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QM?-if J My ,U 514 If I 2' '1 V 5 E 3 S1 6 E F S E 7 n i i E I E 5 z E E I s 5 5 E 5 r 2 a m.,,--.-:X-.,vg -wgmn1:n4nnnr,.4.-g.1v..n..m-.1w- uu.r.., I : . :r-.' z.gnu -.L ., Jn.-1 .-. -mr,-,nznznn--n TQ The Advance M1930 ,ff'gnfSlHb1i T ,fgw jlixx Yearbook , f?Q4ssouo59- Published By The Student Body Of The Arcata Union High School Arcata, Californla www The Advance www FOREWORD THE STUDENT BODY of the ARCATA UNION HIGH SCHOOL presents this A D V A N C E with the hope that it is what we have tried to make it - - a book rep- resentative of the ARCATA UNION HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT, and that it will serve in the future to keep alive MEMORIES of the year NINETEEN HUNDRED THIRTY w Q The Advance mam Board Of Trustees ' T. A. Groom Dr. Vernon L. Hunt C. S. Sharp Martin Larsen A. T. Hooven -,mmm The Advance www -xggwm The Advance www H www The Advance www My Castle of Dreams When I'm a bit lonely, when there's nobody by, Or the whole world a. place of misery seems, Why 'tis then that I mount and ride through the sky W On a milky-white steed to my Castle of Dreams. Oh! My Castle! 'Tis built on a feathery cloud And 'twas fashioned of sunbeams by gods of the skyg Its Portico's mist wreaths where star-blossoms crowd, Seems to blazon a welcom to one-that is I. One mortal can enter its gates-but still As I ride in state o'er the moat it seems That turrets and towers and hall o'erIill With those who people my Castle of Dreams. There's a prince and a pauper, the queen and the maid 3 The hoop-skirted grand-dame with white powered hair The knight in his armor-of war unafraid- Oh! All of the story book heroes are there! Thus, when I'm lonely and there's nobody by, Or the whole world a place of misery seems, I mount gaily my Steed and ride into the sky- For there's only sunshine in my Castle of Dreams. -Ward Nelson Ll .l. ,,,::y,f . . x , .: i ,,, .. ,Q 1 , X 'L .' 'A x , fmffv ' 1!', .-. , X , x.,, .4 W, ,wx .. 1 .',, ' sv'--:. ' 5 : : ff- " :Y . " . , W. ., . .-1 , X , R . . . ' - . ,-if-1--"F b " , ,2-j' in f.,:QiA,fK:5g1g-lg, ,. v, .4 0- ' -ff: .Y .. - f L,g,-' 3-J. - I- ' --.+."w-Nu . j ff . Q f .1 1 V. ,,, ,-ff-gf.-1591x3534-:-f . : - ,z.,',',L ,-', -, Q ,ww ,- R wc, V-gufm 9 ," N:-1..1,Nf-'U 'L--', ' f ?Nw'.1,'V" ' , M-V Y 2.--, 1 -ws, " vs : - --'.-5,-.-EY, 4"-J. '- - --'L-. . V 4, K - 'X-Qbw' -br: - , '11, .--, ,iwuu A-xl' . , ,- li ii N-3 1.?..i.f: Ii,5. .L igiti L y. A , 4-3 , 345551 , -.Q . A1 - . Y - , 1 . .ga-,Lu 1 x H V X - .H .- in qi k ,. . x . 1 wh.-.2-A., . , 5nhurr'Q'.'. - - "H , ' WSE The Advance it RALPH VV. DEARING Korbel Pres. Student Body 7 Advance Editor 7-S Football Captain 7 Student Body Yell Leader 8 Vice Pres. Excalibur Club 7 Treas. Excalibur Club 8 Corresponding Sec. Excali- bur Club 6 "The Flattcring VVord" "Much Ado About Nothing" "The Deserters" Football 5-7 Interclass Basketball 8 Clubs: Dramatic Excalibur MILDRED ALICE CARLSON Crannell Interclass Basketball 8 Clubs: Girls' League DAVID S. IIVALL Koi-bel Baseball 4-6 Clubs: Bciygs' League HELEN SMALL Trinidad Student Council 3--1 Student Judge 8 Girls' League Council 7-R 1,l'CS.'Dy'llZlll1lC Society 0-7 "Taming of the Shrew" "Icebounsl" "Maid of France" "The Flattcring Vl'ord" "Pomander NValk" Clubs: Draimzilic Achievement 54 points BURR I'AY'l'ON McCUN- NAHA Arcata Student Council 5 Business Mgr. Excalibur Club 8 "The Deserters" Tennis 4-li-8 Interclass Basketball 8 Clubs: Tennis Excalibur Ili-Y MAH Dramatic Latin MARION GRATIAM Bayside Clubs: Dramatic Commercial Girls' League -5 4 RUTH E. CARROLL Arcata , Pres. Student Body 8 . Vice Pres. Girls' League 7-8 Student Jud e 7 Pepper Box Editor 7 Advance Staff 4-7-8 Girls' League Sergeant-ab Anna 5-6 Honor 'Rall Z-3-4-5-6-7-8 Extemporaneous Speaking 4 Band Orchestra "Goose Hangs High" Clubs: Jlrhievgment 103 points 'Dramatic RAYMOND WESLEY DGWNING Arcata. Orchestra ' Band Basketball 7-8 LAURA MATILDA LARSEN Arcata "Icebounv.l" "Importance of Being Earnest." Clubs: Latin Commercial Girls' League BUSTER DeMOTTE Blue Lake Student Council 7-8 Pepper 'Box Editor 7 Student Body Publicity Mgr. 7 Corresponding Sec. Excalibur 7-B "Not Quite Such A Goose" "The Desertersn "Seventeen" Interclass Tennis G Official Scorer of all High School Athletics Clubs: Excalibur Latin Dramatic FIBA JOHNSON AITJIII Hand l ll'l'l'l0Sll'1l Clubs: Girls' l.0apgiu' Achiuvt-nn-nl 413 points LESTER l'l.ARENCE SUND- QI'lST Rorbel Class Pres. S Class Ath. lylpfr. S llziud Urclicstra "Pamanrler Walk" lnterclass Basketball S Clubs: Draxnalic Excalibur Excalibur The Advance new VVALTER J. WARREN Arcata ' Honor Roll 4-6-7-8 Student Body Treas. 8 Pres, Commercial Club B Advance Staff 7-8 4 Interclass' Basketball 8 Clubs: Commercial ALICE' M. JOHNSON Star Route Pepper Box Staff Y-8 "Lonesome Like" Clubs: l Latin . Dramatic I Achievement 53 points BRUNO MORISOLI Trinidad Transferred from Ferndale IIigl1 3 Clubs: Boys' League J. EDRIE MORTON Arcata Band Orchestra Clubs: Q Achievement 86 points Latin ' Commercial Dramatic CARLO C. DELUCA Arcata Band "Importance of Being Earnest" Clubs: Excalibur Dramatic Commercial LUCILLE CLARE LARSEN Arcata . 1 Clubs: Achievement 66 points Commercial ' Dramatic LUCILLE COLE Crannell Student Body Sec. 8 Class Vice Pres. 6 Class Sec. 7 Clubs: Commercial Tennis HAROLD MERRIAM llue Lake Advance Staff 7-8 Tlubs: Boys' League BARBARA CAROLYN WEIRU1' Star Route Pres. Dynamic Society 8 Clubs: Achievement 64 points SIDNEY ARTHUR SHARP Cranncll . llonor Roll 3-4-S-6-7-8 Advance Staff 7-8 Pepper Box Staff 7-8 Clubs: Boys' League ZAIDEE JOHNSON Arcata Transferred from Fortuna High 3 Clubs.: Drzunnlu: Girls' League MARION RAYMOND Mc- FA R LAND Student Rody Ilailiil 8 Korlxel llnml Baseball 6-R Basketball R Vlnbs: ..A,, Excalibur Lnun WWW The Advance Q04-' UGO C. GIUNTINI Korbel Transferred from Oakland High 3 Honor Roll 3-4-5-6-8 Student Body Vice Pres. S Student Body Treas. 7 Class Pres. 6 Vice Pres. Excalibur 5 Recording Sec. Excalibur 4-8 Business Mgr. Advance 7-8 Business Mgr. Pepper Box 7-S Student Council 5 "Pomander VValk" "Deserters" Football 5-7 Basketball 8 Interclass Basketball 8 Baseball 4-6-S Interclass Tennis 6 Typing Team 6 Clue-.g4,, Excalibur Commercial Tennis MELBA MEREDITH MUNN Crannell Clubs: Girls' League Commercial EARL PARTON Arcata. Band Basketball 5-6-8 Interclass Basketball 8 Track 4 Clubs: Dramatic Excalibur UAH VVILMA ARLEEN REEVES Arcata Class Vice Pres. 7 Girls' League Sergeant-ab Arms 8 Advance Staff 4-6 Clubs: . Dramatic . Commercial I Achievement 52 points MICLVIN SUNDQUIST Korbel Class Vice Pres. 1 Student Body Ath. MET- 7 Excalibur Ath. Mgr. - Sec.-Treas. Boys' "JY D-5 Football 7 Baseball 6-8 Clubs: Excalibur Dramatic VADA COYITA COOPER Arcara Class Sec.-Treas. 8 Girls' Ath. Mgr. 2-3-4 Vice Pres. Achievement 6 Sec. Dramatic Club 5-6 Band Typing Team 6 Clubs: . Tennis Latin I Dramatic , Achievement 60 points H sg, , -, e is any 3 pb. . awe, l .ee M ,sseif-iii . ge .ai 1' - syjw' islet 2- JANET ALICE STEVVART Arcata. Pres. Girls' League 7-8 Vice Pres. Student Body 7 Clerk of Court 6 Student Council 4-8 Girls' Atb. Mgr. 2-8 Class Sec. and Treas. 2 Advance Staff 6-7-8 Hand Orchestra "Her Husband's lVife" "Importance of Being Ernest" "Her Boy" "Icebound" Delegate to Santa Rosa Girls' League Convention and Eureka Conference Clubs: Dramatic Tennis Commercial Latin Achievement 26 points NORMAN CUMMINGS Crannell Band Orchestra "Seventeen" Football 7 Clubs: UA-. Dramatic MELBA LEONE DOl.'GElt'1'Y Crannell Student lludy Social Chair- man "Pon1ander lValk" Clubs: Commercial Dramatic Tennis ROBERT ML'Rl'IIY Samoa Transferred from Eureka Iliglx 5 Boys' League See.-Treas. 7 Student Founcil 6 Football 7 Basketball S Baseball 8 Clubs: Excalibur AUIJRAE XVARREN Bayside Band Girls' League Council 7-8 Clubs: .Drannutic Achievement SD points CHARIES CLIFFORD TIM- RIONS Arvalu li. I". ll. Class Atb. Mgr. 4-5 Student l'onueil 3-4-7 V103 llrcs. l'ounncrcial Club Student llnmly Alb. Mgr. 5-6 Corresponding See. Excalibur 5 Pres. lloys' "A" 7 Pres. Boys' League 7 Basketball Captain 8 Football 7 Basketball S Interclass Basketball 8 Baseball 2-4-6-8 Track 2-4-6 Clubs: HA., Dramatic Commercial WSG The Advance Q00 FRANK MENDES Arcata Honor Roll 3-7-8 Sec. Student Body 7 Pres. Excalibur Club B Student Council 8 Advance Stall' 4-7-8 Orchestra 3-4 "Pomander lValk" Basketball 6-8 Interclass Basketball 8 Clubs: Dramatic Hi-Y MAH Excalibur Commcrci al RUBY GVVENDOLYN HUNT Star Route Band Orchestra "Her Husband's Wife" Clubs: Latin Dramatic EARL STAYTON Arcata Pres. Boys' League 8 Student Body Ath, Mgr. S Class Atll. Mgr. 6 Basketball Captain 8 Football 3-5-7 Basketball 4-6-8 Track 6-8 Clubs: Dramatic Ctiuiuicrcial IIELEN I. MILLER Star. Route Assavsgant Editor Pepper Box Clubs: Dramatic Latin Achievement 33 poiufs LOUIS TALLIKIAN Arcata Transferred from XY1lli's lligh School 4 Pres. Dramatic Club 7-3 Corresponding Sec. Excalibur Club 7 Band "The Flattering XV'n"l" "Pomauder VValk" Lonesome Like" "Importance of Being Earnest" "Maid of France" Desertei-s" Clubs: ' Dramatic Excalibur AGNES MARGARET TOMINI Arcata Iuterclass Basketball 6-S Interclass Baseball 3-5 Clubs: . Achievement 97 points Commercial Girls' League n u DIXIE LEE STARKEY Arcata. Class Vice Pres. 3 Class Sec. and Treas. 6 Student Council 7 Girls' League Sec. 7-8 Advance Staff 7-8 Pepper Box Staff 7-8 Band "Her Husband's Wife" Tyfung Team 6- De egate to Girls' League Convention at Alameda Clubs: Dramatic Commercial Tennis EDGAR G. OSBORN Arcata. , .Honor Roll 7-8 Student Attorney 8 Pepper Box Stan 8 Advance Staff 7-8 Typing Team 4 'Tomander Walk" Basketball 8 Clubs: Hi-Y Latiu Commercial FRANCES THOMPSON Arcata lntcrclass Basketball 7 Clubs: Girls' League CARL PENN Arcata Pres. Excalibur Club 7 Class Pres. 4-7 Student Body Bailiff 7 Judge of Student Court 8 Advance Staff 7-8 "Taming of the Shrew" "Much Ado About Nothing" "ller Huhband's VVifc" Football 3-5-7 Baseball 2-4-6-8 Clubs: Dramatic Excalibur EVELYN LOIS Mc- CUTCHEON Bayside Clubs: Dramatic Commercial Latin Girls' League HAROLD IIROGAN Arcana Class Pres. 8 Hand "1'omanrler NValk" "Her Husbaurl's lVife" "Maid of France" Basketball 8 Interclass Basketball S Tennis Z-4-6-8 Typing Team -l Clubs: HA., Dramatic Commercial Latin Excalibur JACK NVOLFORD Arcata, Star Route Transferred from Fortuna High 3 Council Member 6-8 Pepper Box Editor 8 - "Seventeen" "I-'omander Walk" Football 7 Basketball 6-S Track 4-6-8 Clubs: .-A.. Excalibur Dramatic ELVA HELEN Arcata Clubs : Commercial Dramatic Girls' League CA STON CHARLES RICHMOND ANGER Arcata Student Body Yell Leader Band Pres. Hi-Y 7 Orchestra "Rebound" u sl Seventeen" Pomandcr VValk" "The Desertersn Clubs: Dramatic Hi-Y rs Much Ado About Nothing" www The Advance meme MAUDE HYNER 3 Trinidad Clubs: , Latin Girls' League EDWARD GENE MERO Crannell Class Vice Pres. 2 Class Ath. Mgr. 1 Boys' League Yell Football 5-7 Basketball 6 Clubs: Leader 8 Boys' League UA.. ELSI E MATI LDA Latin Star Route Orchestra Rand Clubs: Commercial Dramatic Latin NELSON 7 ORMAN OAK Arcata Student Body Pub. Mgr. B Treas. Excalibur Club 6-7 Band Orchestra "Seventeen" Track 6 Clubs: HAH Dramatic Hi-Y I l l , 1 wifi The Advance Q00 The Second Catastrophe A man has said, "Our doom is near." CPerhaps he may be rightj We hold ourselves so very dear That God may show his might. In ancient times, as you all know, There Wicked people dwelled, And by the Hood our Lord did show 1 l The power that He held. The modern vice and present wrongs Are such as we should cease- Devote our time to love and songs, And deeds of mutual peace. From death by iire and quake and sea If anyone He spares, Who will the modern Noah be For whom God greatly cares? -Buster DeMotte aww The Advance Q94-' Report lResearch Committeeu- H945 llnasmuch as this committee was duly appointed by the Honorable Board of Supervisors of the County of Humboldt in the State of Cali- fornia, and inasmuch as we have completed all the required work in regard to the occupations of the various members of the Class of 1930 at the Arcata High School, we respectfully submit the following report: Coyita Cooper is Chairman of the Humboldt County W. C. T. U. Ugo Giuntini is an organ grinder in Galveston, Texas. Bob Murphy is a Federal Prohibition Agent. Orman Oak is the chief performer on the Xyllophone and is em- ployed in a night club in Paris. Elda Johnson is teaching Oral Expression at the University of Cal- ifornia. Helen Small is a truant oHicer in New York City. Keith Tomlinson is Game Warden of the Yellowstone National Park. Lucille Cole is a success as a tap dancer on Broadway. Melba Munn is president of the Crannell P. T. A. Harold Merriam is executioner at Sing-Sing. Marion Graham is doing research work in Home Economics at her residence in Bayside. Paul Bentley is the U. S. Menis Singles champion and is taking on Henri Cochct for the World's Championship in June. Jack Wfolford is Radio Announcer for Station