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1974 ARROW ARCHBISHOP RYAN HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS 11101 ACADEMY ROAD PHILADELPHIA PENN A'.’ 19154 YEAR OF THE RAIDER Success in all the fields open to students, Raiders have had more than enough. This year like no other have we conquerred so much in so little time. In academics Ryan has maintained its high standards. Social life here at Ryan has made for a tight knit student body. And in sports like no other year, Ryan has dominated the field. All these and more are what makes this truly the Year of the Raider. 2Cft0TS moderator John Scioli editors-in-chief Richard Bemacki Michael Bond is key associate editor Mark Garvin senior editor Michael Winters photography editor Michael Sassani managing editor Gregory Falter sports editors William Stewart Steven Michalski staff Thomas Clark Kevin Crawford Thomas Cangelosi Thomas Hrin Vincent Mazzei Michael McGinty Robert Oskiera Albert Pavlichko Daniel Sarandrea Photography J°Ann Nicola,- Kyran Connelly Richard Bernacki Thomas Hrin 3activities 26 sports 46 student life 76 seniors 94 589mem I ■ c-'- S I IFACULTY Administration, faculty and staff of Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys will stay in our minds as the people who helped form our lives. Each of them made an unremovable mark upon our intellect. Any words of thanks will seem all too small for the magnitude of what they have done for us. Here at Ryan the faculty has made boys into men that will graduate in the year of the Raider.12ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Fr. Liguori Mierzwiak—Vice Principal DIRECTOR OF STUDIES Mr. John Scioli—Director of Studies 13DIRECTOR OF COUNSELING Fr. Stanley Janowski—Director of Counseling DIRECTOR OF ACTIVITIES Fr. Joel Szydlowski—Director of Activities 14 Fr. Roman Zbieranski—SuperiorMr. Robert Bologa—Algbera 2 Mr. John Saccomandi—Algebra Mr. Gerald Gheen—Spanish Mr. Charles Fowler—College Counselor 15Mr. George Todt—French; Soccer Coach Fr. Leonard Stunek—French Dept, head Robert Cwenar—World's Cultures Mr. John Molnar—English; Stage Director Mr. Frederick Magenheimer—Physics; Trig Mr. James Conroy—World CulturesMr. John Kurek—German Mr. Stephen Pawlowski—Ecology Fr. Anthony Chojnacki—Theology Mr. George Pauli—Gym. Basketball Coach Mr. William Jacovini—Dir. of Athletics Mr. Daniel Vorgily—Bus. Dept, head Mr. George Ottinger—Chemistry. Math 17 Fr. Louis Stislow—TheologyMr. George Deal Mr. Pal Artur Mr. John Quinn—Footbal Coach. Health, Physical Education19 Fr. John Kosinski—Religion Mr. Robert Purdy—Music. Band DirectorMr. James McCoy, Mr. William Jacovini Mr. Donald Reardon, Fr. David Jakubiec, Fr. John Joseph Stryjewski—Chaplains Fr. Gabriel Roselli—English, English Dept. Chairman.Mr. Joseph Schuler—Math Dept. Chairman, Mr. Joseph Ryan Mr. Michael Morgan—IPS Mr. Walter Zeglinski—English Mrs. Mary Jo Brooks—Spanish Fr. Clement Kurowski—Religion. Chairman of the Theology Mr. Joseph Diorio—World Dept. Cultures i 21V Fr. Rene Barczak—World Cultures. Fr. Edward Brukner—Religion Mr. Jerome O'Connell— World Cultures Mr. Earl Meyer—Mechanical Drawing. Algebra 22Mr. Charles Storm—Accounting 23 Fr. Aquinas Helwig—LibrarianMrs. Pfender and Mrs. Schuck—Secretaries Mrs. Mulligan—Treasurer; Mrs. Donahue— Father Noel’s Secretary Mrs. Merrick—Secretary Mrs. Konopka—Fr. Liguori’s right hand man. Mrs. Korcz R.N.—Nurse Mrs. Patrone, Mrs. Mattioli—Counseling Secretaries 24Mr. Ed. Merrigan—Studies Office Mrs. Jean Young—Secretary Mr. Mike Nelson—Maintenance Department: Mr. James Higgins— Maintenance Department Mr. Tom Weitzel—Maintenance DepartmentsACTIVITIE In an educational institution, activities play a fundamental role, in developing well balanced characters. Academics alone are not sufficient to build men. Through the many activities offered at Ryan, we can mature not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. AVAThe staff of the Raiderscope caught in a typical. The editors of the paper. Kevin really gets into a hot article. 31STUDENT GOVERNMENT The members of Ryan's student council. 32Vice President Mike Brill plays drums for the students at assembly. STUDENT COUNCIL 33 Father, the reason we aren't in class. Well...The German High Command 34 The German ClubCHESS CLUB Joe Donahue thinks over his next move. Mr. Ott judges the tournament. The Chess Club studies a Fisher game.HUMAN RELATIONSBAND We’re in the B-A-N-D. 37 I'll use deodorant if you play better.’WORLD AFFAIRS Commy and the boys. APPEALS BOARD You get ’em, we appeal em 38SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE 39 Ik—oV CAROUSEL Same to you Fr. Gabe.' The Ryan Flight 40 Last tango in Ryan. McCann lands another one.SKI CLUB ART CLUBNATIONAL HONORS SOCIETY 42 The cigarette machine ripped off my quarters. STUDENT STORE 43ARROW Mike Bondiskey plans layout for Arrow 74. Rich Bernacki prepares for a shooting session after school. Greg, Tom and big Bill hard at work. Steve Michalski and Mike Winters show members of the staff how a yearbook is put out. 44ACTIVITIES OFFICE AIDES BOOSTER CLUB 45SPORTS■ RRHHHHn HHH Throughout the course of our years in high school we develop and grow into men. But being a man means strength of character as well as body. Athletics at Ryan provides both of these qualities. For the first time in the school’s history, Ryan has been recognized as having one of the finest athletic programs in the city. This BMPlPli came about only through sheer determination, sacrifice, and hard work on the part of our athletes and coaches. But besides this athletic acclaim, each athlete at the end of his season can walk away with his head held high and have a feeling of personal satisfaction that he has pushed himself to go beyond his limits to achieve a set goal. He can also feel a sense of pride that he has helped to develop a winning attitude for his school, his team and himself. Therefore, on and off the field, our athletes and coaches have combined their efforts to make 1974 the “year of the raider.”FOOTBALL LAST ROW: Hensel. Wojtusik. Abromaitis, Davis, Brassell, McVey. Rice, Rubino, Adams, Anderson. Perotti. Agger. Wartman; THIRD ROW: Butler, Bialon, Jack Lynch, Fulforth, Savaiano, Pirolli. Kelly. Davies. Kovacs. Corr„ Maleno, Patrone; SECOND ROW: Azzolina, MacDonald. Pavlichko, Micalski. Nolen, Hrin, Zeglinski, Yochim, Mulvenna. Lanzetta. Mc-Carron, Kolos; FRONT ROW: Fitzgerald. Miller, Stewart, Zeider, Dugan, Norton, Greg Lynch, McCarthy. SteinerDefense ... Defense ... Defense Another interception for Tom Rice. Norton . . . Touchdown! ‘‘Where the hell is Freddie and Abro? Hertsel boots it home. Where the % ce+ % ce is the hole?' They'll never catch me.” Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 50To the victors .. .the spoils.' 51Vicious Jack Lynch sets up (or the kill. Hey. Stu, leave some for me. Why is everybody picking on me? Excedrin headache 34 Oh well . . . here we go again. Honest, sir. I didn't mean it. Northern Division M.V.P. John Zeglin-ski comments on another victory. O.K. guys. Let’s get the girls! 52 FIRST ROW: Glenn Hannigan. Head Coach John Quinn. Al Pirolli; SECOND ROW: Tim Stezzi, Bob Kurek. Jim Heuber, Walt Zeglinski WWWEEEEEOOOOOOO . . . 53Patrone and Yochim working as one.1 55It's working ... BASKETBALL Ryan Opponent 39 Fr. Judge 41 56 La Salle 55 61 Kenrick 57 67 Egan 54 46 McDevitt 52 64 North 65 56 Dougherty 59 59 Wood 42 48 Fr. Judge 47 48 La Salle 54 54 Kenrick 55 54 Egan 56 52 McDevitt 42 71 North 104 49 Dougherty 62 55 Wood 49 56 M ivThe Varsity Basketball Team. Dobs tor Two. Tom Rice moves toward the basket.Determination Muz ... Muz ... Muzzie—Two! 58Jim Cataline taps it in. Cataline and Filer fight for the rebound.Archbishop Ryan's Varsity Golf Team. Steve takes a hack at a three iron. Tom shows Steve how to keep his head down even when a picture is being taken. 61SOCCER 62Is that Miss April? 63 Outstanding Frosh shows some flare V 7H S COMER - 7 3 Ryan Runner Finally First ■ ' u Kevin kth „u °un j ZJ was a meet record tor the Belmont Ptat. b was especially enthused. It time the mfrt'j born run on 2.9 it Inter explained ■loved lo have gone Into the Us. said The ll r to do so next year. along with seven otl Biters. ■d l' old who won the Irosh champ: •tithed 13th In the 1972 varsity champ! ■ght Into th- nom.itton of a cross coun yourself. When I'm out n and can openly see myu rsell .o the limit and s good feet Inn when you ■nlor when he finish plonthipt -ause there was 11 hat all the cross cot Inn to gel time on I CROSS COUNTRY 1973 ffesWYn •--------— % ■ yc Yuv? ' C,aV vo t , Wv w T V e ■ «»«. Woshinglon's John M.o.l (o„.w) puM » » »™Words cannot express the sincere gratitude of the entire student body to our cross country team for bringing us our first city championship. AGONY AND ECSTASY FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP Mr. Ulmer and Mr. Ryan set the pace for the varsity Captains: Al Chicitti and Rick Steinberg starters. 66Championships are the gravy that crowns an agonizing quest which at times seems unreachable. Ryan's X-country team has always had outstanding individuals in its seven year history and had won two freshman championships before this year. The coveted varsity title seemed to always elude Ryan although our harriers never gave up hope entering the day of the champs Last year ted by All-Catholic Jim Hughes and then freshman Michael Thom our squad finished a surprising second in the .league title run losing to the power laden LaSalle harriers. This year our team returned with four of our five scorers but suffered an early season jolt when co-captain Rick Steinberg was injured. Al Cicchitti the other senior co-captain led our chargers in pre-season meets with Holy Ghost and Roman. Practice in hot sweltering days during the last week of August were at times agonizing as our boys paced off an average of ten miles a session. Some of the boys did double workouts on their own and for a time had only some blistered feet to show for their efforts. There is a loneliness of a long distance runner that is difficult to explain. It was best said in a Bulletin article that X-country strips you to the soul and tests your intestinal fortitude to continue in face of adversity without the support of the fans in the stands or the blare of the band. There is a self-satisfaction enjoyed when the race is over and you know you have given all. There is a tremendous team feeling when you're walking in the finish chute and see your teammates struggle in with their last burst of effort to get their best time and help bring the team a victory and pride. Throughout the session our top seven rotated in their order of scoring with senior Al Cicchitti and sophomores Mike and George Petrick taking turns as our leading scorers. Juniors Jack Kuhar. Kevin McGuire, and Marc Armstrong were steady performers along with Rich Steinberg. On the Tuesday before the Catholic League Champs. Coach Ed Ulmer and his Assistant Joe Ryan took our team to Belmont Plateau for a special workout. The temperature was 35 degrees and windy. Other teams were out there jogging m their sweat suits and so our boys were quite alarmed when the coaches informed them that they were to strip down to racing shirt and shorts The boys reacted like the coaches had gone mad or were just putting them on. Then they were told that not only were they to run in racing gear but were expected to hit the first time check in 4:15 even with the wind and despite the fact that no one had hit under 4:23 in an actual race This running condition was certainly a far cry from the sweltering heat of August but a little too cold and windy to expect much. The coaches' logic was that the Saturday champs could be just as cold and windy and so the team went into its gruelling workouts. As George Petrick hit the check point the clock ticked 4:16 with Mike Thom. Kevin Maquire. Jack Kuhar. Al Cicchitti and Rich Steinberg in hot pursuit, all within four seconds of each other and seventh man Marc Armstrong dashing right behind them. They had gone through the agony but would they ever receive the ecstacy of a championship. As expected Saturday was cold and windy around 37 degrees You could