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 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1959 volume:

I. 1 1 x 5 -.1 NX xv-. LL Ny fg +3 f W-.. 1 1 'f A ff 1 ,QI f -, I fb V4 V n f-. S lf!!! Aw W V l lj I , . 1 L iq fx ,- 1 x V , I 1+ A Q ' ,Af X , , X I 1 w K ' J X. x x,x M .I I ,JI ' A A V . , if 1 ! - f 1 : if ' ff U , 4' J 3 ' 1 r ' 1 4. -.X A X ff Y l. , 1 f- I- 4-' X: , L ' xl - Y h b L, ,S 'K' . y, I I 1 I tw L 4 1 V , , v : .. I W G, R J ' A 4 X A . 'N :gf ' ' XX fl V , 4 I . J J X , I ' w ' , W I 4 ll 1 X A 1 I 1 V l x ' ' 1 X Y I X F . q ' if A Xxx' X- , ,X x . X -. I X' 1 V Q- , K ' j Q1 ' -. ' f, A , K, ' Q l 1 ' I 1 , I. H' 'N .A fly, V f 'M ' 'I ' I . A I rx - J sl Rf x. 'P' -, I A'-5 . X9 why, . V5 I - ,, M4 V. R V. . - 1- K V Mxkxi V ' L Q Q Y LV , Y 'Q N .ki ,. N J 3 I X05 xx , J, L ' "X d Al V ff ,,' 'r' x V . 5 f- xg- R- F My ,QNX 'U "X Xi? N '- , J ' A L , W iff lsmdx- ,A VT.,-, X Y " f Q!!! - 'N' it 'xl fy ' ri ,- ' ' ' -, 1 1 5 'X' V, - " if iv 11. I 1 ' ,f J .tj X QQ 4, 1 .J-yu 14 Y f 2 V ' kgx. .- L V 1 M 1' pf, ,L Q , - i I , KL v 1 fl T' Q lv 7- A: -IA! X N ' ,g ' Y ' f A , ,L K V ' 51 3 N: " ,p WX X -.J R 'Q' fn I'-f ' " I ' 'JJ' ' I ' f" A 1' wk , 1 'Y 1' L' HV '-: ., .J .NI 3 , J 2 J , ' Q rf H X V x A' t ' I ' ' ' - 1 i Q. I ' 2 A '-4 f 'L I - ,719 4. 1 I' off kr I k Q " 5 N J - Q , I A ' Q' -xx Hg -4-VV NQVXV J N A ' 1 -1 L ful? P l .L X J Q S ., ,. H LL W I N, 1, 1 ' V H is Y A 1 , I I I ,, I ML, 1 , X L", K xg :Q J 'I sv 1 , ' 1 ' , IJ il " k , 1 x A , . 2 ,f-.ff y A' . fa. L .fu , A 5 ' X . in V. ' U DA U j " Qt H" Lf 'fx J 5 " -Y 1 IAF ' L wk. -A ' X ' N-' 'K K W i F XL.-U ' -,Q , ' .X ,ji v in ll ilflu I v ' + AV, --Q ,.,, ' gf, 5 ' i 1. -' f D' ,fi A xi - -1 4. - ' 5 274 - he -ff If f -" S , 9' 1 , E . U Q A , 1 - 51' -, ' l v . 1 ' ' ' A 1 ' ' X ' ' ' A - , Y . F '- A 1 -AN 3 i ' xl 'K A ffx 1 I f f X aff, R i 1 , , i 1 I H X, e ,L '59 ADVANCE fa iw-ms 'Bae 3? we ,fag fi? wp YK I f X"-QQ M K xvQ.,, M Q Q51 " 'ik ,JE v A"' 2 Mya ww m 5 if 'W iw MQ, W Q H ' , 'mba is Q : k",f?"i5 - My B X9 95 N' I , A 'Vw W av 1 . 1 'fy Vista Ywe., .si iw 5 3 7 751 ff 1 41' x v N 1 xf X 1. EDITOR Servrng as Business Manager for The I959 Advance has been one of The mosT rnTeresTIng and valuable ex perrences of my hugh school years I vvlsh To exTend my Thanks To Mr BuT gerelT Tor has advzce and help and To all of The gurls who gave up Thelr noon hours To sell Advances I hope ThaT Thus book wall bring back To every sTudenT many pIeasanT memones of expenence shared dur Ing The I958 59 year aT ArcaTa Hugh S9QLM,MllIXmIl.llusw.J FORE WORD As EdlTor of The I959 Advance would luke To Thank all Those who have gnven Thenr Tnme and help To our sTa I Thank especially all our sTaTT mem bers and Mr Jann our advisor Mr Seely our phoTographer Mrs Ander son who has helped us IH counTless vvays and The ArT DeparTmenT for The posTers They conTnbuTed To us IT has been a Wonderful experience edmng The Advance and I hope you enloyed vvorkrng on IT BUSINESS MANAGER I TT. , 1 - - will enioy reading iT as much as I have I 6 R6 lx XXRX Q gk Xxs fsxixa-wx xx xii? S' Exiiiwib lf V7 lib J x xi. U ,L gsgiisb. A F i A-L xx E Ns 1 Cl -'T 'gxsix k?:i: Qi-X Rf CONTENTS DMINISTRATION :PACULIY CLASSES 1 .1 I 1 ATHLETICSX ACTIVITIESX Ni-IL X , I l '- 'X Q NA X I ug :fun-in x X 3 X- . xl xx -Q X F ' wx, Sv ' K wk --Y' XE! LB ix N x - - K , Q5 N3 X X- Q wx A X Q A 'C S9 V X K TA. Q ' fl-S -X X . - ' ' W TX g 5 N K N. tb' x A -X w R N fx -2- x 5 L A 7 ' -4' 5 X X ,fi L K X x X Rh x X X v 451' 9, K -. V' V' 97, X NX 1 Q. , Q5 KX N 5 S. J V f 6:7 'TX xx Pg. T czxd -I, K2 kj. f R -.VX A. -Ex .. 95" 17 - - L' s. ka. Yu 1 7-Q is ' -7 vffj, ,Vg-f Y 1 A - R. Cx b H. vhfygj Q Q Tvs NN X 1 Q X7 ,SL i X 1.J'u , ' --5.7 Q X A 'xx -' x .wi f'f 'gf' NX, x 'N N Ex' viii ,- V I K Q1 Y ,, XJYIG- 35.11 jk LZ? ' l x 1 'S x Q X xqx K -x X - c -Ng fi Xb X 'Q X - .5 XX X-, , xgx., K X -1 I g QQ Ni , Y? Xxx, X JL, jr' J T f L4 y' Z P , 1 ' M j LL' i I J Rf' . lx V L K x K V . 1 ' , 1 1 V ic' JLG L L ,M7Lfl ."'t' j r M J ' -f ' 1 , ' '- Q C , " , L ' 1V LL I -,IL f L V A 1 fi h , DL N A 0 P t W ' -bi' 1 1 Q f 1 N' 7-.' L, pf ' ' ' X Tuvb ffC'7T -f ,' ' zk 1 t' J L V W 1, L' ' I U 1 ' ' ' ' , ' I., DEDI CA Tl0N We dedicafe 1959's Advance To The Arcafa Tigers, symbol of our Y 11, school s irit ,a morale. .U -w ,L ' J. V 1 QL , 1 , 7 ! 7 ft , I. LV I -L, I LID A I 4 J L Z 0 L7 I Li- 'VL Xlncfyo 'VM I . A, wg, ,,, ' 1' ,L ' if . f 40' I ff L 11274 jf f 5 J -1. 7' - 4" I ' I ' 1 . ' ' 2 .1 L y ,,7 2,1 if I LU gl. f 1 1 ' I .J L KIL K lv ,ll V! V fl hi! n K 'iffy' . , he ' '71 wb' 4 L I 1 7, My ff I , L 4 fl fp 0 77' 4 ,z W! 7 f 0 ,1 , ,lf A, Le A L X10 IL . lf, V, W1 1 I 4 1 'Da A If 1711 fb J Jfpf D7 L77 A 1 L ' 4 , Rf: -f H, 45 MJNISTRA TION A t a ! ,1 ,Q 'X ,, . fu r 5 N , u , 1 . 1 1 ' , L iivg - 1 X X, x. ss 1' ,QQ 5 H ,TQf4f"Z:7f- 1 Twig f DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL MICHAEL CHETKOVICH BOARD OF TRUSTEES Left to right: Perry 51. John Alan Morrow, Stewart Fuller Mrs. Margueriie Flemming, Sec refary, Mr. Sorem, Superinten denfg Ivan Krestensen, Jack Moore. MRS. ELIZABETH ADAMS Office Clerk THOMAS ALLEN Attendance Office, World History MRS. DORA ANDERSON Secretary to the Principal ALBERT BABICH Business Education MISS LURA BLACK Orientation, Social Science English I E. R. BROWN Orientation, U. S. History MRS. FLORENCE BROWN Director of Guidance GEORGE BURTCH ETT Forestry Wi? JOHN BUSBY LEE BUTGEREIT Business Education if Aga., A, ., ff' 1- ziwi if X' Ubs . -.,. "f'T""' 4f"'wk Orientation, Social Science JAMES CADY Boys' P.E. MISS RUTH CARROLL Vocal Music ROWLAND CHOATE Math MRS. VIRGINIA COSTELLO Homemaking ERLING DAASTOL Social Science, Senior Problems IRVEN DAVIES Business Education MISS RUTH EVERSOLE Latin, Spanish MISS EVELYN FIELDING Girls' P.E. MRS. MARGUERITE FLEMMING Financial Secretary PAUL FLEMMING General Shop ALBERT GAUTRAUD Senior Problems, U. S. Econ.-Soc. KENN ETH GELATT General Science History History, MRS. LILLYAN DAVIS School Nurse F. W. DUNLAP English MRS. RAE GRAHAM Business Education HERBERT GREENBERG Senior Problems, French, U. S. FRANK GRUHN Business Education MISS LILLIAN HAGOPIAN Librarian MISS ROSE HAGOPIAN Homemaking is I MISS PATRICIA HAMMOND Orientation, English DON HENDRICKS Agriculture ROBERT HUGHES Boys' P.E., Coach WALTER JAIN English, Journalism, Publications RICHARD JARBOE Math MRS. EVELYN KOHLER Hornemaking SANTIAGO LAHOZ Spanish, English DAVID LANGWORTHY Orientation, English MRS. MIRIAM MARKS Orientation, Social Scien K3 JAMES MCAULEY Health, Boys P E Coach HERBERT McLELLAN Speech, Drama English Orientation JOSEPH PARTRIDGE General Science WALLACE PEDROTTI Math, Electronics, Physics FRAN K POWERS Woodwork EARL RUMBLE General Metal, Power Mechanics MRS. GEORGIA SCOTT Orientation, English HOWARD SIEBER English, Instrumental Music MRS. OLGA SIMPSON Crafts OREN SMEDSHAMMER Counselor VERNON SMITH U. S. History MRS. LILLIAN STODDER Health, Girls' P.E. :E IL C' S. T' MRS. MARION STEN Senior Problems MRS. ANNA SUCHANEK Girls' P.E. WOODROW THOMPSON Instrumental Music loco-1 O-lD"'lf50"l RREN TINDALL Driver Training MRS. BONNIE VERHOUSKY Girls' P.E. LOUIS WALTON Math, Orientation ELDON WATTS Boys' P.E., Coach MRS. I RMA WATTS Girls' P.E. MRS. ELEANOR WEATHERS Orientation, English CUSTODIANS FRONT ROW: F. Fisiolera, F. Fisher, C. Christensen, E. Payne: BACK ROW W. Buck, E. Richards, J. Gier, M Wilcox. QLAIQ3-ET 'RA-r 'J ' ee' oseo QNX: ASMARJK - O CAFETERIA PERSONNEL Left to right: Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Swansron Mrs. Wagner. BUS DRIVERS Left to r' hr W Austin, R. Brunson, R. Gribben, C. Hubler, ag . . M. Ogden, E. Henry. ii: CAMPUS SNAPS H- Comm dow U 4 What has she got'? Bank of Amenca Award W 'nfrers Lmi'iq.5-' NN are YOU gomg we Hi, There! 51.3 B , ,lm f 41,101 1 , 5 21 'C if 1 N Nui' F H452 4 1. 9 X' l an X, 5 , .A X -Q 9 'V , :C- 34 236, 44" ,mg wr: ,Q " ,. W Q , 'f ML I I , 1, ,, f . .fu -1 4, 4 M ,N ,,.,. M., WU, -Q4. ,pm nf ' W J ,, dugg, . w 7' 34 54 Qf,, 7 ,M x I s -w 1 in I, , K if " 4 ' . 1 A 'A ' 'T F M f , L' 4 i at 4,4 ,A M 4 M,wAN,,.