Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ)

 - Class of 1978

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Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 256 of the 1978 volume:

'tl' 1978 Olympia f Arcadia High School Phoenix, Arizona 5' Opening 1 I Activities 64 Faculty Seniors 14 Clubs 88 Index Honors 46 Sports 134 Closing . Y, ,N 9' 'Us- 'Q Ssqkl 0 i.f'r 1 . , mf, s'- '-- - l V. 'U 2:4 Q.: ' J 1 :Na , ,I Q .0 180 234 240 A DAY I THE LIFE i' , f,,. TS? if I 1111 ZQYTN. f vi ' K , f 0 611 1 'NW I 2 Lrg my ig AW 2 ,hi a. ' W, 1 'sf V, ,. I' ' g,,w' 4 ' M ' w :Was ' K af fy X , f., X 2. Share! 'Z' l 4 , l i 45 L U v 1 :A-fS .sk Sk' Tk- 'R 8. . Q sa is ts af X s - t t i if s X X fs -is sf sf 'Bl At Arcadia, the student's life is often a hurried one-especially in the early morning hours. Having a first period class means getting up by at least 6:30 to heat up the curlers, pour the cereal, and for the politically minded, a quick glance at the funnies. The physically ambitious might even get in some jogging time or hurry off to school in time to hang a few spirit banners. Some, however, are content to arrive early enough to enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate from the snack bar. if .,,, limit , M. 5 fm, VW ,K 4 , W u K I , Q , ,WV . N 'V . . . , A ' .. . . -.V Q1 'ruff ' ' 'Mc ' -Q. ffm ,-vu T57 -Q-.... f llewYnrk Q A gill waz? 35 DELICATESS A Daren TQ452' Kosusn J' PRSSZETS i AL E MEE?ON 1 5 Mu' 1 X 3 if i S I MLM H . ' 4 1 , A I x, fw A . 5:41 3 Q ' 2 1' , , , Q ., ., .-' lv 1 . Txi 'ns must' Sometimes, getting to school re- quires a detour to pick up bagles or whatever is to be sold that day to raise money for class or club treas- ury. Usually, though, it's just a get- out-the-door rush, with barely enough time to grab a slice of toast and a handful of textbooks. And then it's off to school. Some walk, but most de- pend on wheels of some sort - autos, pick-ups, four- wheelers, bicycles, eve skateboards provide the transportation needed to fill up the parking lot, bicycle racks, and the campus, and all in minutes, it seems. And another day at school is ready to begin. Q my ai. fi 6' AY li .Az H A The school day officially begins with the arrival of teachers, the in- evitable stray pooch appearing at an open classroom door, and the rote recitation of the pledge. Ah, yes, the pledge. Some observe the ritual orally, some stand in silence, and a few use the moment for a last, quick review of notes before the quiz. T X,-Q' For nearly everyone, there's time for a hello and a bit of gossip outside class- rooms before the bell. How- ever, just as inevitable as the stray pooch is the lone stu- dent whose timing is off by just about fifteen seconds or so. But then, after roll is taken, it's time for work- and work it is, because what with all that neat TV last night, who had time for Econ., English, Trig., and ... nw' f, if 5' :af Fi ' ' ? 4 V hx, 1. sg kllg' f -"F fs.,- up K 5 - fr . WF 'va 4. . 1 TEE! Q Beginning with joel thave a - dayll in the morning, the student's academic day might be full of surprises. Among the terrors of the day are the discovery that you've got your books but left at home the paper you wrote, or the quiz you really didn't expect, the speech you have to give, and the people you run over while oper- ating the driving simulator. You just might, though, have an opportunity to find a ter- rific book in Paperback Power, and if you're really lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the daily whist game during lunch hour in the faculty room. . g 41 Wiki Af v ix xiii? il i :':' V'f aim I K ,TW ,.,, mm-V' ,. - , , V ,. f. For some, lunch hour is the best part of the day, even if lunch "hour" is only thirty-plus minutes this year. For some, it's time to ease those hunger pangs, for others it's a time to chat, and for some it's time to just goof off. But real appreciation time comes around 2:15- when teachers often sigh and reflect how the day went while students fumble with bicycle locks or rush to join the traffic line at Indian School Road and freedom. A time for appreci- ation. Unless it's you who waits-and waits- and waits for the ride home long after the park- ing lot has emptied. 4 5 2 jf, get tlsr l ,, as ,-ft ww, c, 'A ,M AVVAVI f ,k,,k ,,.,,.,1 ,WW-5 3 4,7 , Mm ,M ,, f f , ,,,, nl' ,, A 1,-'qu l ' ' - ,i,, , DM I Vs,,, irsi l lui? , no J, , it ,, Ml , , 'QQ figrffz 4? 5 vb Q Q, .Q-2--1 life Y, 8, -,Q -gc. Jfwsaw , xfrm, "Jig-'K A 'XY cw U !4ExRiA?MflH -an 1 1 ' K 1 ' S1 5 ji -,ff , ig D ,-Q Ragga wi. V: ' - , wx" . ' ,, .N,:'w . ,, -1 A' mi, . 'Q I K . 'Wm , MCY 1 Q Q .... .. ...:.... . ., 1 51 "fs Fifa, E Evenings, especially weekend evenings, are a time for relaxing in such typical activities as parties imasquerade and othersl, goofy golfing, yard and house decorating iwith bathroom tissue, naturallyl, or perhaps simply gathering at traditional places like lack-ln-The-Box or Wonderview Road on Camelback Mountain. Not a typical ending to your typical day, you say? Well, probably not - after all, who is "typical" anyway? But look again at our opening section: even if you don't find your picture, you'll find others doing the things you've done, things common to nearly all Arcadians. M1'552gm3f?43 a"??5f?5E"lf3Q??"m9 . sswgxgwsgigwamgg, ' 1' 5 H is W :G fi? W? W' " :ww fr-fx .. w Mm-f wE5gfE bn Wi'-Mfvsi'-fwmihigk 55321553 if qxsgqvv wgww Wave. ., W:,m,W f 55,4 ,wx NM-gi. M5-,bwfew an VV .: . , 'iiw 4 ilwwflfuw Hamm Qi. wi, A U .. XJ3-"?3ff:'ifQi ssslwffwww?:5w:ww:,.,wgffiiaff-Lsmriwfikwiv mfliffswprf X, ,y,Wffgx,M,ywwf.wgfg, s12fi'MfM'.92w"Ww'e3K,QH-fMH5g,,wH fm 'N W' 1,5 wwzfitww 4 :QQ Q-fwlzmw mm QAwfu?M5.?w-h:,w.fw2,w'W3f,n2:vzs wav wrlbwgammszk www m.EQ?wgvWg?,g, ef5,.q.2fg5gM24f,W LQW::gg,,w,gHg5,m. gww My g.,1,g,Lgw.,5,,,5gq w,g5wf:,.1, J2g,wW8,gWf , J+ww.MNf-'fM"1w'mWwawfgfw 2 Qygifgsfgwawswfi with'gzsfffwfffvi'-H-,::.:-M3f'g.:2fv2:fwC'z:,1,:WQs!! 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THE MEMORIES REMAI Mary Beth Aiello Bruce Alexander Douglas Armstrong Karin Augeneder Nancy Bagatell Steve Bakunowski Christy Baldwin Terry Ball N , X V Paul Baranowski Steve Battafarano Norman Bashkingy john Beck Lisa Shover on the move for senior class fi WE MAY NEVER PASS THIS WAY AGAI Carol Becker loanne Beltz Roxana Berrocal Sandra Berry john Beuerlein Ethan Bindelglas jim Blackwell Michael Bley , ,,cccc Qffi- 9 Mary BObbe V' :gf A Elizabeth Booker Bret Borg Misty Born Patty Botamer Dennis Bourland All in a day's work lhfrgdi fofy EC V D' 7 "Cs P-...5 ny. 49' I X, Reid Bracken William Bravence Shelley Brechbill Charlotte Brewer Susan Bridges Michele Brown Barbara Butler Lynn Carden Sarah Casey Sandy Bui Melissa Cahill Gloria Carsten Trudy Cananaugh Linda Bulkeley Lisa Campbell Hoyt Carter Diana Cave janet Burbeck David Burnett SENIGRS O ROAD T0 SUCCESS lane Cazel Louisa Chadwick Debbie Chalpin Sid Chestnut Andrew Cohen Susan Cole Scott Collier Tracie Collier Gina Consalvo Stephen Cook Cissy Cooley Elaine Corbin john Covington Elizabeth Coze Linda Cramer Robert Cravens Lisa Cregut Tobi Crouch Barbara Crowder Susan Czerwinski 45 Daniel Damato David Damm Leslie David . l 5' David Davies Dennis Davies Donna Davis ' David DeBrosse William Douglas , if.. n It A 5' W V yy . W' ' i 1 flv, like TJ 5 1, E WONDE EW gf:-:gn s 34 i 'N l Y fggw vw? 19, j 1' v SENICRS MIC-RATE TO MCJUNTAI I 'ay J Q, f- 40, ,Q Fred Downs Becky Driggs Donna Duhame Rebecca Dunmire Wendy Dutton Thomas Edwards Tracey Eller Scott Esposito Teresa Esquivel David Faas Mark Fairchild Frank Falk 'Y' Q-'Y 1 S ,kk if far-'! SENIORS STA D UNITED .n""'i YW..-....,,s I--5, ,ibiza HM' 2 3 XM Wrap it up and charge it X E af M VUL. if! ' , ' A Q1 1' ' 2 F, Q,, 'ww' . 5 v-in , ,ir I K I , .wi . -mr 4 Michael Fanta Phillip Fernandez lulie Fischer Holly Fitch Paul Folk Brad Folkestad Don Foster Pam Foster Andy Frank Thomas Frazer Daniel Frazier Donald Freed Mike Frieswyk Shari Frola Troy Gillenwater f ? f lax . f Michael Gartrell ' I Bradford Gray , ni? Cheryl Green Tami Green Lisa Groom Robert Gustafson ludy Hall To some, the thought of ballet brings to mind the problems of leg cramps, bleeding toes, blisters, and loss of toenails. While Senior Kathy Ortiz has encountered each of these problems in her seven years of training, she says "It is impossible for me to imagine anyone having to be forced into dance lessons because my greatest joy in life is when I'm totally concentrating on a specific ballet or toe movement." She adds that this concentration has not only helped her in ballet, but also in the modern and tap dancing classes she has been attending the past year. Of her seven years of work, Kathy states that "lf I were offered a professional dancing career, I would certainly accept itg but if not, I will be content with the knowledge that I have had a hobby that has given me great joy and specific goals to work toward." Tamela Hansen Kim Harris Lori Hart I Vicki Hall Connie Hamilton Cynthia Hansen - I D its 165 -Q' 5 l Reactions to a College Comp assignment. - fr, '-N ,.,, K, Daniel Hartley Debbie Hash A Mike Hattasch Annette Heimbach lodi Helle Cheryl Henson Martha Hertzberg Mark Hester Diane Hickman Melinda Holliday lon Holmes Douglas Hoover i Scarlett Hope ' x ...t Doug Horne Susan Horne Court Houseworth Sherri Isbell Douglas Jacobson arm' Gary jahn Robert lames X jill lamison R Douglas Johnsen Lynne johnson Lisa lones joseph junker Debra Kahn DOUBLE TROUBLE Norma and Bud Keller, David and Dennis Davies, Tracie and Scott Collier "WE'RE STILL THE 0 E" EA, , - 'S NN I QE K Mi . " t y .L 1 1 L L w. jew L . , ,k-7 L YH' james Kallas Beth Kartub Norma Keller Sandra Kelley Lorraine Kester Deborah Kim Diane Kirst Mary Klainer Sheryl Kleindorfer Kimberly Knauer jonathan Koger Wende Krell julie Kroepel Carol Krumwiede Lisa Kuk Barabara Lagman Frank Lambert Tom Langland Robert LaPlante Amy Larson SPIRIT RISES AT OUR LAST HOMECOMING Diane Lasky Sandi Lass Kerry Lay David Leach Alicia Lee Stephen LeSatz Catherine Licosati Leslie Linser Marlene Lipphardt Gordon Lopez Perri Lowe jeff Ludwig Michael Maddux ludy Madonia Marianne Madsen Bari Margolf David Martin jeff Martin Daniel Massey Mark Matchette Fit' , k 5 mf. F' Q 1 if is i b-... ' ix! A Kathi Matheson Derek McCarron Tammy McCord Valerie McCulloch David McCarey Linda May Loren McCarty Phil McCreary Ann MCEWSD Phillip McKinney R Q 'W 'ii W .S-B f f ef' fi J' ...Y-"J 5m afww, as r Brett McNeal Donald Mejdrich Michelle Millett lyl Minas Mary Linda McNeill Ken Merritt john Mills Michele Mitchell Adam Mohney Brenda Moody john Morrison RN Anne Moseley Paul Mosley Melinda Munsill Michael Murphy Candy Nagle nf- f,,,3, 3' .-,-4' .V-,E . nv- O .1 . Heather Nelson Andy Nolden William Noll Mary Ann Olliver 7' ll'le lll L e i q lee K K K el 1 . ll Cathy O'NeiII Robert Orr Katherine Ortiz Karen Osborne E Yelena Oughton Stephen Owens V . , Dave Overmyer james Parmer Pat Oviedo Ashley Pearce Hopeful look of homecoming candidate William Pelton Lisa Pemberton Rick Pennington Deanna Perez Rich Peterson Dena Petrucciani Nathan Pettit john Pickering Tim Porch Paige Poulson Carolyn Pratt Shaun Price 'WZLQTT' , V ,eff if Judy Provost Gary Pulsipher Margery Puntenney Mark Pyper john Rabey William Raftery Kim Ramsey Robert Raschke laneen Reed Melodee Ann Renz Beth Rhode Kevin Riedy Leighton Roberts Marla Robertson rr.. f Cindi Rogers john Romney Paul Roschival Susan Rose K. i Sharon Rosenquist Taylor Ross Becky Row jackie Ryno '- X! jon Sands Julie Saunders Kim Saunders joan Savoy 'Civ Lauren Scarbro Frank Scarcello Bearded men about campus ,:S:iff225952:gifi5ffi7f5ii!l?lf" "L-:Qi V -4 -- ' 1 P 1 J 'CY -. -if v K 4. 1-H . umm ! 41 my W Q ,af ,f ,gl t 4, ff, Qs., Q wig , '71 ' 1 4 'O N l fu , i V34 S, f Another talented senior - After six years of study, private lessons, and long hours of practice, Frieda lacobowitz finds herself in the enviable position of 'lst chair flautist in the Phoenix Youth Symphony, as well as 'lst chair in the state and regional orchestras. Last summer, Frieda was invited and spent six weeks attending the prestigious Eastern Music Festival held in Greensboro, North Carolina. 14"-i mai? W I i X Jff john Scatterday Erica Schlather Peter Schwab julie Schwartz Ann Scott 419 XWN que? julie Seeger john Shea Juliet Shotwell Carey Smith Dan Seibert Karen Sheaffer Lisa Shover Donald Smith jackie Senuta Cheryl Shike Paul Shumway Guy Smith Patricia Shafer Sheri Shapiro mffjarauwl-'P -----fg gg-,gg IWW! ' . 'WV' 'Q'gh,-m,.--uusllifim 5 l l S K' x , tt 75757571737-4-357-li-'lili 'Inu' l 5 I Ill M?- Mark Smith Wendi Smith Sarah Snell Robin Smith Lee Snekvik Nicholas Soldo ,ff . . Guy Stark Kevin Steele Kristie Steele Colete St.Germain Valerie Storace Melinda Stricker Timothy Sutton jon Tankersley M ' T ' aria assoni Malcolm Thomas 4..- MEMORIES ARE ALL E HAVE W f" ,7 fm. 4 4:1 .,,,, . -L ' '--fa 'rf ' Wi . nl' af Q 1 ,. ,nf of: " ., 4' fn., .M 1' , nu. ' "' " lv: 'V Richard Thomas Sheila Tickler Nancy Tobin james Tsantilas Edward Turner Kimberly Utter Mike Vago Debra VanAlstine William Vanasse Scott Vanderburgh Guy VanderWerf Kelly Vargo Teri Volini Dawn Wallace SENIORS SAY FAREWELL Q.-vi f' F L .f ' IA JT "!':'.9"' Robert Wallace Charles Wallen Virginia Ward john Whinery Guy White Valerie Whyte Melissa Wilmoth Bonnie Wilson Tony Wilson Debbie Winkelman Steven Winter Larry Woolford Anita Wooten Dale Wright Mary Wright Susanne Wright Sue Wyckoff Kristi Yost Todd Yudell Bryan Ziegler SENIOR SUMMARIES A LAURELLE ADRIAN: ICIC Delta Representative, Honor Roll, Beta Gamma, Secretary and President. MARY BETH AIELLO: Kappa Phi Beta, Honor Roll. BRUCE ALEXANDER: Varsity Soccer. ION ANDERSON: l.V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball. DOUG ARMSTRONG: Honor Roll, Calculus Club Secre- tary. KARIN AUGENEDER: Honor Roll, Varsity Cheer, I.V. and Varsity Band, Lettermen's Club, Varsity Girl's Track. B NANCY BAGATELL: Principal's List, All-State Orchestra, Music Scholarships, National Honor Society, Vice Presi- dent, Arcadia Student Political Union. CHRISTY BALDWIN: Sigma Beta Chi, Kappa Phi Beta, X- Club, j.V. and Varsity Badminton, Varsity Mixed Chorus, Musical Productions Crew, Bat Girl. TERRY BALL: Honor Roll, Zeta Chi Omega, Toastmasters, junior Achievement, C.O.E. PAUL BARANOWSKI: Freshman Class President, ICIC, Honor Roll, Principal's List, National Honor Society, Key Club Social Director, Chemistry Club Vice President, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes, President, Ski Club, Sigma Basketball Coach, Freshman Football, Freshman, j.V. and Varsity Baseball, Freshman, j.V. and Varsity Basketball. ANDREW BASHAM: I.V. and Varsity Track, Varsity Cross Country. NORMAN BASHKINGY: Chorale, Play Productions. STEVE BATTAFARANO2 I.V. Basketball. IAY BECK: j.V. Football, Freshman Basketball. CAROL BECKER: Honor Roll, Zeta Chi Omega Titan Toasters, French Gourmet Club, Spanish Gourmet Club, Arcadian Staff, Phoenix junior Symphony Guild, D.E. IOANNE BELTZ: Honor Roll, Sigma Beta Chi, Beta Gam- ma, Historian, H.E.R.O., Young Life. IACK BENNETT: l.V. Football, Freshman Football. SANDY BERRY: Principal's List, Honor Roll, Anytown, Play Productions, Outstanding Accounting Student, Busi- ness Student of the Week, National Honor Society. ETHAN BINDELGLAS: Principal's List, Honor Roll, ICIC, Calculus Club, President, Key Club, Ski Club, Freshman and Varsity Football. I. BLACKWELL: Honor Roll, Varsity Band, I.V, Football, Track, Baseball, Freshman Wrestling. BERT BLOCH: Hiking High. MARY BOBBE: Cotillion, Beta Gamma ELIZABETH BOOKER: Phoenix