Arcanum High School - Arcette Yearbook (Arcanum, OH)

 - Class of 1936

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Arcanum High School - Arcette Yearbook (Arcanum, OH) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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'F r . -U-,-,Fwy .fry -f - - 1' ITKWV1 'H-1: .fm if-1-H XNNU XL PJBUSHED BX STUDENTS QF THE AK C'Hl4 NE WS A fi C ANUM STAFF HJ SCHQQL ' y, , 0. Swift? Q Q v- 'YQ .f'A-l.1f .W Q.. , J.. I :af --1 J.. - Y , WW, ,- .-s nirifm. . ,. :ik-:-'-E.15:gQj1-X.:2:-- , , .-.-gat.:-.-. ,. ..'.,-hwg.-.:.:g, 1 h - ' - 'fliflieififf'S'-inf... , - ::l:E.':5k25-'-2713 -P555 - ' ' ' !g.- 7 -'??2::k:1:iF:S:a-- .'33f1'i'f4 'E' ' . i:- . Y .. i 'A-fl WS . '- ff:sz+fe::f:.-.-.Q 2 '.-2-swa-::':1f'f-we. .' .nm 1 I xx- 1 . -iwff-if 1 ggf:.g5,:z3:agz',fg::., .af 1-2: 5 5 'NQk,E.j:KE:Z . e: a-ass.-.maniarar-I-2: V f -if: 255 ' 2 24.1-.aa-Fifa -. wwf 'i71fE7J'A 1 129':f:1wp: 1 EH'.iii'I'?:5':f 5112? ,uf -iff-.-:'f:ifi. 5521 -1-g .,.iv31QJ Q75 - -NYJ-L'7Q1'7: '..4.s:. -' . -.V '-- W w1::1s::f-'-:-.f:fa: fi 'k n:fhi':i-s:?.?-'.-fazz:-fffi v,ff9ff?.ssr'eas'f4wIv ri -he w + -Jig.-:. f,.'r13x'2v,Q4'. J I 1 ,.',-:Q ,-..-tg ..'.5.:-.1.'.i.:g:ag1fF?'1-ILPL.,-,.:3.fig, ,f?E--'fgf-'iff-2,415'-LQ, gg: . 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This paper was scheduled to come off the press every two weeks at three cents a copy or subscriptions for fifteen cents a semester. The staff was organized with certain rules to be obeyed. The staff is as follows: Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager' Advertising Manager Assistants Literary Editor Boys' Sports Editor Girls' Sports Editor Music Editor Art Editor Assistant Rotospeed Operators Faculty Advisor Twila Julien lone Nixon Helen Howell Loredda Nixon Bob Gnagey Martin Fourman Gene Munn John Ball Helen Arnett Herman Raile Mid Swank Darrell Fryman Jimmie Trump Ruby Hangen Noma Etzler Earnest Pearson Mrs Ro E0 Finch. REPORTERS Mary Jean Fowtlo Rosalie Julien Lenore Garrison Della Mae Melling Poogy Wolfe Evelyn Hansbarger Helen Wolfe Kathryn Loy La Rue Driver Phyllis Dohner Marjorie Long Lowell Corwin Kathryn Munn During the year the staff put on two assembly programs. Staff meetings were held every Monday the fifth period. - Q U 'll' ' ,LJ Wfgz , L' fl, lim ,., D fr id. CZ DED ICfXT,Et We dedicate this book to Superintendent Gordon Starr in recognition of his out- standing service and loyalty to Arcanum High School. A , . B x .. - . '?2f?-S -:if-5f+':rf-rs--M .-.1:, :.....x-H+ .. . V... . . .. , ,. . .rw W -:. ' - F-,. ,. ,. --- .. 4 25? ' . -'-'-' - 5 ge: .-mga: ml 1 . ' :- .. f-if .ff A , -. .,f- . 7 . :.. 133- 15- ff. 1 .ff :T-: . J Q-Q.: S' ,L - -g: '- 4 -.55-.h -:, as :I ,, -f.. 4. --2 f af- ..- - egg ,K r- ' Fri: A - - -'-' f-1:m:ni1- ff' 5: T' 7 3' :-.- ' ff' 2-7 A if' . -lf Tr : :- -xi ,. -, -5fiI.'fr5f1gZ5.f1f 1, . .- -1- :.. -- -:--1:.-Q Qi Li , . T fl: .52-ir ' QT- ' Q. '-1 4: , 'C 'bl' .ff t sf- -.QI t' - ' vffaggfzf -fv-.-Q -.v 2 4 2-F Y x f S. N53 S 5 2 ,, s .I 3 'C . ' x 2 4 Q V 5 r' ' Q, 5 tg 5: X A c ii Q 5 gm ,xi 1 j. . .4 -c D.: ,lg x N.,, N1 E 1 9,-Q 951 x -. I 'Q 47 ng I '3 6 X '9 2' 'v mg, xi 9,5 jf- ,. s xyjsm 1..,w ' V ,Ag I 4 I 2 'fy f 1- 4 3 il Km. -. QA- -. V Q, ,. N -. if I -.f - f a ,Z P., ,J ., .4 M' Q: a Q 1 1 - N 1 .4 5. mi! 4' 3, ,, I' .,.. 9 A 5 N 5 5' - -. J X f r ,. I 1 I 5. 5 - .- , . - .- 2352 gee- , ,. 'zz ' ffg.3E f' Q52 :- . ' ' .' '-'-' - :' c-4 :V ' zz 53:12.-cf' fi 5:1 f -2 -Af ' 2:-if A L'--' :5 .-591' ' ' - -. .'f'7':5iIf57E1f:f'2 ,M ,. .I .JK f':1.f-::f5?'. .?f:2.2'1g.j,:f EI??:-:':E. X 1-1. - -cf.. - :'1::-'.-z'.' .. , as-. -.z . .- - -1:11823--' - -E1-1g-Q,-..1- .. if :fi '- Ki? Mhz'-?.':1+Sf ' -rv.r 4if' -?'2.. .Y -- - ' ' A 5j'52'5E'5f 21'l'Q 3 .1 I - 'IELT1 ' f 4' 1-51. 'FS ':' -i ffl' ' - :-f'- S1514-If-l'15:t-5 ', 7 ' .151 5315- .,-' 3:2-' ' :Q- .. -' .jf-1 jf 55 3:-..7:'.---1 ,:-L. Ne.,-:-. 'gag s - .Q Q. 2- 2 ' . -. 3.,:., .- iw., ,g, - 5, 4.5.- ' . -'J.,g:,:1i- 5...'7- ' Q' ' :IIQQI '5'-Y 11, 1 :1: ff :.lf E':C'- 5. ' ' 1 ' ff W7 .rr 2' -5: 41'j'i.'.S7 T1 1, 2. -L-1222? . 2 -'Zi-1 .-.1 Fi: .fs:.. -- - -5'-1 V. .:'::.s. '.7:':1f. .. ,--al.-Ia.. 11 ug , . - .1 -' fx-'-: -. :Z-L c-5-.4,:-:gxh . 3. 4 :-1 ': '-1-1.1: , 31-' :.'. ':i 354' 1' -. '?f.2.'.1'f' :-' If:-11.-r-:, -. V ' 2 ' . '. -14 ' :g.- 1139: -.'::, -. -' 1 'f:l 5.253 . 15:7.a Q.. -' .3-ix' ,L--ffry R-f ., gf ,A 2'--Q 'f-'7 ':i.1- fl: 'irfzfu 3-:f.i.-:-2-' ff f:E:'7 '7Q'i-'l:'7 7:52121 C 42-Q 5' :- '7 I -75,1 1'.-215325 --: .1 .ki I - '-'f' -'Q if -C: -A 4- N . : . 4.:f-.- -ef ' ' I '-I .A 1 '- .- , .' . ac, 44 -1.1. . ,'-g'- D.... l 95 - . La:2: 1 ...'-I.:-El:ii:I: : f':'f? ':i,'1 -2:1- '-'gfg':':1 .-'.:1tv. -1. .- ,:' V. 1: , v'h-M -' .. - 51.--.5 .1::Q.,- .V 95-15 . -,pq ,.....,. ' ' figzi ' I '.'f' ' ' :':fl:.l'f'f . .- Vi. r 'Pl'-r , . . - 5' 1' Q , Y . . ' ' ' - . -- l -5 fi'-:4-'-1-,, .-,f-: 3.-1:4-.-.--:-- : .-:-rf: .:.-.1 :-. 1-'-'A . - ff . . , . , , , - - V V .V ...M lhlluswmmlulfmzurswl 1 'rv::W :,f 0. uf .hmmm , ,1 ..- 4. .va ,U nmMla1a1'imwwm,':x4mx:7 'wumumnmfnmwmummiaair x L 1 1 E l L ,P P 1 id in mm, 7--M Back Rowe-Left to Rights Mr. Newland--Music Teacher, Band and Orchestra Leader Mr. Niemi---Coach, Junior High and Sophomore History, Geography, Hygiene, Gym. Second Rowe-Left to Right: Mr. Finch-Commercial Subjects, Seventh GladesEnglish, Junior Business Training, Mr. Starr--Superintendent, Physics, Algebra, Mr. Starr-Principal, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Industrial Arts. First Rowe-Left to Rights Miss Ramge--English ' Miss Rowland--English 8, Latin, History Miss Youman--General Science, Homec, A Hygiene. Gymn It so happens our Arc-Hi sponsor, Mr. Finch, was rebellious when asked r-A-ease tai ,nurse for his picture. He even tore up a ' picture and ruined the negative. J And so there was MUT1NY ON THE ARC-HI STAFFlln The arrow points to the fatal spot just in case anything had happened to this'picture. O 1 ,S ,-M,hWW,,--As I ii . ,, N I ,SL , Q ' Z, F' vm 5 . 2 . 43 S s 1 4 I QEWQARQ Q. . ,. , Q j . A W! Mr.. SEVHQR? H36 f I V A' , -A .. . 233 ' rf- f f-.-.'K5Ef'???-'e-1- Vqxore f f , A o? f in ': KA Y V 'fbi .-' ' .4- vb., . WJ sail to-nightg Where shall we anchor? I ip., Eldon Rinehart ' ' Chorus, Tracks Vice President-4Quiet, calm and collected, Eldon moves through this sphere unruffled in any ways With a hih scholastic, he and Herman are friendly rivalii X r . - ' -' Martha Fellerh ' - Chorus, Chapel Choir, Clubs-Martha is one of the quiet members of the Senior Class. Jolly and good natured she should always find happiness. Ross Baker ' ' Q ' Chorus, Chapel Choir, Bend, Orchestra, Operetta, Junior2Class Play, Track, Foot-ball, Sn ior Treasurer-Ross came from Gettysburg. He is active in both sports and musical organizations. - Loredda Nixon Chorus, Chapel Choir, Clubs, Class Plays--Loredda is a loyal friend to the true. Very willing to do her share, she has entered wholeheartedly for it. La Rae Driver- . ' Class Plays, Clubs, Chorus, Chapel Choir--Everyone knows dark-haired, blue- eyed uRueyn, Voted Venus of the Senior Class, La Rue has an unusual ability for dancing. Deo Troutwine ' ' ' ' President of Class in 1935 and 1936, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Chapel Choir, Track, Foot-ball, Basket-ball, Operetta, Class Plays, Clubs--Deo has made a most capable class president. A born leader, he has helped a lot in more than one way. Splendid in sportmanship, he has helped to bring glory to our school. Helen Arnett ' ' President of Class in 1934, Chorus, Clubs, Office girl, Girls' B.B. Manager. Calm and unruffled in every way Helen has many friends. She likes Fords and Kenny. Both afford her pleasure and hope. Kenneth Bristley Basket-ball, Clubs, Chorus--Kenny helped to bring more than one glory to A.H.S. His pastime-----.Helen and the Ford. M . 4- . - v l 142, X T. , F- Ami- V..-...,-Q-s-L-W, ,,,,,,, WW.- i v sushi . Y 1-, sr ., W-JW , ' '-D . Vg. . -L vs , 1 1, 1 1,251 v A 1 11 1 1' '1, 11 QQ 4 V H 1214111 1 , ' 2111 + ' , A111151 5:21 M we WI 7 f1-11 1f1 1 .4 1,41 11 11311 1 fv- 1 ' 1 .111w-1 11,1 11 1 1' 1 1 1 4 E W1 1 g1mwf1 1 if 1 11.1 Q M1?'51?,15:,,1 . 11 1 1 T1 'im' '1E'1LL?F 15 ' , Q1 , 11-Mwsfri' '- N np 11 1. 11 u ' .1 1g111,' 1 1111151 - 1 1 -111p1,1111, W' :FEM-1 K ' 13:11 fix' 1,1 111 1 11 1 7521951 ' 111111 X 513 1 L' 'gf LQQQ141 yt '1 'Ni fx 1 W-1 42213.11 1 1+111gu11- 4,1 1 'z :1.1:1u.,111111, 11111: 1 11 tw 'ww - - 1:4 .WU '1-4' 13, my? pgs -T1 '-121,11 ,1 LU-H Q11 1 41 ' .11ff'L- 1 7 : ' 1 111, 1 1 N3 f 2 .fiM1V'1E11: W' iii 1, 113657 -1 M111 1123! 11 ,1 'Jim' Q Uv A 111-N1 11:5 Q Q 1:51 1 1 1 11 Qui? ' ,M ' 11 11.611 11-ff' 1 1 1 iw 11 1. 1 1 , ,, '1'x1 1 1 1 ' Darrell Fryman ' Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Chapel Choir, Senior Class Play. The saying nlt is quiet people who aece plish muchn, fits Darrell perfectly. Hb is interested in music, and wevr gpure he will make good. , Esther MbGriff A' - - 5 Glee Club-Esther came here in her Jr. year from the Verona High School. Rathm er quiet she is willing to let others lead, but is glad to help wherever she can. Leon Snyder ' NAU Club-Rather quiet around school, and in activities, yet full of fun, Leon has been a good follower. May he have the best of luck! Nadean Irwin Clubs--Nadean is one of the more domestic girls of our class. Always busy with a bright smile for everyone. we hope all her desires may come true. Richard Jarrett Clubs, Senior Class Playa-nDickn, a free-going, cheerful fellow, is a grand dancer. Late hours become him as does sleep. Should we blame Mid Swank? 1 Garnet McGriff Clubs-She is the fair blond of our class. Quiet, but jolly she will undoubt- edly not remain a MeGriff long. Bob Gnagey ' ' ' Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Foot-ball, Chapel Choir, Operetta, Class Play, Clubs. nBobn came to Arcanum from West Milton. Charaoterized by his nbig bass hornu he has enjoyed music more than scholasties. Bob has contributed in dramatios and athletics as well. Velma Mcquayv . Clubs, Chorus, Senior Class Play--Velma is a coy maiden, but always happy. we hope she will have many friends throughout life. Lowell Corwin A ' Chorus, Chapel Choir, Class Plays, Operetta, Clubs-uTom'sn pet diversion in life is to appear disgusted and argue. He spends his spare moments attending funerals. , fi O . A i 3 1 6 , ?. V L r . 1 . I i , Q r I i F. 5. 5 , 5 Ax, xx, i I - In 1 Q L M . .rr --Y . .4 p- E Nm u ,.' ' a E vt Kitohel Harleman Commercial Clubs-nOden is the live wire of the class. He seams to get a lot of fun out of life, and his delight is teasing every one. Lowe11iGlarkk Foot-ball, uAn Club, Stage Manager--Clarkey has proven to be a most efficient ta s ge-manager. Football has been his main weakness in sports. Miss Ramge ' Q English Teaoher, Senior Home Room Teacher, Senior Class Play Director-nMiss Ramge is just one of the kids when it comes to a good time, although she is hard 'sn her pupils in class if they don't get their assignments. Junior Gebhart ' ' Basket-ball and Foot-ball Manager--Everyone knows Buck, Tarzan, or Snaybell 1 He s a jo11y5,5o0 fellowy ready to help anyone and al . Hbbart Wick ' Chorus A Club--Hobarty, shy of laoiiesfnis not shy of sports. of High School days. ' A , ways on hand for a good time. He will have Ruth Bidwell . one of the.more quiet girls of the Senior Class. She is very efficient in work and has done her share. A if- Lowell V Chorus, Choir, Operetta-Kendall seems to have with the 4 girls. He in teasing, enjoys life, and is not May he have these 6 0 I s ,X ,N Ui , -V. W . M Q iii f v , Q, L w 1 L. fix s i 5 4 i , , u M., Q f 'fffusmlllm mldmw -wulrmrlnrlll ,, 1 , 1 'zmmlvf . vb rse?1w-clw:2Wf'.1 . wt- ' - ' ' ' - c 2 6 ' - i , i J 1 I Q . .L,. b 1 J.w. Henry fb ' P if if ' Basket-ball, Ch0rus,'nAn Club--1934. Basket-ball, Foot-ball, 'An Club, Chou , rus--1955. Basket-ball, Foot-ball, Track, nAn Club CSeeretaryj, Chorus, Chapel Choir. After you know him nwimpyn is an all-round good fellow. He's especially fond of athletics, fords, and Twila. He carries good luck with him. we hope he nflys highff . Mildred Swank Glee Club--19555 Girl Reserve, Glee Club--19343 Junior Class Play, Girl Res- erve, Com ercial Club, Office Girl, Glee Club--19353 Art Editor of Arc-Hi, Sec. of Class, Senior Class Play, Speak-Easy Club, Chapel Committee, Glee Club--1936. uMidu has had four busy years. Office work appeals to her and she performs it very efficiently. Always in a goodwhumor-you can have loads of fun with her. If you want to find Mid, look for the ford. Herman Raile ' Band and Orchestra--1955,54,55,and 56. Arc-Hi, Track, Class Play, Operetta-'SS Herman brought to himself and the school the honor of taking first place in the county scholarship test. He enjoys sports and music. But we all know that Mary Jean is his pastime, hobby, diversion, et cetera and so forth. Ruby Hangen Sec. and Treas. of Class, Glee Club, Girl Reserve--1955. Waitress for Jr. and Sr. Reception, 1954. Clubs and Chorus, Class Play--1935. Girls' Basket-ball Manager, Class Play, Chapel Choir, Clubs--1956. Ruby is a business girl, willing to help, ready for fun. we doubt if she remains in a business world for long. Here'e to their happiness! Carl Lehman Basket-ball, foot-ball. Waiter at Jr. and Sr. Reception, Senior Class Play, Clubs and Chorus. In sports Cobby has been outstanding, fighting hard to bring glory to A. H. S. He seems to enjoy life thoroughly, taking and giving. Nellie,Vanoe Basketiball and Girl Reserve--Perhaps to those who do not know her, Nellie may seem'bashful, but once acquainted she's an all-round good sport. Twila Julien--Clubs, Choruses, Orchestra, Drum Major of Band, Operettas in Soph. and Sr. years, Editor of School Paper in Senior year, Senior Class Play. Twi1a's laugh introduces her. An all-around good kid, accomplishing what ever she under- takes, she has made a leader for her class. Her pastime? Shall we say J. W.? Gene Long--Chorus, Clubs, Class Plays, Sports, Waiter at Jr. and Sr. Reese- ,535 114, ' fi W 1 . N F 'Mu EFI' T? W ,V 3' ici, W fin :ig-3+ Sm -Q, gm. ,ww 2526, 'Y M 1 ham 'fi Qing. wh 'ur ,.