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 - OLIVER Titans, meet Oliver, the omnipresent spirit of the 1965 Olympian . . . he’s a contagious individual . . . most of you are familiar with him already . . . but allow us to reiterate a little . . . Oliver is the spark, the fire, the enthusiasm . . . the sum of the Arcadian spirit ... He permeates the campus, the academics, the athletics, the activities . . . he boosts our ego in times of victory . . . consoles in times of defeat . . . congratulates us on accomplishments . . . praises all triumphs . . . Oliver’s warmth welcomes new Titans and guests to our campus ... he sadly bids adieu to our graduates and transfers ... too often we take him for granted. Oliver is here and long may we appreciate his spirit . . . the omnipresent spirit of Arcadi and of the 1965 Olympian. 2FACULTY 14 CLASSES..........28 ACTIVITIES......118 HONORS..........136 ORGANIZATIONS... 150 SPORTS 184Correct inake-up application is an important necessity of pre-performance. It’s easy to view the Arcadia campus . . . it’s students and teachers . . . life and leisure . . . the Circle stands out uniquely ... the Walk of the Olives ... a new arts building . . . the crowded stadiums and gyms ... the quiet hum of a typing class ... the silent squeak of pens across the notebook page . . . but be- hind all this are the wheels and cogs that make the whole thing run ... the hours in the li- brary, study hours and quiet hours at home . . . the all night cram session on the night before the big exam ... the sweaty hours on a practice- turf . . . “you’re gonna look lousy Friday night . . . move it” . . . props and scenery construction . . . you rehearse and rehearse . . . teachers prepare ... it never stops . . . night classes at ASU . . . lesson plans, test construction, flunk notices . . . put them all together . . . preparation, practice ... the smooth, efficient picture emerges. 45 Mrs. Neid, Mrs. Hinsdale and Mr. Tur- ner begin another night of classes in the educational building at ASU.Junior» brighten goal posts with Titan colors, red and blue, to spark school spirit. United we stand . . . satisfaction of belonging . . . proud Titans . . . somehow the spirit developes . . . envelops academics, activities . . . athletics ... the drive to succeed . . . make the most of each opportunity . . . because we’re Titans . . . “Let’s go Red and Blue . . . We’re from Arcadia” . . . tense excitement, eager anticipation . . . “Fight Titans for Arcadia . . . give your all determination to strain every muscle ... in hope . . . jubilant pride in victory . . . sober pride when on the short end of the score ... a hug and a scream of congratulations ... a firm handshake, the grip of confidence . . . sometimes we lose . . . victory is always ours ... for the enthusiasm is undcfeatable . . . the spirit of the Arcadia Titans always triumphs. I 6Quietly boarding the bus for an away bout, varsity team members review the tactics to be used in the coming gridiron battle. Single faces in a crowded gymnasium blend together to form an eager and enthusiastic crowd to cheer on the Titan cagers.A high school girl's dream comes true as Laurie Ptak is crowned 1964 Arcadia Homecoming Queen. With her are attendants Bobbie Davis and Jacque Lindstrom. Leaving to attend a Titan basketball game arc popu- lar seniors Andy Ambrose and Linda Scranton. The Arcadia education extends far beyond the walls of the classroom . . . Titans mature academically . . . grow in poise and confidence . . . friendships are made . . . somehow the campus . . . and life . . . look a little different . . . when there is someone special . . . very special to share the days with ... the fun of growing up . . . the boisterous excitement of a football game ... the quiet hush as a new Queen is announced . . . a dozen club meetings . . . poster parties . . . decora- tions and new dimensions . . . international exchanges open new doors to understanding . . . sometimes ... if there is time . . .’studying can be worked in . . . four years ... to do so much ... to see so much ... to enjoy life as a teen-ager .. . four years to grow. 8When studies get the best of you, it’s never time to punt—you cram instead. Cheryl Hogan and Ana Maria Carvalhcdo promote the international flavor for the Titan campus with an AFS stock sale to Steve Brown. Arcadia High introduced a language lab for the betterment of educational facilities. Mrs. Edith Lillywhite presides at the annual home economics open house presented for parents and members of the faculty. 10Hours of rehearsal and practice put all the theory and study into reality as the Arcadia music groups present another of their outstanding concerts. A reason for existing ... the academic chal- lenge of the classroom . . . prepare for college . . . and life . . . class rankings can make or break ... the coveted principal’s pass . . . the dreaded failure notices . . . the all night cram sessions ... a pop quiz ... a nine week test . . . research and term papers . . . thank heavens for Saguaro Library . . . two hours preparation a night . . . sometimes . . . you practice and rehearse . . . performance night arrives . . . put the theory into practice . . . opening night jitters . . . couple with pre-con- cert blues ... a new arts building . . . more space and more classrooms ... a queasy feel- ing in the pit of the stomach ... the work will never cease ... it will never get done . . . but it always does . . . around the corner . . . graduation, vacation ... a three month breather. A new arts building rose during the fall semester and it added muchly needed new classrooms. IIMiss Olympian Janet WalmsleyMr. Olympian 13 Tuck Stephenson Dr. Holt Superintendent of Schools Mr. Bill Close Mr. Earl Sum rail School Board Members Establish Policy Outstanding citizens of the Scottsdale community have established a continuing pattern of leadership and service while serving on the Scottsdale School board. The five board members are dedicated to maintaining the tradition of excellence that has become an acknowledged aspect of the local school scene. Mrs. J. Paul Jones Mr. Keith Turley 16 Mr. Lyman A. Davidson2 Administrators Chart Course Arcadia students are fortunate to have three outstanding administra- tors guiding the academic life on campus. I)r. Jackson M. Drake, and the two vice principals, Mr. Leonard Spooner and Mr. A1 Scharf strive to promote an intel- lectually healthy atmosphere that will stimulate student growth and development. Their understanding and confidence continues to in- spire the students at Arcadia. 17 Mr. Leonard Spooner Mr. A1 ScharfMrs. Verna Febus Mrs. Marguerite Neid Mrs. Ruth Downey Mr. Jack Webb Mr. William Holmes Counselors Promote Growth Ready to listen and eager to help, Arcadia’s counselors guide students through four years of high school and start them in college. From left are Mrs. Neid, Mr. Holmes, Mrs. Downey, Mr. Webb, and Mrs. Febus. 18Howard Amerson Ben Anderson Peter Ansel mo William Baltz Jack Belleville Wesley Bowers Reginald Brooks Wallace Bump Marjorie Burrell Pat Carlin Gordon Caswell Eleanor Clough George Cowie Phillip Deppe Joseph Dolan Robert FinkbinePhyllis Fangman Shirley Frye Alfred Gardner Malcolm Garrison Maurice Garson Robert Gibbons Tom Grassl Glenn Groenke Janice Guenther Pauline Guinther Lou Hallman Courtney HammondCarol Haugcland Bob Hendricks JoAnn Hcnnington Alfred Heywood Ed Hickey Rosejean Hinsdale Doris Howard Baxter Hum Raymond Jackson Mr. Ed Hickey takes a ping-pong break. 21Jeff Larson L. M. Mac Pherson Edith Lillywhite Almond Littleton Dana Lynch Mr. Sam Odell discusses a butterfly exhibit turned in as a project for his biology class.William Meyer Harold Millsop Louise Miller Jim Muller Sam Odell Donald Penfield Loretta Prochaska Kay Powell Carey Reader Kate Reiss Shirley Russell Paul SanderA. G. Sehfino Patricia Settlemoir Paul Shoecraft Eileen Smocke Lois Solom Emily Stafford Helen Stoddard Mike Svaco Walter Tamasauckas Richard Turner Faculty and staff members get away from it all over lunch and coffee.Floyd Woodard Cecelia Witty Richard Williams Francis Wilcox Fred Whitney Nellie Ward John Watson Joe YoungSchool Staff Emma Jean Butler Dorothy Cates Madelene Denen Hattie Freise Regina Messec Jane Plecas George Rocker Ethel Salisbury Frances Walker Iris Widmark Helen ZifferCAFETERIA STAFF. FRONT ROW, ]. to r.: Lois Difon, Elizabeth Wickliffe, Dorothea Mcister, Mary LaVoie, Dorothy Cent, Reba Lafon, Marian Plotner, Miriam Leggett, Laura Haymcs, Lois Steele. ROW 2: Lcota Smith, Alice Pipla, Ada Weeks, Sadonna Robcrtscn, Sybil Staggs, Dorothy Webb, Sadie Caswell, Clara Johns, Frances Smith, Edna Christen, Ann Dougar. 27 CUSTODIANS: FRONT ROW: 1. to r., Clarence Mullancx, Jack Komer, Bob Wilhoyt, Don Haley, Earnest Wearing. ROW 2: Paul Wineland, Walt Reynolds, Andy Morrell, Ken Williams, Cal Evans.cLassesSpirited Seniors Say Farewells Senior officers (from left) Forrest Carter, vice president; Estelle Spcros, treasurer; Jacquc Lindstrom, secretary; Tuck Stephenson, president; Jo Schwan, girl representative; Bill Ferguson, boy representative. For members of the Class of 1965, an exciting and challenging new year dawned in September, and it was to be a year of promise and growth. Also, it was to be a year of too many “lasts.” While the class eagerly looked forward to college and careers, they also remembered that time was going all too fast. They attended their last Homecoming as undergraduates, danced at their last Christmas Prom, participated in their last Twirp Week, saw their classmates honored as Mr. and Miss Olympian, wrote their last term papers, and struggled through their last round of classes as Arcadia Titans. But the promise of the future held so much. Graduation, college, responsibility, and new growth awaited in a string of tomorrows. Goodbys were tearful and sentimental but the challenge of the future awaited and the Class of 1965 faced it with confidence and a promise to uphold the challenges of their new generation.31 Leslie Avant Marie AycockAllen Babinski Terry Baccellia Bruce Baker Randy Baker Doug Baldwin Sharon Bancroft Wayne Barnes Ron BarrOscar Bcllenger John Benjamin Kenneth Bennett Dennis Benzing Kathy Bigleman Mary Blackmore Rick Blakeley Steve Blasnek 33 Ken Boren Mike Borsheimw m 34 Landra Brinton Doris Brooks35 Bryan Burton Jim BuschDale Button Mikie Byron John Caldwell Nancy Cameron Susan Cameron Robbie Campbell Dale Cannon Larry Cappelli,VT'. Gerald Cardew Renee Carruth Forrest Carter Laurie Carter Cindy Caster Suzanne Chaillie George Chalagonian Jack Chapman Ray Chenhall Coette Childers 37Melinda Chipman Jane Christensen Harry Cipriano Gary Clark Mike Clark Terr)' Clark • Elissa Cohen Tom Cole Gus Contos Joe Collings Chuck Colton John Conklin 38Ron Contryman Sally Cook Connie Cooper Douglas Coppock Corinne Corbitt Steve Craig Gubernatorial candidate Sam Goddard visited a senior government class for a lesson in practical politics. Mike Cranny Robert Cronshey Audrey Dalessandro Ron Daley40 Nora Deak Frank Deakin i i 41 Thomas Dooty Gaines Du VailVickie Eaton William Ebert Margie Eisen Carolyn Elliot Marilyn Elliot Steve Ellis Vickie Elson Teddie England Leonard Erie Kathy Etchells Barton Faber Harry FelderBarbara Fenner Bill Ferguson Steve Fielding Kathy Finney Barbara Fish Jim Fisher James Fissel Janet Foster Constance Freeman Nancy Freestone Republican debaters shown here ha- rassed the Democratic team with fiery words to capture two tough victories. Avalon Fraizer Gretchen Frank44 Penny Goeman Kathleen GoldwaiteRobert Goodpasture Phillip Graham Land Grant Virginia Grant 45 Donna Gulnac Donna GumlickJudith Hagedorn Mike Hagerty Diane Haggerty Karen Hakes Janice Hall Yaunda Hammett Robert Hanan Janet Haney Seniors scheduled takes and retakes in order to get "the” senior picture. 46iUi George Hayduke Jim Hedford William Henderson Jane Herringer Dean Herrington Joanna Hiatt 47John Hi Ide David Hill Jim Hillebrand Scott Husabeck Gerald Hiner Sherry Hirt Patricia Hislop Becky Hitchcock Lucinda Hoel Bill Hoffman 48 Vickie Hitchcock Steve HodgsonCheryl Hogan Myra Holbert Judy Holland Don Holm Tom Holmes Mark Hopkins Engrossed in car washing are seniors Gail Zenobe, with the hose, and Chris Williams, lauric Salisbury with rags. Jeannette Hough Lou Hudson Margaret Hull Bill HurfordJudy Hutson Bruce Huxford Dewey Isaacs Kathy Jablonski Jennifer Jackson Lynda Johnson Bruce Johnson Lynda Jensen Bill Johnson Carolyn Jones 50 Mike Johnson Ron JohnsonGail Jorgenson Steve Joseph Charlotte Kamstra Jeannie Katz Pamela Keen Vince Keeton Linda Kaufman Alan Keith Jane Kelly Beverly Keyes 51 Brian Kennedy Jill KennedyTerry Klouse Saunda Knackstcdt Pamela Knight Scott Koerner 52 Linda Kuchler Robert KueblerCheryl Kyff Gordon Lacy Darnel Ladd Frankie Lake Bill Laman Nancy Lambert Nancy Lamson Connie Lancaster Greg Lauten Johnathan Lee 5354 Richard Lockett Mike LoperRonnie Low Andrea Lynch Lynn McCasland Laura McClure Douglas McDonald Joan McNamara William McGarey Daniel McKeown Peggy McMullin 55 Mike McNamara Mary McNamaraDick McPherson Mike Maisel Robert Manning Richard Margolin Gayle Markow Susan Marshall Mary Martin Dave May 56 Robert Mayse Sue Roper’s Slithery Dee took first place in the Smothers Brothers contest.Tern' Mechling James Meek Nancy Mehagian Frank Mendola Phillip Messec Richard Mickle 57 Melinda Millar David Miller David Miller Judy MillerSidney Miller Steve Miller Richard Milot Wesley Mohr Robert Monie JaDeanne Montgomery Dana Moore Rosemary Moore John Moss Rebecca Mowry 58Craig Murdock Maureen Murphy Virginia Myers Sherry Nadler i Nina Nauman Jim Naylor Elberta Neeriemer Nick Nicholson Penny Norbie Rebecca Normand60 Richard Penquite Dede PisaniLarry Obenstine Denise Odean Randy Oden Sharon Ohms Peter Orr Steve Orth 61Ruth Peirce Haven Peters James Peterson Barbara Phillips Diane Pledger Gayle Post Susan Pratt Randy Pridgen Laurie Ptak Gage Putnam Bill Quinn John Ranby 62Christie Reed Karen Reid Peter Repp Richard Rhoades Gloria Richmond Lynn Robb Janis Roberson Steve Robinette 63 Jan Robinson Mary Jane Rocker64 Ken Sage Laurie Salisbury 4 Darrvll Salsburg Dave Scheldler Larrv Schwartz Harry Salzman Jacqueline Sauter Becky Scharf Rick Schwame Sandra Schork Joanne Schwan Marilyn Shall 65 Linda Scranton Pam ShaferBarbara Sheelev Carole Sheer Roger Sheer Terry Shreeve Dr. Jackson Drake takes time to congratulate Arcadia’s eight National Merit Schol- arship finalists (from left) l-and Grant, Nick Nicholson, Larry Olden, Mark Hopkins, David May, Karen Reid, Harry Felder, and David Hill. 66Jim Sollenberger Tom Sorensen Jonathan Soule Steve Spellman Estelle Speros Nancy St. Clair 67Tuck Stephenson Gretchen Sternberg Michael Stevens Clint Stidham Susan Strauss Ricky Strawick Ed Struble Man- St. ThomasSteve Swift George Tanguy Joan Taylor Sue Tear Senior Vaunda Hammett added a fourth state baton twirling championship to her huge collection of trophies. 