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 REACHING 6 For Guidance And Understanding 42 For Friendship And Brotherhood 68 For The Goal Of Victory 86 For Success And Achievement What is life but a constant reaching out; a reaching out for growth, love, understanding, happiness, truth, peace, friendship and brotherhood. Our wonderful years here at Ryan have been spent in that kind of reaching out. Yet aside from all of our ambitious goals, needs and desires, the most important kind of reaching out that we shall always remember is our reaching out for God and others. For some of us this may be difficult to admit, but in reality that is what life is all about. What does this reaching out for God and others truly mean? It means reaching out to follow Christ day by day by living our faith in love for one another. It is developing a true brotherhood in the midst of our Ryan community. Reaching out for God and others means sharing and having shared every precious day at Ryan with the people around us. It is being fully alive in every sense of the word. For many of us our years at Ryan have been spent in a great deal of meaningful reaching out. Though the results of our efforts might have been painful at times, they have nevertheless helped us to grow. When we look back on these years, let us remember how we indeed reached out and often found what we sought. Most of all, let us not forget all of the kind and dear people at Ryan who helped us along the way with their love and support. ft MFour years ago you came to Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys to grow, to learn and to give. Thank you for all you have given to the school, but most of all for the gift of yourselves. Your academic records, your memories and friends are certain measures of your growth and learning and this process should continue. As our holy father, St. Francis, completed his years on earth, he said, “Brothers, let us begin, because up until now we have done nothing.” Now as you complete your high school years, and enter upon a new path, 1 say to you, “Brothers, let us begin.” May the lord bless you and keep you! May he show his face to you, And give you peace! May the lord bless you! Blessing of St. Francis Fr. Noel, O.F.M. 4750th Anniversary Of St. Francis Of AssisiADMINISTRATION "Guiding Us Along The Way" Guidance and understanding are an important part of reaching out here at Ryan. The administration has provided a great deal of that guidance for all Ryan students. Planning the academic curriculum, coordinating classroom movement and various other school activities both athletic and social, arranging the school’s budget, student rostering and generally guiding the students toward receiving a quality education in a disciplined meaningful atmosphere are just a few of the many functions of the administration. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated people keeping our school in top functioning order. Rev. Noel Wall—Principal Rev. Roman Zbicranski—Superior of the Friary Mr. JohnScioli—Director of Studies, German 1 III, A. P. Chemistry 8 9THEOLOGY DEPARTMENT "Reaching For Christ" Archbishop Ryan is a Catholic high school with a religious atmosphere. Teachers mold students’ attitudes and values by approaching every subject in a Christian way. The Theology Department’s goal is to show students the richness of their religion in the fullest sense. By presenting various topics as Scripture, morality, the Church, Jesus, faith, social justice, the Sacraments and prayer, teachers develop well rounded, mature young men through their efforts. The Theology Department, through its spiritual guidance, is truly at the heart of the Ryan community. Fr. John Kosinski Department Chairman Theology lit Fr. Bernard Castignola Chaplain Fr. I.iguori Micr wiak Theology I Fr. Louis Stislow Theology IV Fr. Clement Kurowski Theology 11 10Reaching out to become moral Christians Freshmen arc guided by Fr. Liguori. Focusing on the integral points of Theology Fr. Terrence is always w illing to give personal attention to his Discussions arc a part of every Theology class, students. 1 1Fr. Carl Graczyk Theology 11 Ms. Theresa Ryan Theology III Peace—Justice Mr. Gannon Theology IV Guidance Counselor Mr. Carl Tori Fr. Richard Olszewski Ms. Mary Battaglia Theology 111 Theology II Theology I Guidance Counselor 12 Allowing students to discuss their thoughts concerning a relevant issueStudents look up to their Theology teacher for guidance. Studying Scripture is an important part of Theology class. Ms. Ryan acknowledging the response of another interested student Stimulating an interest in the spirit of brotherhood Fr. Richard is well known for using the Catholic Press. Class discussions arc helpful in breaking the routine of daily lectures. 13ENGLISH DEPARTMENT "Living Our Language" Developing creativity and instilling a sense of precision and care in the expression of ideas are the primary goals of the English Department. Written composition is taught to enable students to express their thoughts clearly, correctly and effectively in writing. Reading is encouraged for enjoyment. What the students learn from reading is an extra bonus. Department Head Fr. Gabriel sums it up precisely, “We would like the student to leave us convinced that English is unique among his subjects, that literature is, above all other studies, the mirror of life.” Mr. Edward Macko English IV Fr. Gabriel Rosetti Department Chairman English IV Fr. Roderick Drag English I Mr. Robert Clothier English II Mr. Paul Pcdlow English I Mr. Michael Wolohan English III Mrs. Joanne Clothier English I 14Fr. Gabriel prepares to help with some difficult work. Careful explanation helps learning considerably. I aking good notes is an important part of any English course. V ocabular y is an essential part of every English course. 15 Showing how a composition should be written Mr. Gerard J. Ncjman English IV Mr. Waller Zeglinski English I III Mr. Ward Onsa English II 16Watching a student’s progress with patience and attention Discussion is important in literature. Guiding a student in self-expression Testing is an integral part of all course work. 17 Students are given an opportunity to respond.SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT "People, Events: Past Present" Mr. Edwin Ulmer Department Chairman U. S. Cultures Political Behavior Mr. Jerome O’Connell World Cultures Guidance Counselor Fr. Rene Barc ak Sociology Minority—Peace Studies Peace—Justice Fr. David Jakubiec Psychology I II Guidance Counselor Student awareness in the realms of political, social, and economic ideology has been the major achievement of this department. The staff has provided a comprehensive spectrum of political and social concepts within the expanse of their resources. Through the use of multi-media facilities, independent study programs, and speakers from public life, students have been able to explore opposing viewpoints, analyze data, and develop an inquiring attitude toward current social problems. The department’s goal has been one of establishing the foundations for democratic citizenship based on Christian ethics. Chairman Edward Ulmer summed his aspirations as, “The development of a growing sensitivity among students toward themselves and others, so that they are respected as human beings.” Mr. Charles Fowler World Cultures Director of Counseling Mr. George Deal World Political Cultures Mr. Joseph Diorio World Political Cultures 18Understanding the diversity of World Political Cultures Listening to the voices of history Communication plays an important part in understanding others. Caring enough to listen is an important quality of educators. Understanding the Soviet Union Reviewing students’ work is an important part of curriculum. Teaching how- people live in our society 19Mr. Robert Cwcnar World Cultures Assistant Director of Counseling Fr. George Jaskulski U. S. Cultures Mr. George Pauli World Cultures U.S. Cultures Mr. Joseph T. Ryan Economics Law Mr. James McCoy U.S. Cultures World Political Cultures Bro. Jerry Tokarz World Cultures Assistant Director of Vocations Mr. William Jacovini World Political Cultures Economics 20Explaining the notables of Greek Mythology Fr. George strengthens students' awareness of U. S. Cultures. Mr. Pauli demonstrates the principles of American Government Emphasizing the relevance of economics Visually reviewing the fine points of U. S. Offering assistance History Exploring the heritage of the Western World 21MATH DEPARTMENT "The Dynamics Of Numbers" The aims of the Math Department are to give the students the type of background, skills, and basic principles they will need for their future in areas of logical thinking. For the college bound students, there are college prep courses available which incorporate various aspects of computer programming. The Department has a computer well-equipped for this purpose. For the non-college bound students, the Department provides instruction in all basic areas of mathematics. There are twenty-two courses offered, to give flexibility, yet still provide a well rounded education. Explaining algebraic operations Mr. Joseph Schuler Math Department Chairman Geometry Trigonometry Statistics Fr. John Joseph Stryjewski Director of Athletics Analytic Geometry Finite Math Mr. Robert Bologa Algebra I Part I U. S. Cultures Mr. Eugene Davis Algebra I II Fr. DePaul Sobotka Mr. John Saccomandi Algebra II Mathematics Applied Mathematical Analysis Algebra II Helping a siudeni solve a problem Computer programming offers practical experience in the field of Mathematics. Audio-visual aids increase student's understanding. Pointing out the fundamentals of Mathematics 23Mr. Vorgity explains Che iniricacics of math. Mr. Conahan demonstrates typing skills. Mr. George Ottingcr Algebra 1 Mr. Daniel Vorgity Geometry Accounting I Mr. I.ouis Panic Algebra I Part 2 Math for Daily Living Mr. James Conahan Mathematics Applied Typing 24 Teachers reach out to their students.Films provide educational entertainment. Fr. Ira provides his students with a thorough knowledge of geometry. 25SCIENCE DEPARTMENT "The Life Sciences - Biology Ecology" The purpose of the various life sciences here at Ryan is to help students become aware of biology in their lives in terms of Christian philosophy. Classroom cur-riculums are kept up to date with the latest biological information by a well informed and concerned faculty. Laboratory exercises are very essential to let students experience the practical aspects of biology. The Department has excellent laboratory and media research facilities intended to broaden and enhance students’ interests. Also advanced and diversified courses are offered to satisfy every student’s needs. Mr. Harry Neenhold Science Department Chairman Biology A.P. Biology Demonstrating proper use of the microscopeObserving students’ progress in discoveries of the cell 27 Mr. Nccnhold develops relevancy in the study of living things.SCIENCE DEPARTMENT "Physical Sciences: A World Of Matter Energy" The aim of the physical sciences offered here at Ryan is to guide the students toward a better understanding of such concepts as gravity, matter, energy, the atom and how various physical forces and laws affect mankind. Leading students over the threshold in an understanding of the mysteries of the physical universe must indeed be a rewarding experience for those involved. Comprehensive instruction and personal attention make even the most abstract theories quite palatable. Mr. Frederick Magenhcimcr Physics Trigonometry Statistics Computer Science Mr. William McIntosh Earth Science Drivers' Education Guidance Counselor Mr. John Connelly Chemistry Organic Chemistry Mr. Victor Staniec I.P.S. Chemistry Mr. Magenhcimcr pauses to allow note taking in physics.Mr. Connelly helps his students apply their knowledge in the lab.LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT "Cultural Appreciation " The Foreign Language Department attempts to give students a working knowledge of French, Spanish or German. Through the use of audio-visual aids, students are introduced to the various ideas and customs of other people throughout the world. These aids supplement the use of textbooks and workbooks which help the students to achieve fluency in both speaking and writing, under the careful guidance of their instructors. Fr. Leonard Stunek Department Chairman French I li