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QQ, ,MXGM v5XQs,s.xQiJ ASQQHYQ5 X3 3,35 1 SML :fx 9551 Q xemwmj fmYNZlUE4 9 y . agpfxvg Qxi-Qfflzgwhffiggcv N A NCQ LU Qffgi if OM W NYQMXQQQ JUJ,D .vN,L My ' 'fy fixgwixigks M 5. X PZQW7 M , J in 4 f-af? wa Wim? WWW V 'W Wymwfx fpfx V10 wmg - 7 , XXWVW i 4 X 1 fx D + A D 5 N, 5 5 ffl 1 1, I I 4 f X 6 5 1 Y If 1 X V zo 7 jx!! U5 5 f '9 f 3 Q Y F44 1970 VE RB UM VOLUME9 Table of Contents Girls .A....AA.......,...,. 2 We Enjoy ..... ...... 1 0 We Search ,... A.,... 4 8 We loin ......... ...... 6 8 We Are ....,......,.... 102 We Buy ,............,,. 138 We Lived '69-'70 .A.,.... 148 Appendix .,...A,,....,. 151 Index .,...A...,........ 156 Archbishop Murray Memorial High School i al St. Paul, Minn esota I -QQ. 'TZ' tal Pat Foley, is that devious smile because someone caught you with their cam- era first? tbl Mrs. McGinley - l don't see that camera. lcl Pat Courtney - What do I do with this? You mean l'm supposed to paint a picture? Cdl Mary lane Leach - for me? - my own Volkswagen car cake with a candle. You can't really expect me to eat it? But the poor thing's defenseless. Cel Penny Winkler - a little daydreaming never hurt anyone. Great things have been invented this way! ffl Mrs. Hacker, don't tell me that we've finally shocked you. Maybe you exposed us too much. lgl Mary jo Shields - You honestly want my opinion? You're askingforit! Where do the days take me? Around your smile, inside your sadness We girls need each other. And we know it well. .:,.,, ,V ,rsx a c d Kal Maureen McGuire - concerned and caring about her little friend. tbl Betty Lutz - Calvinism-smalvinism! icl Nancy Brown - attentive. idl Louise Fratto - cracking up! Kel jackie Nadeau - You're supposed to pay. ffl Pat Keller - listening - but to who? V fi 3 3 d Cal seniors tbl Nancy Westlund and Mr. Delaney ici joAnn Kaase and Mary jungvvirth. S f tdl Diane Elmquist and Nancy Passafaro Cel Santa, Lois Wiblishau- ser, Rene Schmidt ffl Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Smith, S. Rosemary tgb Mary O'NeiII, Jean Berglund thi Pat Albertson, Kate Esty, Maureen McGuire. h b i Who am I when I m not alone? A part of the people I'm with? A piece of someone s v, l d lal Frosh relax during fourth hour. lbl Cathy Horwath leads a discus- sion during freshmen retreats. lcd Cold and frustrated seniors try kite flying. Cdl Mr. A watches over a lunch party. fel ls this a social problems class or the reason for it? ffl They think they're a Halloween Pumpkin Band. Shh - don't tell them the truth. lgl Some famous couples. lhj Dee Dee Liesenfeld. , M V f--' ,LPN K l i I K N t xx K , r y ' tt tal Starting the Sdaylin usual lfashiony Suel Thompson :gets the school bus. tlJl,Cur first earlyimorning friends is, our loiker. tdl Hall yvallkslare one of the best ways to cate up on overnight gossip an just before first hour is the best time to do it. tdl Classes are the major part of our day, but sometimes we'd like to pretend they're' not elven there. teltThe library is a good placeto study, because thefatmosphere ,ist usually quieter than a study hall. ifl Getting a shot is a su neway to wreck a day and the day sud! denly--seemed demolished forrumany students as they lined up. , 6 , ' x 2D,,,...- hs f. 'M 5 il ...viii 8 Where does the day take me? With you on the bus, to classes, through fourth hour and, still with you, back again to the outside world. tgl We all know about fourth hour. That's when we eat. Cafeteria lines have given way to vending machines and separate lunch tables gave way to long ones running the width of the lunchroom. We have mod scheduling during fourth hour during which we attend club meetings or sit and fool around with our friends. Mrs. Cronje, our nurse, is also available during this time for any consultation we need on medical matters. During homecoming tkl Kurt Wach- tler and three other Hill seniors use the fourth hour to have a pep rally to sell Homecoming buttons. Hill is another essential part of Murray girl day. ihl After lunch we're back into the swing of classes. There's always a need for teamwork as girls in history and til shorthand discover. til One of the most influential parts of our day is our teachers. Getting together to chat in the hall are Mrs. Hacker and Mrs. Odean. A full day? Yes. A hard day? No. A good day to live and grow in. k 7 New administration alters atmosphere Hey, Mr. Asenbrenner. Mr. Who? Mr. Asen- brenner. Whofs he? Our principal. He's new ... When I first saw that yellow thing in the front entrance, I didn't know what it was, now I do. I can't quite explain it - but, I DO know ... It's kind of like computer dating - Eating out of the vending machines that is. Everything you like wrapped up in one little package . .. it may not be a Paris original or nothing, but the new dress code kind of makes me feel free. And warmer! ... My name pin sure comes in handy. Get a ripped pocket and with iust a flick of the wrist, it's all pinned up ... Here Enrich- ment Day rolled around, I didn't know it, and so I didn't even know I was being enriched ... Do you think, maybe, If I fold this piece of paper and look real innocent I can get by the hall monitor? If not? Run! Real fast Well, I forgot my eyeliner and I was just hysteri- cal because the Hill boys were coming for joint choir, but ofcourse, whatever YOU'RE lacking -the bookstore isn't There's only one thing I like about auditorium study - it's closer to the Infirmary ... Who said we are getting our yearbooks in August? I did ... You got sent to the Student Director? Who's he? ... With all these new things going on I almost forget I am in school - Well, almost. d tal AMM's machine lady tMrs. Olsonl doubles as a ma- chine-stacker and change lady. tbl Naughty Pat Keller - You've got detention! Let's get those boards good and clean. ici The school day doesn't end at 3:30 for Vicky Gus- inda who stays to work off tuition. ldl Those wearing red name pins - you know they're sophomores. tel Lights, camera, action. 8 3 I5 ....,. 4- 'Fl E 1 H wwf- ,A V s ., .ta . 4 ff. il ff .- A' ,, fl 'fr 1 3 b R ll ,V , 1 ,Ag ' W4 C tal A drug symposium, airline stew- ardesses in the auditorium, an all- school mass wih Father Osmund, speakers on many different subjects .,. Enrichment Days offer a wide diversity of experiences in '69-70. tbl Pollution. Can you sit by and watch? The kids sponsoring the Sci- ence Fair don't think you should. Get out and fight it! lcl Sure, the Vulcans surprised all of us, but Mrs. Malley, you're usually ready for everything! Cdl The new dress code went fine for a while until some people took advantage of it. But Sister, stripes make a sweater warm- er. Kel As a fulltime guidance counselor, Mrs. Ducharme hears all types of problems from where should I go to school? to I just can't get my homework done. 9 ,ga as '2fstfw,, ya L Y,-wg ug ,Al WS' O on Ls: . O I t lgilflgittil isti YIJT' 8 8 3 ,,,,X:,kl KVLL V ?,W A xhymfz f 3 f C tal Giving us her view on what is required of good newscasting, Sherry Naugh- ton talks before an interested group of girls in the auditorium on our very first venture into enrichment days. tbl After a trip to the west bank with students from the U. of M., homeroom alternates expressed their pent-up feelings in different artistic forms. tcl Taking up permanent residence in the St. Paul Arts and Science Center, Mr, Armadillo proves to be a rather interesting display. 10 Enrichment Days expand the classroom Enrichment - being improved through out- side activities meeting Betty Crocker Mass at St. lohn's University Touring St. Ben's ... Was Ondine a person or a fish? ... lt's the Temple of Aaron but they still worship God We savv julius Caesar at the Guthrie ,.. For a change we got enriched at school ... Sherri Naughton in person! Spending the day learning about careers. Great planning, Guidance Department! Getting an insight on the plight of Biafra ... Bonjour Tristesse ... The science department planned the Drug Symposium. It was high time we had one another great film in the afternoon ... Going to see The Tempest ... Or getting more sam- ples from Betty Crocker . , . Who invented en- richment days anyway? It's an adventurous way of learning without being in class. ,,,,,,, c,t.,s-- M-4-N 'c'!-' b tal An interesting fact of the lewish religion is the Torah, a book containing the first Chapters of the Bible. These are on display at the Temple of Aaron. tb! A vital part of each enrichment day is the Mass. Beginning the day, all AMM'ers attend. lc! Hail, Caesar! and that they did in a play put on by the Minnesota Theatre Company depicting a different Caesar. 11 Double cast gives The Chalk Garden two interpretations Practice makes perfect I can't help it if I keep missing my cue Miss Germann, I know Laurel is supposed to be a neurotic young girl - but what does neurotic mean? ... Double casts? - I bet that's to get us to go twice ... if you ask me, the grandmother was mean for trying to keep Laurel from her moth- er ... What's a chalk garden anyway? .,, I felt sorry for Maitland, they always had him run- ning ... But I don't know the first thing about re-upholstering furniture I think it would be an adventure to have a governess like Mad- rigal and find out she had been in prison I wanted to see what Pinkbell looked like ... Pam you have fifteen minutes left to get those curtains hung Mike can't find the white jacket I go on in two minutes and I'm not ready Well, practice makes about as close to perfect as you can get. 3 12 b tal Misundersranding and bitter feelings are shown on the faces of mother lAnne Marie Gillenl and daughter fRoxanne Peter- sonl as they discuss the child's future. lbl Used to having her own way, discipline is a new experience for Laurel lSunny An- dersonl but her governess ILibby Caseyl is determined not to give in to her willfulness. lcl Maitland, the man-servant, lMike Connersl is another person Laurel has wrapped around her little finger. The disgusting girl is the cause of more than one problem. C .sez lah Realistic scenery for THE CHALK GARDEN is con- structed by stage crew members Nancy Brown, Su Bang, Pat Elm and lan Donlin. tbl Governess Reenie Twohy receives a taste of the spoiled pupil her first day on the job. lcl An applicant forthe position of governess is received by the unstable manservant, Maitland ljirn Biagil, who eventually crumbles un- derthe household strains. l fi' IP? 'H 1 .UW 3 Hill crowns Nancy b homecoming queen But Mom, I don't want Dad to buy my corsage Why can't football players go? That's not fair I., We ate at the Venetian ... We ate at McDonald's Are you having your hair done? ... Do I have to get him a carnation? He's allergic to flowers Cretin won the game by a mere trick of fate , ,. I never sawthis band before. They're great! Hey, how come we couldn't go to the pep fest? ,.. It's about time homecoming queen came from Murray! Tom, do you have to wear your letterman jacket to the dance? It clashes with my dress . . . Don't wait up, Dad. We'll be home late anyway Did you save your menu? No, I got the silverware But what does the dance have to do with football? by Mary Chris Legato 14 l a d tal Resting during half-time, Kurt Wachtler takes a needed drink of water before returning to the field in pursuit of victory. fbi Though victory wasn't theirs, Hill played one of its most challenging games. ici In a display of good taste, Hill chose AMM senior Nancy Westlund to reign over the homecoming fes- tivities. tdl Turning out by the hundreds, Murray and Hill students show enthusiastic support for the team. Cpictures courtesy of Hill High Schooli g F 'ls' 'Q s x I xx Ial We're number one and everybody's going to know about it is the motto that AMM cheerlead- ers, Candy Ryan and Kathy Grochowski, have as they post signs all over the wall. tbl 'B' squad proves to everybody that they have just as much if not more pep than 'A' squad cheerleaders, Icl With a loud cheer and a swoosh of a flag, flagtwir- lers get us ready to cheer at future games. fdl Hey, there's some boys in school. Where? Over there, in the auditorium and I think they're football play- ers. Wow! That's who's playing the homecoming game? Yep and they're going to win too. a b We're number one, 1970's victory cheer Give me an H, an I, an L, another L - What does it spell? I.. Boys! ... Do we have to know how to skate to be a cheerleader? ... No, but it helps .., What I want to know is how come the flagtwirlers always run off the field so fast a.. Lean to the left, lean to the right, stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight I always step on someone's foot during that cheer . ., If hockey cheerleaders have to know how to skate does that mean wrestling cheerleaders have to know how to wrestle? ... just because I'm a 'B' squad cheerleader doesn't mean I can't yell as loud as you ,.. Stand up for the school song ,,, Fight on you rough and ready Pioneers .. . Victory, victory, that's our cry .,. When you cheer at a basketball game you have to jump extra special high so you can be seen above the players .H We're number one! 15 - Eager seniors visit New York, Virginia l'm leaving on a jet plane ,., And that's the way all of us ninety seniors left, for seven days ... The rest of the class seeing us off ... Our first stop - Virginia. Oh, the three hour bus ride ... 7 a.m. Time to get up! ... Walking through Williamsburg lt was sure funny driving to McDonald's in a bus .M Washington D.C. - spending the day exploring the Smith- sonian Institution ... 898 steps up Washing- ton's Monument and down again! I have to Soak my feet ... The Liberty Bell ... Trying to find Tiffany's and Saks ... Get up! Aren't you going to watch the Macy's parade? .., Back home - who won the Great Race? ... Hello Dolly , . . Goodbye Mr. Chips. by Bernie Och 3 sq mal b tal For principals who find a curfew hard to make, seniors find the Williamsburg stocks useful. tbl Getting mailed there seems the best way to get to New York for jackie Cull. lcl The Gover- nor's Mansion in Williamsburg makes a good backdrop. .1 ,fp Q , s - r ' . ' my N , if ,Q Ak K . NX KW, A 1 ,, s f Cdl Fly the friendly skies of United tdl The senior class turned out at the Minneapolis-St. Paul international Airport to see the travelers off. The girls' main stops were Washington and New York. ffl A solemn group viewed the grave of President john F. Kennedy at Arlington Cemetery. igl A Virginia telephone and a bright idea - call Mary lane Leach at the Mystics dance and find out how everything is going. But not even the best plans always work. They didn't know the dance was as jammed as they were, thl And one bright, sunny day they went sightseeing and saw historical Washington - everything from the rais- ing of the flag at Iwo limo to the Hospitality House. til Reviewing the day's activities, Cindy Gentile and Kathy Gates examine the souvenirs they picked up on their New York shopping spree. 1 1 Work is only part of Chicago activities for Verbum, Miter Staffs Somehow cold turkey on pumpkin bread doesn't make up for Mom's Thanksgiving din- ner ... 10 senior journalists move into Chicago by train and 9 others by plane from New York ... Lectures take up very few hours of our four days ...The Prudential Building occupied by night visitors ... Girls on fire escapes blinding each other with flash bulbs .., Bathtubs filled with ice, make-shift refrigerators to save the expense of buying meals ... Do you mean to tell me Oliver Towne is right down the hall? ... This is the hotel operator. The time is 5:30 and the temperature is ten below - dress warm - Who were you talking to, Connie? ... How many times do they usually go to Mass on Sun- day in Chicago? Olde Town has a restaur- ant called The Pickle Barrel ... November 27- 30 NSPA convention AMMers VS the Windy City. Kai Exhausted after four days in Chicago for the NSPA con- vention, Diane Fitzgerald and Mary lo Rensch fortify them- selves while waiting forthe train. Kathy Meyer tries to de- cide whether or not she should go in search of the mysteri- ous pizza stand. tbl Determined not to share her train seat with anyone or anything, Kathy Meyer hoists her suitcase onto the luggage rack. tcl During her free time Mary lo Rensch looks through someone's billfold picture collection. 18 Teachers celebrate, eat in Roman atmosphere tr .Y 1 nf xwavi., 2 Q,-JW I I . as it X y 3 t 'wig ' f' .Q the gm ' 5 T. A .qifzff -ft.. w:--N .. ' A A 4-wtf y , b 'S Karma? 5 . if Q 7 - Y-our 'ar ' U- .ft X si t d Roam in Italy The faculty certainly would have liked to ... But they had to settle for just one night Lasagna Chicken Sister Marie's batter bread salad Punch served in front ofthe auditorium ... The facul- ty was extremely happy with the dinner wine ... Imagine the girls in General Home Eco- nomics preparing the entire dinner! ... Green Gondolas with candles in them as center pieces Ioy balls hanging from the light fixtures? .,. Hostesses in formals ... Eating with the staff ... Entertainment provided by the Three Sharps and a Flat . .. Mr. Odean with a goatee? ... A maxi skirt on Mrs. Hacker ,.. Everyone out for a good time Forgetting about school for one night Then dessert It's over too soon ... After all, how often does one get to go to Italy. C lah Mrs. Asenbrenner and Mother Rose Alice find the Christmas dinner a good time to get better acquainted. lbj Lingering over dessert, teachers listen to a little gossip CCI Relaxing after an excellent dinner, Mr. Hacker empha- sizes his point with a few precise hand motions. tdl Prepar- ing individuals trays of hors d'oeuvres for the dinner, Home Ec students sample a few of the choice goodies Platters filled with cheese, olives, pepperoni and vegeta- bles loaded the long tables set up in the main hall in an Ital- ian atmosphere. I9 i c lQ 3 lal Looking at the world of parties through big brown eyes, Philip keeps a rather tight hold on the precious gift he received from his group. tbl Leslie Kearney and Jeffery smile the smiles of happiness as they enjoy each other's company at the senior Christmas party festiv- ities. Ccl Oh boy Santa, l want a doll, a pair of skates, a game, and a ... ldl How come food always tastes better away from home? I wonder if l can get another bag of potato chips or is one the limit? gf F' Q ,fl aky s C Cl 1 20 i it l 1 if 5.15.3 V.-sau'-s W M 3 b tal Christmas is for children and Mary Fratto makes it a happy one for this little girl. tbl Sometimes it sure is tough to put up with big kids. Eileen Colbert's little friend man- ages though. ICJ Even though it's not shown in our faces, we really are having as much fun as our little buddies. Seniors try their hand at bringing Yule tide joy It's Christmas time! ... Time to show our good fortune and have fun ... A traditional party for first and second graders from St. Mary's ... Four ecstatic, excited girls to each one fright- ened youngster Santa and Mrs. Claus met the bus outside while the senior class hung out the lounge windows ... Claim your kid and go to the cafeteria ... Hot dogs and potato chips and ice cream I sure would like to have pop with my lunch instead of milk! Pre- sents A stuffed turtle to sit on Hot Wheels A nice warm stocking cap Sweaters... Baby dolls... Mittens... Puzzles ... Books . . . More Hot Wheels . . . Sue, canl have a horsey-back-ride to the all-purpose room? Singing Carols It's funny how they resemble angels when singing Silent Night . 21 d lal But Santa, my list was longer than that! lbl Christmastime holds extra meaning for the girls of Vocal Ensemble as they sing a few Christmas carols. lcl Under new direction, the combined Hill and Murray bands play a med- ley of marches. ldl Awaiting the next song, Mr. Anderson contemplates the upcoming Christmas holiday. lel Giving a cheery wel- come to visitors, Santa is posted on one of the many classroom doors. lfl The eyes of all look upon Mr. Anderson for the next verse. lgl Leading Concert Choir in Susanni , Reenie Twohy sings the solo, lhl Did the whole Freshmen class join Chorus, or just what's pulling off? lil Mr. and Mrs. Santa strike a jolly pose. Scrooge s ghosts enliven Christmas program We Wish You a Merry Christmas ... Tiny Tim in our school? - but then, what is a Christ- mas Program without Scrooge and Bob Cratchet? Three ghosts with really weird make-up - green - but why not? - I've nev- er seen a ghost before ... Will the real lovable Scrooge come through? - maybe next time - the assembly was too short ... lt seems funny to see so many French students singing that Latin Adoramus Te Christe .,. Let's wrap it up and give it to each other for Christmas. What? The Gift of Love ... What other song but Bringing Home the Christmas Tree could a jolly group of villagers dance to? Santa and Mrs. Claus drop in to hand out a few pre- Christmas gifts to AMM staff members . .. How come we never heard the Hill and Murray band before? They're good! .s. Merry Christ- mas to all and to all a goodnight. l 23 tal Trying their luck at dime-hunting loan Hipple and Lauri Hawthorne bite into a piece of the cake that will designate the next epiphany queen. tbl The three kings of the East again visit Murray but in the form of Pat Furlong, Lupe Rodrigues and Peggy Arnt. Tcl Carrying out a tradition the wassail bowl bearers bring the punch down the aisle and onto the stage for the queen and her court to sample while watching the show. Balancing the bowl are Sarah Fida, Louise Fratto, Kim Freedlund and Sue Bibeau. b Epiphany Party returns minus boar's head Seniors, cake is being served in the lounge - and there's one lucky piece with the dime in it ... What's the schedule? - Find Kathy Kamrath, she planned the whole program M. Kris, which formal fits best? ... In what order do the kings go? ... Attendants, please walk slowly - this is supposed to be solemn ... Here come the elves and the punch - almost spilling it ... What do you mean, the mice ate the boar's head? Mammy's little babies love shortenin' bread ... Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening M. We ain't got the mortgage for the money on the cow T. , Moo, moo, moo, moo, moo . , , How can I get this horrible black paint off in time to catch the bus - l have to work tonight ,. . Downtown . . . Flip-jump-split-back-and turn ... Thus ending another Epiphany party. 25 a lal Senior, Diane Brown, leads a group of freshman retrea- tants in a discussion on anything and just about everything. tbl Catching a little nippy nap Debbie Zimmerman takes a break from routine. Is it the place or the people that make a retreat an event? Is retreat a time to get away from it all, or a time to learn how to get into it all? ... if Moses walked today, would he be a long haired peacemaker or a philosopher on church commandments? ... Court trial: ls God dead or alive? T.. Sophomores had a Twilight Re- treat with the Hill juniors - there's two sides to every story How can we know our real friends? ... Can a teacher honestly be a friend or just someone we admire? .. . Travel with me to the far wilds for a retreat and here we will find our seniors at - Buffalo, Minnesota? ... Father Kelly and Brother Mike can tell some pretty good jokes if you can keep them up late enough ... Around the fountain and through the halls we were up with people for three days and two nights .. . The best part of people is romping with them, be it on a snowmobile or in a fountain ... Freshmen found out that se- niors do care ... Coming up with ideas on how to spread joy, one of life's little pleasures . .. joy is having the next day off . . . Retreat is a time to take a look at ourselves and a stare at our involvement with others. Nancy Westlund gets the Frosh point of view as she helps out at the freshmen retreat. 