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 - Class of 1957

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Arcanum High School - Arcette Yearbook (Arcanum, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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X, -' f' ,, 1 f. 5 x ,H-I' 1 . x 22-mg x Xxx Rx 4 1 3 xy 7s F, 1 J Q X ' X Q f. . 1 xxx, . M 'QSQQ P.. 'Sli r 'UU .ii1'. , . Q,- Q ." . .I 9: U ll "vso ll. nop 50:0 'alt 1-rf E716 ,4 rccifc' I 95 7 Arcanum Selma! Arcanum Ohm Deahcafed la Our Parents We the students of Arcanum School dedxcate our yearbook THE ARCETTE to OUR PARENTS who have so faxthfully supported and encouraged us smcerest appreclauon for makzng these years enJoy able as well as profxtable Many thanks from the students of Arcanum School I I . D 1 We wish to extend to you in this small way our i 4 s W 1, ff x Q 7' iq 4 , I 4 I 1 , I ?. gl 4 L i A,1 3 -wx 9 MR. RUSSELL GRIFFITH Prrncrpal Arcanum School Huntmgton College Ind1ana UDIVCISIIY Mlaml Un1vers1ty lt IS a prrvrlege to congratulate the Semor Class on complenon of twelve years of publxc school educatron lt rs snll a mark of ach1evement and drstmc t1on to be graduated from hxgh school and to be awarded a dxploma In your twelve years of school you have had much happ1ness and perhaps some sorrows but the moral prmcxples and atutudes that you have embraced wrll very much determrne your future happr ness and success Agam I say congratulatxons MR, ROBERTJ DURBIN Superxntendent Southeastern Dxstnct Indrana Un1vers1ty Ohro Northern Smcere congratulanons to the Semors for the compleuon of then hlgh school work and best wishes for a happy suc cessful future May your ldeals be hrgh and the acluevement of them more than satrsfactory I would l1ke to commend to you Henry Wadsworth Longfellows words The herghts by great men reached and kept Were not attarned by sudden fhght But they wlule compamons slept Were to1l1ng upward rn the nrght L . if ywfl? MR, CLAYTON STARR MRS RUTH STARR Wxlrhington College M1am1 Umverslty Semor Advisor Algebra MRS ANNA HILLER Manchester College Mlami Universlty Iumor Advxsor Latin Mlaml Ul'l1VCl'S1ty Semor Advrsor Engl1sh MR. DONALD BORDEWISCH Mlaml Umverslty Sophomore Adv1sor Industnal Arts MR. DON BRIGHT Manchester College Northwestem Unlverslty Jumor AdV1S0l Busmess Educatlon MR. GLEN HARTER Capual Umversxty M1am1 Umversxty Sophomore Advnsor l-Ixstory gg!! I ull NNI! MR. JOHN GII..BERT MRS FREDA WELLS Mramt Un1vers1ty Mlaml Umverglry Fr6Shm2rl AdVlS0Y Freshman Adv1sor SCICUCC Home Econom1cs MR. RICHARD GRAEFF MRS EMILY HARTLEY Wxttenburg Mxamt Umversrty Erghth Grade Adv1sor Seventh Grade Advrsor Dnvers Educatron Mathematlcs MISS PHYLLIS BEARD Eastern Kentucky State College Erghth Grade Advlsor MRS LURA RHYNARD Capltal Umverslty Seventh Grade Advisor Engllsh Girls' Physical Education MR. DAVID WILLOUGHBY MR EVERETT TRITTSCHUH Lebanon Valley College Hxgh School Muslc MRS MARTHA OLIVER Ball State College Elementary Art Oh1O State Un1vers1ty Vocatronal Agrlculture MRS IRENE UNGERICHT Mxamr Umversxty Elementary Mus1c MRS BARBARA DEWEESE M1am1 Umverslty Western Reserve College Speech Therap1st -,Q-f J 4: '12 xx 1 MRS VIRGINIA SMITH MRS MILDRED RICHTER Secretary to the Secretary to the Supermtendent Prmcrpal MR. ARCHIE LACEY Iamtor JANITOR BOYS Doug Mrllxkm Dean Brown Deo Furlong Eldon Lacey Ross Land MRS MILDRED WARNER Dxetrcxan MR. RAYMOND BRISTLEY Clerk of School Board f'-cur COOKS MARIE SCHLECTY EVELYN REYNOLDS OPAL CLARK RUBY DELK SCHOOL BOARD RAYMOND BRISTLEY Clerk DEO DREW GEORGE STEPHENS VERNON SHULTZ Presldent IVAN BROWN GERALD NISWONGER V1ce Presldent BUS DRIVERS RESSLER FOURMAN PATTERSON BRUNER SMITH KREITZER MR. ARNETT I , , ,w,,..,,,Q,-?Sl34"W"" . MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. wubvzs l 3 I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WENDELL HANS Vrce Presrdent RICHARD O DELL Presrdent GLORIA BETH JULIEN Secretary ROBERT GOOD Treasurer 'j Belreve rt or not these people are semors' RONNIE BARKLEY I wrsh school d1dn t rnclude studles Baseball 1 Chorus 1 2 3 4 A Cappella Chou 1 Glee Club 4 Class Play 3 CAROL BESECKER Carol w1ll always make e grade when she starts rn con srder xt made Chorus 1 4, Class Play 3 Scholar sh1p Team 1 2 3 Delegate to Buckeye Guls State 3 JACK BLIER Nobody but my momma and me know what a good boy I m Basketball 1 Cross Country 1 Chorus 1 2 FFA 2 JERRY BURNS A boy wrth an arm wrll be man wlth a name Band 1 2 4 Chorusl A Cappella Chou 1 Class Play 3 Concert Band 3 4 Scholarshlp Team 1 2 3' School Scholarshlp Award 1- Annual Staff 4- Representative to PTA 4. TOM BURNS When duty whispers low "Thou must " Tom replies Huh?" Track 3 Chorus 1 4 Glee Club FRED CLARK What ev1l lurks behrnd that sly gnn? Chorus 1 3 4 Glee Club 4 Class Play 3. MARILYN CLARK "Cheerful, good natured that's Marilyn. " Band 1, 3: Concert Band 3: GAA ROBERT CLARK A gul dxd enter h1s lrfe. Basketball 1,2, 3: Baseball 1,2: Track 1.2, 3, Cross Count1'y 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 4. NINA CORN Not sad Just qulet Chorus 1 4 Glee Club 4 DORIS CRICK Hard to descr1be but Just as hard to equal Band 1 2 3 Chorus 4 PHYLLIS DICKEY Qulet but oh so effrcrent Chorus 1 3 4 Glee Club 4 Scholarsh1p Team 1 3 Arc H1 Staff 4 PAT DULL A mrrthful gul one that de lrghts 1n l1fe Band 1 Chorus 3 4 GAA 1 2 MARVIN ENGLE Combines studies and fun does he that s the way one ought to Basketball 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 A Cappella Chou' 1 Scholar ship Team 1 2 School Scholar ship Award 3 Annual Staff 4 SHARON ETZLER She s been struck by Cupid s dart she rules supreme in one man s heart Chorus 1 4 Class Play 3 Cheer leader 3 FFA Queen 3 Drum Majorerte 1 Band 1 2 3 GARY EUBANK Ishall either find a way or make one Band 1 2 4 Concert Band 3 Annual staff 4 DAVID FOURMAN Makes you know that he around where something s doing he is found Basketball 1 2 3 4 Cross Country FFA 1 2 3 DEO FURLONG "The less learned, the less to forget. " Band 2, 3,4: Chorus 1, 3: Con- cert Band 3.4. JAN GARRISON "I could call him a quiet man, but ah, I know him too well." Basketball Statistician 3, 4g Scholarship Team 1, 2. """"mn ROBERT GOOD He s