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K V Vf,‘V ■p ,vX C9 x v :xc D L wa IXVC OlJvScC V o ' , ' €2rLV Kc o ' crv c) cruC ' ozx- u) cixA U x „ Ww-C w-xc -Lq ttU 1 3o W o c Y ' l£ ua 'tiJuo v VX6u " Lurip Uu ASLy di xA-y ■ “A fc 0 ' «S VK rijy c fi' x ✓V r c, ,,. GROWTH jfX- 3 - 0V, e- KVV 'V ' „3(| o V' , v% x • «« .- imiI | n A‘ , THINKS r A1969 OLYMPIANs fOL' □ - 1U0 fo l T LK fi . oV 7 Vo I u m 6 10 t» a-ul (wv K'vc' S .Ocj VHYY1 '70 Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Adviser Lucy Burinsky Joseph M. Young Introduction Seniors Honors Activities Sports Arcadia High School Phoenix, Arizona Sharon Bigleman ' - 7 7 Organizations Underclass Faculty Senior Summaries Index TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 18 52 68 90 232 ta Students Participate In ClassroomsIVDISTRI ARTS N. Una '.•A V, y o A0'. € Friendship, Happiness, and COS S X? .yf Fu ev er n A DECADE AGO, Arcadia opened it's doors for the first time to a new age of learning, understanding, and en- thusiasm that has made Arcadia High School unique in the fields of scholastics and sports the Titans have proved outstanding. These things have won Arcadia statewide recognition and honor. The ten years of Arcadia's existence have witnessed the growth of the school both in number and in spirit, every year getting larger. This makes the Titans indi- viduals and examples in the eyes of others. However, a school is only as great as the students that are within it. This year's 1969 Olympian is dedicated to all the students of Arcadia, for each has done his part with his contributions of leadership, ability, and talents in making the school what it is today. y 7Older Generation Contributes912Students Gain ) 14In Knowledge16Io' v 5 o m o oSeniors Achieve Senior class officers Margie Wong. Secretary: Karen Frank, girl representative: Ira Petit, vice-president; Bob Huck. president: Diane Romney, treasurer: and Doug Kelly, boy representative: are still smiling after a long year filled with activities. The Arcadia senior is a full profile Titan. Casting a giant shadow, he leads the way with confidence and pride. Meeting the challange. he looks ahead with courage and knowledge earned only through experi- ence. Written upon his face are the impressions-- suppressed or bursting forth-of four years at his school. You see the breathtaking joy of winning. The growing warmth of friendship, the bitter sting of disappointments, the final acceptance of the bad with the good, the grueling strain of competition, and the utter happiness of being alive. As his last year slips too quickly by, he pauses briefly to reflect upon the events behind him. then readies to face the future, yet never forget the past. 20Bob Huck President Of Class Of ’69 Stan Andersen Christine Anderson Mark Anderson Sue Anderson Debbie ArcherChris Beans Donna Becchetti Kathy Beck Bart Bentley Craig 8erger Dottie Beurlem David 8ews Sharon Bigleman John Bircumshaw Susie Biro 1969 Brings Many “Lasts” Bart Bentley. Student Body President, takes time out from his busy schedule to sample exotic food from Arcadia’s Cafeteria. Mike Black Jim Blades Mary Blatt 22 Zoanne BlakleyRandy Blecha Barbara Boatwright Linda Bodine Ray Bowen For Seniors Barb Vaaler talks to sick class mate while Ibby Aylesworth catches her breath after a fast sprint to the phone on her crutches. Donna Bradley Linda Brayton Jim BrodtBob Busch Connie Busser Kelly Butler Glenn Butt John Cahill Each Step Brings Added Rhonda Campbell Phillip Campodall'orto Mike Cannon Wendy Carlson f Linda Carter Donna Casey Laurie Dowling, playing the lead role in one of Arcadia's productions, pond- ers while talking on the phone. » 24Cassie Cassidy Susie Cazel Responsibility Deciding the position of a line, a process that requires much considera- tion. Bill Fulbrecht drafts a new idea. Patti Chaffin GayeChcnoweth Rob Cherry Marsha Chesley Nancy Christ Ann Christensen Kathy Christian Deneen Clark Cathy Clifford Doug Coffman Shelley Crook Tom Coop Cindy Cooper Frank Corkhill Vivian Cotter 25Marion D'Apuzzo Doug Davis Aside from the hectic class studies. Senior LeAnn Montegomery takes time Shawn Davis Bill Dedman Out to catch a moment of side-splittinR laughter. Wilson Serves As Student CouncilDiane Edes Ronald Ellison JoeFahy Linda Farmer Mike Farrell Christy Farris Garrett Feils Lauren Felder Tom Fenner Debbie Fisher Veep-Student Senate President Barbi Fisher Mary Fitzgerald Frank Fondrisi Debbie Ford KarenFrank Candus Freeman Drew Freeman AnnFrondorf Bill Fullbrecht BradFurst 27Steven Gamble Susan Garland Susan Garrity JeffGazley Janet Giezel Jim Gleason Alcssandra Gola Kathy Goodman Julia Graham Jeff Gray Seniors Raise Money For 28 Seniors Lynn Miller and Chris Holloway agree that carmel corn has that exclusive crunchy flavor worth a pucker.Shauri Green Sharon Greenberg i GregGroh JonelleGrossmiller Class Gift Jane Guide Paulette Gundry Senior Jim Threadgill shows what he thinks of an unruly underclassman. 29 George Hagedorn Ann GwinnChns Hall Mary Hall Donna Hamilton Bill Hanby Doug Hanson Senior Jan Youngblood sits in class while awaiting for the lunch bell to call for its starving Titans. Diane Henderson Pam Henry Tom Henschen Bill Heringer William HerzigCathy Hcuring Jim Hill Steve Hill Jim Hitchcock John Hobbs Michael Holdridge Chris Holloway Jan Holloway Marci Holt Gay Howland Seniors Backbone Of Student BodyChristi Isbell Janet Jacobs Martin Jallo Brad James Tracy James Seniors Kathy Jenkins Jeff Jensen 8ethJohnson Bob Johnson "What did you say was the name of that play agam?" asks Senior Johanna Kloster of Senior Andy Powell. 32 Gloria Johnson Kenny Johnson Linda Johnson Karen Jonas Marnel JoNancy Juett Steve Kalaf Terri Kass Linda Kassan Karen Kay Anticipate College Life SharenKeil Doug Kelly Tim Kiesell Jack King John Kinkcl Roberta Klare "Who took my lunch!" demands Senior Wanda Hunt, discovering that her tasty hamburger is missing. 33Johanna Klasters Tori Knox Smith, May, Barry Koeb Cindy Koerner JoeKossick Terry Kozell l I l « Larry Kruger Karen KummJacklaBundy Linda Lallman Eric Lara Debbie Larson Alex Lawson And Johnson Attend Girls’ State Sandy Leach Nancy Lehman Robert Lehman Richard Lester Senior Laurie Martin contemplates the joy of a study hall.While Seniors Nancy Wagner and Jim Threadgill look on. Senior Dale Dyess gladly receives back change from a purchase. JanLuhrs Pam Luna Cathy Lutz Mary McArthur Marvin McCusker BobMcGarey Mike Mclnerney Kim McKeown Mollie McMahon Brent McMannon Jerry McNamara 36 i Kathy McNeill Shannon McQueen Robert MacMullm Sharon MackBonita Madonia John Marshall Laurie Martin Nancy May Joseph Mendola Plan For Future MarkMetcaK Johanna Metzncr Lynne Miller Rossayn Miller Seniors Gay Howland and Sally Nelson sell Arcadia pennants made by the Art Club to show Titan spirit during the games. 37 Sally Miller Ann MillsopCathy Milne Jayne Mitchell Dan Montesano Leanne Montgomery Susan Moran Chris Morris Seniors Chris Mowery Sandy Mull JanMumford "Do you really think you can photograph me while I'm looking you MaryNaddour straight in the eye?" asks Senior Jayne Mitchell. Sally NelsenJames Nelson Nina Nelson Andy Newton Debbie Nichols Steve Naar Strive For Achievement Jim Oakley Lon Oldham Diane Olson Carol O'Malley LoriOonk As one of their various projects the seniors sponsored this dance after the Saguaro football game. Money raised was used to finance senior class gift for the school and their homecoming display. 39StonieOrth Karen Osterloh Lili Parker John Parker Mike Parker Steve Pebler John Hobbs, Bart Bentley Senior Helen Walmsleydemonstrates the proper method of eating lunch with a fork. Ira Pettit Kit Pierce Steve Placek Barbra Plitt Virginia PostPam Potter Steve Potuzak Leandra Powell David Praisner Amy Pringle Marilyn Propstra Dave Pulsipher Patricia Rae John Rawlins Cathi Reed Attend Boys’ State Is it the cafeteria food, our photographer, or just plain seniorities that's bothering Susie Garland? Ann Rider Dorothy Riley Janet Rem Susan Repp 41Roxann Roberts Bryan Robinson Linda Robinson DcEtte Roddewig Peggy Roach Senior Officers Work Together Robert Roe Diane Romney Tom Rosenan Beth Ross John Ruby Is it true that students whistle while they work? Just ask Senior Dan Montesano who is puckered up and ready to go. 42 Debbie Rutherford Linda Ruprecht te . Mark Russell Rebecca SahlinAlan Sage Tony Samson Shelly Sarena Bill Saunders Dennis Scarla Planning Class Activities Janice Shover Joan Shover Robert Shugrue Debbie Siegwald Margaret Sigmundson 43Shirley Skalmak Nadine Slider Janet Smee Carol Smith Jennifer Smith Seniors Boost Spirit By Selling Kirk Smith Karla Smith Pam Smith Russell Smith Ron Snyder George Solvsky Paper-mache' was one of senior Larry Zaic's efforts during the year in his crafts class. 44 ty muii, jviiivi, u hard cold facts of life. Jeffrey Staggs Becky Stanfa Claudia Steele Roger Stevenson Ron Stewart Janet Stieber Dennis Stiles Delbert Tanner Linda Stirnwise Demse Storace Debbie Stout Charlene Sutter 45Jeff Taylor Harry Tear Pauly Teeples George Thomas Sue Thompson Jim Threadgill Wendy Thurman Jane Tod Jim Tod MarkTormch Sharon Bigleman, Sue Woolgar Edit Waiting for voters to appear during the mock election on November Fourth, Seniors Eric Sorenson and Susan Woolgar contemplate the final results. Later. Nixon was declared the winner. 46Susan Truitt John Turner Fred Tutschulte Dennis Udell Publications 8arbraVaaler Christopher Valcho Shauri Green, senior NHS member, speaks on behalf of the candidacy of Richard Nixon during the mock election assembly.SueVonGontard Craig Voyles After school started some Arcadia boys still had their "summer" mustaches, as Senior Jim Blades demonstrates. Graduation In May Culmination Jerry Vrzak Donna Wagers Joyce Wagner Tim Wagner Nancy WagonerDoug Weatherly Sue Weber JeffWeigandt Beverly White Bruce Williams Christy Williams JeffWillmeng Carol Wilson Dave Wilson Thomas Wilson a Of High School Days Bill Windsor Margie WongSue Wood Gale Woodward John Woodward Susan Woolgar Leslie Wooten Seniors Reach Maturity Ginger Yee Larry Young Jan Youngblood Larry Zaic Lloyd Zusman Senior Karen Frank displays that true Titan spirjj by blowing balloons before one of the games. 50 Renee Ziegler'QHiyz uytjQ oCc j-snofhoe rv nice SchoS - w a ‘ 'XXXXXX 9 " ? A DECADE OF GROWTH - 9 PERFORMANCE V 9J Jrj tfL Xf' X?u -'£ XCeJ in O rz X (jfL 9TJZ - Oc l U c X yiX $ oUlyO yXrw. l£ Ca We p uXr rrT ffAAJ ict U e z cJc 0- lXm£ icrm - tcYKo -? Aquale ■? cl et c cu yy X tL«• iW c W a Ai PCcrrTjL OC iX yu c- 4fi?u C XA oLOy . Qfrl yvq jti Xfoc y Pt L U Vi eX . yssssf’ £LoLf y CL-Xt- yOCfiU. 0s f o ydZ CC - L £c ctt v oC yOcc t- tyfiCCZ - y y£sy {Xj l,ttC lL C rXz ZX CC'SC Homecoming Attendants Cindy Cooper and Dave Wilson Jennifer Smith and Tom HenschenHomecoming Royalty King Ken Johnson Queen Diane RomneySigma Beta Guy Frank Fondrisi Key Club Sweetheart Beth Johnson Lettermen’s Sweetheart Cindy Koerner Delta Darling Jim Hill 56Christmas Prom Royalty Scenes from Santa's Work Shop and boughs of pine cones decorated the walls and tables of Arcadia's gym during the 1968 annual Christ- mas Prom formal. A record of two hundred and twenty or more students attended the prom which was held on the evening of December 23rd. Hardworking elves, toy parts, and Christ- mas presents carried out this year's theme of "Santa's Work Shop". The crowning of queen Barbara Ludden and her court, including Linda McNamara. Judy LeClair and Debbie Hickman, took place at ten-thirty, with the presentation of a bouquet of roses to Barbara and nosegays to the princesses. Also receiving a long stemmed rose were the runners-up including: Juniors Nicki Grohs and Becky Capps: Sopho- mores Peggy Lewis and Nancy Engebretson; and Freshmen Wendy Black and Janet Wilkey. Queen Barbara Ludden Junior Princess Linda McNamara Sophomore Princess Judy LeClair Freshman Princess Debbie Hickman 57TWIRP Royalty. . . Queen Kristen Erickson King Bill AlbrightConnie Stephenson and Jeff Trent . . .And Attendants John Trent and Margie MurphyAlessandra, Pentti, And This year in America has been a wonderful experience for me. Leaving my country for a year to come to live here was at times difficult, but AFS. teachers, my family, and friends made the change a lot easier. I was able to choose my own subjects in school, to be a member of Student Council and to participate in all the extra-curricular activities; all new experiences for me. If any of you. my fellow Titans happen to come to Italy, be sure to see me so that I will be able to show you the kindess that you showed me. Con tutto il mio cuare arrivederci a pzexto. Alessandra Gola. AFS student from Italy Alessandra Gola Pentti Sainio I Well. well. well, when you are supposed to say something nice in a foreign language (English is that for me), you certainly find yourself in trouble. The lack of words, that is the essence, when I'm trying to describe my fantastic year ( in Arizona, at Arcadia High. The problem is probably solved best by these words of my native (don't mix up the word primitive) language; "Olen pyorinyt suuntaan ja toiseen. osalli- stunt rientoon kaikkia iloja ilmi tuoda. multa eramaassa oli mukava vetta juoda Paljon on tama vuosi osaltaan antanut. Kii- tos kaikille. jotha ovat antimet kantanut. Pentti Sainio. YFU student from FinlandYoka Come To Arcadia My year here at Arcadia has been wonderful. It was a great experience and a lot of fun to be a Titan and to participate in all school activities. All the new friends I made, the foot- ball games, the lovely Arizona sun. it was marvelous! I want to thank all of you.and when you make it to Holland sometime, come and see me! •'Ik heb een enorm fyn jaar gehad. Heel. heel, hartelyk bed- ankt. en tot ziens!" Yoka Klosters Yoka Klosters»±.. Special Awards Presented To Four Exceptionals DAR AWARD WINNER Linda Johnson 62 OPTIMIST AWARD WINNERS: Ann Millsop. Lloyd Zusman. and Gay HowlandCatherine J. Bradley J Shauri Green Jennifer L. Smith Top 5 Per Cent Honored Diane H. Henderson Robert G. McGarey Karla A. Smith Gay P. Howland Robert MacMullin George M. Thomas Joseph J. 8arbieri Steven C. Potuzak Susan A. Woolgar James E. Gleason Douglas W. Kelly Linda J. Ruprecht Lloyd ZusmanTitan ANYTOWN REPRESENTATIVES: Connie Stephenson. Kent Dickerson, and Bonnie Lipow. 64 BOY S STATE REPRESENTATIVES: Bart Bentley, and John Hobbs.GIRL'S STATE REPRESENTATIVES: Jennifer Smith. Linda Johnson, and Nancy May. Leaders Of Tomorrow FINALISTS IN NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITION: ROW ONE: Cathy Bradley. Shaun Green. Gay Howland, and Linda Rup- recht. ROW TOW: Alex Lawson. David Bews. Lloyd Zusman. and Robert McGarey. 6566CandidatesMr. Olympian Dave WilsonMiss Olympian Diane Romeny TVus 3 Owe, pro a o c Ov £, 4-00 . ftrsV O r oil v o e4s ■I'ioo vo-V-es taajblu CO I X- Vvolv e VIV-O pVevre vjoex' Ki wcV. x cx V oVWi -p ovwv ; ' " Qse£ ceci v oVe4s or . ioVo-e . XuU£Oor- Vs cL so Ooce MOO.. X Vbe roses apre, covlVeck- } '{V Q- v i6leVs T u. 'Xe SO.QCLVT v-s. luv ou cxwcK so s uou A DECADE OF GROWTh O re d.ea X Vcavw CXwcX SO iSesf UOur UfiGLcL - poewL re Wa expresses vw in ACT VITIES VW 3 •£ee, v vv S of- co ar uwbK, 'TKoX' ouacL rve s 'p- usV Kicked reoJ-1 o-pfirecicct . x v we. wwm ootoujM-- kilAe- clouxe a W 4Ke s ) ccxincl-i bcucts »jmA- (u ec e5 and. MKmA 4o x-ecucxVe, oiV W e doavi v ■ a ovx oA (lma-q v.History Comes Alive Mr. Finkbine's excellent narration set the solemn mood. The entire production was video taped for later use in Mr. Finkbine's classes. DIM LIGHTS. SOFT singing, and the intense voice of Mr. Finkbine dramatizes the ugly, often untold story of the Civil War. All of Mr. Finkbine's classes experienced the production which lasted the entire period. Dealing with the battle of Antitem. ex-Arcadians contributed their special talents of singing to add to the dramatic effect. The result was the realiza- tion of the tragedy of war. Frank Webb. Carol and Craig Stromme. ex- Arca- dians. sang war songs adding to the emotional in- tensity.School Spirit High THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Arca- dia student's express their abundant spirit by their tremen- dous turn out at the pep assem- blies and games. Involving them- selves as cheerleaders, coke sellers, and the much needed enthusiastic crowd, student's display the Arcadia Spirit which has become a proud quality of our school. Car decorating is a favorite expression of spirit. 73 During the lunchroom Pep assemblies, the students are led m the fight song by the cheerleaders.Dances Arouse Spirit Enthusiasm ran high as the Titans looked forward to the fall football games and the after-game dances. These dances provided not only the vibrating music and the fantas- tic vivid light shows but also created a place to meet new acquaintences. Following the Arcadia tradition the campus clubs crowned their Sweethearts and Kings at these dances. 81II Kite Kids with Jim Threadgill during an aftergame dance. A$ a member of The Choosen Few. Scott Snyder, former Arcadia student, plays at many of the after-game dances. Beth Johnson poses for pictures wearing her Letter- man's Sweetheart Crown. 74Cindy Koerner was crowned as Key Club Sweetheart. Couples dance to the pulsating acid rock music. Delta President. Linda Johnson, crowns this year's Delta Darling. Jim Hill. Frank Fondrisi was crowned this year's Sigma Beta Guy. 75NHS Sponsors Debates Glen Butt gives the opening speech m favor of Mr. Wallace. THE ELECTION YEAR of 1968 aroused much contro- versy throughout the nation and Arcadia. As a pro- ject. National Honor Society presented to the entire student body debates on the various presidential candidates. Divided into three teams, the debates were moderated by Bruce Williams and timed by Di- ane Henderson. Each team consisted of two debat- ors. Favoring Vice-President Humphry, were Joe Barbieri and Lloyd Zussman. Debating for Mr. Nixon were Shauri Greene and teve Potuzak. Backing Mr. Wallace were Alex Larson and Glen Butt. Joe Barbieri refers to crime statistics to support his debate. 76 Carefully timing and moderating each speaker's presentation. Diane Henderson and Bruce Williams carry out their responsibilities as Alex Larson presents his argument for Mr. Wallace.AFS Assembly Inspiring ASSEMBLIES ARE AN important and inspiring part of the Student Life. Through the American Field Service Assembly. Arcadians can become acquainted with their foreign exchange students. Learning to live with understanding and friendship with our neigh- bors from abroad is the purpose of AFS. This year Arcadia is privileged to have three Sandra Gola. Pentti Sainio. and Johanna Lo Klosters. Arcadia also sent a senior girl. Dianne Henderson, to Japan. Not shown in the pictures is Johanna Klosters from Holland. The AFS student. Sandra Golo from Italy, tells of her homeland's customs and wears the traditional dress. Dianne Henderson. Arcadian AFS student, tells o her trip to Japan. Pentti Sainio. a representative of Youth for understanding (YFU). talks to the assembly about his country Finland. 77■ttljllltsii Roger Stevenson wounds Mike Parker in a challenging showdown. “Shoot-out” At O.K. Arcadia Titans eagerly watched as outlaws from the old West came to a showdown on the Arcadia campus during the week of the Scottsdale Parada del Sol. The smell of gunfire and the explosion of the shots astounded many students. Kelly Olgelsby helps Frank Fonderisi to the side after be- ing wounded from a shotgun. Frank Fonderisi. Mike Parker. Roger Stevenson, and Kelly Olglesby take time out for picture posing. 78“Dear Me” Rises To Success The Fine Arts Department of Arcadia High School staged another successful pro- duction with "Dear Me. The Sky Is Falling." After months of hard work the cast and crew had stage directions straight and roles polished. Running for two consecu- tive nights, the cast started off on a sea- son of smash hits. An embracing moment for Bill Windsor and Melody Watson. While Bill Windsor relaxes. Laurie Dowling and Barry Koeb discuss their daughter. 79 Melody Watson a mixed-up teen-ager and Rob Reed her understanding doctor, talk over her amnesia concerning a boyfriend.Miss Yeo. choreographer, practices before the big night “Arcadians "Arcadians on Stage" was a big night for the Arcadia Concert Choir and Advanced Girl's Chorus. After weeks of nervousness and excitement, the audience finally saw the cast appear in dazzling costumes, singing songs from such selections as "My Fair Lady": "Oliver": and "Sound of Music". Arcadians on Stage presented selections from such plays as "My Fair Lady ". In scene from "Oliver" the girls of Concert Choir raise their dishes while singing. "Food. Glorious Food".- parkle” Seniors Ann Millsop and Bill Windsor in "Arcadians on Stage. Working deligently on props, lighting, and make-up. behind-the- scene people help produce a great performance through group ef- fort. 81I With the saguaro coaches hot on his heel Coach Powel. of the mighty Coach Anderson cradles the ball while surrounded by oppo- Titans. runs with the ball while anticipating his shot. nents. THE TIME WAS again upon us when the Coaches faced the coaches of Saguaro. In a series of two games the Titans smashed the Cats 71-66. but the Cats sprung back in the second game to scratch the Titans 62-61. While the cheerleaders switched places with the Pom line, the A.S.U. gymnastics team provided halftime entertainment. - Coaches" Split Wins The ball is the center of attention as Coach Powell of Arcadia jumps to defend his team from the might Sabercat coaches. While imitating the Phoenix bird m flight. Coach Berge jumps to block a shot headed for the basket above him.The mute John Windsor, stands watch as Mike May. playing the son. and Ann Milsop the daughter, sit and look to the future. Seniors Jerry Vrzak and Barry Koeb. portraying the two fathers, clown around with narrator Bill Windsor during rehearsal. “Fantasticks” Follow Successful Pattern ARCADIA CONTINUED THE year’s great productions when the Fine Arts Department staged the "Fan- tastics". done entirely in "the round.” The story concerned a Boy and Girl who lived next door to each other. Their fathers tried reverse psychology by building a wall be- tween them, thinking that the chil- dren would try harder to meet each other. It worked, but in the second act. their romance died out and they faced life realistically. The play, which ran for three consecutive nights, turned out to be not enter- taining as well as educational, but thought provoking. The cast. crew, and members of Thespians are ready for any helpful suggestions as they meet to discuss the play. 83Cowboys And Indians THE THEME OF "Cowboys and Indians" captured Twirp Week. March 3-7. Monday was Sheriff’s Day. Tuesday was dress western day. Wednesday we used Indian feathers for Hush Day. Thursday was Candy Day: and Friday favored boys as Slave Day. Roy Slack faithfully guards the jail so no one escapes. Junior boys arrest girls and put them in jail for not wearing badges. I l 84 During Twirp Week the sheriffs dressed up and posed in front of the jail. Marty. Peggy, and Becky wore Indian costumes to class.Talent Show Blazes Trail Of Success Roxi May and Kristin Erickson sing a folk tune at the Twirp Talent Show. Students and sponsor watch the talent show from the Orchestra pit. One of the many highlights of Arcadia’s Annual TWIRP WEEK activities was the "Uptown Showdown." Talented enthusi- astic students participated in this up- roaring. fun-packed show. Everyone had a great time. Kelle Oglesby and Mike Parker perform a drunken brawl on stage for the night's performance. 