- ff M31 1. fi' 5 L ,, 1' 1 Marvin Bright Commercial Club--Marvin is about the most quiet boy in the class. Undoubtedly farming will be his life work. Jane Reed ' Chorus, Clubs-Jane came here from Gettysburg. Jolly, good-natured she is domestically inclined,and we believe she will always be happy. Leon Stutz - T Commercial Club-Leon does enjoy stage shows more than school. But then he will only be young once. we appreciate his willingness to cooperate. Helen Howell ' Chorus, Chapel Choir, Clubs, Operetta, Class Plays--Coming here from Beaver, Penn., Helen has found much enjoyment in music, dramatics, and journalistio work. Like the rest of the crowd she loves fun and can tell more than one nThe night we- ------ P' Martin Fcurman Clubs, Foot-ball, Track--nDizzyn has always been more interested in athletics than scholastic affairs. Spelling the word mischief, he is always cutting up. Kathryn Loy ' Chorus, Chapel Choir, Class plays, Clubs-nKaten went to Verona High School her Freshman year. She finds a great deal to laugh about,and we hope she will always have and keep many friends. Kenneth Swank Chorus, Commercial Club--Kenneth may be characterized by his incessant teasing. He craves good times, and has them. He will surely always be happy. , . ,Y V -,. J- 1 A A A W L...-sh., T E lf- , , . ,-:twig - YY Y lr ef-v------.T.....,-. W-- --,,,,..,, ffm u 'lui' w'1a1,1'f , 'IA wr w ,. ' ,CNY 15, , W, , .W,.. . +743 W? ,C A 1 - 1 n W, wfi: M: ,ws 12' -wr '51 'M ,mn + is L 41,2 was a f Q 5231 Gif . ,ga n 4: 11 Q' Lx 'A w 5, Ns' ,pm up 1 H, 'REE as ,, HN WE H+? W4 1-'r' P FW L DLNHQJQ Claw WILL I, Helen Louise Arnett, will and bequeath my calm and collected manner to Evelyn Hansbarger. I, Ross Everett Baker, will and bequeath my insane desire of pinching to Warren Dull, I, Ruth Evelyn Bidwell, will and bequeath my studious nature and curls to Joan Robinson. I, Marvin Eugene Bright, will and bequeath my bashfulness to Raymond Millikin. I, Kenneth Albert Bristley, will and bequeath my standing room at locker 92 to Harvey Ressler and Dorothy Whitee . I, Lowell Silas Clark, will and bequeath my ability to cut in on other fellows' dates to John Balla I, Lowell Dewitt Corwin, will and bequeath my winning way as a politician to Ed- win Reese. I, Doris La Rue Driver, will and bequeath my dancing ability to Marianna Torrell I, Martha Ellen Fellers, will and bequeath my ability to skip classes to Gene lwnnr I,.Martin Luther Fourman, will and bequeath my ability to play cards to Beoin Corzatt. 'I, Darrell Calvin Fryman,'will and 'bequeath my position on the Arc-Hi Staff' to l . Tl 'I :oogy Wolfe. 1 I,,Junior Eugene Gebhart, will and bequeath my ability to get to school C?Q minutes late to Leonard Clark. I, Robert Wesley Gnagey, will and bequeath my ability to play the bass horn to Jack Roll. I, Ruby Esther Hangen, will and bequeath my good behavior at church to lone Nix- Ono I, Kitohel J. Harleman, will and bequeath my ability to tell tall stories to Hsampyd Clark. I, John Wesley Henry, will and bequeath my position on the B. B. team to Otho ' Eruners ' I, Marlan Naiean Irwin, will and bequeath my smile to Gwendolyn Houdeshell, I, Twila Lavon Julien, will and bequeath my position on the Basket-ball team and Arc-Hi Staff to Noma Etzler. I, Richazf-d.Jarrett, will and bequeath my love of' sleep to Chick Auker- Ixlilflg Lowell Ned Kendall, will and bequeath all my girl friends to Russell Harpest. Carl Franklin Lehman, will and bequeath my ability to shoot baskets and . thumb rides to Leonard Wogoman. I. I. I, Gene Maurise Long, will and bequeath my clownish manner to Stanley Weber. I, Clara Kathryn Loy, wifi and bequeath my shorthfid ability to Helen Myers. I, Esther Leona MoGriffa will and bequeath all my.soeince ability to Mary Karr, and a Chevrolet to any Junior girl who feels the need of one. I, Garnet Lucille McGriff, will and bequeath my unruffled manner to Evelyn ' Iiarlenmul. I, Velma Almirda Mcquay, will and bequeath my shy coyness to Kate Haugen. I, Loredda Nixon, will and bequeath my sarcasm to Dorothy Reese. I, Herman James Railc, will and bequeath my place in scholastic standing to Bud Rice. . A I, Elden Max Rinehart, will and bequeath my slow perpetual motion to Jin Trump. I, Orla Leon Snyder, will and bequeath my ability to talk incessantly in home 3 room to Virgil Wilhelm. I, Rebecca Jane Reed, will and bequeath my giggles to Betty Warner. V, - N we-N gf, Lam ,M vw ' 1 -,nw f' -5 ' 'VM'-. uw I, Kenneth Swank, will and bequeath my way with women to Harold Pease., I, Mildred Eileen Swank, will and bequeath my office ability to Mae Krickenbarger. I, Deo Carroll Troutwine, will and bequeath my all round sportmanship to Ivan Brown. I, Nellie Marie Vance, will and bequeath my frown to Gladys Kemp. I, Hobart Gerald Wick, will and bequeath my ability to write poetry to Pharon Cor- zatt. I,'Helen Louise Howell, will and bequeath my gossipy nature to Evelyn Brown. We, the Senior Class under the supervision of Miss Bernadenc Hannah Ramge, will and bequeath to the Junior Class our Chapel Seats, our Home Room, our Honor of having a complete Basket-ball Team, our ability to go to funerals, and our dignity and sophistication. Helen Howell H95 63 dl 1 J p til ,,, fr J' NDR SQNIQR X mace new . t is the custom in the Arcanum High School for the Juniors to give the Sen- iors a reception to honor them in their last year of school. This year it was held in the gymnasium. The scene took place in Holland. The decorations were difficult to make, but the result was very satisfactory. The alu ni used the same decorations for their banquet. ' The waiters and waitresses were chosen from the Sophomore class by a vote of the Juniors. The following: Marjorie Long, Rosalie Julien, Evelyn Hans- barger, Marjorie Fourman, Bob Baker, James Kemp, Junior Metzger, and Russell Hurpest.were chosen. 7 The program consisted of: Toast Stanley Weber--President of the Junior Class Response Deo Troutwine--President of the Senior Class Talk Mr. G. G. Starr-Superintendent Vocal Solo Noma Etzler Reading Gene Munn Vocal Solo Howard White Tu, The Ordhestra was composed of colored minstrels from Piqua. i '2 'U :IS fc. A iff. 7-4 u ,-..-3 5 5: I. 7l 'Q d, . I f U 5 Mg T' .gi '74, I, , -1 1: Q 952' 1 P .g.g:g., ,a ,.g2'.'. fs 523595 .-SEZ.-. , ,gpg-'Li-I-Z' ,Q .g.g.,.g.g.'. vm' . ' .'.g.gZ..:.:Z.Zg. ',-2-1-' :.fgq.1'-I-gi ,EH 'ShffHW2PQVwwi? VEEE3' V r .f:Z-,i-.- J.-:,4p:S:S:f:f:f:5:'I,ii:f:Q:I..:. Aj ' 2 ' 5- , -3-. 1 . ' 4':f:1.-:- ' f 15- ,.'L:'?g:g . e : ga .. 1 2:-:5:j:f:f: 'f::., .-:-:lF:2:Y:1.5:-2' 1125- 0 1 . I., .,f.,.,.,..- ,'.. :-,f,..:.- A ,. h 5 .:,.: ' ' fir' :r:2:r:1- 2:5 . 353-rs-rf or sf,-f :sf :s:s:1:ssfs2s' . 'ffl-fugu-55:21 , f . .im-:ie-5.-.Srfrfzifif-..-.:-'5:v:w2:-3-fff:2:f:55ff1'lF?i:-..-.. . . , J-'H - -Q 'e-I-.'..-A-.'-'-. -,...-. 43 .1, -1- -' ,u '1nmmN MmHfv SENJQR CU-X55 HETQRY Cf- ne beautiful autumn day in 1932 forty-six students started forward to build ' X-!Dtheir great battle ship, which would some'day become outstanding. Our motto, Tonight We Sailg Where Shall We Anchor? , was chosen. We were to be aided and superiissd by Mrs. Harner Cnee Miss Kenworthylg President, Deo Troutwineg Vice President, Twila Julien, Secretary and Treasurer, Ruby Haugen through our hard- ships which seemed very entangling for us. Our work was new begun. By the fall of 1933 our ship was in its making although two of our crew dropped out. There were left forty-four to continue the work, Our determinations were great, and soon our hardships were overcome by success with the help of our pil- ot, Mr. Shafferg our President, Helen Arnett, Vice President, Guy Bakery and Seo- retary, Nadean Irwin. Our ship was developing quite rapidly, But in the fall of 1934 the biggest task was confronting us--the picking of our play which was to be presented on March 22, 1955. By the aid of Miss Rowland, our supervisor, our President, Twila Julieng Vice President, Deo Troutwineg Sec- retary, Loredda Nixon, Treasurer, Ruby Hangen, and thirtywseven other members Meet the Family was chosen, La Rue Driver, Ruby Hangen, Helen Howell, Loredda Nixon,'Kathryn Loy, Mildred Swank, Gene Long, Deo Troutwine, Ross Baker, Lowell Corwin, Robert Gnagey participated in the play. The ship was to be finished now before the spring of 56 . In the fall of 1955 forty of our crew showed up for work and to bring an end to our lone fought hardships. The crew selected as their officers--President, Deo Trcutwilhg Vice President, Elden Rinehartg Secretary, Mildred Swank, Treasurer, Ross Baker, and their pilot, Miss Ramge. To put the finishing touch to our battleship the senior class play, nThe Ghost Parade,n was chosen, while the following of the crew part- icipated: La Rue Driver, Twila Julien, Helen Howell, Ruby Haugen, Kathryn Loy, Loredda Nixon, Velma McQuay, Mildred Swank, Gene Long, Dec Troutwine, Lowell Cor- win, Herman Rails, Carl Lehman, Richard Jarrett, Bob Gnagey, and Darrell Fryman. After our work was completed and the ship was ready to be launched, a great reception was held with the main room decorated in red and white while red and white roses were everywhere, The class was smiling as they knew their long cruise was now at hand with the unknown before them. -. ':4:1:5bk5-'-f11 :f.1' . .-:+:-:-:- -1?-1-5:-:-3. ,:::::g:-'-' -::,:g1:-- , sr? edit Q - , .-5: 4251 f' '5:1E5?'52Z!S-:-:-, EAQEQFWWQFQQ PEHFA ,-:,.. 'f:,:,:f--:-:- -'E'-I. Prf:!:-.2 -4-:v fi,-:-'-:,:-:5,r+ ,, ,,.q.,.,vk . ..?q,.. . 1... , . .4-..z.H' 5, ' ' ' 'ff'-:g,7Y?Q1 :gr?:':2 -:I-If f1:fjff2?.1:2:- 1.3 g.-1.-.'., I ' 4. ,. .-. -.35 3. f.-. . '. -Els'-.-. ':-:- ,- -., -tg.-'-349 g.g.,.5.g.-.3.g 1:91.52-.-. '-:4:g:g.5:.,'- 4:-. 3:1.'3'1.- 1-4 ees:z:s:as:s1s252f:-. '-agree :-:5-1L-:ez-iii'-:3:1'f:-:-. .,.:rg.-ig:-' -' 2-:-13:-:-: 553-is-'fz-:5.7:1:3:f:3:297:T:':f '.-:-. . - -:-.,:::-:-'-:,:-:-:-:-:--:-':--:c-. 2-. :2-2:F:!:- . ' ehffrsairer na wa? fssaa gr 21 1:s:is,:z!3sf2g::s:sEf:gs: f '-g:.1,a,,1. , ::-q::5.:1g':g:-.:.-.5:3.A: ::. :g:- -:3,g:35:::,. '.-.:.g.-., I -5:-.35 Igifirff ..::5:2:2f?fSfS7fQff5ffg:?ffE25f3'1f9:-. 'i:2fT. 'ififffitlif aE3:3'5:5ir-gf'gif'555535513Ef:E!!E5i2f2EI.-51!!5fE2?!15Q?3:-.- ?2-.- '-i1i1.1Z:E25' 'E-.gigfgfg 23:3.g:::::g:5:21-:y:gr-g:2:C:'-!':f:BI:?:g:,,5i:3:l.3:- -:5S:- 5:2225 ' 'ffl r-EIECSI5' 5:5-E:Tvge5?a5r?5sr,:3:5gggf1eg Eg,?1-:2851:?253i1irsEf3q- . 1r5' 3:-3,5553:4352-z,zz:,.-:1,i:::g:5:5:1:5.4:55Qfg:g:2:5a5:-1-2131 ' 'v -2. :--5 -x '- :S :-:-'-:fs :5-:,,:-:1:-:1:-.-.-:-:-a-:g:65:9:'Q'!'35 :arf . . - htm? ewwkaaaeweemhm :+anse,t 1.1:'i?t?aagpn'ams I m LI. 55 ,. x ,U- ': 1x 4 . ,, , ..,W.,, , of r ,oorr rlr' X xr-I-I xx 1-1 s.D..J J N..J..J.f-D s.j x,5 J J-. ..JNs.J gl,n.a rainy day while sitting alone I noticed a flash come from my Red and'. White Chinese Burner. As I watched it closely two figures came into sight which were a three and a six. M raduating class came into m, mind. As I gazed Y S Y along I saw a big building where I recognized Ruth Bidwell welcc ing many guests, one of whom was Ross Baker, who was playing a slide trombone in a noted orchestra. This vision vanished and again the smoke come from the burner. I saw a big gymnasium at a college where Dec Troutwine coaches the world's best basket-ba11 team, and on the field whom else did I recognize but Carl Lehman and his famous foot-ball squad. 