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  aRcadia ... is an occasional welcome rainy day. It's runners, royalty, readm'. writin'. and 'rithmetic. not to mention (w) restlors . . . 234ARV ADIA . . . it's Classrooms, and Cooking, and looking for Chekhov; it's Champions, and Camelback Mountain looming behind the Circle, and even the auditorium Clock 56arcAdia ... is algebra in the afternoon, it’s assemblies and administrators and actors, it’s Amerson and driver's ed . . 7 : Pi arcaDia ... is drummers at halftime, it’s diners, sampling French cuisine, it’s dancers and draftsmen and debaters, and donors to a worthy cause . . . 89arcadIa 101112ARCADI It’s American His- tory. it's Account- ing class, and Ana- tomy (both in the classroom and on the sidewalk), it's Athletes. It's all of these things, plus at least one thing more: you. So. turn the pages and dis- cover once more the Arcadia you knew in 1979-’80. 13•ii 'SSSSSgB? SgSSUSSL i—■ • r »i - ■ ■ i»-afni .r«-'D • »p ■—r I—B -B»B -L- J'-B; «i !■■«■■■■»» -J» £■ ■ « Bm B • •—f"1 B B» »! BHBvBr s;£K.- -.-.-.i;:::; iWpHSBWSSS Dra Wiersema, Vice Pres. Mike Korens, Representative Jenny Horne, President Laurie Goodman, Secretary Andrea Owens, Treasurer 16 NHS gave a Christmas Party for some members of Crokett Elementary School. Among those present: Lori Von der Heydt provides musical entertainment with her accordian: Leslie Kyman and Tracy Starkweather prepare snacks: and Steve Millman. Andy Ford and Will Tizard learn how to put a puzzle together. Craig Ackerman Shelly Adrian Nanette Austin Mark Avent Carol Baetzel Rebecca Albaugh Linda Augeneder Nancy Bailey Nancy Amado David Ausley Brenda Baldwin Gregg Barr David Bernick Stephen Beuerlein I 17Ann Bigus Dianne Bindelglas Laurie Bley Brian Blockey Enrique Bocedi III Kathryn Bolles Martha Boppart Mike Braden Jeffrey Brendecke Mark Broadley David Brooks Sally Brown Barry Buchanan Steve Bunger 18Seniors Enjoy Homecoming Blaine Buralli 8rian Burgoon Andrew Burton Steve Campbell Deborah Carr Brian Casey Carol Chicoine Christopher Chloupek 19Although it isn't necessary to develop muscles to succeed in Miss Fangman's anatomy class, it is necessary to know all about them. Here during a visit to the weight room. Katie Harrison. Laurie Goodman. Cecity Goble. Tod Sanders. Jeff Levison. Justin Reidy. and Jason Martin watch Kathy Tevis as she tries out a weight training bench. At bottom right, Doug Bishop also works on a set ot muscles during an anatomy class lab. Merrlan Clark Deborah Coblontz David Cole Christy Critser Coleen Collins Merrilyn Crouch Cynthia Collins Ray Crum Lori Costanzo Wayne Cunningham Diane Creathbaum Simone Cupchak 20See the Muscles! Susan Cuthbertson Kevin Czerwinski Diane Damm John Dana Jr. Susan Danesi Dina Davies Kimberly Davis Nancy De Luca Susan De Word Lisa Della Rocca James Dew Mark Dewane 21Seniors Struggle Past College Comp. Harry Dole Timothy Doyle Michael Durso Mary Dye Julie Eads Mary Eaton Eric Eaves Todd Eggers Lisa Emmans John Fernandez Mary Kay Flammer Todd Flesner 22 Michael Floor Andrew FordSandy Fulton Leah Ganelin Mark Gangsei Gina Gianquinto Richard Gilbert Mike Giuntoli Cecily Goble Laurie Goodman David Grimes Barry Groom Matthew Gruender 2324 Pamela Hakes Abby Hansen Gwendolyn Harris Katie Harrison Mark Hart Don Hartin Lisa Hartley Maretta Hartslield Priscilla Harvey Virginia Hawkins Wesley Heaton Pat Heimbach Clinton Herring Tom Hickernell Dennes Hill Kevin Hill Nancy HolmesBryan Holtrop Jenni Horne Tricia Hough Mark lams David James Anthony Jarab Ann Johnson Marilyn Johnson At left. Mr. Bruins takes part in a pep assembly skit (somewhat reluctantly, it appears), as Sally Brown. Dina Davies, and Alex Knox rejoice. Above. Maretta Hartsfield smiles at her image on TV as Mr. Cowie handles the TV camera that makes her a star. Pete Junker Russell Kartub Georgia Kelso 25Adios, Amigas y Amigos . . . Patrick Kerwick Bornie Kida Frances Kida Brenda Kim In Bang Kim Dee Kimball Tamara Kimm 26Catherine Klekner Silvia Knight Mike Korens Cheryl Koskela Leslie Kyman Carol Kline Alexandra Knox Richard Korzuch David Krumwiede Kevin Lamer Julie Lange Vali Langston Johanna Leppanew 2728 Suzanne Larson Dawn Lee Linda Leisner Mark Leland Mark Leonard Jeffrey Levison Josephine Levy Christine Lewis Elizabeth Licosati Sara Lister Michelle Lowry Angela Luckenbill Kathryn MacLean Robert Machmer At right, senior volleyball player Nancy Bailey concentrates as she returns an opposing player’s shot.Tyler Maddux Timothy Maloney Nanci Marchin Andrew Marshall Betsy Martin Julie Martinez Bruce Massie Jacqueline May Holly McGrue Joseph McGuire Maureen McGuire Gail McNeely 29So Let’s Dance! Suzi Medland Carol Mejdrich Tricla Mell Nancy Merkle Carol Merwin Mark Michael James Miller Steven Millman Gina Minchella Scott Mitchell Jean Mnichowicz 30Laura Moline Ramona Montgomery Pamela Moore Luther Moorhead Paul Morris Robert Moseley Candace Mundorlt Mary Munsil Scott Myhra Cynthia Nagle Walter Norton Mark Nuetzman Michael O'Neill Ralph Ortiz 31Jody Oswald Mendy Overmyer Andrea Owens Bruce Owens Matthow Paieiia Vasili Papadopoulos William Patterson Shannon Pelton Margaret Ponnington Sheri Peterson Patricia Piercey Kimberly Plummer Marcia Pringle Catharine Quinsler Margaret Raftery Travis Redwine 32Seniors Provide Leadership Carl Reed Michael Reed Jill Reiss John Reiss Patricia Reynolds Sally Rhodes Tyler Rice Kirsten Richmond Julie Rishovd Eric Robbins Nancy Robinson Jill Robison 33Tilfini Robison Patricia Rogal Susan Rose Linda Rosier Pamela Ross Shelley Ross Robin RundlG Jean Sanders 34Arcadia High School CONGRATULATIONS ALL-AMERICANS Steven Schultz Mike Schwerdtteger Elizabeth Scott Charles Sears Craig Se«tei Micheal Sellers Donald Sessions Trent Shover Paula Sikokis Denise Simms Erin Simser Shelly SmidAt Right: Sally Brown coming in for a spectacular landing during a basketball game. The two photos on the opposite page illustrate daily Arcadia traffic jams. (Love those speed bumps!!) Brian Smith Cheryl Smith Elizabeth Smith Timothy Smith Shauna Sodikoff Jeffrey Song Sharon Sponcel Juli Springborn Michael St. Germain Tracey Starkweather Rebecca Stegwell Pamela Steizer Craig Stephens Bruce Stewart 36Nancy Stiles Tuesdie Stolworthy Oonna Street Thomas Summers Jeffrey Swenson Kathrin Tevis David Tietjen 37 William TizardSeniors Don’t Look Back! Julie Tollackson Gary Tom Margaret Tormey Kevin Tucker Teri Turano Hugh Usselton Willem Van Der Wert Jill Vanderslice Steven Vershure Julie Villalpando Cam Volini Lori Von Der Heydt Julie Walters Susan Weast 38Paula Jean Wells William Werner Rory Wortz Jodi Wheeler Melanie White Thedore Wiersema Richard Wiley Tammy Wold Eric Wooten Karen Wright llene Wright Suzi Larson and niece are pictured here during a pep assembly. On the opposite page. Craig Seitel and Pete Junker try to hitch a ride away from school. 39Bill Wiess Kathy Baldwin Kimberly Baldwin Justin Reidy The senior class raised money by selling and delivering Hallowgrams — Halloween Greetings — late in October. Above, counting money, soiling, buying, or just keeping each other company are: Dra Wiersema. Gary Tom. Mary Dye. Becki Wright. Andrea Owens. Jenni Horne, and Preston Brenchley. 40Senior Summaries A CRAIG ACKERMAN: NHS, COE. Concert Choir. Rotary Rep., Honor Roll. Principal's List. Business Computer Programming Award BECKY ALBAUGH: Zeta Chi Omega, X-club - Secretary. A.S.P.U. Interact. Varsity Club. Science Club. Model United Nations. -Senator. Pom, Badminton. Track. Honor Roll. Phoenix Cotillon CHRISTINA ALVEY: COE. Track. Orchestra. Honor Roll NANCY AMADO: Pep Club- President. Pom LINDA AUGENEDER: Chorale. NHS. COE. Freshman Tennis. Prep Chorus. Varsity Band, Musicals. Principal's List, Honor Roll DAVID AUSLEY: NHS. Key Club. Science Club. 4yr. Varsity Wrestling Frosh And JV Football, Band. Most Dedicated Wrestler. Principal's List. Honor Roll NANETTE AUSTIN: COE. Choir. Acting MARK AVENT Church Youth Group B CAROL BAETZEL: Vice and President -Sigma Beta Chi. Kappa, Key Club Sweetheart. Student Advisory Council. ICIC, Frosh And JV Tennis. Honor Roll. Outstanding Typing Student, '78, Olympian Staff NANCY BAILEY: COE. JV and Varsity Volleyball. Track KATHY BALDWIN: Zeta Chi Omega. Lambda Kappa Phi KIM BALDWIN: Zeta Chi Omega.-Historian GREG BARR: Varsity Band And Jazz. Church Softball team. Brass Ansembly-Church DAVID BERNICK: Frosh football, JV and Varsity Football. Frosh Baseball CHUCK BESHEERS: Pres, of Ski Club. Football STEVE BEUERLEIN: Frosh and JV Football. JV Track. JV and Varsity Baseball ANN BIGUS: Epsilon Chi, Sgt. at arms. Chorale. Musicals. Plays, Frosh Tennis. Honor Roll, Young Life. Campaigners, Candy Stripers. Bowling Team DIANNE BINDELGLAS: Sigma Beta Chi, Varsity Club. A.S.P.U., Model Legislature. JV and Varsity Track LAURIE BLEY: Chorale. Theatre Productions. Honor Roll. PLT BRIAN BLOCKEY: Golf Team. Football. Track, Honor Roll, Young Life Bowling Team, Vocalist and Keyboards for Rock Band "Mirage". ENRIQUE BOCEDI: Varsity Band. Olympian Staff KATHY BOLLES: Beta Gamma, Sigma Beta Chi. Frosh and JV Badminton. Concert Choir. Young Life KATHERINE BRADBURY: Sigma, Epsilen Chi. Chorus MICHAEL BRADEN: Key Club. Interact. A.S.P.U., Model Legislature, Secretary of Key Club. Student Advisory Board, Chairman of Student Review Board, ICIC Representative, Frosh and JV Football. Wrestling. Track. Theatrical Productions. Newspaper Staff. Honor Roll. Anytown Delegate. State Youth Conference Delegate, Young Life, Inter High School Brotherhood Council Executive Committee JEFFREY BRENDECKE: Cross Country, Honor Roll, Principal’s List, NHS DAVID BROOKS: Varsity Band SALLY BROWN: Pres of Delta Omega; Beta Gamma.Drama Club, French Gourmet Club. Vice-President of Varsity Club; Secretary of Science Club; A.S.P.U., Cheer Rep. to ICIC, Yearbook Editor, Frosh and JV Cheer. Varsity Track. Captain for Varsity Cheer. Principal's List, NHS, Scottsdale Honors Cotillion. Phoenix Gazette's Teen Correspondent. Crisis Nursery Volunteer, Duke Studio Arcadia Advisor. Homecoming Candidate. Scottsdale Theatre BARRY BUCHANAN: Key Club. Gymnastics. Jazz. Pit Orchestra. Marching Band. Outstanding Soloist at Southwest Conf. Jazz Festival. Studio Guitarist STEVE BUNGER: Pom Sweetheart. JV Varsity, and Frosh Baseball. Football, Honor Roll BRIAN BURGOON: Beta Guy, Pom Sweetheart. Frosh and JV Football. Frosh and JV Baseball. Honor Roll, Intramural Basketball ANDY BURTON: Band Letterman, JV and Varsity Band. Jazz Ensembly, Choral Orchestra. Pit Orchestra for Musicals. Senior Award Winner at NAU Music Camp. M.A.J.E. Allstar Jazz Ensembly. Young Sound of Arizona STEVE CAMPBELL: Varsity Club. Frosh Football and Basketball. 2 yrs. Varsity Letterman Football. Pom Sweetheart, Most Valuable Player (JV Football) DEBORAH CARR: Varsity Swim Team. Honor Roll, Shorthand Business Student of the Year BRIAN CASEY: A.S.P.U., Model Legislature. Wrestling CAROL CHICOINE: Epsilon Chi-’79-80, Interact. Tennis, Honor Roll CHRIS CHLOUPEK: Irambdaking. Pom Sweetheart. Football MERRIAN CLARK: Kappa Phi Beta. Sigma Beta Chi, Historian. Frosh Class Representative. Varsity Swimming Team. Honor Roll DEBBIE COBLENTZ: Secretary of Spanish Gourmet Club, Pep Club (Chaplain), Drama Club. Principal's List (1976-77), Honor Roll (1977-78), Business Student of the Week for Shorthand I (1978) and Office Machines (1979). NHS. Youth Group DAVID COLE: 4 yr. Letter Gymnastics. Frosh Tennis. JV Football CINDY COLLINS: Lambda. Sigma. Swimming. Golf. Track, Chorale CHRISTY CRISTER: Hiking-high, Spikette President, and Vice-President, Zeta Chi Omega RAY CRUM: Interact, Wrestling, Principal's List. Honor Roll. Younglife SIMONE CUPCHAK: Delta Omega. Kappa Phi Beta. Secretary in Delta, Historian in Kappa. Newspaper Staff for 1978-79. Honor Roll SUSAN CUTHBERTSON: Epsilon Chi (Historian) Chorale. Orchestra. Musical Productions. Honor Roll. Orchestra Letter. Scottsdale Symphony KEVIN CZERWINSKI: Beta King. Varsity Football. Track 42DIANE DAMM: Manager Frosh Football, JV and Varsity Basketball, JV and Varsity Volleyball, Principal's List, Victor Computer Programming Award. POP Youth Group JOHN DANA: NHS, Varsity Baseball. Principal’s List. National Merit Semifinalist SUSAN DANESI: Freshman Swimming. Track. Soph, and Junior Swimming DAN DEBROSSE: Frosh Football, Wrestling LISA DELLA ROCA: NHS, Varsity Band. Principal’s List, French III Award, French IV Award, Outstanding History Awards. National Piano Competition NANCY DELUCA: NHS, Interact. Pres, of NHS. Secretary of Interact. Treasurer Of Interact, Member of Student Advisory Board, Track, Principal’s List, Math Award. American History Award. Top 10% in State Math Exam, Top 50 in State Math Exam, Commended Student in 1980 National Merit Program JIM DEW: NHS. Varsity Gymnastics. Principal’s List, Honor Roll