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a HMM 5ff'ff"3MfWfW ff'-fm it 2---..., fl' QQ ' I 7 .s. Q7PEyQf?fVfWLf , Mc-'Kim' f f W, ff nfs' - q A xf Wm ' n0 gl, mmefo 27254469-aff: 5 Q 41494-,LCM li - :lj 5-,ua 76 b if g......"zf ' 1 ,. fAf 52, . , . Q6 1 ,U 3, fk Ejakgdf VV .V jffaz-a-an! :fy mf Zfemf 3 L-4.4,.L,v,L!u4J , U. Q , , amw L f,LfMfw,fff-f- Zff-7"4 WMM! MMJQLQYQM fi. Q71 - .uf ., 'ea .asf A, L., , , ,jg A I ff - , . Z... , ,fx ..h g ,ufsx ., , . .5 J f. TS 'H ,,. 1 wc, ..-.5 2, I.- , w u, 1, v 1.. J, Lv ,. "G 51" 1 at 1-Q U , wx xu uf.. ,igs ' fm -,r ws x a X Y 4 A 1 H , 4 s , F fr A: ' ' n - A " THE 1940 VHH THE I ui wif H DVH HBE Published by The s+.Iden+S of ARCATA HIGH SCHOOL YEAR NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY ARCATA, CALIFORNIA Edifo F... . . . Junefiounfain Business Manager . . Harold Anderson UUHTEHTS EWS'ADM CLASSES ' A INISTRATION C ATHLETICS ' FEATURES Whal is once loved you will find ls always yours from llwal day. Take H home in your mind And nollwing ever can sleal if away. -Elizaloe'rl1 Coalsworllw HDHHHISTRHTIUH THE TRUSTEES. "We wariT To proTecT our chilclren, physically and menTally. We wanT To aid ancl encourage Them in Their developmenT ancl To help Them To achieve selT-inclepenclence. We wanT Them To have The righTs, and To be ready Tor The responsi- biliTies OT parTicipaTing ciTizenship." -R. L. Wilbur. ADAM MACPT-TERSON, PresidenT LESLIE E. MOXON JAMES N. PALMER ERNEST HENRY EMERSON GRAHAM, Clerlc l i A. 0. COOPERRIDER J f-L yt L,f,l.6'l,,J THE PHIHCIPHL. "There is no discipline in llwe world so severe as llwe discipline of experience subiecled lo Jrhe Tesls of inlelligenf develop- menf and direc+ion." John Deevey. THE THRU U WALTER N. WOOD lnsfrurnenlal music, Band, Orclwesfra NINA GRAHAM Dean of Girls Foods, Clollwinq JACK C. BOGGESS Woodworlinq Earm Mefal Vxforlq PEARL DEGENI-IART Arls, Crafts ERANCIS MOORE Ellnyslcal Educalion General Business Trainlnq DOROTHY AMES Typlnq, Englislw Lafin, Orlenlallon GEORGE L, CAMPBELL Bloloqy Goncr'nlMf1llvomfxliCs MARY SAM PLE Enqlish Speeclv Arls LA VELL H. PARSONS Aqricullure ALLEN M. HAM Civics, U. S. Hislory Orienlalion E. CLAYPOOL Geomefry, Algebra Orienfalion, U. S. Hislory B. GERTRUDE E. MEADE English JOHN E. ELMORE Chemislry General Science Physics JOHN W. BOGGESS Mechanical Drawin f Aufo Mechanics X Machine Sh L L , EVELYN FEILDING Physical Educalion X" f f , , 1 X LILUAN HAGOPIAN French, Spanish Library WILLIAM B. MCKWTRICK World Hislory Physical Educalion X 69f19F2?ClSiTC9 ' F ffgffil-.LWWL . IRVEN NV. DAVIES Typing, Shorlhand Bookkeeping General Business Traininq RUTH CARROLL World Hislory Chorus, Orienialion Enqlish M IHE SEIIIIIIIS... JUNE ELIZABETH FOUNTAIN Though I am young, I scorn To TIIT On The wings oT borrowed wiT. HAROLD WARREN ANDERSON Ear may we search beTore we Tind a hearT so manly and so kind. MARJORIE JANE STRAKA QuieT as a mouse, buT when you know her l-om DELBERT LISCOM A IITTIe mischief by The way, A liTTIe Tun To spice The day. NORMA IMOGENE ELMORE Thy acTions To Thy words accord. ERNEST FISHER To spend Too much Time in sTudy is sloTh. DALE PETERSON ForTune and love Tavour The bold. HELEN .IENNINGS I-Ter hair is curly, her manner sweeT She's one we all would like To meeT. ERNEST A. SCHULER Slumber is more sweeT Than Toil. DONNA GARLAND Say she did noT well or ill: only she di THOMAS DEVORE d her besT GreaT deeds need qreaT preparaTion. BEVERLEY SIMPSON We're glad she's one oT us. X- ss ZORKA AMELIA STEMBERGER Friendship, esfeem, and fair regard were her reward. JULIUS CABALZAR There is no man buf speakefh more hones+Iy Ihen he can do or fhink. RAYMOND KEITH BRIGGS With women fhe hear? argues, noi The mind. DOROTHY J. DEVINE Love knows no ruIe. MARILYN SUE MCNEIL She moves a goddess, gracefuI and fair. JACK CRAIG Mind is The man. FRANK PIFFERINI Q Oh! I'm sfabbed wifh Iaughfer. QL. MARGARET GALLACCI Silence fha? spoke in eloquence of eye. SCL. ' AL Azevsoo II's whaf we are fha? makes Iife worfh Iiving ELEANOR ALMA SCI-IMITT She IoIIows virfue for vIrIue's sake. SHIRLEY ANDERSON As merry as The day is Iong. RAYMOND FRED BRESEE My way of joking is 'ro +eII I'he Irufh. If is 'rhe funniesf ioke in fhe world. MILDRED JOYCE ABBOTT There is a garden in her face where roses and while IiIIies grow. WARREN H. SIMAS An afhlefe, by Ihe gods, an afhlefe. BETTY A. DICKINSON Full of fun, Iofs of pep. When she dances, walch her sfep. VASCO MATTEOLI Good af hghf, buf befrer aI play. PI-IILA IRMA TIMMONS A rnodesl nafure belongs Io her. ELMO ERVIN CANCLINI Merir is worfhier Ihan fame. mi .If CALVIN ACKERMAN Knowledge is a happy kingdom Io explore MILDRED LEWIS A lass wifh a friendly smile. MABEL J. LININGER Blessed is simplicify. JEANNE TONONI In faifh, lady, you have a merry heart BETTY GUEST Cheerfulness always makes 'raslcs easier CURTIS BROWN Excessive precaufion does no harm. Ar . ' , 5 I MARY ELIZABETH GAYHART The choice mas+er of arfs. JOE CALDEIRA His form was of manly mold. For sporfs and confesf bold. VERA KATHERINE VINCENT A quiei IiIIIe girl wifh a quief IiHIe way. NANCY JO BIRNIE Music is Ihe Thing of Ihe worid fha? I Iove mosf. MAMIE IRENE RAY And I ofI have heard defended LiHIe said is sooner mended. DOROTHY M. TODD I Ihinlcg 'therefore I am. ROSS JUNKER A comrade neiiher glum nor merry. HAZEL MAE BARTOW She soffly speaks and sweefly smiies. I I MARY FRANCES CHAFFEY Calmness is a greaf advanfage. RAMONA PEUGH Secref and self-confained. HELEN FLORENCE HILL Good Ihings beIaII Ihe good. MARY FRANCES CALIESCH A quief conscience makes one serene FRANCIS "BUD" HYNDIN6 Blessed be he who firsl invenled sleep. ELEANOR NIELSON Ac? well your part lhere all ihe honor lies. DEAN LANSING l-le had a wonderful falenf for packing Though? close, and rendering il porlable. JANE DOLORES MORGAN l-low her eyes sparlcle when she sees a "iewel." RALPH GODDI Silence is lhe virlue of fools. DOLORES PEGOLOTTl Consislenl and lhorough in everylhinq she does ROSE PEETS A riqhl good lassie lhrouqh and fhrouqh PHILIP GILHOUSEN Virfue is a very slrong shield. ELLEN PURSE Quief, dependable, and friendly. ERNEST L. JACKSON A mind makes lhe man noble. JUNE GWENDOLEN RAAB Reserved, buf worlh lcnowinq. JOHN MARTE In quielness and in confidence shall be your sfrenglh. CORA HUDSON She is genlle, she is shy, Buf Ihere is mischief in her eye. MORRIS J. BIRNIE Thaf life of pleasure and Ihal soul of whim. DONALD WARREN Ouief buf