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1.5,--.,., ' ' -V - ' ' 7--V""'f"j'f?"f?'Sflrae V,--. " ' - 244. -- -' ""-- v - . "' ----'41, . -. 'f ' ... 1 ' lr? D 6Cc.A-l1!'W My J ""'xffL4ff C A-CL If fx' gf A61 vgjaw fL'!4c4"3 ff-?,Z,4,,Vf Wxffu Q01 Af! jiluflv bf 4.14.- VCVK px., 4, ,fun 351 U. dpi, fffz 'XPK iv ek il no X401 M X? I WWWJM W X QR X- i XS '-Xxx QEQRXRXRX f, V .- 1,1 V ,Mn ,VJ M4 V ,,' f lf" -f' f 1 fp ,V -r IV, VV ,- V . - I ff 44114, ,f 5 V ,r 1 ' X Y I Y V I -4-I pgs p Jn , ix . 1 g . PM 4" V i fs' Aff , f . f f Vx' 7 I .V v ' 1 WV V6.1 ,Ad If 'LQ XLV . K V P ff ' -f , ff44' 2. , ' ' 4 H ff", ' I A - ' ,Lf ' f ' . 4 ' .7-if 1 xvj Vt V 1 ,e M -- , V .M V 1 H H! I I V' ,v 1 I ' Y ' , .,,, X . A ,160 C4 5 O , .j- .f , Elf . ' ' 1 - ' Vf- """v'L" , K' V V. , , V V I , . Vi ,AV V V K IVV V z V A f 'N' ,vv gf' V Q, , - N ' UL A xif2,V-V L ' f' A' V1 0 ., V. V IV - ' .UKVV 'A V V U . V, 35 V ,.. i , . ,J Uv L, ,, x., gf 'S--1 .1 Vx-V-V V pl '. , . V, I 5 W Us 1' ff ,JNV'. gk - ffffff f I It if 'fi if , 1 gf 5 'Q tj - .J 1 U' xx I ii W W L K JY fx X I X N XA J L Q Iv uI'5,f Elf ,xl " J Q I V I ' 5 - J. Q V A " N , dx V., ' U' ' 1 if f- 45 A k I I ' IL I V. Y VZ . Vfgf' A' ' X 1 ff' - 'Q Q 'X- VR "KAN B- 5 xi, Vi .1 Q ., R x . kixrfx " X xi 4 -1 -llxf fig 35V Vx , ' .NV ,N VV VAX V V If , - ' 5 I - Q 5, f X A N M .Nh 'xx ' Y, K Q I' 1 ...V xg , IX, xx x 'Q 4 X, . w , Q, 1 f , wl - . X '- 1:43 V ' RIB ,nA ' Q XL . V- XXRXIX -P, X1 fx ,V y , .. Q ' XX V 4: ju ,,f Sf N k KN! l 'X Mx I V 4-'if' "uf A" ' if" W m wx' V ,MMV ,,,, Y ,VAN-AL A V I I LJ ANN HITT and JERE BUCK Sensors selecfed Ann and Jere as The fwo sfudenfs mos! likely fo succeed 'vs Y I in 7? 'fi Mill' li 'Q 'W ' 5 ' "J 6 XL f , if glut ff" an , gf' Z ff V , a Q " , 'F -. , f,, A 5 'fa MQ Ni, 'iw .X-Kg. 1. ,Q x , .ai 1 .hh N ai 4 , 41, Zvi 5fFfKwJggf,We,SJ1Zh W ' 1 Q ' fig: A ,.w.,.A, f Why .,, ,X L gf., ,ff ,Q .11 gn f.z',g1fffQQj Agfa ,,.' I,,. Q. - r' f A 1 wg , 3 ' I 4 . 1 p 1 ' . 'WP GAYLE ALLEN AND DENNIS STARK ' Advance Queen and King A sa---'- i EDITOR'S MESSAGE MERLE OPPENHEIMER Advance Edifor This is your book. We kepf you in mind when we crea+ed il. I+ furnishes you wifh a panorama of lhe life you and your friends and classma+es enjoyed al Arcala High School. In preparing +he 1953 Advance, we have endeavored lo recaplure evenis and aclivifies fa make 'rhis yearbook a freasury of pleasanl memories, irreplaceable and unoblainable again. Since lhis yearbook is made up moslly of pholographs, our sincere appreciafion goes fo Mr. Richard Jarboe who gave his lime lhroughoul lhe year in order fo be on rhe spof +o record many golden memories for you. The producfion of a yearbook requires a greal deal of work and 'rhe cooperalion ol' many people. I wish lo Thank Dolly Handley and her sfall al' Redwood Sfudios who aided us wifh our pho+ography and wi+hou'r whose las+ service and coopera+ion we would never have mel our deadlines . . . Mr. Roberf Czias of Lederer, S+ree+ and Zeus who was also helpful and pafienl . . . Mr. Earl Evans of California Ari and Engraving . . . Mr. Bill Relchin of S. K. Smifh Company . . . Mr. Clililord Sorem and fhe facully For +heir eflor+s and cooperafion. Lasl our undying gralilude goes fo Mr. George Sluoley for his eilorfs, guidance and cheering 'rhrouqh fhe Hgh? spols. Our iob was a greal' one, full of disappoinfmenfs, changes and lrusfrafions, buf il was his lai+h 'rhal made E+ an enioyable lask. We hope you will eniov reading fhis Advance and +reasure if always as a piclure slory oi a mosl' unlorqellable year. Vfe hope you will be as proud as we are lo claim '777m1a, U ' il as hour l953 Advance." i"A 1 . 2 i s A' .. 1 1 3 1 l A 3 W- W ,Mwv 7 -' " V , ' ' 9 --Mun. 'ff - mmf: , 1 n f?""""N-Q-. W, RYA R I 4 5 Q wt ,w.,Lz.w. 9 .,..w-... - ' 1..........-........ . I, , I ,A..fw+f""' H 'PX W 3, Mwwfa 42 ' N,,,f1f1gf V 'K ' , , ff 16,44 ,lg fi, f ,.4z,!, , '31-'B - If 'M 4 W ,AN fkgi V Av. .1-. pn 1 , . "'-199. Q 4 1 QL g.1'z1'i "',. -. , K 5 , ,ww '9' K X Af f?-I " 5 . w, 'f?,3Zw ,,s .fff wf 6' wwf gait!! ' s -3. Qi 174 5 2. hat L 'I 1 -ia! 'V :11 ,J 35 ,MJ 4' 'WM 4w, ?fl'Af 0 W, ,. ,, X9 ' g 1 'Fi , 1: 'f'5"' , D fi 1 4 I , E 1 CARLA BRISTLlN,Sec1ion Edifor Fe' orfiino iff- "ef: r 'u'1e'l 976. 'hi' Nc-'ch ,--ff no ' f 'pon' ac: nc'1:'ec1pef""'S"n ' fren ufh fic ?-":!I', """9"'. 'he 'ufefii CIN- frfafvfmr ,r,,pg.f, -ha nf-grin,-,nf1"'nq if," ihe iJ'F1' efefsary +1 teen rn: sire. 5"s'yef1' resuffs rd' -we 'mr 'he vechre peztme a suceesiif CJ' ess and a wfrmwhe e-cefenie fc' a' soudefi wccerned. in 'he rnearhme 'he few Gecera Me+ai Shop wa: accepfed and new .ccaffca coeerfunffes for fhe boys oecame avaiiak e. The ship, a vacanr she-i when accepied. deveiecef: 'nt efcehenr rneral frgnier enriy in fhe sorrg, A Vlffiaiioh Day" was heio in March for aii icca' Hrh oraders. The visifafion was scneduieo in order V arquaini nex' year Freshmen wirh ihe Arraia campus and curricu urn- Fr, hman ncrneroorrm acted r1RiiOf-iS. in Apfi an Open House' was heid. Many siuf denfi broughi +heir parent +5 schoe' for an inspec' hon four, Aii daarf, were eoen fo rhe pubiic and virruaiiy .iii deparhnenrs exhiored speciai displays. The drama deparfmenf sfaged a piay whiie rhe band and choir performed ar rhe genera' assembiy heid 'n rhe gymnasium. ... DMINISTRATION . .. Vfrh enefgehc aduirs and s+uden+s guiding our schooi aomirisrrarion and srudenf govefnmenr Ar- :ala High wai again a ieader 'n cify and counry achviries. Thanks ro a high degree of harmony be- +ween aduh adminisrrarors and sfude-nr ieaders. much was accennoiished and pianned for rhe Furure. Looking rcward an enroiimenf which wi'i fake fvcaia E-hgh over fhe IOOO mark fc' +he Yrs+ Vrrne 'n fhe hisforv oi fne schoo, Ciiriord M. Serern, Sucerimenoerf and The Beard ni Truf+ees approved :fans for a rew c'assrocrn buiding which wfi err, , vide many new faci'i+ies for fhe science and horne- makihg deparrrnenfs. SENIOR BANQUET Mr and Mrs. Davies, Mrs Biood and Mrs. Brown qaiher around Clifford M. Sorern, Principal. In appreciafien cf rhe We ccccerarion which +he lchoei aiways receives from ocai merchan+s and businessmen Arcana i-lfgh a:'nir'i+fa+ors and sfu- den+s were aiways wi'i'ng +3 afeis' 'n civic iuncfions wherever posebie. Members ef 'he band and rhe choir periormed ior many grcucf. The vaiue of feafnwork haf oefnire y been dis- o'ayed on ihis campus' as 'eng as harmony and co- grperahor con+inue ro regn, Pvcafa High wiii con- rinue io move ahead. Adm'nfs+ra+or2 and iacuiiy wii give fhe rudehfs 'he peer rhey are caoabie of giving and she srudenrg w' ' ge+ rhe med our of 'rheir educahonai oppcrfuniries. CAMPUS SCENE An affracvive campus scene is cffen found by Vhe cameras rovinc me 1 5 x ' 2 Q : 1 . . ,Q Y, , " . A , f f 52 A in Y , , M J . , A ---eq, 1 WW, ...M .7 V ' . ai 5 98 COUNSELORS Arcefa s counselcrs are giways anxious ro assTs1 the sfudenvs with their prob- Nems Seafed Nei? to riqhfx are Mrs Brown Mr Che-Qkovich and Mr BNood FRONT OFFICE Mrs Dork Anderson! office secremry checks work being done by Dorofhy Sieiner lr' We background are Norma Afcorn and Jane? Bedendori. CUSTODIANS A':a'a s tusfodrarws are never af A loss fc' somefrfng 'O do Sfandinq Wei? ic rrqhv are Mr Ed Richards M' F'ec H.ggfr's Nr B' Ra1!arwd Mr Ffed S'eeves F" 'L 'W A ? m xml ANN HITT F-Irs? Semesfer Vice-Pre JERE BUCK Fira? Sernesfer Presidenf . FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT GOVERNMENT , 'ending We Nay, The hrsf af Pxrcafa High. Hdpinq Bisfhn fieerefaryj, Bonnie Wlfh Jere Buck, OFSNCTSTT ana Ann HW, Vie-pre 'denf semesfer s+uden+ ogbiak ccnffibufea much To schce We Jere and Ann wifh 'he sfudervr adrnrkfrahcn were Carla Vircenf ITWGJISUVGEJ, JOim MUTE ffefw ihaFrrhafE, avi fadvkefe M531 Carroh and Mr. Carfanrw. The IV? WTi4C' woerfahnq was 'ee min"-UQ ef 'ne coneesien biifh if ax? The 25s,.,. -4 siderv FTRST SEMESTER OFFICERS STANDING Iefi fo riqhf: Ann Peifh, man KPfosecu?Tnq AHorneyT Pa? Ham rnond Hudqey Bonnie Vincen Ureasured Cade Brisflin ISecreVary SEATED ON CAR: Jerry Jenkins fDe- fense Afkarneyj Jim Ely fchief BaTW'ff Joan Millig fRaHy Chain-nent Lars FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL FIRST ROW, lefl fo riqhlz Bill Hicks, Jere Buck, Alan Hendrickson, Bill Tuck, Jim Meek, Dan Forbes. SECOND ROW: Dawn Anlrer, June Ford, Maricrie Hicks, Rena McClennan, Mary Elhel Anlilla, Georgia Severson, Jo- sephine Fagundes. THIRD ROW: Marie Ulmer, Phyllis Lonkey, Pal Hall, Lorene Seale, Bonnie Sweany, Rose Mary Fagundes, Joyce Silva MissCarrolI, FOURTH ROW: Ann Hill, Nancy Buchholz, Jane Chapman, Eslellc Thompson, Shirley Bur- gess, Kay Killinger, Donna West. loolbai' games. llnere was greal deai ol erlliusiasm sliown and mucln cooperalion on lne oarl ol Sluoerr Council members in carrying oul llnis enlerprise. Sludenl Council members slarled early on flue sale ol sludenl body cards. For llie second conseculive year llie sludenl body cards were engraved willi llie burcl'1aser's piclure. Toward llie end ol Oclober llne Counci' 'err a delegalion consisling ol Barbara Waller, Ann Peillwmari, Larry Ford, ard Jim Dace lo llie UNESCO Conlerence lield al Slanlord Universily. In November llwe Council sponsored a mock eleclion lor llie presidenlial race. Tlie Republicans and llie Democrals eacli lead a Cenlral Commillee and commirlee cliair- men wlrio, on llie oay belore 'rlie elecliofi. presenled +lieir parly views ar a special asa sembly. llie eleclion wenl lo Dwiglnl D. Eisenlnower and llne Republicans. Perliabs Ire biggesl oroiecl ol llne lirsl semesler governing body was llle infer- sclnool council meeling wliicli was Held al Arcala l-liglw, December 4. Working llard on IN ACTION Carla 'BrisfIin sludenf body secrelary supervises balloling in lhe elecfion for second semesler officers FIRST SEMESTER COURT KNEELING, left fo right: Ar? Hammond, John Bcrel, Jack Faulk- ner, Don Pelerson, SEC- OND ROW: Richard Machado, Clara Slone- barger, Minnie Carlson, Wilva Granl, Elancre Schmifl, Birdie Carlson, Curfis Larsen. THIRD ROW: Mr. Van Hee Jim Ely, Les Holgersen, Jerry Jenkini, Vern Tur- ner, Loren Abbolr, Jo- anne Twifchell, Dick Sorenson. FOURTH ROW: Ann Peifhman, Alan Feuerwerker, Mari- anne McMorrine, Lois Haynes, Carl Beck, Thelma Smifh, Pal Hulchens, Freda Glaze. arrangemenls To make The ahfaif a success were Kay Kiliinger, Rose lvlary Fagundes, PaT Hall, Nancy Buchholz, and Alan Hendrickson. Judge Paf Hammond and The TirsT semesTer courT oTTicials concenTraTed Their eTTorTs on a new subpoena sysTem. This sysTem has improved The calling oT oeTendanTs and wifnesses To courT Tor a Trial. CourT oTTicials also appoinTed a deTense aTTorney Tor The TirsT Time in The hope ThaT oeTendanTs would receive a greaTer measure oT iusTice Than in The past The bailiTTs, an imporTanT TacTer in The scheme oT Things, included several sTudenTs who really Took Their work seriously. Their eTTorTs were parTicularly noTiceable in bringing cuTTing during rallies and assernolies To a new low, ArT Hammond, a Sophomore, was one bailiTT who did his iob well. Helping Judge Hammond were Clara STonebarger lcourT cerkl, Jim Ely lsergeanTf aT-armsl, Jerry Jenkins ldisTr'f+ fwornevl, and Ann PeiTlonnan ioeTerse aTTcrneyl. Mr, Van Hee acled as advisor. IN ACTION Pa? Hammond, sfudenl body iudge, hands down a verdicl while Clara Svone- barqer records The proceedings oi The LJ. Court. ffvf' 'Nuff' 'W Z ,T V ' if XJ V P-X if T rig DENNIS STARK MADONNA KEEFALJVER Seccfvc Swfeavpf Ffesfdev? Se1:r'f:Se'res1e' Vice-Pres'ae" . SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT GOVERNMENT . OVW: Smw W, Kie' .ww wee- 6- fc- F15-' 14 Vf I cffvg V fy f 'fr rff.. P r .v 'fn v f"Nff I-in it ,fp 4 VE., f ff, Z, rf., T , k , Lf- D,V'.L. E:-"'V':' 7 fl 1' f IIL . ' "Nl ,Ana W Mgmelsm. ff A SECOND SEMESTER CFPTCERS SEATED :H za' D-"':S-' L:'z-Na EJ3: 1'-T 'Treusxefy M DDLE ROW lg" M ' gf' Jaw Pa'e'sf' fC' Q' BJ 'W Jafe' T "C YCGJ' O ew Mr-'Te Or: :e"e""e' KSe:'eu vp A" Peiffvwy We v C"aY"r'c1 Fe' '-'a""'o'vO Hu, E2'e"1' Bch Bvr :ir 'P'cse:."'f A":"ey, J"" I is De'e"Se A":' 'ev 566960 :e"'2 Fc' Alan Pe' G' :kay fhsqe SECOND SEMESTER COUNClL FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righf: Lois Shannon, Da- fh-:-ne Gammon, Verda Kimbrough, Dorolhy Souza, Carvel Buchholz, Pele Barnes. SECOND ROW: Lois Harvey, Sally Schirmann, Joy Brower, Merle Oppen- heimer, Mary Anfilla, Sally Conklin, Marge Leifheiser, Marie Ulmer, Lorene Seale. THIRD ROW: Maxine Williams, Connie Macomber, Ann Sorenson, Rose Mary Fagundes, Thelma Nele son, Joanne Beer, Danna West, Miss Carroll. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Carranco, Les Holger- sen, Edifh Sfuarf, Bar- bara Walfer, Belly Lar- sen, Sharon Harper, Gary McCann, Alan Feuerwerker. Painfing flue sfudenf parking area was firsf on flue agenda. Sfudenfs were requesfed fo keep flueir cars ouf of flue lof wluile council members marked off flue area and painfed flue logs. Youflu Conference presidenf Jim Barnes and represenfafives of flue Sfudenf Council lRose Mary Fagundes, Marie Ulmer, Dennis Sfarkl fraveled fo Eureka for a meefing of flue organizafion. Tlue purpose of fluese gel-fogefluefs is fo discuss problems wluiclu may come up in any of flue scluools, suclu as sfudenf governmenf affifudes and sfandards. A second semesfer council "firsf" was flue financing of pompons for flue song queens. Anofluer firsf was flue purcluase of a scrapbook fo luouse all papers of imporfance for oosferify. Joining flue P.l,A,, flue Sfuoenf Council sponsored a successfu' movie af flue Minor llueafer. llue Councils sluare of flue proceeds wenf info flue youflu fund ano flue P.T.A.'S sluare wenf info a scluolarsluip. Wiki- wil is 'rf' 1 COUNCIL ACTION Picfured al the lefl is a hard working l?l lrio concerned only wilh painfinq The sfudenf parking lol, Y SECOND SEMESTER COURT FIRST ROW, IeH to righl: Don Hall, Nile Nelson, Kafhy O'Rourke, Pafricia Miller, Ba'bara DuNon, Josie Faqundes, Tommy Broqan. SEC- OND ROW' Carl Beck Larry Ford Jdnel Tinlo, Beverly Alden Billie Brock, Irene Fernleaf, Mariella McConnell, Wanda Weirner, THIRD ROW: Marlha Baxler, Billy Glover, Dan Forbes, Louie Smilh, Rella Hammond, Pa? -lammond, Don Nichols, Jack Limore. FOURTH ROW: Bob Benbrook, John Peterson, Jim Dace, Don Hovafer, Larry Gaskill, Jo Anne Twifchell, Alan Hen- drickson, Arlen Rohl, Jo Anne Baer. In courl, Judge Hendrickson was ably assisled by Janel Tinlo lcourl clerlrl, Bob Benbrook ldislricr arlorneyl, Jim Dace Idelense allorneyl, and Par Hammond Iheao iurorl. Grealer inleresl in The iobs oi baililll ano iuror was loslered by having lhe home' rooms suggesl desirable candidales and by making appoinlmenls from lhe names sub' milred. This move proved worlhwhile especially in the Junior and Senior classes. Anolher signilicanl change was inirieled when Bill I-licks was named assislanl iudge. The creelion ol lhe ollice will make il possible 'ro lrain a sludenr lor lhe oflice ol iudge The Iollowing year. Trials, which had been held in lhe proieclion room following a briel slay in room 45, were once again moved lo The Special Aclivilies room ir' 'rhe Classroom Building. The second semesler officers and council members wound up rheir reign by con- ducling eleclions lor The V953-54 Iall semesler. COURT ACTION Sludenf Court advisor, Mr, Jan Van Hee, ialks Things over with JanelTin1o, Judge Alan Hendrickson and Assisianv Judge Bill Hicks. YELL LEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Erma Enright, Dolores Hae- qgr, Darlene Haeger, Joan Millis. ...PEP PROMGTERS. . A highlighT oT The I95253 school year was The re-elecTion of Dolores l-laeger, Joan Millis, Erma EnrighT, and Darlene Haeger as yell leaders. These girls, experTs aT The arT of execuTing rouTines, eonsTanTly worked To rnainTain a high level oT school spiriT. They soughi' as many preegame rallies as possible ano organizeo a Pep Club designed as a core Tor The rooTing secTion. The yell leaders worked hand in hand wifh The song queens. They cooperaTed wiTh The TirsT sernesTer song leaders, lris Hagen, Marfe Ulrner, Vfilda LaRue, and Sandra Nielsen as well as wiTh The second senwesTer queens, Kay Kfllinger, Phyl'is Lonlcey, Rose Mary Fagundes, and Karen KresTensen. Yell leaders and song queens did all They Cou d To reTain The l-lurnboldl'-Del NorTe Spodsrnanship Award Banner won Tor The firsT Time asf year. SONG QUEENS The lei? hand picture shows, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Nielson, Marie Ulmer, Wllda LaRue, Iris Hagan, firsf semesfer SONG Queens. The righf hand picvure shows: Phyllis Lonluy, Kay Killinqer, Rose Mary Faqundes, Karen Krufonsen, second semester song queens. 4,0441 L.. Q 'XXX-15 . - . . nw ,Q J Mvi M mi -4 A' ' 1, - F - 7 Sax. . fx Jw' 1.6 p ,, 1 GERARDO ZOTTOLA ALBERT BLOOD EVELYN FEILDI Orienfafion Senior Problems Local leaclxer problems and social aclivilies were handled llwrouqln llieir Arcala l-ligli Sclwool Facully Club, presided over by Mr. Carranco. Social lwigliliqlwls included llwe Camp Bauer lnilialion Niglil, llwe Annual Facully-Trusfee Banquel, and llie Annual Palriclcs Poinl Breakfast Many leaclmers parricipared in llne Advance Facully Baslrelball Game willi Eureka NG ANDREW KOVAL PEARL DEGENHART Physical Education General Mefal Ar WILLIAM McKITTRlCK FLORENCE BROWN STUART DIMON World Hisfor y Enqlnsh General Scnence l' l xx AL ANNA BABLER RICHARD JARBOE Physical Eoucafion Mafhernaflcs LAVELL PARSONS ROSE HAGOPIAN Aqriculhre Homemakinq -mv fl gwe We 5953 Advance fTE1qff9:V+Ui cicnpef ff-f+wa+e Ar' poise-SS'Pq Such A Flne qfcuc G5 +eacF1ef'. f' "dv if mee+ fm cw' men? WHW1 wh! '1CFfVCY ,444 . , 1 . ,N f I. 'f'ifhQ'V W CC' VYTCT 'A fn? 7i".A 'VW VT":K UO H" if .-iffy' -,FT :nw E .K 1 39- if ' so -T GEORGE STUDLEY Publlcafions CPQO EVELYN KOHLER Homemakinq ED OLIVEIRA Physical Education a+?Cr'. fkfcahs HYQF emcefvfs are Trrmfe lO4O Pexf veiaf, :Ave New "WC feicfd cf 45 MEL KLEIN Physica! Educafion X sfffwl 0 is ' Sa. 4' :WF i 3 '14-3 f 3.-N r 3' I f ,AW -T""? izwf vwawff- -:V V' f W ,f ,V N 5 1" + w I 7 f f sq 7 4 1 if ,, .. . 1 nf "wwf :':wi4,. f 2:4 54 f fy , f af ', " Q ' ,W 5 , W - ,,, ,, ,QM wing, ,, 'f ,,,,!,,,54mff,g,. gf I X f 5, f 1 1 W 1 ' , , A , ,. . .. ,,.. , , ,,f,z,.,-wc yr- ' ' A f V .0 v . Q? ,f A f. 35' ' , QL ,Q it Q 63' 3, Q' me " A I 1 is ' Q.. I' 5, I lu...-.M 713: A if , A., u , -J- wg "gg, ' ' '3 'W eff- , , " o, PQ 4 , ' r W: M 7,122 v ' i 6, f f 6. ,Q w,,, HL in 4 as 45 Q 'Q 'id ,Eu i Jw, .. 42 V ' ,555 M, ssi- , . V 1 ' v A., tw A-4,-2 sv-gg " 3-sm: fri , .vw Wi ' 32.- . My i Y wwf I 1 - 'WW' ,. 8 ' n A 9 S 2? 1 .4 I .2 w- "tj Qs. ..,, S 1? . 'J 1. A i 1 11 ww . in we f it , ., I 5 'Q 1,1 l' 5,0 'l-i'.', Q' fix . ,J - 5 Il?-' ' 1.4 a I . Q if 'fi x!'. .3 , U , u ' x'15X 4 X 1 I ,. xXv Y , K M I si v Y . k . X .Liv if .X if' f . ,Q g "1 ' A43 .li ANN PEITHMAN, Secficn Editor This secTion oT your Advance includes every sTu- denT in ArcaTa l'ligh School and Tor This reason iT was TreaTed wiTh special consideraTion. There were many delays buT we Tinally made The deadline. The Seniors spenT a greaT deal oT Time in debaTe in Senior Problems: Should They wear caps and gowns aT graduaTion? Should They have Their Senior picTures Talcen in caps and gowns? WhaT should be The color oT The caps and gowns? lT was Tinally agreed ThaT The girls would graduaTe in whiTe caps and gowns while The boys would wear navy blue. As Tor The Senior picTures, The decision Tavored sTreeT cloThes. WiTh The decisions made, The schedule Tor senior picTures was seT up wiTh Redwood STudios and The Advance sTaTT Turned To The Timefconsuming Taslc oT choosing suiTable guips Tor each senior. We hope ThaT These guips will be Talcen in The righT spiriT Tor ThaT is how They were chosen. We had originally planned To organize The Jun' ior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes alphabeTically so ThaT The individual sTudenT would be emphasized raTher Than The group. The idea proved To be im- .CLASSES pracTicable as The Talcing oT The picTures would have oisrupTed Too many classes. NeverTheless, wiTh The help oT Redwood STudios, we believe ThaT The class picTures are beTTer Than aT any Time in The pasT. The process oT idenTiTying picTures accuraTely is a long, Tedious job requiring an alerT eye and a good TypisT. IT your name has been misspelled, we hope ThaT you will Torgive us' we have Tried To idenTiTy you correcTly. To round ouT This secTion, we have included sev- eral social and acTiviTy highlighTs Trom each class. We're cerTain youll enioy The snaps oT The Senior Banquet OT The Junior-Senior Prom, oT The Frosh- Soph Brawl, oT The ouTsTanding Seniors, and oT many oTher sTudenTs caughT by The camera during The year. We have Tried To creaTe a secTion which would show ThaT This year, alThough similar To many oThers. had cerTain TraiTs which made iT diTTerenT, more dis- Tinguishable. We have aTTempTed To Turnish you wiTh maTerial Tor memories which we hope you will always enioy recalling. sz BANQUET SENIO Marilynn Shouse and Vcnniece Angier spot The cameraman. Waifing for "service" . . . and chow. .MSEN The peer Few years rm-ve experienced Scprrcmores In We Amrwa As Soohemcfei we Ifeof keen e-:Ve CUV '?CQ'C C SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Throuqhouf mos? of Ihe schooI year, affairs of fhe Class of '53 were adminishared by Ihe above officers, LEFT TO RIGHT: Clara Sfonebarqer, Dorofhy SIeiner, Dennis Sfark, Dolores Haeqer. IDRS... Q from We Gay Cm elves defedfed We more Froiwhfgeprw Brew, T3 Irie present Nearw ov wlrffg 'we vafcuz Qemresfs Em We brew' ard Wee we Treo IC oeiivre Mere scrIw'+'fa'e:. Tre members of our das began ff Gene Am We VT"'i7II, 'Ive A cwfrvf' ' arf: A' 'Fe C634 qgvefrrrvervj we bezefrwe We wefkefs are T?-Q 13' 1 9 ,"'J'SL? 1 use and Qfrverwrrees. AS our Jwbf Veer re ea :wifi we igsumew ucziefi dqery ave began zeelclnq exefurive boa. VVe Creevfem +P 1- Jufef-Serr?'f Pffxrr 'Ve Jxcl Fred Ffoicf' and Curpriagg fyufexves wrfrw mr tb. Vfe fr-erv Ag'-fd href, ff "mg Iwauvrg 'Ke 'vw I3 see I 'XJ' 'IGS Fad f3"'Iv?'f1.fx' "5 j-"z 'Sf We ,Q-af V.'6Sf:A'1 Qwjfubve 'C VMTN. 'flgftf Verse vi uve-ef 'ea 'zei 'ru' fe ff-i ce me Safe" I A' Se-"iff we .e ::e.'fe'- A yew' ee: if NA: 'cf' 3 "H: 'rise 'eff' :acer 55' '!'1.5f:v.f" af: '.". EC . .-.e .e M :'2f" " lv-'Ii if :r-Meera 51 tee "e ees 'iv-nfl fm 5' "e sire 'Me SSM: 3' fire: 'eel Wren we Mice CSI Ale rwervwce-'SVS si"1e or ug eyes Q 5. ' W ' 'Ice' 'M' I-.ere gdfg +C grasere WI' e if -5 35' 'A fe 'Fe :f1Cq5': ,N ef 'fe-1 :If - tits any :1:wfs. Wexfe Circ if 'Mt 'fe 1--'rf r,., 1 eee ff Mi"iCe-f1e'AE"'i1 Cu Me":f'e1al3 Mewi. Mi' Md' '- I-' e 'iii' 'Q' 'Z Gil' "C Cz'-,cfeuf--3 fc'c:qzv- 'ef 1 ef:::: ,POLORES HAEGER U A rye real. W- - a GARY YOUNG Mare oe' ' 'weru' SHIRLEY BURGESS A 'eau' ':rg.e fa 11 HOWARD KILMER ia"'e I saw I 1: JIM JOHNSON Here I a"1 and 'ere I ara MARVA VINCENT Le? fre do as I p ees PAT JOHNSON f A brow mfeffefev b, worre BONNIE VINCENT SpeaIrwI'afyoI1fb'-wk JUNO WOODSIDE Sw-3eI,ger1Ife,af'J aIwa,s v 5 WALLACE WILLIAMS Oni, One :need remr ,. We fa' PATRICIA HAMMOND The des?Zny of naifons depenos on 'H youth JOHN PETERSON Tne-e Is no subsrlrfe mr n DICK MILLER A man is noI1app'erIha1 be rmnkr nirrfselffo be JOAN MILLIS A merry near? makes a Neem counrenance DON HAMPTON Pcpulariry is power ERMA ENRIGHT Wber' fn doubI glggIe GOLD CUP CANDIDATES Two of fhese oufsfandinq Seniors re ceived fhe Bank of America Gold Cups LEFT TO RIGHT: Clara Sfonebarger Les Holqersen, Mary Lee Sfrornberq Clara was recommended in the Voce tional Arfs area, Les in Ihe Fine Arfs and Mary Lee in fhe Liberal Ads. BERT EVANS Ve' C' :ew wyz. J MARGIEPRASCH Kees VJ3s"'g'cf 3 JOHN AVILA Mcdesh' beczwes 2 ,cxq 'fz AUDREY WHITE Dfie 3': get "av 'ne VIRGINIA BARKER Nei' 'Q' 'gaxxlf EDWARD OTTER Ge"'5-e ze' ' "H Swv LILA JAMES Person V. 'as vo Low: RAYMOND DICKEY Nefef ffrfd We wIy,1v'1w'f-'I-'mga DEAN DENNY Sonfevfffes you 'ww' L6 conferv WV' rouq' 'cads DONNA ALCORN The IGF' Q5 is 'vmn'SII3r-1IL.1I,D3MI: worvan WARREN WEEMS Tmh doo: mmm: NORMA ALCORN Yana 3"1LCIJI" CHARLOTTE LARUE U" dee" jc u:r,.1" ROBERT BROCKLEY I? Mies JI: soffs 'o fran- .1 wc' ,z MARY LOU KERN Ask We no Zuesflous and I If 'ef fcL no Hes RICHARD HARRIS Tke "O'E O"'3 " " 'Q ICSE C' 5263 SOCIAL SCIENCE STAND-OUT Ann PeI?hman4 always an active and ouhianding sfudenf on campus. was recommended for Vhe Bank of America Certificafe Award In Social Science. IRIS I-IAGAN Hi' 'ey' "ve s 311, 4 DENNIS STARK A""1v,f: :1'. GAYLE REYNOLDS S'9"",.'3LL.v. 1 '3QL. :ERE sucx ' I-4,,,f ,U ,M za' 'JL-E e 'a' 3' ROBERT BENBROOK Awe.: cn " :Wei Lf- DOROTHY WILKENLOH Keep ern J.q"'q DUANE ALLEN He who 'fx w"n wi N ei" 1onowI ADRIAN ALLEN PI-eaianfrr-gf :J .2 VIRGINIA DUDAL To be Cured 0: vox inning vcd re-an only I: ob'a'r wha? .o, We' for LESLIE HOLGERSEN One Inead canrot 'ala ai. wfsdor-n PHYLLIS SCOTT Sne 'ook-an of 'naw :aces bw 'owe only one JACK GORDON Neve' Too Iafe To earn JERRY JENKINS Too 'nmn 'ffyni c :,:,IHf-H ANN PEITHMAN Nsw"y1f:'L":.,eZ:,e 1 :sr 1 JACK DUNCAN His cfaravfw is We Iorvwv NANCY BUCHHOLZ I-Ie' '3r":z JH: 'fi' " OUTSTANDING MUSICIANS Maxine Williams and Les Hclqersen ranked high in The musical area. One or fhe cfher was expecfed io receive fhe Walfer Wood SchoIarship. RICHARD HAINES EARRADINE MEDARIS ROSS KING RUTH CHERRY GRACE GIBSON CLYDE ELLER JODENE WILSON STUART SCHIRMANN ROBERT WALKER V76- LOLITA JONES KENNETH FROST BOBBIE SPENCER LOIS PARTON vs IRYIN VIEIRA JOYCE DUDAL JIM CHAPPLE OUTSTANDING GIRL CarIa Br s+Iun awofher capable and ac fave sfudenf was considered by many as fhe glrl who deserved Ike Grls League ShIeId Award IQ 5 4-xxg 419 E x .F BARBARA WALTER P'i:'e 78 R DALE MCFARLAND I"L'f-.e':r.1: 13, 1 r-'gee MADONNA KEEFAUVER DHS' 'ff : I ' 'uw'-Ve' " Q JIM RICE L:.f. '- 3- 1 f 3 J ALAN HENDRICKSON He :an :,.' 