MARK DEWANE: Frosh Baseball, Golf, Debate Team. Honor Roll SUE DE WERD: JV and Varsity Softball, JV and Varsity Volleyball, Honor Roll HARRY DOLE: Ski Club TIMOTHY P. DOYLE: Tennis Team MIKE DURSO: Hero, Football. Baseball, Wrestling. Track MARY DYE: Kappa Phi Beta - Historian, Varsity Tennis, Honor Roll E MARY EATON: H.E.R.O. TODD EGGERS: JV Wrestling. Varsity Swimming and Diving, Manager of Varsity Football. Choir LESLIE EWING: Lambda F DAN FAGIN: Principal’s List. Honor Roll MARIKAY FLAMMER: Lambda. Basketball TODD FLESNER: Interact, Science Club, Frosh Football. Track, Varsity Wrestling, 3 yr. Letterman, Outstanding Wrestler 1978-79, Captain Of Wrestling Team, AAU (Wrestling) MIKE FLOOR: Ski Club. Football, Track, Baseball SANDY FULTON: Hiking High. Mat Maids (Olympia Phi Omega), Honor Roll G LEAH GANELIN: Zeta Chi Omega, Interact. Zeta-Sgt. at Arms. Zeta Historian, ICIC Representative for Zeta, Member of Board of Directors in Interact. Freshman Tennis Team MARK GANGSEI: Frosh Football. Track. Honor Roll, V.I.C.A. KURT GEHLBACH: Football RICHARD GILBERT: Frosh Basketball HELEN GILKEY: COE. JV Volleyball. Junior Achievement MIKE GUINTOLE: Baseball CICILY GOBLE: NHS LAURIE GOODMAN: Sigma Beta Chi, Zeta Chi Omega. Interact Club, Senior Class Secretary. Zeta Chi Omega Historian, JV and Freshman Tennis MATT GRUENDER: Varsity Swimming Team H 43ABBY HANSEN: C.O.E. PAM HAKES: Varsity Track GWEN HARRIS: Sigma Beta Chi, Epsilon Chi, Varsity Club, Interact Secretary, Junior Achievement Corporate Secretary, Arcadian Staff. Freshman Tennis, J.V. and Varsity Badminton, Honor Roll, E.Y.C. Youth Group KATIE HARRISON: Kappa Phi Beta. Sigma Beta Chi. Softball, Freshman Cheer, J.V. Band. Arcadian Staff Advertising Manager. Honor Roll. Girls State. President of Junior Clubs of Arizona WES HEATON: Science Club. Track. Varsity Band, Honor Roll. Young Life PAT HEIMBACH: Varsity Basketball TOM HICKERNELL: National Honor Society. Cross Varsity and J.V. Tennis. Honor Roll MARK HART: Varsity Football. Basketball and Baseball DAN HARTIN: J.V. and Varsity Football LISA HARTLEY: Chess Club. National Honor Society. Orchestra. Varsity Band. Musical Productions, Principal’s List, Outstanding Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior in Math, Outstanding Spanish I and Spanish II Award. Rensaelear Award for Math Exam Team, Highest level III in State Math Exam, Phoenix Symphony Youth Orchestra, Regional Orchestra, All-State Orchestra MARETTA HARTSFIELD: Beta Gamma. Delta Omega Sergeant of Arms. C.O.E. Secretary, Varsity Gymnastics, Principal’s List. State Finalist in Miss United Teenage Pageant, Second Council Youth Group PRISCILLA HARVEY: Epsilon Chi Sergeant of Arms. Model Legislature, Orchestra, Musical Productions. Principal’s List, President’s Award for Outstanding Junior; Young Life. Campaigners, Regional Orchestra, ALL-State Orchestra VIRGINIA HAWKINS: Delta Omega Historian and Chaplian, Kappa Phi Beta, Student Review Board Alternate, J.V. Country, Chorale, Band. Principal's List, Freshman Math Award, Computer Programming Award. Eagle Scout, Varsity Track, Church Youth Group. Church Choir President KEVIN HILL: Band Lettermans Club. Varsity Band. Honor Roll 44NANCY HOLMES: President of Kappa Phi Beta. Freshman tennis. Honor Roll BRYAN HOLTROP: Freshman Baseball and Football. J.V. and Varsity Football. B Legion Baseball, Pony League Baseball. Senior League Baseball MARK HOLTROP: Football. Wrestling. Track MARC HOMAN: Thespians, Drama JENNI HORNE: Sigma Beta Chi. Epsilon Chi; President. Freshman Secretary, Sophomore Class Representative. Junior Class Vice-President, Senior Class President, T.W.I.R.P. Queen TRISHA HOUGH: Spanish Gormet Club. Pep Club. Hiking High. Europe Study Tour 1978, Junior Achievement I MARK IAMS: J.V. and Varsity Basketball, Freshman Basketball, Freshman Tennis, Honor Roll DAVID JAMES: Baseball, Freshman Football ANTHONY JARAB: Football, Wrestling. Track. Principal's List ANN JOHNSON: Zeta Chi Omega MARILYN JOHNSON: Young Life, Campaigners, Honor Roll, Church PHILLIP JOHNSON: Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Hiking High. C.O.E., J.V., and Varsity Football PETE JUNKER: Key Club Vice-President. National Honor Society, Arcadia Swim Club President, Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class representative. Student Council Representative to I.C.I.C., Student Body President, Play Productions. Musical Productions. Varsity Band, Pit Orchestra, Arcadia Chorale. Honor Roll National Merit Semi-Finalist, T.W.I.R.P. Candidate, Brown University Book Award, Presidential Medallion of Merit, Model legislature, Young Life RUSSELL KARTUB: Key Club-Treasurer, Science Club-Vice-President, J.V. and Varsity Wrestling. Frosh Tennis, Honor Roll GEORGIA KELSO: Church Choir and Youth Group STEVE KENNEDY: Sigma King. Basketball MICHELLE KESTER: Young Life. Spikettes, Epsilon Chi. Band Letterman, Hiking High. Spikettes-Vice-President. I.C.I.C. representative. Varsity Band, Badminton, Gymnastics. Jazz Ensemble Scholarship to N.A.U. Music Camp. Junior Achievement BERNIE KIDA: Key Club. Hiking High. Key Club Representative. Freshman Basketball and Baseball. J. V. Baseball. J. V. and Varsity Track. Off-Campus Raquetball, Honor Roll. Young Life. Intramural Sports FRANSES KIDA: Beta Gamma. Hero Secretary. Freshman Swimming. Freshman and J.V. Softball. Young Life BRENDA KIM: Lambda. ZetaINBANG KIM: Honor Roll, Geometry Award DEE KIMBALL: Epsilon Chi. Zeta Sergeant at Arms, Lettermen’s Club, Varsity Swimming, Honor Roll SILVIA KNIGHT: Honor Roll ALEXANDRA KNOX: Beta Gamma. Freshman, J.V. and Varsity Cheer, Homecoming Queen, Honor Roll MIKE KORENS: National Honor Society. Interact, Science Club. Senior Class Representative, Principal's List, Honor Roll RICHARD KORZUCH: J.V. and Varsity Band. JAZZ Ensemble, School Newspaper Feature Editor CHERYL KOSKELA: Zeta Chi Omega. Band Letterman, National Honor Society, Zeta-President, Band Letterman- Secretary, Pom, Freshman Tennis, Jazz Ensemble, Varsity Band, Pit Orchestra, Principal's List DAVE KRUMWIEDE: Freshman Football. Freshman. J. V. and Varsity Wrestling, Honor Roll LESLIE KYMAN: National Honor Society. Pep Club, Student Advisory Board, N.H.S. Representative, Varsity Swimming, Principal’s List, National Merit Semi-Finalist, Guadalajara Exchange Student. Spanish I and II Awards. International Politics Award L KEVIN LAMER: Shows Horses JULIE LANGE: Zeta Chi Omega, C.O.E., Spikettes, Sargeant at Arms. Freshman Tennis, Varsity Badmitton, Young Life, Bowling League VALI LANGSTON: Sigma Beta Chi SUZI LARSON: Beta Gamma, Sigma Beta Chi-Chaplin, Freshman Class Treasurer, Pom Line, Honor Roll, Arizona Girls State Delegate DAWN LEE: H.E.R.O. LINDA LEISNER: C.O.E., Track. Honor Roll MARK LELAND: JV Football, Varsity Football-Captain, JV Track, Varsity Track JEFF LEVISON: Kappa Phi Beta King. Gymnastics. Track, Varsity Football, Twirp King, Homecoming King CHRISTINE LEWIS: H.E.R.O.-Historian LIZ LICOSATI: Beta Gamma, Sigma Beta Chi-Treasurer, Student Advisory Council, Sophomore Class Treasurer SARA LISTER: H.E.R.O., Lambda Kappa Phi-Historian, Spikettes, Junior Achievement MICHELLE LOWRY: Delta Omega, Zeta Chi Omega, Epsilon Chi, Yearbook Staff, Scottsdale Honors Cotillion 46 MBOBBY MACHMER: Key Club, Sigma Sweetheart, Tennis Team KATHY MACLEAN: Spanish Gourmet, Chorale, National Honor Society, Chorale Treasurer, Musical - South Pacific Chorus. Hello Dolly - Props Crew and Stage, The Good Doctor - Make up Crew, Honor Roll, Principal's List, Spanish One National Honor Society Certificate. Job’s Daughters, Young Life TYLER MADDUX: Freshman Football, JV Football. Varsity Football, JV Wrestling, JV Track ANDY MARSHALL: Key Club. National Honor Society. Freshman Football, Varsity Gymnastics, Scottsdale Police Department Youth Patrol BETSY MARTIN: H.E.R.O., Hello Dolly Crew JULIE MARTINEZ: Kappa Phi Beta, Letterman’s. H.E.R.O.-President, Volleyball, Softball. Track JACKIE MAY: H.E.R.O. MAUREEN MCGUIRE: Honor Roll. Saint Luke's Ball. Vice-President of Finance TRICIA MELL: Freshman and JV Tennis NANCY MERKLE: H.E.R.O., Sigma Beta Chi, JV and Varsity Softball, Swimming DAN MESERVEY: Baseball, Football CAROL MERWIN: C.O.E. GINA MINCHELLA: C.O.E., Beta Gamma, President of M.C., Track, Honor Roll LAURA MOLINE: H.E.R.O., Mat Maids. Student of the Week Drafting Award PAM MOORE: National Honor Society. Pep Club- Secretary, Freshman Tennis, Orchestra, Musical Productions, Principal's List, Honor Roll. Orchestra Letter, Phoenix Symphony Youth Orchestra LUTHER MOOREHEAD: Choir, Honor Roll, Evangistic Reach - Outs PAUL MORRIS: Varsity Football Team TRACEY MORRISON: Kappa Phi Beta. Sigma Beta Chi, Phoenix Cotillion PETER MCLOUGHLIN: H.E.R.O. GAIL MCNEELY: National Honor Society, Principal's List. Honor Roll CAROL MEJDRICH: Pep Club. Varsity Club, Chorale. Concert Choir, Freshman, Sophomore and Varsity Swim Team, Arcadian-Assistant Editor, Editor-in-chief, Staff, Honor Roll, NCTE Competition, Junior Achievement, Science Club. Kappa Chaplin, Freshman Cheer, JV Volleyball, Varsity Softball. Honor Roll. Anytown-alternate MARY MUNSIL: ASPU.-Historian. Speech and Debate Club. Interact, Board of Directors, Arcadian,-News Editor, Model Legislature. Model United Nations. Girl’s State, Anytown, Student Review Board, Honor Roll, Merit Scholarship Finalist SCOTT MYHRA: Wrestling, Ski Club, Honor Roll 47N CYNDI NAGLE: Track. Principal’s List PETER NELSON: Football, Track. Honor Roll, Lead Guitarist for "Mirage” WALTER NORTON: Freshman Football JOE NUNEZ: Honor Roll MARK PAYNE: Plays, Thespians-Vice-President, Speech, Theatre, Honor Roll, Honor Thespians SHANNON PELTON: Sigma Beta Chi. Varsity Club. COE. Secretary of Varsity Club. Track, JV and Varsity Cross Country, Honor Roll, Phoenix Cotillion MEG PENNINGTON: Kappa Phi Beta, Delta Omega, X-Club, Freshmen Vice President, Frosh, JV. and Varsity Cheer, T.W.I.R.P. Candidate SHERI PETERSON: Lambda. Track, High School Judo Nationals Representing Arcadia PATTY PIERCEY: NHS, Backpacking, Spanish, and Cooking Club, Varsity Band, Frosh Tennis, Principal's List, Honor Roll, Epsilon Chi (Historian) KIM PLUMMER: Varsity Band, Prep Chorus ANTONIO POLICASTRO: Key Club, Senior Club. Gents Club. Frosh Football, Pom Sweetheart KRISTINE POORMAN: Lambda Kappa Phi, COE. Treasurer and Historian for Lambda, Junior Achievement Q KIT QUINSLER: Kappa, Historian and Secretary for Kappa 0 MIKE O’NEILL: Freshman Tennis, JV Football. Freshman. JV and Varsity Baseball, Honor Roll RALPH ORTIZ: Science Club, Key Club,-President, ICIC Representative, Student Body Secretary. Principal’s List. ASU Alumni Association Medallion of Merit, National Merit Semi-finalist, Young Life JODY OSWALD: C.O.E. MENDY OVERMYER: Epsilon Chi. Varsity Volleyball. Varsity Softball, Varsity Basketball. All City Team, Honorable Mention in Basketball, Sophomore Year BRUCE OWENS: Key Club. Chorale P VASILIOS PAPADOPOULOS: Freshmen and JV Basketball 48R MARGARET RAFTERY: Honor Roll TRAVIS REDWINE: Chorale, Acting. Musicals ALLISON REED: Lambda Kappa Phi, Water ski and Hiking High Clubs, Pres, of Lambda Kappa Phi, Chorus. Play- “The Man Who Came to Dinner", Theater Tech, for "The Night Thoureau Spent in Jail", Anytown, Racket Ball Club JILL REISS: Zeta, Varsity Club, NHS, Vice Pres., Track. Model U.N., Honor Roll, Principal’s List. French Award. B’nai B’rith Girls JOHN REISS: NHS, Science Club, ASPU. Interact, Varsity Club, Ski Club, Speech and Debate, ASPU-Sgt. at Arms, Art and Photo Editor of Newspaper, Board Member of Interact. JV Swimming, Varsity Intramural Soccer, Model Legislature. Boy’s State, Anytown, Today Award Youth Program, Principal’s List. Honor Roll, NAU Citation of Merit, Boy’s State Senate Minority Leader, Youth Group, Ishbic, Artist on Scottsdale Progress Staff, AAU Swimming, Phoenix Soccer League MITCH REISS: Key Club, ASPU, Science Club, Interact. Thespians, I.S.H.B.C., French Club, Treasurer of Science Club, Junior Class Representative, Student Review Board, Blood Drive Chairman. School Walk Chairman, Varsity Cross Country, Play: "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger," Backpaking Club, Play: "The man Who Came To Dinner," Frosh and JV Wrestling, Frosh Tennis. Intramural Basketball, Boys State. Anytown, Principal’s List, Honor Roll, NAU Citation of Achievement, Commended Student in the 1980 Merit Program, Jewish Youth Group (A.Z.A.). United Synagoge Youth (U.S.Y.). SALLY RHODES: COE, Varsity Band, Band Letterman, Job’s Daughters. Member of Scottsdale Yacht Club TYLER RICE: Frosh Football. Frosh, JV, and Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track KIRSTEN RICHMOND: Thespians, Clerk, Play Productions, Arizona Honor Debut, Younglife STEVE RICHMOND: Younglife JUSTIN RIEDY: Honor Roll. Frosh Football ERIC ROBBINS: Key Club. Interact, Science Club. Speech and Debate, NHS, ICIC, Interact Vice President. Speech and Debate Treasurer, Science Club Vice Pres. Letterman in Wrestling, Varsity Tennis, Honor Roll, Principal's List, NAU Certificate of Achievement, NFS Citation of Merit, Boy’s State Senator, Younglife NANCY ROBINSON: Sigma Beta Chi, French Gourmet Club. Interact. Pres, of French Gourmet Club, Foreign Language Fair TIFFINI ROBISON: Sigma Beta Chi, Varsity Club. NHS. Cross Country and Track, Principal's List, Honor Roll PAT ROGAL: Spikettes, Hiking High,-Historian SUSAN ROSE: Frosh Tennis. Prep Chorus, Choir, Chorale. Musical (South Pacific) SHELLEY ROSEMAN: Pres, of Pep Club, Treasurer of Pep Club, Track Team, JV Basketball, Manager for Varsity Volleyball, Youngest Female Professional Auctioneer in the United States LINDA ROSIER: Tennis SHELLEY ROSS: Sigma KAREN RUBIN: Chorale. Varsity and JV Softball Team, Chorale. Chorus, Musical South Pacific ROBIN RUNDLE: JV Volleyball, JV and Varsity Softball, 300 Batting Medal, Varsity Letter 49s JEAN SANDERS: ASPU. NHS, Interact. Secretary of NHS, Varsity Tennis Team. AAA Divisional Winner in Tennis, Prep All-American Girl Athlete. 