on previously established ones, the team played to one of their best seasonal records ever. The team was led by captains Ray West and Dennis O’Neill who gave the team spirit when they were down and an extra boost when they were playing well. The team went on to the Catholic League Semi-Finals, going further in championship play than any other team in Ryan’s history. Congratulations to Coach Miller and a fine varsity team. Varsity Basketball Team (L R) Row 1 —Front: P Vitacolona. F. McGrath. S Senko. D. O'Neill. R Winslow. D. Rice, G. Gilson, B. Filer. Row 2— J Miller (Head Coach). T. Rejniak. B Miller. M Hanson. R. West. C. Downs. M McHugh. S. Kruck (Asst. Coach). R Prendergast. 74 Junior Varsity Basketball Team (L-R) Row 1 —Front: J. Palowski. J. Scarpello. D. Quinn, D. Rice. R. Mauro. K. Palowski Row 2 R.Prender- gast. S. Kruck (Asst. Coach), M Hanson. B. Miller. M. Liethead. T Rejniak. B Filer.CROSS COUNTRY This dedicated and hard working team reaped the glory from yet another Catholic League Championship again this year. Under the fine coaching of Head Coach, Mr. Ulmer, and coaches Nejman and Macko. the team led the league throughout the season. Cross Country is a sport which strives to develop students into well-rounded men, both mentally and physically. This year, the team has developed in both areas as is evident from their various performances around the league. Mr Edwin Ulmer. Head Coach, presents F-'r Noel Wall the Catholic League Championship plaque. The Cross Country Track Team (L-R) Row 1 —Front: T Babst. S Boyle. F. Davis. P fioyle-Managers. Row 2—M Darcy. T. Maiale. B Bethew-jewski. D Shepta. G. Vatto. T McAndrews. M Geib. P Mundy. T Convery. R Palilonis. T Kiane. J McGee. S. Gordon. J. Brizzy. Row 3— J Macandrews. B Beahr. P Drusdcll. J. Stockette. M Selinsky, J Han- nigan. W Graham. J Salamone. B. Naldzin. M Rowan. J. Costick, O. Alvares. Row 4 -T. Naylor. E. Ulmer —Head Coach. G. Nejman. Asst Coach. J Mooney. W. Smith. J. Oerth. M Meistring. E. Macko— Asst. Coach. J. Trusdell. J. Klaiber, T Kelly. J. Hennesey. C. Grady. 76 .ICE HOCKEY This year. Archbishop Ryan added Ice Hockey to its sports curriculum. Both the J.V. and Varsity teams fared exceedingly well in their respective leagues. These self-supporting teams rose to the top with hard checking, fast skating, and high scoring, along with excellent coaching to match the talent which Ryan produced. V Harrington. General Manager. K Harrington. Asst. Captain; R. Staszak. Asst. Captain; J. McCloskey. Captain; K. Emore. Asst. Captain; D Mulosh. Head Coach. The Varsity Ice Hockey Team (L-R) Row 1 —Front; K Haas. K Harrington. S. Anthony. J McCloskey. J. Judge. D Fazcn, B Nutt. Row 2—D Rominiecki. D Nicastro. P Argentiero. F. Siburkis. J. Schoen. S. Engle, E. Petusky. K Ruck. B Madden. R. Wileczek. R Staszak. J. Brady, M Hennessey. K Emore. E. Santonc. 78The Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Team (L-R) Row 1 —Front: V. Nicastro. J. Nicastro. C. DePerro. J. Gunn. J. Widecki. L. McCoach. P Woods. Row 2—D. Mainhart, S. Smith, M. Pulina, M. Fritz. T. Clark. S. Faras. I R. DiStephano. J. Connie. M Crocshe. D Sherdick. C Harrison. M. Funke. M Bones. C. Harrington—Coach. 79TRACK Good leadership is destined to bring about a winning team, and under the leadership of Mr. Ulmer, the Ryan track team is doing just that. Track, which is divided into two parts. Indoor and Outdoor, provides Ryan students with an extracurricular activity which requires a great deal of practice, dedication, and perseverance. The track team has dominated the Catholic League in past years by winning three consecutive Indoor and Outdoor titles and capturing two state championships. not to mention shattering many track and field house records. For the third year in a row. the track team took the State Championship through the excellent performances of many of their top runners. Mr. Edwin Ulmer. Head Coach; Mr Edward Macko. Mr Gerard J Nejman — Asst Coaches; Bro. Jerry Tokarz. Moderator The Track Team (L R) Row 1 Front J Sable. J Simon. R Snider. T Kelly, M Pierson, W Dustman, J McAndrews. S Azzolina, J. Youse. P Koestler. J Hennessey. T Naylor Row 2 R Trusdell. J Trusdell. J Costick. P Trusdell. M Meistnng. D McCarron, G Konstanzer, R Miller, M Sellnski. S Benetz. W Smith Row 3 J Klaiber. J Stockette. J Sacamone. P Curcillo. N Pfendner. D Dollard. T. Fitzpatrick. M Rowan. W Graham, M McGuinncss. J Hannigan Row 4 — M Darcy. S DlGuis- seppe. S. McKeon. T Mallon, T. Maiale. P Mundy. R Palilonis. J. Mooney. B Beaher. D Buccarelli Row 5—J. Boyle. J Panulaisits. R Terry. F. Pierson. G. Votto. M Geib. M Hudson. R Swider Row 6—R Fenerty, T Goshow. J McGee. T McAndrews. A Rodriegez Row 7 J Dipentino. E Ulenbrock. J Sullivan. R Flaville. L Farinella. W O'Rourke. Absent T Hunt. B Hunt1SWIMMING This year, for the Ryan Swim Team, it was all systems go. Under their new coach. Mr. Frank Morris, the team was led to one of their most successful seasons ever. Free style was not just another stroke for the Ryan Swim Team, it was a style which outclassed opposing teams throughout the league. Taking third place in the Catholic Individuals, the team went on to achieve the highest number of All Catholic swimmers in the history of Ryan. All Catholic swimmers include F. Alvarez. G. McGurinan, M. Prusuitti. and K. McDermott. Mr Frank Morris—Coach Swimming (L-R) Row 1 Front T Short. A James. K Kohl. J Dipentino. D Whelan. J Oetzel. J Nutter. W Mills Row 2—T Kane. D. Murray. J Gurahart. P Boyle. D Taurino. J McFaden Row 3—N DelCasle. M McMahan. T Gauze. F Carbanara. R Glenn. D McDermott. G Schaffling Row 4 Mr Morris —Coach. C. Grady. T Murray. K Baker M Alexy. J Connors. S McGunman. F Alvarez. T Groves. E Breen. P Walker. T Gleen JThe 1978 Golf Team faced the difficult challenge defending its 1977 Catholic and city championship titles. Due to the graduation of four excellent players in 1977, it looked like an uphill climb. The team’s destiny rested mainly on the shoulders of senior co-captains. Mike McGinty and Chris Pio. The pivotal matches of this season were LaSalle, Egan and Wood. LaSalle, because of great individual talent, was the toughest competitor. The team, which compiled an incredible 40-2 record over a three year period (1975-1977), has built a reputation as a golf powerhouse in the Catholic League. Dedication, hard work and long hours of practice are a must in order to excell in the game of golf. The Golf Team (L-R) Row 1 —Front: C. Pio. N. Adamchek. Row 2—J. O'Maulley, J. Hannon. M. Gilligan. C. Pietrafitta. Michael McGinty. Christopher Pio—Captains 84 Mr Leonard Hannigan—Coach. Fr. Rene Barczak—Moderator GOLF TENNIS The Tennis Team, during the 1978 season, underwent a strong rebuilding year. Through the addition of many new members, along with the stability of the teams already established members such as Hugh Pody, Ken Mitchell, Lew Pyrih, Mike Meistring, and John DeMar-tino, the team grew impressively, bettering last year’s record. The Tennis Team (L-R) Row 1—Kneeling: J. Padova. M. Massa, M. Dugan. J Tuscano. T. Pody. Row 2—K. Mitchell. J. DiMartino, H. Pody. L. Pyrih. M. Kuchs. Mr. George Todt—Coach; Absent—M. Meistring. Mr. George Todt, Coach; L. Pyrih. K. Mitchell. H. Pody. Captains. The Varsity Baseball Team (L-R) Row 1 —Front: J. Soley. A. Quasti. T. Verrichia. V. Romano. M. Retter. K. Fletcher. Row 2— R. Papiro: Head Coach. P. Lake. E. Hughes. P. Doherty. D. Deola. J. Cohill. J. Lorenzo. J. Jordan; Asst. Coach. Row 3—D. Ralph; Asst. Coach. J. Pawlowski, R. Greed. B Oliver. D. Nowosielski. M. Clark. S. Sladek, J. Stevens. C. Zambito. J. Senske; Absent— P. DelVecchio. R. Filer. BASEBALL The Baseball Team again this year, making a serious bid for the Title, gave many excellent performances. Under the direction of the new head coach. Rich Papirio, the team grew spiritually, mentally, and physically. The J. V. Baseball Team (L-R) Row 1—Front: M Luna. C. Ochoa. A. Smith. M. Zeglinski. L. Kelley. R Mauro. Row 2—J. Hanuscin. M. Love. S. Phares, J. Gunn. C. Krause. J. Hanuscin. Row 3—D. Ralph; Head Coach. R Filer. K. Pawlowski, D. Cataline, J. Vanderslice. D. Bradley. J. Synol, J. Jordan; Asst Coach. Mr. D. Ralph; J. V. Head Coach, Mr. R. Papiro; Varsity Head Coach. Mr. J. Jordan; Asst. Coach. Fr. Richard Olszewski Moderator 85SPORTS HIGHLIr » ror us, as seniors, the bright dawn of our early days at Ryan has finally eclipsed into the golden sunset of our departure. Yet as we look at the vanishing rays of our bygone adolescence, we can see the new horizons of life beckoning us forth to newer, greater things. Our years of growth here have been, at times, painful as well as joyful. Yet, they are years which we shall always cherish and remember. Stepping outside of these walls forever, we embark on our own fantastic voyage of future dreams, challenges, joys, responsibilities and even sorrows, the colorful prisms of reality. Life is like a precious jewel. We can only appreciate its beauty by looking at it in the sunlight of Christian love. ML ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Ryan offers its students the opportunity to reach academic maturity through its Advanced-Placement and other accelerated courses. However, there are always some students whose ability and scholastic achievements are especially outstanding and deserving of special recognition. Through their four years here at Ryan, these students have repeatedly demonstrated their academic prowess. They are to be congratulated for their diligence, hard work, and drive for knowledge. not only in the scholastic field, but also in their extracurricular activities. We wish them the best of luck and success in their future plans and careers and hope that they will stand as an example to others, especially the lower classmen, as to the academic success one can achieve at Ryan. Nicholas Adamchak Edward Baranoski William Bennett Carl Budka Peter Cava Dennis DeBias William Dolhansky Christopher Downs John Filips Christopher Golas Mark Green William Hughes 90David Krecko Richard Pieri Stephen Lombardo Thomas Lonergan Michael McGinty Christopher Pietrafitta John Puodziunas Vito Raspanti George Rizzuto Joseph Skubis Robert TrobichJoseph Antenucci Paul Argentiero Joseph Armeli The superior man makes the difficulty to be overcome his first interest; success comes only later. (Confucius) 92 Steven Avato William Bachman Robert Bailey Kevin Baker Rudolph BakosEdward Bennett William Bennett Daniel Benson William Bentz Robert Birkbeck Gerard Blinebury Michael Blyzniuk Kurt Boess Michael