-1' - "A A , ff""""'r N H AMW W ga af. 1 , ...X R 6. fm 400' WILLIAM ABBAY Fnrst In Lune JERRY AGGELER "One Woman" HAZEL AHO "Graduation Day" ik- 'S SHARON AMBERSON ALICE ALLQWAY Do you want to Dance Say " Agam SIDNEY AYER Oh Happy Day "Jim" HWS "Ain't Misbehavingn BECKY BACKLUND Thaw HM AZEVEDO BUD BAIOCCHI Gotta Be This or HAROLD BALL NEAL BAKER "TeII Them That You "I'Il Get By" SGW Me" TOM BALLINGER Beat Out That Rythm on a Drum" cf' 'Cb 'K- I VIRGIL BARTLEY "Solo Flight" 1 15 1-fieww TIM BENBROOK .iv "The Man On the Flying M. T' ,Q Trapeze" NARLENE BANDONl "Hold My Hand" FREDA BANNISTER "Over The Rainbow" DARLENE BAUMAN "With This Ring" KEN BAY "Goodbye" BETTY BEARD "Mad About the Boy" CHARLES BECK "A Guy ls A Guy" DEE ANN BERNARDI "I Get a Kick out of You" LOIS BERNARDI "The Best Things in Life Are Free" ,fi xr bk. sk' , ' 925.15 t .,A- - 6. W JENNIE BARNES "lf Dreams Came True" 76- TA ,...,, X JOSIE BELLER "Little Josie" C' gh x R051 X. Vx. ,I .4x S -N : -'.4..g 1 -sf-LA-I , --,M.. FERDINAND eusswlus Yrrfl, ,. , L ' I 1, 2' 13 :lv Q, 4. 1 as Q 5 f I p " l T ..... ' I 3-'u igi elif. 5. Q XIV - 3, . I V . .,, , Wh Wa 54 fi 6 fu..-f ,I N.: 3 , gg,-:za liifrxgl '- lfvm X JON CHASE ft- "If's Almost Tomorrow" D Q' ,W "There Must be a Way" MOZELLE BULLEN "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" JUDY BURGESS BILL BUTLER "Billy" FRANCIS BYRNS "Baby DolI" JIM BYRNS "My Jimmy" TOM CAPPS "The Joker" TOM CHRISTIAN "Tommie" BILLIE CLARK "The Sunshine of Your Smile" "In My Own Quiet Way" OTI-IEL BURLESON "The Impafienf Years" 4' ' gm 'limxg-,Q if yy X I I PAT CARTER "Because You're You" 3. E DON COMSTOCK "Year After Year" SANDRA COUSSEN5 Fortune and Dreams JON CLEMENS "Undecided" JERRY CLEVENGER "Opportunity" WILLIAM CONN ,TH TWH MANUEL CONTRERAS "Who Wouldn't Love You" OSCAR COOK Lets go to a Party ROY COOPER Ever Smce We Met PAT CRAIG Chantulty Lace BOB CRAMER Happy Huntmg JOYCE COMBS "Because" CLARENCE CORNWELL The Boy Next Door Q lk . 4. QM-5 3-qv l QQ cv STEVE CRAWFORD "No One Knows" MIKE DAL PORTO 1 Tnger Rag GERRI DAMOS "Simplicity" CAROL DANIELS KEN DAVlD "A Wonderful Guy" "With a Song In My , Aw 4 1 f f-R y Ivy? . 3 'W ini? Hear?" PHIL DEAN 4' . 4, 4 Mr' ' -97. "lsn'1 it Kinda Fun" JOE DENMAN Tull Theyve All Gone Home SANDRA DEROSSETT Flurfatfon Walk YVONNE DeVORE Truly Truly Farr fN IS 'L- 'YTQ DARRELL DILLON DARLENE DILLON From a Jack to a Kung Love Makes The World CHARLES DILLS go Round" "Beyond The Blue Hori- zon" -MQ 4' wi' LINDA DUARTE "Small Talk" BARBARA FAUSTINO "This Happy Feeling" BLAIR DIXON "By Myself" LUCRETIA DODGE "lt's Good to Believe" IDA JUNE DUTTON "When You're Smiling" SHIRLEY EDEN Moon Must NIK ELLIS GEORGE DOERSCH "No Help Wanted" 'E' fwonderful, Wonderful" GERALD Emclcsow it' SONYA ENGLIS "We Belong Together" MONTY FEEKES "Smiles" WESLEY FENCE "Just Because" "The Secret" C .g, 'Y HILDA FLEISCHER "Will You Remember" ROBERT FERRIN I Want to Be Happy DUANE FLEEK mis FEUERWERKER "GH Happy" "What win Be wzu ae" JEAN FLEURY "Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair" BARBARA FORBES "A Ceriain Smile" JOHN FORD "Air Mail Special" BARBARA FOX TOM FORD "Count Every S1ar" "Live and Let Live" BOBBY FOX Hey, Good Lookin"' JACK FRAKER Forget Me Not JUDY FRAZONI "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" EINAR FRITZ "There's Music in the Air" STEPHEN GODWIN "I Spoke too Soon" SHARON FRANZONI "Memories" COLENE KTOOTSIEJ FREDIN "Moonlight Becomes You" CURTIS FULLER "Nite and Day" SHARON FULLER "'A' You're Adorable" ARMAND GENDRON "Many a New Day" RAYELLE GILARDONI "You Mean Everything Me" JOAN GOEHRI "Sweet and Lovely" WELDON GOOD "I'm an Ordinary Man" EVELYN FREEMAN "Sweet and Sentimental" EUGENE GIROUX H1-he Keyu Q 'E' ELAINE GREEN W .JT - 3- . T 51 1.-0 ' rg .A I 'X A ,,, - 5 S Ai - RICHARD HAND in Haidm' My Time" "Where'er You Walk" JOYCE GORDON "Oh You Beautiful Doll" DONNA GREEN ART GRAHAM "Lady Be Good" "Blue Skies" LARRY GRIFEIS "Unchained Melody" CAROLYN GRISWOLD "There's Nothing Like a Dame" LARRY GUTIERREZ "Little By Little" JIM HAGOOD "More Than You Know" KENNETH HANKA l'll Get By" HOWARD HARTY "Someone Like You" MARGIE HALL "Moonglow" Qrfx E' 'ii wa. 6 fx B -U- I Q ,I xi-' 15" ws 'CTI E? : of " MARION HARVEY kpc "Trus1 In Me" ALLAN HARWOOD fig A I 1 A G. . k r, X 'Q BONNIE HENNINGS "I Could Have Danced GEORGE HENDERSON All Nighv, "To Know Him Is to Love Him" MARTIN HESSEL "Come Rain or Come Shine" "Are You Having Fun" ROD HAVER "Wine, Women and Song" Six, H x"!' x MARY HITT Sophisticated Swing , "' X Young Enougi' Dream" MIKE INGHAM "Mr. Wonderful" VONDA HUFFMAN "Yes, I Know" EARLENE ISAAC "A Thousand Dreams" CAROL HORN MYRNA HOLLIS "Love In BlOOm'f X x if ?'3.'L'1P4: I 12556 V7 h-.qu 415 VICTOR IVY "Te" Me WW' DEANNA JOHNSON SHARON JANNEY "Racing the Clock" "A Little of Heaven" RICHARD JOHNSON MAXINE JQHNSON Open the Door Richard "Sweet Dreams" .11- 'I 5, ROBERT JOHNSON "Anything Goes" .. . ,, .,., , ,031 .,, ,, .M.,1V 1, ' vin ,wx i s ,5 .4l".g'R -,, S. 3'-'ga ,V ,, - :vw . , .afw ' ' 5 'flfg 'Y ll it .III 2' GERALD JORGENSON My ShouIder" SON KEAR e Most Happy Fe a" WILLIAM KATRI "On the Farm" Q' 'G r ' D Q I ' 'There's a Rainbow over R I ' Th II Y , 5 GARY KEENAN MARTHA KEELING "The MUSIC Man" "The Girl Friend" JAY KELLY "But Not for Me" J' .fall .1 1. ' -iw: L' T ." "'. .lt 2 9 x IL.:---' -'H ' Lf ax vs. ff'- x 1. . ,f PENNY KELTS A-H T., IIt'sHSo Easy to Fall in RUTH ove !"'b'y 5' RON KEMPTON "Real Wild Child" l .A XR Q I' ? fx 9 ' 'N MIKE KINZER , . JANICE KING "Terror of Highway lol" if-N-v "So Rare" Q fr 'RQ MARVIN KITCHEN "Anything Can Happen" ,.. iv- Maybe Tomorrow' MlKE 3 "Lady Luck" .iz , 1" 3 X ELAINE LEAZER KENDALL "Please Love Me Forever" C- , 'E' gr' 22. 715. Q..,,,' DARREL KOROUSH ' LARSON "Doing What Comes Nat- JUDY LANIER Ufa"Y" A GREG LAWRENCE "Have You Seen Her" -...Z Hmpezeu Y NN L IGHTON 'SHA VO E E Nga: ' "The Very Thought of lv' 3 gi 1 fa' tw- ,A ,-Q., ff Z X b . KA X 1, Drifting and Dreaming" VERLA LEWIS I I5 JOE LEITER "People Will Say We're LENNOX Lewis in Love. "I Love a Lassie" RICHARD LIGHTHILL "Happy TaIIi" I3 Qi FLORA LOVING "Accentuate the Positive" MARY LINDSAY "Nearest Thing to Heav- en" STEVE LIONBERGER "You Can Depend on Me" DON LIPSCOMB "On the Sunny Side of the Street" DONNA LIPSCOMB "Exactly Like You" WANDA MALLORY "Beautiful Love" SUE MARQUE "Playing for Keeps" If-uX ir" EARL LIPSCOMB "Open up Your Heart" I -1--' is 715 .,., V E J' Q?- u ' Q If. ix u, R rr- 9.4 1453? s 'Ds RICHARD MCCOVEY "There Must Be a Rea- son" DAVID MARSH "Sports Car" MERRIL MCCOMBS "Beg Your Pardon" RUTH MAYS "All the Things You Are" PHYLLIS MCCRORY "That's How You Can . N Tell They're Irish" 5 BOB MCCUTCHAN "Say If wiih Music" T x an--' I5 JOHN MCDOWELL "I Know That You Know' BETTY MCKINNEY ' - RICHARD MCKINNEY Forever and Ever MILLY MCDOWELL Be MY Love "Young Dreams" LYNN MEDARIS S VVonderfuI NANCY MENDES A Star as Born "1 U Lan' 4 2 R GEORGE MERIDETH "Too Young for the Blues" ELLEN MILI-IOUS "Thanks for the Mem- fu gx cries" K I. 1 ua E A MARGARET MILLER . x- JIM MILLER "Brown Eyes" E ! Ymffe Thmgs I Offe' MARJORIE MILLER .-f OU "Margie" " . K xy I TOM MILLER Exif., 4- 5 "He's in Love" VC?" Q7 JUDY MITCHELL "Because of You" 4 L- N MARLYS MORRIS JANET MILLER "Golden Davs' DENNIS MORGAN "I'm the Man of the Hour" FRED MORGAN Let It Ram Lmle Sfar up, T CAROLYN MOSELEY Semumental Me ,Aus '93 I pol 93' h S 'N '16-1 .w 'fb MIKE MUESSIG "Out of This WOrld" EUGENE MULLINS Smiling" NAOMI Musserz ORDELL MURPHY "Fw 'O Love" TV' "Free As a Breeze" LLOYD NANSEL "When Irish Eyes Are BOB MUMFORD "Take a chance" N60 v2 gf' 'Q ' X A' 1 V I rs 4 N A f,,x "To Each His Own" TERRY NEWBILL "Dream Boar" BARBARA NEWELL "Can't Help Lovin' Tha! Man" KAY NIELSEN CURTIS NIELSEN From a Class Rang to a JOAN NICHOLS "Stardust" "Jus? As You Are" wedding Rlngu PAT NOAH "I'Il Never Walk Alone" 5' T77 1 FRANCHOT NOTHEM "A Good Man is Hard to Find" , I 1 I icq. ,E Rig' VIRGINIA PATTERSON "So in Love" SHIERA NOAH "We'II Meet Again" GARY NOBLE "A Fellow Needs a GIrI" PAT OLSON "Beautiful Dreamer" GEORGE OWENS "I Love 1I1e Ladies" FRANCES PADGET "Getting 10 Know You" ART PARKER "Dr. Jazz" ELLEN PAYNE "Topsy No. 'I" FRANK PAYNE "The Day Isn'1 Long Enough" DOUGLAS NORDBY "Jos1 a Dream" 312' 14-r L M CAROL PASQUINI "It's a Woman's World" X in OAJ V C' '12 ' 1 f 1 Q6- HELEN PAYNE "Topsy No. ll" LEROY PECTOL -'Vx MAC ARTHUR PAYNE AMRO," "My Dreams Are Getting Better" J H : 1 V L A-ta I A I x , 'xy -V. .V . -. ,. H in - f,if1Tf.Z 1 ' A f f' 2 ' FLORENCE PERRY 'W 47 JIM PELHAM "Shaf19ri-la" ,NA -V "Ah! Sweet Mystery of JANE'-L PI T na Life" T 5 ' 3 RAY RASSBACH "A Guy Without a Gal" "Love Me" PHIL PORTER "Just Because" JOYCE PRESTON "Hey There" JIM RAY "I Wish I Knew" HUGH RAYMOND "Wonderful One" MARGIT PRIESTLY "For All We Know" 1 C-X CT? 