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wx.. AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ,, , r . ,Q A fllf f'! .J lx QW - UJ C I ' 1 L E F N---it---gl! 1 L 1 A 4 I Q I , JF ' 1 M! +L P U 1 1 ' r C J g,. 4. i,. , , V To Mr. Clifford M. Sorem, a gentleman whose work and example are deserving of all gratitude and admiration, this AD- VANCE is respectfully dedicated. We wish Mr. Sorem a long life and great happiness in his retirement. ' .J-Q4 . ,V 5 sq., J' . E-on-W ,3j,v?'-QRY3. .-1 f,.fy:h xf rx Aw , .,,, . 9 ' ' if i .' Q "' ' 4 . C Li? .5- fl 5 tL1r,l'T'l": Tr! ht' fxjl , il' ' ', '93 ll ll ,. .-,num V W S W v., - -' f if? E ,C .ti Y O with , f . ,iw , , ., fu,-.5 :Jai -' . ".-if ' .g'i:Eli- ', leg, m '-. fl -' ' A ' Q 4 'iilk ." '- 4 A., V1 Q it gfzw' A 1 -L? hifi.-Q .V ' ' . .V fx, ii- ',"5fw?? .. I 5:1 +9 .,.l'L5f6'fggQ. i 1' 'f- ' 1,'x.,rv, ,- f. I . fwiw I., , 'G 1 !J,?5.1 I . , . -1 a ff' 3- ,, 'l ,, gf r f -, 'Q fu , iw w. " -T '?, y . sz , W J K .wig 1 g .y 4 'I ,,, ' 5 ' 4. 3 ,, -X ' t t 'I f , , . '31 ft: 5 n in-,fir J A .. s. '- any 1 f' ,' , . ' g lf -W1 ' 7 " 'A' S' 3 FM . 3. Vlgggi. . v' ' I ' J ,A , 6? F V , , . , R gf vig., ,N f' x ,,. tf- 5' ' ' f We A - ' A w iz . .,V ,a 5 ,j- V . A ' , A 5' ,Q I li S Y Q 'tl . 'f 4 K V -. . 7' . 1 g I V . . -' . ' ' ra - ' r,i4Lf' ' ' 4 . if ' l . - - ' -, gr ' ' W tr. -yr 3' ' X :fi 2 ' . fl X 31 . Y? 2 f Q W , , A gy - ' 42352 ' mf. 'iff' , ' ff,..:, , fig? A ' 55- filiflfis . rkf V- it f- 4,-ggi ' :Ci Y M' .. gg. 755 - .rx ,..,, ,A ln, Q .. . :ZIV 3. if ' Q. AD VA NCEN 19 6 X X o "' I IniIll 2 44916 00754, U I' mlluw' O" ff f 4 fp, ,, 0 A466 4 cv 2 W 4 2.9 llfgb S 9, ' MIN , Anlllll "Why did I ever want to be Business Man- ager ot the Advance?" I asked myself a thou- sand times during our sales campaign last De- cember when it seemed impossible that we would ever reach our quota. Then the student council representatives really got down to selling Advances, and we made itl Many thanks. I vvant to thank also Mrs. Smither, Mr. But- gereit, and Mr, Fielding for their patient help. . . FOREWORD Despite the special problems due to the double sessions, I have really enioyed editing the I96O ADVANCE. Great credit is due Jean Anderson, Sherry Dyer, and Pam AuClaire without whose hard vvork, publication ot the annual would not have been possible. The cooperation of Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Shaetter, and Mr. Crittenden is especially ap- preciated. Special thanks are also due to Frank Lorenzo, who designed the cover. To all of the others who helped me in one way or another a heartfelt THANKS. 9 0 0 O 'N BUSINESS MANAGER 4 a 5 . -UH. PRINCIPAL X V i. A. O f"' ""'- SLPERINTUNDINT Humxess mxwxczn .QV If THE FI' Secretary to the Superintendent Having devoted nearly half of his educational career to Arcata Union High School, it is fitting and proper that this issue of the Advance be dedicated to our retiring District Superintendent. Mr. Sorem came to A.U.H.S. when there were about 500 students and 20 teachers. He has instituted a pro- gram of campus and curriculum improvements to cope with the increased enrollment. Students should be proud to have attended a school whose educational standing can be at- tributed to Mr. Sorem's leadership. To me, his outstanding characteristic is his sincerity. He is a man upon whom you can always rely to do his best for students, faculty, and community. His era of guidance will long be remembered and appreciated. MR. MicHAEL cHEtKovlcH, ' Principal MRS. DORIS ANDERSON MRS. NORMA SMITH Attendance Secretary MR. CLIFFORD M. SOREM District Superintendent .fm W ' 0 JL? 1 Mg f , if ' i - '-Lv DU' 6 x k f Q A.. 31 iwegmm M F , H. Q-an-1' ' LA .fa " 1 f iff f x 1 af, Lg ' 4- 4 91 f if 1 5 'FW 1-S X wiv? 71 y l b l' 1 A , l V' U -"V 5 -f ff? J V 33' I . . 3 TX... 1' 1 U' '1'-5 QW-W Z LY 1 Head Counsellor- MRS. FLORENCE BROWN l MR. ORREN SMEDSHAMMER MRS. GEORGIA SCOTT Counselling Office MISS DARLENE SCHULER-Secretary School Nurse- MRS. LILLIAN DAVIS BUS DRIVERS George Berry Bob Wright Ralph Anderson Norman Miller Milo Wilcox Gaylord Inman Guy Austin Ernie Henry Leo Sears Mr. Tindall lr 'huh 'v. I Buses avvaif deparfur JANITORS: Carl Chirsfiansen Wilbur Buck John Gier Fred Fisher Fermo Fistolera Herman J. Archambeau Behind the Scenes and vhe Driver's Ed, car donated by Isackson Motors, .le ., . i I ifmuciiaolcnf, -Q 1 Our "Milkmaid," MRS. MARY WARREN ALBERT BABICH Business Education MRS. LURA BLACK Orientation, English GORDON ANDERSON Sr. Probs, US History ORREL BALLANTYNE Chemistry, Biology , ,L-1' " 48" '. . if-'L 11 JOHN BUSBY Orientation, SS LEE BUTGEREIT Business Education MRS. JOAN BRANT English GEORGE BURTCHETT Forestry . ia f 1 . 5, 'J-lt' Q- i Y' , 541. X 4 ,, mv: - I I iff ROBERT CRITTENDEN Photography, Crafts ERLING DAASTOL SS II, French MRS. OLGA DAHL Crafts MISS PEARL DEGENHART Arts, Crafts ,sr JAMES CADY Boys' PE MISS RUTH CARROLL VocaI Music ROWLAND CHOATE Math MRS. VIRGINIA COSTELLO Homemaking EDWARD ESTES Sr. Problems MISS RUTH EVERSOLE Latin, Spanish DAVID DURAN Spanish LEONARD ESCARDA Orientation, SS II 2 V '-Tf""?Y -AL... MISS EVELYN FEILDING Girls' PE MICHAEL FIELDING Business Education PAUL FLEMMING Gen. Shop MRS. AVIS FREDERICKS Hornemaking 'ji'- 'K ALBERT GAUTRAUD Sr. Probs, Econ-Sociology KENNETH GELATT Gen. Science MISS ROSE HAGOPIAN Homemaking FRANK GRUHN Bus. Manager, Bkkg. MRS. PATRICIA GEORGE Orientation, English DAVID GRAHAM Gen. Shop, Auto Mech MISS LILLIAN HAGOPIAN I6 Librarian HERBERT HAN DY Math fl' ffl" --4 np 1.2 5:5 Q I x I MISS LAURA HERSHEY Business Education ROBERT HUGHES Boys' PE, Coach 'cv'-'vii' DON HUTCHINSON Mech. Drawing MRS. SHIRLEY JACOBSON Business Education WALTER JAIN English, Publications RICHARD JARBOE Math THEODOR JUDGE Crafts MRS. EVELYN KOHLER Homernaking f. x' Q ' V' 0.3 HERBERT MCLELLAN Speech, Drama, World History MISS LENORE MCNULTY Math 'UD' MRS. FLORA MECHAM Orientation, English ROBE RT MEE KS Woodwork U-, SANTIAGO LAHOZ Spanish, World History DAVID LANGWORTI-iY Orientation, English MRS. MIRIAN MARKS Orientation, Gen. Business JAMES MCAULEY Health, PE, Coach WALTER NOAH Orientation, SS II. EDWIN OLIVERA PE, Coach if? ,J , WILLIAM MEYER Orientation, Biology GORDON MILLAR Gen. Science X 5-N .1 SPLQ- L75 v I rl' 1 rf. r,- '33'-" ' . 'fif-,L-, .. . V. . ' ,,, 1 if 'fn' 'I' it . x 5 X 1 -3 W 3 - lf , -, ?,k::L,,fmgig Q ., -'-,: 'keg ff '9- L k'lE'77li, ,, .3 - ,M LZ, .5 - X219 ,Q-fy I I ..m,,w 2 Y 'L ,.., J -- 3. ,R 1 V 19591 ff! 'K ,-"di -f EUGENE OODY Math WALLACE PEDROTTI Math, Physics, Electronics KEITH PERKINS Gen. Metal FRAN K POWERS Woodwork WOODY THOMPSON Instrumental Music WARREN TINDALL Driver Training is l X VERNON SMITH US History MRS. ELEANOR TRUNK English EARL RUMBLE Gen. Metal, I Auto Mech. -J xi PAUL SHEEDY Business Education I3 . l A 1 x-11. , 1 "N 4,-'??,lkY' HOWARD SIEBER English MRS. MARION STEN Sr. Problems MRS. POWELL Assistant Librarian JACK SHAFFER Crafts, Jewelry, Art 41" OTIS SKAGGS Forestry MISS IRENE VAN HORN Girls' PE MRS. BONNIE VERHOUSKY Girls' PE LOUIS WALTON Orientation, English LARRY WYMAN English in W V lb MRS. LILLIAN STODDER Health and Girls' PE KEN NTH STODDER Orienfation, English '- mmf' 1 - f .5 T ' .w 45' 1 T!!! 1 Q, M516 V l . . 'vb 'S ,shi K 6 Q.. L " V1 A, ., ,, ,. X T 3 MRS. ELEANOR WEATHERS ARCHIE WEATHERS Sr. Problems, US HisTory ,Ah 1 Ifl MRS. IRMA WATTS Girls' PE ELDON WATTS Boys' PE, Coach '52, 1 , ' 1 ' 6?f44"' , U? ' .1 "'. u - V gi -..,..:.,f, ' X rn X Seni r P .,,, 3, f' 'fr ophomore l.hg H Freshmen!! Xevvq, Owe and Va! CA MPUS Se, , em u p COaChn 'm aukon Gass 'Wxg Da won a nd Darlene Woo xogtapw Chas We 'dwdxe Wm ckfmg SENIORS The Class of T960 has compiled a fine record in its career at A.U.H.S. It has proved to be an outstanding class in every way. Scholastically, the Senior Class boasts an over-average amount of brain power. Those named tops in this area are Bob Hansen, Jane Spaid, Yevonne Kane, Millie Branscom, Bill Farr, Dennis Rees, Charlene Steeves,and Pat Wilson. In athletics, Dennis Macomber, Don Finta, Larry Wimer, Mike Ross, Ron Dolf and Craig Hadley excelled, while girls, Gayle Frakes, Deanna Dillon, Nancy Gustavson, and Donna Caligan gave their all. We could not go away without mentioning the abundant supply of talent present in the Senior Class. Songstresses Bev Oilar, Glenda Jacobsen and Joanne Evangelisti along with that "Sixteen Tons" man, Jack Smith, gave Melody Inn patrons quite a treat this season. Also, Bob Lower and a feminine Kingston Trio made up of Joan Siemens, Marilee Starkey, and Jan Mackins, supported Arcata High's reputation for top talent as they won first and second prize honors re- spectively over representatives from local high schools in a talent contest. Then the Speech De- partment saw senior Jan Mackins take local Lions Club Speech honors, while Jim Parker and Jean Anderson aided in the sweep of the HSC Forensics Tourney. In the field of dramatics, we find sea- soned actor Mike Stillion among the best. Another seasoned performer, Ray Rinne, has been a member of the Studio Band since it was formed four years ago, has provided a "hot" saxophone for many dances. Their last year as high school students saw the Class of '60 attend a banquet at the Eureka lnn, dress up for the Senior Ball, enjoy a senior picnic, and lastly, graduate. Seniors have seen their school's buildings torn down, its superintendent retire, and the faithful eucalyptus trees fall. To the seniors we wish the best of luck and hope that they will never forget their alma mater. CLASS OFFICERS President: Bob Hansen Vice President: Don Finta Secretary: Leone Lloyd Treasurer: Gayle Frakes PHIL ADDISON "To Each His Own BILL AKER "Enioy Yourself" STEVE ALEXANDER "Hey There" MARY ALLEN "You Never Know" JEAN ANDERSON "Pretend" GARY ANKER "I Can't Never" ROSE ARCHER The Yellow Rose JUDY ARSENEAU Starry Eyed PAM AUCLAIRE Hey, Llttle Glrl KAREN APPERLE Hwhyf, CHRISTINE BACUS "Maybe It's Me" VERNON BARLOW "How About That JOY BARNES "Dark Eyes" GRACE BARRON "MoongIow" TED BEACH "At Last" CAROL BEGLEY "Sweet And Lovely" PHIL BEGLEY "Say, Man" TROY BENNETT "Goin' Home" - 1 . YQ, BILL BERGER "Let It Rain" GARY BERNARDI "So Ear" IQRIS BERNARDI "ScaHerbrain" MARVIN BERNARD! "Music, Music, Music CHARLES BESECKER "Champ" BONNIE BLACK "Till Then" SARAH BLALACK "This Friendly world" DENNIS BOLSINGER "Shenanigans" BERNICE BOUDRO "So Many Ways" WILLARD BOWLES "Willow Weep For Me" BARBARA BOYER "Chances Are" MICHALE BRADFORD "Forever And Ever" . iii , T4 f , ififf T . Jfgggiz Q23 i 5:5-w S f4?P '3' ., . Haag? 2 W -13 X B . ,ui Q' ff: ' 'FIT' Q x Riiifazq ""'fx 'Vx . 