quret but nevertheless a very smcere worker FFA 1 2 3 4 Scholarshrp Team 1 Class Treasurer 1 2 3 4 IRMA GROSCH She s always mce to everyone Chorus 1 2 3 Annual Staff 4 WENDELL HANS Llke a tractor rather slow but when he s started he s sure to go Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 Track 1 2 3 4 Cross Country 2 3 4 Bandl 2 Chorus2 3 4 Glee Club 4 Class Play 3 Schol arshrp Team 2 Arc H1 Staff 3 4 Class Vrce Presrdent 4 SHEWANNA HARTER I fear there rs m1sch1ef xn her eyes Band 1 3 Chorus 1 2 THOMAS HEINDL He s the same yesterday to day and forever Basketball 1 Baseball 2 4 Track 2 Chorus 1 ROGER HINES Footloose and fancy free FFA 1 2 3 N-nv-'if 'li' BETTY HOKE She s very thoughtful very fair always wllling to do her share Chorus 2 3 Annual Staff 4 MARY HOOVER She never has a lot to s but look out she may some a Chorus l 2 3 GLORIA BETH JULIEN Full of vigor peppy too girls like Bethie are very few Band 1 Chorus 1 2 3 4 A Cap pella Cho1r 1 Glee Club 4 Class Play 3 Annual Staff Editor 4 Arc Hi Staff3 Cheerleader 3 4 Class Secretary 1 3 4 VIRGINIA LEPHART A kindly heart and happy ways Bandl 234 Chorus123 4 A Cappella Choir 1 Glee Club 4g Class Play 3: Concert Band 3,49 Scholarship Team 1,23 School Scholarship Award 2: Annual Staff 4: Arc-Hi Staff 3. SANDRA LINE Here lives a happy heart. Chorus 1, 4. SANDRA MEHAFFIE "Her pencil draws our faces. her manner draws our hearts. " Band 1,29 Chorus 3.4. DALE MILLER Let the world sl1p by I ll take II easy Baseball 4 Chorus 1 FFA 2 3 4 RONNIE MILLER He s full of fun and m1sch1ef too domg thmgs he shouldn t Chorus 1 ROBERT MOORE Very quret 1n class for he s the retmng sort Basketball Manager 1 2 Chorus 1 2 4 A Cappella Chorr 1 Glee Club 4 Class Play 3 Arc H1 Staff 3 Class Presxdent 1 CAROLYN MOYER She makes frrends not acquamt ances Band 1 2 Chorus 3 GAA 1 2 LOWELL O DELL He knows the art of work and un FFA 1 2 3 4 RICHARD O DELL Presrdent of our class and rdol of many Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Track 1 2 3 Cross Country 1 2 3 Chorus 1 A Cappella Chorr 1 Class Play 3 FFA 1 2 3 4 Class Presldent 2 4 ll ' -I ' IV : : .. ll! " do." .: ..: ': 2 :- : ' . .. .2 s ,. . .. f.n III' Ill: I : .,: 2 ': : .. ,: ' .. PATSY PETRY Her scholarshrp 13 hxgh and so rs our conceptron of her Chorus 1 Scholarshxp Team NANCY POE Once you know her you wrll say here s a g1rl who s qurte Band 1 2 Chorus 1 2 3 4 A Cappella Chorr 1 Glee Club 4 Class Play 3 Arc H1 staff 3 4 Class Secretary 2 IANICE RECK A cute lrttle brunette wrth a smrle that s so mfectxous A Cappella Choir 1 Glee Club 4 Class Play 3 Concert Band 3 4 Scholarshrp Team 3 GARY ROBINSON Worry krlls men I m 1n the best of health Basketball 2 3 Baseball 1 2 ALLEN ROGERS L1fe IS short why spend lt studyrng Chorus 1 JUDY SCHEIDING She has the habrt of berng seen and not heard Bandl 2 34 Chorusl 23 : ' 2. OK." Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1.2, 3, 4g 3. 4. 'SSW-1 I I BOB SCHEIDING My value l1es 1n worth not srze Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 4 Track2 3 Cross Country 2 3 Chorus4 FFA 1 2 BOB SHAHAN Red hau freckles and a k1ck 1n every word Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 4 Track 2 Cross Country 2 Chorus 1 2 4 A Cappella Chorr FFA 1 Class Vrce Presrdent 3 FAYE SHAHAN Part of the trme Faye rs quret but when she s not she really a not Chorus 1 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Scholarshrp Team 2 BARBARA SNYDER If happmess were musrc she d be an orchestra Bandl 2 3 4 Chorus2 3 4 Glee Club 4 Concert Band 3 4 DOUGLAS SNYDER I have that Rlp Van Wmkle feelrng Chorus 1 4 IO ANNE YOUNT The same yesterday today and forever a frrend " Chorus 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1,2, Scholarshxp Team 2, FHA 1, 2, Class Reporter 2 3. : . . 2 2 - A 5 : . Q 5- X, thx? - ' A e A 1: Glee Club 43 Class Play 3: tx ff : . . I 1 v ' , ' . 'S 611155 LM!! We the sen1ors of 1957 bemg physrcally sound and mentally unbalanced do hereby rn thrs last w1ll and testament w1ll and bequeath the followrng artrcles and trarts James Ronald Barkley do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to be late to hrstory class to Fred Troutwrne Carol Llewelyn Besecker do w1ll and bequeath my hrstory ab1l1ty to D1ck Ar Wllllam Jack Blrer do wrll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to polrsh the apple to Walter Wermer Jerry Wayne Burns do w1ll and bequeath my tallness to Carol Reck Thomas Eugene Burns do w1ll and bequeath my :ron CODSIIIUIIOD to anyone eat1ng 1n the cafetena Frederrck Noel Clark do w1ll and bequeath my s1ng1ng ab1l1ty to Wayne W1lt Mar1lyn Kay Clark do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to be a wartress at Clark s Restaurant to B1ll Hans Robert Lee Clark do w1ll and bequeath my curly harr to Lonme Norr1s N1na Joyce Corn do w1ll and bequeath my cookrng ab1l1ty to Gladys Baker Dons Ann Crrck do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to go wlth all the boys to Gmger Grube Phyllrs Mae D1ckey do wrll and bequeath my red hau to Mar1lyn M1ll1k1n P8U'lCl3 Rose Dull do w1ll and bequeath my dret plan to Susan Feller Marvm Leon Engle do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to be a good boy rn class to Merlrn Grosch Sharon Elame Etzler do wxll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to go steady to my s1stet Mar1lyn Gary Lynn Eubank do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to make lucky guesses on rmportant tests to all students who want to graduate Dav1d Lewrs Fourman do wrll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to pract1ce good manners to Jean Huston Harold Deo Furlong do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to do hard work at school to Larry Wallace Jan Nolan Garrrson do w1ll and bequeath my stat1st1cs chart to Barbara Folkerth Robert Lee Good do w1ll and bequeath my abrlxty to be F F A presrdent to Jane Barley Irma Katherrne Grosch do w1ll and bequeath my Itallan harr do to Judy Sullr van Wendell LeRoy Hans do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to stay away from grrls to Joe DICRCY Shewanna Elarne Hatter do wrll and bequeath my muscles to Mrss Beard s Physrcal Educatron classes Thomas Lee Herndl do w1ll and bequeath my superb physrque to John Frazee I Rober Eugene Hmes do w1ll and bequeath my farmrng ab1l1ty to Roberta Warner L Y . . . . Y. Il . . . u . . . ,, . ,, I, , ' . L 1 . ,,. . . ,, L . I . . . .. . 