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1975 ARCHBISHOP RYAN HIGHSCHOOL FOR BOYS PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. 11101 ACADEMY ROAD ARROWCOMMUNITY SERVICE Ryan is a community. Some consider it just a school. They are wrong. Some say community is just a word. They are wrong. Ryan is alive with it’s communal atmosphere. It could exist with no less. This is not to say there is perfection. There is still much to be obtained; goals to be reached. But this is all part of the concept. Everything is alright as long as we strive together and help one another along the way. For a community to exist it must serve itself and others. There are those among us who will scoff at this and call it a dream. But as long as the dream is cherished by some it survives and here we feel it is cherished by more than some. We wish to express this dream in our book. To hold it up for inspection. To be remembered by those leaving and forwarded by those remaining. To discover (laws is the first step in alleviating them. However; do not be so disheartened to be disillusioned. For though at times flaws seem to outnumber and suffocate us. that of value still remains only to be found and to be a source of energy, encouragement, inspiration, and even jubilation.3srw'rt j « 4U iiw ' 1L-J2 U U c 4CONTENTS FACULTY 6 ACTIVITIES 26 SPORTS 46 STUDENT LIFE 74 SENIORS 90 WELCOME TO ARCHBISHOP RYAN H S. FOR BOY’ REV. NOEL WALL QFM. PRINCIPAL ■ FIRST FLOOR . SECOND FLOOR THIRD FLOOR A»iNijntAHVx oncu muwcunc .cotter scitNCt wihc I AONTORIUN - BAND REUCION RESEARCH 1 chapel nurses omct CYNKASKM LIBRARY •mOINTC ENTER 3TUOENT COUNCIL OfTKC CAftTCRIA mi nMNai aii wntnvui iim« a M iirai »hmi «l u JAN 3 PRI R SCHEDULE 4 SAT REGULAR DANCE 5 RUN BASALT BA LI 0 AM E NORTH 6 MON A SCHEDULE 7 TUES A " S NED A »» 9 THORS A ' 10 fRI A " II SAT REOULAR DANCE 12 SUN BASKETBALL WOOD CREDITS The Board Gregory Falter ...................Editor-in-Chicf Robert Heaney....................Associate Editor William Stinnett.................Associate Editor Roberto Talarico.................Associate Editor Patrick Buday.......................Senior Editor Mr. John Scioli....... .................Moderator Mr. James Mcllmail. Photographer par Excellence. Contributing Staff: Jeremiah Curran, David Bon-tempo, Harry Geib, Richard Zambito, Anthony Grande, George McReynolds, Philip Biaesch, James McAleese, James Yealy, Gerald Visco, Kevin Sokolowski, Walter Litwincyuk, Eugene Beavers, Tony Smith, Matt Murray, Bob Haugh, Pat McNally, Bob Bowman, Tom Martin. George Feeley, William J. Rooney. John Chiodo, Richard Lakata. Additional Photography: Anthony Smith. Matt Murray. Roberto Talarico. Robert Heaney. Mark Quinlan. Robert Haugh. Gregory Falter. William Stinnett. Carl Wolfe Studios. Lastly we would like to thank all those who put up with us. collectively and individually, including each other, especially when the going got rough. Without your encouragement, tolerance, and support we wouldn’t have made it. We hope that your concern, interest, and benevolence was justified.PRINCIPAL No community can guide itself entirely on its own. It must have a leader with other competent men capable of leading assisting him. In our case our leader is the Principal, Father Noel Wall, with his Administration. Father Liguori Mier-zwiak (Assistant Principal), Father Stanley Janowski (Director of Counseling), Mr. John Scioli (Director of Studies), and Father Joel Szdlowski (Activities Office Director) under him. Father Noel has been our Principal all our days here. His influence is all we have known in his position. He has been the man responsible for seeing we continue and grow in our community.ADMINISTRATION Father Noel and his Administration have been the power behind the school. All the things we take for granted because they are going right arc doing so because of them. All the problems that come up in a year are worked on and solved by them. They have been our examples and we have looked on them as such. They have been the people we often blame but not so often thanked. These men also have been truly fully our leaders. 9Fr. Roman Zbicranski—Superior Mr. Charles Fowler—College Counselor: Assistant Counseling Director: National Honor Society Co-moderator. FACULTY Of a truth, men are mystically united: a mysterious bond Mr. Stephen Pawlowski—Assistant Dean of Students: R.P.S.: Biology team Teacher: Gun Club Co-moderator Br. Julian Cerkicwicz—Assistant Disciplinarian; Band Moderator Miss Helen Acey—Remedial Reading: Director of Reading; Tau Club Moderator 10Fr Aquinas Hclwig—Librarian Mr. Patrick Artur—Law Fr. Anthony Chojnacki—Theology 1. 2,5.4; Tau Club Moderator of brotherhood makes all men one. —Carlyle FACULTY Mrs. Mary Jo Brooks—Spanish 1,2 Mr. Robert Bologa—Algebra 2: United States History; Substitute Cafeteria Supervisor 11Mr. John Connelly—Chemistry Fr. Carl Gracyzk—Theology; Activities Office Assistant Fr. Clement Kurowski — Theology 1,2.3,4 Prejudices are the chains forged by ignorance to keep men apart. —Countess of Blessington Mr. Robert Clothier—English 2 Mrs. Joanne Clothier—English 3 (American Literature); Raidcrscope Moderator. 12 Mr. James Conahan—Typing; Algebra I; Substitute Cafeteria SupervisorMr. |amcs Conroy—Marketing-Management; Minorities Peace Studies; Assistant Director of Studies; Student Council Moderator Mr. Kyran Connelly—English 2; Media: AVA Director The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. —Emerson Mr. Robert Cwenar—World Cultures I; Counselor Mr. Joseph Cunningham—Spanish 1. English 3 Fr. David |akubiec—Psychology 1.2; Judo Team Coach; Counselor (Drug Medical) 13Fr. David-Ladislaus (Przedwiecki) — Religion 1,2,3,4; Director of Apostolic Field-Work Endeavors; Polish Club Moderator; Weight Training Club Moderator Mr. Eugene Davis—Algebra I; Geometry Mr. Joseph Diorio—Political Science; Cafeteria Supervisor Mr. George Deal—Political Science; Cafeteria Supervisor Consider that I laboured not for myself only, Fr. Edward Brukner— Mr. l.ouis Fantc—Algebra I Theology 1.2,3,4; Activities Ofiicc Assistant Director Fr Gabriel Rosetli—English 4; Fr. George faskulski—Library Mod- English Department Chairman; crator; United States History Drama Director 14Fr. Giles Frankowski—Biology Mr. Robcri Hawkinson—I’hysi- Mr. William lacovini—Physical cal Education; Health 