'ff MILLIE BRANSCOM "Ain't Misbehavin' CLARENCE BRETT "Wild ls The Wind MARY BRITTAIN "Martini" FRED BROWN "What'II I Do?" KEN BROWN "How About Ir?" WAYNE BROWN "My Time Of Day' 1 JOE BRUMFIEL "At Sundown" JANICE BUGENIG "Just My Bill" FAYE BURGESS "I Understand" BEVERLY BURSHEM "All O' Me" MARVENE BUSENIUS "Tcnderly" DONNA CALIGAN "Sincerely" 1. Q' . - . K -, ggi ' ,. if . - . V 'sw Y -, -' . I uf- e y ws Al 1-A i 4 f., Q-'Q' . ,L ' .,EfS gff3 " Q ' . X we Rai, "hw , 32' 2:1',ii.4 view X 1 ' f QT n . L ?f V 15 , ,bg ,. 2 E' 4 5 JOHN CAREY "lt's Been Swell" ALON CARTER "Tiny Tim" JIM CARTERBY ,,Jim,, ANNA CHAMBERS "Little Brown Gal CAROL CHEZEM "Undecided" SHARON CHEZEM "Memories" NANCY COCHRAN "If You Love Me" WALLY COLSON "Vagabond Lover" KIRBY COOPER "Two Different Worlds LINDA COOPER "Something Wonderful" MARY COOPER "When You're Smiling' WAYNE COOPER "Steam Heat" 4' I' TIM CORNELIUS I Can t Help It' RICHARD COSBY I ve Got Five Dollars BONNIE COSTA "You Are Beautiful" DON COSTELLO "Me And My Shadow KEN COTTON "Woo-Hoo" STEVE COTTRELL "Hound Dog Man" TED CRANE "Way Back Home" VIOLA CROSS "Night and Day" LINDA CROWE "Easy Yo Say" KAY CUMINGS "OId Enough To Love" JUDY CURRIER "Day in, Day Out" JAMES DAKE "Anywhere I Wander" GEORGE DAMOS "I've Got the World on a String CHARLES DANFORTH "Charlie My Boy" BEN DARE 'wacky Boo" DAVID DARE "Till the End of Time" JOHN DAVIS "My Last Goodbye" KAREN DAVIS "Some Enchanied Evening" MERLE DEAN "Easy to Love" LINDA DERR "Is She Quiet?" LARRY DBVORE "l'm a Handy Man" TOM DeVORE "Tommy" JACQUIE DICKINSON "Smokie-Part I" MARILYN DICKINSON "Smokie-Part Il" ng :f'. X19 ,Ira was a DEANNA DILLON "lt's Not For Me RON DINATALE "l'm Movin' On" WILEY DIXON "Shiny Penny" JEANNE DOBSON "My Prayer" GLENDA DOERSCH "Scarlet Ribbons' RON DOLF "Tiger Rag" To Sa Y CHRISTENA DORSEY "ln Other Words" JOYCE DOSS "Star Dust" VERNA DOTSON "Don't You Know If PAT DOTY "Body and Soul" SHERRY DYER "Pretty Blue Eyes" SANDRA EDIE "Be My Guest" DENNIS EMMONS "There, I Said It Again DENNIS ERVIN "Please Be Kind" THERESA ESTES fPiaZzaI "Just To be With You" JOANNE EVANGELISTI "Stormy WeaIher" JANIS FABBRI "Let If be Me" BILL FARR "Teacher, Teacher" JERRY FAULK "l've Been Around" HANK FISCHER "My Hero" FLOYD FLORES "Tequila" EMILY FORD "You're My Everything" JACK FORD "Hasta Manana" FRED FORESTER "Sittin' In The Back Seat" HELEN FORREST "Little Star" ANGELO FRAGA "No Man is an Island' GAYLE FRAKES "Angel Eyes" JAY FRANKE "That Old Black Magic EVELYNN FREUDI "I'm Confessin' " JULIE FULKERSON "Maw" HAROLD GAIN "Long And Tall" SANDI GAROUTTE "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" KAREN GETZ "It Must Be Heaven" NEIL GILCHRIST "Waiting For Barrio!" PAULETTE GIROUX "Anchors Aweigh!" BOB GOODRICH "It Could Happen To You" if A f MARLEEN GRACE "Livin' DolI" MURlEL GRACE "A Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl JOANNE GRAVES "Some Day" LARRY GRAVES "Personality" ALINE GREER "Honest And Truly" DAYTON GRIFFITH "Teach Me, Tiger!" 5 sz T MARILYN GRISWOLD "Coquette" JANET GROSS "Ain't She Sweet?" SHELLY GRUSLIN "Goodnight, My Love" NANCY GUSTAVSON "Bundle of Joy" JANICE GWIN "If I Give My Heart to LARRY HADDORFF "Keep talkin' " C7 CRAIG HADLEY Am I That Easy to JACK HAMPTON Little Man SUSAN HANCORNE "Beyond the Sunset JUDY HANKA "A Little Bit Independent BOB HANSEN "A Wonderful Guy' HELEN HAPP "Early Autumn" DON HARLING "Puff, Putt, Putt" RANDY HARLOW "I'II Be Seein' You" GARY HARPER "Mighty Good" JIM HARTY "EI Paso" RICHARD HARWOOD "Innocence" ROGER HAYES "Mack the Knife" VERONICA HENDRIX "I Have Dreamed" SHIRLEY HENRY "A Little Birdie Told Me DANNY HERMAN Hgposin. H CLAUDE HODGE "Be True To Me" PHIL HODGSON "Talk to Me" LOUIE HOLCOMB "Can'f We Be Friends" RAE HOLDEN "ltty, Bitty, Pretty One" FRAN HOUSE "I Blush" ANNE HOUSEHOLDER "Encore" GARY HOWARD "Maybe" ANNA DAY HUBBARD "Party Time" BILL HUBBARD "The Quiet One" ALTA HUBBLE Peaches and Cream GARY HUDDLESTON I Can t Look Back JERRY HUFFMAN "Big Daddy" GARY ISACKSON "Smooth Operator" TODD IVEY "Road Toad" GLENDA JACOBSON "Night Shall Be Filled With Music" I , JIM JACOBSON "The More I See You" SAM JANSEN "May I HeIp You" DELIA JOHNSON "Am I Blue" GARY JOHNSON "This Ain'f Me" KAREN JOHNSON "Tears On My Pillow" MARY ALICE JOHNSON "It's DeLoveIy" lk .Y - I A 1 Q 1 1 C' 'ET -hr' up-qv 'fn-v NILS JOHNSON "Retiring Gentlemen" PENNY JOHNSON "Pennies From Heaven RUTH JOHNSON "Just As Much As Ever TED JOHNSON "lf's Late" ALFRED JOLE "Don't Fence Me ln" ANNA LOU JONES "From Me To You" PAT JONES "Cry Me a River' SHARON JONES "Lonely Street" VIVIAN JUCHTZER "Let This Dream Come True" YEVONNE KANE "Always" DUANE KlUVlER "Goofus" JOHN KJER "Morgan" ,-S FRANCES KOHL If s a Lovely Day Today DIANNE KOHLER "l've Tried Everything" EUGENE KRAASCH "l7's a Surprise" KURT KROHN "Fine and Dandy" PAULINE LaCAZE "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" GERALDINE LARSON "Be My Love" GERALD LAWRANCE "Cherie" PAULINE LEFFLER "Sweetheart" LINDA LENHART "A Handful of Stars" VIRGINIA LEWIS "Gingerbread" TOM LINDHOLM "Talk 1hafTalk" MARY LINDSELL "Hold my Hand" T? X z LINDA LIONBERGER "Up Above my Head PHIL LIPSCOMB "Boppin' the Blues" PHYLLIS LIPSCOMB "Small TaIk" BARBARA LISTON "Rhubarb" LEONE LLOYD "Sayonara" JEAN LOPER "l'II Know" ASENITH LOPER "All the Time" BOB LOWER "Sing, Boy, Sing" LEON LOWERY "Treat Me Nice" JAN MACKINS "Honey Bun" DENNIS MACOMBER "You'd Be Surprised" SAM MAGLIANO "There Is Nothing Like a Dame" HOWARD MANN "Little Drummer Boy FRED MANZELLA "My Blue Heaven" JIM MARCUM "I Was in the Dark" DAN MARTIN "Danny Boy" DARREL MATHEWS "The Angels Heard a Voice MEL MATTILA "Call Me Gordo" EUGENE MCALLISTER "Lucky Devil" ELAINE MCBROOM "Deep PurpIe" RICHARD MCCALL "Who Needs Money?" MARGARET MCCANN "Send For Me" JAMES MCCONNELL "In Other Words" JIM MCCONNELL "Go, Jimmy, Go!" 4 , HOLLIS McCOY "Look Up" ALEXIS MCELYEA .- "I.ove Is Just Around The Corner TOM MCFARLAND "What, Me Worry?" BILL MCINNES "If Magm As wen a ARCHIE MCLELLAN "Don't Blame Me" KATHY MCMUNN "BIue Skies" e Spring SHARON MEEK "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" LILLIAN MEISSNER "Hi-Lili-Hi-Lo" WAYNE MENEFEE "On The Street Where You Live" FRED MILLARD "Please Believe Me" DALE MITCHELL "I Look At You" DONNA MONROE "Donna" in? 'x- LEANNE MOORE Warm MIKE MORRIS Night Time JIM MOULTON "Sen1imenfaI Journey LARRY MOXON "A Happy Guy" TONY MUIR "Hey, Tony" CURT NELSON "Restless Kid" ROSALEE NELSON "Rosalce" NADINE NEWELL lCallenderD "Heart" MARY NOLEN "Happy Talk" BEVERLY OILAR "With A Song ln M MARJORIE OLIVEIRA "Margie" DENNIS OLIVERA "Would You?" y Heart" ..- li! GL. fr" A20 K. CS' N!'7 Q 'Wx fx Rh u.,, 1, . fr:- ,, ,i if -, I .fs QS 'WWW' Qt? 46. FRED OLIVERA "Shadows" CAROL O'NElLL "All My Love" NORMAN OVERMOE "Great Zot!" PEGGY OWENS "Thinking Of You" JUDY PAPINI "Thou Swell" BARBARA PARKER "lt's A Great Day . gn, in 'T 4 s --.. Qifirf JIM PARKER "Friendly Persuasion" IRENE PATTERSON "Blue Moon" JOE PENA "Home Is Where My WARREN PERCELL "Draw!" JIM PETERSON "Slim" LYLA PFEIFFER "Uh! Oh!" Heart is" .,,r-, R 1, si- ,Q '-:M ' I f V . m'S'1.P ' , , ,1 T55 W, 4 5. ' .2 233137. . 1.7 wa 5 V umpire- . . Nl ..v,.t .KLK I il. ,, x Qi? A Q ll 1- K-X N 1'1- if. L Q Q ,... - .Q- .. 1 ' Q' , .m ,S li P' x..,., LOIS PIALORSI "Cutie Pie" MILDRED PICKARD "Forever" PAT PLESSAS "Pafricia" LARRY POFF "A Certain Smile" KEN POOLE "Lover Man" BEVERLY RAY "Over The Rainbow" 6 DENNIS REES "Problems" BARBARA REX "Midnight Stroll" ALLEN RILEY "I've Got Hands" CLAUDE RINGER "Running Bear" RAY RINNE "The Music Goes 'Round and 'Round" ROBERTA ROBERTSON "Roberta" CHRISTINE ROBINSON "Where Or When" SONJA RONLUND "Beautiful Brown Eyes MIKE ROSS "Mr. Wonderful" RUSSELL ROUNDS "Why Do l" ELAINE RULOFSON "Jalousie" ERROL RUSSELL "Six-Foot Three, Eyes Of BIue" ff' Y ' --A ' x , .4 wlvvfw A 5 '- ,. , Qgvfzgw- . Q . :H 1.4 af' xi x 6' al. Q , , K -4' 'Haw f 'Hoy I . ' t 'Q 'w QQ? ff' K ., K Q , if we nr- 3 V- T U :V A f E 1. 