85Ken Johnson crowns new King, Bill Albright Cmdy Cooper crowns Queen. Kristen Erickson. Twirp Dance Ends Week-long Turnabout 86 Couple catch the beat of the "Soul Sations" music. How's this for a knee-bending poserThe new reigning couple kiss as onlookers smile with approval. 87 No dance is complete without a "train." King and Queen dance along with other couples.Spring Fever Spreads Like EpidemicA DECADE OF GROWTH in SPORTSMANSHIPHappiness Is A Victorious Team; 6-4 Head Coach Anderson Line Coach Powell Back Coach Curtis DOWN! SET! HUT ONE! HUT TWO! HUT THREE! And. the mighty Titans were off to their 6-4 winning season. Arcadia’s lack of size and strength label- ed them in all pre-season accounts as the “Mini Titans” and were unanimously left off the rank- ing charts. Their early conquests with Scotts- dale and Coronado appeared to validate these aspects. However, under the direction of Coach "Bennie’s" programmed plays. Coach Powell’s superior lineman ability and Coach Curtis' back- field knowledge, our Varsity Gridders picked up their feet and headed for the goal with determin- ation. It was this determination, spirit and co- operative team work which abeled them to defeat such highly ranked teams as Westwood. Tempe, and Camelback. In the Titan ten year history. 6 of them were winning (’61. '63. ’64. '68. '69). '62. ’65 and '67 proved unsuccessful. Only 1960 was a 4-4 tieing season. Through the participation in all available athletics, the teammates acquired an invaluable sense of good sportsmanship, skill, and coordination. To all members of all athletics: WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! Next year begins an- other decade of growth for Arcadia’s Athletic De- partment and a new generation of success and failures. Whatever the case, to know that it is how you play the game is. in itself, winning. 93Titans Prevail! Camelback Falls, 22-0 ARCADIA PROVED THEIR ability by runn- ing all over the Camelback team. Speed gave Titans the edge over Spartans size, the result 22-0. Junior halfback. Dave Flowers, dashed 69 yards to score in the first 25 seconds of the game. Ken John- son. Senior, dazed the Spartans with a 16 yard run for the second tally. Eric Ham- ilton. Junior, tackled a Spartan in the end zone for a safety. Flowers scored again with a 37 yard punt return. Schlander completes pass despite Sparten defense. Stoney Orth Senior Center Mark Pihl Junior End Kit Pierce Senior Fullback Dave Flowers Junior Halfback 94Chargers Downed, Dons First Loss Jim Hitchcock Senior Center Larry Young Senior Tackle Hugh Leather Junior Guard Mark Schecle Junior Tackle THE McCLINTOCK CHARGERS marked the Varsity's second victory of the season by a close 20-19 mar- gin. In the game, quarter back. Kenny Johnson, com- pleted 12 of 19 passes for 201 yards. Equally suc- cessful battle with the Coronado Dons taking a 21-14 defeat. Mark Pihl and Bill Albright were the scorers of the game, both in the first half to take a 14-0 lead, only to be flanked by two Don touchdowns in the second half.Titans Ambush Westwood Warriors ARCADIA PLAYED A tough, hard-nosed football game against the Westwood Warriors. The first quarter was scoreless but Arcadia drove 62 yards for a TD. Flowers. Johnson, and Henschen each gained yardage for the Titans. The Titans were plaqued with injuries for another season, forcing them out of the top ten. 96 ARCADIA WAS IN the limelight in the second half. A 28 yard field goal by Riley pushed Arcadia in the lead. Titans held the Warriors on their downs and took over Mark Pihl s 15 yard TD coasted Arcadia with a 17-19 lead. Ken Johnson Senior Quarterback Ted Allen Junior EndBeavers Hit Titans, 12-7; Yuma Falls ARCADIA DROPPED A heartbreaker due to injuries as the Scottsdale Beavers downed us 12-7. Eric Hamil- ton and Jim Kautenberger harried the Beavers all night with little suc- cess. Titan's No. 1 passer. Ken John- son. was caught off guard as he com- pleted 8 out of 18 passes for only 87 yds. This was the third consecutive loss to the Beavers. Behind the ag- gressive blocking of the Titan line- men. they were propelled to victory over the Yuma Criminals. 26-0. In the fourth quarter. Senior fullback Mike Cannon attempted a 5 yd. dash over the goal only to be brought down by a Crim. It was Junior Phil McCammon who carried the ball across for the final TD of the game. Linemen Rob Schmidt. Jeff Willmeng. Jim Hitch- cock and Larry Young did exception- ally well in preventing the Crims ad- vancement. After this second win over the Crims -- there is no jinx! Mike Cannon Senior Fullback George Hagedorn Senior End Quarterback Ken Johnson prepares for another high-flying pass as the Crims attempt to prevent it. 97Phil McCammon battles the Cat defense. SAGUARO STUNNED THE Titans. 26-6. to even both teams' conference records at 1-1. The Titan offense stopped short early and found it virtually impossible to move against the Cats, leaving the second half all Sag- uaro's. The Cats' scores came in rapid suc- cession after Phil Taber recovered a fumbled Cat punt at the Arcadia 40. evening the score. Just 5 plays later the Cats scored twice more before the clock, darkening Arcadia's chances of a conference cham- ionship. Don Charles Junior Tackle Jeff Trent Junior Guard Randy Vogel Junior Quarterback Phil McCammon Junior Halfback Mark Russell Senior Guard Rob Schmidt Senior Guard 98Rabbits Jump Titans-39-32 ARCADIA WAS OUSTED from title con- tention after Mesa dropped a big one on the Titans. In a frantic shuffle, the Jackrabbits pushed their way to six touchdowns, the last a spectacular 56 yard punt return by Bernie Alvarex. After Mesa scored first on a seven yard run. the Titans struggled back for two touchdowns and their only lead of the night: shortly after the Jackrabbits took over again with a 32-18 lead at the end of the third. The final Titan score was to no advantage, and the Rabbits sailed on to a 39-32 win. Senior George Hagedorn prompts a fumble for the Jackrabbits. His attempt was to no avail as they scored a TO. Chuck Savale Junior Linebacker Bruce Hawkinson Senior Fullback Bill Riley Junior Kicker hilCampodell'orto Senior Tackle 99Tom Baumann Senior Guard Titan Safari Cages THE TITANS LIFTED past the Tempe Buffaloes on McClintocks rain- soaked field to a 13-7 victory. Quarterbacks Johnson and Mark Sollen- berger managed to connect on 14 of 25 passes for 160 yards. In the first half, the Titans passed for 89 yards and a single score, while car- rying the ball eight times for 53 yards. The second score came late in the third quarter. The combined efforts of Sollenberger and Bill Al- bright on a 45 yard pass set up Arcadia’s winning score. A penalty took the ball down to the Buff's four yard line, and Phil McCammon chewed up the remainder of turf on the next play, putting the Titans 13-0 in front. The Buffaloes rallied in the fourth to score on a success- ion of passes making the score 13-7 with 2:12 remaining. 100 Titan mini-line clears the way for the backf icld.Buffaloes, Cougars THE TITANS BATTLED Casa Grande on the home gridiron. The Titans' Homecoming spirit and the realization of loosing a chance for Class AAA title, only added to the team's dtermination to win. And that they did. by their high scoring 47-34 victory over the Cougs. Bill Albright. Ted Allen, and Dave Flowers were responsible for the TD's. Quarterback. Ken Johnson, rallied the Cougars' defense for successfully completing 13 out of 18 passes. Kenny's efforts and accomplishments through- out the season entitled him to Quarterback Club's Player of the Week. Eric Hamilton Junior Halfback 8ill Albright Junior Halfback Jim Kautenberger Junior Fullback Oavc Wilson Senior Halfback Mark Schelle displays playing conditions during the Tempe game. Bill Albright gains valuable yardage. 101Hamburger Squad; Frosh Finish 3-1-1 and 4-4-1 tOW ONE (1. to r.): John Trent. John Nocta. Mark Woodward, Roy TWO: Rich Williams. Brian Dunfee. Rich Taranclli. Jim Lindner. Slack. Dennis Gumlick. Chuck Beurline and Paul Purvis. ROW Rich Buchanan. Arlen Stewart and Rob Bothell. ARCADIA OPPOSITION ARCADIA OPPOSITION Junior JV JV Junior Freshmen Freshmen 30 6 Scottsdale 0 0 13 McClintock 0 7 31 Coronado 19 6 13 Coronado 20 7 20 Westwood 19 13 19 Westwood 13 14 28 Saguaro 13 6 13 Scottsdale 7 21 19 Mesa 33 34 0 Kino 19 31 McClintock 6 (forfeit) 7 Saguaro 14 7 Camelback 20 13 Mesa 0 12 Tempe 0 0 Tempe 2 20 Casa Grande 7 7 Casa Grande 7 6 Glendale 0 FRESHMEN ROW ONE (I. to r.): Dick Garland. Joe Jarvis. Bob Cuth- bertson. Dennis Hakes. Paul Vogen. Kirk Meeks. Glen Purvis. Dale Petersen. Gil Gillenwater. and Mike McCreary. ROW TOW: John Masterson. Larry Nelson. John Albright. John McMahon. Bob Stiles. Bob Kite. Jack Leonard. John Williams. Joe Storace. 8ob 102 Hobbs, and Steve Williams. ROW THREE: George MacMullin. Gene Clinkmgbcard. Mike Locke. Mark Haggard. Pete Kline. Craig Weidel. Gary Van Orden. Steve Bradley. Brad Larson, and Steve Vander Ploeg.ROW ONE (I. to r.): Dave Stansbury. Roy Gregory. Oris Russell. Dave Gamble. Fritz Barnard. Brad Morari. Gary Cahill. John Brodt. Steve Grass. Dave Jones. Mark Staggs. Steve Cochrane. ROW TOW: Coach Peter Anselmo. Jim Capps. Rob Redinger, Ed Burt. Jim Howard. Pete Haycox, Jay Pringle. George Nehes. Joe Fond- risi. John Hildabrandt. Jeff Vance. Mark Shugrue. Jim Donker. Bill Wright. Tim Cottle (mgr.). Coach Meyer. JV Looks To Varsity Future THIS YEAR'S JUNIOR Varsity team provided plenty of high hopes for an outstanding Varsity squad in the coming year. Finishing the season with a rou- sing 8-2 record. Coach Anselmo attributes it to "the strict team work and confidence.” Hesitant to review any star players. Coaches Anselmo and Mey- er feel the boys deserve recognition for their efforts on the gridiron this year. In loosing only to Camel- back and Mesa, it is evident they worked as a team. Of course, the Juniors need the recognition they so deserve for providing not only excitement at their own games, but as the "Hamburger Squad." they made it a little easier for the Varsity to face their weekly foes. Coaches Lou Hallman and Terry Coyle lead the Juniors to a 3-2 season. Of course, also not to be forgotten in their efforts, are the products of undergoing rough scrimages. mighty attacks, and many a fall - the Freshmen. Coaches Fink- bine and Schifino were granted a 4-4-1 season for their time and efforts.Varsity Cagers Run, Jump, Toss To DivisionsVarsity Basketball. ROW ONE (I. to r.): Bill Brown. Ken Johnson. Piercey. Chuck Savalc. Steve Placek. Ted Allen. Mark Scheele and Dan Montesano. John Adler. Craig Berger, and Mike Holzer (Mgr.) Coach Terry Coyle. Not pictured. Craig Conyers. ROW TOW: Coach Lu Hallman. Larry Emmott. Don Schlander. Joe AFTER THE GAME. SEASON The tension and strain has ended. Forty eight minutes in our life Has passed into recollection. We are exhausted. Yet. we are joyous. Tired hands and feet And muscles strained (Beyond the definition of sport) Were not in vain. As I leave the arena Dressed in grey, blue or black Like any normal business man. On the now shadowed hard wood Of the basketball court And the empty seats where. Not long before. The crowd yelled on and on and on And a smile creeps slowly past my mouth. Tom Meschery Seattle Super Sonics SHU ARCADIA OPPONENT 44 Maryvale 62 72 Coronado 75 wm 82 McClintock 69 45 Westwood 50 73 Scottsdale 54 68 Coronado 60 50 Scottsdale 46 54 Kofa 62 53 .3|69 Casa Grande 43 Yuma 58 37 Saguaro 51 41 Tempe 40 56 Casa Grande 51 81 Mesa 61 60 Tempe 76 68 HHf L.-iT Mesa 63 59 77 64 Saguaro 63 -iI r - Mfifr | w 105Titans Tighten Up Two Win; Two Loss THE FIRST TIP-OFF of the 1968- 69 basketball season in the Arcadia Stadium against the Maryvale Panthers. Bill Brown jumped for the tip-off. thus beginning the successful season for the Titans. Evan though the first game stunned Arcadia. 62-44. the Titans came back to stomp out Coronado. 72-55. and the powerful McClintock Char- gers. 82-69. The winning streak boosted the fighting spriit of the team for the tough game with the Westwood Warriors. After putting the pressure on the Warriors in the first half, the Titans stumbled over the seventh ranked team. 50-45. These first four games demonstrated the power of our Titans to defeat others in the fast-moving battle of the boards. Coach Hallman uses substitute chalk- board to outline next play. A sure score by Ken Johnson increases Arcadia's lead over the Dons. John Adler looks to Bill Brown for pass. Craig Berger dribbles down court to net two points. 106Coronado provides tough competition for control of the boards. Titans Win Over Beavers; Dons ARCADIA PULLED IN two more wins over cross-town rivals Scotts- dale and Coronado. In the battle with the Beavers, the Titans outdid themselves, winning 73-54. Senior Dan Montesano led the scoring with 34. a new career high, with teammate Craig Berger close behi teammate Craig Berger close be- hind canning 19. The Dons were slightly less submissive, allowing a score of 68-60 in this second Arcadia victory over Coronado. Again. Dan Montesano was high scorer with 20 points, while Craig Berger and John Adler supported with 10 points, while Craig Berger and John Adler supported with 10 points a piece. Coach Lou Hall- man looks ahead to the prospects of a State title for our team. Al- though the majority of the team are juniors, the title is a likely am- bition. Upcoming victories can only be the decisive factor for them. Scottsdale stands bewildered as Titans score. 73-54.THREE MORE GAMES add experience to the Titan line-up. Scottsdale was the first of two wins. Beaver teamwork and guarding put pressure on Arcadia for the entire first half. The quick five soon took over after half, and with ten straight points secured the lead which Arcadia held to the finish; final score. 50-46. Even with an encouraging start. Ar- cadia bowed to the Kofa Kings. 62-54. Fouls put two starters to the bench and cowered over the others. Casa Grande took an early lead but when Arcadia started to burn, shooting couldn't be surpassed from any area of the courts. Accuracy gave Titans the advantage. 53-43. Courtmen Kneel to Kings; 62-54Crims Sentenced; 41-40 Senior Dan Montesano drives down the home court in Tempe upset. Now get out there and fight! Titan practice sessions lead to their defeat of the Yuma Criminals. 69-58. The entire team hit the Crims full force in both halts. Saguaro took a quick advantage in the first period to hand the Titans the crying towel. 51-37. Arcadia's surprise rally couldn't even up to the Sabercats. When the buzzer at the Tempe game sounded. Arcadia stood as the first of 14 teams to defeat the Buffaloes. 41-40. The score was evened up at the end of each quarter, with each team member dis- playing outstanding capabilities. Bill Brown adds two points to 69 total over Yuma.Diamonds in the sky? No. just John Adler showing some hair! Bunnies And Kitties No Match For Titans The Basketball -• symbol of practice, competition.and accom plishment. THOUGH THE TITAN Cagers were able to slip by both the Mesa Jackrabbits and the Casa Grande Cougars, the Tempe Buffaloes stopped them in their tracks with a strong 10 point lead after the game. The final bell put Tempe ahead 70-60. The Casa Grande meet came a bit close, with the Ti- tans downing them 56-51. Now. on the other hand, what Coach Hallman's boys did to Mesa was a sight to behold. Although most of the Titans showed some cold shooting, halftime brought them back to beat the Bunnies 81-61. During all of the games, those on the bench sweat just as much as those on the courts • even the coach! 110Titans Finish In Top Six Dandy Don decisively dribbles down court. TITANS CAME FROM behind to dominate the Yuma Criminals. 68-63. After displaying strong offense and superior defense against the Crims a week later. Mesa turned the tables and was the victor, at 77-59. Arcadia burning from defeat, was determined to play in the division play-offs. The tense game pro- duced excellent action for the spectators as well as the teams. Decisive baskets in the last few minutes gave the Titans the edge to victory. 64-63. The first game of the divisions was against favored West- wood. The Titans, however, scalped the Warriors. 66-63. Coming from behind, two games in a row. Ar- cadia handed its 2nd major upset of the season. The following night ended the Titans hope for State. Tempe's zest and defense turned the Titans cold from a hot start. Ending with a season record of 14-8. Arcadia finished in one of the top 6 positions in the state. Up. up. up goes Ken Johnson lor a score during the Tempe match. Ill In some games, there tends to be a bit more action on the floor than on the boards.JV Cagers Top Dogs: Win City; League Titles ARCADIA'S J.V. BASKETBALL team, com- posed solely of sophomores, chalked up a respectable 17-3 season's record. Under the direction of Coach Terry Coyle, the cagers fought their way to become the champs in city competition and tying with Tempe for top league competition. Jim Runge was named "most valuable player” with a 16.5 point per game average. He also shared the percentage level with Jay Pringle at 49% from the field. High rebounder was Jim Donker who also tied with Paul Montesano for assist lead. As a team, the J.V.'s aver- aged 51.2 points per game as opposed to their opponents'41.3. Paul Montesano (15) stretches for the score against Tempe. J.V. CAGERS: FRONT ROW (I. to r.): Jeff Vance. Jim Runge BACK ROW (I. to r.): Scott Siegwald. Mike McClure. Jay Pringle. Ken Plitt. Jim Donker. Bill Wright. Paul Montesano. Coach Terry Coyle. 112Freshmen Football. ROW ONE (I. to r.): DeRay Poulino. Glen Purvis. Jean Clinkingberg, Ron Grasty. Scott Lyttogt. and Alfred Benney ROW TOW: John Masterson. Jack Leonard. John Albright. Rob Millsop. Craig Weidel. Pete Beans, and Steve Vander Plog. Frosh Cagers End With 11-3 Mark THIS YEARS FRESHMAN team, led by Coaches Brad Morris and Frank Armstrong, wound up a successful season, ending 11-3. Top performers on the Frosh “A" team proved to be Rob Millsop. team captain and most valuable player: DeRay Poulino and Scott Lyftogt -- these providing a promising foundation for next year's JV team. The "B" team, led by John Albright, started out slow- ly. but won 3 out of their last four games, and ended with a 5-6 record. "We were most pleased with the overall improvement of the team.” said Coach Morris. Their records test- ify to that fact. JV Coach Anselmo has had his eyes opened all season for the future All-Staters and All-City men. Every year, the Freshmen gain a particular need of accom- plishment. perhaps to "show that they. too. can do it!" And this year, as in all previous years, they have proved their power to per- form. In the midst of Mesa opponents. JV eager. Jay Pringle attempts a shot.Grapplers’ Season Ends 4-6 Coaches Pat Curtis and Gary Powell hard at work. ARCADIA S WRESTLERS EMERGED this year with a 4-6 record in their dual season. On the individual level, however, Arcadia grapplers fared much bet- ter. This year's outstanding senior lettermen were undoubtedly Doug Kelly and Larry Young. Doug more than equalled his last year’s unblemished record of 13-0 with this year's 14-1 scoring. Larry Young hearalded a 13-1-2 season, placing first in the district tournament. Outstanding underclass- men proved to be Jim Kass and Jim Lake, both sophomores, each have excellent season records. At the State AAU meet (separate from state final competition), both Kelly and Young placed first and third respectively. VARSITY WRESTLERS; ROW ONE (I. to r.): Larry Young. Steve Coch- ram. Jim Threadgill. Roy Slack. Lee Peebles. Bill Saunders. Jim Lake. Allan Sage. Jeff Ebert. Doug Kelly. Bob Kass JUNIOR VARSITY; ROW TWO (I. to r.): Coach Curtis. Bob Stiles. Brian Dunfee. Mark Russell. Bill Kite. John Trent. John McMahon. Mike Peach. David Arnellio. Marty Roberts. Toby Ramsey. Coach Powell 114Doug Kelly wrestlers adversary to a sure victory RIGHT: In the locker room, tension builds before a meet.Blood, Sweat, And Tears Coach Orson Greer reviews statistics as the Cross Country season gets underway. 116 Run. Steve. Run! Beat him. Casey! Don't quit now. Bob!Seniors Tom Henschen. Mike Philipps, and Tom Fenner contend as track and (Mike and Tom) cross country runners. Track Runners Share Cross Country Blues CROSS COUNTRY COACH Orson Greer quoted the season as "a hopeful one” for his Varsity distance men. However, even with the returning efforts of Seniors Bob Lehman. Steve Pebler and Bill Avant. there was little defense against their opponents. The Titan squad finished their season 1 and 9. The track runners seemed to be headed for a more successful run with miler Steve Pebler and 2-miler Mike Phillipps. Both Peb- ler and Philipps placed first in these events against the Scottsdale Beavers. Titans Trent and Wilson come in close with Scottsdale opponents in the high hurdle event. 