Arcadia High School - Raider Yearbook (Arcadia, WI)

 - Class of 1956

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5 .. 9 ,J rr 1 I .Q lr ,4 Jr 3 'i S is 1. ai 21 5 gm G 32 i H -.1 E R1 ' 1 ii 91 Z-" I1 L 0.41, Q i?skffqf1ka 41. . 5 wx' .Q - , U, ' L. ,ran ,. Q ,J ' 'a PHE RAIDER 1 9 5 6 i'rc's1-lllvei ivy The Senior Class of the Arcadia High School Arvaclia. Wisvousin Dedication We, the class of 1956, in appreciation of the kindness, understanding, and guidance he has shown us, dedicate our annual to' Mr. Pavlicin. We will remember him as one who was always willing to lend a helping hand, and as one who has helped make our years at Arcadia High memorable and worthwhile. M R. liOli'l"I'ING L11 Crosse Stale College Pllysics, General Science .-Xssistzmt Principzll ll. S. MRS. KI LLIAN College of St. Teresa Co1muL'rci:1l li, S. MR. IIART River Falls Stale College Ullivcrsity of XVisco11s111 Agriculture li, S. MRS. LZAVTSCH l.zx Crosse State College Girls' Phy. Ed. liinlogy B. li. u Nllx, fi,Xl"I'SL'lI I..1 Qrwsec Slam- Lullcgc lnlvn-1'sxtv ul XXmw111X111 llllC!lHSll'j', l'r1m'1p:1l ll If Xl 9 M ISS MOR VON l.,1 Llmfc Stale Lwllcgc Xvllllbllll Ylll'llL'llL'I'S llullvgc lwwluell 5 ll. la. NIR C' XSIIICN l.U1"li flrllL"'k' . . 5 .XlQClbI'1l, ffm-mule-l1'y l'l'1lL'llL'Jll lXl:lllu'111:1t1vs fzlull ll .X. x r Nl RS. IZUI I RNS'I'lilJ'I' vim Stull- 'l'c:1cl1Q1'5 llu lm lll!lYCl'Nllj' ut lmvil XXw1ll:lN l.5,II1N11m Il. .X. HRS N ,XIISN MN XII! ESTHER SLABY Secretary MRS. SLABY AND MRS. KUBIS MR. NNIER AND MR. LORCH Our Cooks Our Custodizms A m-f A XX i ' X S f wav f ,J cv qx 4 ff '5 r 3 X0 Q- ,X WS b vvgzi-QQ 5i EENIUFQE tgi- 1952-1953 Dear Diary, In 1952, seventy-six future Einsteins entered Arcadia High School. We started the year off by electing the following officers: George Bohrn- stedt, president, Kenneth White, vice-president, and Doris Kamla, secretary-treasurer, Miss Over- gard QMrs. Nashj and Mr. Smith were our advisors. Our first big event of the year was to prepare a bonfire for the homecoming activities. We also entered a float in the homecoming parade. Other successful events of our freshman year included sponsoring two one-act plays and a freshman party. VVe were very proud of our fellow students who represented us in all of the extra-curricular activities during this, our first year, in Arcadia High. Although we started with seventy-six mem- bers, we ended the year having lost seven of our Prom Royalty number. They were: Shirley Servais, Lorraine Waletzko, Vernon Maloney, Lambert Molitor, La Verne Sohotta, David Wicka, and Alvin Zastrow. 1953-1954 Dear Diary, We returned more sure than ever that we would turn out to be the Einsteins of the future. This year we chose the following to represent us: Jerry Davis, president, Doris Kamla, vice-presi- dent, Marvin Grotjahn, secretary-treasurer. Our advisors for this year were Miss Rotering CMrs. Killianj and Mr. Weeks. We increased our treasury this year by win- ning the SIS offered every year for the best float in the homecoming Parade. Our float theme was "'s Run Over Galesvillef' Three newcomers, Irene Brieseth, Roseann Waletzko, and James McCormick joined our class to bring our number to the seventies again. However, we were not to maintain this number for Lee Andre, Pat Kramer, Alvin Kulas, Harlan Newcomb, Ferdinand Pyka, and Gerald Servais left our group this year. 1954' 1955 Dear Diary, The future Einsteins are back again! Our officers were Roger Weaver, president, Robert Stcffenson, vice-president, Robert Luethi, secre- tary-Licrisurer. Our advisors were Mrs. Drayna and Mr. Koetting, Again we showed our float-making ingenuity Championship Dance by winning the first prize in the homecoming parade with our float, "Let's Blow Up Durand." The big activity of our high school days was drawing near, and we were lucky enough to be the first class to hold its prom in the new gym. "Blue Hawaii" was our theme, The king and queen for the prom were Roger Weaver and Lilah Hanson. Other members of the Court of Honor were the junior and senior officers. Henry Burton furnished the music for this event. We want to thank our advisors :ind Mr. Pavlicin for their help in making this event a big success. Doris Kamla was honored by receiving the History Award. This year we lost only two members, Ken- neth White and James McCormick, but we gained another, Richard Berger. Well, Diary, tl1at's all for this year. 1 95 5- 1956 Dear Diary, Again the Einsteins return! We started this year by electing Janice Wcltzien, presidentg Doris Kamla, vice-president, and Jerry Davis, secretary-treasurer. Our advisors included Mrs, Bautch, Mr. Cashen and Mr. Gautsch. The big event for this year was homecoming, for which the honor of being king was presented to Eugene Weaver. He chose Nancy Bill as his queen. Johnny Roberts provided music for the dance. Nine of the class of '56 were on the cham- pi:-nship football team which won the conference trophy. The class play, "Father Knows Best," direct- ed by Mrs. Bantch, was a big success. Seven- teen members of the class made up the cast and many more worked with stage management and make-up, as well as the prompting. The D.A.R, Award was presented to Doris Kznnln. This year we lost three members. They were Doris Ryan, Rosemary Thomas, and Ronald Wcltzien. Deloris Schlesser was chosen valedictorian with a four-year average of 93.50, and Jerome liambenek was chosen salutatorian with an av- erage of 93.19. Members of the Honor Roll in- cluded: Richard Berger, George Bohrnstedt, Colleen Draeger, Ronald Guenther, Clarice Han- son, Doris Jensen, Richard Jereczek, Doris Kamla, Marlys Meistad, Mark Pronschinske, Clarice Schmidtknecht, Janet Thomas, Romona Thomas, Janice Wcltzien, and Russell White. Homecoming Royalty - N. Bill and E. Weaver S .N LL' 'I'4X'1'O RIA N -lvrmnc Rzumlhelwlc YAl.IiIJIC'I'ORlAN In-Ifmrcs Schlcsscr IDAVIIJ AXNICSS "IIv:uu1'r' I mighl dn .www- Ihiug .n'u.vuI1mmI ywlf' lf.l'.A. I, J, 3, 5: l1.lI.l,A. I, :Z llxuclmll 4. l.Ul'll.l.lf lililill "IIN mimi in nu Ilrr -:uHrI.' but Il1'I' Irrurt ix vI.w':vI1vrv." l".ll..-X. 1. J, 3, .43 ll.,X..-X, 3, 4: l'lul'l'llNll'-- I, J, 3, ,lj llll'lh' l'llul'llS 3, 4: Ywul S-'ln I, .:, 42 Girls' 'l'rnl 3, .43 Xunllzll Stuff .gg l'l:ue l'l:n' 4. fllil DRGIC llOl l RNSTICI JT "Ilc's nur .vlur lim' mam In mum- imyv Ilmu mic." lflxlw PR"-l4lt'lll I2 llc-lm-gran' tu llnym' Sims- 3: l.l-liorlm-nk l'lnlv 4: l.,fL'Sl4lt'lll 4: In-lam' 3, 4: lizunl I, J, 3, .11 Slim- Szlxslplnnn- Slvlu 2, 3: Snln :uul l-ln-mnlllr I, J, 3, .gg llnwlmll l: .-Xnnunl Stuff .gi lk-:mul Stuff J. ,RL Claw. l'l11y I. fXlAlQll.YN HIJUNI "II'.v IIIH' lu In' nuluruf 'wllrlz j'rlll'I'z' fml111'uII3' nina" l",ll.A, I, J. 3, 4: lh-pnrtur 4: S.S.l', 43 l.llll'1ll'l1lll 41 l'rcNi:lcnl . .. . , 4: .Xnmlsml Stull .ll llznu llny 4. liI'.RAl.ll ll.-XYIS "IIr nfl Imx Ivurnrd III4' mill- mylll ml, Im! lll"I'4'l' III lull. Claw l'ru3i1lcnl J: Clans, Sccrc- tznry 41 llclcgulc lu limp' Sung -lj 3.5.11 4: llull liuarnl 4: Lenex- men's Club 43 Basketball 1, 2, 35 liasclmll I, 2, 32 Annual Staff 3, 42 Class Play 1. JICROMIC IRAMIHCNIEK "Iiin.v!vIu -:mx gnml, Ina' PT 1 .. l.l A. x, -, 3, 4, llnv I'l.m5 4. lQlC'llARlJ Rl-fRGliR gliplmnu is my aim, .fu un Izmc fm' glrlx nr funn-." 9.5.11 41 lfurn-mics 1, J, 3, 43 lXllXml l'llurlIS 3, .13 Yurlll Solo X- -ll l'l1lIlu Suln 3, .ll .xllllllljl ' H l'll l'l Still! ll :ss 115' ,L Llillill DORGXNYXRIYI' -411.-uf smp sf. In-1.-,--J full tu argue on tl lminlf' l:llI'l'll'vlt'i 3, .42 llelxgilqf 1, 41 Haq- kellmull J, .ll llznselmll 33 Annual Staff 4: Beacon Staff 42 Class Pluv 1, 4. NIl'fl.X'lN FOMIQRO "I um-v In' ll llwunlry ffm:- llrumu, Im! .wrnu Jay I'II lu' u II nnmu .v IIUIIII' I mllfullzlfulf' l".lf.A, 1, J, 3. 4: ll.ll.l.A. 1, 1: Nliu-ll Vlmrn- J. CUl.l.lflCN l7R.Xl-Illlfll "Tu Ivumv Iwr ix In liI.'.- llcr.' F.ll.A. l, 2, 3, .gg ll.A.A. :L S.S.C. 3, 41 Prceimlent 41 l.ilnr:1r- ian 3, 41 Beacon Staff 1, 3, 4, Class Play 4. SONIA ERICKSON "She's small, but so is d stick of dynanzftef' F.H.A. 2, 3, 43 'Treasurer 32 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 S.S.C. 4: Librarian 4: Secretary- Treasurer 41 Annual Staff 41 Beacon Staff I, 2, 3, Class Play I, 4. JANICE GEORGE "Round and round she goes: where she 'zwll land, no one knows." F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. 2, 3, 4Q S.S.C. 4: Hall Guard 45 Librar- ian 4, Girls' Chorus IQ Mixed Chorus 2. MARVIN GROTJAHN ".S'vhool? Oh, yes, another ueressaryez'1l." A - - Class Secretary - Treasurer 3Q F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 4, D.H.I.