5 , u ,wf,1rf JOHN SHERMAN "Come And Tell Me" HARRIET SHORE ISIOCI-:welll "So This ls Love" JIM SHORT "Way Up High" KURT SIATS "Worlds Apart" JOAN SIEMENS "S'Wonderful" DENNIS SIMPSON "Real Wild Child" 'Z' G it I 5-s-0 DAYNA SLEATER "You Hi? The Spot ARDELLE SLOAN "Roses Are Red" CHARLES SMITH "Walk Tall" JACK SMITH "Down Below" LARRY SMITH "Yeah, Man!" MIKE SNAPP "The New Boy" GARY SOBOL "Tiger" JOLEEN SOBOLIK "Heavenly" DARRELL SORENSON "I Hear Music" JANE SPAID "Wisdom" ALVIN SPEARS "I Thought You Knew JULIE SPENCER ,,TrY,, leg, . 9.1 .1295 W ,Y ', gr 'V' If ,5 rn 19' 'fm- CW" Yf"'7IY 'Q-'2"' 159 MARILEE STARKEY "Sophisticated Lady" JERRY STEELE "Steel Blue" CHARLENE STEEVES "Keep It Up" BOB STEINER "A Mos? Happy Fella" CHARLENE STEPHENSON "Younger Than Springtime" CAROL STEVENS "Oh, Carol" , 3 4' I I A LINDA STEWART "What Is Love" MIKE STILLION "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee" KAREN STRATING IManzelIaJ "Stranger ln Paradise" JOANNA SUNDQUIST "Candy Apple Red" DAVID SUTTER "Lazy Bones" CHARLOTTE SWINGROVER "Them There Eyes" - I -Qtxisifn-ll N I Q4 fu if , 'ef 'F L asf 1 mxwu .. V :f l ,fir ,, ? . V. I 5v.,"."1'z?fl'f' :J ' . '-13' YN an tr- Q37 'QED' -4 'lv ll ,.f9- LLOYD SWOPE "On My Way Up" JANICE TANKERSLEY "Someday Soon" DENNIS TAYLOR "You Tear Me Up" ELIZABETH TAYLOR "Soft And Low" JACKIE TAYLOR "Blueberry Hill" ANITA THEOBOLT "Sweet And Sentimental ' DOROTHY THOMPSON "Iv's So Hard" FLOYD THOMASON "You Mean Me?" JACK TOMLIN "Bear Hug" CHARLSIE VAUGHN "She's A Honey" RICHARD VAVERKA "Fill 'Er Up" RON VAVERKA "ExecuTive Suite" 1' K ,A -L A 'X , 1 1 Dlx A .' .Ina ,W ' Q. L aw if Y I ffl ff I -f 'sf , fi . I BOBBI VISSER "He's Mine" SHARI VISSER if-fa n, - E -0 ax ' S BETTY WALLACE Because LOUIS WALTON "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" RON WARD "Babalu" JOHN WARREN "ln The Mood" "It's All In The Game" , .- TONI WARREN "Il's Been A Long, Long Time" DEAN WASSON "Hof Rod" VIRGINIA WEIRUP "Dark Moon" DARRELL WILLIAMS "Lonesome Town" SANDRA WILLIS "Sandi" GEORGIA WILSON "Cranberry" ..,' Av L 2 'vlwim 'v 'I A 4 . ,,,,, .vii K: .A A ff? PAT WILSON "Love Walked ln" LARRY WIMER "Teddy Bear" JOHN WINDHAM "Down On The Farm JUDY WOOD "Just A Linle Bn' DENNIS WORKMAN "Light Touch" RON YOUNG "Walk Sofily . . . EMILY WAKELAND "You Are My Sunshine" ASHLEY YOUNG "Keep Walkin' " CHARLES YOUNTS "Year After Year" RON ZUBER "Zoom! Zoom!" SHIRLEY ALLEN "Somebody Loves DAVE FINAN Me "Shall We Dance?" fix of 1- K' 3 5 1-y VIS' Tad? I ROBERT JAMES Maybe FLORINE LAIDLAW Summertume JIM PARADISE "Cobra" JERRY SEALES "I Get Around" RALPH SUMMERS "So Long, It's Been Good fo Know You" 1377 PICTURES OF THESE SENIORS NOT AVAILABLE: Doris Baker Arnold Beck Jesse Brannon Byron Crutchfield Jim Dunsing Don Finta Dianne Gibson Dick Gibson Bob Gillespie Jennie Haight Herb Harrell Mary Hutchison Karen Kerr James Laird Frank Lorenzo Ben Mager Bill Mager James Marion Doug Millsap Blaine Pectol Darla Pratt Nora Springer Bill Stonebarger James Taylor Larry Turpin Tress Way Tom Nickel John Eden Carl Walters Arlene Rohrbach 2- it 'I 5 . Dennis Bolsinger, Woo! Woo! Mr. Weathers and his "Senior Problems" Senior chicks: Joleen Sobolik, Karen Getz, Yevonne Kane, Linda Stewart Ive got to get th problem," says Bob Hansen. Little Bobby Lower Cry Tough, Alta Hubble 55 ,4 ,, r Z '-'-fcj ' fl V f l . gr ' ' 1. W- v ,.'-A 4 vw , , . vii- x V- x 5, . ,. Q . ' 1 l yu I 5 I ., Q , +A-ff ,'Il Aj 4' ' 'ff Q mv' , 4 fx? V! 4 A, C. A., 'I 'rt' 47"'4"N41' ig, jf fun' nv Y S , I 1 A I ,5 I 56 TOM GIVINS Our friend And fellow sfudenf Whom we shall Never forget 4 F FC Unda S' .Ji av F---F W 'If -HXXLXLL T Xl X r, ? ' . Q :,. H50 Paullne abd voO- . .L A ,. F. Dayna and Nancy X W ra 'O 6 SENIOR SNAPS L fs-h i"f3qM"' jr, 1 A ills: r- f, 'ALR Mi - v i i i 5 ' M my f i ,jg My . . - M, A v xs 5- HELLO DENN ik' QI Who' your Little Girl- Friend, Larry? Millie and Leona l 514 .4,, ,.sgj,.z .4 'liva- X 4,601 . 'iv ,f.. L fi 3 .1 'X .I A .1 ,vi ,zyil if .L s 1 ' 1' gf 5 1-'mfr' 3 I 9 392113 eyxsgwc Q4 5 . Jennie H. v. write g, Our own Helen Mr, A.U.H.S. fDon Fmfal MACT? Smile, Bev mb 57 'Q x i ' .I Rib 1 Jean MKS . '7 5 Amevfaq' 58 Ynppee!!! Leone s-35-' -' ar Yvonne 'Wiki sN,,.., i,',t1,f'z .,.. V HELP!! R, W ' as Our Vice President ,W e ? Karen Our Editor??? 1 ' -1 4 ' ' x 1 'Q K X. - ,,Q,, 5 Nh? in ,. Men About Campus 5, A1 Y 1 ,L ,, .A ffrf V ' ' f K 5 xl 7-ZZQZQ ' 4.16 M if 1 5 rv? Q .1 2: 'f 'H v' f' If kj i' ' Who or What is nv? .fi -,3.,5,.1., '. cg.i3,3?Ne2f'jg3:2?A ., - - ffflfxl ,. -1, , ' F3Q1f'T+5f2aa1-me -J wr 1 .1 ,x1,,,.., , . . 1 , 45. --wi: OOPS!!! JUNIORS A most hardworking group, the Junior Class has come a long way and has made its mark. Under the leadership of President Chuck Spalding, Vice President Chris Thiel, Secretary Joyce Miller and Treasurer Dianne Lima, a Junior Council made up of homeroom veeps was established and meetings were held after school. Their big event of the year to plan was the Junior-Senior Prom. Academically, the Juniors did well, with Bob Patenaude, Chris Kuntz, and Jane McCracken se- lected as superior. Sportswise, Ted Snapp, Dave Minor, Ted Dimmick, Lowell Schulz, Bob Garzee, and the little playmaker for the lightweight team, Dennis Marcella, gave the Juniors a berth in this field. Junior girls excelling in sports were Betty Ford, Sandra Guthridge, Martha Roberts, Eleanor Sheppard, Donna Lewis, and Sherry Miller. Mel Carson and Dorothy McCormick had the honor of attending the Model United Nations Conference, and aided in the win of the first place UN trophy. In the area of Speech and Drama two juniors in particular made a mark. Delores Johson won local honors, and went on to a San Francisco forensics meet where she took a first place trophy over representatives from 37 northern California schools. Dra- rnatically speaking, Doug Brown was excep- tional. He played Daniel Webster in an A.U.H.S. roadshow production of "The Dev- il and Daniel Webster" and then was granted a leading role in the spring play, "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial." The Juniors will be "carrying the ball" next year and judging by past records they Sl'10UlCl do 6 fine iob. themes for the annual Junior-Senior Prom. The Junior Council discusses possible CLASS OFFICERS President: Chuck Spalding Vice President: Chris Thiel Secretary: Joyce Miller Treasurer: Dianne Lima Q 'lb 3 it Carol Adkins Albert Albright Rex Amberson Carl Anderson Georgia Anderson 1 GJ Kathleen Andrews Lynn Appleton v. 4' Gary Armstrong Lin Joe Ashbrook wr Vic Bacchetti Z A 1 A'-5, Q' .1 ... 458- .Fr ' N Y J .. .- 1 - . A ni 1, , Barbara Backlund 'K 15 ,v - g y V, I Thomas Baldwin . Robert Ball -J -eg as -t Rosie Ball 3' ' Q Narlene Bandoni 5 H ' - H A A A x X ' Q 1 - 33. MAN 1 W Errol Bannister i A, A My-rv 'B A J-' pi.. Cynthia Barker ' A ' ' Junior Baskette X x -Y '.,jf?Q Charlene Baurngartner ' ' Bill Baxter Al --.4 ' ' 1-lil mis '-,A Q. Robert Beason K Q 'V ' Donald Beck W -J -malt .K N-1 ' ads -.. . I Mit .J e. x. ji .am Z W6 John Beck Orby Beck Heidi Beedy Martin Bednar Howard Blake Jim Bloxham Fred Borges Bob Bouslaugh Meredith Bowden Jim Bowen LeAnne Bowen Cathy Briggs Ruth Brittain '? 'ul it Betty Broadway Doug Brown Linda Brown Nadine Brown Ronnie Brown .us f-Q C' su ,QB 1- 'lx ' 1 - .- X I! l ' ." V' lf' j ,v- Carl Bruner ' -N A ' Dennis Bruner 1 A x 43- Ci W' T, .GJ 0:9 I Bethel Bryant l ' ,,., V , X ft Barbara Burney 'it 1 of -ew 4 '4 Amos Buttram K , ,. A, ""' Xb , , X , ' DL Bill cami fe ? ' Dennis Caldwell ' N, I 2 Q Peggy Campbell Ms- ll Richard Campbell X -1 If Pat Carey 'S a . S 'X x A-, M xxx ' 8 A .':','.'4 N 13 Roy Carpenter . H, Dora Carr ' I - 1 John Carroll ,I L' Q . Y '-'X 0 3 f if A ' ' Barbara Carter AJ N ' 4 . A Melvin Carson . ' Y , I fi -I - x ., I ffl- .. r A I, ,,,.. Q , X ,,-fax me. Kali af I I 6.117 Xl' ivy Jesse Carterby Richard A, Carvalho Mike Carver Kathleen Chandler Gary Chapman Claude Chase Gayle Chase Barbara Christi Johnny Christie Kathy Clary John Clarenbach Marvin Clayton Frank Coates Sharon Coats Elizabeth Cobb Sharon Coffelt Jim Colpitts Sharon Comer Gayle Conlin Ralph Cornwell Elwin Coulter Curtis Cox Carl Crook Bob Currie Byren Dahlen Darrie Dake Janet Dake Diana Dal Porto Paul Damqaard Evelyn Davis 5355 I . 5 4' . 1 , 1 . ' . 'Q -4 ' Q YI! .. , 4 J c X-xr P . '15 , if A -f el 1 lx 1 , '4 . 5 --if 1 Jw: ' X l ,Q 'S' N qi I l I y i 'J l A 1- ,J 1. Q ' X V , J!! , jf' i U , ' i. X l 1 v. S l. -7 -'A' A K. Z-Y 1 X J fn' .31 F 3 xi 1 Deanna Devel Ted Dirnmick Gray Dodson Bob Dollahite Patrick Donovan Donna Draut Henry Duarte Don Dunlap Vaughn Eachus Larry Eaton Linda Ellsworth Carole Erickson Jane Everett Kathleen Fehely Kathy Fiqueroa Mike Finan Wanda Fienekas Bill Fleckenstein John Fleming Dennis Forbes JG -C"- Joyce Forbes W 14' Lorraine Forbes Betty Ford Joanne Ford Pam Ford A x 'Y M i1 S, -in ' L, Q y , -cw Don Foss M F, , Mary Frake F' 'F 4 - 'af 'gb Marjorie Fraser i -n ' ' I ,J .1 Deeann Freeman ,rg Q g Ed Thomas Freeman '-,Ll L V, W3 Jim Freeman ll Lucille Fritz ' Wayne Fuller Dennis Fusi X 5 it ' . Frank Gaethle 'Q "fi, 'V xt F: f if - I A 'VD .gs ,, i " ' Fw L v 'Q' . : EK YA X -w AL 3 ,,, 51 us? wif? " 1 sw "' A, H11 W. is rel .4. , 1 . 