Cotillion, Delta Omega. BRET BORG: Honor Roll, Lettermen's Club, Chorale, Var- sity Golf. MISTY BORN: Spikettes Treasurer and Chaplain. PATTY BOTAMER: Transfer, Aurora High School. DENNIS BOURLAND: H.E.R.O. AMANDA BOYLE: Principal's List, Honor Roll, Speech Club, Bicentennial Production, Hiking High. REID BRACKEN: Chemistry Club, Three-Year Letterman in Varsity Football, j.V. Baseball, Varsity Track. PAT BRADEN: Hiking High, Skateboard Club, Football, I.V. Wrestling. ANDY BRAVENCE: Honor Roll, Hiking High, Officer, I.V. Football, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Swim Team, Varsity Track. CHARLOTTE BREWER: Honor Roll. SUSAN BRIDGES: Concert Choir, l.V. Archery, Varsity Track MICHELE BROWN: Delta Omega, Epsilon Chi, Historian, Young Life, Chorale. SANDY BUI: Principal's List, National Honor Society, Transfer from Maryland. LINDA BULKELEY: Girl's State, Honor Roll, Principal's List, Arcadia Student Political Union, Secretary, Thespians, Model U.N., Model Legislature. IANET BURBECK: Principal's List, National Honor Society, Sigma Beta Chi, Treasurer, H.E.R.O. DAVE BURNETT: Hiking High, Ski Club. 39 C LISA CAMPBELL: Honor Roll, Principal's List, National Honor Society, National Merit Commendation, Zeta Chi Omega, Diamond Dolls, Yearbook Staff, Spanish Club, 1976 Transfer from Indiana. MIKE CAMPBELL: The International Thespians, President, Chorale, Play Productions. HOYT W. CARTER: Thespian Officer. SARAH CASEY: St. Luke's Flower Girl, Sigma Beta Chi, Historian, j.V. Girl's Diving, Swim Team, Principal's List, Honor Roll. DIANA CAVE: C.O.E. jANE CAZEL: Zeta Chi Omega, Play Productions. LOUISA CHADWICK: H.E.R.O., Historian, junior Achievement, French Gourmet Club, Youth Patrol. PHILIP CHESLEY: Honor Roll. TERRY COEN: C.O.E. SUSAN COLE: Principal's List, Honor Roll, Outstanding Math Student, Epsilon Chi, Treasurer, Mat Maids. SCOTT COLLIER: junior Class Treasurer, Student Body President, Boy's State, Principal's List, Honor Roll, N.A.U. Citation of Achievement, Key Club, Vice President, Na- tional Honor Society, Freshman, j.V. and Varsity Tennis. TRACIE COLLIER: Honor Roll, St. Luke's Flower Girl, Sig- ma Beta Chi, Epsilon Chi, Secretary, Young Life. CINDY COLLINS: Honor Roll, Sigma Beta Chi. GINA CONSALVO: Honor Roll, Young Life. STEVE COOK: Honor Roll, Principal's List, National Merit Commendation, Varsity Diving, j.V. and Varsity Tennis. jOHN COVINGTON: Honor Roll, President of junior Achievement Company. LISA COZE: Honor Roll, Toastmasters, Zeta Chi Omega, C.O.E., Historian. LINDA CRAMER: Office Machines Certificate, H.E.R.O., Transfer Student. BOB CRAVENS: Honor Roll, Principal's List, Ski Club, Freshman Baseball. TOBI CROUCH: Senior Class Treasurer, Honor Roll, Chorale, Concert Choir, Play Productions, Beta Gamma, Sigma Treasurer. 40 SUSAN CZERWINSKI: Honor Roll, Lambda Kappa Phi, Vice-President, C.O.E., President. D DAN DAMATO: j.V. and Varsity Baseball. LESLIE DAVID: Exchange Student, Yearbook Co-Editor, Principal's List, Honor Roll, Phoenix Cotillion, Scottsdale Cotillion, Zeta President and Sergeant of Arms, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Frosh and jV Tennis, Mat Maids, Historian, Epsilon Chi. DAVID DAVIS: Sigma Guy, Honor Roll, Principal's List, Lettermen's Club, jV and Varsity Tennis, Frosh Baseball, jV Wrestling. DENNIS DAVIES: Freshman Tennis. DONNA DAVIS: Honor Roll, Principal's List, Epsilon, Let- termen's Club, Thespians, jV Chorale, Concert Choir. DAVE DEBROSSE: Minibrutes, Varsity Gymnastics. BILL DOUGLAS: Varsity Tennis. BECKY DRIGGS: Honor Roll, Principal's List, Outstanding Spanish IV Student, Outstanding History Student, Nation- al Merit Commendation. DONNA DUHAME: Pom Captain, Delta, Sergeant at Arms, Beta, Letterman's Club, Honor Roll, Musical Pro- ductions, ICIC, Phoenix Cotillion, Chemistry Club, Play Crews, Finalist in Arizona Teen Pagaent. BECKY DUNMIRE: Delta Omega, Treasurer, Beta Gamma, C.O.E., Secretary, X-Club. WENDY DUTTON: Principalfs List, Honor Roll, Spanish Club, Ski Club, National Honor Society. E jAMES K. EATON: Semifinalist for National Merit Schol- arship. F DAVID FAAS: Honor Roll, Frosh and j.V. Basketball. DEBRA FABRY: H.E.R.O., Treasurer. MARK FAIRCHILD: Play Productions, Thespian Society, Treasurer. MIKE FANTA: Varsity Football, Transfer from Brophy Pre- paratory High School. PHIL FERNANDEZ: Principal's List, Boy's State, National Honor Society, Brown University Book Award, Model Legislature, Arcadia Student Political Union, Vice Presi- dent, Spanish Club, Arcadia Cycling Club, President, Freshman Tennis, l.V. Cross Country. TRACY FINKBINE: Speech Awards, Play Productions, ,I.V. Swimming, Varsity Girl's Basketball, Transfer from La jolla High School. IULIE FISCHERZ H.E.R.O. HOLLY FITCH: H.E.R.O., Parliamentarian, Lambda Kappa Phi. PAUL FOLK: Honor Roll, Camera Club. DON FOSTER: Honor Award For Metals, Freshman Bas- ketball. PAM FOSTER: Honor Roll, Lambda Kappa Phi, Dance Club President, C.O.E., Vice President. DAN FRAZIER: Honor Roll, D.E., Football Minibrutes, j.V. Wrestling. DON FREED: Soccer, Ski Club, Tennis Team. MIKE FRIESWYK: Varsity Golf, Freshman Football, Fresh- man Basketball. SHARI FROLA: Vo-Tech Cosmotology. G DAVID GARRISON, National Honor Society, Hiking High, Honor Roll. TROY GILLENWATER: Outstanding Achievement In Commercial Art I. LISA GROOM: Honor Roll, Principal's List, Zeta Chi Omega, Vice President, Mat Maids. H VICKI HALL: Zeta Chi Omega, Historian, ICIC Represen- tative, Honor Roll. IOHN HAMILTON: Honor Roll, Calculus Club, Yearbook Staff, Freshman Tennis, j.V. Wrestling, Varsity Gymnastics, Varsity Swimming. TAMMY HANSEN: Thespians, Play Productions. KIM HARRIS: Zeta Chi Omega, junior Symphony Guild, Newspaper Staff, Honor Roll, D.E. LORI HART: Delta Omega, Lettermen's Club, F.A.C., I.V. and Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Softball, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Basketball, l.V. and Varsity Band, All Tournament Basketball, Scottsdale Progress All City. DAN HARTLEY: Varsity Band, jazz Ensemble, Band Letter- men's Club, Hiking High, Treasurer, Chess Club, National Honor Society, National Merit Commendation, Resaleer Medal For Math and Science, Principal's List. DEBBIE HASH: Zeta Chi Omega, D.E., Secretary. DEBORAH HAYDEN: H.E.R.O., Honor Roll, Youth Town Hall. ANNETTE HEIMBACH: Mat Maids, Lambda Kappa Phi, Sergeant of Arms, Play Productions, j.V. and Varsity Swimming, Track, Band. IODI GAYE HELLE: Zeta Chi Omega, Chaplain, Thespians, Secretary, Concert Choir, Play Productions, Honor Roll. CHERYL HENSON: Honor Roll. TOM HINKLE: Varsity Football. ION HOLMES: Freshman, j.V. and Varsity Football, l.V. and Varsity Wrestling, Freshman Baseball, Track. DOUG HOOVER: junior Class Secretary, Senior Class Secretary, TWIRP Candidate, Honor Roll, Key Club, President, Omega Man, Federation of Christian Athletes, Freshman and j.V. Basketball. DOUG HORNE: Freshman, I.V. and Varsity Basketball. SUSAN HORNE: Sophomore Class Representative, Stu- dent Council Secretary, Senior Class Vice President, Any- town, Honor Roll, Principal's List, Yearbook Staff, UofA Outstanding junior, Epsilon Chi, Sigma Beta Chi, National Honor Society, Hiking High, Mat Maids, Ski Club, Fresh- man and j.V. Tennis. COURT HOUSEWORTH: Principal's List, Honor Roll, An- ytown, Civitan, Key Club, President, Lettermen's Club, Sergeant of Arms, ICIC, National Honor Society, Feder- ation of Christian Athletes, Varsity Swimming. SHERRI ISBELL: Honor Roll, Sigma Beta Chi, Secretary, Kappa Phi Beta, Sergeant of Arms, Freshman Tennis, Na- tional Honor Society, Cotillion, Pom, Co-Captain, Play Productions. I DOUG IACOBSON: Thespians, ICIC Representative, Freshman Football, Play Productions. 41 BOB JAMES: Freshman and J.V. Football, Key Club, Beta King, TWIRP King, Chorale, Titan Mascot. JILL JAMISON: Anytown, Honor Roll, Principal's List, Sig- ma Beta Chi, Lettermen's Club, Treasurer, J.V. and Varsity Cheer, Varsity Gymnastics, J.V. and Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball. DOUGLAS JOHNSEN: H.E.R.O., President. JON JOHNSON: Cross Country, Track, Mu Alph Theta, Honor Roll. LYNNE JOHNSON: Honor Roll, Delta Omega, Beta Gam- ma, Lettermen's Club, Historian, Gymnastics, Pom Pon Line. LISA JONES: Honor Roll, Play Productions, Concert Choir, Arcadia Student Political Union. JOE JUNKER: National Honor Society, Varsity Band, Band Lettermen's President, Pit Orchestra. K JAMES KALLAS: Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling, Varsi- ty Track. BETH KARTUB: Honor Roll, Principal's List, Epsilon Chi, Vice President, Zeta Chi Omega, Scottsdale Honors Cotil- lion, National Honor Society, Secretary, Titan Toastmas- ters, Varsity Band, Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Award, Play Productions, Young Life, Yearbook Staff. BUD KELLER: Vo-Tech, Freshman Football, J.V. Wrestlingf NORMA KELLER: Varsity Softball, Epsilon Chi, Sergeant of Arms, Vo-Tech. LORRAINE KESTER: Epsilon Chi, Lettermen's Club, H.E.R.O., Vice President, Freshman and J.V. Tennis, J.V. and Varsity Badminton. DIANE KIRST: Honor Roll, French Club, Secretary, Princi- pal's List, Transfer from Marcos de Niza. SHERYL KLEINDORFER: Thespians. JOEL KORENS: Key Club, Secretary, Anytown, Senior Class Representative, Arcadian Sports Editor and Editor in Chief, Freshman Basketball, Varsity Track, Junior Achievement, Honor Roll. CAROL KRUMWIEDE: Honor Roll, Principal's List, Na- tional Honor Society, Treasurer, Epsilon Chi, President, Thespians, Ski Club, J.V. Badminton, Manager, J.V. and Varsity Band, H.E.R.O. LISA KUK: H.E.R.O., Dance Club, Varsity Swimming. 42 L BARBARA LAGMAN: H.E.R.O., Varsity Archery. TOM LANGLAND: Chess Club, President, Wargames Club, President, Interscholastic Chess: Varsity 'Ist Board. AMY LARSON: Delta Omega, Beta Gamma, J.V. and Var- sity Volleyball. DIANE LASKY: Principal's List, Honor Roll, Delta Omega, Lettermen's Club, Historian, National Honor Society, Ep- silon Chi, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Gymnastics Team. SANDI LASS: Honor Roll, Mat Maids, Secretary, Varsity Band. ALICIA LEE: Principal's List, TWIRP Candidate, University of Arizona Outstanding Junior, Recipient of Social Stud- ies Awards Pin, Delta Omega, Beta Gamma, Treasurer, Lettermen's Club, Historian, National Honor Society, Freshman, J.V. and Varsity Cheer, Varsity Cheer Captain, Freshman and Varsity Tennis, J.V. Volleyball. KATHY LEE: Honor Roll, Principal's List, Cotillion, Tennis. STEVE LESATZ: Honor Roll, Epsilon Chi Guy, National Honor Society, President, J.V. and Varsity Tennis, J.V. Cross Country, J.V. Basketball. CATHIE LICOSATI: Beta Gamma, Sigma Beta Chi, 'I976 Transfer from Gerard High School. LESLIE LINSER: H.E.R.O., Lettermen's Club, Varsity Band, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Basketball. MARLENE LIPPHARDTZ Principal's List, TWIRP Candi- date, Delta Omega, Epsilon Chi, Sergeant of Arms, Letter- men's Club, Secretary, National Honor Society, Fresh- man, J.V. and Varsity Cheer, Gymnastics Team. GORDON LOPEZ: Honor Roll, Junior Achievement, President, Arcadia Student Political Union, J.V. and Varsi- ty Football Manager, Varsity Wrestling Manager, Varsity Basketball Manager. JEFF LUDWIG: Chorale, Transfer from Saguaro High School. M JUDY MADONIA: C.O.E., J.V. Swim Team. MARIANNE K. MADSEN: Volleyball, Exchange Student from Denmark. BARI MARGOLF: All City Second Team Pitcher, Epsilon Chi, Sergeant of Arms, Varsity Softball, Varsity Volleyball, J.V. Tennis. ROBERT MARSHALL: Anytown, Principal's List, Play Pro- ductions, National Honor Society, Arcadia Student Politi- cal Union, Vice President, French Club. JEFF MARTIN: I.V. Basketball, Varsity Golf. DANIEL C. MASSEY: Honor Roll, National Merit Com- mended Student, Arcadia Student Political Union, ICIC Representative. GREG MASTON: Federal Athletic Association. MARK MATCHETTE: Principal's List, Honor Roll, Nation- al Honor Society, Model U.N., Arizona Model Legisla- ture, Arcadia Student Political Union. DEREK MCCARRON: Varsity Golf. LOREN MCCARTY: Honor Roll, Lettermen's Club, Lamb- da Kappa Phi, President, Chorale, Concert Club, j.V. and Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Softball. TAMMY MCCORD: Epsilon Chi, C.O.E., Lettermen's Club, l.V. and Varsity Badminton. ANN MCEWEN: Principal's List, Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Epsilon Chi, French Gourmet Club, l.V. Badminton. DAVID MCGAREY: Freshman Vice President, junior Vice President, Student Body Vice President, Boy's State, Hon- or Roll, TWIRP Candidate, Key Club, Sergeant of Arms, Omega Man, Ski Club, Chemistry Club, President, Arca- dia Student Political Union, Hiking High, Freshman, l.V. and Varsity Football, Freshman Baseball, Varsity Diving and Swimming. PHIL MCKINNEY: Honor Roll, Model U.N. Legislature, j.V. and Varsity Track Team. MARY L. MCNEILL: Honor Roll, Band, Pit Orchestra, Band Letterman, Vice President, National Honor Society. DON MEIDRICH: Honor Roll, Varsity Gymnastics. KEN MERRITT: Varsity Track. IYL MINAS: French Gourmet Club, Zeta Chi Omega. ADAM MOHNEY: Honor Roll, Hiking High, Thespians, I.V. and Varsity Football. BRENDA MOODY: Principal's List, National Honor Soci- ety, Scottsdale Honors Cotillion, Delta Omega, Varsity Softball, Varsity Girl's Basketball. IOHN MORRISON: Honor Roll, Play Productions, I.V. Football. ANNE MOSELEY: Honor Roll, Phoenix Cotillion, St. Luke's Flower Girl, Delta Omega, Chaplain and Vice President, Beta Gamma Sergeant of Arms, Varsity Bat Girl, I.V. Swim Team. PAUL MOSLEY: Senior Class Representative, Principal's List, Boy's State, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Key Club, Lettermen's Club, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track. MELINDA MUNSILLZ Epsilon Chi, Chaplain, H.E.R.O., Varsity Band. MIKE MURPHY: Boy's State, Principal's List, Honor Roll, Kappa Phi Beta King, Ski Club, Chemistry Club, Letter- men's Club, l.V. and Varsity Basketball, l.V. Baseball. N CANDY NAGLE: Transfer from Michigan. HEATHER NELSON: Phoenix Cotillion, Honor Roll, j.V. and Varsity Band, Pep Club, D.E. BETH NEWTON: Freshman and junior Representative. O MARY ANN OLLIVERZ Tennis KATHY ORTIZ: Principal's List, Spanish Club, Treasurer, National Honor Society, Bicycle Club. KAREN OSBORNE: Mat Maids, Varsity Gymnastics Man- ager. YELENA OUGHTON: Honor Roll, C.O.E., Treasurer, Transfer from Camelback High School. PAT OVIEDO: Varsity Gymnastics. DAVID OVERMYER: Honor Roll, Key Club, Sergeant of Arms, Varsity Diving, Freshman and Varsity Wrestling, Freshman and j.V. Football. STEVE OWENS: I.V. and Varsity Wrestling. P IIM PARMER: Lettermen's Club, Hiking High, Varsity Swimming, l.V. Football, I.V. Wrestling. ASHLEY PEARCE: Ski Club. IAY PELTON: Guadalajara Exchange Program, Boy's State, Honor Roll, Spikettes Guy, Key Club, Lettermen's Club, President, ICIC Representative, Ski Club, Hiking High, l.V. Wrestling, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Track, Freshman Baseball, Freshman Basketball. 