1 Now comes into view a beautiful home, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brist- ley, nee Helen Arnett, with a maid attending to the house. It seems to me that I should know the maid, ahn-I do. It is Martha Fellers. A newspaper comes into my view. Two pictures are shown by some airplanes. Let me see-fwho could it be? No other than Lowell Clark and J. W. Henry. They are aviators taking people up in the air for the thrill of their life. Other names on the paper coming into my view area Kitchel Harleman, Editor, Darrell Fryman, Art Editor, Junior Gebhart,Sports Editorg and Martin Fourman, Advertising Manager. LOOK! A large office-the door of which bears this inscription--HKENDALL AND RINEHART, ESQUIRES . While I was looking, the door opened and out walked some people. Through the open door I saw a lady seated at a desk busily typing some important doou ents. Closer observation proved that this was Kathryn Loy. Several farms camo into my view where I notice Mrs. Harold Trump, nee Garnet ' MbGriff, driving a tractor out in the hot sunshine. Others I see are Leon Snyder, Kenneth Swank, Leon Stutz, Marvin Bright, and Hobart Wick trying their best to have the best farm products on the market. Esther McGriff is seen selling chickens that she and her husband have raised. Above the building I see a sign with this inscription, 'We buy Poultry, Eggs, and Cream. Manager: Paul Furlong. Ruby Haugen and Nellie Vance have reached their goal for I now see them as de- signers for a London firm. I see a huge church in a big city. The pastor, Gene Long, is seen and also a lady, whom I should know, is leading the choir. It is no other than Helen Howell. Nowg a business view comes into my sight. I see l Herman Rails teaching Mechanical Engineering to students. Twila Julien and Lowell Corwin are teaching Com ercial courses. Richard Jarrett is in a big garage tear- ing machines apart and putting them back together. Nadean Irwin is teaching a class of first and second grades in a small school house. A huge restaurant comes into view. Two girls are seen waiting on the tables. I should know them, yes, I do. It is Velma MbQuay and Jane Reed. An enormous building I now see. Alas! It is a hospital. I see Bob Gnagey taking people out of an ambulance, A nurse in white uniform is standing by, Loredda Nixon. La Rue Driver is seen on a stage where she can now show her ability for dancing to a large and intellectual audience. I sit long and earnestly, watching the burner, hoping that perhaps more visions might come. But alas-y'tis'all in vain. The figures are gone. Mildred Swank lmwildm1xew,::k,w,,,ur. 1 ,. .',wMw.,,Y,uv1mlmNkr1wf: Mr - ' ,- 1 -' ,.-z v-mm.mi.J.Ndl1a:einunmum1wz1z4zh M Trl: 'Twas just a week or so ago While lying 'neath the tree And drinking in God's springtime air, A wee voice came to me. And locking round, to my surprise, I was indeed alone-- But on a second glance I saw A worm upon a stone. nCc e a1ong,n the wee voice said. nMany a thing I'l1 show To him who is a wanting it, And you are one I know.n Now this indeed quite startled me, But still I went along. Then stopping me beside a hole, He sang a funny song. A The minute he began to sing I started getting small. Till when his song was sung clear I was an eighth inch tall. Qthrough, My escort led me in the holeg we kept on going down, Until we saw the shining lights Of the quaintest little town. There at the gates were Kenny Swank And Marvin Bright as guards, Who only let the friendly folk Into the city yards. Just as we stepped inside the gates, A funeral passed us by So we joined the short procession To bid the dead good-bye. The undertaker--Lowell Corwin-- Who was quite solemn indeed Was burying the sixth body Of the former Jane Reed. You see, down there when one grows tired Of the body thoy.hdve that day, They can easily order another, And bury the first away. we then went through what people called Gebhart's cosmetic shop, Where fingernails and golden ears Were sold without a stop. ' i' TRW we soon became quite interested In Furlong's latest suits, Which had been shipped right straight from Mars With their latest boots. Fryman and Leng were models thereg Much fame they had acquired. To get to paint their portraits once Lady artists never tired. All the town was much excited Because Miss Howell would sing From Venus o'er the planet-phone, , nCharlie5sW latest thing. The Rocket, which Rinehart ccm ands Had flown her over there, With Ruthie Bidwell and McQuay-- Hostesses of the air. Henry, Bristley, Baker, Wick Ihre of the farmers there, Who plowed their fields by radio In on a kitchen chair. The Martin--Lehman Co pany Owned the electric sun, Which shines on crops both day and night All records were outdone. Farm women ordered all their meals Brought out to them fr m town. McGriff and Loy and Vance were se e Who were the leisure crown. On many of the farms were mines Which, fro my information, Were owned by people of the nRuby-- Garnet Corporation.n Now at the largest theater Was sponsored for the night Miss Julien's concert orchestra. Unsurpassed? Yourte right! Some of Miss Julien's players were Bob Gnagey and Troutwine, Who have small engines on their horns, Which blow the horns quite fine. The next night's special feature was La Rue's great dancing chorus, In which Miss Fellers spent her time, But called herself Miss Morris. elf' WWWWWW 'W Www m WW 21, M.. Ng?- afwhfw' g, 1ff'1 mf M mmm., win? mc: 'E xii m.,d3 Mfif' M ,, fx mar M 3 Q mm 'a':13'iff qfrim PM F' ,ffm WH I ,Jw 1 1 W rryfiifl 1 we SMH!! taiwan JM xf1'i?!'f Qmwhriiw M M my 0 if sim dwJ2x'I?? ww mf sniff,-11 me 1 mmf 'mm M663 Q ia 3'1+i,5,:sw'nHA M M ,sis wifi! W3 fav k MMM The Raile airplane factory-- A large concern indeed- Employed Lowell Kendall for the job Of testing airplane speed. The greatest architect was Jarrett, The candy lady-hSwankg And Leon Stutz held down the job Of President of the Bank. No town could boast of having such An immense institution As the one Doc Harl man Founded and was npushin9,W The doctor operated on A person in a short time, Dyed his teeth just like his suit For a dollar and a dime. Loredda Nixon was his nurse, Who helped to replace eyes Of patients who were not content With the color or the size. The Harleman Institution Had also as a part, Departments for experiments Of the stomach and heart. The major specialists in this Were Arnett, and Nadean. The former studies of the heart, The latter--the stomach and spleen. Before we started out the gates, I saw a face, But whom? Oh, yes, Miss Ramge was the one! But when she came in view, She faded right away and then-- And then to my surprise, I looked about me and I saw The tree, the springtime skies. Gene Munn W ,mf he we are the members of the Senior Class, Now to depart, Now to depart. 1 First came the Freshmen with plenty of brass, Lung, long, ago, Long, ago, Then from the shadows the Sophmores came along Next, on the ladder the Juniors belong. Lastly the Seniors with step sure and strong Now, we must go, we must go. Mildred Swank schedule for the Senior Class Activities was as follows: May l4---Senior Class play entitled uThe Ghost Paraden, a three-act mystery comedy May 17--Baccalaureate with Reverend Whitenaok giving the Invocation, and Reverend Wolfe giving the address. May 18---School Exhibit where all the work of the students for the past year was shown. May 19--Junior - Senior Reception May Zlm--Commencement with Welliam Eg Alderman, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio as speaker, and Herman Raile - being Valdictorian, and Elden Rinehart giving the Salutation. May 22---Alumni Reception FRESHMEN YEAR: SENIOR YEAR Chapel Programs Chapel Programs--Class Play Class Party Operetta--nChonitau Class Party SOPHOMORE YEAR: Chapel Progrmns Class Party Class Students in the Operetta, uThe Piratefs Daughteru JUNIOR YEAR: Chapel Programs, Class Play Participants in the Operetta, nwindmills of Hbllandu Class Party HELEN ARNETT: Anticipation---Somebody's wife Favorite Study--History Experiences----- Too numerous to mention Favorite Dayc-.-Sunday night ROSS BAKER Favorite word--nDuckyn Experiences-----Has worked too hard His delight----Playing in the band Popping corn RUTH BIDWELL Recreation ------ Dancing Favorite town---Arcanum Occupation ------ Anything Known For ----- -Missing lots of school MARVIN BRIGHT Pastime--------Fords Recreation ------ Base-ball Occupation ------ Farming Favorite Study--English KENNETH BRISTLEY Occupation-----Farming Famous For ------ His girl friends Experiences ----- Basket-ball Precious stone-Diamond LOWELL CLARK Occupation------Flying an airplane Experiences-----Running out of gas Nick Name----- Recreation---- LA RUE DRIVER Known For----- Recreation--- Ambition------ neligms---.-. LOWELL CORWIN Famous for ---- --nCharleyn -Tennis --Her boy friends --Dancing -Lead a practical life --Receiving letters --His stories Anticipation---To live in peace Experiences-----Attending funerals Peculiarity----Nerve and Nervousness MARTHA FELLERS Occupation-----Undecided Favorite sign---UI Love Youn Recreation---- --Going to Greenville Known by-------Her smallness MARTIN FOURMAN Occupation----Loafing Anticipation---Studying Experiences----Foot-ball Favorite place--School DARRELL FRYMLN Occupation------ Teaching Experiences-----Trumpet and Drawing KnQWn byheuunuuu Likes--------- JUN I OR GE BHART His shortness --The girls Recreation------Parties Known for ---- - --His being tardy Occupation ---- -- Passing papers Experiences-----A nBlack Eyen ROBERT GNAGEY Experiences----Bass Horn Known by -------- His driving Occupation ------ Undertaker Has many ------- -Girl friends RUBY HKNGEN Occupation ------ Cooking Known by -------- Her liveliness Experiences--- Recreation---- --Girls' Basket-ba --Her dates ll Mg. KITCHEL HARLEMAN Famous for ---- Occupation ---- Experiences--- Delight------ J. Wk HENRY Occupation- ---- Experiences--- Known bynu-an -nu --His bluffing --Undecided --His mcdelnTn --In teasing -Who Knows? --Flat tires on cold nights --ilWimpyN Pastime---------Going to Arcanum HELEN HOWELL Occupation ---- Best liked car Experiences--- Resolution ---- NADEAN IRWIN --Teacher of music --Pontiac' --Operetta and Plays --Never to stay up late Favorite Pastime-Telling of Experiences Favorite flower--Four Leaf Clover Experiences ------ A date once a week Favorite Study---Shorthand RICHARD JARRETT Occupation ------ Anything P Experiences ----- Driving a Model HTW Known for- ------ Skipping Classes Favorite Song-I'm Just an Ordinary Human TWILA JULIEN fBeing Occupation ------ Teaching Favorite Song---Boots and Saddle Experiences ----- Clerking in a store Known for------Her giggles E ,- 1 F L 12 5 ii 1 lt , A G E 4 , , L 4 ff 1 , 1 x, 5 w N! W we v 5, Q- , , K 'N 2 W' s J dk, 33 if up 1 Eli 5 -gif Q' Civ 3 i 'f' . if . , , Q, 4. , ,fl X Q I , .9 , A 4,1 . E T ., 9 na. g ' 1 12 5 , LM 3 Q, 1 , 'I , 5, , 4 ' , wa, 'g ,M . f 1- 5, .A A 51,2 E' M, 'iw l 'gf , xi li! ,pl J 1 ,: V I 5.5 , Y? aff ef ,Y . . I5 5 4 X52 1 . ' i 1 Q -5 z 3 x W: , V: LOWELL KENDALL Occupation-----Doctor Favorite Song---NI Wbnder Who's Kissing Noted for- ----- His talking CHer NmM' Experiences----Automobile accident CARL IEHMAN Favorite recreation--Going to school Experiences-----Football Famous for ------ Likeness of girls Pecularity----Can not be misled, GENE LONG Experiences-----Too numerous to men- Known by--------His jokes Ktion. Occupation------Beating other fe1low's Recreation-.-..