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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1951 volume:

1BIG"S EM PARTY INIT MMWSWADIE HAWK ff' ,W,a'i2,w,f HI IINX L , , I 1,5 10 gap W ANQUET I-21-LA D xHli3LGn1l2TL1.i3.BAqN DANCE 14' A A V3 my 'K UNION... ...DRAMA FESTIVAL ...SENIGR BALL MOTHERS TEA SENIOR PICNIC S .Q U QA TEIQFSATIVAL... A Ei5ie,5?5UN 0 R X APg4sigMBLY...X BALL JAMBOREEMERQSH s DANCE...C.S.F. CONFERENCE TR DAYMCFI ISTMAS DANCE... ICT gf .N,VENTION...ART f,,Ji'it1K'fM...BLUE R X Mwwiwf .1 FYWWHK .. rf .F YV E QQW WE Y7 X f ymww wwf. .MQ 3535 'Im EDI 4 ff E155 LIBRIS 5 'YPof wo, QSM! ,QM QNX!! fb x Q' LV A5 Yxywf' W M RU wwqxgw Q I x 4 0 X MS MM GW. Q WWW my LW vw' Qxlfxw o www i 5 , vW lik if jy 91, A xg,Wx Q V P jo Afv CA ' .N is ' MSM Of BQ! X ,VU P X V , Ap? A an . YMUJ1 S ADVAN CE fxucfxm Lwmx :umm SCIIUUI XKQXIMCXIIINIQNIX 1' 9 In Q J 1 HLANCHE EVANS, Iidilnr ... 1951 Advance You have opened your 1951 ADVANCE. Through its pages you will find the story of the past year told in pictures and stories. The 1951 Aovmsicii staff hopes that you will find pleasure in each page and that you will always turn to it for fond memories of the past. The 1951 ADVANCE has been compiled in an en- tirely different style from the annuals you have been accustomed to at AUHS. Hours of thought and effort have been put into the book with the goal of making the AIWANCI5 bigger and better than ever. The AD- vANc:ia staff and its advisors have constantly striven to make the book a happy remembrance of your school days, one to which you could turn to with pride and say, "This is my 1951 AnvANtQi-,." We hope that we have not failed. As editor, I wish to express my thanks and appre- ciation to my staff members for their cooperation throughout the past year. l particularly wish to thank my advisors for their guidance and assistance. I also wish to thank all teachers and students who sacrificed time and effort to help in the production of this book. Your edilor, BLANCHIE EVANS. Nancy White Nferle Oppenheimer, Dave Erieksen, Larry Ford . ' . The publishing of the ADVANK I4 is the work of the editorial staff. This year the group was divided into three departments: activities, art and sports. The art department designed the cover, the end pages, the exlibris, the Hnis and the division pages. Arrangements for pictures. the writing of articles and other miscellaneous problems encountered in putting out this yearbook came under the activities depart- ment. The sports writers managed the athletic section. At the beginning of the school year four advisors were appointed by the idministration to haie chirge of the production of tht 1951 AIJNANLI each to supervise one of the four departments Wir Iohn Mc Murran planned the layout of the book Miss Pearl Degenhart supervised the art department Mr George Studley the editorial staff and Mr Ralph Coleman the business staff Among the mam people who helped in tht produc tion of this book were X alery White who designed the cover Hugh Nflonda the title pages Peggy lou Hunt the line cuts in tht senior section Mels in Monda and Elsie Nelson the division pages Lanette Poff the exlibris and finis. The professional representatives who gave their cooperation were Mr. Marsin D. Gilardy, engraving, Mr. Williani Retchin, cover. Mr. Robert Ozias, printing, Mrs. Dolly Handley and Mr. David Valencia, of Redwood Studios, the photography, and Deluloyd Davis, the student photographer. 5531 if iii?-sg A ty 14 3 'sf 1? . . . Business Staff Kjfgllllllllg tlmclr sL.1II 1nLus,1Ics couplcs, X cm Nhtbcxxs, business XU.ll1.lgUI', .Ind Peter ILILILILICI- .1ssist.1nl. .lccolnplisbud ,1 xil.1I task by succcss- fnllv sulling rhu .uIx'crrising space rcquircd ln IIILIIICC tbu Wil Anxuxxc I. In prmnntc AILYXNKI s.1Ius. lxxu ILZIINS wcrc UI'g.lIIIlCkIQ tbc group selling thc must books was tru.1luLI to .1 dinner by tba nlbur' team. II0slCI's X-'cru Llispllycd to IICIHIILI Lbs 1951 .Xin xx: l. S XI I S SI XI I IIRSI Ii 5 et u rzzhl NI Iku-fnnlu laws, I'. I.ouqucl. IJ. linudrich. SIQIIUNII RUN: II. Lrsnn I nrson Nu I Y n 'N a rc, Ii. Iwucrvscrker, NI. Hurcl. v vs 4? 5 ,d My Y' . nik jr Y J ,i. x 1 , If 2 ' I A 3 " HV 3 H , f ,. , L, AA , 9.0 .A J. i.. 3' A li , 4 -1, ll 4.' 117' ADM! N I ST RAT I O N . . . Administrators SLfl1l:RlN'l'!iNl3l N l' The .'Xl'C.ll..1 Lllllkili lliyih School District lies i11 tl1e he.1rt of the new lumber empire of Northern C.lllfOFl1i.l. 'lihe pOpLll.lll0l1 growth, due to tl1e lI1LlLlSU'l.ll develop- ment .111-l to the incre.1se i11 birth r.1te. h.1s required .1 p.1r.1llel txpinsion of .ill school f.1cilities. During the pas: four fC.1l'S the .'Xrc.1t.1 Union lligh School Stutlent liotly ll.lN lI1CI'U.lHL'kl from live huntlretl thirty-live to seven huntlretl forty stutlentsg eight fac- ulty 111e111be:'s h.1ve been .ultletl to give .1 tot.1l of Illiffy- o11e fC.lClHCI"sQ .1 new classroom building .intl .1 gymngisium have been completetlg plans h.1ve been made for .1 gener.1l 11'.et.1l shop .intl forthe tlevelopmeiit of .111 .ll'C.l for physical CtlLlC.1fl0l1.1I1ti.lIl1lCIlCS. A stutly of future enrollment in- tlic.1tes fl1.lI .II1OKl1CI' cl.1ssroon1 builtling will be requiretl i11 two or three yC.1l'S. 'lihe CKlLlC.lllOI'l.1l progr.1111 h.1s been CXp.lHklCLl i11 tl1e .lI'C.lS of YOC.lli0l1.ll .ll'lS, intlustri.1l .1rts. l1Ol"l1CI1l.1lilI13Q .mtl f.1111ily living. C. Nl. Soni-xi. R 'Xl.I'H ID XYIS. l1'rvl'1-i111-1'p11l VICE-PRlNCll'Al, 'l'i11Io'n1l1'l1! The following pages will portr.1y quite ClL'.1I'ly your .lctivities for the ye.1r. Unless you .1re .111 LlI1LlSLl.ll person, you will overlook .1ll the pl.1nning, setbacks, .intl routine work that made this possible. Go to the st.1tl' members .ind express your .ippreciation of their worltfit will be .1 sn1.1ll gesture OIT your p.1rt but .1 big lift for tl1em. There .ire n1,1ny aspects of your school life Il1.1l c.1nno1 be recorded in pictures. us review some of these: your growth in the grasp .intl use of fLlI1Ll.l1UCI'lI.ll processes i11 reading. writing, .intl numbers: your further .1tlj11st111e11ts to getting along with people from other eon1mu11ities .mtl working with them in n1.1lxing your school life .1 ple.1s.1nt .intl profitable experience: your .lCLILllSillUH of slxills whicl1 le.1tl IOXX'.1I'Ll so111e voc.1tio11g your .11l.1pt.1lio11 to physical growth .intl CXlD.lI1SiOI1 of skills i11 INJHF' types of l1e.1lthful recre.1tio11: .intl your pr.1ctice .intl growth i11 the lllbil of 1DLlI1CILl.1l .lI1Ll l'CgLll.1I' .lIICIXtl.lINQC"'.lll ol' these .intl ITLIHY 111ore h.1ve been i1nport.111t in your tle- velopment .1s .1 citizen, so reniember them .1s .1 vi1.1l p.1I'l of your school life .is well .1s the people whose pictures .1ppe.1r o11 the following pages. Rxi 1111 llxxls. 