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1 9 11 2 THE ADVANCE NINETEEN F Q 6 X ,lywk xx, , 'il N Q X, +412 X VN K fx We ' I . x Y TY TWC Published by the Students ot the ARCATA HIGH SCHOOL Yedr Nineteen Hundred ond Forty-two ARCATA, CALIFORNIA Editor -'---- Hosdnne Hill Business Mdndqer - - Kenneth Atwood JIZHZ , f fr ' H ,I v f ? l c 1 in 0I"8lfUOI" This pictorial journey within the bounds of our campus can be loit a fleeting glimpse' the true school lies in that realm of human relationships experiences and memories afforded only to those who have known hiqh school life and study. CDVER at the GYM 1 I I I Q p ' x -4 v . - V ' y 1' " VK ,vw -, ADIVIINISTR V 1 ATICJN PRINCIPALS MESSAGE GUR 1 Ig., , f 4 ' ' T R U S TEES T has oeen sard that educatron rs ro lcdr retermtr even fnouah rl rs alfrlrated temporal a farrs lts peculrar functron rs lo cherlsh and advance the funded Wrs dom knowleda ana asprratrons of the our aernocrauc oOC19ly are placed rn then proper sphee then 1 becomes evrdent that educatron as a saleauard and prep arauon for democranc lrvrna must embrace all culture Democracy 1mpl1es the Wrdesl possrble dlffuslon of culture and all the means essentral to the good lrle A O Cooperrxder Prmcxpal 5 with , Af lo. l . ' race. When me processes and ends ol 9 Flflflpa 'f Qifffage Qur students are supported by our trustees, adminis- trator arid faculty iri their constructive efforts to provide for us an everi better education than we now enjoy. ,ll - I 'ries' HGIQIQ' . -emit -. mom.. -eonari 1I'fi"I S3CfTCIfl'ifT, giriiicgpa . MERIT AWARDS SCDPHOMORES M BOOL Un SENIORS JUNIQRS FRESH EN Q ROSANNE HILL She s Just as true as her eyes are blue KENNETH ATWOOD Skunq IS fun even If you can t stand up LOIS EILEEN SHERMAN Her heart IS IH Samoa HOMER ARNOLD IR The school as well as the basketball team w1lI m1ss hun MARY KATHERINE PAPINI We may not see ber I1ke aqam WESLEY ROY NORTON somethlna to say .J PAT KLINGLER If words were w1nd what cyclone Id be SAM MERRYMAN IR My fault MARIAN ELAINE IOHNSON A qlrl of her word DAVID TOLLE I dont care I look l1ke student LUCILLE NORDOUIST Tell me aaam I don t aet It WYLIE MacPHERSON Our alam ur boy We 4-4X3 gf! 1 'i ax iff? 1 . . . ,Q 4 ffjgly II I 'D 4 K G I 1 be 4 4 I ' . , 17 -at f .IN ' ' Only speaks when he has A f I I L G f ' , ' a BEN SPINI IR If 11 can be done Ill do 1t MARY DIANA ENNES Almost nalnt 1snl aood enouqh HARVEY PAULSON He d hqhts n teasma p opl Y Pa 8 ETI-IEL MAY IENSEN Somebody s qettlnq a good secretary MILTON R DEEMS He s busy w1th F I' A plans EVA DARLING A newcomer who made fnends readlly ELMO GRAZOL1 LOIS REEVES Fun lovmq and smcere KENNETH W KNUDSEN Physlcal perfectlon IS lfns a1m BETTY IOY ARONSON Ill stlck to home econofmcs and basketball FRANCIS DAMGAARD Dont be bashful LORRAINE HATHAWAY Come on k1dS lets yell ll Cl i 5 e ' I ' e e. f Q , I 'V Let me fix it. 1' 'I E' sf Al l I I ' 'A i . 2 '6 f . 's , ' . IUNE ERICKSON None can resist her smile. "A-hunting we will ao." if PATRICIA NELL LEWIS One ot those qood and happy workers. RAYMOND YOUNG r DONALD L. CHRISTIE Shall I fill 'er up? 'EA IOYCE BAGLEY Let me have my dreams. EUGENE E. WOLF Napoleon Wasn't very biq either. AMELIA KATHERINE RELAC She speaks and acts as she A ouqht. GLENN SAUNDERS He has his own opinions. MARION LEE WILSON Silence reiqnedfthen came WALTER W. CASTON Marlon- Can't we bribe you to be quiet? SUSIE O'CONNOR A little bit ot dynamite. IERRY ISKRA Not so quiet as he looks. ra uafea PAUL KWASNEY The boy Kipling was thinking of when he wrote IF. ELIZABETH KINNAMON Her interests lie out of school PETER ANDERSON Okay shark do this one EVELYN MAY FORBES She loves a qoocl arqument ANTONE LOUIE PEGOLOTTI lust call me Peq LYDIA PICCI-II The G A A will miss her DONALD WILSON Don t take me seriously VIRGINIA GILHOUSEN Is she as bashtul as she seems? BOB CHAPMAN Posters on short notice are his specialty ELSIE M CALDEIRA Ouiet and efficient EVAN IONES I like to w1nd my tonque up and I love to hear it qo IOSEPHIN E PEGGY BARTOLOMEI Calm and collected IACK REID Braxnstorm and personallty IESSAMINE MARIORIE VINCENT One of these small and lrvely redheads DAN ROGERS Depenclabxlrty IS hxs pass word GWENDOLYN I I-IANSEN A real homemaker THELMA AILENE HECKER You never know what shes th1nk1nq MARY LUCILLE SCHULER Intellxqent and qutet MILDRED BABLER Shell do her best ALTA MURIEL MARTIN II I could only tell what I know ENID VIRGINIA MOXON A hne comrade Ior work and DICIY HOWARD POLTERA I know the answer Just let me thxnk VERLE MARIE HAVENS I know what I want CLARENCE W MOXON The EEA w1ll lose a pres1dent BETTY L TOMPKINS Small and shy aood W ff IN 'Fug-M f CARYOL ELMEDA BOYES lust qlve me sornethrnq to louqh ot IOHN DAYTON MARTIN Alcns Ioe Ku boo kr GRACE WARD A newcomer but she hos found her niche. 