3 Education; Health 2: Cafeteria Supervisor Fr. Ira Targonski— Geometry but for all them that seeked learning. —Eccl. 33:17 Fr. John Kosinski—Theology; Religion Department Chairman; Principal's Council. Friar's Representative; Marriage Encounter Team Priest Mr. William Kuhl—Economics-Political Science; Western Political Thought: World Affairs Council Moderator; Cafeteria Supervisor 15Mr. John Kurck—German 2.4; Cafeteria Supervisor; German Club Moderator Fr. Leonard Stunek—French ! .3; Language Department Chairman; National Honor Society Advisor Fr. Louis Stislow — Theology Mr. Frederick Magcnheimer—Algebra 1; Physics Down in their hearts, wise men know this truth: the only way Mr. Richard Maguire—Mechanical Drawing; Business Law; Substitute Cafeteria Supervisor Mr. Earl Meyer—Mechanical Drawing 16Mr. |ohn Molnar—English 5 (Theatre. Film and Television): Summer Theatre Workshop Mr. Harry Nccnhold—Biology— BSCS I.cad Teacher; R.P.S.; Chemical Techniques; Comparative Anatomy; Science Department Chairman Mr. John Nickels—Spanish 2.4; English »; Activties Office Assistant Director Mr. Jerome O'Connell—World Cultures I; Chess Club Moderator; Counselor to help yourself is to help others. —Elbert Hubbard Mr. Thomas O’Connell Mr. George Ottinger—Math 4 Geometry; Algebra I; (Trig Statistics); Chemistry; Football Coach Mathlctics Moderator Mr. George Pauli—Health; Mr. Paul Pedlow—English I Physical Education; Gym Moderator; Baseball Basketball Coach 17Mr. Robert Purdy— Music; Director of Music Mr. |ohn Quinn—Health; Physical Education—Health Department Chairman: Gym Moderator: Head Coach. Football: Physical Education Mr. Donald Reardon—German 1.3; Counselor; Principal’s Council; Co-Moderator German Club Fr. Rene Barezak—Sociology; Peace Studies; American Minorities; Student Store Manager: Faculty Co-ordinating Committee; Official Chronicler: Director of Public Relations Fvery man shift for all rest, and let no man care for himself. —Shakespeare Fr. Richard Olszewski Fr. Roderick Drag—English 1; Mr. Joseph F. Ryan—Biology — Theology; Library Moderator Baseball Moderator Mr. Joseph T. Ryan—U.S. Cultures; U.S. History; Marketing: Track Cross Country Coach 18Mr. John Saccomandi —Algebra 2: Substitute Cafeteria Supervisor Mr. loscpli Schuler— Geometry: Math 4: Mathematics Department Chairman Mr. loaquin Stable—Spanish 1.2 Mr. Victor Slanicc I. 1’. S. Information is giving out; communication is getting through. —Harris Mr. George Todt—French 2.4; Counselor; Varsity Soccer and Varsity Swimming Coach; Tennis Moderator Father Tomian Uss—Theology; Mission Goods Service Moderator; Substitute Cafeteria Supervisor Mr. Charles Storm—Accounting: Counselor; Cafeteria Supervisor; Personal Typing Mr. Frederick Trainer—F.nglish 4: Marketing-Management: Counselor 19 Mr. Edward Ulmer— Political Science; United States History; Social Sciences Department Chairman; Head Coach of Cross Country. Indoor Track. Spring Track Mrs. Mary Velazquez—English 2.4 Mr. Daniel Vorgity—Algebra 2: Accounting Mrs. Mary Wahl—Art 1.2; Library Moderator Am I my brother $ keeper? —Genesis 4:9 Mr. Walter Zeglinski—English I; Mrs. Mary Peters. R.N. Football Coach Mr. Michael Wolohan English 2.4 Mrs. Kay Korez, R. N.—School Nurse 20Mrs. loan Cox -Paraprofcssional Mrs. Eleanor Mulligan—Treasurer Mrs. Edytlic Barras Paraprofcssional Mrs. Catherine Haugh—Paraprofcssional Mrs. Rosemary Konopka—Paraprofcssional Mrs. Mary Mattioli—Paraprofcssional Mr. Ed Mcrrigan— Paraprofcssional Mrs. loan Patronc -Paraprofcssional 21Mrs. Terry Romano—Paraprofcssional Mrs. Marie Urban—Paraprofcssional Mrs. Toni NVcisIcr— Paraprofcssional Mrs. Dolores Donohue—Principal's Secretary Mrs. Midge Pfendner—Secretary Brother Daniel Poliski—Definitor 22The Cafeteria Ladies Mrs. Florence Brady—Secretary JHH Mrs. Carol Grecco—Paraprofes- Mrs. Pat Fonda—Volunteer sional Bro. F'dward Makowiecki—Plant Maintenance Director: Fathers Association Moderator Bro. Felix Nowakowski—Assistant Plant Maintenance Director: Cafeteria Supervisor Weitzel — Maintenance Dcpart-Mr. Matt Kritz—Maintenance Department ment 23Fr. Sigmund Zalcwski—IPS: IPS Director (1971-1972) Mr. William Ring—Assistant Dean of Students; English I; Retail Marketing: Freshman Basketball Coach (1971-1972) A community is made of individuals. There are always some who exert such an influence that their presence is remembered long after they themselves are gone. In the school community the situation is one of learning. Some who have taught us will, in our minds, always be linked with our experience in a prominent way. Through their special abilities they were able to become a crucial part of Ryan for us. With their loss a piece of Ryan as we had come to know it was also gone. When I am forgotten, . . . say, I taught thee. —Shakespeare Fr. Linus Kopczcwski—Reading Consultant; Developmental Reading; World Cultures (1971-1973); Freshman guidance counselor (1971-1972): Alumni Moderator 24emerjtos FACULTY Experience is purlcy subjective. Everyone remembers differently a common incident. The significant thing is when a number of people remember something in common and recognize it's effect on them all. We feel this group of teachers, each in their own way. contributed something very special to Ryan and us and through the years we will remember them for that. Mr. Gregory Honeyman -English 2 (197M973) Anifer—Region Department Chairman; Religion 1 (I97|. Mr. Robert Gainer—Algebra I. 2: Math-letics Moderator (1972-1973)An unprecedented shot of the Ryan Rowdies together. GERMAN CLUB The German Club's upper echelon—Greg Falter (V.P.). Bill Rooney (Pres). Tony Pratico (Pres.—DVFSG) and Harry Geib (Sec.). 28 The German Club's Latest Fiihrer (Subject to removal at any time). The Strategic Generals of Ryan’s illustrious Chess Club. CHESS CLUB Pat Buday glumly watches the board while Bob Talarico watches the camera. The officers of the Chess Club Pat Buday (Pres.). Greg Palter (Scc.-Treas.). Bob Talarico (Scc.