69 Mark Thompson Larry Tipton Clede Tomlinson Judy TopoloskyWilliam Toy Gertrude Troutman Eugene Tucker Sheila Tucker 70 Patty Verhoevcn Dennis Viges Hallie VonAmmon Kathy Wagner Larry Wagner Rick Wallace Carol Walleck Glen Wasson Jim Ware Jean Webber 71 llene Waterman Pat WebberJohn Weidemann Bill Weirich Barbara Welch Connie Welch Linda Weller Paula Welsh David Werner Dawn Wheclock 72 Joan Wilcox Alan WilliamsChris Williams Fred Williams Penny Williams Cathy Wilson Kathy Wilson Janet Winkler Shirley W'isniewski Dennis WolffJuniors Make Their Mark Junior claw officer» (from left) Tibby Jones, president; Molly Spooner, treasurer; Skip Whitley, boy rep- resentative, Margaret Webb, secretary'; Warner Marshall, vice president; and Susy Tonner, girl representative. A spirited and enthusiastic junior class, not content to rest on their laurels, faced the 1964-65 school year and promised to make it the best ever. They sponsored the first football dance of the season, decorated goal posts, made and sold hundreds of cupcakes and cookies to add funds to the class treasury, organized a swinging Twirp Week, fed the student body at their annual school Bar-B-Que, purchased their class rings, planned an elaborate and memorable Prom, and basked in the glory of finally being upperclassmen. Their Class of the Year award from the 1963-61 school year provided the stimulus but the class members themselves provided the man power and the dedication. The result was a year of success and accomplishment and a promise of scaling even greater heights as the senior class of 1966.Donald Adams James Adams Anne Airola Barbara Akers Samuel Albert Marilyn Allen Timothy Allums Mina Alter Kathy Ammerman Dana Andersen John Anderson Mike Andrews Linda Austin Robert Bahls David Baker Linda Barclay Linda Barnes Sharon Barnes Jeff Bartolino Marcia Batty William Baumann Patricia Bean Stephen Beans Eric Bcdenkop Nancy Behringer John Belden Ronald Bemis Bruce Benson Kathleen Bergen Candace Bcthell Leon Bierbaum Bill Birkholz Val Bircumshaw Mary' Bimey Steve Bisbcc Carol Black 75Carolyn Blakeley Randce Block Anthony Blunda William Bly Nona Blyth Judith Bock Tammy Bonds Frank Bostock Cherry Boyd Terri Bradley Mike Brady Janice Brown Laney Brown Michael Brown Rick Brown Kim Bruce Jamie Burns Laurel Butler Dick Butler Larry Butler James Caldwell Paul Calicndo Michael Call Scott Campbell Ronald Cannon Shelley Canter Mary Carlton Ronald Carter Bob Carver Patricia Cassady Judy Castleberry Patricia Cazel Valerie Chadderdon Don Chennall Vickie Cheslcy Peter Chessen Eddie Choate Diana Christian Earl Christian Frances Christmas Mark Clark Mary Clinkingbeard 76Grela Coen Cheryl Cole Judy Conner Patrick Conroy Tom Cooley Janies Coppins Roger Coryell Valaric Crotzer Roller! Crowder William Crowley Sharon Daniels Jim Daudet Margaret Davis Patricia DeBergc Daniel Devcr Connie Deschler Susan Dick Susan Dickey- Mark Dill Angela DiTirro Mia Ditson Dennis Dole Martha Dooley Greg Doyle Pamela Drancy Stephen Driggs Linda Duggan Jack Dujanovic Karen Dunn Denise Dunning 77 Melinda Dupree Robert Duston Linda DutroEunice Eberhart Shirley Echols Bonnie Edgar Peggy Edmundson Linda Edwards David Egizii Pamela Emerson Steve Endicott Karen Erickson Nonna Evrard Daryl Everhart Jon Ewing Corinna Falk Barbara Fenton Doug Fieck Bob File Mardell Fitch Jack Flynn Jerry Foster Dana Fraley Jo Anne Freiss Mia Fulkerson James Caintner Midge Galst Michael Galwey Ramesh Gangadcan Margaret Garcia Sarah Garrison Katherine Gately Kathy Centner Priscilla Gentry- Jay George Stan Gerstenschlagcr Carol Getz Richard Gimbel Charles Glasser Coni Good Chris Goodman Patti Goodman Kim Goodpasture Wayne Gordon Diane Grady 78Jim Cray son Grove Greene Patricia Groom Karen Grouskay Debbie Grubbs Elaine Guffey Gregory Gullett John Guthrie Vic Guyan Philip Haag Anita Haddy Randy Hageman Johnny Haner Mary Hanley Dave Hanlon Rick Hanna Charles Hapip Gary Harmann Maedell Harris Guy Hayden Steven Helgeson William Hendrix Steven Hcnes Bob Henry Pam Henson John Heringer Rick Herndon Joan Hibner Arthur Hillicr Nick Hiner Sheri Hitchens Bill Hitchings Pat Hobein Sandy Hodgdon William Hodges Suzanne Holt Tim Hoyt Garry Humphreys Sandra Huntington William Hussey Jeanne Huvelle Barry Hyland 79Carol Inscho Nancy Isbell Charles James Gerri Johns Becky Johnson Belly Johnson Janet Johnson Lee Johnson Susan Johnson Jerry Johnston Shirley Jones Tibby Jones Karen Jorgensen Robert Juster Michael Kalupa Cas Karbo David Kast Robert Kaufinann Robert Kelly Linda Kennedy Patrick Kennedy Michael Kersticns Donn Kin .le Elizabeth Kircher Nancy Kissel Janis Kistemaker Christine Kjcstad Deidre Klein Karen Kleinz John Knirsch 80 Sophia Krain Karen Krebs Gary KronJim Kuykendall Bonnie Lafon Regina Lanscr Kathy Larson Vicki Lawonn Larry Leach Eric Lewin Barbara Lewis Vicki Lewis Rickey Lister Gary Lohman Linda Long Bob Lowry Randy Luke Rusty Lupton William McCarthy I.arry McCluc Douglas McCoy John McGarcy Rol crt McGee Wilbur McNabb Margaret Mabry Stephen MagiII Susan Manning Sharon Manos Su .i Maroncy Warner Marshall Sharon Massey Martha Mathicson George Mattingly Mary Mehncrt Laurie Mclandcr Robert Metcalfe Jo Ann Meyers Jim Miller Susan Miller Marilyn Millctt Cheryl Mincks Sharon Missner Steve Mitchell Wayne Monie Carey Moore 81Marsha Moore Rory Moore Melanie Morgan Patricia Morris Terrcsa Morris Joyce Moulton Rusty Mower Nansi Myklestad Dawn Naar Meredith Naumetz Bill Nazcr John Neal Joan Nelson Craig Ncslage Annette Ncugebaucr Robert Neville William Nichols Philip Nordberg Lynn Oboikovitz Alice O’Brien Jim O’Connor Michele O’Connor Robert Olden Gene Olsen Lynellen Olson Timothy Ong Toni Oonk Jerry Osburn Carole Ostcrmeycr Philip Overcynder Abby Palmer Evonne Parent Jann Paul Connie Pearson Daniel Pearson Terrie Perkins Larry Petty Bruce Pettycrew Tony Peyou William Pierce Patti Pinnick Larry Plotkin 82Allan Polenick Craig Potter Linda Powell Leslie Preston Jo Putnam Katherine Quick Julie Ragland William Ralston Lujcan Rawlins Nancy Reader Rick Reimold Wanda Rippstein Lauren Roberts Marcia Roegner Jeanne Romney Louise Romney Robert Romney Cal Rooker Dennis Roschival Barbara Rose Linda Rush John Sandberg Eileen Saper Richard Schicker Henry Schilling William Schlossnagel Carol Schmitt Susan Schmitt Pam Schneider Suzanne Schult Laurie Schultz Steve Scott Phillip Sedgwick Grctchen Sena Tim Sexton Mark Shane Lynda Sharp Pamela Sheets Pam Sheidler George Shellcr Wes Shonerd Lynda Sigmundson 83Bettie Simser Richard Skinner Robert Slider Elizabeth Smith Jeffrey Smith Mary Smith Sarah Smith Terrie Smith Lynne Snyder Dennis Spindler Molly Spooner Clyde Stagge Karl Stalnaker Barbara Stanton Kathryn Steele Dennis Steinbaucr Sandra Stephenson Lucy Stidham Steven Story Veronica Stout Diane Strawick James Sulek Sue Swanson Randy Swedlund Sandy Swedlund Eddie Sweeney Man- Jo Sykowski Nancy Taber Steve Tait Chris Tallon Anna Tanner Susan Tanner Robert Tarinclli Bob Taylor Christine Teffeau Joyce Thees Daniel Thompson Sheila Trainor Sandra Trapp Robert Truitt Ron Turnbow Penny Turner 84Skip Whitley and David Hanlon assemble Junior project at Homecoming. Terry Turner Pam Tyra David Valcho Barbara VanBuskirk Cheryl Vanderslice Marilyn Van Orden Bruce VanValer Joseph Vehon Sharon Venditti Janine Volkmar Karla Von Ammon Leanna Wade Mara Wagner Elizabeth Warner Deborah Wcigandt Nira Wall John Walls Marcia Warren Barbara Watchler Russell Watson Donna Webb Murgarct Webb Linda Wcidemann Reita Weingartner Diane Weir Albert Wendt Ralph West Jon Western Skip Whitley Perry Whittington Dan Widncr Bonnie Wilkins Kirk Williams 85Susan Williams Pat Wilson Stephanie Wilson Karen Wilt Mike Windhorst Barbara Winter Bobbie Winters Carey Winters Randy Witkamp Terr)' Withers Lynda Witt Alfred Witting Rhonda Wright Rita Wright Vivian Yee Mike Youngblood Carole Zeller A surprise birthday party and cake for Midge Galst breaks up the lunch routine. 86Juniors Skip Whitley and Susie Schmitt plead with Mrs. Hinsdale to buy one of the best chocolate candy bars in the world. Students and faculty line up for cats at junior class bar- becue. 87Sophs Contribute Boundless Energy Sophomore class officers (from left) Mary Jane Kocour, secretary; Steve Brown, treasurer. Brian Langs- ton. president; Sandy Tejan, vice president; Jeff Ptak, Boy Representative, and Sharon Lillmars, Girl Rep- resentative. Members of the sophomore class, confident and suave after a year of orientation and adjustment, returned to the Arcadia campus with high hopes and an undefeatable spirit and enthusiasm for each and every project of the school year. A variety of money making projects contributed funds to the swelling class treasury as the sophomores sold cookies and cupcakes, Arcadia decals, and Titan “nighties.” A championship junior varsity football team piled up a 9-1 record and helped to unify the class. Determined that the “sophomore slump” was not going to get the best of them, the Class of 1967 worked to make their class one of the best at “the best in the West.” Their reckless abandon and almost uncontainable spark might have contributed more than a few premature gray hairs for members of the faculty, but no one was able to deny that the sophomores were enthusiastic, eager, and anxious to make it a year to remember.Kuthy Aheame Bob Alex Bill Allen Trey Allen Steve Anair Fred Anderson James Anderson Kathy Anderson Leonard Anderson Mark Anderson Richard Anderson Linda Appling Judy Atwood Sid Austin Nancy Baar Ron Baker George Balia Brad Barnett Cliff Bartholomew Bob Bauer Peter Baumann Don Bayless Susan Beck Barbara Bellamy Diana Bennett Marty Bennett John Benua Craig Berg Bruce Bernard Mike Berry Mary- Bcuerlein Susie Birkholz Stan Blackmore Jackson Blair Grant Blanco Amanda Blatt 89Karen Blazok Steve Bleyer Betsy Blom James Borsheim Jerome Bowie Sharon Bowne Cassic Boyd I.aurie Boyd Marhy Boyer Dawn Brannan Jim Brannan Michael Brennan Larry Brim Boh Brophy Bunny Brown Dan Brown Roger Brown Steve Brown Doug Bucklcw Barry Buffman Debbie Bnlmer Sue Burger Peggy Burnett Tom Butcher Linda Butler Lloyd Butler Mike Cahill Mary Caldwell Bonnie Calhoun Bonnie Canfield Shauna Carlson Bill Carnahan Linda Carroll 90'9 Pam Carter Danny Carusetta Charles Carver Cheryl Casper Boh Chance John Charland David Christ Monty Christian Richard Cipriano Bill Clark Janet Clattcrbuck Kent Coffer Gary Coffman Shelly Cohen Pam Cooley Carolyn Cordry Boh Corkhill Bob Coryell Kent Cowdry Edith Crampton Paula Crossman Sandra Curl Lynn Cushing Karen Daly Betsy Dambrova William Danley Carole Darrow Geoff Davenport Diane Davis Laura Dav:s Sandy Davis Jim Day Judy Delmonico Gloria Deneke Steve Detmer Pat Dibble Mary Dicerbo Karen Dickerson Thomas Dietz Bill Dipley Tony DiTirro Ken Dixon 91Helen Donovan Debi Dorfman Tim Downs Vicki Doyle Bonnie Duepner Janice Duncan John Dunfce Trudy Du Vail Christi Eaton Sam Edwards Larry Elkins Donna Eltz Cretchen Emery Pam Engebretson Jerry Esniay Boh Evans Karen Farrington Sharon Farrington Bruce Feicht Colette Felder John Fenner Cwcnn Ferguson Kicky Fife Kathy File Cliff Finch Peggy Fischer John Fondrisi Charles Ford Dick Foster Judy Foster Michel Francke Stephen Franklin Craig Frary Karen Freeman Joyce Freestone Georgia Freiburghaus John Frese Jackie Furr Mary Gabbard Karl Galbraith Mike Gallacher Tim GambleDave Garrett Brian Centner Dorinne Gibson Sam Gicblehaus Jim Gieszl Steve Gilbert Leslie Glover Esther Goldstein Calli Golom Linda Greer Steve Gregory Richard Groschel Gay Cuffec John Gulledge Lee Gullickson Connie Haag Steve Haasis Bill Hall Raymond Hall Terr Hall Terr - Hall Penny Hanan Chris Haney John Hannon Ronny Hanstein Steve Harms Dick Hart Steve Hauser Allcnc Hawkinson Carol Haynes Greg Heckaman Susan Helber Don Hendon Judith Hendrix Bob Henschen Bill Henze Tom Herrick Bob Hcrvcy Yvonne Hervey Gary Hettlinger Mary Hiegcr Carolyn Himes 93Jim Hix Kathy Hobcin Chris Hoffman •Dexter Hogin Kathleen Holdridgc Bruce Honsik Mike Hood Carrie Homer Sandra Hovey Susan Howard William Hoyer Ray Hughes Sherry Hughes Hugh Hull Dean Isaac Michael Jacomet John Jason Susan Johansen Merri Johns Margie Johnson Mary Sue Johnson Rav Johnson Debbie Jones Jean Jones Mike Jones Becky Jorgenson Bill Kalaf Nancy Kaminskas Kathleen Karie Edward Katarski Debbie Kautenberger Kathy Keen Darra Kell Mary Kfclley Deborah Kelly Randall Kelly 94Pam Kepner Marlin Kessler Marcia Kildow Lynn Kimball Melanie Kinkel Karen Kircher Danny Kirk Brent Klein Gary Kline Cindv Knackstcdt Steve Kncbel Ronald Knight Mary Jane Kocour Chris Koeb Dennis Koeber Lee Kohlhasc Craig Komandino Craig Koopman Carolyn Koppen Janice Kosanovich Ken Krahulec Dick Krcwson Karen Kuebler Keith Kutnm Robert Kunde Judy Lally Richard Lambert taurie Lamson Cindy Lancaster Randy Landcveid Laurie Landry Jill Lane Brian Langston Tina Lanser Jeffrey Larson Diane Laszlo 95Bill Learned Bob Leatxow Colleen Lee Errol Lee Judson Lee Larry Leesntan Karla Leininger Judy Levine Marilyn Liken» Sharon Lillniars Linda Lindley Nancy Lipow Nancy Livingston Linda Lockett Steve Londuird Diane Love Barbara Loven Ricky Lyftogt Larry McAlister Linda McCuskcr John McDowell Chris McFarland Ann McGarey Mike McGinnis Mary McKeown Judy McMullin Christy McNeal Alan .McNulty Dianne McPherson Pcnni Machin Terry Major Billy Markham Deborah Mason Leslie Massey Cindy Maxwell John May Bonnie Mayse Jerry Meek Ann Mellor Mark Middleton Bob Miller Bob Miller 96Carol Miller Gail Miller Michael Miller Robert Miller Mark Milieu Betty Milligan Ruth Mills Susan Mills Raymond Milot Louise Mirza Connie Mitchell Judy Mitchell James Monroe Michael Monson Mark Montcsano Monty Montgomery Colleen Moore Ken Moore Kcndis Moore Dale Mortcnson Rhonda Mott Nancy Mower Dan Mowery Halcrie Mumma Melanie Mundy Debbie Murphy Trudy Myers Ted Myrick Cathy Nadler Gretchcn Naim Fred Neal Nancy Nccr Jeanne Nelson 97Skip Nelson Mark Neville John Nicholson Bill Nickiforuk JoAnn Nochta Cindy Northrup Candy O’Brien Michael Oglesby David Oldham Pam Olsen Tom Olson Jim O’Neal William Paine Debbie Parker JoAnn Parks Lori Patrick Bill Pea Allen Peacock Barbara Penn Ronnie Perl Mark Peterson Randy Peterson Russell Petrucciani Vicki Petsch Gary Petty Jon Pcttycrcw Steve Peugh Cathy Phillips Roger Pickett Marsha Pierce Sandy Picrcey Roy Pike Margaret Pischke Jean Plott Devan Powell Gordon Pratt 98Nancy Rondeau Jim Rose Dave Ross Anne Rost Bettina Rummage Martin Rungc Cathy Rutherford Lynne Sale Randy Salyer Kathy Sarten Rick Savalc Ken Scheitlin George Schilling Janet Scholeller Lynn Schuring Sue Scott Linda Seeley Sandra Sexton Jon Reid Kathy Reid Linda Reid Mike Rex Robert Rhoades Deborah Rice William Rich Kathy Richards John Richardson Suzi Rider Carolyn