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mm 3 1833 03582 6178 Gc 9 7 7.10? Ar?lahs 1 9R?; ArcGtte W Si me sm aae d i sm miam m.m ' - q Mm .j mmm ' S ' ■ i m mm wt i m -i m- ; , ' , ) ARCETTE 1983 ARCANUM HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME 27 f( Memories 99 WE CAN DO MAGIC Front Row. Jamie RismilUr, Jill Fillers and Krii Eiler- man, Mandy Neff. Back Row: Jena Fillers and Dave Bush — Soph. Attendants; Merrilee Mitchell and Mike Bernstein — Sr. Attendants; Kim Brandon and Brad Troutwine — Sr. Attendants; Barb Baker and Todd Moore — 1982 ' s Queen and King; Carrie Flora and Darin Brehm — Sr. Attendants; Lori Trump and Mark York — .Jr. Attendants; Velvet Delk and Mark Pohl — Fresh. Attendants. 1 f Sm r- ' V " r m m % f Mr if id r 11- 10 PLEDGE MY LOVE Bride Lori Trump Maid of Honor Jill Aikman Bridesmaids Lori Shepard Kelly Smith Groom Eric Vance Best Man Richard Rose Groomsmen Troy Wilt Scott Mallonee Usher Dan Harrison Father of Bride Mr. Neat Hans Flowergirl Maria Kendig Ringhearer Lucas Moyer Pianist Velvet Delk Vocalist Dalyn Sours Joyce Sours Bob Brown Pastor Pastor Micheal Kersh 1 1 Jj 14 Tht Family Living Claiiei put il all togtiher by planning and arranging a mock wedding held in the auditorium on Novemher 2}, 1982. A lively reception for the couple was held in the library. The Vedding Party Committee which included the bridt, groom, maid -of- honor, best man, brides maids, groomsmen and usher was voted on by the forty-three members of the two classes. The remainder of students volunteered for either flower, invitation, or refreshment committees. The students worked with a budget of $100.00 set by Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Shivley. The complete wed- ding ceremony, refreshments, flowers, invitations and programs were planned and carried out within this budget. Each and every member involved in the wedding experienced the last minute ner- vous shakes of performing the perfect wedding of their dreams. May the couple live happily ever after. 15 DO, I DO The time had come when the second semester Family Living class also had the opportunity to plan and experience a mock wedding held in the Auditorium on March 29, 1983. After the wedding, the guests awaited the arrival of the bride and groom to join the exciting reception in the library. The eight members of the wedding party were voted on by their class of twenty -one students. The class choose the bride, groom, maid -of -honor, best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen. The flower, invitation and refreshment committees were arranged so that the remainder of students were on a committee. Mrs. Miller set the budget for the wedding at $60.00. All the preparations and purchases had to be kept within this budget. The wed- ding party and committees all experienced the last minute jitters. After the reception the bride walked home and the groom drove away; a happy ending to a successful mock wedding. 16 1 T IBl V 6 " ' ' Amy Meytr Mai J -of- Honor Ttihtiha Keller BriJesmaiJs Dianna Dull Rohin Roil Groom Mike Btrnilein Bell Man Roeky Baker Groomsmen Jim Kennedy Rodney Dilk Faiher of Bride Mr. John Hornsby Flowergirl Mandy Neff Ringhearer Nicholas Rademachir Pianist Lesia Wilt Terri Fourman Vocalist Misty McCaht Todd Westfall Preacher Reverend Muiiman 17 v JlLJL JljiJlji jcx . , SMff NnW) ' at2iJ Salutaiorianjill Fillers were the highlights of the 1 985 Arcanum High School graduatim held May 29 1 gymnasium. However, many other students received nut awards. Karen Yount trx k home the Alumni Scholarship, Jil Scholarship, Scott Rismiller the Captains Cup Award, Beth Citizenship, Sean Nicely the Ohio Academic Scholarship and Rob P.T.O. Scholarship. N.H.S. Awards were presented to Beth French and Scott Rism ' Itr for scholarship, Carrie Flora and BucJk rell eadership,, Robin Ro Darin Brehm for Character, andWori JPPP ' and Mtke Bernsi Service. mmM ViM PROGRAM -W 18 ' Ml ' ' i M ' @ Ami NO MATTER HOW MUCH OF US WE TAKE INTO THE FUTURE. V E VE LEFT A LITTLE BIT OF CHARACTER WITH EVERYONE TO ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED. 20 21 1 9 ■«• V Jif ' - w PARADISE The hjH,i Prum ujs put loi tlhtr hy the Junior class. After all the plunniiig and preparations it turned out to he a real Tropical Paradise inside our own High School Gymnasium. This year ' s prom court consisted of Carrie Flora, Kris Eilerman, Jill Fillers, Brad Trout - wine, Lori Shepard, Rocky Baker, Kim Bran - don, Dan Peden, Crist al Feitshans, Mike Bernstein, Merrilee Mitchell and Darin Brthm. The 198} Prom Queen and King were Kim Brandon and Mike Ber stein. 23 25 26 27 . ) .sy JUST CAN ' T WIN 30 he Student Council also had some fund rais- ■g activities. They held a penny pitch during home basketball game and gave the pennies the needy families in the Darke County ea. The day before Christmas break they •onsored a movie for the high school charging can of food for admission. The canned goods ere also given to the needy families. Before Easter break the Student Council spon - sored an Easter Egg Hunt for kindergarten children. They took the children to the front lawn of the high school to hunt the eggs and to play games. This gave an opportunity for the Student Council to cooperate with young children. In the Spring the Student Council held their annual banquet. The president, vice-president, and new members were welcomed for the com- ing year. The new members take on their responsibilites of being on the Student Council while the old members hung on to their memories. 32 33 RUN FOR THE ROSES A, fvtr yc Ilnmimakers nf .America ( a Nrrtinnnl nr ariir.ation for high school home crimnmiis tridents, promoting leadership, ser- vice and individual growth. I ' his year the Arcanum Chapter actively participated in the district, regional and state meetings, while the members competed in skill events and workshops. While at the state meeting the chapter was recognized for donating $2 ().()() to the National Building Fund and presented the Award of Merit for having a well -rounded program. To raise money this year the chapter mcmhers served dinner at the Lion ' s (Juh mcctini s. During Vocational Week the mcmhers helped the FFA with a Faculty Breakfast. The outfti nding chapter members were Rhonda Shively Fifth, Stephanie Burrell, - Vhird, Bucky Burrell - First, Melissa Flatter Second. Rohhii Brandon Fourth. AaidUTn I .- y OFFICERS (Above) Me issii rialter — PreiiJent. Buck) Burrell III Vict PresiJeiil. Belh Broun — 2nJ X ' icePresiJenl. Neva Pylti — Purlitimenluricin, Amy Allison - Secrelary. Sitpanie Burrell - Tre,iiurer. Susuii Friiz Riporler. CHAPTER MEMBERS (U-f() From Row: Tammy CaJJy. Lori Hoover, Traci Stephens, Samanlha Sttpheni, Jenny OlJham, Tumi .Wilieiell. Kaly Boilun. Bev Denlinger, Kulljy .WcClary. Viiki Ruherts. 2nd Row: R yonJa Shively. .imy Allison, Tina Shively, Tina Emrick, Tamara Rohison.JoJi Emrick, Rohhie BranJon, Connie Pills, Nancy Kessler, Slephanie Burrell. .Welissa planer. 3rd Row: Melissa Adams, Karen V hillaker, .Wellissa Weisenharger. Kelly Smith, Kelly Beseeker. Tina I ' llmer, Ijiri llowarj, Chris Glaspie, Shelly Cam. .Marlee Karns, Sheila Cain. Back Row: Beth Broun, Carolyn Garner, Annie Brumbaugh, Barb Penny, Susan Fritz. Neva Pylei, Bucky Burrell. 35 A FAMILY TRADITION -FA Chapter Members 1982-1983: (left lo right, lop to bottom j Dan Collins. Steve Judy. Boh Bamhun. C,n . :xun. ' erry West. Mr. Skidmore. Boh Stover. Eddie Lawson. Dave Fourman. Lisa Spiller. Deron Baker. Dan Ditlman. Kevin Zromwell. Chuck Fourman. Roger Ritz. David Slephan. Joe Barnhari. Keith Dillman. Steve Werling. Frank Ulmer. Tracy jiarf fr. Craig Ross. Tim Anderson. Marc Cherico. Tim Fisher. Brian Cheadle, William Suiger, .Matt Simpson. Jackie iWhittington, Duane Byers. Tom Gross, Jeff Cates. The FFA is u ticttiimal urganizatioti of itudents enrolled in vocational agriculture I agribusiness in the fifth states. Organized in November, 1928, it is an integral part of the cirriculum of some public schools. Arcanum is fortunate enough to have such a fine FFA program. Through active participation in the FFA, members learn by taking part in and conduc- ting meetings, speaking in public, participating in contests based on occupational skills, earning awards and recognition and becoming in cooperative efforts and communiiy improve- ment. The FFA offers the opportunity for achieving a personal goal of becoming produc- tive citizens in our democracy. FFA offers members the chance to gain very respectable awards. The highest of which is the State Farmers degree that Duane Byers receive d. 1982-1983 FFA Chapter Officers: Duane Byers Vice. Pres.. Tom Gross Pres., Mall Simpson Rep.. Larry Vilitoe Stud. Ad. Brant Younl Sec, Jackie Whiltinglon Treas., jim Kennedy Sent. PW B r New NHS Inductees, Debbie Zarka, Amy Meyer, An- drea Pigg, Deb Wirrig, Karen Short, Terri Fourman, Kevin Braumbaugh, Kevin Eilerman, Rodney Delk, Melissa Flatter, Jerry Holsapple, Tonia Vanderpool, Mrs. Devor, Cristal Fietshans, Robin Ross, Lori Trump, Kelly Murray. u G L U T Old NHS Members, Jill Fillers, Lisa Burger, Sherr) Delk, Winifred Brubaker, Brenda Yount, Karen Yount, | Chris Jackson, Beth French, Mike Bernstein, Scotil Rismiller, Mike Swahb, Sean Nicely, Lori Shepard, Carrit Flora. Sean Nicely; president, Brenda Yount; vice- president, Carrie Flora; secretary, and Lori Shepard, treasurer. c K Y 38 ON BROADWAY THE CALAMITYVILLE TERROR The first of two all school plays, " The Calamityville Terror, " was presented on two consecutive weekends, October 22, 23 and Oc- tober 29, 30, 1982. Written by William Gleason, this play is a comedy -mystery about a " haunted " house into which Mrs. Stowe is moving her small private school. The house is filled