0 RITA ROBERTA ROMANINI Th re s never d dull moment w'1en R lor rs Clownrnq DOROTHY E GALLACCI Why worry we lrve but on HELEN DOROTHY COLEGROVE Was lhere ever a nrcer qrrl? BETTY CURETON Not or core rn the world ELEANORA PIALORSI Ill keep trylnq MAROARET ACKERMAN A wrnn nq mlle ond d WIFI n nq woy MARCILLP LA VERNE GARLAND Ijocd wrll I3 th dedth of her TIY BRAY lh oulof ocrdhlllty w1lh r orvdtlons IDA MAE MINTLE A slncere student RUTH K NIELSON Duty Calle ond She responds MERLE MARIE HART She s o Iloshy mcnorette LOUISE PEARSON She Jitterbuqs her wdy oround. MERIT AWARD SWEATERS Victoria Petrovich lack Piersall WlNNERS GE TIGER A'S Girls: Colleen Murray, C M arolyn erryrnan, Kathryn Swap, Lucille Nordauist. Boys: Robert Parris Thorrtas Paul Marino Giuntoli Evan ones SHIELDS The airls select by vote one eniar atrl whos name they t el should be enaraved on the Girl s Leaaue Shield Both boys and airls choose a senior boy tor th Soalding Athletic Shie d Girls Leaque Shield BARBARA GRA HAM Sr aldin 3 Att l iettc Sh ld WALLA E SPOT T l KPIG sr lQ4i MERIT AWARDS point syster awaras t stu ent 5 tivitr s as beer ir ea 1 t iss ation and se on n et c V' rc Roirits r ten years r at ar a ities and scholarshi ea t e r ner a to lc As t r the latter he eig gi s v h a e ,irua d th ri h als t onibi ed points Tiqer As ar awardea Th rn st Jstara o or se tation ere sw ters Ji en to the two str ents b the acu fy execu e c un l 'i all Tiaer A inners are eligible to be con idered tor the sweaters character aua iticati ns ra frer thar points deterntine the co hose'i decisior S , , 4 I 1 i y I s ' I e . e A 5 . ' T T 1 . ., ' 1 ' ' ie fl,-N G- o o, V:"",r1': Pe'r1'.'gi1, ef' 'r':.l The '. s ri ct ' or ' do C' "e h 'fi '1 operation to . . are - rned 'rm 3.-Jo main clf -citic ' .s, f1rst,extra cur ic' l ctr." p s f cc d, at' lc i '. oi 'le As are award for h to : c ara' B' c ' c V . To f "ht bcys and ' rl J Q Q up acctz. l te ie . Lg. est tot 3. c ' ' Q e '-'. e o cttffzzij een. '.s'. -ea' ff' gd .- c ct ly c i ' l. ILV, 'c ci.. Si. ce Q " - s' ' c c, c l" io , fi, ' it ' Q "s uncil FPN ma pose Napa doe-en t ha e all th nuts 'Ssm Gwamor Boy Remember Pearl Harbor? Dlmples Pap and Homer Budches N . , .,,vI 11.' I 1'I.. ..I I.. 'N ..1 .11 . . 1 . "M" Q1 , EIUII1 Il!! Ydllllhi w nio Having passed the mterrxediate stage, the Iurxcrs have taken on the responsibil- ues of upperclassrnen cmd have beccrxe prominext m Sched Czctiviues. The Iunior- Semzr prom was the zuistzndinq affair spcnscreii by the C1555 111 hcijr Cf the wvfff, JJ: .F-. . up 'gmmq SQITlC'3 ,Ou I ..,g 1 ', " t:,., f ' H fr' 2 , " '.- -f -, Y' -- , ., ,. ., . .. 1.13. . z. :turn . ,- g sfri, r.. ' if-' - L, ' tif-, Q. ri' 1111? Q-'11 1- fe, VST-.'E1 T' I, I'QQf1r1 ,,1fI1 - :Trl F Q 'Q "1 K. L155,I': l.. F OG 2. Q rrfni' . r , ,..r.,.,X- E.,,.. ,. P.-,D .. . Q .. .. P. ,. 5, A, f-f. ..',. , Y , Y. . . , - . ,. -.. .. , ' S"I1 I?'1Ifl'.'f' ,, IVIH Y' .lfll rx. ..5f'i9f L. ',.' 'V . :x'1S'1I1, :X II ."I, I 1 ,vm I ww- . ,,, .,,,,H y '-Q s -Q1 I Y N : ' I -,1.s.,,Q, 3 NWI.- ,. ' fwrml- lik- ::'.',': E. fly L, Q?1.g?'-'11:sf.:. 2311136 ' 'i"i'.w:1r3s, Lf. I ik:-, L. :pax-, Mr. Ccziiglfsfll, 'Nuxu xfgw: P. Dcwxs, O. flrxsf Inf. f ' ff, G V'-ir E, DlCkfIlS',I1, M. CCSC. .cgi ritz" f. LK1111: fg-:ga-1, A, IACI.f11l'ZI'1, f.ffN31f F. Krmg Mxddle r' H. I.'l'.lIS6I1, G. LCIi-1'LfZf.'Y'l, I. Lytle M. Lcncfzster, E. Lfckmtasi.. Ecttcrtz " -'z C, T.ffff2.'1'ZiCll'l, R. Krizgwck, E. Ileucci, I, Lxrlgniger, R. Lfzszn, 1.1: Ilcvis FALPH C. DAVIS QSEHEIGI cnc Advcnnccd Liczthemctics P31YSiCG1EdLICCfi0Il if 7.1. ...I 7 'VPILYN l'fIlLl'DlN'l Hl.ysir:f:ll.:11vf1'ifiii ,. ..I 0,9 0l'l'l0l'26 The Scphcrncres cxre lcckiziq fcrf.