'N-J JOHNNIE RAYMOND "Ask Anyone Who Knows" RICHARD REES THELMA REECE "Melancholy Me" TOM REYNOLDS RON REMINGTON "Friendly Persuasion" "I Have Dreamed' "Mr. Touchdown U.S.A." BONNIE RUSSELL "A Preiry Girl Is Like a Melody" DON ROBINSON "Day By Day" MARGIE ROCHA "Faithful and True" GARLAND ROGERS "Strike Up the Band" BONNIE RYLANDER "Ain'1 She Sweet" CAROL ST. JOHN "Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue" RAY ROSSITER "Enjoy Yourself 1 1' EDNA SCHWAB "Always" , I 'wp-' EuzAaeTH sims "Sweet Little Lizzie" IRENE SANTOS "A Sweet Old Fashioned CONNIE SATER "She Walks in Beauty ow Deep e Ocean V777 'ff .rw , L Q l 35. in I GW, ELTON SCHULZ 1 '- , "H Is Th Q . ' A H ay' LYLE SCOTT "l Don't Mind Being Alone" ARNOLD SHARPE "Don't Fence Me ln" MARILYN SHEPHERD "Marilyn" BlLL SHEPPARD "Golden Toe" ARLENE SILVA "Dark Eyes" RITA SIMONS "There will Never Be Anorher You" BOB SHOLES "Gotta Get a Girl" 3 lf P"'S A I LQ 6 I rf V- -A 1 ata "TIF" X JIM SKAGGS "Just For a Thrill" BARBARA SMITH "Carefully Taugl'1T" BEV SPALDING ELLA SNIGGS "Confidential" "Sincerely" EUGENE STAGGS "Easy Street" DOROTHY SMITH "Down Yonder" '03-0 1' 'T' ft.. 3' 3 JACK STEPHENS I Got Ryvhm KAREN STEPHENSON JUDY STEWART , Angel "He' J tM B'lI" ,, , . S US Y I I Dont Clanm to Be An 'YN JUDI STRAUGHAN PATSY STONE "Happy Feet" Bundle of Southern Sunshineff RICK STROMBERG "Mr. Success" 6.- -of 81:7 1 'o ,n VIVIAN STONG "Street of Dreams" SONYA SUNDQUIST "Someone to Watch Me" MARTHA SYKES FRED SUTTER WW Umm" Sometumes Im Happy ROY TAGGART They Didn't Believe Me gt :Q ELENA TANPERANI A "It's All in the Ga re BOB TAYLOR Where Do We Go From "Ask Me No Queshons Here RAY TIDWELL "Something Wonderful The World ls Mine SYLVIA TOLLEY "Angel Eyes" 71? ROLONDA TRUMP A La Mode qv-5 'QT ROLLIE WARREN "Money Isn't Everything" .JIM TOWERS "Because" ROD TRINE "Standing on the Cor- ner" LAUREL TWEEDY "Love Me Tender" JUDY VAUGHAN "These Foolish Things" JOE VUKONICH "With a Smile And a Song" BARBARA WALKER "Sweet and Gentle" BONNIE WEBER ,fsohlyu BOB WEGER "Lover Doll" JOHN TROMBLEY "Time Waits For One" 1'-13' GLORIA WARD "Someone Like You" 3-X ANN WEST "Wedding Bells" NELSON WHEELER "l'lI go Along Wit That" CARLENE WILKERSON GRACE WILKES This Love of Mine "SWee' DVSGYWS TOM WILLIAMS Honky Tonk VICKY WILLIAMS "How 1he Time Flies GARY WINDBIGLER f DAN WILSON Memories Are Made o "Jus1 Like a Man" JACK WORTHINGTON Man With The Horn' I Believe ALICE WYIVIORE Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" JUDI YARBROUGH "The Lady in Red." KEN YARBROUGH "Nice Work If You Can GET lf." 1 . ' n 'r. , ffl. B, 'Qi , Bonnie ALLEN ZWEI FELHOFER "Adios." I Le! 1 J' I ' 4 Q. i 5 1111111 Are you concentrating? ' n Seniors at it again! The honorable ludges Dahlmng' SNA PS . . ,.., .. . 1, -, -M "' A , kg- V. . hh I , 1 . M .41 , V - 5? . . Qffgf, 14 Q 3' ,Tl 1.4, W I I' I 'pi' ..rd.g 'K' M16 ., 4. S34 ":1k"'2!"-ff". ' 'f'4,'v 'J'-wir '-516. ' - V 1.4 'ev 5 . 1 :Q -X-4' 'H ' ,. l ' ' " " 'B 5 zu.. f-ifa ni f J Q' ',. . - f 1" '-A I -. 1' ' ' if 1 1" '4" l ffl J-tx I" - A '. 1? 1 JA? Af .Lgf49gtu:vr- '--- 1:--Rl P ' - T " .4 f' ' . ' ,ff---+jf,. ww.---11 ..+ 'A-f ' Faster, faster, faster !! Baby Tootsie. .gg X Watch out below! S. Linda, who's your ' ' friend? Wow! What dolls! Sexy Jo. One, two, three, kick! What 'cha doing? Remember? .14 if 4-..f. Do ya like it? .sg A sh. -Q. J Sweet little Nancy. N5 Gary, did you go boom? foot! 4 ' 21. hm" mf. , OFFICERS A 1 mf 'fm 5 GW 'f",1ff , X, , .1...-..w.,,- Presrdenr .......... .......,..... P AT PLESSAS Vice President ..... ....... KA REN STRAITING Secretary ....... ....... J EAN ANDERSON Treasurer ....... ......... J UDY PAPINI , k .. ' 131 "Aff 9, 1 fn 4 ,SLT f , 4l 9 y 4 a uf .SV Grace Barron Ted Beach Arnold Beck Carol Begley Phil Begley Roger Benda Troy Bennet Bill Berger Gary Bernardi Krisfeen Bernardi Marvin Bernardi Charles Bescker Janet Bicknell Bonnie Black David Blake Jaxine Blaine Sarah Blalack Sydney Bodda Dennis Bolsinger Bernice Boodro E -' I if y. - u 'x . N, 1.5-' I .. n .. , .- -, fresno ,e- Phiiixvkfaddlson - TS Bill A irexander Dlleallane Anderson e Gan! Anka' Donald Arms ANWBZ irorig Felix X Judy Afseneu m ,muclaire Pa Auppefle Ka ren Chyisllfle JOY all I J wr 841 1' ar' BaCkuE5 - ker Dormls Ba Gerald Bakke VernOn Barlow ce Bames X E I Y qi , X. B Faye Burgess Bevery Burshem Marvene Busenius Donna Caligan Richard Cambell John Carey Alon Carier Jimmy Carterby Carol Chezem Sharon Chezem Nancy Cochran Kathy Cody Jerry Conklin Kirby Cooper Linda Cooper Ronald Cooper Wayne Cooper Richard Cosby Bonnie Costa Don Cosfeilo goyer Ziggxi Bradfmd Brannon Jricxe Branscomb Ciaudene BrerO ,l Cxarente BYCN Marv Brmain award Brow' red Brown Kennv Bfown e Brown Xfivdaegrgrumfeiid Sharon Bfyam Ayiene .larice Eugen Bueu I i sr 1 ' U 3 , Leland Derrick Larry DeVore Tommy DeVore Jacquie Dickinson Marilyn Dickinson Deanna Dillion Toni Dobrec Glenda Doercsh Ron Dolf Christena Dorsey Joyce Doss Verna Dotson Pat Doty Meredhh Douglass Gene Dunn Jim Dunsing Sherry Dyer Sandra Edie Dennis Emmons Dennis Ervin fell Sieve Col' Ted Cfane . Crow? lagiicin Crutchfield KBY Cummmgs Judy Cwle' . ke Charles Ben Dale Karen D Beiiv ,.. - -14, ai ll -. K f .lim Da Damos George Danfonh David Dale aviS h Davis JO n Dealon Bm DeLofi9 C? Dixie Foster Angelo Fraga Gayle Frakes Jim Franke Art Frazier Faye Frizell Billy Fulk Julie Fulkerson Joyce Fuller Marilyn Gallagher Stuart Galles Dorthy Garcia Sandie Garoutte Karen Getz Mike Giberson Mitchell Giberson Dianne Gibson Dick Gibson Neil Gilchrist Paulette Giroux fl :A X sg- K 5 . Teresa Es 9 ngelisti Joanne Eva . jartls Fabbf' - FY' . ill riot Fam aulk .lerrY F' Dave Fmafl Don Finta Hank FiSCl'Re' k Norman F ee FloYd Flmesd Darlene Fo' ck Fold 'la Sfef Fred Fore Leslie Forestef 1' tg -x. -" Jennie Haight Betty Hall Jack Hampion Susan Hancorne Judy Hanka Bob Hanson Helen Happ Don Harling Randall Harlow Gary Harper Herb Harrell Jim Harry Audrey Harvey Rich Harwood Gloria Hayden Roger Haynes Veronica Hendrix Carolyn Henry Donnie Henry Ronnie Henry .Arn ' 134' ar' ' 9. , " 1 14" 'Q . K V 4 I lv' ! "xx , , 1 W., if r " ' fx qv. ' Q-. 'vi f -ff r X - ' 7, xi? ..-J Tom Givins b. Genevieve Gob l Bob Goodrich Marreen GraC9 Muriel Gface Jerrv Gfahames joanne Gfav Graves liiilrion GMM ia Marnyn GrisW0 K Gross Jane Guiiexf a Leon iav son s Nanf-Y GU .n nice GW' 'ia . Hadlexl CralQ ri Sharie Heh YY Dann Claude Loul Y Y Herman Hodge E Holcomb Rae Holden Jack gl as Todd Ivey Glenda Jacobsen Jim Jacobson Robert James Sam Jansen Gary Johnson Karen Johnson Mary Alice Johnson Nils Johnson Penny Johnson Ruth Johnson Ted Johnson Ted G. Johnson Alfred Jole Pat Jones Sharon Jones Vivian Juchtzer Yevonne Kane Karen Kerr Duane Kilmer xl ,, Hosxetlef Fran House Gan! Howald All An bble haHlJaY Hubbald . bbard 22rllJkl'luddle5l0n ala Human Cgirry Backson Sharla lflne 'wax l ,4 A. in G v S' ., Linda Lionberger Phil Lipscomb Phyllis Lipscomb Barbara Liston Leone Lloyd Doris Long Mary Long Jean Loper Asenith Loper Frank Lorenzo Bob Lower Leon Lowery Eugene McAllister Elaine McBroom Margaret McCann Jim McConnell Jimmie McConnell Hollis McCoy Alexis McElyea Larry McGin1y Raiph lcirk John Kief Eu9e'le FranCl5 Kohl Di .fly 'Hr 1 3 'la xi L Q V 'ki' We 04YX1L icon KYOW' Floflf' Kraasch anne Kohler e Laidlaw 'lerrl l-anmp Geraldlfle Lalson Pauline l-a Caze Lefiler line lllflaa LeHha'f Virglnla lewls Bm Lmdbefg Tom L, X if - , --Q V 'la xo ol 4 M ,sm Lmdholm Larry Moxon Sharon Meek Lillian Meissner Wayne Menefee Fred Millard Doug Millsap Dale Mitchell Pat Mitchell Leanne Moore Leroy Morris Mike Morris Maurie Moser Larry Mott Jim Mouhon Tony Muir Curt Nelson Tom Nickel Johnny Nielson Carl D. Dertner Bev Oilar MCMUYW Kafl'1Y Bill Maclnnes kins Jan rltiailmcomber 222 Magliano Bennl9 Mage' Bill Mage' Howard Mann Fred Manzella Jim Nlamum .lam95 Marlon Dan Wnln , Donna Mafmws Darrel Nlallle Melvin Nlallla Q 9 5 43 IQ i .4 f.- ,J l .4 , !+"1'? wx , Xx X AQ' I Q wi' l x . .ad .,..a Warren Percell Lyla Pfeiffer Lois Jean Pialorsi Sal Piazza Mildred Pickard Pat Plessas Kenny Poole Beverely Ray Carolyn Ray Dennis Rees Barbara Rex Allen Riley Jerry Riley Ray Rinne Roberta Robertson Christine Robinson Sonia Ronlund Sherry Rosenlund Mike Ross Russell Rounds 1 l Y sl ,-v .J I . I 6-f "-A "4 1--1 1 Mancha Qlivera Fred Olivefa. Dennis Ollvelra Carol O'NelllxS Pe99V Owe Mickev OWU!! Gavle Ovlell Y papim Judy Clase nm Pam Barbara Parker Jim Pafkel ks Karen Paxgarmenher earifia D X y50l'i lrene Pal l Blaine Edo HNQ ' .J N4 '23 1 -.4 1- ,en 1 fl e ' - 'W Sh ,f 4 Q , 3: w l' i Nancy Sherwood Marlene Shinn Harriet Shore Kurt Siats .loan Siemans Dennis Simpson Dayna Sleater Ardelle Sloan Bill Smith Charles Smith Jack Smith Larry Smith Gary Sobol Joleen Sobolik Darrell Sorrenson Jane Spaid Alvin Spears Jolie Spencer Marilee Starkey Jerry Steele 9, 3' fs' if 'G' .2 Q- . ' r 4. 