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' kjx 0,2 A aw 1,21 1 E ri . if f SP4 2 5 ?'5.1' 1' r '- wi? -La wmv, M A 25 , , Y V . AL 5 , .351 h.,,,, l,,Q:.,H 7,m.f.MJT.,W,,f,..5gii,3.m?.1,,,.?,w3 'Tff f -f Fi i f-' 'Wm S1212-fff21g'. TE 5f',,zvH 1 - 315.3 ff H, ,, , 1- .usflgif 'f R .-fi' 1531- M V Y 5 .-M P - 1' X ' 4 J 1 A M , - 311 - .,,.,... if uY :f':?5m, ', - -- ,-.A,f--,,.... .341-.,,w .,.1'nYf'., ?7g . , ,, .., ,. . nj.. . , - , r ,.. . rv 1 r' ...EIN I , ,. L-A. -Q . f. .. , , . . . ., ,,..:-,V , -. -,.,,.,,.1,-v ff-VJ 5.,,p,f,.,,,, bmi an X L., st, Ii - f, . I J x L A f N, f Q ' mg EFF gf!! .135 ,rf Q21 , I5 :C-fy E131 EI-lg, -T? fi .vi ,sg If 'bg .gy fx 5 ,f L9 x x 'Z Wx :- ui 1 ff' 'i ,X Y Yu E25 QE 3. ZH ah: . K wi 'If we 5 ? is vi? ,g 5: Y' . mi' 7? F 'f Q it 1 9 I Z' P if 2? F 57' .W 'if .R X v E7g...11fjiJiw7f5E' KMWZQG Q Qag www Jliwwf M WWA? my NW fm 0 IWW 0 M WW Kfpfydww mn WW f' TQ ffnfyffff 475 Wwdhgu W M, M My fN X, 04,47 Q mf Q fig, WM WW X9 M WW gr L' 196 I 1 . b 1 ix M ,MM L M1 a - l . 'HT s M Wdfjj ' ff ' ' ' Of Wi ,,., 'f A ' ' 15 ' U ' !.l. f SJ l , 7 4 ff' II 4' 5 'X f V1 ,, ZA ' f ll A ' 'QffWCV-ZJX - . QJQ, -Wfx lf, x ,,--YA ' v ,N ' Jen x X W MMM , j we I 4 J I Q51 Nw QW,li'70, 1 9 ALA X, 6 M 5511 A, ' ' R 1 'J' I Q 6 ,kfdq ff Y , -f ., x M2 M Eff ,, if ,htm- L lf if ' I' ' , -, M . fax' -' 1. + ' 1 , Q , Mp! f '11 if RUMVX f. 1 J F NV ' ,Jr A ff Z, ,fy 55 lk vs K ' f Lafo SA! x gf? Q E s ' Q3 . R , . 0 df D N K ,, O yn' ff,, Q I' Q I 'I 'X 2 V . lv The Founders Tree The tallest tree in the world Stands in the Redwood Empire lt is a Sequoia Sempervirens Near the Dyerville Bridge on the Redwood Highway Graceful and ever living It rises three hundred sixty eight feet Above the around Stand our football field on end beside 1t And the Founders Tree would win By eight feet. Measure history against this tree- The Founders tree was young When Christ was born. No wonder it is called Sernpervirens. IUIE IDVARWDE 1946 VOLUME XLIV PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS OF THE ARCATA UNION I-HGH SCHOOL ARLATA CALIFORNIA DITOR FARBAHA DOL? ASSISTANT .12 . .IF , . , . . . . TE .1 ANNI K III' IIICATIO X W , , 4 1 ,mf ,Wm fb. M ff fem TRINIDAD Tflfllfllld bead one ef the most eeuuhful News cdomq the Hum boldt C0051 15 cm old h15to11Cc11 51te Here Hecetci cmd Beeleqcx planted Q Cross 11 1775 cemmemercltmcf the chscevery of Tflflldfld Bay A stone CICDSS new stands there eeC11'11 U Hee same 1115 111311014 to Ccxrelus UI K1 iq 0 Spam Trmdcrd V1eCr1 15 Q01 wected to the ITICIIHICIHC1 by CI marrow me k lewd wleere ence 510 d cr whchnq STOUOH ene 01 the C01 1ty 5 1115+ 117 ,111s1r1e5 lr1D1i1c1d Buy was d 5 Covered before Humboldt Bay C1 d TI1111 Gd Mself lS the oldest mcoxpemtel town IIT Cc3111for111c1 I 43 . ls Q ' A f 9' ,..,-ff' 1 I AW: ' 1 . , , 1 -- qlf,,,.i,f1N V V 1321 , ., fr.. rv' ' 1 . n gwxtfgs 1 4 . , In 1111, ,,.?5M1. 1 . 1 A 1 T 1 - . , J A I 1 s.. . . k 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 J N i , . 1 1 1 1 , 1 .1 14 1 1 C 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 11 1 1. 1 1 ' 1 5 M T1 , 1 1 I - A 1 C O1 1 1 11 O 1 , 1 1 - 1 m 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 , 41 1 11 , . 1 .1 ' 1 w , 1 .A 1 . 1 . , 11 U1 1 1 1 X x f 1 1 1 FOREWORD Today wrll soon be but a memory ot the past Tomorrow rs burlt onthe present as rt rs burlt on yesterday Now rn thrs school we work toward an educatron and rn a taraer sense toward cooperatron teadershrp and democ depends upon our acts ot today Durlna these years rn hrqh school we are tormrna the mrnds whrcn Wrll make tomorrow S de Crsrons the decrsrons Whrch Wrll decrde ot r future and the wor1d's racy. We cannot tell how much of our future 94 N i L 0RIA1ll Harold Anderson Dayud Austin VIOIEf Bennek Chester L Brett William Cater Thomas L Devore Rollo Forman Bryce L Founlal Channing H en ans Harry Bnxler Klnnare Carl L Late Edwin Leese James Luqhv Donald Malone Jorn Marte John D Martin Ram do Nat? Ed W Null Don Parton Jacl C Schmid? Warren H Smlth Eugene H Warren Eugene Wclf rrl I6 February 8 41' January 8 I944 June 2 44 March 24 l945 February I 3 Unknown June 6 4 May 3I 44 January August 5 I944 December 3 I944 Y February 4 I944 August 27 I944 rll 6 March 22 945 Unknown N' y I3 4 Ju y I2 944 March I7 45 March 3 l945 November 30 I9 ll New Guinea Atlantic Slclly Rome oermany Guadalcanal Philippines France Belgium Luxembourg Germany Belgium Mmdanoa Rabaul Los Negr Okinawa Germany South Pacific Italy Dalun Nebraslfa wo 'Ima Italy Germany 940 94 93 934 Unknown 940 939 940 9 8 929 94 939 938 937 940 942 934 932 937 94 'JI 942 Robert Welch ral 2I Okinawa 4 LEST WE FURGETV All around the world white crosses stand above the graves of twenty-three boys and a girl who were at one time students at Arcata High School and who followed the flag to die in the service of their country. They were one of us in past years. They tol- lowed the same paths from class to class and from building to building. Their joyous shouts echoed on the field and in the gym as ours echo today. They were members ot the same clubs, took part in the same activities and were perchance kept after school even as you and l. But school days quickly turned to war years and when the nation called they were ready. Quietly they slipped away to become sailors, soldiers and marines. Sometimes they returned for a few short days, looking strong and smiling modestly. A word, a wave ot the hand and they were gone again. i' 'A' 'k And so around the world they liefGermany, Belgium, France, the Philippines, New Guinea, Okinawa, and Iwo lima. -7 MINIS T A TI MR A O COOPEHRIDER KK 6 n4ZC1 G41 It has been sa1d that the fate of C1V1l1ZCIl1OI1 depends upon the outcome of the race between the forces of destructron on the one hand and the uphftmg power of educatron on the other Now we are confronted wrth the fact that some of the greatest achtevements of our educatron rn one held the fteld of scrence can be two edged swords The progress 1n electr1c1ty rn radro explosrves arrplanes and now atom1c power have grven us weapons that are convement to use and have been used to tear down every They can even render the surface of the earth unfrt for the habrtatron of man A tremendous challenge IS ours to foster that educatron whrch l1fts the character of man to the pomt where he w1ll want to use the awesome forces that have come mto hrs hands rn a manner that w1ll w1n the race for c1v1l1zat1on US T EES Mr Lulle E Nloxon, Mr Leonard Lmdsfrand, Mr Emerson Graham, Mr Mulfon Graham Dr Noah Sfromberg thing that has been built up by human endeavor. f . . . I Arcgtot Union High School opened in lctnucrry l895 originolly o school ot some twenty students. By l9l8 the school hcrd grown to two hundred ond the present building wos erected. Now in l946 there gre gbout tour hundred ond twenty-tive students ond onother lorger building is needed. The tgculty hos regched twenty members just orbout the number ot origingl students. Qur school hgs grown with the town gnd the outlying districts. Every new industry ond thought is reflected in the student body. The school is ct union ot youth from dll surrounding sections bringing them together ond morking them gcguginted with egch other s idegs. We tgke greot pride in our High School its high stondgrds gnd growth its scholctrship its dgnces and its athletics. lt is our Almo Mgter ond it symbolizes our work crnd ploy for four yeors. ADMINIS T RA TION BUILDING FACULTY M 4 if 'J f - N EVELYN FEILDING xsiccl E4 C 11 A A 1250400 FRANNY MOORE P wsical du U O i 'itciticw Evsk tbcx Bcs hcl ROSE HAGOPIAN Cofetoria Home. Economics Thnette Aclvis'r B. E. CLAYPOOL Alg, rc: Ess antiols G1 meiry ' 1- 'rpciylfl fd,J?JVW'f MIRIAMI. MARKS Ll B.isii LH HTIIG EDWARD SMITH Q LGT n Ess mic G 1 i Q A lv MARGARET GALVIN Eriqlisli Wcrld Histo Orimtc ion Tesnetto Advisc r C,S.F.AdvisQ1 C-LJ-4 WALTER N WOOD al E ELMORE l misrf Physics Gmi ral Sci ri El. Ctricity 'l'ri:gfnom,lry RALPH C. DAVIS Biolriqy Air Sviengf -..frol Q,iericf, General lflcrtlixiiqtics R-K-Ton Adviser gr fl ff f f Www ALLEN M HAM Orlontczuon l' tc RUTH CARROLL Oueniouon World History Lhorus U S Hxstcry mon Bcrlwlorfhttr Advlr, DI Studs nt GCHVLIIIIIIC nt AClV1SOI W B MCKITTRICK Plxysxccrl Educcx mn Senlcr Sclen e Advance Exaczllbur Club Advxsir PEARL DEGENHART III Io HARRY STODDARD NVoorlW0rlc M C om ol Drcxwlnq Trcxcx GERTRUDE E MEADE Vnqlmll l-3: ppc I OX Gul Lecxque Advlsor IRVEN W DAVIES Tyr UQ Slmortkcznd Bookrxe-ep1nq Audxtor for Student Booy Finance f LILLIAN HAGOPIAN Spfxnlslm Fmnch L11 IGTY F T A AdVlSLI C S F AdVlSOI I KELLY Orlentotlon S1 e ch Ari Enqlxsh Ess nuuls Spercll Ar s lub H1 Y' ACVISOI LAVELLE PARSONS Acn .xl e Farm lm Cho cs FFA Advmsor f 4, J .ff ,An A X X X X NS ,ii H55 53 I Y E full I f Tlx Xi' 2 0 X xii Ni 'f is XKQOX A' 4 ILA-5555 H - MX M M H P CLASS of 1946 X I W THACKER CHARLES MURPHY F151 Sem sie C TA DG' Durlrxq the four years that the class of 46 was m Hrqh School three were war years Due To thrs there were many drrves for bonds and paper Th1S class won ihe bond drrve of 1945 and they drd very well m the paper drrve In May of 1945 they gave an outstandmq Iumor Semor Prom Both the boys and qrrls are out standmq 1I'1 sports CLASS OFFICERS , ',.W.W BARBARA ANN DOLF n Q el' :un l WENDALL ROLAND DECKER fp amn r r S n U rh rps lu 5, r ha 15 ,V My MARGARET ANN MCCARROLL v anl Ill n llv Q c CHARLES W MURPHY Sp rts vnnt rand 1n hand Nllll SCIGUCF CORA LEE DAVIS merry heart gre s all Ihr way IOHN MILTON SANDERSON argued high argued low argued r und als ui hun PEGGY BROOKINS Kno vlrdg IS rg cm tc Xplore PHYLLIS SEQUIST O 0 1F1 'il PHYLLIS AGNES rnvuvlons Qhn Q yust as trun as hr r nyns arc hlun IULIUS W THACKER And whon fx lady s cil r V EMMA IACQUELINE ANDERSON l wards were wmd what a cyclone- ld Le- IOE WATSON Lot mon ay wnarf II thry Vllll K. Oman woman rules them shll PATRICIA RUTH CLARK Srlcfme rezgned and hen carnc Pat THOMAS F QUIGLEY. Ir The manly Part IS tc dc' wrth m1g'.t and mam what you can do A Nc, Ql,L1ll'1,1'S . J ,f hw-r parallel. 