'el 'Rt 'rt 1 X ' I' in 'V' lx X Jil X W: I-'E h Priscilla Galleher David Garrison Gary Garrison Bob Garzee Susan Gevas June Geyer Don Gipson Larry Gibson Harold Goddard Lee Goehri Mary Golden Charlotte Graham Pat Graves Jim Gunther Sandra Guthridge Richard Hackett Richard Hale Gerald Hammers David Hard Herb Hartly s ...., 63 1 ,4- in-1 John Heath 3' Vx Connie Heberly Mary E. Hemphill Tom Henderson Harry Hershey 41' 9 ......,! Hugh Hinton Gary Hodgson Roger Holliman Vicki Hollis Jinnie Holm , s , 4 . Q, w il 2..4in.'S V 1 F' 'x Stephen Holm Kayla Holmes , 1 . 1 LaVera Holmes - N X 'J Roger Holmes 3 " ' y M Q Beverly Hooven ,M f 1 rs, 1 ' '-3-A .Ji-Ji! "init ' Cv-11 i J , " ,1 ' , aa. .AF I nl . 1 Q . V3 J- 4 .Q x ,, x h " V, , .., J 3 X -"9 '1 N r K 1 ..f.1My ., Jigs. ,, 8 lc 4 I Q ,V 1 5 if 1 F' 44 N . B. J Y J iv: A X it X23 l Hi" 3 J an I3 2 I J -. -QQ 'J ...J Q 1 x . J l 5 . K i Anita Houston Mike Howard Vernon Howard Bob Hoyt Jerry Hubbard Martha Hutchison Sharon Hutchison Frank Isaac Jim Jarvis Charlene Johnson Darlene Johnson Merle Jones Harry Johnson Kathleen Johnson Norma Johnson Candy Jones Jerry Jones Judy Jones Leon Jones Gary Karshner s. - 4' ilmy v QF' r v"i" L 44 J fx 1 4 r 1 A -if sl 4"'9 Rosalie Kelly Colleen Kennard Bernie Kighf Lloyd Kipp Karole Kleiner Lee Klutts Glenn Knause Christine Kuntz Bob Kane Arthur Lange Doug Larsen Jim Launer Ron Leclbetter Judi Lemons Joy Lessard VI'-v 4 'x A s SRX if iff ,M X X ,fi G-NJ .pq 1 Q5 V A .sa XI n lvlivwri 7 . . ffl' o -so L: 0' 4 A F' . 'ff' 0 -,, :- A X 1. 3' K Y ,Y Qs 3 .-x 4- ' 55 A - -J - -4 Q T7 l Terry Letz Donna Lewis Deanna Lighthill Dianne Lima Lana Lindsay Sarah Lindsell Sharon Lipscomb Lee Anna Long Janet Loper William Lord Al Lorenzo Janice Lower Donna A. Lucas Jo Anne Ludwig Herman Lunsford Mike Lynes James McAllister Betty McAninch Patricia McCoral Dorothy McCormick "wif, M' ei f 34 W, x .WV 'ir ff ' 4. . in 4' ni Stacey Sacchi Donna Saulmon Fred Schuler Mary Schuler Lowell Schulz Barbara Scott Lyle Schmidt Starr Scott Ed Scott Gary Scriven Nancy Seales Jerry Severson Eleanor Sheppard A Lois Silva Joe Silva 'F an ,...-Q ,e 1.45 ,fl TR Q , -29,1 L V Q, . 1 K ,X A 4. ' Bill Simpson Dianne Sloan Maxine Smart Deossa Smith Fred Smith Glynn Smith Jeff Smith Ronald Smith Ted Snapp Pat Snodqrass Barbara Sobol Chuck Spalding Tommy Sparrow Stake Sherman Ken Starkey Janice Stenroos Don Stephens Lewis Stephens Richard Stewart Terry Stewart W 1 sq... If lun, '-Ex Jim Sl. John Terri Siymans Gary Sundquist Bill Swanson Billie Swingrover Charles Taylor Charley Taylor Don Taylor Fred Taylor Rosemary Taylor Gay Terry Charles Thompson F Claudie Thomason V ' :tj M Eleanor Thompson ' ...Q ,v Ruth Tidwell ' 5 K.lf.:. ,,,,,G V I- 4 i' gr K A - A , . -A+ Tv I . . wi, , 8 - - ,iw 3..f'f"? A , - - 'A 1 4.1.1 1 1 . .if . 5 , Q i Q 'i ix ' lk. ,By , 5 'Q it If 3. NL T A is I 1 S ee 'J' as Z ig 'Z 'ill John Tosfie Lawrence Trump A Carolyn Turner .,. - J' Jim Turntine -if Bill Tweedy J 9 ima? ' N: Barcus Twombley Dan Vallerga Mike Van Steve Van Der Meer Pauline Vanoncini Helen Van Pelt Doug Vaughn Josene Viemceik John Zahotti Judy Verback Karen Verback Frank Vukonich Norma Wakefield Pa? Wakeland Patricia Warren Jim West Wynell White Clinton Whitehead Joe Whitfield Jerry Willett Bonnie Lee Williamson Eleanor Wilson Tommy Wilson Jerry Worth Doyal Wright Jim Zadek Jeff Ziegler .. ref-Xia' X, '-5 " I 1 ' , L - Ji W CT :l F6 .F .I 1' it ei Norma l i 1' al- .. ar I 1 -4 A , , . .., ,,, I ' uw ,, , l S Pam ,fear . Pam vu? 6 Q I Z 1 ' Merle iq- F- 9 H Ba r ba ra ' Kyla Wat if. A 'Q ..-q r ..4q X 'Un 5 if i XO i Us v. Donna ia "Barbie" SOPHCM ORES The Sophomores have been in what one might call "the middle of things." With their entry last year as freshmen they swelled the hallways to capacity helping to create a "sardine" condi- tion, and then, to top it off, the removal of two classroom buildings gave them a fairly confusing start'at A.U.H.S. This hasn't lessened their spirits any, though. They began their '60 season first by electing class officers, and it was from there that they planned and enioyed a "Roarin' Twenties" dance. Their people have really scored scholastically, with Carole Lockett, Gail Guthmiller, and Nancy Etherton coming across with practically all straight "A" records. Several Sophomores ioined the pepster ranks as Dave Plessas, Terry Dickinson and Darlene Tut- tle helped lead yells during the basketball season, and Janet Sater led rooters during the foot- ball months. ln the realm of sports, Joe Sarboe is about the best all-around athlete ever to enter Arcata High. Others superior in this field are Tom Thomsen, Phill Gustavson, and tracksters Larry Larson and Jim McLaughlin. Also, twins Jay and Jon Burgess enioyed confusing their opponents on the basketball court. Sophomore girls making noise in the sports department included Judy Aronson, Yvonne Welch, Cheryl Gibson, Rosemary Doersch, and Shirley Rieke. ln the area of drama and government Dan Bearden is one of the most outstanding. A veteran of iust about every play produced since his frosh year, Dan has delighted audiences many times. He also has attended several inter-school meetings and has the workings of an officer. The Speech field saw Sophomore Gail Guthmiller a winner at the HSC Forensics Meet and a final- ist in the Lions Club Speech Contest. Generally speaking, the Sophomores show a great deal of promise. As representatives for Ar- cata High they are tops. CLASS OFFICERS President: Dave Plessas Vice President: Fred McCann Secretary: Pam Davis Treasurer: Jan lsackson t hw' Tom Abbay Bnll Acorn Alan Addlson Chet Aggeler Edward Aho Duck Alloway Don Anderson Judy Arson Mike Auxler Davnd Baker Jnm Baker Rena Baker Meralyn Bakke Roger Baldwnn La Ray Bamburg Janice Banduccl Ted Bare KIT Barlow .hm Bartley Bob Beam Dan Bearden Mary Ellen Bednar Mary Beller Delane Bender Jerry Benefuel Bryce Berger Mark Bernard: Bette Beshears Karen Bnnder Loretta Bnshop Claudua Blake Jean Blaney Beverly Bloodworth 'QC i Q.. f anna, f L3 '57 ...H 4' 'Kam 0 if Y 0.3014 M1 'fi :W 1 'mf 'HY nvdf 'il L dai Q'--:'. .n..gLi':"!.ax: -1 A v 'H v-,s 'hu ' 'Q U f Y Kathy Boswell vs J ' 8 ,y il 9 X 1" 6 X xv .j Jummue Borges 4 114 X 'ia' 1 1' 4f. .A 5 . -M Q K Ricky Bouslough Bea Boyd Cynthia Bradford Gene Brannon Susie Brim Jerry Brooks Dan Brownfield Eric Brundace Eugene Brundin Burton Bullman Jay Burgess Joe Burgess Jon Burgess Jim Burnett Heary Burrell Joyce Burrow David Burruss John Busby James Bufolpn Darrell Burrram Eugene Byrns Lorraine Capps Pa? Carroll Dennis Castanos Bob Chisum Jan Clarenbach Diana Clark Marilyn Clark Merl Clemens Lewis Clevenger Judy Clifton Douglas Cobb John Collins Shirley Collins Jim Conklin s Q. ,-'Q' , R 4 ,. 1- i A X I l 5 X 'K X X x is . .,: , .2 im X XX N - --41' - , fu , y 32' B Q . kg A A B17 af Z' JZ' Z ., ii- K Neg,f,'4:'f" wg--,J P f-1 1 3 ,f ,Q li: , '.,' 1 A 1, 5" it gl B Q 'EV 1-'Q 5, ' x .. Q, 2 ' -Wfkaigi '-:S 1 Q ,Q F Q . if fs ' x , -xv . l, . i E s .., -gr W J ' -E Jesse Conn Ruby Contreras Howard Cook Chardelle Cooper Barbara Cotton Margaret Cottrell Susan Counts Shirley Cramer Ross Crampton Charlotte Crane Steve Crockett John Crowe Barbara Cumings Bobby Cunningham Rita Dabler Jim Damgaard Mary Daniels Cherri Dare John Darling John David Gloria Davis Pam Davis Tom Dean Vivian Dean Peggy Deaton Russ De Long Mike Derr Ruth Devery Jim Dexter Terry Dickinson Larry Digby Ruth Dingler Wayne Dobberstein Rosemary Doersch Rich Doss - I I is 4.-.1 ii -Y 2 lg? or ',, 'NJ Cass ' I K in V ig hoof Q if 'fl -1 X , W1 fy - . A Qi o Vs V: -,sv s 6 ' 0 S. , Y wig 4 1 q s yr' " 2 as? r risk -i W'-5 W J,-2 sri' Y if A s f sr X - mga 4 -. f l-3 Q '99 A Y 1 . .-..- i ' 4 t". ix - ' . L' ' 'ik ,.- JY ,. l V Y ,V 4 "X 'Tj XX - c f 1 I ' y Nl, .A ' ' . , 1 I R i V ' 'sf -f"X I i in u R4 'Y 'f 4 'IF ' li x ' X J " '33 f Y - -- D ' if' 5 I Ll 'fl l. R , I 0 . Q? Q X 5. A Ls E3-f ii ' ' bf 1' D R B - 6' X V .J 5. F! , E? " X 3' X x ' K Dolores Dudal Carolyn Dunlap Barbara Earl Henrietta East Jim Eastham Marlene Egbert Vida Ehly Judy Erickson Nancy Etherton Terri Evans Mike Farleigh Tim Fehely Tom Felt Josie Fernleaf Elizabeth Ferreira Ken Finan Jill Fischer Larry Fleckenstein Jeanette Flesher Marshall Foltz Floyd Ford Pat Fraker Janie Franke Carolyn Franks Boyd Fulbright Myrna Gage Albert Gagnon Arline Gagnon Jerry Lou Galles Susan Galloway Cheri Garoutte Maria Gazzera Steve Gevas Judy Ghera Randy Ghilarducci Bob Giacomini Cheryl Gibson Don Graham Bob Green Jerry Greer Linda Griffis Phill Gustavson Gail Guthmiller Romona Gutierrez Chenette Hake Patricia Ham Charles Harnes Ann Hamilton Cathy Hammons Chuck Hampton Harry Handley Shirley Harty Sharon Hatfield Bruce Hayes Judy Hedrick Michele Heinrici Terry Henry Shirley Herman Larry Ann Higdon Edith Ann Hill Gail Hirsch Dorothy Holbrook Tom Holden Bill Holloway Lynne Hopkins Mary Ann Houck Nadine Houston Dolores Howard Don Howerton Donna Hubbard Linda Hubbard Sharon Huggins Allen Hughes Donna Hutchinson Jan lsackson Gay Jackson Patty Jackson Don Jacobson Jay Johnson Donna Jones Harry Jones Bob Jones Stan Juetten Howard Kamperman Tom Kern Azalee Kerr Judy Kier Michelle Kleiner Judy Knight Carole Knowles Bill Kohler Jim Kyle Sherri Lake Janice Larsen Larry Larson Lois Leavitt Sandra Ledbetter Cecil Lewis Gloria Lindholm Lana Linser Barbara Lochner Carole Lockett Ralph Lpng Raymond Loper Jim Lundberg ,, 33, A .1 , 1 at - 55 . 