'l'Rl'S'l'l'flfS lflRS'l'lNHN.Ivy1ln riglrlf Ralph l'urnes, Rwlwr! Dax- iaun. James N, Palmer, LU. Dull. SECOND ROW: ll.lr1'y Kmlln, C. Nl. Xorunl. . . . Campus Addition 'F The lar 'est construction on rhe Arcau Hi 'lm c.1m- A 5380 000 ronurn rln bunldm ' gontannx um A g 2, pus, the new gym, wax put ln use Llurnng April .lftcr gyms, cxcrusg roomx lmlur lI'ILlSl1lJVVLI' rooms luulnn more than .1 ycark work, .md Iwo Llxssrooms -3 . . Facult Irma Bartels Albert Blood Mrs. Brown James Cady Ruth Carroll Michael Chetkovich Ralph Davis Pearl Degcnhart Ruth Eversole Evelyn Fcilding Paul Fleming Archie Forson Rose Hagopian Allen M. Ham Ethel Holbird W. B. McKittrick Daniel McLean Miri- L arks F a ' oore Lima Edwin Oliveira La Velle Parsons Wayne Robinson Harry Stoddard Eleanor Trunk George Studley Robert D. Walker Walter Wood Dorothy Anderson Irving Davies STYIJENT COVRT FIRST ROV, lrfr rn riglll: J. Sihle. B. Vin- cent. Ennes, C. Car- : alhn. SECOND ROW Il. Trump. B. Faulk- ner. NI. Inman. P. Smith. R. Brockls THIRD ROWV: 51. On- penheimer, R. Ste- phens. R. Jacuhsnn, I.. Poli. J. Ames. R. Ilu- tra, FOURTH ROW: NI. Patenaude, J. Ivy, Nlr. Ham. I.. Bailey, R. Pecalnlto, J. Cole, I. Iirandfleld. B. Johnson. STIQIJENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW, left in rifhrr .-X. Iiahriel, ll Evans, Miss Carroll. Ni. Keefauver, lx. Ilemp- hill, P. Hull, A. .Xllen M. Varnadn. SECOND KOYN: J. Chapman. .l. Simmons. H. Huggins, Nl, Laidlaw, J. Millis. H, Suchanek, Nl. Strom- herg, E. Nelson, .-K. Yalentini. THIRIJ ROWY: IJ, Ford. J. Chapman, W. Chris- tian, A. Tailor, J. Ber- tinn, P. Lnuqllcl, R. Thomas. K. Mole, H. Railev, P. liipsnn. JOHN V IIITF Prmrdrnl RI, 'ANCIIH FY XSS I'irr-Prniden! JON CE 'KNIISS Judge I is 1 l I 1 I, -."- 4 -I is .,. E , HE - "A" 'J l ' Q . 6 . . . Spring Semester Government The Student Court is one of the most worthwhile organizations on campus. The conduct of the students and behavior at student functions are the Court's main responsi- bilities. The second semester Council set up the first regular election polls at Areata High. They also paved the way for a Constitutional amendment making the othce of yell leader an elected one. The Council entertainment program was highlighted by a successful dinner. At the end of the year the student representatives staged the annual award assembly. "H--'Q' S'I l'IJIiN'I' CUVNCII FIRST ROW, IM! lo riL'h!.' IJ. Goodrich, I'. Brown, Ii. Yuumi. -I. Jones. S. Iinnes. .I. Barnes. IJ. Perri, Miss Carroll. SECOND ROW: ii. Ili-nies, C. Enos, C. Christian, lx. Ixilliniler. B. I'IendriItA sen. E. Iarrenlzen. C Slonehnrger, II. Bon- niksen, TIIIRIJ ROW: R. Spaletta. A. Young. .l. Huck. J. Bertino, H, Ilailey. IJ. Simmons, H. Suehanek, N I.0zen- ski, I.. Necochca. S'I'UIlEN'I' CUURT FIRST ROW, lr!! In riuhl: Ii. Hesceker, 5. Hager, X. Hitt, J. Xmes, lx. Mote, J. Chapman. C. Carlson. NI. Strumberg, C. EI- Ier, li. Ilagelskalmp. SECOND ROW: G. Maciiinitie, .I. Chap- man, R. Ames. Y. Webster. R. IIunt. 'I'. Yun Mntre, Ii, Sed- lncek. NI. Vatenaude, I'. Lnuquet. DEAN INIEYEII l'rP.xidm1r JACKIE ASIBROSINI I'i4'P-Prexiderzt WII.I.I,-XM PEUGII Judge . . . Honor Students The White Sweater, the highest award given at AUHS, was presented to two out- standing students last year- Claire Edwards and Rowland Nielson. The honorees were chosen for their personal in- tegrity, service, leadership, co-operation and courtesy by a faculty committee. Claire also won the honor of having her name engraved on the Girls' League Shield. This signifies that the girls considered her their ideal. Circle A's were awarded to Kristine Brown, Claire Ed- wards, Jean Nichols, Jackie Ambrosini, Irene Culver, Rita Dusi, Dolores Carvalho, Mari- lyn Trump, Marlene Patenaude, Marcella Bowers, Lynn Silva, Meri Mon- roe, Beverly Cass, Margherita Pialorsi, Marietta Anderson, Mary Alice Foster, Pat Shaffer, Herbert Roth, Herman Parton, John Babler, Ray Brechbill, Rowland Nielson, Dale Gipson, Angelino Lavagnino, Kenneth Mote, William Christian, Orvis Box, Delbert Taylor, Robert Bristlin, Thomas Bacome, Peter McAtee, james McKittrick and Nolan Vaissade. Winners of the Block A's were Sally Mager, Jackie Ambrosini, Darlene Peterson, Roberta Brown, Bettie Dusi, Elsie Nelson, Rose Feuerwerker, Helen Wymore, Geraldine Hagelskamp, Juell Davis, Annette Jicha, Anna Mae Lawrence, Marilyn Trump, Oma Momsen, and Henrietta Lewis, Del- bert Taylor, William Rogers, Charles Faulkner, Russell Sherman, Donald Vanni, Jack Norton, Frank Santos, Orvis Box, Ray Brechbill, Keith Carl- son, Joe Parker, James McKittrick, Fred Montgomery, Dean Meyer, Rich- ard Messer, James Roff, Robert Allord, Ray Figueroa, David McMorrine, Robert Parrott, Dwain Haines. The five boys and five girls receiving Tiger A's included Claire Edwards, Jean Nichols, Blanche Evans, Darlene Peterson, Dwain Haines, Louis Simas, Robert Waters, Joe Fagro and Rowland Nielson. .SS 'Tn I Y-in .av -O 'O . . . Merit inners BETTY REYNOLDS CSF I.iIe Member BIAINCII Ii EVANS CSF I.iIe Member WILLIAM CHRISTIAN Outstanding FFA Member .lACQUIiI.INE AMHROSINI District President FHA EISIE NELSON Outstandinxl A rt Student YALERY WHITE Outstanding Art Student HERNIE JOHNSON Outstanding Music Student DARLENE PETERSON Outstanding Music Student ,,..p.-rv v-G -'f-,',tQ3if:. -5 .- 'K 1 55' , ww W, f K f? 2' ss 41 J M 71,1 C j - , X X L 1,5 ,.,- 'W ' 4 5 W A 1 A - , Q -1 F was -X f , m ffm Q ngqfff' 'v Q ZHKE3 ag 5 I ' uf , ' ,in W ,H -'fl , , - w ff is ' W 2 W ,, ,.:.,AA , T is-0 -1-"TA, 51' 4 , f , f r"l,Y"f'l"YK a 5 Fgw X54 331, G? aw xl 4, X . S X , r if at 2 ii? 253 5 'if s 5 nr we M' 53,5 if -.V ,24 IW 'la af W fain Q Zilw all 1 x W N . SW! 1 9333 gg Dm 'Qi Q 4 'Nw' 'Q W A4 5 vig ik awww man 34 ,V 1 ,J w ,, gf' 4 ff l? 1 I' 1 vi Y! is M-L gg ,E A V M XE .... f 'Q -5 mm - YE f H Q 3.23 4 :Ig nj" " , , fff ' , fl ' Q4mw,Qw',X ...Qi-T555 'Xt i,,,iAgfi21f3,ZQE1f f W ' if ..