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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1952 volume:

Ex LIBRIS 1 IQ' 5 5 1 U ' 4 'fda .' Y Q-A, ,. 1 71' ,Jr 915, 231.125 V ne! 8 5- Q D lv D . 'JZ ,4.:"?f5 Q. W, me 1 qc 7 2 aqui MEF fi vi--I-A, ,'l"Y,x ml , .lf if 1 . 'f rf 1, lg " 1 L I D gl L .A ,fs 4 fix 'Nr' V27 . . . EDITORS MESSAGE PAT BROWN 1952 Advance Editor The 1951-52 school year will soon be in the past. Some will forget the events of the year, others will long remember all the ups and downs along the road. Those who have bought a copy of the 1952 Advance will have fond memories ci days at Arcata High as long as they have this book in their possession. ln preparing the 1952 Advance, we endeavored to recapture all the important events and activities in which clubs and classes participated. 1 hope you enjoy turning and reading the pages of this annual as much as l enjoyed editing it. Pdlzlishing the 1952 Advance required a great deal of work and the coopera- ticn ot many people. I wish to thank all those who contributed to the task and helped. me complete an enioyolzle afslqfnment. My thanks oo to Elsie Nelscn who designed the new cover . . . to Dolly Handley and Redwood Studios who did much cf the pho"r graphy and cor peratefl with our picture schedules . . . to Mr. Iarboe who was always ready with his camera wherever and whenever needed . . . to Mel Manda and the Art Department who provided us with the division pages . . . to Mr. Ozias of Lederer, Street 61 Zeus Co., Inc .... to Mr. Evans of California Art and Engraving . . . to the Administration and the Faculty. Last, but certainly not least, lwant to thank Mr. Studley for his seemingly tire- less eitcrts and guidance as Advance advisor. Our undertaking was a great one, full of all sorts ct trustrations, but not once did he complain. 62,4- 'Q 41 ... S' ww , if 7 ' V "' 'f ' , L, N-rf'-I J -f ,. mi. , '31, ' 17 if AP if , 'uf 5 . 5577" 7 0 nf- vi"Q 'I 1- -1 f J ts 'YQQ 1 Al-'r,,' ' T"H J: 1"9 ,. A-L , CLAIRE SMEDLEY Advance Queen 'ffm 1952 ADVANCE ARCATA UNION HIGH SCI-IOSL IFGP1 IA 72 . . . FACULTY AND '- MAY BOREL Section Editor The 1951-52 school year witnessed several administrative changes designed to meet new needs. Some of the changes were the direct re- sult of faculty-student suggestion and discussion. As co-editors of this section of the Advance, we hope that all graduates will remember the healthy atmosphere which prevailed as well as the progress which we made together. To accommodate Mr. Ralph Davis and the record enrollment at Arcata High School, a new attendance office was built. This office was also designed to house our first counseling service, provided by Mrs. Florence Brown, Mr. Albert Blood, and Mr. Michael Chetlcovich. The advisory periods which had prevailed for many years were discarded and their functions turned over to the social science classes. This change gave the students a few extra minutes in which to reach school in the morning as well as a longer lunch period. The new gymnasium, completed late in May 1951, made it possible to schedule many assem- blies and rallies during the school day and to stage numerous social programs in the evening. One night each week the gym was open to the public for recreational purposes: on Saturday Www! May Borel and Barbara Walter select pictures for the Administra- tion section ot the Advance. STUDENTS MCVE AHEAD TOGETHER gil HARLENE LITTLEFIELD Assistant Section Editor mornings it was available to the students from the elementary school. 'While these changes and new features were being added to the scene, plans were made for next year. When school reopens next Septem- ber, students will see more innovations and more new buildings on campus. ln the field of student government, changes were also made. For the first time in years Song Queens were appointed by the executives. Guided by Miss Ruth Carroll, the Student Coun- cil took an intense interest in all interschool ac- tivities and played an important part in bringing the Sportsmanship Banner and Award to Arcata High School. Guided by Mr. lan Van Hee, the Student Court drew up a new Penal Code which was accepted by the students. The Coordinating Council, initiated last year, was reorganized and discussed mutual prob- lems of the students and administration. The Council was composed of four student repre- sentatives and four faculty members and was presided over by Mr. Clifford Sorem. We feel that Arcata High School has always striven to keep up with the times and that much progress was made in 1951-52 because of the atmosphere of cooperation. Harlene Littlefield and Ianet Bettendorl prepare copy for the Advance. 5,6 '10 ff! . . . PRINCIPALS MESSAGE Modern schools recognize their ohligae tion to provide a fertile environment for growth ofthe whole person. Basic skills are supplemented hy a variety of activities which give practice in the use ot skills and which provide opportunities to shape habits, attitudes, and moral character. The Advance describes and pictures the varied prograrn of activities at the Arcata Union High School for the vear 1951-52. dm ADMINISTRATION BUILDING CLIFFORD M. SOREM District Suporintondont and Principal ef' 'rg' s' il! X' "i..,."' RALPH DAVIS Vice-Principal f' x VICE-PRINCIPAIJS MESSAGE As you look through this book, will you reolize thot it took responsible people to do the job? Mony of you will not do so if you follow the pot- tern of post high school youths. Somewhere be- tween these Covers, you will find the nomes ond CI picture of the group who mdde this book pos- sible, lf you think the book is well done, express your dpprecidtion to the members of this stcrff ond their odvisorsg this will be olmost the only reword they will get for their efforts outside of o few extrocurriculor points. lf you don't believe the book is well done, why not cxsk the advisors to let you join the stdff for next yeor ond put your ideos to work to mcrke ct better book? You won't help this yeor's book by sounding off os to its incrdequocies, but you mdy injure your reputotion in the minds of those who hedr you. vfffxv Jawa BOARD OF TRUSTEES SEATED, left to right: Clifford M. Sorem, A. B. Doll, Iames N. Palmer, Harry Krohn, Robert Davison, and Ralph Barnes. FRONT OFFICE LEFT TO RIGHT: Claire Smedley, Belly Hendrickson, lane Sherman, Mrs. Flemming. and Mrs. Anderson. ATTENDANCE OFFICE LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Blood. Mr. Chet- kovich, Mrs. Brown, and Mr. Davis. BUS DRIVERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ernest Henry, heed bus driver: Maurice Asemissen, Ioe Iones. Don Davis, Pat Avila, and Frank Toor. CUSTODIANS LEFT TO RI SHT: Claude Moore, Fred Huggins. Charles Siephens, and Ed- ward S. Richards. lifwmfwm is li' ip' w n .uv mv '47-... 'Q 'A 4. Xxg DXIG X. 'aS.'I.2"'. W Jilin., if IERRY CHAPMAN STUDENT ff Q1 GQVERNMENT J 2 at , , xafi VA17 me 1' FIRST SEMESTER YELL LEADERS FIRST SEMESTER SONG QUEENS LEFT TO RIGHT Charlene Schunk Cecile Carvalho and Shirley LEFT TO RIGHT May Bo el Mary Cole, Nadine Lozensky, and Burgess Carlene Carlson. FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Marilynn Cooper, Elsie Thornton. SECOND ROW: Dolores Haeqer, Darlene Foresti, Louise Ashbrook, Betty Huqqins, Kay Killin- qer, Sally Schirmann. Dawn Anker, Marianne McMorrine, Pat Ham- mond, Iane Sherman, THIRD ROW: Miss Car- roll, Ianice Burshem, Car- olyn Stacy, Frank Spaid, Dick Miller, Heinz Breu- niq, Walter Guy, Iohn Da- vis, Emery Franzen, Ray McConnell, and Wendell Anderton. FIRST SEMESTER COURT FIRST ROW, left to right: Rich Hunt, Don Ford, Anna Valentini, Larry Ford, Carl Car'son. SEC' OND ROW: Rose Mary Fagundes, Shirley Hunt, lane Chapman, Betty Lar- sen, Susan Schirmann, Karen Paulsen, Peggy Wilson. THIRD ROW: Mr, Van Hee, Ierry Thomas. Bob Spaletta, Ernest Ghi- setti, Helen Wymore, Con' rad Lahr, Ierry Ienkins, Bill Brechbill, Richard Haines. FOURTH ROVV: Ianet Bettendort, Shirley Ennes, Pat Peters, Susan Spidell, Martha Smith, jo anne Baer, Sharon Pnr- sons, and Vida Harsh. if rx v A,. SECOND SEMESTER YELL LEADERS SECOND SEMESTER SONG QUEENS LEFT TO RIGHT: Ioan Millis, Dolores Haeqer, Darlene Haeqer, LEFT TO RIGHT: Iris Haaan, Mary Cole, May Borel, and Carol and Erma Enriqhi. Chrislian. 5 ff. If Q lj SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL FIRST ROW, lei! to riqhi: Doroihy Souza, Bonnie Vincenl, Elsie Thornton, Barbara Nonnenman, Ra- mona Souza, Ioan Macro, Dolores Evanqelisii, Lou- ise Ashbrook. SECOND ROW: Claire Smedley, Syble Bagley, Toni Gab- riel, Frank Leach, Roy Iones, Phyllis Trump, Clara Stonebarqer, Na- dine Lozensky, Dona Cur- ley. THIRD ROW: Kathryn Payne, Ann Peithman. Kathy Haines, Ann I-Iiti, Carl Mav, Harman Bon- niksen. Iere Buck, Wil- liam Tuck, and Ed Mur- Phvlr. SECOND SEMESTER COURT FIRST ROW, lei! ta riqhiz Richard Martin, Clyde El- ler, Martha Smith, Rodney Cox, Pat Hall, Frank Spaid, Iohn Borel. SEC- OND ROW: Harrie! Iohn- son, Susan Schirmann, Beity Hendriksen, Mary Anne Ely, Barbara Wal- ter, Pai Nelson, Nancy Cass. THIRD ROW: Richie I-Iunt, Helen Wymore, Val Webster, Ierry Chapman, Iohn Peterson, Leslie Hol- qersen, Conrad Lahr, and Don Ford. I wx 1 593 flig- G' "4'f"'?' ,Jr x i' '33 FS-3' v""'V 'it IRMA BARTELS Physical Education ALBERT BLOOD Senior Problems FLORENCE BROWN Enqlish IAMES CADY Physical Education LYNWOOD CARRANCO Enqlish RUTH CARROLL Choir MICHAEL CHETKOVICH U. S. History IRVING DAVIES Commercial PEARL DEGENHART Art RICHARD DIMICK Wood Shop RUTH EVERSOLE Spanish and Latin EVELYN FEILDING Physical Education FACULTY AND CURRICULUM CHEMISTRY ructs Carol Christian and David DeVine Mr. McLean supervises research by Rose Feuerwerker and Harriet Iohnson Q -aww dum, PAUL FLEMMING Metal Shop IOHN FORSYTHE Health LILIAN I-IAGOPIAN Librarian 1 , ,,,1 ROSE HAGOPIAN Homemakinq .1 ri ye, 'L RICHARD IAHBOE Speech and Drama f MEL KLEIN Q- M Coach ' 55 EVELYN KOHLER 4 Homemakinq I, vw' f A ' Anci-us Mccomvucx A -"7" Commercial -er" f :CS WILLIAM MCKITTRICK World History DIEN-MCLEAN ClEl'lCe a N, f ,f x , ' 14" I -J MIRAN MARKS Business English 5 my ED OLIVEIRA Coach ' rv, f. J' f s,,...,,.,.,, f ll in in When the l95l-52 school year began at Arcata High School, we welcomed eleven new teachers to the tacultyg this brought a total ot thirty-three members to the teaching staff. Along with the new teachers we tound new courses added to the curriculum. For the first time, Girls' Agriculture was taught. College Preparatory Biology was added to the science field. ln the Music Department, a l.V. Choir was organized. For the first time, the publication ot the school newspaper, "The Pepperboxf' was handled in a special lournalism class. HOMEMAKING DRAMA Girls look on as Dona Curley serves Nadine Lozensky. Mr. Iarboe goes over lines with Iecm Richards. 