4 If x 'fs , J 'J 'N I Ns xx 11 .M ,K-, J-it f lx 1 l .K +55 am- ,1""5 .1 ' Steve Luttrell Carol Magliano Judy Manzella Marty Manzella Bruce Marshall Bob Marshall Janis Martz Gary Mason Virginia Master Fred McCann Lee McClure Deloris McConnell Jim McCoy Wayne McDonald Jim McKinney May McKinney Jim McLaughlin Eugene Meador Donna Mee Don Meek Norman Mendes Don Meredith Elizabeth Milhous Dorothy Miller Linda Miller Bonnie Mitchell David Moore Karen Moore Marilyn Morris Mickey Morton George Mosier Louis Moug Donna Mount Vernon Moyer Dwight Mullins 5:5 .. , - . ' 'ZW' ff- f K X12 X K ... I Q, +5 ggi' 1, ef 3 in Q l 59 5 in" NES? fi N in 5 1 eww J! as ' .sh 5 Z S, :it 3 ls. . fi ,gi an . U.. 1 i,.l'f1 , ' x - g 2. :offer J' .W ,. X .-at I ,F 1 ear x wr 2' 5-si ' Q 4, N in . iq .J-,f 1 Q , ,lg 421 R 0 x X lxkxjgifzw ifayf ' K . i J - K fi Q .-J 'iv ,X Virgil Muncfon Georgia Musser Diana Nelson Richard Nelson Kenny Newell Greg Newton Juanila Nimmo Lee Roy Noah Nickey Noah Mickey Norberry Vernon North Fred Oscar Don Owens Terry Paquin Carol Parks David Patterson "Kappy" Pease Jimmy Peden Sieve Peithman Pennie Pelroy Bonnie Perini Noman Perkins Carole Peterson Sharon Phenix Barbara' Pickle Dave Plessas Linda Poletski Bev Ponfoni Sharon Porter Karen Potts Ronnie Preusser Eddie Prindle Eddie Prophet Sallee Rankin Sherry Rankin , ., ,,. , Af . ' P.,-L. I ' r ' '21 ., ' M331 l M Q . ' "' qv, ,. 5 ,,.., ' Q " ' an ','EmHQj.- 521- - f ,433-. - le- ,, V V V '-5 .7-. 4. ,.-- .mmf-rx , gs fv- N . v V 'V fi ff X Carolyn Ray Tom Reed Darlene Reeves Carolyn Reynolds lone Reynolds Benny Richardson Francis Richardson Rosie Richardson Shirley Rieke Andy Riley Jerry Roach Janice Roderick Charlene Rodgers Frank Rone .lolee Roper Peggy Rosenburg Karin Russell Jim Ryan Vernon Rylee Twylia Sadler Joe Sarboe Janet Saier Don Schilfz Edith Schneider Donna Schroeder Roy Schuster Vernon Scriven Dennis Sedlack Joe Anna Sellars Marion Semore Richard Severson Nancy Sholes Jim Shurnard Sharon Sible Berry Silva i i 5' , Q:-Q my if Z -... 1 4 1. Y . 4 i., Q1 ffl: Q, A " 'in ,. .- -.. .Q " -.ami QTY-' 5 ,f K: i ' ' ' 4. ' 9 ' gg ' ,, N s. ar 'F . i "' ,fl 'K' Q 5.5.1 'U gf f.. w .:.5 1 tiff, 4, "ii"-'if' Q i' - f-.aff 2llS2.'r: .aw -ew. . wx gg I . ak , V ,S 4 I L-M56 is M' 4. 3 ? L. Q X 1 ,gms Q 1 f f 1 A' . . Q I ,i. -5 if .-if waiirei '15 .I ,Q at 1. u Q-f is 'i if-f, '-.J David Silva Kathy Simas V ' - Carrie Simpson -- Mike Simpson Darryl Sisto Q X J Jonell Slack Billie Smith Bob Smith Charlene Smith ' Danny Smith .. 4 as al ' David Smith Don Smith Jane Smith Jere Smith Judy Smith x Paul Smith Pat Sparks Shirley Stanley Norman Stearns Keith Stephens V1 N8-r 1 Agyx -5, a Penny Stephenson Earnestine Stevens Everrett Stone Gary Stone Jim Stavall 'ft Dora Strahan Pat Strating Jesse Summers Larry Summers V, Melva Jean Sundquist 'M' Richard Sutter Robert Swanson Barbara Swingrover Bill Taggart James Taylor if . ,QW If ' c -f ..,k U 2 5 , W. 13 ,J J rx, ' N v , 'sf '77 C S 2 -4-9 f N it , .Q x . S w ' X wk N it-J lx .fi M4 - if 'W i A i 5. 'S . A X-N 'A . ' -I y .,., ,24f. fe.-,Q , n X -':: , ' A J 'ff' gs x 'X ls ' ' S S J 3 so I 1.5 K 9 V , ' ,V i A 2 , N-I Y a t W . ' .4 A- .xx rf KS 'V 'Y f if JZ' .gn 'NJ -gi I rw Q-ag. -1. A Johnny Taylor Helen Thacker Larry Thacker Rose Thompson Stella Thompson Tom Thomsen Mike Thurber Lois Tierney Frances Tolley Robert Trump Gary Turner Darlene Tuttle Bonny Twombley Sandra Van Layne Van Gundy Linda Vanni Karen Vaughn "Sonny" Visser Elisabeth Walker Susan Walker Otis Walker Merl Ward Roberta Ware Mary Watson Ward Weaver Yvonne Welch Catherine Wesley Pat Whipple Kathleen White Bill Whitehead Lonnie Wilson Pat Wilson Sharon Wood Danny Woods Farncis Woods .,. N , Y fa. vs, - qw cv li " O I T V u 3: is-'S ' A M ,, A "7 ' i , i A V ,La .:.:'-L, 4 4:2322 1 V: - S. 5'.,:1' 1f .g ' MJ V? A I 'v t V- '- 6, ,Y A V T' , V. , T 3 , V , :Q ' " V ' 1 1:1 gf . , -73 f ' --4 M, A "',. x . - 2 , , l il Q -f u , -- sv gt A l - . ..,. , v . '- lf K -.uw t , fix ' 1"'1 fn Q- .,:-312 ' A 'lim X' . s J,"-la X., , 25,52 tx.: if I ' V . 1, if ities .Q fe ,Q A f .. VA- Q , - . T E .x 'J T -.:r XA 'll' rf. i fzgy -ff A lv l 1 331 'gf' -' l NL? Q ' a li! xo , ' A R ' T. Q ' 1 if ' . , v, , .I w . T T' qi " S " , lx 1:22 s. .W .I y , ' ,- .A I ..:,cMT t , n X Z, fi , gg, 6 x- T X A, x A 1 4 ., ' ' . :Q :- x b .t....,,.-., . I , l , Myrna Workman Frances Yaple Richard Yenfon Janice Cornelius Patti Miller -c vii.. - Q, , L - Q I qi . fe 'S V 1 fx' 7 . ' ive' e 'zz K I 5 .L hi- ye h ik rm M Lynn Rankin Brenda Shanklin '-Q Beach Models .. W R 33, Ji, 31-. Fred Shirley and Friend rr'--' 'X THE GALS FRESHMAN ORIENTATION CLASSES MR. WALTON l AND 2 FIRST ROW, L-R: Gay Girard, Sherry Tipton, Karen Hanks, Emma Talley, Kay Noah, Doris Bonner, Carol Wilson, Marty Wheeler, Charles Donley, SECOND ROW, L-R: Carol Crockett, Al Cooper, Luann Odle, Elaine Lonkey, Frank Workman, Mike Edie, Jerry Gammon, Joyce Graves, Dixie Bass, Mr. Walton. THIRD ROW, L-R: Mary G. McCormick, Frankie Passmore, Carol June Wilson, Mike Swint, Roy Peets, Dann Cald- well, Joeinne Bishop. FOURTH ROW, L-R: Bob Sleeves, Don Riddle, .Alan Anderson, Pete Comstock, Doug Mudford, Rusty Brim, Pauline Evans. MRS. MECHAM l AND 2 FIRST ROW, L-R: James Marasco, Linda Chown, Janet Nagel, Susan Johnson, Mary Anne Everett, Bonnie Hurl- but, Helen Anderson, Bruce Griswold, Lance Lorentzen, Alldyn Marty, Darlene Copenhaver, Ronnie Morton, Jackie Wood, Shirley Blake, SECOND ROW, L-R: Tala Zimmer, Donna Landon, Judy Forester, Vicki Long, Bill Donovan, Ivan Carter, Geneil Bare, Donna Denman, Linda Nolen, Tom Clifton, Mrs. Mecham. THIRD ROW, L-R: Marvin Matlock, Lois Dreyer, Susan Lambert, Carol Pool, Neva Petry, John Jones, Bob Harmon, FOURTH ROW, L-R: Stephen Wright, Bill Wyatt, George B. Davis, Jim Kitchen, Jim Dale, Mike Galyean, Bill Wilkinson, MRS. WEATHERS 2 AND 3 FIRST ROW, L-R: Yuland Matlock, Stella King, Anne Lindsell, Dorothy Robinson, Donna Laws, Linda Bu- genig, Velda Allison, Sherrie Taylor, Mike DeBacker, Roxanne Bailey, Mrs. Weathers. SECOND ROW, L-R: Joyce Aho, Tom Sykes, Marcia Matson, Nancy Yocom, Linda Weirup, Jim Reimann, James Marks, Myrtle Porter. THIRD ROW, L-R: Mike Edie, Jim Evans, Frances Klea- ling, Sandra Hill, Darlene Blue, Sharon Hays, Les Bouydston, Dennis Wallis. FOURTH ROW, L-R: Ray Pointer, Les Bryant, Gordon Bennett, Mike Finigan, Brian Smith, Raymond Metcalf. 84 MR. MEYER 2 AND 3 FIRST ROW, L-R: Mr, Meyer, Robert Stewart, Georgia Gallaty, Darlene Pratt, Duane Parks, Hazel Sniggs, Darlene Holt, Vivian Ferreira, Gwen Gutierrez. SECOND ROW, L-R: Charlotte Wilson, Don Handley, Barbara McCapes, Bob Williamson, Lenard Ronlund, Gerald Billings. THIRD ROW, L-R: Monte Hyde, George Barnett, Stephen Silver, Charles Siesser, Barbara Kinnan, Fred Snapp. MR. LAHOZ 3 AND 4 FIRST ROW, LR: Judy Pelroy, Mildred Clemo, Marcia Brown, Eunice Clay, Jack Williams, Carol Tankersley, David Gross. SECOND ROW, -L-R: Mr. Lahoz, Vickie Kleiner, Maureen Donovan, Irene Gleave, Steve Busenius, Melanie Niemi, Victoria Bostrom, George Wilson. THIRD ROW, L-R: Ron Millsaps, Bill Mattila, Nita Dillon, Otis Morgan, Earl Schuster, Tommy Semore. FOURTH ROW: Milton Leighton, Charles Smith, Pat Bailey, Dennis Hedrick, Charles Swope, Fred Mays. MRS. MECHAM 3 AND 4 FIRST ROW, L-R: Mrs. Mecham, Sherri Caldwell, Barbara Moody, Alverina Gonsalves, Wanda Hays, Angie Lump- kin. SECOND ROW, L-R: Judy Garvin, Darrell Grubbs, Louie Sousa, Kathleen Scott, Betty Vaughn, THIRD ROW, L-R: Wilma Gee, Shirley Matteoli, Dennis Sellars, Ronnie Burshem, Alice Lower, Iona West. FOURTH ROW: John Taylor, Craig Fleckenstein, Stanley Good, George W. Davis, George Cratty, Donna Berger. MR. ESCARDA A AND 5 FIRST ROW, L-R: Susan Mackins, Kathy Ferguson, Richard Smith, Pat Douglass, Wanda Faulk, Linda Brown, Donna Tolley, Alec Hutchinson. SECOND ROW, L-R: Mr. Escarda, Edith Buttram, Charlotte Hammers, Janice Long, Ruth Cratty, Sheryl Sargent, Gary Holder, Brian Graham, Tom Perkins, THIRD ROW, L-R: Artie Lorentzen, Cathy James, Ann Conlin, Sue Billingsly, Robert Foss, David Turk, Carol Huddleston. FOURTH ROW: Jean Moyer, Carol Kolling, Janet Ander- son, Kenny Alcorn, Ben Ellis, Dwight Pratt, Leon Wig- guns. MRS. MARKS 5 AND 6 FIRST ROW, L-R: Bob Carpenter, Tom Waters, Rose Trulove, Zedna Moudy, Sharon Lunsford, Cynthia Clark, Jeanne Meissner, Betty Ellis, Duane Smith. SECOND ROW, L-R: Mrs. Marks, Margaret Kline, Donna Prater, Vickie Starrett, Carolyn Crisp, Maxine Losey, Gail Sorensen, Terry Semore. THIRD ROW, L-R: Howard Hays, Diana Burgess, Gary Lund, Louis Foster, Danny Phillips, Carol Herndon, Dood MacDougaI. FOURTH ROW, L-R: Judith Haycraft, Tony Semore, Marshall Christiansen, Dennis Bloxham, Louise Farr, Ted Lytle. MR. NOAH 7 AND 8 FIRST ROW, L-R: Shirley Phenix, Hoyt Dills, Faye Hodge, Carla Cummings, Audrey Dodson, Carolyn Pratt, Tom- my Morris, Ron Gormley, Karen Evenson, Tom Clary, Carol Steele, Tudy Knaggs, Dennis McDonald, Jim Ingle, Loren Smith. SECOND ROW, L-R: Anita Fellers, Paulette Long, Don Ford, Frank Toste, Gail Williams, David Silveria, David Gault, Dottie Smith, Marla Bolsinger, Annette Wilson, Sharon Bacchetti, John Griffith, Mr. Noah. THIRD ROW: Jerry Nason, John Seghetti, Carlous Baum, Garry Chase, John Melvin, Charles Davis. FOURTH ROW: LaVonne Beecher, Mickey Pozar, John Reid, Linda Roderick, Alan Anderson, Sharon Bierke. 