-Going places ltime KATHRYN LOY Occupation-----Somebody's stonographer Experiences----Typing Favorite part of town--Post office Pastime --------- Writing editorials ESTHER MGGRIFF Experiences ----- Riding in a rumble Favorite Study--Science Occupation----Someone's helper Known by-------Her glasses GARNET MbGRIFF Occupation-----Keeping house Experiences- ---- Basket-ball Nick name ------- nLilyn Favorite food--No creamed dishes VELMA McQUAY Occupation---- -Washing dishes Known by-------Her quietness Dislikes-------Boys Recreation------Saturday nights LOREDDA NIXON Occupation-----A nurse Recreation-----Studying Experience- ----- Birthday surprise Ambition------Wanted: A Man H RMAN RAILE Occupation----Looking in a mirror Experiences----Band and Orchestra Favorite direction--West Pastime-------Father's garage seat JANE REED Experiences------Restaurant work Favorite expression-nl Ainft Sayinfn Pecularity--- ---Seldom Heard Favorite fruit--Oranges ELDEN RINEHART Known for------- Peculiarity--- -His grades -Never says much Experiences------Selling tickets Pastime---------Studying LEON SNYDER Occupation------Helping dad Experience-------The Chevrolet Pastime--------- -Girl friends Known for--------His colorful sweaters LEON STUTZ Experiences------Stage shows Occupation-------Farming Pastime------- Favorite town--- KENNETH SWANK -Tending to his own affairs -Ithaca Noted for--------Being a nPesin -Wait and see Occupation------ Experience-------His dates Recreation-------Shows MILDRED SWANK Experiences-----Office work Known by------ Favorite words llMj-dl! ---nI'll never tellu Favorite recreation--Driving the ford DEO TRGUTWINE Occupation-------Garage Work Pastime------- ---Teasing someone Experiences- ----- Ro antio Favorite ---- ----- UI Love Men NELLIE VANCE Famous for ------- Her unconcern for boys Pecularite------Talks little Experience ----- --Hitch hiking Favorite study HOBART WICK ---Undecided Occupation ------- Traveling Experiences-----Getting his picture takd Recreation ------- Football Pastime ---------- Going to school Mildred Swerk mliilmmur.az11M P4m,vv,AHIlviLlL'4irMillm IQ HE SENIOR Clf The Senior Class of Has finally reached To A. H. S. it will And on the paths of Carl Lehman and Deo Have been heroes in thirty-six its goal. say good-bye, life must stroll. Troutwine basket-ball. While Ruby Haugen and Twild Julien Have heeded the typist call. The band will miss Bob Gnagey Since he is the onl bass. Darrell Fryman and german Raile Also liked music's taste. Helen Arnett and Mildred Swank Loved office work the best. Ruth Bidwell and Velma McQuay Very seldom missed a test. The leaving of'Ross Baker, Gene Long, Martin Fourman, Hobart Wick, Lowell Clark, and Paul Furlong, May make the football team look sick. We see Loredda Nixon and her smiles, Junior Gebhart, who has a tread so li And Model T's have gone many miles With nDickn Jarrett or Marvin Bright. Kitchel Harleman and Lowell Kendall Have been out-ups about all the year. As for Kenneth Bristley and J. W. Henry No basketball play they fear. ght So e people are supposed to be graceful But wait till La Rue Driver does her da A solo can be oredited to Helen Howellg A basket-ball suit for Nellie Vance. Stenographers fappear in the form ofl Martha Fellers, and Nadean Irwin, Also Jane Reed, Kathryn Loy, And the gentleman typist, Lowell Corwin. Farming will flourish in every way For Leon Stutz, Snyder, and Kenneth Swank Elden Rinehart will be able to help them Carry the money to the bank. Garnet and Esther McGriff so far Have had no need for tears. noe. May good health and cheer be with them all Throughnout the coming years. Darrell Fryman Q. 'Hi 1 j,, m l ' A 1 1 A 1':', V, T. ,Af JUPHQR Clif- SS The Juniors have had many interesting experiences during the school year, as nearly all High School Juniors have had in the past. It seems that this is one grade that undereclassmen can hardly wait to reach. Upon class organization in the early autumn the following members were trust- ed with their respective offices: Stanley Weber, presidentg Gene Munn, vice presidentg Helen Myers, secretary, Arlene Holsopple, treasurer. Miss Rowland is our class sponsor. To start the year right the entire class was invited to a surprise party for lone Nixon October 9th, The party was a great success, and Ione was wished ' nmany happy birthdaysu in addition to being given many presents. The class decided upon a Hallowe'en party which was given at Gladys Kemp's in their barn. The evening was well enjoyed by students and teachers alike due to the many games and fine refreshments. The Juniors were very prominent at the home basket-ball games as those who did not play the game sold candy, soft drinks, and pop-corn, while three of the boys took tickets at the doors. Every Junior did his or her part to boost the class. What could be better? In December the class rings were ordered, every one seemingly pleased with the style. Those were long days--while waiting for the rings. Now for a little class history. When school opened there were thirty-two Juniors including four new ones: Dorothy Marklyn, Ralph Aukerman, James Kessler, and Stanley Weber. Marie Davison and Mary Baker discontinued their schooling during the year while Wesley Hemp lost his life during the sum er, leaving a class of thirty. Plans are now being made for the annual Junior-Senior Reception. The planning is under three committees. The decoration cmmnittee under Leonard Ckmrk in- cludes: Helen Myers, Cathryan Hangen, Gladys Kemp, Howard Hanes, and Beoin Corzatt. The refreshment committee under Evelyn Brown includes: Dorothy Reese, and Mae,Kriokenbarger while the entertainment committee under the leadership of John Ball is composed of the following: lone Nixon, Dayle Clark, Raymond Mil- likin, and Gene Munn. ' .J 1:11. i,.U, X' 215: S Jw-f SQPHQMORF C 3 A55 ..J ..J n September, nineteen thirty-five, fifty Sophomores started on the second lap of their voyage to grasp some of the many opportunities afforded by Arcanum High School. Mr. Niemi was our faculty advisor for this year. we elected the following officers: President Rosalie Julien Secretary Glenna Hoke Treasurer Ruth Zimmerman A few weeks after school had begun all the classes went back in the Chatauqua Grounds for a picnic. Each of the classes furnished their own food, The class was very loyal to the schools in participating in many of the var- ious activities. They were well represented in basket-ball, orchestra, track, foot-ball, band, and glee clubs. For the assembly programs we gave two in which one was a pantomime, and the other was a radio progrmn. we hope that a large class will graduate in 1958, and each will be able to reach his highest ambition in life. ' . f'l'XmF' VNWQW nil-ff.i.., ,F J !X lthough the Chapel Choir did have e few engagements, it hasn't been very active in public this year. Cnc program was given as a part of the Easter Program at the school of Good Friday as well as various other programs. This group is composed of a group of selected voices of the entire high school chosen by Mr. Newland. The Group studies and sings sacred music,,nogro spiritep uals, and various other types of songs. The Chapel Choir was the group that represented the Mixed Chorus at the Coun- ty Music Festival. l PK At the beginning of the school term the following officers were elected: President Marianna Terrell Vice-President Bob Meyer Secretary. J. R. Julien Treasurer Merlene Floyd For two consecutive times we won the Attendance and Promptness Banners of of which we were very proud. On October thirtieth a Ha11owe'en party was held at the home of Dick Simpson. Most of the pupils attended, and a good time was had by everyone. we presented our first Chapel Program, November twentieth, consisting of an Indian Play and Pantomime which represented the founding of Arcanum. we gave the play again for P. T. A. January sixteenth. The Junior High basketball teams met Butler at Arcanum in two basketball games. The girls' score was twenty three to zero in favor of Butler. The boys' score was sixteen to eight in favor of Butler. February sixth we played Monroe here. They won both games. The score was fifteen to six for the girls and twenty-four to six for the boys. The class pictures were taken March twenty-seventh, ninteen thirty-six. Our second Chapel Program was given April 29. Songs, dances, and a play by eighth grade pupils were given. we pretended it was our class play as we all hope to be Freshman next year. Ili' X! MN .TQ ...J At the beginning of the school term the following class officers were elected President Jane Terrell Vice President Bruce Moore Secretary Orpha Fellers Treasurer Sanford Myers On October 50 the Freshman Class had a Hallowefen the woods which was enjoyed by all. On November 6 they gave their first Chapel Program which consisted of a play entitled nThe lnitiation,H In November the Freshmen won the Promptness Banner and have been fortunate to keep it up to the present time. On March 12 they presented a second Chapel Program which consisted of an accord dean solo by Katherine White, a guitar solo by Lowell Bright, and a radio tele- vision program. ,- . , L r2.-x-.- -7 f-4:,-1-iffrfzfmz M'-:::::g, - 4. h I. -.., g' 4, , va ga ' aff? 31,232 , .:mf's- ' 1 35,35 ,4 j-ani? V f As: . ,' ,- ni- . . Y ' ,a 5-' :J N -.f. 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V.-Q94 I I If 2-2 f - ,.,4,5 55:53 ., .-:f -2'-1,1-s,1:::f-.- :.-:, :cl 'H'2:-1' - fu -'Q' . -,,.-3 ,., .g.:,.g.j'-.g,.,-.54 -,L3'A::':95p-L.: 5.5: ' .. -.Y A - - ' U ,fd 'r . +45 . 61: .yzgqzgf5:3.5.5:5:::-:gl,.g.g3,3 N 5,5 .h -535: - ., -I ,ag ,, N. 5.355 '-.4-.--', iq- -' :4t:.-...,' - 1, z. . 4' :', ::- .v 4' -:-.-: . 4 323- P' '.1'.5,.- l ' .Z!- v . ,.'!-45:53. EQ, '. ,. . fir,-fi1:'xf52:'. ' F 'ii + av' 'l -.:.1,:'-3'+ '41 -'ff'-4-2' .-2 --v . J' .f f X' af. asf '2 '::.:? ':'12:g' 9 1 ' . 5 -' SJ - , '?::+?'?Ff:s1'f .M-:1 ez' ug' f:,.- .iffy ff::.. : - I ' - f -: -.-: 1.Jf..-':--E25-4-'I EZ -Ziff-',-,!g.:'f22-tu' -,.,. in ' .3,i,,:' 'Q .1:1g. -,-e51j., ,, .. :mr -,f?ffi:3f'1 f 1.7. 21.Z'Erf:3.f'I1-'ESMFf ,..1-3: - ff, .1I,-,:g13f,:5g1g5:gf' ,f i , fmlffn ' ?77Z,'f .f'f3r!-. - 5 T5Zi3.'5' Wf i-':1:1 'kf. Q gf' -l f ?2 :-'F''f:19.-:Z'5'5:l?2.C:- , y , J.f-3.2. gi'-:,.,. ..-..2:i:j:Q3.'.-:f-:.:A ',' '2:-:Qt . ' -ff'-17 Q .-,-.:-f1.--:'--,q-:-'.- Ma.:-:I-Af., -2. -. ,. 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'- '21:1 t' 'fi T-:f T W' II-if::-:1'- f,3I:f'1:3l251f f' .': :1'f'35735.2?-f-I':'fIfff5E4-W Eff: 5593 if?1i2f42.':1.1.'.'ff-51'2f5'1 5132'f lf5. -5 -. 4-'Zfff 'krlfwii fi 'N' , 5 - I-f -'iff-if:A+fsf':fSfTsfil3sz1i.f-133- -ifffi1fff2'. .12-fritz' .f?iTf-.. :.:-f'i.-1-'.Z5 ' 'vi I, P I ., 5 J 'f X , '5 , v I x ng, 44 Q -2 4 .-.K 5, 5- 1.1 -. V' -., '37, Ku--w , R S.-::.':gf':::,, ff' '-4 -. -'w 3 x 4 .1 ., ,if 4 x w .v w - g.: Eg . :-:.-'-: ', 5, , 1. 4. , , , if g. f w H. . .. .Q-. - pu, 3, :I . 'ff '- 'M ,,. .,. . . f's.'a.,' .. M' , 5' .lQ':'c .: E. . 1 s - -'-'N 4'k1 - -- if '-..- sb.:-. '.5 f,. -- , , V V J. 5.-,W , -. .w - gg. I lhnl- was Fa cl by, 1-. 43' w f 1- ' -' Q' ,- i'i1J-vyf 1- 1 ,. J'-ce w 1 ,'M'wrr '1Q2,w-,:.f M,g, M , 15 , n i1'i ,L f1nQ.v25w f. wzaf 1A,4144Q:f54Q,JM':1:k wk u., K -1' fviwfzw W- 1 ,wm.w1:-., ,vw f A f Mpnunnnw x gf1:,.V,, .,!5,,,A ,, , ., ,,,r,, ,, ,MM H 'N J ,M :WW ..M1W mit? ' M N , fb 55.4 'Ming wil-f 3515 -Q gr' lava ,if pw gy r gpfliiw. , , ,,,N,, 1, , 1,,, M , L .W 'f N 1 Iv.: , n,'s5:v.' N ' ' 5,74 'J'1s'3 1 , A TL? + 1 rt X ffmm fr rxff P' .xr - hursday, May 14, 1936, the Seniors presented their annual class play, nThe T Ghost Parade --a mystery-comedy. This contained a cast of 16 members which is as follows: Absalom Hawkes, an old inhabitant--Herman Raileg The Sheriff, and other things--Lowell Corwin, Hir- IDM Hawkes, the village sheik--Carl Lehman, Rastus, who believes in h'ants --Rich- ard Jarrett, Abe Higgenbottom, a paying guest--Robert Gnageyg Jonas and Matilda, into mysterious guest-Darrell Fryman and Kathryn Loyg Mamie Rose, Ufreshn from New York-Twila Julieng Anne Watkins, who inherits the hotel--La Rue Driver, Ap leok Smart-uDeo Troutwine and Ted Lewism-Gene Long, headliners in vaudeville, Miss Abigail Jones, just a sweet young thing of fiftyy-Helen Howell, Billy Lamont, of the Red Ruby Film Companyu-Ruby Hangeng Claudiaa-Loredda Nixon, Flo--Velma Me- Quay, and The Pest--Mildred Swank, Movie Actresses. The time of'the action was the present,and it took place in the office of the Hotel Imperial, Littleboro. Pretty Miss Anne Watkins inherits this hotel from her Grandfather. She and her friend, Mamie Rose, arrive finding the Sheriff nkeeping house.n Absalom Hawkes kms made Anne and offer for the hotel, but she refuses to sell. In the meantime tmm hands me young men, Ted Lewis and nleek Smart, come to the hotel wanting rooms Fnstus, the colored boy, says he saw ghosts walking and has everyone nervous. Doors slam, lights bo out, ghosts are seen in doorways, arms are extended from the stairway, everything happens. Billy Lamont, Claudia, Flo, and The Pest are also rooming here. It seemed that Anne's Grandfather had left her a buried treas- ure, but the map was stolen. In the end Jonas and Matilda were detectives acous- ing Higgenbottom of stealing the map.and treasure which they found. Poor Miss Abigail Jones walked in her sleep, Rastus thinking her a ghost. Like most younf mmm, Hiram Hawkes admires women. The stage managers were Lowell Clark, Junior Gebhart, J. W. Henry, and Kitchel Barleman. Nadean Irwin apted as Business Manager, and the play was directed by Miss Ramge, the Senior Advisor. rr i 1 P s I L 5 ....., -w-------. - .. Y -0- Y--V - ' n Q'1? qv ., .,,.' ' -im' 1 H..A , ,,,,,4,m Y Y V V gr- , -q,,,..