Borisukm Howard Bosworth To know that which before us lies in daily life, is the prime wisdom. (John Milton) 93 Jeffrey Boyle Joseph F. Boyle Joseph J. Boyle Stephen J. Bradley Stephen M. Bradley Francis Brown Kenneth Brown Otto Brown James Bruce Edward Buck Reason and Judgment are the qualities of a leader. (Tacitus) 94James Buckley Carl Budka Joseph Butler Richard Burke Anthony Byrne W iht Peter Cava Edward Chappell Stanley Cichocki Daniel Cipriano The trust that we put in ourselves makes us feel trust in others. Ronald Clarkson (La Rochefoucauld)William Cleary David Clifton Robert Cole John Collins Terrence Collins K- Louis Compostella Kevin Compton Brian Conly Dennis Conly William J. Connor William Joseph Connor Carlos Cooper Richard Covone John Coyle Kevin Crankshaw Greg Crotty Reason shows us our duty; he who can make us love our duty is more powerful than reason itself. (Stanislaus Lesycynski) 96James Cunningham Joseph Curcillo James Curran John Deamer Dennis DeBias John DeCarolis Richard Deiss Joseph Delaney I Friends, books, a cheerful heart, and conscience clear are the most choice companions we have here. (William Mather) 97Michael DePerro Luke Desiato Michael DiColla Michael DiGiacomo Robert D'lmperio Happiness is that pleasure which flows from the sense of virtue and from the consciousness of right deeds. (Henry More) Joseph DiPhillipo Richard DiStefano James Ditro Dennis DivineyTESTIMONIAL IN HONOR OF REV. NOEL WALL, O.F.M. This year being Fr. Noel’s last year of dedicated service here at Archbishop Ryan High School, a testimonial dinner was given in his honor. The photographs on these pages capture just some of the relished moments from that evening. Present that evening were some of Fr. Noel’s closest relatives and friends. Everyone at Archbishop Ryan would like to thank all of those who contributed to making the evening a great success, especially the Testimonial Committee for all their hard work in organizing the affair.I would like to thank you very much for your participation in my testimonial, and for becoming a part of my life. You have deeply touched my heart, and left your loving memory there. God Bless You. Fr. Noel Wall O.F.M. Rev. Joseph Connelly. T O R., Toastmaster Rev. Noel Wall and Congressman Joshua Eilberg State Representative Dennis O'Brien presented Fr. Noel the State House of Representatives Award and an award from Mayor Rizzo. Msgr. Francis B. Schulte. Supt of Schools, honors Fr. Noel's service to the Archdiocese. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hash. Fr. Noel's brother-in-law and sister.Most Talented-Edward Baranoski SENIOR CLASS NOTABLES Earlier this year an election was held in all Senior homerooms, where students were given the opportunity to select a particular student who exemplified a particular category. The following Seniors were selected by their fellow classmen. Our congratulations to the winners. Most Actively Involved— Rudolph Bakos Most Spirited—Joseph Tomany Class Comedian — John Norton Class Romeo — Michael DePmo Most Intelligent— Dennis DeBias Most Likely To Succeed— Nicholas Adamchak Most Athletic—Ernest KnowlesLooking over the past four years here at Ryan, many fond memories come to mind. We, the Arrow Staff of the 1977-78 Yearbook, have tried to capture some of those memories. Throughout this entire year, there has been only one thing uppermost in our minds, that is you, the student body of Archbishop Ryan High. We have tried to present these hopes, sorrows, joys, and achievements to the best of our capabilities in the short time available to us. Now as the Seniors look back over their years at Ryan, we hope that they will have fond memories of friends they have made and with whom they have grown. We hope that in some way, this yearbook will greater enhance the memories of friends and activities of the past. We now look forward to newer horizons in the future, whether these plans be for immediate employment, college, or vocational training. It is safe to say we feel that these four years here at Ryan have helped us to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually—both as a Christian and a human being. We hope you enjoy the 1977-78 Arrow as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. Sincerely yours, Ken Zajac—Layout Editor Jack Phillips—Literary EditorKnowledge always desires increase: it is like fire, which must first be kindled by some external agent, but which will afterward propagate itself. Samuel Johnson Francis Dorr Michael Dougherty Robert Dougherty Christopher Downs Christopher Doyle 99Christopher Duvak James Earley Charles Ebell Matthew Eck Michael Egan Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best ends by the best means. (Frances Hutcheson) Gerald Farrell Lawrence Farrell Daniel Fazen David Fenerty John FcretGary Foley John Forward Gary Fox Michael Fox Francis Francesco David Frey Daniel Friel Francis Friel Michael Fucci Anthony Fulginiti Happy is the man thatfindeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. (Proverbs III, 13C. 350 B.C.) 101Larry Fulton Patrick Gallen George Gallo George Gantz Stephen Gentile John Gilbert Mark Gilson Joseph Girnius DinoGiuliano Francis Gleason 102 Life is nothing without friendship. (Cicero)Henry Glenn Peter Gnoski Michael Goelz Robert Goergen Christopher Golas Gary Green Mark Green Mark Gress Anthony Greway Michael Grier Character is that which reveals moral purpose, exposing the class of things a man chooses or avoids. 103 (Aristotle)Kevin Ham Bruce Hamlin William Hannigan Stephen Hanssens Joseph Harris 104 Knowledge is the food of the soul. (Plato)Robert Heasley Edward Heether Philip Herman Robert Hermida Robert E. Higgins Robert J. Higgins George Hiland Kenneth Hilbert Michael Hill William Holmes Thomas Horan Thomas Hornberger John Hughes Mark Hughes 105 I have loved my friends as I do virtue, my soul, My God. (Thomas Browne)William Jajko Walter Jarek Edward Johnson Thomas Johnson Gary Jovovich John Junod Philip Kalanty A good character carries with it the highest power of causing a thing to be believed. (Aristotle) Robert Kelly David Kaszupski Joseph Kane Joseph Kelly Michael Kelly W. Timothy Kelly Walter Kendzior Patrick Kennedy Terrence Kent Frank Keys 106The happiest moments my heart knows are those in which it is bringing forth its affections to a few esteemed characters. (Thomas Jefferson)David Konslanzer Robert Kopycienski Gregory Kovacs Joseph Kramer David Krecko Robert Kull George Kummer Christopher LaBrum Donald Lafferty Sidney Landis John Langan Faith is kept alive in us, and gathers strength, more from practice than from speculations. (Joseph Addison) 108 Scott Lash Michael Leon Michael Lewis Jeffrey Lindenman George LippincottJoseph Love Daniel Luba David Lydon William Lyons Joseph MacGregor Phillip Madden William Madden David Mainart William Malampy Eugene Malone The future is a great land; a man cannot go around it in a day; he cannot measure it with a bound; he cannot bind its harvests into a single sheaf. It is wider than the vision, and has no end. 109Joseph Mansoiino Gary Markey Michael Martin Gregory Matecki Benito Marcantuono Robert Migliaccio Stephen Mitcarsky Daniel Miller Michael Miller Francesco Micomonaco If I do uow a friendship, I’ll perform it to the last article. (Shakespeare) 110Kevin Mitchell Robert Moessner Edward Monaghan Joseph Monkoski John Montagno Martin Montgomery Benjamin Moroz John Morris Richard Morrison Michael Moser Denis Mulligan Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. (Cicero) inPatrick Mulvenna Mark Murphy Henry Murray Michael Murray Patrick McAndrews James McColgan Kevin McCreery John McCullough Brian McDermott Gerald McDermott God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (Psalms XLVI.l)Gerard McGettigan Michael McGinty Francis McGrath Francis McGuigan Robert McHale Michael McHugh Michael Mcllhenny James McKeown Mark McKeown Robert McLaughlin Robert McLean Noel McManus William McMullen Virtue is never left to stand alone. He who has it will have neighbors. in (Confucius)Ronald McReynolds Daniel McShane Joseph McStravock Horace Naticchione Gerard Needham Mark Nessel Terence Newkumet David Nicastro William Nolan John Norton Gratitude preserves old friendships and begets new. (Scottish Proverb) 1 14 Charles O'Connell Charles O’Connor Gregory O’Donnell James O’Donnell Robert O’DonnellThere is no substitute for thorough going, ardent, and sincere earnestness. (Charles Dickens) Timothy O'Hara Alexander O’Drain James Oerth Charles Ogborn Dennis O’Neill Edward Omietanski Thomas O’MaraMichael Petrillo Henry Phelan John Phillips The ideal of service is the basis of all worthy enterprise. I 116 Stephen Pickup Richard Pieri Michael Pierson Christopher Pietrafitta Christopher PioMichael Piscitelli Hugh Pody Dennis Pomo Francis Pratico Ronald Preiss Thomas Preston Michael Pride Donald Procopio John Puodziunas Robert Pyne Lew Pyrih David Quaresima Gary Quattrochi John Raksnis I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.Stephen Rapone Vito Raspanti Joseph Rauch Paul Rauchet Christopher Raup w Robert Reese Frederick Rehfuss Joseph Reichner Joseph Resta Karl Reuther John Rhodes lam free only in so far as I recognize the humanity and respect the liberty of all the men surrounding me. (M. A. Bakunin) George Ritzheimer George Rizzuto Michael Ridgway Michael Robbins David Robertson 118John Rolling James Romaniello Richard Robinson James Roccamo John Roccamo Stephen Romanowski Terence Rooney George Rosiak Vincent Rota Henry Rowan Robert Rubeo John Rueter Mark Rusden Eric Russell Raymond Rutkowski PauISantini A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud. 119 (R. W. Emerson)Ernest Santone Robert Scarengelli John Scarpello Salvatore Scelsi Michael Schauder Gary Schrader Gerald Schuck Edward Scull Richard Seibel Thomas Seklecki 120 If the heavens were all parchment, and the trees of the forest all pens, and every human being were a scribe, it would still be impossible to record all that I have learned from my teachers.Mark Simons James Sinclair Charles Sippel Anthony Skirkie Joseph Skubis Stephen Sladek Joseph Smeck David J. Smith James F. Smith James T. Smith Leo M. Smith JohnSmyrl Steven Solecki 121 To be fond of learning is to be at the gate of knowledge. (Chinese Proverb) ■iRobert Solis Timothy Sommers Joseph Stackhouse James Stapleton Joseph St. Clair George Steen Ronald Steinmetz Phillip Stevens Raymond Stewart William Stoebenau Unto ourselves our own life is necessary; unto others, our character. St. Augustine Thomas Stokes Michael Strange Francis Strauss Francis Streff Timothy Strieker 122 Paul Strus Nicholas Sucich Edward Sullivan William Supinski Stephen SylvesterA hope beyond the shadow of a dream. John Keats Francis Taylor Francis Tedeschi Paul Szyszko Charles Tevis Joseph Tomany Raphael Tancredi Thomas Tate Vincent Tonelli Robert Thompson Lee Thomas John Tiers 123Richard Trusdell Vincent Turco Donald Unger Francis Valecce Michael Veneziale Paul Vitacolonna Stephen Vito Stephen Walker Nicholas Traynor Alfred Tropiano John Vanderslice Allen Walmsley True happiness must arise from well-regulated affections, and an affection includes a c uty. 124O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy endureth forever. PSALMS CVII, I Brian Walsh Harry Walsh James Walsh Roderick Walsh Timothy Walsh Joseph Wharton Michael Westerfer James Whelan Michael Whelan Kenneth White Dennis Wiater Reynold Wileczek George Wilson Stephen Wilson Richard Wilslow James Winterle Dale Wittick Stephen Wojtkielewicz Robert Yerkov Peter Woods Harry Wright James Youse Kenneth Zajac Christopher Zambito Theodore Clayton John McKernan Old truths, old laws, old boots, old books and old friends are the best. 126 Polish ProverbSENIOR DIRECTORY NICHOLAS ADAMCHAK 9413 Academy Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Student Council 4 (V.P.) BRAD ADAMS 13401 Lindsay St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Football 1. 