'wc ef: ww: 'oqefre' MAXINE WILLIAMS ILE' N5 I -3 'C "6 1C.'J C: T19 C Z. Iv' JIM DACE A sen' .EZWZJJ 3 Je. ' 3' I ef 5 CLARA STONEBARGER In'e I '11-"e we A V r' DOROTHY STEINER Her wines came 'we LEONARD NECOCHEA Wha' he w'lls Io co seems wisesi ani beer SARAH RODRIGUES Hiich yay wagon fo a :far ROBERT ALLORD A cave' Q: nifradfor' DON JONES Keen Jr: wiiiv 'Ie Joeegee JANICE HESCOCK Good :Vends are qoci I-FUEL oo IOQS'L'9' RAY MCCONNELL The ewes wiII hapoef FLORENCE GUTIERREZ Mmrfk 'Tax' I ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE STAND-OUTS These two qirls received life member- ship in C S.F. and were recommended for fop honors, Merle Oppenheimer Ieff, was oufsfandinq in Foreign Lan- guages, while Mary Lee Siromberg right was Iops in English. JIM CARTER L " 9 tx qozd MERLE OPPENHEIMER S':N "Q"f- naw V: I 1 N I ,iw CARLOS DeROSSETT Awffpf, H. ,., V Li'iQE'3E'l DOROTHY HARSH O' . 32:1 11' li KAY BESECKER 'AN'e'e 'Lf"f? . 1 wf "ff 5 wh LARRY GASKILL My:-. 'fx e-.. , A 5:5"5' BETTY BYRD I Ice? .I"Pf-ww , us GERALD ATKINS Gvmnas' zz gy I :ge V J BILL NESSLER Gzci are 'Ev Wm, ' I ETHELYNN MILLER A Wfnq oi br-IIIIN Ii:-df, ' DON WALTER He 'S roblo w"u 1 EVELYN DAVIS Tfnlg 'wwf 'K 1 ' GAYLE ALLEN I woke up Qre vw rg V1 rmse'fIJ'fouw BILL SMITH IVSJ 1'-H1 L 1 a Nan VONNIECEANGIER TP-1. vp onIf vm, qw-I goo: MEL MONDA T3 e" wi'iS '1e".: Pa COMMERCIAL STAND-OUT Clara Sronebarger, who lumped into rnafrimpny prior fo graduafion, was recogmzed as Ihe oufsfandinq business sfudenf on campus. KATHERINE WHITNEY fx '3'VVLor,1 f,,1""'J' wifi? FRED CALDWELL A 43, K, . MARY LEE STROMBERG A' 2:29 9' wzqr' rw' LEE FLAIZ "af :L 1 LARRY FORD Ima iff-aI'n Q Ialer' JANE CHAPMAN A "Yr-::S3'ffD1 ' w , "cz I GARY MCCANN .." G i',3S 11" r 1 :WS CAROL TROWBRIDGE A 'JUI JVM Mm' aww rf x' DONALD NOBLE Oje' :J nw JQQQ SHIRLEY ENNES Dcwnfuff EOI I RICHARD MARTIN Mem a'e Nw reosof: Io' women dw Iv P OUP 3' OIFC' JOYCE VAN ALEN Of :a"e"ar1dFsw'e' wzg J JANETTINTO SW 'ie f-wen rw Iwi E. ioH'H' ww. row.-,W DARRELL LEWIS Speer 's 2' vb' ', e':f- u BETTY LARSEN Soo"s"efvs'Vf, 1 'A RICHARD HATHERILL Lle am e' Lve OUTSTANDING BOYS Mel Monde, leff, has always ranked highly because of his ar! work, Larrv Ford, righf, has been an oufsiandinq Fufure Farmer and 4-H sfudeni from the first day he affended Arcafa High. SHIRLEY BUGENIG SN3 5-nur-:"f: 11 11 DON BRICKEY Ve wc' 'J sz: 2 :J MARGARET GOLDEN W'cs11.'e.r,1'." FLOYD WALTON 'i,E'e AQ. . DALE FOSTER TH: wz'1':' J SYBLE BAGLEY TED BAKER Kize :WJ rf- 5' Q' 1, CARLENE CARLSON Atufr' zzfrfg Q"-:J ' If GHC?-T1 fu HELEN ANGEL Aqe"Q'f::' ' N 1 M ' 'e-11 LOREN ABBOTT L'In'g1'-' 1IIIr'f1 DOROTHY OLIVER Mocesm 's"c U21 1r HUGH MONDA Fa' aww, r, nies NITA NELSON Pass 'nn "ff 'ea AL LE VEOUE I"E'.v'1'2' "SNES pi' . 53" JANET BETTENDORF A 'ow N " of J f"f1'n ANN HITT Os! 'ez SCIENCE STAND-OUT Alan Hendrickson, C.S.F. member and afhlefe, was recommended for 'he Bank of America Cerfificafe Award in Science. 'L 'J' ELWOOD BARTLETT E.-I ff-.fHe"e':Vi V1 SHIRLEY MOLANDER Fr-yn :Z sau: I5 is 'rea' "Wa BEVERLEY JORGENSEN T.g.n,2fJwC-If ll, A MARY LOU DAKE L :,Q"Gf"3' Mew, KAY ROBERTS F'.e'usbIp na: nc If IS JOHN MELGREN He WHQ expecfs wav- ug w lmvx be dI:appoIn'ed DONNA TINGSTROM HM eyes af-ow Now "JCL Ve Icvei GERALD DAVIES I. refaII1er. me Son HELEN PHILLIPS Thus! many A Vue word sold 'rw Qesf LORETTA MOORE LM IQOIS IAIL kuowI6'f,IC1eI'.JsITS valuf PAUL LOYLAND A LWCII I6IIow SHARON OSBORNE II's dRHIfUIv vo siav nrqrv vevy Ionq JEANETTE LIGHTHILL YQLW Ilves rm Hoi f' JOHN SILVA MQeinc1:I,vwo?v.f'aPrfi DOREEN WARD Twrguqrp ke' exnvfl-.aI.f1swesHe' 5034 speakf DAVID MANIFOLD Boom! Boom! STAND-OUTS Juno Woodside was the oufsfandinq girl in fhe homemakinq departmenf and was recommended for fhe Bank of America Home Economics Award. Ray McConnell was fops in ihe area of lndusfrial Arfs and Trades. SUSAN SPIDELL Gm :' "1 XJ" WALTER GUY 9:51 feefiik PATRICIA PETERS fm, .. ,,. ,, 5 2 W, ,. PHYLLIS PETERS A 1:91 '12 V' CARLA BRISTLIN 5.1 hs, . new DON NICHOLS f.:' H. ':,:'f JO ANN BLANCHARD S.wfff'm'. 2 a , H WILLIAM LAIDLAW TH- .m"fx 1 z w "ow ILGHQ' IX nemx PERINII A ,, M, H.-'In JACK FAULKNER I' ' M, '13, af: I JEAN McKEE II .UI w'-"I Iwo ' m',3o.., DON WILLIAMS A'-121. "f"2:z DOLORES ATKINS Inf 1" 'I 1"-?1 ' SHIRLEY WOOD Sxhfa. ' ':" VIRGINIA ROUNDS I-I 1' ivmg j1i:': RUTH ELY V V. V, BARBARA COLE EDWIN RODRIGUES :C-E312 " -A S13 MARILYNN SHOUSE in 'un JOHN PAYNE D T'-g-ii eg 5 LORRAINE GAINES Q-L f 1 '-E-,Z AA, JOHN SIBLE LAMBERT HUFF DENNY DUSTIN A "H ACTS " X45 f v JT, . 'f. s 5, A' 'i' E ' 'I 1 I M , 52, -T' 3 xxx Y , -5' X 'Y' gs vgfgfzql A, '42"5'h2232f.'1 Q , I .51 KIWANI ua I a' 5' -',,'X . -q.! , Q ,, - . A3 ' 'K' o ,,f - at 4' as ,K ,. 2 X MQ 4 x ' H w' 3.3 A ' ,J .a ,4 , , f? Q. 4 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Business of fhe Class of '54 was faken care ol by Yhis group of officers. They are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sally Schirmann, Kay Killinqer, Pal' Hall, Bill Hicks, Vernon Turner, The Junlsfs oegan We yea' Ov elecllng Bi l-like as oresldenlh l-le Nei iuppcrlefl my Kev K' Inger lvlce-pfeslfzenl Pal l-lall 'ieffelawl Sa y Sclnlrrnann 'feamferf 'mfl Vewin Tune' lsefqeanlfil-Wffl. C flii glllcerg oaved llse way :ff llwe NlUV'lfjf-SQHAQF Pf3m,Tl1e+lwem3 Wfrler Wr,rs 'lerand ' was eelecfeci and 5 l Jmlcfs 'dned ln liwfnq al' Serlcfs Cn Deiefrwber 5. LE3TJ9'SlWAC In various O'qar'zal'irw,wfaslf1lfe" mer by members of We C ass ol I954. Vefnzn l:r7e:1l', Kay Kllllnqei 'zn':K1+l'v Hffnef lglrnefz no lc eid llne CVf'f fIl,l'lVlClll1F' 'fril SG'Y'S'l9'. .lm Ey wal l'l' V :ffm 'NWT flfoeinfalf Mfrs Cl ll'e SWOT' Cowl. Kwef Dm! ed ofeslfienl ff 'Ve -WW C no Lien 'G 'iw' 5419 C'al'f'g"7f S'l1Ol'af lf! Fezefelfn a'fJ sefceaf'ff1'-wma SF" Q.-13-9 wi eeiiei G45 Leaczue UC' wen' It' 053454. 1' 3:3"5 New Jv.."AC'i viic 5-2 Def: Igfef E' -'41 WVN1 Dew. E35 Lewin fem lifes' yd Ven? V:C,':v saw S ef: A: ii"ie"' ' A' 'Fe Cl? Sieve-. Sf: Siffmaf' Kev K' 'ge' CH' :ne 'ff-gt' eff: Da' 'Se si' 'AEU5 5"i'g '2rff3'en'S" " 'Le CVS' "Le-':ef':3 e': 'Mer iss 54' e'Ai :'::'iM. Jf':'s as: 53 we " 'fe se: :':rA:"': :e:i"M2" W" Cefene niece' 5 3'-3 35 "3 .e eicefs if Kre' K'e1'e'5e' 3:15 Jem :ears-35 SN Af Lrff vi 45, K' 'ge' i3"'e1ei:':3e"e1'e":'a cseew. K Ti: 37: "C uae: gcfena 555:75 39", :es -' ef: JM Be"-91 Frei K' Feeds" 5: 'le Vis" 'Ne :iw Cfn:6'Snf?, 'Q-'H N"Cl'ee Cl'e+l:v':' icisec me Jfb" MR. McKITTRlCK, PERIOD 6 FIRST ROW, lei? Io righlz Orlena Johnson, Violel Davis, Mary Robinson, Dolores Truff- rnan. SECOND ROW: Wilma Evans, Fred Shipman, Maxine Prasch, Barbara McLaugh- Ian, Carolyn Wentworth. THIRD ROW: James Barham, Owen Smarl, Barbara Rus- sell, Janeh Wallon, Ronald LeVeque, Rose Mary Fagundes, FOURTH ROW: Arnold Moller, Roberl Jacobsen, William Brech- bill, Don Rader, Jerry Winlers, Charles Ol- livier, Mr. Mclfillrick. FIFTH ROW: James McNabb, Dale Cooper, Frank Malfson, Lyn Vinum, Norman Ealon, Gary Holmes, Rich- ard Hinh. MR. McKlTTRlCK, PERIOD I FIRST ROW, Ieff Io right Marlene Hodg- son, Jeaneffe Aldrich, Cecille Ivy, Lois Shannon, Faye Hendrix, Karla Hemphill, Rose Arias, Cynlhia Morse. SECOND ROW: Mary Serra, Kay Benbrook, Dolores Turney, Charlofle Mason, Sandra Ford, Berry Wil- liams, Alice Slephens. THIRD ROW: Clar- ence Enos, Donna Slandly, Olefha Beck, Moneiie Scofl, Diane Clayfon, Nancy Mc- Cormick, Beverly Busenius, Mr. McKiHrick. FOURTH ROW: Don Ford, Don Hilf, Wil- liam Hicks, Roberl Lawson, Walfer Miller, Doris Wymore, Nancy Cass. MR. CHETKOVICH, PERIOD Z FIRST ROW, lefl Io right Sally Schirmann, Yvonne Sindew, Jacie Jones, Tony Reis, Faye Babcock. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Green, Jean Richards, Barbara Nonnenman, Doris Baxfer, Kay Killinqer. THIRD ROW: Ar? Taylor, Gary Scoh, Marchela Wald- kirch, Failh Galyean, Mike Berker, Rulh Harvey. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Nichols, Jay Linden, Jack Srnari, Doyle Meek, Dick Sor- enson, Leroy Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Jim Ely, Elwood Heberly, Darol Fosler, Vern Turner, Hershel Jackson, Ray Farmer, Mr. Chelkovich. E, Q. , , , W' ,f A '. ' .. - 4 V., by I ,- -qv W -.. 5 - 1 -1 , , , , V 1 5 YI' Q : EC ww . n. Q. 1 .4 . . Y , NT, ' . -" O1 ts' - I . mg. , , W Q e Q 1 3 QM ,V -1 21 'e:W?V5 'P , 2-1 QS- 't Q T2 'f .J ff ,T 1' 'inf 1' ' N. ',. fa: 6,111 I u ,UI 7 A , ...,.....4 1, . V J ' wg V s , Q Viv 0 nv '. N P 77 .-,3 I Y f f, 9 'S 'af 24 'If uf 3 i 1 wg'z?H :Q 4 5 N , .A f fhw9W' N 3 A X . 3 5 1 Q Q if? ff 'QV Y ,P uf J':4,a 3"-1 'gag . x N24 . v- , .4 x Q -., ,F R U x 9 0 :Gil vo, v. 'S' 'Z Ig e '1 .L 5 ,f v "' 2,7 ,, 1' Q .1 fi' fi" 4 Q LQ!! QV" 1 .. ,xk uf K. alia 1 -fi-"' , ..-K? 'xv J! f tg' ' " ' 4 'H if 'W' 1 Q I 1 ' 0 1 1 1 , ,T X.. ,, , l ,van ,W 54 ff, ff. If '75-1 at ,,. 'Q I . 1 . ,Z Q Z1 '-M 1 gl 'K 1 ' , ,' ,X w M fi "' V.. 9 Q ' .ff-'41 I , I V . V . Z 5 -lv Z Z , 4 Q 3 S Q ' ' 1' z S 5 I 4 ,,?,, 4 7 0- . - , Lggvu' V I I ' .gf , V, ', A Y ' , V' . ' X' v '. Y wli 6, Ni T, f X I W 1 LMA ' 2 S k Y: ,,?iZ,l' L 2 Q Q 2 Z 3 ' 5 4 2 2 EE' ' 1 U Q : , , 2 A Q .M 2 . Q' S A - . , -N., A !ly"A'a1 V I , ' ,' C 1 1' 5 V, 1 I J Qx , K ,ff I 4 F "Y 3- i' ' 1-4 'I 'K I' QQ? P , ' ' H ., - - Q ,v Q 'V 'i x . A' T. g 'V 'X Av 'V ,f x 1 Y Z v Y y . H V' 'X hi' , yu , . , sv ' X 5 A Q .' 'V' 1' 'M -J m Q g , a Z 2 Q 4 M 4 E 9 I C 'Fw W 4 2 fb: 1 ug 4 1 o -, -I ,- Y U 4 , 2 f mfg? 0 'I I r ai , .suvvli I ,K 4: X flux: xii. 1 . C 1 - f J A ' , 1, 'f H 'v ' ii. . ff. J ' r- ' tt' 1 2 1 5 ' A z - S ' E 4: Q E 4 4 nz W G 5 2 5 1 3 4 I 2 O ' : 1 .TN 1 JE ' . I 1-L 'lx 'Q V j X ' X i" if f -f9T'.Vf . - .- X-1 3 : ' ' ' 5- R-K - if . E 1' S. 1, f ,. , - - v A . Q , :Pj-4, x J' Z 7 -- L . 1 x 44, o . 'J' 2 z Q 2 C 4 4 , G su C Z ' Z 2 4 4 4 -- a 2 4 I I , , 1 i ' 'ri x. ' ',:, N.. ., f ' f Q .. V .. " 'X -f QR Q, IX ,ff . SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFlCERS The governing ol fhe acfive Class ol 'SS was undertaken by this group of officers. They are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Darlene Anlllla, Elsie Thornlon, Don Pelerson, Sally Conklin. . . , SCDPHCDMORES . . . vno Scilvfnnefes Jeffers We falntfl ,feaf bv qzfq nfwn lc deleal al llwe lwanif fr- ifeen but tier' Ffeelnnnen F We awww lfllllfillff' offaw, Qefsvefnq Irv-fu We 'f nf: f'l'lF3v elecfeiz Dan Pelefsif 'rufcicienll Dflfene Anlllla Mae-pfellsenlg, Eff: ln fnffr lefrchfyfl and Sf: ly Conlin lTVS6'Uf8"lf1, cl115r,f:l?icers. 'lee ffz' ffeeffg 05 We .feef We ncrnfni"Ch3 Qssennolu ofcugl-+ lO'+l' 5 9+ ci +60 S znnfnife '11 GM. 'foie ff Cs wefe fencefei Q, Dffilnq Sceze Svfe -F:.f, Ei fefnef are Scilf 'Nlnsliw WP: 'nnsefsafafen Jclwnny Ray. Shawn Pafssfe of: One fl l"'?f .well-lfnfgffn rave 'ly r-Umrgeff and liranlc Spffq "wlr'nUled F3 plfmo Selefllcrw. We ff 'loved eflnenli 'fume neil :ilQ' lc VFT'Elf6 rmil woslefe In We 'lllf-' wi: r new lf-ect. Inf," l Plcfif ft 1 :ff,S6'J alfenlfn in -'3'JG'5 Qne Sipliffive EfllCi'S reneely Keen Aniuef if' l.f'af"ee' Beffffmi l3'ff17e Pmln C?:'l'CF. Ddlnefe Gamnfcr, ans Kallwfvn pm we 'fe Q ez, Cn UTM, ,wff Cffcei-en iff 'fe Dfvre ?e:'Qf: f1ll'l..1""C',iIl fffff- C' 6-G 1- .- -Jfzei C. We izfifne"C eil " ff lei CTV' WVC ri 'MEC 'le Cf: .I r',A:1,,',V Sff'f,"",'Q ff' 9'6i iaffe ,zz NV? "5 C'2.'E'f'f: 'f.. Caf Ci' Lin ,Ve 'ef CW", :f ?':ff'i pffze e." ::.'1' E3 if-if-if E' S',f"e" Gif. laqzf inc 7"'E'5 "mee: 'ff-fe 1 We Q. f.. 522 Cfufnfe fr fwfftz fb' 'Ve cevefcal 'qnwfebff :w'1nwf:e ff A fy", 'ff f, el'f:""? Beef 'lfrfne ge. cf Dawn Fffef QM: 'ffzq l'lf:",l" Wye f e 'F -LL ,Cf ,.,,.-,,f+f-mg,-4 - J ,-.,, X. . 'fe Stzfffwfei ecfgei b. lff. fefnn 24" FZ, 2 "we 5 :wean ,feizf ai Jwif , , ,. ,LM V , ,- , ,W ff ' ,-A , 1. T., J Nw, 2 2 ' . ' V Q 14' IITZZ. :fl v' " J TT ' fe L' 1 , L, , 9, ,M 'J , A ' M f ' ww ' ,. .J x - , ' V an W ' pad . 4' 5,3 'lf "3 A ' V-4 . iff ,..,. I qw vi-4 ,534 fr Jf i 4 -if . vi ' I 4 It :,:ff i1fJ'f1.3A 'K' 4' Z.. :Q hi' Q' 3, Qigflffii H ' ' wi ,, f Q., , ' , ' I I 1 I ' "1 Q V -va 4 4, ' iff 5 M gf!-'ff'H' i f, 'v 7 -bf 'A J X NH I tag, 34,1 5 1 : ,y '04 yd-4 4 . Q -If? M Q 1' 15. ,Av I "' 'c .Qgq ,V I' x ' X' ss4 A 5 : . O' Q l Y : ,..iLgfi1.g if A flf , .. L... .,,.J.......A ,J --in-H A- ,..x '1'f! MT wlfx M . , 133:L qv - I---an 1 . J.. fm- J'5f , y U an '1-sl 7 --. L .L,,L., K wee,--5 .5 N N S ., Af as ' .. ... - -f +1 , A C., ,gg Q fs'-in JF", f' . M:-uf , A ., 3' 3 -2 wc 1 " ,..,.1 s .J QA t. 