86 ,nv SP A. MR. WALTON 7 AND B FIRST ROW, L-R: Jack Seghettl, Scott Hunt, Russ Kinzer, Gary Alberts, Alan Adams, Ann Hansen, Patty Steeves, Betty Theobolt, 'Carol McCracken, Diane Bosch, Jerrie Perry, Robert Hicks, SECOND ROW: Donna Vanni, Marlene Peterson, Vicki Williams, Paul Pasquini, Karen McAlister, Penny Eber- sold, Susan Leavitt, JoAnne Lopez. THIRD ROW: Johnny Sweek, Ken Rumsey, Bobby Harvey, Mary Giberson, Carolyn Iskra, Anna Ferrin. FOURTH ROW: Carl Pellatz, Ray Thornton, Dennis Fil- kins, Jim Glover, Lowell Hamilton, Lynn Ivey. MR. STODDER 8 AND 9 FIRST ROW, L-R: Shirley Cool, Robbe Caldwell, Velma Richardson, Barbara Harris, Judy Noble, Gloria Sheets, Diana Tweedy, Art Bruner, Luis Marin, Carolyn Budeau, Loren Hazelwood, Mr. Stodder. SECOND ROW: Shirley Anderson, Emma Jean Torres, Dale Boudro, Lorna Flesher, Phyllis Crossley, Don R. Graham, Gary Herr, Jack Hay, Robert Humphrey. THIRD ROW: Janice Calvert, Donna Jones, Doris Cobb, Roberta Maloy, Claudia Brundin, Nancy Dimmick. FOURTH ROW: Jan Krestensen, Bob Moulton, Terry Wood, Terry Albro, Sharon Hientz, Richard Fetters. MR. LANGWORTHY 9 AND I0 FIRST ROW, L-R: Gerald Mathews, Gary Zanotti, Caroline Jones, Cecilia Williams, Barbara Barnes, Jim Getz, Irma Ware. SECOND ROW: Mr. Langworthy, Sandra Poe, Linda Boyd, Sue Dyas, Bill Sacchi, Wanda Harvin, Patsy Beam. THIRD ROW: Sandy James, Tom Turney, Brad Donahue, Diana Williams, Sharon Stake, Zelpha Green. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Pfingsten, Frank Kretner, Bob Bradshaw, Ken Baskette, Paul Burrell, Lloyd Sasser. 87 MRS, GEORGE 9 AND IO FIRST ROW, L-R: Carol Pectol, Irene Nunnemaker, Gloria Richmond, Mary Burleson, Delores Howze, Helen Frank- lin, Mary Guffie, Karyl Hubbard, Katy Sichi, Courtney Perrault, Mrs. George. SECOND ROW: Wilma Collum, Richard Christie, June Blaine, Chris Duren, Shirley Guymer, Sara Hall, Tom Padula, Eddie Akin, Ron Franks, Rusty Starkey. THIRD ROW: Jay Percell, Tommy Budden, Robert Love- ioy, Geraldine Allen, Shirley Denton, Billie Clay. FOURTH ROW: Dede Boemker, Sam Gillentine, Steve Kanavel, George McAlister, Charles Pratt, Robert Rod- gers. MR. ESCARDA IO AND II FIRST ROW, L-R: Mr. Escarda, Patricia Miller, Katie Weaver, Helen Quinn, Nathalie Higdon, Gary Page, Ken Fraser. SECOND ROW: Danny Amy, Mike Combs, Venton Hames, Georgia Williams, David Arseneau, Roger Brown, Shir- ley Ann Glasscock. THIRD ROW: Rosie Slayter, Jim Olson, Charles Siesser, David Kendall, Richard Stenroos. MRS. GEORGE il AND I2 FIRST ROW, L-R: Ilean Newell, Bev Brown, Gail Bell, Steve Nelson, Eddie Schneider, Lois Carr, Tony McNeal, Paula Cozart, Marylois McCracken, Marie Bartholomew, Diana Martinson. SECOND ROW: Larry Rentz, Joe Carter, Carol Crane, Eddie Kuenster, Don Elledge, Edna McAninch, Pat Lewis, Carol Genzmer, Karen Rist, Carol Steeves, Mrs, George. THIRD ROW: Elaine Haggard, Edith Nunnernaker, Bob Farleigh, Barbara Costello, Bev Masterson, Bobby Bacica. FOURTH ROW: Charles Kidder, Joe Roberts, Robert Eichelberger, Gale Carmon, Don Tanferani, Glen Vickers. 88 ..,.',q i A Susan and big brother 61 Ain't she sweet! MRS, MARKS ll AND 12 FIRST ROW, L-R: Patty Ashcom, Carolyn Collver, Carolyn Murphy, Sonia Olson, Allen Wright, Patti Farnen, Doro- thy Houck, Merry Hedge, Billy Ray, Don Silva. SECOND ROW, L-R: Harold Ruf, Mike Green, Ronnie Butts, Mike Schneider, Linda Bell, Donna Purcell, Delpha Green, Elaine Bowen. THIRD ROW, L-R: Cora Bean, Carol Smith, Jim Cassel- man, Gary Baugh, Clayton Hackett, Dan Begley. man, Steve Moser, Calvin McNew, Don Kintz, Ralph Lightner. , . xg .I nl "Kookie, Kookie, H lend me your comb! Janet and friend Don't be afraid, Dennis B6bY Geneil 89 FOURTH ROW, L-R: Marilyn Salchenberger, Jim Huff- Freshmen got acquainted at the New-Studentfreshman Dance held in the fall FRESHMEN Quite a unique class the Freshmen fairly decided that the split shifts would not split them up. They very cleverly elected a double set of officers, one set from the morning frosh group and another from the afternoon group, to guide them in their activities. A seemingly "young" class, the Freshmen held their own and scored in many fields. In sports, Doug Mudford was placed in the superior category. Bill Wilkinson, Artie Lorentzen and Eddie Kuenster did well in this field. Academically, Dede Boemker, Linda Chown and Ann Hansen were impressive. The Music Department claimed frosh Gay Girard, Elaine Lonkey, Geneil Bare, Joeinne Bishop, Ann Hansen, Jan Krestensen, Roberta Maloy, Den- nis McDonald, Rusty Brim, and others. Freshman Anne Lindsell secured the leading female role in "The Devil and Daniel Webster" stage production. Because the class is so large Cover 500 studentsli, it was difficult to name the many outstanding freshmen. It is apparent, however, that this class will make milestones. Let's hope that the next three years will be happy ones for the Class of '63. Doug NlUClfOfCl-Pf9SlCl9f1f President-Dennis Filkins Bill Wilkinson-Vice President Vice President-Roger Brown Susan Johnson-Secretary 5eCfefafy..TOm Clary A Linda BVOWVT-Tfeaswef Treasurer-Jan Krestensen M 0 4 M' CLASS oFHcERs P' 5' 'S' I I w ACTIVITIES IQ' n KA' - L , 1 o.,,' sr Q' gs use 1- Vw -ns .l' . 3' - I., V .-Q, QQ. 3 , ,Y XXV-., N' 'Y Aka If .+'+-wi Sfudenf Gover I US Royalty and Music a eIo I I I ' In .I ,, Q ,, I , NIU E resident President LARRY GRAVES STUDENT GOVERNMENT Tsf Semester P.M. V President of the Student Body FRED MILLARD STUDENT GOVERNMENT 2nd Semester PAT PLESSAS BILL BERGER wg, 2, ' .I .1 ,ff f f . R f "' - ,nc- at If .Am- AMNL Council lst Semester FIRST ROW, L-R: Dayna Sleater, Janice Bugenig, George Wilson, Anne Lindsell, Marty Manzella, Candy Mills, Edith Ann Hill. SECOND ROW, L-R: Mr. Gautraud, Allydn Marty, Maxine Smart, Jean Anderson, Charlotte Wilson, Kris Bernardi, Donna Monroe, Vicki Hollis. THIRD ROW, LAR: Marion Semore, Shirley Matteoli, Dorothy McCormick, Sheryl Sargent, Jeanne Meissner, Elaine Lonkey. FOURTH ROW, L-R: Pai Strating, Dan Bearden, Pat Plessas, Dave Perry, Pam Davis, Karen Moore. lProxies includedl P.M. Council lst Semester 94 4 FIRST ROW, L-R: Loren Smith, Darlene Tuttle, Norman Mendes, Donna Lewis, Barbara Boyer, Gloria Williams, Jessie Summers, Bill Sacchi. SECOND ROW, L-R: Nancy Etherton, Sandi Garoutte, Lanie Cooper, Patty Farnen, Karen Davis, Mary May, Kathy Clary, Robbe Caldwell. THIRD ROW, L-R: Mr. Gautraud, Sherry Miller, Elizabeth Milhous, Colleen Kennard, Jim Glover, Dede Boemker, Fred Mc- Cann. FOURTH ROW, L-R: Paul Damgaard, Phill Gustavson, Nils Johnson, Mike Ross, Jon Burgess, Bill Berger. lProxies includedl N ,A CouncH 2nd Semester FIRST ROW, L-R: Sheryl Sargent, Norma Wakefield, Susan Johnson, Jeanne Meissner, Dan Bearden D . . . . ayna Sleater, Dianne Lima, Carol Magliano, Miss Carroll. SECOND ROW: Mr. Gautraud, Jean Andersonl Luann Odle, Judy Ghera, Gail Guthmiller, Gayle Frakes, Barbara Carter, Rae Ella Moreland. THIRD ROW: P f St 1' ' ' ' ' a ra ing, Pam Davis, Joan Siemens, Jim Bloxham, Jerry Brooks, Craig Fleckenstein. FOURTH ROW: John Kier, Darlene Blue, Barbara Kinnan, Don Costello, Jerry Severson. fProxies includedj I I I PJM. CouncH 2nd Semester FIRST ROW, L-R: Robbe Caldwell, Nathalie Higdon, Marilyn Johnson, Dorothy Houck, Eddie Kuenster, Bill Sacchi, Darlene Tuttle, Diane Bosch. SECOND ROW: Mary May, Jay Percell, Tom Clary, Donna Draut, Colleen Kennard, Leone Lloyd, Nancy Gustavson, Bea Boyd, Mr. Gautraud. THIRD ROW: Eliza- beth Milhous, Marilee Starkey, Margaret Cottrell, Charlotte Graham, Wayne Brown, Wayne Cooper. FOURTH ROW: Jim Gunther, Phill Gustavson, Dave Minor, Jon Burgess, Howard Blake, Chuck Hamp- ton, larry Graves. lProxies includedj 95 Sem. Court .al fix , . . v 1 . v' ,A ., rv IU' .4 IQ' Hollis McCoy, Neil Gilchrist, Gary Bernardi, Dennis Rees, and Lillian Meissner, Court Recorder. Ray Rinne, Bob Hansen, Don Finta, Wayne Menefee, and Julie Fulker- son, Court Recorder. . lst Sem. President Larry 2nd Sem..CourtOffucers mms things over 'O 2nd not pictured are: A.M.-Neil Gilchrist, John Warren, Del- bert Seltzer, Don Harling, and Jane Spaid, Court Recorder. P.M.-Bill Farr, Wayne Menefee, Nils Johnson, Gary lsackson, and Karen Davis, Court Recorder. The working Student Council. Sem. President Fred. l . ,ANNE THE EXCALIBUR CHRISTMAS DANCE On December ll, the big gym was Transformed into a beautiful Christmas setting, whereupon lo lovely girls vied for the honors of Advance Queen and Attend- ants. Wiley Dixon, representing the Excalibur Club, introduced the candidates and their escorts and called upon the T959 Ad- vance Queen, Bonnie Russell, to crown the winners and present them with a gift. Chosen as Freshman Princess was Anne Hansen. Her escort was Chuck Spaulding. Jan lsackson, escorted by Larry Wimer, was selected as Sophomore Princess. The Junior Princess honors went to Dorothy McCormick, escorted by Doug Brown. Miss Bonnie Costa was crowned Advance Queen for 1960. Monty Feekes was her es- cort. 98 JAN ISACKSON-1 Sophomore DOROTHY Junior Advance Royalty PEPSTERS I st Sem Cheerleaders r b t Jum Gunther Bobby Jo Montgomey Mary Ro ers CHead Cheerleaderj Jnm Bloxham Janet Sater 2nd Sem Song Queens TOP ROW LR Jo Neumcelk Sherry Muller Barbara II L da C tr BOTTOM ROW LR Peggy Campbe In ar e Brown Bev Onlar Betty Oglesby not pnctured 5' Nw! f L97 1 1 . ' Al I , ,z 1 ! '- 1 59 White Sweater Award N NCY MENDES and DAN M Z!