43 LISA PEMBERTON: Epsilon Chi: H.E.R.O.: Varsity Swim Team: Gymnastics Team: Track Team. STEPHANIE PERRY: Honor Roll: Vo-Tech: Dance Club, Treasurer: Mat Maids: Varsity Swimming. RICH PETERSON: Freshman and Varsity Baseball: Fresh- man and Varsity Football. ANDY PETRINI: Transfer from Santa Barbara. DENA PETRUCCIANI: Lettermen's Club: I.V. and Varsity Badminton: Varsity Girl's Track. NATHAN PETTITZ Hiking High: D.E. MIKE PHIPPS: Hiking High: Spanish Club: Chess Club: Ski Club: Key Club: Varsity Track. STEVE PLAUM: Intramural Basketball: Transfer from Ge- rard High School. TIM PORCH: Key Club: Varsity Baseball: j.V. Football. IUDY PROVOST: Phoenix Cotillion: Zeta Chi Omega: French Gourmet Club: Yearbook Staff: Transfer from Ge- rard High School. R IOHN RABEY: Freshman Football. KIM RAMSEY: Honor Roll: Vo-Tech Cosmetology. ROBERT RASCHKE: National Honor Society: National Merit Commendation. RICHARD REID: 1977 Transfer from Tennessee. BETH RHODE: Freshman Class Treasurer: Sophomore Class Treasurer: Student Body Treasurer: Anytown Alter- nate: Principal's List: Scottsdale Honors Cotillion: Sigma Beta Chi: Beta Gamma, Chaplain: Arcadia Student Politi- cal Union: Model Legislature: National Honor Society: Fellowship of Christian Athletes: j.V. Tennis. ROBERT RHODES: Freshman and l.V. Football. KEVIN RIEDY: Lambda Lover: Lettermen's Club: Key Club: Varsity Football: Track: l.V. Baseball. LEIGHTON ROBERTS: Young Life. MARLA ROBERTSON: Sigma Beta Chi. CINDI ROGERS: Kappa Phi Beta, Secretary: Sigma Beta Chi, Sergeant of Arms. PAUL ROSCHIVAL: Honor Roll: Varsity Baseball. 44 SUSAN ROSE: Principal's List: Honor Roll: Band: C.O.E., Historian: National Honor Society. BECKY ROW: Dance Club: H.E.R.O. S TARA SANDERS: Honor Roll: Freshman and j.V. Swim Team: Varsity Softball. ION SANDS: Freshman and I.V. Football: Freshman and j.V. Basketball. IULIE SAUNDERS: Delta Omega. IOAN SAVOY: Scottsdale Honors Cotillion: Epsilon Chi: Lettermen's Club, Treasurer and Vice President: Fellow- ship of Christian Athletes: Key Club Sweetheart: Varsity Gymnastics: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Volleyball. LAUREN SCARBRO: Honor Roll: Principal's List: Epsilon Chi: National Honor Society: Hiking High: Mat Maids. FRANK SCARCELLO: Honor Roll: Key Club, Sergeant of Arms: Lettermen's Club: Varsity Football: Varsity Wres- tling: Varsity Baseball. IULIE SCHWARTZ: Principal's List: Honor Roll: National Honor Society: Band Letterman: Orchestra: Phoenix Youth Symphony. ANN SCOTT: Principal's List: Honor Roll: National Honor Society: Epsilon Chi: Lettermen's Club: Spikettes, Ser- geant of Arms: Yearbook Staff: Varsity Band: Varsity Gym- nastics: Pom Pon Line: Transfer from Iowa. IULIE SEEGER: C.O.E. DAN SEIBERT: Honor Roll: Yearbook and Newspaper Photographer: Play Productions: Camera Club: Young Life. IACKIE SENUTA: Anytown Delegate: Honor Roll: Sigma Beta Chi, Vice President: Key Club Sweetheart. PATRICIA SHAFER: Honor Roll: junior Achievement: Hiking High. SHERI SHAPIRO: Honor Roll: Zeta Chi Omega, Secretary: Epsilon Chi: Yearbook Staff: Pom Pon Line. KAREN L. SHEAFFER: Honor Roll: Chorale: Play Produc- tions: Spanish Club: Arcadia Student Political Union: Yearbook Staff. CHERYL SHIKE: Honor Roll. LISA SHOVER: Sophomore Class Secretary: junior Class President: Senior Class President: Girl's State: Honor Roll: St. Luke's Flower Girl: TWIRP Queen: NAU Citation of Achievement: Sigma Beta Chi, Secretary and President: X-Club: Yearbook Editor: DAR Award. PAUL SHUMWAY: Honor Roll: Hiking High: Varsity Gym- nastics. CAREY SMITH: Freshman, j.V. and Varsity Football: Wres- tling: Diving. MARK I. SMITH: Varsity Football. NICK SOLDO: Honor Roll: Spanish II Achievement Award. MARY SOLTWISCH: Lambda Kappa Phi. GUY STARK: Ski Club: Freshman, I.V. Football: Varsity Wrestling: j.V. Track: Varsity Diving. KEVIN STEELE: Transfer from Texas. KRISTIE STEELE: Delta Omega. TIM SUTTON: Principal's List: National Honor Society: Wargames Club. T ION TANKERSLEY: Honor Roll: Kappa Guy: Chemistry Club: Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball. MALCOLM THOMAS: Varsity Band: Lettermen's Club: Varsity Gymnastics. SHEILA TICKLER: Principal's List: Honor Roll: Thespians: Play Productions: I.V. and Varsity Volleyball Manager: Young Life. V DEBBIE VAN ALSTINE: Principal's List: Honor Roll: Na- tional Honor Society. GUY VANDERWERF: Honor Roll: Mu Alpha Theta: Sci- ence Club: Chess Team: j.V. and Varsity Soccer: Transfer from Miami. KELLY VARGO: Honor Roll: Kappa Phi Beta: Chemistry Club: l.V. And Varsity Swimming: Pom Pon Line. TERI VOLINI: Honor Roll: Mat Maids, President: Varsity Band: Gymnastics. W DAWN WALLACE: C.O.E.: Humanitarian Award. VIRGINIA WARD: Epsilon Chi: Zeta Chi Omega: Mat Maids: Varsity Swimming: Varsity Softball. IOHN WHINERY: Honor Roll: Freshman, I.V. and Varsity Basketball. BONNIE WILSON: Cheer Rep.: Principal's List: Honor Roll: TWIRP Candidate: Delta, President and Historian: Epsilon: Lettermen's Chaplain: National Honor Society: Freshman, I.V. and Varsity Cheer: I.V. Bat Girl. DEBBIE WINKELMAN: Honor Roll: Principal's List: Cotil- lion: Beta Gamma: Varsity Softball. STEVE WINTER: Business Law Student of the Year: Honor Roll: Principal's List: Arcadia Student Political Union: Let- termen's Club: AFCA: Varsity Football Manager: l.V. and Varsity Basketball Manager: Varsity Baseball Manager. ANITA WOOTEN: H.E.R.O.: Epsilon Chi, Treasurer: Sigma Beta Chi: Young Life: Principal's List: Honor Roll. SUSAN WYCOFF: Cotillion: Anytown: Honor Roll: Ski Club: Hiking High: Varsity Swimming: Varsity Track: Freshman Tennis: Freshman Softball. Y TODD YUDELL: Honor Roll: Ski Club: Tennis: Varsity Wrestling. Z BRYAN ZIEGLER: Honor Roll: V.I.C.A. 45 A 3 x..Sk.. f'anfffvf.:F5ffswifiwifwiviifiiigv55255f'5i"55iEWiWG?iW?2W55'Sii-' H -f.: 2 W..,,V..s:4..:w...:m:w.f:H f..,1f:54i:M.:w:':1..f2: : 'iffiff G: H lex: :fa 5 H 555255 ,gfamg ,..g55+.aS'z...'w .wwf..:,f..:.w.:m5b....:f, ., N. .. H. U.. Q... U w..z bmw N-..':f'z?w ifvmafvwifg . Jfic.3M.JZ"M' w!f'Q75'wiS.1 55552 fwfffffi .,,,,5g. N... M.. a...,N., W.. .. ...W M yvN.,, ...': 1w5:wgswzw.'w. . -M .... 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W f::J:.., '::J.:gfgf2:g2.egf: :: .f'f::, 33:51 2 ff 1 Q' 1 Q ' Z ' f ' . D X f 5 ly . gf ' 4 V11 f- R me 'V HUN ORS WITH HIGHEST DISTINCTIG Thirteen girls and seven boys belong to the elite group which is the top five percent of the class of 1978 - twenty people whose excellent grade point averages attest to their dedication to scholarship, their willingness to give whatever it takes to get to the top and stay there. However, grades tell only part of the story, for the activities and interests of these people extend far beyond the academic classrooms in which they earned their membership to this group. Here can be found the musicians, the dancers, the thesplans Here are members of gymnastics, track, and tennis teams. Here are class leaders, the members of service and honor organizations, the volunteers in civic projects, the church workers. In short, these are the active people, the doers, not the watchers. We salute them. Nancy Bagatell 8' Sandy Bui janet Burbeck PUD dum Rf Susan Cole W, Xa 0 Phillip Fernandez F' ' T Thomas Frazer N Daniel Hartley Susan Horne Frieda lacobowitz I Muff x . "VB , 'N--N -M-mr J""'N Carol Krumwiede Alicia Lee Marlene Lipphardt Mark Matchette Paul Mosley Katherine Ortiz Robert Raschke Beth Rhode julie Schwartz Timothv Sutton Debra VanAlstine CLYMPIAN CANDIDATES No greater honor is presented to any Arcadia senior than that of Mr. or Miss Olympian. Unlike other honorary titles, the Olympian award is not based on popularity but on the basis of a four-year contribution to Arcadia High School. Initial selection for this honor is made by members of the senior class. Following nominations of four boys and four girls, six of whom appear on these pages, the entire student body is given the opportunity to select, by ballot, the two who are to be honored as Mr. and Miss Olympian. Dave McGarey Doug Hoover Susan Horne A ' . z Q V Q' V 2 ,,f. yi I 4 6 . .,, f 3 www , 2 5 W, s 1 s A 2 6 04, aww! " W , . Q WA, AK , . 1 L ff-'f . ,f Aff f , v , , Q . xt w- , V. ii ,.' 'Q - , ,g if s . . " , W . ,m qw- ga. 45 ' - ... . 8 xf'l WD'- '-' x vs 'W' , Y' - . - , , ' .. x 9 X ' 1. , X, a Q N4 7 , V J' . 4- I ' xx x "" ' ' V f "" .... if A ' 1 I .U ff?-.. -. Q, v N Z 91 "9 H ' gm, 'r 7? 'V I X K 'K " f i ' 'A ff l I ,ff l 9-.4 "Y' f Y Ty S ' s l ,, Jr 5 wN'1d' I A 3, . 3 , My W l' N' 1 x xx X 7: , x i it Q h 0 s . Wx 'I K xi Q N X wx an -cv . - " ' xfgrf YN 1'4" 1 . ' "1 I - - ef MR. OLY i' M A wx N BUYS STATERS EXCHA GE STUDENTS Pam Ross and Leslie Kyman, at right, were selected as this year's participants in the Guadalajara student exchange program. The two left in February to spend several weeks as guests in Guadalajara before returning to Arcadia to finish the year. Delegates to Boys State included Scott Collier, David McGarey, and jay Pelton, pictured below. Students were elected to offices corresponding to city, county, and state government positions, Scott became a city mayor, and Dave became a Superior Court judge during their stay. I, VW Eifat ANYTOW ERS GIRLS STATIERS Representing Arcadia at Anytown last summer were Kathy Wohl, loel Korens, jackie Senuta, Susan Horne, Tom Frazer, and jennie Pool. Girls State delegates were Linda Bulkeley, who was elected to a Superior Court Clerkshipp Lisa Shover, a Council Womang and Barbara Tobin, who was elected to a Superior Court judgship. 'llunqnp Linda Bulkeley an ' Barbara Tobin Lisa Shover HGMECOMI G TTE DANTS, RGYALTY Homecoming week tradition includes nomination of candidates and voting for a King and Queen. This year's attendants to the royal couple were Marlene Lipphardt and Bob james, pictured at right, along with Bonnie Wilson and Reid Bracken below. And, on the facing page, King Kevin Riedy and Queen Alicia Lee. Q' -all A V fa if ,tl 3 , Q, ' F Q gg.: X-, ri iw 22,4 7 , ' A CLUB GUYS AND GALS . E I' ,tw--in--1' X53 . is Each year various clubs on campus choose to elect one or more honorary members. This year the Delta Guy was Bob Gustafson lopposite page, top leftj. Next to Bob G. is Dave Davies, Sigma's honorary member. The Mat Maids' Guys were Dave Martin, Steve Owen, Court Houseworth, and Karl Wang. Immediately below are Key Club's favorite wall climbers-jackie Senuta and joan Savoy. The Spikettes honored lay Pelton, and pictured at bottom right are the Zeta guys: Doug Hoover and Dave McGarey. -'NEG .M-"""W ATIO AL MERIT Kendall Eaton Phillip Fernandez Robert Marshall SEMI-Fl ALISTS aaaiair it rraa a S GRATULATIQ PllfEUJ5mALlslFs te. KEN To become a National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist, one must score in the top two percent of the more than one million college bound students who each year enter the competition. Ranking is determined through a series of scholastic aptitude tests. Most semi-finalists, and nearly all finalists earn fat college scholarships. Ken, Phil, and Rob have brought honor to themselves and to their school through their accomplishments. MERIT CCJMME DED STUDENTS Becky Driggs Steve Cook Dan Massey 1. Dan Hartley Lisa Campbell Robert Raschke is To become a "Commended" student one must score in the top five percent inationallyll on the PSAT-NMSQT lPreliminary Scholastic Achievement Test- National Merit Qualifying Testl. More than one million college bound students each year take this testp to score as highly as did these six is a tribute both to them and their school. . .l.R.P. AGAIN! A week of T.W.I.R.P. activities were concluded by the crowning of Queen Karen Berry and King Kevin Moran. The king and queen are selected on the basis of their involvement in school activities and their sense of school pride and spirit. In addition to Karen and Kevin, candidates were Lee Bulkeley and Ray Bashkingy, belowg Lisa Murphy and jerry Koontz, upper rightg and Ruthie jones and Bobby Tietjen, lower right. fx S3533 ss N A M. s ,A s 4 T .fig f:f5'f9w!Q I' av x a UW, SQ Tsffl izffigap P1 . Wy. M, si' SK . Q . . f as if if X sg? ' Yii X 5 Eff. if 5 Ek jp k ,,, Rx X gy Ak? 55? 4YQ Y 3555, , 9 w wf xx? gm W If 13 3 25 55 EM R 4 5 R 1: XIRE SF M limp ? if QQ r figx gvk ga n gs 552, I g ij? Kik i 9 Q? 4 l t Egg A ig XE ? . fa W W j x 5 yq a ilgglfggxe . Q io x5 it In z ghiaiig AQi '32 47 NM Q W ggfgjw-59:11 Q Q 35545 S5 :S i fy 5 5 QI I 4... , is . ACTIVITIES FIRST PRIZE GCES TG IU IDRS 1 I-I The super display of homecoming floats served to reflect the many hundreds of man-hours required to build them. The theme-obviously- was "Sesame Street", and after the smoke of competition had cleared, first prize went to the juniors' creation of Oscar the Grouch. Second prize was awarded to the seniors' Big Bird, while the sophomores' Cookie Monster took third and the freshmen received fourth place for their depiction of Ernie, another favorite character from the Public Broadcasting System's prize winning program. Above, Bob Moseley, Shannon Pelton and Vali Langston work with tissue and chicken wire, while Leslie David, at right, applies paint and brush to the senior float. G-'Q S' I X2 if- si. ' X 1 R A I -ig, A W is 3 .K - . mir mt.. fd N N X V1 . ..g .W LW L. .x 3 I .vkzwfw m ix N 'ff' A+ N ,Sakai ' 3 8 67 A an S, rr, A ARCADIA VISITS SESAME STREET 'ag A ser cr 'qff ,xx x, fy if if Txilxx I f T Aipikis Sesame Street's Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, and the Cookie Monster-all were to be found on the Arcadia campus at various times during homecoming week. At far left, Carol Baetzel poses with a feathery friend, other shots show Tuesday Stolworthy conduct- ing an interview during a home- coming pep assembly, Mary Wil- moth and Marlene Lipphardt taping up a Titan pep poster, Miss Bender modeling a Titan doll and a cheer- leader's hat, and finally, a tired Mary Wilmoth replacing a shoe as she sits on a borrowed homecoming king's throne following halftime of the big game. HOMECGMING RCJYALTY TIME I 4 V Y Homecoming Royalty, as has become traditional, were crowned during an impressive halftime ceremony that involved floats, torch bearers, the Titan band, and even a red carpet. Paul Mosely, far bottom left took part, as did the former year's King and Queen, Lori Scallon and john Durso tpictured to the right of the torch bearerl. This year's candidates were Bonnie Wilson and Reid Bracken, Kevin Riedy and Marlene Lipphardt, and below, Bob james and Alicia Lee. Alicia and Kevin were installed as this year's honored King and Queen. HTHE FURTHER ADVENTURES 1' K 'R xi NICK , ff, W DANGER" W, , -nk hcl., Director ................................ Scene Designer and Technical Director Stage Manager ................... ..... Light Design .................. ..... Audio-Visual Co-Ordinator ..... Student Director .......... .,... Assistant Technical Director ..... Musical Accompaniment.. ..... Russ Fega Denise Harvey Mark Fairchild jim Burbeck David Albert Ray Bashkingy Scott Homan jason Roth mi -Atal 51" ff-' "-k v 5. L ik Q if ff' . Qtfiis-fi,-mr D U . M , ' Narrator .... Secretary ...... Nick Danger ... Rocky Rococo ... ... Young Nancy ................................... Young Nick ..................................... Melanie, Audrey, Farber, Susan, Betty-lo, Nancy.. . Sergeant, I Mean Lieutenant Bradshaw ............ Gas Station Attendant ........................... Dan Catherwood Newswoman ........ . . . The President ......... ... Young Catherwood .... . . . Priscilla Harvey Sue Wyckoff Thomas Frazer Robert Marshall Lisa Murphy Mark Payne Tobi Crouch Doug jacobson Morgan Tanner Will Tizard Tracy Finkbine Kevin Burke Mitch Reiss For the first time in the school's existence, Arcadia had no drama classes, no stage craft classes. There were a number of reasons for this, but most of them were spelled m-o-n-e-y. Not enough tax dollars, and cuts had to be made somewhere, so However, several Arcadia graduates-Russ Fega, Dave Al- bert, and Scott Homan-helped out to the extent that two pro- ductions got staged anyway: "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger," scenes from which are pictured here, and "The Little Gentleman," pre- sented on the following pages. Beginning top left are pic- tured Will Tizard, Tobi Crouch, and to Robert Marshall, sur- rounding the prone Tom Frazer, Tom confronting Will, Tobi and Tom in two other scenes, at left, Lisa Murphy is puzzled by Mark Payne's presence, far left, Tom on the telephone. "THE LITTLE GENTLEMANH CAST: Mother: Donna Davis Harold's Voice: Robert Marshall Ronald: Mark Broadley Dora: Kathy Wohl Sylvia: Merrilyn Crouch V i""7"':"i 'W id All Cl I , t X fb I L if . 