'Sf ,Q so f ff , . ' n ik 1 X . A S Q Q ik ' ' w4,.,..,,.,,, fu: 'T ,J "' 'fgfj q . A J N I .Lf 1:3213 k Q ,f N . Q V X , 1. Q9 4,' , I x xl M , 1 . ,H ' 9, 5 . Q X S qw' 4 94 gi ivy, , I X f. , Q . 1' , jig A b by N Q Ji f V . mi X . A k 1 Q 5 , E , ., " M A 'X Q35-a 'f . ' 41 , N K1 Q 4 f-23,0 12 'lv ' I -' ' ,.f fsfil' , 3131 g h CW -V 'QTY . is 'ii L. ,, T 'V rr 9 fb ., ' " 6 2 5-,fn Q V L I A iw In f , Blk -In ,L - f 4 5 Y O I iw 'rr - Fw' an ' s 'I ,Q. Q. 9 I ,, .,,, ,, ' W ...,,MJ,,,W, 1 4wi MW WMQQUJ 1: .-.4,.., ,J,YwW:lY -vw' ,K ,ij :Tj WQW : vimfw g ,fW- vi "W H' 25. 95 3 f+?'f Q5 - :gl M f . N tv? f VT fu 'mf 1 iyiglsakgrgigzff is ,S hx, ' L 2 t, 4 1 -N Q V ya 5' -G4 if F9331 ff, Q2 , ' ' b '1f"Tj 15.1 1211 5+ V bg! f van V 3' ,W QQ z wt Q ewsfmfswm ' 3W 1P' W I? f Q., tg 3 inf QQYQ1' 'fifty H345 A i K . . v 0' asifff' - .' C kk W x -'-.9 'N ah xr + il 0 D 'Rim I fmum M v. '35, r"'i"' hiv .aw-',g.W, Msg., 4 R. x,L 4:5 of ,' .. K x -Wi. . .gl . p .QFSXQ Liam rl-nf, Pl ww, f A, My 5 I aw, x ,J - 5 li gs If 'af W ' if I 'T 'A ' V if V m I x QQ .. 61 'I y K' ' 'fl 5' I .af nn, fi cw , X.. -11 A A Q! 3 .Z .gary , wif, Y ay L QT' N 'V 1 ' I , .s:Q X' wgfv. 1 ',."2' hsi. ' 4, , ,glyrxms ?ft,if 'nf' 1 ' 'i' is P 2 if 4 ,JL K. 12 f I J,,,,,,,,'eH M41 , .1 I F A ' ff , 1 Qfg ff ' 0" . I 'Q H-.' 8 'fx 1 nz 4 X . ,251 .V iff .pf vo if 54 SY". Qu K gif 2 yi : i F .jj w, iff .? ar I 6-1 wif 1 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS The responsibihfy of runninq of Phe Class of '55 fell on Vhe shoulders of This qrcuw of oFfIcers, They are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lucia Alves, Connie Scroggins, Bob Hard, Gene Forson. u o Q F I L E S I I E o o o The FVGSFMGC, affef qe'+'rg cve' We surprie cf wirmhwg the Posh-Sopn EQEWX. megan +3 Fee FTTCVQ 5+ mme afown the Afcafa Hgh School carvcme Bob Hare ana Game Fcfscn, oefh :'CVTW Mr, Vw Fees ofierLa"3e C!E1ZS,TC'TL wfcf We fvffife 55 mesioerh fma VICE-DVESTZTSVTT resped7ve'y. Luci Ave-1 and Cerwin SC'OQQ m, pfufnefwfs in Mr. Swflleyl hevwefeom Cfiaomfed fhe has of iecfefaw ,md Lfeasurer. The f iC:'a even? 25 'he veaf efiyed by We Cass 3? :QSO was The F"e'Fmfsf Dime r esyec oy We 97.13. ani: 'he A" was We FVGSPVWHC :any swqei 'f 'he qi' 'ff 3 ,: ,re Tn AUS. The FM" 'ii r:ef'. C5 the' 55" i:"f1 'Wim Memggf -f"Qfj in Per Cf, J' es' e hezfze' V3 E ,Fe Bef: e, wefe M14ife"3'. B G ,ef Q mei: A "e s ri :tea ww 'few emefs. QW . "e duces' ifesmei' e"e'C'Ases was "'iM' "e 2:e::i1':" fri 'ee :ef-ef: GENES. Pffceecs "Cm 'fe see 35 555' :VNS 3: :::::'e v-ef' M3 "- fx ,L : ' N1 Cf . " seeff E53 rfgfg ing Vli' Diff 'ease 'ee :Cree 'safe fe? 1: " "e xxfe. H'-EET""'5!" C215 mme: if V cfe ' 2 ., ee. , ea eases: ee: 'fazk-5 3' MEF sseaws --fe fc' 'he weeff ::'ee. SU N Vg" grg yhef :'CSL'T'f1v-E gzifec E'E6'-6"Q6 'D re M - Seeanwef' ghd e ces' 'ec 'C 'ues' "ee 'a ev? 5: 'fue CEVCCJE shew Mr Tvwccc Ceffatc ezfec as ESV-SC' fo' We Ffegkm n, MR. VAN HEE, PERIODS 2 AND 3 FIRST ROW, lei? fo righl: Max Corning, Darlene Ekin, Elenore Haight, Mary Lakey, Richard Machado. SECOND ROW: Ronald Orlandi, Paul Ford, Tom Brogan, Douglas Frosf, Gayline Johnson. THIRD ROW: Am- melia Orcurf, Jerry Lyile, Susan Laidlaw, Rochelle HueH, Zda Praiher. FOURTH ROW: Wannel Shumard, Lois Harvey. Gale Kipp, Joyce Silva, Dwayne Fousf, Fred Caniwell. FIFTH ROW: Ira Fish, John Phil- lips, Gran? Sherwood, Frank Birdwell, Fred Jacobson, Rella Hammond. MRS. BARTELS, PERIODS 2 AND 3 FIRST ROW, Ieff To righf: Florence Ender- son, Mary Lou Gilleff, Josephine Fagundes, Jerald Barker. SECOND ROW: Sarah Spi- dell, MarieHa McConnell, Elva Norris, Barbara Jones, Mavis Ainsworlh. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Barfels, Carole Siesser, Beulah Carler, Wilva Grani, Wanda Weimer, Sonia Aerne, FOURTH ROW: Larry John- son, Jimmy Vaissade, Jeanefle Clevenqer, Louis Smith, Elron Henry, Floyd Meadows, Mike Kelley. FIFTH ROW: Terry Howe, Walfer Davis, Joanne Twilchell, Bill Alkins, Bob Johnson, Shirley Love, Gary Cromwell. MR. ZOTTOLA, PERIODS I AND 2 FIRST ROW, left fo righf: Wayne Carey, Lee Perini, Howard Phenix, Dixie Lindgren. SECOND ROW: Virginia Card, Mariorie Gulheridge, Marilyn Heiberf, Fay Haffield, Gary Simpson. THIRD ROW: Laura Fifi- gerald, Darlene Lawrence, Jane? Chrisiie, Barbara Williams, Dick Fedder, Rossie Evans. FOURTH ROW: Esielle Thompson, Ann Sorenson, Diane Horton, Cassel Guiofi, Dave Davis, Tom Carpenfer. FIFTH ROW: Jim Hodgeson, Roy Warner, Bill Hill, Ken Chrisiiansen, Leonard Grey, Bob Frifschl. N-, ... i .- .4.-A. ww sjvu U, .. .,,-. Y ,T.,,., ,...IJ..4.- ,M ,. V i W 2 , W, gi? ff 3..T1'1", .,., ff' K, 5 T ' 4" V WW f 'V L 3 . ,j,,,lM A 3 ik' ,MJ W If at k N Azz' 1 Tixgfg n ' V gg , I X ' 4 I if ri 1 .. H ""' :za 3'ti+!bH " -- .. Y A .1 -att, 4 4 , .tu 15 W, Ki? ,ff-an L ,L '.. uid ,2,'9J' , ' '9'.'x'!dgF Wa vt-4 I ,M fx x -' 4 QM'-2'-yfw M flgj .,.f , 3 9 yi , EZIIK.-I :Z A . ff M- 4:9 : - 15 Q ,g. ' ,K T 0 if an a. W, -. M ww -Eg LM M T4 QA 4. r '1 'f fs? c'w A f:'4' "Yi, sup vf' 1 A Y -4 .fha - - .- 1 Eb e "' 1 g v . - ' X 2 by Y 4 I X U 1 L 4' 1 A , f' , 2 , .nr M? 1 J. n v 2 1f'if3.+ .Qt ,aw A Q' N 3 4 .2 If ' J 1 . v V M N an tv, L 95 Ll' 41 2 wil -1 K2 v , 3 -1. 7 . QC - 'S' A P X 45,1 2 6' ii A 6 r s V V if N- W W MRS. MARKS, PERIODS I AND 2 FIRST ROW, Ieff fo righk Bonifa Smifh Carvel Buchholfz, Evelyn Poage, Pa9ricia Miller. SECOND ROW: Elwood Anderson, Garland Fosfenberry, Dennis McCurdy, James Kemp, Emogene Gordon, Chlorira Furnish, THIRD ROW: Donald Rossbach, Alice Smifh, Sonia Jackson, Mary West, Jack Limore, Jed Reynolds, Lee Lane FOURTH ROW: Bob Holliday, Carole Wise, Laurence Poole, Evangeline Dudal, Ann Wallace, Louise Roberrs, Pa? Eaqen, Mrs Marks. FIFTH ROW: Benny Mills, ArIen Rohl, Dale Visser, BIII Haqood, Adrienne Jicha, Jim Meek, Doug McCready. its fl' ,Biz 5' fy 1-9 -z5f ,,, W I F wiv 6 4 ki , f ,ww f 5 4 za is Q JW .,,.,, ,.,A.., A I..-v If V L U 1 , ' , 33:1 ' S, FS ' I ti! Qi A , bf' L ' if PQ i W fxx . , .Ly A A sg, I 'f w"9' N '- . : A Q f 1.41- vi' Q 'H 'x ,lk ' I A.. 46s""2x- R' Q-in 1 ,. LP ff L . L 2 ? ll 6? ,Q s 1 If S- if 2 -, siffvfy R S P' K5?""Q N uf ffl 7 1 9 , s 5 MM "J "" y L. 2 j., hivlfgiv 67, , ., H4 1 ,A-,M,y V 'f ' f Z M ' ,w f W, I , . r j :3.L,'fm,y f f Q .ik Q A , , .1 4,120 X, '33 as ' 'F' Q ,-0 ,A Eh, , 0 W 1 fsfk.a ic ir JOAN MILLIS AND BARBARA WALTER, senior. Edifors ...ACTI The sparlc oT ArcaTa T-ligh iTe has always been The numerous acTiyiTies conou:Ted and sponsored by The sTudenTs as members oT various classes or OrganizaTions. The l952-53 school year was no ex- ceOTion. The Tirsf highlighT was The Annual Fresh-Soph Brawl, a nighTmare To The parT'cipanTs and a ioy To The upperclassmen. The Frosh emerged vicTorious. Then The snowball began . . . GTS! League spons sored a l-Ti-Jinx TeaTuring a wfenef roasT, a Luo Day" whlch wenT over grea' wiTh The boys, and many noon dances . . . Bach-e 2reTTes came uo w'fh Their always-successTul Sadie Hawker' dance, 'Moun Tain Shin-Dig." aT which Joan Mi E arf: DCT Miier were named Daisy Mae ard Q" Abner . . . FuTure Farmers oT America sTageo The T-laryesT Bal . . . Excalibur soonsored The Chfvmaz Dance aT which Gayle Allen and Derns STarlr were crowned Queen and King of The V953 Advance ,. . CSF. members held Their annua' bar'gueT where 'Te membership Ding were gfyen To Anr Pewhman Mere Oppenf heimer, Les T-Tolgerzen Aah T-Terodclson Clara STonebaiger and Mary Lee and Band members 'oihed l'a'os To oresenT The T953 Svomberg . . . Choir G.A,A. INITIATION V ITIES... version oT Melody lnnf show which Turned OuT To be one OT The besT and mosT successTul ever sTaged . . . DramaTisTs presenTed plays during TourTh and fTTTh periods. during The Qpen T-Tousefl and parTici- paTed in The Drama T:esTival . . . R-K-Tan sponsored Their Barn Dance TeaTuring John, The mule" who disTurbed classes all day long wiTh his screeching.. . G.A.A. renewed old acguainTances when They held Their Annual Reunion . . . ArT Club sTaged one OT The mosT colorTul dances oT The year, The Masquerade Bali . . . T3uTure lelomemalrers CT America held severa Tai hion shows ard worked c o'ely w'Tn FFA. These represenT only a Tew oT The acTiy7Ties buT There were many oTher'-, including raiiief and ar sembles. Good rallief conTribuTeO To e1celler'T game aTTehoance. Perhaps The mosT unusual assembly cul- minaTed a moclr campagn during The T952 Ur'Teo STaTes oresidenTiaT race. STudenTs regisTered wiTln Their Ta-voriTe oarTy, li1Ter'ed To car'nr:a'gr soeeche' iIrr'ulaTed liTeraTure, and elecTed llce' Esenhower. VVhen you glance baclc Through your yearboolc if The yearn T9 come you'll cerTainly enioy remembedno al' These acTiyiTies which conTribuTeo To a very Tull hgh school liTe. BACHELORETTE INITIATION 'f M Mm , W, 4, ZZ! H, fi' 06 ,W ,f 1 7 A f i 4,1 in 9 M f Mn z f Zi V 1 ' '1' 1 vii ? M iii ww ,QV 545 ' of , 1 if with IJ, 'ff 3 f J f M 1, ffl! fa in uf 1. , ef X I 'em 1-f ii., -4 A '-' ' s F F.F.A. The Furure Farmers of America are always very aciive year in and year ouf. FIRST ROW, lei? fo right: Frank Borqes John Srnirl-er, Charles Bryan? Gene Slanley, Rodney Ledford George Henry Ted Chrisvian SECOND ROW: Mr, Flemming, Fred Jacobson, Carvel Buch- holz, Domingo Sanfos John Avila Richard Marlin Bob Rocha Ernesf Ghiseffi, Gene Boenlli Elwood Ande'scn Rich- ard Carr Irvin Vieira. THIRD ROW: Gran? Sherwood, Joe Duira, Wendell Andedon, Dick i-Ia"is .I m Barnes Floyd Head- ows, Harry Strong, Ed Olson, Doug McC'eady, Carleron Tim- mons, Roberf Schwab, Ivan Muessiq, Don Hooyen, Mr, Par- sons. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Dickey Harold Fisher, Wal? Christian Don Leen, Don Bric- key, Roberf Dellabalma, Mike Newman, Paul Loyland, Bob Blake, Don Perry, Ray Dudal . FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS AND FUTURE FARMERS . Led by Iirsl sernesler presioenl Juno Woodside, EI-I.A. members designed and made new uniforms-red iurnpers. The group sponsored a I-Ialloween and a Chrislmas parlry. Belly Faulkner look over lhe pregidenlial oilice during rhe second sernesler. While ll'1e homemaker: bu-'ed lhemselves wilh cooking, sewing. and lhe lilce, lhefr brorher club o owe: fieldf and ere-pareo chickens for lhe deep lreeze. Mike Chrieiian was oreky lor rlne year. ll 2 ,II -A A F.I-'.A. The Fufure Hornemakers of I America sponsor many acfiyilies buf mos? irnporfanr of all Ihey qain valuable experience. FIRST ROW, Ieff Io rIqI'1I2BeHy Faulk- ner, Evelyn Poage Pal Miller Melva Tierney, Mariorie Leiih- elier, SECOND ROW: Linda Baker, Doffie Hubbell, Misg R059 I'I6Q0Dian Carole Seisser Nadine Charley Bobbie Loddy Mrs Evelyn Kohlgr Ty-qlgrj ROW: Kay Price, Arlefa Lans- berrv Marjorie Hicks Bill 9 Brock, Kathleen Hamblock Do. reen Ward, Donna Sfandley Barbara Summers v 4 1 - . , My M X MW !l W W 744 ,554 Mi WU, R . -- M I Q Q J! i , f , RALLY COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, lei? fo righl: Dor- othy Souza, Kafherine Whitney Nifa Nelson, Rose Marie Areias Shirley Ennes, Lorefla Baiocchi Curfis Larsen. SECOND ROW: Berry Faulkner Shirley Wood Doffy Wilkenloh, Sandra Niel- sen, Birdie Carlson, lris Hagan, Merle Oppenheimer, Delores Dahlen, ElenorSchmi1f Sally Conklin. THIRD ROW: Donna Wesf, Minnie Carlson, Arlene Coflron, Susan Spidell, Char- Iofre Mason, Joan Macro, Erma Enright, Joan Millis, FOURTH ROW: Barbara Hensel Gayle Reynolds, Maxine Williams, Sharon Parsons, Marianne Mc- Morrine, Donna Afkins, Darlene Gassaway, Joyce Dudal, Pal Hammond, Ed Sfuarf. FIFTH ROW: Ted Orouf, Ken Chris- fiansen, Kay Besecker, Karen Paulsen, Mary Anne Ely, Dick Sorenson, Pal' Nelson, Virqinia Rounds Loren Abhnlr, Vern Turner, Don Hill. PM .RALLY COMMITTEE AND PEP CLUB. Rally Commillee, guided by Joan lvlillis during lhe inilial semesrer and by Ann Peilhman during lhe second lerm, helped lo mainlain a high sraridaro ol spiril and sporlsmanshi al Arcala l-ligh. The rallies lhey coriduclecl were a vira conlribulion ro rhe schoo. The Pep Club was organized during lhe loolball season by Joar Millis ano her lellow yell leaders. The purpose ol lhe orqanizafion is lo slimulale a rhzfe unilorrr and lively roofing secliori al all alhlelic corilesls. lvlembers are qranled 20 peinls lor every praclice session and game lhey alrend. l i 5 l I :N 2 c A A ... A 4. Q 3 PEP CLUB FIRST ROW. leff lo righfi Par M'Iler, Pefe Barnes, Berry Faulk- ner Sandra Bishop Sarah Spi- dell, Charles Wafson Scolr Holmes, Don Hall, Carl Beck, Rose Mary Olive'ra SECOND ROW: Merle Oppenheimer. Erma Enriqhr Joan MiSl's Clara Sfonebarqer, Dol Sreiner, Ann Peifhman Rose Mary Corlrell, Jirn Hodqeson THIRD ROW: Dan Forbes, B'll G'over, Robert Lloyd Harry Jackson Belly Walron Don Svinrh Tom Rob- e"s Pai.l Felshe' Bill Fabbri 63 RADIO CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Curfls Larsen, Don HalI, GeraId Afklns and Fefe Barnes, members of Ihe s"naII buf Inferesfing Radio Club. GA A, Members of fhIs acvive cIub are LEF- TO RIG-HTt Iris Hagan Jane? T7n?o Erma Enriqnf Ann Hiff Karen Pao sen Dorovhy Sfeiner Pa' Nelson Be1Iy La'- son, CnarIof+e Mason Kathy Wn"ne. Shirley Enrres Center are the adv7so's Miss Feildinq and MISS BabIer 'Ns EJ' g If f f ,E ,-0' 17 v WRITERS' CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Trunk advlsorg Dafhene Gammon, Mariiean Bervand, Mered In Heiiman Isecreiarv-freasurem Jean Pafenaude Joanne Beer Ipresi- denfl NOT PICTLIRED: Ruin NIchoIs Ivice-presldenij Carnilie Move? Danny Nyberg. R-K-TAN FIRST ROW 'eff Io right. Rex Wosds, Ke-I Svrornbewg La"y Foro Ca'Iefon Tin-'nons Jacr Famkr-er Ha'mon Elon- nixsen SECOND ROW LeRoy Johnson Do' Per-erson Dwck Sorenson! Roberv Jacobson GIer'n Fccxharf Edwin Rod-, Mr Chevkoykn THIRD ROW: Ed Murphy Les Hofqefsen John Dads Vernon T.