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.,i. The Way, 1977 oyal. True. Our voices Our deplh V Each challenge will Upon lhese rocks we Slancl as one a i All Chrislians slrong and Till our lime on earlh is We shall be lrue 'lo you l as-:ini H Archbishop Hoban High School Akron, Ohio volume XXIV A New Alma Mater and a New Spirit Contents Activities p. 10 Sports p. 34 Faculty p. 70 Underolass p. 90 Seniors p. 134 1 Index p, 155 fb fred, ff fi 627533 1 ax 1 1 5 x J 1 w 3 -DM A Renewed Faith in Hoban lJ'i . 'V ff' f bf I 4 There was a new sound at Hoban this year. It pervaded the spirit as well as the ears. This sound could be heard at most sports events, even in student sections at away games. This sound was Hoban's new alma mater. Hoban's original alma mater, once sung frequently by the all male student body, had fallen victim to disinterest and disuse. Few students knew the words or music. During the 1975-76 school year however, interest was rekindled in having a school alma mater. It was decided though, that there should be a new alma mater, one that could be more easily sung by the students. The Visor then sponsored a contest to see who could write the best lyrics for a new alma mater. Mark Schweitzer, from the class of 76, submitted the best version. Brother Eugene Weisenberger composed the spirited music to suit the words. Since then the alma mater has been incorporated into many school activi- ties. lt is heard almost as often as the fight song. And although the lyrics are displayed prominently in the gym, most students already know the words by heart. Developing an Ideal The words of the alma mater are signifi- cant. They express the true meaning and spirit of the Hoban community. "Hoban High, your students proud sing and loudly praise" These words give testimony to the pride that students, faculty, and alumni feel towards this school. Pride is seen in the large numbers of students involved in Hoban activities. lt is seen at poster parties, club meetings, or sports events. This pride erupts into a deafening cheer on the first "H" at the St. V assembly. The walls of Hoban alone cannot contain this pride. It spills out into the community through such projects as the concert for the Hattie Larlham Foundation, the Children's Home Christmas project, and the canned food drive. Each student also expresses his pride in Hoban when he sets goals for himself, academic or otherwise. The word "sing" in the second line connotes another important aspect of Hoban, fun. lt is our friends and the times we share with them, going to games or parties, enjoying different pastimes, that often remain the most memorable part of our years at Hoban. "Loyal, true, amid the crowd our voices loudly raise," The real test of our loyalty to Hoban came this past year with the announcement that our school would close. We could have quietly resigned ourselves to that fact, but we did not. With our voices loudly raised to the chant, "We won't close," the Save Hoban Committee, aided by parents, students, faculty and alumni, raised enough money to promise the continuation of Hoban for at least another five years, and, hopefully, indefinitely. ,5 16 Q- ...- in---9-rv no 0 f 11 ff ' ,ia-10 Q ,,, ..,, in im. ' L.. 3 EIZYYQ' F, ,A ,-su, ,A 1 , . ,, f ,, ' 'X if ,, v. ' -us "Building upon our history Which never is complete? Our history has left us its traditions and its standard of academic exceIlence.Those who have graudated before us have also handed down to us their spirit, the spirit which is heard in the singing of the alma mater today Just as this past is effecting us in the present, what we are doing now is building upon our history, which will influence the future of our school.We can also say now, with belief, that our history never is complete lt shall continue while the doors of Hoban stay open to serve the community, and forever in our memories. "Our depth of pride no mystery Each challenge we will meet." One of the greatest challenges we have ever had to meet occured this year, the continuation of Hoban High School was in required much effort to resolve this situation and yet this was not the only challenge that occupied our attention.There were many times when each of us came upon some sort of obstacle, whether it be a difficult test or tough competition in that day's athletic event. But whatever the challenge, no doubt we met it admirably.The percentage of students on the honor roll, the number of those involved in extracurriculars, and our records and efforts in sports attests this fact. "Upon these rocks we stand as one All Christians strong and true" We at Hoban are a "Community of learners joined in the development of Christian faith and service." The important word is Christian lt is this word that sets Hoban apart and above from many of the other schools in the area. Religious instruction is a unique and important part of the curriculum. Our education is furthered beyond strict academ- ics to include concepts that will continue to be utilized throughout life. 8 A Tradition With New Meaning i,f"'AvfVH 153 l Q1 H ,hide '-'I it ki 'i-- v l.l,,.llt. ,,,. 1 ,, .Jw ,... X . ,, "Till our time on earth is done We shall be true to you." These last lines are perhaps the most meaningful for those of us who are seniors. They seem to suggest carrying the memory of Hoban in one's mind and heart long after having graduated. That day of pomp and circumstance seemed so distant to us as freshmen, and even as juniors we may have found it difficult to realize. Yet the time has arrived with an amazing alacrity. We now find ourselves embarking upon a whole new phase of our lives, and wherever our pathways lead us, the impression left upon us by our four years at Hoban will remain indisguisable. We will carry with us a certain spirit, a spirit that may prompt us to say, till our time on earth is done, we shall be true to you. The theme of the 1976-77 yearbook is the alma mater. lt is an appropriate theme for a yearbook because it sums up in a few proud, assertive phrases, all the characteristics that make up the quality and spirit of Hoban High School. lt is a spirit that takes in its hands the tradition of the past and the reality of the present, and forms them into a promise for the future. i 1 , X v .. ,. ' ' -af .. J, , . A V ,..Ag4. ' 'V ' .N 4 4 , , f J Ht, 1 X ' ,l v gh ' - A. ,,,XV ,:.,, Y- X1 f . 4, , 1 ,, .- ,,, - , . ,. ' ' J. - " ' 1 ' V '94, t . 3 ii' ' gf, :zur-U ' 5.1" A r , . ' N' 2,3-w' - , ' --V ,Hx " 1 :egX.,fV' J w Q , , 'gn 5, .5 ,qv Hwy. , 'L' - , " . ,, " 'A fda, Aug- A . ' , --:V -X . ' 1, A , X -ML, A V : V . - :ef-1. 1. ,, ,. X - u ix 1 , V. 4 " ' 'F' M 1 . ' YV if X Lf, ' - ' .- 'xx 'M . . . W gmwx 4 -' . - A., Qi.- . x X 1 , 4 - v I ,'- I -6 A. : S '- Q ' 4 . , .wr WTEIYEF. ,A Building Upon Our History S ? Building upon our history, many extracurricular pro- grams have been discarded and added over the years. But as always, Hoban's many activities continue to be im- portant factors in student involvement and interest as well as providing opportuni- ties for social contact and development. Many activities are available, from those that might provide career interest such as student government, publications or the photo club, to enjoyable activities such as Musicale, the ski club, or cheerleading. What- ever the preference, students can help build upon Hoban's history by their participation in its activities. Activities ,4 wt Student Council: Pride in Doing Hoban's Student Council helped organize many different activities which involved the students here at Hoban and the people in the com- munity. The Student Council helped organize a Halloween dance, the Homecoming dance, and the Sweet- heart dance. They sponsored the annual Canned Food Drive which collected over 6,000 cans distributed through the Akron area. A The Community Actions committee held a Bike-a-thon in early fall. The money raised at this outing was given to the Hattie Larlham Foundation. The committee also sponsored a benefit concert starring John Bas- sette, Jocelyn Chang, and Jim Bal- lard. The Student Life Committee spon- sored the student exchange, film night in the spring, and a monthly school clean-up. Student Council also took an active role in the Save Hoban drive. ln January A8tW Root Beer financed a Root-Beer-a-thon for the benefit of the school. A year-round penny drive was another activity sponsored by Student Council for the school. ' 4 :Qi 1- ' Members of the court and their escorts wait for their names to be announced at the Student Council sponsored Homecoming. .K t 4 ., -. ,.. 5 'fe Ou I "5 iQ: SH E-Q at 6 if i M J, fl, Board Maneuvers Lead To A Victory The Chess team, underthe direction of Mr. Mike Szalay, was divided into two teams, the A team and the B team. The members of the A team were: Mike Fleiter, Bill and Jeff Stimler, Roger Bomito, and Bill Heiselman. The members of the B team were: Eric Schnitzler, David Armbrust, David Gingo, John Alexander, Ed Fluper, Bill Sowa, and Al Joga. T3 egg ii za fe if at New Qweg Members of the A team during one of their after school sessions 'Emil Al Yoga, Eric Schnitzler, and David Gingo debate on a move. if-. 5 Members of the Speech and Debate team: Br. Donald Johnroe, advisor, Don Taylor, Ed Regec, Bill Burke, and Mike DiPasquale. -N---l A Challenge of Words and Wits Mike DiPasquale waits for the team. After a somewhat slow start the debate team got under way in late October. The members were: Mike DiPasquale, Bill Burke, Ed Dark, Ed Ftegec, and Don Taylor. The advisor was Bro. Donald Johnroe. The debate team consists of two teamsg the affirmative team attempts to prove that a resolution should be adopted that improves the present system. The members of the negative team try to prove that the present system is all right without any changes. Bill Burke and Ed Dark practice during a session 'ft , 1 li il-- im Q, , 'W ill W Red Cross and A.V. Workers Ready To Help The Canoeing and Sailing programs are taught in September. Lifesaving is offered to students in late fall and early winter. Advanced First Aid is taught to all the students who either assist in the practice of first aid or in the teaching of it. Multi-Media first aid is a short programmed-visualized course taught to the Hoban community in early spring. CPR lCardiac Pulmonary Re- susciationl is a programmed course for the students to learn basic life support tech- niques. CPR is taught in late spring. The Audio-Visual Aides are students helping Brother Richard Foley distribute audio equipment to the teachers, and returning it to the A.V. room. They also assist in the repair, cleaning, and lubricating of the equipment. The aides are as follows: Paul Keller, Bill Frey, Bill Drexler, Pete Stankovics, Jeff Davis, Rich Borden, Jenny Borden, and Joe Kraus. 'lt 'A Members of the A.V. and Red Cross teams: Brother Richard Foley, Richard Borden, Jenny Borden, Bill Frey and Paul Keller. -ii" F T wi , , TTTTTTM G l t A T l M lx l wrt Tlx ' N X . ll ,T vw X T i i it l K' . W " ll X lt TQ, ,,,!, , ll IAM, 'l' T A ' .TTTTTT ivy, T Tn ,T ':iiwTlW ll ' T i -if wil, K X WW' T, xy, Ti Tn XT i T, x l Ml.. it 101 A Mlmulli Joe Kraus sets type on the sign printing machine. it-ua '3' Members of the Fine Arts Club: SEATED: President Helen Johnson, Heidi Schwarzinger, Mark Chapman. STANDING: Diane Klein, Mrs. Terrass. Fine Arts Club Brings New Ideas The newly organized Fine Arts Club was an addition to Hoban this year. The club attended several cultural events at E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall. The special events attended were, the Pennsylvania Ballet and the Ohio Chamber Ballet. Other activities included movies, ballets, and plays. The club members also visited the Cleveland Museum of Art in April. The major projects of the club were the Christmas bazaar and the visit by the Ohio Chamber Ballet. The Christmas bazaar in December was a fund raising effort for starting the club treasury. The ballet was a cultural event for the enjoyment of all who saw it. The goal of the Fine Arts Club was to get the L students and faculty involved with the Arts. The S l weekly meetings concentrated on certain artists and T focused on unfamiliar arts. The club was moderated by Mrs. Douglass Terrass and Pete Petrilooh. 'M A highlight of the year was the presentation by the Ohio Chamber Ballet - a joint project with the Student Council. 17 .5 Imagination Key in Set Construction The stage crew set up the props and sets for the play and Musicale last year. Students spent several weekends designing, planning, and constructing each set so that it would be ready for the production. Using their imagination, with help from several art magazines, the stage crew came up with some very impressive sets. During the perfor- mances the crew would move the sets and put them into place. The stage crew was supervised by Br. Guy Eckels. The sound and light crews did their part in the performances. They made sure the lighting and sound systems were perfect for all the performers. Their long hours of work contributed to the success of the play and Musicale. Paul Hirschfelt, John Alexander Loretta Wllke Ted Dunay Lynn Vanca Beth Davies Joe Kraus, Diane Orihel Teresa St George Jim Knapp 18 Dffice Workers Donate Their Services Mr. Bloniarz takes calls of absentees T 'lj The Office Workers: Peggy Merle, Ed Sliman, Jodi Raymond, Michele Rachel, Peggy Gault, Judy Fisher, Debby Conroy, Mrs. Sitko, Camille Felton, MaryAnn Katalinic, Mary Sharf, Cathy Lancianese, Debby Lautenbach, Gary Brown, John Andrews. Announcers Bring Life To A.M. P.A. announcers - STANDING: Julie Henderson, Jodi Raymond, Mary Kay Dietrich, Judy Fisher. KNEELING: Jim Butler, Mike Reiter, Eric Montz. The Office workers helped our secretary, Mrs. Sitko, deliver messages to students and teachers, and also helped answer the phone. The P.A. were students, chosen by Brother Leonardo, to announce the day's activities over the P.A. system. The announcers wereg Mike Reiter, MaryKay Dietrich, Eric Montz, Judy Fisher, and Julie Henderson. 