117Freshman George MacMullin looks good for season. Shot Put, Discus Bob Lehman shows concentration involved on the hurdles. Seniors 8ruce Hawkinson and George Hagedorn perform in the broad jump event. Bruce, during the Scottsdale contest, leaped 21. 41 2 ft. to take first place. 118Make It For Trackmen Roy slack flys over pole for second place in the Scottsdale meet. Dennis Gumhck. newcomer to the sport, took third in the Saguaro meet. THE TITAN TRACKMEN opened their season with a close 64-62 rally over the Scottsdale Beavers. Though the Titans were predicted to swamp the Beavers, an unexpected run- ner took most of the points for Scottsdale. The situation was a bit tense until the shot put. discuss and pole vaulting events. Sopho- more Skip Howard gave the outstanding discuss throw of the day with his 161 10-1 2”. Backing him in second and third place were veteran Rob MacMullin and newcomer Rob Schmidt. Senior MacMullin. defending a State Championship in the shot, took first (56'3”) and was followed by teammates Schmidt and Ken Johnson. Bob Lehman soared over the pole at 12'6" to take first in that event. Again, he was followed by Joe Reynolds and Roy Slack. Speedy Steve Pebler took his wins in both the 880 and mile runs. Another successful runner. Mike Philipps followed Pebler. Coach Anselmo an- ticipates a winning season and is looking forward to sending more than ever men to State. Other teams may be good, but the Titans stand above them. (ABOVE) Head track Coach Pete Anselmo records names, times, and distances of his winning team. (BE- LOW) Assistants Gary Powell and Student Coach Barry Sollemberger watch for faults and excellence.Gymnasts Display Talents AS THE FIRST meet for the gymnastic team, we could call it an experience situation. Chuck McMahon's boys were downed by Saguaro of Tucson; 103.5-97.6. Derrick Na- ar was the only one to secure first places in any events. His skills were displayed on the high bar and on his own in the free ex- ercise event. Veteran Jack King, was overly excited about the match and his enthus- iasm set him in 3rd place on the parallel bars. 4th on the rings. 5th in the free ex- ercise event, and 6th on the side horse. Allan Ruby took second on the rings. Be- cause this was the first meet for many of the boys, the veterans feel it was just the excitement and tense reactions that held them back. The freshmen seen to have the edge this year with outstanding gym men Jim Hood. Tom Redinger, and Steve Faller. Veteran Jack King moves in 3rd place in this event with Saguaro. Varsity Gymnastics. ROW ONE (I. to r.): Mark Archer. Allan Ruby. Dan Sobol. Ty Sell. Chuck Dahill. and Coach Chuck McMahon. ROW Jack King. Derrick Naar. John Hobbs, and Gary Moore. ROW TWO: THREE: Tom Redinger. Scott Romey. George Getner. Sky King. Gus Joe Woolstercroft. Scott Miller. Larry Clark. Jim Hood. Steve Faller. Passaros. and Tom Holcomb. 120Derrick Naar. veteran gymnast, executes a difficult manuver on the parallel bars. Allan Rucy straightens up on the rings. Muscles, Skill And Strength John Hobbs, senior, demonstrates the coordination needed on the side horse. ' K '. 'Mi Varsity Golf. ROW ONE (I. to r.): Andy Newton. Chuck Van Leer. Bill Woods. Kent Dickerson. Rob Chipman. and Mike Grasty ROW TWO: Wade Borg. Randy Mushar. Kim Grogh. Frank Corkhill. Mark Sollemberger. John Black. Jim Miller and Coach Lukian. OPTIMISM IS THE best description for Mr. Lukian's linksters this year. Winning their first two matches. Coronado and Scotts- dale. they are on their way! Group scores from those meets were 198-205 and 198- 207 respectively. (Remember, that in golf, the low score wins). This year's Top Five con- sist of all juniors. They are Mark Sollem- berger. Rob Chipman. Mike Grasty. Jim Miller and Wade Borg. Mike Grasty is a vet- eran Top Five man from last years team. So far. the mighty Titans are tied for first in the state with Maryvale. 122 Jim Miller knows the line-up is important to score.Junior Mike Grasty prepares for a swing. Girls Join Golf Sport RobChipman needs silence for a hole. Girls Golf. (I. to r.): Jane Smith. Claudia Elliott. Debbie Wines, and Ann Watts. 123Speed And Style Varsity swimming. ROW ONE (I. to r): Bob Huck. Coach Chuck Me Mahon, and Rick Herrington. ROW TWO: Fritz Barnard. Steve Lass Walter Mueller. Jeff Ebbert. Jeff Praet. Albert Choules. John Gard ner. ROW THREE: Penti Samio. Scott Blackwell. Ty Sells. Kevin Moore LAST YEAR. ARCADIA finished third in state finals with only four Titans. Veteran swim- mers Tom McCall. Brodie Hubbard. Bob Huck and Kevin Moore sped to win most of their events in the first meet of spring swim sports. McCall, fourth in last year's 200 yd. freestyle, placed first in the 100 in :53.6 and second in the 200. Senior Huck displayed his talents winning the 50 yd. freestyle at :23.4. The swimmers, coached by Chuck McMahon, have work outs after school and on Satur- Bill Hennger. Bill Ebbert ROW FOUR: Bruce Williams. Larry Krueger. Brodie Hubbard. Bob Shugrue. Tom McCall. Cliff Monfort, and John MacMullm. 124Make The Best Swimmers Foreigner. Penti Sainio exerts his talents freestyle. days several times a week. Competition in the meets ranges from diving to actual swim- ming speed and performance. In the picture on the bottom left of page 124. junior Tom McCall gets off to a rip-roaring start in the 400 yd. freestyle event with Westwood. Fritz Barnard took first place with Westwood with this forward dive accompanied by a half twist. 125 The start of the 400 yd. freestyle event during the Westwood meet.Practice Makes Baseball Team Perfect Varsity Baseball. ROW ONE (I. to r.): Coach Skip Schifino. Chuck Beurline. Bill Oeadman. Oave Flowers. Dan Montesano. and Mark Wood- ward. ROW TWO: Craig Hansen. Ted Allen. Don Schlander. Randy Vodel. Rick Falls, and Steve Placek. ROW THREE: Mike Cannon. Stoney Orth. Jim Donleer. Bruce Brown. Jim Hitchcock, and Craig Berger.Cougars Not Good Enough! IN THEIR FIRST game of the season, Ar- cadia’s baseball team really socked it to 'em! To the Casa Grande Cougars, that is: 3-1. Runs were scored by Seniors Dan Monte- sano (1) and Soney Orth (2). with Mike Can- non driving in two and Junior Mark Wood- ward the other. Bruce Brown’s powerful pitching earned the win by scattering four hits in spearate innings, while subduing nine batters. His support came from shortstop. Mike Cannon and Stoney Orth. Right fielder Rick Falls teamed up with Bruce Brown in the fourth inning to strike out Cougar opponent. This first win for the Titans is only a begin- ning! Don Schlander swings during a practice session prepar- ing (or the Casa Grande contest. Junior Mark Woodward stretches (or a catch. Right fielder Rick Falls directs the ball to the pitcher.Games of catch keen-up throws and catches during all practice sessions. THE FIRST INTER-CITY game for the Titans was with rival Scottsdale. The Beavers fell, however, as the baseball Titans hitched 10 runs to the final 10-9 score. The score was close, and so was the game. The Beavs right behind the every move of Arcadia's team. The third inning tie was the closest they got. however. And that ended soon with runs by both Junior Don Schlander and Senior Dan Montesano. Mike Cannon's homer set the ball's rolling and the AHS batmen drove to home! Cr3ig Berger find the sun a little hard to play against. 128Skip’s Big 9 Out To Win! Bill Dedman demonstrates the ease and grace involved in sliding in! Stoney at the bat! Concentrated practice allows the team to sharpen their skills. 129Encouraging Year For Male Netters COACH SAM ODELL feels that the '69 season holds the State Championship for the Varsity boys tennis team. The top five. Senior Bart Bentley. Juniors Reed Neslage and Bill Jud- son. Sophomore Dan Farmer, and Freshman Don Gross- miller lead the team to their 7-0 victories over Kofa and Yuma, and helped finish off Chandler 5-2. The team was without the assistance of the Byron boys. John and Bill, due to their twin admiration of crutches, however, both netters plan on returning to the courts soon. Saguaro. Mesa, and Scottsdale seem to be the toughest competition in store this season, although Coach Odell is convinced that Catalina will be competition in the State Tourney. All in all. it looks like a good year for the boys. Younger half of Farmer team looks to a successful tennis future. Varsity Boys. ROW ONE (I. to r.): Don Grossmiller. Bart Bentley. Bill Judson. Reed Neslage. and Dan Farmer. ROW TWO: Coach Sam Odell. Jeff Nees. Fred Dalzell. Larry Cark. Fred James. Bill Byron, and John Byron.Guinther’s Girls Groove THE 1968-1969 GIRLS' Varsity and JV tennis team included Linda Farmer. Mary Lou Walmsley. Betsy Garland. Ann Hutton. Jan Watts. Jan Warne. Nancy Englebretson. Mary Kay Williams. Linda Ruprecht. Lori Felding, Debbie Dimes, and Sue Hendricks. Nine of 14 matches have been played with the results. 6-3. 131Freshman Net Play Successful DR. GUINTHER HAS tentatively put Mary Lou Walmsley in first position on the girls side. With a total of twelve girls on the team. Dr. Guinther said it was a difficult task, but she would not be able to actually determine other notable players until the season opened. Both teams are new to the com- petitive aspect of Arcadia, but ex- perience will make them Champs! Frosh Girls. ROW ONE (I. to r.): Sue Hendricks. Cindi Snyder. Lynn Lockcrby. Mary Williams. Jen- nifer Cherry, and Debbie Dines ROW TWO: Cheryl Stromme. Mary Lou Walmsley. Susan Gangsei. LeeAnne Williams. Jan Shields, and Jan Warne. PREPARATIONS FOR THE big meets have kept both the Frosh boys and girls tennis teams busy. Though the actual competition does not begin until next fall, it is true that practice makes perfect. Don Grossmiller seems to be number one man for the boys. Last year. Don won the South- western Tournament in his age group. His experience came early. Other outstanding prospects are Rob Millsop. Jim Washington. Maury Tenner and Jeff Nees. Frosh Boys ROW ONE (I. to r.):Coach Sam Odell. Art Ambrose. Bill Collins. Maury Tanner. Chuck Teetsel. John Thomas and John Heinrich ROW TWO: Jim Washington. Rob Millsop. Don Gross- miller. Jeff Nees and Fred Dalzell.A DECADE OF GROWTH in SERVICEOlympian Reaches Lucy Burmsky. Junior Editor; and Sharon Bigleman. Senior Editor. Lon Oonk and Nancy May-Faculty Section. Pam Smith. Activities; and Laurie Oldham. Honors. 136 Don Hart. Photographer. Bill Havraneck. Photographer.Tenth Year Emily Hedges and Marnel Jones fight over the Senior Section. Bill Fulbrecht. Connie Stephenson, and Sharon Keil: Sports. Susan Garrity and Patty Bailey: Clubs and Organizations. Lee Scott, photographer. Mark Uhlmann. photographer. 137STUDENT SENATE—ROW ONE: Leta Pettit. Pam Fong. Susan Cole. Lee anne Williams. Barbara Skalmak. Gcri Kcmnitz. ROW TWO: Carol Wilson. Anne Durning, Kim Hastings. Sherri Books. Marilyn Dana. Brenda Smith. Candi Johnson. Stacey Sanchez ROW THREE: Pam Jaeger. Pam Rosenau. Jenny Ruth. Lisa Coop. Debbie Turner. Sue Burchinal ROW FOUR: Jack Albert. Keith Haasis. John Hobbs. Alex Lawson. Joe Barbieri. Jeffrey Sargent. Marty Koff. Darryl Ram. Senators Represent Student Body STUDENT SENATE. Contmued-ROW ONE: Lmda Fuenning. Marty Bentley. David Wilson. Kent Dickerson. Mindy Larson. Wendy Ruffini. ROW TWO: Jan Hoyer. Debbie Lauten. Patti Hawkins. Barbara Benn. Ruth Rebeske. Jane MacDonald. Jenny Bernard. Judi LeClair. Melanie Alcorn. ROW THREE: Marci Barge. Carol Foley. Edith Marusiak. Denise Hill. Peggy Louis. Susi Turley. Pam Pierce. Lori Christensen. ROW FOUR: Rich Tarmelli. Ira Pettit. Gary Himes. Steve Herman. Ed Burt. George MacMullin. Steve Faller. Bill Choules.Girls’ League Encourages Girls To Participate GIRLS’ LEAGUE ANNUAL Christmas Prom and Spring fashion show ac- cented their busy year filled with activities. Other yearly projects con- sisted of: the ‘ Big Sister" program, created to introduce freshman girls to Arcadia: acting as guides the first day of school; donating to needy families at Christmas and Thanks- giving; and mak ig pep posters to help create more school spirit. With the help of their ; )onsor Mrs. lannel- lo. Girls' League provided service for the school and community and made it possible for all girls to participate in school activities. In an attempt to raise money for Girl's League's annual Christmas Prom. Rebbecca Wallich. Vicki Schwab, and Marsha Brown sold candles during the holidays. GIRLS' LEAGUE—ROW ONE: Cindy Close. Linda McNamara. Christy Farris. Barbara Ludden. Marncl Jones. Terri Kass. ROW TWO: Becky Capps. Nicki Gross. Barbi Vaaler. Judi LeClair. Leta Pettic. Patti Singer. Peggy Louis. ROW THREE: Lucy Bunnsky. Chris Halloway. Gayle Berg. Debbie Hickman. Wendy 8lack. Vicki Brown. 139Y-Teens’ Serve Community Y-TEENS ROW ONE: Wendy Thurman. Wendy Carlson. Debbie Ar- cher. Gale Woodward. Pam Sith. Sharon Keil. 8arb Burkhart. ROW TWO: Sue Burchmal. Peggy Schoeller. Pam Potter. Pam Pierce. Cathy Lutz. Susie Biro. Anne Williams. Launc Oldham. ROW THREE: Anne Walmsley. Jodi Dunmire. Jan Watts. Ann Hutton. Sandy Knight. Dale Dyess. Pam Ebbert. Claire Reckling. Christy Farris. AS A BRANCH OF THE YWCA. Y-TeerVs gives the girls a chance to better them- selves and the community. During the year they have decorated the circle, and it was a big job. Along with this, they have given parties at the home for retarded teen girls. The girls have also sent packages and cards to the soldiers in Vietnam, and party favors to the Muscular Distrophy fund. The members have also participated in a city-wide fashion show, displaying the latest and modest fashion for girls. 140AFS Promotes Universal Unity Foreign exchange students chat with AFS's Alesandra. AFS proved that originality is the key to success. This year they came up with the First Annual Valegram Sale. It proved quite successful on February 14 when everyone received little messages. An- other one of their big activities was the benefit concert performed by the Arcadia Choral. This year's inspiring foreign ex- change student was Alessandra Gola from Italy. Alessandra was quite active in AFS. Sigma Beta Chi. and Student Council. It was a great experience for Arcadia to have Alessandra and it was through AFS's hard work and devotion that gave Arcadia this opportunity. ter. Steve Lockerby. Connie Stephenson. Martha Hathaway. Paula Gregg. AFS—ROW ONE: Zodie Blakley. Alessandra Gola. Cora Allen. Tom Coop. Cindy Close. Chris 'away ROW TWO: Mr. Penfield. Jill Car- 141Girls Promote Interest And Fun For Athletics G.A.A.—ROW ONE: Vikki Schwab. Roxann Roberts. Bonnie Lipow. Pauelete French. Sharon Made. Brenda Lewis ROW TWO: Jill Carter. Susan Mack. Diane Frazier. Lonnie James. Cindy Frola. ROW THREE: Beverly Lewis. Holly Hawkins. Barbara Fogg. Sue Frazier. Nina Spar- razza. Josie Gippee. ROW FOUR: Sandy Bertoia. Joannie Taylor. Linda Siegwald. Janet Jacobs. Virginia Green. ROW FIVE: Charlotte McComas. Sue Vander Plag. Duane Jordan. Peggy Wright. Brooke Peters. Cheryle Reeves. THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION promotes a better and more wide- spread interest in the physical activities of Arcadia High School. The members developed a higher skill in sports and gained a greater sense of sportsman- ship. Their sponsor was Miss Cheryl Capps. 142MAT MAIDS—ROW ONE: June Denglcr. Alessandra Gola. Laurie Kelly. Cristie Haggard. Sue Clifton. Geri Kemnitz. Pat Peevyhouse. Shauna Wendy Carlson. Debbie Archer. Kitten Peebles. ROW TWO: Tern Kass. Daniels. Romans And Wrestlers Lend MeYour Ears SPQR—RON ONE: Frances Beck. Gay Howland. Diane Edes. Sally Paula Gregg. ROW TWO: Mike Fitch. Bob Reader. Jeffrey Sargent. Nelsen. Miss Smocke. Linda Ruprecht. Rebecca Waller. Shari Smart. Tom 8eck. Lee Vough. Larry Luddcn. Greg Houlihan.FRESHMEN BOYS' CHORUS—ROW ONE: Cort Jackson. Gary Hawkins. Danny Wood. Vince Wolfe. Jeff Roach. Bill Ebbcrt. Don Helm. David Carlson ROW TWO: Dave Ross. Paul Biro. Bob Hobbs. Steve Faller. David Newman. Paul Gay. Charlie Wilson. Chuck Teetsel. Bill Car- penter, Don Blackert. ROW THREE: Jordan Francis. Jack Woolley. Craig Romney. Dave Chadwick. Jim Hood. Keith Binney. Ken Mc- lemore. Dan Ellis. Jeff Nees. Don Grossmiller. David Jallo. ROW FOUR: Ken Godfrey. Paul French. Phil Colasanti. Dan McQueen. Dale Peterson. Maury Tanner. Roger Gibson. Jerry Carter. Jim Burgoyne. Barry Heuring. George Hanford. Blaise Omann. Jim Burbeck ROW FIVE: Toby Ramsey. Bob Fairchild. Jim Staggs. Rob Millsop.Stan Snowdy. Larry Nelson. Dale Cantrell. Gil Gillenwatcr. Steve Merkle. Ken Slider. John Thomas. Jon Gardner.'Mike Stephens. ROW SIX: Kent Van Vleet. Doug Willis. Paul Airola. Pat Troutman. Gary Van Orden, Mike Locke. Mike Wood. Jim Gregg. Ben Cotter. Paul Shover. Bob Lenberg. SUNNY DAZE—ROW ONE: Nanci Christ. Pam Schmidt. Cmdy Frola. ROW TWO: Jane MacDonald. Mary Busby. Ruth Rebeske. Diane Jord,■3 IS Delta Omega Seeks To Aid Needy Linda Johnson. President of Delta Omega, presents a decorated cake to the football team at a dinner banquet. DELTA OMEGA—ROW ONE: Linda Fuenning, Beth Johnson. Mary Mc- Arthur. Jim Hill. Janet Gieszel. Nancy May. Judy Cole. ROW TWO: Wendy Thurman. Becky Capps. Sharon Biglcman. Linda Farmer. Judy Payne. Gale Woodward. Patty Singer. Claudia NeVille. Diane Romney. ROW THREE: Jennifer Hervey. Debbie Larson. Amy Pringle. Linda McCroskey. Debbie Lange. Wendy Ruffini. June Dengler. Patty Leonard. Christy Haggard. Susie Heaton. ROW FOUR: Jennifer Smith. Tracy James. Chris Beans. Sandy Knight. Margie Wong. Zody Blakley. Linda MacNamara. Debbie Archer. Alison Hall. Wendy Carlson. Miss Phyllis Fangman. 145Lettermen Recognize Sportsmanship LETTERMEN—ROW ONE: John Smith. Benny Anderson. Tom Hens- chen. Steve Pcblcr. Cindy Koerner. Bryce Hawkinson. Jack King. ROW TWO: John Adler. William Wood. Bob Kass. Rick Falls. Chuck Savale. Rob Schmidt. Dave Peeveyhouse. Doug Kelly. Mike Grasty. ROW THREE: Bill Saunders. Bill Riley. Dave Deadline. Roy Slack. Eic Hamilton. Bill Albright. Mark Russell. Mike Philips. Dave Flowers. Phil McCammon ROW FOUR: Mike Cannon. George Speaker. Harry Helper. Speedy Mac Mullin. Mark Woodward. Don Schlander. Don Charles. Mark Pihl. Larry Emmot. Steve Herman. Jeff Trent. Brian Dunfee. ROW FIVE: Stony Orth, Scott Blackwell. Scott Monfort. Jeff Wilming. Ken Jhnson. Jerry MacNamera. Jim Threadgill. Ted Allen. Jim Kaulenburger. John Trent. Rob Chipman. Bruce Brown ROW SIX: John MacMullm. Rich Williams. Randy Vogel. Steve King. Dave Wil- son. Craig Berger. George Hagedorn. Bob Huck. Tom Fenner. Joe Reynolds. Bob Lehman. Casey Hood. Gary Himes. GOODSPORTSMANSHIP AND GOOD citizen- ship are the goals of the Lettermen. In recog- nition of athletic achievements, members receive an "A''. Every year the Lettermen choose a sweetheart, and this year Dindy Koerner was the lucky girl. Other activities this year were sponsoring the Coaches’ game with Saguaro High School, picking grapefruit off of all the trees on campus, and sponsor- ing a family for Christmas. Each year new lettermen are inducted at the spring sports assembly in the gym. Coach Anderson is sponser. Roy Slack and John Trent sweep gym floor before a basketball game.Sigma Girls Serve Community SIGMA BETA CHI—ROW ONE: Connie Stephenson. Pam Potter. Mar- gie Murphy. Karen Frank. Frank Fondrisi. LeAnne Montgomery. 8arb Bayles. Kathi Milne. ROW TWO: Anne Walmsley. Susie Garland. Cathy Lutz. Barbi Ludden. Cindy Clsoe. Jan Luhrs. Diane Henderson. Cindy Cooper. Jonelle Grossmiller. ROW THREE: Shauna Daniels. Patti Bailey. Alessandra Gola. Carolyn Stotz. Sue Hardy. Sue Repp. Barbi Fisher. Barb 8urkhart. ROW FOUR: Sue Burchinal. Betsy Garland. Anne Snyder. Alison Marshall. Roxi May. Sandy Williams. Marty Bent- ley. Susie Biro. SIGMA BETA CHI is a campus girls service club of Arcadia. Throughout the year. Sigma has done many projects, both for the school and for the community. During the Christ- mas season, the girls made various decora- tions and with them decorated the library. They have also given parties for the patients of the Arizona State Hospital. Sigma is ranked successful for another consecutive year. Practice for the exciting Sigma-Delta game.Key Club Contributes To Community KEY CLUB- ROW ONE: John 8yron. Bill Byron. Bob Huck. Beth John Bill Wright. Hank Tear. Keith Haasis. Mr. Sam Odell. Bart Bentley, son. Doug Kelly. David Peevyhouse. Ira Pettit. Jim Threadgili ROW Steve Pebier. Larry Young. Tom McCall. Jeff Trent. David Wilson. TWO: Jell Vance. Jack King. Jeff Staggs. Rich Williams. John Trent. KEY CLUB IS a boy's service organiza- tion whose purpose is to build the home, school and community. In pre- paring themselves for useful citizen- ship. Key Club members gain exper- ience in living and working together for a common goal. Every year Key Club has a Peanut Brittle sale. Easter egg hunt, and an Ugly Man Contest. This year there was also an Ugly Woman Con- test. and the winners of both con- tests were Tim Wagoner and Debbie Larson. Key Club members also made the famous "Beaver Eater", provided ushering service at the Baccalaureate and Graduation, and elected Beth John- son as their Sweetheart for 1969. 148 Members of Key Club show the Pom line how it's supposed to be done.QUILL SCROLL- ROW ONE: Marriel Jones. Joe Barbieri. Sharon Keil. Sharon Bigleman. Cindy Cooper. ROW TWO: Linda Ruprecht. Cindy Merkle. Lucy Burinsky. Patty Lass. Christy Farris. Patti Bailey. Jan Youngblood ROW THREE: Susan Garrity. Ann Battershell. Pam Smith. Linda McNamara. Nancy May. Jerry McNamara. ROW FOUR: Susan Woolgar. Diane Edes. Emily Hedges. Connie Stephenson. Larry Emmot. ROW FIVE: Mark Uhlmann. Bruce Williams. Lee Scott. Eric Sorenson. Not pictured: Linda Farmer and Kelly Butler. Arcadians Read And Write GREAT BOOKS ROW ONE: Teri Van Buren. Debbie Lockett. Sally Nelson, Linda Ruprecht. ROW TWO: Chris Kunde.Claudia Steele. Gay How- land. Diane Edes. Mary Busby. 