-T , Q-J .11-.. K Q' r- . 5 1 if 4 , 94954 fa '59-vm i "nka:.uW-. f ' W A J' Y, AM, ,, fy ' is Q 1,4 iq. 3 A, Q Ki! 'Y an-'gig A, W , M ' , , ' , f ,r 5, 4-317 M sg 2 - ' A, K b x sw: A N l A 5' ki vii'-at , , 1 f. fx f f . x 'H NX Y, - . . . .0 n as f Q. X, ,Y . 1 Q N Q my E 5 as X Q ,H ,sv uf .2 X " 5 is ff W V X .2 -5. , V7 1 3d "' boi? h , , In 3 W 'ig 'Y Q9 5 , 4 1 -f ,V Q 1 f ' ,F "' 1 if hA 1 af X Wx 1 1' - 3 Wen wf'.53'-'x f.,-Q -Q' , 4 I, if v X qfzfggfffl' U W 4 'Q 'x -.J iv V A fy 'veg k is .- xg M 1 far, , uw X ,gy Vlcdfl -an , ,.,A A! W! V' y 2 J 3 5 Y f 4 M ya' yy W ' W , ...nv lywffv fm ,4f"M, V44 fi M Q, X A I "X W 2 f f 1 M 2 -:nr I I E 7 1 L 459'-2-J A.. , 3 W ..., 'S Z l Q S Q , -' X + -n my f 1 f Q ,. K2 .QOFQ , , 40+ Pi. ff: ew" X 'w fqu. 1 - mf. X V M415 524 V2 .E W . wt., 2 1, E '1 , -k .QI a ' X . lu: -f"-f ' tx ul-Q' Y.-rt' .I - A , v.,4. .ivitg Q uv M4 of 'L A -. W .U n., N 'YQQE A 'f fe K 0- x , w X Q, ge N Qxllllfi' .M it ,. ' sv-I ' W nv g 'M ,Q-5 , A AM N 3 Hi +-- - 'f vw ' W Rf M ,A HZ: ZV: ' lf By, V V Zllf -V A ., , 'fqg ,, s, 5 Wg , V 'xg fy M, 9, " Ziff Q 5 ff 4 5 7 . if' 5 5 , 1, ,un Q i gg . I xo I Q :Q , - L in ig - F: :IV A G 4 -, jf M xw , , 1"-A ' 4 ' 1 4 k ' ,'I.,I:. .., 1 3 ,ll gf A 5 U 1 Er an Q? 1, X A rlin Young! Lorraine Tnler my v-'f'V G4 Glee held the spotlight when they formed the "Arcadettes." NVe hit the headlines when we voted to graduate in caps and gowns. Almost before we could realize it, the Christmas Dance, the Senior Banquet, the Junior-Senior Prom, and the Senior Ball became memories. Now we face a new world. XY'hat does it hold in store for us? Time alone will answer that question but we do know that a great deal depends on our individual efforts. During the years that have rolled by we have gained knowledge, both technical and practical. If we remember some of the words of our teachers and strive to work hand in hand with our neighbors, we're bound to come out on top. The Class of 1951 leaves Arcata High wishing one and all the very best of everything. Some day, perhaps, our paths will cross again. Joan Hertino Richard Harnden Bettie Hailey lirnest Rassbaeh Maxine Lighthill Helly Revnulds Dianne Smith Harlem: Fraga Diane Goodrich lieth Paddock ,no gf of ? ,a '7 . . . Classes .Xnother year has passed .intl throughout its course each class has been preparing itself for the future, in particular the next step in atlyancement at AUIIS. The kluniors, one and all, are looking forward to their pus leaders, looked upon with awe by all lowerelassmen senior year with anticipation, many of them will he cam- llie Sophomores. too, are loolting forward to their .itl- vancement. The year 1980-Sl has been one of acelimatiza- tion for them, one during which they had to become accus- tomed to new methotls of curriculum, Now the foundation for the gratluating class of 1954 has been laitl: the Sopho- mores are no longer "green", they're all upperclassmen. NIR. C.-XlJY'S HONIEROONI FIRST ROW, left to right: N. W hite. J. Tamagni, Il. Spini. A. Yalentini, H Wilson. SECOND ROW: R. 'l'rutt- man. H. W'ymore. O. Yan Nlatre NI. Webster, F. Watkins. 'IAHIRIJ ROW: F. Stoner. R. Spaletta, Q. 'I'rujil'u, J. Thomas, Y. Webster. I:Ol'RTII ROW : AI. Sweet, Yurdana. Mr. Cady, W. Spalettn, W'. Sweet. NIR. lfI.IiNlNlINI2'S llOXlIiROOXl FIRST ROW'. lvl! tu rigfhl: Il. Ras-- back, Nl. Reis. Ii. Reis. SECOND ROW': R. Perritt, Nlr, Flemming, If. Santos, NI. Smedley. .I. Saville. In Nor- herry. 'I'llIRIl ROW: W. Smith, .l. Sherman, Ii. Noble, .l. Ruse. J. Sim- mons, S. Simpson, 34. Punch. I'iOI'R'I'Il ROW': NI. Oliter, .I. Smedlex. Il. Os- born. N. Roberts, J. Olson. G. Noah. FIFTH ROW: J. Osborn. N. Smith. J. Smith. J. Phillips, R. Russell. R. Perry, W'. Pcugh. XIRS. IIOIJIIRIVS IIONIIZRUONI FIRST ROW, I.-if in nchr- If. lxollw. I-. Nliddlebro alt. 42. Ixlinger. ll. I,ittle- lii:'x.l. SECOND ROW: I'. Ialrsutl. 5. Xlerrill, Il. Jones. -X. Laurence. 'I'llIRIJ ROW: J. lu. I.. Nlilrtin, Nl. .l. Iaaidliiw. N. Imzensky. l'OI R'I'll ROW: Xlrs. llolbird, Il. Xlesloh. fi. Xliirsllall. Il. Nlcffall. I'Il'i'Iill ROW: XI. Iiiiidberg. .l. Xliison. 11. I.alir. W. ' .liint-s. X. Xliller. . i XIR.1IUl.IiXIXN'S IIUXII-.RUUXI I-KIRYI' ROW. fwfr In rruhl- IJ Nuhlc XI. Hppv.-nhuimcr. I. Xlwnvc. SIVXIYIP I RUN: X. Icithmun, .I. Nlillls. R. Xlnr lin. II. Nulsnn. N. Nelson. IJ. Uiixcr 'IIIIIRIJ ROW: XI. Nlxlrfin. I.. I':lrtuu W. Palrltcr. If. Uttcr. R. XIv:lXin. II Xlanifrrld. If. XIillv:r. IfUl'R'I'II RUR I.. Nccnclicn, NI, Nlundn, II. Nlundn .I. I'uu1n.-, S. Uslmrnn.-. R. Ne-Isnn I'iII',I'II RUN: .I. Nlclgrun. W. Nm-ss ltr. R. Ushnrn. .I I'::lcrs1m. Nlr ffnlclnnu. I', Pun-rs. I'. IR-ters. KII55 IJI'.1.I'.NIlKR'I"5 IIUXIISRUUXI I'IRS'I' ROW. lvfl In right: H. Iiyrd II. -Xngcl. Miss Ilugenhart. .L Allen, 5. Rugvnlg, R. Hrnckly. .I. Avila. fl Xllen. R. Babb. Y. Nngier. THIRIJ RUXY: C. Rristlin. I.. Xhhuutt. .I. Het- rcndorf. Y. Harker. Il. Xntlmnx S. Iiurgcss. S. Bagley. I:Ul'R'I'H ROW: I. Xllisun. J. Huck. II. Xtkins, N. Briggs. .I. Barnett, K. Rcscckcr. I"II"'IAII RUIY: R. Xllnrd. If. Ifzlrtlctt. R. lit-nhronk, fl. Iiristmx. U. Atkins. II. Xllun. IJ. Rrickcx. .NI RS Ii XI.I.'S IIIIXIICIHIIINI FIRST RUIIV. IMI In Vzfghlq II. Ilzlrsll. S. Ifnncs. NN. Ifnplcr. II. Ilamntnn. ll. llumcs. Xlrs. Gall. SIKIUNIJ RUM: X. Ilcndricksnn. P. Hrcun. .I. Iluscuck II. Ifxuns. I. Hagan. II. Ilucgcr. CI. Hard. 'IIIIIRII RUXX: If Ifralnlcn. I". Hastings, IJ. Foster. I.. Ford, I'. Ilum- mnnd, IY,1ilndwin. fI.f2ihsnn, IffII'R'IAIl RUYY: I.. Ilzlll. NI. fizlrd- ncr. Ix Ifrust, W. Hardwick. fi. Furant. .I. Iwlulknur. FIIVIIII ROW: Il. Ifrziga. .I. Walter. R. Figueroa. R. Haines. R. Guthrie. R. Ifxerelt. R. Ilzithurill. XIINN II VLflI'I XXX IIIIXII-QIUHJXI I' IRYI ROW. lcv! In r1L'h!'ff. Ilultns- sett. Xliss Ilzlgnpinn. fi. Chczem. I' ffnx. Il, fllmmlwrs. R. ffhurrx. S. Hun- rmm. SI',lffINII RUN: I.. I'.IIcr. fi Iluxws I'..IJ.nis.X.Ilnd1ll..I Ifncc. .I tlmlvnmn.f1.ff.lrIswv1. 'IIIIRII RUM' IP. f.:ird. .I. f.Im1vpIv.'. II. Il.nis. I' f.l.1 It. .I. Ilclndn. .I. Iludnl. .I. I4Ul'R'III RIIN : IJ. Ilulm. II. Ilunnx ll. flalv. H.II1rrr. II. Iillls. R, Iiirtlvqx II. fflzntnll. XI. Xldrigh, I.. Avila. SECOND ROW: 5 """: a. 'LT' -ff X H 11 T1 A ' "' 3-"PIC, ?2"Q:.'-E".".1"a."I . 