0 L I . . . . . I, . u . , . . . I, . . ' . . . I. . , . . . . L ' . . . I' , . . . I' , I . . . .- L . , . . . L . , . . . Betty Lourse Hoke do w1ll and bequeath my abrllty to be an engaged grrl my senror year to Jrll Brandenburg Mary Lou Hoover do w1ll and bequeath my quretness to Barbara Hrnes Glorra Beth Jullen do wrll and bequeath my cheerleadmg abrlrty to Chuck Crouse Vrrgxma Lee Lephart do w1ll and bequeath my band ab1l1ty to Joe Brown Sandra Jayne Lrne do w1ll and bequeath my housekeepmg ab1l1ty to Lrnda Karns Sandra Sue Mehaffre do w1ll and bequeath my artrstrc abrlrty to Roger Cunmngham Dale Eugene Mrller do w1ll and bequeath two of my pr1ze cattle to Lowell Wetzel Ronme Dean Miller do wrll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to debate in speech class to John Belt Robert Leslee Moore do wrll and bequeath my abllxty to nod 1n class to Dewarne Mrnnrch Carolyn Beth Moyer do w1ll and bequeath my grggles to Kerth Furlong Lowell Raymond O Dell do wrll and bequeath my qutetness rn Englrsh class to Doug Mrlhkm Rrchard Lee O Dell do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to be class presrdent to Drck Hency Patsy Wanda Petry do w1ll and bequeath my quretness to Mlke Vance Charles Clgar Mrller Jamce Ethel Reck do w1ll and bequeath my sweet femrmne charm to Barbara Puterbaugh Gary Lee Robmson do w1ll and bequeath my blushes and hearty laugh to Sandra Shahan Allen Edgar Rogers do w1ll and bequeath all my leftover chewrng gum Archre Iudrth Ann Scherdlng do w1ll and bequeath my abxhty to darn socks to Gary Kmgrey Robert Russell Scherdmg do wrll and bequeath my abrhty to skrp school to Glen Ressler Alta Faye Shahan do w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to avord going steady to Dee Stutz Robert Dale Shahan do w1ll and bequeath my frery spurt to Marrlyn Whrte head Barbara Lee Snyder do wrll and bequeath my abrlrty to play a flute to Rodney Hennrnger Douglas Snyder do w1ll and bequeath my abrhty to srng to the buds I Jo Anne Yount do w1ll and bequeath my abrhty to go wrth tall boys to Joyce Brown We the graduatmg class of 1957 the VICIOIIOUS survrvors of a twelve year obstacle course thrown to us by the teachers and ln testrmony there of and rn the presence of wltnesses publtshed sxgned and sealed this statement and de clare rt to be our last w1ll and testament th1s 22 day of May 1n the year of our Lord Nrneteen hundred and frfty seven Sharon Etzler and Wendell Hans L . ' . . . . L I . . . . 0 I, . . . . ' . . . . L . . ' . . . . . L . . Y . . I' . . , . . . L . , . . . . L l ' . ,, . ,, . . I, . , . I . . . . L . ' . . . u I, Nancy Gene Poe, do will and bequeath my ability to write love letters to I, . I .. . . I, . . , . ,, ,, I, . , ' ' to I' . l . . ' . . . . . . , . . . . I' D I . . . . I' . , . . . . . . - I' . ' . . . L . l . . . . . . 611155 Prophecy Here rt rs the year of 1977 twenty years s1nce the class of 1957 graduated This rs our frrst reumon srnce we graduated from the old fashioned schoolhouse at Arcanum One of our classmates JERRY BURNS who rs president of the Rent A Rocket Enterprrse has offered to take all the members to Mars for the annual Cracker Convention As we enter the arrport we see a mechamc approaching us JERRY informs us that th1s rs our old friend ALLEN ROGERS who has been hrs top mechanrc for frfteen years ALLEN and hrs famous crew LOWELL O DELL ROBERT CLARK and FAYE SHAHAN are gorng along with us and they wrll certarnly be helpful rn case we have trouble Well the rocket A H S 1957 rs ready for blast off Here comes our pilot Why rsn t that yes rt rs RONNIE MILLER RONNIE is the frrst man to travel into the unrverse and he hasn t been the same srnce Everyone IS rn hrs seat and the stewardess IS comrng to help each fasten his safety belt Well what do you know that s MARILYN CLARK Wait what IS this comrng SHARON KARNS SHARON and Leon have chain stores everywhere At last we are blasting off Our first stop wrll be on the Moon where many of our classmates are lrvrng Look what s that floating out there rn space? Could that be ROBERT MOORE? ROBERT rs tryrng a new experiment blowrng hrmself into space He s floating directly toward Mars and wrll probably be there before we are Everyone fasten hrs safety belt' We are landing at Mrlkey Way Arrport on the Moon Here comes our gurde NANCY POE NANCY rs gorng to take us to that famous cheese factory whrch is owned by BOB SHAHAN BOB has quite a business shipping hrs green cheese to the earth As we enter the burld rng we meet DAVID FOURMAN DAVID tells us that he rs the manager of the packrng department NANCY asked DAVID rf he would take us through the factory JO ANNE YOUNT one of the employees here has concocted a new cheese whrch not only looks and smells good but also tastes good It rs trme for us to meet the rest of our Moon people at the Mrlkey Way Arrport What s this comrng? It looks lrke Dick s Moon Beams This rs the famous band owned by RICHARD O DELL The members of hrs band are DORIS CRICK PATTY DULL VIRGINIA LEPHART GARY EUBANK and DEO FUR LONG with GLORIA BETH JULIEN as their featured srnger Here comes BARBARA SYNDER, IANICE RECK and Professor ROGER HINES who are all teachers at the Northern Star School of Knowledge. up? ls that a furniture truck? Well, look who is driving, the Boss's wife - 0 1 9 1 ' One of our passengers seems to be 1ll but Doctor WENDELL HANS and hrs capable nurses JUDY SCI-IEIDING and PHYLLIS DICKEY have just arr1ved and have the s1tuat1on well under control We are now on our way to Mars agarn after our stop at Juprter where prcked up BOB SCHEIDING DOUGLAS SNYDER, DALE MILLER and TOM BURNS who are co owners of Juprters Jalopy Incorporated At last we have arr1ved on Mars Here IS Mehaffre and Moyer s Rocket Stop CAROLYN and SANDRA have these restaurants all over Mars Here we prck up CAROLYN and SANDRA and Rocket Hops NINA CORN IRMA GROSCH and MARY HOOVER, Who s thrs runmng toward us? It s the secretary SHE WANNA HARTER