Rippe Jean Robbins Gail Roberts Joe Roberts Sybil Roberts Bill Rogers Debbie Roloff Howard Romney Lester Proctor Bob Prochl Jeff Ptak Phil Ralston Vickie Raymond Shirley ReichBob Sharkey Pam Shira John Shoenhair Cordon Sinclair Glenn Singer Jeff Slider Richard Smetana Cheryl Smith Kent Smith Mike Smith Sue Smith Kathy Solomon Bill Soya'rs Ken Spitler Tody Standish Linda Stephenson Jim Stevenson Diana Stewart Bob Stickle Duane Stiles Larry Storey Patty Strauss Craig Stromme Debbie Strubel Robert Strunk Loretta St. Thomas Guy Stuart Barbara Summey Scott Sutton Marian Swarthout Neal Sweeney Jessie Tanner Barbara Tash Harold Taylor Marc Taylor Mar ’ Ellen Taylor 100 ■■Cindy Teeples Sandy Tejan Craig Tenney Debbie Thomas I.ora Thomas Kandy Thomas Donn Thompson Cindy Thurston Robert Tokar Patti Tomich Susy Tonner Martha Toy Phil Trapani Kurt Trcpel Bev Trcster Rob Trihken Darrell Truitt John Turner Linda IJnglaub Margaret Vale Jerry Van Houtcn Rodney Van Nimwcgen Barry Van Patten Mike Vaughan Susan Vellclla Henry Vervoorn Bob Wade Candy Wagner Rick Wagner Liz Walker Marcilla Wallace Martin Walley Dick Wamsley Harry Walmsley Mike W'alsh John Ware 101Wcndyc Ware Glen Warner Ron Waterman Dan Watts Frank Webb Phillip Weber Mary Wcidcmann Ken Weigandt Jan Welsh Linda Wcstcott Gail White Sandy Whitehead Judy Whitsidc John Wickman Mickey Wien Ann Wilcox Vivian Wilcox Steve Wilgus Bob Williams Dan Williams Norman Wilton Tamara Wolff David Wood Pam Wood Belinda Woodward Jerry Woodward Carol Wright Britt Yaeger Doris Yee Helen Young Gary Yuresko Armand Zamiara Peggy Zamie Edward Ziegler Steve Zeisler John Ziska 102In Memoriam He whom the gods favour dies in youth. —BACCHIDES BECKY BRANNON 103Frosh Adjust To New Environment Freshman class officers (from left) Beth Ann Hirt, vice president; Jim Marks, boy representative; Sharon Grady, girl representative; Bill Huck, president; Pam Kircher, secretary; and Ruth Oliver, treasurer. While the eager young freshmen would tell you that he was having a wonderful time getting adjusted to the Arcadia campus, the sophisticated upperclassmen would say that he was having much less than a wonderful time getting adjusted to the presence of the spirited young frosh. Members of the Class of 1968 arrived from the area elementary schools with distinct loyalties but soon acquired a unified spirit that was decidedly Titan in flavor. The first project of the year was the Homecoming decora-' tion and members of the class then turned to a variety of projects to build a financially sound treasury for their years at Arcadia. It was a year of new surroundings and new experiences but by May the frosh had acquired the polish of their years and they were an established part of the Arcadia student body.Phil Abbott Karen A berg Marilyn. Adam Peggy Adams Evi Airola Candy AI brand Lucy Allen Mike Allen Mary Anibereon„ Merrill Andersen Helen Anderson Rick Anderson Tom Anderson Francie Andrews Susan Apple Michael Armstrong Alice Aylsworth Rory Raced I ia Larry Bailey Beth Baker Sbaron Baldwin Doug Balliett Steve Banbury Fred Barnes Randy Barolet Jamie Bartolino Steve Beadle Karen Beall Steve Behringer Betsy Bidden Kathy Bergero Bob Bergren Mimi Bernard Shelley Bethell Kathy Beuerlein Walter Bimson 105Cynthia Black Doug Black Jeannette Blakesley Bill Bohannon Doug Bolim Greg Borselli Diane Borup Dave Bosley Judy Botsford Barbara Bowen Peggy Boyer Beverly Bozeman Cynthia Brewer Dave Brown Kandy Brown Jim Bruce Priscilla Bubb Liz Buckley Barbara Bucnger Ray Bulinski Betsy Burke Kathy Burnett Jennifer Burns Jackie Butcher Jim Butler Susie Buxton William Butler Bob Cady Mike Cady Tom Caldwell Condie Call Greg Cameron Mark Campbell Steve Canter Ann Capps Nancy Cardew Dave Carlson Gerald Carnahan Bill Carson Charlie Carter Pat Casey Betty Castleberry 106Susan Chadwick Rene Chaillic Doris Chen ha 11 Nancy Christensen Rarhura Clark Susannc Clark Chris Close Jackie Coar Bill Cochrane Mariann Cook Dorothy Copeland Patty Corbns Boh Corzine Renee Cranny Linda Croft Donald Cronshey Letitia Crook Claudia Currie Terri Daley Barbara Dal .cll Bill Dambrova Carol Daudet David Dayton Sharon Dcjohn Jim Deschler Bonita Dias Stewart Dillon Cheryl Dillow Ann Ditson Linda Dooty Mike Driggs Ron Dujanovic Rosemary Dunbar A! Dunning Nancy Dutro Bob Dyess Dave Edwards Larry Ellis Jane Elsey JoEllcn Elsey Marcia Elson Eileen Eltz 107James Emery Joyce Endicott Mark Estenscn Ron Eve Sharon Evje Mike Ewing Sherry Falls Pam Fawcett Rick Felder Stan Ferguson Craig Finch Cary Fiori Julie Fisscll Kuthi Flanagan Diane Flynn Earl Foster Renee Franklin Wayne Franklin Cary Frazier John Cage Joe Galst Kirk Calwey Larry Garland Mary Garrison Sheryl Gerber Doris Girard Kathy Goddard Randy Goeman Suzanne Goldie Sharon Grady Mike Gray Susan Greer Janis Greger Johna Grider Randc Grover Lewis Gruber Boh Cullickson Boh Guthrie Allen Haggerty Bruce Hamilton Paul Hamilton JoAnne Hammond 108Juck Haney John Hanford Tom Hannon Barbara Hunoumis Ranee Hardin Jim Hardy Rebecca Harms Mike Harris Terry Hayden Jim Haynes Jim Heckman Reni Heller Jeff Henes Willy Henthorn Dennis Hislop Cathy Hieger Pam Hill Peggy Hill Jon Hilsabcck Beth Ann Hirt Jill Hockcnberger Glenda Hodgson Lynn Hoffman Linda Holcomb Yvette Holm David Holmes Dave Hooten Kit Hoult Chris Hornung Bill Huck Steve Huey Jeff Hummel Randolph Hunt 109Roslyn Hunt Judy Huntington Fatty Huntington Joe Isbell Bruce James Jane Jason Barbara Johnson Jan Johnson Jody Johnson Lynn Johnson Marilyn Johnson Mike Johnston Cynthia Jones Dave Jorgensen Paula Juddy Donna Kalupa Pete Kamstra Mary Karie Andrea Karis Terri Karpinski Van Kaser Anne Kaufmann Neb Keeton Ronny Kelber Kay Keller Chris Kelly Terry' Kennedy Dave Kimball Karen Kimmcli Pam Kinchloe Pam Kircher Alvin Kistemakcr Roy Kite Bill Klcinz Donna Kline Claudia Knight noPaul Koehler Carole Krahcnhuhl Ron Kramer JoAnna Krebs Allan Ladd Michelle Lally John Laman Diane Larabell Janet I irson Kurt Larson Steve Larson Brenda Lawonn Sandra LcBarron Barbara Lcderman Cindy Lederman James Lenberg Kathy Lind Mike Lindley Peggy Lindner Martha Lindsay April Lindstrom Linda Lombard Linda Luck Scott Luke Mar)’ Luna Jim Lundeen Linda Lundgrcn Dave Lux Jeff Lytle Robert MucDowell Gary McAlister Jennifer McCullar Claudia McCusker Pat McGinnis Joe McKee Scott McLellan IIIWilliam McMahon Paul Madland Jacque Manning Jim Marks Vance Marshall William Martin Cathy May Elna May Robert Mayer Patricia Meek Linda Metcalf Marcia Mcudcll Barry Miller Bill Miller Leslie Miller Scott Miller Jim Moerbe Mary Monroe Sharon Monzel Barbara Moore Kerry Moore Kathy Morari Keith Morfitt Patty Morison Susan Nalder Nona Naumann Fritz Naumetz William Neill Debi Ncugebauer Jay Neville Helen O’Brien Karen O’Connor Kathy O’Connor Charles Ochler JoAnn Ogden Ruth Oliver Richard Ourcn Bill Pace Richard Padilla Jill’Padovani Diana Panella Karen Parent 112Dale Paulsen Rodger Payne Ann Peacock Steve Pence Craig Perl Phil Petersen Bill Peterson Sandi Peterson Rex Petterborg Mike Peyou Craig Pihl Lori Ploegsma Dorothy Plott Bruce Pomerory Marvin Powell Mike Pratt Kim Ptak Paul Quinn Jim Ragland Richard Ralston Ray Raymond Janilce Rcbclsky Jim Rednor Mike Regan Nancy Reimold Kerry Reyman Marilyn Rhoades Sandy Rice John Rich Charles Roberson Norman Rofnney Debbie Rooker JocAnn Roop Allan Rosenau Joel Ross Sandy Ross Jan Rouse James Rowland Bonita Salzman Rick Sams Barbara Schccrer Doug Scheitlin M3 rr ■V Freshman Frank Williams admits his election day bewilderment. Sandra Sfchicker Caroll Schultz Donald Schwartz Judith Scola Pam Scott Lisan Scruggs Gary Seller Dana Sexton Lucia Sheets John Shira Molly Shores Dana Sims Joe Sinkeus Laurel Sinkeus Gary Sligar Chopcta Smith Janet Smith Linda Smith Tcri Smith Teri Beth Smith Emil Snyder Marty Solcsky Patricia Sornbcrger Glenn Spangler Scott Spear Jim Staggs Winona Stalnaker Todd Stansbury Carolyn Startup Jenny Steele Janice Stidham Patty Stidham Marsha Stieber 114David Story Janet Stotz Tom Strawick Earl Sutton Ann Taber Richard Tanguy Brenda Taylor Patty Taylor Cindy Tcnison Carol Thomas Sue Thomas Greg Thorpe Doug Tice Stephanie Toor Joe Trent Dianne Udell James Vaalcr Jean Vaccaro Chris Van de Edes Liz Verner Jamie Videan Tony Viotti Karl Vogcn Richard Wagner Barbara Walker Bob Walker Paula Walker Mar)' Walsh David Ward Brian Waterman Leslie Webber Brendan Weber Cathy Welch Shelley Weller Bob Wendt Frank Wesolowski Dale Wheelock Tam Widmark James Wiley Don Wilkinson Frank Williams Shelby Williams 115Jim Witt Linda Womack Jeanne Woodward Cathy Workings Jacquc Wright Jeff Wright Mori Wright Patricia Wright Mark Wynn Micki Wynn Steve Yates Debbie Young Gene Young Randy Yuresko Catherine Zcislcr Ed Zlatich Robert Zuck Student council members Tuck Stephenson, Janet Walmsley, and Sharon Limmars surpervise the spirited freshman class voting. 116Vance Marshall convinces Mike Pratt to vote for him in his race for freshman boy rep. 117acTiviTiesTitans Start Anew An early start of the school year was welcomed by eager students as anticipation of the coming year mounted. Long lines in the bookstore left many students weary even before classes began. Schedules were passed out to the Juniors and Seniors at a morning convocation, while the Sophomores and Frosh attended an afternoon assembly. With initi- ation week over, Titans turned to joining clubs and attending school dances and football games. Counselor Mr. William Holmes advises Keith Thompson, senior. [bookstore With brushes in hand, paint on the tabic, Girl’s League members paint posters. 120The year gets officially underway with the traditional inter-squad game. Land Grant shows promise of potential strength for Arcadia’s eleven. Athletics, Socials Get Underway 121 Music minded Counterpoints entertained Titans at the student council’s annual mixer dance following the inter-squad game.Homecoming Highlights Fall Scene Laurie Ptak and Pete Repp begin their reign. Candidates Laurie Ptak, and Pete Repp on parade. The crown bearers were Jeff and Sue Ellen Cowic. Homecoming brings forth traditional excitement and pageantry. Laurie Ptak and Pete Repp reigned as campus royalty for the 1964 festivities. Class decorations highlighted the scene at the dance following the Casa Grande football game. The senior class emerged victorious in the competition with the elabo- rate presentation entitled “Spring.” Second place went to the sophomores, while juniors captured third place honors.Alumni of 1964 admire homecoming displays of juniors and seniors. Festive Spirit Prevails Student council members address homecoming invitations to alumni The Homecoming spirit was felt on campus long before the big weekend as prepara- tions, planning, renting, borrowing, and worrying consumed the time and energy of all student council members. Individual invitations were sent to Titan alumni and the council members prepared the campus for the big event with posters and atten- tion grabbing announcements in the daily bulletin. Corsages were ordered and the gym was decorated as enthusiasm per- meated the area. 123KKI .'s Tony Evans predicted a season opener victory for Mesa and managed to lose a bet with Titan cheerleaders and pom pon girls. Gags, Gimmicks Set Spirit Bruce Baker sparked enthusiasm for victories with his Titan costume. High spirits and high hopes prevailed as Titans readied for another gridiron season. Club and class posters dotted the campus and cheers and songs rang out as the stu- dent body coaxed the gridders on to vic- tory. Enthusiasm hit a new high prior to the big game with Scottsdale and the noise of the afternoon’s pep assembly rocked the Titan gym. Gimmicks and gags, a special victory bell, vivacious cheerleaders and pert pom pon girls contributed to the spirit of the very special fall scene. 124Titan spirit and enthusiasm were en- riched during basketball season with the advent of the new Arcadia Pep Club. The girls spent many long hours re- hearsing the cheers, songs, and hand movements. They, were formally intro- duced to the student body at the winter sports assembly in the gym. Other high- lights of the winter assembly were the induction of new members into the Ar- cadia Lcttcrmen’s Club and the presenta- tion of the state championship golf blan- ket from the 1964 season to the student body. Additional assemblies and spon- taneous rallies in the circle contributed to the ever-increasing Titan spirit. Chuck Colton presents the state championship golf blanket to Dr. Drake at the annual winter sports pep assembly. Pep Club officers, Sharon Lillmars, Linda Seeley, Pam Kcpner, Margaret Davis, Judy Con- nor, and Jan Haney, planned the many new cheers and songs. 125Prom Captures Parisian Flavor Jeanne Huvclle and Dick Schure cast royalty votes. The 1964 Christmas Prom, Noel de Bleu, climaxed months of preparation and planning for members of the Arcadia Girls’ League. Dawn Naar, Karen Davis, and Sue Roper, co-chairmen, and their committees turned the gymnasium into a star kissed blue vision of a Paris winter scene. The long hours paid off as the elegantly gowned Titan ladies and their smartly groomed escorts danced the hours away to the music of Mr. Lou Hallman’s dreamy orchestra. For the first time in the history of the prom a tie developed in the voting for queen, and Peggy McMullin and Sue Roper were de- clared co-Queens. The class princesses included Susie Ton- ner, junior, Judy McMullin, sophomore, and Judy Hunting- ton, freshman.Christmas royalty, Judy Huntington, Judy McMullin, Peggy McMullin, Sue Roper, and Susie Tonner, relax after balloting results were announced. Susie Cameron (left) and Nancy congratulate the co-Prom Queens, during an intermission. 127Follies Furnish Fun OOPS! Almost at the termination of the knee race, Frank Ziska and Bruce Johnson get over-eager and fall, while being cheered on by fellow Titans. Coordination and a good sense of humor were necessary in the newly initiated Titan Follies, sponsored by the Student Senate. Composed of the egg race, the wheelbarrow race, the tug of war, the peanut race, the duck walk, the knee race, the belly squirm, the somersault race and the gunny sack race, the follies provided stu- dents with the chance to show their ability in the field of their choice. Points were awarded to the students according to their placement in the events. Class competition was evident in the Titan tug of war. Carrying off this honor was the Senior class. The grand prize winner was senior Andy Lynch. She was awarded the “Champion of the Follies” trophy for her ef- forts. 128 Peanut-pusher Mike Allen finds the sport is fun but hard on the nose.Heave! Strain is shown on the faces of Seniors during the Tug-of- war, the highlight of the day. Frank Ziska and Carol Haugland get close together to hold the fragile egg between their heads. Judy McMuIIan and Heather Hafleigh push Steve Craig and Steve Swift, human wheelbarrows, to the finish. 