noi asleep. JOYCE I-IICKOX And her dark eyes! How like dancing pools of Iaughler Ihey were. ANGELENA PEDRO A comrade frue and Free, Who dares Io laugh oul' clear an LYLE HARRISON Riches are for spending. EDITI-IE BACCHETTI Laugh and lei Ihe world go by. WARREN H. SEWARD A good man Is always a learner REVA STARK Ino piclurel A merry hear? goes all Ihe way. BELVA WALCI-I A sfar danced and under il I wa d free. s born. wwf' Doi Devine Give us some acflon Loolc our, Warren. Excalibur lnlfiaiifnn. Fancy Radiafor Cap. Homeward Bound. A Rare Shoi. Lil Abner and Daisy "Bev" and Phila. Joanne Tonini Doris and Howard, Book Worm. Nice Kiffy. Sfenley and Evelyn. , BeHy T939 IHERIT HUIHRIJS... "LeT him bear The palm who deserves iT." The ArcaTa High School recognizes The achievemenTs oT The ouTsTanding sTudenTs and presenTs To Them awards based on The poinT sysTem. Under This arrangemenT, poinTs are awarded Tor aThleTic and scholasTic acTiviTies. The ToTal sum oT boTh counT Toward The higher awards, oT which The highesT and mosT prized is The sweaTer which is given To The girl and boy chosen by a TaculTy comrniTTee Trom The Tive boys and Tive girls having The highes+ ToTals. To These Ten having The highesT ToTals are given The "Tiger A" emblems. To The Senior chosen by The sTudenTs as The mosT ouTsTanding Senior girl goes The honor OT having her name engraved on The Girls' League Honor Shield. while The name oT The ouTsTanding Senior looy is engraved on The Spaulding AThleTic Shield. Since The winners are noT named unTil The end oT The school year, we have reserved This page Tor The winners oT lasT year. SWEATERS HELEN ARNOLD BOB FRAKES HIGH TOTALS Girls: Helen Arnold, BeTTy Jane ATwood, BeTTy Sue Wilson, Jean Schussmann, Nancy Jo Birnie. Boys: Clide Siqgins. RoberT Fralces. Darrel SundquisT, Jack MorTon, Jack McCune. SHIELDS Girls' League Shield: Beverly Roberls. Spalding Aihlefic Shield: Darrel Sundquist THE JUHIUHS... ln lhe pasl The main reason lor The exislence ol The Junior Class has been The Junior-Senior Prom, bul rhis year ils members have shown Their melal in more ways lhan one. The class of l94l is The largesl in The school's hislory, and ils members are as prominenl in scholarship as in sporls and exlra-curricular aclivilies. Their social pres- Jrige is also oulslancling and They are proving Their worlh as upper classmen. JUNIOR GIRLS Back Row: B. Abbolf, M. Srnigle, D. Irish, D. Lighllord, D. Godden, J. Hornbeck, l. Liqhlford, R. Torp, S. Nessler, P. Hunfer, J. Paddock. Fourth Row: R. Olson, O. Coe, S. Lancasler, E.'Brand, V. Pelrovich, D. Freeman, B. Malhews, M. Kring, M. Raab, C. Carey, J. Ferguson. Third Row: V. Jensen C. Walkenshaw, E. Pelerson, J. Landahl, G. Fisher, H. Bass, R. Muno, T. Selchell, K. Beam, D. Klein. Second Row: G. Casfon, G. Gianini, P. Ham, C. Merryrnan, D. Laursen, M, Clark, C. Murray, L. Taylor, P. Hubbard, M. Meadows. Firsf Row: E. Pifferini, K. Havens, M. Caslon, F. C-Selchell, S. Brown, B. Graham, L. Kuger, E. Sadler, G. Grazoli. L. Babler. JUNIOR BOYS Back Row: G. Hulchins, D. Canfrell R. Jones, C. Lale, A. Rimby, E. Giunrini, W, Jones, E. Biorkslrand, W. Scoif, E. Gallacci, L. Swanson. Fourih Row: H. Edwards, D. Goodwin, H. Washburn, B. Slover, R. Pearce, H. Blake, A. Jackson, A. Burns, T. Paul, K. Hawks, l. L. Moxon. Third Row: J. Boyle, H. Polfera, L. Larson, W. Walers, B. Pearce, C. Kern, E. Norlon, C. Womack, J. Gollz, M. Hall, Second Row: R, Hadsell, C. Thurow, J. Kane, E. Biasca, E. Warren, C. McCulcheon, M. Giunloli, B. Parris, J. Piersall. Firs? Row: F. Roberls, O, Sequisl, E. Brown, J. Cady, S. Sacchi, B. Papini, M. Ahlqren, J. Helm, W. Griffin, K. Geiger. SOPHOMORE GIRLS Back Row: V, Forbes, L. Nordquisl, G. Hari, L. Reeves, B. Aronson, A. Relac, E, Jenson, M. Hart, L. Pearson, A. Decker. Fourth Row: M, Ennes, R. Hill, D.Gallacci, C. Rall, M, Garland, M.Wilson, B.Cure1on, C. Boyes, L, Sherman, B.Ra1nos. Third Row: M. Papini, P. Klinqer, A, Marlin, C. Oscar, L. Picchi, E. Moxen, V, Havens, J. Vincenl, P. Lewis. Second Row: M. Seward, B. Anderson, C. Taylor, B. Bray, G. Swan, V. Gilhousen, 6. Hansen, J. Barlolornei, M. Johnson. Firsf Row: D. Dunlap, E. Caldeira, L. Slade, E. Forbes, M. Babler, R. Nielson, L. Rohl, R. Shepherd, K. Howard. THE SOPHOMORES Class spril and cooperalion have been fhe prevailing facrors of lhe successful year which lhe Sophomore Class has rerminaled. The members of 'rhis class enlered high school as an oulslandingly sincere and conscienlious group and lhey have upheld this raling by slanding very high in scholarship, second only 'ro 'rhe Juniors. Wilh lwo years of experience behind lhem, lhe class of l942 shows greal promise of being one of 'rhe school's besl gradualing unils. SOPHOMORE BOYS Back Row: M. Deems, J, Kendall, F. Damqaard, G. Saunders, D. Jones, D, Tolle, G. Iskra, N. Woodbury, W. Norton. Fourfh Row: F. Baxfer, A. Maslerson, K. Atwood, M, Chaffey, J, Bixler, D. Chrislie, W. Moxon, S.Gou1hier, R. Young. Third Row: E. Jones, H. Paulsen, W, Macpherson, M. Barcelles, W. Feels, W. Rinxby, K. Knudson, A. Peqalolli, E. G-razoli, S, Mowry, Second Row: R. Jackson, R. Kern, J. Reichlin, C. Sadler, M. Ayer, B. Spini, F, Hooven, C. Sequisl, R, Fisher. Firsl Row: W, Tosfi, E. Hasfings, B. Howard, P. Anderson, S, Merryman, H, Arnold, H. Rylander, A. Rasella, E. Wolfe. THE FRESHMEN This year's Freshman Class has been frying oul a new schedule, which, if successful, may be lor lhe loenelil ol lulure Freshman Classes. ll is 'rhe lirsl class in lhe school's his- lory ro lake an orienlalion course, and il has used lhis course lo good advanlage in qelling acquainled wilh lhe school cusloms, This class is also lhe lirsl lo be given six suloiecls wilh no sludy period, as one period in orienlalion is for This purpose. ll is an induslrious group and lhe members have become acquainled wilh lhe school, ils lradilions, and ils advanlages. FRESHMAN GIRLS Fiflh Row: R. Peters M. Rimby, C. Clark, E. McCombs, D. Elwood, 'B. Saunders, B. Parlon, L. Malfhews, A. Gayharl, L. Huqqins,G.Pelrovich.Four1h Row: C. Speer, J. McNeill, G. Hendrix, C. Norlon, M. Smilh, J. Klein, L. Gabriel, J. Monroe, B. Lorenzo, M. Lamberl, L. Del Porlo. Third Row: H. Ghiladucci C. Jones, B. Currin, V. Frazier, I. Mason, V. Welles, D. Rezzonico, S. Rader, M. Syverfson, M. Norberry. Second Row: E. Juslus, G. l-lashberqer, H. Norenloerq, L. Jones, B. Brown, P. Rimbv, L. Pelers, M. Borqas, M. Turner, N. Monfgorliery. Firsl' Row: A. Swanson, E. Norenbcrq, G. Thomas, L. Simpson, R. Enderson, M. Buqeniq, A. Babler, M .Slanberry, G. Pavne, W. Tonini, E. Sabalini. FRESH MAN BOYS Back Row: M. Randall, H. Pelerson, B. Huril, R. Fosler, V. Jepson, L. Courlriqhl, F, Doyle, S. Buck, R. Beers, L Anderson, D. Dare. Fourfh Row: P. Sallady, D. Carson, E. Carey, A. Sirnrnons, J. Madden, E. Sollady, M. Cady, S Meyers, M. Graham, E. Malone, J. Halherill, E. Hclrries. Third Row: W. Sweel, B. Nuchols, C. Anderson, R. Prifchard J. Slansberry, H. Friend, H. Carroll C. Snider, K. Tracy, E. Jordan, K. Liscorn, G. Rassella. Second Row: R. Friend R. Berlolini, R. Manfredda, O. Weiqhfman, S. O'Reillv J. Carvalho, B Morlon, P. Ball, W. Cravcroll, D. Dolson, P Elrnore, E. Davies. Firsl Row: D. Norberry, D. Junker, J. Karriey, H. Vanlandinqham, G. Orlandi, R, Friend, K. Hillon J, Wyall, J, Brilschqi, L. Sandkullc D. Auslin, l. Brown. CLASS SNAPSHOTS fklkf. Q ef ' ., .,,,b S 4-Q - ' K V, RQ? Ng, tg Q x X0 Q11 -:E ' .1 " ,v ' A . 1 WM I 15- 4 'fn' A Q y f fs. fi- A -' V 1 id C 1 P' 'fy o, . ,, E ' I rg xr 'ig' ,, xw - . K X f o 1- o A ' 'WF if22?'., W L K . Ki A a ' 'T' ' -Q A r ' i , 'QS-b , '03 v' F I F ,gi g I., A 4 June Founlain Marilyn MCNC-ill Belly Gaynor? Delberf Liscom Beverly Simpson and Slwirley Anderson ai s .gil Joyce Abbolf Bel-fa Walclm Jack Craig Jeanne Tonini Eleanor Nielsen Ramona Penqlo Li- Mary F. Charley Uorolhy Todd Raymond Bresee Z. Sfemberq Ma rjorie Sfra lea ' X 1 I7. June Realm IS. Eleanor Schmid? 3 r KW W U is QL 7 avr 'A 'bdmowarv U .4 IHE BHHD SECTION III Top Row: R. Jones, C. Murrey, Rol. Pierce, F. Roloerfs. Four'I'h Row: D. Rezzonico, B. Saunders, S. Andersen, E. Jensen, E. Moxon. R. Hill, B. Parion. Third Row: C. Mcffuicheon, A. Relac, C. Merryman, K. Havens, M. Papini. Second Row: M. J. Turner, L. Picchi, V. Pelrovich, C. Speer, J. Nieri. Firsf Row: R. Orlandi, B. Srover, D. Wilson, E. Moloni, J. Caballar, H. Washburn, B. Welsh, Mr. Wood. SECTION ll Top Row: L. Jones, S. Mowery, E. Purse, J. McNeil, M. Wilson, V. Jensen. Fourih Row: P. Hubbard, P. Lewis, E. Schrnifr, B. Bray, K. Beam, G. Maire. Third Row: P. Klinqer, A. Friedli, M. Chahfey, A. Gayharl, W. Craycroii, R. Prichard, K. Afwood. Second Row: G. Pefrovich, D. Freeman, D. Laursen, M. Siouder, S. Rader, M. Johnson. Firsi Row: M. Charley, G. Hari, P. Hunler, B. Abbolf, K. Swap, H. Arnold, C. Sequisi, L. Sandlculla, N. Birnie. SECTION I Top Row: E. Biorlcsirand, A. Burns, S. Merryman, B. Gayhari, L. Mafihews, M. Ennes, B. Brown. Second Row: L. Courfrighr, S. Buck, D. Tolle, J. Tonini, T. Paul, M. Clark, A. Marlin. Firsi Row: E. Jones, R. Bresee, M. McNeil, A. Moxon, K. Hawlces, J. Bixler, M. Knapp, D. J. Irish, P. Ham. L. Nordquisi. The A. U. H. S. Band oT i940 boasTs oT The larqesi' membership in The hisTory oT The orqanizaTion. The qroup is composed oT OO sTudenT musicians and Their eminenT conducTor Mr. W. N. Wood. The T'irsT public appearance oT The Band was Sep- Tember 9, I939, when They Took parT in The TesTiviTies oT ArcaTa's Annual Admission Day CelebraTion. On December 5, I939, a concerT was given in co- operaTion wiTh The Choir, Chorus, and The Girls Leaque OrchesTra as a means oT raisinq iunds Tor a Trip To The Bay Area Thai' is being anTicipaTed laTe in The Spring SemesTer. AnoTher concerT was held Jan- uary 23, l94O, specifically for The above cause. The Bands porTion of The laTTer concerT included The Tollowinq numbers: WesTerner March V ...King Fra Diavolo OverTure .. . .. .. . .. .Auber BesT Loved SouThern Melodies .. Arr. by Fillmore Under The Double Eagle, March .. . ..Wagner Amazon OverTure, . ., .. . .. ., .Keisler World War Songs . .. . ...Arr, by Lalcs Raising money was noT The only obiecTive of The Band: They also Tried To promoTe school spiriT, ciTi- zcnship and cooperaTion. This was done in coopera- Tion wiTh The sTudenT body by playing Tor rallies, Games, and assemblies. Several marching Trips were Taken downiown durinq The course OT The year in preparaTion for The Annual Field Day held in May. The Band also parTicipaTed in The Music FesTival which is held every year in April. The members arranged according To insTrumenTa- Tion are as Tollows: CorneTs: K. ATwood, S. Buck, M. Chahley, M. Clarlc, L. CourTrighT. W. CraycroTT, A. Friedli, A. 6ayharT, C. Haven, P. Klinqer, A. Marfin, C. McCuTcheon, C. Merryman, M. Papini, T. Paul, R. PriTchard, A. Relac, D. Toile, J. Tonini: Horns: B. Bray, P. Hubbard, P. Lewis, E. Schmidt W. Tonini: BariTones: L. Jones, J. McNeil, S. Mowery, M. Wil- son: Trombones: M. Ennes, B. GayharT, L. MaTThews, S. Merryman, B. Brown: Basses: E. Biorl:sTrand, A. Burns, E. Purse, F. RoberTs: FluTe: H. Arnold, K. Swap: Oboe: P. HunTer: Bassoon: N. Birnie: AlTo Sax: S. Anderson, K. Beam, R. Hill, G. Maire. E. Moxon, B. ParTon, D. Rezzonico, B. Saunders: Tenor Sax: C. Murray, RobT. Pierce: C-Mel Sax: E. Jensen: Dar-Sax: V.Jerisen: Bass Sax: R. Jones: E-flaT Clarinef: M. Knapp: B-'FlaT ClarineTs: J. Bixler, R. Bressee, J. Cabalzar, D. Freeman, F. GeTchell, P. Ham, K. Hawkes, D. Irish, M. Johnson, E. Jones, D. Laurscn, E. Malone, A. Moxon. J. Neiri, L. NordquisT, R. Or- landi, G. PeTrovich, V. PeTrovich, L. Picchi, Roi. Pierce, S. Rader, M. STouder, B. STover, C. Speer, M. Turner, B. Welch, D. Wilson: Tympani: B. AbboTT: Drums: M. Chafley, G. HarT, L. Sandlcullu, C. Se- quisT: Drum Maiors: M. McNeil, H. Washburn: Di- recfor: W. N. Wood. THE STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER The TirsT sernesTer sTudenT body council oT This year was led by PresidenT Harold Anderson and Vice PreSidenT Marilyn McNeil. One oT The biggeST aTTairs sponsored by The council was a Sadie Hawkins Day dance when pracTically The whole sTudenT body came To school aTTired in coSTurnes Typical oT The Theme. Fourfh Row: T. Paul, M. Deems, H. Edwards, D. Lansing, L. Anderson. Third Row: E. McCon'1bs, D. Devine, W. Sirnas, E. Canclini, H. Anderson, Z. Slernberger. Second Row: M. Slraka, M, Clark, M. McNeill, J. AbboTT, I. Lighfford, H. Arnold. Firsf Row: M. Bugenig, B. Walsh, S. Merryman, B. Dickinson, K. Havens, Mr. Ham. Fourfh Row: Z. Sternberger, J. Abbo'rT, T. Paul, J. Crai , D. Canrrell, H. Edwards, M. McNeill. Third Row: Mr. Ham, E. Brand, B. Gayharl, P. HunTer, K. Hawks, J. Kendal? L. Huggins, B. AbboTT. Secnod Row: R. Hill, D. Pegoloffi, H. Anderson, B. Parris, J. Piersall, M. Slraka, N. Birnie. Firsf Row: 