Mr. John Kurck German II Spanish 1 Dr. Joaquin Stable Spanish II. Ill IV Mr. Donald Reardon German I Math Applications II Guidance Counselor Mr. Joseph Cunningham Spanish I French 1 Mr. John Nickels Spanish 1Reading is a fundamental part of learning a language. Individual help from the teacher can greatly aid a student in learning. torde a las ightcr moment in the study of languages. Communication—the goal of language.BUSINESS DEPARTMENT "Understanding Free Enterprise" The major purposes of this Department are to make students aware of the business world and to prepare them for careers in it as effectively and smoothly as possible. It also prepares students for adjustment into our economic system by training them in buying insurance, arranging credit, banking, preparing income tax returns, writing letters and reports and coping with other economic components of daily living. It is through the Business Department that students become familiar with these various aspects of our free enterprise system and learn to deal with them efficiently. Mr. Earl Meyer Theology 1 Mechanical Drawing Mr. James Conroy Assistant Studies Director Typing Student Council ModeratorChecking accuracy in mechanical drawing Mr. Meyer reviews a student’s work in mechanical drawing. Using the blackboard helps students convey their ideas. Training a future architect 33 ■-■‘SBTHE ARTS: "Communications and Creativity" Art is truly a rainbow of human activity. At one end of this rainbow you’ll find Ryan. By using such delicate tools as pencils, pens, charcoal, water colors, pastels, flourescent inks, acrylics, and oils, students are able to paint with living colors. Sculptures are also made from either wood or clay. This Department is responsible for the scenery and decorations in the play, Ring Mass, Christmas and Spring Concerts, various activity posters and programs, and of course, graduation. Ryan is alive with the sound of music. All types of bands such as concert, marching, dance, pit, and symphonic are consolidated into the Music Department. Preparing students for future activities in music and broadening their musical talents and interests is what this department is all about. By playing and practicing music, students are given the opportunity to explore their limits, develop leadership qualities, grow mentally and physically, and learn to work together. Mrs. Mary Wahl Art I. II. II! Mr. Robert Purdy Music Band Director Cameras patiently await W'ARB Morning News Team. Mr. Kyran Connelly Media T.V. Director A.V.A. Director English III Mr. John Molnar Related Arts The T.V. Studio serves as the medium for presenting the faculty and students with programs of educational value as well as means to produce innovative visual programming for educational and recreational purposes. In addition to providing informative news during the homeroom period, the Studio has proved a valuable tool in training the Media class—the future directors of the Studio’s operations. The management of the Studio can be accredited to Mr. Kyran Connelly. It is his sincere hope that as WARB matures in its programming, the teachers will become more aware of the possibilities of educational T.V. within their regular class presentations.The effective use of A.V.A. equipment adds much to the Directing to create the perfect sound, related arts curriculum. 35PHYSICAL EDUCATION: "Developing Strength of Body and Character" To get students physically, mentally, and socially balanced through a varied program of different activities and sports is a major goal of the Physical Education Department. By instructing students in basic games and rules, teachers hope to show points of strategy so that students can develop their own skills and learn to perform with their best effort and ability. The purpose of such a program of physical fitness is to build up a healthy community. The gym instuctors constantly strive to encourage students not to give up and say, “I can’t do it,” but rather to try with their best effort. Exercise is essential for a healthy body. Discussing the importance of physical fitness.LIBRARY: "Media Research Center" The Library, which has undergone many changes over the past few years, is a room that probably every student has visited at least once and received something of worth from it for cither scholastic studies or personal interest. It is among the most important facilities in this school, for without it and its workers, many would be lost in their academic research. We owe a great deal of thanks to the people who have kept it in smooth working order. Miss Loretta Stocbcnau Director Media Research Center Rev. Aquinas Hclwig, O.F.M. Asst. Director Media Research Center Mrs. Kathleen Merrick and Mrs. Eleanor Dittmar prepare the many new books for the library.SECRETARIAL STAFF AND PARA-PROFESSIONALS: "Creators of Organization" The work for Ryan secretaries seems, at times, to be endless. It consists of filing confidential and permanent records, handling tuition payments, recording absentee calls, sending out monthly mail, typing up various schedules for exams and activities, recording the minutes for all of the principal’s council meetings and various other administrative duties. Without the Ryan secretaries, many things would be left undone and for their hard work, we are very grateful. Mrs. Eleanor Mulligan School Treasurer Mrs. Dolores Donahue Father Noel’s Secretary When not teaching Geometry, Fr. Ira keeps school attendance records up to date. Mrs. Midge Pfcndcr Secretary, Main Office Mrs. Floss Brady Secretary. Main Office 38 Mrs. Cox waits ready to help visitors at Ryan’s Counseling Center.Bro. Julian's dedication helps keep the Discipline Office running smoothly. Mrs. Kay Korez. R.N. School Nurse Mrs. Joan Cox Secretary Counseling Center Mrs. Dorothy Gay Secretary Attendance Office Always there to help. Mrs. Joan Gilrain Paraprofessional Social Science Media Center Mrs. Mary Ann Ulmer Paraprofessional Social Science Media Center Fr. Ira. like many others, has his questions Main Office. answered at Ryan's I 39MAINTENANCE AND CAFETERIA STAFF: "Replenishing the Physical Plant" Feeding a hungry horde of over 2,000 people at lunchtime is not an easy task, but such is the job of the Ryan Cafeteria Staff. No matter how difficult the job, how big the crowd, or how hot the ovens, these helpful ladies are always ready with a smile to bring you your food or drink. Bro. Edward Makowiccki, O.F.M. Maintenance Director A paper is inadvertently tossed on the floor. A light fixture is broken on the second floor. Soon, however, the paper is gone and the light is fixed. No, it was not a miracle. It was the often taken for granted hard work and determination of the Archbishop Ryan Maintenance Department. Bro. Felix Nowakowski, O.F.M. Assistant Maintenance Director Mr. George Brown Maintenance Staff Member Bro. Regis Howitz, O.F.M. Cafeteria Director Mr. Robert Morcni Maintenance Staff Member Mr. Vincent Haugh Maintenance Staff Member The Cafeteria Staff A balanced diet is necessary in obtaining a good education.“I sought my Soul, but my Soul I couldn't see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my Brother and I found all three."STUDENT COUNCIL Persevering, determined, honest, friendly, kind, and active are the words which describe the members of the Student Council during this past year at Ryan. Through their hard work and dedicated efforts, they have been able to establish a better rapport between the students, faculty, and administration alike. Their list of achievements is truly one to be admired. It includes such accomplishments as: painting the locker rooms, car washes, a successful Warpath Weekend, a Hoopla Week which featured the showing of “American Graffiti,” pep rallies, coffee houses co-sponsored with the Girls’ Council, a student loan program, renovation of the Student Council Office, Operation Treat which was a Halloween party for orphans, decoration of the Christmas trees, class nights in the gym, T.V. broadcasts to keep the student body informed, increasing student representation in the Principal’s Council, and a host of other charitable deeds which required a lot of time and hard work. This year the Student Council has been outstanding in the areas of cooperation and student involvement. We would all like to thank them for giving of themselves in order to help others. Discussing their plans with Fr. Stan. 44 The members of the Student Council.Mr. James Conroy—Student Council Pat Nugent congratulating the Warpath Queen. Moderator Decorating the Christmas Trees in the courtyard. Student Council car wash. Halloween party for orphans was a great success. 45 Participating in the Junior Ring Mass Liturgy.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Character, scholarship, leadership and service are what the National Honor Society is all about. It is an organization of dedicated and responsible individuals who are selected from the Junior and Senior classes, and are recognized for their outstanding achievements in the previously mentioned four areas. Each year the Society holds an induction ceremony during which the new members arc formally initiated in a solemn chapel service and a subsequent banquet. Being in the National Honor Society, however, is not an easy sinecure. It requires a lot of service to the school community. One primary function of the society is tutoring. It is a service offered to the members of Ryan’s community who need a little help to better understand their academic studies. This year the society also extended its role of service throughout the neighborhood community by helping to entertain orphans at a Halloween party held at Ryan and by visiting sick children at a nearby hospital. All of us should be proud of having such outstanding young leaders in our school community. Officers of the National Honor Society: D. Malloy. Pres.; K. Glaccum, Sec.; P. Nugent, Vicc-Pres.; M. Gardyasz, Trcas. The members of the National Honor Society.The induction ceremony began with a solemn Mass. Fr. Leonard Stunck, O.F.M.—Moderator Fr. David Jakubiec, O.F.M. speaking at the induction banquet. The Mass was concclcbratcd by members of Ryan's faculty. Mr. Robert Cwenar —Assistant Moderator 47PUBLICATIONS RAIDERSCOPE The newspaper has always been a valuable asset to the student body and faculty alike. Established with the intended purpose of informing students about various school and civil affairs, the Raidcrscope Staff hopes to engender student participation in pertinent issues throughout the school and local community as well. The Raidcrscope serves not simply as an informative medium, but in addition, it provides valuable journalistic experience and practice in literary expression for those individuals aspiring to future careers in creative writing, journalism and newsbroadcasting. Likewise, the Staff strives to broaden the reading, vocabulary, and writing skills of its readers as well. The Raidcrscope Staff. Mr. Ward Onsa—Newspaper Moderator J. Quinto. Sports Ed.; J. Thomas, Typing Ed.; E. Tauffer. Layout Ed. work on the next edition. M. Connelly, Creative Writing Ed.; M. Cocco, News Ed.; M. Francis, Asst. News Ed. edit the upcoming articles. 48ARROW The masterminds behind the Arrow: K. Glaccum. Layout Ed.; S. Geib, Ed.-in-Chief; M. Gardyasz, Literary Ed. Memories of our years at Ryan, of good times with our friends, class jokes, school activities, exciting sports games, and most of all, memories of people, teachers, and fellow classmates are ones to be cherished for future years to come. The task of the Arrow’s Staff is to preserve those memories in a school yearbook full of pictures and words which will come alive before the mind of every reader. Many of us want to be remembered, want to leave something behind of ourselves. In the pages of the 1977 Arrow each one of us has left something behind because we have all lived through the year and shared our hopes, joys, sorrows and dreams together here at Ryan. The members of the Arrow Team. 49 Members of the layout staff organize their ideas. Mr. Barry Rogers—Yearbook ModeratorA.VA. T.V. STUDIO Under the management of Mr. Kyran Connelly and the present Media class, the A.V.A. Department provides the faculty and students of Ryan with the necessary audio-visual materials to be used in various educational programs. The staff maintains all equipment at optimum performance, replaces exhaustible parts and conducts an inventory of all audiovisual aids. The A.V.A. also serves to maintain and provide film materials sent to the school from the Diocesan Film Library. Lights, camera, Bruce Ruggeri. Video-tape recorders ready on standby. The crew of WARB. WARB’s camera-monitoring control panel. Mr. Kyran Connelly, Director Members of the A.V.A. squad, of T.V. Communications. 50WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL The members of the World Affairs Council. Mr. George Deal—World Affairs Council Moderator The World Affairs Council having an informal meeting. Michael Cocco—President, World Affairs Council The World Affairs Council at Ryan has many goals and objectives, many of which have been accomplished throughout this past year. Under the leadership of Mr. George Deal, the young men of the Council constantly strive to increase student political awareness through various means such as mock elections, guest speakers and television broadcasts. They arc actively involved with the Philadelphia World Affairs Council in its sponsored activities like the simulated United Nations Debate. The members of the Council also particiaptc in community political events; for example, by assisting the community with the registration of voters. Their biggest goal is to increase student sensitivity and support for the poor by organizing the collection of canned goods. 51Members of (he German Club. GERMAN CLUB Freundschaft and Gemutlichkeit; friendship and good, relaxing fun are ihe words which best describe the Ryan German Club. Learning about German culture is all part of the fun and this includes German singing, folk dancing (with girls of course), and of course, partying. The Club cosponsors many activities with the Girls’ side German Club. This year some of the highlights were: an Oktobcrfcst’ a St. Nicholas Tag Dance, a Christmas Party, a soccer game with the French Club which resulted in a 1-0 German victory, a Fasching celebration and a local DVFSG convention. It’s a great place to meet new friends and have a good lime. Mr. John Kurek, Mr. Donald Reardon—Moderators. German Club 52FRENCH CLUB Mr. Joseph Cunningham— Moderator Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Seine River, champagne, souffle, Charles deGaulle and the Louvre are just some of the words which give one a picture of France, its people and culture. The French Club here at Ryan tries to give interested students a taste of what French language and culture are all about. This is done in an informal setting through the many creative and recreational activities which the club sponsors. It’s a place where you can have fun, meet friends and learn French at the same time. Au revoir! 53 Lcs Plus Formidables.BAND The Band is that group of virtuosos who are working to develop the musical appreciation of the school. Their constant work and dedication are evident in the high quality of their performances. It is not an accident that Ryan is reputed to have the finest band in the city. Many hours of practice have developed the musicianship that has earned this fine reputation. The Band exists for the purpose of entertaining students and bringing a good reputation to the school, as well as providing enjoyment for its members. Throughout this year, the Band played at numerous football games, concerts, in parades, school activities, and even at the Woodhaven Center for Retarded Children. Mr. Robert Purdy—Music and Band Director The Big Band sound comes to Ryan. Perfection on the field requires long hours of practice. Halftime entertainment. 54LAB AIDES The I.ab Aides, a new club just formed this year, are responsible for testing, setting up and taking down all the experiments that are performed by the Physical Science and Freshmen Chemistry Students. Future scientists. Lending a helping hand. Mr. Victor Staniec. CHEMISTRY LAB AIDES Formula for learning. The Chemistry Lab Aides assist in preparing chemical solutions. Their other tasks include keeping the Chemistry Lab and Chemical Storeroom in order, taking periodic inventories of the chemicals, cleaning up all of the chemistry equipment and helping teachers set up the lab for various experiments. Mr. John Connelly. The lab assistants. 55GUYS AND DOLLS Once again our Ryan thespians have swept their audiences off their feet. “Guys and Dolls” was truly a sensational hit. The planning for this exciting musical began way back in June of 1976, when Fr. Gabriel, the Director met with the other members of the production staff to discuss possible ideas for a production. As in previous years, a musical was chosen because of the overwhelming popularity of musicals in appealing to the audiences. In a musical like “Guys and Dolls,” which deals with gamblers during the 1920’s, the plot is mostly comical with a moral attached to it. October signaled the beginning of tryouts for the play. These included reading certain lines, singing and acting out various emotions in specific situations. From well over 350 candidates, a cast of 175 was chosen. Then in February, practices shifted from the classroom onto the stage itself. Finally at the end of March dress rehearsals were conducted. Fr. Gabriel really enjoyed working with his cast because they were very cooperative, dedicated and competent. As a result of such good rapport, he was able to work closely with them and this, in his opinion, spelled out success. Though it involved sacrifice, in the end it was worth it. The dancers taking a bow. The Girls’ Chorus. Fr. Gabriel instructing on the finer points of acting. A little recreation before practice. 56Some of the leads listen co the Mission Band. The Mission Band. The male leads during practice. Fr. Gabriel, Producer and Director. The female dancers. Some of the cast rehearsing a scene. 57CHESS CLUB A pawn is moved, a knight is positioned, a bishop is captured, the queen moves in and checkmate! Another chess game is won. This year the brave knights of Ryan’s Chess Club had mounted their steeds once again and rode off to battle, not in the countryside, but rather on chess boards. Yes, chess isn’t a battle fought with swords or guns, but a battle of mental wits. A person tries to outfox his opponent through skillful play and strategy. It is not uncommon to see Ryan students going at each other’s kings. Intra-club tournaments. Catholic League competition, matches with the faculty and various other tournaments kept the members of the Club concentrating and playing throughout the year. ART CLUB Ryan is indeed very fortunate to have such a fine Art Club. These imaginative geniuses have created the best in decorative scenery for such gala occasions as the Mothers’ Association Revue, Cozy Morlcy Night, National Honor Society Induction Ceremony and the New Year’s Eve Party at Ryan, not to even mention the countless posters which are made up for various school activities. I Mr. Jerome O’Connell— Mrs. Mary Wahl—Art Club Chess Club Moderator Moderator. Enchancing the environment. 58The Wilderness Family. Mr. Tori Mr. Trainer Mr. Reardon OUTDOOR CLUB The Outdoor Club is a fairly new club here at Ryan but it sure is an active one. Some of the club’s recent activities were: canoeing down the Delaware River, mountain climbing at Ralph Stover Park, hiking on Mt. Pinnacle and a summer camping trip to West Virginia. The club has many goals among which are: personal growth experiences, learning individual responsibility and leadership, discovering one’s physical limitations through endurance, working effectively with others in a group, meeting new people and learning to trust your life with others. Mr. Trainer, Mr. Reardon and Mr. Tori, the Moderators, also teach the members the basics in mountain climbing, camping, and map and compass reading. Facing the challenge. 59COUNSELING CENTER AIDES Keeping the Counseling Corner running in a working order is accomplished partly through the diligent services of the Counseling Center Aides. They distribute counseling appointment slips, help to decorate and clean the center and take care of some of the paper work. These young men donate a majority of their free time to accomplish all of this work, whether it be before school, during homeroom or free periods, or after school. Mrs. Joan Cox—Counseling Center Moderator DISCIPLINE DEPARTMENT AIDES Working under the direction of Bro. Julian, their Moderator, the Discipline Office Aides devote a great deal of their time to help keep one of the busiest offices in school functioning effeciently. Though sometimes under student pressure because of the nature of their job, the aides nonetheless do their work properly. This includes such responsibilities as writing out late slips, filing these slips as well as demerit slips in the proper folders and many other types of office work. An integral part of Ryan’s Counseling Center. '■ " -5- Bro. Julian Cerkiewicz—Counseling Center ModeratorSTAGE CREW Working behind the scenes literally describes the main function of the Stage Crew. Whenever there is a concert, special assembly, a play or any other type of event which requires the use of the stage in the auditorium, you can count on the Stage Crew to get everything ready. The duties of this active group range from setting up the lights, microphones and various other props, to constructing and moving the scenery at the annual school play. APPEALS BOARD The Appeals Board is a school committee composed of students which meets once a week in order to make judgements on whether or not a demerit or demerits given to a particular student by a teacher arc justified. If they find that the demerit(s) is unfair, they will submit their decision to Mr. Pawlowski. This committee at least tries to settle various disputes in a diplomatic way. SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE Dancing with your girl in the spotlight is only part of the romantic atmosphere at a senior prom. The rest is what the Prom Committee is all about. Through their hard working efforts in such diverse tasks as selecting the chaperones, choosing the place and decorations, finding groups to play the music and then listening to their auditions, picking the charm, carefully selecting the food and then taste-testing it, which in this case, was prime rib, organizing the dedications and theme, calling tuxedo rental stores to obtain samples and finally estimating the price of the ticket, they had made the prom a truly memorable occasion indeed. The theme was “Precious and Few” and most of us will treasure it in our hearts long after we’ve left Ryan. 61ACTIVITES OFFICE AIDES Although they are most noted for their achievements in the area of repairing locker difficulties, the Activities Office Aides arc really multi-talented. Their various other duties range from selling all types of tickets to posting the list of school activities on the outside bulletin board and of course, constantly sharpening pencils for their fellow students. Most of all, however, these aides assist Fr. Joel in the general functioning of the Activities Office. Active helpers. DANCE CREW Thousands of students from Ryan and various other surrounding schools attend the Ryan dances each year without thinking about who helped to always set up the gym floor and keep the dances in smooth functioning order. For this we pay tribute to the dedicated members of the Dance Crew who spent many long hours setting up and taking down the gym floor plus the various other decorations, giving out soda and pretzels, handling the coats and cleaning up after everybody has long gone home. 62STUDENT STORE Fr. Rcnc offers to Ryan students a vast array of articles at the school store. Students can purchase a large selection of school supplies, athletic equipment, and other goods. Jackets and a variety of school letters, patches, decals, and mugs arc also for sale. Fr. Rene Barczak BIOLOGY CLUB Amateur biologists maybe, but the members of the Biology Club arc really helpful to have around. They help to insure the maintenance and smooth functioning of not only the Biology lab, but also most of the equipment which belongs to the Biology Department. Some of their diverse tasks include setting up laboratory equipment, cleaning the lab, cleaning and maintaining laboratory equipment like microscopes, slides, test tubes, etc. and placing them in the proper order, feeding the fish in the aquarium and also taking care of the other plant and animal specimens. These volunteer students truly experience some of the practical aspects of biology. Mr. Frank Morris—Biology Club Exploring the microscopic universe. ModeratorRAIDS WEEKEND WARPATH Warpath Weekend at Ryan is a festive weekend devoted to school spirit, unity, fun and fellowship among all members of Ryan's community. It is celebrated for the purpose of heightening school spirit toward victory at a homecoming football game. Classes aren’t held on Friday and students report to school for a day of fun-filled activities. The dress code is relaxed in favor of encouraging students to wear school colors. This year some of the highlights were: a color judging contest among all of the homerooms, a movie for the juniors and seniors, games for the freshmen and sophomores, a rock concert for all featuring three groups, two special dances, and the big football game on Sunday, which included a parade and the crowning of the Warpath Queen at halftime.FOOTBALL Ryan’s Coaching Staff; Back Row: M. Key. J. Judge. B. Hill. Sitting: W. Hain. J. Jordan. P. Turner (Head Coach). S. Michalowski, J. Cunningham They began in the early mornings of late August and did not stop until the end of November. They watched their team develop and fought hard. They were the 1976 Raiders, under the guidance of a new coaching staff, headed by Mr. Paul Turner. They gave the game their best, and like most former Ryan athletes, they left with something that isn’t lost at the close of a season, a fuller sense of maturity. 