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of" , W W 4, X531 V Mgjvfib . Fwiiqg Q MJ ' 4 .' A , v ,WELw"K X '3Q'Q .Lv"KJ N, ,ACM ik gee? cc? f ' Wflvff 2925? if iw W XM QA f E - NFC Gigi GRE 'V SEQ" 2 CM WY? Si? af? LW F X M Mil,-W . f 'A Q UU Z7 L Li ,Y .M M, ' j 21 dw 1, jjj SQQQQSQ CJ we fm QQ? V' V C5243 Ssjlpbox D Z A 0, Q3 g XJMW 4? 0 WN 5 WMSGSASSNW gm LHkf2U,w?Uj1Q0y,,,1Zf5 is wf'w',+ 45 ' lg,-wh S ' JMR W N-M Of' W 1. X, 5 , , A xx J NSR X 'A 1. , , , -,Qu Q -.3-' .P KF, W 447: . X , . W9 1 1 by? 'sv-V KST' N"f'-, 'N-' ,. - 1? , ,-Q-......., ., MM5, lwffipf V Hfmwff f Zhu Mdevbkd EX L f f S+ 'LOL if x W W lf Y X QL sf 6:1359 My ,wwf F5 Q W Ui A JJ, W ! H LL ff- Aw - N fx ,W , H ,M Q Q J Wu W NL LW lfifxu I LL HL if LR W0 ,L LG,L D U' L- As 'bblww' W A-'L 5 .i I 40' V ' bt, g Ugviui It Cn' Bulk ' V o' 45? JL 5' ' 'UVl V W M, x X V Q- IV X L v . ,.,, A. My LM 'JJWJCMA h! 5nNV v1 1-60' Ewa, imx Q fx I l r VL OJ ff NV A9 J QA V746 WLM X p O5 Nwff 'fu 19 M VV , X- f W mffcfvc a""J7!i f X fi Ifrrvvv' ,Ajkj AVN K. CL' J X Oasgvwqi . P A ', N Y g Q 'fl A--y 6'Q5'f-,nffff-Q' HZ? MMM VQZYC6 kg 'SN QX QE f EFX? ef B EQGLYJOHNSON 5:3 li ness Manager ie 2 EINNEINMAN Lai ggi? 3 Volume HH Published by the Students of ARCATA UNION HIGH SCHOOL 7 pxxi 171 Arcafa Callforma , IV J Q 5 Q , - N ' N ' qt R 5 KN 3 x TQ, Q? Q Q? V CQ XJ QA 'J a V Q .1 K 'ge X Q , 1-"'3 D X W a ,, , fb? an lf '- R 4 -- ry Y - ' ' D 1 f X Q C' ' A l as l H as 3 ,I " Q I 5 Q 2 e - . ..., 53 51 ll 3 Q ' 'S X U 'Q ' 47 XX ' I I O I ,Dub K! N? 4114, 234 fire- 'N Q, envy an 'H .km -sig .-.Pia ,fbgi I-'T 4 W TJ-Z1 QSQM f',,Q The theme fm VOUI 1950 "' 'XCIYHIICCI p10 1es plOg 1ess of the past yea1 that you haue all had a hand 1n Thl C -pf 1 you1 bt01y of you1 school th1s 1 you t e students of AUHS 1950 To comp1leth1s h1sto1y took t1me a11d CffOlt on the part of many lndlvlduals C e t t1 Il g those speclal plctures some tlmes p1ese11ted d1ff1cult1es A o1at1f1ed feelmg 1f we have pleased you su1pr1sed you w1th some 1n11ovat1o11 and g1ven you a resulge of prlde IH ou1 wondelful school Wlll be ou1 reward and make the MMM long h o u 1 s a n d deadllne BEVERLY JOHNSON scrambles wolthwhlle Adm fe Editor L1thograph1c p11nt1ng plocess was used to p11nt the Advance fol the f11st used Methods fOl p1epa1at1on of copy d1ffe1 also and the staff had to lea111 new techmques I am lndebted to many people f0l as 1sta11ce 1e11de1ed on the 1905 Advance To Seely s Studlo for patlence coopelatlon and WOIldClfl1l pho tography to Mr Jalboe IOI helpfulness alld fme PICIUICS when needed to Mr Kmght a 11ote of thanks To P1erce Flvln SCIVILC o thanks fO1 the dellghtful all VICW of the ent11e AUHS campu Thanks also to all the membe1s of the faculty fOl puttlng up w1th tl1e manv tllllffb 1t was IlCCC:N31y to d1stu1b the classes A speclal note of thanks oes to N11 "kI1dClcOH fOI the peclal help h Dave to the staff wxth all those small deta1ls A word of apprec1at1on to the typlsts who gave of the1r own t1n1e EIIC Lols and Rena Im grateful to COFIYIIIC Inman nn bu 111es managel fOl a well job of keep1n,, ou1 flI13I1C13l 1eco1d Flnally and most of all thanks to M1 Studley fo1 lllflllllle patlence and confldence thlouah the xoughest places Adyance 1905 ls the lesult of the comlnned effo1t of many I n1 sure I speak fO1 each one and CSPCCIHIIV f0l myself when I say to publlsh th1s annual has been a pleasure 4 . -F at Q75 ' ' u ' ,5 I' 'fl 1 . . . 's , h . .Y , F, cc - 97 - i W I ' Y at . . . , . 'Y , w 1 . 1 ' ' ' ' , My ll ' ' . - l 1 I far' 9 s X . V' l L ,s I' 3 1 I N Q b . n D time. Litho ra h involves less ex ense tha11 the letter ress rintin formerl P P P 5 Y . Y v --.Q v u '- 5 4. l Q , - ,Q D . . - ' ' . . v 3 ' -Q - ' ' U . ' , U , . . . . I D . , U 1 N ' ' g ' Q 's. . " ' s ' s e . , 'Y S. NS 1. Q S yy . , . U . .. Q U 4 I v , 1 , 'fs u -s . A '-. , v 1' f Editor f ADVANCE ROYAL COURT 12 INNE 3? .w.. IWTRODLCTIUN T1tle Pa e DCCTICHIIOII E1 ITOI Hema e Xdxance COUIT Table of Content XDNIINISTR ATION Faeultw +Xd1111111st1ato1 Facultx Facultw Cox e111me11t LI ASSE9 56111015 JLIIl101b Sophomoxes F1esl1111e11 -gt I' 'NL v v I I 15,5 ir 'CV5 R 'Q A1 e Hsu' 5 ' :N '-NJ, 'nu-lugs ,Q ,hxum 0 - - 1 . Jr'- o,.x'-'v Q tx. xo' T ' fx: ts" -"Cu K 1 ' . Q -x p 5 ,sp In 1 7 - N Page TABLE CONTENTS C R W 15:13 4 iz. 4,9251 0' ii' ACTIVITIES Vluele Depaltment Futu1e Fa1n1e1b and H0mCIHdlxCIm T1 CI Tl3Llxb Photo mpln Department Pul1l1edt1o11 Depaument G11 5 Ieaoue A1t Depaltment Bachelolette D1amd and Speech DCPHIIIIIPIII Cdllflllllli Scholarshlp Fe1le1f1t1o11 Ext 1l1l1111 and R K Tan -X c111l1l1u Aualdn and Rallms XTHI ETICS Footlrdll Bablxetlmall Ba ehall T1acl1 Halls COIHYIIIUICC Pepxtelb Gul-' Athletlcx G A A and Val-ltx Clubs n N ku 'U fx .. ' 1 14, lllrs .x 4 U 4x4 I - ' h1is':x's,-,iii -.1 nl 5 Q 0. 'fn' JP ' I J 1 I 7 D 122 127 514 , A 'J :x':::T39'k + FJ- 1' 5 ' 'Q eeeee ee eeeee 1 .fffYgf?vfVfQ4f,i4 ' ' ' V if fsagfl 'A Th' nl: -I"- j pl" TY' G g ooooeoooo oooooooo o o o o 1 2 ' ' jf 5+ 4 -jig g 1 'S - gt I I I I I Iteeett 3 ' -' 1gjfvQj l,QL I ' ' I tttt I I ttoo. I , 4 A'-'illjfa-",1' ,LQ-f9'i' 1 ' 1 oooooooooooooooooooo 5 . . . Y . . "Ee 1' ,V or Y,Y, , O :Af-Elf., . . Y . . ,'37':T: ,' 'A ' ' ljff "Bibi-' ' ' ' oooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2 6 H I ttttetttttttttottt I tttt I I 44 1 1 , - 1' I oooo o oooooo I I ooooqoooo 49 - .- I I I . I o I 53 ., V,f5Q:215fiQ'!ff 5 0 ' N ff f5f"g.'f , 4, 31 1: ' I X ft?" ' : . Jia QV .FF T- Pllrp l 1 .4 N' , ' h 254' ft' ,LQEF 1 H - ,oooo III ,,,.o .III m . 1 uf .. ,353 u F Q' Lai.. g- - ooooooo.ooooooo,ov-,-.MTAT A ooooo oooo I I lo 0'j...' 5 oooA'oooooooo ' 'Z is ' 5 - Adoioooo I ooooo N I 76 .99 -' '-Is' , ff P0 JF' 'ws Tfififwwffrvfiiivwq--Rn-I A I I I Y j ,in-sm +Itt+t.4ttttt tttttttttttt I I 82 .ffefg - 5 --TQY .AAMA MoqA- 311 .Q- f,,,5e1. If I - I - I 1,6 ,ufgvsi 1 . . xx . I it . -.,"9N.. , .- --'C -1 - - - , , J2 'til -. , . ' , . . I ' , Q11 Hfrxg 1 bb -. 1 , 'I I - nf' 'iff I I-FN A 1 - 3 e ' . 1851! I I .oooooo oo.oo.tooo.,...o o II I IIOO W-'T ' ' ' ,.t.. I t4,....14,,.Itt. , .,,....t., I . tttttt 106 T?-Qi 53, 5-A 5 ooooooooooo,o,o,o,o, , 1,ooo1ooo1ooo I I toooo Ilg -L+ '- - ' II' 11,5 eeee-ee--e'e--eeeeef- ---eefee- - eeeeeeeeeeeeee e '1Qg 'V ' IIII oooooo ..III1m '1- -' Q 'A ..o..1 . .oo.oo I tooo I .,,o.oo1o1o I oooo. I II20 L., .u N . Q H x f.. w.L,,Vi. ,X 121 ,..,, I . 1 , FS ' , fm. V 0- , V 4 5 H qi! A my .f f 'R ff' X! K ' 2 1 -M - Q' I . K ? 83 '., hlwgl ' 5 J if iff fax gg- A -55 mfg, ww Q r I ,V My " M ' , . . ' X A fun.. 5, V' rl H q.,gi1.kf,,e,ygaw ,Xf g , g f N - ...-- f "-. V xx ' . x Y x , " jf ' W Q 'xxx ,S X nr X, X X 1 ' s ' xg, .5 hi , Q 'ix ,f N 5 wg' J' Lx' 11 5 1 . , 2. 3: fg Q S QJKK 14' C . 1 . f, ,gilt ,-, Q, y w ' 3' ,ga 'w WW fi "" ' 6 -gf I rf 4- if N WM W Y Q W A ' n . Ms 4464 i ' p It ' w ' f ix xl A ' r 1 v 1 -we fif- U - --r '45 sz? sf , 1, V YQA Q.- if I s N , 'rw Q, 4 2 M Y., ff .x + ix " F' CLIFFORD M. SOREM, District Superintendent BOARD OF TRUSTEES SUPERINTENDENT'S MESSAGE The ever increasing high school enroll- ment creates problems in school housing and finance. Expansion of the school plant has. however. provided an opportunity to improve the functional arrangement of the buildings. The Science and Homemaking Departments have this year moved from scattered. inferior. and makeshift quarters into modern. attractive. and well-planned classrooms. Proposed building additions to meet the growth of the next few years include ten standard classrooms, two shop classrooms. a combination .cafeteria and music building. and an addition to the locker and dressing room facilities of the gymnasium. A continuous program of curriculum planning has made possible a better basic education, has provided more opportuni- ties to develop vocational skills, has given more emphasis to preparation for family and community life. and has encouraged enriched living through art, music, and drama. 'Q Cl 4 I PRINCIPAL 'S MESSAGE The primary purpose of this or any school is to provide educational opportuni- ties for you, the student. Your Board of Trustees and the administration provide for the physical facilities and the personnel to carry out this objective. But there are many services other than those in the actual classroom that the school provides which make for the smoother running of the school. Mrs. Brown and Mr. Blood in the coun- seling office are always ready to listen to your prohlemsg Mrs. Marx, school nurse, keeps a watchful eye on your healthg Mrs. Anderson in the main office and Mrs. Long. attendance clerk, are busy keeping your records in order: Mrs. Swanston's cafeteria staff prepares your foodg Mr. Richards and his custodial staff maintain the buildings and groundsg and Mr. Henry and the hus drivers see that you get to school and hack safely. These services should not he overlooked nor go unappreciated. Think what Arcata High School would he like without these people or the job they do! . 4 .Q-Ax' ' Q X Aga: n fl tg" Xt 3 MICHAEL CHETKOVICH, Vice Prim-ipal Lf-ft to right: Clifford NI. Son-rn. Jack Murdock. Nao- mi Cottrell. Ralph Barnes. I v a n Krestensen. H a r r y Krohn. FRONT OFFICE Hrs. Doris Anderson. office sec- retary. with her student assist ant. Frances Felt. , - as .1 hw 3, My ,R , V , ATTENDANCE OFFICE Mrs. Lois Long checks over the day's attendance slips. I0 COUNFELORS Mrs. Brown and Mr. Blood counselors. who help the stu dents with th e i r problem- throughout the year. NIH. .VXIJSERT BLOOD s NIRS, MARION FTFN 1 Cuun-t-lor and sf-nior prohlemsg Hi,,,,ry- 5,.ni,,, pr,,1,1,,m,: BA'- Xll. XXV. NIU. Ftate. NI X lwnive-rsity of Ure-gon, ' K I vf' 94m Ji' Univ:-rsity. NIRS. NIIRIANI NI.-'KRKS Sfwial Scif-nrw-: ill. l'IllW'I'IlN of California NIR. El'f'ENli Sli.-Xlllf ,'L' NIR. Wll,l.l.XNl NIVKITTRICK F vial Science: . . Stan on Social Science: ill. Wvlll3lllf'llf' - llniw-rsity. K ii' ""' lb OUR FACULTY This year there were more teachers in more classrooms than Arcata High School has ever had in the past. Fifty-one teachers fseventeen women and thirty-four menb comprised our excellent teaching staff. They hold a total of sixty-six college degrees and their experience ranges from one to thirty-four years. Nlliibng. N R Nl-RXUN NXIIIH I-.. N. 41,11 Q III m Ill X NMI: Stan-. NIR LEWIN TAHLOR A riculturf-3 Bb, Lnivernty 3 'NIR PXLI. PLENINIINC ln? 4 Califf rnia. Daxif. In u.tr1al Arti and Craft.: Hhs L'niversity of California. Davis. fb.. Slate. MR. THOMAS CHANDLER General Me-tal: A.B. San jogr- XIR GLENN NIOORE NIR DAXID YRXHXNI ln4iu-trial Arif and Craft San lube Stat'-. Woodwork X B Nan 0 4- Ntaxe 1 'J ff. 'f lf QIGWV' ITKYU IIE I AIT NIR JUQICPII NIXRTIN . .. N XI HN III A N IMI XII W' IB- San FUU1' I SHVIHI Sl'IttIlf'f': gX,Ii, I'IlIH'l'eIly I1 vo Flatt-. A V of California. V' Y eG:7.WA'!n7'5A'2. mu 11 The varied courses offered to students of Arcata High provide the opportunity for each individual to develop his own abilities to bes t advantage. ft.. 5- -fl. X up VH-QTIIWHS RIVFM j xm. ROBERT HAIR 'al -1- 'v' - Irraflo - - Hn- '4 ' ' ' 'A ' ' 5l'lf'Hl'f'Q .'X.I3. Uber Stat -. Q NIR. IMII. I frfrnia NIR. EDQAR HILLMAN ' Fcierlue: A.B. San Jose State. NIR. W ILLIABI W EGNER Science: AB. Humboldt State. III I Svif-nCf': BS. I'nivPr its if Call MQ' yihaqm O is 'I' K I tyvizlljxnm Ill l "' 4 A Qi L- 5, Y W r'4""""'4"W , I , !A . , F 3 i 5 2 IF Q? N E -an xvq -. 'f K 1'8" rn .1 1-1 'B 4 1 Q W 4 -., 2. Lv vm M .,,.g.. 1 , + me W4 .9 W' 5 ,A 5 , A u a W' ,M Fgvll " In DON PETERSON and SALLY CONKLIN First Semester Srudent Body' President and Vive President PETERSON - CONKLIN Through the years a student government system has been developed at .Xrcata Linion High School which is as satisfactory as that of other American schools and su- perior to that of many. Students of fX.L'.HS. are fortunate to be able to govern themselves and to have modern faculty and administrative heads who encourage stu- dent participation. lion Peterson and Sally Conklin were elected by the student body to the offices of student body president and vice presi- dent for the first semester of the 1954-55 school year. Being energetic. alert leaders. they pro- ceded to work out the planks of their plat- form. More assemblies were promised and the picture story on pages U6-97 is evi- dence that the students were given many interesting assemblies. The new office of assembly chairman was created. Through their efforts. grass was planted in the yard between the classroom building and the new science building. A telephone in the gym. a project that had been spoken of since its opening. was installed in the autumn of 1954-. A very important change concerned cheerleader and song queen tryouts. Previ- ous to this time. all participants wore special outfits which entailed considerable cost. That this was unjust to many would- be candidates was the general concept. Therefore. a ruling was passed that street clothes. gym clothes. or pedal pushers should be worn. This inet with unques- tionable approval by the student body. Don Peterson was elected parliamentar- ian of the Humboldt-Del Norte lnterschool Conference. which met in South Fork and Eureka during the first semester. STUDENT GOVERNMENT - AN IMPORTANT SPENCER - JOHNSON Ed Spencer and Beverly Johnson were elected lui the student lmody to the offices of student lvody president and vice presi- dent for the spring semester of the l'P5-l-55 school vear. lievision of the .