see the determination in the eyes of our harriers, but LaSalle had the same desire and they were the defending champs for the last two years. During the regular season LaSalle's J.V. team had handled our top squad but we had come on in the latter pari of the season Still, just the previous week LaSalle had beaten us in the Catholic War Vets by 16 points This was the race our boys had waited for; all the season was hanging on this one race. As a college runner dreams of the Olympic win. our thinclads had prepared themselves for this strenuous physical and mental task Michael Thom powered into the finish with a sixth place in the whole league followed by fellow All Catholic soph George Petrick Honorable mentions Jack Kuhane and Kevin Maguire were m the next scoring positions while senior stalwarts Al Cicchitti and Rich Steinberg completed the scoring. All Catholics Mike Thom and George Petrick show power. Varsity 7 set blistering pace on road to success. As the officials were tabulating the scores one thing was certain, it was either LaSalle or Ryan for the title Twenty minutes after the race, an official announcement came, the unreachable quest was a reality Ryan was the Catholic League Cross-country Champions by a thin four points margin over defending champs LaSalle The following week brought up the city Title win against Overbrook and the chant on the Dus as it pulled into our parking lot was When the champs go flying in There had been the years of agony and now the Raiders bathed in the ecstacy of a championshipRyan in the lead 68 Al sets a pace.Coach George Pauli They won because they hit... BASEBALL 69 they hustled ... and they got people out.70 Tim Gola with back problems.71Archbishop Ryan's Swim Team 72 Ryan’s mermen at their best. Coach Ed McCabe and Captain Bart McDermott in a high strategy meeting. Hey, Get the %(§ % ' $ away from here! After four years, the seniors are: Bart McDermott. John McCarthy. Rick Dougherty, Joe Del Casale, Jerry Scarcia. and Dave Muchorski. Practice looks something like this ...FIRST ROW: C. Benz. K. Agger, R. Brassell, S. Izzi. J. Norton. T. Murphy. J. McStravick, B. Quinn (Manager): SECOND ROW: 8. Rooney. T. Butler, J. Crognale. M. Penko. M. Davis. D. Greenhalgh. T. Drukin (manager): THIRD ROW: M. Fulforth, J. McEachern, S. Hugcs. T. Kenney. M. Gannon. C. Kaupp. M. Shaw; FOURTH ROW: J. Elser, J. Leonard, M. McGrath. JUNIOR VARSITY TEAMS FIRST ROW: T. Cattolico, J. Gavaghan, J. Barroclough, S. Izzi. B. Quinn (manager): SECOND ROW: R. Panettieri. B. Geary. D. Simmons. J. McAvoy. T. Durkin (manager). 74TENNIS JV SOCCER 75The secret of happiness is to never allow your energies to stagnate. When classes end, interest should not. At Ryan the fear of lack of spirit is dampened by the many facilities that our administration try to expose us to. Media centers, outdoor basketball, tennis, and handball courts, spirit days and independent studies help to instill a strong feeling of loyalty, and Christian attitude. In 1974 Ryan has showed the community that this year like no other has truly been the year of the Raider.When you're out of Bud, tough Schlitz! D’Andrea Park has provided students with an escape from studies. Ryan shows no prejudice to the aged. Mr. Ott shows he can draw a straight line: now let's see him walk one. 78FAR LEFT: Mrs. Cox patrols the aisles. LEFT: If I had a face like that. I'd hide it too. Neat picture. 79Did you hear the one about...?81 Where's that lady teacher? The battle wounds of our heroes. Ryan’s Cafeteria: 1.000,000.000,000 served. Half-time entertainment—Cancelled! 82Burlesque at its best. The one Italian said to the other ... Hey, Brill. We told you we'd put it in! I asked thirteen girls to the prom, and I was turned down fourteen times! RYANMr  Fr. Noel receives one of his many well deserved rewards. ABOVE LEFT: My girdle is killing me!' ABOVE: Spanky and Our Gang. The way to make dough is to sell it. 86Nature Girls There's a pawn in my soup! Sarandrea aims to please.The excitement of learning fills the minds of Ryan students.89 George Deal listens, as Pat Artur delivers his speech to an unseen adversary.Ralph De Palma and Al Pirolli participate in arm wrestling during Spirit day. Them Ambidextrous. Artisans of Artful Ability.The Raiders of Ryan prepare for Warpath Weekend 73 98.2615 . y co$? x + r} - Basket. George Pauli persuades one more to return to gym. 91  tt.Hi $ u ! M ?W; SENIORS Just a short while ago The world was very small It was no higher than the top of my head No wider than thoughts of myself. But that is very foreign to me now; I have learned to look outside myself. I do not want to stop here, though; I know I must go on. The only thing I really know Is, I do not know enough. There are other people I must discover If I am ever to be a real person, I will not pause to look back now— For I have only enough time to grow. JOSEPH ALTOMARE JOSEPH ARCHUT CARL BECK ANTHONY BEBEN 96 JOHN ABEL WILLIAM ABEL There are no strangers here —only friends we haven't met yet ... .ROBERT BENNETT JAMES BERNA RICHARD BERNACKI WILLIAM BERGEN JOSEPH BERRY WILLIAM BILES JOSEPH BILLE MICHAEL BONDISKEYMICHAEL BRILL WILLIAM BRITT EDWARD BROWN GERALD BRULINSKI STEVEN BUZOLITS GEORGE CALLAHAN THOMAS CANGELOSI w LEONARD BUCKLEY JOHN CANNON Wc must live together as brothers or perish together as fools. — Mar tin Luther King VINCENT CANONACO LOUIS CASEY 98FRANCIS CECH AL CICCHITTI FRANCIS CIOFFI JOHN CLARK THOMAS CLARK GERALD CLIFFORD THOMAS CLIFFORD CARMEN COCCO 99The future is only the past entered through another gate Cescire Pauese ROBERT COPPOLA JOSEPH CORCORAN CHARLES COSTELLO KENNITH COSTELLO NICHOLAS COYNE GEORGE CRAVEN KEVIN CRAWFORD TERRENCE CUNNINGHAM ROBERT CURRY GARY CUSACK WILLIAM CUTHBERT MICHAEL DABROWSKI WILLIAM DALE GILBERT DAMIS EDWARD DARCY ROBERT DAVISTHOMAS DAVIS ARNOLD DEHN MICHAEL DELANEY LAWRENCE DE FELICE JOSEPH DELCASALE ALDO DE LUCA RALPH DE PALMA WILLIAM DEPUTY 101MARCO Dl MARTINO PAUL Dl PENTIMA JOHN DOEBLEY FRANCIS DOMBROWSKI ANTHONY Dl DONATO VINCENT DEVLIN JAMES Dl FONZO MARK DILLON ROBERT DOBROWOLSKY JOSEPH DODARO JOSEPH DONAGHY JAMES DONAHUE 102 Life is like an onion; you peel oft' one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.