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 (carroiu ARCHBISHOP RYAN HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS 11101 ACADEMY ROAD PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIAOver the past year, people throughout the country have been organizing what has been called “The most significant religious event in the United States in half a century.” This refers, of course, to the 41st International Eucharistic Congress, being held in Philadelphia, August 1-8, 1976. The theme of the Congress is: “The Eucharist and the Hungers of the Human Family.” This reminds us that man hungers not only for food, but also for God; not only for bread in this life, but for the bread of life itself, which is Christ. Many physical and spiritual preparations have been made for this event. One is Operation SIGN which stands for “Service in God’s Name.” In this program, people throughout the nation pledged their service to the needy. The goal of Operation SIGN was to accumulate 100 million service hours. Participation at Ryan included a Halloween party which was held for some orphans. This was known as Operation Treat. Fr. Noel Wall was chosen as the Site Director of John F. Kennedy Stadium for the Pope’s Mass and the Liturgy for Spanish-speaking Catholics. 3If you wore there at the beginning he wae present, dedicated and strong for good education In a well constructed facility. On the very first faculty he served as department chairman and teacher in Religion and Dean of Students at a time when hard work and many functions were the rule. As a classroom teacher he won the lasting and continued respect of students, whom he even now serves as a spiritual counselor, mentor, and friend. Then he became Principal and for eight blessed years has struggled to edication bring the school to full maturity as a Catholic Institution, providing moral leadership and administrative know-how which often left weaker wills and lesser spirits gasping for breath at his tremendous energy and creative vitality. All these talents, all this wisdom dedicated to providing students with a good education, the faculty with meaningful careers and creative outlets and his brother Franciscans with fraternity and service, for all this we, the anniversary class of 1976, choose to single out someone who most embodies the ideals of this institution, the man who helped create and sustain Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys in its ten years of existence. —Rev. Noel Wall, 0. F. M.con en 1 IFF ts 14 1 IRFRTY 46 PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS 66 SPIRIT OF 76 90 In the words, "There comes a time in one’s life”, there exists the knowledge that we, the Spirit of 76, after a long and difficult struggle, have realized our manhood. We have become individuals capable of accepting any challenge given to us. In 1776, our Founding Fathers discovered their individuality. The Patriots felt that they should have the liberty to choose their own way of life. But they also knew that without a unified effort, they would never attain that liberty. We the Patriots of today, must continue to strive for unity, for we are a community of brothers, a community of love. When recalling the anniversaries, of both our school and our nation, we must not let ourselves become caught up in facts and figures. For in the true pursuit of happiness, statistics mean nothing. It is the presence of love, the existence of brotherhood, and the essence of the spirit, that makes us what we are. In this, our pictorial representation of the 1975-76 school year, the student, his life, and his teachers are all interrelated. For this reason they are presented as "Life." We, the student body, possess the freedom to choose our own extra-curricular activities. Therefore, these activities appear as "Liberty.” We also hold the zest for competition. We chose to call this the “Pursuit of Happiness.” Needless to say, we, the Seniors, are the "Spirit of 76.” 5IERARCHY His Holiness Pope Paul VI His Eminence John Cardinal Krol. D.D., J.C.D. Archbishop of Philadelphia Rev. Msgr. Francis B. Schulte Superintendent of Schools Rev. Theodore Zaremba. O.F.M. Minister Provincial i ! | 6The Most Reverend Martin N. Lohmuller, D.D.. J.C.D. The Most Reverend John J. Graham. D.D. The Most Reverend Gerald V. McDevitt. D.D.. J.C.D. The Most Reverend Archbishop Patrick J. RyanCardinal Krol dedicates Ryan AN ANNIVERSARY YEAR The First Faculty 8 The first student council (except for the tall guy) Remember the days when white sox were "IN"? 9Mr. Jacovini once owned a suit. Mr. Jim Galbally—a fondly remembered teacher. ★★★★★★★★ The Archdiocese of Philadelphia, following its tradition of naming secondary schools in the system after former bishops of the archdiocese, named our High School after the sixth Bishop and second Archbishop of Philadelphia, Patrick J. Ryan. (Feb. 20, 1831-Feb. 11, 1911) The naming of the High School after this pioneer builder was as traditional as it was timely. His concern for the underprivileged, his aide and guidance to Mother Catherine Drexel in the founding of her order with their special apostolate among the Indians and Negroes, and his early ecumenical concerns further qualify him to be immortalized by a Christian school. Given their historic and contemporary concerns, it is another fortunate alignment to have an institution so named to be founded and initially staffed by the followers of Francis of Assisi. Our Friars, who are continuing a movement begun in the 13th century to bring the world closer to Christ, are members of the Assumption B.V.M. Province whose center is at Pulaski, Wisconsin. Five members of this province first came to Philadelphia in 1958 at the invitation of Cardinal John F. O’Hara. They took up residence at St. Pius X Friary, Carpenter Lane in Mt. Airy. Sept. 3, 1958 they began teaching at Bishop Neumann High School. In 1964 the Province formally accepted Cardinal Krol’s offer to administer and staff the boy’s school to be named in honor of Archbishop Ryan. At the end of 1965 the Friars began working on the plans for the school and faculty house. That same year four priests were transferred to Cardinal Dougherty High School to gain experience in different methods of administration and teaching. The school opened its doors for the first time on Sept. 7, 1966 with a freshman and sophmore class of 650 and Rev. Xavier Wilk, O.F.M. as principal. In 1968, another veteran founder, Fr. Noel Wall, O.F.M. took over as principal. Under his direction the school has expanded facilities, services and faculty to meet the considerable needs of a student population of 2300. Under his leadership, the work begun in 1958 has born fruit and justified the efforts of the early builders. The trust and faith of the diocese in the Franciscan Order and lay faculty has proved itself well placed, especially in light of the accomplishment of Middle States Association accreditation when the school was only in its sixth year of existence. It was largely Fr. Noel’s faith in this venture which gave our school the confidence to undergo the arduous task of self-evaluation. ★★★★★★★★ I 10Remember when Joe Hayes "Wowed" Ryan? The staff of the First Arrow including two present Ryan teachers. I didn't know that Indians played banjos in the old days.Ryan's first varsity basketball team. Oooooooooooooklahoma. With accreditation, Ryan began its mature years which have been characterized by a continuous response to the educational needs of its students. Television capabilities, computer education, intergroup studies, outdoor sports facilities, and many other improvements are a witness to the school adaptability and capacity for growth. Fr. Noel’s leadership, and the Franciscan Friars and their dedication, the concern of a lay faculty, committed to the Apostolate of Education, and a student body drawn from one of the most successfully established communities in the city’s history, all promise much for the future and are assurance that this school will always have an interesting story to tell. 12Ryan’s first award winners.ADMINISTRATION Right: Rev. Noel Wall Principal Below Left: Mr. John Scioli Director of Studies Below Right: Rev. Joel Szydiowski Director of Activities 16Above: Rev. Stanley Janowski Vice-Principal 17Fr. Noel welcomes students on first day of school. Fifth period vultures. ★------------------------ Above: Mr. Barry Rogers—Biology: Ecology Left Above: Mr. Harry Neenhold—Biology: Chairman of the Science Department Left: Rev. Clement Kurowski—Theology II Right: Mr. Jerome O'Connell—World Cultures I: Guidance Counselor Mr. Ott goes formal. Warpath Weekend festivities.Did he lock the doors yet? Wow ... third honors! Above: Miss Theresa Ryan—Theology III Center Above: Mr. Robert Melzi (left) English II; Mr. John Nickels—Spanish: English Right: Mr. John Molnar—English III 19 Above: Fr. Gabriel Rosetti—English IV; Chairman of the English Dept.