G.I.N., the breath of America. Janet Stewart has just been selected "Miss California" and is now entering the National ,Beauty Contest. Dorothy Lindcrs is the iirs: Woman Mayor of Fieldbrook. Mildred Carlson is Evangelist at the Four Square Temple at Holly- wood. Frank Mendes is a famous toreador in Mexico City. Melba Dougherty is Commander of the Salvation Army in San Francisco. Earl Parton is a Director in the Standard Oil Company of Cali- fornia. Edrie Morton is selling straw hats to the Eskimos at Fairbanks, Alaska. l Alva Caston is punching meal tickets at the new College Cafeteria. Harold Brogan is Manager of the Zeigfeld Follies, New York. David Hvall owns a big Coffee Company in Rio de Janiero. Frances Thompson is an usherette in the State Theatre, Eureka. Raymond Downing is Champion Flag Pole Sitter of the U. S. Laura Larson is an uplift worker in the Bowery District of New York City. and 4,99 The Advance Qgpegie Edgar Osborn is traveling salesman for the Pepper Box. Zaidie Johnson is Mrs. Stayton. Earl Stayton is President of the big chicken ranch merger, Ham Stayton, limited, very limited. Barbara Weirup is the author of the best seller, "Matrimony" Burr McConnaha is a sailor with a girl in every port. Helen Miller and Alice Johnson are Missionaries to the Fiji Islands. Richmond Anger is acting as a double for George Bancroft at the Paramount Colony in Hollywood. Wilma Reeves is the Chief Executive of the Campfire Girls. Carl Penn operates a Brewery in Heidelberg. Elsie Nelson has been engaged as instructor of P. D. J. at A. U. H. S. Maude Hyner is an artist's model in Paris. Ed Mero is Colonel in the Officers Reserve Corps, Eureka, Calif. Edith Stover is aiSpiritualist at Flint, Michigan. Melvin and Lester Sunqduist are the owners of the leading fishery in Finland. Their motto is "Fresh Fish Every Day." Audrae Warren is Women's Open Golf Champion of the World. Walter Warren leads a bagpipe orchestra in Edinburgh. Vera Tevyaw stuffs the owls in an Owl Drug Store. Norman Cummings is janitor of the California Barrel Co., Ltd. Dixie Lee Starkey is Warden of the Women's Penitentiary at San Quentin. . Louis Tallman is one of the Directors of Warner Bros. All Talking Vitaphone Productions. Sidney Sharp has just been given the Nobel Prize for his outstand- ing work in electrical engineering. Ralph Dearing is a Gigola at the Ritz. Ruby Hunt is the Toast of Broadway. Carlo De Luca sella' da banan' in the Hawaiian Islands. Bruno Morisoli is the lifesaver at Clam Beach. Buster DeMotte is a Trappist Monk. Evelyn McCutcheon is the head mathematician of the Ford Motor Company. Agnes Tomini is touring the world with GalliCurci, singing duets. Marion McFarland is Admiral of the Coast Guard Unit at Trinidad. Lucille Larson is head chef at the White House. Charlie Timmons is W'ater Boy for the Essex Fire Department. Honorable Ruth Carroll, District Attorney, County of Humboldt. Chairman of the Research Committee. REL Q35 wwieei YYQTIGII Lwn uauoll 160111 .Ufienckes L5 1 O boln fo Lrlllflllllll Ulu. ne Suarp Luala Wencup ' J 11 ly Kane D elm Dexuex 0 1 K 1 Laugnlln L... COPIIO e OHDS vI'L1S6111G Spetz Lhce Bartei Dfmd Bean may C'zld1e1a Tm 11 Baldwm 1 er 1et Ackerman l ESQ MVN nZ..15,a1et Hessell I Lon Schussman 1 1 I-ieuon 111 Gletty L .ifiww 1 w 1 u44.u.V.1. i . L, - 1-I f 211.04-,-. 'Fen . F - ' - A S -L. NA L A .Mm f' "V ' v' i' 'Q ' c.. . Q. . Hr, . . ' . 5.4 .O o r - ' I w-A A A -' ' ' , -1 L15 ff e 2. :rf . we f T ' - L- y ie 1' lf."Qw ' T1".,'7 1, 7 J. L . A . J. ".,'l'f'X"1Zf cf i.'n11.-'...f ,V H .,. ,. M P-1 1 Rh' K, ,5 DA, ,. ' - -T W' -'- 1' P 1' 01 J ' .secs yr, W., 7, 1,7 ,," ' ' f-. . lgiu A ALL., U-: In LM W ff, , , '-Mensa nueh Week Cal-01 Foggy f ' ' E. ' . ,- ,pin-A if , .-gm: 1 x- -I 3-XL' R, . .x,. -. 'E ia g:.L ' 'ibn-i 'rfvfl E :C L -mx, :y,?,.'. WHS The Advance www J UNIORS Henry Eagan .. Wilfred Brown Alma R. Sweet Mary E. Speyer Ward Nelson Helen Johnston Joe Cruz Darol Feilding Frances Seidell -mmm The Advance mental- Juniors , President ..............Sectretary-Treasurer ' Council Members Vice President ..........,...Girls' ,Athletic Manager......-.. Frances Seidell Alton Mclraughlin Mary E. Speyer . Bethel Robinson Alton McLaughlin Darol Feilding Alma Ruth Sweet Katherine Forsyth Neville Crosby , This year's Junior class has been a very active one. The members are found in every phase of activity the school has to offer. They have been especially active in athletics and have contributed their share of players to the teams. V - They have also done good work in both band and orchestra in which the class is well represented. The annual Junior Banquet was given on the 21st of December 1929. In the afternoon, the class joined the Senior class in a dance given in the Social Room. j Mary E. , Speyer The sunny Spring is here again, And gone is Winter-'s gloomg , Once moreVwe're rid of fog and raing The flowers can once more bloom. The birdsuare singing in thetrees Their gloriotls song of Spring. The grass" is waving with the breezeg Now let all- nature sing. Young birds are waiting in their nests For food their mother brings 5 They're warmed at night by feathered breasts, And sheltered by soft wings. The lilies girow beside the brook: The trout ere in the pool. R -W R- In-every little wood and nook You'1l find the beautiful. -Julius Hooven. S OPH OM ORES 'WWW The Advance W-9191+ First Semester I Alice Barter ........ Jean Baldwin ......... Lavina Peets ............, Donald Chamberlain Francis Hodges ....,.. Cheryl Swanson Peggie Gregory George Inskip Helen Sundquist Channing Hadley Sophomores President Second Semester Jean Baldwin Vice President Frances Monahan .. Secretary-Treasurer ..... . Donald Chamberlain Boys' Athletic Manager .......... Wesley St. Louis Girls, Athletic Manager ..... COUNCIL MEMBERS Cheryl Swanson Minnie Barlow Amy Bishop Frank Strathakis George Inskip Richard Meade The Sophomores, five weeks after school had begun, welcomed the Freshmen to A. U. H. S. by giving them a reception. The entertain- ment was a mock wedding uniting the Sophomores and Freshmen. Sam- uel Davis was the blushing bride, while Wayne Shorlig was the groom. Later in the year the Sophomores presented a program to the High School P. T. A. celebrating Book Week. The Sophomores have shown their school spirit throughout the year by taking active parts in athletics and music. ' -Alice Barter Day Dreams Once I dreamed as drearners do A dream both sweet and good and true. A little house upon a hill A winding trail, a tiny rill The sweetest sight e'er seen by eye A group of iiowers which restful lie. Perhaps it was your lovely song That made me dream this all day long. -Cheryl Swanson FRESHMEN Marie Nordquist ....... Beryl Fleckenstein -ssewggsa The Advance Freshmen OFFICERS President Vice President Marie Nielsen ., .............. Secretary-Treasurer .. Edwina Bishop ............ James Dbubrovich .. ........ Boys' Athletic Manager Evan Shore John Cotey - Ethel Carroll Mary Mangum , Jack Herron Council Members ........Frances Gilmore Jack Herron Margaret Hessel Girls' Athletic Manager .................... Gail Gletty James McCurdy Marie Nordquist Donald Fay Claire Speyer Margaret Hessel Myron Schussmann When school opened for the fall term, our class-the freshman class-was the largest class enrolled. We were cordially welcomed to the school and properly initiated. VVe brought to the High School zest and enthusiasm and have shown true school-spirit by entering all the Various activities and have displayed a commendable Willingness to co- operate in everything pertaining to the welfare of the school. We have appreciated the interest of the teachers and the friendliness of the other classes, attitudes that have done much to make this year a very happy one. All of us are now looking forward to the time when we may become -SENIORS. 1 Margaret Hessel ranting O sweet dear little baby gay A-lying there and crowing soy You ciunot creep but you can go Into the land where fairies play. O lively birdies in your nest A-lying there because you mustg You cannot fly but you can just Stay there for wings to grow their best. O darling fuzzy kittens four A-lying there and mewing lowg You cannot play but you can know That you must wait to grow some more. -Marjorie Todd. WWW The Advance 'vm JL I v.,- .V Q , H. vw. K -1 - 5 5- --4-.'f,, .. xi .1-Q. -. ff , ,K ei 1-.R www The Advance www Q v First Semester Ralph Dearing ...... Janet Stewart ....... ...,. Jack Wolford ..... Frank Mendes ...... Ugo Giuntini ....... Cabinet President Student Attorney Secretary Treasurer Vice-President ...... Farl Penn ...,....,,.,,, ,,,,,,,..,., R ailiflf ,,,.,.,,, Melvin Sundquist . .... ,. ..... Athletic Manager Buster DeMotte .... Publicity Manager Richmond Anger ...,... ,..... Y ell Leader Social Chairman Ruth Carroll ..,,... .,,,..,,. . Iudge ,,....,,, Pauline Ramsey ..... .. ,,.. Clerk of Court , Second Semester Ruth Carroll Ugo Giuntini Edgar Osborn Lucille Cole Walter Warren Marion llflc'Farland Earl Stayton Orman Oak Ralph Dearing Melba Dougherty Helen Small Frances Seidell +s1e-sc'-ze The Advance Council The legislative department of our Student Government is com- posed of five representatives from each class who hold oliice for one semester. The vice-president presides over this body and the secretary keeps the minutes. The Council is divided into five standing commit- tees of four members each, Finance, Welfare, Judicial and Law En- forcement, Activities and Legislative. These committees meet between regular sessions of the Council and report decisions so reached to the Council. The Council makes all 1'ules and regulations concerning the Student Body and votes out all money desired from the General Fund. Three main projects were undertaken by the Council this year: The "Advance," the "Pepper Box," and the Friendship Chest to Mexico. Every year there is some discussion as to who will pnhlisli the 'nkcivam-o," hnl this year the Council decided to sponsor it instead of letting it out to soi other organization. Upon the recommendation of Publicity Manager DeMotte, Ralph Dearing was selected Editor, and Edgar Osborne was selected Assistant Editor of the "Advance" The publication of the anuual was placed entirely in the hands of Dearing and his staff. The "Pepper Box," because of a by-law to that effect, has always been one of the major projects of the Council. The Friendship Chest to Mexico was a project undertaken by the Council upon the suggestion of Dr. Lincoln Wirt of the League for the Prevention of Wa1'. It consists of a chest containing medicine, layettes, and toys for small children which will be sent to schools in the rural districts of Mexico. Much credit for the success of this project is due to Miss Graham and her sewing class, who made the layettesg to Mr. Howard and his Manual Training students, who made the chestg and The Advance to Alma Ruth Sweet and her Welfare Committee, who collected the toys and trinckets. The Council bought the medicine for the chest. This project was probably the most worthy of the three, because it is in the nature of welfare work which is one of the most admirable things an organization like the Student Council can undertake. Besides these major projects the council has made very wise laws and regulations, and has proved itself adaptable to argumentation and parliamentary procedure. To Janet Stewart and Ugo Giuntini goes the honor of presiding over one of the iinest bodiesof high school law- makers that ever existed. --Ruth Carroll. Cabinet According to the Constitution of 1927, the president chooses his own cabinet with the ratification of the student council. The cabinet consist of the secretary, treasurer, publicity manager, athletic mana- ger, social chairman, yell leader, and the bailiff. The secretary has the usual occupation of keeping the minutes of Cabinet and Council meetings and, in addition, draws all warrants for checks from the general fund of the Student Body. The treasurer keeps the books and draws all checks for any Student Body money. The publicity manager posts bulletins, and is custodian of the student bulletin boards, and is responsible for the publication of the "Pepperbox" and the "Advance" The athletic manager has charge of Student Body athletics and keeps track of all athletic equipment. The yell leader leads yells at all gamesg he has charge of the annual bonfire rally and arranges for rallies before every league game in each sport. The social chairman is the newest cabinet oliicer in Arcata high. He has charge of all Student Body socials, and is chairman of the Senior Ball committee. The bailitf is the sergeant-at-arms of Council and Cabinet meetings and student assemblies. He is also sheri-f of the court and is in charge of the students' behavior. This year has been a most successful year for the Student Body from every standpoint. A higher percentage of Student Body dues was collected than ever before. Both treasurers, Ugo Guintini and Walter