149Art Club Works For Creativity ARCADIA'S ART CLUB worked diligently with the help of their sponsor Mrs. Bur- rel informing their fellow Titans of the forthcoming events. Their annual ac- tivities consisted of making posters for most of the musicals, designing the Twirp week talent show programs, and constructing and hanging pep posters. Members of Art Club also sold felt pens and mini-posters to boost their treas- ury. Ann Vance and Karen Jonas plaster a gigantic pep poster that Art Club members constructed. ART CLUB—ROW ONE: Linda Shulman. Randy Thompson. Ben Rob- bins. Darryl Ram. Cheryl Reeves. ROW TWO: Margaret Wooldridge. Ann Vance. Walt Coffman. Karen Jonas. Sally Nelsen. Teri Van Buren. Melinda Gates.:ROW THREE: Tom McClure. Jim Burbeck. Lorraine Ward. Karen Hoyt. Linda Ruprecht. Linda Ward. Claudia Steele. Marta Boutel.Thespians Display Talent Thespians work diligently on the sets for Arcadia Productions. NATIONAL THESPIANS—ROW ONE: Beth Bechtol. Andy Powell. Barry Koeb. Nancilou Christ. Suzy Cazel. ROW TWO: Ten Van Buren. Melody Watson. Ruth Rebeske. Celinda Anne Sarle. Shaun Green. Paulette Gundry. Pat Watson. Jane MacDonald. ROW THREE: Diane Dram. Danny Williams. Lucy Burinsky. Diane Edes. Bob McHenry. Mark Giebelhaus. ROW FOUR: David Dram. Bill Davis. Pentti Samio. Yoka Klosters. James Greer. Bill Windsor. Jeff Taylor. TO PROMOTE INTEREST and understanding in all aspects of the theatre, members of Thespians kept a busy schedule this year. They toured children's in- stitutions to present a play called "The Clown that Had No Face", which was Written especially for the Thes- pians. Other activities include ushering and working backstage for all Arcadia assemblies and concerts. Some new activities for Thespian Troupe 2514 were ushering and working at the civic center for all of the Actors' Inner Circle productions, and working back- stage for various fashion shows.JETS-ROW ONE: Albert Barbieri. Linda Ruprecht, Andy Powell. Nancy Immel. Jed Shapiro. ROW TWO: Bob Reader. Herbert Ong. Jim Burbeck. Bob Hood. Tom Beck. Bob Wmcgart. Mr. Henry. CHESS CLUB- ROW ONE: Marty Koff. ROW TWO: Bob Wine- gart. David Dram. ROW THREE: Charles Sessions. 152 ASTRONOMY CLUB -ROW ONE: Vince Kramer. Andy Powell. Tony Cotner. ROW TOW: Mr. Hurn. Robert Henry. David Dram. Joel Bump.Clubs Promote Foreign Languages SPANISH HONORARY -ROW ONE: Susan Schmidt, Christi Row- McNamara. Emily Hedges. ROW THREE: Ooug Norde. Joyce Bruck- land. Kathy Ford. ROW TWO: Becky Roper. Debbie Lange. Linda nor. Marty Kotf. Mr. 8ennett. Lloyd Zusman. Kirk Smith. Cathy Smith. Eric Soren- sen. Jack Albert. 153 GERMAN CLUB-ROW ONE: Jeanne Mitchell. Debbie Lockett, Lor- raine Wilson. Karen Osterloh. Pam Ebbert. Trudy Price. ROW TWO:DECA—ROW ONE: Kathy Christian. Sue Thompson. Pat Watson. mg. Jan Holloway. Johanna Metzner. Rick OeLair. Lyle Claypool. Ron Donna Wagers. Carol Smith. Ann Battershell. Joseph Mendola. Jeff Snyder. Rick Lestor. Ron Stewart. John Parker, and Sponsor Mr. San- Jensen. Ron Ellis. Bill Herzig. ROW TWO: Nadine Slider. Cathy Heur- der Students Discover Business World COE—ROW ONE: Leslie Wooten. Mary Fitzgerald. Janet Rem. Barbi dine. Debbie Nichols. Sue Repp. John Ruby. Linda Kassan. Beth Ross. Vaaler. Pam Dana. Ibby Aylsworih. Janice Shover. Rebecca Sahlin. Denise Storace. Sue Weber. Mary Hall. Normalyn Lord. Chris Mowery. ROW TWO: Mr. R. W. Gragg. Linda Bo-MU ALPHA THETA—ROW ONE: Linda Ruprecht. Jack Albert. Gay Howland. ROW TWO: Mr. Svaco. Glenn Butt. Doug Sessions. George Thomas. Math And Music ORCHESTRA—ROW ONE: Janice Hoyt. Jeannme Harvey. Pam Jonas. Lance Smith. ROW TWO: Carmel Rossman. Gail Wool- gar. Marsha Snyder. Lorraine Wilson. Karen Jonas. Ann Millsop. Alice Jarvis. ROW THREE: Wendy Walker. Steven Potuzak. Joel Bump. Karen Osterloh. Jed Shapiro.FRESHMAN GIRLS’ CHORUS- ROW ONE: Glady Green. Margo Well. Lori Munz. Janice Savoy. Linda Shuiman. Patsy Ramsey. Karen Cooper Kim Baldwin. Sue Bechtol. Carol Chapman. Barbara Dick- son ROW TWO: Kathy Lambert. Mary Fenner. Lyn Bracken, Laurie Kelly. Barbara Skalniak. Pam Fong. Mindy Strauss. Gina Stabile. Chnss Wavrek. Sharon Campbell. Pam Gehlbach. Linda Kidd ROW THREE: Gina Battafarano. Michele Greer. Marvilla Merrcll. Mary Love- less. Alison Hall. Julie Samson, Norma Sponcel. Libbie Damron. Lynn Lockerby. Cmdi Snyder. Mary Katherine Williams. Bobbie Lorenzen. Nat Payne. Marilyn Dana. Patti Turner. ROW FOUR: Mary Howard. Rosemary White. Mary Ann Bailey. Laura Lagman, Caroline 8urmsky. Kathy Smith. Cindy Turley. Michelle DeCorte. Pat Grant. Kitten Pee- bles. Pamela Hoyt. Gayle Warner. Kim Millett ROW FIVE: Norma Hold- ridge. Ava Stern. Brooke Monfort. Dana Ford. Flori Becker. Selina Rich. Linda Siegwald. Amy Reynolds. Michole White. Damsc Ransier. Linda Steel. Jan Shields. LeeAnne Williams. Jennifer Cherry. Lynne Wilburn. FRESHMAN GIRLS CHORUS—ROW ONE: Sue Ahrens. Shawn Kell. Brenda Smith. Vicki Klug. Marla Shaw. Cyndi Kracum. Kathy Sieg- fried. Debe Wescott. Leta Pettit ROW TWO: Sandy Sims. Sue Hend- ricks. Toni Monanty. Virginia Green. Liz Foley. Colleen Kmchen. Nma Sparrazza. Michele Milhson. Shelley O'Brien. Pat Peevyhouse. Debbie Hickman ROW THREE: Sandy Nelson Vanessa Koopman. Sharon Hettlinger. Susan Lipphardt. Rhenda Broughton. Debby Brady. Gloria Schork. Jennifer Riedy. Wendy Black, Debby Plancta. Cmdy O'Neill. Jill Spear ROW FOUR: Mary Soderquist. Pam Totman. Pam Kneer. Sally Hill. Peggy Luddcn. Karin Dru. Mary Napolitano. Kathy Butler. Lmda Bivenour. Lauri Teeples. Stacey Sanchez. Jolie Bernard. Susan Gangsei. Amy Reynolds. ROW FIVE: Mary Bristow. Marion Dav- ies. Stephanie Mumford. Patty Mam. Colleen Gorman. Nancy Hainan. Robin Flook. Jet Gazley. Susan Cole. Mary Lynn Berger. Jane Shole. Terri Derksen. ROW SIX: Cmdy Felts. Kristin Lmdblom. Joan Hans. Sherri Lynn Godbehere. Janet Freise. Janet Smart. Peggy Wright. Susie Bigus. Joanne LaBundy. Kathy Dunbar. Shelley Vebber. Judy Bcucrlcm. Sue Clifton. 156Advanced Choruses ShowTalent ADVANCED GIRLS' CHORUS- ROW ONE: Marsha Brown. Ann Vance. Laura Tanguy. Jean Kubis. Joyce McQueen. Peggy Louis. Patricia Hawkins. Pamela Pierce. Pam Snyder. Kathy McNeill. ROW TWO: Nanci Christ. Patty Burnett. Jodi Buehner. Becky Curl. Vicki Varel. Peggy Roach. Beatrice Watts. Rosalyn Butt. Barbi Nelson. Paulette Gundry. Christine Anderson. ROW THREE: Beth Ashley. Denee Clark. Emily Groves. Holly Hawkins. Ann Burba. Alice Holdndge. Patti Hart- wick. Kathy Greco. Mary Main. Pam Madland. Pam Washington. ROW FOUR: Jenny Ruth. Lana Kimball. Cindy Ralston. Kay Hart. Jan Luhrs. Debbie Damron. Lynne Saunders. Jan Smee. Linda Lallman. Kathy Jenkins. Claudia Steele. Debbie Lockett, Laurie Fielding. ROW FIVE: Ann Rider. Jane Guide. Jan Ward. Kristine Sorensen. Barbra 8ooker. Trudy Ramsey. Candus Freeman. Gaye Chenoweth. Diane Moran. Judi LeClair. Debbie Gay. Laressa Blackcrt. Debbie Lauten. Patti Petersen ROW SIX: Vivian Cotter. Susan Woolgar. Martha Hathaway. Beverly White. Christy Williams. Kathy Kanold. Sandy Williams. Charlene Sutter. Jenny Bernard. Rhonda Hancock. Dyan Ziska. Beth Dutton. Allyn Campana. Meredith McCall. INTERMEDIATE GIRLS' CHORUS—ROW ONE: Paula Ellison. Pam Ro- Sie Flipper ROW THREE: Judy Brooks. Susie Woody. Kristen Lav senau. Joan Shover. Bonita Madonia. Sue Sedgwick. Sheri McFate rence. Nancy Shanks ROW TWO: Shan Roberts. Janet Payne. Lin Risley. Roberta Klare. Jo- 157JUNIOR CHORALE—ROW ONE—Nina Sparrazza. Linda Biven- our. Pam Hoyt. Michelle DeCorte. Stacey Sanchez. Lee Anne Williams. Jennifer Cherry. Linda Siegwald. Sue Hendricks. ROW TWO—Shawn Kell. Jennifer Riedy. Kathy Butler. Julie Samson. Michaele Millison. Kitten Peebles. Mindy Strauss. Pat Grant. Linda Steele. Susan Cole. Susie Bigus. ROW THREE— Roger Gibson. Jeff Roach, Dan McQueen, Pat Troutman. Doug Willis. Steve Faller. Phil Colasanti. Jon Gardner. Stan Snowdy. Mike Stephens. David Jallo. Junior Chorale And JV Band Create Music JUNIOR VARSITY BAND—ROW ONE—Dee Ann Jenkins. Joan- nie Taylor. Linda Bradley. Lee Trainor. Nancy Amberson. Ann Burton. Ann Burba. Nancy Bowers. Richard Philabaum. Bob Stinser. David Bolles. Ralph Bethancourt. ROW TWO—Gerry Guide. Anne Koff. Cynthia Hoyt. Renee Roloff. Margaret Woold- ridge. Kathy Cramer. Mindy Suder. Beth Bannenberg. Janice Ryder. Becky Crum. Missy Sudcr. ROW THREE—Shari Smart. Susanne Adams. Becky Sheidlcr. Vicky Kelber. Holly Knox. Bill Fahy. Jim Rowland. Bruce Praet. Bob Cuthbertson. Dave Farren. Steve Jamison. ROW FOUR—Greg Mosley. Jim Reade. Steve Erlick. Jeff Houghton. Rocky Button. Bob Gaines. Angie Greco. Steve Lass. Mike Slack, ROW FIVE—Edwin Burt. Steve Bradley. Ray Low. George Speaker. Nick Sharp. Fred Dalzell. Stuart Ott. 158Band Lettermen Evolve From Band BAND LETTERMEN—ROW ONE: Donna Becchetti. Ann Vance. Linda Hart. Russ Smith. Chris Morris. John Smith. Bruce Anderson. Dan Becchetti. Karen Jonas. Martha Wallen. ROW TWO: Jeff Hecht. John Kaplan. VARSITY BAND—ROW ONE: Martha Wallen. Peggy Krewson. Nancy Immel. Diane Tod. Celinda Anne Searle. Mary Busby. Nancy Enge- bretson. Jeanne Mitchell. Craig Sparrazza. Cindy Close. ROW TWO: Jeff Hecht. Andy Newton. Kathy Shook, Ron Herndon. Steve Gamble. Tom Rogers. Mavis Laing. Ann Vance. Susi Hecht. ROW THREE: Scott Blackwell. John Mayer. Dan Kaplan. Keith Ward. Jeffrey Sargent. Fred Aetum: Kristin Sorensen. Carol Pyne. ROW FOUR: David Squire. Bruce Anderson. Jeff Thornton. Ross Cline. Chris Morris. Lee Vough. Mary Lueders. Joan Cordell. Anne Shaver. Donna Becchetti. ;ROW FIVE: John Hart. Ted DeCorte. Vickey Honneywell. Patty Burnett. David Drain. Rob Millsop. Joel 8ump. Scott Eaton. Lynn Flowers. Steven Potuzak. ROW SIX: Rob Bethancourte. James Miller. Charlie Larson. Willie Cardew. Randy Meushaw. Russ Smith. Tom 8utler. Lloyd Zusman. Drew Freeman. Mike Mclnerney. 159Concert Choir Sings Out CONCERT CHOIR- ROW ONE: Debi Allen. Diane Henderson. Jane Tod. Laurie Martin.Connie Busser. MaryLynn McLemorc. Janet Sandige. Melody Watson. Dianne Hooten. Janet Davis. ROW TWO: Kathy Dcimm. Anne Snyder. Nancy Dickson. Kathy Beck. Barbara Sexton. Connie Hunt. Cathy Smith. Sheri Jensen. ROW THREE: Robin Okun. Marci Holt. Chris Holloway. RoxiC May. Lynn Knight. Jan Mumford. Allyn Larson. Claudia NeVille. Joyce Bruckner. Ruth Ward. ROW FOUR: Tom Cazel. Tom Beck. David Whitmer. Doug Krell. Steve Fis- cher. Danny Williams. Bob Winegart. Jeff Huffman. John Cahill. Bill Zlatich. Denms Wagers. Albert Barbieri. ROW FIVE: Chris Valcho. Doug Norde. Mike Steiner. Bob McHenry. Dale Kram. Ken Plitt. Gary Himes. Tom Coop. Jerry Vczak. Jim Gleason. Steve Lockcrby. Robert Roe. CONCERT CHOIR- ROW ONE: Carol Kildow. Sally Yates. Mary Lynn Webb. Sydne Brown, Becky Roper. Day Wilson. Gayle Berg. Shauri Breen, Carol Hoyt. Margie Murphy. Alison Marshall. ROW TWO: Pam Shmidt. Janet Doyle. Bev Riedy. Kristm Erickson. Allice Jarvis. Chris Kunde. Carol Guffee. Renee Wallace. Mary Van Nimwegen. Janice Hoyt. Lynda Carter. Maxanne Millett. Cindy Hobbs. ROW THREE: 160 Mike May. Barry Kocb. John Windsor. Bob Price. Peter Sorensen. Mark Staggs. Larry Peterson. Rob Read. Russell Brown. Mark Diaz. ROW FOUR: Greg Grohsys. Bill Windsor. Pentti Saino. David Moore. Ty Sell. Hayes Button. John Hillebrand. Jack Bigus. Bill Andrews. Roy Slack. Randy Ferguson.Chorale Performs RIGHT-Chris Valcho. Nancy Dickson, Kristin Erickson. Bill Windsor. Connie 8usser. Bob McHenry. Dennis Wagers. Jane Todd. Sally Yates. Larry Clark. Diane Henderson. Jerry Vrzak. Jan Mumford. Steve Lockerby. Ann Millsop. Steve Potuzak. Ted DeCorte. Donna Becchetti. Mavis Laing. and Rob Millsop provide musical background.THE CLASSIC: Shelley Sarena. Jim Gleason. Classic—NHS Display Ability NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY—ROW ONE: Mary McArthur. Marnel Namara. Bart Bentley. Gay Howland. Linda Ruprecht. Jan Young- Jones. Shauri Green. Joe Barbieri. Diane Henderson. Shelley Sarena. blood. ROW THREE: 8ruce Williams. George Thomas. Tom Coop. Bob Linda Johnson. ROW TWO: Doug Kelly. Robert MacMullm. Jerry Me- Huck. David Bews. Eric Sorensen. Jack Albert. Susan WoolgarArcadian Informs Students A busy day for the Arcadian Staff. THE BI-MONTHLY Arcadian covers campus activities from the crowning of royalty to the latest game. The twenty-one member staff take turns covering news- worthy events and getting the latest hot stories even though they each have their own sections to work on. By working together the staff produces a competent journalistic paper. Becky Capps types out some copy Lih Parker helps develop pictures. Jerry McNamera and Cindy Cooper discuss headlines. Photographer Kelly Butler scrutinizes a subject Cheer, Pom Pon Add Color And ENTHUSIASM AND INTEREST in school activities were displayed by Arcadia's cheerleaders during this past decade. This year they promoted more spirit than ever before in leading our team to victory after victory. The girls prac- ticed everyday during fourth hour and after school. Junior varsity cheerleaders: Judy Paine. Nancy Stirnweis. Joy Van Vlcet. Sally Eyer. 164 Gayle Berg. Mary MacArther. Zodie Blakley. Cassie Cassidy. Janet Gieszl. Kay Wilson. Linda Fuenning.Vitality To School Activities Pom Pon girls say "hello"! THIS YEAR'S pom pon squad was one of the most spirited that Arcadia has had. These girls performed at all halftime ac- tivities for football games and home basketball games. They worked together creating new routines with the help of their sponsor. Miss Cheryl Capps. 1968 Pom Pon line FRONT ROW: Wanda Hunt. Debbie Rutherford. Barbi Fisher. Carol Kil dow. Margie Wong. Diane Romney BACK ROW: Debbie Siegwald. Jennifer Smith. Tracy James. Karen Frank. 165Student Council Fundamental To Titan Life THE STUDENT COUNCIL is the main organ- izer for most of the on-campus projects. It consists of the Student Body officers, officers from each class, and a boy and girl representative from each class. This hard working organization was planned and con- tinues to work with the student body in mind. Projects of the year included planning the annual Homecoming festivities and raising money for the Kenneth Love Fund, which was city-wide project. Student Council has had a full and active year. STUDENT COUNCIL—ROW ONE: Yoka Klosters. Alessandro Gola. Lisa Murphy. Bob Kite. Doug Kelly. Karen Frank. Bob Huck. William Peniti Saimo. Jennifer Smith. Bart Bentley. Nancy May. Linda John- Byron ROW THREE: Jeff Vance. Connie Stephenson. John Trent, son. David Wilson. Jeff Trent ROW TWO: Mr Amerson. Paul Vogen. 166 :.'3'  77? A DECADE OF GROWTH in LEARNINGJuniors Look Officers John Trent. Boy Representative: Margie Murphy, secre- Trent. President; Connie Stephenson. Girl Representative or- tary; Gary Himes. Vice President; Sandy Williams. Treasurer: Jeff ganize the Junior class in their many activities. RETURNING THIS YEAR as upperclassmen, the Junior Class of 1970 displayed much enthusiasm and eagerly faced new responsibilities. Academically the Juniors looked forward to planning for college while socially preparing themselves for adulthood. Money was raised for class activities by numerous candy and bake sales. Twirp Week was sponsored by the Juniors along with the Junior-Senior Prom The theme for the Junior homecoming display (which won second place) was "The Old Lady In The Foot- ball”. All of these activities and many more have made the Class of 1970 one of the most outstanding Junior classes in Arcadia's history. 170Toward Seniority Jim Ackerman Joe Acosta Bill Adams Evelyn Ahrens Bill Albright Christy Allen Ted Allen Tom Andersen Bruce Anderson Teresa Anderson Tom Anderson Ken Babb Jim Bahls Patti Bailey Marci Barge Gerald Barber Robert Barbieri Bruce Bauder Betty Beardsley 8renda Beccheiti Beth Bechtol Susan Beck Barbara Benn Burce Benn Gayle Berg Donald Bernal Robert Bethancourt Rob Bethal Chuck Beuerlem Bob Bickes Sue Bickman John Bigus Debra Binney Frank Bmzoni Larressa Blackert Carol Blakeslee 8ob Borg Lawrence Borselh Pauli Botsfort Marta 8outel Nancy Bowers Bill Brown Sydney Brown Rich Buchanan Jerry Bulmski Ann Burba Nancy Burbeck Sue Burchinal Lucy Burmsky Diane Burke Patricia Burnett John Burton Mary Busby Grant Butler Tom Butler Hayes Button 171John Byron Nancy Cadigon Allyn Campana 8ccky Capps Joan Cardeli Mike Carver MikeChaillie Don Charles Frank Chedestor RobChetlan RobChipman Gary Christian Trent Twins MegChynoweth Larry Clark Cindy Close Walter Coffman Judy Cole Craig Conyers Marie Cordova Mike Counts Cathy Cramer Tom Crowley Becky Curl Debby Damron Shauna Daniels Bill Davis Bill Davis Janet Davis Scott Davis Ted DeCorte June Dengler Kathy Derksen Kent Dickerson Scott Dickey Nancy Dickson John Diel Steve Dill Laurie Dillow Tim Dolan Terry Dong 172Kathy Dorton Janet Doyle Dave Dram Galen Drake Diane Dunmire Scott Eaton Allen Ehlers Larry Emmott Kristin Erickson Rick Falls Kathy Finley Peggy Fenner Glen Fischer Ken Fisher Bill Fitzgerald Jeff Fleetham Josie Flipper Dave Flowers Barbara Fogg Carol Foley Kathy Ford Debby Foster Mark Foster Janette French Lmda Fuenning Bill Gaines Jim Garrison Melinda Gates Team Together Juniors Roy Slack And Hayes Button Leave Chorus Unnoticed. 173Language Lab Sparks New Knowledge. Jrs. Earn Money By Selling Candy Debby Gay George Centner MarkGiebeihaus Patti Gillispie Charles Goodman Larry Graham JancGrasty MikeGrasty Shirley Gravens Mike Grayson Kathy Greco Jim Green Jeff Greene Kim Groh Nancy Groves Carol Guffee Dennis Gumhck Keith Haasis Christy Haggard Scott Hall Eric Hamilton David Hans Jim Hansen Craig Hanson Sally Harman John Hams Scott Harrington Donald Hart 174Patti Hartwick Oave Harvey Martha Hathaway Charles Havranek Holly Hawkins Susie Heaton Paula Heckman Emily Hedges Tina Helmuth Chris Hendon Steve Herman Rick Herrington Kathy Hillier Gary Himes BobHobem Robbie Hogate John Holcomb Alice Hoidndge Jim Holman Vicki Honneywell Diane Hootcn Mary Beth Hotsko Jan Hoyer Joan Hoyer Todd Hoyer Brodie Hubbard Jeff Huffman Karen Hughes Connie Hunt Anne Hutton Anthony ladipaolo Patti Isaac Mark Jacquemin Pam Jaeger Alice Jarvis Marg Jensen Dennis Johnsen JereJohnson John Jones Bill Judson George Judson Linda Kahn Danny Kaplan Jim Kautenburger Jill Keller Ann Kelly Robert Kelty Kris Kiesel Carol Kildow Phil Kinchen Steve King Bill Kite Elliot Klahr Ross Klein Debby Knackstedt Jean Knox Martin Koff Nancy Kohlhase John Kohn Ky Komadmo Kyle Kopecky Tim Korb Becky KozellDale Krain Tina Krebs Bob Kru Chris Ku' Conrad Kor PaulLandrus Mickey LeMuth Debbie Lange Carol Larsen Carl Larson Patti Lass David Lee Glenn Lee Jean Linburg Carol Kildow Represents Patti. Leonard Rob Lester Dessie Lewis Barbara Lewis Delia Lewis Mike Levi Randy Levitt Sue Light Jim Lindner Bonny Lipow Frank Liuzzd Debbie Lockett John Luiten Dale Lundgren Jane MacDonald John MacMullm Linda MacNamara Tom McCall Phil McCammon Linda Sue McCroskey Brian McDanile Debbie McDaniel Laurie McGruw Steve McHenry Tom McLellan Mary McLemore April McMannon Pam Madland Elame MacMahon Mary Mam 176Jess Maricle Pam Marshall Jim Martin Ken Martz Todd Martz Christine Matters Roxie May Robert Mell Dawn Mendenhall Jill Mendenhall Diane Mendola Cmdy Merkle David Merre David Merrel Randy Meushaw Juniors On Pom Line Jonathan Michael Jim Miller Judy Miller MaxannoMillett Doug Millison Jean Mitchell Rob Mitchell Sally Mitchell Scott Monfort Gerry Moore Kevin Moore Ed Moriarity Vernon Morris Leonard Moschetla Jack Mosher George Mower Margie Murphy Terri Murphy Barb Nelson Rob Nelson Reid Nesiage Sharon Newman Tom Nochta DougNorde Toni Owen Phil Oviedo RobOvermicr 177 Janet Ohms John Oakley Andrew PappasCarl Pascreili Patti Peterson MarkPcttus Pam Pickelmeyer David Pickering Joe Piercey Anton Pietsch Mark Pihl Chris Pillmore David Pittman Sue Ploeg Steve Posner Susan Pratt Bob Price Linda Pullan Paul Purvis Stephanie Prychodnic Ruth Rebeske Claire Reckling Rob Reed Sandi Reese Cheryl Reeves Randy Reyman Joe Reynolds Bev Riedy Bill Riley Janda Rippstem Lynn Rislcy 178 Bennett Robins Gayle Robinson James Rodgers Jon Rogers Jay Rohmer Becky Roper Pam Rosenau Christy Rowland Wendy Ruffini Tom Rutherford Steve Sanchez Kent Dickerson And Carol Bailey Take Time Out From Study Hall.Frank Sara Chuck Savalo Gary Schaff Mark Schechle Bill Scheerer Don Schlander Pam Schmidt Sue Schmidt Peggy Schoeller Roxi Schutte Georgie Schwan Peter Scola Sara Scott Jim Scderstrom Doug Sessions 8arbara Sexton Tom Sexton Virginia Shall Chris Shirkey Cathy Shook Scott Shore Mike Shotwell Marlene Simmons Roy Slack Jim Smart Becky Smith Madelaine Smith Students Practice Study Habits While Talking. Junior Dennis Wagers Carries A Well-Balanced Lunch.Twirp Week Remains Favorite Vicki Smith Steve Snowdy Doug Snyder Pam Snyder SkipSoderquist Mark Sollenberger Carla Solvesky Dan Soule George Speaker Wayne Speaker Tim Spellman Karmin Spindler David Squire Connie Stephenson Billy Stern Arlcn Stewert Mark Stoller Debby Sotck Carolyn Stotz Tim Steele Kent Stultz Mitchell Strunk Chris Swan Ted Swift Laura Tanguy Rich Tannelli Edward Taylor John Taylor Richard Tear Caroline Tenison Scott Tenney Mary Threadgill Martha Tolbey Allen Topolosky Glen Totten Guy Townsend Jeff Trent John Trent Pat Trester Linda Truitt Debbie Turner Jeff Turner Mary Van Nimwegen Randy Vogel I Don Vogen Lee Vouch Dennis Wagers Sue Wagner Kathy Wagoner Linda Wamscott Cathy Walker Renee W3l lace Martha Wallen Rebecca Waller Ann Walmsley Keith WardBill Ware Cheryl Waterman Melody Watson Beatrice Watts Jan Watts Barbara Wavrek Mary Webb Robin Whiffen Fred Whitaker David Whitmer Anne Wilburn Larry Wilcox Ann Williams Danny Williams Rich Williams Sandy Williams Kay Wilson Robert Winegart Bernard Wisniewski Gary Witting Larry Wolf Connie Wood Mark Woodward Margaret Wooldridge David Workings Sally Yates Joan Young Connie Yureskel Frank Zalom Sherry Ziegler Madeltine Zind Patty Zito '00 f r V vf 0 b ; K •tW Chris Close. Barbara Benn. And Carol Kildow Trudge Willingly To Their Next Class. 