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'WLM-2' AHML-14' .. , V V-Wi., Vzgh g jxi z f?5Zg15'Q'v3,iA.V?QiAf,.? it FI Norl:hqCoast Y ys ffilov. 4 Wg Old Arcata llllgh' f 1 "On Aug. 5, 1959, a wrecking crew waSk he?dwdtN puling ' downold Arcata High School to make way forqnewor buiiding. - K Q w , ,, ,1 A L iff, M. , WW H J Uv XIV ,J Aj I ! f ' V'-Viz 1 Yx, J! V A, Km J , , , . 'ffl' N21 'l ' . ' J, xx U L, A f 5 I f t . ' -1 l 9' - .1 1 t l A y . M Q z '11, ' 1 I' v 'I x -L NK T KG 'I .lj I Xi, K THE ADVANCE ,K H rw x, M fw L XM Q fw T f-N A x.f XA v ? 1irjQpfli'- z ffif- Qk5T,LQ3'EZ1f.p . - , , - , Z ,v f. 3 A .AIJi t,--p, TSN, x'.,A,,33 K :.l,N,3,3,: Cf fi TAN, WW- .... V ,,,,,L,.,,..V, ,U-,., , RF ATR C.3.L1FARDIA ' gals? . ,... ,alien Muff' Eigsiiess T.If:t1f1:g r . . Leslgs Iffrs The nineteen forty-one ADVANCE ' " ' XTX, Q' mtrican Qifiztuahip Revere the flaa . . Wark faithfully . . lnfarm yourself . . Respect our laws . Serve America . . Admi nistration Classes Activities Athletics Features 4 , a r J' S-nl 'Ct Amtricna citizenship 35 3 pribiltgt- Kansa' ani tht:-film 'llsni pn-ihiltgv Thai' gnu mag ln hear-I-lag cf Hn' name Amaritnn. mvrican Qifizvush Y v w mnunrv 'Else Qing-The umblnm of frttivm, Qqanliig auhiusiicc- QF:-nftti' il' ai if prt'ftt'l'5 gan. ERNEST HENRY EMERSON GRAHAM, Clerk LESLIE E. MOXON IAMES N. PALMER ADAM MACPHERSON, President E TRUSTEES "Any education which increases the total amount ot human satisfaction is a contribution to democracy." -C. C. Crawford E CIP S A O COOPURRIDER Those who won our lnde pendence beheved thot the hnol end of the Stote was to mdke men tree to develop them totc utttes ond that ln 1ts government the d911bGI'CIT1V9 forces should prevolt over the drbltrdry Mr Iustlce Brondels Ctr If I vf P' we X tml ALLEN HAM Civics U S History Economics NINA GRAHAM Dean of Girls Horne Economics WALTER N WOOD lnstrurnentalMus1c Band Orchestra MARY SAMPLE English Speech Arts B E CLAYPOOL Vice Principal U S History Algebra Geometry and Trigonometry DOROTHY AMES Tyoing English Latin Orientation LA VELL H PARSONS Agriculture LILLIAN HAGOPIAN, French, Spanish, Library. I. C. BOGGESS, Woodworking, Farm Mechanics. RUTH CARROLL, English, World History, Chorus, Choir, Orientation "We hear youth marching, marching Down the corridors of time, The footsteps ot the millions I-leads hiqh and hearts sublime -O. Scott Thompson WILLIAM B. MCKITTRICK, World His- tory, Physical Education, General Science. EVELYN FEILDING, Physical Education. GEORGE L. CAMPBELL, Bioloqy, Senior Science, General Mathematics. IRVEN W. DAVIES, Bookkeeping, Typ- inq, Shorthand, Office, and General Business Traininq. PEARL DEGENHART, Arts, Crafts. IOHN E. ELMORE, Chemistry, General Science, Physics. FRANCIS MOORE, Physical Education, Social Science, Orientation, General Business. GERTRUDE E. MEADE, Enqlish, The Advance. IOHN W. BOGGESS, Machine Shop and Welding, Mechanical Drawing. mark maiflifullg Mink fni+n.f..nn,, linucvtvl' lg, billinglg-31100 aa n ti'l'izvu,'l-Inv gn-i-vt af nppaa-'i'nni'l's3 hill vu-pau 'fav gnu. HOWARD EDWARDS .XA W L V F, rf: "A man beloved, a man elect of men." Q 1 LESLIE R. LARSON "Filled to the brim with personality." CAROLYN ROSALIE MERRYMAN "In iaith, lady, you have a merry heart." IOHN WILLIAM STOVER "Let me play the tool with mirth and laughter." "No sinner or no saint perhaps, HALE WASHBURN But then the very best of Chaps." QXJ ESTHER ELEANOR PIEEERINI "Good nature, good sense are ever joined." Pi-:ARL HAM , .. A 5 "A smile Ior everyone." ' O 'I OSCAR SEQUIST fi A I if 1 4 .1 He will always excell in anything he may attempt." W COLLEEN MURRAY "The wealth ot the mind is the only true wealth." VICTORIA CAROLYN PETROVICH "All the worlds a camera, look pleasant, please." DORIS GODDEN "A dark goddess in a moonlit garden." KENNETH M. GEIGER "A player unequaled, a sportsman complete, A rum one to follow, A hard one to beat." 4: A X c wlfv l1t ' f' rv ALAN RIMBEY "He's a 'corking' good fellow." DOLORES LIGHTFORD "A life that leads a melodious way." WALLACE R. SCOTT "His limbs were cast in manly mould, For hardy sports and contests bold." DONNA MAXINE FREEMAN "Her look composed, a steady eye, bespoke a matchless constancy." DELBERT GOODWIN "Difficulties are things that show what men are." IONE LIGHTFORD "Dignity is the sweetness of womanhoodf' OPAL LAURENE SHULL "Shes witty to talk with, And pretty to walk with, But oh! - How short!" ERIO IOHN GIUNTINI "So much is a man worth as he esteems himself." DONNA IEAN IRISH "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low." MARINO GIUNTOLI "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." FLORENCE ELIZABETH GETCHELL "Though she wasn't in the limelight, she too did her share." IAMES W. GOLTZ "Nothing endures but personal qualities." if , . -.4 it r in it by THOMAS PAUL .5- ll Let be my name until l make my own MARIORIE IANE CLARK The sweetest way not to tail IS to d termme to succeed ROSS ROBERTS Man was produced to do good deeds ELVA JEAN BRAND Cn with the dance CHARLES THUROW A man s a man to do or dare CRYSTAL WALKENSHAW A sudden thought strikes me Let us swear eternal tnendship CHARLES E KERN Patient ot toil serene amidst alarm GLADYS CLARA FISHER The reason firm the tempered will endurance tores ght strength and skill KEITH G HAWKES Bravery never goes out ot fashion KATHERYN BEAM Fond ot beauty sports and laughter Pleasure first and business after. GERALD E. HUTCHINS 9- "The manly part is to do with might and main what you can do." GLORIA GRAZOLI "A noble woman is a storehouse ot virtue." F' lACK R. PIERSALL "Sport went hand in hand with science." ROBERT B. PARRIS, Ir. "They can conquer who believe they can." KAY SWAP "Music is the universal lanquaqe of mankind." HARRY BLAKE "He is stately, bloncl, and tall." 5 A K C2 W'-N Xe 1 Q- fl, 9 if V V Q s K -J '- 1, -7 GwENDoLYN IANE HART "Her heart is like the moont There's a man in it." . 