We have only three urasus fMars mmutesj left and twelve classmates to locate before the conventron starts However our gurde rnsures us that they are all here and very easy to locate Our gurde pomts to therr famous hrston cal museum founded by CAROL BESECKER R1ght across the way rs the Engle and Garnson Engmeermg School Here MARVIN and JAN have set an outstand mg record rn the development of Space Shrps A lrttle farther on we pass a large Mrssronary School where we learn PATSY PETRY has done an excellent Job And Just what 1S th1s and how Forergn can a Legron get RONNIE BARK LEY FRED CLARK and TOM HEINDL as Colonels of the orgamzatron At last we are here at Conventron Hall What s thrs bemg burlt by GARY ROBINSON' GARY IS now dorng contractmg work here on Mars havmg been kept busy on thrs one burldrng for erght years Well here comes our hosts and hostesses to greet us Looks as rf our class IS well represented here wrth BETTY HOKE SANDRA LINE JACK BLIER and ROBERT GOOD IA NICE RECK GARY ROBINSON SENIOR AUTOGRAPHS y . . , we n 1 ' , 1 . . . , ' 1 1 . v 1 I l ' . , . . . - 1 1 - 1 9 g 1 S x1,4u Qandra L 32,5 C B' S1 Q . , 'S b QQ., as ' f '4 Vm f ',-' V -Q 4nQarbaramulE ,,'d7g' V 3 :,A. A,?, 'vs , ' f' XY" if 55914 Fl -w Carol 4,4752 Faye gf Bob ' . IELF?tSy Wwllii. Carolyn f una 4 L' - , HH 5 Y , . '- ' if , 'Y Fred wgff Nancy.N 2 f 2 -J .A8I'V1l'l LWCXX 'f"f.. K 2 . Q f F?f'1V1CE' 5-if Wkfa LJ we V irgini v ,fi -., L -.. N 'W Q.. 'lf 11 iff? , Q ,Q 2.1 b , I, A ' '251-' Vg f-- ,N .- - 3- , ,.x .- 'N . x.. -.Z A -V XMIM -'mum JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS DEE STUTZ V1ce Presldent PHYLLIS THOMAS Secretary CARL ELEY Pres1dent WILMA BROWN Treasurer JOHN SMITH Sergeant at Arms JU NIOR A PLA Y AUN T TILLIE GOES TOWN 18 Success I if .1 H Q " fr U if I J A ' ,Mr ,,: f-F W m I X x I CLASS H i I mi , ,. 1 A g A. E A 1 TO A I f , B' I, BARBARA BAKER GLADYS BAKER JEAN BALDWIN JILL BRA NDENBURG DARR LEEN BROWN DEAN BROWN WILMA DEAN BROWN CHARLES BRUNER SHARON BURRIS HAROLD CRANK NANCY CUSTER GARY DELK CARL ELEY SUSAN FELLER THELMA FISHER BARBARA FOLKERTH BOB FOURMAN LARRY FOURMAN IOHN FRAZEE BILL FRAZIER DICK HARSHBARGER GARY KINGREY ELDON LACEY LEILA KAY LA IRD ROSS LAIRD LINDA ALLISON LARRY MCGRIFF HARRIET MCMILLEN IDONNA MILLER JANET MILLER DEWAINE MINNICH PATRICIA NORTH LONNIE NORRIS DONALD PERRIN JOYCE RINEHART HAROLD RITTER RONNIE ROSS DOYLE SMITH JOHN SMITH DEE STUTZ DUANE SWANK PHYLLIS THOMAS DCE VANCE ROBERTA WARNER NORMA WELBAUM LARRY WETZEL LOWELL WETZEL WAYNE WILT MYRTLE WOGOMAN DENNIS LEWIS M 9 i 15: f"- , 1 I f m 'fx P -. 2 'Q ef' . ,a 'h x a X 4 I 7 A . W mf E 5 , 1-l"Xt ,N , , E. s f'i"l?5 v s if Q SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JANE BAILEY Vlce hesrdent FRED TROUTWINE Presldent MERRIE BROWN Secretary Treasurer BILL HANS Sergeant at Arms 'D Does Mrs Harte: know what went on at It must have been a real good party the Sophomore Halloween Party? Dick Ary Jane Bailey Rhonda Baker John Belt Luella Borts Joyce Brown Merrie Brown Judy Burris Calvin Cates Ted Clark Wanda Corn Mary Davidson Phyllrs Eley Manlyn Etzler Tom Falknor Martha Fenton JoAnne Fltzwater Don Flory Alan Fourman R1chard Fourman Kerth Furlong Merlm Grosch Grnger Grube B111 Hans Bobby Harshbarger Nancy Herndl Rodney Hennrnger Barbara Hrnes -A i ...av is i Ronnxe Hoke Jean Huston Kay Huston Ivan Johnson Dale Merer Charles Mlller Doug Mxllrlun Lmda Mrnmch Wxlma Moore Karen Moyer Carolyn Patterson Carol Reck Glenn Reed Glen Ressler Sue Rrce Lmda Ross Carolyn Shuttleworth Claude Smack Donna Somers Judy Sulhvan Fred Troutwme Lynn Trump Larry Wallace Walter Wexmer John Weisenbarger Judy Wentworth Jane Wiley Aaron Wogoman i C? 4' x 'Q"M5"N" iff 'gx -' ,Q 1, Il, ?,,.l, . -N fixgx, K N S my 'Yi' WQFQM, :'. Q ' .,'k x x i"x' ' gK'L- if v 'T ' ,XX .Q., Q, D ig Y'9'nTa xxx 1 H L 4, ,f "s1s"'f4ffg S, WLM! FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS DENNY BURNS Presrdent LARRY ODELL Treasurer JEAN WELLS Reporter LARRY FOURMAN, Secretary DANNY NORRIS V1ce Presrdent Bonme Baker Manlyn Baker Glenna Beasley Manlyn Black Kanlyn Boldman Patty Brown Denny Bums Kelth Burns Larry Cheadle Patty Crank Charles Crouse Roger Davidson Joe Dickey om Eubank Ruth Frrzgerald Donald Fourman Jerry Fourman Judy Fourman Larry Fourman Marvrn Fourman Dave Gabbard Ronald Garnson Margaret Gayman Joe Hart Dlck Hency Dons Hofacker Dorrance Howell Lmda Karns Robert Kexser Chalmer Landrs Carolyn Mrller Mary Mrller Ronme Mrller Marrlyn Mrllrkxn Donna Mrlls 537. Ahnd H0070 IQ! AVBL! T L' A James Knick i '- .mf ' 1 is 'Oh Emerson Mrnmch George Moore Judy Moore Julie Morrow Sklp Myers Danny Norris Larry O Dell Wrllowdean Rench Nancy Richter Galen Rlley Ronald Rismiller Donnxe Rogers dra Shahan Judy Sharp Darell Sxnck Barbara Slade John Smith Mike Smith Frank Stephens Harold Strickler Janet Strickler Joyce Troutw ine Ronnie Troutwine Eugene Varvel Barbara Warner Gary Warner Jean Wells Marilyn Whitehead 81' Y' x. N01 0 N01 AVRIL!! Www 6f'!i?6 As gf Raymond Cates Brenda Clark Dale Clark Monte Clark Donna Corn Roger Cunnmgham Rlchard Dearlng Ronald Deanng Saundra Delk Denms DuBo1s Kay Erb Sandra Fltzgerald Garry Fenton Jerry Floyd Carolyn Fourman Judrth Fourman Manlyn Furlong Joe Garnson Lors Gower Eddre Hans ffzghfh Grade Alyce Anderson Jan Arnett Shrrley Barley Douglas Baker James Baker Karen Baker John Baldwrn Martha Brerly Danny Bowman Jeanme Brodrrck Joe Brown Patr1cra Brown Duane Bunger Elame Byrd Kenneth Cates Na' Rrchard Hoover Judy Johns Karen Kmg John Kmgrey Leora Kuhn Donna Lynn Sharon McGr1ff Fred Miller Karen Mrller Leshe Mrller Terry Mrlls Ann Morrow B111 Moyer B111 Nrcholas Imocaryl North Trav1s Oda John Pease Ray Preston Barbara Puterbaugh Pat Rader Robert Ray Dlck Reck Don Rlch Rodger Rupert Robert Schell Don Shuttleworth Judy Sluterbeck Gary Snyder Dtck Stnckler Shrrley Stnckler Jrm Sulllvan Pluhp Trentxne Dlck Troutwme Albert Wexmer Gary Wrrght Fred Clark James Clark Janle Condon Edward Copeland Sherry Cullers Kermxt Delk Evelyn Dickey Arthur Fourman Gary Fourman Nancy Fourman Tom Fourman Ruth Ann Ganger Fred Garber B1ll Gearhart Gale Good Keith Gower Emestine Haines Jim Hamilton Tana Harleman