181Byron Heads Sophomore Class Sophomore class officers (from left) Patti Hawkins. Vice Presi- dent; Bill Byron. President: Betsy Garland. Girl Representative; Upon returning from a busy summer, the class of 1971 eagerly faced their second year at Arcadia. Helping out with student activities they painted post- ers. held car washes, and sponsored an after game dance at which Jim Hill was crowned Delta Darling. The Sophomores greatly boosted their class spirit by winning first place in the Homecoming displays. Their theme was “Peter. Peter Pumpkin Eater." An- Marty Bentley. Secretary; Jeff Vance. Boy Representative; and Judy LeClair. Treasurer. other of their activities was selling Titan Nities to the student body. Their Rapid Red fared well as the football season came to a close with an 8-2 record. The Sophomore class had an active, successful year and proved themselves worthy of advancing to upper class sta- tus. 182Susanne Adams David Ahrens Steve Al brand Melanie Alcorn Deborah Alcott Debby Allen Darrel Allender James Alexander Lora Alexander Freddy Altum Brent Anderson Barney Anodeo Marc Archer Beth Ashley Frances Aylsworth Carol Bailey Brad Baker Bruce Baker Sally Baker Joan Barbieri Wilfred Barnard Sophomores Seek Authority James Barnette Frances Beck Tom Beck Peter Behringer Marty Bentley Jenny Bernard Barbara Bernstein Maryellen Beuerlein Gregg Black Peter Black Scott Blackwell Janet Blakeley Mike Blodgett Joanne 8ohm John 8ohmont Betsy Bonoff Barbara Booher Barbara Borq Wade Borg Richard Bragg Terry Brennan Claudia Brewer Eugene Brinkman John Brodt Jeff Brooks Marsha Brown Carol Brown Jodie 8uchner David 8unce Scott Buralli John Burchinal Sharon Burdell Edwin Burt Rosalyn Butt Bill ByronSophmoresTake First In Katrine Cady Gary Cage Gary Cahill Merrilee Campbell Jim Capps Nancy Capps Thomas Cardew JohnCarlsen Jill Carter Tim Caudle TomCazcl Carol Chapman Suzanne Chapman Lorilyn Christensen MarkChynoweth Danlyn Clark Don Chiton Pam Clouse Steve Cochrane Lisa Coop Elisa Corbitt Anthony Cotner Ronald Covey William Cox Deborah Cronk Deborah Cronkiright David Cummings Donna Czarnecki Charles Dahill Steve D'Apuzzo Kim Dell'Ana Mark Diaz Patricia Diell Michael Dilucido Paul Ditulho Brad Dixon Jim Donker Bob Dreen Jodi Dunmire David DuPree Susan Durning 184Homecoming Display Beth Dutton Debra Dyrr Sharia Early Jeff Ebbert Lmda Edgerton Dick Edwards Paula Ellison Phillip Embury Nancy Engelbretson Jill Estenson Jan Everhart Gayle Evans Sally Eyer Bill Fahy Betty Falk Dan Farmer David Farren Lynn Farris Kelly Ferguson Laurie Fielding Laurie Fischel Stephen Fisher Michael Fitch Lyn Flowers Joe Fondnsi Georgia Ford Mark Foster Paula Foster Kathy Franklin Diana Frazier Laurie Frye Robbi Fuenning David Gamble Betsy Garland Kathy George Dean Gilbert Susie Godfrey StanGoidhangen Dan Goldsmith Shelley Grafton 185Steve Grass Gary Green Roy Gregory Randy Grouskay Nancy Groves Katherine Guitteau Bill Hahn Allison Hall Ann Hall Sophomores Gain Rhonda Hancock Ken Hand Kay Hart Jeannie Harvey Jennifer Hervey Chnstmc Hawkes Patti Hawkins Peter Haycox Mike Hayden Brent Heath Sue Hccht Dan Heinrich Steve Heckman Barbara Helm Teresa Helmuth Kathie Henderson Charles Hendricks Robert Henry Ron Herndon Russ Herring Denise Hill Marjorie Hill John Hillebrand Cindy Hobbs Cindy Hodgdon Van Holland Sandra Holzer Jim Howard Scott Moyer Cynthia Hoyt Janice Hoyt Kelly Igou Laura Jacobson Lisa Johnson Deborah Kaplan ,, 1861- d 1 Arxlrea Karie Chris Karis 8ob Kass Odell Kell Vicki Kelber Ellis Kemp Wendy Kibler David Kiesell Lana Kimball Pamela King Lynn Knight Doug Krell Peggy Krewson Jean Kubis Richard Lahti Mavis Lamg James Lake Teresa Lane Allyn Larson Knsta Larson Mmdy Larson New Maturity In Second Year Debra Lauten Christine Lawrence Cindy Lawson Peter Lazdins Mike Leach Judith Le Clair Jeff Lederman Denms Levine Sue Levitt 8renda Lewis Beverly Lewis Frances Tipton Peggy Louis Larry Ludden Jan Lynch Sophomore Ann Hall takes a brief time out from studies. 187Sophomores give farewell salute to classmate. Sophomore Lynn Peterson demonstrates how to walk properly. Michael Lytle Meredith McCall Margie McCarthy Tom McClue Michael McClure Charolette McComas Sherry McFate John McGovern Angela McKay Richard McKay Donna McNabb Joyce McQueen Susan Mack Bob Marrs Allison Marshall David Marshall Tom Marshall Gary Martin Doug Martz Edith Marusiak Cindy Maschner David May Mike May John Mayer Sharon Meek Mark Mehrtens Joy Mendenhall AnneMerold Martha Middleton Mark Miller Vicky Miller John Mills David Mohney Charles Monfort Paul Montesano Martha MooreClass Of '71 Unfolds Abilities Diane Moran Brad Moran Dan Morgan Robin Morrill Lmley Morris Pam Morns Jim Mortenson Greg Mosley Debra Moulton Walter Mueller Chris Naar Liz Nash George Nenes Claudia NeVille Jim Oatis Jim Ochlcr Kelly Oglesby Duame Olson Judy Paine Connie Pappas Janet Payne Mike Peach Francis Pearl Diane Perkins Katherine Peters Lyn Peterson Mark Petrucciani Sherri Peltus Kathy Phillips Deborah Pierce Pam Pierce Eric Pillmore Ken Plitt Susan Posner Bruce Praet Karen Praisner Ron Price Jay Pringle Vicki Procton Gus Psarros Carol Pyne Randy Quick Clayton Quinnel Cindy Ralston Bob Ram Trudy Ramsey Diane Ransier Jim Reade Bob Reader Rob Rcdmger Bruce Reed Kelly Ripley Shari Roberts Martha Rodgers Wayne Rodgers Jan RoehlRenee Roloff Scott Romney Ted Roper Art Rose Kay Rosen Michael Rosenquist Jose Rosselle Kelly Roth Allen Ruby Jim Runge Chris Russell Jennifer Ruth Mike Sahlm John Salma Janet Sandige Jeff Sargent Lynne Saunders Denise Savoy Vikki Schwab Susan Schwartz Cheryl Schultz Sophomore Football Success Shown William Scott Sue Sedgwick Ty Sell Nancy Shanks Rick Sharp Paul Shaver George Shedlock Becky Sheidler Jim Shelly Mark Shugrue Scott Siegwald Patty Singer 190 Travis Sipc Cindy Slider Sherry Smart Betsy Garland, sophomore, smiles knowingly for the school photographer.In 8-2 Record Carol Smith Cathy Smith Darrel Smith Mike Smith Pam Smith Paul Smith Todd Smith Anne Snyder Doug Snyder Marsha Snyder Rob Snyder Jonathan Sobol Steve Soltau Craig Sparrazza Jim Speros Mark Staggs Dave Stansbury Randall Stark Mike Sterner Allayn Stevens Gayle Stewart Linda Stewart Debbie Stewart Nancy Stirnweis Bob Stubblefield Sherry Sutton Corinne Swick David Tanner Jack Taylor Pam Taylor Mary Tcnson Barbara Thomas Dwight Thomas John Thompson Kristin Thompson Lynne Thompson Jeff Thorton Karen Tipton Diane Tod Jill Tormch Margy Tomkins Sue Turley Jeanette Tuxhorn 191 Barbara Tyroler Donna Udell Terry Uhlmann Frederick Valchel Jeff Vance Joy VanVIeet Vicke Varei Sally Voyles David Wagenselier Wendy Walker Tim Walsh Elizabeth Ware John Wavcn Bill Webb Robert Weigandt David Welch Lorraine Wilson John Windsor Debbie Wines Randoll Wist Roger Wist 192 The Sophomore Class contributed the most cans to the needy during the Christmas food drive. Darlene Wood Hunter Wood Susie Woody Gail Woolgar Richard Wootten Janice Wotring Bill Wright Ben Yec Steve Young Bill Zlatich Pamela Zittle Diane Ziska Bonnie Jaeger Jim Jensen Sheri Jensen Judy Johns Craig Johnson Francis Johnson Dave Jones Keith Jones Susan JutziFrosh Have Successful The Freshman class officers are: (from left) George McMullian. vice president; LeeAnne Williams, secretary; Bob Kite, boy representative; DESPITE MIXED FELLINGS of awe and confusion, the Class of 1972 made it through their first year of high school. Unfortunately for most freshmen, the unique architecture of Arcadia results in a mild loss of orient- ation for newcomers. Also, to the dismay of the fresh- men. the mighty and all-knowing seniors took advant- age of every opportunity to let them know who's boss. Although the freshman football team suffered a few setbacks, they broke even with a 4-4-1 record for this season. After many hours of hard work and cooperation. Lisa Murphy, girl representative: Paul Vogen. president: and Lynn Lockerby. treasurer. the Frosh Homecoming float was completed and entitled "Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall." Academically the Freshman Class fared well. A consist- ently high number of Frosh have appeared on the Honor Roll and Principals List. Many of them also participated in drama productions and in Chorus. Arcadia's Freshman Class of 1972 discovered many new worlds this year, and hopes to discover many more in the years ahead. 194First Year At Arcadia Susan Ahrens Paul Airola John Albright Kieron Allsop Nancy Amberson Arthur Ambrose Roberto Andriguis Mary Ann Bailey Kimberly Baldwin Beth Bannenberg Rob Barbien Jene Battafarano Pete Beans Susan Bechtol Florence 8ecker Mary Lynn Berger Gigi 8ergmann Jolie Bernard Sandra Bertole Fred Bertoni Ralph Bethancourt Judy Beuerlein Susan 8igus Keith Bmncy Paul 8iro Linda Bivenour Jack Blades John Black Wendy 8lack Donald Blackcrt Bret Blakeslee Beverly Bodme David Bolles Sherri 8ook$ Lyn Bracken Linda Bradley Steven Bradley Deborah Brady Mark Brill Mary Bnstow Jerry Brooks Frank Brown Vicki Brown Jeff Buehner Joel Bump James Burbeck Caroline Burinsky Ann Burton Mark Buschmann Kathleen Butler Rocky Button Sharon Campbell Dale Cantrell David Carlson William Carpenter Jerry Carter 195Debbie Cavanaugh Carol Chapman Jennifer Cherry Verna Chestley BillChoules Susan Clifton GeneClmkmgbeard Phil Colasanti Susan Cole Rick Collins Stephen Conkle Karen Cooper Benny Cotter Pat Crowley Becky Crum Fred Dalzell Elizabeth Damron Marilyn Dana Marion Davies Diana Deacon Michelle DeCorte Tom Redinger, freshman, makes good use of library equipment. Gary Dyson Bill Ebbert Sally Jo Echols Steve Ehlers Claudia Elliot Dan Ellis Randy Engler High School lorn Dersen Barbara Dickson Mark Di lecido Debra Jo Dines Dick Donchio Vicki Douthit Karen Dru Kathy Dunbar Stephanie Dunn Steven Erlick Karie Evonne Bob Fairchild Steve Faller Vicki Farrell Liz Farris Cmdy Felts New 196Mary Fenner Mark Fi$h Tim Flanagan Robin Flook George Fogg Elizabeth Foley Pam Fong Dana Forde Greg Foster Suzanne Frazier Janet Freise Paul French Cindy Frola Ester Fuller Bob Gains Susan Gangsei Jon Gardner Experiences To Frosh Dick Garland Paul Gay Pamela Gehlback SueGiebelhaus Powell Gillcnwater Rodger Gibson Frosh don't seem to have much homework now. but just wait!!!!! Sherri Godbehere Ken Godfrey JoanGodley Glenn Goldstein Patti Grant Bill Grass RonGrasty Augie Greco David Green Virginia Green James Gregg Michele Greer DonGrossmiller Terry Guide BobGuthbertsoz Stuart Haasis Mike Haddy Kathy Hakan Dennis Hakes Valerie Hall Nancy Hainan 197Frosh Step Closer To Maturity Karl Hamilton Joan Hans George Hanford Ricky Hartwick Kimberly Hastings Gary Hawkins John Hemrich Timothy Held Don Helm Susan Hendricks Bill Herring Sharon Hettlmger Barry Heuring Debbie Hickman Gary Hill Sally Hill Hilary Hinds Bob Hobbs Don Holcomb Norma Holdrige Mary Holman Bob Hood Jim Hood Mike Hopkins Mary Howard Lorri Howland Pam Hoyt Jeffery Houghton Greg Houlihan Roger Hutchison David lllsworth Anne Jackson Bill Jackson Cort Jackson Chris Jacquemm David Jallo 198Jim Washington, freshman, studies vigorously for semester exams. Dianne Kay Shawn Kell Kathleen Kelley Laurie Kelly Geralie Kemnil2 Linda Kidd Ann Kimball Colleen Kinchen Bob Kite Peter Kline Debra Klmgaman Vicki Klug Pamela Knerr Holiy Knox Scott Koeb Pam Koerner Anne Kofi Vanessa Koopman Cynthia Kracum Carol Kranulec Mark Kron Andrian Krueger Fred Kuentz Joanne LaBundy Laura Lagman Kathleen Lambert Jim Lange Brad Larson 199Frosh Gain Maturity Steve Lass Ray Law 8renda Lawson David Leather Bob Lengerg Jack Leonard Arthur Lewis Arthur Lewis Sharon Light Kristen Lmdblom Susan Lipphardt Michael Locke Lynn Lockerby Roberta Lorenzen Mary Loveless Peggy Ludden Scott Lyftogh Tom Lyon Mark Lytle Bill MacElroy George MacMullin Barbara Madonia Patty Main George Mang Cathy Martin John Masterson Colleen McCarthy Mike McCreary Jeffery McDaniel Peggy McKusiCk Ken McLemore John McMahon Dan McQueen Kirk Meeks Margo Mell Steve Merkle 200School Spirit Is Boosted By Freshmen Marvilla Merrell Scott Miller Ted Miller Kimberly Millett Michelle Millison Robert Milsop Allison Monfort Toni Moriarity DaleMosby Mary Mull Stephanie Mumford Lon Munz Lisa Murphy Michael Murphy Mary Napolitano Jeff Nees Lawrence Nelson Larry Nelson Sandy Nelson Dave Newmen Dave Nochta Shelley O'Brian Guy O'Malley Ron Onann Cindy O'Neil Herbert Ong Dave Ornelous Stuart Ott Bob Parks Natalie Payne Kathy Peebles Patti Peevyhouse Brenda Peterson Linda Peterson Dale Peterson Leta Pettit Freshmen contribute to spirit at pep assembly. 201Richard Pilabaum Harold Pickering Jeff Placek Debra Pianeta Harry Peabody Darrellene Ramsey Palsy Ramsey Toby Ramsey Danise Ransier Tom Redmger Amy Reynolds Amy Lou Reynolds Susan Rhodes Jennifer Riedy Jeff Roach Martin Roberts Martin Roberts Jeff Robinson Craig Romey David Ross Carmel Rossman Ranee Rowhito James Rowland Janice Ryder Salma Rich Julie Samson Stacey Sanchez Janice Savoy Aris Scarla Gordon Schneider Sam Schork Celinda Searle James Sexton Shelley Sexton Barbara Shalniak 202 Jed Shapiro Marla Shaw Jan Shields Jane Shore Mike Shores Kevin Shover A Freshman studies for a test before school in the library. PaulShover Linda ShulmanLynn Lockerby Counts Money Kathy Siegfriend Linda Siegwald Sandra Sims Walter Sipe Mike Slack Kenneth Slider Janet Smart Brenda Smith Chris Smith Daniel Smith Gregory Smith Kathryn Smith Lance Smith Roberta Smith Stanley Snowdy Cindy Snyder Daniel Sobol Mary Soderquist NmaSparnozzq Jill Spear Norma Sponcel Georgiana Stabile Jimmy Staggs Debbie Stanish Linda Steele Michael Stephens Larry Stephenson Ava Stern Patrice Stiles Robert Stiles Robert Stinger Joe Storace Mindy St. Rauss Cheryl Stromme Melinda Suder Melissa Suder Sandra Sutterland David Swanson Maury Tanner Lillian Taylor Pam Taylor Laurie Teeples Charles Teetsel Devon Thomas John Thomas Randy Thompson Stacy Thompson Michael Threadgill Karen Ticknor Lawrence Todd Robert Toller Pamela Totman Lee Ann Tramor Pat Troutman Cinda Turley Patricia Turner 203Frosh Face New Challenges at Arcadia Diana Udy Patrick Uhlmann Nancy Vanasse Steve Vanderploeg Gary VanOrden Bob VanNimwegen Kent VanVIcet Shelly Vcbber Paul Vogen John Walker Mary Lou Walmsley Nicki Wanic Linda Ward Lorraine Ward Gayle Warner Jan Warne Jim Washington Dennin Waterman Christene Wavrek Dennis Weatherly Craig Weidel Debra Wescott Linda Whitaker Teresa White Lynne Wilburn Linda Wilkinson Janet Wilky Alan Williams John Williams Steve Williams Lee Anne Williams Mary Williams David Williamson Charles Wilson Dolores Wolf Steve Wolf Vincent Wolfe Jack Woolley Anna Womack Danny Wood Mike Wood Paul Woodward Peggy Wright Pam Wynn Greg Yee RonZuckA DECADE OF GROWTH IN GUIDANCEBoard of Education Serves School THE SCOTTSDALE SCHOOL Board is composed of four men and one woman. These dedicated mem- bers devote their time and energy to supervise the elementary and high schools of the Scottsdale school system. The various duties of this job include planning the budget, determining school policies, and endorsing curriculum changes. The Board mem- bers are well known for their worthwhile efforts in service to the community and their sincere wish to improve the school system and give each student the opportunity for a good education. Dr. E. G. Burnkrant Superintendent of Schools 208 Mr. Samuel Kitchell Mr. Tom L. Larsen Mr. Robert B. UsdaneDedicated Arcadia Mr. Leonard Spooner 209 Dr. Jackson Drake Mr. Noel Farris Men Supervise High School THREE VERY DEDICATED men are responsible for the supervision of Arcadia High School. Principal Dr. Jackson Drake and two assistant principals. Mr. Noel Farris and Mr. Leonard Spooner, are efficient in seeing that all phases of the school are run smoothly and efficiently. The students at Arcadia are very proud of their principal. He is devoted to his work, to the school, and is on a more personal basis with the students. Mr. Leonard Spooner is con- cerned with the classroom schedule and education- al phase of the administrative work. Mr. Noel Farris, new this year to Arcadia, besides having the less pleasant task of discipline is also in charge of stu- dent activities. These men work closely with the Stu- dent Council in order to make a better bridge be- tween the students. We can attribute much of the good reputation of Arcadia High chool to the hard work of these three men.English Stressed In BECAUSE OF THE great importance on literature and grammar today, four years of English are required for graduation. In order that each student may gain the maximum advantage and understanding from the course, remedial, regular, and advanced place- ment is used. These courses are designed not only to teach the student proficiency in grammar and literature, but also to make each student aware of the vast enjoyment that can be gained from this subject. Another portion of English is Speech. This course teaches students the correct and effective techniques of public speaking. Also, the Journalism Department at Arcadia, which publishes a news- paper and a yearbook, teaches students the princi- ples and skills of good journalism. Mr. George Cowie Mrs. Eleanor Clough Mrs. Helen Fisher Miss Cecelia Garland Mrs. Carol Haugeland Mrs. Helen lannello Mr. Jered Kimball Mrs. Patricia KonomosMr. John Young Mr. Joseph M. Young High School Mr. Richard Morse Mrs. Shirley Russell Miss Eileen Smocke Mrs. Cora Riddle Mr. Thoburn RoweMiss Phyllis Fangman Mr. Thomas Grassl Mr. Roger Henry Mr. L. H. Curtis Science Involved With WorldAround Us TO STIMULATE AN interest in basic principles of Science and an appreciation of all phases of life is the primary goal of the Science department. A knowledge of Science is useful for making future decisions in most occupations which often rely on scientific techniques. In many classes, such activi- ties as lab experiments, practical examinations, films, and collections break up the monotonous classroom routine. Physical Science acquaints stu- dents with the fundamentals of Science as an intro- duction to the field, while Biology offers a key to the understanding of the everyday plant and animal life students are brought into contact with. 212Mr. Baxter Hurn Mr. Merrill Largent Mr. Sam Odell Mrs. Patricia Settlemoir Mr. Hum's Astronomy class studies the sun and the stars. 213Social Science Awakens Students Mr. Pentield discusses the Civil War with his class. A THROUGH STUDY in the subject of Social Science is becoming increasingly important in our world to- day. In American Government basic procedures and operations of the American Governmental system are revealed to students. Economics is the study of the complex business world. American History, a class solely for Juniors, acquaints the students with the origin and history of America. World Geography is now a required course for Freshmen and it is the study of the world's nationalities and their origin and environment. Along with these courses, other related fields of study are offered such as Contem- porary World Affairs and World History. The Social Sciences awaken many students to the intricate organization of our way of life and the government which makes this life possible. It provides the oppor- tunity for Arcadia's students to look beyond person- al concerns and life in Phoenix, providing instead, a more thorough understanding of the country as a whole. 214 Dr. William Baltz Mr. KenCalbeck Dr. Gordon Caswell Mr. Robert FinkbineMr. Anthony Schifino Mr. Robert Lukian Mr. Donald Penfield Mr. Myron Scottcn Mr. Orson Greer Mr. William MeyerForeign Languages Promote Understanding THE WORLD SEEMS to be shrinking more and more each year because of the great advances in science, communications, and transportation. Because of this, there is an increasing importance in the un- derstanding of foreign languages. Mastering the techniques imperative for the fluent usage and understanding of the language is an enormous task. Arcadia offers courses in German. Latin. Spanish, and French. The first and second years acquaint the students with the grammatics and mechanics of the language. The third and fourth years are in- volved with prominent comtemporary works, con- versation. through the review of grammar, dis- cussion groups, and literature. Mr. Rawson Bennett Mr. Joe Casillas Mrs. Stafford is pleased with student's interest in French. Mr. Maurice Garson Mr. Alfred Heywood Mrs. Emily Stafford Mr. John Watson 216Mr. Jack Bellville Mr. Malcolm Garrison MATHEMATICS IS A subject of endless discovery to man. Being one of the basic elements of science, it plays a very large part in today's world. Courses offered range from basic math. Alegbra I and II. trigonometry, and calcu- lus. Students enjoy an interest in math not only for a credit, but for the satisfaction which comes from working on a problem and meeting the challenge of trying to solve it. Mathematics Important For Future Miss Johnnie Reynolds Mr. Mike Svaco Mr. Fred Whitney Dr. Francis Wilcox 217Mr. Peter Anselmo Mr. R.W.Gragg Mrs. Joann Hennmgton Mr. William Hickey Skill Mrs. Doris Howard Mr. Larry Reader In Business Is Important Mrs. Alice Johnson Mr. Paul Sander A VARIETY OF business courses are offered at Arcadia. A knowledge in business is becoming more important. There are so many phases of business that an ability to adapt to each course is an im- portant skill. General Business, Bookkeeping, Shorthand. Business Law and Principles. Typing and Business Machines are all courses designed to de- velop office profieciency. For those students planning to make business their career the bene- ficial Distributive Education class is open to Seniors. Here the students work directly with the public. The business teachers are not only devoted to their work but also eager to help all students interested in a business career. 218 Mr. Sanders explains basic business principles.Fine Arts Brighten School Life Mrs. Marjorie 8urrel THE FINE ARTS Department at Arcadia enjoys a many and varied number of courses. The depart- ment. headed by Mr. Brooks, recruits artistic, dramatic, and musical talent. This department is responsible for choral concerts, band performances modern abstracts, hilarious comedies, and a great number of costumes. These courses allow students to break away from their regular class routine and pursue their talents in each individual field. Con- stant training and a great deal of work go into each facet of the Fine Arts. These classes serve not only to build skill, but to build confidence and courage as well. They also give recognition for their sincere efforts. Mr. Reginald Brooks Mr. Seeman looks over props for "Arcadians on Stage." 