-XlfHS Constitution was the most amlmitious project undertaken luv the student administration. Because of the lielief that many provisions had lmecome out-dated. a committee that included john Payne. Bruce Chetty. Ron Siemens. lion Peterson. and the student executive officers went to work on the constitution. culling out obsolete parts and providing new measures that a larger school enrollment has made necessary. Calendars of all scheduled activities were given to the student body' card holders during the second semester as they were in the fall. New trash cans. which the first semester council voted to liuv. were installed. A light was provided hy the telephone booth on the front steps during school evenings activities. This step eliminated a safety hazard. The matter of putting a slot in the lihrarv door to facilitate easy return of hooks when the library is closed was given consideration by the council. llumholdt-Del Norte Inter-school Coun- cil met twice during the spring semester. at Fortuna and Del Norte. Ed Spencer. 2-"" 'N BQV I V J I 1 D P t FIG. ED SPENCER and ISEYERIX JOHNSON 7 ler 5 U mann' on 8 C-rslm' A 'le Sec0mfSen1e5Ier Student Body Presiffent l'hornton. and Penny Ford were :Xrcalas ay1,1I'l',-9 p,,1,,',1,,,,, delegates at the first meeting. PART OF LIFE ON A.U.H.S. CAMPUS Q5 r In 4 R 5922? ,gig ,IH FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL First row, left to right: Norma Anderton, Sharon Hershey, Sharon Howard, Deanna Johnson, Pat Allen, Juaree Ray, Beverly Johnson. Elsie Ulmer. Second row: Julie Johnson, Margie Leitheiser, Corinne lnman, Shirley Tolley, Robert Comstock, Ross Stromberg, Gary Howard, Laura Fitzgerald, Delores Sholes. Third row: Sharon Murdock, Ann Sorenson, Susan Schirmann, Elizabeth Clear- water, Sandra Dickinson, Penny Ford, Susan McCracken, Delores Azevedo, Janet Dyer. Fourth row: Cary Stockwell, Marvin Turner, Harold Leithieser, Mike Ladd, Dave Benbrook, Ron Siemens, Cliff Chapple, Jim Killinger, Kenny Matias, Frank Alden. A student council dinner, staged on October 25, was a very enjoyable event with council members and faculty sharing a potluck dinner and witnessing fine entertain- ment from student musicians. Reports from Sally Conklin, Don Peterson, and Frank Spaid were a highlight of the evening. Autumn Serenade was the theme for the dance on November 10 sponsored by the student council and free to student body card holders. Eddie Clay's orchestra playedg Penny,Ford was in charge of carrying out the harvest motif in decorations, while Sharon Murdock supervised sale of refreshments. DELORES DAHLEN SHARRON WILSON Secretary Treasurer , V Q 'li , H95 .af Q ELSIE THORNTON ED Sl'FNfQFH Rally Chairman Asserlilrly lfhairman A major change in the ruling concerning leaning on school railings was passed by council and went into effect on Thursday, December 16. The revision made the act of sitting on, or placing objects on, school railings unlawful while making it lawful to lean on or over railings. with restrictions for safety. The Varsity Club members. with Jim Dimmick in the top position, continued to act as hailiffs and turned out a highly satisfactory job. John Vieira discharged duties of the gayel capahly as judge with Pat Linville as court recorder and Frank Spaid as district attorney. Mr. Cady served as advisor to the court, which was usually filled to capacity on Thursday noon, drawing many interested onlookers as well as those to whom tickets had been issued. COURT OFFICERS Left to right: ,lim Dimmick, Pat Linville. John Vieira. Frank Spaid. 'rv I i DARLENE ANTILLA ELANORE QCHNIITT Secretary Treasurer Excellent supervision of committee work was handled by Estelle Thompson, Lois Morrow, and Sally Conklin in planning and preparing the student council dinner on March 8. Additional bulletin boards were provided by the council in the new science building and the board in the south end of the administration building, hall was extended. Pak Soon Sun was the name of the young Korean girl the Arcata High student body continued to sponsor. Letters were received from her and Delores Sholes, freshman class secretary, was delegated to answer them. STUDENT COUNCIL SECOND SEMESTER First row, left to right: Delores Sholes, Thelma Benda, Delores Dahlen, Margi Telonicher, Lois Morrow, Brenda DeLozier, Loys Reynolds, Coila Poage. Second row: Dorothy Schuler, John Payne, Nancy Taylor, Anita Sbrana, Deanna Johnson. Darlene Schuler, Tom Bertrand. Ross Stromberg, Miss Carroll. Third row: Sharon Carr, Delores Azevedo, Mary Ethel Antilla, Estelle Thompson, Sharon Murdock, David Blood, Mary Sue Dobberstein, Sharon Curtin. Fourth row: Linda Woodruff, Don Peterson, Bryan Rieke. Bruce Chetty, Lyle Milligan, John Bavklund. Ron Siemens, Scott Holmes. x :fl e 1 If 17 K Y. if I X, SENIOR CLASS UFITICIIRS Second Senzvsler If-ft tw right: IIHTIHIIR' Inman Trvasurr-r: Dun P+-te-rwn. Pr:--i rIvAnt: El-ie Thffrntun. Yin- Prwx- irlvntz Ewlyn Hard:-ftrr. Sf't'I'fA' tary, Rfdmfy ffnx. Srrgvurlt-at Xrm-. wa- Ialm-ra--Ily. X Q SENIORS SENIOR CL-XSS OFFICERS l"1'rSl Sl'II1l'Sff'I' I.:-ft tr- right: Ifrl Spvrmwr, Pr:- ide-nll Rndnr-y Ifrw. Yin- I'r:'N1 firm: Ilarlr-nv .XnIiIIa. Tre-axur QJT1 Iivwrly luI1n-mm. Svrxrvtury Bfllu I'IaIIJaf'I1. Sz-rgvant-at-Xrm iii Il 7 W 1 1 Yl ED SPENCER Drama, Public Speaking MARTHA ANDERSOIN Graduation 7 EVELYN HARDESTER Drama A FRIEND IN NEED Eric Anderson gave invaluable assistance in helping with typing for thc 1955 Advance. In autumn of 1951 four years seemed like a long, long time to the 246 green freshmen who entered Arcatals campus fresh from grammar school graduation in Trinidad, Blue Lake, Orick, and Ar- catais several schools-out of the north and east all around Arcata. SALLY CONKLIN Student Body Vice President GERALD ZWIFELHOFER Basketball JUDY OSBORNE After-school Sports MARVIN ROPER Transfer DARLENE GASSAWAY Pepperbox Staff JOANNE BEER Bachelorette Treasurer RICHARD FREUND Band BARBARA DICKEY Graduation J oEL HORNER Graduation LAUREL INGLES Band 4 FRANCES FELT After-school Sports Industrial Arts i GERALD NICKEL " ' Trackfgaxwci NX 1 L 1 I X Mn K X A ,D TOP BUSINESS STUDENT Birdie Carlson was selected as the senior girl who has done the most superior work in commercial courses. PAT LINVILLE A ftersschool Sports GARY DURBIN Graduation VERDA KIMBROTQGH Drama Club LYNN BREWER Track JAMES TAYLOR Sports HELEN OLSON Girls' League President EDWARD KATRI Dairy Farming ROBERT CHARLEY Our first concern was to become acquainted with the many classrooms and buildings as we changed classes from hour to hour-that was new to us, too. We were easily identified by the yellow-covered "Tales for Tiger Cubs" from which we were never Separated. DAVID TWEEDY Track BOB LEWIS Service Station Attendant MARJORIE HICKS Future Homemakers BEVERLY ALDEN A Cappella Choir JOE DETRA Baseball DIXIE DAWSON Merchandising RICHARD CARR Future Farmers MILDRED COMES Sports KEITH ANDERSON Band FRANCES BYRIJ Graduation MARY ANNE ELY Band BRUCE COULTER A Cappella Choir Integration into the way of life at A.U.H.S. came as we elected delegates to the governing body and chose class officers. Discovery that every member of a school in a democracy has a part in determining its patterns and policies gave us a sense of belonging. GAIL ENRIGHT A Cappella Choir LEAH SMITH A Cappella Choir TOP SENIOR MATH STUDENTS Gary Durbin and Lois Haynes don't have any trouble solving problems like this. DALE MALLORY Graduation MARGARET STREIGHT Dramatics .andafif Graduation Vfransferl SYLYINA JOHNNIE Athletics for Our "Tigers.', Spring came and with it our first Melody lnn. The first year- book many of us had ever seen, the 1952 Advance, arrived next and we all eagerly signed each Other's books-a few even dared to approach seniors for their autographs. DATHENE GAMMON Drama Club CL'RTIs LARSEN Graduation SHIRLEY BERGMAN J. V. Choir ELANORE SCHMITT Band PERRY HLFF A Cappella Choir ELLOISE ROBERTS Graduation CHARLES FLYNN Graduation HENRY ROBERTS PEGGY JO LYTLE Junior Prom Queen EDITH SATER Majorette Vfransferl ROBERT DELLABALMA Future Farmers TOP SENIOR SOCIAL SCIENCE STUDENT Don Peterson was judged to be the senior with the best record in social science classes during high school. Don took first place in the 1954 district "Voice of Demorracyv contest. BEVERLY ADKINS Girls' League MARIANNE N1cMORR1NE .X Cappella Choir ROBERT Roan Ax Graduation NTARIJEAN BERTRAND Art Club EARL 1Bt'm SCOTT Basketball lpliransfert KENT STROMBERG Sports JUAREE RAY A Cappella Choir CARL CARLSON Football Q SHARRON WILSON 1 Student Body 5 Treasurer RODNEY COX X' Baseball I w N. Then the seniors were graduating and some of us took their places in the musical groups that performed at com- ROBERT WALKER mencement, sk b ll . Ba et a Our first-and perhaps longest-year WHS OVCI'. We came back from vacation and settled into the now familiar routine. Some Of our number had moved away TOP SENIOR WOODWORKING STUDENT Bob Charley displays some of the fine work he has done in woodworking. He was selected top senior boy in that course and in industrial arts and crafts. MIKE LADD Dramatics CTransferl ALFRED BROWN Graduation CONNIE MACOMBER Merchandising SHARON MLRDOCK Band EARL MORAXDA Sports INEZ LEROY Graduation LARRY BALDXS ix Physical Education MARCIA PIERSON Transfer DON LEE Band BARBARA BRICKY Advance Staff but many transfer students replaced them. The class of '55 and the entire school was richer for the coming of many, such as Sally Conklin, who was elected an officer for the sophomore year on arriving from Washington, and went on to become Bachelorette presi- GERALDINE CATER Pepperbox Editor ROBERT ARNESON Advance Photographer CAROL POFF Art Club JOAN HANLON Girls' League JOHN BOREL Excalibur Club CARLENE SLEATER Chorus Vliransferl TOP SENIORS IN AGRICULTURE Manuel Serra. farm mechanics student, and Ed Katri, agricultural student, have done the most superior work in those courses during high school. DON PETERSON Most Popular Boy ED SPENCER Boy With the Best Personality SALLY CONKLIN Host Popular Girl 1 ' '- K 1 CORININ E INNIAN Prettiest Girl s, WHO'S WHO IN THE SENIOR CLASS Selected by vote of the senior class ELSIE THORNTON Girl With the Best Personality C.-IRI. CARLSON Best Looking Hoy BEVERLY JOHNSON Most Intelligent Girl FRANK SPAID Most Intelligent Boy S C E N E S F R O M H v if iw f C.S.F. LIFE MEMBERS Dorothy Sousa, Birdie Carlson, Marijean Bertrand Evelyn Hardester, Kathy Payne, Judy Osborne, Bev erly Johnson, Frank Spaid, Sally Conklin. SENIOR BANQUET 5 Re. IP Q FIRST SEMESTER HONIEROOINI PRESIDENTS SECOND SEMESTER HOBIEROONI PRESIDENT!- First row. left to right: Garth Attaway, Elsie Thorn- First row, left to right: Frank Spaid, Carlene Slater ton. Ed Spencer. Sf-cond row: Eric Anderson, Lynn John Borel, Ed Fedder, Carl Carlson, Wendell An Layton. Harry Strong. Rodney Cox. derton. PAR' ROY DUNN Nlarhine Shop LORAINE NIARINE Graduation CLARA DILVA Secretarial Work the class of '55 flourished and the days picked up momentum and sped away. 