26 ' wii- lal Guitars are an essential part of retreats these days. lan Tissek warms up in the blue room. tbl Pillows take a beating at senior retreat after a game of hide 'n seek. tel Bad pun, Debbie! rr- rx.,-, ,qs ts ,Sl rseiif R2-ms. fs-Simi WM, if 5 A tits? ' if 5 W -wr. . ' Mr . ki ,.k, , V, Wai, f,7',. rf, g 1:5 K kfi-'f.f if' --'pf l El 5.1 Kai Specializing in brass, the Sir Raleighs feature a song that in- volves a lot of this type of instru- ment. Their technique is to play it loud and long. lbl Instead of re- ceiving the traditional corsage, each girl attending the Sweetheart Dance was given one long- stemmed rose by her favorite beau. Seated around candlelit tables under soft red lights Mary Schwietz and her boyfriend listen to the music of the Perspectives. ici With the large crowds that were drawn to the dances, more room was needed to check coats. When the juniors took their turn checking coats in the auditorium Colleen Colwell was called into action. Cdb Connie Schroepfer quickly discovers that dancing with her dad wouldn't be at all bad except that he's so tall. lei Mary lane Leach and Ron seem to have natural soul if the band is going good. lfl Therese Pritschet and Brian Schmidt groove to the beat, tg! Robin Newes needs a lot of concentration for dancing opposite her partner, Ron Dao. A junior at Hill, Ron chose well be- cause Robin sure looks like she knows what she's doing. Dancing! -X,,,,... .-. b d -t. ,rw 4 X ,. K, : s s-Ax' -1 t 3 fab Would you believe matching bongo drums? Would you believe he's the lead singer of the Sir Raleighs? Well you better because he is. tbl Steve Le- Claire gives it all he's got at the dance along with all the other kids who came to listen to the Sir Raleighs on the evening of April 17. ici Eileen Colbert and Mary Kay Fleming try to sell their wares in the form of bids for the first annual Sweetheart Dance. Hoping to establish a tradition, the seniors spon- sored this semi-formal dance at Murray on February 20. tdi Taking a breather from the crowded dance floor, a group of AMM sophomores stop to chew the fat . But, what's this? a boy? Monthly name band dances result in crowds, big profits Listen, I hear something - MUSIC! Did you ever hear of a Pudget Sound - what kind of sound is it? . . , The Paisley's are playing at one of our monthly money raising dances ... Tonight the juniors sponsor The Yellow Dog Contract? It sounds like they're trying to put history into our dances ,.. The poster says Pride and joy sponsored by the French Club. Ah, how do they plan to pass it out? ... ls it the Nickel Revolution or the Mystic Evolution? ... Student Council held a fantastic dance in No- vember. They had to close the doors because of too many people. We came just to hear Pain from the Mystics Do you have a sweetheart? ... They picked a King and Queen of Hearts .,. Oh, well, l'll settle for taking my Dad to the Father-Daughter Dance. l b l d 29 l i i Parade of Talent offers twenty-two acts Sponsored by Student Council AMM pre- sents its first annual Parade of Talent The night of show arrives and so does audience .,, 109 turns into a disaster area ... Vocal Ensem- ble painting faces for their medley from Hair'f ,,, Voices warming up Ally-Oop leads parade ... Pat Zilliox's Simple joys of Maid- enhood' '... Bill Trusten's fingers climb up and down the keyboard ... Beth Pflugi tumbles to Feelin Groovy .,. Reenie Twohy, As Long As He Needs Me ,.. Three Sharps and a Flat appear Chuck Barry Puts on a Happy Face ., , Colleen Okoneski's baton twirls her way to Grand Showmanship trophy and prize. b . Agni? C Kal Trudee Neid and the other members of her country western rock group sing their version of Olly, Olly hoping to be in the finals for awards. tbl Aquarius went over very big with the audience as the Vocal Ensemble passed out fresh flowers to signify peace. The group won first place in the variety division. Ccl Another winner, Col- leen Okoneski did a baton twirling act combining both grace and skill. tdl Singing a popular love ballad to woo the hearts of the judges, Brad Gerster came over from Hill to participate in the talent show. lel St. Paschal children dance as colorful clowns. Hr' rl Kal Dancing their way through the stone age, these talent show participants did their act to Alley Oop. tbl Proving that she is very agile, Beth Pflugi does the splits. b 31 f leaks, A, dl kg 8 b c tal A touch of tenderness starts out a romantic eve- ning. tbl Taking pictures does make it last longer, but julie Ertle gets embarrassed when the big eye is pointed right at her. lcl Steve's question to Colleen Radford could be either Will you marry me? or Now can we go home? ldl Mary Schiltgen, Connie Eberhard and their dates, Bob and Gene, get an over- all view ofthe Lowry's main lobby. tel Stepping lively, Diane Tempest leads prom couples in a bunnyhop. lfl Finding that there is A Time For Us Gail Prettyman and tgl Celeste Lucking enjoy sitting one out with their dates on the evening of April 'I0th, Y d 32 X .im xt ,, 19 it jules Hermann sets soft pace, fast beat for lively couples Mother, is he here? I'm not ready ... This gart- er is driving me crazy. It scratches me every time I move my leg ... Stand right over this way. Now put your arm on her hand. Fine! Next? ... We dedicate this next song to David Bucher, Happy Birthday ,,. I've never been in the Lowry Hotel I know every plane that landed at the airport between 3 and 4 in the morning on April I0 .,. I can't polka in a short dress much less a formal ... Do you know how to get to the Lowry? I do, my dad gave me directions and I've got enough paper here to make a book We'II meet you at Taylor's Falls at 10, well, how about 12? .., I can't be- lieve I really made it to prom, it's like magic . ,, Where did you go for dinner? .., The boys cooked it for us - even had candles on the table ... We lost our kite over the St. Croix River . . . ATime For Us ,.. Do you think so? 1 'H .go- X-Y--. wgY,? Q- ,faff a!,'d xx 4 if p sm 'Q' I w f . 11 ixlx, 12' ,Q RH . ggi, 2ggW!zw-Qs f v 33 tal The Happiness Day assembly put on by the teachers brings out the talents of Miss Kimball, Mrs. Klohs and S. Anita as they bunny- hop across the stage. tbl Happiness Day presents new social prob- lems for Mr. Speltz. lc! Gossip, laughter, gum chewing and tardies are all part ofthe typical AMM homeroom scene as depicted by the teachers. Cdl Scout Wermers, alias Mary Sue, finds Home Ec hasn't changed even though she has. lei The Hunchback of Notre- Dame lKathy Haasl and his partner the Mummy lCindy Hudallal adds to the wild atmosphere. C -, b tw .vit--Q d ,QQ 3-far Q 34 ,, ..,: ., Qt H ' W, 1 a,K,....a,..,-f-I a tal Dori Schweitz clowns around in religion class as Happiness Day gets under way. tbl Wendy tCarolyn Allardl tries to avoid the clutches of Captain Hook CPat Furlongl. tcl S. Mark's class solemnly watches as Apollo 'I3 safely reenters the atmosphere. tdl Mickey and Minnie Mouse tSue Thompson and Sue Thoelel confer between classes. gfitfi K it HX b Teachers become stage students at Happiness Show l used to think that Happiness Day was a free day ... Mr. Speltz is giving a test on Happiness Day. Does he have social problems? ... Did you see Ma and Pa Kettle? Now that was really funny! ,,. We were planning on being the in- visible couple by not coming to school, but the idea of also being Murray's suspended couple didn't appeal to us Since when are raffle tickets needed to make a Happiness Day complete? .,, No one really planned it that way. lt was just a coincidence - a happy one . . . Those students on stage couldn't repre- sent the teachers' real opinions of us - could they? od est la bras? Well, we all knew where that was! ... Where are the simple joys of Murrayhood? With the simple boys of Hill ... A stranger coming to this school would think we're crazy. But we're really just happy. d if 3. Spring fun d-raiser radiates success Since when has our fall festival been held in the spring? lt's homeroom vs homeroom What is it Miss Boland says to her homeroom that makes those freshmen bring in all that raf- fle money? They looked like the seniors they acted like seniors, the only difference was that they were parading around in hats . ,. The weather was perfect, and so was the crowd , . . lwasyjust standing there, quietly buying a flow- er and this kid walks up to me and tells me I'm under arrest- I never even found out why ... Should we get candy floss, a snow cone or try our luck with the cake walk? ... If you want a good dinner try the broasted chicken ... What would a sophomore like Barb Voss want a 1970 Camaro for? For me, 25 was the magic number. I heard the kids in school on Monday made window-washing an education experience. I b Cal Since he sells many boats in his spare time, Mr. Speltz finds it easy to raffle off a sailboat with the help of his con- sumers economics class. tbl Through the day many unsus- pecting people were put in the jail. Escape was almost impossible and people invariably bailed themselves out for 153. lcl Senior Nancy Westlund leads the hat queen, Con- nie Schroepfer, through the school as the seniors display their creations to the school. 36 f M, ,:..f'..4,. b c Cal Snow cones are a welcome addition to the Spring Festival. fbi ln the portable kitchen Mr. Del Fiacco prepares the broasted Chicken for the dinner. lcl Being an auctioneer can be quite tempting as Carrie Cardinal sells the teachers' home-made goods. td? Still not quite sure it's true, Barb Voss sits in the Camaro she just won, fel This little boy takes Careful aim, hoping to win a prize. Cfl Crazy, but fun is the impression Maureen Dris- coll has ofthe hat parade. e 37 lah Life for Dolly tLibby Caseyl becomes worse and worse as Annie and the kids travel with them to Minneapolis. tbl Charlie Uvlike Connersl and Annie CReenie Twohyj try to convince Frank tlim Evansl that a girl can outshoot a man, lcl A crowd gathers to hear the news of the arrival of Buffalo Bill from Char- lie Davenport. Cdl Annie sings the kids to sleep with The Moonshine Lullaby . With a yawn and a few smug looks, the kids finally drift off. tel Chris Weyandt, the head of set con- struction, works through dress rehearsal to transform card- board tubes into a log fort. ffl Getting serenaded was quite fashionable for that day, but in a train? Frank Butler tries to tell Annie he kinda loves her. tgl Tommy and Winnie, better known as jim Biagi and Sue jen- kins, hope and hope and hope that they love each other. Chl No, you can't get a man with a gun, but Annie finds for a time that her gun means more to her. fxabhv' , X ,sf 1 M r E l my Nw! I - if -1i':si2ai W Three full houses please cast of Annie Get Your Gun l really have to sing 2 songs by myself just for chorus? ,.. 70 hours on the chandelier ... But Mrs. Gordy, at 11:30 it's awfully hard to get in character ... Miss Germann wants the Wilson Hotel done tomorrow ,.. It MUST be quiet back stage, and you're the ones who make it that way Everyone, see Sr. Marie about your costume before leaving .,. Mr. A's con- ducting a 25-piece orchestra .,. The opening night jitters ... Dancers warm up M. Break a leg Buffalo Bill's Show vs Pawnee Bill's Show ,.. Could a prairie chicken called Annie Oakley beat Frank Butler, the world's greatest sharpshooter? ... Keep the pace up -it must move ,.. The brake isn't on the train and it's moving .., Falling in love is wonderful- but you can't get a man with a gun .A If the Bills merge, so will Annie and Frank ... No business like show business .,. The finale - the roses - the tears of success - Annie Get Your Gun ! 3 ,414 i I lil joy Ciernia gives her unterpretation of an Indian initia- - tion dance. til Mrs. Gordy, director, casts a critical eye at h the crew. lkl The chief gives Annie news of Frank. 39 b d tal The pastel studies in the entry at- tract a crowd. tbl Diane Vandeburg and Colleen Colwell enjoy Rose Chris- toffel's portrait of her brother. tcl Panic begins when Mrs. Stevenson overhears a phone call. ldl Critic Sarah Peltier views sketches. 40 if in - .uf . .ff afar-Y Exhibits, program display school talent You can tell a girl who's made a yarn rug by the blistered hands ... Fine Arts Week - the way we feel about art at Murray ... Pame Hajlo ... Informal singing groups - those frosh really have energy ... Sorry, Wrong Number -the ending just shocked me! ... The AMM papier mache zoo ... First prize winner Kathy Ciulden sold her wall hanging for 515 . . . Copperjewel- ry with Miss Ruemmele ... A Thursday eve- ning of art, drama and music Sue jenkins directing Countless sketches - each a piece of someone's time. And feelings Look at that tempera sunrise. Sorry, sunset .. . Glee Club concert tcarry out that G in sing, girlsl What does Cilee stand for, anyway? Lions in our display case! Where? What's so funny about art? ... I wasn't laugh- ing at the art - l was laughing at the paint smears on your glasses ,.. You're supposed to be on stage to sing in one minute! 3 tal As Fine Arts Week draws near, Sally Babler works to finish her papier mache animal, tbl Marianne Byrne views the miniature zoo with satisfaction. The telephone operators ici Sharon Ewald and Cdl Carrie Allard try to politely cope with Mrs. Stevenson in Sorry, Wrong Number. lei Out of freshman chorus these girls form the first freshman vocal ensemble. They sing for the school during the Fine Arts Week Assembly. ffl Surveying the artwork, Debbie Dahedl is pleased with what she sees. 8 ' .ia 9 -nr.. A 2 1 ff- S, ili af. is i 'C'-'wi-..,,,,,m:4,. f .sr 2 ,Q . fa 90 degrees perfect for seniors' first goodtan. . . or burn You say you don't know where Quadna Moun- tain is - Well, you go that-a-way for three hours, past a bunch of little towns, past the place where we sang Act Naturally and then turn right on a dirt road .., What to do next? Boating, water biking, swimming, horse- back riding, golfing, pinballing, pooling, saunaing, volleyballing ,.. horseback riding - Don't get MariIee's horse, it doesn't go where you tell it to go Would you believe some girls went swimming in that icy lake? ... At least I think they were swimming . ., Throw on another pail of water, we've got to keep it at 200 degrees in here Eat, eat eat .. . Gee, Mary lane, I didn't know you like sugar that much .., Such a buffet, not to mention all the breakfast dishes you want ... Boy am I full .., Blowing bubbles - green, blue, yellow, red? .., Such a dance ... Twister without a board? ... Reminiscing about old school days .., Out in a boat at 3:30 A.M. .,. Trying to sleep I.. Marianne burnt? I didn't notice Hey! The air conditioning in our bus isn't working. I've got heat rash ... Boy! Am I pooped! If I I l Barb Ruza and Sue Anderson take to the water in one of the more leisurely fashions known as water biking. 42 ' ' 1 1 at I 1 l ll ll' d lal Hey, dummy! You're supposed to hit the ball not walk away from it, but that's just what Kathy Todd is doing and she looks like she is in a hurry! tbl Stopping along the way for a little snack and a peek at the coun- tryside, seniors on the class trip enjoy a lakeside pic- nic. lcl Two out of three's not bad, so Pam Hajlo just doesnft feel like sunbathing. idl Sarah Peltier laughs a hearty chuckle as the Quadna Mountain Lodge looks on. tel Come on Chris, let's show a little action and look alive! lfl Spending a relaxing few minutes in the sun, seniors bask in the sun and scenery. ' 43 Luncheon, honors, tears fill seniors last day Take us along - If you care at all ... Mr. A can sure go camping now with all that gear the stu- dents gave him - maybe it's a hint that we want to go camping all summer right on into September ... If you're smart you can get a scholarshipg if you're even smarter you can talk Besty Baumann into giving you one of hers ... Diane Brown won the Betty Crocker Award - Does that mean she gets 300 free coupons? .., I heard all the seniors' prophecies - Now I know what they're going to do - But what about me? ,,. Aquarius I.. Awards and schol- arships were flying all over the place - I wish I could have caught one! You mean some kids never missed a day at AMM? Boy When I grow up I'm going to be a senior and go to the senior luncheon and then I won't have to steal food - I'll get a whole plate of my own .., Will everyone here kindly step to the rear and let the juniors lead the way! 3 C tal Some laugh, some cry, but everybody sings in the junior class. The juniors sing their farewells to the seniors in such selections as Take Me AIong and Thanks For The Memories. tbl Senior Hamms sing about Murray and what it's good for and what it's not so good for. Icl Presiding over Awards Day, Mr. A gives out Miter awards to Betsy Bauman who also won two scholarships. This was quite an honor for Betsy as well as forthe school. Cdl Aquarius. But whoops, let's try it again, some- where, somehow along the line somebody got mixed up, But Vocal did a pretty good job singing their theme song for '70. Didn't they? d 55,117 T' ' ' Z . 3' si l ' Tw 'f 1 In, xy. 'ggi 3 klx-u 1 1 I g 'fl if li -- iq ,L-r 3'iB-55-'Q 8 Cal Miss Ruemmele gives deserved congratula- tions to senior editors on the staff, but she wasn't the only one on the giving end of the line be- cause the staff also awarded her with a gift of flowers and a teapot. tbl Being served at the se- nior luncheon, Pat Ducharme gives a smile of approval. lt must look good. Either that or just the thought that this is her last day at Murray has Pat in smiles. ich Looking at the flowers she re- ceived from the students at AMM, S. Pat seems to show a sign of happiness. ls it possible that after a whole year as Student Director she can still be happy? idl Seniors gather together on their last day of school to sing so long to the underclass- men, but wait -they left a wish - Let the juniors lead the way! tel But Toni, you don't look too happy. You mean to tell me you're really going to miss ol' AMM? l never thought you had it in youl b 3 W I 4 'gas . Q, sf If . QP' I . :I A Q' - ir B 5 g ... ' eg list ,R w .F H P I ,, - , gg if Q EEE: IN . . . if ctw 9' I ,,:: . i 7' . I gr . Q s g I H' I l sf , ,I I G , Seniors are still lining up moments before graduation. Few hours' practice is plenty for graduates I don't believe it ... Girls, can we try the pro- cessional once more -this time keep the spac- ing even ... No, you may not wear your cap on the back of your head ... Hey! Why does SHE have a gold tassel? ... Idon't believe it . .. Hey Lord, I know it's raining this morning, but how about a little sunshine for this afternoon? - Thanks Lord .. . It was great to see Fr. Schwartz and Fr. Beck and to hear Father Kelly's homily on dandelions. - Yes, we must go out and show the world our yellow ... I don't believe it ... Where did time go - over the hill and down past Macs .. , judge Faricy had a good point- in fact he had a lot of good points . .. I d0n't believe it .,. One more time Vocal ... Where's my diploma? - Did you turn in your cap and gown? ... I don't believe it . . . All the pomp and circumstances ... Hello life - but I still don't believe it. 46 , K e d tal Rose-bearer Sally McEvoy begins the processional. tbl Seniors make that final step as they line up to receive their diplomas. ich Scared but very happy, Sue Zimmel receives her diploma from Mr. Asenbrenner. ldl Roland Faricy and his wife talk to graduates before the exercises. judge Faricy gave the commencement address in which he asked for a return to respect. Cel Seniors become quiet and apprehensive during the final moments before graduation. ffl Tru- dee Neid gives jackie Cull the customary half-dozen red roses. lgl For these seniors, graduation is a time to say many good-byes. Good- bye to Murray, good-bye to school, and for some, good-bye to each other. T t , MA W. Wai? WE SEARCH A note of interest opens the song of learning. ... I don't know what she's mixing but whatev- er it is it turns black in the test tube. I wonder ... But why would a writer like Hemmingway want to commit suicide when he's written so many great books? ...This notehand isn't logi- cal. How can you have a big word like impor- tant without vowels? ... I had to fill out my income tax returns and as long as I'm not get- ting it all back I want to know what the govern- ment is doing with it. This is economics class, isn't it? . . . Why does bread rise before it ever gets baked when cupcakes don't? . .. Have you ever noticed that so many Latin words are a lot like Spanish words? ... If I knowthat an obtuse triangle and an equilateral triangle both have three sides - what definite, useful, basic good will it be to me 10 years from now? If we squared a B flat major and concentrated it into notehand do you think it would fit in George Washington's boat as it crossed the Delaware? ... To seek or not to seek, that is the question, isn't it? an ' , ' ' fiQ., :: ' ' ll if l tal Are these typical Frenchmen on a typical street in Paris? Or could they possi- bly be a typical trio of French hippies? Whatever, I hope l never come face to face with a group like that! Actually they are just good ol' Betty Tedesco, Debbie Veitch and Kathy Neaton acting out a French conversation. lbl Homework, term papers, special assignments - senior Peggy Schwietz finds temporary escape from it all. tcl Sister Anita gets really involved lecturing on her favorite subject, literature of minority groups. So who doesn't get involved in his or her favorite subject? 8 Students find various animal life scattered about the woods Therhoreyouleanytheinoreyoureahmehomi much you don't know - especially in science U. PhyMcalSdence H. The phnew and Ham U, Hectnchy... AngularnMNnentun1,..That omjHoscope .H Then bkdogy M. Ugh! U. Howfaboutthatunborn mg we dkseded .H And that frog! ... Searching in the woods for Qgns oflne .,. Allthose snakes H, Sucky mamhnmHow Monw M. Nh.Dehneyand Ms fake test that was the real thing ... Chemistry U. DBUHaUon...,AkhenHsw H. Keepmglab booksiapto date... A.A41J.... Phydcs... The experhnent wddwthe beans and soup .. Exmpe vdochy,..l4ow dkisuperman doid ... Man! Science really was. tal Are the insides of this frog supposed to resemble our insides? Ech! tbl Chemistry presents a slightly different aspect of science as Kathy Vetter and Beth Mulcahy try glass bending. ici See germ wiggle ! Shawn Crosby ad- justs her microscope under Marianne Lethert's eagle eye. 50 it L31 an K K I W 3 T W' it Ev P 1 A , . T 5 a I 1. ... '+i1,.5,a R-if, Z ' VV K are . 'I W k I gre' it is ' it ,. , ,.. .r' 4 . C siia 1.3, 1 WVAV fy 1. ' ,, . X . an q ui b C Those machines try to test typists' talents Oh, Mrs. Rogers, my electric typewriter doesn't work - what plug? M. Remember girls, no more than five errors ... If I press that key, what might happen? ... Miss Boland, l'm ready for the BIG typewriters now . Let's see, this finger here, that one there .. Sure, I can scribble, I mean, write shorthand ... She only broke two fingernails yesterday ... Typewrit- ers plus adding machines equal I thought we only listened to music during Music Appre- ciation ... Hey, I thought shorthand was sup- posed to be short How come her fingers move quicker than mine? ... Someday when I'm a good typist ... Someday when typewrit- ers type themselves. ., V, fy HW taI Kathy Weeda has first dibs on the earphones as Miss Boland sets up the machine for shorthand dictation. lbI Beethoven's Fifth? No, shorthand students are taking dictation via recording and headphone. tcI Gail Prettyman writes a Christmas carol in shorthand. ldl Joanne Speak finds that speed and accuracy be- come increasingly important. 