- 2 A 4.1. BACHELORETTE5 Pictured are: Bev Oilar, Pam Au Claire, Marilyn Johnson, Millie Branscom, Joanna Sundquist, Mary Lindsell, Jane Spaid, Joanne Evangelisti, Connie He- berly, Janice Gwin, Paulette Girous, Nancy Gustav- son, Jan Mackins, Marilee Starkey, Bonnie Costa, Dayna Sleater, Julie Fullcerson, Muriel Grace, Karen Davis, Barbara Backlund, Leone Lloyd, Joan Sie- mens, Kathy Clary, Lynn Appleton, Donna Draut. One ot the largest service clubs on campus is the Bachelorettes. Their big event ot the season was the Sadie Haw- kin's Dance, which turned out to be one ot the best ever. Miss Carroll advises the group. EXCALIBUR CLUB FIRST ROW, L-R: Charles Swope, Steve Peithman, Wiley Dixon. SECOND ROW, L-R: Jim Glover, Mel Carson, John Preston, Lloyd Swope. THIRD ROW: Mr. Estes, Alvin Spears, Gary Karshner, Don Ander- son, Bob Patenaude, Mr. Choate. Under the direction of Mr. Estes and Mr. Choate, the Excalibur Club met the '60 season ot events. Their greatest un- dertaking ot the year was the semi-formal Christmas Dance. For this attair, they erected a huge Christmas tree in the center ot the gym and decorated it with the traditional blue lights. It turned out --if to be a most beautitul dance. C4 ian.. HORIZON CLUB Pictured are: Cathy Briggs, Dianne Kohler, Lavera Holmes, Shirley Henry, Chardelle Cooper, Nancy Etherton, Robbe Caldwell, Marilyn Johnson, Ruth Brittain, Judy Ghera, Colleen Kennard, Heidi Beedy, Judy Currier, Lynn Apple- ton, Sonia Ronlund, Rae Ella Moreland, Madeline Poole, Karen Moore, Gayle Chase, Christine Kuntz. Although not a regular school organization, the Horizon Club deserves a place in the year- book. Made up of many girls, service and fun is provided tor all. Their advisor is Mrs. Spaulding. T.A.C. lThis is a meetinglj FIRST ROW, L-R: Gay Girard, Steve Cottrell, Judy Sacchi Jim Parker. SECOND ROW: lbarely showingj Nancy Etherton, Joanna Sundquist, Dayton Griffith, Mike Ross Janet Sater, Lanie Cooper, Larry Graves, Mr. McDermid Another oft-campus organization, the Ar- cata Teen-Age Council is worthy of recog- nition. It has provided the youth of Arcata with recreation and has entertained rooters in many after-game dances. aww G.A.A. FIRST ROW, L-R: Bev Hooven, Gayle Frakes, Donna Lewis, Rae Ella Moreland, Gayle Chase, Lavera Holmes, Yevonne Kane. SECOND ROW: Sherry Miller, Donna Caligan, Kris Bernardi, Dorothy McCormick, Lanie Cooper, Pam Ford. THIRD ROW: Jeannie Anderson, Pat Plessas, Mary Brittain, Joyce Miller, Yvonne Welch, Chris Kuntz. A growing group, the Girls' Athletic As- sociation really made itself known this year. It provided rooters with Arcata Tiger foot- ball and basketball pins and gave students the service of a coat check at many of the dances. Mrs. Watts and Miss Van Horn are advisors. I04 4 VARSITY CLUB lPart of ith FIRST ROW, L-R: Doug Brown, Bill Berger, Joe Sarboe, Dave Minor, Wayne Menefee, Dayton Griffith. SECOND ROW: Dennis Olivera, Gary Bernardi, Larry Larson, Jim Carterby, Dennis Macomber, Phill Gustavson, Dale Potts. THIRD ROW: Ron Dolf, Tom Thomsen, Mike Stillion, Larry Wimer. , if? ff X FIRST Row, LR: susan Counts, Ramona Gutierrez, Jerry Galles, Karen Potts, Mrs. Stodder. SECOND ima RIFLE CLUB FIRST ROW, L-R: Eddie Akin, Mike Derr, Yvonne Welch, Shirley Clarence Voss, Cramer, Susan Walker, Chuck Danforth, Don Meek, SECOND ROW: Randy Ghilarducci, Jim Eastham, Jim Flinn, Mr. Millar, David Gross, The "Riflemen" A.U.H.S. JUDO CLUB FOURTH ROW: Lloyd Kipp, Jerry Seales, Phil ROW: Karl Pellatz, Charles Clayton, Manny Dickinson, Ricky Hall, Paul Silva. THIRD ROW: Jim Turn- tine, Larry Gibson, Dave Silva, Mr. Walto'n. C- if vs Z 'Throw hir-nl' N 1 ., ,mf ' I rw K '9 . I , A' 'xg if . 4 "WJ S A ,A K X .. ,- 1 ' 'A X The Judo Club in action- Karen "congratulates" a green belt honoree, Reynolds, Dave Garrie son, Bob Dolahite, Pat Donovan, Mr. Meyer, Jim Beach, Jim Meyer. 1 . GOLF CLUB FIRST ROW: Tom Thomsen, Don Harling, Doug Brown, Dennis Olivera. SECOND ROW: Dave Perry, Jeff Ziegler, Al Lorenzo Mr. Cady. The Golf Team met these opponents during their '60 season. "Oh, Yes" if's Dennis. l GOLF SCH DL LE Match Aprll Aprn April April April May May May May BUSINESS CLUB Flying Tigers in Practice 28 4 Euteln Fottuna at DLI 'Norte Country Fortuna Club Me at 'SL Berrmrds Qt. Bcrnurds Del Nortc at Furek'1 H-DN Champion ships The ladies of the Business Club offer a toast at their "I'II take that magazine" S. Little Loren flips over it all. VST f ,f f The girls get into the act. L 1 -1 KEY CLUB FIRST ROW, L-R: Dennis McDonald, Floyd Fuller, Ron Brown, Fred McCann. SECOND ROW: Doug Mudford, Dennis Filkins, John Busby, Bob Garzee, Gary Chapman, Rich Stewart. THIRD ROW: Byren Dahlen, John Carroll, Jim Gunther, Wayne Fuller, Ted Dirn- mick, Dale Potts, Mr. Anderson. A fine service organization, the Key Club sponsored a fund-raising proiect in order to purchase a living memorial for deceased students. With an "Ugliest Man on Campus" Contest, the club hoped for money enough to buy a tree to be erected in memory of those students who had passed away. F.F.A. Seated with advisor Mr. Richter are, Tom Lindholm, Larry Moxon, and John Windham. The Future Farmers of America group has been one of the rnost active. lts members have done exceptionally well in competitive events so it is not uncommon to read of this club's accomp- lishments in the newspaper. Mr. Richter advises the large group. WE APOLOGlZE The Advance wishes to apologize to those clubs whose pictures do not appear in this year's issue. Special apologies are extended to the Forestry Club and to the R-K-Tan whose pictures were taken but whose photographer "gummed the works." Also to the Girls' League, the biggest girls organization on campus, we wish to apologize for not including the Girls' League Councils. IO7 Sfudm Hand qi aff- 4 n 'fp ' FI .WGA Q , .v V wi S 3 55 I v,'+-,ge . , I f L, . 7' l,..,v sa 'QQ' 'T 3' wiv ,LA 'IAF fc 54 Itgi . A .A. 'Ml X I i A .1 'L N F 1? SAXES, L-R: Greg Newton, Norman Mendes, Ray Rinne, Bob Farleighg TROMBONE: Gary Scriven, TRUMPETS: Mike Farleigh, Jerry Hub- bard, Lloyd Kipp, Dave Perry, DRUMS: Sieve VanDern1eerg BASS: Joanna Sundquistg PIANO: Donna Draut, DIRECTOR: Woody Thompson, Mu if BOYS, TOP TO BOTTOM: Harry Hershey, Ted Dimrnick, Bob Dollahire, Byren Dahlen, Wayne Brown, Dave Minor, Mike Sfillion, Steve Peithman, Dennis Ervin, Jim Bloxharn, Chris Thiel, John Busby, Rich Carvalho, Jack Srnifh, Doug Vaughn. GIRLS, TOP TO BOTTOM: Connie Heberly, Joan Siemens, Jacki Mark- well, Kit Barlow, Colleen Kennard, Marilee Starkey, Jane Spaid, Sarah Blalack, Millie Branscorn, Gail Guthmiller, Lanie Cooper, Julie Fulkerson, Jan Mackins, Kathy Clary, Mary May, Glenda Jacobson, Donna Draut, Joanne Evangelisfi, Bev Oilar, Darlene Tuifle, 1 F cfF'f5" W n..E A .sdlri I 1 xx J- 9 'H 2 ' 1 is 0- ' v 2 4- S- n.-.-f ,l ., -- V. JN. .252 ,,,..i- v 1 A ...f- K 25115 ' A C.:X':-ff if' ral., ..., Q ,. H " fi .:'?i'4? '?,2 4i..24"' IN H" tar ' ' Q: Q V ,,?,,,4, A, gm! 2 -' ' -. 4 - ' fs' Q IIO gaj Luo W abl suaqdagg 596103 peg A1191 nW 1q6MQ dumll SU Jauod uag A uo Q euueaq qg Lug auef DOVE JIJAO Q L.Uf Mod 'pue aJoW aug W ueuudeqj A199 aegeug uog 'uo43unW 1g61gA sguuaq 'AOQJW SQHOH 'a1oAaQ A1191 'weqxolg 9Ml1JEW BPQI' UJODOA EJECIJE uog uoxg Aa M ASQA1 u ueW ueq uoq uosmpuy A03 mpg ialvxpleg s uuaq 'Jays , I Agsng 'LUUH sguuag W JE 'pwuoa uuog 9! -1aqaH V U LIIJU uazey Su mug uef USSUBUSGJN QW euaqog Ao M UU 9 W yp g a Ha JE' aqa epugq 'uamog auuv -'U 'BMO 91 auuoA 2:1 CIHIHL -'9'P99G '1 'MO 1-link! :El uuv 'A1aAaq A1 suaqog au ned U UUOUPA s W Apueg POOAA Apnr M29 Moa cmooas samqeq uuv auugaof 'uasueH OWSIH fd W A19 ueq '5I9! 193 lo 'uonagad U 98 WA -3 LNOPH 0-'-'93 SSW P11 M021 AJEW .ladoog aa of Jadog qeueg aspu '1 pooM uomqg 'Jagealg euAeQ QPUVI SHE 'quolvx PUQS EJ V 3502! '9!P3 Lp: 'JS oguef 9 nnpueg ,D v A 1 s .V I I ' VY '1 1 Pi' ,., s., :pf-I . .X 2' ' . .".' 4' "' if-f . . , 1 1 i,' fr . ,grail K,7 3, A FRONT ROW, L-R: Miss Carroll, Arline Gagnon, Carolyn Franks, Joyce Forbes, Barbara Cumings, Mickey Norberry, Alon Carter, Pauline LaCaze, Betty Oglesby, Pam Ford, Gay Girard. SECOND ROW: Sallee Rankin, Darlene Johnson, Gail Williams, Janice Stenroos, Delores Johnson, Candy Jones, Charlene Johnson, Yevonne Kane, Dona Mueller, Karen Evenson. THIRD ROW: Sandra Guthridge, Claude Hodge, Rich Harwood, Ken Starkey, Margaret Cottrell, Steve Alexander, Gerry Lawrence, Alan Anderson, Jerry Patterson, Lyla Pfeiffer. BACK ROW: Larry Smith, Dennis Taylor, Tom DeVore, Gary Garrison, Jim Carterby, Ben Dare, Jim McAlister, Larry Haddorff, Larry Gibson, Wayne Cooper. 9th A Cappella The Music Department at Arcata Union High School has always been exceptionally fine. Under Vocal and Instrumental directors Ruth Car- roll and "Woody" Thompson, the various music groups have provided excellent entertainment for community programs, in their annual Melo- dy Inn show, and other musical affairs, The choice Madrigal Choir has been called upon on many occasions to perform for local business or- ganizations and has traveled the TV circuit. The Studio Band group has proved an asset to the drama department as they have furnished many ofthe productions with background music. SPEECH AND DRAMA 53? '1 NN f" , 3:3 1 53- wg ya QW - 143 r . Q Q W .5 A ,z V 'xi Q gf ., 5 r Qi -1-fum -.1-vs., a N Q ,fr 4 s ' ' N, Q 1 Q N. 3 5 , D ,L f ZM : i ' - f A - 4 l 5 4 I 'a9",' T1 . X' swf ' ' 1' v ' ' Q 9 U Q vs ' 'S U ' U 1 Y 94 X 1 :fav A g 9" , I I 5 z V I I "'m-fmw 'V 1. V 5 ' Z5 ! , fs-Fifi-3--ix 3-35 Q2 5' ,Hb .,, g A , if ai -' Y :SKSASM L f . ph if gg, . iam' 0,2451 'f 1 . 