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, President 31 Baseball 2, 3, 4. CLARICI2 HANSON "She's like a dictionary- wordyf' F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 43 S.S.C. 43 For- ensics 3g Hall Guard 4, Librar- ian 4g Annual Staff 2, 45 Class Play 4. DAVID HERRMANN . "My one ambition in school 15 to have some teaeher say, 'He's a sweet boyf' " F.F.A. I, 23 Hall Guard 35 EDVVARD GANDERA ufllfllllllgll he 1.SIl'f Very Llll, lfddie is really on the hall." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: D.H.I.A. I, 2, 3, 42 Treasurer I, 51 Lettcrmen's Club 4: Basketlzall l, 2: Busebzll I, 2, 3. 41 Class Play 4, RICHARD GLONVCHESKI "Look what fum' years ham' done to me: om' more and if -wou'd rum nw." I.ettermen's Club 41 Football I, 2, 3. 4: Honorary Football Captain 41 Baseball l, 2. RONALD GUENTHER "I study when 1'n1 in the nzood, but I um not a 'very moody guy." F.F.A. 1, 2. 3, 4: D.H.I.A. I: Leltermen's Club 4: Band 3, 4: Basketball 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4. LILAH HANSON "To grow or not to grow? That IS the question." Prom Queen 3: F.H.A. I, 2, 4: G.A.A. 2: S.S.C. 3, 4: Hall Guard 31 Annual Staff 4: Beacon Staff 2, 4. DELORIS ,IASZEWSKI "Size smiles on many just for fnn, but ive all knozv there IS only one." F.H.A. x, 2, 3, 4: S.S.C. 3, 4: l.i- brarian 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 43 Vocal Duet 41 Annual Staff 4: Beacon Staff 3' 4- IJURIS ,I ICNSICN "XIII fflllf I .Vfllll-V II'.v.I' . ,I'II.I'l IIIIII I lllfll' fun IIIIII'I'." I r - I 1 ' l.ll..X. I, .., 3, 4, fI,A.A. -, 3 4 5.511 2, 3. 41 SuI'I'cl:II'5' .42 llurl I-nsics 2: l.IlII':II'i:III 2, 3, 4: .XXY1ll'll 3: ll'k'Yltll'lll 35 AIIIIIIIII Null 4. llI-:IUIIII Null I, 2, 3, I. lil NWNN ID KANI R1 JWSKI ".S'i:I' I.I'1I' I'f'I'I'yllII'IIg, .VIIII l'IIIr:I'd llII'I'I' ix I'I1III1IIl-II, lun." l".l"..X. I, 2, 3, I: IZ:IslcI-Ilmll 2, 3' 'l'l'Ill'li 2, 3. l'IIYl.I.lS KRIQIIICR "l l.'IIII:I' IIIIIIII I 'zI'I1IIl." I-.Il.,X. I 2, 3, I: 8.5.1 I' Imr- l'lINll'5 31 l.IlII'qII'I:III 43 liirls' L'lI11I'- ll- 2: Xll'1L'1l f.lIIlI'llS 4: Girls Sl'Xll'l 2: liiIls' 'l'I'III 4: Xnrnl Swlu 4: Ixlllllllll Stuff I. Nl.XRl.YS NlIilS'l'.XlJ "l'rlffIy II.: gI'IIgI'I', IIiI'I' II.v fIII',' llII'I'I".v ll lul III III' III'I'IIIII4 f'lI'.I'fII'II' lII'fIII'I' I IlII'." If.II..Ix. 41 I...x..x. 2. I, .II ssc. 41 l"III-I-Imsics I, 2, 3, Slate I: llclrmc I, 2, 4: llzuul I. 2, 31, 4: Sulo :IIIII l-1IIscIIIlIlc 3,41 NllXL'll LflIIIrIIs 31 Girls' 'I'IIIIIIIliIIg 4: t'llK'l'l'lK'1lll4'l' I. 2, 3, 41 Allllllill P Stull 2, 3, 4: ln-JIUIIII Stull' I, 2, 3, 4: llnss l'l:Iy I. RUSAl.llC NIUTSZKO "l,IIIIgl1lI'I', jIIA'I'.v IIIIII .vang I'IIlI' lII'I' IlIIy,' '1'l'l'j' .vI'1IlnIII flllllllf TIIIHI llflllllllg III .vIIy." I".Il..fX. I, 2, 3, 4: fi.A.A. 2, 3,.4: S,S.l'. 4: l"IuI'I-IIsiI's 3: l.ilIr:IrI:III 4: .xllllllill Stull' 4: l'l:Iss l'l:Iy DORIS li.-XMI..-X ".X'lII' !III.v tl IIIIIIIIII fur .vlwll IIIIII yylll. Class SCCl'Cl1ll'y-'lll'CZlsllI'L'r I Class Yicc-llrcsiclcllt 2, 4: llis wry Awsnrrl 3: li.A..X. 2, 3, 4 l".ll..X, I, 2, 3, 4: SL'l'l'k'lZll'X' I 'l'l'k'Zl9lll'L'l' 2: IrcsiIlI-nt 4: l'11ll'L'll sws I: llillltl I, 2, 3, 4: Yicc l'I'csiIlcI1I 4: SIIIII :Iml liIIsI:IIIlI'I I 3: fxllllllill S1:Iff4: Class llllj' 4 .XNNQX KONKICI. Hlllll ll rI'i.vI' girl, lllll lv!! lIIIIIIlI'Il." lj.ll..'X. I, 2, 4: li.A..X. 2: :xlllllllll bluff 43 llc-:mum Stuff 2, 4, liillllilfl' l.L'li'l'lll "lII'I'I.",v ll lm-v II lllllv .rlIy,' fI'I1III lII.I' .vI:I' WI' ':I'IIIII1I'I' -rI'lIy. Clxlss S0k'l'l'lIll'j' - 'l'I'c:IsIII'I-I' 3: l".l"..'X. I, 2, 3. 4: l7.ll.I..IX. I, 2. 3, 4: l.l3t.ICI'l11L'll'S Clull 4: Il1lrliL'l' lmll I 2. 3, 4: Ilznsclmll I, 3, 4: 'Franck 2. DONNA Milli "Tim IIIII' llltlf IIIIIkI'x llI.' lI'II.vt IIIII.vI' ix I:flI'II IIIIII1' II.II' ful." F.ll..'X. I, 2,.3, .1I'fl.A-.X. 3. L: lm:II'uII Stllfl 4. MIX RY JAN li M YICRS "'l'lII'I'1".v II IIIi.vI'lII'I":'Iv1I.v IIIIIL' Ill llfl' l'j'l'.n F.ll.A. I, 2, 3, 41 G. .X, A, 2, 3, 41 llzulcl 2, 3, 42 Girls' f4ll0l'llS l: Mixccl Clumxs 2: fxlllllllll Stuff 41 llczxcun Stuff 2, 3, 4. DONALD PAPE "l47ork, where have I heard that worn' before?" F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Lettern1en's Club 45 Football 3, 45 Honorary Football Captain 41 Basketball 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. l.Ol S PRONSCHINSKE "Let the 'world go by as it may-l'll take it any way." F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Forensics 31 Girls' Chorus 1: Mixed Chorus 4. ELAINE RADOMSKI ' "A giggle here, ll giggle there, a giggle, giggle ezferywl1ere." F.H.A. 1. THOMAS REUTER 'AAII the 'world's a stage and I do my part of cutting up." Lettermen's Club 45 Football 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Beacon Staff 43 Class Play 4. ROBERT ROTERING "School is what you make it,' it makes me tired." F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Wisconsin Corn Award 2Q D.H.I.A. 25 Football 4. Jo ANN PRONSCHfNSKE "Fun is the spice of life and I like plenty of seasoning." F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4Q G.A.A. 2, 3, 45 Forensics I, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Solo and Ensemble 35 Annual Staff 45 Beacon Staff 2, 4. MARK PRONSCHINSKE "An F.F.A. course he has token so he ran help bring home the lmronf, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: President 4: King 41 D.H.I.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Secie- tary 3: Basketball 2, 3: Track 1, 2: Annual Staff 4. ROSE ANN REBHAHN "l'n'es.v I hasten, I shall be left l76'l1llI'd.H F.H.A. 1. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Vocal Duet 4. MARY RIPPLEY "To worry is folly: lefs grin and be jolly." F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Librarian 41 Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Annual Staff 4. ROGER ROTHERING "1 wonder what fool it was that invented kissing." S.S.C. 45 Forensics 2Q Boys' Cho- rus IQ Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Vocal Solo 4. l1HlU1'l'llY RY -XN 11'11.1'.1, 111.1 1 af 11111 1111v.1 "Jimi 11 13111 zvillz f'11'11.1'1111l I 11 11111111 1117111 11 1111 11 l:.ll.nX. 1, J, 3, ,1g H1-1111111 Slllll. 4, -l- NI XRY Sl'lll.liSSlflQ UQ1111-I fv1'11f111' 1111- :1'1'l1'111111' 1":'1'1'y:1'l11'1'1'. l'.ll..X, 1, J, 3, .13 X111' l'1'1-mlm-111 ll lick-1.g:1lc 111 l1l'L'l'Il l.3llil' ,11 llirlx' Q'l1111'11N 1, 41 .'X111111:1l 511111 12 lft'!l1'11ll sllllnll 3, .1. SPIARUN S4'lll'l.'l'Z " V111 11111 11111 111 11111 sh: is just right." H 1 , , 1 ' . 1 1 - l,Il,.X. ., 1, 1, 1.1.1. 1. Hull 111111111 .13 151-2111111 511111 4. llll1lMAS SLAHY "111.v .v11A1'114'.v.1' 1.1 11111-1' .11:1'11 111'1'l'." If.l".A, 1, gg l1.ll,I.,X. gg Nlixwl 1411111115 ,1 Q 11:1-1-l1:1ll 1, .e, 3, .12 l.I'1lk'l'i .1. j,'XNlC'l' 'l'lI11Nl:XS "1.11I1' 1111111'.v lll'1' 11111 11111111 1-UP' 111113 1111! II1111' 1111' 1111 lam." l',ll.'K. 1, J, ,1, .13 l':11'I1:11111-11l:11'1:111 11 QJlll'1'll .11 l1.,X, X. Jg I'111'1'11N11'N 1: ll:1111l J, 5, .13 l.1l11':11'1:111 .12 Girls' 1'l111r11s IQ Ixllllllill 511111.11 llcucfnl 511111 .e, .1. RP? 'D QW 3 l1l'fl.l1RlS S1'lll.l'QSSI'.lC "1111',1'.1'1'11 me II11' 1111111 1111111 1'1'.1', 1111' I1l1'1' 1111111 111l11'11I 111 111111A'.1," lf.ll.A. 1, :, ,1, .12 S1-1-11111115 .1 l1,A.:X, .:. ,1, .13 Sl't'I't'lZlIX 1: IV111 1 'V 1 ' '- 1 1 1115111 1, -, ,1, l..1111I 1, J, ,1 AllXK'll l'l1111'11N -1, gg .xlllllllll 81.111 .11 U111111111 Sllllll J, 5, ,1: C11-L1l1h 1 ,1. l'l.:XRll'l-I SVI I MIl1'l'KNlCk'l I'l ".XL1111'1'1'1' 111111 .v1'11.v11111'." lf.ll..'X. 1, J, 3, .11 l'1'1--1111-111 .1 llK'lt'QlIlQ' 111 fll'Q'x'll l.:1ln' 32 Hirlx L'l1111'11s 2. A-12 .-X111111:1I Sllllwlv .1 l-11.11'1111 5L2lll 3. 11.-XYIJYRIW SIQYERSUN 1Plf'Y1 lmysf' ,V F.l-'.A. 1, 1, .1 lQ11HliR'l' S'l'lilVI"IiNS11N "l'11Ii1 111-11111 1111 11.1 1-11r1, 1111 Qflllll 111111 l. W' Vi . . 1-1- l'1'1-511111111 ,sz I.:-111-1-1111-11 lluh .11 l'1111ll111ll 1, .12 l'11111l1:1ll Nl:111:1g1-1' .rg l!b2lNliK'llllAll 1. ,rg linac l1:1ll J, .13 Traci: 5. IQUMUNA 'llllOfXl.XS "11'1111I 1'111111l 1 I1'l1 1111 gffalllll 1'l111111'1'11 if I .v1'1'11l 1111 11111 111111 .1'!111l,1'1'111g.f"' l'.ll.X.v 1, :,,1,,1g 11..X,.X, .',,1, 1 l'111'1-11s1c5 3, 4: llillltl 1, J, ,1, 4 l,l'K'Nl1lt'lll .11 A111111:1l Stull .11 111-:1 C1111 Skill' j, .12 C11-l':1lll111' .11 l'l:lN I l lay 4. "111' 11111'111'l Illdkg' 11 1111 111 11111.16 1'll1 1151 11111' 111 NA 1' 1 DORIS WALETSKE "I .ray little but think much." F.H.A. 1. " EUGENE WEAVER "If .vrliool is liberly-give me death." Homecoming King 41 F.F.A. IQ Lettermen's Club 4Q Football I, 2, 3, 41 Basketball 1, 2, 3: Manager 41 Track I, 2, 3, 4. ,IANICE WELTZIEN "By her hearty laugh we kuou' her." Class President 45 Delegate to Badger Girls' State 35 F.H.A. 2, , 41 Secretary 31 G.A.A. 2, 3, 41 S C Forensics ' Librarian 3 S. . .3,4: , 3, , 3, 45 Secretary 35 Girls' Tumbling 45 Annual Staff 45 Beacon Staff 1, 2, 3, 41 Class Play 1, 4. SHUTTER SHY SENIORS Richard Iereczek Ray Scow GARY WATERS "What's the use of living if one fan't enjoy it." 2, 3, 4g Boys' Quartet 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3Q Class Play 4. ROGER WEAVER " 'Tis better to sleep in rlasx tliau wash' a prrferfly good night." Class President 31 Prom King 3: F.F.A. I, 2: S.S.C. 3. 