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Text from Pages 1 - 54 of the 1936 volume:

THE ADVANCE Published by Arcata Umon Hugh School Arcata, California The Students of FOREWORD f' ' if" ',QE. " -2":'f.Qj rw wr Q Q4 '41-'1'1'I'?1nfCmC" " 1 .iri 2 vi. 5:5-. P'-1 "1 v , 1 ..-l ,W .LNvL"'T. ,QW W Q 1, J X if S. MERIT AWARDS mHF WCPFF-Q we 1 Hwqm OVNf1f NNE! OO UNT F' CV irwdf ffwr fm l'T1 CVTT If The Om Hfmu W Q wi '30 dedgd By +1 fn fee M 0 Vf rw Jr anf W zr U f f ff f m mfr mm f If 1 'N f fi r mg cw FSF wiv omff V rm1Q1rQ FU ar Qbw Q3 if f C O NF XNNVW V SWEATER Q L5 Vx J w HIGH TOTALS w +2 X fu r 'WC fnixkfif J: A SHIE' D AWARDS JX x xlfiiqp Riff f , -.Af aj X xx XXX xx . I . V N Qm,fff:e"1 Warp' lv rw g I fi lXg J , l L . T J :Chr Sfyefw- E' 'lLE'3'?CT fc' We MV" fr FN'ca+f " ' Afgs :cv P ,Ning 11545 IZV1-VW GM eff ara zfmiwifi fnvivif Hoi. THC xfofwfs 'JiTG""f."f: V3 P ffjrq if f5':L.: 3 if QW X 3 --fd' J L, gcvsfaafi my f, Qlninflsv. In new G,!'1EfQ' A dxf cf ff BV is glgw. 1 5 f. if a"1's cl svfeafev' J' A TQ we vu fbi, y 3 A - 9 iitgfff CC fri ig IWW +12 Z?u'lCVTf3 WMC cifhcr' In Miz ynr' r' E1 gi"f,-JCUQ yi-ms rm J 095 amzqg We fm' 'JMY . ,J fm' boyz vm- raw, afM"wo': Mc qrmffpf 'uwhfw ff in U' Ji g ' fi. ThfmQ1ffr+' wlnr :TQ mix dI3f'-M-:VW f1'fwffzw',7':f'ff MWC"-llf ufmmi' rg rp :V"fF3fAV"Ji Qi MQ qr'adg1mHfnm amz. Sh , xt i ,omfuff 1,771 'Q , du ff lm vi:-fy QP1 5? We 3, oo! ye , W0 I 3 f fafoz aff f:f kncnwn' THe"Q55'Q wg 3, ECC 2 fhis iiidxii' ff J 'r , we of The SCWO YC'3'GVVlYV'1ffj N935. FIR : fffffb Bw-fm 5Q':: Le-,'SJ1f:U. Gifs: Va srl, Ba"-if VW' 'fi S4'T"ZfECVT Niffefi- IMT'-3 Bcygt KQIV E. figqi' Eizrix lf' ram 93, FGM: L1.w5f'L-E'rv"Q. Q-ec S2335 ff 1734 I.. Cfr 1 pfi"e'1f: 373 Lim..-, PM ' ':, , Ki-"' Emi'': Sridf: ,A"'1"i ff x'x , X 5-r A-,, RX XKNX f X' ' ADMINISTRATION OUR PPINCIPALS MESSAGE rneohe has SGIG IhaI Ihe cea h o 1 oueshons OI aa z3oIIIIca some or w aIexer 1 I1 by Iwe sIuoe n our hIgh Q os ano co e s a n 2 uIem n eno one Ikey Io e e Ienqed In I I beheve II e Ie Iy II Thr orI3In WIII never IuncIIon be er I ar In young manhooo ano wonnanno d The exremenee IhaI comes wIIh YGGIS necessarIIy IS a QOWSFILII IGCIOI n our IrII'IIIng an may be a 'Ie eisery one In Ihe IorrnaIIon oI Ihe soundesI cone usIon IJIII II aIso Io nqs IU LF ILIdIL.eS and ernoIIonaI hIn s IhaI 'end sIronqIy o ob r ear I no pe eIraIIng VIS on e are noI so sn re naI Q In rhoos Io OQJGIOL IhIs QOWCI o e we rneeI Inrrn I 5 In o cfn ow I 5 rn Q QVQEIICV Ihan w are Inc Ined Io be Ieye Pro no we can df IS Io c I e a GVOIBbIQ aImos I e e and I VOVI e Ihe Cl ro Iun Ies or a n q o un I r II we can do a L o n TRUSTEES urn S Cha Irnan C5 angm CIQII L f 'I 'Q I Iv' W f I SQ I ' I A re'I I InI.In n anx 'JI Ihe Eye ' Ihe b Q I ' y I M I, 'I, h I- II6f',"I:yIljQ,ISdQIV1S' I, IIIIISI ' ,che I II ge. Th I Is a IaIher esIonIsh' g ,If e I - 1' I b ch II , II ' ' is sser I I rue. J I, ' ' ' II LI ' ' ' A I ' ' . I I I ,Lf . I I . II ' ' I ' II :'. d ' . Q , ' ' I ' , I A II ' " ' "I I -I zcoeoe if n I' 'I. W 2 I I' , 'I Is ronfbe IoI IIS 'I our so I V- 2 ' ' Io IhInI4 CIearIy. II seems InaI II Is IfIIQnI In Ihe human bI'fiI"I oI Ihe youIh Ionq beI I I 1. 'n don Uno 3, QIaIIy Ihe If en A J n - e ' I' ' IQ W. 5'I 5' 'ne IIICQI ,' ' Cuff I ' I A th I 1, 'd I1-IN, r 75, I Ie,I IhI Idn I I' cI'o. Ih I sf H ,I I nb IQ M. I ff f J - ,bI'f , :+' ' F If I +I I er, ce. oe I o oc-J I aoouI Q s,,,eJs , In. I, nous, Ion In ,IJ Q L. y. 5 I Q I Fon I 'fffc:'neI on -f--f-' - - I I I' X J. Energon I f . - ----f----- . I!.Sa,.'1cIf. . I. If ,-C 'eff I. My WMF? TI-IE FACULTY Y 'TCI fr A 1,-ff , rv f 1 pq! f F q Jfqf fx oeovwfvf J f faq gf rw 'wr 17 Wifi 3 VHF! CI 1 f' fx f, . 