129Becky EHrsam, junior, assists Abby Palmer, junior, with her “twirpie.” Cissy Carruth remains silent as John Sandburg tries to trick her into talking to him on “Hush Day.” “Carry those books! Shine my shoes! Gimme some candy!” These are a few of the sounds heard on campus during the annual TWIRP Week (The Woman Is Required to Pay). Monday the girls bought “twirpies,” Tuesday they “clashed,” Wednesday they provided candy for hungry boys, and on Thursday they “hushed.” Every time a gal talked to a boy she had to surrender a hush card to him. At the Thursday evening talent show, ‘Titans Under Lights,” Mike McNamara was crown- ed Mr. Irresistible for collecting a total of 54 hush cards. 130 Displaying her talent is Junior Tibby Jones, as she sings in the annual TWIRP Week talent show.TWIRP Week Protects Guys A glamorous finale to a most success- ful TWIRP Week was presented with the “Cupid Capers.” Tibby Jones and Skip Whitley were named dance royalty and were presented to the crowd with their attendants, Molly Spooner, Pam Dran- ey, Tom Cooley, and Gary Kron. Fes- tive red and white decorations added to the enthusiasm and spirit that prevailed for the evening. Penny Machin shows the TWIRP Week spirit by pouring Bill Dipley a glass of punch. TWIRP royalty pose following the corona- tion in the gym. 131“Jenny Kissed Me” Cindy Caster arrives from the country and is confronted by Laurie Salisbury and Roger Sheer. “Jenny Kissed Me” opened the drama sea- son and coupled tenderness with comedy. Twelve students provided standing room only audiences with evenings of clever en- tertainment. Roger Sheer portrayed the old- fashioned but sensitive Father Moynihan. Michael Saunders, the intelligent young teacher who wins Jenny’s heart, was played by Haven Peters. Cindy Caster delighted in the title role of the naive and unspoiled farm girl who came to live at Father Moy- nihan’s rectory. Also in the cast were Laur- ie Salisbury, Randy Wright, Janis Rober- son, Mary McNamara, Nona Blythe, Betty Smith, Sandy Huntington, Julie Ragland, Dave May, Carol Young, and Linda Bar- nes. Nona Blythe, Mary McNamara, and Roger Sheer rehearse a comedy timing piece. 132 Roger Sheer and Laurie Salisbury, rehearse a rectory conversation. The “triangle”—Randy Wright, Haven Peters, Cindy Caster. Dress rehearsal comes and Roger Sheer, Nona Blythe, and Mary McNamara prove that hours of practice are worth- while. 133Fine Arts Assemblies Entertain Warner Marshall accompanies chorale at Thanksgiving Fine Arts Assembly. Mr. Woodard directs Advanced Girl's Chorus during the first assembly. Partners Jerry Brown and Peggy Edmundson sing in Thanksgiving Chorale Concert. 134Chorale gives students a very big vocal sendoff. Students Receptive To Entertainment 135iolSJOUOHOlympian Laurie Ptak The Olympian takes great pride in being chosen to recognize the senior boy and senior girl deemed to be the most outstanding in their class by the students of the Arcadia student body. Candidates are selected by the senior class on the basis of their service to Arcadia and the community, leadership, scholarship, and personality. It is the belief of many Titans that nomination and being Laurie Salisbury Tuck Stephenson Finalists chosen a finalist is as great an honor as being selected for the Mr. and Miss Olympian titles. The six finalists deserve our congratulations and we must share with them a certain amount of justifiable pride—a pride that we know they intertwine with a basic humility. Their standards reflect on Arcadia. Randy Wright Frank Ziska K Hi 1 139Laurie Ptak Homecoming Queen BOBBIE DAVIS Attendant JACQUE LINDSTROM Attendant 140Pete Repp Homecoming King LAND GRANT Attendant MIKE LOPER Attendant 141 Christmas Prom Sue Roper Peggy McMullin 142Prom Princesses SUSIE TONNER Junior Princess JUDY McMULLIN Sophomore Princess JUDY HUiNTINGTON Freshman PrincessTibby Jones TWIRP QueenSkip Whitley TWIRP King TOM COOLEY Attendant GARY KRON Attendant 145 Ana Maria Carvalhedo Andem juntos, falem juntos, 0 voces povo da cerra: Entao e somente entao Poderao voces terem paz. Walk together, talk together, 0 ye peoples of the earth: Then and only then Shall ye have peace. ANA MARIE CARVALHEDO Titan from Brazil Dear Titans, I remember when I first came—in front of me was a new life to develop. I had left my country, my fam- ily, my friends. The unknown future seemed exciting but I couldn’t forget my fears. Now, as the months pass and the year goes by, I would like to tell you what I found here. On August 19, 1964, I had my first contact with part of my new life—my family and my city. My family is the Hogans—mommie, dad and Cheryl. Three persons, who only a few months ago were completely unknown, are now so dear to me. Yes, I had my fights with my sister—who doesn’t have? But now these people are like my own family. I’m glad! It is not everybody that has two wonderful families. As we drove from the airport to home we passed through the city—Phoenix, my new home. It was night, and under the lights it seemed beautiful to me. This was my first impression, and it still remains with me. No matter if under the artificial lights or the bright and revealing light of the sun—Phoenix is pretty. The sunshine has given her a name, “Valley of the Sun.” Her warm weather matches the warmth of her people. Friendship and love live in their hearts. I felt this as I walked4 on my first day through our school, Arcadia. I didn’t know English, so my language was the smile. I smiled and you smiled back at me—our language was love. I found friends among students and teachers. Both were helpful. I know I wouldn’t have been successful without you. I came as a stranger but now I’m one of you. I cheered with you for our victories and our defeats. I shared with you anxiety over our exams and enjoyment in our festivities. Now, our graduation is approaching—the crown of a marvelous year. Disappointments stay behind, hopes go ahead. Each person has hopes and dreams that sometimes come true. I had one that I lived and that I will never forget. This year will never end and will be everlasting in my deepest memories. Coming here I learned to recognize and to respect the similarities and differences of those who, though they live in different countries, have dreams and efforts similarly directed toward the goal of a peaceful and useful life. Ana Maria Carvalhedo 146LAURIE PTAK Key Club SweetheartHARRY FELDER BILL HOFFMAN LARRY OLDEN Youth Appreciation Week Award Winners Optimist International SUE ROPER DAR Award TOM SORENSON American Legion Oratorical ContestTop 5 Per Cent At graduation time, Arcadia recognizes the top 5 per cent of the senior class as outstanding scholars. Thus, recognition is extended to more than the usual vale- dictorian and salutatoriam Chuck Case Sharon Hirt Bill Hoffman Lynda Johnson Jill Kennedy Greg Lauten Joan Taylor Sheila Tucker Larry Olden James Van Houten Gayle Post Carol Wdlleck Susan Smith Alan Williams 149orcanizanonsStudent Council STUDENT BODY OFFICERS I to r: Gretchcn Frank, Corresponding Secretary; Randy Wright, President;Andy Ambrose, Vice President; Laurie Salisbury, Treasurer; Janet Walmslcy, Record- ing Secretary. Led by Randy Wright, the Arcadia Student Council completed a successful year of service to the student body and faculty. Members painted tons of spirit and pep posters, welcomed the faculty back to campus with a special lunch- eon, promoted exchanges with other student councils, sponsored the back to school dance, and worked to establish the spirit and enthusiasm at the assemblies. STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: 1. to r.: Jim Mark?, Bill Huck, Jeff Ptak, Skip Whitley, Tuck Stephenson. ROW 2: Laurie Salisbury, Andy Ambrose, Janet Walmsley, Randy Wright, Gretchen Frank, Ana Maria Carvalhcdo. ROW 3: Sharon Lillmars, Bill Ferguson, Brian Langston, Sharon Grady, Susie Tonncr, Tibby Jones, Mr. George Cowie. 152Student Senate FRONT ROW, 1 to r: Andy Ambrose, Mike McNamara, Kathy Wilson, Tom Cole, Patty Veerhovcn, Beth Hirt, Brian Langston, Nina Nauman, Ed Struble. ROW 2: Pam Kircher, Betsy Belden, Nancy Cardew, Don Cronshcy, Susie Dicky, Molly Spooner, Kathy Rose, Mary Ann Hanley, Kathy Larson. ROW 3: Barr)’ Miller, Suzic Schmit, Nancy Lambert, Carolyn Jones, Jan Hall, Leslie Avant, Karen Kircher, Susie Cameron, Nancy Taber, Mike Allen, Mike Pratt. ROW 4: Linda Duggan, Jeanne Huoclle, Heather Hafliegh, Ruth Oliver, Gretchen Nairn, Renee Cranny, Pam Cooley, Bob Corkhill, Kim Bruce, Jim Guthrie, Mario Sykowski, Margaret Webb, Steve Swift. ROW 5: Joe Miller, John Verbout, Rick Shultz, Bill Hodges, Frances Christmas, Judy McMullen, Dorine Gibson, Roger Coryell, Tom Holmes, Roger Brown, Nick Hiner, Craig Neslcge, Rick Brown. Organized to promote communica- tion between the students and the student council, the Arcadia Stu- dent Senate also sponsored bake sales, the mum sale at Homecom- ing, sponsored a booth in the car- nival and worked closely with the A.F.S. Club at Arcadia. The Sen- ate this year inaugurated the first annual Titan Follies and planned and promoted the day of games and competition. Senate President Andy Ambrose presents the Follies championship tro- phy to Andy Lynch.Olympian Staff The 1965 Olympian staff got together for the first time in early September and vowed to produce a bigger and better yearbook for the Arcadia student body. Many deadlines, tears, frustrations, frayed nerves, and traumatic months later the book was finally finished and sent to the publisher. Editor Becky Johnson nursed the staff along and also planned and de- veloped the photo essay for the opening of the book with the hope that it would provide a dif- ferent but accurate look at the life of the Ar- cadia Titans. The yearbook was a first at Arcadia for Mr. Richard Turner, Olympian sponsor, and a first try at yearbooking for most of the staff but determination, work, and long hours paid off and the final product fulfills their hopes and dreams. Olympian editor Becky Johnson crops pictures while Mr. Turner observes. Senior section editors Laurie Carter and Cissy Carruth select pictures for their candid pages.Cindy Thurston and Abigail Palmer work on year- book assignments. Gayle Markow and Heather Hafleigh work at new and interest- ing layouts. Gerry Van Reusen, staff artist, sketches Oliver. Tuning the radio was Bill Holm- berg’s major project. Nick Nicholson whiles away a class period.Arcadian Staff The Arcadian’s editor-in-chief Lynn Davis checks a point with Mrs. Rose jean Hinsdale. Frank Ziska conducts a chalk talk for Terry Turner, Cindy Caster, and Carol Haugeland, veteran Arcadian staffers. The 1964-65 Arcadian played a more prominent role on campus than has any previous edition—it came out twice as often. Under the direction of Lynn Davis and Mrs. Rosejean Hinsdale the Arcadian went weekly. Sometimes on the short side of the popularity poll with some students the staff still insisted on responsible jour- nalism and backed the argument with im- pressive national honors and ratings. Spe- cial Christmas and end of the year issues adopted the tabloid format. 156Paste up worries confront Sherry Nalder, joe Miller, Joan Taylor, and Jan Roberson. Hunting for the right word arc Ken- dall Smith, Nancy Freestone, and Elissa Cohen. Peggy McMullin, Carol Black, and Karen Davis check through the papers’ files. 157 Keeping the Arcadian above board financially are Barry Hyland, Jan Volkmar, and John Blunda.Cheerleaders Enlivening basketball games, football games and pep assemblies at Arcadia were the cheerleaders. Sponsored by Miss Powell, the cheerleaders, both jv and varsity, met each day during sec- ond period. During this time they prac- ticed jumps and organized their cheers. Providing pep and leading organized cheers were two of the duties of the cheerleaders, but their main concern was to raise spirit and support the teams. J.V. CHEERLEADERS: Tina Lanscr, Pam Engcbrctson, Nancy Rondeau. 158 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Sue Tear, Bobbie Davis, Pat Wilson. ROW 2: Jeanne Huvelle, Susie Tonner, Linda Vemer, Melanie Morgan.Pom-Pon FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Judy Alexander, Susan Williams, Jacque Lindstrom, Laurie Ptak, Susie Maroney. ROW 2: Marilyn Allen, Pam Draney, Betsy Blom, Carol Haugcland, Patti Goodman. Entertainment at games, parades and assemblies was provided by the Pom pon girls. Under the direction of Miss Powell many extra hours after school were spent composing special numbers and perfecting reg- ular dances. Eight girls composed the Arcadia pom pon line with two alternates. The girls had to main- tain a 3 average and couldn’t receive any failing grades. The reward the pom pon girls received for their many hours of hard work and practice comes from the support and appreciation of the student body at Arcadia. Pom pon girls, adorned in Swiss costumes, perform a Swiss dance for their last dance of the year.Titan Band FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Kathy Larson, Barbara Akers, Pam Sheidler, Laura McClure, Patti Geiger, Nancy St. Clair, Lucy Stidham, Kay Anderson, Wanda Rippstcin. ROW 2: Vivian Wilcox, Valerie Chadderdon, Jill Kennedy, Wayne Monie, Bob Stickle, Mark Clark, Dennis Dole, Phil Trapani, David Lillie. Barry Buffman, Carey Winters, Mike Viotti, Mark Owen. ROW 3: Dennis LeFeborc, Peggy Burnett. Corinne Corbett, Nic Hincr, Mike Call, Kit Hoult, Steve Harms, Frank Smith, John Anderson, Neil Salmi, Jim Miller, Bill Zuinn. ROW 4: Tim Downs, Cal Rooker, Bob Neville, Steve Pomeroy, Richard Ander- son, Kim Goodpasture, Mike Galwey, Tim Alums, Dave Baker, Ed Struble, Bill Henze, Rick Herndon. ROW 5: Alan Mc- Nulty, Oscar Bellenger, Chuck Colton, Tom Herrick, Greg Doyle, Mike Cranny, Mike Hagerty, Tom Brown, Fred Gamble, Bob Goodpasture, Stan Gerstenschlagcr. Precision marching and lots of gusto have be- come the trademarks of the Titan Band; but members also work to perfect the musical quali- ties while counting out each movement of the precise half time and pre-game shows. At the close of football season the band moves inside and concentrates on their two annual Titan Band concerts. 160 Mr. Reginald Brooks directs the Titan Band during the January Band Concert.Chorale FIRST ROW, 1. to r.: Jim Miller, Molly Spooner, Melanie Morgan, Pam Keen, Peg Edmundson, Cathy Wilson, Sue Johnson, Mia Ditson, Frank Smith. ROW 2: Dave McNulty, Karen Erickson, Judi Holland, Midge Galst, Margaret Webb, Kathy Bergen, Rick Herndon. ROW 3: John Bcldcn, Bill Ferguson, Jim Gaintner, Ray Chenhall, Dave May. ROW 4: Doug Coppock, Warner Marshall, Gary Harmann, Vic Guyan, Greg White, Bob Juster. The Arcadia Chorale continued to win new fame and recognition for the Titans as they completed another year of concert appear- ances, assemblies, and luncheon entertain- ments for area service clubs. The group en- tertained at the Arizona state Fair in Novem- ber and also highlighted the after dinner en- tertainment at the fall sports banquet. Simple dance routines and movements added to the polish and professionalism of the Chorale. 