19 Photo Club: Images The Hoban Photography Club, under the guidance of Br. Donard Steffes, learned different styles and techniques of modern photography. The photo enthusiasts were taught how to process film and print pictures in both black and white and color. They learned that various kinds of lighting affect the pictures. Preparing pictures for contests took up much of their time, culminating in the National Scholastic Photography contest, sponsored by the Eastman Kodak Company. Q E I E l l The Hoban Photography Club. FRONT ROW: Mark Roland, Jaime Perry, Brother Donard Steffes. STANDING: Jim Lionetti, Joe Flittman, Bob Dietrich, Celeste Kuder, Mike Skvarka, Sharon Bayes. l Photo Club members learn advanced skills in photo composition. This artistic shot by Brother Donard is an example of these skills. 20 Photo Club President Jim Lionetti prepares negatives for printing. The Newspaper reporter staff: Sue Rene, Chris Chimera, Frank Caprio, Mark Anthony, Andrea Censky. if W. 1, .s nl it Y as Newspaper: Impressions The Visor Editorial Board consisted of Mark Gorman, Beth Davies and Editor Dale Fiuther. . V , 'Hsu V J A Es'-' Xt ' .. fp xt NN it 'K ' A -.. i--1--Q-. During the past year the Hoban Visor informed the stu- dents of all the activities con- cerning the school in the com- munity. The Visor expressed the students' views on important issues pertaining to the school's operation. Because of a cut in the budget the Visor appeared in a mimeographed form. The edit- or of the newspaper was Dale Fiuther assisted by Mark Gorman and Beth Davies. The advisor was Brother Charles Gregg. 21 Band Marches Dn The Hoban Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. Gary Collier, once again showed their skills in marching and in playing. The band played at the assem- blies and at all but three of the football games. They attended two important events: the Akron U. Band Day, held at the Rubber Bowl, and a parade, the first parade in which the band has partici- pated in in thirteen years. The drill team danced to many variations of music this past year. As the moods of the music changed, the manner of the dance changed with it. Many modifications of pom-pom rou- tines were used throughout the season ending in the traditional kickline at the St. Vincent-St. Mary game. Instructor for the Starlettes was Mrs. Hamby. The band officers were: Paul Hirsch- felt, president, Cecile Harris, vice- president, Frank Caprio, secretary, and Mark Gorman, treasurer. The Drill Team goes through a routine for "Woodchopper's Ball KNEELING: Mary Andrews, Cecile Harris, Dan Anthony, Mike Hurray, Howard Brown, Mark Jones, Vicki Vaughn, CarmieGiullito. FFIONT - STANDING: Paul Hirschfelt, Dan Klein, Joe Fiittman, Jim Kraus, Mark Guarino, Jeff Cornelius, Mark Blinkhorn, Joe Schlosser, Bill Stimler, Lydia Fabbro, Michelle Chillious, Beth Davies, Ann Thornburg. BACK ROW - STANDING: Chris Fabbro, Mark Gorman, Cheryl Jack, Frank Caprio, Campion Kelley, Steve McCort, Henry Jack, Tony Mason, Camille Felton, Robin Primes, Andrea Pramuka. sg Y fi 5 '1 il igdf W- Q A li A ev r Q THE STARLETTES Julue Henderson Vlckl Brasko Jane Fleymann Mary Dletruch Anna Heymann Krusten Lanshe Lnsa Grlesmer Rachelle Lovelady Barb Gaynor Vlckl Moledor Melinda Vargas Debbie Lautenbach Laureen Lanshe Hoban Cheerleaders Reflect Spirit Long hours and plenty of hard work enabled the cheerleaders to bring spirit to Hoban. Leading the students in all the cheers, they attended all athletic events from football to track. Tryouts were held last Spring and several girls displayed their talents to the judges. The cheerleaders consist- ed of freshmen, junior varsity and varsity squads. The Rabble Rousers helped bring spirit to all the football and basketball games and wrestling matches. Presi- dent of the Rabble Rousers was Cathy Kossuth and Peggy Gault was secretary. Rabble Rouser members wore matching shirts on the day of the game to promote spirit among the students. REA H . 2-' f . ' , Hntglrfrkt . . . N . 1 , .A 1 . ef , ' ' E - 'f W if f - , " 1.46 J .ai Y ,2A'f1g 1 ' 1, yiff- , v ' - SMA fifeafg is rf' ' cl. K, ' 1 r Q wwf 2 ,H2 P". Ulf- -1 i i 'A "2 fi. . JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Melanie Ostrander, Maggi Sitko, Karen Palacek, Cheerleaders do the fight song at a pep assembly. ffl! '14 1 Caroline Gorman, Melanie Steele, Rosanne Pezzotti. P FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS: Tracey Perry, Cathy Wartko, Tammy Ostrander, Denise Antal Vickie Vaughn, Toni Frantz. ' - Marcinkoski. THE RABBLE ROUSERS: LEFT HALF - TOP TO BOTTOM: Mary Gault, Ruth Redle, Debbie May, Brenda Hamby, Maureen White, Michelle Tecca, Toni Battaglia, Teresa Lopienski, Diane Klein, Carolyn Aylward, Monica Stein, Annette Adlon, Carla DeMauro. CENTER: Sharon Bayes, Cheryl Jack, Regina 1' , CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM - VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Brenda Lewis, F Rosemary Lewis, Colette Sitko, Heidi Schwarzinger, Liz Gorman, Beth Markovich, Sharon Dimengo. RIGHT SIDE - TOP TO BOTTOM: Violet Palmer, Andrea Pramuka, Anna Bratta, Peggy Gault, Liz Schulz, Marianne Novitsky, Judi Fisher, Patty Hamby, Anne Miller, Anita Plunkett, Nancy May, Mo Hughes, Cathy Kossuth. 25 Many couples attended both Homecoming and the Sweetheart Dance. The Sweetheart Dance Court - Left to right: Jack Kelley, Andy Steurer, Flick Kurtz, King John Coatter, and Dominic Rizzo. Dances Spark M. Social Life The Homecoming Court: Seated are seniors Anne Babcock, Nancy May, Queen Cathy Lancianese, Lori Smith, Joni Schismenos. Standing: freshman Toni Frantz, juniors Becky May and Joni Marcinkoski, sophomore Denise Labut and freshman Tammy Ostrander. Sophomore Cathy Babcock was absent for the picture. if Drama Club Stages The fall play staged by the Drama Club, was "Jabberwock", written by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee. "Jabberwock" is set in the so-called fictional city of Columbus, Ohio and depicts the life of James Thurber. The time is the years between the two World Wars, during the wild twenties. Cast tryouts were held early in October, and practices started immediate- ly afterward. Director of the play was Brother Guy Eckels. Thurber family members watch as their car is demolished by trolley. .fg f A., g. . .,, V Chris Kobofcik as Grandpa Fisher plays checkers against himself. "Jabberwock" Grandpa "sword" he'd never do it again. 1-"4 Jamie Thurber Herman Thurber Charlie Thurber Mary Agnes Thurber Roy Thurber Mr. Bodwel Mrs. Bodwell Police Sergeant Policemen Reporter Grandpa Fisher Get-Ready Man Doc Marlowe Georgiana Littlefield General Littlefield War Bond Girl Recruiting Sergeant ROTC Cadets Volunteers Electrician Professor Welch Dr. Ridgeway Dr. Quimby Draftee Mailman Aunt Esther Aunt Belinda Aunt Ida Aunt Fanny Aunt Minnie Aunt Charlotte Aunt Bessie Aunt Sarah Dora Gedd Elvira Weir Lily Loomis Gertie Straub Mark Gorman Joseph Kraus Frank Caprio Michelle Roush Steve Majdanik Jim Knapp Beth Davies Bill Frey Paul Whitehurst Steve Acuff John Alexander Chris Kubofcik Bryan Jenkins Ted Dunay Lisa Conroy Bill Frey Beth Davies Paul Whitehurst Bill Sowa Bill Stimler John Alexander Scott Miracle Jim Knapp Al Joga Bill Sowa Dominic Rizzo John Alexander Bill Stimler Scott Miracle Maria Reiter Kathy Censky Diane Samerdak Julie Fess Maggi Sitko Suzy Novitsky Mary Domchick Lynda Kucko Mary Domchick Jeanne Underwood Ann Lucas Peggy Havansky The reporter, played by John Alexander, questions the Thurber family portrait. f ,, va-H W - W' 'ex Ax H-'W 3k X xx W ,fm .t ib A if , .swrng -'--1 Mo- .al- u-1 gu- 4 wg.-. 3 Q X V www XX . 3? ' 1 5 , K inw X 'V 1 gg 5, X,,,..,X.X..X 4533, -D'iE?'m, if ,IM 'Q X nf ,X X. 3 2 4, , 2 G? 41 sg n ll , ,2- -f 1.- ,W W 1XXXW9M. X vXXXXXXXX+w W X 'X X W X X XX WX X X XXXX XM 9 5 ,WXXXXX X XX X X W W HX SW XX Xv X XY XX W ' XXX X XXX X Members of the National Honor Society - FRONT ROW: Patty DelMedico, Bill Heiselman, Julie Henderson, Beth Marcinkoski, mmm tenses: emits arms , F... L Z Members of Quill and Scroll: Dale Ruther and Paul Hirschfelt. Members of Modern Music Masters - FRONT ROW: Beth Davies, Cecile Harris, Carmie Giulitto, Ann Thornburg. BACK ROW: Paul Hirschfelt, Jeff Cornelius, Cheryl Jack, Joe Wojno, Frank Caprio, Mary Dzubara tpartially hiddenl, Joe Schlosser, Bill Stimler. Outstanding Students Honored Mclntyre, Mark Holland, Mike LiCause, Jim Kraus, Teresa Redle, Gary Brown, Nancy Payne, Jodi Raymond, Colette Sitko, Mary Ann Katalinic, Ruth Redle, Sharon Bayes, Antonette Ferguson, Mary Kelley, Carolin Gorman, Steve Dimengo, Rosie Warmenhoven, Nan Kantorowski, Debbie Kratcoski, Debbie May. MIDDLE ROWISQ: Tom Guban, Kevin Kayle, Tim Angel, Roger Romito, Carol Considine, Jack Kelley, Beth Stitz, Anne Babcock, Anne Giffels, Beth Davies, Liz Gorman, Barb Devlin, Lori Smith, Lynn Vanca, David Gingo, Jim Griggy, Jackie Corey Sawaya, Sharon Dimengo, Pat Duhon, Marianne Novitsky, Dennis Fedorivich, Ann Thornburg. BACK ROW: Brother Donald Johnroe, Mike Reiter, Tim Davis, Carmie Giulitto, Jane Reymann, Paul Hirschfelt, Frank Caprio, Mark Guarino, Therese Plunkett, Mark Gorman, John Martucci, Gib Tecca, Paul Whitehurst, Bill Stimler, Mary Dietrich, Teresa Lopienski, Anna Reymann, Andrea Censky, Judy Fisher, Rachelle Lovelady. w :Hp W f' Wwuf f ' ww' W w,vQw w,,4 J,mW,w. 'W W x my Mm-Q' MM 'wax 'N y XM1 gm -W W N M Q- ' W , X X ,M,. ,r ,..,v, , a'f"eQ X ' n!!1li M x gx y K iffy HH-X ' V,-S, V 2 W ., X M Q Q , X M , ,ff M 1 9? 1,ffvff5:3f 'MW , N , , f, 'ff M F W tk vi bij J 'Ji K 3 . H M? , 5: 5 5 X 5 T Xu , V 4 u D gg? , 'VW' WLWf"' F xx: 'R H, is X y m x : WM 'Mi 1-gm' ' ,,.' M M Nw. ff' me J M, " W11iAgf"'iJf1 mf 1' V W W W . '?.,'RFM H"- 5? New Q W , w E Q , N X N N J NX W Y 0 Q 'H "MW . e -upnldihg r W 5 5' ! wg-uw M ,M x 'x X 4 Miiuhx , Us Each Challenge We Will Meet 'Wi The Athletic program at Hoban has continued to offer to girls as well as boys, many avenues for the outlet of each person's particular talent or energy. Whether or not we have actually won every event, from football to gymnastics, we have met each challenge in a true competitive spirit, al- ways victorious in the fact that we have given one- hundred percent. The dedica- tion shown by each student in a sport, whether it be fresh- men, J.V., varsity or even intramural, gives us the right to assert that now, and in the future, each challenge we will meet. Sports Grid Season Glum Despite Valiant Effort Sophomore player Mark Brown shouts words of encouragement from the bench. Under the direction of the new coach Don Zwisler, the Knights showed the promise of a strong future. Though this year's scores were not very encouraging, the style of play exhibited great enthusiasm and willingness on the part of the team. The first two games were very well played. The team had taken on a completely new look. Although we lost to Ellet, we tied Canton Central Catholic in a scoreless game. The next four games were against very tough opponents. Wadsworth, Cuyahoga Falls, Walsh and Barberton tall big schoolsl proved to be real problems for the small Hoban squad. Lorain Southview almost proved to be a turning point in the season. lt was - at least morally. The Knights scored for the first time in this game. From this point, a lot of fight was re-kindled in a team that plugged hard all season. A revised backfield - the KKK tKurtz, Kennedy, Kelleyl helped the team considerably in the game against Warren Western Reserve. The re-kindled enthusiasm was evident in the fans, too, from this game on. The Homecoming game against St. Thomas Aquinas was considered by many to be the best-played game of 36 the season. The defense played well and the offense pulled together to score thirteen points. Although we lost, it was close, with St. Thomas scoring only seventeen points. A tradition ended when the St. V-M Irish beat the Knights in a tough game at Green Street. The shillelagh has been a symbol of the rivalry between the two schools for the past several years. The stick was retired to the West side of town this year as the Irish won three games in a row. The determination of the Knights in this game allowed the Irish to score only fifteen points. The Junior Varsity this year played well with two wins against Kenmore and Wadsworth. Three games were lost to Walsh, Cuyahoga Falls and Barberton. Greg Kremer coached the squad. The freshman team won four games out of their seven. The teams that were beaten were: Bolich, Roberts, Walsh and Brown. The team was beaten by Wadsworth, Copley, and St. Thomas. Paul Jurkiewicz was freshman coach. In a post-season announcement, Lawrence Latson was given an honorable mention on the All-State squad. LEFT: The Knights celebrate a first down. BELOW: Senior co-captain Rick Kurtz attempts to keep warm between times on the field. BELOW LEFT: Quarterback Lon Marino looks for a receiver. K"5n.... 0-9-1 Season: Shillelagh Stays At St. V-M ROW 1: Andy Steuer, Wade Richardson, Mike DiPasquale, Dave Tarr, Kevin Murphy, Pat Kennedy, Mike Wartko, Jack Kelley, Mike Reiter, Joe Purcell, Chuck Williams, Tim Lopienski, Rick Kurtz, Chris Lopienski, Chaplain Father Barry. ROW 2: Alex Kuzmik, Bill West, Kevin Kayle, Harvey Smith, Harold Stewart, Denny Lann, Paul Carlson, Larry Latson, Philip Brown, Lindsay Latson, Joe Rodgers, Lon Marino, Mike Hunyadi, Ed Dark, Joe Heinl. ROW 3: Manager Mike Andrews, Tony Volpe, Larry McCall, John Spiros, Dave Sibbio, Tom Paris, Bob Buehrle, Don Cureton, Steve Redle, Pat Duhon, Jerry Fess, Dennis Fedorovich, Paul Henneman, John Thur, John Andrews imanagerj. ROW 4: Coach Paul Jurkiewicz, Coach Bernie Lann, Coach Greg Kremer, Jim Coudriet, Tom Alexander, Sean Dougherty, Joe Hardgrove, Marty Nicholas, Greg Donatelli, Coach Ken Fuller, Coach Tim Dougherty, Coach Bob Piekarski, Head Coach Don Zwisler. VARSITY SCORES OPPONENT Ellet Can Cent Cath Wadsworth Cuy Falls Walsh Barberton Lorain Southview W W R St Thomas THEY WE 0 8 . . . 0 O , 0 31 . 0 29 0 24 O 41 ' ' 7 21 . . . 0 14 . 