0 q 1 , -- sim ,i sf- e 'G' AL' 3 . gg , , 33 if V2 My ' U ' AW 'Q f an :-Il, an ,, g rggv "'1-ff? f. ,Mt dv :Q Q J r' X ,, A If wi Q Z .., . . ,,,,-na ., 'j TA I g, U f' , F 'fig it ifbii ji? 5 A PQ, ', 'e '5 mffx 6 A 1 , N 9 V 'sw-Q, H nun' V -4- lv. 1.4. 1 ,, I I E ! , L w'jf"t nr I 1 ljif M ' I L: 1 ,9"i': 9 X313 ' ' .. ' ' m 2 fr 3 '4 .?4 :.f ' ff' gffllf I ,fb A as ' : ' . gi ,sf Q S 4 1. 1-x sf 'Tw A.. .W Q,i'f' ,' 5 :QLD iii we - ML I Q 3+ git' a , ' ' 'We' 'ff1.A s f ..,.L,4 Lg - ,- iliz-.,wb.W9,Lsi'i . f- --E """"5'z 'JV V.- ,. . wi- M4 ... .-9454: '3 ,.f IW 4 ' Q .fix Q 2 " . 3 ' 3 ' 'i 'Q 1 . f 3'?,?35 g g, 1? A A 'k ,A 3 ii 4 ' fm Q V51 'wif .Y V 1 b '-13x22 .J 1 Q' " ' s., ,Q J A. J' K -P at Ti A 9' 5' ' ff . f"" 1 ' m 3' 4 if . ' 'ff ' 2, 1- - Q 'Q , 9 ' fi ' I J ' xii? 31 JOHN E. ELMORE . . .Memorial Teachers come and teachers go. Some will stay at Arcata High for a year while others stick with our school forever. Those who move on cannot be blamed for seeking higher and better positions in the teaching profession, but those who remain deserve an extra pat on the back. Those who remain are the backbone of the facultyg more often than not they are the ones who contribute most to the raising of educational and cultural standards. They are the instructors who, although frequently in the background, keep the school run- ning smoothly from year to year. We lost one such member of our faculty during the summer of 1950, namely Mr. john Elmore, remembered by both students and alumni for his quiet air of authority during his 24 years of service. Mr. Elmore was awarded his A.B. degree in 1920 at Westininister College in Colorado. Upon his graduation, he taught for two years at McCredie, Missourig this was followed by a year of instruction at Live Oak, California. Mr. Elmore then transferred to Calistoga where he served as vice-principal and principal. In 1926 he accepted a position at Arcata Union High School teaching science and mathematics. During the years that followed he took post-graduate work at the University of Missouri and the University of California but he never resigned his position at Arcata. We, the students and alumni of Arcata High School, will long remember the quiet strength and ability of Mr. Elmore. L n 4 ' 5 Ah ,W , W ,. 5555 i ww ,Mg 'Sk 4 , 13' W Q if, 0 56fz,,, ACTIVITI y Q-za f 5' Y -I Alv: ' . ,, 'gf ue 53 Elf 1 Q' U .3 ,, -'f, Qhgff ,wh " mu ru.. , M M .1 1 -i ,Q A , Q 1 If . 5 Ai Y 'S x 2 13 m v ' ' .MQ is .Nw 5 33173 sf-A 9 ,... ., fig ' 5 ? UP a if 4: ,, 'E f""""'5 fi , 04 Q: ,F 3? 'ff ?: .??'L Q Q ZS v Q4 ww f fy., y , if . , Q, . - ' ,f-P Y Jig. ' .. ,., 4 , , Geraldine Hagelskamp and Helen Harnden, first and sec- ond semester editors. caught hy the camera during a dis- cussion concerning the paper. New editors are chosen each semester. lftlitor Gerry llngelsknmp answers question of staff member. Committee in charge of successful "Blue Room Dance " ,.- an . . .Activities The highlight for the journalism staff was the successful semi-formal dance entitled "The Blue Room" which was sponsored under a new ad- visor, George St udley. Proceeds were used to send the staff to the annual Press Conference at Santa Rosa Junior College. The all-important business department was under the direction of Dean Meyer, Warren Sweet, Carla Bristlin, and Dolores Corning. In order to assure good editorship for the future, a training period for two associate editors was initiated by the staff. . . . Art Carnival Xxlllll lp.1n.1 smiles sliowing, Art Q,lI'I1lN'.ll con- testants for queen, Nadine lozensky, lilinclie l'lY.lllS, Dolores ll.lL'g.lI', cl.lI'lCllC cl.ll"lXOI1, .mil Sally Nhger pose for .1NllOI.iXI'lcllLllJOlllCUI'S grin .it tlie birdie. Ciuglit in action is tlie Ciermnn Band, lhrlene Peterson, Elsie Nelson, Bob Nel- son, Bernie hlolinson, .anal klere Buels, is tliey blow "horn .iir. mf xl f A Nlerle Oppenheimer smiles .il lDe,1n Nleyer xumliling partner, in gi lenipestuous scene. Dolores cl.lfV.llll0, jackie Anibrosini, lJl.lIlC Cioodrieli .ind Lynn Silva, .itlrncrive candinlgtes for Art C,.1rnii'.il queen are snapped in .1 happy mood. Missing is Syble Denman. Seen above are Frank Vierr.i .ind Glen Ciist, Golden Key win- ners, for OLllSI.1l1LllIlg .irt worls. s I' . . . Artists Ihr- Art Klub c i Imiiiiicr' year uiidur IIN: super- vision of Miss Pearl IJc3.gci1Ii.irl .md Mr. kluim xIL'NIllIAI'.1H. lor liic first limc. lui-inuiillilx xkctciiiiig cxciirximis wen- uni- ductcii. .Ks unc prnjccl. .1 movie was xmlcccssfully filmcd .md prcscntcd to the studunts. The nqtgjor CHO!-I of the Alrtistg' FIRST RUYV, lr!! In rigfhtg H. Larson. N. Nclson, ff. Hurd, Y. White, J. Tintn, NI. Oppenheimer N . A SECOND ROWY: F Yierra. C. Stnnebarger, I.. Pnti, SI. Nlonrms, I.. Jones. I.. Smart, J. Hescnc thc Art Culrnlxjlly lqft llftlg to If. Nelson. Nliss Dealenhart, Fl Bowdoin. N, Phillips. R. Ifiuretl. IJ. Raxner. R. -Xmes, I.. Ford be dcsircd. 'Ixpicul su-:ics tukun in the nrt rm ni M, .. M1 iff LIT' Av.. N.. Mi ig X 5 -V- Q. 6 af? gif if n fa 5 .., 11 s gg, ggi 1 , Jr Q ww W M iii ggi . -BE . :,-.- , , 1' E QV 'N Q ' g k 7' 9 W xi H - K .w . ' 1 3 W - - ,.., . 2 9 : 'W .QE Nw 1 jfxax SD: F' D Z ffm. PQ F M 4 A Q' 'X M M, , . Q'-. ff' 44" " was .... Qi N me. 4 .-fQ 1'. -.f, My ,.,,,.., WQQH H 5 A . E bv ' iv ' ' 'GI Q9 ,9 U ai sf,,1:1'-532' SA -H I , VZ" 5 vs . s f f '17 , x X Q2 Q - L21 gf- V J S 'W 1 It mum., 'vw if ff' if, if 2 ,Z L.,-7 T M-wp-nb fl' .1- ! 