-,. . qgs --4414 4 ALL.. V ' -'--cr.- JUNIOR fl 'Vi' P' 'XY ' J J -.J..-lJf- LJ'.J ..Lf- s is the yearly custom, the Juniors presented their Class Play, nHe Landed From Londonn, a farce, in three acts. This play was given in order to raise I Jf- money to give the Seniors a reception at the end of the school year. The coach for the play was the Junior Advisor, Miss Margaret Rowland. The play was centered around the problems of ten people: Robert Dahm CStan- ley Weberj, a worried banker, whose wife and step-daughter are always nagging at himg Lola Dahm CEvelyn Brownj, the second wife of Robert, who, together with Florence, spends all the money Robert has, and what he doesnft have besides 3 Florence Barlow CGladys Kempj, Lolafs daughter, who is very sophisticated in her way Caround all but her Motherj, but tries to land Cecil, Lord Beachamg Peggy Dahm CGene Munnl, is Robert's daughter, who is supposed to be in love with a life guard, but finally falls in love with Cecil, Cecil, Lord Beacham fHoward Whitel, was brought to the Dahm's for F1orence's benefit. He falls in love with Peggy and leaves Florence without a title or money , John Mason Clioward Hanesj, turned out to be the Urichu uncle of Robert'sg John Lake CJohn Bally, the crook, and Mrs. Dahm's uncle, got away with a lot. This character brought a lot of laughs and mysteryg then the character that no farce could be complete without, Dinah fDorothy Reesej, the colored mammy, who also helped to bawl things up, the Willis twins, Babs and Binks CNoma Etzler and Helen Myersj, added to the amuse- ment of the play. They had Cecil so twisted' that he didn't know which way he was going. They baffled every one, except Peggy. Qi 6??g?? ,,,f' - j YQ?'! 'F -:- .' V '-I f . X ...,.-.N , 1' MY 1 lbw H- ,af Alf' Y I M Q I F E , aa ,Q , N , . N 1 4' Y '-1: W- M A. ya-5 L C 1 ' , 5 P V ' ..g, X . Ei 1 L wg fm, Q 1, me 'jf' sri. 'Y' 4' 'A N V il. .X U. I' 1. tfvul , , A. . Ta 5' 4R33 ' -V . ' '-I asm' f ' Y if fr- Y FVQ, Q .: iw H ,,'-Qfhyfp ' - : v . 1 4 xx: -4 1 .. r , .' Y . 'I 1' - L E A . ' . 1 ' fs . . ,I .- , n 1 J- 1,' , u' :Lf ., - s . .3 A Q ' A , N -Q. f ss 4 honita, the high-school operetta, was presented in the December 17, 1955, under the direction of Mr. Newland X , Ramge for the speaking parts, and Miss Youman for the crowd which came to see it proved its success. Arcanum High School, for the music, Miss dancing. The large The story is centered around the romance of a couple in tribe. a Hungarian gypsy In the first act was found the lovely Chonita KTwila Julienl being crowned the Princess by her tribe. Just as Stephen, the minstrel of the tribe CRoss Bakerl, declares his love to Chonita and announces it to Chonita's father, Mur do KB b G ' 4' ' ' o nageyl, Murdo tells Chonita that ne must fulfill a promise made to his dying wife by sending Chonita to visit her mother's people who are white people. Though it is against Chonitais wishes, she goes to Budapest, accompanied by her old nurse, Daya fHe1en Howelll. The second act takes place in the Stanescu home in Budapest where Mr and Mr o So Stanescu CLowell Corwin and Gene Munnl and their son Konrad fDeo Troutwinej re- ceive Ch 't ' ' ' ' oni a into their home. Their butler CLowell Kendallj and Daya furnish much comedy. One of the Stanescu's first attempts to ucivilizeu the gypsy prin- cess 18 made by having a ball in her honor. Here Konrad fall ' l s in ove with her. Stephen, hired by Mrs. Stanescu as the entertainer, upon his arrival at the h Q n ome overhears Konrad confess his love for Chonita. When Stephen sees how lit- tle he can offer to Chonita compared with Konrad, he sorrowfull ives her f Y S UP to Konrad. Word comes of an accident at home in which Murdo is the victim. The gypsies return to their camp, taking Konrad with them. In the third act everyone is back at home around the group is Konrad, who, though at first he found it quite bored. Murdo is almost recovered, but the love affairs cated. At last Daya comes to the rescue by.reading the to return to his home for a great trip is awaiting him, old love d Ch ' ' , an onita to return to her tribe where her 1 campfire. Among the romantic, is now quite are still quite compli- stars which tell Konrad Stephen to return to his over is awaiting her. ,M ww, W' A'1C'T, ,Q 5-if A., , , af 12 ' qwzggjz W1 4 LH - r 1, 51 gi? , 1 X 3 Ax. , 55,1 2 ' 1 FK fs. Q . E H QM ,51-,H 'D 2 1 gf WIV4 X U., 7 'W' - ' Qljzf . JUmgf.': 11 ' 4 QPAWG' if 7iE'w'M 255 Y W, Mix -.hw Mft' ', -.9 1 323515 14 , ,,,, ,V NWN I'f535f H!iXfi.:-. , ,G -A gr? W , 4 ' 1 'gh xv., 1 v ,-'-- - A.i ..L,, AKA in gr V i T - he Assembly Committee meets on Monday of each week. Its membership is com.. posed of' three students of each of the classes and from each of the alma, The first activity of the club was to outline a schedule of assembly pro- ggrams for the year. After the dates had been set for the various assemblies, several meetings were spent in discussing the many types of assemblies which could be given by the different groups. A card for the rating oi' assembly pro- grams was devised and used. The object of the committee was two-fold: First, it attempted to offer help to the various ciubs and classes in selecting material for their programs, and to provide suggestions for presenting the materialg Second, to offer training and experience in the prejariig and presentation of programs of' various types. It was hoped that this infomation and training would prove to be beneficial to the students after they had graduated from school, Assembly programs were given by this Committee during the year at Thanksgiv- ing, Christmas, and Easter. Mr. G. G. Starr was sponsor of the ocxrnnittee. Nom Etzler acted as secretary for the first semester and Evelyn Brown for the seo cond semester. ' O ei. . I .c K get 3-X 1 -,.,. s- ,gl - 35,6- If n . - , sf sf- 1- A X Q1 ,J - . X. , T ' 'ix fifr-s-.-.f Y wee, .zz-gil ff' 5711- m'1?'9 'arfQl1f N Y s H L ' 54:-125 -:ff 4575517 j '::::5- '7fif1ffL- , f , Q ,mf 'N 1 .1 ...V 'sg' ' M -ugly aww 5 - iT:'.++' r 1 - A if - .-,, . 'IN M, . tw' ,, J' , 1 1. X y EI' V, 4,4 , M, wmrxr ,ll ' ag, Mm 551 ' , 6 , Q, a 3 ,V V 'X ' ,I 1-,gf . . . , ,, x ,E , '12 , ff, M -,,QA,, ' ,if 1 , , , , fm 3 , , ,,,. WT: ,, ,fx ,J we ff, 5 w, ','-1 ,115 , M'-E ',2 44: 1 1 ,1,,,51? ' , M ' MW Q, ,WQEA W 'F X! ,gw , g,,,,! I V gi , w' M 'Y 1 'i 4 , U - 1 N: 4 m , W f 1, .,,, SM : , ,, 2,124 ' 32,4 fM'M,gf' ' 'J 'i M 11 '7W,,f .,L- ' M51 'S 'Mf 'QW fy: , ,., , W p, W M'-Q33 1-,ai ut Y. ,Wx W55i'Ki.zIbi, ' , A ' fm. ' gg .lug ,, Sf: 'W' '-I , wg Ii ,, ' V :,,'QFi,iw 1, '1fff' f' 1 fgi , f 4 Af: JNLT' 'f , ,N ' fam, if 5? -Sf, ,'g1:f,g',fN:N l ,,, , ,-gf . ', ,, ' X, ,gg f 4 ,, ,fi 'll 1 ' , ff ,inf W U, ,321 L wf 11, 1, ii., 'l'i,wA,, 'A Z' , -,SWL , 42 4 ' ,,,5,,r ' . Wm ,:- 'tx ,Q H ,e, 1 N 1 3 ' im ' -,' A. , , , y., 2 ' 1, ' A 1 , WBT,-: F N ,Q ,R W: W 5 ',',' --, . -N , 'S fm ,V wlfk f iw, Q Q FH ,i , ,A , , , , . 'M- ff 9- , , ' 'ZF','7,f?f:,,jf?,I''HJR' W: ,' , ,' '3 f'1- .1 ,, 'WV 1 N, Vw 'W E w,f,, u,, ,- N 1551 ,M 91 3 1 '!1 ,,' N WWE 2 sqgwm, Wvwlw 1, .r,-,wa f'YWT',v N 1'Jf,f1'w ,' ,',M,M'H, 22' , ,Tv ,L lb -MEF,-'QT ,e ' ,L , Wu W: 'f,4,2f'i ' Zi-W f: ,,'.,I1wQF1 ,WML ,1Q'2,,4.,,'w5,, ,, fQ3,,- . 'wi 'J , , H f ' , ,M 'J' ' 2 ,Nw ' 5 , ,'1-,g,,-, - H , , ',Q1,,,' ,fm-J' ,g,',- Y ,,,,,,,4:h 1,4 wa --ms E, 'al I-Fi, I My gwimig vim, ' WM'-E' 3w,n1g:r,,,, ,, '+'f?Lg'.,--,M 'fwziif' MW:-+1.'f , ' ,sql--, 'x we a' df- A5 wgawjj ,1,,,, 145-5 , ,1 'M'-if-W , 1,,,q,1fq,-M ' H 4 ' M' V w'31,f'Y'f if ,' '- H- . . Y---A in-' ,,l,,Q. - F Y L ' . A' I I I . ff. 5 i in Kffjfxfifxfxfkfiafil T U EJ u r 1.he Com ercial Club, with Mr. Finch as its sponsor, had forty-three members participating. , , 0 The club decided to sponsor a show every two weeks andgattem t t h p o ave a field trip every two months. Although the latter was notqasprevalent as the former, three trips were taken. The first field trip was taken to the Dayton Dail N h y ews, and the WHIO studio in Dayton. The students learned the course of a daily paper from beginning to end and also the Wire Photo machinery. Although no broadcast was witnessed sev- 9 eral members played the pianos, and several selections were played by an organ- ist of the studio. The club also visited the power plant and the tennis racket factory in'Arcet llnumo ' Another trip was taken to-Wright Air Field in Dayton. 'A' Motion pictures played the most important part in the club Pictures we . re shown at the noon hour to provide entertainment for those who stayed for their 1 o o unches. They proved to be very interesting and also educational. The officers of the organization area President----- ---------- --------Helen Arnett Vice President ---- ---- ---- -------Kenneth Bristley Secretary---- --------- -- ------ ---Lenore Garrison Treasurer ---------------------- -Dayle Clark 'R 'X V J V fi F U 'Q' Of the many clubs in school probably the least known it the Radio Club . This is an organization for those interested in the now promising field of radio, meeting two periods a week, which time is spent in tecknical study and repair work. There is a good su 1 f 1 t ' I pp y o e ec rical apparatus in the laboratory and many good radio magazines. ' M 1, 4 wa lu 3 :S o . H 4 1.a?'0'!lf53f5' Q Xi! ., an ,ah -ff f ' f' o 4 1 f- ignicg, parties, chapel programs..-all these co e in the year of activities for the Girl Reserves. ' . On September 26, the Girl Reserves enjoyed a picnic which was to be in the Ivester Park, but due to bad weather it was held in the Home Economics Labora- tory. To this picnic were invited all the girls of the high school. The Girl Reserves presented two chapel programs during the year. On October 2nd they had candle-light installation services. For their program April 1, they presented a variety program from the Gay Nineties. April 2, they enjoyed a delayed April Fool's Party. Games were played in the gymnasium and refreshments served in the Home Economics Laboratory. In the latter part of the year they enjoyed a hike and a party for the Motherl. At the regular weekly meetings they discussed many interesting subjects--such as, hobbies, book reviews, movie reviews, make-up, vocations, and many others. The officers of this group are as follows: President, Lorodda Nixong Program Chairman, La Rue Driverg Vice President, Ruby Hangeng Secretary, Rosalie Julien: Treasurer, Gladys Kempg Social Chairman, lone Nixong Devotional Chainman, Helen Arnettg Membership Chairman, Twila Julieng Song Leader, Marjorie Longg and Fac- ulty Advisor, Miss Ramge. Due to basketball, Marjorie Fourman replaced Rosalie Julien as Secretary Noma Etzler replaced Marjorie Long as Song Leader,and Dorothy Reese replaced Twila Julien as Membership Chairman. Purpose: To find and give the best. Slogan: To face life squarely. ,CJRL RESERVES ,P 1 Y I F f I 1 5 ' l E r fl ,, 3-:sf-gg.. , 1 -H QI ug .,-Lim-i W ,H -N, M555 145 W ,, -1 1- , f ga: ,, M 1 w, ,. M, ,,, .'iu' F53 '- L 1' ' ' Wxgw, Y 11, ' 2 Vw, .'1'Lm,, , H ,xg z,,,,,.' H, W ,,,,, ,, ,V .. 3, 4 fi Niw 'if' W gp, , w,,f5Lz,, 4: mf 1A E,f,:lNV?7i'1 TV, :N P '59 ' ,.ia.g,v ,,r' -K,- ', , f ,-wg, Q L, Q , ' A1 ' , ,1 'ww' mg ff! ,, ', 'fihwfrxn Q ,fm a Sv , ' 1,4 -, fb m:,, 'imt2i'wIwN .,T?H ,,m,, f JM 'L Y - if 'iu f' , ,, , v '19gf '-5-T iny 'Q -5' 1'5 I 'f3fi:f,, ,,:1gis+??7 ' ,Q ' 1 ,541 , : f m t JJ, V K -, , 3 , ,M N , - ,H , Wu gh 1' Jw., Wg ' V, ' - - ,F X 1, , ' ,. 1., 151, ' 3.1. , ,F,,, , , 1 X, ,, Y pq ,T F ,Q , M ,:1,, . Lxmwiigi, X, ., ,, ,, ' , 1 , w w k, 1 ', , .1 N ,121 ' ,, ,, H ,, '- ,, , 1' 1 , f ww, ,' ' 'l ' jk' ', P ', N-'M ' :,,' gf 'fgd-Q5'5m'39,!'F!3,' -e1-'ffL.a - ' is f ' -J Q 5 - V ,.+- ,-- ,, 5,,-,:, ,V , . w,,. -1 . M , 5 , .u ,J ' ig' N U ' ' ' ' W. N SM. M ' l',,1 lf, ,gfrk 7'a1Y', V ,MK ' ,?M - ' DMM' 'J' ,,.,, . gh :WE W Y ' fI'1,ljfwfl,:'J5'mff1gQQ2,: -1145514 3 I ' - A ' 'W W 3 ,' ' ' , ' 'f Hfiniulfmlqf , ' QE -Wiyl I LW ,NJ W. , W ' ' W M , 1. . -' 1' gr - f m ' R , V- 7' , gf- J 11 ,N , , ' Q. ,, X, 1 ,,.,1V , ! ,:,i?wWi,W, , ur? 1- . ,w N ' ' A . ' ,. f , , ' fad .1 , , , wing f H WW' ZH A f rw -iwwwwlfw . Hip, kg gr: H 4 , ,, ., 15' I- -f1,12',f'Q ,151 ,ff f' '- ., 11 ,,,b . ,, ,' , ?'3'53:Uv?f7w HW- wi' H ', ' Fw ' ' ' 'm!5'W:f3 V Mfgf Q-: ' ,fm ' Y 1, ,K L ,'M1,. ,Qs N' '4.f'.