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Archbishop Blenk High School - Dove Yearbook (Gretna, LA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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Q3 12- h J Office Qfaff and Adminisfraiion - BIenk's Backbone The people working behind the scenes are the people who keep an institution running smoothly. These people lay the foundation and pave the way to produce a woman - well rounded in all aspects of life. The office staff, administration, and faculty care for the spiritual and material needs of Archbishop Blenk. BELOW: Reading a letter is Sr. Raymond , assistant principal. l. TOP LEFT: MR. LEONARD FINE, principal , addresses an assembly of parents and students at the induction of The National Busi- ness Honor Society . TOP RIGHT: Sitting at her desk enjoying the coolness of the air- conditioning is Mrs. Jolene Reimers, counselor. MRS. SUZANNE LEBLANC School Secretary. She received her B. S . in Business Education at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. MRS. ROSALIE ORGERON Faculty Secretary. She obtained an Executive Secretary Certifi- cate at the Training Institute sponsored by the Archdiocese of New Orleans. TOP LEFT: Talking on the tele- phone and smiling for the camera is Mr. Couret, the schoo1's audio-visual worker. ABOVE: Mrs. Le Blanc answers the telephone, only one of her many duties as school secretary . CENTER LEFT: Typing a test for one of the teachers is Mrs. Orgeron , faculty secretary . 4 ""v'N .B 4 -W SISTER MARY RAYMOND LANDRY M.S.C. Assistant Principal. She received her B.A. at Our Lady of Holy Cross College and Incarnate Word College. MRS. IOLENE REIMERS Guidance Counselor. She received her B. S. in elementary education from North Texas State University and her M.Ed. from Texas A8:M. MR. ROBERT COURET Audio-Visual Worker. A if "There Is a God" One of the aims of Archbishop Blenk High is to impress upon the minds of the students that there is hope, there is an answer, and there is a God. In keeping with this aim, the Religion Department teaches all aspects of Christian life. RIGHT: Faith Gomez and Cathy Fonte work side by side to prepare a religion assignment. ABOVE: Mrs. Labit courageously allows struggling Terri Wilkinson to pin on a corsage for Teacher Appreciation Week. RIGHT: Sister June, one of Blenk's most spirited cheerlead- ers, leads the students in a cheer for the faculty during the Stu- dent-Faculty Volleyball Game. FAR RIGHT: Religion proves to be an interesting subject to Mercy Amaro, as she listens to one of Sister Iune's lectures. A I 'wN""""-'--... gym 1 ll' V, mlm' ABOVE LEFT: Maureen Frederick enjoys Mrs. Labit's Religion class. BELOW: A Freshman class listens intently during Sister June's large group instruction . BELOW LEFT: Sister June joins in a group discussion during a Sophomore Religion class. .wfif SR. JUNE SUTHERLAND Head of the Religion Department and teacher of Freshman and Sophomore Religion. Sister received her B. A. at Our Lady of Holy Cross College, M.A. at St. Mary's College and M.Ed. at Our Lady of the Lake, San Antonio, Texas. Sr. June is moderator of the Christian Life Community QC. L. C.J and is interested in sports and people. MRS. MARDERY LABIT Junior and Senior Religion teacher presently attending Our Lady of Holy Cross College. This is her first year at Blenk. She enjoys sewing and reading. . .Do+Youri's Cross Your +'s . . The English Department is geared to help students learn the basics of grammer and to understand the intricacies of literature Through formal discussions, large and small groups students gain better insight into our English Language - both old and new TOP RIGHT: Mrs. C. Broussard, Freshman English teacher, cor- rects test papers during her unscheduled time . CENTER RIGHT: English can be interesting and enjoyable as shown by the faces of Freshman English students . BELOW RIGHT: The Great Pump- kin , Father Donovan in disguise , rises from the pumpkin patch to throw candy to Blenk's girls for the Orange Day skit. MISS ANN GUILLORY Junior English teacher. She received her B.A . in education at U . S . L. She is co-moderator of the Speech Club and Newspaper. MRS. MARION GUIBAULT Sophomore English teacher cur- rently enrolled at Our Lady of Holy Cross College. Mrs. Gibault received her B. A . at the Univer- sity of Minnesota . This is her first year teaching at Blenk, and already she has joined in and has become the moderator of the yearbook. Q.. 1 Sify' :jar I TOP LEFT: Mr. Blackwell, Freshman English student teacher, works hard to prepare his lesson plan. LEFT RIGHT: Miss Guillory looks very happy with the rose she received from her class for Christmas. MRS. CLAIRE BROUSSARD Freshman English teacher. Mrs. Broussard has taught at Blenk for eleven years. She earned her B. S. from Our Lady of Holy Cross College. THE REVEREND PAUL DONOVAN Head of the English Department and teacher of Senior English and Creative Writing. Father received his B. A . by virtue of ordination from the Catholic University. He is working towards his M . A . at Holy Cross College. He is interested in dra matics and is the director of the annual musical. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Guibault helps a smiling Monica Bruce with her English assignment. "Don'+ Blow Up lhe Lab!" The Science Department is the training ground for the future Einsteins of the world . The important task of helping and changing the world belongs to the students of science. With this in mind , care and caution is exer- cisedg concentration and detailed study is shown: and a steady hand is strived for by the science students of Archbishop Blenk. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Magee helps a student with a chemistry prob- lem . ABOVE: Biology students take notes in preparation for their upcoming test. CENTER RIGHT: Mrs. Castille makes Biology more interesting by showing some pictures on the overhead projector. MISS DRUSILLA RAFPRAY This is Miss Raffray's first year teaching, recently having gradu- ated from L.S.U.N.O. and hav- ing received her B . S . in Biology Education. She teaches Introduc- tory Physical Science CI.P. S.D and Biology. MRS. ANNE CASTILLE Teacher of Biology and Advanced Science. Mrs. Castille received her B.S. in Biology, Physics, and General Science at L. S.U. She is co-moderator of the Prep Quiz Bowl Team and Science Club. 5 TOP LEFT: Miss Raffray explains an I.P. S. experiment to Fresh- man students, Inger Bynoe and Yolanda Williams. CENTER LEFT: Mrs. Magee, Mrs. Castille, Mrs. Valdez, and Mrs. Raffray take a break from their work while at a teachers' conference . BOTTOM LEFT: Anna Bringuier and her lab partner learn about fractional distillation in their I.P.S. class. MRS. MARY FAITH MAGEE Head of the Science Depart- ment, teacher of Chemistry and Advanced Science. She obtained her B . S . in second- ary education at Our Lady of Holy Cross College . She is moderator of the bowling team and co-moderator of the Prep Quiz Bowl Team and Sci- ence Club. She is interested in sewing, bowling, and outdoor sports. a2+b2:c2 Because Archbishop Blenk offers a program for both the business and the college bound student, it is necessary that the Math Depart- ment be both practical and prog- ressive . Some of the courses offered are Geometry, Algebra I and II, Analysis, and Business Math. TOP RIGHT: Shelley Dupre seems to be working very intently on a problem in Geometry. FAR RIGHT: Sr. Joann helps make the centerpieces for the "Oldies but Goodies" Dance. CENTER: Mr. Pooley, busily cor- recting test papers, keeps a care- ful watch over the math media center. MRS. ROCHELLE WALKER Mathematics teacher of the Math I and II series. She received her B. A. at Nicholls State Univer- sity. Mrs. Walker is interested in sports, baton twirling and folk singing. SR. IOANN DELOACH Sophomore Class moderator and geometry teacher. She received er B. A. from Our Lady of Holy Cross College. Her interests are music , handicrafts and sewing. MR. DAVID POOLEY Chairman of the Math Depart- ment. He is the moderator of the Equations and On Sets Teams. Mr. Pooley received his B.A. from S ring Hill College and M. A . gom the University of Nebraska . TOP LEFT: Julie Graff, Anne Blanchard, and Becky Yost proudly display their string art, which was used as an exhibit at a Math teachers' convention. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Pooley waits patiently as Renee Faurie cautiously pins on a carnation for Teacher Appreciation Week. CENTER LEFT: A wide smile is given for the cameraman by Mrs. Walker as she sits at her desk waiting for her next class to commence . BOTTOM LEFT: Students study quietly in the crowded math media center. Past and Present Social Sfudies' Keg lo the Future A vibrant and living history is brought to life for all Social Studies students by Constitutional Conventions , guest speakers , field trips, research projects, and textbooks. TOP: Taking a break from prepa- rations for the mock Constitu- tional Convention are Mr. Mar- tin, Mr. Soule, and Mr. Elsken. BELOW CENTER: Practicing his teaching techniques is Mr. David Brandt, sociology student teacher for the Social Studies Depart- ment. BELOW RIGHT: Guest speaker to Freshman Civics class is Mr. Bob Caswell, whom Freshmen seem to find enjoyable. BELOW: MR. LOUIS SOULE Civics teacher. He obtained his B.S. at L.S.U. Mr. Soule is the moderator of the Dovettes Drill Team . U L is 71... as TOP LEFT: Correcting test papers is Mr. Martin, teacher of World Geography. TOP RIGHT: Miss Shirley Lau- chmann, student teacher of U.S. History , prepares a tough lesson plan for tomorrow's Junior class. CENTER: Working with great enthusiasm in the Social Studies media center are Freshman stu- dents. MR. MICHAEL ELSKEN Social Studies Chairman and Jun- ior Class moderator. He received his B.A . in History Education from the College of the Ozarks. MR. GARY ASPIAZU Senior Class moderator and teacher of World Geography and World History. He received his B.A. at L.S.U. , his M.Ed. at Loyola , and he is a Graduate Fellow in the Institute of Polit- ics. Mr. Aspiazu's interests are reading and playing tennis. , --W - Social Studies Come Alive The Social Studies Depart- ment was expanded to add variety and interest. One of the new introductions into the curriculum was a sociology course, conducted by Mr. David Brandt. Miss Shirley Lachmann aided Mr. Elsken, and Mr. Al Martin, another new member of the faculty, taught World Geography. Although it was hard at times, these three people , along with Mr. Elsken, Mr. Soule, and Mr. Aspiazu, helped Social Studies come alive . TOP: Mr. Soule patiently awaits the pinning on of his carnation by Renee Faurie for Teacher Appre- ciation Week. BOTTOM CENTER: Mr. Martin keeps a careful watch over his students while they research in the library . BOTTOM RIGHT: MI. A. , Senior Class moderator, poses as the Great Pumpkin for the Seniors' Orange Day skit. -gud!! 3 , , , A. lr ww '-.J 3' Speech Helps Develop Poise MRS . BERNEDA BROUSSARD Co-moderator of the Speech Club and Newspaper, teacher of Speech and Business English. She acquired a B. A. in Speech Edu- cation from L.S.U. and an vs- M. Ed . from the Northeast Louisi- ,...- I l ,,,,.,......-s---" ana University . TOP LEFT: Elise Labbe moves forward to accept the Science Award. Elise was a finalist at the St. Augustine Speech Tournament. TOP RIGHT: Chosen by her classmates as best speaker of her lab group! l class, Jamey Cortazzo researches for her next speech. BOTTOM LEFT: Aimee Bagnetto, also chosen by her class as the best A speaker in her lab group, dances freely to the music at the Back to School Dance. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Broussard explains the basic elements of a sen- tence to Kathy Hoffmann during English summer school. The knowledge of a foreign tongue is a building block for a true friendship with people from other parts of the world. To speak a language fluently takes time and hard work with the combined efforts of the students and the teachers. A modern world with modern ideas demands a modern method of teaching and learning foreign languages. Listening and speak- ing exercises, culture courses, and grammar are techniques employed by Mrs. Valdez and Sr. Philip. These two people Espanol or Fraoaise? take their students beyond funda- a mentals and turn out an above average linquistic. MRS. PAULA VALDEZ Head of the Foreign Language Department and teacher of Span- ish I, II, and III, and French II and III. Mrs. Valdez obtained her B. A. in Spanish and French at Loyola University. She is the moderator of the French and Spanish Clubs, and she enjoys bowling, swimming, and water- skiing . TOP: Jamey Cortazzo, first place winner of the Spanish II District Rally studies diligently in preparation for her upcoming Spanish test. BOTTOM: Getting a corsage pinned on by Renee Faurie is Sr. Philip, teacher of French I. TOP LEFT: Mrs. Valdez instructs her language class in a listening skills exercise . TOP RIGHT: The Spanish III class show their talent in both acting and speaking Spanish by per- forming "Goldi1ocks and the Three Bears. " The cast consisted of: Tricia Cran, narrator: Elise Labbe, Papa Bear: Gay Gomez, Baby Bear: Maureen Frederick, Mama Bear: and Cinde Sulik, Goldilocks. CENTER LEFT: Maintaining the highest average in Spanish III is Gay Gomez who is accepting her award . CENTER RIGHT: Terri Cortazzo, who won Fourth place at the Spanish I District Rally practices her skills by reading Spanish exercises. BOTTOM: Sister Philip explains to Mrs. Valdez the intricacies of the tape recorder. "Keep Your Eges Off ihe Keyboard" The Business Department, headed by Sister Gregory and Mrs. Trosclair, provides a rigor- ous and challenging program. The department is excellently equipped and offers professional training to all who accept the challenge of the business world. TOP CENTER: Resting after a hard day's work is Sister Gregory, one of Blenk's Business teachers. TOP RIGHT: A smiling Mrs. Trosclair proves that making decorations for the Soc Hop can be rather amusing. CENTER: Pam McKee, KK Crac- cio, and Emily Jester, after a year of work, have finally mas- tered the typing techniques. BELOW RIGHT: At the business exhibit, Maria Gattuso displays her filing skills. MRS. ELIZABETH TROSCLAIR Teacher of General Business, Typing, Data Processing, and Shorthand. She obtained her B. S at the University of Southern Louisiana. Mrs. Trosclair is a moderator of the Pep Squad. Her hobbies are bowling and tennis. -lin r -ai """"" mar, n fs. K S. TOP LEFT: Mrs. Trosclair offers some advice to a few of her business students. ABOVE LEFT: Joan Richard and Christine Collins practice their typing skills. ABOVE RIGHT: Lillian Duffy makes a whole-hearted effort to finish a perfect project for Sister Gregory. f , SISTER MARY GREGORY Head of the Business Department and teacher of Accounting, Transcription , Office Practice , and Shorthand. Sister received her Master of Business Adminis- tration at Notre Dame Univer- sity. She is moderator of the National Business Honor Society and is interested in gardening. ,155 ,-rv' An important part of education is having a strong and healthy body. The Physical Education Department, under the direction of Miss Graham and Mrs. Mille , offers tennis, gymnastics, vol- leyball, and many other sports to insure good health to Blenk's girls. TOP LEFT: Tisha Weil demon- strates her ability to do a hand- stand. TOP RIGHT: Toni Schernbeck teaches Barbara Labbe, Kim Talamo, and Sue Swan the cor- rect way to hold a tennis racket. "Readg - Begin!" ,qv sk. MRS. HEIDI MILLE Teacher of Freshman and Sopho- more P.E. Mrs. Mille is pres- ently working on her degree . She is coach of the Junior Varsity. Q MISS CHARLOTTE GRAHAM Head of the P.E. Department and moderator of the Athletic Club. Miss Graham received her B . S . from the University of Southern Mississippi . LEFT: Danette Brown and her classmates begin their P. E. class with jumping jacks. CENTER LEFT: Miss Graham , working in her office , takes time out to pose for the camera . ABOVE: Mrs. Mille receives her corsage from Renee Faurie for Teacher Appreciation Week. LEFT: Cindy Neeb measures the blood pressure of Jo Nei Relle during the Nursing Mini-Course. "Do You Smell Somelhing Burning?" With the arrival of Ms. Olson, Blenk's new Home Economics teacher, a few changes have taken place for the Home Ec Department. The course was worked out by Sr. Philip and Ms. Olson so that the girls can learn to sew in the first half of the year and cook in the second half. TOP CENTER: Anne Labit irons the wrinkles out of a piece of material for Home Ec class. TOP RIGHT: Deeply involved in sewing is Mary Shambra. ABOVE: Seriousness and concen- tration marks the face of Susan Baradell who is busily cutting out a pattern in Home Ec class. 1 nn' rx... K. O MS. SANDRA OLSON Home Economics teacher. Ms. Olson obtained her B. S . in Voca- tional Home Economics from the University of Oklahoma. . X' j K xl SISTER MARY PHILIP SCHEX- NAYDER French I teacher and Home Eco- nomics instructor. She received a B.A. from Our Lady of Holy Cross College, a B.S. in Home Economics rom Incarnate Word, and an M.Ed. in Education. She is the moderator of the Student Council and she is interested in crocheting, sewing, reading and painting. si 1' f V 2 1 4 ' A vyxgrvaw fffwf , , f -Wzffzz 't' x 4 ' - ff f wi .f A 3 ff Wag? M f- fzf-gg,,-- I - fe, fi , wifi ae ., I if v . 1 f 'A I :V 1 V. if , . W LEFT: Ms. Olson seems inter- L up if M sV ' gil: ested in showing a visitor some V. .A M gg E Home Ec material during the ' 's"' ' f' V ' 'ki i faculty workshop. BELOW LEFT: Shirleen Lilly, one of Sister Phi1ip's outstanding Home Ec students accepts, as an award , a set of silverware from Sister Philip. ABOVE: Jo Anna Cusimano stops sewing to look over her work to make sure she has made no mistakes. 6 B i i l 37 "Do Music is a form of communica- tion and the need for communi- cation is a must. The music classes, the Glee Club, and the General Chorus provide students with the opportunity to express themselves. RIGHT: Melinda Chauffe, Becky Yost, Marisa Brewster, and Mary Warren are getting great enjoy- ment from singing around the piano . FAR RIGHT: Resting in the fac- ulty lounge during her free mods is Mrs. West. Re-Mi R -Fa-So-La-Ti as if :T ABOVE: The Music Club prepares to sing for the Seniors of '74 at their Graduation Mass. MRS. BETTY WEST She received her A.A. at Pearl River Jr. College and her B. M.E. from The University of Southern Mississippi. She is the music teacher and moderator of the Music Club. D 2 "Wa+ch Dui! Don'+ Spill ihe Painf!" Q' 2xS!!i'ii323E71ig 1 --ev -1 zz ' 1?-P-'tt .1 '- U. -qt' .. ,111 V .,....vfl N W r, , 225 "' It ,, gl Art is one of the many forms of communication. In art class stu- dents learn to express themselves by using such methods as sculp- turing , painting, and drawing. TOP LEFT: Kathy Mohr prepares to paint while Sara May sits alongside and watches. TOP RIGHT: Melissa Bodron helps Cindy Lakey with her papier-mache art projects. CENTER: A smiling Miss Shepard proves that grading papers doesn't always have to be a sol- emn and serious task. MISS CHRISTINE SHEPARD Art teacher. Miss Shepard acquired her B. A . from South- eastern Louisiana University. She is interested in painting. "Time for S.R.A.. Girls!" S . R. A . is one of the methods used by Sister Guadalupe to help girls develop a deeper under- standing for the books they read . Other methods are the controlled reader which helps to gain speed and listening skills and vocabu- lary enrichment. RIGHT: Students take time in reading to work on vocabulary skills. I ,M . J! CENTER LEFT: Freshmen study in a new , modern classroom which will hopefully enable them to learn different reading skills more freely than before . CENTER RIGHT: Sister Guadalupe gives out instructions to her Freshmen Reading Class on how to use the reading equipment properly and effi- ciently . SISTER MARY GUADALUPE CAMALO Moderator of the Freshman class and teacher of the Individualized Reading Program. She acquired a B.A in education from Our Lady of Holy Cross College and an M.A. in Guid- ance and Counseling from Loyola University . Sister is interested in sew- ing, cooking, and traveling. in ?' "Le+'s Have Quiet in the Library. Please!" 