1 r .' Yfm" "fp ',"1'C." ra" 25 .-.'2' fffff "fy: ffkyd --YWCQ5 1 J .V". ,H C .fi5,Cx:fffffUi Pr"'iTria3 Dvifwf E, P752 -f---f - - - E 4 AT Lair' fdffcffi B',5gQZl --f- - Xvfiff 'L mr VX. B'3'1qff',3 W1fwi" :riff Ufswl Q, ,A.Mfv Mf-'?wrwV', 1 pfnfgr L. QM Wfivfgu ff fg-,rpffz Blffrqqff, 11" EVPVVVI fm :N "Vai WM 1' IA 97", E. C, :Jlfl zip ff-- F X V , A gerwfw C' 133, PP QQICAN Ein f Won mf VW, Difflf Tmifj: Swffl :ffl Bitfxfi-T-if 'ng Fe L-'al Emi 223 T M F wa" U:":f"":" - flu? lv?--"f7' Dqf"gr',-yfffq F, i iff-mfzi, , 1 iff' ' f if ,ff .3 ,L 'jr-: f, ,K In 15,43 ,V7,,,, p,,g, , 514, 1.3 ,. I-ff fcvflfpiw Y , Y fl yy.. V- yn' -1" 1" 1 ff Y V - . gi r1"'," ' f" .IA '4i"x ' ' ' ' ' Z,-1 ' Xvlvx' I I' I I. V4 ' . V ' ' , Y , A .T,. 1 1 Y - - " 1' 1 ' . '1' mf' E. A ---f "1 H' P" "cf: Ez, M '- - 2 P: - ---- ',:"': E'L: ' KQVTY A-" f CLASS OF 1936 JOHN ALLEN HAM-"Pafbosl" fernpf. AUDREY LOIS MORRELL-"Tu+s" We wish we were as smarf as she. And had her personalify. Peppy, preffy, popular. Whaf more can we say? STUART FOSTER-"SIuie" Such popularify mus+ be deserved. FRANK E. DEARIN6-"Pee Wee" Oh. you are a Iuclcy lad, Jus' as good as you are bad. IDA MAY INSKIP-"Izzie" The slcy was rneanf fo be a crown golden head. HOLLIS CI-IAMBERLAIN-"Sco+chy" Quiet induslrious. and iqfelliqenf, Wifh an underlying sense of humor. MARION ELIZABETH SWAP-' 'Dinkey She is disfinquished by her calm and q manner. HELEN RAUPACH-"Cupid" Gay and pefife, wifh dancing feel. FRANK R. RICCI-"Ric" A dancer lceen wiih ladies fair, Bu? a man's man +o do or dare. VICTORINE I-I. EVANGELISTI-' 'Too+s" I-Ie will always excell in anyfhing he may af for he cio CLASS OF 1936 I WILMA SIMPSON-"Willie" Pep is not measured by inches. ALBERT MENDES-"AI" Small of sfafure, big of hearf. I I MELVIN P. ROBERTS-"Mel" Why a cerlaih girl prefers blondes. DORIS MARTIN- Gay and friendly, swee? and wise, A hin? of mischief in her eyes, FRANCES WATERS-Hllranniel' Dimples and brown eyes-a deadly com- binafion. DOROTHY BARNES-"DOI" A "doin wifh a dash. ELLEN YOUNG-"Mike" I firsf beqan fo read, Ihen loved Io wrile. EVERETT SMITH-"SmiI"ry" A quiel Ionque shows a wise head. MARJORIE IRMA CROPLEY-"Mickey" A life Ihaf leads a melodious way. CLARICE JEAN JOHNSON-"Kit" Thouqh she wasn"r in Ihe Iimeliqhf she, foo. did her share. Q' CLASS OF 1936 :AUDRYS :RMA SAPP-"Sap" She's fhe lcind fhal makes fhe world go 'round MATTHEW K. FOUNTAlN-"Ma1'h" l-le's wi+fy in his wisdom. GTHO L. DAVIS-"Snoolcs" A "crack" afhlefe. a good scholar, And a popular classmafe. JANE M. SHANESY-"Shaney" She's Irish lhru and fhru. LEROY STARKEY-"S+oges" l-le's dork and affracfive, In afhlefics he's ac+ive. "Sophie" Her hearf is like fhe moon: There's a man in if. NORMA GAMBI-"Normina" A dark goddess in a moonlif garden. JOE A. RAMOS, JR.- No sinner and no sein? perhaps Bul' 'then the very besf of chaps. VIRGINIA E. VINCENT-"Virgie" A quief mind is richer fhcn a cro n EVELYN F. HILL-"Ev" And her fongue fripped lightly on, MARION MARGARET MACPHERSON- CLASS OF 1936 l PAULINE ALICE CARR-"PauIie" No maffer where you find her She is always wearing a smile. EVELYN MCGILL-"Miclcey" Liqlwl' of hair and liqhf of hearf, IRMA HAWKES- True modesfy is e discerning grace, HAROLD B. PR ESTON-"Pres" Give me buf a place io stand And l'll move fhe world. MAE TUTTLE-"Bee" There is a fwinlnle of love in her eye. ANNA C. CARLSON--"Ann" Led by simplicify divine She pleased and never fried fo shine. DANIEL HUNTER-"Danny" My idea of an agreeable person s one who aqrees wifh me. META ANNE BROWNE-"Mere" Whaf her hear? 