'wx tis, 4-:s"' FN "mai 1 A-,ma a. 1 X, QE 'rr Qmilanbl wwf' ,. ,fi .Ami L t fi i if LA VELLE PARSONS Aqriculture VERNON SMITH Social Science """" GEORGE STUDLEY ...Q-F' 4:-auf' 17 Iournclism, French ' -3 WOODROW THOMPSON Y W, Band X 1' ELEANOR TRUNK English I gg- IAN VAN HBE e- ? Y-Aff? Social Science ,gg lg. as ROBERT WALKER 'Q' Commercial Yu ,,..l Mr. Blood WILLIAM WEGNER , Science . if +1 lc: A A Social Science ll program was created to meet the new state requirement for California History and Government. Seniors received this instruction in Senior Problems but after next year the program will be conducted strictly in Sophomore classes, ln line with Civilian Defense efforts, all Physical Education classes devoted a great deal of time to first aid and atomic bomb instruction. All teachers were also required to secure an up-to-date First Aid Certificate. Changes are made every year in the faculty and in the curriculum. Next year there will be a still larger faculty and still other courses. Courses that are scheduled for next year include Library Science, Photography, Senior Mathe- matics, Laboratory Biology, Music Appreciation, industrial Arts and Crafts, and Woodwinds and Stringed instruments. These changes make the school grow and progress with the changing of other affairs in the community, state, and country. checks work of Gerry Hagelskamp in Senior Problems. Mr. Zatiolcx points to Denver while discussing U.S History -.11-ull' STX Qffuincgf M10 by 55 gg 'L X f 54 f . in x I .. I, Q f 3 , A , - ' i f ' I j 4 14 .fi J X ---.W + v 5 -4, 'W .P ' I '." JF ' C A K 3 171 , ' ' Xi ll, ' I MQ- .fx -M' T32 'YQVK I V. 21, 14 5' . ' A 1 ' af ,. 515. ?, .. J, Z .nf 1 I JM fi 597 1- was ' L xc-. V . xy' it ,XJ Vg. , . ,Lrg fl ls J-ibigff. fwfff '-Iff""W ' . U 1.Q.',g-,ggmgf-65,4 J- llllllll' mu'1 xfif- 11 LI .P 1 . . . ANOTHER CLASS a DOLORES EVANGELISTI Section Editor Time nas come for another group of Seniors to take leave ot Arcata High School. Yes, the Class of i952 is about to bid adieu to tour en- joyable and hectic years on campus. From the iirst day we arrived at Arcata High, as bewil- dered and scared Freshmen, we have longed and waited tor the day ot days, graduation day. Time has ilown by and we'll soon be decked out in caps and gowns, marching forward to receive cur diplomas. During the past tour years many things have happened. Remember our Freshman initiation? The girls had to wear one side of their hair in small braids and the other side in pin curlsg and they had to hobble around with a high heel shoe on one toot and a low heel shoe on the other, with jeans and shirts turned inside out! The boys, just as cute, also had to wear their clothes inside out: they also had to slick down their hair and part it in the middle. To add insult to injury, the boys had to carry a cloth with which to shine Sophomore shoes! Still, we had the last laugh in the afternoon when we upset a record ot many years by beating the Sophomores in the annual "brawl" ff?-f"ffir7'Af TAKES LEAVE CDE ARCATA HIGH ARTE ROBERTS Assistant Section Editor Remember how we enjoyed shaking oft some ot that green tint and participating in school ace tivities as Sophomores? Remember our lunior- Senior Prom? The Chinese lanterns, the Oriental bridge, the green shrubs, and all the enjoyment and fun we had in our "Chinese Garden" should never be forgotten. Remember worrying about credits, college, a job, or Uncle Sam during the past year? Remem- ber those long papers we wrote for Mrs. Brown and Mr. Blood? Remember the usual debate on the questions ot rings and dress for graduation? Remember the Senior Banquet and all the other Senior functions? They're all memories to be cherished come what may in the lite which awaits us beyond the Arcata High campus. We'll miss Arcata High School, our "favorite" teachers and our favorite subjects but dear old Arcata High School will also miss usi In partic- ular, Arcata High will miss those Seniors who established good scholastic records, those who performed with the Choir and Rand, those who fought for the orange and black on the gridiron, on the hardwood, on the diamond and on the oval, and those who participated with the nu- merous other schcol organizations. Arte Roberts interrupts her typing as Dolores Evdnqelisti calls Madonna Keetouver ioins Arte and Dolores for the selection ot ' ' class pictures. her attention to cx pomt ot concern on the layout. 01' FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Dona Curley ireasurer: Richie Hum, president, Nadine Lozensky, secretary, Shirley Hunt, vice-president. SENIQRS 90' MARY KLINGER Band GALE ALDEN LV. Choir EDNA REIS I.V. Choir EMII. YUBDANA Sports MELVIN OLIVER Sports DOLORES CORNING G.A.A. Prexy ARTHUR MILLER Football IEAN TAMAGNI Girls' Basketball BETTY SPINI Bachelorette DONALD FLECKENSTEIN Trcxck DOROTHY BOENZLI Band DONALD VANNI Sports DAVID DEVINE Pootbcdl IUNE BROWN G.A.A. Treasurer ROBERT SPALETTA Bailift BONNIE JONES Girls' League OUTSTANDING MECHANIC Shown domq some repair work on cr tractor IS Art Miller, winner of the Bank of America Award in Indus- tricxl Arts. MARY REIS Chorus VALMAN WEBSTER Sports CLARICE DAVISON Choir DALE GIPSON Football RICHARD HUNT Senior Cluss Prexy lUEI.L DAVIS Girls' Athletic Association HEINZ BREUNIG Augie Committee ROSE FEUERWERKER Student Body Vice-President PEGGY EASTBURN Bachelorette ION BERTRAND Student Council MARILYN GEORGESON Choir MARVIN BURTON Choir DOUGLAS BATES Sports BETTY HENDRIKSEN Band PETER LINDEN Sports CLAIRE SMEDLEY Advance Queen OUTSTANDING FUTURE FARMERS Seated in front of their Future Farms ers of America Banner are Conrad Lahr, left, cmd Richie Hunt. right. Both students have received high awards cmd brought much praise to Arcutcr High. OUTSTANDING SCHOLARS Dolores Evanqelisti receives her C.S.F. Lite Membership Pin from Miss Ruth Eversole, advisor, while Ger- aldine Haqelskamp stands by to re- ceive the same honor. BEVERLY WILLIAMS Chorus WILLIAM SMITH PAYE NORBERRY Art Club QUITO TRUIILLO Art Club NEIL DAWSON Band IANICE BURSHEM Student Council LES HEADRICK Football CAROL CHRISTIAN Pepperbox Editor DOLORES EVANGELISTI Girls' League Prexy IVAN GRANDFIELD Choir ANNA VALENTINI Student Court IOHN HANSEN Baseball WARREN SWEET Track SHIRLEY HUNT Bachelorette Treasurer DONALD MESLOH Advisory Prexy IANE SHERMAN Bachelorette Correspondence Secretary MAY BOREL Song Queen BOB FLOCKI-IART Baseball CHARLOTTE CHRISTIANSEN Girls' Glee LOUIS MARTIN Track JOHN GALYEAN Future Farmer of America BETTY HUGGINS Student Body Vice-Prexy MAX FLOCKHART R-K-Tan LOUISE ASHBROOK Bachelorette Vice-President MARY EVANS Girls' League Representative IAMES HARD Chorus ROSALENE SHEFFIELD Girls' Glee PHIL DURNFORD I.V. Choir FRANK HIZER Diploma Has Been Major Interest VERNA CURETON Rally Committee GARY HUNTER Football IANICE OLSON I.V. Choir OUTSTANDING COMMERCIAL STUDENTS Geraldine Hagelskamp lcenterl, win- ner of the Bank of America Business Award, looks through an enrollment file while other top senior commer- cial students busy themselves around the attendance office. Shown left to right are Iohn Hansen, Doris Freitaq, Claire Smedley, Mr. Davies iinstructorl, Betty Hendriksen, Haq- elskamp, Emil Yurdana, Sandra Mer- rill, Dolores Corninq, Frances Bundy, and Louise Ashbrook. 1,4 i -5 if :M sfil Nl' 461' 'Q 'Q N. af'- OUTSTANDING ARTISTS Lewis Gist fsecond from riqhtl, win ner ot the Bank oi America Art Award, discusses his work with top senior artists. Seated left to right are Don Mesloh, Quito Trujillo. Gist, and Phil Durnford. SEVELLA PENNINGTON Art Club CONRAD LAHR Track MARY COLE Student Body Song Leader DAVID ERICKSEN Pepperbox LEWIS GIST Art Club IOY GIPSON Choir EDWARD ANDERSON Future Farmer ot America HELEN SCHWEDE Future Homemaker ot America DORIS FREITAG Sports MELFRED LUNDBERG I.V. Choir PATRICIA LARSEN Sports IOHN SMITH Radio Club IERRY THOMAS Footbcxll FAYE WATKINS Chorus DONALD MARTIN Diplomcx Has Been Maior Interest VELVIE FREEMAN Employed at Arcatcx Theater OUTSTANDING STUDENTS Escorting Betty Huggins are Ion Ber- trand, left, and Jerry Thomas, right. All three won awards in the annual Bank of America competition. ALBERT THOMPSON Band l.V. Choir ROBERTA BRECHBILL Band Choir PETE HAYNES Choir Sports WILLARD PEUGH Sports Student Court MARILYN CARD Honorary Member oi Bachelorette Club CLIFFORD MARSHALL "Traveler" I ERALD BELACK "Tiger fan" NANCY BAUMAN Advance Staff VIRGIL SEGHETTI Employee ot Associate Service Station ALBERT BLOOD Employee of Mobilqas Service Station MARY ANN COMBS Transierred to Hoopa RAYMOND TRUTTMAN Band Qduiocgmpbf P-4 c mwah Y ADVISORS FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Miss Ruth Eversole, Lynwood Car- ranco, Miss Lilian Haqopicm. SECOND ROW: Ed Oliveira, Wil- liam Mcliitlrick, Robert Walker. und Michael Chelkovich. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: George Forcnl, president: Dolores Hue er, secre 9 , tary: Les Holqersen, treasurer: Dennis Stark. sergeant-at-arms: Iere Buck, yell leader: Carla Brisllin, vice-presideni: Iris Ha- gen, yell leader. f o- f ,.v . . JUNIORS MOVE UP The members of the Class of 1953 will enter their Senior year with a long list of accomplishments on the record books. This group started the ball rolling when they were rough Freshmen and defeated the Sophomores fClass of '52l in the annual brawl. They maintained the pace when they were Sophomores and won another Frosh-Soph Initiation. This year, as Iuniors, they enjoyed another banner year. George Forant, a fellow with plenty of potential ability, won the presidential election early in the year and did a good job of discharging his duties. He was ably assisted by a very witty vice-president, Carla Bristlin: a vivacious blonde secretary-treasurer, Dolores Haegerg and a sturdy sergeant-at-arms, Dennis Stark. This quartet led the Iuniors forward. Under their direction, the luniors entered the PTA. Membership Drive Contest and won the prize money. The luniors also sponsored a lunior-Senior Prom, called it the "lack Frost Frolic," and established a first when they invited all Seniors to attend the Ball as quests of the Class of 1953. When the downtown rally was held prior to the grid titanic between Arcata and Eureka, many Iuniors participated in the parade. When the parade was over, the judges awarded the Iuniors first place for the best float on the grounds of originality and sportsmanship. The Iuniors had several representatives on the Student Cabinet. Both Ann Hitt and Madonna Keefauver served as Bally Chairmen while Bonnie Vincent served as Treasurer. The Class of 1953 held a virtual monopoly on the pep squads with lris Hagan, Dolores Haeger, Erma Enright, Ioan Millis, and Shirley Burgess serving as yell leaders. ln athletics the luniors were outstanding. Bob Allord headed the male sport- sters but there were others such as Len Necochea, Dcn Hampton, Ray Figueroa, and Bon Walker. Among the girls, Ann Hitt, Shirley Ennes, Dot Steiner, Nita Nelson, Carla Bristlin, Kay Besecker, and Virginia Rounds should be mentioned. Other luniors were active in many various activities. Some, such as Merle Oppenheimer, were tops in their studies and in extracurricular activities. Others, such as Sara Rodrigues, performed as majorettes. Many, like Iere Buck and Mary Lee Stromberg, were club officers. Other names could be mentioned but space dictates otherwise so we'll just close with a cheer for the Class of l953l 3 i 1 and Bob Allord. MISS DEGENHARTS ADVISORY FIRST HOW, lelt to right: Miss Deg enhart, Adrian Allen, Mary Aldrich Helen Anqel,Vonniece Angler Syblo Bagley. SECOND ROW: Shirley Bu geniq, Gayle Allen, Shirley Burgess Virginia Barker, Ianet Bettendorl Carla Bristlin, Bob Babb, Dolores At kins. THIRD ROW: Kay Besecker Loren Abbott, Duane Allen Iere B k D B ' k G ld Atk uc . on nc ey. era ins Elwood Bartlett, Robert Benbrook MISS ROSE HAGOPIAN'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Phyllis Cox, Peggie Culver, Ruth Cherry, Miss Rose Hagopian. SECOND ROW: Clyde Eller, Virginia Dudal, lane Chapman, Evelyn Davis, Carlene Carlson, Ioyce Dudal, Phyllis Clark. THIRD ROW: Carlos DeRossett. Ger- ald Davies. Raymond Dickey, lack Duncan. Lawrence Combs, Dean Denny. Delbert Curtice. MISS LILLIAN HAGOPIAN'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley En- nes, Peggy Frenette, Charlotte Hard, Don Hampton, Delbert Hames. SEC- OND ROW: Miss Lillian Hagopian, Iris Hagan, Dolores Haeger, Ianice Hescock, Erma Enright, Larry Ford, Grace Gibson, Pat Hammond, Emery Franzen. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Hale, Dale Foster, lack Faulkner, Ken Frost, Ruth Everett. Lee Flaiz, Ray Figueroa, LeRoy Hall, George Fo- rant. Walter Guy. MISS EVERSOLE'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Don Iones, Jeannette Lighthill, Madonna Kee- Iauver, Iona McGrifI. Mary Lou Kern. SECOND ROW: Lolita Iones, Shirley Lawrence, LeAnna Kohlasch, Harriet Iohnson, Ray McConnell, Lambert Huff, Betty Larsen. THIRD ROW: Ann Hitt. Iim lohnson, Bill Laidlaw. Pat- rick Iohnson, Miss Eversole, Darrel Lewis, Ierry Ienkins, Leslie Holger- sen. '4' Ii 1 .xii 9--rt -7--4-fs. W.. l A55 . MR. WALKER'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Donald Noble, Lida Morehouse, Loretta Moore, Dorothy Oliver, Merle Oppen- heimer, Nita Nelson, Darlene Nelson, May Belle Morin, Barradine Medaris. SECOND ROW: Ethelynn Miller, Ioan Millis, Ann Peithman, Retta Perini, Patricia Peters. Phyllis Peters. Da- vid Manifold, Lois Parton. THIRD ROW: Sharon Osborne, Marian Mar- tin, Iohn Payne, Lenard Necochea, Dick Miller. Ed Otter, Iohn Peterson, Bill Nessler, Iohn Melqren. MR. WEGNER'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Shouse, Susan Spidell, Iohn Sible, Louise Smart, Darlene Schunk, Sarah Rodrigues, Mary Lee Stromberq, Gayle Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Dennis Stark, Charlene Schunk, Bet- ty Punch, Margie Prasch, Clara Stonebarqer, Dorothy Steiner. Rita Salnave, Helen Phillips. THIRD ROW: Mr. Weqner, Elizabeth Stacy, Kathryn Roberts, lack Smart, Stuart Schirmann, Iohn Silva, Edwin Rodri- gues, Virginia Round. MRS. BARTELS' ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Bar- tels, Charlotta Wing, Dotty Wilken- loh, Bonnie Vincent, Shirley Wood. SECOND ROW: Katherine Whitney, Ianet Tinto, Phyllis Trump, Mava Vincent, Gary Young, Doreen Ward, Audrey White. THIRD ROW: Iuno Woodside, Maxine Williams, Bar- bara Walter, Iohn Williamson, Irvin Vieira, Donald Walter, Donald Wil- liams, Floyd Walton. .- E u a 6'-Q--Al-A . , , J 1: . I , cl , 'PY' Hivfxffkf . : ' G-ye ff -. .gang f"'s Sd SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Haines. secretary: Pat Hall. treasurer: Kay Killinger, vice-president: Vernon Fried- li, president. SCDPHGMCDRES ADVISORS FIRST ROW, left to riqhl: Woodrow Thompson, Mrs. Eleanor Trunk, Georqe Stud- ley. SECOND ROW: Ian Van Hee and Vernon Smith. N1 1 . SCDPHOMCRES ACTIVE The Class of 1954, caught in the midst of curriculum changes at Arcata High, can look back upon an active Sophomore year during which the last tint of green was washed away. The "Sophs" got the scare of their young lives at the annual Frosh-Soph Brawl. The upstart Freshmen maintained a lead from the start and went down to defeat only after a rematch of the boys' Tug-of-War. Luckily for the Sopho- rnores, their team was anchored by big lim Lorentzen. An Assembly was held for the purpose of nominating candidates for class offices. The Assembly featured some top entertainment and went far toward knitting the Sophomores together. Others may have tried to imitate this innova- tion but none were as successful as the Sophomores. Vernon Friedli, a sports enthusiast if there ever was one, was elected Presi- dent. Vernon appears annually on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. He is also a member of the Choir and is a good minstrel in the Choir and Band Shows. Kay Killinger, a blonde with personality, was elected Vice-President. Kay likes sports and developed into one of the star Sophomore girl athletes. She also performed as a Choir Alternate. Kathy Haines was elected as Secretary and Pat Hall was the choice for Treasurer. These two long-time friends both served as Frosh officers and did a good job maintaining the records for the Sophomores. ln an attempt to augment the Class funds, the officers bid successfully for the right to man the concession stands at football and basketball games. Since the Social Science ll classes served as advisories for the Sophomores, working crews were secured from these classes. Throughout the year, Sophomores were active on campus. Sally Schir- mann and Iohn Davis participated in sports and served on the Student Council. Mary Cass was on the lury and Bill Brechbill operated as Bailiff. Cecile Carvalho and Darlene Haeger performed as yell leaders. Ramona Souza and Rose Marie Fagundes twirled batons for the band. Barbara Nonnenmen, Marilyn Cooper, and Spencer Graham sang frequently, often accompanied by Io Marie Grapes. lean Richards and Pat Nelson did well in Drama. Darol Foster, playing left half on the football team was a stand-out in the Eureka and Del Norte victories. Vernon McCurdy, Ron Walker, Bob Stephens and Don Hitt were on the basketball squads. Danny Trump served as a football manager. There were others--too numerous to mention! Ames. and Riley Baxter MRS. KRAMM'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs Kramm, Faye Babcock. Rose Anas Darlene Brown. SECOND ROW Lo retta Baiocchi. Doris Baker, Donna Bovee, Georgia Baker. Jeanette Al drich, Paul Byrd, Beverly Busemus La Vonne Burshem, Kay Benbrook Betty Angel. THIRD ROW: Olelhee Beck, Carolyn Boudro, lim Bearden Nancy Bruee, Bill Brechbill. Harman Bonniksen, Carol Amner, lim Bar ham, Kenneth Bennett, Richard MR. DAVIES' ADVISORY FIRST ROW, lelt to riahl: Mr. Davies. Friedel Curtis, Marilynn Cooper, Charlotte Cratty, Cecile Carvalho, Gladys Drake, Pat Del Porto. SEC- OND ROW: Delane Duncan, Diane Clayton, Gale Coooer. Donna Che- zem, Violet Davis. Don Dutton. Rod- erick Davis, Vivian Davis. THIRD ROW: Robert Christie, Nancy Cass. T. I. Collins, Walter Christian, Floyd Davis. Sherbert Cheisum. Iohn Da' vis, Bill Daniels, Richard Dudal, and Dale Cooper. MISS FEILDING'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, lelt to riqht: Miss Feild- ing, Eileen Gray, Lorena Foster, Bet! tv Faulkner, Wilma Evans. Toni Ga- riel, Io Marie Graves. SECOND ROW: Faith Galyean, Darlene Foresti, San- dra Ford. Rose Mary Faqundes, Gary Ervin, Dekle Faulk, Tony Gilbert. Ken Gclllaqher, Dixie Anna Franke. THIRD ROW: Harold Fisher, Clar- ence Enos, Vernon Friedli, Glenn Flockhart, Spencer Graham, Norman Eaton, lim Ely, Darol Foster, and Don Ford. MR. FORSYTHE'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Donna Hauenstein, Dianne Hilburn, Pat Hall, Karla Hemphill, Iackie Iones, Cecile Ivy. SECOND ROW: Thelma Iones, Marlene Hodgson, Kay Killin- qer, Darlene Haeger, Karen Kreslen- sen, Beverly King, Kathleen Ham- bloclr, Kathy Haines. THIRD ROW: Bob Herndon, Leroy Iohnson. Rich- ard I-Iintz, Mr. Forsythe, Robert Iacobson, Gary Holmes, Don Hoover, and Dale Keenan. c .g rr 1 4 'S' Z ' 3 2 -wer, 4 l, -sf? MR. McLEAN'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Darlene Lindsley, Sandra Nielson, Wilda LaRue, Barbara Ownbey, Lucile Moody, Barbara Nonnenman, Ioan Macro, Mildred Nelson, Charlotte Mason, Shirley Luster. SECOND ROW: Mr. McLean, Peggy Nielsen. Nancy McCormick, Virginia Moller, Ioan Laiqhton, Pat Nelson. Carolyn Nicholson, Don Leen, Eddie Olson, Fred McCranie. THIRD ROW: Gerald Nygren, Ioe Mills, Ivan Muessiq, Bruce Langley, Iay Linden, Walter Miller, Billy Mattingly, Duane Michna, Iim McNabb, Frank Matt- son, and Vernon McCurdy. MR. THOMPSON'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, lelt to right: Richard Powell, Tony Reis, Iackie Parker, Fred Shipman, Lois Shannon, 'Do- lores Smither. SECOND ROW: Sue Shores, Frances Price, Betty Setzer, Ramona Souza, Mary Robinson, Mary Serra,Sally Schirmann, Maxine Prasch. THIRD ROW: Darlene Slade, lean Richards, Richard Reimer, Bar- bara Russell, Mr. Thompson, Leah Smith, Karen Paulsen, Loren Smith, Dick Sorensen, and Leroy Rakestraw. MRS. TRUNK'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, let! to right: Vona Younq, Mrs. Trunk, Barbara Trujillo, Pat Ward, Marie Ulmer, Dolores Truttman, Ioann Vollmer. SECOND ROW: Betty Williams, Carolyn Went- worth, Ann Turpin, Alice Stevens, Ilene Thompson, Danny Trump, Do- lores Turney, Ianett Walton. THIRD ROW: Iackie Walton, Carleton Tim- mons, Donna Standley, Rich Stewart, Mart Young, Robert Stephens, Lyn- wood Vinum, and Doris Wymore. Qffzziffcgffzzlzybj wr 5 x . S 4 n ' f ., ff' K K H W 1' I sw? af' ,er , . 'MM -...+ .,.. 'I Q, 1- 1' fr Y ' nyc. ,,- . .- ll nr. , . '-W. Af, sn 4 lxw 1 3' - .HA aunt A 4 1 4 ' "' . 4 I .2 M .J-'-' gq Gtisg Q lflv QTY 'E -, - ' 5 5' ' ""f5- ""H'5tf2b, lug, if Q 'I Ss 'M' 1+ hw., L -V-A -qs. 'C' fi lv FRESHMAN CLASS OFFXCERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Pc! Cole. secretary: Wendy Wood treasurer: Ed Fedder, presi dent: Elsie Thornton, vice president. FRESHMEN ADVISORS FIRST ROW, lei! to riqht: Miss Ruth Carroll, Lynwood Car- rcmco. Mrs. Mirun Marks. SECOND ROW: Ian Van Hee. William McKi1trick, Vernon Smith, cmd Georqe Studley. ,V ...Mn H A I yi , khllnuv- 5 ...,. f...s-. . . Q" ' M.. ., V ..4 HHNZM-ti on ...A ,,,,,,,, SZ? L., rg' A ,.. M ..,.p,.. x 5. jg, .aug Q-, yy.. . FRESHMEN LOCK AHEAD The Class ot 1955 showed a lot ot deterrnination and drive as "Fresh" and can loolq ahead to three more enjoyable years on the Arcata High carnpus. Early in the year the Erosh elected a iine group ot officers. Ed Eedder was the presidential oiioioe while Elsie Thornton was selected to assist hirn as Vice President. Vlfendy Wood received the nod as Treasurer while Eat Cole was voted Secretary. When Pat lctt school, a special election gave the joh ot Secretary to Gail Enright. The Erosh Crowned themselves with glory when they alrnost walked off with the honors in the annual class initiation. The Sophornores were saved from dis- grace thanks to a rematch of the hoys' TL1Q'Ol'WGT. A highlight ct the year was the Ereshnian Party. The event was held in the gyrn and teatured entertainment, dancing, and refreshrnents. Many Erosh were active in school affairs during the year and they will cer- tainly hecorne known carnpus personalities as they progress through their high school years. v MR. McKITTRICK'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Mc- Kittrick, Charles Flynn, Larry Wing, Dathene Gammon, Phyllis Lonkey, Pat Cole, Bob Rocha, Virginia Rog- ers, Louise Hendrix, Betty Hames. SECOND ROW: Nadine Luster, Patri- cia Hooven, Iudy Davis, Rosa Lee Ownbey, Francis Harmon, Dawn Anker, Bob Charley, Arthur Ham- mond, Dean Riddle, Lois Haynes. THIRD ROW: Robert Lloyd, Barbara Hansen, Walt Haight, Susan Schir- mann, loe Dutra, Charles Mudford. Arnie Taggart, Carl May, Don Coul- ter, Frank Burkhart. it x , f , MR. CARRANCO'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Virginia Pew, Olive Kuchel, Mariiean Ber- trand, Dorothy Sousa, Albert Laid- law, Beverly Iohnson, Perris Pringle. Doreen Ierniqan, Iune Ford, Sylvina Iohnnie. SECOND ROW: Don Briggs, Wendy Wood, Garnet Fleckenstein, Bob Mittelbach, Don Lee, Eric Ander- son, Mary Ann Hagen, Arlene Coff- ron, Iohn Gilchrist, Keith Anderson. THIRD ROW: Iimmie Vinum, David Shepherd, Ioel Honer, Bruce Coulter, Ray Burnett, Frank Henley, Gilbert Bryan. .,,.,..... ...A MRS. MARKS' ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Donna Andrus, Dick Lipscomb, Carol Bab- cock, Birdie Ruth Carlson, Ardella Wood. Ronald Iohnson, Ann Evans. Inez LeRoy, Carol Brendt, Barbara Kemp, Margaret Burkart, David Doney. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Marks, Marilyn May, Bill King, Bill Weik, Dixie Dawson, Iris Osborne, Harry Amner, Robert Taylor, Karl Hagen- busch, Wendell Anderton, William Dean. THIRD ROW: Shirley Berg- man, Sharon Parsons, Iames Chottin, Sharron Murdock, Earl Moranda. Robert Dellabalma, Bobby Lewis, William Tuck, Lynn Layton, Ray Everett. MR. SMIT1-I'S ADVISORY fMorningJ FIRST ROW, left to right: Norita Shettield, Curits Larsen, Wayne Golden, Frances Byrd, Mildred Bliss. Jimmie Robinson, Sharron Wilson, Shelley Brown, Darlene Clifton, Georgia Severson, Lester Schneitter. SECOND ROW: Mr. Smith, Manuel Serra, Susan DeRossett, Elanore Schmitt, Rosie Sears, Roberta Zum- mer, Richard Carr, Ioe Spurgeon. Billy Stonebarger, Alvin Lakey. Iohn Gier. THIRD ROW: Bill Van Horn, Walter Butterfield, Bob Crutchfield, Frank Spaid, Iohn Vieira, Donna Atkins, Don Peterson, Betty Walton. Bob Noyes, Harry Strong. MR. STUDI..EY'S ADVISORY FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Brickey, Clara Silva, Helen Olson, Pat Bugeniq, Jimmy Taylor, Rex Woods. Freeman Rhoads, Charles Hall, Caroline Fisher, Vida Harsh. Gene Visser, Audrey Smith. SECOND ROW: Ronald Edwards, Betty I-Iutto, Wanda Wilcox, Ernest Ghisetti, Thomas Rogers, Lloyd Peters, George Henry, Norman Alvis, Shirley Can- trell, Carol Poli, Frank Leach. THIRD ROW: Henry Roberts, Sharon Har- per, Gary Taylor, Ruth Eden, Ray Dunn, Iudy Osborne, Lloyd Wyckoff, Carolyn Stacy, Charlie Wilson. Franklin Rhoades. MR. VAN HEI-TS ADVISORY IMorningl FIRST ROW, left to right: Rodney Fox, Beverly Bearden, Edward Fren- ette, Dale Williams, Margie Silva, Billy Taylor, Iackie Nichols. SECOND ROW: Ted Orput. Sadie Busenius, Sally Smallwood, Ioanne Beer, Iuan- ita Ashbrook, Bill Waley, Barbara Whitfield. Barbara Henry, Thelma Smith, Io Crump, lohn Hard. THIRD ROW: Mr. Van Hee, lack Haunstein, LaVonne Iones. Peggy Wilson, Carl Carlson, Robert Schwab, Norman Ward, Paul Ellis. Arthur Van Amber. and Edward Murphy lr. MR. SMITI-I'S ADVISORY lAIternoonl FIRST ROW, left to right: Perry Hutt, Elloise Roberts, Eleanor Machado, Karroll Wright, Roy lones, Kenneth Weimar, Iohn Young, Ruth Nichols, Eva Mager, Christine Price. SECOND ROW: Verne Frazier, Eleanor Pettit, Larry Lighthill, Connie Macomber. Marianne McMorrine, Kent Strom- berg, Darlene Gassaway, Vernon Walker, Darrell Parsons, Harry Van Derklis. THIRD ROW: Richard lack- son, Frances House, lanet Cherry, Barbara Summers, Barbara Dickey, Mary Anne Ely, Bob Ellis, Gerald Rankin, and Ioe Brower. MR. VAN HEE'S ADVISORY fAfternoonl FIRST ROW. lelt to riqht: Pat Lin- ville, Gail Enright, Richard Kidder, Douglas Schuler, Martha Smith, Mrs. Kohler fstanding in for Mr. Van Heel, Darlene Anttila, AlIred Brown, Elmer Alexander, Larry Baldwin, Iackie Smith. SECOND ROW: Melva Tier- ney, Inez Tiller, Verna White, Mary lane Barker, Elsie Thornton, Harry Iackson, Ralph Haag. Beverly Alden. Dennis Cleveland, Iohn Borel. Ruth Babcock, Ioanne Baer. THIRD ROW: Arthur Shelley. Iianina Evangelisti, Shirl Winnett. Gilbert Powers. Scott Winslow, Ierry Snider, Steve Kunsel- man, Ed Fedder, Don Duler. and Lyn Brewer. CJ4MlL0g7f0llZ7b5 'vi' STUDENTS 7: TAKE PART IN MANY ACTIVITIES DOLORES COHNING Section Editor Many events of all kinds highlighted the school year. The pages which follow give recog- nition to the clubs and organizations which were responsible for the greater share of the events. Looking back over the calendar, we recall many fond memories of the past year. The Choir and the Band joined hands to sponsor their an- nual show, "Melody Inn." Members of the Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation played the part of teachers for a day and had a grand time at their Banquet, The Bachelorettes staged their popular "Dawg Patch Brawl." The Girls' League held noon time dances and sponsored a very suc- cessful "Leap Year Dance" besides the annual Fall and Spring Hi-Iinx. The Excalibur Club pleased many with their "Christmas Dance" which featured the crowning of Claire Smedley as Advance Queen. The Girls' Athletic Associae tion waged sports warfare and joined hands with the RAK-Tan Club to stage a "Pajamarino Dance." The Art Club participated in various art contests and held a "Masquerade Ball." The new Q-1.47. Nadine looks on as Dolores prepares copy. NADINE LOZENSKY Assistant Section Editor Dramatists performed mostly during fifth period but also took part in the Drama Festival at Humboldt State College. The Rally Committee conducted many rallies as warm-up for athletic contests and played a big part in bringing the Sportsmanship Banner and Award to Arcata High. The Future Homemakers of America attended state functions and held a supper in the honor of the Future Farmers of America who were equally active in state and national functions. The number of activities engaged in and the variety of activities sponsored testify to the freedom of action which the administration has granted to the students on Arcata High in the interest of a well rounded education. Students can be thankful for the progressive spirit whict' guides our administrative leaders. As the years slip by, may you always remeng ber the co-operation which we received and thf good times we shared on cqxrnpus. 0 On Editors check up on set-up in 1951 Advance. '7 17 x 1. Q 1 +ff'g'f' ' A F A-f '. W: ' 'eu . :ll vyh Qfgt rflkv 1-, 1-r, 'x z" ' , 1, . N x - m - '. ff, Q 1-'-'qlfjui .21 ' 'y?,p,,., ' . ', uf' M ' .gr-4.1-'. ,, ' ',9,:j,z.: I mv.-gs , no ."lg:'.'j?" '71-KZ., -i-'F ' . .A - 5 ff.: :7 bhxv 15, - yfn.. 'F-5 - ' . 4 J..QM,,v ,S -' 'TM ' f 'fx 'f"J5."g' ' A if N .f 5' ' - , -'-I--'Vg' -' ' .. tg .L 112f'2--f.: gy1-'f- . - . " ., .,." ' ... ' F4 Q ' 1 .V " - -. - .x "' 1 ,V . .3-,sy fm. L- 1 ' X3 ,398 .' A ' f - , . ' A V -. -I . H 1.. x-x ' .1 . . ' xg 'Y -0' N ' -' A A 4 "' -- V ' 'xg '. niw' " - M f 4 Q' f - - Y 5: ' 4 .fl Q-T' ' fx A V NT! 1 N7 ' 2:11 'Q .W lcv 4' VP' 'f 1, ' . 'L '- - A x v ui 9+ A . agrxgt 4 i.!,, qv I-, . J V N ,fl Q Mx ,fx I A V ' it Q ,, i xx x -4: -k's I lv Q ' 'Egg h .I T, -Q X . . , lltrfr , -1 5, X In . X, , 1 1 5-' ' W f' '- A, X a- f' , . 1 .u- ' Q 2 .. Xxx ! , v :VW v V 5 '12-' W A A .Q A 4 5 "' . A V f 5' Pais. 3 " ,MA V vu, H i"2,!V,, ft l it .Q 5 W 5 4 k I ' . , 'A 1 A ' . 8 4 vgff 33, 4 w Qu' 4 M 7 yggxx X x Q, -, W, wiv , JI' R N' - , ' 2 Q Q . ' ' W 2 I 3 5 xy V ' V, 4 6 f , 2 W g . dw . fi - ,I H ? -A' Q X 3 2 5 fs 5, Q' 2 , A A 1 A . - , Q 'x A, q K '3 g li 'Mx , 9, f , -. - me ii ,-' .+- I, --'Z 1 '-,x .,.:- N- P, . - - , 7.9 .g . - ll ,s 1 .,.w iq THE l.V. CHOIR ln order ro elevate many capable members ol an ever expanding Cho- rus, the I.V. Choir was organized early during the school year. .,,- Tlrrcmeglurprrl the yedr The Choir performed in mdrly places under llre dir: all-.,.r l N ' ' V l lla: flwlfwlfs lcn llll "sl Miss Rum Qnrmll. Rdirl Or slrme, llre swguiwcgslers rrcrvvvc v ew lfrirr cmd luster deed will. ,. lr, The Bcmd, under the qulddrrce el VVOedmw Tl1c,rr1g,:scm, played Lil crtlrlwrle eyerrls, sclrefrl crssernlrlles, cmd Civlf' Cllllllfil. For llrw llrsl lime, llro Bcmcl lfwl-i 'ill dcllye pdrl lrl the Cmrrual CllOlT'BUYld Show. "Melody lrmf' sldqed Mdy Sl cmd April l, epcvrlcvl willr CI llllIlllJC?lL rwevfrlvlrlfr droumd "Rhapsody irr Blue." The finale presented Cl "Tribute lo Hemlnerqf' Dm lucy the ll'llE?TllllSSlCIll, the dlrdlerrce wds lrrlreClL1r,:evf,l lo llrfe ylncqlrm wrrilfdrr' 'l Melody lrm. r Funds rdlsed lrfnm tile lwe QGflCTfllCIIlCGS ol tfle cmrmufxl :large rslrczw lrf lpul Y .1. A .. fl . rls' 1:1 ers Q acute. ':r"f1i'dr, . IR f LWLK V l Members of Ihe IV Chou' brush up on a relram Frank Spade 47' 1 xckles the :vary ww -. ,I 7 , I . , . . . - , ' ,,.'y4f3'l g,.Av1, ..,...4-,F ir. , .1-QA-xyyi ' ' ' ' ,gt ,.'inf:.fn. w19J'e,.-,Q 1"- - W, , .4 ,A-h -7- X3 :Hs ,..A I .h Wx 'M vl 'W-K 46 qu - .-:MPL ' -u'b ul 5' fe? ,g , l in . A if n f , L. Sv 1 1 1 A ,Ji - The band under the dxrectxon of Mr Thompson mamtamed the high standards established by former Arcata Hxgh School bands. BAND AND MAJCDRETTES MAIORETTES FIRST ROW, left to right: Sanda Brown, head majorette Dona Cur- ley. Shelly Brown. SECOND ROW: Ramona Souza, Sara Rodrigues, Rose Mary Fagundes. and Karen Kresten- Sen. 'JK ,4 K-1 ,fx :x s Q THE CHORUS Unable to qualify icr the Choir or the I.V. Choir, the students pictured above nevertheless sang their hearts out with the Chorus. r . f Nm--WH r fw Durina the phristnias vacation, mernbers of the Choirs and the Chorus joined hands, put on the auise of carolers, and Sana on tire Arcata Plaza. The aileriioaii :mfi evening performances of tiie ffinfg ers added to the prevaiiiixfi Cfiirirxt- rnas spirit in Arcata. 2-ef: . 'Egg 1 M hi Q11 495-,-551, ,H mg A 3 l 5 eff A. W2 1 'ini , i Tnxlfxxwcwgn. EA lm X' . . X I sf, . L.. ' 5. .. ..V, 5 If 5 .. ,5x'I F5 xl. AQ VIVILJ lx 15, , R' J W '53 e wif 1 I f . X DOLORES HAGER 1 A. X 35 Z N ' va ' W? if . , , 1 ,f , ii-Q15 nv " 'XM f r J y - , A mi, V: f . 