★ Right: Mr. Robert Cwenar—U.S. Cultures: College Counselor Below: Mr. George Deal—Political Science I 20 Rooney uses the famous one finger method. Center Bottom: Mr. Frank Morris—Biology Below: Fr. David Jakubiec—Psychology III. IV; Guidance Counselor: Judo Club Moderator Ryan's Garden of Eden. Three throws for a quarter. Count Cro welcomes you to his nightmare. Above: Mr. James Conahan—Algebra I: Typing Above Center: Miss Loretta Stoebenau— Librarian Right: Mr. John Mulroney—World Political Cultures; Ecology; Guidance Counselor Below: Mr. Kyran Connelly—Media; AVA Director; TV Director; Yearbook Moderator 21Above: Mr. William McIntosh—Earth Science; Drivers Ed. Center Above: Mr. James Gannon—Theology IV 22Don't let go! Put your clothes on. Above: Mr. Edward Macko (left)—English IV; Assistant Coach for Cross Country and Track. Mr. Robert Kaupp—World Cultures Far Left: Mr. Gerard Nejman—English IV; Assistant Coach for Cross Country and Track Left Above: Mr. George Ottinger—Algebra: Mathletics Left: Mr. Richard Maguire—Mechanical Drawing: Architecture 23 I knew I could find it if I dug deep enough. Warpath Games 75 Above: 8ro. Edward Makowiecki—Plant Maintenance Director Left Above: Mr. Edwin Ulmer—Political Behavior: U.S. Cultures: Social Sciences Chairman: Head Coach of Cross Country and Track Left: Dr. Joaquin Stable—Spanish II, III, IV Right: Mr. Robert Purdy—Music: Band Director "Let's see. 25 is a hundred aces and 34 is a roundhouse." I want my ring back! This is a lousy way to wax the floor. Who says Trig and Stat isn't fun? Above: Mr. William Kuhl—Economics— Western Political Philosophy; World Political Cultures; World Affairs Council Moderator Center Above: Mr. James McCoy—Physical Education; Health Right: Fr. John Kosinski—Theology III Religion Department Chairman 25 Above: Fr. Richard Olszewski—Theology II: Baseball ModeratorLook he's putting the quarter in now! Breakout's tonight at 8:30. ★-------------------------- Right: Mr. Walter Zeglinski—English I; Asst. Football Coach Below: Mr. Joseph Ryan—Biology 26 Is he looking? Below Center: Mr. Robert Clothier—English II; Gun Club Moderator Below: Mr. Victor Staniec—I.P.S.Sectionfourmoveintosectionfivesectionfivemoveoutthedoor. Sign 'em up. Above: Fr. DePaul Sobotka—Mathematics Above Center: Ms. Barbara T. Dillon— English I; Reading I Right: Mr. John Quinn—Physical Education; Health: Varsity Football Coach i "Now that the April of your youth adorns the garden of your face.” ★Above: Mr. Charles L. Storm—Typing; Bookkeeping Center Above: Mr. Patrick Artur—Principles of Lav ; Ski Club Moderator 28 Above: Fr. Carl Graczyk—Theology I. II: Asst. Activities Aide Left: Mr. Carl Tori—Theology III I"I think I'd rather play on an empty stomach.' All-Purpose Pete Above: (I. to r.) Mr. Robert Bologa—Algebra: American History; Freshman Basketball Coach. Mr. Michael Wolohan— English I. II. Mr. Frederick Magenheimer —Physics: Math IV; Asst. Baseball Coach Far Left: Mr. Joseph Diorio—World Political Cultures: Asst. Disciplinarian; Drivers Education Above Left: Mr. John Kurek—German II, III: German Club Moderator Left: Mr. Paul Pedlow—English I, Union Senior Delegate 29Peter on his daily rounds. The ice wasn't like this in Wisconsin! Above: Mr. Louis Fante—Algebra I Left Above: Fr. Louis Stislow—Theology IV; Chaplain: Football Moderator: Alumni Moderator Left: Eugene A. Davis—Algebra I, II Right: Mr. Joseph T. Ryan—U.S. Cultures; U.S. History; Cross Country and Track Advisor: Assistant Yearbook Moderator Where is Egor? I think I'm going to cry. Above: Mr. Earl Meyer—Mechanical Drawing I. II Center Above: Mr. James Conroy—Assistant Director of Studies: Minorities— Peace Studies: Typing; Student Council Moderator Right: Mr. Donald Reardon—German I; Guidance Counselor: German Club Comoderator 31 Above: Fr. Liguori Mierzwiak—Theology I: Basketball ModeratorQuiet on the set. War of the Worlds? The control center at the ready. T.V. STUDIO WARB, the television station at Archbishop Ryan, came into existence in 1975 but this is the first complete school year that it has been in use. The facility provides the capacity to replay commercial T.V. shows that are of educational value, to create original instructional programming, to provide a training center for the media class and to serve as an informational source via the homeroom news show. Much of the credit goes to Mr. Matt Kritz and Mr. Lee Wahl who did the construction and, of course, to Fr. Noel who approved and oversaw the entire project. The studio is directed by Mr. Kyran Connelly. 32 Behind the scenes at WARB.Beat St. Huberts!"Swing your partner ’round and ’round!' "Fifth floor ladies' lingerie." ★--------------------------------- Dancing bear teaching his cubs. Right: Mr. Frederick Trainer—Marketing and Management: J.V. Basketball Coach Below: Mr. Joseph Schuler—Geometry; Mathematics Department Chairman 34 Center Bottom: Fr. Leonard Stunek— French I. Ill; NHS Moderator; Foreign Languages Department Chairman Below: Mr. John Connelly—Chemistry"I still say that the girls side is the other way." “Why didn't I do this on the beach in the summer?" "John, do you mean if I add 22 and 11 with a gold pen. I get a Golden 33?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★ Above: Fr. Ira Targonski—Geometry; Attendance Office Above Center: Fr. Anthony Chojnacki— Theology I Right: Mr. Robert Hawkinson—Physical Education; Health Below: Mr. Charles Fowler (Left)—Director of Counseling. Mr. Daniel Vorgity— Algebra I: Accounting; Business Dept. Chairman 351-2-3 Kick! Above: Bro. Julian Cerkiewicz—Asst. Disciplinarian; Band Moderator Center Above: Fr. Aquinas Helwig—Asst. Librarian "6.000 more of these, and I'll have enough for a house!" “You guys don't leave the cage till you get it right!" Above: Mrs. Mary Wahl—Art I, II; Chairwoman Fine Arts Department Left: Mr. Joseph Cunningham —Spanish II; French II; Freshman Football Coach; French Club Moderator 36"Fill it up all the way!" “I set this whole thing up myself." ---------------------------------------★ Above: Mrs. Dolores Donohue—Fr. Noel's Secretary Left: Mrs. Theresa Romano—Paraprofes-sional Center Above: Fr. Edward Brukner—Theology IV; Cross Country Moderator Center Below: (left) Mr. George Pauli— Physical Education; Health; Varsity Basketball Coach, (right) Mr. Thomas O'Connell—Geometry; Asst. Football Coach: Varsity Baseball Coach ■A T. 37Wizard! "And then what did you do?" "See if you can catch this one." ★------------------------------- Above: Fr. George Jaskulski—Asst. Athletics Director: U.S. Cultures Left Above: Mrs. Edytho Barras—Secretary Right: Mrs. Dorothy Gay—Secretary Left: Fr. John Joseph Stryjewski (left)— Algebra II; Theology; Athletics Director; Mr. John Saccomandi—Algebra II Murray talks with Moose about "social events. Where did you park it? Don't lean too hard, you might ruin my $29.99 paint job! Above: Mrs. Rosemary Konopka—Para-professional Right Above: Mrs. Catherine Haugh— Paraprofessional Right: Mrs. Eleanor Mulligan—Treasurer 