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 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1957 volume:

Nw kv P: L. C, 'SIM gc Nix X 5 Q -QgK ?9 Q. 'x P 2 A 5 ' ' x - YD G C' x- . E. fe X g XX Q fn x'wkw2 HeRMkfQh1?X A fp 5 tif?-, 6' ' , K. x 'l Y ' ' 2, 'Y Qs Y-H H317 . X x G f' Q? "Q" 'X V -2 AL. M '4 My F! ag 0- TNR. Q1 :Rl 'ef I! W E px My MQ? 3,1 'ff' X' . f , ' Q 'ef KX is 524 if As IQ N . 'EMA 'ITE ,Ki Nets-din we-'Q L XZX , , 1 X K ,Xen :TATA "1 K 31 Xl: 'Um SQ t X ce! ca-"' Q if J? x EL v Q X 'UgQ,cH?AK 'I W 7 x 3 Ac" Q CNCQA Q' 'iii JJ N I W -..-xi? Lx. R386 - f LQ 'E fx' mf pf' K Aw iv 4 "gi . Wq. H Wm hx M 1 A N 4 1-v bl DM J , Oval M QWWQ?WQwfM1g5f'f KJJUYQMJQJWJWXX fgg? W W jfs? iff 95 Z 9 ' ' Kf?S7lPgYg'M"EffA fy: iff A f252b.gQ7 J? V by? ff? 3317! A 3??pM7,,D 52, 3? A Rfk - f N -f A, w1,,f ff 5 ff fnlfv- . Wff p4 M jj 1 Z 41.4. f - .- E! YPQ M yi I Q A 'mfr VX' Efwi f f ,Q Q 2 '2 ' ',ffM xv , 5 3-5 QR Qs? ,jg 'Zigi aff KV M Hg, QQ ,Pi P Wd K "?4f Nf NX ww WW m M ?wYWQN uid' YN if Q fb Dfw W WQJW M 412, Y '9 -2, fff..f'57C'k"'Q'ff6."'j 4222254 Iixigiilcigi? galil'- 'ixgrq N1 , 2 ia X -HL rg 'S Q2 fy lisa, iz, Cf-5:21 '26 QQ 3 J Q Ox . 2, A 3 X . ' F b SQ QQJXQ 3 an FXS A F V x X XZ, G X 5 K. 3 XJ YK . f ixxuu xx Q, 5 x Efv . . V xg, Q 5 H J V' I Vx' x xr ' 5 xy 4 L' V, , Y kt I-'-2 Q X. , ' Q . -f ' I L . A -, h ,N 5 XJ MJ! 4 ' ' . ' X' V N ,Y S I f W W 1 ,I A 0"6A , ' xJ2 Q22 , Q28 x I f - 1 ' 1 1 JTQX 6 Z, ' ' f 'Q 2 '52 ' '4 ' -r ,ff- ,Zf Q.. ' - 1 - 1 , , X I h 3 D 1 A .-. B -ef rgfa-3 , 9 ,ab Q - ii -2 'Zifi . ' -QQ 'C , 1 as .- 35 Q, 2 X f , 'Zo ' 'S-?zf?f, 1 122- f 6 Q? . 'A X f 1 gil.-V1 V 413' ia, , C' fy jg afvff fjifzfe ,CJ fe f 1 17501 I Spay, f f IQVANCE 5' X,X.lxNN I K Q 535. RW .QP NNQ fgcf N A 'vs N xx? SAN XX V X. .2 0 P K N V edaton Pat mcbonouqh 'X x 'ludq Chown f if buameaa manaqen X Shanon ohnaon N N yi Nj J photoqnaphena Q J Bdflfllj Henmnqa 6 J amen S Davu 'VV .1 u, X, antut Don Blake D G' advuon X yd Mlm 'Robeut Clutlenden Bfu ox V J? L X , + 9 , , J' WJ rv Q fv 3 h . . h 4' x ..AA K Hx Xi I. fx , , .Q K YN Y V A X f-5 1 , , E 7'3"-'X X XJ XM ,N 1 ' x "fl ' V! X I X A ' X f,? f' W 'lf ' f 1 xx m 2 W lifjfx T Li " 5 xx., U Y, X ,. Q W -,..x T! Xwxi sw f P5 A . , X X x Q !NPm1 vxw V EK fd' QD' gy W P N K: h E X J 3 '32 A u I,,f K I XJ Yymx 'W QW fy? J A 'N Mm KN , ' K ,X r ' If - X "X XXX?-' X, I, Xwwwl if 4 sf 0 V E.-A 112' U NPN Q . ' " ' V+ ' bl 'Nix h X ' .Q Q xW ff' C .S F Q9 . 1 H N , . 5 f-Yxl F .A fbx Q? x lxjk Q x5lY' , V, VN U 1 J. ' , f ,, U ! H M V '. xx. 4 . A C if 5' 'X' Q x ' ' 1 iw Wm 5 ., A f , , 1 fw x - J QR V ew A f f f bf 5 W Ny A , X mb vi XX, X A, A 'X , O J T 1 gg I L-9.7 J +4 it w 5 f j 1 x v Y, , Q - A1 X . X " :nk N4 ' Q, K .XJ f Cn, K wt ' Y KX! I -.J , .4 X V ,., , , b j V, x ,q ,Xi MS X XXXJ if? K X M if . I ,J XQJ EQJI OA DX- FJ? f? lj My h X 4 Xxx ' fl X' ' , LJA' ' 'Xj' X jQJxxx X-Tm NX '21 ID, Y J V i Y M- NN- 1 Q1 'J X. N 1' , V U- x J X X Q1 f X 1, X , lx , x, ti QU M' 5' J ff I Y Q 'km C 'vv ,l Xk If' fw If XFX N :tsl Y I ,X X X , , V. ' - X Q Bl fvll 'YI -4 xv! kj T f "flax mx' XV x f 'XT fx J 11' N q I JN xv Q . ,fl Q1 , A x 'J 1, ,X JU V V , ,, ff I ' X A x X ,X , 1 x ' E xx , x JJ ,Q NJ T ---- Ul , 0 2" " I , .j V J f Q X A 'A up in -R51 X . JM HV ,eff - Mu - LX -Xp qu, N , f V .M ,L if . Qu QQ ff 1 V MJ ff f ' cf! xy' TN- . L .V I 1 ' Y C CJ 1 ,JZ I lv f I P X, . - 'U A ' 456 NJ ,fb K 7 fi I bf frll' I ' rx 'I ' F' JL' ' 'l -77 ,W f C+ uf V 1 in - f M f ., E. X5 Q' f ' UI- ' 1 J,' L 4 - , I QT' 'XT WL, 'H' ,nf K I fb", ff 'V 2' 1, A ' f. AV ip, :L 4 1,7 3 In 17? V lr Alf. na A 'ff mf rw? ,L ,Jfl ff ' ,7 ff 1.4 ' g' ,n L VJ ' jf' " pg lu Ay .L 1' 'LffUL J "X ' ,. ' 64 If 1. - 5 fflffaeiff '7 ' 'WM f it ,Ziggy 1? Table of Contents Faculty and Staff Page 5 Class of 57 Page I 1 Class of 58 Page 33 Class of 59 Page 39 Class of 60 Page 46 Government Page 53 Clubs Page 6 Actlvltles Page Queen Page Sports Page 00 Pat McDonough The Advance staff of 57 would luke to extend nts utmost ap precuatuon to all those who gave theur time and energy thus past year We would especially luke to thank Mrs Anderson Annta Schmidt Dannue Stolpe Malton Rnckards and Pete Peterson We gave grateful recognntuon to those members of Journalusm I who helped us wrth the large group shots the Humboldt Tsmes and Standard who were good enough to gave us many of theur sport puctures and Mr Jarboe who also took many photographs for the yearbook The Pepperbox staff In between thenr deadlines worked very hard for the Advance and Mr Cruttenden our advrsor who helped us over the rough spots and also came In as punch pho tographer when he wasnt advxsnng fail 7Wp9 0 . . 70 t ' 75 g 1,5 y " As Business Manager for the 1956-57 year- book I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the following people for all of the help that they have given me. Mr. Davies and Anita Schmidt for keeping the records and collecting the money, the Student Council Representatives first and second semester for selling the books and to Mr Butgereit for making up the Advance budget I feel that this experience has helped me greatly and will continue to do so in future years as I plan to attend Humboldt State College and malor in Business Administration with an emphasis on Advertising I hope that Shirley Tolley the new business manager and the new staff will find it as much a pleasure as I have to work with our advisor Mr Crittenden To the new staff I would like to wish the best of luck o.J10'vx 'MAJ Judy Chown pl- 'YDS 'K The theme of the book is cars both old and new The average Freshman who is lucky enough to own a car usually starts with some thing along the lines of a Model T As he pro gresses to a Sophomore so do his interests and he chops channels lowers and every Hot Rod The Junior is a little more refined more dignified and besides you cant take a girl out in a car without a top or radio The Senior year is the ultimate the peak and also gets into the higher bracket The newest car that can be afforded molded striped and thorough ly flashy The auto theme is carried throughout the rest of the book separating each section See if you can decipher them IWAMW I I I Q .. fai I I . . I 1 5 I ' ' T , thing else conceivable, and comes up with the V f . . . I , , , V I f ' ' - . tv I' ' I I I ' 3 ffiffiffgrigf :Ri-Q' 'az M, ff , LSTA' :- EY," 1.1.1. 'Dj J 1 5,-3 , . ff.: Clifford M. Sorem , Education should be a continuous process throughout the life of an individual. High school graduation is iust a way point beyond which edu- cation should continue either as a formal process associated with school or as an informal process of learning by self-directed study and through ex- perience. An educated person has an open mind, he is willing to consider new ideas. He is flexible enough to adiust to change. He knows how to lo- cate and how to use sources of information, and he makes decisions based upon the best informa- tion available. The educated person endeavors to become a self-disciplined person who acts in the best interests of the society in which he lives, he has a healthy respect for the dignity and worth of each individual. The educated person recog- nizes that his knowledge is limited and knows that his best opportunity for progress is through continuous study and growth. life 'ng is Ti Michael Chetkovich Vice Principal Public conduct on the part of students definite- ly reflects on the reputation of the school-for good or bad-in the community. lt takes only a few students in one or two instances to undo all the good that the student body worked hard to establish. The student body this year should be commend- ed on its actions as a group and in keeping in line individuals who may have wanted to wander. A Sportsmanship prize is only a small part of the lesson in self, and group control. Keep up the good work. Your school and com- munity can be proud of the "Teen-agers" who are receiving nation-wide publicity these days. BOARD OF TRUSTEES First row-Mrs. Naomi Cottrell, Alan Morrow, Perry St. John Second row-Jack Piersall, Ivan Krestensen, C. M. Sorem. wjywl PVR V rvv-LA! FACULTY vw 'V A 3 4 SLTLC Vw, MQW -'fx pPfN"f Sl Xiixwyv,v5'K- V fxogfiq 'Pfm W 'QSM P A dfgfooaf WQWQS5 6 if Cf? ww Cf? Mqwb Rf X42 A-22 J M11 1 Am APN r 1 1 L N 1 Qfrw' Zh flfj ff? z-13? jJ?7 22? Z5 an 11 S ' ' xg C g "JO A X1 Su L IJ V, Vik R , Uk' , 9 " m 1' ,V X-1. . A -?LrQfYX V13 Y-fm A Q T' A Q 1 JY ' ' YY ' N! W J AN QI XM' C X7 . RQ.: ff ,X I . ' Q IX" J fs x A697 1, 3,1 Q W XE-. 1 X L ' Qi I ' X I . Q ., Ox -A V 1 1 5 WN X 4 V ND Mx' A 'J . . 1 1 1 4 - Q , R, Q X51 'N1 X! Wm. y Dflfw My U O' Tqavofv 1 '54 A X I 1 , 1' 1 11' 1 W 1 , AV K A ,1 V XL If Kjilff, ol? 1.4. ul 'fy 1 f K ' X L51 J P V Zz 'lx HV jj IU M if nf ,111 , 1W'Aj V1,Q?df fl ll , 1 1,11 A WN 1 . 11 C 4 fi' 1' 1111! 1 k 1 111 1 1 1 1 ff 10 M 11 111 1 1,1 f 1, 1 ' - 1 AW fy 1 U1 1 J V My N9 W Q' E I y i' I J 1 ,1 1. ff 11 fq ' U' - ff VU A 1 0 W ,XX 4, sv V 4 I , I 5656.1 1 ,. fy , , -ix 9 5 A 3 J? .fyjf A .vlf v ,fy pf f LANGUAGE AND HOME ROOM Mr Smith Mr Duran Mr Greenburg Not Puctured ART Mr Cruttenclen Mlss Degenhart Mrs Sumpson Mr Shaffer Mass Eversole Rv-, X MUSIC Mr Sleber Mr Choate Mr Jarboe Mr Walton LIBRARY SCIENCE Mrs Powell Mass Hagoplan Mass Carroll Mr Thompson HOMEMAKING Mrs Hanson Mass Hagoplan Mrs Kohler Mrs Weafhers Mr Dowdle Mrs Patton Mrs Martin Mrs Trunk Mr Turner Miss Fielding Mr Cady Mrs Watts Mnss Babler Mrs Partann ""l'lUl L f t .lf X I 1-0 Qc 'cv US HISTORY SOCIAL SCIENCE SENIOR PROBLEMS Left Top Rsght Top Mr Bent Mr McKuttrnck Mrs Stodder Mrs Sten Mrs Marks Mr Gautraud Mr Allen BUSINESS Top Center Bottom Center Mr Davles Mass Lapeyru Mrs Jacobson Mrs Graham Mr Butgereut Mr Gruhn SCIENCE Bottom Left Bottom Rught Partndge Mr Wegner Mullar Mr Barr 1 I A' ' ' -, : ' : . , r L1 ax' 4, 'f " ' I 25 if : 'H ' 5 Mr. ' . X Mr. ' . ' - C Q Mr. Pedrotti Mr. Burtchett .J V I A if I Il ' - N, A ,A f A , I A I . x 4 J , we 48- 4 X . ,rf ' A -X - Q . . .4- ' l ' .ai SHOP FARM MECHANICS Mrs Warren Mrs. Swanston Mrs. Wagner First Row: Mr. Richards Mr. Buck Mr. Fristolera Second Row: Mr. Wilcox Mr. Christiansen Mr. Huggins 9 Hutchinson Meeks Powers Flemming Mr Tiedeman Mr Taylor Mr Rumble CAFETERIA CUSTODIANS 8. MAINTENANCE 'B- HI Mrs Anderson COUNSELORS Mr Martun Mrs Scott Mrs Brown Mrs Smuther Mrs Davns BUS DRIVERS Ernest Henry Calvin Martin Ralph Holsnnger Roger Werts Jack Broadstock Jim Fraser Otis Skaggs U' , n ' V. . ' Ax . - '. fe. 45 X' f 1 CLASS 0F 57 216 " Q J.