Warren, and their assistants deserve much credit for this accomplish- ment. Much of the success of the Student Government has been due to the presidents, who in both semesters, cooperated with each other in fine style. While Dearing was president, Miss Carroll did her best to make his administration a successg and during lVIiss Carroll's term, Dearing has certainly done his little bit to help her along. With these two hard working executives, there is little wonder at the high level of accomplishments reached by this record year in A. U. H. S. Student Government. -Alton McLaughlin. The Advance l l-. Girls, league . OFFICERS President .......... ........................... ....., J a net Stewart Vice-President ..... ..,... .............. R u th Carroll Secretary ....,,..... .................. D ixie Lee Starkey Treasurer ....... .,....................... F rances Seidell Yell Leader ............. ..... B lary Thurow--Amy Bishop Song Leader .............. ................,...... M ildred Stover Publicity Chairman ......................,.,........,.................... Margaret Hessell Sergeant-at-Arms ...........................,....,..e,..... Pearl Scott--Wilma Reeves The Girls' League is an organization of all the girls in school who are members of the Student Body. The purpose ol' this League is to help the girls to work together for the accomplishment of worthwhile pro- jects. To accomplish this the League is divided into four clubs, ea .li hav- ing specilied duties. The Social Club sponsors noon dances, afternoon socials, and twice a year, a Hi-Jinks. The Hospitality Club entertains visiting athletic teams with refreshments, and makes visitors and new girls feel welcome. The Program Club arranges for the open meetings of the League. The Loyalty Club makes letters and numerals for ath- letes, banners and novelties for the games, and is this year starting' a record book, in the form. of a scrap book in which will be kept a record of all Girls' League activities. Each girl is expected to select the club in which she is most interested, by this method every girl may take an active part in the League. Each year a conference of the Girls' Leagues of the schools of northern California is held, each school being represented by two dele- gates and the faculty advisor. This year the conference was held in Eureka, Arcata being represented by Janet Stewart, Frances Seidell and Miss Graham. --Alma Ruth Sweet The Advance Buys, League OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Charles Timmons ..... ........... , President .......... ........... E arl Stayton Lloyd Scott ............. .......... V ice-President ....,,...... .......... M anuel Silva Robert Murphy .......... Secretary and Treasurer ...Q Anthony Gallagher Lester Sundquist ................... Yell Leader ,.........,... .......... E dward Mero . Faculty Advisor--Allen Ham All boys belonging to the Student Body are members of the Boys' League. The purpose of the League is to promote cooperation with the Student Government ot' our High School, insure the social welfare ofthe boys of A. U. H. S., and advance school spirit and athletics. The Presi- dent has the power to appoint a Financial Committee, a Program Com- mittee, and a Welfare Committee. During the first semester, a new Con- stitution was drawn up and adopted by the League. The League heartily supports Student Body athletics, receiving ninety per cent of all gate receipts and one hundred dollars from the Student Body each semester. Each school year the graduating Seniors who have received their "A" during their school career are presented with sweaters. The League has put on various programs in order to raise sufficient funds to purchase the twenty sweaters which have been presented this year. --Robert Murphy Aut og1'ap hs 1- v an VT 1 d . v '42- -: Ki. ,Y 1 ,r HN cn'-, ." .x T. , ' H 3 -ez' l' 1:55-f-Ii - A -. 1 'W L4 Y fda -,mf f 'Q x . ' .- , 1 . A 1 . 4 7'-11.3 ' 5" Q: T A-J. - w I 4 .r ur 'En if 3:30 , 5 A .1 ,fig ff-iii 4112 ,A Iii: -f ,li iv .5 .11-53 4 13 ' F 1.4 1 -1. K, "3 1 Vi I 25 5 .3 -' 'IQ , .. L, .,. L '15-I 7.4 f ff,-.1 '-Lf? my -. :,.:- 1 . .75 5-.1 sf Q.. :E IL. 1 8451: 11 gg .1,, Dig IE x .'r if ,331 , 3 15. '55 'MJT A-:Qi V 1 nfl! .4 , 1. 1 seg ' A. -7-i xg-ff!! ' ue, ' Elia is 5'-4. L ., :Q- -:AI - -w -in 2354 3-fail? fl E .h 5 ,ji "..m , M ,. ,Q ,XE ,Skit . , - H 1 A? .flifigf ' f::': 1 X S 'v-...kai 9 1 wen The Advance QUW, Band and Orchestra As usual much interest has been taken in the band Vvfllffi 'Lliis year is composed of fifty five members. The band has always been one of our most popular activities and we are all proud of it and justiziably, too, because for three years we have ranked very high in the State Music Contests, twice taking second place, and last year th rd in class B. This year the band did not enter, but we were represented in three solo con- tests by Ruth Carroll, playing the trumpet, Janet Stewart, the Freiicli liorn, and Marie Nordquist, the clarinet. The girls did very 1 ,'.' el? in spite oi' the strong competition given them. The band has made several public appearances this year, playing at the basketball games held here, and also upon other occasions. The orchestra has revived this year, and is now composed of thirty members. It has appeared in public many times and has played for the Student Body as well. . , ' JAZZ HOUNDS This year we have also a seven piece jazz orchestra, which furnish- es music for our noon dances and all school parties. Piano ............................................ Mary Emily Speyer Saxaphones .,...... Channing Hadley, Audrae Warren Trumpet ..... .................... . .............. B everly Bryan Clarinet ...... ............ R aymond Downing Trombone ..... ...... N orman Cummings Drums ........ ........ J ames McCu1-dy F735 T' 5, C -iff- 'kgekllbrf' Efrnr -2-- I5' . gr , , X , ,A -5. -.- ff .-,. .F ve- , 1. . T411-,., ,',,- 1- aA.,.. .,..,,,. , Q . . , , ,.-. , , . ..-,. . , .,.,'f..a-'t:..-3 -Q.. - .,g213,, -1 rd: Ji- .N ,Qi -.-.f -. . .L .-5 45 . -- "F 3 , - ,- ..Q,. 3. . . , , . N . ' 1 .i, .-.. ':.- . 1:13 ,Q Q-new.-L-V 15511: X, 3. , vw- h I3 iv! :ai-I, f 11. F-1? 42. .vii -, 5 -2 2131 it The Advance Www. i it Dramatic Club President ,,..................... ........... I Jouis Tallman Secretary-Treasurer ........ ..... A lma Ruth 'Sweet Permanent Electrician ...... ...... .............. E a rl Parton Property keeper .............. ........ Q ...................... R uth Carroll Program chairmen ..... ............. F rances Seidell, Helen Small, Neville Crosby, and Jack Wolford Because there were too many uninterested members in- the Dramat- ic Club at the beginning of the year, the club was reorganized, weeding out all but the willing workers. This was done by admitting only those students who were willing to earn their membership in the club. This year instead of two groups there was only one with no uninterested members. However, in spite of this reorganization, We had several very good programs, among them some one-act plays coached by the students. The club held a very successful evening party during the second semester. The little gym was attractively decorated, and music was furnished by the school jazz orchestra. -huh The Advance Gavin Her Husbands Wife CAST Irene Randelf ,.... .................. ...... D i xie Lee Starkey Stuart Randolf ....... ............ ----------------- C 3 Tl Penn John Belden ........ ------- E Clgal' 0Sb01'n Emily Ladew .......,. ...... ........................... ....... J 2 I1 613 Stew?-1'l3 Richard Belden ,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,...,,.... ................... H arold Brogan Nora ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...... .......................... R llby Hunt In March of this year, "Her Husband's Wife," a clever farce- CVOIU- edy, was presented by Arcata High. This play was very Well acted- all the actors doing splendid Work-and was very entertaining. Dixie Lee Starkey did excellent Work as Irene Randolf, the young wife Who had the misguided idea that she was destined to die young, so she provided for her husband, Stuart Randolf, a Wife who would marry him after her death. For this she chose an old friend, Emily Ladew, who was very plain. Much to Irene's consternation, Emily Ladew in the second act, had improved herself so much that she was very atttractive. Then Irene became jealous of her, and decided not to die, but to keep Stuart, and Emily Ladew married her old sweetheart with Whom she had once quarreled, Richard Belden. The amusing Uncle John, who got a good deal of enjoyment out of the situation, and gave the play much of its humor, was Well acted by Edgar Osborn. Each one of the actors did very Well, playing his part with the air of a professional. Nlaicl of France CAST Blanche ......................,. ..................... ...... M a ry Thurow British Soldier, Paul ....... .............. ....... L o uis Tallman French Poilu, Fred, .......................... .....,... ............ H a rold Brogan Jeanne d'Arc ................................,....................................... Helen Small British Officer .........................r............................................ Ward Nelson "Maid of France" has for its foundation an old French superstition that the statue of Jeanne d'Arc in Paris becomes alive for one hour on Christmas Eve. At twelve o'clock on December 24, 1917, Jeanne d'Arc comes to life and speaks to the French and British soldiers on the steps of her pillar. She cannot understand Why the French are so friendly to the British after the outrageous treatment received by the French during her lifetime. After the French Poilu explained how the English had come to the aid of the French in 1916, Jeanne d'Arc went back to her pillar willing to forgive England for all her grievances. When the play was presented by the above cast, the stage-set was very simpleg nevertheless, it was especially effective. Behind the gray, stone--like figure of Jeanne d'Arc, was a cathedral with beautiful stain glass Windows. The effect of distance was very well carried out, and when the set was in moonlight, the audience was at once transported to the Jeanne d'Arc Statue in Paris. e Helen Small gave an excellent performance as Jeanne d'Arc. Be- sides doing her speaking part with certainty and clarity, she remained perfectly motionless upon a pillar for fully fifteen minutes. Louis Tall- man, with his cockney dialect, was almost equally effective. The rest of the cast did excellent support work in spite of the fact that this was their first attempt in Dramatic Art. -Ruth Carroll www The Advance Pomander Walk CAST OF CHARACTERS John Sayle, 10th Baron Otford ............................. ....... E dgar Osborn Lieut. The Hon. John Sayle, R. N. ............. ......... I Jack Wolford Admiral Sir Peter Antrobus ........................... ..... R ichmond Anger Jerome Brooke-Hoskyn, Esq. ............................ ...... L ouis Tallman The Rev. Jacob Sternroyd, D. D., F. S. A. ..... .. ...... Neville Crosby Mr, Basil Pringle ,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,.,,,,,,...,,.... ....... F rank Mendes Jim ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,. .,,,,.,,,,. ,,,,,,.......... .... H a r old Brogan The Muf1in-Man ,...,.,, -,-,,,,,,,, .......,.... W a rd Nelson The Lamplighter ...................... ...... L ester Sulidquist The Eyesgre ,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,.,,,,,.,, .............. U go Giuntim Madame Lucie Lachesnais ....... ..... A Ima Ruth Sweet Mlle. Majorlaine Lachesnais ....... ....... M elba Dougherty Mrs. Pamela Poskett ................ ............ H 91611 3111311 Miss Ruth Pennymint ............ ..... C Oyltflf COODGF Miss Barbara Pennymint ....... ...... M ary Thurow The Hon. Caroline Thring Mariery Torn Nanette ,,,....,,,.,..,............,......,.....,.........,.... ......................... E thel Carroll Frances Seidell "Pomander Walkf, a delightful old-fashioned comedy, was pre- sented as our first public play of the year. This play required a good deal of work, not only on the stage setting, but on the part of the actors themselves: but all the workers reported that they had an enjoyable time doing it. Miss Sample showed her ingenuity in constructing the stage set, which was different from any before made bythis school. A row of five brick houses by the river bank extended about twenty feet into the auditorium. These houses all had bow windows down stairs, and win- dows upstairs through which part of the conversations were carried on. Each house had a garden of flowers surrounded by a low fence. In the rear of the stage was a stone wall, behind which could be seen the river and a landscape. On the left was the gazebo or summer house, which sheltered the lovers, and in the center stood an elm tree surrounded with a circular bench. In this cozy part of England, not far from Chiswick, the inhabitants of Pomander Walk showed you their personaltities and entangled and disentangled themselves from many humorous complications. There were serious parts of the play which gave the play the atmosphere of portraying life as it is, but in general, the play was humorous.. Richmond Anger did an outstanding bit of acting as Sir Peter, the old sea captain, "King of the Walk," beloved by all its inhabitants. The leading parts were very well played by Jack Wolford and Melba Dough- erty, as Jack Sayle and Marjorlaine Lachesnais, who fell in love at first sight. The part of the human eyesore who gave the play much of its humor, yet did not speak a word, was well taken by Ugo Giuntini. Not only these, but all the parts were very well acted, some by experienced and some by inexperienced actors. Jane .................................................... -Alma Ruth Sweet -N056 The Advance Qvfef' The Land of Hearts Desire CAST Maurteen Bruin ............... ............ ........... U g o Giuntini Bridget Bruin, his wife ........ ....... M arion Graham Shawn Bruin, their son, ....... .. ....... Keith Tomlinson Marie Bruin, wife of Shawn, ..... .....,. A Ima Ruth Sweet Father Hart ............................ ........ D arol Feilding The Child ..........................................,........................... Melba Dougherty "The Land of Heart's Desire" was chosen as the one-act play to be presented at the Music Festival during the last quarter. This play deals with the story of a newly-married bride's rebellion at her loss of free- dom and the desire to regain her independence. It is a very pretty and picturesque play. The cast was chosen from the members of the P. D. J. class. To N. J. G. When thinking thoughts of friend I love the best, My heart turns swift and easily to you Like weatherbeaten bark returned from quest Unfortunate-at port long overdue. Afar, I think of your sweet cheering smile And of your fund of happiness and health- Of resoureesjvithin yourself-the while I know that I can share with you-this wealth. I see no iiowers in any foreign land But they in turn recall you to my mind I Remembering how you grace your garden's strand With all its Wealth of color richly lined. So, though I journey Wide and far afield Yet love and memory your presence yield. -G, E. M. ww rl.. Aawm POMANDER WALK The Advance at rels reetin s From my window, when I wake I see All Nature's wonders greeting meg The sky above is painted blue, The grass is tinted a bright green hue, Birds are flying through the air Filling the World with music rare. Flowers are dancing in the breeze, All nature says, "Enjoy us, please." A mountain wall covered with trees Shelters the valleys and the leas, The glowing sun reflects the day In mirroring pools on Humboldt Bay. I see upon a silvan hill A road that winds and turns at Will, Where happy people love to stroll And rest upon the wooded knoll. Rambling gardens and flowing streams All Nature's beauties are here it seems. At night when I seek rest-behold A silvery moon its light unfold For weary travelers homeward led By twinkling stars that glow o'erhead Where silently they guard the sky Until the sun's soft rays are nigh. Why 'shouldnt we be happy and gay When all these things around us stay, Helping, trying to point for all A purpose true that may enthrall? VVe needn't travel miles to gaze Upon the wonders that last but days- For here at home grandeurs sublime Eternally are yours and mine. -Margaret Hessel. Ig ','.- im 4: . QQ -Lv. 535-.-Q'-Elf fr :2!.'i'5?1r': r. L Mg? 53, www The Advance Agricultural Club OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Marlin Seidell ......... ............ P resident ........... ............ B ruce Hess Wesley St. Louis ...... ........ V ice President ....... ....... D onald Parton Edwin Brown ,,,,.,........ .......,.... S ecretary ........... ,............... ll llarlin Seidell The boys of the Arcata "Arcata Aggies" seem to be taking a keener interest in their club and school projects each year, probably the most competition is displayed in the judging contests. Last year there were thirteen projects completed. The most profitable ones are as follows: Arthur Ford-Registered Poland China Hogs ..,. ,..,. T' rotlt 213267.95 Louis Pontoni-Six grade Jersey Calves ............ ...... P roiit 3200.88 Carl Anderson-Six Grade Jersey Calves ............ ..... P rofit 3125.30 Marlin Seidell-Seven Purebred Jersey Calves ............ Profit 3647.44 This year there are twenty-eight projects on the program, the principal one seems to be poultry. About 1800 chicks have been or- dered for the various individual projects. The iirst interesting trip of the year was to the State Fair at Sacramento in September. Four boys, Robert Niles, Wesley St. Louis, Jonh Pifferini, Marlin Seidell, and their instructor, O. E. Jacobs, made the trip. On arrival at Sacramento, they joined the camp of High School Agricultural Clubs from all over the State. All these clubs took part in the cattle, hogs, sheep, and poultry judging contest, which was a V 1-v-u 'MQW The Advance very interesting affair. The Arcata representatives took eighth place, which is pretty good considering that there were thirty-three teams competing. In November the boys attended the Poultry Show at Fortuna. They brought home eight prizes besides a silver cup won by Arthur Ford. Numerous field trips have linked the members in a practical way to the farms where they have watched the grading of potatoes, prun- ing of fruit trees, and selection of dairy stock. They have also inspect- ed creameries, cold storage plants, and slaughter houses. They will meet the Fortuna boys in a dairy judging contest on April 11, 1930. The Club has become a "Future Farmer" organization, a branch of the "Future Farmers of America." They are looking forward to a trip to the University Farm at Davis this spring. . The Aggies have worked up a good basketball team. They have displayed their ability to play basketball in numerous games with the Fortuna Aggies and other organizations of the Arcata High School. ' We hope to make a good showing at the County Fair to be held in Ferndale this year. . Q u Q-Marlin seideu. Humbeldt ay The sun shines bright on Humboldt Bay Small rippling waves roll up the shore The birds and Hsli contented play- A blessed spot forevermore. The long highway outlines the coast The sun beats down upon the sands The vessels daily leave their posts Supplied with wood for foreign lands. I wonder how you came to be So quiet and so deep a blue My eyes are gladdened when I see This beauty God bestowed on you. --Ugo Giuntini. The Advance Excalibur Club OFFICERS First Semester Second semester Carl Penn ............ .....,... P resident .......... ..... F rank Mendes Ralph Dearing ....... ........ V ice-President ......... ..... S hirley Porter Lester Sundquist ......,...... Recording Secretary .................. Ugo Giuntini Buster DeMotte ........... Corresponding Secretary .......... Buster DeMotte Orman Oak .............e.,............. Treasurer ...,............ ..,.. R alph Dearing "Those who best serve others best serve themselves." The Excalibur Club is an organization sponsored by the Rotary Club to create a better appreciation of the Golden Ruleg to promote better citizenship in sfzhonl, city, state and nationg to encourage altruism and friendship among young men. This organization has been active for two years and meets every Tuesday at noon. This year the Club has been divided in three sections: Professional, Commercial and Agricult- ural. The object of these divisions is to promote a better understanding of the different occupations. In the Way of recreation members of the Excalibur Club made a trip to the State Theatre in Eureka. The Club also organized a basket- ball team which played other Excalibur Club teams in the County, win- ning a majority of their games. --Harold Brogan The Advance Qgisfif- Hi-Y Club OFFICERS 4 Vice President ....................................... ........ ---- W 2: Fd N4-313011 Secretary and Treasurer ........................... ...... N evllle CI'0SbY Athletic Manager ......................... 5 ............................... K eith Tomlinson Advisor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,,,,,,.,,..,...,.............. ........ M I'. B. G. Wills The Hi-Y Club is growing larger every year, and it is hoped that it will continue to do so. Its purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian characterg holding for its slogan: Clean living, clean speech, clean athletics and clean scholarship. The Hi-Y held a Father and Son banquet on January 27th. The purpose of this banquet was to bring to light the relationship between Father and Son, also the duty of Father to Son, and Father to Father. The principal speaker was Mr. Morrow, the new secretary of the Y. M. C. A. of Eureka, who explained the purpose of the banquet. An example of what the Hi-Y can do was shown in a program which was given before the Student Body, in February. A Hi-Y basketball team has been organized and has won a major- ity of the games played. The members of our Hi-Y are happily looking forward to a Ladies' Night which is to be held in the near future in company of the Eureka Hi-Y Club in Eureka. Under the direction of Mr. Wills, the Hi-Y is steadily achieving its purpose. -Frank Mendef- Dynamic Snciety QFFICERS . Barbara Weirup ...... .................................. ...................... P r esident Edith Stover .....,...,....... ....... ....... ......................... S e c retary and Treasurer Helen Small ..........................,............,......,.............................., Credentials Ward Nelson .................................................................. Sergeant-at-Arms The Dynamic Society was organized by the Biology Class of 1927- 28 under the supervision of Mr. Wills. A constitution was drawn up and the Society was accepted as a club. Its purpose is to take up work that will help the students and create better fellowship among the members. This year there are twenty members in the Society. The scientific material to be studied is arranged under four headings, Nature, Activi- ties, Aviation, and Radio, and the members group themselves according to the subject in which they are interested. , The Nature group has gone on one outdoor trip and learned many things in the way of Nature and Science. The Society has held two candy sales to raise money. This will be used partly for the picture in the Advance and partly for a moving pic- ture entertainment for the School. The Society meets every Monday noon in the Biology room:. Edith Stover. The Advance Q.-www fAboveJ DYNAMIC SOCIETY fBelowJ HI-Y N06 The Advance Q94-' Pepperbox Staff This year the Pepper Box had four different editors: Ruth Carroll, Buster DeMotte, Jack Wolford, and Edgar Osborn. They succeeded in publishing a large edition almost every week. At the beginning of the last semester a new feature was inaugurated in our publication. This page was entitled "Take It or Not" and consisted of a large assortment of queer but true facts. The Pepper Box lived up to expectations by again sponsoring a Beauty Contest, which was started as an annual affair last year. Three factors enter into the choosing of the Beauty Queen--beauty, personal- ity, and popularity. The students voting upon these qualities, chose J an- et Stewart as their 1929-30 Beauty Queen. Barbara Cabral won second place, and Alma Ruth Sweet came third. The Pepper Box has done its best to live up to its motto, "Promotes Pep by Publicity," by endeavoring to mimeograph a poppy and newsv weekly publication. Edgar Osborn +008 The Advance Qwes- .-,,., A ...La A l E Boys' "A" Club President ....................,................................................... Charles Timmons Secretary-Treasurer ............................................................ Jack VVolford The Boys' "A" Club is composed of boys who have played half the scheduled C.I.F. games in football, basketball, and baseball, or have taken a point in the county track meet, or have won a match in the county tennis tournament. Mr. McKittrick, the originator of the club, is also the faculty advisor. In former years, the "A" Club sold hot-dogs and ice-cream at the games to raise money to buy its graduating members sweaters. Last year the Boys' League agreed to take over this expenditure. Each year we select six members outstanding in athletics, manners and scholarship. VVe present the names of these six members to the Student Body who in turn select the one whom they think to be the most outstanding of the six and that person's name is placed on the rjpauanng Shield which is in the hall. -Charles Timmons Girls' Achievement Club Tlresident 1 ---------f...---- -..-.L-A-.....Y...-.--A .--M Vei'a'l'evyaW President ....... ..... - - .