'QA Chinese Tea Gardenv was the theme for the spring Junior Prom, which offered the opportunity to prove our ability in planning and putting on a big AUDREY SMITH Pepperbox Staff ERNEST GHISETTI Future Farmers VIRGINA ROGERS Graduation Jon NlETCALF Athletics HARRY STRONG Future Farmers BEVERLY BEARDEN Head Cheerleader FRAINK SPAID Track MELVA TIERNEY Secretarial Work RICHARD KIDDER Radio TOP SENIOR MUSIC STUDENTS Iris Oshorne and Keith Anderson have devote-fl muvh of their time to the Arrata lmaml and lioth haw- become fine musicians during the past four years. Sharon Murdock has served hoth the hand and choir and John Gilchrist has been a reliable member of A Cappella Choir. PEGGY WILSON Graduation Zi f' DAROL FOSTER Athletics Lols HAYNES G.,-LA. RoBERT SCHWAB Graduation TOP SENIOR HOMENIAKING STUDENT Marjorie Hicks. chosen as the outstanding girl in this department. is shown here at work on one of her projects. f, we fa--hz w ' R' CAROLINE IJENNYD FISHER Band GARY TAYLOR Athletics IRIS OSBORNE Band RONALD EDWARDS Football REX Woons Band St'sAN DE ROSSETT Athletics ARTHUR HAMMOND Football event. Darlene Antilla deserves praise for the simulated oriental setting which she supervised. Last autumn we came back as seniors and, for the first time, fully realized that we gradually had become the leaders in Arcata's many organizations and activi- tles. JOHN HARD Mr-tai shop DALE PEARCE Graduation NANCY DAVIS Marriage DOROTHY SOL'sA A Cappella Choir DON PETERSON Student Body President M.ARY JANE BARRER Advance Queen Candidate GARTH ATTAWAY Graduation NIARILYN NlAY Graduation ROBERT RILEY Graduation llrlARTHA SMITH A Cappella Choir PATRICIA FERNLEAF Band JOHN VIEIRA Band Some of us held responsible jobs on Our shoulders and did a lot of behind- the-scene work in which there was no glory. Helen Olson carried off duties as Girls' League President and did a tre- mendous amount of work, at the same time doing a wonderful job in A Cap- pella Choir and the Madrigal group. BARBARA HENRY ,, f 353 EDYTHE STUART Band KHYNI RADIO BROADCASTER June Ford gave all the late-t news on ranipus ant athletic activities every Saturday afternoon on Stu dents' Twenty Best. Office Practice DAY ID SHEPHERD Employed as School Custodian SUSAN SCHIRMANN Student Council ROBERT HALBACH Football JUNE FORD Advance and Pepperbox Staffs CORINNE INMAN Head Cheerleader As seniors we were called upon to make decisions, some individual and Others as a class. The boys chose blue robes for commencement and the girls handled the decision between blue and white democratically. We all went through an extensive test- ing program and the counselors helped us to decide between a job or college. BARBARA HENSEL Bachelorette ERIC ANDERSON Homeroom President ELSIE THORNTON G.A.A. J IANINA EVANGELISTI Homeroom Officer LYLE MILLIGAN Basketball YV.-XNDA WILCOX Art Club LESTER SCHNEITTER Track PAT NELSON G.A.A. ARNIE TAGGART A Cappella Choir These four members of the Senior Ball decoration committee were putting up the wall-painting of the church which helped to carry out the theme "Christ mas Tree Lane" when our photographer found them. BEVERLY JOHNSON Advance Editor '-7: gggfg, .1 OLIVE KUCIIEL Crafts NEW STUDENT BODY TREASURER WAYNE GOLDEN DENNIS CLEVELAND Employed at Arcata Theater NADINE LUSTER Sports ARNIE MILLSAP Forestry BARBARA SUMMERS Future Homemakers DONNA ATKINS J. V. Choir FRANCIS SCOTT Graduation BARBARA DICKEY Graduation Preparation for Engineering and Forestry ARDELLA WOOD Graduation Elanore Schmitt very capably took over student body finance books in mid-term when Sharron Wilson left school. According to a survey made by the Advance staff, 20 seniors were either married or planning marriage after graduation, 29 planned to enter the service, 32 planned to go right to work, and 101 were going to continue formal education. Our final high school year has been a busy One, with a Senior Ball and banquet, the annual picnic and dress-up day. DARLENE CLIFTON I' A Cappella Choir SHARON HARPER Graduation ANN EVANS Graduation 1 X L X L x. , ' - ! I W I I MILDRED Buss Sports WENDELL ANDERTON Future Farmers ELEANOR GALLATY Band DOUGLAS SCHIJLER Bailiff SYLVIA LINZY A Cappella Choir ,Q MANUEL SERRA .pf , " Future Farmers N Burma CARLSON - Q After-school Athletics -r tl , X1 r, W Q, A 'Q MARJORIE AVILA ,,, Graduation JOHN SMITH Athletics As we approach this turn in the road there are 191 of us who have been thrown together for a brief four years. Soon we will be scattered to the four corners of the globe. In years to come there is one thing we will have in common . . . the memory of Arcata Union High School, opportunities and advantages this modern and democratic school has offered, the good times and a few unhappy ones, and a realization that we are each just a little better person for it all. TOP SENIOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND SOCIAL SCIENCE STUDENT Beverly Johnson was the girl who compiled the best record in foreign languages and social science during ' high school. 64,1 sf 1.9, ix JUNIORS To start out the school year. the juniors elected Jim Killinger to head their class. Julious Jones was elected vice president. Elizabeth Clearwater. secretary. and Carol Priestly. treasurer. Delores Dahlen served as secretary of the stu- dent government during the first semester, Carol Priestly and Lynne Visser served as song queens during the first semester along with Eliza- beth Clearwater as cheerleader. Larry Stebbins, Stanley Mott, Kevin Gates. Gwen Fernleaf, Bruce Chetty, Irene Eernleaf. Bill Glover. Tom Roberts, Sarah Spidell, Mary Ethel Anttila. Rosemary Cottrell, Grace Hamblock. and Bruce Benjamin held most of the key positions in this yearis band. Paul Eelsher, Janice Van Alen, Carol Wise, Mor- ril Evans, Gwen Eernleaf, Mary Massey, Bonnie Sweaney, Minnie Jo Carlson, and Stanley Mott, were some of the outstanding juniors in this yearis A Cappella Choir. In sports, the juniors were stars in football with Larry Johnson, Bob Hard, and Earl Dimmick in some of the key positions. Jim Dimmick, Earl Dim- mick, and Larry Johnson held first-string positions on the basketball team. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Jim Killinger, President, Carole Priestly. Treasurerg Elizabeth Clearwater, Secretaryg and Julious Jones, Vice President. 1 calf it it " 1 ,js JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM ROYALTY Carol Priestly and Jim Killinger were selected by the Jun- iors to reign as Princess and Prince. Bob Hard, fullback, was elected to the All-County team. Minnie Carlson, Irene Eernleaf, Bonnie Sweaney, and Lola Weems, were outstanding in girls sports. Carol Wise and Stanley Mott appeared in "The Doctor in Spite of Himself," this year's big Drama Department production. Richard Birnie was also another outstanding drama student. Elizabeth Clearwater was elected Junior Attend- ant to Advance Queen Corinne Inman. The top eight junior scholars featured in this section were selected on the basis of their outstand- ing scholastic records for their high school career. To complete a very successful school year, the juniors sponsored the annual Junior-Senior Prom. This big event took place in the middle of May. PAT ALLEN MR. SMITH. Period One-First row, left to right: Marjorie Leitheiser. Ann Wallace, Gay Lang- ston. Charles Montgomery. Richard Goodrich. Mary Busenius, Delores Dahlen. Second row: Geraldine Turney. Martha Box, Jerald Barker, Gale Kipp, Roland Powers, Jed Reynolds, Frank Borges, Bonnie East. Third row: Ed Brock, Ken Christiansen, Jim May, Benny Mills, Don Hovater, Larry Johnson, Ed Johnson, Dennis Jones. Fourth row: Jim Dimmick, Leslie Lusk, Ray Everett. Jack Willis, Gilbert Luster, Robert Gibson, Charles Dorr, Bill Taylor. MINNIE CARLSON ., no ,. MRS. STEN, Period Two-First row. left to right: Betty Lou Wardell, Barbara Jones, Irene Fernleaf. Sarah Spidell. Mary West. Mary Lou Gillett. Second row: Mavis,Ainsworth. Janice Van Alen. Nancey Stromberg. Billie Brock. Florence Enderson. Harriett Ewell. Third row: Pat Clayton. Sandra Bishop, Martha McCrory, Janet Christie. Gwen Fernleaf, Lois Harvey, Mary Ethel Anttila. Fourth row: Carl Rutherford, Bud Henderson, Bill Glover, Buz Frese, Adrienne Jicha, Ann Sorenson. Rella Hammond. 'A T P 45 NIRS. FTFN. Porioil Thr'-1' Firft row. lvlt to right: I'.l'1'1l2l Smit. Dixie' l.inrlg1r1-n. llurlefnv- I.awrom'1-. Nanlinf' l.n-ter. Sullv tfartvr. Maria Bouycl-Ion. Virginia Raymonil. Fc-rontl row: Verne' Thayer. l,u1'ill+- Fri--v. Flton lle-nry. H1-na xll'l,f'IlIlilll. Molly llalrlwin. Morrill lfyuns. .lim "ll1l'i1'T- Thirtl row: Fool! llolmt-f. llolm lllt-ily. llolm l,orin,Lf. Roy Warns-r. lim Hoilg-oni IAN- Laine-. Marit- Half-. Fourth row: K+-n firm-trong. Don Lunau. Holi lolineon. Ti-fl lfalknr-r. lim llrown. lh-nnif West. Max Ingham. Hob Noble-. N 1 M 111- Q H5 1 Mlmii ' fs y-se M . J ,Xe-I l left to right: Chlorita Furnish, llaylene Johnson. Minnie Carlson. Mary Ladey. Geraltl Cooley. Seconil row: Joyce A-Xllee. Gale Jackson. Allyene Wilkenloh. Ra- mona Paul. Wanda Morris. Ro-emary Oliveira. Third row: Mary Massey. Linda Woodbridge. Walter Fitzgu-ralcl. Kathy Grove. Jim Killingi-r. Pat Car- penter. lion Harris. Fourth row: jini Vaissade. Bryan Ric-ke, Bill Atkins. Al- fred Clirixtie. Don Watson. Arlen Kohl. Don Rassbach. ii' XXXNUCK MRF. STEN. Period Four--First row. left to right: Barbara Dutton. Pat McGuire, Dottie Hubbell. uv D Bebe- Clifton. Pat Gaines. Virginia Carrl. Loretta Perini. Sf-confl row: Wayne Carey. Jackie Booth. Marjorie: Cuthriflge. Cram- 'Xnn l'lamlwlo1'k. Yxonnr' Papini. loan Perry, Sandra Hulrllarfl. Thirtl row: llicharfl Birnie. Tom Brogan. Don Hall. Rofe-mary Cottrell. Carole Wise. Pat Eagan, Carvel Bur-hhulz. Fourth row: Tefl Christian. Alfred Simmons. Richard Coats Cf-ne Baldwin, Brut-e 46 Chetty, Cane Forfon. Bob Sherrod. Louie Smith. MR. ,Ii-XRBOE. Pt-rioml Threen First row. MR. SMITH, Period Four-First row, left to right: Pat Allen. Carol Siesser. James Kemp, Arlene Ayer. Marvin Dusi, Loys Reynolds. Second row: Betty Scott. Sonya Jackson. Bill Saltsman, Pat Newbill, Louise Roberts. Lola Weems. Third row: Cene Ford. Julious Jones. Gene Boenzli. Elwood Anderson, Cassel Guiott, Jim Poole, Cary Simpson. Fourth row: Kevin Cates, Bud Webb, Bill QHER Fabbri, Carl Davis. Larry Jackson, Larry Stebbins, Dale Barham. L FELM ,,, P AU 11' MW if 95' ,, M' .. MR. MCKITTRICK, Period FivefFirst row. left to right: Carole Shannon, Jo- anne Phelps. Barbara Brady, Alice Oliver. Edna Maple. Second row: Bill Mann. Joyce Godfrey, Marilyn Fisher, Joyce Silva, Phyllis Tweedy, Lois Mor- row. Third row: Patsy Walton, Rossie Evans. Bud McMullen, Roger McClure, Doug McCready, Dan Forbes. Fourth row: Fred Jacobson, Tom Fay, Paul Felsher, Jerry Lytle, Joanne Twitchell, Bob Turner. CANE FORSOV ' MR. Sf Darlem Barbari Sonja . Horn. NP 7?-J'jqv'L f 'Ll h f Af fest, we A V1.6 ' A4 Y vu x x f ff' e ,, Q Qf fu ei, f Q L 'ff ', t ' p 'Y I7 f J , N ,J -.QT ,Af mf' Q' ,6 J , , J v Q ,ff f-. f . 5 L, K j .Ury FZJA XXXXAU :Pj " ,C :U hh fi .cj 4 ,J J -Z' C! Q5 T NN MR. SMITH. Periofl Six- First row. left to right: Susan Laidlaw. Jean Patenaude, Marietta Meffonnell. Gloria Osborn, Carole Nichols:-n. Evelyn Poage. Se-coml row: Conrad llelzf-r. Bernard Truttrnan. Madalyn Andersen. Tokie Nickel. Sandra Dickinson. Faye Toroni. Third row: Chuck Watson. Manuel Damos, Ronald Mumford, Tom McCartney. Howard Phenix, Bernard McGovern. Fourth row: Skip Carlson. Thomas Roberts. Steve Bray. Ronald Orlandi, Terry Falkner. Bob Moore. Art Vanolerklis ,V LJ if , u ll -' f 0.4 ,asv 'bar' pp, SHIRLEY LOVE .l"' MR. MCKITTRICK, Period Six-First row, left to right: Janice Barney, Lanette Michael, Nadine Charley. Pat Wheeler, Carol Priestley, Donna Watson. Second row: Estelle Thompson, Lynne Visser, Pete Barnes. Bruce Benjamin, Richard Machado, Barbara Williams. Third row: Douglas Frost, Dick Fedder, Bob Smith. Rita Johnson, Roger McConnell, Glen Graham. Fourth row: Don Svinth. Alan Feuerwerker, Earl Dimmick. Dick Olson, Stanley Mott, Bonnie Sweaney, Shirley Love. 48 DON HARRIS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Surrounding Penny Ford, President, are Cleta Tolley, Treasurer, Deanna Johnson, Vice President, and Norma Anderton, Secretary. Top girl athletes were Sonja Grant, Deanna Johnson, Nancy Weber, Linda Sarboe, Joyce Hub- bard, Barbara Wright, and Mary Lou McCartney. Most of these girls played on after school teams. Ronnie Siemens, Marvin Turner, Terry Fritz, Arlene Schwalenberg, Margaret Moody, and Ron- nie Mitchell were tops in band. Shirley Hollinger was a smart looking drum major leading the band. Tom Bertrand, Don Bishop, Susan Brown, Gary Chilton, Don Cooper, Sharon Curtin, Bob Hamp- ton, John Henderson, Jeanne Graham, Jill Lewis, Bea Ann MacGinitie, Carl Nelson, Margaret Reyn- olds, Linda Sarboe, and John Taylor were the most numerous and most talented Sophomores ever to be in A Cappella Choir. Dennis Heidenreich, Dave Benbrook, and Je- Niene Jones had roles in the play, NA Doctor ln Spite of Himselff, Linda Sarboe and Lorrine Wilson were candi- dates for HDaisy Mae," and Linda was the Advance Sophomore attendant. lla Harris, song queen, and Linda