-Q 7 I X nails x , B ,Q X '1 9 If 'WW s ' 'Gs 69 twain' Wife 'll' Darwan Abraham Pat Adsut A Guy Wrtl1ootA Gurl You You You Ruchard Abbott Oh Happy Day fl 'v 11" Q-sr 17' Carolune Barker Nancy Bass: Give Me a Llttle KISS Wall You Hub Better all the Tame My Dreams are Gettnng Dolores Azevedo Ptcnuc Ji '19- iq 4 iv 'Ti-7 Art Bell Dave Benbroolc Green Door Dancing an the Dark Robert Belak Wrth a Song rn My Heart 2 Norma Anderton Star Dust Q '35 'vb' X 1 Wayne Baxter Lke the Wtde Open Spaces tiff George Berry Arn t Mtsbeltavtn V M ' , if x gr ' I 3 X ' y , 6 of f A x F' A r' e ZH I , ' rm ' K l r A V xt f K.. L ' 8 A S7 ,. fr X A H X 1 'h u g V I B 'N :L 'Q' 6 W ': .'5"fQ? ' ' L A ' - iii' A W 1 'lov ir' l Tom Bertrand No Help Wanted fs, Donald Blake Happy Wanderer ,c"h 1 -41" Bull Bowman Terror of Hu hwa lOl 411 fy., -J vs., Q,-W-1 Don Blshop Samuel Bishop ln My Merry Oldsmobgle -1 KD fb D O LO fD 'U 1 O N4 fD -1 v-5'4 ff duff" 'OFM 5- "- 25' ff Jagyl 5' Gary Blanks Elmer Bolt What a Swell Parlyl s s Elmer s Tune it ha-6: 85:5 Sr 'S' 5.-.4 Nb-"' Bull Bullman Darlene Brooks Terror of Highway lOl ln The Stull of the Nlght GR" E27 R., Linda Blain Tenderly rw fi IU' f'--w Peggy Bovee Sl Louis Blues we iw Betty Brown Q Y BeY0nd the Blue Horizon 'I3 Moonlight Serenade ,--q. ,oh- 'V' Walter Branscornb When Youre Smrlung if X-.X Ralph Carr Tall Boy iii fix 0136 Q- 1,-e 4r"'P 'E-gi tx Darrell Bur ar There Must Be a Reason Thats My Desrre 4' vv' Kay Busentus Keep ut a Secret rib if Qt'-v Mrchael Byrne Gary Cahtll The Day Isnt Long Enough War and Peace 453 QQ Cltfton Chandler Gary Chnlton Blue Suede Shoes Youll Never Know 'I4 Gene Calprts Manana L50 Go fx:-Y 'abr' Judrth Chown Dawn 'U' can N -1 rw' x, fx are--nv nj T? K-arf? l Gem Clark WI d Wald Women Ask Me No Questions BJ 'ing X' Don Damels The Mast Happy Fella Yarnell Cooper Easy Does It 910-Y' Q Jack Demston It Makes no Dnfference Now Jackue Dedman Deep In the Heart of Texas i' he John Clarkstrom Nancy Comstock Clgarettes Whiskey 8: Count Every Star ,Q 1,5 1 'N "NS James Davis Jr Gave Me My Boots My Saddle 491 Mary Sue Dobberstenn Dungaree Doll ,Br S31 'X 'iff Don Cooper l See the World Through Rose Colored Glasses 3 tw ,v Archne Day Blue Sknes YD! 'CMN- Lunda Doll Gentlemen Prefer Blondes A f . -r . r "' 1 '27, 2 fe 4 " Z I ' , Q Q' - fave 1 ,,' ' ' ' ' J aw f T 4 fa' - X 1,7 'ffl lf, f ll" 5 A Qi 'l l W le 4 5 gif? I 4 A A 'K I , , , . A, o---. 1 ' K ' , 15' T72 . 5 - J " 1 V , E If! " " H and ff 1' i A is .Wig l Q K 4 Y . y X , ' Q f h I R A 1 J . -X' E5 D X ' X N' fin- fh- ' ' 1 t It , . Q- 54-L " , A- 'X NA I5 'ru :bs U L., Q""ls Sandra Draut Wayne Dunson Honey Kuns lm lust a lonely Luttle Robnn Joan Douglass Yellow Dog Blues -uns, vw V Mar lyn Ernclcsen Arlene Fobbrt I Want to Be With You l-lalr of Gold Eyes of Blue Always Nylalw Ebersole Sweet ond Gentle 63 ini agp Wfmu fi? Durbln Red Gorters y-Q 'Kylie -es. 'Cir if Grace Jo Fesler Slngln the Blues an, Q A7 Y 'tr Morgue Freernon Ger Fredun Down Yonder Oregon My Oregon Penny Ford Mary Albertlna Freltas weet and Slow Aprll ln Portugal I6 as '!"" Mary Alnce Freotas When You re a Long Long Way from Home casa 13" Robert G bson I m a Happy Fella f Ron Green Standlng onthe Covner Q- Terry Fritz Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar I 'x 'Dx 'IT , Marla Gllardonu Dream .4--.5 Sandra Gulott Tell Me Why 5 Larry Getz Detour egikfo-1 Wayne Gnpson Lazy Bones 32,5 fx Ygv Marulyn Gutherudge Going Steady A? -a""Q- 7 Frank Ghtsettt Tell lt to the Stars yo TL.- Sonla Grant Donn What Comes Naturally 1? X5 !""'v Ni Opal Hackett Summer Ttme .fa 'vim V 1 a e. I -- wwf - f j,l5iQ , 771 r 'I L , xvzfgfe r , J Z" - ,M-1 1 ff ' ' 25452 f V 1--4I.,r"1Z fl 2 . Q, v . ff- ,- 7 n Gerald Hale Dont Be Cruel -,,.f'V Nui Deanne Harper Sweet and Sour -'Qs Don Helnlg Eat Drank ond Be Merry ,V ff ff , - 4. 't V I V Elmer Harnes Just a Gngolo WFS 'uv Michael Harmer Don t Tell Me Your Troubles 'vvlfl Q.. f ' f 'wi ' Y ' H-.l .fit X Robert Hampton lm the Man ot the Hour ww 1-"P Q S-,pr lla Harris Love Me John Henderson Bev y Hennlngs Bad Bralwrno Bull I A'n a Camera ,,, Hama u 21'-, .. -V tml .. lf, .env Y A 'v32 Q KJ X if :wie rr' C? Bonnue Hand Garden of Eden Q-'R' .,,.,,..f Lloyd Harroun Accentuate the Posutnve fi Jie C33 C1 tx A K , L - s. ' ' to Yi ' u 5. A f A I KJ 1 f 'ls '- l A l l I -Q :sa ?'g"ef' l 1 Go fl . at , f V we W1 V A u 4' L. ' Ar' A Y' x '53, I ll kxnf V r M W N lf 1 K ' , A ,M , 55, ., -, ,,,.,,. if ' A - 1 'N- W1 ' ' . A 7 ,2:' . ,, 1, 5 H N V ,Qu-fl , ill I, ,i:,- lf' Q' . , f H Cvosi E' 'ge 'QV' ?. qs., rl, CZ' 'CTV' Belly Hlebeff Robert Hnlton Truly Truly Four Maybe Nancy Hlckok Joe Holland Donce Bollerlno Jusl o Guy Nomed Joe ,qw iN ,ve cf? 7? YT? 'inf 'ht 'Tx ""ln....,, 1' Shlrley Hollmger Betty Holmes Solld Gold Codllloc Pretty Baby Lounl Hollen LOVVY Holmes Whcf W,ll Be W,ll Be Seems Luke Old Tlmes x 4-N LM-I 'ee af Kc. ,' Q-5 Y leon House Lourence Howell Deor Heorfs ond Gentle On Top of Old Smoky People Joyce Horn Joyce Hubbord l m Lltlle But l m Loud Llve ond l.el Llve 19 ,ad QW ic? ji gs-1.1 Rrchard Hubbard Hugh Noon 4:1 'Vs Bob Hultman Just Because 7? Erll Ivy Ivy A8219 X 122:01 'HN C5 Donna Huff Joyce Huffman Fortune and Dreams Sxncerely Patsy Hughes I ll Never Be Free M472 1 9' "'?"" Nolan Hunter Glorra Hutchms Greetnngs Uncle Sam Forever and Ever Wants You f 'aa' IOS T7 .',,,-a' Deanna Johnson Geneva Johnson I Dont Claim to Be Moonlight Becomes You" on Angel 20 in fi' ,pn 'CITZ7 Lo s Ingles The Impatrent Years 31- Larry Johnson 'Moonllght Gambler I wif 'NJ 09 fvveg, I Sharon Johnson There Must Be a Reason f-.,. Kathleen Katru Swlngun On 0 Star Q7 'M if Slmplucnty There s No Place Luke Home 'far nr ,n,,,,,. E ' 40N Marvln Jones l Cant Get Out of Thus Mood HQ, Tom Kellner Shurley Kennedy Thats That You Can Depend on Me f.. F-fa!3, 1' '- Qho- 6 ftfs Y X n 'Nur Joan Knnney Karla Klnzer Oh, Look a There, Aunt She Sweet Dreams Pretty haf' Gary Kenyon Some Enchanted Evemng 51" L. T Terry Kllmer Don Keyes Nobody Knows the Trouble Someday I ve Seen 21 4- V -T -A T V an L ."" K krll e ' -.- T .,. , -hx , N V,V, f ,, 'V I I g 'yr A lk X ' Q' "T 'fi 'T' Q1 Q, t JeNiene Jones LoVerne Jones X are My , ., V T MN V , if , fa- V . r, V , ' A fy V .f .0-, Q' , I ,S r fe, f VV f V as XS M f I avg l,- T V y nv ,V V . K- ,L St-N T rl qv 4 Q p I V V C 'fi A px - K Zi. V V . X i . Q T S- W' Qvx 'fxx ' ii : W Q I' K 4-' 1 -if ' - 'Q 1 ,X 5 4 'x N, puma:-5 'wgff John Klrlc Bushel and a Peck 55 TQ? Dorothy Krrng Chatterbox if 45 Eddne Lane Hug on a Hull Y"" Darrell Kohler You Cant Make Money Dreaming ,l -um, 'm Q7 Ken Kunzler I Dont Core If the Sun Don t Shune Nw gait I Don Kolshlnsku Hey Mr Copper flu 1-'64, 'Q'.T""7 Hi' Ilene London Melancholy Me aw--N 'X Q-x 1'- '43 If 'E7 Charlene Kovacovnch I m a Fool to Care 'Nd an 4-,, 'ir James Landon Evening Jessue Lang Jeannette Lenheart Watt for the Wagon Seventeen ll Lew 7 A h Thtngs You Are 755' bf George Lockwood Ccrrbbeon Sunset 'W-5, x Koye Lunbeck Long Toll Sully H4728 .5 'A' C' 'f""?' l x ht: Jim Moclcue No Con Do 'NP' w-PC! Nix.. 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Aiwa VV Q In NT' 'Z 352' ' -Y e X , . . ' 3 3' ,A " WN .L ' 5 V be , A - f ,Q F . I I H I 1 1 4 l k 'KY fwf Qs- e 5 . , .96 , . fb. 'Y' Ron Mutchell Love Me Tender Vo "-1.-' sim K'-.--f Q4- I Jnm Montgomery Cham Gang 'X 'qi Margaret Moody Mama Says I Musn W Joanne Muesslg Gaul Murray Neal Morse Going My Way 'IN Gerald Nelson Hey Good Lookung In the Sweet By and By I m Begunnang to See J9"V5 Light , 'V' Donald Nielsen Rodney Nolan Anythung You Can Do S O Lonely Troll Y G W fi? James Morrow Rip lf Up r1'4Y2-TK 7,0- Carl Nelson l-lor Rod 'i fi!-Q vc-'N-, 33- GV . M4 M --ik .W f g- 1' A 4 Tv. W f, ' I-1 V f.,,, S W W 4 Z , ' X l 'M' 5' fn x My l'ly '1 ' l . L.- 'W' l 1 I , VV ' l 1' V I 23 If , ' Y, L R , AL' F 3 U 3 , L YN' I h '1- V H I K M wl'f'e.,,,, , zrr . X, Vx, ,:V, L Lkkkyk A , Xe ' f , , , tn I P, A X or ,h 1 'Nw X V xx, .SZ . X 6 4 C rf at M t I 'U , -R va., pl ea ' l l fe " fl M 1 f x A ' I 'vi ' 1 gf ag. ef' , l 1 My 9- -I L " l ...if X , I F7 F t .. 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Con the Matter Be? 1 4', 'UT' v 'Z' ,f Elsue Yorbrough Rosemary Zebo 'Goi You On My Mmd' "Thanks for the Memories ' 31 il".-7 .lomce Wilcox Swnngmg on Q Slar Puclures of the following sensors were not available Jerry Bauman Russell Bevans Wllllam Brannon Wllllam Bullman Robert Duhon Cralg Ervln Dennls Heldenreuch Jonas Llndblom Ralph Metcalf Ben Moser Vlrgul Overly RM H N1 32 f ,X - N57 Wil X, 5 MJ ENIOR AUTOGRAPHS L I 'VF ,,-NX 'xx :U f ff- VX? X-VL., N 5 CW V V if M W fl V all , ,'-'lg ,ff llxlx x J ' ji, f Vx' Aflx X Q' T R ' df Jw Y ly r Gi ' R TL Q V' - , ky lp : l .ll ll l M X cl 1 CV 'W fx 1' I F , X ,7 ff 0 If X V, 7 U! ff f of fell R ,-, if 74 ll V so ff JL R R R ey -XX ylg fxx LASS 0F Z 58 fv AL! .ffff yy! if OW Mfg 'X rj, X ,X 'V Q' Af N 11, Q f " ,. Tb if 155 f XS: TXNTJ V xf ' -,OJ N , X A N ft' X L K ff' iff' , J V! f X in f ,,L.f ' SK " X! 1. 5 f I L01 I W 1117, jp A Q J, X J A L, 1 I nz 7 .y 15 MI X W4 in lf l IQ, , f jf f fl L f f 4 Y I .ff U A 7 gm-fl W Y XL! 