1,-, -G t Eugene Ru Q on X .ne Rulo S , E al us el Erf0l R s chi J dv Sac :nila Sadler .l ene 5chaUPP Darl 5 havpp Gam' Sihnieder Ellen Jam6S Scot' effY S2 Wendell Sem ales ore Delbert Seller .lame5 Slleelsd Bert ,loh Shephef n Shefman ai 'Si ir G it L.. 1 Jackie Taylor Jim Taylor Anita Theobolt Floyd Thomason Dorthy Thompson Jackie Tomlin Larry Turpin Ron Vaverka Richard Vaverka Shari Visser Bobby Visser Emily yvakeland Gale Wagner Betty Walczar Ronald Walker Betty Wallace Louis Walton Ronald Ward John Warren Toni Warren xeeves lq rlefie S n iihzrlene Stephenso Carol grey enS Linda 5'eWa'l Mike Slllllon Stfeafl Ken Pa, 5trinQe' SummefS Ralph - Joanna Sunqulsl N4- N my 3 ri W ,no ,- N I X , David Stiller d 5w0Pe Lloxlen Suanng ljalnice Tankelsley a Dennis Tyler x eixzabvl' lay or 1? XR Corber Wasson Tress Way Deanna Web Vrrgrnxa Kay Werrup Betty Whrrchurch DarreK Wdharns Sandra Wdhs Georgra Wdson Orrrn Wdson Pairrcna Wdso Larry Wrmer John Wrndharn Don Wrnnett Judnh Wood Lrnda Wood Arhe Warden Dennrs Workman PxshXey Young Chuck Younks .hm Zweriewoier Between classes, Yakllyl Yak! 53 ,J '-4 x x , 0 M Q ,Ala Mf' John Zanotti H 0 What are you trying to hide, girls? Bottoms up, Sherry. SNAPS I 1? Q fr Sa' ' L4 ' 1 .ff r .. 9 'fa Joyce ' 'ff if . -1. I g Q Vunr it 4, it . Q ,gui Joe, is that you? Come and get itl V fri , f, ' nag U E fl, 4 4- My goodness, Carolyn! diff if Giggle, giggle. 0"i-- Q y V : 5 ff' s Ready, Marlene? E, 1 , ' 5 . Q si! ' H 5 w'yaf2g 3 I . 1 g "'! ' 4, ' " - Rila? Lazy! S191 Cornfoffable? No drinking on campus. K -x ,I X V I 1 V Y , ,. xg-SL .R fswi- 5 77 V , gl fmt!! ' f Q A V r Q J' 4 ' f Y 'A iii , K 2 'VV ' f A :inf A i V' is "" Q P2 - va if ggi 4 , Www ,. .5 ., ,A Y 3 A , , , , , . T. , f - Q5 3 ZA I 6 19,5 , .-',, f, , in 17 , . V , ' N 1.111-V ,v , m jxw . 1 ,-gym . A,M,1,.s1'5,g'! ,A , 'I' , J fy- M - X, , , , N, V, , M v . 5,5 1 . M W A A, I , K. ix Y K l somom ks CLASS o Flcsns Q 1 5 A J -il Y uv? ',, V A W , f V J, 9,32 AJ ' , I ws -,xi i v , fi' Q 4 if -, "'N A --IA A, ,.. II 1 QM ,, ,, W f M., .hfziiiiqf , f My if 4 A if , fx, 1 A wg.. 'fi I......Ma..u-W f iy, 'i'5','fi:f5-Q 4 4315? L53 'gi . ' fs yi ,sg 4. A fuk ,.,,,, L wif I I 5 A Q ' I i l President ,Quk ,,,,, ,,,, DCR OTHY ' f ' 5 i -Vice President ..... -M .......... DOUG BRUWN 1 z :mf 1 1 B mm ww . , . w - Q Trdasurer PAM FOR am 2 QU if . 55 Zi- s,-,. A . Ll. y , .,' S Margaret Baldwin Thomas Baldwin Robert Ball Rosie Ball Pat Ballantyne Marlene Bandoni Erroll Bannister Cynthia Barker Clifton Barnes Ann Barr Pete Bass Charlene Baumgartner Bill Baxter Donald Beck John Beck Orby Beck Martin Bednar Heidi Beedy Sharon Bennek Howard Blake James Bloxham David Bolt Fred Borges Marion Bossinas 56 Q f all uv A R . F 1 i if 'th is A s fr.. I H .1 Carol Adkins Albert Albright Diane Alfson Kathy Allen Rex Arnberson Kathleen Andrews Carl Anderson Gene Anzini Lynn Appleton Gary Armstrong Lin Joe Ashbrook Sue Atkins John Aubrey Vic Bacchetti Barbara Backlund Q ,NN 'T . N i , 1 ,Q he - if 'ra as Paul Bolt Meredith Bowden Jim Bowen Cathy Briggs Ruth Brittian Betty Broadway Doug Brown Linda Brown Nadine Brown Ron Brown Howard Brundin Bethel Bryant Barbara Burney David Busenius Amos Buttram x 'nf' , X Darrell Byard Bill Cahill Denny Caldwell Bobbie Calender Peggy Campbell Pat Carey Frank Carpenter Ray Carpenter Dora Carr Barbara Carter Richard Carvalho Johnny Christie Bill Caldwell John Carroll Mel Carson Jesse Carterby Michael Carver Kathleen Chandler Gary Chapman John Clarenbach Gayle Chase Mary Clary Marvin Clayton Frank Coates Al Diane Dalporto Paul Damgaard Evelyn Ann Davis Sally Davis Deanna Devel Jay Dickenson Ted Dimmick Larry Dodge Gary Dodson Jerome Dodson Bob Dollahite Pat Donavan Henry Duarte Don Dunlap Ron Dunsing Betty Durbin Donna Draut Larry Eaton Vaughn Eachus Harold Egbert Linda Ellsworth Carole Erickson Jane Everett Gene Farris 54 sa Sharon Coats Jim Colpiis Jane Combs Sharon Commer Gayle Conlin Sharon Conner Lorraine Cooper Ralph Cornwell Elvin Coulter Curtis Cox Carl Crook Bob Currie Byren Dahlen Darrie Dake Janet Dake . l s Q a Kathleen Fehely Kathleen Figueroa Mike Finan Beverly Fish Rich Flannery Bill Fleckenstein John Flemming Joyce Forbes Lorraine Forbes Betty Ford Bob Ford Dick Ford Pam Ford Virginia Ford Don Foss N gp- x ,L 'vggxx ,, .Q Patsy Marie Foust Mariorie Fraser Mary Fraker Dee Ann Freeman Ed Freeman Ken Freeman Jim Freeman Lucille Fritz Bernice Fuller Wayne Fuller Dennis Fusi David Garrison Bob Garzee Carla Gendron Lee Goehri Susan Vee Gevas Jayne Geyer Larry Gibson Don Gipson Patricia Glaescher Tony Goddard Mary Golden Charlotte Graham Ronnie Graham 1 pf! 1' J G .M , 'i WM Charles Hein Elaine Hemphill Tom Henderson Harry Hershey Sharon Hickman Gary Hodgson Rodger Halliman .llnme Holm Kayla Holmes Lavera Holmes Roger Holmes Lorraine Homan Berverly Hooven Anita Hovston Bob Hoyt Kenneth Humphrey Sharon Hutchinson Frank Isaac Charlene Johnson Darlene Johnson Kathleen Johnson Marilyn Johnson Norma Johnson Candy Jones 'ff Della Gravenmier Pat Graves Dan Green Sandra Guthridge Jim Gunther Richard Hackett Richard Hale Sandra Hall Jerry Hames Gerald Hammers David Hard Barbara Harriman Billie Fae Hartie John Heath Connie Heberly lnez Jones Jerry Jones Judy Jones Leon Jones Merle Jones Robert Kane Gary Karshner Jay Kasbaun Rosalie Kelly Pat Kirk Carol Kleiner Colleen Kennard Bryan Kent Lloyd Kipp Eddie Kirkpatrick 5,1 tb 5 , .1 xx A X. in E X, x 4 ' .ex 'T 3 X XA , 1 l It I 5 D ,. x 'S n Leonard Kitchen Lee Klutts Glenn Knause Leo Knudtson Perry Knudtson Cecil Krueger Christine Kuntz Lucille Lakey Arthur Lange Doug Larsen James Launer Harrison Leazer Ronnie Ledbetter Judith Lemons Donna Lewis Deanna Lighthill Dianne Lima Kay Lima Lana Lindsay Sharon Lipscomb Laurence Locken Lee Anna Long Arlene Loo Janet Loper .J 'Q 'V' R' -9 J l N. Darlene Mathews Mary May James McAllister Betfy McAninch Kaihy McArdle Dc rofhy McCormick Pat McCord Dennis McCracken Jane McCracken Marianne McGaughev David McGinTy Carolyn McKinney Jim McKinney Marian McKinney Leona Meade Russel Medaris Ardifh Melvin Dorothy Miller Joyce Miller Sherryl Miller Candy Mills Pa? Millsay David Minor Pat Moehnke '-if William Lord Al Lorenzo Janice Lower Carolyn Lower Donna Lucus Mike Luce Herman Lunsford Mike Lyns Michael MacGinnis Chris Maloy Richard Maple Dennis Marcella Joe Marine Lois Marion Barbara Mashak Q 'G Z mg 1 X ft ' an i, ,., e .'J Kent Monroe Bobby Jo Montgomery Larry Montgomery Gary Moore Gerald Moore Michael Moreland Rae Ella Moreland Nancy Mullins Jo Ann Nansel Claude Nelson Ellona Nelson Lynda Nelson Nina Newell Marsha Newton Fred Nielsen .J "'Y Q- ig Ni l 'v if 'fir lx f. q 4 n A ,' 1' ,, , l Kaflf' Y4 -3' V . bfi si Q -,. 'U f. Us Qv Q9 's K ,,y sf.: 5 A. f -vw! f ,111 Josene Niemceik Mary Nottingham Susan O'Connor Betty Jean Oglesby Ronnie Ohlson Jim O'Neill Diane Ortner Ede Oschatz Charles Owen Carol Owsley Paul Paine Richard Parazoo Pat Parker Robert Patenaude Jerry Patterson Meta Paugh Joan Perine David Perry Mary Perry Arthur Pettersen Bonnie Pickard Larry Pitcher Larry Pollock Pam Pontoni 1 Q Tyna Lee Rimley Mary Rist Orville Roady Mike Robershotte Martha Roberts Mary Roberts Karen Rochlitz Sharon Rochlitz Karen Rone David Ross Sandie Rusher Bolo Ruth Carl Rylee Stacey Sacchi Troy Scarbrough Billie Schmid Lyle Schmidt Fred Schuler Mary Scholer Lowell Schultz Barbara Scott Ed Scon Gary Scriven Nancy Seales 5 L l i -1' Q? ' x .ef Charles Poor Benny Porter Dale Potts Betty Pram John Preston Toni Ramos Desmond Rash Roseann Ray David Reece Frank Reininger Bill Ren Maxine Reyolds Jackie Ricci Gary Rickards Roy Richmond 40 1? J ,Q-qv! Jerry Severson Eleanor Sheppard Shirley Ann Shockley Joe Silva Lois Silva Jerry Simmons Bill Simpson Dianne Sloane Maxine Smart Carolyn SmiTh David Smith Glynn Smith Jeff Smith Richard Smith Ronald Smilh 1 X . , in , ia., . - Y iijs K3 is """ LM' Barbara Sobol Chuck Spalding Tom Sparrow Sherman Siake Ken Starkey Janice Stenroos Don Stephens Lewis Stephens Richard Srewart Terry Stewart Jim St, John Fredricka Sfubblefield Gary Sundquisr Charles Taylor Don Taylor Fred Taylor Rose Mary Taylor Gay Terry Chris Thiel Claudie Thomason Beverly Thompson Charles Thompson Eleanor Thompson Ruih Tidwell S. Pat Wakeland Carol Walczak Arthur Waley Paulette Warner Pat Warren Tanna Warren Jim West Mariorie Whipple Waynell White Clinton Whitehead Joe Whitfield Larry Wilcox Virginia Wilkerson Jerry Willett Irene Williams Bonnie Williamson Dennis Wilson Don Wilson Eleanor Wilson Hazel Wilson Peggy Wilson Tommy Wilson Jerry Worth Vicki Wolverton sf: as Q mst lu : John Tostie Lawrence Trump Lou Ann Turney Jim Turntine William Tweedy Katherine Twitchell Barcus Twombley Dan Vallerga Mike Van Stephen Van Dermeer Pauline Vanoncini Helen Van Pelt William Vaughn Frank Vukonich Norma Wakefield WL I sf-or an-.. Barbara Yocum John Zanotti Jeff Ziegler Alfred Zwiefelhofer Paul Wood Doyal Wright Evonne Yaple :QA . Q. , ' N Whew! What a Class. ,Ll '91 9 1 ll? A '---Q., 71 . 