1 5' Q 'U' ' "1 V X Q' . .A"?' 1 K QgA'kg1 li . 1 " s N X :U f " '1 L V J, , , , iv? . ,- ,. X A n I . . www X95 in.. 5 2 w i 'mf M W 6 A! A , ,Q st? K wi, ffgiff Q 15.2, W Z., ' Q 52? L 'WO 'ww V -n-,.-wM.5 E: S 'Y' il 4 it Q . 4 1 N fuss.:- aww - 3 e fi +2 fm fm . i! f ay , a.!iy'.F'Q ,. f " Q j X ish? 15, I X . 9 8490 x . m -'Q . 7,5 , . 'av 'MM' K nv PM ,.. 4 ," 1 if 'L 'BL L uw-, 3 im5..f,,5 . t , S- 'i9'e3"' - 4Q,,1, is U .0 , -uv-NM Qin- ' r isle ,xg , 53 we 5 K e 'N 'F' 'I 1 f,,-af' h Am - f ,,,,',ul5., ,. . . 4 A A , .....-N --v- ..,..-nl 4- V...--I ,fw 24 1. o ' .. bfi? P - 5 'I 0 udiij' 1 4' Q C .5 s , gpg, U y 1 ' - ff' k 4. gs. , . , 'Z' "' gil "i"f'gEw4i.j' uw XF if 1 .A my F , Q, Y Q? .1 ' ,km f,.,'5gi U-' 4, W, ' ' v ' -'lnyfigd--"1 "- A A - . 4 A 5 V - . A , a?-5 4 1 V' is V' "1"A' P H f ' tai'-'?""f,.35DfJif"Jv'f'i,'ff'i"ir1, ., " 23-, P , Q W -'Y Q " Q' ' -is ln' 6' '4 fig Q ,,, '-41, 5 3g'i'5vf-ywwwjw ,NG , , .Q ,. A 331,355 Lf.. f" ' ' V -Q 4,11-'J .. Q 'Y' -,,, f 1 , " ' M r, ,J N n t Nia- Q 52? I ,jg-.Lf .K -v 1 's ' .A Q -Ou ,V V . . . I my in ,ut W, "n w W H"r'-:ww .fvzg-,F'Ny.,..,-, , ' km. ' . ,, A ,4 Q wi A A- -W, , - -?-'l'f37'i?w'., , El Figs. .I k H,.m,.' 1: - Q Mfr I -- yi: sw ...M f , , M RM 5 -"f" .,?3"'f?7l -'J'7 'J-fr er IM 2 1 ' ' N 5 , '.5'K':- Lv ',."'+:!!"AQfV',J -':f"-,Hari qw I Q Q In vi' U5 ywa. ii: fa ..,.,,, ' vu ' 'A 'I 'mg' ,1'j?ne::A7,:,M.-R"Zf lv. .- , '4' J' . :ws Xi, r- 4 if-,-Q gs-wi , L ' " Em J 1,5-a.,,,Q -W' - -'V' ff- '.'Hfi4- ,. ' , - ' : ,-wffi ' . -. p ff.: ' M -' ' f J'l"Jif1.4i' V wsu "N 1 ' 4 -s ' U I W A 'fy-55:1 '. yj-5 I-L-. 'fiagsrz lx L, ' x "q"?AY5w" 1 Muff' fr 1 w' Af 1" ' 'pk' f V . A ' 3 ff, J M, '.',.-Qj5.,5 , ff ,fl ik- ga, . jf: gqrh .,. ' 6-I'gKf, HX: . - , f., f , 1 ' V . X , Q. ,, , - , 1 . ' , I -,JJ ,. In , Q. .'sqg,QJ,1f t Mr, jg- J ,gif 2-dw rf, . ,Q QM LH bl, g, ,fb L.4xf,1:.,Q.4l Q Ag, Lwbl Vg., 1 'i iv Ag' wnf!Jy4.a f:""rlf.':' 1" -Q-f5'1i'if Hun. " 1' I ix" X' n -xbinyf .1 AA - 1 . 4 5 ,A 3-Hi, A ,nxt 4 4 sf ,I . 4 ,N N' , .v '54 l . 7' 1 4 Y L I '4,,.n,..e?fa gpy 1 xml .-,4 45' , v. np.. K I tqglxl, 4 .,fQ'-QUSUK a.,.5i-at-. 1L ' x ' 'K 'tg ' 'A 'H' 'w".fi5?5? ' -'M J ' 'iw' 'ff"q iq 3 4 ' 1-' " 41191 Fr -:im 'Q . . .I f " 9 'iv ,' , ' ' Men' YN" A I 1'..,F1', ' ,ifwl ,W 'W Q. .. e x ,. I V J t A , 'QQ' QQ-V 1 1 , - v .X f'tl'.,r'l,g:p :Kp-1,V v,i,?M .x V he Q W, K .Q - -V Q l a L bLA.m3Q1, Jwlhrg ' K x ttfnxidg jf'!gh,,1 ,Q-,Z yi. I1 ' ' . fx, A ,A 1 1, , 7:.4f,f' rf ?'f1f-,Sf ' vffgvwg-' , Q .55 . 1 ,ni Arne, . M, .L. K ',- ,k,l x-,..,-- Q , . .r J - - - 4 - fa- 1 ff'-' -.9 X .. A f" Q-'uw -.. Q! . gr -5 l.. 4, SQL, f, A,-,ww Q f 'gg , 1' " + ' 1 12, g 'A ' ' 'gffv f' L 1 ' Q "TQ '- g ' " n 1 4--f . ' fx . A ' 5 ' F w' 4 iv ' x 1 A-Tx i fu .9 f - . . V K , A We -v. 1 54 A ,yi I ,V 1 5 ffm, ' qeV.1.',f . 5"-3 l ' fd.. Af. ix., 4 ,VG-4 .J QQ. 1" ' ix .tv "1 f" -. K- vi ' 5 ' . x , '?- 'Kala , - g 'v, . Q-,5 - .A ' ' 'Q T . 4 -P ' ' R A-' ,RH-.F p.' 5 "A " "S-'J t I L r E lv., .M 'f vs.. ..- " f -- , -W' .4 D Jtnyg JZ., ' X ia ,fl 4 vi' , A :vm : W 'A 4 im, I Q Y ' I , 4 I 34291, Q V -:I f sl, n 2. A. " . f IJ ' 1 'Aw vi 'Q-At n 'xx wt"M.x Q i. A", a f rx'- 4 'Q '.!r.- - ' 'A Q, -f .. . '- -r u ' ' Q' '5 141 - I' X s s Q 'li . . 'a,X ' -.1x..1 FOOTBALL S N- -A .vga . -.'S':f.,'14 JK- . '- . I- A-.ww ' . . b ,,-Af,-4-fX'.q,s.,' hu .. A w -...M . . . - v,.n,.. ,,g,, . V . 'l ,L .. 'ui ' L'1.I1Q K i . . . .r gn-sg 55 NX 'gf' "x .. - 'Ny 1 "Q-4- X- ,. 45. ea.. . 'iff x'- ' THE TIGER TEAM " '- . we FIRST ROW, L-R: C, Hadley, J. Sarboe, B. Berger, M. Snapp, B. Garzee, C. Spalding, D. Gipson, L. Wimer, P. Gustavson, L. Poff. SECOND ROW H. Flscher, J. Brumfiel, P. Damgaarcl, R. Dolf, D. Brown, L, Schulz, M. Van, R. Stewart, G. Sobol, D. Vallerga. THIRD ROW: D, Polls, C. Thie J. Tornlin, B. Fleckensfein, G, lsackson, D. Griffilln, T. Snapp, M. Ross, T. Beach, M. Slillion, T. Dimmick, B. Dahlen, B. Dollahife, D. Ford. NOT SHOWN: D. Flnra, B. Gillespie, B. Hansen. James MCAUIEYI I20 CHES TIGER CO5 d r. Walls Ed Olwvlefa' EI O Arcafa I3 I2 QI QI I2 6 7 FOOTBALL SCORES, I959 Opponent Fortuna Del Norte Ulcialn Eureka Fortuna Del Norte Eureka 7 I4 7 20 2I I4 I9 1 To AGER5 , dlack UGEQ Mfllianl Denms Se hm Hee m Dean, P Damgaard I8 D Brown 32 M Sfllllon 31 T Snapp 25 FOOTBALL T Beach 48 OFFENSE C Hadley 12 L Poff 8 Tomlm 39 Garzee I4 B Fleckensfeun D Glpson 16 as G lsackson B Berger 10 D Vallerga 38 D Ford T Dxmmlck J Brumfuel 36 M Ross 47 DEFENSE D Potts D. Griffith-A9 G- 5050!-24 FIND THE BALL! B. Dahlen-37 L. Wimer M. Van-27 olf --11 M. Snapp-I7 s J. Sarboe-33 ..-' 3 3 I I J I D. Minor I GOT HIM! L. Schulz-26 DOIIBLIITE 30 P. Gusfavson-21 R. Sfewarf-I3 HEA VYWEIGHT BASKETBALL MIKE ROSS All Cou ty ARCATA OPPONENT South Fork Fortuna Del Norte Ferndale Eureka ST Bernarcls Hoopa South Fork Fortuna Del Norte Ferndale Eureka ST Bernards Hoopa Managers Dennus Sedlack Tom Dean and Ron Brown I 54 31 1 38 56 ,M 33 ' F ' 40 . F, K 58 , A 51 X . 3 28 F i 42 ' 63 i Al 44 . I - F 76 512: I 2' E11 Iii if 'lu QSSL- 33 vi 11 LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW LR: Alan Addison, Denn s Castanos Denns Marcella Muke Thurber SECOND ROW Rxcky Bous la gln Jett Zegler Jrn Baker B rt Bull n THIRD ROW: Terry Letz Doug Muclford Jay Burgess Jon Burgess OPPONENT South Fork Fortuna Del Norte Ferndale Eureka St. Bernards Hoopa South Fork Fortuna Del Norte Ferndale Eureka St. Bernards Hoopa 3 '?""-5 K 1. ,ov A-s""""1h-.. leg s fix A 45, I .- ef! I at 4 W ., a . '1 v I. ' 4 I os, - ' . , . .54 , nvlf I' I ' A It ?. - -'- Q' ' 1 6 5' - - , ., -I LK ,, - -.Ng ,yi TG' I .4 all . E l Q Ol A' 4 ,W I d ml: I - . if -P I 5. x nf' -,V ,, fx w 9' ' L 1. 4. .I .-Q. gym Q .1 .V r 1.1. Q 33. 'r , xx. I I My Y' 'I' 295 if wb f 9 x . V 4- RA' .iff Q- , pn nf .4 A ,Q-: r--'P mv Q.- Y x- is 1 Ad N 1, .-mf.. A ,Q-..' , . ',, . , . ,.- -- Q I 1, . . ' ' K-,3-M. ,,,. Q! ll2Ul1Q.g-glI Mir 11 - up , L .QQ 045- . sm' 121, 1' I-'rf 1 51 , , ff u.. 1, + ,HV ' , MY lvlllll is X .1 1 fs ': a15g Q43 . V, , n-fr Hmm'- ,aux ll Ti-- ff-1, . A u. Ultflliilmv .,..F. 142 Ava M Eignli, x mb ,A M' :S L - Hfshw , 5. l . 1 0 ' Q Q rt' ,pu Xxx? 'nk' 1" if . s ' i fda, Q3 lis- J 55 'Y iv'-+ I '-I. 1 ' v -x 0 rW'K IZ? M , Y 1.11 ,, Q 3 . A , 5, j. 'K ' EW Q4 - ' I 4 wQw5'f , kwin MQW L - ' ' - P 5'kw-"w . f . ' , . Vg , ' - ' fin -,j " ,',': ' . .3M:M, W L x-f,,X ':jx 3 -g w,y.wfh,J f A 5-5 :P , fir.-5 The Little League 0' Big Chief Candy Mills "Ooh! Q. ,. -. . I T pf 'r The Charlotte Wilson of yesterday it was wonderful," says Joeinne Bishop.. Mary May meets mouthful Rich Nelson: "Oh Solo Mio . . . " Marilyn Morris: "Would you please stop singing!" Bobby Jo to Jay Burgess: " You know, I think that guy has had one too many" The three Basketballteers, Craig Fleckenstein, Roy Peets, Frank Coates. 'T ,gas 11514 Jlflzfrc mp '1 l -1 1 "W 1 '1 1 The Gary Johnson of yesterday X fig' 1 is it -is' "N gl!! 001 U11 I3 Jo Evangelimi 7' Diane Kohler B911 Dare Judy Papini Margie Oliyera 1 Kris Bemar . dl and Jud V Sdcchi its Xxx , Marilee Starkey BOf1r7fe Nim S, J Judy Panini, KaOY Barnes, Janis Fabbri, Leone Lioyd n I u M- Bonnie Costa Judy Sacchi, Kris Bernardi I 1 OLD GANG Judy and Sieve Kris and Bob Leone and Greg OF Marilee and Don MINE Jacquie Dickinson ...andland2... ,Y .-. sf 9' A v ' , 6' .Lv- if K, 5 julie Fullsefson FIRST ROW: Curt Adorni, Mike West, Eileen Henry, Karen Johnson, Jackie Martin, Sonja Ronlund, Jeannie Anderson, Dianne Kohler. SECOND ROW: Paulette Giroux, Claudette Brero, Don Costello, Craig Hadley, Gayle Rakes, Todd Ivey, Joan Siemens, Julie Fulkerson, John Warren, George McNeal, David Johnson, Steve Cottrell, Jane Spaid, Tiny Cooper, Dennis Nickerson, Floyd Flores. Teachers are Miss Turner and Virginia? CES 3RD GRADE 1 1 4 I fl A nv' ' IN "'I ' , 7 A, U4 . K. 'F' - l rfiilmj I J S d 'I Farr Oanna un QUIS Sdfey - 'f Gay fgake I 3 56 CAMPFIRE GIRLS, L-R: Paulette Giroux, Dianne Kohler, Joan Siemens 5.-S '54 Julie Fulkerson, Gayle Frakes, Jane Spaid, Karen Johnson, Sonia Ron lund, Marilyn Malm, Barbara Smith. joan , Siernefls , K ir Q Q, . I -K 'Y , l . ,ta . . Deanna - Dillon fe, fm' . Ron Dow Bev and Larry What s thus, Peggy?? What a Dash! I34 The Jr. Thinkers?? Football -5 v. A The Gustavson Team Nancy and Phi! I m Gonna Cut yo head off, keed Champ team Mac -Dennis Larry G0fDorothy GO SLAQKS OUT LEVES UP Several restrictions concerning campus dress for students were decided upon at a board meeting on November 10. Girls may not wear slacks Gr peddle-pushers to school. They will he required to wear "accept able" teenage styling in skirts, dresses, hlouses and sweaters. Clothes must be large enough to insure freedom of movement, and they must be neat. Boys must wear their trousers at waist level with belts. Shirts must be huttoned to within one button of the collar and must be tucked in unless the tails are squared. The Studio Band played for many dances ri 'Q 155: w . 52 E -vi' .E il is an 4 .w.,. --.yqwvh 5 MTM S... W . 1- is Q , Z 1 , .1 3' E ff? , NX f A 'f Bonnie Costa 60 ADVANCE QUEEN W8 .IM

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