1 Q J ,, , K fr 55 - Q i xg r . v 'tl' ps "The Little Gentleman," was the second of the two one-act plays which com- prised the toal of Arcadia's dramatic productions for the year. Remember when the drama department pro- duced several full length dramas plus a musical? Oh, well- At any rate, the evening was entertaining, and it was especially so because of the efforts of all those in- volved. Shown on these pages are Kathy Wohl speaking to the "gentle- man," Mark Broadley Cpic- tured at upper leftl, and Donna Davis. J Q O 15-92226 rt' . Uh :Qc bi ' rv Wm., '1 41" 'W Ni! ' M . .A-, ,, 1 -- 4+ .sa ' x 'S 0 x v ' Q 'Un E11 ,. f B ff X 5 L I' f 5 Q Q .4 ,, f 5,71 , , s ' 'H Christmas appeared on the Titan's campus in a variety of forms, from a tree in the circle to a festively decorated library to Saint Nick himself fSimone Cupchak may not believe what he's saying, but she does seem to be enjoying ith. Barry Buch- anan, at far left, plays with the Rock Candy Band during a lunch break, the Arcadia Chorale is pictured during the annual Christmas concert, and at center, a French class sings carols before sampling French holiday foods. At left, Mr. Penfield may or may not be aware of the mistletoe over his head, but Mrs. Robbestad certainly is. Below, Donna Duhame and Kelly Vargo, pom line members, are shown wearing their Santa hats. '1 W-'V 1 CHRISTMAS W2- Ns' A 4 sk' A MADILLO EEK J.,- 1 ,Z Arcadia ended another fun Armadillo week with the crowning of the King and Queen at the Armadillo dance. joel Korens was selected as Armadillo King and Donna Duhame was crowned as Armadillo Queen. To follow along with the western atmosphere many people dressed for the occasion, among them, Lisa Thomas with Holly Smith at left. Others wore hats sold by the senior class. Also, during the week Arcadia was honored to have the Air Force Band perform in the cafeteria. Everybody was all smiles at the dance, including Meg Pennington, upper left, and Lisa Shover, center. TWIRP WEEK T.W.l.R.P. week activities included a slave sale-just ask Libby Burke, seen on the opposite page wearing handcuffs, or Kathy Rhode, who sympathizes with a placard-bearing slave. Another Twirp activity is the annual talent show. At upper center, Sue Horne, Lisa Shover, Court Houseworth, and Bonnie Wilson contribute, as do Dave McGarey and Tom Frazer at center. Andy Burton provides accompaniment for Tobi Crouch, Donna Davis, and Maria Tassoni. lower center Above, Ray Bashkingy is seen, and at left is the unknown comic fthe bagman?J. Directly above are Doug Brown and john Tankersley. Talent? Well . . . mostly, anyway. l mmf ,: fig aa. ar 3 A I W ,Y ? I www Q X ...ww mf., W lf -nk. "MOVIES" THEME EGR TWIRP DANCE E Q The Great Westerns , Hymrs Q! Q-0... -..- FASHICDNS A D FADS L- 41 fsigl, nf T A V T, - I 1 'N 'Shu .1 - 1 . -. 38 'xx 'N 5 'Q . fi ' x 'sg E S , m Aw. N VV' M1Q.....,:,,r-W A W: ,,,, ,Wg 4 , :Ll L3 ll ,..', ff' my V dfbf , J. 1 5 Wm N ' 1 'ffwllfa 'Q K J " L PS J! - A-.M -fm f' ?f "5 1' . 2 e .:., "' ? 'Q -It .Av 3 1 1 ff gg-Qrvr. Q L- 4 is-A . 1 ,, A ' 6630600 000000 .. OF '77-'78 - E ali K ilk 1 , R X K if X stunt- l 1 .,, if Arcadians were greeted with an extremely rare occurrence in the spring of '78: school was closed for one day because of rain. No one seemed to mind too much though. Also this spring, as part of the continuing beautification program, trees were planted around the campus to replace those destroyed by vandals. Dozens of voluntary workers like Scott Collier, Lisa Coze, Terry Ball and others showed up on Saturday to do the necessary work. Additional efforts to improve the campus were undertaken by Delta, members of which club are seen here painting bulletin board covers in front of the cafeteria. Us UU ,MU 4 U gm- Us U UU-'Ue:,.Uf,U we U E gps k wr-1 Se UU e Q fp U? sf, Up ga s U ew 3532 M an 'Y' 5 MU ff Y vw UU M Q S .x U. Z Q U X 5 'fs :wbk ,, . , . , A A , . A . A . Q . W U U-A. eww, 2 Q Umm mi? ,U J M' WS' .U A, A UUA, U A U AUM, A 225,21 A U AU ,U , U A A W .UUAU5U,gUU32,,,1U.f-?Um W x ,, U 2 U ff UUE? :U U 9 f 3 H U, .,. W . 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'iw 'Q U- A' ' W V .gy 1, ,ms fm- M , Iawiiliikr-Af-?A2:U?A,:vd5' xg Msg Thaw 1 U CLUBS STUDE T BODY OFFICERS Front row: Beth Rhode, Student Body Treasurer Lisa Murphy, Inter Club-Inter Class Secretary and Keri Meeks, Student Body Secretary. In the back row are Dave McGarey, Vice President and Scott Collier, Student Body President. STUDE T COUNCIL Led by Student Body President Scott Collier, student council members found themselves involved in numerous activities throughout the year. Aside from their normal duties of organizing and conducting all elections, selecting members for the Student Review Board and other important committees, promoting assemblies and other activities, the group was productive in non- traditional areas as well. For example, Student Council sold tickets for "lamboree '77," a statewide Pom and Cheer competition, and for selling the most tickets, Council was awarded a prize of one hundred dollars. This money was added to a fund used to purchase several large shade trees which were planted with other trees provided by the Booster Club on Arcadia Beautification Day, another activity organized by Student Council. The group also provided a community service by conducting two highly successful blood drives. Council also promoted two amendments to Arcadia's constitution, one of which will allow the incoming freshman class to elect their class officers prior to leaving the eighth grade, thereby avoiding the organizational confusion that traditionally occurred each September with the new students. Another amendment provided a process for impeachment of ICIC members who accumulate an excess of unexcused absences from meetings of that group. ln the absence of a school newspaper this year, Council wrote, duplicated, and distributed a newsletter which detailed Council activities. Finally, the group bid for and received the honor of hosting the Arizona Association of Student Councils' state convention, which will be held on our campus during the '78-'79 school year. It was a busy year for a capable group. - -.,...c. 1 ... U ' +11 W From left: Kathy Rhode, Freshman Class Representative to Student Council, Paul Mosley, Senior Class Representative, Scott Patterson, junior Representative, joel Korens, Senior Representative, Mike Berry, Freshman Class Representative, Scott Collier, Student Body President, Karen Berry, junior Representative, Pete lunker, Sophomore Class Representative, Keri Meeks, Student Body Secretary, and Jennie Horne, Sophomore Class Representative. l.C.l.C. i"n.,,..,,..-1 At right, keeping order with a gavel-or possibly disrupting whatever order may be present- is Dave McC.arey. Also recognizable in the picture are Paul Mosley, Lee Bulkeley, Tammy Choules, Ruthie A fss jones, and Pete junker. "s2 cf' L l.C.l.C. members, front and center are Lisa Murphy, Dave McGarey, and Beth Rhode. In the first long row are Scott Newbanks, Chris Tucker, Craig Seitel, Donna Davis, Toni Born, Ray Bashkingy, Tammy Choules, Kevin Moran, Linda Privoznik, jay Pelton, Vicki Hall, Court Xp' Houseworth, Ethan Bindelglas. ln the back row are Marilyn Crouch, Liz Licosati, Beth Smith, Lisa Shover, Sue Horne, Tobi Crouch, Kathy Klekner, Tom Frazer, Lee Bulkeley, Ruthie jones Lisa Collier, Margo Friedland, Gina Maldanado. 5 i i g l,?.,mq.kM PM iw .!'a- ,f-',.. l I Q, " 't IT: X '17 4 .W 1 .4 'ik HeisS icii iengthy it clearly l T fhe a hospital bed. :Yom had his junior year. Soofi after the of his illness, Tom Leyba became fully aware of its terminal aspects. But Tom did not give up. He continued his classes cth royughou1g ghis junior year aniflimade his His illness made driving impossible and severely limitedsyhis ability to walk very far, daeilygto and school, his ffiiiow friileri s i i T Tom displayedl-despite this '51 necessary dependence and unaccustomed physical weak- ness-fa total cheeyrfulness,c tey3gp unflagging cour- tihel ilii latter months of his life when many Clubbers and and none came away from his bedside withcfut being impressed by the strengthysof will and positive manner with which Tom met each new day Thef that can be seen in an excerpt fromiithe annodncement of Tom's death, read by Scott Collier, ,student body presi- dent: ,'FTom Leyba has departed this life, but hseyhasiessytgaeusght us thieimost lesson of our lives. theibeauty life, showedius how to cherish ouiijdays, honor our parents, how to esteem our school, how to appreciate our friends, and how to accept death with dignity." Q icctc NB i A as i...,, f z 5:5 ,east . KEY CLUB Though the motto for the year fsee the shirt, rightj may seem facetious, Key Club has gained the reputation of being one of the most active service clubs on campus. Much of the group's organizational energies this year went toward establishing and organizing the Tom Leyba Memorial Fund. Tom had been an inspirational member of Ke Club prior to his untimely death this year, and Tom's wilflprovided a one-thousand dollar legacy to the club. Unique in the fund set up by the club is the stipulation that the money may not be used as donations or gifts, funds can be used only for supplies and materials for Key Club members to perform worthy service projects. Club members pictured below are: Back, Dave Lutich, T.A. Shover, Scott Bush, Kevin Moran, Pete junker, Ray Bashkingy, Bob james, jim Harrison, jay Pelton, Paul Mosley, Ethan Bindelglas, Middle, Bobby Machmer, Russ Kartub, john Switzer, Bob McMillan, Dave Baum, Front, Adam Ellison, Tom Frazer, Mike Korens, joan Savoy, Doug Hoover, jackie Senuta, Scott Collier, Dave McGare , Court Houseworth. Additional members who were unavailable when the picture was made are: Paul Baranowski, Mark Eggleston, Scott Esposito, Todd Foster, Pete junker Mark Walsh, jerry Koontz, Greg Lake, Stuart Langley, David Overmeyer, Tony Policastro, Scott Patterson, Len Peevyhouse, Rob Wiersema, Tim Porch, Kevin Riedy, Mitch Riess, Frank Scarcello, Craig Seitel, john Senini, Scott Shelberg, Spencer Smith, john Senini, and Robert A. Larabell. is W 9' ' ..,, M QQQA 4 P, ,,,, 5, A' 'Ti l?f49'Qx il,i 'X ff- s ag? , -ref Q sa. L ,. V , U T' U , y,,,, T mn M57 wg mg'-r Mus Annum ,. 54 a We ,1x,3,L sv' A xr. my PET5 LIN Kr, R C15 4, K4- f at by -sbp- .twm K ,F 5 -'sy Q-5 'Nm L -425, 'S 2 what 2 iii-N223 Q?"-fs I ..0""'W 4 1 N Mia t :JM '-.NX , ..,f I :- Q Pictured above are Key Club officers Adam Ellison, Doug Hoover, joel Korens, Scott Collier, and Court Houseworth. At left, jackie Senuta, Collier, Korens, Pete lunker, sponsor Larabell and others listen as president Doug Hoover speaks. Below, left, the group meets at the Scottsdale Boys Club as they make plans to paint the building. This job was accomplished during the spring break-truly a community service project! At bottom right, planning completed, Scott Patterson, Mark Eggleston, Paul Baranowski, David Overmeyer, and Frank Scarcello challenge Bob james' claim to the basketball-and the floor too, for that matter. S 1 3 'Q . gg gQ XXX TITAN, JV BA DS First row, above: Cindy Nagel, Sandi Lass, Debbie Van Alstine, Sally Rhodes. Second row: David Hogan, Andy Burton, Tom Langland, Tom Frazer. Third row: Andy Ford, joe lunker, Scott Newbanks, lon Chesnut, Steve Hatcliff. Fourth row: Ann Renfro, Bill Hoeft, Chris Lang, Al Smith. Pictured above right, first row: Lisa Della Rocca, Linda Augeneder, Mari Schwerdtfeger, Patty Pierce. Second row: Gary Tom, Kim Plummer, Wes Heaton, Cheryl Koskela, Stephanie Lee. Third row: Pete Schwab, Kathy Stiles, Linda Dunham, Beth Kartub, Rosemary Speaker, Marcia Peterson. Fourth row: Tim Creighton, Mel Thomas, Mike Reed, Mindy McNeil. Pictured above right, first row: Dave lacobs, Karen Moore, Sandy Parsons, Eric Eaves. Second row: Peggy james, ludy Curtis, Carolyn Kraemer, Tom Hickernell. Third row: Pete junker, Valerie Hakes, Patty Reynolds, Trudy Clifton, Barry Buchanan, Dave Schock. Pictured at right: Scott Shelberg, David Brooks, Kevin Hill, Will Tizard, Michelle Kester, Mark Scott. Pictured at left, front row: Pam Stelzer, Dena Montgomery, Rich Korzuch. Second row: Lisa Hartley, Rick Wiley, james Bucanek, Dan Hartley, Steve Conrad. Third row iwith tubal: jeff Brendecke. fn" v-Uv Q .s .ft ........ ., ,, l Members of the IV band, pictured above, are first row: Carl Reed, Blake LaFollette, Bryce Yoder, Beth Van Buskirk, Heidi Mohr, Teri Turano. Second row: Gregg Barr, Randy Ball, Eileen Splain, Leona Biller, Judy Willson, Lori Lennan, Mary Howard. Third row: Randy jahn, Dino Brescia, Mary Duyck, Bruce Herr, Erin Hurley, Chad Schloss. Back row: Mark Fuller, Michael Hicks, Enrique Bocedi, jill Wolfenbarger. ORCH ESTR First Row: Priscilla Harvey, Pam Moore, Kathy Emmans, julie Schwartz, Lisa Hartley. Second Row: Marilyn Archbold, Sharon Lundgren, jan Engebretson, Susan Cuthbertson, Paul Shumway. Third Row: julie Kroepel, Ginger Merwin, Ann McEwen. Not pictured: Fred Good, Jerome Hanna, Barbara Odegaard, Christina Alvey. . B A D LETTERME Left to right: Lucy Acosta, Mindy McNeill, james Bucanek, David Jacobs, joe junker, Sandy Parsons, Karen Moore, Dan Hartley. Officers: President, joe lunker, Vice President, Mindy McNeill, Treasurer, Dan Hartley, Secretary, Karen Moore. 1. America has been the innovator of very few true art forms. The short story comes to mind, as does the development of the movies-and jazz. So when you heard this group, they weren't simply having fun, they were expressing a native American cultural form lsorry 'bout that, Satchmol. At left is Dan Hartley, immediately below the reed section warms up. The entire group is shown below. In the front row are Lori Lennan, David Jacobs, Tom Langland, and Karen Moore lPam Stelzer not presentl. In row two are Barry Buchanan, Andy Burton, Rick Wiley, Dan Hartley, Steve Conrad, and james Bucanek. The last row begins with Cheryl Koskela and Kevin Hill, then standing are lon Chesnut, Andy Ford, joe junker, Dave Schock, Chris Lang, and Doug Gordon. A517 CONCERT CHOIR The choir participated in several concerts this year, here, they are shown on the Arcadia stage during their annual Spring Concert. if In ff fl 'F wg iwweem ez-W iff ' ' Q ' if f t Row One: Kendra Holloway, unidentified, Mary Bird, Jodi Helle, Tuesdie Stolworthy, Mary Bobbe, Shayne Baltimore, Alicen Reed, Blaine Buralli, julie Tollackson, Kathy McLean. Row Two: Marilyn johnson, Nanette Austin, unidentified, Lori Blye, Dave Hooper, Mike Campbell, Mark Fairchild, john ,ti Hamilton, Bruce Owens, Craig Ackerman, Cindy Collins, Holly Taylor. Row Three: Ann Bigus, Claire T Sechler, Kathy Bolles, Kathryn, Laurie David, Barry Groom, Travis, Ted Templeton, David Holloway, i Todd Eggard, Suzanne Winkleman, Karen Rubin, Susan Rose, Carol Mejdrich. RCADIA CHGRALE SUPER GRCDUP! Front Row, left to right: Michele Brown, Tobi Crouch, Beth Andy Burton, Kevin Hill, Bob james,Ray Bashkingy,Guy Stark, Roden, julie Kroepel, Barb McHugh, Stephanie Tamasauckas, Brett Borg, Norm Bashkingy, Mike Bley, Donna Davis, Richard Loren McCarty, Staci Green. Back row: Gifzi lohnson, Gail Thomas, Beth Kehle, Greg Stiles. Not pictured is Maria Tassoni. Andrews, Scott Patterson, Dan Bannenberg, Mike Campbell, PEP CLUB Deana Perez, Peggy james, Erin Hurley, Shelly Roseman, Nancy Amado, Pam Moore, Leslie Kyman, Sharon Sponcel, Debbie Coblentz, Kim Davis, Beth Vandewert, Gwen Harris, Carol Mejdrich THESPIANS Top: Kathy Wohl, Mark Fairchild, Mike Campbell, Peggy james, Erin Hurley Bottom: Mona Melikian, Susan Bridges, Arlene Rheinfelder. 