39 Above: Mrs. Kay Korcz R.N. —School Nurse"Gimme page 23 dummy!" ★--------------- "Chestnuts roasting on an open (ire." Right: Mrs. Floss Brady: Secretary Below: 8ro. Felix Nowakowski; Asst. Maintenance Director Below Left: Mrs. Midge Pfender—Secretary Below: Mr. Edward Merrigan; Parapro-fessional 40Brotherhood at Ryan. The Krass Brothers "What’s the answer to number 8?" ----------------------------★ Below: Fr. Rene Barczak—Sociology: Minorities—Peace Studies: Student Store Manager: Human Relations Committee ModeratorLack of facilities does not impede Ryan's track success. Gee Father can I have your autograph. This is really a "twisted" business. Above: Fr. Terrence Pinkowski—Theology I; Football Moderator 42 Above: Mr. William Jacovini—Physical Education; Health Center Above: Mrs. Joanne Clothier-English III Left: Mrs. Toni Weisler—Paraprofes- sionalThe Cafeteria Staff. Above: (I. to r.) Mrs. Kathleen Merrick, Mrs. Eleanor Dittmar. Mrs. Jean Smith— Librarians Far Left: A Ryan student doing some last minute cramming. Above Left: Mr. George Todt—French II. IV; Guidance Counselor; Varsity Soccer coach: Swimming coach; Tennis coach Left: Mr. Ward Onsa—English III 43Christmas in Italy I'm going on strike! 44Ripped-Off again 45 I’ll appeal it.”•“The Liberty to choose...”mMiThe National Honor Society trying to look intelligent. Bob Bowman reads during the induction ceremony. The brains: Franchetti. Bowman, the candle. Murray, and Rooney In the days of the American Revolution, there existed a small contigent of men, who with their intelligence and character, molded the colonies into a great nation. Today, the work of these scholars is carried on in our school by the members of the National Honor Society. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 48APPEALS BOARD 49(Clockv ise from top): Mr. Conroy—Moderator; Rob Brassell— Treas.; Mark Trottnow—Sec.: Matt Murray—Pres.; Bill Rooney— V.P. The Junior Delegates decide that Garlick is the best-dressed. Executive Privilege Spirit of 76 50Sr. Delegate Joe Wixted caught in the middle. "In two more years we won't have to go to classes.' STUDENT COUNCIL There is always a need for good government. Whether the time is 1776 or 1976, people need someone to look up to. Two hundred years ago, a group of men were leaders of a great nation. These men became shining examples for America. Their kind of quality leadership can still be found today in the Student Council of Ryan. "O.K., now that I'm in charge, let's get a few things straight.. The Senior Delegates.Nearly Everybody Reads the Raiderscope. The Editors: (I. to r.) Ken Mitchell, John Quinto, John Chiodo, Rich Lakata, George Rizzuto. and John Coyne. During colonial times Americans relied heavily upon the media. Letters, books, and pamphlets were the means by which the populace was kept informed of important activities. Today our school keeps the same spirit of communication alive through the print of the Raiderscope, the theme of the Arrow, and the air waves of WARB. The Raiderscope's faculty advisor, Mrs. Joanne Clothier. RAIDERSCOPE 52The staff of the 1976 Arrow "Look Ma, no cavities! ARROW The Arrowheads: (standing, I. to r.): Tony Pratico, Bill Rooney, Frank Giordano, Rich Lakata, Bob Bowman, (seated, I. to r.): John Chiodo, Mike Hall. Joe Merrigan, Jim Ottinger 53"Hey, it's Woody Woodpecker!" T. V. STUDIO The wacky world of WARB. 54Kuhl and the Gang. WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL Moderator: Mr. Kuhl; Officers (I. to r.): Paul Fhz-zuto—Sec.: Dennis Marsaglia—V.P.: Mark Francis —Treas.; (seated): Matt McHugh—Pres. BICENTENNIAL COMMITTEE 55Die Deutsche Democratische Republik Because of it's integrated background, America has often been called a “melting pot”. The 13 original states were colonized by people of many different nations, and the French and German Clubs help maintain the heritage of two of those nations. The N.F.S.G. Second Vice-President— Anthony J. Pratico GERMAN CLUB Steve Geib—Sec.; Bill Rooney—Pres.; Tony Pratico: John Rooney—V.P. 56"Voulez-vous cuchez avec moi, ce soir?” FRENCH CLUBHe came. BYE-BYE BIRDIE "Bye-Bye Birdie" in the planning stage. The whole flock. 58 Left: Two of the leads during one of the first rehearsals. Right: Mr. Mrs. MacAfee discuss family matters.BAND Band Director. Mr. Purdy The Band does it's part for Ryan's birthday celebration. Early Americans spent much of their time at different plays or shows. It was a special recreation limited to those who were financially sound. At Ryan, you don’t have to be in the money. All you need is talent. The members of the play and the band most certainly exhibit their talent, and are definitely a credit to our school. A-wun ana-toowa The Big Band Sound comes to Ryan.This would be a team picture but Bobby Fischer could not make it. CHESS CLUB In the early days of America, many men found it necessary to get away from the bone-wearying pace of the Revolution. They found certain leisure activities which could occupy their time. Our school also has developed many different activities and clubs for the weary student who is tired of “battling” the books. Fred moves in for the kill. 60The Art Club prepares to create. Do I hear fifty? Going once, twice, three times, sold! ART CLUB The Math Club gets a lesson from the champ. Ice cubed! Very funny. 61 MATHLETiCSBOOSTER CLUB Above: The Pinochle Club. Below: The Gun Club before target practice. GUN CLUB The Booster Club of '76. That's the Spirit! Mr. Robert Clothier. Gun Club Moderator.BIOLOGY CLUB The Biology Club in their niche . . . the lab. WARPATH WEEKEND "Ladies and gentlemen ... the Warpath Queen." In your ear with a case of Bud. Do Indians get minimum wage? It sure is fun being a photographer. i I 63 1 iSTAGE CREW With any kind of worthwhile project, there is always an important group of people working behind the scenes. During the American Revolution, these people were a vast influence upon the outcome, but remained unnoticed. The unacclaimed stars of "Bye-Bye Birdie." DANCE CREW "I thought we sold more tickets than this!" 64STUDENT STORE Any offers for a pair of used gym shorts? ACTIVITIES OFFICE AIDES Always there to help you, Father Joel and his cohorts. COUNSELING CENTER AIDES Don't laugh, we get out of homeroom everyday.The essence of the Spirit.Front Row: Butler. Gallagher, Donnelly. McAneny, MacGrady. Janco. Ponente, Dadalski, Helbling; Second Row: Rueter, Norton. McStravock. Benz. Fulforth, Fox. Greco. Verdone, Dooley: Third Row: McDade. Wiater, Whalen. Logue, K. Adams. Brassell. Izzi. Kenney, Franks. Crognale. Gannon. Kaupp. Penko, Bakos. Murray. Hanuscin. P. 8rown: Back row: Dallago. Simons. M. McEachern. McGrath, Agger. Hughes. Davis. Rooney. J. Mc-Eachern. Leonard. Vellucci. Izzi and Kenney . .. John Hanuscin's blocking was a vital part of our punt returns. McEachern rifles the ball behind superb blocking. . . . when you're having more than one. 68FOOTBALL RYAN OPPONENT 17 Bonner 6 21 Judge 29 10 Kenrick 10 27 . McDevitt 6 14 North 0 7 Bensalem 0 21 Egan 20 23 Dougherty 6 14 La Salle 10 13 Wood 14 14 Washington 0 Hanuscin dazzles the defenders. The coaching staff that brought Ryan its finest record ever. Bakos throws a Crusader for a loss. Agger and friends smother an opponent. 69The Defense McEachern has plenty of time behind the blocking of All-Catholic Rob Brassell. 