219P.E. Builds Bodies THE MANY FACETS of Physical Education include skill, participation, coordination, and sportsman- ship. Both boys and girls participate in such sports as basketball, tennis, volleyball, and track. These strengthen the body as well as conditioning it for later years. While striving to improve physical skill and coordination, the quality of good sportsmanship is stressed at all times. Freshman boys and girls are taught the basic concepts of physical education with advanced students enjoying a more diversified choice of activities. Mr. 8en Anderson Miss Cheryl Capps Girls do exercises to warm-up for modern dance class. Mr. Charles McMahon Mr. Gary Powell 220Industrial Arts Stressed For Every day Life INDUSTRIAL ARTS. HOME Economics, and Driver's Safety Education courses are important to each individual in his everyday living. In Home Ec.. stu- dents are taught to sew. cook, and how to care for a family and children. Industrial Arts courses offer students a chance to demonstrate their creative- ness in wood-working and other mechanical skills. Driver's Education teaches students the basics of driving safety and personal safety. Besides being interesting, these courses provide for a productive and successful future. Mr. Howard Amerson Mrs. Edith LillywhiteProficient Assistants Vital Mr. Jack Webb ARCADIA IS FORTUNATE in having an excellent guidance staff. Headed by Mr. Webb, the counselors are responsible for direct- ing the students through satisfactory high school years. One of the primary duties of the guidance staff is to help students plan their schedules for all four years of high school. Included in the varied jobs of the counselors, lies the job of scheduling college representatives and helping seniors plot a course to follow after graduation. Many times, counselors play a vital role in the stu- dents' personal happiness while at Arcadia.The office staff also plays an important role in the smooth running efficiency of school life. The registration and attendance offices are vitally important to helping students, issuing leave and admit slips, and keeping records for the school. Mrs. Verna Febus Mr. William Holmes Mrs. 8etty Johnson Mrs. Marguerite Neid The office staff STANDING FROM LEFT ARE: MRS. Dorthy Robbest3d. Mrs. Helen Batzler. Mrs. Louise Dunn. Mrs. Hallie Finley. Mrs. Nancy Dennerlme. Mrs. Regina Messec. SITTING ARE: Mrs. Frances Walker and Mrs. Ethel Salisbury. 222School Staff Vital Mr. George Rocker Mrs. Dorothy Miller ARCADIA IS NOT only endowed with a uniquely de- signed library, but we are also blessed with a very large assortment of books and references. The librarian. Mr. Bump, and his two very able assistants. Mrs. Friese and Mrs. Levy are continually at work in the library to aid confused and baffled students. Mr. Rocker and Mrs. Miller may be found at any time working diligently in the Bookstore. The bookstore handles most of the school's finances. The nurse. Mrs. Plecas. takes care of all the sore throats and upset stomachs. Clint Tom- linson is a very well-known figure on campus. Most often you will find him patrolling the parking lot. Mrs. Jane Plecas Mr Clint Tomlinson 223 Library staff from left: Mrs. Hattie Freise. Mr. Wallace Bump, and Mrs. Dorothy Levy.Cafeteria Staff And Custodians Important THE CAFETERIA WORKERS and the janitors all have very important parts in seeing that the school, as a whole, is running smoothly and efficiently. The con- tinual good food and fast service in the cafeteria are due to the very abled cafeteria staff. The janitors are always on hand for repair and maintenance work. Arcadia students are very proud of their school and a debt of gratitude is owed to these fine people who make this pride possible by their hard work. Senior Summaries JOHN ADLER: Football, Frosh., Soph.; Basketball, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Track, Varisty. JACK ALBERT: Basketball Manager, Frosh.; Student Senate; German Club, Pres. ; NHS; Mu Alpha Theta. CORA ALLEN: Girls League; AFS, Sec., Pres. ; Student Senate. CYNTHIA ALLEN: Girls League; GAA; Advanced Girls Chorus. DUNCAN ALLEN: Varsity Gymnastics Manager. STAN ANDERSEN: Transfer-Brophy Prep. CHRIS ANDERSON: Advanced Girls Chorus; GAA. SUE ANDERSON: NHS; AFS; Transfer- Glcndale, California. DEBBIE ARCHER: Girls League; Y-tecns, V. P.; Delta Omega; Mat Maid. IBBY AYLSWORYH: Tennis, Frosh. ; Girls League; Spanish Honorary; COE; Sigma Beta Chi; Y-tccns. TOM BAKER: JV Band, Frosh., Soph.; Titan Band, Jr. JOE BARB1ER1: Speech Club, Pres.; NHS, Pres.; Dramatic Productions; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Quill and Scroll; Newspaper Staff, Sports Editor; Student Senate; Transfer- Brophy College Prep. JOHN BARKER: DEC A. LINDA BARNEY: AFS; Student Senate; Musical and Play Productions; Transfer- Rutland, Vermont. ANN BATTERSHELL: Olympian Staff; Quill and Scroll; DECA. TOM BAUMANN: Varsity Tennis, Frosh., Soph., Jr.; Varsity Football, Sr.; Lettermcn Club; Spanish Honorary; Arcadians on Stage: "Carousel"; "Bye Bye Birdie"; "Alice in Wonderland"; Concert Choir; AFS. BARBARA BAYLES: Sigma Beta Chi. LEE BEALMEAR: Arcadian Staff, Editor- ial Editor; Transfer--Glen Ellyn, Illinois. CHRIS BEANS: Delta Omega; Girls League; AFS; Advanced Cirls Chorus. DONNA BECCHETTI: Chorale; Titan Band; Band Lettermcn, Pres.; Orchestra. KATHY BECK: Y-teens; Advanced Girls Chorus; Concert Choir. DENNIS BELKNAP: Transfer—San Bernar- dino, California. BART BENTLEY: Class President, Frosh., Soph., Jr.; Student Body President, Sr.; Basketball, Frosh., JV; Varsity Tennis, Frosh., Soph., Jr., Sr. ; Key Club; Lettermen Club; NHS; Student Council, Frosh., Soph., Jr., Sr.; Delegate to Boys' State; Delegate to National Leadership Conference; ASU Medallion of Merit Award; "Outstand- ing Teenagers of America" Award; Twiip King Attendant. CRAIG BERGER: Key Club; Lettermen Club; Basketball, JV, Varsity; Baseball, JV. DAVID BEWS: NHS; Mu Alpha Theta; Rocket Club; Student Senate; Titan Band. SHARON BIGLEMAN: Girls League, Council; GAA; Student Senate; Delta Omega; AFS; Epsilon Chi, Chaplain, Treas.; Olympian Staff, Editor-in- Cliicf; Most Valuable Yearbook Staffer 1967-68; Quill and Scroll, Treas. JOHN BIRCUMSHAW: Spanish Honorary; Art Club; Play Productions; "Dear Me The Sky is Falling". SUSIE BIRO: Sigma Beta Chi; Y-tecns. MIKE BLACK: Varsity Wrestling, Soph., Jr.; Varsity Baseball, Soph., Jr., Sr.; Chess Club; Lettermen Club. ZOANNE BLAKLEY: AFS, Historian; Student Senate; Delta Omega; Cheer- leader, Varsity. RANDALL BLECHA: Concert Choir; Drama Productions. LINDA BODINE: COE. RAY BOWEN: Rocket Club. CARLIE BOWMER: Football, JV. DONNA BRADLEY: GAA; Cirls League. JIM BRODT: Transfer—Thousand Oaks, Cali form a. EARL BROOKOVER: Transfer--Carden City, Kansas. JUDY BROOKS: Freshmen Girls Chorus; Intermediate Girls Chorus; Advanced Girls Chorus; Girls League. BRUCE BROWN: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Basketball, Frosh.; Baseball, Frosh., Varsity; Lettermen Club; Key Club. JOYCE BRUCKNER: NHS; Spanish Hono- rary; Concert Choir; Advanced Girls Chorus; Arcadians on Stage. BARBARA BURKHART: Sigma Beta Chi; Y-tecns, Historian. CONNIE BUSSER: Chorale; Concert Choir; "Bye Bye Birdie"; Arcadians on Stage. KELLY BUTLER: Photographer for Olympian and Newspaper Staffs. GLENN BUTT: National Forensics; NHS;Mu Alpha Theta, Sec.; Genua» Club; Rocket Club; JETS; Great Books Club. JOHN CAHILL: Boys Chorus; Musical Productions. MIKE CANNON: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Baseball, JV; Lettennan Club. WENDY CARLSON: Student Senate; Y-teens, Sec.; Delta Omega. DONNA CASEY: Transfer-Indiana polis, Indiana. CASSIE CASSADY: Sigma Beta Chi, Chaplain; Y-teens, Chaplain; Cheer- leader, Varsity. SUZY CAZEL: National Thespian; Dra- matic G Musical Productions; Art Club; Pep Club; PATTI CHAFFIN: Girls League. CAYE CHENOWETH: Girls League; GAA; Art Club; Advanced Girls Chorus; Golf Team. MARSHA CHESLEY: Advanced Girls Chorus; Girls League. DENEEN CLARK: National Thespians, Treas. ; Sunny Daze: NHS; Advanced Girls Chorus. KENNY CLARK: DE; Football, Frosh., JV; Baseball, Frosh., JV. DOUGLAS COFFMAN: Football, Frosh., JV; Wrestling. TOM COOP: NHS; National Thespians; AFS, V. P.; Spanish Honorary, V. P.; Dramatic and Musical Productions; Student Senate; Chorale. CINDY COOPER: Sigma Beta Chi; Stu- dent Senate; Dramatic Productions; Quill and Scroll; Newspaper Staff; Var- sity' Cheerleader; Twirp Queen; Home- coming Attendant. VIVIAN COTTER: Advanced Girls Chor- us; Transfer-Staten Island, New York. PAM DANA: GAA; COE. MARION D’APUZZO: Transfer-Ccraid High. DOUGLAS ALAN DAVIS: Football, Frosh. BILL DEDMAN: Baseball, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Basketball, Frosh., JV; Spanish Honorary; Jet Club. RALPH DELAIR: DECA. KEITH DEMING: Gymnastics; Woodsmen Club; Student Senate; Chess Club; Radio Club. DEBI DOBROWOLSKI: Girls League; Con- cert Choir; "Arcadians on Stage." LAURIE DOWLING: National Thespians; Dramatic Productions; Concert Choir. GARY JOHN DUPUIS: Transfer-Rincon High. ANNE DURNINC: Student Senate. DALE DYESS: Y-teens; Lambda Kappa Phi, V. P.; Student Senate; AFS; Girls League, Council; Tennis, Frosh. MARA EARLY: GAA; JETS; "Alice in Wonderland". PAM EBBERT: AFS; Y-teens; Student Senate. RON ELLISON: DECA. PATRICK FAHY: Track, Soph., JV; Transfer--Coronado. LINDA FARMER: Varsity' Tennis, Frosh., Soph., Jr., Sr.; Girls League; AFS; Delta Omega; Lambda Kappa Phi, Chaplain, Sec.; Olympian Staff. CHRISTY FARRIS: Y-teens; Girls League, Council, Sec.; Quill ami Scroll; Arcadian Staff; AFS. TOM FENNER: Football, Frosh., JV; Track, Frosh., JV, Varsity’; Cross Coun- try', Varsity'; Lettcrmen Club; Student Senate. DEBBY FISCHER: Orchestra; All-State Orchestra; Drama Productions; National Thespians; German Club. BARBI FISHER: Sigma Beta Chi; Y-tccns; Pom Pon; Transfer--Mills High School. MARY FITZGERALD: COE. FRANK FONDRISI: Football, Frosh., JV; Wrestling, JV; Student Senate; National Thespians; Key Club, Chap- lain; Dramatic Productions; Sigma Beta Guy'. KAREN FRANK: Girls League; Student Senate; Sigma Beta Chi, Sec., Pres.; Anytown; "Bye Bye Birdie"; Senior Girl Rep.; Student Council; Pom Pon. SHERI FREEMAN: Dramatic Productions; Advanced Girls Chorus. ANNE FRONDORF: Student Senate; AFS; Spanish Honorary; Quill and Scroll; NHS; Arcadian Staff. BRAD FURST: Student Senate; Track, Frosh., JV. STEVE GAMBLE: Titan Band. SUSIE GARLAND: Tennis, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Sigma Beta Chi; Student Senate; Girls league; Spanish Honorary'. SUSAN GARRITY: Quill and Scroll; Olympian Staff, Clubs and Organiza- tions Editor; GAA; AFS. JEF GAZLEY: Transfer—West. JANET GIESZL: Cheerleader, JV, Var- sity; Delta Omega, Sgt. at Arms, V. P.; Student Senate. JIM GLEASON: National Thespians; Arcadia Classic; Chorale; Concert Choir; Arcadians on Stage; "Carousel"; "Alice in Wonderland"; "Bye Bye Birdie"; "Dear Me The Sky is Falling". ALESSANDRA COLA: Sigma Beta Chi; AFS; Student Council; Foreign Exchange Student—Florence, Italy. SHAURI GREEN: Girls League; NHS, Sec.; Spanish Honorary; National Thespians; Arcadians on Stage; "Bertha, the Bartender's Beautiful Baby"; "Kismit"; "Solid Gold Cadillac"; "Carousel"; "Alice in Wonderland"; "Bye Bye Birdie". SHARON GREENBERG: Girls League; AFS. JONELLE GROSSMILLER: Sigma Beta Chi.PAULETTE CUNDRY: AFS; National Thespians; Drama Productions; CAA; Advanced Girls Chorus; Girls League. ANN CWINN: AFS; Newspaper Staff, Feature Page Editor; Quill and Scroll; Transfer--Washington. GEORGE HACEDORN: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Lettermcn Club; Track, Varsity; JF.TS: Spanish Honorary. CHRISTINE HALL: Girls League; Con- cert choir; Arcadians on Stage. MARY HALL: JV Band; Girls League; COE. DONNA HAMILTON: Girls League; GAA; Freshman Girls Chorus; Intermediate Girls Chorus. SUE HARDY: Tennis, Frosh., JV, Var- sity; CAA; Sigma Beta Chi; Lambda Kappa Plii, Pres. JOHN HART: Freshman Boys' Chorus, Accompanist; Concert Choir; JV Band; Titan Band; Orchestra; Musical Pro- ductions; "Bye Bye Birdie". WILLIAM HAVRANEK: Transfer— Hinsdale, Illinois. BRUCE HAWKINSON: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Track, JV, Varsity; Wrestling, Varsity; Lettermcn Club, V.P. JEFF HECHT: Titan Band; Arcadians on Stage; "Carousel"; "Bye Bye Birdie"; Titan Orchestra; Band Lettermcn Club, Honorary King. DIANE HENDERSON: Concert Choir; Chorale; Sigma Beta Chi; NHS; V.P.; AFS; Chaplain; Americans Abroad; All- State Chorus; Musical and Dramatic Productions; Girls' State Alternate. PAM HENRY: Advanced Girls Chorus; Intermediate Girls Chorus. TOM HENSCHEN: Homecoming King Candidate; Key Club, V. P.; Lettermcn Club, Chaplain; Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Track, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Basketball, Frosh., JV. BILL HERINGER: Key Club; Lettermen Club; Swimming Team, Varsity; Foot- Ball, JV, Varsity. BILL HERZIG: DECA; Wrestling, JV; German Club. CATHY HEURING: DECA. JIM HILL: Basketball, Frosh.; Football, JV; Track, JV; "Delta Darling". STEVE HILL: German Club. GEORGE HILLIS: Tennis, Frosh.; Base- ball, Frosh.; Football, JV; "Mr. Irre- sistable". JIM HITCHCOCK: Football, JV, Varsity; Baseball, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Letter- men Club. JOHN HOBBS: Gymnastics, Varsity; Lettermen Club; Student Senate. CRAIG HOFMANN: Football, Frosh.; Wrestling, JV. MICHAEL HOLDRIDCE: Football, Varsi- ty; Basketball Manager; Track Manager. CHRISTINE HOLLOWAY: AFS, Sec. ; Girls League, Council; Musical Pro- ductions; Transfer--Los Angeles, California. JAN HOLLOWAY: Girls League; JV Band; GAA; DECA; Titan Band; Transfer- Dixie Heights High School. MARCI HOLT: Musical Productions. GAY HOWLAND: Great Books Club, V. P., Frcs.; Latin Club; Mu Alpha Theta; NHS; AFS; Spanish Honorary; Outstanding Math Student; Outstanding Spanish Student; National Merit Semi- finalist. CAROL HOYT: AFS; Girls League; Con- cert Choir; "Kismet"; "Bye Bye Birdie". KAREN HOYT: Art Club. BOB HUCK: Key Club, Treas.; Letter- men Club; Junior Boy Rep.; Senior Class President; Twirp King Candidate; NHS; Swimming, Varsity; Cross Country, Var- sity. WANDA HUNT: Pom Pon; Student Senate. JANET JACOBS: GAA. TRACY JAMES: Delta Omega; Pom Pon; Student Senate; Y-teens; "Bye Bye Birdie"; Arcadians on Stage; AFS; Lambda Kappa Phi. MARTIN JALLO: Wrestling; Transfer- Belle fonte, Pennsylvania. KATHY JENKINS: Advanced Girls Chor- us; Arcadians on Stage. JEFF JENSEN: DECA; JV Band; Transfer— Saguaro. BETH JOHNSON: Key Club Sweetheart; Delta Omega, Sgt. at Arms; Student Senate. GLORIA JOHNSON: Freshman Chorus; Intermediate Cirls Chorus; Girls League. KEN JOHNSON: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity'; Basketball, Frosh., JV, Var- sity; Baseball, Frosh., Varsity; Track, JV, Varsity; Homecoming King; Letter- men Club; Twirp King. LINDA JOHNSON: Freshman Class Sec.; Soph. Class Sec. ; Junior Girl Rep.; Student Body Recording Sec.; Strident Senate; Delta Omega, Chaplain, Pres.; Girls' State; NHS; DAR Award. KAREN JONAS: Titan Band; Band Lettermen Club; Orchestra; Art Club; Girls League; Musical Productions; Arizona All-State. MARNEL JONES: AFS, Treas.; Girls League, Council; V. P.; Jr. Christmas Prom Princess; NHS; Olympian Staff, Underclass Editor; Senior Editor; Quill and Scroll; Advanced Girls Chorus; Concert Choir; Arcadians on Stage; Kappa Phi Pcta, Pres. NANCY JUETT: Arcadians on Stage; Concert Choir; Kappa Phi Beta; Girls League. STEVE KALAF: Track, Frosh., Soph. TERRI KASS: Concert Choir; Girls League, Historian; AFS; Epsilon Chi, Historian, V. P.; Newspaper Staff, Car- toonist; Arcadians on Stage. LINDA KASSAN: COE; Freshmen Girls Chores. KAREN KAY: AFS; Student Senate; Spanish Honorary'. SHARON KEIL: Advanced Girls Chores; Y-teens, Chaplain; Quill and Scroll, Pres.; Olympian Staff, Sports Editor; Student Senate, Delta Omega. DOUG KELLY: Wrestling, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Track, Frosh., JV; Cross Country, Frosh., JV, Varsity'; NHS Lettermen Club; Key Club, Pres.; Senior Boy Rep. TIM KIESELL: Student Senate.JACK KING: Key Club; Lettermen Club, See., Treas.; Gymnastics Team. ROBERTA KLARE: Intermediate Chorus; Transfer—North High. TORI KNOX: COE; Advanced Girls Chorus; Girls League. BARRY KOEB: AFS; Radio Club; Nation- al Thespians, Pres.; "Carousel"; "Bye Bye Birdie"; "Music Man"; "Shall I Make a List"; Concert Choir; Arcadians on Stage; Drama Lettermen. CINDY KOERNER: Sigma Beta Chi; Y-teens; Lettermen Sweetheart. JOE KOSSICK: AFS. LARRY KRUEGER: Transfer— Palatine, Illinois. KAREN KUMM: Art Club; Quill and Scroll; "Bye Bye Birdie". LINDA LALLMAN: Advanced Girls Chorus; Arcadians on Stage; Spanish Honorary. SANDY LEACH: Girls League; GAA; Student Senate. BOB LEHMAN: Track and Field, Varsity; Cross Country; Lettermen Club; Trans- fer—Camclback. NANCY LEHMAN: Girls League; AFS; Student Senate; Dramatic Productions. RICH LESTOR: Spanish Honorary; Stu- dent Senate; DECA. GARY LEWIS: Transfer--Jefferson Township High School. KERRY LLOYD: Transer—Belleville, Michigan. STEVE LOCKERBY: Concert Choir; Chorale; Arcadians on Stage; "Carousel"; "Bye Bye Birdie"; Nation- al Thespians; AFS, Sgt. at Arms. NORMA LORD: JETS; COE. BARBARA LUDDEN: Sigma Beta Chi; Student Senate; AFS; Girls League, Council, Pres.; Christmas Prom Queen MARY LUEDERS: JV Band; Titan Band; AFS; NHS; Transfer—Wisconsin. JAN LUHRS: Sigma Beta Chi; Lambda Kappa Phi; Advanced Girls Chorus; Arcadians on Stage. CATHY LUTZ: Sigma Beta Chi; Y-teens. ROBERT MACMULLIN: Track, Varsity; State Shot Put Champion; NHS; Lcttcr- men Club. MARY McARTHUR: Cheerleader, JV, Varsity; NHS; AFS, Chaplain; Student Senate, Corr. Sec.; Delta Omega, Sec.; Girls League. ROBERT McCAREY: National Merit Semifinalist. BOB McHENRY: Chorale; Condert Choir; "Carousel"; National Thespians; As- tronomy Club, V. P.; Arcadians on Stage. KIM McKEOWN: Arcadia Car Club. MOLLY McMAHON: Transfer—Towson, Maryland. JERRY McNAMARA: Freshman Boy Rep. ; Soph. Boy Rep.; Student Coun- cil; Student Senate; Key Club; NHS; Swimming, Varsity; Lettermen Club. KATHY McNEIL: Advanced Girls Chorus; Spanish Honorary; Sunny Daze; GAA; Arcadians on Stage. SHARON MACK: GAA, Junior Rep., Sports Manager; Spanish Honorary, Historian; AFS. JOHN MARSHALL: Student Senate. LAURIE MARTIN: Chorale; AFS; Girls League; Concert Choir; "Kismit;" "Bye Bye Birdie"; "Alice in Wonderland"; Arcadians on Stage. NANCY MAY: Girls League, Council; Soph. Christmas Prom Princess; Frosh Class Treas.; Soph. Class Treas.; Jr. Class Treas.; Delta Omega, Treas.; Twirp Queen Candidate; Student Senate; Student Body Treasurer; Girls State; Quill and Scroll; Olympian Staff. JOSEPH MENDO LA: DECA. BONITA MADONIA: Freshman Girls Chorus; Intermediate Girls Chorus. MARK METCALFE: Football, Frosh. JOHANNA METZNER: Girls League; DECA. LYNNE MILLER: GAA; Girls League; Epsilon Chi. ROSSAYN MILLER: Spanish Honorary; Beta Gamma; Girls league. SALLY MILLER: Spanish Honorary. ANN MILLSOP: Anytown Rep. ; NHS, Treas.; Chorale; Orchestra; Arcadians on Stage; Musical and Dramatic Pro- ductions; "The Fantasticks". KATH1 MILNE: Sigma Beta Chi, Histor- ian. DAN MONTESANO: Basketball, Frosh., Varsity; Baseball, Frosh., Varsity; Lettermen Club. LEANNE MONTGOMERY: Y-teens; Student Senate; Sigma Beta Chi, V. P.;Lambda Kappa Phi. DAVID MOORE: Football, Fresh.; Arcadians on Stage. SUSAN MORAN: Dramatic Productions; German Club; AFS. CHRIS MORRIS: JV Band; Titan Band; Band Lettermen Club; Woodmen's Club, V.P. CHRIS MOWERY: COE; AFS; Girls League. JAN MUMFORD: Chorale; Musical Productions. DEREK NAAR: JV Band; Gymnastics, Varsity. NINA NELSON: Sigma Beta Chi; Y- teens; Musical Productions. SALLY NELSEN: AFS; Art Club, Sgt. at Arms; Great Books Club, V. P., Pres.; GAA; Girls League; Forensics, V. P.; Latin Club, SPOR, Consul. ANDY NEWTON: Titan Band; Baseball, Frosh.; Golf, Varsity. DEBBIE NICHOLS: Girls League; Olympian Staff; Quill and Scroll; Kappa Phi Beta; COE. LAURIE OLDHAM: Y-tccns; Quill and Scroll; Olympian Staff. DIANE OLSON: Transfer—Scottsdale. CAROL O’MALLEY: Pep Club; Girls League; Dramatic and Musicals Pro- ductions. LORI OONK: Y-tcens; Olympian Staff; Sigma Beta Chi. STONIE ORTH: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Baseball, JV, Varsity; Letter- men Club. KAREN OSTERLOH: Student Senate; AFS; German Club, Sec.; National Thespians; Orchestra; Girls League; All-State Orchestra. ELIZABETH PARKER: Sigma Beta Chi; Y-teens; Student Senate; Arcadian Staff, Photographer; Tennis, Frosh., Varsity; Spanish Honorary. STEVE PEBLER: Track, Varsity; Cross- Country, Varsity; Key Club; Lettermen Club, Pres. LEE PEEBLES: Football, JV; Lettermen Club; Wrestling, Varsity; Baseball, JV; Chess Club; Band. DAVE PEEVYHOUSE: Track, Frosh., Varsity; Football, Frosh., JV; Basket- ball, Frosh.; Wrestling, Varsity; Key Club, Sgt. of Arms; Lettermen Club. LARRY PETERSON: Student Senate; Concert Choir. IRA PETTIT: Sr. Class V. P.; Key Club, Sec.; Wrestling, JV; Baseball, JV; Stu- dent Senate. CRISTOFER PIERCE: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Basketball, Frosh.; Student Senate; Lettermen Club. STEVE PLACEK: Basketball, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Baseball, Frosh., JV, Varsity. VIRGINIA POST: Girls League. PAM POTTER: Sigma Beta Chi, Sgt. at Arms; Y-teens; Student Senate, Kappa Phi Beta; GAA; Girls League. ANDY POWELL: Student Senate; GAA; Astronomy Club, Trcas.; JETS, Treas., Pres.; National Thespians, V. P.; Dramatic Productions; Ford Foundation National Science Award; Sweepstakes Winner 1967; Central Arizona Regional Science Fair; International Science Fair Finalist. DAVID PRAISNER: Newspaper Staff. AMY PRINGLE: Advanced Girls Chorus; Delta Omega; Y-tccns; Girls League. MARILYN PROPSTRA: Girls League; AFS; Student Senate. DAVID PULSIPHER: Transfer—Central. CATH1 REED: Dramatic Productions. JANET REIN: Student senate; Delta Omega; Interclub Council; Epsilon Chi; COE; JV Band. SUSAN REPP: Girls League; Sigma Beta Chi; COE. DOROTHY RILEY: Student Senate; Radio Club; Girls League. PEGGY ROACH: Advanced Girls Chorus. ROXANN ROBERTS: CAA, Council; Spanish Honorary. BRYAN ROBINSON: Transfer— Kalamazoo, Michigan. LINDA ROBINSON: Student Senate; Beta Gamma; Transfer—Bryan, Texas. DE ETTE RODDEWIC: Lambda Kappa Phi. TOM ROGERS: Titan Band; "Bye Bye Birdie"; Arcadians on Stage; Transfcr- Lyons Township High School. DIANE ROMNEY: "Kismit"; Delta Ome- ga; "Carousel"; Arcadians