-Treas) attempting to explain to lerome O'Connell the Piracies of chess. (Mike Casey (V.P.) not shown) 29WEIGHT-TRAINING CLUB Charles Farrow (See). Mike Amato (Treas). Cary Bau (I’res). Boh Weitman (V IM -Officers of the newly formed Weight Training Club. “Look. Gary. I think now you're ready for the guy who kicked sand in your face at the beach last year.” 50The officers of the Polish Club. (George McRcynolds (V.P.). Linda Obviously Italians are the best candidates for the Kowalski (Treas). Joanne Landis (See). Tony Grande (Pres) doing Polish Club Presidency, what they do best-sitting. The only people in the school who admit being Polish. POLISH CLUB“Wc need at least 2 more cameras to do you justice. Father". A.V.A. Will the real Father Noel please stand up? All wc need now is a Ted Baxter. 32 tr-f+ZGee. John. I never knew we had such a hip staff.' RAIDERSCOPE The editors plus one: minus one. John Coyne, the man in charge of it all. 33The National Honor Society after a night at thtr library. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Father Noel saying Grace at the Society's induction Banquet. 34 Father Leonard looking dejected after being logically succumbed by Rey Panettieri (Pres). We know you should dress up for Mass, but this is ridiculous.DANCE CREW Now you know why your coat is always lost. STUDENT STORE AIDES 35 Ryan's Capitalists (Karl Marx would love them).The supporting staff of the 1975 yearbook. ARROW Any complaints? 36 v "I am endeavoring to construct a mnemonic circuit out of stone knives and bearskins.”ACTIVITIES OFFICE AIDES The broken locker specialists. Ryan’s spirit rouscrs. BOOSTER CLUBTHE KING AND I "You! Saturday night 8 O'Clock sharp.” "Guess what Father? We all quit.” 38 "You will all kneel there until you tell me who stole the script.'ART CLUB The Picassos of tomorrow. My Creation is almost finished, all he needs now is this brain. MATHLETICS “Ott. I still think the square root of the COS of 8 degrees plus A minus B to the eleventh power equals three to the eighth power.” 39"Gosh. Father. I think membership has increased dramat ieally over the years.” GUN CLUB Ryan’s vigilantes—after 20 demerits you've had it. HUMAN RELATIONS COMMITTEEAnother good picture. Awed by another dazzling performance. BAND The Harbingers of the Band. The Officers of the Band. Where’s Dave Clark when you need him? 41John Hickey unenthusiastically watches as Phil Raponc is triumphant once again over Bob Tammaro. Joe Widhson. the Senior Delegate. STUDENT GOVERNMENT 42 The abridged Student Council.I.ook. John, just forget this ever happened." The Senior Council—Vince Ippolito. |ini Gavaghan. Dave Bontempo. minus Bill Fulforth. STUDENT COUNCILThe Officers of the World Adairs Council — Martin Belinsky (V.P.). Donald Viscusi (Pres). The Public Defenders. Arc they responsible for the state of the world? WORLD AFFAIRS COUNCIL APPEALS BOARD 44 Another victory for Gene Flanagan. Chairman, as he signs another appeal.The Senior Prom Committee. The lunior Prom Committee. PROM COMMITTEES Behind every good play there must be a good stage crew. STAGE CREW They keep the Counseling Center moving. COUNSELING AIDES.RYAH1974 RECORD Ryan Opponent 27 Carroll 7 20 Wood 18 6 North 7 35 Kenrick 0 20 MeDevitt 12 28 Washington 15 14 Judge 13 17 Egan 7 20 Dougherty 25 54 La Salle 6 36 Wood 40 FOOTBALL Lasl Row: R. MaeGrady, D. Grccnhalgh, M. Fulforlh, ). Me-Eachcrn. S. Hughes. I. Elscr. S. Izzi, M. Davis. A. Ogozarek: Second Row: C. Kaupp. |. Benz. B. Bakos. E. Kovacs. K. Agger. F. Miller. G. Butler, K. Corr. B. Brasscll. M. McGrath. M. Gannon. S. Bialon. |. Leonard. D. Loguc, Fr. I.ouis; First Row: f. The Varsity football coaches. Rice. W. Whalen. C. Benz. |. Rubino. B. Wart man. W. Fulforlh. II. Kolos. |. Anderson. S. McCarron. ). Crognale. T. Butler, Keith Agger, M. Penko. B. Rooney: Sitting: T. Davies. M. Franks, T. Murphy. |. Morton. G. Lynch. |. Savaiano. K. MeVey. T. Kenny. |. Hanuscin. F. Adams. |. McStravock, N. Brascetta.Grccnhalgh Breaking away from Cardinal Defensive Back Izzi making stop. Defense. Ryan’s defense capitalizing on another offensive error. Another example of the superb Ryan running attack. 49•• A pass interceptor looks for support from Defensive Backs Savaiano and Izzi. The kicking game this year was above average. The Raider’s defense rarely missed an inter- It took more than one man to knock down halfback Jim Anderson. ception. 50The effectiveness of our Air Came often took our opponents by surprise. Wartman makes the first down and more. So close and yet so far. Two defensive linemen team up to make further yardage impossible. 51Defenses had problems slopping the flcclfootcd Grccnhalgh. The defense stopping another possible long gainer. Being average was never enough, whenever possible we always tried for the more spectacular catches. Ryan picked up yardage in even the smallest holes. 53 Forever poised in a moment of anticipation. The Junior Varsity Coaches.Back Row: Ed Morrin. Jim Cataline, Bob Day, Gene Flanagan, Fr. Liguori, Nick Brascctta, Phil Raponc, Jim Baraclough. George Kaukcr, (im Brennan. Rey Panettieri, Coach George Pauli. Seated: Varsity Managers; Bill Quinn. Tim Durkin. Bill Moyer. Kneeling: Jim Gavaghan. Bill Geary. Jim McAvoy, Moderator BASKETBALL 1974 - 75 RECORD Regular Season Ryan Opponent 80 North 64 63 Egan 48 55 Wood 66 36 La Salle 69 69 Kendrick 68 48 Dougherty 61 36 Judge 68 81 MeDevitt 76 62 North 79 72 Egan 53 70 Wood 79 28 La Salle 29 44 Dougherty 65 50 Judge 84 57 MeDevitt 53 54 Two hands are better than one.Brascetta beats his man to the basket for two.The opening tap of the Ryan-O’Hara Game Pancttieri hooking easily above the Falcon defender. CataUnc and Day with great position for easy rebound Cat aline blocking what could have been simple shot. O'Hara Defender fouls Panettieri while passing. Flying shot for Panettieri Brascetta getting off long jumper. Ed Nlorrin leaping high for the hook shot. 571974 RECORD Ryan 5 Council Rock Opponent 3 4 Holy Ghost 1 5 Woodrow Wilson 1 0 Episcopal Academy 2 0 Neshaminy 1 1 Carrol 0 4 Penn Charter 1 1 Frankford 3 5 Lincoln 1 0 Judge 4 3 Kenrick 0 1 Dougherty 2 0 North 2 1 Wood 0 0 Judge 1 3 Kenrick 0 1 Dougherty 2 0 North 3 2 Wood 1 Bonom: R. Zambito. J. Curran, D. Bontempo, T. Loughery. I). Rosscljong. D. Amspacker. Middle: ). Mcrrigan. |. Schneider, B. Ward. |. Stengel, W. Hopkins, M. Pettigrew, P. Rachet. B. Barris. Top: S. Fitzgerald, Scoop, S. Pond, S. Rogosky. D. Schwitters, E. Knowles, B. Byron. M. Schaefer. M. Ross. B. Posusney, Coach G. Todt. “What did they mean by two heads are better than one?' SOCCER Rich Zambito slealthly pushes ball past defender. 