5 The Varsity Football Team71Junior Varsity Football Team Freshmen Football Team 72 Quarterback Club OfficersBASKETBALL The 1976-77 basketball season was above all a strong rebuilding season for the Raiders’ team. With a spirit and enthusiasm unparalleled in its magnitude the team turned the basketball program around and through their skillful play gained a great deal of respect in the Catholic League. Though they suffered disappointment, the team members pushed on and increased their hard efforts and concentration. Thus they were able to spring back and achieve many well-earned victories. Under the guidance of a fine coaching staff the Raiders kept going even when it got tough. They are indeed a true testimony to the Ryan Spirit. Varsity Captains and Coach, Left to Right: Kevin Fitzpatrick. Joe Fox. John Miller (Coach), and John Dilctto 74 Coaches: Left to Right: Rich Prcndcrgast, John Miller, Steff Kruck. Bob BologaVarsity Basketball TeamJunior Varsity Basketball Team 76SOCCER Known as football to the Europeans and South Americans, the game is known to us as soccer. At Ryan, however, soccer is much more than a game, it is the ultimate test of strategy, endurance, skill, and fancy footwork. Though they didn’t win the championship, the Ryan team definitely earned the reputation of being a soccer powerhouse. They not only out-shot, out-dazzled and out-scored most of their opponents, but they surged forth with a tremendous amount of talent and team spirit. Look out! This is only the beginning of things to come. Varsity Soccer Team and Coach George Todl All-state midfielder Steve Rugosky 8a‘ns vantage on a head ball. Junior Varsity Soccer Team and Coach Frank Grayo Dave Schwitters outmancuvers two Kendrick Knights. 77SWIMMING Free style. Not just another stroke for the Ryan Swim Team. It is the Ryan Swim Team. A style of winning, free and easy, a style that outclasses opposing teams, a style that enabled them to defeat LaSalle for the first time ever this season, a style that led them to a most impressive 7-1 season record, a style that will soon make the Ryan Swim Team “the" class of the league.CROSS COUNTRY Ai Ryan, cross country is an extra-curricular activity which strives to develop students into well rounded men both physically and mentally. Cross country is a sport which requires a great deal of practice, dedication, and endurance. Most of the meets arc run over a 2.9 mile course at Belmont Plateau which consists of hills, rolling slopes, curves, and straghtaways. This year Ryan captured the Catholic League Championship for the 2nd year in a row, and the 3rd straight City Championship. The other victories included 2nd place in the Temple Invitational Meet, and also 2nd place in the War Veterans Meet. Among the many fine runners are seniors Keith Davies and Brian Boyle and a sophomore, Timothy Naylor, made All-Catholic. Congratulations! Cross Country and Track Coach. Ed Ulmer 80Crosscountry TeamTRACK Ryan’s track program has grown over the years in size, interest, and strength. The second floor corridor serves as an adequate practice field. The track season is broken up into two separate parts, indoor and outdoor track. Indoor track is run during the winter. It consists of running events like sprints, hurdles, and distance events, plus field competition involving the shot put, high jump, and pole vault. Outdoor track has, in addition to the running events, different field events such as the javelin and hammer. During this past season, Ryan won the Catholic league Mile Relay and its 3rd consecutive Indoor Track Championship. This victory was the 7th such title for Ryan and the 5th in a row. What a team! 8283BASEBALL America’s national pastime is alive and well here at Ryan and is as popular as ever. This year the baseball team finished another impressive season highlighted by great plays and dedicated effort. The team started training in February with a rigorous two and a half hour a day program which included calisthenics, running, and play scrimmages. Practices were conducted at Junard under the direction of an excellent coaching staff. Facing up the the challenge of a total of six pre-season and sixteen regular season games, the team emerged as a group of devoted players. Unfortunately pictures of this season’s action could not be obtained because of the Arrow’s deadlines for publication. The pictures you sec here were taken during this years pre-season training and at the closing games last season. Senior Baseball Squad Members at Pre-season Training Coachcs-(Left lo Right) M. Morgan. J. Jordan. T. O’Connell (Head Coach). James Goldstein. Officers—Diamond Club; Moderator—Fr. Richard Olszewski 84Ippon! To experience a taste of Japanese culture one must experience one of Japan’s oldest and most popular sports, Judo. However, Judo is much more than this. It is the art of gentleness in the sense that it doesn’t emphasize any form of violence, but rather a peaceful development of the mind and body. “To be quiet, calm, attentive, and considerate is to be strong.” “One gains victory over the oppenent by giving way, gentle turns away sturdy.” According to Prof. Jigoro Kano, who founded the art in 1882, “The principle of the maximum efficient use of mind and body is the fundamental principle governing all the techniques of Judo.” The Ryan Judo Club under the direction of its sensei, Fr. David, attempts to give its students instruction and experience in many forms of Judo including throwing techniques, pins, holding techniques, escapes, various forms of self-defense and many, many others. 85 Fr. Dave helping students master the artREACHING For Success And Achievement ”Tis not in mortals to command success; But we’ll do more—W e II deserve it.ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE John Abcndroth John Booth John Abcndroth is a serious student who also values participation in a diversity of extracurricular activities in order to gain a fuller education. John has contributed his many talents to such activities as the Band, the World Affairs Council, the National Honor Society and the German Club, of which he was Vice-President. John will continue his education at the University of Tampa, where he will major in marine biology. John Booth: Being a serious, level-headed person, John Booth feels that his four years at Ryan have helped him to become a more well-rounded individual. His current future plans are to attend LaSalle College, where he intends to major in psychology. During his years at Ryan, he has played on the varsity golf team and some of his other extracurricular interests include basketball and tennis. Matthew Brophy: Matthew Brophy believes that learning to speak the languages of other people is important in communicating with them and understanding them better. Spanish and German are the two languages he has studied so far. History and Theology also fascinate him with unending quests for knowledge. Planning to go on to college, Matt wants to concentrate on Theology and Spanish. Being a helpful person, he volunteers his services to his parish five days a week, working at such events like Bingo. He likes bike riding and working outside. “My years at Ryan have helped me to grow in my personality, maturity and learning capabilities.” Louis Dallago: Louis Dallago valued his years at Ryan. “The four years 1 have spent at Ryan have been the best in my life. It has been a great honorable experience to be a member of the Ryan community.” Lou has been a member of the National Honor Society and the varsity football, baseball and track teams as well as the Senior Prom Committee. A diligent student, Lou feels at home the best with math and the sciences, especially biology and physics. Outside of school, he is also a member of some athletic associations. Studying computer science at college is his current future amibition. Francis Delahanty is a person who thrives on challenge. That is why he feels Ryan is one of the better schools around. “Ryan offers the opportunity for a student to go above and beyond oneself through its Advanced- Placement Courses and other excelled courses.” He has participated in the Gun Club, German Club and the Chemistry Club. In addition, he was also a Co-Captain of the Chess Club. Francis is particularly interested in the sciences and mathematics and hopes to study physics at the Mass. Institute of Techonolgy. Lawrence Dondcro: A friendly, quiet, all-around person, Larry Dondero strives for excellence in various areas of student life. He has participated in intra-mural bowling and was elected a member of the National Honor Society. Larry’s outside interests include baseball and boating, though not at the same time. “1 feel Ryan has a good atmosphere for learning and offers a good opportunity for advancement.” His future intentions are majoring in mathematics at LaSalle College. Miroslaw Gardyasz: Miroslaw Gardyasz’s scholastic motivation throughout his Ryan years was reflected by his superior academic standing. He contributed extensively to the Raiderscopc, Arrow as the Literary Editor, Chess, German, Tau Clubs and was the Treasurer of the National Mathew Brophy Louis Dallago Francis Delahanty Lawrence Dondero 88Miroslaw Gardyasz Steven Gcib Honor Society. Miro also enjoyed working out with the Judo Club. Photography, models, stamps, post cards, and reading science fiction are his popular interests. Majoring in biology at LaSalle College with a possible career in marine biology are his future aspirations. “1 am happy to have made so many new friends here. All my teachers have helped me with their friendship and kindness.” Steven Geib: People like Steven Gcib are a real credit to Ryan. An active individual, he has participated in the Chess Club, National Honor Society, German Club as President, Raiderscopc, Tau Club, World Affairs Council, Human Relations, Chemistry Lab Aide, and was the Editor-in- Chief of the 1977 Arrow. He also acted in the last three school plays. Steve enjoys math, chemistry and biology. Intending to further his education, he plans to major in chemistry and then enter into research. Some of his other interests are camping, fishing and sports. “I received a lot out of the school community at Ryan both academically and socially.” James Hession has enjoyed his four years at Ryan and values the knowledge he has gained through studies and other people at Ryan. Jim is a person of diversified interests, having been involved in the Chess Club, the Raiderscopc, and the Art Club. Outside of school, he is involved in such pursuits as bowling, golf, and archery. His future plans include the study of architecture in college. William Leventon: William Lcventon likes chess, coin collecting, stamps, and all sports. His favorite academic area is psychology which he finds interesting and different. In the future, Bill plans to go on to college and major in either finance or civil engineering. Looking back at