-Carl Sandburg mVINCENT DONAHUE ROBERT DONDERO JOSEPH DONOHUE JOSEPH DOOLEY ADRIAN DORMANS DANIEL DOUGHERTY JAMES DOUGHERTY PATRICK DOUGHERTY ROBERT DOUGHERTY TIMOTHY DOUGHERTY JOHN DREYER EDWARD DRUMMOND 103JOHN DUFFY JOSEPH DUFFY JAMES DUGAN PAUL DUNNE JOHN EDELMAN MARK EDWARDS WILLIAM DUROSS STEPHEN EDMONDSON KEVIN EGAN RONALD EVITTS RICHARD FACTOR 104KEVIN FALCONE FRANCIS FARANCA EDWARD FARROW JOHN FERET ROY FISHER ROBERT FLAHERTY JOHN FLEMMING THOMAS FILER 105Of those to whom much is given much is required. —JFK WILLIAM FREY STEVEN FRITZ DAVID FRATTARA GERALD FRETZ GERALD FROSCHLE MARTIN FRYER ARMAND GALIE MICHAEL GALLAGHER FLOYD GALLO JOHN GANTERT JOSEPH GARSTKA MARK GARVIN JAMES GAVIN JOHN GENTILE ROBERT GERASIMAS MARK GIAMBIASIANTHONY GIANTOMASO H PAUL GIORGIO BRYAN GLACCUM WILLIAM GEOPFRICH ROBERT GIBBONS HENRY GIULIANO TIMOTHY GOLA 107ROBERT GREENWAY DONALD GREENWOOD JOHN GRIMES JOSEPH HAGGERTY THOMAS GONTKOF FRANK GOODFRIEND FRANK GREEN LEONARD GRAY DENNIS GRIFFIN ROBERT GRIFFITHS 108HARRY HAWS DAVID HAUSER JAMES HEIN ROBERT HENSEL JOSEPH HESSON CHRISTOPHER HINGLEY JOHN HOFF ROBERT HORN STEPHEN IAQUINTA ROBERT JACOBER THOMAS HRIN GARY HURLBURT 109JOHN JAMES MICHAEL JAMISON RICHARD JEFFERSON ROBERT JENKINS JOHN JENNINGS JOHN JOHNSON DONALD JONES WILLIAM JORDAN Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was. — Dag Hammarskjold WILLIAM KATZMAR JOHN KAUKER 110GLENN KEENAN JOHN KELLY PATRICK KELLY THOMAS KELLY THOMAS P. KELLY TERRENCE KELLY DAVID KENNEDY THOMAS M. KELLY 111All the young men soldier is banished ROBERT KOHLENBERG ROBERT LANDY may leave the battle field, but not until the toy from the nursery will wars cease. — : Haig MARK KLUMPP FRANCIS KOSICH MARK KREFT RONALD KRYSAN BRUCE LACHOWICZ NORMAN LA CROIX FRANK LANDI BRUCE LANZETTA FRANCIS LANZILLOTTI MICHAEL LATIMERJOHN LIEBEL MICHAEL LOMBARDO 113 MARTIN LEICHT MICHAEL LEININGER JOSEPH LEPONE GARY LEWIS EDWIN LIEB FRANCIS LEOJOHN LYNCH THOMAS LYNCH STEVEN MAGDA PAUL MAHER BRIAN LOUGHRAN GERARD LOWDER EDWARD LYDON CHARLES LYONS KEVIN LYDON RAPHAEL MAC WILLIAMS TIMOTHY MAHON WILLIAM MAHON 114GEORGE MALENO TERRENCE MALLEE JOSEPH MANCINELLI JAMES MANCUSO JOHN MARRICONE WILLIAM MASSEY WILLIAM MALLOY DENNIS MANNING JOSEPH MALONEY GEORGE MAPLES WILLIAM MATHER LEO MATTEUCILOUIS MATTIOLI MARK MAZZA VINCENT MAZZEI JAMES MC CARRON JOHN MC CARTHY KEVIN MC CARTHY 116 CHRISTOPHER MC COUCH BART MC DERMOTTJOHN MC DERMOTT EDWARD MC DEVITT MICHAEL MC GINTY MICHAEL MC GOWAN JOSEPH MC KENNA THOMAS MC KENNA MARK MC LAUGHLIN JOHN MC NALLY 117JOSEPH MC NALLY MARK MC SAIN KEVIN MC WILLIAMS KEVIN MEALEY STEVEN MICHALSKI PAUL MICK ALAN MONACO CHARLES MONAGHAN FREDERICK MEDER MARK MICHALOWSKI JOSEPH MILLER DAVID MOORE DAVID MILLS EDWARD MORAN 118'WILLIAM MORRISON MICHAEL MORRONE JAMES MORTIMER JOHN MOSTAK DAVID MUCHORSKI MARK MULRONEY WILLIAM MULVENNA JOHN MULVILLE 119JOSEPH NEFF JOSEPH NELLINGER JAMES NORTON JOSEPH NOSELLI JOSEPH MURPHY TERRENCE MURPHY JONATHAN MURRAY EDWARD MURT EDWARD NICKLOUS WILLIAM NOLEN MICHAEL O’CONNOR STEPHEN O’DONNELL 120 You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad.— Aldous HuxleyJOHN O’NEILL JOSEPH O’NEILL ROBERT OSKIERA FRANCIS OWENS PIERRE OWENS VINCENT PACITTI RALPH PAPANDREA ROBERT PARADYSZJEFFREY PATRONE ALBERT PAVLICHKO JOHN PEROTTI FRANK PERRI RONALD PETROSKY MICHAEL PIERCE LOUIS PERRY GREGORY PIERI EDWARD PETERMAN ALBERT PIROLLI 122 ANTHONY PISCOPIO JOSEPH PITTSGREGORY PLATA TERRENCE PLUNKETT MICHAEL PONENTE ROBERT PLANK ROBERT PREISS MICHAEL RAFFERTY JOSEPH RAGUCCI FRANCIS POWERS 123Be lions roaring in forests of knowledge, Whales swimming in the oceans of life. — Baha'i Scriptures LAWRENCE REYNOLDS HARVEY RICE THOMAS RICE MICHAEL RIENZI RICHARD RIGGS JOHN RILEY THOMAS RILEY CHARLES RILLERA PHILIP ROACH THOMAS ROBINSON STEPHEN ROCHFORD WILLIAM ROGERS PATRICK ROHAN DONATO ROMANIELLU FRANCIS ROONEY KEVIN ROONEY 124 DANIEL SARANDREA GERALD SCARCIA CHARLES SCHATTLER JOHN SCHICK 125■■9 4 ; DAVID SHADE GEORGE SHAFFER MICHAEL SHERLOCK JOHN SHICK PAUL SCHULZ PETER SCHWARTZ RICHARD SEEBERGER KEVIN SEYMOUR 126PATRICK SICILIA WILLIAM SHULBY THOMAS SINCAVAGE MICHAEL SINCLAIR WALTER SMILOWSKI HOWARD STEACKER JOHN SKORNY MICHAEL SPAZIANO GREGORY SENKO BRIAN SMITH 127GUY STEVENS KEITH STONE GERALD SULLIVAN WILLIAM STEWART ROBERT STRAIN KEVIN SULLIVAN KEVIN STIRLING HENRY SUCHODOLSKI TERRENCE SULLIVAN 128 CHRISTOPHER SUTTON JOHN SWANN JOHN SWIKER EDWARD SZYSZKO WILLIAM TEDOR ROCCO TENAGLIA WILLIAM THIEL GARY THOM MICHAEL THOMA 129 STEPHEN WASSER RUSSELL WATSON ROBERT WEISLER JAMES WEITZELSTEPHEN WELSH LAWRENCE WHITE FRANCIS WIDENER JAMES WILKINSON THEODORE WOJTUSIK MICHAEL WOLK STEPHEN WHITE THOMAS WHITWORTH MICHAEL WINTERS EDWARD WLODARCZYK JOSEPH WYSOCHANSKI JOSEPH YOCHIM 130Abel, John Stage crew 2.3; Riflery 3; Gymnastics 1.2 Abel. William Football 1.2; Student Council 1.2.3 Abromaitis, Steven Football Ahlers. VJiHiam Intramurals Aitomare. Joseph A. German 4; Prom Committee 4; World Affairs Council 3.4; Human Relations 4 Archul. Joseph Prom Committee 3.4; Student Council 3. 4; Coffee House Committee Azzolina. Barry Glee Club 4; Prom Committee 4; Football 1.2,3,4; Track 1.2.3,4; Student Council 1.2.3,4 (President): Coffee House Committee; Intramurals; Principle’s Council 4: Ski Club 4 Bahm. Dennis Art 4. Cross Country 1 Beben. Anthony Intramurals Beck. Carl German 3.4 Beckman. John Intramurals Bennett. Scott Golf 4; Cross Country 1. Student Council 4 Bergen. William Intramurals Berna. James Computer Club 3 Bernacki. Richard Newspaper 1,2,3; Yearbook; Dance Committee 1.2.3; Gymnastics 1; Activities Office 1.2 Berry. Joseph Ski Club 4; Intramurals 3; Human Relations Biles. William Intramurals Bille. Joseph German 2: Stage Crew 3.4; Music Man. South Pacific. Masoueraiders. Hello Dolly. Carousel Bondiskey. Michael Newspaper 2: Yearbook 3.4; Gymnastics 2: Judo 2 Boyle. Daniel Intramurals Boyle. John French 3: Intramurals Brady. Joseph Intramurals Brennan. Joseph German 1.2: Radio 4: Computer 4 Brill, Michael Prom Committee 4; Basketball 1; Golf 3. 