3. ' N --' N G 3r1o,aityf-61.11 1, ' X than tha Vfery l,f2'l ff 'A I A 4 A .Q Q E , 5 . 3 . 7 L . in thf- Cdasf all , 1f,- things 'givn plafa. GG, f 'P C A, .'.-Jwnf rnfl '.'.'lSf, , I a hrn! cf rnisfhivf in lv-r r-yws, , J3 fl , , f f I A . , ,Q . , fa 43 He ' , He , He f 'O 0 'z . x fu 0 ' nr happy ki: da Q , ,N I -if L - 5 A To li, .ff'.'vr1I lSl1CI fzin. X fb? ,J , vfg -9 .W f . 1 '- ' X I BARBARA IEAN LINDSTRAND ISIC IS tl11n of tle vor tlcz llnvf Il sl IOHN PECCHI IACOMELLA O 1' N too mucl ledrnmq roms s rrcln ROBERT N MATTHEWS Ir -I lrttlr- ncnsense now and Men 1 1e11sl1cd ly the lest of men RITA LOU WATERS Fl11sl11nq s v1rtue s Cwlm O 1 i ANN ELIZABETH QUIGLEY Good tlxmqs befall the qofvrl DARRELL ROY CARD Afrmd of ne1l'1er nord work nor plecsurf X THOMAS E HALE He has U head lo conlrwe C1 tongue to persuade and cr hand to exerutc any m1sch1ef LOIS ANNE CLARKE Some thxnlc the world IS made for fun and frolxc cmd so do I I VINAL ELMER PACK Ilxll 1f e LUCILLE ROBINSON lnte llfl and q nrt wsu ev lcnov r mx ESTHER KATHRINA CHRISTIANSEN Sllent and tl1c11ql1tful IH manner ADELINE IOYCE ARNOLD The rmldrst xnrrnnrrs Wllll the qentlest l1f mt ERVIN LEROY BETTENDORF 'W 1cxi I lecx ned I have fo qollen Who! I kno J I nerve guessed IUNE M BRESEE Fond of bc duty sy orts and laugh er Pleasure f1r t und busmess after 3 xx gl in ' vw' M1 the 'q 1 1,'. ld .1 I 1 1 xo . 'Q' 1. 11 1 -. ' ' H 2 1 112 ess. Q .-,121 1' .-1-1 1 H I , . I I 'C v- N , I I I V , - , .1 , , . . g, Q 1, A c Q K- , Q ' 1. ' ' 1 '. - I ,J . gf V There IS Ilflllllllfj like lf, IQ l' 0 ,GSY x 1'f,H1 n er , J '.-Jimi Sl1- IS in 'ing ' 1 , ' . Q ' H , 1 ' , 1 , 4 'E r , ' r ' v ' , ' . 1 2 , f , DONALD S IACOBSEN 11s I G IEAN REGISTER Q f softly spvurs II SIIl1lfS EUGENE SMITH JIIY vrrrr 'lu ln: 1169 ELMA MAE ARNOLD Vcxru ty IS Clllllllllllj I l RUTH ELIZABETH EVERETT lc1o1c111d1 fly lc 111mm BRUCE C PALMER QL f Q' FRED G SUNDBERG VIRGINIA I ANDERSON WESLY ELMER GREEN 1101100 G x J pal III vfry w DOLORES MARIE FERGUSON ty tc 1c,lr w11l1 ani me ll J S A4BYhx in i Q-1, L IRENE MARY HUGGINS I dout care I look l1l-ce C1 stuoem WALTER LEE BLISS 'X QL Od IIIOII IS always CI lvomer HARLAN I KIRKPATRICK 'Why rst new ICI U my 'Q 21 c I 'llllll IIOXJ MARGARET ANNE MARKS txllfl l11I 1011631.19 11111101 fl ll 1l1lly 01. r K Iii. I r gg, ' I A 'lf :aw-11fl tw, 111111'l1 111111 111 liIZ1'l',' ' VC' 'V' 1:1::l1!l1. A' A 'lull' My '.-J'1s 1111-1111! ', ln- fx f'1 ' tj ' f11 1.--1 '1' l'lff:t lmfri. 1 -'1 ' . ' ff- ' .af I I - 1 14 I 1 . f . f f I A Nut two Sf-Il'J'.IS, q yy vi 4:-. u A l1151 fx 11-fl QOCJI ' Q f 1 GY - '3 K tl, -gy ,rn if 8 1 355 :illf-V5 wil Q ' V. - ' 1, 1 , 'A' 1:1 I.'J'Il:l wi1l1, lful c,l1 uv ,hon f, ,ar 1, . . .qi QL! 12111113 Slfff-11. -if n ' 5- ' x ,. lv ' - 1 lrl ::'.-.11-1-'ly Y X VI' I ff . Gy fzll r,:.Z,-11, i ' H ff 1 A. A 'K Z' I. F '. ' ' 1 1 Q cmfl 11:11 Gi all IltIIII 11111. , I ' . 'r L Q . H . VI 1, 3:- All 'QL IO 11: 1:1 IIC1, 5 l fl1i11 , Th- 3 1 XI w11','. W 5 I I' ' l N11 sc 1111 as 2.1-l. 1lf::'. V I 1 'J ' ' . . -Y . 1, sfff . 1' haf, f , FRANCIS M. sTooPs Ntfoarinq Eiis wisdcni liqlitly. ELAINE N. WYMORE Full of cliarniiriq qiqfgles. ARLE'I'I'A MAY VOGEL E Of manner qentle, of affection mild. MAURICE NELSON DAVISON Vtflien you liavn notlzirza to say, say notliiriq. f 15 Y An urri ht d wririqh hon st qertlprrian IOE SOUSA Wi h women the heart argues nrt the m nd BERNICE TINDALL Corismterit a d tl rouql' 1 every ni c 5 dons ...Il of U OWL-Loovvcfl, ROSE ALBERTA LORD The poetry o' tha foo Cdancmgl LEE ROY F COCKRUM LP r Q do or die GEORGIA LINDGREN Shy but sweet WILLIAM IAMES HOGG NX Even Napolton wasnt vgry cz MARY SUSAN RU Its nice to Lo natural CS when you re naturally nice LESLIE LEROY CHRISTOPHERSON II ilence were golden I sliould be a millionaire mal MYRON ANDERSO IAMES BIXLER ROBERT E FISHER IUNE GRISWOLD EARL MCPHERSON DON PINKERTON ALFRED SYVERTSO ,, 'va HAROLD WALKER I D4 X f S S faq ALSO GRADUATING , N 21- To E . E3 A ,4 , E i '- ua I I Q, I 4. J i P R Zi x , .3 Wk fr is w ,I S I ,A V 7 T 4' 1. 2 I A A h rj A M ybwrocnao I lg ,- V' T . 1 i I-I . d1'- V ZF . :Z if., Q-4.2 X L' GL v, A V ' f I I MERIT A RD Marilyn Brxzard Edwin Oliveira GIRLS SHIELD LEAGUE For thirteen years awards for student activ ities have been made at Arcata High School through the point system Points for circle A s are earned by extra curricular actxvities ana scholarship points for block As are earned through sports and Tiger A s go to the tour boys highest awards are the sweaters which go to the senlor boy and girl Tiger A holders selected by a faculty committee on the basis of character and service GIRLS LEAGUE SHIELD Since 1927 the Girls League has sponsored an honor shield on which is engraved the name of the ideal high school girl chosen by her com panions Helen Hale won the award in l945 Marilyn SWEATERS Brizard and Edwin Oliveira TIGER A S Barbara Doll Phyllis Carroll Helen Hale Marlyn Worth Harry Wyatt Antone Borqes Wendell Cole Paul Kellerer Helen Hale and girls withlthe highest combined totals. The THE SEWIOR5 ! X! 1 2 3 4 5 6 20 'i ll Iackxe Anderson Micky McCarroll lean Reqxster Lors Clarke Iune Bresee lerry Crawford fl 'Vw 13? Q Wesley Green Margaret Marks Vxrgmxa Anderson Ervm Betiendori Tom Iones Wxlham Iames Hogg B Nu 4'-.. if S .xii -In-54 Coralee Davrs Vmal Pack Barbara Dolf Irene Hugqms Elma May Arnold Betty Everett ' f' new , Q ,uf Q ' L51 A ex KVAXQ , .- 'fr - '41 1 E ' 1 I53ff? f'7? xi' W ' t 45,3 1 x, F I -, w' u l Aw: n' In W g f 5 ck M . 9 ' A 'if L Q ' 1 Q93 . 'i ' 5' ' + f ' Q-4. 1' +I.. ' ' 2' V - 'pa , ,P ' - 1 Q mx ,x , Y F be N X- . .. ,Isl M x Q ., - - . L-:M 'A , ' --J' jk . N , ,f 'I . 1 W' vii . ' Mfg , 4: . 'fa b - W . P I I -a W 4 'X ' t ' A , , X ' Y' x D XML x I o FQ . g , - ht ' I - Ji, I to FJ' E- 1 F . 2 X 1 X U Q V - s ' -1 - VV h I' X ' , My-1, Tffq., 0 ' ' 0 if T9 ' ' - W X . h, ' , .. . ,V ' x,v ' K A4-,av I 1 if , .af X ff' ' ., f ' 'fi' LQ ' if 7 . z, - ' 1 W' I 3 , f ' 1 X all fifi 'EE' E. 's 'Wk Z.,--' :gk -'Z :- Robert L Matthews Thomas Hale Esther Chrxstxcmsen Peggy Brookms Ethel Faulkner Bruce Palmer Lucy Robmson Wendell Decker Pat Clark Phylhs Sequxst 'I X' V' - -1-.Faris ,f ' 'Z '7 F I, qv 1 . A 'L E 1 ' f Zac liz, N , ., 5:54 . -za M 5 54 E. ii . 5:5 2 .fiih X , A E lx A U rv- . f .1 ' . 7 x ' 4 J 2 H ' Y ,f lv U31 . J 1. 4 ' ' -Q t I N -, 'UQN 'U , 1, Y, ' X X Cv YL -'D -4- A 5' Ml WK-t ,gi l f 4 . .4 ' 'E Q I 'Q 3.fJ, 4 W I: 1 ,fa . J 'R Q A .J ' TM 9 Q ' f 1 5 . 'L in l ' H 5, an 'X Qi A. I V . ' ' :' ,lf I UNI MH DAVIES HOMEROOM FIRST ROW B Miller S Peterson J Lyman G Paddock R Lama SECOND ROW E Lorenzo C Lorenizen N Romaninl M Logan V O Brien B Nungesier Mr Davies THIRD ROW R Moore V McCauley C Marks J Mason E Roberfs B Palmer J Rovelli FOURTH ROW J Palmer W Mason F Powers G Giori A Loder H Punch 4- on cc ,N .3 ns. 3 A i Q. 1- -4 xfx ,-.1 MR. DAVIS' HOMEROOM FIRST ROW: E. Allen, R. Anthony, L. Beamer, J. Briqqs, R. Brauer, N. Balabanis, M. Dunson, Mr. Davis. SECOND ROW: P. Elmore, D. Edwards, F. Burgess, I, Hendrix, G. Bohigian, H. Chiffenden. THIRD ROW: B. Bush, V. Bensinger, M. Aldridge, F. Caiune, T. Anvick, E. Cochran, M. Davison. FOURTH ROW: F. Bussiere, B. Baxfer, C. Chrisiiansen, E. Chiffenden, E. Dodge, B. de Smet, B. Elier. os T Q Clubs of 47 has frlr Gdy prove-30 rlylf Capable ol lrrllrl nr tlrf rrrfrrrf c 1 qcrlrons wrth Wl'11Cl1 rt wrll If confronted CIS Semors The rrrrrrors ure cmsrrrrrrrcr lecrdershrr m rrrcmy OfqC1ITl7C,Il1UY1b Spark Qcholcrslrc CICIIVIIIDQ and ru 1C flfrr rr Cr large mrrrrl or nl tho me nl Orb ol Ihre Class MISS DEGENHART S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW M Sfoops M Williams D Snmas S Well! D Simpson Mlss Degenharl SECOND ROW C Websler M Sherman B Tundall B Yarbrough B Spaleila W Walch THIRD ROW N L Smedley O Syverlson E Worfh rngfon F Vanne V Young G Splnl FOURTH ROW G SEQUIST R Taylor R Knapp J Snyder R Schullz R Wyaff IN' - lx 0- AW U 1 3 'Q -5 v- '- J, X 4 6 p. 