43 Vice President 4: Lettermen's Club 4: Forensics 31 Hall Guard 31 Bas- ketball 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3, 4: Bea- con Staff 45 Class Play 4. RUSSELL WHITE "My car and I-we are a pair, without it I'd be in greal despair." S.S.C. 3, 4, Forensics IQ Debate I, 45 Hall Guard 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Custodian 41 School Orchestra 45 Boys' Chorus I, 21 Mixed Cho- rus 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Quanet 3, 42 Vocal Solo 1, 2, 3, 41 Vocal Duet 3, 4: Annual Staff 4. lllyillg lllulll' lll l!l'k'Nl'l1l lllu :lllllllzll Ulihx l E E .X la? f S new F ,R :Fw I , I 1 A, 1 ws, lass Pla I'.:ll'ly lll flClUlll'I' prcllxzlulllllllx xwlx' Illfvilfli VIN' 'UNI Clllllll Ill' -vvll 1I'll4I"il!'f lu Nrlllllll L'IlL'I1 - - - N 5 lvl-lllllg, fnilllflllly 1'L'Il0Ill'Nlllg llll' lllvll' Illg lllg I'llK'il' off-llls :lllll zxlsll Illllw llf Nllw. IlI!1llt'll lu-lm' llll lrll ll llll Xlllmlllllll 'xllull tha pl 15, llllply '- ': .' .' '- ' J, ' ' . - , ll - l'::lIll'r lxlllmx Ill-si, was lvl-ll l'l'l'vlx'l'll by .x llfgl' illlIIiL'Ill't'. 'l'lll- L'fl5l collclllmll-ll: "'l'lllll- lu-il Nlwlllt Il fllll X1K'l'lL'llL'l', :lllll ilu- 2lllfIIL'IlL'i' IUIIIWI, A llvllglll llll play," play ww'- .V Z E " i -' .Q 'I'llli L'.XS'l' l'i1llhk'l' lizlrl XY:1lcl's Nlolllcr Rllllllbllil 'l'lllllll:1S Ill-Ill , Lllcilll- licrg' Illlll Rivllzlrll Hcrgcr Kxlllly , jzlllicc xYL'ltZiCll Mr. I!l'illkwlll'1Il jclwllllc- Ilzlllllwllck li:l'llll l!l'illkwl1l'lll Ruger XY02lX'L'I' Villij Swllizl lirickwll All-X, Xhllllllly fl1ll'iL'L' Hnllsllll Nllw. XYlllvlQcl Cllllcvll I,I'1lCgK'I' Xllx jwllcs lloszllil- Nllltrskll RLxlPI'il' illllll A , Nl1ll'X'ill lirllljzlllll lyvfliilli llllllicclwllllllllh Mxlrllyll Ilrlllll Rzllllullzl . Rllsclll:ll'5' Tlllllllzls Jllllg' . ,, , Doris Kzlllllll llllllk fI'il'llll . 'lxlllll RClll01' 4Hl.ll'l'l' . lIdw:ll'll f3llIlllL'l'1l U1Ul""1 ' , - BUUU1! 7 T111-rlilllfrlwll! Ihmks on wp! N Skye Q 5 . A S Q Looks likc lllc I1cz1cm1 Cilllll' out. 1.01 mc lllilmk-what shall T write? t we Qwcet, Wlllkill. down the street. The L-ml uf zz weary clay. UNDEQGQADS 'W'-N F0251 5 .Elf -QF-Imsomm maze--10-9 5-5- .ZS VKX X , fu, Xxx-as X if f N 17 XXix Hfsrozay fm zfx PUT! ' U1 O X 5 Y IH. XX X xx- K' l QW NNN E I XX N f X X A , fR l MX W f Xxx vv A uf f f X +1 , ,at 'R R'-X3 W XE Wm If, QQ ff X 4 ! PM JJ XXX f ,. ,,. , fm , A - Ai' ff 5 A X ' N .XM A? :fy W Juniors The juniors, a class of 56 energetic bea- vers, have once again completed a successful year. Under the able leadership of John Schank as president, Allyn Pelowski as vice- president, and Wayne Auer as secretary- treasurer, they have proved themselves worthy in many respects. They chose Mr. Pavlicin and Mr. Crowley as their class advisors. The Junior-Senior Prom was held in the new gymnasium and was very successful. King john Schank and his queen reigned over the glorious festivity. ,- su ICI-Hman IQ--xx IJ, 1.vIII1-mx I XX'11II:111l'm-V, lf Nm-xu'1v1lvIl. IQ, S'-rxqlix, NI, SIIIIII, VI, Smlxzlllxl, IT, NL" HII 5 .1.', ...II Ibm ,I 5--I1-'III XI Slxwwlm, .l, I"m1f:11':1, Ii, 'I'Iu-nmzvx, II, Ilyun, I I7::IwIxlvi11, bl, KLIIQ-1' Ilm-I Iiffxx ,XIV Ixuxxlvx If Iirllllwxxxlxl, Ii, Ilznlxm'-uw, XY, ,-Km-V, VI, SIIIIIIIJ, IQ, XXVIII Il N-IIIIIIIIIIXII IWIIIIIII Iiwxx I IQIIII IC Iiumlx, IQ v -Q lm, ,I, 5kII lI1Ix 'In I' Ilmuux, Ix, XI-HHN, il, I'1-Ilmg, It, NrI1:u'I:l11, IC, N'I1:u1'I:111, I I'1Ir11wI1l11 Im III-rwtvhlt -no nn y i N 1- Ilf1ll4..u Ibm Y IZIII, II, IQIVIIIIIZIII, S, Ilmwlicr, KI, Iirm-1111, Ii, I"1lg'i11:a, N'-HIIII IQ-In Il MII-111111, Il. Xlwr. S. XII-lflvf. If- IIIHINUH, If, SHIIUIIAI, VI. I':nlfm-1' IIIIIII Ibm' I., SIII'-'rI1, X IH-ImxNI4i, IQ, Iirzmn, W, Rlmmlv, II, Iir111I..m, YS' ophomores As September approached, all the soph- omores began preparing for their second year of high school. Most of the class took a greater part in extra-curricular activities than they did as freshmen, joining sports, music, journalism, or speech groups. This year we selected as our class offi- cers: president, Wilmer Putzg vice-president, Janet Fetting: secretary-treasurer, Thomas Mettlach. We chose Mrs. Killian and Mr. Hart as our class advisors. IIHIIUII1 Ibm NI, S-1lml1:u, 'If Snvlmln, S, I':nNswwxx', Ii. H114-11ll1c1', If, Ulm-QIII, lf YI-nm, DI. Rem-11mx' Run .r 4. Xlflvvlw, Ii. IQ41-IH., I I "?'WI""'I. Ii. RUIIIIIIIIII, N, XXQIIIL-rs, NI. XX-viic, bl, Ixujzlk, R, Nlmuluu I . . , . - . . Ibm ug' Ix KIM-, I., Ixwmpzn, IX, Svlwlvvcr, IQ, Xllvmzum, I., .X4IIl11Ii, Il, I'1'smwIm1-kv, II, 5-rI11mmItk11m'I1l I.. IQI1nlxHlm'Ix " I ' I u x In Im, Iwu: I, Ixlwpfvlvlx, lx, Ilxmlm'-. Ix. I.u-H, I, Xx!l2Hl'l', I, XIctII:wI1, IT, 5l'IIIl'NNl'IA, II, hclmmllkmc Ihvtlmu Hmm: lf SIQIWWII, VI. Ifvlliug, R. Ijwwxki. I". IFIRQIIIII, UI. IIvNsIcr, 'If fQrwss111:1l1, Y, IQIIIIIYHXXN Hun' J' II. Slznlly, Ii. Wim-11lI1m', -I, I1-11:1-rg, NI, 421-m'gc, Y. Scrvnis, -I. Svhuliz, M, I':1pv, Hum 3: 8, lxrmplml, I., .XmIn-rwrx, XX, IIwm'scI1:1k, R. Ilrmm-r. Il, Ill-wlfl, R, IIHNYIIII, I,, Ixulgl, Ib, l'141fml I, IX'lm'l', XIV, II:11'1, Ibm 4: ul, .Xxrnwy II, I'1-In-mx.-11, ID, Ik-lmmzn, W. I'uln, IJ, lgujgtjxq XA jk-IN-H, IIA till-nyimlgiv In jX1I,lIlIX' -I HHH Freshmen On September 7, Q0 terrified, hut equally excited freshmen, entered Arcadia High School. However, they soon found that it didn't take long to get acquainted and feel at home. Chosen as officers to see us through our first year were: president, Gary Luethig vice-president, LeRoy Pierzina, and secre- tary-treasurer, Gary Pahl. Our ever-helpful advisors were Mrs. Gautsch and Mr. Koetting. A great many freshmen took part in school activities. The freshman class also sponsored mixers and took charge of the homecoming bonfire. Now that the freshmen have completed their first year at Arcadia High School, they may look hack on it with pride, and may look forward to next year with the hope that it will be just as successful. 3 . f!,,! I1-mum Iiww' II, lim-II, NI, XXX-I-1-11I1v1'gvI', ,I. I',xIQ:I, ,I. Sm1N:lII:1,,I, SIIIIIIIITI. ,I. 5L'IIIlIIIi, II. 511I11vlI:z, ,I. I-'I-HIQIH I', INLIIIIIVIINXNIU, Y. IH-pliluxlxl, Ii, IM-rgvr. Ibm 41 I., A-III-up QI, IQIIIIIIK'-I, NI. I':l1w, ll. I'1"'r1wI11luI4L-, X, IR-Inlvr IQ IIu-mms, bl, 5ImwI1, II. Nlnwwlm, II XXJIIII-XIX'-. XI. 5l'I4XIlIN, II. III-wllxu-111. Nun iq. I','I',XX',S1-mx, X. IiuIw, NI, IflIIIIxt'I, ID, Sulunlgq, I,. Wm-:lu-1', tl, Sulnnlglv I,, I'ivl'fm:1, Ii Ii11I'1N I IIHIXIVII' XI gII'l1IIxl'Y , . , . I . , . . .-., , . . . . . IIlllIx1rXkf NIl'.IXI'l'IlIlIQ,I'., II'w1m'I11l1NIu-,5,N'I1:u-Im'1', If. XXI-:lu-V, I-. N'Ill'v1Iu-V, I., I'41I1I, IC, Ixulnx, II I.IxuxxXIXI, IQ, SIIIHIIII, Il, IIJHIN, II, IIflN4'IIk'I', IQ, XX-lIII.l', -Q Ihlllum Ibm: II. ,XIIvu1:uH, IQ. IXHVIJIIX, I.. In'I1I'g1', It. II1'1mwI-fn, NI, Ix:1l11I:1, N. Ililyvs, DI, lm-I.1:1I111, N, Ihwlf mzul, 1' I'1':ml'11rfI, X, ,IllNf1'UXIxI, NI. Il:lIv1'y1'I1. nl, II:1In-Islvilm, Ixmx J. I., IxIIlI,I1, Q1-mln-lu. II, Ixllpn-If, lf. I.1Ifg.l11, Ix, IxI111Ix, N, Iwm.14I, I,, IxwIwIl, Ia, II:mxw11, I.. I'.II1N II. XIHIN-, XIIX. Ilzull-flu, Num Ig: IA, IMI-Im-1', IC, Nlwl-flw, II, NIIN-'I1, I., I.m-IIN, IQ, IxI4vm'rIx1, IQ, XMIM-, I IxImIq, UI, IZIVIIIIILIII, IC I'II'lIIiIIQ, II. I"I11I'y. ,. , ,VI lklv I .. . , . . I-Ip Ixwxx. I, Inlllj, II. I.IIIsI1, II, II1-xmunl, II. II.IIx1-I mn, I, Iw-1'11I1wIf, II, Ixnmpam, l,, l.n'm'gv, A, IullL'llIIl1I XY, H114-111IIvr, XI, Ih-rg, Junior Snap just summing myself ff 1 Clap your hands :md all together now . lxgw'-fx gffw .Q ,A +5 'Vw an 510 ' is W . ' ' , i 5 Q -Q , f ff .. ..,:-M. Q- A v - X . ,- , ' 'ff ' "" """" z f ' .. A::Q:.:N-:,,:- is ' . - - -Q ...- - mf , , .... . .... . XM ,Q Q...,. .. . . .., . WM... . ., ., ., Q R. 1.. M W-V .::. sa sw ,: .. :,. .::::a ss- X . gamer, ' M33 . -. .. - - , '-l- - ' V, : N' ' Q1 'i K K M3 iw W V? XX V. W Si 512 x .4 -.z,,S:.:: :Qi-, ' .- "2,-::gIE.EfiEiIQiEiiI5:fI -, gifix kg' Nga ii, ll ' 4' Q Sv x ,N ,... . 515-5-. .,.,, , P- .,.,,... . ---- . ..,. ., -.