161 Bill Ferguson and Judy Holland belt out a number during a Chorale concert. Musical Accomplishments ALL STATE ORCHESTRA, FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Vivian Wilcox, Nancy St. Clair, Lauren Rob- erta, Mickie Wynn. ROW 2: Nic Hiner, Jim Miller. Titan majorette and State Champion —Vaunda Hammett. Mr. Brooks directs a practice ses- sion. Performing at various school and public affairs were members of the Arcadia music department. The main objective of this depart- ment was to provide students with a rich musical background and to provide fellow students and the community with good music. Arcadia’s image as a school was reflected through the performances of the various musical groups at concerts and other school and pub- lic affairs. Many hours were consumed after school for rehearsals to advance their musical abilities. The band also marched in the Parada Del Sol and the state fair. The choruses were for students with an interest in the singing field. There were numerous different choruses to fit every student’s tastes and desires. 162J.Y. Band FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Janice Stidham, Marvin Powell, Dana Andereen, Randy Barolet, Brenda Weber, Marilyn Adams, Steph- anie Toor, Carol Krabcnbuhl, Jerry Van Houten. ROW 2: Barbara Ledcrman, Teri Smith, Kathy Sartcn, Larry Bailey, Dick Krewson, Bob Corkhill, Joel Ross, Stanley Ferguson, Grant Blanco, Bob Mayer. ROW 3: Debbie Kautenburger, Kay Rouse, Beverly Bozeman, Melanie Searle, Grctchen Nairn, Ronald Baker, Johnny Haner, Gary Kline, Darrell Truitt, Jon Lee. ROW 4: Bob Sharkey, Sharon Dc John, Dorothy Copclartd, Susan Smith, Jon Western, Bruce Hamilton, Earl Sutton, Jim Lundecn, Lewis Gruber, Kenneth Krahuber. ROW 5: Terry'Kennedy, Steve Yates, Cynthia Black, John Wickman, Mike Youngblood, Martin Walby, David Dayton, Bob Tokar, Jim Borshcim. J.V. Band offers an opportunity to learn the “ropes” of the band business. Under the direction of Mr. Floyd Woodard, young hopefuls developed their full potential in the field of music. They held the annual J.V. Band concert, showing their newly at- tained skills. The fundamentals are just as import- ant in the field of music as any other field so the right training really pays off in the future. Hard work and many hours of practice are the means by which this is accomplished and the J.V. Band mem- bers showed their desire to advance to the Varsity Band by their willingness to work. Mr. Woodard directs a practice session for junior musi- cians. 163Concert Choir FRONT ROW: I. to r.: Larry Elkins, Karl Galbraith, Tom Rothweiler, Susan Helber, Joanna Hiatt, Gay Guffie, Daryl Ever- hart, Bill Learned, Frank Mcndola. ROW 2: Mia Ditson, Nancy Rondeau, Jamie Burns, Michel Franke, Chris Haney, Debbie Strubel, Trudy Myers, Lynne Snyder, Debbie Murphy. ROW 3: Marcia Kildow, Debbie Thomas, Debbie Kautcnburgcr, Helen Donovan, Jessie Tanner, Vicki Doyle, Penny Turner, Gretchen Frank, Helene Hurford, Sonja Krain, Janine Volkmar, Lynn Schuring, Sharon Lillmars. ROW 4: Terry Withers, Bill Baumann, Howard Romney, John Fenner, Debbie Mason, Peggy Bur- nett, Carol Walleck, Karen Freeman, Karen Erickson, Alice O’Brien, Linda Green, Danny Kirk, Craig Tenney, Dave Valcho. ROW 5: Steve Stewart, Bill Hall, Ray Hughes, Ted Myrick, Chuck Case, Dennis Spindler, Mark Millet, Bill Rogers, John Caldwell, Chuck Glesser, Craig Stromme. The Concert Choir had a big job to do this year— they were entrusted with the responsibility of living up to the reputation of past choirs. Practice, hard work, and diligence paid off—as they completed a successful, rewarding year of appearances. Mr. Harold Millsop organized a special freshman girls ensemble this year. The experimental group was de- signed to introduce the girls to small group ensem- ble work and to prepare them for the highly com- petitive advanced groups and ensembles. Ensemble 164 FRONT ROW: 1. to r.: Jill Padovani, Patty Morison, Carol Thomas, Jane Jason, Doris Chcnhall, Lynn Hoffman, Nancy Rcimold, Sandra Ross. ROW 2: Betsy Bclden, Peggy Lindner, Jan Rouse, Linda Croft, Nancy Cardew, Chris Vandc Edes, Leslie Miller.Orchestra FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Janet Haney, Lauren Robert , Vivian Wilcox, Pat Kazel, Helen Jean O’Bcirnc. ROW 2: Glen B. Warner, Edith Crampton, Con- nie Mitchell, Jo Ann Ogden, Keith Kunun. The Arcadia Orchestra provided a truly magnificent and inspiring background of music for the annual Christmas concert and assembly. For the rest of the year the students were provided with a study of se- rious music while developing an appreciation and understanding of the significant composers. With a little bit of a beat and a lot of swing the Ar- cadia Dance Band provided the lively music back- ground needed for listening and dancing. The band assisted the Arcadia Chorale and picked up the tempo for the school assemblies. Members also sparked en- thusiasm and spirit at the various sports assemblies. Dance Band FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Neil Salmi, Frank Smith, Laura McClure, Nic Hiner, Tim Alums, Susan Smith: ROW 2: Carey Winters, Bill Quinn, Tom Brown, Kim Goodpasture, Mike Viotti. ROW 3: Jim Fisher, Chuck Colton, Dave McNulty, Bob Coodpasture, Jim Miller. 165Advanced Girls Chorus FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Sandy Hodgdon, Cassie Boyd, Martha Toy, Jean Plott, Lynn Robb, Rosemary Dcloian, Barbara Hitchcock, Patty Oliver, Ruth Ann Pierce, Ester Goldstein. ROW 2: Saundra Knackstedt, Jean Weber, Jean Jones, Linda Barclay, Carole Ostermcycr, Babara Fenton, Sue Johnson, Christy Teffeau, Judy Miller, Annette Bramlctt, Marcilla Wallace, Deborah Jones, Karen Krebs, Coette Childers. ROW 3: Loretta St. Thomas, Jo Parks, Marcia Rocgner, Linda Krahenbuhl, Shirley Surgencr, Janice Giffin, Clede Tomlinson, Pam Knight, Judie Pcbler, Barbara Watchlcr, Karen Dunn, Sue Burger. ROW 4: Linda McCusker, Kathy Wagner, Jeanne Nelson, Estelle Speros, Jean Davidson, Bonnie Calhoun, Myra Holbert, Terri Bradley, Laurie Mclander, Bonnie Boudreau, Peggy Fischer, Judy Atwood. Members of the Advanced Girls’ Chorus brightened school assemblies and local appearances with their bright red jumpers. The girls sang for local service group luncheons and over radio station KOY at Christmas time. The Freshman Boys’ Chorus spent a profitable year of musical study and at the same time developed a nucleus for the advanced choruses and ensembles. The boys provided an endless challenge for Mr. Harold Millsop. Freshman Boys Chorus FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: John Haney, Frank Williams, Jim Sterrcnberg, Doug Balliett, Craig Finch, Jim Moerbc, Roger Payne, Greg Borselli, Gary Seller, Norman Romney. ROW 2: Randy Hunt, Jim Witt, Joel Galst, Pete Kamstra, Ray Raymond, Doug Scheitlin, Mike Allen, Pat Casey, Kirk Galway, Mike Peyou. ROW 3: Steve Huey, Dave Hootcn, John Kmett, Paul Mad- land, Phil Peterson, Richard Tanguy, Mike Cady, Jeff Wright, Emil Snyder, Jim Staggs. ROW 4: Mike Bailey, Ray Bulinski, Phil Abbott, Charles Carter, Steve Banbury’, Rande Grover, John Shira, Don Schartz. 166Intermediate Mixed Chorus FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Gail Miller, Suzanne Goldie, Barbara Task, Pat Dibble, Mary Di Ccrbo, Julia Lally, Sherry Hirt, Sandra Curl, Diane Love, Mary Weidemann. ROW 2: Rhonda Mott, Marsha Pierce, Karen Kirchcr, Gail White, Marilyn Likens, Nancy Moever, Susan Johansen, Wendye Ware, Melanie Mundy, Sandra Davis, Nancy Lamson, Janice Duncan, Vickie Raymond, Colleen Lee. ROW 3: Richard Hart, Ron Knight, Bill Nikiforuk, Robert Strunk, Vance Marshall, Vance Marshall, Mike Vaughan, Walter Runge, Randy Landerfcld, Victor Johansen, Ken Schcitlin, Bob Evans, Rick Lyftogt, John May, Tim Hott, Mike Monson. The Intermediate Mixed Chorus and the Intermediate Girls’ Chorus are composed primarily of sophomores and continue the planned vocal program for Arcadia students. Both choruses appeared in concert three times during the school year. Their enthusiasm coupled with their spirit provided for a most suc- cessful year of musical achievement and development. Intermediate Girls Chorus FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Linda Rush, Gail Roberts, Vicki Moore, Janet Schoclbe, Tina Rummage, Dawn Wheelock, Debi Dorf- man, Evonne Parent, Vicki Cheslcy, Karen Farrington. ROW 2: Leslie Wagenseller, Marcia Batty, Terry Hall, Vicki Eaton, Bonnie Canfield, Stephanie Wilson, Connie Freeman, Sharon Ohms, Mary Ann Shall. ROW 3: Jane Heringer, Doris Brooks, Gloria Richmond, Connie Selch, Priscella Gentry, Betty Milligan, Linda Butler. 167FRONT ROW 1. to r.: Pam Kircher, Jean Vaccaro, Joanna Roop, Liz Buckley, Pam Hill, Shelby Williams, Michelle Lally, Pam Kinchloc, Jill Padovani, Cynthia Jones. ROW 2: Lynn Hoffman, Judy Huntington, Doris Chcnhall, Sandy Ross, Patty Mor- rison, Ellen O’Brien, Karen Beall, Jane Jason, Sharon Evje, Barbara Clark, Chris Close, Terry Daley, Jennifer McCullar, Patty Stidham, Dorothy Plott. ROW 3: Diane Larrabcl, Cathy Workings, Barbara Bucngcr, Chopcta Smith, Glenda Hodgson, Marsha Stieber, Lucy Allen, Barbara Johnson, Winona Stalnakcr, Rory Baccelia, Patty Taylor, Letitia Crook, Nancy Rcimold, April Lindstrom, Pauline Judd. ROW 4: Cynthia Lcderman, Linda Lundgren, Carolyn Shultz, Linda Dooty, Diane Borup, Susan Thomas, Carol Thomas, Tamara Widmark, Sue Nalder, Lisan Scruggs, Susan Buxton, Tcryl Smith, Anne Kaufman, Carol Startup. Arcadia’s freshman girls choruses, Area and Dia in- troduce the yearlings to the school music depart- ment. The girls work with Mr. Harold Millsop and experiment with a variety of arrangements and vocal techniques. The year long schedule exposes the girls to formal training on an introductory level and enables the music department to place the girls cor- rectly in the advanced choruses and ensembles for their next three years at Arcadia. Dia Chorus FRONT ROW 1. to r.: Pam Fawcett, Peggy Lindner, Betsy Belden, Chris Van de Edes, Jan Rouse, Leslie Miller, Nancy Cardcw, Linda Croft, Brenda Lawonn. ROW 2: Doris Girard, Debbie Young, Jennifer Steele, Jackie Butcher, Suzanne Clark, Janice Johnson, Janet Larson, Kerry Reyman, Debbie Rooker, Mori Wright, Jackie Coar, Barbara Schccrcr, Christine Kelly. ROW 3: Bonita Dias, Barbara Dalzcll, Paula Walker, Mimi Bernard, Cindy Brewer, Rene Chaillie, Kathleen Morari, Andrea Karis, Peggy Adams, Shelley Bethell, Laurel Sinkcus, Rebecca Harms, Jean Sornberger, Donna Kalupa, Beth Hirt, ROW 4: Linda Endicott, Claudia Knight, Catherine Welch, Claudia McCusker, Diane Flynn, Barbara Hanoumis, Jean Cusick, Donna Kline, Jamie Bartolino, Ruth Oliver, Cheryl Dillow, Evi Airola, Linda Lombard. 168Rocket Club FRONT ROW, ]. to r.: Mike McNamara, Phil Haag, Sam Albert, Neil Salmi, David McNulty, Charles Hapip. ROW 2: Frank Mendola, Nick Nicholson, Guy Hayden, Jack Ranby, Harry Felder, Fuse Lighter, Dave May. Arcadia’s Rocket Club members are those boys seen on campus with their eyes on the skies. Club members not only learn about rockets, but each mem- ber also builds his own rocket. Launch- ings are made under strict club super- vision and the date gathered is utilized in future projects. Club members empha- size science safety. Hours of rehearsal and practice go into each and every precision Titan band half time and pre-game show. To rec- ognize outstanding service and contribu- tions experienced members are taken into the Band Lettermen Club. The club provides cokes for band members at the games and live entertainment for the students during lunch. Band Lettermen FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Corinnc Corbitt, Nancy St. Gair, Nic Hiner, Laura McClure, Jim Miller, Patti Geiger. ROW 2: Stan Gerstenschlager, Frank Smith, Jill Kennedy, Kay Anderson, Tim Allums, Vivian Wilcox, Wayne Monie, Kathy Larson, Tom Brown, Fred Gamble, Mr. Reginald Brooks. 169Key Club FRONT ROW 1. to r.: Jim Mcrcicr, Steve Suggs, Andy Ambrose, Tuck Stephenson, Laurie Ptak, Skip Whitley, Tom Cole, John Guthrie, Chuck James. ROW 2: Bob Carver, John Larson, Kirk Williams, Jeff Ptak, Ray Chenall, Bill Fcrgusen, Randy Wright, Pete Repp, Jim Gaintner, Don Bayles, Bill Ralston, Bill Hodges. ROW 3: Frank Ziska, Joe Miller, Erik Widmark, Dave Hanlon, Greg Doyle, Jim Hillebrand, Gary Kron, Larry Butler, Brian Langston, Warner Marshall, Craig Ncslcdge, Tom Cooley, Mr. Bob Finkbine, sponsor. A variety of projects highlighted the year of activities for the Arcadia Key Club. Led by President Tuck Stephenson, members worked on the Kiwanis Kids Day at the Phoenix Zoo, vol- unteered at the Crippled Children’s Hospital, ushered at school assemblies, and provided the Christmas program for the Kiwanis Club lunch- eon. Mr. Bob Finkbine served as sponsor and Laurie Ptak reigned as the club sweetheart for the year. 170 Key Club members Bob Carver, Kirk Williams, Tim Dietz, and Gar)- Kron work the pop concession on Kids’ Zoo Day.Lettermen FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Frank Mcndola, Ken Bennett, Dave May, Jim Hillcbrand, Land Grant, Frank Ziska, Rick Blakeley, Forrest Carter, Mike Rex, Coach Amerson. ROW 2: Dan Dever, Scott Koerner, Kendall Smith, Bill Johnson, Jim Fisher, Terry Clark, Skeeter Williams, Dave Papandrcw, Jeff Smith, Steve Orth, Scott Hilsabcck, Greg Bucklew. ROW 3: Steve Robinette, Terry Bryan, Ron Johnson, Bill Ferguson, Rich Margolin, Jim Gaintncr, Rory Moore, Vince Keeton, Dave Werner, Eric Widmark, Pete Repp, Pat Payne, Brad Morfitt. ROW 4: Jack Ranby, Craig Potter, Dave Schedler, Tim Deadlier, Steve Miller, Chuck Colton, Mike Cranny, Mike Loper, Steve Brown, Rob Monie, Alan Williams, Craig Ncslage, Dennis Spindlcr. Arcadia’s Lettermen completed a most successful year of service to the school while recognizing ath- letic achievement. Early in the year Linda Verner was elected, club sweetheart. At initiation time mem- bers supervised a week long project of service to the school and the community. Initiates worked on the school grounds and at area churches and were then formally inducted into the club at the winter sports assembly in an impressive ceremony conducted by President Frank Ziska and Mr. Howard Amerson. FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Grant Blanco, Bob Slider, Greg Komandino, Denny Wolff, Randy Swcdland, Mike Johnson, Bill Smith, Dale Button, Steve Tait, Jim O’Connor. ROW 2: Chuck James, Jim Gieszl, Bill Birkholz, George Mattingly, Jim Mercier, Jim Fissell, Steve Hodgson, Walt Runge, Dennis LcFerbrc, Larry Storey, Grove Green. ROW 3: Bill Ralston, Don Chcnhall, Tuck Stephenson, Rick Shultz, Jeff Ptak, Keith Thompson, Bill Baumann, Brad Jones, Dan Widner, John Iieringer, Mike Brown, Jack Flyn, John Black, Larry Plotkin. ROW 4: Wes Mohr, Nick Nicholson, Tom Cooley, Bill Hitchings, Steve Bisbcc, Tony Pcyou, Bill Hume, Skip Whitley, John Harper, Randy Oden, Gary Kron, Greg Doyle. ROW 5: Bob Henry, Rusty Lupton, Jerry VanReuscn, A1 Witting, Gary Harmon, Bob Tcllier, Dick Butler, Tom Cole, Rick Bcdenkop. 