2.3.4 MARK AILTMAR 1925 Kentwood St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Intramurals 1.2. 4 FRANCIS ALVAREZ 4918 Grant Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Swim ming 1. 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1. 4. Indoor Track 4; Cross Country 4 ALBERT AMBRON3410 Wessex Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 WILLIAM AMBROSE4146 FairdaleRd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 LOUIS AMODEI 3301 Morning Glory Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 GREG ANDRULONIS 3526 Sussex Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 German Club 1.2; World Affairs Council 3 JOSEPH ANTENUCCI 11829 Colman Ter.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Bowling 3; Outdoor Club 4 PAUL ARGENTIERO3518 Teton Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Outdoor Club 3 JOSEPH ARMELI 10128 Proctor Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19116 STEVEN AVATO 3839 Linden Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Judo 2. 3. 4; Raiderscope 1. 2: Play 2. 3: Arrow 4; Science Fiction Club 3. 4; Biology Club 3. 4; Computer Club 3. 4; Prom Committee 3. 4; Spring Concert 3. 4; Christmas Concert 4; Intramurals 1.2 WILLIAM BACHMAN 12301 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Biology Club 2. 3. 4; Bowling 2. .3; Lacrosse 1; Science Fiction Club 4; Prom Committees 3. 4 ROBERT BAILEY 9979 S. Canterbury Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 KEVIN BAKER 9523 Bustleton Ave.. Phila . Pa. 19115 Swimming 1. 2. 3. 4; Gun Club 2; Outdoor Club 3; Prom Committee 4 RUDOLPH BAKOS 3446 Aubrey Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Football 1.2. 3. 4; Stage Crew 1.2. 3. 4; Homeroom Rep. 1. 2; Junior Delegate 3; Student Council 4 (Pres ): Booster Club 4; Warpath Weekend Committee 4 JOSEPH E. BAMBERSKI4162FairdaleRd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOSEPH BAMBERSKI 3305 Morning Glory Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 EDWARD BARANOSKI 3305 Lester Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Bicentennial project 2. 3: Arrow 4: Chemistry Aide 2; Raiderscope 3. 4; Mathletics 4: Computer Club 3. 4. World Affairs Council 4. Art CLub 2. 3. 4: Chess Club 3. 4; Booster Club 4: National Honor Society 4 MATTHEW BAXTER 12751 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Swimming 1.2. 3. 4: Football 3. 4 GREGORY BEEBIE 13037 Sewell Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Soccer 2. 3.4 WILLIAM BELL 2824 Nature Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 EDWARD BENNETT 3149 Belgreen Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Counseling Center Aide 1. 2. 3. 4. Play 1: Judo 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. Student Store 3. 4; Mathletics4 WILLIAM BENNETT 3846 Green Acres Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Indoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Computer Club 3, 4; Matletics 4: Biology Club 4; Science Fiction Club 4; German Club 2. 3 DANIEL BENSON 3708 Westhampton Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 WILLIAM BENTZ 9731 Hoff St . Phila.. Pa. 19115 Biology CLub 3. 4; Gun Club 2; Art Club 2. Science Fiction 4; Prom Committee 4 ROBERT BIRKBECK 9357 Lansford St.. Phila . Pa. 19114 Indoor Track 2; Outdoor Track 2: Cross Country 1; Homeroom Rep 1; Bowling 1.2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 4. Intramurals 3. 4 GERARD BLINEBURY 9213 Outlook Ave . Phila . Pa. 19114 MICHAEL BLYZNIUK 10912 Knights Rd., Phila.. Pa 19154 KURT BOESS 11617 Kelvin Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Judo 1.2 MICHAEL BORISUKM 3612 Morrell Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 HOWARD BOSWORTH 3725 Bandon Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 JEFFERY BOYLE 11119 Kirby Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Soccer 2.3.4 JOSEPH F. BOYLE 15079 London Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Band 3. 4; Intramurals 1.2; Discipline Office Aide 3. 4 JOSEPH J. BOYLE 15010 Theresa Drive. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Football 4 STEPHEN J. BRADLEY 9952 Medway Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Swenson Skills Center 4; Judo 1 STEPHEN M. BRADLEY 3741 E President St . Phila.. Pa 19114 Judo 1.2 JAMES BRADY 2826 Nature Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Football 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 1.2; World Affairs Council 4: Student Council 3. 4 JOHN BRADY 2839 Norcom Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Ice Hockey 4 HUGH BREEN 13401 Stevens Rd.. Phila.. pa. 19116 DAVID BRESL.IN 3214 Atmore Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 FRANCIS BRESLIN 3601 Nanton Place. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOHN BROSCIUS 10917 Kirby Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Outdoor Club 3. 4; Mathletics 4; World Affairs Council 3. 4: Bowling 3. 4 FRANCIS BROWN 12703 Cabell Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Football 1.2. 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 4 KENNETH BROWN 13440 Priestly St.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Base ball 2 OTTO BROWN 3714 Bandon Drive. Phila.. Pa 19154 JAMES BRUCE 11737 Corry Place. Phila . Pa 19154 EDWARD BUCK 9334 Rising Sun Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Judo 1.2 JAMES BUCKLEY 238 DiMarco Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 CARLBUDKA 12411 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Biology Club 2. 3. 4: German Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Outdoor Club 4: Track 2 Science Fiction Club 3. 4. Gun Club 2; Computer Club 4. Anow4 RICHARD BURKE 3403 Chalfont Dr . Phila.. Pa. 19154 Dance Crew 2. 3. 4 JOSEPH BUTLER 13036 Sewell Rd . Phila . Pa 19116 Football 1. 2; Ping Pong 1; French Club 1; Homeroom Rep. 1. 2. 3. 4. Intramurals 1.2 ANTHONY BYRNE 3435 Primrose Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 ROBERT BURNS 10116 Galahad Rd.. Phila . Pa 19116 Ping Pong Club 1: French Club 1; Intramurals 1.2 JOHN CALLAHAN 11828 Basile Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Football 1.2. 3. 4 JOHN CALTER 3216 Belgreen Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Homeroom Rep. 1: Gun Club 2; Dance Crew 1.2 JOSEPH CAPONETTI 9948 Ferndale St.. Phila . Pa 19115 German Club 1.2; Ping Pong Club 2; Asst Homeroom Rep 2 PETER CAREY 118 Hickory Hill Rd . Phila . Pa 19154 Football 1; Asst. Homeroom Rep 3. 4 PHILLIP CARROLL 1562 Bonnie Brae Dr.. Huntingdon Valley. Pa. 19006 German Club 2. 3. 4 LAWRENCE CARUSO 3309 Woodhaven Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 PETER CAVA 11806 Colman Rd.. Phila .. Pa 19154 Outdoor Club 4; Computer Club 4; World Affairs Council 4. Track 3. 4. Science Fiction Club 3. 4; Mathletics 4 EDWARD CHAPPELL 3807 Oakhill Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Indoor Track 1. 2; Outdoor Track 1. 2: World Affairs Council 3. 4: Raiderscope 4; Appeals Board 2. 3. 4 (Chair). Booster Club 3. 4 (Pres.): Principals Council 4. Student Council 2. 3. 4 (Sec ); Prom Committees 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4. Christmas Tree Committee 3. 4; Warpath Weekend Committee 4 STANLEY CICHOCKI3515 E. Crown Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19114 DANIELCIPRIANO3806 Inwood Lane. Phila.. Pa 19154 RONALD CLARKSON 3769 So. Hereford Lane. Phila . Pa. 19114 Gun Club 2; Track 1 THEODORE CLAYTON 9361 Lansford St.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Football 1.2. 3. 4 WILLIAM CLEARY 3656 Sussex Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 German Club 4; Track 1: Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4 DAVID CLIFTON 3409 Orion Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 ROBERT COLE 159 Ridgefield Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOHN COLLINS 1401 Southhampton Rd.. Phila . Pa 19116 Art 1.2.3 TERENCE COLLINS 12011 Templeton Dr.. Phila . Pa. 19154CrossCountry 1, 2; Track Field 1; Intramurals 3. 4 LOUIS COMPOSTF.LLA 11020 Calera Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Football 1. 2; Track 1. 4: French Club 1. 2: Ping Pong Club 1; Flomeroom Rep 1: Intramurals. 1.2 KEVIN COMPTON 9719 Beacon Rd.. Phila . Pa 19115 Intramurals 1.2. 3 BRIAN CONLV 10830 Harrow Rd . Phila . Pa 19154 DENNIS CONLY 10830 Harrow Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19154 WILLIAM JAS. CONNOR 8424 Large St.. Phila.. Pa. 19152 French Club 1. 2; Raiderscope 3. 4; Arrow 4. National Honor Society 4 WILLIAM JOS CONNOR 12409 Rambler Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Track Field 1.2; Intramurals 1.2: Arrow 4 CARLOS COOPER Street Road Bristol Pike Cornwells Hgts.. Pa. 19020 RICHARD COVONE 441 Tomlinson Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19116 JOHN COYLE 8588 Bloomfield Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Intramurals 1.2. 3 KEVIN CRANKSHAW 3303 Betgreen Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 GREG CROTTY 718 Millwood Rd.. Phila . Pa 19115 JAMES CULLEN 11707 Colman Place Phila.. Pa 19154 A V A 3. 4. T. V. Studio 3. 