37 Toni Warren SNA PS f ,uf " A Dee Ann Bernardi The lineup. Winking again, eh! Sorry, sir, I didn't mean it! 'x gf! JD Really, Alon! Leadership Conference ' fan 0 , A . f' -f .2 by ff, A c Always eating! ,gs s ff' !-M -lr . ,V xy 41' VJ' A ' 5 li ' fr 1 . S ' . 'A' . ,. 1 5.55 S I ri Q Summertime! l .. . '14, Q.. ' be S " Ken David S J John Ford X1 I I Ray Tidwell and Irene Williams 3 " hm .Q . " 1- ' 1 ' -16' Nl Qqx ' National Merit Scholarship Eugene, Kathy, Carol, Barbara. l xfx A L nl-lm il . ' X - Steve and Linda Lionberger Ready, Sef, Go! ,pi if E , FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS , PY nr ,,...f "T'.-fi . 2 r...-"' .x-.. I -1? ff, ' 4, fy , 'Q gf DAN BEARDEN JOE SARBOE . LANA LINSER GAIL HIRSCH BROWN 3 AND 4 FIRST ROW: Darlene Tuttle, Tom Reed, Nancy Sholes, Mike Hayden, Dale Baldwin, Gary Stove, Bonnie Mitchell. SECOND ROW: Gloria Lindholm, Sharon Wood, Deloris Henry, Patricia Roel, Kathy Jacobe, Sharon Huggins, Joyce Robinson. THIRD ROW: Glen Walden, Linda Griffis, Gary Turner, Burton Bullman, Ross Crampton, Judy Kier, Janet Sater, Sally Strand. FOURTH ROW: Terry Henry, Greg Newton, Judy Hendrick, Dennis Barker, John Taylor, Gary Mason, Cecil Lewis, Ella East. BUSBY 2 AND 3 FIRST ROW: Patricia Jackson, Bobbie Jones, Jessie Summers, Pat Ham, Judy Smith, Loraine Capps. SECOND ROW: Bob Beam, Mickey Morton, Bonnie Perini, Fred Oscar, David Holliman, THIRD ROW: Don Howarton, James Butolph, Danny Woods, Gerald Michael, John Darling. CRITTENDEN 3 AND 4 FIRST ROW: Romona Gutierrez, Betty Silva, Linda Hubbard, Danny Smith, Juanita Nimmo, Gene Brannon, Larry Summers. SECOND ROW: Cherie Garoutte, Linda Kiser, Karen Potts, Susan Walker, Sam McGIathery, Sharon Sibie, Mr. Crittenden. THIRD ROW: Frank Rone, Fred McCann, Shirley Rieki, Dennis Castanos, Bill Early, Shirley Hardy, Pat Grilley. FOURTH ROW: Bill Taggart, Kenny Newell, Randy Ghilarducci, Tom Abbey, Charles Crook, Don Meek, Karen Hutchins. ,Lf L HAMMOND 2 AND 3 FIRST ROW: Beverly Bloodworth, Pat Carroll, Dar- lene Reeves, Karen Vaughn, Jesse Conn, Deneta Mayton, Vern Rosenlund. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann Lopez, Donna Schroeder, Judy Reid, Merl Clemans, Mary McCormick, Karin Russell, Jan Clarenbach, Miss Hammond. THIRD ROW: Dennis Ford, Ralph Hobbs, Donny Graham, Clyde Fuller, Mervin Payne, Jackie Isaac, Linda Rice. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Dolberstein, Delane Bender, Jim Kyle, Yvonne Welch, Ken Finan, John Crowe, Jim Shumard. LANGWORTHY 5 AND 6 FIRST ROW: Ann Kerr, Barbara Patterson, Kathleen Boswell, Bill Acorn, Bruce Hayes, Charles Hames. SECOND ROW: Frances Richardson, Vera Lakey, Lois Lewett, Donna Mez, Charlene Bryant, Claudia Blake. THIRD ROW: Steve Luttrell, Richard Bous- Iaugh, Richard Morrison, Harry Handley, Vernon Rylee, John Collins, Jim McLaughlin. FOURTH ROW: Robert Trump, Weldon Yable, Douglas Cobb, Jerry Roach, Jim Lundberg, Melvin Barwon, Rickie Hig- gms. MARKS 5 AND 6 FIRST ROW: Roberta Wear, Diana Clark, Eddie Thayer, Harry Jones, Janie Franke, Gay Jackson, Vida Ehly. SECOND ROW: Mary Watson, Richard Sutter, Dolores Dudal, Lois Tierney, Elizabeth Milhous, Peggy Carter, Sherri Lake, Donna Hutch- inson. THIRD ROW: Lynne Hopkins, Layne Van Gundy, Danny Wentworth, Marlene Egbert, Richard Doss, Peter Payne, Stella Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Joe Sarboe, Terry Dickinson, Gary Robertson, Joe Burgess, Duane Fredrickson, Dan Brownfield, Fred- die Smith. MCLELLAN 5 AND 6 FIRST ROW: Sharon Porter, Susan Counts, Cheryl Gibson, Myrna Workman, Shirley Cramer, Gail Hirsch, Nancy Etherton, Mary Ann Beller. SECOND ROW: Franklin Howell, Carol Lockett, Gail Guth- miller, Mary Daniels, Bill Kohler, Ruth Dingler, Jimmy Stout, Leroy Bamburg. THIRD ROW: Rich- ard Schroeder, Pat Whipple, Ralph Long, Janet Parks, Eugene Brundin, Chenette Hake, Bob Gia- comini, Paulette Belsey. FOURTH ROW: Merle Pickrall, Don Schiltz, Jim Osborne, Merl Ward, Dick Owal, Larry Fleckenstein, Pat Bender, Don Owens. MEYER 3 AND 4 FIRST ROW: Carol Parks, Josephine Fernleaf, Carol Magliano, Frances Yaple, Vernon Scriven, Donna Jones, Carolyn Frankes, Chatlotte Crane. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Morris, Judy Erickson, Diana Frazer, George Mosier, Mary Skedmore, Tom Holden, Steven De Vere, Karen Binder. THIRD ROW: How- ard Kamperman, Vernon Moyer, Kent Sanders, Judy Ann Knight, Pam Davis, Steve Peithman, Lana Linser. FOURTH ROW: Jim McKinney, David Plessas, Robert Guffy, Francis Woods, Veron North, Lang- ston Glasscock, Lewis Clevenger, NOAH 3 AND 4 FIRST ROW: Vivian Dean, Ruby Contretras, Betty Moon, Betty Simmons, Mary Lou Dake, Sharon Long, Sharon Phenix. SECOND ROW: Judy Ghera, Pat Fraker, Susan Brim, Phyllis McCoy, Eric Brun- dage, Carolyn Dunlap, Carole Knowles, James Conklin. THIRD ROW: Russel DeLong, Sheryl Ran- kin, ,Louise Steckel, John Busby, Dwayne Owsley, Eugene Larry Larson, Luana DeSpain. FOURTH ROW: Delores Howard, Mike Simpson, Judy Arsnson, Don Salchenberger, Jerry Brsoks, Mike Quxier, Earnestine Stevens, Deloris McConnell. NOAH 5 AND 6 FIRST ROW: Janice Banducci, Pennie Pelroy, Susan Cody, Rita Dabler, Bette Beshears, Charlene Rod- gers, Chester Aggeler. SECOND ROW: Sharon Osborne, Jerry Galles, Dennis Sedlock, Albert Gagnon, Maria Gazzera, Dorothy Holbrook, THIRD ROW: Beth Walker, Ray Loper, Janice Roderick, Ruth Ann Devery, Joan Alexander, Karen Moore, Barbara Millerbis. FOURTH ROW: Don Jacobson, Keith Stephens, James Damgard, Virgil Muncton, John Gaughan, Larry Holland, Max McKinney. SCOTT 2 AND 3 FIRST ROW: Donna Hubbard, Dorothy Miller, Eliz- abeth Ferreira, Darrell Buttram, Stephen Gevas, David Patterson, Steven Crockett. SECOND ROW: Peggy Deaton, Jimmy Borges, Mickey Norberry, Loretta Bishop, Shirley Stanley, James Andrews. THIRD ROW: Edward Aho, Colin Luisay, Jack Mc- Call, Everett Stone, Linda Poletski, Bob Smith, Bruce Breitmaier. FOURTH ROW: Lee McClure, Jerry Sumter, Ward Weaver, Robert Green, Don Smith, Brice Burger. SMEDSHAMMER 6 AND 7 FIRST ROW: Terry Paquin, Joe Scott, Edith Schnei- der, Mary Ellen Bednar, Meralyn Bakke, Arlene Gagone. SECOND ROW: Gary Story, Melva Sund- quist, Larry Higdon, Marilyn Clark, Charles Auton, Gary L. Schneitter. THIRD ROW: Helen Thacker, Sallee Rankin, Gail Chandler, James King, Dwight Mullins, Max Pectol, Sharon Brewer. FOURTH ROW: Tim Fehely, Tom Kern, Myrna Gage, James Tay- lor, Georgia Miller, Margaret Cottrell, Jane Smith. Os .-Q 'A 122 Jf WALTON 2 AND 3 FIRST ROW Carolyn Ray Jay Johnson Jere Smith Chardelle Cooper Marty Mannzella Terri Evans Don Meredith SECOND ROW Cindi Bradford M rian Semore Mark Bernard: Jim Ryan Jill Fischer Barbara Cummings Jeanette Flescher Mr Walton THIRD ROW Ann Gibson Virginia Master Barbara Wilson Donna Kollar Beverly Pontoni FOURTH ROW Charlene Dave Penny Stephenson Jon Bur gess Jim Hollis Phillip Gustavson Richard Nel son Claude Fuller Patricia Ann Wilson WEATHERS I AND 2 FIRST ROW Bonnie Twombley Nickey Noah Lar ry Thacker Carolyn Reynolds Kathie Sirnas Geor gia Musser Edith Ann Hill SECOND ROW San dra Van Carrie Simpson Judy Clifton Kit Barlow Mike Farleigh Dan Bearden Otis Walton Jan lsackson. THIRD ROW: Alan Addison Merthella Gleave Linda Vanni Charlene Smith Shirley Col- lins Jim Eastham Jim McCoy Barbara Pickle. FOURTH ROW: Patty Posey Jim Bartley Sonny Visser John David Ronny Prewsser Tom Thom- sen Lee Roy Noah Janice Larsen. WEATHERS 5 AND 6 FIRST ROW: Virginia Preston, Frances Tolley, Michele Heninrici, Roy Schuster, Sandra Ledbetter, Carl Lenhart, Nadine Houston. SECOND ROW: Diana Nelson, Bea Boyd, Patricia Straiting, Bob Jones, Don Anderson, Norman Mendes, Sheila Woodward. THIRD ROW: John Ferris, Ted Bare, Jay Burgess, Janise Martz, Susan Galloway, Michelle Kleiner, Jim Burnette, Shirley Herman. FOURTH ROW: Ben- na Williams, Rosemary Doersch, Eddie Prindle, David Smith, Melvin Krei, David Moore, Paul Eg bert, Tom Dean. ACTIVITIES ex x i 'f i Q? Y, Q, , ,i .4 ry' , MONTY FEEKES, President Top To bottom: JEAN FLUERY, Secrefary JOYCE PRESTON, Treasurer NANCY MENDES, Assembly Chairman RICKY STROMBERG, Rally Chairman EUGENE GIROUX, Traffic Safety Chairman RUTH MAYS, Head Cheerleader DEE ANN BERNARDI, Head Song Queen FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT BODY OFFICERS FRANK PAYNE, Vice President -9 , 1 'nw A 'S COURT OFFICIALS FIRST ROW: Tim Benbrook, Carol Pasquini Steve Lionberger. SECOND ROW: Tom Rey nolds, Ron Kear. FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES I HIL 5.4 1-J , . 