13 17 St. V-M 0 15 St. Thomas 7 The Knight defensive line left this quarterback with nowhere to go. Walters, Jeff Ferguson, Brad Jacobs, Pat Williams Chip Thur, Fred Alexander, Ted Dunay, Dave Stack Mike Andrews. ROW 3: Rob May, Tim Mozic, John Nicholas, Joe Pack, Carmine Flossi, Mike Prease. FRESH M EN FOOTBALL SCORES OPPONENT WE THEY Wadswonh O Bolich 26 Roberts 14 Walsh 14 Copley 0 St. V-M 6 Brown 26 J. V. SCORES OPPONENT WE Kenmore 10 Wadsworth 6 Walsh 14 Falls 0 Barberton 6 71 sv Cross Country Team: Second In State Hoban's Cross Country team was the best in the school's history. This came as a surprise to many people, for many believed that the team wouldn't do so well since several of the top seven runners had graduated last year. But the coach, Dick Malloy, and the rest of the team were out to prove the people wrong. Practice started in early June, and the team continued to work hard throughout the summer with several members running over 500 miles during the three month season. The team had an 8-1 dual meet record and finished at or near the top in several invitationals. The Knights also retired the parochial championship trophy by defeating Walsh for the third consecutive year. This was probably the team's last year in the Northeast Ohio Conference, but the Knights left on a winning note. For the third year in a row the Varsity took first place, making this the fifth first place conference finish in seven years that Hoban has participated in the meet. The Junior Varsity added icing to the cake by finishing first in their race for the second consecutive season. The Knights took first place in the sectional meet which advanced them to the districts. ln the district meet, the team again finished behind St. Thomas capturing the number two position in the state. FRONT ROW: Mike LiCause, Bill Bowman, Jim Merle Steve Dimengo Denis McMahon Richard Nagy, Mike Anich, Jim Kraus. CENTER: Coach Dick Malloy the season s trophies and Manager Joe Schlosser. BACK ROW: Dave Rinella Chris Considine Phil Moser John Goodson, Gary Williams, Tom Orihel, Mark Hodgkiss UPPER RIGH7? Senior Phil Moser leads two of his opponents in the Hoban Invitational. The Knights finished fourth in the meet. Volleyball Team: Best Ever THE VARSITY TEAM - FRONT: Julie Nichols, Josie Majdanik, Denise Labut, Andrea Censky. BACK ROW: Coach Debbi Holland, Roberta Greene, Anna Garland, Mary Kelley, Nadine Sawaya, Patty Bralek, Coach Mary Howard. Hoban's volleyball team, under the direction of the new head coach Mary Howard, proved to be the best in the school's history. The team outclassed all area competition, finishing the regular season with an outstanding 12-0 record. The team was full of confidence and enthusiasm going into tournament play. In the first match of the sectional series, Hoban completely ovenlvhelmed Woodridge scoring 15-0 in the first game and 15-2 in the second game. They went on to defeat the Elms in the second match of the series. ln the sectional championship match, Hoban defeated Kenston in a close match. This qualified the team for the district match. They went on to become district runners-up, behind St. V-M. Nadine Sawaya captained the team. The junior varsity team headed by co-captain Judy Fisher also had an outstanding season. They boasted a 10-0 record for the season. The volleyball team was a young team. There were only three senior members - Captain Nadine Sawaya, Patty Bralek, and Nancy May. This, along with the fact that the junior varsity had such a successful season offers promise for these girls in the future. Judy Fisher sets the ball for Hoban A BO VE: An extra effort by Andrea Censky keeps the ball in play. LEF 'li- S-I i i VOLLEYBALL RESULTS Against Elms Barberton North Central-Hower Woodridge East Barberton Garfield Chippewa Elms Eilet Coventry Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Won Nadine Sawaya and Patty Bralek aid in the recovery of the ball. 11 1 ' We Lana THE J-V VOLLEYBALL TEAM - FRONT ROW: Nancy May, Becky May, Carmie Giulitto, Debbie May, Marianne Novitsky, Terri Stitz. BACK BOW: Coach Debbi Holland, Ruth Ftedle, Judy Fisher, Michelle Tecca, Maryann Katalinic, Coach Mary Howard. 43 ii"" 'mi LEFT: Mr. Greve is set for the jump ball. BELOW: Chris Lopienski throws the ball down court for the "Kool Klux Klan. " A confident Faculty team awaits the Senior All-Stars. 44 wx W Q mx W, X BMW 9 R' in 25 qi? --WM-fs-fm fa, ,o a Fm " guj,'45 KU .1 - m HN , s J ii ,f I x , X Q ? gf-fy ma, 5. L Nz, x WX 1 X 2. 4 ,1 -.z X.. F yy N x ABOVE: Senior Pat McCallum fires over Irish defender. BELOW: Sophomore Larry McCail shoots for two. OPPONENT Nonh Kenmom Barbenon Streetsboro St. V-M Vvoodndge TnnHy Vvmsh WLR.A. St. V-M Ravenna St. Thomas Southview Wadsworth VVAN.R. C.C.C. Green FaHs St. V-M SandyVaHey They 60 60 1 37 71 79 84 39 65 61 57 57 76 75 84 82 89 78 76 60 74 2' 'ff-eg QW' X su gif WL. F, if 'HY , ' 1 H , Q , - 4 The Challenge Well Met JV Basketball team: Manager Jim Coudriet, Dave Sutter, Alex Kuzmik, Kevin Kayle, Bill West, Mike Walter, Phillip Brown, Marty Nicholas, Tom Paris, John Flinella, John Thur. ,gp-----W Sophomore John Goodson goes for a layup. Freshman Marvin Hermes with the free throw Varsity Advances to Districts OPPONENT Covenhy Bmbenon WLRAL Ehns Chmpewa Kenmom KentRooseveH Old Trail EHet Bmbenon Covenhy Vvoodndge Old Trail Ehns Wadsworth Tournament Games Aurora Covenhy 50 TH EY 60 43 28 58 32 51 40 47 45 50 45 44 33 38 60 39 56 A ABOVE: Senior Beth Stitz awaits a pass. LEFT: The Knights defense baffles Barberton. The JV team: Assistant Coach Debbie Holland, Vicki Brasko, Josie Majdanik, Katie Mattingly, Cheryl Nicholas, Michelle Tecca, Debbie Conroy, Teresa St. George, Brenda Hamby, Flose Karson, and Coach Mary Howard. ii T, Mil rt .l This year's girls varsity basketball team was quite successful, although ending with a 6-10 season record. The year began slowly, but gained speed as time progressed. A new coach, Miss Mary Howard, and many new players brought fresh ideas to the team, consisting mostly of sophomores. Much of the season was spent gaining experience and working on techniques. To prove just how far they did advance, they competed in the district game, where they defeated Aurora by a score of 59-36. They went on to play Coventry, although losing 46-36. There were only four seniors on the varsity squad this year: Carol Considine, Beth Stitz, Joni Schismenos, and Camille Felton. They gave much help to the other girls on the team and used their experience to better the team's techniques. Varsity high scorers for the season were Julie Nichols and Camille Felton. The Junior varsity concluded the season 6-4. They, too, concentrated on gaining experience throughout the season. Many players were experienced and skilled enough to also play on the varsity team. Camille Felton and Joni Schismenos served as captains of both the varsity and junior varsity teams. ABOVE: The Varsity Team: Coach Debbie Holland, Beth Stitz, Carol Considine, Terri Stitz, Denise Labut, Camille Felton, Mary Kelley, Anna Garland, Andrea Censky, Julie Nichols, 51 Joni Schismenos, and Head Coach Mary Howard. 1 T If ff xt fi ,ff Q f5"'-F. ff 'il is ' 1' fa M. f 'M' -3 4 Y i N FA -1 ,., 5 3' tt 519' -923 .M we-11, .N , ff -, R '41-L ,gk ,gf W ,,f:49v63 - :L ,S f 'E 5, c? ,A 3 ii K.. l S E WNW i jx T 4 Y V . X A-ff f Qiaqf Q ff Q 3" , figirx 'ifi Q 9 '53 I TV Q57-' i - :QF ' if V Q ix ff ' xi -Y' hm E 9 F Q ' X7 Q! 'K -fr if ' f 'F ' qrp ? 'Y 4? . ' A 6 ? ' X 9 ,, A? . ' 9 'J 4 it ff 4 Q1 f if Q ff ' '? ' ii, Q 9 h ' 731 ' k,- 5 4 . f YM, , fi E Ji a' we fi: 'Y f-ff-:ff g Hi MX Fa S v J F w 3 H if G E xr 9 1 Golf Team is Revived ABOVE: Bill Sowa displays his swing. ABOVE: The Golf Team: Bill Sowa, Don Schultz, Steve Schubert, Dominic Rizzo, John Jones. if 13.5 pf E 6 2 , LTTY. When the announcement came out that Hoban wouldn't sponsor a golf team, the team members of previous years didn't sit idly by. They organized their own team. They collected dues to cover green fees and persuaded Henry Jacobs, a former pro at Turkeyfoot and Highland ll, to be their coach. The golf season ended with a 2-7 record. The team placed 4th in the NEOC tournament which Hoban sponsored. The team also placed 12th out of 35 teams in regional competition. 55 Gymnastics Team Strong in Individual Events OPPONENT East Hudson Elms WE Won Lost Lost Lost Western Reserve Academy , ag 545 2 , ABOVE: Patty Mclntyre works at her floor exercise routine. LEFT: Jodi Raymond practices on the balance beam. 2 5 5 i 2 E gi 6 Gymnasitc team - FRONT ROW: Brenda Lewis, Patty Mclntyre, Andrea Censky. ROW 2: Rhonda Vincent, Lynn Andrews, Jenny Borden, Ruth Redle, Jackie DelMedico. BACK ROW: Anne Miller, Coach Mary Howard, Cheryl Jack, Caroline Gorman, Josie Majdanik, and Jodi Raymond. . ' il WW -3 il 1 ' 21 325, 1 Wrestlers Grapple Their Way To a Victorious Season The fans were optimistic going into this year's wrestling season, and as the season progressed, they were not disappointed. Many talked of an undefeated season. Coach Ralph Paonessa, however, realized early that the team didn't have a lot of depth. There weren't many weight classes with an experienced wrestler the top man, and as the season went on, this is what hurt the team. The team was very dedicated. Several wrestlers began lifting weights at the beginning of the school year. Their dedication is what took the team so far. ln their first match, Hoban's wrestlers put on a sensational show of strength. Four of the Knights in the middle weight classes scored back-to-back pins to help smash Canton Central Catholic. In their second match, the grapplers were in trouble late in the match. The score was 18-27 in favor of Buchtel going into the final two matches. Jack Kelley outclassed his opponent by 12 points, giving the Knights a needed 5 points, but going into the final match, everyone knew what had to be done, and Pat Kennedy did it. He got the pin, and the Knights pulled a victory from the hands of the Griffins. Good times were ahead for the grapplers. They scored devastating victories over Ellet and Central Hower, and then went against top-ranked Beaver Local. Great performances by all of Hoban's wrestlers were confident coming out of this big win and it showed in the matches that followed. They defeated a strong Kent Roosevelt team, and then went on to get revenge for a loss at North in their previous season. Senior John Coatter fights to turn his opponent to the mat. 58 Varsity Wrestling HOBAN OPPONENT 42 Canton Central Catholic 21 29 Buchtel 27 50 Ellet 9 54 Central Hower 12 29 Beaver Local 21 28 Kent Roosevelt 21 35 North 22 20 Cuy. Falls 32 40 Walsh 16 24 St. V-M 25 NEOC Con. Tournament-3rd place. Sectional-2nd out of 16 teams. District-6th out of 51 teams. Q., W rm., EN .N X1 M, 4 fig' ' -aff few 1, 4 f?5?3?Qt?f: 1, .M , i 5 L5i?f Y, , 1 155: ag es' fgfeifgifi , ' S fl 55? 5 , gf: 1 H, gf fee-,fa f- amiga ,e :gf f ABOVE: Senior Jack Kelley pins his adversary to the mat. LEFT: Coach Ralph Paonessa looks on at the North match. f difisfefii A , , ABOVE: Senior Tim Angel battles with his opponent 59 J.V. Compiles an Impressive Record I If-5 Varsity and JV Wrestlers: KNEELING: Steve Redle, Paul Carlson, Jim Eckman, Barry Burnett, Mike Armocida, Mark Conrad, John Rienzi, Larry Donateili. ROW 2: Fred Alexander, Dave Hemming, Jack Kelley, Pat Kennedy, Dave Krummel, Jerry Fess, Sean Dougherty, Tim Angel, Coach Ralph Paonessa. BACK ROW: Robert McGough, Randy McCree, Tony Coatter, Joe Coatter, John Andrews, John Coatter, Jim Keller. The JV went on to compile a 7-3 season record. Freshman Wrestlers: KNEELING: Robert McCree, Charley Keller, Dale Vincent, Tom Marino, Mike Andrews, Matt Crookston, Vince Jones. STANDING: Steve Walter, Larry Kouri, Dan Lancianese, David Jacob, Sam Pantuso, Mike Backer, Rich Karson, Coach Ray Sharnsky. The freshmen had a record of 4-1. 60 The North match got off to a good start when Robert McGough, who went on to be undefeated in dual meets, pinned his opponent. The grapplers went on to an overwhelming victory over the Vikings. The wrestlers ran into bad luck when they needed it the least. Sickness and injury hit in the lower weight classes as the match with a strong Cuyahoga Falls team approached. The team put on a great battle, but with the end of the Falls match, came the end of the team's dream for an undefeated season. The Knights smashed the young Walsh team in their next match with the St. V-M match coming up. The team was still plagued with injuries going into the match with the irish, and despite the cheers from the large number of fans, the Knights were edged out in a close, competitive game. Coming out of this defeat, the grapplers placed third in the NEOC tournament. Seniors Randy McCree and Pat Kennedy did exceptionally well becoming NEOC champs in their weight classes. The Knights performed extremely well in post-season competition as well. ln the sectionals, sophomore Bob McGough tsectional champl, Seniors Randy McCree, John Coatter, Jack Kelley, and Pat Kennedy tsectional champl qualified for the districts. John Coatter and Jack Kelley made it through the districts, and went on to state competition. ln Columbus, both Jack and John won their first matches, but then lost in the second match. John went on in the consolation rounds to take fourth place in the state. LEFT: Sophomore Jerry Fess is getting our of trouble. ABOVE: Sophomore Joe Coatter looks for a pin. lilllma A5555- WAAJL +Q3,'i2s34?i Q . irilifii' gmt' . Wtfi .f'm..Af"'. X' 'gm li 'f ig "f fy, ' fwf'ff"' L J L if'C"' ' if' tatuue, P, fb'-ll TUNE egstotin R gffslnvi L. Xi The Mat Maids: FRONT ROW: Lisa Dickinson, Denice Kisha, Joanne Gingo, Cathy Keller, Lori Smith, Anne Lucas, Vicki Moledor. ROW 2: Lisa Griesmer, Jacquie George, Michelle Roush, Carolyn Martucci, Kathy Censky, Barb Gainer. ROW 3: Sue Oreskovich, Joni Schismenos, Mary Martucci, Mary Kelley, Andrea Censky, Denise Labut, Josie Majdanik. BACK ROW: Vikki Coatter, Sue Rene, Julie Davis, Danielle Spak, Ann Sliman, Mo Hughes. 61 Baseball: Best Season in Years Coach Ray Sharnsky led the baseball team to a 9-14 season which was the best Hoban has had in several years. The Knights suffered many close losses, but as the season progressed, the team gained strength and was able to win several games. Although the team lost the season opener, the Knights came back with a terrific show of force defeating Rootstown by a score of 17-2 in the next game. Other big victories came when Hoban defeated Revere 4-0 in a game which saw Tom Paris pitch a one-hitter, and in a 5-0 shutout of a strong Ellet team. In the final game, the Knights came from behind in the final innings to defeat Revere 6-3. The J-V team, also coached by Mr. Sharnsky, ended its season with a 2-5 record. 62 ABOVE: Junior Jerry DiRoberto fields a ground ball hit to third base. Opponent We They Coventry 3 9 Rootstown 17 2 Field O 4 Revere 4 0 Ellet 5 0 Field 1 6 East 4 1 Ellet 3 16 Stow 2 4 Woodridge 10 6 W.R.A. 7 8 Kent Roos. 6 7 Twins. Chamberlin 7 3 St. V. 2 7 Kenmore 4 1 Bed. Chanel 0 11 Green 9 10 Coventry 7 3 Wadsworth 0 2 Walsh 0 1 East 3 9 Stow 0 1 1 Revere 6 3 MM SEP' '15 5.9 1 X X X M, M " X X I Nw ' 'Will If rv- 5 ,IW ' V Q M :IJ L 15 4' X., W 4 1! -r if N. l f 1 . j -Y s , , s r Y Q . 