'thinks her fongue speaks. ALlCE ROSE REZZONICO Why aren'1 fhey all confenfed like me? MABEL O. REZZONICO-"Terry" Fond of beaufy, sporfs and laughfer, Pleasure firsf and business after. CLASS OF I936 MARTIN CABALZAR-"Cab" Handy limbs in a manly mold For sporfs and confesfs bold. JENNIE MARIE BANDUCCI-"Jen Some Ihink fhe world is made fo 'frclic and so do I. MARY E. BLAKE- Sweefness is fhe Icey fo her personally IRENE PADDOCK-"Rene" She is. herself, 'Ihe besf of fhings collecfed ALICE DUGUID-"Dugie" Prachcal enough fo have good marks Dreamer enough Io have secref ambfons DOROTHY MCCUTCHEON-"Dol Shall I compare Ihee 'lo a summer's day7 EDITH MAE CAIN-"Eadie" She does liffle Izindnesses which os lea e undone. VELMA R. GAMBERG-"Bebe" All labor and no play is nor, I fhinlr, fhe proper way. MARGARET BENSON- Ouief buf observing. DOROTHY COCHRANE-"Dol" Common sense is not a common fhi g CLASS OF 1936 EUGENE OAK-"OaIcie" Music is flue universal language OI mankind GRACE MCCUTCHEQN A lovely blond we all preler, CHARLES R. IAYLQR--"Cl'1aS" A bov from the farm who Icnew luis foo? ard basecall. MARY E. ANDERSON-"Mea" Ivs nlie to be nafural when you're nafur rwize. ELVIRA IOLA SWAINISON-"Swannv" He' ways are gentle, her disposifion merr DAR REL A. BEAN-"Kayo" Wim' I learned I have Iorqoffen' What I know I have guessed STANLEY JOHNSON-"Shan" H55 5 "cofI:iwq" good Fellow. IDA BENNECK-"Babe" T'-e robles' flwinqs are sweef ' VIOLET M. BLANKENSI-IIP-NVE" Tcdav Is lodav who cares abou? fomofrow FRANK WAKELAND-"Pal" Good Hurror makes all fhinqs folerable. Y. ness and Ilqht ? CLASS OF 1937 This is a line group ol upperclassmen Thai A. U. l-l. S. is proud To call her own. The boys made up a large parl of each Team in C. l. F. compefirion, while fhe girls look leading honors in inlerclass sporls. ln scholaslic and social aciivilies, in drama, and music, The Juniors also did lheir parl. Class officers were: Presidenf - - Alberla Sfarlcey Vice-Presidenl' - - - Dan Grace Secrelary - - Warrene Elmore Treasurer - - - - Annerle Parlon We will noi easily forge? lhe hilarious 'rime furnished by rhe Juniors af fhe "Spanish Fieslaw, given in honor of lhe Seniors. Good luclc, Juniors, you are desfined lo be unconquerable seniors. CLASS OF 1938 LasT years Freshmen have spenT The oasT year geTTing over The Term, 'Troshx' and geTTing used To The more maTure Term Sophomore. This years Sophomores have done Their parT in aTTending and supporTing The various social Tundions. Some oT Them are prominenT members oT The band and or- chesTra. OThers have become ouTsTanding in aThleTics, whiTe many have gone in Tor rTramaTic endeavor. The class as a whole has kepT a high schoTasTic sTandard Through' ouT The year. This class shows ai! The earmarks of going Torward To greaf Things in The supporT of Their schooT. 4 -1' rs , , . il .-- 1 nur CLASS OF 1939 TNS Ffesvffar :ies 'er1fese"e a ccmziere fusef 35 A. U. H. S. 9 f' ana fee AQFHW +0 cfiqlmafe ,CCHS are :fer Mem 'W ecficr. Tmey were taken zgaff In evefy :ease Q5 szwooi acffwc . Vf"i"I are I-1 QW 5 me bi,i,'S! av efcz. They weve feel' 'Geresee+a'vesIr1 'ee camo efc C"Cb6ST'G emo a mfwser' CJ""EV"'1 mme been on We Honor Ro X. We pfe3A:T'r'a1reAs dass W7 keep Ha MQW sfemcafos Tmfouqwcuf Hs hiqn Sched careef. ,Hg so- ' if K F ,. A fx' 4' 1 ' . f gs " , ., A .1 I 44 L .ix ' , 'N , I X I ' f '- ' ' 4 x s x, 3: .tg by 2 A 1 1' ,A ,sf 3 .. 