David I-lepner Seventh Grade Sharon Alexander lane Baldwm Kenny Baker Barbara Beasley Donna Besecker Mary Jane Bierly Drana Bher Davld Blocker Galen Bowser Bobby Brown Iamce Brown Bill Bruner Donna Bunger Nancy Cheadle Kuby Clark 6. Alynda Hrllrs Bob Hrnes Phrllxp Holhnger Ronrue Holsopple Sandra Honness Barbara Hoover Norma Houdeshell Eldean Hunt Vanessa Kessler Marllyn Kuhn Phyllrs Lauver Shrrley Long Beverly McCabe Judy McCabe Larry McNutt QEEE E' V Q lx . s v- Q, 5, , fb, L JW 1, Lx . A 5' s , , as. , 6, 0 ' -sf wsu 0- di -v- 6' 5- Darryl Mehaffre Barbara Mrller Beverly Mmmch Helen Moore Phrlxp Peters Gary Rrce Nancy Rrce Jerry Rrke Larry Rrke Paul Robrnson Comme Schell Gary Skaggs Martha Snyder B111 Strrckler Patsy Strrckler Lynda Stutz Larry Varvel Robert Vest forth Weimer Linda Westfall U nnnh N WW A jumor flzgh Basketball Front row Eddre Hans Dlck Reck Drct Troutwme Arthur Fourman B111 Gearhart Monte Clark Joe Brown Joe Garuson Back row Bob Brown Dav1d Hepner Roger Rupert John Pease Larry Rrke Terry Mrlls Kerth Gower Ph1l1p Trenune Coach Mr Graeff 0- BILL YOUNG Junror I-hgh Cheerleaders BRENDA CLARK BARBARA PUTERBAUGH IANIE CONDON PATRICIA BROWN 'QA' -.1 Co Captaln RICHARD O DELL Varszfy Co Captam MARVIN ENGLE ROBERT SHAHAN FRED TROUTWINE "' ROBERT FOURMAN COACH GLEN HARTER LONNIE NORRIS 25 l Mika. LARRY E FOURMAN Varszty DAVID FOURMAN RICHARD HARSHBARGER DA NNY NORRIS 3 EMERSON MINNICH Assxstant Coach DONA LD BORDEWISC H LARRY D FOURMAN A N O60 JRJXK. Kcservc Assxstant Coach Donald Bordewxsch Bobby I-Iarshbarger Merlrn Grosch Joe Drckey Larry Wallace Larry O Dell James Kmck Coach Glen l-Iarter FIISI row D1ck Harshbarger Larry E Fourman Larry D Fourman Danny Norns Bob Fourman Emer son Mrnruc -J Statrstrcrans IAN GARRISON and WENDELL I-IANS GLADYS BAKER, JILL BRANDENBURG, WILMA MOORE GLORIA BETH JULIEN, and ROBERTA WARNER Managers JERRY FOURMAN and DICK HENCY ARCANUM PLAYS LOCKLAND WAYNE VARSITY RESERVE Brown Concord Phlllipsburg Verona ' Jackson Mramr Central ' Ansoma ' Umon Crty Newton if Bradford if Newton New Madxsou Westmont Frankhn Monroe Gettysburg Lockland Wayne Tipp Crty THEY Brown Concord Phrlhpsburg Verona Jackson Mramr Central Ansonra Umon Clty Newton New Madrson Westmont Frankhn Monroe Gettysburg Lockland Wayne Tlpp Crty DARKE COUNTY TOURNAMENT Arcanum Umon Crty Arcanum Ansonra Arcanum 60 Jackson ' Denotes League Games if Denotes Hohday Tournament THEY WE WE 49 30 45 32 62 64 37 22 ' 83 49 ' ' 39 28 83 '76 62 55 60 44 39 22 ' ' 60 52 ' ' 47 40 ' 48 45 ' 43 27 ' ' 83 44 ' ' 37 34 Bradford 51 48 Bradford 46 28 62 6 5 46 43 47 39 ' 54 36 73 58 48 40 ' ' 72 44 ' - 3 1 37 ' 59 57 54 44 ' ' - 53 56 22 20 ' 57 47 ' ' 42 2 1 40 59 ' 79 50 47 ' ' 34 54 ' 48 47 Kascball Coach Donald Bordewrsch giving in Fred Troutwme Richard O Dell Robert structrons to Lonnie Norris and Denms Shahan Gary Robmson and Lonnie Lewis' Norris ready for a b1g game' Lewis doing a good Job' Out on th1rd' Smith ptactlcrng for a buntl COUNTY LEAGUE CHAMPS Tournament - Second Place Union City Fra nklin-Monroe Westmont Gettysburg Jackson THEY New Madison Franklin-Monroe New Madison Jackson New Madison THEY Krass cfouutry Mr Harter Coach Dav1dFourman Carl Eley Ronn1eRoss Dewame Mmmch Wendell Hans Robert Clark LarryE Fourman 1 Ready' Set' Go! On the home stretch' ' I S ' Y U , I I . . I I I ' ' Y vt 'lr '5H4..,,,,,N ,. .. .Mi uf flzglz Selma! Hand Offrcers V1rg1n1a Lephart Pres1dent Gary Eubanks VICE Presrdent Barbara Baker Secretary Jamce Reck Treasurer Gary Delk Student Drrector Barbara Warner and Carol Reck L1brar1ans Larry McGr1ff and Terry M1118 Custodrans Mr Wrlloughby Drrector BAND COUNCIL PEP BAND Treasurer Student D1rector Vrce Presx Gary Delk Student Duector dent Secretary and Presldent Svufheasferu lam! Hauser! Hand Ou D SXTE ' ur on , nna m L 'd G y b nk, Larry McGri J V F1rst row N1na Corn Karen Moyer, Barbara Hrnes Judy Sulhvan Manlyn Etzler Jane Wxley Roberta Warner Jan1ce Reck Mr Wrlloughby Second row Barbara Baker Idonna M11ler Harrret McMxl1en Doug Mrll1k1n Ronnre Hoke Dee Stutz Jane Barley Joanne Frtzwater Thrrd row Martha Fenton Nancy Poe Fred Clark Wendell Hans Ronnre Barkley Kelth Furlong Wrlma Moore Phyllxs Drckey Fourth row Nancy Herndl Barbara Snyder Claude Smack Bob Shahan John Smlth Vugmra Lephart Glona Beth Juhen ARCANUM HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS .f rvw -r vv-rvvv -vv v-'Y' f 1 1 1 1 . . . 0 1 9 1 0 1 1 1 v 1 0 1 1 1 . . 0 ' ' 1 1 t 1 I 1 1 0 - I 1 I 1 1 u 0 ' if 41" , , Ve gigcgffw Elan .0 IX- ,4731i"'f Ednor GLORIA BETH IULIEN Assistant Editor JOYCE RINEHART Business Manager GARY EUBANK Photographer JERRY BURNS c ,flrccfie 11 Senior Editor VIRGINIA LEPHART Actlvlties BETTY HOKE k inf Y Advertising Roseau WARNER Clrculalivv IRMA GROSCH Sport! MARVIN ENGLE Advisor DON BRIGHT U1 ARC Hl NEWS STAFF Seated Barbara Baker, Asslstant Editor, Harriet McM1llen Editor Phylhs Dnckey Acttvitmes Editor Standmg Wendell Hans Buslness Manager Faye Shahan Feature Editor Mr Bnght Advnsor, Nancy Poe Socxety Editor, Bill Fra1zer Sports Edltor P-WL I! NEW December 7, T956 Arcanum Hgh School Arcanum , OH? WINNERS CHOSEN IN GOOD AANVERS CONTEST Two weeks ago the Freshman Home E Class launched a good manners contest that t1me there was a movie entitled UManners Are Im portant H Th1s movie con tained suggestlons that would was very satlsfylng to see the students become alert to and practlce 'good manners L1fe has been runn1ng more moothly seleet1on of King and 1n each h1gh school was made 1D the fol lowlng manner There was a box placed 1n the study hall where each student had opportunlty to suggest those names, whom they felt showed 'good manners On Thursday th1s box was taken by a group of f1ve student Judges, and they dec1ded upon three boys and g1rls from each of the upper four grades, whom they Queen grade CARELR NIuHT QULSTIONNAIRE The Arcanum Parent Teacher Assoclatlon plannlng a Career Nlght' Program on Tuesday nlght, March 12th at 7 30 o'clock To a1d the com- mlttee 1n settlng up classes perta1n1ng to var1ous voca t1ons wh1ch the students may each student was asked to f1ll out a quest1onna1re Each h1gh school student and seventh and elghth grade student and