1 All-City Tennis Team by Scottsdale Progress MELANIE SCHMICH: GGA. JV Track, Varsity Cross Country, Honor Roll. French I and Latin Awards ED SCHULTZ: Gymnastics STEVE SCHULTZ: Hiking High Club. Ski Club. Track. Football, Weightlifting, Golf, Honor Roll, Yearbook Production. Young Life. Bowling League. Four Wheel Drive Club. Bass Guitarist for Rock Group “Mirage” MIKE SCHWERDTFEGER: Soph. Track. Yearbook Photographer, Track Manager ELIZABETH SCOTT: HERO. Science Club. Vice Pres, of HERO. Fundraiser of HERO. Tennis Team CHUCK SEARS: Science Club. Frosh and JV Tennis. Frosh and JV Basketball. E.Y.C. CRAIG SEITEL: Pres, and Vice Pres, of Interact, Pres, of Science Club, Key Club, ASPU, Model Legislature. ICIC. Vice Pres, of Arcadia Swim Club, Pres, of sophomore and Junior Class, Frosh. JV and Varsity Tennis. Frosh. JV and Varsity Wrestling. AAU Wrestling. Honor Roll, Principal’s List, Citation of Achievement from NAU, Omega Man. Boy’s State, Anytown, Twirp Candidate, Mayor of City at Boy's State r AVE SELL: Basketball. Track. Honor Roll DON SESSIONS: Omega Man. Frosh Football. Frosh. JV. and Varsity Basketball. Younglife T. A. SHOVER: Key Club. Frosh and JV Basketball DEEDEE SIMMS: Delta Omega. Pres, of Beta Gamma. Principal’s List. Honor Roll. Latin I and II Award. Scottsdale Honor Cottillion ERIN SIMSER: Kappa Phi Beta. Softball SHELLY SMID: Kappa, Delta, Varsity Badminton, FCA, Junior Achievement BETH SMITH: Beta Gamma, Sigma (Historian) Beta Chi, Science Club. Pep Club. French Gourmet Club. Freshmen Class Representative, Sophomore Class Secretary. Beta 50Gamma Sgt. at Arms, Honor Roll BRIAN SMITH: NHS, Football, Epsilon Guy, Homecoming Candidate. CHERYL SMITH: COE, Mat Maids, Track, Tennis, Honor Roll JEFFREY SONG: French Gourmet Club, Frosh Basketball JULI SPRINGBORN: Zeta, Interact. Model Legislature. Interact Board Member, JV Volleyball SHARON SPONCEL: Pep Club, Sgt. of Arms and Pres, Swim Team, ICIC, Phoenix Suns Ballgirl Country, Track, Younglife. Junior Achievement, Lifeguard for Parks and Recreation DONNA STREET: Epsilon Chi. Honor Roll. DOUGLAS D. SUITER: Private Pilot TOM SUMMERS: Chess Club JEFF SWENSON: Wrestling, Pom Sweatheart T •HEELER) MKTEttlt TRACY STARKWEATHER: Epsilon Chi Treasurer, Delta Omega Historian. Varsity Club - Treasurer, Frosh Tennis, Varsity Track, Student Review Board, Honor Roll, Principal’s List, NHS, Scottsdale Honors Cotillion, Phoenix Cotillion REBECCA STEGWELL: COE. Honor Roll TOM STEIN: Younglife CRAIG STEVENS: Honor Roll BRUCE STEWART: Ski Club, Science Club, JV Wrestling, Varsity Track, Honor Roll. Principal’s List MIKE ST. GERMAIN: Honor Roll NANCY STILE: Swim Team. JV Softball. Varsity Cross KATHY TEVIS: Epsilon Chi DAVE TIETJEN: Frosh Basketball, Frosh, JV, and Varsity Football, Principal's List, Honor Roll, NHS, Letterman, Pom Sweatheart YVONNE THURMOND: HERO. HERO Photographer WILL TIZARD: Chorale, Thespians. NHS. Thespian President, “The Good Doctor" (Minor), “Hello, Dolly!” (Chorus), "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger.” (lead), "Don’t Drink The Water.” (Lead). "The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail.” (Lead). "South Pacific” (Chorus),“The Man Who Came To Dinner" (Lead), Honor Roll, Principal’s List, Spanish I Outstanding Student of the Year, 4th Place in T.W.I.R.P. Talent Show. American Academy of DramaticArts (Summer School), National Jamboree JULIE TOLLACKSON: Epsilon Chi, Chorale, Secretary of Epsilon, Drama GARY TOM: Arcadia Key Club, Senior Class Representa- tive, Student Council, ICIC, Student Government Publicity Chairman ASPU, JV and Varsity Band. Chorale, Newspaper, Musicals- ‘‘Hello, Dolly!" and South Pacific, STEVE VERSHURE: National Honor Society, Model U.N., Track, Principal’s List, Four N.H.S. Awards JULIE VALLALPANDO: Epsilon Chi, Varsity Volleyball, Tennis LORI VON DER HEYT: National Honor Society, Epsilon Chi. French Gormet Club, Principal’s List, Typing I Outstanding Student, Performs with accordian in state contests TODD WALING: Varsity and J.V. Wrestling, Freshman Football JULIE WALTERS: H.E.R.O.. Varsity Softball. Volleyball TOM WARD: Wrestlling, Football KELLY WARNER: Interact-Board Member, Yearbook Production, Newspaper Staff, Wright Honor Award for Drawing SUSAN WEAST: Delta Omega PAULA JEAN WELLS: H.E.R.O.. Ski Club. Tennis Club. Pep Club, Girls Athletic Association Club. Future Homemakers of America Club, Student Council-Treasurer, Track BILL WERNER: Track, Football, Varsity Letter. Transfer student from Michigan RORY WERTZ: Thespians, Drama Anytown, National Conference of Christians’ and Jews. Inter High School Executive Brotherhood Committee PEGGY TORMEY: Varsity Swimming, Honor Roll, Varsity Letter, AAU Swimming DANNY TOTH: Frosh Football. JV Wrestling. JV Football KEVIN TUCKER: Baseball TERI TURANO: Varsity Band JILL VANDERSLICE: Spanish Gormet Club, Junior Achievement WILLIAM VAN DER WERT: Interact. National Honor Society, Calculus Club, Varsity Tennis. Principal’s List, Honor RollDRA WIERSEMA: Key Club Treasurer and Sergeant of Arms, Hiking High, A.S.P.U., Ski Club, Varsity Club. Senior Class Vice-President. Gymnastics, Freshman Football, Young Life BILL WIESS: Speech and Debate, A.S.P.U., Model Legislature, Eagle Scout, Young Life JODI WHEELER: Kappa Phi Beta. Sigma Beta Chi Historian and Sergeant At Arms, Freshman Tennis, J.V. Tennis, Modeling ROB WHEELER: Tennis. Freshman Football, J.V. Football. Most Outstanding Football Player Award, (J.V.) MELONIE WHITE: Spikettes Chaplain, Interact. Pep Club. Hiking High. Spanish Gormet Club, Badminton, Arcadian Staff, Yearbook Staff. E.Y.C. Youth Group, Young Life. Junior Achievement. Scottsdale School Europe Trip RICK WILEY: Band Letterman. President, Titan Band, Jazz Ensemble, Yearbook Chief Photographer, Newspaper, Honor Roll, Regional Band, Orchestra. All-State Band, Scholastic Photo Contest, National Honor Society STEVE WILSON: Delta Darling, Varsity Football. Tennis, Principal's List, Honor Roll, Outstanding Athlete BECKI WRIGHT: Sigma Beta Chi Historian, Kappa Phi Beta, Varsity Gymnastics, Honor Roll ILENE WRIGHT: Prep. Chorus. Upperclass Chorus ERIC WOOTEN: Wrestling, Baseball DEBY WYCOFF: Kappa Phi Beta. Drama. Softball, Tennis Y BRYCE YODER: National Honor Society, Varsity Band. Principal’s List, Spanish IIA Award 53 B|B|a|a|B|B|B|a|B|a|B|B|B|B|B|a|B|a|B|B|B| i|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|b|bIb1bIb|b|b B|B|a|B|a|a|a|BlB|B|B|B|a|a|a|B|a|a|a|a|al! 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Their excellent grade point average attests to their dedication to scholarship, and their willingness to give whatever it takes to stay on top. Grades tell only a small part of the story, however, because the activities and interests of these people extend far beyond the academic classrooms in which they earned their membership to this group. Here can be found the musicians, the dancers, the thespians. Here are members of football, track and baseball teams. Here are the class leaders, the members ol service and honor organizations, the volunteers in civic projects, the church workers. In short, these are the active people, the doers not the watchers. John Dana Nancy DeLuca Lisa Della Rocca Julie P ads Eric Flaves Andy F'ord Lisa Hartley P. J. Harvey Tom Hickernell 56With Highest Distinction Carol Kline Mike Korens Cheryl Koskela I slie Kyman Steve Millman Jean Mnichowicz Mary Munsil Ralph Ortiz Steve Vershure Sally Brown Lori Van der Heydt Bryce Yoder 57Arcadia’s Olympian Nominees, 1980 Each year the senior class selects a number of their peers as Olympian candidates. Electing a Mr. and Miss Olympian has been an Arcadia tradition over the past twenty years. It is a great honor to be nominated for Mr. or Miss Olympian, for it is a sign of respect and appreciation from one’s class for a four year contribution to Arcadia High School. The entire School takes part in the actual election. This year six outstanding students were nominated, four of whom are shown here with a brief summary of their dedication to Arcadia for the past four years. Eric Robbins: Key Club. Interact (V.P.), Science Club (V.P.), Speech and Debate (Treasurer). NHS. ICIC. Varsity Club. Wrestling. Varsity Tennis. Honor Roll and Principal's List. NAU Certificate of Achievement. NAS Citation of Merit. Boy's State Senator. Young Life, Student of Month elected by Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce's “Today Award" committee. Merrilyn Crouch: Sophomore Class Vice-President. Junior Class Secretary. TWIRP Candidate. Beta Gamma Chaplain. Sigma Beta (Sgt. at Arms and V.P.). Key Club Sweetheart. Chorale (President). Theatre Productions and Musicals. Young Life. A.S.P.U., Honor Roll. Olympian Candidate, NHS. Recipient of Social Studies Award.Jenni Horne: Sigma Beta Chi, Epsilon Chi President. Freshman class Secretary, Sophomore class Representative, Junior class Vice-President, Senior class President, TWIRP queen, Honor Roll. Craig Seitel: President and Vice-President of Interact, President of Science Club: Key Club, A.S.P.U., Model Legislature. Zeta. ICIC; Vice-President of Swim and Sauna Club. President of Sophomore and Junior Class: Freshman, J.V., and Varsity Tennis: Freshman, J.V., and Varsity Wrestling; AAU Wrestling. Honor Roll, Principal's List. Citation of Achievement from NAU. Omega Man. Boy's State, Anytown, TWIRP Candidate, Mayor of City at Boy's State. 59: 39»;Club Guys ‘N’ Gals MLTA lAJUJWC These guys and gals are the pride and joy of various on campus clubs. They were chosen as sweethearts to represent the club and be a part of them throughout the year. Above are Zeta's kings. Don Sessions and Craig Seitel. Above right are Delta Darlings Mike Sellers and Steve Wilson. To the right are Key Club Sweethearts Carol Baet- zel and Merrilyn Crouch. 62Above, all the sweethearts take time out to pose for a group picture. From left to right in the first row are: Carol Baetzel, Merrilyn Crouch, Bobby Machmer. In the second row are: Craig Seitel, Mike Seller, Steve Kennedy. Don Sessions, and Steve Wilson. At left, Steve Kennedy and Bobby Machmer pose as Sigma Sweethearts. Above, Mike Sellers seems to have something other than classwork on his mind. 63Homecoming Royalty 1979 It is traditional at Arcadia as well as at most High Schools for the student body to select for their homecoming game a King and Queen to preside over the event. Arcadia's six nominees for 1979 are members of the senior class who have shown outstanding spirit and dedication to Arcadia. From the six. two are chosen to reign and to return next year to relinquish their thrones and crown the new king and queen. On this page, the runners-up are pictured. To the right are Dave Tietjen and Sally Brown. Below are Brian Smith and Julie Eads. Below right all the girls are shown together. They attended all the games in a successful effort to uplift the school spirit as the guys continued a family and school tradition. Shown on the opposite page are the King and Queen. Jeff Levison and Alex Knox.Anytowners The purpose of Anytown is to bring together students from Maria Houle, Margo Freidland. Claire Sechler, and in the middle all backgrounds and to learn to accept others as individuals, are Alison Reed and Mike Braden. The group spent several not stereotypes. Participants were, from left to right. Mary days this summer at Anytown and felt the experience to have Munsil, Jon Marshall, Julie Tollackson, Gary Tom. Johh Reiss, been well worth it. i|M|a|r ilBlPlrl finish r |I9iii|l|l|lp ■TtiTaTaVaTaTATalATal flVilili!ili1i|i|i|n irrrrriiiiiimrW 'frrrrrliUIHjad rJrTrTrfmW -irrrrrirnm Trrrrrr-na 'rr r-wi rrfrfrs ryrfri ffiBJ W3I ni mirntMUlilil-il- jai-r-r il-r 1 Itl-r 66Girls’ and Boys’ State Boys' and Girls' Stale introduces the participants to the world of politics. Participants for each were: (Girls) Mary Munsil. Virginia Hawkins and Susio Larson; (Boys) John Reiss. Craig Seitel. Eric Robbins and Mitch Reiss. 