-'- ,.,,,.,, .,., Q Wil -,FX X : ,.: ,gy EQ: ,IQ '53fQ ,Q?-if - "" f Ea. X 'L f' - fix.. Xi K 5 hw MS 3'f.:.:,5-s i-gi-55635 , -1-. - ALS:-",: ,ms W h CI' ww SX W 6 are We going? NV:1iti11g for thc grouul. D How now brown cow? Pas-4 the milk, plczwc -.. , ..., , . . . . 'l'hc great Caruso A Y .-.T ,,,.. ,-1-I6 :FHL vu' 'f A ',"'?',' "' 1 5 b j ",,,1,,,,1.,,..,,,g' :z , gy, , ,. M , 3 ,J -r V. X 1 , 'fy awfff . 4' M W4 'ff fQAlA'f.,.x " ' Y . .. Vw' 3 . if ,,fv v-V W. -lx Vw ,view 6-1 , Q ,H . ,xr , V 3 Iii? L . Z 29 V , X4 A ' ' Q ,, ZWW' ' 4 , , W ' " ' I 'N I u 4 K , 575' .... ,,,., M -fm-fs-ef"' WM "' dm tiucas Who ? ? F ? Play it pretty mm 'Xrc' you working VVh:1t's going on P 7' Underclassmen naps Xvllfllk your excuse QQ if 3 M, QQ , 3 ' W WF f xf? CJ lg' QQ Su' Od ACTMHTEE cti ities 1' Rvflfly Ruiflcr Riding' High' 4 W Huis lvrl tr' . .. .,.llli5! I 1 2 gm yum--M -.-.V....-w- gx il luniu Up' val' We 11.AR1X1'.15Z S.-XXOl'111JNliS1 'l'ROM'11UN1CS: 1QO1X11ZON1CS: 1V1.11'1'1i: 11'R1CNC11 11011 NS : L'ORN1i'1'S: 131111151 11,-XSS: 1l4XR1'1'1 DN 1112 SAX: 1'11111111l.-1. S1Ql'l11'11 1111 R. 1111lll1ZlN 91111s: 1, 1Z1'11g1111, 13. N1-111111 . R11l1110j', 11. 1Q11s1q11N K11111111111, 51111111111 I C111111111, M, 51111111401 XY111sc11111'1'glC1' 1'11111:1'11111s1cc, R. 11111111.15 ,I.hUmHN. MA Skwrh Xg:1111 1111s j'L'211' 1111- 1X1'1'I1111111, 1111111 llklwlvr N1'1111111 1!111111, 11111101 1111- 111111111111 111 1 11111 lqliglb, 111'111'1111111 1111j11y111111' 11111si1 11111111114 1111 111:111y 101111111 111'111'11i11s, '1'11c 11111111 I XYUHC' J- Smmllln 1J1'lyCI1 11111111-1-11 11111115 -211 111111111111 11111 I1.Um.:ll-:IT J- RUSCHOW 1111x111-1111111 g11111cw, 111-1'1111'111c11 :11 1w11 Nmuhxv R4 Huemher 1'1111c'1-1'1f, 111111 111111111011 1111- 11L'CC5S11I'j 11111s11' 1111' 11111'1'11111111'1-1111- 111111 1'11111- gL'112I1'1Il11 1111-1111-1111-111 1w1-1'1'i41'1. .X1s11 11118 XCSII' 11111 11111111 1111111101111 M"1g11'111 11- 1411121111 11 1110 1.11 Croxsc 1Dif11'1c1 11111510 19111- 15111, 1-- -111110131711 11Yfl1, .Xs Il 11111111-1111 111111111111 111C 11111111 Solmtml FA Fugiml 1111110111 il 111-11-1c111111'11. ll12ll'C11, "'11111-1s- Pmclwm' RA Kujuk 1111 bL'111111111111s11:1 -11115 111cHsc11'C11x'1 Sdmrlmly R- Liwwgki 1111111111-1' 111111 A'M111'11111g1 N11N1 1111i 1111 gL'111l111i, R, K1i111c -1 1x1j'l'TN. 17 K2l1ll11l, C 1421111111 11111111 1111ll11111l'1'S 11111111:1s, 13 . 1101011110111 . Sk1'111'11 1.111 11111111-Q1 1111111111-11 , Ufficurs 1-ill' 111iN VQ111' 111-1'1-1 111111111 . SC111ess111' ' , 111 111111111 1111 M 14, ' -41111'111g I7111'1s 1i2l11l1il 1 1112-111'csi111-1113 Kllj' 1:1lg1111l, acura'- 1'11'y-1r11r1s111'1-1': ,11111111 '1'1111111:1s, 11111':11'- uI0 and El'lSCll1blf? X ,., , A . - I II In I I-xx .XI XX-IIII, AI. Sffw,I1.I,-I 511'-:1II:I, XI, Ilxwxgzul, Ii, Ifuginza. I xx I X' III-' U ,, I' Iwvgusgw X, IIIII, XI. XI:-IXIJIII, VI, Slxlwwll, Ii. 'I'I11ll11:lx Ix xx 4. Iimgmw, If, IxIII.lIx. Il, IH-II11-nz, -I, IQ- wswxx, tl, I'1lPllI.JlI'Jl, Tw irlers XI, Ii'1lllI:1. FI. IIvvIrr. I. SvI1:1rI 111 ll, lfficllmzm, S, IJOl'lliL'l', f1I'lJljIlllH I., Ilvrg, In Ilaumm, l'. IQl'1'lH'1' -.-naw' wt x., 'NK mt Rnw: I., llcrg, Krchcr, IJ, Zicgcwc-i'i, 'I. Srwlmtlil, DI, Zicgcwcicl, R. SCIIZIT I wk Huw: R. Whitv, R. SC1l2l1'lZllI,lf. Run-ring. III vll Ibm Ibm' Hmm Im: Mi if Q V 1,11 Run X Iivpinxlqn, VI, Ilr'wtjgIIn1. I,, IQHIXHII, lil-m'gc, VI, SVIINHIIZI. - IA. llvrg, IA, fwwgv, Il. Xllmnzum, Ii. IIL'l'Mk'l', R, Ii11j:1I4,,l, Ihvlvwg, ll NL-uk, KI. Scrvalis, Miss YHIKICII, 4- IA, ling-1114-I'. I' Iiwlu-r, S Illu-lm-V, In III'4IIINl'IIIIINIiL', .X 'II!NZl'WSIiI, II, slzusfvxxslsi, IT. Killllllll. If AI, Suluvtlw, Il. I.:-1'rI1, IC. Ih-l'gm'1', Il. IIQ'Il'l'NHI1, I., Ifllll, Il. Swlmllw Run, IQ, IQHII-u'1mq, DI, ICVIIIIIQY Ii, SCIIQIYIZILI, IQ. Wlmm-, l 1 lg.. 4. ---L Iimlmvu Run: II. Swlmltzm, Y, IIa-lximlfi, Y, IIrutfm:u1. I Il:1l1cIQlcin, KI. Su'xV:1iN, Nun 3' ll, Xllvmqmn Il .lava-xvlci, Ii, IIc'Vgc1', Ii. Iiujznk, A, IR-Illcr, MIM X':vl'IL-11, 'IN' Ibm: Ii, Iiivlmnm, Nl, S1'IlIl'NNl'l', If Svl11l1i1Ilk11ccIn, II, IQUIYIIJIIIII, I.. lQwwl'gv, li, Ilzmwn, CACIHOEO Um?-4'-'E CDCIGUOEO mr'DUv-151 ...M 4. -. lcttmn Row: C. Newconili, ll.--Iziszewski. J. Ge0i'gC, -l. lN'eltziQn, Nl. Klcislurl, IJ, jc-nscn. ll. lficlnnnn ,l Sonszlllzi, J. Grotjalni, D. Nelson. in li l..l'l1ll1SUI1,li.Fl1g'lll1l,C. Hanson,C.lDi'zicgeI'. S. l'1i'ivl4-uni, l'. Krclicr, ll, flililnnis. M. llrmn Nl Ripple-y. in 3: l.. ll2lllS1Jll,S. Metzler, N. llill, R. llhiteszlto, Al. Xllilfv, J. liiwsciimv, li. Nlizilters, Xl. Solmtlzl Q Kruibicli. lop Row: Cl. Ski'-mcli, Al, lQClJll2lllll, R. XVcz1x'c1', R. XYl1itt-, R.l1t-i'gci', IQ. lun-1'iiig,,l. llzlvis, C. lYcttlzin M. ljrogun. tudentsi Service Club One of the most active orgzinizations in school is the Students' Service Cluh. This iirgzinizzttion consists of forty inenilmers whrv cmnitrilnitc their time in order to be of help to others. This ycznr the nieniluers again conclnctetl collcclioiis for worthy Czinses, snlcl coffee :intl mlouglnitits at games, gave packages tn thc ncecly :lt Cliristinzis tinic, pziintctl thc waste- lmzislccts in school in a very att1'nctii'e manner. :und 1n'ox'i1lcfl progi-ziiiis :it the liome gznncs. Officers fm- this sclioul your were: pres- itlent. Colleen lDi':1cgci'1 i'icc-pfcsirlciit, Roger XVe:ix't-1': st-ci'c1:11'3', Carol Ncwcmnli, :intl il'C!lil1l'C1', Rcwnumzi NY:tltci's. Mr. Pzmvlicin flitl ri czipzililc juli :is mn' fzicnlty znlvisor. Bnttrnn Row: Mrs. llnlnnstedt, j. llesslcr, F. lftigginzt, K. Fnginzt, J. Sohntta, .I. Schultz, j, Genrge. M. Kleistzul, Row 1: Miss Gortcm, C. Slcrueli, bl. Skroeh, G. lil'0Lfllll, S. Passnw, S, Metzler, l.. llcrg, Mr. Riesch. Row 3: R, NVltite, R. Kujuk, N. Bill, K, Guenther, L, liorgwardt, Resolved: "Shnuld thc lfcdcral linvernnient grunt snhsidies :recording to need, tn high school grzlduntes who qualify for rtddilirmzil training?" was the issue pondered liver hy the de- lmtors this year, The dchztte teann juurney- cd tu vnriotts schnnls :ind pztrtieipzttecl in tunrnzunents. Vietories were few, hut the tennis, nevertheless, gained vznluzthle experience. Mr. Rieseh directed :intl guided the dc-lm:1te prngrmn. Forensic 2 A . - Student interest was high this year in the ftnensie pro- grztm. Persons lllll'liCiDfllllIfI Ilegztn early in nrdcr tn :tehieve the ltest results pos- sihle. The eliniinatiun eon- test was held in Xlillfll and those who won. represented .-Xrcadizt :tt the League Cun- test. This prtsgrzun was guided :ind directed lzy Miss Gorton, Mrs. Bolnnstedt, :und Mr. Ricseh. Front Row: M. Meistztd, D. Reiehwein, R. hV2lllCl'S. Huck Rew: Mr. Riesch, L. liurgwardt, G. Bohrnstedt, R. NVl1ite. Librarian Bottom Row: Mrs. Bautch, S. Erickson, M. Brom, C, Skroeh, D. Gibbons. Row .zz D. Nelson, C. Hanson, P, Kreher. D, Jensen, J. Vlleltzien, C. llraeger, I. George, R. NValters, IJ, -Iaszewski. Row 3: C. Newcomb, ll. Ilicliman, R. Motszko, C, XVClil2lllfCI', Nl, Rippley, S. MetZle1'. Each year capable students are chosen to he hall guards, on the hasis of their trustworthi- ness, dependability, and regular attendance. lfach period of the day you will find one of them inaintaining order and guarding students' property on the lower corridor. The lihrary chili, under the guidance uf Mrs. liautch, has had a successful year. Twenty swplioniore, junior, and senior girls have diligently assisted in the high school library and in the city lihrary. Monthly nieetings were held at which the students partici- pating straightened the hooks and discussed new ideas. .-X picnic was held in the spring al the lileer Park. The officers of the clulm are as follows: president, Marilyn llronii vice-president, Carol Skroehg secretary, Sonia Erickson. Hall Guard Sitting: D, Kreilsich, l., Hanson, C. Hanson, J, George. Standing: R. XYhiie, J. Davis. ww lhtttmli Run l,, llzmswn, Nl. Srlulcsscr, ll. jztszcwski, l.. llcrg, QI. Wcltzicn, Rl. Mcistzul, ll. jciiscn, bl, Uiisztllzt, j. St'll1l11li, ll, Nt-lsmt. lit-w .21 lf, l-uumzt, ID, Ninn, S. Schultz, K, lftigiiizt, C. llatrsmi, if lh':tt-gt-r, Nl, XYulft-, IJ. Gilmlimu, Xl llrmii, Klrs, Killian. limi' 441 ll. 5. 'limit Rmxii l R 'liluiitiztm J. lltuwxts, Xl. Nlyurs, ll. Moc, Xl. llrugztn, l.. Slcmclx Nl. Slum-lt, llt Xlnc, 5. Nlvlflr-r, X, Kwiilwl. 'l. lit'lllt'I'. R. llrzmn, ll. Sflilcsscr, R. 'lillHIII1lS, R. 