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'fs 235333 A ' JUNIORS Vx ...A Ps ff" 731 VXA mm Q0 H New Ik 99 3 sc Fursl Row Raymond Acorn Frank Alden Jam Anderson Don Angst John Backland Second Row Connre Bagley Tom Banley Becky Barr Vurgrnra Baker Harrell Ball Muna Ball Suzanne Banduccr Jum Barker Thrrd Row Larry Barker Doug Barney Jerry Barnhlsel Bonnie Barr Gary Balrnr Belly Baxter Belly Beck Thelma Benda Fourth Row Marlan Bergman Bonnre Beshears Marry Besselman Joyce Bishop Tom Bnshop Dennls Blevnn Dayud Blood Frank Bonnell Fifth Row Joyce Borum Verna Boss Joel Boughton Beverly Brrnk Kent Brown Ronald Brown Oscar Brundrn Norman Bryan Srxth Row Patrick Bryant Don Bucherl Ernest Buto lph Jack Buchler Catherlne Cahrll Jerry Caldeura Shirley Camden Rrchard Cardoza Seventh Row Robert Cargrll Dorothy Carr Sharon Carr Joyce Carroll Pat Casselman Shurley Cathcart Leroy Caywood Thomas Charley Erghth Row Joe Chown Pete Clayton Janice Cody Nancy Cole Gordon Colson Bette Comstock Jean Comstock Robert Comstock Nunth Row Karen Conklrn Carl Cook Ralph Cooper Bonnle Cornrng Don Davns Ronnue Davrs Sandy Dayus Eleanor Deem 1: '. -zu , - ' . .J f "' 'gf ' x 'f' 5 W ' x, Q J All x' : M 3 f' J lk J "v as . 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E t N st s- J Ftrst Row Sandra Dlmmlck Larry Dnxon Sh rley Dunn Dolleta Dykes Jtm Earley Second K9 y East Donald Eller Edna Ellsworth Sandra Ervtn Delbert Faulk John Fehely lnez Felt Lorettm F nan Thtrd Row Joe Forbes Neal Foreman Kam Forrester Randall Fortenberry Norman Foss Al Frakes Carl Frisbee Jett ld Frost Fourth Row Curtts Fuller Kenny Galluher Edna Gammon Marlun Garvun Robert Gulntoll VG 0 Grace Duane Graham Robert E Graham Fttth Row Larry Gravenmner Carol Gnthth Myrna Gutott Jean Gwen Karl Hagen Barbara Hancock Gerald Hansen Kenneth Hardester Sixth Row John Hedge Judy th Hellman Dave Henry Joyce Henry Ramona Henry Judy Hensel Dora Henning Sharon Hershey Seven Row Rosetta Hllton Prusculla Hxnes Jack Hntt Jerry Hoeye Otto Holgersen Dan Holmes Jtm Holmes Nancy d Hopkuns Enghth Row Lynne Hosteltler Chnstune House GC' v Howard Sharon Howard Edsth Hubbar Grover Hubbard Geneva Hubble Joan Humphery Ninth Row Dave lrtsh Duck Jackson Jimmy Jackson Sandy Jackson Jack Jeftrtes Jon Jensen Delores Johnson Dale Jones .. Q Ma, , - -.1 ,, , . A V7 ,l 'jf' 4' 7 V JM 3 1 XX, ' v..s ,b ff J- fi? ? x V 'b' 3 Q :I '1 -31 J f '- t " A " V K , f . -ll . r ' ' ' , . Q I AJ b N . " 'aj , , . , l ' ,,1. f f 'X .fix E-X ' J ' x W 'V .. ' emu ll- - , , -r V J "V W A 'lg :i '1 wg I 5 . r ", ,, +V 'U ' f 'f I ' , - Q K 4 , -. 'P is I . "' I K 4, 5 nf' -W , 7' , '. N '7 , .3 1 :J U 'Aj , v ,J- , . gf -W, X 'Q ' :lf If X tri Hl W J' , . Y I ,'. v- Uv mx " 2 1, . , , Y: J 3 J A sf ' 11? .22 N J J Q - 0 K J - 9 yt 4 ' , , ""' , , - . . ,f 1. v L' -V W X 'QS Us G ' - K ' 1 , .Jr 1 , ' Q. D x , v- ,K - 'p ' 1 F W 5 ,: S , we , ' .J 4. f . 'x fx .J X' K F F ' Ax i "V 2 5 4 -, y. A - - d Q, it : J ' Ll X X s ' I -. - ,t V A ' 'V - -. ' s l' ' . A , Y yt s .A If - x - - It .J -:J '27 11 ' K , l , ' X ' ' , .- , ' v . t -fr f L X f X sf -Jr X , ,kk K C atm, : ' -wifi-1.-1-.-,xt . A W - ,. N t. N I . , ' , 1 , , .3 , . A .-. Dix' 1 f f f r r 5 ' e 5 D JUNICRS 3 A '? 'Q ' 1,1 Y7 A Y if 4 Etc-. tk!! x 7' S-f 'Pew ttmin Flrst Row Janne Jones Marlrn Jones Patrrcua Kerr Ellen Keyes Charles Krlgore Second Row Sandra Krl mer Sheral Kilmer Preston Kung Barbara Konlcke Sondra Koroush Arlene Kovacovlch Judlann Kresten sen Gladys Lakey Thnrd Row Aprrl Lantrlp Lesslee Launer Bernadlne Lawerence Harold Leazer Skup Lee Sharon Lee Harold Leutheuser Kenneth Lenhart Fourth Row Cluve LaVaugh Jack Lewrs Donald Lozensky Sybll Lumpkln Vlrgsnla Lunau Barbara Lyles Marnlyn Lytle Celeste Machado Frfth Row Robert Maullre H l e en Maple Wayne Marcella Joyce Marks Scotty Martlnson Ken Matlas Norman McBride Esther Mc Call Sixth Row Kathleen McCarroll Ralph McCartney Bob McConnell Norma McConnell Dave McCready Walter McDermand Betty McNutt Carolyn Mercer Seventh Row Alan Muller Harvey Mlllsap Jackie Mon roe Jack Moore Shurlee Morgan .loyce Monlton Carol Movlus Donna Mudtord Eighth Row Laura Mul Inns Jum Murdock Regnna Nagel Deanna Neal Betty Nelson Gary Nelson Karen Nelson Norma Nelson Ntnth Row Vrckn Nelson Lyle Nrckel Edward Nnelsen Meleta Noah De Anna Oglesby Alan Oular Wayne Orcutt Deanna Osborn Q- .J P9 A 4 It , ' .4 - 7 A 8 ' D Y ,J . 1 v M I 'jg 1 XA MM we f 'fx ' - - '1 IQ, 4 fs- N . L A 'I M 1 z M ef S' E? on ,, 4 . 1. " M A ' " 2 2 v X Z2 -2 M M V ' 5 ' ' 1 ft 43 ' Haiti 1. -X , K 5, 4 - ' I- . M 1 M ' I L cj B MM M V f 1 L M ,,. 4- MMA A A L M YQ 5 ' E x M f l J L L X Q 1 , ': .1 , Q, . - ' 2 Q I L J D 'eff 1 S5 'Bk- ."-X -..L - K 1.-M, A M 9- .T "" M '33 V ' t ' M M , L V C: 4 Q 9 ' ' ' jf, -b .Ji M 4 '. Ill xl , B lvllll I L A! '- f Sl 5 ,. J' 4. - .K F A cy R I 1 ,.. X ,F . 'r y Q ' Q t. Q 'E -ev L 1 - rg 1 K: ti v l . 1 J NL' A J . U5 MA. is ' Simi L A M y .M A tt Q G X .Aff fr l 'N M ' Q, L L Q . . Qt if M M Q L Nt A , Q5 W ,M , W' N 1 M ' E 7' tt L lj Q L Q ' ' tsp f 7 . JUNIORS ,,- fr, X ff'1"'-1,1 Q1 4'5" XM. "Y KAW on "1 he-x S e M tv. X J Q ' 1 Fnrst Row Cleah Overly Tom Page George Papageorge Melba Parham Rlchard E Parker Second Row Wallace Parker Steven Patenaude Joanne Payne Leon Pearce Jaan Palroy Charles Perry Letha Peterson Mary Pettunglll Thnrd Row Rose Ann Pualorsl Rachel Plclcard Carole Phagens Dennns Pontont June Poor Ruth Ann Poor Bully Porter Wanda Potter Fourth Row Wayne Presson Jlm Prace Shurley Pyeatt Donna Pymm Jammy Quunn Jay Ratzlaff Ray Ratzlatf Duane Rex Fifth Row Dan Reynolds Don Rxchards Judy Rumbey Joyce Rasenlund Ruth Roady Rechard Rothechuller Ronnue Russell Don Schneltter Snxth Row Dar lene Schuler Joe Scott Wlllnam Scott Delbert Scrlven Ruta Shaw Sylvla Sheets Ray Sheppard Roy Shep herd Seventh Row Delores Sholes Robert Slble Judy Sulva Mary Snlva Larrene Slmpson Leonard Skinner Alfred Smlth Geraldean Smnth Elghth Row Glenda Smith Lena Smuth Francus Sabol Jurn Sorter Cleo Stalger Noel Steele Brenda Steemblock Fred Stnckel Nnnth Row Gary Stockwell Danna Stolpe Nolla Strart Judy Strornberg Ross Stromberq Karen Sulllvan Llnoa Sulser Karen Sundqulst S : A O S I K 5 ' 1 ti f' W .- A I , I -I ia H A 'Q A. ,A N. JN 1 93 sl, C L9 , fe 1 V vi.. 'ffigie M R Q te 6 1 3' A ' Q54 2 Sv? ', lr-'fx it V X- W Q 5 'V u x 2 2 't ll JL. 0 ' P ' ' , j 1, J 'p -- f A ps A5 , ff ' , ,info f 9 ,--"-' P F M +6 - ' J C 1 'll .2-Q4 . V ,J ' 3 J 2 A - . 4 'C' 'J' I J 1 , ,W P. :L we J. , - -L A V' J I Q S P N Typ- 'X k I -X ' A -ef' Q, X' 'Q JUNIORS M 5'-it ff? l -0' Y Aff XXJESXQT ' l.-L 'Er T gee! A xxx t We HER m Frrst Row Duane Stymans Frances Swnener Lynn Tamboury Bob Taylor Joyce Taylor Second Row Nancy Taylor Marge Telonlcher Jay Threl Betty Thompson Gloria Thompson Ruby Thompson Phyllls Thornton Sharon Thornton Thlrd Row Shirley Talley Guy Towers Charlie Towner Carol Trapp Ronnle Tweedy Lynn Vanderhoet Elton Vanderyort Darlene Van Pelt Fourth Row BradVOUQl't0fl DerraldVaughn Beverly Verback Forrest Vrsser Bull Wagner Rosalie Wants Bonnie Wakefield Josette Walker Flfth Row Rnchard Walker Torn Walker Wayne Walton Ron Warner Judy Warren Lorene Warwick LeVerne Watson Wal ter Weger Sixth Row George Whutchurch Ken Whntmlre Van Whltfleld Wlnnle Wiley Sally Wilkinson Carole Wllluams Ken Wnllus Nadlne Wrlson Seventh Row Marsha Wllson Carolyn Woods Carol Wor den Delya Wormlngton Wlllue Wyckoff Nolan Young Sandra Young Larry Zlmmer XX 38 J I Z rr' I ex. . V , y er - . , - x ,as 34 'K i .K 8 A A- -V l ,df ie' 1 , J, new vw . . 'W' M sg 4 , ,, A .1 4 S I -A S , ' 3 I 4 , V' , H F '- - . 'f gl V Us .TJ L 'T T: ' Xl , R A f 'D-5 '-if ' ' 11 fm' 'F 1 'ki N! , X ' rf -J Ai fx V-' Y 535 yrss cflg, f, 112' . V y V,.-' 4. Q , ,ll I , W 1 V I A . ' F Q 2 3 rtes ,. A N ll V ' lr X .28 -1 th 1 I egtrkgffjr, JM, x 5 lx , H isis T QL Q X - . : A ,A gi' CLASS 0F 59 S X X lg I 1 it iCf' fr! ff! ff 1 fvff jf ,E 4 I ,.. ,a. 0 47 SCPHOMORES me-slit 960 GG nun-itll J .au ' xH .3 we ef and 2859 Q xt m-was Fnrst Row Bull Abbay Stanard Adkins Jerry Aggeler Hazel Aho Elsxe Aldrlch Second Row James Alexan der Aluce Alloway Sharon Amberson Dona Anderson Gaynal Anderson Sharon Atwell Sydney Ayer James Azevedo Third Row Rebecca Backlund Lula Bahner Peggy Barley Bud Barocchn Patsy Ballew Thomas Ballnnger Nuelene Bandonu Freuda Banmster Fourth Row Jennue Lou Barnes Mary Barnett Vnrgrl Bartley Darlene Bauman Kennuth Bay Betty Lou Beard Delene Beordslee Charles Beck Fufth Row Erma Beck Ruchard Bell Tum Benbrook Dea Ann Bernard: Loss Bernard: Ruchard Blake Pat Blerly Bob Belvrn Sixth Row Bull Borel Danny Borges Merton Bouydston Betty Bowen Jay Braunlng Vlvuan Brewer Patsy Brnm Lethna Brnttaun Seventh Row Charlene Broadway Russello Brooks Jrmmy Brown Jewell Brown Orme Brumfleld Davnd Brundln Fred Bugenng Knku Bugemg Eighth Row Mozelle Bullen Phyllls Buntrock Judy Burgess Othell Burleson Ina Burnett Buddy Burrow Ferdlnand Busnmus Jlm Neal Butler Nmth Row Elmer Buntolph Betty Callahan, Torn Capps, Larry Carpenter, Pat Carter, Carolyn Cavlley, John Chase, Tom Chrrstnan ,b fu, 2 . I "' I -1 4 ,, H- ' gg ' 5 A kg! :, x W , 11 .- ' l. -J ' s 'K , 1 I ll B D at ' gf , lr , ,F bi ' 4 . J l A is l A tl fn: Ax. Q: A '. I XX Y Ml m, V " as 'y l x Lf Q, if A . . 6 L I I az . Q ' A , , ' A V In , V Q 5 L V. V. 4 J,,,, In my 4 P UAW? u Q A 2 A A ' J' r -4 4 -4, ' J 5 ' B ' , 1 q at 4 i ,su ' , , 1 5 K X X ,MK ff t A Q Bu VXA A as VN A , -. , ' 0 : -" rf 3... A Q Y 2 G it 3' x B 1 . iw .Q !'3l.l , A C 'BJ fer A , My , , A -1 , Y 4 , X -' r ,, J ' f ,, f rx J .1 fi 'J C if x Q ,A A . TJ. J f X 5 x I J H lf ' ' V 3 X .8 . 