'wig fan, Wwff. The library provides a quiet atmosphere for the studious pupils before and during school time. Research books help students with class projects while other books can be read simply for pleasure . MRS . LUCILLE B . FORTMAYER School Librarian. She attended Northwestern State College and Loyola University to receive her B. A . and certification in Library Science. She is the moderator for the Louisiana Teen-Age Library Club. MRS. PAULINE GOODWYNE Library Assistant. She is inter- ested in sewing. flower arrang- ing, needlework, and handi- crafts. CENTER: Cutting out decorations for the Soc Hop are Mrs. Goodwyne , who maintains a seri- ous face , while Mrs. Valdez gig- gles in the background . BELOW: Cheryl Ory relies upon the capable help of Mrs. Fort- mayer who shows her the listing of books needed for her project. A Never Ending Job The job of the cafeteria workers and the janitorial staff is a never ending one: however, it is one that is appreciated . The cafete- ria workers prepare lunches for the girls, which is a difficult task, while the janitors keep the school clean and neat. TOP ROW: Mrs. Herbert, Mrs. Jo Anne, and Ms. Rita. MIDDLE ROW: Ms. Collum, Ms. Eleanor, and Ms. Chessie. BOTTOM: Having her blood pres- sure checked during health min- icourse is Mrs. Herbert, cafete- ria manager. K. y 25. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Gaines keeps the yard in tip-top shape . ABOVE CENTER: Miss Marie kisses Santa for the gift she received for Christmas from the Student Council. ABOVE RIGHT: Cleaning the area around the candy machines is Miss Ricotta . BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Dupont. LEFT: Keeping the campus tidy is one of the many chores of the efficient janitorial staff. i is -W H my 25 Q in 5 V H57 E! 4 I - 1' 6' 'Q I W R. . ' Q1 am Q if Z H u v 3 E gt 'Q K k A F41 in af ' 4 gf ' gf Q S S. K 5-Q' k ..7. ,z1k. it 1 .A ' 1 Wwgwmgl f 2 K ggggisfzyfi :iff , V- ::,---- 1' '- -L:-x -f gy. 5 S ,F N x- ff J N Q :if .. Q 5' .J 2 'S if 3-1. N' 5 fa - ' J! ,K U if R .Q wg? A L ff J ag X .Aw , 1 K ff-b L 5 ' ' W ' 12? 'S' 1 1:33 -- 'FT'i?5ff'1: K 41 f- . Haw if ,S 55' if f Hi Jef W 3 , , i emu .,... , ' 5 S 'S 'a ,L X r 1 Q4 1 1. 7' SH EEN 3' 4 wa 1-4 ,n. W E ? 3 f gf 'HSS ,--'ff'-'--- " . .I l E -, 3 1. "' 7 ni 1 r J- ,sy F . , - fffgai-J' r I' x ,lla xl W A 1 A x .. r 1 Q , This year the Seniors turned into big white ghosts , and the Freshmen were subject to their demands. Freshmen punishment included bowing down, saying a pledge, and kissing the Seniors' rings. After initiation, the Freshmen were officially considered Blenk Doves. RIGHT: With all her adornments, Debbie Hall seems anxious to hide from all Seniors. BOTTOM RIGHT: A lowly Freshman, Maria Moron, shows her respect by kneeling down, and kissing a mighty Senior's ring. ABOVE LEFT: Kangaroo Court proved to be an exciting adven ture for both Freshmen and Sen iors. Freshmen Prove Their Logalig io Seniors The evil Kangaroo Court proves to be the last chance for Seniors to show their "1ove. " LEFT: The Senior ghosts gather for the last time to hand out pun- ishments to their Freshman vic- tims. BOTTOM LEFT: Debbie Dehon, Rita Stakelum, and Nancy Uzee model their latest fashions as they show interest and delight on initiation day . BOTTOM RIGHT: Carrie Holden looks exhausted from a day of bowing and kissing Senior rings. ' ji - 7' ' , i Siudeni Life in Review Orange Dag Brmgs Ouf To bring excitement and spirit to the students, the Student Council sponsored Orange Day The classes competed against each other in seeing who could wear the most orange and have the best decorations TOP LEFT: Mr. A. , caged in as the Senior pumpkin, actively participates in elping the Sen- 1ors compete in the "orange con- test. " CENTER LEFT: One of the high- lights of Orange Day was the pumpkin decorating contest. Here sits the result of one home- room's efforts to win. CENTER RIGHT: Is the "Great Pumpkin" really Father Donovan in disguise? BOTTOM LEFT: Michele LeBlanc gives Blenk a treat from the "Midnight Splecialu as she par- ticipates in t e Sophomore skit. BOTTOM CENTER: Proudly dis- played are the finalists in the pumpkin decoration contest sponsored by the Student Coun- cil. BOTTOM RIGHT: In presenting one of the skits, a Freshman, Nancy Uzee, takes the part of a little girl jumping rope. 5 if A Dag of Recollecfion Each month a mass celebration is prepared for the student body and faculty by a class or the CLC. A day of recollection was so pre- pared for the student body. On this day, talks were presented , mass was said , and various topics were discussed. TOP RIGHT: Father Red is the celebrant for a mass prepared for by the CLC . CENTER LEFT: Communion is distributed by Father John Troes- ser during one of Blenk's Euchar- istic Celebrations. -asus? -:qi ,bw T E l i K . Q K stu? N J ,fi Q iv y C if R u C, R T , 'i' 'M 1' :avi 1 CENTER RIGHT: Father A1 seri- BOTTOM LEFT: During Blenk's ously gives a talk for various Day of Recollection, a special classes during the Day of Recol- talk is given to the Freshmen. lection . The Fifties Soc Hop Comes fo Blenk The teachers this year decided this year to be more involved with the students' activities, so they sponsored a Soc Hop. This dance turned out to be a great success with the styles of the '50's. TOP LEFT: Sister JoAnn and Mrs. West are busy making decorations for the first Soc Hop at Blenk. CENTER LEFT: Tricia Cran and her date jitterbug to the music of "Fats and the Dominoes," at the Soc Hop. BOTTOM LEFT: Even "greasers" right out of the '5O's were at the dance that Halloween night. BOTTOM CENTER: Is this really Bonnie Johnson and Sarah May? BOTTOM RIGHT: The Soc Hop sponsored by the teachers was one of the biggest dance turnouts at Blenk this year. The Facullg Triumphs in Their Annual Vollegball Game Against the Students For a night of enjoyment and laughs, the students challenged the faculty to a game of volley- ball. Even though the students put up a strong fight, the faculty won. This game is one of the highlights of the year that brings the students and the faculty closer together. TOP RIGHT: Team members and teachers prepare to begin the "Big Student-Faculty Game . " MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Pooley shows off his form while hitting the ball over the net. MIDDLE LEFT: Miss Graham referees the game as the faculty struggles to get the ball over the net. BOTTOM RIGHT: Putting everything she's got into this hit, a student tries to help her team win the student-faculty game. -its Y Evergone Enjogs a Good Dance In an effort to earn money for the Senior Awards Breakfast, the Sophomores sponsored the Har- vest Dance. This evening of "Kolour" and sparkle of couples having a good time turned out to be a successful dance. ABOVE: "Co1or My Wor1d" was the theme of this year's Harvest Dance. CENTER: Barbara Rhodes, Shauna Keating, Marcia King, Laney Salvaggio, and Michele LeBlanc pose for a picture during the dance. BOTTOM: Michelle Schiel, Janet Mooney , Gina Helwig, Melinda Chauffe, and their dates are having a good time at the dance . Chrisfmasls. . . The Christmas Concert included entertainment by the French and Spanish Clubs in conjunction with the Glee Club. The groups presented their own special pro- grams, which proved that Blenk has many talented girls. ,tnt t -s - K .. V. 3 1 ,,. ,t-.-. P gy ki ,X . TOP RIGHT: Blenk girls proudly entertain the audience at the Christmas Concert. TOP LEFT: Terry O'Dowd and Mrs. West discuss last minute preparations before the concert begins. CENTER: Leslie Peterson, Carol Ryan, Sarah May, Melissa Godreaux, and Shelley Dupre practice for the annual Christmas Concert. CENTER RIGHT: Eddi Rae Pitre and Helene Carmichael play the piano in the A .V . Room before the concert to get the girls ready to sing. BOTTOM: Toni Schernbeck, Susie Gerrets. and Shannon Roark, practice for the concert. 4 "', 'W' ,, Q IP i Xiepais, 'Q' we .D A " "M ' .. ...ww-tr.,-. ' xxx K pg ,ras-41.-f-. iii,-Q.-, . -..' f f ,Q rssi S .it" . ' ' .r.' S .4-' any: Qzi 5 M ' : ...M ff 'figs .g 7? l Kp it I ff A M ., it raw, I Y 4 5 ww-y.mqql"'1iL if ,, Qanfa Claus Makes His Debui Santa's visit this year was a very exciting one as the students assembled in the gym for an hour of entertainment. Each home- room presented a skit centering around the theme, "Christmas Around the World." FAR LEFT: Beth Bush sets the school in a Christmas mood by reading a poem about the Christ Child. LEFT: Jolly old Santa makes his annual visit to Blenk carrying a load full of presents on his back. LEFT CENTER: Leroy Garrison seems surprised to see Santa has a present for him too. LEFT BOTTOM: Sister Philip must sit on Santa's lap and give him a big kiss before receiving her present. RIGHT BOTTOM: Rhonda Rodri- quez performs in her homeroom skit at the Christmas Assembly. An Evening of Remembrance A beautiful evening of long dresses and flowers at the Winter Formal was enjoyed by everyone. All of the Seniors were honored when their class officers pres- ented them with long-stemmed carnations as a remembrance of their last Winter Formal. TOP: The Winter Formal spon- sored by the Seniors proved to be a big success. CENTER: Girls dressed up in their formals enjoyed dancing and having a good time. BOTTOM: Sheryl Gassen and Lisa Hornyak with their dates listen to the music of "Festus. " frm wages- ef' .., 1 .. , t w..a,y5, 5. 'eggs-A sa --" A QW to ., .. .,,, -v K Nsifi L. . Hrs, .iii H fx . 'li if ,Xa Q 'gg gifs:-Fe-' UQQ- kkfwvli Y-XXX? f H iv ---' is - ja pi and Enjogmeni TOP: The Seniors were honored at their last Winter Formal when they were presented 1ong-stem- med red carnations. CENTER: All the hours of work finally came together and the fun of seeing it was enjoyed by all who had worked so hard. BOTTOM: After many long hours of preparation for their dance, Johanna Schindler, Kathy Mohr, Carrie Seibert, Belinda Cambre, Peggy Odem, Bonnie Coyne, and Karen Smith, a few of the many interested Seniors, take a rest. Compeiilion Sfirs Befween Blenk and Shaw This year the Doves challenged the S aw Eagles to a Donkey Bas- ketball Game. It took a lot of reasoning to try to gain control of the donkeys in order to win the game . TOP RIGHT: A group of sgirited Blenk girls cheer during t e Don- key Basketball Game. CENTER LEFT: The saying about donkeys being stubborn seems to be true. CENTER RIGHT: This poor guy seems to have had a bad fall off the donkey. BOTTOM RIGHT: Blenk makes another 2 points while the donkey leads the player up to the goal. Registration '74-'75 Afternoons were set aside for the girls at Blenk and their mothers to register for the 1974-'75 school year at Blenk . TOP LEFT: A concerned mother waits to register her daughter, Artye Burmaster , for 1974-75 school year. B1enk's .1 QM.. gfgggln eq is Qs A t, y W' F f CENTER LEFT: A table of bank financers await students to come and register . BELOW RIGHT: A line of girls and mothers wait for their turn to register for another year of Blenk . BOTTOM LEFT: Sister Guadalupe and Sister Raymond make the necessary arrangements during pre-registration of one of the Freshmen. gy!!! f,'M,,,,, ',,,.. ,Au ,,,...4 ,,....- ,.,...... Love Is . . . Each year the Junior class spon- sors the Sweetheart Dance. This year "Me and You and Our Childhood Memories" was selected as the theme of the dance. TOP RIGHT: The Senior class selected Beth Bush as their Sweetheart and Tricia Cran and Johanna Schindler as her maids. CENTER: The Sophomore Sweet- heart was Laney Salvaggio and her maids were Nana Gerrets and Michele LeBlanc. BOTTOM: The crowds gathered in the cafeteria to chatter with friends and enjoy cool refresh- ments between the dances. LEFT: Freshman class member receives a rose for the honor of being chosen a Sweetheart maid . CENTER: Juniors chosen as maids were Kim Labauve and Sandy Lathem. The class Sweetheart was Susan Swan. BOTTOM: Overcome by the excitement of being named a maid, Kim Labauve throws her arms around Sheryl Gas- sen. "Everg+hing's Coming Up Roses" TOP RIGHT: Kelly McClanahan, Kim Salvaggio, Gina Valence, and Cathy Sullivan anxiously await their debut as Uncle Iocko checks his list. CENTER LEFT: Mamma Rose with Chowskie in her arms insists to Auntie Georgette that Uncle Jocko's Kiddie Show is fixed. CENTER RIGHT: Later in the evening, Mamma Rose and Grandma discuss the new act. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mamma Rose tells Baby Louise and Baby June of the new act she has just dreamed . TOP LEFT: Baby June and her newsboys perform their act. CENTER LEFT: Jo Anna Cusi- mano, and Jeanne LeBlanc, two of the newsboys, do their mili- tary tap number. BOTTOM LEFT: The military does a dance as a tribute to Uncle Sam. CAST IN ORDER OF THEIR FIRST APPEARANCE Georgette ---------------------- ------------------- P eggy Odem Stage M0theIS ------------------------- M. Dubuisson, J. LeBlanc B. Coyne, J. Schindler, L. Salvaggio, J. Cusimano, L. Trapp, L. LaBauve, S. May, D . Valence Specialties: -- ------------------- Becky and Paula LeBlanc Wayne and Mark LeBlanc Cathy Sullivan, Kim Salvaggio, Kelly McClanahan, Jennifer Odem Uncle JOCk0 Herbie ------------------------ ---- F r. Paul Donovan Baby Louise --------- Baby June ---- Rose ------ Chowskie ---- Grandmother - Miss Katz - - - Louise ---- June ----------- Mr . Goldstone Miss Cratchitt Agnes ---------- - - -- ---- Cheryl Rivette ------ --------------Belinda Cambre ---Cathy Denning!Terry O'Dowd - - - - - - -Pepe Maurice Cambre ------ - - --Cathy Sullivan - - - -Bonnie Coyne - - - -Tricia Cran --------------Cathy Fonte - - - -Gary Aspiazu!Louis Soule - - - - - - - - -Johanna Schriber - - - - -JoAnna Cusimano Marjorie Mae ----------------- -------- ------ L i sa Trapp Patsey ---------- Nick Scriber Tessie Tura -------- Margaret Dubuisson Mazeppa --- ------ Beth Bush Electra --------- Marcia King Maid -------- Kathy Barcelona The Cow ---Desi Valence and Kathy Barcelona Dancers: Beth Bush, Wendy Cambre , Margaret Dubuisson, Gina Valence , Jo Anna Cusi- mano, Marcia King, Kathy Barcelona , Desi Valence , Sara May, Anne Blanchard, Joy Hebert, Lisa Trapp, Kelly Robb, Jeanne LeBlanc, Susan Kramer, Joan Gegenheimer. Lei Me Enferiain You BIenk's 4+h musical, Ggpsg. was presenied ihis gear. Ggpsg was aboui a moiher who couIdn'+ face noi being in fop socieig. ABOVE: Under Herbie's CFr. Donovanj watchful eye, the t Toreadorables practice their rou tine. BOTTOM RIGHT: Herbie, Rose CCathy Denningj, and Louise 4Tricia Crank appear to be the perfect team as they are always together wherever they go. y 5 t1,7 sri' Q-is sw-fsfbg A , 9:2 If if it if 2 xg: , r .:., iw WE?-r .. TOP LEFT: Mr. Goldstone CMI. Soulej , who brought good news of a booking on the Orpheum Cir- cuit, is honored during Louise's CCathy Denningj birthday party. BOTTOM LEFT: Rose prepares to talk to some girls about their ingratitude . BOTTOM RIGHT: Rose CTerry O'DowdJ , June CCathy Pontej , and Herbie QFather Donovanj enjoy a meal at a Chinese res- taurant. ' in I' .-, sg., f E J if 1 '1 "You G01-ka Gei a Gimmick" TOP RIGHT: The Farmerettes rap to the "Moo-cow" number. MIDDLE LEFT: Tessie, Mazeppa and Electra get acquainted with Louise, the new arrival. RIGHT: Dainty June sings about her favorite moo-moo cow, Car oline. TOP LEFT: Rose Louise and her Hollywood blondes arrive at the burlesque theatre in Wich- ima. TOP RIGHT: The Strippers, Tessie Tura CMargaret Dubuis- sony and Mazeppa fBeth Bushj, each show their own gim- mick. BOTTOM RIGHT: After recon- ciling their difference , Gypsy fTricia Cranj and Mamma Rose CTerry O'DowdJ embrace. - Compeiiiion ai Rallg and Siudenf Governmeni ai Gurls Qiaie Students from Archbishop Blenk competed in District Rally and Girls' State in the 1973-1974 school year. Many students placed in the rally, but because of a technicality, Blenk could not participate in the State Rally. CENTER: Three Seniors placing in the rally are Gay Gomez 14th, Physicsj, Cinde Sulik C4th, Gen. Historyb, and Cathie Burkett 14th, Typingj. TOP RIGHT: Ellen Villars, a Freshman, placed 4th in the Algebra Division. MIDDLE: Pour Sophomores who went to the rally are Karen Zeringue f2nd, English ID, Cathy Villars Clst, Biologyb, Helen Ses- tak C3rd , World Geographyb , and Terry Cortazzo 15th, Spanish IJ. BOTTOM: Three Juniors who placed in the rally are Jamey Cortazzo Clst, Spanish ID, Terry Wilkinson C3rd, American His- toryj, Lisa Sestak C5th, Algebra ID . 0 I 5 silk me Q Q fxjifi , ltsrr S S p i lirt . si is :sf -fi fs: 5 E. ga, TOP LEFT: Tricia Cran won the post of the registrar of state vot- ing machines in a mock elec- tion. TOP RIGHT: Terry O'Dowd and Christine Collins went to Girls' State for 197 3: the alternates were Fernanza Brown and Cathy Denning . BOTTOM LEFT: The alternates for the 1974 Girls' State are She- ryl Gassen and Claire Simmons. BOTTOM RIGHT: Terry Wilkin- son and Donna La Mothe and Marilyn Sines went to Girls' State in the Summer of 1974. Pep Rallg Spurs Spirii for ihe Marianiie Fair RIGHT: Renee Faurie and Cathy Barcelona were among the distin- guished guests who visited the pep rally . CENTER RIGHT: The Senior Class members pulled their hair back, wore red lipstick, and rolled down their socks as part of setting in the mood for the '50's pep rally. ABOVE: Dancing through the line of dancers are Rhonda Rodriguez and Kim McMahon competing in the dance contest. BOTTOM RIGHT: Janet Bruce and Jackie Polk, members of the "Flash Cadillac Band, " enter- tain at the pep rally. At the '50's Pep Rally, all the students dressed in the '50's styles. The pep rally set off the competition between the classes for the Marianite Fair. The Sen- iors won the spirit stick for sup- porting the fair by selling tickets and showing the most enthusiasm throughout the entire project. LEFT: Showing their 50's style of dancing and winning the dance contest are Julie Graff and Donna Isemann. LEFT CENTER: Bonnie Coyne, Kelly Robb, Margaret Dubuisson, and Aimee Bagnetto watch the dancers compete in the contest. RIGHT CENTER: Disguised as Sisters, Peggy Odem, Lisa LaBauve , and Desi Valence say a prayer to help the Mariante Fair. R, F y fp 3: 4.1 v fx J 1 gif ps . 1 9 BOTTOM LEFT: Julie Wagues- pack and Sister Peggy Odem give everyone a big smile. BOTTOM MIDDLE: Disguised as nuns during the 50's pep rally are Desi Valence, Lisa LaBauve, and Linda Peranio. A Spring Fesfival Spring Concert was given by Mrs West and the Glee Club. It was dedicated to the Seniors of 1974. TOP RIGHT: All the Seniors who attended the concert that eve- ning went on stage after the last song, "I Believe," was sung. BOTTOM: Before the song "I Believe" was sung, all of the Senior Glee Club members went to the front of the stage. f TOP: Mrs. West leads the Glee Club in a variety of songs during the Concert. CENTER: The Glee Club sings to "The Water Is Wide," for which they received an excellent rating at the festival earlier that day. RIGHT: The Glee Club presents Mrs. West with a bouquet of roses as an appreciation gift. Picniokers Soak Up the Sun TOP RIGHT: The funniest event of the day was the "Suit Case Race , " and Leigh Berry, Cherie Lore, and Adele Rodrique came dressed in their stylish clothes ready to compete. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mr. Pooley receives an appreciative gift from the Equations Team for all of the time and work he gave to the club. LEFT BOTTOM: Bathing beau- ties, Carol Long, Jane Bernard, Every year the P.E. Department sponsors a day of competition and relaxation for the entire student body and for teachers. and Sandy Latham soak up some sun and just relax for the day. BOTTOM RIGHT: Sitting around drinking and cooking their food are Rhonda LaMothe, Donna LaMothe, Kim LaBauve, and Debbie Trotter. TOP LEFT: One of the Juniors, Nancy Long, decides to try something different on Field Day . MIDDLE LEFT: Sandy Provenzano dresses in her outfit to compete in the "Suit Case Race. " MIDDLE RIGHT: A group of Sen- iors compete against each other in the Sack Race. .E . f iiifii I in lx ,. J p we 1 'f-if 5 sniff Sta TOP RIGHT: Enjoying a relaxing day and soaking up some sun is Sophomore Mary Sparkman. MIDDLE RIGHT: Juniors Susan Gerrets and Roni Schernbeck and Sophomore Linda Poillion sit around relaxing on Field Day. BOTTOM LEFT: Pam Drury, Becky Drumm, and Joann Paradelas, Sophomores, enjoy the food they have been cooking all morning. BOTTOM RIGHT: Susan Gerrets anxiously waits to begin running in the relay race. 4 , Q , A I vs- -:Wi F 4 , -, ,f s, r -3, . . 4 ,. ,. C- A .f,, i 'K 6' 8.2 iyyi ,M LP' Q I K Wm 'Eafggflfg ' 146' 3 'N 4 1 -' - Q ' " 'k 'R l ' Ril 1.4" 1-. . . s x 'YAG-Y was 7:6 W Y '51 , . K as - ' f or 'n W 1 NX ' -sumw Appreciaiion Extended io Each Seniof A special day is set aside each year for everyone to show their appreciation to the Seniors before they leave . This year the Seniors enjoyed a Senior Lunch- eon and a special program spon- sored by the Juniors and Fresh- men. Each Junior received her ribbon which was tied around her finger by a Senior to serve until she would receive her class ring. TOP LEFT: During the ribbon- tying ceremony Mary Rubion anxiously waits for Melissa Bodron to tie on her ribbon . MIDDLE: A table of Seniors enjoy their last lunch in the cafeteria during the Senior luncheon. BOTTOM LEFT: Four Seniors Caroline Mobley. Joan Richard Christine Collins, and Fernanza Brown, are happy and enjoyed the lunch especially prepared for them. Q BoTToM RIGHT: Freshmen showed their appreciation to the 2 Seniors by presenting them with I diplomas and caps. A- "H-fa-"'. ....,,, AVWY ,r Seniors' Lasi Dag of Fun The last day of school for the Seniors was Field Day. On this day , the Seniors threw their shoes in the Salvation Army Truck, received Awards, and had the Senior Countdown. TOP RIGHT: Twelve Seniors have a good time on their last day at school. BOTTOM LEFT: This year, before Field Day began, the Sen- iors had a motorcade to start off a really great day. BOTTOM RIGHT: An exhausted Bonnie Coyne, Senior Class Pres- ident, decided to sit down to rest a while and think about the last day of school. v-if an TOP: Following an old tradition at Blenk, the Seniors threw their old school shoes in the Salvation Army Truck. BOTTOM: A group of Seniors get together for a while after dispos- ing of their shoes in the Salvation Army truck. "I BeIieve" The 1974 Senior Prom was held at the Queen Anne Room of the Monteleone Hotel. Music was supplied by the popular "Paper Steamboat" and all had a good time. RIGHT: While attending a party before the Prom , Mr. Ray Labit Brett Berges , Bonnie Johnson, Peggy Norton, Jim Pritchard, Debbie Trotter and date, Greg Rittiner , Joanna Cusimano , Terry O'Dowd, Johanna Schin- dler, and Howie Buras stop to have their pictures taken. I .ff ABOVE: Clowning around after the prom are Julie Waguespack and Johanna Schindler. BOTTOM RIGHT: Seniors take part in a prom toast. TOP LEFT: Dancing and min- gling with the other Seniors are all part of the Senior Prom shown by Gay Gomez and Brian Alford. BELOW: Belinda Cambre and Donald Morales seem to be thor- oughly enjoying their evening at the prom. 4 'J :F BOTTOM: Listening to the music of "The New Paper Steamboat" are Kim Meister and dateg Karen Smith and dateg and Maria Goodgion and her date . To begin Graduation Day, the Seniors of 1974 celebrated a mass together at Saint Anthony's Church. They then were honored at a breakfast given by the Soph- omore Class, during which awards were presented . On the evening of May 24, 1974, four years of high school came to a climax as the Senior class ended their career at Blenk during Commencement Exercises . TOP RIGHT: The 1974 graduates celebrated their last mass together. CENTER: Seniors reflect on the events of their last year during the graduation mass. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. A. and Senior Class officers present the gifts during the offertory proces- sion. AL, I Believe RIGHT: The Sophomores painted a beautiful poster displaying the Senior song, "I Believe." CENTER LEFT: Terry Cortazzo and Barbara Lagucki bring back memo- ries of the Seniors as Sophomores during intramurals. 'dl'o JUS CENTER: A table of excited Seniors seem to be amazed and can't believe this breakfast is really for them . BOTTOM: Each Senior enjoys a beautiful breakfast given by the Sopho- more Class. , L bl s . e we 31 lu .Q 'I my N K pb X Y H ji K .fl ' 0 Q ' o 4 J . LJ l M -1 M, - Ll J , N 1, VV ' lx Seniors Recognized TOP RIGHT: The Crisco Award for Home Ec was presented to Erin Meyer by Sister Philip. CENTER RIGHT: Pam Adams proudly accepts a citizenship award given by a member of the presented to Tricia Cran. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Fine bestows the first Principa1's Award on a surprised Kim Meis ICI' . daughters of the American Revo- lution. BOTTOM LEFT: One of the high est honors of the evening, the American Legion Award, was sm 'QV TOP LEFT: Diane Fray accepts an award for outstanding achieve- ment in business presented by Sister Gregory, head of the Busi- ness Dept. CENTER LEFT: A representative from South Central Bell awards Elise Labbe the Bell Science Award . BOTTOM LEFT: Receiving a Civic Award for 350 . 00 from a member of the Rotary Club is an appreciative Debbie Labit. "Should Auld Aoquainianoe Be Forgo+" TOP RIGHT: Senior class moder- ator, Mr. A. , served as Master of Ceremony during the Ninth Commencement Exercises of CENTER RIGHT: After receiving Archbishop Blenk. her diploma, Maria Hoffman takes her American Beauty Rose, CENTER LEFT: Tricia Cran hap- the CIHSS flower- pily receives her Valedictory trophy from Mr. Fine. BOTTOM: The group of graduat- ing Seniors took their places in the church at the beginning of f A the ceremony . TOP LEFT: Gay Gomez , Saluta- torian and honor graduate of the Class of 1974, proudly delivers the Salutatory Address. FAR LEFT: After lighting her candle , Terry O'Dowd proceeds up the aisle to take her place among the graduates. CENTER LEFT: The graduates present to Sister Philip a bouquet of roses as a token of their appre- ciation . Awards Dag Closes Year , A 2 . ABOVE: After addressing the stu- dents Mr. Leonard Fine presented awards. TOP: The Class of '75 assumed its place in the "Senior bleachers" for the last assembly of the school year. BELOW RIGHT: A large group of athletic Freshmen proudly receive their Physical Fitness Awards from Miss Graham and Mrs. Mille. ABOVE: As the bell rings signaling the beginning of summer vacation, both students and teachers say farewell until next August. ABOVE RIGHT: P.E. teacher Mrs. Mille presents Chris Ward with her Physical Fitness patch and certificate. TOP LEFT: Exhibiting a variety of expressions on the last day of school are faculty members Mr. Pooley, Miss Olson, Mrs. Labit Sr. Philip, Sr. June, Mrs. Goodwyne, and Mrs. West. A Dream Goes on Forever The 1974 Junior Ring Dance was held at Blenk with the theme of "A Dream Goes on Forever." Everyone seemed to have had a good time as the juniors took a step up to become Seniors. ..-f J TOP LEFT: Two Juniors, Becky Mitchell and Kathy BOTTOM LEFT: During the Ring Ceremony, Kathy Barcelona , paint a picture for that special evening, Barcelona turns around only to be caught by the the Ring Dance. camera. TOP RIGHT: Three Juniors are very much involved BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Fine kisses Lisa LaBauve as she with their work for the dance . receives her class ring. is TOP LEFT: The Junior Class Offi- cers receive presents from the class before the cake is cut. MIDDLE LEFT: Lisa LaBauve and Desi Balence parade around after receiving their rings, showing them off. MIDDLE RIGHT: Robin Bird, Desi Valence, and Kelly Robb and their dates stop to have a picture taken before leaving for the dance . BOTTOM: A group of Juniors, now Seniors, show off their rings. Ziff K Seniors '74 Qiari Tradiiion On May 13, 1974, 72 Seniors left for Gatlinburg, Tenn. , on a Greyhound Bus. The trip was enjoyed by everyone and was really an experience to remem- ber. TOP RIGHT: A group of Seniors ride in the Tramway up through the mountains to an ice-skating building at the end of the ride. LEFT: Karen Smith and Kim Meister pose with a real live Cherokee Indian in a tourist town called Cherokee , North Caro- lina. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cindy Mueh- ler, Mary Leathem, Terry O'Dowd , Donna de la cruz, Kim Meister, Cindy Lakey, Karen Smith, and Diane Guerrera pose for a picture with the Great Smoky Mountains in the back- ground. TOP LEFT: Kim Miester and Karen Smith try something really different - ice-skating. TOP MIDDLE: In a tour called Cades Cove, Terry O'Qowd visits an old corn grinding mill. 3' 'X N RIGHT: Senior trip chaperones take a hike up to C1ingman's Dome to view the beautiful mountains. BOTTOM LEFT: Alas! The Sen- iors found a balcony, but no Romeo, when they arrived at Gatlinburg. 4 1 Q . -43' H Q i f is z 3 4 CP ,ff M , as an Qludeni Council Leads fhe Wag The Student Council, headed by Tricia Cran, was again this year the most active and involved organization in the school. Besides sponsoring the Back-to- School Dance, Orange Day, and a Christmas Window Painting Contest, they also started and ran the new bookstore , the Doves' Nest. RIGHT: Sister Philip, moderator of the Student Council, gives her farewell speech. RIGHT CENTER: Student Council officers for the 1973-'74 school year are, left to right, Rennee Faurie, treasurer, Tricia Cran, president: Sister Philip, modera- tor: Terri Wilkinson, vice-presi- dentg Kathy Barcelona, secre- tary: and Aimee Bagnetto and Ingrid Creppel, sergeants-at- arm. BOTTOM LEFT: Tricia Cran, president, makes an announce- ment to the student body. BOTTOM RIGHT: Edie Raw Pitre makes a Bowling Team announcement to the assembly while the officers look on. I E ya LEFT: This newly painted sign points the way to the bookstore a new addition to the campus. LEFT CENTER: Terri Wilkinson vice-president of the Student Council, speaks to the assembly on Election Day . paw 3 an l ABOVE: Kris Schlotterer and Helen Sestak show the items for sale in The Doves' Nest. LEFT: Donna Randall, Barbara Dowdy , and Susan Baradel enjoy refreshments from the machines, which are filled every day by the Student Council members. TOP LEFT: Sheryl Gassen tells the school her reasons for running for Student Council secretary. TOP RIGHT: Anxiously awaiting the results of the Student Council elections, Blenk girls assemble on the center breezeway. CENTER: Desi Valence and Kathy Barcelona , new Student Council officers, can't believe they have won. BOTTOM: New Student Council officers from left: Gina Valence, Gerry Lilly, Ingrid Creppel, Mr. Pooley, moderator, Kathy Bar- celona, Laney Salvaggio, and Desi Valence. va ,. 4 'l. ll F . Y, I ,a .35 EFA' 1. X S i J - , 'Q Q Q. 2' , f ' ' ,f , :- New Officers Take Over LEFT: Sister Philip and Mr. Poo- ley induct the new officers of the Student Council. BELOW LEFT: The new officers recite their pledge as they assume their duties for the com- ing year. If ABOVE RIGHT: Renee Faurie, outgoing treasurer, lights Desi's candle and wishes her luck in her office. LEFT: Kathy Barcelona receives the president's gavel from Tricia Cran, outgoing Student Council president. 4, National Honor Socieig Taps New Members In April the present members of the Lux Mundi Chapter of the National Honor Society tapped eleven new members from the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore classes. Members were chosen on the basis of character, scholar- ship, leadership, and service. Each month the National Honor Society selects a student of the month on the basis of leadership and service to the school. TOP RIGHTg Sister Raymond begins the tapping ceremony with an explanation of member- ship to the student body. CENTER: Cinde Sulik congratu- lates Michele LeBlanc on being chosen student of the month for February. BOTTOM LEFT: Peggy Norton, Cheryl Rivette, and Cindy Cou- ture congratulate each other on being tapped, while Ellen Keller receives her pin from Terri Wil- kinson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kathy Barce- lona, Sheryl Gassen and Jamey Cortazzo, present members of the N.H.S. , wait patiently until their turns to tap. Y efggf tn' 1 TOP LEFT: Mr. Fine congratu- lates all of the new members. LEFT CENTER: Bonnie Johnson escorts Marcia King, a newly tapped member, down the stairs C- , 1- ABOVE: Aimee Bagnetto leads Cinde Sulik past an admiring Sophomore class after being tap ped. BOTTOM LEFT: Elise Labbe reaches to tap a new member from the Senior class. fl 1 TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Reimers, mod- erator for the Honor Society, chats with Cinde Sulik and Myra Robertson before the induction ceremony. CENTER: The newly installed officers of the Honor Society: Jamey Cortazzo, Barbara Loucki, Lisa Sestak, and Marilyn Sines, take a break at the refreshment table after the cere- mony. BOTTOM LEFT: Marilyn Sines, Gay Gomez , Myra Robertson, and Cinde Sulik, retiring offi- cers, light their respective can- dles as part of the induction cer- emony. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Fine talks with Ms. Dunham, assistant dean at Newcomb College and guest speaker for the occasion . sei 5, I f Q 1 5' 'YYY' ,T K quill' 'Y VYY ll Il The Doers Gef ihe Job Done Active participation in school activities, plus academic achievement, is one criteria for selection as Student of the Month . Q Q a f 3 7 I TOP LEFT: Rita Stakelum, Freshman student of the month for May, makes a speech on election day. TOP RIGHT: Mr. Martin, the new moderator for the Honor Society , congratulates the incoming officers. BOTTOM LEFT: Laney Sal- vaggio , sophomore student of the month for March, makes her speech for secretary of the Student Council. BOTTOM RIGHT: Domini Relle, student of the month for April, poses on the back of Toni Schernbeck at Cheer- leader tryouts. Hard Workers Receive Reoognifion The Business Department, guided by Sister Mary Gregory, held its annual Business Exhibit this year to demonstrate the students' many achievements. The National Business Honor Society also held their induction cere- mony at which they received many new members who will soon be a credit to the organiza- tion. ABOVE RIGHT: Old members of the National Business Honor Soci- ety, Diana Fray and Anne Pellig- rin, speak at the induction as JoNel Relle and Mrs. Trosclair listen intently. RIGHT CENTER: Joy Hebert. Debby Labit, Cindy Braun, Lisa Kreider, and Pam Watson con- centrate on the guest speaker. BELOW: Debby Labit makes a speech at the induction cere- mony. LOWER RIGHT: Debby Macera and Anne Pelligrin show the seri- ousness of the occasion by the expressions on their faces. i Y 11' I f !,f ,-'Ass TOP LEFT: Mrs. Troselair awards Diane Fray, president of the National Business Honor Society. TOP RIGHT: Lynn Breaux shows the correct way of answering a telephone. CENTER: Old members, Cindy Braun, Anne Pelegrin, and Diane Fray, wait patiently as new members are announced at an assembly. BOTTOM: Joy Hebert demon- strates her skills with a calculator at the Business Exhibit. IO 6 Afhleies Honored af Banquef The Athletic Club was led during the 1973-74 season by the fol- lowing officers: Lynn Breaux. president: Kathy Ehret, vice- presidentg Mary Clare Bush, sec- retary: Peggy Odem, treasurerg and Peggy Ehret, historian. The year's activities culminated at the Athletic Banquet, held to honor all the year's athletes. TOP RIGHT: Renee Faurie, Susie Gerrets, and Lynn Breaux pause and reflect on their year as members of the Athletic Club. CENTER LEFT: The smiling members of the Athletic Club display the trophies won by their teams . CENTER RIGHT: Brenda Bakies, a Sophomore, makes plans to stay for a basketball team practice . ,t was 335 ,. ta of . s- .fig TOP LEFT: Jeanne LeBlanc shows that the members of the Athletic Club support the teams as well as play as she tries out for cheerleader. BOTTOM LEFT: Lynn Breaux, president of the Athletic Club, wishes good luck to next year's officers. TOP RIGHT: Julie Porche patiently waits for volleyball practice to begin. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kelly Robb smiles as she clutches a trophy presented to her as one of B1enk's outstanding cheerlead- CIS . I0 7 O8 Cheerleaders Lead Doves +o Vnciorg Our cheerleaders lend their sup- port and enthusiasm to the Blenk fans as they cheer us on at games and pep rallies. This year's cheerleaders are Bonnie Coyne, Margaret Dubuisson, Kelly Robb, Aimee Bagnetto, Michele LeBlanc, and Laney Salvaggio. TOP RIGHT: Cheerleaders keep student spirit up, up, up. CENTER: Cheerleaders give out a yell at a pep rally. BOTTOM LEFT: Gwen Ayres and Bridgette Boudreaux show a lot of enthusiasm and spirit. BOTTOM CENTER: Mrs. Tros- clair, moderator for the cheer- leaders, smiles prettily for the photographer . BOTTOM RIGHT: Laney Salvag- gio proves that practice makes perfect. , . , i , if , ,, if p :uf .. 