his years at Robert Malkowski Michael McEachcrn James Hession William Lcventon Ryan, Bill feels that they have been a good experience, although there were some rough spots along the way. ”1 think that anybody who wants to receive a good education at Ryan could receive it because it is available.” Robert Malkowski has been an excellent runner on the track and cross-country teams and has been an active participant in Student Council the Booster Club, German Club, and also elected a member of the National Honor Society. He has shown a lot of school spirit. “I think Ryan is the best school in Philadelphia. Ryan offers a chance for a very good education, not just academically, as there is much that can be learned from the great diversity of people here at Ryan.” Bob plans to study engineering in college and he is considering continuing his track career in college. Michael McEachcrn: Learning how to navigate an airplane is Michael McEachern’s current plan for the future, and entering the Air Force Academy is a start in the right direction. Sociology and the sciences, especially physics, are among Mike’s academic interests. Being an active individual, he has served on the Student Council, the Appeals Board, Prom Committees, played football all four years as offensive guard, and participated in community service. A very sociable person, Mike also enjoys horseback riding and skiing. He has enjoyed his years at Ryan and feels that they have made him a better person. John O’Brien: History is one of John O’Brien’s main interests and he plans to concentrate on this area in college. Working at a job in a Ncshaminy Mall Thrift Store has kept him busy throughout the year. Some of his other interests are chess and reading fiction. John feels that Ryan has helped to prepare him for college and a future career. Also, it has helped him to grow. John O'Brien 89William O’Neil: William O’Neil is a person who values both academic and more relaxing acitvities as well. Here at his alma mater, he has been a member of the baseball team and has also played intra-mural basketball. Having enjoyed his years at Ryan tremendously, Bill will miss his days here. Intending to broaden his knowledge. Bill will continue his education through Law School. F atrick Nugent: Patrick Nugent is a person who helped make Ryan a better place for all of us. Through his hard work in the Student Council, of which he was President, the National Honor Society as Vice-President, the Prom Committees, Liturgy Committees, and the Booster Club, he led the way in involvement. He also played basketball and was on the Swim Team. In thinking about the future, he plans to attend St. Joseph’s College and study pre-med. Being a pediatrician is the career he has in mind. Pat is sad to leave Ryan because he feels that it was a great experience for him. Michael Rudewicz: Looking ahead toward the future, Michael Rudewicz wants to take up engineering at Drcxcl and later work as a civil engineer. He likes math, physics, and chemistry. Being athletically inclined, Mike has played baseball for Ryan and also enjoys some basketball. He is glad to have received a Catholic education in the “best school in the city,” and feels it was worth it. Mike believes you should, “Do everything you want to do and have a good time at it.” Bruce Ruggcri: Being dedicated, Bruce Ruggeri has given of himself to help make Ryan a better community. Participating in activities like the German Club, National Honor Society, Raiderscopc, Arrow, T.V. Studio, Liturgy Committees, and serving as a library aide, he made friends Anthony Somma and expanded his growth. Bruce plans to attend LaSalle College where he will concentrate on biology. Fish, astronomy, gardening, designing, and reading scientific magazines represent some of his interests. In reflecting on his years at Ryan, Bruce feels they were a worthwhile experience filled with many good times as well as difficult ones. He hopes that he is prepared for the future. Anthony Somma: Appreciative of his days of learning here at Ryan, Anthony Somma says, “I feel that my four years at Ryan were great. I enjoyed myself, met a lot of people, and had a good time. I feel that the courses 1 have taken have prepared me well for the future.” Anthony desires to expand his educational perspective by becoming an accounting major at Drexel University. Joseph Thomas: Chemistry, physics, and sociology being his chief academic interests, Joseph Thomas intends to go on to King’s College in Wilkes-Barre to major in criminal justice. Someday he would like to work either for the police force or the government. At Ryan, Joe had the responsibility of being typing editor for the Raiderscope. He also enjoys bowling, hockey, and chess in his spare time. Talking about Ryan, Joe says that his years here were the best he ever had, and he received a lot of help from teachers and students. He hopes Ryan will continue the same quality of education always. Robert Vcrdonc: Robert Vcrdonc has devoted a lot of time to his studies and activities at Ryan. Finding his studies challenging. Bob enjoyed the sciences, math, and psychology. Bob is optimistic about going to college and meeting new people. There he plans to major in pre-med with the hopes of becoming a doctor. An active person. Bob has served on the Student Council, Prom Committees, Joseph Thomas Robert Vcrdonc 90SENIOR STANDOUTS World Affairs Council, Ping Pong Club, and played football. Some of his hobbies include weightlifting, camping, and skiing. “1 lived so close to Ryan and spent so much time there that it was like a second home to me.” Michael Cocco, our former news editor of the Raider-scope, is a friendly person who likes to help out in a variety of activities. He was the President of the World Affairs Council, served on the Bicentennial Committee, Liturgy Committee for the Ring Mass, and Human Relations Committee. Mike wants to advance his studies at college in accounting. He hopes to graduate as a public accountant. He enjoys listening to music as well as reading good books. ”1 will miss all the people here at Ryan who were my friends.” William Donahue: Aside from being an active participant in Ryan’s baseball program, William Donahue has gladly given his service to the Counseling Center, Senior Prom Committee, and as an aide to Father Stan’s Office. When questioned about his future plans, Billy said that he hoped to become a member of cither the Air Force or the Police Department. He also would like to repay all of the kindness and help he has received from the people at Ryan. “I am proud to have been a part of Ryan.” Daniel Donnelly: Throughout his years here, Daniel Donnelly has donated a lot of his time to Ryan and by doing so, he exemplified the true Ryan spirit. Being the Secretary of the Student Council, President of the Appeals Board, member of the Booster Club, Prom Committees, Liturgy Committees, track team, playing football and intra-mural basketball, represent the many activities in which he participated. Entering Kutztown College to major in criminal justice with the hopes of later joining the F. B. I., are Daniel Donnelly Donald Factor Dan’s current future plans. “I feel my four years at Ryan were socially and academically fulfilling to me as a person.” Donald Factor has served in Student Council and played an active role in the World Affairs Council. Don has also been a member of Ryan’s Judo Club, the Raiderscope, and the Ping Pong Club he helped establish. In reflecting on his high school years, Don responded, “I’ve tried to get the most from high school life by taking an active role in as many activities as possible to benefit others as well as myself. I believe in being honest with your fellow students, your teachers, and yourself. I’ve certainly tried to do so.” Daniel Farnan: Being a very helpful and friendly person, Dan Farnan has given his helping hand to such activities as the Band, Senior Prom Committee, the Eucharistic Congress, Activities Office, “Search” Program, “Operation Treat,” and the Graduation Mass. Dan is grateful to Ryan for showing him how to make friends and for giving him an attitude of kindness and charity toward all people whom he met. He is looking forward to entering the Air Force in hopes of qualifying for their band and pursuing his lifetime goal in a music career. John Gallagher: An outstanding football athlete, John has also donated his talents to a wide array of activities here at Ryan. He played baseball, served as a Student Council delegate, participated in both Junior and Senior Prom Committees, Liturgy Committees, and played music for various school Masses. Looking toward the future, John plans to attend LaSalle College. Football, softball, and music represent some of his outside interests. He is learning to play the guitar and is an accomplished vocalist. John made a lot of friends here and feels Ryan has helped him develop his talents to the fullest. Daniel Farnan John Gallagher 91Mark Francis Thomas A. Garlick Daniel Malloy: It is difficult to mention all of the time and hard work that Dan has devoted in service to Ryan. Vice-President of the Student Council, he was also on the Raiderscope, Prom Committees, T.V. Studio, Tennis Team, Booster Club, Appeals Board, Liturgy Committee, and President of the Naitonal Honor Society. Dan wants to continue his education at college and then on to School with a possible career in politics. His other interests are community service, tennis, journalism, broadcasting, and working with young children. “My years at Ryan have helped me to mature as a person and gave me the opportunity to find myself.” Thomas McNulty: A smiling, friendly person, Tom was truly an active, all-around individual throughout his years at Ryan. A star Basketball player, he also played football and participated in the Prom Committees, Student Council, and the Booster Club. LaSalle College is the future horizon he currently plans to follow, where he will be a business major. Tom enjoyed his education at Ryan and he feels that he learned a great deal. John McRae: A jolly, helpful person, John was involved in the Senior Prom Committee, yearbook, Student Store, Ping Pong Club, and intra-murals. Being asked about what he received from Ryan, John responded by saying that he got a great education and met many new friends. Also, Ryan uplifted his attitudes toward other people. Embarking on his future path, John will enter into college and major in commercial arts. Someday he would like to start his own business. Having diversified interests, John likes ice hockey, modern art, and music. Mark Francis: Vice-President of the World Affairs Council, Associate News Editor for the Raiderscope, and basketball manager represent the distinguished positions of service which Mark Francis held here at Ryan. He also ran track and played intra-mural basketball. Human Relations Committee and the yearbook were likewise among his activities. Drexcl University is the next step in Mark’s Daniel Malloy Thomas P. Garlick Kevin Glaccum future. He plans to study computer science and someday get a job with the government. Mark likes music, guitar playing and sports. “Although I’m looking forward to college, I know I’m going to miss it here.” Thomas A. Garlick has been a member of Student Council. In addition, he served on the Appeals Board, the Prom Committee, and helped in the “Operation Treat” Program. Tom has gained considerable athletic recognition. He has played football, baseball, and basketball. Throughout his four years of high school, Tom has also been in the Ping Pong and Polish Clubs, as well as member of the Raiderscope staff. Tom has always felt at home at Ryan just being among his classmates and teachers. He has aspirations for a future career in social work and rehabilitation. Thomas P. Garlick: Tom has served on Student Council and the Senior Prom Committee, and has frequently visited and worked with orphans in the surrounding area. He was also a member of the Polish Club and Liturgy Committee, and has displayed his musical talent at various school liturgies. Tom enjoys working with people. He hopes to obtain a Ph.D in psychology and establish his own clinic. In addition to his humanitarian interests, Tom is a true outdoorsman. Fishing, swimming, water and snow skiing, and travel are his popular pastimes. Tom liked Ryan and believes there’s a lot of harmony between students; a sense of