1 n S '? Q 8 ' pf 14 , 'J , ' ' ,- ' n M4 ' 7 9 1 ,A tv . : . I , A I I . . ' I - SOPHOMORES 4, f.Aan f'7 X I E3 G f All rivlsxwf XX Gee Q98 L ea ...X 'S If X Flrst Row Kath :ne Chrstalas Blllle lark James Clayton Jon Clemans Edna Coker Second Row Nancy Cole Wanda Cole Wanda Cole James Colman Joyce Combs Donald Comstock Wlllnarn Conn Manuel Contreras Third Row Oscar Cook Patsy Cra g Laura Crawford Steve Crawford Dlxle Currie Make Del Porto Carol Daniels Kenreth David Fourth Row Roberta Davis Phllltp Dean Pat Dempsey Joe Denman Sandra Dellossett, Yvonne DeVore,Darlene Dnlllon Darrell Dulluon Flfth Row Charles Dulls, Blalr Duxon, Thomas Dodson, Lnnda Durate lda June Dutton Ray Ebersold, John Eden, Shurley Eden Snxth Row Karen Eldred Muke Ellington, Don Ellls Rosalue Emery Sonya Englls, Gerald Erlckson Barbara Faustlno Monty Feekes Seventh Row Robert Fernn lrls Feuerwerker, Jean Fleury, Barbara Forbes, John Ford Tom Ford, Buddy Foust, Edna Foust Etghtln Row Judy Franzonl, Sharon FrGnZOnI Colene Fredun,Eunar Frvtz, Loren Frye Sharon Fuller, Rayelle Gllardont Eugene G-roux Nnnth Row Joan Goehru, Weldon Good Joyce Gor den Art Graham, lrnolean Gravenmuer Garlan Graves Donna Green Elaine Green Q V ' J. . A V- , J 7 11 - f an , . , l .fi " ,.. . ' I 4 tl V - 1 ' VA' li' ' V J l 1 uN'?'Y ,XE . 'J - f J me A . J :J J 1 ,J in . C Q1-LJ F " C ' ' xv - ' X 2- , ' V' X' J flfff' P423 J f A X ' , Al' A it V' A' G? J if J J an ' Q., X k fi X3 . .l ' 1. 8 J , :E li' xo' J' l gl- ' J' il 1 x 4 t- 1 Y . xl ' Q . '. Y he og , ': ' " FZ: F 5 ': ' , -1 Nkiyl wi . J J 1122" J ,cw F x. Q VS' ' 11 4 ' 5 5'7" ffgf? ' . J' 'I - ' , ' it it ' X 'fl . W :F ,Zi ' 'Cyl F C4 is . f ., by I 1 Q , vvisx A3 wqiwwi 7 '16 I Y ,..a W: bt rw Wgm' 'Ik JGGQ 3' 46' f a s as Frrst Row Larry Grrftus Patty G reve Nando Grnfhn Carolyn Gruswold Aluce Gwun Lawrence Gutmerrez Carol Haaen James Hagood Second Qow Kathy Ha ght Dnanne Haines Lydua Hall Morgue Hall Donald Hamlalock Gene Hampton Rlchard Hand Kenny Hanka Thurd Row Betsy Harlnn Howard Harty Mern Haryey Allen Harwood Gerald Haskell Sandra Hatheld Shurley Hayes George Henderson Fourth Row Bonnle Hennlngs Carol Henrlksen Norma Hull Mary Hutt Potty Holden Carol Horn Bull Howerton Mar nn Hubbard Frtth Row Jlm HLcktns Vonda Huffman S dney Hughes Make Ingham George lngle Sharon Janney John Jantser Ralph Jarvrs Srxth Row Jerry Jeftrnes Deanna Johnson Maxnne Johnson Ruchard Johson Bob Johnson La Juana Jones Gerry Jorgensen Betsy Joyce Seventh Row Ronald Kear Wanda Keele Mary Keellng Gary Keenan Jay Kelly Penny Kelts Wanda Kemp Ron Kempton Erghth Row Ruth Kendall Jultan Kennedy Gary Kenworthy Patrtcla Klnworthy Donna Knnworthy Make Kunzer Marvln Kt chen Do othy Konlcke Nunth Row Darrel Koroush lvne Kuhnhausen Darold Lachance Sharon Landon Judy Lan e Mrke Larson Greg Lawrence Ela1neLeazer - A- '.r - ' L .: ' ' 4, ' Q. V1 Ll ,114 ,1 -J V - at M I A , 1 Ag J L ri -A , g gg A " . ' ,J ' , ' ' iaaf t I 4 xv Q J r r 'X ft " S A p 'J J , - A . l 'O ' 1 A v . l , ' f A Eg L t Atl ' ' 1 J - A rr . " " - f . g I lllk kia L I 4 In fha V ' X ' fu' Q I 3 9: 1 A x :AA N Q g Q 2 I X J or r ' . v G- 1 ' S J I V l. K , - ' ' , ' - N F4 J ss 2 -rr,' ' 'Sf so 1 V ' Q I It ,I ,Z l J . W , y 5 J - J . f ' gf' , ' lr , A 1 L , - , ,J J r - y t ,5 J B . J, MA gg y, g X N xl I l I .l I A. 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Second Row-Sharla Trine, Larry Smith, Kathy Cody, Pat Sullivan, Dianna Thomas, Joyce Doss, Sharon Hedge, Terry Lantrip. Third Row-Darlene Schaupp, Fred Brown, Dennis Emery, Herbert Harrell, Gary Howard, Bary Sobol, Bruce Holmes. Fourth Row -- Claude Hodge, Paulette Giroux, Francis House, Ted Beach, Gary Harper, Ray Rinne, Ron Zuber, Mike Stillion. MCKITTRICK First Row-Pat Wilson, Barbara Boyer, Barbara Black, Mar- vene Busenius, Carol Chezem, Phylis Lipscomb, Mr. Mckit- trick. Second Row-Gayle Frakes, William Berger, Nancy Cochron, Doug Paddock, Bonnie Costa, Joanne Evangelisti, Bonnie Lopez. Third Rowfliaren Getz, Floyd Flares, Larry Maxon, Tom Givins, Harold Egbert, Connie Van Buren, Muriel Grace. Fourth Row-Asenlth Loper, Ted Johnson, Carol Sheaffer, Nils Johnson, Jim Taylor, Macomber Den- nis, Ralph Gibson, David Sutter, MARKS First Rowflxlina Deatherage, Joan Doggett, Joe Re'ner- ford, Wally Colson, Dennis Ervin,'Beverly Burshem, Ellen Howard Second Row-Bennie Mager, Ezell James, Fred Oliveira, Leone Lloyd, Judy Papinz, Kay Cunwngs, Marilyn Gallagher Third Row-Ken Poole, Jimmy Gore, Patsy 'Wie son, Iris Branscomb, Lyla Pfeitter, Darlene Richards, Lo. Anna Jones. Fourth Row-Dennis Emmons, Jack Ford, Phi - lip Cater, Steve Cottrell, Jack Hostetler, Sandra Wil rs, Jane Spaid. DUNLAP First Row-Mr. Dunlop, Dennis Simpson, Donna Caligan, Pauline Letfler, Doris Long, Beverly Oilar, Kris Bernardi. Second Row-Rodger Benda, Sara Blalock, Linda Crowe, Leona Guffey, Sharon Dyer, Carol Atwell, Linda Cooper. Third Row-Claudette Berero, Eugene McAllister, Ray Sher- burne, Jim Moulton, Jim Jacobson, Lloyd Swope, Richard Harwood. Fourth Row-Fred Millard, Craig Hadley, Jim Paradise, Tom Nickel, John Kier, Darrell Williams,' Kane Yevonne. PARTRIDGE First Row-Arnold Beck, Barbara Rex, Jean Hiebert, Karen Kerr, Susan Hancorne, Mr. Partridge. Second Row-Fran- cis Kohl, R. G. Westbrook, Marion Donald, Jim Zwiefel- hofer, Jim Scarbrough. BENT First Row-Carolyn Henry, Joyce Fuller, Lynda Rickert, Billy Fulk, Margaret McCann, Alto Hubble. Second Row-Pat Nelson, Anna Day Hubbard, Bill Farr, Florine Laidlaw, Di- anne Gibson, Judy Treece, Mr. Bent. Third Row-Nolan Smith, Frank Lorenzo, John Sattertield, Rodger Strickland, Stuart Galles, Johnny Nielson, Arlie Worden Fourth Row -Ronald Vaverka, Jim Parker, Bennie Dare, Russell Rounds Christine Robinson, Jack Smith, Ronald Rodgers. it N33 r C-E lt ef, , , 1 , 3 Ss' ev. an 1 Nu!! lar' l li P1 M, we ug fr iles: i i it-in If-H-1 ling:- IP 1 W' 1. il ir JACOBSON First Row-Jay Franke, Dan Martin, Gary Hesterlee, Alvin Spears, Carrie Twitchell, Betty Walczak, Carol Begley. Sec- ond Row-Bill Smith, Bill Hubbard, David Finan, Glenda Jacobsen, Ella Crawford, Karen Parks, Kathleen McMunn, Mrs. Jacobson. Third Row-Jim Lanier, Bill Haight, Gary Johnson, Jack McDonald, Juanita Bonner, Shirley Dunnell, Barbara Parker. Fourth Row-Pat Doty, Sharon Chezem, John Davis, George Damos, Clarence Bowman, Dale Par- ham, Salvador Piazza, Pauline Parks. DOWDLE First Row-Mr. Dowdle, Jerry Conklin, Vivian Messenger, Mary Patterson, Betty Lou Smith, Janice Tankersley. Second Row-Jerry Seales, David Dare, Leslie Forester, Othel Pick- ard, Olan Small, Judy Hanka Third Row-Charlotte Rags- dale, Jean Loper, Mary Jane Patchell, Marcella Backues, Larry Kight, Jesse Brannon. Fourth Row-Gayle Ownbey, Clarence Brett, Ronnie Henry, Ernie Alves, Jerry Graham, Joseph Brumtiel. Absent-Larry Dierking, Charles Rylee. BENT First Row-Lavellda Mills, Barbara Vandveer, Donnis Baker Rae Holden, James McCommell, Floyd Thomason, Jack Hampton, Tom Christian, Alon Carter, Mr. Bent Second Row-Sam Jansen, Donna Martin, Pam Au Claire, Deanna 1 Dillon, Sharon Meek, Mary Brittain, Veronica Hendrix, Carol Stevens Third Row-Mildred Pickard, Charles Be- secker, Gary Anker, Gary Huddleston, Kenneth Brown, Sheryll Egbert, Leroy Morris, Fred Manzella. Fourth Rowe Jim Peterson, Randy Harlow, Orrin Wilson, Dale Mitchell, Dick Gibson, Melvin Mattila, James Baker, Ronald Ward. PATTON First Row-Mrs. Patton, Karen Davis, Carol O'Neill, Den- nis Rees, Larry McGinty, Philip Lipscomb, Tom DeVore, Marvin Bernarda, Second Row-Phillip Addison, Marilyn Griswold, Pat Mitchell, Karen Strating, Faye Burgess, Wilma Seale, Naomi Wyckoff, Virginia Lewis, Third Row-Rich ard Hillard, William Ezell, Henry Fischer, Duane Kilmer, Linda Lionberger, Julie Spencer, Delbert Setzer, Toni Do- brec. Fourth Row-Jerry Steele, Kirby Cooper, Larry Tur- pin, Angelo Fraga, Kirk Hamilton, Darrell Sorensen, Ben Shepard. DOWDLE First Row - Howard Mann, Jim Marcum, Troy Bennett, Sharon Jones, James Laird, Rose Stanley, Shari Visser, Gloria Brown, James Harty. Second Row-Bernice Bouclro, Linda May, Jerry Faulk, Jennie Haight, Robert Lower, Mari- lee Starkey, Gail Wagner, Jean Anderson. Third Row- Betty Deaton, Sydney Bodda, Andrea Bartley, Christena Dorsey, Jackie Taylor, Larry Wimer, Niel Gilchrist, Don Costello, Judy Wallis, Fourth Row, Marleen Grace, Leon Lowery, Gary lsackson, Bob Hansen, Bob Bedwell, Wayne Brown, Janet Bicknell, James Dake, Betty Wh-tchurch, Ab- sent-Darlene Armstrong. DUNLAP First Row -Laurence Crow, William Lindberg, Mickey Owen, Marie East, Deanna Parrnentier, Mr. Dunlap Sec- ond Row - Christine Backues, Emily Wakeland, Barbara Christensen, Harold Thurston, Maurice Moser, Donald Ort- ner, Allen Riley Third Row - Patrick Morrison, Donald Henry, Byron Crutchfield, Vernon Barlow, Clifford Brown, Gerald Huffman, James Marion. .9 JXN 4-Sl ers: I-Q' O 1 C 7 ' 1 1' lu us 0.f, ,Y 14 vw' ,4 .Ci Yi- K' lmfigfs F Ex' gf, WALTON First Row--Sherry Roselund, Lillian Meissner, Sammy Mag- liano, James Smith, Dennis Taylor, John Carey, Vernon Hibbard, Mr. Walton. Second Row-Ronald Young, Ted Crane, Jacklyn Dickinson, Sherryl Waits, Theresa Estes, Bob Witek, Jim Sheets, Bob Goodrich. Third Row-Philip Hodg- son, Ruth Johnson, Judy Sacchi, Clarice Brower, Georgia Wilson, Joanna Sundquist, Ted Johnson. Fourth Row- Elaine Rulofson, Ollive Hamrick, Ronald Dinatale, Gary Schaupp, John Sherman, Elizabeth Taylor, Patricia Christen- sen, Roberta Robertson, WEATHERS First Row-Charles Smith, Gary Bernardi, Dianne Kohler, Karen Johnson, Janice Bugenig, Rita Gagnon, Darrel Mat- hews. Second Row-Blaine Pectol, Karen Aupperle, Mari- lyn Dickinson, Leanne Moore, Dixie Foster, Meredith Daug- lass, Dennis Olivera, Margorie Graham. Third Rowf Henry Abraham, Don Finta, Joan Siemens, Janis Fabbri, Janet Galliher, Geraldine Larson, Virginia Weirup, Rich- ard Vaverka. Fourth Row-James Scott, Duane Parker, Ronnie Dolt, William Stonebarger, Ralph Kirk, Errol Russell, Don Gormley, Gerald Lawrence. ALLEN First Row-Curtis Nelson, Mary Nolen, Dave Blake, Larry Baysinger, Bill Akers, Willard Bowles, Wiley Hoaas. Sec- ond Row-Deanna Webb, Linda Wood, Pat Stringer, Sonia Ronlund, Danny Allwardt, Donald Harling, Francis Jones, Mr. Allen. Third Row-Judie McGill, Ashley Young, Bobbi Visser, Judy Currier, Charlene Steeyes, Raymond Clare, Nancy Sherwood, Janice Gwin Fourth Row - Ronald Cooper, Anita Sadler, Richard Cosby, Roger Larson, De- Wayne Lytle, Dennis Bolsinger, Betty Wallace PATTON First Row-Mrs. Patton, Mary Clearwater, Dean Beam, Philip Begley, Don Emenegger, Sandie Garoutte, Jean