1 1 fe ,SQ gf 1' 1' 'mr ww . :A , -' . L N . 'Wifi' ,L 'X X af I , 1 .MEN Bowlers Maintain Status Although not a varsity sport, the Hoban bowling team has actively participated on an interesting level over the past years. Each fall, two - four man teams from each highschool are allowed to bowl at Garden Lanes once a week in two split seasons. The number one team consisted of a junior, Bob Plesz, and sophomores John Hutchison, Jim Eckman and Chris Fabbro. The team finished in fifth place for the year. The number two team, however, earned the respect of all other teams as they consistently maintained a first place lead all through the season. Senior Jim McCool had a high average of 172 and a high game of 243 for the team. Senior Eric Hengstenberger's 165 average practically guaranteed a win for the team, and seniors John Bertsch and Ed Sliman were clutch bowlers and always turned in fine games. The bowling team shows a variety of form. wi my it l lall lil 7'T"'ml" Til T' 1 "T"'l'l"1 ffff T' fffffff 1 ll S wi + A all sglvl 64 Y a..-f' 5 ,JP Ski Team Loses to January Cold ABOVE: The ski team. RIGHT: Skiers have trouble on the lift. it . MW J '55 .ff-' lla, For another year the ski team once more took to the slopes of Boston Mills, but forthe first time in their history, the team was forced to admit defeat. In mid-January, the team yielded to the unusually cold weather, and did not ski. The team had a chance to ski six times and each member was credited with one discount time on their own. Even with the loss however, the team, with moderators Mr. Cody and Mrs. Coudriet, had a lot of fun. w. Q.. 'N-... -f., 1.- ,ef up-Q 5 Pxtwmx 'Q A 4352 ,www f V if W if , Y ' w ',M H5 'W W ' 7 W'wuLt2iv X: M M ww w K ' 4 N up M- X N ' my vw U Q .M H LR 'L M V 'Q' Q Q' -ff. L v 3, VY ' 1 W ,Q , M M, 1 1' K7 95 3 ,W K 23 1 - LM ' 2,9 1 WM Nw Q, A iw -W 4 aww QSFWW Jw ffif 1 my v WVU? Efpmf if "' Kg, ff? W P ' gi NW , My-:,r. V, ,, ,M X iHff'++'flW?"" ' - r4'15A,-nf ri 4 .f. k'1"9,.fv-4gWZ5x'k-NH qgf-S . - 1 ,.,, mmm!wwffkffifiiiffiif .fa-1' A ' X "C 'H' "SW E' ' v QW Je wa X . 4, ' w-MQ-N ww fv 1 4 X' w, ' HMm,m,N W, X- ,A 'q 5 v,mw'M N mygwgww , 4, 1 " - ' M' A www' AAU wmwwx, Y ,U W W VH WMM X XM wwwww W' ' W " MWWNM ''WWWX,Iww'N'cWW , W w w 5 -11 I c-.. ,f , q "Wil-.. 3 i , ' -21 ,. ...lm i 1. -Q Moser Takes Third in State ABOVE: Junior Mark Hodgkiss and sophomore Steve Dimengo lead an unseen defender. BELOW: Sophomore Sean Dougherty receives the baton to continue the race. Although the track team's winless season doesn't indicate it, the team showed improvement. The sprinters, coached by Mr. Don Zwisler and Mr. Gary Howieson, were more talented and greater in number. The distance runners, coached by Mr. Dick Malloy, were strong. They rarely gave up more than a few points in their events, but they were impaired by illness and injury. The team improved in other events including the pole vault and the hurdles. 68 . fi fa?-1, . K? i U gy 53 -. Q Opponent We They Revere 46 81 Coventry 61 66 St. Thomas 14 113 Manchester 46 81 W.R.A. 9 118 Cent. Hower 47 79 C or 'T I 6 rnr' 6 . ABOVE: Sophomore Larry McCail iumps the hurdles in a final surge toward the finish. ' ,ixf f"'i"'r'w"-'Q-Msg:-Q-.. ,. ,Typo is ' if wi. H L an .ck Q FRONT ROW: Mike LiCause, Greg Heard, Tom Orihel, Marvin Coach Dick Malloy, coach Don Zwisler, Phil Moser, Mark Hodgkiss Hermes, Eric Schnitzler, Steve Redie. ROW 2: Chris Considine, Rob May, Kevin Massey, Joe Wojno, Chris Pack, John Martucci, AI Steve Dimengo, Jim Ridgill, Larry McCaiI, Joe Kraus, Barry Joga, Mike DiPasquaIe, Mark Peterson, coach Gary Howieson. Burnett, Richard Nagy, Dan Lancianese, Sean Dougherty. ROW 3: mm v---. LW ML, ,,,, k -H-.,.w...,w 5 M, v g:K"g.,I N Jam- V-mmm. my ---mn WW.1..l..-ww"' ,,....w-w-'..w.. U W gs -x Q . Loyal True Amid the Crowd . . As a school on one of the highest points in Akron, and frequently in the community's eyes, Hoban has continued to be an example of what a quality education should be. One of the principal factors making up this quality educa- tion is Hoban's excellent aca- demic program. The people responsible for the maintain- ing and improving of the program are the faculty. The staff also aids in the educa- tional process by further pro- viding for the various stu- dents' needs. "Loyal true amid the crowd. . these people are a vital part of the Hoban community. Faculty Establishing Goals Throughout the year the concept of quality education was stressed by the administration. Principal, Bro. William Verstraete, dealt with the problems concerning the operation and development of a quality school. Assistant Principal, Bro. John May, maintained the responsibilities of scheduling all students, so that each had an opportunity to receive the most rounded education possible. Mr. Robert Bloniarz, Dean of Students, oversaw student related problems and sought ways to break down these minor barriers. Handling the finances of the school was Bro. Robert Woodward who worked as head treasurer in the central office. Father Joseph Barry, present as a moral leader, officlated at chapel masses and student liturgies. J ', fl li it l W ' i Mr. Paonessa and Mr, Bloniarz discuss an important matter. 72 iw www , . ts., . t-.i " , . ,N ms is l R wi ,, , 'W lit , N tt. wt www' tt tw lm' 1 it . Brother William Verstraete Brother John May N X Hi ll! X J ,,,, ,N M V im? 5 ' ' Wg . me of-it . . was xl "N-.R ky may-M' in Mr. Robert Bloniarz ,,,- W U, W, f A Ma-X'.M,' ir 'M-Www W5 w.ww-:,- H-'gf-Www.-www M sf Wx," ' wr wffrfvrrcr-rrSQaM'I'XV- ' ' X A - WW ,f -1,9 1: Father Jgseph Barry Brother Robert Woodwa 4""f Sister Dorothy Freitas Mr. Brian Greve The understanding of writing, public speaking, and literature was stressed in the required English courses as well as the English electives. Under the instruction of Br. Leonardo Bebetu, Sr. Dorothy Freitas, Br. Charles Gregg, Mr. Brian Greve, Mr. Richard Malloy and Mr. Ralph Paonessa, students were instructed in everything from the reading of simple poetry to the writing of essays. Mr. Larry Haff- ner also taught English. Applying Basic Language Brother Leonardo Bebetu Bf0U1el' Chafles GYGQQ Senior students await their next assignment. l L l l v l rl lt Techniques To Literature g,,,f'.a..i we ff' -6 In Mr, Ralph Paonessa Mr. Richard Malloy half Q Mr. Haffner is caught by an intruder in Junior English. ree, A l Kathy Klein ponders a question in World Lit. 75 The Social Studies Department offered all students the opportuni- ties of learning about man's begin- ning. Taught by Mr. Dan Cody, Sr. Stephanie Mueller, Mr. Karl Schwarzinger, and Mr. Dan Weiss, the various courses followed man's rise to his present level of civiliza- tion and showed students how each level affected the world's history and its governments. Psychology was also offered, giv- ing students a chance to study and understand their individual person- alities. Linking Past To V ,.1 f " ,, PM g ,,, -ff . ' fd' Juniors Judi Fisher and Marianne Novitsky act out parts form "Antigone" wi Sister Stephanie Mueller Mr. Daniel Cody Present Sophomores make use of library sources for study in American History. ggfmw OR SAR NEAREST RECRUITING F 2 ' -1 , fwsif g. Lie ' E ' 2 f V121 BELOW: Seniors catch up on their government readings. Jr' MW " wifi if: , , U iviwiiwi 'A ' A Mr. Karl Schwarzinger Mr. Daniel Weiss ii , i, f 'wxpimi-, wf Developing Community Awareness The Religion Department helped to bring about emotional and moral development among the students. instructed by Mr. Michael Coudri- et, Br. Donald Johnroe, Mr. Greg Kremer, Father John McNulty and Mr. William Penn, students be- came aware of Christian beliefs as well as the beliefs of other world religions. Electives in Religion enabled students not only to learn new things, but also to apply them in the outside world. By volunteer- ing to help people less fortunate than themselves students learned a real awareness toward the out- side world. Kg Sophomores are seen through the open door of a busy class 78 Mr. Greg Kremer Father John McNulty Students chat before class begins. Doctor William Penn Expressing One s Inner Self And Mr. Gary Collier directed the Freshman Band, Pep Band, Con- cert Band and the Continentals Stage Band. Assistant band direc- tor, Brother Eugene Weisenberger, C.S.C., was responsible for giving lessons and helping students pre- pare for State Competition. He was also moderator of the area chapter of Modern Music Masters. Back for her fourth year as choreographer for the Starlettes was Mrs. Paula Hamby. She don- ated endless hours of her time instructing girls in their routines, which they performed with the band at sports events. The woodwind section of the band tunes up during class 80 Learning New Skills The Art Department, under the J , lx . l'e..,, direction of Mrs. Doug Terrass, gif! Wi l. ' allowed students to try their hand L at anything from pencilsketches to , ceramics. This offered students on , Q 3251: all levels a number of ways to M' ' ...- express their creativity. Once a .g .A week, art appreciation was offered ' . so students might observe the masters and their techniques. Y xxx N1 A NX K x X N l l 2 I Art students Kathy Franiesevic and Paul Hirschfelt put the finishing touches on the new MVS- DOUQIHSS Teffass wall. Broadening Spectrum Df Knowledge The foreign language depart- ment again offered students a choice of three languages. Mrs. Sharon Madoff Coudriet and Miss Deborah Deonise instructed stu- dents in the fundamentals and uses of Spanish and French. Foreign conversation and writing were stressed as was the origin of each language. The third language was Latin taught by Mr. Richard Malloy. Mrs. Sharon Madoff Coudriet WSS Deb0f3h Demise .. an 1 .n -4 1- , Brother Guy Eckels Mr, Laffy Haffner Brother Edward Libbers Offering New Look At Life Brother Donard Steffes In Biology and Chemistry, life science and the basic concepts of matter and energy were studied under the teaching supervision of Br. Guy Eckels, Mr. Larry Haffner, and Br. Edward Libbers. Electron- ics and physics also were taught by Br. Donard Steffes, giving students an opportunity for an extensive background in the sci- ences. ! ,., ...... r NFAH hifi ' '. 'im QP Qu 'No MP.. Am Cm Bk - Ac 0 TIME! Brother Edward goes above students' heads. Solving Basic Problems nf?-A 1 V - , tw Brother Robert Dailey Brother Richard Gilman Brother Kenneth Knox M Phil Moser types his program into the computer in the math lab. Brother Joseph LeBon During the year, the Mathe- matics Department covered every- thing from the fundamental proper- ties of numbers to advanced computer programming. Br. Robert Dailey, Br. Richard Gilman, Br. Kenneth Knox, and Br. Joseph LeBon instructed mathematics on various levels. 83 Developing Practical The expanding Business Department continued to offer students secretarial and office practice in a professional atmosphere. Typing and Shorthand were stressed by Mrs. Dreajean Brown, while Mr. Donald Schubert taught skills in bookkeeping and accounting. Mr. Carl Fiocca, new to Hoban this year, instructed students in the workings of Business Law. The applied arts department, underthe direction of Mrs. Jackie White, was offered this year to both male and female students. Classes in foods, clothing, singles living, and child development were taught to all students who desired instruction in surviving in the outside world. Mrs. Dreajean Brown Mr. Donald Schubert Freshman eye the camera during Mr. Schuberfs Record Keeping class 84 And Useful Skills ? r ii ff ' F rv '. X-,mQQi', fr Yr, , 'mlm l-lIlQl"'WMFl- X 1 r-M-,, ,, 7lllw:l,, if will Wg K WW- .J if , , , l ll fr mr" rw wlxwrM ,f1 " xml -ww. W-wwf 3, - A r l,-. Q .1- 1 A '55 V Q f 2 "fig" 1 4 :L r :fu 3 Wim ,iff J 1 ,gf f f llwil xr if v Mr. Carl Fiocca - li-V 'r '- Sue Carano irons out wrinkles in her latest creation. Mrs. Jackie White The Guidance Department never refused to listen to the problems of any student who needed someone to talk to. Sr. Claire Young and Br. Flobert Siegel, worked endless hours on ways to abolish problems plaguing the school and its stu- dents. Brother Robert Siegel Sister Claire Young Planning The Future Mr. Tony Paris and Jodi Raymond laugh over an amusing matter. 86 Strengthening Mind And Body Mr. Don Zwisler 'WSS Marv Howard Health class covered a number of topics such as mental health, drugs, first aid and nutrition. The Physical Education class helped prepare students for both individu- al as well as team sports. Both courses, under the supervision of Miss Mary Howard and Mr. Don Zwisler, stressed the importance of good physical care of the body as well as the importance of sportsmanship and fair play. Serving School Needs The staff remained an important part of the 76-77 school year by carrying out many of the duties necessary for the smooth operation of a school this size. Mrs. Rita Sitko, new to the school this year, took charge not only of the typewriters and telephones of the central office but also the distribution of a daily absence list. As the Bookkeeper, Bro. Joseph Fox, administered everything from giving change to tuition receipts. The running of a quality library remained the job of Sister Agnes Kidder and Sister Bernard. The library provided students with a place of silence in which to study and a fine research center for assignments of any type. Bro. Richard Foley continued to take charge of all audio visual machines, printing, and Red Cross instruction. Preparation of school meals was the job of many people. Mrs. Esther Giaccomo, Mrs. Katherine Justice, Mrs. Mary Palovich, Mrs. Helen Sesock, Mrs. Betty Wilson, and Mrs. Agnes Yavarsky. These ladies worked to insure the cleanliness of the cafeteria and the preparation of nourishing meals. ln charge of maintaining a clean school was Mr. Michael Szalay. Clerk for State Aid materials, Miss Debbie Holland, assisted in obtaining many of the items used throughout the year. Helping out where he was needed was Bro. Jonas Moran who always had time for someone in need. Brother Joseph Fox Sister Bernard 88 W iq Y Mrs. Rita Sitko Q Sister Agnes Kidder Through Cooperation Ei M4 Brother Richard Foley Miss Debbie Holland BFOiheI' Jonas MOFHH 3 621 i ' A 5 ' , l X , Mr. Mike Szalay THE CAFETERIA STAFF: Catherine Justice, Linda Whitestine, Agnes Yaworsky, Esther Giacomo, Helen Sesock, Betty Wilson. 