4-0 1 vi Q1 X 1... Q L-I,KE-l im gs!- ., .Me!4zl1 1 -1' 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Alfson, M. McKinney, M. Baldwin, R. Mays, G. Ward, N. Gustavson, D. Sleater, M. Norberry, P. AuClaire, C. Garoutte, A. Carter. SECOND ROW, left to right: I. Feuerwerker, J. Aronson, S. Dyer, D. Bernardi, H. Thacker, J. Safer, S. Garoutte, F. Loving, N. Mendes, L. Pfeiffer. THIRD ROW, left to right: K. Moore, D. Caldwell, F. House, C. Kennard, E. Tanferani, K. Strating, J. Everett, K. Holmes, J. Papini, G. Frakes, L. Cooper. FOURTH ROW, left to right: C. Brett, J. Brown, D. Sclwiltg, S. ,' j7L Peithman, G. Chase, P. Gustavson, G. Chapman, D. Gipson, Le Poor, A. Graham, C. Spalding. ' A ' Top to bottom: ELLEN MILHOUS, Secretary JOYCE PRESTON, Treasurer DON COMSTOCK, Assembly Chairma DEANNA JOHNSON, Rally Chairman JEAN ANDERSON, Head Cheerleader SHERR! LAKE, Head Song Queen 4 ...fn-P-0 -- fa , rua, DAN WILSON, President fl SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT BODY OFFICERS RON KEAR, Vice President -A 'I' .3 li' COURT OFFICIALS All JC , V .. 9 'DO Ii L-f C3 " ,B AA',,-. Wk. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES E. Groux, P. Dean, J. Fleury, S. Lionberger, D. Finta. AAL- LMS! QU 4.-J ,'-4 Sy ,, Q.: Ill 4 'fs Q0 LBJ FIRST ROW: M. May, D. Freeman, J. Bugeniq, S. Janney, I. Feuerwerker, S. Woodward, B. Oglesby, M. Reynolds, D. Pafferson, S. Peiihman, D. Tuttle, P. AuClaire, N. Mendes. SECOND ROW: C. Graham, K. Moore, J. Smith, V. Williams, L. Homes, J. Reid, P. Olson, R. Moreland, K. Davis, N. Gustavson, L. Cooper, B. Backlund. THIRD ROW: D. Schilfz, M. Hessel, P. Gustavson, L. Graves, R. Hale, B. Farr, J. Burgesls, C. Brett, J. Preston, T. Lindholm, J. Busby, D. Bearden. S in PEPPERBOX STAFF FRONT ROW: Bonnie Rylander, Mozelle Bullen, Vicky Williams. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Duarie, Joyce Gordon, Ruth Kendall, Janice King, Irene Santos. BACK ROW: Bonnie Rylander, Mozelle Bullen, Vicky Williams. ADVANCE COURT JUNIOR PRINCESS 2 ,Q SOPHOMORE PRINCESS ADVANCE QUEEN FRESHMAN PRINCESS SHERRY LAKE 8I HON DAISY MAE BOP CHAMPS PHIL LIPSCOMB and JANET DAKE 'I H ,.-aim. I DAISY MAE AND L'IL ABNER 1 W - ,Jr 1 F.F.A. SWEETHEART SIL VER PROM CANDIDATE a Q si as 4 1 ul.. ... v 133. ,. ---fu-q if V X Q, K5 gr Y ga? -f'-S 'Q N, Y , ms V P V dbx O . '-V A K" X 'I' fag." ir' ,A ,D X ,, mx if :sign I' n5 i , Q5 " Q ' X mmf 515. 4 5 HI 5 ,lj di fm La! Y fx f fb as A Q x A 'Ib fn ,ff 12 'rag 6 Q1 1- W ,gr 'Rave W il tiff 1 094 I 'S MJ S' fm W ' HH?4iq mfg ' . . fi ' v' 1 j"? F34 35 i w A, u 'f 1 . t A, ax L- ' 2 I-W 2 " . 'Q -- l 'F' ' I W iw W I s ..:. 4 A ., " .A 51 1 2 'M X f fwmixwn-agar fr 19 fw'V 'n 1 ff b , .,fg5?fg,13w Q' , Hr. Qriwf F, Q ,'1fxi55' ' x 'T , r ' H' 'Q '. Z- , l',,,'1 'qt' f ' J, f 1 Q ff f ff ,qgivffys 1 ww ,' 'Z 5' f, w wi 4 A 2 '52 gf X 4 ' 1 -W' A 7459 ff, If ' ' Q ' 51.2 ' 3 Q' 1 - 4 4 5, W P fi-if lf 7' fr 1 iw ,ff-.' 'ij ., ' Q P , J. , 535, ' . , N 5 X, I e,52f.m5ii. . H , ,vw ig 1 , lg 1 1 J' 5, Qi"hv '-mag!! 'F , jg g j5 LL,p'w?,: A Q'f'rJMfgr. ,Q Q Pjyhrgflu "Qf5gQ.?3x Wap J piggy f fa .W,,,g:f,fiz t ' ' 2 ,ifige""f? Q11 FW? 'W' .yi . w F' ' "r"'g ,Q 'Q 5 rg, sf K ' V . ig -V ',. ' .' 1 " , 'W , V ,,- M slggl ' L W ,,gW,,3g34 I .V ,., "" My ' 'M-Jar! ' 233+ I K ? W " i ' 5 1 fm ' Ibm ' , ':f,'fw:f"- ,Y ., gr , ' 4. ' . wr gf , 15,123 ' -ge , QL ga 'gg W, in j L W, ,V f ws., W' ' , P 2 1, , M 'Viv' 'H - V f" X241 .AKA 1-nr' ,A 1 wi gif, , 1 N.....,,, ,ggi fi ,N A fs-. we 597 L' if m. . vt V ,pw 'A t V aiff15Qa55gf,f my mf A Q A, 4, Q., vwzr.. Q 'M W .. ' Jn 5, A .. ,, ,, ,Sa ,M YA'K"'Wu 49 . ' vfvw E N my tw I 1' 4 .1 fs .,,, 'Sm :'n,.,X ,,. t f .M W3 . 'Mi' 'V M H, 2 3:54 "VH "M" w f, . 45? ,, W "4 i Q N 'VT Ssgypunq. " f uk Q81 -WW y , A ky 'W if . , L 'Q v ' an - WW .M ,ff Q X, . lim., MELODY INN And we all ove Bo Mass Twlddle 'Gi I 'Y' Mrss Twnddle and the gurls go on tour 3 GV Bev and Jan ' "The Devore brothers " SPEECH ORATION TEAM-Left to right: E. Milhous, B. Hennings, T. Fredin, F. Milard. LIONS CLUB SPEECH CONTESTS FINALISTS T Fredm K. Surbauglw, J. Fleury. if ul av. EXTEMPORANEOUS TEAM-Left fo right: P. Nolan, S. Coussens, K. Surbaugh. P. Graves. ROW 2: D. Mathews, F. Millard. ORAL INTERP TEAM-ROW l, left to righl: E. Milhous, K. Surbaugh, C. Maloy, T, Fredin, VOICE OF DEMOCRACY FINALISTS-Left to rngh? B Hennmgs K Surbaugh, T. Fredin. S. CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN nfnik DRAMA I SORRY, I WRONG NUMBER GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 's I JL, Ss. S NT ROW J Miller M Hutt P Brsm R Mays MIDDL RO Noa R Trum Callgan BACK ROW G Frakes J Barnes T Dobrec S Noah BACHELORETTES FIRST ROW J Evangellstn K Davrs E Mrlhous B Beard B Spaldxng SECOND ROW B Hennmgs L Moore B Backlund I Feurwerker N Mendes J. Mackms THIRD ROW M Srarkey J Fleury J Snemens J Spand D Bernard: M Prrestly FOURTH ROW: R Sxmons J Burgess L Medarrs B Forbes KEY CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Brown, R. Bouslaugh, C. Spalding, B. Bouslaugh, D. Marcella, Mr. Dunlap. SECOND ROW, left to right: G. Jorgenson, E, Giroux, B. Dahlen, P. Damgaard, C. Thiel. THIRD ROW, left to right: L. Graves, D. Griffith, M. Ross, R. Kear, B. Borel, M. Stillion. HORIZ ON CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Cooper, B. Beard, C. Briggs, D. Johnson, N. Etherton, J. Flescher. SECOND ROW, left to right: J. Barnes, R. Holden, M. Whipple, S. Ron- Iund, D. Kohler, D. McCormick, B. Spalding. THIRD ROW, left to right: R. Moreland, L. Moore, S. Strand, R. Backlund, L. Appleton, L. Brown. FOURTH ROW, left to right: C. Kuntz, J. Burgess, G. Chase, K. Moore, C. Kennard, L. Holmes, B. Backlund. CLOC CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Vaughn, F. Padget, N. Mullins, D. Anderson, D. But- tram. SECOND ROW, left to right: K. Vaughn, A. Worden, B. Pickard, S. Blalack, J. Spencer, J, Fuller. THIRD ROW, left to right: B. Christie, Y. Welch, G. Rogers, Mr. Oody, P. Wakelund. FRANK PAYNE Presldenr R-K-TAN CC Wi if!! ik JSI ', L21 QW QQ 'K U03 Q 4. FIRST ROW J Znegler D Fmfa B Farr G Mo re SECOND ROW S Lnonberger T Ben brook J Parker D Costello THIRD ROW T Gnvms D Bolsmger F Mlllard B Han en G Isackson KI?-Siu ...X CRAIG HADLEY EXCALIBUR CLUB Vice Presndent 9141 -D :KM Q lil ui. FIRST ROW A Spears R Vaverka D Rees SECOND ROW Mr Allen J Preston R Rees L Swope L Holcomb Mr Choate THIRD ROW B Patenaude M Carson B Sumpson L Poor S SI e IW" ' Mg, I ,..... - I I I lull' ,ru Q , - I' 7....... IS 4 -Y I u ' j-Q , H . "5 s f 1 T 3' ' , I , gg i , ' . J.. I -r I - " ' -ar I , E 'H N SX ' I , Il , '1 -In ' 5 V 1 ? - rp: 4 I f 1 I ' 1 4 I I , Q44 -.. ' I I J ,' 5 I I I. I : . ' , . ' , . , , O . 2 . ' , , - I , , , . . : , A ' , , I , . I , L S , tj 7, 'ff' A W 44:5 if I T -,f'+ Q A . . la. , RM .:"9w ' I fzgesz- ' ,Q Tl? E: ' N ' I L, - C ' rf -. I ? I V R . ' I ' I L ' 'I ' I ,iff I I I X Q 'T m:' I ff ufeii' gif 15!4s'5':AW1tVvg, '1 fig 'f":i?f ' JLLQ, V"! '!f 1'5 f if ,'4i,"J an 'M f5 "4't' 'WJ' if s if if ' V ,X f Xt ,, f , s A. ,f Q .1 x X j 'bi,w,g,f,i A fjwfj ?f,'5 A HH. -1 gf Jwf :Ni H f Q, ! 55 Hr ?ffi4i? frlrfr'iyLg.,,'q,,4 ID' 1 F9591 if 4 S ' it L 4 A V lf M, Sf' U JI Z1 x r Y -r 4 4 I J' " H 4.-n-..,u-4,., 'A ,Hvsvuunnjf-1-'Gln-sv--f f W , f .-...-....4, CQ 91 M. Hitt, J. Mackins, J. Anderson, E Giroux, V. Williams, N, Mendes, C.S. F. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER C.S.F. OFFICERS, SECOND SEMESTER G. Frakes, B. Forbes, V. Williams, N. Gusiavson, B. Spalding. C.S.F. LIFE MEMBERS BOTTOM ROW: E. Milhous, Smith, N. Mendes, C. Pasquini, Williams, B. Forbes, G. Ward, Hennings, J. Miller. TOP ROW: Lionberger, H, Thomas, F. Morg R. Reese, P Dean, E. Giroux. OFFICE EXPERIENCE GIRLS FIRST ROW S Englls J Gordon M Moms SECOND ROW S Broadwell R Kendell P Olson ARCATA BUSINESS CLUB 46 FIRST ROW K Cummings C Pasqulm B Faustuno L Moore R Holden B Bowen E Mllhou SECOND ROW J Clevenger B Weber L Pectol A Alloway L Luonberger Mrs Graham STUDENT STORE MANAGERS AND ASSISTANTS CG O FIRST ROW: S. DeRosseH, G. Sadler, E. Tanferani, L, Dodge. SECOND ROW: B. Johnson, M. Dal Porto. GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Helen Payne Treasurer Carolyn Henry vice president Carol Pasquwm presudenf Elena Tanferanu secre tary Joanne Evangelxsh sergeanfafarms 62-.-.L ,,.....4 Girls League Banquet . J Q 1 L: , . na., J if I 8 ' 7 1 ' if .. - - h , W" 1 lt' J! , ' ' .... L . , FIRST SEMESTER GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL FIRST ROW M Roberts J Ghera B Byrant S Woodward E Schnelder J Doss S Grbson D Johnson L Ellsworth P Vanonclnl SECOND ROW S Walker J Galles K Clary K Bernard: N Wakefleld M Gallagher E Mulhous V Dotson S Atkms B Cummmgs THIRD ROW K Getz J Sundqulst L Moore S Ronlund J Spatd C Johnson S Hnckman B Rex l Patterson D Frazner P Carroll FOURTH ROW B Rylander B Backlund J Burgess L Medarus J Miller S Amberson C Heberly P Doty J Vaughn J Fleury S Wtllns SECOND SEMESTER GIRLS LEAGUE COUNCIL FIRST ROW J Manzella M Watson M Hemrncu D Johnson P Vanonclnn B Beard D Kohler K Cummtngs F Burgess B Boudro E Ferrenra L Duarte L Stewart S Ronlund SECOND ROW H VanPelt I Patterson C Sleeves T Dobrec E Schwab J Fleury B Faustmo R Brlitlan H Shore l Santos J Lrndholm B Walker B Earl S Harty J Sobolrk THIRD ROW J Spencer J Larsen B Backlund J Burgess B Sobol G Chase L Medarls C Kennard R Sumons B Rylander A Srlva M Morrus J Barnes M Branscom Y Welch :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ' ,. ,.' , , . , . . :. ,. ,. , . ,. . , . , . , . ', . ' . :. , . ' I ' I' I ' I ' I I ' I' I ' .I ' :. , . , . ,. ', . 4 , . , . . ,. ,. ,. ' . 7 1. , . , . "', . , . ", . , . , ' ,', , . , . ,. , . , . . :. 1. ,- 1- ,- ,- . - I - ,- ,- , , ' ,. , . , . , . '. :. ,. , . ,. 1- r - 1- 1 - 1 fl 1 - 1 -- I - ',, , . , . . Bah. SPANISH CLUB '82-'lk' I 1:1 X LPESSH OC sf! T S34-'QA X- 4.-J .21 lui Wm 1 If 'X FIRST ROW D Calngan P Carroll M Hennrxcn L Lmser Mr Duran J Bloxharn R Vaverka S Wood ward J Ghera M Roberts SECOND ROW N Gustafson L Pfelffer S Wlllls S Dyer C Begley F Burgess K Bernard: H Beedy M Johnson L Homan J Evangelnstl THIRD ROW E Mulhous L Appleton J Sacchu P Gnroux M Bullen M Prlestly J Spencer V Hendrxx M Starkey N Mendes D McCormack FOURTH ROW K Mbore J McCracken T Dean J Gunther D Grnffnth W Fuller J Guvnns A Fraga C Hadley S Herman S Coats SPANISH HONOR SOCIETY l00 FIRST ROW D Calngan, N Gustavson, K Stratnng, M Pnestly, B Spaldxng, L Menssner SECOND ROW J Spencer, B Costa, M Bullen, M Starkey, N Mendes J Evangulustu THIRD ROW R Vaverka, F Payne, A Fraga,L Graves, Y Kane ,A JK., V ,M , 2 , A . ......u....... I , I I W1 -- 1 2 I -A-M if - - i 1: II - ' I ,.. .- -JI ." I 1. - 6 , 1 a L , .- ' .Q f K "M , ' ' ' ' I 1' 'fl , '-1 J - v. 1 ll-.1 Q-1-null -1-fi f ' - 1 L , . , Y - I 1 1 .L ,- J . t if ,qs ' I I v fl' - A-3' 4 ., -- 1 A Aj- ' .L . if 5 4 .L , L , , gl I .'. - . Y 'Y w , - - -,- . X' ' - ...v h 11 1 ' 1 - r - L n '-I. as ' ' If ' ,Q W I 1's , I f ,L A . f : H + 1 .1 , HL- .1 I . b , . , . V I I, . I , . , . , . , . ' 1 1 1 - - 5 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . , . , , , . , . ' . : , , . , . 1 - . 1 - 1 - . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - - 3 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 Q 1 - 1 . , . , . . I I DRAMA CLUB .0 sl av sit. Ju Nxt V .of -SJ FIRST ROW ohnson E Wt ms Au alre M Doug as L Pfeiffer C Grxswod S Janne Roberts SECOND ROW W Hoass C Sater K Holmes C St J Im J Goehru B Smtth D Bernardt R Vaverka J Bloxham THIRD ROW Mr McLellan I Patterson L Lloyd B McAmnch S Amberson M MtIIer D Mathews R Rosstter G Karshner R Rassbach VARSITY CLUB an Dm, 7 ,ll Mui li-.L 'O Ibis- ggi lllll an inf Jeo -1:50 4-I ' 13: "" at-aa 1. -lm Wx e v s it '-s FIRST ROW Rick Stromberg Steve Ltonberger Ron Dolf Cralg Hadley Larry Wumer Fred Morgan Doug Brown Art Graham Frank Lorenzo SECOND ROW Tom ReynoIds Dan Wtlson Denms Macomber Monty Feekes Steve CottreII Ken Davnd Torn Glvnns BIII Sheppard Ron Remington . . .. . L -1 1 'Ziff nil- W - . L., 1 V ,Q Viv, if an I W , - x A S F I - fu -I 'R , . fax' - H f . it , 1' .K 4 g' 'I 4 U .ov X . I 1 .K A Y, L- 4' "I , A , J .- I I "' JL' A fl f ' ' t I F 'e F AI i H I 1 z N. J , . 'Ilia , P. CI ' , . I , . ' , . ' I , . y, M. . : . , , , . , . , o , . ', . ' , . ', , Hollis, B. Henntngs, T. Fredin, S. Willis. FOURTH ROW: R. Lovsrer, M.lStIIIion, G. Haroer, M, Ross, EI ' rw- ,M 1A-I 4 Ai H .,-ze t I I . 'ow ..- arf. sz. ' 'Q' ll 1 I SIG- " v '. X Q ai -lr., I hh ' fi A Q I ' I , - I MIA J if 3. I If A ' an-. . " , ., 3 , 'fs If fd I A I ,N - ,L , -a " Y I Ra' I ' I' W' - , 'Q ,, k ' ' W- Y' - ' 'I , If ., a , an . sv 5 - -L 5 -5 ' Q V 1 ., x, ' E FIRST SEMESTER PEPSTERS FIRST ROW: Tom DeVore, Iris Feuerwerker Margit Priestly Ruth Mays Larry DeVore SECOND ROW Dianne Lima Mozelle Bul len Sharon Amberson Dee Ann Bernard: Bonnie COW FIRST SEMESTER RALLY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW D Calngan R Mays L Duarte I Santos P Bram B Oglesby D Tuttle C Briggs C Mills M Roberts SECOND ROW D Lewis L Cooper L Feuerwerker K Bernard: D McCormick C Clary J Holm H Beedy J Fulkerson N Mendes J Evangelist: M Johnson Pfeiffer M Oliveira B Carter S Muller S Guthridge K Fehely FOURTH ROW V Hendrix J Spaid M Pruestly J Sater T Reynolds Stromberg P Plessas K McArdle S Ronlund E Tanferani B Rylander J Gordon L Lloyd L Moore J Papim FIFTH ROW L Holmes McCracken T Sfymans C Kuntz C Graham G Chase J Miller R Kendall M Bullen R Simons V Williams S Amberson D Bernard! Sacchi A Silva . I... , q , . 'I ', . ',,.. , I.. 1 .' ,l.. , .I ', . I .. qt' y. . ID, Kohler, D. Sleater. THIRD ROW: R. Holden, J. Mackins, P. Johnson, H. Shore, M. Morris, J. Sundquist, K. Cummings, F. Burgess, S. Willis, L. ' V . ' ' , - , - ' 1 - ' , - - 1 - ', - I - ' . . , - , R- , - , - , - , . I - , - , - 1 - , - ' '- 1 - , J- l02 SECOND SEMESTER PEPSTERS gb' FIRST ROW: P. AuCIaire, P. Plessas, J. Anderson , 'los -' SECOND ROW: P. Jones, S. Lake, N. Mendes, S. Vissar J Bugenig SECOND SEMESTER RALLY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW M Roberts C Briggs V Hendrix M Lindsell P Leffler H Beedy S Gutheridge M Oliveira P Johnson H Shore M Johnson K Clary L Cooper F Burgess I Feuerwerker D Lewis D Kohler I Santos L Duane SECOND ROW D CaIlgan L Homes L Appleton B THIRD ROW B Oglesby C Kuniz J MlIIer G Chase C Graham C Heverly M Bullen S Amberson V Williams B Rylander J Siemens J Sundquist J Sacchi M Grace L Lloyd J Currier L Moore R Holden J Papini T Dobrec S Miller Lisfon, M. Branscoh1,' K. Cummings, L. BrovIrn,.S, Ronluhd, J. 'BLJgenig, Willis, Briftain, K. Fehelgf, L. Pfeiffer, C. Bernardi, K. Davis ' 1 ' 1 - f - 1 - 1 - 1 - I - 1 - I - - Q .Q , is 4 7 4, ,-aw ww Q r fig, 1958 White S CAROL GRIFFITH I A rf!! C ATHLETICS 3 45+ J wwf R CHAMPS TIGE COACHES C O-CAPTAINS DAN WILSON MONTY FEEKES GARY WINDBIGLER KEN DAWD The Lineup ' "-'J' BILL .-' 'Q ' f I a BOREL DON FINTA MIKE ROSS DAN WILSON TOM GIVINS RON REMINGTON MONTY FEEKES CURT NIELSEN X X 7 S I I X - X X - 1' 11- f TED BEACH BILL BOREL KEN DAVID PHIL DEAN yt gl I I' I Z r'll 4 Q 'I' Arcafa Del Norte Arcata Eureka Arcata Fort Bragg x Arcata Fortuna Il D-A Neg NX Q, 3 Q Q U- S Ns X S ',. ,,., TED DIMMIQK MONTY FEEKES DON FINTA ORDEL MURPHY -,.L f -3 4:-L1 Q-f ...- O J Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata CURT NIELSEN RON REMINGTON MIKE ROSS ELTON SCHULZ 4 'xx U 'fx vs Del Norte 21 vs Ukiah , 27 7 vs Eureka , 14 12 vs Fortuna 6 6 'Y 1 4 ,., C' ' BILL SHEPPARD GARY SOBOL DAN WILSON GARY WINDBIGLER -ll. 'X- X S. S. S.. S.. if ORDEL MURPHY Chns Theul Armond Gendron Jnm Parker Joe TED DIMMICK Down, but not for long Undefeaied once again. I Lf 'J 'a L s f Z, 3- X. rf, nj CLARENCE CORNWELL X W - Q xx K ' x i LARRY WIMER RON DOH: ELTON SCHULZ MIKE DAL PORTO Eureka vs. Arcaia 9 X" 29. X fy X ' A EW gin E- 4 I . Henry Fischer, Dayton Griffith, Mike Stillion. PHIL DEAN GARY sosoi 'Arcata 77 , ,E Arcata ,.. 'Arcata .A4,,.. Arcataw, 'Arcata Arcata , ,7 .. 