'wk ff' QU-way' Y.. i gs.. UW v- K v ,.a,M,.-'htm W his M ...Q yi 51 1 ,.,.., , ,,.. , Q, -Xdry 4 English courses cater to students' requests English is choice ... How can I ever choose which class? I.. But, I do like to read ... How could one movie and one book with the same exact title be so different? .. . Some people say I don't talk good English .M Only three spell- ing errours and I have to do it all over again? But Sister Anita, are we actually going to stage a REAL riot? Four score and - Hey listen, you can't write that speech, I'm going to ... just what is a superlative clause? .,, I get all nervous when I have to speak in front of a class .., Do poems have to rhyme? ,.. Books take so long to read, can't we just look at the pictures? I told Nancy that reading was supposed to develop the mind and she said that American Classics was just one big growth - I don't get it! I don't understand why Huckleberry Finn is so important, and what about Edgar Allen Poe? b lal Maureen Bauer, reading her assignment PRIDE AND PREIUDICE, unintentionally becomes in- volved in it, This isn't unusual however in Sister Carole's Film and Novel course. tbl Trying to re- member the fundamentals of speech, not to men- tion the speech itself, Nancy Cournoyer gives an informative speech. Icl Sister Anita proudly dis- plays a class project depicting the American man. It was just one of several assignments done by her class to help broaden their knowledge of the Afro- American. A Ss an E 5 32 U-25,3 4' ,ff E 3 2 !.g,,:,,. II: qv' if 1 l ilgz l! Ilslg' . ,Q drama: 5. I li i, e, zififgiiii i'l'ff'l'l ,linda i is Y. flttlyiagtt X it ! . -yi 1 fl E zlftlxili Ml it 'VV ' Q . , llll1l'l'1':f': .fi ,X ir, 'IMi'-'.'lk'-wx.-'-',' lAll,' NI, ,',' 12' f o',' 4 l'f ll ! ll 1' nliiilvtylg Ilmxtsgtifigqi 'I ,l'i'. -'i'llli'gllllflltlgl'l' ,4:,t,.:,:,i'.:,li,:,it ,wt lglq ll lil ffl lil''i'illtlillllnllllriltitlli Mislilslilslsfilftglf. gf f Tftflff1'fifi'lr?r'fn!iif1?f4fs'ff A Murray counselors are on duty full time Starting this year Sister Marianne and Mrs. Ducharme work as full time counselors Arranging for speakers, meeting with each class, personal conferences, changing sched- ules orientating freshmen Study skills .., Career thoughts for sophomores - nurse - astronaut - teacher - stewardess lu- niors have PSAT, MSAT, ACT, ETC . . . Seniors meet at 11 150 - be on time all you mothers-to- tsomedayl be We have information from several agencies offering scholarships . . . You need a stamp on the envelope ... Let us know when the college accepts you - or where you will be working next year ... Hey, who cares about a few gray hairs - you have managed to get another group through AMM ,.. That en- richment day the guidance department spon- sored helped me a lot ... l think l'll be an air- line stewardess. C tal To give the bare facts about the birds and the bees , nurse Katherine Schueller prepares helpful information for the seniors. tbl Conferring with S. Marianne, ludy Stro- bel gets the guidance the juniors feel all sophomores need. ici Realizing that the future will soon be the present, Diane Fitzgerald and Pat Keller consult with Mrs. Ducharme for more information concerning their prospective college choices. tdl The smiling faces of Diane Fitzgerald, Pat Kell- er and Mary lo Rensch reflect the possibility that these three will attempt to make college more fun than work. 53 gee eeee eeee e , Cal Lynn Marzoff and Linda Thompson soon discovered that two heads are better than one, as they laid, fitted, cut and experimented with their first real pattern. tbl Trying to teach the girls that measurements must be perfect when cooking, Sister Marie spoons out the water very carefully. After all, a good piecrust takes time and a little tender lov- ing care. icl A little stuffing here, a little stuffing there and you could come up with the perfect stuffed animal, but- Laurie Davis had a few problems with the darn stuff, as it wouldn't stay in the animal. Oh well, Laurie always did want to be a stuffed animal anyway. Now she got her wish! 3 i b Cooking creates a homemaker's hangup But Sister, that's no paperweight, that's my cupcake! Watching for the best batch An FN in sewing just because one sleeve was longer than the other? ... Do we have to do our zippers perfectly? ... Baking, burning, boiling - test tomorrow! ,.. And those darn diets - what an excuse for skipping breakfast ... Sister, short skirts are in style ,., But I do eat breakfast- l have a vitamin every morning ,.. But Sister, we don't know how to fix a salt shaker ... I just can't imagine why my mother won't let me cook at home - could it be that bad mark I got in Home Ec? .H Staff dinners in our Home Ec room - our home away from home A frequent after-school meeting place for a cup of coffee and a bit of news . . . A dark desolate place from which to steal cookies ... A warm smile and a warm smell to greet us in the halls of Murray. ,M 'Xs- 54 L, . U s it Z'e:?-as. at I if. I 1, ul A, gm- is its tt? E 1 t!,, 9233 i'Qtaf'. Qf , 1' ,gs y, t twig fig. .ll 4 pw-lm W +V WM in ev ft mag ,Q .4 J M . ' -wstwieia H'--L, -...... Murray linguists say a little something in different tongues Say a little something in French - Un petit quelque choses ... Say a world in Latin - Ver- bum Say a Spanish phrase - Un frase de espanol Parlez-vous francais Learning that chalk is really feminine seeing slides and you were really there ... Le Petit Diction- aire ... Mrs. Kloh's dramatic acting ... Trying to wear the headphones without messing our hair ... A Reader's Digest in French? ... Como esta usted? ... Writing conversations ... Pina- tis ... Figuring out what all the little squiggles are called ... Learning to roll our r's ... Do we always have to have boardwork? N.l.C.L. ... Being sold as a slave for only 75st . .. Laugh- ing at the ancient Romans Looking in li- brary for the English translation of the AENEID ... I wish I understood what she's saying! More work goes into a language than ordinarily thought. tal The problem lies in the squishing earphones used to lis- ten to Spanish tapes. tbl Laura Tousignant and Cindy Montpetit find the do unto others rule very helpful when it comes to preparing to listen. ici Dialogues come alive when acted out with home made puppets during the French Ill classes. C 55 l 2 3 tal lt's our ball, cries Anne Voda as she grabs for the ball from a freshman lineman in the Sophomore-Freshman basketball game. tbl Hey! What d'ya know! l'm a chair! You are too! Looks like somebody down there broke. Kathy Colwell and Mary johnson try this new form of exercise. ici lt's Hercules! lt's Tinkerbell! lt's Lynne Kansier on the balance beam, giving it all she's got while Debbie lost and Monica Shreiner lend a helping hand. fdl Noontime proves strenuous for this freshman basketball player. lei jumpball is called for sophomores Mary Woulf and Mary Hajlo as they battle in the tournament. 56 Daily workout, cold showers keep gym class alive, awake But, Mrs. Renteria - cold showers? ... That's it! I made my first basket and won the game . 4. And they're coming down the homestretch - who? why, the AMM girls out for their daily romp around the school ,.. One, two, three, get those hands up over your heads, girls . . . The score is tied 0 to O! Oh well, soccer isn't an easy game .,. Can I please borrow your deodorant? Headstand? I can't even do a somersault Up, up and over! Boy, I wish that volleyball net was three feet shorter, I al- ways get the back row ... What we need is a little teamwork .. , Must I always be at the bot- tom in that stupid pyramid? .,. Come on team - set 'em up .., Can you really do a seat drop on the tramp? I'm scared to jump up and down ,,. Mrs. Renteria, any more exercises and I'm going to drop Strike three - you're out! ... How come we only take gym two years? 57 Seniors probe varying political systems Since we are supposed to learn from the mistakes of our ancestors, I have a strange feel- ing my descendants will have a lot to go on .., The Weekly Observer With assignments like these, I could sometimes use those writs of assistance ... We're having a test on Chapter 9 - l'm on Chapter 6 .,. Time sure seems to fly in Mr. Speltz's class .., Hey, this class reminds me of Valley Forge ... Where would this coun- try be if Charles Carroll had been president? - Who's he? ... lf revolution worked in France, why doesn't it work in Sister Mark's class? 4.. Finding out how the American system really works ... Keeping up with current events ... What's mob psychology? Wearing black arm bands on Moratorium Day Memoriz- ing history Learning history Where would we be without it? Cal To survey the news of the past week, freshmen pass around the World Week for fresh facts. tbl Reenie Marri- nan and fellow frosh discuss their neighbors across the sea in world cultures, CCD What could the real South America be compared to Cindy Shreiner's map? ll b 58 New visual aids relieve portion of math's confusion Please Miss Kimball, anything but x's confuse me! ... Ask me anything about geometry ... How do you spell it? ... If A+B:A, how come 1-I-2,-EI? Pythagoras probably used a pro- tractor too .. . Mrs. Clappier, what's the differ- ence between Algebra I and Algebra II? ... Subtraction of one Oh Miss Miesen, could you please repeat that? My tape recorder stopped ... Math is like a mountain - uphill all the way ... Why can't geometry books have odd-numbered answers? Let's change all the theorems from one to thirty ... Whoever heard of a commutative property? All my property is commutative . . . Advanced math is easy ... So is writing a 4,000 word composition .. . I never make arithmetic mistakes ,. , I just interpret the problem a little differently ... Everybody makes mistakes. That's why they put erasers on pencils. 3 Cai Using a conic section Beata Zweber, Kathy Barrett and Mary Schiltgen explore the intricacies of Algebra II. I see a parabola, a hyperbola and an ellipse ,.. What do you see? I see a plain 'ole plastic coneg I don't take Algebra II. tbl Iudy Dehn and Nancy Briggs listen attentively to the many different angles of algebra. One hour of algebra equals 'IO hours of brain work in any other subject. 59 8 1 V 5 l. Students get start There's no sure way to artistic success but I'm working on it .., I'm not emotional - just dramatically inclined Appreciate ART Oh Ido. Ido ... Hey -those ink designs on your pockets are sharp They're also acci- dental .. . I can't seem to get my perspective in shape .. . The secret to a first rate painting tfirst rate paint?J .. . I have to be creative alone . . . Put your talent to good use - ACT ... If the world only knew that I have the singing voice of an angel .. . Someday, honey, someday ... But I want it to be interpreted in my own way - otherwise it's not me! ... I can see it all now - Girl's School Beginning of Famous Acting Career .,. Mine ... I've always dreamed of being a famous actress. It must be part of my destiny . . . just think - all these classical refer- ences in music appreciation may help me when I'm an opera star. tal Retrieving their term papers from the stack, Mary Kay Zarembinski and Julie Petersen thumb through the multi- colored books on the risers. tbl Mary Kay surveys a past paper as Mr. Anderson passes it back with the grade. Mary Kay got a good mark? tcl JoAnn Ritchie tries to perfect her cut-paper black and white composition. tdl Candy Ryan takes care with her fire brick so as not to miss a brush stroke! tel Molding a wad of clay isn't as easy as it looks. In fact it doesn't even look easy, but Eileen Colbert seems to know what she's doing. 60 in mastering the arts . s,,KMgJ11 ?55f+- flwh. 4 I V, . I 5 5 ' K, Q , ,,...-4-,iw : A ., io, , - r l l L+, lackie Cull concentrates on artwork inthe windows. 3 tai Freshmen studying scripture try their hand at eating scrip- ture cake, a specialty of Mrs. Hacker. tbl Discussions are a vital part of any religion class. tc! When the seniors ended class May 15, julie Peterson and Mrs. Hacker make up one marriage class. Religion electives aim to meet needs, interests ls God dead? ... Youth and the lawp l hear that whenever I come home late . 4. ls marriage still a sacred institution? ... Do you think Betty Crocker is a Christian Woman? Why do people put limitations on God today? We're studying scripture not sculpture! Does Christian Marriage follow Christian Involvement? The spirit is moving l thought my religion evaluation sheet was quite funnyp it seems l'm the only one in my family with a sense of humor ,. . Each Friday Chris- tians get involved, proving that people really do care Have you ever thought of Father Osmund as a door-to-door salesman selling Ciod? .,. Look to your soul for the answer ,.. lust because my scripture cake burnt doesn't mean I'm a bad Christian Man's never- ending search for his meaning Are you running with us,lesus? C all i 6 1 Cai Mr. Robert Anderson lbl Mrs. Mary jo Anderson KCJ Mr. Frank Asenbrenner Cdl Miss Mary Boland lei Mrs. Jeanne Clappier ffl Sister Patrick Collins lgl Sister Mark Courteau ,rn iw 'V ' 'Eff ,ZZ f sris 5' S 'is Chl Mr. Joseph Delaney lil Mrs. Adelia Ducharme lji Mrs. Bernice Fisher lkl Sister Marie Fujan lli Miss Dorothy Germann lmi Mrs. Shirley Guertin lnl Mrs. Honor Hacker ,A 4 ,iv 62 dui' A Administration has numerous duties The most looked-up-to man at AMM The meditation for the day is ... Mr. Asenbrenner, there's a pep fest at Hill, can we go? ... Will Sister Patrick please report to the officeg we have student problems ... Mrs. Malley, I have my money for retreat ... Would the girls who should have reported to the office after first hour and didn't, please do so after third hour? .., Where's Sister Carolyn? I've got my tui- tion money ... Somebody put a lock on my locker. Mrs. McGinley, do you have a key? ... I just came in to give you all a cheery Good Morning ... I'm an hour late because I had a flat tire, but it's only the fifth one this year ... Can I still make a program change? I think I'm going to be sick. Can I go to the infirmary? ... What do you suggest we do about it? Are those grey hairs, Mr. Asenbrenner? by Kathy Meyer I i we . 'H' 5 Looking at things from different levels results in effective ministration by Mr. Asenbrenner and Sister Patrick. Ei 'Vis , W Q 'Inv' Qlimr m FI e., Z- nmazwtzu- A la- A .E,5w,,4.,,eg,Q--pzgig 'QP' 4 iff sr., ,Q K ..,2.:1 W 3 . -.., 4-,:,ai: , I , 44. R .. .,,. m:-g! '.a gr ,.. ,M ,, .- at K xr X ' ,f , Ii x ff hL'L . 'ff' ,I s t aer ,E ff-- :fit ,,,1,, , 1 , :E .6 .. ,i ,,. t e ' rrtt L 'tgififk if ,fm J r y ini wap - X7 ,ra 5131 .10 X Ng X sta' af EE. , -Ja ' Rf -sank- 1 Squeezing into the faculty room, teachers try to enjoy the few short minutes of 4th period Chat- ting and maybe even eating. Fourth hour finds 64 ,gr 449 . -,, f: 4' vw ,gk teachers with free time too c d f g 4 Mrs. Kathleen Hiber Sister Angeline Hubert Father Osmond Jacobs Sisterjeroma johnson Miss Katherine Kimball Mrs. Linda Klohs Sister Scholastica Maus g K Displaying her versatility, her talent for homemaking as well as the teaching of English, Sister leroma steps in to help a Home Ec student in need of a little assistance. a b .. g .4 I , d e 66 Teachers spend free hours doing more than making up tests Miss - oh excuse me, Mrs. Hoffman ... Sister Rosemary should run a jewelry store Mrs. Fisher eats bagels and lox? ... Mrs. Fisher eats? ... Appreciate Mr. Anderson ... S. Anita, your tag is on crooked ... Who erases boards with her left hand? Are you kidding Miss Boland? Yes S. Pat, l have this teacher ... Will Mr. Delany be able to solve his tipsy - topsy problem? ... Let's ask S. Brigid to teach us to dance . .. Miss Germann with spare time? ... 3 Sharps and a Flat on to Carnegie Hall ... Sometimes Mrs. Klohs teaches French too ... Only S. Scholastica doesn't need a pass to the library Lots of people are teachers Teachers are people too. c Cal Sister Anita Robinson thi Sister Agnes Trombley tbl Mrs. Beatrice Rogers til Sister Irene Uptegrove ici Miss Mary Ruemmele lil Sister Carolyn Bergup fdl Sister Marianne Schlendei iki Mr. Bill Burke fel Mrs. julie Smith CIJ Mrs. lean Cronje ffl Mr. Robert Speltz tml Mrs. Polly Malley lgl Sister Carole Sweeley ini Mrs. Judy McGinley .ua.orlV f 8 I I m n WE lOl When do we sign up for clubs - or did we? I seemed to have missed it ... Human Relations starts right here in school. If we can put up with our blondes we can put up with anyone - and that's really saying a lot When deciding what club to sign up for - I thought of wheth- er I wanted to build up my body or my mind G.A.A. sure appreciates nice weather on Mondays so they can go outside for baseball. Now if we just had that third floor swimming pool for the rainy days It's funny the way we judge people before we know them. Clubs have lots of meeting times What else does A.V. do besides deliver film projectors, train affiliates, show movies in the auditorium during fourth hour, run lights for assemblies and take care of the media center? ... Verbum means word , Maybe our yearbook staff should be called Verbums? ... Miter is putting out a special April Fool's Day paper. That's a good laugh Clubs are the grapevines of communication between the classes. di' ' fn li? Kal At one of the first Verbum meetings, Kathy Meyer tries to explain to her staff the elusive art of making their copy blocks more expressive. tbl To raise money, Human Relations Club holds one of their bake sales during lunch hour. lcl Standing guard at the blue pillar during fourth hour, Mur Klingner takes her turn at directing students. Noon hall duty is part of a Student Council project. So you don't get time to eat lunch or do that little bit of studying you wanted to do, but that's the life of a club member and they love it. Or at least they live it! 69 Student Council Activating AMM challenges Student Council Student Council, our school government being tagged Red Are they really ideal students? Making the alternates give the homeroom reports Is Student Council re- sponsible for those missing locks on the bathrooms? O.K. Chris Opitz, now we know ... Patrolling the lunchroom means you can eat all four shifts Building a school in Africa with just one Mystic dance ... Our first enrichment day ... worth the work ... Happi- ness Day Does that mean we get the day off? ... Haven't you ever wanted to hide your badge and just be a student for a day? ... Tak- ing over the bookstore under Mrs. Hacker's supervision ... Or is it a drugstore? ... Spon- soring a talent show Can we contribute anything? Student Council is what makes the school tick. KV-fc b d h S A. f M S 'Q' -'i' X .. .-. ... .. Q X I i i u---1-...N fzmtfiir3 haf ,Q ta! Trying to lend a helping hand for maybe her body! to Student Council's project of keeping the school clean, Nan Passofaro urges students to please throw their gum in the basket . Otherwise, it could turn out to be a pretty sticky situation. tb! Looking into and predicting the future is often a difficult task for student council but lc! looking into the past becomes all too real for Sue Shields, treasurer, jackie Nadeau, secretary, and Mary 1. Leach, president. tdi Giving her motherly ear to the discussions, Mrs. Hacker, lay advi- sor, smiles at a suggestion while Su Bang finds it not quite that amusing. le! Student advising starts in student council and Sister Patrick and Gayle Hegstrom listen to what the students will plan next. ffl Mrs. Hacker and Marilee Marrinan put their heads together and decide on some possible plans for the senior class of which Marilee is president. Rain or shine, earthquake or flood even during classes, you can always find Mrs. Hacker willing to lend a helping hand. N.. ff-ww-.,, 5... .A..-.sH - i... - at .it Sw , 11 h tg! Going somewhere, girls? You don't like school? You're ditching Student Council? Oh! You're going to a student council convention! Well, in that case, let me give you a hand. Can l go with you girls? Oh - you just want me to drive you. Sounds interesting. th! You don't say! Humphrey's going to be there?! l'll bet he'll give an interesting talk. Be sure to bring back lots of ideas. A Peace Corps Dance? Great! 71 3 Kal The Mystic dance sponsored by Student Council really packed them in. They're not so stupid! tbl Senior hall monitors under the direction of Mrs. Odean didn't go over quite as well. fcl But Mr. A, Student Council's not really on strikeg we were just trying to scare you! b 72 Visa, A+- C fdl Packing up all the leftover stock from the year is kind of fun for jackie, Chris and Cathy. It's next year they're worried about - all that unpacking! fel Counting the ballots for senior officers, Sally, Colleen and julie find there's some favorable results. ffl It's a penny a hanger and we want to hang on to all the pennies we can! fgl And the winner is ... Yeah, Sally McEvoy, new council president. d School responds to Student Council vigor I C Student Council may be sponsoring Clean-Up Day but we have to do the work . . . The cafete- ria sounds like a nice place to spend 5th hour, but not cleaning . . . Let's go to the bookstore. With a face like mine I need some Holiday Magic With a lot of enthusiasm and the Mystics we built a school ... Hangers, hangers everywhere, but they belong at Quadna ... l'd run for Student Council, but as a student I need too much counseling ... Questioning the can- didates ... They'd all be good, but which one would be better? What did you say, Sally? ... Those girls interested in signing up for next year's class officers may do so in the office any time before Monday ... It seems like we're starting next year before we finish this one ... Student Council requires the best, and I think that's what we have. ,S l 8 73 Thespians Thespian troupe presents Scrooge in Christmas Carol Thespian Troupe 2855 Did you say you earned 87 W hours The Chalk Garden a double cast just who was Maitland? I'm too old for fires now Christmas time Mr. Scrooge Bah, humbug! I am the ghost of Christmas past ... Tiny Tim's Christmas wish Anne Marie Crillen, presi- dent of our troupe ... Annie Get Your Gun The shoot-out Annie gets her man ... Fine Arts Week ... Sorry Wrong Num- ber Murray-Hill 40098 Sue jenkins student director? janet Donlin's weak cry that woke up the whole auditorium ... Brain- storming for ideas to make money for a Sum- mer Theatre ... Bakesales and car washes? ... Maplewood Summer Theatre becomes reality ... Oliver will prove Miss C.ermann's brain- storm Act well your part: there all your honor lies. b C 74 3 'Q af l l ,Ti ij! 6 tai Reenie Twohy and Kathy Odean snatch a quick sample of the food which is to be served at their dinner honoring the new Thespian members. fbi Nancy Brown, Pat Zilliox and joan Munson gather round the same table to enjoy the food and festivities as full-fledged Thespians. ici Two of the Thespians' most prominent members, Ann Marie Gillen and Libbey Cas- ey, join Miss Germann, their advisor to partake in the meal which was given for the inductees. 