1 ' gh ,K Q K x ,I Hr" ,I 2 J ' ' f 'Jfze . W 1 if 2 3 Lil - 'X : I fl!Y.fAx:Tx't.'lML 1 """ ' -1 M ' . I-'lsibl f 3-c:f.1-- M ' MW L' P . , F511 ' -m ix , fn fgf?" 3E q 1 1 ,S A- Gif f . .. ' I MH ' '5 Q. -,vs w f if f f ,Q .1-sw: , , :lf S... Q-' Q , Digby. ' XS Q 5, 53: 4 32- . T' k I . . : V ,W T of ef K 2 First Semester STUDENT BODY This year has been a most successtui one tor the Student Body trom every stand- point. Most ot this success has been due to the presidents, who in both semesters, with the cooperation ot the Councii and Student Body have promoted many worth- while proiects. In the tirst semester chiet among these was the sponsoring ot a series ot radio programs over KIEM, and our first Student Body dance, the "Pigskin Prom'i, which was backed by President Audrey Morreli and Vice President John Ham. The second Councii and Cabinet under the ieadership ot President John Ham and Vice President Otho Davis continued the good work, sponsoring a 'leap Year Prom" and doing much to promote schooi spirit and provide entertaining assemblies. With these two haroworlcing executives and a cooperative and wiliing Councii and Student Body it is easy to understand the high ievel ot accomplishment reached by this record year in A. U. H. S. Student Body government. Second Semester Pepper Box is The Advance :N Tne I936 Advance sfaff, Under ine eadefsnw, of we edlror Anfe Mofre and fne business manager. Sfuarf Fosfef, ras endeazfofed To record ine rnerncrabre evenfs f , of 'rne year. 'Wren Trrne v ' n siea ou' JF " awe: an s ear our crease es e mernorv of ine ca An ran our foys renew MGQRE Edifors John Ham and Verne Cooperrioer v-Hn We aasisfance of Mrs. Meade as racu Ty advisor and a capaoe sfaif wave ne T1 cr fee 'fpofd rnaoe by Me PeooerB In previous years. Tne scrcoN newscacer fs ver! we 'ecelfed cr fre swdenfs as ' evidenced by Their excelenf suopofr. Twe newsoaper, consrsfng of age rvw4rre:g'a:"e2 :ages was zcbrswed in lo f- fcen edfions To a circulancn of arcfo-Imafcf 175. The X 1 ' ,,.-Q. ,I Y f fp. 'NE -X6 Future Farmers of America The FuTure Farmers is a well developed naTional organizaTion Tor boys inTeresTed in agriculTure. The ArcaTa chapTer has a membership oT TorTy sTudenTs. Their ac' TiviTies are exhibiTing and iudging livesToclc in The counTy Tair, annual bangueTs, a Trip To The 6reaT WesTern LivesToclc Show aT l.os Angeles, parTicipaTion in The STaTe Fair, programs given beTore The STudenT Body, and many minor acTiviTies. The ToTal earn- ings Trom lasT year's proiecTs were six hundred and nineTeen dollars. SixTy dollars in premiums were won aT The counTy Tair. Jaclc Ficlcel is The presidenT: Joe Ramos, sec- reTary: and O. F. Jacobs is The advisor. The chieT purpose oT This club is To promoTe The undersTanding and appreciaTion oT ArT. This year The club sponsored many proiecTs which include an exhibiT oT The Carnegie collecTion and a ScholasTic exhibiT oT oTher schooTs' worlc. lvliss T-Tagopian lecTured on Mexican ArT. Several baslceTs have increased our lndian collecTion. The club sponsored Two assembly programs oT unique gualiTy. A movie camera was pure chased and a movie given. To encourage The arT sTudenTs To improve Their worlc, The name oT The pupil improving mosT during The year is engraved on The Clubis Honor PaleTTe. Art L' Club Girls' League Tris, The elevenTh year of acTiviTy oT The Girls League oT ArcaTa l-li. has been cenTered around The Annual Girls League ConvenTion which was held here This year. This was The second Convenhon oT This lcind To be held in ArcaTa. NT girls are members oT The League, as eiTher acTive or associaTe members. The Annual l-li Jinlrs, which was in The Torm oT an Ad ParTy was held in The Fall. Also a ChrisTmas program was given Tor The STudenT Body. ThroughouT The Year The League has sponsored noon dances, held every