6, BETTY IEAN ABBOTT fr " "Everything ends in sono." 3. y - c.oRDoN LEE ' ' Y "Never mincl the why and wherefore." - A MICKEY MARIE MEADOWS y "Short but sweet." g . g' ' Y EUGENE GALLACCI K "ln all the woes that curse our race, There is a lady in the case." I x 1, HILMA PAE BASS ' "Sweetness wins her way." r SHIRLEY ADELL LANCASTER 'cl Z .Q "Kind hearts are more than coronetsf' f W g,,: ALBERT BURNS ' t "Sl , i E 5 , "A well-bred man, sociable and complacent." .X 1 Q. lg- A -,kf L-, -s 4 Q 3 X0 o 7 ELVIN IACKSON The qlrls he always shuns BARBARA F GRAHAM Not too serrous not too gay Iust a real good pal 1n every way BOB ACORN 45' liek And when a lady s rn the case all other thrnqs qrve place DOLORES TUNE LAURSEN Eull of charmrnq qrqqles LLOYD ASHCOM Every man rs the maker ot hrs own fortune LA VONNE GERTRUDE KRUGER Art 1S the chlld of nature ELLEN K PETERSON She srnqs and st1ll a harp unseen Frlls up the symphony between DON CANTRELL It betrts a younq man to be modest LOUISA BABLER She soars hrqhly wrth her own wrnqs STANLEY L LORENTZEN "Courage respects courage " BARBARA MAE MATHEWS "Be rn general vrrtuous and you shall be happy " ROBERT WELCH "Tomorrow's another day " 4 1 Y I ' A - . D . , L, 0 L 6, D P, X. ,. V , H 3 ,A ' fx . ! J ., EIL, ' mg! .L l L I ,iJ ', '?.. If ' A ' U-, "' ' 1 , 4 , 5.43 .N W tk' ' '- .gig C3424 V Xl 7 1 fl 1' , 7 4, af 25.2. - li Q A A A A re' ' 1 . 1 ' .1 'fl f I , Ma" ' ' E1 ' ' A - ' ' Y fr ' " H' . Y is I L 1.13, ., B-4-4' ' ' 1x4 I ' .f I H . ., ., . , ..... ., f . 1 . , ,, , . ,, . . U ,, . . ,, ,, . . H ,, . , 4 I Il H . ,, ,, V I , ,, ARMIN FRIEDLI God s grit to women MARILYN IEAN STOUDER Her eyes are pools of laughter gay Where many hearts have gone astray IOSEPHINE MARY LANDAHL The Iountarn ot wrsdorn flows through books IOSEPH RODRIQUES I An honest rnan s word rs as good as h1s bond ISAAC LELAND MOXON Ir H1s wrse rare SITIIIG IS sweet Wllh certarntles HELEN MARTE Gentle rnanners and a aulet charm are always 1n vogue SHIRLEY NADINE NESSLER K I I The sky was meant to be a crown tor her golden head GLENN LINDGREN Happy arn I from care Im free Why arent they all contented hlce me? CATHERINE LOUISE HAVENS Gay and Petrte w1th dancmg feet D1l1gence rs the rnother of good fortune DEE CANTRELL The greatest strength and wealth IS self control GENA MARY GIANINI N 3 ' Quret and reltaole rs she "IT be X 'f 1 , s. J Y., r CK, H I I H Q ' 1, ,fx I ' ' Y ' - 'J H I, T- I Jlfl ' I 4 A I W 1' " ' ' I ' 'I ' ' ' an O Jllr' A ' , - u I -r , I ' . i I H I A I 'H 4 ' 5 FRANK WAYNE IQNES .f ,H L 'N 1 U .Ni -'. 441 ff A ll I L y 3 at .I Qs, X I .IW a , N x 5 FN 3 1 , E . ,lax PATRICIA A. HUNTER "Belteves Home Economics is the surest way to a rnan's heart." CARL RIMBEY "Never trouble trouble 'till trouble troubles you." IESSIE YVONNE FERGUSON "All labor and no play is not I thrnk the proper way ALVIN MILLER Better not to be at all than not to be noble PHYLLIS E HUBBARD There rs always ttrne for Iun CHARLES WOMACK Today rs today who cares about tornorrow? A L SWANSON HIS words are few but wrse ones LENA TAYLOR Llqht hearted wrth never a care IS she GERALD MAIRE Always ready for sport or rotce A Jolly lad was he VIGLA LEE IENSEN Quret as a mouse but when you know HI EUGENE WARREN Wearrna hrs Wrsdorn lrqhtly MARGUERITE ANN SMIGLE Srmplrcrty a very rare thrna rn our aqe T 5 1 qv KW U' Mn-kjfk I 36 35 3 -fi " I , . hefleo . 8" ' ' -Q ' 3' an 1. Q' ,g-gflfx E E We I' I I 'L fha 1 Q I 1 -I f .. "" 'V 'ir ' ' A . . 1A'f"f, Q 1 ' , A , 1 'F 7 cr, I an J " Q . W XA IAMES KANE My cares are the Ieast of my WOIIIGS DOROTHY KLIEN A Dot wrth a dash BEATRICE ELAINE SADLER Laughter sparkles from her eyes WALLACE GRIFFIN He s of stature somewhat small CARL L LATE Second thoughts are ever WISGI IEAN HORNBECK She talks an 1l'1I1fllI9 deal of nothmg MYRTLE LEE RAAB Laugh and be well LE ROY WOLD I Iove work It facmates me I could SII and Iook at rt for hours A STACY D SACCHI What care I for SGTIOUS thmgs MARILEE MAREN KRING Essent1aI rs her rea on RUTH LAVERNE KROTTINGER My thoughts are my compamons IOHN EINAR BIORKSTRAND A man of many moods All ful , K., AL A H1 WIARY KNADP me 0 s d u v '1 ALVIN MOXCDN A mee ur1part1c1,lar man MILDRED EXZILDA CASTON What her heart ihmks her OTUUG sp ac CLYDE MCCUTCHEQN I am the captam of my sau ARTHUR A LORENTZEN An abmdqemem of all that was pleabafxt m mar ICI-IN A WARREN A man of actlans not af Wards IIMMIE HELM Small of stature bla a hea MYRNA ST LCUIS Fin Hfwllae-Qs awd Qmc My x , .Q 1 J I - nh . . 9 gf A ok gy , ' , 1 ,, A I '-4 .yu , 2 A - .A , 41 ,4 A - '- A ., F 9 ' at ' ' ' ' ul "L I , 1 1 e rf "She is var a b T al emi she sleeps." " ' 1 1 , Q lsf' ,, , ,, 1. " - 4 ff " K 1. , . . . er' fxrst Qi all." ,ffv SWEATERS Mary Elizabeth Gayhart Harold Anderson WINNERS OF TIGER A's Girls: Mary Elizabeth Gayhart, Zorka Stemberger, Mary Papini, and Victoria Petrovich. Boys: lack Piersall, Warren Simas, Harold Anderson, and Elvin lackson SHIELDS Girls' League Shield: Eleanor Nielson. Spaulding Athletic Shield: Harold Anderson. The girls select by vote the one Senior Girl whose name they deem worthy of being engraved on the Girls' League Honor Shield. Both girls and boys, however, are entitled to elect a Senior boy for the Spaulding Athletic Shield. As the annual award winners are unknown until the duration of a school year, the students whose names appear on this page are those of 1940. 