67T.W.I.R.P. Royalty TWIRP week consisted of a week full of activities during lunch and ended with the crowning of the King and Queen at the dance. The King and Queen are chosen for their involvement in school activities and their sense of school pride and spirit. Shown on the opposite page are King Mike Arendt and Queen Deanna Scarcello. Below are Emily Hertzberg and Kevin Hughes. To the right is Anne Bloemker and Doug Bishop. Below right is Margo Friedland and Eric Koontz and below left is a picture of all the girl candidates.69 1980 Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist Each year in October Juniors are given the opportunity to take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. These students qualified to be National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalists by achieving scores in the top 99% of all the seniors in the nation that took the test. Their names from left to right are: Carol Kline, John Dana. Lisa Della Rocca, Steve Millman, Lisa Hartley, Pete Junker, Ralph Ortiz, and Leslie Kyman.Merit Commended These students just missed the score required to be a Merit Semi-Finalist qualifying them as commended students. Top row to bottom, left to right: Mitch Reiss. Jean Sanders. Nancy DeLuca. Jill Vanderslice, P. J. Harvey. Andy Ford. Jill Reiss. 71iV • ' ••  . 'H i'SL’i vV • « •«•iVtft , (VmS • .'■-•'J.' '■, ■. • r « ;• , T. « ►•..-« » T' «X. ' .5" v -i V? j • ‘ • " r m %•■ • • •-«■•••' - . . .. S ' . ... , • • V -. . 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TOTAL SALE —if 89 TOTAL SALE am GALLONS ' GALLONS "im"m a a 0 liufKmto, a a 0 7879“The Man Who Came To Dinner” At right is "the man who came to dinner." Will Tizard. and Linda Comer. Below are: Will Tizard as Sheridan Whiteside. Pete Junker and Andy Ford. At Bottom: Pete Junker. Merrilyn Crouch. Abby Apple. Cindy Bondurant. and Will Tizard. On the opposite page are P. J. Harvey and Allison Reed as Mrs. Oexter and Mrs. McCutcheon. To their right are pictured Robb Vaules. Laurie Bley, and Will Tizard. (Bottom) The stage set. pictured, are: Dan Rice. Laurie Bley. Rob Vaules. Erin Hurley. Abby Apple. Andy Ford. Cindy Bondurant. P. J. Harvey. Allison Reed. Will Tizard. and Rusty Bulkley. 80Cast Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley Miss Preen ........... Sarah................. Maggie Cutler ........ Doctor Bradley ....... Sheridan Whiteside ... Harriet Stanley....... Bert Jefferson ....... Lorraine Sheldon ..... Beverly Carlton ...... Mrs. Dexter .......... Mrs. McCutcheon ...... John ................. Wescott .............. Sandy ................ Banjo................. Mr. Stanley .......... Richard Stanley ...... June Stanley ......... Mr. Baker ............ ..... Erin Hurley .... Abby Apple ..... Laurie Bley Merrilyn Crouch ..... Andy Ford ..... Will Tizard ... Linda Comer ... Pete Junker Cindy Bondurant ... David Hogan ....Allison Reed .... P. J. Harvey ... Robb Vaules ...... Dan Rice .... Mitch Reiss .... Mark Payne .... Jim Rockstad .. Robert Corbitt .... Cindy Miles ... Jon Marshall 81Royal Gambit Royal Gambit, written by Herman Gressieker was staged as the spring production by the Arcadia Drama Department. The play is about Honry VIII and his many lovely wives who were portrayed by Kathy MacLean. Abby Apple. Stacey Nachtwey. Ann O'Brien. Laurie Bley, and Merrilyn Crouch. Immediately right is pictured Merrilyn Crouch with Henry VIII. At bottom left: Kathy MacLean. as Katerina of Aragon, the first of Henry Vlll's many wives. Bottom right: Laurie Bley, speaking with Allen Handrix. portraying Henry Vlll. On the facing page, at top: stage view of the light board and audience before the play. Middle right: Kathy MacLean and Ann O'Brien back stage, getting ready for the play. Bottom left: Stacey Nachtwey and Abby Apple. 82sj wmi mmm + • t « ' THE PLAYERS Katerina of Aragon Anne Bolyn ....... Jane Seymour...... Anna of Cleaves ... Kathryn Howard ... Kate Barr ........ Henry VIII ....... .. Kathy MacLean .... Abby Apple Stacey Nachtwey .... Ann O'Brien .... Laurie Bley . Merrilyn Crouch .... Allen Hendrix 83T.W.I.R.P. Festivities, 1980 Every year juniors host a week of activities highlighted by a talent show and concluded with a formal dance where a junior king and queen for the year are crowned. Clockwise from upper left: Abby Apple, the winner of the talont show, and her accompanist David Hogan give it their all. Jeff Levison and Jenny Horne, last years king and queen, prepare to turn their throne over to newly elected Deanna Scarcello and Mike Arendt. Left. Greg Moss was there to put in his yearly dynamic performance on the drums.At top. the judges: from center. Emily Hertzberg. Andrea Liebsohn. and Claire Sechler took their jobs very seriously as one can tell by their enraptured expressions. Sitting with them at far left was this year’s M.C. Maria Houle, also pictured standing at left hard at work doing her job. At lower right, the girls asked the guys, for a change of pace. 85Arcadians show . . .guiLioii jjTnlulL Above left: Mr. Cowie was named Sodbuster George for spirit week. Above: Mr. Anselmo said, ‘‘I always wear my clothes.” Above right: Curt Reid plays lead guitar during lunch hour. Right: the Arcadia High School jail. 86Above left: the Titan Saloon during one of its quieter hours. Above: Spirited Arcadians ever dressed up to show their pride. At left: The Steakhouse. Above right: Kelly Warner teaches the act of water-gun fighting to a fellow cowperson. 87 m ■(■I fill ]B|||B|B ■liUI ■liliilaUI ■I imp Ipllilflpl? IgiflfillBll PlPli'lfiPlPlPl plpiplpl ilflp ilflflfl ■lilflplfli lBla!|B:-|Bla|BlBlBlBl9lplplflfl;|a|pl ilplp |a|al i|a|BlalaIa|alB|a|a|a|a|Blalala|B a|ali |BlBK-i 'p|BlB|BlBlB|U|B|B|B|B|B?----«lB|a |BlB|B|i|B|B|BlB|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|l ■HllB|BlBlP»-I-,-,-,-»"|B«B BlBlB|BllllBlB flplplr !lB|B|r J1B|B| l|BlflBlBlB!lB|B|l ■mil IplalB JalBlf lusali i1b|b ;fefc=£: IPIPI B|BlB|Bli llBlBlB(BiBlBla|l r Ifr •Is islnlr ilBlB lBlBlBlBlBl;:ra]3tHjBli i-ilali j1b1b1b1b|bJb|bIb2b1h!-i iBlBlflBlBlUlBlBlBlaluL HB|| lJlulalHlilajaj 8da|iiHi bIb |?L:= »-. Hfli BMBlBlJlBmBlBlBjBlfllalBlunL BlB L 1 i ; ill' lI|IClBlBlBlBMUl'JialLllBlB|B|BLllL 'i|B|l lL|B|B|B|BlLalBlBlBlBlBjBlB|B|BlBgL B|B !!ilJ|B|B|a|ajBlg!Baala]Li|a|BlBla[Qtu|a|i L :UUul9lplpBil9lB|B]B|BlBjBlBlB|B|BlB B|l iBlB|BlB|B|BiB|B|BlB|B|UlB|B|BlB|B|U|B U BB|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|a|B|B|B|B|B|alB|B|B|B |B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|BlBlB|B|B|B|B|B|B|B|l |B|B|BlB|B|Blfl|B|B|B|B|BlBlB|BlBlBlB|BlB|B |B|B|B|B|B|alB|B|alBlB|BlB|B|B|alB|B|B|B|B|l Student Body Officers Cathy Reid, Treasurer; Margo Friedland, Vice-President; Julie Eads, ICIC Secretary; Ralph Ortiz, Student Body Secretary; Pete Junker, President. 90ICIC ICIC (Inter-Club. Inter-Class) has spent a lot of time this past year sponsoring various activities. Among these projects were a picnic at Pierce park called ‘‘Bivouac”; Arcadia week in which school spirit was raised; a fantastic Homecoming; a trail ride; plus many school projects such as having a pay-phone installed in the gym lobby and arranging for pick up of trash. ICIC also helped the different classes and clubs plan and carry out their individual projects like dances and bagel sales. Pictured Top left is Margo Friedland who presides during the meetings. Below 1st row: Judy Wilson. Jenni Horne. Leah Ganelin. Dra Wiersema. Helen Tassoni. Sally Brown. Ann Lanker. 2nd row: Andy Seitel. Kelly Kinard. Julie Hubbard. Emily Hertzberg. Andrea Leibson. Carolyn Hoover. Laurie Goodman. Michelle Moffatt. 3rd row: Mike Arendt. Mike Braden. Dan Bagatoll. Andrea Owens. Sarah Ellison. Eric Robbins. Allison Lake. 4th row: Julie Eads. Dr. Wagoner. Margo Friedland. Cathy Reid. Maria Houle. Leslie Kyman. Bernie Kida. Julie Swenson. 91Student Council 92 (left to right) Kathleen Bloemker, Gary Tom. Claire Sechler, Pete Junker. Kristi Clark. Circe Richmond, Mike Korens. (Above) Charles Jones. Ralph Ortiz, Paul Ortiz. Student Council is a body of students selected from the students of Arcadia to represent each class. Student Councils goal is to understand the needs and wants of the students they represent. This year Student Council sponsored a very successful spirit week that included such activities as a 50’s Day, Western Day, Jeans and Tennies Day, a band at lunch, and music in between each class. Overall, Arcadia’s Student Council has done their best to keep student government and pride number one!!Student Review Board (First row) Dan Bagatell, Brenda Tom, Sarah Ellison, Tracey Starkweather, (Third row) Mike Braden, Mrs. (Second row) Mary Munsil, Mr. Larabell, Lisa Emmans, Settlemoir, Mr. Larson.MODEL LEGISLATURE AND A.S.P.U. Pictured in the top row of Model Legislature is: Edward Hash. Rusty Bulkeley. Suzanne Pickett. Maggie Papadopoulos. Claire Sechler. Brian Casey. Mike Braden. Stephanie Lee. Mon- ica Crossman. Dr. Wagner. Middle row: David Sanders. Maria Houle. Michelle Moffatt, Andrea Leibsohn, Margo Friedland. Sarah Ogden. Bonnie Harmon. Bottom row: Sarah Ellison. Karen Sanders. Brenda Tom. Kim Embry. Dan 8agatell. Julie Tollackson. Pictured in the A.S.P.U. picture are (from left to right): Dr. Wagner. Maria Houle. Mark Peters. Stephanie Leo. Rusty Bulkeley. Dianne Bindelgias. Mike Braden. Nancy Siegel. John Reiss. Rochelle Bagatell. Brian Casey. Michelle Moffat. Monica Crossman. Oan Bagatell. Eric Robbins. Mary Munsil. Dra Wiersma. Andy Seitel, Craig Seitel. Brenda Tom. Claire Sochlor. Karen Sanders. Jon Marshall. Sarah Ogden. Ed Hash. Sabrina Safrin. Scott Whyte. Andrea Leibsohn. Margo Friedland. Sarah Ellison. 94Interact "INTERACT'', Arcadia's only Co-Ed on-campus service club completed it's second year in 1980. INTERACT is sponsored by Rotary Club International, a businessman's service club. INTERACT is sure to be the 1 club on campus in the years to come. Past activities have included Arcadia's most successful Blood Drive ever, repairing an old folks home, sponsoring a Christmas family, fasting to earn monoy for Cambodian refugees, club vs. club football and volleyball games, occupational visits, luncheons with Rotary international, picnics, and a ski trip to Sunrise. Pictured at left are the club's officers: (top row) Mr. Mauer. Rotary Representative; Mary Munsil. Board member; Juli Springborn. Board member; John Reiss. Board member; Gwenn Harris, secretary. (Bottom row) Leah Ganelin. Sergeant at arms; Nancy Deluca. Treasurer; Craig Seitel. President; Kelly Warner. Board member; Eric Robbins. Board member. Pictured below are members: (top row) Adam Robbins. Nancy Robinson. John Reiss. Sandy Fulton. Carol Chicoine. Melonie White. (Sitting on the car) Gwenn Harris. Wes Heaton. Andrea Leibsohn. Pete Tillack. Nancy Deluca. Dino Brescia. Juli Springborn. Laurie Goodman. Leah Ganelin. Mike Braden, and Kelley Warner. (Standing in front) Mr. Mauer. Maria Houle. Pam Ross. Mary Munsil. Eric Robbins, and (lying down) Craig Seitel. 95Varsity Cheer At right: the cheer- leaders watch the pom girls during half-time. Below: (1979) Varsity Cheer, top row; Anne Bloemker, Brenda Bald- win, 2nd row; Sally Brown, Dina Davies, Jodi Books, Alex Knox, Meg Penning- ton, Libby Burke. Cheer was very active this year selling ribbons, litterbas- kets and refreshments to raise money. Supporting the football team at Camp Titan and attending a camp of their own in Sedona. Sponsoring a football picnic and par- ticipating in pom cheer switch. 96Far above. (1980) Basketball cheerleaders top row: Jodi Books. Anne Bloemker. Brenda Baldwin. Sally Brown. Lisa Hamilton. 2nd row: Alex Knox, Dina Davies. Libby Burke. At left: Cheer on rollerskates say ‘‘Let’s roll over the Sabercats” Above: Sally Brown-cheer captain. 97Pommies Are Peppy! This year the 1980 pom line showed us what team spirit really is. The Arcadia Pom line, pictured below, was made up of Emily Hertzberg, and Cheryl Koskela. front row; Suzi Larson, Julie Eads, Deanna Scarcello, Nancy Amado and Debbie Lawrence, second row: and Allison Lake, Carolyn Hoover, Anne Lanker. Cristy Baldwin and Pam Maxwell in the top row. The pom line entertained us at half-time and spent many long hours rehearsing. Along with the other duties that come with being on the pom line is the thrill of ringing the victory bell. Clock wise, from top left, is Nancy Amado and Titan Mascot Dino Brescia. Emily Hertzberg finishes off a routine with a clean move. And to put all Arcadians in the Christmas spirit, pom presented a special Christmas pep assembly. 