9 3 Cal Spanish food is one of the best aspects of the club. tbl Many wild swings are directed at the Pinata before tcl Mary Walz breaks the target. c l Spanish Club Spanish club has great fun with Papa Noel Learning how to break a pinata in five easy blindfolded swings El presidente es Maria Walz Papa Noel is guest along with Senor Asenbrenner, Senora Klohs and Maria Garcia ... Feliz Navidad ... For our lunch today we'll have tacos, tamale pie, Doritos and Mexican wedding cakes for dessert ls the Mexican Hat Dance really Mexican - We'll find out on enrichment day? ... In Guantanamera Spanish or American? .. . Valentine's Day is celebrated in Spain The Spanish 'have their sweet- hearts, too - They call them novio ... One of the best ways to learn a language is active usage l've heard of writing to pen pals but 15 of them is ridiculous ... I think we forgot to put Write back. Qdl Papa Noel tNancy Cournoyerl prepares for a Spanish Christ- mas. tel Mr. Asenbrenner takes a swing at breaking the Pinata. 75 9? , M , an WI' f iff? -,iw M 5 3 M , ' ,vw 'werrfz 1 gag' iz ,W ff -an Ani' Audiovisual AV delivers, runs, repairs equipment A.V. means what? ... any retard can run this if they follow the arrows ... I'm sure you all know how to run movie projectors, tape recor- ders, and phonographs Could you repeat that, please? Bernie Lais for president of A.V. I just don't understand how this film could get upsidedown and backwards Sis- ter Mark, the auditorium lights won't go on ... Say, Tommie, where's Mr. Anderson's film strip - he needs it! ... audio visual stuff ... What's a media center? ... Filming a movie at AMM? ... Miniature movie-camera club pins ... These earphones must be broken, I can't hear a thing - Try plugging them in ...Where's the schedule? ... I think I work in the media cen- ter this hour... New equipment takes hours to master ... Everyone is glad when there's an A.V. member near to help out. vm ' 76 b Cal Long before many of us are at school, Cathy Newcome is here. As a member of A.V., Cathy delivers the necessary equipment so we may have all the visual aids needed to help us. tbl If you ever have any questions about any of the equipment just ask Sandy Loeffler. She'II be glad to help you the way she's helping Carol-lean Neubauer. lcl But if you're like C-I, Y0u'll find that your troubles begin as soon as the A,V. personnel leave. Even with such a simple device as the screen, something can go wrong. 3 faj Checking the daily records, Tommy Haines finds out where to deliver equipment, who needs help running it and whether or not she will be needed to run the film projectors for guid- ance. tbl Checking the film projector, Sister Mark can easily find out if there is anything wrong with the equipment. She is in charge of the A.V. Club. lcl Bringing equipment is just one of the jobs of A.V. member Mary Chris Legato. But A.V. isn't all work. She has free access to the A.V. equipment in the re- source center. ldl Making use of the A.V. equipment with the help of Sandy Loeffler, Carol-lean Neubauer and Stephanie Manos are definitely enjoying what they hear. lel However, being so near the library they have to be content to listen quietly. WW re ,M 'FH' , National Honor Society Spiffy meetings, tutoring keep NHS busy You sure can tell when NHS has its meetings - all the chairs are gone from the library ... Fin- ish your lunch quick, the meeting is going to start soon ... Tutoring - even the tutors can learn If there is a lull in the meeting you can always count the ants on the floor ... Ev- erybody's at this session? I don't believe it ... Two Mary Kay's to head the club ... Induction ... Sister you remember the pledge - it starts out - I pledge to attend all the spiffy meet- ings ... What's that you say? Oh! you say you recall them now Don't drop your candles ... And don't forget to stay for the reception ... Who was that girl who fell asleep? ... I made it. I a I W-1. b d tal Newly inducted members Maureen McGuire, Ann Hacker, Kathy Odean and Robin Newes discuss NHS at Archbishop Murray and their plans for its future. tbl Who said NHS mem- bers only have brains? tcl Sister Luanne, guest speaker at the induction tea, and Miss Ruemmele find the time to engage in a conversation at graduation. tdl NHS members show the serious side of their nature as they compare notes on how they each made it into National Honor Society. 1 + lah During a recent tour of the Science Center, members of the science club paused to look at the history of the Indian tribes. tbl Knowing the intricacies of the slide rule is a defi- nite advantage. Lori Babcock attempts to explain the me- chanics ofthe device while Mur Klingner and Heidi Verns- trom hold it for her. 3 Science Club Solar furnace, motor You're cooking in Science Club? Yeah, we're baking food on our solar furnace ... Through rain, sleet, snow and dark of night we'll still go on hiking ... Next time we bury a motor we're going to have pallbearers ... Those things are heavy! M. This is what I call a democratic club - all its members are officers ., . Those clouds look like cumulo-nimbus. I think that it's going to rain ... Mr. Delaney had a grand idea - now I only hope our solar furnace can work ,.. We learned all about why not to use drugs - Any reason why we should use them? ... Did you ever hear of a motor having a eulogy? ... Can't say that I have. Well if you had gone to the burial on Earth Day you would have heard of one ... How come elections only took five minutes in Science Club? Why not - There's only six members. lcl During lunch hour on April 22 this group of girls led by the Science Club had their own protest march against pol- lution. Cdl They protested by burying a live motor. It was meant to symbolize an end to pollution. A eulogy was also written for the occassion. d 80 ',.-il burial highlight club xr' 5, sf' JF' m 1, T in 3 tab The Library Club is active throughout the day doing small, quiet but important jobs. These girls studying in the library are probably unaware ofthe benefits they are receiving. tbl Sister Scholastica proudly displays a certificate of merit to members of the club. ici Club meetings give the members a chance to ex- pand their knowledge ofthe library and the world through books. l s Library Club Club actively takes part in Minnesota Student Association Are we allowed to talk in Library Club? ... If Library Club meets every week, then why did Sister Scholastica tell us to come every other week? ... There sure were a lot of people ap- preciating books on April Tst ... Working dur- ing study periods, taking care of over-due books - even our own .,. lf l pretend that l'm a frosh do you think that I can go to their Christmas party? How many hours do we have to work in the library to get a pin? M, l thought the Dewey decimal system was only used in math class Hosting the Minnesota Student Library Association Some of our girls were elected officers We even have our own constitution A room without books is like a body without a soul. b Y 81 5 JV they tab Directing choir for the annual fine arts program, Mr. Anderson uses nursery rhymes to get the girls in good spirit. b lbl Mr. Borsheim, the new choir director at Hill and one of the directors for our joint choir brings out the best in the boys and adds a lot of pep to the mixed groups. lcl Reenie Twohy does a selection from Annie Get Your Gun in which she starred. The song, You Can't Get A Man With a Gun , was one of the most popular of the pro- gram. fdl Under the direction of Mr. Ander- son and Mr. Bersheim, joint choir vibrates with music. 82 .HV 8 Choir Choirjoins with Hill, presents 7O Sings What's so special about fourth hour on Thursday? You mean you haven't heard? The Hill choir comes over to practice with us! .., Soon Ah Will Be Done Ah Wid De Troubles Ob De World Let's hope so Spring Concert with the joint choir recorded into an album .., I always get chills when we sing the Halleluiah Chorus ... Do we have to have boys sing with us? Great! 70 Sings album in- cludes the band, too ... Spring concert is the real presentation of two talented schools - ours and theirs ... There is something very special about wearing a white choir robe CThe closest l'll ever come to being an angell .,. Girls, let's get one thing straight. There'll be no stockings or bare feet this year no matter which row you stand in ... To the risers, girls ... To- night it will prove it was all worth it. b 'Q 3 tal The Hill-Murray Band, became quite popular this year at the fine arts program with their interpretation of Windy . tbl Prac- tice proves helpful, not only did they have to practice singing, but it took some time to catch on to getting all those girls up on the risers. tcl Getting together for one of their regular classes, choir practices for the upcoming program. Nursery rhymes were not only fun to sing, but just as fun to listen to. C it AW imwi Q 83 Kai Glee Club can do almost any- thing, even sing in the Fine Arts Program. fbi Ready, waiting, and willing to sing one of their selec- tions, There's a Little Wheel a- Turnin' in my Heart , is the Fresh- man Chorus. QCD A new group on the scene is the Sophomore En- semble singing Both Sides Now FRONT ROW: Veronica Quirk and Kitty Navins. BACK ROW' r Nyla Hallas, Mari Smith, Sue Kirst, Rosemary Hejny. 84 .gtg 1 sais' t hm? 4 ,. .14 .,.., ,. J ,E , . I- ,, 1, --Vf - ,, ,, QQ. 'L ffl? f 7' we 3 Glee cimchoms Two small groups from Chorus, Clee Club sing first time How come we don't sound as professional as the choir? ... It's the time of the season for singing We know, we know ... What if my voice cracks tonight? ... just fill it in ... Don't be funny. This is a serious song ... May- be our little group will grow into a Vocal Ensemble? ,.. Maybe not? ,.. Look at all those people out there! I'm scared I lied when I said I could sing. I can't! Are you chewing gum? Why Mr. Anderson, I wouldn't chew gum during rehearsal To the risers, girls ... As long as you're in the front row, at least move your mouth . , . There's a Little Wheel a Turnin' in my Heart ,.. are you kidding? tal Freshmen in Chorus concentrate on the music during their class. fbi In Chorus, freshmen study the music before starting to sing. tcl The freshmen have done it again! The Ensemble is hereto stay. 85 'Ms 4 l tv' Q- he 6 s Vocal, Band Vocal, joint band expand, popularize AIVIM music dept. Murray-Hill band may not be big but we play with orchestra enthusiasm, ... Vocal Ensemble at Benilde for a performance ... HAlRl ... I've wanted to be in Vocal ever since I was a frosh. Too bad I can't sing ... Our band lost at De LeSalle? Trophies for Vocal in both Murray and Hill's talent shows. l always knew they would go on to greater things Band wouldn't miss so many fifth period classes if Mr. A. would only remember to pick them up after noon practices at Hill Mr. Borsheim, could we take it from the top? I didn't get my music turned fast enough ... Have you found the new band room? There's been some shift- ing in the back halls .,, joint band practice sure cuts into my lunch time .., Oh well, it's a way to lose weight - slow starvation. 86 l ss b C d Cal Vocal sings a few selections of their own while the choruses are fidgeting backstage. tbl At Awards Day they had their own show as they sang Graduation Day and 1etPlane . ich Band, new and still growing, gathers during fourth hour at Hill for practice. Cdl Reenie Twohy watches over janet jones' piano while waiting to go on stage for Awards Day. l I l I4 in 0 a A 0:54 0 Q1 ll' ,Y , Q 9 1 4: , , .sw As interest in speaking grew, Murray or- ganized its first speech club. Participating in the first Round Robin held at Murray are Cal Terry Neiters, a junior here at Mur- ray and tbl Tim Mullaney, a junior from Nazareth Hall. fcl With the knack for talk- ing that we know she has, Anne Marie Gil- len won a first place trophy for her extem- poraneous speaking. mwrssaMM Speech Club Talents develop, speech members receive awards Having your ability to talk become a valuable asset ,.. But how come no one spoke up about the fact that we hadn't elected our officers at the end of the first semester? .. . Speech club wasn't all talk, ... There was finding a speech to give .. . What's wrong with my inTONation? meeting in room 123 for speech club members at 12:05 - final preprarations for the Round Robin ... I wish it had gone south for the winter ... I remember the first time I gave a speech before a large audience, I felt awfully small ... then I thought of Mrs. Fisher lt's not whether you win or lose, it's how you say the thing that counts ... trying to give an extemporaneous speech on manifest desti- ny ... speech is something that I find useful outside of contests in the library in study hall. 87 French Club Members ask only forjourn ey soon to exciting France There's a strange voice coming out of these earphones .., I think he's speaking French ,ii Why can't we go to Paris this year? Pas d'argent ... Anyone want to buy a raffle ticket for a gift certificate at Dayton's? ... Mrs. Smith could I possibly bring some real French wine? ... I saw this French man downtown and I said Bonjour and he just looked at me - Maybe he didn't understand Every time I see a French movie they speak Frenchg I can't under- stand a word they're saying ... With a Carou- sel theme we could model almost anything ...And we did! ...How can you make a bake sale be Frenchy ? . . I Would you believe Eif- fel Tower-shaped cookies? . ,. Does Le Fin mean the end, or is that an advertisement? ... Mrs. Smith, how do you say groovy in French? I.. France seems so far away. By Debbie Veitch is 'tw its I ff 4' f f 1f 4Swfa,,,-,, -,t- I in 3 X ir? I K . at , sg 1 1 , ... 3 'S' 'f f-.IJ Q 'Q I MEM b .ul d tal Barb Schneeman stops to chat with Colleen Dramdahl about the latest styles. And, of course, she just happens to be wearing one from Carousel where clothes are the in thing. tbl Lining up the beauties from the show we can see a distinct trend in the turn of fashions. Each person uniquely displayed her out- fit with the grace and ease of a real mod- el. Mari Smith, Shelley Drake, Mary Koll- er, Mary Gagne, Sue Poole, Ann Voda, ludy Strobel and Barb Schneeman make up the beautiful array, lcl Mrs. Klohs and Mrs. Smith also added to the show and modeled two very stylish outfits. Cdl Of course it's never all play and no work Ann discovers, as plans for the style show are in motion. tel With the theme of Carousel, the girls decorated the stage with horses such as you would find on a carousel. A girl from the shop came over, modeled an outfit of her own and then went on to describe each outfit as it was displayed. y 89 Art Club Pins made by members stimulate pride I don't think we could bake cookies in the kiln! I just spilt magenta paint on my uniform. You know, I like it better than the gray ... Yes, me too ... This club allows me to divert my inner tensions into something creative, be- sides, it's fun . . . That is not a doorstop, it's my sculpture! ... If we work really well maybe Sis- ter Irene will display our artifacts during Fine Arts Week You're making papier-mache ark for the papier-malche animals? ... Do you prefer oil, acrylic or water? Well, really crayon ... I like the originality of your mobile, but won't your family be difficult to hang? Don't sneeze! There goes my paper mosaic . . . But if you put your signature in the corner it ruins the whole picture ... It seems like we never have enough time. b H fa? Kathy Todd's papier-mache giraffe seems to be coming along pretty well. Will it be done in time for Fine Arts Week, Kathy? tbl Is Sister Irene merely adjusting her glasses or is it a gesture of total despair over someone's clay masterpiece? ICJ Bending over the kiln, Art Club member Mary Schiltgen makes her own club pin. All members learned the techniques of cop- per enamelling to make individually designed pins. Idj Club president Sally Babler finds papier-mache a pretty gooey mess. S if! Ap, Red Cross Club Care packages just one project of the club C d Sister Agnes, l was wondering if you knew why Clara Barton decided on a red cross? I mean, why not a blue shield? ... Sending care pack- ages to Vietnam ... The next time the Missis- sippi floods we're going on rescue duty. That's certainly something to look forward to! ... How come we have to belong to a club that helps people? You don't have to, you want to - don't you? .. . Ciirls, please don't forget to bring cigar boxes. We have to have them be- fore we can decorate them for the elderly ... Let's get a head start on first aid. We can prac- tice mouth to mouth resuscitation at Hill When the infirmary's too crowded maybe we could set up a Red Cross station. How about in the cafeteria? . . , Red Cross is always working behind the scenes ... You're really a valuable member of Red Cross Why? Because you care enough to be helpful. Ca,bJ One big project for Red Cross Club members is pre- paring scrapbooks and scrapbook kits for youngsters in hospitals. This involves many hours of going through mag- azines and cutting out suitable pictures for these club members. ici Chris Weyandt addresses the club, perhaps checking on their progress with the scrapbooks? tdi lf this discussion gets any more heated, maybe the club will have a chance to use their first aid skills! 91 ' . LV' Q- is 5551! 7:2335 . 2 , 1' rf s it I iils 152: 'mf-3: b a b Displaying a rare type of talent, Kal Nancy Lee and Rocky Sarrack, tbl Beata Zweber and Diane Horwath, compete for king and queen of Powder puff activities. lcl In a team huddle, the Girly Ghosts spook up a few choice ideas. 92 1 49MiQ, . s as E ' 1' ' , sg: il c 1 tal Mrs. Renteria gives a little needed advice while C-,A.A. offi- cers Mary lo Shields, lan Altstatt, and Cathy Horwath listen at- tentively. tbl Plotting their strategy, GAA. girls plan for the up- coming basketball game. Leading the team conference, Mary lo Shields poses possible plays. tcl Though speed and height are two desirable characteristics of a good basketball player, con- centration is also necessary. Keeping this in mind, Sarah Io Pel- tier deliberately takes aim before shooting the ball. GAA Broomsticks plus powder puffs : GAA It's like phy ed without any tests .,. Being con- sidered out of uniform for forgetting a broom? ... That was for the day we played broomball out on the parking lot ... Proudly telling your friends that you made a basket in basketball- forgetting to mention that it took five attempts .M Mistaking Mrs. Renteria for one of the new club members Net serves in volleyball ... Sommersaults on the trampoline Swim- ming after school ... Gracefully falling off the balance beam .,. The Girly Ghosts against the Wicked Witches in the First Annual Halloween Powder Puff Making Beata Zweber and Diane Horvath king and queen of the festivities .,. The carmel apple sale ,,. Electing next years' officers ... Who will they be? .., I'd never make it - Oh well, that's the way the ball bounces, right? ... 93 E l as - lah Mary lo Shields assists Mrs. Renteria in some last minute tasks before the close of the school year. tbl Can you canoe? Well, it looks like Mary Baber, Mary Lynn Stoffels and Robin Newes can! lc! Toss up! Shanny wins - Now for the big game. ld! Easy out, easy out. Poor Nancy, Sheila and Diane seem to get a few chuckles out of her batting average. tel S. Marie seems to be following the rule of not moving her feet, in other words, she's a good pivoter! ffl Well, here we are again, back at the canoe trip and this time Iill, Mary, Mary Lynn and Robin all seem to want a little action around the fire, We're cold! lgl But good ol' Sharon Ewald is satisfied with just plain duffing it. thi Come on Miss Meisen. Spin that ball and drop it in the basket Anybody can do it, even a teacher! GAA GAA finds spring ideal for St. Croix canoe excursion Is there anything in the basketball rules that says teachers can cheat? ... Strike three - you're out! .. . Strike? Who said strike? I can never win in bowling . .. Modern dance is fun, but couldn't we try just a little rock 'n roll? ... I think horseback riding is O.K., but my seat sure doesn't. In fact I don't think my horse does ei- ther! .. . Playing basketball with the teachers used to be fun, but when you get teachers that can make baskets - well, that's a horse of a dif- ferent color Horse? Did somebody say horse? I lost mine somewhere in the rain back on the trail at Hilltop ... All they told me was you have to get all ten pins down, they didn't say which ones though. So they are in the next alley I asked Mrs. Renteria if she could jump ten feet and she said no - can you? .., Canoe? Who said something about a canoe? After today I never want to see another canoe - Sunburn ,., But we all know that GAA is fun ,.. GAA? Did I hear somebody say GAA? Do we have a meeting or something? R Classics Club Classics Club uses profits from jewelry to journey to Athens Hic, Haec, Hoc ... Hujus, Hujus, Hujus ... Hi! ... Mary Hajlo a president? ...4 Listen you guys N.j.C.L. Pat Schram, parliamentarian ... Sister Rosemary ... Selling jewelry ... But it only costs 542.50 Winter fashion show, Holiday Highlights ... Door prizes ... What a way to get rid of their jewelry ... Christmas with the Asenbrenners Your new vice- president is jackie Nadeau Winona week- end Is it true they aren't going to have chaperones? ... My mother paid me to go , .. Minnesota State Convention Do the boys outnumber the girls or am I assigned in the boys' dorm? ...Welcome to Athens, Ohio. Cal Christmas trees are a good place to relax for Mary Hajlo. tbl A party without food and presents? Not this one, say these three freshmen. tcl Classics Club members harmo- nize on traditional Christmas carols at their party. Cdl Final adjustments are made on the style show outfit worn by sophomore Peggy Ciallagher. fel Pausing beside the tree, hungry party-goers eye the tempting food. ffl Mary jo Carr receives the final once-over before modeling her jo Farho outfit. tgl Artful arranging of their jewelry in the display case boosts sales to a record high, the money earned going toward a trip to the national convention in Ohio. s 9' f .r . .gf ..... ..., i I a 96 as an Na., vine? Q Ahh 'Www 5 4' 1 x' ff -V56-.1-, My 'may ' f ' , M- , 1 1' 'I - 4 1 X Q-Q New 4- A .4 'J X Q x m X , 5 QM . if fl W '4 1 K x 'V is ,fzgfw K . , 'Gif V 5?lf'r?Q , W 5511, :fag 1,2 ' L ' , f f x .I- nf' nk.. W C Il an W. 5 uni .3 5 ,i 7,,lk I 2 ,, s fa br if W Q X WR , ii - W f Lf,. A:f-, .MQ if -.H S 3 4 a ,K 2 fe K 5' ws sh W X 2 f K , Q , , W E, . Q SQ. Q J d 2 Miter Activity fee supports, aids, encourages Miter Miter ... What's that? ls it a newspaper? No - It's a bishop's crook - er - Staff, right - a newspaper staff . t. Nine issues - really? lt was a long pull for an activity fee .. . Who's Kooky Kaptions? . . . Do actions answer only if you try .. . Who's B ? . . . We've just got to get or- ganized - maybe tomorrow .., What hap- pened to MurMurs? All which is fact is printable - but you've gotta write it good . , . Paste-ups Sniffing glue can be dangerous or fun Too much white space No, it's balanced ,.. On May 15 the '70 Miter goes to bed till September . . . But a paper never dies. by Mary O'Neill b tal Demonstrating a paste-up for the Open House Barb Sagstetter, Connie Stepan and Cindy Gentile show Mrs. Sven Bang how a newspaper is put together. tbl Folding the papers for distribution in classes the next day, Gail Cros- selin takes a few minutes out of the day to do one of those extra necessary jobs of a paper. tcl Putting out a newspaper takes a lot more than writing it down. Lectures were given in all areas of newspaper and yearbook production at a workshop at the University of Minnesota. Standing on the steps of Northrup Auditorium, Mary Anne Beck and Betsy Baumann work on a schedule to cover all the possible areas of interest for their staffs. Miss Ruemmele, yearbook advisor, checks the mall for stray girls before going to her selection. The afternoon was finished with a talk by Charles Kuralt speaking on human interest reporting. 