89 Q w Wa' vm M1 Q55 .kia , "Hoban High Your Students Proud . . .E-13 What is the purpose of Hoban? What does it exist for? A short walk through its halls provides an answer. lt exists for the students. "Hob- an High your students proud ..."makes it something more than a building, more, than just another school. This pride is reflected in the volun- tary participation of students in activities from student government, to the Save Hob- an drive, to attending sports events. Everyone seems to do his or her part to maintain the pride in Hoban's name, even if it is just working to get good grades. As long as this pride exists, Hoban will continue to grow athletically, academical- ly, and spiritually. Underclass Freshmen: The Beginning of the Future ABOVE Freshmen participate in Outdoor Education Day Because this was our first year at Hoban, we were not exactly sure what to expect. Would classes be difficult? What would the teachers and stu- dents be like? Would it be hard to adapt to the high school curriculum? Our first weeks here at Hoban answered these questions. We found teachers and staff as well as the other students to be helpful in our adjust- ment. The Freshman Class Officers: Sam Pantuso, Vice-Presidentg Dan Lancianese, Presidentg Maggi Sitko, Vice-Presidentg Vicki Vaughn, Vice-President. .Mix ff 41' N... img., Fred Alexander Mary Andrews Mike Andrews Denise Antal Dan Anthony Larry Aylward Mike Backer Brenda Baird Chris Bartholet Suzie Baughman Maria Bechter Paul Belair Miriam Betita Craig Blair Jennifer Borden Howard Brown Ralph Buehrle Fran Calvaruso Jeff Carlton Kathy Censky Tony Coatter Lisa Conroy Cathy Cooley Matt Crookston Eddie Cunningham Lisa Currie Jay Curry Gary Cymbor Jim Dalziel Laurele Davidson Jeff Davis John Deeken Bob Dietrich Mike DiMauro Maria Dimengo Dan DiPasquale Mary Domchick Carolin Donatelli Becky Drexler Frank Dujanovic Ted Dunay David Dzurovcin Richard Elefritz David Ellison John Evanicki Lydia Fabbro Al Falkenstein Jeff Ferguson Julie Fess Pamela Foddrell Sharon Foster Bill Fox Bill Franjesevic Toni Frantz Eddie Frederick Angel Gabel Barbara Gainer Valerie Gandy Mary Gault Mike Gerski David Gerwig Greg Gleisinger Philip Glencross Jean Hackel ml fb, if eelgg .1 gf, . Setting Goals for Ourselves Early in the year we began to realize a very important feature of Hoban and its ix X ,K 4, , Freshman Larry A ylward relaxes in study hall. Brenda Hamby Catherine Harris Victor Haydu f- 2?,,i", S , 'T as people: friendliness. Someone is always around to help with a problem or a question, or to help elevate the spirits with a simple "hello". Perhaps this stems from the pride everyone has in the school. This feeling is very con- tagious and we felt this attitude developing throughout the year. The election of our class officers in the fall was an important step for us. We were to choose the people who were to represent us in the school and to lead us in achieving our goals this year. Our officers received advice and guidance from our class moderators, Sister Claire and Mr. Dan Weiss. 1 i Joanne Heiselman Lisa Hendershot Lisa Henderson Elizabeth Henderson Marvin Hermes Tim Hurd Brad Jacob Dave Jacob Bryan Jenkins John Jones Vince Jones Neil Kallman Richard Karson Rose Karson Cathy Keller Charley Keller Campion Kelley Jackie Keppler Denice Kisha Dan Klein Michelle Klein Stephen Knaus Larry Kouri Rose Kuberka Lynda Kucko Diane Kurtz Dan Lancianese J EE Freshman Dan Anthony is proud to be in uniform. ff 'l l l X XX. K M A Al 'li' Www 'G Chib Ledford Ann Lucas Gloria MacBride Jim Maher Steve Majdanik Flenay Malagrida Tom Marino Caroline Martucci Mary Martucci Paula Massie Kathleen Mattingly Marc May Rob May Teresa May Stephen McCort Flobert McCree Karla McGuinness Debbie Menendez Tom Merendino Vicki Moledor Tom Mozik Mary Murphy xf 1 97 Enjoying Our First Year John Nicholas Suzi Novitsky Mary O'Brien Tammy Ostrander Joe Pack Karen Palecek Viola Palmer Sam Pantuso Tracey Perry Lori Porter Karen Prease Mike Prease To bring us all together, a fall picnic was held at Virginia Kendall Park for all freshmen and their families. It was very successful because everyone made a few new friends and all had a good time. Things began happening quickly as the officers and members of the class became more acquainted with each other and started to organize more events. Two bake sales were held during the fall to contribute to our class fund. Both were highly successful, and both gave us a good start for the year. The Freshman Outdoor Day was held in October. Besides the fact that we had a lot of fun, we also found out that not all learning takes place in a classroom. Groups of students put on impromptu plays concerning funny situations in Hoban classrooms. There were also sneak previews of the sports teams along with a "treasure hunt". Pizza and pop were served for lunch during which we talked about things to come. RIGHT Freshman Vickie Vaughn gives a cheer at the St. V-M assembly. Karen Scaduto Mark Schaeufele Rita Schirmer Donna Schmitt Lee Schnitzier Marianne Schubert Anne Schulz Maggi Sitko Marvin Primes Joan Purcell Joe Quinn Richard Quinn Ed Regec Paul Reymann Karl Roberts Carmine Rossi Michelle Roush Ed Ruper Diane Samerdak Anna Satterwhite fi ,si To , 4'1" Ms i it M Dave Smith Jim Snyder Michele Sohner Joe Sovacool .Teal Learning the Meaning Head wrestling coach Mr. Paonessa leads freshmen cheers to victory fini S 5 r .09 ge ln preparing for the Christmas seas- on, we planned an Advent Mass for all freshmen and their families. It was a time of reflection on the past and hope for the future. Many people attended and helped make this one of the most successful events of the year. After the mass, there was entertainment with a puppet show and an appearance by none other than Santa Claus for the kids, and refreshments of coffee and donuts for all. Such a joyful event gave everyone a new insight into themselves. 100 of Hoban Spirit nv. '. ,l -nl, :Ii N . itll Bill Sowa 'l , . Nancy Steurer -X 'Kill ' .fx .xii .wx -:sv il 'll mf, Mike Stith .X f 4-n. David Stock Qpunnv-' The first activity of the new year brought profit to our class fund. A giant raffle was held at the end of January for the entire school. The tickets sold in record time with a first prize of S50.00. Our entire class was swept up in the excitement and everyone became self-made salespeople. After the winner was announced, we realized that it had brought us a new sense of togetherness we had not felt before but we hoped to keep it and let it deepen. Acting upon this sense of togetherness prompted us to participate in several winter activities. With free facilities for these winter sports at Virginia Kendall Park, we decided to take advantage of them. Dates were set for tobaggoning, sled riding, and ice skating. Since each activity was held at different times we had a chance to recuperate in between each event ' 1 1 1 'vm ,.. X gig' Q s E . l vvllt 'Q Ali... . ' . 'W ' f , 'WWW ly , 6 ' -f-l lt' ' , . 'X' l . flll llii ' :iw ltlll li' M H t ':u,-l l 101 " .Nu i nl-'Mil E. Freshmen Cathy Wartko and Karen Palacek urge the football team on to better efforts. ,N-:X , N et N X W t Wm N X 1 'l'iNsf'tIX',- me X -NMMA Mt fl W W tn 3 'W X x Jonathan Stone Brian Sveda Michelle Tecca Brian Thomas 1 , ff f i 1:5 ' , S QI xy a Class In accordance with the basket- ball season and to build up our Hoban spirit, a contest was held between members of our class and several faculty members. Students were challenged to a one-on-one basketball competi- tion with the teachers. The action was fast-paced and excit- ing as the students cheered their classmates. As winter came to an end, we sponsored a spring dance. We had a live band play to a large turnout. We were very pleased about this as one of our objec- tives is to build up our class funds, which this activity defin- itely did. KVM? qty' 2 3 Freshman Jenny Borden assists in A. V. room. gi Finding Ourselves in Others As the weather became increasingly warmer, our interests turned to outdoor activity. One idea was to have another picnic. A cookout picnic was planned for all freshmen and their families. Many people came, and many new friendships grew among families. lt was an event to be remembered. Since we had so much success with our earlier raffle, we decided to have another. As expected, we were highly successful with this one and we had a lot of fun in the process. Er:-.rrerwmw in www! M .W-W it Q. J ....' ABOVE: The freshmen boys' gym class exhibit their basketball ability. it WMM' 104 vickievaugnn i f Bryan Vincent , Steve Walter Nancy Ward Cathy Wartko Pat Williams Rick Williams Eric Yaegar tttt tt-ttvttv Searching for New Horizons We began to realize that the year was almost over as prepara- tions began for the class trip to Cedar Point. Our entire class was excited at the prospect of a day spent at the famous amuse- ment park. As it turned out, our ima -we r W. expectations were met many "" """ 'M times over and our first high school class trip was definitely M one to be remembered. The end of this year was a very i i unique time for us. We began -1 A, '--.-.0 1 www gp' Mg 5'-f""f.,,,0--if the year rather unknowingly, not """ sure what it held in store for us. wwf? My However, as the year has pro- g as ,M gressed, as new friendships it ' have been made, we have experi- ' "" enced new things and realized our feelings for this school. All of the things we have learned W academically and socially have been centered around the Hoban spirit. We became caught up in it. ,J-P' ,43- ,llllvillilgmllwllllli 13 'xg glivtltilwym W Wm., w lim, , v"""'Ww...c .,,.. A. 105 Sophomores: Broadening Horizons ABOVE: Sophomore John Hutchison works quietly in Study hall During our freshman year, we achieved an understanding of Hoban and through this understanding we developed a deep feeling of pride, knowing we were a part of the school. As the year drew to a close, we recognized this feeling for what it is: the Hoban Pride. At the end of our freshman year, we elected class officers for the 76-77 year. All our officers did a fine job getting ideas from the students and planning events around them. They received a large amount of help from homeroom contact people who got many of the ideas from the students in the sophomore class. 106 ,.e,,.,,.....fff M -- V, The Sophomore Class Officers: Jackie DelMedico, Vice-Presidentg Josie Majdanik, Presidentg Tom Duhon, Vice-Presidentg Tom Paris, Vice-President. QQ John Alexander Tom Alexander Sheila Allen Lynn Andrews Mike Angel Mike Anich Cathy Babcock Toni Battaglia Diane Berneath Vicki Brasko Derek Brown Mark Brown Bob Buehrle Leroy Burgardt Barry Burnett Cathy Calvaruso Paul Carlson Michael Childs Chris Chimera Matt Clark Joe Coalter Todd Conrad Debbi Conroy Jim Coudriet Don Cureton Jeannie Dalziel Lynne Davis Mimi Davis Jackie DelMedico Barbara Devlin Lisa Dickinson Steve Dimengo Greg Donatelli Sean Dougherty Laura Drexler Patrick Duhon Jackie Dunay Bob Dzurovcin Jim Eckman Gary Ellison Chris Fabbro Bob Fahey Dennis Fedorovich Gerald Fess Sophomore John Thur watches the action i Hoban varsity game. HE by, fsg f Y I 1 'Kb 1 Q 'W John Fox Keith Friend Anna Garland Bernie Geers Jackie George Nancy Giffels David Gingo Joanne Gingo David Gleisinger John Goodson Caroline Gorman Roberta Greene Lisa Griesmer Jim Griggy Georgina Groborchik Joe Hardgrove Greg Heard Paul Hennemann Jenny Hunt Pat Hunt John Hutchison 1 r M 109 F, Increasing Our Academic Knowledge Henry Jack Ann Jefferson Ywanda Jefferson Al Joga Luther Johnson Mark Jones Nan Kantorowski Kevin Kayle Mary Kelley Michael Klrn Jim Knapp Terry Knapp Joe Koerber Debbie Kratcoski Joseph Kraus Christopher Kubofcik Alex Kuzmik Denise Labut The beginning of our sophomore year brought about a new depth to this pride and spirit. lt also brought about our meeting new teachers and enabling them to get to know us. We knew that this pride and spirit would grow and become deeper in our thoughts through the next three years. This year was spent doing things to show others the pride and spirit we have for Hoban while still enjoying ourselves and helping others. We definitely fulfilled our second goal at our first event of the year in September. A picnic was held for all sophomores at Sand Run Park. The turnout was substantial, and enough chicken was on hand for everyone who came. After lunch every- body participated in sports or went for a hike. Sophomores who attended agreed that our first class activity was a success and many who didn't come wish they had. As a beginning of the year event it helped to renew old friendships, make new ones, and strengthen our school spirit where it had waned over the summer. E6 J. V. cheerleader Caroline Gorman urges the team on BELOW: Sophomore Denise Labut waits to pick up her yearbook. Brenda Lewis David Lipps Josie Majdanik Roseann Marzano Kevin Massey Rick May Larry McCaiI Mary Ann McFee Robert McGough Laura McGuinness Rosanne McManus Jim Merle Scott Miracle. Marty Nicholas Julie Nichols Greg O'Brien Dave Oravec Janine Oreskovich Sue Oreskovich Diane Orihel Melanie Ostrander As school began becoming routine, we decided to break the monotony. Our Hoban spirit showed through in another activity: roller skating! We rented Springfield Roller Rink and held a party for all Hobanites. The success of this event can be judged by the popular opinion of the students who talked of nothing else for weeks after. We also contributed to the pride and spirit of our football team by sponsoring a poster party to keep the spirit of the entire school at a peak. Another poster party, co-sponsored with the freshmen, was held during Hoban week in preparation for the St. V-M game. Audrey Mizerock John Moss J "www F til 1 Jim Myers Cindy Nardella St. V-M poster shows names of sophomore football players. if wi W3 'h..,,,, We decided to have a special celebration as a class during the Thanksgiving season to reflect on all we have and give thanks. Parents and students were invited to a special Mass held in the cafeteria. All who attended experienced a new meaning of the Thanksgiving season. As Christmas approached we be- came aware of the importance of the children at the Hattie Larlham Foun- dation. Working with the juniors, an evening was spent making texture boards to teach the children different feelings and develop their sense of touch. Students realized that al- though Hoban pride and spirit is very important to us, helping others is more important. Through our work we hoped to deepen the pride in these children. Growing and Maturing Chris Pack Tom Paris Jaime Perry Mark Peterson Jerry Petrowski Rosanne Pezzotti Norman Rado Steve Redle xi Y FT "-K ABOVE: Sophomores Don Schultz and Marty Nicholas play volleyball during gym class. Maria Reiter Jane Reymann Teresa Ricco James Ridgill Elliott Ridley John Rienzi John Rinella Patty Robinson Continuing Our Search tb X , X W M Mi it it J ABOVE: Sophomore Maria Reiter, as Aunt Esther, poses for a picture ,, ': , asf2ff",, f.a1x: , f 'D 1 ....M.. A-.P -Q .. 