102 J, bf-H -we DEBATE TEAM LOOKS FUR AN ARGUME T Under the direction of sponsor Mary King, the Speech and Debate Club entered competition at U. of A., A.S.U. South Mountain High School, and one here at Arcadia. Not all members were available for a picture, however, those present included Bill Wiess at left, and below, team members Claire Sechler, Mark Peters, Eric Robbins, and Bill Wiess prepare for a tournament. At bottom left, Mrs King advises Sarah Ellison and Kevin Burke, who use the advice at bottom right. 'Xxx . .." I f'N' X .. , 1? if V , I 4 ' W, '-i, V V V w.. I N N01 FEED Ni TE C ERS 1978 OLYMPIAN STAFF In his first year as yearbook advisor, Mr. George Cowie spent hundreds of valuable hours making this book possible. The hard-working 1978 Olympian staff. Top row, from left: Troy Staten, Iohn Hamilton, Lee Bulkeley, julie Helsten, and Judy Provost. Bottom row, from left: Sheri Shapiro, Susan Horne, Beth Kartub, Leslie David, Nanci Newbanks, and Donna Harris. Others contributing to this book, but not shown above, include james Bucanek, Phil Fernandez, Lori Gould, Allen Hendrix, Beth Mathers, Ann Scott, Lisa Shover, and Rick Wiley. Staff members Donna Harris, Beth Kartub, Judy Provost, and Sheri Shapiro appear unconcerned as the final yearbook deadline passes. photographers Standing from left: Troy Staten james Bucanek and Rick Wiley Seated Phil Fernandez, At right Mr Cowie chooses the final photograph for the yearbook. HERE A D THERE F ma .W X V1 'A , V Q 1 vf f ,af X H -. 3 Q, X: Q, Q 15 -rw' ATl0 AL H0 CJR SGCIETY Sponsored by Mrs. Neid Cwho wasn't present for the club picturel and Mr. Kimbell, National Honor Society members sponsored the Annual Honors Banquet, among other things. Pictured at left with Mr. Kimbell are Steve LeSatz, president, Court Houseworth, vice president, Carol Krumwiede, treasurer, and Beth Kartub, secretary. 7' PY' NHS members are Leslie David Susan Rose Alicia Houseworth Tim Sutton Phil Fernandez, Mindy Lee Debbie VanAlstine Marlene Lipphardt Paul McNeil Linda Bulkeley Dan Hartley, julie Mosley Beth Rhode Scott Collier Beth Kartub Schwartz Kathy Ortiz Carol Krumwiede, Mr. Tom Frazer Bonnie Wilson Steve LeSatz Court Kimbell Diane Laskey Ann Soldo, Susan Cole. DELTA DMEGA Delta Omega, sponsored by Mrs. Howard, has once again had a dynamic year-full of action and excitement. Delta's main purpose is service to the school. Activities included watering the trees all summer, dinners for the varsity teams, painting "TITANS" on the football field weekly, brightening up the cafeteria and faculty bulletin boards, promoting a fun-filled welcome back week, boosting spirit through posters and painting "Arcadia Titans 41" on a plaque in front of the cafeteria. Other activities included the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the under-privileged children, raising money for the blind and for U.N.l.C.E.F., sponsoring a deprived family, and the yearly crowning of the Delta Darling, Bob Gustafson. Through Delta's enthusiasm and work, they strive to keep ARCADIA ifl. 3 ,me ff' I Front Row: Bonnie Wilson, Ruthie jones, Heidi Lynne johnson, Amy Larson, Cindy Hansen Cederlof, Staci Green, Kristi Steele, Dina Davies, Back Row: Marlene Lipphardt, Tammy Choules, Tuesdie Stolworthy Middle Row: Anne Moseley, Nancy Elliot, Tammy Fulton, Ann Scott, Michele Sally Brown, Christi Peterson, Gigi johnson, Wendy Warner, Karen Berry, Mary Wilmoth, Mitchell, Mary Scarcello, Beth Booker Anne Moseley, Vice Presidentg Wendy Warner, Historiang Mary Scarcello, Secretary Tammy Choules, ICIC Repg Bonnie Wilson, Presidentg Ruthie jones, Sgt. at Arms. Not present for picture: Kim Kinard, Historianp Becky Dunmire, Treasurerg Wendi Smith, Chaplain. 4, .. A K Q i 4 3 E fi, TA www 3 1 l i sw' - ,,, Q: . ' ' .y1i..g,, '. 121- V ,aff E5 A M Vet. , . i , ., , 'L-. 1 ' , ' . W. bg ' VV n4 y hg!'f.,:.' .V 4. 5.1. ., '.A.,,vq,,a, g fi, wir V 2 ' ,f ' ,"Lr'Zf' W . 'f.'I.',iw, gwvmzm.. ,if 7, gg: " ' , - 'f fwtw.. "T" V f " ,M V V V if ?g1,7 H :g3.1Q.f 2, V, 1: yi.: i n 1 HI V, ?? ,g, t, ' ' Ig , V R A . A. Jah Q. 11' m . L ,.4. , , VARSITY CHEER As much a part of the football and basketball program as the teams themselves, this year's cheerleaders could be counted on to provide sparkle and vitality at each game-even when there wasn't much to cheer about. Kneeling at right are Toni Born and Mary Wilmoth, standing are Alicia Lee, Bonnie Wilson, Ruthie jones, and Karen Berry, in back are Kim Kinard and Marlene Lipphardt. Bob james, shown below, was an unofficial yet indispensable member of the cheer group in the role of the Titan mascot. PO Ll E Halftime routines by the Pom Pon dancers were a welcome feature at basketball and football games this year. The Pom line, pictured at left, was made up of Gigi johnson, Sherri Isbell, Kelly Vargo, Ann Scott, and Wendy Warner, front row, in the back row are Donna Duhame, Sheri Shapiro, Lynne johnson, and Michele Mitchell. Staci Green was unavailable for the group picture. 5252! IUNICR VARSITY CHEER .""""""'---- 1 N--V a.a,.......,M.. W ,,,,,.. . 'Huw l.V. Cheerleaders, like their varsity counterparts, were an integral part of Arcadia basketball. Below at , 5 right are Sally Brown and Alex Knox. it Above are Meg Pennington and Karen Lasky. g t w,-. FRESHMAN CHEER Shown at left, from top to bottom, are jodi Books, Allison Lake, Alyse Abbate, LisalHamilton, and Libby Burke. In the pyramid below are Libby Burke, Lisa Hamilton, Allison Lake, Alyse Abbate, and jodi Books. 4 i In the first row are Deanna Scarcello, Libby Liz Bracken, Lisa Hamilton, Laura Quinn,and Burke, Margo Friedland, and lodi Books. Alyse Abbate. Standing are Anne Bloemker, Allison Lake, SIGMA BETA CHI Sigma was involved in a number of things this year. Unfortunately, however, a listing of those activities never arrived at the OLYMPIAN office. Club members, seated above, are: Top Row: Beth Rhode, Sandy Parsons, Kathy Bolles, Susy Madland, Debbie Consalvo, Kathy Licosati, Wendy Krell, Becky Wright, lodi Wheeler, Kathy Klekner, Merrilyn Crouch, Gail Andrews, Sue Horne, jill jamison, Cindy Rogers. Middle Row: Mr. Penfield, Anita Wooten, janet Burbeck, Tracey Collier, Robin Loos, Kelly Vargo, Toni Born, Gina Dyar, Carol Baetzel, Maria Tassoni, Meg Pennington, Mrs. Hagen. Bottom Row: Sarah Casey, Mary Klainer, Tobi Crouch, Lisa Shover and Rusty, Dave Davies. jackie Senuta, Keri Meeks, Lisa Murphy. Club officers shown below are jackie Senuta, Lisa Shover, Mary Klainer, Keri Meeks, Tobi Crouch Lisa Murphy, Dave Davies, and Sarah Casey. At left, club members take Dave to supper. W , K "fir"- . L,,.,,,,l Q A , , . M , ,W . 1, ,N ,W ,,Nfw'f,,,fg: .,,, -fu.. , ,,fh.f.,, I ,f-.,,1.. fm .V ,,,,, 5 L- f , - . W-,ML K - H f- - H -nf ff mf ,zulu-W N , fff' ,V 12 ff, -,M ww A. .n-:W ,r uw. .V , . , M, , . J, . Lf N,w,:,,-, ' -ff ww - ' ' - f---wwf ,, ,, ,,W, W. A, , , ' 3 , -iw Q 'T W, Z. W rf A K ,, ilk . 4- tag-, A S . id6'15' " "1 rufvzvf w :wf 333.11 'mn' 3 X rf 2 fa 1 -,f, , . by Qu 1' iff' wi K 50? if 1,4 YW 43" C , if 4- fl V 3 w.. K L, ,kf,, 5 K Jw? w 'W . v,- . , , .- 2:5 455 N ,if J A 1, .JN r , . .. : I M " QxwwWQm ML H K 4 A 3' Vp vf'k N " 'M ,, aw L W w 117' ' if 92: if, nn ,3 ' fxgd, N ,zz My wht iw A "0-""' , nf .fr me 'f -'WDM-MYYM xx . K KA 2? vzrff , was 1 -- A Q 1 Q 5 X L z 399 x is ' 2' A? A 4 X sk vw if fr Z STUDE T POLITICAL UNIO i 23.2 . 5 Lg., F C if F 'tif-W - L K The Arcadia Student Political Union invited and made arrangements for many speakers on campus this year, the most prominent being Senator Goldwater who made himself available to students' questions at a double assembly. At left, the Senator is seen during a break chatting with Kevin Moran, Donna Davis, Tom Frazer, Scott Collier, and Dr. Pratt. First Row: Lee Bulkeley, Adam Ellison, Susie Santora, and Karen Berry. Back Row: Kevin jacobowitz, P.j. Harvey, Kendra Tollackson, Moran, Beth Mathers, Tom Frazer, Beth and Margo Friedland. Second Row: Scott Rhode, Scott Collier, and Gail Andrews. Patterson, Mike Seller, Craig Seitel, Art C10 RMET CLUB The French Gourmet Club regularly schedules dinners at members' homes, where authentic cuisine is favored. At right are president Nancy Robinson, assistant president jill Reiss, and vice president Cyndi Nagle. Members pictured below are Robinson, Reiss, Nagle, and Carol Marusiak. In the back row are Sally Brown, Carol Kline, Paige Poulson, Lori Von der Heydt, Darcy Woolford, and Mitch Reiss. E H.E.R.C. CLUB is K -gk -v ' g RA f xx , K sf X ,Q I f Back Standing: Mrs. lahrmarkt, Lisa Pemberton, Mike Gartrell, Lorri Kester, Mary Wright, Leslie Linda May, Sharon Rosenquist, Debbie Hayden, Linser. Front Row: Dennis Bourland, Barbara unidentified, Robin Smith, Dennis Bricklin, Lagman, unidentified, Lisa, Susanne Wright. Becky Row, Misty Nunez, Holly Fitch. Middle: , ,rfs ,sw 1 . suffix C.O.E. CLUB . IT ORKSl C.O.E. Club - Commercial Office Education - is made up of those taking the Business department class of the same name These students attend classes in the morning and spend afternoons at on-the-job training -- with pay! Pictured at left is Mary Wright, below at left are club officers Robin Smith Secretary, Diana Cave, Vice President, Yelena Oughton, Treasurer, and Susan Czerwinski, President. This year the club s service projects included volunteering help to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and visiting the Arizona Children's Hospital, an helping plant trees on Arcadia Beautification day. fix kan . f Q .W if.1"f"'V . gggw- tiy, E, pw A 0 000 bo,jc:go2go ?3"'tvZ'vZ fcfff- '4WQ'OQ 'iv' "9"0"0 ?73 '3':3 Q 1 0 0 ,,ge,gQ,-31" I ',We.., O Q., w 4. , fl . 4 :..g 4. N I if, , .-352' 65' !Q" o,m- ?0'4 541 vig' O if ki Q Q a. 0 ' zo,,1Q,:o,'og 40,155 Above Tammy McCord Yelena Oughton, Terry Coen, Susan Czerwinski, Robin Smith, Kristi Yost. Not pictured: Sandy Kelley Judy Madonna Susie Rose,Diana Cave,Terry Annette Curry, Pam Foster, Sue Smart, Mar Wri ht. B ll I ' Y S a ju ie Seeger Mrs Phillips Lisa Coze, Dawn Wallace, 1 26 SPIKETTES Front: lan Engebretson, Sandy Kemp, Cindy Onodera, jay Pelton, lenni Pool, Mari Schwerdfeger, Carrie May. Middle: Dawn Moore, Margie Tanguy, Cristy Critser, Patty Rogal, Teri Volini. Back: Candace Mundorf, Michelle Kester, Debbie Sheaks, Elizabeth Rae, Sandy Parsons, Shelly, Sara Lister. Q ,- sg' . 'f f 325, , f .tt wr if Q A J fl it is 'S 1 ' ' .Wt ' MAT MAIDS lxayli :Yi Top Row: Donita johnson, Debbie Smith, Karen Osborn, Cathy Siroky, Patty Merrit, Lisa Groom, Cheryl Smith, Gina Maldonado. Middle Row: Gina Maldonado, Suzanne Winkleman, Michele Boynton, Wendy Merrill, Carrie May, lan Engebretson, Leslie David. Bottom Row: Rhonda Dunlap, Ginny Volini, Karl Wang, Court Houseworth, Terri Volini, Steve Owens, Dave Martin, Vicki johnson. xx - fly! AUTGGRAPHS at , W 1 ,, , s ,L- X VARSITY CLUB Varsity Club members pictured above are Marlene Lipphardt, Court Houseworth, Bonnie Wilson, jay Pelton, and Clare Chalmers. In the second row are Michelle Kester, Tammy McCord, Vicki Hall, Alicia Lee, Sally Brown, Tracy Starkweather, and jill Robison. Standing are Bret Borg, Chris Hattasch, Mike Reed, jim Parmer, Wendy Springborn, Shannon Pelton, Tiffini Robison, and Steve Winter. CHESS TEAM I 'Www Fw 'QQ 4 Q E A . at-E -if 'lr c J y " i M i W , , 'a,,r., m.w,-- ,, ' 'f 1... .. - it . gsm sm., E "Q 3. ,TW The chess team this year seemed quite active, at least during lunch, when one or more could be found practicing on some novice. However, it was all good fun and competition was friendly. At left, Tom Langland threatens checkmate with the black knight. Above, team members Lisa Hartley, Eric Eaves, Tom Langland, and Andy Ford pause between moves for a quick picture. ZETA CHI GMEGA First Row: Dave McGarey, Doug Hoover. Second Row: Jenni Pool, Jodi Helle, Leslie David, Lisa Groom, Beth Kartub, Vicki Hall, Sheri Shapiro, Kay Kimball. Third Row: Terry Ball, Cindy Onodera, Sue Sullivan, jyl Minas, Kim Harris, Sandy Medena, ludy Provost, Donna Harris. Fourth Row: 'Lisa Coze, Debbie Hash, Becky Albaugh, Carol Kline, Cindy Hubbard, Carole Gilsdorf, Rosemary Speaker, Leah Ganelin, Moira McCarthy. Zeta Chi Omega, an on-campus service club, has been very busy this past school year. In Sept. we had a bowl-a-thon in order to raise money for the jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. We made a visit to the Fire Department and helped with the "Toys for Tots" program. Zeta planned some exciting activities for Homecoming, Twirp, and Titan Follies. We took part in the Arcadia Beautification Program by planting a garden on the north-east side of campus, and we helped water the new trees. Our annual ice cream socials for boys' sports teams, and our huge Italian dinner went very well! The usual car washes, bake sales, sucker sales and licorice sale kept us busy too. WE SAW YCU Making A Phelps Dodge Commercial HeIpingf?J Mrs. janapolis , , . ,ff wt-m r Chatting With Friends . . . AND . . Saw You Bleeding ,- . . F willingly! l ARIZONA O ff' W' 1 . , , ,, , K S XM i , if f ' E O V BLOOD SERVlCES , . .Y 'ai E g. ,gg il f-fsggi-gg ggi' F559 55355 WS T? ,ah W,,WWgi:ijjL,g?i:5g4g.5f5 ggggxgsg Zag? 5319 .1 .:- 4.-' -Qi : 'wffikif ,f 'R ,ftiify S2 ,bdwfjgge :gy Q., rw-. 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However, though we won only three of ten, we won the biggie lhomecomingj and the team always fought until the final gun - and once, even a wee bit longer. Below, head coach Meyer is flanked by coaches Pongratz, Dean, and Gaylor. Mike Isbell Kevin Riedy Rod Morrisett Mark Smith Steve Cloar Gordon Lopez Carey Smith john Buerlein Steve Winter Gary Hunsaker lon Chesnut Todd Eggers ,,,, ft? Q ' ,,,i T 'T1?,i,l:ii,.',, 'A f" . f S if ,f ' f' Q I' ' iff' 5 at 4Qf T itsi , f , - ,, f T ' "1 it at r , X it if , x mf. " Af ,W ' - a ' af l a 1 4 . X 1 -L' is ' ... 7 , I . V S A ,,,, ' K N r A l . f . x 5 " in M tx we s L' m . K , 1 , Y , y K T A I7 r 4' MW , , " " 1 1 1' fs. ' " , it, V -wif A tt,tt f ",1 Y r " n ,i,, .RX f , ft 1 ,,,, 1 S' T ' f fr lj , 3 r f' f iii' if il if at 'Qty f-5' Doug Maxwell rl ' Rich Peterson hm ' T i .fx gf?- 1' - st. ,QW V. X gf? gjlclfgflif W 6? 'fl 84115 , 8 0'- -. .Y ' I J --...,, I N, X V J?" J Mmfw'-2'3! P, in w-4. A , 1-cu Q 54' X Xl 1 J "' rw A , .x -s W 01 ax -,,-for-rf!