'B. Walch, K. Havens, B. Dickinson, M. Johnson, L. Simpson, I. Mason, C. Merryman, D. Auslin. SECOND SEMESTER The Second sernesTer STudenT council under The guidance oT PreSidenT Jack Craig and Vice PreSidenT Kay Swap Took charge oT The Annual Work Day which was The ouT- STanding evenT oT The year. Several MaTinee Dances were held and a very succeSsTul downTown rally, preceding The Eureka baskefball game. was prepared by The council Fourih Row: R. Torp B. Gayhad, K. Swap, J. Abbofl, B. Simpson. Third Row: E. Nielson, M. McNeill, Z. Sfemberger, H. Jennings, J. Morgan. Second Row: V. Pefrovich, C. Ramos, Miss Carroll, C. Murray, M. Caliesch. Firsi Row: J. Founiain, J. Tonini, D, PegoloTTi, M. Sfralra, S. Anderson, B. Graham. BACHELORETTE CLUB The BachelOreTTes, a Sub-Deb Club, is composed OT I5 Seniors and 5 Juniors. AT ChrisTmas They enTerTained The oTher clubs OT The school aT a iolly "Kiddie" parTy. A dinner was given every mOnTh by The girls. The acTiviTies OT This club were under The guidance OT Miss Carroll, The TaculTy advisor, and presidenTs I. Elmore and Z. STem- berger. OTher oTTicers were: Vice PresidenT, B. GayharT: SecreTary, S. Anderson: Cor- responding SecreTary, E. Nielsong Treasurer, M. McNeil. EXCALIBUR CLUB This was an ouTsTanding year Tor The Excalibur. Among OTher acTiviTies The club do- naTed a ChrisTmas baslceT, organized a campus service cOmmiTTee, received Tull charge OT The concession sTands aT all games, and assisTed The 20-30 Club in TingerprinTing The sTudenTs OT The ArcaTa T-ligh School. The club held a reunion OT all pasT members, a COnvenTiOn OT all T-lumbOldT COunTy Excalibur clubs, and aTTended a meeTing OT all Service OrganizaTions OT ArcaTa as guesTs OT The ArcaTa ROTarians. AT This iOinT meeTing The sponsors OT The Excalibur Club, The ArcaTa ROTarians, presenTed The Excalibur wiTh a beauTiTul bell and gavel as a Token OT Triendship. Third Row: E. Canlini, A. Rimbv, R. Jones, J. Cabalzar, D. Goodwin, Second Row: 'B. Srover, T. Paul, E, Jackson, H, Edwards, D. Pelerson, H. Washburn. First Row: Mr. Clavpooi, H, Anderson, L. Larson, E. Giori, D. Liscorn, R. Brcsee. Third Row: B. Sfover, L. Larson, H. Anderson, J, Piersall. Second Row: D, Liscom, 5. Gaihad, Z, Siernberqcr, B. Parris. Firsf Row: Mrs. Meade, J. FounTain, J. Morgan, V. Peirovich, E. SchrniTi. THE AIJVAPJCE The Advance is oTTered To The sTudenTs as a wriTTen and picTorial record OT school liTe and classmaTes, wiTh The hope of recalling in laTer years The happy memories of pasT school days. The sTaTT hopes The sTudenTs will geT as much pleasure from Their copies as we, The sTafT, have Trom The preparaTion OT iT. The sTaTT also Talces greaT pride in honor- ing our championship TooTball Team by individual snaps of Twelve gridiron sTars which appear in The TooTball secTion. PEPPERBOX The T-ligh School's Tour page newspaper has been published under The leadership of The ediTor, l-lelen Jennings, and The advisor, Mrs. Meade. OriginaTing TourTeen years ago, wiTh occasional innovaTions, This neaTly columned paper has added anoTher suc- cessTul year To iTs record. The ouTsTanding publicaTion oT This year was The Senior ediTion conTaining inTormaTion on each senior. Third Row: Z. STernberger, P. Hunfer, J. GolTz, T. Paul, L. Larsen, J. Piersall. Second Row: C. Ramos, D. Liohrford, H, Jennings, J. Morgan, V, Pefrovich. Firsf Row: J. FounTain, I. l.ighTford, P. Ham, E. Schmilf, P. Klinqer, Mrs, Meade. GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL l94O marlcs The TiTTeenTh year oT Girls' League in our school. In addiTion To sponsor-- ing noon dances, The Council underToolc Teaching The boys The TundamenTals oT dancing. Forum discussions based on The Topic oT The convenTion aT Ulciah were enioyed by The girls. The League senT Three delegaTes wiTh Miss Graham, The advisor. OTTicers Tor The year were: President Eleanor Nielson, Vice PresidenT, VicToria I3eTf rovich: SecreTary, Barbara Graham: Treasurer, June l:ounTain: SergeanT aT Arms, PaTri- cia I-IunTer3 Song Leader, I4aTherine Swap. CommiTTee Chairmen: Social, Marian Vfilsonq Program, Zorlra STemberger7 Dance, Colleen Murray: School Service, l2ueTTa Torpq PubIiciTy, PaTricia Klinger. Third Row: Z. Slernberger, A. Relac, K. Swap, P. I-IunTer, V. Pefrovich, Miss Graham. Second Row: B, Ci.ili.w' Q. Murray, L. Nordguisl, R.Torp, E.NieIson.Firs1Row:P. KIinger,J.l:ounTain, D. Laursen M. Wilson, P. Hain. J. Warren, 6. Saunders, J. Craig, D. Lanzing, W. Scot? W. Simas, R. Fusi, G, Dcwd, A. Maxis i, V, H-,fn.1inii, J Iiwiilnli, A. Friedli, O. Seguisf, W. Macpherson, K. ATwood, J. Piersa'l B. Parris, M. Giiinlnli II.iJ1uxivii,I-I.AriuvIiI, R. Rall,-vis K. Knudscn, K. Geiger, J. Cady, E. Wolf, Mr. W, B. Mcliillrick. R-K-TAN This year saw a new club organized in our midsT. IT was chrisTened The good name R-K-TAN. The charTer members were M. GiunToli, J. Piersall, B. Parris, K. Geiger, J. Craig, K. ATwood, W. Macpherson, R. RoberTs, and J. Cady. The honor of being The TirsT presidenT oT The new club Tell To Marino GiunToli, wiTh Jack Piersall being elecTed presidenT Tor The second semesTer. The club held a Tormal iniTiaTion aT The Big Four Inn on April 5, and also gave a dance wiTh The BacheIoreTTes as guesTs. The club enjoyed many inTeresTing Tallcs by prominenT men oT The communiTy during The year. G. A. A. The Girls AThleTic AssociaTion wiTh a membership oT TourTeen has had a mosT suc- cessTul year. Aside from The cusTornary selecTion oT The TorTy girls ThaT are chosen To represenT The ArcaTa l-ligh School aT The Annual W.A.A. Playday held aT l-lumboldT STaTe College, The group gave Two very successful dinners honoring The school's BaslceT- ball Teams. The TirsT dinner was held during The Tall semesTer and honored The C and D Teams. During The spring semesTer The girls gave Their second dinner aT which They paid Their respecTs To The LighTweighT and l-leavyweighT Teams. WhiTe sweaTers wiTh orange Tigers were adopTed To signify membership in The organizaTion. Back Row: K. Swap, E. Brand, Miss Fielding, A. Relac, M. McNeill. Third Row: M. Geiger, B. Simpson, C. Ramos. Second Row: B. Walsh, L. NordquisT, E. Caldeira. Fronf Row: H. Jennings, V. Pelrovich, R. Torp. Fourfh Row: D. Freeman, P. l-lunier, B. Slover, D. Tolle, A. Relac, D. Lansing, L. Larson, H. Anderson, G. Maire. Third Row: B. Abbofl, M. McNeill, D. Godden, R. Torp, D. Devine, B. GuesT, J. AbboTT, E. Nielson, E. Pelerson. Second Row: D. Irish