1940 MERIT AWARDS "Honor is purchased by the deeds we do." To accent the compensatory aspect of school work, Arcata High School has long encouraged the accomplishment of ambitious students through an award system. Points are earned in two main classifications: first, ex- tra curricular activities and scholarshipy and second, athletics. Circle A's are awarded for the former and Block A's for the latter. To the eight boys and girls who have accumulated the highest totals of combined points, Tiger A's are awarded. The most outstanding presentations are the sweaters which are given to the two students chosen by the faculty executive coun- cil. Since all Tiger A winners are eligible to be considered for the sweaters, character qualifications, rather than points, determine the council's selections. THE JU IGRS The closs of '42 hos otlreody proved itself copctble of fulfilling the mctny obligcttions with which they will be confronted in their one remgining yegr of thot grgnd democrcttic institution, High School. This clgss is notgble in furnishing lectdership os rnctny luniors ore officers in the different orgonizcttions ond gctivities of the school. Ty: f. l.. lf7'E1'1'.'."1j, eves, Z. 7C'.sor1, A. El. .33.r',nsr1, lf. G'rrl'1rp"i, l.. Pri. L. N ,Y l'Q'.l1S' l. Rdrtilirgi-L. 4'?i Raw: ff. l I lf. 'Nils' 7 f""'f"cii, Fl. Hill f. :Milf-j,', l. Virrf-r TUILVJII, l.. P1-'zzs 1, P. Lewis. Pri Rfpvfz i r:L1r,i, B. EV: tins, ff. lloxif E Col grove lt' '. es P, lflliriqff-r A. l1l'1f'lIl, ll. Pig Lri M. STU .. 2:i'i Fiftvw ff. :-ff'f177"r, I. Erzcks v rfirvens E. ffif. ig fl. Pi: If-I, 'f.G1lPt'r'.1s ri ' f.l1 in, l. lfrfix l.. Futg. An ifirswn. Bzfwrri RUN: E. Cglfieirfz, E, rims E, Piczlcrsi E. Pimps, l.. 3:2 ri T. v W Vi G. 'i Fprl-is lff. ff','.'.":rfi ff. ffuzglgr. T22 Row: fn. Pefvs f. Hlxlf-I F. Eux I Lf. Deenis G. :flt.lIiif7I5, l, Reid, fl. Clirisw , yilsuzi, D. Ti I l,Kf1n'ifill. 'rfi Row: Lf. Bfrzcfllles, E. 'llfl'YIl'1I'. A. lfiusterson, E. Gr37oQi, R. Young E, Vdxon, IT, Lffxcgizerscri, N. 'Mfr i F. Q7f::t1':dcrd, P. Kwosrfy. Yuri Row: D. Rogers R. Fisher, F. fuckson, l. lSlfYU, E. lines if. Sf-quis' ff. Pfrulsfzri lilffflll l. Nieri. Bovoni Rzxv: A. Rcscllfr, A.P-.f5zl:'1i, H. Rylonder Qzswn, l.. Hnver, Knulsen, H. Arnold. B. Sp A. Ftcseild E. Wolf. p Row: E. IJl'TCifDIUlLS, B. Szuniers, L. Huqgms, 3. ?.:r'or1 C. Speer, fl. Firrrtzzy, C. Clark E. Lorenzo G. Pewzvroh, A, Gayhart li RVN: I. H':NH1l L. Gahrrel I. ELIWII., H. Gl11l'1fi'l" f. Nffr'.rt f. D31 PTI' 1, H. Pe is I. Hou L. Lfanzxer.-ls. 1 X' 5:11 Er:'.'.'ri Q. I g-' Q. Fe. FV171 ,.f .ies ff. l.'1:t1.' ' I S Lf A rr s ry, P. Frttrtiy. 7 d Foxx 221111 Fl. Ender' A "" sro: 3. P3 el. E .-'- r 3. Het' 2 L. Peers Y. .fir "' :diet l.. Sxfnry-X I Ef. " Eudezif' ' ::11:QQ F. F " +. sqm P H I1 lk D, ,. t S x 4 5 fi ff 91' J - Y THE SOPHGMCDRES Although this Class is supposed to oe in an indeterminate staae Qt has already established tts rdenttty as outstanding. The sopho- rnores are Well represented in sports and rnusic. Now that they have spent two years in school they are ready to assume the responsi- bilrties of rpperolassrnen. TH E PRESHME This year the Freshman class is continuing orientation but on a new schedule. The classes are now organized to enable all ot the Freshmen to take orientation during the same periods. Because ot this the Freshmen were able to get together at Christmas for a party which was a grand success. This class is the largest in the history ot the school and is endeavoring to keep up its ideals and standards. '-. L... I' :ics':'1:.' f. llT.'.'."ZI., TX. Fi' s Fe:g,fr.i1.'i F.j.":r1 I. Ffvzri, L. 't'."1.kens I. Ff iz., D. L'1r:.If:f:Ii, D. Iffclf, M. Yfin. S EQ. KC'1il1ClLlf'Y, lf. FLLAQIC F. Liiiiray, L. GL' .r F. Strom! w'-rf: ft.. Ffffis. Vi Fri.-.': L. E'I'Ilt'fv' L'. h':'1fj.' R. Mason, I. Tierney I. Iensen, F. Fir-'ri:'l. F. pf""'IS, Ii. Ycurw' F '1 F. rvlf-Xl "f' 1, L. Flange- B.?r1yfier F. Smith, ll. :.CIIiA'I3f6 r, 1. 'Nf,lf, F. F717f:Z'l, fini P51611 Ii. lvlflfifiiid fl. Fiicrfinscri, Ft. Phelps, L. liolziritler, A. Fishfi, lt. Petter, I. Lining r cr F. Grass, If. Ffr'r.1:,1 f.. Gelgrig, I. Mcffrinie N. Bpf.'l.e. lfl. Yur':"1:': F. Flfclfx. Few: F. S'.lll1'."1I. f. Ewiiacek, D. Sizriyscn. IJ. Barnweil. O Qris', G. F"e:, E. Fees, Costa E. Andf-:scn P. Grri, I. Fyre, I, Tompkins S. Sfchell, G. Eirnif- 'L.'.,V!I f'ar':aQE1'. f. mrxztiins D. Sallady F. :CTIA Eu.l'.-Jinklr i ,'.LIKf,'-'lCl., K. Lansing L. ...c 'i Grany R, Cririsv' sen, L. Thomsen, AJ: K. lfuryhy, F. Pprfer -iii G. Eirindelii, I. Thacker Few: L. Sv-Urns, F. wkrris, G. Lyon, I. Karney, G Alto, Har. Hurt, Hunk Ir. Anaress G. Ganclinz, I. Larriferi r D. Moulton, Lf. Iohiscn, F. Fyke, I, Hfzskngs G. Lcrentzen. ?f.'.':: H Hirnm G, SE. Marci, A. McMillan, O. Ilcfutchecn A. Crinih I. Lyle G. Taylor, G. Bernard' L. Eanciucci, G. Elffi N. Frcst, F. Drown, F. F1151 V. Slade. B. Kerr, ff Taste. tim Pow: H. Fusi, G. gman, A. Knapp, E. Setchell, C. Harrison, A. Lfcxcrr, Laursen Sadler E. Mcxcn, Griffin, f.Fcrman, D. Christiansen A. Grcxzman, I. Hill F. Smigle, S. Schussman, F. Austin 'ef' 'V .- S r 4 fn L'5'9'f-3 Q . 4. A, . , rf' I A . Zlnform Qatar-:-elf .ilnfan-ua gunrttlf uf 'Flaw 'Pnunbai-inns uf gate:-unavai- 'l'l1n'l' rvtkles-3 ngi'l'z-rl-or-S mag nd n'F'Fnt'l- gun- gush iulgmvnf- an I 'L 411 2 F. il S .f . F. 4 l S 5 CH 45 L . 95 52 ,-Q P'-no 75. CE c 3405 Pic: 'GCE H: x '. Dm E53 120 :KPN VCC :if Es., .fn U - -23 2 EH-'M -Q2 ,QZ -2. Eg? iv ZZ' iii 435 S4 l 2 W. QC 5 Top Row: D. Tolle, P. Hunter, H. Arnold, L. Nordquist, W. Stover, M. Turner, P. l-lam, C. Murray. S. Buck. Middle Bow: B. Brown, M. Ennis. G. Fisher, G. Petrovich, O. Sequist, E. Forbes, W. Tonini, L. Iones, B. Abbott. Bottom Row: M. Stonder, K. Swap, C. Merryman, M, Papini, S. Merryman, M. Papini, S. Merryman, L. Sandkulla, Mr. Wood. THE ORCHESTRA Musical organizations provide the future upholders of our country with the cultural arts of true democracy. Students come into this organization possessing only a small knowledge of music and leave with an adequate appreciation of classical orchestra music, plus valuable experience. The orchestra attended the annual music festival in the spring. A.U.H,S. BAND W- WALTER N. WOCD, Director Last year at San lose, the band received a rating of A at the Music Festival for Northern California Bands, a record which they hope to repeat this year. The band gave two successful concerts in order to raise money to take the trip to the Bay Regior., and also gave many concerts on the plaza. This organization participated in the annual Field Day and played for the home games. The program for the concert given on December 4, l94O, was the following: College Life CMarchl .. .. .. .............. ........ F rantzen Peter Schmoll COverturel ................ ...... W iber Moonlight on the Nile lWaltzl ....... ..,...... K ing East of Suez Clntermezzol. .......... ...,,..,..... S trebor Bustucon lCverturel .... . ....... .... F rankiser "Over There" fSelectionl . .Drv. by Lake The concert given on February l8, l94l was as follows: Barnum and Bailey's Favorite CMarchl ........ ............... K ing Alacldin's Lamp COverturel .......................... ............... O 'Neil Gems of Stephen Foster CSelectionJ ...... ...... A rr. by Lake Fortune Teller CSelectionl ..................... ............. H erbert Rustucon COverturel ,.......... .......,.. ...... F rankiser The band also played at the Inter-School Music Festival in Eureka. 555. Ter: Pow: ll. Rogers, H. Edwards, L. Larson, I. Kendall, K. Swap E. Seve in Row: l. Timmons, '.'f. lanes, l. Piersall. B. Parris, Ll. Guintcli, T. Paul. Erd RCW: A. Crinch, l. L1gh1iord, G. Hart. E. Peterson 3. Abbott, 2. Gfifff .. Znd Row: C. Merryman, l. McNeil, E. Erand, D. Dolscii, P. Fciicrn Row: Mr. Ham P. Klingler, M. Costa, G. Hansen. ll. Clark P. Gross E. lusus Few: l. Kendall, Edwards, l. Tigrkcvicn, K. Lansing L. Larson, K. Swap Dow: A. Pelac, Chrzsensen, M. Deems, I. Piersall, E. Parris, fl. Guinfcl .ova C. lwferzyrtian, Q. Seguist, lones, I. Liclieil, E. Brand f.f. Garan ' Pow: E. Setch-eQ, Pclsley, D. ','.'clf, D. Dolscn, E. Abzcft. K. Beam ,. .J s cctiorx Row: Mr. Ham P. Kiingler, M. Papinx, E. Pifferini, F. Geichel L. , A STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Body Council proved once again that government by the consent of the governed is the best and is Worth preserving at all costs. Our council is an example of a democracy solving its own problems. The leadership was invested by the majority vote in the able hands of the president, lack Piersall, and vice-president, Bob Parris. A. U. H. S. standards were successfully maintained and even improved during the semester. During the second semester the group with Howard Edwards as presi- dent and Leslie Larson as vice-president sponsored a Matinee dance to pay for the unitorms ot the yell leaders and took charge ot the annual work day. BACHELORETTE CLUB The Bachelorettes under the supervision ot Miss Carroll and the guidance of Kay Swap, the president, have given a tea for their mothers and for Wives of the trustees, in honor ct their sponsors, the Vforiens Club. They also entertained all the other school clubs and plan a reunion tor the past rnernbers. EXCALIBU CL B This year was a very active one tor the Excalibur Club under The able guidance ot the presidents, Torn Paul and Howard Edwards.The Club again sponsored a Reunion of all past members, dances, and the traditional banquet for the Rotarians, the sponsors of the Club. The outstanding practical undertaking was the concession stand which was manned through- out the year by club members. ls' Row: L. Ncrdquisy D. Cfcdden, D. Freffrrxdrr, K. S'f'1'1f., P. Hurrer, ii. Grararn. Yni Row: Lf. Wilson, C. Me-rryman, B, Abbot, E. Peerscn, E. Brand, C. Murray, F. Efill, Zrd Flow: lff. Clark, E. Pifierini, F, Getchell, D. Laursen, V. Petrovich, M. Sfouder, M. Ennes, 4th Row: llfiss Carroll, P. Klingler, M. Iohnson, P. lil. Papini, L. Taylor, C. Havens. 3. Christie, M. Deems, Edwards, A. Rimbey, L. Larsen, F. Baxter, lflr. Claypooi, B. Stover, D. Goodwin, A. Moxon, E. Maxon, S. Merryman, T. Paul, P. Anderson, E. Tones, VV, Norton, H. Washburn, E. Iackson, E. Spini. S if S S V X , , g I fx 'K L ' 1.vl " Top Row K Atwood W Scott V lepsen G Saunders D Wrlson 3rd Row I Kendall S Buck D oantrell W Macpherson R Prltchard K Knudser 2nd Row A Frredh R Roberts l Pzersall R Parrrs M Gu1ntol1 Mr McK1ttr1ck Bottom Row O Sequlst E Tatman H Arnold K Gerger E Wolf Thrs year the second rn the club s exrstence has seen the R K Tan qurte act1ve under the able gurclance of Presldents lack Kendall and Ross Roberts The members have entoyed numerous act1v1t1es throughout the past year and have also proflted through the knowledge garned by the numerous experlences and oprnrons expressed by var1ous speakers Outstandrng rn club act1v1t1es were the R K Tan 1n1t1at1onal dance the trrst rnformal 1n1t1a tlon at Camp Bauer the soft ball game w1th the Excalrbur Flub on XX orlc Day and the formal dlnner at Nelson Hall OFFICERS F1rst Semester lack Kendal Rresrdent Kenny Getger r tary Ross Rober s Treasurer Homer Arnold Mernb r Executrve Cornrnrttee W B M Kttrrclc Faculty Aclwsfrr Second Semester Ross Roberts Wylre MacPherson Homer Arnold Kerny Greger W' B McK1tr lc Q' f if f ft 1' A 1 1 . I I . - ,1 ,I 1 v , J r 1 L.x.f ' ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , ,,,, , ,- ' r ,,,,,, ,, , ,,,, , Wally Scott ..... . .,.c., , o , c,cVice President, o , W , c, , Kenny Atwood ' ,,,,cc,,,,,,c ,, ,,,c , Sec e ,,,,, ,, , , ,, ' .. ' t., ,,,c.,,.. , , V , , . .' . ,,.,,,,,, -le ' r. -1 ' ' , .1 rrlo., o ,A ., Ltic. JO gf UQ at 4171 'L Top Row M1ss Graham D Freeman B Parton 3rd Bow V Pe-trov1ch D lr1sh B Graham E Brand 2nd Bow M Wllson B H111 P Klmgler C Havens L Taylor Bottom Bow E P1lfer1n1 P Ham GIRLS' LEAGUE CGUNCIL The G1rls League wlth Barbara Graham as 1lS pres1dent has been very act1ve The councll enterta1ned