with unknown mystery, shocking sur- prise, and ultimate terror. As more and more frightening things happen, Mrs. Stowe tries to leave but finds that she cannot; not until she uncovers the mystery of Elsie, a " crazy " girl who was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Barclay. The Barclays were murdered by Olin Barclay, their son, so he could sell the old house for a lot of money, but Elsie Barclay stood in his way. Olin tried to convince Elsie that she killed their parents. At first, Elsie believed him and she went insane. Later, the truth came out and Olin tried to kill Elsie, but in the end Olin was the one who died by the deadly grasp of Adam Barclay ' s ghost. The play was directed by Mr. Thomas Nealeigh. The entire cast is pictured below. FRONT ROW (1 to r): Rob Rogers (Mr. Adams), Miss Doris Arnett (Mrs. Stowe), Vicki Pottenger (Taylor), Andrea Pigg (Gigi), Debbie Zarka (Linda), Brett Johnson (Fred), Kirk Gross (Olin Barclay) BACK ROW (I to r): Jay Eller (Joe), Tonia Vanderpool (Eva), Lisa Burger (Emmy), Anna Buske (Elsie Barclay), John Glenn (Adam Barclay) HURRAY FOR HOLLYWOOD " MAID TO ORDER " The last of the two all- school plays, " Maid to Order, " was presented on two consecutive weekends, March 18 and 19 and March 23 and 26, 1983. This play, written by Tom Taggart, was a farce about a misunderstanding of who the real maid of the Martin household was supposed to be. Faith Martin was happily married to the football coach, Carl Martin, of Yarmouth College. On the eve of the football team ' s biggest game, a pep rally was scheduled. That was also the evening that Julian Narramore, an actor and an old friend of Faith ' s, was to appear in a program of Shakespearean readings. Since the two events conflicted, a war breaks out between the Athletic Department and the Speech Department. Faith finds herself right in the middle of the war. On top of that, Miss Speare, head of the Speech Department, ac- cuses her of " carrying on " with Julian. To add more to the problem, Faith ' s rich Aunt Abby, who has never met Carl, was due to arrive that day. Unfortunately, Aunt Abby arrived when Carl was at football practice, and, since Julian was in the Martin house, she thought that Julian was Carl. Unfor- tunately for Julian, Carl found out, through Miss Speare, that Julian was " carrying on " with Faith. But to top off Faith ' s problem, her maid quit on the afternoon of a big dinner party, and Julian, who was trying to escape the wrath of Carl, masqueraded as the new maid — then a new maid ar- rives, then another, then another. To everyone ' s amazement, there were five people who claimed to be the new maid. After everything was sorted out, Faith and Carl forgave each other, and the play had a happy ending. The entire cast is pictured and listed below. Front Row: a Eller (Carl Martin), Andrea Pigg (Faith Martin), Amy Allison (Abby Dingle), Lisa Burger (Miis Speare), Brett Johnson (Officer Magoon), Vicki Pottenger (Valeria). Back Row: Kenee Nickell (Lotta Bowling), Amber Burger (Lotta Bowling), Samantha Stephens (Veevy McCoy), Becky Miller (Dagmar Wurst), Kirk Gross (Julian Narramore). Wi s HIBV K ' K. - tft 44 WE WRITE THE SONGS This year the Arcelte Staff was composed of six Seniors and six Juniors, who rushed to meet deadlines, worried over developing pictures and typed and retyped copy for pages. When a question arose, Mr. Handshoe, our advisor, and Diane Besecker, the editor, were there to answer them. Ve feel this year ' s theme " Life V Song, Sing It, " is very appropriate since we feel each and every one should take part in life. The members on the sta ff were in charge of sec- tions as follows: Editor Diane Besecker Ad Manager Bucky Burrell Photography Manager Brenda Youni Band Mike Bernstein Butler Donna O ' Ryan Amy Meyers Choir Mike Bernstein Divider Pages Brenda Yount Organizations Bucky Burrell Special Events Barb Penny Sports Cristal Feitshans Sherry Delk Clay Smith Student Pictures Bt h Brown Neva Pylts Student Recognition Angie Phillips Opening Diane Besecker Graduation Diane Besecker »i m h . 1 " " ' » • m m ' 4 J, • . ' ' ■ " 5 :... V ' %. iM iryj , YOU DROPPED A BOMB The Trojans 8-2-0 record would be con- sidered by most a successful season, but Head Coach Montgomery ' s sights were set higher. His idea of a successful year is an undefeated record. The only two teams that were able to ac- complish the task of beating the Trojans were the Bradford Railroaders, and the Twin Valley South Panthers. There were three Seniors recognized in the Cross County Conference All League this year. Kris Eilerman, who was a two year varsity player. Kevin Henninger, who was also a two year varsity player, and Jim Kennedy, who was Arcanum ' s only three year varsity player. The Trojans finished third in the Cross County Conference, behind Bradford and Twin Valley South. There are high-spirited hopes for the team next year. m m M! 49 -.1 ' a Left Front Row: B Youni. T Wilt. J KenniJy. K Hen ninger. K Eiltrman. M Culler, R Rose Row 2: D. Gunkle. S Mallonte. M Pavelka. C Bunch. S Murry, D. Adams. T Fnn Row 3: S Moyer. J Deis. B V alltn, D. Nealeigh. C. Mondies, D. Balshaugh, K Eiterman Row 4: ;M. Clark. T. Troutwine. D Stephen,] Oaks. N North,]. Ashworth, S. Morrii. Back Row: Holiapple, J Sanders. P Clark, C. Brunner, D. Krous, M Winger. J Eller. ' f9t(9tL ' 1 51 y wR( gJ I H j t jgfij- ( • I SEASON Country Roads The girl ' s Cross Country team had another successful year. They are the Mechankshurg Inv. Runner-up, Eaton Inv. Champions, Hamilton Ross Inv. Champions, and the Na- tional Trail Inv. Champions. At District the girls earned 4th out of 26 teams. The school record for girls on a 3-1 mile course is 18:51 established by Cheryl Huston at the Southwestern District Meet. Cheryl Huston went on to State in Class AAA Individual Race and earned 12th overall. She has been honored by the West Cen ■ tral Ohio Cross Country Association with a Coaches Association Award Certificate. She has also received a trophy for being named the outstanding Cross Country runner of the season. The hoys did well this year, too. At Dayton Sectionals they earned 7th out of 11 teams. They also earned }rd at their Cross Country Conference League Meet. The s chool record for the boys on a 3.1 mile course is 17:40 estab- lished by Lee Gay at the Brookville Inv. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM FRONT ROW: Jeff Wills, Todd Troutwine, Danny Burns, Todd Crawford, Tracy Sarver. Row 2: Brenda Yount, Cheryl Huston, Cristal Feitshans, Sherry Dull, Stephanie Burrell. Tom Johnston, Annie Brumbaugh, Karen Yount. BACK ROW: Brad Troutwine, Darin Brehm, Kerry Ellison. Eric Vance, Jeff Cates. Lee Gay, Craig Vance, Mr. Colatruglio. 54 SCOREBOARD us THEM 1 MISSISSINAWA VALLEY 2 1 GREENVILLE 2 MILTON- UNION 2 2 NEWTON 2 TRI- VILLAGE 2 PREBLE SHAWNEE 1 2 TWIN VALLEY SOUTH 2 TWIN VALLE Y NOR TH 1 1 BETHEL 2 2 ANSONIA COVINGTON 2 2 HOUSTON 2 VERSAILLES 1 2 FRANKLIN MONROE 2 BRADFORD 1 EATON 2 2 NATIONAL TRAIL 1 US 2 2 2 " AA " SECTIONALS - DISTRICT THEM VERSAILLES 1 BROOKVILLE - 1 CHAMINADE JULIENNE " AA " REGIONALS OUR LAD Y OF ANGELS 2 TIPP CITY TOURNAMENT MIAMI EAST- — - NORTHWESTERN 2 ■ ; ' f P Hf H n We Are The Champions The girl ' s volleyball team had a great season this year. They ended with a 9-2 CCC record which gave them the right to first place with three other teams. Their overall record was 15-8. In tournament action they captured the District Title by defeating the 1st and 2nd seeded teams. This advanced them to Regionals where they lost in the first round to Our Lady Of Angels. Carrie Flora, the most efficient passer, made the 1st Team in the CCC. Jody Stockton, the most efficient setter, made the 2nd Team in the CCC. Beth French was the team ' s leading scorer and Jill Aikman had the most nonreturned attacks for the season. Even though the Trojans are loosing 5 out of 6 of their starters, the team has high hopes for next year. RESERVE Ttrtsa Parent, Susan Fritz, Darlene Bruchey, Susan Wills, Jenny Oldham, Cri.tie Harltman, Diane Brum- baugh. anJ Kelly McCabe. VARSITY Coach Macktin, Carrie Flora, Guen French, Patty Fleming, Jody Stockton, Carrie Fleming, Sherry Delk, and Beth French. Not pictured is Jilt Aikman. 57 ON THE REBOUND Arcanum had a successful season under first year coach, Larry Patrick. He turned a dismal outlook into a quite bright one. The team remained undefeated in the Cross County Conference until the Arcanum, Na- tional Trail game. The Trojans lost the bout and finished in sole possession of second place. Arcanum was defeated in the tournament by the Greenview Rams in double overtime, with a score of ' )6 - 37 . The Trojans finished with a 10-1 league record, while having a 12-8 season record. Honored for their accomplishments are as follows: Mike Bernstein — first team all CCC; Brad Trouwine — honorable mention all CCC; and Darin Brehm — honorable mention all CCC. Pictured-Front Row: Craig Vance, Troy Will, Deron Gunkk, Erik Vance. Back Row: Coach Hans, Dave Peters, Mark York, Mike Bernstein, Mike Preston, Mike Sharritts, Darin Brehm, JeffCates. Brad Troutwine, Coach Patrick. 