98 Verbum Ss 51, f t .k,k-f 4 5 a b New quarters give Verbu m staff elbow room 'ww ,,,,. I C Kal With ideas flowing from their minds, Mary Chris Legato and Kathy Meyer use pen and typewriter to put these brainstorms into print. tbl Trying to raise enough money Cindy Reetz sells subscriptions. tcl Writing for a yearbook can be challenging and fun, Betty Tedesco sits wondering whether that bit of humor will pass the censor. Cdl A dirty look can do marvelous things, so Nancy Passofaro gives it a try with a layout that just isn't coming to life the way they usually do. Having missed the look Peggi Quinn and Diane Elmquist keep right on working. I What is a yearbook made of? ... Late working hours ,.. Lots of laughing and giggling . ., late night dinners in the dimly lit cafeteria frantic haste as the deadline rolls around But Miss Ruemmele, why can't I use that caption? Layouts and more layouts What's this? A new room? ... How come they get the windows? ... How many times have I told you - there's six picas to an inch ,,. Six what? ... Come on girls - let's wake up ... Can I have a new 3-R ... Can anybody find page TI3? Three captions go in that little space? Miss Ruemmele, you look tired, I wonder why? ... Competition with MITER ... Now we need a whole supplement - there goes my summer! What about that over- night and all the work we got done? .., Do you think we can make All-American? an 99 Liturgy Club New club provides background music, leadership at Mass I want to hear it again, only louder this time .. Is my guitar tuned? It doesn't sound like yours ... There's no such thing as church music ... God loves a hearty voice no matter what .. . S. Marie, have you noticed any changes in my vocal chords lately? ... I can't sing that good but l hum pretty well We need more gui- tars to play louder - Is that a hint? ... l'll have you know there's more to our music than meets the eye - excuse me, the ear ,. , Girls, I want you to know that you are responsible for the success of this Mass ... What ever hap- pened to self-soul music? .., Now we have English ,.. Let's try those syllables again, girls .., Gur Father has soul ,.. ls it CGD7 or GCD7? b c 100 Cal Leading the song and singing loud, S. Marie directs Cindy Shriener and Mary Wiese in an up-beat hymn. d L. 1 me fel In an attempt to raise money for her club's sake, Pat Furlong delivers a very professional sales pitch. ffl Deep discussions con- cerning any and all problems in- volving relationships between persons create thoughts for Mary Kay Woulf, Bridget Selz and Nyla Hallas to ponder. f Providing the needed background music for the Liturgy Club members Margie Walz and idl Kathy Borowske wait for their Cue as tbl Mary Lallier and Cindy Shriener harmonize. 7 gyy .szffnfvfp X' ,sl Q NJ Wi-if - e I- , or Human Relations Club Club starts drive to put their conviction into a real situation If I were an Indian, I'd really be proud! ... So I'm only a Baptist ... S. Anita, herefs another shirt for the clothing drive I love people. It's getting to know them that I can't be both- ered with Minority groups aren't less im- portant - they're the best of the majority . . . No one I like is prejudiced against me I.. Inci- dentally, when are we going to meet with the kids from St. Peter CIaver's Wednesday? I think I can make it I'm going to Africa to study prejudice . .. I'm going next door to bor- row some sugar .,. Did you know that black and white aren't even on the color wheel? ,.. I feel sorry for people who get stepped on ,. , I feel sorry for people with big feet .. , Did you hear the speaker from the Interracial Council? ,., Do you belong to the Human Relations Club? .,. Doesn't everyone? 101 WE ARE How does she look so great every morning? I have all I can do to get up in the morning .,, You got a wig! I didn't think you'd get your hair cut after all the time it took you to grow it ... Or did you? ... You look fine, just unroll your skirt, tuck in your blouse, comb your hair ... The rule says match not the same as'f, it says match ,,. I say that pink and fuchsia match .., I lost my name pin. How 'bout if I pinned on my bus card? ... I know I learn better when I'm comfortable, so how about changing the uniform to blue jeans and T-shirts? ,.. What's better than a plaid shoe lace in your shoe? Plaid shoe laces in both shoes ... Being well dressed can be a matter of opinion But whose opinion? Mine or the Establishment's? .., Sol looked in the mirror and I said to myself- Something's missing and I finally figured it out - it was the long skirt that was missing .., Ev- erybody's gone mini Personality can be shown by your clothes. I may be a slob but at least I'm sincere. 1wvisw'l4QneMWm V 'M' mr' 'iikagp 'Hyman 5, K C tal Over here, Father. Here I am. The kind of person you need for your new church. A real swinger! Move in a little closerp now move out. Do these chalk lines represent the size of the church in No. St. Paul or was someone playing hopscotch? Oh darn, we have to go back in now and it was such a beautiful day. Thank you, Father. It was our pleasure. tbl Posing for her individual picture, Mariann Lethert experiences something new for the 1970 yearbook. tcl Senior photos are unique candids as Kathy Stahlmann proves to us. 103 .. 1 -P mv fits. ...:...: 3 T : 'E I 'A rg v QQ wi ,A rf ,, 6 3 Ax , L 5 3' I ,5 P. 6 it was 6 N sl . I .K . 5: 'V Ay? Za ae X at 3' g sd Qi .. . 1 ,,.,.., f ,.,53.'v- b H1 ,I . , We-W ,, . use iw . .. M ' 1 ta M Q 2 Y 5 as 'yall ig?-QV I Wt w we I A t 'fn A? A' I, Q s. 42- 2 . A .. tt -nv i A' Z 1 if I 'le f il f ,J 43 Rig ' if --:::r.ew-1-.ft-.2-r,a.:....r ' .. V. :- -5- -.ut.---s--- '- ': 259 Q Rf? Elf' fig? 5 l if 1-its ' 1 .22 .,, 1 - - ' ' . . . , -' E - V ' . -'fa H , Ik ,lima :fer W ' . 1 Pr 'Z 0 t 3 .. .- X 1 . . ' - ...s .. .PY , . . . .. . g .A . . +1 .. Na mit.--,.., -' '1t,.:' - i s ' I - ' X. f. 'f ' ' 32m51.121s V - ' f TT ' 'W ., f :Ea n fw 1 .'5'5'- .. ' ' FY 5? ' -' - rl? . g 'N ' ' fa. fz K 'fi' .- . A ,, ' I -5 f f K Q . li f '54 ' 2 gl '- .Irs .la five. V. :.. - V . . . I K JZ K 1 SIL gg. Vik :gg Q, L - rf, L- 1 V K .1 W' ' ' , ' ' Y' tis.-. Q -I -. -- . t it ' a sf., . riffs - . Q f 1 K 'R 'X -rf K' ' 1' '- 1 A ' I fr 'ff :ai .. . -- if 2' .. . F ' - 5: ., g sf, mf. .,, -, . .f V- .. . . ,map .-I.. . rf I.: ' 'Q-115.1 lift Kas.-5 7- 1 , . . -. gfhu wt' js-r av ,cfs 4 trait. , W .I .1 Q 'Q' . 2 .Q flea at r , , ,gzgg I N was ' . - I ,4 4 - . . , . A I S.. V if: ::,. 3 .I I Fi.. . ., ,ig f ' ' ' 2.111 :':aa2fQ - 5' -- ' L .f ik A ' 15 1. -v -2 as at 5 7 .. 3393 gs 53551 la -it l sig? I J 523 ,W I S 'B Q. M A ,Q Y if .. ' .nf B rf 1 .... , .. Eta? 'S ' :' Q , C. Anderson, S. Anderson, M. Arnt, E. Auger, S. Ayde, K. Barnes, P. Barrett, S. Berglund C.. Betts, S. Biagi, M. Bialek, S. Bibeau, A. Black, L. Blomgren, M. Bloyer, S. Boldt B. Bonin, K. Borowske, L. Brickzen, M. Brodala, M. Burns, N. Byrne, C. Capistrant, T. Cardinal M. Christoffel, I. Colaizy, K. Colwell, L. Cumming, M. Cunnien, L. Cunningham, M. Curran, T. Curran K. Danna, M. DeLisle, C. Denk, D. DeVinney, D. Dillery, D. Dourney, B. Downs, I. Drace Not pictured: K. Berney, I. Bouthilet, D. Chochran, C. Callahan Green tags, locks on Why be a frosh? ... I have to start somewhere . .. How come we're the only ones with green tags? I won't be caught dead in one of those gym uniforms . .. But there's no food left by our shift ... Can't we eat with the UPPERCLASSMEN? .,. Let's ask her where to go ... This place is really huge ... Somebody stole my locker ... What do you mean another hall? .., Will we look like that when we're seniors? I lost my schedule Back seats again What's guidance - I haven't been bad ... Why do we have a treasury? ... But Miss Boland, who wants to buy Christmas can- 104 lockers mark freshmen dles in October? Which color would you like - red, green, yellow or blue? ... Wow! The earth has been in existence for 4 billion years ... If revolutions worked in France, why don't they in Sister Mark's class? ... I just can't give a speech in front of all those people! ... I thought short stories were short Who is playing at the dance? - Can we go? ... How come we have more books? - We don't, we just have shorter arms . .. When do we start getting electives? ... Oh - next year when we're sophomores. ilf Q! 1 J. t 1' i -9' 1.22 ,. A w v. .u t fs sm 2 .3 a It ' L ' ' mm ' ' ' iw'f7l'rS ' .--ww -- 2' flf' e 'fl' ,Q 'L-A ' .. 'ae iz , ii 4 . X., D 2? my ,Q jg ,A 5 :.. Q K All-F 1 'V 'f- gil 2235? wfwfw.ygn in Ez. ,V 'V is ' l ' z.. XP l iff. . -: , VT . rg 3QQ.a ssis Qygammaa lm ' . wiv ,I i , I .. -X a., ,, -A X .1 ,- ff . . f eq T-.eff LL. . , ,T .K K , xl l 3 - .. X if? 5 l ','L K. Dwyer, K. Eberlien, K. Elm, E. Erickson, S. Fida, G. Finger, M. Fitzgerald, 1. Flannigan, 1. Focht, S. Forstner, 1. Foster, M. Frasczak. l , V: 1.5 ..::..,., 5555! grail, ,. .f .I g . 1,5 ---' f .1 i 1 .f Q - :f!.f-- Sam? . , .., 'P ' ax K U2 E. . Hz, N , a - . -1122. mf? 1 ...- . . f- ' f ', J.-bias. lm,-we 'F' L ' Q ' E ' C .wi af '55 K - :'.fEs'3, . , .1 fi s .f Z 'V ,ls fiwEi :,f,.1. sfgigq.-S, -' fwfr . ,,.. . .V I i 12 -'K-I-fflsl ' -TI ':E 'l'- .': ?i.f5v: : ' 2 ' fwfr ... f mwwmgg .,.mQmms-- ' A iw-H A f. 2q,5?1gs P. Hubbell, C. lanicke, I. lansen, K. larvis, K. links, L. john- son, M. johnson, S. lones, HIWQFY' 'I ' iff? - ' t-.,'iiZ:SrS:'f ' - . L -M ' r .L V- 1 . - A . I v 'J 'rv fpf.:.? 9:4 ir 'W' , -' , - . - g',5 '., :Z 'H' 'z' '..7z. 5 . 5 -- .171 'i ' ' 'z ' - alfa if . f S ' 1 ....:2'z2P W t .Ng :if A a A 2 ' -.1-'fr A 1 . ..:-flag: . f A - 1.-.:. 4 if 1 i ... ., ., ,., . P . Ky . raw, wwQww:wwwM , .f4,,1::..-Hi .. ., ., QB. ... S jg 55, 5 - if J :- f ,. 955555215 . 'airy ' .. 'tw 1.51, J ,ig- Q15 i-ffl? -. 29 - . . liz,-I 4: .. , new : - ' s J: f' Af. li ' . I K7 W1 f ' , K' . , - . ,,, .Q , A . il 2 . ' 1 - ' '- 'Hifi ..: '.s Fi2:.',?1.' K . . ,. , 5 . . .::: - - V g 7,0 vt L, ,y 4.. . . .. 'i i A fn :SZ 1 Sita.. 93, .. . J.. - .. . W H ' is P Q1 q, X Xi Il L' 5 + H5 5, ' . 1? , W ali' sg l sf Wx ,4 . .g.,2ifsf ..w,-Q37 '12 L. 'f' . ,, ,, 4' W.. . ., ,,,.,,, 5 -, ,.., , Q. ...vw 5 il ggi 4 wg . K Q is ' YQ, was .4 , ii Q. Q 132' L' :Iles Ya l e .iii ' R, h is 75 t Y, -'N i . -QM 'Q -we : fi '7 ., M., ., V f .1 ,,,... . ws .. ..,.. s 3 - . I sg . P- . si I f 1 L. Fratto, K. Freedlund, M. Fulmek, M. Gallagher, R. Genin, P. Gibbons, D. Goemer, S. Gorman, P. Grabowski, M. Grau, M. Gressman, C. Griemann, V. Gusinda, D. Hall, P. Hanra- han, P. Hansen, L. Hayne, K. Henk, l, Heroff, 1. Horwath. Cal Frosh party gives the girls time for food. lbl Newly-elected of- ficers are Reenie Marrinan, vice-president, Colleen Shields, presi- dent, and Kathy Colwell, secreta ry-treasurer. 105 N. jordan A. Kajer M. Kampa K. Kane C. Kansier 1. Kath J. Kennedy M. Kight V. Kirby M. Kirst K. Kissling M. Kohner 1. Kopcinski D. Korba L. Kraut M. Krieglrneier 15+ 5' is A 40 W R of . 'K Swv? ggi B8 gg.. . Q . fi: 4 -5' sm YY' we .. 'f-ff7 'x.x ,xii 5' A 'hw was is 'f L 1 Y X A x K as is Wai , nfs . , - WM' .ft H , . .i3 33. ..,,, 2 W 5 51,125.1 'Z' H 223535 .ff i 5- -155 :.l V ' We 4 S5 'BQ' .4 4 Q, 5 H2 X 4 x , f . 355 ' ,QA y as K x . . 1 33 Y 4 ctr: X FL .. Q, 3 B .1 L RQ Y L -' ' 'L If -. Q fig: it V' Va L I 'El f . 3 , sig..- - 15215555133 -1 ' K ..' ' E, . ' QM , 5' my Wg A ,A 7 - 4-.5 'ff?WL f - V Sify' J s ' . ' . 3 fy , ' Chosen by the freshmen themselves, homeroom chairmen are Linda Scheitlin, Cathy janicke, Reenie Marrinan, Pam Anderson, Mary Sivald, Michele De- Iisle and Terri Petersen. 106 L. Kuehn B. Kuehnl N. Kurz P. LaCasse D. LaCoursiere M. L'AIIier I. Larson C. Lavaque C. LeClaire M. Leibel R. LeMay J. LeMire C. Loeffler D. Lukas C. Lyons S. Markoe M. Marrinan M. Martino . -3 .F X Q aim. , aa 3 , . 3 N J Y 'Q 'W L . - 'N ' : A ...fl - gh ,IDA , . J .. U, fit K5 , t 2. !,x355g.,,a- - .5 V ' - , f - W . ,. . . . --.f: Q wa . if ' 2555115 ' 5 , '- V 'ff' xx , N1 ei. fi! I . 3 yi V ' - f' M ,. 4. - iw, L ,, M .5 s ff M .. W E. A 3 r s f: b 1: 1, Y .f f ra- 64 use , K .5 ' M A' 1,7 ry r . , Q - x ' -xi .... 'rffix' 'M'ff!L s .. We , S .. fm'-I 3 :vs sv x g gif Wal- W, - ,P A- ffiiifii' 's.5'1?l - V T' K V .nw Leis? ,Gif .N gs. L.. xl? .5 4.5. X J .L J. g 1 3 ,ga p ' F Q i fm Q. tg, x. M an 1 g t 5 , ff' h X51 Q M .Vg ..:., 1 4 glr i gi, :iw L. fV18SSOi'1 V. 'A s r ? x ii. I . ' Q iffy AACCUIVQ ,. 1 MV I-we I . 5 Vg- ' 4-4 ' . . H , -. 2 f.-V. K. McLaughlin . ., V 5 4 . '- A ,. f- at - . .iw N '-4 2 , , ' ' K. MCRae . V,-A . wr., fx, l L ,, .V i. 'f ff' V 4 A T. Mee - .Vi 1 V 3 V V , V 'x ri 'u . 5 - 9 ' ' V ' . Vit 1- Memlef 1 1 A xt. X. , . A- . , ' , , w t t V V V Ar- -f N V V . . ' . V V K. Mlcko is V' .si ' KV V . 1 ' N ax V, ig N . 1 . 5 ff ' ii' Ai-v '.,, gz E X 'f '53 LV . . Va gas , K -I v V 52:1 kulltih - A - A .. ' +5 A A xi - Oofe . 1 sip w A S Vg 1 W Q ' M. Moore IA: :sez ' .2 .. 4, ' Q ' 'G ..Z , VM, J ' ' ' .- V , . cu A 'V 1 'U V M. Moran T f, ree .- , 1 4' .. ,., - .1 5 .,. T, I A ,v . V A: V f f A K V . zu., As! V V A' C. Morris X. W - -A H 7 .- 'j , L. 't fl 5 ' . , ., E. Nalipinski I I RQ V Q23 W H ,is -' llu- .1 2 4 E 1. IN, 14-,Ni M. Nlerenhausen f H in V .41 . ' V .jj S. Nordstrom 'Ai f I' K .M. , EAA f . A MMMM . .. if A A' ' ' A in AQ VZ H f I A g V 'K - 3 . ,A X M' Gpalmskl S ki 7 1 .2 ' A' X ,7- i ' V K' Pau' V L V 5.14734 Y: Q - A N .3 A Af i 5' V A f E ,. . - R T. Petersen ,. ,, . 2 H- i V, ... ff Q 4 V J V V1 A H M. Peterson ...VV V -M 5 xv rs R Peterson ' M- iff. ' '. aii' N ' 'A T153 . aff. Q '- . ,it eff . Q ' -V --r .ff -fi? was aria .. V A, : A V .. i '55 .. sw - R Peterson V -. . ,,,:- .V Aw 1 A . ' . V:-. S AA -, fairs. .- A .V Km V .W W 5. 'fel .f -1'-as 41 . -V z.. J V. - V f V. rf A A B- Pflugi R M R ' X R. Pohl 7 fi.: 'Q i A , wifi. TE- 'A' Yi 5' .2 .' R IV . , -A . . . T. Pritschet -, A - Ar' - V M , 1 ff . V- A V D- Pfvbdla N 5 'i W, i A M. Reichow V 51: V :J T f E R if i :V fiff E' Rembfsh A A 3 R ' ' . 5 -f D- Rem . i 'ij ix , MV Rhein ,- .,,.,V - 4 , Q .X L..-VV W AQ.. 2 -51: V .,.., H! ' DV Rlfggchl -- , :e:+e'.i- rarer i A -,:u. .xg,V:5g,H . ' .fVggg?:g5 W3.iwwg.gV i 2 T Q ' A ' V K A D-R0bif1S0n ' 'R ' Q' V A - D. ROS0wski ...QA A Vw VH ' Vs .iuqgy K V7 if V . ' IQ' ' . f M A :fi ' fi xxi V B' Rosenthal . A1 1 ., i.. ....f. V ttf' Q 5 AA' MV Ruda A , W' A R ' H f V K R ssell 'tes' V V ' I R V . . R . f V X R ' ' V MA Ruza - A ., it Vt , ,V Av A V. 1 V t wiv A .9 V , I A .twig L Q in ' . ,. V., VA V, C. Sagstetter t. tx K a- A V. Not Pictured: 1. Quinlan B. Ritchie F h I . S319 of CEIFICHGS 558. we ii! K 1 if ' 2 ai 9' fi ik. t I Starting out their four years right, frosh start raising money their first year tab Sue Bibeau requests more candles in an effort to be High Homeroom Winner . fbi Miss Boland awards Barb Dario a watch for top sales, 124 candles. 107 N. Sagstetter Y. St. Martin L. Scheitlin R. Schmidt K. Schmitt E. Schneeman C. Schreiner M. Sch roepfer D. Schwietz C. Scoles 1. Seitz L. Shanley C. Shields M. Sivald Not pictured: C. Sch reier P. Stepan ff 11 t J 4. 1-W f af 452 '-.1 ,RAI ,v , W., we ' . ' 1 .L , Q gf 4 . - . ,V . Q . f x , f ytisiih . zz , .fgwaf ,LQ v- :iiswi . ' -if ,. ' A -:,.:a'fa3P ' .sgftgfeg if f M55 gggfggs . ., .' M., ,. lag.. 1,133.5 W N i, MV A K . L .azif , ij , K' 19 'T A 'A ' I fi LT? .11 5 A 'C - if 'Q' wil' ? aa W 1 L 7 X . f , 'iM 'X -,- ,- , -ir.: .1-E., , ft, X . . 2- .5 h W 155 .R x.. . . - W LL., L5 X ,, get . f if fmt. Mx,.,zig f . R - . f,-. 5. . - ,. - - ' 'V v .:.g ?1 ,g'w5f5g1'a5asgeyy73 ' ' ff, , L.. . ., Q. L , Ny E . f V , A . --A .- 'W i - 1 fi has 14555 f-. n f 551- nz! ' j :.g .:2..'v-h t. C 2' -V-1 A., -1111.5 G -T5 . 4 Q i. , A i X X . g:!L ..: . .3 Freshmen meet Mr. Asenbrenner, each other C. Sperl 3 - --., ,Q ts ' t- B-Smith S L .S M. Southerling Fit hi 7' ' 3' if if Q Q? 2-ef Qi J dl ' V' ' ' .f Emi: 'C if P' a .L 5 ,.., if A X. if - k Z .fp11f1.w.w-.-:.t3 ...-- -- i-W., ,X.i,Q,,, a WMA If . W ., W -we V b wif ix L fx E , n img 1' . me 13- WM. ,, sg A- W ififfif Y I ,Q ,. .- U g Y afiflfc H, S55 'ite i fi V I ,sa - ' v .2 --,.-, ,., Q.,-. .t k,.k -ggi .. em i. fm. rf' -- 2 -Q 4 i i.. U I ... . ..... L -in. ,:, :- '5 1, .L , C. Sprangers if X . k H M V X if P'51ff'Hhibel C i 73 tim, ee- S L S. Stockton . S fi ' ' A ,.., , L-5UChY -- G. Tacheny , X i r e i , ,:,, M .. C, ,... . A .. A A Q , . M-THYIOV ai , I ff if S . K.TiIlge5 M. S -Tiff. . -1 . S C..Tischler U ,gi ' . N, f V dd A-T0USi8f1am A mf iii r xiim x t F 1 L I X - 1-. E-TSChIda L. Turenne V -, : ' 1-TVYOUY at 'H if L. Vierling . Aff' - 5' HW ' ' , A. - , fwfr: -- W3 ,M .E 1 -Q -3, . gf ' M33 LT fc M- Waldefa - S he g - L .Walek f L . M , Q. VV3l6l'iUS li V ki 1 - 73:5 Q2 ll U1 108 K' fo 'Fir Q A HL E w f Q fu , . GK N L X651 -- www. - .1 . 11 mm.. 1 H 'sS29SE5E1iA,... S A 4 W m as is S' mi my 5 is Q 0 ... M Am R 8 1 X , mi . S 'L-...N ,ff -' ffl u T Cal Thirteen vigorous freshmen find out that winter is a per- fect time for them to have some fun. And what, I ask you, is more fun than building a snowman and dressing him in the latest fashion, complete with jacket, scarf and student council badge? The only thing missing is the shoes. fbi The fun soon ends, however, when the sun comes out to melt the creation, not to mention the pealing of a bell and the disappearance of the creators, who are onto bigger and better things. lcl Like everyone else, Bev Bonin knows study has to go along with fun. ldl Although Kim Freed- lund knows that Mr. Asenbrenner isn't ten feet tall, you can't blame her for thinking he's pretty close to nine feet eleven and one half inches. , ' ff A if L i . Shri S A ':..g Z' - T.- M. , 1' ., . Wi , W 1.5 . fx F P .M . . f X T 3' ,Q :W ' ,A 'il 1 XY' 'iii 'iq lv x 3 'X ,kvi . ,V K i',' T wt Q. - Zggiis A T. 1 , M , 14.5 , ,.- v- . - 3, . Q it gl. 57 7 n,iv T K, .. x . fl T' .. ' ,,- J 5 Qi X- T ,Ti it K K 6 QT :N , . . . . ,.,,, . ,V , Y 3, , ,, ,.. . iMg,, i: .. A F if Q3 . I . ff 1.25-. 1 ' I' in T3 P W. T 't 2, ' T' T E i Q7 T ' i'--' . A sail gl i 1 . r Yin K iz f . S 'i 4 - -Li T ei r - fix 'P J' 'fa ' ,W ,, VT ,T If T in .1 A . .F M51 I . X V 'fill nits. ' 'ii S. Watson, M. Weber, G. Weinke, P. Wellner B. Wermers, L. Wiblishauser, M. Wiese, N. Winkler S. Wojcik, H. Wurm, M. Anderson, D. Anzevino M. Boland, B. Dario, D. Halbregder ln M.A ' - A gullar 'I Q I' n erson , E!! W1 . KL h ' L. Babcock ' I V, ,I L- Barry W ' 1 if - i I V. Bearth I 1 32-5 ,' .. 1 .21 X- l ,ft X' ! 2. , sg13gjgs,Xki1. 15, A ,LLV A, ' Y lg1'B6ml0rr ',- ! H . ' I+ .-2' ' . ..k,.,., . ' - Boldt. 1 jA.BBrann1gan P, g A . rees .g A ' '52 ,K N f A f 4, ::? Q ,W 3 f. I. Breneman ft -::1.AL', I' : 4- an I-:M-f ' 'M' r :-2 . . .' , .- iz .f '. W' . ttf: M. Brown .- V . V ' P ' - l if .. I l. Buivld i film i 1 ' . t ' C. Cardin al K. Cardinal 1 1 K. Carlson A N I I. Carr 2:: ':: 1 fl ' C. Cloutier Not pictured: I ,l. ' xii. ' . f s L , . -. ' '19 ' ' f ' - . K A ,- A f -ft z Wt ,x fv vs . -t .f,-,., ., .,., M.. I ,W f ... Q 'W 5 t A H L S fl 3 K .ff I . .f . . . . s, M - -2 . . ga I ... 5.1125-i. . , .-.ap t - ' 2 P-5 if ef t ... E S S., . , . M ax, M. Cloutier ' ., ,fait M. . qm- E A! l :S .-.-' u .1--f t .I tm -fl:-N f .Jf W3 ,- .ea if- X Sophs find different beats in Biff Rose, dances Hey, now we can call THEM dumb frosh .. . Sister Brigid, I think Biff Rose explains evolu- tion much better .. . No more locks . .. Ithink I'm flunking Phy. Ed. I sold my history book to a frosh for three dollars ... Isn't Mrs. Smith slender? ... A gym night with Hill boys ... When? ... Sister Brigid turning ten shades of red in biology . . . Hey, we get our Iowa tests back in guidance today Sister told me I communicate too much in Religion ... Geom- etry poses no great problems for me If these juniors don't stop pushing us out of the A. Conlin ' N1 . CO n n e rs ...,-Z, I ii' ggvg ,:,, z T. Connolly L. Conrad - ' .. W- f D.Corbo - -t 'J A ,,- 3 , E it f S: ' ' 2 .rw - x LQ T .T -f ' L . ' f P. Courtney . ,,,. . ' . I R 3 xx 'ff . ,ll 3 i 'Y g ,S gg 5 'QL S. Crosby ' 1 - VAY, , ,-,fr1 . L- DNS ' I. Dehn .... I. DeLisle M. Doyle C. Dramdahl C-. Ebel K. Engel B. Ewald D. Fitch tif- it I mfs? f :...,- ... if-1 ,.. .3 'kg fa' cafeteria Boy, I've got holes in both my socks! . . . Do boys go on our retreats? Sign me up, quick! ... How come it had to snow right on the night of OUR dance? ... Parlez - vous Francais? ... Great! No guidance this week ... just think - Silver Belle - our first formal dance ... Are you going? Rah, rat - we made B squad cheerleaders Can you yell? Try out for Hill's new Pep Club . .. My lit- tle sister was 200 different girls ... Wow, only two more years left! ...Time sure flies ... one short summer left to grow into juniors. ws- s N phase., . . .,.. A 1 i ts Q -I - at it 'if as 'LW . . ..... Q Ml 2? s Qs , ? was 1 . A- . P .... ' at . 'I-:ff fi S75 if S gi 'R 'lf' .tg,X.s., . m y .. .Y of s .LV -sv . . V- . -'j,. V ii . a fn 2 6 ap , i.. ,....: . . X 1 W . X ff th s. H t .ai . M.Fratto V E. Frederick ,I 4 I M.Gagne ,:.,. ,H X M M.Gallagher C' 4 A I 5.1 in ga, .9 ii' S. Ganzel i 'a ' Q, . 3 ,s R ' 1 ' .A ' x, Not pictured: NE W., li . J . J t M- Drake it-if . 9 I iw ' . ' tftt s1t t I if D. Fllie sv-A . 110 1 2 5 :. j!,,-. w 1 1 Q K , . in SW.:-1. 'iflfifg . rqifgg, is 13 . .Fe 'P J ff x ,, .. L . . . - - y , E .5 , A ...E ,f .X , . . . .Q A.. Jag. V 7- fr' ff ' ff -4-lla' f fi K -if 1 fm wt: F ga.. 'tbl ,W 2 Y? N717 N fp. -. . , M3335 eq, 3 K. jordan, D. jost, L. Kansier, T. Keenan j. Kirby, M. Klinger, M. Knajdek, M. Koller M. Korf, M. Kraker, P. Lambert, C. Leach 1 LLLL gfW 'N 1 . .1 1 be 1 ' if .1 f -C 1 f is l ' ee.' il fav- 2 L 1 . V ,v,. ..-. Z! ::.-I t A .,,k 17. 4 ....,. F., fi. '2 if ' in 'V' fiw. . f .,,. . 1 1 i lr 'A znv. .,,,' 1 .,:,,: Qyvz . E e c Fla an it A M ' I Q A it 1 1 rj x 4' . Y 1 K 4 .1 fv..V:', ' ,- I ': .-'f - ' . f l -' 1 1 -. eL'e . ,P V j i 5, G f,-: 4' 'Y ,-5 W , :, . 4 ., , 1 fq z- ,, .Z W A K e 1 1 . 4. 2 N as , N - i,i , X ...f I Z e A . hX ti ' 1 fx '-6' 5 i 1 'l sf'fszf.:. ,. ,W 1 ff -13, i K . ff A ' W W A fl ,gg , ', 1 fl? i . . . . 1 R ' X I v ' ax ' lf asltbxtz 2. ' 'eegi 1 i if A ,,.' . ,M , Q will . - ff' fr ffl M 1 iiigf, . sv I ,X . .. X if 5 .1 gyfw I .. . M N A H 1 ZL' Avr..'12-'eL- ' 5.5. V VVVY Sinai . 1, S :Lili Efii fi ' i '15 ii' . i l if C -' V Ai 2. i J P. Garvey, K. Gorg, C. Gusinda, M. Hajlo N. Hallas, C. Hansen, L. Hegstrom, R. Hejny C. Hidding, R. Horwath, M. Hudachek, D. Hudalla S. Hutton, j. jablonski, j. jensen, P. jessen K. johnson, S. johnson, C. jones, j. jones E -J:ff b laj Expecting fun at the sleigh ride, Terry Shanley buys a ticket from Shawn Crosby. lbj jackie Buivid and Rita Hor- wath need rest after volleyball on gym night. 