-lard tc the year when the hehcr ci being Qpper- clcrssrhen will be accomplished. Although this will cclcl extra respchsihiliiies Ihe class will he very capable ci handling iherh, cis ihey have hcrcl U large represehtctiiri CP ihe hcriar roll, cmd have taken an active pcm in music Und spcrtfz. Tj. row: E. lfzxon, K. Lfuryhy, D. Peiiley, l!lL1II'i?.'3' E. Pzrerfgeld, F. flxrtliv cf Hff' lwfgcdle rgwr T. Miller, Ribeirc, P. lff',1fY'IY lvliss F1el'iin'5, P., Lfoxcri E. Pyke. Ectcm row: E. Porter, l.. Melcmder, G, Peters, Eff. Pynch, E. Kelly, L. fffler, B. Fees. -1: iz F Q I. "1 I 1 1 if.. ...... . .. .,..!.. . .-1 ,--,., .-A- - -w. .. ,.,"LII, f','.'f'I .J , ,L,5., ,...,,cL N ,. .WL , M .q,, -.,,..L sy ,ll .s f. '..':..'::1f Q, 1111.5 E 1 0I'Yl0l'85 .JOHN EIVHISII Lfiflll Ox 1f1r1'f1 11152111 z 1 , Q 'WB ,4 'P .- 'U' ff '1 xx, 1 , X kv 1 we t I 3 JY' g 5' 1? x V 5 9 1. Q , ' J! 8 5 's 'YS Yfpw f 5 ,Z RQ! N Mr. Bcgqess ai the arc Deep in the heart ai Texas Wedge and Spec" Fresh iniiiatiah Lunch an a Bench TIV , x E ORGANIZATIGNS PUBLICATICDNS STUDENT GOVT KOOL 31110 MUSIC DRAMA .0 ,-5 nqv W n H 4-Qm.,:.N 1 'F BAND .Lx Tcp rc:-J: L. STCEJJIIS, N. Ffsst, R. Dewi Mlddle raw: fir. Weed, E. Grzrzoli, M. Deli, P. Murray, G. Frost, B. Fisher, B. Bray. D. Slmpson M. B'J!I1'.'.'0H, Frau' raw: B. Pr1'fI1':r'i S. I.ferry'rnzrr1, F. Su-Jeff, M. Pfxprru, G. Pf.v'r'ff1f:?., F. Brrzcrd, M. f, E':rr1wrl G. Enrf I-Tw Qs, 2. f.' r. -, Ei. .51 .',.'1. CDRCHESTRA Because of 1lIT11f'?d rehearsal mme the Arcatcr Hrqh Qrehestra has worked for The plecxsure :md imgimrcveruem of musical knowledge rather thcm for rubhc crprgecrrunces. The Birud. 21" :rs in .A A 3 Gs' r:!'sr':'1rQ',' rerrreserlfs fy- ,z. rs. CllfSIfII1C,i1I1-J Crehie-'.'et.."7r1T 'I Areirie High Sgheczl. It 2-J illfi he very dgffrsult T2 Thirzk if Argiztgz High Scrriil withcui the Band, cmd ef Course, 11 If met ier cur Schiivl there Could be rms such Llflli. YVe efzigrimllate egrselves 3:13 these yepgig pecrle 'rr their aeesitiplshrtieiis. Upheldxig 'He Harrie if geecl zziusislziship, berrpel feitgfei 3 Cergeeg gre: fir the berzeflt cf ihe Reel Criss. It Q'fQff'.219j ssheel spirit Qxizeziship arid 3:7 operctiei by plxyxig fer rgciies fill-35 3:5 xsseiihies. Dpxe to present 1.-:grid Cezidztrfris the stucierits 213'.'e scerlieed therr cmriutzl trip bpgt 'seg' have Cfrried ent 'e' usual Qpxistsrzidizig recerci. Fir hvo YCCYS tfif' ',h'T'1F ,frpf har1:p"fy czfid f?1yth:':1 ti thQ Ffiffztc Urmtw "HV Shff. T1 fifzr They yicrrtgcgpiziex 1:1 thf Sjflnj PLJQQJNQ th Cipr-,i',' FAil31C Fisttxizl, arid VI "f'5""' 'givf-ri . R-5 ,H - M. fgns' If.-.fff1,L! ,' s..- . - A --12-91. L- ,. ,m - , :O XJODS, .v.S.n ...... Tis .,,.:. I .. .TJ :Lib J. .hy ciI'11 ..I.1. .. ...J A! N .-.L ...fffs 4 earned will 5.,rf,':5- '.'f'11.c1rg1O I: fI'19II. 1:1 their 1Tffl1','ld'.1G. lzvcvs. This K:1i'.-112-dge mr: iff" w"rf",f wuh arid melody "JIM ' 1' . fx-1 '3'iQ1l fx " "'I1.2'JT1i,IL tg their Qxlsfence rg: iz at schqlcisxz -wat Q f . r fl, 71 .a' w Qffft . .1 'rf . :1::'.'.'.'- WW' 1, fgzgir r. .1 f.f. l 'Y-YY Y 'ff , I. '-If-ff T ' ., fx' " ... .,,...' , .w . ,,. ,. I "'..E . 1. z1-i1:1:, . H. .g1it1:isLr'., ffl. P. '.'.'i:.s:. D, A7-.miersi .IL Q. Fr. rg 1 Ke, D. 'Yfkf S' - ' 'F 5, Y XL T Y.1-- ,, 23.1, -. ...fl .rx I .. ... .rar pf - f. -Y-7. - -- -f V .-fvff V -nf nf fx", ff , 'Tkfq qv,--V ffff- v. -fl- . ,Ny -L,.. .TJ . xv.: ..,,:u: Ji., ..c A. ,l'Q:'..J -.. ..Y. 1...: 3. J... ..-Q ...ide f ..-UV fl V,-f-A v vw ' 1 y f. --nf .,, X ..h.-mf 'ffm fn- f A f 1 vv 'NYYQ .F Y f' ,.. . ,- .,. , . k,. " ,. ., fx' C1f.-:: fffllih ..,.,.f ...- bil: 3.1: ,...f:, .HC R-fQ.. J ,,-.,, 1 KSU .,f ,QQ LTD-:ill Cl, LI.: .H.f,Q1,l JTC 5"F."f Ura :tiers 'j.:.3.f,' ie Qrgg' tnith flln Lira LC1""'jCCI'iC -' P: T.'ff-TQ" F2f'A"ff f v v W.. , f- , , f.--ff N, .... ..,,. .'.Uf ':ffC11nlQ..: .5-zL. ..':.l i, :AVN A-.. ...:S. FIBST SEMESTER COUNCIL li? row: lt. Arnold, S, Merrymcn, Atwood, V. Iepsen, B. Beers, M. Deems A, Tmdall. 