the Ferndale g1rls The club sponsored danclng classes for older boys and gave two H1 Ilnks flrst a Baby Party and second a Beach Capers The annual con ventlon was held 1n Ferndale thls year The theme of the conventron was Choos1ng a VOCG11OD V1C1Of1G Petrov1ch was speaker and Barbara Brown represented Arcata on the panel The G1rls League Orchestra under the d1rect1on ot Roseanne H111 has played at all school dances throughout the year OFF 1 CEBS Presldent Barbara Graham VICG Pres1dent Pearl Ham Secretary V1ctor1a Petrov1ch Treasurer Elva Brand Sergeant at Arms Mar1on W1lson Comm1ttee Chatrmen Soc1al Donna Freeman Program Donna lrxsh Dance Boseanne H111 School Serv1ce Lena Taylor t 4, ,M h ,Q f ,tv 14 L . -' r 4' " .!. . - , Song twdgglllljjtiilitif11JijjijjjijjjjliliifijiiijjiTifiljfflpm Klinqer Outer Edge: M. Papini, E. Brand, L, Sherman, L. Picchi, L. Nordquist, A. Ftelac, K. Swap, H. Marte, P. Hunter, S. Lancaster, E. Pifferini, D. Gallacci, C. Havens. Cross Bar: E. Calderia, V. Petrovich, C. Merryman, D. Irish, Miss Feilding. The G.A.A. with its President Carolyn Merryman entertained l6 girls from Eureka, gave a movie and sponsored a badminton and ping-pong tournament. This club also gave a skit at a student body assembly and organized a bicycle drill under the direction of Miss Feilding. DRAMATIC CLUB This year the Dramatic Club has made remarkable progress on their own initia- tive, having to manage without auditorium facilities. Some ot the plays that were publicly presented are: "Rich Man, Poor Man," "Neighbors," and "Saved" thus enabling some of the Seniors to get their pins. There are now 42 members in the club. Top Row: E. Tatrnan, C. McCutcheon, B. Moxon, W, Macpherson, D. Toile, l.. Larson, A. Ftelac, l. Kendall, B. Stover, H. Edwards, Erd Row: E. Pefersen, C. Murray, G. Hart, l.. Hathaway, D. Rogers, B. Vfelch, S. Merryman, B. Abboft, L. Nordquist, D. Godden, E. lensen. Znd Row: M, Clark, C. Merryman, H. Arnold, P. Anderson, D, Freeman, V. Pefrovich, M. Stouaer, P. Ham, V. Iensen, D. irish. Bottom Flow: O. Shull, M. Papini, P. Klingler, E. Srnrh, F. Brizard, V. Gilhousen, B. Graham, L. Manley, K, Beam, l.. Kruger, A. Martin, Miss Sample. Lv Top Flow: D. Dolson, W, Macpherson, l. Kendall, L. Larson. Znd Row: V. Petrovich, C. Murray, A. Gayhard D. Free man, Ezttcm Picw: M. Papini, C. Merryman, P. Anderson, P. Ham, Mrs. Meade. THE iADVANCE The Advance Staff, believing as they do that in service lies satisfaction, have made this book a symbol ot their belief in Democracy. May these pages, throughout the years, help us to maintain our belief in ourselves, our community and our nation. PEPPERBOX Mrs. Meades fifth period English class has taken over the publishing oi the Pepperbox, the school paper. This new system with editors, D. Lighttord, M. Ennes, l. Reed, and W. Norton has proved very successful and will probably he continued in the future. Tap Row: A. Maxon, L. Ashconi, E. Borkstrarii, C, Ftiinuy l. ',Varren. :rd Row: L. Picchi, B. Spini, N. Norton, D, Lightfcrzi, B. Arcnson, l. Lighffcra. 2nd RCW: L. Pearson, W. Castcn, S. Kane, I. Rcdrigu es, l,I. Ennes, D. Gallacci. 5o":m Row: Mrs. Meade, M, Meadows, R. Nielsen E. fjaliiera, E. Maxon, I. Krovinier. fx CHORUS Althouah the chorus has had iew opportunities to appear in public it is an excellent source tor providing future material tor the choir. The chorus has appeared at the tall concert, spring concert and the County Music Festival. 'ff Paw: B. Lftr' r. f. Ecrzsberrj 'S Setquisi B. Stover flcxcn D. ','.'1ls::i l.. Trzzrztserz I.. :li E. Hun' lepserp. R. Feat E. Guizitri. T.. Pritchard .clk 'ffashrurrx I.. Larson. ?o' Arrzoli i.Dt.s::1 G t"'1Q'T'.? C, Speer C.'rnan, Fi, 'f"r'.'a.E1c P. Bulk-Ji:1k.e L. Swanson F. Carvalhp S, fifkswi 71, Seams' 2 Tfrrnan, r. entire G. Ezriniellz PI. Keilaver. '-ri Fav: lvl. Sr-wari, F.. HIVIE 5, l. Eilcnszr. E. Erow: Cranes l.. llanlejf 2. C. Crlzzai, f. Bagley I.. Norilquis' S. f3'L':if-rx, G Pe'r2'.'1ch, B. Billion .'.'.'11son,l,f.l.'1:ii'1s'e: D. T.ff,ul':n, P.. Beers. Zricl Pow: M. Barnwel. E. Snzvh P.. O.1'.'iera, Riperic ' 't'.'iQQia:ns, E. Pe'-ersezi, P, Cori, C. Har' C. llurrap' B. Snyaer, ll. Earnwell, l.. lanes, Lf. Papini, E. lleucci. Ecncrn Row: M. Benazza, E. lustus, ll. Yurdana, M. Con D. Simpson, Ghilaraucci, l.. Kruger, ll. Srnvh l.. Miller, E. Harleriee, R. Phelps, K. Beam, E. Dzclcinscn, S. Schussrnan, Miss Carroll. CHOIR... The A Cappella Choir is made up of forty members who have shown their ability tn many public performances. This organization aave a forty-tive minute proqram at the Montgomery theater in San lose. The invitation to this came as a result ot the excellent ratina rnaae by the qrcup last year. 1 Tep Row: G. Har' G. Pevcvich, A. Pea: D. Godden, E. Prichard D. Tolle, '.7, lepsen, E. Cuinwni. -P: Row: E. Abba", G. Payne, A, peers C. Speer, I. S nisberry, E, lackscrz D. 'Nilson l., Larson. Era Pow: E. Petersen, M. Barnwel, L, fines, ll. '.'fiQs5n E. S'over D. Colson P. Elmore, I. Pzersall. Zia Row: L. Ncrdauist C, llurrav E. Brown ll. Enres 2. l.fouE'on, L. f.fz:1Qej.', H. Arnold, Z. Tafnan. Is' FEW: Miss Carrzll D. Sgrrigvswn l... Pagignz, K. Bear: G. Oranai. ART CLUB Under the Presidents Bob Parris and Les Larson with the guidance of Miss Deaenhart the Art Club has rnaintained its continued proqressiveness by purchas- ing a kiln and a combination drill and sander. FU TURB FARMERS Qur chapter this year has forty-two rnernbers, thirteen of whcfn hold the future farmer degree, one the state farrner degree, and twenty-eiqht the greenhana degree. During the year the rnerrrbers of the chaper have rnade educational trips to stock shows and conventions throuqhout the state, exhibited livestock at the Del Norte, Humboldt County and Eureka ninth district fairs, participated as livestock Judqina tearns at fairs parents parties. . cp How, Znd Rcw: "rd How: -Zi H: , W. .cp Qrd . Row' Efupm lff. 