on Stage; Soph. Class V.P.; Pom Pon, Varsity; Twirp Queen Candidate; Senior Class Trcas.; Homecoming Queen. BETH ROSS: Dramatic Productions; COE. JOHN RUBY: Swimming, JV; Wrestling, JV; COE, V. P. LINDA RUPRECHT: National Merit Semi-Finalist; Art Club, Pres.; SPQR Pro-Consul; Mu Alpha Theta, Treas.; Olympian Staff; NHS; Great Books Club; JETS; National Thespians; Orchestra; 1968 Central Arizona Regional Science Fair; Outstanding Latin Student; Out- standing Math Student; Arcadia Science Award. MARK RUSSELL: Wrestling, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Lettermen Club. DEBBY RUTHERFORD: Pom Pon; GAA; Cirls League; Epsilon Chi, Sgt. at Anns, Historian. ALAN SAGE: Track, Frosh., JV, Varsi- ty; Wrestling, Varsity. REBECCA SAHLIN: GAA; COE. PENTTI SAINIO: Cross Country; Student Senate; "Dear Me the Sky is Falling"; Arcadians on Stage; National Thespians; Epsilon Chi Guy; "Fantasies"; Foreign Exchange Student--Kajaanin Lysco. ELAINE SARA: Transfer—New York. RAYMOND SARA: Radio Club, Pres., V. P.; Chess Club; Transfer— Binghamton, New York. SHELLEY SARENA: NHS; The Classic, Co-Editor; Student Senate; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Trans- fer—La Grange, Illinois. BILL SAUNDERS: Football, Varsity; . -3 tf Wrestling, Varsity; Baseball, Frosh.; Lettermcn Club. DENNIS SCARLA: Wrestling, JV, Var- sity; National Merit Letter of Commen- dation. ROB SCHMIDT: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Track, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Lettermen Club. BILL SEATON: Football, Frosh., JV; Baseball, JV; Track, Frosh.; Basket- ball, Frosh. ANNE SHAVER: Titan Band; Arcadians on Stage; Musical Productions; Girls League; CAA. PAT SHEIDLER: Girls League; GAA; JV Band; Titan Band; German Club; "Alice in Wonderland"; Arcadians on Stage. JANICE SHOVER: COE; Advanced Girls Chorus. JOAN SHOVER: Advanced Girls Chorus. ROBERT SHUCRUE: Football, JV; Bas- ketball, Frosh.; Swimming, Varsity; Lettermen Club. DEBBIE SIEGWALD: Concert Choir; Mus- ical Productions; Epsilon Chi; Pom Pon. NADINE SLIDER: Student Senate; DECA; Spanish Honorary. JAN SMEE: Girls League; AFS. CAROL SMITH: GAA; DECA, Pres. JENNIFER SMITH: Frosh. Girl Rep.; Soph. Girl Rep. ; Jr. Class Sec.; Student Body Corresponding Sec.; Student Council; Student Senate; NHS; Pom Pon; Delta Omega; Girls; State; Homecoming Attendant. KIRK SMITH: Tennis, Frosh.; Radio Club, Pres.; German Club. PAM SMITH: Tennis, Frosh. JV; Girls League; GAA; Y-teens, Treas.; Olympian Staff; Quill and Scroll. RON SNYDER: DECA. GEORGE SOLVESKY: Freshman Boys Chorus; Concert Choir; Chorale; Mus- ical Productions; Arcadians on Stage; Radio Club. ERIC SORENSEN: German Club; News- paper Staff; NHS; Quill and Scroll; Outstanding World History Student; One-Plus Club; National Merit Letter Of Commendation; Transfer—Golden Valley High School. PETER SORENSEN: Concert Choir; Arcadians on Stage. JEFF STAGGS: Key Club; Tennis, Frosh.; Football, Soph.; Student Senate. CLAUDIA STEELE: Art Club, Sec.; Great Books Club; Advanced Cirls Chorus. ROGER STEVENSON: Football, Frosh. JANET STIEBER: GAA. DENISE STORAGE: Dramatic Produc- tions; COE. DEBBIE STOUT: Band Lctterman; Titan Feature Twirler; USTA State Twirling Grand Champion, 1968. LESLIE SUTTER: Girls League; Advanced Girls Chorus; Arcadiam on Stage. SUE WEBER: GAA, Council; Lambda Kappa Phi; COE. BEV WHITE: Advanced Girls Chorus. BRUCE WILLIAMS: Dramatic Produc- tions; Lettermen Club; Swimming, Varsity; NHS; Newspaper Staff, Busi- ness Manager, Managing Editor; Quill and Scroll; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Transfer--Santa Barbara, California. JEFF W1LLIMENG: Swimming, Varsity; Football, JV, Varsity; Track, JV, Varsity; Lettermen Club. CAROL WILSON: Cirls League; AFS; Student Senate. DAVID WILSON: Key Club; Football, Varsity; Track, Varsity; Lettermen Club; Jr. Class V. P.; Student Body V. P.; Homecoming Attendant; Student Senate. BILL WINDSOR: Titan Band; Concert Choir; Chorale; National Thespians; Dramatic Productions. MARGIE WONG: Cheerleader, JV; Pom Pon; Delta Omega; Sr. Class Secretary; Student Senate, Recording Sec. BILL WOOD: Golf, Varsity; Lettermen Club; Transfer—North High. DOUC WOOD: Baseball, Frosh.; Rocket Club. SUE WOOD: Y-teens; ICC Representa- tive; Girls League, Council; Beta Gamma; Advanced Girls Chorus. GALE WOODWARD: Y-tcens, Pres.; Student Senate; Delta Omega; Any- town. SUSAN WOOLGAR: Newspaper Staff, Editor-in-Chief; NHS; Advanced Girls Chorus; AFS; "Bye Bye Birdie"; Arca- dians on Stage; National Merit Letter of Commendation; Outstanding History Student; Girls League; Quill and Scroll. LESLIE WOOTEN: COE. JAN YOUNGBLOOD: NHS; Girls League, Council; Epsilon Chi, Pres.; Newspaper Staff; GAA. LARRY YOUNG: Football, Frosh., JV, Varsity; Wrestling, Frosh., Varsity; Lettermen Club; Key Club. LARRY ZAIC: Track, Varsity; Cross Country, Varsity; Student Senate. RENEE ZEEGLER: Transfer—Scottsdale. SALLY ZIPPO: Transfer--Saquaro. LLOYD ZUSMAN: Titan Band; Arizona All-State Music Festival; German Club, Treas.; Arcadiam on Stage; "Bye Bye Birdie"; "Music Man"; Band Lettermen Club; Math Club; Orchestra; Outstand- ing German Student; National Merit Finalist; NHS.Student Index Seniors Adams, Lynn-22 Adler, John-21,106,146,110, 105 Albert, Jack-21,155,138, 162 Allen, Cindy-21 Allen, Cora-21 Anderson, Stan-21 Anderson, Christine-21,157 Anderson, Mark-21 Anderson, Suc-21 Archer, Debbie-21,145,140 Ashford, Vicki-21 Avant, Bill-21 Ayleworth, Jeanne-21,23, 154 Baker, Tom-21 Barbieri, Joc-21,149,138, 63,162 Barney, Kathy-21 Battershell, Ann-21,149, 154 Baumann, Tom-21,100 Baylcss, Barb-21,147 Bcalmcar, Lec-21 Beans, Chris-22,145 Bccchctti, Donna-22,159, 161 Beck, Kathy -22,160 Bentley, Bart-22,66,130, 166,64,162,148 Berger, Craig-22,106,146, 126,105,128 Beurlein, Bottie-22 Bews, David-22,63,162,65 Bigleman, Sharon-22,145, 149,136 Bircumshaw, John-22 Biro, Susic-22, 140, 147 Black, Mike-22 Blades, Jim-22,145 Blakley, Zaonnc-22,145,164 Blatt, Mary-22 Blccha, Randy-23 Boatwright, Barbara-23 Bodine, Linda-23,154 Bowen, Ray-23 Bowner, Carlie-23 Baradley, Cathy-23,65 Bradley, Donna-23,63 Brayton, Linda-23 Brodt, Jim-23 Brookover, Earl-23 Brooks, Judy-23, 157 Brown, Bruce-23,146,126 Bruckner, Joyce-23,160 Burkhart, Barbara-23,140, 147 Busch, Bob-24 Busser, Connie-24,160,161 Butler, Kelly-24,149 Butt, Glenn-24,155,63 Cahill, John-24,160 Campbell, Rhonda-24 CampodalTorto, Phill-24,99 Cannon, Mikc-24,97,146, 126 Carlson, Wendy-24,145,143, 140 Carter, Linda-24,160 Casey, Donna-24 Cassidy, Cassie-25,164 Cazcl, Susie-25,151 Chaffin, Patti-25 Chenowcth, Gaye-25,157 Cherry, Rob-25 Chcsley, Marsha-25 Christ, Nancy-25,157,144, 151 Christensen, Ann-25 Christian, Kathy-25, 154 Clark, Dennen-25,157,63 Clifford, Cathy-25 Coffman, Doug-25 Coop, Tom-25,160,162 Cooper, Cindy-25,54,149, 86.147 Corkhill, Frank-25,122 Cotter, Vivian-25,157 Crook, Shelley-25 D'Apuzzo, Maron-26 Davis, Doug-26 Davis, Shawn-26 Dcdman, Bill-26,129 DeLair, Ralph-26,154 Deming, Keith-26 Dobrowolski, Debbic-26 Dowling, Laurie-24,26, 79 Drain, Dianc-26,151 Duming, Ann-26,138 Dutton, Vels-26 Dyes, Dale-26,36,140 Ebbert, Pam-26,140 Eberhart, Ross-25 Edes, Diane-27,143,149, 151 Ellison, Ronald-27,154 Fahy, Joe-27 Farmer, Linda-27,149,1 36 Farrell, Mike-27 Farris, Christy-27,49,140, 149,139 Feils, Garrett-27 Felder, I.auren-27 Fenner, Tom-27,146,117 Fisher, Debbie-2 7 Fisher, Barbi-27,165,147 Fitzgerald, Mary-27,154 Fondrisi, Frank-27, 73, 78, 56.147 Ford, Dcbbic-27 Frank, Karen-27,30,50,166, 165.147 Freeman, Candus-27,159 Freeman, Drew-27,159 Frondorf, Ann-27,63 Fullbrecht, Bill-25,27,137 Furst, Brad-27 Gamble, Stevcn-28 Garland, Susan-28,41,147 Garrity, Susan-28,149,137 Gazlcy, Jcff-28 Giezel, Janet-28,145,164 Gleason, Jim-28,160,161, 63 Cola, Alessandra-2S, 74,75, Goodman, Kathy-28 Grahom, Julia-28 Gray, Jeff-28 Green, Shauri-29,47,81, 160,63.162,65,151 Greenberg, Sharon-29 Gron, Grcg-29 Grossmiller, JoneIle-29,130, 147 Guide, Jane-29,157 Gundry, Paulette-29,157, 151 Gwinn, Ann-29 Hagedom, George-29,99, 146 Hall, Chris-30 Hall, Mary-30,154 Hamilton, Donna-30 Hanby, Bill-30 Hanson, Doug-30 Hardy, Sue-30,147 Hart, John-30,159 Hawkinson, Brucc-30,99, 146 Hect, Jeff-30,159 Hcckaman, Bill-30 Henderson, Dianc-30, 74, 75, Henry, Pam-30 Hcnschen, Tom-30,54,100, 117 Hcrzing, William-30,154 Heringer, Bill-30,36,124 Heuring, Cathy-31,154 Hill, Jim-31,73,175,56 Hill, Stcve-31 Hitchcock, Jim-31,95,126 Hobbs, John-31,64,121,120 Holdridge, Mike-31 Holloway, Chris-28, 31,160, 139 Holloway, Jan-31,154 Holt, Marci-31,160 Howland, Gay-31,37,155, Hoyt, Carol-31,81,160 Hoyt, Karcn-31,15b Huck, Bob-30,31,146,67, Hull, John-31 Hunt, Wanda-31,33,165 Immel, Nancy-31,152,159 Isbell, Christi-32 Jacobs, Janet-32,142 Jallo, Martin-32 James, Brad-32 James, Tracy-32, 145,165 Jenkins, Kathy-32,145 Jensen, Jcff-32,154 Johnson, Beth-32,72,145, 56.148 Johnson, Bob-32 Johnson, Gloria-32 Johnson, Kcnny-32, 96, 97, 55,105,106,146,67,111, 86 Johnson, Linda-32,73,145, Janas, Karen-32,155,159 Jones, Marnel-32,149,162, 139,137 Juett, Nancy-33 Kalaf, Stcvc-33 Kass, Terri-33,143,139 Kassan, Linda-33, 154 Kay, Karen-33 Keil, Sharon-33,140,149, 137 Kelly, Doug-30,33,115,63, 166,162,148 Keiscll, Tim-33 King, Jack-33,146,148,120 Kinkel, John-33 Klare, Roberta-33 Klare, Roberta-34,157 Klasters, Johanna-34 , 74,61, 151 Know, Tori-34 Kocb, Barry-34,79,83, 160, 83,151 Koerncr, Cindy-34,73,56,146 Kossick, Joe-34 Kozell, Terry-34 Kruger, Larry-34 Kumm, Karen-34 LaBundy, Jack-35 Lallman, Linda-35,157 Lara, Eric-35 Larson, Debbic-35, 145 Lawson, Alex-35,74,138, 63,65 Leach, Sandy-35 Lehman, Nancy-35 Lenman, Robert-35,146,118 Lester, Richard-35, 146, 154 Lewis, Gary-35 Lloyd, Kerry-35 Lockerby, Steven-25,160, 161 Lord, Norma-35,154 Lynch, Art-35 Ludden, Barbara-36, 57,139, 147 Lueders, Mary-36,159 Luhrs, Jan-36, 157,147 Luna, Pam-36 Lutz, Cathy-36,140,147 McArthur, Mary-36, 145, 164.162 McCusker, Marvin-36 McHencry, Bob-36,160,161, 151 Mclnemey, Mike-36,159 McKeown, Kim-36 McMahol, Mollie-36 McMannon, Bret-36 McNamara, Jerry-34, 36, 149.146.162 McNeill, Kathy-36,157 McQueen, Shannon-36 MacMullin, Robert-36,63, 162 Mack, Sharon-36,142 Madonia, Bonita-37,157 Marshall, John-37 Martin, Laurie-35,37,160, 161 May, Nancy-37, 145, 147, 66,166,65,136 Mcndola, Joseph-37, 154 Metcalf, Mark-37 Metzner, Johanna-37,154 Miller, Lynne-28,37 Miller, Rossayn-37Miller, Sally-37 Millsop, Ann-37, SI, 155, 43,161,62,83 Milne, Cathy-38, 147 Mitchell, Jayne-38 Montesano, Don-38,42,109, 126,105 Montgomery, Leanne-26, 38,147 Morann, Susan-38 Morris, Chris-38, 159 Mowery, Chris-38,154 Mull, Sandy-38,45 Mumford, Jan-38,160,161 Nadour, Mary-38 Nelsen, Sally-38,37,143, 149,150 Nelson, James-39 Nelson, Nina-39 Newton, Andy-39,159,122 Nichols, Debbie-39,154 Naar, Steve-39,121,120 Oakley, Jim-39 Oldham, Lori-39,140 Olgelsby, Kelly-78 Olson, Diane-39 O'Malley, Carol-39 Oonk, Lori-39,136 Orth, Stonie-40,94,146, 126,129 Osterloh, Karen-40,155 Parker, Lili-40 Parker, John-40,154 Parker, Mike-40, 78, 85 Pebler, Steve-40, 148 Peebles, Lee-40,114 Peevyhouse, Davy-40,146, 148 Perkins, Betty-40 Perrauly, Mark-40 Peterson, Larry-40,160 Pettit, Ira-30,40,138,148 Pierce, Kit-40,94 Placek, Stcve-40,126,105 Plitt, Barbara-40 Post, Virginia-40 Potter, Pam-41,81,140,147 Potuzak, Steve-41,155,159, 161,63 Powel, Leandra-32,41, 152, 15 Praisner, Divid-41 Pringle, Amy-41,145 Propstra, Marilyn-41 Pulsipher, Dave-41 Rae, Patricia-41 Rawlins, John-41 Reed, Cathy-41 Rein, Janet-41,154 Repp, Susan-41,43,154,147 Rider, Ann-41,157 Riley, Dorothy-41 Roach, Pcggy-42,157 Roberts, Roxann-42, 142 Robinson, Bryan-42 Robinson, Linda-42 Roddiwig, DeEtte-42 Roe, Robcrt-42,160 Romney, Diane-30,42,55, 145,69,67,165 Rose nan, Tom-42 Ross, Beth-42,154 Ruby, John-42,154 Ruprccht, Linda-42,152, 155,143,149,150,63,162, 65,136 Rutherford, Debbic-42,165 Russell, Mark-42,98,146, 114 Sainio, Pentti-74, 75, 160, 166,124,125,60,151 Sahlin, Rebecca-42,154 Sage, Alan-43,114 Samson, Tony-43 Sarena, Shclly-43,162 Saunders, Bill-43,115,146, 114 Scarla, Dennis-43,115 Schmidt, Rob-43,98,146 Seaton, Bill-43 Shaver, Ann-43,159 Sheidler, Pat-43 Shovcr, Janice-43,154 Shovcr, Joan-43,157 Shugrue, Robert-36,43,124 Siegwald, Debbie-43,165 Sigmumdson, Margaret-43 Skalniak, Shirley-44 Slider, Nadine-44, 154 Smee, Janet-44,157 Smith, Carol-44,154 Smith, Jennifer-44, 54,145, 67,63,166,65,165 Smith, Kirt-44 Smith, Karla-44,63 Smith, Pam-44, 140, 149, 136 Smith, Russe 1-44,159 Snyder, Ron-44, 154 Solvsky, George-44 Sorenson, Eric-45,149,162 Sorenson, Peter-45,46,160 Staggs, Jeffrey-45,148 Stanfa, Becky-45 Steele, Claudia-45,157, 149,150 Stenenson, Roger-45, 78 Stewart, Ron-45,154 Stiebcr, Jannet-45 Stiles, Dennis-45 Stirmvise, Linda-45 Storace, Dcnise-45,154 Stout, Debbie-45 Sutter, Charlene-45, 157 Tanner, Delbert-45 Taylor, Jeff-46,151 Tear, Harry-46,148 Teeples, Pauly-46 Thomas, George-46,155, 63,162 Thompson, Sue-46, 154 Threadgill, Jim-29,46 , 72, 115,146,114,148 Thurman, Windy-46, 14S, 140 Tod, Jane-46, 160,161 Tod, Jim-46 Tomich, Mark-46 Truitt, Susan-47 Turner, John-47 Tutschulte, Fred-47 Udall, Dennis-47 Vaaler, Barbara-23,47,154, 139 Valcho, Christopher-47,160, 161 Vanassc, Lorie-47 Van Burcn,Terri-47,149, 150 Vance, Ann-47,157,159 160 VanLeer, Chuck-47,122 Van-Patten, Pat-47 VonGontard, Sue-48 Voyles, Craig-48 Vrzak, Jerry-48, 83,160,161, 83 Wagers, Donna-48,154 Wagner, Joyce-48 Wagner, Tim-48 Wagnor, Nancy-48 Walmslcy, Helen-40,48, 140 Ward, Jan-48,157 Ward, Ruth-48,160 Washington, Pamela-48,157 Watson, Karen-48,154,151 Wcatherley, Doug-49 Weber, Sue-49,154 Weigandt, Jeff-49 White, Beverly-49,57 Williams, Brucc-49,74,149, 162,124 Williams, Christy-49,157 Willmeng, Jcff-49,100, 146 Wilson, Carol-49,138 Wilson, Davc-49,101,138, 146,66,117,166,148 Wilson, Tom-49 Windsor, Bill-49,79,81,83, 160,161,151,83 Wong, Margic-30,49, 145, 165 Wood, Bill-49 Wood, Doug-49 Wood, Sue-50 Woodward, Gale-50,145, 140,149 Woodward, John-50 Woolgar, Galc-50,46,157, 63Wooten, Lcslie-50,154 Yee, Ginger-50 Young, I.arry-50, 95, 114, 148 Youngblood, Jan-30,50,149, Zaic, Larry-44,50 Juniors Ackerman, Jim-171 Acosta, Joe-171 Adams, Bill-171 Ahearne, Jim-171 Ahrens, Evelyn-171 Albright, Bill-171,101,146, 58,86 Alexander, Loralee-171 Allen, Christee-171 Allen, Ted-171,96,146, 126,105 Anderson, Tercase-171 Andersen, Tom-171 Anderson, Brucc-171,159 Anderson, Thomas-171 Anderson, Will-171 Austin, Barbara-171 Babb, Kcn-171 Bahls, Tim-171 Bailey, Patti-171,147,137 Barber, Jerry-171 Barbieri, Albcrt-171, 152, 160 Barge, Marci-171,138 Bauder, Bruce-171 Beardsley, Betty-171 Becchctti, Brenda -171,159 Bechtol, Beth-171,151 Bean, Barbara-171,182,138 Bean, Bruce-171 Berg, Gayle-171,160,164, 139 Bernal, Don-171 Bethancourt, Robert-171, 159 Bethell, Robert-171,102 Beuerlein, Charles-171,102, 126 Bickcs, Robert-171 Bickman, Sue-171 Bigus, John-171,160 Binney, Debra-171 Binzoni, Frank-171 Blackcry, Larcssa-171,157 Blakeslee, Carol-171 Borg, Bob-171 Borselli, Larry-171 Botsford, Pauli-171 Boutel, Marta-171,150 Bowers, Nancy-171,158 Brooks, Jeff-171 Brown, Bill-171,106,108, 109,105 Brown, Sydne -171,160 Buchanan, Rich-171,102 Bui inski, Jerry-171 Burba, Ann-171,157,158 Burbeck, Nancy-171 Burchinal, Sue-171,140,147 Burinsky, Lucy-171,149,139, 151,136 Burke, Diane-171 Burnett, Patty-171,157,159 Busby, Mary-171,149,159, 144 Burton, John-171 Butler, Grant-171 Butler, Tom-171,159 Button, Hayes-171,173,160 Byron, John-172,148 Cadigan, Nancy-172 Campana, Allyn-172,157 Capps, Becky-172,145, 139, 163 Carber, Michael-172 Cardeli, Joan-172,159 Chaillie, Mark-172 Charles, Don-172,98,146 Chedester, Frank-172 Chetlan, Robert-172 Chipman, Robert-172,146, 122,123 Christian, Gary-172 Chynoweth, Margaret-172 Clark, Larry-172,161,130, 120 Close, Cindy-172,182,159, 139,147 Coffman, Walter-172,150 Cole, Judy-172,182,159 Collins, Robert-171 Conyers, Craig-172 Cordova, Marie-172 Counts, John-172 Cramer, Kathy-172,158 Crowley, Tom-172 Curl, Becky-172,157 Damron, Debbie-172,143 Daniels, Shauna-172,143, 147 Davis, Bill-172,151 Davis, Bill-172 Davis, Janet-172, 160 Davis, Scott-172, DcCortc, Ted-172,178, 138 Dengler, June-172,145,143 Derdsen, Cathy-172 Dickson, Nancy-172,160, 161 Dickerson, Kent-172,178, 138,64,122 Dickey, Scott-172 Diehl, John-172 Dill, Steve-172 Dillow, Lorri-172 Dolan, Tim-172 Dong, Terry-172 Dorton, Karen-173 Doyle, Janet-173,160 Drain, David-173,152,159, 151 Drake, Galen-173 Dunfee, Brian-102,146, 114 Dunmire, Diane-173,140 Eaton, Scott-173,159 Ehlers, Allan-173 Emmott, Larry-173, 149, 146,105 Erickson, Kristin-173,160, 161,58,86,85 Falls, Rick-173,146,126, 127 Fenner, Peggy-173 Ferguson, Randy-160 Finley, Kathy-173 Fisher, Glenn-173 Fischer, Kenny-173 Fitzgerald, Bill-173 Fleetham, Jeff-173 Flipper, Josephine-173,157, 142 Flowers, Dave-173,94,146, 127 Fogg, Barbara-173,142 Foley, Carol-173,138 Ford, Kathleen-173,153 Formichella, Bob-173 Foster, Debby-173 Foster, Mark-173 French, Janette-173 Fucnning, Linda-173,145, 138,164 Gaines, Bill-173 Garrison, Jim-173 Gates, Melinda-173,150 Gay, Debbie-174,157 Centner, George-174,120 Giebelhaus, Mark-174,151 Gilbert, Greg-174 Gillespie, Patty-174 Goodman, Charles-174 Graham, Larry-174 Grasty, Jane-174 Grayson, Mike-174 Green, Jim-174 Green, Jeff-174 Greco, Kathy-174,157 Gregg, Paula-143 Groh, Kim-174,122 Groves, Emily-174,157 Guffee, Carol-174,160 Gumlick, Dennis-174,102, 119 Haasis, Keith-174,138,148 Haggard, Cristic-174,145, 143 Hall, Scott-174 Hamilton, Eric-174,101,146 Hans, David-174 Hansen, Jim-174 Hanson, Craig-174, 126 Harmon, Sally-174 Harris, John-174 Harrington, Scott-174 Hart, Don-174,136 Haitwick, Patti-175,157 Harvranek, Charles Harvey, David-175 Hathaway, Martha-175,157 Hawkins, Holly-175, 157, 142 Heaton, Susan-175,145 Heckman, Paula-175 Hedges, Emily-175,153,149, 137 Helmuth, Tina-175 Hillicr, Kathy-175 Hendon, Chris-175 Herman, Steven-175,138, 146 Herrington, Rick-175 Himes, Gary-175,138,146, 160 Hobein, Robert-175 Hogatc, Robbie-175 Holcomb, John-175 Holdridhc, Alice-175,157 Holman, Jim-175 Honneywcll, Vickey-175, 15 7 Hood, Casey-146 Hooten, Dianne-175,160 Hotsko, Mary Beth-175 Hoyer, Jan-175,155,138 Hoyer, Joan-175 Hoyer, Todd-175 Hubbard, Brodie-175,124 Huffman, Jeff-175,160 Hughes, Karen-175 Hunt, Connie-175,160 Hutton, Ann-175,140 Iadipaola, Anthony-175 Isaac, Pat-175 Jacqucmin, Mark-175 Jaeger, Pam-175,138 Jarvis, Alice-175,155,160 Jensen, Margie-175 Johnson, Dennis-175 Johnson, Fere-175 Jones, Paul-175 Judson, George-175 Judson, Bill-175 Kahn, Linda-175 Kaplan, Danny-175,159 Kautenburger, Jim-175,101, 146 Keller, Jill-175 Kelley, Ann-175 Kelty, Robert-175 Kiesell, Kristin-175 Kildow, Carol-175,182, 160, 165 Kinchen, Phil-175King, Steve-175,145 Kite, Bill-175, 72,114 Klahr, Elliott-175 Klein, Ross-175,159 Knackstedt, Debbie-175 Knox, Jean-175 Koff, Martin-175,152,138 Kohn, John-175 Kohlhase, Nancy-175 Komadino, Ky-175 Kopecky, Kyle-175 Korb, Tim-175 Kozell, Becky-175 Kracum, Vince-152 Krain, Dale-176; 160,161 Krebs, Kristina-176 Kruft, Robert-176 Kundy, Chris-149,160 Kruz, Conrad-176 Lamutli, Micky-176 Landrus, Paul-176 Lange, Debbie-176,153,145 Larsen, Carol-176 Larson, Karl-176, 159 Lass, Patti-176 Leather, Hugh-176,95 Ledersman, Chciyl-176 Lee, David-176 Lee, Glenn-176 Lenberg, Jcanne-176 Leonerd, Patti-176,145 Lester, Robert-176 Lewis, Barbara-176 Lewis, Delia-176 Lewis, Dessie-176 Levi, Mike-176 Levitt, Randal-176 Light, Susan-176 Lindner, Jim-176,102 Lipow, Bonnie-176,64, 142 LiuTzo, Frank-176 Lockett, Debbie-176,157, 149 Luiten, John-176 Lundgren, Dale-176 McCall, Tom-176,124,148 McCammon, Phio-176,98, 146 McCroskey, Sue-176,145 McDaniel, Debra-176 McDaniels, Brian-176 MacDonald, Janie-176, 144, 138,151 McGrew, Laurie-176 McHencry, Steven-176 McLemorc, Mary Lynn-176, 160 McLellan, Tom-176 McMahon, Elaine-176 McMannon, April-176 MacMullin, John-176,138, 146,124 McNamara, Linda-176,57, 153,145,149,139 Madland, Pamela-176,157 Main, Mary-176,157 Mariele, Jess-177 Marshal, Pam-177 Martin, Jim-177 Martz, Kenny-177 Martz, Todd-177 Matters, Kristine-177 May, Roxi-177,160,161,85, 147 Mill, Robert-177 Mendenhall, Dawn-177 Mendola, Diana-177 Mcrklc, Cindy-177,149,136 Mendenhall, Jill-177 Merrell, David-177 Meushaw, Randall-177, 159 Michael, Jonathan-177 Miller, Jim-177,159,122 Miller, Judy-177 Millett, Maxanne-177,160 Millison, Doug-177 Mitchell, Jane-177,153,159 Mitchell, Sally-177 Mitchell, Mike-177 Monfort, Scott-177,146 Moore, Jere-177 Moore, Kevin-177,124 Moriarty, Ed-177 Morris, Vernon-177 Moschetta, Leonard-177 Mosher, Jack-177 Mower, George-177 Murphy, Margie-177,160, 59,147 Murphy, Terry-177 Nelson, Barbara-177,157 Nelsen, Robert-177 Newman, Sharon-177 Neslage, Reid-177,130 Nochta, John-177,102 Norde, Doug-177,153,160 Oakley, John-177 Ohms, Janet-177 Ornelas, Bob-177 Ovcrmier, Robert-177 Oviedo, Philip-177 Owen, Toni-177 Pappas, Andrew-177 Pascarelli, Carl-17S Peterson, Patricia-178,157 Pcttus, Mark-178 Pichclmcyer, Pam-178 Phillips, Mike-146 Pickering, David-178 Piercey, Joe-178, 105 Pietsch, Anton-178 Pihl, Mark-178,94,146 Pillmorc, Chris-178 Pittman, David-178 Posner, Steven-178 Pratt, Sue-178 Price, Bob-178,160 Prychodnic, Stephanie-178 Pullan, Linda-178 Purvis, Paul-178,102 Read, Robert-178, 79,160 Rebeske, Ruth-178,144, 138,151 Reckling, Claire-178,140 Reese, Sandi-178 Reeves, Cheryl-178,150 Reyman, Randy-178 Reynolds, Joe-178, Riedy, Beberly-178,160 Riley, Bill-178,99,146 Rippstein, Janda-178 Risley, Linda-178,157 Robbins, Ben-178,150 Robbinson, Gail-178 Rodgers, Jim-178,159 Rogers, Johathan-17S Rohmer, Jay-17S Roper, Becky-178,153,160 Roscnau, Pam-178,138,157 Rowland, Christine-178,138 Rutherford, Tom-178 Ruffini, Windy-178, 145, 138 Sanchez, Steve-178 Sara, Frank-179 Savale, Charles-179,99, 146.105 Schaff, Gary-179 Schecle, Mark-95,101,179, 105 Scheerer, Bill-179 Schlandcr, Donald-179,146, 126.105 Schmidt, Pam-179,144,160 Schmidt, Susan-179,153 Schoellcr, Peggy-179,140 Schutte, Roxi-179 Schwann, Georgie-179 Scola, Peter-179 Scott, Sarah-179 Sexton, Barbara-179, 160 Sederstorm, Jim-179 Sessions, Doug-179, 152,155 Sexton, Tom-179 Shall, Verginia-179 Shipley, John-179 Shirdcy, Chris-179 Shook, Kathy-179,159 Shore, Scott-179 Shotwell, Michael-179 Simmons, Marlene-179 Slack, Roy-179,173,102, 146,114,160,119 Smart, Jim-179 Smith, Madclaine-179 Smith, Becky-179 