4. Science Fiction Club 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4. Bicentennial Project 2. 3; Stage Crew 4; Chess Club 1 KEVIN CULLEN 12402 SweetBriar Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Homeroom Rep 4 EUGENE CUNNINGHAM 12805 Dunks Ferry Rd . Phila . Pa 19154 JAMES CUNNINGHAM 11629 Kelvin Ave Phila . Pa 19116 JOSEPH CURCILLO 12 Moredon Place. Phila.. Pa 19115 Track Field 2. 3. 4; Activities Office Aid 2. 3. 4; Dance Crew 2. 3. 4. Art Club 2; World Affairs Council 2. 3. 4. Play 4. Human Relations Committee 2; Prom Committees 3. 4: Liturgy Committee 4: National Honor Society 3. 4 JAMES CURRAN 3776 Westhampton Dr , Phila.. Pa 19154 Track 1; Intramurals 1.2. 3 JOHN J DALY 4427 Deerpath Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Art Club 2. 3; Intramurals 1.2.3; Swenson Skills Center 4 PETER D'ANGELO 11609 Sevens Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19116 Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4. Band 1. 2. Junior Prom Committee 3; Ping Pong Club 1.2; Tau Club 1.2; German Club 1.2. Track 1. Cross Country 1 STEVEN D'AURIZIO 11050 Greiner Place. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Football 1 JOSEPH DAVIS 3436 Brookview Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Track 1.3 JOHN DEAMER 4117 Whiting Rd . Phila.. Pa 19154 DENNIS DeBIAS 725 Pecan Drive. Phila . Pa 19115 German Club 3. 4; Mathletics 4. Arrow 4. Liturgy Committee 4; Raider scope 4. National Honor Society 4 JOHN DeCAROLIS 10829 Perrin Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 RICHARD DEISS604 Oakfield Lane. Phila.. Pa 19115 JOSEPH DELANEY 12404 Wyndom Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 PASQUALF. DELVECCHIO 3204 Kilburn Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Football 2. 3. 4 MICHAEL DEMPSEY 9429 Outlook Ave.. Phila . Pa. 19114 Stage Crew 1; Chess Club 1. 2. Play 1. 2. 3. 4. Raiderscope 4; Bicentennial Project 2. 3. French Club 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; J V. Football 2; Intramurals 3; Spring Concert 3. 4; T V. Studio 4 JOHN DENNIS9232Treaty Rd . Phila., Pa 19114 DAVID DEOLA 1112 Norwalk Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19115 Football 1. 2.4. Baseball 2. 3. 4 WILLIAM DePALMA 11753 Colman Rd.. Phila .Pa 19154 MICHAEL DePERRO 10928 Templeton Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Football 1. 2. 3. 4. Booster Club 2. 3. 4; Prom Committees 3. 4; Student Council 1.2. 3. National Honor Society 3. 4 LUKE DESIATO 113 Windswept Dr.. Feasterville. Pa 19047 Biology Club 2. Play 3. 4; T V Studio 4. Spring Concert 3. 4 MICHAEL DiCOLLA 3601 Canby Dr.. Phila . Pa 19154 MICHAEL DiGIACOMO 3424 Brookview Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 German Club 1. 2; Chess Club 1. 2. 3. 4; World Affairs 4; Prom Committees 3. 4 ROBERT D'IMPERIO 9231 Outlook Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19114 JOSEPH DiPHILLlPO 3150 Birch Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Baseball 1.4 RICHARD DiSTEFANO 1001 Bingham St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Lacrosse 1; Biology 2. 3. 4; A.V.A. 3. 4; T V. Studio 3. 4 JAMES DITRO 3607 No. Hereford Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 DENNIS DIVINEY3584 Dows Rd . Phila.. Pa 19154 PATRICK DOHERTY 3268 Birch Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Intramurals 1.3. 4; Baseball 2. 3. 4; Delegate 3; Homeroom Rep 4 WILLIAM DOLHANSKY 3246 Lester Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Art Club 3. 4. Stage Crew 4 JOSEPH DOLLARD 3319 Atmore Rd.. Phila., Pa. 19154 Intramurals 1.2 FRANCIS DORR 13040 Richwood Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 MICHAEL DOUGHERTY 10804 Modena Terrace. Phila.. Pa. 19154 ROBERT DOUGHERTY 707 Gorman St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 CHRISTOPHER DOWNS 13431 Kelvin Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Raiderscope 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Base-1.2.4; National Honor Society 4; Prom Committee 4 CHRISTOPHER DOYLE 12118 Medford Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Cross Country 1; German Club 1. 2. 4; Prom Committee 3 JOSEPH J. DOYLE 12632 Ramer Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Bowling 1.2; Prom Committee 3 JOSEPH M DOYLE 12027 Millbrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Outdoor Club 3; Intramurals 1.2.4; Dance Crew 2. 3 MARK DOYLE 301 Heights Lane. Apt 2A. Feasterville. Pa. 19047 Football 1; Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 3 MATTHEW DOYLE 301 Heights Lane. Apt. 2A. Feasterville. Pa. 19047 Swenson Skills Center 4 WILLIAM DRENNAN 9625 Banes St.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Swenson Skills Center 4 MARK DRIADON 222 Lawnbrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Intramurals 1. 2 ANTHONY DROZDOWSKI 3302 Red Lion Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 JOHN DUFFNER 1008 Sanibel St.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Prom Committees 3. 4 WAYNE DUSTMAN 215 Ridgefield Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19154 Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Indoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 4. Homeroom Rep. 3; Intramurals 1. 3. 4 CHRISTOPHER DUVAK 15142 Milford St . Phila . Pa. 19116 JAMES EARLEY 3433 Chalfont St.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Baseball 2. Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Booster Club 3. 4; World Affairs Council 4; Arrow 4; Homeroom Rep. 4; Liturgy Committee 4. Prom Committees 3. 4 CHARLES EBELL 11740 Lanett Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19154 MATTHEW ECK 9506 Hilspach St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Dance Crew 1. 2. National Honor Society 3. 4; Activities Office Aide MICHAEL EGAN 8628 Bloomfield Ave.. Phila . Pa. 19115 JOHN EHLING 12834 F.lnora Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Stage Crew 1; French Club 2. 3. 4. Booster Club 4; Arrow 4 JAMES ERWIN 12113 Medford Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19154 Intra murals 1; Judo 3; Prom Committees 3. 4 HERBERT EVANS 4642 Belmont Ave.. Neshaminy Valley. Pa Intramurals 1.2, 3; Dance Crew 1.2; Chemistry I.ab Assistant 3 STEPHEN EVERETT 3506 Dows Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Baseball 2; Weightlifting 2 JOHN FABBIA 8841 Rising Sun Ave., Phila . Pa. 19115 CHRISTOPHER FARLEY 3507 Wessex Lane. Phila.. Pa 19114 Judo 3. 4 GERALD FARRELL 9823 Redd Rambler Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 World Affairs Council 3. 4 LAWRENCE FARRELL 9823 Redd Rambler Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19115 DANIEL FAZEN 439 Byberry Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Ice Hockey Team 4 DAVID FENERTY 3526 Chalfont Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Soccer 3.4 JOHN FERET 11901 Millbrook Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Chemistry Lab Asst 1; Outdoor Club 3. Intramurals 4 JOHN FILIPS 1709 Megargee St.. Phila.. Pa. 19152 German Club 1.2; Arrow 4; Raiderscope 4; World Affairs Council 4 DENNIS FITZGERALD 3303 Gurley Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Intramurals 1.2.3. 4; Student Council 3. 4; Raiderscope 4 BERNARD FITZPATRICK 607 Avon St.. Phila.. Pa 19116Play 1.2. 3. 4 JAMES FLANAGAN 3547 Byrne Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 MICHAEL FLANAGAN 809 Burgess Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19116 JOHN FLEMING 8614 Ferndale St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Cross Country 1; Track and Field 1; Intramurals 1. 2 GARY FOLEY 11005 Stevens Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Swimming 1; Bowling 1 JOHN FORWARD 11744 Lanett Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 GARY FOX 9530 Banes St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 MICHAEL FOX 3814 Oakhill Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4 (Treas.); Booster Club 3; Prom Committees 3. 4 FRANCIS FRANCESCO 12023 Legion St.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 DAVID FREY 3535 Vinton Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Track 3 DANIEL FRIEL 3215 Brookdale Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Weight Lifting CLub 1 FRANCIS FRIEL 3615 W. Crown Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Track 1; Intramurals 1. 3. 4 MICHAEL FUCCI 9866 Wistaria St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Soccer 2, 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2 ANTHONY FULGINITI3339 Fairdale Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 LARRY FULTON Street Rd. Bristol Pike. Cornwells Hgts.. Pa. 19020 PATRICK GALLEN 9345 Outlook Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 GEORGE GALLO 3208 Thornbrook PL. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Cross Country 1; Track 2 GEORGE GANT2 10826 Perrin Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Track 2; Dance Crew 4: Outdoor Club 4 STEPHEN GENTILE 12527 Chilton Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 WILLIAM GENTILE 8810 Revere St.. Phila.. Pa. 19152 Basketball 1: Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4 MARK GERBER 548 Larkspur St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Basketball 1. 2: Asst. Homeroom Rep 1. 2; Track 1; Intramurals 3. 4 FRED GERSTENFIELD 3257 Morrell Ave.. Phila . Pa 19114 Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3; Homeroom Rep. 2. 3. 4 KENNETH GHERARDI 1104 Proctor Rd . Phila . Pa. 19116 STEPHEN GIANNINI 12028Templeton Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 MICHAEL GIANNONF.3502 W Crown Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 JOHN GILBERT 9522 Clark St.. Phila.. Pa. Chess Club 1. 4; German Club 1; A.V.A. 3; T.V. Studio 3. 4; Homeroom Rep. 3; Intramurals 4; Prom Committee 4 MARK GILSON 1107 Hower Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Football 1; Basketball 1; Outdoor Track 1.2; Indoor Track 2, Intramurals 1.2.3 JOSEPH GIRNIUS 11917 Millbrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 DINO G1ULIANO 4031 Filler St.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Concert Band. 1. 2. 3. 4; Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Dance Band 1.2. 3. 4 FRANCIS GLEASON 9928 S. Canterbury Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 HENRY GLENN 12012 Waldemire Dr . Phila.. Pa. 19154 Judo 1; Swimming. 3. 4 PETER GNOSKI 11137 Drake Dr . Phila.. Pa. 19154 MICHAEL GOELZ 8714 Verree Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Swenson Skills Center 4 ROBERT GOERGF.N 1103 Bloomfield Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Bowling 4; A.V.A. 3; T. V. Studio 3. 