J. Morgan, D. Garland, G. Harl, Z. Slernberger, M. Lewis, H. Jennings, L. Kruger, R. Olson, N. Birnie, B. Walsh. Firsf Row: L. Gabriel, B. Brown, M. Clark, V. Pelrovich, K. Beam, C. Merryman, D. Pegolofli, M. Chaffey, M. Sfraka, B. Dickinson, M. Papini, Miss Sample. DRAMATIC CLUB Laboring under exTreme diTTiculTies due To The handicap OT no sTage or audiTorium The spiriT OT The DramaTic Club was by no means weakened. The Club conTinued To hold meeTings and several one-acT plays were presenTed under sTudenT supervision. The oTTicers Tor The year were: President Zorlca STembergerg Vice President Dean Lansing: SecreTary-Treasurer, PaTricia l-lunTer7 The TaculTy advisor, Miss Sample. Fourfh Row: D. Godden, J. Hornbeck, A. Relac, D. Lansing, H. Anderson, B. Gayharf. Third Row: M. Wilson, R. Hill, B, Parris, E. Nielson, P. Ham, D. Laursen, Second Row: M. Meadows, E. Moxon, C. Murray, I. Liqhllord, A. Pedro. Firsf Row: B, Walsh, M. Schuler, E. Peterson, D. Lighlford, J. Cady, R. Peers, Miss Daqenharf, The Arr Club, under lhe supervision of Miss Degenharl, has had a very successful year. Sfarling lhe season wi+h an unusually successful carnival, lhe aclive members lhen busied lhernselves wilh numerous smaller acrivilries. A grand showcase was builr and placed in The sludy-hall lor arl exhibils, colleclions of beaulilul oil painlings were ex- hibiled in lhe sludy-hall: and spealcers on Indian arl and cralls were sponsored by 'rhe group. As soon as wearher permilled, lhe members planned and planled a garden, which kepl 'rhem busy 'rhroughoul 'rhe remainder ol rhe school year. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Allhough having a membership of only 30 boys Jrhis year, rhe Arcala Fulure Farmers have accomplished many Things. They have had a iudging leam ar lhe Slale Fair, lour judging leams al lhe Counly Fair, published Jrwo edilions ol rhe Arcala Wrangler, parlicipared in Slalewide Public Speaking Conlesl, senl clelegales lo The Slale Fulure Farmer Convenlion al San Luis Obispo along wilh many olher minor chapler acrivilies. Officers of 'rhe Arcala Chapler for l939-40 are: Presidenr, Wesley Norrom Vice Presidenl, lvlillon Deemsg Secrelary, l. L. lvloxonq Treasurre, Eugene Biasca: Reporfer, Eugene Wolf, and Sergeanl al Arms, Daniel Rogers. Facully Advisors are Mr. Parsons and Mr. Boggess. Back Row: A, Sallady, E. Sallady, P. Lewis, R. Fosler, M. Deerns, D. Rogers, J. Reichlin. Third Row: W. Norlon, E. Biasca, l. Moxon, F. Hynding, A, Simmons, W. Moxon, H. Leiter. Second Row: A. Pegololli, M. Barcelles, J. Carvalho, L. Sfree1er,C.Snider, B, Spini, R. Manfreclda. Firsf Row: Mr. J. C. Boggess, W. Tosfe, A. Rasella, P. Berlolini, D. Junker, E. Woll, Mr, L. Parsons. Fiffh Row: O. Seduisf, D. Liscorn, M, Hall, R. Blackslone, R. Pearce, V. Jepson, B. Pearce, 'B. Prifchard, J. Carvalho, R. Orlandi, O. Weiqhlman, H. Friend. Fourfh Row: J. Hornbeck, 6. Peirovich, B. Arenson, J. Hickox, C. Ramos, J. Kane, A. Maslerson, L. Nordquisl, R. Torn, E. Jones, J. STansberry,R. Olsen, D. Dolson. Third Row: R. Pelers, J. Raab. M. ChaTTey, B. AbboTT, B. Parfon, O. Coe, C. Speer, A. Decker, E. BaccheTTi, D. Garland, P. Tinwrnons, S. Nessler, C, Clark, M. Sl. Louis. Second Row: C. Carey, D. Rezzonico, G. Hansen, M. Lamberi, G. Payne, P. Hubbard, Ray Friend, Roy Friend, S. Movfry, G. Orlnridi, M. Seward L. Kruger. Firsf Row: D. Dunlap, L. Simpson, M. Caslon, L. Slade, B. Bray, S. Rader, M. Ennes, M. Papini, K. Beanz, B. Brown, J. Vincenf, L. Manly, Miss Carroll. CHORUS This is The Third year ThaT The chorus has been acTive in our school ,and iTs member- ship is around sevenTy, wiTh Miss Carroll as The leader. The group, as a whole, seems To be quiTe TalenTed and inTeresTed in sinqing. Giving Two concerTs, along wiTh The band and choir, noT only beneTiTed The school, buT also Turnished qreal enioymenT To all who aT' Tended. CHOIR The A Cappella Choir is made up oT 40 members and Their direcTor Miss Carroll. AlThough This is only iTs second year, The Choir has made many successlful public appearf ances. IT parTicipaTed in concerTs wirh The Band in The spring and Tall. The Tunds Trom These concerTs were used To help send The Band and Choir To The San Jose FesTival in May. They also sang wiTh The T-lumboldT STaTe College Choir and Symphony 0rchesTra in Their presenTaTion of The Messiah aT ChrisTrnas. Fiffh Row: R. Biiqqs, V. Je usen, A. Relac, D. Goclden, D, Devine, K. Swa , D. Tolls, D, Jones, Fourfh Row: D. Wilson, F P E. Guinlini, H. Jennings, M. ST. Louis, L. Nordquisl, R. Toro, E, Jackson, B. Pearce. Third Row: M. Guinloli, L. Larson N. 'Birnie B. Dickinson fn. Hari, B. AbboTT, B. SToyer, R. Prirchard, K. Alwood. Second Row: M. Hall, D. Lisconi, P. Klinqer, L. Jones, E. Peterson, G, Pelrovich, D. Dolson, S. Mowry. First Row: W. Crayrmfl, B. Walsh, M. Papini, V Vincenl, M. lewis, L. Manley, G. Orlandi, Miss Carrcfli. Brain TrusT. Cuie Kids. Nice Gals. Franny. Two Burns. Dean and Eleanor Mrs. Meade. Lunch hour. Mick and Andy. Some of ihe boys. ffm ., .. . ACTIVITY SNAPSHOTS Hiqhliqhfs. Schrniify. Dog Pafch Gang Three Siooges. Cauqhf oilf guard J. Warren, J. Piersall, M. GuinToli, B. Parris, W. ScoTT, J. Caldera C. I. F. FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS OF l940 AT The beginning oT The TooTball season ArcaTa had To Tind someone To Till The shoes oT Romani, Siggins, J. Fusi, and Seaman. A large TurnouT oT over 40 candidaTes re- sponded To The iniTial call Tor TooTball pracTice. The Tigers earned The respeci' OT Their Toes by Their TighTing Team spiriT on The Tield. Hard Tackling and blocking was The key To The Team's success. On The myThical all-counTy Team aT The end oT The season were The Tollowing players: Warren Simas, Tullbackg Joe Caldera, halTq Bob Parris, guarTerback7 Ralph Fusi, Jack Piersall, and Marino GuinToli were on The line. Simas was The ouTsTand- ing backTield man in The league. l-le averaged six yards every Time he Took The ball. l-lis Triendly aTTiTude made him one oT The besT liked boys on The squad. E. Jackson, L. Swanson, R. Fusi, E. Giori, I-I. Anderson, W. Simas ARCATA I9 ALUMNI O. This was The TirsT game ArcaTa pIayed and The boys made consisTenT gains. ARCATA 20 FERNDALE 6. The second game oT The year and ArcaTa won iT by coming back and scoring Three Touchdowns To I:erndaIe's one ARCATA I2 EUREKA 6. The "big game" OT The year. ArcaTa wenT ouT wiTh The deTerminaTion To win and downed The Eureka Loggers. Simas, backed