3rd row: P. Ball, E. Tones, H. Hunt, L. Stebbins, l, Timmons, B. Aronsort, L. Manley. Znd row: M. Norlaerry, L. Hathaway, L. Beeves, E. Iensen, F. Brizard, M. Dolf, V. Bertolini, B. Moxcn. Bot'crn row: UV. Tonini, M. Papini, M. Guthridae, A. Brown, S. Bader, P. Klinqler, L, Simpson, K. Liscom. .giuclenf Counci The Student Body Council for this school year has had varied activities. Under the able leadership cf President Homer Arnold and Vice President Kenneth Atwood, several rallies and dances were held to promote school spirit. As second semester officers, President David Tolle and Vice President Wylie Macpherson, with their committees, worked out a very suc- cessful plan for the sale of defense stamps. One of the biggest days in the school year is "VVork Day" which was successfully planned and carried out as usual. The work of the Student Body Council for l94l and l942 has maintained the hiqh standard of cooperation and democracy which has always prevailed at A.U.H.S. SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL Top row: UV. Macpherson, l. Bead, l. Turlcovich K. Atwood, D. Toile, B. Pritchard, D. Pefiiey. Bri row: Fi. Laursen, E. Pyke, B. Beers B. Easter, L. Reeves, P. Ball, N. Frost. 2nd row: A. Beers, ll. Nortierry, M. Brizarfl, E. iensen, L. Matthews, M. Garland, I.. Hathaw':y. Fran' row: il. Stansiierry, A. Bcrqess, B. Brown G. Effer, G. Er:3', l. 'Na1:h, S. Schussnian, asf 7. 4,0 Fevsr' H rrv'S7'3e torn rc 1 npsr I: Erfv ilsr F I ill M Pa, 1111 1942 marks the l7th year ot the Girls' League, an organization tor all girls in our school The club has given two Hi-links, the theme ot the tirst being a Gypsy Party, and the second the Army and Navy. The Girls' League Orchestra under the direction ot Delores Simpson has played at all school dances ir A , eague, 1?-JK-jan Grganized three years ago, the R-K-Tan has been one ot the most active clubs in the school. There are 25 members chosen by scholastic standing. Besides their annual Christmas Dance and Defense parties, they took on the task of selling Detense stamps to the student body. Also a donation was made to the Red Cross f rl Pius V I i w lla ne Pri: ar P 'ii rt P ters 1 . Toile B. Beers, ly.. Graham . . Arnoltt. 'Q' row: D. Iorberrf, . .anlcyi .Cebgrs H. Gr rrw Peru s f rl II L f J It i t, N l. K. Knud .ri D. D:ls...:i E. '.."..t Mir. D s 4' f il it BACHELCDRETTES The Bachelorette Club is a part of the National Sub-Deb Clubs and is sponsored by the Arcata Womens Club. The clubs activities for the year have included an Autumn Tea in honor of their Mothers, the Trustees' wives, as well as faculty rnern- bers, and their sponsor, and a rnusical ojuiz program. The second annual reunion was held May 6. Pat Klinqler has been the President and Miss Carroll the Faculty Advisor. Qther officers included, Vice President, Rosanne Hill, Secretary, Marion 'W1iscn, and Treas- urer, Mary Ennes. row: -. Saunders, M. Garland, l.. Reeves, G. Petrzvicr. ll.. Gaybart, L. l'JZY'lQl213', L. lfla'i?.e'.vs, l. Eaqlf 1' row: ll. Schuler, l. Erickson, Lf. 'i'Ji.sf,n lfliss Carroll, F. Rornanint, R. Hill, L. llZ'l'1CI'llUQ' C. Speer. rcfz. ll. Iohnsor., P. Klinqler, Lf. Ennes, E. Maxon, M. Papini, A. lflartir. E. Bray. in e if P N. N .J--ellls lt s' ' H l..ixir1 -. ,:1:1s'.-- 5. l.lf'tr,'rt1::i. 4, :ans e "" Zscrl E.?1erst.. l f'QI. 3 T' sei: E, fag ' '-2" l' P. EZ.. K. bgsccxti l. c1::,1k,1l.: c cjcixrgz. The Excalibur Club is sponsored by the Arcata Rotary club and has as its motto ne who seexs to serve another best serves himself." ln observance of tnzs :notto the club assurned the responsibility of raisinq and lowering school flag each day. Cther activities included operating a concession stand at all athletic contests, a dance for the other school clubs, and the annual Spring Dance. EXCALIBUR CLUB Enaiislg Speech Arts AAPY i3.5+.l.fPI.E Top row: I.. lllarjey, E Damraazj, S. ffl:-rrjfrnirri B. Pritchard Q. Talk-, D. '.'.'1ls'.r1, lvfarr liersin, P. Moxon, P. Anderson, D. Carson, K, Kriudsftri. 4th row: L. Reeves, E. Kinriariioii, l. lflciiirue, E. Patton, G. Pefrovicli, A. Relac, ls. Nrirlaiiist A. Gaylictrt, l., Matthews l.. liuqfgiris, D. Rfxzr-rs. 'rd row: M. Gcrlarvl, M. Hart, l.. Sliflrrzrzzi D. 'l1r1s'er1s-1. l.. Hf1'H1a'v-Jfrjf ff. Srieer, M. l"III.VJ"ll, E. 7f'ZlSflIt l.. Gabriel, M. Ncrberrju, B. Ercwzx, Qrid row: Miss Sainple, G. Payne, D. llc-Zzoriicc, M. lolitisfiti, E. Smith, Arriolrl, ffl. 