5 . " ummm-.---,NW VV 7 P WWW fe-5 , . V Qm ... l - .... f o f A 4 . Ur -Mya Emi I M 2 if- WL .tl . F" 4 3 Ni -X Aria gf-"'-li.,L,..i . it av H--si jk, 1- E REEF' Thi' INV' F up -- Reaching Beyond Ourselves Mark Roland Theresa St. George John Sarvis Debbie Savoldi Corey Sawaya Charlie Schneider Jean Schnitzler Don Schultz in Also in December we spon- sored a dance after a basket- ball game. Spirits were at a high level with the music to cap off an exciting evening. Perhaps the highlight of the basketball season was a trip to a Cavaliers basketball game. Unexpectedly, the group was not exclusively male, which proved that Hob- an students have varied inter- ests and are getting a rounded education. Hoban spirit trav- eled along with the group as they enthusiastically cheered the Cavaliers to victory. 115 iii X, ' VX' MMM i iii X W 1 X , +L l 1 Yziwil ,i xv ii if ,Ju ,Vg f' 'Ulf ei. Sophomore Chris Chimera gets her books ready for her next class, ' X ii 1' M i. i i ii iii ' W ,X i Jim Schumer Charles Seltzer David Sestokas Steve Sibbio Mike Skvarka Ed Sliman Dino Soranno lu 9 Q. Jamie Sovacool John Spiros Melanie Steele Gwen Stein Juli-ana Stewart Jeff Stimler Q Terri Stitz Mark Sturm Paul Sullivan Understanding Community Awareness Before the end of the snow months, we took great advan- tage of the facilities at the Akron Metropolitan Parks. "Suffering'l through the very low tempera- tures, sophomores came out in droves for winter activities such as ice skating and sledding. Falling on the ice or getting pelted with snowballs merely added to the excitement. No one seemed to notice the cold hands or anything else because of all the fun we were having. By the end of the evening everyone was showing definite signs of fa- tigue. However, a short rest and some warmth from the fire raised spirits and no one noticed the tiredness. When the announcement came that Hoban might close, student pride and spirit went to levels never before reached. Sophomores individually helped support the school by contribut- ing greatly in the Ftoot-Beer-a- thon. Many class members tried to challenge the record, al- though no sophomores actually broke it. Much money was collected through sponsors and donated to the Hoban Trust Fund. Sophomore spirit shines through again. 117 Becoming a Cohesive Unit The coming of spring brought plans for the sophomore class trip. The class as a whole decided to go to Cedar Point for a day. Friends went off to enjoy the park in individual groups and an enjoyable day was definitely had by all. The end of the year brought both sadness and joy. Many of us were sorry to leave our friends for the summer. We were happy, however, because we had successfully finished another year and were looking forward to an enjoyable and relaxing summer. Everyone promised to keep in touch and to keep up the Hoban pride and spirit. Jamie Perry walks toward the Treasurer's Office. 118 Jacki Weyrick Paul Whitehurst Loretta Wilke Joe Woino Kathy Wright BELOW: Sophomore wrestlers Sean Dougherty and Jerry Fess watch attentively at North wrestling match. It was an uphill struggle, but we can look back on what we've done so far and realize that we have really accomplished something and that we are halfway to our goal. 2 119 if his Mig? 'V , 'Ui ff - wi ig A 1" Juniors: Achieving Our Goals .Lf Qjggi a i'ii if As we approach our senior year we begin to prepare ourselves for the remote future. To find our goals and to continue to achieve them was a major project. Under the guidance of our class officers, homeroom contact persons, and our moderators Br. Edward Libbers and Mr. Haffner, many things were accomplished and the dream of a successful year be- came a reality. The first activity we sponsored that took place this year was a poster party in mid-September. Many stu- dents participated to make it a big success. One of the biggest events in October was our class ring cere- mony. The ceremony took place in the gym with a blessing from Fr. Barry and the distribution of the rings by Br. William. A small reception with cake and punch was held aftenlvards. Everyone was proud of his ring which symbolized a step into the future. 120 BELOW: Juniors participated on the varsity level in many sports. The Junior Class Officers: Peggy Gault, Vice-Presidentg Gary Brown, Vice-Presidentg Judi Fisher, Presidentg Betsie O'NeilI, Vice-President. ,ling rw? 4 'li 7 -,...-. Annette Adlon John Andrews Joe Antal Bob Antonucci Dave Arm brust Carolyn Aylward Sharon Bayes Julie Bechter David Bertsch Rosemarie Bianco Bernie Biskner Ed Boal Kathy Boal Richard Borden Anna Bratta Gary Brown Phillip Brown Robert Brown Maureen Burke Frank Caprio Andrea Censky Vikki Coatter Junior Spirits Help Keep Hoban 0pen ln October we sponsored a fall dance featuring Mesh. This was a special dance because it included a dance contest. Of the 150 people who attended the dance, about 20 participated in the contest. After a few minutes of dancing, two students took first place. Both received prizes for their special talents and we made a healthy profit. In late October, it was announced that the school would be closing at the end of the school year. This was a tremendous surprise to everybody. We, the class of 1978 were strongly upset since we would be seniors soon. lt would be difficult to have to transfer to different schools. This would mean new friends, teachers and a completely different atmosphere, the things every- one is fondest of here at Hoban. XNI W Junior Jim Kraus gives a "toot" Chris Considine Teresa Cooley Monica Cortesi Julie Costanzo Diane Crafton Anna Cunningham Ed Dark Rob Datillo Jim Davies ' Joe Davis Julie Davis Mary Kay Dietrich Carla DiMauro Sharon Dimen o :lui ' ' 'W P Wi,- 9 Jerry DiRoberto Bull Drexler Mary Dzubara Andy Dzurovcin Jim Elefrliz John Fenkanyn Antonette Ferguson i x' , xx-f ' Aa ERN, 1 Judith Fisher Bill Frey Joe Gabel Dana Garro Peggy Gault Carmie Giulitto Ann Goodall Mark Gorman Tom Guban Junior Marianne Novitsky sets fhe ball up for a spike. Earl Hamby Patty Hamby Charles Hamilton Peggy Havansky Shawn Heaton Joe Heinl Bill Heiselman Lynn Hendershot Julie Henderson Paula Hennemann Dave Hill Mark Hodgkiss ABOVE Mark Holland Mo Hughes Michael Hunyadi Paul Karson Maryann Katalinic Ellen Keller Paul Keller Kim Klaas Juniors Show Pride During Hoban Week Immediate action took place to save Hoban. With prayers, togetherness, and the help of friends, parents, and students it was announced in January that we would stay open! This means that all of us would be able to graduate from the school that we've attended for three years and that we've come to greatly appreciate. During Hoban week in November, we sponsored our second poster party. With the artistic talents of many juniors along with freshmen, sophomores and seniors, over 100 posters were made. Each poster with its own unique design was put up in the gym for the big St. V-M assembly. This poster party, like the first, was a big success. Diane Klein Tim Knapp Mike Knaus Cathy Kossuth Jim Kraus Dave Krummel Michelle Kuberka Margaret Kunkler Carolyn Kurtz Mike Lancianese Laureen Lanshe Larry Latson Junior Band and Drill Team members worked at the summer car wash. Lindsay Latson Rosie Lewis Mike LiCauS6 Joe Locke Teresa Lopienski Rachelle Loveladv Jeff Lucas Beth Marcinkoski Lon Marino Regina Markovich John Martucci Tony Mason Junior Bill Stimler receives his class ring from Brother William 'Nli Bill Mattingly Becky May Debbie May Kevin McElroy Becky McFee Teresa McGuinness Patty Mclntyre Jill Muehlheim Juli Musci Bob Nelisse Lori Norka Marianne Novitsky Helping Others in the Hoban Community we - e E i Esau For our Christmas project, we joined forces with the sophomores to collect toys for the Hattie Lariham Foundation. Many toys were collected, repaired, and sent to the children at Hattie Lariham. It wasa good feeling for all of us to help someone during the Christmas season. During the first two weeks of February, we sold Knight-o-grams in the lunch mods. Every student had the chance to send his or her sweetheart a very special Valentine. On Feb. 14, Valentine's Day, the Knight-o-grams were delivered. The success of the project was encouraged by all students and greatly appreciated. In February, our third poster party was held. Quite a few students participated. Many posters were painted and it was a job well done. 127 A ,B 1 Looking Forward to Our Senior Year 'ttvljj During the month of March, we held a rollerskating party at Akron Rollercade. Many students attended the event. This gave all the students an opportunity to show their skills on wheels. Late in March we had the opportunity to attend a play at E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall. The play was very interesting and enjoyable for those who attended. lt also was an excellent opportunity for all of us to receive a glance at the world of theatrical arts. Our final event for March was an open gym. Students had a chance to play basketball or volleyball, wrestle or try their hand at gymnastics. Several students at- tended and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxa- tion and exercise. ln early April, we went canoeing and had a picnic at Canal Fulton. Although some of us took a plunge into the brisk waters, everyone was revived at the picnic. There was plenty of food and games, all of which made the day an enjoyable success. Betsie O'NeilI Tom Orihel Rich Parson Tom Patti Mark Payne Chip Peterson Bob Plesz Anita Plunkett Kevin Pramik , Q i f S-,.,,fff iq it Andrea Pramuka Robin Primes Fred Propst Laurie Quinn Michele Rachel Jodi Raymond Ruth Fiedle Anna Reymann Joe Riccardi John Rietz Dave Hineila Joe Fiittman Enjoying the Opportunity to be Together 5 2 gag? ABOVE: Juniors Joe Heinl and Paul Karson come up with something in the Home Economics room. ii? i it W iii 'CY-' " ., f K fryg R- Q? 1,5 H. iii' H '- -W i in H W1 A ,ifxliigw , A ., 1 in Q 'K 2 ffm X, tm ,, , .W gm, 9-mx, Wu Ai-- . -A i f .V ' 1- ww' M M3 if ' ' xkdmf 4 1 'A' we My at , 4 M X Y, i,,, W rX,,,i,r, Wiwyqiwiivt Q Y 2 512' 1 if Q 2 ws V' X W- X Wir. 'W X i Hi. wen ix Fwiw W if I, ' it , My Fulfilling the Challenge Joe Rodgers Debi Rogers Roger Romito Jeff Sain Joe Schlosser Elizabeth Schulz Kelley Simpson Colette Sitko Ann Sliman wllwttlv' 'tlh One weekend in late April we went on our class trip to Notre Dame. The date was previously set for late January, but cold weather forced cancellation of the trip. The 40 of us who went enjoyed ourselves immensely. All of us had the opportunity to tour the beautiful campus. lt was an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. As the end of the year grew closer we saw the coming of graduation for the seniors. In honor of them we sponsored a Senior Farewell Breakfast in May. The breakfast was greatly appreciated by the seniors and enjoyable for us. P Juniors stop to chat between classes ' Harvey Smith Danielle Spak 3-'v ,HK A D Rita Stalter Peter Stankovics Juniors Julie Bechter and Cathy Kossuth move from one class to another. Holding on to Traditions The last event of our junior year was the Junior-Senior Prom in late May. Many couples attended the Prom which will be long remem- bered by all. Now that ourjunior year is over we have seen many changes in ourselves and others - all of which prepares us for our senior year at Hoban. Monica Stein Kevin Steurer William Stimler Don Sullivan Don Sveda Mike Syroid Gib Tecca Ann Thornburg Theresa Ward Dave Warner Brian West Maureen White 132 Helping 0thers to Become Themselves Juniors fill the hallways in between classes. J' gas , , in, I ,Eff Till Gur Time on Earth is Done We Shall be True To You S. Throughout our four years we backed our school in sports, social activities and academics, and although we are no longer Hoban students we will continue to support our alma mater in spirit. We are thankful for what this school has given to each of us, and for the lessons that we learned while here. "Until our time on earth is done .... " Seniors A Chance to Remember Yesterday When it comes time to leave a place which we have been a part of for four years, it is extremely difficult to discard the memories that have grown with us throughout these years. These memor- ies are not of tests we'd thought we'd never pass and homework we'd never finish, but the friendships we've made and the good times we've had. The senior year was productive for us all with our many activities. Even though extracurriculars are not the main reason for attending school, they make for pleasant memories. Through these extras we were able to show the community just how much we cared. When it came time to help bail the school out of a terrible financial slump we were there with others to offer both moral and finanacial assistance. And when it came time to help the needy with canned foods we made our impression there too. Filling out the year with spaghetti dinners, road rallies, and dances seemed to make a meaning- ful and complete social year. Although the social areas of the school provided good times, there was also the realization that our future lay before us. It was a time to plan our next big move in life. For some, minds had been made up, yet, for others the decision was a hard one. We had seen many go into the community and use the knowledge they had gained at Hoban Now it was our turn, and the decision of what we did with what we learned was ours to make. 136 Steven Acuff Laura Adlon Kathleen Amedeo l l l l P mil 'X . ' 1 1 W VX W l it " x Seniors anxiously await their next assignment. A Year of Leadership Timothy Amer Mary Andes ill l Jennifer Andrews Mary Andrews Marie Baboila , 1 wg l l Senior officers - Jack Kelley, President Carol Considine, Michelle Chilllous, Michael Reiter l Timothy Angel Mary Anthony Anne Babcock John Bertsch Mark Blinkhorn Aleda Borden 137 Seniors Find Meaning William Bowman Patricia Bralek Aff" fi B oi Seiko B Ann Brown Thomas Brown James Buetel William Burke Cheryl Burkins GreQOfY Bllmham in Leadership Karen Buschko Susan Carano 2 X XX RX .X 'MW WW XXX Xl l ll l X l X X Mx X, Q ll NX, Mwwmwwx X, XXXXX X , XXX XX X X llXXXXXX,XXX WX M X Xl lXllX Oli lil llll ll XXnlXn l WXXXXX XX XW ll Wx l l ,XM Xxl l X X l X ll K xl X l ll l X ll Mark Chapman Michelle Chillious X x X X "'l-llll'nXlllX 'V QW'-rv Q , Michael Censky Margaret Clark , X 'W -N., XXX X X lr-V X X j X John Coatter Carol Considine Michael Considine -f'i"'fTlllV w""""'w Pamela Cork Jeffrey Cornelius Elizabeth Davies 140 Looking into the Future, Decisions somehow brought us closer to others faced with the same dilemma. lt was through the sharing of our problems that new friendships were made and old friendships were strengthened. lt is some of our friendships and experiences that are preserved in these pages, to spark memories each time we glance through this book. There isn't enough room in this whole book to list each event that has occured. Each year has had its ups and downs, but it is the senior year which will bring back the most memories. There'll be no more St. V. rallies, chocolate drives, homerooms, or high school dances for us. Perhaps we've just reached that point where these must become a part of our past, but let us hope that the memories of all are pleasant. 