111 D. Lenzmeier M. Lethert l. Lieb P. Ligday l. Luger E. Lutz P. Maietta C. Malchow S. Manos L. Marzolf l. McDonnell M. McGuire M. McGuire N. McKinnon D. Meis K. Mertens 1. Monson 1. Montpetit P. Mullaney C. Mushinski K. Navins M. Nordstrom C. Okoneski S. Olsson S. Opitz M. O'Rourke L. Pedley M. Persoon C. Petersen D. Peterson S. Poole M. Pritschet V. Quirk L. Regenauer N. Reinhardt N. Riener Not pictu red: P. Morris V. Ravnik tal joy Strohbeen, secretary- treasurer, Steph Manos, president, and Mary Hajlo, vice-president, discuss plans for sophomores. tbl Among the ideas that went into ef- fect was a gym night with Hill. Precisioned set-ups are put into action in an attempt to outsmart their opponents in volleyball. 112 2 3 .K -an -sg2gl.3iigEg A .. , :.5,,,.:EEV.,,- J ' .- .V 1 ' . YVViP....fVV- .V .. . ...aa . .. . i . .. A ' - .. .W ' wi it .nr in A V ' .- - ,., . ' Vw . .. .. ' A- x 4 .rgrfg msg - 1' .2 D 1' L . Q... I vi V L . , -.. VV.. A M in ,. 7... V V . ,Sz-' r . 1. M V ...fv . V r . V . . . ' f - if X Wi . s S A l I XX s 1 L .AV V s sg Q . 7 ' ' 4, 2, , . 'v-. - . i I .51 ,f E If .f f , .... :' . .fu ' V V ..., ' f' .' V: ff -vs -f- V -gg... 's MH V' ltr - ' sfiaiffi ' - J .- A -Q ' t- .xi ' ' , - .VH ' . ' P Pl P ' i P f .W ! V rx - ix ,gf l ,ff 'f?5'?r:r.5l Y1-i1Vf ' 'sivif 251551 ' '- r:'i:?f5g.V Viiik'-'ii-3 fix V WYE. V- ' ' '. . -- Y K . . WMV . ,rg .M V L . as as ' H , - at .... K H A 5. , V V Q N., i VJ, f- lb- 5 W -:J , , 5 - ST ta? :ai ' 351. . il? -.. - V r- WV, , - , rrffssgs. V . it , N .... M.. .,.h .. A -l I iff? l is -V-fu' . 1 xt-5 l 1- j.ff?x it 1' P 5 - . i ' .',.,. ' .. A ' .. fiif i . . g?Q. . in A , Zhu--:Q -A 'Q M Pi ' .. -. .V dial s ? N. V A V 'W E ' ' ' ' ' ' 'M Q . if , W J X ' N x Q A 1 if ' . AV as jxf- . .. KV N I ,Rf s -K --V 'f let. V. 1 i- V..-if . . .. u -14 2-V A and ' r . .r s . . K lfififx-'V K ' W -fk ' its . . fi . S . V- A b zgm.. V L .. w A if ' ' 4 'R L . . . L Q .- P In 4 .. H X l J fffr , .gi ' verb -. A ' V I. .. . ,W , V ,iw n in 1 P Q S- A 43,9 - ' .. V 'i . -3,325 2 . V K ififflf 1 ff' , .gif V lv' - 'X '1lSfiYil'5i' I T fi'-24 1 f' . Q I ,V f X We H. . .V 1' l??5'?ilf4i 'MY' f- 9 V...--QQ-J' ..,' . L- . gp .f .. .V iiffzgirfzfthiw 2' V if Y .. . . V. ,ff L i .gag rt . .JB . X . 5 'Vi ,eil .V 3 5. M' , C i- . VK I. Ks f 1: ga sf gl' N r 1 3 li.. .aw ..,. . .V . 'j at u w -. ,gp . 1 2' Wi sq 33.2 , 1 ' Peat' I M 3 if , i his si While some sophomores patiently wait for their lunch shift to arrive, thoughts of delicious food and refreshing cool drinks run through their minds. Mean- while, Lupe Rodriguez cracks a joke for Kathy johnson. 5 6 . , . P,Roden ,-f y- L. Rodriguez N S. Romanchuk A M. Ryan I. Samuelson S. Sanftner yyety , , - ' A' ssii B'5am0 ig , A , ,z2'HE?'M l. Sarafolean A 5 .,7::V if . V,,, r p T ' C negman - ' I Y 5 -s's f M. Schreiner 2 ',,t t as K-A 2 M2 ' ' QM 1 l ii i . k 1, Schwandt L - L I M. Schwietz ,,,, . ,. ..t,: : we M - V' Schwletz m ay . . if -iff A-:r - f -at '12 , ' Vilma 'fa 5 - M' Sell . 9. Sig V i i.-S . 2 ff A 'psf 24' ry ff, L, Qin, My 1 'Q f' an 4 ' is ' , ieirs ' T- Shanley J W - . tif- - S. Shields . , f In R K ' 1 --3 H on - f 1 -1 f of . f s QW? I . . . . t,t, 2,,r L . . A W .. . 1 els a V ' 2 I I-Sffohbeen 'R Q. ., 1 6 L L. Thomson 52 K' A ' ' f llll ff' - if 7 1557 : ' R I ' 1.2, -7 E '7 - if ,QT , ' i ,K -' TQ 1 C.Tlerney r,.5'L X i ill s K Q52 f 1 411 'S ' ' . sy ,ff-La -L X N -- L' ' . ' , I - - 1 'A K T1 m m0n5 l ' rf l .. ' I 2 Fljilqaas , ' U er :' B. Vacca fl sr.. 1. ,. D-QVPICCH - L ...fy ,- V - ,V L- L, M- H , 1 - W. N t d . Ml, ' L , il-fs gg W : V if fl O plCtUI'9 . 9. f at x -sl- - Y . 9 or R Ls Romle f -. z . L- Sundberg all - i ' A' Vadnaw S I7 . .lf H I b lf D ht 1 s--s- . .- ,,., . . D-Valenfy , '--, f it , ga ' ww' , ' .V L ' ' if r , g fj'-nt,W,,,.,'4 ',g Jw -' I Vg 4 r ' ,.. H. Vernstrom Qld 5' . ,+L ff L 'if' iff . K' A. Voda f lofi? 1 , -ffl M 'K' ' f B-VOSS C, 'I . f . 5-WalSh - vafffglf fiffi-S , 1 ' ,W - -ff fx ,, 2 f ' 1 WSIS P5 r-'- ft LM , f it 1 I K ... 1 isps . is 1 ,T ' L' . 1, 5 7+-sig?-V 2 ' 'L' ' . Y L. Welter A f . .-.- M. Wermers ' - -,', ffl? . - 2 -, ' 11 1' .E , ' - Q-P iTi:i' - ' ,K a I 'L K A a t - f-,, yy 2 I: is Q i? 'Q .I 62. ff' if ' Q PQ Y , A A. Wilson , 'L ' f ' f ' ' s 1- , . L . '. f as .1 L - . -LL P. Winkler . ::': ,..,, 1 t My -' fx ky ' KVVVI i giqfttt My It V, Q5 LVI, WM ,, Y W' , - A Wou .f if f V ' 5-Wozmak L 5 itlii L S' Kim . l -'t- f . 113 P. Albertson C. Allard C. Anderson M- Arwnd me 'f,- gm W ,1 J ' . rm V - 4 Y M- Babef ff ' 1 ff? . i M f f 7 Bmley sir? fr tr f ff we fi r 5.5.3 U 1 .. tink, sf ' .- .v:-. ' iifs-Q ,:f':. ,f - 55 5' . H, V, 431, - '.f,,,-. A .. , V. Ballis ' 5 sg s .- 'A K - , S B i it X 2 as . ang , ,lm A i t , . 1 if. 1- . , , 2 i ,,.. i , .Tia 4 'K , -1 C. Bastien - ' . W 2.-1:2-gs -K f N wa s - 5' . ' .lf C' Bauer 'C - . r . R ,af .- W M. Behr ' 1 . f - ,'. D B I . '. . r ,. . ' W5 1 ms' . e alr . . . ll-r , . D- BGf10lken ,gf 1 ' fa' ' af, - - -,ll I - .. ,, ' A '- l- Benson S' 1 A ..l' L X ' I 1. Berglund if s A p U it . . ': f?'3F'f,!E, if. H if ,, X- 'Lv -, ' Q- K4 Bledrzyckl ' 1 . . ., X. . 4 A K. Black ,:,, 1 B. Boerner V g ' A R-BO0fICl1ef ... we 52. , E t . Avi --is ' ' 2. as ma 5121 . , as S. Borden 1' , W :sf r S1 E- M .f . 'aw ., - ' 'fr it 1 . - girw I tray :ya .--.- .,., ,E - R K ' LH'-iig i ' 95 2 H iii' 4 .. ii- Not pictured: 'e a g h, I. Bergesen f ' 5 Q, xr T. Carroll l r 2 juniors receive new rings,' keep old traditions What? Class rings arrive via - Santa Claus? joy in the Morning ... Betty Tedesco freaks out with Mickey Mouse Sister Mary Katherine trying to conceal her political party preference ... Enjoying CYC retreats and learning how to find ourselves College, college, college - and what the future holds for us ... Upperclassmen? Yes we are! Our first dance with who else but the Yellow Dog Con- tract ... Prom - our fervent hopes for dates ... Watching movies in the auditorium for Film and the Novel while munching our lunches ... Mrs. Klohs acting out French definitions... C. Brickzen Pajamas in the gym? And who are those weary- eyed elders? . Andrews Sisters in the auditorium? . . . Who's to become future presi- dent of Student Council Sneaking in the lunchroom on A shift Going out for breakfast one cold winter's morn What's this? I just spent the fifty cents I owe Kathy ... Sing a song of farewell ... So long seniors - until we meet again Prom decorations - Let's see, what colors can we use? Senior year already? ... How did we ever make it? ... Wow! I think we're going to miss this year. M. Brown . . gi N. Brown 'K I if v. Bush .R M a a v f . C' Cardinal sf Z 1 Lt . I if C- Carr . B A M Carr 4 -' A .1 Q , , . ' X.: 5, -K 2, .. -f . f . x -Q I ra z 1-.1 -i if: A 'A 5 1 S.Cl lI3l I -if 'r--- ' n 5 if 4 '- M. Cochran , ,A Q . O well X A , ' V- . C. Connelly 15+ ' , ... V l my . Si S. Con ners zli ' . 5.9 wifi 'gi .t, . il ef? K. Conrad : - ' ' 1 - . .... Q if S. Dahedl it .... ' 7 ' N Dickinson ,, A -V ... . S 1. Damien . . -ii. . . I ' -iif 4 ' tw- ' if - K' C. Eberhard , -.. M g, ia, -1 . A , .1 43, - . 'M ' 1 ir' 7 ' . it- ' F K U ' 5 --f' K 'Y f ' I. Ellas KM :jim g :, r s 7 F: K .K K ti 1? .5555 A- NJ. X. P. Elm Q' if ses, It s. .55 ' Q I x si r. . . ig I 'S ,s L, vw X- ' K-.V-Q AV 1 S' ,P Not plctu red: . -' 5 5 ' 1 ' D, Dahedl 114 rs' .wt E tal Sally McEvoy, Mary Ann Beck and Kathy Weeda wait pas- sively for a fellow student to finish with Father Bell's gift of communication to AMM. tbl Guiding lights for the junior class are Ann Hacker, vice-president, Trudee Neid, secretary-trea- surer, and Sally McEvoy, president. C. Hoertsch, B. Hoffman, D. Horvath, C. Hudalla M. jackson, S. jenkins, M. johnson, P. Kieffer L. Koch, P. LaBarre, M. LaCoursiere, M. LaPIante ':. ,fw'2,s.,,.i'r.Iv:, -ff .425245f5!.:f5E..2i5:f'.L Nw- , - f- 3 . .- K-' ' ' :' 'f ' ' A' if e. 'E ,. f 1 ., , -, 6' ,, 'le . t . f r -. r tg A I is , 4 5 t. Xi ., . r . of , Er 5 if 1 ll ..., . ... .. .... , 5 F I K. t ' if L f F i Q r' as ' ' f 1 A alll. l il l K ,, ff' fvv if I A. W .V ' ,if 1 --5 2 i ffm. X' .f ii? I W 1 -' 'I' ., ...iw if A M .girl - A -J P ks X5 ri I 4 V 5 X I' if N S, 5 ' vii W3 , I., .. , W .-1s.1z .:Qiff-Q W ' 3 iw' ir, ' 'C' T f. 3' -4331 A 45351 , '-,Eg WMS- -1- - Wiiiw time Y ' sf . Kr t it 's ' 4 ' 1- . . . 'N ,.,i:.. 1 - f' ' :i -Wlg? iw -1 si ' wil.-':.1'i Q' . fp '- , V, QW' fm- 'X' , ., ' if F ri P . 'i : 'f-:Q . A .- ima: f ' 'i ' hs.: I l J:-f - ef . as - D. Elmquist, C. Esty, D. Falzone, K. Fuller P. Furlong, 1. Gangl, C, Goetzke, P. Coffin 1. Goossens, K. Gulden, K. Haas, A. Hacker T. Haines, M. Hansen, C. Haselman, M. Hauwiller I. Hayne, G. Hegstrom, C. Hermes, L. Hively i 115 A. Condon N. Lee M. Legato M. Lendway l. Liedl D. Lijewski B. Ling M. Linholf C. Lucking B. Ludka M. Madia N. McDonough S. McEvoy M. McGee M. McGuire K. McHugh Not pictured: M. Manthey .1 i .,r. W, V . , 5. 4 at x ,P T . --,. .ff-few.-f -.-.,...- ,. ' H. J .2 ga, .1 X we Q V f A I E if f ft? rf f 7 ina! 4 'x..... . . tfivlite' 53335, ...... . ig Q 5 'r' C?-S. .4 ... -- V Q ,,. .Q . 5.2. 525' ' Z 1 +4 arg ' ' . t Q . .... - air: ' 1955553 9 ,... la l I ' ' Q E - K if - -Aa . . t sv' fig A V. 3 . A . , . E ' z sw E Qhg . 'L wa' . , 4,4 t .. .- .....-, ....- . i as fs , .. A ,y f -1' i .. 5- A, f. M--f fi. :oe rw ef-Qt ' - , ,i saw Q s ' -:'e:1'f5Q,:: , - , :xi fi - JH' . . kg..1sg Hr- it -.9 ' tw ' V 'T Q A , t may 731 , x,.,.,... in ff H .. ' ' 4' 1 l 1 .. qw, -' pisses. 1. 5 'f in y 11.14. Ar .. . . 'I Q Y . WJ ' 1' -er. 4' e . gg ' . xt. 1 F55 . YN ff A, -1 W' ' Q A . . ' ' wr W' ' 771 .ffl ' ...N . 3 ' frif .ay fa 'P :Et 4 .. S. McKinght, I. Messicci, M. Milon, A. Mondor, I. Monson M. Mottaz, 1. Murphy, 1. Nadeau, K. Neaton, G. Neid T. Nieters, K. Nyhus, K. Odean, M. Opitz, I. Peterson l. Podobinski, E. Rauer, M. Rieschl, M. Riley, 1. Ritchie 116 Because their class rings came so early, some juniors barely had time to grow into them. This problem was quickly solved by Deb Dahedl and Kathy Fuller who assured Mary Schmitz that hot water does the trick of swelling fingers to fit large rings. Q ' 'F ff gigs- .L - -.ff .gg .yy as .Q , sighs- Q' 1 fit Z ,- A2255 7..,,.,. , X - , .W . fi... . .. .v . J it ls .5-is Y' H. 35' ?:5395'f:ZIfi:sLii?.:E'ia.:.:51'af1r? 's- f - iff' i' Si A - 3 ii .fax 'I .W k I .ss : . :..:'1E? Q.-: QQ - 5. j .V r . ' . -. ag ' -. -.2 '- ...s-:Q ' -e - -5 t 3 'Q - fi-iw--.1 V ' . i iisvbifvi' 1 w ' J. .., . ,, .. sw .. T .QT ' f C , . V p: M. Monpetit, H. Moore, T. Moser B. Nelson, C. Newcome, R. Newes M. Peterson, M. Pierce, C. Radford M. Rosenthal, M. Scanlon, S. Schifsky 1: V 'ff-,, 4- ef' ::' ss- . :-., . 5 6. - -A., M vs km ,. 1' , as K --'-' 'D' ,Q ' 1- S g i l V' f.- A . l i Ri K . 1 1lVV-A :AA S ' . ., t A 5 1- t ee . 4' ,if D X K 'P tag ' 'ia i IE 'L' . , ws, f Izl' x .5 I I YV gm .. YY, ., 6? A O. . , I X it ..:' IQA 'A :,- P - f.-:- ff vjgiig gih.E?mE?i 5?ig.,.?igEfgF?-' gg? igki ifga j??f?4miigl ? W if W in 5 ,... M V . A,,. q y ,-' I S . if It L. Schloesser M. Schmitz T. Schneider P. Schram D. Searles 1. Selbitschka K. Shields C. Slater l. Speak S. Stahlmann M. Stoffels D. Taray M. Thor K. Unger C. Valenty D. Vandeberg D. Veitch A. Vierling S. Walerius K. Weeda M. Wellner D. Williams M. Woroby j. Young M. Zarembinski M. Zielinski P. Zilliox G. Prettyman junior pajama-costume part hosts celebrities yas mug' sum gr' af? ,Na .. '?,.51W 5hf 4? W1 tal In spite of the fact that the program is over, everyone is in their pajamas and it's getting late, girl-talk keeps these juniors going strong into the early morning hours. lbl Sister Marie discovers the joys of chaperoning as she joins the juniors in their drowsy midnight hootenanny. And the p-j party rolls along- 11 7 SENICDRS af! Fearless, the senior class officers examine their pic- tures: Chris Opitz, vice-president, Mary lo Wojcik, secretary-treasurer and Marilee Marrinan, president. 118 Roxanne Achilles lanetAltstatt Nancy Anderson Susan Anderson Jeanine Armstrong Mary Aune Sally Babler Kathleen Balsimo Kathleen Barrett 1 J J Jeanne Barry Patricia Bartolic Maureen Bauer Going to school is always a lot more fun when it means going to a dance. Dori Schweitz finds this to be very true as she and her partner dance to the psychedelic beat ofthe Paisleys. Elizabeth Baumann Mary Anne Beck Colleen Belisle Nancy Bemlott loan Bierrrreier Christine Bogdan Mary Borre Deborah Boschert Mary Bouthilet Judy Brandt Margaret Braun Gail Brennhofer Patricia Brickzen Diane Brown Catherine Burdette M33 Social, academic functions involve seniors Setting the pattern .. . Our class is really great, our class is great Dancing to the Paisely's ... Football games ... Parties afterward ... Forgot about the Social test? - blame it on Mondays What is economics again? ...GNP A, Whatcha doing this weekend? ... the feeling that was born at the meeting in 109 ,,. Where did you say King's Retreat House is? . . , Buffalo, Minnesota? . . . Three Days to get away from it all and see yourself .., f'We're leaving on a jet plane ... ls the Washington Memorial taller than the Statue of Liberty? ... l've heard of lulius Caesar in Rome - but in South America? Don't forget to write me out a picture Study hard - class ranks are coming out Skiing over Christmas vaction ... Patterns and material are exchanged as the Silver Belle Ball draws near How to find a sweetheart for the Valentine's Dance - try the wrestling matches and hockey games The Hat Paraders march again - but in spring? ... The questions and planning in guidance for the future become now Our lasts Our beginnings ... The class of 70 means everyone. 119 QW CS 'arf' . f Jeanne Capaul Mary Capistrant Patricia Capistrant Elizabeth Casey Rose Christoffel joy Ciernia Margaret Clarkin Deborah Cloutier Eileen Casey Kathleen Conroy Nancy Cournoyer lacklyn Cull Mary DiCosimo Laura Doughty Patricia Doyle O cate someone to give her a message. lbl Cindy Gentile volunteers to help anyone in the media center. 3 Cal Checking the files, Bernie Lais tries to lo- .K ',r,g2j2efg -,-if - , . x w 1:-.ez-gf Roxanne Drabczak Margaret Drevnick Maureen Driscoll Patricia Ducharme gl' , QW-dv jill Emerson Linda Engberg julie Ertle Christine Ewald Sharon Ewald Mary lean Felix loan Fischbach Diane Fitzgerald id 5enior'5 life takes on variety in course of day Wd' Mary Kay Fleming Patricia Foley Lunch time becomes a fun time for seniors as they enjoy a change of pace, Terri Monette prays over her flowerp perhaps the sun from the dome will do it some good. 121 w ww it As freshmen in 1967, Pat Capistrant, Marilee Marri- nan and julie O'Rourke participate in class elections. Lost as frosh, blue pillar helps Those were the days my friends A time when you actually had to look for the blue pillar ... Initiating pleated skirts - even if we did sew them up .,. Sneak- ing into an upperclassmen dance at Hill, only to find your heart throb coat- checking all night ... Struggling to open your basement locker to the flickering flame of Sister Marie's candle the morn- ing the lights went out ,.. Being asked to leave the library for wearing the wooden shoes on display ... Sitting on the floor of the auditorium because there weren't enough seats ... Begging to please have a real live band for the sophomore mixer - lt's Now Winterfs Day ... Doing anything to raise money to have prom away - even a stocking-footed dance in the gym ... Seeing what Sister Mary Charles was getting at Feeding Miss Zuercher's chameleon carmel corn - how were we to know they couldn't eat it? ... Oh yes! Those were the day. by Diane Brown 122 'ifwuff Mary Fratto Kathleen Gates Anne Marie Gillen Gail Golla Maureen Frazer Mary Gangl Elizabeth Gelbmann Cynthia Gentile Marilyn Glanzer Diane Golla Gail Gosselin jean Grabowski Mary Ciranse Kathleen Grochowski Cheryl Grote Mary Hacker Pamela Hajlo Deborah Hansen laent Hartigan Lauri Hawthorne Mary Heinen Michelle Henne Barbara Hepburn ludith Hidding Joan Hippie Patricia Hochstein Catherine Horwath Susan Hugo Willing to endure anything with their students, tal Mrs. Sauer and tbl Mr. Cesarek paint brave smiles on their faces after buying hot lunch back in 1967. By '69, hot lunch was a thing of the past, giving way to the vending machines. 123 4 W' av ef., rw 2' V.. , , gg k ' l Catherine Huth Patrica Hynan Barbara lones janet lones Mary lungwirth JoAnn Kaase joan Kaeder Kathleen Kamrath Leslie Kearney Patricia Keller Mary Kelly Frances Kirst lulie Ann Kling Karne Kohler Rosemary Korba ll: . ,M , i -117' ' ' Mary LaCasse Bernadette Lais Christine Langevin Cynthia Laschinger janet Lauss Mary lane Leach Toni Leitte Nancy Libra Diane Liesenfeld Marilee Marrinan Theresa Marrone Margaret McDonough Seniors come up with unusual study habits b c Susan McDonough Mary MCF3rlaf1d tal Kathy Gates looks over her next hour's as- signment and laughs knowing that she can't finish it. tbl In religion, these seniors find passive and bored the best way to be. ici Uniquely, Peggy Braun really studies, 125 Patricia McFarlane Marilyn McLaughlin Kathryn Meyer Mary Meysembourg Karen Milla Colleen Molitor Theresa Monette Cyndia Montpetit Mary lean Moris Sharon Mrozinski Marianne Muckerheide Beth Mulcahy Terri Nelson Judy Notarino Bernadette Och Christine Olson Sophisticated women of tomorrow, Mary jane Leach and Kathy Kamrath take a relaxing break from their senior life, 126 A AM t, Y Y' C s Colleen Oman lulie O'Rourke Sarah Peltier Cynthia Reetz Mary O'Neill Colleen Osborne Margaret Quinn Susan Rembish Christine Opitz Nancy Passofaro Sharon Reed Mary jo Rensch Trying to think on Mr. Asenbrenner's level, Nancy Westlund, Mar- ianne Muckerheide, Chris Opitz and Dori Schwietz show they don't need Kellogg's Corn Flakes to tall up. qv 45 l Z ,.,,.-W '4.. l!l- V Z: Z 8 Seniors find many activities for spare hours 7? any XX 'r l 3,-x M , 7 ..,g,vF-..v QA t ,y L., L V 2 ie, Eff , v S --A irriyss v ,, -,Hfefenvp v r b Kal Senior year brings not only hope ofthe future, but also a lot of homework as Mary Heinan finds out the first week of school. But trying to get on the bus creates an in- teresting problem. lbl Participating in Hill's sports program, Mur- ray girls attentively watch every move and play of the football players. 127 Bonita Riemer Barbara Ruza Candace Ryan Barbara Sagstetter Theresa Santori Susan Sawyer Mary Schatzlein Mary Schiltgen Constance Schroepfer JoAnn Schumacher Daryl Schwier Dorothy Schwietz 8 Margaret Schwietz Bridget Selz Mary Seran tal Preparations for college begin with choosing a school. Marilee Marrinan talks with a representative fromk St. Teresa's, one ofthe possi- ble choices. tbl Getting accepted is another thing. With this in mind, Colleen Molitor tackles her psychology course with renewed efforts. vi ,px Nancy Sherman Mary Ellen Slater Sally Ann Smith Sandra Smith Kathleen Sofie Kathleen Squires Kathryn Stahlmann Dianna Steiner ' HP- Connie Stepan Diane Tempest Susan Thoele Susan Thompson Beckoning doors open to future for benefit of seniors Doors beckon ... Which one? ... I want to go to college ... I really deserve a trip to California A beautician trainee at St. Paul Vocational Then I can make money I want to be an elementary teacher - Winona isn't too far away ... There's a shortage of vet- erinarians in the world ... Be logical! We'll all get married anyway ,,. I'm going to the U. of M. at Morris . , , This is our one chance to show we believe in individualism ... I'm going to be a paratrooper The University's a big place .., But we can make it. 129 'ni Cal My fourth hours are most fulfilling, senior Bridget Selz informs us between bites. She supple- ments her lunch from home with a soft drink from the machine and the sound of her radio. tbl A few tables away, Mickey Henne checks her temperature in hopes that a fever or some such evil will force her to leave school. Mary Granse doesn't seem too con- cerned about Mickey's health. 130 Patrice Timm janig Tiggek loan Tobritzhofer Kathleen Todd Laura Tougignam Kristine Trenda Beverly Tschida Maureen Twohy Kathleen Vetter kv' i , A t ttf Mary Wagner Carol Walek Mary Kaye Walsh ici Kathy Grochowski loses the bet but seems quite happy about it all as she eats more than just one Lay's potato chip. Margaret Walz Mary Walz Patricia wappel Bonnie W2:lSienSki DGNSG Weber Kathryn Weese Nancy Westlund Christine Weyandt Ann Wiberg CHFOIG WibliShauSer ludith Wilson Cynthia Winkler Mary lo Wojcik IoAnne Yanish Cynthia Zenz Hun Susan Zimmel Deborah Zimmerman Beata Zweber 1' ff' v T .Q 1' 2 i 43501 ger pains vanish during 4th period Senior Summaries ACHILLES, ROXANNE Auxilia 1' Freshman Chorus. ALTSTATT, IAN GAA1,2,3,45 NHS 3,45 VERBUM 3. ANDERSON, NANCY Nature Club 25 Spanish Club 3. ANDERSON, SUE Choir 45 Drama 1,25 35 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club 35 YCS 2. ARMSTRONG, IEANINE Audio Visual 25 Library Club 1. AUNE, MARY LOU Band 15 Nature Club 2. BABLER, SALLY Cadet Teachers 35 Choir 3,45 Drama 15 French Club 35 Cilee Club 25 Nature Club 25 Vocal En- semble 4. BALSIMO, KATHY Drama 1,35 GAA 2, 45 Flagtwirlers 45 VERBUM 4. BARRETT, KATHY Choir 2,3,45 Drama 1,35 Freshman Chorus5 Latin Club 25 MITER 45 Student Council Secretary 35 Vocal Ensemble 4. BARRY,lEANNE Auxilia 15 Drama 3. BARTOLIC, PATTI Choir 2,3,45 Drama 35 Freshman Chorus5 Library Club 15 Vocal Ensemble 4. BAUER, MAUREEN Auxilia 15 Choir 2, 3,45 Class Vice President 25 Freshman Chorus. BAUMANN, BETSY Audio Visual Club 15 Drama 35 French Club 2,35 Homeroom Chairman 35 MITER Editor 45 NHS 3,4. BECK, MARY ANNE Current Events Club 25 Drama 35 French 2,35 NHS 3,4. Mary Lou Aune 132 BELlSLE,COLLEEN Ch0ir4. BEMLOTT, NANCY Auxilia 25 Cilee Club 45 Human Relations Club 4. BIERMEIER, IOANIE Audio Visual Club 15 Auxilia 25 Drama 35 Human Relations Club 4. BOGDAN, CHRIS Drama 35 Nature Club1,2. BORRE, MARY PAT Auxilia 25 Drama 35 Homeroom Chairman 15 Human Relations Club 4. BOSCHERT, DEBBIE LOU Drama 3. BOUTHILET, MARY Band 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 French Club 35 Freshman Cho- rus. BRANDT, IUDY CIAA 15 Human Rela- tions Club 4. BRAUN, PECIGI Library Club 1,2,3,4. BRENNHOFER, GAIL Business Club 35 Drama 1. BRICKZEN, PAT Drama 15 Library 2,3, 4. BROWN, DIANE Drama 1,35 Home- room Secretary 35 VERBUM 2,3,45 YCS 25 Verbum Copy Co-Editor 4. BURDETTE, CATHlEChoir 45 Drama 35 Glee Club 3. CAPAUL, IEANNE Auxilia 3. CAPISTRANT, MARY Nature Club 2. CAPISTRANT, PAT Drama 1,35 Home- room Chairman 25 VERBUM 2,3,45 YCS 2. CASEY, LIBBY Drama 15 CAA 35 MIT- ER 45 Nature Club 25 Thespians 3,4. CHRISTOFFEL, ROSE Art Club 35 YCS 2. CIERNIA, JOY Homeroom Alternate 45 Drama 35 French Club 2. CLARKIN, MARGIE Current Events Club 25 French Club 2,3. CLOUTIER, DEB Drama 2,3. COLBERT, EILEEN Cheerleading 2,45 Choir 2,3,45 Class President 15 French Club 25 Freshman Chorus5 GAA 15 Homeroom Chairman 15 NHS 3,4. CONROY,KATHY Nature Club 2. COURNOYER, NANCY Drama 1,35 Human Relations 45 YCS 2. CULL,jACKlE AuXilia1. DiCOSlMO, MARY Auxilia 15 French Club 35 Homeroom Chairman 3. DOUGHTY, LAURA Nature Club 2. DOYLE, PAT Library Club 2. Colleen Belisle kai Pat Wappel DRABCZAK, ROXANNE Business Club 35 Drama 15 Homeroom Chair- man 45 Poster Club 2. DREVNICK, MARGIE Library Club 1, 2,3,4. DRISCOLL, MAUREEN Drama 15 French Club 35 Thespians 2,3,4. DUCHARME, PAT Drama 1,3,45 Homeroom Secretary 15 Red Cross 2. EMERSON, IILL Choir 2,35 French Club 35 Freshman Chorus5 Nature Club 2. ENGBERG, LINDA Latin Club 15 Red Cross 2. ERTLE, IULIE Auxilia 25 Drama 1,35 Homeroom Chairman 2. EWALD,CHRlS Latin Club1. EWALD, SHER Choir 3,45 Drama 3,45 CIAA 2,3,45 Glee Club 25 MITER 45 Na- ture Club 15 Speech Club 4. FELIX, MARY IEAN Auxilia 15 Audio Visual2. FISCHBACH, IOAN Library Club 253, 4, FITZGERALD, DIANE Auxilia 35 Dra- ma 15 Freshman Chorus5 Red Cross 25 VERBUM 4. FLEMINCI, MARY KAY Math Club 25 NHS 3,45 NHS President 4. FOLEY, PAT Latin Club 15 Red Cross 2. ERATTO, MARY Band 1,2,3,4. ERAZER, MAUREEN CIANGL, MARY Homeroom Alter- nate 45 Auxilia 15 Freshman Chorus. GATES, KATHY Audio Visual 3,45 Cheerleader 2,45 GAA 25 Nature Club 1. GELBMANN, BETTY Audio Visual 3,45 French Club 35 Red Cross 1,2. CIENTILE, CINDY Audio Visual 3,45 French Club 35 Red Cross 1,2. it 75 GILLEN, ANNE MARIE Cadet Teach- ers 35 Drama 15 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club5 Thespians2,3,4. GLANZER, MARILYN Drama 1,35 Red Cross 2. GOLLA, DIANE Freshman Chorus5 Library Club 15 Red Cross. GOLLA, GAIL Red Cross 2. GOSSELIN, GAIL Choir 45 Drama 35 French Club 25 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club 35 Human Relations Club 45 Li- brary Club1. GRABOWSKLIEAN GRANSE, MARY Drama 35 French Club 35 Nature Club 2. GROCHOWSKI, KATHLEEN Auxilia 35 Cheerleader 45 Freshman Chorus5 Class Secretary-Treasurer 35 GAA 1,45 Glee Club 2,3. CiROTE,CHERl Auxilia 3. HACKER, MARY Audio Visual 25 Drama 1,35 Homeroom Chairman 35 Nature Club 25 Student Council Vice President4. HAILO, PAME Choir 25 Drama 1,25 MITER 45 Poster Club 2,35 Thespians 4. HANSEN, DEBBIE Auxilia 35 CIAA 45 Red Cross 2. HARTIGAN, IAN Drama 1,35 GAA 2. HAWTHORNE, LAURI Audio Visual 1,25 Auxilia 15 Freshman Chorus. HEINEN, MARY French Club 35 Homeroom Secretary 35 Nature Club 25 NHS 3,45 Red Cross Club 15 VERBUM 2, 3. HENNE, MICKEY GAA 45 Homeroom Chairman 45 Spanish Club 35 Speech Club 45 YCS 2. HEPBURN, BARB Drama 1. HIDDING,IUDY Library Club'I,2,3,4. HlPPLE,IOAN Auxilia'I. HOCHSTEIN, PATTI Choir 2,3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Nature Club 15 Spanish Club 35 Vocal Ensemble 4. HORWATH, CATHY Cheerleader 1,2, 3, 45 Class President 35 Freshman Cho- rus5 GAA 2,3,45 Glee Club 25 Home- room Chairman 2. HUCIO, SUE Drama I5 CIAA 35 YCS 2. HUTH, CATHY Choir 2,3,45 Drama I5 Freshman Chorus. HYNAN, PAT Audio Visual 1,25 Math Club 2. IONES, BARB Audio Visual 1,2,35 Math Club 25 Nature Club 3. IONES, IAN Choir 2,3,45 Classics Club 25 Drama 15 Freshman Chorus5 Great Books Club 35 Spanish Club 35 Speech Club 45 Vocal Ensemble 4. IUNGWIRTH, MARY KAY Drama 25 CIAA 1. KAASE, IO ANN Drama 35 Red Cross 1. KAEDER,IONI Drama 3. KAMRATH, KATHY Cheerleader 1,2, 3,45 GAA 1,2,35 Glee Club 45 Home- room Alternate 45 Homeroom Secre- tary 1,2,3. KEARNEY, LESLIE Audio Visual 1,25 Auxilia 15 Choir 2,3,45 Freshman Cho- rus. KELLER, PATRICIA Audio Visual 45 Calm 25 Homeroom Secretary 15 Red Cross 1,25 Service Club 3. KELLY,MARY Auxilia 3. KIRST, FRANCIE Auxilia 35 French Club 25 Library Club 15 Spanish Club 3. KLINCLIULIE Drama 35 MITER4. KOHLER, KAREN Crlee Club 45 Li- brary Club 35 Nature Club 2. KORBA, ROSE Choir 3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club 25 Library Club 45 Red Cross 2. LACASSE, MARY Band 'I,2,3,4. LAIS, BERNIE Audio Visual 3,45 Clas- ics Club 15 Flagtwirler 45 GAA 35 Re- flections 45 YCS 2. Mary lane Leach LANGEVIN, CHRIS Drama 15 Flag- twirler 45 Freshman Chorus5 GAA 2,3,45 Homeroom Chairman 1,3,45 VERBUM 3,4. LASCHINCER, CINDY Cadet Teach- ers 35 Drama 35 GAA 15 Human Rela- tions Club 45 YCS 2. LALJSS, IAN Audio Visual 45 Drama 35 Cilee Club 45 Nature Club 2,3. LEACH, MARY IANE Homeroom Chairman 35 Latin Club 1,25 Student Council President45 YCEF 3. LElTTE,TONI LIBRA, NANCY Latin Club 1,2. LIESENFELD, DEE DEE Drama 35 Hu- man Relations Club 4. 