171Mu Alpha Theta FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Lynn Davis, Dave Hill, Jeff Bartolino, Sam Albert, Kim Bruce, Nina Nauman, Harry Felder, Larry Olden. ROW 2: Colette Felder, Guy Hayden, John Herringer, Ed Batlershcll, Richard Lockett, Chuck Case, Jim Van Houten, Carol Haugelnnd. Mu Alpha Theta, national mathematics honorar)', honored outstanding math students on the Arcadia campus. The group encouraged interest in the field of mathematics and also explored career possibilities in the field. Mrs. Shirley Frye and Mr. Jeff Larson co-sponsored the organization and planned a varied program of activities. Members of the Arcadia Junior Engineering Tech- nical Society spent a fruitful year exploring career possibilities in the field of science. Students with outstanding class records and potential in science are encouraged to affiliate with the J.E.T.S. organi- zation. Guest speakers and special field trips high- lighted the year. JETS 172 FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Frank Mendola, Philip Haag, Alan Williams, Sam Barr, Mark Hopkins, David Hill, Charles Hapip, Kim Bruce. ROW 2: David McNulty, Jeff Bartolino, Sam Albert, Jim Devaney, Harr)' Felder, Richard Lockett, Chuck Glassor, Ed Battcrshell. John Haringer, Jim Gaintcr, Steve Ellis.Quill And Scroll FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Nick Nicholson, Lynn Davis, Carol Haugcland, Abby Palmer, Carol Black, Janinc Volkmar, Sherry Nalder, Joe Miller. ROW 2: Mrs. Roscjcan Hinsdale, ARCADIAN advisor, Terry Turner, Gayle Markow, Nina Nauman, Karen Davis, Joan Taylor, Heather Haflcigh, Becky Johnson, Mr. Richard Turner, OLYMPIAN advisor. The Quill and Scroll society is an international hon- orary in the field of journalism. Open to juniors and seniors in the top third of their class, the society promotes high standards of journalism and recognizes outstanding accomplishment in the field. The Spanish honorary is a subject interest field for students in the language department. The group planned a traditional party for Spanish children in the Phoenix area at Christmas time. They absorbed Spanish culture through lectures and field trips. Spanish Honorary FRONT ROW 1. to r.; Kay Anderson, Bob Taylor, Linda Edwards, Dawn Naar, Coni Good, Barbara Rose, Amanda Blau. ROW 2; David May, Linda Duggan, Karen Erickson, Abby Palmer. Ranee Hardin, Marby Boyer, Judy Levine, Jean Jones, Esther Goldstein. ROW 3: Jack Ranby, Frank Smith, Guy Hayden, Cherry Boyd, Kathy Clinkingbeard, Laura McClure, Susan Smith, Susan Chaillic, Tom Holmes, Bob Metcalfe. ROW 4: Nick Nicholson, Betty Johnson, Pam Sheets, Randy Wright, Andy Ambrose, Candy Wagner, Bob Olden, Mike McNamara. 173National Honor Society FRONT ROW 1. to r.: Nick Nicholson, Larry Olden, Susan Smith, Chuck Case, Jill Kennedy, Carol Walleck, Lynda John- son, Lynn Davis. ROW 2: Cheryl Kyff, Grctchen Frank, Connie Good, Nina Nauman, Leslie Avant, Laurie Ptak, David Hill, Carol Haugeland, Tibby Jones. ROW 3: Randy Wright, Bill Hoffmann, Jim Van Houten, Sam Albert, Rob Monic, Bob Olden, Harry Felder, Andy Ambrose, Land Grant. Chuck Case served as president of the 1964 1965 National Honor Society on the Arcadia campus and planned and co-ordinated a prograpt for members of the national academic honorary. The group spon- sored a series of two presidential debates during Oc- tober and then planned a bake sale to raise money for a sagging treasury. New members were inducted in an impressive ceremony late in the year. Mr. Glen Groencke served as sponsor for the 36 members of the honor group that promoted high scholarship. Nick Nicholson argued for a try at a “Great Society”. Jim Van Houton rebutted with a charge of “more socialism.”The Arcadia chapter of the American Field Service Club sponsored the stay of Ana Maria Carvalhedo on the Arcadia campus. The group raised funds for her visit with a series of bake sales, the AFS Christmas shoppers breakfast, a dance, and the sale of AFS stock. Funds raised from similar proj- ects this year will be used to bring another foreign student to Arcadia next year. The club also helps select Arcadia students who are to be nominated for the Americans Abroad program through AFS. American Field Service Jeanne Davidson checks on the food at the AFS’s breakfast. FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Kathy Rose, Tibby.Jones, Shelley Canter, Ana Maria Carvelhedo, Nancy Cameron, Patty Verhoeven, Susie Cameron, Jeanne Huvelle, Patricia Bean. ROW 2: Linda Wescott, Karen Dickerson, Karen Kirchcr, Jeannette Hough, Lynda Johnson, Jean Plott, Molly Spooner, Lynne Snyder, Pat Hobein, Gail Roberts, Carolyn Jones. ROW 3: Judy Mitch- ell, Carolyn Cordry, Betsy Dambrova, Anne Rost, Melanie Mundy, Laurie Lamson, Robyn Hansen, Jill Kennedy, Carol Wal- leck, Nancy Isbell, Jean Jones. ROW 4: Sally Liska, Cheryl liogan, Leslie Avant, Deborah Mason, Linda Barclay, Linda Duggan, Melanie Morgan, Mary Jo Sykowski, Nancy Taber, Julie Ragland. ROW 5: Cindy Thurston, Betsy Blom, Susan Lindstrom, Judy McMullin, Bill Hoffman, Dede Klein, Bonnie Boudreau, Jackie Blyer, David Valcho, Nancy Lamson. 175DECA FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Paula Welsh, Elberta Neeriemcr, Jack Chapman, Bart Faber, Janet Foster, Gret- chen Sternberg, Sandy Bu scr. ROW 2: Gordon Lacy, Linda Kuchler, Donna Gulnac, Mike Maiscl, Linda Kaufman, Phil Mcssec, Jay Green, Harry Salzman, Nancy Mchagian, Mr. Paul Sander, sponsor. Members of the Arcadia chapter of the Dis- tributive Education Clubs of America spent a year filled with academic study and on the job training in area retail department stores. The students worked with Mr. Paul Sanders and studied all areas of retail merchandising and were given the opportunity to work af- ternoons in order to gain practical job ex- perience. The Art Club was open to Arcadia students interested in developing their potential and interest in the field of art. The students worked with Mrs. Margaret Burrell and ex- plored their avocation as a possible future vocation. Members also assisted clubs and classes in the mammoth decoration projects that somehow managed to change the whole personality of the Arcadia campus. Art Club FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Penny Hanan, Connie Haag, Bobbie Winters, Steve Mitchell, Phil Trappani, Sue Roper, Marcia Warren, Ginny Grant. SECOND ROW: Donald Cronchey, Pat Cazel, Bill D’Apuzzo, Col- lette Felder, Steve Magill, Mrs. Margaret Burrell, Pam Engcbutson, Karla Leininger, Nancy Lampson, Tom Rothweiler.FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Allen Babinski, Jerry Kelly, Harry Cipriano, Steve Boyd, Steve Brown, Ken Moore. ROW 2: Mr. Phil Deppe, sponsor, Steve Fielding, Frank Deakin, Bill Laman, Bill D’Apuzzo, John Wiedaman, Terry Turner, John Moss, Bill Ebert. ROW 3: Ron Lowe, Dan McCune, Terry Bacillia, Buce Gullcgc, Ron Pearl, Dan Dever, John Soule, Mike O’Malley, Don Thompson, Gene Olsen. The newly reorganized Arcadia Car Club was open to students with a special interest in tinkering with automobiles. The club members experimented, tested, and tried out a variety of approaches as they worked to get each members’ car in top shape. Mr. Phil Deppe sponsored the organization and helped the boys to develop their potential in the area. Car club members slaved many long Saturdays but the finished product was always considered to be worth the ef- fort. 177 Car Club president Allen Babinski checks out an engine as part of a club project.Girls’ League FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Dawn Naar, Nancy Cameron, Mrs. Marguerite Ncid, Peggy McMullin, Sandy Swcdlund, Shelley Canter, Tibby Jones. ROW 2: Shelby Williams, Judy Huntington, Ann Taber, Karen Kircher, Cheryl Hogan, Susie Cameron, Suzi Tonner, Pam Englebretson. ROW 3: Cindy Black, Margaret Webb, Judy McMullin, Melanie Morgan, Linda Duggan, Ana Maria Carvelhcdo, Sharon Lillmars, Sandy Knacksted. Girls’ League, under the direction of President Peggy McMullin and Mrs. Marguerite Neid, sponsor, planned and presented a truly memorable Christmas Prom, adopted several families for Thanksgiving, painted pep posters, and sponsored a welcome back to school party for all girls on campus. The girls also volunteered as a service organization to the adminis- tration and helped decorate the campus for the Christmas holiday season. Representatives from each class meet on the Girls’ League council to plan and co-ordinate activities.Thespian Society FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Jean Webber, Hallic vonAmmon, Chuck Case, Sherry Naldcr, Bill Hoffman, Vicky Elson, Carol Haug- land. ROW 2: Dave May, Mary Jane St. Thomas, Betty Smith, Don Cook, Karen Hayden, Nona Blyth, Sandy Hunington. Thespians spend many afternoons rehearsing to prepare for the polished results. Members of the National Thespian Society pro- mote the dramatic arts on the Arcadia campus. The honor organization provides the nucleus for the theatre arts department and assists the drama and music teachers with scene construc- tion, make-up, props, and all backstage work— in addition to performing in the productions that have continued to win new fame and re- spect for Arcadia. Thespians also this- year sponsored a one-act play festival with area high schools. 179Delta Omega Selling Titan dolls during football season, paint- ing pep posters, supporting a needy family at Christmas, serving at athletic and P.T.A. ban- quets, having car washes and bake sales; these were some of the many projects that Delta Ome- ga members participated in. Under the capable leadership of the officers, Audrey Dalessandro, President; Laurie Ptak, Vice-President; Cheryl Kyff, Secretary; Karen Olson, Treasurer; Janet Walmsley, Chaplain; and Shelley Canter, Ser- geant-at-Arms, the members of this service or- ganization also held a ‘Teachers Appreciation Day.” FRONT ROW: 1. to r.: Judic Rummage, Shelley Canter, Cheryl Kyff, Frank Ziska, Audrey Dalessandro, Laurie Ptak, Janet Walmsley, Joan Bauer. ROW 2: Becky Johnson, Susie Dickey, Bobbie Davis, Gail Zenobi, Patty Geiger, Molly Spooner, Tibby Jones, Susan Pratt, Julie Ragland, Wendy Lee. ROW 3: Patti Goodman, Pam Knight, Jacque Lindstrom, Heather Ha- fleigh, Cindy Thurston, Laurie Salisbury'. Jo Schwan, Marilyn Allen, Cinda Hoel, Dorinne Gibson. 180Sigma Beta Chi FRONT ROW, L to r.: Judy Hagedorn, Sandy Tejan, Patty Verhocven, Sue Tear, Estelle Speros, Nancy Freestone Jeanne Davidson, Kay Norris. ROW 2: Tjna Lanscr, Becky Jorgenson, Laurie Lamson, Susie Cameron, Pam Keen, Tom Oonk, Nancy Cameron, Ja Montgomery, Ana Maria Cavalhedo, Cheryl Hogan. ROW 3: Susy Tonner, Karen Krebs, Linda Weller, Betsy Blom, Judy McMullin, Susan Miller, Mary Jane Kocour, Margaret Webb, Lynn Oboikovitz, Peggy McMulhn, Melanie Mor- gan, Jeanne Huvelle. Going to the Phoenix Zoo and visiting service centers kept Sigma Beta Chi mem- bers busy throughout the year. They had service projects every weekend. And for Thanksgiving they collected food for a needy family and at Christmas they helped in the valley campaign, “Dress a Living Doll.” 181 Jeanne Davidson, Judy McMullin, and Kay Norris decorate the office for the Christmas season.Y-Teens FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: JLudy McMullin, Debbie Mason, Cathy Wilson, Susie Dick, Susie Cameron, Ja Montgomery, Connie Freeman, Pat DiTirro. ROW 2: Pam Kircher, Wanda Rippstcin, Marcia Warren, Kay Keller, Carol Black, Judy Botsford, Cin- dy Northrop, Linda Duggan, Pam Wood, Joyce Freestone, Nancy Lumson, Jill Kennedy. ROW 3: Patty Verhoeven, Nancy Free- stone, Mary Jo Sykowski, Nancy Laker, Ginny Grant, Tam Widmark, Judy Botsford, Debbie Grubbs, Betsy Blom, Georgia Freiburghaus, Carol Walleck, Susie Botsford. Lamba Sigma Phi Y-Teen members donated proceeds from varied money raising projects to worthy causes. The activities of the club were planned by Susie Cameron, president, and Mrs. Eleanor Clough, sponsor. The purpose of Y-Teens, affiliated with the nation- al Y.W.C.A., is to provide a fellow- ship with other girls and to strive for goals to promote personal and social living. 182 Y-Tccn officers ready their meeting agenda.Sponsored by Miss Powell, GAA is composed of Arcadia High girls in- terested in sports. On Saturdays GAA had playdays where they competed with girls from other schools in vari- ous sports. Points were given to the girls for their participation in play- days and their attendance at meet- ings. After so many points were ac- cumulated, the member was awarded a letter. The aims of GAA were to in- crease the interest and participation in girls’ sports and teach good sports- manship. G.A.A. Straining to get the ball are two members of GAA during one of their many playdays held on Saturdays. 183 FRONT ROW: 1. to r.: Rosemary Deloian, Sue Roper, Jan Haney, Linda Kleinz, Terri Bradley, Linda Duggan, Judy Connor. ROW 2: Judy Castleberry, Kathy Holdridge, Mary Ann Hanley, Grctchcn Nairn, Debbie Kautenburger, Sue Burger. Georgia Frciburghaus.Hopes High As Titans Prepare Cooley and Kron show their ability in pre-season practice. The Titans, State champs in ’60 and ’62, were rated by the opposing coaches as the team to beat in ’64. Hendricks had 16 returning lettermen, including three offensive and defensive starters. Hendricks also looked forward to the potential of quarterback Steve Miller, a transfer. The Titan line included Bucklew, Kron, Orth, Lo- per, Deschler, Werner, and Colton. Starting offense saw Cooley, Hodgson, Grant and Miller. The chief defender was linebacker Ron Johnson, member of “Black Hats.” Coaches Hallman, Hendricks and Anderson tensely watch a game.Season Opens With Victory At Mesa Pete Hepp break» loose for a Titan tally against Mesa. Jim Mcrcier Big things were promised for the Titans after the season opener 27-0 shutout win over Mesa. Repp, Miller, Grant, and Kron tallied for the Titans. An early Mesa fumble set the pattern and Arcadia continued to dominate the evening. Air and ground plays jelled equally well for the crowd pleasing triumph against the 1963 state champion Mesa team. Gary KronTitans Topple Visiting Wolves 14-6 Titan halfback Steve Hodgson tumbles to the field after a short gain against Chandler. Steve Hodgson Pete Repp A score by Tom Cooley in the first 30 seconds of the game got things underway for the Titan 14-6 vic- tory over the hapless Wolves from Chandler. Steve Miller’s second pe- riod touchdown added the second and final score for Arcadia. Pete Repp’s two air interceptions con- tributed to the effort and the points after touchdown added by Hodg- son and Grant clinched the win. Steve Orth Grove Green 188Arcadia Cans Kofa Kings State title hopes were boosted on the Arcadia cam- pus when the Titans turned hack a strong visiting gridiron team from Kofa 20-7 for their third con- secutive triumph. Steve Miller made the first tally of the night on an eleven yard swing around end. Land Grant and Steve Orth added second period scores to put the Titans safely in the lead. Coach Hendricks credited Mike Loper, Pete Repp, and Tim Deschler with the outstanding defense perfor- mances of the resounding conquest of the Kings. Picking up an easy toss. Gary Kron picks up Titan yardage. 