'Rei ' get L ' ",,, ,, P' .2 TOP: Our hillybilly cheer- leaders, Kelly Robb, Bonnie Coyne , Michele LeBlanc, Laney Salvaggio, and Marga- ret Dubuisson, are all smiles at the Donkey Basketball Game . CENTER: Hopeful cheerleaders work diligently at tryout prac- tice. BOTTOM LEFT: Many anxious girls compete for the title of cheerleader . BOTTOM RIGHT: Head cheer- leader, Bonnie Coyne, explains to students what spirit really is. DoveHes' Third Season Thre Archbishop Blenk Dovettes marched for their third Mardi Gras season. Their first performance was in Tulane University's Homecoming parade in November. The Dovettes also participated in six Mardi Gras parades. The year ended after lots of hard work and enjoyment for all those involved. ,,. f VR - Ji .s ' ,, .1 A Ha ABOVE: The Dovettes, proud of their achievements in the past year, pose on the front steps of school. RIGHT: Mary Uzee, Celeste Dick, and Debbie Macera are in the lead as the Dovettes march down St. Charles Avenue. M Q LEFT: Drill team officers for the 1973-'74 season are, front row, left to right: Carrie Seibert, sec- retary, and co-captain: Mary Uzee, captaing Celeste Dick, treasurer and co-captaing back row: Debbie Macera and Cathy Sullivan , squad leaders . BELOW RIGHT: These are the hardworking members of the Honor Guard who led the way for the Dovettes. Y' Na ABOVE LEFT: Laney Salvaggio, one of the Blenk cheerleaders, marched with the Dovettes in every parade. LEFT: Linda Peranio and Cathy Mohr lead the Honor Guard in adding sparkle to the Bacchus parade . Glee Club Enieriains Qiudenis and Parenis The Glee Club, under the direc- tion of Mrs. West, held their annual Christmas and Spring Concerts this year to entertain students and their parents. TOP RIGHT: The members of the Glee Club lift their voices in unison at the Christmas Concert. CENTER LEFT: Terry O'Dowd talks to Mrs. West, moderator of the Glee Club, before the con- cert begins. CENTER RIGHT: Eddie Rae Pitre. accompanist for the Glee Club, pins on her service pin for work- ing in the bookstore . RIGHT: Senior officers of the Glee Club take time out at their Sophomore-Senior Breakfast to have a picture taken with their moderator. They are Terry O'Dowd , president: Shelley Dupre, librarian: Mrs. West, moderator: Peggy Odem, trea- surerg and Bonnie Coyne, vice- president. is 1 - .,.. ss. - g .iw F . ,,uv .,.,,.,,,,,, .:,, 'VVA , V lllli KS I ..,Q ,, A ..,, v-inn-an f ' , ,AL TOP LEFT: Mrs. West directs the Glee Club at the Christmas Con- cert. TOP RIGHT: The Glee Club puts feeling into their favorite song , "Mary's Lullaby. " CENTER: The General Chorus, formed from Music I students, gave the Glee Club support for their concerts . BOTTOM: Peggy Odem, Bonnie Coyne, Kathy Mohr, and Kim Meister, members of the Glee Club , decorate for the Christmas Concert. Qfrikes fo Viciorg This year, Blenk's bowling team entered its second season in the New Orleans Prep League. All members enjoyed the fun and com- petition and seemed to improve each week. As a result Blenk fin- ished above Shaw, Chappelle , and Riverdale in the standings. TOP LEFT: Tammy Brown shows poise and grace as she lets go of the ball. CENTER LEFT: Cindy Couture , Gay Gomez, and Maria Gattuso cheer for victory . CENTER RIGHT: Maria Gattuso tries for a strike. BOTTOM: Members of the bowl- ing team are, left to right, Lisa Sestak, Gay Gomez, Maria Gat- tuso, Edie Rae Pitre, Cindy Cou- ture, Tammy Brown, and Wanda Hanley. ..-,ni-.wsonw Tl Tennis Debul The tennis team, a newly organized team this year, made its debut by competing in matches with other schools. They put in hours of hard work and practice while gaining experience and hav- ing fun at the same time . LEFT: Tisha Weil practices her tennis skills in the gym on her unscheduled time . ug! is W CENTER LEFT: Toni Schernbeck ,t v ttss H aims for victory at a tennis ' I I match . CENTER RIGHT: Barbara Rhodes shows agility and coordination as a member of the tennis team. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Pooley, moderator of the tennis team, proves that quick energy is a necessity. BOTTOM RIGHT: Ingrid Creppel improves her skills in playing the game . Science Enihusiasis The newly formed Science Club seeks to give students a better understanding of sci- ence. Officers for this year are Kim Meister, president, Ileana Nuiry, vice-presidentg TOP RIGHT: Science Club mod- erators, Mrs. Magee and Mrs. Castille , watch the students as they gather the paper. CENTER: Science Club members pose. Top row: Mrs. Magee, Kathy Barcelona , Gwen Ayres, Mary Holgerson, Mrs. Castille. Middle row: Kim Meister, Anne Blanchard, Melissa Bodron, Kris Schlotterer, Lori Dornall, Helen Sestak, Kathy Vogel, Becky Yost, Terri Cortazzo, Marisa Brewster. Bottom row: Ileana Nuiry, Cindy Coutre, Cheryl Rivette, Bar ara Rhodes, Laney Salvaggio, Cathy Villars. BOTTOM LEFT: Students look at the quantity of paper they have gathered. BOTTOM RIGHT: Students finish gathering paper and wait to hear which class is the winner. Marcia King, treasurer: and Cheryl Rivette , secretary . The Science Club sponsored a paper drive in April to help buy shrubs for the new swim- ming pool. vlvwo' ,,....-ff, Speech Club Shows Skills The Speech Club was organized this year to develop the poise, self con- fidence, and speaking ability of its members. The girls participated in tournaments with other schools. The officers of the Speech Club are Ellen Keller, presidentg Laura Carbo, vice-president: Terri Cortazzo, secretaryg and Denise Delo, treasurer. ffl, TOP LEFT: Ellen Keller makes 5 3 a speech on election day. V, lllll if Ellen participated in the n 1 ,Q Dominican Speech Tourna- 2 ,srhf5'5f"' l ment where she placed in the CENTER: Members of the Speech Club are front row , left to right: Helen Rau, Ellen Keller Donna LaMothe, and Denise Delo. Second row: Mrs. B. Broussard, moderator, Jane Bernard, Geralyn LaCoste, Terri Cortazzo, Susan Methe, and Ingrid Creppel. l i ,gi E semi-finals. 1 3 . . i ft s l 11 c Vg cngpp it gp BOTTOM LEFT: Terri Cor- i 'I 1 tazzo researches a topic for a class speech. Terri was a finalist at the Chapelle Speech Tournament. ll7 Nous Parlons Francais The French Club, composed of French students, was led by the following officers: Melissa Bodron, president: Kim Meister, vice-presidentg Mary Jean Bruce , secretaryg and Beth Bush, treasurer. Mrs. Valdez is the moderator. TOP RIGHT: Kathy Barcelona, a Junior member of the French Club, practices her forehand when not practicing her French. CENTER: The members of the French Club smile at the cam- era. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lisa Sestak, a member of the French Club, par ticipates in a bowling tourna- ment. BOTTOM LEFT: Kris Schlotterer a sophomore member of the French Club, lends her talents to the Student Council Christmas skit. Joyeux Noel! DQ' i QQ 'E , fb 53, l W - y H i I , , Hablamos Espafiol This year the Spanish students, under the direction of Mrs. Valdez, once again established the Spanish Club. The club held a banquet at a mem- ber's house and took a field trip to Pancho's. The officers of the Spanish Club are Elise Labbe, president: Diane Guerrera, vice-president: Jamey Cortazzo, secretary: and Denise Lakey, treasurer. TOP LEFT: Desi Valence, mem- ber of the Spanish Club, gives her winning speech for Student Council treasurer in English. CENTER: The members of the t Spanish Club gather in Mrs. Val- dez's office . BOTTOM LEFT: Spanish Club members Jamey Cortazzo and Jane Bernard cheer at a pep rally. BOTTOM RIGHT: Elise Labbe, President of the Spanish Club, receives a Science Award from South Central Bell. E . iIQ:'sz f . Religion Influences Our Lives The Christian Life Community strives to add a religious note to our school life. By sponsoring such projects as the Thanksgiving Food Drive , collections for the missions, and planning for school masses, they show us the quali- ties that are needed to be a Christian leader in today's world . RIGHT: Father Donovan serves communion to Patty Folse at a school mass. CENTER: Sister June, moderator of the C.L.C. , talks to Sand Fradella in one of her Religion classes. BOTTOM: One of the jobs of the C. L. C. is to set up and decorate the alter for masses. Blenk Lends Support fo Shaw Cheokmaiel iv ., ..,, N. . cp :MEM V4 4 if-'st Jkt The girls from Blenk and Imma- culata lend their spirit and sup- port to Shaw, an all boys' school. The girls are divided into three groups: Cheerleaders, Pep Squad, and Drill Team. LEFT: Shaw Cheerleaders are, from left to right, front: Debbie Naccari and Cindy Braun. Back row: Becky Isemann, Belinda Cambre , and Beth Bush. The Chess Club swung into its second year this year. Although not widely known , it held regular meetings during which its few ardent members practiced their chess games. LEFT: Members of the Chess Club are Lynne Mackenroth, Deborah Couseatt, Gay Gomez, and Maria Hoffmann. Librarg Club Aids Qiudenfs The Library Club consists of hardworking girls who help run the library and keep it in order. They contribute many hours to their work by helping students find references, aiding the librarians with the paper work, and just generally keeping the library in tip-top shape. TOP RIGHT: Melanie Perez takes advantage of the resources in the library while concentrating on her assignments. BOTTOM RIGHT: Janice Mooney makes good use of the card file to find a book she needs. BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Fortmayer, moderator of the Library Club, is always at hand when help is needed. Lexx- 4! - V Y'-'reef-Nm-s.s.,,.....,,,, lax ss is 5 1 B O wl , tg, ll 1 . f- -.1-1 is z I K kg " Q is X 5 Malh Team Excels The Math Team plays in two parts, Onsets, from early October to mid-November, and Equations, from mid-Jan- uary through February. These games consist of app ied math principles and are played in matches with other sc ools. The moderator of the teams is Mr. Pooley, who gives his support to all members of the teams. TOP: Members of Equations Junior A team are , front row, left to right: Joan Gegen- heimer, Linda Williams, Terri Cortazzog second row: Ginny DeFelice, Marisa Brew- ster, Anne Blanchard, and Abbe Rogers. CENTER: Members of Equa- tions Junior team are, front row, left to right: Karen Smith, Diane Guerrera , Jamey Cortazzog second row: Pat Rooney, Lee Ann Kass, and Cindy Lakey. BOTTOM LEFT: Members of the Equations Junior B team are , front row , left to right: Kris Cortazzo , Earlene Fin, and Gina Barattinig second row: Roseanne Coulon, Jo Anne Coulon, Leigh Berry, and Karen Templeman. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Pooley, moderator of the math teams, explains a problem to an Algebra 1 class. K. 4 Newspaper Informs Qludenls The newspaper staff did an outstanding job of informing the students on school activities throughout the year. Published each quarter, the Doves Tales made it possible for everyone to know what was going on and around school. Many original poems and other compositions written by Blenk students were also included in the Dove Tales, which made it a part of the student life. TOP RIGHT: Miss Guillory, mod- erator of the newspaper staff, helps Susan Sperier with her Eng- lish assignment. CENTER: Members of the news- paper staff are from left to right: Mrs. B. Broussard, Denise Delo, Donna LaMothe, Diane Guerra, Peggy Norton , Cindy Lakey, Nancy Healy, and Miss Guillory BOTTOM RIGHT: Cindy Coutre, a member of the newspaper staff, also works hard as a member of the Bowling Team. PY i- - , Yearbook Siaff Meets Deadlines The 1974 Dove staff began the year with determination to get the job done. Working on holidays and after school, the staff and its workers contributed many hours of hard work and cooperation. Tm-Qliwmg. TOP LEFT: Eddie Rae Pitre, pho- tographer for the yearbook , is on the other side of the camera for a change. CENTER: Cheryl Rivette, Terry O'Dowd, Maria Hoffmann, and JoAnn Coulon spend one of their holidays at school making lay- outs. BOTTOM LEFT: Gay Gomez, ads s editor, works hard finishing the 2 ' ads section. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Guibault, moderator for the yearbook, lec- tures to her English class on JUL- IUS CAESAR. RIGHT: The staff of the 1974 Dove have their picture taken in the backyard . Editors are front row: Maria Hoffmann, Classes: Eddi Rae Pitre, Photographerg Terri Cortazzo, Faculty and Cur- riculum: Cindy Lakey, Student Lifeg Becky Yost, Organizationsg Joan Gegeneimer, Sports and assistant Editor: back row: Gay Gomez, Ads: and Terry O'Dowd, Editor. CENTER RIGHT: Maria Hoffmann puts the finishing touches on her layouts. MIDDLE LEFT: Clutter surrounds the staff as the 1974 Dove is completed . BOTTOM RIGHT: Becky Yost, cropping pictures for her section, hurries to meet the deadline . i 'K It M1 5' in all "'-'P-f-' 'PW rrrs Hours of Hard Work Produced 1974 Dove , 3 Q--.. e' r gg 'Y 7 r 'X --... If . TOP LEFT: The camera surprises Jamey Cortazzo, a Junior staff worker. TOP RIGHT: Terry O'Dowd, edi- tor of the yearbook, completes the opening section. MIDDLE: Thinking up captions is Joan Cegenheimer's specialty . BOTTOM LEFT: Kris Cortazzo, a Freshman staff worker, takes a break and is caught by the cam- era. BOTTOM RIGHT: Terri Cortazzo works hard to come up with just the right caption. 7 M 1351 , Y QW ..,., , + .fm ' "P"'1"" af .I wb! j 5 Q A il " 'T 1. ' 4' Zg' ff , ' ,J - M .'. c K P 1 " 'W -'Eff ' f ' k 'I mf .319 Q, ,, sw-fiJf,g,, ?. '.'1 . -'r1.J f mm-'i:C'5XLgCiA5sg e. -X- Nw 5' 4 ,m ff R f 1.-.ef Q' -f 1 , jj " q wfiik B A Y' L g 515538 The Senior Varsity Volleyball Team showed much spirit and effort this year. They played against many schools, and every- one fought hard. All pulled together to form a great team. Wfff' .Q J 'lik' f s I TOP RIGHT: Team prepares to return a serve . TOP LEFT: Team member jumps up to meet the ball. RIGHT: Team gathers in a huddle to plan strategy . Senior Varsifg Team Pulls Together S sig if It X we o I, 'mn-.......-it TOP LEFT: Member of the team reaches for the ball. TOP RIGHT: Peggy Odem gets off a great serve. ABOVE: Miss Graham is in charge of the Senior Varsity Volleyball Team. LEFT: Members of the team are Terry O'Dowd, Pam Gegen- heimer, Ms. Graham, modera- tor, Leslie Peterson, Kathy Mohr, Melissa Bodron, Lynne Breaux, Mary Lou Champagne, Peggy Oden, Cathy Ehret, Carrie Seiber, and Susan Gerrets. Vollegball Consisfs of Work and Plag RIGHT: Player uses all her skill to return the ball. CENTER: Senior Varsity prepares to rotate. BOTTOM LEFT: Ms. Graham and team members rejoice over a victory. BOTTOM RIGHT: Pam Gegenheimer socks it to the ball. xfi ' , ALR uri ' Cheering Crowds Keep Team Gomg TOP: Audience disagrees with the referee's decision. CENTER LEFT: Students put zest and enthusiasm in their cheers. CENTER RIGHT: A rousing pep talk from Mrs. Mille also adds to a win- ning team . BOTTOM: Everyone shows a hand for their team . 'Ne lv I jk ri . . ,,s,,, 4 Bowling Team Goes Down Righi Alleg The Bowling Team is in its second year and has been doing quite well. They have scored above many of the top ranking schools. The girls show enthusiasm and effort in their bowling, and this is what makes them a team . TOP LEFT: Cindy Couture waits her turn to bowl. TOP RIGHT: Tammy Brown hopes for a strike . RIGHT: Members of the team are Eddie Rae Pitre, Wanda Hainley, Tammy Brown, Lisa Sestak, Gay Gomez, Cindy Couture, and Maria Gattusso. 1 .... C ,.,.,, W.. lis X ..., .'s LEFT: Gay Gomez keeps her eyes on the ball as she lets go. BELOW: Cindy Couture marvels at her ability to make a strike. ABOVE: Lisa Sestak watches the ball whizz away. FAR LEFT: Wanda Hainley shows form and grace in the bowling alley. LEFT: Maria Gattusso shows the professional way to bowl. Sofiball Team Gels lnio ihe Swing of Things Softball is a favorite sport of the girls at Blenk. It requires skill and accuracy which the girls give to the fullest. 5 we-:f "1 !a: as ,hs . . . awk, . ,g A wrgfrxi 5'5" f' r M as fp i TOP LEFT: Desi Valence is up at r issq 'Q' bat while Kelly Robb catches and Lisa LaBauve plays shortstop, both hoping to put Desi out. TOP RIGHT: Playing the position of catcher is Kelly Robb who makes a good target for the pitcher. BOTTOM: The quick reflexes of Lisa LaBauve cause her to stoop low, picking up Desi's bunt. il' 'W fn V i a-all: U, - 1 , 1 .Q- LEFT: Connie Holiday chases after a ball. CENTER LEFT: Robin Bird and Debbie Macera both jump high to catch a hard hit fly ball. CENTER RIGHT: After hitting the ball, Desi Valence hurries to first base while Becky Mitchell antic- ipates catching the ball before Desi gets there . Q54 V K BOTTOM: Gina Hellwig and Vicki Rodney sit alongside to cheer the team onto victory. Evergbodg Is an Alhlefe Field Day is a glorious time for everyone. This special day lets each and every individual show her athletic ability. No talent is overlooked. One can run, jump, pitch, bat, hop, and throw. Although there are many activities, there is always time for ICSI and relaxation between competitions. Picnicing is a major part of the day and is enjoyed by all. TOP RIGHT: Here is a student flying through the air for the run- ning broad jump. 1, I 1' W3 TOP LEFT: Homerooms partici- 'W' ""' pared in a strenuous relay. 'vqtfni ' 74 BOTTOM: Relaxation is a major event of the day. ltd, TOP LEFT: The suitcase race is one of the more active and humorous races. LEFT: Seniors prepare for the tra ditional countdown. BELOW: Ms. Graham and Mrs. Mille were quite busy on field day as they presented awards to the winners. v xrn' u " 4 4 4 Q Ln- 3' ABI' X f v 85+ K UQ. 3 ,f As in their past four years , the Seniors showed their tremendous spirit and uniqueness as they proved themselves leaders of the school. Both hard work and pleasure played essential parts in the Seniors' final year at Blenk. PAMELA ANN ADAMS DENISE MARY AYRES ANTOINETTE MARIE BADALAMENTI MELISSA MARIE BODRON MARLENE MARIE BOZANT CYNTHIA MARIE BRAUN RIGHT: Three Seniors, officers of Homeroom 103 take time out to pose for a picture. They are Staci LaMa1re vice-presidentg Shirleen Lilly, president: and Syb11 Hornyak , treasurer . Q91 'Nady' i'T"""V - ll , ., i my A: L, ' 4 ' rj :,?: ,f, I l LYNNE MARIE BREAUX JANET ANN BRUCE CATHIE ANN BURKETT LEFT: Standing proudly are the officers of Homeroom 105: Maureen Frederick, treasurerg Cathy Denning, .- We in president: and Beth Goens, secretary. BETH MARIE BUSH gdb 'mf' JANET LYNN CALIX BELINDA ANN CAMBRE IANIS MARIE CHERAMIE 44 CHRISTY ANN COBLE CHRISTINE ANN COLLINS BONNIE CHRIS COYNE PATRICIA ANN CRAN LISA ANN CRANE IOANNA ROSA CUSIMANO RIGHT: Margaret Dubuisson, Peggy Odem, Kathy Mohr, Karen Smith, Bonnie Coyne and Carrie Seibert take advantage of a well deserved break after decorating for the Winter Formal. if 5,4 I' AE 404 W, ,gs ? Proud 9r.'s '74 DEBRA JOAN DANNER DONNA DIANE DE LA CRUZ MARY ONEIDA DEL CORRAL CATHY ANN DENNING JUDY ANN DeROCHA CELESTE EILEEN DICK LEFT: AL one of the CLC masses Cindy Lakey gives a reading while the entire school listens. MARGARET MARY DUBUISSON LILLIAN MARIE DUFFY 4 Seniors Awaii fhe Fufure RIGHT: Sister Philip helps a Senior in Home Ec. SHELLEY MARIE DUPRE CATHY MAGDELINE EHRET JANICE MARIE FINK DIANE CAROL PRAY RIGHT: Happy Seniors of Homeroom 102: Peggy Odem , Student Council alternateg Kathy Mohr, secre- tary-treasurerg Kim Meister, vice-presi- dentg and Terry O'Dowd, president. , sq 'QQ ij"'27 mug, 103 Wy! 450 ,- 6 I W'--M39 MAUREEN PATRICIA FREDERICK KIM ANN GABEL MARIA ANGELA GATTUSO LEFT: Senior class officers Joy Hebert, sgt.-at-armsg Carrie Seibert, secretary: Peggy Odem, vice-president: Bonnie Coyne, presidentg Belinda Cambre, trea- surerg and Margaret Dubuisson, sgt. -at-arms, take a last picture with their class moderator, Mr. A . . 'X -e, ,ze BETH ANN GOENS GAY MARIA GOMEZ MARIA CHANEL GOODGION Seniors Aniioipaie Trip RIGHT: Karen Smith, secretaryg Karen Willinsky, vice-presidentg Connie St. Pierre, presidentg and Julie Wagespack, homeroom officer of 207 , get together one last time. DIANE MARIE or 'N' GUERRERA IAN MARIE HARVEY LORI ADRIENNE HATTY NANCY MARIE HEALY qs-wer ANNE ELIZABETH HEBERT JOY ANN HEBERT KRIS ANN HELD mf .jf -'QR If-s -Gi if Q.. -,,,. If?" ', .17 if IEAN MARIE HERBET MARIA TERESA HOFFMANN SYBIL MARY HORNYAK REBECCA ANN ISEMANN BONNIE MARIE JOHNSON LEE ANN KAY KASS LOU ANN KING LEFT: Margaret Dubuis- son, one of the Weird Sisters, stirs up a batch of "hur1y-bur1y." ELISE ELMIRE LABBE 149 150 LL GERIE ANN LABICHE DEBBIE ANN LABIT CYNTHIA MAE LAKEY MARY ELIZABETH LEATHEM STACI ELIZABETH LEMAIRE GINA MARIA LESASSIER RIGHT: Homeroom officers of 202 are Joanna Cusimano, Belinda Cambre, Bonnie Coyne , BeLh Bush Cpresidentj, and Denise Ayres. Al 14' IO ANN MARY LILLY SHIRLEEN MARIE LILLY Q Wifi it "ww-ami :Aung 440-uns, . 