3 Denise Davis Timothy Davis Anne DelMedico Christopher Dimengo Michael DiPasquale Lawrence Donatelli Linda Drexler George Dzubara Kevin Elrod Camille Felton Remembering the Past Kathy Ffaniesevic Theresa Frantz Mark Gabel grunge... ez, Natalie Genet Vnolet Grant Mark Guarlno Carrie Hamad Eric Hengstenberger iw ,X V 'N xl QXX ,L N 'l Spreading Our Pride to Others Elizabeth Henley Paul Hirschfelt WmnwwmmX,XXX.XXWXmMX. M M, ..---mt 8 'i'i l HX, -Q X .U LA X f-r-rQ M is 'S ... -n W A ,X D W is l 'H is rr r ,gl-f G X Kristina Holmes Anne Horinger Michael Hudak Andrea Humphery , X " :1 x a 5 X X ml XXX, i X ' EM T xiii, ,XX,iM'1. ,, X X" X Xw ' K rw :r-Wi l' ir X, ,. X MW 1 X. X XX I ,XXmll"llM pw l lxrllifii X film X W Xl l ill WWW XX X , lx X X X A XX X' X l iii + W N ,X X w, ll il l W xl f l 'Xl M XM 5 X , XANQXQJX XX :HX X1 W 'XlXaX?5': X X ii 1 ll W ' ' Nil-iv - l XLX M iW""'lWMX ww"wXbXwll.Xil lf' ' N v l l X' WXX AX ,ml wil Xl M NX mqutwixix WX' 'wXEwXX2i H N W ' will l iiilx Wllil Michael Hurray Paul Hurray Cheryl Jack Helen Johhnson Marie Kantorowski James Keller Jack Kelley Patrick Kennedy Joseph Kerpcza Kathleen Klein N""'ll Celeste Kuder Richard Kurtz Catherine Lancianese Kristen Lanshe Debra Lautenbach Enjoying Our Friends it .ll. X, ' kr 'Tal K -Q ! fi l Kim Lewis James Lionetti lt is time to move fonivard to the future, but we must never let our past slip into oblivion. We cherish those special relationships that were formed through our having been at Hoban. We must remember the part we played in helping to rebuild the spirit of a school threatened with closing. We're thank- ful that we didn't make history by being the last graduating class. 143 Enjoying the Experience M W wi, V .ri .X ' 'T ' ' 924 J U, i 'MO 9 fi 'A . 'rg H ' MMM- ni, 'X ' W i,m"u 'gr ' 'f i +R wi , Chris Lopienski , ky 4 W' mi ww X ii "X , W' ' Www W !Y,! X W Wm Miwmw Mui A , ii "'N'wu..,..i "l'wi,:"':qwLh W Timothy Lopienski lillw 'Flin-.W i M 'W Robert Manchester Senior "Godfathers" Mike Dipasquale and Dominic Rizzo make the escape. Robert Mandala Theresa Manko Nancy May Patrick McCallum James MCCOOI of a New Spirit Randolph McCree Sheila McGuinness 1ga1ayi.m 35:41-if' W 7 iv y . W i, -.m bvfwi-. ,V 'tl 'l i wi lwwi Yi, " Wir ff.. in Margaret Merle Anne Miller Eric Montz Joan Montz Phillip Moser Timothy Moushey Kevin Murphy Mary Mclntyre Denis McMahon it We've grown together as a class and we've made many friends both in and around Hoban. But as the school year ends these friendships become deeper and we find ourselves depending more and more on those around us. Sponsoring events helped pull our class together even more. Our annual Spaghetti Dinner not only made an increase in our class fund but an increase in good times as well. The picnic held in the fall created a chance for our class to get together and enjoy not only our friends, but the outdoors as well. lt felt good to be able to see all of our friends in an "out of school" atmosphere. A Turning Point Y L 111 x1A11l.1f1 l' ww I 1111 11' a wh, l l 1 1 1 111 1 1 1l1l1ll1M1 1 lv 1 1 M 1 1 , l'111 'llllxll 23 1 1 1: 1,1 11119 ' Viv' 151 1 1 1 31' Wil- 'W' , 11 11 ll11l1l i1 ill: Y 11 , 1111 '- i1 1, 1 "ll X 51. -1 1-1 1-11:11 111111111 " 11 1 1,,M,111-Wil 1 11 1 11 ' 11,11 "1 ri 11 l1lll111,11'11:11:1'1'1 1 l 1 1 W' ll l' ll l 11 11 1 13112: ll 1-11"11311Q' 1 "1 NM Richard Nagy Maria Nestich Senior Richard Nagy warms up before the meel. Cheryl Nicholas Deborah Palma Nancy Payne Gerald Perge Ralph Plumpton Therese Plunkett Maria Ponder ,wi 11-11MllW" WM1 John Poulson Joseph Purcell Thomas Quartarella Thomas Quinn Teresa Redle In Our Lives J' 5-...vm Theresa Reich Michael Reiter Susan Rene Kimberly Richards Wade Richardson Dominic Rizzo Donna Roberts Mark Roberts Nancy Roten Nicholas Rozumny We held a couple of paper drives this year, again supplementing our treasury and enabling us to show the community that we are here. All these were preliminaries, however, to the class trip to New Orleans. During Easter vacation approximately 70 seniors whisked off via Greyhound to the beautiful and exciting Crescent City. The trip was worth every cent as it turned out to be one of the most thrilling weeks in many seniors' lives. Many new experiences were shared as the seniors got their chance to see the famous Top of the Mart lounge and Bourbon Street. As the seniors reluctantly started back to the North it seemed that it would take the land of Dixie a long time to recover from the '77 class trip. 147 48 Senior Eric Hengstenberger strolls to his next class. Michele Rufener Dale Ruther Nadine Sawaya Joan Schismenos Eric Schnitzler Steven Schubert Kathleen Schur Heidi Schwarzinger can exif E as W, wvwkrw, A Time For Change Richard Sestokas Mary Sharf Lorraine Smith Brian Soh ner Margaret Spalding Andrew Steurer Sharon Stith Elizabeth Stitz David Tarr John Thomas Sara Sovacool Tina Spak As the talk of New Orleans faded and the thousands of pictures were filed away, we were again back in the everyday pattern of school. Now, however, a new count- down began, the countdown until the end of school. That day in May was eyed with mixed feelings but it still meant one thing - our days at Hoban High School were soon to be over. To make the leaving a little easier, the junior class planned a breakfast feast for us which was their way of saying "Good luck". Although May was crowded with events, there were still two other important days. They were the Junior-Senior Prom and the all-important Graduation. 149 A Decision to be Made So, as these events became closer, the days grew longer. Assignments at the end of the year seemed insurmountable. But, we managed, somehow, to pull ourselves right up to that last day of class. lt was at this time that we cleaned a year of trash from our lockers and entered the world as high school graduates. 150 Theresa Tishko Jeannemarie Underwood Lynn Vanca Maria Varca Daniel Walter Michael Wartko ,-ff? Chuck Williams David Zehner Robert Zito New Orleans Memories f-L. Seniors rest their weary feet. Small N.O. boy captures the heart of the photographer. M The class of '77 is released on New Orleans for a week. Mir Group of senior girls help keep Pat O'Briens in business. George Dzubara catches some "Z's" on the way back to Akron. 151 The Way We Were Shedding the blue jeans and donning tuxedos and long dresses many senior guys and gals headed for the beautiful Tangier Restaur- ant for a night of frivolity. The setting was lovely, the music was good, and the good times were plentiful. All these factors com- bined to make a perfect end to the senior social life at Hoban. Seniors Denise Davis, Steve Acuff, Cheryl Nicholas and Jim McCool do the "Bunny-Hop An overall view of prom and "The Way We Were". 152 ABOVE: Senior Theresa Plunkett and escort Tom Reitz. LEFT: Seniors Dan Walter and Celeste Kuder stop to talk in between dances. A Prom to Remember ABOVE. Prom goers dance to the sound of Beau Geste . RIGHT: Senior Anne Brown and her escort watch couples dance. LEFT: Seniors Eric Hengstenberger and Liz Henley dance to "The Way We Were". ABOVE: Seniors Mark Roberts and Kim Richards were one of the many couples who attended this year's prom. 155 Your Goal the Star ABOVE: Jim McCool receives his diploma from the Bishop and from his brother, Father William McCool. RIGHT: Teresa Redle leaves the platform after graduating. ,A-5' y N i I X 1 t Xl ' ,.,, lm, ' i The procession leaves the gym. LEFT: Seniors waitin line to receive diplomas. The day arrived: Graduation. The goal of four years of work. Studying and tests somehow seemed worth it as seniors became alumni of the school on the hill. The opportunities have been given to us and many accepted the knowledge offered them. It is now up to each individual to use this knowledge. Whatever each student decides to do with their career may they do it well and with God and love at their side. 155 E ,0ui':s,z?!, 5 '2 220, 152 ffldiora, ,fanrlfsfsnr 123 Aalimi, i.e.::2c: T98 Aiexeewcier, -pi 'W 530, Aiexamier, if,--1 129, 107 Aiexandef, c 107 Alles, iiihef Aniefiea, fi Amer, 7'1" f " 1 Andes, F-fir Andrews, t M far' 136 Andrews, Jog .L 17, 19, 38, 53, 60, 123 Andrews, Lynn 56, 107 Andrews, Mary E. 22, 136 Andrews, Mary P. 93 Andrews, Michael 38, 39, 60, 93 Angel, Michael 107, 109 Angel, Timothy 13, 32, 60, 136 Anich, Michael 40, 107 Antal, Denise 24, 93 Antal, Joseph 123 Anthony, Daniel 22, 93 Anthony, Mary 21, 136 Antonucci, Robert 123 Armbrust, David 14, 123 Armocida, Michael 60 Aylward, Carolyn 25, 123 Aylward, Lawrence 48, 93, 95 -B- Babcock, Anne 26, 27, 32, 136 Babcock, Catherine 26, 27, 107 Baboila, Marie 136 Backer, Michael 39, 60, 93 Baird, Brenda 93 Barry, Rev. Joseph 38, 73 Bartholet, Christopher 93 Battaglia, Toni 25, 107 Baughman, Suzanne 93 Bayes, Sharon 20, 25, 32, 123 Bebetu, Br. Leonardo 74 Bechter, Julia 123, 131 Bechter, Maria 93 Belair, Paul 48, 93 Berneath, Diane 107, 160 Bertsch, David 123 Bertsch, John 136 Betita, Miriam 93 Bianco, Rosemarie 123 Biskner, Bernard 123 Blair, Craig 95 Blinkhorn, Mark 22, 136 Bloniarz, Mr. Robert 19, 45, Boal, Edward 123 Boal, Kathryn 123 Borden, Aleda 136 Borden, Jennifer 56 Borden, Richard 16, 123 Bowman, William 40, 138 Bralek, Patricia 42, 43, 138 Brantly, Lynne not pictured Brasko, Victoria 23, 107 Bratta, Anna 25, 123 Brown, Ann 138, 153 Brown, Derek 48, 107 Brown, Mrs. Dreajean 84 Brown, Gary 17, 19, 32, 123 Brown, Howard 22, 93 Brown Mark 36, 48, 107 Brown Brown Phillip 38, 49123 Robert 123 Brown, Thomas 138 Buehrle, Ralph 39, 93 Buehrle, Robert 38, 107 Buetel, James 138 Burgardt, Leroy 107 Burke, Maureen 123 Burke, William 15, 138 Burkins, Cheryl 138 Burnett, Barry 60, 69, 107 Burnham, Gregory 31, 138 Buschko, Karen 139 Butler, James 19 ff-gif' , 'Q' ,,,,,,, .1 Index Calvaruso, Cathy 107 Calvaruso, Fran 93 Caprio, Frank 21, 22, 29, 32, 123 Carano, Susan 85, 86, 139 Carlson, Paul 38, 60, 107 Carlton, Jeffery 93 Censky, Andrea 21 , 32, 42, 43, 51, 61, 66, 123 Censky, Kathleen 29, 61, 93 Censky, Michael 18, 139 Chapman, Mark 139 Childs, Michael 107 Chillious, Michelle 22, 137, 139 Chimera, Christine 107, 116 Clark, Margaret 139 Clark, Matthew 107 Coatter, Anthony 60, 93 Coatter, John 26, 60, 139 Coatter, Joseph 60, 61, 107 Coatter, Vikki 61, 123 Cody, Mr. Daniel 13, 76 Collier, Mr. Gary 80 Conrad, Mark 60 Conrad, Todd 107 Conroy, Deborah 17, 19, 108, 110 Conroy, Lisa 29, 93 Considine, Carol 32, 33, 51, 137, 139 Considine, Christopher 40, 69 124 Considine, Michael 13, 139 Cooley, Catherine 94 Cooley, Teresa 124 Cork, Pamela 13, 139 Cornelius, Jeffrey 22, 31, 32, 139 Cortesi, Monica 124 Costanzo, Julie 124 Coudriet, James 38, 49, 108 Coudriet, Mr. Michael 48, 78, 81 Coudriet, Mrs. Sharon 81 Crafton, Diane 124 Crookston, Matthew 6, 94 Cunningham, Eddie 94 Cunningham, Maxine 124 Cureton, Donald 38, 108 Currie, Elizabeth 94 Curry, Jay 48, 94 Cymbor, Gary 94 Dailey, Br. Robert 83 Dalziel, James 94 Dalziel, Jean 108 Dark, Edward 38, 124 Dattilo, Robert 124 Davidson, Laurele 94 Davies, Elizabeth 13, 18, 19, 21, 22, 32, 139 Davies, James 1244 Davis, Denise 140, 152 Davis, Jeff 94 Davis, Joseph 125 Davis, Julie 61, 125 Davis, Lynne 110 Davis, Mary 108 Davis, Timothy 32, 140, 154 Deeken, John 94 DelMedico, Anne 140 DelMedico, Jacquelyn 32, 56, 57, 107, 108 Deonise, Miss Deborah 81 Devlin, Barbara 32, 66, 108 Dickinson, Lisa 61, 108 Dietrich, Mary 17, 19, 23, 32, 125, 160 Dietrich, Robert 20, 94 DiMauro, Carla 25, 125 DiMauro, Michael 94 Dimengo, Christopher 140 Dimengo, Maria 66, 94 Dimengo, sharon 25, 32, ee, 125 i Dimengo, Steve 32, 40, 69, 108 DiPasquale, Daniel 53, 94 Diiagquale, Michael 15, 38, 69, DiRoberto, Girard 53, 125 Domchick, Mary 29, 94 Donatelli, Carolin 66, 94 Donatelli, Gregory 38, 108 Donatelli, Lawrence 60, 140 Dougherty, Sean 38, 60, 68, 69 108, 119 Drexler, Laura 108 Drexler, Linda 140 Drexler , Rebecca 94 Drexler, William 125 Duhon, 108 Patrick 32, 33, 38, 107 Dujanovic, Frank 39, 94 Dunay, Dunay, Jacquelin 108 Theodore 18, 29, 39, 94 Dzubara, George 140, 151 Dzubara, Mary 32, 125 Dzurovcin, Andrew 125 Dzurovcin, David 94 Dzurovcin, Robert 108 Eckels, -E- Br. Guy 82 Eckman, Jim 53, 60, 108 Elefritz, James 125 Fess, Julianne 29, 94 Elefritz, Richard 53, 94 Ellison, David 94 Ellison, Gary 108 Elrod, Kevin 140 Evanicki, John 48, 94 -F- Fabbro, Christopher 22, 108 Fabbro, Lydia 22, 94 Fahey, Robert 108 Falkenstein, Albert 53, 94 Fedorovich, Dennis 32, 38, 108 Felton, Camille 17, 19, 22, 51 , 140 Fenkanyn, John 125 Ferguson, Antonette 32, 125 Ferguson, Jeffrey 39, 48, 94 Fess, Gerald 38, 60, 61, 108, 119 Fiocca, Mr. Carl 85 Fisher, Judith 17, 19, 25, 32, 33, 42, 43, 66, 76, 123, 125 Foddrell, Pamela 94 Foley, Br. Richard 16, 89 Fox, John 109 Fox, Br. Joseph 88, 154 Fox, Willard 53, 94 Franjesevic, Kathleen 81, 141 Franjesevic, William 