'l'litni1:ns, bl. ljl'4lll4l'lIlllSliL', l., llurgw:u'clt, Wc'ztx'c1', R. licrgcr, J. lfuittarzt, R. Tliomzis. Beacon ".XrL' tht llm-:mills Ulll? l.vt's gm :tml get sports, :tml :1 witlv vzirioty of other subjects. milfs," 'l'liis wus :t wiiitititm stzitcmcnt licztrfl The cu-oclitors, Rmnmtzn 'l'l1tnng,5 gmtl Ilclnrie Illllftllg stltllt-tits wllcii ilu' lust flzlys uf lllil Scltlcsscr, witli tltcir stlpcrvisimin :tml assist- mtnitlx tlrt-xx' tit-:tr. llit- l-iyztl stuff has pro- zmcc, lmvc mzulc tliis yczir's scliuol paper mic viwlt-cl Its with at vt"'y init-rc-ting :tml rcxulnlmlc wc can ull lic vcry proud uf. Sturt IICXI yt-:ir pztpcr ztgstin tliis yt-Qtr, 'lilic pznpcr cemtztitis lay suliscriliing to the lieztcmil interesting write-ups of tlic latest activities, F. H. A. The Future Homemakers of America, under the supervision of Mrs. Twesme, is an organization which provides an educational program to develop an appreciation for home- making as a vocation. During the past year, the active F.H.A. has sponsored school dances, bake sales, homemade candy sales, and an initiation party. It also shared with the F.F.A. the heavy burden of the school fair. Clarice Schmidtknecht and Mary Schlessf er were sent to Green Lake to represent Ar- cadia at Wisconsin's F.H.A. convention. These two girls also went to the Milwaukee State Fair to sing in the F.H.A. chorus. To give the classrooms a festive appear- ance at Christmas time, the faculty members were presented with decorated candles made by the F.H.A. OFFICERS Clarice Schmidtknecht ...,....,.,......,......,..,....,... President Mary Schlesser .........,........... . ..,.,.. Vice-President Deloris Schlesser .........,. Darlene Gibbons .,..,.. Marilyn Brom ........, Secretary Treasurer Reporter Sharon Passow ....... ....,.,....,..,............ H istorian Janet Thomas .....,.... ......... P arliamentarian Lucille Berg ........,... Program of work Mrs. Twesme ....., Advisor Imp I 17 .- Mx Ilwllfvlll Ibm: I.. lim-g, XI, NIMN-ml, Il, Ixznmlzl, IC, Kuizlk, Il, ,IJ'N"x'XXNIxI, VI, Ilmngv, Nl, ILII-I-rg, ,I 1lum'g I., Iif-Iwll, II, INII'L'II!It'II, XI, IIllI!I'j'fII. v-+1:1I Nam. Ii II4'I'g'1'I', X, IIJljl'N. II, .XIIull1::u, I,. Ill-I-vga, II, IIIVIIIIIJIII, S, IlIw11iv1', Ix. lim-IIIIH-l', Ii, IiI111Ix Il INIIIIIIVIX, If, IIVJIIIIIIIII, Il, NIM-, I3 I-lvnwxl. IInmI Iwu ,I. II1lI!1'INIl'IIl, X, Iimlfmzm, I', Ii:l1111'mxsIx1, Ii, Ilzlmmz, -I, Il11li:.Im, X, Ll-m'quI, li, Ilrffggm I. II:ulwI.1, .X ,IIIN!1'XXNIxI, NI, Hyru, 5. XII-tflvr, Ixr'-Ilrl' XI. Iirwm II. IVIINUII. . I . wf vm: .X, Ixflllhm-I. I., IIllIINHI', I-, Nmlwy, 5, I'.I'lrIw4-11, l, Ilv':u'gc1'. I'., Ml1culI1cx', ll, Klux-, L, I Iiuttwm Iflmi Il, Iiwlx, KI, I':n1w, NI, Ihpl-, X, IK-I1I4'I'. ,I. Nw'-ullzl, I N'I1:u1I4, FI, N,11r:1II:1, IQ, N-rxzlls, I Swlwwltn, Il. X:-Iwxl. .mul NMI XII, 'IMI-Imam-, Il, Mnlnlmux, S IIJINNHXX, I., fm'IIm-V. li. I'I'4'IIN1'IIIIiNIxk', .I. XXl'II!Il'lI, 5, SCIIIIIIX, I5 Iixm IQ Ilnmll . .N IIIll'1I Klux' ,I. I'5IxIl. II. III""'ilf, .I- II2lIfN"'. II- 5I1'I1l"1',-I. Ifzllvm-Ixlmxl, tl, II1-wmzw, Il, 5k'IIIk'NNk'I', -I, I'1wv11wl1i11NIXI 1 ' . 1 I n, 1 n A - ' I' Imp Ivm: ,LA-Il.-1, -I. Iv-Ifllznlm, I., IXj.lll, Ix, Nlwlvlw, I., I1'HIlw'IIIIlNIxt. Q, N'Im11-Illxm-ulxl, NI, Iupplcx' XI Svlulmwr. F. F. A. The F.F.A. members made a splendid showing at the fairs they attended in the sum- mer and fall of '55, They earned seventy- seven blue and thirty-five red ribbons at the state and county fairs which they attended. Bernard and Robert Schmidtknecht received grand champions in beef exhibits at the Buf- falo County Fair. David and James Ziege- weid and James Sobotta received champions at the state fair for which they were awarded beautiful trophies. The school fair was similar to that of previous years, with a few additions which made it more interesting. For the first time 11 king and queen were chosen to reign over the fair. Mark Pronschinske and Janet Thomas were the honored royalty. Also, Bernard Schmidtknecht received S25 for the outstand- ing dairy exhibit. The F.F.A. worked with the Lions Club to sponsor Arcadia Broiler Days and the Dairy Festival. Ed Gandera received the Bi-County Bankers' Award, and three members received State F.F.A. degrees at Green Lake at the F.F.A. state convention. The F.F.A. of Arcadia received a super- ior rating at the Northwest Livestock Show. A judging team, composed of David Ziege- weid, Rodney Alleman, Bernard Schmidt- knecht, and Darrel Schlesser, placed second in a group of forty-five competing teams. OFFICERS President .................... Vice-President ........,. .,,....... Secretary .......,............. Treasurer ........ Reporter ...... Advisor ....... Mark Pronschinske Marvin Grotjahn James Ziegeweid john Schank .....ffff""iiLQiIig1lI' schmidiknechf Mr. Hart - -,f"nnIPx -Q I1-Ixnmn Ihlxx I' I'.Ip4, XI, ihlvxm-rw, IQ FvIn11imIlLm'cI1I, NI, Iizwtizniun, NI, I'xw11-:IviwIw, -I, SvI1::11Ix, X, I'L-Iuuslxi, IQ, I,mu!Iu-f I., I'IlII'j, Run 4' I Xxm- X, ,I I',wIIm.u1.,I Swlnylln, IQ, 1i1'11IIwufI4i, ,I Iw-11112. Ii. S1'IIL'lI!llI, I", Ilzninw, I, I'w-llwlliulxlw. I1 '..:wIf'I.', XII II,II'I, If-'xx 3 .I IxImIX. Ix rxI-mvlw, IP N'Iln11wwIlIxm-VIII, I-. I.l'l'IIII, XX, IIIIIIIIV, -I. Illvmfllwxlxw, I., II:1Ixvl'a1-11, IC. I.11vI:l:, Il Xx-ww, 'l',,. Ilmug Ig Ixnlmwlxxxlw, IQ, XXQIUII-11, II. I.w1rrI1, -I. I!:Ill'Iwm-IX, Ii, IK'I'lL'fL'Ix, IQ Sm-MIN-'11, Il, I':1Ifm'1', .X I . . v ' 1.4-Ingv, XI Ill 11-, M, XXJIH-VN, - A .. R -, A IIUIIIHI Iimx I. Ixml, N, 1.11m'nIIIv-V, I. I3m'1111-I', IQ. I'w1I1m'1'. XY, ll1wIIItvI', II, II:lfI1vI', II, Swfullzu, ll II4-l'+1IrI Ii--xx Ji IQ .XIHIM-, I MIIIIIX, .I Wu-V, XX, I'111,, IQ, Xlllfflv, IQ, Hur, If XXUIII-, IQ, XIIUIIIJIII. Iifvxx 3 I., In-w1'sgm', It IIIIIIIWIIIIIINIQV, I., XIIIIUIWIIII, Ii, II11-1m-11 Ii, Ixzllnpzx, Ii, 5x'I1II-WI-1-V ll. IQgI1111'.mxlXiI Il, lllvnfilu In, XIV, II Ill , v , V . . - . Imp Ivm IX, Ilsmxvx, I3 fuum-xw11I, I., X1I:ll1IQ, II, Ixmgnlx, II, 5k'IlIl'NNL'I'. IQ, I'I'HIlNL'IlIIINIig', Il, Im'ImmIII4m-vIlI, l, Ii11I:1- D. H. I. . This year there are 311 intnilaers , in the lJ.H.l..-X. who :ne testing nnlk once every month. Ed l':mtz- ner won the jnnitr l,2llI'j'IllIlll'i .xwllftl and ht- also received 21 gold ring for the lrest set of rec- ords. lid Pzltzner and Mr. Hurt zlttended the state lJ.H.l..-X. con- vention at xV1illS1llI thc past suin- iner. NY:1lter Slcroeh nzlrticipzltcd in the l3.lI.I..-X. extemporzxneons Sllillilllg contest at GalLsx'il'e and plzxcefl .:nd. The lJ.H.l.A. start- ed selling ice cream the nztst yczn' as :1 source of income. OFFICERS President: Holi Sclnnidtknccln SCCl'ClZll'y1 Gary l.nethi Fl'rc-.tsllreri Rudy Pronschinske Bottom Row: J. Eiclnnan, R. Knlas, J. Klinlc, D. Hel-old, XV. Guenther, D. Sohottu, D. Ziegeweid, G. Flnry. Row 2: G. Lnethi, R. Klonecki, A. Guenther, M. llerg, l.. .-Xdztnk, XY. Pntv, D. Glenzinski Mr. Hart. Row 3: E. Pronsehinske, D. Lorch, I.. Kntt, J. Glenzinski, G. Halverson, D. Kujak, E. Gandera. Top Row: R. Schmidtknecht R. NVolfe, L. George, R. Andre. NV. l':ltynt-1' B. Lnethi, M. Pronschinske. R. Pronschinske, F. F. . askethall Although the F.F.A. team of Arcadia didn't come out on top, , they were glad they had partici- pated in games :md Thursday night practices. They exchanged games with Whitehall, Galesville, Cochrane, Mondovi, Young Far- mers, Seniors, and "ll" team he- fore the varsity and "B" squads played. Sitting: G. Halverson, F. Gzlnderu, R. Guenther, M. Grotjnhn, L. Anderson. Standing: A. Pellowslci, R. Rotering, G. Severson, M. Pronschinske, Mr. Hart. 3 3 Iluttmn Rnw: l.. lkrg. Nl. Mcistatl, lb, Kanila, J. Vllcltrien, Mrs, tiantscli, S, liiiclcsun, J. Sonsalla, K. lfugina l.. llanswn. pt-mul Row: C, lllltllvtll, l', lirclicr, ll. JL-nsun, ll SL'l'llCSS0l', M. Myers, J. Prwniscliinskc-, R. Tliunias, Rl llrmn, IB, tnlilunis, l'liirfl Row: l.. llrwsfiiztrrlt, Xl. Skrncli, l.. Skrocli, V. Sclnnirltknccltt, Xl, Scnlcsscr, Nl. Ripplcy, R. J J, Tlimiias. 'np Row: li. llrann, rl, Killian, R. llcrgcr, R, NYliitc, IJ, Jaszcwski, R. Motszku, A. Kunkel, J, Davis nnual .-Xs tlic ycars gn lmy tllcru will lm many tilnc-s wllc-ii carli nf ns will want tn rc-live Hur scliuul tlays. Tltt ,-Xnnnal Staff lirvpcs that tliis bunk with its rccurfl in picture antl stnry, will ln-lp ns lu wiiiciiilrci' thc sclitml irar of 11355-56. liclitnr-in-Chief Junior liclitor Write-up lirlitur Assistants , lily-ollt lftllltll' Assistants .,,..... .......,.. Business l-ftlitur Assistants, ..... . Art lftlittn' , .Xssistant . Sports Iitlitor ., .