3- .f. . .pf I-1 . . . "Labor Omnia Vincit' "XY'orlt overcomes every- thing" is thc motto of thc AUHS Latin Club which is 0l'gQlf1I7CCl on the plan of the old Roman Republic. This year the club joined the -Iunior Classical League, a na- tional organivation of high school students taking Latin. Advised by Miss Ruth Iiver- sole, the students met bi- monthly. . . . Excaliburites Orange shirts and black ties mark the members of the Ex- calibur Club. Their ideal is stated in the motto, "He who seeks to serve another, best serves himself." Highlights of the year for this organization were thc initiation dinner and the annual Christmas Ball. Mr. james Cady advised. FIRST ROIN, left Io right: M. Oppenheimer, D. Tinplstrom, N. Dillon, M. Keefauser. H. Yineent M. Varnado. SECOND ROW: M. Hoover, D. Sehunk, M. Stmmherg, C. Carlson, S. Burgess, H Evans, P. Greene, C, West, O. Hagelskamp, S. Spidcll. THIRD ROW: A. Peithman. M. Williams P. Hammond, J. Sutter, J. Davies, B. Georgenson, E. Franzen, J. Rose, B. Larsen, R. Jacobson FOURTH ROWV: R. Brechbill, L. Abbott, J. Gibson, L. Ford. H. Johnson, C. Christensen, .I. Hur shem, J. Dudal. C. Bristlin, B. Clayton. FIFTH ROWV: Bartlett, D. Lehman, F. Stoner, K. Roh crts, R. Everett, M. Gardner, M. Martin, D. Lewis, W. Peugh, Miss Iixersolc. FIRST ROW lrfl In ri hr P Ion uct W Ch 's Q' N1 I' R R hh ' . . E 1 . f Q , . . ri.tian, i. e .ann, . rec ill. T. fiilhert. J. Barnes. SECOND ROW: M. Honda. H. Mnnda. D. Stark, V. Dowling. A. Blond, B. Jaeolwsnn. R. Harris. THIRD ROW: J. Bertrand. R. Haines. J. Buck, I.. Neeochea. D. Lewis. W. Christian Mr. Cady. FOURTH ROW: R. Allord. T. Resecker, R. Rristlin. D. Yanni. C. Lahr. Ii. Yurdanai XV. Sweet. . . Girls' League Always striving for greater friendship between the girls ot AUHS, the group sponsored .1 Big Sister Party. a lfall and Spring Hi-links, .1 Girls' League convention, a Nlothefs Tea, a Lug Day, and noon and evening dances. With such leaders as Vera Mathews. the Girls' League. ad- vised bv Mrs. Nlirian Marks, en- joyed an active year. FIRST ROVV,le'flIuri1hI: l.. Sllannon, ll. Vincent. SRCIUND RUYY: Nl. l'lmer. ll. lisans, tl Lee. R. Fagundes. li. Nelson. Nl. Oppenheimer. 'l'lllRD ROW: K. Kresten- sen. l'. Smith. D. Carvalho. J. Floeklmrt. K. Renhrnok, Nl. Monroe. Y. Nlathews. G. Carlson, M. Nelson. FOURTH ROYY: E. Puckett. C. Christiansen. N. laizensky. J, Sherman, J. Ames. Mrs. Marks, F. Bundx. .-X, llitt. R. Feuerwerker, H. Waniore. H. l'1ltel1auc.le. s,-.. . . Tumbleweeds NVitl1 Charles Evans as presi- dent. the Tumbling Club cele- brated its second anniversary. Promoting tumbling activities, the club membership roll reached .1 peak of 37 students. lnstructed by Mr. Edwin Oliveira and Nlr. Richard Harris, the tumblers achieved timing and body con- trol. FIR5T ROW, left to right: H. Bonniksen. B. X ineent. C. Evans. P. Hall, Nl. Aldrich. M. Keefauser. Mr. Oliveira. SECOND ROW: J. Brown. Nl. Oppenheimer. Nl. kern. R. Souza. l. Hagan, K. Krestensen. lf. Haeger. P. Trump. THTRD RUVV: T. Ii1lhert.B. Evans, Nl. Curtis. A. Hendrick- son, W. Denny, J. Rice, G. Holmes. J. Nie- Nahh. FOURTH ROYV: K. Haines, R. Thomas. J. Iiarhan, P. Nelson. I.. Wolf, R. Spaletta, D. Cate, C. Dutton. . . . Future Homemakers A major event for the lfuture llomemakers was the annual dis- triet convention of tl1e FHA in lfebruary. Guided by Miss Rose Hagopian and Mrs. lfthel Hol- bird. they combined efforts with tl1e Girls' league to sponsor a Mother's Tea in March. Several representatives attended the state convention at Asilomar. FIRST RUYV. lvl! In rillhl: Nl. Yarimdii, Bliss Hagopian, l.. Baioeelii. SECOND ROW: Nl. Hodgson, J. Walton. T. Jones. Nl. Ulmer. J. Amhrosini, G. llaielskamp. l. NleGrilT, Xl. Oppenheimer, li. Gruey, ll. Faulkner. THIRD ROWY: White. D. lioenlli, .l. Gibson, -K. l'eitl1mzu1. D. Clan- ton. I". Hundx, R. Rreehhill, fi. Nicholson. N. Cass, Y. Rounds. D. Waniore. ..,.a,,.a M . , WWW' fe- ----Q f- Awww: ff-fs!-F'-2 f- Q Y , LQQF T' '- .wi f kfslyag--Qtqairjx , pw- , 9 F ffl 1 lg, il ui if If IL A fi, Q6 '- -fi 2. ' V 4 1 2 W t , . v 1 ,, A X W' . X? 1 f 4 -1. ,- fn-. W V " ef!! , 5 5 ll yi! if 5+ A2 4 MQ T. V skis, t ggi fx 12 w.. ,B-, ,M xv , K? , TQ , fe. gy A , L 1 W 'W 'lhvfw as f 1, N Y Q Jr .xx , 15 , ,I 4 yr ,gfvfrk I ,J A h .-5. .54 , aw' 'A'-Q Vx fa - - . ff' X9 I -s .V - A hi fr ,I "' Q A . 5',,::z1?f.,. 4 'Qs wif A H M xv ,,q if xg y V x u ii V f vb if 4, M 2 4,5 ., if f , ' A X'-Q , 4 -vi' ' ' , 'll 'M A I an - T""Q' W f 4 L iTf'?,.'Q""'3 , A TM. I E 'fix "Y ' K' - A X- Q 2? ies X 'L X sy . K I A. -1' , ' I .gk ,. . 4 'f K N . , xl sf , V xx,,,ihlu.A,-.W as ,Y 5 - H 154 M IICNCIIICQI 11111s1c.1I L'l'lIL'l'I.lII1IUCI1K fur Ic1c.1I .1fI'.11rs s111,I1 .ms 1I1c CQSI c1mxc111io11. 'I-ITL' group O :ww IIR5I ROXX. IMI In ngflrl: ID, I'v:t1-rsun, S Spldcll. Ii. Izums. .I, I.111dl11u, XX, I'I11II1ps, Ix. Motu. Il. X11nn1, .I slwnrs. II, ff11r1nIIm. Ii, N1-Iwn. SIQKIUNIJ IUIXX: .l. II1.-nv1i2I1, I., .luI1nniv, J. Xmhrusini. I'. IIn1nus,ff. Xldrich I Ifrmr I' I uquml I IIIII X X 1Iu1lInl Xl Irl21 'IIIIIIIII IUJXX I' SCI I1 X1 I In II 'I' d R 11 ', . 2 . . . ' , . 'Q 1. : 11111. . 211 s, nnnscn , I vcnll-11:-..I.N11r1nn. Il. I1-Nw. IJ. XI1'x1-r. X. XH11112. II. H1lfI1.1ncIx, I.. Sllul. Xllsi ff1lrroII. I"fII'Il'III IUIXX: XI Ix111111ll,Xl I'11tm-n11111Ic,S.XI111-gvr.II.l,cI1n11111.lI,lQipsuv1, II. II11lr11. Il. Ruxvwvr. II.1Q1mdricI1. Songsters II1c.11111 of II11' CQI11111' 11 .as I0 1'1'c.11c .1 nun c111I111s1.1S111 Iu1'11111S1q .IIDOITQ IIIC NILILICUIN 1I1c1r'11.11'c111x .1111I f1'1c111Is. XXVIIII tI11s1n 1111r11I. 1I1c so114gs1c1's, LIII'L'CIL'LI Ivy Xliss IXLIIII C,.1roII 1Iso NI'UIISUI'L'LI 1I.111ccN. p1'o'1grcss11'c 1Ii1111c1'S. .111d .1 I1cI1I trip to1'uL1111I11111 .111 .1u111 c X'C.lI'. I IIQNI HflXX,lfz1f1r1L'hl .l,1.1pwn. N I1 I, I I I l.I1r1 X 11 VI111 Iirurkl'-1Il, ,I, I11 I4 II.11111-Q. I Inlg LIIUIR XI IIRNXII-N -lens 1 .. 'HC 1, . , zz- I'. .Ic11xL'vs. N 51mg1w1l1, if in www 1... -0 nib, ,V ' W A 5 if wx Q M 9 i?, gy W , M4 J R i, x Q . nj 'W 'LA f M P? SEQ... 1 . v It 1 A K ' I , I : , if 1 el rl ,gh 2 Q5 A' Qpgpn i !L3,5 ' 2 ' Q3 14 ' .V ,F : ,A ,. ,bf U. ,,Y,,M3, ,. 1 was 'W S , f :iw 'kzgQ..f-,W f .QM wig, ,- lim, 'df-fxadwv - ww" - Y' fiiiiggggt tU,f W,..m-NZM . Q5 V, Ea? ' ZF-- xg! 4 6 v 'g . -s r t Z ,. V V 'Q , A . -vv-.., 3 usq h A fs?'U ff' VY "MQ I ' mv fa' 'X . mf' ' 'if hw A vfiifa "' . .,, 'K- a 'K fp ' is 5 f .fi ,, 8, -R., A ' ' pix" x A""zW: 5 ,, . Jw in 9-! 'Q' W y i is 'fi f is .1 X' ' ' . .sb A 1 1 ,ff 4 H ij, 5 , A Mx F QM -Y -x ,af , , V K, .K..,rp, 1 s wm a wif ,.a 1 N , , 1, ff.. ,F ,Wm x .-,, flgwvi fly wig fi 44 .Sith 'iq 1 ff, 4 5. 2 P' Ja? sl , qw w M1 'ii' .Hr an +8 SM, . 1 rv ffm, l:lliS'l' RUYY. left tu righl: C. Christian, K. Sunni. S. Sinipson. K. Krestenson, R. lfnluiides. SECOND RUW Nlr. Wood. .l. lilgar. ll, Xlunilold, li. Duties, 'li Hueume. 