1'wr"f'9' LYNNE ANN MACKENROTH PAMELA ANN MALBROUGH TERRY SUE MARTIN CATHERINE TERESA MASSEY SARAH CAIN MAY LYNN ANN MCNULTY KIM ILEEN MEISTER ERIN AGNES MEYER CAROLINE MARIE MOBLEY ,, KATHY MARGARET MOHR DONNA MARIE MORGAN CYNTHIA ANN MUELLER LORI ANN MULHEARN DEBRA ANN NACCARI PEGGY ELIZABETH NORTON ILEANA ISABEL NUIRY MARGARET ANN ODEM TERRY MADONNA O'DOWD GALE ELIZABETH ORGERON ANN CATHERINE PELEGRIN LINDA ANNE PERANIO Seniors Awaii Grad uaiion sew' qt Qin J if v i If -iff' 'S' Picfure . Noi' Available RENEE ELIZABETH PESQUE EDDI RAE MARIE PITRE JACKIE MARIE POLK JOAN MARIE RICHARD CHERYL ANNE RIVETTE PATRICIA MARIE ROONEY IODY CHERYL ROUX LEFT: Terry O'Dowd receives a present from our Santa Claus , Tricia Cran . 4 Seniors Prove io Be I CARRIE ANN SEIBERT DIANE MARIE ROWLAND IOHANNA MARIA SCHINDLER Sf' QQ SHARON LEE SENNER .,11g,, MARY LOUISE SHAMBRA ELIZABETH ANN SMITH KAREN ANN SMITH ROBIN CAROL SPENCE DEBORAH LOUISE STEINER CONNIE ANN ST. PIERRE CINDE RAYE SULIK lk "Y 1 11" 1y......--0 LEA 'sqm- ICN Muay.. J , Gilt. f"""U ,, J -I 'ia DEBORAH ANN TROTTER MARY LOUISE UZEE KAREN ANN VERDI JULIE THERESE WAGUESPACK ANNE KATHERINE WARD MARIA CATHERINE WEISS KAREN ANN WILLINSKY GERALYN MARIE WRIGHT FAITH ANN ZERINGUE LEFT: Joy Hebert and Christy Coble enjoy their free time "wise1y. " The lunior Class of '74, soon to be the lead- ers of the school, showed their spirit and enthusiasm throughout the year. Their out- standing performance in various activities has given the rest of the school a preview of the hardworking qualities which are an important P311 of this class. k JT? 'W , Qi. sf PH RIGHT: Liz Cheramie, Ann Schloegel, and - - Bobbie Lee Roberts listen attentively for typ- ing directions from Mrs. Trosclair. Denise Andrus Susan Baradell Kathy Barcelona Debbie Barthel Susan Beaumont Jane Bernard Martina Blackwell Jane Boyer Danette Brown Terri Brown RIGHT: During a break in Reli- gion class, Cathy Ciaccio and Desi Valence talk to Mrs. Labit while Pam McKee and Wendy Holden study silently. Juniors Survive U.Q. Hisiorg Perils Mary Jean Bruce Lydia Buras Catherine Butirich Laura Carbo Diane Carite LEFT: Officers of Homeroom 106, Lisa Hornyak, representa- tive: Sherryl Gassen, treasurer: Susie Gerrets, presidentg Renee Faurie, vice-president: and Con nie Holiday, secretaryg line up for a yearbook picture. Mary Lou Champagne Elizabeth Cheramie Catherine Ciaccio Maria Conceiceo Jamey Cortazzo Debra Courseault Cynthia Couture Danna de ia Cruz Margaret Dolbear Elizabeth Dubuisson We've Come a Long Wag RIGHT: This year's Junior class officers took time out to pose with next year's newly-elected class officers. Sherryl Gassen, Kim Labauve, Lisa Labauve, Jamie Cortazzo, Sue Swan, Kim Talamo, Pam Gegenheimer, and Desi Valence. Peggy Ehret Jennifer Faulk Renee Faurie Laura Ferrara Patty Folse Sherryl Gassen Pam Gegenheimer Susan Gerrets Melissa Goodreaux Cynthia Greer RIGHT: Officers of homeroom 205 are Kim Talamo, Karen Vanderbrook, Desi Valence, Lisa Sestack, and Sue Swan. awww 'lv .W -up Theresa Gros Teresa Guerrera Catherine Guidry Jackie Haddican Julie Helmer Wendy Holden Connie Holiday Lisa Hornyak Emily Jester Sigrid Klock Susan Kramer Lisa Krider Lisa Labauve Barbara Labbe Anne Labit Geralyn Lacoste Denise Lakey Donna Lamothe Sandra Latham Cindy Lenzen LEFT: Juniors Sherryl Gassen Wendy Holden, Penny Niehues Connie Holiday, and Renee Fau rie take a sneak preview of their lx 'f J . . 1975 senior rings . Aclive Juniors RIGHT: During the Christmas Assembly three Juniors , Renee Faurie, Terri Wilkinson, and Cathy Barcelona became little elves. Lisa Lombard Carol Long Nancy Long Maria Longorio Debra Macera Julie Martin Catherine May Pamela McKee Kerrilynn McMahon Linda Miller Ingrid Mistich Rebecca Mitchell Terri Navaille Cindy Neeb RIGHT: Mary Jean Bruce, Laura Carbo, and Jamie Cortazzo show the school their interpretation of the origin of Christmas in a for- eign land . Terry Newell Penelope Niehues Karen Oubre Mary Pennington Lezlie Peterson Lea Phillipp Margaret Poorman Laura Puneky Io Nel Rell Kelly Robb Bobbielee Roberts Myra Robertson LEFT: As officers of homeroom 215 Lisa Labauve, Kim Labauve, Donna LaMothe and Lisa Kreider were faced with many challenges. Toni Roppolo Mary Roubion Donna Rulh Toni Schernbeck Ann Schloegel Lisa Sestak Claire Simmons Kim Southall Charlotte Spellman Susan Sperier RIGHT: Desi Valence cannot believe she has been chosen Student of the Month as she receives the certificate from Marilyn Sines. Tina Spilberger Joan Starkenburg Catherine Sullivan Kim Talamo Gail Thompson Holly Tuthill Desi Valence Karen Vanderbrook RIGHT: Lisa Kreider studies her chemistry with a fellow Junior during their unscheduled mods . lf in iw-'-Q , Juniors An+icipa+e Ring Dance ire? E Al fix smhocaw A . :wg PHOTO NOT 1 AVAILABLE Too BUSY 'T 'ix T , LQ' X Z A PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE school spirit . Karan Vaught Pamela Watson Teresa Wilkinson Lucille Bernard Robin Bird Denise Delo Ellen Keller Kim Labauve Oneda Pellegrin Barbara Pereina Catherine Rau Marilyn Sines Sue Swan ABOVE LEFT: On Orange Day the Juniors once again showed thier remarkable LEFT: Mary Lou Champagne, Cathy Bar celona, and Cathy Buterich enjoyed being officers of Homeroom 208. Sophomores Siruve for Achuevemeni Kandie Alonzo Mercedes Amaro Peggy Anderson Gwen Ayres Aimee Bagnetto RIGHT: Finding time in their busy schedule to pose for a year- book picture are the officers of Homeroom 209: Melanie Bayhi, secretary: Marisa Brewster, pres identg and Melinda Chauffe, vice-president . Brenda Bakies Sherri Lynn Bauer Melanie Bayhi Catherine Bellipanni April Bergeron Dawn Billie Anne Blanchard Bridgett Boudreaux Trude Brewer Marisa Brewster During their second year at Blenk the Sophomores proved once again that they are an important part of Blenk by showing their spirit in and out of school. LEFT: Student Council candidate Aimee Bagnetto explains her platform to the student body. Tammy Brown Monica Bruce Sheri Bruce no Mary Claire Bush Wendy Cambre Karen Caruso Cheryl Causey Melinda Chauffe Yvonne Cole Terri Cortazzo Ingrid Crepel Cynthia Crghton Pamela Cunningham Jenny Daigle - ' 1 1, LEFT: Officers of Homeroom 104 are Bar- bara Rhodes, sgt. -at-arms: Roxanne Panko, vice-presidentg Rhonda Rodri- guez, president: Laney Salvaggio, secre- taryg and Carol Ryan, treasurer. ctl snltt I . i 66 Carol d'Aquin Lori Darnell Susan Davis Virginia DeFe1ice Cheryl DeGeorge Betty De la Paz Lorna DiVincenti Barbara Dowdy Rebecca Drumm Pamela Drury Mary Ehret Jean Eschete Catherine Fonte Cheryl Ford Sand Fradella RIGHT: Seven happy Soph- omores are proud of their efforts - and the results - after the Harvest Dance. Sophomores '74 Are No. I! J Susan Frank Johanna Fuselier Vain Tami Gallicio Julie Gauthier Joan Gegenheimer Nana Gerrets Katherine Gilliam Faith Gomez Julie Graff Cheryl Grudmeyer LEFT: Homeroom officers of 204 Julie Graff, representativeg Sand Fradella, vice-president: Nana Gerrets, president: Theresa Hebert, treasurer: and Kathy Gilliam, secretary, seem to be very excited about their newly appointed offices. Kim Hamer Theresa Hebert Jennifer Heck Gina Hellwig Diane Hendricks Lisa Higgins Mary Jane Helgerson Kathryn Holman Donna Isemann Pamela Jacobs , Shauna Keating Peggy Keller Ann Kent Marcia King Julie Kline Ann Lacinack Barbara Lagucki Rhonda LaMothe Eugenia Lawrence Jeanne LeBlanc RIGHT Ginny DeFe1ice , Karen Poole , and Dory Naquin are part of the gift giving project at Christ- Michele LeBlanc Lori Lemonier Susan Leonard Donna Lozano Karen Madrazo Deborah Marks Aimee Marmillion Patricia Martin Patricia Mata Kim McMahon " -t as in Nw if f..,:N, X J 1 'K :Nil 3 Ya Nia... r J 5 Sophomores Trg Harder RIGHT: Sophomores Laney Sal- vaggio, Shauna Keating, and Michele LeBlanc and Juniors Becky Mitchele and Kelly Robb intermingle showing the air of friendliness spreading in Blenk. ' Bridgette Menzato Susan Methe Elizabeth Miller Denise Mondello Janet Mooney Janice Mooney Barbara Moran Jodi Motoyama Kim Naccari Dory Naquin LEFT: Barbara Lagucki, Joanne Rethmeyer, and Cindy Trahan get ready for the Marianite Fair Assembly Soc Hop. Leslie Neyland Jan Olson Cheryl Ory Roxanne Panko Joan Paradelas RIGHT: Sophornores take pleas ure in giving Christmas presents to Mrs. Guiliault. Mary Pfaff Linda Poillion Pamela Ponson Karen Poole Julie Porche Sue Ann Prejean Melanie Provenzano Joann Rethrneyer Barbara Rhodes Donna Rittner Shannon Roark Kathleen Robicheaux Cindy Robin Debra Rodrique Loretta Rodrigue LEFT: Mrs. Walker patiently explains a problem to Sharon Roark. Rhonda Rodrigue Connie Rolland Vicki Rondey Barbara Rowland Carol Ryan Sharon Salarhe Laney Salvagio 4 N Lynn Scaffidi Lynnette Scalia LEFT: Mercy Amaro, Gwen Ayres, Anne Blanchard , and Karen Caruso listen atten- tively during one of their geometry classes 72 RIGHT: Officers of Homeroom 107: Ann Kent, secretary: Donna Lozano, vice-president: Michele LeBlanc, presidentg and Patty Igi Mata, treasurer, smile for the camera. Michelle Schiehl Kris Schletterer Maria Schmidt Crystal Schulingkamp Sandra Senner Helen Sestak Carolyn Sicard Cheryl Smith Marie Smith Maria Sosa Mary Sparkman Katherine Talbot RIGHT: Michele LeBlanc, president: Nana Gerrets, sgt. -at-armsg Laney Salvaggio, secretaryg Marcia King, vice-president: and Wendy Cambre, treasurer, climbed great heights as officers of their Sophomore class. Sophomores Were a Big Hii K x if X ag. X :S Karen Zeringue J' I Rhonda Thibodeaux Cynthia Trahan Lisa Trapp Catherine Villars Nancy Vincent Catherine Vogel Cynthia Ward Lynn Ward Maria Ward Sharon Ward Penelope Waring Mary Warren Leticia Weil Linda Williams Tommye Williams Deborah Willinsky Deborah Worrel Rebecca Yost Kathleen Young LEFT: Karen Caruso, Johanna Fuselier and Cay Villars par ticipate in Orange Day '74, representing Sophomores. This year's Freshmen have found out what it is like being on modular scheduling and have found that they are bogged down with much work. RIGHT: Studious Freshmen work in media center. Anna Acuna Deborah Adam Cathleen Alfonso Becky Baradell Gina Barattini Pamela Battle Jeannine Beauregard Georgia Berry Nancy Bertin Sheryl Blanchard Anne Boudreau Yvette Boudreaux RIGHT: Freshman Homeroom 108 officers ? are Cfrom 1eftJ Debra Dehon, secretaryg Loann Gallicio, treasurerg Earlene Finn, president: and Jan Grundmeyer, vice-presi- dent. ,QX ny I Freshmen Adapi io ABH F- t 'B' Angel Bozant Anna Breaux Lisa Brewer Nancy Brewer Ana Bringuien Maria Bringuier Stephanie Buchhoz Kathleen Buckley Melissa Bullock Tracy Buras Artye Burmaster Nancy Burton Inger Bynee Helene Carmichael Cynthia Caronna Brenda Cartagena Terry Champagne Debra Cheramie Anne Ciaccio O LEFT: Earlene Finn gives her campaign speech as she seeks the office of sergeant-at-arms of next year's Student Council. Lesley Cleveland Anne Coble Kris Cortazzo Joanne Coulon Rosanne Coulon Catherine Cunningham Belinda Danjean Veronica Davis Debra Dehon Eva Demolle Mary Doherty Arlene Duffy Kathy Dugas Sheri Dupont Stacey Eichner Kathy Ellsworth RIGHT: Debra Dehon, Rita Stakelum and Nancy Uzee flaunt their initiation fashions LOWER RIGHT: Freshmen take advantage of the school's modernized media center Kristin Eppling Carey Lynn Ernst Earlene Finn Rhonda Fogarty Ioan Folse LEFT: Freshman class officers were faced with many challenges this year. They are Ana Brin- guier, vice-presidentg Gerry Lilly, presidentg Sharon Talbot, secretary: Maria Bringuier, sgt. - at-armsg and Nancy Uzee, trea- surer. Loann Gallicio Sandra Garrity Melanie George Bonnie Graff Ian Grundmeyer Brenda Guidry Wanda Hainley Deborah Hall Sandra Hargis Corliss Harker 78 Catherine Harrold Roxanne Heine Jean Helmstetter Victoria Hemelt Karen Hidalgo Tanya Higgins Kathryn Hoffmann Carrie Holden Celeste Howze Janice Humphrey Angela Jeanfreau Hedy Kennedy Bonnie Kravet Tina Kravet Lisa Kuhn Tina Lae Linda Lakey Renee Lambremont Robin Lambremont Leslie Lamy RIGHT: Leslie Lamy, vice-presi- dentg Tanya Higgins, treasurer, Hedy Kennedy, secretaryg Kathy Hoffman, sgt. -at-arms: and Gerry Lilly, president, officers of Homeroom 101, monkey around as they pose for their homeroom picture. - ,M Q' gl L We y ,- t M Q yf, ' f' it t QRTVQ, , ' 4 4 1 J., ,,, W . L X p s tt, t 1 Q L if V1 K KJ .-:, xr- , . J xi 5,42 g I . , . Z A S? x N W. 55 3. 5 S E ...iff 'RFK ,. elif e F Freshmen Show Greaf Spirii LEFT: Sarah Odem, vice-presi- dent: and Domini Relle, presi- dentg stand alone as officers of Margaret Lauve Laura Leathem Celeste LeBlanc Melanie LeCourt Deborah Leger Geralyn Lilly Mary Lindsey Amada Longoria Valerie Lopez Cherie Lore Lisa Lyles Deborah Martin LEFT: Sister Guadalupe gives a helpful hand to Gerie Lilly as to the duties of the Fresh man Class President. 0 t Freshmen Seek Goals io Conquer Maria Martin Patricia Matthews Shawn McDonald Kathleen McGraw Maj McMahon Ion Meister Jacqueline Miljak Nancy Miller Maria Moran Michelle Navaille fn I Deborah Navarre Charlotte Newman Nanette Ocana Sarah Odem Kathleen O'Donohue D. WWW if 54 RIGHT: Sandy Hargis, Wanda Hainley, and Maria Martin are distracted while working on an IPS experiment. - ff-Q.--' ,, , ., ,nv 0.13. I -.qw if Q'-'gf Karen Overton Sandra Pennington Melanie Peres Sandra Pertuit Mary Jane Peterson Nora Poole Tammy Pousson Luanne Prejean Sandy Provenzano Thelma Ramagoz Helen Rau Shari Reeves Patricia Rehage Domini Relle Marta Robidoux Babbe Rodgers Adele Rodrigue Cynthia Rodriguez Simone Romaine Deborah Rung LEFT: Faced with many responsl bilities this year as officers of Homeroom 206 were Dell Schlot terer, secretaryg Ellen Villars vice-president: Rita Stakelum president: and Sue Spellman treasurer. RIGHT: Kathy Hoffmann takes advantage of Sr. Guada1upe's "Bean Bag" to rest as she studies. Ellen Schap Mary Schexnayder Dell Schlotterer Patricia Schmidt Kathleen Scott Mary Seither Patti Seymore Nancy Silver Suzanne Spellman Rita Stakelum Geryl St. John Nancy Stubbs Lyn Sullivan Sharon Talbot V F fihi A RIGHT: Artye Burmaster and Nancy Brewer are two of Homeroom 111's officers. . LEFT: Freshmen Rita Stakelum and Sandra Garrity participated lx in the Soc Hop. Karen Templeman Tambra Terrien Terry Treuting Nancy Uzee Michelle Valdin Gina Valence Connie Vallelungo Pamela Vernotzy Ellen Villars Peggy Walsh Catherine Ward Chri Ward Lisa Washington Annette Williams Kathy Williams L Yolda Williams L . , p q LEFT: Victoria Hemelt and Amada Lon- goria work diligently on their experi- ment . Q' f 7, L' .A-mr ,R H 5 if Spirited Seniors Active at Blenk During their four years at Blenk, the Seniors of '74 displayed their great spirit by participating in the dif erent clubs and activities of this school. Here is a resume of their participation during their years at Blenk . BELOW: At the Orange Day Pep Rally, the Seniors, along with the entire school, dressed in orange to display their Hallow- een spirit. LAMENTI Shaw Drill Team 15 Business Exhibit 3, 45 Decoration Com- mittee Ring Dance 3 . MELISSA MARIE BODRON Homeroom President 2, 35 French Club 2, 3, 45 President 45 Ath- letic Club 45 Senior Varsity 45 Volleyball 45 Drill Team 35 Glee Club 2, 45 Christmas Concert 1 , 2, 45 Intramural Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Presi- dent 45 Honor Guard 45 President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2, 3, 4. FERNANZA CARLENE BROWN JANET ANN BRUCE Glee Club 35 Business Exhibit 3 , 4. PAMELA ANN ADAMS Newspaper Staff 3, 45 National Honor Society 2 , 3 , 45 Spanish Club 2, 3: Pep Squad 15 Christ- mas Concert 1 , 45 Spanish Christmas Program 25 Usherette for "Sound of Music" 15 and "Fiddler on the Roof" 2. DENISE MARY AYRES Dovette Drill Team 2, 35 Co- Captain 35 Homeroom Secretary 45 Pep Squad 15 Junior Achieve- ment 2. ANTOINETTE MARIE BADA- Team 1, 25 President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council Representative 2, 35 Sci- ence Club 4. MARLENE MARIE BOZANT Library Club 1. CYNTHIA MARIE BRAUN Shaw Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Shaw Pep Squad 15 Library Club 1. LYNNE MARIE BREAUX Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball CATHIE LOUISE BURKETT Library Club 1, 25 Coffee House Committee 1, 25 NEDT Award 1 25 Junior Achievement 25 Com- pany President 25 CLC 3 , 45 Sci- ence Fair 35 Science Club 45 French Club 3, 4. BETH MARIE BUSH Library Club 15 Shaw Pep Squad 15 Shaw Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Secretar -Treasurer 3, 45 Junior Class Ofgicerg Homeroom Vice- President 35 President 45 French Club 3, 45 Treasurer 45 CLC 35 Student Council Representative 3 , 45 Intramural Cheerleader 25 nw, "Na Yi' . I5 cal, ' A A 4, ,, W za -21 Shaw Homecoming Court 4: "King and I" Dancer: Harvest Dance Committee 2: President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2: Rin Dance Committee 3: Powder Puff Football 3: Sweetheart 4. BELINDA ANN CAMBRE Intramurals 1, 2: Shaw Pep Squad 1: Shaw Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain 3: Captain 4: Shaw Homecoming Court 2, 3 , 4: Queen 4: Homeroom Secretary 1: Homeroom Treasurer 2: Class Secretary 2: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Harvest Dance Committee: Pres- ident's Physical Fitness Award 2 , 3, 4: Business Exhibit 3, 4: Tal- ent Show 2: Powder Puff Football Cheerleader 1: Sophomore-Sen- ior Breakfast Committee Chair- man: Musical 3, 4: Winter For- mal Committee Chairman 4. JANIS MARIE CHERAMIE CHRISTY ANN COBLE CHRISTINE ANN COLLINS Library Club 1 , 4: Spanish Club 1, 2: Dovettes 2, 3: Glee Club 3, 4: Music Club 4: Vice President 4: Junior Achievement 2, 3: 2.4 President's Physical Fitness Award 2: La. Girls' State 3: Del- e ate to National Conference of Ciristians and Jews . BONNIE CHRIS COYNE Library Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 1, 2: Honor Guard 2, 3, 4: Co- Captain 2, 3: Homeroom Vice- President 1: Student Council Rep- resentative 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Treasurer 2: Class President 4: Student Council Officer 2 , 3: Sgt. -at-Arms 2: Treasurer 3: Pep Squad 1, 2: Cheerleader 3, 4: Captain 4: Musical 1, 2, 3, 4: CLC 1: Science Club 2: Speech Club 1: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-- President 4: Sophomore-Senior Breakfast Committee: Ring Dance Committee 3: Powder Puff Football 1, 3: Intramurals 1, 2: President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2, 3: Student of the Month 4: Sweetheart 3: Nomi- nated for Miss Industrial Darling 3: Sweetheart Dance Committee: Variety Show Ccfnmittee 2. PATRICIA ANN CRAN Student Council President 4: Stu- dent Council Vice-President 3: National Honor Society 2 , 3 , 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Honor Guard 3, 4: Math Club 2: Glee Club 4: Intramural Committee 2: "Hansel and Gretal" 3: Musical 3, 4: Prep Quiz Bowl Team 2, 4: District Rally Geometry, Spanish I, and U.S. History: Highest Average Awards: Close-Up 3: La. Girls' State: State Custodian of Voting Machines of La. Girls' State: Forum Of Distinguished Americans, First Maid Sweet- heart 3: Second Maid Sweetheart 4: Powder Puff Football 3: Vari- ety Show 2: Westbank Junior Miss 4: Scholastic Award 4: Sopho- more-Senior Breakfast Commit- tee: NEDT Award 2: Math Tour- nament 2, 3, 4: Youth Chapter of National Conference of Chris- tians and Jews 4: Science Fair 3: Betty Crocker Home Leader of Tomorrow Award 4 . LEFT: Donna de la Cruz, Cinde Sulik, Jody Roux, and Denise Ayres express their delight after enjoying a wonderful lunch. BELOW: Enthusiastic Seniors, Janet Bruce, Jackie Polk, and Lillian Duffy, give a hand to their class in putting on a skit