'EW' 'f f MR ELMORES HOMEROOM FIRST ROW A Jakohch M Jakoflch L Lawrence B Fay I Lavagnlno J Borel Mr Elmore SECOND ROW J Lxndslrand, A. Smons, P. Henry, N. Hogg, M. Fulron, B. Helm. THIRD ROW, E. Kmghf, F. Kellerer, W. Genfry, D. Lewis, A. Evans, A, England. FOURTH ROW: E. Griswold, B. Horfon, S. Founfaln, C. Jensen, R. Jordan, F. Jones. THE S ES MR. PARSONS HOMEROOM FIRST ROW: E. Genzoll, E. Henderson, C. Frankie, M. Freeberq, J. Hubble, Mr. Parsons, SECOND ROW: W. Elmore, P. Griswold, M. Haney, N. Geniry, B. Gwinup, J. Hanson. THIRD ROW: K. Jones, H. Gross, O. Johanson, A, Hyall, R. Gufhridge, L, Groves, A. Fernleaf, FOURTH ROW: J. Hall, K. Gibson, J. Granger, B. Johnson, D. Friiz, D. Faulkner. MR SMITHS HOMEROOM FIRST ROW 8 Mason L Murray L P dro D McCann B McBrlde B Rerd Mr Srnulh SECOND ROW J McCune Lewis T Porler R Morrison FOURTH ROW J Rufh V Keefauver C Molander L McCord R Relac W Klewalf J Par B. Nessler, L. Pack, L. Owens, A. Pelers, S. Rayner, J. Lee. THIRD ROW: D. Keefauver, K. Kiewall, J. Melendy, R B. . dini. 24 This class has exchariaecl its freshman laole-ry lor saphamare scphisticaticri. Many are active in organizations and athletics and as UDDGTCICISSTTIQTI they should add to the aclvaricemeht at the school. MR. STODDARD'S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW: B. Ward, L. Wolf, D. Santos, G. Smith, Mr. Stoddard. SECOND ROW: C. Smith, L. Taylor, P. Spellen- berq, E. Smilher, W. Tompkins. THIRD ROW: M. Simpson, R. Syvertson, L. Shaffer, V. Vogel, l, Worthington. FOURTH ROW: E. Yurdana, J. Vallerqa, E. Smith, B. Van Cleave, R. Seaman. Q, Y L H-Q -DQ 5 Q sq Q 4 1 A MR WOODS HOMEROOM FIRST ROW B Collins B Beshears N Cocoman M Carvalho J Dunslng R Cochrane Mr Wood SECOND ROW B Bagley B Damqaard A Davis H Cole P Bracket? N Austen J Clark THIRD ROW K Cole R De Bernard: D Bliss M Casanova R Dobrec B Buqenlq FOURTH ROW J Butcher R Belluomrnu S Brown J Balke D Ben singer D Doll 1. ,. u ,E E, , . Y - ' 0- .3 4 . f.. R Q- s F ff , ., I e .5 ' L I To 5 I - y . 5 . l 'D g, 1 X t I I x NL 9 :R 4 . . ' ' C we' A , . K W! 1 . I Pm' Ao , 2' KW lf. ,sf I . X ' If , f 'iz I J' .- .' I .- .. A THE FRESH MRS. MARKS' HOMEROOM FIRST ROW: D. Buqeniq, G. Womack, A. Tosfe, G. Serra, V. Keefauver, D. Knapp, Mrs. Marks. SECOND ROW E. Lindgren, J. Birchfield, P. Duncan, M. Pacheco, B. Coals, D. McBride, L, Hill, THIRD ROW: T. Rlblero, D. Hall F. Anderson, W. Nelson, K. Shull, J, Hendrickson. FOURTH ROW: R. lngraham, D. Walkenshaw, N. Vaissade, C Murphy, R. Mora, R. Cockrum. FRESHMAN SNAPS 2 Axe they kxddln 4 Green but qrowmg 1. Talk about class! 3. How about lhcxt??? 5. Lipstick. thai is. The l:TiQSiTIIlCUl cfldsss lest its time iii ddjustirig themselves to high schuul ways drid idectls. lt hdss shown interest iri dll student dltdirs drid hds hdd CI ldrqe repre' S-9T1lCIllC3T1 oil the hericgr roll. A.U.H,S. will he proud of the class ol '49, MISS CARROLIXS HOMEROOM FIRST ROW: H. Smith, F. Bettendort, A. Martin, Miss Carroll, B. Parker, B. Greener, SECOND ROW: R. Ennes, C. May, G. Reed, C. Faustino, J. Palmer, H. Machado. THIRD ROW: L. MacMillan, R. Jones, D, Goddard, F, Stebbins, B. Andreasen. FOURTH ROW: M. Jenkins, R. Titlow, R. Kring, B. Walter, G. Nordquist. MRS GALVINS HOMEROOM FIRST ROW E Knight B Blanks D Hagan Ms Ga vin I Oliveira 8 Hunt E Reis G Box SECOND ROW N Jacobson J McCarrolI P Harnden O Swanson T Rodrugues R Vogel FOURTH ROW R Sutter J Vnerra W Gupson W Bray A Sherman N Sequlst J Coll ns : . ' , . , . , r . l ' , . ' ' , . , . ' , , . : R. Laidlaw, J. McNabb, Y. Reiswiq, J. Alden, J. Telcnicher, D. Krauter, B. Pittman, A. Guimelli. THIRD ROW: D. Nelson, MR. HAM'S HOMEROOM FlRST ROW: M, McMahan, 8. Wolfinbarqer, L. Ryan, C. Sweel, E. Griswold, D. Carlson, Mr. Ham. SECOND ROW: L. Wriqhl, B. Lafferly, E. Jones, B. Snefl, P. Mosier. THIRD ROW1 W. Ferrin, L, Smarl, R. Clark, P. Bray, J. Miller, A. Pacheco. FOURTH ROW: G. Moxon, F. Cliflon, C. Sfark, G. Smilh, R. Slone, D. Roberls. MR KELLY S HOMEROOM FIRST ROW J Dobrec E Serra G Briggs R Johanson G Cole G Smedley Mr Kelly SECOND ROW G Rus C P I H THIRD ROW B Carlson L Chns han D Wulson J Maslerson B Lane R Edwards FOURTH ROW A Allen R Allen L Tracy R Walker C Nor berry V Nelson L A Jennlnqs sell, M. Spalelfa, D. Romaninl, D, Tierney, E. Alves, W. Wlndbiqler, . ego o o. : . , . ' Freshman? Unrecoqnizable faces Har-Har I.ucy French Class 6. Unforgettable day Sack Rush 8. Hubba-Hubba!! Women, beware! 10. Tee Hee! Q . Which is which? . Charles Atlas Gentry .This space iust had to be filled. Wayback . Pretty pose . Yum, YUM Cold? First stop . Lucky man! School spirit 29 il U Q7 U WT' El E E 6- IIM PALMER Presldeni SEMESTER I CABINET AND COUNCIL FR T ROW P Clark I Olwenra D Ferguson G Cole V DeBernardl rss Carroll SECOND ROW B Muller B Doll R Le s G Sp nr J Bresee R Waters THIRD ROW L Hull P Ball F Slebb ns N Gentry L Robinson FOURTH ROW P Bray F Jones L Cockrum C Marks C Da us The Student Body Councll for the frrst semes ter had regular successful ralhes drreoted by the program charrman Charlotte Marks Wlfnch drol much to promote school splrlt Une ot the outstanolma events ot the year was Saolre Hawkrns Day Whroh was spon sored by the councrl rn November WESTON WALCH Vxce President 0 VE WENDALL DECKER SEMESTER II Presxdenl I. W. THACKER Vice'Presi-dent NX CABINET AND COUNCIL FIRST ROW P T ons C ml h M McCa ro J 0 o c e Bresee Miss Cerro SEC ND OW N Gentry B Dof L n s M Sherma L Macmlllan J Verra M Fulio THIRD ROW F Calune Ma ks M D n H G J Cl k L Rye FOURTH ROW R lnqraharn ones T u ey C M phy J Valierqa D Edwa The second sernester councrl had as therr presrdent Wendall Decker and as v1ce presl dent l W Thacker Much school sp1r1t was promoted at the rallles whlch were planned by program charrman Frances CaJune ln March the councrl provrded buses to take stu dents to the basketball game at Del Norte The hugh standard of our democratrc school gov ernment was truly upheld th1s year by the fine work ot the council and cabinet. ix LEROY COCKRUM ls! Semester Iudqe T T URT ! STUDENT COURT T ROW J Cla k n erg on c er o mson Beffendo 6 M ss Ca oll SECOND ROW J Lyman S Pete so F Sfebbxns Gufh dge M Marks R Ennes B Sa derson THIRD ROW D Bensmger a ae D Dolf P Elmore M Je kns FOURTH ROW E Smith M y P R Tlfl W Hor on This year the Student Court under the lead ership oi first semester Judge LeRoy Cockrum and second semester Judge Barbara Dali has proved very effective in ending minor as well as maior disturbances in the school. The suc cessiul handling of several sensational cases has Shown the ability of students to adminis- ter justice. af'1'1'f3i1 - : tif ,-v.: , ,. fm? BARBARA DOLF 2nd Semester Iudqe BACHELORETTES FIRST ROW D Ferguson R Waters J Bresee P Tlmmons B Muller SECOND ROW V Anderson Mlss Carroll M McCarroII P Elmore N Balabanls E Arnold THIRD ROW P Brookms M Marks P Sequust L Robinson J Telonucher FOURTH ROW I Huggins C Davls B Lmdslrand C Marks B Everett BACHELORETTES The Bachelorettes under the leadershlp of Barbara Lrnd strand presrdent and Mzss Carroll faculty advrsor have had a very actlve year A formal dance the Snow Ball whrch was one of the socral hrqhlrqhts of the year was sponsored by the Bachelorette and Excalrbur A St Patrrck s Day Tea was qwen ln honor of the Mothers the Trustees Wrves and therr sponsors the Womens Club The club sponsored a play whrch was qrven for the entrre student body Monthly events carrred out by the orqanrzatxon EXCALIBUR The Excalrbur lub worklna enthusrastrcallv under thr leadership of a new advlsor launched a success ul years program by Jomt sponsorsh1p wrth the Bachelore tes of the formal Snow Ball Tl e tradrtlon at many year of selhnq soft drmks at games was resumed and new members were formally mrtxated at drnners at the lCl and Bra 4 Outsrde speakers addressed the club regularly ard frnally the club members were entertalned by the Arcata Rotary at the Bra Mr Mclixttrrck IS the faculty advrsor EXCALIBUR FIRST ROW D McCann R Edwards R Ingraham R DaBernardr R Ennes R Cochran Mr MCKITIfICk SECOND ROW C Frankie I Hendrlx R Belluomlnl D Dolf W Gentry E Cochran THIRD ROW V Pack G Moxon J Vallerga D Edwards F Vanm R Burgess FOURTH ROW W Decker D Benslnger R Knapp J W Thacxer B Johnson L McCord I' ' ' I , I 1 ' ' . X SI ' . s' ' . . ' ' ' A , , dinners held at the homes at