'ifilsfrri V. Gillioviseii M. Syvertscri, V. Havens, ll. T11r11r-1, S. Rfrlf-1. Bottom row: P. Peuah, S.Sch11ssrnan fA,Pcp1r11 A. f.ff:r'1:1 V. FIGYIPI, P. Ririibr-',' ' 'l' 111:11 P. Klingler, K. Schaffer, E, Pialorsi. DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club of l94l-42, consistinq of EO members, has continued to hold its meetings with the presentation of several one-act plays under the supervision of Miss Sample. The members also enjoyed a very successful party. The officers for the year were: President, Mary Papiniy Vice-President, Sam Merrymanp Secretaryf Treasurer, Homer Arnold, and their faculty adviser, Miss Sample. 1 A., I . 5 6 B! g 6' t I 1- 7' Q l HA Ear-k row: A. Eabler l. Yxncerf 2. G'Il.CZ'I'f1 ', ffcfietl, E. -fofofrs E E. Arornscn, I.. Sherman, D. Hezzorgcc. Tran' row: E. faldeira, L. Plffhl l.f1ss Flfrlw Qzrges, fl. Pagfgn Fifteen of the schools most enthusiastic athletes and their adviser Miss Eeildina make up the Girls' Athletic Association. This year they entertained sixteen Eureka airls with volleyball, sponsored a rally for the Eureka and Arcata aame in Basketball and have raised money to buy friirrors for the airls gymnasium locker roorr.. The officers for the year include: President, Lilly Picchi, Vice-President, Betty Partong Secretary, Evelyn lflCCOITlbSI and Treasurer, Dorothy Rezzonico. The Art Club this year not only put on the Annual Art Carnival, but also spon- sored an original and interesting puppet show for the benefit of the Red Cross. The club purchased new glazes and Clays for the school kiln. At the spring initiation many new merrbers were inducted into the organization. As there was no advisory this year the members have had to assemble outside of school time, and as a result their activities have been somewhat limited. fag :','.-.': C. izjrfvs L. f Qauies, A if-.11 fi. "' ""f-1'1Si'f'., A. Cgillflflf' " ' 'f. Sir. ' T 'et Q, f':Z'zri ' P' 1 L. Dil Pzit. ::"zrr. raw: Lf. Ezrges, :, szrenzp IJ. Cr.ris'e s ing, L. flcxcr. Miss Lffger.:.1:'. The Latin Club is composed of the students taking Latin and those who have completed two years of this subject. The club has now been in existence fifteen years, one of the oldest organizations in the school. This years protect was a Roman party for the Latin students and adviser from Eureka High School, The guests were entertained in the atrium of a Roman house. The games, costumes, and refresllrrients were in keeping with the Roman customs. A feature of the party was the awarding of defense stamps for prizes, the only non- Roman custom used. Tgp row: E. Lfsf LS f. Rei-i S. Sauziiezs Lfacgtlzerszr, f. Zaxtes .3+.r:..l 7 wi P, L. f.f3T'i1e'.-is L. iii Lzis l.l1SS Ames l. f.finr:e L. Sherri F x 3 :Her ' Fvriwe ' f.f. l. 'iirriw-iQ . Erma' ' Fa: FUTURE FARMERS The Future Farmers presented one of the outstanding social events ot the school year when they held their annual Parent and Son banauet. The boys played hosts to their parents and distinguished guests with an attendance that exceeded that ot any previous banquet. Gther activities of the chapter included: a trip to the State Fair, showing and Judging livestock at the Parliamentary Procedure Contest, a roller skate ing party, and a scrap iron drive for our national defense program. Tiff row: S. Pagers, l. Linebarger, 2. Decker C. fzhnsrr Z. C111 iiy, P" ff, A11 Ncrcr. A. Pegolctii L Bart.-ey. 2n'i row: A. floxon, P. EEYTZATIA, 3. Spin, C. Lindgren P,.sl A lf. Eircel s . . :. Mix: 5. Seaman l, Linesarger. ls' row: Lfr. Parsons, F. Earceims I. To.: D. Austin I. Fast " Ee ini E, .. n F. N. Krugc l. Gallacci, lffr. Sxodaara. LA VELL E. PARSONS Agriculture lOHN E. ELIVKDRYT fih6ITl1SlI',' General SC1F2ll"f Pltysifs fir. Elrricre xr.: his igrst pergzd Chen'.1s'ry Cass. ln the modern world chemistry is playing a constantly more and more irriiortarit role. The high school chemistry class not only starts the prospective cneftiist, but opens new vistas ot the world about him To every student. On the chemistry teacher lies the responsibility of instructing the students in this subiect, concerning which few have previous knowledge. l. E. Elmore has performed this task tor the last sixteen years in a way to merit conimendaticn. Undoubtedly many students owe Mr. Elri.cre a vote of thanks for an important part in their education. SCIENCE .up row: l.. Noraquist, K. A":1f.','i, l. Davies VV. Norton. Middle row: D. Dclson, A. GayEiar', H. Arnold L. Sherman, R. Hill. Bottom row: lflr. Davies, lvl. lchriszrx, M. Papm