2 -1 5, 'Q I iff' 1 5 flsffigifg 5 'A324E2z A b"4 DALE GIPSON F 5 1 .1 I Q Q Vp1"r, rv T11 1' f fl y ixlfififlfeifi11ff'I121iiY, WPI? very c'1C:Tivcr Tlifv "lLc,1WlJ ljfilfll l51C1wi" was me liifglalinjlfil ai Irwir gr Wim. Swv' QLDZSQ exif'-3 ded llifiilifi' ed C1 fsilyply of 'flap kms ici lite 5fllld9l'li 4'f1l'glf'-W1 ami Cl rival wi paint im iilfl Rude w vcd PC1137 lic'-1gg1fhC1- 1ii1r1HC17l.lT1m was had by '1ll lllQlIli7f'3IS v'i111ir111 'lv Hlfqllllii' .VIE Gi' 'JT fjX"lllFfl1fl. FIRST ROW, left to right: Susan Spidell, Evangelisti, Harlene Littlelield. SECOND May Borel, Louise Ashbrook, Belly Spini, Dolores ROW: Barbara Gladwin, Nadine Lozensky, Carlene Carlson, Miss Carroll, Bonnie Iones, Carol Christian, Peggy Easlburn. THIRD ROW: Shirley Hunt, Barbara Walter, Roberta Brechbill, Arie Roberts, lane Sherman, Carla Bristlin, Ianel Beltendorf. Missing: Pa! Brown. BACHELCDRETTES Bacheloreites prepare dance decorations-wand iniiiate new members is 1- 9- nqxq av., sa . GIRLS LEAGUE OFFICERS FIRST ROW, left to right: Nadine Lozensky, Dolores Evanqelisti, Carlene Carlson. SECOND ROW: lane Sherman. Charlene Schunk, Carla Bristlin. and Rose Feuerwerker. Girls' League is arte al the largest rgrgariizatitzris at Arcata High. lt is cam pased at every girl enrolled iri school. Rerriiriisciiiii river the past years activities, we recall the Big Sister party when each Freshrriari girl arid each riew girl was assigned a "Big Sister." Pear "Big Sister" had two or three little sisters iri tow diie to the avertlow at fresh rrieri arid riew girls. We rerrierriher the Fall Hiflirix with "Crazy Hats" as the theme. A glance at the riext page will rerizirid vcii at tlie rrxariv laricv creatiaris which appeared air the scerie. lNe cari't target the Spririg Hi-lirix with the therrie at "Little Kids Partvug de veil recallect haw the gals carrie dressed iri shert dresses cmd hig hows? A wartliy project was the Christmas drive ta secure food arid clothing tar rieedv tarriilies, Ev-eryarie ceritributed gerierauslv arid helped to provide a hap- rier Christrrias lar several tarriilies. FIRST ROW. lelt to riqht: Beverly Iohnson, Margie Silva, Ann Evans, May Bell Morin, Inez Tiller, Iune Brown, Ann Turpen, Kathleen Ham- block, Syble Bagley. SECOND ROW: Doris Baxter, Ianet Tinto, Gayle Allen, Bonnie Iones. Sandie Merrill, Betty Spini, Shirley Luster. THIRD ROW: Mary Lee Stronqberq, Lois Haynes, Donna Atkins, Arte Roberts. Karen Paulsen, Mrs. Marks, and . Ruth Everett. X l I Y? ,fix ,Y- 'CON if i f""X New hat stylus appeared at Girls' League Hi-Iinx The Noon Dances were fun but no dance was more popular or successful than the "Leap Year Dance." How could we forget the annual "Mothers Tea" which always features those dainty little sandwiches? Wasn't it lun? Girls' League had a very full year under the guidance of Dolores Evanqelrstt President, and Mrs. Miriam Marks, Advisor. Q92 .wap Rose Feuerwerker, Carla Brisilin, and Dolores Evanqelisli smile in need over gifts lor families s A k"'1"'t ff-4 LL., PM--,R y-. , . rzfw PL-l P'-Q-4 5-. J VN ak' x,. ff! V X K1 f- --v my il--- , I I 7 X H J N ,Y . 11 KT.. in fx. 1--.J Qin- ..A . T? nfl. 4 P---1 QC if-4 ,.L.. 1 .l R5 -. 4.2. A xv wg' '5'.."'l'.,,,w- 1.4 1- - -w- 1:3441 'HV EE "D D-4 FIRST ROW, left to right: Iuell Davis, Iune Brown, Mary Cole, Betty Larsen, Mrs Barte's Dolores Corning, Evelyn Feilding, Rose Feuerwerker, Betty Huqqins, Gerry Hugelskcmp Shirley Ennes. SECOND ROW: Helen Wymore, Ann Hitt, and Kay Besecker The G. A. A., advised hy Miss Evelyn Feilding, enjoyed another lzusy year under the direction ot Dolores Corning and l-lelen Wymore, lirst and second semester Presidents. An important event was the initiation oi the G. A. A. "BaC5QY Bags," the new members ot the organization. The annual Volleyball Tournament featured the usual tough competition and went to the team captaizred hy Ann l-litt. A play- day with Portuna's girl athletes met with success as did a loaskethalt banquet in the honor ot the Tiger hcopsters and a Sports Cavalcade conducted tcr all inf terested students. ln cooperation wtilr the R-K-Tan, the G. A. A. sponsored a "Paiamarino," the tirst one in years. The G. A, A. also changed their menrhership rules. To join, a girl must now submit a petition indicating that she has earned GOO athletic points, that she has oiticiated at various games and that she participates in an individual sport. G.A.A, Volleyball Champs. lnitiClleS- .X 1-.www i .. 3. 111 Us nwgf, G-P '-1 is Q "2 FIRST ROW, leit to right: Mariiean Bertrand, Dathene Gammon, Sadie Busenius Ioann Beer, Iackie Nichols, Faye Norherry, Martha Smith. SECOND ROW: Larry Ford Ca Carlson, Dawn Anker, Charlotte Hard, Ianet Tinto, Wanda Wilcox, Carol Poif Merl Oppenheimer. THIRD ROW: LeRoy Rakestraw, Clarence Enos, Arthur Shelly John Smit Shirley Hunt, Ruth Everett, and Betty Larsen. The Art Cluh was very active this year under the leadership of Larry Ford, first sernester and Charlotte Hard, secznd sernester president. The Masquerade Ball was the lziahliaht of the Art Clurfs varicius activities. Chosen because of their costunies, Beverly Bearden and lohn Hansen reigned over the gala affair. The club also sponsored a school-wide art contest and exhibit with pins ana awards qoinq to the winners. Another activity was takina motion pictures ci athletic contests and campus doinas. The outstanding Senior art award was aiven to Lewis Gist. There's always plenty to do in the Art Department. 'ik 52" "M 1 IC? 3' P43 ri .xx x X I , rn .4 'Q g"f FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Flemming, Robert Rocha, Domingo Santos. SECOND ROW: Gene Visser, Ernest Ghisetti, Richard Carr, Manuel Serra, Iohn Avila, Dick Harris, Richard Martin. THIRD ROW: Iim Barnes, Bob Sutton. George Henry, Ed Olson, Wendell Anderton, Robert Schwab. FOURTH ROW: Carleton Timmons Don McCall, Don Leen, Ivan Muessig, Walter Christian, Irvin Vieira, Don Perry, Joe Dutra. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Par- sons, Richard Hunt, Harold Fisher, Don Hoover, Harry Stronq, Robert Dellabalma, Eddie Anderson, and Conrad Lahr. The Future Fciriiiceis Had ci very sticcessttii ycdr. The boys edriied clriougii ziingiiey by seiiiriq their IIICIQUZUYS "The Farm" Grid by doiriq Custom idrriiiriq tc :ity fi new tractor. iii tire Cfztirity PPA. PCIIiiCIIl1GI'liCII'y' Procedurc Contest, Aifguttrs repioseiitdtioii l.,iClCGd second. The boys crlfsci had cr iptisy yedr. A dispiidy itOOii1 wds set up dt the P. G. CS E. critics dtliiiiq the F.P..f-X. week. Mdiiy iiiemtzers participated in tiie PPA. basket' ivcrii ledqiie. Everyone was Ori tidrid for the diiizudi parent-sort banquet Gi D0w's Prr1iIiQGIciriqO.Severdl delegates citteiidfd the State cmd Ndtidiifil Coitveiitioim. Future Farmers buy tractor, test milk, tinker with everything! -na . X rg! urcu V 4 l ww- V., ,ww V .l'1l'.1f' ' -. t 12325 A: , Q, xtl, lwu ll lffri' Dlx I SS RATS f rxllll llF' v 1-:rim-s tfuzzrly ainl ni FIRST ROW, left to riqht: Carol Babcock, Faye Babcock Pat Lmville Olive Kuchel Dorothy Souza, Sadie Busenius, Iackie Nichols, Melva Tierney, Dathene Gammon. SECOND ROW Bonnie Vincent, Mariiean Bertrand, Ioanne Beer, Beverly Bearden, Betty Faulkner, Marie Ulmer, Rose Haqopian, Wilda LaRue, Vena Cureton, Thelma Iones. Margaret Burkart THIRD ROW: loanne Baer, Elanore Schmitt, Kathleen Hamblock, Mrs. Kohler, Ruth Babcock Frances House, Nancy McCormick, Frances Bundy, luno Woodside, Barbara Summers and Betty Walton FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA I 'XJ 4 , .rx 1 A A, 'x I4 X M-'Q i fn a ,Q :-...xi Prexy Jerry Chapman gives at downtown rcxlly. r " , jvgfggi , fe: QE 3 V' "' I ILYQL' n S N ,pm , pep talk x L , - ' . 1 'f-.A-:' ay? 1 'V ' ',a . -,, -I rsh' 4 Head mcjoretie Doncx Curley performs a! rally. '1 121392 if IiI..v.TE1x Rfxliy' f7':x:1f:z1fIf'w- Pig A,-" 5f'11:,i-rf: in i" ftfzi' ' Y V1 'Q 1'-Pier CI flf'.'x' irwsrast 1:1 he Naticzzixl rm SQ-Chinn? '.-fer'-v r',g,Qf:i fl 1 113. QI T, rf-z A Cf11:I::g1i,,:z.-:Fig ff'11.I !lf"'f-xii v1::11 Pr ZIf,IfI.:5 , .5e1'.'+rf'1l Qxtlzi--Weis win., g frfgrm Qnly im the film spegtfgxrorzs. Tsxeir Qifclize wf iz. f,i.'1"QL,1 Aft T213 f, M 1.1 f I Iheiir.-12 T111 .'-. "iii: Huh '.'.'f11:i53fi .,Z1 'xml 'Til Y VI ,ve if Sf-t the gin:-e rcgr ih' 5p,:,:1I5:'gc1:15:x1pEflrzrwl. Pep band goes lo town at rally in the gym. K 'V Q-v,, 4.p.HM , , .4 ' A e 3 f A. VFW KL, f"""., 457 f"' .... 5 5' 4 JA L4-7 I-2, , I V --Q W ,Q 'Lv If .JI .-ll DG E-' Q '53 ,Qs .WJ 1? ""51'- K 'sl 'Li va i i X .4 'Y' 2. 1 1 2 W- ,Q USF: I' .sf , Q fl -111 J Posing for the unseen cameraman, in this case editor Pat Brown. are. left to right, Richard larboe. pho- tographer: Hose I-'euei-werker. as- sistant editor: Mev"e Oppenheimer, understudy and art editor: and George Studley, yearbook advisor. . . Tl-IE ADVANCE "Bigger and Better Than Ever" was the goal of the editorial staff when they planned the l952 Advance. This goal seems to have been reached under the leadership of Pat Brown, editor, and George Studley, faculty advisor. Work on the yearbook was initiated in the Spring of 1951 and many changes were made before the dummy was finally submitted to Mr. Ozias of Lederer, Street, and Zeus. ln spite of the high cost of the book, the staff went into produc- tion confident that both ends could be met. The road was rough but all obstacles were passed. ln striving for a bigger and better Advance, Pat Brown sought to include greater coverage for each organization, especially in pictures. This was accom- plished thanks to the cooperation of Redwood Studios and Mr. Iarboe. Running her staff democratically, Pat Brown called for a Vote on the subject of the cover, the staff voted for the new cover which was designed by Elsie Nelson, a former Arcata student. Many played a part in the production of the Advance, including Spencer Graham, lanet Tinto, Charlotte Hard, and Donna Chezem who submitted ideas for the division pages which were eventually drawn by Mel Monda under the supervision of Merle Oppenheimer. CaroiChr1st1an and Betty Hendriksen check pictures ior the Student teacher Virginia Schaeffer checks on work ot Merle Op 1952 Advance. penheimer and Mel Monda .gy u I N.. Hurlene Littlefield, left, second se- mester editor of the Pepperbox, and Carol Christian, first semester edi tor, have a smile tor the photogra pher in spite oi publication prob- lems. ,li f . THE PEPPERBGX The Pepperleox, the hifrrrortthly school rtewspdper, still lids room ter improve- rrierrt lgut lids rridde strides tcrwizrd under fiditcirs CNf,ITCl Cliristidrt Grid l'lGI'.f?l"lG Littlefield. 'lille stuff lids strived to pttlzlrsn f.1E,,f1ffGI which w:pttldp,1e:1se the lllCIjUlllY mid will continue to do so. Tlte purpose Qt the paper strll rezrtdins "Tc promote pep through pulQliCit'y." The Pepperlicx is printed liy time ATCCIYI Uztifitt, Qwried and CDffTfIiGfi by Mr, Gordon Hedley. Iournulists autumn: qw . ASSEMBLIES , M. xgytr ., .iv If gmssi. lx iv 315,110 mcmy OUP Qftholzcfst ymrcznyrcirlmwcisHue-Cf3111::1r1w-1, 5:19-:'1iW1':1 '1zrp:11q:1L:L1t Ili? yeczr. All Assembly C,1ssQ111i'Xly, which ieulllrcvd Mx. Vim Piers in flli Si. 1 tw' r 1.523211 Ct Frxcultv rziezzil ers cmd role of Santa C,'lC'11lS. Fx-. .vrns fzw,--Jimi rw rIT'C'I1'IH for CI vcirwd .4-,,,,X Y ,x -XY, .....,.. ,.,.4 V v .x- V1 mf H . .4 N... 'Q f N :Ar:1:iq1ix1x ....., Qllmr ussozulzlices irmcllldgid Emicxv, Huw Moc 1 I IR 3 ' V 'MI "" ciim, Cmd The H1lfIlk,701Cif Strxfr Cc1:Hf'xgQ ffl Y A award Libi':Qy In :spam of the difficrlitios xr1v1,v1vf-ci m flu :mg wgih CICOHGCTiOI10fbCf7kS prczgrzrftis in the agym, N10 studems cfm Yuri: im-- .Qlflli 'FIS lIlCU'SfTV ward if E1141:5er and lftrffr rxmwyrczzur ru XI yfm. Scenes from some of the cssemblies. -. 5 sll lla ii- 40" ..- ,J Q Iii? rf K gg -1:1 Q Q f U L.