70These can't be the same guys. 71Rice takes advantage of a pick. I Fitzpatrick skies for two. 72 Kosman sees an opening. BASKETBALL We at Ryan have our own group of men behind the scenes, but we shall not let these patriots of today go unnoticed. The Basketball season that began in December with high hopes ended in the disappointment of late February. On the surface it would appear to be a setback for Ryan hardcourt hopes. But a look beneath the veneer of defeat shows promise shining through. The J.V. team was combative and competitive all season long, but the real breakthrough will come when our undefeated Freshman team matures. These underclass units will bolster a Varsity that will return half of its squad for next year. All of the cliches about silver linings and dark clouds parting have come to mind, but in this case they actually apply. The staff of the 1976 Arrow is truly sorry that it will not be here in the coming seasons when the Raider will rise again.Above: (Front row) Fox. Barraclough. Day. Gable. Rice. Diletto. (Back row) Fr. Liguori (Moderator). Hughes. Kosman, Fitzgerald. Fitzpatrick, Haugh. McNulty. Mr. George Pauli (Coach). Kozzzzzzzz 73The J.V. team, minus Bob Fox. 74If you want to hold my hand, wait until after the game." "Hi guys! Our Freshman team—undefeated in regular season play.Bruce Roam hangs in there a9ainst some tough pitching. Ryan's new head coach Tom O’Connell and his staff. BASEBALL Since the 1976 Arrow had to go to press long before the season began, these baseball pictures are obviously not from games. In an attempt to give you a preview of this year’s team, rather than a mere rehashing of last year’s season, our photographer went to a pre-season workout. These are the 1976 Raiders as they prepare to battle on the diamonds of the Catholic League. Good Luck to Coach Tom O’Connell and his team. Lower left: We'd get anyone to pose for these pictures. The abridged version of Ryan's 1976 baseball team. Just waiting for a slugger to lumber to the plate.JUDO The People's Republic of China I n “This way to a Black Belt.' Wait! Your shirt is ripped! Do the Hustle 77 EMEMBER m HEN... Archbishop Ryan High School All Decade Teams (1966-1976) In any institution of learning there must be an avenue which the student can use to escape and forget the strain of learning. At Ryan, athletics provides this. In the ten years our school has existed, the athletic program has been recognized as one of the FOOTBALL JOE SHAW 1969 TOM O'CONNELL 1970 JOHN KOSHERZENKO 1971 DAVE WEITZEL 1971 ED GLACKIN 1972 JOE JACHIMOVICZ 1972 STEVE MICHALOWSKI 1973 JOHN ZEGLINSKI 1974 GERRY BUTLER 1975 ROB BRASSELL 1976 CROSS COUNTRY JOHN DUGAN 1969 RICH GARROW 1972 MARK KELLY 1972 BILL BELL 1973 JIM HUGHES 1973 JACK KUHAR 1975 TOM FRANCHETTI 1976 GEORGE PETRICK 1976 BILL ROONEY 1976 MIKE THOM 1976 finest in the city. This has not come about accidentally. Through the hard work of the coaches and athletes, Ryan has reached a pinnacle of athletic acclaim. On these pages we would like to recognize these athletes for their determination and dedication in making Ryan what it is athletically. v ' V BASKETBALL FRED TRAINER 1969 TOM KENNEY 1970 LOU PELTZER 1970 WILLIS SPOKAS 1971 MIKE CATALINE 1972 RICH FEE 1972 JOHN FLANAGAN 1972 BOB SARCEWICZ 1973 GUY STEVENS 1974 REY PANETTIERI 1975 SOCCER JIM McDOWELL 1970 JIM AVATO 1972 TONY McGINN 1972 JACK O’NEIL 1972 FRED LAUTERWASSER 1973 KEVIN MCWILLIAMS 1974 MIKE ROSS 1976 MARK SCHAEFER 1976 STEVE ROGOSKY 1977 ERNIE KNOWLES 1978 TRACKBASEBALL FRANK O’NEIL 1969 TOM O’CONNELL 1970 JOE RAMAGANO 1970 BERNIE LAMBERT 1971 DENNIS FERRETTI 1973 BOB SARCEWICZ 1973 JIM DUGAN 1974 TOM FILER 1974 JOHN ZEGLINSK11974 REY PANETTIERI 1975 SWIMMING JIM GILL 1972 MIKE STEINBERG 1975 GERRY SCHUCK 1978 GOLF TOM SHEVLIN 1970 CHARLIE BOWMAN 1973 JIM GAVAGHAN 1975 TENNIS LARRY GLACKIN 1974 FRANK KOSICH 1974 CHUCK MEYRICK 1976 Among athletes there always seems to be one who jumps a little higher, runs a little faster or throws a little farther. These are the stars among stars, champions among champions, Ryan’s most valuable players. FOOTBALL JOHN ZEGLINSKI—“John is truly an outstanding athlete, probably the best to walk through the halls of Ryan. Northern Division M.V.P. his senior year, he led the offense to an amazing total of 291 points in 12 games and a Northern Division Championship.”—Mr. John Quinn BASKETBALL MIKE CATALINE—“His all-around team play and domination of the court led the Raiders to their only playoff appearance. He is now finishing up a sparkling college career at Mt. St. Mary’s as a Small-College All-American.” —Mr. George Pauli CROSS COUNTRY TRACK MIKE THOM—"Besides being All-Catholic and All-Delaware Valley his four years at Ryan, Mike became the school’s first All-American. He holds all the school’s cross country records plus the mile, 2 mile and 1000 yard in track.”—Mr. Ed Ulmer SOCCER TONY McGINN—“Tony is one of the finest all-around players to ever play in the city of Philadelphia. Skilled in all facets of the game, he dominated play in our league his Junior and Senior years.”—Mr. George Todt BASEBALL TOM FILER—“Tom pitched and batted the Raiders to the Catholic League Championship in 1974. During the season he had a mound record of 8 wins and 1 loss while hitting at a .526 clip.”—Mr. George Pauli(Front row) Knuttel. Petrillo. Swltters, Pote, Tammaro. Bryan. Gerstenteld. Rogosky. (Second row) Foshnock. Schneider. Ward. Knowles. Posusney, Amspacher, Petticrew. (Back row) Ross. Fitzgerald. Pond. Barras. Schaefer, Powers, Rauchet. Merrigan. Mr. George Todt (coach). SOCCER-Northern Division Champions RYAN 0 North OPPONENT 0 2 . . . . ... Dougherty ... 1 2 . . . . Judge 1 2 . . . . Wood 0 4 ... Kenrick 1 1 North 0 0 . . . . Dougherty 0 1 . . . . Judge 2 2 Wood 0 7 Kenrick 0 0 . . . . Playoffs North 1 80 Rogo and Ross make their moves while Bruce looks on.Rogo goes up on the head shot. Nothing stands in the way of Bruce Barras. 81 Dan Amspacher: two minutes for elbowing.CROSS COUNTRY Ryan's Fleet Feet CITY CHAMPS 1975 Mike Thom in action Ryan—First, Second, and Third PlaceThese MUST be Big Foot’s tracks. ★ A M E R I C A N ★ 83 MikeThom—One of the best.The 1975-76 Track Team TRACK-State Indoor Champions Ryan’s relay team way out in front. 84 Tom Franchetti soars into the pit. Rooney at the bar as always.Mike Thom in the lead as usual. George Petrick closing last. Keith Agger gives it the heave-ho. 85SWIMMING 86 Why did my toe v ait until now to itch?'On your marks, get set 87GOLF The Varsity Golf team (I. to r.): Rueter. Weisler. Booth. Bowman, and Link. TENNIS Tennis players Chuck Meyrick and Tim Retallick with Coach George TodtCHARLES ROOM WELCOME ARCHBISHOP RYAN HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS IOTH ANNIVERSARY DINNER uhlu::.: TENTH ANNIVERSARY DINNER The Big Four Rev. Theodore Zaremba made a special trip for the occasion. 89 Fr. Stan presents Fr. Noel with a plaque thanking him for his years of service at Ryan.“a community of brothers...”BRIAN ABEL THOMAS ABENDROTH KENNETH ALEXANDER JOSEPH ALVAREZ JONATHAN ADAMS PATRICK ADDUCI KEITH AGGER THOMAS AMBROSKIEWICZ FRANCIS AMEND STEPHEN AMOROSO DANIEL AMSPACHER ALBERT ANTONI MICHAEL APPENZELLER JOSEPH ARGENTIERO FRANK AVATOMARK AZZOLINA DAVID BACANSKAS MICHAEL BACHMAYER CHRISTOPHER BAILEY WILLIAM BAKER ROBERT BAKOS KEITH BALDWIN BRUCE BARRAS JAMES BARSKY MARTIN BALZEREIT JAMES BASARA ANTHONY BARBADORO WILLIAM BATCHELLER JAMES BARRACLOUGH JOSEPH BECKMAN 93PATRICK BEEBIE MICHAEL BELCHER ROBERT BELINSKY CHRISTOPHER BENZ JOSEPH BENZ MARK BERKELBACH WILLIAM BEUERIE JOHN BIANCHI PATRICK BIEGENWALD GEORGE BLEWITT 94 GERALD 80NNER MARK BONTEMPOROBERT BOWMAN GERALD BOYLE FRANCIS BRADLEY "The first of earthly blessings, independence. ” -EDWARD GIBBON ANDREW BRADY JOHN BRESLIN PAUL BRADY ROBERT BRASSELL JOHN BRETT FRANCIS BREXA KEVIN BRISLIN TIMOTHY BRITT ROBERT BROOKS FRANCIS BROSCIUS RICHARD BRUNO STEPHEN BRUNO ROBERT BUDNICKI THOMAS BUTLER MICHAEL BYRNE GREGORY CAMPBELL VINCENT CAMPELLONE RALPH CAPONIGRO WILLIAM CAIN MARK CAPOZIO EDWARD CALLAGHAN BERNARD CARR KEVIN CASEY BRUNO CATRAMBONE ALLEN CHAPMAN JOHN CHIODO ANTHONY CATTOLICO WALTER CECCOLINI FRANCIS CHMIELEWSKI THOMAS CICCHITTI VINCENT CENICCOLA LOUIS CIONCI I 96WILLIAM CLARK BRIAN CLAY THOMAS COGHLAN FREDERICK COMPTON MARK CONAWAYLAWRENCE COUGHLAN JOSEPH CRO JAMES COULTER JAMES CROGNALE MICHAEL COYLE TIMOTHY COYLE JOHN COYNE JOHN CROTTY ROBERT CUNNINGHAM GAETON CURIONE THOMAS CUSACK DENIS CZAJKOWSKI MICHAEL CZEKAY MICHAEL DALTON JOSEPH DALY 98MICHAEL DALY ROBERT DALY GREGORY DAMIS ANTHONY D