58An example of the great defense the Raiders showed during the season. This is how you high step your way to fame and glory. leremiah Curran kicking it around during a more informal workout. 4' » This is the hard way to head the ball. 59 i CROSS -COUNTRY Standing: S. Hennessey. T. Foley, M. Thom. (Capt.) M. Armstrong, (Capt.) ). Kuhar. T. McIntyre. (Capt.) K. Maguire. G. Petrick. B. McHugh. B. Malkowski. Middle row: K. Lawall. G. Metzger. B. Boyle. R. Convery. B. Munizza. C. Ziccardi. J. McLaughlin. K. Davis. R. Sharp. R. Trusdell. Sitting: P. l.isicwski, M. Murray, S. Lash. |. Oerth, P. Fleming. S. McCabe. R. Winslow. P. Reichncr, G. Gallo, M. Pierson. Missing: B. Kane, M. Conaway. J. Scstito. C. Farrow. L. Lynch. Ryan ahead in the stretch. Mike Thom showing off his winning stride. 6061 “They're not going to catch me this time.”From Row: P. Palmer. S. Mennessy. K. Maguire, M. Armstrong. M. Gallagher. |. Kuhar. M. Thom. G. Pet rick. ). Poncntc. Second Row: Coach E. Ulmer. M. Murray. S. McCabe, M. Pierson. L. Kelly. D. Stella. R. MacGrady, N. Brasscll. C. Simon. B. Boyle. R. Trusdell. R. Sharp. J. Stack-house. Asst. Coach I. Ryan. Third Row: J. Birkbeck. W. Rooney, C. Benz. |. Vanderslicc. I. McLaughlin. K. Davies. L. Dallogo. F.. |anco. I. Rosny. T. Franchetli. R. Malkowski. M. DePcrro. Back Row: B. McDermot. |. Custer. |ohn M.. W. Dustman. E. Chappell. S. Lash. Missing: M. Ruggicrio. M. McDermott. R. Fox. V. Corcoran. K. Agger. R. Brasscll. G. Butler. T. Butler. The agony and the ecstasy. TRACK THE 1975 CATHOLIC LEAGUE CITY INDOOR McHugh determinately takes the baton.Armstrong moves in from the outside. "Soon I'll be ready for the back fence.” TRACK CHAMPIONS This sure is a funny way to play basketball.' 63 "I wish he’d let go.’1974 RECORD The pitcher that shot down the bats of Bonner. 1974 CATHOLIC LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Regular Season Ryan Oponent 7 Wood 3 2 Egan 0 2 North 5 2 LaSalle 0 4 Kcnrick 3 14 Dougherty 5 6 Judge 5 3 McDevitt 2 4 Wood 3 1 Egan (Forfeit) 0 2 North 7 11 LaSalle 1 15 Kenrick 8 5 Dougherty 4 6 Tudgc 2 2 McDevitt 1 Season Record 14-2 Playoffs 4 North 0 3 Bonner 2 0 Southern 5 Ryan's always unabated enthusiasm breaks loose. 64We hope we didn't scare you too much. Not this time, pal.' The Raiders' left handed Henry Arron. BASEBALL The Coaches that put together the Big Red Machine. Safe with time to spare. 65From row: G. Foley. H. Pody. G. Schuck, M. Baxter. P. McCormick. F. Alvarez. Second row: S. Dillon. M. Doyle. P. Nugent, B. Baker. F. Romano, D. Witich. J. Schacflling. Third row: Coach —G. Todt, K. Olcksiak. M. Azzolina. L. Cionci. M. Steinberg, |. Schuck. |. Resta. J. Alvarez. Missing: K. Alexy, P. Weyhmuller. SWIMMING Head Coach George Todt ponders the uncertainties of a Mr. Todt's new strategy—camouflage swimming, close meet. 66One of Ryan’s more active organizations—The Judo Club JUDO CLUB 68"Sic’cm, boy.' I wished we could learn to waltz like them. 69From: P. Romano. J. Anthony. R. Bowman, S. Oakicra. Back: J. Booth, J. Gavaghan. R. Link, J. Reuter. GOLF TEAM TENNIS TEAM 70 Back: I). Klitz, E. Thomas. T. Rctallic, C. Merrick. J. Kosich. Front: Coach Allen Wcllis. T. Sccnko, M. Oimartino. H. Pody, N. Pody, S. Geib, H. Geib.BASKETBALL 1974-75 RECORD J.V Ryan Regular Season Opponent 46 North Catholic 45 59 Egan 56 43 Wood 48 71 La Salle 61 42 Kenrick 52 57 McDevitt 55 46 Dougherty 44 47 Judge 43 56 North Catholic 63 63 Egan 50 40 Wood 35 55 La Salle 56 49 Kenrick 65 59 Dougherty 67 48 McDevitt 45 47 fudge 53 Top: L. Dallago. |. Poncnte. L. Greco, f. Gallagher. M. McEachern. M. Hebling. E. lanco. Middle: K. Masi, C. Simons. B. Verdone. T. McNulty. J. Murray. K. Fitzpatrick. |. Rueter. P. Smith. Bottom: I). Donnelly. R. Didalski. B. Fox. G. Adams. E. Kerrigan. J. Larc. T. McAneny. Missing: S. McDade, P. Kosherzcnko. FOOTBALL Carroll—W Wood—L North—W McDevitt—W fudge—W Kenrick—W Egan—L Dougherty—L LaSalle—W W-L (6—3) Standing: B. Gable. K. Fitzpatrick. S. Fitzgerald. T. Lcprc. |. Kosrnan. T. McNulty. Coach F. Trainer. Kneeling: J. Rice. T. Cattolico, P. Hennessey, J. Fox. J. Diletto. B. Gambino.0 0 0 10 1 ID I 0 0 0 ' CATHOLIC LEM campionsr"I hope Mr. Neenhold doesn’t find out we’re using his calculator.” "I think these arc the footprints, Wat- son.” Another basketball player wearing his I.Q. shirt. “Soon we’ll have enough for Senior Week.' 76For once almost no one noticed we were taking a picture. 77"Who stole my door?' This is what happens to freshman who leave the cafeteria early. Whoever cleaned this floor went a little overboard. The Archbishop Ryan Snowball Team. 78■Wf;u Vt »v a DELIVfRY ENTRANCE BOYS school • HU A.AMMV - AO 9®! u I •» j«ap?v I 4jft ftjfcV ,«{ rf“ •■ SW V •• 7.? ' V-OUt .. % --gd rv. ■ OMB ’ ■ -r WW • •• . wiwta MlM «»va WELCOME To THE HO SEP£ATiN6 NORTHERN DiVi CHAMPS '• It TJ . C'- 1 it | x 3 . Optimism still reigns at the home of the Raiders. Undiscovered talent at its height. 79Daves Cave Only Bernic Parent saves more than Steve Smith. “Hurry up I can’t hold this smile forever." 80Father Noel sat here.' These spit ball fights arc going too far. "I thought you said we were playing today.” 81 We sent out for a picture of Greenhalgh and this is what we got.t-Now all wc got to figure out is how to turn it on. This doesn’t look staged, docs it? "This time I'll swish it.' The Ottmobile.Please forgive us. Archbishop Ryan, we know not what we do. "Hope no one recognizes me in my dark glasses." I Sometimes you get the elevator and sometimes you gel the shaft.All this to get a pretzel. Who, me?' Hope 1 find someone to take to the Senior Prom. I’ll be in around the 6th slowdance.' 86"Arc wc on yet?' This one will definitely go for a high price on book day. 87The football team after accepting it’s just rewards. i "You call this food?” "Oh. hi there. Mr. Pawlowski. "Do you really know what you got?” 8889 Only our activities oflice would schedule something for 37 P.M.Adams, Francis Adclizzi, Robert P.—Nat'I Honor Society 3,4 (Treasurer): Weight Lifting Club 4; Human Relation Club 3; German Club 2: Biology Club 2: Baseball 2 (|V), 3.4 (V); Track 2.3 (V). Intramurals Agger. Kevin—Football Intramurals 2 Ailtmar, William Altomarc. Joseph—Intramurals 1.2: Prom Committee 4: Track 2 Amato, Michael—Weight Lifting Club (Treas.) 