Sarboe, cheer- leader, were Upepstersv during the first semester. The big social event of the year sponsored by the Sophomores was the Sophomore Dance which took place March 25. All in all, the Sophomores had a very successful year taking an active part in many activities. SOPHOM ORES The Sophomores started the school year of 1954- 55 by electing all girl officers. The Presidency was charged to Penny Ford. Under Penny were vice president Deanna Johnson, secretary Norma Anderton, and treasurer Cleta Tolley. Several Sophomore boys were outstanding in sports. Terry Kilmer, Bill Brittain, Jim Montgom- ery, Gerry Hale, Don Keyes, and Jim Lemons were on the football team. Bill Brittain and George Berry starred on the heavyweight basketball team. Dick Poole and Philip Peterson played for the light- weights. Four Sophomore boys had the privilege of be- longing to the Varsity Club. They were Terry Kil- mer, Bob Hampton, George Berry, and Bill Brittain. BEA ANN MacGINlT1E DELORES AZEVEDO Soph Scholars MRS. MARKS. Period One--Fir-t row. left to right: Betty Brown. Bonnie llantl. Mary Jpnes. Deanna Ring. Carol Sorter. Joyce Meyerhoffer. Mary Freitai Second row: Flmer Hames. John Thomas. Opal llackett. Anita Shrana. Betty Jean Brown. Joan Kinney. Reba Ford, Third row: Jim Montgomery. David Mann. Daniel Fraga. Ellen Se- heck. Barbara Schwab. Karla Kinzer, Janice Wallace. Fourth row: Art Bell, Gene Phillips. George Lockwood. Al Mendes. John Kirk. Ole Karlsen. Verna Tedriek. Terry Kilmer. MR RIVERA Period One Firt row left o right Jfannette Lenhart lla Harri Donna 'Nlyrick L01 lngle Darlene Dau Dorothy Schultr Second row Sammle Dyer Susan McCracken Gloria Hutchins Bonnie Miller Jack Lf wis Shlrley Hollinger Frank Chlsettl fhird row Dennis Schroeder Jim Green Bob Stonebarger lNathan LaRue Troy King Bob Belak Don Ru el Fourth row Fred Stelton Wayne Cyp son John Clar trom Don lN1el en Walter Branscom Arthur Jay Darrel Kohler NIRS MARKS Period Two Fir t row left to right Lorna Beard lee Nita Hooven Barbara Aldrich Ilene Landon Jake Spurgeon Thelma Reynolds Mar garet Moody Second row Judy Chown Betty Hlebert Margie Freeman Ida Marken Linda Dolf Jill LCWI Sharon Curtin Darlene Brook Thlrd row Way Merilee Debbie Standlex Romaldo Cota Sharon Johneon Sonja Grant Mary Lou McCartney Dennis Helden- reich John Taylor. Fourth row: Robert Hilton Erne-t Orgeron Jr. Bill Stand- ley. Cleland Carson Kenneth Christian- .en Jerry White Carl Hilliard Marvin Turner. MR. RIVERA, Period Two-First row, left to right: Norma Anderton, Guila Place, Sandra Henry, Tom Fedder, Coila Poage, Margaret Reynolds, Virginia Rex. Second row: Anita Schmidt. Don Blake. Nancy Wilcox. Everett Morris, Kathleen Katri, Barbara Avila. I.aReida Woodard. Third row: Rebecca Roper, James Morrow, Carmen Sparrow, Dora Rodgers, Sandra Guiott, Bea Ann Mac- Cinitie, Inez Anderson. Fourth row: Pat Davis, Ellen Frost, Donald Hubbard, Ralph Metcalf, Nancy Weber, JoAnn Johnson, Linda Sarhoe. -ml ,F 'U 'QT' L' if A .JN '- 1 fi - v Q ,uuf.. K V 'ln'- t ..-, . QQ' ..:- hi ffl is , -if I -4 . . lg UE, -5 Av . Q: .W-' if M 3 Q L Y 25 2 4 'N A 'W-.M FRESHMAN CABINET Upper picture: Shirley Tolley, Bernadine Lawrence, Karen Sundquist. JO Ann Calvert, Jack Hitt, Lynn Tamhoury. Julie Johnson. Valda Grace and Frank Bonnell. Don Evans is not in the picture. FRESHNIAN PARTY COMlll'lvl'EE Bottom picture: Wayne Daggs. Judy Silva, Donna Pymm. Sondra Koroush, Ellen Keyes. and Deanna Neal. Judy Stromherg. Phyllis Thornton. and Shirley Tolley set a fast pace in the girls, sports department. Nancy Hopkins, Judy Hensel. Judy Stromherg. Ron' nie Davis, Carol Nlatisoff. Julie Johnson. Jean Comstock, Judy Warren. and Jay Thiel became part of the Band. As the year draws to a close, the class of 758 seems destined to become one of the most alert and active classes in recent years at A.Ll.H.S. In the fall a vigorous campaign was promoted for the class officers' election. Final results gave Ross Strom- herg the presidency. Kenny Nlatias, vice president. De- lores Sholes, secretary. David Blood, treasurer. assisted him in the organization of a cabinet that included home- room representatives from every homeroom. Creating a constitution for the class to follow was a huge task the cabinet, the first of its type at A.L'.H.S1. set for itself. On April l. the Freshman Party was given for the entire class-nearly three hundred strong! As the year progressed many freshmen attained piomi- nence in school activities. Douhtless. many others will join them in the remaining three years. Carol Nlatisoff and Joe Forbes played parts in "The Doctor in Spite of Himselff, a drama production. Shir- ley Cathcart. Sandra Dimmick. Sharon Howard, Julie Johnson. Pat Kerr. Darlene Schuler, Brenda Steenhlock. FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Ross Stromberg. President: David Blood. Treasurerg Ken Mattias. Vice President: Delores Sholes, Secretary. 'L 'fx si NIR Nl"XRTlN Ptrud Om and limo t ow Tl u x Si ia Deanna 'Nfal Larry lraunmnr D r e Yan lelt D nu a Karen Con lm Sccond row Crzlg Conn Eilleen Comb Dorothy Canfield X lene lxovacowich Ro etta Hilton Norma lNel on Julie John on Third rovs Jan ice Whitfield George H0fJlClH Brad Waughan Nlarjorle Adcofk Dewaxn Barrett ,lean Com took Daxid Blood Fourth rom Dick Coffron John Eehels Jim Barker 'Norman Nlcllrirlc ax Thie Edward 'Nrfl en Dsnnl Blf n MRS NIATISOEF Period Om and Two First row left to Tlglll Katheryn Nloore Danny Bartoll Joan Pelory ,loan Humphrey Norm ta Chrl tolos Suond row Nlarlm Carvin Cary Howard Chri tme Hou c Doris Ford Jim Ha 1 Third row Evelyn Dotson Rolmfrt Nic Connell Connie Waldklrch Johnny Barnett Betty Nelson NISTIOH Berg man Fourth row Don Bucher! John Smith Frank Bonnell Dick Kenney Ronnie Warner Donald Lozenaky MRS. HINES Periods One and Two- First row left to right: Willie Wyckoff Melba Parham Dianne Adams .loel Boughton Van Whitfield Barbara Koberstein .lo Ann Calvert. Second row: Walter Wegner Thomas Paye Larry Zimma Ross Stromberg Pauline Lang Nancy McCracken Shirley Cath- cart. Third row: Carolyn Mercer ,ludi- ann Krestensen. Loretta Finan. Dennis Pontoni, Sally Wilkinson. Bill Scott, Walter Woods, Betty Comstock, Fourth row: Tom Walker, Shirley Armstrong, Daryl East, LeOlive Vaugh, Ronnie Brown, Henry Sniggs, ,lay Ratzlaff, Jackie Monroe. MR. MCKITTRICK, Periods Two and Three-First row, left to right: Kenneth Hardester, Barbara Lyles. Gladys Lakey. Diane Rex. Carol Patterson, Ronald Hurt, Joyce Marks. Geneva Hubble. Second row: Shirley Tolley. Lynne Hosteller. Edna Ellsworth, Elaine Rossiter. Lee Rose, Darlene Schuler. Allene Branscomb, Nancy Cole. Third row: Otto Hodge, .lack Moore, Stephen Patenaude, George Martinson, Sandra Davis, Ray Bollinger, Dorothy Weed, Joan Hanherg. Fourth row: Danny Reynolds. Stephen Stephenson. Herbert Brown, Charles Kilgore, Kenneth Willis, Carl Cook. .lean Civin, Lyle Nickel, Jack Brown. MR. DIJNLAP, Periods Two and Three -First row. left to right: Sharon How- ard. Bernadine Lawrence. David Mc- flready. Carole Griffith. Jim Sorter. Eldon Stahlnecker, Johnny Hedge. Sec- ond row: Mae Mureh. Mary Morren. Joyce Moulton. Gary Batini. Donna Mudfortl. Joyce Henry. Bonnie Wake- field. Third row: Gorden Sorenson. Hazel Barnes. Rebecca Watson. Margi Telonicher. Brenda Steenblock. Sandra Dimmick. Joan Sullivan. Gerald Hansen. Fourth row: Wayne Arcutt. Jim Ander- sen. Bob Lowery, Francis Sobol. Norma Forrester. Douglas Barnay. Vicki Bar- Ilf'II. NIR. MARTIN, Periods Four and Five -First row, left to right: Elsie Hardee. Edith Hubbard. Deanna Osborn, Joyce Taylor. Inez Felt, LaVerna Watson. Audra Brown, Carla Phelps. Second row: Kathleen McCarroll, Barbara Or- landi, Ruth Poor, Jane Mohn. Elton Vandervort. Don Johnson, John Holmes, Helen Maple. Third row: Joanne Payne, Sylvia Sheets, Nancy Hopkins, Don Car- penter, Nancy Brown, Jack Hitt, Phyllis Thorton. Frank Alden. Fourth row: Kent Brown, David Henry. Guy Towers, Robert Lingol, Robert Dunsing. :Xlan Miller. Delbert Scribe, John Backlund. MR. ISIYPCEREIT. Periods Four and Five-First row, left to right: Letha Peterson. Dorothy Carr. Verna Dotson, Gloria Young, Pete Clayton. Sharon Hershey, Gordon Worsfold. Second row: Nancy Taylor, Suzanne Banducci, Edna Gammon, Jane Haeger, Diane Graham, Carl Woody, Ray Ratzlaff. Third row: Bonnie Corning, Glenda Smith. Betty McNutt. Bonnie Bc-shears, Judy Hensel, Patrick Bryant. Robert Guintoli. Fourth row: Albert Frakes, Bob Maillie, Rich- ard Morris. Norman Bryan. Jim Mur- dock. Delbert Faulk, Marilyn Lytle, Shirley Grove. MR. DlfNl..-XP. Period Five-First row, left to right: Lynn Tamboury. Josephine Fraga. Rachel Pickard. Melvin Fahn- holz. Sonja Poe. Curtis Fuller. Second row: Norma McConnell. Carolyn Woods. Joyce Bishop. Arlene Fugate. Priscilla Hines. Bonnie Barr. Third row: Wal- lace McCurdy. Tommy Bally. Ralph Cooper. Lena Smith. Bill Dotson, Bill Stickel. Fourth row: Ernest Butolph, Garv Stochivill, Neal Foreman, Terrv Steenbleck. Paul Ft,-nn, Harold Leazer, Alfred Smith. iii ltb vt " - H1 ,-+A 'WS "I 1 n,n v-4x X X18 MRS. HINES. Periods Five and Six-First row. left to right: Rose Ann Pialorsi. Jeff Frost, Judy Rimhev. Milton West. Riehard Chandler. Rohert Graham. Second row: Helen Antler- son. Orville Lyons. Sharon Carr. Sandra Kilmer. Madine- Wilson. Edna Fitzgerald. Norman Foss. Third row: Mele-ta Noah Nanvy Bolt. Marilyn Martin. Kenny Whitniirv. Leilani Noyes. Karen Sullivan. Delores Johnson. Janie Jones. Fourth row: Darrald Devaughn. lioh Conlstoek. Rav Sh:-plierd. llon Evans. Lynn Vanderlioe-f. l.:-slr-1' Luuner. Larrene Simpson. MRS. MARKS. Sixth Period-First row. left to right: Karen Sunclquist. Judith Crist. Ken- neth Lenheart. Nolia Strait. Sandra Young. Beverly Verhaek. Billy Porter. Second row: Shirley Dunn. Patsy McAllister. April Lanstrip. Donald Eller, Joseph Forbes. Pauline Wood. Myrna Cuiott. Third row: Claudia Simon. Joan Cihson. Marv Silva. Patricia Kerr. ,lnsette Walker. Eleanor Deem. Brenda De Lozier, Fourth row: Harold Leitheiser. Bill Wagner. Dave lrish. Leon Pearce. Jerry Loveland. Wally Bransford. Steve McKinney. Sandra Ervin. FROSH Judy Warren Ken Matias Carole Griffith l 1 . , ' NW? S ,E , .jr 56 5 ix SCHOLARS Joanne Calvert Boh Wlagner Deanna Neal Y-sr 9 ha 3 Q MRS. KIATISOFF. Period Six-First row. left to right: Connie Q-iglgx. Ramona Henry. Celeste Hat-hado. Phyllis Powell. Nolan Young. Harry Houston. Virginia Lunau. Carole Sue Williams. Fm-eonrl row: Raymond .M'orn. Sonja Strait. Judy Ftroinlierg. Beverly Dian Sheral Kilmer. Thomas Charley, Thelma Benda. Gloria Thompson. Third row: Morris Fugate. Dannette Ftolpe. Linda Sulser. Valda Crave. ,lune Poor, Jimmy Price. Preston King. Jimmy Earley. Fourth row: Don .-Kngest, Richard Parker. Otto Holgerson. Gilbert Davis. Wayne Mares-lla. lion Richards. Wayne Walton, Riellard Cardoza. Kenneth Nlatias. MR. 5Tl'Bl,EY. Period One --First row. left to right: Donna Pymm. Betty Brittain, Betty Baxter. Betty Nlartin. Forrest Visser. Joe Cliown. Ron Tweedy. Feeond row: Linda Fkin. Becky Bair. Leon Mathews. Pat Xlefilure. Virginia Baker. Delores Sholes. Bonnie Train. Third row: Ralph McCartney. Wayne Daggs. Richard Walker. Bob Taylor. Sondra Koroueh. Judy Warren. Ellen Keyes. Pat Casselman. Fourth row: Don gchneitter. Roy Sheppard. Howard Richardson. Richard Jackson. Noel Steele. Willard Eaton. Bob Cargill. Teddy llreen. D G o M id. f s lil "K f 1 X i ' ' 3 45- v . 57 CHRISTMAS DANCE -'S ., .J , 1 ' i 5 'I' 8, 9 Q 's 1 ', innyanlun --I! Thx 'i wp? 5 QQ IL. fig. 5 r4 I umifw' fs gi 123 .X XY A- faptq ji wt QRDQUS Wi '93 of W 1 rv 1 N,a9 'ia nf 3 s B' ,, 1 I F Qi: 1 ,J f i sh f i- WW f Q PQ? , ig fW,- Q J f 'Q-wl'if,55ll'fi'5' 'fy H HMM' U?' Jw J H m1 4 3 fait? , I 1 , A 1? 'WI 2 ui' H Z1 ,ff ' 4 EK v Wml 4 ,D I i I i2U'M"1.gf1,I2 z1 Q, I C- Q iw N.. .1l' I u I I f 1 .af-. .1 .4 Q 1 c x, v.".,' .. Ll. . ,V f, Q p ' ,, ., ii, . W ,,v,. Y 4 ir , ,ga X i ' .U fiiflfft 'jf 2 .f ng, V, ' 32 lg 7 'JQQEJ ff .Yi .nv . ' I 1 ' '.f .Q .f 1 ,..i,W,,e.1 .' 4,- 'Eff 4 gt. yr ' i v 'Y ' ' 'J' 'Wiz rf, ' l',3vL:. tail 4 an-f A. , , .4 1. 7 7 N 1 .Lgzz EQ1. fi! ,- Kg! , Z 5.57 fl f E F',i' 7:- -257 :ig L59 :.:f LL-K 454 :.:-' -QL- 1.1 PAQ- ,-- 'LZ .1 Jr' ,,,' sE': :-:-- .ar- Ig? js: f-TE 1. li 55? v FTE ..... .,L3-' :LL- if.: -?E 'f Qzg 52: -'Z A - - 'I IL-6 1. I,- 7-4 ':.: Qs.,- .. - .Z-L, 757 iQ.LE-lr 'l.'f:f ,.-'xii ,. '- ,j:-inf' - "'-:4': 7'-:IE s ,fL- --M B 1 -EEE gL:L.v5 .44-1"-1 ,.,A:EL.: 1 Lg:-E E.. EEE' .ZjJ.5g-- : :H-f ..L..,:.:g2' .fl':f, 1 "- ':.:f ff"',gL ZZ,2!'g 5-f ir Qriflmg T'--:Z 'T 1.53174 12.2 .,1 -:'f7 f 2-i:EfE '-53---E.: Lx.'l.,-'jf ,Qfi ,1 E':1'.z?E -1,-51.