-'ne' Jerry Jenkirs JIm EIy Don H791 Don FO'd, EXCALIBUR FIRST ROW Iefv ro fight: AIan Feuer- werker Chuck Wa'son Dan Fc'bes Rodney Cox M'ke Befke' SECOND ROW: Bob Ho Iday .Urn AvT'a Don Lee Dav7d Dcney B7 B'e:nb' Bob Rossbacx Lore- Aobo'r THIRD ROW R?:"a": Hanes Don Wa's:" B' Fab- b" Don Wa 'e' Je'e B-:m Ke'--e'n Pos' V' Cady an Z X bl :Z 2 Q5 GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS One of fhe Iarqesf organizations in the school, GIrIs' League was governed by Ihese sfudenis. SEATED. left fo right CarIene CarIson, CarIa B'isfIIn Ins nlaqen, STANDING: Karen PauIsen Mrs Marks, Rufh Eyereri Jane Chapman SybIe Bagley I BACHELORETTES FIRST ROW, lell lo righl: Dolores Haeqer, Marie Ul- rner, Madonna Keefauver, Loreffa Baiocchi, Pal Hall, Syble Bagley. SECOND ROW: Mary Lee Sfromberg, Darlene Haeqer, Shirley Bugenig, Susan Spidell, Gayle Allen, Phyllis Scofi, Miss Carroll. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Pefers, Pafricia Pel- ers, Barbara Waller, Carla Brisllin, Janel Beffendorl, Jane Chapman. ' . . BACHELORETTES AND ART CLUB . Dig." Under lhe guidance ol Jane? Berlendorl, president and Miss Rulh Carroll, ad- V yisor, lhey held Their Annual Reunion Banouel, always a pleasanl allair. ln lvlay lhey enioyed a weekend carnoing rrip. Baihelorelies ako deigned a new uniform, adding glamour lo The girls. 'q Cheore+les slaged Their Annual Sadie l-lawlcins Day learuring a 'lvlounlain Shin- lhe Arr Club, led by Janel linlo and advised by lvlffs Pearl Degenharr, held Several club sociala and sponsored The very colorful Wlvlaiquerade Ballf ART CLUB FIRST ROW, left ro right: LeRoy Ralresfraw, David Davis, Larry Ford, Clarence Enos. SECOND ROW: Elea- nor Haighf, Mariiean Berl- rand, Joyce Van Alen, Char- lotte Hard, Donna Wesr, Wanda Wilcox,HarrieY1 Ewell, Bonifa Smilh, Merle Oppenheimer, Janeffe My- rin. THIRD ROW: Carol Poff, Dawn Anlrer, Kathy Payne, Phyllis Clark, Shirley Love, Rufh Evereff, Allyene Willrenloh, Rella Hammond, Jane? Tinlo, Joanne Beer. Margaret Burlrarr, Belly Huho. i 4 - S X Y 1" t , ' ,, .. . , s ,Y 550 42. a 'F'41m. BDTil ., Q NW 2 FIRST ROW, left fo right Les Holqersen, Bruce Beniamin, Mary Anfilla, Gerald Davies, David Manifold, Don Waller, Mr. Woodrow Thompson, direcfor. SECOND ROW: Virginia Dudal, Doffie Wilkenloh, Maxine Williams, Gayle Reynolds, Dick Sorenson, Keiih Anderson, Gayle Allen, Palricia Perers, Mary Lee Slromberg, Jacie Jones, Sandra Neilson, Mary Anne Ely, Ann Hill. THIRD ROW: Sharon Murdock, Mike Berker, Elanore Schmifl, Karen Paulsen, Vernon Turner, Rose- mary Coflrell, Grace Hamblock, Don HiH, Jerry Jenkins, Phyllis Scoll, Kay Roberfs, Shirley Wood. FOURTH ROW: Kay Besecker, Roger Helqeson, Don Pelerson, Lynn Layion, Edwin Rodriq chbill, Joyce Dudal, Jim Barham, John Vieira, Larry Wing. FIFTH ROW: Palricia Fernleaf, Don Lee, Elsie Thornfon, Pa? Linville, Harmon Bonniksen, lris Osborne, Ed Murphy, David Doney, Jere Buck, Ramona Souza, Phyllis Peiers, Ed Offer. SIXTH ROW: Owen Smari, Erma Enriqhl, Joan Millis, Bill TucttArl Coffron, Dolores Alkin5,.2.utk-Cberry,CasselQuio1. tk .-- l N fQ , A , + +50-' 'BGL ,T ,LQ-QYoe,...C. X - i1"ef3Lx1,t'- J fs- ' A'Cii5 Hgh! wellelcnown Band agar cfeouceo new and sieriling affanqemenis and 'iu+'ne1 undef ilfe difecien of Vf. W:53f5w Themeson, They Q6V:O'l'T"9d a+ a'hle+i: ra'- '61 ini? Qofnes a+ 5S?6mbi'SS 'Cf veffus 27.72 iunchcns and al ilfwe annual American Legfn Fe fl N'qi1+ he 3 'n Hufnoo CO1 Peizwceo Bcw. They wen? on +l1e'f annual iour 'n Asfi ifevekiy il :Sf seuil' as Sen Ffafefie. The A Caece a Cher was '5'EC ev nnany one ei ine hes' eyef essemb'e-cl by Wise Caffe . Tl-ey peffofrnec 5+ Men, gefnefrgs fkfouglneui 'ri-e yeaf s+ar+ing wiih 'he Teaclnefs Ir-s+Pu+e in Eufeke. Dufnq 'ne Cnfsinnes season ihe A Cepceka Choir was 1e'nec cy ine JV, Cher ana 'ke Chefs fe sefeec rnuslc and nvirii- efcuno Areoia. Ci"Ci' one Band Vl'l3VT'106'S ones nenzi 'n 'he Cfeduden oi lvleicify lV"'.i' 'lhe ee? ana rnes' successrui Siege shew e.ef cfezufe-3. The sceilighi was Cn Wcfid '.'us't.' Funds '5iS61'i wen+ ffwefc 'he 'nifencj 3' We annual inps ialcen oy We Chef iii 'he Banc. an is A CAPPELLA CHCH? FYRST ROW Neff fo 'iqh' Do1o'es Hgeqer Swan Spide' !'slH.1qd' Cec e Cfwva ho Dorofrry Souza Marlryn Coope' Jane? Beffendorl, Sharon Fcrsons, Jean Rrcharcs Ann Pehnfra' SECOND ROW Maxrne- W'NMdms, Joanne Baer Safe' Rodr? ues, Shirley Lusrer Cadene Carrson, Barbara Wmfe' Carla B"sr'n Par Hammond Ann HIM, Kay Kilrinqer Miss gurroil. THIRD RCW Walfer Burrerfleld, John G-Nchrlsf Bar? Evans Vernon Friedli, BNI Breckbilll T J Cowns Dane! Lewis. Georqe Fouanf Spencer Graham Frank Srmfd FOURTH ROW Ed Fedder Dale McFarFdnd Gerald Davies Rfcharf: Hynes Jrm EW Dfmle Keenan John D-is Calf-Cooper Norman Eaforw, BHITuCk MAJORETTES Arcana mQ's'e+'es a'e e" 'Q "qi-rv Karen K'esVensen Shawn WI gon E167- Ecq ef Snrey Be'q'-'an Swan Roo' qw: S-sa' DeR::se" Jcseznne Fa qfies Kneerg 7141" sheer: rv-Q Ve"-2 Rose Maw Eaqndes 6 4 "' , , .J 4 f , 1 5 .,,, ,. f f nl Q, v 44 6 ,. I ' U I I I WK 'M "f . if ',.. f- .,,., zu ,, v- , 1 ' , H 73? vv v s JV CHOIR FIRST ROW, lefl lo rlqh?'MarllynnSl1ouSe Flo'ence Gm errel Lois Shannon Sharron Wilson Birdie Carlson, Vonniece Anqier, Marina Smilh Jeannefle Liqhfhill Syryia Linzy Shirley Ennes Faye Babcock. SECOND ROW: Darlene Anf- illa, Carolyn Wenfworlh, Shirley Burgess, Dar ene C Won Darlene Haeqer Rose Mary Fagundes, Darlene Foresfi, Eleanor PeHil, Toni Gabriel, Doris Baxler, Pal Hall THIRD ROW' Miss Carroll Virginia Dudal, Lolita Jones, Beverly Alden, Nancy McCormick, Nancy Bresee, Sharon Murdock, Dorothy Sfeiner, Kalhleen Hambloclr, Jeanefle Aldrich, Joyce Van Alen FOURTH ROW: Don Hall Gary Simpson Carl Foranf Larry Winq Ken? Slromberg, Gary Taylor CIIH Chapple Gary Young Diclr Hams, Dick Lipscomb Morrill Evans FIFTH ROW' Ken Chrisliansen, Roberl Lloyd, Roy Dunn, Art Taylor Bud Henderson Lee Flaiz Fred VcCranie Wayne Kivle Jim Meek, Gary Scott, Jim Rice. SIXTH ROW: Jack Fawlrner Jay Linden Don Sv'r'fl' Lawrence Combs Darol Fosfe' B'l Nessler Bruce Coulfer, Don Coulfer A'+ha' Shelley Lloyd Seale Don Leen 'S il Il: ,,o.a. CHOIR ALTERNATES FIRST ROW 'eff fo riqhr: Ka'e' K'es- 'ense' Ba'cara Rasse Diane H' U,-e if Ka""y Hai'-es Lorena F:s'e' SECOND 'f ROW B S""'1 J" Dace La"y F:': Ca' os DeR:sse'+ Do- Haw-pby Cha- eg X 'iffgfi I. 'L 2, 1-gg' ivbffjlwl. Fi 1.13.3 -A HI-Y CLUB Members of the newlyeorganized Hi-Y Club are, FIRST ROW, lefi io right: Lyn Vinum Jim Bearden, Leroy Johnson Mr, John For, sylhe SECOND ROW: Jirn Ely Vern Turner Dale Keenan Bill Breclrbill, LATIN CLUB Those raking lirsl year Lalin and belon ing fo fhe Lalin Club are, FIRST ROW, leg fo righf: Bob Loring, Lyle Milliqan, Eric An- derson, Tom Fay, Faye Hendrix, Helen Olson, Dalhene Gammon, SECOND ROW. Arlhur Hammond, John Vieira, John Gil- chrisl, Barbara Hensel, Lois Haynes, Alice Sfephens, Rena McLennan, June Ford, THIRD ROW: Karen Paulsen, Ed Murphy, Paul Felsher, Don Peferson, John Borol, Joanne Twifchell, Miss Rulh Eversole. SPANISH CLUB Members of the Spanish Club are FIRST ROW, lei? lo right: Mary Burrow, Perris Pringle, Yvonne Papini, Gail Enrighf, Ro- berva Dodson, Shirley Ennes Rose Marie Areias, Juaree Ray, Mary Fesler Mariin Gonzales. SECOND ROW: Dolores Srnifher, Mariiean Bertrand, Jacie Jones Doris Bax- fer, Dawn Anlrer, Joanne Beer, Camille Moflef, Georgia Baker, Ann Wallace, Sue Holmes THIRD ROW: Ken? Sfromberg, Jim Robinson Ruby Raley, Charlolie Mason, Kay Benbroolr, Ronald Le Veque, Mike Ber- ker, Clyde Eller Iris Osborne Sharon Har- per, FOURTH ROW: Owen Smart Peggy Nielsen, Virginia Barker Margie Avila, Bill Sfymiesf Sharon Parsons Wanda Miller. Don Nichols, Bob Holliday, Louis Brero, FIFTH ROW: Larry Baldwin Donald Lee, Harry Jackson, Mary Anne Ely, Barbara Waller, Ar? Taylor, Danny Nyberg Dick Sorenson Herman Bonnilrsen Dale Keenan, Don Waller, Gary Holmes Bob Chrislie Jim Ely Vern Turner, Bob Lawson, Miss Eversole, K 7, ..,...w....M....a PEPPERBOX EDITORS 4 1 Firsr semester editor Madonna Kee- lauver and second semesfer boss Joan Millis smile for cameraman Richard Jarboe. 409' 2.-5 h ' M J PEPPERBOX STAFF Picfured behind the massive figlure of advisor George Sfudley is Yhe I952-53 newspaper staff. FIRST ROW, lef? to righf: Marilynn Shouse, Barbara Trugillo, Merle Oppenheimer, Dorothy Harsh, Marie Ulmer. SECOND ROW: Niia Nelson Dale McFarland, Joan Millis, Alan Hendrickson, Dol Sreiner, Marge Prasch, Thelma Nelson. ,,4. 'J Merle Oppenhe mer, Iell, Advance edilor, and Madonna Keefauvor, Jane? Tinto was a valuable member of lhe Advance slaff She is see ight Ad ance bus ness manager, consulf wilh Mr. Jarboe who made here wilh Miss Pearl Deqenharf, ar? advisor for lhe Ad an possible lhe excellenl picfure coverage. .PUBLICATIONS . .. "More lor your money" was lhe slogan ol lhe l953 Advance slall and one which Edilor Merle Oppenheimer. Advisor George Sludley, and lhe slall lried lo lullill, "ll I can allord an Advance, so can you" read signs on several ragged loolcing people one line day. Inquiry revealed lhal lhe hoboes were slall members al worlc, Mr. Jarboe and Redwood Sludios loolc mosl ol lhe piclures and helped provide lhe besl piclure coverage lo dale. Wilh lhe Aoril 2 deadline being mel, Lederer, Slreel and Zeus ol Berkeley senl lhe yearbools lo Arcala I-ligh in lhe middle ol May. The 'Pepperboxf' lhe school newspaper, slill slruggled along and managed lo gel I6 issues oll lhe presses ol Mr. Gordon I-ladleys Arcala Union shop. Al lhe beginning ol lhe year lvlr. Sludley, advisor, divided lhe publicalions group inlo lwo parls, new sludenls learning lhe lundamenlals while old sludenls manned lhe slall. lvlany lcinlcs slill remained and resulled in anolher change which goes inlo ellecl ne-xl Seplembert hencelorlh, Journalism I sludenls will sludy lhe lundamenlals while Journalism ll eluf denls will handle all publicalions exclusively. Syble Bagley Advance booklreeper, receives inslruclions from Mr. Dorothy Harsh and Ted Baker were lwo non-slalf members ho ass sled Robeff Walker, ACIVBHCB bUSll"9SS ddVIS0f. a greal' deal wilh all lhe delails involved in lhe p od cl on of e Advance. We 2. ' 'VTANIF Xjcpz ' 'yi HULA IQ:-1AMARlTA M. 75?-'f g'tf"1"V: . aa I H 1 lf. . m .xl--,. cgi- fl. f...4 455 ',QL. MEL CHOIR an O d 'ANCJC Mt-FillYfJ f.,OfWH2 V952 at 1 5' ,lwwwf Jw EL' awd ZTJART SCHIRMANN Q, KATHY HAINH ,En l if-' WX I I 1 , ,. ii? .5 X 3 i Y a if 8 ff' L2 D Sui QQ 5 Q ii? i ,..', . f ,4,, . lr egmiiy' E' 91 Vi .QW an mul . hh' 32 ta, N 1 1 f , l '45 f 2 2 32 yy 4 4. l' ,ew WW v 'irq ,A . J g 5 'N - gm iw, mr' I r I P I i A rs ,sn- -'S QVQB 1--fs?" ff' NES' I' Saw sh' , - DALE MCFARLAND, Boys' Sporfs Edilor ANN HITT, 6irls'Spor1s Editor HATHLETICS. Tigers on lhe Prowlz Trained and drilled by 'rwo of lhe iinesf high school coaches in lhe business, Ed Oliveira and Mel Klein, Arcala l-ligh's alhlelic leams gave a good accounl of lhemselves lhroughoul lhe year. Coach Klein had anoiher rough season wilh his Tiger Lighlweighl hoop squad bul bounced back wilh success wilh his Track squad. l-lead Coach Oli- veira was more iorlunale wilh his Tiger l-leavies and conlinued his line record wilh his Baseball squad. Bolh coaches came up wilh a grid machine which was in conlenlion all The way. Coaches and alhleles enioyed The availabilily of lhe new gym buf are looking forward lo lhe day when lhe new alhlelic field will be compleled. Tigerehles BaHle: Girls al Arcala l-ligh are privileged in possessing one of 'rhe mosl ouislanding alhlelic programs in Norlhern California, Parlially affribulable 'ro The new Coaches review day's program. physical educalion planl, lhe program is due mosrly lo lhe unliring efforls of Miss Evelyn Feilding. Miss Feilding, in her nineleenlh year al Arcala l-ligh, has developed girl alhlelics from nolhing fo a program in which every girl in school has an op- porfunily lo parlicipale, eifher in gym classes, in inlerperiod compelilion, or in inlerclass compe' liiion. During lhe pasf year she was ably assisled by a former Tigerelle, Miss Anna Babler. In one year of leaching, Miss Babler has won lhe friendship and admiralion oi every girl involved in ihe girls' aih- Ielic program. As eclilors for lhis seclion of lhe I953 Advance, we would like lo dedicale fhe nexl few pages 'ro Miss Feilding and lo Miss Babler. If is our hope lhal lhey will find pleasure in reviewing lhis seclion and +ha+ we have iealured a sporls seclion for girls which porlrays a lillle of lhe enioyrnenl every girl who has parficipaled in sporls has experienced. Mr. Jarboe calches some sideline siqhls. g"T'3""",M W 2, My 3 A VV VV V, W , , , , Vg , ., V Q gf,,fnj,54 ,,4g,35.S,LH J V ' 5 , .V , VV f f f' ,- ,. ,sf M f iw V , V , . 