4; Mathlctics; Prom Committee; Intramurals Anderson, David—Gymnastics; Track 2 Anderson. Donald—Intramurals; Football 1 Anderson, James—Football; Intramurals 1,2.4; Homeroom Rep. 2: Glee Club Annunziata, Ronald—Intramurals I; Swimming 2: Track 2; Ski Club 3 Anthony, James—Intramurals 1.2,3.4; Golf 3,4; Senior Prom Committee: Gun Club; Ski Club 4 Armcllini, Arthur 92 A Brother may not he a Friend hut a Friend will always he a Brother. Benjamin FranklinArmstrong, Marc—Track 1,2.3.4: Cross Country 2.5,4; Nat’l Honor Society 5.4: Raidcrscopc 4; In-tranuirals; Prom Committee Aronson, Andrew J.—A.V.A. 1.2; lunior Prom Committee; Intramurals; Polish Club. Ski Club Bau. Gary—Judo 1.2.5,4; Weight Training Club 4 (Pres.) Beavers, Eugene—Arrow 4; Intramurals 1.2,3,4 Belinsky. Martin Football 1; Chess Club 4; Raider-scope 4; World Affairs Council (Vice-Pres.) 4; Biology 4 Bennett, Charles—Counselor Aid 5; King and I; Stage Crew Berk, Steven Biacsch, Philip W.—Prom Committee 3.4; Gun Club 4; Ski Club 4; Intramurals; Arrow 4; Raiderscope 4; AVA 5: Stage Crew 3; Coffee House 2.3; Judo 4; Parking Committee 2.3.4 Bialon, Stephen—Football 93Bonomo, Jonathan—Prom Committee 3 Bontempo. David—Student Council 1,2; Jr. Sr. Delegate; Booster Club 3.4; Prom Committee 2.3.4; Parking Committee 3.4; Coffee House 2.3.4; Soccer 1.2.3,4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Play 4; Tau Club 1.2; Intramurals 1,2; Italian Club 4; Christmas Tree Committee 3.4; Concert Committee 4 Bowman. TerrenceBradley. John Brascctta, Nicholas—Football Brassed. Neil—Football Track 1.2,3,4; World Affairs Council 3.4; Intramural Basketball 12.3,4; Sr. Prom Committee; Christmas Tree Committee Brcmscr. Michael Brennan, lames—Varsity Basketball; Intramurals Brennan, William—Track I; Prom Committee 3.4; Appeals Board 4; Human Relations Committee 1; Booster Club 3; Intramurals I; Newspaper 4 Britt, John—Football I: Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Brock, Paul Bruno, Vincent Buday. Patrick—Yearbook (Sr. Ed.) 4; German Club; Computer Club 1.2; Polish Club 2.4; Stage Crew 1,2; Mathletics 3.4; Dance Crew 2.3; Chess Club 2.3.4 (Pres): Intramurals 1; Play 2.4; Italian Club 4; Masqueraiders 2: Newspaper 4 Budny. lames—Student Council 4 (Vice-Pres.) Budnv. John—Human Relations Committee 1; Intramurals 95 A friend is another I. Zeno■ME Burg. Matthew Burgmann. Charles—Student Council Burke, Thomas—Computer Club 1; Intramurals 3.4; Soccer 3 Butler. Gerald—Student Council; Intramurals; Football; Track 1.2 Buzydlowski, |an—Mathletics 1.2; Track 1.2,3 Cahill, Martin—Intramurals 3.4; Ski Club 4 Caldwell, lames Campbell, |ohn Canning. |ohn—Intramurals Cannon, Francis—Intramurals Capriotti. Peter Cardonc, Michael 96 fhe only way to have a friend is to he one. EmersonCarroll, Kenneth—German Club Casey, Michael—Dance Crew 3; German Club 3,4; Italian Club 4; Chess Club 2.3.4 (Vicc-Prcs) Catalinc, fames—Basketball (Fresh. J.V..V.) Catalinc, loscph—Basketball (Fresh); Baseball (V); Intramural (Basketball) 2.3.4 Cauvin, Vincent—Intramurals 1.2.3,4; Indoor Track 2; Football (Fresh) Chase, |ohnClifton. Charles—Intramurals 1.2.3 Cole. Gregory—Judo Club 3.4; Intramurals Colello, Michael—Intramurals Conley, Michael—Intramurals Conrad Paul—World Affairs Council 4; Prom Committee 3.4: Biologv Club 2; Intramural (Basketball) 1.2 Conway, GeorgeCorcoran, James- National Honor Society 3.4; World Affairs Council 3.4; Gun Club 2.3.4; Intra-murals; Ski Club 3 Corcoran, William—Intramurals; Track; Student Council 3 Corr. Kevin—Football 1.2.3,4; Intramurals; Track 1.2.5,4; Tennis 4; Ski Club CovcII, Joseph—Basketball; Baseball; Football Cox, William—Intramurals; Dance Crew 2.3 Covlc, Michael Curran, Jeremiah—Soccer 2 (IV'). 3.4 (V): Intramurals 3.4; Track 4; Booster Club 3.4; Yearbook 4; Jr. Sr. Prom Committee; Parking Committee Curran, William—Soccer 1.2.3; Intramural (Basketball); Student Council 4 Czajkowski, Robert Daezkowski. Wallace—Judo 2.5; Student Council 1 D'Angelo, Anthony—Chess Team: Basketball; Track D’Aurizio, Thomas—Basketball: Baseball A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find. Plutarch 99Davies. Thomas—Football Intramural (Basketball) Homeroom Rep. 1.2,3.4 Davish, George—Football: Weightlifting: Baseball; Wrestling Deal Gerard—Cross Country 1.2 DeLco, Samual DePhilippo, Rocco Dietz, David—Football: Baseball DiFco, John—Stage Crew 2: Tau Club 3 DiRcnzo. Dominic 'Football; Baseball; Track Docblcy, Thomas—Tau Club, David Dolan. John—Intramurals Dolan, Thomas—Intramurals; Basketball 1.2; Ski Club 3.4; Booster Club 4: Track 1.2; Intramural Bowling 3.4 Donahue. Joseph—Varsity Gymnastics 1 Donatclli. Bruce—Intramurals; Human Relations 1.2 Donohue. Michael—Intramurals Terrence—Football 1.2; Intramurals 1.2,3.4 Durkin, |oscph—Intramurals 1.2 Durkin, Martin—Soccer 2 Dustman, Russell—Intramurals Dworznicki, Anthony—Band 1.2.3. (Vice-Pres.). 4; Young Republican; Play 2.3.4; Polish Club 2 (Treas.). 3.4; Nat'l. Honor Society 3.4; Boys’ Choir 3.4; Mass Band 3.4; Intramurals I Eck. John—Biology Club 1.2.3; Soccer 1; Chemistry Club 1.2; Dance Crew 2.3.4; Band 2,3; Activities Oflicc 3.4; Computer Club 2; Intramural Track 2 Eife, Michael—Intramurals Elitz, David—Tennis 1,2.3; Swimming 1 Faber, George Falter, Gregory—German Club 1.2,3.4 (Vice-Pres.); Chess Club (Sec-Trcas.); Computer Club 1,2; Newspaper 2,3.4 (News Editor); Intramural Bowling 3.4; Yearbook 3 (Managing Editor), 4 (Edi-tor-in-Chief); Mathletics 4 Fargnoli, Richard—Intramurals Farrow, Charles—Track 1.2; Cross Country 1.2; Intramurals; German Club 3,4; Weightlifting Club 4 friends share all things in common. Diogenes 102Favoroso. Thomas Intramurals 2. .4; Baseball 4. Fedcrcr, lames Filippone, Adam Fiore. Charles—Intramurals 1.2.5,4; Gun Club 2; Art Club I. Fisher, Mark—Appeals Board 4; Student Council 4; Intramurals; Prom Committee 4. Fitzgerald. John—Intramurals; Graduation Committee. Fitzgerald. Michael—Football I: Intramurals. Fitzgerald, Peter—Ski Club 5: Intramurals 1.2; Bowling 5.4. Flanagan. Fugcnc—Basketball 1.2.4; Baseball 1.2.4; Student Council; School Council 2.5; Prom Committee 5.4; Soph Hop Committee; Appeals Board 2.5.4 (Chairman); Grievance Committee Chairman 4; Booster Club 5.4; Coffee House Committee 4; Parking Committee 4; Intramural Track 1; Intramural Basketball 1.5; Christmas Tree Committee 5.4 103riavillc, Claude—Football 2; Intramurals 1.3 Fleming, foseph Flyn. Patrick—Soccer I; Track 3; Intramural Track 2: Polish Club 2.3; Biology 1.2; Chemistry 2; I.P.S. 1; Raidcrscopc 4; Activities Office 4; Dance Crew 2.3; Computer Club 2; Band 1.2,3; Gardener; 6th Period Announcer Foley, Brian—Intramurals. Basketball 1.2: Golf 4 Ford. |ohn—Intramurals; Gymnastics 1; Track 3 Forrcstal, Paul—Freshman Basketball Manager; Senior Ski Club Foss. Edward—Band 3.4 Franks. Robert—Ski Club 3.4 (Pres.); Homeroom Rep I; Intramurals 2; Prom Committee 4; Christmas Tree Committee. Fulforth, William—Basketball I; Football 1.2,3.4; Baseball; Intramurals 2.3.4; Senior Delegate; Sr. Prom Committee.Gallagher. Daniel—Intramurals 1,2. .4: Chemistry Club 3; Art Club I Gallagher, Martin—Football 1.4; Track; Intramurals Gallon, John Garvey, Michael Garvin. Patrick—Intramurals Gavaghan. fames—Student Council 2.3.4; Basketball (Fresh, |V. 2.3.V.4); Golf 2.3.4 Geary. William—Baseball I (|V). 