4; Student Council 4: Intramurals 4; Prom Committee 4 CHRISTOPHER GOLAS 3817 Oakhill Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Band 1. 2. 3: Dance Crew 1. 2; A V. A 3; T. V. Studio 3. 4; Prom Committee 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4 JOHN GOSHOW 3742 Mechanicsville PL. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Football 4 PATRICK GOUGH 3542 Primrose Rd . Phila.. Pa 19114 CHRISTOPHER GRADY 3558 Grant Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Swimming 3. 4: Cross Country 4; Indoor Track 4; Outdoor Track 4 JAMES GRANDE 11878 BasileRd.. Phila. Pa. 19154 MICHAEL GRECO 13035 Stevens Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Swenson Skills Center 4 JOHN GREED 11726 Denman Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Basketball 2; Baseball 2; Intramurals 3. 4 GARY GREEN 12629 Biscayne Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 MARK GREEN 3806 Brookview Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Homeroom Rep. 2. 4; Junior Delegate 3; Raiderscope 1. 2. 3; Bicentennial Project 2. 3; Appeals Board 3; Arrow 4; National Honor Society 3. 4 (Sec.) MARK GRESS 2039 Nester St.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Asst Homeroom Rep. 2. 3; Intramurals3 ANTHONY GREWAY 10911 Templeton Dr . Phila., Pa 19154 MICHAEL GRIER 12661 BiscayneDr.. Phila . Pa. 19154 JOSEPH GRIFFIN 3213 Holly Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 World Affairs Council 1.2; Art 2 JOSEPH GRZYMINSKI547 Remsen Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 FRANCIS GUEST 3828 Patrician Dr.. Phila . Pa. 19154 KARL GUTMANN 1110 Warwick St.. Phila .Pa. 19116 Stage Crew 1. 2; German Club 1 JOHN HAAG 13409 Worthington Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 KENNETH HAAS 817 Glenn St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Hockey 4; Homeroom Rep. 1 KEVIN HAGAN 12638 Medford Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 German Club 1.2.4 PAUL HAL AS 9211 Melrose St.. Phila . Pa 19114 JAMES HALL 3723 S. Hereford Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Biology CLub 2. 3. 4 (Pres.); World Affairs Council 2. 3 WILLIAM HALL 12740 Kenny Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 STEPHEN HALNER 12013 Academy Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 KEVIN HAM 12600 Medford Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 BRUCE HAMLIN 1400 Hemlock PL. Phila.. Pa 19116 Football 3; Homeroom Rep. 4 WILLIAM HANNIGAN 3317 Kayford Circle. Phila . Pa. 19114 STEPHEN HANSSENS 8 Peyton St.. Trevose. Pa. 19047 JOSEPH HARRIS 4722 Arendell St.. Phila . Pa 19114 ROBERT HEASLEY 3210 Fairdale Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 EDWARD HEETHER 3853 Ronnald Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 PHILIP HERMAN 12612 Nanton Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Art 2; National Honor Society 3. 4 ROBERT HERMIDA 12013 Waldemire Dr.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Judo 1: Intramurals 3. 4: Student Council 1.2 KEVIN HERRON 3804 Oakhill St.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Judo 1. Gun Club 1.2; Student Council 3. 4; Intramurals 1.2.3 DAVID HEUN 9743 Evans St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Judo 1 ROBERT E. HIGGINS 827 Medway Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19115 World Affairs Council 3; Intramurals 2. 4 ROBERT J. HIGGINS 1171 Glenn St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 GEORGE HILAND3101 Woodhaven Rd.. Apt. K-4. Phila.. Pa. 19154 KENNETH HILBERT 9327 Rising Sun Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19115 MICHAEL HILL 3537 Morrell Ave.. Phila . Pa 19114 WILLIAM HOLMES 3546 Grant Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Golf Team 2. 3. 4 THOMAS HORAN 9321 Lansford St.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Activities Office Aide 2. 3. 4; Dance Crew 2. 3. 4. Prom Committee 3. 4 THOMAS LIORNBERGER 209 Ridgefield Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Intramurals 1. 2. 3 JOHN HUGHES 13042 Sewell Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Cross Country 2 MARK HUGHES 10112 W. Keswick Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 WILLIAM HUGHES 9932 S. Canterbury Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Football 1; Raiderscope 2; Arrow 4; French Club 2; National Honor Society 4; Prom Committee 4; World Affairs Council 4 STEPHEN HUMENIK 12668 Friar PL. Phila.. Pa. 19154 THOMAS HUNT 12333 Wyndom Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 WILLIAM JAJKO 3880 Alberta PL. Phila.. Pa 19154 Judo 1; Discipline Office Aide 3. 4; Science Fiction CLub 3. 4 WALTER JAREK 12675 Biscayne Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Indoor Track 1; French Club 3. 4 EDWARD JOHNSON 2807 Norcom Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 THOMAS JOHNSON 11714 Academy Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 GARY JOVOVICH 3602 W. Crown Ave . Phila.. Pa. 19114 JOHN JUNOD411 Orchard Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Intramurals 2.4 PHILIP KALANTY 510 Simms St.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Discipline Office Aide 1.2. 3. 4 JOSEPH KANE 9332 Annapolis Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 DAVID KASZUPSKI Street Rd. Bristol Pike. Cornwells Hgts . Pa. 19020JOSEPH KELLY 3504 Grant Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Raiderscope 3. 4; Stage Crew 3. 4; Soccer 1.2. 3. 4 MICHAEL KELLY 1909 Wider St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 ROBERT KELLY 1011 Welsh Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19115 TIMOTHY KELLY 113 Meadow Lane. Phila . Pa 19154 Bowling 1: Cross Country 2. 3. 4: Indoor Track 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 2. 3. 4; Biology Club 2 WALTER KF.NDZIOR 8642 Bloomfield Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 PATRICK KENNEDY 4200 Lawnside Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 TERRENCE KENT 9852 Lackland Dr . Phila.. Pa 19114 FRANK KEYS 11849 Sewell Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Swenson Skills Center 4 JOHN KILLORAN 1109 Warwick St.. Phila . Pa 19116 Activities Office Aide 3. Prom Committees 4 DANIEL KINSLEY 1063 Surrey Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19115 JOHN KL.AIBER 114 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Activities Office Aide 2. 3. 4: Dance Crew 2. 3; Track Field 2. 3 EDWARD KLINE 3247 Comly PI . Phila . Pa 19154 JOHN KLINE 727 Sherrie Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Track 1. 2: German Club 2 ANDREW KNOWLES 10922 Heflin Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Intramurals 4 ERNEST KNOWLES 3528 W Crown Ave . Phila.. Pa 19114 Soccer 1, 2. 3. 4. Track 1 PAUL KNOWLES 10922 Heflin Rd . Phila.. Pa 19154 Intramurals 3 DONALD KOF.STLER 10952 Templeton Dr . Phila . Pa. 19154 Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4 Marching Band 1. 2, 3. 4. National I lonor Society 3. 4 DAVID KOHL 11809 Brandon Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 German Club 1.2.3. Band 1. Prom Committee 4 JAMES KONIF.CZNY 12646 Richton Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Football 3. 4. Weight Lifting 1. Track Field 2. 4. Booster Club 3.4. Christmas Tree Committee 2. Prom Committee 4 DAVID KONSTANZER 3902 Fairdale Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4 ROBERT KOPYCIENSKI 413 Regina St . Phila . Pa 19116 Ice Hockey 4. Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4. Booster Club 2. 3. Committees 3.4. Homeroom Rep 1.2 GREGORY KOVACS 8832 Calvert St.. Phila.. Pa 19152 Foot ball 1.2. 3. 4 JOSEPH KRAMER 11006 Knights Rd . Phila . Pa 19154 DAVID KRECKO 3214 Chelsea PI.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Judo 1. 2. 3. 4. Outdoor Club 3; Counseling Center Aide 2. 3. 4: National Honor Society 3. 4; Raiderscope 4 ROBERT KULL 3740 Genesee Dr.. Phila . Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 GEORGE KUMMER 509 GurgessSt.. Phila.. Pa 19116 CHRISTOPHER I.ABRUM 15020 London Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19116 DONALD I.AFFERTY 3538 Teton Rd.. Phila .Pa 19154 German Club 1. Gun Club 1. 2. 3: Intramurals 1. 2. 4; A V A 3: T V Studio 3. 4. Student Council 1 SIDNEY LANDIS 3238 Birch Rd . Phila . Pa 19154 Judo 1: Prom Committee 3 JOHN LANGAN 3754 Bandon Dr.. Phila . Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4. German Club 1. Prom Committees 3. 4; French Club 4. Art Club 3.4; T V Studio 3. 4; A V A 3. 4. T V Studio Raiderscope 4; National I lonor Society 4. Booster Club 4 SCOTT LASH 2823 Comly Rd . Phila.. Pa 19154 Cross Country 1. 2. 3. 4; Indoor Track 1.2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1.2. 3. 4 MICHAEL LEON 12022 Academy Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Swen son Skills Center 4 MICHAEL LEWIS 3811 Andrea Rd.. Phila , Pa. 19154 JEFFREY l.INDEMAN 3859 Ronnald Dr.. Phila . Pa 19154 Football 2. 3. 4. Track 1; Gun Club 2. Play 1. 2. 3. Swimming 1.2; French Club 2. 3; Homeroom Rep 1.2.3 GEORGE LIPPINCOTT 9227 Torrcsdale Ave .. Phila.. Pa 19114 Baseball 1.2 PAUL LISIEWSKI 9703 Portis Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Cross Country 1. 2. German Club 1. 2. 3. 4. Outdoor Club 3; Arrow 4. National Honor Society 4 JOHN LOMANNO 8628 Ferndale Rd.. Phila., Pa 19115 Intra murals 3. 4 STEPHEN LOMBARDO 9805 Montour St.. Phila . Pa. 19115 Intramurals 1. 3. 4; Chess Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Lab Asst. 2: Arrow Staff 3. 4: World Affairs Council 3. 4. National Honor Society 3. 4; Science Fiction Club 4: Mathletics4 THOMAS LONERGAN 13421 Priestly St.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Asst Homeroom Rep 1.4: Raiderscope 1. Intramurals 1.3. 4 GARY LORIO 9716 Dedaker St.. Phila . Pa. 19115 Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4: French Club 3: Track 1.2; Cross Country 1 MICHAEL LOUGHERY 1016 Barlow St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 GERAI.D LOUGHRIN 9951 Academy Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 French Club 2. 3. 4 JOSEPH LOVE 11111 Waldemire Dr . Phila., Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 DANIEL LUBA '1846 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19114 Intramurals 1.2.3; Track 1.2; Raiderscope 1 DAVID I.YDON 1937 Goodnaw St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Swimming 1. 2; Indoor Track 3; Prom Committees 1.3. 4 WILLIAM LYONS 9313 Lansford St.. Phila . Pa. 19114 Booster Club 3; Christmas Tree Committee 2. 