1 L ,L , f 5 I . A v V. ' . . 2 2 'N' M' "' 11 if V, ff? l952 FOOTBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW, lefr to right Ferris Pringle, Lee Flaix, Carlos Dekosself, Bufch Kilmer, Frank Vieira, Alan Hendrickson, Carl Carlson, Wall Chrislian, Phil Royal, Richard Marlin, Don Hampton. SECOND ROW: Harmon Bonnikxen, Earl Moranda, Bill Slymiesf, Ray Figueroa, Dick Millar, Spencer Graham, Willis Danny, Vernon Frildli, T. J. Collins, Dennis Sfark, Darrel Lewis. THIRD ROW: Ed Fodder, Jim Ely, Darol Fosler, Walf Davis, Lynn Laylon, Vernon McCurdy, Bill Nessler, Bill Hicks, John Peterson, Wal? Guy, Len Necochea. . FOOTBALL. Lilce a wave rolling wilh increasing volume, lhe Tiger loolball squad ended lhe season sharing second place in lhe league slandings wilh lhe defending champs from Forluna. Ed Oliveira's crew won lhree, losl one, and lied anolher. All games were excifing bul lhe crucial one wilh lhe l-luslries was exceptional. The ballle was lense all rhe way, lealured plenly ol' aclion, and ended in a 6-6 lie. The Eureka clash was a hearl-breaker for lhe learn as well as for The enlire sludenl oody. The compelilion was rough buf lhe Arcala 'team never gave up hope uniil lhe Vnal gun. Nex' season's squad will be minus many of lhe l952 regulars buf 'lhis year's reserves should come 'rhrough wilh ihe same high caliber of play. if 5 'F is ! 4 Z - , 5 f, fx xii ' .xt 1,45 si it , . ,g X 'jx ki? , 5' I Q 1 , 4, , , I ,ff gk z x M9 ti? li ff: Q., I vV, . V iA. U , I J A ,, 2, T, 5 A . 5. J E S., . f f A ff .32 V i v w A gf . , , .. in iw ' 7 r Z 'Y , M 1 4 'V l '23- ! , 1, NEWS. A ' ' , 42N5:'f' ' s S' , ,M , Q. V f , Q f ' ' - ' Q 3 -. JQ . 'xxx IP J 'Q ' Q if M LQ' Sus: f D 6' i. , 5 A 1 1 Y 4' . ,A ' Q ' A ' ' , A 8 I Y ,fx Q .N 1 ' ' if . ' 'V . , 4 'pf' ' 'f F-35 7 A + x 4 .1 lv ' I fv if Q .Q ' ,,, - , .X 4 I Q ' ' 5 ' Q- WQJ. , - ' x - 'QS ' " X' is 1 w N . f 5, is. -' - X 4 . ' -1 v- f wx Q. s 1 , 4 K hw, au' ia'-V 9-9 P n gs 722 .W H 1 37 4 is Q -4 Ji O 1 ' Pk ,, 1' ,S a ' ,A ,,.' X ,V ' 9 ' J 1 ggz O , ,, f I H ,I f Y' a -f lf I A i I 2 ag M 52? I I E 4 4,1 E 5 'A V M", f .xx 5 ,,,4 Q 2 Y' , X, gh Qh ik , III Lg W M., ,QE 1 K , Q W 4, W 45 vsRNoN M CURDY JOHN PETERSON wfmzn mvus i A K, '51 - Q if Q u LEE FWZ cARLos D Rossm Q lg.. z , U x ' gf Y n, U VERNON FRIEDLI Al AN Hmnnlcvcnu 2 fs FIRST ROW, leff lo righl: Vern Friedli, Willis Denny, Bill Daniels, Richard Haines, Jim Carier. SECOND ROW: Ron Walker, Darol Fosler, Jim Ely, Don Hifi, Bob Lawson. THIRD ROW: Bill Hicks, Lynn Laylon, Bob Allord, Vern McCurdy, Les Holgersen. . HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL . The '53 lnoop season will noi be soon iorgorlen by llne srudenls of A.U.l-l.S. or by llne loyal adull followers. ll lock line :nal crucial conlesl willn llie powerful Forluna l-luslcies 'ro decide wlwere rlie Tiger l-leavies would wind up in llie final C.l.l:. slandings. Surprising everyone by playing cliarnpionsliip ball all 'flue way, ine Tiger Unlimileds dropped llie lasl 'rwo garnes on llie schedule. Del Norle, llie evenlual cliarnpion, proved lo be a lillle loo rougli and spirii-A or 'rlwe second lrip around, even lor Bob Allord. l-laving losl an oppcrrunily lo L W. 1 2 sliafe oi rlie ilag, rlie Oliveira men look on Forruna in llne iinale.Tl1e l-luslcies spread 1 oorn ali over 'rlwe place by upselling llie odds and se++ing rlne slage lor llie Tiger' ureipecleo ofop ro secono place in 'rlwe final league zlandings. All was nol losr However, as Bob A' Cro brolce line C.l.l3. individual season scoring record by ne++ing a lolal oi 294 ponls and brouglil recognE+ion +o Arcala l-ligli by malcing several all-s+ar learns. Bob was unanimously selecied as rlie cenler ior llne All- COun+y +eam. R 1 jp, w 114, a 7, ,Q D Q4 WWE 3 , p' M BILL DANIELS BOB ALLORD JIM CARTER ,,,, ,,L. ,N f n".",,' ' H, ,Q 5 N 'ff' ,, 4' 1 141, M 518: DAROL FOSTER LES HOLGERSEN 14 if! ' L- Wgqzgv W ' A Wav' ' Ak ,f.Q 4gu . L ff S43 NSI .yt I X 122 A X y af v ' M 'g 31 '1 F A 'f 6 R :F Ls 1 - f RON WALKER VERNON MCCURDY BOB LAWSON FIRST ROW, lefl lo righf: Gary McCann, Gary Young, Bob Crulchfield, Carl Carlson, Danny Forbes. SECOND ROW: Clyde Eller, Lyle Milligan, Alan Feuerwerker, Gene Forson, Dekle Faullr. THIRD ROW: Lyn Vinum, Larry Johnson, Jim Vinum, Sieve Bray, and Alan Hendrickson. . LIGHTWEIGI-IT BASKETBALL . . The Tiger Lighlweighls, sparlred by Gary McCann and Bob Crulchlield, weren'l able 'ro crash lhe upper division buf 'rhey proved lough lo beal all lhe way. Aller a slow srarl' crowded wilh lighl games, lhe "Tiny Tigers" wound up The season as one oi lhe besl' clubs in 'rhe league. The fourlh quarler seemed lo be an unconquerable obslacle for Coach KIein's quinlel lhroughoul 'rhe season. His casaba arlisls led mosl of lheir conlesls lhrough rhe inilial lhree quarlers before biling lhe dusl. The Tiger Limifeds were never lalcen lighfly by 'rheir opponenls. Allhough 'rhey ended up nexl lo lhe cellar, nol a bad word can be said againsl lhemi fhey played hard, experlly, and upheld Arca+a's honor lo lhe lullesl exlenl. Proof of 'rhe slrenglh of lhese hardwood men was demonsfraled when lhey shellaclced Del Norle-'s upper brackel live 'rwice during lhe season. Proof can also be found in lhe records which placed Bob Crulchlield on lhe All'Coun+y learn and Gary McCann on lhe second srring. ,Z 1 , o 9 . I si f?T'1' In X .au R13 ' Y av-R xW, GARY MCCANN BOB CRUTCHFIELD CLYDE ELLER -E LYN VINUM GARY McCANN .ml X-- f n.s,' sr- CARL CARLSON GARY YOUNG BOB, CRUTCHFIELD 15. ,, ,, ff f' f V' . 45,552 , ,,,M,g ,Af , . H ff azz ' aff' rl , Y 1 '.:.'2'vT"' -s at H ! 1 'K f 'ff ir , Vg fi A 'Q w'T.gVi,3' . ,Z.B2Y?7' I i ' 4 2 fr I , .. . , - ,K an ' X. . K x ' 5 X - x F ERA-2' f ,- . W, xk.x O. 4 , 'YQ ' X " xg ,f,fQSlff'1Ef1 ,A sf ' is? Sf '51-K 1 x Q X J, 9 M., U34 I 4 M 37 V' U ff Q.: 1 S: fb 4 'gs I? 4 4 ,hx X f . Y wi v .Qld I953 BASEBALL SQUAD FIRST ROW, Iefi fo right Perris Pringle, Bob Crufchfield, Don Hampfon Vernon Friedli Gary McCann Gary Sump son SECOND ROW: Bob Lawson! Cari Carhon Lynn Layfon, Darrol Lewis Bob AI!ord Len Necochea BW Hwcks Larry Johnson, Walfer Guy, Dennis Siark Arnie Taqqari Jim Rice, Ove' 70 pfcspeife +LfF3G Cu? :er fl'e N953 GIGWNCPC Vi'S:'y' TC give Coe E C Qelfi Hoses Fc' gnynef gccc SGGSCP. Pfacffe qc' mcefwev 'mrvezfafe fc We U'rWQ'e+fL' cf 'Ve bwleibfw Qeafcni 'air neies "He: seven: I'i:1'f g ff We sfffq surenre 'ifn Mm 'Pe Cfemond mmf' Pm 'rg CLff7CC'E. GIVTAES wefe DLGVSB once aqffn cr We Humbflf Cfatz darnfni. Tne ffamr f f f :Gund ECC A tri Cn We rncmz WV? Die I'+iV7"C+C' C6L""'C W3 sive. L." 'neenev :ff base Gam M'Cf:M ,eiwet feifffm Cece 535 Laws? f1.e'-ec "S fri JV' 9462 Pew 'zfwn 'ee Fe' fnfef. 'Ni +e' S., Lee Ne" "ew fi S14 :avi ec We :awe i. -V , , fx , . . . . ' 1L"',G"f,' "E SGEST' LJTECVX JS 'it Cf:""?'T " 'nfi C ""' F' " we nwi-'ec B: Cv -9 e. 1,,F e Tffffa. I, ,- . . . ff-fn ef -. -ff, ff - nf, rv Q... -q- xg Lu-G' -1 H. ' EQ' ., th' 4 'xx J 144 "7 '75 W Af ..-..-f vga, A 7,7 fi 1 4 .ff .,..--- gym ,ff , fig"?-,gif 1 ' qi, mf, , nv L. R' as I953 TRACK SQUAD Deadline pressure made ii impossible for the Advance sfaff fo idenfify fhe cindnrmen picfured above buf here is fhoir picture for poshrify. . TRACK . . Coach Mel Klein lurned luis allenlions loward lraclc and field warlare following llwe Conclusion of llwe baslcelball season and prepared lnis squad lor llie defense of flue 'rliree Tilles won during 'flne l952 season. Over 70 llwinclads 'rurned our For The lirsl call and lirlle lime was losl' belore pulling llnem 'rlnrougli condilioning drills. Relurning velerans ol previous lraclc and field balfles were Jere Buck. Carlos DeROsseH, Alan l-lendriclcson, Lee Flaiz, Vernon McCurdy, Hare rnon Bonnilmsen, Les l-lolqersen, Dale Keenan. Jim Ely, Jolnn Davis, Bill Breclibill, Darol Fosler, Willis Denny, Kenl Shomberq, il. J. Collins, Milce Berker, and ollners loo nurner- cus ro rnenlion. Especial' lwearlenin lo Coacli Klein were 'rlie numerous Freshmen who lurned our- . Y - q 1 1 al of wlnicln gave liirn sCrne+l'mng lc worlc willi 'foward llwe lulure. As always, fflie seaser enoed willn 'rlne All-Counly meel' lweld al' Hurnbcldl Slale C: eqe la+e in May. nf M ,Mi I VZ f 4ff' Y " ,.,. ' Wh 1 . D 0 , fr 'A Q s 3 - lil R -1 ,i'2.-1 , , ,,,,, ' i , , 3' M ,gffw .gn . 1 -am , , 9 X W ' ,A Q 1 kf Q P4 E- .sh ' f mf .QA A 1 '-.A , K ,K f I s ,pf A . rw fn, A-wwf V 21555 Fw, Q Har Z- Nix fm.. is ,V Q49 X' fum -'ff iff! 'WZ9 4 , ,,,,,.y,W , ,,A,.,,',. ,W f V355,f,f,n: ZZQ, f 1 'f ' . L if i I :mi ,Q A A ,QM Z 1, , ,X ff ff f - J ywfijiifif' W H, V! Q D, 11 ! G : dw f F ? fi ' A .W ,.,.,-qv4?""'- Mu-aff-r1f""'W" ' f, 1 fu" 'K--.A.,,.. - mb? : ., 4' r 9 O I if I ry r H 4 x E ' ,MV "4 "' ' .Va"E" '63 if' A - 1 .. 545' 4 ,Q , N VZ :A 'B r QD 'W H f . , 'QA . GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL . One or fne rnosf oopuier teen: sr,or's 3+ Aiofu High il voneybeff. Once again, Marks ro rnucln QonCen+rsa+'or on LL,.UCdF7'QV'+?:!E fne annuai +ournen1enTs feafureo a lor ni oukfandinq olay. Tre Juniors won We sired Zrferdas' +3,r'fr1enr by wrwlooinq ine Senfors 33-29. Junors Paf Neko? Klvgf Pffusen, one Kan' K' Irger were 'oar muon for We T ,er Tn sone of fne OUfi+5"'C'fQ fron' ine erlfcrns 55 fnerr own Vlrqrfa Rounds. The Inferperloo rournannenr wenf 'o Karnerrre WnS+ney', frsr period Team. Rufn Cnerry, unable 'ro Qornpe+e In rne efrer-urea? 'r:Jrnamen+a, proved To be one of 'rlne oufafandlnq Senior paver rnrougnom 'fre year. Bonne Sweonv, wr: ll Nei we' 5' en, Lisfen wee ere of fne fop Prose ifers. RUTH CHERRY PAT NELSON VIDA HARSH MINNIE CARLSON . . . GIRLS' ARC!-IERY . . . For lhe lirsl lime since l94l when John Bogess 'raughl a bil of archery lo Arcala's gals, 'rhe popular sporl was 'ralcen up again as a parl ol The girls physical educalion curriculum. New eguiprnenl was purchased and, allhough lack of lime and space limiled lhe ac+ivi+y +o Seniors, crealed much inferesl in all classes. Chosen by Miss Feilding as being lhe lop archers were iive all'around Senior alh- leles. Carla Brisllin and Shirley Ennes, who seemed lo possess a nalural abilify lor archery, headed fhe lisl. Clara Slonebarger, an allbaround afhlele, came nexl. Dol Sleiner and Jane? Bellendorf cornpleled lhe lisf. Archery is beneficial lo all who learn lhe arl ol bow and arrow because il involves much liming and coordinalion-and offers opporlunily lor individual or small group compelilion. DOROTHY STEINER SHIRLEY ENNES CLARA STONEBARGER CARLA BRISTLIN . GIRLS' BASKETBALL . B: -fC'C: 1 1, fx, .KA f . "Af N' C, A ',:'V'v"'l HY' XA' 1'i L' U" Lb L' :"f'I .. . Vfl' L", '1 ' ,ff V WSPM TQJLNA-1 :ff :Vw wx 1 F," E-1:3 G' A V f :Cy-Q2 , ."' . f f f. M 14 ' ff, Sv' ' A 'Q vw 1:"a"f2 2. PM W' ' 1 f N91 rw W f 927 f LN: ' AN- f 1 . '7'f-'x A ANN HITT KAREN PAULSEN BAREARA COLE KATHY WHWWE . . . GIRLS' SOFTBALL . . . Soilloall highlighrs The spring sporls program. This year solirball rurned our 'fo be an oursranding season, especially in rhe srar-slrudded Senior division. Nira Nelson, rhe ourslanding pilcher lor +he lasl four years, pirched her Senior 'ream fo anorher class championship. Nira, combined wilh carcher Erma Enright proved lo be virlually unbealable. The Senior champs received s+rong supporl from Doi Sreiner, whose hirring was always valuable, and Joan Millis, slellar lirsr baseman. The Junior class had rheir hopes based on Darlene l-laeger, pircher, and Kay Kill- inger, iirsr base. Alihough bealen loy rhe Seniors, lhey offered all opponenis plenly ol sfifl compelirion. Elsie Thornlon and Dawn Anlcer were srandouls for rhe Sophomores while Kalhleen O'Rourke and Minnie Carlson showed lors of porenrial for lhe Freshmen. Oufsfanding uppercless soffball artists included, LEFT TO RIGHT: Erma Tops among the lowerclass diamonders were, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Ef"'lQl1f.Ni96 NSISOH. Darlene Hdeqer. Kay Killinger. Hendricks, Kafhleen O'Rourke, Minnie Carlson. . GIRLS' TABLE TENNIS . For rhe Hrs? Mme In We Vfzw 2? 