the girls are one of the main 4. Presidents were Wendall Decker and I. W. Thacker, and S . II 1 5 1 I ' X . ax 4, I ' Ax . I Q- F Y 1' ' T' x 5. - R f' N fx Q K ,Q I X 1 I I I, A 1 T ' l ' Am as . .1 ' 'Q GAA LEFT TO RIGHT P Ball H Gross B Relchlsn F Calune Mass Felldung J Anderson P Clark S Trerney L Law rence SEATED E Lorenzo E Allen M Sherman B Dolf GAA Thrs year the Grrls Athletxc Assocratran de spxte the small number of members ha had a very successful year under the leadershrp of Presrdent Barbara Doll The actrvrtxes of the club thrs year lncluded a bowlmq match or qamzed games w1th mrxed Bachelorette and game and two games wrth the Humboldt State qlrls The qroup al o assrsted rn the arranqe ment for Play Day held each year at l-ISC Resummq what was once an annual event a dxnner was held rn honor of the qrrls basket ball champs for 1946 RKTAN The R K Tan Club nas 1 een actrve thxs year rn both athlettcs and socral lunctlons The club lh1s year havlnq a number ef outstandxnq ath letes ponsored an rndepcrtdent basketball learn Thexr soclal act1v1t1es mcladed a play qlven by the speech class under he sporsorshrp ot R K Tan One of the ll'GfllllOYlCIl events of the club rs therr annual barn dance Thr presralent for both semesters have been Weston Walch and Charles Murphy Mr Davrs 1S faculty ad vrsor KTAN FIRST ROW F Beitendorf G Cole F Stebbins R Clark V McCauley Mr Davis SECOND ROW J Lrndsfrand K Cole R Allen J Palmer F Jones T Hale THIRD ROW A Hyatt R Matthews C Murphy W Webb T Anvsck W Horton G.A.A. members, the annual mock basketball I A A U' I lt. 4' A R. . TEENEI' TES FIRST ROW Mlss Haqoplan D Slrnson V OBr1en R Orlandu M McMahan Mrs Galvun SECOND ROW B Hun? B Helm J Dobrec J McCune C Websler THIRD ROW D Tlerney J Lyman M Logan B Spa efla I Lavlqnmo FOURTH ROW E Llndgren B Carlson 8 Walfer L Spaleffa J Palmer TEENETTES HI PPC1 IQCIIIY 1 pbfg T ITIIU 1l1r011qho111 Ilia SCI Ol 11r CI fs' frC1 FI TF mm f T IS 'S Ml G GS 'Sm lp 1 1DC11eCl111'1lf1Slc 1If'1l1 rf: ,1 S G C S ,fl 11 Jus Q II 1 1 Uk 11, 1 45 'I' Y Vll 511115911 L 1l1 H C11 f 1111 fl y I C P T 11111 IGI 11f I. ,111 e VI 0 rfs1l 11 J 1, ey rcs D191 fnt 1 f ISQ1 9 p K-ns Jw JIII he lC1f11l1y odvlscr HIY FIRST ROW A England L Reese B Moore J McCar1oIl Mr Kelly SECOND ROW T Jones L Chrnsfopherson S Founiaun F Kellerer THIRD ROW W Green D Jacobsen C Jensen T ugley D Fr? Y X - ' 1 Tlzv 'I'1-f'11J'1- I1 I1 was 0 I-21 :fi GI llTG Inf The 1111 C ' -111111-H1-.' is 'f trefrf FITTI 1111111 - 1f - 1' 11 f'I-J.,-.f 'QIITYI if, ff 121: tall r-1111 ITIL 1: ' 1 lllf? yQ111t'1- V ' F l nl- ' L l 4 'lp V X Q1 C r1s1:' , 111 3141. .lz yezr flif- Q'.1XlI pm - M,-V ,1 , Y' ,. , .. ,, , . .4 1 r,l1 1,11 ,1C 1, 1111f,.5, I1 W . .1lIS! .J 13.1 ten X I 9 lx A, Q, W,1mCtIl,r allies. 111c111ly lm: f112s1.1:g':11 '11.l .Qp1.f,11if,1ff fizls, AS if TIRE ia',11tfj.'. T112- Tl',II,S flI.YI'.l3l 'Pi-921 - ' 1' 1- 1 '1 Ili ' I f ' ir. ' 'wfzv fE1f- 'l11lf '.'.'fIS 11151 cg' 111111 ,'1f111e l, if 1li1l 11111 I1 V1- Y' ' I ll VH l f Q Al ll', 'H' ' I U '1.'JfL1Cl1 was 151111011 by 111-1 -,-11111 Uris miss 'AVIS 1' 1 TI 114:11 ' 1115 11:a 11 11lcx11s 1:1 l,11vf- III 11.11 ,I L .N ,1 NY Q yy. Th, lmfys twmi L.3.mC1 f111111f+. IJ ,11r SIIHIDS :L 1s3:12Si'l11111 uf 1l1-1 rg: 11, VTJFJIIY sm'1:111l SUIT .11 Til wzfli IIIWHIIL 'IS f . . . LTR , 111' ' 1 f 4 '1': 1' ff' 1 T' 1' T kr rx LU it 57,6 IS th it rp .sim - my 3115? . lu, d1.-,111 .21c,. 1..1 . Q1 1f'1 'J , -S111 51.1 'ILE f1,Sf S ,'fII.:Sff'f 'Id'.'lS'XYS '1112 fl , Pdf- HC1':gW1'if11. C1111 His. ,Ld CGA I: gn fu 1111, Smwnjn jlfrl 101.5 if f' 11' + , - ' 1 11 .. . . . ' I . . Z . , , , . A . O I , . ll. b- t Q C V, ' - 15 , 9 ,, , 1.31 ' -- . . Q .' - . ' r Y 1 H , wx I ' 1 I 1 ' 1 I w I R' l I V . I 1 1 1 mg. fi . 1 T ROW J Borel 2 D Hagan 2 J CIark I gg C W B Muller I Z Mass Haqop OND ROW V Anderson I N Sequls? 2 M Fulfon I P Elmore I P Ball I H oss H J Lym mmons 2 THIRD ROW L Robinson I 2 P Hen y I P Brack L Macm vls I W on 2 er n T A die H e uomml Lln s ran Mar s D Bensmg r B Van Cleave I B Reid 2 D Edwards I 2 E Cochran 2 J McMurran Z ABSENT E Yurdana CSF TI ksuuforrxc Spholnrsrrp Fedfsrdllor IS Q I r sf und to en ourcqe hzdh s hrlu sh1p and uctxvmes The AYVGIG h pter r th CQ F :ds host mn Novembre ci he cxnnuul cduncxl df Dlstrmct Nmefeen whzch m Iudes f unter om Humbddt cmd DOI Norte r unt s Idsquehw Anderson and LLICIIIE P hus n GJ Dczrnnd 1150 mefmbprs xp and dr-G N1 om rs FTA. T FTA Future- Tcurhr rs nf Arnoruri IS ccmpos d of SIIJCIQIT s vno are 1I16I6SInd In then tedchmq profelssxon An cut tcxndmq an I1v1Iy of the orqdnlzalon IS cz qc-I og th r WLIICII ther- Deltu Kappa GGIIIHILI Socxety of Humboldt dunty QIVQS annually PQI Henry IS presldent of Iho qroup The clul mGf1 s onrf G 1n0nIh for h slnnss dnd stu IX, pr xqrcnns FIRST ROW A Wrlhams E Genloll V DeBernardl E Arnold B Ward SECOND ROW J Collins J Lyman L Taylor S Peterson C Webster Mnss Hagopnan THIRD ROW J Telomcher M Logan V Nelson P Henry N Hogg FOURTH ROW M Fulfon B Evereff B Llndsfrand M Marks C May J Clark ,df x X ADVANCE STAFF FIRST W V Anderson B Mll P Clark J Telomcher P Trmmo J Lyman Muss Degenhad Mr Dawes OND ROW P Brooklns B Doll C Davis P S f F Ca une Borges B Sanderson THIRD ROW J Anderson R Belluormnl T Quigley C Jensen B Llndslrand T Anvuck Mr McK1Nrlck ADVANCE PEPPERBOX r A lvcxz cis. W 1 4 lllq ltlyl or In cllbrnm In svr ulczr xssuf s t v1 Jo Ill, Iowan 1 sur rub Tlus your has bcpn CI very suv r 5SI1l on w tl rbcrcx Dol' Q 'lt r T il A JTKK CISSISG QKIIIOI' Bud Scmvlcrson LJUQIIIF s TTGTIUQCI cmcl cluhcrcl 15 lu: 11m ll d A le mn ant usm ss ITTGIICIQLTS I 1 lm 1 ru lb VISOY r w ucullv CILIVISJI PEPPERBOX fl lssues 5 IIT J I r s led Q ucztl g l Q fls ffl x 'I FIRST ROW: E. Arnold, P. Elmore, P. Ball, M, Simpson, S. Pelerson, W. Welch, J. Melendey, Mrs. Meade. SECOND ROW: N. Hogg, J. Bresee P. Brcok'ns, A. Quigley, E, Lorenzo, J. Telonlcher, T. Borqes, A. Arnold. THIRD ROW . Genfry, L. Shaffer, J. McMurran, W. Genlry, F. Caiune, B, Everelf, M. Marks. FOURTH ROW: T. Anvnck Cockrurn, B. Lindslrand, C. Jensen, D. Edwards, W. Hnrfon, C. Marks. ABSENT: W. Bliss. 5 GIRLS LEAGUE FIRST ROW D Tlerney M McCarroII L Robunson S Tlerney M McMahan Mrs Meade SECOND ROW N Coco man B Beshears H Gross I Hugguns B Ward THIRD ROW L Clarke B Dolf P Henry L Beamer J Aden J Reqlsfer B Andreason FOURTH ROW 8 Evereff N Genfry B Lmdsfrand J Anderson J Melendey P Duncan ABSENT M Logan GIRLS LEAGUE LATIN CLUB T115 G11 5 League NVIEIICII was OI'QGTIIZfCI In O7 5 1 I M155 'NI1 11 1 111105511 of C111 1110 c11115 of th 1q r 5 C1 F 1111 U 1 B1q SISILI pu 1y 1 11 I'1111r1k5 CIYICI f 11 1 ucv- erm A f1111 11c1 C1 III D 1-c11q 011 11 o kl 1 II 11cc111c11q 1 511111511 5 he oQ,r111ve5 111111 Q 11111195 of 51111111 90115151 of 1110 o1f1cer5 L 611911 by 111 e gms IQLIQSPIIIGII PS of G11 1 the 51 Hb 1 M15 Ge11r d 111 QLOIIIIQ Anderson IS 111951.11911 1 PL C51 ere 1 C111 ,1111 11 5 111111 1 111 1 school bllI.IfII1S The 5 51111 c1c11v11f5 of If 5,I'O1Ip GIF' 11111111111 du: 1 1 1 1,11 vos 0 qc: 17111 for Q11 1cc11 IIFI1 1.111 951 5 H w 12-ve' SOVQ rC11 CIIIIIIFIS 1 QIV1 II 1 1111 501 11111 13511111115 1I1e IIIQCIIHQS 1 119115 1111 c11vc II bv J 11o115 IICII frs on Ronar 1 pw 16111 IS Mfxrczwet IJICCUIIOII C1111 111 1c11u11y 1111 J SCI Ib Mr S1111111 LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW P Clark E Wymore H Gross P Tummons Mr Smlfh SECOND ROW P Brookms N Rommlnl M McCarroII J Clark THIRD ROW V Anderson P Brackeff B Dolf B Sanderson FOURTH ROW T Halo A Loder R Knapp J Anderson V Young -in f I vm--r ITTLE THEATRE GROUP FIRST ROW A Eng and J Telonlcher R afers Mr K Ily L C k B He C Webster V DeBernardl SECOND ROW A Evans M Logan F Calune C Davrs C Marks B Lmdsfrand R Brower N Balabanns THIRD ROW W Gentry W Horton F Powers L Cockrum J McCurran C Jensen LITTLE THEATRE GROUP Tho me-rnlmors of thc Speech Arts Class thrs year have horn artrvo rn va rous ar wwe Controversial questrons w re tlne atb ect ot rn ercst nq fls-mates Scvf al plays mrs presontnn ly tho rlass whrrln wtarfl spcns rel lay warrotrs clubs for the loenefrt af the student body Onf. of the hrqhlrqhts of tae- year NG a formal Speecn Arts Banqurt he-ld at the Bra 4 lnn rn Aprll Nanry BGlCIlJOl A1S IS presrdert and Mr Kelly IS the adwrsor CHRISTMAS PLAY 'ow mfirnocrs C he S P k d s 1 c ron ol a playrntrl a x as qrv n a flhrrs rra ofnt lno as a ccr A ts Cass F G CAST rfrCTHl.lw PATHFR KATIE CK Nl' CINNY IUDJY WOT LV CAST OF THE TREE LEFT TO RIGHT L Cockrum F Powers C Davis J Telonlcher B Helm England B 'Rm LET UP lq LFROR CO KRUM l lx l.t.1lN PEP t EVINE GLNTRY Pl HINK PCWE Q Pr.FtNlQl HLLV L-LX rw ENIC LPYD D31-RA LIWDSTRI N Lrndstrand W Gentry CHOIR FIRST ROW P Clark M Wulllams Muss Carroll R DeBernardu D Hall E Cochran SECOND ROW C Webster M