3; Asst. Homeroom Rep. 2; Raiderscope 1; Bowling 3; Prom Committee 4. Intramurals 1. 2 JOSEPH MACGREGOR 11405 Gifford St., Phila.. Pa 19116 Activity Office Aide 1.2; Dance Crew 1. 2: Asst. Homeroom Rep 4 PHILLIP MADDEN 3616 Bandon Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 WILLIAM MADDEN 3628 Clark St . Phila.. Pa 19115 DAVID MAINART 11101 Greiner Rd.. Phila., Pa. 19116 Ice Hockey 4 WILLIAM MALAMPY 3557 Byrne Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 EUGENE MALONE 3651 Red Lion Rd.. Apt. C 4 Phila . Pa. 19114 JOSEPH MANSOLINO 3145 Belgreen Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 BENITO MARCANTUONO 1012 Lorraine St.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Soccer 2. 3: Homeroom Rep 4. Booster Club 4; Prom Committees 3. 4 GARY MARKEY 8820 Verree Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19115 MICHAEL MARTIN 3473 Filler St.. Phila.. Pa 19114 GREGORY MATECKI 12009 Elmore Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Baseball 2 MICHAEL MATTHEWS 11850 Colman Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Play 2. 3. 4. World Affairs Council 3. 4; Arrow 4. Science Fiction Club 3. 4; National Honor Society 4; Ping Pong Club 1: Intramural 1.2. 3; Spring Concert 3. 4. Christmas Concert 4 HOWARD MAZSAFRO 3833 Linden Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Raiderscope 1; Judo 2; World Affairs Council 3. 4. Bowling 3. 4; Intramural 4 MICHAEL MAZZONF. 8941 Leonard St. Phila. Pa 19152 Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4: Indoor Track. 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 2. 3. 4 PATRICK McANDREWS 3523 Byrne Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 STEPHEN McCABE 3610 N Hereford Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Cross Country 1. 2. 3: Indoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1.2.4; Rifle Club 2: Prom Committee 3 JAMES McCAFFREY 3303 Fairdale Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Weight Lifting Club 1; Intramurals 1.2. 3 JAMES McCarthy 10201 Calera Rd.. Phila . Pa 19114 PATRICK McCarthy 10937 Kipling Lane. Phila . Pa 19154 Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4; Weight Lifting Club 1 JAMES McCLOSKEY Mechanicsville Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Ice Hockey 4 LAWRENCE McCOACH 30 Cameron Dr.. Holland. Pa 18966 Ice Hockey 4. Art 1.2 JAMES McCOLGAN 9368 Annapolis Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 KEVIN McCRF.ERY 11867 Sewell Rd . Phila . Pa 19116 JOHN McCULLOUGH nil Norwalk Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Football 1.2. 3. 4 BRIAN McDERMOTT 3329 Morning Glory Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Track 1.2; Judo 1; Art Club 1. 2. 3. 4 GERALD McDERMOTT 12511 Rockton Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 MARK McF.ACHERN 12175 Aster Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Foot ball 1.2. 3. 4; Homeroom Rep 3. 4 THOMAS McFEELEY 9826 Redd Rambler Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 ERNEST McGAULF.Y 12554 Fedor Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 GERARD McGETTIGAN 4129 Whiting PI.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Football 1.2. 3.4 MICHAEL McGINTY 12562 Biscayne Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154Golf Team 2. 3. 4; French Club 2, 3, 4; World Affairs Council 3. 4; Booster Club 3. 4; Prom Committees 3. 4; Arrow 4; Raiderscope 4; National Honor Society 4 FRANCIS McGRATH 9246 Outlook Ave.. Phila., Pa 19114 Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4: Basketball 1.2. 3. 4 FRANCIS McGUIGAN 3404 Orion Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 ROBERT McHALE 11712 Telfair Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 MICHAEL McHUGH 840 Glenn St.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Basketball 1.2. 3. 4. Activities Office Aid 2; Intramurals 4 MICHAEL MclLHENNY9957 Downing PL. Phila.. Pa. 19114 JAMES McKEOWN 10220 Woburn PI.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 MARK McKEOWN4306Greenmount Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 JOHN McKERNAN 11807 Brandon Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 ROBERT McLAUGHLIN 9206 Treaty Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 German Club 1; Bowling 1.2 ROBERT McLEAN 10931 Kirby Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Band 1; Bowling 1. 2. Intramurals 1 NOEL McMANUS 11919 Millbrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Track 1. 2: CrossCountry 1. 2; Intramurals 1.2. 3 WILLIAM McMULLEN 3821 Charteris Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Cross Country 2; Intramurals 4 RONALD McREYNOLDS 12648 Chilton Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 DANIEL McSHANE 9340 Lansford St.. Phila . Pa 19114 Stage Crew 1 JOSEPH McSTRAVOCK 1951 GoodnawSt.. Phila.. Pa 19154 JOHN MEADE 3200 Danely Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 GERARD MERRIGAN 9752 Cark St.. Phila.. Pa 19115 CHRISTOPHER MICHALSKI 3659 Academy Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 FRANCESCO MICOMONACO 10118 Northeast Ave.. Phila . Pa. 19116 Swenson Skills Center 4 ROBERT MIGLIACCIO 3211 Saxon PI . Phila.. Pa 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 STEPHEN MILCARSKY 102Cliffwood Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 DANIEL MILLER 407 Hulmeville Ave.. Langhorne. Pa. 19047 Basketball 1: Intramurals 2. 3. 4 MICHAEL MILLER 407 Hulmeville Ave.. Langhorne. Pa. 19047 Swenson Skills Center 4 ROBERT MILLER 4382 Deerpath Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Polish Club 1; Ping Pong Club 1.2; Bowling 1.2 THEODORE MINDA 2830 Narcissus Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Bowling 2. 3. 4; Chess Club 1; Weight Training Club 1 EDWARD MISCENICH 3408 Lester Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOHN MISH 19 LukensSt.. Trevose. Pa 19047 Intramurals 1 KENNETH MITCHELL 3414 Grant Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Arrow 4; Raiderscope 1. 2. 4 (Asst. Sports Editor); French Club 2. 3. 4; Tennis Team 2. 3. 4 KEVIN MITCHELL 3638 Prince Circle. Phila.. Pa. 19114 ROBERT MOESSNER 3579 Teton Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Activities Office Aide 3. 4 EDWARD MONAGHAN 809 Tomlinson Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Intramurals 2. 3; World Affairs Council 3. 4 JOSEPH MONKOSKI 1049 Alpena Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Intramurals 1. 3; Chess Club 1. 3. 4; World Affairs Council 1. 2. 3; Bowling 4; National Honor Society 3. 4 MARTIN MONTGOMERY 725 Colebrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 BENJAMIN MOROZ 12641 Biscayne Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOHN MONTAGNO 3110 Degry Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Soccer 1. 2. 3, 4; Outdoor CLub 3. 4; Track 1.4 JOHN MORRIS 10221 N. Canterbury Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Football 1.2; Weight Lifting 1. 2 RICHARD MORRISON 3806 Oakhill Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Student Council 2; Dance Crew 1. 2; Chess Club 2 MICHAEL MOSER 3448 Primrose Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Intramurals 1 DENIS MULLIGAN 11734 Brandon PL. Phila.. Pa. 19154 French Club 2. 3. 4; Intramurals 4 PATRICK MULVENNA 3426 Primrose Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19144 Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 4; Intramurals 1. 4 MARK MURPHY 9750 Frankford Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 HENRY MURRAY 3800 Patrician Dr . Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 MICHAEL MURRAY 3867 Ronnald Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 National Honor Society 3. 4 (Pres ); Arrow 3. 4. Raiderscope 4; Student Council 2. 3; Appeals Board 2. 4; Booster Club 3. 4; Cross Country 1. 2. 3; Track 1 2; Ryan Service 2. 3. 4; World Affairs Council 3. 4; Dance Crew 1. 2; Judo 2; Chess Club 1. I ntra murals 1 JOHN MYNAR 15155 Endicott St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Swenson Skills Center 4 HORACE NATICCHIONE 103 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Band 1 GERARD NEEDHAM 13037 Worthington Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Football 2 MARK NF.SSEI. 3210 Ancona Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 German Club 1;A.V. A 3. 4; T V. Studio 3. 4. Intramurals 2. 3. 4 TERENCE NEWKUMET 9325 Jackson St.. Phila.. Pa 19114 DAVID NICASTRO 829 Regina St . Phila . Pa 19116 Ice Hockey 4; Arrow 3. 4; Raiderscope 4 WILLIAM NOLAN 9239 Blue Grass Rd.. Apt -3. Phila.. Pa 19114 JOHN NORTON 3410 Primrose Rd.. Phila . Pa 19114 DAVID NOWOSIELSKI 10825 Harrow Rd . Phila . Pa 19154 Baseball 2. 3; Football 1.2. 3 ROBERT NUTT 659 Waring St.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Ice Hockey 4 THOMAS NUXOLL 3348 Kayford Circle. Phila . Pa. 19114 ROBERT OBEF. 3210 Atmore Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Judo 1; German Club 1 JAMES O BRIEN 3825 Chalfont Dr . Phila.. Pa. 19154 CHARLES O'CONNELL 2851 Normandv Dr . Phila . Pa 19154 CHARLES O'CONNOR 15050 Kelvin Ave . Phila . Pa 19116 Gun Club 1.2; Asst Homeroom Rep 1.2. 3 GREGORY O'DONNELL 1034 Foster St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 JAMES O'DONNELL 10943 Kipling Lane. Phila . Pa 19115 ROBERT O'DONNELL 8624 Bloomfield Ave . Phila.. Pa 19115 Student Council 3 ALEXANDER O'DRAIN 3605 East Crown Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 JAMES OF.RTH 3427 Aubrey Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Indoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Judo 2; CrossCountry 1.2. 3.4 (CaDt ) CHARLES OGBORN 12753 Hollins Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Stage Crew 3. 4 JOHN O'HARA 3259 Byberry Rd., Phila . Pa. 19154 TIMOTHY O'HARA 9823 Verree Rd.. Phiia.. Pa 19115 Football 3.4; Baseball 4 BRIAN O'KANE 4629 Arendell Ave . Phila . Pa 19114 THOMAS O'MARA 12505 Ramer Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19154 EDWARD OMIETANSKI 830 Avon Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Gun Club 1.2 DENNIS O'NEILL 3033 Derry PL. Phila.. Pa 19154 Basketball 1.2.3. 4; Student Council 4 (Senior Class Vice-Pres.) JOHN O'NEILL 3033 Derry PL. Phila.. pa 19154 Student Council 1. 2. 3. 4. Football 1. 2. Track 1: Outdoor Club 4 Prom Committee 4 JOSEPH O'NEILL 13441 Priestly St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Soccer 1 TIMOTHY O'NEILL 818 Delray St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 JOSEPH PAGLIEI8902 Blue Grass Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19152 MICHAEL PANEPRESSO 3430 Lamar PI.