99J.V. Cheer And Titan Mascot This year J.V. Cheer has shown unlimited support for our football and basketball teams. At bottom: (top row), Joanie Rountree, and Circe Richmond. The others are Lisa Beck, Karen Naegli, Helen Tassoni and Karen Tittle. Dino Brescia, “Ar- cadia Titan Mascot," has done a super job in help- ing raise spirit for Arcadia High School. On opposite page, top right is Nancy Amado. Dino Brescia, Deanna Scarcello and Debra Lawrence. 100 niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii rr- r r a|fl|B|B|a|H|a|| 1 rri!lWlU!l!l!lfl m IPI! ■!« ilplulll ■lllplllil UUIPlPl swsns s» «i plPlPlPltni PL HUI» IIlilil KrWri liiil'I'illl!! I1!'.".-!1?1' ■■HI ■liiilg ll9l9l"Lil!gl .= Delta Omega At right, Simone Cupchak - narrator, Liz Bracken as Dave Tietjen, Suzi Biers as Alex Knox - Delta immitates the Homecoming candidates in the pep assembly skit. The Delta group picture below consists of: (top left to right) Mrs. Howard, Anne Pearson, Kristi Clark, Andrea Katsenes, Susan Crowley, Amy Mosely, Julie Swenson, Shelly Smid, Michelle Lowry, Allison Lake. Judi Willson, Cathy Reid, Maria Houle. 2nd row: Shelley Adrian, Tina Fulton. Tracy Ericson, Brenda Tom, Laurie David. Shelly Brown, Jodi Books, Heather Brookhart. Patty Steele, Lisa Peterson, Cheri Hanson. 3rd row: Sally Brown, Tracey Starkweather, Dina Davies, Virginia Hawkins, Lisa Hamilton, Marie Paris. Maretta Hartsfield. Front row: Steve Wilson, Mike Seller. Not pictured: Tuesdie Stolworthy, Simone Cupchak, Dee Dee Simms. Susan Weast, Suzie Biers, Anne Bloemker. Mid-term members: Janis Lyon, Maryanne Campbell, Carolyn Hoover. 102Delta Officers - above: Dina Davies. Vice-President: Virginia Hawkins. Chaplain: Tuesdie Stolworthy. Treasurer: Maretta Hartsfield. Sergeant at Arms; Lisa Hamilton. Historian: Tracey Starkweather. Historian; Sally Brown. President; Simone Cupchak, Secretary. At left. Shelly Brown. Maretta Hartsfield and Jodi Books caught in the act—toilet papering Sigma! Above. Tracey Starkweather. Madonna Smith and Sally Brown paint Titans on the field. Delta painted the football field for every home game this season. 103Sigma Beta Chi Sigma Beta Chi, sponsored this year by Mr. Melton and Mrs. Hagen, has had another successful year benefitting the community and Arcadia as well as the members. The girls sponsored a Thanksgiving family, donating their old clothes, games and food and during Christmas vacation they raised money to buy them a turkey and a Christmas tree. The other activities Sigma participated in this year were a bake sale, picking oranges for St. Vincent De Paul, and participating in the activities during Welcome Back Week. TWIRP Week and Spirit Week. Sigma’s annual festivities this year included the Sundown Supper, the Sigma-Delta basketball game, a winter ski trip and crowning their sweethearts at the first pep-assembly of the year. Overall. Sigma has done their best to keep the club and Arcadia on the top. Right: Steve Kennedy. Pictured below: The crowning at the first pep-assembly. Pictured from left to right in the first row: Steve Kennedy, Bobby Machmer. Second row: Beth Smith. Andrea Reynolds. Lisa Collier. Suzi Larson. Liz Licosati, Merrilyn Crouch. Carol Baetzel. Third row: Melani Mitchell, Shelley Ross, Kay Lutich, Daphne Baum. Anne Guerin. Nancy Robinson, Michelle Moffatt, Jean Mnichowicz. Cheryl Acres, Jill Robison. Fourth row: Jenni Horne, Diane Bindelglass, Wendy Minas. Jodi Springborn, Lisha Mohney. Erin Burke. Julie Eads, Helen Tassoni, Pam Hakes. Cathy Kleckner, Karen Matheson. Fifth row: Becky Wright, Cindy Collins. Gwen Harris. Tiffini Robison. Shannon Pelton, Diane Creathbaum. Trisha Taylor. Suzy Medland. Kathy Bolles. Lisa Hill, Vali Langston. Pam Ross. Laurie Goodman. Katie Harrison. 104 Not pictured: Laurie Provost and Leslie Goldberg.Sigma Stays f1 Again This Year! Above, the officers are pictured, left from right top row: Liz Licosati, Treasurer; Carol Baetzel, President; Andrea Reynolds, Historian; Merrilyn Crouch. Vice-President; Lisa Collier. Secretary; Bottom row: Steve Kennedy. Sweetheart; Beth Smith. Historian; Suzi Larson. Chaplain; Bobby Machmer, Sweetheart. Pictured at the left is Bobby Machmer and pictured directly above are the sponsors. Mr. Melton and Mrs. Hagen. 105Key Club This year has been the best year Key Club has had. Led by president Ralph Ortiz. Key Club has done a number of activities including watering and fertilizing the trees at Arcadia, painting the benches red and blue in the football stadium, did repair at the Starlite Guest Home, volunteer work for the American Heart Association, marched with the Scottsdale Foundation for the Handicapped in the Parada Del Sol, set up county special Olympics, sold football programs at the football games and participated in the Homecoming ceremonies. 'verall. Key Club has proved to the school and the community as well as its members that it's the number one club on campus at Arcadia. To the right are sweethearts Merrilyn Crouch and Carol Baetzel. Below is the Key Club sponsor Mr. Larabell, with Sweetheart Carol. Seated in the group picture in the top row (left to right): Andy Marshall, Bob LeSatz, Bill Hoeft, Bruce Owens, Dra Wiersma, Bernie Kida, Rob Vaules, Jason Martin, Craig Seitel, Chip Patterson. 2nd row: Eric Koontz, Mike Arendt, Doug Bishop, Jon Marshall, Brad Cardon, Scott Whyte, Jim Tucker, Mr. Larabell. 1st row: Andy Seitel, Tim Arendt, Doug Kartub, Rusty Bulkeley, Carol Baetzel with Mike Braden, Ralph Ortiz. Peter Junker, Russell Kartub with Merrilyn Crouch. Gary Tom.Left: Peter Junker shows us one of his many talents. Below: Mike Arendt tells Merrilyn Crouch in the Twirp Talent Show what he likes most after dinner. The 1979-1980 Key CLub officers this year are (left to right): Bernie Kida, ICIC Rep; Peter Junker, Vice-President; Ralph Ortiz, President; Russell Kartub, Treasurer; Mike Braden, Secretary. 107Zeta Chi Omega Zeta Chi Omega, an on campus com- munity service club at Arcadia, sponsored many fund raising activities which in- cluded bake sales and selling bagels and pretzels. They also sponsored a ski trip to Purgatory in Feb- ruary. Officers at top left are: Craig Seitel and Don Sessions. Sweethearts: Cheryl Koskela. President: Julie Helston, Vice- President: Claire Sechler, Treasurer; Dee Kimball. Ser- geant of Arms; Chris- tine Teteak. Chaplain; Pam Ross. Secretary; Leah Ganelin. Histor- ian; Not Pictured: Kim Baldwin. Historian. Above right are Zeta Sweethearts Don Sessions and Craig Seitel. 108 1st row: Cristy Critzer. Carol Kline. Becky Albaugh, Shauna Sodikoff, Kim Baldwin. Lisa McGuire. Julie Lang. Michelle Warren. Claire Sechler. Debbie Kehle. 2nd row: Julie Helston. Pam Ross. Laurie Goodman. Juli Springborn. Jill Reiss. Ann Johnson. Cheryl Koskela, Christine Teteak. Patty Rosio. 3rd row: Cynthia Nelke, Diane Creathbaum, Leah Ganelin. 4th row: Craig Seitel and Don Sessions.Varsity Club and Chess Club Varsity Club was not that active this year although members did hold meetings. Below left are pictured: 1st row: Bruce Herr, Cheryl Koskela, Alex Kalogianis, Debbie Carr, Joan Zonis, John Reiss. 2nd row: Maria Andrews, Cathy Reid. Dra Wiersema, Maria Houle, Judy Wilson, Carolyn Hoover. 3rd row: Jason Martin, Allison Lake, Donna Dantona, Steve Millman, Laurie David. Bill Hoeft, and Not pictured: Sally Brown and Andrea Leibsohn. Lower Right: Cathy Reid; Treasurer. Maria Houle; Secretary, Dra Wiersema; President. Not pictured: Sally Brown; Vice-President. The Chess Club showed their talent this year by challenging other schools in chess. Left are Tom Summers, Dr. Mann, Sponsor; Daryl Edson, Roger Ripps, and Brian Frost. 109Olympian Staff This year's Olympian staff had a lot of experience backing them up. which enabled them to meet the required deadlines. They spent many long hardworking hours developing and taking pictures, drawing layouts and writing copies. The photographers took their time after school and on the woek-ends working in the darkroom developing negatives to also keep up with the deadlines. In conclusion, the 79-80 Olympian staff devoted all of their time to put out this year's book. Pictured below in the group picture are from left to right top row: Charles Holdridge. Glen Tyler. Steve Schultz. Bobby Mosely (by-stander). Kelly Warner. Joe McGuire. Gwen Harris. Melonie White. Kathy Bradbury. Nancy Robinson. 2nd row: Chip Koger. Mark McDonnell. Enrique Bocedi. Shelly Brown. Carol Baetzel. Sally Brown. Andrea Katsenes. Anne Wmtergalen. 1st row: Al Magllo. Rick Wiley. Mike Schwerdtfeger. Britt Torney. Not pictured: Michelle Lowry who was on the Olympian staff 1st semester, and Mr. Cowie. advisor.At left. Kelly Warner sells yearbooks to an eager group of buyers; directly below. Britt Torney and Enrique Bocedi respond to an interruption, and on the bottom of the page. Sally Brown (recently returned from Guadalajara) gets back into the swing of things, and Michelle Lowry prepares copy for the senior section. At center on the facing page, the photographers (Al Maglio. Rick Wiley. Britt Tourney, and Mike Schwerdtfeger) strike a darkroom pose, and Carol Baetzel checks out an earlier yearbook in search of ideas. IllOrchestra, Band Lettermen Christine Alvey and Ethan Carter; (second row) Andy Burton, Marilyn Archbold, Eric Staten, and Mr. Brooks; (back row) Brenda Tom, Susan Cuth- bertson, Priscilla Harvey, Pam Moore, and Lisa Hartley. This year's Band Lettermen made over $100 caroling at Christmas and were involved in many other events. Above is a picture of Lisa Hartley attempting to tune her violin. Above right: this year’s Band Lettermen officers were (L-R) Michelle Kester, (Representative); Andy Ford. (Vice- President); Rick Wiley, (President) Stephanie Lee, (Treasurer) and Peggy James (Secretary). At the right were the members present for this year’s group photo: (back row) Michelle Kester, Rick Wiley, Andy Ford. Stephanie Lee, Sally Rhodes, and Steve Hatcliff. (Front row) Eric Eaves. John Marshall, Peggy James, and Cheryl Koskela. (Not pictured) Andy Burton, Kevin Hill, Mike Reed, and Pam Stelzer. 112National Honor Society In addition to sponsor- ing the annual Honors Evening. NHS was also involved in many other activities. Some of these were the usual selling of bagels, a Christmas party for some children, and a Valentine Party at a nearby nursing home. Pictured at right. Will Tizard and Steve Millman help to entertain a child during the Christmas party. Pictured at left were this year's NHS officers. Leslie Kyman (ICIC Repre- sentative). Jill Reiss (Vice President), Nancy Deluca (President). Jean Sanders (Secretary), and not pic- tured is Lisa Emmans (Treasurer). Present for this year's group photo were (back row) Will Tizard. Eric Eaves. Lisa Hartley. Gail McNeely. Debbie Coblentz. Pete Junker. Ralph Ortiz. Julie Eads. Steve Millman. Dave Tietjen. William Van Der Werf. Jim Dew. Jeff Brendecke. Craig Ackerman, and Priscilla Harvey. In the second row there is Cheryl Koskela. Rick Wiley. Andy Ford. Tom Hickerneli. Bryce Yoder. Marylin Crouch. Cicily Goble. Tiffini Robison. Tracy Starkweather. Jill Robison. Sally Brown. Deedee Simms. Jean Mnichowecz. Pam Moore, and Mrs. Need. The third row consists of Mr. Kimball. Steve Vershure. Lisa Della Rocca. John Dana. Patty Piercey. Lori Von Der Heydt. David Ausley. Eric Robbins. Carol Kline. Mike Korens. John Reiss. Andy Marshall. Kathy McLean, and Linda Augeneder. And seated are NHS officers Jill Reiss. Leslie Kyman. Nancy Deluca and Jean Sanders. 113Jazz Ensemble The Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Brooks, once again completed another rich, musical year. The band earned an overall rating of ,,two” at the NAJE Jazz Festival in October. Outstanding soloist awards went to Cheryl Koskela, piano; Barry Buchanan, guitar; and Andy Burton, bass. The candid photos - below, right and far right - show the various sections in performance at a concert in November and during rehearsal. 114Jazz Ensemble members are shown below, left to right, first row: Pat Duyck, Dena Montgomery. Lori Lennan, Rich Korzuch, and Alan Ross. Second row: Carl Thompson, Tom Babb, Gregg Barr, Rick Wiley. Randy Ball. Kathy Styles, and Ken DeBrosse. Third row: Andy Burton, Cheryl Koskela. Andy Ford. Jon Marshall. Barry Buchanan and Kurt Reed. Fourth row: Steve Hatcliff and Enrique Bocedi. Remaining are Mark Scott. Kevin Hill, and Michelle Kester. (All Music Dept, students owe many thanks to Michelle for her much needed secretarial help.) iH.E.R.O. Home Economic Related Occupations or H.E.R.O. is an organization sponsored by Miss Goodwill, in which the members have a chance to learn about home economics and working to make money. One of H.E.R.O.’s moneymaking projects this year was selling donuts in the mornings. At right are officers: Top row: Stacy Eustice. Treasurer second semester; Josie Levy. Historian; Christine Lewis. Parliamentarian. Bottom row: Fran Kida, Secretary; Libby Scott. Vice- President. President second semester; Julie Martinez. President first semester; Karen Wright. Treasurer first semester. Pictured below are club members: Bottom row: Christine Lewis. Josie Levy. Karen Wright, Julie Martinez. Libby Scott. Fran Kida. Stacy Eustice. Middle Row: Trisha Hough. Dawn Lee. Laura Moline. Nancy Merkle. Suzy Medland, Julie Walters. Sara Lister. Yvonne Thurmond. Top row: Miss Goodwill, sponsor; Tom Gronley. Hugh Usselton. Tim Maloney. Chris Chloupek, Mike Johnson. Gina Gianquinto. Dwayne Curry, John Sturgeon. 