-:N 'gin ' wyggfef ' X A H y: 'r 'F',1 a' 23 f:3'1' Q .- .f W qf2j5F:,j1+Q-2. a A he I. B. Club holds in its name the initials of a woman who has meant for many ideals in the field of ha e econc ics. Her name, Isabel Bevier, is high in the list of pioneers who have built in meaning and significance the art of heme making. They have elevated the home to its rightful place among the arts of society. We have kept secret the meaning of the initials until now, disclosing it to appease much curiosity. The officers are: President Cathryan Haugen Vice President Nadean Irwin S ta - Kathl Sl TZZZZMLE' . , ,slsnifiiglsiiiie T Advisor 3' 1 . 1 e Q f L Y e l 1 if 'peQw- . p ., .- , M , , ,, T is g ,W SCHQTARSJ-HP CUNIES I ' To that one who attains the highest grades in his class each year is award- ed a letter in recognition of his work. If there is a tie, two letters are a- warded. Such was the case last year in the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. In honor of all the scholarship students of Darke County a banquet is given each year, .Each school takes its turn in giving the banquet. This year the banquet will be given in Pitsburg, June 2A e ' Hffxf C .LQGJQN Aff-14De The General Edward Sigerfoos Post American Legion is again offering this year medals to a girl and a boy in the high school. These medals will be award- ed to those outstanding in honor, service, courage, leadership, and scholarship. Chester Landis, Walter Eisle, G. G. Starr, Miss Rowland, and Hr. Finch are members of the Legion Committee. Together they will select six boys and six girls for the students to vote on in this contest. 1 A U- .,. .w , L 5' , ,Q 9 I ,,, 1 if-' 4 L M V, t Lf K 13. 5 7 596 N Ni - MQ, ' :xl 1 , A 4 , L' er:-H , - 'U 'H M:!!w1':zwn'wUM.m11,i 3'2.'w ,.f5lmrrxiz'w - rum -A '- J wvmvw. A ww F 'HF , 'f SFF 'Xl-HF 'VY fl UE! 'or those of the Arcanum High School who were interested in dramatics and I-,public speaking, a dramatic club was organized in September, 1955, by Miss Rowland and was named the Speak-Easy Club. The officers which were elect- d e were: President, La Rue Driverg Vice President John Ball S , g ecretary, Gladys Kempy The club met the fifth period on Thursday of each week. T In order to enter the club each member was required to tell a fairy tale, Under Miss Rowland's instructions the members learned of the different kinds f o speeches, how to make outlines,for each, and then how to give the Aft A m. er studying prepared speeches, time wus spent extomporanious speoches5 The correct pronunciation of words often mispronounced made man f t y o he meme bers wonder if they had been really speaking English or not. 'Experimenting with the voice and learning of the different kinds of inflec- tions, qualities, and pitches that one might develop with his voice added much interest to the club. After studying the procedure of debating the club presented a debate for the school in a chapel program. ' Two plays in which each character speaks only one word in each speech were contributed to programs given at the Arcanum, Versailles, and Monroe schoolss To end the year with something which each might always have to remember the club by, everyone memorized a reading which he may find will bo of use to him in later years. - P... 1 Q., ' f-hi, . -4 - Y -W 1 . -.........------.....t,--. 4 .,.,,, .. ,,.,,, .. W P f div I. W M. 4 1 Y, r M .7 W w 1 'm N vqxk-'V J -Au 1' av ....-, .Ami 3?2.'i.lxf AWN ' FM N-M...Ms' ' mfs' 64494 QM S 1? ly, g,4a.,, 1 , ,fliwwb ,, wg, 1- ,, Miwfvf , wr , 4 1 n.m ,cmzlrwdbf-1 ,fMs:nw1.m.i::'feI:P5w c -- - 'mf-f.i1,vm'44mn, f I :, f '- I, 'I if ' Em , N fy' iw, f' 53 75,.w?l1, f ' QL!!! vbvlwn' '3 -Q - ,..,.i?J . 3 Vp mf W' wiki X FN . Wk 'WN fs f ' Q 4 4, ru if , .L 1 . V gf w M 5 W V. M5 4 A W ' F 73,5 ' Q Ti , rn Exif ' 42? ' rw H WXEJA 'vf Q. m l 1 H 5 I 3 39125 W, kv, U ,3 ,ww .W . ,L 3-Q,E,1,,1!, .M MF BAND The band, under the direction of Mr. Newland, enjoyed this season and learned many new pieces. At the beginning of the school year, the following officers were elected: President Deo Troutwine Vice President Arlene Holsopple Secretary M Treasurer Ross Baker Librarian Rosalie Julien The band consists of thirty-four members, several new ones. Five Of the mem- bers will graduate this spring, but hope to play during the summer. During the winter the band played at many special programs of the school, at exchange programs, pep meetings, and County and Local Music Festivals. In Oct- ober several members enjoyed a weiner and marshmallow roast. The band is preparing for an enjoyable summer and extends an invitation to all who are interested' in music to join. , Y ..-., , -i.L..-.,,,i.- ,,,A .'..-,.,...+,. . .- . . n 1 l l 4 1 1 i 1 j r Direetor------ ----- Mr. Newland Drum Major --n---- ------Twila Julien Trumpets--Phyllis Dohner--Sophomore Clarinets--Arlene Holsopple--Junior Gladys Kemp--Junior Helen Myers--Junior Darrell Fryman--Senior Raymond Millikin--Junior Marianna Terrell--Eighth Mary Jean Fowble--Sophomore Junior Metzger--Sophomore Paul Williams--Freshman Beverley Floyd--FreShman Charles Stutz--Eighth Dickie Simpson--Eighth Norman Dohner--Eighth Trembones--Ross Baker--Senior Snare Drums--Jack Roll--Eighth J. R. Julien--Eighth 1 Bob Davisonp-Sixth 'Jam W. :1 W ww f 1 '-mmf , h WSI F vfnw M . . W . . vw O l I , 0. . '1 'Y 'f '. x ' fw.t,P,f f.2rm' V ' mf ' 4 M, ' r 'N 2 ' F' ' , . x 35,5235 V, W! V , my J X ' 1. WSW' 1' . W Q P 5 I 'nt ' ,,-an ' ' , P ' ms D -5 I- '. MQ, .. 4,M... gps' L, M, . , 1 f--1,m,. .. A , Q JE I' :Wiz 5.1, ., M, 3,s.1f'K . l J N . , i . .V RJ , 1 ' up . l E1 . , of WM 'gf V-A,,L ,gm 1,131 ,,' wz 41 Mk' in ,,v,., M- H- E . . . ,, H fm! 'lr V - X f,vf?:a, 132' 1? ,W ,X ,. W M . , N . . , ' 1 Tk ' Q V. . '- s , ff -m,,.,I J .' 'Mg yq . T, ,I ,H ff .igjy .iz g.,,,.4, 1 , I U I 4 , 1 1 1 1 Q -sc?-1-A f -- - - - W-----W-svn -'.- M,,, , ,,,,g,g,,,,,,,,,.,,,,'--,--.1-, f r': K 'l 1 r f' ' ' V' N 1 J Ji QI- J Ji f' The orchestra rehearsed each Friday during the fourth period, and many new pieces were learned this seasons The officers of the orchestra were as follows: President Ross Baker Secretary Evelyn Hansbarger Librarian . Bob Gnagey During this season the orchestra played at many special occasions. Thanks- giving Program, Celebration of Public Library, County Music Festival, Local Music Festival, and many other programs. The orchestra gained five new members and will lose six of the total by gra- duation. ' Directoih-----Mr. Newland Trumpets-Phyllis Dohner--Sophomore Gla dys Kemp-- Juni or Darrell Fryman--Senior Junior Metzger--Sophomore ' Beverly Floyd--Freshman Violins-Twili Julien--Senior Herman Railek-Senior John Ball--Junior Clarinets--Helen Myers--Junior Arlene Holsopple--Junior Raymond Millikin--Junior Paul Williams--Freshman Charles Stutz--Eighth Norman Dohner--Eighth Pianist--Mary Jean Fowble--Sophomore Saxophones--Deo Troutwine--Senior Howard White--Junior Rosalie Julien--Sophomore Grace Ritz--Sophomore Evelyn Hansbarger--Sophomore Dorothy White--Sophomore Trombones--Ross Bakere-Senior J. R. Julien--Eighth Grade Bass--Robert Gnagey--Senior Alto--Martha Garrison--Eighth Snare Drums--Jackie Roll--Eighth Bass Drum!-Keith Gilbert--Eighth . if-urn, F. -ar , , 'AO 1 , 4+ , ' . 4 1 V. - ,fh'!'- 9 A . 'W K . . R..we g , ,- ,w',... . , O .g A ,1 1 Saxophones-Herman Raileu-Senior Bass-rBob GnagqyQQSQhior Deo l'routwine--'Senior 1 V , Howwgerwhite--Junior Alto--Martha Garrison--Eighth Ro 'Jul ien-- Sophomore . Grace Ritz--Sophomore Cymbals,-Pharon Corzatt--Sophomore Evelyn Hensbarger--Sophomore Bill Jarrett--Eighth ' 'Dorothy White--,Sophomore Marjorie Fourman--Sophomore Bass Drum,-Keith Gilbert--Eighth Alva Aukermanf-Freshman 0 .........-.T. . X F5 I' F' F 'f J F , 'lryf' - X lJ..,IS lilillfu I Two music organizations in the school have been the Boys' and Girls' Glee Il Clubs While not active in public worw ihc hlxe accomplished a much more Worth . ' 1 5' T 0 -,., , EI c while effortg that of training the young people to read and interrupt their music The girls meet eve Tue da Sth U riod T is year, early in the fall, the u TY S Y L9 ' 1 h girlsh glee club sang at the United Brcthern Church. County Music Festival. The officers of the clubs ere: BOYS' Both clubs sang at the GIRIS' Presidentwe-----Deo Troutwine .President--m--e--La Rue Driver Secretary------uRoss Baker Libsarian ------- Bob Gnagey Secrctirynn-M-e--Helen Arnett Librarian----H---Dorothy Reese .,....,---W -Tiig--f-szrzaawfr-H il,-.,,...f -lri1.,..,,, -, Q is jL 5 1 T .L v i r Q G e Ar M, u 14:5 M M! ,Lx 1 M. ,r K n w LW! E 3 E 1, x My 1.45 fp! . rj: .M w .1153 -. . ,, un- ., , .. Fw 'grim'-' 'K MT 1 .1-.q P, 1 ,W 4 4 ' ma-mg WK my 22' if ,,, ..,p 'fi .. ' 55 ' ,. if 1 A 2- , - E223 3:3 LE F-A Igff Ei L: A '.lfF 5.i:9q:f : tiff:-.-:fat--:ip . . Z:ttf::e7:f'tr:,.-.1-1ywvf-.EMA .. ,J ,,,,.4 - , A-.2-MQ-.-.c-sian-Bsiufr-. .5 'Q'-fi:cI:':'?2:-Szfgigsgf Ig ?: :2-'Fr' v E? I 2 :rmasf-e:sN5?3ksaE+Bf:faafff?5:1i:::'5L.,,g.,if' ,K ,P Q -' . -1- ,+ -- F 1 2' Q ' 1227 72. 1 ' A 3 ' '53 . 'vw-'a,g?4 ,: -.', ,, inf.. P I fx wi, REQ ,Q Q., -x n f. A' HW? 4533 'ggi 3 if 1' X23 fy A , 4: Gam 'Mi e w1 '-f5'3+'?f Rv!! 5 4'-z' 'co' Q5-ipfgwsfix 15' gwzw' aw WW 1 i A5 Ruff? at af N' 19 ' N33 Wh 46 4, H' x vip? CE N 4'-: swf W XR!! wx? :-. .- .f- Xing? hw iifh 'Hg we .' 0 tmzigai, +41 3. ki' 5253? gfggbikamg A 53 Mfyxf NB f 1: 5561 . E5 . 'V' .f- . . A V5 . - fy ' .. . f.1 ' 9 b E'?' - ' Y :-: .u ff: A 'Q -'.-.1ff7? 5' 1171. Sens . 'E ,ez ' f '1's?1f 1 ,af :fi 1 :-- f'1 1' .- . ' 'rf .ff ':-S. f Q- Q :....:ri ,:ff:, .v 3:5 -. -- -gg S - , gg-5g:?1j':'75 ' -cifffi-3:24 , H ff -'f,3Q':2QQ' X' ', :1 fi' Af ' ' -1 f- Q i5,,fS5:f 1.9 ,251 xy: 552 5' ' 'CL-5 , -3 . 1 4 - ' 21'-I. I :-. 1. ' S2415 'x fbi. , ?z',:.b.J-.' -' ' . , ' , . ': ' ' I 'A 3 'QM'-' 5 fb av : 55 1' ,.,.. , A :-- ' -. 'QQ-Z. . : f, ', '. if 3' -.499 ? ' . Q yi.. y : ' . .J 'g.,-' Z 5 ?5'. P :T -SI 5 1 af'- gr. Y I Q5 2:5 :F S A . '13 gr : 'f EQ: -Snmqy - ,far . Pg ,I -. E 'ff . ' 1 e:-'1 - -21525-L. ,. K - .i v A , X - , -L-uf HL- ,gq:f:.g. ., -fa. 51.1 A .2 .9 3.5 ,. -. ,. ., . ., , A '.5?', 'f.5:?g2g'w--'-. .-:ff--v -A . 5' 434- 521.-', 'l2:'g7 5 ':i '.Y:1f::A :.-1'--1-ff ' . , A-:-. :Q -V' ' -.-:::- . 'I' 5 ' 1531. :f-.,'f.45i- .f Ls1ff'f5?S'f. -, J '- l. ., ,5 E:-,I .,:-'A' : . ff' .. '- 1559?-'-Q. :i ff :',,' Qfviff-' : ,151 -:Ez-r:. .jpf1,j,k:: ffE.'f ,er52'1:8f- J -' fa , Iss.: 'Z-if' I-Q . '-' ',?:2-'Iliff' .ff 'S-3' , - : ': '- ' ' -- ' ' v ii?-5. n '- F13- 'S 1 :ff .-45' - - Ani.. . --1:2 -2 ,ii 1 '- .3:2..'+.,. ' - , , ,.-- -' , -': 4 -' . y: ,,. .f1.LYii...-- -,JA -' 55:-: . . ' '-.f. 2' ' ' :- X .... ' 9 -.' f .' ' .217 1. 4....w SF! 2 , --55525 .- 15 135 g al? 'st K. if lmnlmwww ' ,-, Swv: , ' 4 f - M., 1 2.5 Mm .uw N J'rf,z.,hwJn-xzulzw KDQT BALL t the beginning of the season only thirteen boys came out for football, and ' since the weight average was only 139 pounds, a poor season was predicted. Jr- In view of the obstacles toward success, though, the opposite happened, The season got under way at Osborn Bath when Arcanum trounced Osborn by a score of 25-6. In the year's only home game Arcanum won over Versailles by a score of 18-6. At West Alexandria Arcanum won her third straight game by a score of 21-7. The fourth game was a O-O tie with the Sidney Holy Angels. The last game of the ear was played with Trotwood Madison. Madison won by a score of 15-7. The sea Y son ended with Arcanum making 71 Points to her opponents 32, Arcanum winning 5, tying one, and losing one, and Arcanum averaging 14.2 points per gave. Individp ual scoring honors are held by Troutwine with 28 points, Henry with 18 points, Lehman 12, Harold Clark 7, and Reese 61 -'-' f A ,--r ,-1 .. fg- V X' 1.15 'I JL! 1' fax' , '.n iuuwsvwnfl my ' 4- -sqmfirsixiswi 'H' ,f QENWHWW pH' FV12E?f 1? glinihewwvw F001 BML RANQUET .2 if he Arcanum Football boys were given a banquet in honor of the seasong win- ning three games, tying one, and loosing one. Those present at the banquet were Mr G. G. Starr giving a talk and doing some tricks, and a number of other C speeches given by Miss Margaret Youman, Miss Bernadene Ramge, Mr. C. H. Starr, Coach Niemi, and others who were present, ,W-.:, ' ., .-4, ' ,. z '.:-'-,rf 1-4 ,, ,-'.- r. - J -r' 'o,.f.f 7. 