'Arcata , ,,.. "Arcata 'Arcata Y ,, N "ArcaTa 2 'Arcata 2 Arcata L 7..f Arcataw, 'Arcata 'Games won ll2 DENNIS MORGAN HEAVYWEIGHT SCHEDULE Heavyweight Captain 3 8 HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL TEAM-1959 FIRST ROW: Eugene McAllister, Ron Dolf, Tom Givins, Dennis Morgan, Larry Wimer, Craig Hadley. SECOND ROW: Larry Wilcox, Bill Sheppard, Curt Nielsen, Mike Ross, Ted Dimmick, Dennis Macornber. L, 22 Hoopa L,,L,, , , ,L,,L l 5 31 South Fork L, 37 L36 Ferndale 2 17 227,22 Del Norte 39 St. Bernards 36 222221 2231 Fortuna ----,,,,40 I ,, 48 Eureka ,..L 35 ee 30 Hoopa ,,L,,L,,L,. eeeeee 2 6 I .LH36 South Fork .L., , . ..... .16 29 Ferndale , 23 22239 Del Norte 38 34 ST. Bernards A e,,e ,4O Manager RON BROWN 2,6243 Fortuna 55 ee 40 Eureka 36 LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL TEAM-1959 FIRST ROW: Paul Damgaard, Dennis Marcella, Dave Minor, Charles Smith, Lowell Schulz. SECOND ROW: Mike Thurber, Wayne Menefee, Elton Schulz, Phil Gustavson, Joe Sarboe. THIRD ROW: Larry Graves, Eric Stromberg, Don Finfa, Tommy Thomsen, Jeff Ziegler. as 35' Manager VERNON SCRIVEN Arcata: ,,,: ,L ul' 'Arcata Arcata 'Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata, ,..,,. "Arcata ,.:...: Arcata ,.,,,,,: Arcata: 'Arcata ,.,:.:: Arcata 'Arcata 'Arcata "Games WON Lightweight Captain DON FINTA i LIGHTWEIGHT SCHEDULE L38 40 ,..-,:,38 .,,:,,,31 62 ::,.-,,3i --o--,,33 -,--,o-52 ,::,:,36 ,Ai -.,,..56 -L M28 :,,-::33 -,:,:,36 Hoopa .,,:..,,, South Fork - Ferndale .:,. Del Norte St. Bernards - Fortuna ,,,... Eureka E...: , Hoopa .::..,,.. South Fork Ferndale .::.. Del Norte .,:. St. Bernards Fortuna .::.:... Eureka ,.., HEA VYWEIGHT SNAPS MIKE ROSS LARRY WIMER DENNIS MACOMBER EUGENE MCALLISTER CURT NIELSEN BILL SHEPPARD RON DOLF TOM GIVINS LARRY WILCOX TED DIMMICK CRAIG HADLEY LIGHTVVEIGHT BASKETBALL SNAPS DAVE MINOR PHIL GUSTAVSON WAYNE MENEFEE RICKY STROMBERG PAUL TOMMY THOMSEN DAMGAARD LARRY GRAVES DENNIS MARCELLA JOE SARBOE MIKE THURBER JEFF ZIEGLER ELTON SCHULZ LOWELL SCHULZ CHARLES SMITH ? 613, BASEBALL ,ff DENNIS MORGAN E STEVE COTTRELL DENNIS MACOMBER 'di MONTY FEEKES LARRY WIMER RON DOLF GARY HOWARD My turn! C O-ED Change partners m X Pu? your lifile foot. II8 Get that ball hey! XJ TRACK FRONT ROW left to rnght F Lorenzo A Graham O Cook T Reynolds R Stromberg SECOND ROW left io right R Remington B Berger O Murphy S Laonberger F Morgan W' -- 06 Frank xe' "Oscar" "Fred and Bill" Coach Hughes" Art" "Rick and Ron FLYING TIGERS 'ixnf' ju.. when 51 vpn?--nur J.. 'asm FRONT ROW left to rught Janet Dake L Schmidt J Seales D Selack D Baldwrn D Patterson Mary Lou Dake B Sllva M Manzella J Manzella Darrue Dake D Marcella SECOND ROW left to rnght Mr Hughes F Lorenzo J Everett D Dullon G Robunson F Manzella T Reynolds E Schnerder P McCoy R Taylor S Harty G Lawrence T Jane Tom ,- Mr Hughes Fred and Nell Denms Frank Q -lJ 'NW l2l X ULY ef, Fred Shirley Dame Ednh eiry Mary LOU Judy Marty KNEE T f Till nl The Clowns if Its ed I MNH: FOUR STRIPERS OUTSTANDING ATHLE TES Lefffo right D Lewis D McCormnck B Ford K Allen Leftro rnght J Anderson G Frakes P Plessas Y Kane Lefr to right P Brlm, B Spaldmg, R Trump, M Hnf Q S . wg: f ,, I 'Q M , - - . f-1-L "4-f X A . ,, ... -It ., V' V 'ui Jr, +L "J T' -4, 'ww 'LQ ,sw - : - I 1 - I I ' 1 - I - ' 1 . I 1 - ' 1 - f V - ' : . , . , . , . , ...Q 5 INTER PERIOD SPORTS 1 AY S0 EDPXW PHQM R SPE Fl OR Junxon SENLO D Johnson M Bffmus seg ROW B Ford E SPEEDAWAY 5 axe-ng P Less so POW 5 Ho Wakdand B Marim R Trump n rkms K Culver E She h mgrigvgosv e nyxof D ary N wazlljfg, Lf awe, SEC-O Thomp f0lVlV'9 itat' FROSH INTER-PERIOD SPEEDAWAX FIRST ROW: N. Houston, D, Hutchinson. SECOND ROWASX. Cramer, C. Knowles, S. Huggins, R. Doersch. JUNIOR-SENIOR BASKETBALL SOPHOMORE VOLLEYBALL FIRST ROW: N. Houston, D. Hufchinson. SECOND ROW: s. FIRST ROW: J- Geyer, J- Vefback, N- Brown, C- Baumgwner Cramerlcu Knowles, 5. Huggins, R, Doersch. B. Burney. SECOND ROW: C. Johnson, D. Mathews, R. Taylor, D. McCormick, S. Lipscomb. l24 AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS up 'Q 'X K7 T7 JUNIOR SPEEDAWAY FIRST ROW left to rrght L Stewart V Lewis N Gustavson J Evangellstu K Bernard: SECOND ROW leftt rnoht J Paonm M Dlckmson D Dnllon C Steeves D Foster S Blalack 'W' Q.. H' sw " 'W SENIOR SPEEDAWAY FIRST ROW left to rught S Ingles R Mays B Spaldmg R Trump SECOND ROW F Banmster C Pasqumu S Coussens S Noah P Noah S Amberson FRESH SPEEDAWAY SOPHOMORE SPEEDAWAY FIRST ROW J Ernckson, S Harty, D Tuttle, B Cummmgs FIRST ROW 5 l'f1ClSellf B OQIGSI-YY, R Campbell, N -l0lmS0"' SECOND ROW P Davus, R Doersch, C Wesley, Y Welch SECOND ROW D MCCOFYTWICIC, l- COOPER P Warren, K Allen B Hooven in 1 XC ,A I . 73 5 U- V7 1. Q9 .N P , :J 1 ' -1, - f ' .Q-if I X x J' ww xf I t ig I m I I, 'P s ' 'U Q 7 . A I s I , H A I I ' S ,, . 4. A t . f 'If W K ., - . I Az ' Q p HZ , 4, X . Af' I In 2 . I ' A . , if 1 I I . I 2 is I I E? if-R ll xx I I 4 IX 1 - .,, 'xy X . E' ' Q I I A I It i 4- ., Q I25 p':"9?5"k' ll sei?-:Qi-' 1 A :F 5:5 ,Q-jfivg: . F ,. .as S N Char'f1P rosh Inter-Period Table Tennis F s. HARTY GIRLS ' SPORTS J. ANDERSON Captain JUNIOR AFTER-SCHOOL BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: D. Caligan, E. Wakeland, K. Davis SECOND ROW: D. Schaupp, T. Dobrec, P. Plessas SOPHOMORE AFTER-SCHOOL VOLLEYBALL FIRST ROW: P. Ford, M. Reynolds, M. Roberts, E. Oshwafz. 4 SECOND ROW: J. Thompson, C. Graham, L. Holmes, G. FIRST ROW: B. Spalding, J. Vaughan, l. Feuer- werker. SECOND ROW: P, Noah, J. DeVore, M. K, Allen. Hin. f Tennis Champ l26 Fresh TJablfRONSON ACTIVITY SNAPS PJ Cai B QQKS 8 .ff I Champs dinner 1 MBOLD xss HU M x958-59 Christmas Dance Candidates for Advance Queen and Attendants A Wy, 'EB' VZ.- ' 4 54 .Q I 8, .R ' I N u 8 'N A 4 ff Mia! ' a Wd ,ax , ,xxx .H x x 5 N .NX N xx 'H-4 Xqx Q W A .X W z , , x X X + L. " - 1" " H 3-I f 'X . ru. 3' Ju' ' ,, . ' Q.. -it Mg XX 4 e A 327 AX " 1 , , 5 1 A Y Mt A 'X' W -,,Nqtv "wi 6 . 5, K ,, -'Q 'W Q N" k 5 '1 an 5' , w ws A- , - if . ,, ff, My K, w.w+..h-Q-5 gg' W -. ,why we Q, A if ":F!:Q..,M, wg. V. V. V 'K w ' ,W " Aw . ' . "N '-af. ' " .,,,,WJ', fu A F :TK QQ , H fl f :uw 'ffm' .M A- N 1' -fx Q .Xa ' Ek 1 .x h ww. '17 J-'s v , ?-'V 'ai . ,Q 2 fr , A , 'h av--, ,,- , . Q. Frau ' Q' M' ww.. i i .ga , he 1 ' , '22 K 1 Q M- mfg' ,b-,. If ' 'Y , 5 if Qigm"i' . 'I W N ' ' 'Y V lk-1 , 'TE' ' f ml' 3 WM' x- x W J.:-., in I y , wg, 3 4, x 4 ' as X 1 3 "' ' ' , v -, ., ' mcg, ' ' bw, ? gl fa I .fp Axe, VK' . 1 1 1 :fir 1, L 1 Ha-,.,wg k. , Y K, - f'- - ff..,-Yi 3' Y Vip ,taxi V ,ifjfa , pw, ' -,Q Q aw . I 'C I, lil.. .5 ' r X 1114 L D 4'-Q. 32' +- Are it ww., 2 - A .4 , ,, Ji ,' - Q :La 'A ,. A W ' ' C , ' R-is - 41 5, - 1 2, Q53 Q f , , -. Y 1' JM 5 w ' 'uw ,f A : vim 3 Y . 9Q'0w ti, ,, f , .R ef- y 1 , ,A 720 jwff' Xwis' A S jig-T'-A PX ,- , W M k ' , S ' X K .lk 4 I in v .W m A H X I ' f 5 . 4- ' xc 'A Q3 J' ri A h, Q, 'K ,J v -Q H M, , 4 V I 1 -V. A 2, , ... Q xx ' ..,. H, is .14 4. ' , L ' V xi ff , 5, 5 A -mn 7 1 -I er' ' 4 k ff.. , f ,Q 4 xxx L xx X' L f.. X, x'X J. N xx x K K 0+ X ILT. XJ,-1 1 ' N. , Y ' 1NL ' K Y 3 U 1 'J ff MQ! X .IM K, fl , I P Q Q I- I . M N al Y' L wk , ,QM ,H A 1 K af A K- ,I 'fy -. - f A 1 3' X L f ' -. D fy 'N M 4 5 It ,, Lx 1.1 X '- 1 bl Y 'il fit J. . " , vf in g' ' . " H 0' A1 ' 0 I V, l, 1, If A , r L' I I wh, ,E A In 5 A . x ,.,, , , 1 V Q ,, IM, Y, K KV I I: !!LL ' 1' b Q VL I ff? I I lf LA I if i, if , . 7 , A I L Jia 1 4. I ' I V! f, . V' j' 2 . ," l . , L ,, 1 ' fc. iq L ' ff. if x ' .u ,I 4 ' If f. . k . . X 4 ,I1 N-L W I f x ,,X. V Z J . A ,V N! A Qxxt X N L, in A S' -X g II. X l A X A Ib 5.71-A rf. i' Q V x V 1 A X. x, I, b L' ll ,- v y ' -J f if ' "ML J L' .4 51 ,IQ ' M ' i - L , 1 ,V .VL X .'- XS V ,Z yi I f L x X I 'V I Y I . ' M. fx ' Lf X ' L' I gif M, Q' J' a. X' 4 ' cf - L hz., yu Ll ti L-- I IL' p. A LX, L ,X xx x ,flt tl A I H I X N L fl" f J., I I A Yx' I A I C ,L I, ,"-f i , ,L WV ' f P . .-1 " ' Y , M K. x x I ffm IW W' ,V ' l, -'fb f 1 H .ty .h ' !1Qnffv dvr .daqv -'xfkl - V' K4 CQ, N C ' It cd' I . - ,L n- lx' ,K jp ' " . ' 5 I - ,t L"7k' W- 4 'Ri K.: g x v 'J A L X Q xi ' T I xl, I L ff .' ' . K -1 1. S N 1. A ,f ' , LQCVV C, X 1 ' L ili ' K C "Xa b I 9 11 f L ,tl 1 X . . 11, ,QL 1' , .X ' CWLK - ' X : X' X v FV- K . ' . 11 A Y ' LN ,f lp 17" , UA' ' " 56,59 , . . f ' ,Wy 1 1 ff' A A ox A ff' . ff . hx . . Af V LQ I Vi' A ' 'N X , JV K 'Y , KFX V X 3 x X f U i , Af px'-1 r , 1 .1 , ' ' xy Ox- X' GX ff K9-'RAL' tt bi - g '4 X ,vi " - L N- 1 517- R 1 ' C x, X I I 5- L x' O ,Ar F 1 4' J! , " k V L,f,17l 0..,X.w it s.XNx , 1 91.12 I l '. pf' , X .xx V. h f. hx- i I 1, A X V! tx . wg ' L 9 f S il ' ,I-I '19-chx I , 1 X Q. JAX' !l.i,,ft A21 - i+ f 1 . -, 5.4.1, ' ..-FVW kj r-!i. R W -.X ,swgfw ...J

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