94 Frantz, Antoinette 24, 27, 94 Frantz, Theresa 141 Frederick, Eddie 94 Freitas, Sr. Dorothy 74 Frey, William 16, 29, 125 Friend, Keith 109 Friess, Sister Bernard 88 -G- Gabel, Angelina 94 Gabel, Joseph 125 Gabel, Mark 141 Gainer, Barbara 23, 61, 94 Garland, Anna 42, 51, 109 Garro, Dana 125 Gault, Margaret 17, 19, 25, 123, 125 Gault, Mary 25, 94 Geers, Bernadette 109 Genet, Natalie 141 George, Jacqueline 61, 109 Gerski, Michael 94 Genlvig, David 94 Giacomo, Mrs. Esther 89 Giffels, Anne 33,141,160 Giffels, Nancy 109 Gilman, Br. Richard 83 Gingo, David 14, 109 Gingo, Joanne 32, 61, 109 Giulitto, Carmella 22, 32, 43, 125 Gleisinger, David 109 Gleisinger, Gregory 94 Glencross, Philip 94 Goodall, Ann 125 Goodson, John 40, 48, 49, 109 Gorman, Caroline 24, 32, 56, 66, 109,110 Gorman, Mark 21, 22, 29, 32, 124, 125 Gorman, Mary 25, 32, 141 Grant, Violet 141 Greene, Roberta 42, 66, 109 Gregg, Br. Charles 74, 160 Greve, Mr. Brian 44, 74 Griesmer, Lisa 23, 61, 66, 109 Griggy, James 32, 109 Groborchik, Georgina 109 Guarino, Mark 22, 32, 141 Guarino, Vincent not pictured Guban, Thomas 32, 125 -H- Hackel, Jean 94 Haffner, Mr. Larry 75, 82 Hamad, Carrie 141 Hamby, Brenda 25, 95 Hamby, Earl 124 Hamby, Patricia 25, 124 Hamilton, Charles 124 Hardgrove, Joseph 38, 109 Harris, Catherine 95 Harris, Cecile 22, 32, 141 Havansky, Margaret 29, 124 Haydu, Victor 95 Heard, Gregory 69, 109 Heaton, Shawn 124 Heinl, Joseph 38, 124, 129 Heiselman, Joanne 95 Heiselman, William 13, 32, 53, 124 Hemming, David 50, 114 Hendershot, Lisa 66, 95 Hendershot, Lynn 124 Henderson, Julie 17, 19, 23, 32, 124 Henderson, Elizabeth 95 Henderson, Lisa 95 Hengstenberger, Eric 18, 141, 148, 153 Henley, Elizabeth 142, 153 Hennemann, Paul 38, 109 Hennemann, Paula 124 Hermes, Marvin 48, 49, 69, 95 Hill, David 124 Hirschfelt, Paul 18, 22, 32, 33, 81, 142, 160 Hodgkiss, Mark 32, 40, 68, 69, 124 Holland, Miss Debbie 42, 43, 51, 66, 89 Holland, Mark 124 Holmes, Kristina 142 Horinger, Anne 142 Howard, Miss Mary 42, 43, 51 , 56, 66, 87 Howieson, Mr. Gary 69 Hudak, Michael 18, 142 Hughes, Maureen 25, 61, 124 Humphrey, Andrea 142 Hunt, Jennifer 109 Hunt, Patrick 109 Hunyadi, Michael 38, 124 Hurd, Timothy 95 Hurray, Michael 22, 142 Hurray, Paul 18, 142 Hutchison, John 106, 109 -l- -J- Jack, cheryl 21, 25, 32, 56, ee, 142 Jack, Henry 22, 110 Jacob, Bradley 39, 48, 96 Jacob, David 39, 60, 96 Jefferson, Ann 110 Jefferson, Ywanda 110 Jenkins, Bryan 29, 96 Joga, Alphonsus 14, 18, 29, 69, 110 Johnroe, Br. Donald 14, 32, 78 Johnson, Helen 17, 142, 160 Johnson, Luther 110 Jones, John 48 Jones, Mark 22, 110 Jones, Vince 60, 96 Justice, Mrs. Catherine Kallman, Neil 96 Kantorowski, Marie 142 Kantorowski, 5-lannette 32, 110 Karson, Paul 124, 129 Karlsen, Richard 39, 60, 96 Karson, Rnsemarie 96 Katalinic, MaPyann17, 19, 32, 43 124 Kayla, Kevin 32, 38, 49, 110 Keller, Charles 80, 96 Keller, Ellen 124 Keiler, James 60, 143 Keller, Mary 61, 66, 96 Keller, Paul 16, 124 Reiley, Campion 22, 96 Kelley, Jack 26, 32, 38, 60, 143 Kelley, Mary 32, 42,51,81,110 Kennedy, Patrick 38, 60, 143 Keppler, Jacqueline 96 Kerpcza, Joseph M3 Kidder, Sister Agnes 88 Kim, Michael 110 Kisha, Denice 61, 96 Klaas, Kim 124 Klein, Dan 22, 96 Klein, Diane 17, 25, 124 Kiein, Kathleen 75, 143 Klein, Michelle Q6 Knapp, James 13, 29, 110 Knapp, Terrence 110 Knapp, Timothy 124 Knaus, M ichaei 124 Knaus, Stephen 96 Knox, Br. Kenneth 83 Koefber, Joseph 110 Kossuth. Catherine 25, 1224, 131 Kouri, Lawrence 60, 96 Krnicoski, Deborah 32, 110 Kraus, James 22, 32, 40, 124 Kra1zs,Ja:rssph16,13,29, 69, 110 Nichols, Julie 42, 51, 66, 112 LeBon, Br. Joseph 83 Regec' Edward 99 Kremer, Mr. Gregory 38, 79 Krummel, David 60, 124 Kuberka, Michelle 124 Kuberka, Rose 96 Kubofcik, Christopher 28, 29, 110 Kucko, Lynda 29, 96 Kuder, Celeste 20, 143, 152 Kunkler, Margaret 124 Kurtz, Carolyn 124 Kurtz, Diane 96 Kurtz, Richard 26, 37, 38, 143 Kuzmik, Alex 38, 49, 110 Labut, Denise 26, 27, 42, 51, 61, 110, 111 Lancianese, Catherine 17, 19, 26, 27, 143 'Lancianese, Daniel 33, 39, 60, 69, 93, 96 Lancianese, Michael 124 Lanshe, Kristen 23, 143, 160 Lanshe, Laureen 23, 124 Latson, Lawrence 38, 124 Latson, Lindsay 38, 48, 128 Lautenbach, Debra17,19, 23, 143 Ledford, Chib 97 Lewis, Brenda 25, 56, 111 Lewis, Kim 143 Lewis, Rosemary 25, 128 Libbers, Br. Edward 82 LiCause, Michael 32, 40, 69, 128, 160 Lionetti, James 20, 143 Lipps, David 111 Lipps, Thomas Locke, Joseph 128 Lopienski, Chris 38, 44, 144 Lopienski, Teresa 25, 32, 66, 128 Lopienski, Timothy 38, 144 Lovelady, Rachelle 23, 32, 128 Lucas, Ann 29, 61, 97 Lucas, Jeffrey 48, 53, 128 - M - MacBride, Gloria 97 Maher, James 976 Maidanik, Jocelyn 42, 61 , 66,107, 111 Majdanik, Stephen 29, 56, 97 Malagrida, Renay 97 Malloy, Mr. Richard 40, 69, 75 Manchester, Robert 144 Mandala, Robert 144 Manko, Theresa 144 Marcinkoski, Beth 25, 26, 27, 32, 128 Marino, Lon 37, 38, 128 Marino, Tom 39, 60, 97 Markovich, Regina 25, 128 Martucci, Caroline 61, 97 Martucci, John 32, 69, 128 Martucci, Mary 61, 97 Marzano, Roseann 111 Mason, Anthony 22, 128 Massey, Kevin 69, 111 Massie, Paula 97 Mattingly, Kathleen 97 Mattingly, William 52, 53, 129 May, Debra 25, 32, 43, 66, 129 May, Br. John 33, 72 May, Marcus 97 May, Nancy 26, 27, 43, 144 May, Rebecca 26, 27, 43, 129 May, Richard 111 May, Robert 39, 69, 97 May, Teresa 97 McCail, Larry 38, 48, 69, 111 McCallum, Patrick 48, 53, 144 McCool, James 144, 152, 155 McCort, Stephen 22, 97 McCree , Randolph 52, 53, 60, 145 McCree, Robert 60, 97 McElroy, kevin 53, 129 McFee, Mary Ann 111 McFee, Rebecca 129 McGough, Robert 60, 111 McGuinness, Karla 97 McGuinness, Laura 111 McGuinness, Sheila 145, 154 McGuinness, Teresa 129 Mclntyre, Mary 145 Mclntyre, Patricia 32, 56, 129 McMahon, Denis 40, 145 McManus, Rosanne 111 Menendez, Debbie 97 Merendino, Thomas 97 Merle, James 40, 111 Merle, Margaret 17, 19, 145 Miller, Anne 25, 56, 145 Miracle, Scott 29, 111 Mizerock, Audrey 112 Moledor, Vickilyn 23, 61, 97 Montz, Eric 13, 17, 19, 145 Montz, Joan 145 Moran, Br. Jonas 89 Moser, Philip 40, 41, 69, 145 Moss, John 112 Moushey, Timothy 53, 145 Mozik, Timothy 39, 97 Muehlh eim, Jill 129 Mueller, Sr. Stephanie 76 Murphy, Kevin 38, 145 Murphy, Mary 97 Musci, Myers, Julianne 129 James 112 -N- Nagy, Richard 40, 69, 146 Nardella, Cynthia 112 Nelisse, Robert 129 Nelisse, Tamera not pictured Nestich, Maria 146 Nicholas, Cheryl 146, 152 Nicholas, John 39, 49, 98 Nicholas, Martin 38, 49, 112, 113 Norka, Lori 129 Novitsky, Marianne 25, 32, 43, 76, 125, 129 Novitsky, Suzanne 29, 98 -Q- O'Brien, Gregory 112 O'Brien, Mary 98 O'NeiIl, Elizabeth 123, 128 Oravec, David 112 Oreskovich, Janine 112 Oreskovich, Susan 61, 112 Orihel, Diane 66, 112 Orihel, Thomas 18, 40, 69, 128 Ostrander, Melanie 24, 112 Ostrander, Tammy 24, 26, 27, 98 - p- Pack, Christopher 69, 113 Pack, Joseph 39, 98 Palecek, Karen 24, 66, 98, 102 Palma, Deborah 146 Palmer, Viola 25, 66, 98 Pantuso, Samuel 60, 93, 98 Paonessa, Mr. Ralph 60, 75, 100 Paris, Mr. Anthony 86 Paris, Thomas 38,49,62, 107,113 Parms, James 48 Parson, Richard 128 Patti, Thomas 128 Payne, Mark 53, 128 Payne, Nancy 32, 146 Penn, Dr. William 79 Perge, Gerald 146 Perry, Jamie 20,113,118 Perry, Tracey 24, 98 Peterson, Mark 69, 113 Peterson, Richard 128 Petrowski, Philip 113 Pezzotti, Rosanne 24, 113 Plesz, Robert 128 Plumpton, Ralph 146 Plunkett, Anita 25, 30, 128 Plunkett, Therese 32, 146, 152 Polovick, Mrs. Mary 89 Ponder, Maria 146 Porter, Lori 98 Poulson, John 146 Pramik, Kevin 128 Pramuka, Andrea 22, 25, 129 Prease Prease Primes , Karen 98 , Michael 39, 98 , Marvin 39, 48, 99 Primes, Robin 22, 129 Propst, Fred 129 Purcell Purcell , Joan 99 , Joseph 38, 146 -Q- Quartarella, Thomas 146 Quinn, Joseph 39, 99 Quinn, Laurie 129 Quinn, Richard 99 Quinn, Thomas 146 Rachel, Michele 17, 19, 129 Rado, Norman 113 Raymond, Joelle 13, 17, 19, 32, 56, 86, 129 Redle, Ruth 25,32,43,56,57,129 Redle, Stephen 38, 60, 69, 113 Redle, Teresa 13, 31, 32, 33, 146, 155 Reich, Reiter, Reiter, 136, Theresa 147 Maria 29, 114 Michael 14, 17, 19, 32, 38, 147 Rene, Susan 21, 61, 147 Reymann, Anna 23, 32, 129 Reymann, Jane 23, 32, 114 Reymann, Paul 99 Riccardi, Joseph 129 Ricco, Teresa 114 Richards, Kimberly 147, 153 Richardson, Wade 38, 147 Ridgill, James 69,114 Ridley, Rienzi, Elliott 114 John 60, 114 Rietz, John 129 Rinella, David 40, 68, 129 Rinella, John 79, 114 Rittman, Joseph 20, 22, 129 Rizzo, Dominic 26, 29, 147 Roberts, Donna 147 Roberts, Karl 99 Roberts, Mark 147, 153 Robinson, Patricia 114 Rodgers, Joseph 38, 130 Rogers, Deborah 130 Roland, Mark 20, 115 Romito, Roger, 14, 32, 130 Rossi, Carmine 39, 48, 99 Roten, Nancy 147 Roush, Mary 29, 61, 99 Rozumny, Nicholas 147 Rufener, Michele 148 Ruper, Ed 14, 99 Ruther, Dale 21, 32, 48, 148 -5- Sain, Jeffrey 130 St. George, Theresa 18, 115 Samerdak, Diane 29, 99 Sarvis, John 115 Satterwhite, Anna 99 Savoldi, Debora 115 Sawaya, Corey 32, 115 Sawaya, Nadine 42, 43, 148 Scaduto, Karen 99 Schaeulele, Mark 53, 99 Schirmer, Rita 99 Schismenos, Joan 26, 27, 51, 61, 148 Schlosser, Joseph 22, 32, 40, 130 Schmitt, Donna 99 Schneider, Charles 115 Schnitzler, Eric 14, 69, 148 Schnitzler, Jean 115 Schnitzler, Lee 99 Schubert, Mr. Donald 84 Schubert, Marianne 66, 99 Schubert, Steven 148 Schultz, Donald 113, 115 Schulz, Anne 99 Schulz, Elizabeth 25, 130 Schumer, James 116 Schur, Kathleen 148 Schwarzinger, Heidi 17, 25, 148 Schwarzinger, Mr. Karl 48, 77 Seltzer, Charles 116 Sesock, Mrs. Helen 89 Sestokas, David 116 Sestokas, Richard 149 Sharf, Mary 17, 19, 149 Sharnzsky, Mr. Ray 60 Sibbio, Steven 38, 116 Siegel, Br. Robert 86 Simpson, Kelley 130 Sitko, Colette 13, 25, 32, 66, 130 Sitko, Maggi 24, 29, 66, 67, 93, 99 Sitko, Mrs. Rita 17, 19, 88 Skvarka, Michael 20, 116 Sliman, Ann 61, 130 Sliman, Edward 17, 19, 116 Smith, David 100 Smith, Harvey 38, 131 Snmg, Lorraine 26, 27, 32, 61, 66, Snyder, James 100 Sohner, Brian 149 Sohner, Michele 66, 100 Soranno, Domenico 116 Sovacool, Jamie 117 Sovacool, Joseph 39, 100 Sovacool, Sara 149 Sowa, William 14, 29, 101 Spak, Danielle 61, 131 Spak, Tina 149 Spalding, Margaret 149 Spiros, John 38, 117 Stalter, Rita 131 Stankovicx, Peter 131 Steffes, Br. Donard 20, 82 Steele, Melanie 24, 117 Stein, Gwen 117 Stein, Monica 25, 132 Steurer, Andrew 26, 38, 149 Steurer, Kevin 13, 132 Steurer, Nancy 101 Stewart, Juli-ana 117 Stimler, Jeff 14, 117 William 14, 22, 29, 32, Stimler, 128, 132 Stith, Michael 22, 101 Stith, Sharon 149 Stitz, Elizabeth 32, 32, 51, 149 Stitz, Teresa 51, 117 Stock, David 101 Stone, Jonathan 102 Sturm, Mark 117 Sullivan, Donald 48, 132 Sullivan, Paul 117 Sutter, David 49, 118 Sveda, Brian 102 Sveda, Donald 132 Syroid, Michael 132 Szalay, Mr. Mike 89 -T- Tarr, David 38, 149 Taylor, Debbie 118 Taylor, Donald 15 Tecca, Gilbert 32, 48, 132 Tecca, Michelle 25, 43, 130 Terrass, Mrs. Douglass 17, 81 Thomas, Brian 102 Thomas, Gerald 118 Thomas, John 53, 149 Thompson, Daniel 118 Thornburg, Ann 22, 32, 132 Thur, Edward 39, 102 Thur, John 38, 49, 109, 118 Tishko, Theresa 150 Tratnyek, Stephen 118 -U- Undenvvood, Adelaide 118 Underwood, Jeannemarie 29, 150 U-Rycki, Lawrence 118 -V- Vanca, Lynn 18, 32, 150 Varca, Maria 150 Varga, Ronald 103 Vargas, Melinda 23, 103 Vaughn, Vickie 22, 24, 26, 93, 99, 104 Verstraete, Br. William 32, 72 Villers, Jeffrey 39 Vincent, Bryan 60, 104 Vincent, Rhonda 56, 66, 118 Volpe, Tony 38, 118 -W- Walter, Daniel 150, 152 Walter, Michael 49, 53, 118 Walter, Stephen 39, 60, 104 Wandel, Deann 118 Ward, Nancy 104 Ward, Theresa 132 Warmenhoven, Rosemary 32, 118 Warner, David 132 Warner, Mark 118 Wartko, Cathy 24, 102, 104 Wartko, Michael 38, 150 Weisenberger, Br. Eugene 80 Weiss, Mr. Dan 77 West, Brian 132 West, William 38, 49, 118 Weyrick, Jacqueline 119 White, Mrs. Jackie 85 White, Marueen 25, 132 Whitehurst, Paul 29, 32, 119 Wilke, Loretta 18, 119 Williams, Charles 38, 150 Williams, Gary 40, 78 Williams, Jacqueline not pictured Williams Patrick 39, 104 WiIliams,.Richard 39,'48, 104 Wilson, Mrs. Betty 89 Woino, Joseph 32, 69, 119 Woodward, Br. Robert 73 Wright, Kathleen 119 -X- -Y- Yavorsky, Mrs. Agnes 89 Yeager, Eric 104 Yee, Helen not pictured Young, Sr. Claire 86 Zehner, David 150 Zito, Robert 150 Zwisler, Mr. Donald 38, 69, 87 The Way, 1977 The Way, volume XXIV was printed by Yearbook House of Coshocton, Ohio in black ink on 80 lb. coral shell paper. The book's cover is silk screened from a photograph in blue ink on a stock gold cover. Volume XXIV was edited by Kristen Lanshe, layout, and Anne Giffels, copy. Helen Johnson was business manager. Mike LiCause edited the sports section, Paul Hirschfelt did the senior and faculty sections, Jim Kraus was in charge of activities while Mary Kay Dietrich and Diane Berneath put together the underclass section. Advisor was Brother Charles Gregg. On the staff at various times during the year or helping out in different ways were: Ann Thornburg, Laureen Lanshe, Tom Orihel, Joe Flittman, Jim Lionetti, Dan DiPasquaIe, Jim McCool and Br. Donard. The staff worked on the book every day during the school year, and several weekend and evening sessions were held in order to meet deadlines. We hope that our work this year truly represents the efforts of the members of the Hoban Community. The theme centered around the new alma mater and we hope that our effort as another part of the community "loyal, true amid the crowd" has aided in the "building upon our history." The 1976-1977 school year is now our history. We hope that it has enriched all who have been a part of it. l-lobalw Hlghuyour sludenll Slang and loudly Pflls' , F Wyiwwwlmwww fllma Mater llll r-cud Loyal. True. Gmld the Our voices loudly P5553 Building upon our l1l5lorY Vvlnicln never ls compete H Our dePll" of Frida no 'HYSHYY Each challenge we will MMT Upon These rocks we stand as one All Chrislians slrong and lfue 'llll our lime on earlh is clone We than be tl-ue To ywl The Yearbook Staff: Mike LiCause, Paul Hirschfelt, Diane Berneath, Helen Johnson, Jim Kraus, Mary Kay Dietrich, Brother Charles Gregg, Kristen Lanshe, Anne Giffels. Q l 3 , , i 5,

Suggestions in the Archbishop Hoban High School - Way Yearbook (Akron, OH) collection:

Archbishop Hoban High School - Way Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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Archbishop Hoban High School - Way Yearbook (Akron, OH) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 54

1977, pg 54

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