-Qn.a..n l95l Award Assernbfy M1951 AWARD ASSEMBLY At the annual Award Assernhly held on the last day of school in l9ol, Blanche Evans and Bill Boaers won the highest honors awarded annually at Arcata High School. Mr. Allan Hain, then Mayor and a member of the faculty, presented Blanche and Bill with white sweaters, the eniltlern of outstanding work in all phases of school life, lackie Arnhrosini was voted the "All Around Girl" hy the cyirls of Arcata High School and was presented with the Girls' League Shield hy Mrs. Miriam Marks. The Shield hanqs in the main hall and bears the nanie of each annual winner. Blanche Evans and Darlene Peterson won awards in Vocational Arts and Liberal Arts, respectively, Blanche and Darlene were presented with Gold Cups hy Mr. Ernest Strornherq, President of the Arcata Branch of the Banlc of Arnerica. Qther students were presented with honors of various kinds at the Award Assernhly, which was closed hy Mr. Sorern, after outgoing officers Dean Meyer and lackie Arnlirosini swore in incorninq officers lerry Chaprnan and Bose Feuer- werker. ' . -"ftb':si'g , :pf :Q f '. 'W 1 3 ,. f C 11 0.31.5 f iii?" i 4, Q .... i , .ai BILL ROGERS AND BLANCHE EVANS gl gg 4. White Sweater Winners IACKIE AMBROSINI Shield Winner . . AWABDS At the l95U-Si Award Assembly, the following Sophomore students received awards: Block A's: Iere Buck, Clyde Eiler, Ann Hitt, Shirley Ennes, Kay Besecker, Betty Larsen. Circle A's: Bert Evans, Les Holgersen, Gerald Davies, Darrel Lewis, Alan Hendrickson, Emery Eranzen, Carla Bristlin, Ann Hitt. The ioliowing Iuniors received awards: Block A's: Doug Bates, Pete Haynes, Dale Cfipson, Bob Bristiin, Mel Qliver, Don Pleclcenstein, Torn Beseclcer, Warren Sweet, Bill Dowling, Bob Spaletta, Trudy Van Metre, Tune Brown, Betty Spini, Dolores Corning, Betty Huggins. Circle A's: limrny Ivy, Peter Haynes, Gerry Hagelslcamp, Bose Eeuerwerlcer, Boberta Brechbill, Dolores Evangelisti. The iollowing Seniors received awards: Block A's: Kenny Mote, Bob Lingertelt, Ernest Noble, Tack Wallace, Bill Chrisf tian, Terry Spellenberg, Ioyce Ames, Helen West, Dolores Carvalho, Pearl Smith, Doris Bayner, To Ann lacobson. Circle A's: Elsie Nelson, Betty Suchanek, Vera Mathews, Ioan Ploclchart, Ianice Sutter, Doris Bayner, Betty Reynolds, Sally Mager, Ioyce Ames, Diane Goodrich, Bernie lohnson, Peter Loauet, De-an Meyer, Bill Bogers, Boland Bundy, Bob Lingertelt, Nolen Phillips, Mike Bray, Iaclcie Beshears. Tiger A awards went to the ioiiowing students: Iaclcie Ambrosini, Marlene Patenaude, Elsie Nelson, Sally Mager, Dolores Carvalho, Bill Rogers, A1 Deniz, Crvis Box, Kenny Mote and Mel Woodard. The white sweater awards went to Blanche Evans and Bill Bogers. The Girls' League Shield was awarded to Iaclcie Arnbrosini. Qffzzfqgffzzpbf S .rin sv MQ' . . TICERS GRCWL RICHARD HAINES Sports Editor ln this year's Advance, the sports statt has tried to bring the ideal sports section to the students ot Arcata High. You will note that we have increased the number ot pages devoted to sports and that we have made the section more ins clusive. Baseball and track have received more attention than at any time in the past. Football and basketball have been well covered as the pages ot action shots will testify. Our thanks go to the coaches who cooperated with us and to Mr. larboe who was always willing and ready to abide by our picture schedule. - All ot us tried to be tair in dealing with the Tiger athletes but we did con- centrate on Seniors since they will not be with us next year. Those Seniors who have tought under the orange and black banner tor the last time are Bob Bristlin, Pete Haynes, Bomas LaRue, Don Vanni, Doug Bates, Tom Besecker, Bill Dowling, Pete Linden, Marvin Burton, Ierry Chapman, lim Clarstrom, Dave DeVine, Gary Hunter, Les Headrick, Art Miller, lerry Thomas, Gurnie Noah, Emil Yurdana, Ernest Noble, Frank Santos, Max Flockhart, Conrad Lahr, Bill Peugh, lim Phillips, Warren Sweet, Mervin Sweet, Mel Oliver and Bob Spaletta. These athletes tought hard and well tor Arcata High in spite ot many handi- caps. ln the not too distant future, Arcata's athletes will have a new football stadium, their own track, and their own baseball diamond but the above graclu' ating athletes had to be content with many road games and inadequate practice tacilities except when they were able to secure use ot Humboldt State Colleges tields. The hoopsters, however, did have the use ot a grand new gym tor the tirst time in years. To all departing Seniors we wish the very best ot luck in business, in or on the athletic tield. We hope they come back on campus from time perhaps to take part in some alumni game such as we sponsored lor time this year. college, to time, the tirst W o Larry Ford asks Richard's opinion on photographs of Richard Haines and assistant Bob .Brist1in plan lay out for the Tiger football games. sports section. U If Vx ED OLIVEIRA Hecrd Coach Arcata High can well be proud ol the rnen who are ir. charge of the boys' physical education and sports departs rnent. Edwin Cliveira, Mel Klein, and lint Cady were all star athletes rn high school and college and are still napa' ble perlorrners as they dernonsirated in the basketball doubleheader sponsored by the 1952 Advance stall. Ed Oliveira, who tools over as :read coach at the start ol the year, is well qualified ior his iolo. He was ar. all around athlete at Arcata High and at Hurrzboldt State Cel- lege and is a regular rnernber of the ii' 'i 'J' nero ' f' ball learn and the Humboldt Crab baseball crganizatior.. Furthermore, Oliveira graduated both lrorn high school and college with honors. Mel Klein lettered in football, frack, gyrrinatms, fizra swimming while in high school and repeated while wfrke ing towards his degree at Humboldt State College. Klein also pertorrns with the Eon Boniere quintet and along with Cliveira was arnong the five 'top athletes at Humboldt State. lirn Cady was a lourfsrraf f' l1'e'? while he ct ended Arcata High. He was also a leading scholar and served as student body president. For a period he coaoired traok r tif he now concentrates on physical education. As head coach, Qliveira handles the football tearn, the A basketball tearn, and the baseball tearrr. Klein assists in football, coaches the B hoopsters, and preps the cinderrtien and the turnblers. IIM CADY MEL KLEIN Physical Education Instructor ASSiS1Clht COCICTI A Y' p . u Q., .v 1 1 .- ff Q Q H5 'H-mug xkiespnwf' Nw - Ve 41? 'WN -, 'wAf?', WW., ii !f'ff1"1 A ""'-:..f-f 7' 4 'fllkff 41, 'QA +L., The 1952 football team works hard under the watchful eyes of coaches Oliveira and Klein. The Tiqers had hiqh hopes after downing Fern- dale l20 in the annual lainhoree but were forced to give up any notions of an undefeated season when Fort Bragg trounced thern 250 in their first full length qarne of the season. The orange and black gridders opened their C.l.l7. coinpetition the following week against Fortuna, the eventual l95l-52 chanipions. The contest was a thriller and the Tigers gave the Huskies a real scare before losing 28-25. The Arcatans hrouqht their average up with a 250 win over Uliiah and a 7-6 victory over Fern- Coaches Oliveira and Klein introduce new plays to Tiger first str dale before heina upset 20fl3 lzy Hoopa. The Tigers wound up their season in a hlazr of qlory. Playing at honie for the first time Coach Qliveira's eleven plowed throuqh arch rival Eureka 26-7 and through Del Norte 25-l3. Ten aridders received All-County honors. lerrv Chapman was selected at center on the tirst team. Bill Dowling, lint Clarstrorzi, and Torn Bee, eclcer rnade the second tearn. Gary Hunter, Don Hampton, Len Necochea, Darcl Foster, Doug Bates, and Drzn Vanni received lionoiralrlc inert- tion. inqers. Football managers, Danny Trump, Frank Spaid, and Richard Haines, apply first aid to Bob Bristlin. fr-s 42.5 'S W' I . n n Ai, -vm ' M, , .J va! A' .-...QSAMK 1. 'J 1 X1 M 2 '1 x . i 11" , K. V. X., X, ' 322 6 :Q -"ffl W' X , wg,--X Y .,-A ,. , Q, -Q xefgwjw' . is 1 Q 4 A .Nz vi I IERRY CHAPMAN . Wan 7 , OCI-IEA - wx- 0 DOUG BATES 1 H-.4 ,E A , 1 .s 7:5 M P ,pw 4l"""P. wg., ,, , W -323' L" , was - '- 1 'N I ,1- Q ,J :go H153 -'FFP 3' '- J ' 0 ' Q. 114. g 1 1 ' -.43 in pt--... F ,1,..m 15 - ,A ' fy , L., "iw if ,. f v 5 ' 5 ll.-n-I 90" .4 4 uf Qtiqn Q is M - ,Q 'S' sax gm Mfg H -ul 5 , 1... 5 'fs , P., , , ,L x I A A K I 'if A 'fi' , fv. y' 'rdf 1 4' ,gy ' 2 I . ' ' ' ' A f , f , 4 f fag. a -u 'QV A ,vparfx - Q A , . . , , M9 Aw' .Ml I f,,,,.-any Img comes aqannst Hoops I u . . BASKETBALL The Tiger hoop teams wound up at both ends of the ladder. The A's couldn't take the measure of champion Fortuna but nudged Del Norte for second place. The B's, riddled by promotions and loaded with inexperience, ended the season in the cellar. The A's won 9 and lost 3, while the B's won l and lost ll. Bob Allord, towering center for the l-leavies, was the leading scorer in the league with a total ot 212 points and was renamed to the All- County first team. Tom Besecker, tenth ranking scorer, received hon- orable mention. Doug Bates, who tanked 96 points during the season, was rated as the most valuable player for the Lightweights. 'JA XNX Xxmof - A X 79' ?'w v?4 WI 7' Xb qfff' Q .a,x,.' c Q' ', '..xQ.3.', I 00, C, '4 in 3 ,4,. V ,. ,- " as g vg- 2' 'D l.f-W 'wwf L, Q. x I. KP- fxffg. AP 0 7 Qin if' 55' AQP' .gi-...v in-,. 4 xcux UQ 0 1 ' 1 . 3 Q Q -1 AW' ws' .3 x .Ii ,I ,- Z W-22' Q H. 1 0 ? N... 05 W I QI x 'i' -L , , , 4 . ' , ,,, ,,- ., e' .,r,,,Wi' - A' J I1 x F. IPM? "' W3 ' 5 if - ""' Hx -ar' ima ,Q 4' L xg, aw li , , K 7 K Q-5 ' 'F' I Q , 'sl 'IWT su I , ,, . 1 K 4 Y V' H . . V A 1' 'ty u 'gf ',,iw4. - ve: YHMD Q! x In 1 X If -ess?-,, ,M 'Hi-.ff-x 5' A ' .fF""'nQ H Ni Rl 1 0-115 A , 'Q.A,.,' 4 ', -. sQ'f'l"' if lg. W3 Ki! 9 HM ar? 'Vw -L. , 1 if - ' ls- ' Q 'La-v W , . U' 0 . 7' Q hw' 5' , F ' 'iM,. x. 1' 'V wifes 5, qgyiv :tai sfxff wxxl in ltr-R3 A X V 44 J' bf- . A, ,Y ig, Q? euvwC""', Q, -'-,,'?s--Q f f pa. '19 ev- 1 , ' '- .- 'cjlx lr. f kX'A 1- lZ" .. ,'.,"nL. g.,x 0 ' V, , w an VI' ' UQ: f ' x 4 if ,. 'P' . o, QQ. 4-Q 4 " fi WNW? K S ,w YW :is -R x ' , .Jeri 1 wg, 1 s.- -P , , ,, 457, , 3 : 54-'A I 'L w A " A .'?': ' . .Wai ,, 5 r-A - , ,. . .v'w?"'w .X ' I V y"' fl , 1-at J . - x h 1 ,QL ' .W '7."' ,KIM n A 4 i 1 H QEQ3 , '-,S S x ---4 ..L . 1' 'Y' 1, , X ' ,,, 4-'LF' ww, , XL. xv ,f wt , Xf li 6 Xi, ml- . -xi M f 7 f 3 P A 1 A W V w ' M ! fl HALL 5 Q, Q Q k F! M , X A,- X 4 S., M 3' it-13 V, -L Y ,A ,Q A fi, Q ,. 3 ' ,QV ,:: ' ..iffy1.5f g- f W '-' V-' I' .. ii Z' ., Z "1 f' lx , ' "Q" Q .. ---Af' 1' - M' A , " ,. 'Q J.. f -1 '1 M . L'- ,Q-H 4-14 -pf' f : f J Q 1: Q 1 i.,1f,f T in fkhjl -A q -3 w :4 ,Q .C , Ll' ' ' A-e 3 593 44-Q .VL fini N 1 C 7 'i' ,.,f:'fi " 'H' 4 21? 33 .Z 'A -9 Q- -v Q: 'Mi V . -, Y " If: M 'Z ' 4 T ff if ,ig ,. LA' -3 ,O- W A' " ' 3 it : ' .K A , ., , VV :A .Vt ,i Ll A A gi M. ' , 'M 'i -A df--1 4' if "' , -3, L .. W .5 if . If '. rl 'Q ' 'f 5 1 '- , , ,f ' f 3 gat: , ' " " 'A' ' A4 P, -41 .f V, 4. .. , - :":-"-f3::f wzjgw. .Hlwlpu ' XX "1 ff fqfj, Ii ip QQ 55 4: P2 :in if v...l N N 'M' ,-f,Uv7 I rj fl, ,J I ,Af 9. 