'l'lllRlJ RUYY: P. Smith, C. Nlcliurmiek, ll. Peterson li. Nelson, J. lhnis, l'. Peters. Nl. Williams, ll. Klinifer, G. Allen, J. Chapman, A, Hitt, R. Feuerwerker. N. Luzen sl-Q. lx. Beseeker. l"UllRTll RUWY: J. Williams. fi. Sousa, ll, Hitt, K, Lingerfelt, J. Nmhrosini. Nl. Strinnherg lt. lireelihill, W. Hreelihill. S. Wood. FIlf'l'H ROW: ll. Honniksen, A. Lawrence, ll. Atkins, H. Punch, fi. llagels kulnp. K. Cherry, l., Volt. lf, lfnrigllt, lf, Kodriques. J. lil , J. Jenkins, Nl. fo e, .. lolgerson. SIXTH R W y I I l l K. Nelson, Y. Rounds. N. Dawson. H. Johnson. H. Stone, ll. Cargill, R, Hristlin, l'. Peters, Utter, R. 'lrutmiln . . . Musicians Appearing before many different audiences, the Band, directed by W'alter N. NVood, enjoyed a very successful year. The Arcata High musicians performed wellg they gave a good account of themselves before the community as well as before the student body. The Band marched and played at most borne football games and rallies. W'hen the college boulevard was dedicated, Mr. Nyood and company were on hand to lend a hand. The musi- cians also performed at the Christmas Concert and at other Yuletide activities. At the start of the second semester new musicians were added to the Band bringing the unit to a total of 65 members. joining hands with the Choir, the Band sponsored and took an active part in the success- ful "Checkerboard Revue" staged at the College lilementary Auditorium. The highlight of the year for the Band came when the group traveled to Berkeley to participate in the Northern Regional Music Festival. Xl AJUHl:'l H15 l.l:l'l IU Hliilll: R. Souza. R luigundes. 5, Simpson, C, liliristiaii. lx krestenson. ., ,- I' "Q Q., . 'lm F' Q Q..-i an 9 1 qs ,Liirq V -QR, 3, 1 , v,1Qw'fr, .AU""""" L M 1,94 -- W' . Jn .,-Y :IS r., Q ' 5 4 y4-q ffl! 12 nm ami gg an 9523? ws? 9 " 1 1, ' . 4 H , 1 QV' 4 4 fx E W. Ks 51' 2E'i is 1:1 M 5 wp . x ,......---- Mug f ,, I Q ,HOKE X1 E x f""X A- p I' I' ' If W.. YELL LEADERS, left lo right: Irene Culver. Kenny Slote. Jacquelynn Beshears. Arcana Tigers in lormution. Last minute instructions. . . .Football Getting off to a slow start in the l9S0 football season, the green but lighting Arcata gridders began to Click as they gained experience. The Tigers ended their season with two wins QUltiah-lferndalej and tive losses. As the squad feat- ured many sophomores and juniors, Coaches Franny Moore and Eddie Oliveira anticipate a more enviable record next year. 1950 SCHEDULE 6 :i'Fort Bragg , 20 7 Hoopa , 19 6 :?Ukiah 0 7 Fortuna l 3 0 Eureka 26 Ferndale 25 I2 Del Norte 19 64 103 'Indicates intersectiunal game. . 'hr Q' ,X g K ' ,',', 'WHA 19" .k M M 1 f - xiggifwff 9 Q .N , , . .,? Q ii K , in gb, im., an! R L'!'ffli4 x gli' 1.- - ' fvggiegwgwi , 3 15 A , Q-Wxmgg-:w 'THC' +f-Y mf .aim iw, -Qs: vfigifq, 5 ZQQEY 5? H .1--M. -ark, for .ff fi af 5,1 X PY gigs r if, 21,45 li 1 i , AQ ...ow-'Y ew f-.3 -f" f if ag ' 3 Y 549, s z, W 'Q In , Qs O, 7 ' x f ... ,V ' ,f ' ' , fi' A W3 ,Wg ? ii:- fzm 4-ff Zigww f M fig 3 'v fx I ff Ill HIWNPII H'I SQL XIJfFlRS'I' ROW, left tu right: G. Young. G. Nhllfann, R. Figueroa. R Snplulls SFI UNIIJ RUVV: XV. Dowling. C. Eller, K. Mote, 0. Box, D. Hales. THIRD RUYVZ n, .l. Huck. W', Yurdunu, l'. Haynes. KXNNNIIK lll Sill Al? LEFT T0 RlKill'IA: .l. Faulkner, R. Maksel. .l. Spe'lenher2. s n ord l liuscrker. ll. l.ellmun. R. Rristlin. .X. lleniz. CENTER: Nl. XYondarr.l, NN. Rogers. . . . Lighrwe' t Hoopsters Under a new coach, Eddie Ulivcira, the Tiger limiteds looked forward to a good basket- ball season. live veterans re- turned to tbe squad: Pete Haynes, Gary McCann. Kenny Mote, Or- vis Box and Ray Figueroa. Bill Dowling, a transfer from Ceres, and Doug Bates, a regular in '48- '49, added strength to the team. . . .Heavyweight Hoopsters Tutored by Franny Moore. the orange and black varsity hoped to regain tbe championship lost in '48-'49, Forming tbe nucleus of the squad were veterans Mel XVoodard, -lcrry Spcllcnbcrg, Bob Allord, Bill Rogers. 'liom Be- sccker, and Dennis Lcliman. Counted on for added versatility were Al Deniz and Bob Bristlin. both promoted from the '49-'SU ligbtweigbts. GX . ' 757 A f . be r '- X . 5 - 3 , fa 12 ,v,' '. Sqn wld? W X IQ .3 .f' nf ff 5 ,Q ,,, 9. 5 4 , . I 'T K'- .xg . A ., ,ja , 1 ffm M 1 4 1 Y 3 ' ' ' Q " sz, 6 - 5 1 ,A ,gb Hi fy alma 2 W f , f ...Q 5 Az f Ns I 5398 3, 'fin fs' if J-1 03 A ff Q, ' S . as X 4 ,J AK ., A A N 9 A. f me iff, U 1. xx Q25 sw Y .1 f '1 g I ,if 4 1 ! ' sb 1 W x -JE 13 X 7 Q . 5 ,H , g Q gigs .- E55 '-xg. x g:2, ig'-W 1,5 ! rf-:ef Y Af. 7 2: ' ii A 'M :if 2 E, X -L 1 xl lx x . LW, uw as s :TQVJVA 4 if YN Y . 'im 4 4-ixeyf 1'-Sf .9 xy 4 iv, at ." .P ff, ii . . . Spring Sportsters l5lfXhlONl7lfliS W'ith gi new coach .ind ten returning xeteixtns, h.1se- lxill prospects for 19il were bright. Eddie Oliveiiii, third h.ise1n.1n for llumholdt State College and for the Humboldt Crabs, toolt over the coaching duties determined to carry his horsehiders to the top of the league. Leading the veterans were :Xl Denil. 19811 batting champ and All-County first lmisemnn, .ind Don V.inni, All-County outfielder. Others were Meyer, catcher: Bob Allord .ind Xl llenil. high seoriiig 'Xreatii fnrxuird tries In steiil :i piggxhiick ride on ii lferndult- plmerk lnicl-t. Huh liristlin illir comes around for tht- rebound. liill Rogers, pitchers, Bob l'loelth.1rt, second h.iseg Ray l'ilgLlClAO.1.1I'lLl .lun Rice, shortstopsg .ind Kenny Vollen- weider, outfielder. Up from the scrub team were Pete Haynes, pitcher, Dennis Stark. lhrrell Lewis .ind Hola Bristlin. out- tieldersg and Ciwry hlCC:.1UI1, second base. CQINDERMEN .-Xt the County Nleet .it lfortunw in 1930, the Tigers walked off with the A and Cf division chiunpionships. This yenr the li .ind C thin elads were counted on for IOP honors. 'IR Xlflx I4XSliIRXl.I. IIRSI' RUN, IMI lul'lL'f1l.' ls. Nlote. KI. lfllei. R. Nliirtin. ll miiilos, FIRSTRUXN:IJ.N1eier.SlitIUNlJRUW,h'Hmnnl1l:l..Neeut t NFCUNID RUN! : XL Veugh. Xl, Ulmer. I.. Xlnirlin. li. Nnhle, 'Hllltli ll. lewis. 'lilllltll RUW: R. Hristlin, l'. lliixnes, X. lltnll XX 1 Nlr. tliildx, lf. Stoner. N. V ehster. U. liox J, Huck. lfUl'R'l'll lfUl'R'l'll ROV: R. Figueroa. Il. Yanni, R. lfloekhzirt. WN. lioyftrs NK :.l. Phillips, C. l.iilir,.l.Xnrrui1, X. Ileniz, R. lfiyfuerozi. Spulettu, lfllflli ROW: R. Xllnrd. '15 S , SENIOR SI'IiIilJH-XLI. Ituins. .I. Jacolssnn, I. Smith, IJ. Rainer. S. Xla- '1 iier. NI. Paton:-uide, .I, Rer- tinu. .I .