116Thespians Have Another Fun And Productive Year Above: Thespians are Will Tizard. Erin Hurley. Rory Wertz. Marc Homan, Debbie Coblentz. Andy Ford. Arlene Rheinfelder, Dan Rice. Marilyn Archibold. Joanne Mehaffey, Mary Beth Brown. Kirsten Richmond. Abby Apple. Cindy Bondurant. Mark Peters. Stacey Nachtwey, Peggy James. Mark Broadley, Eric Staten, Stuart Dollar, Rusty Burkley, Mard Payne. Tom Hickernell. Right: Will Tizard. president of the Thespians, had roles in most of Arcadia's Theatre Productions. The Thespians viewed and critiqued many plays put on at various places: ASU. Phoenix Little Theatre, for experience in critiquing and to study sets, lighting, and acting technique. Their main function, however, was in supporting Arcadia's productions throughout the year. 118Newspaper Staff Newspaper staffers include: (standing) Richard Korzuch. Scott Faso. Mark Avent. Joe McGuire. Kelly Warner. Mark Me Donnell. Eric Staten; (Bottom row) Virginia Hawkins. Lisa Pratt. Julie Tolleson. Angela Teskey. The staff produced an Arcadian every month under the direction of Claudia Hagen. Reporters and writers covered sports, fine arts, academics and even off campus activities. 119The Titan Band conquered its opponent bands at the Regional Band Festival in Tempe. A grade of "one” in all four judging categories brought f an invitation to the State Band Festival. Below, the trombones blow the roof | off the gym during the pep assembly. Immediately right, Peggy James and Erin Hurley are distracted during a football game. Following page, upper left. Gregg Barr shows off his God-given talents. Right. Mr. Brooks gives the band some bull — horn during a pep assembly. Bottom, the band forms its famous "A” during a half-time show. The 1979-80 Titan Band members include, First row left to right: Peggy James, Judy Curtis, Eric Eaves. Kathy Gendvilas. Erin Hurley, Stephanie Lee. Andi Franklin, Cheryl Koskela. Second row: Ellen Landerman, Lisa Barr, Tom Hickernell, Mary Howard, Georgia Kelso. Teri Turano. Laura Blackwelder, Betsy Carter, Judy Solbes, Jeff Langland. Lisa Pratt. Mary Beth Brown, Alan Ross, Pam Stelzer. Third row: Mark Fuller, Robert Hussey. Mike Hicks, Dino Brescia, Barry Buchanan. Steve Hatcliff. Jim Rogers. Enrique Bocedi, Carolyn Walker, Rick Wiley. Gregg Barr, Randy Ball. Tom Babb. Richard Korzuch, Julie Swen- son, Pat Duyck. Fourth row: Paul Schlenker, Jon Wiggins, Mark Scott. David Brooks. Kevin Hill. Michelle Kester, Dave Merrill. Jeff Stuart. Andy Burton, Ken DeBrosse, Alyson Brendecke, Chris Maglio, Rodney Donnally. Roxanne Van Alstine, Gary Tom. Lorri Lennan. Kim Plummer. Not pictured: Mar- cia Peterson. Linda Johnson. Bryce Yoder. Mike Reed. Mary Kay Duyck. and Andy Ford. Titan BandJ.V. Band J.V. Band provides good experience for future Titan Band members. Below, the band practices on stage before a concert. Right, Titan Band member Steve Hatcliff helps out in a rehearsal. J.V. Band members are, left to right, first row: Beth Woodall, Allan Pomrening. Rick Steiner, Kendall Brookhardt. and Debra Merkle. Second row: Jeff Godwin, Tony Duyck. Julie Warner, Michelle Leonardo, and Rob Biller. Third row: Scott Peterson. Marilyn Archbold, Cindy Baker, and Sandy Harmon. Not pictured: Susan Smith, and Deborah Gunderson. 122CHORALE The Arcadia Chorale had an outstanding year of performances and as usual were a hit wherever they appeared. They spent many long and tiring hours rehearsing, but it definitely showed In each performance. Directly below is Kathy Mac Lean. Linda Augeneder and Julie Tollackson singing to their hearts content. To the right is Dan Rice. Stacy Nachtwey and Abby Apple. In the group picture below, starting in the front row (left to right) Merrilyn Crouch. Laurie Bley. Cindy Collins. Diane Creathbaum. Stacy Nachtwey. Linda Augeneder. Carol Mejdrich. 2nd row: Sherry Hanson. Steve Owens. Bruce Owens. Abby Apple. Julie Tollackson. TomHickernell.Dan Rico. Ann Bigus. 3rd row: Kathy Mac Lean. Andy Ford. Cindy Bondurant, Karen Rubin. Richard Campbell. Travis Redwine. Susan Rose. 4th row: Barry Groom. Will Tizzard. Brad Cardon, Rob Vaules. Susie Cuthbertson. 124 Shown at the left is Merrilyn Crouch. Chorale president, and Ann Bigus. Below. Merrilyn Crouch and Laurie Bley (dressed up for 50's day) attempt to rehearse a song. In the group picture below in the back row is Merrilyn Crouch. Ann Bigus. Julie Tollackson. Rob Vaules. Bruce Owens. Brad Cardon. 3rd row: Kathy Mac Lean. Laurie Bley. Susie Cuthbertson. Travis Redwine. Dan Rice. 2nd row: Diane Creathbaum. Stacy Nachtwey. Cindy Collins. Abby Apple. Richard Campbell. Will Tizzard. Andy Ford. Bottom row: Carol Mojdrich. Susan Rose. Karen Rubin. Sherry Hanson. Barry Groom. Steve Owens. Tim Hickernell. 125Champs Again! For the third year in a row. the Arcadia girls swim team has taken first place in the State AAA competition. Congratulations and good luck next year! To the right, Cathy Michael smiles with joy after a victory. Below, the members of the swim team cheer on a teammate as she strives for first place. Maria Andrews Leona Biller Lianne Brown Maryanne Campbell Deborah Carr Colleen Collins Mary Erickson Cheryll Gillet Krista Hull Holly Johnson 128Litza Kalogianis Dee Kimball Lenore Kimball Suzy Lovelette Missy McGarry Cathy Michael Audrey Mills Suzanne Pickett Kathy Reid Kathy Stiles Carmen Tokoph Karen Tokoph Peggy Tormey ■ IUIMI To the left. Colleen Collins and Carmen Tokoph express their happiness for a victory at the State Championship meet. m m IIIIAI 129Above left is pictured the trophy for first place in the state. Above right is Cheryl Gillet receiving a congratulatory kiss from Olympic champion John Nabor. Immediately above is Carmen Tokoph swimming the butterfly and desperately attempting to achieve first place. To the right are Coach Blasius. Kathy Michael, and Karen Tokoph after receiving their trophy for the State Champion. Kathy is making sure everyone gets the message. 130At left. Lenore Kimball leaves the board in a difficult dive: below, Karen Tokoph backstrokes to another victory. The teamshot. below, pictures (back row) Dee Kimball. Peggy Tormey. Marianne Campbell. Holly Johnson, Kathy Michael, Mary Erickson. Lianne Brown. Suzy Lovelette. Coach Blasius. In the middle row are Cathy Reid, Lenore Kimball. Krista Hull. Deborah Carr. Suzanne Pickett. Leona Biller. Kathy Stiles, and Litsa Kalogianis. Front row: Missy McGarey. Karen Tokoph. Cheryl Glllet. Carmen Tokoph. Colleen Collins. Maria Andrews, and Audrey Mills. 131Mike Alkire Dave Andreen Dwight Bodine Steve Campbell Chris Chloupek Kevin Czerwmski Brad Denton John Fernandez Jeff Gesicki Don Hartin Clint Herring Brian Holtrop Mark Holtrop Craig Hunsaker Craig lams 132Tony Jarab Eric Koonlz Mark Leland Jeff Levison Tyler Maddux Tim Maloney Sieve Millman Allen Mills Paul Morris Chip Patterson Loren Ray Todd Reese Mark Hart Brian Smith Dave Tietjen Britt Torney 133Varsity Football Koontz pulls a sneaky attack against enemy. Jeff Gesicki prepares a pass. (Top row) Steve Campbell, Brian Smith, John Fernandez, Chris Chloupek, Tim Maloney, Brad Denton, Clint Herring. Dave Tietjen; (2nd row) Jeff Levison. Kevin Czerwinski, Britt Torney. Steve Millman, Mark Leland, Dwight Bodine, Don Hart, Dave Bernick, Coach Renoun, Coach Dean; (3rd row) Coach Stegall, Coach Yokum, Allen Mills. Jeff Sapp, Craig Hunsaker, Don Hartin, Loren Ray, Tyler Maddux, Craig lams, Todd Reese; (4th row) Todd Eggers, Dave Andreen, Mark Holtrop, Eric Koontz. Paul Morris. Brian Holtrop, Mike Alkire, Chip Patterson, Tony Jarob, Jeff Gesicki, Greg Warren.m Czerwinski escapes tackle and charges down the field. Gesicki gets in a tight spot with opponent. Hart reaches for the football and shakes off clinging enemy. 135JV Football Below: Titans never stop pushing. At right: Preston Brenchley grabs a pass. Opposite page: Barry Whitting tackles opponent. The Junior Varsity Titans practiced team work and learned what Titan spirit is all about. Preston Brenchley Brad Cardin Greg Caster Mark Caster Mike Denton Jackson Dering Shawn DeWane Derek Duhame Eddie Grass Gary Hakes Bruce Herr Lee Jacobs Chris Jones Tim Keenan Kirby Kelley 42 «3 173 13644 A3 22 74 67 Deuk Won Kim Todd Leland Mike Millman Kent Pyper Jimmy Rogers 72 54 86 Mike Roller Mark Shelton Carl Solberg Jeff Stegwell Clark Stephens Bob Switzer Poto Tillack Warren Tormey Ken Weinrich Barry Whiting 137Frosh Football Above, from left to right, front row: Brian Peterson. Jim Cochran. Shon Bourgeois. Pete Johnston. Matt Ponczak, Garron Hale. Jon Brown. Middle row: Vince Volini. Jim Lyon. Randy Warner. Ronnie Sullivan. Ed Hohn. Jim Moore. Jeff Chloupek. Joey Johnson. Paul Ortiz. Back row: Shaun Parrish. Bart Farrell. Bob Biller. Craig Harris. Larry Tietjen. Charlie Ray. Kelly Burnett. Dan Durso. Breck Arnold. Greg Ausley. Coaches: (standing) Tony Martinez. Don Kinser. Bob Finkbine. Right: Randy Warner fools the opponents. 138Varsity Volleyball The Arcadia Volleyball Team had their most productive game of the season against their rival. Scottsdale High. Leading the team in their 15-4. 15-6 victory were Maureen Coyle and Lisa Harville. Shauna Sodikoff was named Most Valuable Player for the season, while Maureen Coyle was named Most Improved Player for the year. Shauna Sodikoff made first team All-City and teammate Sue DeWerd was honored with a second team All-City selection. Maureen Coyle and Lisa Harville received All-City honorable mention. At right, Sue DeWard dives for the ball. 140 Coach Haddock Diane Damm. Manager Shelley Roseman. Manager Trisha Kavanagh Nancy Bailey Shehlynn Boyd Shauna Sodikoff goes for a spike in a hardearned victory over Scottsdale.A fc Liz Bracken Erin Burke Maureen Coyle Laurie David Sue DeWerd Lisa Harville Kelly Knowlton Barb McHugh Claire Sechler Shauna Sodikoff Judy Willson Wendy Wood Above left, team members applaud as each is introduced during a pre-game ceremony; at left Barb McHugh bumps up the ball for an unseen teammate’s spike. Above. Shelley Roseman. Trisha Kavanaugh. and Dianne Damm keep score, time, and track of statistics, which are only a few of the jobs managers are responsible for. 141J.V. Volleyball Right: Robin Runyan re- turns a spike! Far right: Debra Herr leaps for a spike. Top row: (left to right) Chris Russell. Coach; Lisa Rundle. Janet Wheeler. Susan Burton. Cheryl Falkenstein. Kim Falkenstein. Robin Runyan. Middle row: Stacey Cowger. Joame Rountree. Shauna Hooker. Bottom row: Jodi Springborn. Debra Herr. Anne Reynolds. Susie Fisher. 