by The whole Team, made boTh The Touchdowns scored. ARCATA 20 I-IQOPA 6. The game was hard ToughT and The second Team looked good Tor nexT year. ARCATA I3 ASI-ILAND O. ArcaTa iourneyed To Oregon Tor The TinaI game oT The year. All The pIayers played Their besT in This Tinal perTormance. Second Row: E. Canclini, W. Scoii, Mr. Moore fCoachl, D. Lansinq, W. Simas. First Row: B. Parris, M. Suinfoli, J. Piersali, fx. Masferson, E. Jackson. A BASKETBALL The heavyweighTs coached by Franny Moore had a very successTul season wiTh 8 wins and only 3 losses. ArcaTa Tied wiTh Eureka Tor second place and ScoTT, sTar Torwarci, was Top scorer Tor The ArcaTa Team. Lansing, Parris, Canclini, and Piersall all showed abiliTy in hiTTing The baskeT. Warren Simas and Wallace ScoTT were selecTed Tor The myThical all-counTy TirsT Team. Many close and exciTing games were played. B BASKETBALL The lighTwei hTs were handicapped by The illness OT several sTar players and The TacT ThaT none o?lasT year's veTerans came back, buT They Turned in many fine per- Tormances. KenneTh Geiger and Eugene Warren were The choices Tor The myThical all-counTy Team. Third Row: R. Goddi, E, Gallacci, C. McCufcheon, K. Hawks. Second Row: Mr. Moore iCoachJ, H. Rylander, E. Warren, E. Jones. Firsf Row: K. Geiger, R. Roberts, H. Arnold, D. Dolson. C BASKETBALL The C's under The guidance oT Mr. McKiTTriclc Tied Tor TirsT place wiTh Eureka and Ferndale. The boys were very enThusiasTic and played many hard games. The chieT scorers on The squad were Geiger, Jones, Rylander and RoberTs. Second Row: W. Craycrofl, F. PiTTerini, Mr. W. B. McKiTTrick lCoachT, E. Jones, O. SequisT, B. Papini. Firsf Row: J. Cady, H. Rylander, R. Robeds, K. Geiger, Leff To Righfz Mr. W. B. McKiTlriclc Kloachj, W. Macpherson, G. Maire, R. Fullonk B. Spini S. Merryman H, Arnold, D. Dolson, A. Rasella. I D BASKETBALL The D's under The accuraTe shooTing oT Arnold and Spini had a Tairly successTul season wiTh wins over Ferndale and ForTuna. They Tied Tor second place wiTh Eurelca louT They led The league in spiriT and TighT. BASEBALL The TurnouT Tor baseball was comprised oT a large number oT candidaTes who will compeTe in The baseball TournamenTs This year. ArcaTa's chances Tor winning The championship look good Tor many oT The veTerans have reTurned and some oT The new boys show plenTy oT abiliTy in hiTTing and Tielding The leaThered sphere. The veTeran hurler Simas will again aTTempT To quell his Toes wiTh his TasT brealcing curves and sizzling speed balls. Top Row: S. Myres, W. ScoTT, J. FosTer, A. LorenTzen, L. Courlwrigh1, R. Pierce, J. Warren, . Sirnas, R. BlacksTone, R. Orlandi, H. Anderson, A. Friedli. Third Row: E. Warren, E. Jackson, R. Fusi, L. Swanson, V. Jepsen, G. F-'eTerson, B. Parris, J. Piersall, F. Roberls, J. STansberry. Second Row: M. Randell, W. SweeT, R. Piersall, H. Paulsen, C. Kern, L. Tracy, G. Lingren, K. Hawkes, A. Rimbey, G. Iskra, K. Knudsen, B. PeeTs, M. Graham. Firsf Row: Coach Moore, D. Junker, E. Gordon, P. Elmore, E. Grazoli, B. Morron, D. Dolson, B. Howard, R. Fullon, R. Goddi, S. Merryman, H. Rylander, H. Carrol, Lane Sandkella. SOPHOMORE CHAMPS Speedball and Volleyball were The much coveTed championships which were carried OTT by The Sophomores This year wiTh considerable diTTiculTy. Much compeTiTion was oiclered by The Junior and Senior Teams. Capllain DoroThy Gallacci led her Team To vicTory on The Speedball Tield wiTh CapTain Lois Sherman achieving The same goal Tor her Team in Volleyball. Upper: J. BarTolornei, A. Marlin, B. Aronson, A. Relac, L. Shernian, D. Gallacci, M. Garland. Cenferz B. Ramos, L. Picchi, G. HarT. Lower: Miss Fielding, M. Panini, E. Caldeira, B. Anderson, L. Nordquist Top Row: L. Courlwriqhf, E. Guinlini, J. Foster, J. Piersall, A. Burns, R. Pierce, L, Swanson. Second Row: Coach Moore, G, Iskra, K. Knudsen, C. Kern, M. Graham, B. Sfover, R. Fusi, H. Edwards, S. 6ouThier, H. Anderson, A. Rinwbey, D.Tolle. Firsf Row: L. Larson, D. Dolson, V. Maffeoli, C. McCJTcl1eons, C. Brown, F. PiT'Terini, W. Jones, T. Paul, R. Goddi, J. STansberry, D. Liscomb. TRACK-A and C LasT year's Track Team walked off wiTh Top honors in The all-counTy Traclc and Field meeT. DelberT Liscom was high poinT man in The counTy wiTh l2lf4 poinTs. Darrell Sund- quisl' made a specTacular leap To The heighT oT 6' 4lf4" in The heavyweighT high jump To seT an ouTsTanding record. DelberT Liscom seT a new record in The liqhTweighT class by a leap of 5' 77f8" which is considered an ouTsTanding iump Tor ThaT division. Sund- quisT, Liscom, Fralqes, Vasco and Ledo MaTTeoli were rewarded wiTh a Trip To l-lollisTer To parTicipaTe in The norTh coasT secTional meeT. Liscom and SundquisT each Tool: a second place in Their respecTive divisions in The high jump. Coach Moore was conTronTed This year wiTh The Task oT louilding almosT an enTirely new Traclc Team. Griffin, Knudsen, Liscom, and V. MaTTeoli were The only veTerans To reporT. l-lowever many promising candidaTes Turned ouT Tor The squad. Shanding: B. Morlon, E. Holmes, S. Buck, R. PriTchard, D, Wilson, P. Tracy, C. Anderson, Coach Moore Kneeling: W, Griffin, H, Rylander, C. Sequisl, S. Merryrnan, S. O'Reilly, K. Liscorn, L. Manley. Q? we 'Nl N ,fd f I A i l X qi Q W , Q x ,.: , , Z Lip M A . Junior - BASKETBALL TEAMS -- Senior R. Twp, C. Murray, H. Jennings, 'B. Gavhart, B. Simpson, Miss Fielning. P, l-lunler, V. P5-Trovich, J. l-lickox, B. Guesf. l. Liflhliord, E. Pillerini, M. McNeil, N. Birnif. D. Irish, E. Sadlcr, S. Anderson, B. Walch. JUNIOR-SENIOR SQUADS Girls lnlerclass Baslqerball This season will see a lhrilling conlesl loeiween ihe Juniors and Seniors beginning wilh lhe iirsi whislle and conlinuing lill lhe very lasl second. Bolh reams have very slrong offense as well as defense which oughl lo malce il a decidedly close ballle. FRESHMEN-SOPHOMORE SQUADS Composed oi several oulslanding alhleles lhe Freshman baslcelball squad iniends lo give lhe Sophomores a hard ballle when lhe reams clash in iheir Annual Big Game, Whal ihe Freshmen laclc in experience lhev malce up for in confidence which will play a decisive iaclor. The Sophomores presenl a smoolh worlcing cvcle ol leamworlq which will be dilliicull lo bear. Sophomore - Freshman - Sophomore BASKETBALL TEAMS B, K-iiiws, li. C,'1llmiri, L. llifichi, l. Sherman, Miss Fielding, B, Aronson, Lv. ll.irl,L C.1llf'r'Ji, M, Variinl. B. Lorenfo, E. McCnn:bs, G. Pelrovich, L. Jones, A. Gayharl, A. Babler. G. Swanson, L. Simpson. .1 ATHLETIC SNAPSHOTS I. Mow 'em down, Delbert 4. Brice Papini, forward 6. Warren Simas, quard, 2. Bob and Jack. 5. Eureka game, Arcafa 12, 7, Horner Arnold, forward 3. "Nipe" Rylander, forward. Eureka 6. 