brotherhood. Kevin Glaccum: Kevin has participated in many activities here at Ryan such as the German Club, World Affairs Council, Arrow, of which he was Layout Editor, National Honor Society as Secretary, Senior Prom Committee, and Student Council. Kevin desires to attend Temple University and study communications. Photography, film, community service, concerts, and travel are some of his interests. Remembering his years at Ryan, Kevin says, “My years at Ryan have been good ones and the memories will stay with me always. I’m sure the education I’ve received Thomas McNulty John McRae 92James O'Donnell Kevin Olcksiak William Quinn John Quinto will stay with me in future years.” James O’ Donnell: Jim is that type of person who is kind enough to offer his help and services without even being asked. Such an attitude has characterized his service in such organizations as the Student Council, Raidcrscope, Arrow, Appeals Board, T.V. Studio, both Prom Committees, and Ryan Service. Jim likes to spend his spare time playing sports. He wants to enter college and concentrate on journalism and communications. Jim looks to a career in journalism with either a newspaper or a magazine. “I had a lot of fun. If 1 had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.” Kevin Oleksiak: In the Student Council, Booster Club, Junior and Senior Prom Committees, intra-mural basketball, and swimming, Kevin displayed a spirit of cooperation. Outside the school, he devotes some of his free time to such hobbies like movies, photography, ping pong, and basketball. In his pursuit for greater knowledge, Kevin will enter college where he will undertake the challenge of marketing management. His current career plans are in the business field. “I’ve met a lot of friendly people here and received a fantastic education. With the help of the teachers and fellow students, I matured greatly.” William Quinn: A person who gives up his own time in service for others is to be admired and Bill is such a person. At Ryan, he served on the Student Council, Raiderscope, prom and Liturgy committees, T.V. Studio, as a football manager, basketball manager, ran track, and played football. Looking ahead. Bill wants to attend college and focus on either political science or psychology. “My years here have achieved their purpose in establishing relationships and making me more socially and academically inclined.” John Quinto: John was so involved with the Raiderscope and Arrow, that he earned the nickname, “Scoop.” He was a sensational Sports Editor. John aspires to a future career in journalism, hopefully as a sports writer, his greatest ambition. John always wears a smile and is known for his pleasant, carefree disposition. "I enjoy just walking down corridors and talking with people; saying hello, acknowledging them as important. It makes me feel great.” We hope John continues on his present course as he strives to fulfill his dreams as a journalist. Joseph Rochford: Giving out a helping hand with a friendly smile was the way Joe reached out to people at Ryan. He was active in football. Student Council. Appeals Board, Booster Club, of which he was President, Prom Committees, German Club, and World Affairs Council. Joe is headed for Temple University to study marketing and business management. His thoughts about Ryan are that he really had a good time here and is sad to leave though he looks forward to the future. Timothy Senko: Tim participated in many phases of student life here at Ryan, and he was able to do so with a spirit of friendly cooperation. Diligently involved in such activities like the Raiderscope, Arrow , Prom Committees, Ryan Service, Appeals Board, Liturgy Committees, and intra-murals, he helped his classmates and had fun doing it. A bright future ahead of him, he intends to go onward to college pre-med studies with a possible career in the medical field. “My years at Ryan strengthened me in character and personality. They’ve helped me to know myself and form a concept of where I’m at and where I’m going.” Edward Trauffer: Ed was the Layout Editor for the Raiderscope, as well as writer, Vice-President of Ryan’s Band, Vice-President of the World Affairs Council, a Student Council representative, and first-aid instructor for the Outdoor Club. He was a member of the Liturgy and Prom Committees, the men’s chorus, German, Chess, Ping Pong, and Tau Clubs. Ed also ranked high academically, justifying his membership in the National Honor Society. “It’s been the highlight of my life. Ryan has been a second home to me and a source of social and intellectual grow th, preparing me for the future.” Joseph Rochford Timothy Senko Edward TraufferJOHN ABENDROTH GREGORY ADAMS KEVIN ADAMS GERARD ALBERTS EDWARD ALEXANDER ROBERT ALLEY STEVEN ALI.IA 94 WILLIAM ALVAREZ MICHAEL AMODEI CRAIG ANDERSON RICHARD APICE GREGORY ARBIZGREGORY BALDWIN WILLIAM BARRY ROBERT BEAVERS ANDREW J. BEBEN JOSEPH BECKER MATTHEW BENZ WILLIAM L. BERKOWITZ GREGORY BERRY JEFFREY BEUERLE RONALD BIANCHI MICHAEL BOESENHOFER JOHN BOOTH 95 PAUL BLASZCZYK MICHAEL BONES“Knowledge casts a splendid beam upon life’s way, but it is faith that throws the longer ray.” BRIAN BOYLE JAMES BRADLEY WILLIAM BRADLEY BERNARD BRADY CHARLES BRADY JOHN BRADY THOMAS BRESLIN JAMES BROCK MATTHEW'BROPHY 96 PATRICK BROWN ROBERT BRYAN GERALDBUDAY MARK BURGMANN FRANCIS BURNSTHOMAS BURNS FRANCIS CAl.DERBANK JOSEPH CAMUCCIO MICHAEL CANFIELD MARK CANNING GREGORY CAPUTO ANTHONY CARILLI JOHN CARR DENNIS CARROLL KEVIN CARROLL ARISTIDE CARUSO 97 PAULCASTELLANI FRANCIS CHAPPELL GREGORY CHECK BRADCHORPENNING ANTHONY CIACCIAMICHAEL C1RULL1 STEPHEN CLARK MICHAELCOCCO MICHAELCOLE ROBERT COLEMAN EDWARD COLGAN NICHOLAS A. COLETTA ALBERT COLOMBO 98 FRANCIS COLVILLE RAYMOND CONVERY RICHARD COOGAN THOMASCOOK JOHN CORCORANTHOMAS CORCORAN CHRISTOPHER COULTER JOHN COX JAMES COYLE DAVID CROTTY RICHARD DADALSKI LOUIS DALLAGO LOUIS DATTLO KEITH DAVIES MICHAEL DAVIS JOHN DEAL GARY DEBLASIS RICHARD DEFELICE“A friend is a strong defense and he that hath found such a one, hath found a treasure.” THOMAS DELACOURT FRANCIS DELAHANTY RICHARD DELARSO MICHAEL DELUCA MICHAEL L. DELUCA RICHARD DEMBOWSKI JAMES DENNING ROBERT DEPERRO WILLIAM DERBYSHIRE MICHAEL DIEHL JOHN DILETTO BRIAN DILLON SEAN DILLON LARRY DIMITRI 100JAMES D1PENTINO EDWARD DOHERTY JAMES DOLLARD CHRISTOPHER DONAHOE DANIEL IX)NAHUE WILLIAM DONAHUE LAWRENCE DONDERO SEAN DONAHUE DANIEL DONNELLY THOMAS DOOLEY MATTHEW DORR MICHAEL DOUGHERTY MICHAEL DOYLE CHARLES DRAUS GEORGE DREW JAMES DUFFIELD FRANCIS DUFFIN GEORGE DUFFNER MICHAEL DURKIN GEORGE DUVAKDALE DUXBURY JOHN EDMONDSON PAUL EIDENSHINK RICHARD EISELE CHARLES ELSER WILLIAM EPPLER RONALD ESPOSITO DONALD FACTOR MARK FALLON DANIEL FARNAN LUKE FARRELL PAUL FASSNACHT MICHAEL FEDIWk M MARK FINIZIO JAMES FISHER STEPHEN FITZGERALD KEVEN FITZPATRICK TIMOTHOY FITZPATRICK WILLIAM FLEMING WILLIAM FLETCHER BRIAN FOLEY JOSEPH FOSBENNER 103JOSEPH FOX ROBERT FOX TIMOTHY FRAME LOUIS FRANCESCO MARK FRANCIS WARREN FRIEL BYRON FRYER WILLIAM GABLE RICHARDGAJEWSK1 THOMASGALEN “Time flies and takes us with it. The moment in which I speak is already gone.” JOHN GALLAGHER 104 ROBERT GALLAGHER THOMAS GALLAGHER WILLIAM GALLAGHER BRUCE GAMBINO MIROSLAW GARDYASZTHOMAS A. GAR LICK THOMAS P. GARLICK JAMES GARRITY ROBERT GAUL JEFFREY GAY JOHN GEHRING STEVEN GE1B EDMUND GHERARDI ANTHONY GIAMPIETRO JEFFREY GILBEAUX “Be kind, affectioned one to another with brotherly love, in honor preferring one another.” 105 JOSEPH R. GILBERT KEVIN GLACCUM STEPHEN GOEBEL JOSEPH GOLDEN FREDERICK GONZALEZ“The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after.” JAMES GORMAN FRANCIS GOUGH DONALD HABER RONALD HAGEN DENNIS HAGGERTY MICHAEL HAGGERTY JOSEPH HAHN 106MICHAEL HAMMER MICHAEL HANNAN STEVEN HANNA MICHAEL HANNIGAN KEVIN HARKINS DAVID HARRISON JAMES HART JOSEPH HAUGHEY MARK HAYES TIMOTHY HEALY STEVEN HEASLEY MICHAEL HELBLING GARY HELM PAUL HENNESSEYFRANCIS HENOFER TERRENCE HERLING JAMES HERRON JAMES HESSION JOSEPH HIGGINS JOSEPH HILL JAMES HILTON HAROLD HINGLEY MICHAEL HINNEGAN 108 JOSEPH HOGAN MICHAEL HOGAN RUDOLPH HUEBNER MICHAEL HYSON KEVIN IACONOEDWARD JANCO DENNIS JANN KENNETH JENKINS ROBERT JONES STEVEN KALINOSKI BRIAN KELLY JAMES KELLY LOUIS KELLY 109 THOMAS KELLY JAMES KENNEDY JOSEPH KERRIGAN STEPHEN KING THOMAS KNOWLESERIC KNUTTEL VINCENT KOLODZIEJ DAVID KOLOSKI JOHN KONSTANZER THOMAS KOPANIA 110 JOHN KROL GEORGEKRONBAR MARK KRONBERGER GEORGE KUBIS DAVID KUCHSEDWARD KULHA MICHAEL RUMOR STEVEN RUMP JOSEPH RURIGER ROBERT RURTZ WILLIAM LARRIN EDWARD LAROVERE JAMES LA SALLE MARCELLO LATESSA MARR LATIMER“For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffer the loss of his own soul.” ALBERT LEAR SAMUEL LEE MICHAEL LENTO BRYAN LEONARDO ANTHONY LEPRE DAVID LEUTWYLER WILLIAM LEVENTON ROY LINK RONALD LISICKI JOSEPH LISOWSKI JOHN LOGAN ALFRED LONGMORE JOSEPH LONGMORE DAVID LUCHSINGER STEVEN LUCIANETTI MICHAEL LYDON 112RICHARD MARIAN! GARRY MARVELJAMES MATHER JACKOB MATTES JAMES MATTSON KEVIN MC ALLISTER THOMAS MC ANANY JOHN MC BREARTY KENNETH MC BREARTY JOHN MC CAREY JAMES MC CLERNON FRANCIS MCCORMAC “The greatness of a man can be measured by his willingness to be kind.” 114 THOMAS MC CRACKEN SHAWN MC DADEJAMES MCDERMOTT JAMES MCCONALD MARK MC DONNELL STEPHEN MC DOWELL MICHAEL MC EACHERN wm JOHN MC ENTEE THOMAS MC GOVERN ROBERT MCHUGH CHARLES MCKEE BRIAN MCKEON JOHN MCLAUGHLIN KEVIN MCMAHON THOMAS MC NULTY JOHN MCRAE MARK MC QUADE 115 TIMOTHY MCWILLIAMS ROBERT MEADE GEORGE METZGER MICHAEL MIELE ALVIN MIKUI-AJOSEPH MILLER JOHN MISCENICH PAUL MONDELLI JAMES MILLER JONATHAN MILLER JOHN MONTGOMERY JAMES MOORE JOHN MORRISON MICHAEL MULLIGAN PATRICK MULLIGAN 116 JOHN MURRAY JOSEPH NARDONE MARK NAY CHRISTOPHER NIEMINSKI ROGER NIEMCZYKFRANCIS NOLAN FRANK NORCELLA PATRICK NUGENT JAMES NUTT JOHN O BRIEN JAMES O’DONNELL JOSEPH O’DONNELL MICHAEL OERl.EMAN KEVIN O’GRADY GARY O’LEARY “Nothing should be prized more highly than the value of each day.” 117 KEVIN OLEKSIAK WILLIAM O’NEIL STANLEY OSKIERA RICHARD OSKOWIS JOHN D. OTTJOHN G. OTT STEPHEN PAGANO LOUIS PAGLIEI ALFRED PALLANTE JAMES PALUSZYNSKI THOMAS PALUSZYNSKI ROBERT PANELLA ANTHONY PARISIO CLEMENTE PASCARELLA JAMES PAULEY ANTHONY PAVLICHKO JOSEPH PELUZZO 118 “Friendship is the only thing in ing the usefulness of which agreed.” the world concern-all mankind are JOSEPH PEPPELMAN WILLIAM PERRIJOSEPH PETTIT RICHARD PFLUGER JOSEPH PLOVER “Memories vague of half-forgotten things, not true nor false, but sweet to think upon.” JAMES POINTKOUSKI JOHN PONENTE 119 BRIAN QUINN WILLIAM QUINN JOHN QUINTO CHARLES RAFFAELE CHARLESRAGUCCIMICHAEL RAUCHEISEN JOSEPH RECA DANIEL REED CHRISTOPHER REGAN TIMOTHY RETALLICK “If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone. A man should keep his friendship in constant repair.” PAUL RIZZUTO BRUCE ROACH 120 ROBERT ROCHE JOSEPH ROCHFORD JAMES RODGERS MARTIN RODRIGUEZ STEPHEN ROGOSKYMICHAEL ROHAN FREDERICK ROMAN MICHAEL ROMANIELLO JOHN T. ROONEY JOHN ROSNEY MICHAEL RUDEWICZ JOSEPH RUETER BRUCE RUGGERI STEPHEN RUGGERI JAMES SABATH PAUL SABINA JOHN SALVATORE EDWARD SAMBUCA GARY SANTABARBARA 121JOSEPH SCHAFFLING STEPHEN SCHERF ADAM SCHMIDT MATTHEW SCHNEIDER ROBERT SCHONEWOLF 122 GEORGESCHRADER DAVID SCHWITTERS CHARLES SCOGNO RAYMONDSCOTT RALPH SEIBERLICHTIMOTHY SENKO THOMAS SESTITO JAMES SHACK LETON ROBERT SHARKEY DOUGI.AS SHARP NICHOLAS SHUTTIE FRANCIS SHOCH ROBERT SHAW JOHNSHEVLIN ROBERT SHARP ROBERT SIGOVICH 123 CHARLES SIMON GORDON SIMPSON MARK SIMS PAUL SIMS ANTHONY SIWINSKI“The happy limes of today are the cherished memories of tomorrow.” MARK SLIWKA JOHN SLOBODIAN ROBERT SLOBOD1AN GERALD SMALL KENNETH SMIGO DAVID SMITH PATRICK SMITH THOMAS SMITH JOHNSOLECKI ANTHONY SOMMA RAYMOND SMITH ROBERT SMITH 124 JOHNSPOTTS THOMAS SROKAGREGORY STABLER STEVEN STAFFIERI DANIEL STELLA ERIC STENGEL MICHAEL STEVENS JAMESSTINSMAN WILLIAM STOTT JOSEPH STRANGE JAMESSTRECKER MICHAEL SWIFT GARYSYSOL STEVEN SZYDLOWSKI ALLEN SZYSZKO JAMES TAMMARO MICHAEL TANSKI 125 ROBERT TAYLOR VINCENTTETE JOSEPH THOMAS WILLIAM THOMPSON MATTHEW THOMSONWILLIAM TOLIA MICHAEL TOMKO JOSEPH TRAI.1ES EDWARD TRAUFFER JOSEPH TR1NACRIA 126 RAYMOND VERRECCHIA NICHOLAS VINCI JOHN WALDINGER THOMAS WALDRON DANIEL WALSH GERAl.D WEISS MICHAEL WELSH JOSEPH WEST ROBERT WEST BERNARD WHELAN JOHN WINTERLE MICHAEL WHITWORTH WILLIAM WILKINS PATRICK WHITE JOSEPH WHELAN glides on insensibly and deceives is nothing more fleeting than “Winged time us and