Friday. The LaTin Club, organized To :reaTe and mainTain acTive inTeresT in Roman iTe and cusToms, had TorTy members This year. Their acTiviTies included a derivaTion proiecT. an assembly program, club programs, and mary parTfes. The oTTicers Tor The TirsT semesTer were: Consuls, Helen Arnofd, Mary Grbble' Scribes, Beverly l2oberTs, DoroThy l-lunT: QuaesTors, Bradley Barres, EdiTh Cain, For The second semesTer: Consus. Baroara l-lLinT, DoroTny T-liinT: Scribas, Phyllis Jacobs, Aice Duguid: Quaesf Tore BCvC"1yRObCrT3, BE3TTy lvledlin. Latin Club J Girls' Athletic Ass'n. ,-.-I The ouTsTanding purpose oT This organization is the encouragemenT oi sporTsman- ship, malcing it possible Tor all girls To participate in The various games, and promot- ing a Teeling oT school spirit. The second annual G. A. A. Convention was held at Arcata in March with l5O girls, representing seven neighboring high schools, in aT- Tendance. The Theme OT This highly successiul aTTair was cleverly patterned aTTer The Olympic Games. Several assemblies oT original and novel stunts were given by The girls during The school Term. Marion Swap is president oT This active organization with Miss Evelyn Fielding sponsor. The DramaTic Club, maintained To create opportunities Tor acTive sTudenT partici- paTion in drama, has become one oT The most outstanding and popular extracurricular acTiviTies in school. The club is divided irTo Tour groups, each giving a one-act play oT merit aT The quarterly meeTings. As its Tall production The club presented The comedy 'lGrowing Painsll, by Rouveral. The cast under The direcTion oT Miss Sample did excellent worlc in Their portrayal oT high school students. Club oTTicers are: Wilma Simpson, President: Victorine EvangelisTi, Secretary, STuarT Foster, Vice PresidenT, and Miss Sample. advisor. The Dramatic Club "Bachelor- ettesn v-"'E """"' A Yi 'Y ,A X The school s newesT organizahon is The BacheloreTTes , consisfing of TwonTy Jun- ior and Senior girls eager To malce Themse'ves socially accepTable, give school service and promoTe selT improvement The BacheIoreTTes are a parT oT The NaTional Sub' Deb clubs organized by Miss ElizabeTh Woodward, Sub-Deb EdiTor oT The Ladies' l-Tome Journal. Among The many acTiviTies in which The club riiarTicipaTeo was The bene-TiT program given Tor The Advance. The main social evenT oT The club was The semifTormal ball presenfed in April, This club is sponsored by The ArcaTa Women s Club. Miss STel'a Sufherland being The TaculTy advisor. The aim oT The Excalibur Club is fo Toslev inslincTs oT service and promoTe The menTal and physical developmenT oT iTs members. To aid scnool spiriT The members have adopTed a cusTom oT wearing orange shirTs wiTh black neclrTies and Trousers. During The year Tne club has successTully given a series oT inTeresTing programs af Their weelcly meeTings as well as sponsored a school dance and assembly program. AlberT Mendes and John T-Tam were cresidenTs Tor The TirsT and second semesTers. The club is sponsored by The ArcaTa Rofary Club wiTh Mr. B. E. Ciaypool as iTs haculfy Advisor. Excalibur Club 9' 9 BAND Every year our band changes in personnel due fo lhe gradualion of The senior members, buf fhe high slandards of performance are always mainiained under The able direcforship of Mr. Wood. Corneis-Keiih Briqden, Roberf Bryan, Warrene Elmore, Maffhew Founfain, Glen Lissner, Anneffe Parion, Sranhope Pedley, Tony Dias, Allen Clary, Melvin Roberfs, Charles Reid, Leo Segheffi, and Thomas Walls. Bass Horns-Charles Arnold, Jaclc Ficlcel, and Casper Torp. Trombones-Jaclc Morlon, Jack Davis, Harley Spencer, and