-Q24 2122115 .-.'?j:"'5 "1.,T-- :Q .'E" g:-x.,.- -'iifh I .'7"'El..' 4.95. 7'- :L-1. E xii: :.2? J.: 521-Lf "Z ...,f-,...- ....-.. A, - 4, --"L: 5 ff,-" .LI lfE5"f3 '4:':":I..'Z.' ,ra 527. ::,3":- : -E ?"'LE 'iifgf -f,.4,g 1 !ff.g'5 2 bfi:-2' E:LF': -': z :T-E :5 se' 21.1177-Q' n.."-JJ. :L A fl .1-r 'Q' F25 cg:-' -3:.?4il- .-E-' ,-Fl. if-4411 C JI" 77:-EEE? iZ1l.374': Y 'T' ....T.. s , ,ivy 912 fr?-E f?, .'5,,ifQqg, gaps, 3.3. if 4., N ""MG1-M '7f.A'? -vv! If J' ff " 4 . W ,, M I . ,H 5. 52 4 pt c:.,v:?f::. an-1 45, qggj- 51: Q, SA-' VJ K--' 5- GJ! Q ,, Lg Q . 1 ' A Q J 53" 4 pa 3, ,S N-f9 2'5"A""Ui NA 2--5' .rw gr gf- in jg ' 4 I S w, 'Hx N M' 'S li- , ' , A r iqg 2 , v' , 4 lil? , 4 42 Ms im M if ff: if If X, ' i ii, , 51- I fi 'ik .SOVA M Q 1 1 5 0 4. I 3 YA 5:40 M. 4 M. KD ' V' G-Near mil . , A 4 9 K ik: 14- ' 11 F.. .. 3 eb l - A F5 M f f 4 . - 5 ' ' , x 5 I Q Q -- ' r -' K K 4 o 3 O Yr.. X Q , 6 . 4' Q I Xu . f t ' W x 3 " ' - p I .V Q O , n 2 k l'r1 1 W A 1 ' ' ' ,:7 . 1 I . 'W 1 l' .. W f 7'7" V' 3 flifi WWII! 4' . '7 A . . , ff es fi Q A' 4' 'Mi ' . . -X , A- 5 ' ' ' v' ' . . - 11 f. 3 X' Q in--1 - QS!" x 3 ' 'af V7 u ,Q ef' J, -6 , lg. 7 J , ,H 9449 a U! J -VW' gf? 7 '35-3, FAXUPHUNES--flail Murray. Hum-r Mvfllura-, and john FLIITI-IS, H.-XSFE5 and ALTO Cl.ARlNl'l'l'S-Fin! ww Yi:-ira. left tu right: lnie Inglvs. Sarah Spidfdll. lflanurf' Fvhmitt Sandra Hiflmp. Svvonrl row: Marilyn Fi-lxvr. Nanvy Flrmn berg, Mary Anne- Ely, Sharon Johnson. Marvin Turnf-r. Cl.,XRlNlfT5---flfirft row. 14-ft to right: Rflfrmary Cottrfall, Arlv-nv Svhwale-nburg, Rivh Birnie, ,Im-an Comstock, Judy Strunlln-rg. Sc-cunel row: Alan Fruerwvrkr-r. Grace Ham- blurk, juannz' lie-vr. Dawn .'xI'Ikf'I', ,Ianvl Christie, Ann Son-nwn. Anita Sbrana. .Xlflll HURNSV- l.e-ft lu right: je-nny l'-lbllf'T. :Xrlr-nc' flnf- B:XRl'l'0NE5-Lf'f1 to right: Run Slf'Illt'Ilw. C-wen Fern- , ron. If-nny Forfl, Nlary Sur- llolmberstvin. leaf. limb Ftrwnfflyamf-r. Sue WviPglF. Julie lnhnggn, fx I 13 5 al, First row, left to right: Mr. Taylor. Eldon Stahlnecker, Johnny Hedge, Robert Sible. John Smither. Van Whitfield, Robert Taylor, ,lim Anker, Cary Batini, Frank Ghisetti, Second row: Carl Fris- bee, Floyd Meadows, De Wayne Bassett, Robert McConnell, Richard Carr, ,lim Green. Ed Lane. Bob Rocha, Stephen Stephenson, George Hopkins. Third row: Douglas Barney, Edward Katri, George Henry, Howard Richardson, Henry Sniggs, Clive LeVaugh, Joe Dutra, Bob Dellabalma. Ernest Ghisetti, Noel Steele. Fourth row: Donald Heinig. Doug NlcCready, Harry Strong. Robert Schwab, Tom Kellner, Fred Jacobson. Jerry Peterson, Richard Hubbard, Richard Abbot. Man- uel Serra. RMERS Ifwxw 5 Wendell Anderton presided over the local chapter of Future Farmers of America during the '54-'55 school year. Harry Strong. vice president. Richard Carr. secre- tary. George Henry, treasurer. Manual Serra. reporter. and Richard Hubbard. sentinel. assisted Wiendell in planning many activities for the group. The Arcata chapter placed third in the sectional co-op contest and some of the boys received trophies and ribbons from fair participation. Projects included beef and dairy cattle, sheep. and poultry. One of the purposes of Future Farmers is to proqide and encourage organized rural recreational activities. The boys had a skating party, a basketball tournament with other clubs. and planned a skiing party to highlight the year's activities. This combination of work and play has made the past year a successful one for the Future Farmers. fx fr1eim"'. I- Students' Store, operated hy the merchandising class with Mr. Walker as advisor. expanded this year. A variety of fountain items were sold as well as school supplies. THESE GROUPS CONTRIBUTE SCIENCE CLUB First row, left to right: Karen Conklin. Betty Ste-e-le. Norman lfroft. Fe-coml row: Pete Clayton, Brenda Steenblock. Ray Ratzlaff, Ge-neva Johnson. Third row: Jim Landon, Don Keyes. ,lay Ratzlaff. ii- '.,,L' slQ tl LATIN CLLB OFFICERS First row. left to right: Cleon Terry. Sarah Spidell, Mary West, Janice Van Alen. Sc-cond row: Scott Holmes, Jim Dimmick, 9: Terry Kilmer. Earl Dimmick. Stanley Mott. Third row: Bill Standlev, Marvin Turner, Phillip Peterson. Larry Holmes, I? my 1 .Ax QTL WRITERS' CLLTB First row. left to right: Larry Goetz. Lintla Woodruff. Mark Stephens. llill Standley, Mrs. Trunk. Sc-contl row: Tom Curtis, liz-tty Steele. Cf-neva johnson. Edna Maple. Nancy Wleber, Thirfl 'rowz John Payne, Gail Murray, Debby Stanclley, Dar- lene Davis, Rella Hammoncl. IILI5 TO A WELL-ROUNDED PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES Latin Club was organized to further the interest of Latin students in the language. A highlight of the year is the spring banquet, to which togas are the proper attire to wear. The picture above shows the officers from both classes. Miss Eversole is the advisor. Writers' Club is an extracurricular organization of recent vintage. It is responsible for the ublications of the school ma azine, Ti er Tracks. This contains stories. P g g poetrv. and art contributed by students. Mrs. Trunlc is the advisor. 7I PHOTOGRAPHY GAINS PROMINENCE This year saw the beginning of a new extracurricular organization on campus. The Camera Club was opened to students of the photography courses and coincided with the program in progress there. Others interested in the fine art of shutterclicking were welcomed. Beginners learned how to develop films. They also learned details in the process of enlarging a picture. Advanced standing came after learning fundamentals. Still more practice was rewarded by master standing, which then enabled them to teach new members. Bob Lloyd guided the Camera Club through a successful year. Assisting Bob were Lois Wagner, vice presidentg Mary ,lane Barker, secretary, Nancy Bassi, treasurer. Mr. Tom Knight is the photography advisor. Photography, as a class, is open to upperclassmen, and is a division of the art department. Some very fine photographic art pieces result every year from student work. The following page contains some of the photographic work representative of efforts made throughout the 1954-55 school year. CAMERA CLUB First row, left to right: Bob Lloyd, Mary .lane Barker, Larry Getz, Nancy Bassi, Joyce Meyerhoffer. Second row: Mr. Knight, Nancy Hickok, Estelle Thompson, Nancy Weber, Joe Forbes, Ron Siemens. Third row: Sandra Cuiott, Lois Wagner, Jack Moore, Cleon Terry, Bill Wagner, Cary Chilton. WAT ER FRONT Picfure by lavlf Ilaunstein P H S O T T U O D G E R rf- N A T P H Y 1. 4 CARSON MA1NblON Pirlure by lack Haunslvin Wi' . nl T..Q V ' ' Q2 A F -, N., X N? ., 1 Q2 ' I Q T r T E 727 Q BOAT BAX Picture by Uartha Smith ,, UU-A la X N PAT BVGENIG Pifture by lark Hauns rv- v -11 SNOW SCENE Picture by Beverly Bearden CLASS-IJFH - The Senior Ball is to be held ber 3, 1954, at the Big Gym music furnished by Ray Po- from nine to twelve. "Christ- Tree Lane" is the theme of formal ball. Spencer. Senior Class presi- comments. "l think that the will be very successful. On of girls being able to ount boys to go. and vice versa. a more people will be able to end. ynn The more the merrier!" Layton is chairman ofthe reshment committee and also the bid committee. On his mmittes are Kent Stromberg. Ford, and Ron Edwards. is going to ask eight junior that are not going to the to serve refreshments. Anttila is chairman of decoration committee. Sen- helping her,are: Bev Bear- Martha Smith, Lois Haynes, Linville, Bev Johnson, Elsie Joanne Beer Nadine Barker June pencer Bob Ll Mis ACB - So, each hoi 20 last Tu to nominatt class was the chat nominated President, Ti Siemens, Penny Vice-Preside Linda Sarboe Deanna Johnson: McCracken Nom Janet Dyer Linda 1 Cleta Tolley Ila Harris and voted Tuesday, N 23. As this goes to pres: . are not known. Standings Of November l0 Queen: Jane Barker , . 7 Ohh Anderton ......,,............ 21 12 T0 BE DHEMBER 3 Sli BY RAY POSII I Calendar November 25-16-Ihanhgiving Vacation December 3-Senior Ball December 34 - HSC- Drama Festival December 10-Christmas Dance December 12 - Community Christmas Program December 16-Noon Dance Campaign P tAIIacked by By Cater and Johnson Through recent years the cus- tom has developed that persons seeking to gain the offices of stu- - . . - st' ' f, , . . , I - i - i I I K1 M x l i 5 - Y- 'st C K ii? ARCATA HIGH Q3-st 1S5333t1ffiK1i'.f.5f'Tf.Qff7lTT eeee fists-.fj5!5fiHffl.--c.... 'Y55355' ' B ,Contest Oven Annual Drama "" ' To Students - I u The Eighth Annual "I Speak for Democracy" contest will take! rs lace durin the eriod of No- ' P 8 P vember 15-20. This contest wi" open to all Sdphome' and Seniors. The rf it 5 wi" . 5 se pn.. gf f ' ? Wt' roqedure Editors dent body president and vice- presidt-iit run in teams and pre- sent a Joint platform. This has helped to formulate the idea among members of the student body that a complete team must be elected in order to insure a co-operative and smooth running studvnt body. Arcata lligh Schools Constitu- tion contains nothing which spe- cifies that candidates shall cam- paign as teams The student body prcsidcn' 'e-president must be 'i and members wdy. states this 1 lll on elec- statcs, "Any- qualifications running for ition to the the signa- ' the mem- iy is per- e on the ence it nt sys each illmg '10 :tsl ci, A11 neindenreich, Sallv Conklin and .senh-f 1 be playing adivv' lay 'tDoct0r .ow lf." Minor in r 1in,Juaree ed V- 6060996 'tha Box, sur OWS X' 93690 the sev- -'I " ,qty YUKA' ice. It 0ll""" S View Sane .er and his . gmilxy, keg. in a fight. The .utter Axes ' BGL so mad at her husband -310 N' D Av axbafa .at she tells some visitors that ul L 3""' Catiin .AGL 6 he is a doctor. He-is so stubborn to ,of P sawn? Y 'YAY - lthat he wonit admit it so they ter ' g wg, ' Gal' ., let's get heplbeat him. After a while he de- dndif ' . xxcbff ' Qakel' , tne noon dances. The 1 cides he likes being a doctor and pled b Eotobxvf Q' GXAWQ I ,- is ten cents per personwdecides to stay one. ,941 to 1945 xx KM,-I ,Al be Girlsiiague card holders are ad- plggraciligge is the student body the United s Cxpf 'T X-169' 'lj iff- 7 if ng g W ' Q time he was 1 nextel' Ytyaia age- -" , . Hem 0' tt W tat' .wr On rv -Iaggarl Receives Free SB Card 1952-54 he rect tufts . -"' Bachelor of Sci Ggsiaww .. lfovember Arts, and Doctoi ..,sophy. MUSIC-tACl-A select band QA first world conf. .t tour is slat- has been chosen t0 Play O11 TV- Bearden .. . 451ed for 1955 and 1956. 'They will play November 30, at lin . ....... 361 The program heard yesterday'4:30 p.m. Enright .... . ....... 17 l included the following select-. The soloists for this band are: Inman ,, ,, .....,, 107 2 tions: Bass Clarinets, Sarah Spidell and Thornton ,.,. ....... 3 3' Rhapsody Opus 119 by Brahms Lois Ingles: Alto Clarinets, Ela- Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring by nore Schmitt and Sandra Bishop, Clearwater ............ 17 i Bach-Hess Flute. Marvin Turnerg Oboe, Leitheiser ....... Bl Scherzo in E Minor by Men-,Keith Andersong Bassoon, Iris Priestly ............. ,...... 1 8 delsohn iOSb0TH91 E-flat Saxaphone, Lynn Visser .,,,....,, . .... 5 Etude in G flat major by Cho- l Laytong Baritone, Guen Fernleaf ., pin Horns, Arlene Coffron and Jenny Three preludes Opus 34 by Fisher, Trumpets, Irene Fern- Shostakovich leaf, Margaret Moody, Clarinets, PUBLICATIONS RECORDED CAMPUS HAPPENINGS Capturing and recording the year's events and activities at Arcata High School was the task of the Journalism II class, who published the Pepperbox, school news- paper, and the Advance, school annual. The Pepperbox, edited by Geraldine Cater, was issued approximately every two weeks. Bobbie McCrory supervised front page news and Darlene Gassaway handled feature pages. Sports page editing revolved among Journalism I students, ,lim Dim- mick, Larry Johnson, Scott Holmes, Tom Fay, Don Harris, Alvin Carlson. Others served as reporters. An innovation in publications was a weekly five minute news program broadcast by June Ford and Dick Olson on KHIQM on Saturday afternoons. Selection of the twenty 4'Top Tunesi' by A.If.H.S. students was directed through this department. To terminate the year's work five delegates attended a press conference, sponsored by the Ifniversity of California publications department in Berkeley, in early May. Competitions in feature and newswriting were entered. Informative speakers made the sessions interesting and provided useful ideas for the use of the next year's staff. Lois Morrow and Rena McLennan were approved as co-editors for the 1956 Advance by the student council in the spring. Mr. George Studley was advisor for the Pepperbox and Advance. The publications group is pictured on the opposite page. The background is the front page of an issue of the Pepperbox. Rena McLennan and Lois Morrow, who will be co- editors of the 1956 Advance, began early to raise funds for the book by selling old Advance pictures. M fix W M' 'K n!R.liu23f,5:j7gi Geraldine Cater, editor, and Barbara Hensel. business manager of the Pepperbox, look over the result of their efforts. 