there years.” JOHN WISCHUM DENNIS W1REMANWILLIAM WISSMAN EDMUND WIZA STEVEN WRUBLESKI VICTOR YACOVETT ANDREW YANNELLI DONALD YEALY ROBERT YOST JOSEPH YOUSE CHRISTOPHER ZICCARDI GARYZIMAK JOHN ZUCCAREL.LI MARK ZYCK 128SENIOR DIRECTORY JOHN ABENDROTH—113 Gardner St.. Phila. GREGORY ADAMS—13401 Lindsay St.. Phila. KEVIN ADAMS—3569 Nottingham Ln., Phila. GERARD ALBERTS—1042 Norvdt Dr.. Phila. EDWARD ALEXANDER-11120 Drake Dr.. Phila. MARK ALEXANDER—9300 Trout Rd.. Phila. KIRK ALEXY— 11703 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. ROBERT ALLEY—219-B Lockart Ter., Phila. STEVEN ALLIA—9089 Fcrndalc St.. Phila. W ILLIAM ALVAREZ—4918 Grant Avc., Phila. MICHAEL AMODEI—1333 Wales PL. Phila. CRAIG ANDERSON—600 E. Street Rd.. Trevose RICHARD APICE—12562 Redor Rd.. Phila. GREGORY ARB1Z—9212 Hegerman St.. Phila. GREGORY BALDWIN-8590 Bloomfield Ave., Phila. WILLIAM BARRY—9942 Lackland Dr.. Phila. ROBERT BEAVERS—3411 Filler St.. Phila. ANDREW J. BEBEN—3318 Morrell Av3., Phila JOSEPH BECKER-11700 Lanctt Rd.. Phila. MATTHEW BENZ—8613 Bridle Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM L. BERKOWITZ—134 Meadow Ln.. Phila. GREGORY BERRY-8647 Fcrndalc St.. Phila. JEFFREY BEUERLE—3887 Alberta PL. Phila. RONALD BIANCHI—1809 Bergen St., Phila. PAUL BLASZCZYK—9735 Redd Rambler Dr.. Phila. MICHAEL BOESENHOFER—3505 Churchill Ln.. Phila. MICHAEL BONES—4278 Lawnsidc Rd.. Phila. JOHN BOOTH—3513 Filler St.. Phila. BRIAN BOYLE-3563 Primose Rd., Phila. JAMES BRADLEY—3717 President St.. Phila. WILLIAM BRADLEY-9258 Crispin St.. Phila. BERNARD BRADY-2839 Norcom Rd., Phila. CHARLS BRADY-3569 Brookview Rd.. Phila. JOHN BRADY—10964 Knights Rd.. Phila. THOMAS BRESLIN—3214 Atmore Rd.. Phila. JAMES BROCK-9325 Trout Rd.. Phila. MATTHEW' BROPHY—3288Cromwell Rd.. Phila. PATRICK BROWN-3825 Chartcris Rd.. Phila. ROBERT BRYAN—12309 Medford Rd.. Phila. GERALD BUDAY—4365 Dccrpath Ln., Phila. MARK BURGMANN—4358 Deerpath Ln.. Phila. FRANCIS BURNS-9803 Redd Rambler Rd.. Phila. THOMAS BURNS—11732 Dimarco Dr.. Phila. FRANCIS CALDERBANK—3514 E. Crown Ave., Phila. JOSEPH CAMUCCIO—9921 S. Canterbury Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL CANFIELD-9955 Jcanes St.. Phila. MARK CANNING-3577 Nottingham Ln.. Phila. GREGORY CAPUTO—3126 Fairdale Rd., Phila. ANTHONY CARILLI—3807 Brookview Rd., Phila. JOHN CARR-12435 Dunks Ferry Rd., Phila. DENNIS CARROLL—1562 Bonnie Brae Dr., Huntingdon Val. KEVIN CARROLL—1109 Plane Rd.. Phila. ARSTIDE CARUSO—3564 Grant Ave.. Phila. PAUL CASTELLANI—9951 Bridle Rd.. Phila. FRANCIS CHAPPELL-3807 Oakhill Rd.. Phila. GREGORY CHECK-2043 Nester Rd., Phila. BRAD CHORPENNING—4209 Whiting Rd., Phila. ANTHONY CIACCIA—10714 Haldeman Avc.. Phila. THOMAS CIPRIANO-3501 Churchill Ln., Phila. MICHAEL CIRULLI—10824 Harrow Rd.. Phila. STEPHEN CLARK-12570 Biscayne Dr., Phila. MICHAEL COCCO—1919 Goodnaw St., Phila. MICHAEL COLE—3640 Salina Rd., Phila. ROBERT COLEMAN—15049 Milford St., Phila. EDW ARDCOLGAN-3244 Birch Rd.. Phila. NICHOLAS A. COLLETTA—451 Convent Ln., Phila. ALBERT COLOMBO-13421 Worthington Rd.. Phila. FRANCIS COLVILLE—3786 Bandon Dr.. Phila. RAYMOND CONVERY-12024 Legion PL, Phila. RICHARD COOGAN—9327 Ditman St., Phila. THOMAS COOK-3673 N. Hereford Ln., Phila. JOHN CORCORAN—11018 Fcrndalc St.. Phila. THOMAS CORCORAN—9338 Jackson St.. Phila. CHRISTOPHER COUI.TER-3614 N. Hereford Ln.. Phila. JOHN COX—9344 Lansford St.. Phila. JAMES COYLE-8588 Bloomfield Rd.. Phila. DAVID CROTTY—718 Millwood Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL CURRY—940 County Line Rd.. Phila. DAVID CUSTER-3218 Comly Rd.. Phila. OLGIERD CYMBALSKI—3733 Glenn St.. Phila. RICHARD DADALSKI—11854 Colman Rd.. Phila. LOUIS DALLAGO-11701 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. LOUIS DATTLO—3760 Bandon Dr.. Phila. KEITH DAVIES-11925 Glenficld St.. Phila. MICHAEL DAVIS—3436 Brookview Rd., Phila. JOHN DEAL—10858 Modena Dr.. Phila. GARY DEBI.ASIS—3559 Wessex Ln., Phila. RICHARD DE FELICE-643 Colcbrook Rd.. Phila THOMAS DELACOURT—4520 Aubrey Avc.. Phila. FRANCIS DELAHANTY—9971 Hardy Rd.. Phila. RICHARD DELARSO—15101 Milford St.. Phila. MICHAEL DELUCA—11731 .. Phila. MICHAEL L DELUCA—1810 Strahle St., Phila RICHARD DEMBOWSKI-9720 Hoff St.. Phila. JAMES DENNING-3747 Westhampton Dr.. Phila. ROBERT DEPERRO-10928 Templeton Dr.. Phila. WILLIAM DERBYSHIRE-4819 Aubrey Ave.. Phila. MICHAEL DIEHL—10963 Waldemire Dr.. Phila. JOHN DILETTO—2011 Nester St., Phila. BRIAN DILLON—3843 Violet Dr.. Phila. SEAN DII.LON-3817 Dorchester Rd.. Phila. LARRY DIMITRI—1958-B Goodnaw St.. Phila. JAMES DIPENTINO—121119 Aster Rd.. Phila. EDWARD DOHERTY—3268 Birch Rd., Phila.. JAMES DOLLARD—3319 Atmore Rd.. Phila. CHRISTOPHER DONAHOE-10931 Waldemire Dr.. Phila. DANIEL DONAHUE—13015 Sewell Rd.. Phila. SEAN DONAHUE—1002 Twist Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM DONAHUE—3660 Salina Rd.. Phila. LAWRENCE DONDERO-114 Gregg St., Phila. DANIEL DONNELLY-11716 Lanctt St., Phila. THOMAS DOOLEY—3619 Essex I.n., Phila. MATTHBW DORR—13040 Richwood Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL DOUGHERTY—3117 Belgreen Terr.. Phila., MICHAEL DOYLE-1208 Jennifer Rd.. Phila.. CHARLES DRAUS—9826 Montour St.. Phila. GEORGE DREW—3889 Alberta PL, Phila. JAMES DUFFIELD—9228 Torrcsdale Ave.. Phila. FRANCIS DUFFIN—11107 Kirby St., Phila. GEORGE DUFFNER—1008 Sanibell S., Phila. MICHAEL DURKIN—11042 Fcrndale St., Phila. GEORGE DUVAK—15142 Milford St., Phila. DALE DUXBURY—11734 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. JOHN EDMONDSON—1027 Grant Ave.. Phila. PAUL EIDENSHINK—3424 Grant Ave., Phila. RICHARD EISELE-9716 Hoff St.. Phila. CHARLES ELSER—104 Fourth St., Feastcrville WILLIAM EPPLER-11608 Bustlcton Avc., Phila RONALD ESPOSITO-12480 Balston Rd.. Phila. 129DONALD FACTOR—1134 Chcsworth Rd.,Phila. MARK FALLON—12502 Calpine Rd., Phila. DANIEL FARNAN—3816 Brookvicw Rd., Phila. LUKE FARRELL—3210 Fordham Rd.. Phila. PAUL FASSNACHT—3522 W. Crown Avc.. Phila. MICHAEL FE DIW — 1500 C res wood Rd., Phila. TIMOTHY FEENEY—9301 Lansford Si., Phila. PAUL FELICETT1—3514 Byrne Rd., Phila. CARLOS FERNANDEZ- Elliot Bldg Apt 530, Phila. THOMAS FERRY—3741 Westhampton Dr., Phila. GEORGE FETTERS—3708 Academy Rd., Phila. MARK FINIZIO—9812 Hardy Rd., Phila. WILLIAM FLETCHER-12303 Wyndom Rd.. Phila. BRIAN FOLEY—3875 Ronnald Dr., Phila. JOSEPH FOSBENNER—10102 Calera Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH FOX—14056 Erwin St.. Phila. ROBERT FOX—12450 Barbary PL, Phila. TIMOTHY FRAME-3667 Whitehall Ln.. Phila. LOUIS FRANCESCO—12023 Legion St.. Phila. MARK FRANCIS—2627 Woodward St., Phila. WARREN FRIEL—3615 W. Crown Avc., Phila. BRYON FRYER-4136 Whiting Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM GABLE-3811 Inwood Ln., Phila. RICHARD GAJEWSKI—9515 Torrcsdalc Avc.. Phila. THOMAS GALEN—12250 Rambler Rd.. Phila. JOHN GALLAGHER—12213 Aster Rd., Phila. ROBERT GALLAGHER-12532 Medford PL. Phila. THOMAS GALI.AGHER-1915 Witler St., Phila. WILLIAM GALLAGHER—730Sanford St., Apt. 201, Phila. BRUCE GAMBINO—3309 Morning Glory. Phila. MIROSLAWGARDYASZ—3332Chesterfield Rd.. Phila. THOMAS A GARLICK—11614 Bustleton Avc., Phila. THOMAS P GARLICK—843 Medway Rd., Phila. JAMESGARRITY—3666 Academy Rd., Phila. ROBERT GAUL—13411 Kelvin Ave., Phila. JEFFREY GAY-3246 Comly Rd., Phila. JOHN GEHRING—9211 Torresdale Ave., Phila. STEVEN GEIB-816 Fay Dr.. Trcvosc EDMUND GHERARDI—11004 Proctor Rd.. Phila. ANTHONY GI AM PIETRO—9237 Annapolis Rd.. Phila. JEFFREY GILBEAUX—2885 Carter Rd., Trevose JOSEPH R. GILBERT-9522 Clark St., Phila. KEVIN GLACCUM—852 Medway Rd., Phila. STEPHEN GOEBEL-15141 EndicottSt., Phila. JOSEPH GOLDEN-3651 W. Crown Avc., Phila. FREDERICK GONZALEZ-Strect Rd. Bristol Pk, Cornwell JAMES GORMAN-13040 Sewell Rd.. Phila. FRANCIS GOUGH—3542 Primrose Rd., Phila. DANIEL GRACE-12040 Glcnficld St., Phila. JAMES GRAY-32654 N. Hereford Ln.. Phila. JOHN GREENLEAF—9601 Ashton Rd., Phila. LOUIS GRECO—12621 Medford Rd., Phila. JAMES GRIFFIN-10026 Westbourne PL. Phila. GERAD GRINDROD—3263 Morrell Ave., Phila. BART GUERRERA—4133 Farmdale Rd.. Phila. DONALD HABER—3618 Salina Rd., Phila. RONALD HAGEN-6634 Sylvester St.. Phila. DENNIS HAGGERTY-4428 Barry Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL HAGGERTY-4366 Deerpath Ln.. Phila. JOSEPH HAHN—3641 Chesterfield Rd., Phila. MICHAEL HAMMER—3621 Wessex Ln., Phila. STEVEN HANNA—10926 Templeton Dr., Phila. MICHAEL HANAN—12609 Calpine Rd., Phila. MICHAEL HANNIGAN—3317 Kayford Cir., Phila. KEVIN HARKINS—1032 Norvclt Dr., Phila. DAVID HARRISON—9551 Leon St.. Phila. JAMES HART—4175 Whiting Rd., Phila. JOSEPH HAUGHEY—143 Grccndalc Rd., Phila. MARK HAYES—3652 Salina Rd.. Phila. TIMOTHY HEALY—12019 Salina PL, Phila. STEVEN HEASLEY—3210 Fairdale Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL HELBL1NG-12436 Academy Rd., Phila. GARY HELM—3404 Lester Rd.. Phila. PAUL HENNESSEY-9984 FerndaleSl., Phila. FRANCIS HENOFER—9229 Cottage St., Phila. TERRENCE HERL1NG-2I28 Berwyn St., Phila. JAMES HERRON—3804 Oakhill Rd., Phila. JAMES HESSION—1040 Surrey Road. Phila. JOSEPH HIGGINS-3820 Aubrey Ave., Phila. JOSEPH HILL—3522 Nottingham l.n., Phila. JAMES HILTON—11819Colman Ter., Phila. HAROLD HINGLEY—3510 Primrose Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL HINNEGAN—14006 Erwin St.. Phila. JOSEPH HOGAN-7 Biggans PL. Phila. MICHAEL HOGAN—3101 Belgrccn Ter., Phila. RUDOLPH HUEBNER—3424 Primrose Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL HYSON—9308 Rising Sun Ave., Phila. KEVIN IACONO—4703 St. Denis Dr., Phila. EDWARD JANCO—11879 Colman Rd.. Phila. DENNIS J ANN—4404 Greenmount Rd., Phila. KENNETH JENKINS-11705 Stevens Rd., Phila. ROBERT JONES—Bristol Pk Street Rd.. Cornwell Hts. STEVEN KALINOSKI—3834 Patrician Dr., Phila. JOSEPH KAMINSKI—12050Stevens Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH KASPER-11802 Colman Rd.. Phila. DAVID KEARNEY-9319 Marsdcn St., Phila. BRAIN KELLY-3520 W. Crown Avc.. Phila. JAMES KELLY-12734 Kenny Rd., Phila. LOUIS KELLY—12413 Sweetbriar Rd.. Phila. THOMAS KELLY—3543 Nottingham Ln., Phila. JAMES KENNEDY-658 Hendrix St., Phila. JOSEPH KERRIGAN—11723 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. STEPHEN KING—12243 Sweetbriar Rd., Phila. THOMAS KNOWLES—13855 Ronnald Dr., Phila. ERIC KNUTTEL-3506 Grant Avc., Phila. VINCENT KOLODZIEJ—10915 Kirby Dr., Phila. DAVID KILOSKI—9948 Alicia St., Phila. JOHN KONSTANZER—3902 Fairdale Rd., Phila. H,s- THOMAS KOPANIA—3469 Kirkwood Rd., Phila. PAUL KOSHERZENKO—3518 Filler St., Phila. JOSEPH KOS1CH—3537 Byrne Rd., Phila. LOUIS KOSMAN—3535 Morrell Ave., Phila. MICHAEL KRAMNY—4425 Deerpath Ln., Phila. JOHN KROL—3519 Primrose Rd., Phila. GEORGE KRONBAR—3231 Morning Glory Rd., Phila. MARK KRONBERGER—1008 Susan Rd., Phila. GEORGE KUBIS—388 Alberta PL, Phila. DAVID KUCHS—3221 Brookdalc Rd., Phila. EDWARD KULHA—12010 Millbrook Rd., Phila. MICHAEL KUMOR—4401 Barry Rd.. Phila. STEVEN KUMP—4221 Lawnsidc Rd., Phila. JOSEPH KURIGER—11996 Dumont Rd., Phila. ROBERT KURTZ-1819 Bergen St., Phila. STEVEN KURUC—3432 Holyoke Rd., Phila. PETER KURYLUK—1854 Berwyn St.. Phila. EMIL KUSHNER—505 Feaster Ave., Feasterville PAUL LACROIX-4152 Fairdale Rd., Phila. MICHAEL LAKE—11853 Sewell Rd., Phila. JOHN I.ARE—12431 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM LARKIN—9324 Alton St.. Phila. EDWARD LAROVERE—12732 Minden Rd., Phila. JAMES LASALLE—12901 Medford Rd., Phila. MARC LATESSA—12342 Wyndom Rd., Phila. 