h1s or her par ents may attend two forty flve mlnute lnstructlonal per1ods There the student w1l1 learn how to quallfy for the voca t1on ln mlnd and of the advmm tages and dlsadvantages of the vocat1on If you have not f1lled out your questlonnalre and retunw ed lt to the offlce, pleasesm so immed1ately so that the com lttee can plan to make the evenlng most profltable 4 4 4 4 4 H NTU A mus1ca1 Christmas progran entltled WGrandfather's Christ masn w1l1 be presented by the Arcanum Elementary School stu- dents on Tuesday, December lL at 8 p m 1n the school audi torlum the elementary school w1ll participate in th1s program of somg and story A ma1n cho1r of 150 chlldrcn will s1ng many songs 1ncluding old t1me favor1tes such as, USi lent N1ght,' Nlt Came Upon a H1dn1ght Clear, a nOh, Comc All Ye Faithful A tab- leau arrangement will be used to deplct the songs and story The program 1S sponsored hy the Arcanum P T A and 15 opaz to the publlc, free of charge HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL . : . . ' . . , . . . ' . D I 1 - 1 ' A C. YI ' I ' . At ' ' hel-P to impfoffe m?m'le1'S- It follow as their life's work, Over S00 boys and girls in ' Y ll - . ' The . ' - .- . . - ' ' . . . . U . I ' I ' - . . . 'I nd , - - .u an ' ' , I n . . A . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 4 4 4 4 4 G A A OFFICERS BARBARA FOLKERTH Reporter JILL BRANDENBURG Vxce Presxdent PHYLLIS THOMAS Presxdent HARRIET MCMILLEN Secretary MARILYN CLARK Treasurer GAA MISS BEARD Adv1sor G A A acuon GOOD MANNERS CONTEST Freshmen JEAN WELLS JERRY FOURMAN Sophomores MARILYN ETZLER FRED TROUTWINE Jumors PHYLLIS THOMAS CARL ELEY Semors SHARON ETZLER DAVID FOURMAN Sponsored by the Freshman Home Ec Class GOOD GROOM ING C ONTEST Joyce Brown crowns MARILYN WHITEHEAD Ronn1e I-loke crowns ROBERT GOOD Sponsored by the Health Class I 956 State 611155 16' l6'askcfball6ham,v10ns DAVIES OF CANADA "Horsep1ay" Outstanding Chapel Program Ii 20 Y Q Robert Myers Sharon North Raymond Penny Sherry Pound Rebecca Rrtz Ted Schexdrng Tommy Shuff Gene Shuttleworth Charles Smrth Jamce Troutw1ne Tom Troutwme Duane Trump tam Sufth Grade bi Mrs Ruth Brawley Tommy Adk1ns Robert Anderson Kent Amett Kenny Baker Suflh Grade Mrs Ruth Alexander Lors Barkley Keith Beasecker Jrmmy Black Erlene Brumbaugh Dana Burns Ronnre Corn DeWrtt Crowe Shrrley Delk Sharon Engle Maryorre Fenton hm Fourman Robert Furlong Denny Garbrg Ned H1nes Beverly Jay Bonme Mrller Cheryl Mrlls Helene M1nn1ch Karen Mullenrx 5, .ff Amr W- 9 f "' ' as ' 1 . ?, ' if 'N . g ,H C.. ' r M tg? fx ,P xy? Q' , ggi QV ' , Q ,F 4 ' '- L - . -g li I - '..i- ..'fAn31.' ' q,.' rl 6.4 . 5 f K s .' Fi l x ' X I V k I 5, ' ,, Q or 5 F , . L . , gf 4. , A ' I ' A " ' 5' .. 'V 'x Kathryn Phillips M 1 ,r V ' M, " l I M M..f.rr-,l , C XM is ' K' ' ' -I L, ' W. v ' ri f., .3 I K W' ' ' . L2 5 S V glib R ,K 'X ' , f ":, X V if , V - Xi , - , -' 1 Linda Barkley Connie Bowers Betty Bowman Dansen Brown Martha Cawood Frances Coppock Susan Cox Harold Custer Roseanna Davy Denny Filz Dorinda Fitzgerald Richard Garrison Arthur Grosch Frank Grube Bud Haines Ned lobes Billy Keiser Butch Kexser Tommy Kruck Robert Mrller Joyce Mills Tommy Moore Lmda McCabe LuAnn North Vxckr North Nancy Pernn Nrck Rader Ronme Robinson zffff grade Szirley Baker Margaret Cates Grace Copeland Davrd Clark EUIICB Crabtree Bermce Crank Patty Dearxng Davrd Delk Terry Ewmg Bobby Wnght Sherry Wersenbarger Sue Wlley Zffh Qrade Mrs. Mary Strahan Frank Adkms Barbara Aukerman Chnsty Baker Eddle Baker D1ck1e Besecker Karl Burris Sharon Cate Carolyn Cunnmgham Kerth Fourman Jane Fox Rrchard Grbbel Jxm Hart Avalon Hency John Hofacker Barbara Hayes Rita Hile Donovan Houdeshell Gomer Huston Karem Irelan Darlene Longman Joyce Miller Anita Mills Connie North Jade Oda Larry Preston Sharon Riffell Dale Ritter Gayle Robertson B1ll Scheidlng Damel Schmick Nancy Shell Gene Smith Sandra Smngfellow Rlchard Thomas Karen Hunt Donna Johnson Sue Kollmeyer Janet Kuhn Gary Lawson Ted Munday Janet Ray Susan Rench Carolyn Rike Barbara Shamtts Jed Smith Jone Smrth Larry Stutz Joey Sullivan Gary Vorles Jerry Weisenbarger Ronnie Wentworth Jane Whitehead Zrurflz Grade' Mrs Ethel Fledderjohn Larry Anthony Phylhs Baker Steven Baker Mary Bunger Rose Byrd Terry Condon Pete Cheadle Cums Eikenberry Eddre Flory Linda Fourman Suzanne Gearhart Mary Green Sheryl Kmck Ted Murphy Gregory Olwine Keith Pearce Sharon Rife Allen Rismiller Deanna Robertson Joe Fenton Darrel Fourman Mike Fout Kathleen Hart Barbara l-loudeshell Susan Johns Donovan Markland Gary McCabe Drana McKibben Ann Myers Jane North Linda Oswalt Pamela Peters Patty Ritz Suzanne Schell Douglas Smck Jane Sodders Laura Welmer Sally Welbaum Robin Rupert Sybil Snyder Gary Stutz Carolyn Trentine Neal Warner Terry Weills Sharie Zimmerman Zfurtlz Grade Mrss Kathryn Shelley John Bamhart Toby Besecker Bernice Brshop Dwrght Black Gerald Bunger Duane Byers Tommy Cate Brll Crouse John Eib Zrurth Grade Mrs Eva Wught Ralph Bierly Rebecca Boldman Jane Bowman Jack Brandenburg Mrchael Clark Thelma Copeland Buddy Coppock Melinda Coppock Steven Frsher Jean Fourman Jeffrey Fox Penny Harshbarger Joe Hoke Ted Hunt Sharon Knick Marc Kreitzer Sue Ann Moyer Gloria Nrswonger Dwane O Dell l Angela Rogers Sharon Smack Douglas Smrth Sherne Smrth Eugene Sullenberger Joe Thomas Barbara Vest Bob Weidner Vickre Welbaum Zfhzrd Grade Mrs Alice Brsh Darlene Adkms Brlly Baker Debbre Baker Douglas Baker Mary Baker Allen Brumbaugh Debbie Clark David Crabtree Michael Custer Mike Sharntts Jimmy Shortt Ian Sluterbeck Kenneth Swank Eddre Sweeney James W1111ams Allen Young Uurd Grade Mrs Elrzabeth Hughes Mrckie Ary Ronme Baker 1111 Bechtol Eddre Boldman Lmda Brown Carolyn Condon Brlly Davrdson Peter Dykhuxzen Cec11 Ellrott Jeanette Dearrng Kent Grlbert Barbara Good Joyce Gentner Lxnda Goms Beth Hallman Jrm Hanes Dlane Hartsook Sue Hunt Martin Houston Donna Kmcaxd Steven Krngrey B111 Kuhn Terry Lmdemuth Ted McCabe Darry McFarland Nadrne Martm Barbara Oswalt Carol R1ce Jenmfer Ruse Roger Ewing Marilyn Flory Dale Ganger Carolyn Garbig Rose Gayman Beverly Hall Vickie Hanes Patty Heindl Kay Holsopple Christina Huffman Mary Keiser Christine Laird