Smith, Vicki-180 Smith, John-ISO Snowdy, Steve-180 Snyder, Bill-180 Snyder, Pam-180,157 Sodcrquist, George-180 Sollenbergcr, Mark-180,122 Solvcsky, Karla-180 Soule, Dan-180 Speaker, George-180,158, 146 Speaker, Wayne-180 Spellman, Tim-180 Spindler, Karmin-180 Spurgeon, Beverly-ISO Squire, David-180, 159 Steele, Tim-180 Stephenson, Connie-180, 149,59, 166,64,147,137 Stern, Bellye-180 Stwert, Arlcn-180,102 Stoller, Mark-180 Storck, Dcbbie-180 Stotz, Carolyn-180,147 Strunk, Mike-180 Stultz, Kent-180 Swan, Chris-180 Swift, Ted-180 Tanguy, Laura-180,157 Tarinclli, Rich-180,102, 138 Taylor, Ed-180 Taylor, John-ISO Tear, Richard-180 Tenison, Caroline-180 Tenney, Stephen-180 Threadgill, Mary-180 Tipton, Frances-180 Tolby, Martha-180 Topolosky, Allan-180 Totten, Glen-180 Townsend, Guy-180Trent, Jeff-180,98,146,59, 117.166.148 Trent, John-180,100,102, Trcstcr, Pat-180 Truitt, Lynda-180 Turner, Debra-180,138 Turner, Jeff-180 VanderPlocg, Susan-178,142 VanNimwegen, Mary-180, 160 Vogel, Randy-180,98,156, 126 Vogen, Don-180,166 Vough, Lee-180,143,159 Wagers, Dennis-180,179, 160,161 Wagner, Kathy-180 Wagner, Susan-180 Wallace, Renee-160 Wallen, Martha-159 Waller, Rebecca-143 Ward, Keith-159 Ware, Bill-181 Waterman, Cheryl-181 Watson, Melody-181,79, 160,151 Watts, Beatrice-181,157,123 Watts, Janet-181,140 Wavrek, Barbara-181 Webb, Mary-181,160 Whiffen, Robin-181 Whitaker, Fred-181 Whitmer, Kavid-181,160 Wilburn, Anne-181 Wilcox, Larry-181 Williams, Anne-181, 140 Williams, Daniel-181,160, 151 Williams, Sandra-181,157, 147 Williams, Rich-181,102, 146.148 Wilson, Kay-181,160,164 Wolfe, Dolorcs-lSl Winegart, Robert-181,152, 160 Wisniewski, Bernard-181 Witting, Gary-181 Wolf, Larry-IS 1 Wood, Connie-181 Wooldridge, Margaret-181, 158,150 Woodward, Mark-181,102, 146,126,127 Workings, David-181 Wright, Pat-181 Yates, Sally-181,160,161 Young, Joan-181 Zalom, Frank-181 Ziegler, Sherry-181 Zind, Mad-181 Zito, Pat-181 Sophomores Adams, Susannc-183,158 Ahrens, David-183 Albrand, Steve-183 Alcorn, Melanic-183,138 Alcott, Deborah-183,160 Alexander, Jim-183 Allen, Debora-183 Allender, Darrel-183 Altum, Fred-183 Amodeo, Barney-183 Andersen, Brent-183 Archer, Marc-183,120 Ashley, Bcth-183,157 Aylesworth, Frances-183 Bailey, Carol-183,178 Baker, Brad-183 Baker, Sally-183 Baker, Bruce-183 Bales, Peggy-183 Barbieri, Joan-183 Barnard, Fred-183,103,124, 125 Barnette, Jim-183 Beck, Frances-183 Beck, Tom-183,152, 143 Behringer, Peter-183 Bentley, Marty-183,182, 91,138,147 Bernard, Jenny-183,157,138 Bernstein, Barbara-183 Beuerlein, Marycllcn-183 Black, Gregg-183 Black, Peter-183 Blackwell, Scott-183,159, 146,124 Blakeley, Janet-183 Blodgett, Mike-183 Bohm, Joanne-183 Bohmont, John-183 Bonoff, Betsy-183 Boohcr, Barbara-183, 157 Borg, Baibara-183 Borg, Wade-183,122 Bragg, Richard -183 Brennan, Terry-183 Brewer, Claudia-183 Brinkman, Eugene-183 Brodt, John-183, 103 Brooks, Jeff-183 Brown, Carol-183 Brown, Marsha-183,157,139 Bunce, David-183 Buehner, Jody-183,157 Buehner, Joan-183 Buralli, Scott-183 Burchinal, John-183 Burdcll, Sharon-183 Burt, Ed-183,103,158 Butt, Rosalyn-183,157 Byron, Bill-183,182,130, 166 Cady, Katrine-184 Cage, Gary-184 Cahill, Gary-184,103 Campbell, Merrilee-184 Capps, Jim-184,103 Capps, Nancy-184 Cardew, Willy-184,159 Carlson, John-184 Carter, Jill-184 Caudle, Tim-184,103 Cazel, Tom-184,160 Chapman, Carol-184 Chapman, Suzenne-184 Christensen, Lorilyn-184, 138 Chynoweth, Mark-184 Clark, Darilyn-184 Clifton, Lon-184 Clouse, Paula-184 Cochran, Steve-184, 103, 114 Coop, Lisa-184,138 Corbitt, Elisa-184 Cotner, Anthony-184,152 Covey, Ron-184 Cox, Bill-184 Cronkright, Deb-184 Czarnecki, Donna-184 Dahill, Charles-184,120 Damm, Kathy-184,160 D'Apuzzo, Steve-184 Dell'Aria, Kim-184 Diehl, Pat-184 Dil.ucido, Mike-184 DiTullio, Paul-184 Diaz, Mark-160 Dixon, Brad-184 Donker, Jim-184, 183, 103, 112 Dreen, Bob-184 Dunmire, Jodi-184 DuPrec, David-184 During, Susan-184 Dutton, Beth-185,157 Dyrr, Debra-185 Early, Sharia-185 Ebbert, Jeff-185,114,124 Edgcrton, Linda-185 Edwards, Rich-185 Ellision, Paula-185, 157 Embuty, Phil-185 Engebretson, Nancy-185, 159 Estensen, Jill-185 Evans, Gayle-185 Everhart, Jan-185 Eyer, Sally-185,164 Fahy, Bill-185 Falk, Betty-185 Farmer, Dan-185,130 Fanren, David-185, 158 Farris, Lynn-185 Ferguson, Kelly-185 Fielding, Laurie-185,157 Fischer, Stephen-185,160 Fischl, Laurie-185 Fitch, Mikc-lS5, 143 Flowers, Lynn-185,159 Fondrisi, Joe-185,103 Ford, Georgia-185 Foster, Paula-185 Foster, Mark-185 Franklin, Kathy-185 Frazier, Diana-185 Frye, Laurie-185 Fuenning, Rob-185 Gamble, David-185, 103, 159 Garland, Betsy-185,182,190, 147 George, Kathleen-185 Gilbert, Dean-185 Godfrey, Suzie-185 Goldhagen, Stan-185 Goldsmith, Dana-185 Grafton, Shelley-185 Grass, Stephen-186,103 Green, Gary-186 Gregory, Roy-186,103 Grouskay, Randy-186 Groves, Nancy-186 Guinean, Kathy-186 Hahn, Bill-186 Hall, Alison-186, 145 Hall, Ann-186,187 Hancock, Rhonda-186,157 Hand, Kcnncth-186 Hart, Kay-186,157 Harvey, Jcannine-186,155 Harvey, Jennifer-186 Haycox, Peter-186, 103 Hayden, Mike-186 Heath, Brent-186 Hawkins, Christine-186 Haekins, Patti-186,182,157, 138 Hecht, Susan-186, 156 Heckman, Steve-186 Heinrich, Dan-186 Helm, Barbara-186 Helmuth, Teresa-186 Henderson, Kathie-186 Hendricks, Charles-186 Henry, Robert-186, 152 Herndon, Ron-186,159 Hervey, Jennifer-145 Herring, Russ-186 Hill, Benise-lS6, 138 Hill, Marjorie-186 Hillebrand, John-186,103, 160 Hobbs, Cindy-186,160 Holland, Van-186 Holzcr, Sandra-186 Hoyt, Cynthia-186,158 Howard, Jim-186,103 Hoyer, Scott-186 Hoyer, Janice-186, 160 Igou, Kelly-186 Jackson, Dale-186 Jacobson, Laura-186 Jaeger, Bonnie-193 Jensen, Jim-193 Jensen, Sheri-193,160 Johns, Judy-193 Johnson, Craig-193 Johnson, Frances-193 Johnson, Lisa-186 Jones, David-193,103 Jones, Keith-193 Jutzi, Susan-193 Kanold, Kathleen-157 Karis, Chris-186 Kaplan, DeDe-186 Karie, Andrea-187 Kass, Bob-186, 115,146,114 Keil, O'Dell-186 Kelber, Vickie-186,158 Kiesell, David-186 Kiblcr, Wendy-187 Kimbal, Lana-187,157 King, Pam-187 Knight, Lynn-187,160 Knight, Sandi- 145 Kohn, David-187 Krell, Doug-187,160 Krewson, Peggy-187, 159 Kubis, Jean-187,157 Lahti, Rich-187 Laing, Mavis-187,159,161 Lake, James-187,114 Lane, Teresa-187 Larson, Allyn-187,160 Larson, Krista-187 Larson, Minda-187,138 Lauten, Debra-187,157,138 Lawrence, Christine-187, 157 Lawson, Cindy-187 Lazdins, Peter-187 Leach, Mike-187 Le Claire, Judy-187,182.57 157,138,139 Lcdcrman, Jeff-187 Levine, Dennis-187 Levitt, Sue-187Lewis, Bev-187,142 Lewis, Brenda-187,142 Louis, Peggy-187,157, 138, 139 Ludden, Larry-187,143 Lynch, Jan-187 Lytle, Mike-188 McCall, Mcredith-188,157 McCarthy, Margie-188 McClue, Tom-188,150 McClure, Tom-150,112 McComas, Charlottc-ISS, 142 McFatc, Sherri-188,157 McGovern, John-188 McKay, Angela-188 McKay, Richard-188 McNabb, Donna-188 McQueen, Joyce-188,157 Mack, Susan-188, 142 Marrs, Robert-188 Marshall, Alison-188,160, 147 Marshall, David-188 Marshall, Tom-188 Martin, Gaiy-188 Marta, Doug-ISS Marusiak, Edith-188,138 Maschner, Cindy-188 May, Mike-188,83,160,83 May, Dave-188 Mayer, John-188,159 Meek, Sharon-188 Mehrtens, Mark-188 Mendenhall, Joy-188 Merold, Anne-188 Middleton, Martha-188 Miller, Mark-188 Miller, Vicky-188 Mills, John-188 Mohncy, David-188 Monfort, Charles-188,124 Montesano, Paul-188,112 More, Martha-188 Moran, Diane-189, 157 Morari, Bradley-189, 103 Morgan, Danny-189 Morrill, Robin-189 Morris, Linley-189 Morris, Pamela-189 Mortenson, Jim-189 Mosley, Greg-189,158 Moulton, Debra-189 Mueller, Walter, 189,124 Naar, Chris-189 Nash, Liz-189 Nenes, George-189,103 NeVille, Claudia-189,145, 160 Oatis, Jim-189 Oehler, Jim-189 Oglesby, Kelly-189,85 Okun, Robin-160 Olson, Duainc-189 Paine, Judy-189,157,145, 164 Pappas, Connie-189 Payne, Janet-189 Peach, Mike-189,114 Pearl, Frances-189 Perkins, Diane-189 Peters, Kathy-189 Peterson, Evelyn-189 Pctrucciani, Mark-189 Pettus, Sherri-189 Phillips, Kathy-189 Pierce, Deborah-189 Pierce, Pam-189, 157,140, 138 Pillmorc, Eric-189 Plitt, Ken-189,112,160 Posner, Susan-189 Praet, Bruce-189,158,124 Praisner, Karen-189 Price, Ron-189 Pringle, Jay-189,103,112 Proctor, Vicki-189 Pasarros, Gus-189,120 Pyne, Carol-189,159 Quick, Randy-189 Quinnell, Clayton-189 Ralston, Cindy-189,157 Ram, Darryl-189,150,138 Ramsey, Trudy-189,189,157 Ransier, Dianne-189 Reade, Jim-189, 158 Reader, Robert-189, 152, 143 Redinger, Rob-189,103 Reed, Bruce-189 Ripley, Kelly-189 Roberts, Sheri-189, 157 Roehl, Janet-189 Rogers, Martha-189 Rogers, Wayne-189 Roloff, Renee-190,158 Romney, Scott-190,120 Roper, Ted-190 Rose, Art-190 Rosen, Kay-190 Roscnquist, Mike-190 Rosselle, Joe-190 Roth, Kelly-190 Ruby, Allen-190,121,120 Rungc, Jim-190,112 Russell, Chriss-190, 103 Ruth, Jennifer-190, 157, 138 Sahlin, Mike-190 Salina, John-190 Sandigc, Janet-190,160 Sargent, Jeff-190, 143, 159, 138 Saunders, Lynne-190,157 Savoy, Denise-190 Schulz, Cherryl-190 Schwab, Vikki-190,139,142 Schwartz, Susan-190 Scott, Bill-190 Sedgwick, Sue-190,157 Sell, Irl-190, 160,124,120 Shanks, Nancy-190,157 Sharp, Rick-190,157 Shaver, Paul-190 Shedlock, George-190 Sheldler, Becky-190,158 Shelly, Jim-190 Shugruc, Mark-190,103 Siegwald, Scott-190,112 Singer, Patti-190, 145,139 Sipe, Travis-190 Slider, Cynthia-190 Smart, Shari-190,158,143 Smith, Carol-191 Smith, Cathy-191,160 Smith, Mike-191 Smith, Darrel-191 Smith, Paul-191 Smith, Pam-191 Smith, Todd-191 Snyder, Anne-191,160,147 Snyder, Doug-191 Snyder, Marsha-191, 155 Snyder, Rob-191 Sobol, Jonathan-191 Soltau, Steve-191 Sorensen, Kristin-157,156 Sparrazza, Graig-191,159 Speros, Jim-191 Staggs, Mark-191,103,160 Stansbury, Dave-191,103 Stark, Randy-191 Steiner, Mike-191,160 Stevens, Allayn-191 Stewart, Gayle-191 Stewart, Dcbbie-191 Stewart, Linda-191 Stirnweis, Nancy-191,164 Stubblefield, Robert-191 Sutton, Sherry-191 Swick, Corinne-191 Tanner, David-191 Taylor, Jack-191 Taylor, Pam-191 Tenson, Mary-191 Thomas, Dwight-191 Thomas, Barbara-191 Thompson, John-191 Thompson, Lynne-191 Thornton, Feff-191,159 Tipton, Karen-187,191 Tod, Diane-191,159 Tomich, Jill-191 Tomkins, Margy-191 Turley, Sue-191,138 Turhom, Jeanette-191 Tyrolcr, Barbara-192 Udell, Donna-192 Uhlmann, Mark-192,149, 137 Valcho, Fred-192 Vance, Jeff-182,192, 112, 103,166,148 Van Vleet, Joy-192,164 Varcl, Vicki-192,157 Voyles, Sally-192 Wagenseller, Davik-192 Walker, Wendy-192,155 Walsh, Tim-192 Ware, Elizabeth-192 Webb, Bill-192 Weigandt, Rob-192 Welch, David-192 Wilson, Lorraine-192,155 Windsor, John-192,83,160, 83 Wines, Debbie-192,123 Wist, Roger-192 Wist, Ron-192 Wood, Darlene-193 Wood, Hunter-193 Woody, Susie-193,157 Woolgar, Gail-193,155 Woottcn, Rich-193 Wotring, Janice-193 Wright, Bill-193, 112,103, 148 Yee, Ben-193 Young, Steve-193 Ziska, Diane-193,157 Zittle, Pam-193 Zlatich, Bill-193,160 ATVENVW y lakb co t STAFF Q)N Zou. % DONEFreshmen Airola, Paul-195,144 Ahrens, Susan-195,156 Albright, John-195,102,113 Allsop, Kieron-195 Amberson, Nancy-195, 158 Ambrose, Art-195,132 Bailey, Mary Ann-195,156 Baldwin, Kim-195, 156 Bannenberg, Beth-195,156 Barbieri, Robert-195 Battafarano, Jean-195,156 Beans, Pete-195,113 Bcchtol, Susan-195,156,138 Becker, Florence-195,156 Berger, Mary Lynn-195, 156 Bergmann, Gigi-195 Bernard, Jolic-195, 156 Bertoni, Fred-195 Bcrtoia, Sandy-195,142 Bethancourt, Ralph-195,158 Beucrlein, Judy-195,156 Bigus, Susan-195, 158,156 Binney, Keith-195,144,113 Biro, Paul-195,144 Bivenour, Linda-195, 156, 158 Black, Jon-195,122 Black, Wendy-195,156,139 Blackert, Donald-195,144 Blades, Jack-195 Blakeslee, Bret-195 Bodine, Bev-195 Bollcs, David-195,158 Books, Sherri-195,138 Bradley, Steven-195, 102, 158 Bracken, Lyn-195 Bradley, Linda-195,156 Brady, Deborah-195,156 Brill, Mark-195 Bristow, Mary-195, 156 Brooks, Jerry-195 Broughton, Rhonda-156 Brown, Frank-195 Brown, Vicki-195,139 Buchner, Jeff-195 Bump, Joel-195,152,155 Burbeck, Jim-195,152,150, 144 Burgoync, Jim-144 Burinsky, Caroline-195,156 Burton, Ann-195,158 Butler, Kathy-195,158,156 Buschmann, Mark-195 Button, Rocky-195,158 Campbell, Sharon-195, 156 Cantrell, Dale-195,144 Carlson, David-195, 144 Carpenter, Bill-195,144 Carter, Jerry-195,144 Cavanaugh, Debra-196 Chadwick, David-144 Chapman, Carol-196,156 Cherry, Jennifer-196, 158, 156,132 Chcsley, Verna-196 Choules, Bill-196,138,124 Clifton, Susan-196, 143,156 Clinkingbeard, Eugene-196, 102,113 Colasanti, Phil-196, 158,144 Cole, Susan-196,158,156, 138 Collins, Rick-196 Conkle, Steven-196 Cooper, Karen-196,158 Cotter, Benny-196, 144 Crowley, Pat-196 Crum, Becky-196,15S Cuthbertson, Robert-102, 158 Da hell, Fred-196,158,130, 132 Damron, Libby-196,156 Dana, Marilyn-196,156,138 Davies, Marion-196, 156 Deacon, Diana-196 DeCorte, Michclle-196, 158, 156 Derksen, Terri-196,156 Dickson, Barbara-196,156 Di Lucido, Mark-196 Dines, Debra-196,132 Donchio, Dick-196 Douthit, Vickie-196 Dru Karen-196,156 Dunn, Stephanie-196 Dunba, Kathy-196,156 Dyson, Gary-196 Ebbert, Bill-196,144,124 Echols, Sally-196 Ehlers, Steven-196 Ellis, Dan-196,144 Elliot, Claudia-196,123 Engler, Randy-196 Erlick, Steven-196,15S Evonne, Karic-196 Fairchild, Bob-196,144 Faller, Steve-196,158,144, 138,120 Farrell, Vicki-196 Farris, Liz-196 Felts, Cindy-196,156 Fenner, Mary-197, 156 Fish, Mark-197 Flanagan, Tim-197 Flook, Robin-197,156 Fog, George - 197 Foley, Liz-197,156 Fong, Pam-197,156,138 Forde, Dana-191,156 Foster, Gregg-197 Francis, Jordon-144 Frazier, Suzanne-197,142 Freisc, Janet-197,156 Frola, Cindy-197, 142 Fuller, Esther-197 French, Paul-197, 144,142 Gaines, Robert-197, 158 Gangsei, Susan-197,156, 132 Garland, Richard-197, 102 Gay, Paul-197,144 Gazley, Jet-156 Gehlbach, Pam-197,156 Gibson, Roger-197,158,144 Giebelhaus, Susan-197 Gillenwater, Powel-197,102, 144 Godbehere, Susan-197 Godfrey, Kenny-197, 144 Godlcy, Joan-197 Grant, Pat-197,158,156 Crass, Bill-197 Grasty, Ron-197,113 Greco, Augie, 197,158 Green, Gladys-156 Green, Virginia-197,156, 142 Greer, David-197 Greer, Michele-197,156 Gregg, James-197,144 Grossmillcr, Don-197, 144, 132 Guide, Terry-197 Haasis, Stuart-197 Haddy, Mike-197 Haggard, Mark-197,102 Hakes, Bennis-197,102 Hall, Valerie-197,156 Hainan, Nancy-197,156 Hamilton, Karl-198 Hans, Joan-198,156 Hanford, George-198,144 Hanstings, Kim-195,13S Hartwick, Richard-198 Hawkins, Gary-198,144 Heinrich, John-198,132 Held, Tim-198 Helm, Don-198,144 Hendricks, Susan-158, 156, 132 Herring, Bill-198 Hettlinger, Sharon-198, 156 Heuring, Barry-19S, 144 Hickman, Deborah-198, 57, 156,139 Hill, Cary-198 Hill, Sally-198,156 Hinds, Hilary-198 Hobbs, Robert-198,102, 144, 138 Holcomb, Don-198,120 Holdridge, Norma-198,156 Holman, Mary-198 Hood, Bob-198,152,144 Hood, Jim-198,120 Hopkins, Mike-198 Howard, Mary-198,156 Howland, Lori-198 Houghton, Jeff-198,158 Houlihan, Creg-198, 143 Hoyt, Pam-198,158, 156 Hutchison, Roger-198 Illsworth, David-198 Jackson, Anne-198 Jackson, Cort-198 Jackson, Bill-198, 144 Jacquemin, Chris-198 Jallo, David-198,158,144 James, Lonnie-199,142 Jamison, Stephen-199,158 Jenkins, Dec Ann-199, 158 Jarvis, Joe-199,102 Jenkins, Frank-199 Johnson, Candicc-199,138 Jonas, Pam-199,155 Jones, Kim-199 Jordan, Diane-199,144,142 Kay, Dianne-199 Kell, Shawn-199,158,156 Kelly, Kathy-199 Kelly, Lauric-199, 143,156 Kemnitz, Geralie-199,143, Kidd, Linda-199,156 Kimball, Ann-199 Kinchcn, Collccn-199, 156 Kite, Robert-199,194,102, 166 Kline, Peter-199,102 Klingaman, Debra-199 Klug, Vicki-199,156 Knerr, Pamela-199,156 Knox, Holly-199,158 Koeb, Scott-199 Koemer, Pam-199 Koff, Anne-199,158 Koopman, Vanessa-199,156 Kracum, Cynthia-199, 156 Krahulec, Carol-199 Kron, Mark-199 Krueger, Adrian-199 Kuentz, Frederick-199 LaBundy, Joannc-199, 156 Lagman, Laura-199,156 Lambert, Kathy-199,156 Lange, Jim-199 Larson, Brad-199,102 Lass, Steve-200,158,124 Law, Raymond-200, 158 Lawson, Brenda-200 Leather, David-200 Ledin, Frank-200 Lenbcrh, Robert-200, 144 Leonard, Jack-200,102,113 Lewis, Art-200 Light, Sharon-200 Lindbolm, Kristine-200,156 Lipphardt, Susan-200,156 Locke, Mike-200,102,144 Lockerby, Lynn-200,194, 156.132 Lorcnzen, Roberta-200,156 Lovless, Mary-200,156 Luddcn, Peggy-200,156 Lyftogt, Scott-200,113 Lyon, Tom-200 Lytle, Mike-200 McCarthy, Colleen-200 McCreary, Mike-200,102 McDaniel, Jeff-200 McKusick, Peggy-200 MacElroy, Bill-200 McLcmore, Kenny-200, 144 McMahon, John-200,102, 114 MacMullin, George-200, 194,102,118 McQueen, Dan-200, 158,144 Madonia, Barbara-200 Main, Patty-200,156 Mang, George-200 Martin, Cathy-200 Masterson, John-200, 102, 113 Meeks, Kirke-200,144 Me 11, Marge-200,156 Mcrkle, Steve-200, 144 Morrell, Marrilla-201,156 Mcll, Marge-200,156 Miller, Scott-201,120 Miller, Ted-201 Millison, Michele-201,158, 156 Monford, Allison-201,156 Millsop, Rob-201,159,144, 161.113.132 Moriarity, Toni-201,156 Mosby, Dale-201 Mull, George-201 Mumford, Stephanie-201, 156 Munz, Lori-201 Murphy, Michael-201 Murphy, Elizabeth-201,194, 166 Napolitano, Mary-201,156 Nces, Jeffrey-201,102,144, 132 Nelson, Larry-201,102,144 Nelson, Sandy-201,156 Newman, David-201, 144 Nochta, David-201O'Brien, Shelly-201,156 O'Malley, Guy-201 O'Neill, Cindy-201,156 Ong, Hert ert-201,152 Ornelas, David-201 Ott, Stuart-201,15S Parks, Bob-201 Payne, Natalie-201,156 Peebles, Kitten-201,158, 156,143 Peevyhousc, Brenda-201 Peterson, Brenda-201 Peterson, Dalc-201,102, 144 Peterson, Linda-201 Pettit, Letax-201,156, 138, 139 Philabaum, Richard-202, 158 Pickering, Harold-202 Placek, Jeff-202 Plancta, Debra-202,156 Purvis, Glenn-102,113 Ramsey, Darrellene-202 Ramsey, Toby-202,144,114 Ramsey, Patsy-202,156 Ransier, Danise-202, 156 Rawlins, DeRay-202 Redinger, Tom-196,202, 120 Reynolds, Amy-156,202 Reynolds, Amy Lou-202, 156 Rhodes, Susan-202 Rich, Selina-202,156 Riedy, Jennifer-202,158, 156 Roach, Jeff-202,158,144 Roberts, Martin-202,114 Robinson, Jeff-202 Romney, Jin«-202, 144 Ross, David-202, 144 Rossman, Carmel-202,155 Rowland, Jim-202, 158 Rowhite, Jim-202 Ryder, Janice-202,158 Samson, Julie-202,158,156 Sanchez, Stacey-202, 158, 156,138 Savoy, Janice-202,156 Scarla, George-202 Schneider, Gordon-202 Schork, Gloria-156 Schork, Sam-202 Searlc, Cclinda-202,159, 151 Sexton, Jim-202 Sexton, Shelley-202 Shalniak, Barbara-202 Shover, Paul-202 Shapiro, Jed-202, 152,155 Shaw, Marla-202 Shole, Jane-156 Shields, Jan-202, 156,132 Shore, Janc-202 Shores, Mike-202 Shover, Kevin-202 Shulman, Linda-202, 156, 150 Siegfried, Kathy-203 Siegwald, Linda-203,156, 150,142 Sims, Sandra-203,156 Skalniak, Barbara-156,138 Sipe, Waltcr-203 Slack, Mike-203,158 Slider, Kenny-203, 144 Smart, Janet-203,156 Smith, Brenda-203,156,138 Smith, Chris-203 Smith, Dan-203 Smith, Gregory-203 Smith, Kathy-203,156 Smith, Lancc-203,155 Smithm, Roberta-203 Snowdy, Stan-203,158, 144 Snyder, Cindy-203,156.132 Sobol, Dan-203,120 Sodcrquist, Mary-203,156 Sparrazza, Nina-203,158, 156,142 Sponccl, Norma-203,156 Stabile, Georgina-203,156 Stanish, Dcb-203 Staggs, Jim-203, 144 Steel, Linda-203,158,156 Stephens, Mike-203, 158, 144 Stephenson, Larry-203 Stern, Ava-203, 156 Stiles, Rob-203,102,114 Stiles, Pat-203 Stinger, Rob-203,158 Storace, Joe-203, 102 Strauss, Mindy-158,156 Stromme, Cheryl-203, 132 St. Rauss, Mindy-203 Suder, Melinda-203, 158 Suder, Melissa-203,158 Sutherland, Sandra-203 Swanson, David-203 Tanner, Maury-203,144, 132 Taylor, Joan-158,142 Taylor, Lillian-203 Taylor, Paula-203 Tecplcs, Laurie-203, 156 Teetsel, Charles-203,144, 132 Thomas, Anne-203 Thomas, John-203,144.132 Thompson, Randy-203, 150 Thompson, Stacy-203 Threadgill, Mike-203 Ticknor, Karcn-203 Todd, Larry-203 Toller, Robert-203 Totman, Pam-203,156 Trainor, Lee Ann-203, 158 Troutman, Pat-203, 158, 144 Turley, Cinda-203,158,144 Turner, Pat-203,156 Udy, Diane-204 Uhlmann, Jcff-204 Vanasse, Nancy-204 VanderPloeg, Steve-204, 102,113 Van Nimwegen, Bob-204 Van Ordcn, Gary-204, 102, 144 Van Vleet, Kent-204,144 Vebber, Shclley-204,156 Vogen, Paul-204,194,102, 166 Walker, John-204 Walmslcy, Mary Lou-204, 132 Wanic, Nicki-204 Ward, Linda-204,150 Ward, Lorraine-204,150 Wamc, Jan-204,132 Warner, Gayle-156 Washington, Jim-199,204, 132 Wavrck, Christine-204,156 Waterman, Dennis-204 Weatherly, Dennis-204 Weidel, Craig-204,102,113 Wescot, Dcbra-204,156 Whitaker, Linda-204 White, Michalc-156 White, Rose mar)'-156 White, Teresa-204 Wilburn, Lynne-204,156 Wilkinson, Linda-204 Wilky, Janet-204 Williams, Alan-204 Williams, John-204,102 Williams, Lee Anne-204, 194,158,156,138,132 Williams, Mary-204, 156, 132 Williams, Stcvc-102 Williamson, David-204 Willis, Doug-204,158,144 Wilson, Charles-144 Wolf, Steve-204 Wolfe, Vince-204,144 Womack, Anna-204 Wood, Danny-204, 144 Wood, Mike-204,144 Woodward, Paul-204 Wolley, Jack-204,144 Woolstencroft, Charles-204, 120 Wright, Peggy-204,156,142 Wynn, Pam-204 Yee, Greg-204 Zuck, Ronny-204THE PAST NINE months has finally come to an end for the 1969 OLYMPIAN staff. No more deadlines to meet, no more pictures to crop, and no more copy to write. But for the staff and myself it has been very rewarding. Day by day we have gathered segments of momentous occasions, rewarding experiences, and just everyday happenings. Combining these aspects has inevitably led to the culmination of the 1969 OLYMPIAN. First, my most wholehearted thanks to Mr. Joseph Young, our advisor, for guiding and tolerating the staff and me through all the problems we have faced. We could not have made it through the year without him. Next I would like to thank Lucy Burinsky, Co-Editor of the OLYMPIAN, for her assistance and being there when I needed advice. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward my staff: Senior Editor Marnel Jones and her assistant Emily Hedges; Underclass assistants Cindy Merkle and Linda Farmer; Organizations Editor Susan Garrity and her as- sistant Patti Bailey: Activities Editor Pam Smith and her assistant Karen Kumm: Honors Editor Laurie Oldham: Faculty Editor Nancy May and her assistant Lori Oonk: Sports Editor Sharon Keil and her assistants Bill Ful- brecht and Connie Stephenson; and also to Linda Rup- recht for our original division pages and cover. Of course, a special thanks to our successful photographers Kelly Butler. Lee Scott. Bill Havranek. Don Hart, and Mark Uhlmann without whom the imaginative photographs you have seen could not at all have been possible. And last but not least, a sincere thanks to YOU. the stu- dent body, for supporting this and future OLYMPIANS. Sharon

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