75'AW-e ' We is 'SSS WQEEQQKW' it 5 .I 1 i f4l'UfLa- 1Mt'vci1-W 'VI Mm' Wmw, a1 ',1.w'alvw2w 'm: 'zlmkmfslvwiiuiliwufullmlmwmnnnl,www umm 1 H ' 1 Q QARQ YPQRTY uring the middle of November approximately twenty members reported for the fsxifirst basket-ball practice. The managers were chosen--Mary Baker and Ruby Hangen--but due to Mary's leaving Helen Arnett was substituted. Being the first year for Miss Youman as coach of a basket-ball team, everyh thing went off fairly well with but two defeats during the season. The girls won from every team in the county with the exception of Palestine and Gettysburg whom they did not play. The following: Gladys Kemp, Margaret Lehman, Rosalie Julien, Cathryan Han- gen, Twila Julien, Dayle Clark, Nellie Vance, Marjorie Long, Phyllis Pearson, Orpha Fellers, Mabel Byrd, Virga Vance, Willowdecn Rex, Charlotte Cullers, Eli- zabeth Burke, Gwendolyn Houdeshell, and Helen Porter were girls who strived to become star players and owners of letters for the year of 1956. The scores for the games are as follows: . Ansonia 6 Arcanum Zl there New Carlysle 9 Arcanum 37 here Monroe 17 Arcanum 26 there Franklin 8 Arcanum here Hollansburg 6 Arcanum here Versailles 14 Arcanum there New Madison 6 Arcanum here Monroe 15 Arcanum here Franklin 14 Arcanum there Jackson 26 Arcanum Union City ,JL V --L--u ' F P On 0033 0 Q , Q ffliiiw ' ..,g. ,M 1 NW mg, v W nm. 1 ,., ,g 1 1 H5 1 qjiwl I' . , J 1.1, 5.5 . in I W J-Wall . if H 'QW'- ,iyl 11' ,QL wa 1 'N Eij Qi-: ' Kf,3'3g,ifQ ,,:-, 2,1151 3 X4-, 4 ,M L ' ,lm ,X N S: 3- mi! The final test came--the tournament. Arcanum, entering in a tie for first place, drew for their battle, Franklin. The result of the game was Arcanu 19 and Franklin 15. The next Saturday our opponents were Versailles with the sec- ond defeat of the year, the score being lO-ll in Versailles' favor. The last game of the year was the one with Jackson--Arcanum winning with a score of 17-14. This game placed Arcanum third in the county standing. Throughout the season Arcanum scored 280 points with the opponents scoring WHAT COACH YOUMAN SAYS r' I r-'r r r-' OJ' Vliili CJJKLD CATHRYAN HANGEN--One of the pluckiest fighters when the score was dangling on Arcanum s side. Kate saw to it that the ball came her way in the defensive, had fine spirit of team play embodying cooperation with other guards to get the ball up the floor. 159. ROSALIE JULIEN-4With dependable aim for those strategic shots which meant yes or no. p ayer who kept her head, and played with cool deliberateness when the crowd roared. DAYLE CLARK--As persistant fighter and outstandingly well balanced, quick in aim and fast to the defense, fine team worker. TWILA JULIEN--Excellent speed and a high ju per, rivals Kate in pluck and fight- ing spirit, gave a season of polished play and showed versitality for all parts of the floor. MARGARET LEHMAN--Maker of brilliant baskets from trick places on floor--more of a sporatic player--gifted with genuine understanding of game both in its spirit and rules. ' GLADYS KEMP--Height co bined with good passwork places Gladys in Key position on the team. ' n NELLIE VANCE--Gave herself a good showing in carrying tense moments dependably through to a good finish. MARJORIE LONG--Filled in the holes on forward position capably. PHYLLIS Psfmson.-A good substitute in the position of guard. T ix, RUBY HANGEN--Old Faithful herself. HELEN ARNETT--A checker upper. Q a JJ M M -mf YM ,N -new W, M1 , iq 5 L 1. 4, 'W w' 4 1 '.,a,,.!,. A mm, 1. , ' 4 1' 73' l T ,L::fu1 fT7UTi W H BASKETBALL - he first game of the basket-ball season was played at Ansonia on the 15th of November. The team received quite a bit of practice at this game by ohalking up 44 points to 10 for Ansonia's Tigers. New Carlisle was the next team to bo victimized by the Arcanum players., This game, held on the home floor on the 22nd of November, proved tc be one of the most exciting of the year. In the last minute of play Arcanum wasonn point be- hind. Aukerman, while dribbling down the floor, was fouled and knocked out . He made his free throw good to tie up the game. In the first overtime Lehman a- gain tied the game, which had been endangered by a New Carlisle basket. Bristley proceeded to win the game, 26-24, by a long shot in the second over- time. Not nearly so exciting but much more necessary j?ff to Arcanum's success was the 16-IO beating our Z?q'f9 team handed our old rival, Monroe , on the Monroe 7, floor. The winning of this game is credited to r-al. the splendid guard-work of Reese, who kept the ball V f, fro Arcanum territory time and again during the ,zur Ah is last mis. ,N The next game, against ' x West Carrolton, was play- X' Q o p pp g ed on our home floor. Arc- e W l N e y y anum started out with a 0 I Q . bang to lead 15-7 at the , ef. 4 half, but found the game ' , A tied 18-18 as the gun was fired at the fourth quarter. I Bristley remedied this difficulty, however, by making good the foul attempt which was allowed him. This left ,FX the final score 19-18 in favor of Arcanum. wing Little should be said of the Union City game which - followed, as Arcanum, not up to proper form, lost by a y ' score of 21-12. Next came another walkover for Arcanum with Franklin, the loser. This was a home game, played December 20th, which Arcanum won by the truly lopsided score of 35-13. Then 09-me 8 game in which was evidenced the true Arcanum spirit--that of coming from the bottom to overcome difficulties. At the end of the first quarter Hol- lansburg led by a score of 5-2, and at the half the score was deadlocked at 9-9. Then in the last half Arcanum turned on the steam to swamp Hollansburg by a 25-15 score. Following this came'the easiest game of the year--played with Versailles on the Versailles floor. In this game Troutwine went on a rampage to obtain the highest individual total in one game per year--17 points. Lehman added 13 to this and the other members of the team chipped in till the total reached 46 points In this game Shelley distinguished himself by making five points. To oppose the J -llllMvm,wwI'r.l.m,, 11- x Mt -.w ,- 1 wwvf- M, A ,, 1 , ., , , , u mfs-' 12v1,,:w. X. w ml-ww ' mn' wihmunrnllmi 46 points of Arcanum, Versailles could muster only ll. The day after the Versailles game canm another tilt with Union City. Arcanum kept the score tied till after the half, but then Union City started more trouble. It seems that Arcanum should have saved some of the thirty-four points that were wasted against Versailles to use against Union City, but such was not the case. Union City won, 26-20, Following this game came the battle royal with New Madison. Although not so exciting fperhapstll as the previous game, the result was much more gratifying Qto Arcanumj. At the half New Madison led by a score of 7-6. In the last minute Arcanum found its team to be holding the host end of a 16-15 score, only to have all hope blasted by a lucky New Madison shot which placed the score at 17-16. Troutwine stepped in the emergency, though, and dropped the ball through the hoop with only a second to play, This left tho score 18-17, favor Arcanum, Then cane another game with Franklin. Although Franklin led 15-lO at the half, Arcanum pul- led through to win, 28-19. Aukerman played a fine game against his former school- mates. On February third a delayed game with Monroe was played off on the home floor. Very little difficulty was encountered in polishing off our traditional rivals to the tune of 29-15, In this game Baldy Corzatt came through with flying col- OTSQ On the seventh the team journeyed all the way to Union City, Indiana, to play a game against Jackson. The game was very well-played by both teams, and it was due only to superior defense that Arcanum held the five-point margin required to win the game, 26-21. Then came the last home appearance of the year--a non-league game with a very powerful Lewisburg aggregation, At the end of the first half those Arcanumites who weren't completely dazed saw that Lewisburg was on,the big end of a 32-12' score. In the third and last quarters an Arcanum offense was led by Aukerman, whose ten points helped bring the score to 31-50, favor Lewisburg, in the last minute of play. The Lewisburg team, however, had its own idea of how the game should end, and so came across with the four points necessary to win the game and to leave the score 35-50 at the final gun. Then, on the twenty-second of February, nrcanum won its first tournament ganm at Greenville. Hollansburg, the unfortunate victim, was lucky to receive the 16 -5 ' Q . r , H - - - 1- n .I ,. ...e 1 , F' '-l- c ----N --- ------Y---A f U l v ii I 5 5 M. fm 3 fl, 3 T Q I . ? - a, V ,, 11' ' -. my A-W ,. M ' wifi ff . Wk WM1 - K A ' W 'fn mv' J W1 1i.E1E 1v. iiw'1 b H1 'mvmFfiwW'lML'5ifPW ' wa-,M Q Eh, W. ,'1ECf311j:5f11'3,Qiwib, . '11 -'mm' 'fi' Q if MV: X k 4. 1 L ' 'mi if uw c N' :fm 1' fhfm - '1L'w1Ef,,,LyWa 1 515 W , i 'vi'as1f,, ,MFL fi ' ,Vg , AI' X 'E ,. 4 . ,5 bf! V EW 1. J E '1 W ' TQ N 5 W ,ww IM' ,Q - , 5 , Q 5 , L . I a i , 1 ijfiwf' , 'WF 1 s i X f 1 K points which it was able to accumulate. Arcanum, led by Lehman's 14 points, piled up a total of 52 countens. V S The next Saturday Arcanum played two games. The first, against Jackson, we lost by a score of 14-17. The game was lost in the last quarter when Jackson came from behind to tie and then monopolize the score. The game was outstanding for the rather dull and listless playing of both teams. The second game, played in the evening against Franklin, was much more successful. . - nChickn Aukerman gave his most outstanding d A performance of the year when he paced ij the Arcanum team with ll points to the 27- Z' QII' y :gf '-,V 18 win which placed us 3rd in the county tour- H ' nament. The last, but V - f 4 certainly not the least, game of the year I was held at Dayton. Center- ville defeated Z Arcanum 23-21 in the first elimination of the K X' 4 sectional tourney. Arcanum made a remarkable N N 'Si and brilliant showing when they led Center- Qt ville throughout tjfroeoqunrq- ters of the game 4 p and held the ball for the same period. L :gf gl? f Troutwine and Lehman were in great form and W: if accounted for 17 of Arcanum's Points- ., 1 d. I u In the 18 games played durinQ.t scored 465 points to 329 for her opponents. The Arcanum averaged h sVip ' ctically 26 points per game. The highest individual scorer was Troutwine, who averaged about 8.5 points per game and whose total for the year was 152 points. Lehman was next with 132 points, while Aukerman came in third with 84 points. Henry scored 40 points, Bristley 26 points, and Reese 115 points. Corzatt totaled 9 points, Shelley made 8, and Hanes contributed 2. Wagoman performed will in several games as relief center, but did not succeed in scoring any points. The second team showed up 1011, winning three out of four games played. ' f Of the regu- lar team of five f I ' Troutwnlne, Henryk.. 1. , j 1 5, fa ' X eriseiey, and 'ff' qfv? M 4 'Qi Lehman graduated, A 1 ' y This left Auker- ' Qt . ' CH I man, a Junior, , Y the only regular 5 E: A I f to carry on the if ' wp-1:5 : honors. Several y f , good substitutes 1 ,U who will became K f ..-.z,..,.i,SsM, 1, Y, n X , V star players 1n- V gpey ,,-p J eluded Shelley, ,Q ' ' orzatt' 7 all 'wh' MT and e I i -.75 55 65 . . . ' '1 ' ' 1 A 'W Uumibamflmimmmn Mmwwwmwaxuuonwn-Hwkau+w'vm1iwu' .' Warm, aa'wT:2 nw ' wx ' ' 1 TRACK - his season twenty-eight boys came out for track. New equipment has been D purchased, and, since the coach has won his letter for track at Miami, a good season was expected. The boys tried sprints or dashes, distance run- ning, high ju ping, broad jumping, discus throwing, shot putting, javelin throw- ing, and polevaulting. After this prelime inary training the coach took a picked team to the District track meet at Dayton, the ,,, ig,-S 2 Lanier relays, and some meets at Miami and Qi gg f,,fj,flf other colleges. sfiiief 1 . ff G , At the Lanier meet at the Eaton Fairgrounds , iii? f Ithc team made a remarkable showing consider- Lxrg 4 the :ing the small amount of training they had re- , ,!Z7' Qceived. lf!! Xxpjj place wasV.n. , EQ- 1 ' ' Q 1 aken in f f- ,,-- Q pp , the seo , motor re- N' 5 ,- , l ,,,f team composed of Williams, Baker, Henry, and Troutwine. The time 1 minute 39 seconds for , the distance. Each man on the relay team re- lqqtfp oeived a medal in the form of a track shoe. f Xxfxvffi-.