12 1 " ,,2 gl w 9 '11, gg 1" , ' H x ufy D vw:.Z--?vM -1 f 11. ' f- :1 Ax : 'fl V -' E' 'T .N "1 ' . N V f -4 4 H ' ,A ,X , ., x ' f'V-3 Q, Q.T'H :.f 2 2 E X .. ' " ..., 4.-.5 50-1 tg J! H , -. M Q, ,, -J f 4, -1- -A N' , -A ' " T" 1 m 1 .4 1: 'A Q jul..-A-Q! Q. f' ,,"'., ri 'Y' fl f fjufll 'N 2 ff x G X N ,W 2-1 fx XX x57 BASEBALL Y.-2:1 A 1 , , xx I 'ff Ns W 1 A 1,1 1 1 a V1 wx E 1-I W ':111w'H' 1 TRACK ww , X...Z f.- - A V' " .W .1 , 1 - I 7 K V ' 1 r A - 1, Y 'ik 1 -' 5 , ,, 6 ,I 'i , i ,. ve Y A 4:1 , 1 1,-"fl Q ' "ii - - 11 1 ,.'f1'.'1r: 1 Elli' fn." 1' 'Ev 1. .V .1-f Q1 X' 'Y :E 1 1' : 5. T? " .1 52 iff gg,-A-5'g11-,gQ,1,1:gQg3 31 1 1: xl 'Y' .r 1 1 :' 1 21 ' 23 - .1 f ' ' J V'.'1IYI.If1jII1TfIIE,fFl 1.1-1' 1' 5 17: 11 .-115' i111 il-9? f-1-'T ' iT --1775 'IT 1 - T . . 1 .141 :ts i '11-1'--r 5- '13 Wg 1 - --- -1 -- - - I MH? hh I :Z 1 71 VE., I A? lf... Q . 1' ' ., Iwi- ' :T :1 j 2 if 1 1 ' 111.1,11rZS5Z'1: 3. In 1'-Ii" 1-1 2. I fi 1' 1451 Q 1- 1-A I --Af' f 'A if V 'E :tri iris: rr. W' " " " ' A' ' ' 'A 111 1 IL 111.11 11111 My 1:. 5131 111111 11.1-'EL J: .. it 11. ., if is 1,1 lil - , I 11 1 A1311 l1f,.i 1111's X1 r zu 'ln 1' 7 1 1, -1 - 3- I - : 11 ,- -- - 1 ' I 1112111-'i+1:. .,:1111 I :.11 11.11515 11. f1l1 -1-Q T, 31:1 7' ' :" 1 .1 if ' lf. fi A 1111111411114,11111111S.11111w:f,11111V1'1111'11ilx':-1171. v'."1 11:11 '11s 1. w .t in .1 11 1 1 .1 . 7 I k ,W B , b 5 , s My 5 Q- - I1 szu I ? . 1?-".i fm' if Q, ., 4' , ' I Q11 , ., 5 f' . If '-2' f . 4' , N ,tv il? " . , '- an J? ' . Q" ff- .A '-f- , -.,u:' A, K 1 1 24 ' f . A ,bfi ' -L - 'Q n -aa. . . .- J! 5- A . ' , ' 4 'A ' ' , ' , x I il'-wmc..ZLi an x I -.fu - i..1w,q-Ai" J ,V A" Qgixlf' " was A XSVCSE M35 f- f , ?f'f?'2i ' . ' 2- 5 W sw,- ' 3 f :ti wiv- 4. f' v.,- - A , .f fm .fu SMH'-1 I' at 4. .f ,. ww, a aw' --W- -ww ,- X- -.Q-Q. 'P -1 ' C7 TIGERETTES CLAW IRIS HAGAN Girls Sports Editor The girls at Arcata High School have an opportunity to participate in a rather unique sports program. Developed by Miss Evelyn Feilding, the program caters to all girls who love sports, team or individual, and culminates in Class cham- pions, lnterperiod champions, lndividual champions, and stripe awards. The program has always fostered keen competition and good sportsmanshipg this year was no exception. Some of the girls who participated during l95l-52 can be seen on the tal' lowing pages. Perhaps the most talented and capable girl athletes were juniors. This was a bitter pill tor the seniors to swallow but they did have their stars. Dolores Corning, Gerry Hagelskamp, luell Davis, june Brown, Betty Spini, Betty Huggins, Pat Larsen, Helen Wyrnore, Mary Cole, Bose Feuerwerker, and Boberta Brechbill all won their fourth stripe. ln conjunction with their sports program, the girls spent a great deal ot time on Atomic Bomb and First Aid instruction. As always, posture training played an important part during the regular gym classes. During the year several prospective teachers from Humboldt State College sent the girls through posture calisthenics such as walking, running, jumping, standing straight, and various reaching movements. Prom the beginning of the year to the end the girls were busy with some sport or other. Speaking tor myself, l certainly enjoyed the part l played in our sports programp and l surely enjoyed being able to play in the new gym. ln closing these few remarks l'd like to do two things. First, extend thanks tc Miss Feilding and Mr, larboe tor their cooperation with the details involved in preparing this section ot the Advance. Secondly, wish all the graduating girls the very best oi luck in the years to come. My j Iris Hagan prepares sports section copy while Rose Feuerwerker Iris und Rose discuss lay-out for girls lends moral support. individual pictures. Gus. ,- AQQQ Qi-"""'A .J ,Saga V i.. uhm 2 . CGACHES It . . . MISS EVELYN FEILDING Miss ljeilding carrie to Arcata Union High School eight' een years ago. During the years which have passed, she has built up an excellent physical education and sports program for girls and has become one of the favorite teach ers on campus. Attending Tulare High in the San loaauin Valley, Miss Feilding was an outstanding athlete and won the highest award granted by that school, the "Star." ln preparing to becorrie a teacher, Miss ileilding attended Humboldt State College where she received her A.B. de- gree and her special P.B. credential. Later she did some additional physical education work at the University of California at Los Angeles. Wliile at H.S,C., Miss ljeildinrg won the "Sweater Award." Qne of the most thrilling events which has happened since she was assigned to Arcata High was the cornrple' tion of the new gyrnnasiurn. Anyone acquainted with the old gym knows how desperately we needed a new physi- cal education plant and can well imagine how a sports enthusiast such as Miss Peildirig felt when the new gyni was finally opened for business. Miss Feilding is always striving to irriprove her prograrxz for girls. Next year archery will be added and is bound to attract much attention. ln an interview, Miss Feilding stated that she liked de- pendable girls and good sports. She also remarked that she greatly admired the perseverance of the seniors who fought all the way throughout the school year in spite of the odds against them. . . MRS. ERMA BARTELS Mrs. Bartels was born in Bakersfield, California. She at tended Kern County Union High School, Bakersfield lunior College, and the University of California at Berkeley before receiving her A.B. degree. She obtained her General Secf cndary Teaching cedential from the College of the Pacific where she rnaiored in lournalisrn and minored in Political Science. Mrs. Bartels taught at Ceres High and Escalon High ize- fore coming to Arcata High at the start of the l95UA5l school year, Last year she taught Freshman Crientation besides assisting Miss Peilding in the Physical Education Departf ment but this year she has concentrated all her time in the new gyrii. Married four years ago, Mrs. Bartels has a two-year-old daughter, Fishing and hunting are a lot of fun and are a pastime she shares with Mr. Bartels. Both enjoy the outa doors. When asked how she liked our campus, our students, and our faculty, Mrs. Bartels stated that she likes the atmos- phere which prevails. She added that the Bartels family enioys living in Arcata and intends to remain here per- rnanently, fm ' S S 'aide v -Q- ,4 The Iunior Speedball team, captained by Ianet Tinto, smiles for the cameraman alter winning the Inter-Class Speedball Tournament CLASS CHAMPS The Iunior Volleyball team, captained by Virginia Hounds. appears to be tired alter winning the Inter-Class Volleyball Tournament. o -. fl Q 99. 26' .,,' Q 1 r p , , . I Q Q ffl? it The teams pictured above competed for the class basketball championship. TOP, left to right: Freshman and Sophomore tzams. BOTTOM: Iunior and Senior teams. .INTERCLASS CQMPETITQRS The teams shown below were listed as possible contenders in the Softball race. TOP, left to right: Freshman and Sophomore teams. BOTTOM: Iunior and Senior teams. V , xx ,, f 1 n vs 4 35' a SQ' , Q, ,fi l T N x KNNQ I 1 1 3 COMPETITCDRS This team, captained by Rose Feuer- werker, took second place in the interperiod speedball tournament. They represented Fourth period. Helen Wymore's team. representing Fourth period, took second place in the interperiod volleyball tourna- ment. This Filth period basketball team. captained by Betty Larsen, took sec- ond place in the interperiod basket- ball tournament. These girls were considered all- around sportsters in the interperiod games. They deserve recognition tor their playing ability. They are in Miss Feilding's classes. J-is sgr- 'V 1 ffiifl .1 is-r yi if LETTERMANS . CLUB , , , , The imtteriiiciii s Clin witti wir. Oliveiici cmd Mr. Kleiii cis CIdVifSOTS, wds CffjGI'tiZGd this yeczr Utter IIICIIEY semesters of pifiririirri. Meriitfership lSi'JCI151ttdf7It ycirtici- pdtiori iri sports Grid err schoidrf ship. Athletes who iigive ezrrried two stripes may ioiri ttie orriciriizd- limi but dre dropped from tire vluif ' it they qet cm "F" iri driy Ct tiieir " M -- solid siihiects. Vftierz trrfides have sutistdctfirity rrictde Llp, ttio drcpped dthiete rriciy he redd- mitted. 5-is " "5 ' ren Ch f ev i--ui y CIDIIILIH wus C ettrr. ' ' ' president for the 1951-52 school 1. -1 -... Q - Vein- . FQUR STRIPERS Lettermen. To efrirri ffgixr stripes VI C51 t y V mist crm strirfa cr 1fe"r Irg srcifer lffrri fwfr stripfi 1-'tiff rixvist iifliifx t ','.f Q fist tedrzzzs, trio tgrst cmd twr. l'f?Tf"lfi tefrrgs, gr four sfvccrid 'X:i,.1s. Tire titteeri girls wfii ttie t i ifierft 'vxirfef 'pf prints rr"'i riirrtfipcz- i"LD tri srfgrts rfvfgeivfv ret: WA fi? '.-ffigii cg1ss'f:rrir,ixr':s. A.'I1Ilf' irrigs WT rirmts if si V7 zfvrke i first t firri, iff II2 r,'1fi'F it IY1. .. ,IL ff 4 FT'i'f'UI'tf,2 TGP ATHLETES Qffulocgwzpbf 1- ,Y S , LS NAHN I 4 if-D" rg' 'WN ,gf w Q. . .l wgavn. ,, r"qm 1 -.- . 1 . ' " ,, 7 -. V ,yi ' E af ' 1 - el 1 I 1 J: . 4, A X uqf'iL am Q B I A Q "' l Q -A f , .Q rin at 1 1 1 .Nt-1?-.. I W if I S..--f ac. G3 was MAN Users F the workis A F est F rs at m f 6' 'MW 04, 563 GP.ANvu.x.e. ST Sh he TOW 61' P nts ear s ant bb est , ,, Q. 1 F WW Wh , G+? l O 'cm ' 6 5 J . 4. IY1 U C49 I furrznrs T Q Rl ml Kes CD s ' P A n sn, 9 , GERALDINE HAGELSKAMP Business Manager BUSINESS STAFF THANKS SUPPQBTEBS As Business Manager for the 1952 Advance, Iwould like to thank all the people and students who helped finance our yearbook. I especially wish to thank the merchants and business peo- ple of Humboldt County who were very gener- ous through the medium of the ad subscriptions which fill the following pages. In setting up our ad section, we adopted a new idea, that of using picture ads. We tried to get pictures of students who worked at the places of business and others who were patronizing the merchants. We felt this would create more inter- est in the ad section of the book. Mr. larboe took the pictures for the ads. Under the direction of Mr. Walker, a complete new bookkeeping system was set up which put the book on a business-like basis. This year the staff faced quite a problem and that was the financing of the book. As a result, we had to resort to various schemes in order to Gerry Hagelskamp sells another ADVANCE. raise the 54,500 necessary to publish the book. Among these schemes was the sponsoring of an Advance Queen Contest. Votes were a penny each. A Noon Dance, a popcorn sale, and a talent show were some of the activities used to raise votes for the candidates. The Queen candi- dates also helped their own cause by selling copies of the 1952 Advance. Claire Smedley was crowned Queen at the Christmas dance. Another fund-raising activity was a basket- ball double-header involving Arcata and Eu- reka. The contests matched Arcata's Faculty and Alumni against Eureka's quintets. Incident- ally, Arcata won both games. The staff also earned a little money by handling the conces- sion stand at the games. Members of my staff were Iona McGriff, Helen Wymore, Iune Brown, Madonna Keefauver, Mary Cole, Syble Bagley, Iris Hagen, Betty Hendriksen, Dolores Corning, Merle Qppen- heimer and Richard Haines. hy!! Pat Brown points out deadline time to Robert Walker, ADVANCE bookkeeper. -1...