-Xmes, I. Iiulser. Ii. Nelson. .l, Iiersheari. I4I'iN'I'IiR: Ritzi Ilutra. captain, Ii,-XA CIIAKIPS FIRST RONY, If-filnrizhlr fi. Xlason. M. Iiorel. SEC- OND RUYY: .I. Chapman, S. Hager, Captain. I'. Cox. 'I'IIIRIl ROYV: Y. Rounds. XI. Yarnado, R. I'erritt. bv IN'I'IiRI'liRl0ll A voi.i,ias'ix.xi.i. ' ,,,, , l.IiI'I' TU RIIZIIT: Miss ' ' Ifeilding, Y. Rounds, IQ. -I-4--KM . Iii: -ckcr, J. Ames, ff. NIC- y - Ciiiinick, Ii. Iairentmsn. II. 'f Ex - Xniul. S. Ifnnes. Captain. . ' ,, , A -Q , I X I X 'fi , Q +R ff, " " 1' f " .. 1-1 x I Nlarked by .1 spirit of aggressiveness, the senior squad headed hy Rita Ilutra took the 1951! Speed! hall Championsliip. 'liheir final game against the juniors was spiced with excitement. lleld scoreless until the end of the first quarter. the seniors finalli' hrolxe through the defense line to score. Ihex' held this lead until the final whistle, The seniors were the 1951! Champs with a IU-4 record. lor the second consecutive year the GAA sponsored a volleyball tournament. Sally NIager's squad eopped the Championship and then challenged the faculty to a game. The faculty whipped the Qhamps 48-IX. Under the coaching of Ifvelyn Ifeilding, the first period class Champs elaimed the Interperiod Volley- hall Championship from the seeond period winners. skill was displayed throughout the final game as the players smashed and picked up the ball for volley after volley. The final score was I8-15. 5 'UEEU 13.54 'I' Iifp, , Mis I 4 ...-mf' m 8 tl 4 If :V K 1 fa llurlcnr l.v:vwis passes to Kllic Linifren in lust game uf basketball. Cul Czlgcrs 170 you renienilner wlio won 1110 1951 l1.1sketl1.1ll tournnnient? 130111 tl1e Senior .intl Sopl1u111o1'e .lgg1'Cg.l- tions possessed .1 lot of.1lwility.1nd skill. As Soplioniores, tl'1e 1951 Senior lioopslers rrounced tlie tl1irtl YCJI' girls to win an upset victory. Defeating tl1cl.1st yC.lI"S te41111 SklI1iXI HSS l,.rls .ire c.11n2l1t lu the ennieru me isliile doing their eiilisthenies. was .inotlier thing but lliey l1LlLlC tl1e Seniors rt-.illy liustle. Tlie Sf1pl1u111o1'e11ni1 w.1s lJLllSI.IIlLlll11.: froin tl1e st.1rt tl1.1nks tu .1 very CNSL'l1l1.ll .lllI'1l7L1IC-UJ.ll'l1NV01'l'C. l,.1st year tliey licketl tl1e present hlunioi' 1e.1111 .intl gave tlie Seniors .1 rougli lmttle. C.111 you inugine wl1.1t tliis spiritetl outfit will be like when tl1e girls beeonie Seniors? .t' :',..eson,.. 11 cr, R. utru. .. - ' u.. . al e- 'ude, S. Q uns, J. -Xmbrosl ', . Smith, ll. Peterson. KNlil'1l.INlQ: Xliss Feilding. J. -Xmcs. 'un sUI'lluxlukl-, H X5kl',IMXI.l. l'USNlHl.l'. l'lRS'l KUXN. IMI In Hgh! l'.'lrurl111, N. ltiius, K, Xkhltnex, K., liristliu if-.KQUNIJHUNN:I'.SeI1u11k,J. Helten- Jurl, li. lursu . Ruiirids, lx, liuseekvr K ll111. 1- ALA UAV i hi, get vw- 'ra 4, 3 5 I1 XX ww, 4... --van, r .f Gif I' Q N' xmwv , . - wfaaizazwnfz B Y L.. 'Q .ff kk. 'H' ,rv ,. '.-. f ' fm -if , fl .y . f 6 if 2 v ' . -f 5 f filfiqf 'W 2 5? 7 f -V ,.,f. :i,49iN fy A' 4 Q A K x D f ? A 'D A A. Q, . JIIQ I ' 'Q 1 Q A' x ..-.Q fw., -mi Y il I x -.,... 3,3 A Wk-Q V M, 5 I 'win .I if , K A r ? ' il W, . C ig 13 I -1 115- ? QQ: Mi 2 ti I we ,L W Q, A. QM ,M . I, ' 14.23553 1.1 2 W JP' Peter l.nuquet, Yerii Mathews, Her! Exam. Madonna Keefauver. . . . Advertisers Your 1951 AUVANQQL is one of the largest business ventures of the student body. The combined advertising and editorial groups are charged with the responsibility of managing a 54,000 concern. The publication of this yearbook offers practical experience in editing, photograph, writing, lay-out, art and business managership. The quantity and quality of your Anvfxxcis is due directly to the generous support of the merchants of Humboldt County. If it were not for the advertising section. we would have to sell the bcok to you at a price of 56.67. Instead, you are receiving your annual for 82.75 if you own a student body card, and 53.00 if you do not. The merchants, too, receive value in advertising in the AlivANt,li. W'ith 600 books in circulation and an average of six persons per family reading the yearbook, some 3,600 peo- ple see the ads. That is good advertising. The progressive program begun by Mr. XV. B. Mcliittrick has put the Auvfxxtig on a sound financial basis. Every effort has been made by this staff to carry on the excellent reputation that the Aiwfxxu held Linder his leadership. Q Xggqmfsnuoanv Q I N I R RI ADY SI RX ICI STA I IIIN KRY I II NKINS V II Ar Ju I IIRPSA S Nl-XRRI I 'Ill r NIODIARN C ARI SHOP l 'VIAITHFXXS MUSIC AWD SI XIIONFRY SHOP KORTIII S SHOI STORI I XRROI SIIOIS I III AL PIERCI AIIIAINCIS XIIIIANCIS I' HOUSI' OF AC ATI-5 u lung, NIH r 1I It 1. ROBI RT X ISRYAIN DDS 7 I RILSON S PHOTO SHOP J L C IRINI Arnau QANLI INI SHOI STORI R lnur DFI UXI BARBIR SHOP 1 1 Ol!! I 1057 Ar 11.1 NOR FHI RN RI DWOOD LUMBhR QOMPANY OUR LONCIRATUI ATIOINS 'IO THF CIASS IIR AND REDWOOD LUMBI R IxorIxI BRIZARD MATTHLXVS MACHINhRY COMPANY IOIINI DIFRI AND DI IAVAI DISIRIBUIORS A uta Tel 81 C AIIRPIIIAR.' IIYSII R 6. SKACIIT IOCICIINCI IQUIPNII XT S950 Broldxxu, IL1I1Ixx III S400 'I Ii - Q I li ,I H IIAI .. , I' IXI.IJ, , I'IxuII'I,11I O SuI'gcIII1 III l'l I Il-I. 73 'H c XVI Nu LII ArI.II,I ,lust PIIIIIII' "I" .HIII your xIIIIppmg'x IIIIINI 1'IIlcIwfI,I I II-ry UI I ,IIIIIII lvl. I II-I. X71 I .md I I u uII.I S14 III I1 lIIrI'Ix.I 'I " I' . f vm, In- " NVQ' II.wI- lI1c Vcry Bust in Rccurdx Sfmm fur Hn' W'lmII lnm III 423-I Tcl, io? I'IlII"CIi.'I -Ill Iff I 'I'cI. 593-W' I'urck.x I I I :I AP, ,.:. 0 I xx A, Ct' ', . ci. 0 A341 c.I-wclry ' A ' I.api1Iary Supplicx 0 NIuunrings I u cIi.x I Ill IIru.IIIw,Ix I urulm : I ' N : ' " IICHKIXI I I VITI WPIN I 5 I In 'INKI Tcl. 418 Tcl. 35 93 -II Arc.11.1 H122-H ' . TIM' limi ill Slrm' I' I ' ing I Nm fu fn' I Im OIILII' 'I'cI. IIX -II , 3-JIAII Arg L.: KIIJ 1951 TCI. -I-If-2 7 ' ' I f - f 1 . . ' I I .I I' XL 1 . HUMIIOI IDT II I IJ STORI UNITIII RADIO 11 r SuI11un1lSfr111 II: adm .AX IINI K Illl I 11r1IxJ C nu Ilflltllf I OIINIR5 MAWUIWAC IURI1 IINXII I VII FII 1 and wx Hu' 1 IJUIJHC OI I ICI IHQUIPNII N C ONIIIAI' N MILF S-IURILKA S I I ORISI QUAIIN FANCJI INURSERY III FIIJIULIIIJI SI1r11I1 I Ull 1d Il 1 151 I I IIS LIILILIKS L I1 1 I11rCIca 'Ie 7h-U Iuruka GENI' S HAINDICRAFT XIIILFIAIQ and fouls for Cimfts 'md C r ann II11I'1Iw1 s nr 0 cr Tgxl Ls II11rL r 4684 I urcIm ALTOS CASH GROCERY AND TRAIIFR COURT AISO C XS AND OII urn OILI AfC'lIl Road I11LI11n11I1 CHURCHS BARBILR SHOP In To Chiu I ARCATA REXALL DRUC9 I ruu'1pt1c1n5 0 COSHICTICQ I' 610 T S 1023 Arcnta 205 H Araata B COOPER MD PI'IXSlLl.II1 ,md SUI't,t.UIl In Lrlptlon Sv.rx1 967 Annu BARNES CORNIER DRUC' STORI- J RILD CROSS PHARMACY II S C Iunu .md IJu11.1Id I C I11111 nl limi S V 11111pILtL I lm 1 In R 1111 Sup 1 1. I11r1IC1 PHOTO SPFCIALTY SHOP IIRA SLPPIIIS CANIIRAS IINISHINC KI 11111 S1111I111p III. U 4 I urak 1 C1UTI'IRII1 C1hORGISON AGI' NCY INSLRANC I XI IIJILI C 111 1111 I 1wt111 Iiussr11,111 l11r1k1 LIN C OL N S 11111 11c1c11Cs or XII 1C1x11s IHI 1 C l00 I'1f1I1 L LII' TIN N WINDOW WILLIAMS 1 L 111ur11I nndlv C r vu 7 lU1I1 .md O I unk 1 ARCATA BAKERY AND SNACK BAR ox 1111 ll 11,1 III IU 11'1 H 'Ir1..111 II 0 Ki .1111 0 I-111-1I 0 91-1-J 1, 7 I 4' , XX . 