58 I l RP lHi f | H A) I H ■B f Tpiui r T TJ L f MJ M 13 ■ V OJO J i B , 1 m Bi 7 J r jgfif ' ■HfcH 1 W i M Sm " J Va H HC [ u 1 VARSITY us THEM W Col J water 78 65 Newton 58 66 Tri- Village 58 58 Marion Local 71 50 Versailles 53 86 Preble Shawnee 55 66 T.V.S. 40 53 Brookville 68 67 T.V.N. 57 34 Dixie 37 69 Bethel 55 48 Covington 50 56 Ansonia 55 66 Eaton 52 68 F-M 60 48 Milton Union 56 63 Bradford 55 66 Oakwood 52 62 National Trail 67 54 Mississinawa 53 RESERVE US THEM 38 Coldwater 56 31 Newton 45 58 Tri- Village 41 30 Marion Local 44 40 Versailles 53 65 Preble Shawnee 69 68 T.V.S. 41 60 Brookville 41 67 T.V.N. 35 41 Dixie 22 57 Bethel 24 46 Covington 40 40 Eaton 29 62 Ansonia 44 44 F-M 52 49 Milton Union 37 51 Bradford 41 54 Oakwood 38 61 National Trail 63 77 Mississinawa 60 REACHING FOR A LITTLE BIT MORE The Reserve team had a good season this year. They finished with a 13-7 record. They started out poorly, but as the season wore on, they made a big turn around. At one time, they had had a six game winning streak. Good luck to the boys and Mr. Hans next year. Pictured, this page — bottom, Front Row: Neil North, Brian Moyer, Todd Troutwine, Scott Murray. Not Pic- tured: Clay Smith. Back Row: Coach, Neil Hans, Scott Morris, Scott Baker, Dan Burns, Brad Means, Jay Deis. JUMP TO IT The Freshman team finished with a 6-8 season record. Even though the record doesn ' t show it, they had lost several games in over- time. Their determination and dedication kept them going throughout the season. Pictured, opposite page, upper- left. Front Row: Dave McLaren, Jeff Batton, Robhy Gordon, Dave Hileman, Chad Bruner, Mark Pohl. Back Row: Todd Troutwine, Jon Hennemyer, Mike Clark, Mark Winger, Coach Wiseman. 62 FRESHMEN us THEM 2, ' ) National Trail 29 29 Miami East 47 43 Tri- Village 40 30 Versailles 38 24 Preble Shawnee 45 37 TVS. 41 46 .5 7 Brookville r rv T.V.N. gy 1 28 36 Greitiville 27 43 Bethel 38 27 Cov ington 41 41 Mis sissinawa 47 35 Eat m 41 38 Mil ton Union 28 iCristal Feitshaos — First Team All-League. All County Team, Best field Goal Percentage. Kellv Wurray — Fi l Team All- League. All I County Team, Named CCC Player of Afa Year, Most Rthounds . ' i i Patty Fleming — Honorahte Mention Alt i County. WE ' RE STILL THE ONE (Girls Varsity Basketball) The Girls Varsity Baskcthull Uam. unJtr ii new coach Michael Colatruglio, had another successful year with an outstanding record oj IH-i for the season. The Lady Trojans took the Cross County Conference title again for the third consecutive year with an 11-0 record. They also won the F-M tournament for the second consecutive year. In Class AA sectional the Lady Trojans were seeded fourth. They played a tough game against Valley View and were defeated W- 59. Kelly Murray was named CCC player of the year and was a member of the 1st team All Leav,ue. She was also the leading rehounder. Cristal Feitshans was a member of the 1st team All- League and led the team with the lust field goal percentage. Carrie Flora was awarded Honorable- Mention All- League and led the team with the best free throw percen- tage. She was also awarded with the Hustle Award AHS. Even though the team is losing four seniors, Lori Shepard. Patty Fleming. Cristal Feit- shans, and Carrie Flora, they are looking for- ward to another successful season next year. VARSITY: Front Row: Luri Shepard. Carrie Flora, Cristal Kelt- shaiis, Patty Fleming. Back Row: Coath Ottrmat. Bren- da Baker. Lori Trump. .Wolly Graeff. Sherri Dull. Kelly .Murray, fill Aikman. Lisa Myen, Brenda Younl. Coach Colatrugtio. 65 .»i - WE ' RE MOVING UP The Girls Reserve Basketball team, under the new coach Randy Otermat, had another suc- cessful season. They finished the season with a 16-1 overall record and a record of 9- 1 for the conference. Jenny Oldham was acknowledged as being the most improved. RESERVE: First Row: Teresa Parent, Jenny Oldham, Cindy Catej, Kelly McCabe. Back Row: Coach Otermat, Teresa Bingham, Gwen French, Stephanie Burrell, Toni Johnston, Susan Wills, Tami Mikesell,Jeanette Mohr. 66 PjH|H ffii l Ht 33 - w ' KHi Lilta Arc.-Opp. Versailles 26- U ♦Franklin-Monroe 39- 5 Marion Local 28-11 ♦Bradford 57- 8 ♦National Trail 47- 9 Milton Union s. ■- »- 49-22 li» • 44-14 W JO-28 Mississinawa Greenville ♦Tri-Villagi, ■rN 28- 9 Eaton j HvV 53-17 Covington m 28 8 ♦Preble Shawnee ♦Twin Valley South S B Fort Recover) ' r w 39-27 ♦Twin Valley North m Wl ' ' ♦Bethel . 1 ♦Ansonia ' A . 1 39-16 ♦Denotes L cague Gamts THE STROKE Scott Troutwine is a junior at Arcanum. He r a member of Greenville ' s YMCA Swim team. This past year the team competed in the following swim meets: the Midwest Senior Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana, the High School Sectional Championships and the High School District Championships both in Cincinnati, Ohio, the High School State Championships in Canton, Ohio, the Region VI championships in Chicago, Illinois, and the National Junior Olympic Championship in Gainesville, Florida. In individual achievements he placed sixth in State swimming. Scott ' s dedication to swimming has definitely paid off and hopefully will continue to in the future. 69 MICKEY The cheerleaders promoted much spirit this year. During the summer the cheerleaders dedicated much time preparing for camp. Their dedication paid off as both squads finished ahead of many other schools. In the fall both squads were busy bringing refreshments to the football team after practice. The varsity competed in the Piqua Heritage Festival Cheerleading Competition in the fall and won first place in an open class. The reserve and varsity squads competed in the WRIA Cheerleading Competition. The reserve won first place in their division. During basketball they again took refreshments to the team members. They also made scrapbooks for each of the senior team members. The cheerleaders held the th Annual Cheerleading Fun Day for the elementary and Butler students, who performed at one halftime show. The cheerleading squads consisted of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. There were no seniors on the squad. 70 )ttom Tonya Bixkr, Deh Madden, Missy OVell. Cristie McDowell, Julie Lindamood, and Karen Brumbaugh. Top ;■ Milter, Amy Meyer, Wendy Harshharger, Misty McCahe, Shelly Mowry, and Diane Besecker. STEAL AWAY The boys had a good season this year, they finished with a 10-8, season record, while having a 7-3 league record. They ended in third place in the Cross County Conference. Good luck next year. From Row: L. SlrickUr, K. E lerman. D Nealiegh. R. Ehy, S. Baker, B. Moyer, D. Garno, C. Brtiner. Back Row: Coach Wiseman.]. Oakei. D Gunkle. S. Murray. T. Will. S .Wallonee. S. Koogler. T. Undamuih. K. Eiler- man. C. Vance. SEASON RECORD US THE.W 7 Brookville H 15 Eaton 6 3 F-M 2 12 Tri- Village ; 9 TVN 8 Versailles 18 9 Preble Shawnee 2 9 Bethel 8 5 TVN 7 9 Ansonia 2 Newton 11 3 F-M 2 1 Ansonia 3 3 Miami Valley 20 Bradford I 1 National Trail 8 6 TVS Tournament 10 3 Tri- Village 7 73 HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT The girls softball team won its 5rd straight CCC championship tying with National Trails with a record of 9-1 in the league and 13-2 overall. In tournament action they beat Dixie and Dayton Christian but lost to Brookville in the semifinal round. New school records were set this year by: Beth French in pitching a 13-2 with a 2.46 ERA and 867%, Carrie Flora in fielding 973 % and Kelly Murray in batting a 456. CCC League Awards went to Kelly Mur- ray and Beth French for making 1st Team, Jodi Stockton and Patty Fleming for making Honorable Mention. Arcanum 23 4 4 11 28 20 24 20 5 10 20 12 12 27 4 Franklin-Monroe Tri-V illage Versailles Preble Shawnee Bethel Ansonia Newton Franklin-Monroe Ansonia Bradford Mississinawa National Trail Tourney Dixie Dayton Christian Brookville Them 7 10 2 2 2 10 1 3 1 4 3 2 3 5 74 Front Row — M. Graeff, B. Baker, C.Jackson, C. Gates, B. Schenck and L. Trump. Back Row — Mgr.J. Holsapp. G. French, K. Murray, B. French, J. Stockton, C. Flora, C. Fleming, P. Fleming and Couch Patrick. Not pictured , Yount. J - - :•!■■-. Out Run The Sun With a lot of determination and hard work, the track teams were able to reach some of their many goals. The girls ' team won third place at Carlisle Inv., tied for second place at Covington Inv., won first place Twin Valley South Inv., and second place at the Cross County Con- ference. Jill Aikman went to Regionals in the shot put, Stephanie Burrell went in the 400, and Cristal Feitshans went in the Discus. The boys ' team did well too, winning tenth place in the Cross County Conference. Even though the seven seniors: Cristal Feitshans, Darin Brehm, Lee Gay, Sean Nicley, Steve Judy, Jeff Wills, and Jeff Kessler, will be missed next year, the track teams should still be strong and able to reach more of their. goals. 77 78 Melissa Baker Rocky Baker ' ' ' ? ? 7 ! ? llf p r W ' John L. Brock Track 1; Football 1; Croii- Co. 1, 2; Intr. Basketball 1, 4; Lib. Aid IJVS 3; Ititr. Ref. 4; Basketball MGR. 1 Beth A. Brown Elem. Aid 2; Track Stat 1, 2; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, l2nd Vice-Pres.); Prom Comm. 3; Yearbook 4 Guy Hayden Burrell, III Basketball 1, 2; Football i; Intr. Basketball i, 4; Elem. Aid 1, 2; Teacher ' s Aid 3, 4; Prom Comm. 3; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, (2nd Vice-Pres., and Vice- Pres.); FHA State Pres. 3; FHA National Officer 4: Class Treas. 1, Pres. 2, 3, 4; Boys ' State 3; Yearbook 4 Anna M. Buske Con. Choir 1, 2, 3; Teacher ' s Aid 1; Cafe. Aid 3, 4; Drama 1, 3, 4 Craig E. Cable Co-op 3, 4; JVS 3,4 Linda F. Cole Barbara K. Courtney Elem. Aid 1, 3, 4: Cafe. Aid 1, 2, 3, 4 Michael L. Custer, Jr. JVS 3, 4 John Brock Beth Brown Bucky Burrell Anna Buske Craig Cable Linda Cole Barbara Courtney Mike Custer Jill Fillers Wendy Fyffe Patty Fleming Carrie Flora Terri Fourman Adena Fletcher Janine Flory Beth French Lee Gay Dan Harrison Penney Michael Randy Mikesell Brad Miller Merrilee Mitchell Eddie Morrison Kelley Rench Moore Sean Nicky Rebecca L. Miller Teacher ' s Aid i, 4: Drama 4 LoriJ. Miller Basketball 1: Softball 2; Volleyball 2. Inlr. Basketball 4: Marching, Con. Band I. 2, }, 4; Pep Band 2, 3, 4; Elem. Lib. Aid 4: Elem. Aid I, 2, }. 4: Drama 2: Prom Comm. i Merrilee A. Mitchell Marching, Con.. Pep Band I, 2. }. 