133 MARRINAN, MARILEE Class Presi- dent 45 Classics Club 1,25 Homeroom Chairman 25 NHS 3,45 REFLECTIONS Editor 3. MARRONE,TERRlE Choir 3,45 Drama 15 Glee Club 25 Freshman Chorus5 Vocal Ensemble 45 YCS 2. MCDONOUGH, PEGGY Drama 35 YCS 2. MCDONOUGH, SUE Drama Club 35 YCS 2. MCFARLAND, MARY Audio Visual 1, 25 YCS 2. MCFARLANE, PATTI Drama 3,4. MCLAUGHLIN, MARE Drama 35 GAA 35 Human Relations Club 45 YCS 2. MEYER, KATHY Flagtwirler 3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Red Cross 15 VER- BUM 3,45 YCS 2. Verbum 2,3,45 Ver- bum Copy Co-Editor 4. Anne Marie Gillen MEYSEMBOURG, MARY Chorus 3,45 GAA 15 Vocal Ensemble 4. MILLA, KAREN ANN Audio Visual 45 Chorus 45 Freshman Chorus5 GAA 1,35 Glee Club 2,35 Liturgy Club 4. MOLITOR, COLLEEN Audio Visual 25 Drama 15 YCS 2. MONETTE, TERRY Chorus 2,3,45 Drama 1,35 Freshman Chorus5 Home- room Chairman 25 Homeroom Secre- tary 15 Liturgy Club 45 Vocal Ensemble 45 YCS 2. MONTPETIT, CINDY GAA 1,25 MITER 4. MORIS, MARY IEAN Audio Visual 35 Classics Club 25 Latin Club 15 Spanish Club 3. MROZINSKI, SHARON 134 MUCKERHEIDE, MARIANNE Drama 35 Freshman Chorus5 Homeroom Sec- retary 35 Latin Club 15 Nature Club 25 VERBUM 4. MULCAHY, BETH Art Club 45 Latin Club 25 Pep Club 2. NELSON, TERRI Freshman Chorus5 GAA 1, Glee Club 2,3, NOTARINO, IUDY Audio Visual 25 Class Vice President 15 GAA 15 Home- room Chairman 15 MITER 4. OCH BERNIE Auxilia 25 Flagtwirler 45 VERBUM 4. OLSON, CHRIS Choir 3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Homeroom Secretary 35 Na- ture Club 25 NHS 3,4. OMAN, COLLEEN Auxilia 25 Drama 3. O'NEILL, MARY Choir 2,3,45 Fresh- man Chorus5 Homeroom Chairman 35 Homeroom Secretary 25 MITER Assist- ant Editor 45 Nature Club 25 Thespians 3,45 VERBUM2,3. OPITZ, CHRIS Choir 2,3,45 Class Sec- retary-Treasurer 45 Drama 15 Freshman Chorus5 Nature Club 2. O'ROURKE, IULIE Audio Visual 25 Class Secretary-Treasurer 15 Freshman Chorus5 GAA 15 MITER Exchange Edi- tor4. OSBORNE, COLLEEN Art Club 45 Audio Visual 1,3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Drama 1,45 Red Cross 25 Speech Club 25 Thespians 3,4. PASSOFARO, NANCY Audio Visual 2, 3,45 Choir 3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club 25 Red Cross 25 VERBUM 3,45 VERBUM Layout Editor 4. PELTIER, SARAH Auxilia 25 Drama 15 Flagtwirler 45 GAA 3,4. QUINN, PEGGI Choir 2,3,45 Fresh- man Chorus5 Nature Club 15 VERBUM 2,3,45 VERBUM Editor 4. REED, SHARON REETZ, CYN Audio Visual 45 Camera Club 15 VERBUM 2,3,45 VERBUM Busi- ness Editor 4. REMBISH, SUE Band 45 French Club 35 Library Club 1,25 MITER 4. RENSCH, IO Choir 3,45 Flagtwirler 3, 45 YCS 25 Glee Club 25 Homeroom Chairman 45 VERBUM 4. RIEMER, BONNIE Choir 2,3,45 Drama 1,35 Freshman Chorus5 Vocal Ensemble RUZA, BARB Choir 45 Drama 15 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club 2,35 YCS 2. RYAN, CANDY Cheerleader 2,45 Choir 3,45 Drama 15 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club 2. SAGSTETTER, BARBARA Audio Visual 35 Current Events Club 25 French Club 35 Library Club 1,25 Red Cross 2. SANTORI,TERRY GAA1,2,3. SAWYER, SUE French Club 25 Spanish Club 3. SCHATZLEIN, MARY Drama 35 Glee Club 45 Library Club 15 MITER 4. SCHILTGEN, MARY Homeroom Al- ternate 45 Art Club 45 Audio Visual 2,3, 45 Cadet Teachers 35 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club 25 Library Club 15 Math Club 25 NHS 3,4. SCHROEPFER, CONNIE Audio Visual 2,35 Choir 3,45 Drama 1,2,35 French Club 25 Red Cross 15 VERBUM 2,3,45 Vocal Ensemble 4. SCHUMACHER, IO ANN Choir 3,45 Drama 15 GAA 2,45 Glee Club 25 Fresh- man Chorus5 Library Club 3, SCHWIER, DARYL Drama 35 GAA 1. SCHWIETZ, DORI Audio Visual 2,3,45 Choir 3,45 Freshman Chorus5 Glee Club 2. SCHWIETZ, PEGGY Drama 35 GAA 1, 2,3,45 Red Cross 2. SELZ, BRIDGET Drama 15 Great Books 35 Homeroom Chairman 15 Human Relations Club 45 VERBUM 2. Sue Anderson SERAN, MARY Drama 1,3, Home- room Chairman 1, Red Cross 2. SHERMAN, NANCY Choir 2,3, Fresh- man Chorus, GAA1,2, Science Club 3. SLATER, MARY ELLEN Audio Visual 3, 4, GAA 1,2,3, MITER 4, Pep Club 2. SMITH, SALLY Audio Visual 2,4, Drama 3, Freshman Chorus, MITER 4, Student Council Treasurer 2, YCS 2. SMITH, SANDY Nature Club 2. SOFIE, KATHY Drama 1,3, Red Cros, 2. SQUIRES, KATHY Drama 3. STAHLMANN, KATHY MITER 4, Na- ture Club 1,2, Spanish Club 3. STEINER, DIANNA Homeroome Sec- retary 2,3, Drama 3, GAA 1,2,3,4, YCS 2. STEPAN, CONNIE Current Events 3, Drama 1, French Club 2, Freshman Chorus, Great Books 3, Homeroom Chairman 2, MITER 4. TEMPEST, DIANNE French Club 3, Homeroom Chairman 1. THOELE, SUE Auxilia 2, Cheerleader 2,4, Class Vice President 3, Freshman Chorus, CIAA 1,3, VERBUM 3,4, THOMPSON,SUE Auxilia1,2. TIMM, PATRICE Drama 1, GAA 3, Homeroom Alternate 4, Latin Club 2. TISSEK,lAN CAA3,NatureClub1. TOBRITZHOFERJOAN TODD, KATHEY Art Club 4, Audio Visual 2, Choir 3,4, Drama 3, Freshman Chorus, Crlee Club 2, Vocal Ensemble 4. TOUSIGNANT, LAURA Audio Visual 2, GAA1. TRENDA, KRIS Freshman Chorus. TSCHIDA, BEV TWOHY, REENIE Choir 3,4, Drama 3, Freshman Chorus, Glee Club 2, Vocal Ensemble 4, YCS 2. VETTER, KATHY French Club 2,3. WAGNER, MIMI Audio Visual, Auxilia. WALEK, CAROL ANN Audio Visual 4, Choir 4, Freshman Chorus, Glee Club 2,3, Homeroom Chairman 4, Liturgy Club 4, Red Cross 1, Thespians 4. WALSH, MARY KAYE Current Events 2, Drama 1, French Club 2,3, Home- room Chairman 3, Optimist Award 4. WALZ, MARGIE Audio Visual 4, Choir 3,4, French Club 2, Freshman Chorus, GAA 3, Glee Club 2, Liturgy Club 4. WALZ, MARY Spanish Club 3. WAPPEL, PAT Drama 1, Freshman Chorus, Homeroom Secretary 2, Miter 4, YCS 2. WASIENSKI, BONNIE Auxilia 1, Li- brary Club 4. Senior Hands at Work Nancy Passofaro WEBER, DENISE Drama 1,3, Glee Club 2, Red Cross 2. WEESE, KATHY Audio Visual 1,2,4, Freshman Chorus, Glee Club 2, Home- room Chairman 4, YCS 2. WESTLUND, NANCY Choir 2,3,4, Drama 1, Freshman Chorus, Home- room Chairman 2, YCS 2. WEYANDT, CHRIS Miter 4, Red Cross 2,3,4, Spanish Club 4. WIBERG, ANN Drama 1, French Club 2,3, Homeroom Alternate 4. WIBLISHAUSER, CAROLE Classics Club 2, Library Club 1, NHS 4. WILSON, IUDY Auxilia 1, French Club 2,3. WINKLER, CINDY Freshman Chorus, Choir 2,3, YCS 2. WOICIK, MARY IO Audio Visual 3,4, Choir 3,4, Class Secretary-Treasurer 2, Class Vice President 4, Drama 1, Fresh- man Chorus, Verbum 4, YCS 2. YANISH, IO ANN Drama 1, French 2, 3. ZENZ, CINDY Red Cross 2. ZIMMEL, SUE Drama 3, Freshman Chorus, GAA1,2,3, Liturgy Club 4. ZIMMERMAN, DEB Latin Club 1,2. ZWEBER, BEATA Latin Club 1, GAA 3, 4, YCS2. 135 IS Goodbye from Class of '70 Roxanne Achilles Nancy Anderson jeanine Armstrong Sue Anderson Sally Babler Cathie Burdette Mary jo Bouthilet Pat Brickzen Diane Brown Peggi Braun Mary Pat Borre Chris Bogdan Colleen Belisle Nancy Bemlott Maureen Bauer Pat Bartolic jeanne Barry Kathy Barrett Kathy Balsimo Kathy Conroy Deb Cloutier Margie Clarkin joy Ciernia Libby Casey Mary Capistrant jeanne Capaul jackie Cull Nancy Cournoyer Maureen Driscoll Patty Ducharme Margaret Drevnick Pat Doyle Mary DiCosimo Laura Doughty Sharon Ewald Chris Ewald julie Ertle Linda Engberg jill Emerson Maureen Frazer Mary Fratto Pat Foley Mary Kay Flemming Diane Fitzgerald joan Fischback Mary jean Felix Kathy Grochowski Mary Granse Cheryl Grote jean Grabowski Gail Gosselin Diane Golla Gail Golla Marilyn Glanzer Anne Marie Gillen Cindy Gentile Betty Gelbmann Mary Gangl Pat Hynan Cathy Huth joan Hipple judy Hidding Barb Hepburn Mary Heinen Laura Hawthorne Debbie Hansen Mary Hacker Mary jungwirth janet jones Rose Korba Karen Kohler julie Kling Francie Kirst Pat Keller Leslie Kearney Kathy Kamrath joan Kaeder jo Ann Kaase Bernie Lais Chris Langevin l Cindy Laschinger lanet Lauss Mary lane Leach Diane Liesenfeld Nancy Libra Kathy Meyer Beth Mulcahy Marianne Muckerheide Mary lean Moris Terry Monette Colleen Molitor Karen Milla Mary Meysembou rg Pat McFarlane Mary Sue McFarland Sue McDonough Marilee Marrinan Terrie Marrone Peg McDonough ludy Notarino Terri Nelson Colleen Osborne julie O'Rourke Chris Opitz Mary O'Neill Colleen Oman Chris Olson Bernie Och Nancy Passofaro Sarah Peltier Peggi Quinn Cindy Reetz Sharon Reed Sue Rembish Bonnie Riemer Barb Ruza Candy Ryan Sue Sawyer Terry Santori lo Ann Schumacher Connie Sch roepfer Mary Schiltgen Mary Schatzlein Connie Stepan Dianna Steiner Kathy Sofie Sally Smith Sandy Smith Mary Seran Brigid Selz Peggy Schwietz Dori Schwietz Daryl Schwier loan Tobritzhofer Reenie Twohy Beverly Tschida Kristine Trenda Laura Tousignant Kathy Todd lan Tissek Patrice Timm Sue Thompson Sue Thoele Mary Kay Walsh Kathy Weese ludy Wilson Carol Wiblishauser Chris Weyandt Nancy Westlund Denise Weber Bonnie Wasienski Pat Wappel Mary Walz Margie Walz Carol Walek Mimi Wagner Beata Zweber Cindy Zenz Sue Zimmel Deb Zimmerman 137 WE BUY I live to eat - potato chips, pop, candy ... Which dress do you like? I'm buying the blue one . .. I have to get new shoesg last week's are out of style . . . When do you work next? Will you work for me Friday? ... An album a week will only run me about 5217.88 a year, plus tax ... It's not that I spend a lot, it's the inflation ... I found this great little store, all the sweaters match the knee highs . .. I must need a raise. My checks don't cover my expenditures ... One good thing about mini skirts, you can save on material ... Maybe if I got paid twice a week I wouldn't have to borrow so much. l IL- 138 rf l it X i Congratulations Graduates We felt very privileged to do your graduation portraits this year. Z Mary jane Leach, Student Council President ln the next few years there will be occasions when you will need a recent portrait. We hope you will remember us then and let our professional staff create a portrait that is really you - a portrait that you can give with happiness. DELLARSON STUDIOS 533 Jackson 224-2891 St. Paul, Minn. 55101 Gossip, cosmetics, prescriptions or just friendly people, Sue Thoele can find it at Lincoln Park Drug. LINCOLN PARK DRUG von SoPHi51'lcA1f-5 496 S. Snelling Avenue 1371 East Magnolia St. Paul, Minnesota Phone 698-1222 4 . g,,.a,f. i- M A ii? 4 With a smile and a helping hand, Diane Golla displays one of the many fashion items available at Smartees. Redecorating for that perfect look on your walls, shop at Raynor Paints in North St. Paul. Besides having fashionable colors in paints, they offer multi-colored wall covering patterns in the latest designs, Raynor Paint Supply 2486 E. 7th Ave. No. St. Paul 40 If your party consists of the Hill football team, and they drink two bottles of pop apiece, you'll need 32 bottles of assorted flavors. Kathy Gates can get all she needs at Kein- del's. Now all she needs is the team. Keindel's Super Market 2586 E. 7th Ave. No. St. Paul You Are Always Welcome At The Friendly Circle Ask our Friendly staff to help you with any questions you have about savings or any financial matter 4115 Jy an Q mtg Bank xssrazazzfsvsiiiss Mizz F? R Ill 1 mM- Q 1 X 552, yr,y ME ' -'ff-f... ., - r-: - rala 2 -ffll 'lll in X 1l..:y ,,l,a.,,.e.y l ,r,,,,, H ig nnrsl r li 512 '1 BP:-.-t,'f H 12--:v B Ultra Thin Dress Watch tab With such a wide selection of colors for walls and woodwork, Cindy Reetz enlists the help of M. P. Mortensen to make the best choice. tb? Paint con- tracting is his business. Before long they find the perfect color. ICJ Expert advice is also given to Io Ann Schu- macher and Mary jo Wojcik. M. P. Mortensen 84 Son Inc. 818 Payne Ave. St. Paul, 55101 142 Park Terrace Review Publications fvlotor I-Odgg 84 Restaurant 2515 E. 7th Ave. No. St. Paul y . A PARK RAPIDS, MINN. Friendliest in the Northwest Len and Veline Passofaro Need a change of pace? loin Nancy Passofaro at Park Ter- race Motor Lodge and Restaurant. Running a printing press can be very educational as Rita Horwath discovers at Review Publications. ,V ' ta ' E M iif B ti' V 2 Planning a pizza party? leanne Barry finds it easy with Maplewood Foods' large selection and low prices. And what goes better with pizza than milk - Cathy Horwath insists that leanne will need lots for the gang. MAPLEWOOD FOODS 776-6611 The store where you 7 7 talk to the butcher. No pre-packaged meats. MAPLEWOOD BAKERY 777-9331 Fresh Baked Bakery Baked Fresh Daily in the store One mile west of Ramsey County Home. 143 EASTER HEIGHTS STATE BAN 2141 Hudson Road, Sun Ray Shopping Center, St. Paul, Minn. Member of F.D.I.C. Banking at Eastern Heights State Bank is convenient for Kathy Balsimo because it's so close to her house. She also enjoys the modern building which reassures her that mod- ern methods are used in handling her money. REEDY CAMERA CENTER 2207 Hudson Rd. St. Paul Kodak filmp letspeed Photo-Finishingp Hallmark Cardsg Camera equipment at H E E DY Q pa IR A M NX E3 Sz ifji f Mum .1 czerf-smite? Sun Ray's Camera Center is known among Murray girls for its many appropriate birthday cards and Hallmark books. 144 HILLCREST A 84 W 1851 No. St. Paul Road Mary Heinen doesn't mind working when she knows she is serving her friends nationally known A8fW root beer. X , Showing off one of the many advantages of Aldrich Arena, Diane Tempest goes through her early morning routines. ALDRICH ARENA 1850 White Bear Ave. HOFFMAN MARKET 3595 Highway 61 White Bear Lake I After practice, flagtwirler Bernie Och stocks up at Hoffman's Market on vegetables for supper. They stock the freshest. SCHULER SHOES 23 East 7th Street St. Paul Store of Famous Brands: Air Step Florsheim Selby Rand Miss Wonderful Rand Craft 224-5901 Buying shoes is a real task for Debbie Veitch because she needs Ann Condon to talk to the salesman and Kathy Odean to check the shoes out for style. Debbie discovers the good quality and finally settles on a pair. 145 HILLCREST STATE BANK 'I590 White Bear Ave. Full Service Bank serving the many families of AMM With a little luck and a little money, Mary jo Rensch has become a very good customer of the Hillcrest State Bank. 0 Service 0 Selection ' Saving HOPPER'S CITY 1470Van Dyke wh y KE I nk--- Shop the easy way at Shopper's City where there is a wide variety of goods. Kathy Gates can verify that! VlTTORlO'S 402 So. Main St. Stillwater, Minn. 439-3588 The one and only true pizza maker 4 . NW-W With such an attractive front how could Vittorio's help but lure customers. Anybody hungry would surely notice it. 46 Not only the outside but the Italian atmosphere inside helps to put the customer at ease as he is served by Vittorio. Parent Patrons Mr. 84 Mrs. Raymond Altstatt Mr. 8: Mrs. William K. Braun Mr. 84 Mrs. Henry Drabczak Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert C. Emerson Mr. 84 Mrs. Alonzo B. Seran Mr. 84 Mrs. joseph Hacker Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert E. Armstrong Mr. 84 Mrs. Michael Cull Mr. 84 Mrs. F. C. Ciernia Mrs. L. Brandt Mrs. joseph Capaul Mr. 84 Mrs. Phlip Balsimo Mr. 84 Mrs. Donald Barry Mr. 84 Mrs. Edward Schiltgen Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas P. jones Mr. 84 Mrs. joseph Milla Mr. 84 Mrs. jack R. McFarlane Raymond 84 Saranne Peltier Mr. 84 Mrs Russell Reetz Mr. 84 Mrs. Alfred Och Mr. 84 Mrs Richard Borre Mr. 84 Mrs Raymond Biermeier Mr. 81 Mrs Francis M. Osborne Mr. 84 Mrs. john j. Zimmel Mr. 84 Mrs Raymond F. Smith Mr. 84 Mrs. Alfred Stepan Mr. 84 Mrs. Frank P. Walek Mrs. Beverly Clarkin Mr. 84 Mrs Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs Lloyd Drevpick A. Emmet DiCosimo Phil Ducharme john Burdette Mr. 84 Mrs. Vernon Doyle Mr. 84 Mrs. Peter j. Wasienski Mr. 84 Mrs Ro Doughty Mr. 84 Mrs. john F. Babler Mr. 84 Mrs. William M. Todd Mr. 84 Mrs jerome F. Colbert Mr. 8: Mrs Giles Weber Mr. 84 Mrs Russell Laschinger Mr. 84 Mrs joseph A. Korba Mr. 84 Mrs .Tom Opitz Mr. 84 Mrs. joseph E. Quinn Mr. 84 Mrs William Gentile Mr. 84 Mrs j. W. Gates Mr. 84 Mrs. Robert W. Hidding Mr. 84 Mrs. Arthur Heinen Mr. 84 Mrs Vincent Frazer Lucille A. Hawthorne Mr. 84 Mrs. T. j. Hartigan Mr. 84 Mrs. William R. Langevin Dr. 8: Mrs. William F. Hynan Mr. 84 Mrs. T. C. Mulcahy Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard Schumacher Mr. 84 Mrs. Richard j. Capistrant Mr. 84 Mrs. George Kamrath Mr. 84 Mrs. Theodore H. Schroepfer Mr. 84 Mrs. joseph D. Henne Mr. 84 Mrs. George F. Gosselin Mr. 84 Mrs. Patrick R. Hepburn Mr. 84 Mrs. Norman Aune Mr. 84 Mrs. Leonard Passofaro Cal Mr. Schroepfer rallies senior sup- port for car raffle. lbj At Open House, Peggy Quinn and her dad inspect plans . . b k. Mrs. Elizabeth Clarkin f0't e1970Yea' OO fcj During a break in the Home and School meeting, Mrs. Hacker and Mr. Odean enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee. 147 We live '69-'70 . .. Reach out in the darkness, and you might find a friend ... we can no longer be apathetic - Cambodia is a reality ... Tragedy strikes through Hill. It could be closed down. Do we care? Will we take the boys into our school and really try to make it theirs, too ... Casey leaves the warmth of Como Zoo to help breed a new gorilla at another zoo. But he returned again, a father ... The Sterile Cuckoo hits the movie screen. Do you honestly see a message or is it trash? Where do our new rules on movie rating move in? .., Maxis are in - minis are going out ... Women, stand up and rebel against midis - refuse to give up your short skirts! ... We're gonna win Twins, we're gonna score! We came in first in the Western Division but lost to Baltimore in the American League playoff ... Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile. Are you glad you're alive? Prove it! Be Happy! .,. Prejudice is on the rampage. Northern congressmen are encouraging integration in the South. Are they doing any better at home? Pollution is spreading. Soon it will completely block out the sun! No. That's not true. lt's forming a layer of carbon that is insulating the world and as the heat in- creases the icebergs will melt and we'll all drown. Too far out to be true? Maybe .., But maybe not ... Crime on our nation's streets is raging. A woman isn't safe without the knowledge of karate ... Vikings won the NFL title and lost in the playoffs with the AFL title to the Kansas City Chiefs ... A Boy Named Sue rolls from America's radios. ls this a sign of the times? ... President Nixon promises a withdrawal of troups from Cambodia. Congress wants out in Viet Nam, too. Campuses strike and march in protest against war. Peace, Brother, Peace .,. Chi- cago Seven come to trial. Have we developed the art of timed riots .., Charlie for Mayor ... For the first time in history, the mail has stopped. Postal workers went on strike for decent wages ... BIG NEWS ... MAN ON MOON Nuns and priests are constantly leaving the convent and priesthood. Some to get married, many just because they don't understand what theyfre doing or the reason for it. Were we so wrong before, or are we wrong now? God only knows ... Brother- hood abounds. Love your brother because we're all equal in Cod's sight- though more and more aren't believing in C-od? Or so they say... An engine fails and the Apollo 'l3 is almost lost in space. A united world watches, prays, and hopes ... We were girls in a small little corner of the world. Now we can become women - and the possibility of influence on the world is ours. l C 48 Exhgxxk E um km x , 8 7 Vi is , i . Y . sau- , I A ' Q Q L' 7 ef A .,fFT,w!15 4 h tal Vulcans in our school? l used to feel safe here. tbl Safe. Yeah Twins! ich Can drugs hurt me? l'll never know until I try them. fdl Sterile Cuckoo? Confusion? tel Tackle. Yeah Vikings! ffl Must we try to escape reality? fgl Walking Death. Has he walked by you lately? lhl Could pollution be our walking death? 