Lois Pialorsi. Second RowAHelen Ware, Phillp 'Flip' Glenn, Fenhart, Dayna Sleater, Ellen Schneider. Third Row-Joyce Barnes, Barbara Liston, Joyce Howze, Calven McDermand, Steve Alexander, Louie Holcomb, Dennis Workman, Fourth Row-Grace DeVore, Dayton Griffith, Ron Adsit, Toni War- ren, Class Round up Sensors Leadsng the sensor class for the fsrst semester were Pressdent Pete Peterson Vsce Pressdent Marvsn Turner Secretary Cleta Tolley and Treasurer Penny Ford Edsth Mays was the head song queen Under Edsth was Cleta Tolley and Marla Gslardons The only sensor yell leader was Kenn Kunzler for the fsrst semester The second semester leaders were Gary Chslton Pressdent Deanna Johnson Vsce Pressdent Nancy Weber Secretary Penny Ford Treasurer Second semester sensor song queens were Cleta Tolley as head leader Marla Gslardons Darlene Papsns and Norma Anderton were the other sensor song queens The yell leaders were Lsnda Sarboe as the head yell leader wsth Don Dansels as the only other sensor yell leader There was a football ksng and queen elected thss year At the Arcata and Eureka football dance Bsll Brsttasn and Cleta Tolley resgned Tom Weeks was elected as Lsl Abner for the annual Sadse Hawksns dance The candsdates for the Advance Queen were Lsnda Sarboe Deanna Johnson Mary Sue Dobberstesn and Norma Anderton The two top sensors sn grades were Jsll Lewss and Jsm Marrow wsth strasght As Junsors Athletes that s the best word to be used when descrsbsng thss year s Junsors Nsne boys Jay Thesl Frank Bonnell Jsm Barker Frances Sobol Don Evans Al Frakes Ken Matsas Frank Alden and Dennss Pontons were outstandsng all around athletes sn the Junsor class the past year The gsrls Darlene Schuler Judy Stromberg Phyllss Thornton and Shsrley Tolley are a lsttle behsnd the boys sn number but lust as good sn abslsty Musscal abslsty would have to come next There are so many Junsors sn chosr that Msss Carroll had a hard tsme trysng to select the best ones but thss ss her fsnal decssson Carol Grsffsth and Davsd Blood for thesr many publsc appearances Others are Bonnse Wakefseld Don Angst Otto Holgerson Ed Nselson Frank Alden Ron Russell and Ken Matsas Brasns ss a good word also as four Junsors were strasght A students The lucky ones were Ken Matsas Karen Sundqusst Judy The four Junsor gsrls competed for Advance attendants are as follows Margse Teloncher Sandra Dsmmsck Carol Grsffsth and Shsrley Tolley Sophomores Leadsng the Sophomore class as pressdent thss year was Frank Payne The other leaders were Irss Feuerwerker Nancy Mendes and Phyllss McCrory At the top of the class were Eugene Gsroux Steve Lsonberger and Kathleen Surbaugh wsth strasght A s In the mussc department there were many hard worksng students A few sn chosr were Kathleen Surbaugh Arlene Warden and Gary Keenan In the band were Maryls Morrss and Tom Wsllsams The gsrls who competed for Advance attendants were Pat Blesly Sharon Amberson Penny Kelts and Dee Ann Bernard: Outstandsng sn sports Nere Monte Feekes Dennss Morgan Curt Nselson Ron Remsngton Dan Wsllsams and Ken Davsd There were some gsrls who were outstandsng sn sports too They were Pat Brsm Laurel Tweedy Phyllss McCrory and Judy Stewart Freshmen The Freshmen at Arcata Hsgh were outstandsng sn several fselds thss year wsth musscal abslsty leadsng the way Beverly Oslar Robert Lower Dolores Evangelssts Sal Psazza and Larry and Tommy DeVore are the members of chosr Janet Bscknell and Howard Mann have contrsbuted thesr part for the band There were several strasght A students from the class thss year They were Charlene Steves Jane Spasd Bsll Farr Ray Rsnne and Dennss Rees Sports took a back seat sn Frosh actsvsty thss year wsth only two gsrls Tons Dobrec and Gayle Frakes selected as supersor The boys dsd better hofvever as Ron Dolf Steve Cottrell Crasg Hadley and Dennss Macomber were pscked as top athletes for the freshman class Fred Manzslla ss the only frosh sn the Flysrsg Tsgers and ss conssdered to be dosng very well The class of 61 s offscers are very well known people also the Pressdent Jeannse Anderson Vsce Pressdent Rschard Harwood Secretary Joanna Sunoqusst and Treasurer Judy Papsns 52 U 1 ' I , . , 1 , - 1 , 1 I ' - 1 1 , , , - Q ' I I I I I I I I I - . , , , , I I I I I I ' , - , s Warren and Nancy Taylor. Z I I ' I I . . . . - ., . ,. . , , . . , , , , - . . X .... , . , , r , - - I ' I I I ' I ' I - s , , , , , - . X . . . I I -s I I I - I I GCJVERNMENT W W fp f M C, K, M X KN x N' fu f Ax f V015 dll X ' 4 Q, f P,,fL X gf ,A f -af' .W M 3 fl ' 1 14 ..ff ' W- ' xi J I ' X ' - W 1, Q ' A f ' V 'Q X I I ' "2 L. fy I 1 y xy Lf - ge' 'jf Lg J M2 Lf , A , l 43 , ' K '. ' I , ,V A fb A U A 5 L 5 L Lf: V ,. L E X Y I ' I 1 Q I ' 9 fy5'L s b I, 5,7 q , ' Q ' L' ' l ' , I X 1' A f f , rv , if A 1 fx, ,2 A - r ' f. .15 ' J ff' - f L N fa f 'LAX V X 4 yy! 1.1 kj ,X l tx Vffxx N I -- I 1 lf rt Q: wwf n ' X ' f ' l,K N fx , ' ,f pf f , ' 1,5 X K . Lf A ,A1 9 Lf! x rl X XX . .. 1 Q 'VV D N 4 :JE M , I YJ 1 -V 'lf .lx YN - I fy Q .J Y ' NK , XX H1 1 . xk -- C j M' v 5 I, f ! V 1 J X XV 541.11 f 5 5 1' I I K4 y.: 4 f .1 1 X V X A IAA' ,T .fy 'ff v -.- 'J' ixf' !"" 1 - r f , 1 4 X I I Yi' 1 pb' I 1. 6 X M ,, K FR .1 , J s q" X N , X I - ' l M IST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT R s VICE PRESIDENT J h P y TREASURER SECRETARY ASSEMBLY CHAIRMAN RALLY CHAIRMAN IST SEMESTER CCURT OFFICERS Lois Wagner Larry Holmes Don Nielsen IST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Frrsf Row Rulh Mays lrls I-euerwerker Judy Mapes Davld Dare Melba Parham Beverly Onlar Frank Lorenzo Second Row Muss Carroll Cleta Tolley Jackie Dickinson Robert Flora Joan Lower Judy Papanu Jerri Damos Bea Mac Glnme lnvnno Mr Gaufraud Thlrd Row Shlrlev Tolley Sremens Charlene Sleeves Kay Nielsen Mnlron Ruckards Margut Pruesfely Jean Fleury Nancy Hlckok Fourth Row Ron Zuber Dayton Grlfflth Nylah Ebersole Dave Henry Nuls Johnson Jack Moore Jnrn Alexander QlQ CO J IR OS X sv' 2ND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT Ph'I PT VICE PRESIDENT M T TREASURER T SECRETARY ASSEMBLY CHAIRMAN RALLY CHAIRMAN F S ,Z 2ND SEMESTER COURT OFFICERS Janus Wnlllams Nylah Ebersole Davud Blood Larry Holmes 9,18 2ND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Furs? Row Tom Devore Betty Lou Beard Carol Pasqulnr Prlsculla Hines Rolonda Trump Janlce Tanlcersley John Wlllard Payne Beverly Ollar Second Row Mr Gaulraud Jon Jensen Anita Schrnldt Elena Tanferanu Pete Peterson Charlene Sleeves Jane Spald lrls Feuerwerker Third Row CO -1-.Y Gerald Hansen Ronald Vaverka Judy Hellman Gall Murray Karla Klnzer Sharon Albersor' Joan Selrnens Fourth Row Ray Shepherd Marvmn Turn r Nlls Johnson Jlm Alexander Don Ellls Llnca Woodruff Ron Zuber la s slain-L.. la JG a" SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 'Ist semester PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY yW VICE PRESIDENT SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 2nd semester PRESIDENT Gary Chilton SECRETARY TREASURER Y fi VICE PRESIDENT Deanna Johnson SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Frank Payne lrls Feuervverker Nancy Mendes Phyllns McCrory JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Jam Barker Carol Grlffnth Sneral Kilmer Sandra Kilmer lv' ,ui FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Rich Harwood Jeanne Anderson Joanna Sundqunsf Judy Paplnu CLUBS 'Y-f NPN is X 4X XJ XJ XJ Q 1 'Xi 5233 ,N ,AA E Q , X 'Wx is L-Stax. Q 'N X 'hx I, .H ,. .-. 5, , if V ' ART Flrst Row: Merllee Way, Rae Halden, Deanna Johnson, Carolyn Gris- wold, Phyllls Buntrock, Second Row Mrs. Slrnpson, Joanna Sondqutst, Leanne Moore, Bullle Clark, Flora Loytng, Thlrd Row: Jean Fleury, Treasurer, Deanna Shurnard, Secrerary, Betty Lou Beard, VicefPresident, Shirley Kennedy, President, Jlm Alexander. C.E.C. Flrst Row: Margaret Moody, Deanna Johnson, Margaret Reynolds Second Row: Deanle Harper, Gall Murray, Jon Jensen, Bea Mac Gnnltle Thvrd Row: Bette Comstock, Dear-na Johnson, lots Ingles, Judy Chown Fourth Row: Linda Woodruff, Barbara Wrlght, Jean Gwrn, Janus Wal liams, Jackie Whipple. CONSERVATION FV- P f, S: Vrfz, , QM, -A I gl z., p.,,. ' L.J-,,,-.V 1 C- A . Q, I lf:-2 L' S-ace' 'uosgaN azxeq 'Mouow 'UQPIV ww 'uoswgad aged 'SBFQPJJ uoq MQW 'uoslgM !H 'H '41 uu S Jepaw 'uunq 1 sgo M 1au6e !S' Ou W :M A9ueN MOH 'su uef L6 W ug 'Ja PP ',4n1pooM Ef 'JSUAHL UQAJPW SBU! 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Stephen, Ken David, Vernon Barlow, Rich Hubbard, Don Heinig, Pete Peterson, James Taylor, Rich Abbott, Tom Kellner. F.H.A. First Row: Mrs. Kohler, Beverly Burshem, Vivian Juchizer, Marilyn Gallager, Bo'nnie Lopez, Carolyn Caulley, Helen Ware, Margaret Moody, Ellen Schneider, Milly McDowell, Miss Rose. Second Row: Betsy Joyce, Kathy Cody, Judy Arseneau, Nancy Hickok, Launi Holleri, Dorothy Thompson, Judy Hanka, Anna-Day Hubbard. Third Row: Sharon Meek, Dorothy Bryan, Julie Spencer, Linda Lionberger, Norma Hale, Jane Spaid, Myrna Guiott, Inez Felt, Mrs. Hanson, Fourth Row: Alice Wymore. Christine Robinson, Patricia Christensen. Yvonne DeVore, Sandra Guictt, Nuelene Brandoni, Betsy Harlin, Lois Wagner. G.A.A. Fa- Df,, D- S rm-N Qeyvrq- new '. L Swv- Y,.-I-4 S' 'e, Yi G SD"'1 pw. C7-e': Tc Q Y "1 Siam fecfrz J""C' 'N P J S ' , .Q Brhzrv Wr'qF' 'nf . -'-'Z-nf-' Scfdfo LM' P F 'e'eS1',e' 'f:', Sf- 'f r,hf-"Af-n LATIN First Row: Be11y Lou Beard, Carolyn Grrswold, Lows Bernardr, Frank Alden. Second Row: Jrm Alexander, Peggy Bailey, Barbara Smith, Rolonda Trump. Third Rowp Pafrrcia Kerr, Lynn Medarrs, Janet Muller, AI Frakes, Fourth Row: Judy Warren, Richard Reese, Dennrs Reese, Fred Morgan. NURSES f' F. ifff- F D ..,,,q ,, f 'I pf , ,. -. -re., f. , - W V . u E" ,vc J. -.-sf' ,M,,s if ---.ww 317- any 1, -'--P m.. A 'U ug' 'J I gg .4 nv ,.....,,..,4 5.-...-. I vu r r ,E r.... G-3 A IK 4. F , . 4 Q f, P ' ru'-' 'u .,,. ' 1 Q,z 'LS1 A ' 2, K' - I X OUTDOORSMAN First Row: Mike Ingham, Ron Kear, Wallie Warren. Second Row: Gerry Jorgensen, Jay Thiei, Gary Siockwell, Freddy Bugenig. PHOTOGRAPHY Frrs'R0N'NQHC5r1ri'1rf5',J'7C CPG.