4: All- Co. Band }, 4: Con. Choir i; Elem. Aid }; Teacher ' s Aid I, 2; Prom Comm. j, Homecoming Cand. 4; Pumpkin Queen Cand. 4: Field Commander 3, 4 Kelley Rench Moore Basketball , Volleyball 1, 2, }; Elem. Aid 3: Alt Aid 2, }: FHA 1, 2; Prom Comm. 3 Eddie R. Morrison Track I; Football I. 2; Intr Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Lib. Aid 1; Elem. Aid 1, 2; Cafe. Aid 1, 2;JVS 3, 4; Inlr. Ref I. 2, 3. 4 Christopher S. Nicley Track 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1; Cross -Co. 3: Intr. Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Intr. Ref 2, 3; Student Council 3. 4 (Treas.); NHS 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Prei. and Pres.), Scholastic Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Gary Nixon Track 2, 3: Baseball 1; Cross- Co. 3: Intr. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom Comm. 3 Michael E. Nixon JVS 3. 4: FFA 3. 4: Student Council 4 (JVS): Class Pres. 4 (JVS) k- [; ' Gary Nixon Mike Nixon Dan Peden Angela Phillips Mike Preston Im B 1 1 l Wi Neva Pyles John Quigney Lisa Ray Graciela Sanchez Jody Stockton Brad Troutwine Tammy Troutwine Craig Vance Debra Wirrig JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Brenda Yount — pres. (not pictured), Tom Gross — vice-pres., Sherry Delk — sec. Amy Meyer — treas. Jill Aikman Sandy Allen Chris Annon Susan Back Delia Baker Karl Same Diane Besecker Joe Bright Randy Broomhall Winnie Brubaker Lisa Burger Jeanette Burns Bill Bush Chris Bunch 94 " •• vTT-r w fr .:7«» » r ' - ' Duarie Byers Tammy Carter Jeff Cates Richard Cherico Mildred Couch Sherry Delk Julian Eller Kerry Ellison Becky Flatter Melijsa Flatter Brad Flora Tom Fowhie Donata Goodin Molly Graeff Tom Gross Deron Gunckel Diana Harman Wendy Harshbarger Melinda Hart Connie Hofacker Mike Hogg Cheryl Huston Brett Johnson Tah " ' ha Keiser Lora Large Kelley Lawson Denise Lee Amy Lindamood Tim Lindemuth Scott Mallonee Amy Meyer Doug Miller Jodi Miller Carol Mohr Jenny Monroe Debbie Moore Kim Moore Kelly Murray Scott Murray Lisa Myers Tammi Nixon Stephanie Nolte Lisa Ogle Robert Ryan Mike Pavelka Brenda Pearce Barb Penny Mark Penny Dave Peters Andrea Pigg Vicki Pottenger Nancy Preston Richard Rose Tracy Sarver 95 Dan Sink Clay Smith Kelly Smith Scott Snell Boh Stover Melissa Swahb William Swiger Scott Troutwine Lori Trump Tina Ullmer Eric Vance Tonia Vanderpool Melissa Weisenharger Karen Whittaker Jackie Whittington Troy Wilt Mark York Brant Yount i ■S. i ., Brenda Yount SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Dave Bush — pres., Neil North — vice-pTeL.Jena Filters — sec, Brenda Baker — treas. Melissa Adams Amy Allison Tim Anderson John Ashworth Brenda Baiter jerry Baker Scoti Baker David Balshaugh Boh Bamharl joe Bamharl Doug Besecker Kelly Besecker Denny Bird Pal Boston 97 Angle Bourne Charles Brahson Darlene Bruckey Annie Brumbaugh Diane Brumbaugh Kevin Brumbaugh Kathy Bunch Doug Burns Stephanie Burrell Dave Bush Tim Butler Sheila Cain Shelley Cain Mark Cherico Kerry Clark Amy Cottrell Todd Crawford Kevin Cromwell Jay Deis Maria Belong Randy Dull Sherri Dull Russ Ehy Kevin Eilerman Jay Eller Michelle Ellis Jodi Emrick Tina Emrick Jena Fillers Ti m Fisher Chuck Fourman Kevin Fourman Gwen French Susan Fritz Carolyn Garner Dan Garno Mark Gay Michelle Gearhart Donna Gilbert Chris Glaspie John Glenn Mike Haines Theresa Hamlin Mike Harmon Dwight Henry David Holsapple Lori Howard Toni Johnston Karajudy Martee Karns Michelle Lephart Deb Madden Misty McCabe Deron McEldowney ■kA% Bra J Meanj Brian Meyeri Greg Mondics Scott Morrii Shelley Mowry Brian Moyer Steve Myers David Nea eigh David Nolte Neil North Jon Oakes Mike Pro ill Bill Reck Roger Ritz Troy Rohhins Rick Robinson Tamara Robinson Craig Ross Bill Ruhy Rob Schmidt Mike Shafer Tina Shively Karen Short Tammy Shroder Darcy Siculan Bernadette Sizemore Lisa Spitler David Stephen Pat Swiger Lisa Thompson Todd Troutwine Frank Ullmer Bruce Wallen Steve Weisenharger Todd Westfall Susan Wills FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS V. Delk — pres., D. Fourman — vice pres., L. Saylor — sec, R. Niccum — treas. Gene Adami Scott Allen Todd Anderson Deron Baker Gary Baker Elizabeth Bame Tina Bates Jeff Batten Teresa Bingham Tonya Bixler Wendy Bohan Kathy Boston Rob Brandon Wendy Bright 100 k l k Kdk i Iw PPH M v p nI w Lenny Brock Karen Brumbaugh Chad Bruner Amber Burger CinJy Catei Brian Cheadle Mike Clark Krii Clark Pal Clark Dan Collins Peggy Davis Kevin Dearing Velvet Delk Bev Denlinger Keith Ditlman Teresa Dinkins David Eikenberry Ed Ellis Kelly Erbaugh David Fourman Michele Fox Brian Frame Tyler Fritz JeffFyffe Tammy Gaddy Doug Garno Michelle Gibson Don Gilbert Ellen Glaspie Jeff Glenn Rob Gordon Christie Harleman Lisa Henderson Jon Hennemyre Dave Hileman Ann Hoffman Joe Hoke Lori Hoover Teresa Hopkins Nancy Kessler Kim Kiser David Krauss Kathy Lawson Julie Lindamood Kelly McCahe Kathy McClary Christie McDowell Dave McLaren Tami Mikesell Jeanette Mohr Jim Myers Richard Niccum Greg Nixon Ctester Oda 101 Clester Oda Missy ' Dell Sandy Ogle Jenny Oldham Teresa Parent Stephanie Pepper Dave Peters Tonyah Pigg Connie Pitts Mark Pohl Wayne Price Tim Rex Vickie Roberts Scot! Rogers Carol Rurode John Saunders Lynn Saylor Jim Schaar Lewis Strickler Barbara Schenck Rhonda Shively Amy Short Samantha Stephens Traci Stephens Todd Troutwine Scott Vanatta Steve Werling Jerry Wert Brian Wetzel Jerry Whittaker ' T f ifli wk Larry Whittaker Mark Winger Gene Wolf Attendance Aides Attendance Aides (Top Left) Front Row: C Flora. A. Pigg. G French. B. Baker. L. Shepard. and}. Fillers. Back Row: C. Feilshans. C.Jackson. A. Lindamood. S. Deli. T. Hamlin. M. McCahe. and S- Mou ' ry. Office Aides (Left Center) Sitting: D, Brehm. Standing: Fillers. J. .Miller. A. Meyer. B Flora. T Keiser. J Burns, and K. Short. Cafeteria Aides (Below) Front Row: B Teal. Second Row: K. Brandon, and ;V1. Baker. Third Row: AC. Gross. D Gunkle. and T Vanderpool. Library Aides (Bottom Left) Front Row: L. Dyer. J Flory. B. Courtney, and A. Buske. Second Row: Hen- nemrye, T Fritz, and L. Brock. Third Row: D. Fourman. C. Bruner, At. Pohl. and J. Merzke. Library Aides Cafeteria Aidci 103 MISSING YOU Darwin Adams Tim Alexander Chris Annon Kim Baker Mark Barberine Chris Bunch " y Carter Richard Cherico Tony Desjardins Becky Flatter Daren Hanes Diana Harman Melinda Hart Dan Healy BillKessler Steve Knick Kelley Lauison Jenni Monroe Debbie Moore Donna Nixon Jackie Nixon Tammi Nixon Robert O ' Ryan Brenda Pearce Mark Penny Darin Powell Rob Rogers Richard Shank Mike Sharritts Scott Snell Chris Sterling Tom Besecker Mike Bird Steve Blankenship Debbie Brandenbur Craig Cable Mike Custer Doug DeLong Mark Foureman Kevin Henninger Mikejackson Richie Kemp Shawn Meyers Karen Miller Eddie Morrison Bruce Morrow Mike Nixon Debbie Pearce John Quigney Lisa Ray Renee Rogers MikeSchellhaSi Melissa Seabold Monica Seabold Quint Suttleworth Kalhy Stephan Craig Vance 106 107 S V M I o ' ■ Pa v jT J. t ' • k , -vv, 109 WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN The 1982-83 season was very successful for the Marching Trojans. Their goal was (as was the goal for all marching hands) to qualify for State Marching Band Contest held at Franklin County Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. After a lot of hard work and sweat, the Mar- ching Trojans achieved this goal at their first contest (Tipp City) with a rating of Superior (I), which was needed to qualify. Not only did the Marching Trojans receive a Superior rating at Tipp City, they received a Superior rating at each and every contest they performed, in- cluding State, which was held on November 13. The Superior rating at State was a very ex- citing experience for the band. Front Row: Merrilee Mitchell Second Row: Brad Flora, Theresa Dinkins, Shelly Mowry, Kevin Fourmanjoe Prescot, Jim Myers. Brad Means. Tim Anderson, Jill Fillers. Tim Fisher. Jerry Means. Larry Whittaker Third Row: Debbie Zarka, Darcy Siculan,Jodi Miller, Amber Burger, Andrea Pigg, Lisa Burger. Shaunna Pearcy, Lisa Wilt, Lynn Saylor, Jeanette Mohr. Tonya Pigg Fourth Row: Kathy Lawson, Robert Norris. Melissa Swabh,Joe Bright, Tammy Troutwine. Jay Filer, Carol Mohr, Stephanie Pepper. Donala Goodm Fifth Row: Sandy Ogle. Debbie Wirrig. Tern Fourman. Molly Graef. Kara Judy, Anna Hoffman, Lori Miller, Theresa Hamlin, Kelly Erbaugh, Karen Whittaker Sixth Row: ;d« Filer, Scott Rismiller, Richard Niccum, Mike Bernstein, Jerry Whittaker, Tabetha Keiser Back Ko-ft: Jerry Holsapple, John Winger, Robin Ross, Director Gary Stemple (Not pictured: Scott Allen) 110 THE FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN The schedule for the Concert Band was pretty busy this year. The Concert Band held many concerts including a Christmas concert and a Spring concert. The Concert Band also went to District Concert Band Contest to try to qualify for the State Con- cert Band Contest, but unfortunately, things didn ' t quite go completely right, and they came away with an Excellent (II) rating instead of a Superior (I) rating which was needed to go to State. Never- theless, the band did a lot of exciting things this year and had a lot of fun doing them. )nt Row: Donala Goodtn, Stephanie Pepper, Tonya Pigg, Shaunna Pearcy, Lena Wilt, Lua Burger, Lynn Saylor, Andrea Bigg, Terri Fourman, Dehbie Zarka, Darcy Sicilian, JoJi Her, Amber Burger, Second Row: Carol Mohr,jay Eller, Tammy Troutwine, Joe Bright, Robert Norris, Melissa Stvahh, Rabin Ron. Jim Myen, Theresa Dinkins,Jeanetle Mohr, thy Lawson, Shelly Mowry, Mike Bernstein ird Row: Theresa Hamlin, Lori Miller, Anna Hoffman, Sandy Ogle, Scott Allen, Debbie Wirrig, Kara Judy, Merrilee Mitchell, Karen Whittaker, Kelly Erbaugh, Molly Graeff, y Whittaker, Richard Niccum, Brad Means, Scott Rismiller, Julian Eller, Tabetha Keiser Back Row: Tim Anderson, Brad Flora, Jill Fillers, Tim Fisher, Jerry Means, Larry uttaker.Joe Prescot, Kevin Fourman. Director Gary Stemple 111 3 ' i CANT GET THE BLUES Front Row: Dehh,e Zarka, Robert Norris, Joe Brtght, Jeanette Mohr, Carol Mohrjay Elkr, Meluia Swabh. Second Row: Terri Fourman, Jerry Holsapple Kathy Lawson Sco. RismiUer. Richard Niccum. Third Kov,: John Wmger, Anna Hoffman, Karen Whittaker, Kara Judy, Mkhele Lefiart, Kelly Erbaugh. Back Row: Mike Profitt, Joe Prescot, Thi Fisher, Kevin Fourman, Jerry Means, Director — Gary Stemple. i ' J WE GOT THE BEAT Front Row: Kelly Erbaugh. Mtchele Upart, Karen Whittaker, Carol Mohr, Melissa Swabh. Kathy Lawson, Sandy Ogle. Kara Judy. Second Row: f Prescot Kevtn Fourma,. Theresa Dinkms, Robert Norr,s,Jay Eller.Joe Bright. Back Ko : John Winger. Scott Rumiller. Rtchard Niccum. Jerry Whittaker, Tahetha Keiser, Terri Fourman Andrea Pigg Tony. Pigg. Lynn Saylor, Shaunna Pearcy, Jeanette Mohr. Anne Hoffman, Lori Miller. 