- - . ............. - - - . - ,. , , A , Coyita Cooper ' '2 iiry-Treasurer . ..... ...... ' r..r... , . .... .,.. , , ..r,,, . Audrae Wai-ren The Girls' Achievement Club, sponsored by Miss Pearl Degenliart, is "Y1f1'l8 up of girls whose interest has ledthem to accumulate 25 points by oavticination in athletic events and contests. Members who accumulate 50 points are awarded "A's", and those securing an additional 50 points are given stars. Andrea Warren. mmm The Advance made sets, ww... tl ..t..M.w .Wsa......,.-. f ,...,..e t . , Commercial Club President .,.,.....v................ .... Walter Warren Vice President .......,........... ..... J ack Wolford Secretary and Treasurer ...... ........ W ilma Reeves Program Manager ........... ,.......... ........... ..... D i X ie Lee Starkey Advisor ...............,,...............................................................,... Mr. Davies After several months of idleness, the Commercial Club has been revived to a state of action, under the leadership of Mr. Davies. Under the new organization, all students are eligible for member-, ship, who have successfully completed two years' work in the commer- cial Departments-iiifstcarl oi' the one year 1'i?i1ill1'E'lTlPllt of the past. The purpose of this Club is to create further interest in commercial work throughout the school, and also in later life. On May 6, the A. U. H. S. Student Body was guest of the Commer- cial Club, in the Assembly. Mr. Phillips, of Heald College, San Fran- cisco, gave a demonstration of the Stenotype machine with the help of two graduates from that institution. The members of the Club have decided, that in the near future they will visit some lumber mill's office, and afterwards hold a picnic. -Frank Mendes a 1 , . , ,. ,A , q .I .1,,-X, W . Q ' A " 1 ' J ' N ' -f 2" ' x. I ' 1 J. , m iff? . T :-, w , in :Fw .- - ? . -.-L? qffi '3 f'f'frf: ,-:gi if 'fliflfi .- of - ' .w. . , X uw, ' ,. . ,U 1 1-L-sq, , WSW The Advance 6106+ Mother PRIZE POEM Her smile and radiance are not here to see Nor is she here to help us physically, But her spirit, her indomitable will, Is with us still. In trying moments, when, uncertain, Pondering what to do, a voice-her voice- Her "mamma voice" Says, "Come, children, see it through." She has not gone! True, true, I can not touch her hands- Invisible to me she stands- Or feel her good-night on my Lips as I fall deep In sleepy Hut still, somehow, I feel she tucks me in And says her prayers as I say mine. She has not gone, This mother mine. -Margaret Taylor. www The Advance V Duck Hunting One night I asked my father if I could go duck hunting with some boys. He said yes and after getting my gun and shells ready I set the alarm clock and went to bed. At five o'clock I went out of the house in my stocking feet so as not to wake anyone. By six fifteen we were climbing up to the dike from the road. It was raining and the wind was blowing a little. We Walked down to the dike where we met some hunters who had two or three ducks already. After we had walked up and down the dike awhile we were getting disgusted at not having got a duck. On the way back to the car we found an old blind fixed so that it would float. We cleared the driftwood away from the sides of it, and it finally came looseg we each grabbed a long pole, jumped on the raft and began to push it away from the shore. When we were about half a mile or so from shore we pushed the long poles into the mud anchoring the raft. With this done We sat down on the iioor of the float and waited for some ducks to fly over. When we were there about fifteen minutes we were so taken up with shooting at the ducks that we did not notice that the wind had changed and was blowing out into the bay instead of into the shore as it was when we came out. The wind seemed to start all at once and in a few minutes we had been blown away from our moor- ings and were fioating out into the center minutes the waves became so large that on the little float. We did not have any have three flat boards and with t .ese we ing turns holding the guns from being waves. When We had tired iof paddling, wherever it wanted to go. We hoisted a handkerchiefs tied together and took our of the bay. After about Hve they almost turned us over oars or paddles but we did started paddling, each tak- washed overboard by the we just let the thing iioat white flag made from our guns and shot at anything that came over. Whenever we wanted to use our guns we had to turn them upside down to pour the water from them. After we had drifted for what seemed to be a whole day, we saw what looked like a small island in the bay. All the while we had been waving our fiag and shooting our guns hoping to attract the attention of somebody. Finally we saw the island turn and start to cut the waterg then we knew that it was a boat and it was coming toward us. VVhen the boat, whieh turned out to be a fishing smack, came alongside the raft, we tied their rope to the fioat and climbed aboard. When we were aboard, the man who had given us the rope asked us if we wanted to take the raft with us. Just as if one person had spoken we all answered "Noi" The farther we could get away from it, the better. The boat took us to the wharf where we got off and thanked the man who had picked us upg then the boat went back to fishing and We Went up to the cook house on the wh rf where the man in charge was kind enough to give us our dinner. After dinner we started walking back to the car which was parked on the Samoa road. We got a lift before we had walked very far, and we were surely glad to get in our car and come home. That duck-hunting trip taught me one thing and that is: Never go out in a boat or raft without a good strong rope with an anchor tied to the end of it. -Kenneth Fraser. www The Advance PTT! The Indian Arrew I ree One of the strangest relics left by the Indians of the Mad River district is the Indian Arrow Tree, which is situated on the road lead- ing to Bald Mountain about one mile north of Korbel. It is a large redwood tree, and though it is one of the best records left by the Indians of Humboldt County, few people know of its existence. Many years ago when savages roamed over the hill and Union Town was a little settlement, this tree was regarded as a medicine tree. It also marked the boundary-between the land of the Mad River Indians and that of the Redwood Indians. When the bow and arrow was in use among the Indians, each Indian shot an arrow into the tree while passingg since the Indians of today no longer use the bow and arrow, they place a green sprout or fern under the bark as they pass by. These sprouts, though they do not take root, hang from the tree like innumerable little arrows. The Indians thought that as long as they observed this custom they would be protected from evil spirits and that peace would be preserved between the tribes. -Lester Larsen. A panish issiain Bits of ivy still clung to the mouldering walls of the old mission. The voices of the peons could be heard as they chanted their evening prayers. It was sunset in Old Mexico and the dying sun cast its rays showing like gold on the crumbling walls, bringing memories of the old Spanish padres as they tolled the bells for vespers in the period when Spanish missions were converting the simple Indians. There on the ancient hewn-boards is a dark red-brown stain of blood that has withstood the assault of Time, Grim Master of All. In the days when the now time worn Mission of Saint Francis was still young. Father Jose, one ol' the I-Irotlwirs ol' Saint Frnxivis, was sit- ting in his -rustic chair. Kneeling at his feet was a peon receiving a severe scolding for some misdemeanor. "Now Pablo," said the Father, "why did you do it?" "But Father Jose," he cried, "I didn't do it on intent." "You should have known it was wrong," returned the priest, "I may have to take more from your allowance of your produce of the soil, or even Hog you." "Ohl" exclaimed the peon rising to his feet, "Oh! Father Jose! Please don't do that," he pleaded, "I will tell you-" His words were cut off and a blood-curdling scream came forth in their place and an arrow protruded from his shoulder. Father Jose raised the peon, who had fainted into oblivion, saying, "In truth you have done nothing but have saved my life." -Bill Beer. Awww The Advance Qwsisl ishes Someday I hope to tour far lands And camp beneath the stars, To list the chant of negro bands And sail before the spars. I Wish to see the hills of Rome And gaze on Venice gay, To roam in places far from home And stop at Nice to play. I want to see the Serbs at toil And stand before some king, To gaze in awe at some knight's spoil And hear a maiden sing. I Want to pick a rose in France And walk along some 'tra il. I Want to Watch the faki1"s trance And hear a nomad's tale. --Alton McLaughlin. W -' .,-,g-1.1 , -N. ,r 3' - ',',-3SQ,zf1m:5.-:gg-gq,g,1w.',',.m5g-"Q-,wi, ' 1. - A' ' 'J ,Z -fi -L, ,.':1Yfvsf5-,. ' 1 ' v N-5,1 , ' Q ' '. Larssg-ff--"ith 1 'e .wfgff f, , .,q.T:E'iq' f wg 4 - L W f':s1g1:,w:wa4..iwhfvr-.1f1f:1f ' 1g 'f1,.,.,1-:'1,-,r--L,-,-1--,--, .ig , '. -Q, - ,UM .A . . -. ,- - 'xx-,E-g:.sw. 1-ar' xv - .-vu:-1. - - v . . 1,,' ,M A , ,A K 1 2'g3i:.Tl: 51 si ,s1ggw-11- T1-QM 4,'u,g- ',f,L:1r'f.'f:f ifnz ':sr"'+'-va im.,-:..p,f Q ,A , .,,1 I ,,A5iI,.. x ' x nw, 1' ' -Q Le gm .vi . -1.31: .,,.s -' ,.'f.a,.n, - -- vw -' If 451- awww The Advance Www- 1 i 1 Football FIRST TEAM! SECOND, TEAM Bob Murphy ...... Q ....................... End ...... ..... ............... B i ll Baker Ralph Dearing fCapt.J ............ Tackle .... ....,.. A lton McLaughlin Shirley Porter ...........,........ Guard .... .. ......... Henry Simons Norman Cummings ........ .... C enter .... ........ B uster DeMotte Beverly McNeill ......... .... G uard .... .- ..... Frank Stathakis Carl Penn .............. . .... Tackle .... ...... E merson Thissell Jack Wolford ..... ......... E nd ......... ........... G eorge Inskip Eddie Mero ........... ....... Q uarter ....... ...... L ester Sundquist Charlie 'Timmons .... .. ,..... Half ...... .......... L arnie Spott Wes St. Louis ........ ,.................. H alf .....,........... A. ........... Jessie Caston Ugo Giuntini .....,..... .................... F ull ..... ................. Jim Fabbri First team subs--Arthur Townsend, tackleg Manuel Silva, half: Lloyd Scott, quarter: Joe Cruz, endg Marlin Seidell, end: Anders Neil- sen, guardg Warsl Felding, 'tackle Second team subs-Langster Bailey, halfg John Cotey, tackleg Evan Shore, guardg Eugene Moschetti, guard. Considering the fact that Coach McKittrick had very few veterans around which to mold a football team, everyone was of the opinion that he secured excellent results from the green material that turned 'wut last fall. Six lettermen and two of last year's second string men were the nucleus of the team, leaving three positions to be filled by players who had never had any actual experience with the pig skin. Inasmuch as Fortuna has dropped football, only four games were played, two with Eureka and two with Ferndaleg the former two were lost while the latter pair resulted in victories. ARCATA 20 - FERNDALE 0 I On September 14 the wearers of the Black and Gold travelled out the valley to Ferndale intenton opening the season with a victory' and due mainly to our two backfield stars, Ugo Giuntini and Wes St. Louis, were successful. .. eswqjea The Advance muses That ancient split-buck, the play that was a fooler twenty and thir- ty years ago, was brought into action by Ferndale and was very effec- tive, tearing our line to shreds and at times threatening to score. Our splendid secondary defense was all that kept the Cream City boys from crossing the line. Some new material blossomed forth in this fray and established itself as part of the team. Bob Murphy and Charley Timmons, who had never played before, were stars and showed exceptional ability for play- ers of their scant experience. Giuntini scored two touchdowns and St. Louis one, besides kicking goals twice for the extra point after touchdowns. For Ferndale, Hem- enover and Fowler in the backfield and Redden and Grossi on the line were outstanding. ' ARCATA 6 - EUREKA 26 Eureka High invaded the native haunts of the Black and Gold war- riors on September 28 expecting to be an easy victor. The score of 26 to 6 would seem to indicate that it was an easy victory but the story is only half told. Breaks, mere breaks of the game, decided the outcome of this game. On many occasions Arcata backed Eureka to her own goal line and by some freak of the game failed to score when an oppor- tunity presented itself. Three times a Eureka punter dropped back of his own goal line to kick and three times got off a poor kick. Once Ar- cata scored a touchdown when Eddie Mero grabbed one of those poor kicks and dashed across. On the other two occasions many people thought the umpire and referee slipped up on themselves by giving the Eurekans another chance to kick on some small technicality of the game, but everything was probably legitimate and anyway we should not be poor losers. Three of Eureka's touchdowns were scored on intercepted passes which John Fassulo snagged. Eddie Mero was the star for Arca- ta with Porter, on the line, showing up exceptionally well. ARCATA 25 - FERNDALE 0 Shirley Porter, that mite bit of brawn, muscle, and sinew, kept bobbing up in the right place at the right time on nearly every play pulled by Ferndale High and was directly responsible for three of the four touchdowns scored by our team. Porter broke through the line and completely blocked three punts, with able assistance from Carl Penn on one, and he bothered the punter so much on the other four kicks he attempted that none of them went very far. The .three punts that he blocked were turned into touchd0wns,.one by 1? rter, himself, one by 'immons after Wolford recovered the blocked Yiick on the two-yard line, and one by Guintini. Wolford caught atwentg' yard pass and ran forty to score in the first quarter for the other touch own. All in all there is no question but that Shir1eyPorter was the biggest part of the team in this 25 to 0 win on our own field. ARCATA 0 - EUREKA 20 The second game this year with Eureka High was played on the Eureka gridiron and was won by the home team, the score being 20 to 0. Penalties for both teams were exceptionally few tending to make the contest a great deal more interesting. When the first half ended the score stood 7 to 0, Eureka clinging tenac iously to the long end. Until this time the game had appeared to be even, but the locals could not hold their opponents during the last half. Porter and Murphy were out- standing for Arcata on both offense and defense. -Buster DeMotte The Advance QQMSI- BASKETBALL CAboveJ LIGHTWEIGHTS iBelowJ HEA VYWEIGHTS Giuntini .......................................... Wolford .......................................... As-can The Advance CTO?" "Sr-15 P50012 UOFP'-"'5 m..,gs+-3 Q-oOv'U"9 -wggro cuf4,'5UQU'fD .gmc wmgffxg 'igig' giirfi 1 C? 