-Xssistants , l'lintugrapl1y . . Assistant ...,.,,.,. . ., Typing Eclitnr Assistants ,. Feature Editor Assistants , . .. ...,.. Jerry Davis Kay Fuginn , .... . Roniona Tliolnas . Dclnris Sclilessvr Janice Sonsalla Darlene Gibbons Roland Roskos Lucille Berg , Doris Jensen Clarice Hanson Marilyn Brom Phyllis Krelicr Sonia Erickson George Bolirnstctlt .,.....,.. Doris Kainla Janice XVcltzlcn ,.,.....,.... . Lois Skrncll , Mary Kay Slcrocll ., Leigh llorpgwarflt Rnsscll XYl1itc Rfmaltl llrann .lanius Killian Jn Ann Prmiscliiiiskc . .... ,.., , , JanctTl1n1nas .. .,... ,.,.............,. N lary Sclilesscr Clarice Sclnnigltlcncclit Lilnh Hanson Anna Konlccl Richard Berger . .,..,.. Marlys Mcistatl ., fA'Rn-zzllic Nntrslcn Mary Jane My-ers llcloris Jaszcwski Mary Rippley Janet Thomas 'limnas .A.A. The ohject of the Girls' Athletic Associa- many of the girls. tion is to promote an interest in recreational athletic activities for girls. Members worlcetl MQHC5' In hfgmce the group was earned hard to tarn enough points to receive their hy Senmg Choc!-ms and Candy bm-5 at the emblems and letters-awards given for active Imsketbau gamcf and at the VV'I'A'A' tour- lmrticipmion' uament. 'llmwatiem were, macle to purchase some equipment for the girls' locker room. The G. A. A. through its heads of sports V . - - A Officer: l Il lm ' the ' ani'.'1t" thrmfh sponsored all mtra-mural activities for girls. N et g Q mg A mn 1 L' - th- 'ear w-re: Doris Kamla xreiiclentl Ka' lnterelass touriiamems m haskethall, volley L 5 ' 6 'L S my hall, and soft hall were played, A Scavenger html and hike, an ice-skating party and a Fugiua, vice-presirlentg Deloris Schlesser. secretary: Sonia liriekson, treasurer. Our . . ,. . aclvisor and learler was Mrs, Gautseh. swimming party at Winona were enjoyed hy Tumhlinq Team -X .. l .44 ,ng .l Iwll-fm Ibm: I., III-rg, XI, Xlmixlml, Il, IQIIIIIIII, I7. -Il'llNk'Ilv IP, JXIIUIIIIIIIII. IQ, I.iwxxNI41. NI. IQLIIIIISI, I. IQHIXHII, In'wIQl', II. St'I1Il'r5l'I'. IIIIIII If--xx I., Ix-rlwlt, If IIIIIINUII. ,I. IIIWIIIJIIIII, If. Ii1':mfI1-11, Y. l'ml1':a4I, Il, I11'-rgzm. IQ. IQIHIIX II, IXIIIUIVI! Ii, I-114-1IIIIff1', S. SrIa11Ilf. Ilurfl Ibm Al, I't'IIIIIg -I. III'-xI4'l', II. IfII,I.lIi. If, I'Ill'1lIllIl, IQ. Nlulfflwl lb. Xlmq S, I'II'lL'IxNUII. XI. Xlyulx ,I In" -121. IQ. III'II24'l'. IMI. lQ..vAg li. 'I'Iv+I1n1g1-, -I, XXI-Ilfil-11, X, llglyl--, IC, Ihnmylyv Xl. Iir-vgglll, N. IIIII, Ii Ifllglllil, VI, I"-ll1l':H':I, ,I IZHIH-lg, xl, I'lwn1wlv1n1NIxm-, Q ... 4 Q 1 1 . L IHIIHIII ISI-xx .I Sf IIXIIIII. AI. SHIINIIIIII, -I. SwI'c1II1l,.I. SVIIIIIII, Y. 5m'1x:mif,,l, 'I'uIuIu-11, II, S-HI--fllzl, NI. 5I1.mIwj ,I. FVIIJIIIIX, XI. XX'viwl1Iu-1'u4'I'. NIHIII Ibm VI. I'xIx:n, XI I':1pv, Il, I'rw11wIlir1sIw, Y. IIcl1insI41, XI. Scrxzxi-, lx, IIIxwm:1N, II. 'I'I1I-nnqnx. VI. SIIII ...Inq lr, slxI ...Q1I. Imrfi I ' ' I ' ' Um I. NIx1'fwII, I., 5IxI'4Ik'II, I', NIQHWII, XI. XXHIIQ, XI. I':xpc. I'. 'IIl1xt'IIlIj', IT, IQvivI1xwi11, I Iiippfm-5, 5 I 1 mx XII I:lllI III , .XI V I X. , N V Imp IQ--xx Xl SII1.wln, Ii. IIAIIUIIIIIN, -I. Iiuwllmx, Ii, NY:lI1I'l'-, 'If S11cI1I:1, Nl.S11IHIx14I, II, 5I:1I+y, I.. I'1'-1l1avI111xNIxm QA, Team Cheerleader Xl, Kll'lil1l1l, ,l. lh-sslc1',,l. 51J11full:1, K. F11gi1111, N. Bill lvl 'wk llll 1l11 lllllll 111 1l11 1 ' g - lI'Nl ' 11' - - N-'x lllllllhlll 5.llllL 111 lllk 1.1.1111 11111' l11u poppy ,X-1111111 1'l1c1-1' clerw x111'p1'1w1l L'Yl'I'yUllk lon " :' A- 111 11'11l1 lllkll 11111 11l 111l ll 111111N. llu-Nu Slllllllly 111111111 11'11l1 s:11l111' 1'11ll:11w. lI'lllllllC1l lll lTL"lIll1'N :'111l 11'l11Ic lL'llllIL'N. , 111-10 wt 1111 11'11l1 roll lI11'-u 1111' l111"1l "ll'l4lk'1l lllk 1 -. , , Nlll1lCllT lnwrly 111 L'llL'L'1'N lupus! lllg 1l11 11 1111 1l1111 11111111 lll X 'I ' ""I4 1l1'1L'.11. Xl!ll'l1'N Ql'il1lllIllL'r lllli 1'v:11' 1 lllll l1111 Kay, l11l11-4 Nilllt'-', 1 l1111c1- 11'1ll lw llL'l'l' 111 L'llL'Cl' 1l11 ' ' ' 111511-57 ll"llllN 1111 14111111111 lll CH? TGZIIII Cl1l0Pl'lP2Hll0l'S R. Klinla, li lf11gi11::, ,l. l:l'ltlllLQ ottnni Row: R, Giieiitlivr, R, llruun, D. Pape, R. VVeltzicn, R. Steffelison, R. Ulmvelieski, R. Rntgrini li. Weaver, W. Alter, l. Pronschinske. ccnnrl Ruw: j. Killian, lf. llziincs, ll. l'iel'Zll12l. M. tirotialin, Ki. Bnlirnwteclt, li. Selmrlzni, ul. lfetting I Mettlneh, N. Jensen, E. Patzncr, Manager M. Rnnkel, lhirrl Row: Mr, Cziwlu-ii, R. iirulknwski. J. Flltryi, K. Venus, G. Ctmieru, ,I. Zicgeweial, .-X. Guenther, G. P41 ll, llennszi, A, George, j, Sobntta, J. Killian, j. Axness, IJ. llnwnrcl, Mr, Crowley. Football Clinch llill lfztslielfs Recl Rziiclers emerged xi- the H355 Mississippi Valley Clizimpions after :left-:itiiig eight tough teams. Not llumpereml hy injuries this year, the team rzilliecl over lziwt j'C2ll',S wr-cliiiiiipiulis, lllztck River Falls :intl Ossco, .le well zu the other perennial "toiigliies" such :is Mnnclnvi :mrl Galesville. Three inemhers of the H355 team were nztnietl to all-conference positions. They ure: 'l'. Mettlztch, j. Killian, and G. llolirnsteflt. Cimrltizitiiig letternien ure: R. Gluwclieski R NVultzien, R, Rotering, E. lfVeaver, R. gtefl fenson, G. Rolirnsteclt, ll. Pape, :intl R. Guenther. SU BRICS .'xI'C1llll2l ll . . . . ,-Xrcntlizt 20 . . . . Arcncliu 54 .... .Xrczlclin 34 .... Arczirlizl 30 .... fXi'L':1rli:l l4 . , . . .fXi't':irl1:i .zl .... Arczuliu 40 .... liizlepeiirlclivv 0 llnrzmcl 0 Augusta 6 liulesville 0 llluek River lizille fi lVl0nrlm'i Ii Ussvo lj Whitehall ti Geo. Rohrustcdt, Q Roh Rotering Red Glwwclleski NIIIYX fil'Ulj2lI1l1 E Ron NVeltzieu Don Pape Bank XVeuvcr Bob Steffensou Ron Guenther jerry Fctting jim Killian lgill pzumcr Ivan Pronschinskc Frankie Haines Ronnie Braun Ed Sdlilflilu XVZIXITS Aucr Don Picrzina Tom Meltlach Neal Jensen ' -9 Team Standing: T. liziiry, VX. .'iKllL'1', R, Lenihi, bl. Falling, R. Sehzlrlziu, T. Meitlzich, ii , . . ,. Pahl, J. Flury, j, Snltotlzi, ll. lierzlnzi, J. Killian, l., llerznizi. Kneeling: NTZIIYIIQCT, R. Knhis, R. lirzinn, 41. Luethi, M11 Crowley, Coach. QB9 Team Front Rnw: R. Sclireiher, li. Motszko, ID, Ziegeweid, NV. Dworshzik, R. Onsrud, G. Luethi. Buck Row: J. Kmnpzi, M. Rnnkel, A. Guenther, J. Sohotta, D. Glenzinski, NV. Rhude. A The 1955-56 luziskethzill lezlni was niziinly il young tcznn which showed great iinpriwe- nient as the season prugresseil, ln conference plziy, the team finished with il not ton impres- sive I-ll reeorcl. lluwever, in non-conference plziy they were more successful, finishing the sezlsnn with two wins over Rul- lingsione :incl one uver .-Xlinzi, QiVil1gIllCIll an :ill-liver recuril .if 4-15. Next year the Rziiclers will he lcd hy the fcillwwliig rLti'i'i.- ing letter-inen: Twin Metllzich, NVz1yne Aner, Huh Sflizirlzin. Dian Pierzina, l.eRoy Pierzinzi, jini Killian, fiziry l':ihl, jun lflury, Ronnie l4r:inn, Twin Hurry, :incl jerry Fciting. H1-I1 l.m-Ihi vi' Kfmuic Iirslml .lorry lfcll Iml 51I1lIl'lIl llm Ixlllnzm lull Iflurx Dun l,ILlllllQl Ixliuy l'iu1'zi1m 'I-lHll Nlutllmll After a slow start, .Xreadia's 1955 hasehzill teant won 4 games in :1 row and compiled a record of 5-5 for the Season. Coach Cashen's Raiders played. host for the District playoffs. They won the first two games, hut in the finals were shut out hy a tough liau Claire nine, 5-0. Prospects of llCtlCI'lllg '55's record are fair. Some outstand- ing freslnnan material, along with iinpioved hitting and pitching could do lllllfll for at good team in '55, Roger W'eax'er. lind Scow, Jerry Davis, -liin Killian, XYayne .Xner, Toin Klettlach, and lioh l.ncthi are returning letterlnen. Row li R. Scow, li. Gandera. J. Sohotta, R, XVeaver, J. Davis, F. Scharlau. Row 3: R. Schreiber, R. Guenther, B, Luethi, T. Mettlach, XV, Auer, J. Killian, Coach Cashen. Arcadizfs men of the t'cinders" had Z1 very good season last year as shown hy their victories at the various meets. Arcadia's relay team, which consisted of Jim Bo- herg, Bob Seharlan, Ron Welt- zien, and Ken VVhite, proved to he one of the finest in the area. Coach Crowley can expect a good season with Marvin Grot- jahn, Bob Scharlan, Lyle Adank, and Eugene NVeaver as returning letterinen. Track Kneeling: M. Grotjahn, D. Pape, A, Pelowski, L, Adank, L. Adank, J. Klopotek. Standing: VV, Putz, Wfeaver, R. Pronschinske, T. Renter, G. llalvorson, J. Ziegeweid, I. Pronschinskc, J. Fetting, R. Scharlau. Ulxtwlc R-nv: l.. I,ll'I'Zlllil, ID. Vzlpv, J. 51rlmll:1. T.. Rvutcr, J. SwIml1:x,j Ixnlllu 1 1 qu 1 1 If, Svh:1rl.m Ci. l':nI1l, R. Scuw, R. Glmvclmcikl, bl, Iflury, R. NVQ-ltzium lil lnsimlv Row: R. SL'llI'L'iIlK'I',.R. XYc:u'c1',4lf. Au1lllflCl'il, R. 12m-nlllur, J. Dznvix, 1 ' um W. ,Xucu-, N. Stcftcmmm. ll, 1'1crznm, li. Weaver, M. Grotjalm. cuter: I. ll!'UllSCl1ilI5kC, L. Adzmk, Lettermen, Club 'l'l1c I.L'lll'I'llll'l1's vlulr was urgnllizcml lv :nl the XX'.l..'X..X, his l luurnun 1'Ill'l7llI'1lQl' :n lliL1'Ilk'I' xl:nml:ml of thc lc V M4-rlllwnw ni' thc club pzlrlicipalcml in xlium. 