77 'a.4,,V k , ,J-'S-9 wah .. 4 f ,IJ .. , .. f , ff BV J, 'C' , n Ng 'FQ -.ff JUNIOR PRINLFNN and PRIN1 F C UNDIDXTPS e I o S o Nl H14 1 1 lldJtIlflQdI'Md r ADX ANLE QLEEN and XTTENDANI I YNDIDXTEN Flrt rovs left to r1 ht Nlarjoru Lelthel or Larole Prlv tls Lsnn W1 er ljlalll' brahdm anvt Dxer Shxrley Holhn er and formne Inman Suomi row Joanne Calwrt ,Iuhe ,lrhn on nc ra IJlmHllLk El lf Ihornton Nallx fcnlxhn Nlarx ,Iam Barker Ilnda Narhoe I'.l1Lahwth iharvsater Bc-ve-rly Beardvn Gail Enright. and Norma Anderton in A ' I X 'I 1 ! J, A If at h r " 'X Q? I Q -' " tr v 'Iv rf 5 1 1 x 'fi ' A 5 -46' ZA.-1 ' I f 1 , Y N. , i y I 4 I ' ' Th -No juniors vi:-fl for Ihr- honor of re-igxning on-r hr- juni r-fe-ni r Prom. .' 2 Ing. I--ft io figlhli .lim Killing:-r. 'hula Hard. Jim liimmivk. larry Johnfon. llurwl Burholz. Sl'2.1ll'f1f flurol Pri'--ily. l.xnn Yi-wr. Juyvv' SiIxa,'Nlz1ry hthvl .XnI4llL1. hl' xl -I I -' 'tr' . 1' s '. 'g 1, ' V ' 's . I 's 1' "ss . ' ' ' .J 'g, fl ,':' ', ' us,.5al CAMPUS ROYALTY Two campus beauty competitions were sponsored by the 1955 Advance staff. First among these was the Ad Vance Queen and three attendants. one each from the f' Q. junior. sophomore. and freshman classes. who were crowned at the Christmas dance. A picture of the girls who competed is on the opposite page. ln the other. five boys arid fixe girls were selected by the junior class as candidates for the Junior Prom Prince and Princess. They are also shown on the op- posite page. JTYNIUR PROM COMMITTEE Left to right: Mr. Xlf'KiI!ri:k. Jim Killinger. Grace Haniblock, Elizabeth Clearwater. Josie Fagundes, Jeanne Patenaude, Dottie Hubbell. Marjorie L1-itheiser, Carol Priestly. Alan Feurwerker, and Mr. jarboe. K V Sally Conklin. Silver Prom Queen Candidate. Arcata High chose Sally Conklin to represent it at the Silver Prom in competition with girls from other schools for the queen title. A king and queen to reign over the Freshman Party in the spring were chosen from the eight candidates shown below. l"RE5HXI:'xN Left to right: Julie Bev Johnson, .-Xrliance Editor, admires a poster Sharon Howard. Ross advertising the Advance Queen Contest. Richard Cardoza. KING and QUEEN CANDIDATES Johnson, Joanne Calvert. Carol Griffith. Strornberg. Frank Bonnell, Ken Nlatias, and GIRLS' LEAGUE PROSPERS The second largest school organization is the Girls- League. which includes in its membership every girl in school and all faculty members. It aims Hto promote and sustain school spirit." Girls' League tries to make each girl feel that she has definite responsibility and duty toward her schoolg to develop leadership, cooperation, and a friendly feeling between the girls and their associates: and to render unified aid toward the success of all undertakings entered into lay the school. ln the autumn a Big ni Little Sister Party is given to introduce each freshman girl to a senior girl who will be her big sister for the year-someone to whom she can come for help during the first weeks of high school. Xoon dances are given each month for all students. A dance band, composed of student musicians. played for the dances this year. At Christmas time Girls' League sponsors a project in which they collect foodstuffs to be given to needy families. Everyone in school contributes to this. ln the spring a senior tea. to which the girls invite their mothers, is staged. A highlight of the year is the awarding of the Girls' League Honor Shield to a senior girl who is selected by the vote of all girls in school. It is presented at the final assembly in the school year. The girl to whom it is awarded is a person who exempli- fies the qualities and character of a popular leader. Kay Killinger was awarded the Girls, League Honor Shield in 1954. Helen Olson led the organization through an active year as its president. Joanne Beer was vice president: Sarah Spidell, secretaryg Sally Conklin, treasurerg Elizabeth Clearwater. sergeant-at-arms: Janice Van Alen, pianistg Corinne Inman, song leader. Mrs. Miriam Marks and Mrs. Marlyn Hines are advisors. GIRLS' LEAGLAE COIJNCIL-Firsl Semesler First row, left to right: Laurine Wilson. Julie Ford. Sylvia Sheets. Gloria Hutchins. Diane Graham, Martha Byrd. Jo Ann Calvert. Bonnie Train. Second row: Arlene Fugate. Diane Rex, Rena McLennan. Valda Grace. Nancy Bassi. Josephine Fagundes, Darlene Ekin, Sandra Kilmer. Third row: Dee Dahlen. Linda Sarboe. Anita Sbrana. Orella De Mott. Mary Massey, Beverly Adkins. Brenda De Lozier. Cerri Clark. Evelyn Dotson. Fourth row: La Vonne Jones, Connie Macomber. Sharon Johnson. Judy Osborn. Bonnie Sweaney, Joan Hanlon, Vicki Nelson, Sharon Mumford, Rosemary Zebo. as-l 1- '5'li qv' W' ,-- GIRLS, LEAGLYE COl,'NCll.,-First Semester First row. left to right: Sally Carter. Judy Silva. Margie Leitheiser. Virginia Gibson. Loy- Reynolcls. Virginia Baker, ,lo Ann Calvert, Pat Miller. Second row: Nlarilyn Guthritlge. Yirla Harsh. Carol Poff. Verda Kimbrough. Pat Twomhley, Laurel Ingles. Famlra Young. Third row: Betty lN1cNutt. Evelyn Dotson. Ruth Poor, Linda Dolf. Edna Ellsworth. H4-leta Noah. l.ois lngles. Fourth row: Ellen Xliller. Nancy Vileher. Celeste Samuels. Barbara Fehwah. l.ois Havnes. Klar- garet Streight. Mavis Ainsworth. "Gingham Balli' was the theme for the evening lance. a girl-ask-hot affair. which highlighted spring activities for Girls' League. Eflclie Clays orchestra provitlecl musie for the April 15 clanee. Sally Conklin was general ehairman with lflizaheth Clear- water. Dorothy Sousa. llelores llahlen. Corinne lmnan. Joanne Beer. Sarah Spiclell. Janiee Van Men. and llelen Olson assisting her. L 3QQ GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Left to right: Corinne lnman. Song Leader: Janire Yan Alen. Pianist: Sal ly Conklin. Treasurer: Helen Olson. President: Elizabeth Clearwater. Ser- geantsat-Arms: and Sarah Fpidell. Ser retary. Joanne Beer. Vice President. i missing. ART CLUB First row. lwfr to right: Nlarijf-an llc-rtrand. Wanda Wilt-tix. ffarol ,fy Puff. Jon fflwnin. lion Blake-. Cary Blank-. Swontl row: Joanne- lh-cr. Estelle Thoinpson. Kathy Payne. Dorothy Bryan. Rnmaldo ffuta. Deanna Shumard. Third row: Dennis Jones. Nlikc Bryne. Curtis l-ar-en. Shirley Armstrong. ART STUDENTS BEGIN NEW ACTIVITIES Arcata's art department. as in other years, revolved around many activities in which students of arts and crafts took part. A big project that encompassed ninety people was the decorating of downtown merchants' windows for the Halloween week end. Cash prizes were awarded to the artists whose work was judged the best. Membership in the Art Club, nucleus of the department, is open to those who show a more than average interest in art. Officers for the year were: Carol Poff, presidentg Wanda Wilcox, vice presidentg Kathy Payne, secretary: Joanne Beer, treasurerg and Marijean Bertrand, advertising chairman. CONTEST WINNERS These are the people who took top prizes in the Halloween Window Decorating: Contest. Imft to right: Tokie Nickel, Dawn flnkcr, Dc-anna Fhumard, Geraldine- Turney. and Kathy Payne. Missing: are Larry Cravenmier, Joanne Beer. and Delores Dahlen. BACHELORETTES 1955 First row. left to right: Pat Miller. Pat Linville. Mary West. Dorothy Sousa, June Ford. Second row: Sally Conklin. Sharron Wilson. Beverly Bearden. Elanore Schmitt. Third row: Miss Ruth Carroll. Beverly Al- den. Martha Smith. Mary Ethel Antilla. Arlene Coffron. Fourth row: Sharon Murdock. Barbara Hensel. Mary Anne Ely. Carole Wise. .lo- anne Beer. These students were vying for "Daisy blae n' l.'il Abner" at thi- Hoot n' Holler Hop. Front row: Earl Nloranfla, Linda Sarboe-. Lorim- Wiilson. Darlene Antilla. Co- rinne lnman. Carl Carlson, Beverly Bearden. Bar-k row: jim llimmick. Lynn Visser. Dathene Gammon, Bob Halbach, Gene Baldwin, Ed Brock, Bob Hard. Bachelorettes opened the school year with Sally Conk- lin presiding. Other officers were Barbara Hensel. vice president: Corinne lnman. secretary: Beverly Bearden. corresponding s e c r e t a r y: and Joanne Beer. treasurer. The purpose of this club is to serve the school and benefit the members. They serve others by acting as guides for Back to Schotfl Night. guides for Public School Night. and conduct- ing the March of Dimes Drive. They also furnished a family of seven with gifts for Christmas. Each member must put in ten hours of work in Community service. They benefit themselves by their monthly dinners where each girl takes a turn acting as hostess. Together with the R-K-Tan, they SpOIl- sor the annual Sadie Haw- kins Dance. For the first time Bache- lorettes is open to any girl who would like to join and can meet the following qual- ifications. She must have a "CM average for all previous high school work, and have no "F" on her current re- port card. Dropping a course to keep from getting an "F" is the same as re- ceiving an "F.,' She must have earned at least 900 scholastic points and activ- ity points, 350 of which must be in extracurricular activities. She must have a current student body card and not belong to G.A.A. -Eau S rs-. ao. av DRAMA CLUB First row. left to right: Betty Holmes. Evelyn Hardester. ,luaree Ray. Millie Combs. Second row: Jane Mohn. Estelle Thompson. Verda Kimbrough, Larry Getz. Third row: David Mann. Stanley Hott. Ed Spencer. Richard Birnie. Dave Benbrook. e Enthusiastic audiences viewed the three-night performance of "The Doctor in Spite of Himself," which was set in Seventeenth Century France and played in an Arena style theater with an audience on three sides. Praise was given to the entire cast for presenting such a difficult production with great success. A woodcutter. Sganarelle tlfd Spencerl, who is misrepresented as a doctor by his revenge-seeking shrewful wife. Martine tHelen Olsonl, is the basic theme for the drama departments annual play. presented on January 12. 13, and 14. Written by Moliere, an early French playwright, slapstick was broadly applied. with the doctor receiving the greatest measure. Larry Baldwin brought the house down with his portrayal of Lucas, a servant of slight mental ability, who, with Valere lGerald Nickelt, a fellow servant, brings Sganarelle to the home of Geronte 1'Dennis Heidenreichb to cure his daughter, winsome Lucinde tSally Conklinl. who has suddenly lost the power of speech. Lvnder the threat of being beaten. Sganarelle Continues the pretense and delivers an amazing diagnosis. finding time to also become enamoured of Lucas' wife lCarol Wise! , who is employed as a nurse in Ceronte's home, UNIQUE STYLE OF DRAMA PRESENTED ON LOCAL STAGE Frank thv Readings Mary Barker anrl Eve- lyn HHYIIFSIPT, runners- DPT. up: Nlikv Ladel, win- SENIOHS Prepar llun Pvhfr-nrx ea' Speech . runne-r-up: P111 Spf-rxwr. winnv-r SPEECH CONTEST Extempomneous Soma. winne-r. Spaifl. runnz-r4up: Dorn- 'Y K JUNIOR FIX,-XLISTS Carole Wife. Donna Wat-Un. Xl an lferxrvwllrkf-r. MH Wg. G krw W1 H1 ,ga GIG ev C Ill' ' . an Vggny 'ig Ax ,V ,vi 45 Q all We my lr fm fr'- , 'I-ki' I X X W 5. 