'cu :5Q,.C,255g::eeE :ab zf- l""--.:- m .'-3 I-1"'-la 3 WA 5-, Q'-1+11Sq E mmowffise -1 co ,,,o'l 1-P- ESSB 5155555 U 5' ' ::: Ugisll U' 95 mg '---. sas glass ':5 22510 HU? Egieii EUEQOQ' U51-mg' ,Gia Sams-Q6 H256 eaewxe g.'3.E'9' iomiw :D QCD Neilsen Dearing Many people were surprised at the outcome of the county C. I. F. race as far as the Arcata squads were concerned. The Limiteds were doped to cop the championship by many, but lost two games, one to Eureka High 15 to 14, and the other to Fortuna in the crucial game, 35 to 15, consequently finishing in second place. The heavyweights did not have a letterman back from last year and were the logical cellar occu- pants before the season opened, but just the reverse was enacted, the boys drew up at the end of the season in second place, having the honor of holding Eureka, Redwood Empire champs, to the close score of 16 to 12, and for most of the game throwing a severe scare into the red and green cagers. Outstanding players for the limiteds were: McCoy, Murphy, Par- ton, Gallagher, Mendes, and Mero. In fact every man on the squad was a star, being not too flashy but rather a steady dependable player. For the heavies, Giuntini and Wolford. the iwo gum-ds, played ever-if minute of every game and were largely responsible for keeping the score ol' our opponents down. McFarland at center was good both .on offense and de- fense and led his squad in storing. Until Timmons hurt his ankle in mid- season he was playing practically as well as McFarland. Brogan and Osborne were a nice pair of forwards and were in there fighting all of the time. . The all-county selections were published with Parton and Murphy on the first team and McCoy and Gallagher on the second for the limit- eds. McFarland was the only heavyweight to rate, getting center on the second team. Of course we here in Arcata High believe that our regular team should compose the all county first team and our substitutes the second team. The heavyweights played five practice games and succeeded in winning only two of them, while the midgets engaged in six, coming off victor in every one. mmm The Advance DEL NORTE GAMES A. U. H. S. LIMITEDS 39-D.. N. H. S. LIMITEDS 11 '. Little "Pinkey" Gallagher was the central cog in the Arcata limited five when they invaded Crescent City and came off on the long end of a 39 to 11 count. Gallagher scored 16 points, Murphy 11, and Parton 8. The boys looked very good and established quite a reputation for them- selves. At half time the score was 25 to 4 in our favor. A. U. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 16--D. N. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 21 The heavies could not stop Koerner, the Crescent City forward,- and lost a hard fought game, 16 to 21. The boys put up a better fight than was expected which was some encouragement, anyway. Timmons Went out on fouls just before the game ended. ' EUREKA GAMES A. U. H. S. LIMITEDS 14-E. H. S. LIMITEDS 15 Too much confidence seemed to be the main trouble with the lim- iteds and the Eureka lightweights came from behind to score 6 points to our none in the last quarter and won by a single point, 14 to 15, on our own court. Murphy scored 4 points to take high scoring honors on our team and to tie for the leadership of the entire game. A. U. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 6-E. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 22 Playing against a vastly superior team but fighting every minute of the game our unlimited team lost in actual points, 6 to 22, but in courage and spirit won a great victory. Timmons scored all but one of our points while Massey of the winners sank five field goals. FORTUN A GAMES A. U. H. S. LIMITEDS 20-F. U. H. S. LIMITEDS 13 Murphy, Gallagher, and McCoy scored too many points and For- tuna Went down to a 20 to 15 defeat on our own court. Stillings, Fortuna star, was out of the line-up or the story might have been different. Anyway the boys fought hard and looked good although they were ca- pable of playing lwlrf-r. A. U. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 18-F. U. ll. S. UNLIMITIQDS 13 Sheer grit and fighting spirit alone carried our big boys home to victory when Fortuna, with a larger, faster, and more experienced team was defeated 18 to 13. The score seems to show that we won by a fairly wide margin but it is misleading. Harold Brogan had kept us in the and immediately sank two goals, enough to give us the lead. The For- rnnning with his neat shooting when McFarland was sent into the fray tunans lacked the heart and the last two minutes were mere baby play for our boys. DEL NORTE GAMES A. U. H. S. LIMITEDS 25-D. N. H. S. LIMITEDS 10 Just another victory-that's all the game with Crescent City on +5996 The Advance Cciwwif our own court amounted to. Murphy scored 8 points to lead his team mates in that respect. We got , to a poor start, having a slim 9 to 5 lead at half time. A. U. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 23-D. N. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 14 Did the heavies play basketball?-And how! After the first quar- ter they literally swept the northern boys off of their feet, taking the game by a final score of 23 to 14. Marion McFarland played a wonder- ful game, scoring 8 points and breaking up numerous plays. At half time the score was 10 to 6 in our favor. Although the boys fought ex- ceptionally hard they committed only two fouls. EUREKA GAMES A. U. H. S. LIMITEDS 19- E. H. S. LIMITEDS 14 Intent on getting revenge for their former defeat at the hands of the Eureka midgets, the only blemish on our season's record, our light- weights went to Eureka and proved that they had the best team by trouncing their opponents 19 to 14. Parton scored 6 points, McCoy. Murphy, and Gallagher each 4 for all of Arcata's points. At the half we led 11 to 2. A. U. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 12--E. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 16 One thing the boys did in the game with Eureka was to give the potential champions the hardest fight they received from any other team with the exception of Santa Rosa. Edgar Osborn led his team with 4 points. The harder the boys fought the cleaner they played, not a single foul being called on them during the game. That's a record for a good many teams to shoot at. At the end of the first half the Eureka team had a one point lead, 7 to 8. ' FORTUNA GAMES A. U. H. S. LIMITEDS 15-F. U. H. S. LIMITEDS 35 With a chance for the championship the boys went to For-tuna full of pep and energy, but it was a different bunch that came back after suffering a humiliating 15 to 35 trouncing by Len Stillings and his co- horts. Parton led his team with 7 points while Stillings scored 15 for the winners. A. U. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 9--F. U. H. S. UNLIMITEDS 13 Fighting hard, but saddened by the defeat of the limiteds, the heavyweights lost to their Fortuna opponents 9 to 13 in a slow uninter- esting game. McFarland led our boys with 5 points. We could have won if we'd made a better percentage of our free throws, missing 11 out of 14. -Buster DeMotte. The Advance ?5'fR'f2'1s1+ , " N FQH Q , F2 P fff 'x fi? L0 ffi31c,,, I . I5 5gINIE5GSELIi E O 'ff T3 ' x 1 I f ,X .Y I ' 4 1 sl I 2 4 ,' !!' - . 'i , . N VW, -lib-l-.T.' ELPH 'eH1NKE5me1NfJ ERT SPUDWUPPHY NY f?PNW TH FIGHTING CHPTFHN HL50 H BHSKET 5HLL QWLLFIGER Qi f NISHHRH HHS 5601250 Hs ' N 5 L7 f MHNY F15 41 Poms b X ,QNFN H GHME 2 A X- X. 'X' -- 2 s bk Q M f' swf? M 9 f fx I 2. ,, LFUHNUEL SILVH UUFWFEUN' NP SFEDELL FNECHTFVS mug W HL5,g551gv5wffH'-THAI: -Qfpgesmmmf QHHQUETHMONS "" Q 1' Q Q U fiwgoua-LETTEQZ W 3Qf9JlEEfza:HWf5Go1NG NCQ U 3-.--X TOPQHNCE WITH ge D wr' ' fx: Q : xi- W . S GSEPH - ,A . ESLEY- - . , , - + ' UBENN W2 ST www Q ,THE Q?23f'5 lm, NQFTEE AQFUEJ 'NFOOTBHU , 'V Crulcfrfffa G "fl 'f' "' "1 1" N' gb TE' ?TEfTEr X Ms'-22 A V4 1.2, L , FLHsf-flffemr. K X QDGOQJIUNTIN 6 0 ' Q ,JSE 5 ,N i -V --A Q 7 'ff DoEsN'T DO M9601 Q1 ' MHQION mls am FI GHME MCFEQLHND JM CRUZ WUI The Advance 5504+ Baseball First Team Position Second Team VVQS St, Louis ..,... .... P itcher ...... ........ L loyd Scott Athos Jackson ....... .... C atcher ...... ....... l Vlanuel Silva Charley Timmons ..... ..... F irst Base ..... ...... B uster DeMotte Bob Murphy ........... ...... S econd Base ..... .................. J oe Cruz Wilfred McCoy ..... ..... T hird Base ....... .......... O scar Jordfald Ugo Giuntini ....... ..... S hort Stop ....... .......... . ........... J ohn Scott Marlin Seidell ........ ........ L eft Field ...... Norman Cummings Carl Penn ...................... ' ........ Center Field ........ .......... L ester Sundquist Marion McFarland ............... Right Field ,.... ...... A nthony Gallagher Our 1930 baseball team has gone farther in C. I. F. competition than any other Arcata high school team ever did before, and our base- ball team has established itself as the best team in North W9Sl91'H Cal- ifornia because of the fact that seven games were played and not one of this seven was lost. The boys could bil, there was nol, a doulil' about it as the teena av- erage hovered around the .350 mark all season and live regulars cloutcd the ball for better than .400 and Giuntini and Penn both bettered 500. Much credit for the showing made this year is due to W es St. Louis, Whose pitching was the best of any high school twirler anywhere around. He averaged 12 strike-outs a game and walked only 2 men. which is better than league pitchers can boast as far as control is con-- cerned. Lloyd Scott was an efficient relief hurler and pitched about twenty innings, for experience rather than necessity, as St. Louis never did get in a hole he could not get out of. Scott struck out about 14 and walked only one. Several practice games were played with the State College, most of them being only 4, 5, or 6 innings in length. One was a regulation 9 inn- ing game and the college barely nosed us out 2 to 1. The college played Sunday ball and defeated some the leading league teams in the county. ARCATA HIGH 6--FORTUNA HIGH 4 FORTUNA, March 15.--Not looking at all impressive our boys managed to squeeze out a hard earned victory over Fortuna in the 4,99 The Advance mmm opening game of the season, Saturday, March 15, by a 6 to 4 score. The boys touched Rovai and McKay for only 4 hits but took advantage of the breaks and scored five of their runs on passed balls by Souza who was having a hard job in catching Rovai. Three runs in the ninth inning cinched the game for us after trailing behind during the major part of the contest. 1 ARCATA HIGH 27-DEL NORTE HIGH 3 CRESCENT CITY, March 22.-Lead by Carl Penn the boys pounded three Del Norte hurlers for 29 hits and 27 runs while St. Louis and Scott were holding the northerners fairly Well in hand, allowing 3 runs and 6 hits. Every body clouted the ball while Ugo Giuntini at short was the fielding star, handling 10 chances. ARCATA HIGH 21-FERNDALE HIGH 5 FERNDALE, March 29.