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 RICHARD PAPANDREA 14028 Faraday St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Soccer 1. 2 STANLEY PARKER 12632 Chilton Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19154 MICHAEL PATOTA 2045 Nester St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 GREGORY PEDERSEN 3013 Derry PL. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 JOSEPH PERNITSKY 225 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 MICHAEL PETRILLO 4151 Whiting Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19154 Soccer 1. 2. 3. 4 HENRY PHELAN 10830 Keswick Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Intramurals 1. 2. 4 JOHN PHILLIPS 9954 Jeanes St.. Phila.. Pa 19115 World Affairs Council 3. 4. Arrow 4 (Editor); Charismatics4 STEPHEN PICKUP 9233 Annapolis Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Tau Club 1; Intramurals 1 RICHARD PIERI 9519 Clark St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Intramurals 1; French Club (Treas.) 2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3. 4; Arrow4; Prom Committee 3. 4 MICHAF.L PIERSON 3332 Morning Glory Rd . Phila .. Pa. 19154 National Honor Society 3. 4; Cross Country 1. 2. 3; Indoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4: Outdoor Track 1. 2. 3. 4; Prom Committees 3. 4; Intramurals 1 CHRISTOPHER PIETRAF-'ITTA 12010 Waldemire Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 CHRISTOPHER PIO 3457 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Golf 2. 3. 4 PETER PIROLLI 12304 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Student Council 1.2 MICHAEL PISANELLI 3086 Secane Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Judo 1.2; Raiderscope 1.2 MICHAEL PISC1TELLI 3844 Violet Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Judo 2 HUGH PODY 4620 Convent Lane. Phila.. Pa 19114 Swimming 1.2. 3. 4. Tennis 1.2. 3.4 DENNIS POMO 9417 Tulip St.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Bowling 3; Community Service Corp 1 FRANCIS PRATICO 12561 Chilton Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Ger-man Club 1.2 RONALD PREISS 15108 Carter Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Swenson Skills Center 4 THOMAS PRESTON 10230 W Keswick Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 MICHAEL PRIDE 3024 Fairdale Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 DONALD PROCOPIO 3320 Lester Rd.. Phila., Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 JOHN PUODZIUNAS 3313 Kayford Circle Phila.. Pa 19114 World Affairs Council 3. 4 (Treas.); Mathletics4; Band 1. National Honor Society 4 ROBERT PYNE 13451 Priestly St.. Phila . Pa 19116 Soccer 1.2. 3. 4 LEW PYRIH 10151 Verree Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Ping Pong 1.2. Tennis 2. 3. 4 DAVID QUARESIMA 3347 Kayford Circle. Phila.. pa 19114 Intramurals 2. Weight Lifting 3. 4 GARY QUATTROCHI 12630 Rumer Rd . Phila.. Pa. 19154 Bowling 1. Baseball 3; Ping Pong 2 JOHN RAKSNIS 12616 Calpine Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Indoor Track 2. 3. 4; Outdoor Track 2. 3. 4. Weight Training 1 STEPHEN RAPONE 713 Greymont St.. Phila . Pa. 19116 Swenson Skills Center 4 VITA RASPANTI 3523 Churchill Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Intramurals 1; French CLub 2. 3. 4 (V. P); Chess Club 2. 3. 4 (Pres ). World Affairs Council 3. 4 (V P .); Raiderscope 2. 3. 4 (News Editor); National Honor Society 4 JOSEPH RAUCH 2100 Berwyn St.. Phila.. Pa 19115 PAUL RAUCHET 3446 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Stage Crew 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1; Intramurals 4. Bowling 2. 3; Discipline Office Aide 3; Judo 2 CHRISTOPHER RAUP 11943 Glenfield St.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Bowling 1.3.4; Carnival 1.2. 3. 4; Intramurals 2 ROBERT REESE 3517 Filler St.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Marching Concert Band 2. 3. 4; Symphonic Band 4; Dance Band 3. 4; Raiderscope 2. 3, 4 (Editor-in-Chief); German Club 2, 3; Ping Pong Club 2. 3; National Honor Society 3. 4; Chess Club 1; Cross Country 1. Track Field 2 FREDERICK REHFUSS 12519 R.chton Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 JOSEPH REICHNER 12035 Farwell Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Cross Country 1; Stage Crew 1. 2. 3; Art 1; Homeroom Rep 2. 3. 4; Judo 1 JOSEPH RESTA 2832 Normandy Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 KARL REUTHER 12717 Elnora Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 JOHN RHODES 3374 Byberry Rd.. Phila., Pa 19154 MICHAEL RIDGWAY 9338 Andover Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Soccer 1. 2. 3 GEORGE RITZHEIMER 2121 Berwyn St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 GEORGE RIZZUTO 9789 Verree Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19115 Raiderscope 1. 2; Arrow 1; World Affairs 1. 2. 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2; French Club 1 MICHAEL ROBBINS 15047 London Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 DAVID ROBERTSON 12030 Farwell Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 RICHARD ROBINSON 3717 Bandon Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Intramurals 1.2. 3 JAMES ROCCAMO 11705 Millbrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 JOHN ROCCAMO 11705 Millbrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 JOHN ROLLING 11908 Templeton Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Band 1; Polish Club 1 JAMES ROMANIELLO 3636 Prince Circle. Phila . Pa. 19114 STEPHEN ROMANOWSKI 4531 Arendell Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 TERENCE ROONEY 150 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila., Pa 19154 Art Club 3; Intramurals 1 GEORGE ROSIAK 9648 Birwood St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Football 1. 2; Bowling 3; Student Council 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3; Media 3; Outdoor Club 2 VINCENT ROTA 3818 Millbrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 HENRY ROWAN 3515 Sussex Lane. Phila . Pa. 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 ROBERT RUBEO 202 Greendale Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 German Club 1; Intramurals 1 JOHN RUETER 10821 Meadow Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Gun Club 2. Intramurals 1.2,3; Outdoor Club 4 MARK RUSDEN 1185 Morefield Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19115 Intramurals 1; Judo 1.2 ERIC RUSSELL 811 Selma St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Intramurals 1; Outdoor Club 4 RAYMOND RUTKOWSKI 3635 Sussex Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Judo 1 PAUL SANTINI 3215 Kilburn Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Football 2. 3. 4. Student Council 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3; Media 3; Outdoor Club 2; Bowling 3; Basketball 1 ERNEST SANTONE 12007 Pandrail PI.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Ice Hockey 4 ROBERT SCARENGELLI 11121 Kirby Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Soccer 2. 3. 4. Intramurals 1.2. 3 JOSEPH SCARPELLO 10162 Ferndale St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 T V. Studio 3: Intramural 4 SALVATORE SCELSI 1211 Elmore Terr. Phila.. Pa 19154 Raiderscope 1. 2 MICHAEL SCHAUDER 4111 Fairdale Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 DONALD SCHIAVONE 11730 DiMarco Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 KENNETH SCHIFFLER 3657 W Crown Ave.. Phila . Pa. 19114 EDWARD SCHMELTZER 3610 Essex Lane. Phila . Pa 19114 Football Manager 3. 4; Bowling 1. 2. 3. 4 JOHN SCHMIDT 3432 Lamar PI.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Football 4 JOSEPH SCHNELL 1918 Sanford St . Phila . Pa. 19116 JOHN SCHOEN 12821 Cabell Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 GARY SCHRADER 9818 Woodfern Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 GERALD SCHUCK 11735 Corry PI.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swimming 1. 2. 3. 4; Asst. Homeroom Rep. 4 EDWARD SCULL 3459 Eden St.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Judo 2; World Affairs Council 4; Outdoor Club 4; Homeroom Rep. 4; Intramurals 1.3.4; Prom Committee 4 RICHARD SEIBEL 547 Burgess St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 THOMAS SEKLECKI3239 Lester Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JAMES SHAW 11853 Brandon Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Booster Club 3 WILLIAM S1LVESTRI 3431 Holyoke Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Prom Committee 3 JEFFREY SIMMONS 15015 Trevose Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Swenson Skills Center 4 MARK SIMONS 10915 Modena Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 French Club 2. 3.4 JAMES SINCLAIR 3601 Whitehall Lane. Phila.. Pa. 19114 CHARLES SIPPEL 413 Selma St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Swenson Skills Center 4 ANTHONY SKIRKIE 2835 Narcissus Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 French Club 2 JOSEPH SKUBIS 3315 Morning Glory Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 STEPHEN SLADEK 189 DiMarco Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Baseball 2.3 JOSEPH SMECK 3445 Aubrey Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Soccer2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 4 DAVID J. SMITH 9630 Torresdale Ave.. Phila . Pa. 19114 JAMES F. SMITH 10000 Westbourne PI . Phila.. Pa. 19114 JAMES T. SMITH 11728 DiMarco Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Basketball 1; Baseball 1.2; Intramurals 3. 4 KEVIN B SMITH 11613 Bustleton Ave.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Weight Lifting 1; Art Club 1.2. 3. 4 LEO M. SMITH 12734 Minden Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOHN SMYRL 12603 Biscayne Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 French Club 2. 3. 4 STEVEN SOLECKI 1968 Beyer Ave.. Phila . Pa. 19115 Intramurals 1; French Club 2 ROBERT SOLIS 12413 Tyrone Rd.. Phila., Pa 19154 TIMOTHY SOMMERS 1012 Bingham St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 JOSEPH STACKHOUSE 3622 East Crown Ave., Phila.. Pa. 19114 Soccer 1.2. 3. 4; Track 1. 2; German Club 1 JAMES STAPLETON 9819 Woodfern Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 JOSEPH ST CLAIR 807 Fay Dr.. Trevose. Pa. 19047 Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Track 1. 2; Student Council 3. 4; Prom Committee 3. 4; German Club 1 GEORGE STEEN 3451 Filler St.