Vt' Cf' "V-. VIA Al,- P. mingle. .ne e. we ..!46!Ual'lC8 QIQIQQP' OX The Advance staff has sought near and far for new and oriqinal ideas to present to the student body in this our year- book cf l942. Pictures have been taken of the luniors, Sopho- mores, and Freshmen by home rooms instead of by classes, thus aettina a biaaer and better picture of each individual. We feel sure that the student body will treasure the memories this book will recall in the years to come. The "PEPl3ERBQX,f' the school's four page miiiieoaraphed paper, has published a volume of interesting papers under the leadership of the Editor, Marian lohnson and the Faculty Ad- visor, Miss Roach. The aim of the staff has been to provide quality rather than quantity, and it is hoped that a fresh im- proved note in local Journalism has been attained. T ' ' l Fe-r" 1I.f:rr.... H -' Q. NlfjL1Q ii E. Saurg' s 'LIU 3 s 1 CDVER AT T HE GYM OT G RLS SPO TS KOOL jbee T E N N I S BASKETBALL FO BALL I ' R BASKETBALL Wilh only ine riieniloer of last years Qharnpionshgp, tearix returning, the .afeighfs had a tough season olosznij in fourth place. Contestizg every gartie, the Q heayyweights proved their aoiliiy loy leading the Chanipionship Ferndale learn for the A mst half, but were defeated by four points at the final whistle. G. Lgrentzeri, ,-5.. f.fas'c-rsin. E. fzrzes, P. Pri'fl1ard his-Iryriiori, Macgrherscz. A, Sdllady. Pau.sf..n, R. ChY1S'9RSiZ., Young, G. Fzziznscn. E. fprddn. With a season of Close games, losing Two games by two poinis and one game Q hy one point, the lightweights finished in lhird place. High scorers were Ben Spini, A Harley Rylander, and Horner Arnold while Primo Bertolini was very ontstaridirig as a guard. 7' Q, f':r.3kg.i: Pf. T ff-irgiii. ff E. :ze J, X: ' -. ,. '-1 :,.f,s L. Q,L'.'e. 'ie' .. J ..'.".Z", ' 4 9 r L. f'eg,:'1r.S , ff ...IU Y U- i K ..,1 fn 3 ff-- Q QW ., h, qua H1 ,ng -.fix 1,,A,, b..,,.A. VI, AY C1 f-1 .A ,K v f-, Q Aw -,vm XA- - ...x,:., .,..v .W A. .... v .. N- f ETX, V--N 'N .A f S I I fl U Q lf: Ei 2 A- .J Wu... ,Z .,...,A Avg Y UA ffl 2:33 E2 E2 f fa cn T :Q 22 ' Q 7, 5' vn,"4 YV 'Q jlf I' ESIQJT1. rf: ,J ff 'I cu 71 gp .114""f1 '7 IT rn I ,L 9. ii-11 Q gf Q, ,I :J Z. :J 1 51 b .. , ' ,J . I" 5 fl QQ ffsl , f ,, '4 53, 'U n 1 ,., K '2 5? EB TJ L1 gg fa fb -I1 . U QWU 1D fi .Q we N' 11.1 'U m U ID YU gg f 'T H .JJ in fu fn Q., gn rl: gs- K, cn A157 fn 'ff v 1 - - f'x1v,,,, ,,,Q 'XJ WN-,V W 'A ' .LA A-.F 1, Qi. .riff 3:35. E332 QMTA. im. :Wx b.T3.A.T.. .QQ - gf A . FGGTBALI. In 1941 the Arcata Tigers heard so rnuch about defense that they adopted this method of football playing. Consequently the team, when facing a tough schedule with many inexperienced players did not have a good year. They made their best showing by downing Ferndale 14 to O. With all but four regu- lars returning next year, we can look forward to a powerful eleven for 1942. FIRST STRING Backs: M. Graham, I-I. Paulson, D. Dolson, C. Anderson. Line: I. Iskra, V. Jepson, K. Knudsen, E. Jordan, B. Piersall, I. Stansberry, H. Rylander. Top row: G. Robinson, I. Iskra, H. Paulson, V. Iepson, I. Turkovich, G. Saunders, I, Keller, I-Iunt D. Pedley. 2nd row: K. Knuasen, E. Iones, B. Piersall, C. Lindgren, C. Anderson, M. Graham, A. Pegciovti R, lackson, H. Rylander, Mr. Moore. lst row: E. Fusi, T. Tosti, E. Iordon, E. Pyke, H. Griffin, I. Stansberry, R. Paisley, G. Lytle, P. Keller IH lENNla TEAM 1 Mr Davrs son l. aherman G Petravra A Rear: Tolle R Prrtchard I-l A nold P Elmore t and IS enfllff Wrth a larqe turnout thrs year the teams team qot oft to an early star slrapmq up very last Under the coachmq of Mr Davls the team rs lookmq ahead to nth and the lmals an May srxteerrth the semr fmals on May ru gn TENNIS SQUA2 -' ""'4"'4 l llcnrce, S. Percvrch, A. Fields 2. Tile, R, Pfl'Ch3Yd Ind rg:-J: G. Orlarrir L. ffl. Euqgms, . Ah, ma , , ..,, ':'nw,-t 'F' 'Q Vfv - .... ere, a. ..aset.,.. fri raw: N. Scltmrft. Lf. '.'