McMahan E Arnold R Anthony C Smufh P Tummons W Walch L Murray J Palmer D Edwards THIRD R W M Haney P Bay J Borel S Peterson M Marks J eseo J Bohlqlan R Lewis R Ennes F Vannl J Hall FOURTH ROW D Lawns I Huqquns J Alden B Doll P Henry J Lyman Stebbms A en D J Jacomella L McCord FlFTH ROW V Young B Waller G Nordqurst C Davns B Everett J Anderson B de Smel R Tnllow F Jones E Betlendorf R Matthews CHOIR Arcata Hrgh has been represented thrs year by an outstandrng chorr At rnnumerable bust ness soclal and fraternal gathermgs the chorr has reflected the superzor tra1n1ng and the w1ll mg cooperatron of therr drrector Mrss Carroll In May the chorr sang at the annual Musrc Festrval at whrch muslcal groups from many schools rn Humboldt County performed The hrghlrght ot the year was the trrp to Chtco tor the Northern Callfornra School Muslc Festrval As a reward for thelr hard Work several cltrzens of Arcata gave robes to the chorr CHORUS The chorus, drrected by Mrss Carroll rs made up of over e1ghty vo1ces thrs year and IS ranked as the best ever developed at Arcata l-hgh The members are especlally proud of the l-lalleluJah Chorus whtch IS qurte drltrcult but whrch they srng Well The chorus sang for an assembly program early rn the year and 1n the sprmg they partrcrpated rn the Musrc Festrval at Hum boldt State College and sang for a Pubhc School Week program at the Arcata Grammar School CHORUS FIRST ROW L Murray D Snrnpson S Tierney V Ollruen R Ennes B Parker C Frankie E Henderson B Blanks Hagan B Colllns E Genzolu J Hubble M Sfoops G Box L Lawrence SECOND ROW B Morrnson l Hendrlx Taylor C Smith D Slmas B Relchlun V Keefauver E Faulkner Mnss Carroll L Jennnngs E Lorenzo D Lewus Krauler B Senff O Syverslon B Ward THIRD ROW J Bohlglan R Lord N Hatfield D Roberts L Rease Allen D Faulkner P Griswold B Nessler L Pack M Haney A Oulgley N Sequnst D McBrude Y Renswuq Keefauver C May J Bresee FOURTH ROW M Aldridge D Hall B Tstlow L Wrnght D Goddard E Smllh Chutlenden E Dodge S Founfam J Jacomella D Walkenshaw G Nordqulsl J Hall F Vanm L Jones H Clark Sequlst J Sfruckman A Sherman P Duncan ..,,4.lL 'll 42 9 . , 1 1' A 1 My X 9 S , N N. 7 v. ' L 5 , - , , U- ! X, , . , 4 ', L - l - x If L ' 4 o ii O : . ' ', . r','. . .'Br ,I .' ,'. ', . . :. ,. ,. ,. ,F. ',R.1l,.oQlf, , I ' I , l 4 I I l 'I I - 1 ll . ' A I ' , 1 . H . . . .. . - - , , 1 . I . I I ' I V u l , , . I ' . D. ,. ,.' . ' 11 D. , . . . ,. . 1. ' , '. , . ' , . U ,. , V. , . ,, . : . ' ,. , . ' ,. ' , . ,. ', P. ,. , . . ' ,, r...,, - VC, ' -l L m' 4 . 1 . x . - A -4 . 4 , Y 3 l 1 I i X . ' l Q 1 . l- ift I :I ' 3 . I 4-:s?f' if 5 I V'-iq, BAND FIRST ROW T B q A J A Q C Mak 'I 0 Ia k R el c a s L ea SECOND ROW J Lnsf and B J h Q d I F Va J al No dq R C h W TH W B l o 5 o a J G an er Be o C D R BAND Aqam th1s year the band has malntamed the tradmon Iona estabhshed under the dlrector Mr Wood for excellent mus1c1ansh1p Th1s orqanrzahon has always contrrbuted much toward the prornohon of school spurt c1t1zensh1p and cooper atxon by playrnq for games rall1es and assembhes The band parucrpated 1n the 1nter school muslc festrval wh1ch was held 1n Eureka 1n May Th1s year the hrst school year of peace the band had the opportumty of rnakmq a tr1p to Chzco Th1s proved to be a very successful event as well as a prohtable experlence for the members of the orqamzahon The followmg numbers were presented at the Chlco performance EROICA OVERTURE SKORNIKA WESTERNER MARCH RICHARDS LEGIONNAIRES ON PARADE MARCH KLEFFMAN OUR DIRECTOR MARCH BIGILOW RIFLE RANGERS MARCH KING Mr W N WOOD Band Duector , 1 V V - 7 R I .4 U I ,zulrf - f 575' ' fl I , V 1 Q , .p .' - . . f 4 , 1. 5 ' ! 1 P. . , f x . M - . I 6. 1 9 I 'I-V g.X ,P ' +73 .Ag vi . Q . . I Y-?, , , I' . . ' ' Ig I . I A I P Q Y : . or cs, maiorche, O. Syverfson, D. Carson, E. rnold, B. Dolf, P. Elmore, . nd rson, . r s, P. C r , . R a , M. M rk , I. Lavanigno, . B mar, S. Paierson, J. Regisfer, M. McMahan, R. Wa ers, maioreff . : . I r , . o nson, J. J nkins, B. Linsiran , J. Jacomella, J. ohigian, . nni, . P mer G. r uisf, B. Moore, R. Lewis, . oc ran, N. Balabanis, B. ard. IRD RO . Sanderson, D. Edwards, A. S'm n, C. M I nder, . r q , R. IIu mini, P. Bray, . avis, L. Pack, B. Waliers, R. Ennes, . Tirlow. Q 3, 44 P ft 'Qi ' xx Xxx X 2 5 1 '9 1. Locmn and Put 7. Two Love 2. Iust Andersons 8. Lcrurnie 3. Iuckie 9. Maestro 4. 1-2 click-3 1011. Plus Girl 5. Happy little Morons 10. Wendy's Only-The Ed. 6. Minus girl ll. Looking ct the birdie rv? 'IQ fa? 11 f I lfef'-N,-..4s1s U, 4jS,,,x,,,!' A 'Km N., 5 N-0. we 'W --. .fig 12. Up in the World 13. Smoke gets in your Eyes 14. Chums 15. NIO., 16. Siesta lake 17. Bob lust Friends Oh Giqgle! Iune and Norma Nikki Finished product The Gang of No. 11 fi X b,'9.IL1IH-albd EEEIQ1-'id 00 ALL U ARCATA-EUREKA 18 The Tigers showed a grand performance against the Eureka Varsity in the first game of the season. Sundberg to Walch looked like a good combination. Full- back Vanni was also really in there, crashing into the green and red ranks. Anderson, Bettendorf, and Decker were the fortresses of the line and showed marked ability for the future games. FIRST ROW Anderson rught end Quigley right tackle Matthews right guard Murphy center Decker left guard Smith left tackle Bettendorf left end BACKFIELD Sundberq nght halfback Vannu fullback Hale left halfback Watch quarterback 26 ARCATA FORTUNA 0 The Tigers took the Huskies in a one slded tussle Although the Fortunans pulled the best play of the game the smooth clicking Tigers held them to the zero level Sundberg Vanm and Walch did some real playing for the Arcata team Murphy Quigley and Smlth gave a fine performance on the line 0 ARCATA FERNDALE 12 The Arcata Tigers went down fightmg to a fast stepping Ferndale team The Ferndale Wildcats scored their touchdowns in the second and fourth quarters Once the Tigers came near scoring on the Ferndale squad as the ball was carried to the two yard line Anderson made the best tackle of the game ui X 1 es v fn V' geka 4 43 C met Du N mute at 'Tiffeixil e lin 3 tile 5 The Yezxxcd then lf 0 Ui Situ i Dixlxhmnd N329 Wherggha YeXfxi9?xm'4Xvq::0 di Op turn A A Xt, S U Bob Ilolnm xx uit touchdown h up ay 61 l' Xffnlti 4 my V51 U cnffm M td ll N 'Y 'Q tgirl the Fi xg on a scoring dbg!! s nw Scaf 'wt O td 0 Cl 45 f 'Wa we vet ni- xo lbolh Qflld x 1 lc Ibftllllgf? bil S GFSE-7? nec txt 'uxrm eYSKxt2O 212011 6 UW l 'O ll fh el-mn Sl' X t ' 1 'call T' ton ory ungry Axcata Sgr' ghecqflgers haigilmo 3 thrhligilh gexviaf Wen F36 a ee 1 VE e all Y Q' fx Usolljf on S ,f0f1tPf u rampagelup to the Fortuna rune yard siggw ,otggalgy x icfffka AQ Herlg QF, ' -' f V' F Uivf f'-'ll 7 fl-ik- rw T' flaw' gb Suv df - -. . U' '- Gal , ,win 13' X 1 f 1 fl'3l'll1-fill. z -' , - t nt U 16 Jug. 9 XJ 'Y ,x .- ' 1 -' ., , 1 -4 . ., , , 'E 1' ,Q f . , ' . . 'pl FQ' t- 3 ' . ' r - , '. 'Q 'Yi M ' ' . - 0 L3 T g U X- U Ll l'tL FAC A A, The K -.. gc A Q 1 .qS it-Xx Q ' A X y VC , t 'fn ' .tty vt 19 , -4' 'TilLQg hapless nofrflf xmiu N-:VX 7- ' -I ? get xt.-' '5 X 1 A-1 . li 'L 'iff ,. r ' i ' sr- - . . ' . ' . X - 4 t--5,1 -1 . 1 ti' f. , . . 9 -o 4, X ,. l win, ffl r .A 1 . qtx T:-MQTX5, ',.-' 'L 'J h I 4 ckf ' a' on Svz -'-, ,, .'.. X I - V ,. , .. I . .- .,,, M . . g 'ax V, xi I, 0 , - - x ' '- P5 9 'fi .vr' 5 4 ' . -f ..--'X - , 5- .- Y 5 ' gj ' 1 'l,.,'.,, uwnrh- ll , , ' . . - l'.ff -, ' -A,.,,- 4 ,-,, h-- I - 48 FRONT ROW Franke Gentry Syverlson Jones McCann DeBernardl Benslnger and Burgess SECOND ROW uockrum Wakeman Mason Dobrec Horton Anderson Hale Matthews Hyatt Davus and Cockrurn THIRD ROW Coach Roy Bohler Oulgley Krewatl Decker E Smnth Eddne Smrth Vallerga Murphy Guorl Sundberg Mason Asslsfani Coach Charles Waters FOURTH ROW Welch Loder Gtpson Betfendorf Eller Vanm Cole and Palmer 19 ARC!-LTA DEL NORTH 0 Arcata dealt a semr death blow to the Del Norte team on the mud tlowma held at Arcata Hrqh Bob Dobrec was touchdown happy and went over tor three touchdowns Dobrec Mason and Grpson made a tme combrnatron and drd won ders 1n defeatmq the opposmq team 31 ARCATA HOOPA 0 The Trqers went to Hoopa and came home wrth the Warr1ors rn the baq They trounced the Hoopers by the greatest mararn rn any game thls Year The back held and lrne coordrnated the1r efforts to achreve the best teamwork of the year Jmar FRONT ROW Anderson Walch BACK ROW Sundberq Decker and Vanm ALL STARS Sundbera De ker and Anderson were chosen by the Standard whrle Walch Vannr and Decker were chosen by the Trmes as therr C h R hl 1 f h Ch I W 1 d oac oy Bo er and Agzstagaangfadac es ar es a ers an GH County SDIGCUOHS l ' I V - K Y .I K - an , C , - R 4 w, . . f A , , , . . 