Phyllis Jacobs. French Horns-Marie Canclini, Virginia Ficlcel, Anna Hill, and Jean Hood. Fluies-Evelyn Hill and Alberla Sfarlcey. Bari+one- Margaref Monroe. Clarinefs-Darrell Bean, Frances Ensign, Sfuarf Fosfer, Arlhur Holfon, Vivian Larsen, Donald Malone, Jack Schmidf, and Marion Swap. Saxaphones- Lena Caprille, Wallace Naye, Marlin Sfover, and Charles Jarboe. Bassoon--Helen Arnold. Mellophone-Laura Jensen. Euphonium-Frank Wakeland. Cymbals-Mare iorie Cropley. Snare Drums-Belly Forman, and Rollo Forman. Bass Drum-Verne Cooperrider. ORCHESTRA Musical sfudenfs are lorfunale in having lwo organizalions open fo lhem, and we are very proud ol our compelenl Orcheslra. li has performed lor several school programs and also Jraken parf in fhe Music Fesfival. Piano-Marjorie Cropley. Viof lins-Delia Biondini, Mary Brown, Verne Cooperrider, Evelyn l-lill, Laura Jensen, Don- ald Malone, and Virginia Vincenl. Trombones-Jack Davis, and Jaclc Morlon. 'Cello -Jean Flood. Slring Bass-Charles Arnold. Clarinefs-Sfuarl Fosfer, Arlhur Hol- fon, Vivian Larson, Jack Schmidt and Frances Ensign. Saxaphones--Wallace Naye, and Marlin Sfover. Flufe-Alberla Sfarlcey. French Horns-Virginia Ficlcel, and Anna Hill. Corners-Roberl Bryan, Warrene Elmore, Mallhew Founfain, and An- neHe Parlon. Bass Horn-Casper Torp. Bassoon-Helen Arnold. Cymbals-Belly Forman. Snare Drums-Rollo Forman. Bass Drum-Jack Ficlcel. Light- weights Prospecfs were poor al ihe slarl of The season since l-lam was The only experienced player from las? year. The lirsf lwo games were losl before lhey sfruclc lheir sfride. They Then won eighl conseculive league games. ending in second place. The mosf exciling oi These was lhal in which Eureka received her only deieai. Ham. Chamber- lain, Smiih, and Roberls showed greal improvemenl while Schorlig was second high- scorer in lhis division. The Tlu lcepi John l-lam, Erle Hill, and Darrell Sundquisf from being in +he picrure. BASKETBALL The heavyweighfs ended a successful season in a lie wilh Del Norre lor 'rhe Charn- pionship, each winning seven ol len games. The lie was nor played off. Eurelca losl bolh of her games 'through lorleilure. All The games were close and exciling, six be- ing decided by lwo or less poinls. Davis, Cabalzar, Ramos. Slarlcey, Barsuglia, and Grace played remarkably well-Siarlcey being second high-scorer in lhe league. All are seniors buf Grace and Barsuglia. Alberl Mendes and Joe Ramos were ill wirh +he Tlu ai The lime lhe piclure was lalqen. v 'C' Heavy- weights Heavy- weights ine neavyweign? ?eam is su??e-ring from a snor?age o? experienced ma?eriai. O? ai? ?ne iarge sguad Donaid VVard is ?ne oniy one who piaced in ?ne coun?y mee? ias? year. He snouid piece in ?ne Hurdles and broad iump fnis year. Ye? many o? ??ie remaining naye indica?ed grea? ,oossibiiE?ies and snouid ?ne expec?ed irnprovemen? oc- cur ?ne ?eam wiii ?urn in a credi?abie record. TRACK O? me Hack ?eam Hia? won ?ne crwampionsnio ias? year, Scnoriig is ?ne oniy meme ber ?o re?urn. Ye???1e new members nave snown marisod abili?y in ?lwe various even?s. Ai?nougn s?iii ?oo eariy ?o ca?aiogue ?ina? oosi?ions wi?n any accuracy, promising cirosoecfs are Sunquis? nign iumo and ode vaui?' Anderson, Foreman, and Ma??ox. miodie ois?ances' Walelano nurdest ?:oun?ain, sno? our and Saccni, oasnes. Oniy a :ew eyenfs sucn as ?ne broaoiump need s?reng?nening and snouid ?ney be, fXrca?a wiii naive an cxcc ien? cnancc Q? again winning ?ne coun?y mee?. Light- weights .. is' -:J It MNA ' 5 BasebaH WiTh buT Two veTerans, Ramos and laylor, reTurning, The Team is seriously handi- capped. YeT in Their TirsT game oT