.'e1r, L. Srmgfscn. P. Carroll, N. Kruger I. '.Yyat:. SPEEDBALL Top row: B, Lorenzo, E. McCombs, A. Gayhart, A. Helac, G. Petrovich, B. Aronson, L. Nordguist. Middle row: C. Speer, M. Garland, L. Picchi, I. McNeill, D. Gallacci, P. Lewis, G. Hansen. Bottom row: M, Papini, M. Norherry, D. Rezzonico, L. Sherman, A. Babler, E. Caldeira, L. Simpson, Miss Feilding. For the third consecutive year the class of lQ42, under the leader- ship ot Lois Sherman, has defeated all opponents. The luniors were the runners-up since they were defeated only by the Seniors. Back Row: tl. Cclcgrove, L. Ncrdquist, A. Helac, B. Aronscii, D. Galiayqi. Middle row: L. Sherman, l-.f. Garland, L. Picchi, M. '.'Vilscn, Miss Peilding. Bottom row: E. Caldeira, M, aPpini, I. Vincent, G. Hansen, A. Martin. Captain Marcille Garland led her Senior companions undefeated through their speedball season. Though competition was strong, especially from the luniors, the excellent teamwork of the Seniors proved superior. VGLLEYBALL BONNIKSEN-SORENSON, INC. Complete Automotive Sales and Service Studebaker Cars Mack Trucks Gilmore Products Norwalk Tires 17th and G Streets Phone Arcata 9l DR. L. F. KELTNER Dentist Arcata California HUGH MCKENZIE Auto Paint and Body Shop 16th St Phone l4l M Compliments of the ARCATA LAUNDRY DALY BROTHERS Humboldt s Modern New Style Center Eureka California PLAZA GARAGE W A Crawford Prop Phone 7 W Arcata Calif IONES 5 10 15 CENT STORE Novelties and Staples at Lowest Prices Arcata California TATMAN S BAKERY Gn the Redwood Hiahway BUCK S CAFE Noted for lt Good Fooa North Side of Plaza Phone l3l Arcata BLUE LAKE ADVOCATE Humboldt s Best Weekly S2 UO p r year Blue Lake California KELLER'S PHARMACY The Rexall Store Prescription Druqaist Arcata California POLLY PRIM BAKERY Home of lclorne-made Bread Phone l4Ol Arcata A LEVY 6 I ZENTNER CO W'holesale Fruit and Produce Co Eureka California THE VARSITY SWEET SHOP ln Arcata on the Redwood Hiahway Gpposite th Plaza Shop located next to he Redwood Theatres Arcata Ph l55l Fortuna POULTRY PRODUCERS of Northern California Eureka California I ANSEN S Quality Groceries lce Cream Candies Groceries l6th and l Streets Phone 43 Arcata California Compliments of BLEDSOE S Arcata California SUTHERLAND S CASH STORE Union Gas and Gil P on l L Lake DR EUGENE FOUNTAIN D i sl Phon 4C Arcata HAPPY HILL EJerytnirg Vtleor Phone lO4 I 846 . - ' ' ' e to f "The Horne of Good Bakery Products" Ggngrgl Mgrghqmdtgg h e .G Bl ie - . S er tif' A , 9 ' l U .' tc I ' DONALD DREW A ttorney at Law 894 G Street Phon 32 W Arcata ROBERTSON S Super Creamed Ice Cream Grant Shakes L1aht Lunches O33 H Street Arcata Ca11I A W ERICKSON CO Photo Fmrshma Iob Prmtmq Ptctur Framma Arcata Ca11forn1a EUREKA BEVERAGE CO 132 We t Fourth St Phone 536 UNITED GARAGE C S Gelqer and L A Ford Best W1S11 EVEREADY SERVICE STATION R capprna Retreadlnq Corn r 1Uth and H Streets Arca a Ca11torn a C L STARKEY Watchmaker and Iewe1er Nora R I qerators and Spartan Radto BLUE LAKE MARKET Thad A STII1I1'I Proprretor THE ROSERY F1owers tor a11 occaslons Gltts Phone 96 Arcata AXEL ANDERSON General Insurance O1d L1ne Compames On1y 875 Ntnth Street Phones Hesrdence 196 Ofhce 145 B COOPER M D Phys1c1an and Surqeon Arcata Cahforma SEELY 6. TITLOW COMPANY Arcata Super Market The Un1versa1 Store Arcata Calrfornra PETE CANCLINI SHOE SHOP Where Sho Reparrmq IS a Spec1a1ty Arcata Cahfornla IACKSON S GARAGE Gas O11 Accessorres Phone 17 W ue Lake ALLEN 6. HENSEL East S1d Plaza Furnrture and Apphances DE LUXE BARBER SHOP Iohn C Morten en Prop Arcata CG1IIOYH1d COT LEGE CREAMERY Bard n s Supertor Ice Cream Phone 135 Crad A Pa teunzed M11k COTTAGE GROVE DAIRY HORNBROOK S SHOE STORE Eureka Ca11forn1a SEELY STUDIO Ouallty Portratts 526 G Street Eureka E V IONES Loca1 and Lona Dlstance Hauhnq 1001 H Street Phone 07 Arcata . . . ,gn O I Q O -J 9 P - I 1 I 1 4 I 4 9 ' I I I . 8 . I Q ' - B1 . . 1 . - ' 9 ' es to ' ' "Graduate: ot 1942" phnne 194 Aman 9 . . . s , . e 1 , i . . ' IG 4 -,I e Qri 3 ' 9 1 I I I I U Arcata Cleaners Dyers and Tallors The Best Workmanshlp nd Servtce BERT CHAPMAN Prop Tarlored Surts for the Man Vtfho Cares Phone 79 lik'-'J M O 0 SALES co f p MASTER BREAD Popular because 1t s good FEED and SEED S Iacomella V Capr1le BEER INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance SGIVICQ LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER Phone 41 Arcata Callf GRIER S CORNER DRUG STORE PIGSCTIDIIOD Pharmacy In the Post Oftrce Block Phone 4 Arcata DR H L IENKINS PHYSICIAN and SURGEON Phone 73 Arcata Caht RITCHIE WOODS DRUGS Phone 435 5th Street and G Eureka Calrf ARCATA BAKERY Phone 30 IOHN MARTE