--Continuing against Ferndale where they left off against Crescent City the boys turned 19 hits into 21 runs and had little difficulty after the sixth inning in downing the Ferndale team 21 to 5. The score was tied at 5 all going into the seevnth but that inning saw 5 Arcata runs cross the plate and 9 scored in the 8th inning with 2 in the last. As usual Carl Penn was the hitting star. The boys had an off day in the field, committing 7 errors. St. Louis and Scott allowed only 7 hits. ARCATA HIGH 4-EUREKA HIGH 3 ARCATA, April 12.-Wes St. Louis and Ugo Giuntini were mainly re- sponsible for our thrilling victory over Eureka High in the crucial game of the season 4 to 3. The game lasted 12 innings and St. Louis allovv ed only 8 hits over the long route. It was up to Giuntini to lay down a per- fect bunt in the 12th with a man on third and only one out to win the game. Previously he had cracked out three hits. St. Louis struck out 18 batters, while Hemenway, who pitched for the losers, fanned 8 of our men. ARCATA HIGH 11- DEL NORTE HIGH 3 ARCATA, April 19.-Lloyd Scott pitched the entire game against Crescent City and allowed only 3 runs and 9 hits. It was his initial start of the season and was nothing to be downhearted about as the Del Norte boys are reputed to be very hard hitters, but nothing could be told about that matter as they didn't have a chance to hit against our won- derful pitching. McCoy was the leading batter, getting three hits, while Scott scored one run and batted in four others. ARCATA HIGH 18-FERNDALE HIGH 4- ARCATA, May 3.-Giuntini and Penn accounted for S runs and 7 hits between themselves and all the rest of our boys hit the ball hard and often, with the result that Ferndale was easily defeated 13 to 4. St. Louis and Scott held their opponents to 6 hits while our team got 17 off of two Ferndale hurlers. ARCATA HIGH 15--FORT BRAGG 1 ARCATA, May 17.-Outclassing their opponents in all depart- ments of play the locals defeated Fort Bragg in the iirst sectional play- oif in the North Coast Section of the California Interscholastic League, 15 to 1. St. Louis pitched good ball and better and faster support would have cut down the number of hits made off his delivery, as they were all close or lucky. Scott pitched the last inning and did not allow any hits, while 5 were made OH St. Louis' delivery in the preceding 8 innings. Ugo Giuntini had a perfect day at bat getting two doubles, two singles and a home run. Murphy and St. Louis also go circuit clouts. Bozzoli of the losers hit for four bases for the only run made by his team. -Buster D eMotte awww The Advance q-r- Tennis P KJ. E. ELMORE--Qoachl For the second consecutive year our tennis team tied with Fortuna for the county championship. Our boys doubles team, Burr McConnaha and Wayne Schorlig, and our boys singles entrant, Harold Brogan, each Winning their match. Our mixed doubles, girls doubles, and girls singles players did not seem to be outclassed but rather lost to an almost even team more through the reason that one team had to Win than for any other thing- ' Eureka won the girls doubles, while Fortuna won mixed doubles and girls singles. i Burr, Wayne, and Harold are entitled to go to Berkeley to the state tournament to compete for higher honors and We feel certain that they will succeed in bringing home some medals or cups. f-Buster DeM otte The Advance GPQWEW www The Advance Staff Ralph Dearing ....... ............... .................. E d itor Edgar Osborne ..... ......... A ssistant Editor Ugo Giuntini ,... ....... B usiness Manager Ruth Carroll .......... .... A dvertising Manager Buster DeMotte ,...... ................ S ports Editor Carl Penn ............. ................... A ctivities Frank Mendes ..... .......,.. L iterary Helen Small ........ ...... D ramatics Janet Stewart .,.......... .................. . Art Alma Ruth Sweet ...,. ........,....,.. ll 'Iusic Sidney Sharp ......,. t .,.,., Organizations VValter W'arren ....., .........., ..........4.,.. . . Seniors Dixie Lee Starkey S,VV........... ........... ..,..,.Y. T l umor Mrs. Meade and Mr. Davies ..........................,...,.,.,,.,.. Faculty Advisors We, the staff of the 1930 Advance, submit this book with the hope that it carries a message for every member of our high school. We Wish to express out gratitude to Mr. Cooperrider, to the rxwcm bers of the faculty, to the various school organizations, to zzzezrizc-. of the Board of Education ,and to the many citizens of Arcaia and ii: environs who encouraged us in our attempt to make this yearbook a not- able one. We Wish especially to thank Mrs. Meade for her work as ad- visor, Miss Degenhart for the assistance which she gave the art staf, Mr. Davies for helping us to keep our financial records straight and also for printing the Advance, and the Student Council for their sug- gestions and cooperation. A 5 -V: 'ml n . -- . -L-,L-V . V . .-. -1 I. --.V .1 ,av .F .Q Q, S. . ..Q,A.,, QV . . fad -4 -'5i"" .L-V.. f,-.'Z-.Lck .. V ---. vw--V' -V, V-V.-.--...V-V-.1 V-V. Q., -A -Q-V ..V- V , , A. ff..-,. .Vf 1,1 -VV5.-:--- v5.Az35m--, f-1' ii-ref. V. -..42zx-V-H -sf-VV...."f-r - 1. ,FY Q 51. Q Q ,,. Q ,.- . . ,Q...,. Q . me-V .--5 s"1-.'V1:V 1 fvfzg - V- .A - -if -Ez? V - V-if.. LVV1- V , Q ::.q.--mg - 'HJ aw -r- - - -,VV - -V:Vs. V :. V- -- ---fV -'-4 .-1-I1--:'. - '-Ge -,Vi --s'v1s1x:V' . .-.wa--V-.-eea' --'H---Jr. -- 4 :V " 4V.'-VW -2.-4-V . V sf 1-V .c "-'f was BQ- 4VaS2.e-A-:f'f,?2: - - -VV'lQ1-1-"Q ' , -S. '----V . 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K6 Why not have thejoys. . when you graduate. . ofa Secretariallbositionf The girl with the Secretarial position has so many advantages over the girl with "just a jobf' Nicer surroundings, pleasant associates, more interesting work, more of the joys of life that come with bigger pay! Why be content with a humdrum job when Heald's can quickly equip you for a position as Private Secretary? Heald training,with its Business Practice Department, is dif- ferent from any other in thc West. Ilcrc, through real corre- spondence with Heald students in other California cities, you engage in commercial transactions just like actual business. Why not give yourself the advantage of this .rarer preparation for a real position? Call Mr.Lesseman at ORdway 5500. He will gladly give you full information. HEALD COLLEGE l'V'NfNl'V'V'v'V'Nl'N FNINQINININFNPQININFNFNGFKINFKMIN GEGFVVVN I www The Advance aww glllillllllllllllillIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllIllIlllllIllIlllllilllllllllllilllllllliIIiiilllllIlllIl!lIlllflIlllllllllflllllfIlIl!iIlll!Tl!l2Zllll!illll!!lIIl!'lIlll! Your Graduation Gift S 5 2 Problems 2 i Quickly Solved Z 2 Seely and Titlow Co. Q Q ARCATA 2 i Give Things To Wear Q E i aIIlIIIIllIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllElllllillllllllllllllllIIllllllIllIIINIllillllllllIll!IllIlllllIllllllllllllllllllIMIIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllflm Heredity or Locality-John Scott: "My father was a Pole." Manuel Silva: "How interesting! North or South?" UUUDUIIUUIJUCEICICIUUCIUUUU ' S D Cl U E D m S H QD H S 'S ' 3 :-' 5 C ' DH fp E CD 5 U2 3 C5 0 m la 'S 5' "" Q 9, o fro. 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SPELLENBERG SGDDOUUDDUDDDDDDDDDDDDDEUHCIDDDDDDUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDUUUDLD oannuuuunn 5 Q J nounUDDDDCDDUDUCDDDEJDUDDDDDDDDDDDEIDDDDDCICIDDEIUDDDDDDIJOQ The Advance eiebweie lllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllillIllIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllil1!!II!iIlllllllllllliIllllllilllllllililillllll IlllllHllIllIllIlIlllIIIlllllllilllllllllllllilhlll 2 The House E Offers COMPLETE SERVECE 5 UNDER ONE ROOF 5 i 5 E "We Sew' i Chrysler, Plymouth, Cadillac, 5 i and La Salle Cars E! 5 also White Trucks, School Busses e .. 7 e and Goodrich Tires Q i TRY US FOR SER VICE 2 i 5 i Chas. Green Co. - - - Eureka 2 mllllllllIIllllllllllllIlilllllllllllllllllilllllllllllilllllilllllllllllllllllilllllilllll.IIHLIEIHIYWill'lllll'lilll'lIIll'Il!II'lllllflIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli Skiing or Coasting-John Stegemau fat Eureka Innjz "Waiter, there's a ily in my ice-cream." Waiter: "A fly sir! It must be going in for winter sports, then," glIDC1UDUD1DDDUDUDDUDDDDDDDUUU EIDDIIUDEEDCCU DDEEDUDE CUDCDDUDDC E JOE'S C U12 5 -- Q 1 BARBER SHOP 3 Qinlimanaaun 1 NORTH SIDE or PLAZA 3 DUDUUCHJDUUDDIITILJEDUUU D 0 O P' -4 ,.3 F1 E Q. rv : 21 cu ' Q U 'G "' 3 5' 9 gd in Q5 5. :1 1 '1 m Q F4 U2 or -1 no ,, W. F sn F1 "I U3 U JUDZI. G2:EI:EDIIDJDGII..4 .... 343 Q -1 3 m gg W Zi 0 Q E O 9 21 3 4 3 3 nu 5' " 5. 92 5 5 -I 0 -I 0 'I 3 S ' 5 S n 2. 5' E G 5- - H - e S 5 3 5' S. 1 S ,, .. 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No high school boy can marry me." Lucille Cole: "Of course not, you have to go to a minister." gunUDUUUUDUDUUDDDUUDDUUUUUUDUUUUUUU ET UUDUUUDDUDUDDUUUUUUUUUUDUUDUDIUUDDCIIUDCIHHYEUHE U 'sg 8 Q 9 E E 3 U 'J E D C RL SWAPS E E E a . S , cEUmp1ImPnt5 5 Sporting Goods Store E 3 Majestic Radios E Q H f Outboard Motors E E Fishing Tackle E E t , QEIDUUUDDDUDDCIUUDDDDDDIDDDUDDUDUUDDDDUUUUCDUQUXDQUE E H gnnnnnuu Dnunnnmnmunnfinumnnmunnmunnnccuuuuunclg E Radio 5 E Troubles Cured E by Q Armin HILFIKER ELECTRIC oo. 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C3 no UQ G - i E S an 'U E' 21 3 ff' CD D W gd 1 c o 5 U Us U1 2 Q' 9 ' 3 T D' D' 'FE 5 Q In -4 -S O 91 Ib nj Q --- Q' 'J rf p-4 5 U' 'H E r-4 CD -1 m 2: C '17 F' S5 E 5 C5 EQ E3 E G 4-r CL " C UDDUDEDDDUCIUUDEUUUDGUUDDUDUUUGUDUGCADDDUDD UDUEICIJD DJCC U P l"' FF' I7 UUUUUJUDUUUU UU DDU CIUUDDUUUUDUUUUU In ETIUIJUU DU UUDDU E-'DJ UJUUCIIE J D 'IDU U C' U U ' C a S QU F 'J C E' 9 Q 5 U Sf 5 S S 33 Z' C: a g 1 gj 0 5 E 5 0 '1 Q: E LI 92:3 gg rf- Q 5 E gd F 5 2 CD -f g Q I Q2 5 fi E 2 P O 'I W F Q Q an Q 5 ff N 8-' '1 ,D rn E C 0 3 Liga '-'- ' fb --p- 5 U cg , lx., F Q. N 31-A N 3 E 3: A ' 2 pg ,-D CD P.: 5 LE m " F 99 gg P1 :z U 'U C1 N 4 E , Q.. 1+ 2' 1' E -1 -1 ' " cb S 3 Q W F O :z G . V? IT-5 U 5' cn 'avr-A g s U V'-J r- 3 S CD55 D D FD U U rx H 5 U1 Q E L' U C U UDUUUUUUUUUUDLFUU DEG UUDUUUU UCUED UU? FIDDCUUUUUUUC3 D DDDDDCUUECC ECUDCDDLR QDUDDDDUE!-JEl'JClEIUDDDUCIDDDEJUDDI!DDDDDDDDZIDDDDDDCIUDDUDDDDDDDEI JDUUCIUUUUUUUU5DUUUUUUUDUDDUUUUDDDUU5DDUDUUUUUUUUUUDUDDDU f awww The Advance gllllillllllllIlilllIIIlllllllllIllIIlllllIIllllllllllilIllllIIlllllIlilllIlllllIllllllIllill!iiiElllILlHIITIIIIIIlIIll!lllllilllllllllllilllIIIlllII!lllllllllllllllllillllll5 1-IIN 4' E i I E E i i . . . cordially invite Arcata students and mem- E 5 ! g bers of their families to use Hinks' facilities i i .SL 5 when in Eureka, and to consider this store 5 i headquarters for appointments. We are here E ! to serve you Well, at all times. . . in every Way. i i E E l l 2 2 l i Free Rest Room . . . Telephone E i and Stationery 5 5 5th and G Sts. Eureka, Calif. E EllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllIIllllIiilllIiIllllLllllllllllllllilillillill!IllllllIRIllIIllllIlilIllllllllllllllIElllII!Illlllllllllllillllllllllllllm Punctilious-"Why did you break your engagement with that IP!! school teacher. "I didn't show up one night and she wanted me to bring a Written excuse from my mother." I DUDDUUDDDCIDDUDDDDDDDUDDUDDUUDDDDDDDEDDDEDDCDDDLJ EE UD 1DEECll.JL'1UDDEUIJUUEEJUDDOUGDDDDCIUDDDDDUDDIJCEDDDUDDDDDDDDDUU E E E ' ' TELEPHONI-3 218 E 5. L 5. E E E U 7 1 E J. C. BULL CO. r , E D E 7 S U 5 - ' 5 -Lf-ANER5 ce nArrE""' E lS1nce 18651 Q ' A E Q 9. ' ., Fl 5 5 E Q -530 F STREET, EUREKA, CAL. E D P 3 D Q QUUIDDUUDUUUSDUUUUDDI!DUDUDDUDCIUDDDUDUDDUDUDUHUUUUUUDUDUEI Motto... E ill!DUDDCIDUDUDUDE-IUUDDDDUDDDDDDDDUUDDDDUUDDUUUEDDDCDCDDDDE D DKJDELUJD D000 22 'S 5+ :P Q ri 'N v-a E H -3 +4 SP. be 5 5 E 5. 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"Whal:'s the matter? Can't he run for himself?" guuUuIUUUUUDDDUUUDDUUDUDUUDDIJDDDUUUCUUCUC CC LL L . , N- D L . UE DC E 5 E .ow Eden Qleaners E D D 5 Good Clothes if U ' Cleaning Repairing, Pressing 3 E ' U 7 L E for U U E Lu 3 H Q Every Allan Phone 21 Arcata, Calif. E LJ am'--kg U 5 Hardeman Hats 5 'DDJMM D J J Q D mi' E E 5Y'llA5L1fDI"L'lIll'lElf'Fl Fl fl FI fl FIU ITE E Walk Over Shoes H ff . E n . U Q Kuppenhelmel' Clffthes Q When You Are Hungry E 8 LI 5 .3 Dont F01-get GUS E r H E E Q Sandwiches, Fruits, E S u D w u J g Q L-andy, Roast Meats n E Q E Q Salads and Groceries E 3 C' E D E E Q 164-1 GStreet on the Redwood Highway. E L: U n U n E D I , '-1 E 5 E I hone 2:10 S SCIULDDCIDDDDL!CJDDDDDIIDUDE!EIUUDDDUDDDDDDDDDDCIDDDDDDDUCIDDEIDDD QJDUUDUCIDEICIDUDDDDDDDDUDDDDUUDCTDDDDDDDDDUDUDDDDDUDDDDDDUU uewgcis The Advance lillllllllllllll!!lllllllIllllIlllIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIII IIHIETUEII'lll'IlIllll'!l!! HillIE1IHIIIIIIIHiillHHIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllillIllIllIlllllllllllllllllllliwlllllfl Loc CABIN BAKERY 5 QINCORPORATEDQ E President cmd Manager Q ii. 5 i 621 Fifth'Street 5 EUREKA, CALIFORNIA 2 Humboldt County's Leading Bakery i ! ! iuumzumumnliuulLunlzlnrl3IIulQ,mnznnlzmllpmlllzumiui1n1nnIninannrmnnrunl2nn1l:uuluulntmal:un ilnliillnlfmmlflluliwu!llsllinlf No Pardon Wanted-Warden: "Do you Want to eat anything be- fore the execution Condemned Man: "Yes, mushrooms! I have always hesitated to taste them for fear of being poisoned." Q!! DEIEDDUUDEDuDDDEJEDDUDDCDDEIUDIIEDDEIUDUDGUDDCEQDEEECCccmbfirxic D G E: P. CANCLINI HoRNBRooK's J - A V u U El 111 E U u n Come to us for real shoe satisfaction Smart Styles-Attractive Prices E J DDDZIDZDDDIIDD:DQSInLu35CLEDCUDCCCDDEDDUDCHUDUUDCZJULI D DD 39 Zi U1 sv E - W 5 F E 5 ' :: O o ,TQ au I F' no nu za ug 2 2 H as E P' O o rw ' 77 , :ff P1 2 Q O 7 n 'P " 1 5' UDDUDDDUEUUUUC DDDUDU LTIJUEUUIZUEICI EUCUDUDDDDDUZIDDD UDUHCIIIUUDDDE ?f.l.lUULJL1LILJllJLJLl D H E ll 3 Q if 5 S H 3 GJ m E 3 '- W C Q :A ' no a 0 ri Q "' V' Q E 93, ..,, 5 .