ANGELO ROBERT D ANGELO JOSEPH DARCY MARIO DAULERIO JAMES DAVIDSON MARK DAVIS ROBERT DAY ROBERT DeBLASIS ANTHONY DeGREGORIO ANDREW DELTITO JOHN DEVEREUX MICHAEL DiCHRISTOFARO 99JOHN DiDONATO RICHARD DIEHL ROBERT DIETZ KEVIN DiGIOVANNI MICHAEL DiMARTINO ALFRED DiTULLIO RAYMOND DiVIRGILIO LEONARD DOLKIEWICZ LAWRENCE DOLLARD PETER DiPIETRO DAVID DiRENZO STEVEN DITTMAR PATRICK DONAHUE BARRY DOWNEYHARRY DOWNEY JOSEPH DOWNEY PETER DOYLE CHRISTOPHER DRISCOLL JOHN DUAIME DANIEL DUFFY “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. ” — BERNARD SHAW TIMOTHY DURKIN AUGUSTINE DURSO JOHN DUSAK DAVID EDWARDS JAMES ELSER sum BRIAN ELY LEONARD EVERETT NICHOLAS FAINELLI PATRICK FALCONEGEORGE FALLON JOHN FALLON RICHARD FARLEY JOSEPH FEDERER GEORGE FEELEY MICHAEL FERRELL JAMES FIELDS ALBERT FINELLI CHARLES FINLEY RICHARD FIT2HENRY MICHAEL FITZPATRICK WILLIAM FITZPATRICK JAMES FLEMING THOMAS FOLEY DINO FONDA SAMUEL FORTE FRANCIS FOX THOMAS FRANCHETTI MICHAEL FRANKS MARK FREEMANJOSEPH FRESOLONE GREGORY FRYER MICHAEL FULFORTH THOMAS FUNKE JOHN FUSCELLARO llH ■LIVING FOR OTHER WM ApPer) LEO GALLAGHER ROBERT GALLAGHER JOHN GALLEN JOSEPH GALLINA 103MICHAEL GANNON KEVIN GARVIN MATTHEW GARVIN PAUL GAVIN GARY GENTILCORE GARY GEOGHEGAN ROBERT GIANNONE JOSEPH GIANTOMASO FRANCIS GIORDANO DENNIS GLEASON WALTER GOLCZEWSKI RAYMOND GRAMLICH JOHN GRAZIANO JOSEPH GREED RICHARD GREENJOSEPH GREENE DAVID GREENHALGH CHARLES GRESS MICHAEL GUSHUE WILLIAM HAAS JAMES HAHN JOHN HANUSCIN CLIFFORD HALL MICHAEL HALL CHRISTOPHER HANEY STEVE HARCUM MICHAEL HARRIS TIMOTHY HASSELL ROBERT HAUGH ARTHUR HEATON 105PAUL HEGARTY SEAN HENNESSY THOMAS HIGGINS ROBIN HILL TIMOTHY HILLER JAMES HOGAN ROBERT HOPKINS JOHN HUFNAGLE JOHN HUGHES JAMES HOEFLER RAYMOND HOFELDER JOSEPH HUGHES STEVEN HUGHESDAVID HUNT GEORGE HUNT TIMOTHY HUNT “I am not a Virginian, but an American.” -PATRICK HENRY JOSEPH INNAURATO DAVID JOHNSTON STEPHEN IZZI PAUL JAUSS MICHAEL JORDAN MICHAEL JOVOVICH RICHARD JUREWICZ MARTIN KAHRIMANIAN ROBERT KAUFFMAN CLIFTON KAUPP PAUL KEEGAN DENNIS J KELLYDENNIS M. KELLY THOMAS KENNEY JOHN KELLY WAYNE KEYES MICHAEL KELLY ALBERT KILCHESTY ROBERT KELLY STEPHEN KEMENES JOHN KLINE JOHN-TOM KNUTTEL MICHAEL KOLODZIEJ JOHN KONIECZNY JAMES KOPANIA WAYNE KROGER CHARLES KUENY STEPHEN KUMOR JOSEPH KOSMAN EDWARD KOTULA THOMAS KURUC JOHN KUTSCHERA 108JOHN LEONARD RAYMOND LEONARDO FRANCIS LEPONE GREGG LEWIS MARTIN LICHTNER 109JOSEPH LIGAMBI EDWARD LITWA DAVID LOGUE REYNOLD LOHMILLER MICHAEL LONERGAN GERALD LONG THOMAS LONG DONALD LOUGHERY JOSEPH LOUGHLIN ROBERT LUDASCHER MARTIN LYONS RICHARD MacGRADY JOHN MALONE DAVID MANCINELLI EUGENE MANGMICHAEL MARANO RAYMOND MARCHAK DENNIS MARSAGLIA EDWARD MARTIN THOMAS MARTIN BENJAMIN MARUCCI DANIEL MCBRIDE MATHEW MASNY JOSEPH McCARRY RICHARD MAUCIERI martin McCarthy THOMAS MA2ZA WILLIAM McCOLGAN FFHHHK DANIEL McALEESE MICHAEL MCCORMACK ------------ 111PATRICK MCCORMICK MICHAEL McCOSKER JOHN McCREERY MICHAEL McCRORY MICHAEL J. MCDERMOTT EDWARD McFADDEN james McFarland MICHAEL T. McDERMOTT TIMOTHY McDERMOTT THOMAS D. McDEVITT THOMAS J. McDEVITT DANIEL MCDONNELL MICHAEL MCDONOUGH JOHN McEACHERNBRIAN McGEEHAN JOSEPH McGETTIGAN ROBERT McGINN “77s not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies. ” -THOMAS PAINE FRANCIS McGOWAN MATHEW McGRATH JOHN McGURNEY BRIAN McHUGH MATHEW MCHUGH MATTHEW MclLHENNY ROBERT MclNTYRE JOSEPH McKEOWN 113 WILLIAM McKEOWN john d. McLaughlin JOHN F. MCLAUGHLIN ROBERT McMONAGLEJOSEPH McMULLEN JOSEPH McNELLlS ROBERT McMULLEN KEVIN McNICHOLAS JAMES MCNALLY dennis McQuillan PATRICK McNALLY JOHN McSTRAVOCK SHAWN McNEILL MICHAEL MEDERNACH JOSEPH MEDVIC JOSEPH MERLINO JOSEPH MERRIGAN WARREN MESSING CHARLES MEYRICK JOHN MILANESE RAYMOND MILANESE DAVID MILLER GERALD MILLEVOI MICHAEL MISENKO 114LEONARD MIZIA DAVID MONTEITH MICHAEL MOONEY THOMAS MOONEY WILLIAM MOOREJOHN MULLARKEY PETER MULLEN JOHN MUNTZ THOMAS MURPHY KENNETH MURRAY MATTHEW MURRAY BRIAN MURPHY MARTIN NELSON JOHN MURPHY JOHN NEWNS MATTHEW NICASTRO WILLIAM NICKEL ANTHONY NOLEN KEVIN NORRIS JOSEPH NORTONSTEPHEN NOWICKI FREDERICK OBERHOLZER RAYMOND O BRIEN EDWARD O BRYAN JOHN OERTH ALEXANDER OGOZAREK MICHAEL O HARA KEVIN O LEARY KEVIN OLIVER THOMAS O NEILL KEVIN O SHEA THOMAS OSHINSKY STEPHEN OSKIERA JAMES OTTINGER DAVID PADOVA 117PETER D. PALAZZO EDWARD F. PALMER JOSEPH PANEPRESSO RAYMOND T. PAPARO THOMAS F. PELL MARK S. PENKO DAVID J. PERRI CHARLES P. PETRICK GEORGE A. PETRICK MICHAEL S. PETTICREW RICHARD L. PLANK NICHOLAS PODY 118 JOHN F. POLCINO SAMUEL H. PONDPETER F. PORTA RICHARD M. POSPIECH WILLIAM A. POSUSNEY ANTHONY J. PRATICO JOHN E. PRELLE MICHAEL PRENDERGAST “A little rebellion now and then a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.” —THOMAS JEFFERSON JOHN W. PRIDE FRANCIS PRIMAVERA GREGORY M. PROKOP JOSEPH A. PROTO HAMID QADRIKEVIN RAFFERTY BRUCE REAM THOMAS RAFFERTY FRANCIS REILLY PATRICK RAUCHET GERARD REMENTER WILLIAM RAUP ALLAN RHODES ROY RAVENSTAHL JOSEPH RICE ROBERT RITZHEIMER MARIO ROCCHI WILLIAM J. ROONEY MICHAEL ROSS WAYNE ROMAN JOSEPH ROSSETTI FRANCIS ROMANO WILLIAM B. ROONEY EDWARD RUBEO WILLIAM RUPPENTHAL 120MARK SANVILLE STEPHEN SCARENGELLI MARK SCHAEFER STEPHEN SCHAFFNER STEVEN SCHIEBER 121JOSEPH SCHILIRO MICHAEL SCHLUPP TIMOTHY SCHLUPP WILLIAM SCHMITT FREDERICK SCHNEIDER JOHN SCHNEIDER JAMES SCHUCK CLAUDE SCIPIONE MICHAEL SCOTT ANTHONY SCUDERI DANIEL SCULLY JOSEPH SESTITO ROBERT SHANNON MICHAEL SHAW STEPHEN SHARP If-. L DONALD SHIFTY JOSEPH SHOWERS JAMES SLOVER ALFRED SMITH ANTHONY SMITH JAMES SMITH TERENCE SMITH TIMOTHY DENNIS SODA THOMAS SOLECKI HENRY SNIGER THEODORE S08IESKI WILLIAM SOCHA SOLIS ROBERT SPROSS JOHN STIRLING 123JOSEPH STIRLING WILLIAM STOUT TIMOTHY STRYBUC CRAIG SULLIVAN MICHAEL SUTTON ERIC SWANNER RICHARD SYSOL EDWARD TADDEI VICTOR TALAMO DARRYL TERMINE MICHAEL THOM EDWARD THOMAS FRANK TOSCANO JOHN TOWEY 124MARK TROTTNOW JOSEPH TURNBACH STEPHEN UNGER “The inescapable price of liberty is an ability to preserve it from destruction. ” — douglas McArthur MICHAEL VETRULLI RICHARD VISCO MARK VISONE MICHAEL VISONE MICHAEL VOTTO JOSEPH WALDOWSKI DANIEL WALLACE JAMES WALLSMICHAEL WARD THOMAS WEISLER THOMAS WARDACH JOHN WELSH MARTIN WASSER DAVID WELTZ WILLIAM WEIR RICHARD WESTERFER JOHN WEISEMAN THOMAS WETZEL WILLIAM WHARTON JOHN WHELAN WILLIAM WHELAN JOHN WISNIEWSKI CHRISTOPHER WISSMAN MARK WITOWSKI JOSEPH WILSON JOSEPH WIXTED JOHN WINSCOM WARNER YOAST 126LAWRENCE ZITO HERBERT ZUBAK ROBERT ZYCH 127In Memoriam Most in this class of 1976 probably did not know them. Those who did will surely soon forget them, but someday in the future when nostalgia overtakes you and urges another look at the 76 Arrow, spend a few moments thinking of these classmates who never were given the chance for a Senior Prom, Graduation, Senior Week at the shore, College, a job, a wife, a family or all of the things that you will by then have taken for granted. For these few, Ryan was the ultimate experience. John Nolan Walter Beban George Thomas Albert Sementa “Though nothing can bring back the hour— we will grieve not, rather find strengh in what remains behind.” Wordsworth—“Ode: Intimations of Immortality”Senior BRIAN ABEL—12504 Ramar Rd.. Phila. THOMAS ABENDROTH—113 Gardner St.. Phila. JONATHAN ADAMS—3171 Kathy Lane. Huntingdon Valley PATRICK ADDUCI—9228 Leon St.. Phila. KEITH AGGER—12652 Knights Place. Phila. KENNETH ALEXANDER—11120 Drake Dr.. Phila. JOSEPH ALVAREZ—4918 Grants Ave., Phila. THOMAS AMBROSKIEWICZ—10010 Warfield Place. Phila. FRANCIS AMEND—1177 Buttonwood Ave., Andalusia STEPHEN AMOROSO—3519 E Crown Ave., Phila. DANIEL AMSPACHER—Apt. 5-202 Bldg. A5. 