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 RONALD STEINMETZ 12649 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 PHILIP STEVENS 2838 Narcissus Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 RAYMOND STEWART 12815 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 WILLIAM STOEBENAU 1346 Ascot PL. Phila.. Pa. 19116 THOMAS STOKES 12502 Richton Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 MICHAEL STRANGE 12642 Biscayne Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Bowling 3. 4 FRANCIS STRAUSS 2032 Murray St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 FRANCIS STREFF 4166 Fairdale Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 French Club 2 TIMOTHY STRICKER 9317 Campus Lane. Phila.. Pa 19114 PAUL STRUS9881 Garvey Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Bowling3. 4 NICHOLAS SUCICH 2035 Nester St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 World Affairs Council 3. 4: Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; T V. Studio 3. 4; A.V. A. 3. 4; Student Council 3; Prom Committee 3. 4 EDWARD SULLIVAN 4213 Greenmount Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 French Club 2; Track 2. 3; Cross Country 3 WILLIAM SUPINSKI3817 Kirkwood St.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 STEPHEN SYLVESTER 2917 Normandy Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Biology Lab 2; Chemistry Lab 3 PAUL SZYSZKO 10929 Templeton Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Intra-murals 1. 2 RAPHAEL TANCREDI 730 Stratford Dr.. Phila., Pa. 19115 Intramurals 1. 2, 3 THOMAS TATE 826 Glenn St.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Football 1. 2; Baseball 2.3.4; Student Council 1.2; Intramurals 1.2. 3 FRANCIS TAYLOR 470 PinewoodRd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 FRANCISTEDESCHI9220 VandikeSt.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 CHARLESTEVIS 3161 BelgreenRd.. Phila., Pa 19154 LEE THOMAS 11711 DiMarco Dr.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 ROBERT THOMPSON 2840 Nestling Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOHN TIERS 11807 Millbrook Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOSEPH TOMANY 11711 Stevens Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19116 VINCENT TONELLI 8933 Leonard St., Phila . Pa. 19152 Art 2; Stage Crew 2 MICHAELTORPEY 1013 Twist Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 ROBERT TRAUFFER 712 Dunmore Rd.. Phila . Pa. 19115 Outdoor Club 3, 4; Concert Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Tau Club 1. 2; German Club 1. 2. 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Discipline Office Aide 3. 4; Prom Committee 4; Marching Band 1. 2. 3. 4 NICHOLASTRAYNOR 886 Carver St.. Phila.. Pa. 19124 ROBERT TROBICH 11620 Kelvin. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Prom Committee 3. 4; A.V.A. 3; T V. Studio 3. 4; Student Council 3. 4; National Honor Society 3, 4 (V.P.); Booster Club 4; Raiderscope 4 JOSEPH TRODDEN 10206 Ambridge PI.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Counseling Center Aide 3. 4; Prom Committee 3, 4 ALFRED TROPIANO 12025 Farwell Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 RICHARD TRUSDELL 3511 Primrose Rd.. Phila., Pa. 19114 Soccer 1. 2. 3, 4; Track 1 VINCENT TURCO 3544 W. Crown Ave., Phila.. Pa. 19114 Swenson Skills Center 4 DONALD UNGER 3532 Nottingham Lane. Phila. .Pa 19114 FRANCIS VALECCE 12242 Medford Rd Phila.. Pa. 19154 JOHN VANDERSLICE 12131 Medford Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Track Field 1. 2. 4. Asst. Homeroom Rep 1.2,3, 4; Weight Lifting Club 1; German Club 1. 2. Intramurals 1 Prom Committees 3. 4 MICHAEL VENEZIALE 10127 Ferndale St.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Football 1. 2. 3. 4. Baseball 2; Track 1. 2; Homeroom Rep 1. 2. 3; Weiqht Lifting Club 1; Prom Committee 3. 4; Intramurals 1.2.3 PAUL VITACOLONNA 8916 Alicia St . Phila.. Pa. 19115 Basketball 1.2. 4. Booster Club; Prom Committee 4. Intramurals 4 STEPHIN VITO 972 Kent Lane. Phila . Pa 19115 French Club 1. 2. 3; German Club 2. 3; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Activities Office Aide 1.2; Prom Committee 4 STEPHEN WALKER 3203 Morning Glory Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 French Club 1. 2; Weight Lifting 1 ALLEN WALMSLF.Y 512 Larkspur St.. Phila . Pa 19116 BRIAN WALSH 3522 Chalfont Dr.. Phila . Pa 19154 Football 1. 2. 3. 4. T. V Studio 3. 4; A. V A. 3. 4; Baseball 2 HARRY WALSH 9731 Morefield Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19115 JAMES WALSH 4157 Whiting Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Track 2. 3 RODERICK WALSH 3599 “H Nottingham Lane. Phila . Pa 19114 German Club 1.2; Swimming 4; Raiderscope 4 TIMOTHY WALSH 11741 Denman St . Phila . Pa. 19154 GERALD WEIKEL 11087 Waldemire Dr.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Art Club 2 KEVIN WELSH 3824 Karen St.. Phila . Pa 19114 Track 1. 3; Bowling 2. 3. 4 RAYMOND WEST 260 DiMarco Dr.. Phila . Pa 19154 Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Booster Club 2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Asst Homeroom Rep. 2 MICHAEL WESTERFER 12517 Chilton Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 JOSEPH WHARTON 3846 Etta St . Phila . Pa 19114 Bowling 1 JAMES WHELAN 3624 Morrell Ave.. Phila . Pa 19114 German Club 1; A. V A 4;T. V. Studio4 MICHAEL WHELAN 3706 Mechanicsville PI.. Phila.. Pa 19154 National Honor Society 3. 4; Activities Office Aide 2. 3. 4. Dance Crew 2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 3. 4 KENNETH WHITE 9230 Outlook Ave.. Phila.. Pa 19114 Intramurals 1. 2. 3, 4; French Club 2.3.4; German Club 3 DENNIS WIATER 4807 Pearson Ave.. Phila . Pa. 19114 Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1. Booster Club 4; Prom Committee 3. 4; Asst Homeroom Rep 3 REYNOLD WILECZEK 10918 Modena PI.. Phila . Pa 19154 Ice Hockev 4 GEORGE WILSON 10752 Drumore Rd.. Phila . Pa 19154 Homeroom Rep. 2; Intramurals 4 STEPHEN WILSON 4162 Fairdale Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19154 Baseball; CrossCountry 1; Intramurals 1.4 RICHARD WINSLOW 1 Pine PI.. Phila . Pa. 19115 Cross Country 1; Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Appeals Board 4; Booster Club 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 4; Asst. Homeroom Rep. 1 JAMES WINTERLE 12156 Rambler Rd . Phila . Pa 19154 DALE WITTICK 1118 Morefield Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19115 Swimming 1. 2. 3; German Club 2; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Ping Pong 2 STEPHEN WOJTKIELEWICZ 11710 Telfair Rd.. Phila.. Pa 19154 Swenson Skills Center 4 PETER WOODS 716 E. Byberry Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Ice Hockey 4 ROBERT YERKOV 3425 Fitler St.. Phila.. Pa. 19114 Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4 JAMES YOUSE 12035 Depue St.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Indoor Track 3, 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4 JAMES YOUSE 12035 Depue St.. Phila.. Pa 19116 Indoor Track 3. 4; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4 KENNETH ZAJAC 10930 Kipling Lane. Phila .Pa. 19154 Raiderscope 1. 2; Arrow 4 (Editor); National Honor Society 3. 4; French Club 3. 4; T. V. Studio 3. 4; A. V. A. 3; Dance Crew 1. 2; Prom Committee 4; World Affairs Council 4 CHRISTOPHER ZAMBITO 13026 Sewell Rd.. Phila.. Pa. 19116 Baseball 2. 4; Booster Club 4; Soccer 2; Prom Committee 3. 4; Arrow 4; Homeroom Rep. 1. 2. 3; Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4THE ARROW STAFF It is the purpose of any school yearbook to present to the student body a broad but personal representation of the entire student body. So was the goal of the 1978 Arrow Staff. We have tried our best to present the 1978 school year to you as we saw it. In future years, you may page through the book and see a little something which each one of us has left behind within the walls of Ryan High School. As an artist may use oils as a medium to capture a fleeting moment of a beautiful horizon, this publication was used as our medium to preserve a moment, a year, like many that will follow but as the colors of the horizon, never exactly alike. Working with this year’s staff has been a truly enjoyable experience. and as in the past, the senior members will graduate and go on to new horizons. In preparing the 1978 Arrow. I have had the opportunity of working with editors and supporting staff members who were both a credit to the Catholic school system and their parents. There is no doubt in my mind that these Ryan gentlemen will display to all those they meet the character, faith, and qualities that Father Noel and my fellow faculty members have worked so hard to develop in all our students here at Ryan. As Father Noel himself, goes on to new horizons. I am pleased that he carries with him the confidence that these students truly do reflect what he has stood for and hoped to create in Catholic education. Mr Barry Rogers—Moderator Literary Staff (L-R) Row 1 —Front: L. Laurito. S Avato. J. Phillips (Editor). R P:eri. K Mitchell Row 2—J. McGinley. M Matthews. S. Lombardo. J. Langan 134Layout Staff (L-R) Row 1— Front: S. Duffy. M Grcss. K. Zajac (Editor). D. DeBias. J. Filips Row 2—R Migliaccio, W. Hughes. M. McGinty. Jarek. W Connors. J. Ehling. CREDITS Mr. Louis Guarrieri-Cooke Publishing Company Additional Photography Mr. Barry Rogers Mr. James J. Mcllmail Carl Wolf Studios Typing Miss Maryanne Canfield Mrs. Mary L. Rogers Inside Cover Photo-Indian-Anthony Fulginitti-Class of 78 Horse courtesy of Keyser's Riding Academy 4220 Holmesburg Avenue Philadelphia. Pa. 135IN MEMORIUM Paul Kriebel Brian Gallagher If a tiny baby could think, it would be afraid of birth. To leave the only world it has known would seem a kind of death. But immediately after birth the child would find itself in loving arms, showered with affection and cared for at every moment. Surely, the baby would say, “I was foolish to doubt God's Plan for me. This is a beautiful life.” For the Christian, passing through death is really a birth into new horizons and a better world. Those who are left behind should not grieve as if there were no hope. Life is changed, not taken away. Our dear ones live on, in a world beautiful beyond anything we can imagine. With Jesus and Mary they await the day when they will welcome us with joy. “Do not grieve too much,” they say to us. “We are living and are still with you.” Robert Morris Stephen Deltuffo 136 ; ' V ' :■ v'V . - ’ . •• • ' • ' -A j . . V • . V . S. A ' - • A . V V ». V ' V : : it ■ y s • .. .. .' . if ■ (,- .-n A •; •. •• : i i -N c V . I A '; • .. ;;v v

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