-. o C' H F1 -1 5. Q 'sn U2 s g s s Cl 3' 1 0 s 5 is "5 'C :J .1 ...I O U Ll -I m U' P Q Q1 Q H. O cl E: 5 P rg' m D .1 'D Cl cn P1 2 , f- D n 5 B3 :f s 00 1-A U in QL. . E E U S , DUUUUDUDUEUUI .A GITIUCIDE DDEDUUCEEDUDFIEDD DDDU CUE rl IJ Ll ci , D 'DungannonDQWQWWWUUWWUUWQWUWQWWUWUUWUWDDDU zaunclunuuclQnuuuuu.auuuunnuuuuuuuuunnuuuumumm ununmuunuum? D www The Advance www glllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIHIIlllIIIIIIIIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW i orth merican 5 Building-Loan Association E I 5 We Pay 6 Percent on All Savings Q E I 2 E 5 516 Fifth street E E i E 5 Q Phone 2620 E E E i EUREKA CALIFORNIA 5 E I i S: I E E ! I UIIIIIIHIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIiIIilIIlllllillllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIlllllllllIlll'IIIIIIliilIIIIIIIIIIIHII '77, Minor Disability-"So little feller, your girl stammers, eh. "Yes you big bum, but you only notice it when she speaks." EIUDDDUDDDUDDUUDUDUUUDDDDDDDDDDUDDDGEDDFUDDDDD DDUEIDDDDES nr!'1lJI'J U DOUG UCB OECD DDDDEIUDEIDE D U U U U 2 U g B lg u u D U U II U D C H D Q S a U D COMPLIMENTS D Filgate Drug Co. 3 LICENSED PHARMACISTS S DUUUDUUDUDUUUUUUEDUDDCCIUUJU DDUUUDUUUUUUUUUUUUDU Z : O is 5' H: o Z o rn 'Q W 33 'D DDUUUUUDDDEUD DDC' E UUUUUUUUDUUEUIIGII VID UUUDUDUUUUD3 DDLIDDCJ UUCIC D E QLILKIUUYJUUUU 5 5 to E 5 ,U U2 5 P' S E rr g N E 5 o ,.. E .:: U 3, S B ft' O FP 5' D g Q m 9- 'C ro- I 5 IJ K Q gp H n I5 no- -: w '-- G U 1 H 9 e 5 . I Q T G 29 H S 0 5 2 5, SD :D n 5 53 S: 3? P' P' E 5 -. w :J E 2 Q 2 Z? 5 Lb E as 3' m 22+ 2 yj E E g 'S 5 P1 'D an E is .51 3 5' pu S H U 90' 9' w :lj S E ' :1 5 ' 6 P4 Q .5 Q 0 FJ U S H :D ig re- 50 D 5 -'75 0 E 3 To ' U 5 5 UUUDUDUEDCDDDUEDUUED DUl'.'lDUUg iL7Tlf'JUUCUUU QDDUIJIJ U IJ U IJ D D D U U U U IJ U n D U U D D D G U D D :I D n D U U U n U U IJ D n 5 IJ 5 u u U U U UDIJD DLPDDDD U cs U D E S D u IJ D U IJ D E E U S Cl D D D U IJ n E U D E' u ln' Cl U U D EIDUUD Wwm The Advance WWW !.llIIIIlllllllllllllllIIIillllIiHIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll-illlIllllll-llllllllllllllllillla x" - IllllIIIIIIlIIllIIIlllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illll ? " A 4 M 3 gl 2 E pq fi l -1 . o F5 so ll 3 1' , 1--1 M G 52' :sl x--l U 2- E :il M 44 'H l"' CD :P rw :-- E E2 L iv :cs 2 5 r-' P1 lg, mf. U U X - ':. 221112 H i W 5 I1 Q0 "fl""5?ffQI Y"" e? in iii?-, lZZ"'Wg O l!uiE.E..'Qv"' 95 Q ' '-2lY1Ff"' G'-' 2 I-g 'D' Fllllif Z 3 if P? S H , fb llllillI llllllllllllllllllllll H IlllllllHllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllll llllll II IIII : ! E E 5 E 5 Phone 212 Eureka i 3 IIUIIIIIIIlllllllIlilllllIIIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllHNllllllllllllllliilIliIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllIII!IlllIllllllllIlIlllIllillllllliilllllllllllll A Modern Xanthippe-Ruth Carroll: "Some day Fm going' to speak my mind, and when I do--" Harold Brogan: "Yeah, the silence will be maddening." u U iunnnnnaucunnunnnununmunnu n u unsung U u nummz:ummnummnummmnumununnununumnmnnuucnnmnnncc. aura U U 5 VICTOR RADIO 9 E 3 5 YOU MAY BUY '- P' X "ms M:f:55'iQovc:" X.- 3 FROM US Q VIcTRoLA S , t , rw Q 5 5 p on c Lr- emma g E P 5 Ortho h ic Vi ti --R E WITH CONFIDENCE 5 MATHEWS musu: HOUSE E Q EUREKA uA1.1FmaN1A D E Send a Graduation Greeting Card E E UUUUUUUUUflUUDUl1ClUUDUUUUUUDDDULIVJLTIJLIUDUUDUUIJDUUDUE1 U E M C M t D U ED Duuuuuucnnnnnmnununiun unuuumunnmincmcnuvunmoouuozi n D C 31111 0 0I'S E U E PAPINI BROS E D . Q E E 91 as ' 77 G ' F I E g SGPVICB that Serves C, D I'0C6l'lCS, I'llllS E R E E E and 5 3 Arcata, California D E Vegetables 5 n H E Z U 923 H Street Arcata, Calif. gum-MDDUDUU mum EDUC'anUUmmDUDUUUDUDDUDDUUDUDDUDUUUDD 3115DDUDUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDIIDD ua unumnnauununnsnnununummung The Advance wiIIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllIHHQUIIIIIIIHIQ IIIIEIHI, YIHIIIHIIIIIHI IIHIIHIIIIIlllilllllilllllilllllflllllflllllflllllll QQ Co-Operation Wins 5 5 Goodness and Truthfulness Have Made E ! the Co-Operative Movement 5 g a World's Leader for the Betterment Q I ! 5 of Farm Conditions E : x:' 5 nited Creameries Association i z : g Owned and Controlled by Dairyn.e E Q 2 i 2 E ARCATA, CALIF. i ! - E E ' I lllllllIlllllfllllllllllillilll,HIIIIIIIIIJIH ,HIIlIIIIIH.IIlIi.lII!U HHH'IIIIS2iIlIlIllHlIIlHl'lllllllllllflilllllll IIllllIHIIIIHIllfllillIHIIIIHHlflllllilllilhlll She Passed The Test-Clark Gilman: "Women are fools. I never knew but one really sensible one." Leslie Linser: "Well why didn't you marry her?" C. G.: "I asked her, but she Wouldn't have me." DDDUDGUDDDU DUDEUUUGDDDDUQDEDnlJr:n3l:i:r1l:rJr::rnnrlm:rs T EDUBDUUDKE E U u U E D U D H u Q Bring your films -5 S 1 Jack's Barber Shop? g - 1 :J L: u 5 to E s E s e 5 D Q g 5 3 F! B 5 D 6' S n fa LJ g o g U ' ' n 'dmuuoun nnuunuunuonuounuancluuunununnuuuuuunn H 5 S D lunnnnu unumuuunuuunuu uunnunnnuunn U 5 n n ,E We put the snap g in E College News Stand E Q 3 S the SIlapSh0t8 E E Magazines, Candy, Cigars, etc. 3 PROMPT SERVICE 4313 EAST SIDE OF PLAZA E U Il IJ e E s U u E S D U , D U . anon u LJ Ummm E can mann annum uunnnnuununinanunnnnnnnnnnuhnannnnnnn:n 'MUN The Advance Qfew-+ nn L . l 1 a E D Q u D 3 E A l 'J U L: D u L: , U . u D - 7. B q a n V U D :J D u E E -Loma :umuumncuununmuuunununu :uuuonunumnannv:lcnnuunnnu:1auanucnJounn 'uuunnoaunuouuuncnuv Rainbow of Hope-Manuel Silva: "That felt like a human being that we just ran over." Lloyd Scott fin recent dense fogb : "Then we're still on the road all right. ' Explained At Last-"Well, you've got one of them ear things for your deafness at last. That's what I've been telling you to do for five years. " "Oh! That's what you've been telling me for live years, is it?" UUUUUD DDCIDEJ CDUDDUCUD DUDEUDUD DDU T' DDU DDDUDUDDUUDE U U S l D U 1 E L U -BUlCK- U E D E F E Cl U 11 - D D C HE V ROLE I E U 5 U 5 U L 1 9 " 'J L' QCC l S ll CI' U GL U D EDU: Cl P 2 Garage L 2 P. c. SACCHI, PROP. 3 Sacchi Bldg, Arcata, Cal. mULl.f.: UDDO 9 E G D Q Q auumuumnuuuuun D D UDDDDU U.: DULEIJC uuuu U UE A unu- UDDDUDIJnuEDUC:DDDDLIDDGDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDUDDCIUDUEDUDDDE nm' -v .rl 1 o B 3 5 5 'J ' E' D We are distributors of E E E l E U E Sl-IEAFFER'S 5 S . . . H L, Life-time Fountam Pens, E D u E Pencils,and Desk Sets Q s U U E also E 5 the :::::ss:.z to ihiz. H Exclusively for I'ounta?n pens. Q Starts writirpf instantly, dm-re not E 5 Plog on dry on nih. E D Q . P . E 7 L. 0. LINLOLN LO. Q rl Q U E Il Q 'x Qi Phone 'iS Eureka ' u E5 E .J L18200113EL-JCIDDUDCZDDDCIDFJDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDGDDDDDDLIH QMSIN The Advance Qwfexl gf!DDUUDDDUUDUDDDUDUDDUDDUDU DD DEIJEIDCJDDDECDUDEI F UCIEPELICIEUDEDUUUUU EFI D D IJ E 5 E 9 Q R 0 M A B A K E R Y S 5 L' U U E 3 v, KC .- .. I . E E M 2 U U U ' 75 "Rich as Butter -- Sweet as a Nut D D DUDDDDCHUUUEUDDUDUDUUDC'lDDDq1'JUULJDOUDCllUDClDUDDDDDUDDUUDQDIUUBE !!iliii-iliiiliiiiiiilill lllllllllllllillllllllll fiifllllllliillllQIIIIliilliliiliiilliiiilllIlliiil'ilfililillliiliillllllliiilllflliliilillifiIllHllililfillllfilil-iiliililii E - ' H 2 Our 5 E E E E I 5 Covers Were Manufactured i 2 by E E ! -1 : i -,fm f'1' i-liijiizxr fix-V, iff? fi: rv, -1.5.1, f-we ,X H 5 Q roll Q 5 E E 2 ii E 421 E Sixth St. 5 I 2 E I Q Los Angeles California E S 5 mlilllll1llIiIIIIli-llllilllllilllilllilllllilllllilil liiuflmulnuili:inlimilmizlimzlnuzlimzllmaliusfluu.lmislimlu ill.lllii.lllillllllililllilllli lg DDDD ITDEIIDUDIJDIJD DUDDU DD DDDD Duunnuucnmmton nunnm an urunmmnnnmcnnmoucnc DODS!-:un cuann 'D .1 ODCUUDDQUUDDDDDDEDEEG :x'.: . r1Li 1: Llr:rJr.r:munumr3g g Q TIRE SERVICE Phone 93 GREASING U u U D E 5 E PETERSO 'S SER ICE T TIO E D E ' 'BRAKE SPECIALTY SHOP? ' S E Exide Batteries Firestone Tires D E Gus. E. PETERSON, PROP. E TENTH AT G ST. ' 5 Arcata California, E E21DDDDDUUDUDDDULl:EDDDUEIDDEDDUDDDDDUDEDDUDDDDDUDDDDDDGDDUDDUCJDUDDDDDDDD IDCIDDDDDDUDDDDDDDDDDDDDED U UDDDUUDDBDUDQ mmm The Advance aww U IJ S I3 Cl n E IJ cl IJ U S U U cl D U D U D n U 3 Cl U D u rl B U D D D IJ 1 IJ S cl D rx n U E 0 D 3 UDD1DCYJDGIID5DUDUUDEUUE UCICILIDD DR. H. L. JENKINS PHYSICIAN and SURGEON E Phone 40 Arcata Cl U S 9 UDDDEUDIJDEIDDDDDIIIJUUDDEI CID DDDDCIDDDUDDDDIJDDDD DZCCIDDDDD UDDDDDUDUDEDDD DD DD DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEDDEDDD DDDUDUL D n D E E El E DR. C. L. BONSTELL U . J C' DENTIST D CI D ARCATA L B S RIUUUUUUDUEDUDDDDDDUUUU UUDDDUDUUUDDDUDDUUDUDDUDDDUD LUDUDUDDDDBDDDEDDDUCDDDDUU DD DCIDDEECIDGCRLFWDCIDEDEUDUDEIUD S U D D H DR. B. C. COOPER D 1 PHYSICIAN and SURGLON D . Q L E Office 867 H St. Arcata D S D n ll E n unaunnunonununuufanunouunauuunuuuuuuunnunnununnnuuunuuuns Requires Big Push-"So Uuno is does he do?" I 50501135051DDDDDEIDDDDDFU'lClDDU1!DClDDUUDDUUDDDDDDDHDHHHHHDNH B U U Cl -1 E El EDR. NOAH A. STROMBERGQ 5 E DENTIST Q E H E 5 5 E Phone 28 Arcata. Q E H a DDCIDDDCJDDDDDUDDDDDDDUDDCIJDDDUDDUCIDDDODUDDDDDUDDDUDUDSGDD D UDDEIJDUEDLJUDDDUDDDDN a DR. EUGENE FOUNTAIN a DENTIST 5 E Phone 73 Arcata E LJDUDDDUIJ IUDUDJDUDDUDUDUDDEIDUDD UF' I? - ' 1 Dm':r1l'1l:utJl:nmDUr1rinr7Cr ,.. . . DR. CARL T. WALLACE. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON 350 B ST. Enreka JCBUDU UUDDUUlDUDDIDUDDDDD5UUD5UD3UmD3JQg1, on the football team, eh? YVhat "Blows up the football, I suppose." CASPER N. TORP ATTORNEY-AT-LAW NOTARY PUBLIC ' UUDDDDDDDBDDDDD DQDDDBDDDBDUDD DDQDU 1: ' . LF: mf:n':1rfm'xn :':m:-mfnzzrrf WUD The Advance 5391+ Brizards of Arcata Humbolcl:t's Wonder Store K-Ezlmmer and Tongs-"Wl1at's a monolog?" HA monolog is a. conversation between husband and wife? 'fl thought that was a dialog." "No a dialog is Where two persons are speaking." T113 lmliiorwi 03' if CIDA rlnirilii xc 'f -'l1.ff,l's'N.. iz: mil: ol" 53,110 -rawferob fe A H' Q 1L'Lli'di.llL Htl' .lu Arena Califorllil , .rvrmnnnnnnn J no .rzn IDUIODFKUUCJUUD 44 MM PUDDIJDDDDDUCIJDDDDDUEDIZIDDEIO unrul- D DJ Blue Lake Advocate Humboldt's Best Weekly O E. 'C '99 BU o 0 U rn H P4 as W fi 2 fs L and K Cath Market WE DELIVER Phone 87 Arcata Calif -:MUD The Advance 0504+ FDDDUDDEDDDDDDUDHDPEUUDUDDUUDDDDDDUDDUDDDDDDDDDDDFIUFI DDCDD1!DDDDHEDUDJEOODDDDDDUUIJDIUDBUDDDFIUUDZ S ' U 3 O D 3. A, TODD Obrrlph 2 Furniture Meauig Svhnppr U an d- ALEICA CURETON D F110 O lf- C OV Q I- 1 ng S All Lines of Beauty Culture Permanents Our Specialty ARCATA CALIF Q Hotel Arcata Building Phone 22 ' ARCATA CALIFORNIA Q fJDDIIDDDI1C'IBC D giucmuuunuuuauuuuunnuuc:uuunucsouunnnvaczncmuununnmunnnncznn E B u D B n D MURRAY'S SERVICE STATION E 'AND AUTO CAMP Richfield Products Only E JAMES P. MURRAY B E silliimesi lm The iWesi" l3 UD UDU . EIUCIDDDKJDDCIDDDCUDDDDDGDGDUDDQDDDDDUUDDDDDODDDDDFFDDUUDD DIDDCIEIIDDDCIQDBDDUDUUDDDKDDDDDIQDDDCDIUDCDCXDUDCI- EVEREADY SERVICE STATION Fi E Car Was hing, Greasing. Tire Service E Mohawk Tires 3 F. M. Vsfssade, Prop. ci I 5 IO and H . Phone I9 J U Q E Q S l3010DDDCIDDDEIODDQUDUGUDLLZIDUDDUCIUDEUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDUDL Words, Wild Words-"Your wife is talking of going to France this summer. Have you any objections?" "No, certainly not. Let her taIk.' ' DQDDDDDDuEDLn3QDDDDDUDmUDDUCCtnl:113DDrxC0'1CDDtIDDUnGuxI1Ug 'E Cl - L E Q U ni I' D L1 C E Eat Allenls Ice Cream And Live to a Ripe Old Age 57.11 I ' . c.e, 1 A ALLENSQS SWEET 311011 Cenipa1,Tg1eph,0ng Qffice, 4 .Ll An D E , I ..i1-:..B1ue Lake - ' E 2 . E .s nw -:unch Kuhn 'xi 01,8-s.-. 1.-. ,..'1.-.'z-'- -2- - QS 52503DJDDDDTIE3DUDUDDDDDDDDDUDXUUUDUDDDUDUDCIDIIJDUDICIDDEQ 7 . 4 SITE UUDUUDUJUUUUUI El: Il fl :Q 52 A fl F' Q :U 3 Q ES 5 N . g 'E U ga w 5 as 5' 5 E 3 n r-4 E Cl CI E E E Pnfeasaripliczn Lili iniggga.-ms h O iibnuoddunbih' 5 E U u E U IJ n 5 Jr D cw -1 :J g 41 U '25 U E n C 3 U , ' U 5 U U :J U cl D n E 5 9 E D U rn U 4. rn S S U cl D n U u U u U rg E U U S D IJ If IN :J C J . U M :J 3 .. S U :QQ IJ :J U - Q :J U E U cl E :J U Q rrn FI -JJIJCILIJD J v..i..a.-I..1..,.-............-,...f........ Z1EIIYDDDCIDDDDDDDDDDDDDClDEIDDDD'JDDDDCIDC!DDDDEDDDUDCIDDDDDDUDCI J X 'I Y ' I P i, 9 . 'XL f F' ,A P L, If 4

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