130MARK LATIMER—3719 Bandon I)r., Phila. ALBERT LEAR—12218 Swcci Briar Rd.. Phila. SAMUEL LEE—Bristol Pk St. Rd., Cornwell Hts MICHAEL LENTO—215 Greendale Rd., Phila. BRYAN LEONARDO-3365 Holme Avc., Phila. ANTHONY LEPRE—104 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila. DAVID LEUTWYLER—11101 Templeton Dr., Phila. WILLIAM LEVENTON—9647 Pine Rd.. Phila. ROY LINK-3701 Glenn St., Phila. RONALD LISICK1—3216 Primrose Rd., Phila. JOSEPH LISOWSKI—12001 Audubon Avc., Phila. JOHN LOGAN—12530Chilton Rd.. Phila. ALFRED LONGMORE—3609 Newberry Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH LONGMORE—3609 Newberry Rd., Phila. DAVID LUCHSINGER—3702 Mcchanicsville Rd., Phila. STEVEN LUCIANETTI—3211 Comly Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL LYDON—9650Chapelcroft St.. Phila. LAWRENCE LYNCH-835 Hcrschcl Rd., Phila. FRANCIS MACLEOD- 4214 Lawnside Rd.. Phila. FREDERICK MALAMPY—3557 Byrne Rd.. Phila. ROBERT MALKOWSKI-9914 Sandy Rd.. Phila. DANIEL MALLOY—514 Larkspur St., Phila. JOHN MALONEY—1121 Chesworth Rd., Phila. RICHARD MANAI—3333 Morning Glory Rd., Phila. JOSEPH MARCELLINO—2016 Barlow St., Phila. ANTHONY MARCHIONE—13451 Stevens Rd., Phila. RICHARD MARIANI—3462 Primrose Rd.. Phila. GARRY MARVEL-12096 Legion St., Phila. ROBERT MARZULLO—3824 Kirkwood Rd., Phila. KEVIN MASI—12508 Chilton Rd., Phila. JAMES MATHER-3327 Lester Rd., Phila. JACKOB MATTES—1949 Greymont St., Phila. JAMES MATTSON-11026 Fairdale St., Phila. KEVIN MCALLISTER—8523 Bustleton Avc., Phila. THOMAS MCANANY—2904 Nestor Rd., Phila. JOHN MCBREARTY—1019 Bingham St.. Phila. KENNETH MCBREARTY—12870 Medford Rd, Phila. JOHN MCCAREY—12603 Calpine Rd.. Phila. JAMES MCCLERNON—4408 Greenmount Rd., Phila. FRANCIS MCCORMAC—10011 Westbourne PL. Phila. THOMAS MCCRACKEN-11732 Telfair Rd., Phila. SHAWN MCDADE—3418 Chalfont Dr., Phila JAMES MCDERMOTT-10033 S. Canterbury Rd., Phila. JAMES MCDONALD—1038 Foster St., Phila. MARK MCDONNELL—3527 Wessex Ln., Phila. STEPHEN MCDOWELL—132 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL MCEACHERN—12175 Aster Rd., Phila. JOHN MCENTEE—3507 Churchill Ln., Phila. THOMAS MCGOVERN-3328 Fairdale Rd., Phila. ROBERT MCHUGH-4824 Aubrey Ave.. Phila. CHARLES MCKEE-12575 Chilton Rd., Phila. BRIAN MCKEON—3344 Morning Glory Rd., Phila. JOHN MCLAUGHLIN-11921 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. KEVIN MCMAHON—9352 Annapolis Rd., Phila. THOMAS MCNULTY—13042 Richwood Rd.. Phila. JOHN MCRAE—12809 Dunks Ferry Rd., Phila. MARK MCQUADE—3201 Fairdale Rd..Phila. TIMOTHY MCQUILL1AMS—13043 Sewell Rd.. Phila. ROBERT MEADE-3200 Danley Rd., Phila. GEORGE METZGER-11740 Telfair Rd., Phila. MICHAEL MIELE—11827 Brandon Rd.. Phila. ALVIN MIKULA—12026 Millbrook Rd., Phila. JAMES MILLER—4382 Deerpath Ln., Phila. JONATHAN MILLER—Bristol Pk St Rd.,Phila. JOSEPH MILLER-10816 Harrow Rd.. Phila. JOHN MISCENICH—3408 Lester Rd., Phila. PAUL MONDELLI—3306 Red Lion Rd., Phila. JOHN MONTGOMERY—725 Colcbrook Rd., Phila. JAMES MOORE—12450 Balston Rd., Phila. JOHN MORRISON—12511 Ramer Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL MULLIGAN—3304 Danley Rd., Phila. PATRICK MULLIGAN—12090 Legion St., Phila. BENEDETTO MUNIZ7.A—3581 Oakhill Rd.. Phila JOHN MURRAY-3571 Wessex Ln., Phila. JOSEPH NARDONE-12637 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila. MARK NAY-10985 Ellicot Rd.. Phila. CHRISTOPHER NIEMINSKI —12014 DepueSl., Phila. ROGER NIEMCZYK—9624 Hayden St., Phila. FRANK NORCELLA—12513 Fedor Rd.. Phila. FRANCIS NOLAN—3814 Ronnald Dr., Phila. PATRICK NUGENT-15034 Milford St.. Phila. JAMES NUTT-659 Waring St., Phila. JOHN O’BRIEN—1405 Hemlock PL, Phila. JAMES O’DONNELL—15050 Carter Rd., Phila. JOSEPH O’DONNELL—707 Millwood Rd., Phila. MICHAEL OERLEMAN—11123 Drake Dr.. Phila. KEVIN O’GRADY—3552 Grant Avc., Phila. GARY O’LEARY—268 Dimarco Dr.. Phila. KEVIN OLEKS1AK—9706 Walley Avc.. Phila. WILLIAM O’NEILL-10824 Keswick Rd.. Phila. STANLEY OSKIERA—3901 Fairdale Rd. Phila. RICHARD OSKOWIS—3820Salina Rd.. Phila. JOHN D. OTT—10217 Ambridge PL, Phila. JOHN G. OTT-1109 Norwalk Rd.. Phila. STEPHEN PAGANO—217 Ridgefield Rd. LOUIS PAGLIEI—3618 Prince Cir., Phila. ALFRED PALLANTE-12581 Biscaync Dr.. Phila. JAMES PALUSZYNSKI—3803 Chalfont Dr.. Phila. THOMAS PALUSZYNSKI—3803 Chalfont Dr.. Phila. ROBERT PANELLA—3437 Vinton Rd.. Phila. ANTHONY PARISIO-2019 Gorman St., Phila. CLEMENTE PASCARELLA-9857 Clark St.. Phila. JAMES PAULEY-12032 Waldemire Dr.. Phila. ANTHONY PAVLICHKO—12344 Wyndom Rd., Phila. JOSEPH PELUZZO—3511 Morrell Avc.. Phila. JOSEPH PEPPELMAN—735 Colebrook Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM PERRI-10Chestnut Ln.. Phila. JOSEPH PETTIT—11703 Denman Rd.. Phila. RICHARD PFLUGER—2802 Nestling Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH PLOVER—3508 Drunmore Rd.. Phila. JAMES POINTKOUSKI-10947 Kirby Dr., Phila. JOHN PONENTE—3641 Newberry Rd.. Phila. THOMAS POTE—3447 Holyoke Rd., Phila. ROBERT POWERS-10207 Woburn PL, Phila. STEPHEN PRIMUS—10917 Templeton Dr.. Phila. ALBERT PRINCIPE-3820 Violet Dr., Phila. FRANCIS PURCELL-2415 Steven Rd., Phila. BRIAN QUINN-3116 Morning Glory Rd., Phila. WILLIAM QUINN-3413 Primrose Rd.. Phila. JOHN QU1NTO—8954 Fairfield St., Phila. CHARLES RAFFAELE—3148 Derry Rd., Phila. CHARLES RAGUCCI—15128 Endicott St.. Phila. STEVEN RAINEY—3402 Kirkwood Rd., Phila. MICHAEL RASH—3600 Red Lion Rd. 57. Phila MICHALE RAUCHEISEN—3505 Brookview Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH RECA-9352 Lansford St., Phila. DANIEL REED-3141 Holly Rd.. Phila. CHRISTOPHER REGAN-9603 Dedaker St., Phila.TIMOTHY RETALLICK —10907 Waldemire Dr., Phila. PAUL RIZZUTO—9789 Verrec Rd., Phila. BRUCE ROACH—9349 Annapolis Rd., Phila. ROBERT ROCHE —3830Greenacres Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH ROCHFORD—12705 Dunks Ferry PL, Phila. JAMES RODGERS—3248 Maple Rd., Phila. MARTIN RODRIGUEZ-2842 Norcom Rd., Phila. STEPHEN ROGOSKY—3563 Nottingham Ln., Phila. MICHAEL ROHAN—12775 Dunks Fcr Rd.. Phila. FREDERICK ROMAN—3542 Sussex Ln., Phila. MICHAEL ROMANIELLO—535 N. 2nd St.. Phila. JOHN T. ROONEY—9245 Lansford St., Phila. JOHN ROSNEY—10922 Kirby Dr., Phila. MICHAEL RUDEWICZ—1006 Warfield PL, Phila. JOSEPH RUETER—10821 Meadow Ln., Phila. BRUCE RUGGER1—9745 Portis Rd., Phila. STEPHEN RUGGERI—426 Larkspur St., Phila. JAMES SABATH—1114 Lindenhurst St., Phila. PAUL SABINA—3606 President St., Phila. JOHN SALVATORE—316 Buxmont St., Phila. EDWARD SAMBUCA—228 Lockart Ter., Phila. GARY SANTABARBARA—12642 Knights PL, Phila. NICHOLAS SANTORO-1916 Goodnaw St., Phila. MATTHEW SAR7.YNSKI—14014 Erwin St.. Phila. ROBERT SAVAIANO—9821 Redd Rambler Rd., Phila. JOSEPH SCAVILLO-1813 Gregg St., Phila. JOSEPH SCHAFFLING—11033 Kipling Ln., Phila. STEPHEN SCHERF-11011 Lindsay St., Phila. ADAM SCHMIDT-504 Rennard St., Phila. MATTHEW SCHNEIDER—12510 Ramer Rd.. Phila. ROBERT SCHONEWOLF-3613 Prince Circle, Phila. GEORGE SCHRADER-9818 Woodfern Rd.. Phila. DAVID SCHWITTERS-10212 Ambridge PL. Phila. CHARLES SCOGNO-3461 Brookview Rd., Phila. RAYMOND SCOTT-9822 Montour St., Phila. RALPH SEIBERLICH—1103 Creswood St., Phila. TIMOTHY SENKO—12137 Barbary Rd., Phila. THOMAS SESTITO-10203 Kilburn Rd., Phila. JAMES SHACKLETON—148 Hickory Hill Rd., Phila. ROBERT SHARKEY—4251 Whiting Rd.. Phila. DOUGLAS SHARP-12783 Dunks Ferry, Phila. ROBERT SHARP—3909 Patrician Dr., Phila. ROBERT SHAW—1 1853 Brandon Rd., Phila. JOHN SHEVI.IN—3812 Aubrey Ave., Phila. FRANCIS SHOCH—11802 Brandon Rd.. Phila. NICHOLAS SHUTTIE—9335 Lansford St., Phila. ROBERT SIGOVICH-11979 Dumont Rd.. Phila. CHARLES SIMON—11009 Academy Rd., Phila. GORDON SIMPSON—1340 Wales PL, Phila. MARK SIMS-13420 Priestly St., Phila. PAUL SIMS-13420 Priestly St., Phila. ANTHONY SIWINSK1—11937 Glenfield Rd., Phila. MARK SLIWKA—11815 Basilc Rd., Phila. JOHN SLOBODIAN—9773 Chapelcroft St., Phila. ROBERT SLOBODIAN—9773 Chapelcroft St.. Phila. GERALD SMALL—2834 Normandy Dr., Phila. KENNETH SMIGO-4206 Whiting Rd.. Phila. DAVID SMITH—3331 Morning Glory Rd., Phila. PATRICK SMITH-9525 Clark St., Phila. RAYMOND SMITH—9767 Evans St., Phila. ROBERT SMITH—3274 Birch Rd., Phila. THOMAS SMITH-12520 Chilton Rd., Phila. JOHN SOLECKI—1968 Beyer Ave., Phila. ANTHONY SOMMA—230 Wickley Rd., Phila. JOHN SPOTTS-10941 Carey Plaza, Phila. THOMAS SROKA—10947 Kipling Ln., Phila. GREGORY STABLER—10100 W. Keswick Rd., Phila. STEVEN STAFFIERI—11701 Colman PL, Phila. DANIEL STELLA-11031 Rennard St., Phila. ERIC STENGEL-9249 Outlook Ave., Phila. MICHAEL STEVENS—11868 Basile Rd., Phila. JAMES ST1NSMAN—12417 Dunks Ferry, Phila. WILLIAM STOTT—3815 Nedla Rd., Phila. JOSEPH STRANGE—12642 Biscaync Dc., Phila. JAMES STRECKER—9611 Torresdale Ave., Phila MICHAEL SWIFT—12016 Waldemire Dr., Phila. GARY SYSOL—9700 Glenhope Rd., Phila. STEVEN SZYDLOWSKI—3610 Salina Rd., Phila. ALLEN SZYSZKO-10920Templeton Dr.. Phila. JAMES TAMMARO—2033 Murray St., Phila. MICHAEL TANSKI—3705 Academy Rd., Phila. ROBERT TAYLOR—801 Foster St., Phila. VINCENT TETE-604 Edison Ave., Phila. JOSEPH THOMAS—10819 Heflin Rd., Phila. WILLIAM THOMPSON—11733 Denman Rd., Phila. MATTHEW THOMPSON—4210 Fairdale Rd., Phila. WILLIAM TOLIA—12033 Waldemire Dr., Phila MICHAEL TOMKO—9207 Masland St., Phila. JOSEPH TRALIES—9316 Rising Sun Ave, Phila EDWARD TRAUFFER—712 Dunmore Rd., Phila. JOSEPH TRINACRIA—3401 Brookview Rd., Phila RAYMOND TRUSDELL—3511 Primrose Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL UNGER—3532 Nottingham Ln., Phila. JOSEPH VASTURIA—1817 Bergen St., Phila. FRANK VELLUCCI—12150 Aster Rd., Phila. ANTHONY VENDETTI—12509 Calpine Rd., Phila. ROBERT VERDONE—3413 Brookview Rd., Phila. RAYMOND VERRECCHIA—3432 Orion Rd.. Phila. NICHOLAS VINCI—3534 Byrne Rd., Phila. JOHN WALDINGER—9870 Wistaria St., Phila. THOMAS WALDRON—10728 Keswick Rd.. Phila. DANIEL WALSH—3599HNottingham, Phila. MICHAEL WALSH-3515 Primrose Rd.. Phila. BRUCE WARTMAN—11801 Basilc Rd., Phila. GERALD WEISS—11734 Lanctt Rd., Phila. MICHAEL WELSH—3824 Karen St., Phila. JOSEPH WEST-3233 Morn Glory Rd., Phila. ROBERT WEST-12112 Rainer Rd., Phila. BERNARD WHELAN-3624 Morrell Ave.. Phila. JOSEPH WHELAN-3706 Mechanicsville Rd., Phila. PATRICK WHITE-3847 Linden Ave., Phila. MICHAEL WHITWORTH—13026 Richwood Rd., Phila WILLIAM WILKINS-10872 Knights Rd., Phila. JOHN WINTERLE—12156 Rambler Rd., Phila. DENNIS WIREMAN—3201 Saxon PL, Phila. JOHN WISCHUM—3310 Chesterfield Rd., Phila. WILLIAM WISSMAN-12206 Medford Rd., Phila. EDMUND WIZA—9229 Outlook Ave., Phila. STEVEN WRUBLESKI—14011 Faraday St., Phila. VICTOR YACOVETT—3817 Brookview Rd., Phila. ANDREW YANNELLI—2822 Newberry Rd., Phila. DONALD YEALY—145 Pine Hill Rd., Feasterville ROBERT YOST-3560 Gloucester Ln.. Phila. JOSEPH YOUSE—12035 DepueSt., Phila. CHRISTOPHER ZICCARDI—9331 Outlook Ave., Phila GARY ZIMAK—2017 Bergen St., Phila. JOHN ZUCCARELLI—12854 Elnora Rd., Phila. MARK ZYCK—3030 Derry Rd., Phila. 132ARROW STAFF Miroslaw Gardyasz—Literary Editor Mr. Barry Rogers—Moderator Steven Geib,—Editor-in-chief Kevin Glaccum—Layout Editor 134 Reviewing past editions of the Arrow.Edward Carrol!—Photography Editor John Quinto—Sports Advisor CREDITS Mr. Barry Rogers . Steven Geib ...... Miroslaw Gardyasz Kevin Glaccum ... John Quinto....... ... Moderator Editor-in-Chief Literary Editor . Layout Editor Sports Advisor Literary Staff Bruce Ruggeri Timothy Senko Edward Doherty John Rooney Mark Francis Steven Kunip Michael Murray Steven Lombardo John Wischum Gregory Stabler Layout Staff Michael Whitworth John McRae Joseph Peppclman James O’Donnell Raymond Scott Marcello Latessa Photography Mr. James J. Mcllmail Edward Carroll Mr. Barry Rogers Dennis Wireman John Morrelli Typing Mrs. Mary Rogers 135Yes, the year is all over. Little did all of us realize how swiftly time passed by. Time, precious time, how full of life it was indeed; having fun with our friends, joking around, cramming for exams, cheering at games, giving up sweat, reaching to win, sharing with our friends, talking, laughing, crying, and reaching to become, to be a better person in the spirit of the Ryan tradition. Yes, those years have gone by and as each senior knows deep down in his heart, he shall never again walk in the halls of Ryan as a Ryan student. However, this parting, though sad it may be, calls each one of us to a new and greater challenge, the challenge of the future, of becoming not only a better person but a better Christian. We, the members of the Arrow Staff, have strived to present this year in a yearbook which you will always cherish and remember because it symbolizes your hopes, joys, sorrows and dreams as they were at Ryan during the 1976-77 school year. Someday when you open the dusty covers of this book, when you are older and maybe far away, remember, remember how it was, how it felUas we lived and grew together as brothers in Christ here at Ryan. All of us would like to thank you for simply being you because the 1977 Arrow is your yearbook. We enjoyed putting it together and we hope you share that joy with us. We would like to sincerely express our deepest gratitude to Mr. Rogers, our Moderator, who truly helped us along the way by donating more than enough of his time, his dear wife for her hard work in typing everything up, and likewise the faculty, administration, staff and you, the students for your help, cooperation, and inspiration. “ . . . Through the years, though we may wander To paths w hich are far apart; We will always be united As we pledge with loyal hearts!” 

Suggestions in the Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 122

1977, pg 122

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