2.3.4 (V); Basketball 1(F). 2.3 (fV). 4 (V); Coffee House 4; Student Council 4; Intramurals I: Sr. Prom Committee Geib. Harry—Nat'l Honor Society 3.4; German Club 1.2.5,4 (Treas.): Newspaper 5.4; Yearbook 4; Student Council 3; Biology Club 2: Play 4: Track I; Cross Country I; Tennis 2: Human Relations Committee 1.2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Tau Club 5.4; World Affairs Council 4 Geoghegan, GlennGiamboy, Donald Gianni, fames Gilchrist, George Gola, Joseph Baseball 2.3.4: Intnimurals I Golden, Joseph—Judo 2.3.4; Intramurals; Indoor Track 3 Gormlcy, Gerard—Band; Play 2.5,4; Nat’l Honor Society 3.4; German Club 1.2; Intramurals 1; Biology Club 2 Graccy, Edmund—Track 1.2; Intramurals Grande, Anthony M. -Art Club 1; German Club; Booster 1.2.3; Stage Crew 1.2; Intramurals I; Computer Club 1; Masqueraiders 1.2; Polish Club 2.3.4 (Pres); Band 2.5; Prom Committee 5,4; Play 2; Young Republicans 4 (Pres): Yearbook 4; Men’s Choir 3.4; Fantastiks 2; Parking Committee 2.3.4; Newspaper 4; Weight-lifting Club 4. 106Gray, Robert Green, John T. Ill -Newspaper Grier, Stephen Gridin, Joseph—Student Council: Prom Committee .4; Baseball 4; Parking Committee: Ski Club; Christmas Tree Committee: Intramurals Codec House Committee: Booster Club. Grimes, Kenneth Grod. Charles—Student Council: Intramurals; Indoor Track 2: Baseball 4; Gymnastics I: Ski Club 5.4: Coffee House Committee: Jr. Prom Committee: Wrpth Wknd. Float Committee: Parking Committee Guinan. Raymond—Intramural Basketball 2.5.4 Haggerty, Mark—Intramurals Harkins, John—Intramurals Heaney, Robert—Intramurals Computer Club 2; Chess Club 4; Newspaper 5,4; Yearbook 4 (Associate Editor); Baseball 4: Intramural Bowling 4 Henderson. Robert Hendrzak, Francis Without confidence there is no friendship. Epicurus 107Hetrick, Gary Hickey, |olin—Principal's Council 4: Student Council 5 (Del.) 4 (Pres.); Coffee House Committee 2.3.4; Booster Club 3.4; Intramurals I; Prom Committee 3.4; Mississippi Drive 4; Ryan Service Moderator 4; Christmas Tree Committee 3.4; Clean-up Committee 3.4; Concert Committee 3; Parking Committee 3.4; Stage Crew 2. Hiller, Michael—Student Council I; Intramurals 1.2,3,4 Hogan, fames Holden, Kevin—Intramurals I; Tau Club 1.2,3. Hopkins. William—Coffee House Committee 4; Soccer (Co-Capt.); Intramurals; Booster Club 4; Prom Committee 3.4; Christmas Tree Committee 3,4; Parking Committee 4. Horstmann. Joseph Intramurals; Senior Prom Committee 4; Parking Committee 4. Ippolilo, V'inccnt—Intramurals 1.2; Booster Club 3.4; Student Council 4; Ryan Service Moderator 4; Christmas Tree Committee 4. Jann, William—Intramurals; Basketball 1.2: Student Council 3.4; |r. Prom Committee; Booster Club 3.Jennings. Jeffrey Swim Team 1.23.4: Basketball 2.4; Intramurals I Johnson. Donald Jordan. John—Intramurals Junod, Gerald—Intramurals 1.2.3,4: Student Council 1.2: Student Exchange Program 2: Ski Club 4 Kalinoski. Henry—Band Hello Dolly 2: German Club 2: Biology Club 2 Kauker, George—Basketball (Varsity) Kearney. Kevin Keegan, Mark—Nat l Honor Society: Track 1.2.3: Basketball Intramurals; World Affairs Council: Band: Prom Committee 3.4; Weight lifting Club 4 Keenan, Michael—Ski Club 3.4 109Kelly, |oscph—Auto Mechanics 1.2 Kelly, Robert Kennedy, George Kidwcll. Patrick—Bowling Intramurals King, Victor—Gymnastic 1; |udo 1; Ski Club 4: Weight lifting Club 4; School Play 4 Kirk. Robert—Football 1 Koach, |ohn—Intramurals Kolos. Henry—Football; Basketball 1.4; Intramurals 2.3 Kovacs, David—Baseball 2,3.4; Intramurals Kovacs, Edward—Football 1.2,3.4; Intramural Basketball 1.2,3.4 Krammer, Edward—Band 1.2 Krecko, George 110 Co up a step to seek a friend. Babylonian Talmud: GrittinKubis, Leon Kuhar, John—Cross Country Track (Indoor Outdoor) Intramurals; Prom Com mittcc 4 Kuryluk. William Gun Club 1,2; Student Council 2.5.4; Track 1.4; Football 1.2; Intramurals (Basketball) LaCroix, Richard—Ski Club; Judo Club; Art Club LafTerty. Edward—Tau Club l.anion, William—Inramurals Lawall. Kenneth—Cross-Country; Track keeper, Michael—Biology Club 1.2; Prom Committee 3.4; World Affairs Council 4 I.cutwylcr. William—Band; Intramurals 1.2 1 1 1■ - Limongclli, Donald—Stage Crew: Judo Club Lindsay, Thomas—Student Rep. Linquist, Thomas Litwinczuk, Walter A.—Intramurals 1,2,3.4; German Club 1,2.3.4; Weight Lifting Club 4; Chess Club 3.4; Biology Club 2: World Affairs Council 3: Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Ski Club Longo, John—Intramural Basketball: Weight training Club Loughcry, Thomas—Soccer Luberski, Howard Lynch, Gregory—Football MacDonald, Leslie—Football 2: Intramurals 1.2,3,4MacGregor, Marlin—Intramurals 1.2.3,4; Ryan Service Moderator I; Student Council 4: Prom Committee 3.4; Parking Committee Machion, Stephen—Student Council 1; Intramural Basketball 1.2 Maguire, Kevin—Track 1.2.3,4; Cross Country; Intramurals 1.2.3,4 Maher, Timothy Malcno, |ohn—Football 1.2: Track 1,2.3; Baseball 1.2.4; Student Council 1; Prom Committee 4 Mammarclla, JosephMarciante. Peter—Biology Club: Intramural Basketball; World Affairs Council: Prom Committee 3,4 Marcinkowski, Richard Marsico, Anthony—Stage Crew; Art Club Martin, Timothy—Football I; Intramurals 2,3; Homeroom Announcer 3.4; Chemistry Club 2,3 Martinez, Carl Mayer, Charles McAdams, Brian McAdams, David McAleese, lames—World Affairs Council; Newspaper; Yearbook 4; Biology ClubMcAllister, Kevin—Student Council 2.3 McAvoy, lames—Baseball 2.4: Track 2; Basketball 3,4; Appeals Board 4; Student Council 4 McCardle, |ohn McCarey, Thomas