---M J!! ,,,. t 4 ..2 .ull I'-ff. l::1.-g'l.'l'.1' -1 , . .1 1 7 8 ISSII1 15 in 302122 27282930 4 1 1' A 3jiH'iQnfc P Q05 rv, l. KEHSEYS LUNQ TH, T.,QC1f9d fir. Be-iTf1V1stf: HW, ss. 1',f:r:wexf:fl1evr1r ,1:i:11e-11.1312 pwg . . . 2. THE KAY- Fifi SHOPPE ?T.G'.liCi E 3:1 your Ltifxfsrgxry whey: yf,f:,1'r,,e Tgzckimg mr ,1 sgm and :auvrcxtor sucn 41: the :me being zucdelaid by Pat Brown . . . 3. The AHCATA UNICN serves Arzate cmd offers ggf:r't-tizzvv ifziis to felldiwvs Tiki'- Tffllililll Turner, Lureu Abbcrr, Tzzpi Di1!G1PGTS'LI1?. . . Al. CLAM BEACH INN invites yc,::,1 to drcp ir1'.vh9:1r1ort21kcvmxrxfiovvr TOT ... 5. STAHKEYS has that quzz 'ycu wcmt flf your hmmtimg expefilr ti3::...5.T11eMTNQH THEATER IIQf1Y!CI'If'?'i .md cm.-.'rxfg-Ci by Pai Fincher, fefliures tive tops m 7111111629 . . . 7. BLEDSQES 21413 thff sgmevtiriq Card desired by Tune 3T'J'N'Il . . . 8.T:1f3 VARSITY is cx Qliffflliif CCEIQ rQr1fiQzvCus after fwvry 'JCIIYIO .... 9. HQRNf EHOCKS in Arfggztcx the .QM me fwrTL11PU D'I','1:5CIIlfi fftr ycfl ... IU. CQOKTES CAPE will apr ,df -'nv z""u 1-vw ff-ff g,,.,1bf,, fum ug gf4,1n-5 ...Th A1 fond. T XS 'I EE FOOD J? 3P- 995.-fo" Asc Teens 6 oi N bi A C AT AEALI F. 0 NORTH SID! PLAZA l l. CHARLIE BUGENIGS MOBIL- GAS STATION otters top service to you and your car . . . 2. The WATER COOLING EOUIPMENT COMPANY, located at 9th and L, is one ot Arcata High's many industrial friends . . . 3. ADAMS TIRE SHOP can tix your tlats in a hurry . . . 4. The CALIFORNIA EABRICATOR COMPANY pro- duces guality lumber products . . . 5. HUTCHIN'S GROCERY STORE has everything includ- ing ice cream tor Wendy Wood, Barbara Hensel, and Sharon Parsons . . . 6. MABLE'S should be your choice it you desire modern hairstyling . . .7. KREAM KUPP DAIRY will deliver quality milk to your home . . . 8. The NOTE SHOP is loaded with the sheet music desired by Pat Nel- son and Virginia Rounds . . . 9. SMITTY'S SERVICE STATION turntshes Union Oil and service by Iames Palmer, long-time friend ot Arcata High. . . IO. The NORTH TOWN 5 G IO carries all kinds ot school supplies. NED'S MENS WEAR . . . Ned has a classy store on the Plaza and attracts boys and men who wisb to dress well. Here lere Buck loolcs tor a pair ot tlasliy socks. HAPPY HILLS . . , HCIDDY Hill is set up to serve everybody in Arcata. Here lon Bertrand attempts to sell Dolores Haeaer a nice sliirt. ECDREST WATER'S . . . Forest Water's oiters a com- plete sport center tor Arcatans. Everything tor the sports-minded male can be found on tlie shelves. REITZ LUMBEE CGMPANY . . . Located on tlie Blue Lake road, the Reitz Lumber Corri- pariy produces many board teet ot lumber annually and is al- ways ready to aid any educa- tional project. or ,lily .f dS 1 A s' L I "" . F- ' I f-I E4-'Z ,'jfI,Ql lf A? 5 'Q ' af ,ri-5' , 'E .""Wvs,- X Pdiiiln 55, ' fl 2:..1,- 5... we-xv! WALKER AND SONS . . . Walker and Sons do a great deal of lunilser trucking along the Redwood Ernpire. Pictured here is a part of their larqe tleet ol loqqinq trucks. REDWCDOD STUDIGS . . . Manaqed lsy Dolly Handley, Redwood Studios are on call for conirnercial and industrial pho- tography. Many of the pictures in the l952 Advance were taken and processed by Redwood Studios. N YGARD AND GREEN . . . Records are stacked a mile hiah at Nyaard and Green. Vtfhen you drop in lor your favor- ite, Marian Martin and Kay Rolperts will help you iind satis- faction. Cl-HLTON'S CAFE . . . Chilton's is a swell place to fro for a snack. Here Frank Chil- ton pitches in to make certain that all's on the up and up he- hind the counter. COGPER AUTO PARTS . . .One ofthe mony outornotive pdrts to he found on stock dt Cooper Auto Ports is heinq disf cussed in this photo. Drop in for results ond friendly service, WHlRL-I-GIG . . . The Wliirl-l-Giq is CI qrond ploce to pouse dt noon, ofter school, or ofter qdmes. Vero lvfothews, Arcoto qrod, will he one of those to service you with CI smile. MUNNELL AND SHERRILL . . . lvfunnell ond Sherrill deol in choin sows ond lumbering equipment and ore olwdys onx- ious to help Arcoto High stuf dents. ALLEN-HENSEL CQMPANY . . . At Allen ond f-lensel's you'll find hdrdwore, Fuller points, plumbing ond electricol sup- plies, fine Chind ond mony qift items. lf you wish to sdve some steps, coll Arcoto 678. ' av Qgi.-i.-,Q Q. . ' I TON E 'S VARIETY STORE . . . Ione's Variety Store has at- tracted many Arcatans since it was remodeled and restocked. Youngsters and grown-ups alike head for Ione's Variety Store to satisfy their needs. Here Iohn Davis makes a purchase at the handy H Street store. NORTHERN REDWOOD LUMBER COMPANY . . . Located in Korbel, the North- ern Redwood Lumber Company has one ot the biggest fir and redwood lumber plants in the area. The organization always extends congratulations to Ar- cata High's graduating seniors. BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1952 WALTER WARREN Casualty o Marine o Fire Automobile o Compensation Accounting The Best in All Kinds oflnsurance Tel. 93 934 H Arcata SEQUCDIA GRCCERY . . . The Sequoia Grocery, owned by Evert Eeekes, takes pride in courteous service. Clarence En- nes, Bob Stephen, and Lewis Gist work part-time at the Se- quoia. Here Lewis prepares to carry out a purchase which Evert has checked. DURABLE PIR LUMBER COMPANY .. .The Durable Fir Lumber Com- pany produces top quality fir lumber and is an important or- ganization in the Redwood Em- pire. Shown here is a part of their plant located off highway lOl in Arcata. Durable Eir Com- pany always extends best wishes to Arcata's graduating seniors. ARCATA FREIGHT AND EXPRESS . . . Arcata Freight and Express offers general trucking far and near. Shown here is a portion of the fleet ol trucks used by the or- ganization managed by G. W. Hutchins and I. E. Costa. For service you can call Arcata 67. FEUERWERKER'S Distinctive Furniture o Appliances o Radios Popular and Classic Records o Refrigerators MAGNAVOX RADIO PHONOGRAPHS Easy Prices -- Terms 854 Ninth Tel. I64 Arcata T. P. TIRE SERVICE You Have Tried the Rest - Now Try the Best Ouality Recappinq and Repairing No Finer Recapping at Any Price Truck Tires Our Specialty - New and Used Tires See Us First for Reasonable Prices -All Work Guaranteed C. L. POFF P. O. Box 368 L. A. POFF One Mile North of Arcata on lOl Residence Phone 65-I-I Shop Phone: 260-R Compliments of THE PACIFIC LUMBER COMPANY PALCO PRODUCTS -Insulation - -- Pres-To-Logs - - Lumber - Wholesale and Retail Mill and Yards at Scotia and Eureka EVER READY SERVICE STATION R COOPER M D HENRY C PORTALUPI MD DR G B BARNES LINSER S CIROCERY CALIFORNIA WOOLEN MILLS REDWOOD APPLIANCE COMPANY Lawrer Ce AIIer1 Hoipomt and Er1q1da1re Appllancee Lmoleuu and Wmd w Shad s Maytag Washers 957 H TCI I23 Arcata COAST REDWOOD COMPANY Mr ufactur r JI Reawo ci L at dem IICS 1oaR a Box 216 Ar ata BIG 4 INN Prlvate Partlee 0 Banquets The Beet m Itahau ana Steak Dmner TeI 215 On IUI Hlqhway Norm Arcata 4 ' . , . . T,-I 'A ' 1' I' .Yr ' L4, X ,A I -I: 'I' .. "F fI . . I I I a s o I P:1ys1fa1f1rwr1r1fil-lxgruewz. V, my 'IY I, WH-I I ' f fi EII fu: "V: ' ' L I w Q11f1Ii!y C111 ' f YifS ' Ixrf :ah f'fW1':: ' II'If'.'f1.' 'I':a'ik'.'.'.'?gI. :1f'rI1::: ' ."i.Pf 'Z'-1: ,Ds and Helen Lmsez Q" 1' . 'z F- Nz: ' f1'1r1f:s ' .4'g1f1:,f::-1 ' .'Ii:Z':'.f::A IY.f1f,KfPT5 ' P I-s T 1.110911 I Lv: , I , . ' ' ' ' ' o ' ff 1 ' a f I III , Sc I a, QC e 1 mf- an aa ' C RITZ LQAE Larger' FFGSIIGII Better' BUTTERNUT BAKERY Fourth and Commeroral Tel 569 Eureka NILSEN CQMPANY Ray Feed Seeds Eertrhzers SOL Breadwfw m Eureka e Arcata Emerprree 11729 Eureka 713 It The Beet Eood III Town VISTA DEL MAR Walt Abrahamqon and BoI by Poynter Poet of Commerc1aI Street Eureka LI N C Q L N S For Bookq of All Kmd Ev rythma rm Siauonery and Guts OOO Exit 1 Tel 76 Eureka BELLA VISTA COURT BLUE LAIXE BUILDERS SUPPLY In 1 nrrhofli. aa BRIZARD MATI-IEWS MACHINERY CGMPANY IoIm Deere and Eerauson Dmtr butors Arcata Tel 94 Caterpular I-Iyster and Skaq1t Loqqmq Equ1pmer1I 3950 Broadway T I 0400 ureka IOE KING Pamtmq Comracior Cor1qratuIat1ons to Arfata Umon I-hgh School Tel 227 977 Nmth Arcata o o 0 ' ' f, . , X A , , . I . . . , Q... . S , .. I L ' ss e- ' I ' ' f- . , I . XL Vonrfor ble Rooms E 7 'gt E'V2l'f1fE"1 ff- ffizz fr T. 'YI Mrs, D. V. DDBrvmrif- 111 Im: " 'ff :nz 1 T' 1' 27'RL 2 O11 II1frh'.-Jay T01 Eour M'Ir-S o rf' L , , , V . I f , . ,, . H . . , - , e . V E PJAUL 3 FUNERAL CJHAPFL ERICKSQN S PHCTCD SHCDP PALIO CENUIR OF ARC A7 A L R MIX IPVVELER YOUNG PURE DATES VQMPANY PLAZA SHQE C TOR? BRIZARD S 40019 mc K TO mr U www bmw 1' I N ' LJ Ak , ::.,. ', 1 ',qA1,: hw i L1.y'.wf' . f A A.,.. . o W , p W' . V 'T' 11' 17 fkwfgzf I N M N A nk , , ' ,. , . . , . f'N a ' A J U J v 1 . 1 .1 KJ J I 1:21, 'rf'-IQ' EH rs' 'rx .Tlx H R- r ':17z'2: , rNQ7:'WQ' 7f:1i'Tr11c:S't:f'f IQEC XV- fl If 1-1 gr: A-Arfvz K ri ff F'3'fi:": Kf:tt3f1f3. Hcv'pC1 S if 'L XV111 ""3'L1 3 ,, ,, " T YRADJ . V5 Nji 35 Qin T952 WESTERN STUDS ROB MCDONALD 1NC 1 C PENNEY THE CAROLYN SHORPE ST PETERS 1 111111114 Smit S 1eL1S1 1145 V Q1 Q,l111G'S Rrc1v11sC111d R611 E11-edC 1QkQ11 THE CALTEORNTA BARREL COMPANY Arfmci MO t 111'1DOTTCI1'11 1nd11Q11f WE CONGRATULATE THE P-RCAIA HICH SCHOOL FLASS OE 1952 T91 49 1721 H Street Arcczicr, CG11fOTH1G '.f1:1.1t 1 '11-t ' 34-' 1: 1115 R:-: 14 11 :'- ., -' 1..E '1 , . '., .,'.f',,.1,..r. S -P 1z'1 15' f"..f1"f f 1111: .' 171'I1!l, 1.1IY1Z1'1 :'1":.'1111f' Tru' 1 f"1,f:i1. ,1 f.f1f1t.' 13' LII : 11 1 '.-.'11:l ' 1 III, 1,1 :Tw 1'11f:1 Tea. 134' V1111'-ku I: 0,1131 1111 11 W . - . 1 Q. , . QC 1' 1 S 9 , ' SC ', 'Q 1 1 , 11 .T 1 l ,7' v 1 11 , 15 11,115 .:'1:','11Z.11f 1:2115 1' ' 751 ' '.'."-:11L1',':s :,,i 52' 1.15. 1 1.f'1,:..: . CI R V-fY'.'1I1' '15 1'111 1E11I1'11fZ 114-1--1 3 . 1 f, 1 1 O , CIIILI RGWL CAEE KEI LY S IEWELERS THE EGGD MART GUTrIRIE GEGRGLSGN AGENCY BEER INSURANCE AGENCY B I 'VV sh 5 I the Grad Q tu 1 CICISS GI I052 em QUE Br Isurc11eAJncy Arcuto SEELY CS TITLGW CGMPANY I IICIICU QONGRA UIATIONS to the GRADUATINC CLASS GE IO52 Tenth cmd I Arccric 1 ' gi' 51: ' 11' . ':' 1 :I 1 :.:r: ff 11:11 A ' EL- I' .' 1 :':2 EZ T-'.."f':741:" ,7':" T -1 I' .' 11':f1 - ' I" 1. E:-' 1" f 2: i 3:':.:1' '::.'1I.f:'.-.'i'rg E-,w1:1:'::.'1r: EFS he 1: ' uidg I U Lic 1 sed R I 'stuie cake: 0 n r C Q9 EVLSZZAG TGI. QI Ecffis o SGMIS o FG IQIIZQ-rs 0 ' wire G' 'T' f l A., 1 sJ TQ . 64 WRX IVHCDMCJIWI QJPP V fCNPANY H HN LMA HC IDP' J I 'XN HENDERSQN LENTPR SIMPSON LCC GING CQMPANY K VN IMS V.L"fA K. " gl Yvf fl J L T VM'iPvU f ii X9 w NCL L3 JUP XWIi f'f III-EN fW.LJ'I'CD Q91 . If fx 'L Pg Y H A A '.N' .' rp ff EAYIZEQHILI '.-7,l,i3'igl1Nlf-.5 IHIHTYDLY 'lrl Eli? 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Suggestions in the Arcata High School - Advance Yearbook (Arcata, CA) collection:

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