'T Row: Znd How: D, and entered public speaking contests. Socially, they have entertained their and friends, the first at their annual banquet, and the latter at several skatinq l. Davies, L. Larson, A. Relac, E. Parris, I. Piersall. D, Godden, A. Gayhar', I.. Plffhl, K. Geicer, C. Murray. 'J R. Hill, D. Liqhtford, l. Liqhford, P. C, 'Nall-censhaw. E. Peterson, M. Wilscn, D. Laursen, E. Moxon, M, Meadows, lvl. Schuler. C. Axo, P. K'f.fasney'. A. Moxcn, P. Bertolini, I. Larnburqer, R. Carvalho, l, Carvalho, D. Giacomini, F. Polsley B. Spini. Hawkins, Pt. Shepherd, L. Sire-e'er, fffanfrefida. G. Lyon, E. Salladay, l, L. Mcxon, L. Thomsen, E. Hunt, R. Alto, W. Norton, D. Austin, E. Fusi, A, Rasella, E. Moxcn, F. W: Mr. Parsons, D. Rogers, Sec.: B. Moxon, Treas.: lvl. Deerns, Pres., A. Peqalcwi, Serzjean'-ai-Arrnsg Barcelles, Reporter: E. Vlcli, Vice-Pres.: H. Pusi, Mr. Eoqqess. sag Reading from the left to the right: Mr. Boggess, B. Bray, G. Swan, G. Orlandi, S. Vfyan, H. Poltera P, Elmore, B. Aronson, VJ. Morton, R. Piersall, R. lackson, G, Maire, P. Acorn, VV. Tones, H. Paulson E. Giuntini, l. Warren, l.. Caurtright. .ARCHERY Though we may not have arrived at the perfection with the bow and arrow which Robin Hood and other legendary characters are reported to have gained, we have attained a keen interest in a wholesome heathful form of recreation which offers a challenge to both skill in craftsmanship and the achievement of perfection in shooting with the bow. The streamlined archery club also includes "Diana" as well as "William Tell." As a matter of fact some girls show a high degree of perfection and enthusiasm. The only initiation fee required is a real interest in this recreation. Top Row: D. I.igh'for'i ffl. Srnigle, l., l.fa'E.e'.-Js, A, Gayhari G. Saunders, '.'f. flacpnerson, E. l.fcGornE:s E. Sromperg, G. Har' Golgrive. -1'h Row: f... Howard, l.. Sherman, L. Huggzns l. lion . Aniersor, 1. Games I. Tirfnwrs I, McNeil P. Lewis F. Hill. tri ?".'.'.': Lf. Seward, Lf. . ' f' E. Szmder' F. Murray' Q. sehixzs, C. Eeqgis' Garrzll, nmol: fl. '.'.v1lS1I'. fl. Pagan Zrvi ?c'.'.': E. Erxy Lf. Sj s T zito P. Grass 2.S1:::scn G. l.ferryi1':r: 'Q 'rcs .S.,ie P. Earn. Edin. fizl. E.P1':l1rs1 E. .. ' .yes G. Fisher I.. Tagfir E Amer. ,. 3'1:r...eQl ff. Bane: '. S:r.g'5.e Lfiss Ames. LATI CLUB After two years of inactivity the Latin Club was reorganized this year under the guidance of Miss Ames. The club is affiliated with the Iunior Classical League, a national organization. The consuls for the first semester were Gwen Hart and Mildred Baloler, and for the second semester lim Timmons and Patricia Lewis. Ng' CTIVITY SN EU-speci- mains Q' vspvci' nur lawns 'l'l1n-l- gnu mag Ba kann-uh Lg icing 50. OC x,Q .lt 4 Top Flow: D. Tolle, E. lackson, VV. Scott, E. Gallacchi, K. Hawkes, E. VVarren, D. Dclson. Q Boffom Row: E. lanes, B, Parris, I. Piersall, M. Guintoli, K, Geiger. g X I X If ' I ASKETBALL CLASS A The heavyweights, coached by Franny Moore, had one of the most successful seasons in recent years, winning the heavyweight championship with a record ot ten straight wins with only a forfeited garne to mar their record. The heavyweights were led by Wally Scott and Kenneth Geiger, ably assisted by Evan lones, Eugene Warren, Bolo Parris, Marino Guintoli, and lack Piersall. Nl.. " nm 'Xb' E. Warren lVl. Gulntoli K. Geiger W 1, Vg I CHAMPS CLASS B I. Piersall E. Iones W. Scott B. Parris The lightweights had a good season, winning seven games and losing four. Horner Arnold was the high scorer for the tearn. Other consistently good players were Primo Bertolini, Harley Rylander, Ben Sptni and Bob Foulton. Top Row: Swee' ET. lflacpherson, D. Vfxlson, Fl. Pritchard. 2nd Row: B. Spun, L. Stehhrns, S. Me-rryman, VJ, Morton. Bottom Flow: Arrxolfl, H. Fulton, H. Hylander, P, B9fTCJlll'll. BASKETBALL TEAMS "C" AND "D" BASKETBALL Led by Homer Arnold and Ben Spini, the "C" team, under Coach Mcliittrick, finished in second place in the C.l.F. League. The Arcata "D" team finished in a tie for third place. Many of the players, who made up in spirit what they lacked in experience, showed promise of future light- weight material. Mr Mcliittrick H Arnold S Merryman B Spim B Fulton L Stebbins I Timmons P Bertolini, A. Rasella. L Sandkulla A Crmch l Vxfyatt G Taylor H Fusi l Brown C Merryman R Sadler K Geiger. 'A'-I G0 Top Row: C. McCutcheon, H. Edwards, 'N. Scott, V. Tepsen, H, Peterson, R. Christiansen, 'N. Iones. 2nd Row: E, Tones, R. Iackson, C. Kern, UV. Morton, H. Andres, H. Paulsen, M. Graham, 3rd Row: I. Stansberry, I, Piersall, B. Parris, M. Giunfoli, G. Lindgren, K. Knudsen, D. Dolson, Coach fficore. Bo'f:m Ravv: R. Grant, G, lslcra, C. Anderson, P, Fisher, l, Ljltle, E, Portertielzt, I. Helm. Football at Arcata High had another qood year under the able quidance ot Coach Franny Moore. Arcata won the "B" championship, winninq over Ferndale and I-loopa. Arcata also played Fort Braqq here and plans to play the Timberwolves in Mendo- cino County next year. The outstandinq players were Bob Parris, lack Pie-rsall, Wally Scott, Howard Edwards, and Marino Giuntoli. Only two members of the startinq lineup will return next year, Kenny Knudsen and Ierry Iskra. T B I Tennis, under the supervision ot Coaches Iames Cady and Loy Montgomery, had one ot their larqest turnouts seen in many years. The team will enter the sprinq tournament and shows much promise in carryinq oft honors tor dear alma mater. Back Row: l., Sherman, M, Garland, E. Tones, A, Relac, D. Tcile, G. Hart, L. Peeves, D. Rezzonic: Front Row: L. Iones, G, Petrovich, l. Landahl, B. Parton, I.. Simpson. fran: Top Row: Coach Moore, B. Morton, R. Chistensen, I-L Hunt, C. Anderson, W. lones, l-L Peterson, Coach Cady. TRACK