1x11I711rCII11n11u. I1-l, 2111 1111: '-1 ' , I M 1:1 1.111.111 s1. 'l1'l. 711 - ff p ' 1 11" I 'I 'I I ,IQ 1 I , . '-3 " . ' 3" wo b Q " Q 11115 Mu. 1, ,N ,M U1111 C11 cr Num- IIQI. 7-I -HI C1 'I'cI. 278 I'UI'C'IC.I 111, ll 51, I'1.1rcI1.l , . , , , , 4. ,. . ,. . : , C . A1 N 1a - CI1 .uns NIH 1 s 0 - j C, if ' J, -1,wcri,g'l'rc1-C R. - , liuxlus, I,.lW'lI Sccd, Ifcrlilivcrw, 'nucd I'I.111u, I u' -. 1 -1, l-IRI 517 'ffl 5 - 2-122-'l' 51. 'I. . 1 5 - 1, 1 , In. I1 O Ply' C O '- ,. . mm 'U ' W 'I 9 3, 1' , lcl.I' -kms-R-11 410 H ' IS. Tcl. -,I 1 . -, 4 X . ' I - sk I , 11 rf ,, H . . ,Q I Cl' el. -H 1 - , . , . . ' 1 1 . I - ' A , lx 1 . . K. I Arc 'I'cI. if . -II ' ' 895-II 'I'uI. -I Anal' Ifugc c 4, ' -"' Q -y l'r1'11' '1 '1' 111 1' A C 1 ' .' w1t'llr11,.gw ,l111.I Sl' on f 1I1cx 417-F 'l'1l. 11111 Q CAN " I ' . 'Q 0 Q , Q .' O - 1' .' .' 1 Pct 1' In Sul 'rt - f 1 1- -dl Ill-I" ICI, ISU ' ' . 1 ' .' gl 0 RID . IfS'I'A'I'I-. I711 I I "- .. ' 1 " SIX-Ii 'I'cl. 13 3 lf11'11ffm1g Ill Siu! r 1' '1 Iiflx 1 - 'V 'I'-l. 2111 I1 1-k.1 III I1 ' NI: - Inu-I 0 I',r" 1 , edit klc "Icr ,I-CI. 47- , ,. I , , . DR EUCENF IOUIAIN 867 Anna DONAID L BUX XID Ilcnusl v II 0 Sur 1. 98 II Ar Ju BI UE IAKE ADVOCATF S ALI ICu1fNu u r I B ue In Peter I ouque! BOOTH S GROCERY IIN nllj .Sforz I R Baysnde BAYSIDE STOR F .xrr n 1 1. Bavsndg WALTS BEAUTY SHOP lrnnllx S ru n IiImI ALLENS VARIETY STORF Mr and Mrs Hanxul Allen C run Sum U I 1 BLUE LAKE CAI E Il If KENT S Thf DN fx rx I nr Smurf II nnnn 1 S101 4 rL.aIcfAsL 0 unch 0 Dmmr 54 B ua. L.xIu 'H-4 Intzn S I urgkn BOB MQDONAI D INC, IINCOIN mncum MABI E S BEAUTY SAI ON Imjurl Hulrxfy mg 'H 7 4 Iuurllx Iunka Annu 776 Ilg,I1teentI1 Sl COOPER AUTO PARTS DISTRIBUTORS I-OR SI ALED PONY LR PIS TON RINGS TLI 600 North Arun I 8rI1 .md FRANKLIN S SERVICE CONIPLI TI AUTO AND TRUCKING SI RVICI Vs H .md B K. FRANKLIN 54 North Argatm .ur Sugnnentlm KOMPI IMI NTS OI' THI ARCATA LAUNDRY ll7 IS DO IOLR DIRII WORK T 771 Arun 776 Nlnnth ARCATA CLEANERS CONGRATULATIONS TO THI. CLASS OF 1951 Anata NIIILII COTTAGE GROVE DAIRY CRADI A PASTIURILID AND RAW NIlIIx LASH AND CARRY OR DIIIXIRY Annu COLLLGI NFWS AND SPORTING GOODS STORI' 860 L C ROCIRIIS SPORIING LOOD5 IOUNIAIN II 3 Xb Anna I I I ' I I I I I . . . . , I . . ' I'Ix"s'I.m f gum Tcl. 40 Tcl. S42 -II - 7- c I I A 'I'IIIf SI' if IS III"IIIi'AIIAI'II ' ' 'I I " Af' f"' TO 'rm cgmss or- l'l5l 'IWl. 9 I LJ" ' 1 3 'I' I ' ' N. IQ V' c , lunfr 'I'-l. sv- -1 v' 'IA-I. 29-,I-I - 'I 4' ' 7 'I' I" 58411 If -- P, 5I"I. 29-W' ' ..1Iu: 'I'cI, 32-XY' ISI c I,.kc B'I1 ' 2 1 14, m N I I' I 1 f ' " ' ', fr In wr B ,. IA ' . Tcl. -j I 1 - . :NI Tel. 067 2 ' , , I . Q ' ' 1 ' ' I' , 178 I54 -I ' I ' X10-QI ' f s , . z 'fl' . l ' V ' 1 1 ' G Tel. 9-LI . ' " 45 . ,S , , ,. , , I: t V. . CI. - V ,, I I " " I f I 'Q I I I' . . ' I f .' I ' 9 " . 'Q ' 379 II' IIIUI. III ' Q ,f o , B " I I ' o 1 .' ' ul. , 8- " ARCATA TIRI SI RVICI X11 x I I mum BI UI LAKE GARAGI X III C XS XNI THI' SWEI T SHOP I Rl su HUICHIINS I CO TA ARCATA FREIGHT 81 EXPRESS CIINERAI IRUCKIINC II Nu Armtx C 0Illf7IIlIIll1fS 0 KRAMI R AUTU SUPPLY I urcka ARCA IEA I ortum Congratulatxons To The Gradxmtmg Sensors Automobnle Parts Tools 4th and C, Iurcka 9th and I, Arcata TCI. 5232 531 KU, 'I I II. 'IIRI' SIRVICI O RI-fi.: I' 'INN 0 RI' '1 .'Q 'l'uI. 299-NI MI: and Cv A N. z . .md I.. Cf. Sundquisr. Owners MOI . L- ' I .' I OII. Tcl. 3-.I Iiluc I,.aIKc f'f7.N'fQR,'I'l4l'IMITIHS TIIIC UIJIYS flf' I"il SL'l' R RIKII IC.I f .NNI 0 IIIIIKIKIUS XIIIK I 1 IRIN Trl. If I'sIur IARC Q. W. "3 QI. f. 3 s IQ I ' . M I I I TCI. 67 ll' IVIIII 2. i , I C PPNNI H lmxx XII ROBINSON BROTHI RS QIILK Ix lwnlxwx ISOIX ISONIIRI ICI CRIANI IACIIORH ARCATA BUILDING SUPPLH AND VIILLXVORK 7 on Cjllllllfj Blllltllll 511 Jjzfnx Ol I 0111 Holm DOORS XX INIJOXX S ROOI INC NX XI I BOARD ISUII IDI RS HARIJXY ARI I VHI CAI IFURIXIIA BARRIAI CUIVIIIANI Anfzlas Mm! llll mimi! Imlmfm XVI CONC RATULA fl THI ARCATA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OP 1951 TCI 49 1771 H Aluata - Y 4. , K . . .1 . LI. S. II I. I. XI.u1:lgur' 'I'uI. :lvl 6 II1 I Iurcka CO, 'l,l.XIlfNI7IS Ol' 1 . I , '. . 4mI1.m1IIl IIvI.1iIll I NL, ' J : ' 5 - : , J ' ' I' .X IIIISSI, X1Ig1.fOxxxu'v' 'll-I. I-U IIIIIII and IJ IuroIx.z , I N 1 ' I 1 - . V . . , . 1 I , 1 , I -Y . sg I 'I .I 9 II . I IIXI U III 0 III ,. I I . , 4. IIICI. 960 I ltI1 .ll LI Ii Arc.1r.1 . J , V - - I . J - L .J J . - I P . - , f Q N' 5 ' Q IDI I UXI QI I ANI RS PALI S ILXII RAI C HAPI I III RADIO QI NTI R OI ARLA I A QOINGRATULATIONIS LLASS QI-IILTON S 1951 Arg 1t1 ARC AIA PLIMI' AINID ILIC IRIC CCDMIIANX 1OrII .md C1 IILLUICII md IIumbms, Qommprnn XIIII XXlI'lI'Ii, 1SpLcIzItx HOMI APPIIANQI S IACUZZI PUXIPS Tcl 768 AIL.1t.1 'I I 'I 'I ,, 'I I I 'I .I IIHIXIJIYffII'R'II'1JI'X XlliX'lC I IUIII .md II 'ILI. M-rl.XX' .X 'I I ' R T I f ' Y f . I I 4 I 4 4 I :XXII I .XYCI SIRXIIII---I .XII XR1 .XI X I' I ' II X Kuxlmn ISIIIIK RJIIIU .IIIRI I IcflrIu1IL' I'I1lx1pvm'nl IIIIIXIIL .XIIIIFLM .md IIIICI'L'UI1XI'lIlIHICJIIHIIN Syxlunxx 0 C m11mI-I'I'i.1I RJIIIII IXppIII,1rIImx '7-II 'Il-I. 41,-ali IX- . N y - I f - va I2 'L 1 - V I , I I I .I I - . I f J , . .' , , J ' , - . . ' 1, I 1 I Q I 3, . ,,. . . 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Suggestions in the Arcata High School - Advance Yearbook (Arcata, CA) collection:

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Arcata High School - Advance Yearbook (Arcata, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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