5 I I 49 gg NN i LIGHTWEIGHT TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT Elmore Walch Davis Llndsfrand Cochran Bilss Palmer Cole Seaman Genrry Jordan and Jensen Beffendorf and Decker Managers ASKETB LL HEAVYWEIGHT TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT Mason Bluss Pack Knlgh? Dolf Eller McCord Vallerqa Srmfh Sundberq and Murphy Trflow Sfark and Decker Managers wi. Av Cs 50 , R Q s -wha Q- ' mu 4 af 'u V s : ,f 5 ' .. 3 ' , . l . I THE LIMITEDS THE IIEA VIES PLACE SECUND The ur1l1m1ted team started therr eascn w1th one game tc the1r creart a forfert by Hoopa Playrng the Ferndale Wlldcats on therr home court the T1gers drw 1 ed the Cream C1ty team lry lU pO1IllS Sundberg paced the heavywfrght sguad w1th 10 markers Meetrng the Lrggers at Eureka wr took our frrst lcss Knudscn and Dalton of the Red and Gre n were tco hot to hold Next cam F rtur1a H1 f game that was n1p and tuck all the way the lhluskres cndrng w1th a l pomt lead Murphy added l5 pornts to the Bl tck and Orange ser rc GOIDQ by bus to M1fGUdG the A s t Cunced the S 1th F rk fr fc Th T gers capped another w1n from Del Norte H1 ly a dec1s vc l3 ro nts Press. g a fast break agarnst I-loopa the heavres addea another scalp 1 the1r co ec rve F t A WIH over Ferr1dale w1th Murphy scorrng l2 parnts 1 1 rd fur s xth vrctcry Upsettrng the Eureka dreamlaoat our heavywerghtf- tr urrceol th Eureka Ped and Green by prlrng up a lO pornt lead at the f1nal whrstlr Earl Kn gh sc area li pornts to clrnch the game for Arcata Frghtrng hard the T1gers wer1t dcwn to defeat at For un 1 Th gyrn was paclfcd w1th spectators who saw what they can e to see a fast ana fur1Ct s a 1 margrn Crushrng the South Forkers th r ar ll 1 w s 17 1 s Un 111 1'e frnrshed rn second place 1r1 the Flutrrrl ldt D l Nort l t hrla t Lea me Orch1ds goto Coach Frann1e Mc ore wh 1 rcturraea frr lll the N rvv to turn out two well balanced teams Coach FRANNIE MOORE The TlTSl scheduled game was won from Hoopa rx fc rfcrt Flax rng therr frr game agarnst Ferndale the Lrmrteds scored an easy rct ry M st O1 h A catc squad were 1U the game and all played well Dax rs rang up tO take hran 1 honors The followlng week saw the lrttle T1aers ao down frahtrng fore tn Loggers rn a rugged contest Playrng host to the Blue ana Whrte we were downed rn a game that was good to watch but hard to play lt was clos y co 1 tested all the wav G1anott1 tallred lU po Pts to clrnch the game fcr th Husl 195 Travell1ng the long d1stance to South Fork Arcata won easrly lensen led th scermg Wllh l4 markers ln another d1ng dong game th Mcorert s went down to defeat before a smooth cl1ck1ng Del Norte frve Next arne the Eedskms fron Hoopa They were badly beaten on the Arcata court Losrng to l-luskres fcr the second t1me Arcata was beh1nd by a wrde rnargrn cn th packed F rtuna floo Roarmg back, the Lrmrteds surorrsed ev rvone hy w.nn1ng over the nrghlx touted Eureka team by a comfortable score Elmore tallred l2 for the T1gers Palmer, w1th 9, led the scorrng rn a vrctory over Ferndale In a TLITIOUS and fast struggle, Del Norte won agarn, at Crescent Crty South Fork V1Sll9d Arcata to play the last game of the season They were taken rn an easy w1n Once t1ed for f1fSl place and once tred for second, the L1ghtwe1ght-' lost both chances by losrng rmportant games W T1 W , s, ' . - 1 , L V , T , ,T U , , Tf S rg Y- Q . . ff. , : T T 5 1 ' A T ' f . - e , , 1 . , ' e o T ar , . CQ ,J . 1 . . T , C T . .T ,J 1. . , A rg 7 ct o .1 f. e 1 T . T L c f ,oz .. , Jn' . , , , , ., , A , A .T , . .1 ., , fi C ..,.,f bel . T , T A s ' T rf T . , 1 r e 1 ,1 T ., . T , , , ,T .t c, 'c F G , .7 T , ,K 1 C, ,, . - . T .1. g ye. The l-leavyweights again defeated the Red and Wh1fe tearr: frorr. De. Norte rgy a clear T .fe T T A, c, e n Q Tr a. FT pct: 1, , the ll 1. ds T T , 1 ., to . - e 1 n ersii Q src ,, L, ',. T - T w ,, 1- - , T E ,. F 3 f 2 A . r f . s. T , ' T vl c '. ro-. fi e r ' T . . 'Tc . 'A . ,fc c- .lg pa1.t E T T T T T T C2 . , c gr .J . , c c .' C , . , T . , el r - . T T ' 1 . ., T T 1 . e -QT . , , . .- e T T .- T - . e T e . T . , . f F . w . c . , , T , T T T , e A . o . . r. T T T T e , 4 ' T T f WIN SEVEN P153 95 ' ws TRACK FRONT ROW Bettendorf Murray Knught Cole Lewus Coach Stoddard Walch Tandall Enos Rlbenro Pacheco SECOND ROW McCann Horton Bray Allen De Bernardo Cockrum Jones Hattneld Anderson Edwards THIRD ROW Cochran Palmer Tltlow Glbson Hyatt F Jones K Cole Stebbms Chatter FOURTH ROW T Jones L Cockrum Smith Fountain E Smith GIOFI Benslnger SEQUIST Glpson ADVICK lt all of those who appeared for the Advance prcture contrnue to turn out Coaches Moore and W 7 Earl Knxqht and Charles Murphy Two Arcata heavywerghts were chosen on the Humboldt All County basketball team for 1946 They were Earl Knrght forward and Charles Murphy center Stoddard should have plenty ot materral from whlch to tashron therr l946 baseball and track teams A serres ot rnterclass games are bemg played when the Weather permrts and from these prac trme games the tlrst team wrll be selected At the present trrne rt appears the tollowrng players w1ll start oft the season Decker catcher Pack Anvrck McCord prtchers Matthews trrst base Walch second base Cochran short stop Bettendorf thrrd Vannr Valerga and Sundberg outheld lt 1S expected that a schedule ot games wrll be arranged with the other hrgh schools ot the county as well as several rndependent teams Robert Cochran rs the baseball manager The track asprrants wrll get therr regular prac trce sessrons under way followrng the sprmg vacatron The county meet rs to be held rn For tuna thrs sprrng Among the pornt wrnners from last year s squads are hm Palmer Wes Walch lack Lrndstrand Tony Hyatt and Tom lanes BASEBALL FRONT ROW Cochran Swanson Cochran Anderson Pack Walch Clark Coach Moore SECOND ROW Krught Hall Palmer Watson Jordan Decker THIRD ROW Vannl Eller Sundberq Anvlck Matthews Bettendorf FOURTH ROW McCord Smith Murphy Smith Vallerga Klewatt 52 I - j 1 i tg, 1 f swf ' -'-1,1 3 , 2 ' ,wi X ,hi , t ' . v 1 I Sdn with , ,f If yn S f I Pin? ,pg ' 7 , ' 'F ' X .4 -4 4 . .A , 4- -f ' v - 4- 1, L 3 'AM if-1 ,atc -i'?a - Vs- P - 4,27 Q. Q, ' - ., .. N i 6 ' ' my ie- T 'W'-' if A 1. 4 1 , fn.. t w ' my ,IT ' 4- -5- QQ' y ,ith V -F'-W' '5 y t A 1 A H5 ' .,,. W2 ,1 SI . ra 1 is 2 ' F A at fe rr T g . 2-Q er fa QQ y gg, Q 1 t z t .l Ax lv? A Ka , f J , ' K ' 1 t 4 r .Eb ' 2 4' -rf' , - i W 5 ' A 1 , , J 4 f l I ' I , 2 , . -C ' ' . ' , , 7 F . V g -I r I ' . r v 7 mrc. D IU Jr J mth Iuprlod c cf Qxtf I V fa Ll' md TOUCHBALL CHAMPIONS Y Cx TOUCHBALL JU r f w w 1 H X SA 'IQ C.: 'Ii f fctf 'f 5 U GSS QGI cum: 5 wl 14.11 C 1 CI 2 G vmy wo orscmkm 1 emi m 1ddy flel squmi armlmqc-fl Ulf VVIIIIIVIS The second P 1rst and smith ycuvl f lnvmis whllo Nu wr- 1111 YCK fbw 4 w ihe 'ir imc e mol J 1 'CI H fef F Q CCWTQS I FOURTH PERIOD FIRST ROW R Su've V Pack R Seaman A Davis R Syverfson SECOND ROW D Dolf R Dobrec E Knlqh9 R Moore D S'1epherd THIRD ROW Enqcno Smdh F Sundberq W Decker J Va Ierqa BASKETBALL lr fl mtl f' 1 U1 Jr ff hw u fucds Huw.: IFWIV Q f f f Lml s . f Q vb ff 1 5-Q 1 ' .mx 1 N T0 JJ umm f' ly rude rscr ln 'uk KIITVST ur uc fl ll SCILYIV I' K I1 Q c Q Lum 1 nshm P f 1 11115 bil thi 11 V51 C cxu P I GY X S FG xS' S S5- BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS SECOND PERIOD FIRST ROW Bud Anderson Jack Hall Bob Wyaif SECOND ROW Frank Jones LeRoy Cockrum Steve Founiann 53 .. I a i ' -3 'Sy Q . . 4 if - 5 ' ,'u V ' 'Y v 'H' U Y 1 , f 4 5 1 W J ' ' . 1 Y . W. X s K A ' , ' f x 1 1 . , 'I mix: :U 'VH iz. 110-1 ff: tip- :sm 1+ lilllllllj 111- I.f'.rf- than ihiriy lrxsketicll -firms tual-1 pi!! 121 i:1Z:f1 Il1'.l!'ll MH 1:1wr1Ii.:s. TIAIOV? irifxrus ffwvlz QETIIQI 111 4-111 of the 1:1::1r.::gr1 L 5' Vi HAH v 1 A ,J gh 1,f 111, '- . lyuj ps ' ,LQ fl .I ,. z Z1 1iJ'1I'2.',W.1Z 1'1 - :'z. Ztlf- czZ ::.',.:1'tf-:1','is:. . . . ,. . . . , 1 ' I . , Y , ' sr rff-il :xy f1f,:1':.:1x tc, f-152.13-TIIIQS, TI. 'SC'l.fE ,11j.'ES '.-Jc,'rf- St 1174-fi ..1-1: H., -111 of 1:1r- fi 11,111 sqyfxsqlu 111 :svn T'l'1IIXS wwf- V 1 V 1 1 A Y N , . ,.. ,, ,,,- -Q ,V .,., .NM ,, ...,,..,, . :w ,111-1 ug 1-41:11 fp.-111: my rl r,7::1111:.111ff+. Ir:-'S+ fxmc 5,1111 III Hi 'X1N'f ' Gm! 