Prop B B BARTLETT OPDD S P BARTLETT OPDD Optometnsts 529 F Street Eureka Cahf COLLEGE SHOE SHOP E CANCLINI Prop Elqhth and G Streets Arcata Calll Meet at the BON BONNIERE FOUNTAIN G LUNCH Eureka Callfornta A BRIZARD INC The Outstandmq Shopplnq Center 1n Humboldt Co Arcata Cahforma Canada Dry Products Eureka Cahforma The Or1q1nal KARL S Sandwlches Mrlkshakes Chill Beans 17th and G St Russ Ahce DAVE S BARBER SHOP Conqratulates the CLASS OF 1942 Arcata Calrfornra LINDSTRAND S Garage and Super Servrce Statlon Phone 3 I General Merchandlse Store Phone 3 W Blue Lake Cahforma HENRY A SORENSON Resldent Agent General Insurance and Real Estate Phone 24 725 8th St Arcata Cahl BUTTER NUT BAKERY Butter Nut Bread Largest Independent Bakery m The Redwood Emprre L 6 A STYLE SHOP 1644 G St Gladys E Anderson Luctlle C Larsen 0 e., ll 'Y' SEQUOIA GROCERY CO. GEO. E- KEI-I-EY BERT HILL S VARIETY STORE Phone 209 876 G St Arcata Calrfornra LEE PHIPPS DRESS SHOP 523 Frfth Street Coats Suxts Dresses Eureka Calrtornra PAUL S BARBER SHOP FITSI Class Servrce Arcata Calltornla PENNEY S Humboldt s Errendly Department Store Frith and G Sts Eureka Cahf FEUERWERKER S DISIIDCIIVO Furnxture Retrrqerators Vtfashers Radros FREEMAN ART STUDIO Makers of good plctures 527 E Street Eureka Cahf HILFIKER ELECTRIC CO Phllco Zenlth Radlo Radro Servrce Westco Punrps Next to P O Phone 20 Arcata TEN WINDOW WILLIAMS Credlt Ieweler Eureka Corner 3rd ci F St Phone 472 DR N A STROMBERG DENTIST Phone 28 Arcata Cahtornra YOUR BEAUTY SHOP Haudyemg 6 Pennanents A SpeC1a1ty Next Door to Tatman s Bakery Phone 114 Arcata Elsre Forster Prop Mathews Muslc 6. Statronery House Your Musrcal Headquarters Records Sheet Musrc 423 F Street Phone 565 Eureka Caht H A Schrn1tt Earl Walton SMITTY S Umon O11 Products Phone 76 10th and G Sts Arcata Caht Conqratu1at1ons to the CLASS OF 1942 ARCATA SAMOA BASEBALL CLUB F Paprnr Mar Ernre Robrnson Sec DELTA BOWLING ALLEY Bowl for Health 744 9th St Phone 147 Arcata Cahf BUTCH WILSON S TACKLE SHOP SPORTING GOODS Arcata Cahtornra KRAMER AUTO SUPPLY CO Parts Tools Eqmpment Machrne Shop rn Connectron Phone 3232 4th 6. C Sts Eureka THE BIG 4 Fme Itahan Dinners One Mlle North of Arcata Cahf Phone Arcata 215 for reservatrons Personal Management ot EVANGELISTI BROS PAPINI BROS Groceries F ru1ts Vegetables Phone 506 923 H Street COLEMAN S MEAT EMPORIUM Your Commen ernent Coleman s Too Conqratu1at1ons' Phone 507 Arcata UNITED CREAMERIES ASSN. Umted tBrandl Butter Arcata Cahtornra , . . Q L 11 1t's "Butchbilt" It's "We11bi1t" PURITY STORES Arcata California CALIFORNIA BARREL CO , LTD Extend Congratulations to the CLASS OF l942 THE PLAZA 6. THE ARCATA BARBER SHOPS W tlctexl Pyle L O Iacobs Comphrnents of GOLDEN STATE CO LTD V EVERETT HUNT BS DDS VERNONL HUNT DDS FACD Pracuce Llrnrted to Orthodontrcs Arcata Eureka HAMMOND REDWOOD CO Retail Yard Phone 25 Arcata Calif DR C L BONSTELL DENTIST Phone 23 Arcata Cal1torn1a MURRAY S AUTO COURT 6. SERVICE STATION Modern Cabrns Associated Products 4th and G Sts Arcata Callt I P Murray Ernrnxtt Murray Peterson s Sporting Goods Store Athletic Equipment Fishing Tackle Ammunition Lunch Room Soft Drinks etc Arcata Phone 97 MCCANN MOTORS Arcata Cal1torn1a Ford 6. Oliver Farm Equipment Surge Milker Arcata Union 6. Shopping News Quality Iob Printing Phone 3 HOME GUERNSEY DAIRY Grade A Dairy Products Raw and Pasteurized Milk 6 Cream Phone 824 Eureka CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1942 HUMBOLDT STATE COLLEGE Educatlonal opportunlty here at home SAFEWAY STORES INC Guaranteed Meats 6 Grocenes Arcata Callfornia Bon Voyage CLASS OE 42 ARCATA THEATRE IOE S TRADING POST New and 2nd Hand Goods Corner lOth CS H St Arcata BOYD S SHELL STATION One Block South of Plaza on Highway Shellubncation Wheel Aligning Brakes Arcata Phone 97 Cornplrments of HUNTER S LUNCH ROOM The Place to Eat on the Redwood Hrghway Arcata Cahtorrua Phone 55 l8th and G Sts THE COLLEGE NEWSTAND That Quality Bon Bonnrere Ice Cream Candy Soft Drinks Magazmes On the Plaza Many thanks to our tr ends and advertlsers from the ADVANCE STAFF of the ARCATA UNLQN HIGH SCHOOL Q Q H H . , H 1 1 el o g 1 o .1 a o n Q 1 a o e1 o u o o , 1 e , . . I a o o ' . 1 ' ' 1, , If . , . 1 I - 1 - ' 1, It l

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