for the Marianite Fair. if LISA ANN CRANE Powder Puff Football 1: Intramu- ral Committee 1, 2: Junior Achievement 2: French Club 2, 3: Physical Fitness Award 2, 3: Science Fair 3: General Chorus 4: Christmas Concert 2, 4: Spring Concert 4 . JO ANNA ROSA CUSIMANO Intramural Committee 1, 2: Powder Puff Football 3: French Club 4: Musical 3, 4: Christmas Concert 4: Science Award 3: Shaw Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: Leader 4: Homeroom Treasurer 2, 3, 4: Dance Committees 1, 2, 3, 4: Art Show 2. DEBRA IOAN DANNER DONNA DIANE DE LA CRUZ Glee Club 4: Newspaper Staff 4: Music Club 4. MARY ONEIDA DEL CORRAL Chorus 2, 3, 4: Christmas Con- cert 2, 3, 4: S ring Concert 2, 3: P Speech Club 4. CATHY ANN DENNING Library Club 1 , 2: Science Club 3: CLC 1, 2, 3, 4: President 4: Language Club 2, 3, 4: Home- room President 4: Science Fair 3: Intramural Committee 1, 2: National Conference of Chris- tians and Jews 3: Student of the Month 3: Alternate to La. Girls' State 3: Sophomore-Senior Breakfast. JUDITH ANN DEROCHA Intramurals 1, 2: Talent Show 2: Science Club 4. CELESTE EILEEN DICK Dovettes 2, 3, 4: Squad Leader 3: Co-Captain 4: Intramural Cheerleader 1 , 2: Glee Club 4. MARGARET MARY DUBUISSON Library Club 1: Homeroom Sec- retary 2: Honor Guard 3, 4: CLC 3: Cheerleader 4: Class Sgt. -at- Arms 4: Ring Dance Refreshment Committee 3: National Confer- ence of Christians and Jews 3: French Club 4: Powder Puff Foot- ball 3: Christmas Concert 4. LILLIAN MARIE DUFFY Business Exhibit 3, 4: Style Show 3. Sl-IELLEY MARIE DUPRE Yearbook Representative 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Achieve- ment 2: Science Fair 3: CLC 4: Newspaper Staff 4. CATHY MAGDELINE EHRET Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice- President 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3 , 4: Basketball 3, 4: Indoor Ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Honor Guard 4: Home- room Vice-President 2, 4: Sec- ond Maid Sweetheart 1, 2: Busi- ness Exhibit 3 , 4: Style Show 3: , ,,,, ,, ,V .5 W NL ws 2 ,,, ,,,. ABOVE: Soaking up sun and signing memory books are all part of a Sen- ior's last field day, as shown by Diane Guerrera, Janice Fink, and Mary Leathem . President's Physical Fitness Award 2, 3, 4. JANICE MARIE FINK Newspaper Staff 2: CLC 1. DIANE CAROL FRAY Library Club 1: Homeroom Vice- President 3: National Honor Soci- ety 3, 4: National Business Honor Society 3, 4: President's Physical Fitness Award 2: Business Math Award 3: Biology Award 2: Mos- quito Control Contest 3. MAUREEN PATRICIA FREDERICK Library Club 1: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Secretary 3: District Rall 1: Honor Guard 3: Science Club 3: Powder Puff Football 3: Shaw Pep Squad 1: Junior Achievement 2: NEDT Award 1: Variety Show 2: CLC 4. KIM ANN GABLE MARIA ANGELA GATTUSO Library Club 2: Business Exhibit 3, 4: President's Physical Fitness Award 2. ELIZABETH ANN GOENS Talent Show 2: Homeroom Sec- retary 2, 4: Dovettes 3, 4. GAY MARIA GOMEZ National Honor Society 2, 3 , 4: Vice-President 4: Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Representative 2: Bowling Team 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Librar Club 1: Powder Puff Footballyl, 3: Homeroom Treasurer 3: Close- Up 2, 3: Stage Crew for Musical 3, 4: President's Physical Fitness Award 2, 3: NEDT Award 1, 2: District Rally English II Third Place, Chemistry 3: State Rally English II Fourth Place: Geogra- phy Award 2: Chemistry Award 3: Spanish Award 3: Perfect Attend- ance 1, 2, 3, 4: Chess Club 3, 4: District Rally Physics Fourth Place. MARIA CHANEL GOODGION CLC 3 . 4 . DIANE MARIA GUERRERA Library Club 1, 2: Math Club 2 , 3, 4: CLC 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 2: Science Award 3: Presi- dent's Physical Fitness Award 1 , 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 4: Newspaper Staff 4: Speech Club 4: Junior Achievement 2. .IAN MARIE HARVEY LORI ANN HATTY CLC 4: Science Club 4: Science Fair 3: Chess Club 3, 4. NANCY MARIE HEALY Intramural Decoration Commit- tee Chairman 1: Variety Show 2: Spanish Club 2, 3: Religion Award 2, 3: Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 2 , 3, 4: Yearbook Helper 4. ANNE ELIZABETH HEBERT CLC 4: Perfect Attendance 1: Style Show 3. JOY ANN HEBERT Business Exhibit 3: State Rally Typing 3: Style Show 3: Powder Pu f Football 3: Ring Dance Dec- oration Committee 3: Class Sgt. - at-Arms 4 . KRIS ANNE HELD Shaw Pep Squad 1, 2: Glee Club 3 , 4: Homeroom Secretary 3: CLC Secretary 3. JEAN MARIE HERBET Close-Up 2: CLC 1. MARIA TERESA HOFFMAN French Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-Presi- dent 2: Science Club 3 , 4: Sci- ence Fair 3: Junior Achievement 2: Variety Show 2: Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Perfect Attendance 1, 2 , 3 , 4: District Rally French III: Chess Club 3 , 4. SYBIL MARIE HORNYAK Powder Puff Football 2, 3: Honor Guard 2 , 3: Secretary 4: Library Club 2. REBECCA ANN ISEMANN Library Club 1: Shaw Pep Squad 1: Shaw Dance Team 2: Shaw Cheerleader 3 , 4. BONNIE MARIE JOHNSON District Rally English I, Second Place, French I: State Rally Eng- lish I Third Place: English Award 1: NEDT Award 1, 2: President's Ph sical Fitness Award 1- Librar Y f Y Club 1: Homeroom President 2: National Honor Society 2: Honor Guard 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: CLC 3, 4: Math Tournament 3, 4: French II Award 3: National Conference of Christians and Jews 3: State Crew for Musical 3. LEE ANN KASS Library Club 1: NEDT Award 1: Powder Puff Football 1: Talent Show 2: Math Club 2, 3, 4: Sci- ence Fair 3: Science Club 4: French Club 4: CLC 4. LOU ANN KING Powder Puff Football 3: Ring Dance Committee 3: Frenc Club 4: Winter Formal Committee 4. ELISE ELMIRE LABBE National Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: President 4: CLC 1, 2: Secretary 2: Library Club 1, 2: Dovettes 2, 3: President's Physi- cal Fitness Award 1, 2: NEDT Award: Homeroom President 3: Variety Show Chairman 2: 1st Place Science Fair 3. GERIE ANN LABICHE Homeroom Vice-President 1, 2: French Club 2, 4: Dovettes 3: Glee Club 4: President's Physical Fitness Award 3: Musical 4: Sci- ence Club 4: Style Show 3 . DEBBIE ANN LABIT Close-Up 3: President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2: Business Exhibit 3, 4: National Business Honor Society 4. CYNTHIA MAE LAKEY Newspa er Staff 4: Math Club 3, 4: Yeargook Staff 3, 4: CLC 3: Vice-President 4: Spanish Club 3, 4. MARY ELIZABETH LEATHEM Pep Squad 1, 2, 3: Musical 2: Glee Club 4: Perfect Attendance 1, 2, 3, 4. STACI ELIZABETH LEAMIRE Dovettes 2, 3: Homeroom Trea- surer 2: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent 4: French Club 4. GINA MARIA LESSASSIER CLC 3: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Glee Club 3, 4: President's Phys- ical Fitness Award 2: Junior Achievement 2: Business Exhibit 3 , 4. JO ANN MARY LILLY Homeroom Secretary 1. SHIRLEEN MARIE LILLY Junior Achievement 2: Dovettes 3, 4: Homeroom President 4: Y"'t' fill. LEFT: Gay Gomex, smiling broadly, seems to exempli the fact that life is wonderful when you're a Senior. ABOVE: Using their free time "wisely" are Lou Kin, Sarah May, Belinda Cambre, Kim Gabel, and Margaret Dubuisson. Style Show Committee 35 Presi- dent's Physical Fitness Award 25 Talent Show 2. BRENDA GERALYN MACERA CLC 1, 25 Shaw Pep Squad 25 Glee Club 3 , 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Business Exhibit 3 4. LYNNE ANN MACKENROTH Chess Club 3 , 45 Library Club 1 NEDT Award 1, 25 Junior Achievement 25 Science Fair 35 Glee Club 3, 4. PAMELA ANN MALBROUGH Shaw Drill Team 15 Dovettes 2 , 35 Student Council Representa- tive 15 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Spanish Club 25 Library Club 25 Ring Dance Decorations Com- mittee 3. KIM ILEEN MEISTER Science Club 45 President 45 French Club 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Homeroom Vice-President 45 Student Council Representative 35 Glee Club 2, 45 Yearbook Representative 15 Junior Miss Contestant 45 Variety Show 25 Ring Dance Decoration Commit- tee Chairman. ERIN AGNES MEYER Homeroom Treasurer 15 Home- room Secretary 35 Business Exhibit 3, 45 Decoration Com- mittee for Intramurals 1, 25 Pres- ident's Physical Fitness Award 2, 3, 45 Style Show 35 Talent Show 2. CARONINE MARIE MOBLEY Homeroom Treasurer 25 CLC 15 Shaw Pep Squad 25 Library Club 45 Music Club 45 General Chorus TERRY SUE MARTIN Glee Club 45 Junior Achieve- ment: Fashion Show 35 National Business Honor Society 3, 4. CATHERINE TERESA MASSEY gep Squad 1: Library Club 1, 2, SARAH CAIN MAY French Club 45 General Chorus 45 Winter Formal Decoration Com- mittee 45 "Gypsy" 4, LYNN ANN MCNULTY Musical 4. 45 Newspaper Staff 25 Talent Show 25 Vice-President of Sales Junior Achievement. KATHY MARGARET MOHR Homeroom Treasurer 15 Home- room Secretary-Treasurer 45 Powder Puff Football 1, 35 Homeroom Sgt. -at-Arms 25 Variety Show 25 Class President 35 Musical 35 Honor Guard 3 , 45 Co-Captain 45 Athletic Club 45 Volley all 45 President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2, 3. DONNA MARIE MORGAN Variety Show 25 Fashion Show 35 BELOW: Peggy Norton shows her spirit by manning the coat-check at the Winter Formal. LEFT: Seniors display what's left of their shoes a ter 4 years of trucking around the school. Business Exhibit 3, 4. CYNTHIA ANN MUEHLER Shaw Drill Team 15 Business Exhibit 4. LORI ANN MULHEARN Junior Achievement 25 French Club 2, 35 Science Club Fair 35 General Chorus. DEBRA ANN NACCARI Shaw Pep Squad 15 Shaw Drill Team 25 Captain of Shaw Drill Pep Squad 3, 45 Shaw Substitute Cheerleader 35 Newspaper Staff 25 French Club 25 CLC 1. PEGGY ELIZABETH NORTON Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 3, 45 Student Council Rep- resentative 3 . ILEANA ISABEL NUIRY Homeroom President 1, 35 Vari- ety Show 25 NEDT Award 1, 2: President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 25 Junior Achievement 25 Library Club 15 Spanish Club 1, 3, 45 President 35 Powder Puff Football 35 Science Club 45 Vice-President 45 Science Fair .z , I ' 1.0 .1 5 Whit, r' .. s, K k 4 v V if i X A , f .42 4 ,. Q . 9 -1 I ABOVE: Maria Gattuso, Debbie Naccari, Connie St. Pierre, and Lynne McNulty take time out from the excitement of field day to enjoy a picnic lunch. Third Place 3, Honor Guard 3, Honor Guard 3, Student of the I Month 3, Junior Maid for Sweet- heart. MARGARET ANN ODEM CPEGGYJ Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Re orter 3, Secretary 4, Volley- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Powder Puff Football 1, 3, Glee Club 2, 3 , 4, Robe Mistress 3 , Treasurer 4, Honor Guard 2, 3, 4, Captain 2, 3, Homeroom President 2, Homeroom Vice-President 2, Class Sgt. -at-Arms 2, Vice- President 4, Class Sweetheart 2, Student of the Month 2, Presi- dent's Physical Fitness Award 1 , 2, 3, 4, Musical 3, 4, French Club 4, Variety Show 2, Coach for Intramurals Volleyball Team 1 , 2. TERRY MADONNA O'DOWD Yearbook Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Co-Editor 2, 3, Indexer 1, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Treasurer 3, Homeroom Vice- President 3, Homeroom Treasurer 2, Homeroom Yearbook Repre- sentative 1, Class Sgt. -at-Arms 2, Athletic Club 1, 2, 4, Pep Squad 3, French Club 2, 3 , 4, Music Club 3, Musical 2, 3, 4, Paint Crew 2, Volleyball Team 1, 4, La. Girls' State 3, Student of the Month 2, Assistant Coach for Volleyball Intramurals 1, Decorations for Sophomore-Sen- ior Breakfast 2, Ticket Chairman for Harvest Dance 2, Variety Show 2, Decorations Committee for Rin Dance 3, Decorations Committee for Winter Formal 4, Student Council Representative , 4, Operetta 3. GALE ELIZABETH ORGERON ANN CATHERINE PELEGRIN Glee Club 3, 4. LINDA ANNE PERANIO Class Sgt. -at-Arms 3, Honor Guard 3, 4, Captain 4, Musical Stage Crew 3, 4. RENEE ELIZABETH PESQUIE Yearbook Representative 1, 2, Talent Show 2, French Club 3, 4. EDDI RAE PITRE Basketball Team 1, Homeroom Secretary 2, Glee Club 3, 4, Bowling Team 3, 4, Yearbook Photographer 4, Chemistry Rally 4. JACKIE MARIE POLK Glee Club 3, Business Exhibit 3 , 4, President's Physical Fitness Award. JOAN MARIE RICHARD President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2, 3, 4, Shaw Drill Team 2, Junior Achievement 2, Dovettes 2, 3, Variety Show 2. CHERYL ANNE RIVETTE Library Club 1, 2, CLC 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Science Club 4, Secretary 4, Junior Achievement 2, President's Physical Fitness Award 2, Science Fair 3, Shaw Pep Squad 1, Service Award 4, National Honor Society 4. PATRICIA MARIE ROONEY Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, Pep Squad 1, 2, French Club 2, 3, Junior Achievement 2, 3, Powder Puff Football 3: CLC 4. JODY CHERYL ROUX Homeroom President 1, Intramu- BELOW: Seniors Anne Hebert, Lynne Mackenroth, Terry Mar- tin, Maureen Frederick, Elisse Labbe, Maria Hoffman. Gay Gomez, and Ileana Nuiry make the most of their last opportuni- ties to clown around . , ,g will ral Volleyball Team 1: Speech Club 1: Yearbook Representative 1, 2: Library Club 2: Glee Club 2, 4: Newspaper Staff 4. DIANE MARIE ROWLAND IOHANNA MARIA SCHINDLER Honor Guard 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 2, 3: Variety Show 2: Operetta 3: Musical 3, 4: French Club 4: Fashion Show 3: First Maid for Sweetheart Dance 4: Homeroom Student Council Representative. CARRIE ANN SEIBERT Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball Cap- tain 2, 4: Dovettes 2, 3, 4: Co- Captain 3, 4: Homeroom Vice- President 2: Class Treasurer 3: Class Secretary 4: Intramural Team Coach 2: Library Club 1: President's Physical Fitness Award 2: Musical fLightingJ 3, 4. SHARON LEE SENNER Shaw Pep Squad 1, 2: Shaw Drill Team 3, 4: Captain 4: Close Up 2: Library Club 1, 2. MARY LOUISE SHAMBRA BELOW: Margaret Dubuisson, one of the Senior Cheerleaders, seems to enjoy cheering as much as she does her Senior status. Shaw Pep Squad 1: Shaw Drill Team 2. ELIZABETH ANN SMITH KAREN SMITH Math Club 1, 2, 3, 42 HOHISIOOITI Secretary 4: Spanish Club 3: Library Club 1: Chairman of Decorating Committee for Ring Dance 3: Science Club 4: Variety Show 2: CLC 2: Decorating Com- mittee for Winter Formal 4. ROBIN ANN SPENCE DEBORAH LOUISE STEINER 3: Captain 4: Yearbook Repre- sentative 1. KAREN ANN VERDI Variet Show 2: Business Exhibit 3: Perlject Attendance 1. 2: Pres- ident's Physical Fitness Award 2: Style Show 3 . JULIE THERESE WAGUESPACK President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2, 3: Sweetheart First Maid 2: Variety Show 2: Home- room Secretary-Treasurer 3: Bus- iness Exhibit 3, 4: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Style Show 4: Honor Guard 4: Winter Formal Decora- tion Committee 4. W. f..,t:f 5 Y CONNIE ANN ST. PIERRE CLC 1: Pep Squad 1, 2: Honor Guard 3, 4: Homeroom President 4: Junior Achievement 2: Close- Up 2: Musical State Crew 8: President's Physical Fitness Award 1, 2: Variety Show 2: Sci- ence Fair 3: Musical 4. CINDE RAE SULIK Homeroom President 1, 2: Class President 2: National Honor Soci- ety 2, 3, 4: President 4: Dovettes 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: District Rally Algebra II. DEBBIE TROTTER Library Club 4. MARY LOUISE UZEE Musical 1: Homeroom President 1, 2: Class Vice-President 3: Dovettes 2, 3, 4: Squad Leader v .Q ai S ABOVE: Studious Seniors Kim Meister and Terry O'Dowd, find studying in the fresh air to be beneficial. ANNE KATHERINE WARD MARIA CATHERINE WEISS Library Club 1: Junior Achieve- ment 2 . KAREN ELIZABETH WILLINSKY Homeroom Vice-President 1. 2. 3: CLC 1: Spanish Club 2, 3: Talent Show 2: Student Council Alternate 3, 4: Powder Puff Foot- ball 3. GERALYN MARIE WRIGHT FAITH ANN ZAEINGUE IIIH' -J: llfff, 1 'P TOP: A seemingly endless line of enthusiastic graduates, the Senior Class prepares to enter the church for graduation exercises. LEFT: A poster honors the Seniors of '74 at a breakfast given by the Soph- omore class after the graduation mass. ABOVE RIGHT: A group of Seniors enjoy the delicious breakfast prepared by the Sophomores. I9 4 FQ Congratulations to the Editor QQQGJO First in Ladies' Fashion 3329 General Meyer Ave. Algiers, La. 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Louisiana Congratulations and Best Wishes CATHY DENNING Love , Mother BONNIE COYNE: You taught me the meaning of Friendship and Caring Your happy face brightened up my world Love ya , Michele Love From Mom and Dad Congratulations on Your Graduation MARIA and Best Wishes for a very happy and successful future. Love, Mother, Dad, and Family Congratulations to Our Granddaughter LORI Love, Ma Hern and Pa Hern Chemical Injectors ' Proportioning Pumps Relief and Plug Valves ' Check Valves Swing Heaters and Steam Generators BILL KING CO. Representing TEXSTEAM CORP. P.O. Box 102 Harvey, La. Office 366-5241 366-3348 Night Numbers 347-1724 366-1924 BILL KING 368-5577 Res . 366 - 1225 Congratulations and Best Wishes to ANTOINETTE With all our love , Mom and Dad . 