4; Tennis 1; Track 3: Student council 4 (Vice-President); Mississippi Drive Britt. William Stage Crew 2.3: Judo 3 Brown. Fdvrard German 3.4 Brulinski. Gerald Intramurals Buckley. Len Biology 1; Student Council 3 Buchanan. Robert Intramurals Ruzolils. Steve German 1.2.3,4: Biology 2; Student Council 1.2.3; Mathletics 3.4; National Honors Society Callahan. George Intramurals Cangelosi. Thomas Dramatics 3.4; Newspaper 2.3.4; Biology 2: Radio 1; Audio Visual Aids 2; Stage Crew 3.4 Cannon. John Radio 1.2; Student Council 4 Canonaco. Vincent Biology 2 Casey. Louis Intramurals Cech. Frank Ski Club 4 S Cicchitti. Alex Track; Cross Country Ciolfi. Frank Intramurals Clark. John Intramurals Clark. Thomas Hockey 1.2.3 Clifford. Gerald Soccer 1.3 Clifiord. Thomas Newspaper 4; Prom Committee 4; Bowling 4 Cocco. Carmen Biology 2 Coco. Tony Biology 2; Judo 4 Conaway. Mike Intramurals 1.2 Cook. Jim Dance Committee 1.2; Football 1; Student Council 1 Cook. John Dance Crew 3.4 Coppola. Robert Bowling 4; Football 3: Track 1,2 Corcoran. Joseph Intramurals: Football 1 Costello. Charles Intramurals Costello. Ken Biology Club 2; Prom Committee 3.4; Intramurals Coyne. Nick Intramurals Craven. George Dance Committee 1.2.3. Intramurals Crawford. Kevin J. Newspaper 4, Yearbook 4; Danco Committee 1.2; Prom Committee 3.4; Foot ball 1 Cunningham. Terry Track 1.4 Curry. Robert Glee Club 4; Football Cusack. Gary Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 3: Student Council 3.4 Culhbert. William Biology Club 1.2; Radio 3; World Affairs Council 4 ;Che$s Club 2: Computer Club 2: Computer Club 2 Dabrowski. Mike Intramurals Dale. William Ski Club 4 Damis. Gilbert Band 1.2; Newspaper 3.4; Prom Committee 4 Darcy. F.d Intramurals Davis. Robert Basketball JV 1.2.3: Football JV 1; Track JV 1,2.3 Davis. Thomas Football JV 1. V3.4 DeFelice. Larry Intramurals Dehn. Arnold Art 1.2.3; Prom Committee 4; Stage Crew 4; Track 1.2; Student Council 1 Delaney. Michael Intramurals Delcasale. Joseph Swimming DeLuca. A! Band; Orchestra DePalma. Ralph Newspaper 4; Baseball JV 2; V 3.4 Deputy. William Prom Committee 4; World Affairs Council 4; Gymnastics 1 DiDonato. Tony Football 1.2; Student Council 2.3.4 Devlin. Vincent Football 1; Student Council (Treasurer) DiFonzo. Jim Intramurals Dillon, Mark Bowling 4; Golf 4; Gymnastics 1. Inira-murals DiMartino. Marco Hello Dolly. Carousel DiPcntima. Paul Football JV 1.2; Track JV I Dobrowolsky. Robert Basketball JV 1.2: V 3.4 Dodaro. Joe Intramurals Doebley. John Intramurals Dombrowski. Francis Band 1.2.3: Drum Major 4; Orchestra 1 2.3.4; Newspaper 3.4; Yearbook 4 Donaghy. Joseph Soccer 4 Donahue. James W Intramurals Donahue. Vincent Basketball 1.2: Ski Club 4 Dondero. Robert Bowling 4; Student Council 1 Donohue. Joseph J. Radio 1.2: Prom Committee 4; Basketball' ;Football 1; Student Council 1 4 World Affairs Council 3 4; Human Relations 4; Chess Club 1.2.3. (President) 4 Dooley. Joseph Intramurals Dormans. Adrian French Club 3; World Affairs Council 3 4; Human Relations 3.4 Dougherty. Daniel German Club 1.2: Baseball JV 2 3: V 4 Dougherty. James An; Yearbook 4; Biology Club 2; World Affairs Council 4Dougherty, Patrick Swimming Dougherty. Robert Intramurals Dougherty. Tim Football 1 Dreyer. John Dramatics 3; Stage Crew Drummond. Edward Intramurals 1.2.3. Dully. John Intramurals Dully. Joseph School Store 3: Staqc Crew 1.2: Track Cross Country 1.2: Concert Committee 2,3: Coffe House 3 Dugan. James Prom Committee 3: Baseball 2 3.4: Basketball JV 1.2.3: V 4: Football JV 1.2.3: V 4 Dunne. Paul Prom Committee 4; Volley Ball 3 Duross. William Bowling 4; Student Council 2.3: Coltee House Edmondson. Steve Newspaper 4; Riflery 3; Ski Club 4 Edwards. Mark Intramurals Egan. Kevin Intramurals: Student Council 4 Evans. John Intramurals Evitts, Ron French Club 3: Yearbook 4; 8iology Club 2: Stage Crew 2: World Affairs Council 4 Factor. Richard Bowling 4; Judo 3: Ski Club 4 Falcone. Kevin Art; Dance Committee 1 Faranca. Frank French Club 3: World Affairs Council 3; Human Relations 3; Ski Club 4 Farrow. Edward Dramatics 3. (President) 4; Stage Crew Judo 3 Masqueraiders Feret. John Chess Club South Pacific. Music Man. Hello Dolly. Carousel. Marque-raiders Filer. Thomas Baseball 2.3.4; Basketball JV 1.2: V 3.4 Fisher. Roy Intramurals Flaherty. Robert Art 1.4 Flemming. John Art 1.4; Football 1.2.3: Student Council 3.4 Fox. Robert Intramurals Frame. Dan Track 1: Cross Country 1 Franchetti. Michael German Club Bioloov Club 2.3.4; Cross Country 1: Volleyball 2: Student Council 1.3.4; Human Relations 3.4 President. (Vice-President) Franks. Thomas Intramurals Frattara. David Intramurals Fretz. Gerald Stage Crew 1.2.3 Frey. William Basketball 1.3: Football 1 Fritz. Steven Newspaper 2: Audio Visual Aids 2: Library 2.3 Froschle. Gerald Soccer JV 1.2: Track JV 1 Fryer. Martin Band; Orchestra; Photography 2: Glee Club 4; Audio Visual Aids 1.2.3: Stage Crew 2.3 Galie, Armand Intramurals Gallagher. Michael Newspaper 4: Judo 2: Ski Club 4 Gallo. Floyd Newspaper 3.4: Football JV 1 Gantert. John Football 1; Swimming 3: Track JV 1.2: Concert Committee; Coffee House Gartaska. Joseph Intramurals; Baseball JV 2 Garvin. Mark Newspaper 3.4; Yearbook 4; Student Exchange Program 3: World Affairs Council 3.4; Human Relations 4; Intramurals Basketball Gavin. James Coffee House. Basketball Gentile. John Intramural Basketball; Track 1 Gerasimas. Robert Dance Committee 4; Coffee House 1.2 Giambiasi. Mark Intramurals Giantomaso. Anthony Cross Country 1.2: Vollley Ball 1,2: Ski Club 4 Gibbons. Robert Intramurals Giorgio. Paul Stage Crew 1.2: Hockey 1.2.3: Volley Ball 1.2: Gymnastics 1; Concert Committee. Coffee House 2.3.4; Hello Dolly. Carousel Giuliano. Henry Band 1.2.3; President 4: Glee Club 4; Orchestra; Activities Office 2.3.4 Glaccum. Bryan German Club 1; Secretary 2. Vice-President 3.4; Human Relations 3; World Affairs Council (Vice-President); Ski Club 4 Glackin. Lawrence Biology Club 2: Tennis Cross Country 3; Volley Ball 3 Goepfrich. William Prom Committee 3.4; Basketball 2.3: Swimming 3; Volley Ball 2; Student