'Pe 3fL'CC','5L39JVGVTTWASQi-"Ef1'?"9 czou arlfy AF We Team ip0"S.THf5ug1'1+'e Qfxm' if 'Fe Awffucfifs 51 Q1'EE'3+ Wea I f+e'6-if was qerwefafed arm mme Ere If,!51VC" wire dew? A5914 Ted Mbxex we-ff: ff me M fine qi? LDGELOGS mufb rfeederi PE-w 9fJQ:ff"fi"'. SQ--ww 'mfnamevf' wwf a"2e'1 ff' 1f"?"A3fL7O'T! plfly. Barbafa Waffer, ra+eo fic ,S-23 ime 'e""i SVCS'-'Vi?l1S2'LNA',-1 F32 dna 'awed Barbara as We gh! WMM +L-3 mi" :Ne-n'Tf -fc' 'H 992615-' Cdilfq Fe' in 'M' C5 We V' A5 V953 pe-ffcrmerf. Lfi'-Sen VC' Afffl "A n"51'YP'3- :arf Cgnqra iq ' E 'l.. Sfghlqf 1 '1"f,,"' IT 'j', fi 'v'."1Xff2 "ww""n+s7"f1Q",HFGfT.13 ,A G" 1"':J1'f CP mmfv 'M a 'M fffww' JANE CHAPMAN BARBARA WALTER BETTY LARSEN GAYLE ALLEN . . . GIRLS' BADMINTON . . . Badminlon aroused a greal' deal of inferesl' and produced some healed mafches during lhe I953 season. Because oi lhe large enrollment +wo divisions were creaffed wifh rhe Seniors compelinq aqainsl lhe Juniors and +he Sophomores liqhling il ou+ wilh lhe Freshmen. The upperclass +ournamen+ ended wilh Kay Beseclcer and Belly Larsen as champs. Carla Brisllin and Gayle Allen came lhrough in second place. Charlo++e Mason and Doris Wymore, sisler ol The former champ, won lhe Junior 'rournamenl and placed high in lhe inlerclass lournamenr. ln 'rhe lower division, Joanne Baer and Dawn Anker won fhe championship despile some ou+s+anding falenr in +he Freshman class, especially Charlolle Jorqenson and Kalhleen O'Rourlce. DORIS WYMORE CHARLOTTE MASON JOANNE BAER CHARLOTTE JORGENSON fm, , ' VARSITY CLUB 7 1 1 I ie If :fwfr is .ff FIRST ROW, Iell Vo riqhl' Spencer Graham Waller Guy, Dick Mlllef Dennls Slarlr, Gary Younq, Willls Denny John Davls C'yde Ellen SECOND ROWIVerr1cn McCurCly Richard Halnesl Bill Daniels Jere Buck A'an Hendrickson Harman Bonniksen. THIRD ROW: Lyn Vinum, Darol Parsons, Darrol Lewis Dun HampIor1,Carl0s DERUSSQII, Len Necochea LEFT TO RIGHT: Snlrle Ernes Karl' Vxfnilre lr's Hasan Errna Enri nf Jane Cha rnan Carla Brlgf. , Y Y ' v , Q p Iwn Befly La'ser Ann Hun Kay Bese-:ver R..H1 Evefa-ft VIrg'n:a Rourzcs FOUR STRIPERS ff . 5 . nv. -14, ur V Q N WIA HPSR , s J J' ., g A F 'J '- ,., 2,36 ' 3: f - A, ,W Q new M "- 5 v -' 1 M. ,qv A 'r' vs- 94" ::.'--"""' 1 . F? if f .wgfhfk ,,,f Nam . " Cv .5 lkfli? f A-V, aw--K . , 'Nha Y 5 4644 ' ff,,.!fR ,- f if Z -is I , 2, ,5 'Q T x W FQ? 5 I B H552 - H12 vi ff 2 we -, i -rw QI fn, ,491 Ya 7' 'QAQQL 'wiki'-1 . J' . MADONNA KEEFAUVER, Business Manager The Advance is The largesT Tinancial proiecT under- Taken aT ArcaTa High School, IT is an enTerprise which had a I953 budgeT ToTalling 55,050. PublicaTion oT a yearbook wiTh The presenT sTand- ards would noT be possible wiThouT The goodwill and The assisTance oT merchanTs and businessmen Through- ouT The ArcaTa-Eureka area. 5TudenTs should be graTeTul Tor This cooperaTion which makes possible Their Advance. Ads soliciTed ThroughouT The year Tor This book ToTalled 52250, approximaTely halT oT The cosT oT CHRISTMAS DANCE The Aovance. ln an aTTernpT To have The sTudenT. carry an everfncreasing orocorT'on oT The cosT oT Their yearbook, The Advance wap sold Tor 53.50- an increase oT 50.50 over iasT year. 5TudenTs Theref Tore conTribuTed a ToTal oT 52,800 To The pubiicaTion oT The book. IT would be diTTiculT To g've you a Tull accounTing of everyThEng ThaT musT be paid Tor in producng The Advance buT we can Turnish you wiTh several oudgeT iTern: Tor This year: Covers, made by S. K. 5miTh Company oT Los Ange'es, 56557 engrav7rg done by CaliTornia ArT and Engraving oT Berke ey. 5l ,3l07 prinTing, done by Lederer, STreeT and Zeus oT Berkeley, 52,235 and campus phoTos, Taken by Mr. Jarboe, 5250. This year The Advance sTaTT did boTh The ediTorial work and The business work. The soliciTing oT ads enf Taileo a greaT deal oT Time and was sTarTed during The summer under The direcTion oT EdiTor Merle Qprnenheimer. Yours Truly Took over upon her reTurn To Town. Carla BrisTlin, Ann l-liTT, Barbara WalTer, JaneT TinTo. Erma EnrighT, Sandra Nielson, Iris Hagan, Dolores l-iaeger, and Joan Millis were among Those who helped during The summer and early parT oT The year. A Triendly hand was conTribuTed by Ted Baker during The laTer sTages oT our campaign. The selling oT The Advances TeaTured several cam- paigns. The TirsT oT imporTance involved The Advance BUSINESS. Queen and King conTesT wiTh every cenT paid in cash Toward an Advance counTing as one poinT Tor a queen candidaTe as well as Tor a king candidaTe. The second TeaTured The sTaTT dressed as hoboes, bearing signs saying: "Even I can aTTord an Ad- vance." The lasT oTTered all homerooms wiTh l00ffO sales personal delivery To The homeroom Two days ahead oT The resT of The sTudenT body. IT was a busy year buT we made iT. Our Thanks go To all Those who helped us and To The merchanTs and businessmen who helped make This book possible. FACULTY SQUAD B II H cks, KaThy Haines, Len Necochea, Phyllis Lonkey, Bob Hard and The Teachers picfured below played in The Eureka-ArcaTa Facuiiy bas Conn e Scroggins were among Those who helped The staff by faking parT in The Advance King and Queen confesf. kefball game along wiTh Vernon Smiih, Gerry Zoffola and Richa d Jarboe. 7 aw ARCATA UNION ARCATA SI-IOPPING NEWS IS YSALI COOKIE S CAPE YOUNG FORD SALES VROIJRANY BORDEN S ICE CREAM Socomd and S S+roeIs Eureka It s ff' J""' It S got to be good EUREKA S MARKET DORIS EEPIUI I QI! , , , .- LIP 't ., :I I. R ' J N . xf XI Ji' fb ff Q7 -1!ll'.'!' I lf ' ' ' ' v 'ELEQME F RFQ' 7'.,f ,iizeff CQMCQHQ Sfirgf J PSI l SE' Sfiiowev 11' 'fg E'z51:1.,.a, Stan" o Cewej SRCOER E: DRCDU CE ' EE'-'EEF S i1f,,,.i'.,.,"', veQ:1'Z 'Q M. 25527 Si: Sfawif CI-IARLEC BUGENIG MOBILOAS SERVICE INOEBRETSEN URI-IOLSTERY 81 ANTIQUE SI-IOPPE BRECKENRIDOE ELECTRIC BLUE LAKE MARKET HAMMOND LUMBER COMPANY I OOO ARCATA TRAILER COURT ALLEN AND I-IENSEL CO RN PRE T '- 16:5 ,J J T-,rl ff-'f'e 'i Y - afa Y' 1 Cf' 'JH' rd G Tee3':'ff 355: 14' E E-225: 1IfQ,,,,,,,,3,. V, r ,Q ., -uh ,.., - I4 7'Ii.1 X CCIIQRATLLFTES 'AE CLASS C7 IRS? RQIQA' Ywie 'M Frcafln arz Eureh Sf,wmIIIg In Samoa fwfj E..HgIcia Corqra' IQaI'Cr'5 If We C 5 "I 53 T fore 49I-V Se-IJQME S'ree+ A I-15 DI ARE ' EIYLLER RAINTS ' 3 ,,'v'5IRXIG SJ LILS Efwlffr SUCK 'ei 1:5": Ene CVE ' Q72 959 T? V I1:"e ATE DN ERICKSON S Pl-IQTO SI-IOP More PIII sem JOB PRINTING H Sf NORTI-I TOWN 5 81 IO S ps ISQSGS 8I4W VARSITY SWEET SI-IOPPE LUNCHEs mmwelzs ICE CREAM CANDY ISSJ FLOYD S I-IEIVIPI-IILL 10259 I Hlzaass REDWOOD APPLIANCE COMPANY Lawrence Allen I-lolpounl and Frlgldasre Appluances Linoleum and Wnndow Shades Ivlaylaq Washers 957 I-I T leplwone I23 ArCaI'a Compllmenls I BLEDSOE S SCI-IOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES Gills and Greelung Cards 94 I-I Arcala DURABLE FIR LUMBER CO CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF I953 P O BQX 7 Arcala Calnlornna BEER INSURANCE AGENCY Besf Wnslwes Io Ilwe Graduafung Class of I953 Llcensed Real Es+aIe Broker ' InsuranCe AgenCy 932 G Telephone 4I Arcala I II I S I I Q 0 IOQI I ree' Te epncre 33 A I C5'V'6l A' Klfdg CI SCFCC IJ X 'ei free' Teleplvcne - Am I U ' I O We Bee' In 'Fe Wes' Telepnen - A I Licensed Real Eslale Brolfer OurIl1S reel PII-OHS - Ehrelca 9 ' O I I . . I8 I I ' STANLEY J COMMERFORD PONTIAC E A BAUST 81 COMPANY I-'28 FRANKLIN MIMEO ECKDI 4l7GSf 22 Id I INSURANCE REAL STATE G SI H 2 7OI DR B B BARTLETT DR S P BARTLETT DR TI-IOS B BARTLETT pI I-II 2 D496 P SI PI-IOTO SPECIALTY SI-IOP CONGRATULATIONS CHILTON S CLASS 9 ARCATA BIGAINN PRIVATE PARTIES ' BANOUETS The Be-sf ID I'raIIan emo Sfeak D were Telephone 2I5 On IOI Highway North Amare For We Rear of Ycuf L'fe QC5 Seve' I1Sfree' I-II 2-I763 EJ J Mamfac'u'I"g JeffeIef ard Imp,"er R' I, T, ,I B' 'eg TeIeoFz'e I . 427 EL: ' A. B. I , I: rlbmf r SaIez and Se'-Ace reef I-II - I56 Ex: OUTI-IRIE - OEOROESON AGENCY Dina GL IKr7e and La'v+cfw Besswfaf ' E SIB reef Teephone I -3 Eureka n Q . 1 n 1 I O lorneflrisfz TeIepIwone - 529 reef. E ,Ir Speclahifwq In Service Io Ive Ama'e..r Pfefcqrecief 5I I E Sheef TeI ph I-II 2' 62 Eere-Ima I OF F I 53 E DRS VERINON 84 EVERETT HUNT HUVBOLDT SUPPLY CO ART SECIA DR DONALD E BUX MD DR CHARLES N EARL MD BELLA VISTA COURT AND COFFEE SHOP HUTCHINS OROCERY STORE 90 SCHIRMANN S FATS C-ROC RIES VEGETABLES O L ACCESSOR ES D 81 M LUMBER COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 53 B DANIELSON S HART SCHAFFNER 8 MARX CLOTHES I-I 2 63ON I C WRIGHT I'I 2 9 Fcur ree ure 5 BUSINESS EQUIPMENT COMPANY OFFICE SUPPLIES Ono EOUIPMENT A C moIeIe Lme QI OH ce SuooIIes Te-Ieohcfe I-II 2 2929 617 F '+I' Sffeef Eureh. I . . xl , ' ANT wwe - 'mu D 5 Q .LIST ,xc-',., -4 QSWV. 55,1 Swim. ,1, 1.5 Evmgm jf.. uf. C .Y QQZR B' 'iOr.iV, E., .I . . , . . . , I , 71' ' S-vq,-' Y- Hr3'C'S-- E-4? A' an REI I Sues' Te e::':'e 542 Ama? Czmf "arc-R' H Muawd Mr .D V.TeBuf'e' ,V -f :V ' H ?.7'R I2 Pff If m ff-'H CJD'-'I E.w,' Dav "U" 910C ' 2 Lf -3 " S" Tv QUT 'Q 25C A , I N4 ' E ' SAS ' ,I ard I Q If, 2 RO. 1: 577 P' I,-2"J II A I I Telephone I -OI97 infh S reef Eureka 'For Ilwe RIQIII Used Car" TeIepIwome I -9I6 933 II1 ST I' E It GRICK MGTOI2 SALES I-IUMBGLDT GAS CGMPAIXIY MAKES QRTQI4 THEATRE BLUE LAKE GARAGE JACKSGIXI S GARAGE WALT S BEAUTY SHGP LIIXIDSTRANID S STGRE AL TI-IRASI-IER LUMBER COMPANY IDOUGLAS I? UA R ARCATA FREIGHT 8x EXPRESS I ' I - -" Dari "1 ' Sir' ' Awf-""'i' Eqrf- ' f:"I C"""-' : "Ui 6' " Lf'-A T' .-fI"1Sf'.'Cr2 E":fanf.E " :."' HQ I v b v , . GLG " lf 1"1S'f,1P PIG GGG S L14 .,,,'..,,,-.,,r,.,. .ff,-IM: I M" B ,GAS ' Il. S. RCI! ' D32 Gfd Sw- f., B., L1 I ,L 3' ' f . lfffd , S'-'. I Ti.77 , 'I .I , IZOR4ADLIffE'lTg T' 'WE GLASS QE 'li' Mfxnufaiwfefs 5, E- L L BET -QCIICWQ 29,3 - -Q L-we Rwfxw f-ff-'I G. IN, F32 " ,,3,Gf.'1 'EIEQA-T:-G' '13 PR N A STRQMBERG PPS ROSE MARIES GIFT SHOP S39 N CANCLINI SHOE STORE CHURCH S BARBER SHOP IO6 3HS COMPLIMENTS ARKLEY LUMBER COMPANY TI-IE DOLLY VARDEN LUMBER COMPANY OJALITY DOUGLAS FIR LUMBER SXIHG WALLY S PAINT SHOP UNFINISHED FURNITURE FRESH PAINTS d VARNISHES IO57H S+ AOOELER ELECTRIC WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES COMPLETE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING 4 I-I SI NORTHERN REDWOOD EUMBER CO , OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS f OF I953 FIR AND REDWOOD LUMBER T I ph 4E2 K I, I . . . I . . . ' Tow-pI'5ne 28 On 'Ize PI5za Afc ' II"'Iw SWQQ' AVCGIG I T83 Bgsk SPOQ Repe'rIrg 6' +C CINMCIII Te E'DI'OFI8 I28 Tffecrcne 6IO 3 I-I Svee' Arce '3 Hee? A L 0? Marmfacfurers of Dc,.qIa5 FII' Lumber I Buy L Ii R d TQISDITCFQ SOO A I I S amps SIIerwInfWIIIIam5 Pa' ' I ' an ree? TeIepIIorIe 898 A I ' , I I0 I VGGI TeIepIw e SI4 A I f ff" , ,. ' . f .f I. L ' 1' f' - J T V . I I 1 I ' 1, vi, I h 1- I -I . . 'V' J f .1 I -O A 1 U A . I .1 4 I ' I M A ., , . ' . by ., , V L, ', , - -' A I f T ' -' 1 -I ,' - I .yr I I . I ' T I ee OD6 - - Or 9 B F OOODRICI-I RETAL Tvrsuow TEN WINDOW WILLIAMS CALIFORNIA WOOLEN MILLS COA I IGS SKIRTII GS K S f- JTC ROBES H 2 FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP C IGPATULATO S T COOPER AUTO PARTS FOR EVERY AUTOMOTIVE NEED F LAZIO S SEA FOODS I-I CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE CLASS OF I953 I-I 2298I FOR A REPRESHER SEVEN Up THATS TOPS TRY 7 UP BOTTLING COMPANY 7 Up as a Izavorde WTTIT ArcaTa I-ITQITT STudenTs TTQCIMUQ H' 30750 I7 W Seffwd Eureka I E' L' -C' T ,UM rage' BL:"-s' Pfz.- HI2- G9 3I'FS'.-f E.- C "cf TT - SUTTINQS - 1 BLAW E' ' H ' T1 , HTf, I -S683 E. Saw J. Sa:1c,D,'rIcr Age" OF , , T fl TO HE CLASS OF 53 92' Tc , 'I S J EJJT TeIepITorTe 600 982 our+I'T STreef ArcaTa I On umboldf Bay Foof OT IC" Sfree-T TeIepI'1one I - Eureka O MORROW S DRIVE Q 2,1 CASH MARKET BEA A BLUE LAKE CAEE GLEN ESSEX SERVICE STATIQN f Rfucwws Q0 I IRINYS Im CREAM ARCATA MAN U FACTLJ RING CO emamufa IU e I IR no SUGAR PINE LUIVI ER W GQGDIIUO P rravdCI'Ice a C Iowa POBox 8 SIMPSON LOGGING Y Oualzlx Sllllr 1295 C O M P A N CONGRAT 'LATES TI-E CLASS OE I953 9 Gfffe B 1 VI? Afwf C if a I i4 v v' , X K 'CES "1 ECC' f-NIJ IC. CREAM 5: 1 fl' Haha, A E " V- T 707 I " ' 5 I V I L S s ' fit' ' , I ' S lf R L PNPCH NEISE Tfwrf-f-.In ' ' 7' E.ALfA1 vi-U ' ll- ' Bw J I T'--ff-ffrr E.E,AlFf'-3' 0 1.I'.CI9 ' fEI'.'.EQ T..J.,..,4, Bv.L,, .J ' ., E I -. ' L, , ' V7 , C' A. R LC ' 'S C E fi B LIU: S I, IS I'-ID I' E' :af , E Af: ta, 5II I . . I8 C C' IPTON PLUMBING SHQP MINCR THEATRE ERANK S MARKET O24 CLASSIC BILLIARD PARLOR 42 REDWOOD CAB CO S KIQRAIVXER AUTQ SUPPLY l pk! N 'Jn I 3 'FENG F-'-E -EA".E 1: Q, 'f.,, F ',,.:V-fi Lf ECP CL, 11 EM ENDLF E TQ criffe- 905 1 S Q A T CvRER"riC',-ND BJ DEPT' W PP 54N xg S , , X if A L Gr J ,1 M 3 I X S . X v X 4 6 JL X' ' 1 U 1 Y ' ' X E ' I' I 1 ' . ' V V, L N I. -J I L X, I ' on F VT ' J I L, ' v I ' L T . I 'Lug iii 7 f ' Elf:-51 J fwf 'ef' ' 5 , f 1 ' 0 ' J L , L .,J. fb - , ,L N 'K I J E x ,QHH LKYAU V 2 If A ' 1 XJ V I. 