'Cum N tt ll mm v:nrifmN wlnwl pmjcctw Illfllllglllllll thc year 'mu' 'Mrk' mm I 'NKIHH 'r L' IM" irwlllelxlxg llNhl'l'IllQ :xml wlling rvfI'cQllll1c-lmts lmqnhirs' I'1 c.-nlcnl Yirv- l'1x-mln-111 Sl't'l't'1IlI'X' I l'l'IlNlll'l'l' Q5 fnl'Ul',20 l:lllll'llNlt' JIIIIIUS Killi lll XY:nync Jxlltl Tllmnnzls Nlclllzull 19 6 Senior Class Will To whom it may concern, this is the last will and testament of the class of '56, To Sylvester Knapton, George Bohrnstedt wills his position in Ernie Reck's band. Paul Wagner is really blessed! To him Lilah Hanson extends her innocent look. Marilyn Brom has decided to will her good nature to Bob White. Make good use of it, Bob! Donna Moe bestows her code of silence to Leon Klopotek with the best of wishes. David Axness wills his ways with women to Gusty. Because Lucy Berg now has only oneinterest, she bequeaths her many dates to Rita Lisowski. Leigh Borgwardt wills his traveling refrigerator to Frigidaire. Richard Berger wills his ambitious ways to Roger Klonecki. Colleen Draeger says the only valuable thing she has is Hilbert, and why will him??? Jerry Davis wills his slimness to his brother, Bob. To next year's football team, Eddie Gandera wills his prize swine so they can have a genuine leather pig- skin. David Herrmann wills his ability to make money to anyone who thinks he can do better. Richard Glowcheski bequeaths all his empty cans to Donavan Pierzina. This will be a healthy collection, Don. Sardine cans, that is! Ronnie Guenther wills his practice hours on the trombone to Warren Rliude. Let's hear more from the 3rd part, Warren. To Janice Schultz, Clarice Hanson leaves her adorable "Baby Doll" heels. Janice George wills her brother to Deloris Jaszew- ski. To Larry Ellis, Marvin Grotjahn wills his ninety- eight excuses for not having his work done. To all students who have trouble in spelling, Deloris Jaszewski leaves her last name. Jerome Bambenek wills his abilities in geometry to Richard Kujak. Melvin Comero leaves his last name to a junior, namely Carol. Rosalie 'Motszko has decided to leave her happy- go-lucky attitude to Joyce Rebhahn. Mark Pronschinske wills his theory of growing corn to the Ag class. f Z Rose Ann Rebhahn leaves her blue eye to Miss Gorton. Now these colored eyes will really roll!!! Tom Renter wills his curly hair to Charlotte Crawford. To anyone who wants to have fun, Jo Ann Proms-- chinske wills her place in Mr. Riesch's class. Mary Jane Myers wills her gentle voice to Shirley Metzler. To Yvonne Conrad, Anna Konkel liequeaths her calm attitude toward life. Relax, Yvonne! Phyllis Kreher wills her stack of letters with a little pink ribbon to Darlene Kreibich. Now you'll be among the fortunate, Darlene. To Miss Volden, Marlys Meistad leaves her SMILES. Eddie Kanirowski wills his smooth walk to Mr Riesch. Just to carry on family tradition, Doris Kanila willslher ability to fry tender, golden brown chicken to her sister, Mary Lou. Mary Rippley wills all her fun at dances to Donna Reichwein. Richa1'd Jereczek wishes to share his height with Doris Nelson, and herce leaves her half of it. lYou wo1't't have to look up to anyone now, Tilliej. .Robert Rotering has willed to Uncle Sam all the territory he has covered. NVe shall soon have a 49th state. Lois Pronschiuske wills her inatriinonial intentii,ns to Mr. Crowley. Judy Sobotta, you are lucky, Mary Schlesser wills you her secret formula for cheeks like roses. Donald Pape wills his red hair to Alice Jaszewskt. Now you'll really sparkle, Alice. To anyone who can hold it, Tom Slaby wills his cigarette case. Doris Jensen wills her Whitehall chaperon to Lois Skroch. She's decided that she can do without one after she's been graduated. Robert Luethi wills his safe driving to Allyn Pel- owski. Not that Allyn needs it! To Betty Wicka, Mona Thomas wills her reserved attitude. To James Axness, Roger Weaver wills that ro- inanttc "something" in his eyes. Janice Weltzien would will Gordie, but she thinks she deserves him more than anyone else. Russell White wills his singing voice to-I got it, THE BIRDS. p Gary Waters is going to be extra good to next year's play cast. To them he wills his Packard. Now you'll really go places, kids! Gaylord Severson wills his slimness and height to George Motszko. Ray Scow wills his unused intelligence to the less fortunate. Sharon Schultz leaves her dad what is. left of the Buick. She hopes he will make good usedof it. Roger Rotering wills his indifferent attitude toward the fair sex to Wayne Auer, who is sadly in need of such a thing. Elaine Radomski wills her theme song, "Everyone Is Looking at Me," to Evadine Obieglo. Eugene Weaver wills his remaining packs of gum to any of the future geography students. 3, To all- the lovers of the upper North, Dorothy Ryan wills her many happy hours in Elk Creek and Inde- pendence. V H Doris Waletzke wills her understanding of debits and credits to the future bookkeepers. Clarice Schmidtknecht wills her interest in Home ?c to Jane Pyka. It may come in handy in a few years, ane. V To the lucky lad named Neal Jensen, Bob Steffen- son wills his ambition to doodle. Deloris Schlesser wills all the. slams contained herein to next year's class will committee. Just so Mr. Cashen has a winning team next year, the senior boys will their ability to play football to the underclassmen. To the remaining teachers, we bequeath all the headaches we've had during our high school days. We know they, too, had some, but not nearly as severe as ours were!!! A . To the junior class we will el volume of law books to insure them of a passing grade in government. We leave to the sophomore class our notebooks, pencil stubs, compasses, and lockers, and hope their jumor year is the hest ever. l A ' A Last, but not least, to the freshman class we will our memories of high school and hope they will re-live all our experiences in the coming years. ' ' Signatures : Jerry Davis ' Rosalie Motszko Jerome Bambenek Colleen Draeger Roger Weaver Deloris Schlesser enior Class Prophet: fl! We are now in the year 1976. As we gaze intently into the crystal ball, we see Dave Axness teaching English and directing girls' chorus at 'ole Arcadia High. We always knew Jerome Bambenek had a yen for farming, and he has proved it by being elected the out- standing farmcr of the year, 1976, and he has six little Olivers. Lucy Berg was always normal, thus she accepted a position to keep order in the "Sense" house. Dick Berger's talent in playing the piano has fin- ally been discovered, and Dick has managed to take all the swoomng housewives away fron Liberace. His all-conference acconiplislgincnt has led George Bohrnstedt to become successful in football. He is row carrying water for the Green Bay Packers. I wonder why the crystal ball is getting so cloudy? Ah, it is again becoming clear, and we find Leigh Borgwardt on the road, weary, worn and tired, looking for a fellow Democrat. Melvin Cornero is now teaching Christmas "Car- ols" in the University of China. What's this I see? Unbelievable! Jerry Davis is still in the commercial room at RKD trying to get the '56 annual out on time. One can talk for many horns on a subject and yet some people simply don't understand. Take Colleen Draeger, for instance, one would think that with all the talk about racial segregation twenty years ago, a per- son as bright as Colleen would have learned her lesson, but instead we find she has married into the i'Kaste" system. . Sonia Erickson has 21 g-and job on the radio and it's recorded that she's ha sensation. No doubt-her job is screaming and giggling on "Inner Sanctum." After m.any years of experimentation, Edward Gandera has finally come through with the world championship for growing the least amount of corn an acre-two cobs! Janice George is nursing Whistlers' Mother, who finally went off her rocker. And isn't Red Glowcheski in a profitable business? He bought out a pop factory in La Crosse .after only two years of sampling that beverage. . lrVe see Marvin Grotjahn is a manager of a woolen mill. He's really mha warming business, that specializes in Grotjahn's long-johns! Ronnie Guenther is now making use of his ability to play trombone: in fact, he plays every night--the little ones enjoy it so. Clarice. Hanson, after twenty years, is still scholas- tically inclined, she is teaching "Ding Dong School" on an hour program every morning. VVe see Lilah Hanson has finally "Donned" the name of Pierzina. Good news, girlsg Barber Dave Herrmann has finally managed to shave off Russell White's famous goatee. Delores Jaszewski has changed her namejno one could ever spell it anyway, and she says George is much simpler. Doris