9355-ff w w' "mf it Mug-K ,rlslgxix A A 4. LVX' ",, , . fi , ax A x m,,,, i, 1 VJ ' I has P Y I M- GPI 8' up Q. . -4 W 'v . .if 1 4 A f li-I gn I g TW! f' f , V L gg! ,4if ,W .1W,b 'L t SEV' 4. Qjfsgiyz 0' figqymtif . g3'::1: :Mlm Q i Q ii Ni, Q I - 'AQ' Y - I .I f P'iw:s ff' ,f 'J va 'i'ggf'fgm:eaf Q' ' UE H ff 31' w , wf N. 1 N ymH?WW'HHfQ' ' m 1 . WoJ+JwmLmJHJ y M l!'U5?ffzffQs ?sff3 f Eleven senior students were awarded C.S.F. life member- ship pins at the banquet. Left to right: Dorothy Sousa. Kathy Payne. Beverly johnson, Evelyn Hardester. John Gilchrist. Dathene Gammon. Sally Conklin. Birdie Carlson. , Harijean Bertrand. and Frank Spaid. ,ludy Osborne is absent. A clarinet quartet consisting of five people . . . Keith Anderson. Sharon Murdock, Rosemary Cottrell, Judy Warren. and Lois Ingles. Nearly ten per cent of the students at Al'.H.S. were members of the Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation this year. either during the first or second semes- ter or for the entire year. A total of ten points from semester grades is necessary to be eligible for membership-"Al, is worth three: "B,,' two. Dorothy Sousa and Don Peterson shared honors of the presidency. Other first and second semester officers were: Jim Dimmick, vice presidentg Minnie C.S.F. BANQUET Evelyn Hardester gave another delightful reading. Carlson and Paul Felsher, secretaryg Marijean Bertrand and Stanley Mott, treasurer. Highlighting the year's activities. the C.S.F. banquet was held on February 24. Following dinner in the school cafeteria an entertaining program was of- fered in the speech-arts room. Mr. Richard Jarboe, advisor, was the featured speaker. Miss Ruth Eversole and Mrs. Sylvia Matisoff also served as advisors to the group. A few novitiate members are shown here as they about to receive their pins. HN' The R-K-Tan Club began their year under the leadership of Frank Spaid. presi- dent. Other first semester officers were John Gilchrist, vice president: Scott Holmes. secretary: Cary Simpson. treasurer: and Larry Holmes. waste-basket carrier. During the second semester they elected John Gilchrist president. To assist him they also elected Cary Simpson. vice president: ,lim Nlay. secretary: Philip Peter- son. treasurer: and Dick Coffron. waste-basket carrier. Thorughout the year they handled such projects as watching fences during home football games, parking cars at basketball games. and serving refreshments and ush- ering at several Community Players' Plays. They did these various projects to follow out the purpose of the club-do service to the school and the community. EXCALIBUR AND R-K-TAN - Ross Stromberg. Jim May. and Nlr. We-gnei are shown below sacking clothing for thc annual Save the Children Federation. Inc.. clothing drive. in which the R-K-Tan Club took an active P art at Arcata High School. y K-A if 1 The Christmas Dance was the highlight of the Excalibur Clubis activities. Corona- tion of the Advance Queen and her royal court occurred during an intermission of the dance. There was also a joint banquet with the H-K-Tan Club, to which the Bolarv Club, Kiwanis Club and the Lions Club were invited. Some of the clubis various services for the year were to park cars at basketball games, watch fences during football games, and to usher at basketball games. The officers of the club are elected twice a year. For the first semester: president, Bryan Riekeg vice president. John Borelg secretary, Stanley Mott, treasurer, Bud Henderson, program chairman, Dan Forbesg and sergeant-at-arms, Alan Feurwerker. For the second semester: president, Bud Henderson, vice president, Arlen Rohlg sec- retary, Pete Barnes, treasurer, Bryan Riekeg program chairman, Stanley Mott, and sergeant-at-arms, Alan Feurwerker. SCHOOL SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS R-K-TAN CLUB First row, left to right: james Holmes, Tom Bertrand, Ross Stromberg, Larry Holmes. ,Iohny Payne. Second row: Mr. Carranco, Philip Peterson, Marvin Turner. Richard Coffron. Gerald Hansen, Mr. Wegner. Third row: John Gilchrist, Scott Holmes, Don Harris, Ron Siemens, Frank Spaid. Fourth row: Don Peterson. ,lim May. Bill Clover, Cary Chilton, Gary Simpson. i Fx Jew' " EXCALIBKR CLUB Bottom picture, counter clock- wise: Alan Feuerwerker, Bry- an Rieke. Harlan McNabb. John Henderson, Max Ing- ham. Rich Birnie, Bob Noble, Dennis Jones. Arlen Kohl, Bud Henderson. ,lohn Borel, Mr. Cady. Mr. Choate. Alfred Christie. In center: Stanley Mott, James Morrow. 93 ASSEMBLIES . . . Arcata High School has a point system under which letters are given to a limited number of students each year. The following list includes letters given in June, 1954, and in the fall of 1954. TIGER 4'A's', Ramona Sousa, Betty Faulkner, Darlene Haeger, Marie Ulmer, Harmon Bonnicksen, Vernon Friedli, Birdie Ruth Carlson, Carl Carlson, Don Peterson, and Frank Spaid. WHITE SWEATER AWARD WINNERS Jim Ely and Kay Killinger were awarded white sweaters, the highest honor a senior may win. Kay also was the recipient of the C-irls' League Honor Shield. CIRCLE "A's" Sharon Murdock, Mary Ethel Anttila, Kathy Payne, Mary Anne Ely, Beverly Al- den, Evelyn Hardester, Pat Linville, Mari- jean Bertrand, Grace Hambloclc, Elanore Schmitt, Betty Walton, Minnie Carlson, Janice Van Alen, Linda Woodbridge, Mary West, Bob Smith, Cane Forson, Cliff Chap- pel, John Borel, Brien Rieke, Eric Ander- son, Don Harris, Doug Frost, Toy Fay, Bruce Benjamin, Don Hall, Scott Holmes, Don Svinth, Bruce Chetty, Wendel Ander- ton, Stanley Mott, Dale Cooper, Robert Lloyd, Harold Fisher, Marvin Turner, Dale Keenan, Carolyn Moore, and Thelma Nel- son. BLOCK "A's" Minnie Jo Carlson, Betty Faulkner, Ramona Sousa, Charlotte Jorgenson, Donna Bovee, Helen Olson, Lois Haynes, Joy Brower, Rosemary Fagundes, Joan Macro Sylvinna Johnnie, Chlorita Furnish, Marie Ulmer, Sally Schirmann, Pat Linville, Bob Lawson, Doug Frost, Larry Johnson, Jim Dimmick, Rodney Cox, Cary Simpson, Carl Carlson, Joe Dutra, Earl Moranda, Scott Holmes, Lynn Layton, Harmon Bon- nickson, Bruce Chetty, Dale Keenan, Earl Dimmick, Vern McCurdy, Walter Haight, Ed Spencer, Don Peterson, Bud Henderson, Kent Stromberg, Don Katri, Robert Lloyd, Terry Kilmer, Steve Bray, Frank Spaid, Bob Wehmeyer, Robert Smith, Bob Hampton. 94 . . . EMRICO . . . CAPTAIN KINKELA . . . SIR ROBERT . . . GLEN CUNNINGHAM . . . AWARDS . . . RALLIES . . . Miss Carroll awards ,lim Ely the white sweater Rallies and assemblies play a big part in school life at A.U.H.S. Rallies to pro- mote spirit and pep are given on Friday afternoons before the big home games during football and basketball seasons. Cheerleaders and song queens teach new yells and routines to the students at rallies. Assemblies presented throughout the past year have brought many interesting performers to Arcata High. In the fall Captain Lillian M. Kinkela, an Air Force Flight Nurse with an outstanding service record, accompanied by a Navy and Army nurse, spoke about her wartime experiences and urged all students to consider nurs- ing as a career. Five boys got Tiger "A's." Left to right' Harmon J im El awards Theo Elbers, a student from Cer- ' Y Bonnicksen, Don Peterson, Vern Freidli, Frank many, a remembrance from the senior class. Spaid, and Carl Carlson. AN AWARD ASSEMBLY Q D011 Pt'lt'I'50n Sflllley Alon Janie e van A len Ww- . I i' C gmc? Benjamin IS awarded letter S Coach E u L X I, igc-apfiiill C31-1 ddie and Theodore Ullmann, a pianist of considerable renown, presented a program of concert music late in November. The first assembly after Christmas vacation brought Sir Robert Hadow, the British consul-general for Northern California and Nevada. to speak to us on Britainis foreign policy. Local entertainment was featured at an early award assembly and at the annual Christmas program. where a bootless Santa Claus. portrayed by Mr. Jarboe. stopped by. Sir Robert Hadow wa mtro Glenn Cunningham poke to 91r Robert Hadovs the Brit duced by Ur Sorem the students of krcata High 1sh consul general School th 0' Yr "0 ir' G K ff 3 1 'qi ' A F 5' Q V , ' I - fs' P 43 5 'fy 5' af Q J rw t - 4 'I I Q? 'faq 4 V 5 , Af my A, 97 If GRIDDERS TAKE SECOND PLACE This year our fighting gridders clirnhcd from the cellar to a respectable second place. At the start of the season the Tigers were rated as a dark horse in the league and probable pennant contenders. The first clash of the season for the Tigers was against a tough Eureka squad. Eureka showed surprising power in a 20-T victory. The Tigers, only score came in the last quarter with end Earl Moranda taking a long pass from halfback Carl Carlson. The next game was against a green Fortuna team. The Tigers etched out an 8 to 6 victory as quarterback Jim Taylor sneaked over from the 1 yard line in the fourth quarter for the winning touchdown. In the following game. the Tigers had to come from behind as they overpowered the Fort Bragg Timberwolves 12 to T. The return game with the Eureka High Loggers saw our fighting gridders fall 19-18 in the most thrilling game of the season. Larry Johnson highlighted the contest with a 94 yard runback to the Eureka one yard line. The conversion margin proved to be the downfall of the Tigers for the second straight week as they lost to Del Norte 13-12. Sparked by halfbacks Carl Carlson and Bill Brittain, fullback Bob Hard, and end Earl Moranda, the Tigers rolled to a 20-6 victory in the rematch with Fortunals Huskies. The Tigers traveled to Del Norte Friday, November 12, and played what proved to be their best game of the season, trouncing the Warriors 41-0. The outstanding seniors on the team were: Carl Carlson, Earl Moranda, Jim Taylor, Gary Taylor, Lynn Layton, Ron Edwards, and Bob Halbach. Named to All-County first string were fullback Bob Hard and guard Ron Edwards. ARCATA 41-DEL NORTE Ol Pictured below are: Rich Harris, Ed Oliveira, and Rich Jarboe. football coaches. ER 1954 TIG x x Y' K QUAD FOOTBALL S 1' 1'- o I E TIGERS IN ACTION 'v' I 'P Q in if L, - w , qs , 4,- BILL BRITTAIN J' . BOB HARD Y! Y: 42411 'KL JIM LEMNION5 v... '04 TERRY KILMER , 155. VV If . ref 'x '-rx . X, .9 4 I I K.. 3, x " ' I Y'-1' H V 4. . .Y QQ n ,qi ' aj Q I H ii 1 - 1 .Q " HEAVYWEIGHT HOOPSTERS SHARE FOUR-WAY CHAMPIONSHIP HEAVYWEIGHT SQUAD Front row. le-ft to right: Larry Johnson, Ken Armstrong. Bill Brittain, Lyle Milligan. Ilan Forbes. Bud Scott. Don Lunau. Second row: George Berry. ,lim Dimmick. Boll Walker. Lynn Layton, ,lim Vinum. Carl Carlson. Earl Dimmick. A four-way tie. unprecedented in the history of the C.1.F. League, was the result of the 1955 basketball season. Arcata. Ferndale. Eureka. and Fortuna shared first place. The Heavies were the most balanced ball club in the league. Earl Dimmick led in the scoring column for the second year with 161 points and also got his share of rebounds during the games. The Tigers. captained by Carl Carlson. were consistent throughout the season. even if they were one of the shortest clubs in the league, averaging about six feet per player. The playmaking of the club was brought around by the shortest player on the club, sophomore Bill Brittain. who was a consistent driving threat and always ready to steal the ball from his opponents. Larry Johnson was effective with his long shot or a driving jump shot. Jim Dimmick had an injured knee at the beginning of the season. but came back with the touch he had last year. Graduation losses include Carl Carlson. Lynn Layton. Lyle Milligan. Bud Scott. Jim Vinum. and Bob Walker. Next yearis varsity should benefit by the experience gained this season by such mainstays as Earl Dimmick. Larry Johnson. Jim Dimmick. Bill Brittain. and Ken Armstrong. a newcomer from Oregon. The most unusual game of the season was with Fortuna when the Tigers won the game in the last two seconds of the game. Carl Carlson blocked a pass thrown by a Fortuna player and threw it to Jim Dimmick who shot the lay-in to win the game 51-50. FORSON INJURY KILLED LIGHTWEIGHT HOOP CHANCES Coached bv their new coach, 'gRich'l Harris, and sparked bv Captain Cane Forson and Bob 6'Snuffy'i Smith, the Lightweights were unable to crash the upper division. hut proved to he one of the toughest teams in the league. One main reason for the downfall of the HLittle Tigers" was that Cane Forson was injured during practice and was put out for the last four games. Forson had a 15 point average until he was injured. The Tiger Liniiteds were never to be taken lightly by their opponents. Although they didn't take first place. they were a hustling ball team every minute they were on the floor. The nlainstays of the team were Cane Forson, Gary Simpson. Bob Smith, Dick Poole. --Pete" Peterson. Dennis West. and the two hustling subs. Marvin llusi and llerman Fchwede. Front row, left to right: Dick Poole, Cary Simpson, Phil Peterson, Jim Montgomery, Gerald Swifelhofer. Tom Weeks. Second row: Dennis West, Herman Schwede, Bob Smith, Marvin Dusi, Cane Forson, Charles Feris. Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Total HEA VYWEIGHTS South Fork Hoopa ,,,,,, Fortuna I , Del Norte Eureka , Ferndale , South Fork Hoopa ,7,,7, Fortuna ,,,, Del Norte Eureka Ferndale 1 32 50 29 41 45 27 45 50 32 52 56 494 35 ARCATAMEUREKA GAME INDIVIDUAL SCORING C FG Earl Dimmiclc ,,,, ,, 12 12 12 N Pts. 161 118 112 T2 T0 31 :Xrcata , , Ferndale ,, Eureka Fortuna , Del Norte South Fork Iloopa HEA VYWEIGHTS Pct. GB .750 ,, T50 T50 T50 250 6 167 T .000 9 qjfd L, INDIVIDUAL SCORING Robert Welker ,, George Berry I Earl Scott , Lynn Layton ,, Dan Forbes Jim Vinum I Lyle Milligan , 9 0 C FC FT 3 2 3 4 3 1 L . 