Council 1 Edelman. John Intramurals Gola. Timothy Intramurals Gontkol. Thomas Intramural Basketball Goodlriend. Frank Intramurals Gray. Leonard Intramurals Green. Frank Art 1; Dramatics 2.3; Forensic 2; German Club 2.3.4; Dance Committee 2.3; Prom Committee 4; Intramural Basketball 2.3: Human Relations 1.2.4: World Affairs Council 2.4 Greenway. Robert French Club 3; Intramurals Greenwood. Donald Prom Committee 3; Intramurals 2.3.4 Grillin, Dennis Biology Club 2.3: Intramurals 1.2.3 Grifliths. Robert Intramurals Grimes. Jack Spanish Club 2; Basketball 1 Haggerty. Joseph Intramurals Hanifin. Michael Track 2 Hanson. Dean Track; Cross Country JV 1.2. V 3.4 Hauser. David Intramurals Hein. James German Club 3: Dance Committee 3: Soccer 2.3.4; Chess Club 1 Hensel. Robert Football JV 2. V 3.4; Intramural Track 1; Intramural Basketball Hesson. Joseph Intramurals Hingley. Christopher Intramurals Horn. Robert Intramurals Hrin. Tom Spanish Club 1.2.3: Glee Club 4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Dance Committee 2.3,4; Prom Committee 3.4: Football JV 1,2: V 3.4: Student Council; Coffee House Hurlburt. Gary Hockey 1.2.3 lapuinta. Stephen Intramural Basketball Jacober. Robert German Club 2: Tennis 2: World Affairs Council 3 James. John Intramural Basketball 3.4; intramural Track 1 Jamison. Michael Spanish Club 2: Intramural Basketball 1; Swimming 2 Jefferson. Richard Intramural Basketball; South Pacific Jenkins. Robert Band 1.2: Orchestra 1.2; Intramural Basketball 2.3.4: Bowling 4 Jennings. John Prom Committee 4; Basketball 2.3.4: Golf 3 Johnson. John Band 4; Missions 4; Biology Club 4: School Store 2: Basketball 2.3.4: Football 3 Johnston. Daniel Newspaper 4: Track Intramurals Jones. David German Club 3.4: Newspaper Biology Club 2: Prom Committee 3: Basketball; World Affairs Council 3.4. (Secretary) Jones. Donald Dramatics 2: Band 1: Missions 1: Biology Club 2: Staqe Crew 1: Football 1: Library 2; Student Council 3 Jordan. William Track JV 1.2. V 3; Cross Country JV 1.2. V 3 Katzmar. William Biology Club 2; Intramurals Kauker. John Photography 1.2: Radio 1: Audio Visual Aids 2Keenan. Glenn Intramurals Kelly. John Intramurals Kelly. Pal Soccer 3 Kelly. Thomas Newspaper 4; Football 1,2.3.4 Kelly. Tom M Intramural Basketball 1.2.4; Bowling 4 Kelly. Thomas P. Glee Club 4; Biology Club 3: Intramural Basketball 3.4; Football 1; Track JV 3; World Affairs Council 3.4 Kelly. Terence J. Student Council 1.2.3; Intramural Basketball 1.2,3.4 Kennedy. David Dance Committee 1 Kennedy. James Spanish Club 2; Band 1: Biology Club 3; Basketball 1 Kennelly. Frank School Store 4; Cheerleader Kenny. Michael Riflery 3 Kirby. Robert J. Intramurals. Basketball 2; Bowling 4 Klotz. Marlin Riflery 2; Swimming 2 Klumpp. Mark Intramurals Knaplon. Brian Art 3.4; Dramatics 1.2.3,4 (President); Glee Club 1; Stage Crev 3. Stage Manager 4 Kohl. Steve Intramurals Kohlenberg. Robert Intramurals Kosich, Francis Intramural Basketball; Tennis 1. 2.3.4 Kreft. Mark Glee Club 4; Appeals Board Krysan. Ronald Art 3; Dramatics 3; Glee Club 3; Photography 1; Earth Science 1: Stage Crew 3. 4; Riflery 2; Cross Country 2: Library 3 Kullman. Charles Spanish Club 2.3. Lachov icz. Bruce Bowling 4; Gymnastics 2; Student Council 3 LaCroix. Norman Ski Club 4 Landi. Frank Intramurals Landy. Robert French Club 3; Biology Club 2; Basketball Manager 1 Lanzetta. Bruce Glee Club 1.4; Football JV 1.2. V 3.4; Student Council 3.4 Lanzillotti. Frank Intramurals Leicht, Martin Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Dance Committee 1; Prom Committee 3.4; Ski Club 4 Leininger. Michael German Club 1.2 Leo. Frank Stage Crev 1.2.3; Counseling Office 12. 3 Lepone. Joseph Ski Club 4 Lewis. Gary Biology Club 2; Computer Club 1.2.3: Chess Club 1,2.3; Judo 3.4 Lieb. Edwin Track 1; Cross Country JV 2 Liebet, John D. German Club; Biology Club 2.3: Football 1; Riflery 3: World Affairs Council; Computer Club 2.3: Human Relations (President): National Honor Society 3.4 (Sec.) Lombardo. Michael Biology Club 2; Prom Committee 3.4; Basketball 1.2.4; Chess Club 1.2; Student Council; Human Relations 4; World Affairs Council 4 Lougharn. Brian French Club 1; Newspaper 4; Intramural Basketball Lov dcr, Gerard Intramurals Lydon. Edward Newspaper; Prom Committee 3.4; Soccer; Hockey 1 Lydon. Kevin Newspaper; Prom Committee 3.4; Golf 4; Soccer Lynch. Thomas Prom Committee 3.4; Bowling 4 Lynch. John Glee Club 4; Prom Committee 4; Football JV 3. V 4 Lyons. Charles Prom Committee 4; Judo 4; World Affairs Council 4 MacWilliams. Raphael French Club 3.4; Latin Club 2: Prom Committee 3.4; Intramurals; World Affairs Council 2.3.4 Magda, Steve J. German Club 1; Mathematics 3; Bowling 4; Riflery 2 Maher. Paul Gymnastics 2 Mahon. Timothy Spanish Club 1.2: Library 1.2 Mahon. William Intramurals Maleno. George Earth Science Club 1; Judo 4 Mai lee. Terence Intramurals Malloy. William Latin Club 1.2: Dance Committee 1.2 Maloney. Joseph French Club 3; Prom Committee 3.4; P A. Announcer 4 Mancinelli. Joseph Basketball 1.2.3: South Pacific Mancuso. James Spanish Club 1 Manning. Dennis French Club 1.2; Soccer 3.4; Swimming 1 Maples. George Newspaper 4; Basketball 1; Gymnastics 1.2; Judo 2 Marricone. John Dramatics 2; Newspaoer 3.4 VP; Yearbook 3. 