8. Ferndare game. 5'fl:'l'r' .S"'. . - . ,' nx- '-- 1' ,4 1' uf 4, J o'J I. The Advance Sfaff 4. Miss Carroil 2. Mrs. Brizard, our Secrefary 5. Californiis worm dimaie 3. Helen and Dale 6. Leslie 8. TheBad'1eloreHe Bicyde Hike Mariorle, Tom and Spring Mr. Thompson ii JOE WILKINS happy lo cooperale wilh lhe Advance all in lhe publicalion ol lheir Annual. He exlends lhe besl wishes lo sludenls and lacully. DONALD DREW Allorney al Law IG Slreel PIIOUG 52-W Arcala DR. L. F. KELTNER Denlisl :ata California Coasl Counlies Gas and Eleclric Company Use Gas, lhe Modern Fuel Phone 2I 5,-,fa Calilornia BONNIKSEN-SORENSON, INC. Complele Aulomolive Sales 81 Service Gilmore Producls - Sludebaker lh 81 G Slreels Phone Arcala 9I Complimenls of lhe ARCATA LAUNDRY Bulch Wilson's Tackle Shop "If il's Bulchbuill il's WeIlbuiI+" Roo REPAIRING - euN SMITHING cquel Reslringing Sporling Goods Arcala, California UNITED CREAMERIES ASSN. Uniled lBrandl Buller gala California D A L Y B R O T H E R S Humboldl's Own Slore reka Calilornia P L A Z A G A R A G E W. A. Crawlord. Prop. one 7-W Arcala, Calif. Miss Degenharl: "Young man, how many limes have I lold you lo gel lo lhis class on lime? Harold: "I don'l know, I lhoughl you were keeping score." Q "I see by lhe school reporl lhal you are slill al lhe bollom ol lhe class," said lalher, very irale. Leigh Manley: "Well, whal aboul il dad? They leach lhe same lhings al bolh ends." C5 Leslie: "Thal movie we saw ol Oliver Twisl was good, eh?" Jack Piersallz "Say, wouldn'l Ihal make some book?" C5 Mac: "Say, is your dog clever?" Miss Fielding: "CleverI I should say so. When I say, 'Are you com- ing or aren'l you,' he comes or he doesn'l." Q Mr. Ham: lin Economics. on lhe discussion ol conservalionl "Whal makes loresls pelrily?" Frank Pillerini: "Old age." C3 Zorka: "Oh, June, since you have so many anceslors, have you any real prominenl men in your De La Fonlaine lamily?" June: "Yes, one ol my lorelalhers was an admiral. Al one lime he led lhe world's combined lIeel." Zorka: "How inleresling-Whal was his name?" June: "Noah." KELLER'S PHARMACY The Rexall Slore PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Arcala California TATMAN'S BAKERY "The Home ol Good Bakery Producls" ON THE REDWOOD HIGHWAY B U C K ' S C A F E Nolecl for ils Good Food NORTH SIDE OF PLAZA Phone l3I Arcala MISS R. FAYE JACKSON Sfafe Accrediled Piano Inslrucfor Primary and Advanced Pupils Arcala Phone 265-W Eureka Phone I738 VERNON L. HUNT D.D.S-. F.A.C.D. Praclice Limiled lo Orlhoclonlics Eureka Arcala PETERSON'S SPORTING GOODS STORE ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FISHING TACKLE AMMUNITION LUNCH ROOM Arcala Calilornia BOYD'S SHELL STATION One Black Soulh ol Plaza on Highway Shellubricalion - Wheel Aligning Arcala Phone 97 EUREKA BUSINESS COLLEGE "Where Youlh and Opporlunily Meal" Congralulalions lo lhe Class of I940 Phone 602 2l2 E Slreel Eureka, Calil. The VARSITY SWEET SHOP In Arcala on the Redwood Highway Opposile lhe Plaza Shops Localed Nexl lhe Redwood Thealres Arcala Phone 155.1 Forluna Eureka Phone I697 Emmill Murray's Super Service Associaled Producls "Service Wilh A Smile" Phone 42 Soulh Arcala I DKFDSMHH U ROBERTSON 5 Denfisi Super Creamed Ice Cream GIANT SHAKES LIGHT LUNCHES Firsf Nafional Bank Bldg, Eureka, Calif. Bill Si0Vei5 Nl WY' lend me an 933 I-I Sfreef Arcafa Ca X, will you?" I J A N S E N ' S Mr. Claypoolz "Sorry, buf fhere's A W Qualify Groceries ICE CREAM - CANDIES - GROCERIES lbfh and J Sfreefs-Phone 43 Arcafa California COMPLI MENTS OF B L E D S O E ' S Arcafa California CALIFORNIA BARREL CO., LTD. Exiend Congrafulafions fo The CLASS OF I940 ARCATA HOTEL 8: COFFEE SHOP Besl Wishes 'ro fhe GRADUATES OF I940 Complimenfs of GOLDEN STATE CO., LTD. The PIaza8aThe Arcafa BARBER SHOPS H. W, lRexl Pyle L. O. Jacobs Congra+ula+e Ihe CLASS or 1940 DR. EUGENE FOUNTAIN Den'l'is+ Phone 40 Arcafa, California C. J. "HAPPY" HILL Everyfhing fo Wear an algebraic difliculfy in lhe way." Bill: "Wlna'r is if?" Mr. Claypool: "An X wifh me is unknown quanfiI'y." C5 Jane Morgan and Ralph Goddi had been discussing Darwin's ori- gin of fhe specie. "I can'f see," argued Ralph, "whaf difference if' would make fo me whefher or nof my grandfafher was an ape." "No," said Jane, "I can'f see fhaf if would, buf if musf have made a greaf difference fo your grand- mofherf' O Morris Birnie: "Have an acc: denf?" John Cady: "No fhanks, I iusf had one." Beverley Simpson: lfollowing rapid-fire dicfalvionl "Now, Mr. Davies, whaf did you say befween 'Dear Sir' and 'Sincerely yours'?" Q Marilyn McNeil: "l feel ashamed every fime I see fhe family ou? in fhe yard." Joyce Hickox: "No wonder, Why PHOTO FINISHING JOB PRINTING PICTURE FRAMING Arcafa Califorr EUREKA BEVERAGE CO. l32 Wesf Fourfh Sfreef Phone 6 Manufacfurers of Nehi - Par-T-Pak - R. C. Cola McCANN MOTORS FORD, MERCURY and LINCOLN ZEPHYR Arcafa Californ EVEREADY SERVICE STATION General Tires CORNER lOfh and H STS. Arcafa Californ D U C K B R O S . Eureka Californ C. L. STARKEY Wachmaker and Jeweler DIAMOND AND WEDDING RINGS BLUE LAKE MARKET Thad A. SmiI'h, Propriefor ROSERY FLOWER SHOW Edna R. Speier Arcaia and Eureka Californi d 'f fh ' 'd 7" M were AXELANDERSON U N I T E D G A R A G E Q General Insurance 875 9+h Sfreef C' S' GEIGER and L' A' FORD I Phones: Residence l96 Office I4-5 ll' ' I B. COOPER, M. D. Physician and Surgeon :Ta California SEELY 81 TITLOW COMPANY ARCATA SUPER MARKET The Universal STore .Ta California POLLY PRIM BAKERY Home of Home-Made Bread ie I4O-J ArcaTa PETE CANCLINI SHOE SHOP Where Shoe Repairing is a SpeciaITy iTa California CORNER DRUG STORE and BeauTy Salon "FOR TI-IRIFTY BUYERS" I-I STreeT ArcaTa LELAND J. PAUL. e I7 ArcaTa, CaIiTornia DE LUXE BARBER SHOP John MorTenson, Prop. Ta California COTTAGE GROVE DAIRY GRADE A DAIRY PRODUCTS If IT's PasTeurized IT's Safe 6 I35 Arca'Ia JONES 5-I0-I5 CENT STORE NOVELTIES AND STAPLES AT LowesT Prices KTA CALIFORNIA IORNBROOK'S SHOE STORE C6 California STudenT: "Has noT TorTune Icnoclced aT your door?" Beggar: "He did once, bui' I was ouT. Ever since he has senT his daughTer." STudenT: "His daughTer, who is she?" Beggar: "Why, rnisforfune, oT