McCarron, Stephen—Football; Intramurals McCarthy, Jeffrey McCarthy. |ohn—Intramurals; Weight lifting Club 1.2.3,4 McCuen, Thomas McDermott, Eugene—Intramurals 2.4; Student Council 2.3: Basketball 2.3.4; Gun Club 2.3.4; Track 2.3.4; Ski Club 2.3,4 McDermott, Robert McDonnell fames—Student Council 2; Intramural Basketball; World Affairs Council McDonough. William—Judo Club 115 Let not the grass grow on the path of friendship. American Indian SayingMcDowell, Charles—Intramurals; Ski Club McFccley, Neal—Judo 2,3,4; Play 4; German Club 2 McFillin. Michael—Basketball 1,2.3; Intramurals 4 MeGarry, Daniel McGcchan, Thomas McGill, fames McGrath, Dennis—Intramural Basketball; Basketball 12 (IV) Nat’l Honor Society MeHale, William McHugh, Francis 1 16McHugh, Robert—Varsity Track 1.2.3,4; Soccer (IV) 1,2 (V) 3: Cross Country 4; National Honor Society 3.4; Newspaper 2.3.4; Yearbook 2,3,4: Mathletics 3. (Pres.) 4; Student Council; World Affairs Council 4: Prom Committee 3.4; Biology Club 1,4; Weight Training Club 4; Play 4; Intramurals McIntyre, Thomas—Cross-Country; Track (Indoor Outdoor) 1.2.3: Intramurals; Newspaper 2 McLaughlin, Mark—Gymnastic Team I; Biology Club 2: Intramurals 1,2 McLaughlin. William—Basketball 2; Intramural Basketball 3.4; Appeals Board McManus, (oseph—Intramurals McReynolds, George—Gymnastics I; Judo I; Booster Club 1,2,3.; Stage Crew 1.2; Intramurals 1.2.3; Masqueraiders 2; Play 2; Fantastiks 2; Polish Club (Vicc-Pres) 2,3,4; Band 2.3; Prom Committee 3.4; Men's Choir 3; Track 4; Dance Crew 2; Yearbook 4; Coffee House Committee; Mascot 2.3; The People 1.2 MeVey, Kevin—Football 1.2,3.4; Track 1.3; Intramural Basketball 2.3,4 Mcllor, Richard—Human Relations 1.2.3 Menno, William 117Merlino, Salvatore—Intramurals Mikus, William Miller, Francis—Football 1,2.3,4; Inramurals 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1.2.3; Basketball 1; Track 1.2; Appeals Board 2,3,4 Misenko, Charles—Swimming 1; Judo Club 4 Moore, Gregory Morrin, Edward—Basketball JV) ,2(V) .3.4; Baseball (JV) ,2.(V) ,3,4 Morrone, Edward—Intramurals 1.2,3,4 Moyer, William—Basketball 2,3,4; Judo Club 4; Baseball 4 Mozitis, Robert Mulholland, William Mulvenna, John Murphy, Joseph 118 The character of a man depends on whether he has good or had friends. Japanese ProverbMurray, Richard—Intramural Bowling 4 Myers, |ohn O'Brien, Kevin O'Connor, Kevin O'Donnell, Ralph—Intramurals Oerlcman, Charles—Intramural Basketball O'Hagan. Michael—Intramurals; Baseball Ottingcr, Robert—Intramurals 1.2; Track; Icc Hockey; |udo Club Owens, fames—Intramurals 119Pacini, Michael—Intramurals; Student Council; Judo; Ice Hockey 1 Pagano, Michael—Intramurals Paglieri, Vincent Palan, William—Intramurals 3.4 Palmer, Michael—Baseball 1; Intramurals; Judo Palmer, Phillip—Cross Country 1; Baseball 4; Play 4; Soccer 2,3; Tau Club 1; Prom Committee 4; Glee Club 2; Intramurals 3.4 Palommella, Dominic—Art Club Panettieri, Reynold—Nat’l Honor Society!Pres) ;3,4; Basketball 2 (IV). 3.4 (V); Baseball 2 (IV). 3.4 (V); Student Council 1.2,3,4; Student Delegate 2; Biology Club 2; Encounter 74; Tutoring Director 4 Parker JohnPasquella, Anthony—Intramurals Paul, Lawrence—lee Hockey; Intramurals Pavlas. |oscph—Weight Lifting Club: Chess Club: Intramurals: Track: Baseball Pendergast, Joseph Phrancr, David—Ski Club Pickup, Harry—IPS 1; Stage Crew 1; Chemistry Club 1; Biology Club 2: Polish Club 2.3.4: Band 2.3: Tau Club 3.4; Men’s Chorus 3. Play Chorus 3,4; Apostolatc Aid 4 Piotrowski, Edward—Soccer; Gun Club Plata, Daniel—Intramurals 1.2; Weight Lifting Club 4 Plcscha, Stephen—Soccer 1.2; Intramurals 1.2; Glee Club 2; German Club 1Powers. Raymond—Intramurals 1.2; Intramural Bowling 3 Quattrochi, Steven Quinlan. Mark—Biology Club 1.2 (Pres.); Art Club 1.2.3: Chemistry Club I; Chemical Store Room 2; Stage Crew 2.3.4; Masqueraiders 2,3.4 (Pres.); Nazareth Hos. Visitation; Nat’l Honor Society 3.4 (Vice-Prcs); AVA 3.4; Yearbook 3.4 (Photo): Summer Remedial Reading 5; TV Studio 4; Newspaper 4; Computer Club 2; Guidance Office Aide 2.3.4 Quinn. Stephen—Intramurals 1 Raab. Gregory—Ski Club Rafferty, Joseph—Intramurals Raponc, Philip—Student Council (Secretary); Basketball 2,(|V).(V).4; Intramurals 1.2.3 Reich, |ohn—Football I; Intramurals 3.4 Reilly. Michael—Basketball I; Intramural Basketball 2.3,4; Ski Club 3.4 122 ■'A'-lRcincrl, Joseph—Gun Club 2; Ski Club 3 Resta, John—Gymnastics I; Swimming 3.4; Baseball 4; Intramurals; Ski Club 3 Ricca, Joseph Ritter, Glenn—Intramurals I; Football 1; Judo 4; Mathletics 4; Baseball 4 Roberts, Michael—Baseball 1.2; Intramurals 1.2.3; I'ootball I Roccamo. Carl—Intramural Basketball; I'ootball 1 Roche, lames—Intramural Basketball 1.2,3.4; Track 3; Baseball 4 Rocks. Timothy Rodriquez, Joseph—Intramurals Baseball 3.4; Basketball 3.4; Ski Club 3.4; Student Council Rep. I Romano, Paul—Intramural Basketball; Intramural Bowling 2.5; Golf 2.5.4 Rooney, Robert—Intramurals Rosscljong, David—Soccer 2.3 (J.V.). 4 (V); Intramural Basketball; German Club 2.4; Glee Club 2 123 The condition which high friendship demands is ability to do without it. EmersonRossi, James—German Club; Biology Club Rubino, Jay—Football Rudolph, Robert—Play 1; Gym team 1; Biology Club 1; Weight Training Club 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 Ruggiero, Michael—Cross Country 1; Intramurals 4; Track (Indoor) 3,4; (Outdoor) 1,2,3,4 Ryan, Timothy—Intramurals 1,2; Outdoor Track 2; Stage Crew 1; German Club Salvatore, Francis—Intramural Basketball 1; Biology Club 2; Young Rep. 4 Sanfratello, John—Judo Club 3; Intramural Basketball 3 Sanginiti, Joseph—Student Council 1.2; Drug Program 1,2; Intramurals; Track 2.5; Weight Lifting Club 4; Prom Committee 4 Sanginiti. Richard—Intramurals 124Sanwald, Michael Sarccwicz, Peter Savaiano, Joseph—Football; Intramural Basketball 1.2,3.4; Appeals Board 3; Student Council 3.4 Schafer. Ronald—Intramurals 1.2.3 Schcllingcr. Wayne—Football I Schcrf. John—Intramurals 3 Schlupp. Ronald—Drug Program; Swimming; Weight Lifting Club; Intramurals Schmidt, |ohn—Art Club 1.2.3; German Club I Schoettle, Charles—Intramurals (Bowling 3.4); (Volleyball 1)Schreiber. fames—World Affairs Council 4; Intramurals 1,2,3.4; Prom Committee 4 Schwank, Gregory—Art Club 1.2,3,4; Stage Crew 1; Biology Club 1,2; Play 4 Scimcca, Michael—Intramurals I; Volleyball Scirrotto. Gaetano