142Frosh Volleyball Competing for the first time of their high school years, the freshman volleyball team showed a promising season and we hope to see them keeping Arcadia's volleyball number 1!! In the top row are: Natalie Amado. Lisa Cooley. Katherine Schmidt. Suzanne Oonovan. Sylvia Sander. Robyn Fong. Coach Adams. Bottom row: Manager Stacey Kennedy. Mary Lamont. Leslie Wine. Pamela Kallas. Kim Hull. Debra Merkel. Manager Lori Roseman. Above, the team talks strategy. Suzanne Donovan shows us a new dance step! 143144This year's Cross Country team members, as seen on the opposite page, are as follows: Left to right, first row. Chris Teteak, Robert Ellison. Chris Swanson. Suzanne Picket; Second row. Andrea Leibson, Sharon Bindleglas. Rochelle Bagatell, Sarah Ellison; third row. Mitch Reiss. Tom Hickernell, Scott Whyte and Mark Harris. Immediately left: Coach Fagin. Far left. Andrea Leibson enjoys a leisurely afternoon run. Below, Robert Ellison. Tom Hickernell and Scott Whyte exhaust their last reserves of energy. At bottom. Sarah Ellison. Rochelle Bagatell. Sharon Bindleglas and Andrea Leibson show their smiles as they cruise past the camera.Varsity Basketball The varsity basketball team did their best this year, missing the play-offs by just one game. Below, Bill Hoeft goes in for two points, and at right. Todd Haggard does the same, leaving three Chandler players to wonder where the ball went. In the team photo, below, front row: Gregg Warren, Kevin Hughes, Rick Murphy, Eric Koontz, Doug Bishop, Mike Arendt, Mark lams, and manager John McOsker. Standing are Assistant Coach Yee, Cole Mehlman, Bill Hoeft, Tyler Rice. Todd Haggard, Mike Seller, Don Sessions, Dave Sell, Jason Martin, and Coach Coyle. Only five players—lams. Rice. Sell. Seller, and Sessions- will be leaving the team via graduation, and though they’ll definitely be missed, the ’80-’81 team promises to be better than ever.Pictured in the upper left photograph is Bill Hoeft who partically stuffed it on a lay-up for two points. In the upper left corner is pictured Mike Sellers, who is completing a fast break play against a defending East player. To the left is Eric Koontz putting the finishing touch on an easy two points. Immediately above is Mark lams, who is attempting to get a rebound from a defending Scottsdale player.Pictured in the photograph at the top of the page is David Sell who struggles with a Coronado defender to make a basket. Pictured immediately above is Don Sessions who is completing a fast break play. To the right is Rick Murphy who puts the finishing i48 touch on a basket.Junior Varsity Basketball Pictured in the upper left hand photograph is Stacy Tsantilas who jumps up for an easy two points. Immediately to the left is Mark Faas who appears out of a crowd to complete a play. Pictured in the team shot below from left to right are. (front row) Mike John- son. Gary David, Todd Jason. Todd Kerr, and Mark Faas. (Middle row): Doug Kartub, Barry Whiting. Rowdy Montgomery, Brian Johnson. Stacy Tsantilas and Tim Arendt. (Back row): Coach Yee, Joseph La Pierre. Eric Rice. Dana Hansen. Allan Tigges. Scott Turner. Warren Tormey, and Dan Geddes.More J.V Pictured in the photograph in the upper left hand corner is Warren Tormey whose shot is attempted to be blocked by a Coronado defender. Todd Kerr backs him up. In the upper right hand corner Allen Tigges squeezes by a defender to get a basket. Mark Faas and Dan Rice await a chance at a rebound. Immediately above is Mark Faas who jumps up for a basket while Dan Rice and defenders await a rebound. To the right Dan Rice is putting forth a great effort to win the tip-off against a Chandler defender. In the upper right hand corner is Mark Faas who casually brings the ball down court. In the upper left hand corner Mark runs into a little defense, but drives on through. To the left Mark attempts to get a pass by a Coronado defender. Immediately above Allen Tigges goes up for two points. Brian Johnson backs him up and awaits a rebound. 151Frosh And JV Softball At right Holly Utzinger makes a catch at home ahead of opponent. Below Carolyn Walker pitches the J.V. team to victory. Shown at center are Freshmen softball team members: Standing are Bonnie Root, Jennifer Rodgers, Katy Schmidt. Silvia Sander, Stacey Kennedy, Debbie Merkle, Dianne Swan. Seated are Lisa Coley. Tina Rogers, Niki Mitchell and Susie Butler. The Junior Varsity team members include at the bottom of the page: Standing: Carolyn Walker, Debra Herr, Cindy Casey, Kim Stegwell. Kneeling are Anne Reynolds and Holly Utzinger. Seated are Jodi Springborn, Robyn Runyan, Stacey Cowger. Jane Crockett. 152Softball Varsity team finished below average in win-loss standings but finished above average in spirit. At left Susan Burton gives all her effort as she barely misses for a strike. Below Holly Utzinger appears to be confused about who to tag out at home. At the bottom of the page is the Varsity softball team members. Standing is Coach Haddock. Sue DeWerd, Susie Fisher. Shauna Sodikoff. Tami Hammel. Alyson Brendecke, and Diane Damn, the Titan Manager. Kneeling are Alicia Otis. Robin Rundal and Heather Brookheart. 153Wrestling Teams Show Promise The Arcadian wrestling team had a disappointing season this year but showed good prospects for next year. Even though the team did not win a match, there were personal victories. Immediately below in the bottom position is Mitch Reiss anticipating the whistle to start the action. To the right is an example of one of the personal victories: Mitch Reiss, who defeated the wrestler from Saguaro High School. Pictured on the bottom of the page is Craig Seitel who is in the process of pinning a Saguaro wrestler. 154To the left is pictured Craig Seitel who again defeats another wrestler from Saguaro. Immediately below is the Junior Varsity wrestling team. In the front row: Greg Caster. Vince Volini. Chris lams. Adam Robbins. In the back row: Coach Rainone. Jim Rogers. Paul Ortiz. Dana Andres. Coach Yocum. Shown in the bottom picture are members of the Varsity wrestling team. Those pictured in the front row are: Randy Pongratz. Todd Flesner. David Ausley. Mitch Reiss. Russ Kartub and Greg Ausley. In the back row are: Coach Rainone. Breck Arnold. Brad Denton. Ed Grass. Matt Lynch. Charles Sears, and Coach Yocum.It all began routinely enough ... a pep assembly featuring the annual pom and cheer "switch” routine. And then came Key Club with what threatens to become their annual routine. The crowd loved it. At least most did — some of the guys at far right seom only faintly amused. Directly above. Lisa Hamilton leads the pom and cheer lines onto the floor. At upper center. Pete Junker wows ’em. Just below Pete. Bernie Kida, Dra Wiersema. Andy Marshall. Mike Braden, and Eric Robbins line up. At right, paper shakers Mike. Eric, and Ralph Ortiz show the form that will not only keep them out of the dance line, but could even land them in jail, if they persist. On the opposito pago, top center. Ralph and Gary Tom wait patiently for the music to begin. At upper right, opposito page. Andy aids Bernie in a leap that falls considerably short of anything graceful. Below that picture, the line goes into their grand finale. And not a moment too soon . . . 156Andrea Leibsohn, Seoretary . . Emily Hertzberg.'Vice President Kristi Clark, Rep. • — w Claire Sechler, ftep.. - Mike Arendt, President - “v vv6Alyse Abbate Cheryl Akers Michael Alkire Steven Alley Eric Altenbernd David Andreen Christine Andrews Abby Apple Marilyn Archbold Michael Arendt Tracy Austin Monte Aye Kathleen Baker Terry Baldwin Randy Ball Matt Baranowski Ariel Barbeito Liliana Barbeito Keven Barnett Jett Bartlett Mark Basham Jeffrey Beltz Paul Benscoter Joseph Bergs Michael Berry Andrea Bierman Suzy Biers Leona Biller Sharlene Binde Julie Bird 161Doug Bishop Melissa Blackwelder Anne Bloemker Dwight Bodine Jodi Books Robert Bowe Sherilynn Boyd Elizabeth Bracken Ferdinando Brescia William Broderick Carolyn Bunger Erin Burke Libby Burke Patrick Bush Gary Buttinghausen Brian Butts Marianne Campbell Mark Campbell Scott Campbell Bradley Cardon Ethan Carter Mark Caster Brian Cates Scott Cederlof Janet Richard- son. Maria Houle. Kathy Stilson and an unknown work on the Junior class float which placed 2nd in the Homecoming float contest. i . 162 -7At left. Delta members decorate the end zone prior to the first football game. In the foreground Tracey Starkweather. Madonna Smith, and Sally Brown work, while Shelley Adrian and Steve Wilson decide what's to be done next. Eugene Chandler Pamela Chapman Micheal Chopas Cassie Cochran Melissa Cohen Brett Coletti Lisa Collier Linda Comer Robert Corbitt Jenny Costello Barry Cox George Cravens Judith Curtis Douglas Czerkies Tammy Dane Donna Dantona Laurie David Judith Davis Marc Della Roca Fred Dougherty Anthony Dow Suzanne Downing Cindy Dugan William Dunlap Mary Duyck Daryl Ed son Carla Eldredge Sarah Ellison Kimberly Embry Lisa Emmans 163Tracy Ericson Mark Fanta Edward Farrow Scott Faso John Featherman Keith Feller Eric Fenken Timothy Flesner Ed Fochtman Marvin Forsythe Yvonne Foster Kristina Franks Margo Friedland Nancy Strous Tina Fulton Tod Funkhouser Gregory Gesiki Robert Gilsdorf Mike Gittus Katherine Gregg Junior class members Maria Houle, Andrea Leibsohn, Cathy Reid, and Emily Hertzberg par- ticipate in an ICIC meeting along with Charles Jones, Gary Tom. Mike Braden, Julie Eads, and others. At far right, on the facing page Kathy Stiles shares a private moment with a friend. Above. Michelle Moffatt and Cathy Lundin concentrate on building the suc- cessful junior homecoming float. 164 Peter Gruender Todd Haggard Lisa Hamilton Cheri Hansen Daniel Hardoon Gordon Hardy Kathryn Harkman Kim Harrington Pamela Harris Lisa Harville Steve Hatcliff Scott Helle Julie Hetsten Jim Henrie Bruce Herr Mike Hicks Lisa Hill Lizabeth Hill Bill Hoeft Patty Hold ridge Debbie Holtrop Lloyd Hooker Maria Houle Kevin Howard 165Mary Howard Kevin Hubbard Kevin Hughes Kevin Hull Graig Hunsaker Lisa Hunter Erin Hurley Troy Indentied Jim Jacobs Randall John Margaret James Suzanne Jarab Mr. Shifino enthralls his American History class with another famous lecture. Oonita Johnson Sherri Johnson Christopher Johnson Alez Kalogianis Susan Karam Adrian Kashey Andrea Katsenes Laura Kavanagh Linda Kearns Jeff Keefe Tom Kemnitz Janice Kemp Deuk Won Kim Oeanna Kleindorfer Crystal Knight Kelly Knowlton Eric Koontz Kathy Koppes 166Tom Kuk Allison Lake Todd Lamont Scott Langley Kenneth Layock Robert Le Satz Patricia Lee Stephanie Lee Andrea Leibsohn Lori Lennan Tammy Leonard David Lewis Nona Love Dwayne Luther Matthew Lynch Janis Lyon Kimberly Machmer Mary Maday Kirsten Maddux Sharon Madonia Al Maglio Kurt Mallery John Marshall John Maston Karen Matheson Pam Maxwell Lisa McGuire Lisa McLeliand Gail McKinney John McOskerCote Mehlman Ramona Melikian Tammi Meloy David Merrill Shelly Meyer Kathy Michael Patricia Millet Allen Mills Meleni Mitchell Michelle Motfatt Lisha Mohney Heidi Mohr Dena Montgomery Greg Moss Rick Murphy Craig Myhra Stacy Nachtwey Cynthia Nelke Henry O'Riley Tony Oliver Marie Paris Chip Patterson Mark Peters Lisa Peterson Marcia Peterson Sharon Pihl Michael Polombo Brenda Rackley 168Kenneth Ragle Loren Ray Catherine Reid Curtis Reid Arlene Rheintelder Kathryn Rice Janet Richardson Kenneth Riecker Bridget Robinson John Roden Sharon Rossin Michael Root Patricia Rosio Cherie Rychtik Allan Sanchez Todd Sander Deanna Scarcello Chad Schloss Greg Schubach Kim Schueneman Thomas Schultz Mark Scott Claire Sechler Laura Shaffer Nancy Siegel Melanie Smid Diana Smith Ken Smith Kim Smith Madonna Smith Terri Smith Eileen Splain Diane St. Germain Patty Steele John Stewart Kris Stewart 169Kathy Stiles Kathleen Stilson John Strom Nancy Strouss Jeffrey Stuart Craig Suiter Julie Swenson Cindy Talbot Patty Taylor Christine Teteak Lisa Thomas Gina Thomason Lynn Thull Britt Torney Dennis Toy Greg Troutman Jennifer Turner Glen Tyler Beth Van Baskirk Cori Voorhees 170 Girls roll up pants in preparation for fif- ties day flood.Doug Wagner Paul Wagner Cary Walker Rodger Walker Greg Warren Michelle Warren John Webb Rosilyn Wheeler Jess Whitaker Rob Wiersema Jon Wiggins David Wilkinson Christine Williams Jana Williams Judi Wilson Jeff Wilms Linda Wine Brian Winski Anne Wintergalen Susan Woodroof Wendy Woods Coleen Wyckoff Kenneth Yee Jerry Young Joan Zonis Above. Emily Hertzberg lopes onto campus to meet her first class; at left, an unidentified junior prepares for the quiz. 171Sophomore Class Officers J| % Anne Lartker.'rVi Ve ident Rusty Bulkeley',K •• - • cv,t v? Circe Richmond. Representative My •£ i Helen Tasso harles Jones, Representative ... V arttiTwo Down, Two To Go John Abt Shannon Albrand Maria Andrews Timothy Arendt Darius Azin Thomas Babb Dan Bagatell Laura Baker Christie Baldwin Kathy Barnes Lisa Barr Daphne Baum James Bauman Maria Beaman Melissa Beck David Beckstead Darlene Belt Rebecca Berdahl To the far left is pictured Angela Teskey and to the immediate left is Joseph La Pierre who are shown taking the TAP (Test of Achievement and Proficiency). This is the first year it has been given and all sophomores must take this test. Beverly Beresford Timothy Biers Stacey Bigham Edward Bigus Laura Blackwelder Cheryl Blowers June Borst Tiffany Bosman John Botamer Mark Bourdon Tracy Bourdon William Bray 173Preston Brenchly Alyson Brendecke Heather Brookhart Shelley Brooks Mary Beth Brown Shelly Brown Jeffrey Bruner John Brungardt Russell Bulkeley Susan Burton Kelly Byers Julie Campbell Richard Campbell Elizabeth Carter Gregory Caster Chad Cederlof Susan Cessor Gregory Chamber Martha Chandler Lisa Chapko Sheri Charron Linda Chicoine Pamela Coen Scott Cook Thomas Cook Jennifer Corbin Stacey Cowger Jim Creech Jane Crockett Thomas Crouch Karen Cunningham Tami Dailey David Danes! Debbie Dantona Gary David Thea Davies To the right is a sophomore class meeting. Even though the enthusiasm doesn't show in the picture, the sophomore class sponsored many activities throughout the year. Pictured from left to right are: Reuben Rosen. Anne Lanker. Andy Seitel. Circe Richmond. 