course." Margie STrakaf "WhaT is sabo- Tage?" Jane Morgan: "Breaking laws oi The SabbaTh." C9 Ray Briggs: "WhaT are rabies and whaT would you do Tor Them?" Reno Orlandiz "Rabies are Jew- ish priesTs and I would be very glad To do anyThing I could Tor Them." C3 Miss Carroll: "Irven, define The word 'zebra'." Irven Davies: "A horse wiTh sTripes, and iT is used To iIIusTraTe The IeTTer G5 We have been wondering why high school sTudenTs use The ab- breviaTion, eTc., so much. We iusT found ouT ThaT iT is a sign used To make oThers believe you Icnow more Than you do. 65 Kay Swap IaT BacheIoreTTe din- nerl: "This soup TasTes funny." RueTTa: "Well, why don'T you laugh?" SEELY STUDIO QuaIiI'y PorTraiTs 526 G STreeT Eureka E. V. JONES DRAYAGE AND GENERAL TRANSFER Office aT 806 G STreeT Phone 67 ArcaTa ArcaTa Cleaners, Dyers and Tailors The BesT Worlcrnanship and Service BERT CHAPMAN, Prop. "Tailored SuiTs for The Man Who Cares" Phone 79 F . W . G E N T C O . General Merchandise Orleans California RUSS MARKET CO. M E A T S BRTZARD MARKET ARCATA FLUI'IRER'S BREAD Popular Because IT's Good SEOUOIA GROCERY CO. Feed and Seed S. Jacomella V. Caprile BEER INSURANCE AGENCY CompIeTe Insurance Service Licensed Real EsTaTe Broker Phone 4I ArcaTa, California WILSON SODA WORKS Pepsi-Cola - 5-Ri+e Soda WaTers Phone 52 Eureka H . E . W A L T E R Real EsTaTe - Loans - Insurance NexT To P. O. -- Phone 7B ArcaTa California I i Y Arcaia Union 8: Shopping News QuaIi+y Job Priniing Phone 3 ATKINSON a. WOODS, Druggaes The Rexall S+ore Eifrh Srreei ai G Eureka, Calif. PURITY STORES "ON THE PLAZA" Arcaia California DR. H. L. JENKINS Physician and Surgeon Phone 73 Arcafa, Calif. ARCATA BAKERY Phone 30 JOHN MARTE, Prop. BROWNINGNS S+a+ionery - Greeiing Cards 627 Fiifh Srreer Eureka HAMMOND REDWOOD CO. RETAILYARD Phone 25 Arcaia, Calif. CURLETTE BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 36 ETHEL HUBBARD Arcara, California A. F. TINGSTROM Upholsierer Tenih and H Sfreer Phone 296 B. B. BARTLETT, OPD. D. S. P. BARTLETT, OPD. D. Opiomeirisis 529 E Sireer Eureka, Calif. Miss Ames lin Orieniarionlz "Ann, explain ihe difference be- Iween resulfs and consequences." Ann: "ResuIIs are whai you ex- peci and consequences are whai you ge+." O Janie McNeil: "Mr. Claypool, how would you define common sense?" Clay: "Very rare" O Pound on a ireshman's regisrra- lion cards: "Name Oi parenis: Mama and Papa." O Dale Pefersen: "Are you dining anywhere 'ronighI?" Helen Jennings lhopefullylz "No, I'm noi." Dale: "You'II be hungry by morning." O Mr. Campbell: "II: you added seveniy-six ihousand nine hundred and Iwenly-Ihree IO eighiy-one Thousand, four hundred and twelve, whaf would you gei?" Ross Junker: "A wrong answer." O Ernesi Schulerz "Thai librarian made a blunder." Don Warren: "HOw's 'rhaI'?" Ernesr "I asked for Shakespeares Plays and now she's gone and given me Shakespeares WOrks." COLLEGE SHOE SHOP E. Canclini, Prop. Eighih and 6 Sireeis Arcafa, Califor B O N B O N N I E R E The Home of Fine Conieciions Luncheons and Frozen Dainfies Eureka Caliior DR. C. L. BONSTELL Denfisf PHONE 23 Arcaia Califor BRIZARDS OF ARCATA A MODERN DEPARTMENT STORE Qualiiy Merchandise Popular Prii CompIimen'I's of HUNTER'S LUNCH ROOM "The Place Io Eai On The Redwood Highway Arcaia, California Phone 55 IBII1 and G We Wish Much Success To The I940 Graduaies HARVEY HARPER FORD, MERCURY and LINCOLN ZEPHYR Eureka Caliio MIRIAM POOL HUFF, M. D. Physician and Surgeon DISEASES OE WOMEN and CHILDREN KARL'S SANDWICHES - MILKSHAKES -CHILI BE! CHIP STEAK SANDWICHES l7ih and 6 Srreers Arc P . C . S A C C H I Since I9I9 Sacchi Building-On The Plaza Phone 88 Arr C. O. LINCOLN CO. Booksellers and S+a'I'ioners Eureka CGIIIIO SAFEWAY STORES, INC. Fruifs - Groceries - Vegefables Gif! California HENRY A. SORENSON Residenf Aqenf General Insurance and Real Esfafe ne 24 IO23 "H" Sfreef Arcafa, California 4 R O M A B A K E R Y ROMA aurrea-Nur BREAD Larqesf Iridependenf Bakery in The Redwood Empire For Qualify in Delicafessen G. T. GROCETERIA LARSEN - ANDERSON On fhe Redwood Highway LINDSTRAND'S Garage and Super Service Sfafion Phone 3-J General Merchandise Sfore Phone 3-W ' I-Blfe California DR. N. A. STROMBERG Denlisf Phone 28 iid California FIRESTONE Aufo Supply and Service Sfore and H Sfreefs Eureka, California BERT HILL'S VARIETY STORE Phone 20? -- 876 G Sfreef afa California PAUL'S BARBER SHOP Firsf Class Service Paul and Frank PAOLI BROS. a SoI'o 81 Plymoufh --Sellers 8: Service Near Courfhouse and I Sfreefs Eureka G5 Miss Degenharf: "lf a fire broke ouf in fhis wonderful arf gallery and you had fime fo save only five picfures, which five would you save?" Selva: "The five nearesf fhe door." C3 Miss Graham: "Are you chew- ing gum?" "No, l'rn Edifhe Baccheffif' Q OF pens and pencils There is quife A lof fhaf can be said, To drive a pen may be all righf, Buf pencils musf be lead. Yef anofher gleam from The ex- aminafion papers: Ouesfion: "For whaf were fhe Phoenicians famous?" Answer: "Blinds" Clerk in boolcsfore: "This book will do half of your work for you." Joe Caldeira: "Fine, I'll 'rake fwo." To be college bred, means a four year loaf, requiring a greaf deal of dough, as well as plenfy of crusf. FEUERWERKER'S Disfincfive Furnifure REFRIGERATORS - VVASHERS - RADIOS FREEMAN ART STUDIO Makers of fhe Famous Redwood Picfures and Panoramas 527 F Sfreef Eureka, Calif. HILFIKER ELECTRIC CO. Philco - Zenifh - Radio RADIO SERVICE WESTCO PUMPS Nexf fo P. O. Arcafa Phone 20 LEE PHIPPS DRESS SHOP 523 Fiffh Sireel' Eureka, Calif, Coafs -- Suifs - Dresses DELANEY 8: YOUNG Candy. Coca-Cola and All Ofher Beverages PAPINI BROS. Groceries - Fruifs - Vegefables Fresh Meafs Phofie 37 Arcafg KRAMER AUTO SUPPLY CO. Paris - Tools - Equipmenf MACHINE SHOP IN CONNECTION Phone 3232 Eureka, Calif. COLLEGE CREAMERY BORDEN'S PRODUCTS Hoi Lunches - Grilled Sfeaks Phone 39 Rufh and Walf Lima Arcafa, California P E N N E Y ' S I-Iumboldf's Friendly Deparfrnenf Sfore Fiffh and G Sfreefs Eureka, California SMITTY SERVICE STATION Goodyear Tires Hobbs Bafferies I4-fh and G Sfreefs Phone 63-W KcfLg14yef 1 if 'K u-I MM W 52 WMU?-ye" ,ni S 3 Y Q My W W-,clfquw F DL E R If ,Zin Q55 Q Qi' vw Y AQQAH I 6 if fff V 'ylf x 1 ,. 3 lp! f ,P A J V X .7 'f 4.L,:rA-41,16 F ' f. m, V,,, 4'-H-f' '..,l, 4 , bfi! I V' ' ffl ,. , C .f"'7' ' .4 I 4 ,,f,V ,f If Q Ss 'S -N, N '74, X Q 93 Q. 5 4-1 .x Qf fin

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