13512 Bustle-ton Ave., Phila. ALBERT ANTONI—2848 Normandy Dr.. Phila. MICHAEL APPENZELLER—3240 Morrell Ave.. Phila. JOSEPH ARGENTIERO—3518 Teton Rd.. Phila. FRANK AVATO—3839 Linden Ave.. Phila. MARK AZZOLINA—4121 Whiting Rd.. Phila. DAVID BACANSKAS—1846 Berwyn St.. Phila. MICHAEL BACHMAYER—12404 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila. CRISTOPHER BAILEY—9979 S. Canterbury Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM BAKER—9523 Bustleton Ave.. Phila. ROBERT BAKOS—3446 Aubrey Ave.. Phila. KEITH BALDWIN—8590 Bloomfield Ave.. Phila. MARTIN BALZEREIT—3118 Holly Rd.. Phila. ANTHONY BARBADORO—11850 Sewell Rd.. Phila. JAMES BARRACLOUGH—1013 Regina St.. Phila. BRUCE BARRAS—3423 Fitler St.. Phila. JAMES BARSKY—9336 Hegerman St.. Phila. JAMES BASARA—2015 President St.. Phila. WILLIAM BATCHELLER—12420 Wyndom Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH BECKMAN—3225 Chelsea Place. Phila. PATRICK BEEBIE—13037 Sewell Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL BELCHER—9330 Treaty Rd.. Phila. ROBERT BELINSKY—1079 Lowell Ave.. Andalusia CHRISTOPHER BENZ—8613 Bridle Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH BENZ—8613 Bridle Rd.. Phila. MARK BERKELBACH—3562 Grant Ave., Phila. WILLIAM BEUERIE—3887 Alberta Place. Phila. JOHN BIANCHI—1809 Bergen St.. Phila. PATRICK BIEGENWALD—12583 Chilton Rd.. Phila. GEORGE BLEWITT—11767 DiMarco Dr.. Phila. MONTE BLODGETT—9236 Leon St.. Phila. MARK BOESS—11616 Kelvin Ave.. Phila. GERALD BONNER—842 Medway Rd.. Phila. MARK BONTEMPO—1381 Clover Lane. Feasterville ROBERT BOWMAN—9940 Medway Rd.. Phila. GERARD BOYLE—1910 Tustin Ave.. Phila. FRANCIS BRADLEY—3606 Morrell Ave.. Phila. ANDREW BRADY—11124 Hendrix St.. Phila. PAUL BRADY—162 Larkspur Place. Phila. ROBERT BRASSELL—12538 Chilton Rd., Phila. JOHN BRESLIN—3808 Andrea Rd.. Phila. JOHN BRETT—816 Tomlinson Rd.. Phila. FRANCIS BREXA—3258 Sandy Lane. Cornwells Hgts. KEVIN BRISLIN—3546 Fitler St.. Phila. TIMOTHY BRITT—4509 Aubrey Ave.. Phila. ROBERT BROOKS—12526 Richton Rd.. Phila. FRANCIS BROSCIUS—10917 Kirby Dr.. Phila. RICHARD BRUNO—9206 Lansford St., Phila. STEPHEN BRUNO—12511 Chilton Rd.. Phila. ROBERT BUDNICKI—10932 Modena PI.. Phila. THOMAS BUTLER—13036 Sewell Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL BYRNE—3435 Primrose Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM CAIN—9631 Torresdale Ave.. Phila. EDWARD CALLAGHAN—3221 Belgreen Rd.. Phila. Directory GREGORY CAMPBELL—10919 Kirby Dr.. Phila. VINCENT CAMPELLONE—3349 Fairdale Rd.. Phila. RALPH CAPONIGRO—10918 Lockart Rd.. Phila. MARK CAPOZIO—3464 Vinton Rd.. Phila. BERNARD CARR—13400 Kelvin Ave.. Phila. KEVIN CASEY—11011 Knights Rd.. Phila. BRUNO CATRAMBONE—3283 Morrell Ave.. Phila. ANTHONY CATTOLICO—9716 Beacon Rd.. Phila. WALTER CECCOLINI—1026 Bloomfield Ave.. Phila. VINCENT CENICCOLA—3006 Derry Ter., Phila. ALLEN CHAPMAN—8594 Bloomfield Ave.. Phila. JOHN CHIODO—9761 Hoff St.. Phila. FRANCIS CHMIELEWSKI—1045 Sunset Lane. Cornwells Hgts. THOMAS CICCHITTI—1800 Bergen St.. Phila. LOUIS CIONCI—2029 Nester St.. Phila. WILLIAM CLARK—1918 Morrell St.. Phila. BRIAN CLAY—3632 Salina Rd., Phila. THOMAS COGHLAN—1740 Hollins Rd.. Cornwells Hgts. FREDERICK COMPTON—9719 Beacon Rd.. Phila. MARK CONAWAY—3346 Chesterfield Rd.. Phila. JAMES CONBOY—1005 Bingham St.. Phila. JOHN CONNOR—15152 Carter St.. Phila. RONALD CONSALVO—3569 Primrose Rd., Phila. JOSEPH CORISH—12138 Sweetbriar Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL COSTELLO—3619 N. Hereford Lane. Phila. LAWRENCE COUGHLAN—3525 Drumore Rd.. Phila. JAMES COULTER—3614 N. Hereford Lane. Phila. MICHAEL COYLE—867 Morefield Rd.. Phila. TIMOTHY COYLE—867 Morefield Rd.. Phila. JOHN COYNE—10826 Modena Terrace. Phila. JOSEPH CRO—186 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila. JAMES CROGNALE—3741 S. Hereford Lane. Phila. JOHN CROTTY—718 Millwood Rd.. Phila. ROBERT CUNNINGHAM—8614 Bridle Rd.. Phila. GAETON CURIONE—8930 Calvert St.. Phila. THOMAS CUSACK—10918 Templeton Dr.. Phila. DENIS CZAJKOWSKI—12616 Medford Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL CZEKAY—3615 Nanton PI.. Phila. MICHAEL DALTON—12701 Dunks Ferry PI.. Phila. JOSEPH DALY—106 Gardner St.. Phila. MICHAEL DALY—11711 Denman Rd.. Phila. ROBERT DALY—8800 Cottage St.. Phila. GREGORY DAMIS—9237 Walker St.. Phila. ANTHONY D ANGELO—422 Maple Ave.. Phila. ROBERT D ANGELO—3600 Morrell Ave.. Phila. JOSEPH DARCY—3313 Glenbrook Place. Phila. MARIO DAULERIO—12301 Wyndom Rd.. Phila. JAMES DAVIDSON—3707 Bandom Dr., Phila. MARK DAVIS—3606 Chesterfield Rd.. Phila. ROBERT DAY—600 Colebrook Rd., Phila. ROBERT DEBLASIS—3559 Wessex Lane. Phila. ANTHONY DEGREGORIO—12830 Elnora Rd.. Phila. ANDREW DELTITO—11708 Brandon Rd.. Phila. JOHN DEVEREUX—9960 Alicia St.. Phila. MICHAEL DICHRISTOFARO—9736 Beacon Rd.. Phila. JOHN DIDONATO—3523 Brookview Rd.. Phila. RICHARD DIEHL—10963 Waldemire Dr.. Phila. ROBERT DIETZ—2949 Normandy Dr.. Phila. KEVIN DIGIOVANNI—4158 Fairdale Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL DIMARTINO—3809 Millbrook PI.. Phila. PETER DIPIETRO—10039 S. Canterbury Rd.. Phila. DAVID DIRENZO—3738 Bandon Dr., Phila. 130STEVEN DITTMAR—3461 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila. ALFRED DITULLIO—2018 Tomlinson Rd.. Phila. RAYMOND DIVIRGILIO—1115 Bloomdale Rd.. Phila. LEONARD DOLKIEWICZ—11745 Denman Rd.. Phila. LAWRENCE DOLLARD—11139 Drake Dr.. Phila. PATRICK DONAHUE—13015 Sewell Rd.. Phila. BARRY DOWNEY—654 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Cornwells Hgts. HARRY DOWNEY—654 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Cornwells Hgts. JOSEPH DOWNEY—8633 Fcrndale Si.. Phila. PETER DOYLE—4021 Filler St., Phila. CHRISTOPHER DRISCOLL—3454 Holyoke Rd.. Phila. JOHN DUAIME—2047 Nester St.. Phila. DANIEL DUFFY—3601 N. Hereford Rd.. Phila. TIMOTHY DURKIN—3854 Kipling PI.. Phila. AUGUSTINE DURSO—9734 Evans St.. Phila. JOHN DUSAK—11610 Depue St.. Phila. DAVID EDWARDS—2817 Newberry Rd.. Phila. JAMES ELSER—104 Fourth St.. Fcasterville BRIAN ELY—12506 Chilton Rd.. Phila. LEONARD EVERETT—3506 Dows Rd.. Phila. NICHOLAS FAINELLI—12791 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila. PATRICK FALCONE—3626 Newberry Rd.. Phila. GEORGE FALLON—12502 Calpine Rd.. Phila. JOHN FALLON—3735 Clarendon Ave.. Phila. RICHARD FARLEY—9724 Redd Rambler Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH FEDERER—8509 Benton Ave.. Phila. GEORGE FEELEY—9247 Outlook Ave.. Phila. MICHAEL FERRELL—3217 Thornbrook PI.. Phila. JAMES FIELDS—1060 Tennis Ave.. Andalusia ALBERT FINELLI—4210 Greenmount Rd.. Phila. CHARLES FINLEY—3595-A Brookview Rd.. Phila. RICHARD FITZHENRY—3344 Red Lion Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL FITZPATRICK—9706 Hoff St.. Phila. WILLIAM FITZPATRICK—607 Avon St.. Phila. JAMES FLEMING—8614 Ferndale St.. Phila. THOMAS FOLEY—10200 W. Keswick Rd.. Phila. DINO FONDA—3401 Holyoke Rd.. Phila. SAMUEL FORTE—9755 Evans St.. Phila. FRANCIS FOX—3551 Chalfont Dr.. Phila. THOMAS FRANCHETTI—8618 Bridle Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL FRANKS—13430 Lindsay St.. Phila MARK FREEMAN—3483 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH FRESOLONE—12641 Medford Rd.. Phila. GREGORY FRYER—4136 Whiting Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL FULFORTH—2830 Nature Rd.. Phila. THOMAS FUNKE—9242 Ditman St.. Phila. JOHN FUSCELLARO—3123 Byberry Rd.. Phila. JAMES GALLAGHER—9758 Clark St.. Phila. LEO GALLAGHER—3100 Derry Rd.. Phila. ROBERT GALLAGHER—4926 Grant Ave.. Phila. JOHN GALLEN—1002 Larkspur St.. Phila. JOSEPH GALLINA—1936 Foster St.. Phila. MICHAEL GANNON—3621 Whitehall Lane. Phila. KEVIN GARVIN—832 Pine Hill Rd.. Phila. MATTHEW GARVIN—3809 Brookview Rd.. Phila. PAUL GAVIN—12422 Balston Rd.. Phila. GARY GENTILCORE—15148 Wayside Rd.. Phila. GARY GEOGHEGAN—9980 Wistaria St.. Phila. ROBERT GIANNONE—3502 W. Crown Ave.. Phila. JOSEPH GIANTOMASO—11925 Barlow Place. Phila. FRANCIS GIORDANO—3381 Rambler Rd.. Cornwells Hgts. DENNIS GLEASON—12010 Sewell Rd.. Phila. WALTER GOLCZEWSKI—3811 Patrician Dr.. Phila. RAYMOND GRAMLICH—3810 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. JOHN GRAZIANO—9239 Annapolis Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH GREED—11726 Denman Rd.. Phila. RICHARD GREEN—3806 Brookview Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH GREENE—12008 Knights Rd.. Phila. DAVID GREENHALGH—3522 Wessex Lane. Phila. CHARLES