and Under the coaching of Franny Moore, the Arcata team has good hopes for the 194i track season. Many veterans were lost throuqh graduation from the last year's team, but veterans returninq include Wayne lones, Wally Griffin, pole vault, Bob Pritchard, Erio Giuntini, hiqh Jump, Don Cantrell, lim Kane, 4405 Tom Paul, Milton Graham, 8807 Glen Lindgren, mile, and Ken Knudsen, Lee Swanson, shot put. The team is pointinq for the county track meet on May 25. Top Row: Coach Moore, L. Stebbins, I. Timmons, E. Holmes, W. Caston, Coach Cady. Front Row: L. Manley, K. Liscom, A. Rasella, L Foreman. Led by veterans Bob Piersall, Wally Scott, lack Piersall, and Iohnny Warren, Arcata won its first game from the All-Stars. The team will play a league schedule instead of the former tournament. Although it is too early to know the season's results it is sate to predict that Arcata will pertorm creditably. Top Bow: E. Iackson, B. Grant, H. Paulson, W. Scott, El Gallacci, B. Dowd K. Hawks, W. Sweet, I. Iskra, El Iones, Coach Moore. Bottom Row: G. Lorensen, I. Wyatt, E. Fusi, R. Piersall, E. Warren, G. Lindgren B. Parris, M. Guintoli, I. Piersall, T. Tooste. Tornw"Which is correcte--'a hen is sitting' or 'a hen is setting?' " Mr. Ham-"I don't know, and l don't care. All I bother about is when she cackles-is she laying or is she lying?" -zozf Teacher-"Iohnny, when do leaves begin to turn?" Iohnny-"The night before 'Exams' " -:o:- Mrs. Brizard-"Why were you late for school this morning?" B. Beers-"Our alarm clock was only set tor seven and there are eight in the house." Mr. Claypool-"What is a circle?" Allan Bimby-"A circle is a line which meets its other end without ending." -:o:- Mr. Campbell-"Do we eat the flesh of the whale?" B. Abbott-"Yes, we do." Mr. Campbell--"And what do we do with the bones?" B. Abbott-We leave them on the side of our plate." .O. , 91 3 gr lm JF' , M . f 4 Q , Top Row: F, Getchell, C. Merryman, V. Petrovich, Miss Feilding, C. Murray, P. Hunter, 2nd Row: l.. Kruger, E. Sadler, E. Brand, P. Hubbard. Bottom Row: C. Havens, ll. Swap, E. Pifferini, SPEEDBALL CHAMPS ln defeating their hitterest rivals, the luniors, the Seniors walked oft with a moral victory as well as the speedhall championship. Captain Kay Swap led her team through an undefeated season. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS The luniors, under the Captaincy ot Amelia Relac, again walked oft with the volleyball championship. The team showed a strong combination ot teamwork, speed, and dexterity in handling the ball. Top Row: D. Gallacci, L. Sherman, E, Aronson, L. Picchi, M. Garland. Bottom Row: P. Klingler, E. Caldeira, A. Relac, G. Hansen, M. Papini, Miss Feilding. - f ff' W f E ' z f, 9 W ?4,ey,vft in T , 4 , X.w . Va ng, QA Q - 'a af D n X , , V, 4. Q 5 ,mv 197 it mc new . - -4:4-.- , W 'ff- 4... in ,Z M Ei fl , ' 19 ,Www 2 Wi 'Z ss - -.. WALL I' . v.L Ifx V' ,vw - s N . - -L 7 1 V X 1. ,X , . , af, 1 I . J l w ,xl .f- TE I.-,I IN A Q5 f , ii- ? f S Q ,,, N. ark' 2 A, gi , ,C A 5 ,i, IX 1 Q - .44 6 K 1 X u 10 i., M as Q Q 4, fl X tr. vi 1 T4 . ffl, .x -I lx A Svrbv America an-as America in pvnrv and in tnnr.As n vriiizvn This is gens- pn-ihilvgt ani invig- Q5"fLi'?. fr,-.-7 SNAPS l. I. L. Moxon 2. Bill Moxon 3. Geo. Lyons 4. Antone Peaolatti 5. Boy Polsley 6. Ben Spini 7. Eugene Wolf 8. Truck by David Austin -F 'T' ww- .Q 1' ,g.2'592 .. ' Q ' A ' ' X-It Officers of Future Farmers a. Watchdog-Antone Peqolatti b. President-Milton Deems C. Reporter-Manual Barcelles d. Secretary-Dan Rogers e. Vice-President-Eugene Wolf Trough by Bill Moxon Grindstone by Robert Alto Harrow by Ben Spini Wheelbarrow by L. Thompson Feeder by Roy Polsley Roy Polsley's Heifer Feeder by I. L. Moxon BONNIKSEN-SORENSON, INC. KELLER'S PHARMACY Complete Automotive Sales 6. Service STUDEBAKER CARS4MACK TRUCKS P The ,REXBBDSMBI Gilmore Products-Norwalk Tires ACSCUDDOC LUOCLSL 17th ci G STREETS Phone Arcata 91 ARCATA CALIFORNIA DONALD DBEW I'A'I'IvIAN's BAKERY 864 G STREET Attomey-at-Law ARCATA "The Home ot Good Bakery Products" Phone 52-W On the Redwood Highway DR L F KELTNER BUCKS CAEE Noted for Its Good Food ARCATA CALIFORNIA NOEL s'de of Plum Phone 131 ARCATA Dentlst PARIIIS SERVICE STATION BLUE LAKE ADVOCATE Richfield Products Humboldt s Best Weekly S2 OO per year POLLY PRIM BAKERY Compliments ot the Home of Home Made Bread ABCATA LAUNDRY Phone 140 ARCATA UNITED CREAMERIES ASSN BOYD S SHELL STATION One Block South ot Plaza on Highway United mmnd, Butter Shellubncatlon Wheel Ahgnmg ARCATA CALIFORNIA ARCATA Phone 97 DALY BROTHERS A LEVY 6: I ZENTNER CO Humboldts Modern New Style Center Wholesale Frult 61 Produce Co EUREKA CALIFORNIA EUREKA CALIFORNIA THE VARSITY SWEET SHOP In Arcata on the Redwood Highway PLAZA GARAGE Phone 7 W ARCATA CALM: Shops Iocated next to the Redwood Theatres Arcata Ph 155 I Fortuna Eureka Ph 1697 KRAMER AUTO SUPPLY CO PQULTRY PRODUCERS Parts Tools Equipment Machine Shop In Connection of Northern Callfornia Phone 3232 EUREKA CALIFORNIA 4th ci C STREETS EUREKA IONES 51015 CENT STORE IANSEN S Novelhes and Staples QI-WLIIY Grocenes A L P Ice Cream Ccmdxes Grocenes A OWCSL NCES 16th and I Streets Phone 43 ARCATA CALIFORNIA ARCATA CALIFORNIA -I W. A. Crawford, Prop. Opposite the Plaza P C SACCHI S1nce 1919 Burck Chevrolet SACCI-II BLDG ARCATA Cornphrnents of BLEDSOE S ARCATA CALIFORNIA CALIFORNIA BARREL CO LTD Extends Conqratulauons to the CLASS OF 1941 ARCATA HOTEL 6. COFFEE SHOP Best W1shes to the GRADJATES OE 1941 SUTHERLANDS CASH STORE enera1 Merchand1se Phone 16 BLUE LAKE The PLAZA 6. The ARCATA BARBER SHOPS I-I W CRex1Py1e L O Iacoos DR EUGENE FOUNTAIN Dentlst Phone 49 ARCATA HAPPY HILL Everythmg to Wear Phone 104 UNITED GARAGE C S Ge1qer andL A Ford Pontrac Cars GMC Tmcks Cornphments of GOLDEN STATE CO LTD ROBERTSON S Super Creamed Ice Cream Glam Shakes L1qht Lunches 933 H STREET ARCATA CALIF A W ERICSON CO Phoio Frmshmg Iob Pnntmg Plcture Erarnlnq ARCATA CALIFORNIA EUREKA BEVERAGE CO 132 wr-:QT FoURTH ST Phone 636 Manufacturers of Nehr PartPak RC Cola McCANN MOTORS Ford Mercury and Lrncoln Zephyr ARCATA CALIFORNIA EVEREADY SERVICE STATION General Trres Corner 10th and I-I Sis ARCATA CALIFORNIA DUCK BROS EUREKA CAL1PoRN1A C L STARKEY Watchmaker-and Ieweler horde Refnqerators and Sparton Rad1os BLUE LAKE MARKET Thad A Srn 1h Propnetor THE ROSERY F1o ers for A11 Occas1ons Grits Phone 96 ARCATA AXEL ANDERSON General Insurance 875 NINTH STREET Phones Resxdence 196 Ofhce 145 I . . I - . . UI O ' ' K4 . I I I I I I Union Gas G Oil ' ,, . U , . . O Q T . , ll ll . 