112 All-County Concert Band: FRONT ROW: Meirilee Mitchell, Karen Whittaker. Kelly Erbaugh. Shaunna Pearcy, Lena Will. Lisa Burger, Lynn Saylor, Andrea Pigg, Robin Ross, Tern Fourman SECOND ROW: Joe Bright, Robert Norris, Carol ,Mohr, Jay Eller, Kara Judy, Anne Hoffman, John Wringer, Jerry Holsapple, Jerry Whit- taker, Richard Niccum, Scott Rismiller, Julian Eller, Tabetha Keiser BACK ROW: Mr. Gary Stemple,Joe Prescot, Kevin Fourman, Jill Fillers, Brad Flora 7 ,, , f e». , . All-County Jazz Band: FRONT ROW:7of Prescot BACK ROW: n Winger, Karen Whittaker, Kara Judy, Scott Rismiller, Robert Norris, Joe Bright, Director Gary Stemple The members of the All County Concert and Jazz Band worked very hard this winter in preparing for the All County Band Concert held at Memorial Hall in Greenville, Ohio. It is truly an honor to be included in one or both of the best bands in Darke County, and the members were very proud to be a part. This year at the A§ Banquet, two outstanding band members and one outstanding choir member were given special awards. John Winger received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award for his talent in jazz music. Scott Rismiller received the John Philip Sousa Award for his outstanding performance in concert band. Terri Fourman received the Arian Choir Award for her accomplishments in choir. Each of these students have shown hard work and dedication in their awarded 113 SING, SING A SONG The High School Choir was very busy this year. The Choir schedule was active from fall until spring. Among some of the perfor- mances in the fall and winter included a performance at the Salem Mall, participa- tion at a Concert of Choirs at Memorial Hall in Greenville, and two performances at Christmas time. After Christmas, the Choir was doubly busy. The sopranos and the altos " took off " on their own and also worked with the rest of the Choir. Both Choirs focused their attention on more serious music to take to the District Choral Contest held at Troy High School. Unfor- tunately, neither Choir qualified for State Finals. In the spring, the Choir merged together again and worked on some lighter music for the spring concert. The year was very fulfilling and exciting for both Choirs. The Members of the Choir are pictured and listed below: Front Row: Terri Fourman, Director Gary Stemple Second Row: Joe Prescot, Misty McCahe, Steve Koogler, Dan Collins, Theresa Hamlin, Tina Emrick, Amy Cotrell Third Row: Vicki Roberts, Christie McDowell, Kathy Lawson, Darcy Siculan, Donata Goodin, Kara Judy Back Row: Tammy Trout wine, Tonya Pigg, Pat Boston, Brad Means, Mike Haines, Vicki Pottenger, Tenia Vanderpool Not Pictured: Karen Brumbaugh) 114 115 ONE IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER Scott Rismilkr Euphonium Solo Carnival of Venice | IV 1 Debbie Zarka Vocal Solo Rest in the Lord B Jerry Whittaker Trombone Solo Suite B Misty McCabe Vocal Solo He ' s Gone Away B jay Eller Alto Sax Solo Fantasia Concertante B Steve Koogler Vocal Solo Simple Song A Richard Niccum Trombone Solo Margaret Waltz B Christie McDowell Vocal Solo Calm As the Night B Merrilee Mitchell Horn Solo Mozart Concerto No. 3 Rando A Vickie Pottenger Vocal Solo 23rd Psalms B Karen Whittaker Horn Solo Mozart Concerto No. 4 Rando A Kathy Lawson Vocal Solo Rest in the Lord B Carol Mohr Alto Sax Solo First Concerto A Vickie Roberts Piano Solo Bagatelle No. 2 B 77 Lynn Saylor Clarinet Solo Solo Concerto A 77 Winifred Brubaker Violin Solo Accolay Concerto No. 1 in A minor B 7 ENSEMBLES Kara Judy, Debbie Wirrig,John Winger, Scott Rismilkr, Merrilee Mitchell, Tabetha Keiser Lynn Saylor, Lesia Wilt, Lisa Burger, Shaunna Pearcy Scott Rismilkr, Brad Means, Richard Niccum, Jerry Whittaker Jill Fillers, Brad Flora, Joe P res cot. Larry Whittaker, Kevin Fourman Brass Sextet Clarinet Quartet Trombone Quartet Perc. Bravura Richard Niccum, Sandy Ogle, Kelly Erhaugh, Anna Hoffman Terri Fourman, Darcy Siculan, Debbie Zarka, Amber Burger Merrilee Mitchell, Kelly Erbaugh, K aren Whittaker Kara Judy. Debbie Wirrig. Sandy Ogle, Jerry Holsapple, Merrilee Mitchell, Karen Whittaker, Kelly Erbaugh, Anna Hoffman, Scott Rismiller, Jerry Whittaker, Tabetha Keiser Brass Quartet Flute Quartet Horn Trio Brass Choir C I B n B I A HI Kara Judy, Kathy Lawson, Darcy Siculan, Vicki Pottenger, Misty McCabe, Christie McDowell, Tonya Pigg, Vickie Roberts, Terri Fourman Alike Bernstein, Shelly Mowry, Robin Ross. Terri Fourman, Darcy Siculan, Debbie Zarka, Amber Burger, Kathy Lawson, Jeanette Mohr, Lesia Wilt, Lisa Burger, S.A. Ensemble Andrea Pigg, Shaunna Pearcy, Tonya Pigg, Stephanie Pepper, Donata Goodin. Jim Myers, Theresa Dinkins, Lynn Saylor, Carol Mohr, Tammy Troutwine,Joe Bright, Robert Norris Woodwind Choir 117 ij I Let it be me Each month {one hoy and one girl) were selected as students of the month by the faculty on the basis of their attitude toward studies, spirit of cooperation with the faculty, citizenship and most of all their general contribution to Arcanum High School Classes. " Congratulations! " FRONT ROW: Tabetha Keiser, Deb Zarka, Lori Trump, Teresa Parent, Keren Short, Robin Ross, Brenda Yount, Amy Allison. Susan Wills, Back row, Brad Flora, Rodney Delk, Greg Mondics, Mike Bernstien, Scott Morris, Tom Fowble, Lee Gay, Mike Pavelka, Scott Troutwine. ? ' v: STUDENTS NOMINATED EACH MONTH — From row: Maria DeLorig. Jackie Vf hitlwgion. Deniie Lee, Lisa Myen, Back row: Kelly Erhaugh, Tonijohmlon, Carrie Flora, Doug Burns. 121 ff It [tn t Easy Scholastic Awards are given to the top 10 each class. The winners for this year SENIORS Mike Bernstien Jill Fillers Carrie Flora Terri Fourman Sean Nicely Robin Ross Lori Shepard Quint Shuttleworth Debbie Wirrig JUNIORS Winnie Brabacker Lisa Burger Jennifer Monroe Kelly Murray Donna Nixon Jackie Nixon Tammi Nixon Brenda Pearce Tonia Vanderpool SOPHOMORES Amy Allison Annie Brumbaugh Diane Brumbaugh Stephanie Burrell Maria Delong Kevin Eilerman Tonijohnston Greg Mondics Keren Short Debbie Zarka FRESHMEN Tonya Bixler Kaly Boston Amber Burger Bev Denlinger Kelly Erbaugh Kelly McCabe Christie McDowell Jim Myers Missy ' Dell Tersa Parent Amy Short 6 of are: I H| HP t H H « l v H H l m YOU COULD SEE ME NOW Merrille Mitchell — Bradford Pumpkin Queen candidate Lesia Wilt — FFA Queen Robin Ross — Pork Queen Sherry Delk — Mumm Festival Queen candidate Kim Brandon — Roshurg Senior Rock Night Queen candidate -Ji li ill i t ; 1 X. X, J DR. HOWARD E.HUSTON WITH PEN IN HAND 1. DR. HOWARD E. HUSTON, Superintendent: Dr. Huston attended Asbury College in Kentucky, then transfer- red to Otterbein College where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. He continued his studies at Ohio State Univer- sity earning a Masters and Ph.D. degree in Education Administration. 2. JOHN B. HORNSBY, Principal: Mr. Hornsby holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cumberland College in Kentucky, a master of Education and Education Specialist Degree from the University of Toledo, and is presently working on his Doctorate at Miami University. 3. LARRY PATRICK, Guidance Counselor: Mr. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio Northern Univer- sity and a Masters degree from Ball State University. 4. MARTIN MONTGOMERY, Ad- ministrative Assistant: Mr. Montgomery holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Education degree from Miami University. y BOARD OF EDUCATION: Tom L. Fourman — Vice President, William McGlothin — President, Duane Reynolds — Member, Nathan Garber — Member, Winston Brumbaugh — Member 6. VIRGIL MEYERS, Board Clerk: Mr. Meyers holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Taylor University and a Master of Arts in education from Miami University. 1. MISS BRENDA ARNETT- Miss Arnett teaches Senior Math and Algebra I and II. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics from In- diana Central University. 2. MR. MIKE COLATRUGLIO: .Wr. Colatruglio teaches World History and American History. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Bowling Green State University. 3. MR. ERODE CORNEJT: Mr. Cornett teaches Mechanical Drawing I, Home Maintenance, and Woods. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in In- dustrial Arts from Morehead State — Miami University. 4. MR. TIMOTHY DeBROSSE: Mr. DeBrosse teaches English 9 and 10, Reading I and II, and Survival Skills. He holds a Bachelor uf Science Degree in English from Defiance College and Wright State University. 5. MRS. PAULETTE DEVOR: Mrs. Devor teaches Composition Research I and II, Interpersonal Communication, Science Fiction, and Advanced Oral. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in English Communications from Ohio State University. 6. MISS JAMIE GALBRATTH: Miss Galbraith teaches Biology I and II. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from University of Toledo. 1. MR. GARRY HANDSHOE: Mr. Handshoe teaches Basic Art, Ceramics, Photography, Painting, and is advisor of the Arcette. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an Area of Concen- tration in Art from Alice Lloyd Junior College, Morehead State University, Miami University, and Wright State University. 2. MR. NEAL HANS: Mr. Hans teaches Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Science Education; Masters of Educational Administration from Wright State University and University of Dayton. 3. MR JOHN HENNEMYRE: Mr. Hennemyre teaches General Science, Physical Education 9 and 10, and Co Rec. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and a Master in Education from Miami University. 4. MR CECIL JONES: Mr. Jones teaches Spanish I, II, and III and English 9 and 10. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and a Master of Education from Wright State University, University of Valencia in Spain, University of Guadalajara, Mexico and Estudio General Luliano, Palma De Mallorca, Spain. 5. MRS CONNIE KEIM: Mrs. Keim teaches Shorthand, General Business, Typing I, and Record Keeping. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Com- prehensive Business from Wright State University. 6. MRS RUTH MACKLIN: Mrs. Macklin teaches Health and Physical Education 9 and 10. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and Master of Education Degree from Ball State University and Miami University. . MRS. MARY K. MILLER: Mrs. Miller teaches Home Economics I, Child Development, and Family Living. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics Education from Ohio State University. She is the FHA HERO gtdvisor. 2. MRS.JANMOYER: Mrs. Moyer is the high school librarian. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and Master of Education degree from Miami University and Wright State University. 3. MR. THOMAS NEALEIGH: Mr. Nealeigh teaches French , , and III. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in French from Miami University. 4. MR. RANDY OTERMAT: Mr. Otermat teaches Civics, Government, and Sociology. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Bowl- ing Green State University. 1 . MS. MARILEE PALLANT: Ms. Pallant teaches Creative Writing I and II, Composition Research I and II, Ad- vanced Short Stories, Independent Research, and Independent Study. She iholds a Bachelor of Science Degree and iMaster of Arts Degree in Education from Ohio State University, Ohio [University, Miami University, and I Stephen F. Austin State University. Ic. MRS. BEVERLY SHI VELY; Mrs. ' {Shively teaches Home Economics 11, Family Living, Foods, Clothing, and Independent Living. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Science and Edu cation from the University of Dayton. 132 MR. GEORGE SKIDMORE. Mr. SkiJmure teaches Agriculture I, II, III, and IV. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture from Morehead Slate University. 2. MRS. ALBERTA STECK: Mrs. Steck teaches Accounting I and II and Typing I and II. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Miami University. 3. MR. GARY STEMPLE: Mr. Stemple teaches Band, Stage Band, and Choir. He holds a Bachelor in Music Composition and Music Education Degree from Bowling Green State University. 4. MR. MARK WISEMAN. Mr. Wiseman teaches Geometry, Pre- Algebra, General Math, and Algebra I. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and Aiasters Degree in Education from AM ami University. 5. MR. THOMAS WORKMAN. Mr. Workman teaches English 9 and 10. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Bowling Green State University and Ohio State University. 6. MISS DORIS ARNETT. Miss Arnett is the high school nurse. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Indiana Central University. 133 Workin ' 9 to 5 1 loyce Feitshans Mrs. Feitsham is secretary to Dr. Huston 2joyceColville Mrs. Colvilk is the secretary to Air. Hornshy 3 Fay Ary Mrs. Ary is the High School Library Aide 4 Beth Flora Mrs. Flora is the secretary of our Guidance Counselor Mr. Patrick 5 Marcia Nixon Mrs. Nixon is the Office Aide ; NO ANCHOVIES PLEASE Charlem Flory. Miljred Hmver Cashier, Murilyn Gro. ' h, Jean Byrd - Manager. Shirley Bryson, Nancy {feisenharger, Bonnie Ehlers. Ellen Haagen. 2. WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK George Hathaway, Alice Karn, Livi Den inger, Ethel Price, Charlotte Laughman. 3 ON THE ROAD AGAIN Dave Printz. Livi Denlinger, Mary Beth Printz, Boh Hood. Elizabeth Stephens. Stanley Johnson, Bea Zimmcr, Dayle Aukerman. Marilyn Custer, Eileen Clark, Barbara Lawion, Barbara Ander- son, Debbie Meddock, Charlotte Peck. rt= t ' " ' ' - pi H v M l Rl SBBP K i B flplnK I H ' k W« iT ' ' l H M i J WMS ' ' JH III 1 IKJb vnt» % HH ■Si 1 1 f Art m THE MAIN EVENT This year ' s homecoming was March 25th, 1983. The theme was " Just You and I. " Mark Barherine I Jams provided the music for the dance. Tricia Hamilton and Ricky Henninger Kim L ' o.Uy and Tim Gunckle Joy Rule and Mark Uy 141 CAFETERIA AIDES: Front row: Michelle Westfall, Trina Brown, Chris Lucy, Robbie Shields, Pam Sinclair, 2nd row: Shari Best, Angel Hampton, Anita Miller, Tricia Tegtmeyer, 3rd row: Kim Baker, Cassey Thornbury, Becky Tedore, Paula Baker, Missy Baker LIBRARY AIDES: Front row: Sheila Taylor, Michell Hagans, Melissa Freeh, Traci Hanes, Becky Smith, Anita Miller, Kimra Miller, 2nd row: Cassey Thornbury, Robbie Shields, Lynn Shively, Melissa Scheiding, Dawn McClear, Angel Hampton, Trina Brown, Back row: Kent Zimmerman, Kevin Mallonee, Andy Short, Brian Phillips, Chris Sides OFFICE AIDES: Front row: Brian Bruchey, Amy Oldham, Chris Poland, Traci Hanes, Cassey Thornbury, Anita Miller, Trina Brown, Traci Boone, 2nd row: Kenny Cates, Rohbitl Shields. Michelle Westfall, Yvonne Szema, Becky Tedore, Paula Baker, Missy Baker, 3rd row: Pam Sinclair, Pam Hobbitt, Shelly Singer, Kim Hemsley, Devonna Elliott, Paul Quigley, Jody Baler, Back row: Bob Thornbury, Shan Best, Kim Band, Tricia Clark, Lisa Fourman, Amy Bowman, Spring Masters 142 i l ,J t agazine Winners: Front row: %ane Knick, Mike Rice. Row 2: Paul Myeri, MinJy Lockman, Julie Pepper. Back SPELLING BEE WINNERS: )w: Kimra Miller, Gary Rin, Trnia Hamilton, Neil Harleman Left to right: ;™ Raynes, Sean Riley, Chrisia Fillers 143 MUSCLES The Jr. High Football team finished theii season with 3 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. M ' ff SS ' «» 4F!fr " 4K " ' AS " ' £» FRONT ROW: Doug Krauss, Donny Baker, Rick Henninger, Mark Loy, Nathan Frame, Kenny Cales, Kevin Saunders, Kenny Brown, Rod Hittle, Cliff McCreery, Kyle Printz, Row 2: Kevin Mallonee, Brad Meddock, Pat Good- paster, Tim Gunckel, Mike Powell, Brad Eih, Todd Gearhart, Doug Norris, Ron Mowry, Todd Miller, Rod Schellhaas. ROW 3; Chad Fritz, Eric Gordon, Nikki Ruby, Mark Wetzel, Mith Rohhins, Mike Flory, Jeff Miller, Mike Blanken- ship, Darren Smith, Steve Perry. ROW 4: Joe Brandenburg — Manager, Curt Fourman, Allen Meyer, Larry Borror, Kir- by Clark, Bobby Vore, Brian Preston, Mickey McDowell, Mike Wetzel, Tyler McGlinch,Jim Murray, Jim Spencer, Brian Broomhall. ROW 5: Coach Hans, Joe Adams — Manager, Bobby Cates, Tim Garrison, Steve Deis, Shawn Hein, Coach Otermat. 144 ■ -xM tk kSVKBP IWKs S g mB mkf i iJjLl iJA M 1 -» H 1.... ,f tdt. , ' ..v ., , v...jd HOLD ON FRONT ROW: Mike Flory, Donnie Baker, Dane French, Brad Eih, Todd Gearhart, Kyle Printz, Kevin Mallonee, BACK ROW: Rod Schellhaas, Todd Miller, Jeff Miller, Mark Wetzel, Tim Gunckel, Doug Morris. Mark Loy The 7th grade team was coached by Mr. Tim DeBrosse. In regular season, the boys ' record was 7-4- The 8th grade team under the direction of Mr. Ned Gray had a very successful year with only one loss during regular season. Scores: Greenville Ansonia National Trail TV. South Franklin Monroe Versailles T.V. North Milton Union Covington Tri- Village Eaton Tournaments: Newton National Trail 146 Art ii-ii 7i-4i 5.5-54 i8.49 47-}0 39-33 6i-28 62-30 49-36 51-36 3-43 48-30 40-47 7th Grade FRONT ROW: Brian Bruchey, Mike Blankemhip. Tyler McGlinch. Roh Finkhine. Shawn Hem. BACK ROW: Kirby Clark, Allen Meyer, Larry Borror, Brian Preslon, Nikki Ruhy.Joe Aikman r % r.=i 3 ' Aa fi Mb l sJS bsB IGk M-J ' B mI DON ' T STOP BELIEVIN ' a 8th Grade Front Row: Rhonda Smith, Stacy Mohrjune Callison, Karen Pearce, Machelle Smith, Cindy Foster, Marlena McNew. Back Row: Angie Snell, Mgr.,Jeannie Johnston, jenny Bingham, joy Rose, Kathy Wringer, Lori Koogler. w 7ih GRADE SEASON RECORD ' ■■ IHH pScores ' I H National Trail TTs l Versailles « " m Greenville r n ' Covinpon 12 H TV. South 24 2(1 Tri- Village r. m Milton Union H II Eaton l IH T.V North I ' J 1) Ansonia 22 li Mississinawa Tiiurnament 2 ■ ?9 National Trail imm M 151 ' % l Amt . ill II— ' I ' gfc-. 0 r GIRLS TRACK (Front Row) Shannon Olwine, Roxann Dull, Taffy Parent, Ruth Brown. (Middle Row) Kimra Miller, Rhonda Smith, Kelly Troutwine, Cindy Roberts, Becki Smith, Amy Bowman. (Back Row) Kriita McCain, Kim Loxley, Shelly Allison, Holly Neff Kathy Winger, Michelle Nolle, Karen Pierce, Cami Lindamood. 152 BOYS TRACK Darren Smith, Doug Krauss. (Middle Row) Mike Wyland, Kent Zim- merman, Scoll Barherine, Gary Ritz. (Back Row) Don Baker, Chad Troutwine, Ron Mowry, Ken Cales, Todd Miller, Doug Morris. 153 THE SOUND OP MUSIC Jazz Band — Front Row: Kenny Catei, Kyle Snyder, Lisa Fourman, Doug Wick, Christy Hileman, Teaah Wallen, Kathy Winger, Cindy Foster. Back Row: Miss Hook Director, Wes Simpson, Tawnya Smith, Shannon Knick, Mandy Bogan, Craig Dull, Brad Warner, Darren Smith, . Angie Snell, Craig Baker, Mike Wyland, Brian Rardin, Jeff Miller, Mike Powell. Pep Band — Front Row: Lisa Fourman, Christy Hilman, Teaah Wallen, Chris Poland. 