'NP' 'M-ml' Congratulations and Best Wishes to our Lovely Daughter, LORI Love, Mama and Daddy To our Granddaughter LORI ANN Love and Best Wishes From Ma and Pa Grabert SOME PEOPLE SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE AND ASK "WHY?" WE DREAM THINGS THAT NEVER WERE AND ASK "WHY NOT?" From a Friend Good Luck and Thanks to MOM, TIGER, BOONIE, and my little sister, DEBBIE. Love , Gay Best of Luck to the CLASS OF '74 Mrs. G. J. Dubuisson 4 Love and Congratulations to MARY SHAMBRA Uncle Martin, Aunt Lena, Marti, Beleta, and Jo-Jo ,Ni 'Nvd' Congratulations and Best Wishes to Our Daughter DEBBIE in your future . Love always, Mom and Dad If J Ui CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE I974 GRADUATING SENIOR CLASS ARCHBISHOP BLENK HIGH SCHOOL In your efforts to advance your status in lifeg in your search for employment, salary, security , and ben- efits, choose a firm or organization that offers , at the very least , the following: 'A choice of training in 488 different job skills in ten C103 major occupational areas ex. Electronic maintenance and machine operation, graphics, music, mechanics, culinary arts, man- agement, finance and accounting, aviation, engineering, chemical, medical, and many, many more 'Free training at no cost to you regardless of time or length of training 'Free meals and housing or allowances for same 'l'A generous cash salary with steady promotions and automatic cost of living increases according to the Consumer Price Index CCPIJ "'A choice of hundreds of organizations and locations to choose from where you want to live and work "'Company-operated swimming pools, golf courses, flying courses, flying clubs, skeet ranges, bowling alleys, churches, theatres, grocery stores, department stores, hospitals, race tracks, drag strips, motor- cross trails, auto hoppy shops, reserved hunting and fishing areas, riding stables, clubs, and arts and crafts of all kinds 'A company that pays 75070 to 100070 of your college tuition and then offers four 443 years of cash assistance for college or trade school if you ever leave the company 'RA company-operated college system that is international in scope and allows you to achieve as much as 30 resident credit hours per year for studies on and off duty 'fThe firm must ask that you stay with them no less than two C25 to three C33 years for these benefits, and it must give you a permanent employment record and reference papers to carry with you if you leave 'And finally the firm must have career status , highly motivated , professionally trained sales representa- tives and counselors on a constant basis to give you professional advice and personal attention. If you can't find these benefits, then investigate TODAY'S ARMY where these programs are standard ben- efits. Ken Priest Army Recruiting 401 Westbank Expressway Gretna, La. 70053 Phone: 361-5161 or 366-7412 MINNIE GEG CINDY 8a KEVIN - '74 GRANDMA Kc GRANDPA PLESSALA GAY GOMEZ '74 CONGRATULATIONS DENISE - THE LAMBERTS GOOD LUCK DENISE - LAURA GOOD LUCK DENISE - CHERIE CLAUDE HUMPHREY F. O . M. A . MR. B. J. EHRET MRS. B. J. EHRET MR. 8a MRS. O. A. ARCEMENT MR. RAY C. TACKUBERRY MRS. ALBERTA COTTON MR. ALEXANDER MOBLEY, SR. MR. ALEXANDER MOBLEY, JR. MRS. CLARISE MOBLEY MISS CAROLINE MOBLEY MR. VALCO COTTON MRS. RUTH WILLIAMS MRS. LUCILLE BOCAGE MRS. BEATRICE MATHEWS DARLENE, DWIGHT, 8a DAMIAN GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '74 ONE- PIECE NAN 8a PARHAN MR. 8a MRS. CLIFFORD HEBERT GOOD LUCK SWEETHEART, GARY GOOD TIMES ALWAYS: LITTLE BIT MAY YOU ALWAYS BE short MRS. DOLOROS CROSS BILL 8: JANICE MRS. ELSIE ADAMS MR. JAMES FINK MR. JOSEPH VIRGO VERNON T. BALLAY, SR. VERNON T. BALLAY, JR. FRED GENDRON CHARLES ARTHURS OSCAR LACINAK JAMES NELSON NICK SUSSLIN EUGENE ALLEN MRS. CARMEN RICHARD HOOF! HOOF! GERALYN CONGRATULATIONS! ANNE HEBERT MR. 8a MRS. AUCOIN WILLIE MATHIS IS COMING BOOQTERS TO ANNE FROM LUAP FRITZ LOVES THERESA FOREVER LET'S GET MARRIED SOON! WHAT A RIP-OFF! GOOD LUCK ANNE HEBERT ANNIE BANNANIE CONGRATULATIONS ANNE. JOHNNY 8a ANITA GOOD LUCK CHRISTINE, ALLYSON MR. 8a MRS. WILSON 8a SON J 8a W MARINE TOWING CO. ANNE BLANCHARD D. T. CRAVEY MRS. CARLTON LAURA BUTLER MR. 8a MRS. HAIR TULANE 14 LSU 0 MR. 8a MRS. ALTMAN CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '74 CONGRATULATIONS MARY DEL CORRAL MR. 8a MRS. DERCHI SARA 8: WILLY MCCLENDON MR. 8a MRS. E. A. ROBIDOUX MRS. ARNONA MR. DEL CORRAL MRS. DEL CORRAL DANIAL TEEN JEAN TEEN GAIL TEEN DANNY TEEN SR'S 74 SR'S 74 SR'S 74 SR'S 74 SR'S 74 SR'S 74 MR. 8a MRS. BARRE RANDY BARRE LEA GRAZIANI ELLA GRANT BETH GRANT MILDRED VIALLON CATHY BREAUX MR. 8a MRS. WARREN VIALLON BELIEVE IN YOURSLEF! THE NELSONS SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE MR. 8a MRS. A. W. SHORT MR. 8: MRS . CHEMEVERT 8a SONS BEST OF LUCK. THE GAUTHREAUX GO SENIORS '78 '79 CATHY, SUSAN ANGEL BOZANT JERRY 8a MARLENE MR. 8a MRS. ANDREW F. BOZANT CONGRATULATIONS MARLENE FROM NIGG MR. 8a MRS. L. G. TONER LAURA, CINDY, KATHY 85 LARRY RICK CINDE MR. 8a MRS. ALEX G. SULIK CONGRATULATIONS , MARY LEATHEM! CONGRATULATIONS, MARY LEATHEM! MRS. ANNA MAE FACQUET MR. Kc MRS. ROBERT LEATHEM LAURA LEATHEM KENNY 8a DAWN CONGRATULATE JANIS BETH BALLAGH MARGARET DICK CALVIN 8a MARGARET XAVIER 8a CELESTE MRS. E. KISSENGER MR. E. KISSENGER BILLY ASHTON MRS. NANCY ASHTON PATRICE 8a FRED FRANKE MRS. ANNA DICK MR. 8a MRS. RICHARD BRUCE MINNIE BRUCE DOODLE BRUCE POOCHIE BRUCE JANET BRUCE JANET 8a CLYDE XI DELTA SIGMA CLASS OF '74 CONGRATULATIONS JAN, LOVE MAMMA CONGRATULATIONS JAN, LOVE DADDY DENISE 8a DINKY MELISSA 8z TOMMY MARLENE 8a JERRY CINDY 8a KEVIN LYNNE B. 8a RANDY FERNANZA 8a DONALD JANET 85 CLYDE BETH 85 LARRY BELINDA 85 DONALD JANIS 85 JACKIE BONNIE 85 DOUG CNUBBYJ TRICIA 85 MARK DONNA 85 CLIFFORD MARY 85 EMILE CATHOLINE 85 KENNY CELESTE 85 XAVIER SHELLEY 85 DOUG CATHY 85 STEVE FREDERICK 85 PUDDIN' KATHY 85 NEIL DONNA 85 FIREHOUSE ILEANA 85 GEORGE PEGGY 85 HO TERRY 85 PAUL GALE 85 ROY ANN 85 KEITH 'A LINDA 85 DANNY EDDI RAE 85 BILLY JACKIE 85 DWAYNE TO THE BEST EDITOR THE BOOQTERS YEARBOOK EVER HAD. THANK YOU TERRY - STAFF KIM 85 PAUL BETH 85 CRAIG GAY 85 BRIAN MARIA 85 JERRY DIANE 85 TOMMY LORI 85 MARTY ANNE 85 HARLEY SARAH 85 FREDDY KIM 85 JIMMY ERIN 85 KENNY CHERYL 85 GARY PAT 85 GERARD CARRIE 85 MIKE MARY 85 FRANKIE KAREN 85 BERNIE ROBIN 85 KEVIN MARIA 85 TONY CINDE 85 RICK BECKY 85 HAROLD KAREN 85 DAVID LEE ANN 85 TENN. HILLBILLY ANNE 85 DOUG ELISE 85 BOBBY, RENEE, AARON, GLEN, RANDY, PETE, ETC. DEBBIE 85 JESSIE CINDY 85 DAVID MARY 85 JAMES POOLEY'S ANALYSIS GENIUSES GINA 85 GLEN JO ANN 85 SAILORBOY DOUG SHIRLEEN 85 BILLY BRENDA 85 ARTHUR LYNNE M. 85 MARIO TERRY SUE 85 KENNY FAITH 85 HENRY The Seniors of the 1974 DOVE Staff would like to extend Best Wlshes to the 1975 Staff . GOOD LUCK' TERRY O'DOWD CINDY LAKEY few., GAY GOMEZ MARIA HOFFMANN 217 - ..E-a ,SA -5 my ,AA pm ZffQfPi14w ,A A, Q 'wf Hg? ,SJ E2 Q ei QA HA? .. ,... awww -5,1 'QW ff? S W, K ,A 'I A , 9533? W Ks A 4 Aw mi. J +22 Q defy? EN if T X5 gkxf A -:Q sg fl L Haw? 5 gg, E ss. 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SEQ? , A in , . - :IE-"EE: 2 - '... 5, 1 fy A V .sv .. A vYs,g , 2'-: 5565,-A. 1, H A ,. . .A :'?'.-35: ' ,.-. , A A A m 5 'bf A A H. ,, 2359 - if , WQQQQA - , 93? L2 Q . .. gli E5 ,Han 4 f 5 1 122 Qi A rp Lily! , . fi 2 V 3 A ..... A , Q Q A. , .v-: ., ,sf X S QQ A A, ,, ,A A ,AAAS a-,m .. i,kQm?,QA5f W 5 fi 3 . ,A 6..,.., A , A 5 ,5 ,ask ,,--: ,E S W ,gn , . .. ., L .. X if 9532? W' A f , "f.f'.I'fQ..' . HE A fa W sms, A vw ,bag 4,1 M55 Q1i,H,Qf,, Sw A :bi , M 53 -- -f-- :E"mj',.Z :- - wi ,, ms 2 1 sg Ay ,W 5 ww, W, Uv W, L A 5' Y 'M' 4 My RK S Ag? W fs 5 my S X J ag T 3,g??.,?,,g,Q Fggfffigge 2, Q' vQ5w,,,?QfiQ Nga Am W , QW 5 5, is 5 W 2 2 L v "ff3"' A 5 A F , ,gsggik W ,m-A V Fi WAS fb .i '-ifiwgg wslf' LV2,M2,Aa,5fs ' f5zn2,Cff2wf? ?sf,giWsw4AQi i,S1vAfiS2fEay,v swf? xi2PsK gg5l,z,1fWfA, Misa 5211, E95 !1fyA2ZEAfikffgsifiafwrffgwxvf i,i2?JwwAa3M'2iX:fQ2g1f'efnikS?L1455?fLSAQEg:,gSi5iif,Q2ifif,Q2iSf5 QBSQQWA, ,153 ' Q9? QEWQSE JW., S? f?f,:if,m2g,A. 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Sum 2 2 gpg naw, .1 fm, Ms? ,5555 ,g l Mg, he 411 W Q 53,9 Af, " A ,gi ff ws ,352 as M- sf? wf iS7SsiW'1W,Wi ., P , H , , 4g 5f, we sf w,vlAwfM QwaLA,5f .,2L RQ, , , vihs-A 'fe gf-W? swf , - I A Hmmm. :A W rw A5 f V -:, - rf 1: Aw' A we AWAWAAAA ,AA ,WHA ,A -, , .,, A .A , A ,AA A AA jQQQW5SEff3 2 Lf ,gyms MEWEQLQE ,Ava jkvgjmmg grggukigig?iLZgw g3Eggi53?1wgx52?59 , 1 Jipgk a- 15,5 A 'P 1 , S gsm? QS 1422, , 947 Y' -1 ? x Wah -Q75 flffi? li '51 5257 '55, A 'A fl - ' vs! 7, A 3911 55,51 Q fm, 2 M , M, ff ilfsfxxwfii FS, if MSM Six fi 'X fwisw K 52 new f Aw- - ww vw 5mQsAg591rsm5f' Mm ,1!5'f1Xv,S3,,a,gs,,1 V A A? 1-ez, ss, 5,2 -,aw , WS f 7 : 'a1::f :: "a4.Q3 my 4' , 5 A2?g?Q???3wgs5?ifi,,Ag,,24?a'59m??5f fsA,ff,,,,,,,f ,Him -- AAgf ,gk,e:1A-,,fegs4zA F-,if H,g,,A ,A fin, 1- if ,E393,gwAf ,A .,,., ,, A.,A. ,AA ,,A. ,. . 5 km ,Qsm fg gmgim imf w x ,Y ,AM ,AW 4 2 x A5if 'vGe,Q-fQ,51?Q A Wm wihfmff fw A if? Q, ,AZ is 2 y35?XQW2Svgk M1 A-A we is gfgkfw V 32 K EY ,A A 7 , f A ,- ,Y ,A A A .. -.,,L V' ' .A f 15 ,,... ,, 'Q ' , if , f ', is , ,, g ,H X ,A , 2, if , Q? Ez Q fm, -,Q Q, afsnggqggwse 5, f F5224 ki ig .. ' 5, 2,:sAw5i ,ggrgg v em ?Q ,ws 1, ,, W I A K E' Wg -im SA 5323 ' T , s - 1 ' i a A A EE 5 - , , Q my As-,J-' ' ,ff-:,:: A.-19a:?Wk.-if-A-A: A ,. ,A 2 ,W-re-AT:.Q,, , 4. 5 2 ' wL,ggyig5,22mw, Am f--f fm,-www U Jw?-EAW Q aa, W W, as A' A .. vf5g1g ,.,,A-' X .... AA, g ,155 ff aw -ffff 0, 5 ' t WA 5 .,, , 2 gm Eggs? .4 25212 ff' A . K AMWJ A Ax, i. 5 51, 6523 9 -if ::. '!:. wi? ,Aw E 533 2 L in 1' 1 A 1, 3 ,A , fi? , ,W ii ,N gf 23,5 2 iff! 4353? ' Ajliigsae s l? , , , A, , , , X , ,R 3 g Q fag, ax 1,g2fgQ53f2g 5, , 1 , ,Y . -W Q 9 Jaw T , A xi 5 an E K I 1 ! M - ,,,. 5' -,.,,.,A, ,, Ev is , W iff? Index A - De Acuna, Anna Yolanda 174 Adam, Deborah Lynn 174 Adams, Pamela Ann 84, 142 Alfonso , Cathleen S . 174 Alonzo, Kandie Ann 164 Amaro, Mercedes Carmen 18, 164, 171 Anderson, Peggy Ann 164 Andrus, Denise Mary 156 Ayres, Denise Mary 142 Ayres, Gwen Elizabeth 108, 142, 150, 164. 171 Badalamenti, Antoinette Marie 142 Bagnetto, Aimee Elizabeth 71, 96, 101, 108, 164, 165 Bakles, Brenda Lee 106, 164 Baradell, Becky Marie 174 Baradell, Susan Elizabeth 97 , 156 Barattini, Gina Maria 123, 174 Barcelona , Kathy Mary '70, 96, 98, 99, 118, 156, 160, 163 Barthel, Debbie Ann 156 Battle, Pamela 174 Bauer, Sherri Lynn Mary 164 Bayhi, Melanie Theresa 164 Beaumont, Susan Marie 156 Beauregard , Jeannine Marie 174 Bellipanni, Catherine Ann 164 Bergeron, April Ann 164 Bernard, Jane Marie 74, 117 , 156 Bernard, Lucille Katherine 163 Berry, Georgia Leigh 74, 123 , 174 220 Bertin, Nancy Marie 174 Billie, Dawn Marie 164 Bird , Robin Ann 163 Blackwell, Martina Barbara 156 Blanchard , Anne Kenwyn 25, 123, 171 Blanchard, Sheryl Ann 174 Bodron, Melissa Marie 77, 118, 131, 142 Boudreau, Anne Marie 174 Boudreaux, Bridgett Ann 108, 164 Boudreaux, Theresa Yvette 174 Boyer, Jane Ann 156 Bozant, Angel Marie 175 Bozant, Marlene Marie 142 Braun, Cynthia Marie 104, 105, 121, 142 Breaux, Anna Marie 175 Breaux, Lynne Marie 105 , 106 , 107 , 131 , 143 Brewer, Lisa Katherine 175 Brewer, Nancy Ann 175, 182 Brewer, Trude Ann 175 Brewster, Marisa 28, 123 Bringuier, Ana Maria 23 , 175 Bringuier, Maria del Carmen 175 Brown, Danette Elizabeth 35, 156 Brown, Fernanza Carleen 77 Brown, Tammy Marie 114, 134, 165 Brown, Terri Ross 156 Bruce , Janet Ann 70 , 143 Bruce, Mary Jean 118 , 157 , 160 Bruce , Monica Jane 21 , 165 Bruce, Sheri Anne 165 Buchhoz, Stephanie Lynn 175 Buckley , Kathleen Marie 175 Bullock, Melissa Ailene 175 Buras, Lydia 157 Buras, Tracy Marie 175 Burkett, Cathie Ann 143 Burmaster, Artye Marie 175, 182 Bush, Beth Marie 55, 60, 67,118, 121, 143. 150 Bush, Mary Claire 106, 165 Butirich, Catherine Ann 157, 163 CTasseJ Bynoe, Inger Violet 23 , 175 Calix, Janet Lynn 143 Cambre, Belinda Ann 57, 81, 121, 143, 147 Cambre, Nancy Jon 165 , 172 Carbo, Laura Mary 117, 157, 160 Carite, Diane Marie 157 Carmichael, Helene C. 54 , 17 5 Carona, Cynthia Marie 175 Cartagne, Brenda 175 Caruso, Karen Ann 165, 171, 173 Causey, Cheryl Ann 165 Champagne, Mary Louise 131, 157, 163 Champagne, Terry 175 Chauffe, Melinda Ann 53 , 38 , 165 Cheramie, Debra Anne 175 Cheramie, Elizabeth Nelson 156, 177 Cheramie , Janis Marie 143 Ciaccio, Anne Marie 175 Ciaccio , Catherine Anne 32, 156, 157 CKKJ Cleveland, Lesley Anne 176 Coble, Anne 176 Coble, Christy Ann 144, 155 Cole, Yvonne Carletta 165 Collins, Christine Ann 33, 77, 144 Conceicao, Maria Amelia 157 Courseault, Debra Ann Mary 121, 157 Cortazzo, Jamey Ann 100, 102, 123, 127, 157, 158, 160 Cortazzo, Kris Ann 123, 127, 176 Cortazzo , Terri Catherine 117 , 123 , 126, 127, 165, 183 Coulon, Joanne Mary 123, 125, 176 Coulon, Rosanne Mary 124, 176 Couture, Cynthia Ann 100, 114, 124, 134, 135, 157 Coyne, Bonnie Chris 57, 71, 108, 109, 112, 144, 147 Cran, Patricia Ann 51 , 60, 64, 67, 84, 86, 96, 99, 144, 153 Crane, Lisa Ann 144 Creppel, Ingrid Ellen 96, 98, 115, 117, 165 Crighton, Cynthia Anne 165 Cunningham , Catherine Lynn 176 Cunningham, Pamela E. 165 Cusimano, Jo Anna Rosa 63, 80, 144, 150 Daigle, Jenny Marie 165 Danner, Debra Joan 145 d'Aquin, Carol Ann 166 Darnall, Lori Ann 166 Davis, Susan Marie 165 Davis, Veronica Jean 176 Danjean, Belinda Ann 176 DeFelice, Virginia Rita 123, 166 Index De - Je DeGeorge, Cheryl Ann 166 Denon, Debra Ann 47, 174, 176 de la Cruz, Donna Dale 145, 167 De la Paz, Betty 166 del Corral, Mary Oneida 145 Delo, Denise Ann 117 , 124, 163 Demolle, Eva Theresa 175 Denning, Cathy Ann 64, 143, 145 DeRocha , Judith Ann 145 Dick, Celeste Eileen 110. 111, 145 DiVincenti, Lorna Louise 166 Doherty, Mary Ann 176 Dolbear, Margaret Anne 157 Dowdy, Barbara Ann 97 , 166 Drumm, Rebecca Ann 76, 166 Drudy, Pamela Joy 76, 166 Dubuisson, Elizabeth M. 157 Dubuisson, Margaret Mary 67 , 71, 108, 109, 144, 145, 147, 149 Duffy, Arlene Ann 176 Duffy, Lillian Marie 33, 145 Dugas, Kathy Susan 176 Dupont, Sheri Ann 176 Dupre, Shelley Marie 24, 54, 112, 146 Ehret, Cathy Magdeline 146, 131 Ehret, Mary Catherine 106, 166 Ehret, Peggy Therese 106 Eichner, Stacey Lauren 175 Ellsworth, Kathy Lynn 176 Eppling , Kristen Anne 177 Ernst, Carey Lynn Ann 177 Eschete, Jean Elise 166 Faulk, Jennifer Shawn 158 Faurie, Mary Renee 25, 35, 70, 96, 99, 106, 157, 158, 159, 160 Ferrara, Laura Carmel 158 Fink, Janice Marie 146 Finn, Earlene Marie 123, 174, 175, 176 Fogarty, Rhonda Ann 177 Folse, Joan Elizabeth 177 Folse, Patty Jean 120 , 158 Fonte , Catherine Elaine 18, 166, 165 Ford, Cheryl Ann 166 Fradella, Sand Annette 120, 166 Frank, Susan Lynn 167 Fray. Diane Carol 85, 104, 105, 146 Frederick, Maureen Patricia 19, 143, 147 Fuselier, Johanna Marie 167 , 173 Gabel, Kim Ann 147 Gallicio , Loann Marie 174, 177 Gallicio, Tami Lynn 167 Garrity, Sandra Lee 177 , 183 Gassen , Sherryl Ruth 56 , 61, 98, 100, 157, 158, 159 Gattuso, Maria Angela 32, 114, 134, 135, 147 Gauthier, Julie Mary 167 Gegenheimer, Joan Mary 123, 126, 127, 167 Gegenheimer, Pam Marie 131, 158 George, Melanie Rita 177 Gerrets, Nana Marie 60, 167. 172 Gerrets, Susan Elizabeth 54, 76, 106, 131, 158, 157 Gilliam, Kathryn Anne 167 Goens, Beth Ann 143, 147 Gomez, Faith M. 18, 167 Gomez, Gay Maria 87, 102, 114, 121, 125, 126, 134, 135, 147, 189 Goodgion, Maria Chanel 147 Goodreaux, Melissa Ann 54, 158 Graff, Bonnie Louise 177 Graff, Julie Frances 25, 71, 167 Greer, Cynthia Ann 158 Gros, Theresa Ann 159 Grundmeyer, Cheryl Ann 167 Grundmeyer, Jan Marie 177, 174 Guerrera, Diane Marie 123, 124, 148 Guerrera , Teresa Marie 159 Guidry, Brenda Ann 177 Guidry, Catherine Geralyn 159 Haddican, Jackie Ann 159 Hall, Deborah Ann 46, 177 Hamer, Kim Marie 167 Hanley, Wanda Milagro 114, 134, 135, 177, 180 Hargis, Sandra Marie 177, 180 Harker, Corliss Marie 177 Harrold, Catherine Norma 178 Harvey, Jan Marie 148 Hatty, Lori Adrienne 148 Healy, Nancy Marie 124, 148 Hebert, Anne Elizabeth 148 Hebert, Joy Ann 104, 105, 147, 148, 155 Hebert, Theresa Marie 167 Heck, Jennifer Ann 167 Heine, Roxanne Marie 178 Held, Kris Ann 148 Hellwig, Gina Marie 53, 167 Helmer, Julie Annette 159 Helmstetter, Jean Ann 178 Hemelt, Victoria Cecily 178, 183 Hendricks, Diane Marie 167 Herbet, Jean Marie 149 Hidalgo, Karen Ann 178 Higgins, Lisa Denise 167 Higgins, Tanya Ann 178 Hoffmann, Kathryn Ann 178, 182 Hoffmann, Maria Teresa 86, 121, 126, 125, 149 Holden, Carrie Gayle 178 Holden, Wendy Lynn 47 , 156, 159 Holgerson, Mary Jane 167 Holliday, Connie Ann 157, 159 Holman, Kathryn Lee 167 Hornyak, Lisa Ann 56, 157, 159 Hornyak, Sybil Mary 142, 149 Howze, Celeste Elaine 178 Humphrey, Janice Maude 178 Isemann, Donna Mary 71, 167 Isemann, Rebecca Ann 121, 149 Jacobs, Pamela Rose 167 Jeanfreau, Angela Virginia 178 Jester, Emily Marie 32, 159 221 Index Jo - Oc Johnson, Bonnie Marie 51 , 101, 149 Kass, Leeann Kay 123, 149 Keating, Shauna Rose 53, 168, 169 Keller, Ellen Mary 100, 117, 163 Keller, Peggy Sue 168 Kennedy, Hedy Theresa 180 178 Kent, Ann Katherine 168, 172 King, Lou Ann 149 King, Marcia Ann 53, 101, 168, 172 Kline, Julie Ann 168 Klock, Sigrid Marie 159 Kramer, Susan Elizabeth 159 Koravet, Bonnie Ann 178 Kravet, Tina Ann 178 Krider, Lisa Ann 104, 159, 161. 162 Kuhn, Lisa Germaine 178 Labauve, Kim Marie 61, 74. 158, 161, 163 Labauve, Lisa Marie 71, 158, 169, 161 Labbe, Barbara Martha 34, 159 Labbe, Elise Elmire 85, 101, 149 LaBiche, Gerie Ann 150 Labit, Anne Lynne 159 Labit, Debbie Ann 85, 104, 150 Lacinak, Ann Marie 168 Lacoste, Geralyn Anne 157, 159 Lae, Tina Ann 178 Lagucki, Barbara Ann 102, 168, 169, 83 Lakey, Cynthia Mae 123, 124, 126, 145, 150 Lakey, Denise Marie 159 Lakey, Linda Kay 178 Lambremont, Renee 178 Lambremont, Robin 178 LaMothe, Rhonda Regina 74. 168 222 Lamothe , Donna Patricia '74, 117, 124, 159, 161 Lamy, Leslie Marie 178 Latham, Sandra Lee 60, 74, 159 Lauve, Margaret Elizabeth 179 Lawrence, Eugenia Mary 168 Leathem, Laura Ann 179 Leathem, Mary Elizabeth 150 LeBlanc, Celeste Louise 179 LeBlanc, Jeanne Irene 63. 107, 168 LeBlanc, Michele Carmen 49, 53, 60. 100, 108, 109, 168, 169 , 172 LeCourt, Melanie Theresa 179 Leger, Deborah Ann 179 LeMaire , Staci Elizabeth 142, 150 Lemonier, Lori Ann 168 Lenzen, Cindy Mae 159 Leonard, Susan Fran 168 Lesassier, Gina Maria 150 Lilly, Geralyn Marie 178. 179, 98 Lilly, Jo Ann Mary 150 Lilly, Shirleen Marie 142, 150 Lindsey, Mary Katherine 179 Lombars, Lisa Maria 160 Long, Carol Ann 74, 160 Long, Nancy 75, 160 Longoria, Amada 179, 183 Longoria, Maria Antonia 160 Lopez, Valerie Renee 179 Lore , Cherie Rose 74, 179 Lozano, Donna Ann 168, 172 Lyles, Lisa Ann 179 Macera, Brenda Geralyn 151 Macera, Debra Marie 104, 110, 111, 160 Mackenroth, Lynne Ann 121, 151 Madrazo, Karen Ann 168 Malbrough, Pamela Ann 151 Marks, Deborah 168 Marmillion, Aimee Marie 168 Martin, Deborah Anne 179 Martin, Julie Ann 160 Martin, Maria Cecilia 180 Martin, Patricia Jane 168 Martin, Terry Sue 151 Massey , Catherine Teres a 151 Mata , Patricia Angeles 168 , 172 Matthews , Patricia Diana 180 May, C 160 atherine Aline May, Sarah Cain 11 , 54, 151 McDonald, Shawn Alison 180 McGraw, Kathleen Ann 180 McKee, Pamela Gayle 32, 156, 160 McMahon, Kerrilynn Ann 160 McMahon, Kim Marie 70, 168 McMahon, Maj Michelle McNulty, Lynn Ann 151 Meister, Jon Marie 180 Meister, Kim Eileen 84, 116, 118, 146, 151 Menzato, Bridgette Ann 169 Methe, Susan Juanita 17, 169 Meyer, Erin Agnes 84, 151 Miljak, Jacqueline Ann 180 Miller, Elizabeth Ann 169 Miller, Linda Mae 160 Miller, Nancy Catherine 180 Mistich, Ingrid Ann 160 Mitchell, Rebecca Elizabeth 160, 169 Mobley, Caroline Marie 77, 151 Mohr, Kathy Margaret 111, 131, 144, 146, 152 Mondello, Denise Theresa 169 Mooney, Janet Marie 53, 169 Mooney, Janice Marie 122, 169 Moran, Barbara Ann 169 Moran, Maria Agnes 46 , 180 Morgan, Donna Marie 152 Motoyama, Jodi Ann 169 Mueller, Cynthia Ann 152 Mulhearn, Lori Ann 152 Naccari, Debra Ann 121, 152 Naccari, Kim Louise 169 Naquin, Dory Jean 168, 169 Navaille, Michelle Phyllis 180 Navaillek, Terri Maye 160 Navarre, Deborah Marie 180 Neeb, Cindy Ann 35 , 160 Newell, Terry Amber 161 Newman, Charlotte Ann 180 Neyland, Leslie Rita 170 Niehus, Penelope Ann 159. 161 Norton, Peggy Elizabeth 100, 124, 152 Nuiry, lleana Isabel 152 Ocana, Nanaette Lilia 180 Romain , Simone Index Od - 9+ Odem, Margaret Ann 57, 71, 106, 112, 131, 144, 146, 147, 152 CPeggyD Odem, Sarah Lynn 179, 180 O'Donohoe, Kathleen Jan 100 O'Dowd, Terry Madonna 54, 65, 67, 87, 112, 125, 126, 127, 131, 152, 153, 146 Olson, Ian Marie 170 Orgeron, Gale Elizabeth 153 Ory, Cheryl Ann 170 Oubre, Karen Marie 161 Overton, Karen Elizabeth 181 Panko, Roxanne 165, 170 Paradelas, Joann Elizabeth 76 , 170 Pelegrin, Ann Catherine 104, 105, 152 Pellegrin, Oneda Mary 163 Pennington, Mary 161 Pennington, Sandra Lynn 181 Peranio, Linda Anne 71, 111, 152 Pereira, Barbara Anne 163 Peres, Melanie Grace 181, 122 Pertuit, Sandra Lynn 181 Pesquie, Renee E. 153 Peterson, Lezlie Ann 54, 131, 161 Peterson, Mary lane 181 Pfaff, Mary Elaine 170 Phillipp, Lea Marie 161 Pitre, Eddi Rae Marie 54, 96, 112, 125, 134, 153 Pollion, Lynda Susan 76 , 170 Polk, Jackie Marie 70, 153 Ponson, Pamela Mary 170 Poole , Karen Louise 168 , 170 Poole, Nora Ann 181 Poorman, Margaret Mary 161 Porche, Julie Ann 107, 170 Pousson, Tammy Louise 181 Prejean, Luanne Mary 181 Prejean, Sue Ann 170 Provenzano, Melanie Mary 72 Provenzano, Sandy Marie 170, 181 Puneky, Laura Veronica 161 Ramagoz, Thelma Amelia 181 Rau, Catherine Myrtle 163 Rau, Helen Louise 117 , 147 Reeves, Shari Gail 181 Rehage, Patricia Ann 181 Relle, Domini Lynn 103, 179, 181 Relle, Jo Nel 35, 104, 161 Rethmeyer, Joann Elizabeth 169, 170 Rhodes, Barbara Maria 53, 114, 165, 170 Richard, Joan Marie 33, 77, 153 Rittiner, Donna 170 Rivette, Cheryl Anne 100, 116, 125, 153 Roark, Shannon Dail 54, 170, 171 Robb, Kelly Jo 71, 107, 108, 109, 161, 169 Roberts, Bobbie Lee 156, 161 Robertson, Myra Joan 102, 161 Robicheaux, Kathleen Ann 170 Robidoux, Marta Margaret 181 Robin, Cindy Ann 170 Rodgers ,I Babbe Elizabeth 123 , 181 Rodrigue, Adile 74, 181 Rodrigue, Debra Elizabeth 170 Rodrigue , Loretta Ann 171 Rodrigue , Rhonda Ann 55, 70, 171, 165 Rodriguez , Cynthia Marie 181 Rolland, Connie Marie 171 Catherine 181 Rondey, Vicki Ann 171 Rooney, Patricia Marie 123, 153 Roppolo, Toni Marie 161 Roubion, Mary T. 161 Roux, Jody Cheryl Rowland, Barbara Ann 171 Rowland, Diane Marie Rulh, Donna Marie 161 Rung, Deborah Lynn 181 Ryan, Carol Anne 54, 165 , 171 Salathe, Sharon Marie 171 Salvaggio, Laney Marie 53, 103, 60, 108, 109, 111, 165, 169, 171, 172 Scaffidi, Lynn Ann 171 Scalia, Lynnette Marie 171 Schap, Ellen Lee Schernbeck, Toni Lynn 34, 54, 76, 103, 115, 161 Schexnayder, Mary Elizabeth Schiehl, Michelle Corrine 53, 172 Schindler, Johanna Maria 57, 154 Schloegal, Ann Marie 156, 161 Schlotterer, Dell Marie 181, 182 Schlotterer, Kris Elaine 97, 118, 172 Schmidt , Maria Elena 172 Schmidt, Patricia Ann 182 Schulingkamp, Crystal Aln 172 Scott, Kathleen Ann 182 Seibert, Carrie Ann 57 , 111, 154 131, 144, 147 , Seither, Mary Ann 182 Senner, Sandra Ann 172 Senner, Sharon Lee 154 Sestak, Helen Maria 97 , 172 Sestak, Lisa Anne 102, 114, 118, 134, 135. 