149 a c d And a time for every purpose under heaven The world revolves - in apathy or ecstasy? . when we watched - did we care enough? h People, people needing people .. . What happened when we blinked or Q'-va V mpwrws 8 Kal Pat Wappel with the Osmund Brothers? I know she can sing well, but that well? tbl But blondes are sup- posed to have the most fun, how can they if they're being prejudiced against? ici Well, we girls must learn karate to defend ourselves fwhether we're blonde or notll Kdl That sure was a hair-raising experience! Ha Ha, Sunny, the joke's on you. Cel Say Dada , Casey, that's a good boy. ffl Margie - You're really grooving - but the Murray shoes? tgj Hang in there, Sarah. Be Happy. lhl Sock it to us, Southwest. fjl One boy can cause all this commotion? One boy in Murray can! Personnel Anderson, Mrs. Mary lo: Spanish I, II: World Cultures. Anderson, Mr. Robert: Art Appreciation: Choir: Chorus: Glee Club: Music Appreciation. Asenbrenner, Mr. Frank: Principal. Bergup, Sister Carolyn: Business Manager. Boland, Miss Mary: Bookkeeping I, II: Shorthand II: Typing. Burke, Mr. William: Maintenance. Clappier, Mrs. Ieanne: Algebra I: General Math I. Collins, Sister Patrick: Christian Involvement: Man's Search for Meaning: Personal God: Religion II: Chairman of the Religion Department: Student Council: Student Director. Courteau, Sister Mark: American History: World Culture: Audio Visual. Cronje, Mrs. lean: Nurse. Delaney, Mr. joseph: Applied Science: Physical Science: Physics. Ducharme, Mrs. Adelia: Guidance. Fisher, Mrs. Bernice: English I: Fundamentals of Oral Com- munication: Creative Writing: Speech Club. Fujan, Sister Marie: Christian Woman: Clothing Construc- tion: Home Economics: Liturgy Club. Germann, Miss Dorothy: Biology C: Chemistry N: Chemistry R: Drama Club: Thespians. Guertin, Mrs. Shirley: Algebra I: General Math II. Hacker, Mrs. Honor: Marriage: Religion I: Student Council. Hiber, Mrs. Kathleen: French I. Hubert, Sister Angeline: Social Problems: National Honor Society: Librarian. lacobs, Father Osmund: Chaplain. Johnson, Sister leroma: American Readings: Classics of World and English Literature: Modern Drama and Poetry: Chairman of the English Department. Kimball, Miss Katherine: Advanced Math: Algebra II: Geometry. Klohs, Mrs. Linda: French I, II, III, IV. Malley, Mrs. Polly: Secretary. Maus, Sister Scholastica: Librarian: Library Clubs. McGinley, Mrs. Iudy: Secretary. McRaith, Sister Brigid: Biology C: Biology N: Chairman of the Science Department, Miesen, Miss lane: Algebra I: Consumers' Math: Chairman of the Math Department: Geometry. O'Brien, Sister Mary Katherine: American History. Odean, Mrs. Eileen: English I: journalism: MITER. Ormerod, Mrs. Lola: American Classics: Contemporary Books. Rader, Sister Rosemary: Latin I, II: Psychology: World Cul- tures: Chairman ofthe Language Department: Classics Club. Renteria, Mrs. Anne Marie: Physical Education, l, II: GAA. Robinson, Sister Anita: English I: Literature of the Minori- ties: Human Relations Club. Rogers, Mrs. Beatrice: Notehand: Office Practice: Personal Typing: Shorthand I: Chairman of the Business Department. Ruemmele, Miss Mary: Art I: VERBUM: Youth and Law: Poster Club. Schlender, Sister Marianne: Guidance. Smith, Mrs. julie: French I, ll, III: French Club. Speltz, Mr. Robert: Consumer's Economics: Contemporary History: Social Problems: Chairman of the Social Science Department. Sweeley, Sister Carole: American Readings: Contemporary Novels: Film and the Novel. Trombley, Sister Agnes: Religion I, II: Red Cross Club. Uptegrove, Sister Irene: Art II, III: Art Club. l....1,wf1: M Using the A. V. room as a hide-a-way, Sister Mark tries to solve some of the problems as the A. V. advisor. 151 Appendix BAND Laurie johnson jean Twohy janice Delisle Mary Bouthilet Mary Fratto Margie Fratto Su Bang Mary LaCasse Sue Rembish CHOIR Sue Anderson Sally Ann Babler Kathleen Barrett Pat Bartolic Maureen Bauer Colleen Belisle Mary Bouthilet Cathie Burdette Libby Casey Eileen Colbert Sharon Ewald Gail Gosselin jean Grabowski Pat Hochstein Cathy Huth janet jones Leslie Kearney Rose Korba Terri Marrone Mary Meysembourg Karen Milla Terry Monette Chris Olson Mary O'Neill Chris Opitz Nancy Passofaro Peggi Quinn Mary jo Rensch Bonnie Riemer Barbara Ruza Candy Ryan Connie Schroepfer jo Ann Schumacher Dori Schwietz Kathey Todd Reenie Twohy Carol Walek Nancy Westlund Cindy Winkler Mary jo Wojcik Pat Albertson Carolyn Allard Sunny Anderson Su Bang Claire Bastien Marianne Brown Vicki Bush Cassie Cardinal Colleen Colwell janet Donlin Diane Elmquist Pat Furlong Pat Goffin Ann Hacker Cindy Hermes Sue jenkins Mary Chris Legato jill Liedl Sally McEvoy Maureen McGuire jeanne Messicci Cathy Newcome Peggy Opitz Gail Prettyman Liz Rauer Linda Schloesser Debbie Searles Kathy Shields Diane Vandeberg Sue Walerius Pat Zilliox AUDIO VISUAL Kathy Gates Betty Gelbmann Cindy Gentile Sister Patrick threatens to pull rank but Sister Carolyn seems to be on our side all the way. 152 Barb jones Pat Keller Bernie Lais Karen Milla Colleen Osborne Nancy Passofaro Cindy Reetz Barb Sagstetter Mary Schiltgen Dori Schwietz Mary Ellen Slater Carol Walek Margie Walz Kathy Weese Mary jo Wojcik janet Lauss Tommy Haines Victoria Bush Mary jo Carr Patricia Kieffer Mary Chris Legato Maureen Linhaff Sandy Loeffler joan Monson Trudee Neid Kathy Newcome Celene Slater Sue Stahlmann Mary Rosenthal Mary Aguilar Peggy Brown Shawn Crosby Barbara Ewald Patty Garvey Trish jessen Debbie jost Mur Klingner Mary Kraker Heidi Vernstrom Pat Barrett Annie Gallagher Kathleen jordan Cindy Loeffler Carol jones jean Carr Mary Gagne Kathy johnson Rene LeMay Kathy Meyer Mary jo Rensch Patty Roden Veronica Schwietz Mary Kay Woulf ART CLUB julie Bear Eileen Colbert Colleen Osborne Mary Schiltgen Kathy Todd Gail Gosselin Sally Babler VOCAL ENSEMBLE Connie Schroepfer Libby Casey Pat Bartolic Kathy Barrett Terry Monette Terry Marrone janet jones Mary Meysembourg Debbie Veitch gives her approval? Bonnie Riemer Pat Hochstein Reenie Twohy Kathy Todd Sally Babler SPANISH CLUB Kathy Gates Nancy Conoyer Mary Walz Sue Theole Sue Sawyer Mary jean Morris Kathy Stahlmann Pat Hynan Nancy Reinhardt Doris Fike julian Bear Mary'Seran Colleen Osborne Bridget Selz Marianne Byrne Connie Eberhard Denise Weber Virginia Bearth CHORUS Sue Berglund Kathy Colwell jennifer jansen Ann Kajer joan Kopcinski Nancy Kurz Cindy LaVaque Carol LeClaire Rene LeMay Cindy Loeffler Cathy Lyons Maureen Marrinan Margaret Martino Leslie Masson Teresa McGuire Kathy McLaughlin Kathy McRae jean Mikulich Melissa Moran Pat Morrison Pat Murphy Elena Nalipinski Mary Nierenhausen Shiela Nordstrom Mary Novotny Sandra Peters Margaret Peterson Roxanne Peterson Dianne Revoir Deborah Robinson Dona Rogowski Melanie Ruda Mary Ruza Yvonne St. Martin Linda Schietlin Renee Schmidt Elizabeth Schneeman Cindy Schreiner Michele Schroepher Debra Schwietz Cathy Scoles Lynn Shanley Colleen Shields Mary Sivald Barb Smith Stephanie Smith Mary Southerling Pala Stepan Suzanne Stockton LuAnn Suchy Mary Taylor Linda Walerius Pam Wellner Brenda Wermers Sue Anderson Margaret Arnt Sue Biagi Mary Bialek Ann Black Maureen Boland Kathy Borowske Maureen Burns Cathy Capistrant Dolores Cochran jan Colaizy Mary Cunnien Lisa Cunningham Margaret Curran Theresa Curran Kathy Danna Kathy Denk Kathy Eberlein Karen Elm Sarah Fida Grace Finger Mary Frasczak Michelle Fulmek Robyn Genin Debra Goemer Paula Grabowski Mary Grau Debra Halbrehder janice Heroff jeanne Horwath Pamela Hubbell Kathy jarvis Laurene johnson Mary Beth johnson Nancy jordan Mary Kampa Kathy Kane jeannine Kath Patricia Kelly jane Kennedy Virginia Kirby Mary jo Kirst Kris Kissling Diane Korba Lynn Kraut Pat LaCasse Therese Mee Michele Moore jean Quinlan Gail Tischler Andre Tousignant Sue Trcka Nancy Winkler Sue Wojcik Terese Pritschet FRESHMAN LIBRARY CLUB Carol Ann LeClaire Sandy Peters Eileen Rembish Nancy Byrne Sara Forstner Robyn Genin Patty Hanrahan Diane Horvath Debbie Dahedl Mary jo Shields Sue Walerius Diane Vandeberg Nancy Lee Shannon Conners Mary LaPlante Diane Lijewski Kathy Neaton Pat Furlong Colleen Colwell Celeste Lucking jill Liedl Kathy Odean Kathy Shields Sue Stahlmann Anne Condon Robin Newes Shiela McKnight Terry Schneider Pat Maietta Let's wrap up S. Brigid's room for an April Fool's Day gift. She can use it for a keepsake. Patty Hansen Cindy LaVaque Denise Prybella Melanie Ruda Renee Schmidt G.A.A. jan Alstatt jo Anne Schumacher Sharon Ewald Beata Zweber Kathy Balsimo Kathy Grohowski Mickey Henne Sarah Peltier Debbie Hansen Chris Langevin Cathy Horwath Mary Kay Woulf Shannon Hutton jean Murphy Sue Shields Roxy Sarrack Barb Santori Mary Koller Ann Conlin Diane Boldt Terry Connolly GLEE CLUB Nancy Bemlott Karen Kohler janet Lauss Mary Schatzlein Marilyn Arcand Barb Boerner Sue Borden Kate Esty Barb Ling Bethany Ludka jean Podobinski Mary Aguilar julienne Bear Ann Brannigan jean Brees Margaret Brown Carrie Cardinal Colleen Cloutier Maureen Conners Donna Corba Colleen Dramdahl Denise Fitch Mary Gagne Nyla Hallas Rosemary Hejny Patricia lessen Sue Ellen johnson judy Kirby Sue Kirst Marian Korf Maureen McGuire Katherine Navins Mary Persoon Mary Pritschet Lorrie Tucker jan Wilk Mary Kay Woulf Veronica Quirk Patricia Roden Sue Romanchuk Margaret Ryan Susan Sanftner Barb Santori Mary Smith joy Strohbeen HUMAN RELATIONS CLUB Mary Pat Borre Nancy Bemlott jackie Benson joan Biermeier judy Brandt Marianne Brown Becky Bush jean Carr Terry Carroll Colleen Colwell Karen Conrad Nancy Cournoyer Nanci Dickinson Pat Furlong Gail Gosselin Nyla Hallas Mary jungmann Nora McDonough jean Podobinski Maureen Scanlon Theresa Schneide Susan Schifsky Linda Sundberg Maureen Tolaas jan Wilk Deb Williams Mary Wiese Mary Kay Woulff MITER Betsy Bauman Mary O'Neill Mary Ellen Slater Mary Schatzlein Mary Beck Sharon Ewald Kathy Stahlmann Cindy Gentile Chris Weyandt Betty Gelbmann Libby Casey Gail Gosselin Pame Hajlo julie Kling Sue Rembish Connie Stepan Pat Wappel Kathy Barrett Barb Sagstetter Sue Zimmel Sally Smith Chris Olson Terry Monette NHS Mary Kay Fleming Mary Schiltgen janet Altstatt Betsy Baumann Mary Beck Eileen Colbert Mary Heinen Mary jane Leach Marilee Marrinan Chr-is Olson Carole Wiblishauser Sally Ann Babler Kathleen Barrett Diane Brown Pat Capistrant Cynthia Gentile Mary Hacker Margaret Quinn Connie Sch roepfer Mary Ellen Slater Carol Walek v Mary Kaye Walsh Margie Walz Mary jo Wojcik Su Bang Kris Black Nancy Brown Colleen Colwell Karen Conrad Nancy Dickinson Pat Furlong Ann Hacker Maureen McGuire jackie Nadeau Robin Newes Karen Nyhus Kathy Odean RED CROSS CLUB Kathy Barnes Cathy Denk Louise Fratto Mary Grau Vicki Gusinda Karen Henk Mary Beth johnson Sharon jones Nancy jordan Kris Kissling Cindy LaVaque Carol LeClaire Maureen Marrinan Kathy McRae Beth Pflugi Denise Prybella Mary Reichow Eileen Rembish Barbara Rosenthal Linda Scheitlin Beth Schneeman Michelle Sch roepfer jane Seitz Pala Stepan Mary Taylor Kris Weyandt SENIOR LIBRARY CLUB Pat Brickzen julienne Bear Peggi Braun Ginger Bearth Margie Drevnick joan Fishback Nyla Hallas judy Hidding Rose Korba Pat Lambert Mary Nordstrom Bonnie Wasienski THESPIANS Anne Marie Gillen Libby Casey Carol Walek Maureen Driscoll Pam Hajlo Trudee Neid Mary O'Neill Colleen Osborne Pat Schram Carolyn Allard Su Bang Pat Bartolic Kate Esty Ann Hacker Sue jenkins He who laughs last didn't get it. But apparently Mary jane Leach and Sally McEvoy did get it- but what could be that funny? Hmmmmmm??? 154 Terri Monette Dori Schwietz Reenie Twohy Pat Wappel Mary jo Wojcik VERBUM STAFF '70 Kathy Balsimo Diane Brown Pat Capistrant Diane Fitzgerald Chris Langevin Kathy Meyer Marianne Muckerheide Nancy Passofaro Peggi Quinn Cindy Reetz Mary jo Rensch Connie Schroepfer Sue Thoele Mary jo Wojcik Anne Condon Pat Driscoll Diane Elmquist Cindy Haselman Mary jungmann Nancy Lee Mary Chris Legato Kathy Neaton Trudee Neid Maureen Scanlon Pat Sch ram Sue Stahlmann Betty Tedesco Debbie Veitch Lynn Kansier judy Kirby Mikey Selz Ann Wilson FRENCH CLUB Sue Shields Connie Mushinski Colleen Okoneski Diane Meis Ann Voda Steph Manos Rita Horwath Peggy Mullaney Sue Kirst Sue Poole Nora McDonough joan jablonski Mary Persoon Kitty Navins Veronica Quirk Patty Roden Kathy johnson Nancy Briggs Patty Maietta Lee Ann Welter Mari Smith Maureen McGuire Denise Fitch Linda Simon Mary Schwietz Mary Gagne jane Schwandt joy Strohbeen Barb Schneeman Mary Koller jean Anderson FRESHMEN SINGERS i l l Monica Schreiner Michele Drake judy Strobel CLASSICS CLUB Vicky Bush Marianne Byrne Kathy Cardinal Mary jo Carr Kathy Colwell Laurie Davis Denise Devinney Connie Eberhard LITURCIY CLUB Carol Walek Karen Milla Margie Walz Terry Monette Sue Zimmel Candy Carr jennifer Young Mary Lallier Kathy Borowske Susan Biagi Cynthia Schreiner Mary Wiese Kathy Paul Karen Nyhus Mari Lea Thor Nyla Hallas Terri Nieters janeice DeLisle jacqueline Nadeau STUDENT COUNCIL Mary jane Leach Mary Hacker jackie Nadeau Sue Shields Marilee Marrinan Mary jo Wojcik Chris Opitz Sally McEvoy Marianne Brown Su Bang janice Delisle Peggy Gallagher Chris Peterson Mary Sue Wermers Mur Klingner Pam Anderson Michelle Delisle Cathy janicke Reenie Marrinan Terri Peterson Linda Scheitlin Mary Sivald Pat LaCasse Peggy Quinn Betsy Bauman Anne Marie Gillen finds Clean Up Day no joking matter when Mr. A is found among school debris. jeannie Focht Maureen Boland Mary Hajlo Nyla Hallas Mary jackson jennifer jansen Marilyn johnson Sue Ellen johnson Kitty Kane Lynne Kansier Chris Kansier jane Kennedy Ginny Kirby judy Kirby Kris Kissling Marian Korf Kate Lyons Terri McGuire jean Messicci jackie Nadeau Mary Nierenhausen Terri Nieters Mary Nordstrom Roxanne Peterson Mary jo Pritschet Terese Pritschet Donna Rieschl Mary Rieschl Terri Schneider Rene Schmidt Pat Schram Michaeleen Selz Mary Sivald Mary Stejskal Brenda Wermers Lois Wiblishauser Mary Kampa Terry Mee Terri McGuire jean Mikulich Pat Morrison Mary Nierenhausen Mary Sivald Barb Smith SOPHOMORE SINGERS Nyla Hallas Rose Hejny Sue Kirst Kitty Navins Vonnie Quirk Mari Smith SCIENCE CLUB Mur Klingner Lori Babcock Heidi Vernstrom Terri Shanley Chris Petersen Barb Ewald SPEECH CLUB Stephanie Markoe janice Heroff Kathy Dwyer Sharon Ewald Mary Grau Kris Kissling Ann Hacker Trudee Neid Stephanie Manos Mary Hajlo joy Strohbeen Colleen Shields Renee Marrinan Kathy Colwell Michelle Henne Chris Langevin Kathy Weese Mary jo Rensch Carol Walek Roxanne Drabczak Kathy Neaton Gayle Hegstrom Kathy Shields Kathy Odean and Sunny Anderson consider their Student Council officers who seem to be cracking up. 155 Index Achilles, Roxanne: 118,136, 7,150 Sister Agnes Trombley: 66,128 Aguilar, Mary: 110 Albertson, Patricia: 114, 4 Allard, Carolyn: 114, 35, 41 Altstatt, Janet: 93, 118, 5 Anderson, Andemon Andemon Andemon Andemon Andemon Andemon Andemon Anderson Carol: 104 Cynthia: 12, 114, 155,150 ,Jeanne:110 Mary: 106,108 Mrs. Mary Jo: 62, 4 Nancy: 118,136 Mr. Robert: 62 20 60 82 iSusant9J:104,42 I I , Susan t12J:136 Sister Angeline Hubert: 65, 34 Sister Anita Robinson: 52, 66, 34 Anzevino, Deborah: 109, 61 Arcand, Marilyn: 114 Armstrong, Jeanine: 118, 136 Arnt, Margaret: 15, 25,104 Arnt, Patricia: 118 Art Club: Asenbrenner, Mr. Frank: 19, 27, 62, 63, 5, 47, 44, 74, 72 Auger, Ellen: 104 Aune, Mary: 118,132, 7 Ayde, Susan: 104 Babcock, Lorelee: 110, 80 Baber, Mary: 114, 40, 95 Babler, Sally Ann: 118, 41, 44, 86 Bailey, Pamela: 114 Bakula, Cheryl: 110 Ballis, Virginia: 114 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Kathleen: 107 McLaughlin, Marilyn: 126 McRae, Kathryn: 107 Mee, Theresa: 107, 41, 85 158 Meis, Diane: 112 Mentzer,judith:107 Mertens, Kim: 112 Messicci,leanne:116 Meyer, Kathy: 18, 99,126,137, 5 Meysembou rg, Mary: 132, 40, 86, 30 Micko, Kathryn: 107 Miesen, Miss lane: 65, 95 Mikulich,lean:107, 41, 85 Milla, Karen Ann: 126, 137, 5 Milon, Michele: 116 Molitor, Colleen: 126,128,132 Monette, Theresa: 86 Mondor, Andrea: 116 Monson, lean: 112, 74 Monson, loan: 116, 75 Montpetit, Cyndia: 55,126 Montpetit, Mary: 112 Montpetit, Mary: 116 Moore, Colleen: 107 Moore, Helene: 116 Moore, Michele: 107 Moran, Melissa: 107 Moris, Mary lean: 126,137 Morris, Cynthia: 107 Morrison, Pat: 107, 41, 85 Moser, Terri: 116 Mottaz, Mary Kay: 116 Mrozinski, Sharon: 126 Mulcahy, Beth: 50,126,137, 43 Mullaney, Peggy: 112 MucKerheide, Marianne: 126,127,137 5 Mushinski, Constance: 112 Nadeau, jackie: 4, 7O,116, 3, 72 Nagel, Mary lo: 107 Nalipinski, Elena: 107 Navins, Katherine: 112 Neaton, Kathy: 116,160 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Terri: 106,107 Peterson, Debbie: 112 Peterson, julie: 116, 60, 61, 72 Peterson, Marcia: 116 Peterson, Margaret: 107 Peterson, Rita: 107 Peterson, Roxann: 12,107 Pflugi, Beth: 107, 73, 31 Pierce, Mary: 116 Podobinski, jean: 116 Pohl, Reenee:107 Poole, Susan: 112, 88 Prettyman, Gayle: 40, 33 Pritschet, Mary lo: 107,112 Prybella, Denise: 107 Quinlan, jean: Quinn, Margaret: 99,136,127 Quirk, Veronica: 112 Rader, Sister Rosemary: 65, 4 Radford, Colleen: 116,32 Rauer, Elizabeth: 116 Ravnik, Virginia: Reed, Sharon: 127, 132,42 Reetz, Cynthia: 99, 127, 137, 142, 44 Regenaver, Lynn: 112 Reichow, Mary: 107 Reinhardt, Nancy: 112,75 Rembish, Eileen: 107 Rembish, Susan: 127,137, 86 Rensch, Mary jo: 18, 53,127,146 Renteria, Mrs. Anne Marie: 65, 93, 94 Revoir, Dianne: 107 Rhein, Mary: 107 Reimer, Bonita: 128,137, 30, 86 Riener, Norma: 112 Rieschl, Donna: 107 Rieschl, Mary: 116 Riley, Mary: 116 Ritchie, Barbara: Ritchie, loAnn: 116, 60 Robinson, Debbie: 107 Roden, Pat: 113 Rodriguez, Guadalupe: 25,113 Rogers, Mrs. Beatrice: 66 Rogowski, Dona: 107 Romanchuk, Suzanne: 113, 8 Romie, Lisa: Rosenthal, Barb: 107 Rosenthal, Mary: 116 Ruda, Melanie: 107 Ruemmele, Miss Mary: 98, 66, 45,160, 78 Russell, Kathy: 107 Ruza, Barbara: 128, 137, 42, 40 Ruza, Mary: 107 Ryan, Candy: 15,128,137, 60 Ryan, Margaret: 113 Sagstetter, Barbara: 98,128, 42,148 Sagstetter, Carol: 107 Sagstetter, Nancy: 108 Samuelson, julie: 113 Sanftner, Susan: 113 Santori, Barbara: 113,128 Santori, Terry: 128,137 Sarafolean,lean:113 Sarrack, Roxanne: 15,92,113 Sawyer, Sue: 128, 137 Scanlon, Maureen: 116 Schatzlein, Mary: 128,137 Scheitlin, Linda: 106,108 Schifsky, Susan: 116 Schiltgen, Mary: 58,128, 137, 5, 33 Schloesser, Linda: 117 Schmidt, Renee: 108, 4, 81 Schmitt, Kris: 108 Schmitz, Mary: 116,117 Schneeman, Barbara: 113,88 Scheeman, Elizabeth: 108 Schneider, Teresa: 117 Schram, Pat: 117 Schreier, Carol: Schreiner, Cynthia: 100, 108 Schreiner, Monica: 57,113 Schroeffer, Constance: 128, 36,86 Schroepfer, Michele: 108 Schumacher, loAnn: 128, 142 Schwandt, lane: 113 Schwier, Daryl: 128,132 Schwietz, Debbie: 108 Schwietz, Dorothy: 127,128,118,1 35, 44 Schwietz, Mary: 113 Schwietz, Peggy: 128,132 Schwietz, Veronica: 113 Sister Scholastica Maus: 65, 81 Scoles, Catherine: 108 Searles, Debbie: 117 Seitz, lane: 108 Selbitochka,loan:117 Selz, Bridget: 101,128,130,137, 74 Selz, Michaeleen:113 Seran, Mary: 128 Shanley, Lynn: 108 Shanley, Therese: 11, 113, 8 Sherman, Nancy: 129 Shields, Colleen: 105,106,108 Shields, Kathy: 112 Shields, Mary lo: 2, 15, 93, 94 Shields, Susan: 70,113 Simon, Linda: 113, 61 Sivald, Mary: 106,108, 41, 85 Slater, Mary Ellen: 129 Smith, Barbara: 108, 41, 85 Smith, Mary: 113, 88 Smith, Mrs. lulie: 66, 4, 89 Smith, Sally: 129, 137 Smith, Sandy: 129,137 Smith, Stephanie: 108 Sofie, Kathy: 129,137 Southerling, Mary Ellen: 108 Speak, loanne: 117 Speltz, Mr. Robert: 66, 36, 34 Sperl, Colleen: 108 3 Sprangers, Cynthia: 108 Squires, Kathy: 129 Stahlmann, Kathy: 129 Stahlmann, Sue:112 Steiner, Dianna: 129,137 Steinhibel, Paula: 108 Stejskal, Mary Clare: 113 Stepan, Alyssa: Stepan, Connie: 98,129,137 Stepan, Pala: 108 St. Martin, Yvonne: 108 Stockton, Suzanne: 108 Stoffels, Mary Lynn: 117, 40, 94, 95 Strobel, ludith: 53,113, 88 Strohoeen,loy:113 Suchy, Luann:108 Sundberg, Linda: Tacheny, Gloria: 108 Taray, Darlene: 117 Taylor, Mary: 108 Tedesco, Elizabeth: 99 Tempest, Diane: 129, 145, 32 Thoele, Susan: 24, 129, 137, 140, 35 Thompson, Linda: 54,113 Thompson, Sue: 129, 137, 35, 6 Thor, Mari-Lea:117 Tierney, Claire: 113 Tillges, Katherine: 108 Timm, Patrice: 130,137 Timmons, Kathy: 113 Tischler, Gail: 108 Tissek,janis: 27,130 Tobritzhofer, loanie: 130 Todd, Kathy: 130, 137, 42, 5, 44, 86 Tolaas, Maureen: 113 Tousignant, Andre: 108 Tousignant, Laura: 55,130,137 Trenda, Kris: 24,130,137 Troka, Susan: 108 Tschida, Beverlt: 130,137 Tschida, Evelyn: 108 Tucker, Lorrie: 113 Turenne, Lynn: 108 Twohy, lean: 108, 83, 86 Twohy, Maureen: 13, 20,130,137, 44, 74, 86 Unger, Kathy: 112 Vacca, Barbara: 113,61 Vacca, Debra: 113, 61 Vadnais, Ann: 113 Valenty, Carole: 117 Valenty, Donajean: 113 Vandeberg, Diane: 117,40 Verbum: 98 Vernstrom, Heidi: 113, 80 Veitch, Debbie: 117,152,145 Velter, Kathy: 50,130 Vierling, Anita: 117 Vierling, Lynn: 108 Vocal Ensemble: 86 Voda, Ann: 56,113,88 Voss, Barbara: 113,37 Wagner, Mary: 130 Waldera, Marijo:108 Walek, Carol: 132, 5 Walek,lean:108 Walerius, Linda: 108 Walerius, Susan: 117 Walsh, Mary Kaye: 130,137, 95,149 Walsh, Susan: 113 Walz, Margie: 100,131,137, 5,150 Walz, Mary: 131,137, 75, 5 Wappel, Pat: 131,133,137,150 Wasienski, Bonnie jean: 131 Watson, Susan: 109, 73 Weber, Denise: 131 Weber, Mary: 109 Weeda, Kathy: 51,115,119 Weese, Kathy: 131,137, 36 Weinke, Gayle: 100 Weis, loLynn: 113 Wellner, Mary Pat: 112 Wellner, Pam: 109 Welter, Lee: 113 Westlund, Nancy: 4, 26,131, 36, 5, 44 Wermers, Brenda: 109 Wermers, Mary Sue: 15,113, 34 Weyandt, Chris: 131,137,138 Wilberg, Ann: 131 Wiblishauser, Carole: 137 Wiblishauser, Lois: 109,131, 4 Wiese, Mary: 100,109 Wilk,1an:113 Williams, Deborah: 24,117 Wilson, Ann: 113 Wilson,ludy: 131,137,138 Winkler, Cindy: 131 Winkler, Nancy: 109 Winkler, Patrice: 2,113 Wojcik, Mary lo: 118, 131, 142, 44 Wojcik, Sue: 109 Woroby, Maria: 112 Wozniak, Sandy: 113 Woulf, Mary Kay: 57,101, 113 Wurm, Helen: 109 Yanish,loAnne:113, 47 Young, lennifer: 117 Zarembinski, Mary Kay: 117, 60 Zenz, Cindy: 131,137 Zielinski, Marcella: 117 Zllliox, Pat: 117, 74 Zimmel, Susan: 131, 137,47 Zimmerman, Deborah: 26,27, 131,137 Zweher, Mary: 59, 92,131,137 159 We the staff . . . Kathy Balsimo Diane Brown Pat Capistrant Chris Langevin Kathy Meyer Bernie Och Nancy Passofaro Peggi Quinn Cindy Reetz Mary lo Rensch Connie Schroepfer Diane Fitzgerald Sue Thoele Mary lo Wojcik Diane Elmquist Debbie Veitch Mary Chris Legato Sue Stahlmann Mary lungmann Betty Tedesco Trudee Neid Maureen Scanlon ludy Kirby Mikey Selz Ann Wilson Pat Driscoll Cindy Hazelmen Lynn Kansier Anne Condon Nancy Lee acknowledge . Dellarson St. Paul Dispatch Sue Jenkins Kathy Odean Connie Stepan lack Kane Miss Germann Mary lane Leach Burt Hedstrom S. Carolyn Hill Miter S. Mary Katherine Mary Ellen Slater Mr. Asenbrenner Mary O'Neill Kathy Weeda 9 f V K ,Q Qs fig Miss Ruemmele ED ITO RS Peggi Quinn - Editor Nancy Passofaro - Layout Editor Kathy Meyer - Copy Editor Diane Brown - Co-Copy Editor Cindy Reetz - Business Editor Chris Langevin - Senior Photographer Sue Thoele - Senior Photographer Kathy Balsimo - Artist and a special thanks to . .. Miss Ruemmele tsr i . aw. K W V - Kathy Odean 160 up . ,,.. ,h Kathy Neaton Nancy Passofaro 'Z ,L x 1 i 2 i -

Suggestions in the Archbishop Murray Memorial High School - Verbum (Maplewood, MN) collection:

Archbishop Murray Memorial High School - Verbum (Maplewood, MN) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Archbishop Murray Memorial High School - Verbum (Maplewood, MN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 31

1970, pg 31

Archbishop Murray Memorial High School - Verbum (Maplewood, MN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 73

1970, pg 73

Archbishop Murray Memorial High School - Verbum (Maplewood, MN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 61

1970, pg 61

Archbishop Murray Memorial High School - Verbum (Maplewood, MN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 136

1970, pg 136

Archbishop Murray Memorial High School - Verbum (Maplewood, MN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 151

1970, pg 151

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