4 V.P.; Assoc. Editor Raider-scope: Track 3: South Pacific Massey. William Intramurals Mather. William German Club 1; Bowling 4; Human Relations 4; Ski Club 4 Matteuci, Leo Intramurals Matticli. Louis Newspaper 4; Prom Committee 4; intramural Basketball Mazza, Mark Glee Club 4; Newspaper 4; Prom Committee 4. Student Council 3.4. Coffee House. Senior Social 4 Mazzei. Wince Newspaper 2; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 4; Golf 3.4; Coffee House 3.4 McCarron. James Intramurals McCann. Kevin Intramurals McCarty. Robert Spanish Club 2.4; Biology 2; World Affairs Council 3 McCarthy. John French Club 3.4 Secretary; Newspaper 4; Computer Club 1; Dance Committee; Prom Committee 3.4; Swimming; Booster Club 2; Student Council 2.3; National Honor Society 3.4 (V.P.): World Affairs Council 3.4; Human Relations 3.4; Student Curriculum Committee 2.3; South Pacific McCarthy. Kevin Spanish Club 1.2 3.4; Mathematics 3.4; Glee Club 4; Newspaper 4; Biology Club 2: Prom Committee 2.3.4; Basketball 1. JV 2. V 3.4 ;Football 1. JV 2. V 3.4; Track 1; Student Council; National Honor Society (Pres.) School Council 2 McCauley. James Art 2; Drill Team 4; Photography 3: Bowling 4; Hockey 1 McCosker. John German Club 4; Basketball 4; Riflery 4 McCouch. Chris Computer Club 1; Dance Committee 3; Prom Committee 3: Cross Country 1; Chess Team 1.2 3; World Affairs Council 3; Human Relations Committee 3 McDermott. Bart German Club 2.3.4; Biology Club 2: Computer Club 1; Prom Committee 3.4; Swimming 1.2,3,4; Mississippi Drive 4 McDermott. John J. Human Relations Committee 3.4; World Affairs Council 3.4 McDevitt. Edward Dramatics 2,4; Newspaper 4; Basketball 1; Soccer McDowell. Gary Intramurals McGarry. Kevin Biology Club 2: Earth Science Club 1 McGinty. Michael Baseball 4; Golf; 4; Tennis 4; Student Council Senior Delegate McGowan. Michael Art 1; Dramatics 2: Biology Club 2: Earth Science Club 1; Stage Crew 3: Bowling 4: Golf 3 McGowan. Steven Dramatics 3; French Club 3 McGuigan. Joseph Intramurals McKenna. Emmett Newspaper 3.4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 3.4; Football Manager 1.2: Appeals Board 4 McKenna. Joe Biology Club 2: Earth Science Club 1. Coffee House 2 McLaughlin. Mark Earth Science Club 1; Coffee House 2 Concert Committee 2.3 133McNally. John Soccer 1,2.3 McNally. Joseph Biology 2: Radio 3: Cheerleader 2 McSain. Mark French Club 3.4; Basketball 2. Footbali 1; World Affairs Council 4; Human Relations Committee 4 McSorley, Tom Newspaper 3 McVeigh. Chris Student Council 4; Intramurals 1.2.3 4; Appeals Board 4 McWilliams. Kevin Soccer JV 1.2. V 3.4 Mealy. Kevin Carousel. Glee Club 4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 4; Appeals Board 4 Medcr. Fred Intramural Basketball 1.2,3.4 Mich alow ski. Mark Biology Club 1.2; Bowling 4; Riflery 2; Human Relations 4 Michalski. Steven Glee Club 4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Football JV 3. V 4 Mick. Paul German Club 1.2; Biology Club 2 Miller. Joe Carousel. Dance Committee 4 Mills. Dave Volley Ball; Cheerleaders 1.2.3 Monaco. Alan Prom Committee 3: Intramural Basketball 2.3.4 Monaghan, Charles Prom Committee 2,3,4; Bowling 4; Student Council 2,3,4; Appeals Board 4 Moore. Dave German Club; World Affairs Council 4; Human Relations 4; Judo Club 4 Moran, Ed Intramurals Morrison, William German Club 1.2; Track 1.2.3; Cross Country 1.2.3; Golf 3 Morrone. Michael A. Band 3; Yearbook 3; Dance Committee 2.3; Prom Committee 3; Student Council 3; Activities Office 3.4 Mortimer. James Intramurals Mostak. John Basketball; Student Council Treasurer Muchorski. David Swimming 1,2 3.4 Mulroney. Mark Dance Committee 1.2: Ski Club 4 Mulvenna. William Newspaper 4; Prom Committee 3.4; Intramural Basketball 1.2.34; Student Council 3 Mulville. John Art 1; Bowling 4; Football 1; Track 4 Murphy. Joseph Art 4; Spanish Club 4; Stage Crew 2.3: Hockey 3.4; Cheerleader 4 Murphy. Terrence Art 1; Spanish Club 1.2: Yearbook 2: Biology 2 Murray. Jonathan Art 1; French Club 2.3: Spanish Club 1; Yearbook 1: Biology Club 2: Prom Committee 3.4 Murt, Edward Latin Club 1; Riflery 2; People 3.4; Volley Ball 1 Nell. Joseph Hockey 2: Riflery 2: Volley Ball 1 Nellinger. Joe Newspaper 2.3 Nicklous. Ed Yearbook 1; Prom Committee 3.4; Soccer 3.4 Nolen. William Glee Club 4; Newspaper 4; Prom Committee 3.4: Basketball 2.3,4: Football 1. 3.4: Volley Ball 3.4; Student Council 4 Norton, James Glee Club 4: Football 2.3 4; Track 2 3 4; Volley Ball; Student Council 1 2 Noselli. Joe Intramurals O'Connor. Michael Hockey 3; Cross Country 1: Volley Ball 4 O'Donnell Steve M. Intramural Basketball Manaqer i Oeffler. Kenneth Earth Science Club 1; Audio Visual Aids; Stage Crew 1.2.3; Student Council 1 Olewnik, Gene Intramurals Olszewski. Constantine M. Cross Country 1; Student Council 2 O'Neill. John Intramurals O'Neill. Joseph Intramurals Oskiera. Robert Newspaper 4; Prom Committee 3.4; Stu dent Council 4 Owens. Francis Stage Crew 1.2 Owens. Pierre Intramurals Pacitti. Vince Intramurals Papandrea. Ralph Intramurals Paradysz. Robert Intramurals; Football Manager 4 Patota, Frank Intramurals Patrone. Jell Student Council 1.2,3. (Secretary) 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 4; Glee Club 4; Prom Committee 2.3.4; Coffee House Committee: Mississippi Drive: Sheryl's boy friend Pavlichko. Albert Football; Student Council 3 Perotti. John Football 2.3.4; Student Council 4 Perri. Frank Bowling 4; Chess Club 2.3.4 Perry. Louis Biology Club 2: Judo Club 3.4 Peterman. Ed Intramurals Petrosky. Ron Biology Club 2: Basketball Intramurals Pierce. Michael Intramurals Pieri. Greg Biology Club 2: Prom Committee 3.4; South Pacific, National Honor Society 3.4 Pirolli. Albert Football; Booster Club 4 Piscopio. Anthony Biology Club 2: Student Council 1; National Honor Society 3.4; World Affairs Council 4 Pitts, Joe Basketball 1.2; Human Relations Committee 3 Plank, Bob Art 1.2; Plata. Gregory German Club; Newspaper 1.2.3: Biology Club 2 Plunkett. Terrence Judo Club 2.3.4; Gymnastics 1 Ponento, Mike World Affairs Council 3; Ski Club 4 Powers. Frank Soccer 3,4; Ski Club 4 Preiss, Robert Music Man Raflerty. Mike Stage Crew 1 Ragucci. Joseph Intramurals Rainey, James Missions; Hockey 1 Redden, Bill Biology Club 2 Reilly, Leo Prom Committee 4; Basketball Intramural Retallick. Joe French Club 2; German Club 4; Newspaper 2.3.4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 4 Reynolds, Larry Intramurals Rice, Harvey French Club 3: German Club 4; Biology Club 1; Hockey 1; World Affairs Council 4 Rice. Tom Prom Committee 4; Baseball 2.3.4; Basketball 1.2.3,4; Football 4; Student Council 1 Rienzi. Mike Intramurals Riggs. Richard Biology Club 1; Prom Committee 2.3.4; Soccer 2.3: Swimming Riley, John Track 3; Appeals Board 4 Riley, Tom Newspaper; Hockey 1 Rillera. Charles Basketball; Student Council 2 Roach. Philip German Club 1.2.3; Band 1; Biology Club 2 Robinson, Thomas R. Newspaper 1; Yearbook 1; Prom Committee 4; Hockey 1: Intramural Basketball; Cross Country 1 Rochlord. Stephen Prom Committee 4; German Club 4; World Affairs Council 4; Human Relations Committee 4 Rodgers. V illiam Intramurals Rohan, Pat Art 1; Spanish Club 1.2: Soccer 2; Track 1.2: Tennis 1 Romaniello. Donato Intramurals Rooney. Francis Track 1; Cross Country 1Rooney. Kevin French Club School Store 2.3.4; Stage Crew 1.2; Volley Ball 2: Student Council 3.4; World Affairs Council 3.4 Treasurer: Human Relations Committee 3.4 Rowan. Thomas Basketball 4; Track 1.2; Cross Country 1.2 Sarandrea. Dan Intramurals Sassani. Michael Hockey 1.2,3 (Captain) Scarcia. Jerry Football 1: Swimming 2.3.4 Schaffler. Elmer Baseball 3.4: Track 2: Cross Country 2 Schattler. Charles Track 2: Cross Country 1 Scheier. Thomas Cross Country 1. Intramurals Schick. John Stage Crew 1; Hockey 2.3 Schulz. Paul Football 1: Intramural Basketball Schwarz. Peter German Club 2.3.4: Stage Crew 1; Human Relations Board 2.3.4: World Affairs Council 4: Ski Club 4 Seeberger. Rich German Club 2 Seymour. Kevin Biology Club 1.2: Student Council 1.3 Shade. Dave German Club 1.2: Track 1.2: Stude.M Council 2 Shaffer. George German Club 3; Band 1.2; Stage Crew 2 Sharp Donn Art 1; German Club; Prom Committee 2,3,4; Soccer 1.2.3; Track 1; Ski Club 4 Sherlock. Michael Art 1; Track 2,3,4: Judo Club 3 Shaw. Edward German Club; Ski Club 4; World Affairs Council 4; Human Relations Committee 2.3.4 Shick, John Intramurals Shields. Stephen Hockey 2. Golf 1 Shubiak. Stephen German Club 2: Ski Club 4; Gun Club 4 Shulby. William Bowling 4; Hockey 1 Sicilia. Pat Intramurals Sincavage. Thomas German Club 2; Biology Club 2; Riflery 3 Sinclair. Michael Intramurals Senko. Gregory Art 1 Skay, Joseph Art 1.4 Skomy. John Art 4 Smilowski. Walt Band 4; Glee Club; Tennis 1.2.3, 4; Volley Ball 2.3 Smith. Brian Art 1.2: French Club 1: Prom Committee 3; Bowling 4: World Affairs Council 4: Student Council 1.4 Sobel. Allen Art 1; Franch Club 1.2: Biology Club 2: Bowling 4; Tennis 4 Spaziano. Mike Student Council; Appeals Board 2.4 (President) Steacker. Howard Steinberg. Rick Track 2.3.4; Cross Country 2.3.4 Steiner. Paul Carousel. Glee Club 4; Coffee House 3. 4; Prom Committee 2.3.4: Football 1.2.3, 4; Track 1.2 Stevens. Gary Intramurals Stevens. Guy Glee Club 4: Biology Club 2; Basketball; Volley Ball 1.2,3.4; Red Cross School Rep. 4 Stewart. Bill German Club 1.2; Glee Club 4; Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Biology Club 2: Prom Committee 3.4; Football Track; Volley Ball 2,3.4; Student Council 3.4; School Council 4 Stirling. Kevin South Pacific. Glee Club 4: Newspaper 1.2.3. Editor 4 Stone. Keith Bowling 4: Tennis 4 Strain. Robert Glee Club 4; Prom Committee 3.4; Bowling 4; Tennis 3.4; Volley Ball 1.2,3. 4; Student Council 1 Suchodolski. Henry Intramurals Sullivan. Gary Dance Committee 4; Human Relations Committee 3.4: World Affairs Council 3.4 Sullivan. Kevin I ntra murals Sullivan. Jerry Intramurals Sullivan. Terrence Newspaper 4: Hockey 1.2; Soccer 1.2. 3.4 Sutton. Chris Glee Club 4; Prom Committee 3: Swimming 1.2.3; Volley Ball 4 Sv ann. John World Affairs Council 2.3.4; Human Relations Board 3 Swiker. Jack Hockey 1.2: Soccer 3 Szyszko. Ed Band 1,2.3; Judo Club 3.4: Intramurals Tedor. William Intramurals Tenaglia. Rocco Football 1; Intramurals Thiel. Williams Glee Club 4; Bowling 4; Intramurals Thom. Gary A. Yearbook 3: Computer Club 1.2.3: Intramurals Thoma. Michael Glee Club 4; Bowling 4. Riflery 1.2 Thompson. William German Club 1. President 2.3.4; Newspaper 3.4; Student Council 2.3: World Affairs Council 3.4 President; Human Relations Board 1.2,3.4 Trexler. Richard Spanish 1.2 Urban. Ed Newspaper 2: Dance Committee 2.3; School Store 1,2: World Affairs Council 4; Chess Team 2 VanHorn. Stephen German Club Secretary; Newspaper 4; World Affairs Council 3.4; Human Relations Board 3.4 Verna. Robert Art President: German Club 4 Newspaper 4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 3.4: Stage Crew 2.3; Coffe House 3 Vltali. Mike Art 4 Vice-President: German Club 4; Newspaper 3.4: Yearbook 4; Coffe House 3 Voclmle. John Baseball; Ski Club 4 Wartman. Jim Art 1.2: Photography 2: Swimming 3 Wasscr. Stephen Intramurals Watson. Russell Biology Club 2; Stage Crew 4; Human Relations Board 4 Weisler. Robert Intramurals Weitzel. James Gymnastics 1; Judo Club 3 Welsh. Stephen Riflery 3; Tennis 1.2; Track 1 White. Lawrence French Club 3.4 President; Newspaper 2.3.4; Stage Crew 2; World Affairs Council 3.4: Human Relations Committee 3.4; National Honor Society 3.4 White. Stephen French Club 3.4; Dance Committee 3.4; Tennis 3.4; World Affairs Council 3.4: Human Relations Board 3.4 Whitworth. Thomas Biology Club 2: World Affairs Council 2. 3.4; Ski Club 4 Widener. Frank Intramurats Wilkinson. James French Club 3: Intramurals Winters. Mike Yearbook 3.4; Bowling 4; Soccer 3; Track 1.2; Cross Country 1.2; Ski Club 4 Wiodarczyk. Ed Newspaper 2. Dance Committee 2: Track 3; World Affairs Council 3 Wojtusik, Ted Glee Club 4: Dance Committee 1; Prom Committee 4: Football 1; Student Council 1.2.4; Football Manager 4 Wolk. Michael Track; Cross Country Wysoch3nski, Joseph Computer Club 1.2.3: Prom Committee 3 Yochim. Joseph Dance Committee; Prom Committee 2.3.4; Football; Track 1.2; Student Council 2.3.4; Activities Office 1. 2.3.4; South Pacific. Carousel Yoder. Frank Newspaper 4; Intramurals Zaneski. Tom German Club 1; 8and; Glee Club 3; Orchestra; Bowlinq 4; Hello Dolly. Carousel. Polish Club 3.4 Zeglinski. John Prom Committee 2.3: Baseball; Football 1.2.3 4; Student Council 1.2,3; Basketball 1.2.3: Track 4 Zeidler, Fred Football, of tender years, can’t know the fears that your elders grew by, And so, Please help them with your youth They seek the truth before they can die. Teach your parents well. —Graham Nash, Teach Your Children 136 

Suggestions in the Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) collection:

Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Ryan High School for Boys - Arrow Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 71

1974, pg 71

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