Jensen, who always was determined to get what she wanted, is still trying to get "Rich" . . . Cand I do11't mean moneyjl Richard Jereczek has found a very lucrative pro- fession by becoming a mortician. His services are so in demand you must make an appointment at least two weeks in advance. On the White House lawn, we find "Butch" Kamla playing golf with President Borgwardt. We see Leigh finally found a fellow Democrat! We find Eddie Kamrowski, as an understudy of Charles Atlas, sweeping first place in the ten-pound bar bell division in a weight lifting contest. The recent gum chewing marathon held'in Pine Creek was won by Anna Konkel--who received her training in high school, Phyllis Kreher is making a hit recording of "Sixteen Kats". What did she get but thirty-two kit- tens and is sending them to Commodore Krause for mascots. After teaching Girls' Phy. Ed. and cheerleading in Black River Falls for twenty years, Bob Luethi has been forced to return to Arcadia because of severe at- tacks of rhuematism. Oh l-and here I see that Marlys Meistad is still up to her old pranks-flirting! D-onixe Moe is still so quiet, we don't know what's become of her. .Rosalie Motszko has replaced Marjorie Main as "Ma Kettle" and has her own TV program. She has adopted the stage name of "Ritzy Rosie O' Motzy". Mary Jane Myers is busy in her kitchen preparing dinner for I2 little Wolfes. Donnie Pape is busily engaged in the mining indus- try and he takes his little "Pyk"-ah-to work every morning. Right after high school, Jo Ann Pronschinske obtained her one desire in life. And if you let your mind drop back 20 years, you will remember that her desire was also a song hit-that is, "A Band of Gold". Mark Pronschinske has become a very famous veterinarian. This is because he has developed a new formula to make cows give chocolate milk. A girl very happy in her role as a farmer's wife is Lois Pronschinske. Elaine Radomski is really in a swinging business. She sells her famous product from door to door-yup, you guessed it-she sells yo yo's! For the past 20 years Roseaun Rebhahn has been taking it very easy. You see, she never quite recovered from 4-minute speeches. Mary Rippley and Clarice Schmidtknecht are fighting for a shorter work week. Now girls, don't you know that being a housewife is a full-time Job?A Girls, just between me and you, we always knew Tom Reuter was good looking in high school, but now he's being televised, yes he is. He is advertising Toni Home Permanents on the "Colgate" hour. We find Robert Rotering is still living in Arcadia, but we can't figure that out. Arcadia is supposed to be the quietest town in Wisconsin. After four years of valuable experience under Mr. Pavlicin in shop, Roger Rotering is now an A-1 con- tractor, busy at work rounding off ends of toothpicks. Every morning Dorothy Ryan packs her lunch, shoulders her gun and goes hunting. What does she hunt? Why, "Moose," of course! Mary Schlesser has become the richest woman in the world because she wrote a popular book called "A Quick Way to Catch a Man, in Just 34 Different Les- sons." Sharon Schultz has a job on TV. It amounts to only one thing-opening doors on International Har- vester refrigerators. She only makes a total of 529.95 a week, but she feels that her greatest award is in being able to show off the frozen roosters grown on her broiler farm. I see here that Gaylord Severson never stopped growing, and it seems that he grew so tall that Paul Bunyan has only to hide his face in shame. The bakery has a new electrician. We find Tom Slaby putting currants in the buns. We girls really owe Bob Steffenson a vote of thanks, as he, and only he, is responsible for our curlier and prettier waves with his new patented product, the "Robbie Pins." Deloris Schlesser has just graduated from Vassar, where she was valedlctorian. We see Romona Thomas in the English room, in a chair next to hubby, Roger. It seems that she couldn't wake him up, so she went to sleep, also. Janet Thomas now has complete charge of the parking meters on Schank's road. We hear she was selected for this duty because of her many connections with the site. Buddy Scow is still thinking about having his graduation pictures taken. We see busy Doris Waletzke filing all the New York Times for Miss Gorton. It seems that so many accumulated these past 20 years that she needed help putting them away. Gary Waters, who always liked water guns in high school, has invented a new anti-gravity water gun that is used extensively on the moon. We find Eugene Weaver, who also made himself quite famous in his senior year in high school by play- ing football, is now helping George carry that heavy old water bucket. After 20 years we still find Roger Weaver asleep in the English room. It seems that Miss Gorton didn't like to see him suffer in that chair any longer, so she provided him with a couch and Roger just simply for- got to wake up. Are you trying to outdo Rip Van Winkle, Rog? Janice Weltzien, who still loves to argue, is trying to cheat her echo and her hubby, Gordon, out of th. last word. We all remember Russell White as a good singer, and he has proved He is now taking singing lessons at the famous Chinese Music School-Sing-Sing. Thus we, the undersigned, have finally completed the list and the previously read fiction is as accurate and as complete as possible. If, forigome odd reason, the future doesn't turn out as we have planned it, we solemnly confess, somebody goofed! A' Chairman-Marlys Meistad Phyllis- Kreher George 'Bbhrnstedt Mark Pronschinske cknowledgments The Senior Class extends sincere thanks to the fol- lowing business establishments and professional men for their support of the 1956 Raider: ABTS SHOE STORE W ' A-G COOPERATIVE CREAMERY A-G COOPERATIVE HATCHERY ANGST GARAGE ARCADIA IMPLEMENT CO. ARCADIA MOTOR SUPPLY AUER'S CLOTHING STORE BAUTCH MOTOR SALES BENUSA IMPLEMENT CO. BERZINSKI OIL CO. BROWNLEE'S JEWELRY STORE CENTRAL YARD CO. CITY CAFE CITY MEAT MARKET COAST-TO-COAST STORE DR ELIZABETH COMSTOCK DR. B. C. DOCKENDORFE DR. W. E. R DR. L. J. ENGLISH DR. LOWELL PATTERSON DR. E. C. KRUMHOLZ ECKEL IMPLEMENT CO. DR. FRANK T. WEBER ENGLISH AGENCY FARMER'S STORE CO. EULLERTON LUMEER CO. FUGINA, KOSTNER R WARD GABRIEL PRODUCTS CO. GAMBLE STORE GAMOKE SERVICE STATION GLANZER BOTTLING VVORKS GLEASON FLOWER SHOP ,IENSEN'S STORE KAISER SERVICE STATION KAMLA CAFE LELAND AGENCY MALONEY'S MEAT MARKET MILLIE'S HAT SHOP MORRIS IENSEN MYER'S BAKERY OLE'S BARBER SHOP PETREK BARBER SROP RIVERVIEW LANES RUDY'S BARBER SHOP RUNKEL'S D-RUG STORE SMART SHOP ARCADIA NEVVS-LEADER SCHOOL FORM 8: SUPPLY CO. SOBOTTA'S GROCERY STATE BANK OF ARCADIA SUPREME RADIO Sz TV TYVAND MOTOR SALES XV. P. MASSUERE CO. VOGEL'S GARAGE WOYCHIK PHARMACY VOGUE THEATER VVALLY'S CAFE, Dodge, Wis. FINNER PHOTO HENRY GLENZINSKI, Dodge, Wi ARCADIA COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION ARCADIA REFRIGERATION 8: AIR CONDITIONING CO. ERNIE RECK 81 HIS COUNTRY PLAYBOYS FOODARAMA SUPER MARKETS, INC. TREMPEALEAU ELECTRIC CO-OP KLOPOTEK ELECTRIC Sl PLUMBING S. I. SONSALLA, Standard Oil Agent WIEMER-KILLIAN FURNITURE CO. ,rw .,,.,: , H., - 7,3 if W L. ,M 'ru' , sr. , 'I: ,sf ..:.. ,Q ii if V, m T".,f.' :ap ,r uf if LT-,,f, 1 ' , NL 1 fi ' 5 , V fr 'f .A-A N, ,, f.,.,x. g,,, V... -K , '. ., .. .M Y . w Qs:- 5, A ff ff f .5343 , H2454 ' v ,ngmx ggi-'1-f . :-1:f:w.'+,ff ,.-,. uf: Az,"- .,k, ,. PTE", y ,ji g'::.fH fix :a:,1,.,,. .- ' 4 ,, .gdyi ' . ,av , .5-K Tm . .V . X ' iff:-9 '1 , fuf..:Q,,. xr , , , :X 5 , ,LM PM Y-'pf.,:.:,f ,. 1 1 ,. 4. .- . PY! -.., e. .E 57 3 1 .4 4... C31-F31 7" V x 41: 'K K . a, eg . fa - .-.' . . fda 453 AJR. . A. -'1 1 QI. 541. wx -. ,L Q, -fy: -ff' -,, N -4, 3.-.-W v :BF . ALL' Q.. 4.3, X-. 1- xv. ,L-rg...-E-.f,f:erL .- nu.-.::,1m-ffl ,Q-fu.. -if-.-.., gp.-,Q,,,.f,-v1.c.L. L-.v.,f -A -rv,-41 fg.,'.:.1xv..L 1 -Sava 1 1 11' 'f 1 Aises- . . 1. A yn-5.-mar f ' - " T V f :5117f1'A?- x' '- -as-f .U 'lzlfxfiksi-fi. . -fe.ve65.S5.K5v:-I-'-Srnaf'-Hi"' ' 2f5iffT?:X'3l ' 5' O . W., , -. F35 1 .Q . . Cn .. .. , .V V- A . fri? .Ah N - 5- - V 4 --.1 la' 31331-' .'.. 5 ' ' ' ,- 1' l -. i- ff' M215 ' ,L-mme.-ly j'--f- - L , ...-..,3 ,. A ,l . .A .,,., ,.,v4g4m. -viz, . 3 .F iii . 13. xr v .13

Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Raider Yearbook (Arcadia, WI) collection:

Arcadia High School - Raider Yearbook (Arcadia, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 6

1956, pg 6

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1956, pg 52

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1956, pg 21

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