189 r Beavers Crush Arcadia Gridders, Spirit With school spirit and enthusiasm at an all time high Arcadia faced the Scottsdale Beavers at home for the fourth game of the season. The pep was to no use as the Beavers outplayed and outscored the Titans 22-6. Arcadia’s lone score came on a seven yard pass from Steve Miller to Steve Orth. Greg Doyle Mike Loper Coach Hendricks ignites fire for Scottsdale game. Chuck James Steve Hodgson reels .away from the Beaver defense. 190Yuma Stuns Titans Tom Cooley A heartbreaking 20-12 defeat at the hands of the Yuma Criminals eliminated Arcadia from the Division 1 title contest in the fifth outing of the season. Steve Miller scored twice for Arcadia but it wasn’t enough to stop the Criminal offense and a fourth quarter Yuma TD settled the win. Steve Hodgson heads for a brick wall of Criminal defense men from Yuma. 191 Steve Miller George Mattingly Vince KeetonBill Ferguson Dons Triumph John Black The Coronado Dons took to the air and passed for 242 yards while stopping the Titans 32-6 on the Don field. The loss was the third in a row for the Titans and the first ever at the hands of the Dons. The Arcadia score came on a run play by Steve Miller. The point after attempt failed for Arcadia. Mike Br rn Greg Bucklew 192Titans Fall To Spirited Buffalos Bucking a spirited Buffalo team and the enthusiasm of Tempe’s homecoming proved to be too much for Arcadia as the Titans went down to 20-6 defeat on the Buffalo field. The Titan’s passing game worked but the running sweeps stopped all progress. Bill Hitching Dave Werner Titan quarterback Steve Miller takes off on a successful sweep run during the game with the Buffalos. 193Titans Trample Cougars Larry Plotkin Tony Peyou After losing four previous games, the Titans came back to kill Casa Grande in an exciting romp led by end Gary Kron, and halfbacks Pete Repp and Land Grant. Both offense and defense did outstanding jobs, gathering 248 yards in forty plays, and keeping the Cougars to 75 yards in 21 plays to win 26-0. Kron scored twice, once on an 11-yard pass from Steve Miller. Pete scored on an 11-yard run, and Land broke away for a 34-yard jaunt to the goal. Halfbacks Pete Repp and Steve Hodg- son kicked extra points. 194Bill Birkholz Jim Fisscll Best Team Effort Towards Westwood Gary Harmonn Although the Titans outpassed the Warriors 93 to 75 yards, they couldn’t overcome the strong defensive efforts opposing them and fell in the last four minutes, 20 to 13. The Titans held a 7-6 lead for the first half, led by end Orth’s touchdown on a 30 yard pass from Miller. Kron scored next on a 20-yard jaunt to the goal. Arcadia rolled up 167 yards; the main gainers being Grant and Cooley. Jack Flynn 195 Titan offense struggles bravely with the Warriors’ outstanding defense.Titans Lose To Camelback, 27-14 Steve Miller sweeps end for big yardage against the Camelback Spartans. The last game of the season showed Camelback victorious over the Titans. Arcadia took the lead in the first quarter, but the Spartans came back with four touchdowns. Arcadia’s touch- downs were scored by Grant and Cooley, with extra points scored by Miller and Grant. The loss gave Arcadia a 4-6 record. Grant, Johnson 1964 Captains Although the Titans lost six games in the 1961 season, there was outstanding team effort shown. Land Grant and Ron Johnson were named team co-captains and tackle Mike Loper was named Arcadia’s lineman of the year. The outstanding back trophy was presented to sen- ior halfback Repp. Progress Players of the Week included Johnson, Orth, Grant, Bucklew, Cooley and Repp. 196Odell builds spirit at halftime of frosh game. Carlin looks disturbed but JV’s season is victorious. Coach Hendricks gives Steve Miller last minute instructions. 197Jayvees Post 9-1 Record FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Richard Smetana, Mike Berry, Richard Savale, Jeff Ptak, Barry VanPatten, Roger Picket, Frank Bostock, John Fondrisi, Bruce Bernard, Bill Diplcy, Duane Stiles. ROW 2: Bill Pea, Jeff Larson, John Fresc, Greg Pierce, Bob Leatzow, Jim Rose, Bob Rhoades, Bob Hervcy, Phil Webber, Steve Detmer, John Richardson. ROW 3: Steve Anair, Ron Baker, Glenn Warner, Ray Hughes, John Dunfce, Ken Spitler. Steve Zcisler, Ed Katarski, Fred Anderson, Bob Hcnschcn. ROW 4: Ken Scheitlin, John Ziska, Sam Edwards, Harry WaTmsley, Jim Hix, Dave Oldham, Greg Frary, Antony DiTirro, Tom Jones, Brian Gcntncr, Bill Hall, Steve Brown. ROW 5: Dwight Wise, Judson Lee, Bob Cahill, Mr. Carlin, Mr. Gardner. On a cold November day, the Camelback Spartans snapped the Titan win streak. Boasting a 9-1 season, the Junior Varsity football team, coached by Pat Carlin and A1 Gardiner, show signs of a prosperous season for next year’s varsity squad. Leading the J.V. gridders were John Ziska, a strong offensive end; Jim Gieszl, a late varsity candidate who showed definite signs of his great ability; and Bill Dipley, the leading scorer. Sopho- mores to watch: Steve Zeisler, Ken Spitler, and Mike Berry. 198Freshman 44 A” Football FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Joe Isbell, Gary Fiori, Charlie Carter, Bill Huck, Gary McAlister, Dave Lux, Mark Dana, Bob Gullick- son, Keith Morfitt, Terry Kennedy. ROW 2: Mike Baily, John Smith, A1 Dunning, Glenn Spangler, Gerry Carnahan, Jim Hardy, Phil Abbott, Wayne Franklin, Dick Padilla, Steve Huey. ROW 3: Tom Hannon, Steve Banbury, John Shira, Rick Sams, Dave Dayton, Condie Call, Craig Pihl, Walt Bimson, Mark Estensen, Bo Kite, Joe Trent, Bob Walker, Mr. Littleton, Mr. Odell. The Orchids ended their season with a 0-0 tie with Camelback. The season record stands at 6 wins, 3 loss- es, and 1 tie. The team scored 124 points to their op- ponents’ 59. Leading scorers were Bob Gullickson with 66, Mark Estensen with 24, and Bob Walker with 16. The defensive team was exceptional with 7 boys mak- ing the “Black Hat” team for getting 10 tackles in a single game. The 7 boys were Keith Morfitt, Jim Hardy, Bo Kite, Walt Bimson, Terry Kennedy, Rick Sams, and Charlie Carter. Leading tacklers for the season were Keith Morfitt and Jim Hardy with averages of 10 tack- les per game. The team, with their good sportsmanship, did a fine job. 199Basketball 200Barr, Cole-1964 “Part-Time” Starters The 6’2” average of Arcadia’s starting five prom- ised the school the most potentially sound team in its history; Tom Cole, 6’5’ Pete Orr, 6’6”, Gerry Van Reusen, 6’3”, Erik Widmark, and Ron Barr, 5’10V6”. These cagers started for the Titans and contributed a majority of the scoring, assisted by Bob Tellier and Rick Shultz. Next year looks good for varsity basketball as there will be six returning lettermen and also prospective J. V. talent such as Dipley, Runge, Ostaff and Ziska. Gerry Van Reusen blocks Westwood opponent as Ronnie Barr moves in. Erik Widmark—Senior guard Bob Tellier and Bill Hitchings jump high for a rebound in the Mesa game. 201Bill Hitching»—Junior guard On drives in for two points as Van Reusen gets positioned for a rebound. “Heads-up!" Guard and play-maker, Erik Widmark takes control of the hall in the Yuma game. Gerry Van Reusen— Senior fonvard 202Cagers’ Height Averages 6’2” Senior Gerry Van Rcusen shows his shooting ability against the Cougars. Ron Ban —Senior guard Pete Orr—Senior center Tom Cole, a Titan center, tries to prove his ability by making a free basket during the Westwood game.Barr-Top Scorer With 378 Points Spectators watch with anxiety as senior Tom Cole vies with a Yuma player for the ball. Tom Cole—Senior center 204 Gerry Van Reusen steals a rebound from Casa Grande.Varsity Cagers Have 8-10 Season FRONT ROW: Ron Barr, Rick Shultz, Don Kinzlc, Doug MacDonald, Bill Hitchings, Bill Diplcy, Grant Blanco (manager). ROW 2: Coach Hallman, Erik Widmark, Phil Sedgwick, Dick Butler, Pete Orr, Bob Tellicr, Jim Ware, Gerry Van Reuscn, and Junior Varsity coach A1 Gardner. SEASON RECORD The season opened with Yuma and Kofa; the Titans split these games and went on to Coronado with a 4-2 record. That Saturday night proved to be the turning point for the Titan basketballers. To this date Arcadia has never beaten Coronado in varsity basketball and that game was no exception. The following weekend Arcadia played host to the Scotts- dale Beavers, a team that returned 4 of 5 starters from last year’s team. At the end of the week-end the season rested at 5 and 4. By the time the Beavers rolled around again the season record for the Titan9 was 6 and 8. The Titans polished off the season by beating Chandler and Casa Grande, thus bringing their record to 8 wins, 10 losses. WE THEY KOFA 57 56 YUMA 50 56 MESA 63 58 WESTWOOD 65 67 TEMPE 65 63 CHANDLER 85 64 CORONADO 48 55 SCOTTSDALE 62 63 CASA GRANDE 66 61 MESA 57 69 WESTWOOD 63 55 KOFA 64 65 YUMA 47 51 CORONADO 49 76 SCOTTSDALE 57 77 TEMPE 91 102 CHANDLER 87 71 CASA GRANDE 65 59 205Jayvees Have 11-7 Season FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Mark Montcsano, Bill Dipley, Tom Herrick, Marty Runge ROW 2: Charlie Ford, Rick Savale, John Ziska, Bob Leatzow, John Ostaff ROW 3: Judson Lee, Dwight Wise, Bill Mark- ham, Larry Lccsman, Coach Gardner Having a well-balanced squad and a lot of good bench strength, the Titan J. V. basketball team ended their season with an 11-7 record. John Ziska was the top rebounder and had the best game average in all five years of Arcadia basket- ball. Bill Dipley was the top shooter, moving up to varsity in the middle of the season. Marty Runge was the play-maker and held the team to- gether. Their hardest game was against Tempe; their most exciting win was against Chandler. In this game against the Wolves, they made 3 points in the last 5 seconds and won in overtime. 206 John Ziska jumps for two as a Casa Grande player tries to block him.Frosh “A” Basketball FRONT ROW, I. to r.: Rob Gullickson. Gerry Carnahan, Joe Isbell, Ray Bclinski, Mr. Odell, Gary Frazier. ROW 2: Terry Kennedy, Jim Hardy, Mark Estcnscn, Dave Dayton, Gary Hayden, Rick Wagner, Walt Bimson, Glenn Spangler. Frosh “B” Basketball FRONT ROW, 1. to.r.: Jim Butler, Karl Vogcn, John Shira, Jeff Lytle, Rancie Grover ROW 2: Gary McAlister, Bob Dyess, A1 Dunning, Ed Zatich, Randy Brown ROW 3: Coach Bill Meyer, Mark Olson, Jim Ragland, Bill McMahon, manager Jim Wiley 207Rondeau Repeats As State Champ After a slow start, the Titan grapplers bounced back and completed a successful season with a dual meet record of 5 wins, 3 losses and 1 tie. The losses occurred early in the year and were at the hands of teams that were made up of seniors. The team was led this year by Tim Deschler and Jim Ron- deau who finished their dual meet season with undefeated records. Many fine per- formances were turned in by the underclass wrestlers. Bob Williams had an 8-1 record, Bill Spangler 7-2, and George Mattingly 2-1-1. Arcadia was well represented at the A.A.U. Invitational tournament. We finished 5th as a team and placed the following boys in the finals: Jim Rondeau, 1st, 130 lbs.; Bill Birkholz, 2nd, 148 lbs.; Bob Williams placed 4th and Bob Slider placed 4th. Titan heavyweight, Tim Deschler, goes for a pin against a Coronado wrestler. Dale Button struggles with a Camelback opponent. The referee watches intensely as Jim Rondeau prepares to pin.Grapplers Have 5-3-1 Season Undefeated State Champ Jim Rondeau goes for a pin. Arcadia placed 4th in the Division Tournament and qualified 6 hoys for the State Tournament. Of the 6 boys represented, Jim Rondeau repeated as State Champ in the 130 lb. class; Bob Slider and Tim Deschler won the consolation in their respective weight classes to take 3rd place. The grapplers fin- ished seventh as a team in the State Tournament. DIVISION TOURNAMENT Bob Williams 3rd 98 lbs. Bob Slider 2nd 115 lbs. Jim Rondeau 1st 130 lbs. Dale Button 3rd 141 lbs. George Mattingly 3rd 168 lbs. Tim Deschler 2nd Hvw. WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Scott Koemcr, Bill Spangler, Bob Slider, Scott Danley, Bob Williams. ROW 2: Dale Button, Jim Rondeau, Bill Birkholz, Robert Hcrvey, Del Merrill. ROW 3: Coach Anderson, Tony Peyou, George Mattingly, Tim Deschler, Jim Giezl, Mgr. Craig Komidino. 209Spring Sports mm George Mattingly checks the forecast for Titan spring athletics. 210Tumbling Titans Debut Working on the trampoline increases timing and coordination. Coach McMahon spots as a gymnast executes a back flip in tumbling. Forecasting a year of growth and building, Coach McMahon this year introduced gymnastics to the Arcadia sports picture. The coach stressed coordination, balance, and muscle development in tumbling, sidehorse, high bar, trampoline, and still rings. Top gymnast was Dick Romney, a muscular senior who was a standout on the still rings. 211 All-around gymnast Dick Romney demonstrates the iron cross on the rings.Cross-Country Paced By Morfitt Brad Morfitt, Skcetcr Williams and Mike Rex dominate Arcadia’s cross- country team. Arcadia’s Cross Country season for 1964-1965 ended in final division eliminations. The Titans this year failed to qualify for state when in division runoffs. The seven man team placed sixth in overall competition. For state competition only the top five teams from each division are allowed to take part. Senior Brad Morfitt qualified as one of the top five runners in the division allowing him to take part in state later in the week. During state eliminations, Morfitt placed 18th. Mike Loper, lop discus thrower, works on his form in preparation for state. 212213 Titans Work For State Frank Ziska works on form over the high hurdles. Dave Miller, senior, broad jumping form. Brad Morfitt exhibits that endurance is a main factor in track events.State Champ Blakeley Returns Senior vaultcr, Rob Monie, boosts team strength proving ability. John Black, junior, muscles over the bar to give the Titans added strength. 