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Arnold P Ball H Gross Sophomores H Clark N Sequxsl D Hagan Freshmen I Rader BASKETBALL CHAMPS Barbara Dolt led her semor team through an undefeated basketball season Competrtron was strong especrally from the Junrors who fought hard The hnal game ended rn a t1e however and the senlors came out on top rn the playoff All the teams showed sk1ll but the excellent teamwork of the senrors proved to be super1or FRONT ROW P Tlmmons E Arnold B Dolf M Marks C Davus P Sequlst B Llndstrand J Anderson Miss Felldlng I . I. Telonicher. F. Ccxiune, . ..,.,. . .,.. Iuniors ....,, ,, , ,,,, ,...,... , , N. Rornanini l I I ' I I I ' I I ' , , ' Q ,- -'QQQ 'st r V1 hh FRONT ROW B Dolf L Robinson P Txmmons SECOND ROW Mass Felldlng D Ferguson B Relchlln C Davus J Anderson P SeqJ st VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS The Sem team f L t RJ msc was KIITCIQQF Cl C4 fI1l1Sl Illb T e smaslnr 1 fy c L cnns kfpt team m the lead hrquqhou' tl L mason Vxftn e the passmq of Robmson and DGVIS and lu OIVFS of Anderson enabled the champs to ke-rp tltmr lead Ft rquson and Tlrnmons were valuable playels Cbllllllbtlllllfj to tt t tam nnnstnp qual ty of the team INTER PERIOD BASKETBALL The h1ghhqht of the qlrls xrterperxoa basketball qannes matcl'ed teams ofCora1ee Dav s of txrst pe 1 d cn d Marjorie: Logan of thlrd perxod The lxrst qamn ended 14 to 14 and the second game ended m a 5 all txe In an ovnrttme perlou nelther team was able lo score Not bcmq abte to play off the t1e the champlonshlp was snared be Ween the two teams Durmq thrse games both showed great sportsman slnp spmt and Skill FRONT ROW A Jakohch R Lord M Simpson M Logan C Davus P SEQUISQ S Welfz B Faye SECOND ROW M E Faulkner F Calune A Arnold THIRD ROW Mnss Felldm N Romanunl L Ryan M Sherman B Darngaard J Collins N Hogg A Vogel 55 , Q J L l 54 ' Y., 2- R . . . get HL A, ....,N, g 2 , .., M If A, ,N A .3 V 'I T I f . 1' ' I' A fi I '17 1-. , - f 5' 14: , , E -GA Y I - xg X E r ,,.. I , I 3 A x , . I M X N. X - .. T A-- L V- 'cr , 1 , lf-,i lay fapta'n l.uI'ille PEZ' n, , ' ' ' ' '1 1 - , ' ' ' . undefeated thrcuqhouz tlgr t.':,llf,-ylmll tmnmxntent. They was the struggle for the championship between the evenly ' I ,, - ' ttptal of lf1'f iiiflllffi :iq ' 5 tltf'-ir qfppwrxu ' 58. . Q -- i , ' .re , 1 ' '- ng ' ' 'tq 211 s qt Deli, litltvltlin, rxnd Sf- 'Qt f the , ' ' . 1 2 1. , ' . fle . ' ' '. A' '- ' ' ' '- S . 1 1 . , : . ' . -V 1 , ', , N ' ' Er- 'E 5 ' i . ' 1 A , - B. iller, . , . ' , . . : ' ' ' g, . ' ', . , . ln. Q51 1 g , y T Q 1 3, i K T5 'N 5' I ' gf .,, 1 an . - I , A SQ wt fir' ,IPHTW Lf ia 7. :KM WWI? gf? -J? A RRTZARD INC ARCATA HOCDPA VVETTCH EC EUREKA KT AMATH N UT LQVV CREEK RUMRQLDTS MCDST CCMPLETE SRGPPTNC CENTER SINCE 1853 Rrlzclrd Matthews Mclcnme C0 Congmtulcntlans to the AICQK1 Hugh Schcnol Class Qi 1946 Arcatcls mcbst 1mportCmt lP dustry The Cclhfcbmlcl Rurrel C0 ARCATA CA TECDRNTA 57 ,T , E ' P A ,Q Ay AVA-J 7 EUREKA CAUEQRNTA from ...W . - in Q-. .ff Q as -- ---.2-Ziff... ,145 1' an -'fin 0 ' ,qw .. ' .. -1' '.., '!if1---2 'zT'f H 1, H 0 ' N Q A Jia' at 71 1, IQ' s we .4 I ' ?51i'?f:ifiW5'ti C, iq! rr' L 1 h I , . w Q , , -M-,.:,. .,x. ,. - 52931 .rf f . V ,, ., , Q 1 8 4 U-' 'M .xW 'S . . .,G. e Q - ,. S' 'Ye f . r-:rg 1 5' ' , . 11 .V ,,, V 2 . - f' v ,,Slurp,, loan and Dewey McCczrrol1 and Murphy Oh, My! Nan and Ice Phyll and lack 58 ,ww ,N 'Sw Betty cmd lack La Rae und Raphael Zeiqield girls? 7. Io cmd Wes 8. 9. 10. 11. Reiswiq 12. Irvin 13. Three Stooges 14. Wendy 15. Boresome Foursome 16. Trio 17. Tim, Tina, Betty and Bill 18. Ioyce 1- M 5 5 H ' J, . :I .7 ff In I 4 if Taken off guard . More Frosh Barb and Dorlinds Ray in his Crate . My, that sun is bright Sherm ARCATA UNION AND SHOPPING NEWS Qualrty lclv Prrrrtmq GLEN ESSEX SERVICE STATION STODDARD S Fourrta ru lumch HOTEL ARCATA 101 RESTAURANT Home Cxlfea Dmrlers AGGELER ELECTRIC CO General Eleftrrg Home Appllarrcee ED ALTO Cal al gEt ll l Butch Wllson s Tackle Shop 1 N e P E N N E Y S llurrrlneldl 5, Frle idly Der artm r1lSter LESLIE M STROMBERG N WYC KL lr urarwc C O LINCOLN CO Slalranory Books Toys Grits DALY BROTHERS Huml oldr 5 Own Stcrel r Q J Frlrv Year S E E L Y S T U D I O Qualrty Portra rs MATHEWS MUSIC AND STATIONERY HOUSE all-Iadqui DR WALTERE CARPENTER Clurcpaarst ARTHUR IOHNSON M N 5 Furmshrrlqs C W K E L L Y Watclwrrralcer and Dramond Seller MERCHANDISE MART Hardware Hc1Q vrar A l rr DOCTORS VERNON AND EVERETT HUNT Pracllce Llrr rted to Orlhoae 1 DANIELSON 6 PETERSEN Far Qufrlrtw M n 'Wear V ' 3 I ' rf :vw aryl 'fl fix- J' jf Q , fzf gzzr If. fl ,' I l . . fl l' f7:1:.f::s ' fel. fl lS'.pgQ,1f's I ' 711' ISYS' 'l lll.'I1' -1-F lil-14 Ziff. I-.1 'ffrz - xiii ff , ,, L V x V K 4 Y , , Q jk-, O , Chl .CHIC LS USCG 1 C1l.lT.5 In My tm AAUMHI ,limi .. .. u 1. .,.. , . . ,. I I . ,, . , ,, T , ff , , ,, ,- ,, lf lt s B11TCl'1r,lT, rl S 'V' llr ll! ,, , , , ' ' l J 1 1 ,, . . ,. , l1Sr1lr.f3'l'f1'r1lf Q aria fy lylrfz llI.fI1f' 'lil gg -'gm U11 5 - . I l Hi f T11 iigftii ' 'N ' J ,Je . e e , , F. e :rr :ie AS . e gp. ldftlrariflGSlr1fc'1s Fvrrffkfr, fr I-1, H Q t N M A i A Q lv, H fn- v- r1f:1 Lgtzfrfl r':.',rlf lflk, 1-.1 H111 . '1,lf . . . , , ' 1 1 Y er 5 1 V f ' ' Q F315 l'iltl: Stiff'-I H1114 lil Wx. T. l , ,Q ,V , 't'f.'fl.1x7 . 117' A5 ' .f' HI 1..- ' VV i' Your Music e u r ers Irv. 'z:.:: 1. ' 1: is arg i Gut: 5261 Cl fl A -s P' :.' izf T ':f. N 1 V l':.:lr11 SGA Aly- F sir- ' ', 11.1,-fzz . . . ,, ' , ' 31. P 7 9 ' CI IC I CFS S111:wI7I-1, l-lliif N':l1':1rlE3ar1L: Elia. I- ir, ,L h , V Q , L , , ,, , Xryrw 1,41 r1f'I. 1:12 L1 ,isa r .:' II I 1., lllxc me ldfll Furl lar: I Z. K , . . e ,, , , N, , Y ,N Q, . . J. l1L.,' Vmf-lcfr X ':lit'k:::i'1 A,-hL.m,,1 3 I, gl, . . ,, , ff I , I , , A 1 u A' C S Gzf's l.: Pl'v'f Iff' Cfrvasiorf' Arrala C if L: '. mv: 'IIE arifl T SES. F119 xr I Miss Hunter Lo Ann and Duane litter-buggin 7-Up Mrs. Rees Barb and loan Blue Lake bound Yea Team! Smile pretty Betty and palm Bell bottom trousers Sadness cmd mirth Sherm and Eleanor Waiting lor the bus Buzz Another Betty Camera Shy There goes the bell Lumbericrck The bandgflurelca game Wendy F TINGSTROM P C SACCHI ARCATA BAKERY IONES 5 10 15 STORE A W ERICSON CO DOC S TRADING POST BARNES DRUG STORE e C yl we DAVE S BARBER SHOP ALLEN 6. HENSEL Flcxnkle s L1quo1 Store H E WALTER CI 78? HAPPY HILL F rl 510 1 BEER INSURANCE AGENCY CI I SMITTY S DR H L IENKINS Hd Q AXEL ANDERSON CHAPEL OF THE REDWOODS ARCATA BOWLING ALLEY HILFIKER ELECTRIC CO lf 11 Elect Cal We Can F x It DELTA BOWLING ALLEY Bowl for Health A. . u ' lI::lzwLmf,lm1 1 fn zhfa lil tm f'1f'fff ' 'Has 'i -14 . . lymph . ,EN My ' F!lII1llllI? 'A ' ml.. 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St. :TJ 6l Norm's Forms What's Up? A Frosh ieam Sh! Le! me think Keith and Bob Moore's Ieep Three's A Crowd SEQUOIA GROCERY CO f 111V IIQI COLLEGE SHOE SHOP T H E B I G 4 F1N1-: ITALIAN DINN1-:Rs EVEREADY SERVICE STATION Recorppmq Retrecxdmq RAY C CHURCH BCIIIQTSIIQD KELLER S PHARMACY The RQXCIII S1019 THE VARSITY SWEET SHOP THE ROSERY THE MISSION COLLEGE FOUNTAIN 61 GRILL PIIOI G 3 AKIES Mxed Beverages Clubrooms CIQCIIS Tobacco Etc -1- FEUERWERKER S Dxstmct ve Furmture 5 Ar atc DE LUXE BARBER SHOP CHILI BOWL CAF E CHILI BEANS 0 HAMBURGERS CGI1 PAUL S BARBER SHOP F1151 CICISS Se1v1Ce B COOPER MD IDIIYSICIUH cmd Surq THE STAR CIGAR STORE 1 HIE TEXACO SERVICE STATION J Gm n I8 1 fl IC 1 S Arcatu Cczhf WHITE FRONT COTTAGE GROVE DAIRY Grade A Pcxsteunzed M1IIc one 'R A. ata 111 I . IIIID ISIIID, RPfI, ., IL' 'B ., . JOE J 1 Em 1g.,Ak,,5 . DNA!! ffwkbg P1-fs'1i5,':'.11 IJ11g:11:t Ifh rw LCI1 1211311111 Calif. AA'I'53I3 A1111 I I1'111I '1:xI X-.1.11f1 Iffy' P1' 515. I. 'IIA -111.1 1:f1If. Zh Ig.. , :I ,M 111.533,-..zv. tg 1:. I 215114113 13.1 1 ' 112. -'fix I.I.Q In 1i:1 I::.I II1 '.1:'IIlf- 1111 1. If. .1 I 1'11f1f11. Ilhlflf 5' f.1 Ii- 11111121.25 ' if -313' 'I If- 1:2 111 '.f'1z. 11 -:.': f.f'11y 111.11 52.131 II'Jf1:.'1- Iisaf E, G41 Ji-.'4: 4 I I'OUN'I',5.IN SERVICE . V A FLLII IJIQGSXJIFZ 1.-mit P193 ' Q 1:1 1 I'.1:1f111'I II I'xICQ1I'I, if. M Y , ,W , . Phone 29s, .fill JI.'1f.bIE1'. E.11f-I-111 . 51 . 11 X I 1 N B111-11111kf'1 and fff115f,11 N'-xt '11I11f'sc,11sI'I1,'f1I1111:sI111s I7I1c111f4 bill .1'x1cic1I11, Calif. I f 9 APHIS' V I 1 . . i . RGIIIQIEIICIIQIS, I..r1'I1FZs, RGLIIQS V wld I' A 'III' I7I1r,115f1.y1f'11xE1 III-TTLILIS FI11' 1111 CIfr1f1I:111i C 121,23 31 I I I:11 Iwf,11f.11sfa11, P1:,1.1. If . - H If C Iii ,' 11 M A353151 1, 11.11 o 1 0 I , ,. . ,, , ' ' 9011 1111- I1 53.111 IL, 11.111 bib,-.5:l,J 11111. S111 Iixi fIIIfI Tr-11 lrxflflffl, J .f. Arcmc 3317335 Cf,:1g1::L1I1i1:,11s ti. 1I1c- .F -,H ,. . A . v- V. . W . CL SS OFQ7 I 1:N1,f-11111, Q mf. 1, cr ww A U L ARffP.T,5x III IIIWI1' CuI1f11111iu phimr, Q42 111- 1-1 1' 1 A11qf1Ir O1I I1 ' Pho P U-W ' ' 1tI 11C ts, I , ', Ph 1,5 'C' C tt- vp-,, A J.Zf,..f A My 1 9 114 i' off if 5 11 15 fi: rr ,, U? gf' Nu Three Iills on a ialopy Valuable men Hi-Y member Frank Noon time Solid Comfort 7. Fred and lack 8. Miss Lillian 8. A familiar sight 10. Earl 11. Who are they? 12. Quiet, isn't it? 4 1 1 . X 'A- wks i N v KN Lal, pt : ' '1 , NAL-3 if I 13 14 15 18 17 KU! -r Plc. McPherson. Marine-1946 grad Io Ann Homeward Bound Carl Ruth ARCATA CLEANERS DYERS PLAZA GARAGE AND TAILORS v A CRAWFORD Proprretor Phonz X9 Phfm 7W AR ATA 4 ALIFORNIA ARCATA CALIFORNIA ARCATA PUMP 6. ELECTRIC DR FRANK D SMITH Phone 368 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING PUMPS GUY! Phono 683 CROSLEY APPLIANCES lam G JU Stmet AYCGTG Cchfpmm S Natronat Bank Bldq Eure a Cahfornra MERLE E MCCANN DR HAROLD L CARSON FARM IMPLEMENTS DR LELAND H DOMEYER OLIVER and CLETRAC FARM EQUIPMENT DAIRY EQUIPMENT D E N TIS T S ARCAT-A PHOYIP Q4 C011 OTYNG Ist Natlonat Bank Burldrn Eureka Cahfo rua LORENZO s SHELL SERVICE T A R I O S COMPLETE N ELDIING SERVICE CENERAI. AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRING IEV ELRV WATCH RFPAIRING 40 5 h Sire-rt ARCATA CALIFORNIA EUREKA AUFORNIA Engels OIIICE Equipment Co W P FULLER CO TYPEVVRITERS ADDING MACHINES and CAL ULATORS Phone 5316 Rernrnqton Rand Sales Aqent E Street Phone 730 Eureka Cahfornla 625 Sth Street Eureka Cghfomm CUNGRAQQIQQQIQQSQO THE MCCLURE 5. MCCREERY GREGORI S SHOE STORE PIMP 2223 Sth ondG Street Eureka Cahfornra 417 G Street Eureka Cahforma COLLEGE NEWS 6. SPORTING HQRNBRQQK 5 SHQES AIR STEP BUSTER BROWN ROELEE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FISHING TACKLE FO, women FC, BOYS FO, GMS For Men NEWS AND MAGAZINES I E CREAM AR ATA CALIFORNIA Sth Stre Eureka Cahtornra BELLA VISTA STORE B U C K S C A F E Noted for Its Good Food FEED GRO ERIES Phone VII A W HARRISON 6: SONS Proprtetors North Srde of Plaza Arcata ahforma SEAVIEW MQTQRCQURT SEELY 6. TITLOW COMPANY RanChers Supply Store FEED SEED HARDWARE CEMENT Restaurant and Grocery Adlacent P A BAKKE ARCATA CALIFORNIA ARCATA CALIFORNIA Phone 64 COMPUMENTS FREEMAN ART STUDIO Offhp MAKERS OF sooo PICTURES 527 F Street Eureka Cahfornra 65 I , , Q It DENTIST rw I It r . TZ, I I . I O I I 'Aj I rv I- . Phono IUUI 7 R -1 If C I 330 I , ' ' ' A ' I I ' 'C A C C I I I ' I ' ' A 617-. et , ' ' K1 I Y Y . X 7 Aj L 1. V sl l' if J I gr i Y in IQSEPH F WALSH M D BALLINGERS GARAGE OIIIUA Phonr 719 R S PIM 668 IIGHT MA HINE WORK CAS AND PIP TRIC WELDING Sth and C Strrote Iurflkrr Cahtornla Phon 771W Arcmg C-nhfomm DAYTON MURRAY DR PIERCE QUINTRELL AUTO ECW WORKS PIIRFIQA A1 IFORNIA Elqhth I1 4 B SULPTS UREKA ALIPoRNIA RED caoss PHARMACY EUREKA BEVERAGE CO PRES RIPTIONS Grrss Bu11d1na Ima S rep 477 E Str Eur ka Cah ornla UREKA- A1-IFORNI-A EMERICK I SEPIC TONY V BARONTI RADIOS AND REFRIGFRATQRS ITALIAN an FRENCH DINNERS Sa1e ard ServIcO php , QS34 and STEAKS M I1v'I-NTS T THI IA S I' 46 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OI' 46 SAM AND IOE S BARBER SHOP A T DISTRIBUTING CO EXPERT HAIR CUTS Errst C1ass SGTVICG EUREKA ALIFORNIA EUREKA f-ALIFORNIA COMPUMPNTS TEHESA s MARKET EUDENS STYLE SHOP FRESH 222,12 iff fiffe MEMS EUREKA CALIFORNIA 402 4th Street Eureka Caltfornra EAGAN S EWELRY STORE EWELPY ghd WAT LI REPAIRS phomz 201 Phcne 2931 Th B 1d Semnth and Broadway Eureka Ca11fornIa ARCATA eotre ul mg ALIFORNIA A A WARREN MILES EUREKA S FLORIST Dav Phone 1481 Ntqht Phone 843 Phone QR Baysrde Calttorma 7 5th Stre t EUREKA ALIFORNIA GROCERIES BET-I-A VISTA INN THE WHITE HOUSE Fme Steak Dmners hrcken and Ftavm Arra a s Smartest Co Ed Shop Management of G 1-Ia1e 6 F RICCI In the I 1ote1 Arcata BuI1dInq 4 M11es North of Arcata hone 7R11 ARCATA CALIFORNIA GROCERIES FEED AND SEED Standard O11 Produrts Phone 683 Eureka Frrst Natronal Bank Burldmq Phone 1!9I Arcata Cahforma Eureka Cahforma S7 I O I O I , ff 1 - , . ref. r- ' U 1 . -C , S A -, E . , 1E J., ,. , , Q H I - . 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E CLIFF PETERSEN S MEN S WEAR The Store fer Quahty and Slvle BONNIKSEN SOREN SON CO T MOTIVE Xl S J FIRESTONE Home and Auto Supply Stores a an I '1 1' a1r 11 H Ss P one 3131 Eureka Cahf TATMAN S BAKERY The Home of Good Bakery Products 11 DR N A STROMBERG Denlrsl BLUE LAKE MARKET MFATS ADD G QC1 ll l P e lc PETE CANCLINI SHOE SHOP par c 1 rma LINDSTRAND S Store Garaae L AND A STYLE SHOP Ca 1 and A AND H DELICATESSEN l644GStre s '1 a s 0 Du Barry Cosmetxcs Suspxcxon Perume Prescnphon Specmhsts HUNT S PHARMACY P l l 5 5l5FSl Eurexa Calxf ELGAR S SERVICE STATION AND LUNCH ROOM SOFT DRINKS ANU -1N1 Y '-ll h THE PLAZA BARBER SHOP l s rcata B L E D S O E S Ar ata 1 ahforma LUTHER HUNT MOTORS Authomz d Ford Dealer I1 hforr 1 PAUL S FUNERAL CHAPEL Pohl Hb 11a Crm ELMER MATHEWS A11thOr1zed Shell Dealer Ca 1 FRANKIE S CLUB KW ams 111 11a DR EUGENE FOUNTAIN D9I'1l1Sl Phan 1V a 1' THE ARCATA ROSERY Flowers and Grits Ar at Calrfom 68 I I ' s ' All Q. , 1 S: .HL AN17 SFYIVITE St11 12l::1l:er C115 ' lflcxcli 'l.lll5'lCS .594 F 31141111 Surf-k:1, f' li'. lfih ami G Sfrewts Plxvrzv Arcafa Q1 I Trzf- Rv-'1p1:111ig ff Tea ' Servme 6.1 C,I.,i 1 L, . 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C a ' ia V R- :pq 'N N LAZIO S SEA FOODS SPGCIGIIZIIIQ III Crab Louie Crab and Shrimp Salad Crab Sandwiches Clam Chowder Oyster Shrimp and Crab Cocktails Beer or Your Favorite Table Beverage From Sea to Counter Phone Eureka 367 Foot of C Street Eureka California SAM S RADIO SHOP QOD yG R p rW q ylOl AR ATA ALIFORINIA t I LASS OP 46 ARCATA FIRE DEPARTMENT The Forest s Finest DOLLY VARDEN LUMBER CO LASS Ol 46 HARNDEN BROTHER S MILL GRAHAM BROTHERS SAND fi GRAV L BROOKINS CABINET SHOP TODAY LONGRATULATIONS TOMORROW A NEW CHALLENGE HUMBOLDT STATE COLLEGE AR ATA ALIFORNIA G L SPEIER PIIW MILL I OOD J BON BONNIERE FOUNTAIN d LUNCH EUREK ALIEORNIA GREYHOUND BUS DEPOT tr d G St S H RYLANDER ONTRACTOR BUILDER AR ATA ALIFORNIA DR HENRY C PORTALUPI PHYSI IAN d SURGEON 9 ir b fa G st I at ONGRATULATIONS TO Tl-IE LASS OF 46 I OE KING INTERIOR DECORATOR ARCATA CALIFORNIA LASS OF 46 GEO E KELLEY EUREKA CALIFORNIA OMPLIMENTS GOLDEN STATE CO LTD B B BARTLETT OPHD S P BARTLETT OPHD OPTOMETRISTS F Sr I I - a uarantoe on All e ai ork Granite Avenue - Hi hwa ' K 7 . . o V - - - - 'Lngra ula ions to the A ' ll I . H f . ll ll 'onqratulations to the ' I I I Cm E Phone 35-I Phone 3791 Eureka Califcrni ml- 1 d G Sgwsf Awami Colifcmia , . . May You Meet It Successfully! V, A, . if r- f- Phone V6 Arcata Californ' XJ xf A Meet at the IO 'i an reet an A Q Phone 66 Arcata, California . . . . C and C an I Ori t etween F an ree s C C Phone 617 Arc a,Calitornia r' rv I F V r Q V V VOHQIGTUIGIIOIIS to the S . l I U f' ' 9 I l O of O O I l O ' I 'I ' 529 t eet Eureka, California Compliments ol Wrllram Wrllrams FRIENDLY CREDIT IEWELER r and F Streets Phone 472 Eureka Calrforma GRAHAM BURGESS SERVICE STATION C AS OIL MOBILE SERVICE Phone 358 ATA CALIFORNIIA O NILSEN r Y IEE S J ron X DRIVE IN MARKET FRESI'-I FRUITS and VEGETABLES and C1 Street Arcata Calrfornra DR W I QUINN MD r rrqratulates the Clas ot 46 ATA CALIFORNIA Conqratulatrorrs tc, he LASS OI 46 Andrew Rosana Dlstrlbutmg Co EUREKA ALIFORNIA FLOYD SMITH S ASSOCIATED SERVICE Phon 42 ,rm G S U 5 ,ra rto DR C L BONSTELL D E N TIS T Phone 7 Arcata Calrtorrr B rr Xoyaqe ARCATA THEATER THRIFTWAY DRUGS WC rem Busmess for Your I-Iealth Phone 711 5 Sth Street Eureka Calrforma ALLEN S SWEET SHOP Lorrrplrnrents t QLASS OF 4b ILUE LAKE ALIF QNIA M VONSEN CO WHOLESALE FFFDS and SEEDS EUREKA CALIFORNIA Hal s New and Second Hand Store wr BUY srzrr wr TPADF Phone 562 oth S reel Eur ka Call o PIG ARCATA BUILDER S SUPPLY AND MILL WORK NORCO ASBESTOS ROOF COATING WINDOWS DOORS CABINETS and CABINET HARDWARE COMMER IAL PLANING llth and K S reets ARCATA PI cnc 45 2 VV CALrFORNIA VVe the Advancr Staff vrsh to thank the busrness and professruna rrrorr of Araata Eureka and vrcrnrty or therr qerer us support rn the rut: rcatron c' thrs Adva e BUD SANDERSON Busmess Manager IACQULINE ANDERSON and RAPHAEL BELLUOMINI Assrstant Managers PRINTERS LFDERER STREET 6. ZEUS INC FNGRAVERS ALIFORNIA ART 6 ENGRAVING COMPANY 7l2l Alls Q Way Berkeley a rforn a P 'OTOGRAPHY SE LYS Eur rea I rr M A S T E R B R E A D Popular Because Its Good BAKERIES IN EUREKA CALIFORNIA 3 d , . 'IA 7 .D 1 EELS 3 ' - ' 4 5- Pl .. 'rn ARC fe -A ,L and Stzef-ts E41 ,ku IJLIIIIL ll ll . . . 1 . . 'T ,V cv , C, ., - Sth , ' ' ' ARC . . . Q K 1 A , C . , . . . A E Q -Qtr. ' z f' Str .'.zC 1 Cal :rua . Q I . . .T L A S S O F ' NI 6 .J ' , ,C ' Ma I J ' ' , ' ' o 28 - ' ' ' 3 , C Of. I . . lU9 - ' t 1 e , 'fr:.' 1 , :'2 , 1 ' ' , 'f l , ' ' ' In ' ' 1 o ' ' A: ' l' ' . ' ,E 4 , , . - f- 1 . X., I A. - t :1 ' , ' , C l' I . vi ' ,J I ,N V , y r - ,-, . . LO E , fs ,t,alr.Q, ur I -I 4 4 M fufm' f K'1'YL'l4 XJ NA I' A Qf ,..g flfww .4- 1 I ' f 'XA N.-4-J 5 -J w -.OX N , r 1 , , Q F, 5- AI ! A I I Hr' Y .X x 7 ' '5 4 P II , A J X N . Q 4 V 1 X , In pl , ' I J Lei, 1 K 1 , ' ' ' ,, K N C, , I ,' , W , f' , ,Q . 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X B , 4 , , ' 1 J K Ax vf ,7 1 x V L , w- Q f. I., , yL 1' E , f - y ,, cj? V Z, V X . 5 J xx X I Q! T' ', xx. X.. , A ' 'lc' ' NX L. ' 'N . X AX ,X Q' ' ' X , , , ,- , f 4 K! , V' ' - X ' 1 If R X xx x, -4 ', ' ' l! ' ' 1 9 , f1. 1',' I A ' V I I v- A QR V f ,,,,, . vw- VM -W .5 ffm wr f - , i i s:i f f412N -W M W A F . .

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