1 , ' . W I .1 . A 5 ' ' 5 B COOPER M D Phys1c1an and Surgeon ARCATA CALIFORNIA SEELY 6. TITLOW COMPANY Arcata Super Market The Umversal Store ARCATA CALIFORNIA PETE CANCLINI SHOE SHOP Where Shoe Repamng IS a Speclalty ARCATA CALIFORNIA BETTY S DRESS SHOP 511 E STREET Ouahty Clothes at Lower Pnces LELAN D I PAUL Ambulance Servlce ARCATA CALIFORNIA DE LUXE BARBER SHOP Iohn C Mortensen Prop AR ATA CALIFORNIA COLLEGE CREAMERY Borden s Supenor Ice Cream Phone 135 Grade A Pasteunzed Mllk COTTAGE GROVE DAIRY ELGARS SERVICE STATION Sxgnal Products Phone 8 BLUE LAKE HORNBROOKS SHOE STORE EURFKA CALIFORNIA BELLA VISTA INN Itahan cmd Steak Dmners Phone 2 R II ARCATA SEELY STUDIO Quahty Portraits 526 G STRFET EUREKA E V IONES Local :S Long Dlstance Haulmg Ofhce at IOOI lOth Street Phone 67 ARCATA ARCATA CLEANERS DYERS AND TAILORS The Best Workmanshlp and Serv ce Bert Chapman Prop Ta1lored Sults for the Man Who Cares Phone 79 S I D9 ggi: ll ANDY HOME GUERNSEY DAIRY Grade A Dcnry Products Raw and Pasteurlzed M1Ik ci Cream Phone IO R I2 ARCATA FLUHRER S BREAD Popular because lt s good SEQUOIA GROCERY CO Feed and Seed S Iacorn lla V Capr1Ie BEER INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance S6l'VlCe Lxcen ed Real Estate Broker Phone 41 ARCATA CALIF WILSON SODA WORKS Pep 1 Cola 5 nte Soda Waters Phone 52 EUREKA CORNER DRUG STORE AND BEAUTY SALON "For Thnfty Buyers' 893 H STREET ARCATA I n 1 s ' i 61' U . n,.. ,. EUREKA CAL1EoEN1A mf' ROSAIA ,, , , ,, 5 fnllnt , .L llllll nun ARCATA UNION G SHOPPING NEWS Quality Iob Printing Phone 3 RITCHIE WOODS DRUGS Phone 435 5th STREET Ot C EUREKA CALIF PURITY STORES On the Plaza ARCATA CALIFORNIA DR H L IENKINS Physrclan and Surgeon Phone 73 ARCATA CALIF ARCATA BAKERY Phone 30 Iohn Marte Prop BALDOCK AND MITCHELL Studebaker Drstnbutors 304 SIXTH STREET EUREKA CALIF Phone 157 Re1011 Yord Phone 25 ARCATA CALIF CURLETTE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 36 Eihe1 Hubbard ARCATA CALIFORNIA A F TINGSTROM Upholsterer ELEVENTH and H STREET Phone 29 B B BARTLETT OPD D S P BARTLETT OPD D Optometrists 529 F STREET EUREKA CALIF COLLEGE SHOE SHOP E. Conchni, Prop. 8th 61 G STREETS ARCATA CALIF Meet at the BON BONNIERE Fountarn 6. Lunch EUREKA CALIFORNIA DR C L BONSTELL Dentrst Phone 23 ARCATA CALIFORNIA A BRIZARD INC The Outstondmq Shopplnq Cenier rn Humboldt CO ARCATA CALIFORNIA Comphrnents OI HUNTER S LUNCH ROOM The P1ace Io Eat on the Redwood H1qhwOy ARCATA CALIF Phone 55 18th Of G Streets GEO E KELLEY Canada Dry Products EUREKA CALIFORNIA KARL S Sandwxches M1Ik Shakes Chrlx Beans Chxp Steak Sandwlches Russ A11ce DAVES BARBER SHOP Congratulotes the CLASS OF 1941 ARCATA CALIFORNIA EUREKA WINERY Try Our Mxssron Orange and All Other Beverages EUREKA CALIFORNIA LINDSTRAND S Garage and Super Servrce Statron Phone 31 General Merchandxse Store Phone 3 W BLUE LAKE CALIFORNIA HAMMOND REDWOOD CO. 1 l ' H SAFEWAY STORES, INC. Fruits-Groceries-Vegetables ARCATA ' CALIFORNIA HENRY A SORENSON Resident Agent General Insurance and Real Estate Phone 24 1023 I-I Street ARCATA CALIF BUTTER NUT BAKERY Butter Nut Bread Largest Independent Bakery 1n the Redwood Emptre For Ouallty tn Delrcatessen G T GROCETERIA Larsen Anderson On the Redwood I-Irqhway MURRAY S AUTO COURT 6. SERVICE STATION Modem Cabins Associated Products 4th and G STS ARCATA CALIF BERT HILL S VARIETY STORE Phone 209 876 G Street ARCATA CALIFORNIA LEE PHIPPS DRESS SHOP 523 FIFTH STREET EUREKA of-xur PETERSON S SPORTING GOODS STORE Athletrc Equrpment Fxshmg Tackle Atnrnunltton Lunch Roon Soft Drinks etc ARCATA Phan 97 PAULS BARBER SHOP First Class Service Paul and B111 PENNY S Humboldt s F nendly Department Store rIFTI-I 61 G STS EUREKA CALIF FEUERWERKER'S Distinctive Furniture Refriqerators-Washerse'Radios FREEMAN ART STUDIO Makers ot the Famous Redwood Pictures and Panoramas 527 F STREET EUREKA CALIF. HILFIKER ELECTRIC CO Phnlco Zenxth Radio Radto Service Westco Pumps Next to P O ARCATA Phone 20 TEN WINDOW WILLIAMS Credit Ieweler Cor 3d G F Sts EUREKA Phone 472 DR N A STROMBERG Dentist Phone 28 ARCATA CALIFORNIA PAPINI BROS Grocenes Frurts Vegetables Fresh Meats Phone 506 G 507 ARCATA CALIFORNIA YOUR BEAUTY SHOP Hair Dyeing 6. Permanents a Specialty Next Door to Tatrnan s Bakery Phone 114 Elsre Forster Prop ARCATA MATHEWS MUSIC 6. STATIONERY Your Mustcal Headquarters Records Sheet Music Phone 565 423 F STREET EUREKA CALIF SMITTY SERVICE STATION 14th and G STREETS Phone 03 W Goodyear Tires Hobbs Batteries Conqratulatrons to the CLASS OF 1941 ARCATA SAMOA BASEBALL CLUB Ed H rnrnqway 51 F Paprnt Mars CAMEO STUDIO Portrarts Tinting Kodak Fuushmq 625 F1tth Street Opposite Post Oft1ce UREKA CALIFORNIA . . . . W I O O I I Coats . . . Suits . . . Dresses HOUSE I T Y 1 - A P . 9 1 u I I I T . , C . E F 1 Y ' x YE-F. ,W- 'luww , F' 'L' 4 ': W: U , , 9' ,rv ' i f -. M ' ' . 0-W, - A nf? f A . r ln, 4 -P vu 5' r 'Q 0 WW! 5 U! mm. ,Md .xi ,547 L wwf' .7 H J, n. ' Q 4. , My Q1 Q., 'K 5, ' f- Q fr V A L X 3 6 if 7 'X -4 8 4 iid"Z"""i H' 1 I, .l,f, , . D - If .,. 1 , f -4, wr 1 ' 6'

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