Segin, Robert—Intramural Basketball 1.2,3.4; Gymnastics I; Ice Hockey 3.4; Swimming 3 Scstito, John—Cross Country 1.2; Track 1,2,4; Soccer 3; Prom Committee 4; Intramural Basketball Simons, Paul Sinclair, Gary—Judo Club Small, Thomas 126Smictana, Joseph Smigo, William—Intramurals (Basketball 1.3) (Foot-ball 1.2) (Track 1); Gymnastics 1; Biology Club 2: Hockey League 1 Smith. Mitchell—Weightlifting Club 4; Intramurals 4; Hockey (League) 3.4 Smith. Stephen—Art Club 1.2: Student Council 2.3.4 Socha, Anthony Sokolowski. Kevin—Intramurals; Yearbook Staff 4: Student Council Rep. 1: Hockey 1 Spraggins. John—Cross Country StafTieri, Dominic Stapleton. Thomas—Computer Club 1.2: Intramural Basketball 1; Biology Club 2: Track 2,3Stcfcnack, Christopher—Weight lifting Club 4; Gymnastics 1; Biology Club 2; Intramurals (Track 1,2), (Basketball 2,3) (Football 1.2) Steinberg, Michael—Intramurals (Track I), (Basketball 1.2,3,4); Swimming 2,3,4; Judo Club 1,2; Gymnastics 1.2; Young Dem. 1,2,3 Steinmetz, George—Gun Club 2.3; Track 1.2; Intramurals (Basketball, (Football 1,2,3,4) Stengel, Joseph—Soccer 1,2,3.4 Stevenson, Stanley—Track 2.3; Mathletics 4; Intramurals 1.2,3.4 Stewart, Michael—Intramural Basketball 1.2,3.4 Stinnett. William A.—Computer Club 1.2; Chess Club 2. Varsity Team 3.4; German Club 3.4; Italian Club 4; Yearbook 4 (Associate Editor). Intramurals 1,3,4; Newspaper 3,4; Judo Club 2.3; Intramural Bowling 4 Stirm, Michael—Intramurals 1; Gymnastics 2; Weightlifting Club 4 Swierk. Joseph—Young Democrats 1.2,3,4; Young Republicans 4; Polish Club 4; Intramurals 1; Men's Choir 2Szafran, Joseph Intramurals (Basketball (Track 1) Szczesniak, Edward- -Judo Club Szczcsniak, Stanley—Band 1.2.3; Men's Chorus 3; Play; Intramurals 1.2; |udo Club 2; Polish Club 2,3.4; Yearbook 4 Talamo, Jan—Intramurals; Newspaper (Art); Stage (Set design). Ice Hockey Talarico, Roberto S.—Chess Team 2. (Varsity) 3.4 (Sec.-Treas.); Computer Club 2: German Club 2.3.4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook (Associate Editor) 4; Italian Club 4; Intramurals 4 Tammaro, Robert—Cross Country I; Track; Ski Club 4; Intramurals; Student Council 2 (Trcas) 4; Newspaper 1.4; Ryan service moderator: Prom Committee 3.4; Coffee House Committee 129Thomson, Daniel—Intramurals 1.2,3,4 Tranter, Patrick—Intramurals 1.2,3,4 Trottnow, Richard—Cross Country: Intramurals Visco, Gerald—Track 1; German Club 1.2; AVA 2; Polish Club 2.4; Art Club 1; Stage Crew 1.2,3.4: Year book 4 Viscusi, Donald—World Affairs Council 3.4 (Pres.): Chess Team 3.4; Biology Club 2; Human Relations Committee 3; Newspaper 3.4; German Club 3,4; Intramurals 1.2; Student Aide Math. Dept. 4; Mathletics 4 Volz, Anthony—Judo I: Intramurals 4Vorgily, |oscph—Art Club 1.2,3,4; People 1 Walsh, Thomas J.—Intramural Basketball 1,2 Walsh, Thomas M.—Intramurals (Basketball 1,2). (Track I); Band 1.2; Glee Club 2; Newspaper 1.2; Spanish Club Walton, |ohn Walton, William Wartman. Brian—Intramurals 1.2. .4; Football 2.5.4: Prom Committee 4; Student Council Wasson. John—Intramurals; Gun Club; Intramural Bowling Watkins. Allan—Swimming 2; Basketball 1.2; Intramurals Webster, Gerard—Intramural Basketball 1; Tennis Team 4Wcilman, Robert—Baseball 3.4: Weight Training Club (V. Pres.) 4; Intramurals 1,3,4 Weyhmuller. Paul—Swimming Chemistry Club: Intramurals; Mathletics Whelan, William—Intramurals 1,2; Newspaper 3 Whittle, Michael—Student Council 2.4; Ryan Service Moderator; Prom Committee 3.4; Intramurals 1.2,3.4; Coffee House 4 Widhson, Joseph—Football 1.2; Basketball 1; Track 1.2; Junior Sr. Delegate: Prom Committee 3.4 Wilson, James—Intramurals 1.2,3.4 Wilson, Thomas Winkclman, Robert Winslow, WalterWisochanski, Michael Wlodarczyk. Terrence Wojtusik, William—Intramurals 2.3.4; Prom Committee 4; Student Council 2.3.4 Woods. Stephen—Stage Crew 2.3.4; AVA 1.2; Polish Club 2 Wrazen, Robert Wszola. Robert—AVA; Polish Club ■ Yealy, James—Band; Play 2.3; German Club 1,2.3,4; Polish Club 4; Prom Committee 3.4 Yost, Gary Young, Frank—Band 1,2; Intramurals 1.2.5; Play 1.2 133Zambilo, Richard L.—Soccer (|V).1,(V)2,3.4; Indoor Track 4; Parking Committee 4; Italian Club 4; Mathletics 4; Yearbook 4; Intramurals 1.2,3,4 Zdanowicz, John—German Club 2; Judo Club 5.4 Zcarfaus. Michael—Intramurals; Ice Hockey Zee, William Zeidlcr, Stephen f riendship is a Union of Spirits, a marriage of Hearts, and the Bond thereof Vertue. William Penn 134IN MEMORY OF JOHN PIERSON—(19581974) To lose a friend is the greatest of all evils but endeavour rather to rejoice that you possessed him than to mourn his loss. —Seneca A person's Senior Year at High School is a year of great joy and great sorrow. It is the joy of fulfilling many long term friendships and it is the sorrow of terminating many long term friendships. It is a time when a boy enters manhood and can plan and watch as his young life takes shape. It is always a tragedy when such a person, so young and full of life, is taken from our midst. John Pierson was such a man. cut down in the full bloom of youth. All we have left is the stunned sense of loss and the question. “Why did it have to be John?” We can do no more for John, he is now with God. All we can do is make this last attempt to do justice to his memory. Death, be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so: ... . .. One short sleep past, we wake eternally And death shall be no more: Death thou shall die! —John Donne 135All communities change, sometimes they seem to end but as long as they are remembered the spirit, the life, the goals, the beliefs and the philosophy live on. Ryan for us will really only be our four years here. But Ryan will live on. New people will come and contribute part of themselves making the community theirs. Freshman become seniors: that is inevitable. You can only belong to a community for the time you are supposed to. To wish there was more time is foolish. Life goes on; it changes. We all belong to this larger flow carrying us to our destinies. Now we must examine what we have obtained from Ryan. To seniors this is a time of Supreme reflection. To them we wish luck. To all others we leave the community in your hands. Carry it on. Strive to realize your goals and when it is finally your turn to leave we hope you will have attained the full of what Ryan has to give. 136

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