GRESS—2039 Nester Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL GUSHUE—4620 Primrose Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM HAAS—817 Glenn St.. Phila. JAMES HAHN—3641 Chesterfield Rd.. Phila. CLIFFORD HALL—8622 Ferndale St.. Phila. MICHAEL HALL—10924 Heflin Rd.. Phila. CHRISTOPHER HANEY—10164 Verree R .: . Phila. JOHN HANUSCIN—12542 Medford PI.. PI...a STEVE HARCUM—2748 Colmar Ave.. Cornwe!:3 Hgts. MICHAEL HARRIS—4722 Arendell Ave.. Ph TIMOTHY HASSELL—1104 Warwick St.. Phii; ROBERT HAUGH—9327 Treaty Rd.. Phila. ARTHUR HEATON—13015 Stevens Rd.. Phila. PAUL HEGARTY—10815 Petrick Rd.. Phila. SEAN HENNESSY—2857 Comly Rd.. Phila. THOMAS HIGGINS—11127 Drake Drive. Phila. ROBIN HILL—4136 Fairdale Rd.. Phila. TIMOTHY HILLER—14046 Erwin St.. Phila. JAMES HOEFLER—10907 Templeton Dr.. Phila. RAYMOND HOFELDER—13431 Trevose Rd.. Phila. JAMES HOGAN—7 Biggan Place. Phila. ROBERT HOPKINS—3765 S. Hereford Lane. Phila. JOHN HUFNAGLE—3507 Nottingham Lane. Phila. JOHN HUGHES—8709 Ferndale St.. Phila. JOSEPH HUGHES—9932 S. Canterbury Rd.. Phila. STEVEN HUGHES—3400 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila. DAVID HUNT—813 Regina St.. Phila. GEORGE HUNT—9726 Laramie Rd.. Phila. TIMOTHY HUNT—1912 Welsh Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH INNAURATO—8818 Revere St.. Phila. STEPHEN IZZI—12617 Ramer Rd.. Phila PAUL JAUSS—552 Fester Ave., Feasterville DAVID JOHNSTON—3640 Morrell Ave.. Phila. MICHAEL JORDAN—12818 Cabell Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL JOVOVICH—3602 W. Crown Ave.. Phila. RICHARD JUREWICZ—3809 Dorchester Rd.. Phila. MARTIN KAHRIMANIAN—3228 Belgreen Rd.. Phila. ROBERT KAUFFMAN—3228 Chesterfield Rd.. Phila. CLIFTON KAUPP—10115 N. Canterbury Rd.. Phila. PAUL KEEGAN—8630 Ferndale St.. Phila. DENNIS J. KELLY—2836 Nestling Rd.. Phila. DENNIS M. KELLY—4412 Crosland Rd.. Phila. JOHN KELLY—3504 Grant Ave.. Phila. MICHAEL KELLY—1938 King Arthur Rd.. Phila. ROBERT KELLY—451 Glen Meadow Rd.. Richboro STEPHEN KEMENES—11735 Brandon Rd.. Phila. THOMAS KENNEY—3420 Grant Ave.. Phila. WAYNE KEYES—12126 Ranier Rd.. Phila. ALBERT KILCHESTY—1093 Cornell Dr.. Yardley JOHN KLINE—3308 Gurley Rd.. Phila. JOHN KNUTTEL—3506 Grant Ave., Phila. MICHAEL KOLODZIEJ—10915 Kirby Dr.. Phila. JOHN KONIECZNY—12646 Richton Rd.. Phila. JAMES KOPANIA—3469 Kirkwood St.. Phila. JOSEPH KOSMAN—12409 Wyndom Rd.. Phila. EDWARD KOTULA—3510 Teton Rd.. Phila. WAYNE KROGER—1120 Bloomdale Rd.. Phila. CHARLES KUENY—4214 Fiardale Rd.. Phila. STEPHEN KUMOR—4401 Barry Rd.. Phila. THOMAS KURUC—3432 Holyoke Rd.. Phila. JOHN KUTSCHERA—10903 Templeton Dr., Phila. RICHARD LAKATA—9548 Krewstown Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL LAMB—11025 Academy Rd.. Phila. STEPHEN LAVERY—13415 Worthington Rd.. Phila.WILLIAM LEADER—12614 Knights Rd., Phila. THOMAS LEICHT—2822 Normandy Dr., Phila. JOHN LEONARD—3264 Birch Rd.. Phila. RAYMOND LEONARDO—3651 Morrell Circle, Phila. FRANCIS LEPONE—1591 Brookwood Dr., Cornwells Hgts. GREGG LEWIS—12421 Balston Rd., Phila. MARTIN LICHTNER—10201 Kilburn Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH LIGAMBI—15044 Milford St.. Phila. EDWARD LITWA—811 Rennard Circle. Phila. DAVID LOGUE—3601 Chesterfield Rd.. Phila. REYNOLD LOHMILLER—1346 Downs Place. Phila. MICHAEL LONERGAN—13421 Priestly St.. Phila. GERALD LONG—4230 Greenmount Rd.. Phila. THOMAS LONG—3718 Nanton Place. Phila. DONALD LOUGHERY—1016 Barlow St.. Phila. JOSEPH LOUGHLIN—1107 Rising Sun PI.. Phila. ROBERT LUDASCHER—808 Rennard St.. Phila. MARTIN LYONS—9924 Medway Rd.. Phila. RICHARD MACGRADY—120601 Nanton Dr., Phila. JOHN MALONE—3618 Drumore Dr., Phila. DAVID MANCINELLI—8949 Leonard St.. Phila. EUGENE MANG—8944 Fairfield St.. Phila. MICHAEL MARANO—12047 Covert Rd.. Phila. RAYMOND MARCHAK—3307 Fairdale Rd.. Phila. DENNIS MARSAGLIA—1019 Foster St.. Phila. EDWARD MARTIN. 3473 Fitler St.. Phila. THOMAS MARTIN—2844 Norcom Rd.. Phila. BENJAMIN MARUCCI—12754 Kenny Rd.. Phila. MATTHEW MASNY. 1829 Kendrick St.. Phila. RICHARD MAUCIERI—12038 Glenfield St.. Phila. THOMAS MAZZA—1143 Layton Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL MEDERNACH—12807 Dunks Ferry Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH MEDVIC—9965 Alicia St.. Phila. JOSEPH MERLINO—3364 Kayford Circle. Phila. JOSEPH MERRIGAN—9752 Clark St.. Phila. WARREN MESSING—1253 Southampton Rd.. Phila. CHARLES MEYRICK—3612 Wessex Lane. Phila. JOHN MILANESE. 3205 Morrell Ave.. Phila. RAYMOND MILANESE. 12634 Knights PI.. Phila. DAVID MILLER. 11116 Kirby Dr., Phila. GERALD D. MILLEVOI—4802 Aubrey Ave.. Phila. MICHAEL MISENKO—11083 Waldemire Dr.. Phila. LEONARD MIZIA—906 Ann St.. Andalusia DAVID MONTEITH—3503 Filler St.. Phila. MICHAEL MOONEY—9758 Redd Rambler Ter.. Phila. THOMAS MOONEY—10031 Jeanes St.. Phila. WILLIAM MOORE—12705 Kenny Rd.. Phila. MARK MORRISON—9252 Outlook Ave.. Phila. ANTHONY MOSAKOWSKI—3614 Salina Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM MOSCOLA—9933 Jeanes St.. Phila. EDWARD MOSKAL—103 Ridgefield Rd.. Phila. DANIEL MULDOON—3531 E. Crown Ave.. Phila. JOHN MULLARKEY—14040 Dana Road Apt. 11. Phila. PETER MULLEN—1848 Berwyn St.. Phila. JOHN MUNTZ—11704 Lanett Rd.. Phila. BRIAN MURPHY—3310 Morning Glory Rd.. Phila. JOHN MURPHY—1406 Hemlock PI.. Phila. THOMAS MURPHY—850 Medway Rd.. Phila. KENNETH MURRAY—233 DiMarco Dr.. Phila. MATTHEW MURRAY—3867 Ronnald Dr.. Phila. DANIEL MCALEESE—3617 Canby Drive. Phila. DANIEL MCBRIDE—3512 Gloucester Lane. Phila. JOSEPH MCCARRY. 3565 Primrose Rd., Phila. MARTIN MCCARTHY—13430 Stevens Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM MCCOLGAN—9368 Annapolis Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL MCCORMACK—3342 Gurley Rd.. Phila. PATRICK MCCORMICK—1149 Poquessing Ave.. Phila. MICHAEL MCCOSKER—138 Gardener St.. Phila. JOHN MCCREERY—11867 Sewell Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL MCCRORY—3667 W. Crown Ave.. Phila. MICHAEL J. MCDERMOTT—11747 Denman Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL T. MCDERMOTT—10033 S. Canterbury Rd.. Phila. TIMOTHY MCDERMOTT—3544 Gloucester Lane. Phila. THOMAS D. MCDEVITT—11614 Kelvin Ave.. Phila. THOMAS J. MCDEVITT—3126 Birch Rd.. Phila. DANIEL MCDONNELL—2841 Norcom St.. Phila. MICHAEL MCDONOUGH—153 Meadow Lane. Phila. JOHN MCEACHERN—12175 Aster Rd.. Phila. EDWARD MCFADDEN—123 Flagstaff Rd.. Phila. JAMES MCFARLAND—9388 Hoff St.. Phila. BRIAN MCGEEHAN—11800 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH MCGETTIGAN—4129 Whiting Place. Phila. ROBERT MCGINN—3527 Sussex Lane. Phila. FRANCIS MCGOWAN—3456 Fitler St.. Phila. MATTHEW MCGRATH—9246 Outlook Ave.. Phila. JOHN MCGURNEY—11726 Telfair Rd., Phila. BRIAN MCHUGH—15124 Milford St.. Phila. MATTHEW MCHUGH—9828 Redd Rambler Rd.. Phila. MATTHEW MCILHENNY—9957 Downing Place. Phila. ROBERT MCINTYRE—13401 Kelvin Ave.. Phila. JOSEPH MCKEOWN—4306 Greenmount Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM MCKEOWN—3521 Byrne Rd.. Phila. JOHN D. MCLAUGHLIN—3656 Salina Rd.. Phila. JOHN F. MCLAUGHLIN—815 Sterner Mill Rd.. Feasterville ROBERT MCMONAGLE—2825 Comly Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH MCMULLEN—328 Tomlinson Plaza Phila. ROBERT MCMULLEN—328 Tomlinson Plaza. Phila. JAMES MCNALLY—3463 Fitler St.. Phila. PATRICK MCNALLY—3534 Gloucester Lane. Phila. SHAWN MCNEIL—39 E. Juliana Dr.. Churchville JOSEPH MCNELLIS—711 Welsh Rd.. Phila. KEVIN MCNICHOLAS—13411 Stevens Rd.. Phila. DENNIS MCQUILLAN—12644 Medford Rd.. Phila. JOHN MCSTRAVOCK—1951 Goodnaw St.. Phila. MARTIN NELSON—1112 Warwick St.. Phila. JOHN NEWNS—3546 Gloucester Lane. Phila. MATTHEW NICASTRO—829 Regina St.. Phila. WILLIAM NICKEL—2809 Nightingale Rd.. Phila. ANTHONY NOLEN—12626 Knights Rd.. Phila. KEVIN NORRIS—11628 Banes St.. Phila. JOSEPH NORTON—3410 Primrose Rd.. Phila. STEPHEN NOWICKI—3307 Gurley Rd.. Phila. FREDERICK OBERHOLZER—3599-A Nottingham Lane. Phila. RAYMOND O'BRIEN—1036 Surrey Rd.. Phila. EDWARD O'BRYAN—1958 Beyer Ave.. Phila. JOHN OERTH—3427 Aubrey Ave.. Phila. ALEXANDER OGOZAREK—3550 Sussex Lane. Phila. MICHAEL O'HARA—9823 Verree Rd.. Phila. KEVIN O'LEARY—268 DiMarco Dr.. Phila. KEVIN OLIVER—3548 Fitler St.. Phila. THOMAS O'NEILL—12566 Medford Place. Phila. KEVIN O'SHEA. 2825 Normandy Dr.. Phila. THOMAS OSHINSKY—3662 Whitehall Lane. Phila. STEPHEN OSKIERA—3616 Glenn St.. Phila. JAMES OTTINGER—12104 Elmore Rd.. Phila. DAVID PADOVA—900 Edison Ave.. Phila. PETER PALAZZO—154 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila. EDWARD PALMER—3343 Morning Glory Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH PANEPRESSO—3430 Lamar Place. Phila. RAYMOND PAPARO—12530 Calpine Rd.. Phila. THOMAS PELL—3505 Nottingham Lane. Phila. MARK PENKO—9881 Ferndale St.. Phila. DAVID PERRI—3362 Chesterfield Rd.. Phila. CHARLES PETRICK—3623 Sussex Lane. Phila. GEORGE PETRICK—3623 Sussex Lane. Phila. MICHAEL PETTICREW—4223 Fairdale Rd., Phila. RICHARD PLANK—8637 Bridle Rd., Phila. 