174To the left is a picture of Linda Augeneder. Karen Naegeli. and Joanie Rountree who are looking at last year's yearbook. Although Linda is interested in the book. Karen has an expression of wonder- ment. Terry Davis Kenneth De Brosse David De Champ Andrea De Falco Laura De Graw Robert De Luca Bradley Denton Jackson Dering Shawn Dewane Daniel Dodge Stuart Dollar Derek Duhame Patrick Duyck Mary Ebbert Timothy Egan Kimberly Elliot Elizabeth Emerson Donna Emmans Lisa Emmans Marysol Escobedo Mark Faas Cheryl Falkenstein Kim Falkenstein Cynthia Fallin Michael Fernandez Susan Fisher Jeffrey Fleetwood Gail Folwarski Andrea Franklin Suzanne French 175Brian Frost Hazel Gammill Daniel Geddes Tamara Geis Jeffrey Geslckl Jeffrey Geyer Dale Gilbert Cynthia Gilky Leslie Goldberg Greg Good Edward Grass Jennifer Gray Edward Gregory Regina Grieco Carol Gross Scott Grossner Christine Gruver Anne Guerin Susan Hadley Barbara Hair Gary Hakes Tami Hamel Andrew Hanes Dana Hansen William Harder III John Hardwick Many sophomores, both boys and girls, are athletic and participate In many sports. Pictured here is Robin Runyan practicing her serve during a junior-varsity volleyball practice. 176Bonnie Harmon Michael Harney Mark Harris Stacy Hartsfield Edgar Hash Lori Held Haakon Hellard Debra Herr Mary Anno Hoss Gayle Hidde James Hill Michael Honnon Shauna Hookor John Hooper Joseph Hooper Carolyn Hoover John Hubbard Lisa Huette Jerri Hugh Jennifer Hutchins Christopher lams Lee Jacobs Todd Jason Brian Johnson Martha Johnson Timothy Johnson Theodore Johnston Bevan Jones Charles Jones Christopher Jones Pictured here are all of the sophomores in the auditorium. They are taking the TAP (Test of Achievement and Proficiency). They suffered through the test which took two days, three hours each day. This is the first year this test has been given. 177Richard Juvet '.itsa Kalogianis Douglas Kartub Timothy Keenan Deborah Kehle Kirby Kelley Todd Kerr Lynda Kersting In Ha Kim Theodore Klainer Katie Knox Eve Kokalis Robert Korzuch Daniel Kyman Oenise Kyman Joseph Lapierre Ellen Laderman Jeffrey Langland Dawn Langston Anne Lanker To help promote spirit and pride in Arcadia, several pep-assemblies were held. Pictured immediately to the right is the junior-varsity cheerline, which is made up entirely of sophomores, watching a pep-assembly. Pictured on the next page is an English IIA class reading the first issue of the Arcadian. Pictured from left to right are: Eric Staten. Pete Tillack. Sarah Ogden. Deborah Kehle. Julie Tolleson, Barbara Hair. Mark McDon- nell. 178Debra Lawrence Todd Leland Heather Leyba Phillip Lindsey Gina Livermore Patricia Lofruscio Bndgett Longust Timothy Louis James Lowry Kay Lutich Scott Makara Robert Marshall Bradley May Beth McCurry Mark McDonnell Melissa McGarry Joanne Mehaftey Lori Meyer Cindy Miles Cindy Miles Randall Milford Michael Millman Wendy Minas John Minnigerode Elizabeth Mitrick Rowdy Montgomery Timothy Morris Stephanie Morrison Kerry Moss Karen Naegeli Robyn Nalder Marie Newkirk Mary Newman Kathleen O'Bier Ann O'Brien Kelly O'Grady 179Carol Olson Teresa Ottis Kimberly Owens Steven Owens Magdalena PaDadopoulos Richard Patterson Anne Pearson Steven Phelan Suzanne Pickett Christopher Pitha Julie Pittenger Marcia Polk Randell Pongratz David Poplawski Kirk Poulos Lisa Pratt Kent Pyper Marietta Quaranta Cornell Ray Pamela Reed Todd Reese Circe Richmond William Rimsza Roger Ripps This year the sophomore’s homecoming float took third place. It depicted the scene of Snoopy and the Red Baron. The float was built at a student's house and "float parties" were organized to construct the float. Usually there was more play than work at the float parties. To the right are pictured: Eric Rice and Rusty Bulkeley who don't appear to be getting much done. 180Adam Robbins Jim Rogers Michael Roller Reuben Rosen Kim Rosenfeld Lisa Rosenfeld Kevin Ross Tippi Row Angela Rowe Debra Rubin Lisa Rundle Robin Runyan Alicia Sablan Sabrina Safrin David Sanders Karen Sanders Mitchell Sarns Mary Scatterday Melody Schloss Joel Schneeman Andrew Seitel Donna Simms Annette Smith John Smith Patricia Smith Carl Sol berg Judy Solbes Charles Splain Jodi Springborn Mariana Staffieri Jeffrey Stegwell Clark Stephens Thomas Stolworthy Suzanne Strom Shawn Swayzee Robert Switzer Helen Tassoni Michelle Ternbach 181Sophomores Show Spirit! Angela Teskey James Tevis Elizabeth Thompson James Thompson Karl Thompson Gary Tibbets Allen Tigges Poter Tillack Karen Tittle Carmen Tokoph Karen Tokoph Brenda Tom Warren Tormey Amy Tostenrud Stacy Tsantilas Jim Tucker Scott Turner Holly Utzlnger Roxanne Van Alstine Bruce Vandenburgh Quinten Vander Werf Robert Vaules Tom Villalpando Dorothea Volini Carolyn Walker Mary Wallace Javette Wallis Lorriane Wallock Adam Walsh Peggy Walters 182The Varsity band is made up of many sophomores. The band practiced before the school year started and some Thursday evenings to improve their performance. They marched at many of the football games and in the Parada del Sol. On the facing page is a picture of the band in their famous "A” formation. Immediately to the left is Debbie Lawrence who is on the pom line. The pom line is very good, always marches with the band.and shows a routine at pep-assemblies. Wendy Ward Kenneth Weinrich John Weir Cynthia Westhafer Janet Wheeler Ronald Whitcomb Jason White Kathryn White Barry Whiting Scott Whyte Laura Wickham John Weiss Ronald Williams Patrick Wing Steve Winkelman Adam Wooten Melissa Yoshikami 183David Acosta Dean Aiello Corey Allen Natalie Amado Dana Andrews Eric Arbak Breck Arnold Micheal Ashcraft Thurano Aung Khin Gregory Ausley Rochelle Bagatell Cindy Baker Vicki Carter Robert Baker Mary Bashkingy Joseph Baumer Beth Bazzill Kenneth Bennett Margaret Beresford Kaye Berry Robert Biller Sharon Bindelglas Alice Blakely Kathleen Bloemker John Borchard Shon Bourgeois Gwen Bowen Bart Bowman Lori Boyd John Boydston Shown at left, hard at work (most anyway) in Miss Smocke’s English I class are Richard Brender. Rob Hamil. Ted Hall. Kathy Kelly. Brian Powers. Blain Richard. Allison Heck- man. Niki Mitchell. DeDe Richmond. Paul Ortiz. Kristine Smith. Drew Jaques. and Shauna Acklin. 185Peter Boydston Richard Braendor Carolyn Bray Kendall Brookhart Sandra Brooks Cindy Brown Jon Brown Leann Brown David Buckely Melissa Burke Kelly Burnett Gregory Burrell Susie Butler Mike Campbell Dan Carl Vicki Carter Cindy Casey Julie Chandler Jetf Chloupek Deborah Chumacher Shawn Clifton Lisa Coley Todd Colin Donna Collier Laura Corbin Mona Cortez Monica Crossman Joe Cuff Peter Danesi John Dausman Frosh P.E. activities vary from basketball to volleyball to watching . . . at least sometimes! Among those pictured are Mark Saldo. Ronnie Sullivan and Rob Raymond. On the facing page, freshmen in World History class study for an upcom- ing test. 186Christy Davis Elizabeth Davis Lisa Davis Pete Della Roca David Dodge Ron Donnally Suzanne Donovan Christopher Dow Sam Dunn Dan Durso Tony Duyck David Dwyer Paula Eaton Beverly Ehlenberger Troy Elliot Glenn Ellis Robert Ellison Mary Erickson Lynn Erickson Bart Farrell Timothy Floor Maria Flores Mike Flynn Anthony Fogel Christy Folkestad Robyn Fong Keith Foster Tim Geddes Kathy Gendvilas Roni Germaine Todd Gillenwater Cheryl Gillet Valerie Girand 187Sean Glancy Shane Gledhill Jeffrey Godwin Robert Green Micheal Grossner Jamie Guida Debbie Gunderson Garron Hale Ted Hall Robert Hamel Sandi Harmon Craig Harris Charles Harville Daniel Haygood Allison Heckman Carrie Hibbert Kirk Hill Jenni Hinchcliffe Cheryl Hoeft Ed Hohn Charles Holdridge Annette Honeycutt Nancy Hooper Morgan Hope Jenni Horne David Hough Joseph Hruska Julie Hubbard Dan Huber Kim Hull Krista Hull Anita Hunter Robert Hussey George Isbell Robert Jakoby Lisa Jenkins 188Drew Joque Janet Johns Brandy Johnson Holly Johnson Joey Johnson Linda Johnson Pilar Johnson Tim Johnson Poter Johnston Mike Jones Pamela Kallas Laurie Kaplan Mick Karandreas Joseph Kaspor Trisha Kavanagh Maureen Keenan Kathy Kelly Stacy Kennedy Marsha Ketchum Stacy Kim Lenore Kimball Kelly Klnard Patty Knott Danusia Krajewski Michael Kuk At left. Kathleen Bloemker is followed by a determined Charles Jones as they sample a popular '79-‘80 sport in the Scottsdale Civic Complex. Above: Kaye Berry and friends form a frosh cheering section at an early-season basketball game. 189Jeffrey LaRoy Mary Lamont Andrew Lausten Diane Leo Michelle Leonardo Melissa Levine Anne Lockwood Suzanne Lovelette Shauna Lowry Judy Mac Elroy Chris Maglio Neal Marchin David Marrs Susan Marshall Laurie McCreary Andre McCullough John McCulcheon James McKee Sherri Meloy Debra Merkle Linda Merrill Susan Merrill Tho picture at the top of the page it looks as though It might be ring-around-the-rosie. but as Mark Soldo. Dan Huber, and Bobby Moore will confirm, it's really a frosh P.E. class enjoying a unit of square dancing. Immediately above are some freshman in the library during English class attempting to find the correct encyclopedia. To the far right is a typical scene at lunchtime. Pictured are two freshman Vicki Carter and Julie Hubbard casually enjoying the lunch hour. 190Davida Mehiman Lance Meservey Toni Meyer Dori Milford Anne Mills Audrey Mills Niki Mitchell Barbara Mitrick Kristin Mohney Gretchen Mohr Lisa Moline Mary Montgomery Bobby Moore Bonnie Moore Jim Moore Michelle Morris Kevin Nance Dan Olivas Kristina Oliver Erin O Sullivan 191Freshman students learn to relate- to the card catalog. Pictured at right are Shon Bourgeois. Eric Arbak. Jon Brown and David Poplawski. Paul Ortiz Marcia Osowsky Kyle Overmier Dean Paris Amy Parke Gregory Parker Shaun Parrish Suzette Pesce Brian Peterson Scott Peterson Clark Pettit Melissa Philabaum Allan Pomrening Matthew Ponczak Ronald Potthoff Bryan Powers John Pritchard Lynette Putnam Elizabeth Rattery Paula Joan Rager Michelle Raschke Charles Ray Robert Raymond Andrea Reiss Matthew Reiss 192Andrea Reiss. Kel- ley Klnard. Peggy Wedge, and Kathy Kelly were among many who got with the swing ot things during spirit week. Blain Richard Dierdre Richmond Kristine Ricklick Richard Ricklick Kim Robertson James Rockstad Joan Roden Jennifer Rodgers Tina Rodgers Bonnie Root Lori Roseman Alan Ross Gerald Ross Noreen Roth Kenneth Rundle Sylvia Sander Sandra Schaeffer Paul Schlenker Christine Schmidt Katherine Schmidt Jeffrey Schneider Lisa Segal Cynthia Sheaks Edward Signore Cynthia Simonds Pamela Simons Alisa Smith Danny Smith Julie Smith Kristen Smith 193Susan Smith Theresa Smith Mark Soldo Cynthia Starbuck Richard Steiner Kris Stewart Bryant Stodola Sheri Storace Scot Stovall Ronald Sullivan Dionne Swan Christopher Swanson Freshman Stu- dents enjoy eating lunch outside on cam- pus: shown are Pilar Johnson. Stacy Kim. Lynn Ericson and Ed- ward Hohn. Lisa Swanson John Swenson Robin Switalla Beata Szyprowski Richard Thompson Lawrence Tietjen Susan Tillack Pamela Toy Daneeh Trezos Diana Tripp Aileen Villareal Joann Voglino 194Vincent Volini Joseph Vosskuhier Tod Wagenhals Mary Wagner Teresa Walker Julie Warner Randall Warner Kendra Warrick Laura Weare Peggy Wedge Connie Weinrich Steven Welker Mia Wersel Chris Westley Steve Wheeler Jim Wickham Robert Weiss Leslie Wme Barney Wintergalen Lori Wold Beth Woodall Tammy Wray Alan Wright Stephen Yurick Kathy Kelly and Julie Hub- bard apply the white stuff freely on a figure that became a part of the freshman class homecoming float. 195 ■ «1 ! Administration-Office Staff At right is Mr. Bruins, principal; below are assistant principals Dr. Pratt and Mr. Bichekas. On the bottom of the page are Arcadia's office staff; clock- wise: Mrs. Finley. Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Krause. Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Ekberg.GuidanceSocial Studies Dr. Baltz Mr. Finkbine Mr. Lukian Mr. Meyer Mr. Schifino Mr. Scotten Mr. Shore Dr. Wagner Above: Dr. Wagner explains the basic principles of economics: opposite page at top: English IIIA students read over an assignment just handed out; opposite page at bottom: Ann O'Brien and Brigitte Longust enjoy reading the school newspaper. 200English Mrs. Barlow Miss Buchanan Mr. Cowie Mrs. Hagen Mrs. Haugeiand Mr. Kimball Mr. Larabell Mr. Melton Mrs. Relth Mrs. Riddle Miss Smocke Mrs. Sommer 201 Mrs. WinstonBusiness Education -J Mr. Sanders Not pictured: Mrs. McLaughlin Mr. Anselmo Mr. Hickey Mrs. Howard Mrs. Johnson V ■ 202Allied Art, Foreign Language FINE ARTS Mr. Brooks Mr. Lynch Mrs. Burrell Mr. Tatum FOREIGN LANGUAGE Miss Bender Miss Foss Mr. Keywood Mr. Watson 203Mathematics Mr. Ferencz Mr. Hallman Mr. King Mr. Kinser Mr. Larson 204Science Mr. Brown Mr. Curtis Mr. Dean Miss Fangman Mr. MacPherson hi Mrs. Settlemoir Mr. Stegall 205Health, Drivers Ed. And P.E. Mr. McMahon Mr. Amerson 206Home Economics And Industrial Arts Mrs. Hoover Miss Goodwill "0 J Mr. Tamasauckas Mr. Wissinger 207WAL8 WORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MAMCKLINf. MIWOl'IU. VM. 

Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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