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S . . 9 FOOD MART GROCERIES, MEATS AND VEGETABLES H fr! ard F Sheet Phare Fw 2-3 I8l :mera Ca :ICH e THE JOKE HOUSE R.C,Se:i'd, Om-e' A LZ.. ,Q FI-P ff Mawr --,Q Swv , VM, ,Id 4 H ,f. T822 Fgurrw Svee' HI 2-4552 Erera. C 2' HAPPY HILL EVERYTHING TO VVEAR On The Haze Arcafa JOE KING PAINTING SERVICE ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED Phone ArCa+a 227 MURPHY S Cor1graIuIaI'uor1s Io Ihe I953 Graduahnq Ce S Come Io Shoo af MURPHYS Compact Cdnvemem+ GROCERIES HARDWARE CLOTHING On Huqhway S 81 H Green Sfarvps Mc3KmIeyvuIIe COAST REDWOOD CO ARCATA CALIFORNIA O BOX 2 MIIFfeMIe Ou+OnSem aR d Loczqmq Ope afo KLAMATH CALIFORNIA I . . ! S ' IO! . ' ' , ' P. . Ib V IX I S 0 Ca af SPORTSIVIAIXI CLUB 81 CAFE IMS SA PQCV C EUREKA BEVERAGE PAR RO A CROW CO F 5 PARADISE STEAK HOUSE NILSEIXI COMPANY HAY FEED SEEDS FER ILI ERS B a I 9 4 Pl SUN PIERSON SIGN OE A VVELI. BUILT HOME 4IOO Broadway Eureka BRIZARD S Servmg Norflnern Ca Worr a Sree Iob? WI+I1 SIG es ARCAIA KORBEL EIIREKA KLAMATI-I I-IOOPA SCOTIA WILLOIN CREEK GOOD LUCK TO TI-IE GRADUATING SENIORS OE I955 51: 54 ,W SMU. STE - CI-OPS - P QS - CC,wfmS a Ca ifff - IvIf1'.Ia"u'Q" and E5""I: ffff' 'K 'law' C'i'i,"' .I PAK ' INIEIJI ' V I, V, IQ L Pfzre I-II '-l2I2 4I6 EEN Svee' E..feIf5, Ca IIrfv'5 Rrnve I-II'Is'c5e 3-5F70 ff ICSW o o s T Z 502 roadway In Eureka TeIepIwftne-Arc Ia: Everpriee I22 ' Emfska: I-II Jae 273 I I I L J l -1 --- -- V ' l ' , I' I Y. ' - I, V' lv BISQTRIN 5 Wm 5 WEAR -V1 Q B MQMQNAX I F MJLLV NDELRS 5 REQWOQHD QMWDIRE DMRIES ry f 5 f iv IVV no WALJHLER WAR3 CASUALTY MAR4 e B sf osx 941+ ew 5. 3 S em, T P TIRE SFQVIC ff? O we FN W :NK u ,-Sk , ,1 ' fi' ' ' f, ,A ' fm A X 1 f',, I v VX' f ,f XXV' 'A' ' 3' f JA fr it ww J A an 'iv' f ,f-' f f ' ' f 5.a 142- A,'i' 4, 15'-:, ,f..3- 1.3 f ff! , ' ,' . 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V. 3,, . , h C2 'J' e NZM' 35 AX'Zi'i i' Q R'3Qffe'1-e 3':'e QSQY ST: p'f'e I ,Af . xlt lv' DR G B BARNES NELSON AUTO ELECTRIC S Th SI 922 N I COMPLIMENTS OF BON BONIERE ICE CREAM FACTORY I-II 2 5837 7+I1 and E MARKET VE TI-IE STOCKING SI-IOP EOR YoUR Sc:HooL CLOTHES FIIBS1 I'II 2 7957 I-IUMBOLDT MOTORS THE BEST IN USED CARS e T C p I-II27688 AUTOCAR TRUCKS PAGE TRAILERS De Bon MOTOFS POWER SHOVELS LOGGIN6 EQUIPMENT EUREKA BUSINESS COLLEGE Smce I8B6 Sfenographmc Secrerarual Bookkeepung Accounrmq SPECIAL SUMMER COURSES IN TYPINC5 535 Thrrd Telephone I-II 2 9488 Eureka THE EUREKA INN Telephone I-II 2 644I Sevenfh and E Eureka ELECTRICAL HEATING ' PLUMBING ' SI-IEET METAL Complefe Con+rac+ Work and Ins+aIIaIror1 for Homes or Busmess Also EIec+nc Meiers and Indusfrnal Elecfrnc Apparafus BRIZARD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY P O Burldmq, Arcara TeI IIOI6 Second and G, Eureka I-II 2 376I Op'orneIrISI 990 Ir reeI ir1II1 S ree' Argata Arcafa CaIIIo Amador Rossi and George Rossi TeIepISorxe - Daily 9' din. IO 9 pm. Sundays 9 am. fo 9 p.m. Free Parking D R I ' I N Eureka 420 i ree? E Eureka T d each ' ur? S inas - Corner Broadway and Albee S+reeIS, Eureka . C . Q . 0 . . . O . Wg' RS ORICK MARK , WW HAPF J' W 1,67 lv M KIM F NERA f V A ff-ff WJTh ATA CLEANERS CLEANING AND REPAIRIN6 T CI COM PLIMENTS TI-IE O L SPEIER COMPANY MCKINLEYVILLE STORE, GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES TEXACO AS AND O O Hgh REI Z LUMBER Q PANY NG ATUL ES TI-IE GRA OH y2I99 AT K16 CLASS OF I953 V .N N WIT LAREIII BUILDERS SUPPLY Co. K Q JJ if T p Q I+ABCompIe're Supply of A X o ua: y unIdmg SuppIues for Your I-Iome R' IDOORS ' W Telephone 79W INDOWS - ROOFING - WALLBOARD Blue Lake I I Nf I L III I K TJ S om e- are A On OI I"II TGY V' IU PI IEIXJ S p II Oric Callforni f I B .E R ,WML f,, , I 1 ' , M! , ci.. , ' I, X K I Or' Cahfornia -4 V 'of P I 7 A H I f ' .u ' f I '46, I . fw J IVA 'S L cz PELf- ,.,"'+ 'I I ' J mbuIance Service 1 'SVI' L1 gf D ' JI Telephone I7 J .SchoeIcer- . . omas 3-TI I ff I . . I IJ Q J A I I IX: he eaner on The PIaza X I J PIxone 7 A ,C I'I ' I fe J X IJ IIJ llxv' OI I IV I Arcafa, CaIII'ornIa Maffia Bros. . . . I ' lol I, LM K' I Y 'II II 7 I I I V XII A I A' IIA W 1 X I ,BSIIQ f I H1 I 4 XI , N , U n I a U I Q JI ,DQ 'NAI Blue Lake p XI .f N K A A Q 'Iv I I27 SEOUOIA GROCERY gqrm A WFS HOME S FURNITURE CO Erma ee e+ ndW Ar NE CEDAR CHE I n HI 2 EUREKA Ef+Iwa dCSI ee-I THE CALIFORNIA BARREL COMPANY Arcade 5 MOST I'nporIam' Indushy NE COI CRAIULAIE TH ARCATA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OE I953 V' C 'fc U' ERE , ILP S :EER wt: SEE, PM-'we 2' Efferf Eeekg 7 Ai E-XV 'GY-uf 'xii' I C J jfee' AUCEJIEH I Ccmoiefe LO FL.I'IWI'hII'QS G rv fa' EI C VIC a esIImqI10u,e 1,pIIfmc,. I LA - ,S S PIM. e -2945 ' X V I, rw r . I I I Q , E TEIECEUPE 49 I22 I Jfgj A JIS C39 fa WESTERN CHAIN SAW CO MALL CHAIN SAWS WOODBOSS CHAIN SAWS OR GOV CHIPPER CHAINS HI 2 9668 B TURNER SAFETY BRAKE SHOP AUTO REPAIRING V W M d 7 EVERYBODY S FURNITURE MART RADIOS APPLIANCES T H H 6I7F HI3094I EUREKA AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF F3 V WEATHERBYS SEA FOOD CAFE DELICIOUS SEA FOOD DINNERS HOT CLAM CHOWDER I906 F In SI 329 W PAY AS YOU RIDF CAR A DAY HODGES Sp U HI 2 9339 RITZ LOAF BUTTERNUT BAKERY I-II26474 V I S T A D E L M A R EUREKAS SEA Eooo PALACE 9726 DAYTON MURRAY TRUCK SALES GMC TRUCKS PI'Tone I-II 2 4537 On I-Irghway IOI P O Box I24 Norrh Eureka CaITIorn 6' M GOOD' B 6' GOOD' G' Oster GOOD, BIG LOAF PCPULAR FOURTH BECAUSE Bread AND A TT'S Coon EUREKA . I' ' 0 E I TeIepI'Tone - 3008 roadway Eureka, CaIIIornIa . . 5 ran PI1one H! 2- 782 Pourw and 6 Sfreefs Eureka, CaTIICrn?a I ' Ire ouSe of P. I cc" Ourrn Shea? - Eureka, CaIIIornIa Fourrh and E e STreeTS Eureka, CaIiI'ornia I O Open II a.rn. 'O 9:30 p.rrT. ' CIoSed Wednesdayi our reeT TeIepITone - Eureka, California We eclalize In ReIIabIe LcCaI Sed Cars Sixfh and Broadway TeIepI1one - Eureka, CaIIIornia LarqerI Fresher! BeIIerI Fourth and ComrnercIaI . - Eureka, CaIEfornIa Foot of Cor-nr'nerClaI SIreeI EurekafI-II 2- ' , , , ' ia BI . . I . . BI . . I I I I X., HERBERT L MOORE -M D X N .B P y ca Surge n 867 H Sfree TeIepI'IoI'e 90 Arcafa Cogbrnlaq THE FOOD MART X ? 923 H Sfreef Teleohone 506 and 507 Afcafa GI fo n CHICKEN IN THE BASKET SEA FOOD AND STEAK 8I5 Fc HIT S ee Te ephone HI 2 7I37 Eureka Ca IIOFFKQ STARKEY S FURNITURE and SPORTING GOODS WE BUY FURNITURE 944 H Sfreef TeIepI'Ione 1090 W Arcafa Cal 'forn EVEREADY SERVICE STATION F M Va ssade Proprnefor WE GIVE S Xu H GREEN STAMPS Corner Tenfh and H Sfree Phone I9 J Arcafa CaIIIornIa DE LUXE CLEANERS CLEANING PRESSING AND ALTERATIONS Free FIcIcup and Del very Tenfn and H Sfreefs Telephone 660 W Arcefa CBIITOFUIB TATMAN S BAKERY SPECIALIZE IN WEDDING AND DECORATED CAKES FranIc6anon Ton Ennes I604 C- Sfreef Telephone 6 Arcafa CGIIIOTD B E N F R A N K L I N S FOR YOUR SCHOOL NEEDS 8I3 H Sfreef Telephone 634 J Arcafa CaIIfornIa HUMBOLDT MACHINE WORKS Manufadurers of SAWMILL MACHINERY and EOUIPMENT TeIepITone I2 W 937 Ten'rI1 Arcafa SMI-I'-I'Y'S SERVICE STATION UNION OIL DEALER James PaIrner, Prop Tenfh and G SIree+s Telephone 76 ArcaTa I Y, x , x , , , . - E X 'D , A . r 'E 7 . . - I ' - -" I . mg . . 'T' h 1 ' H W ": I E si I R. O I ' N, uv' ' 'If "Fw .' ' I . I , A- - I ' , . LV I N I . ' , ' ARCATAIS LEADING MARKET - THE BEST OF MEATSI' . A "Hx ' W K , I rxq' ki ' Tm .'x,XF". 5 5 h -xx V I. I u Tr I I - ' 4 I' E 'TF I ' 'll I "- X, - , I ia . . I I fs - , ' ' L ' I I WE ' I I - I ' I ' ia I CALIEORINIIA EABRICATORS Ooldfx Hmofm PLAZA SI-IOE STORE FCP we new ew Ira STAGE RPPAIRII Q C74.I ARCATA BAKERY AND RED ROBIN CAEE 81 MOTEL SNACK BAR M 399 O S REDWOOD STUDIOS CJMMERCIAL ANT, INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY RORTRAITURES AND WEDDINGS 95 W WESTI-IAVEN OROCERY MULKEY AND KOVACOVICI-I S ERV Phone I-II 2 3757 Eourfh SI ee'r Eureka COME TO LOUIE S CAR LOT EOR A BETTER DEAL TeIeoI1ome I-II 2 6057 E.ufIIw and N SIreeIs Eufe-Im n VC656 Road Phone . - S J x X X X X . ' 4 -X110 57,59 Te eva'-3 - Amen CQIIIUVIAQ 'TI,e Hzrw: 2' Saad Esnd'I , In W On 'epwjza Mr,cmdM',,R.E.Mfevz Eff 'Ve Bee' In BaIfed 643. TeIepPc'Ie 30 Te ecfwe 508 Z Svee' Amie Iree' Aria f I I 0 N'Pf' Sfreef Te edmrxe 7- Afacw, CaIIIcrnIa IVIff,rU'gr1c Bear II CaIiIf,mia U. S. T I R E I C E 622 r l J I FEUERWERKER S D shnchve Furnnlure Appluances Radnos Popular and Classc Records Relrlqeralors Magnavox Raduo Phonographs Easy Price Terms 54 Nnnlh Telephone I64 Arcala N OWN AND COUNTRY Where 'rhe B sf Dressed Women Selecr Their Clolhes ualury Values Telephone 527 Easl Side of Plaza Arcala Calnfornua KELLY S JEWELERS WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVERWARE 865 H Arcala 6I9 Frffh Eurelca Phone 483 Phone I-II 3 IZI4 ARCATA GLASS COMPANY A Cornplere Glass Service I-Iome Owned and Operaled Aufo Glass PIaI'e and Windows Sef and Placed Mirrors Glass Blocks Broken Glass Replaced Desk Tops Telephone IIO 86 lS'rreeI Arcala JONES VARIETY STORE Shopplng Cenler' For All Ages SCHOOL SUPPLIES and EOUIPMENT Telephone I85 987 I-I Slreel Arcala ' I . A lv I JJ Ip. I 3 .T I it if ' s... XIII 'III8 . x 1+ I V - , fic as , I Q ' i ff . l . . I 7 BROOKIINIS CABINET SI-IOP FI CCABINET WORK DELUXE BARBER SI-IOP P A Cahn A am EUREKA PRINTING COMPANY EROMAN S TRADING POST W 3 Y SE TRAL: AI Y I-IING OE ANY VALUE ge I a Co p lov D H 2476i I-II 2 0223 S C I HERBERT MIL e Age I p e443 736T Acoa Ca AXEL ANDERSON AUTO FIRE L ABILITY AND WORKMEII S COMPENSATION N e A cafe Cal fo LUTI-IER I-IUNT S KEY I-IOLE EVINRUDE oumofwzo Morores sporznwe eooos Novemgs KEYS o e N II SI ee A ca? Cal Torn a MINTEYS REDWOOD NURSERY SI-IRUBS TREES BEDDING PLANTS E II R E A EERTILIZERS TOOLS GARDEN SUPPLIES M NTEY S HARRISON Telephone I-II 2 3339 J I 3 I7 CGIITOFDIG WHOS UR UPHOLSTER UPI-IOLSTERY and RUG CLEANING n 'rure IS d My and old IooIc ng Ie? us dye :I and dean I+ Sfreef Telephone I'II 2 6685 Eureka Te ecnone I-II 2 2943 2830 E S+ree+ ELIREKA Bi DQ nl S Your O Henderson Cenfer of S DRIIQGIST fu PRESCRIPTIONS ACCIIRATELY COMPOUNDED I N- Te'epEone 35 On ,Le Iam I, 557 Se-ver" S'fee' rc I New and Used Ccmmefdai and SccIe', PrIr-Hng ' 'E PU f LL -M EE ,I I 'Aufncnzed A n For Ren'In'3'on R nd r or Yo In I-Iernbo V eI Neve Co1,1n'7e3" Te eonore I - , 3I3 Se-'ond "fee Ewela, cII crnIa Teepvane - EI.reIa Insuranc n TeIe Iwon ef" Sfr-39' r 1 , iIfornIa Insur n , , I ' 940 In'I'w Siree' TeIepIwon I4S f , I rnIa l . . Q Ph n IIO8 879 inf r I r a, i I l L K I vm W o ' - I . .1 o- ' O 4 :- - - 2 - I 'mfs ' I 5, - -Upr- FRED J MAURER 81 SON I-IUMBOLDT CONSTRUCTORS INC IQSWS E ERAL CON RA TORS 29522 FACTORY TO U FURNITURE 2 Olivers We JEWELERS OOOF MODERN CAKE SI-IOP CAKES FOR EVERY OCCASION I-II2605I 4 I-IANSEN MACI-IINE 84 SUPPLY CO I-I 229I7 EXCELSIOR FOOD MARKET CASH AND CARRY FREE DELIVERY ASI FIIIwS DUDEK OFFICE EOUIPMENT COMPANY SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OF TYPFWRITERS AND OFFICE MACI-II IFS ESI FII 2 464I ANDREWS 81 COOK 6 38R4 40 Sfh FOOD CENTER GROCERIES FRESH ERIIITS and VEGETABLES BEER WINES and LIOUORS TeIepI1one I'II 2 9484 I336 Eour+I1 e 6 CompIurnen+S of CANNAM S MARKET CANNAMS K8fK Two Gow: S+ofe I-Iun+oon and I Eureka Henderson and E Eurek' and , . 'V9'3', Eureka fn N T C -x'TV'9 HI f Iii? Few" S"ee' Omer' 'f 9:OC nf-. Dafl ' Wine FI 2-Q I4 Fffia CaII5ef-E, a l cmfn Sfreef, Emelra Credit-:I Czufeo TeIepIwone - 52 FHM Swap' Ewreka, CaIIICfn7f1 DIs+rIb,.+CrS nI MARINE LOGGING AND MILL SUPPLIES Phone I Y Eureka, CaIIIfrn,a 502 reeI Eureka SWeSI I 'ee' V. M. Dwdeln, Owner-Manager 330 reeI TeIepI'mne E,.reIra, CaIIIwn'a P.bIIc AifCun'an' T0IepI1one HI 2-I49 --I Eureka ' TeIepI1rne Arfam - - 8 ix Sfreef Eureka, CAIIIQNCA Eur In l LORENZO SERVICE 81 AUTO SUPPLY SHELL PRODUCTS OOODYEAR TIRES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES dC5S IOOJ CI-IAMBERLAIN S MOTOR SALES DODGE PLYMOUTH I S RI-IOADES TEXACO SERVICE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE SSI-IO I-'IQLI ISI O SUNSET OROCERY OROQERIES MEMS PRODUCE owes BEvERAeEs NOTIONS I-IORACE WALTER REAL ESTATE I-I SI 78 W BELLA VISTA STORE OROOERIE5 OAS AND OIL H gh AIRVVAY INN OROCERY OH D WI-IIRL I GIG FOUNTAIN LUNCI-I LUNCI-IES COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE 6 8 G S+ree-I Arcafa CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE ORADUATINO CLASS OE I953 B E S T WIS I-I E S from X Yf W RIENDLY OWINFYQISTRIC HENDERSON CENTER SHCI TI-IE I-IENDERSON CENTER MERCI-IANTS ASSOCIATION Se-few? an ffeefs TeIepIworIe 1 Arcana, CaIIIorr'Ia ll EIIH and G +ree?5 TeIepHcne 37 Argafa reen Sfamps I ,Nay IOI, Icr I1 ArCaIa Phone I I3 . . . . . 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