The season They were deTeaTed by Del NorTe by only one run. Ramos is The caTcher while Siggins, Wylie, Barsuglia. and Grace will alTernaTe aT piTching. The inTield is composed oT Schorlig, Haines, Swope, and Lin- gren. Ricci, Taylor, Grace, MacinaTi, and Fraser compose The ouTTield. This com- binaTion oughT To do very well in The laTer games. Gwing To ineligibiliTy rulings, Eureka was Torced To TorTeiT all her games, leaving ArcaTa and Del NorTe Tied Tor The championship. The Tie was noT played OTT. AlThough The squad was one oT The largesT ever ouT Tor TooTball, only Two TirsT-sTring players, Ramos and Ricci, reTurned Trom The previous year. Even so handicapped by mexperience The Team played e,T'onally well EighT OT The TirsT eleven were seniors FooTbaH ii' lf ...Z 1 as Tennis Disregarding lhe lack ol experienceo players, lhe lennis leam hopes lo win lhe championship lor which in lee previous year Arcala lied Eurelca. Girls' singles will be ably handled by Warrene Elmore, all-eounly singles asl year. John l-lam. member ol lasl years boys doubles will play lhe boys' singles. The players who are showing marked progress and are conlending lor lhe remaining posilions on lhe loam are Alberl Mendes, Lee Pelerson, Erie l-lill, Audrey Morrell, Irene Paddock, and Belly Sue Wilson. GIRLS' SPORTS Girls' sporls commenced in lhe fail wilh lhe opening ol lhe speedbail season which asled lor several weelcs. In lhe inlerclass games lhe Juniors were successlul in delealf 'ng 'me Seniors and caolaring lne championship. The high Iighl ol lhe baslcelball sea- son was lhe All-Slar game wniin was played by lhe besl l2 girl baslcelball players in lne school. Due lo lhe lie epidemic lhe championship ,lurior-Senior game was nol payed. The voleybail season opened wilh lhe mixed leam lournamenl in which ooln boys and girs paflcipaleo. lnlerperiod and inleroass games were also played, Baseoall, dancing, and liimo ing nad lheir share ol lhe girls lime and were lhoroaghly enioyed. Volleyball Squad f ' v nm I ' v J., . ,Q i - A, -..D H , I .Q A ,iii .ming is , - YW I. , 41 Q A ff." Q - .VU1 :SAE X o Q 2 9. 4 Jzhfx X .IN gh 'R Q X H sf Q A H A .vizy Y .wi n u A "" x-CIP V A--" ,,,,,-. .' - - 1 j tr, Ig :I V+ 0 sf wr ,.' ,sm xf. 45, . "-" X , K 1 x -15 ,,,. 4-ff'--" 1 w A Q str' 00' R K " 'sn- t V 1 A, Q q,, , wy.LOla9"JhIl'924. -L+-' .-A l..............Y .-..... mn Wm. . 332 Til . . , 1 Q ,f kr , ,.,- 1 " .. -13 -f' ' I , 'x L FQ L L. - v ,.fI, Qi!- I I' rn ' L3 3 I 27 f - -.....---...,, . . W" 5 . . .gvvfqgilgg . if --wr ,P f . .MWA .,1 .Jr-4--. , I . X , bo '- . . kgxful ' M. V I, -. ., if 4?..k-'W' r 1 y. 'HL 0 sly 'f A1 , fb .0 Q 4-e, 'I 'A ,x . 4 f' A if A, . ' M FJ Zrpw 'Av,. , - ,l . .-:Lu-'f X -x ' 1' 'fz1I?'71'3g ,,,.,-,H-A L f . ,, rqx Qi' 131' l I A, W' I 1 I I FL 1 V A . A.. g 1 '1 - - --Y--.A .,L,..L 41:31 A 1 A - S" frzr I 'YJT'-w 1 , 'gfl L' 1 . , is 1. vm me 4' "' Q N ' " .,.A.T-,. .fl I. 4 1 f -1 Y .- ', . K V I V . - Q 'Nix me-,lr-Af , f , '.,f,. aw . , 'f KW' - .1w,:,- . 1 ., A4 4' - ' F gi -il, 1 W 'Tk-:PM . , . - Y, 1 N ,,1 . "" 'Y 45. F, .,, v 84 -..,' . ii 3ie, m'l13 'gg 1 f -1 4 w a z? gg'59'r+ ig Q59 , Vx, J ,,, gf1m, ,1,, ' A-19' 'v SPONSORS JANSEN S QUALITY GROCERIES Ice Cream Candles Grocerles I6+h and G S+ Phone No Arca+a Callfornla BUTCH WILSONS TACKLE SHOP f nfs BuIchblI+ nfs weI UII Rod Repaurmg Gun Smufhmg RacIre+ Resfrrngung Sporhng Goods Arca+a Callf UNITED GARAGE The garage wufh a conscience G I er d L A o Phone 6l W Arca'ra Calf UNITED CREAM ASSOCIATION Unufed Brand Buffer Arcafa California Cl-Iollander S J EWELERS S ce 45 ae 520 Fvffh Sfreef Eureka Ca If