132NICHOLAS PODY—4620 Convent Lane. Phila. JOHN POLCINO—1211 Cornwells Ave.. Phila. SAMUEL POND—3470 Primrose Rd., Phila. PETER PORTA—3003 Secane Place. Phila. RICHARD POSPIECH—12731 Kenny Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM POSUSNEY—3342 Kayford Circle. Phila. ANTHONY PRATICO—12561 Chilton Rd.. Phila. JOHN PRELLE—3491 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL PRENDERGAST—3458 Filler St.. Phila. JOHN PRIDE—3024 Fairdale Rd.. Phila. GREGORY PROKOP—15043 Milford St.. Phila. JOSEPH PROTO—3518 E. Crown Ave.. Phila. HAMID QADRI—1145 W. Rising Sun Ave.. Phila. MAHMOOD QADRI—1145 W. Rising Sun Ave.. Phila. FREDERICK QUEDENFELD—627 Charettc Rd.. Phila. ALAN QUINZAN—11036 Stevens Rd.. Phila. ALBERT RAAB—11044 Ferndale St.. Phila. KEVIN RAFFERTY—1035 Bingham St.. Phila. THOMAS RAFFERTY—1035 Bingham St.. Phila. PATRICK RAUCHET—3446 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM RAUP—3701 Clarenden Ave.. Phila. ROL RAVENSTAHL—3715 S. Hereford Lane. Phila. BRUCE REAM—101 Ridgefield Rd.. Phila. FRANCIS REILLY—3464 Fitter St.. Phila. GERARD REMENTER—3463 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila. ALLAN RHODES—714 Marchman Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH RICE—8619 Bridle Rd.. Phila. ROBERT RITZHEIMER—2121 Berwyn St.. Phila. MARIO ROCCHI—1138 Morcfield Rd.. Phila. WAYNE ROMAN—3542 Sussex Lane. Phila. FRANCIS ROMANO—9209 Alton St.. Phila. WILLIAM B. ROONEY—10821 Harrow Rd.. Phila WILLIAM J. ROONEY—9245 Lansford St.. Phila. MICHAEL ROSS—1911 DiMarco Dr.. Phila. JOSEPH ROSSETTI—11017 Knights Rd.. Phila. EDWARD RUBEO—202 Groendale Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM RUPPENTHAL—4274 Lawnside Rd.. Phila. MARK RUSSELL—811 Selma St.. Phila. ROBERT RUTTER—3832 Salina Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL RYAN—3570 Teton Rd.. Phila. JOHN SABATH—1114 Lindenhurst St.. Phila. JAMES SACCO—12718 Verda Dr.. Phila. MARK SANVILLE—3643 N. Herford Lane. Phila. STEPHEN SCARENGELLI—11121 Kirby Dr.. Phila. MARK SCHAEFER—11038 Ferndale St.. Phila. STEPHEN SCHAFFNER—3311 Atmore Rd.. Phila. STEVEN SCHIEBER—15151 Milford St.. Phila. JOSEPH SCHILIRO—10767 Jeanes St.. Phila. MICHAEL SCHLUPP—1916 Witler St.. Phila. TIMOTHY SCHLUPP—3420 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM SCHMITT—2838 Norcom Rd.. Phila. FREDERICK SCHNEIDER—2435 Forrest Ave.. Phila. JOHN SCHNEIDER—11927 Glenfield St.. Cornwells Hgts. JAMES SCHUCK—11735 Corry Place. Phila. CLAUDE SCIPIONE—11914 Stevens Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL SCOTT—2829 Comly Rd.. Phila. ANTHONY SCUDERI—3732 Bandon Dr.. Phila. DANIEL SCULLY—9307 Outlook Ave., Phila. JOSEPH SESTITO—3314 Chesterfield Rd.. Phila. ROBERT SHANNON—12622 Richton Rd.. Phila. MICHAEL SHAW—12032 Millbrook Rd., Phila. STEPHEN SHARP—3909 Patrician Dr.. Phila. DONALD SHIFTY—4334 Greenmount Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH SHOWERS—11721 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. JAMES SLOVER—11712 Colman Rd.. Phila. ALFRED SMITH—12444 Barbary Place. Phila. ANTHONY SMITH—10922 Carey Place. Phila. JAMES SMITH—12558 Fedor Rd.. Phila. TERENCE SMITH—9704 Hoff St., Phila. TIMOTHY SNIGER—505 Larkspur St.. Phila. THEODORE SOBIESKI——4 Biggans Place. Phila. WILLIAM SOCHA—10902 Calera Rd.. Phila. DENNIS SODA—11522 Bustleton Ave.. Phila. THOMAS SOLECKI—1968 Beyer Ave.. Phila. HENRY SOLIS—12413 Tyrone Rd.. Phila. ROBERT SPROSS—10208 Jeanes St.. Phila. JOHN STIRLING—3338 Kayford Circle. Phila. JOSEPH STIRLING—3338 Kayford Circle Phila. WILLIAM STOUT—12619 Dunks Ferry Rd Phila. TIMOTHY STRYBUC—11625 Gifford St.. Phila CRAIG SULLIVAN—9902 Medway Rd.. Phila MICHAEL SUTTON—1013 Grant Ave.. Phila. ERIC SWANNER. 4222 Fairdale Rd.. Phila. RICHARD SYSOL—9700 Glenhope Rd., Phila. EDWARD TADDEI—12427 Tyrone Rd.. Phila. VICTOR TALAMO—11610 Barlow St.. Phila. DARRYL TERMINE—1028 Binghan St.. Phila. MICHAEL THOM—824 Larkspur St.. Phila. EDWARD THOMAS—11916 Templeton Dr.. Phila. FRANK TOSCANO—545 Larkspur St.. Phila. JOHN TOWEY—9235 Treaty Rd.. Phila. MARK TROTTNOW—504 Pinewood Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH TURNBACH—12053 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. STEPHEN UNGER—3532 Nottingham Lane. Phila. MICHAEL VETRULLI—9947 Sandy Rd.. Phila. RICHARD VISCO—8610 Bridle Rd.. Phila. MARK VISONE—1340 Cornwells Ave.. Cornwells Hgts. MICHAEL VISONE—1340 Cornwells Ave.. Cornwells Hgts. MICHAEL VOTTO—2853 Comly Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH WALDOWSKI—3850 Etta St.. Phila. DANIEL WALLACE—11714 Lanett Rd.. Phila. JAMES WALLS—3645 Salina Rd.. Phila. JAMES WALSH—149 Ridgefield Rd.. Phila. PAUL WALUSH—216 Greendale Rd.. Phila. EDWARD WANG—12807 Elnora Rd.. Phila. BRIAN WARD—11123 Kirby Drive. Phila. MICHAEL WARD—3218 Gurley Rd.. Phila. THOMAS WARDACH—3817 Salina Rd.. Phila. MARTIN WASSER—136 Hickory Hill Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM WEIR—712 Sherrie Rd.. Phila. JOHN WEISEMAN—3212 Byberry Rd.. Phila. THOMAS WEISLER—3454 Filler St.. Phila. JOHN WELSH—12831 Cabell Rd.. Phila. DAVID WELTZ—11113 Kirby Dr.. Phila. RICHARD WESTERFER—12517 Chilton Rd . Phila. THOMAS WETZEL—9342 Lansford St.. Phila. WILLIAM WHARTON—3846 Etta St.. Phila. JOHN WHELAN—1210 Jennifer Rd.. Phila. WILLIAM WHELAN—3706 Mechanicsville PI.. Phila. JOSEPH WILSON—9235 Outlook Ave., Phila. JOHN WINSCOM—3618 N. Hereford Lane. Phila. JOHN WISNIEWSKI—2858 Normandy Dr.. Phila. CHRISTOPHER WISSMAN—9241 Annapolis Rd.. Phila. MARK WITOWSKI—3455 Kirkwood Rd.. Phila. JOSEPH WIXTED—1155 Chesworth Rd.. Phila. WARNER YOAST. 9809 Redd Rambler Rd.. Phila. JOHN YORTY—10959 Kipling Lane. Phila. MICHAEL YURESCKO—3817 Pearson Ave.. Phila. STANLEY ZALOGA—2217 Conwell Ave.. Phila. GEORGE ZAROFF—11626 Kelvin Ave., Phila. JOSEPH ZIMMERMAN—3653 N. Hereford Lane. Phila. LAWRENCE ZITO—11716 Millbrook Rd.. Phila. HERBERT ZUBAK—315 Forest Hills Ave.. Phila. ROBERT ZYCH—148 DiMarco Dr.. Phila. 133Si, mp : V-, K ■' 7 ■was . - - 5 Q » . ' t« -T -« • ■ % ilnwff I I'i 1 iim TT t ' • - 5? y ' v'' t 'q5i •-• MR“When in the course ol human events.. We would like to declare our most hearttelt appreciation to the many people who supported and upheld our cause. Actually, we just want to say thank you to everyone involved with the 1976 Arrow. We were inspired by many while creating this book, but most especially we would like to thank Carl Wolt Studio, Cooke Publishing and its line representative Louis Guarrieri; Mr. Kyran Connelly, our moderator, and the many patriots ol yesteryear who have instilled in us the true “Spirit ol ’76’’. But how could any note ol thanks be complete without acknowledging the working stall ol the yearbook. We salute these individuals tor their integrity, their loyalty, and most ol all, tor their perseverance. EO,roKS rt-C £r nn w 1.' £OiTo S •j M ' i±i_ Q ‘dL ScaiiqR EDiTtli SuPpdfirtAjb STAFF %yt ULL TfiU uJwnjto g'PsJU 0 So'Jx J4 j J nmaJi j fa- if C 6$ Ca c-

Suggestions in the Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 26

1976, pg 26

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