-Q fd' 'IH' 1 5 i jUNlOR VARSITY FGGTBALL , it , r4fm,nWwmw 4. Front Row: judge Bellamak, Tony jarah, Don Hartin, Scott Hunsaker. Standing: Coach Stegall, Steve Millman, Brian Patterson, Mark Leland, jeff Levison, and Mark Lapusan. Burgoon, Kevin Czerwinski, john Ortiz, Pat Smith, Mike Second Row, kneeling: Rob Graham, Gordon Walker, Steve Braden, Tyler Maddux, Brian Smith, jeff Shrake, john Campbell, Rob Wheeler, Philip johnson, David Tietjen, Fernandez, Fred Good, Nick Gannis, Gordon Lopez. Steve Beuerlein, Wayne Cunningham, Mike Ebert, Gary 2 .., 2, ., .J ". '1 5 '1 'K , p-.1 140 l FRESHMA FGGTBALL :L A A as First Row: Les Whittington, George Cravens, Mike Berry, Tom Kirk. Second Row: Kirk Kennedy, Coach Witham, Coach Rumore, Coach Finkbine, Duek Wan Kim. Third Row: Tod Funkhouser, Ed Fochman, Mike Arendt, Chip Patterson, Paul Benscotter, jim Henrie. Fourth Row: Loren Ray, Dave Andreen, jim Flesner, Ben Clopek, Kevin Howard, john Maston, Allen Sanchez, Dave Wilkenson. Q in ,, img First Row: Trip Hooker, Craig Hunsaker, Mark Caster, Ken Ragle. Second Row: john Webb, Ron Herzlinger, Eric Koontz, Allen Mills, Robb Logan, Larry Neeley. Third Row: Coach Bob Swan, Bruce Herr, Brad Cardon, Greg Gesicki, Chris Johnston, Doug Bishop, Brett Tormey. VARSITY HCSTS INVITATIG AL Ann Fisher Lori Hart Gina Hicks jill lamison Kay Locker Loren McCarty VY Bari Margolf With only two returning Iettermen this could have been a long season for Arcadia's varsity volleyball team. But Lori Hart and Wendy Springborn, who were both All City First Team selections, led the team as it leaped and spiked its way to a solid 5-6 sea- son record. Although the team lost its first Divisional Tourney match, a third place finish in the Arcadia Invitational and outstanding matches against Tempe and Yuma provided plenty of opportunities for Arcadia's girls and fans to celebrate as the score for Arcadia often was higher than for our opponents. Coach Haddock lean Psarros loan Savoy Wendy Springborn Larolyn Taylor Fay Tigges WHILE j.V.'S SHARPEN SKILLS Following the examples of varsity players like Bari Margolf and Lori Hart lspiking the ball at leftlg Fay Tigges ldiving for the ball be- lowl, and Hart, jean Psarros, and Margolf Cbottom rightlg the l.V.'s put together a sparkling 7-4 season. Expectations are high for both varsity and l.V.'s next year. . Members of the j.V. team pictured at bottom left are: front row, Maureen Coyle, Kim Roberts, Erin Burke, middle row, julie Mar- tinez, Tracy Morrison, Liz Bracken, Trish Taylor, Sue deWerd, back row, Shauna Sodikoff, Nancy Bailey, Amy Gardner, Helen Gilkey, Claire Sechler, and Shelly Cowger. ..."""'r'-- . . ..- ,.,t, ...t STATE CHAMPS! The first of the Titan's state championships for '78 came early in the year when the girls swim team easily took state. Mainstays of the team, shown at right holding the state championship trophy, are Colleen Collins, Leslie Linser, Kathy Michael, Susan Danesi, and Clare Chalmers. In the second row are Missy Burchinal, Peggy Tormey, Amy johnson, Kathy Siroky, and Patty Merrick. Shown below are divers Michelle Mitchell, Lisa Thomas, Cathy Reid, Kary Reed, and Kelly Hardy. ,,.-Rf-M 1 'W W E W I J , , gf A . , . ' gvg 1,0 -'ef .. 'QV'-' - ' Wag' ws ng ,I N . .Q-. X3 s . ":"'qi't 5, '93 ima, .. 'wg A .N " 'H . x r - swi- ii: , 'F W3 4 tg SX :L mwl"""' MSX i .C N42 Additional team members shown at left are Shelley Wilson,Cathy Reid, Kathy Stiles, and Lisa Thomas. The top row consists of Leona Biller, Marianne Campbell, Eileen Splain, and Dina Montgomery. Below, left, are Kay Kimball, Dee Kimball, Kary Reed, Cindy Collins, Kelly Hardy, and Leslie Kyman. , .f"""T , NNTS VARSITY BASKETBALL The Titan varsity included managers john Mc- Standing are Coach Kearney, Mark Eggleston, Osker, Greg Warren and Steve Winter. Kneeling are Mike Murphy, Doug Horne, Greg Lake, Mark Paul Baranowski, Mark Iams, jerry Koontz, Todd Walsh, and Coach Coyle. Foster, Kevin Steele, and Doug Langston. 1 I 7 u-'dv Q A., LW, A 1 X f 1+ ' Til! 1"""'--7 ll In terms of wins, it wasn't a good year for boys basketball - in fact, the faces of coaches, spectators, and players in the picture below pretty accurately sum up the dejection often felt by Titan fans this past season. However, there were no quitters, neither on the floor nor on the bench. The team played each game to win, they acted like it, and when the contest ended both team and fans could leave the gym with heads held high. xx N GAME ACTION ,A ' -HTII5 ,Q Ax4 N WQQ 'I4 UNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Taking a cue from the varsity team, the junior varsity also found themselves on the short end of a long season. Shown below are T.A. Shover 1505, Steve Campbell 1245, Mark Hart fwith the rebound5, Mark Iams C555, and Bill Kairis 1425. ,,,,,, ,,,, . t W xf',f1,folTW----1-frl"""li 5 MW' 40' ri" """w"'f 1 R- , . 5, . 4 , , , ,, , 5 -4""' 2 S' , ' I x fi ' A f I W ' ' '12- gg!! www' FRESHMA BASKETBALL 9 I ,Nm ,ff The Frosh blue team showed promise of a bright future, compiling a 17-1 season record. Kneeling are Kevin Hill, Kevin Hughes, Rick Murphy, Eric Koontz, Craig Hunsaker, and Mike Arendt. Standing: Coach Yee, Steve Hatcliff, Todd Haggard, Todd Sanders, Ken Riecker, Mike Ciittus, and Doug Bishop. Below left, Bill Hoeft goes up to control a jump ball, and below right, Rick Murphy drives for a score. 4 , 1 ' 4 Q , 4., W' JESS 7, r gb The Frosh red team, season winners with a 12-6 Mehlman, Man Baranowgki, Bob LeSatz, Bill record, included Mark Scott, Steve Conrad, Dave Hoeft, Mike Chopas, Trip Hooker, and Coach Andreen, lason Martin, Loren Ray, and Kenny Stegall. Yee. Standing are manager Randy Ball, Cole pr'," f ,vrf Q ffyfffffflf fflllfff 1f'rrr1rnf'!i11,"Y'," lva1f'1fa 1. SOFTBALL TEAMS ,.,.'. 2 1 5 , 'ff 6198 ff a ' ,J 1 ,Q WW H wwwiw i,:.,fJ1 .fr , . .J , , f l-,, '4a.?u,..11,'..' A" U. .,., , a-,.--. g J f LT . .N.k,g,,:y,,, . --an f-'-g -vwv f f , ,N 1. ... u . 1 r 1 ,41v+ 1 er-1, ff!" 1 ,?f:z,.,S"35w K 44,-ea' ' - . A. A 0 W2 - ' i .. M' ..-Ma.,-. ,,.. . X 'N N r v Q Y . 5 at fifggggf wt 'figgjff' if . ala my if .- VZ: WJ: 'niev T "Mm 5-1911 LW of eta .ffm jf, W , , . gg iii? ,gg ' 1 , an """ " ,, .W fd, tink' as :wx ufvw- A , s...-fww, gary' The varsity softball team won six games this year, however, they lost seven. Lori Hart, pitcher and first base, was an all-city first team selection, while Bari Margolf and Brenda Moody were picked for the all-city second team. The varsity team, pictured on the opposite page, consisted of Robin Rundle, Carolyn Taylor, Ciina Hicks, Wendy Springborn, and Coach Haddock. Second row: Sue deWerd, Lori Hart, Bari Margolf, Brenda Moody, and Teri Horton, manager. Third row: Diane Lambert, Lee Bulkeley, Amy Gardner, julie Walters. L ' t t T.. . -f I -wnnaips .. , ,. '-. 1 g f? 1- -:J--f . t B ' 3' -' " rf , xi 1 as H R Y l f T is-wwe 5 S Sk 'P t r t M 5 ', K .nw..1. if - tk .. I ,S .wus H. ,. rw it Q, .S x-we-.. Members of the junior varsity are Erin Burke, Patricia Taylor, and Virginia Hawkins, first row. Kneeling are Mendy Overmeyer, Nancy Stiles, Kathy Stiles, Karin Rubin, and Shelly Cowger. Standing are Coach Fisher, Susan Medland, Sharon Pihl, Dena Montgomery, Leona Biller, Nancy Merkle, Fran Kida, and Shauna Sodikoff. .fi ,Dx l Se 'f' fi 5.0. sg. 4 g,?a.r sr tv.. N 153 WRESTLI G Titan wrestlers did not have an outstanding year. ln fact, the year was nearly uneventful, save for Dave Martin, who earned a spot in the state meet. That's Dave at right, having just torn the head off an opponent. Below, Frank Scarcello awaits his opponent. On the varsity team, bottom of page, are Cam Volini, David Ashley, Todd Flesner, Andy Schmich, George Livermore, Eric Robbins, and jeff Rowland. Standing are Frank Scarcello, john Ortiz, Dave Martin, Clint Herring, Tyler Maddux, Steve Owens, and Coach Dean. On the l.V. team, at right, below, are Chip Patterson, Todd Eggers, Dave Krumwiede, Russ Kartub, and Mitch Reiss. Standing are james Sutter, Rob Morisett, Mike Edson, Craig Seitel, Timothy Toy, and Coach Dean. 4 M lu 5' .. ,,.,,,,,t .,s,..-.,,.- ' T 1, TITANS RUN PAST SCGTTSDALE .4 Q '---4 Titan cross country runners did beat Scottsdale in the annual city meet, but except for that one sweet victory the season was a disappointment to the team. Illness, injury, and lack of depth hurt the Titans, though there were bright spots here and there: senior Paul Mosley had a fine year, as did .rw sophomore Mike Reed. a ffft b , 4 sy Coach MacPherson M Andy Basham F' F ' jeff Brendecke f' it Q , X 'em Phil Fernandez IMEV. Tom Finney ,, . ,,.,, . N-.451-f 4,5 ,,,1V,,,,gV if F F l Wi , ,1l's, Craig Freeman Chris Hattasch Tom Hickernell Paul Mosley IUK IU! ,,f fx A! X " 5' l'-' F F A ,lft I - l. ' jay Pelton Mike Reed Steve Wallace , , .ti Q 155 SECGND IN STATE! All year long it was a battle between Arcadia, Saguaro, and Chaparral of the Central Divison, and in the State Tournament it was no different. The Titan girls won the Divisional Tournament with a convincing win over Chaparral, but lost to the Firebirds in the finals of the State Tournament. On the varsity team were Charlene Gregory, Mendy Overmeyer, Amy Gardner, Gina Hicks, Brenda Moody, jill Jamison, Cathy Reid, and Kathy Gregg. Standing are Teri Horton, Marilyn Archbold, -ff W- ' - Cissy Cooley, Lori Hart, julie Hayden, 'T ff . T Q 'tt'l WT iiffl l Ruthie jones, Laurie David, and Coach W ' zz. g Hallman. ... , -M rsls . .lllsl Mft.. A A r A 901004, 9'-' in 4 V i K ...mi N gf .... s ,f at s Y Z. ,.. -I .V ,. fwfff AAA V UNICJR VARSITY X X, vQ,C-ADI AD1 QUAD! A 1 The junior varsity team included lan Kemp, Kelly Thompson, Laurie David, Cathy Reid, Kathy Price, and Kathy Stiles. Standing are Manager Susie Medland, Andrea Bierman, Diane Smith, Shauna Sodikoff, Coach Haddock, Marilyn Archbold, Dena Montgomery, D. Reid, and Manager Shelley Smith. 1 Mm ml T ARSITY BASEBALL at 1 -'F A .fa A rv vt W, ai ,f,."f. ,,. ',..',,,', W M7 4, ,, V f3f.,y1g42m2rsv.,?-Q, ,ff if-W wa-fflf , 'R 4 1. 14g??ls,, a1"':v. 1, ,V myua .".l",' 11-1 - , 'X'-, ,f .. .. ..,.,v" ' ..!+.,.1:c sf W - - -WWW' .-- 'lv , R ' ff if C f , at K M2 , J 1, L The Titans just missed a berth in the divisional playoffs this year, and ended with a record of 7-12. ln the first row are Frank Scarcello, Brooks Thomas, john Buerlein, Rich Peterson, Mark Karam, Len Peeveyhouse, Artie Bennett. Second Row: jim Pence, john Tankersley, David Stolberg, Paul Roschival, Bob Turley, Rick Reid, Greg White. Third Row: Paul Baranowski, Gary Hunsaker, Rick Butler, David james. Top Row: Manager Chuck Warren, Chuck lCoachJ Buerlein, Coach Schifino, Steve Winters CManagerl. Not pictured: Tim Porch. 'X Qi! 'liiifqqzsw 'M fry W 8 'Q W:,,,.f-ff 1Q"'s .'- A , ,,,,., 1... fa. gh, ,Q-im v 1 gm! I W.- N v, -2, my 1 yn V., f5i,vmf,,Q , . HH Q,-r,m' :L?:,liy 4 eff ' :vw .V Hz, . J., F Y Mr M y3 !,, f ,, . th n ' sv' L iv' 1 A SOME HIT SO E RU , SCJME WATCH ""' 6 x .4 ,N K' .W'..f ,,,..f."" . if f 1, ,S ' A 5,,,,gjQb,5. 'A kjh: -X s.1 Q .k+lil,,553x . ,?LQAw,k:,5,,j W f ,Vin nj,-A-"fiigfjiifwrfg"QR.M'f"'.i 3-at i W Q,- ' 1'-x.j-v".a2fi, -'ff W , Sf! 1 x' 'f Q f f f ' . ' ' " in k ' M 'Y' -""i?9bffufig-vL'f.g 1- 'Mi' ff wg - ' UW ., 'gw""5 T' . .- Ki' ' 3-'Q' -V .5':f'Qefsf.Nf,s.'2r+i?Egg -:f:,p1'.: ' -fin .fy . f fx Hz 4, - Mm M 2,2155 gim- Q-.em - ., - g . N - Q. ,Q sn- .' ,,f..,, 5 ..- K Q -- A K -, gy.k,ai.,9 1 i, 3, , JN , . 4, ,X i - - - f , .1 N' ff - fm- ' - .SU -a Y fvfwi- 2 aff eff-.'-rx.-4,-I A 1, , ., Q- . K .f Q, 7 5, .1 f ,h Q ig3iq,Ar, S! Qi'-gg L , i ,frir gay, X . . 'N ,wg Q., .Q ,fu , if 59 , Ks, , Q, WY-ivy A Y A 2 X P 1 . S "1 Q f' Ulla 4? BUYS, GIRLS TRACK Gail Andrews Leona Biller julie Bird Diane Bindelglas Mike Braden Missy Burchinal Cindy Collins Tim Creighton Mary Bird Liz Bracken Clare Chalmers Wayne Cunningham ,, f' C 1' X Nancy DeLuca' Cindy Dugan Mark Eggleston jeff Farlow Phil Fernandez Mark Gangsei Lisa Hamilton Colleen johnson joel Koreng Tom Kelly Randy Lee Andrea Leibsohn I s ,sl Tyler Maddux Marianne Madsen Barb McHugh Phil McKinney Paul Mosley Scott Newbanks Krista Peter Sharon Pihl Lisa Provost ' N744 ,, 'Zi' 'f3l"L'iW 'V 4 1 -'4":zf6f:'.: I X ,, , 55,45 , 7 9 6 V H ' ,f 1 4 ' M xx fl, ,.,' u 5' 1' - E ' R I janet Richardson jill Robison Tiffini Robison 'W -ff',..r,,. ,f ,, 'ww 4 t" ' -affelaiafi N 352225 T M .thaw ,gnu-v"""""'N Ll i 12 -V 3 - ,,,. ff 5 'H fdiwg u 5 .35 H . is ff -ffm 1 - fi C 4 y if Melanie Schmich john Senini Patricia Taylor Faye Tigges Spencer Smith Tracy Starkweather Coach Brown Coach johnson loan Zonis Coach MacPherson STATE cHArv1Ps1 The girls' Gymnastic team topped off a terrific year by taking the divisional and state titles. The Arcadia gym- nasts had a 6-1 dual meet record this year, missing a per- fect season by .35 ofa point to Saguaro. At the divisionals, two school records were set. The total final score was 211, and 107.2 was achieved in the compulsories. Arcadia sent five girls to state: joan Savoy K4 year lettermanl, Marlene Lipphardt C4 year lettermanl, Ann Fisher K3 year lettermanl, Michelle Mitchell K3 year lettermanl, and freshman star Kelly Knowlton. vJ" 'QWQW H 77773 Seated: Madonna Smith, Diane Lasky, Lisa Michelle Kester, Kelly Knowlton, joan Savoy, Peterson, Ann Fisher, Michelle Mitchell, Heidi Coach Stamm,Lynn Iohnson,MarleneLipphardt. Cederlof, Maretta Hartsfield. Standing lon Standing lon columnsl: Elisa Phipps, Krista Peters, groundl: Patti McNeill, Marilyn johnson, Kim Kinard, Debbie Sheaks, Randie Levine. + W 11 " 'X , M .in Y 51 X BALANCE, Polsli, GRACE 'L Willl. Nw ,, ,, ...A ,Q . ATTRIBUTES OF CHAMPIGNS BUYS GYMNASTICS Although the boys didn't meet the same degree of success the girls did this year, the season was a satisfying one nevertheless. At right, Pat Oviedo holds a difficult position on the rings, below, team members pictured are Malcolm Thomas, Scott Esposito, Kevin McColm, Mark Hester, Pat Oviedo, David Cole, and Don Mejdrich. In the second row are Coach McMahon, Randy Fong, Steve Schultz, Andy Marshall, Doug Marshall, and Todd Hurley. t I QQ' ff .. ix V 171 MEET ACTIQ I Ah xy wwf. ,Aw::M,wn. f ' mm, f , 1 I ,,'. , Y , v- ' I 173 CIIRLS TENNIS TEAM THIRD IN STATE MEET! .D Z K , 174 Kneeling: julie Eads, Nancy Newbanks, Krista Petrini, Carol Baetzel, Kim Dolan, Kim Harrington, Robyn Vandenburgh. Standing: Beth Rhode, Coach Harrison, Alicia Lee, Tricia Mell julie Villapando, Laurie Goodman, Mary Dye, Kristi Clark, Sherri Isbell, Melissa Wilmoth, Bari Margolf, jean Sanders, Patty Merrick, Cathy Klekner, Susan Karam, Katie Harrison, Barb Francis. BADMI TO 1 ff aff , ...,, 1!:Qi at Row One: Lorri Kester, Tammy McCord, Dena Petrucciani, Deena Horwitch, Christy Baldwin, Sandy Parsons, Iudy Hall. Row Two: Michelle Kester, Melanie White, Gwen Harris, Maria Houle Rhonda Dunlap, Susie Medland, Mrs. Stamm. Row Three: Rebecca Albaugh, Kathy Bolles, Barb McHugh, Shelly Smid, Krista Peter, julie Lang. BUYS SWIMMI G At right, co-captain lim Parmer relaxes after a hard workout. Team members, pictured below in the front row are Matt Gruender, Craig Suiter, Bo Sederstrom, Alex Kalogianis, Bruce Hess, Andy Burnett, john Reiss, Coach Chadwick. ln the second row are Rob Morisett, Peter Gruender, Chris Lang, Court Houseworth, Karl Wang, jim Harrison, jim Parmer, Chris Baker, Todd Eggars, David Bannenberg. On the opposite page, john Reiss strokes toward the finish, Coach Chadwick chats with team members, and a diver displays good form as he leaves the board. 1, K I , K .- K K pig? I KKAK, fl ,ir - -..., ...L At right are team co-captains jim Parmer and Court Houseworth, immediately below, Karl Wang finishes a long, grueling race. At bottom right, the team divers are shown: Carey Smith, Rhett Cooney, Gordon Hardy, and Dave McGarey. At bottom left, Coach Chadwick is dunked by jim Parmer as Court Houseworth watches approvingly. GOLEERS THIRD IN STATE MEET ., . , Titan golfers had a good year l A with a 15-4 match record. After g placing second in the Yuma A eg ig itiof Invitational and the City ' e lf,-A Championship Tournament, the Titans won the Central Division matches and went on to place third in the State Tournament. Bret Borg and jeff Martin were two of sixteen -"H, golfers in the state to compete in 25' the National Coach's Association Senior Tournament. Pictured below in the first row are jeff Martin, Scott Bush, Bill Bellville, Cevin Allen, and Coach Lukian. In the second row are Bob Gustafson, Bret Borg, Derek McCarron, Peter Tenney, and Covell Allen. Mike Frieswyk, though a team member, wasn't present when the picture was taken. -.Yung 71 M651 Numllffba. was ,S ,Ax gif 'al .. gjf.,g1:,..,f..f,. gy. f, .f ,V A .X .ga -U fri. , lf rv fy. 59355 Kfpgfjyiye -5,11 g f -ggi' MW! Qfmgg gm .'J,:,d 5. ,,ffyN.,j.Qg5g.: Q55 Q XQ,,MI,',.QQff?Wif2:i?2 5. :fs g.5.:,2' 5 525.53 .Q y 5.1 . W as ,gba K, .gg gym , 5,.w ,. .. g,g'jf,gf5 :wp ,P , Q. ggg .I f K' " ,.