-fry Barry Hennhqs. Sefmnd RCN WGUFQ Warren GoryS'0Clrwe134 Doryf Eosf, Torn Crrofey. RIFLE FWS? Rww Mr Porfrdge S:""n.' MoqN':': COW' UtDf1"'z' JiV' Kfer Bai' Cr-"':9d Md M CV. Sefchd RCN: JIM Sdne M ki' Sw on Gecrqe Esfce RQ' Zxnbe' - "' :o'ier SPANISH First Row: Dianne Graham, Launi Hollen, Marlys Morris, Carolyn Caulley, Conna Calugan, Deanne Johnson, Henen Payne, Joyce Preston, Jennie Barnes, Beverly Spalding, Edna Gammon. Second Row: Jim Brown, Vicky Williams, Sherry Lovie, Carol Pasquini, John Ford, Arlene Silva, Sherry Dyer, Becky Bair, Barbary Lyles, Nancy Mendes. Third Row: Bonnie Rylander, Judy Vaughan, Elena Tanferani, Gail Murray, Rita Simons, Mozelle Bullen, Phylis Thornton, Gwen Rocker, Andra Caussens, Karla Kinzer. Fourth Row: Bill Abbay, Jack Moore, Ralph Jarvis, Einar Fritz, Jay Thiel, Brad Vaughn, Wallace! Parker, Marilyn Lytle, Frank Payne, Vicki Nelson. TOP TEEN HORIZON First Row: Betty Lou Beard, Beverly Spalding, Deanna Johnson. Carolyn Griswold. Second Row: Janet Gross, Sonia Ronlund, Leanne Moore, Roe Holden. Third Row: Bonnie Rylander, Elena Tanferani, Judy Burgess. Becky Backlund, Jennie Barnes. VARSITY First Row: Ron Remington, Dave Blood, Frank Alden, Bill Brittain, Frank Bonnell, Jim Montgomery, 'Pete' Peterson, Al Frakes. Second Row: Jim Holmes, Bud Graham, Carl Cook, Scotty Martinson, Kent Brown, Ralph Cooper, Gerry Hale, Don Keyes. Third Row: Dennis Pontoni, Don Miller, Gary Chilton, Jay Thiel, George Berry, Curt Nielson, Jim Barker, Sam Bishop. Us if If oi WORKSHOP Frrst Row Roy Taggert Franchart Nathen Marvun Rutchen Ferdunan Busenuus Frank Powers Second Row Phnllnp Dean Robert Wilcox Jrm Mache Dave McCready Mlke Strxnger Thard Row Don Ellns Muke Dal Porte Wayne Marcella Brad Vaughan Fourth Row Jam Anderson Blll Wagner Gary Turpm Archie Day Don Keyes BACHELORETTES Furs! Row Judy Strornberg Nancy Comstock Judy Warren Carol Grnffnth Loss Ingles Norma Anderton Margaret Reynolds Ruth Carroll Second Row Marg: Telonncher Sheral Knlrner Sandra Kilmer Anita Schmidt Bea Mac Gunme Landa Dolf Jan Jensen Third Row Janus Wrllnarns Judy Hensel Nancy Hopkuns Nylah Ebersole Delores Azevedo Coral Samuels Sue McArdle GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Judy Strornberg, Sergeant-at-Arms, Carol Griffith, Secretary: Norma Anderton, Presidentg Nancy Weber, Vice Presidentg Penny Ford, Treasurer. 3f19V3'I ,STZIIS K f. 4 Q,-'G V, I ' s , fl x' f QW, '- 5 .Q v '73- 0 ' 'fL': A-ei 'Y: 1-1. U 'r-Q .Q 3 9 'Q-41 " . 17. TW-H' "' Q Uggfv, pf 1 -,J Y AQQ-ti l W .. ' Q. s, "' r 4 Eg x ' I -1' ' , L ' we 0 .ls r 1 fp W Firm, if .MV x s EXCALIBER First Row: lim Landon, Darrell Dillon, Sieven Patenaude Second Row Mr. Choate, Ronald Vaverka, Leslie Fosver. Dennis Pontoni Third Row Larry DeVore, Don Heinig, Ray Shepherd, Mr. Allen. KEY First Row: Dave Henry, Frank Alden, Jack Hifi, Al Fralces Second Row Jim Murdock, Don Bishop, Jay Thiel, Gary Chilton. R-K-TAN First Row: Eugene Svaggs, Jim Alexander, Frank Payne John Payne, Marv Turner. Second Row: Ross Svrornberg, Gerry Hansen, Jack Moore, Daniel Olliver. Third Row: John Warren, Tom Givins, Don McKiddip, James Davis. E5 f wiygg VW ACTlVlTIESi Www nf f J y ' if Aj rf k' 0 9 A I X ' N jf", f l L 5 'A X U V x' . , 1 NN Uv ik r L 1 L5 ,f wi gt, X. T NJ 3 ff YV U el X fl. , ' 5 ' ri ? Q K .Mx 4 rw .u 5 V MQ' JL - m - 9 'gf U xp: XP' x A Y Q", W Q X f I ' 1 .W I PV Rl: If Iffx 5 2! U Q0 J NK I NEW , lhxg A T I "' l M 5 Penny Ford and Cleta Tolley Joyce Horn JoAnne Roberts A .. .o 'J Wayne Gibson K A D V A N C E Barbara Wright Sports Ednfor Peie Peterson Sports Edntor Coral Ann Samuels News Edlior Linda Dolf Feature Editor up I Don Kolshinski 5- K 1 C Gerri Smifh Mr Crittenden Jnm Davus Barry Hennings Pat McDonough, Sharon Johnson, Judy Chown fi K, D C3 M Tv C! ' sill F 30 1-091 6 ef ,o XC ai 60" nan SFA T0 SIU ASSEM Jr f an fx--' J L d Sarboe Mr Olnverua Mr Sarboe Mary Ethel Anhlla Jam Drmmlck Tiger nm In a 72 Santa Claus Mr Dunlap BLIES ary l-'r1,e!A flfflfa PU, "P C 61-fo 6170, Wm lining? WMU MTN . X .X fxt-1 XTX! u BY Davnd Mann Otto Holgerson Cleta Tolley Marla Gllardonl Joe Forbes Ron Mutchel Pat Bluely Darlene Papunu Norma Anderton SCHOLASTIC ART A ARDS .C he picture are: Raip T mlssihg from OSS Th s Wymore. ': O C3 E O U7 rx D QD 6 cv TJ c 2 G E 5 52 Q. E m II .Q O CD LD 'U L ro .AC O CK C O +- 3 mb E .'E E rl Ray 1 ONES J V16 Lever r Warerw ie To CK Fix Garv V1 rli 6 Gibson, M mb, SCO Wa ter Bran al Vaughn Derr 1 ei HOW GUCC V VV ,La VS Tovve E an .:: .- O Z .- .. O .C LJ C VU L LL .C U7 'C CD P m CJ 4: LD m uJ Yarbrough, .UB if 14.1 0-O L VU Degemh SS M i U 9 haff 5 V. M SON mp Mr.Si S 'N Junior Carol Griffith Escort Ron Brown Contestants for Advance Queen and Court ink 4' L Q w wWfs 2,23-Q ,if"'?5f-Ewfff M ma 4654 76 ADVANCE PRINCESSES 56 Advance Queen Joyce Silva Sophomore Pat Bllely Escort Dave Blood Freshman Carolyn Henry Escort Dave Benbrook y I ' 65 4- ' S. v L 4 A EXW S ,fi N 'Hn . N, - . f. 4 4. J Q A Q., 513' e, ,Ar 1 , . , If ' . . G , - v M wa 3 , fi , Q n , 1 , A 4 is A, 7, ,ov V , , f , - -7 I - 5 7 A: 5 1 "'- 3 ' ,,, ti ff ' "P-W' ' ' ' wi. A , ,Ia 4 a 27 ffl, 1, , ff v 3 , ,Am r N WM fy If , , Q . -W V, 'gji,f , it , , 'll' L , V 5,1 ., QL1, I , , 4-,, - I ..,, ,W ,A y , , , , .,,,w' ,,,, wnftvf-7, -, n ff or H - 5- ,A 'af Io. ky :M 14311. if ,l ,, my 'K IP' SHORT CUTS Entertam at the Cherry Blossom Ball Pat VV lkersow Cleow Terry Jan 5 W ll ams Jack e Wh pple ,be Bull Bruttasn Bob Hampton Frank Alden Jnrn Montgomery Carvel Bucholz Tom Weeks Ross Stromberg SADIE HAWKINS DAY I ' DAWG PATCH DRAG If you ns want to go to a real Ozark hoedown then the Dawg Patch Drag ns nt rnght down to Datsy Mae and Lul Abner Bear' as thus as the bnggest event of the year you all wear your finest Sunday go to meetnn clothes Polkue dot bonnets and Spakun new over halls Dausy Mae and Lal Abner us packed after the pow erful occurance of the Sadie Hawkun s day race after which there ns the shot gun wedding and Dalsy Mae gtves Lll Abner a great bug smack wlth which Lll Abner promptly decldes marrned lute aunt so bad no ways Dalsy Mae Carol Grlffnth LII Abner Tom Weeks Q,. sl ,1 f' , ,M N . ,, r . ,x 1. 1 1 1 Q . 1 I 1 ., .1 .. . . I I - - -- ., . . - ' 1 . ., . . . ., 1 ' I . ., . . . ., 1 . . . ,, -1 17 LA uc Make .fCZf..,c'4.Zftf0ff fdfoj ,azbfsb y62,Qf2f 4 P7 J F001 BA LIZZZifj2f1Z,yj7LZLMQQMf 17?-V415 P511 rung? ,gawcu 152 ky - L,4Q P5411 QM Lil! fig- f MM, 63461694 angel XZIJQIZLL ,Q fx J Loretta Fman i f-Qfmmff fzwf, Cvvvfpzl' L4 Q, ?'5i76L6,JfCe IC 61-J-4 5 fCzL flgfffygg-X Cleta Tolley Kung and Queen 79 Bull Braham Lf 447- X I' Q2-' Launl Hollen Lnnda Sarboe Don Cooper and Karen Nelson , J. Jeanne Johnson Ins Feuerwerker Vncky Wrllnarns Rayelle Galardonu Laune Holien SENIOR PROM SENIOR BANQUET 5 f Gary Chrlton CMaster of Ceremomesl Nancy Weber 1 Marvin Turner Eating Dmner rf' QQ Cleta Tolley I' f I' ffsly -. Dave Benbrook av- f yuh f I' 94.13 1 lla Hams Joyce Meyerhoffer s? Shortcuts STuden1 Council Banque? Student Council Dinner P1 W' n 'Q 2' A " 13" W fi . i' A A- ff' ' 4' , 32 f 4.2 X 1 fly ' ,"'x A X 82 oRAe x. Life Members I , 'V LGF 1 ,. ' '?g.QL Qcl' Bachelorettes Inifiafion of C.S.F. Beer' Beer! for Arcata High 'N -. Y F VZ!-E BAG Dave Henry Joe Vukonich Marlys Morris Ray Rinne Arthur Parker Jack Worthington Bob Taylor Bob Hansen Jim Morrow Gary Kinyon Bob McCutenson Roy Taggert Bill Thoma Tom Ballinger V R I .I 7, 1 Q. 'J mnan Banqbet Senior Debate Winners 4 Q! Judy Waren, Janis Williams, Senior Christmas Tree C.S.F. Novitiates Lois Ingles, Miss Carrol . 1.3! Bachelorette Dinner jf ee, SNAP W' 'L 'L Delya 'V JI,-mb L Cheesecake e lnneup packm mamas 5 r 'Will' Jag young love N .1 Gloria Deame ell -985, Q Wi J at I U Wlxe 6 i"g'?- 31 Barber Shop Truo Garden of Eden 'vena -fi a of mugeng ' - Sandra Wallis the gurl cant help at , , 1. 'I I .. U' 'V ' - ',, , 2 .' ,Y 3 A 8 'V .A - A L ,iipf , K -' , .3 I XN .f P . ,rf 1 r - 5,0 W 5 66 l I Y ill N xx ,, 3 I' N 4- 4 4 .XS I . 23 f ' 1 K , 'X U Il .x , 1 K " 'A 1 7 ' .V 'rl y . 7 l ' V? I ' A ri F 1 Q If . 5 p ff . W l r l "1 ' f 'l . F fan e ion- 'Q 'A' 1 al a .A a 1 a Yau. . " l I ,P K 1 , 5 . - A I X fi 'f 7 Th ' W a l a l 2 Q , ' ' a, A ill L ' 4 .3 Ev I J , -0 K' N X Qi 'lx - gl Z!! ' v ' G 9, l 5 ' -af jf t x orare 1 X fr Sv N, of 2 ,X Q Q rv . ' r lf Q K at lil, xr .,'iq' V L4 QV D TA K, ix QV Fx- XJ , .,,, no rv ' , Q .. , . 5 li QL l e ,A .3 . AX ll - X4 az-, P 5 V av' W ' 1 - . , Xixlwil loxoxl t 3 8 Q ., N L. l 4 .0 a ld I i ,W .L , l -14 ' Q I 5 .. AM. ,, , ivkw' Q's I ' Q 'li V 4 . Af l 19"-:V A A V 3.1 Av- , . all L lxpyv 'ff ' 'W -2 . . . 7 at In D SHOTS Roy Dunn and Marilyn Ericksen fc If Sf, 'Xl M' " QQ l , , I 9 .1 it A. 4 1' cr- ' is ' 'L in rr VV - ',,, . 