Sharon Limbert Dav1d McGr1ff Mark Mills Donald Parker Jimmy Robinson David Scheldrng Sue Schenck Gary Toops 44" 'Q-I IX! N6 Robert Tyler Allen Voiles David Wick Marilyn Wilt Terry Wnght Stephen Zimmerman .Second Grade Mrs Kathryn Griffith Paulette Adkins Joe Baker Ehzabeth Bishop Larry Black Sharon Black Michele Cheadle Cindy Clark Linda Cromwell Margaret Elhott Second Grade Mrs Ann Sodders John Baker Lrnda BenJam1n Sue Brerly Crarg Cashman B11 y Cooper Kent Coppock Debbre Dykhurzen Delbert Edwards Nancy Ewmg Kent Fout Mary Garber Jeanette Gearhart DIXIC Glbble Carla Hahn Scott Hahn Candy Harshbarger Barbara Johns Marrlyn Johnston Jen-y Long Nr!! upw- '3 is Carol Furlong Jerold Fourman Gary Fox Phyllrs Gentner Marjorre Gower Sherry Hathaway Ted Hrchman Bonrta Houdeshell Shuley Jobes Robert Lephart Rex Meyer Patty Pound Barbara Ray Galen Rrke Mrchael Scheldrng Sammre Strles Jenmfer Wexdner Wendell Wermer Larry Young 'L rum' 'ff 'E 5455 WSP' Peggy Neltzelt Colleen Norr1s Dxane North I C Penny Jerry Ruse Crarg Thomas Barbara Tyler Ronme Wrxght Darla Wysong Second Grade Mrs Irene Wersenbarger Shrrley Cullers Jane Cunmngham Nancy Dull Denn1s Ehlers Ruth Ethermgton Jeffrey Gray Wmr Jo Green D8V1d Hayes Darrell Hrle IX I L uv Q-v' I 0 1 as-.1 ll!-U Al 3 If viii v-U w-'ZS' 4,2 if b3Qu who IL,-I pq! g af A. . janv' Kathy Klem Mlke Krextzer Roger McCabe Steven McFarland Gerald Mxller Larry Mrller Joan Reed Sally RICE Karen Rrsmrller Conme Sarver Sandra Shell Tommy Snyder Elnora Sullenberger Conn1e Troutwxne Ern1e Varvel Larry Wade Sharon We1lls Gary Wogomon Paul Wysong X 1 VX J fb 'N-5 ,9 I l ' ' ' 1 . ' 5 E It , . , ,G . . 4 ,, "J I ' , 43 J ,l in f 7 W 51 ' 6 v M Yi' . 4 Y S A ' .AFI-fl' . . . 'i r . N 4 Q - - ' ,J - . Q Q' ' X 1 -f , l 3- lxlngm '7 at 4. , se' X 'S K- Hg, ,, V l f r, . f fl fe 1- ff . , Y I 'S s, 21 1 N, ' G ., rf. 4, . N H J., s' X N .. , X s-' ,S K . -. S gf, ,QK N . . .ge S: , ff? . fy J ,fr z Q 5 ' "Q Im. .S . E , S' A 4 V . t 'Q ,"' f -- S Y : J ' ,A .4 tg T .. I' :n T K V x . L .- 7 qi . Y S S y . ' fx .K t Y . .U . ag-J , X Iackxe Pyles Mrchael Roberts Vlckl Sarver Donn1e Schell Karl Wlmmer Hrs! grade MISS Ehzabeth Studabaker Randy Antnony Margaret Baker Creed Bxshop Betsy Bordew rsch Gary Brec kenr1d ge Nancy Cooper Jerry Corn Kathleen Dakm B1l1y Dull Benny Frtzgerald Thomas Folker Illl Garbrg Donna Gayman Judy Hoover 57rsf Grade M1ss Beatnce Brown Brenda Arnett Joan Baldwm Iuhe Ba1dw1n Fonda Boldman Penny Brown Teddy Besecker Norman Brehm Max1ne Davrdson Ray Edwards Melv1n Ewmg Chrrstrne Hart Deanna Henmnger Ronme Houdeshell Donn1e Hofacker Lrnda Maglott Ronme Markland Cecll Martm Galen Myers L1nda Munn Gilbert Jay Glona Lambert V1ck1 Mrller Txlden Moore Clara Parker Madonna Rhodehamel Randy Rrce Tlmothy Schmxtt Rebecca Smrth Gregory Thomas Gary W1lt Dav1d Young Hrs! Grade Mrs Ellzabeth Wxle Iohn Ary Vrckxe Baker Sharon Brshop Lxnda Black Jenmfer Bowers Mlchael Blocker Donald Custer Dianne Cole Freddle Copeland Vern Elkenberry James Flory Neal Hans Susan Hartsook R1ck1e Hunt Drckle Hunt Vrctona Harshbarger Garl Jones Brenda Llghtner Cheryl Moyer Rrchard Preston R1Ck16 R1ffell Mary Rhodehammel Michael Vanatta Celia Wallace Physlcs Labgratgry Call YOU See the blrthmark? Noon at A H S Good luck' Team good luck' W! i It pays to adveruse P T A Fall Festlval wi v 'X mmm 'Lo i 755 FWHM B SHIRE """' uw, fill 4 'ff fff STEPHENS LUMBER COMPANY NORTHWEST RADIO Sc TV SERVICE Dealers 1n and Buyers of Trmber Arcanum OhlO Phone 264 Hardwood Lumber Washmgton St West of Sawmlll Phone 112 Arcanum s Fxrst and Only Full Tlme Arcanum Ohlo Reparr SCYVICC EZRA SIMPKINS I ff? 51-'lv I1 'K A i ' E. ,' Z 7 rw 4 O CL 'I A529 ax' " ' . 4 V. . 3 '1 , , t ,V KS - y. l 3 3. I , ,.a rf -,. 07- I n V! 2 A ix - . I - , . . ' . . - 12. J. VVAQNEQ INSUPANCE SEQVICE 315 North Main St. Phone Z3 Arcanum, Ohio Complete Insurance Service Fire - Automobile - Bonds General Liability Special Representative for Ohio State Life Insurance Company , , ? er l ' . ? 4 V g, , 23 I If g r, 4 it if .A 3 . 4 H 4, ,f I I lx , "' A FARM LOAIQ-IMS T REAL ESTATE me Jssoczafe of HOMER L EHLER REALTOR ---E Vrzgzzum Or' g ME I IATTIE LES ELECTRIC BARBER SHOP Res1dent1a1 and Industrlal W11-mg An- Cond1t1oned Norge Apphances Llghtlng FIXTUICS Telephone 16 2. M11es East n Leslze Lewls State Hlghway No 49 Phone 270 T1mes Bulldmg Arcanum Oh1o Ar c anum Oh1o Comphrnents of BEAUTY SHOP C Phone 133 RESTAURANT 205 South High Arcanum Oh1o Arcanum Oh1o WM I AND GRACE M CLARK Owners .JA Q Q, an . A .V V, 0 F E I , . 1. - ' O ' . 0 Q -A ,,f,1,-E-.,,............., Ayn ' - - V lv 5' 'gf' -1 s A wi , . ' 'Ro' ' f.. - P 5- A - , d 0- A l . O 0 u 0 T , l , I I , . , . . . U I-ICDKE S SERVICE STATION Gordon Oh1o '-1 Wash Cars S1mon1z. by Appolntments Authonzed Dealer of Perry and Derr1ck Pamt Shoe Repa1r gy me-2: X LIT TLE. DRESS SHO P ur V 3 West George St Arcanurn Oh1o 1 L I 1 Cornpllments of CLARK HARDWARE REALTOR Phone 6 Arcanum Oh1o Arcanunm Oh1o Phone 290 Zjl5 Qgdfmaaw GENERAL CONTRACTOR Rernodelmg Alterauons Free EZst1mates Box 995 Gordon Ohlo Phone Ph1ll1psburg4 4246 General Repair and Maintenance fidwmff idgwwmi Sffzfuzcef Front End Ahgnrnent Wheel Balancmg Motor Tune Up Brake Servlce I..ubr1cat1on Kendall O1ls BILL. ELLISON .TR 407 W South St Phone 234 Ar c anum Oh1o QQMZZQZ for Your Real Estate Needs Phone 8F11 Arcanurn Oh1o Assoc1ate MONG REALTY CO Cfreenv1lle Oh1o 'FQGIVLCACE BEAUTY PARLOR AND GIFT SHOP Complete Beauty Serv1ce Phone 4 Arcanum Oh1o 1-4L,1 STONE RESTAURANT Home Cooked and Baked Foods Home Made Ice Cream Arcanum Oh1o A12 CANLJNA HARDWARE ROY BROMAGEM, Owner Phone Z9 Box 123 Arcanum Oh1o I I I I , . I See I 1 , . a a , . I 1 . 