+,:5Q5f.??sg1.M Nfeux , .V , .::.:4?gg?5?i.5'::n', ,.,f5...y, , ?,3Q5,:ffai3:,,..z ,ff 2:33.53 15.3.5 ki m V .?qjf.i ggjswmz -tinyjyW,fy:i:5g?,.j5???i:k3.?:,.2 V.HU5F,.lAj:N,3V4.Zg gy Q.. is 65,5 gf 4 5 A f --ww: 5 5 42 gig.. ,F ,,. av f. , .5 ,ff 5.5 .. 5535 ff .gb f A 5QA.:5g,?5g.v,jq fy., V ,. gy' gfgfe5'jjmg,f3g?.1.: . .3 5f1.Qj.g,gf ,ff jj fifge ja. ,,.ijZij5f,.isQg:J',". ff ff ,W ,:f..h5.-Q 5 Efggk 5 3 5 V fig, 55 3 Uqitiyg sq, If V., f..,f'.4 gygqgg 5 W 13, : . W5 . ,. .. 51 5 I M: 5 5 Q ..f 5, 535,51 J. .. 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M ax 1 'T ,A I-"wan Y ,-dug, ..C' Y WN -NQNQETKI d 1' f X L" .Rf ' ex 3 4 ,Q seg f 6 i -,5,,.w4 . lv .li ap. UNDERCLASS JUNICJRS SHCDW THE WAY R.. sf Lucy Acosta T Shawn Albrand ' "' " Covel Allen V aff, , jim Allinger A h h A David Andrews ' rg-i"4' 1 " 1 Gail Andrews Patrick Arendt Chris Baker Chris Baldwin Shayne Baltimore - Ni- a n 2 WFP' M! ff' ff if, A l I A lli A , y :xg 1 1 . , - fi" Wx" www wt -vw -. K' 'lk ,E.f A ZAK ' junior class officers: Scott Patterson, Representative, Kevin Moran, President, Ray Bashkingy, Vice President, Lee Bulkeley, Treasurer, Linda Privoznik, Secretary, Karen Berry, Representa- tive. Following this leadership, the junior class has demonstrated enthusiasm in many spirit-building and fund raising enterprises- building this year's winning float, selling Titan megaphones, con- ducting Twirp week activities, and capping everything with a super prom. The entire class is looking forward to the challenge of their Senior year. At right, Dave Baum, Art Santora, and Kevin Moran cheer on our Titan football team. it. it Ms 3,9 1 182 if TWIRP WEEK A RAINY SUCCESS f i, B . S I A- S Ray Bashkingy S ' 2 S' V ,S S, i t Dave Baum 4 y S t f ' Ferris Bellamak ' fd SS , william Beuvaue ,S si : ,,,i Z:Vt N h J , N i mV V W SV, lay Beltz ,. r r - Z, xy is I Arthur Bennett ks' 91' C' 'fc 'f'-- , jay Benscoter -i,w.,-1 AW: E ASS PM W' J tw' 4, . S A 4 I S. , .r ' SS V -S Q Q4 "" ftt I X ,. if 'w Y if i I, A - A if , W S , 'sz an " ,K Scott Berger S S, ,,,... tm , S . Q, Karen Berry ii - 3 I. , 1- - ' ' . , ,-t' it S V lb VS Bryan Binder Mary Bird 3: 5 ,bi,, SS ,S V , 1 S S S Robin Bledsoe I i gig Kirsten Berdahl nr 1 ' 1 1 'i't "ii' U 5 ia. Sf' Steven Bloch f f aa K 1- 'N Cole Bobbe Toni Born Paul Botamer Michele Boynton . Edward Bowe I? I , Angela Braden Robert Brescia I ,Zi V .W , L- C. Edward Brown 4 ,WV in S S K - QS, -F h M y Doug Brown V PV ,it i w y yt 5' My Q ' 1 james 'Bucanek l L 3 'S an ,S C " ,,5,, " ' 'K Valentine Buckley , Nd w f N-,Z 'fa ' SS "'1 1' Y ls, ' ,,, - , Us . ,gr Ay, 'S , ' .S ,S 52 S, I S -' K ,S ' li lon Buehnef C S 1 f VV A Lee BulkeleY E rf is esiasf Sy 1 M y Sa iyy y Syyty S SS it L YS Q5 S 'Sw 'Y F' i S ' V . S l i f' I LE-S1 JSE? Melissa Burchinal R f fu r,-lil, seal: x. l if tk . Kevin Burke X Cynthia Burns J "Hr 1 'i-- james Burton ML , 'fx Andy Burnett -a S 5, fm, Scott Bush -4 lllr S, . B S R' h d B l A r 1 7 Xa Dhce il3ryunUt er Nancie Campbell john Cardell Roslyn Cardon Theresa Carpenter David Carter Chris Castillow I 46' 2 x, ,mlwv I 1 A Heidi Cederlof 'T .F I K Q' W .Xu , L 1 wappzd qg W M N X Katie Cessor Rebecca Chaiken Clare Chalmers 'ff .,, Timothy Chambers QQ, jon Chesnut Af- Leia Chopas Tamara Choules john Clothier .1lX fir. Curt Coletti ' ' ' Mark Collar S Rhett Cooney DeLaun Copenhauer , , Don Corbitt -2 x.. i Kay Corey Paige Cornell Hugh Cuff james DeLuca David Downum lanine DuBach Michael Dugan I 't is f Linda Dunham ,.... Rhonda Dunlap i f Sharon Dunn - Q., Gina Dyar . ' - - I I Mike Edgar A X K 1? WV... .. Michael Edson 'avg , U M it E I Xa afaii fiiilsl ar gg eston .67 iQ fig' Kelly Eichenauer E Nancy Elliott - 1 . . 1 ' Adam Ellison ' Kathy Emmans -' if ' F vu -X Kenneth Engberg , Q T lan Engebretson f A g Mary Engleman ' '- Gregg Ericson '-1' F Margaret Fahy 1, Syl David Fernandez S, " "' F if W' Tom Finney K, .1 ', . Ann Fisher Q X 1 F Carol Fleetham l If Randall Fong s1p.M,17f '32 "i. F Todd Foster R y ' Barbara Francis F Sherry Frazier 1 F ,ff if 5 ,Q f gf' Tammi Fulton 1 , F it X , F g' ' Michael Funkhouser F J ' Linda Games xt x JQS Pat Gammill y y tt i jennifer Geis , L F if .lg 'V' i David Gilchrist " 1 ' Carole Gilsdorf 1 Yu Heather Glass .Q Lori Gould li' E I J N If f fi 1 , fft 1 if L - , 9 ' ,,,,,, 5 -' xi Staci Green ,fi , ,f Perry Griffin i "ii " f g is .L iff, 5 Kathleen Gross X s' 1 is ' F ' 'V ' . Qt' 7 ' "' X Steve Haag 'A fi 7 H james Haasis N, I ,f Arthur Haenichen ""' 1 Robert Hahn y F 5. is Gina Dyer, a junior, won the 1976 13-15 girls national water skiing championship in San Diego last year. It was in Lake Mead this year that Gina failed in an attempt to repeat her win of that competition. She says, "The first day I skiied well, and the second, well, I fell twice." Not one to dwell on defeat, Gina is back in training hoping for a win in 1978. P J A Kelly Hardy fn r 'A Q3 ' wait f AQ , M 'I Q5 v 'f' iz, I Dance has filled much of Gail Andrews' life. After several years of ballet, jazz and tap lessons, she's been teaching for three years at Glenda Faulk's while still taking weekly lessons herself. Gail says, "ln dance, concentration is the most important factor-with it, per- forming is truly an experience, without it one cannot perform at all " Qi if Val Ree Hakes Robert Handy jerome Hannah jeff Hanson , n - Q ' 5 'L f if' L A M f , V is , M, A 4. . it I ' . Iv b N 1.55 . , ,,,,. WNW' if cw? . i Laurie Harmon Donna Harris , ., ,Y an at L, A jim Harrison fr' 'P ' ' R ,Ei V A 'X ,v Q A ,F . I Avic Q 74 ' , 'iirf J' af 'l ' Stephanie Hart l ll" 1 1 . s ' A flu' N Chris Hattasch i g, JN r X Nannette Hawkins ,l's is , 3 ' H J julie l'l3yd6I'1 it 1 , . . ,,,,'y , . l Allen Hendrix if r y A lj -Y X " " cgi 1 jamie Herzlinger 'Mg-,J VV 1 - QQ J Q 'D M ' ,I gf Scott Heubach .. Xf-- M lf ?l, 'I -'V g V 1, Tw 'f ' ' , V Gma Hlcks f -- 4 ' ,. :QQ Y E Av N :V 'rlf f X' Arthur Hidde , VV Y A 1, A i, , , H David Holloway L 2, , , - ' , Kendfa HOHOWHY Sliett llviiflg ,qi -I w a-f ,T Q j ,V f,ft 3 V 'l'l ' Dana Honeycutt , ,js G D D A . ' f A David Hooper Q '- . 51:2 A-fy Teresa Horton " Aj, ' 3 Deena Horwitch i i ii' ,, j - V, C Cindy Hubbard tt y .I L ,, fx y A Larry Huff V l K A ' 'J A - ,ff ,fl Gar H k nz, 'J .e I la 1 ' xi aaitl " - Y Uma er J. :.,, ,, ,A 4 tE. ',f ft Vi. ' Vi J i i Ha, ,Zh 47: if JI' .Z is' K ' ' r if X. l Q titr ri zz 1 A' if -xN 6, 3 js, ff f 1' Susan Hunter Todd Hurley julie Hurwich Mike Isbell David jacobs Leah jallo Roger jallo john janelli Gloria jarab Amy johnson Cindy johnson Gigi johnson Vicki johnson Ruth jones Mark Karam Matt Kasson Brian Keane Q Q ' Elizabeth Kehle Karen Kelly Sandra Kemp jeff Kennedy 4 I X jenny Geis relaxes before a Titan-Beaver football game. Mary Kern jerry Ketelhut Merlie Kieft Nancy Kile Kay Kimball Kim Kinard Kelly Kinchen Stephanie Klainer jerry Koontz Carolyn Kraemer Sandra Laderman Greg Lake Diane Lambert Chris Lang Stuart Langley Douglas Langston Diane Laumb Cynthia Law jim LePage Will Levison George Livermore Kay Locker Robin Loos Sharon Lundgren john D. Lutich Bill Mackay Merritt Magruder Leland Makemson Tony Marek Doug Marshall George Marshall Carol Marusiak Beth Mathers Doug Maxwell Carrie May Moira McCarthy Roxane McGrue Mary MGLarney Mark McManmon Patricia McNeill Sandra Medina james Medland Keri Meeks john Merrell Qt 3 .VC r i. ' 0,1 V '. s, A, Q: . hh' tlil V 1 fa r ,ii V w tg ., 'QQ M 0 jg' X f I 4 1 wa ' 1 1' - , TEE f I . . 'mfr' -iii f' 1 , ' liz. ,V fo- E, f 5.51" f ' gg? ' ' 4 tl 4. V 5 15' g, ,, ,fy ,I 91 '. a.,. 4 4' 4 1 - -' V 1, -, 9 if gif fx an Q M Y ' ft J PW: -t 4r':11g,iQ1 . M, Z, SQ V 9' liy lllll .. 1 ril, ,f W st S a- 5 MBI' 3 " 1 Wig? :ma fa -me las... '-as 4,2 "s-A 5' is Lee Bulkeley, class treasurer, keeps busy with school activities. L I I, 'IKM M., ., , ff M- aa? H' M ' ' ' 'P " V' 1 L N . W 1492 , f ' ft 1 ,5 ' ""' A , 7 Wendy Merrill ' , jfg ' rw Virginia Merwin l Angela Messina ' i li ' p 1 l 54.3 iill, P W Karen Miller ,a - if -, LOU MQHGH ,Ly ' - - Per: Minnesota L 'i' " 4 Q if ' f ffm 1 , was W . 1 r M- ' Michele Mitchell +I 1 g i up Renny Mitchell ia friaf ' Brian Mohney r My . 4. , 4 ff- L. ts ' ,,.' 2 - . , ' ' ' 'K 1' 9 X ' ' M65 X U W Dawn Moore J.. X t m ft ,f ' Q, 'xr I' 9' we 5 " J NM Karen Moore .Q il t'? .X1 ,K i V L Kevin Moran Lisa Murphy Andrew Myer Connie Nelke Scott Newbanks lim Nochta Barbara Odegaard -lf . 4 an , X f , X ,, JP Y l l M 1 ' is V ,yiy 1 s,,. ,M t ' 5 'T W z 1 t ' r,,, , ' , .. . y,, .t,, ,,ta 1,,,.,..N, V 1 1 .,. 7 ,v' - ,f f " 1 -we If 1 f . .J lx 1. I X I my .. 'K .vu X ,f :fi 5 1, 1 5 N. ' ve I 4' lf s , AW af' 1 1 'Z' S. .f xx . . rv' ' A. 1 - an , I Sherri Oden Katherine O'Neal Kevin O'Neill Cindy Onodera john Ortiz David Owens Karen Owens Sandra Parsons Scott Patterson Liz Pearson V Len Peevyhouse L Robert Perkins Sam Perri Krista Peter Kristi Peterson Robert Philabaum Elisa Phipps 1' N Bill Pittenger M ' l, f Eric Planeta jennifer Pool Greg Porter Chris Preisler Ruthie jones prepares to hang jerry Koontz. Cathy Price Linda Privoznik jean Psarros Marie Quinn Harry Quinsler Brian Rackley Elizabeth Rae Michelle Ramsey Edward Redinger Ann Renfro Stephen Reynolds Bryce Robbins joel Robbins loy Rockwell Mary Beth Roden Christopher Roe Kaylene Rogers Richard Rosio jeff Rowland David Rumore Carolyn Rust David Rutan Sandra Salina Scott Sanders Lynne Sands Arthur Santora Tina Sarns Mary Scarcello Cathy Scatterday Mark Schabacker Carol Schicker Melba Schlensig Andy Schmich Grant Schmidt David Schock Mari Schwerdtfeger Robert Sederstrom GeriAnn Sefton Nancy Sell john Senini lon Sessions Christine Shaffer Debbie Sheaks Scott Shelberg jeff Shrake janet Shulman Sterling Shumway Paul Shwabe Kathryn Siroky ,pa 1 .- . n i 335295 ape' 4. idk' H - JB W- vd' is 'H' , l , l S L 1-. I f W-vi - . I gy I iw- . I 1- 1 Z 'A 5' ' ' I 'TZ t vii' ..g.4 ge, 3 .T if Robert Skree Dan Smith Debbie Kay Smith Gary Smith Loni Smith Spencer Smith Tracy Smith Qa- WR it -gf" N. S ' I 5 . r 5 a 1 . I ' an Q ..,, -.f. The junior class enjoyed building this year's win- ning float. The theme was from Sesame Street and the junior float portrayed Oscar the Grouch and was made of napkins, chicken wire, aluminum foil, wall paper, and cardboard. Oscar was de- signed to appear and disappear in his garbage can as he was paraded by the grandstand. At least fifty juniors helped build the float, including Ruthie jones and jerry Koontz ion opposite pagel as well as Kendra Tollackson, Todd Hurley, Kevin Moran, Art Santora, Dave Baum lseated in above picturel, and joel Robbins, Carol Gilsdorf, Rebec- ca Chaiken, Greg Stiles, Cindy Hubbard, and Donna Harris Cstandingl. K. 1 Anne Soldo Rosemary Speaker Wendy Springborn Ron Standish Lynne Standley Rebecca Stark Tracy Steffy lane Stein , 9 p ' .., lf. If ,, ,E , f ' i rr ' 7. Mark Stephens Greg Stiles David Stolberg Karen Sullivan t if , 14, fs 4 nl im ' 5' 'Hr' .sy .T .S , Michael Stewart Steve SI. Germain Michele A. Storace as J rt f THE CLASS OF 1979 PLANS FOR THE FUTURE . ,g e Katherine Sullivan Sue Ann Sullivan A N W 1 1' Wendy Sullivan T T 'F Adam Sutton john Switzer . A Stephanie Tamasaukas T Morgan Tanner 53,1 4-Y an N 1 1' 1' f ya xt Qlf - ' , -M rp 'llv 'll' Carolyn Taylor Fred Tejan joy Templeton Pete Tenney Chris Terry Shelley Tickler Bob Tietjen 3 ' ,gs xg, Vg V ll'-'img li Fay Tigges Kendra Tollackson Mark Toth - - 1 r -gf-g i s- I Tim To A , Y Bob Turley Robert Turner Cindy Tuxhorn .- t-1 tte, an K' ,',, . . ' 'V Q-. N it .- ' A -an . J A t 'H X. 5 Cindy Tyler g wt . - F 15. ,-vi . ' v' T A xg, 8' r - V FN., Robyn VanDenburgh A ,fp gi Todd Vaules Janis Villalpando :I " ' A l lll r e Kathy Villella T l l -A Illl . -Elia: ,, , f ,t t. wp as ,f ,ww gl sw " Q A .rf Q. 5, -g l . l 1... f . Q. , W' ' 'Cd R -A s " 5 t . Bill ,Q Q .--.-- f 5, if ' Q X 'X fs J WH Q, f , tt fs l l fl t w, x tt t C araaa E as gt , ii' 2 S ' NFQQYF 'L Carol Marusiak, junior, and P.l. Harvey, sophomore, have taken man's age old yearning for flight one step further, as both are taking piloting classes and eventually hope to re- ceive their licenses. After being at the controls for the first time, PJ. says she felt "really happy and excited", while Carol was "slightly pale and anxious", but after comparing their dif- ferent flying experiences, Carol and PJ. agree on one thing- "flying is super!" M , it t tf Q C, ,K S 'JS f N,,,,ff'i: It Q , A ,, - x. .. 52,323 4. .r ,ss . The past year has been an exciting one for Sharon Dunn. After being crowned Miss Arizona, she represented our state in the Miss Teenage America Pageant in Louisiana. Being selected fourth runner up at the pageant was quite an honor for her. Looking back on the past year's experiences, it is the national exposure Sharon enjoys most, for "as an aspiring actress and model, I can use any little foothold I can get." W--V Gina Volini tr 1 Q-l f A Q ' Susan Wade J A Gordon Walker ttf , J if "SQ Y M Anne Wallace a- P 5 ,4 tf"' Steven Wallace Mark Walsh Wendy Warner Tom Webb Charles K. Wells Chris Welsh Bruce Wersel Kevin West . 'ill A Lisa Wheeler Mary Whitcomb - Q Beth White La Donna Wilder Elizabeth Wiley Linda Willoughby Mary Wilmoth Robert Wilson Suzanne Winkelman Nicole Wittels Katherine Wohl jill Wolfenbarger Stacy Wood Daniel Zalud CFFICERS LED THE CLASS GF 1980 fn. AN ,I ., OV if 4 K3 s. fai Q' -' f ' Enthusiasm and spirit set the stage for a great year for the class of 1980 Starting the year with a very successful car wash, the class then constructed an excellent Homecoming float. However, because of the toughest float competition in years, the class of 1980 took third place. Various types of sales increased the class financial status, finally, to top off an already excellent year, the class sponsored a ski trip to Sunrise. Class officers pictured above are jenni Horne and Pete junker, class Representatives, standing beside Beth Smith, Secretary. Seated are Liz Licosati, Treasurer, Craig Seitel, President, and Marilyn Crouch, Vice President. Pictured at right, Craig, Beth, and Marilyn represent Sophomore class interests during an ICIC meeting. ' ' ll Michael Abt Craig Ackerman Rachelle Adrian Becky Albaugh Christina Alvey Nancy Amado Linda Augeneder David Ausley Nanette Austin Mark Avent Carol Baetzel Nancy Bailey Susan Bakunowski Kathy Baldwin Kim Baldwin Michel Balestrieri Gregg Barr Kevin Beaubien David Bernick Steve Beuerlein Ann Bigus Dianne Bindelglas Laurie Bley Brian Blockey Enrique Bocedi Kathy Bolles Martha Boppart Katherine Bradbury Michael Braden jeffrey Brendecke Mark Broadley David Brooks Sally Brown Barry Buchanan Cynthia Buchanan Steve Bunger Peter B. Buralli Brian Burgoon Andrew Burton jeffrey Caldwell Steve Campbell ll y Dina Davies and Alex Knox enjoy their fig participation in spirit-building week fi' ,l "' prior to the Chaparral game. SDPHS CREATE CCCKIE M NSTER Deborah Carr Paul Carsten Carol Chicoine Chris Chloupek loleen Clark Merrian Clark Trudy Clifton 'x 0 v- N4 , if Debbie Coblentz David Cole Colleen Collins y Cindy Collins V ' Lori Costanzo Debora Corbin Michele Cowger 1 . ' i ff C if ix if, s ,f, l ,C QV s , gf V Wi :W-fi'i' ' if V A Debbie Cox "' , '- A D' C hb " ff' H lane reat aum 5 5 a Christy Critser ' 4, Hill. fi. Merrilyn Crouch Ray Crum Wayne Cunningham ll' KJ. iw Q 7 W Simone Cupchak Susan Cuthbertson Kevin Czerwinski W' ., mg f ,, A X I via uf xii , 'iii-,W..,1 l M "' -I X' " zf -f r' Y W in -V i. if if ll Frank Damato Diana Damm lohn A. Dana as iv W' is 15' V2 N 9 Jw- ' Susan Danesi Dina Davies Kimberley Davis ,ll ii Av 4 if " 2 para, fy is Daniel DeBrosse Lisa Della Rocca Nancy DeLuca 752 1 W. 1 Mm - Te ' Q 5 in Susan deWerd ff: E I fl V If ,W , . , W 'ff' ,, , f jjrr L all f fm L if V lame-S Dew if " V v , . I 3 4 " r ,- f ' ,: ,E,. . im fs ly W . are 41 gl - vw 1 K X v Harry Dole A L , ,L ' , julie Eads ' f if ' Mary Eaton + ,,f L' V 4-mlgitj wx lg Eric Eaves Dia..