2nd Row: Ray Gabbard, Rhonda Smith, Trisha Clark, Tonya Mikesell, Dawn Poland, Min- da Garner, Holly Pout, Krista McCain, Angie Snell. Back Row: Wes Simpson, Tawnya Smith, Shannon Knick, Mandy Bogan, Craig Dull, Brad Warner, Jenny Loxley, Mike Wyland, Brian Broomhall, Brian Rardin, Shannon Olivine, Cindy Poster, Kathy Winger, Miss Hook Director. Not Pictured: Paul Myers, Heather Pourman, John Troutwine. 6th Grade Band — Front Row: Anissa Phillips, Julie Pepper, Yvonne Delk, Dawn Taylor, Dawn Bogan, Julie Allen, Michelle Studebaker, Tarla Wardlaw, Mindy Bixler, Angela Fenton. 2nd Row: Mindy Lockman, Angie Ruse, Sbalab Monroe, Michelle Gauvey, Melissa Bright, Brian Snell, Donn Rardin, Todd Wyland, Tim Cain, Boh Mohr, Michelle Hagans, Carmen Miller, Monica Ehlers, Kim Johnson, Ronda Miller, Tammi Garno. 3rd Ko ' w: Jenessa Filer, Sean McEldowney, Julie Miller, Melissa Freck, Amy Rinehart, Luke Boston, Chris Lucy, Tom Cain, Jesse Simpson, Shannon Miller, Carol Sanders, Nikki Christ, Melissa Zarka, Sheila Taylor. Back Rov : John Fourman, Rich Davidson, Shane Knick, Joe Stephans, Tami Armacost, Miss Hook Director. Not Pictured: a e Delong, Robert Swonger, Jenny Mikesell, Dave Brandon, David Gilbert, Melissa Niccum, Monica Swartout. JR. Band — Front Row: Rhonda Smith, Ray Gabbard, Trisha Clark, Kim Shade, Deanne Taylor, Holly Neff Michelle Smith, Shari Ledbetter, Angie Weimer, Angie Pigg, Tisk Wright, Krista McCain. 2nd Row: Reed Rader, Tonya Mikesell, Christy Hileman, Carolyn Henry, Jeff Norris, Kelly Young, Karen Lawson, Peggy Rogers, Linda O ' Dell, Amy Schenk, Minda Garner, Dawn Poland. Holly Fout, Angie Snell, Craig Dull, Tawnya Smith, Katie Fout. 3rd Row: Angie Rinehart, Lisa Fourman, Chris Poland, Tim Garrison, Teaah Wallen, Doug Wick, Rhonda Rogers, Kyle Snyder, Shannon Olwine, Wes Simpson, Mitch Rohhins, Dan Brown, Shannon Knick, Lori Koogler, Neal Huffman, Donald Weist, Craig Baker, Stacy Mohr, David Dearing, Kirhy Clark. Back Rov : Jeff Miller, Todd Miller, Scott Moore, Brian Broomhall, Mike Wyland, Jenny Loxley, Brian Rardin, Amy Bowman, Steve Perry, Miss Hook Director, Marc Bright, Mike Powell, Kenny Gates, Cindy Foster, Kathy Winger, Brad Warner, Mandy Bo gan, Karen Pierce, Darren Smith, Tricia Hamilton Not Pictured: Laura Davis, Suzanne Delong, Paul Myers, Gary Ritz,John Troutwine, Heather Fourman. 154 7ih Grade Choir — From Row: Sbtrry Hit- tU, Kate ByiTs, Mickty McDtwttt, Gng TtJon, Bob Boyd. Becki Smith. Dong Fowblt. Gaylt Ssyrt. 2nd Row: Joyce Bush. Stacty Brtwtr, Lori AllisoH. Stan Riliy.Jamit Milltr. Jimmy Spttutr. David Ktihl. Angtl Hampton. Cami Lindamood, Trima Brown. Miss Hook Dirtctor. 3rd Row: Scott Gauvty. Roxann DttU.Jmntl Baktr. Evtttt Sharp, Angit Clark. Amy Flynn. ShtUy Singtr. Tina Pauley. Todd Templin. 4th Row: Beth Hennemyre. Machelle Westfall. Kelly Troutwine. Joy McLaren. Dawn Velbaum, Jenni Cheadle. Renee Donithan, Kimra Miller, Sandy Myers. )lh Row: Faith Swiger, Missy Randolph, Ammy Williams. Jenny Stephans, Pam Large. Tyler McGlinch. Lisa Campbell, Spring Masters, Jean Sujka. Back Row: Jody Baker, Denise Paulas, Jeanette Flatter, Allen Meyer, Bobby Gates, Paid Shell, MicheUe Nolle, Julie Kauffman, Pam Hoblit. Not Pictured: Cindy Roberts, Rick Miniard, Penny Bamhart, Ruth Brown, Tara Clark, Taffy Parent. 8th Grade Choir — Front Row: Missy Moore, Tammy Emrick, Paula Baker, Denise Kesler, Dave Bullard, Andy Short, Kevin Saunders, Rusty Courtney, Kenny Brown. 2nd Row: Duyna Campbell, Carol Knipp, Marge Hix, Tonya Hoover, Tracey Hanes, Kent Zimmer- man, Rob Shields, Brian McCowan, Tom Stover, Neil Harleman, Miss Hook Director. 3rd Row: Lisa Sink, June Callison, Christa Fillers. Brad Meddock. Jerry Btsecker, Steve Deis. 4th Row: Marlena McNew, Machelle Rich, Kim Loxley. Nathan Frame, Joe Dillman, Pat Goodpaster, Kevin Mallonee. 5th Row: Stephanie Williams, Tonia Miller, Jeanne Johnston, Eric Fourman, Mike Mehaffie, Mark Lay, Joe Adams. Doug Moore. Ron Mowery. Back Row: Tammy Capl- inger, Kim Baird, Shelly Allison, Jay Rose, Shari Best, Joe Swiger, Chris Singer, Rick Henninger. Jim Penny. Select Choir — Front Row: Miss Hook Direc- tor. Craig Dull. Machelle Rich. Kim Loxley. Peggy Rogers. Shannon Knick. Stacey Brewer. 2nd Row: Jim Spencer, Lori Allison, Trisha Clark, Kimra Milltr, Evetle Sharp, Jenni Cheadle, Lisa Fourman. 3rd Row: Mark Loy, Spring Masters, Jeanette Flatter, Karen Lawson, Shelly Allison, Tricia Hamilton, Christa Filltrs. 4th Row: Mike Mehaffie, Rhonda Rogers, Brian Rardin, Mandy Bogan, Amy Schenck, Denise Paulus. Back Row: Katie Fout, Shari Best, Angle Snell. Tonya Mikesell, Mike Powell. Not Pictured: Tara Clark, Cindy Roberts. 8th Grade Class Officers Peggy Rogers; Treasurer Mark Loy; President Linda OVell; Vice-President Christa Fillers; Secretary Joe Adams Shelly Allison Kim Baird Craig Baker Donnie Baker Paula Baker Scott Barherine Jerry Besecker Shari Best Jenny Bingham Tonya Blankenship Mandy Began Joe Brandenburg Dan Brown Kenny Brown Delvin Brumbaugh David Bullard June Callison Duyna Campbell Tammy Caplinger Andy Carter Kenny Cates Trisha Clark Rusty Courtney David Dearing Steve Deis Joe Dillman BradEib Tammy Emrick Christa Fillers Mike Flory Dawn Poland Cindy Foster Eric Pourman Lisa Pourman Holly Pout Katie Pout Nathen Frame Dane French Doug Garhig Tim Garrison Todd Gearhart Lk M i i 1 r i . Kl;a ff 1 . i |f iftj .. 156 fli f ) i fl 6 ' ' Ai |RS l1 ' - .. i Niil Harltman Rick HenningtT RoJnty Hillte Margt Hix Tonya Hoover Dan Huffman Jtannit John ston Dtnne Kesler Carol Knipp Lori Koogter Doug Krausi Uz Lenox Kim Laxtey Mark Lay Kevin Mallonte Brian McCou ' an Cliff McCrecry Marlena McNew Brad Meddock Mike Mehaffie Jeff Miller Todd Miller Tenia Miller Stacy Mohr Doug Moore Melissa Moore Scott Moore Doug Morris Ron Mowry JeffNorris Linda O ' Dell Karen Pearce Jim Penny Valerie Peters Les Phillips Mike Powell Kyle Printz Tim Profitl Paul Quigley Reed Rader Brian Rardin Machelle Rich Angle Rinehart Mitch Rohhins Rhonda Rogers Joy Rose Kevin Saunders 157 Rod Schellhaas Robbie Shields David Shuttleworth Wes Simpson Chris Singer Lisa Sink Bev Smith Michelle Smith Rhonda Smith Angie Snell Kyle Snyder Kevin Stockslager Tom Stover Joe Swiger Becky Tedore Cassey Thombury John Vanatta Mike Weaver Mark Wetzel Doug Wick Stephanie Williams Kathy Winger Mike Wyland Barry Young Kelly Young Kent Zimmerman 158 i -i5» !.. 1 ft ' ) c 7lh Grade Class Officers: John Troutwint: Prtsident Gary Ritz; Vice- PresiJenI Hiather Fourman; Secretary Evetle Sharp: Treasurer Joe Aikman Lori Allison Jennet Baker Jody Baker Jon Bame Penny Bamhari Mike Blanienship Larry Borror Amy Bowman Boh Boyd Stacy Brewer Mark Bright Brian Broomhall Ruth Brown Trina Brown Brian Bruchry Joyce Bush Kathy Byers Lisa Campbell Boh Cates jinny Cheadle Angle Clark Kirhy Clark Tara Clark 159 chad Cornet Laura Davis Susan Delong Rente Donithan Craig Dull Roxanne Dull Mike Eikenherry Rob Finkhine Jeanette Flatter Rod Flory Amy Flynn Chris Foland Curt Fourman Heather Fourman Doug Fowhle Chad Fritz " Mark Garhig Minda Garner Scott Gauvey Sheila Glenn Ray Gahhard Eric Gordon Angel Hampton Shawn Hein Beth Hennemyre Carolyn Henry Christy Hileman Sherry Hittle Pam Hohlit Dick Holsapple Neal Huffman Julie Kauffman David Keihl Shannon Knick Mike Lange Pam Large Karen Lawson Shari Ledhetter Cammy Lindamood Jenny Loxley Spring Masters Madonna McCreery Mickey McDowell Tyler McGlinch Krista McCain Joy McLaren Dawn McLear Allen Meyer Tonya Mikesell Jamie Miller Kimra Miller Rick Miniard Jim Murray Paul Myers 160 ff ' f ' Pictures not available: Leu ' ii Piste Dave Gilbert Sandy Myeri Holly Neff Michelle Nolte Shannon Olwine Tahiiha Parent Tina Pauley Deniie Paulus Steve Perry Angle Pigg Brian Preston Melissa Randolph Charles Richardson Sean Riley Gary Ritz Cindy Roberts Nikii Ruby Gayle Sayre Amy Schenck Kim Shade Evette Sharp Paul Shell Bonnie Shields Loretia Shields Shelly Singer George Sizemore Becky Smith Deron Smith Keir Smith Michelle Smith Tonya Smith Jim Spencer Jenny Stephens Jean Sujka Faith Swinger Deanne Taylor Greg Tedore Todd Templin John Troulwine Kelly Troutwine Bob Vore Teah ff alien Brad Warner Angle Weimer Dawn Velbaum Michelle West all Erica Wetzel Mike Wetzel Don Wiest Ammy Williams Letitia Wright 161 6th Grade Julie Allen Chris Allison Tami Armacost Kendra Baker Missy Baker Terry Bates JeffBesecker Mindy Bixler Luke Boston Dawn Bogan Steve Boone Traci Boone Marlen Bourne David Bowen David Brandon Melissa Bright Eric Buckingham Susie Bullard JeffBurrell Tim Cain Tom Cain Lonnie Campbell Nikki Christ Amy Cohy Melissa Cornett Flora Cox Richard Davidson Lori Dearing Tonya Deis Galen Delk Yvonne Delk Julie Delong Tim Dudon Tom Dyer Monica Ehlers JeffEley Jenessa Eller Devona Elliott 162 f?JO - w i n Bob Emerick Troy Eubank ' % Angela Fenlon ' ' Debbie Flory John Fourmart Verne Frame Melissa Freeh Tammi Garno Michelle Gauvey Jason Glenn Lora GooJj aslor Melissa Gray Michelle Hagens Amy Harlle Kim Hemsley Ivan Hickman Kimjohnson Davejohnston KevinJuJy Shane Knick Terry Lewis Mindy Lockman Chris Lucy Nota Marshall David McCowan Sean McEldowney Sieve Mehaffie Jenny Mikesell Anita Miller Carmen Miller Julie Miller Melinda Miller Ronda Miller Shannon Miller Deb Mohr Shalah Monroe 163 Dean Moore Melissa Niccum Debbie Nixon Amy Oldham Gary Oswalt Julie Pepper Anissa Phillips Brian Phillips Donn Rardin Jim Raynes Ken Reynolds Mike Rice Amy Rinehart Noe Rodriguez Angie Ruse Carol Sanders Wally Schwytzer Melissa Shieding Amy Shelly Lynn Shively Andy Short Chris Sides Jesse Simpson Pam Sinclair Matt Smith Shane Smith Brian Snell Dusty Spurlock Joe Stephans Michelle Studehaker Mike Stutz Monica Swartout Robert Swonger Yvonne Szima Dawn Taylor Sheila Taylor Chris Tedore Tricia