3 'ad 55:4 "Wk ,JCI-IN SMITH GRAIN CO. Gram Feed Seeds Grmdmg and Ivhxmg Our Speclalty Phone 102 Arcanum, Ohlo Nm V QOEEQT Sl N K JEWELER Watches Keepsake D1amond Rlng s Bulova Gruen VVVV MAC COMPANY Ar c anum Oh1o 6 8 West George St phone 272 Arcanum Oh1o Comp11ments of TIQOLJTVVI NE AUTO SEQVICE BUICK PONTIAC CHEVROLET Phone 73 Arcanum, Ohio Fleetwing Products an-' NATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. NATIONWIDE MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. NATIONWIDE LIFE INSURANCE CO. Columbus 16 Oh1o WWQZMQM AGENT R Phone 303 .T Arcanum Oh1O I I ll Y lnmnplioas IIFTFH THE JOHN SMITH CO Comphments of West George Street FOX PHARMACY Arcanum Oh1o Phone 180 Arcanum Oh1o Fme Furnrture for Less 5-J' 51252 WMZf4f4 FURNITURE STORE Arcanum Ohio 234724 FRIENDLY SERVICE Complete Lubz-1ca.t1on T1res Battemes Accessomes Phone 62 Car Washlng 1 N Maln St Arcanum Oh1o INSURANCE JESSE A 'I"I2CDU'T'VVINE Accldent Pol1o Bank Bulldmg Arcanum Oh1o Compllments of E I.. I..E'I2 S P1tSbuIg Oh1o TIMES PLJEL. I SI-I I N 6 CCD NAPANY Pho ne 5 0 Ar c anurn Oh1o Best Wlshes to the Senlors AIZCANUNA IRON AND METAL 204 South Maln Ar c anum Oh1o I ' I Hospitalization - Health MARKET I I I l TO THE CLASS OF 57 We Congratulate You May you serve wlth 1n tegr1ty for better educat1on strlve to worshlp 1n d10n1ty and asp1re to homes 1n freedom and peace Andwhen 11fe s problems seem great remember that you too, are a Trojan and a Cuant k1l1er Phone 240 - Arcanum INCAID LEENERS sf f rl A 5 ' 43. I v . . . . -I . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . ' 9 . . . 9 u - - as .. . SLJTTCDINI S NAAT2 KET 13 15 West George St Phone 6 Arcanurn, Oh1o THE ARCANUM Compllments of Complete Bank1ng SeI'V1C6 W F ROSSER LUMBER CO Member Federal Deposlt Phone 32 Arcanurn Oh1o Insurance Corporatlon 1 - I .. 3 ' F ,, X 3 , Q . y fl T' If K I "Fx O I AQCANLJIVI ALLJMINU M POUNDQY KLOPFER S FLOWERS Flowers for All Occas1ons 302 South Mam Street Phone 293 ArCaI111II1 01110 SOPHOMORES WITHOUT PICT URES .Tuanrta Brown Emma Lou T1ce EIGHTH GRADERS WITHOUT PICTURES Rosemary A1l1son Donna Clark Donn1e Sharp George How about a k1ss9 Patty S1r I have scruplesl George That s all rlght I ve 4 been vaccmatedl I serve a purpose ln thts school On whlch no man can frown APPLIANCES I gently enter IDIO class And keep the average down R R -A-rcamlm, Ohio gin 1've kissed. " I wlsh I had a mckle for every Phone 3 O3 - M "What would you do, buy a pack of gum?" FORD Sets the Pace! Complete Servlce Dept Phone Arcanum 54 AQCANLJ IVI MCDTOI2 SALES INC 120 S Mam Arcanum Oh1o "Drive Better for Less" I Compl1ments of A'l2C A N LJIVI E L. EVATCDI2 Arcanum Oh1o fkl 21 mp' '?aWf dw HEPNER S SOHIO SERVICE Standard O11 Products Grocer1es and Cold Cuts Ar c anum Oh1o Compllments of DAY TCDN 'IQACCQUET CCD IVI PANY Ar c anum, Oh1o Comphments of BA! LEY IVYCTVCDTZ CCD Your Dodge Plymouth Dealer Arcanum Oh1o Lxttle Johnny came home from school crymg Hey Ma all the boys say I have a btg head You don t have a b1g head Johnny sa1d Mother now go and play The same thlng happened the next day and the next The fourth day Johnny came home Wllh the same story. "For once and for all, Johnny, you don't have a blg head. Now please get ten pounds C 'IQSLJSTEES The Store for Men and Boys of potatoes.' Phone l26R Arcanum, Oh1o "Ma, gtve me a sack. ' Sack? Use your cap." - -twins ' 6 A f , fa t 'Me l A 'V i I , me I , . D 9 ' I H l I 1 .. , . .. I , . . I ' I ROGERS HARDWARE Where You Buy Quahty for Less Arcanum Oh.1o Ki B., I APCANUNA TZCOFINCE Bf Sl-IEET' METAL Sidlng Guttermg Roof Mopplng Mueller Furnaces Servmg All of Darke County Res 303 North BUSINESS 109 North Arcanurn, Ohio Phone - 253 We-EU WHAT S YOUR SAVINGS PLAN FOR 195'7??? We are proud of the f1ne accounts burlt here by many of our young savmgs customers wlth after school and part ume earnings Your savmgs are just as welcome as larger savers and they earn the same good retum Now rs a good tlme to open an msured S3V1l'lgS 3CC0l1l'lI Come 1n and get acquarnted with our staff of employees ARCANUM FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 George Street Arcanum Oh1o Phone 117 M EPCDVVN S SERVICE STORE Arcanurn, Ohio Home and Auto Supplies Compliments of I-lENCINfS FARM SERVICE John Deere and New Idea Farm Equipment Ar canum, Ohio CSAEEICS 51265. Allis-Chalmers Sales and Services GMC Truck Sales and Services R. R. 1 Greenville, Ohio Phone - Lincoln 85120 A'l2C ANLJM GREENHOUSE 212 North Main Arcanuln, Ohio Phone - 37 I ' ,W I - n . . . . . I . l I 9 I I-1 AMES Wir! F1ne Foods and Quahty Meats Arcanum Ohlo Phone 114 EJETZQNWS BEAUTY E+-1012 Ithaca Ohio Phone - West Manchester 1F14 SUPER MARKET .ogg 'vn- 'Nu yo! Complnnents of For the Best 1n Plumbmg and PITSBURG FEED AND GRAIN Heatrmg at Econom1cal Pr1ces Laura 7 2552 WE can Phones oo R s PLUMBING AND Arcanum 241 M HEATING Phone 239 Arcanum Oh.1o Complunents of 'Q AY TCDINIE ST LJDICS D1st1nct1ve Photographs 114 E George St Phone IZZM Arcanum Oh1o IXAC1212 I SS NAA? KET Grocenes and Meats Gordon Ohio SCI!-IIVI ITT CANNING CO . 303 South Main Street Arcanurn, Ohio Phone - 72 Comp11ments of E5 . S . SI-ILJF-'F AND SCDN5 R. R. Z Arcanum, Ohio Phone - Lincoln 7-1164 wx .aw 4 ,X M , . A 1 A u . MAN"-Q. I 4 V ' . 1"-,. G We W O Q I .. A 8 I v o I 9 9 D ROARK FURNITURE, INC. Out Our Way We Deal Your Way Laura Oh1o Phone 72311 VIRGIL A ROYER R R No 2 The Potato Man Phone Lmcoln 72426 Arcanum Oh1o Greenvllle Oh1o 66 Q9 D I - ,L.,- .,,, ,,,, , , n ll Q1 - ' f . - 9 I I-HCKMAN S PURE OIL SERVICE Gasollne O11 Kerosene and Fuel O11 T1res and Battenes Automat1c Del1very Arcanurn Oh1o ORA I-IICKMAN Phone Arcanum l18R 1 1f2 lvhles North of Arcanurn on Route 49 Phone - Arcanum 19 F ll P ITSBUEG TDPCJTDK IFF- Wholesale Dealers 1n I..1ve and Dressed Poultry and Rabb1ts P1tsburg Oh1o Phone - Arcanurn Z4 F 40 Arcanum Bakery Arcanum Locker Arrnltage s Grocery Blevlns Popcorn Co Dr D L Cox Dr Luther EI Cupp Arland Dohner Rzchard Fe-1tshans Wendell Fe1tshans BOOSTERS Dr Lennart T Fortell Harter Craft Shop Helen S Beauty Shop Dr .T .T Klar Harold Kreltzer Dr Paul Cr Lenhert M1am1 Valley Tobacco Company Dr Peter H Mulder Schaar s Sohlo SCFVICC Snfuth Candy Shop Herbert W, Cox Louise Beauty Shop A vp 'QI 1-I 130 WHS Sl1l'Pf1Sed' A hard workmg commlttee ff'-iq--' 'vs-vw A long txme ago' i Bathmg beauues' an J' iwgpgmaw 'QL

Suggestions in the Arcanum High School - Arcette Yearbook (Arcanum, OH) collection:

Arcanum High School - Arcette Yearbook (Arcanum, OH) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


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1957, pg 100

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