-:.-aa: "'f"'-"" L Sz:-me-. Mike Ebert if: 'L 8"""'x fm' ' - I 'Ei w e .rra,,V K . 8+ -. ff' 'IU nu 5llvin,,,,,d - l XL.. - Q. 51 5' L' ' fr, me-it r L ' I s S A 1 N, i , f " fix as 7. . ,f 1 gh r Q' 7 Nz' A W, ll l ' A Li "9 , , i ' , ' Bug "'-Q , --ia, i Lx N j if ri 4 PM 2' , " ' . , l, iff " A Us ' if fy.,-L' 1' , -dl V, . L: 3352 if F ' f I -73-i ,V . 4 ' Z 'rf if .. age 3 SK- ' 6 F 'ffl .. ,nm ,, ,Z Q. - fw F f.: . Hnwfff 1 ,LJ 'f 'XZ' APAZNFN LTATEC. 5- 'rx Z-, IAN x L 9 A v9 ,,, 0 . Y ,Nh R.. b all E' Todd Eggers Lisa Emmans Melba Esquivel Stacy Eustice Danny Fagin jeff Fairchild jeff Farlow john Fernandez Todd Flesner Donald Floor Michael Floor Andrew Ford Martin Frederick Sandra Fulton Leah Ganelin Mark Gangsei Nicholas Gannis George Gavit Gina Gianquinto Richard Gilbert Helen Gilkey Mike Giuntoli Fred Good Laurie Goodman Charylene Gregory Chuck Griffin David Grimes D. Barry Groom Matt Gruender james Gustafson Pamala Hakes Abby Hansen Kareen Hanson Gwendolyn Harris Katharine Harrison Donald Hartin Lisa Hartley Maretta Hartsfield Priscilla Harvey Virginia Hawkins Lynda Henley Sonia Hernandez Clinton Herring Thomas Hickernell Dennis Hill jim Hill Kevin Hill David Hogan Nancy Holmes Bryan Holtrop Mark Holtrop Marc Homan jenni Horne Trisha Hough Mark Iams Susan jacobowitz David james Anthony jarab F. Annette johnson Colleen johnson Marilyn johnson Mike johnson Phillip johnson Deborah jones Pete junker Bill Kairis Russ Kartub Georgia Kelso Stephen Kennedy Pat Kerwick Michelle Kester Bernard Kida Frances Kida Brenda Kim In Bang Kim Dee Kimball Tamara Kimm Cathy Klekner Carol Kline Debra Knott Alexandra Knox Mike Korens Richard Korzuch ms? ttlfr 'af A l fr in riff ,T ,fps N - T ol, ,Taq sa w 1 or 2 lv -ii-T ,fw l 0 I if 1 . L 't 'Y X ' V if . l ll f T N ,,f1- , f . ' ""' in ' f 'V , , - '- Az . , 'Q V . V -Q.: 1 b i 4 ff ,Ig X , 4 ,la- Ibu-ma in N M 5s 1 if ,V , C 1 1, I' z . .. Q X f -. Z in 5 , .,,. fl. A 1 I l' I T1 va f was K 4 fd ! V 1. I. My Cheryl Koskela Mindy Koven Philip Krisher Dave Krumwiede Leslie Kyman Catherine Laflin Kevin Lamer julie Lange Vali Langston Mark Lapusan Suzanne Larson Karen Lasky Dawn Lee Randall Lee Frank Leisner Linda Leisner D. Mark Leland Mark Leonard Randie Levine jeff Levison Josephine Levy Christine Lewis Elizabeth Licosati Sara Lister Diane Ludwig DeeAnn Lyftogt Paul MacDonald Robert Machmer Kathy MacLean Robert MacMillan C. Tyler Maddux john Makrai Tim Maloney Andrew Marshall Betsy Martin lulie Martinez Bruce Massie The finished cookie monster! CLASS GF 1980 HAS A SUCCESSFUL YEAR Scott McDaniel Holly McGrue joseph McGuire Barbara McHugh Mary Ann McLaughlin Peter McLoughlin Gail McNeely Suzy Medland Carol Mejdrich Tricia Mell Nancy Merkle Patricia Merrick Carol Merwin Dan Meservey 'x , i' F . ia' 9 an Q 'Ti' J 4,1 of , I mul' ,WM 2? 1 W0 gi ' 'J , ,fl 4 , l.,, . WX xg ,, vw , f' bun:-ib0ov,w-flaw l E ff, ' T98 at Mark Michael james Miller Steven Millman Gina Minchella Scott Mitchell David Moline Laura Moline Pamela Moore Luther Moorhead Rob Morrisett Tracey Morrison Bob Moseley William Mullen Candace Mundorff Daniel Murry Scott Myhra Cynthia Nagle Terry Neel Peter Nelson Nanci Newbanks Walt Norton E Q9 1 1' t A "'-Vs . AW 55, " ff- L Tl M 4 4 , fa ,.t-r ' 1 ' S11 f v ! T gf z 4' 0 1 :L are in, it 7 ' , ' 9 . , ,sf 2 ltafigff 549- l 41 T AZ 2 ' -y ,,A fv Il, 7' QSM, , E "xx A ffl!! 1 Q , 625 SJ' an ll fn Ek .. X C w.,..' f ff 'I-' at nys . T 3 ' IEA . T '- 'Jap t ts? 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Sears Craig Seitel David Sell Mike Seller Donald Sessions jamie Sherrard Trent Shover Paula Sikokis Denise Simms Erin Simser Shelly Smid Alfred N. D. Smith Brian Smith Cheryl Smith Connie Smith Elizabeth Smith Tim Smith john Snekvik Shauna Sodikoff jeffrey Song Danny Speros Sharon Sponcel luli Springborn Tracey Starkweather Rebecca Stegwell Tom Stein Pamela Stelzer Craig Stephens Bruce Stewart Scott St. Cielais Michael St. Germain Rick Stickel Nancy Stiles Tuesdie Stolworthy D. Michael Stringer 1 "' " , f fi' Q 'Wm 6 ,f 1 y f 155 f' +A ' W, ,Wx i Y ya f ' L X 14 ., ,.,, f KJ M fl 7' in .--ms ' 'im . ZW jg IE, nf T if 2 ? 1 4 , .,', : AZ , ,5zf,f.,y,.,,,,.,w ,11w9fM.,l,4.,., H Becky Wright and Carol of homecoming week. , ,S in ,ff ,z E Q i T' 1 K, ' B krkikkk x , -s w as 0- X A - aj f 'V - 1- K in 1 wear N I R ,E .,., ,wr --M s- ' ,'Q..Z'f 1 -'f , ' f " 's i tsl L J .. ...,-Q 4- . . tw 'K , r 2. Q N 'Will ll T 'L fllllfi Q- N 1 ll' W v- 2 - if. .. 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Usselton jill Vanderslice Steven Vershure julie Villalpando Cam Volini Lori von der Heydt Todd Waling lim Wallace julie Walters Kelly Warner Susan Weast Rory Wertz lodi Wheeler Robert Wheeler Melonie White Theodore Wiersema William Wiess Richard Wiley Shelly Wilson Tammy Wold Darcy Woolford Eric Wooten Karen Wright Rebecca Wright Deborah Wyckoff Bryce Yoder Thomas Zittle Molnar Aridso Anne Soldo William Vander Werf CLASS OF 1981 CHOCDSES FRIEDLA Alyse Abbate Susan Abbe Enrique Aceves Cheryl Akers Cevin Allen Steve Alley Eric Altenbernd David Andreen Christine Andrews Abby Apple Marilyn Archbold Michael Arendt Tracy Austin Thornton Avent Monte Aye Kathleen Baker Terry Baldwin Randy Ball Matthew Baranowski Ariel Barbeito Liliana Barbeito Freshman Class officers from left to right, first row, are: Margo Friedland, President, Kathi Rhode, Representative, Mike Berry, Representative. Second row: Chris Tucker, Vice President, Lisa Collier, Secretary, Kristi Clark, Treasurer. Arcadia's freshman class began the year full of spirit and ready for a fun-filled year of service and fund- raising projects. The car wash was a soapy success and candy and bagel sales were great. The freshman class is looking forward to three more fantastic years at Arcadia. -A sr A 4 Y ,,, . H ,,,, ...S av-, Z ly 4' We QQ ,,".-f V Z 4 ' ' A ,..2 erik X W4 ,MH I 4. Q 1 I X 1 J K P I j JZ m W ,,.. , ...., C Xa", l ' ,VN may TD LEAD FROSH ACTI ITIES MX Qt Cs R iw I 57, A X LX Vai Z C! if y? 'V' -f 'A' If ' A I ' W-. , ' 1-M ff' x' , '2 is Kevin Barnett Mark Basham jeff Beltz Catharine Belverud David Benner Paul Benscoter Mike Berry Andrea Bierman Suzanne Biers Leona Biller Sharlene Binde julie Bird james D. Bishop Melissa Blackwelder Anne Bloemker Dwight Bodine lodi Books Rob Bowe Rick Bowman Sherilynn Boyd Elizabeth Bracken Ferdinando Brescia Bill Broderick Carolyn Bunger Erin Burke Libby Burke Carol Burbeck Gary Buttinghausen Brian Butts Marianne Campbell Mark Campbell Scott Campbell Bradley Cardon Ethan Carter Mark Caster David Cazel Scott Cederlof Martha Chadwick Eugene Chandler Pamela Chapman Ben Chloupek Michael Chopas Kristi Clark Melissa Cohen Lisa Collier Mike Collin Carol Collins Linda Comer Steve Conrad David Cook Robert Corbitt jenny Costello Barry Cox Maureen Coyle George Cravens ludy Curtis FRESHME IGY . Tammy Dane Laurie David Van Dayton Charles DeLoach Marc Della Rocca Kimberly Dolan Marian Dole Martha Dole Fred Dougherty Anthony Dow Suzanne Downing Cynthia Dugan Mary Kay Duyck Daryl Edson Carla Eldredge jeffrey Elliott Sarah Ellison Tracy Ericson Leslie Ewing Mark Fanta Edward Farrow Scott Faso Keith Feller Eric Fencken Timothy Flesner Edmund Fochtman Marvin Forsythe Yvonne Foster Margo Friedland Tina Fulton Edward Games Amy Gardner Neel Geshwind Gregory Gesicki Marc Geyer Robert Gilsdorf Mike Gittus jonathan Goldberg Michael Graham Katherine Gregg Peter Gruender Todd Haggard Lisa Hamilton Cheri Hansen I, L' T ggi is Y X ,if M it all l l X 4 ..,.' ' 5' 5 M .ig 5534 6' 23141: if M ,l tex lu , as J 0 N 6, eh Ts, at 'iff av F Y X. I .L yi .ik . .3 :vw 3, Q ' L -Q f f f 'lt . ' fl .. Fl N. - ' . ' ' 5 4 .sw ss.t 1 G ,xii T LQ-L ,sk bf --"i1 'lf ..,,tts-- af 151: . .4 ,-12:1 f' "gy :,, ' v ap- . i r -v - y :guna 'L yu . 6 Z-4 RQ .. V , E. 1 I .-gf. X Mg, A t 4,7 . .. 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Andy Herbold Bruce Herr Emily Hertzberg Ronald Herzlinger john Hickman Michael Hicks Lisa Hill Alan Hinchcliff Sheri Hislop William Hoeft Patricia Holdridge Deborah Holtrop Lloyd Hooker Maria Houle Kevin Howard Mary Howard Kevin Hubbard Kevin Hughes Stephen Hughes Kevin Hull Craig Hunsaker Erin Hurley jim jacobs Randall jahn Margaret james Suzanne jarab Donita johnson Michael johnson Sherri johnson Chris johnston Cynthia jones Edward jones Alexander Kalogianis Susan Karam Adrian Kashey Andrea Katsenes Thomas Kelly lanice Kemp Kirk Kennedy Cindy Kim Deukwon Kim Deanna Kleindorfer Chris Kline Kelly Knowlton Eric Koontz Annie Kritikos Tom Kuk Blake LaFolIette Allison Lake Michael Lambert Scott Langley Kenneth Laycock Bob LeSatz Stephanie Lee Andrea Leibsohn Robin Leitzel Lori Lennan Tamara Leonard David Letchworth Sheila Leutz David Lewis Kim Locker Rob Logan Dwayne Luther Matthew Lynch lanis Lyon Kimberly Machmer Kirsten Maddux Larry Madonia Sharon Madonia Alphonse Maglio Kathleen Makrai Gina Maldonado Kurt Mallery David Manning jason Martin Tomas Martinez john Maston Karen Matheson ,is 1 1 '- ia-. ,,, j f J FQ K I ' Q : f Q il' s in il I , f W K , A" . , , 'f I 1 K - if ' .. wr 1 N l A . 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Quinn Brenda Rackley Kenneth Ragle Loren Ray Allan Redwine Denise Reeves Catherine Reid Curtis Reid Andrea Reynolds Freshmen converge at Snack Bar Katherine Rhode janet Richardson Kenneth Riecker Marc Robbins Bridget Robinson john Roden Ambrose Rojas Rosaline Romney Sharon Roossin Michael Root Patricia Rosio Charlene Rowe Barbara Rubin Allan Sanchez Todd Sander Deanna Scarcello Chad Schloss Greg Schubach Thomas Schultz Mark Scott Claire Sechler Laura Shaffer joseph Silvio Melanie Smid Diane Smith Holli Smith loan Smith Kenneth Smith Kimberly Smith Madonna Smith Terri Ann Smith Eileen Splain Diane St. Germain Patricia Steele Kathy Stiles Kathleen Stilson Kurt Stitcher Daniel Strick john Strom Nancy Strouss jeff Stuart Kathleen Sullivan Cindy Talbot Patricia Taylor FRESHME LEAR .4 Vr,1 V ccyy V is 1' ff! tx ygrt., atc '9 at W if si I - f 1"r i . - - ' ' tafz ,Wt js, F X MY I 1 1 .f .fu-. a' H, .4 S t .41 'Haut .- , 5, fi it 'tif' 'far if ,. 0 ,M X vb f Mt Bt rm ' , '?- W, M. 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ACULTY AROUND THE CAMPUS Photos by Phil Fernandez k, , ngyg,,4nv.,,,.. , ,,gM:,.-,...,-, - W"- 5525 l , , fa, 1 :.L - .,-'15, ARCADINS PRINCIPALS I OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Lyons Mrs. Walker Mrs. janapolis Mrs. Finley Mrs. Greenleaf Mrs. Buenger .5 ... vi 1 . gl . K 1 r in lf' 5 GUIDANCE sS N Mr. Webb Mrs. Dunn Mrs. johnson V -1 iw " K tg VV Fvil' 'F . x kv'-ff' -.A Samir I -:sz 1'. ' Mrs. Neid Q X .s sys M .gp-F ,W .-A If Q x-Q 4, X 44 1 ,L 'naw nf Mr. Penfield Af va SJ' 2 ..,V ,.A, i 'W ' .-2" -7 .. I hu A ,Jo 'jf as f' i mf' l fs ,, s- U' 5. . ff' 5 A '14J11"2bQ3fw , QQ, My M i fx " j aw ,M Ez. .f ' m"W' rlr F--B Mrs. Robestad ,gr srwrr Dr. Wuebker E GLISH ,H ff 7 eeee e ee ee M ,QAA M 6 4 H e e M , L me M e M MMe MMMM eeM , l - Mr. Cowie j , JJ L 3 Mrs' Clough 'VLV I V Lagrxwrgr 5 lv Mrs. Hagen ,-1 A : , Mrs. Haugeland m'ii Mr. Hepner 5 fe. f as e Mr. Kimbell 31-K ,1f- Aff M f Mir Q X Mr. Larabell ,A ,'.V J :L '24 ry E Mr. Melton M4-we HBR 4' G9 sz we 5 -14 M' 5' , ,Ay Nga! W Q. ,V M , r M 5 9 M 'U' M We M "" X X k -if X Y X Mr. Morse Mrs. Reith Mys. Riddle 'N Q Mrss Smocke X3 Mrs. Sommer Miss Steiner .5395 1 MATHEMATICS Mr. Larson Mr. Hallman WWW Mrs. Hurn Mr. King ' Dr. Mann Mrs. Stone Dr. Wilcox Mr. Young A ff sw "W-ww " Af W .f 7 'ZW 2 g 3 iw if wwf .N W1 J'-'Q w za' f ' i' , ' SCIENCE , f l -Qi, 1 4 an riff ff? ri 1, if +1 ' ff X s '5 iii if 55 EM 4' I g Q . f 4 Msg 1 ,ff , ' ff, 6 1 W 2 2 rf w R ,Amr m J' .,.. 2 A-1 9 is ., , . , , , A Q 2 r v 72 Q f . r iffffifl W- 12' v , , f an Mr. MacPherson Mr. Brown Mr. Curtis Mr. Dean Miss Fangman Mrs. Settlemoir Mr. Stegall I 219 will-vuim SCDCIAL STUDIES Dr. Baltz Q Mr. Finkbine lm? f "L 'VH I ., Q," - Mrs. Harrison 7 'iff' Mr. Lukian 1 ' A rad 5 . , ,,.. Mr. Meyer ' -' rr i rrr 'UA ff' G A W ff li ,W 1 it U G I A i U 15 sl - k I A I 'I '1 H i V A - N ' W p 2 , 4 iii , 4,. V if M ,,1.,, , gf J , , x Mx j f ' M ' lm l ',LL 3 , 4 L si Mr. Schifino Mr. Scotten Mr. Shore Dr. Wagner LLIED RTS 1, 14 ,,,,Q , Mi W an ab 'gfa f s' 1 f f 2 f 4, nf? Q Mr. Brooks Mrs. Burrell air V 2 -rr ff, eff'-rf,wQ:,fm,' ,I , rr f f f Mr. Dumas Q , X! , 'QV' 5 Mr.MIllS0p rr r M IMI 9 .K raw BUSINESS EDUCATICJ ,Q 'e ra W we n 39 -.-N.. ,,k Alf - ' pf ff' rn T Wi "Q ' 1 If 'f.,:'gsr 12 ,arf-R t zobx .ai Q! 'Y 'N , fibrils ' x 's H- se i I'-.A QE Mrs. Howard Mr. Anselmo Mr. Hickey Mrs. johnson Mrs. Phillips Mr. Reader X -Qxxf K ,,,k A HOME ECG MICS f7,.k: f, ,,.-- gif f :. Q,5gw: ,i iealmziz X X 5 Mrs Hoover fx 'A fu' cub? '..,,,. ij" ' if ,..- WELS- n i ., ...,, 1' , .M .........-...--o-- DUSTRIAL ARTS , 1 J ve' Rky k.LL 7""' 'P X X AX f H --.--...--.-.. FOREIG LAN AGE , K , 4 1 ww X N ,M -fr' E- i, H I if fgE,w.fw 5,7 I , My . , Kd! N., 'NMDA I-rnmunxux u ni we nu 4' annum ml sn. nun nun mos um f aasm,m,,-w v ossmfmvgu nuxubuuu m-s'xu.u um-f nun of P.E., HEALTH A D SAFETY EDUCATIO ,K as aff ff' .. x 4, Fx: A XM' , Ov 4' ff if MW 4 354 eg , l va 5 1 E R -s. ,, is o X an ,..,2ff WM Vw 'dv Q 43' , . , . 1 ,, n .4 , K .V 'Ji 1. 1 ,W,,, . Wagga o . o WWW? Ba Q MW' -www az: f.szzg:-..f,,f,v ,, no ' 2- J 1 ' 1 I Mr. Coyle Mr. Amerson Ms. Haddock Mr. McMahon Mr. Pongratz Mr. Powell Mrs. Stamm x 9 s .LM -i- LIBRARY Mr. Bump Mrs. Bechtol Mrs. Dimmei Mrs. Freise Mrs. Hill r4' ' 'ww 2. . 3 s .V .5 5 vllr VKVV I :ZS dw!! 1 J iir s M rw xr 3 r 1 rrss A i Fl f , .. ... rrr. Wy. .... , I V. N. s V., It :V .5 i . " X M if rs. Q 1 rf 'Y 1 ' .ff :ms f g 4 1.-"" "Q if WW a ,, .Ls ?N.,l., r -fi wi' x rwknkwtbkl ' la ? 5 , 2 ,gm 4508 BCGKSTCRE Xi I .,WN. "s Fl 91 --or 5 E X P x 5 Ms Cheshire Mrs. Underwood SUPPORT STAFF T S 6 Mr. Tomlinson Mrs. Loos Mrs. Plecas .44 -T WJ4' 1 ' ' T 4, if ' -"' f ' Hwfv- at Q3 xg, 1, ,,,,V V T I ' ' ' f i f , 1 A " E? 2E , 1 , .Mig ' L w,,,,,,.-4' ,-"" -My 1 wa - .. 4. .g t W - -., WJ, 'X A 1' x . Q fel - wglgsx aw T Q9 -mm, ,M 2 T LEARNING RESGURCES CENTER ing ' 5, sa sv- id?-M 'W 'Sz I fix is .2- V , Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Williams Deeter jones King Mrs. Ramirez Mr. Wilkinson 1 3 9,1 J' ff' W H' LUNCH STAFF Mrs. LaFon Mrs. Amodeo Mrs. Chapman Mr. Cornwell Mrs. DeLong Mrs. Hanks Mrs. Parker Mrs. Penfield Mrs. Scarcello Mrs. F. Smith Mrs. V. Smith 'W T a 3 Q43 I F ' F . was if 9 far . , M . .. Q 5' . A AAA. iii? 4 .5 I ' ff Huffman Pelsnik Stidham , -,H V MAI TENANCE W 5 f? n--www - K, .- 5 , 5Q 'V f 0. Mr. Secchiari Mr. Geisel ' Mr. Kronich f Mr. Cheesman . ' Mr. Girardin ' + 1 . ' , " f 1 Mr. Maciayek Mr. Spadea Mr. Wineland -A-4.---M. . GRADUATICDN, '78 Preparing . ,. WWE mi Arriving . 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Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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