Credl+7 Why Cer+alnIy For ualufv In DeIlcaIessen Vlsu+ GUS S GROCERY On 'rhe Redwood Hrghway COTTAGE GROVE DAIRY Roy H Sorenson Prop Phone IO J 2 Arcafa Ca If THE ARCATA UNION PubIlsher and PFIHIGTS ThanIung Ihe Hugh SchooI for Ihelr cooperahon ROSERY FLOWER SHOP Edna R Spener Eureka nd Arcafa CGIITOFHIB E V JONES Drayage and Transfer Phone 67 B06 G SI' ArcaI'a CBIITOTHIG ARCATA CLEANERS hone 79 We I do fhe res? EarI SpeIIenIDerg Prop EVEREADY SERVICE STATION F M Vaussade Prop Corner IOfh and H Sfs Arca+a Calif BELLA VISTA INN Dune and Dance Phone 2 R II Arcafa Calif AVERELL S Hardeman Ha+s WaII: Over Shoes Kuppenheumer CIo+hes Nunfh and H SIS Arcafa Calnf BEER INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance and Real Esfafe Arcafa Calnfornua The RexaII Sfore KELLERS PHARMACY Prescruphon Druggxsf Arcafa Calnforma SEELY STUDIO POTIFGIIS and CommerclaI Phofography 526 G Sfreef Eureka Caluforma DAVE S BARBER SHOP Where you wlll gIadIy hurry ac B C Davls Arcafa Cahf PLAZA GARAGE W A Crawford Prop Phone 7I W Arcaia Calif TERESA FRUIT CO uaIl+y Grocerues and Fresh Mea+s Fourfh and E S+ree+ Phone TATMAN S BAKERY The Home of Good Bakery Producfs On Ihe Redwood Hughway DELANEY 81 YOUNG Dnsfrlbuiors f Delaneys Candles and Beverages C J HAPPY H LL Everyfhung 'fo Wear Arcafa Calif Goodyear Tures Shellubrlcahon SHELL SERVICE STATION I4+h and G S+reeIs Phone 63 W DR H L JENK NS Physlclan and Surgeon Phone Arcafa Calif FEUERWERKERS Dnshnchve Eurnliure Refrugerafors Washers Raduos PAPINI BROS Groceries Fruuis Vegefables Phone 37 Arcafa Calnf . 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SPONSORS ELECTRIC WAFELE INN Sea Food Chicken or Sleek Dlnners Phone I557 Harry Boise Prop G S+reeI Eureka Caluf BRIZARDS OF ARCATA A Modern Deparfmenf S'rore a+ Your Servuce BOYDS SUPER SERVICE STATION Every Service for Ihe Aufomoblle Russell Boyd W G Boyd ATKINSON 81 WOODS DRUGGISTS The Rexall S+ore Fnfrh Slreef ai G Eureka CaI1f GENERAL PETROLEUM STATION Phone 336 Arcafa Calif Buxlon and Mendes af Your Service WORCESTER FASHIONSHOP Since I9I9 Exclusuve Buf Noi Expensive HARRY NIXON New York Lnfe Phone 265W Arcala Calif PETERSONS SPORTING GOODS STORE Alhlehc Equlpmen+ Fushlng Tackle Arcala California Compllmenls of J C BULL CO Sance I866 UNION HOTEL Good Rooms and Ilalnan Dlnners Arcafa California DR N A STRONBERG Denhsl Arcafa Callfornle V NON L HUNT D D S F A C D Prachce Ixmufed Io Orfhodonha Arcala Eureka HORNBROOKS SHOE STORE Eureka Ca If COLLEGE SHOE SHOP E Cewclmr Prop Eugh+h and G Sfs Arcaia Calnf C O LINCOLN CO Bookselers and Sfahoners Eureka Ca :I THE BIG FOUR INN Ifalxan Dinners One Mule Norfh of Arcafa Phone 2I5 Compllmenfs of 'rhe ARCATA LAUNDRY ECONOMY DRL GS Economy Leads In Druq Savlngs Phone I3B Fllfh and F Complumen+s of GOLDEN STATE CO LTD DR C E BONSTELL Denhsf Phone Arca+a Cal: BUTLER DIST CO Gives Besf Wnshes Io Class of I936 BERT HILLS VARIETY STORE Phone 209 876 G Arcafa Calufornua UNION SERVICE STATION John Vandenbosh and Earl S+ay+on Props THE KENNEL KLUB Arcafa A e Rocha ARCATA BAKERY John Marle Prop PETE CANCLINI SHOE SHOP Where Shoe Repaurmg IS a Spec1alu+y Arcafa Ca'lforr'la J A TODD Furnurure and Carpels Phone 26I J Arcafa Calnf HILFIKER ELECTRIC CO Raduos Frugndanre Elem-Inc Servuce Arcala Caluf C L STARCEY Experf Welch Repalrnng Afwafer Kenf Radios Dlamond Rnngs Weddnng Rfngs Nexf Door Io P O Phone II6 W ' , . 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D. s. . , .o. 893 . 529 , . U . - ' , r. 3 . , ' . . gn h - A V . I4 I . .y . R , . Th ' - 535 A . , 3 . . v. ' ' ' ' AUTOGRAPHS

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