158, 161 Seymour, Patti Lynn 182 Shambra, Mary Louise 154 Sicard, Carolyn 172 Silver, Nancy Ann 182 Simmons, Claire Marie 161 Sines, Marilyn Rae 102, 162, 163 Smith, Cheryl Elizabeth 172 Smith, Elizabeth Ann 154 Smith, Karen Ann 57 , 123, 144, 148, 154 Smith, Marie Ann 172 Sosa, Maria Concepcion 172 Southall, Kim Ann 161 Sparkman, Mary Susan 76 , 172 Spellman, Charlotte 161 Spellman, Suzanne Margaret 181, 182 Spence, Robin Carol 154 Sperier, Susan Mary 124, 161 Spilberger, Tina Marie 162 Stakelum, Rita Louise 42, 103, 176, 183, 181 , 182 Starkenburg, Joan Marie 162 Steiner, Deborah Louise 154 223 Index s+. - z St. John, Geryl Anne 182 St. Pierre, Connie Ann 148. 154 Stubbs, Nancy Lynn 182 Sulik, Cinde Raye 100, 101, 102, 154 Sullivan, Catherine Lynn 111, 62, 162 Sullivan, Lyn Marie 182 Swan, Sue Catherine 34 61, 158, 163 Talamo, Kim Geralyn 34, 158, 162 Talbot, Katherine Anne 172 Talbot, Sharon Elizabeth 182 Templeman, Karen C. 123, 183 Terrien, Tambra Marie 183 Thibodeaux, Rhonda Lorraine 173 Thompson, Gail Marie 162 Trahan, Cynthia Marie 169. 173 Trapp, Lisa Ann 173 Treuting, Terry 183 Trotter, Deborah Ann '74, 155 Tuthill, Holly Kai 162 Uzee, Mary Louise 110, 111, 155, 176 Uzee, Nancy Sue 47 , 49, 183 Valdin, Michelle Marie 183 Valence, Desiree Ann '71, 98, 99, 156, 158, 162 Valence, Gina Marie 62, 98, 183 Vallelungo, Connie Ruth 183 Vanderbrook, Karen Ann 158, 162 Vaught, Karan Georgina 163 Verid, Karen Ann 155 Vernotzy, Pamela Ann 183 Villars, Catherine Elaine 173 Villars, Ellen Frances 181, 183 Vincent, Nancy Gail 173 Vogel, Catherine Ann 173 Waguespack, Julie Therese '71, 148, 155 Walsh, Peggy Elizabeth 183 Ward, Anne Katherine 173, 155 Ward, Catherine Ann 155, 183 Ward, Chris Ann 183 Ward, Cynthia Ann 173 Ward, Lynn Marie 173 Ward, Maria Therese 173 Ward, Sharon Elizabeth 173 Waring, Penelope Ann 173 Warren, Mary Lynne 38 , 173 Washington, Lisa Tenee 183 Watson, Pamela Elizabeth 104, 163 Weil, Tish Marianne 34 173 Weiss, Maria Catherine 155 To fhe People We sincerely wish to extend our thanks to all who have helped to make the '74 DOVE a reality. In a special way we thank . . . Our principal Mr. Fine for being so understanding and for caring . The seniors for supporting the yearbook with their ads, Mr. Paul Palermo for being there when we needed him and for his never ending service. Also to all employees of Tipery Studio. Mr. Buck Anderson and Taylor Publishing Company for their patience, Our advertisers for their endless support. Mrs. Guibault, our moderator, for lending a hand along the way, And to the entire student body and faculty for giving us the words of encourage- ment to work toward the creation of a successful Yearbook. 224 ,, , , Thank You, Terry O'Dowd and the entire DOVE staff Wilkinson, Teresa Ann 18, 96, 97, 160, 163 Williams, Annette Marie 183 Williams, Kathy Elaine 183 Williams, Linda Lee 123, 173 Williams, Tommye Rene 173 Williams, Yolda Marie 23, 183 Willinsky, Deborah Ann 173 Willinsky, Karen Ann 148, 155 Worrel, Deborah Ann 173 Wright, Garalyn Marie 55 Yost, Rebecca Lynn 25, 38, 126, 127, 173 Young, Kathleen Ann 173 Zeringue, Faith Ann 155 Zeringue, Karen Mary 173 1974 Senior Class Will We , the graduating class of May , 1974, do hereby declare this our last will and testament, and besides love and admiration , do bequeath the following: To the school we leave a trophy case which is to be completed for the fall of 19745 our school spirit to be passed on to other classes for the well beingg to those who follow us we leave all our books, a symbol of knowledge and a way to achieve scholarship: To our teachers who gave us wisdom and served as examples of leadership, we give our sincere gratitude and appreciation for encouraging us to seek higher goals on our journey through life, To the school we leave all our memories of truth , understanding and friendship that will remain in our hearts throughout the course of our lives. I, DENISE AYRES, with deep affection and lasting friendships, make the following bequest to Dell Schlot- terer: all of my great, unique works of artg to my sister Gwen , I do hereby grant the privilege of taking care of Danya Sulik next year. I, MELISSA BODRON, to my little sisters, Anne Boudreau and Cathy Ellsworth, leave them the happiness and great times I had and wish them the same, to Mrs. West, I leave my conductor's stand. I, LYNNE BREAUX , leave to Sand Fradella the outlook on life which leads to success and all troubles small, finding laughs with all pictures of the past. I, JANET BRUCE, leave to Sheri Bruce all of my shorthand notes and all that office practice workg to Mary Bush the ability to remember her christening day and my wedding. I, CATHIE BURKETT, will to my little sister Babbe Rodgers and my "adopted" little sister, Melissa Bullock, all the memories of the happy times we've had in the past, and all the love and happiness their future holds. I, BETH BUSH, leave to Robin and Renee all the good times and the crying times that bring true friends together and a case of Alka Seltzer to help them through the future fairs and picnics, to my crazy mixed up friend Brenda , my lasting friendship and the strength and love to make it through life: Mrs. Labit, I just want to thank you for all the times you were there when I just needed someone to talk to . I, CHRISTINE COLLINE, leave to Claire Simmons, my fish, whom she is to care for as much as I did his namesake: but most of all, I will her happiness, love, and understanding: to Simone Romaine, all the happiness anyone could have . I, BONNIE COYNE, leave to Archbishop Blenk all the love I gave and had for it during my four years and the promise that all the memories I have made there are securely locked in a special place in my heart: to Mrs. Labit, I leave all the happiness and joy that she gave to meg to Kathy Dugas and Domini Relle , I give all the hope of high school in my heart that all their dreams will come true: to Sister Guadaloupe , I leave to her all the thanks a person can give for sharing her wisdom with me and teaching me so much about myself g to Brenda Bakies, I leave the courage to always be herself because I love her that way: to all the friends I leave at ABH, I leave a permanent invitation to a free room and meal at Nicholls State University whenever they come visit me . I, TRICIA CRAN , leave my little sisters Sharon and Sandra all the laughs and good memories of High School: to Kathy Barcelona , I leave plenty of patience and wish her the best of luck: to the Class of '74 Freshmen, all of my love. I, LISA CRANE, will to my little sister Bonnie Graff all the good times I have had at Blenk in hopes she will find as many as I have had. I, JOANNA CUSIMANO, will to my little sister Bonnie Chris Coyne the ability to cry and she knows whyg to Kathy Mohr the ability to need people and the ability to say it. 5 6 I, DEBBIE DANNER, will to Tammy Pousson the ability to keep on trying for the next three years and come out happy in the end . I, DONNA DE LA CRUZ , will to my little sister Danne De la Cruz, the good luck I have had this year: to anyone who is able to handle the job of Editor of DOVE TALESQ I give my courage and determination. I, MARGARET DUBUISSON , leave to my little sister, Nancy Brewer the wish that she may have a full four years at Blenk full of good times and laughter and fun and never regret a minute of itg to Mrs. Labit, my favor- ite religion teacher, the patience to cope with all the problems you'll have without us: to Kelly Robb, on behalf of the cheerleaders, a full tank of gas. I, LILLIAN DUFFY , will to Arlean D. the luck of having her days full of flowers with wind along life's path, finding happiness is simply loving. I, KELLEY DOUPRE, will to Debbie Rung my great ability of whistling. I, CATHY EHRET , will to Mary Claire a smile which always turns into a laugh, a joke with friends making all days bright, and love for all to come: to Liz Miller I leave friendship - it comes so rare, know the difference and in the end there will be lasting peace. I, KIM ANN GABEL, leave to my little sister Karen Hidalgo love, happiness, and a really good time. I, BETH GOENS, will to my two little sisters, Nancy Silver and Melanie Court, the ability to love and cher- ish the friendships they have made and are going to make in their high school years. I, GAY GOMEZ , leave to my little sister, Debbie Navarre , happiness and success in the future and all the fun, spirit, and good times of high school yearsg to Ginny DeFelice , Linda Williams, Dory Naquin, and Cathy Rau, I will many "enjoyable" hours of set construction, painting and backstage work: try not to fall again, Cathy: to Mom Labit I leave all the love, happiness, and cookies in the world, because of your understanding and friendship, you deserve the best: lastly, I will to Mr. Elsken "the good life, " because he knows how to live it, a good time, because he knows how to enjoy it, and a case of Falstaff , because he knows how to drink it. I, MARIA GOODGION, will to Corliss Harker the happiness of my high school years. I, DIANE GUERRERA , leave to my little sister Gina Barattini a beautiful smile that will bring her happiness and love throughout her life . I, LORI HATTY , will to both my little sisters, Lisa Brewer and Sandy Purtruit, all the fun and happiness they may seek at Blenk. I, ANNE HEBERT , will to my little sister Lou Anne Prejean and my adopted sister Carrie Mann the memories that we have had together, and that whatever they wish for in the future will come true . I, IOY HEBERT, will to Sandra H. all the empty bottles left from the Freshman picnic. I will to Earlene F. the happiness of friendship and the courage to carry on. To Minnie Bruce , I will all the beautiful things in life , because she honestly deserves them. To Sandra Hargis, I leave the love of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hope of tomorrow. I, KRIS HELD, leave to my little sister Celeste Howze the best and happiest four years of my life, to Rhonda Fogarty, my great sewing ability. I, JEAN HERBET , will to my little sister Belinda Danjean the best four years of my life , which includes all the good times and bad which will help her to mature and grow. Last, but not least, are all the memories that will always be cherished. I, SYBIL HORNYAK , will to Debbie Cheramie and Leslie Cleveland lots and lots of luck. To my friends at the "Red Stick, " I urge them to beware because here we come. I, REBECCA ISEMANN, leave to Donna Isemann a great Senior year and my half of our room! I leave Artye Burmaster all the happiness and fun times that I had in my four years of high school! I, BONNIE JOHNSON, leave to my little sisters, Rosanne and Joanne Coulon, all the great memories that I have of Blenk, all my true friendships, a brand new equations game, and all my love. To my friends, Brenda, Becky, Michell, and Minni, I leave an empty chair and a heart full of happiness. I, GERIE LABICHE, leave to Mrs. West laughter and joy in all her years to come. I, DEBBIE LABIT , will all the punch cards of Data to the next girl who takes it. I hope she enjoys the course as well as the teacher because I know I didg my religion teacher, Mrs. Labit fMomJ, I will to Patty Martin. To my little sister Debbie I will the great time I had during initiation , I will the entire Junior Class my mother, Mrs. Labit, with much LOVE and all my blessings. I, CINDY LAKEY , leave to Joni Meister the gift of friendship which will keep her happy the ICSI of her life . I, MARY LEATHEM , give all my knowledge of Office Practice to the next girl who takes it and hopes that she enjoys it as much as I have. I, GINA LESSASSIER, give to my little sister Cathy the happiness and best four years of my life and love always. I, JO ANN LILLY , will to my little sister Lisa Lyles and my cousin Gerry Lilly all the fun and happiest days that I have spent in high school and enjoyment of them to the fullest. I, SI-IIRLEEN LILLY , leave to Gerry Lilly the happiness of high school days to my little sisters, Katherine Hoffmann and Carrie Holden, I will the love and friendship their high school days will bring. I, BRENDA MACERA, leave to my little sister Lisa Kuhn as much good luck as I had at Blenk and all the happiness in the world. I, PAM MALBROUGH, will to Minnie Bruce the ability to carry on in Blenk. To Wanda Hainley the strength to stand up at picnics. I , LYNNE McNULTY, leave to Tricia Rehage and Inger Bynoe all the fun times at Blenk and a can of red dye to dye their hair to remember me by . I , KIM MEISTER, leave to Joni all the errors in typing which she can recycle and live off the money for the rest of her life . I, ERIN MEYER, leave to Donna Lozano a single daisy filled with the treasures of life. Never forget to simply pass it on! To Sheryl Blanchard, the memories of four years, which seem to drag, but which are, indeed, the beginning of a new path. I, CAROLINE MOBLEY , leave to Pam Battle all the joy and happiness that life can offer! To Yolda Williams, a golden star to guide her on the road of life, to happiness, joy and peace of mind throughout the rest of her life. To Claire Simmons I leave my driver's license and the car she's always wanted on the condition she takes care of them both. I, KATHY MOHR, leave to Desi Valence my eight-year-old school shirtg to my little sister my loveg to Jeanne, Sand, Mary, and Minnie best memories of life that I have! I love ya'll! I, DONNA MORGAN, leave to my little sister all the happiest years of life. I, CINDY MUELLER, leave to Cathy Buckly the best four years of my life. I, LORI MULHEARN , leave to my little sister Patricia Mathews the best years of high school and hope that she finds them as happy as I did. 227 I, DEBBIE NACCARI, leave to my little sister all of the happiness I've had my four years at Blenkg to Kim Naccari I leave all of my great works of art done in my senior year! I, PEGGY NORTON, will to everyone, but especially Nancy Bettin and Nancy Miller, all the happiness their hearts can hold . I, TERRY O'DOWD, leave to Joan Gegenheimer, the new editor, all the books and papers of the 1975 DOVE. I leave to Mrs. West, my teacher and friend , a request of a permanently reserved seat at future Concerts put on by our great chorus. To Julie Gauthier and Barbara Dowdy, all of the best times of my life connected with Choctaw although they are in no way finished , and to Barbara I leave my best wishes for next year. To my little sisters, Mary Jane and Melissa, I leave all my love and best wishes for a bright and happy future. And to Blenk I leave a record of the good times that all of the students had during the four plays hereg and most of all I leave a piece of my heart that can never be taken away from all the memories of Blenk. I, LINDA PERANIO , leave to my little sisters, Brenda Guidry and Cherie Lors my height and all my smart remarks. I also leave all the good times I had at Blenk. I, RENEE PESQUIE, will to my little sister Lynn Stubbs the ability to find happiness, friendship, and love wherever she goes, I also will to Jean Helmstetter and Leslie Cleveland the ability to make their four years at Blenk the best in their life . I, EDDI RAE PITRE, will to my little sister Sandra Pennington all of my times here at Archbishop Blenk. To Mrs. Guibault and the photography staff, I leave all of the cameras and all of the pains that go along with it. Have fun! I, JOAN RICHARD , will to Simmone Romain the ability to love and live life to the fullest and to Yvonne Cole the ability to keep on trucking. I, CHERYL RIVETTE, leave to Helen Rau our special place on stage where one can see all that's happening for each play., Don't Fall! I leave to Herbie the warning to don't forget to take your stomach pills. Little Louise asks you not to be upset when you see her big diamond ring. I, PAT ROONEY , leave to Ingrid Creppel and Sherri Reaves all the good times of Senior year. I, JODY C. ROUX , will to my three little sisters, Mary, Margaret, and Sheri my best four years at A.B.H. I will to Liz Smith and Donna de la Cruz all my friendship in the future . I, JOHANNA SCHINDLER, leave to my little sisters, Kristen Eppling and Terie Champagne, my good times and my remarkable speed. I, CARRIE SEIBERT, leave to Cindy Rodriguez and Chris Ward all the fun, happiness, and fond memories high school has brought to me. To Becky Mitchell, I leave my happiest year, my Senior yearg make the best of it because it will be a joy forever. To Mrs. Labit, I leave a rose and all my love and gratitude for being a great lady. To the Senior Varsity I leave all the happiness volleyball has brought me . I, MARY SHAMBRA, to my little sister Tracy Buras, leave the best four years of my life and the wish that her senior year will be as happy as mine . I, ELIZABETH SMITH, will to my little sisters, Rhonda and Mary, all the happiness and joys I shared with my friends and teachers at Blenk. I, KAREN SMITH, will to Patti Martin, who has always given me a smile, all of the smiles and hello's I have received within the breezways of Archbishop Blenk. I, CONNIE ST. PIERRE, want my little sisters, Leslie and Connie, to be great sisters just as I was. To Miss Shephard, I give thanks for my "B" in art class, as I so well deserved it. I, CINDE SULIK, will to Gwen Ayres, who has been chosen by that mighty senior, Cinde , to be the lucky receiver of my great gift - all the money I have ever lost in the Blenk High machines. Good Luck in Collect- ing! I, MARY UZEE, will to Gina and Michelle , all the joys of sisterhood and all the happiness of life throughout the days of their lives. To Debbie Macera , I leave my whistle and my stars. I, ANNE WARD, will to my little sisters, Shauna and Patty, the power of dreams and the hope that they will come true . I, MARIA WEISS , will to the Lisa Washington all the fondest memories and happy times I shared at Blenk and hope hers are as great and best wishes for the future. May all your wishes come true. Sworn to and subscribed this twenty-fourth day of May in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and seventy- four. SENIOR CLASS OF 1974 Quo, r X TQ Ct, Ja ftwoieck .main , Qkooxwigtmdx Jcxocdkxx Qxo-ow - J -Qxwggi use Qgvwfi Lvuxtim QQXQXLQ. X01 QAQMQRX QSJWNJK YUKN rkgwfk JVfN'k QQQJB QQHQQ guys. -EQWSCQ , 5':1CMxLaC-,jmqgx ' A fQMC,n,J3 cko, Mme Ol, lm Sl Q SSZQW, , 9 bi 29 f 3352? igfffy 23292225 3 u+ographs gyxiilw 5 gg Qfiww X W M6 bfifwgfgjww We Q ff M MMM WK if 7 ygg0ffd.znQfiE Sfafy 0.ii?fM'K"f'-f"'j'L QSM? 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