Tegtmeyer Bob Thornhury Tarla Wardlaw Byron Wogoman Sam Worley Michelle Wright Todd Wyland Greg Young Melissa Zarka ■A 164 165 WORKING FOR A LIVING Mrs. Wohlgamuth: Reading, Spelling Miss Ressler: Title 1 Reading 166 4R. LONGENECKEP MAINIENANCE Air. Hollinger: Math Mr. Longenecker: CusloJian Mr. Oldham: Reading. Spelling, Science Mr Aukerman: History, Ge grafihy Mn. Myen: Math ■ I ' v •»«. ■ H H L w 1 1 1 1 1 V. 7 I HIi Hli Miss Upp: English 167 Mr. Flatter: Science, Health, Math Mrs. Dock: Learning Disability Miss Lange: History 168 Mr;. Holland: Science, Health Mill Cline: Science, Health, Reading, Spelling Mill Swiharl: Library Aide Mri. Swingle: Guidance Counielor Mr. Lockman. Principal 169 FARMERS STATE BANK TRUST 1107SWEITZERST. GREENVILLE PH: 547-0599 170 EXPRESSIVE PHOTOGRAPHY INC. EASTERLING STUDIOS 41 East First St. Dayton 3705 Grand Avenue Middletown SMITH ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 109 West George St. Arcanum Clothing Shoes Jewelry Grocery Store Meat Fresh Vegetables Milk Products Congratulations Seniors ARCANUM MEDICAL CENTER OSCAR SWABB EXCAVATING CASUAL BEAUTY SHOP 502 West First Street Arcanum PH: 692-5122 ' fl ARCANUM wtmm i!iii ' ' i|iiii FPnPRAi MHJpHpii UiiMlHiKl rCLJCnML s rxj SAVINGS LOAN OS c ■ B-L 1 w. George A . Arcanum FIRESTONE 4th and Walnut JUDY TYPEWRITER 501 Walnut PH: 548-6155 BuAJtS Bnit ., Iitcy. Mechanical Contractors Arcanum .! ■ w -Wjt SUTTON ' S 605 North Main Arcanum Open 7 Days a Week Mon.-Sat.7-10 Sun. 9-7 Most Holidays ANDERSON AUTO SUPPLY - 110 S. Main Arcanum Ph. 692-6308 Specializing In: Alternators, Generators and Starters 101 W. Main, Greenville, OH Mary K. Piel — Ph. 692-5686 iqng Co. Realty 548 • 5464 oS3 Wagnar Avenu C-wftnvlIU, Ohio 45331 692-5188 3520 St. Rte. 49 Arcanum, Ohio 45304 For all your Real Estate needs JERRIE V. SMITH (513) 223-5531 926 KARR ROAD ARCANUM, OHIO 45304 V. ProJuch ( oenpanu f ' ' V- M BOYD CLEANERS INC. 501 East Maine St. 548-1505 Fur and Woolen Storage complete Drapery service BONFIGLIO PHARMACY HOURS Daily 9am-9pm Sunday 10am-4pm WAGON WHEEL Steal(s Seafood Chicken 1137 Dayton Rd. Greenville DARKE CO. FAMILY YMCA VV fnl 1 , -- ' 3556 St. Rt. 49 692-5240 Cctminercicil Printing Co ,f IMS Brii.ilKv.n • Gi. ' . ' nvillf, Ohm f 548-3835 IN PLANT RAISED LETTERING LETTERHEADS- ENVELOPES BUSINESS CARDS INVOICES-STATEMENTS-BUSINESS FORMS- SCRATCH PADS- LABELS POSTERS-FLYERS— ANNOUNCEMENTS-WEDDING STATIONERY Tiplete line " Wc prinl cverythtn(i; . . . bu BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL 1982-83 SEASON DP L MARK EILERMAN JR. Special Representative Business Men ' s Assurance Company of America Life, Health, Group Insurance Pension Plans Phone: 692-5252 S M ' ' § g fe ' F Everett L. Hart 548-4345 NU-WAY FARM SYSTEMS, INC. 5294 Sebring — Warner Rd. Greenville Congratulations to Seniors! ! WAYNE FEEDS ARCANUM GRAIN CO. 207 SOUTH SYCAMORE ST. ARCANUM PH: 692-8990 GREETING AUTO CO. 217 S. Main St. 678-5401 West Manchester KRIMPER ' S KORNER 3 S. High St. 692-5410 Arcanum Rose Ann Mikesell, Jan Figel, Sheryl Riegle, Tish Rademachir. Wed.-Sat. By Appointment Haircare for the Whole Family SECOND NATIONAL BANK 4th Broadway Greenville I M !W B I 1965 Glenn Pray 8 10 CORD Keith Troutwine Antique Classic Motor 3138 Alt. St. Rt. 49 Car Insurance Agent Arcanum, Ohio 45304 (513) 692-8310 yJHHMi Lyle Bixler til P4nl 201 -A W. George - rr- ■■ Arcanum ffi O, M liJ z I- HAIR BENDERS 2 South Main St. Arcanum " Quality hair care with a personal touch. " " We specialize in healthy hair. " I r ' A HAMBURER SHOP 100 Martin St. Greenville Phone: 547-0212 GOOD LUCK TROJANS! BICYCLES • HOBBIES • LOCKSMITH • KEYS MADE WEAVER ' S Sales — Service Est. 1919 DANIEL H. WEAVER 222 MARKWITH AVE. (513) 548-1035 GREENVILLE, OHIO 45331 ' I[K3][fi] — PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING Replicap Products, Inc. P.O. Box 98 • 1014 Front Street Greenville, Ohio 45331 YOU DESERVE A BREAK TODAY m 417 Wagner Avenue Greenville NANCY ' S BEAUTY SHOP Hair Ca re For the Entire Family 110 North High St. Ph.: 692-8401 RedKen Products OLIVER FUNERAL HOMES Ansonia Greenville 337-7111 548-1133 BESECKER ' S INC. MFS GRAIN BINS « supa) : GRAIN DRYERS 3705 Kilbourn Rd. and St. Rt. 49 Arcanum Phone 513-692-8701 KREITZER FUNERAL HOME TRI-VILLAGE PICTURE PALACE STUDIO 120 North Main St. P.O. Box 207 New Madison, Oh. 45346 (513)996-6611 Daniel L. Stockton, Owner, Manager Bud ' s Electric Electrical and Insulation Service 7847 Hollansburg — Sampson Rd. Phone: 692-8096 Arcanum JUDY ' S BEAUTY SHOP 4110 St. Rt. 49 Arcanum Ph.: 548-5086 ITHACA GROCERY CARRY OUT Party Supplies Monday thru Saturday Sunday 678-9800 8 to 8 1to5 Ithaca BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 83 Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Brubaker Compliments of DOCTOR RONALD K. KOOGLER D.D.S. : - Congratulations To The 1983 Arcanum Seniors POnlun Fram Corporation ' " ■• ' ' A Bendix Company P O. BOX lOO GREENVILLE PLANT GREENVILLE, OHIO 45331 913 940-1101-7 WARREN STREET MARKET 213 Warren St. Greenville, OH 45331 K INCAID LEENERS 6 North Main St. Arcanum, Ohio 45304 692-8359 548-2930 OSWALT IMPLT. CO. Stihl — Sales and Service — Echo 323 Tecumseh Greenville RESTAURAIMTS 321 Wagner Greenville 547-0440 " Taste the Rax Experience " DR. JACK A. HARLESS DR. PATRICK Chiropractors 1230 East Main St. (513) 548-4406 (513) 548-5865 (513) 548-3132 EIKENBERRY ' S IGA FOODLINERS Two Locations 1120 Dayton RD. 690 Wagner Ave. 548-9214 548-5815 Greenville fiyCE ittMl St ' Ni Pumbsmith ■ SERVICE SUPPLY Plumbing • Heating ir Conditioning Insulation • Sewer Service 207 Pine Street Greenville, Ohio 548-8503 A GARBIG BROS. INC. 5572 Hogpath Rd. JOHN C. GARBIG PHONE 513-548-5120 SALES HOME 513-548-5067 JA FLAIG ■ UliHfli t hciiM " ' ' ■ ' ■r ! ' J.A.I 217 We Newr PH:9 FLAIG St Wayne i ladlson 96-1141 McVAY ' S SPORTING GOODS 323 South Broadway Greenville Ketring ' s Locker Service 119 East Washington New Madison PH: 996-3172 PATRONS Dr. Locke Fritz E. Martin Medicine Shoppe Gray ' s Jewelers Sohigrow PEPSI-COLA BOTTLERS OF GREENVILLE 645 WAGNER AVENUE, GREENVILLE 45331 548-2535 collect V IELAND JEWELERS Diamonds — Watches China — Gifts 417 South-Broadway Greenville GREENVILLE ROLLER RINK THE SKATE PLACE 805 Sater St. Greenville, OH 45331 PH.: 548-6606 or 548-8004 7i PIZZA TROJAN PIZZA 3 East Woodside Dr. Arcanum PH.: 692-5160 NEFF BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO. George Neff Jr. (Owner) Complete Building, Remodeling, and Concrete Services COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL " WORKMENSHIP GUARANTEE " 548-5211 6527 Westfall Rd. Greenville FURNITURE - GLASS STRIPPING REFINISHING " Creme O ' The Crop " ANTIQUES 106% NORTH MAIN STREET ARCANUM, OHIO 45304 ED LENTZ 513-692-5855 Dairy Queen 805 Martin Greenville 548-3904 , STEPHENS LUMBER CO., INC. DEALERS AND BUYERS OF HARDWOOD LUMBER AND TIMBER Jack Stephens President 692-8505 r ' .H- r r SCHULTZ MOTORS " FINE USED CARS " US 127, Greenville Ph.: 548-4310 - La Grande Pizza FAST, FREE DELIVERY 548-2201 639 Wagner Ave. Greenville V cajianan ( seeos 547-0355 Dick Ade Sales Manager Greenville Insurance and fraternal benefits to enrich life health and retirement. Richard A. Rehmert DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE 736 Primrose Greenville 548-8641 Aid1f ' Association ' " ' Lutherans O ' DELL SONS Service Store Dick O ' Dell — Owner RCA Television and Radio Bicycles, Paints, Housewares, Tires, Lawnmowers, and Whirlpool Appliances V- V r f 4 CONTINENTAL GRAIN CO. 5055 Arcanum-Hollansburg Road Arcanum, Ohio 45304 Ph. 692-5196 Up to date Grain Market! THE CRAFT SAMPLER 2 East Woodside Dr. Acanum Ph. 692-5857 ANTHONY ' S CYCLE CENTER INC. Sales and Services 1502 Fort Jefferson Rd. PH. 548-3851 Yamaha Honda Since 1948 EATMORE 312 S. Broadway Greenville, Ohio 45304 PH. 548-2520 THE FIRST STATE BANK OF WEST MANCHESTER Ph. 678-6951 COMPLIMENTS OF ELLISONS ALIGNMENT SERVICE 407 W. South Ph. 692-8392 PITSBURG FEED GRAIN Grain and Storage Fast Grain Handling Ph. 947-1604 692-5181 ARCANUM NATIONAL BANK Arcanum Pitsburg 692-5105 692-8600 692-5184 ' WE BRIGHTEN YOUR FUTURE " Drive in Hours: Monday 9:00-5:00 Tuesday 9:00-5:00 Wednesday 9:00-5:00 Thursday Closed Friday 9:00-7:30 Saturday 9:00-5:00 FOX PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS NEIL F. STUMP REGISTERED PHARMACIST NOTARY PUBLIC . . . choose your Pharmacist as you would your doctor •DRUGS • VITAMINS •COSMETICS • BABY SUPPLIES • CARDS 5 W. George ARCANUM, OHIO 513-692-8451 ARCANUM HARDWARE 210 S. MAIN 692-8282 everything in hardware Th9rmm am FOR: Grain Dryers Heating Bottles 7 ff£ SERVICE Dayton — Dunlop — Michelin SISUHANCI Bus.: 548-4085 Res.: 548-5536 WAYNE D. COBLENTZ Agent 700 Sweitzer Street Greenville, Ohio 45331 Compliments of Herbert Cox and Craig A. Dynes ARCANUM BAKERY 110 West George St. Arcanum PH.: 692-8261 Decorated cakes Fresh baked for all goods daily occasions Good Luck Seniors TROUTWINE AUTO SALES Main St. Arcanum PH.: 692-8373 pinjijii - O You can design gj your own class ring V Mascot under stone SINK JEWELERS DIAMONDS WATCHES 11 West George St. Arcanum MILLER ' S TAVERN 15 North High St. Arcanum PH.: 692-5359 New Owners: Betty and Jerry Ullmer The Decorating Centre CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS AND DECORATOR ITEMS VINYL FLOOR COVERINGS CARPET WALLCOVERINGS PAINT SUPPLIES MARTIN SENOUR PAINTS EXCLUSIVE WILLIAMSBURG COLORS STORE HOURS: MON.- THURS. 9 A.M.-5 P.M. FRI. 9 A.M.-7 P.M. 1 10A NORTH HIGH ST. SAT. 8 A.M.-1 P.M. ARCANUM, OH 45304 (513) 892-8483 BAIRDS FLOOR COVERINGS 1 North High St. Arcanum PH.: 692-8627 N (

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1983, pg 137

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