9 . Don't Knock The Rock Donna 81 Jack 5 r' 7' 2 ' N I M 1 Somebody do someth-ing ,g Quick! Ll n 5. X s I , Ouch! l The Navy escorts 46 ,' :Z f,- if 's Mrs. Scott G! f 96 ' ff' 6.1, Ape Call Can Can? These gurls can Mass Carroll? Wow! Wow! . A Qu .. s. si Crannell School Thlrd Grade Arcata Elementary School FOURTH GRADE F' 'Q O fy 'E Q. XV. if M-'W' C E S Seventh Grade 86 EL V' l 3' ,B R Sweefue Really havnng a ball' Topsy -I-Urvy but Curvy Mk Y x0 I Sprung planhng ,. JN r C' 3:5 an in.. o Close The door bu They are Eeklwllal 'S ll? comnng an the wnndows Required home The Farmer s work for Mrs daughter Kulnsheck I foresee all Day aT the beach Slurp IN Aw? Nflii' if 1 ' i K If I' K 'wf y 'W ' 'Z' . ' ' H 4 f M W 3 l A I R - ll ll , fl , M A I I A v, . M V . - I .iv V I Q , 'ky I p I b, '. R ' R 315' fff . ' , f CSX , V , I . ' Yagi 1 , aah ' f 4 . t R R L 'l I ,L r S Q' he ff . R A li 'I Q X ' 'f - U - R 'Nwf-N 4' , I ' , L . r , - C? A L g Rip if up To Sf ,X X V g r -Qs ,500 , g . ' ' Y S9 X I ' W naw- -r, , ' , Y S 1. fi ff R 4 . . ' fi- f , I ' ' X991-JV ' ' ' . f H- in V 1 fnix A Y A gm' 'I . A -3 I 1- . ' M ry X r 'xi - ' ' , ' die .. -..Q 95 , or Y g gf r V 4 - f " Ai, S, Frrst row Preston Kung In L da Sarboe Gary Keenan Joan Siemens Second row Claudetre Brero Jewell Brown Joanne Evangelrstn Gary Keenan Produced Tom Turner bv' GOCD NEWS Bev Orler STALAG 'I7 -f!"'y Jlm Sorter Dave Blood Produced Tom Turner Dave Benbrook 'F First row-Jim Sorter Joe F orbes Tom Capps Pete Peterson. Second row-Bill Borel Mike Stillion Jim Murdock Don Daniels Phillip Dean. 89 di Q Afgiggf 2551 The Flying Tigers Carol Griffith- The Boy Next Door Little Brown Gal"-Gary Keenan Accornpanist Don Angst I Believe Lit L W L all rf ---2'g,f Bob Graham Nancy Hopkins L o w e r S U e M c A r d I 6 lla Harris Joyce Myerhoffer "Let the Good Times Roll" Studio Band .inf 1 "Flying Tigers" "The Morfifiecl Piclgeon" Judy Ramby Pat Wilson Carole ST. John Gary Keenan-Matilda MC Joe Forbes Bandleader Woody Thompson The Devore Brothers Bev Oller Dave Blood When My Blue Moon Turns Saud My Palannas and Put on To AQBIVI Prayers fl Marvin Bernarda THE SHASTA DAM BOYS D' I I I I I 1 ,A T . f 4' I? v 3 of f 1 Q 4 , Q , in , T , - L , ., k', ,, ' 1 T 2 - Il ll . . I I' ll 5 . , N fx . '. :vs i , . I 1 J. V. First Row: Joanne Evangelisti, Dayna Slater, Betty McKinney, David Finan, Dean Beam, Sue Marque, Wanda Chambers, Ellen Payne, Helen Payne, Patsy Brim, Dennis Simpson, Danny Martin, Sybil Lumpkin, Ruth Mays. Second Row: Judy Franzoni, Naomi Wycoff, Ralph McCartney, Kurt Krohn, Phyllis McCrory, Joyce Rosenlund, Barbara Hancock, Deanna Ogelsby, Bonnie Barr, Ed Lane, Bill Porter, Othel Burleson, Janell Pitts. Third Row: Elena Tanferani, Shiera Noah, Betty Callahan, Ronald Kear, Duane Kilmer, Pat Wilson, Sherrie Lovie, First Row: Margaret Moody, Dorothy Carr, Susanne Banducci, Roseann Pialoisi, Sandra Kilmer, Sheral Kilmer, Dorothy Bryan, Jill Lewis, Lorene Hooven. Second Row: Tommy Devore, Steve Alexander, Bob Lower, Charles Dills, 4 J 2 ' 5 ff l Q. Darlene Dillon, Carolyn Moseley, Sondra Koroush, Linda Sulser, Pat Olson, Claudette Brero, Barbara Faustino, Thelma Benda, Elaine Rossiter, Arlene Worden. Fourth Row: Vicky Nelson, Norma Hale, Gloria Hutchins, John Davis, Wayne Presson, Leone Lloyd, Jane Spaid, Anna Marie West, Charlene Broad- way, Kay Nielson, Bill Watson, Leon Pearce, Sal Piazza, John Smith, Rita Simons, Gay Anderson, Mildred Branscomb, Janice Whitfield. A CAPPELLA Ellen Keys, Jackie Monroe, Carolyn Woods, Charlene Kovacovich, Linda Woodruff. Third Row: Tom Bertrand, Joe Forbes, Bob Martin, Rich Cardoza, Elton Vandervort, Loyce Pickard, Don Angst, Ed Nielson, Otto Holqersen. 1 a Q 5 -1 .. , , 1 First Row: Meleta Noah, Judiann Krestensen, Jackie Whipple, Margie Telonicker, Carol Griffith, Bev Oilar, Joyce Myerhofler. Second Row: Ramona Henry, Janis Williams, Nancy Weber, Barbara Forbes, Judy Heilman, Nylah Ebersole, Kathie Surbaugh, Vicky Williams, Karan Sundquist, Letha Brittain. CHOIR First Row: Pat Wilkerson, Cleta Tolley, Nancy Taylor, Joyce Taylor, Bonnie Wakefield, Sandra Young, Margaret Reynolds, Celeste Machado, Ruth Carroll. Second Row: Cleon Terry, Sandra Ervin, Coral Samuels, Sandra Dimmick, Bea MADRIGAL Third Row: Dave Blood, Bill Brittain, Joe Vukonich, Gary Keenan, Jim Brown, Frank Alden, Ken Matias, Phil Peterson, Dan Ollivier, Ron Russell, Don Richards, Jim Price. Mac Ginitie, Jim Landon, Larry DeVore, Al Smith, Bob Hampton, Third Row: Carl Nelson, Joe Holland, Bob Hultman, John Henderson, Larry Carpenter, Terry Fritz, Pete Clayton, Tom Bailey, John Taylor, v F' f':' ,ll . i q 1 , guna--Za. nity, , 1 .yy V, ,,, .wr-Ju, . .af 27. L, l ,Q 94 t. A-nfefvmll ,.,zru L J F .. i l . J lf J J '71 -fff4,,g,. "', WW, ,,. AM- Avuu Q A.A, - - A First Row: Howard Mann, John Ford, Gail Murray, John Warren, Jerry Hanson, Marv Turner, Jay Theil, Jack Moore, Sandra Guiott, Inez Felt, Nancy Comstock, Judy Warren, Tom Capps, Bob Graham, Pat Bryant, Second Row: Judy Hensel, Jean Comstock, Phylis Thornton, Judy Stromberg, Sharon Fuller, Nancy Mendes, Iris Feuervverker, Ilene Landon, Larry Dixon, Jack Hitt, Steve Patenaucle, Jay Brauning, Willis Williams, Jack Worthington, Ray Acorn, Bob Stonebarger, Bob Guintoli, Bill Borel. First Row: Inez Felt, Marilyn Erickson, Penny Kelts, Ellen Millhouse, Beverly Spalding, Diane Graharn, Joy Barnes, Pam Au-Claire, Karen Conklin. Second Row: DeeAnn Bernardi, Margie Freeman, Joanne Muessig, Nancy Wilcox, Phylis Thorton, Jean Gwin, Jean Comstock, Judy Stromberg, Nancy Comstock, Judith Warren. P 'fftr if ,Will A " First Row: Jay Braoning, Robert Guentoli, Judy Hensel, F' Jay Theil, Don McKillip, Sandra Guiott, Jack Moore, Mar- garet Moody, Linda Wood, Second Row: John Ford, John Chase, Deanna Johnson, Steve Patenaude, Ray Acorn, Jack Worthington, Willis Williams, John Warren, Edna Gammon. ,wma igi 8 F P i 1s -n 's gk- KL m,,' First Row: Edna Gammon, Linda Wood, Gretchen Roberts, Allen Millhouse, Tootsie Fredin, DeeAnn Bernardi, Dell Scriven, Penny Kelts, Roy Sheppard, Merilee Starkey, Walter Weger, Jean Gwin, Deanna Johnson, Lois Ingles, Marilyn Ericksen, Betty Comstock, Bonnie Wakefield. Second Row: Diane A V ,,gJV4E Graham, Karen Davis, Joy Barnes, Greg Lawrence, Pam Au-Claire, Karen Conklin, Beverly Spalding, Nancy Wilcox, Joanne Muessig, Margie Freeman, Gail Frakes, Dave Mann, Steve Catrell, Don McKillip, Otto Holgersen, of First Row: Karen Davis, Marilee Starkey, Iris Feuer' werker, Nancy Mendes, Bette Comstock, Sharon Fuller, Bonnie Wakefield, Lois Ingles, Gretchen Roberts, Colene Fredin, Howard Mann. Second Row: Myrna Guiott, Tom Capps, Gerald Hanson, Marvin Turner, Roy Sheppard, Bill Borel, Walter Weger, Gayl Frakes, Ilene Landon. Q' l....4- f pn. ',.Y X. . N, First Row: Greg Lawrence, Larry Dixon, Jack Hitt, Bob Graham, Pat Bryant. Second Row: Gail Murray, Steve Cottrell, Otto Holgersen, Dei Scriven, Dave Mann, Bob Stonebarger. 12 IST SEMESTER PEPSTERS Kenn Kunzler Frank Alden R CH Cordozo Ross Sfromberg Dov d Bfood Cle+o Tolley Sandro Dimmidc Edirh Mays, Marlo Silo donl, Merge Tefonlclwer 'X Q 98 Barbara Wright Bonnie COSTS Thelm Ad VM xww 'Gag M up ,jg 40 W xf 35? wr "" NIA, bf' n, w 4 0125 y I tx, a Reynolds in Deame Harper 0 3-'Mr 2nd SEMESTER PEPSTERS Song Queens Norma Anderton, Pat Bleuly Marla Gulardonl, Darlene Papnnu Cleta Tolley Cheerleaders Carol Gruffnth Linda Sarboe, Ross Sfromberg, Jam Price, Don Daniels Y 99 'yu v s - ., Z 4 X 2 , ' ' .- ,, 1 QW, r Qi , "2 rx '- , .A N? , All Nan' if E lv "" ' 4 L 7. ' .9 .15 f 1 VW, , ,, , we fs L'-, - .. waf , r ' A Mggp, ' . f- E .. 3, A , V V ,M J, QA ,A X , fm Fw 'V '-Q ' .M law-21,23 "Aw W." f "M ' I' ft at 'riwiffwr' 4 r Q ff ' . ' ' . 'iw' in , fgqf-f ,. af , I. M, . QF H .QQ ' X , I -. ,w u ,wg 2 ' - , , ' L ' f , . V'- ., .11 'tw . fy L, A ' V 2:1 if-slit.. E l l , , 13.37, ,- rpm:-'5,1',,A: 1 VN "'qi,5P9 , x.U,Ax. y , b A - - ry!- . ' ' if " 2- , ' :f-'fer ' ' s .' - . K A J 1' 'A fn ,'?j:..qQ' 'VV' no--,',..,ifrKO , -'.',' 4 "Iggy W,x,' ' fu- '. ". I T-' Www M . f-fir A- ' f . 1 1-Tw: ffl' ,. :'i,P2- : , , - : , - ' s . v ," ,, 1 , -1 ,, 4 K K ' 4, I vw. l'. K-A 1 ,: I A - 'r 1 . , ' l ' ' ' E 5' 1 A l ,X I Fa. t l 4 , ' S F f 4 'Jw A M 'fl ' r l. if 1 X h - ' - I ' , l' J , . A in . , , X f N -I - 5 x - QL ll A -' , ' , A Y f ' Q ' : f ' ' ' b , . ' X L 1 ff If ,L f 7 f f' mV' f 4 ff f f ff ,f 1 w I ' f fl x 1 Sul f L I f f ' I ' 7 N! X x 1-.. 'U' - I fd 1 'mi--f Q T Q.. R 1 I IM '14 'ME' 5. as fi' A' Q V 1 55.44 Arcata Pot na game Jm Ba ke No 26 catch ass f o P te so No 40 s Jay T -itil' For the furst tume ln nane long years Arcata captured the Hum boldt Del Norte Bug Four foot ball champlonshup What made the season even more successful IS the fact that the Trgers beat Eureka twnce In a row The Tlgers wnnnnng record of seven wlns to one loss was rated suxth un Northern Callfornna agaunst other schools of compa rable suze The only defeat was at the hands of the Fortuna Huskies 14 to 13 Arcata placed fave players on the furst strung All County and two on the second team Jay Thnel and Bull Bnttam were chosen unanl mously Sam Bushop Tom Weeks and Don Keyes were the others who made fnrst team Al Frakes and Pete Peterson were voted to second team Next year the Tngers chances of defendnng the tltle wull be good as they have several returning lettermen from thus year s champs to and Mr Oluvnera Mr Watts and Mr McAuley ID what we hope will be another flne season W Frank Bonnell Cleft halfl UQ'-9"!'E Jim Barker lendj George Berry lend! Sam Bishop lendj .,i 4 y ew rl' " ml D ss naw. Nr- , -M Scotty Martinson Cendj Ken Matias lhalfbackj Pete Peterson fquarterbackl 30 ' In . uf' u F 4149, 5 , nun. J' ' ,fig -A-my LV A M Q YY nu V ,Q Jn' I! ' ywlrgxn, 27.1 f nf' "' " "J 5 ' . 'Ji' ffa kdi ns I I Jim Montgomery lflanker backl Francis Sobal Chalfbackj Jay Thiel ftacklej "' J - -nv , 'ft ' f- wi' my 5-.'x. ., ,fy Av... - Tom Weeks fguardp Arcata-Fortuna game. Ball carrier is Matias. No. 25wSobel. No. IO-Peterson. No. 29-Frakes I aim 13 Tugers 1956 champs of Humboldt Dol None CIF League SEASONS SCORES LEAGUE STANDINGS 'JO Loki cc do co o e +80 1 Eu eko N I36 45 ARCATA FORTU NA GAME A I s Weeks I I Keyes 29 Frakes Tam Arcata Eureka Fortuna Del None Won los! Tied L.-: .A 17' . I . ' r . .- 5 'f i ' x k - X, R: , , S 9 . ,M , ' A I A ' ' - ,A L 1 3 . 1 V Q . H4 . H , I X I ' . A I I x I ' I - xl' i, ." ' , X . . ,L . - ' I I . 1 1 ' -V2 UVQL-O Qo'o-I4 For'u"of7J - ..........,...,.... .......................... 5 I 0 co'Gf27 Ce N rw--f-O ..........,,,............,..........,,. 2 I HH E I kGx7 No.33-Bishop with ball 2 3 I co'C4- 6 Fcf f qq-3 No' -i .........., .....,...,....,............. I 5 0 C ' -I3 For urwaflfi No' - A , -I2 f ge No' - Q ' 734 De' or'e-V2 ,. 13 .2 . .-M, .3-. J-.M fn .L ,-- ARCATA-EUREKA GAME Bill Brittain with ball. In the background is Peterson behind No. 25, Barker-No. 26, Bonnell-No. 16, and Frakes-No. 29. 