-.ggfd--gp Second place in the 220 yard dash was captured . U' by Troutwine in 22.2 seconds, while it took J. W. Henry just 10.5 seconds to capture third place in the hundred. U f my by ap The Kentucky-0hio meet was held at the Miami University stadium at Oxford, Ohio, May 8 and 9. On Friday the preliminary events were run off. Henry won his heat of the 100 yd. dash in 10.4 seconds, while Troutwine placed second in a heat in which the winner clocked l0.3 seconds. In the 220 yd. dashes, Henry won his heat in 25.7 seconds while Troutwinc won his in 25.6 seconds. The 880 yd. relay team was bracketed with Upper Arlington, Terrace Park, Lebanon,and Milford. Since the first three of these placed 1-2-5 in the finals, the Arcanum time of 1 minute 58.3. seconds was not good enough to qualify. The other heat was won in 1 minute 59.1 seconds. .8 second more than the Arcanum time. On Saturday the finals were run off. Henry came through with second place in the century, finishing close behind state champ Saunders of Glendale who clocked 10.3 seconds, and two places ahead of Yockey of Lockland. Troutwine pulled in fifth behind Yookey. In the 220 Troutwine took second place a foot behind Yockey,' who ran the distance in 23.6 seconds. Henry, severely handicapped by a soft track, did not place, coming in sixth. As reward for their efforts Henry and Troutwine each received a handsome medal for second place, while Troutwine also received a ribbon for his fifth. T1 'Q V Arn: .ms 4 v., 4 ,-.ffm 2 llusaw? V 'a 5QHQEE? 2 H 'W ' ng ' R ' 3 gf? D C vm 4, S Q 9 . , . . 'K X... 5 ac -'- .-, -v-A 3 , 4 311- 4 . -'5. -M aww, +091 5' 4 J 8 iqygvmwl 8 Wf+ ? 5 Q52- - 1 , QE 7'. 2 -. Q,- 3, 'fi'-. .-if ' ,. -.bu -'IF ' ?'3?1i54 '-' 4 - '3 '-.':x'7'fE'Qff'fA?5' f 5. -f is i w 'QWEf,gTyUk -w.,Q??5 ,.,., ' nw ' ,'5 5. fda' , ,..g 5 , 2551. 5 55 05 W5-. f f-4f ' ff if -Ax.. QI -ffwvv-X I QQMXY-I K. I ,v .... .gf ,. AE? ,f, X K am 'KX 1 gi L3 kw,y,,f e 1 an 'L QL H 5, SCHQQL CALENDAR SEPT E M BER 9 First day of school. 10 Pupils discover new teachers. ll Chapel by 1935 Seniors. 12 Seniors wish they were Fresh en. 13 Hoorahl One week over. 16 First football practice. 17 Girls' Glee Club meets. 18 Cheer leaders and song leader selected. 19 Com ittee working on Operetta. 20 Everyone working a little harder. 23 Class officers eleotedq 24 First meeting of the bind. 25 Chapel Entertainers fre-,f.1 Frankl in. 28f High School Picnic. 2? Committee chose uChonitan as the Operetta. 30 Band picnic, and one month has rolled by G K K ' 0 Y TL l A 55' get E .I Q1 7 -f ' a b?Q Bibf 2 -n ,ffl 11 14 ,7 J! . ' ,Hgxx 2 I .L , f '- wi 1,,' XX! QQQH?3355a wW?W3g , . .,:,. .,,., 4 .. - ' OC T O BE R 1 Chorus meeting to get acquainted with Operetta songs 2 Chapel. 5 A very pleasant day for all. 4 First football game--Beat Osburn Bath Z5-6. 7 Football pictures awarded. 8 Operetta tryouts. 9 Junior Class has the chapel program. 10 Dramatic club organizes ll H me game of football with Versailles. 14 Rhine 15 Girls' Glee Club sang at Sunday School Convention. 16 Sophomore Chapel Prognmn. 17 That great West Alexander football g8.m8g 18 End of first six weeks -------- Some are sad. 21 What do you know? It rained again 22 Couple of grade cards returned already. 23 The Arc-Hi chapel program. 24 Play the Holy Angels a game of football. 25 Teachers meeting at Dayton. 28 Blue Monday. 29 Classes are going at nfull speedn. gg Halloween parties. First girls' Basket-ball practice. ' slimy,-Awmlklw M11 'MM md-A .w:a9m!1.iw, ,-1 A J 5 ' 'J mua4.,.:,-5 1 r .Y xv, ' 'Q X1 ,. M xf Jw Lmzomwviwlmfumfw' HM -1'-41, ' . ' Killmfmnm NOVEMBER Trotwood Football game 4 Visual Education Pictures 5 Boys' Basket-ball practice 6 Freshman Chapel Program 7 Colder weather coming on. 8 Everyone is having a good time doing nothing ll Armistice Day 12 Versailles Program 13 The Senior Chapel Program 14 Seniors get pictures taken, and then what a time! 15 First Basketball game, the game with Ansonia 18 Everyone sleepy from the night before 19 Picture show 20 Junior High Chapel Program 21 Helen Howell makes grand break 22 New Carlisle Basket-ball game 25 Beginning of a short week 26 Whom was Howard White with that night? 27 Thanksgiving Program-----Basket-ball game at Monroe 28 No school CThanksgivingJ 29 No school plfacationj 1 ' 'f' 'T'-if E fc fr H3223 0 ,s,f4QESQf QgQQy77g fZ:Q iKl'g?5 . L X435 f ,H 'ffmw-sgfgos f X R nf? U A I I 1 'r' l s-5-,ff P 'A ' ff , ?- N 1 L. 1 p y on m.M.,,,N,.,,.,,...W., DECEMBER 2 Few students return to school after the vacation 3 Banquet for football boys 4 Arc-Hi students go to Greenville 5 Christmas play selected 6 Darke County Teachers' Meeting 9 Why did Helen Arnett skip school? 10 uThe hand that rules the world, rocks the cradleu. ll More lessons 12 High School Operetta, nChonitau 13 Girls play the Darke County Teachers a game of basket-ball 16 Christmas Tree decorated 17 Dreary weather. Bad Tempers 18 Woman from Dayton speaks to girls 19 Music by Quartet from Mississippi -------- P. T. A. meeting 20 Christmas program- ------ Santa Claus in person. JANUARY 2 Vacation ended, but it looks like more school 3 Baakutaball game with Hollansburg 6 School cafeteria started 7 Just school Se 1 Rev. Wolf and Rev. Whitenack gave the Chapel program 9 Janitor finds a Uchewing gum parkn T 1 . 1 Mmmmar-wawlwmm :m2:+,11'.,aaw11 :E Ufww Ai' fm' . ., 'L .,,,,an:liMlunmmIwflmwMw1mmm.w L JANUARY 10 Versailles basket-ball game 13 yM d rush for the Country Gentlemen 14 The Operetta party, all had a grand time 15 Nixon is put in the waste paper basket 16 Just another P. T. A. Meeting 17 The end of the first semester, the grand New Madison game 20 Bum lessons 21 What! Oh! The Amateur Contest 22 Mrs Starr crowned nChief Bald Eagleu 23 No school--just a habit! 24 What? No school today either 27 Who fell on the ice? ' 28 Reports that no school is today either, but tomorrow 29 Seniors get bawled out Cas usual? 30 American Heritage Essays 31 The good old Franklin game .:Ef9?iEgg 2 SlE:.f'wr56 e-ev Qijggy c ' 'pf'-J gp-- A 4 ,,f 39 +?tas' ' V .2-fail ff' '- ' 'Tr-sf12igf5T1f LZ' x 1 -'up 1' jg 'R J 1 'f,f eshj 'M rs: k- 2,153.35 Owing to the bad weather, the team played Monroe tonight Motion picture New rules made Students of Miami University speak The Jackson basketball game Beginning of another new week Ei F EBQUARY 4 5 6 7 10 11 The out of the county game with Lewisburg 12 Linco1n's Birthday 13 Girls get their new Basketball suits 14 Pep meeting is held to start the Girls' Tournament 17 Ooh! Old man weather brings 14 below zero 18 New couple found in school 19 Chapel 20 Beginning of the picture shows at noon, and P. T. A. Meeting 21 nAl1 play and no work makes uDizzn a dull boy.n 24 The Faculty has a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Finch 25 Look!!! Lowell Corwin attends his aunt's funeral 26 Several Senior boys find grades slightly lowered 27 More bad weather 28 Girls are seen taking advantage of nLeap Yearn A' La94i'imz1LtQi!:n2wazm'um'TL'i 1, , dh- S wmnawum uwmnw Eviwv 1-maxim-:Bair4-'?:m.IHC,.ot'Wa, -:f.M.,ew,uammmlm MARCH 2 Ruby Haugen is working very hard 3 Guess what happened today? 4 Gettysburg gives a school our auditorium 5 Girls still talking of the good looking boy fro Gettysburg 6 What a game the Centerville team showed the Arcanum team 9 Picture show 10 Program is given at the Monroe P. T. A. Meeting 11 Freshman give another Chapel program 12 The Juniors select their play, He Landed From London 13 Friday the 13th, the Frazers present a program 16 Book binding demonstration 17 St. Patricks Day, and look at the green 18 Monroe school presents a chapel program 19 Beginning of the work on the Hand-Book 20 Junior class play cast is selected 23 Mr. Niemi looks rather sleepy 24 Numa Etzler sings a solo 25 Band and orchestra rehearsal for Festival 26 Chorus rehearsal for Festival 27 Darke County Music Festival 50 Mr. Finch is as happy as a lark 31 Alva hukerman was born on this date 15 years ago Looms TOWARD THE SUM M E R MDN TH S xN !, Nwf'ry N ef 70 ' 49 2- he fr 1 Sze, 0 4:2 MW e . ff 4- s ef W- '51 P 1- 'V .f . it 5,1 iii 'a fiiwilf , ink? A, anim 4.iEfY , ffl ' A' ,23 ...iii - ' . aff, f b, 'am ' 1 f-.rfif ...a-sg?-'rf 'X' -'-ocrbsvosnex- .vssxswoaesnesaaawel -'7:::'- 1 .' 'Y - 5 ,rf APRIL 1 2 Spring fever is beginning to get oontageous Can you imagine? Archie Lacey wasn't .April Fooled today! iitwrw-m ?iW 4mwls'SlvhlmHuumEinnfl7w4azq, +-mb-aarwfmlhi. ,APRIL 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 25 24 27 28 29 50 AA!XY 1 4 5 6 7 8 11 12 15 14 15 18 19 20 21 22 Girls are wearing Spring dresses Arc-Hi News receives their diploma Picutre show held at the Ritz theatre Leon Snyder had a birthday today Senior Co mittee selected their play 'The Easter Program Work on the School Annual beginning Hand-Book has at last been completed Troutwine bumps his head while nsneezing The Junior Class play is presented Everyone seems to be in a daze and also sleepy Tryouts for the Senior class play Boys are preparing Ghost Paraden If Guest speaker from Greenville P. T. A. Meeting Guest speaker from Japan Motion picture, UA Day At Sohooln Jarrett is late to Shorthand class Henry sports a loud colored, striped tie, Nellie Vance on a bicycle Seniors working hard on their class play Lkief .f f Q 1 I ' ' ' Z ' qw., f fx av Q, -f mf' Agf' , q.:'?LdQ X 1,'6 ,1 Y of' -L yy - X oeferel ff f , ff f41g.2f0Z335 , X55 1 'f f f guy Magi, ,, f f ff' , f, f Qllfzn-ffl' If fljf X I fl L f I Lois Arnett must have had a Birthday, today Blue Monday Lessons not so bad School Music Festival Same weather! Drawings.for the Oxford Track Meet School Annual is well on its way to Everyone is busy Arc-Hi Chapel Awards given Senior Class Play, nThe Ghost Parade Last Day of School for the Seniors School Exhibit Junior-Senior Reception Senior Class of '36 Chapel Prognmm Commencement Exercises Last Day of School--Alu ni Banquet the finish u for Lanier Relays to be held at Eaton rides l l-HQH swf S r I . , N 'mar :M TBEMRNADENE W r GQLFERI HE PLAYS 43 v 1 s HANNAH' ARCHIE 4 i Q C J K A 'uu PRISCDN GUS SNAYBELL bmw IRCDN ' FIREMAN EDITGR .. ,pa U ' P 4 f 2 f3? 13,F 5lfvL - 1 jjlvj f f ' L, 1 N ,wfw lpwi F .4 f' f 1'9wZh2,1 H 1 V lm if M ,Wg , M, Mfr, Q1 H HN Q54 A mn I V ' . 2 m ' w ygx,k,55'e'v wp Q 'l fav JPVNQ' lv? 111 K 15-52 WW- H J I,!wfQ,,4 .X X, J,w,.gA K H gm K, In fm i Hi 'rg ar - 4 I Y fha , M1415 4 MQW f VW J 'Evw F W ' 1 fb- , dy H 4 .41 ,P wha, r A K I 5 w'r 1 v LJ w ' V' X 'A bfi J, 1 , s i? ..,4,m, E, 14 il ,3Q3LfFE3i5fW , 3 3:5 3 gg uit Q , ,ll ,, W Q W1- F ,T'Vb,i:IfEf k' ' gg WWI M4 A Nm 'Z . F' it J M, gmfgyw ,ASQ w gn u ' Wggxx, , ww 'w i g wQr?1 'NH 1 1, V 2 w Nh? V . W : L L , , 4 , , --Q, 5 2 ., .-f , W, gg A KT,,L.' 5A ' 0 ' 'Q' f OGRAFE-iS 0 ltr QMPQMM 1 522,-J-,.,..1e, ! . QJ fl ,. ,A gg I V' W 3 fl if 2 ,Jffw-V'9' WMM I Qmifjigg EM VM QMQ We x, V 1 Miymwwl ' fy My ' Zigfwfwfv .. WW? M ,Yau . , , 1 ,' , , f , mmlmlsmsmmviimialH-11nMumwv:r3tmmL2 W P' C OM PUMEN T5 QF TRQXEL3 I FJ FJ F' CI'lI.CJ Our Cheer Leaders,Grace Ritz and La Rue Driver gave us a fine year of service, These two girls did much to Vpepn up ourfgames. Visitors have asked if the two girls were twins, but we have replied that they were just good friends, Noel R. Myers acted as a very capable assistant to the cheer ing Staff, 5 ' 'min-V 'w- - , 'A' , 1 .fl T F' lvw.f1llI n I.l W Tiiilf. Q w.,. , .,,, , it 'Six . in ,j, 2 N . ,.. ., L 4 ,, r i, ,i 'i 1 I ' , 5 2 , I 'J ff: Y . r '- x i ,. X1 Q nv, 3, , , N N A , 1 , ,N ,V . v . . C.OMPLlMEN'fS STUDENTS GO TQ SPITLEKS FOR K- r L mmswamo L ' DRINKS F' r- - r- f- r WEL-'CUM INN DH VLSND L L oo oo H L LUNCH RQOM1 SAVE WITH SAFETY ,S F M YOUR GAJOLIN.. F H X F KEKOSENE Jfififxlol. 'TJTOKE JXACJTCDR Q15 BRANDENBURG GCLINE KAJLLE 55 MQKKJSQN CLOUD LUCK TQ ALL HQUK Bs MILLER GREETINGS, sEN1oRs from VARJET Y ST GRE For your patronage During the p t y r Sp 1 Croqui 1 P rmanent W T o for 35.00 o L5,oo each, Finger Wave 55d CMrs. Ruby T utwinel LOUISE BEAU TY Si-ICP s 1 Ph 18M A um, ohio - - 413-1 SCHOOL DAYS ARE OV ER EDY'II'IEfS KIIC I'I E N 'II-miss mf: sfuoams fox fxI,IqfI-1:2114 I Pfmorzfxoa AND mugs .afxcn ,Iwo ALI, SUCCESS AND COOD LUCK 'II-IROUCIII LIFEJS JOURNEY ALWAYS READY 'I' O SERV E YOU A SPECIALTY PE R M ANEN 'I S AND FINGER WAVINC AMEE FI.. OY D BEAUTY . SVIQI3 sscomo mooa BANK BUILDING ROOIVII PHONE 155 ARCANUM, OHIO , , , Y Y W- r I ROUIWIINIE AUTO sms Amo SERVICE BUICK- PONTIAC AND CI-IEVEROLET DX CAS-OIL Arcanum, Ohio Pho 75 Friendly, Helpfulg and Aooommodating Three reasons why your f d y ur neighbors,and y ill joy doing business ith this bank. ARCANUM NATIONAL BANK A h' I rcanum, O 10 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION -k -5 1.5, .vm eq- fm.,- ,, 1, - ax. 1 L - ,. .Liz , '- 1 .neu

Suggestions in the Arcanum High School - Arcette Yearbook (Arcanum, OH) collection:

Arcanum High School - Arcette Yearbook (Arcanum, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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1936, pg 75

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