3 0 5 5 2 2 5 2 2 9 4 1 5 5. A I 5 6 6 9 5 rg. 2.3 1.. 1.T 1.2 1.2 I 5 DICK POOLE Arcata A rvata A rcata Arcata Areata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Arcata Totals UGHTWEFGHTS 65 53 69 , 46 40 ,O 52 34 41 45 55 34 .6 ,444, 31 Suttlll lfnrli Hmnpa Furtuna De-l Nurte lfureku Ferndale , South Fork Hoopa 7 Fortuna I Del Norte Eureka , Ferndale , 51 34 57 4.6 69 , 65 47 I It 6T , 56 57 48 -1-4 7 BOB SMITH GARY SIMPSON Cane For on Bob sllllill Cary 51n1p,on Phi Ietersun Bill Feris I Dick West ,, Dlck Poole INDIN IDI XL SCORING F 'ls 3 I Ang f I O 'c GAIN E FORSOIN Eureka ,.,, Ferndale .. Hoopa ,,,,A, Del Norte Fortuna ,,7, South Fork Arcata ,,Y,,, LIGHIWEIGHTS L Pct. .917 7.30 583 -L17 333 333 250 ARCATA-EUREKA GAME INDIVIDUAL SCORING C FC FT ,lim Weeks ,,,,oo, ,,,,,, 3 I O Gerald Zwefelhofer ,Y,, ,,,,,, 3 I 0 Herman Schwede ,,Y,, ,,,, 6 0 4 Jim Nlontgornery .. ,,,,,, 5 1 0 Marvin Dusi . 6 2 0 S. 2 2 4 2 4 Avg. 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.6 0.4 TIGER HEA VIES IN ACTION Afcfr AGAINST DEL NORTE AGPA A x ,EM 7 . Q "6"" NEFTM WITAH fu R r'n1sM N-,Ny K' mr' Y -1 f if . , '2 i , 'f,nnv xAA--i"""-'I'-"..'. may A. i , YW--"""'f dii fr gf-2 5 ,mary 'Km A 4 is e, Vyslx' FA 35 ,., '1 N. 'cifidgv' W ., Q +44-fml,,. "'QE" N X.l i 'ilwtunwf-f + 2 A We ' S+ J A ' fiizfaf A K ' JW' I' 'wi 8 1 ' ' I QL 'J' in... b fl. ' 5 3 f""'-A fff 4x :fQ ' x 1 . X Wx I Q A K V f .X ,nu " ff . Q 1 Wg: 5:1 0 ' xx fx ' I a K -ff' 1 N 1' L f Wgxr . If x ' "1-' "2' 'fi 'rf 'Yi wif '41 1x 'if x L' ...H X it - , y , K . x . 1 1Xi. xx I. if 'f .IHI RODNEY COX 1955 SCHEDULE March 26 ....,....,,,,,,.,,..,.,, Ferndale at Arcata March 30 ..,.,77, ..,.. . Eureka at Arcata April 6 .,,,,,, .. ..,,,,... Arcata at Hoopa April 23 .,..,. Y,., . Arcata at South Fork May T .,,, ,,,,,. . Arcata at Del Norte JOE DUTRA TIGER NINE This spring saw many prospects out for the 1955 Tiger Baseball squad. Losing only Bolm Lawson. Vern Friedli.-and Willis Denny. the Tigers maintained a strong team throughout the entire season. Earl Moranda, who made all-county during the 195-1 season, aided the Tigers in the outfield again this year. For the 1955 season we had these returning veterans: Larry Johnson, Carl Carlson, Lynn Layton, Earl Horan- dla, Rod Cox, Scott Holmes, ,lim Dimmiek, Gary Simp- son, Doug Frost. and Joe Dutra. Departing senior Tigers are Rod Cox, Carl Carlson, Earl Moranda, Joe Dutra, Lynn Layton, and Cary Taylor. . Q 'Y CARI. CARLSOi BOB HARD R il f 4 ll, il! 9 'S Qi . . ' , , K I f O ox, W 424' ,15' 'AA 1411 1 ' . JIM DININIICK LYNN LAX TON ,..w...- I . I GARY SIMPSON CARY TA YLOR 1 1' A 1 X Z EARL BIORANDA .QR Q, , 1 El l v f.-. V 2 iv Q Xen, , r . , wgqk , A-.,. .L A,.,v q 1' A I , Xb., , 5 . r I, if .x ir- m Ik I? 4 6 , A ' - y lv Y"r Y' '15 'hw Q .. . F X- 2 'fi 1'-xg, . s H . K ' N ' ,A 5 in 3 ' . 2 1 R f f 1: . - A J .4 X1 Q- 1 .. " w fm' 1 , . . 4 BOB LLO3 D - 1953 TRACK T FA NI Firft row. IQ-fr In right: Dun llaniu-la 'fum Ft'Ilfl!'I'. Nlurxiu llufi. limb Smith. Frank liorgv-fr. llurwmul Xluifartrlvy, .lim Nlwntgmm-ry, Dil-k l"wldz'r. Nlvvvnwl ruw: Kvnt Ftrmn- he-rp. lfrl Kalri, John He-nrlvrwn. I.:-Ntvr 5K'llIl!'llYt'I', Rivh- arcl Klavllamln. lfltmm Hr-nry. Frank Fpahl. liruw- l.ll"llf. fhirml rms: Juliouf Jum--. Bnh l.l4,5fl. Cary Durbin. livr- ahl Nil-lvl. llufl Hvmle-rv-n. Rivhurcl l'.rruml, Waltwl- H11- gz-ralll. Rug:-r NIc'Cf1n1m-ll, lfuurth row: llan lfwrlwf. 'llum rugan. jwlm fflarxtrum. Richarfl Carr. llnn Ninth. llun Kvylf. 'l'f'rry Kilme-r. ,lim Hmlgz--um. Fifth row: Furl llim- mivk, I.yl-- Nlilligun. Hull Xlvxlillan. lion l'1-If-r-un. lirmw B011-ldllllll. TRACK 11 I tll. "ij" HIEIAN TEAM ivk Fr-flflelr. Rlvharfl Nlavhaflw. Jim Nlfnntgmxlvry. anrl 1 r "IS" RELAY TE.-XXI Rr-gf-r Nlrflunnrll. 'Ile-fry Kilmr-r. lion Pc-ter-on. and Kr-n um wld NI1,'Cartnffy. Slrrlmhf-rg. a 1 'hbif 4 SUI u"'f" ,I p ff z,Q it Q A E 'wil f . S?" '1 T gp RALLY COMMITTEE First row, left to right: Elsie Thornton, Birdie Ruth Carlson. Mary Sue Dobherstein, Judith Warren, Darlene Antilla, Gloria Osborne, Donna Watson. Pat Linville, Margaret Reynolds. Second row: Becky Bair. Elanore Schmitt, Delores Dahlen. Rosemary Cottrell. Pat Wheeler. Joyce Silva, Bea Ann MacCvinitie, Norma Anderton, Ilene Landon. Third row: Jackie Booth, Mary Ethel Antilla. Minnie Carlson. Cleta Tolley, Ruby Woods. Penny Ford, Sharon Curtin. Edith Mays, Lois Morrow, Lois Ingles. Fourth row: ,Iill Lewis, Linda Sarboe, Janet Dyer, Char- lene Kovacovich, Gail Smith, Wanda Morris, Sharon Murdock, Connie Macomber, Delores Azevedo, Sandra Bishop, Linda Dolf. EAGER RALLY COMMITTEE SPARKS SPIRIT AND PEP Shown here is an informal shot of the pep hand. who were al- ways on hand to pronmte pep and spirit during games and ral- IIPF. ID' It ,ilu . ' Q V, 'Q 'E K ' .. I "f', ' 4 A A I 1 , B I s I I, 9 ,Q .4 .VA ,. 3 Y ,M f 1 -, I ,J 5 'cv V.. Yfurxf s ' , Q r ," I W . "M Q M L Q 6 W X V I h Q ' f, fe: D 5 ,L . A . ,. 71 - ' Rx 'K 5 2 N I 7 0 4 s 41 N, 1 551 an HEERLEADERS AND SONG QUEENS FIRST SEMESTER I H! :Zi iff' ,gr .ir ki . . LH,- vi Av 5 lv ' r Q ss IIHIBH C0 nn? cn Back row Pri tly, Lynne V'sser Bcver y Bear l CS L. .-1 -4 .1 Sarb , Elizabeth Clearwater. 06 inda , X A l Le QLK 4 W ' -I-'gm ' '- f 7' Z 3m , E' QL A' 1,1 I X JM I ,fq ,f I, I f.4 , 'M' , L. ,'-- '. f. I I :QQ y-N,-Y. ' ' Fig ,- P . 1 , .ggfflrgff ' , , ,f Mark . .ln ' 5' Av- Zxfdf " V ff. K- ,fi 'f-..t' ' ,SLA ,wx Wm wt I . f,J :bf nf f ,A 1' 4 f -su "ei 'Q ' 1- ,Q H jk ,M . I- ' 2 1: " -fi?".Q if iam, I , Hz 1. - yw ' -fag V If-,, T 3 Q 1 ,, VJ' ,' Q . A : JW1J4,:3'Q' R'-Tfgff. , ff A W uw Jw. , . , ff.: Y E 3" W, I' ' ' ' 8 .l ' -I . k X in wqfzk ' X Q x - 'lu ' ' , K 9 1 w --- ' -'Ns A ,,.k A K ". -5 . ,VIN I, M ,L v avg, 41, ', ft , i. A W Y? g , , I A u 4 ,.' 4, ' uf , 1, s It Vx, ff 9, ' ' -' "' 1 . '. I 'W ffffw 1' 5 'f I. '- -' gy-4.13. If 'l 15 6513. .iw 1+ . p V, . 'fi' '. L.- .,.' .I AI! ' .-lui l ' 5 . ,lg sg fx' 'X.:,, gl. .lg .' ,gg-.12 -cu ' fxlze itisw? - ' Q. . f 'gs' x fwf , if X , 'J- , -fa- A 3' 3 xx X R nd-, t D. L -ff, K Q '- I. . x' -.n is . x Q .. fgiz' -Q , fyt S B A I J Q L W 'Q Hr - - ,Lf X 4, ,V ,s 6',, GIRLS' SPORTS ACTIVITIES . . . . . . continued to be varied and stimulating despite the fact that increased enrollment caused facilities to become crowded. This was due to the excellent supervision of Miss Eve- lyn Feilding. Miss Anna Bahler. and Mrs. Arlis Thomas. A letter award. the P.E. UA." was created la t year to give recognition to those athletes who were unable to participate in afterschool ports Meanwhile, the extracurricular sports program continued to flourish On the following pages are shown' some of the girls who participated in these recreations and Nmadei' the first teams. Freshman girls who turned out for pee cl away showed a lot of promise. Those on the first team were. left to right, first row: Sandra Young, Bonnie Wakefield, Sharon Howard. Julie Johnson, Pat McClure. cap- taing Darlene Schuler. Second row: Sandra Dimmick. Margie Telonicher, Judy Warren. Judy Stromberg, Phyllis Thornton. Shirley Cathcart is absent. Juniors on the first team included. first row. left to right: Bonnie Sweeney, Joyce Silva. Hella Hammond, Chlorita Furnish. Lola Weems. Second row: Minnie Carlson, Gwen Fernleaf. Pat Carpenter. Nancy Stromherg. Irene Fernleaf, Rosemary Oliveira. Seniors on the speedaway team were. first row. left to right: Betty IX'alton. Mildred Comlms. Betty Haines. Vida Harsh. Helen Ol- son. Second row: Birdie Carlson, Sylvina Johnnie. Pat Linville. Elsie Thornton. Dawn Anker, Sharon Murdock. JUNIOR FIRST TEAM SENIOR FIRS l Basketball is one of the he-tllker port rferec at A.U.H.S. Senior first team mcmber were Hurdle Carlson, Elsie Thornton, captain Yxda Har h ,luds Osborne. Dawn Anker. Sharon 'Nlurdock 'Nadme Luster, Connie Macomber. BASKETBALL Juniors who tried out for baeketball anrl were on the first team were Carole Shannon Irene Pernleaf Chlorita Furnish, Minnie Carlson Joyce SIIVH Bon nie Sweeney, Lola Weems 4 O I5 2 356 If 6 , N' an Vg 5 if A ze Y k W fail H Y 'xv I1 A 'iv ns' Juniors and seniors learned and improved their card-playing techniques in gym classes when they took their turn IH the he-alth unit. Here are some of the second period juniors and seniors who built pyramids while in the health unit. FOLTKSTR IPERSE These girls were top athletes for four years and earned four stripes. Left to right: Birdie Carlson, Sylvina Johnnie, Helen Olson, Vida Harsh, Dawn Anke Y r, ami Elsie Thornton .4 -0-mv: GIRLS, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Clockwise: Elsie Thornton, Birclie Ruth Carlson. Lois Haynes. llonnie Sweeney. Nlinnie Carlson. Helen Olson, Vida Harsh. In center: Miss Fielding. ATHLETIC ORGANIZATIONS VARSITY CLIfB First row, left to right: Rodney Cox. Kent Stromberg, Cary Simpson. Sc-ott llolnie-s. Cane- I-'orson Terry Kilmer, Bill Brittain. Bob Hampton. Second row: Ed Katri. ,Iulious Jones. Bob Wehnieyer. Bob Lloyd. Ed Spencer. Dan Forbes. Frank Spaid. Bob Smith. Doug Frost. Thirrl row: Larry Johnson. Jim Taylor. Carl Carlson. Cary Taylor, Ron Etlwards, Holi Hartl. Ilyle Milligan. Earl Morancla. Don Peterson. joe Dutra. Cveorge Berry, Burl Henderson. Fourth row: Buzz lfreze. jack Willis. Jim Vinum. Jim Dimmick. Lynn Layton. Earl Dimmick. Steve Bray. Bob Halbach. Darol Foster. Bruce Chetty. 3'- As business manager for the 1955 Advance H M l'd like to thank all the students who financed Q our book. It was through their subscriptions alone that we were able to fill the pages of this book. This year the staff faced quite a problem financing the book. The administration ta- booed the selling of advertising to local mer- chants, all of which forced us to lower our budget to S3200 ta drop of S2000 from the previously planned budget of 852001 and switch from letterpress to lithography. Our goal was to sell 900 books. The stu- dent council backed us up, underwriting the sale of the 900 Advances. Another change in the business area was the assumption of all the bookkeeping by the business manager. This has required more time and effort but has provided worthy re- wards. l have received personal satisfaction out of assisting editor Beverly Johnson and contributing to the production of another Arcata yearbook. CORINNE INMAN Students who have assisted me with my job Advance BUSWGSS MGMECV and who deserve thanks are Ann Evans, Gay- lene Johnson, Rossie Evans, and Rita John- son. Last, but not least, l wish to thank Mr. Studley for his guiding hand. .AM aww! Final words--for the 1955 Advance-for me as the A.U.H.S. yearbook advisor. In publishing this year's book, we worked with a system entirely new to the publications staff. Thanks to an energetic and conscientious editor, l'm certain that the 1955 Advance will rate highly with all students. The bulk of the credit for your annual should go to Beverly Johnson. She as- sumed full responsibility, discharged her job in a manner meriting only praise. Credit should also go to Corinne Inman, the gal who kept the books balanced. In parting . . . good luck to all graduating seniors . . . to those of you who will return to the campus next fall . . . to the 1955-56 publications staff . . . to A.U.H.S. Here's to your good fortune! Maj, .ff .Mfg X AUTOGRAPHS 3 'W 790 x QM! Q4fA1f,L Mnlw 45 11 I w K D DMS W6 E wgwfff M gif? gy? MVK? N' W M Q M N Zilfw V'-6' 0 wi! QQ Xb? Wwmglq NJ Ox. 5. J J S W QNQ N4 if ATTENDANCE .l----1-D 015 ,11 J N N Lxv' 1 ' , .f 22 L A f c . I4 K ' N xA ,N A 'Q-f ' , Q F WU' 3 J I X LIE AA. XL! r 441 Y' Iva'- ' VW V f' or LV fig J j ' I' L75 f N dx LL! fllhfu V ' -f L if f fi A ' if y W L P ' , I4 WVR Loy' N N A V L MMA? L ,f .K ' fx , A 1, N If If , , M f M3 ! F W , f ma N V EV 0 'pf V ,W ,Xl V-,X H Q ' If I IVEV 0, L '- , PF , 1 .. x N JL kk? ' 'L' I nf VN ML I bn' fy 3 ,E is by L X Wy MV if N' 'V " - 'ii X ' 'N , f v "N xf 1 VL ' x JI' Q-V . N 5 A 1 U . 7 f fllf ' pm .gl Q Q 2: ' If J QQ pf' 14 2.515953 5 9 'fl' fn A of, J J in ' x Xw , JY L j mf' W ' XR ' X W Il I A 'lf Jivxzf' . X1 f V, Q If F. xt, K A H1 X if A VR xg, dl ' l 'r 1 , K f ' b f ' Q v X , X D 1 ' :Y Q D 1 l fi ' K GQ: ui. ' C, . N5 Q .1 TZ: J Xi ii Brix Eff 45 9 U 1 x. V N my VER XE 1rEZ'? 4 iw . LRC, 351 xr-X vw- X VK. vv K M 7' , N? claw.: ' 'X QNX I 5,1 K fi P' ,LJ IW A Y f A ga f W 6 W Q' R ,x JN X - - Q I30 AUTOGRAPHS F f-1:5 , :W 7 Q'-J 'I X.. 5 4 ?w-:EX C' 1 T Z pl X Vu , pk' , X ' lvavb 'v X . , '7. 'san X' -.W f'f, . 1 I. 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