1 f 1- A L: ARCATA-FORTUNA GAME Bonnell carrying ball. Behind him are No. 16-Bonnell, No. 17-Briffain, No. Al-Weeks. No. 20 on fhe ground is Montgomery Bofvom picture is of the Eureka-Arcava game. No. II-Mavias, No. 30-Mariinson, No. I9-Keyes. In background: Hale, Bonnell and Montgomery. f-v We wish To acknowledge all The hard work and long hours that Pete Peterson puf in writing our sports stories. Thanks, Pete, for a wonder- ful iob. Bull Brltfam fFour Sfrlperl 1 ,K , j f , X 'W HEAVY The Arcata High Tigers with high determination and a brilliant defense managed to fight back, with their backs against the wall, into a tie for championship with the Del Norte Warriors. The outcome of the season was not decided until the final game. Arcata had a do-or-die situation the whole second round as they had to win every one of their last games, including Del Norte on Del Norte's court. They won. This year's squad was sparked by Bill Brittain, who was named to the second All-County team. Pete Peterson along with Bill were the playmakers for the Tigers and 6-foot 6-inch Ralph Carr took care of most of the rebounds. Sam Bishop and George Berry were known for their shooting as Sam's iump shots kept the Tigers out of many holes. Adding to the success of the Tigers were Bob Hultman, Ron Siemens, and Jim Barker, who were substituted freely, giving the first five well deserved rests. If pre season games could be counted as an indication of the future Arcata wouldn't have had to worry so much as the Tigers walked away with Fort Bragg s first annual Christmas Tour nament George Berry and Sam Bishop were named to the tournaments first and second teams LIGHT Ron Dolf Second row Ken Matuas Craig Hadley Dennis Macomber Don Schmetter Dennis Morgan Dennis Pontonl. First rowLMonty Frakes, Ricky Stromberg, Ken Poole, Don Eller, Bud Baiocchi, Godon Colson, WEIGHTS I1 5 Furst row Al Frakes Duck Poole Bob Martun Bull Bruttaun Pete Peterson Ron Suemens Second row Ruch Abbott George Berry Ralph Carr Sam Bushop Bob Hultman Curt Neulsen WEIGHTS Thus year the luttle Tugers werent too hugh un the league standungs but stull had one of the better teams as they lost several heartbreakers by one or two pounts The luttle Tugers dudnt have a wunnung nor dud they have a losung season as they funushed up the year wuth a 7 7 record Don Schnuetter was the center and top man for Arcata as he could shoot from anywhere hus specualtues were hus hook shot and driving lay ins. Don's ability got him named to the All- County second string. Gordon Colson and Ken Matias were the ball handlers and did a very fine iob. Dennis Mor- gan helped with his long shots and Dennis Pontonu was known for his calmness on the floor and excellent iump shot. 109 ,u l In 5 .,, My E V V V . ,L A O 9 I 0 o I ' ' I I I I I ' I 0 ' - I I I I I ' . . . , . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . I I ' ' . . . . . Arcafa vs Hoopa Bull Brlttam fguardj Sam Blshop Qforwardj Arcata vs Hoopa 1 I0 George Berry Qforwardj Arcafa vs Hoopa ' .., ..,.. Iv, , I , V . ,I ly. Arcata vs Soufh Fork Pete Peterson fguarclj 4 Ralph Carr fCenterl 2 Arcata vs South Fork Arcata vs. St. Bernards LEAGUE STANDINGS Arcata Del Norte Fortuna Eureka South Fork Hoopa Ferndale St Bernards Arcata vs Hoopa Pc 7 7 74 5 '2 'z Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata vs St Bernards SEASON S 607 SCORES Fortuna Eureka St Bernards Ferndale Del Norte South Fork Fortuna Eureka St Bernards Hoopa Ferndale Del Norte South Fork 43 W L t. GB 2 .85 2 .85 4 .1 2 6 .571 2 6 .38 4! 11 .154 9! 12 .143 10 . ..,......... 1 13 .071 11 Arcata ................ 25 Hoopa .............. 12 1 ................ 42 .......... 29 t ................ 29 .......... 33 1 ................ 60 ........ 44 . ......37 ........32 2 13 Arcafa vs Ferndale Don Schneltter QCenterj Arcata vs Fortuna 4 N Dennns Morgan fForwardj Ken Matlas QGuardj Arcata vs Fortuna Gordon Colson fGuardj 11 XJ ., xx S sn Sv. Q Id . C' , . . . Arcata vs South Fork Fortuna St Bernards Del Norte Eureka Arcata Ferndale South Fork Hoopa 1 LEAGUE STANDINGS Pc B 000 8 7 64 500 2 6 077 000 12'h 'l3Vz 6 Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata SEASON S 607 SCORES Fortuna Eureka St Bernards Hoopa Del Norte South Fork Fortuna Eureka St Bernards Hoopa Ferndale Del Norte South Fork 579 W L t. G . .,,.,.w. 12 2 . 5 2 9 5 . 3 5 8 6 .571 6 4 'IO . 8 10 'I2 . l . ..,..,43 Arcata ................ 59 Ferndale .....,,...,a 45 .....,..34 ,.......27 . ...W43 ......,.48 ARCATA HIGH BASEBALL TEAM 1957 Dennls Pontom lCenter Fneldj 7 March March March March March Apnl Apr: Apnl Apnl Aprl Apnl BASEBALL 1957 1957 SCHEDULE Arcata at Fortuna St Bernards at Arcata Fort Bragg at Arcata Arcata at Fortuna Arcata at Hoopa South Fork at Arcata Arcata at St Bernard: Arcata at Fort Bragg Arcata at Broolungs Eureka at Arcata Arcata at Del Norte 16 ...................... 19 ................ . 23 .................. 26 ...................... 30 ........................ April 2 ...................... Arcadia at Eureka ' 6 ................ 'I 13 .............. . ' 16 .................. ' 18 .................. ' 'I 23 ...................... ' 27 .................... Carl Cook fPlIcherl Sam Bnshop Pitcher! e Peterson ri Ken Maha: Qleft Fleldl ali Bud Banocchl QSecond Basel 1 Bob Hampton Uhlrd Basel Curt Nellsen QFlrst Basel . J' 4 ,,. '94 -'. ' ,,- 1-AL. A A ,Q ' w V. 1 a :uw Kenn Kunzler Wvlg pr ,. 'V I . ez wiv' ... fifgfwfl W 'M' ww,-u. ff? L0 Frank Alden COUNTY TRACK MEET T956 'I20 -Q-if Bud Graham Frank Alden 5 I mil. 24-I ff'-,,gS,.,'vz fi, Ron Remlngfon A p , , ru ' 'i A s -- ,,- -1' "' ' ': 1111 2 ' ' 1 SA. . ' '-'h , Jig, 'rfb' , wage' ' Aifwg' , f, .1 -, ,M,'ZQ fm.-?1g,5,,,.w A V - - .N ' ' , ' - Q f M.. , V,-,. . 1 . J .. If -'i ex M' f" , ' N -g, A. A .., -.,rf,4.. ,,L,1,,'WbAS., ' - ' Ulf- M' . 1 ' Wg. 3:2 nrnf A . A 4"I ' . ' , ,Q 74g.,,,gv,, M -gy: 'of- , w -- , ' 'U. 1 , ,Tu "H 13453, 94 334 ., - - 'rib " Hwy . y A gafrffgrf.-5 I ' 9 'P A5 " . FLYING TIGERS 1 N .lar FLYING TIGERS IN ACTION 'i' S WM -'nf-FF'-Q fiiw' 3' www 'W' Furs? row Carole Horn Rayella Gnlardonn Second row Greg Lawrence Tom Weeks Don Keyes Jim Thexion Tom ReynoIds Fred Manzella 121 Speedaway Junlor laffer school, Flrst Row Sharon Howard Joyce Taylor Karen Conklin Janne Jones Second Row Sylvna Sheets Shurley Tolley Jean Gwun Ellen Keyes Sandra Dlrnrnuck GIRLS SPORTS Speedaway Sensor lofter schooll Fnrst Row Deanna Johnson Dorothy Schuler Norma Anderton Cleta Tolley Kathleen Katn Second Row Pat Wilkerson Deanna Schumard Judy Chown Charlene Kovacovuch Nancy Weber X Speedowoy Freshman lafter school, First Row Dayna Sleater Llnda Wood Dlxue Foster Judy Treece Deanna Dnllon Second Row Mlldred Pnckard Mary Brattaun Betty Deaton Ton: Dolorec Gayle Frakes . - "g....'4i Junior-Senior Speedaway Champs linfer period, First Row: Celeste Machado, Deanna Osborn, Betty McNutt, Pat Henning. Second Row: Deanie Harper, Sandy Ervin, April Lantrip. Freshman Speedaway Champs iinter period, First Row Faye Burgess Joyce Doss Marilyn Gallagher Second Row Charlotte Ragsdale Sharon t-ledge Gayle Fralces Toni Dobrec 39 Nancy Weber Judy Treece lspeedaway basketballj lspeedaway table tennisl 'iv ,af Kathleen Katri fspeedavvay basketballl . .1- yi Q , f N i p 1 9 'lg' i 4 in ' L 1 1543 X nl - Y 5, L . Junlor Basketball latter schooll First Row Sharon Howard Margie Telonlcher Ellen Keyes Darlene Schuler Second Row Phyl lls Thornton Judy Stromberg Winnie Wlllle Shirley Tolley Senior Basketball fatter schooll First Row Barbara Wrnght Deanna Shumard Kathleen Katrs Judy Chown Second Row Danny Johnson Pat Wllkerson Lunda Sarboe Nancy Weber Sophomore Basketball latter schooll Furst Row Janet Muller Arlene Snlva Shuera Noah Second Row Judy Stewart Jennie Lou Barnes, Phyllis McCrory 1 U - ' s A 5 4 r I , , . : -. 2 A I I I 127 4 -N f 'ma "" Q - : I I , . : - I I I kt Y D I - i x I I I I . ' . . , Freshman Basketball finter-period, Fmt Row: Foye Burgess, Plwyllls Lloscomb, Vivon Juzlvrzer. Second Row: Aienllo Looer, Slnoforf Hedge TSP' Dcbrec. Gayle Frolces. .4 Bonnie Wakefneld Joyce Taylor Junior Sensor Table Tennis Champs fnnrer peruodl Gayle Frakes fbaskefball speedawayl Tom Dobrec lbaskefball speedawayj T I A T . X T , . P l Sophomore Badmlnton Freshman Table Tennis Laurel Tweedy Bonme Henmngs Pat Christensen Judy Treece lalso won After schooll :ww MM JUdY Slewofl Lundc Sorboe 352555 535 Wim K-1 Junior Sensor Table Tennls Sherol Knlmer Judy Stromberg f 26 Phyllrs Thornton Laurel Tweedy A , I O f - , V xx , Q52 W . A ,f7flif 'mn . ' .- 4 V 3 ,. gf k.kV ' y -. A A V - ,r-- 5,55 H W, ' . , n J 'A , 1, K 4, +2 . Q1 . T ' we f , , .1 . Jery We rf .. f I . .fe J Un: 4 , .-"M n .,'-- 3 f 'fiat R -1 wvsgvg X 2 Qififl V -4 f' , ' .ti ' ,,Q. . V, ,iii .: Nik . , T-45, 51 T. ' T . I ' . wtf x , , Q, 1 -'ap 'Q , ,g U- b 4. - 5 J.. .+A , V-,L 'f ggdfq' 1-'fix , 1 Rf ,ut eau, . 4 ini- .f , .gt-fn.. U," . l I U . 4. , 1 l ef -M-'I Four stnpers Judy Chown Danl Johnson Llnda Sarboe Nancy Weber Charlene Kavacovuch mit QQ M! Jumor After School Table Tenms Joyce Taylor Inez Felt llnez fnrst Joyce secondl Dann Johnson Darlene Schuler Semor Affer School Junlor Senlor Basketball Table Tel'll'lIS First Row Norma Anderton Nancy Wnlcox Bonnne Tram Second Row Betty Thompson Nancy Hopkms Nancy Weber lsecondl Lnnda Sarboe fnrstl 127 Mary Wilson I I I I I ,f ' mr.. O .. 1 .4 V X S' A . .- ,. L , A 1 Q- L' I JV 2 L - - A' , 'X . . -, Y 'x L C Q I - . , . . . . 1 1 1 - - K. T 1 1 yi Judy Stromberg Soph Table Tennls Mary Hutt Soph Table Tennls Ins Feuerwerker "V wx, Sensor Table Tenms Deanle Harper Judy Chown Freshman Table Tennis Glorua Brown Not pictured Clance Brower Slurley Toney q ,.'7f17 l' A Pat Brim Aiifigfgl -"' '- ' f ir? -, E lv YEARBOOKS 1 K' . ff , f V ff 4.4! ' Q -V ' X, o' 1. we wk X Ngfigxiy QS is E QNX AMW WW WW S Wil My yi? wi JN Hg AFM if WW jig, fd Www WM if . 4 5 E NX E E 4p6UQfv" Cp G . G :E fi 0 A t I si 'i K L J iii ' g . XE 9 , 5 fl QNQSYHYQ NWQM A Mi5 ! VWQMAQWQWQ 4 30 , A E N ,wwf 'fg rNfwqdn4V ffl ,W f , N f gg! Y my My Uilqy ffl! xff im

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