214 Rick Blakeley concentrates on winning his second state championship.Blakeley, Carter, Morfitt Lead Team The Division One defending champions had many returning lettermen from last year’s squad, which placed third in the state. Coach Amerson listed Rick Blakeley, Mike Loper, Forest Carter, Brad Morfitt, Frank Ziska, Rob Monie, Pat Payne, Dennis Spindler, Erik Widmark and Gerry Van Reusen as the seniors on whose shoulders the team’s success rests. Blakeley was the state’s top shot putter; Carter tied for first in the 220-yard run. Returning the state’s best high jump relay team, the Titans’ strength was greatly boosted by Van Reusen, Payne, and Widmark, who all jumped over six feet. Rob Monie and John Black teamed up to make the Titans one of the division’s toughest in pole vault. Rick Blakeley and Mike Loper gave the Titans a shot-putting combination that few other schools could match. The squad was strong in three-men meets and medley. Senior Pat Payne exhibits the high jumping form needed to clear the bar.Wolff, Barr-Returning Starters 216 John Rohmer—junior infielderTitans Host Three Night Games FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: John Rohmer, Jack Dujanovic, John Frese, Dennis Wolff, Ron Barr, Cal Rookcr. ROW 2: Bill Hitching?, George Mattingly, Tom Cooley, Steve Tait, Chris Tallon, Tony Pcyou. ROW 3: Mr. Schifino, Gary Kron, Rick Snyder. Jay George, Rick Bcdcnkop, Jim Ware, Tom Cole. Dennis Wolff slides into Bill Hitching? tag. The 1965 Titan baseball team was com- posed mostly of underclassmen with only two returning starters and five lettermen. The returning starters were seniors Den- nis Wolff at second base and Ron Barr who last year played shortstop but this year was in center field. The leading can- didates for the starting positions included George Mattingly and Tony Peyou, both juniors, contending for the catching spot; Rick Bedenkop, John Neal and Jay George, juniors, and sophomore John Frese who battled for the pitching posi- tion. Davy Frich, John Rohmer and Bill Hitchings held infield positions along with Dennis Wolff. Joining Ron Barr in center field were Steve Tait, Tom Cooley, Rick Snyder and Gary Kron. Last year the baseball team introduced night base- ball to the Scottsdale School District. This experiment proved so successful that the 1965 team hosted 3 night games. 2171965 Golf Team FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Wes Mohr, Rick Margolin, Chuck Colton, Tuck Stephenson, Doug Coppock. ROW 2: Walt Runge, Bill Hodges, Doug MacDonald, Jim Sollcnberger, Tom Olson, Greg Lauten, Coach Jackson. ROW 3: Bob Tellier, Bob Henry, Pete Orr, Skip Whitley. The 1965 golf team had high hopes of keep- ing the state title they have held the past two years. Coach Jackson expected great things out of the starting top eight men: Wes Mohr, Chuck Colton, Tuck Stephenson, Richard Margolin, Bob Henry, Doug Koppock, Bob Tellier, and Skip Whit- ley. Other members in- cluded Walt Runge, Bill Hodges, Doug MacDonald, Jim Sol- lenberger, Tom Olson, Greg Lauten and Pete Orr. 218 Tuck Stevenson Chuck ColtonSwim Team Brad Jones—freestyle Arcadia’s tankmen entered their third year of competition with high hopes of improv- ing on last year’s fifth place finish in the state. Coach MacMahon’s top returning let- termen were Jim Fisher, Jack Ranby, John Heringer, Bill Hume, Jeff Ptak, and Jim Gaintner. Arcadia’s swimmers competed in free style, breaststroke, backstroke, butter- fly, and relay events. The tankmen faced a tough schedule of dual meets with other AA schools. The rigorous training schedule in- cluded at least an hour of hard workout each day.Boys’ Tennis Bill Baumann Craig Neslage Despite pre-season pessimism due to the loss of four starters, coach Sam Odell’s tennis squad piled up a 6-1 record at the start of the season. The Titan netmen squeezed past Yuma 4-3 to open the season, and followed up with victories over Kofa, Tempe, Mesa, Coronado, and Chandler before dropping a match to Scottsdale. They were strong contenders for the Division One Championship. Junior Craig Neslage was seeded number one and was an excellent prospect for the State Singles Championship. Next year’s prospects are even better, for Odell will lose only one man, Nick Nicholson. 220 FRONT ROW: 1. to r., Mike Johnson, Bill Baumann, Craig Neslage, John Shoenhair, Vance Mar- shall, 2ND ROW: Pete Baumann, Nick Nicholson, Rusty Lupton, Coach Odell, Dave Garrett, Bob Taylor.Girls’ Tennis VARSITY. FRONT ROW; 1. to r. Karen Erickson, Abby Palmer, Linda Lombard ROW 2: Betsy Dalzcll, Karen Jorgenson Abby Palmer Karen Erickson Karen Jorgenson JUNIOR VARSITY. FRONT ROW, 1. to r.: Peggy Lindner, Mar- cia Meudell, Karen Daly, Kathy Holdridge. ROW 2: Cindy Thur- ston, Gert Naim, Debi Neugcbauer, Barbara Dalzell. 221In Memoriam How the bold teacher s doctrine, sanctified By truth, shall spread, throughout the world dispersed. ECCLESIASTICAL SONNETS MR. WILTON MOORE Senior Summary JUDY ALEXANDER: Student Senate; Pom Pon; Lambda Kappa Phi. LINDA ALLEN: Transfer—North High. ANDY AMBROSE: Frosh V. Pres.; Soph, V. Pres.; Jr. Boy Rep.; Stu- dent Body V. Pres.; Student Senate Pres.; Club Council Pres.; Key Club V. Pres.; N.H.S.; Spanish Honorary. KAY ANDERSON: Titan Band; Band Lettcrman; Spanish Honorary; Biol- ogy Club; Girls’ League; “Flower Drum Song.” LESLIE AVANT: Student Senate; Girls’ League; N.H.S.; Transfer— North High. MARIE AYCOCK: G.A.A.; Girls’ League. ALLEN BABINSKI: Car Club Pres.; “I Remember Mama”; Transfer— East Hampton, New York. TERRY LEE BACCELUA: Car Club. RANDY BAKER: Bowling Club. SHARON BANCROFT: Girls’ League; Lambda Kappa Phi. WAYNE BARNES: Student Senate; Debate Club; Science Club; Transfer —Wisconsin. RON BARR: Varsity Basketball; Var- sity Baseball. EDWARD BATTERSHELL: National Merit Letter of Commendation; Mu Alpha Theta; J.E.T.S. JOAN BAUER: JV Cheerleader; Del- ta Omega; Student Senate. JEANNIE BECKSTEAD: Junior Achievement. KEN BENNETT: Varsity Cross-coun- try; Varsity Track; Lettcrmen’s Club; Bowling Club. LYNN BENNETT: Girls’ League; Art Club; Biology Club. KATHY BIGLEMAN: Girls’ League. RICK BLAKELEY: Lettermen’s Club V. Pres.; Club Council; State Shot- Put Champ; Varsity Track; Frosh, JV Football. STEVE BLASNEK: Wrestling. JACKIE BLEYER: A.F.S. SUSIE BOTSFORD: Student Senate; Y-Teens; Epsilon Chi Sec., Pres. BONITA BOUDREAU: A.F.S.; Girls’ League; Adv. Girl’s Cho. JANICE BOWEN: Girls’ League; Lambda Kappa Phi. PENNY BOYD: Girls’ League; C.A.A. STEVEN BOYD: Car Club Trcas.; JV Baseball. CHERI BOYER: Sigma Beta Chi; A.F.S. MIKE BRADEN: Bowling Club. -STARR BROOKS: Girls’ League, G.A.A.; Lambda Kappa Phi. JERRY BROWN: Thespians. STEVE BROWN: Club Council; Car Club; Lettermen’s Gub; Swimming; Frosh Basketball. THOMAS BROWN: Titan Band; Dance Band; Band Letterman; “Flower Drum Song.” TERRY BRYAN: Lettermen’s Club; Varsity Swimming, Varsity Wres- tling. BARBARA BUCHANAN: Lambda Kappa Phi Sec.; Transfer—Pensa- cola, Florida. GREG BUCKLEW: Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Lettermen’s Club. JIM BUSCH: Wrestling. DALE BUTTON: Lettermen’s Club; Varsity Wrestling; Tennis. MIKIE BYRON: Girls’ League. JOHN CALDWELL: Car Club; Dra- ma Club; Concert Choir. NANCY CAMERON: A.F.S.; Girls’ League; Sigma Beta Chi. SUSIE CAMERON: Biology Club Sec.; Student Senate; A.F.S. Sec.; Y-Teens Pres., V. Pres.; Girls’ League Council; Sigma Beta Chi. ROBBIE CAMPBELL: Lambda Kappa Phi; Transfer—Scottsdale High. LARRY CAPPELU: Wrestling. SUE CARDELL: G.A.A. RENEE CARRUTH: Olympian Staff; A.F.S.; Spanish Honorary; Quill and Scroll; TRANSFER—Dallas, Texas. FORREST CARTER: Sr. Gass V. Pres.; Lettermen’s Club Sec., Treas.; Varsity Track; Varsity Cross-country. ANA MARIA CARVALHEDO: Stu- dent Council; Sigma Beta Chi; A.F.S.; Girls’ League Council; For- eign Exchange Student, Brazil. CHARLES CASE: Student Senate; N.H.S. Pres.; Mu Alpha Theta; Thespians V. Pres.; Boys’ State; Fencing; “Guys and Dolls,” “Kiss Me Kate,” “Flower Drum Song.” CINDY CASTER: A.F.S.; Thespians; Arcadian Staff; “Jenny Kissed Me.” SUZANNE CHAILLE: Biology Club; Spanish Honorary. GEORGE CHALOGONIAN: Car Club. JACK CHAPMAN: D.E.C.A.; V. Pres. 222RAY CHENHALL: Key Club; Thes- pians; Chorale; “Kiss Me Kate," “Flower Drum Song." JANE CHRISTENSEN: Transfer — California. HARRY CIPRIANO: Cur Club Sec. GARY CLARK: Lettermcn's Club; Football; Baseball; Basketball. TERRY CLARK: Lettermen’s Club; Cross-Country; Track; Wrestling. ELISSA COHEN: Arcadian Staff; Transfer—Van Nuys, California. TOM COLE: Student Senate Corres- ponding Sec.; Lettermen’s Club; Varsity basketball; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Football; Key Club. JOE COLLINGS: Transfer—Coronado High. CHUCK COLTON: Titan Band; Dance Band; Lettermen’s Club; Varsity Golf; Varsity Football. GUS CONTOS: Football. SALLY COOK: Lambda Kappa Phi; Girls’ League. CONNIE COOPER: Transfer—West High. CORINNE CORBITT: Spanish Honor- ary; Band Letterman; “Guys and Dolls,” “Kiss Me Kate," “Flower Drum Song." STEVE CRAIG: Student Council; Student Senate; Bowling Club; Swimming. VALERIE CROOK: Transfer—Phoenix Country Day School. AUDREY DALESSANDRO: Frosh Girl Rep.; Soph Girl Rep.; Girls’ League; Delta Omega Pres. BETSY DALZELL: G.A.A.; Varsity Tennis; Transfer—West Virginia. KEITH DANCKAERT: Transfer—Me- Lean, Virginia. WILLIAM D’APUZZO: Bowling Club; Art Club; Car Gub; Biology Club; Transfer—California. JEAN DAVIDSON: Studern Senate; Girls’ League; Sigma Beta Chi; “Brigadoon,” “Kiss Me Kate,” “Flower Drum Song"; All-State Cho- rus 1962-63. BOBBIE DAVIS: Homecoming Attend- ant; Varsity Cheerleader; Y-Teens; G.A.A.; Girls’ League; Delta Omega. KAREN DAVIS: Student Senate; Girls’ League; Arcadian Staff; Quill and Scroll; Y-Teens; Bowling Gub; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y V. Pres.; Pep Gub. LYNN DAVIS: Quill and Scroll; Ar- cadian Editor; N.H.S.; Mu Alpha Hieta; Girls’ League. MICHAEL DAVIS: Transfer-Plain- field, Indiana. STEPHEN B. DAVIS: Student Sen- ate; Rocket Gub; J.E.T.S. Sec. and Treas.; Transfer—California. NORA DEAK: G.A.A.; Y-Teens; Dra- ma Gub; Girls’ League. FRANK DEAKIN: Car Gub; Trans- fer—Burlington, Iowa. ROSEMARY DELOIAN: Adv. Girl’s Cho.; Girls’ League Council; G.A.A.; Lambda Kappa Phi. RON DENEKE: Football; Wrestling; Lettermen’s Gub. TIM DESCHLER: Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; Lettermen’s Gub. RAY DETRICK: Wrestling. JIM DeVANEY: J.E.T.S.; Rocket Gub. LESLEY DIEFENDERFER: N.H.S.; A.F.S. PAT DiTIRRO: Y-Teens Sec.; Girls’ League. TIM DIETZ: Wrestling; Student Sen- ate; Key Club. THOMAS R. DOOTY: Biology Gub; Transfer—Anderson, South Carolina. GAINES DuVALL: Student Senate; Varsity Baseball; Spanish Honorary. VICKI EATON: Transfer — North High. CAROLYN ELLIOT: Student Senate; Sigma Beta Chi; G.A.A.; Girls’ League; Biology Club. MARILYN ELLIOT: Sigma Beta Chi; Girls’ League; G.A.A.; A.F.S.; Frosh Tennis; Biology Gub. STEPHEN ELLIS: J.E.T.S. THEODORA ENGLUND: Girls’ League; Frosh Christmas Prom Prin- cess. LEONARD ERIE: DeMolay. KATHY ETCHELLS: G.A.A. Sec.; Girls’ League. BART FABER: D.E.C.A. Pres.; Stu- dent Senate; JV Football; Car Gub; Junior Achievement. HARRY FELDER: J.E.T.S.; N.H.S.; National Merit Finalist; Mu Alpha Theta; Transfer—Coronado High. BARBARA FENNER: Art Gub Treas.; Chorus Letter; Adv. Girl’s Cho.; Madrigal; Transfer—Xavier High. BILL FERGUSON: “Kiss Me Kate,” “Flower Drum Song"; Varsity Foot- ball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Track; Lettermen’s Club; Key Gub. CATHERINE FERGUSON: Gold Key Scholastic Art Award; Art Letter; “Classic” Art Editor; Art Gub; Drama Gub. STEVE FIELDING: National Merit Letter of Commendation; Spanish Honorary; Car Gub; Transfer— Chicago, Illinois. JIM FISHER: Swimming; Lettermen’s Gub; Titan Band; Dance Band; Spanish Honorary. JAMES G FISSELL: Student Senate; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Lettermen’s Gub. GRETCHEN FRANK: Student Body Corresponding Sec.; “Qassis” co-ed- itor; Anytown; N.H.S.; Epsilon Chi; Tri-Hi-Y. CONNIE FREEMAN: Y-Teens; Inter- Club Council; Lambda Sigma Phi Y-Teens; Girls’ League; Pep Gub; Transfer—Oklahoma. NANCY FREESTONE: G.A.A.; Stu- dent Senate; Sigma Beta Chi; Y- Teens Sec.; Girls’ League. FRED GAMBLE: Titan Band; Band Letterman; Rocket Club. PATTI GEIGER: Delta Omega; Stu- dent Senate; Titan Band; Band Let- terman; "Kiss Me Kate.” CAROL GIESZL: “I Remember Ma- ma”; G.A.A.; Drama Club; Biology Gub. JANICE GIFFIN: “Kiss Me Kate,” “I Remember Mama”; Adv. Girl’s Cho.; Girls’ League; Student Senate; Thespians. RICKEY GIVEN: Transfer — San Francisco, California. GERALD J. GLOVER: Bowling Gub; Fencing Gub. SANDRA R. GOMPF: Student Senate. BOB GOODPASTURE: Titan Band; Varsity Track; Lettermen’s Gub; Transfer—Hillside, Illinois. LAND GRANT: Student Senate; Na- tional Merit Finalist; Varsity Foot- ball Capt.; Key Gub; Lettermen’s Gub. VIRGINIA SUE GRANT: Lambda Kappa Phi; A.F.S.; Y-Tcens; Stu- dent Senate; Girls’ League; Art Club. GWENDOLYN JAY GREEN: D.E.C.A. BARBARA GRIGG: G.A.A. BRUCE GULLEDGE: Swimming, Fencing Gub, Car Gub. DONNA GUMLICK: Girls’ League; Mu Alpha TTieta. HEATHER HAFLEIGH: “Flower Drum Song”; Olympian Staff; Jr. Class Council; Student Senate; Quill and Scroll; Delta Omega; Girls' League. JUDI HAGEDORN: Inter-club Coun- cil; Club Council; Girls’ League Council; Sigma Beta Chi; Transfer —Barrington, Illinois. JAN HALL: N.H.S.; G.A.A.; Girls’ League; Spanish Honorary; Lambda Kappa Phi; Student Senate. JANEY ANN HANEY: G.A.A. Treas.; Girls’ League V. Pres.; Pep Gub; Lambda Kappa Phi; “Brigadoon,” “Guys and Dolls,” “Kiss Mo Kate,” “Flower Drum Song.” JIM HANFORD: Arcadian Staff. BECKY HANNA: Epsilon Chi; Y- Teens; Girls’ League; Transfer— Sylvania, Ohio. ROBIN S. HANSEN: A.F.S.; Girls’ League; Pep Club. 223HEATHER HARVEY: Pep Club; Girl ’ league; Transfer—Coronado High. CAROL HAUGELAND: Girls’ Slate, Arcadian Staff; Pom Pon; A.F.S.; Twirp Attendant; N.H.S.; Student Senate Corresponding See.; Thes- pian V. Pres.; Tri-Hi-Y V. Pres.; .Quill and Scroll; Mu Alpha Theta; Junior Aehievement. KAREN HAYDEN: Student Senate; Orchestra; Art Club; Thespians. JANE HERINGER: G.A.A.; Girls’ League; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Titan Rand; Clio. JOANNA HIATT: Epsilon Chi Tri- Hi-Y; N.H.S.; Transfer—Clay City, Indiana. JOHN HILDE: JV Basketball; Spanish Honorary. DAVID HILL: N.H.S.; National Merit Finalist; J.E.T.S.; Mu Alpha Theta. JAMES H. HILLEBRAND: Letter- men’s Club; Anytown; Varsity Foot- ball; Key Club; Transfer—France. SCOTT HILSABECK: Varsity Foot- hall; Lettermen’s Club. SHERRY HIRT: Madrigals; Pep Club. BECKY HITCHCOCK: Girls’ League; lambda Kappa Phi Tri-Hi-Y. STEVE HODGSON: Varsity Football; Baseball; Lettermen’s Club. CINDA HOEL: Delta Omega; Girls’ League. BILL HOFFMAN: A.F.S.; N.H.S.; Thespians; Key Club; Harvard Book Award; Student Senate; “Briga- doon.” “Man Who Came to Dinner,” “Guys and Dolls.” “Kiss Me Kate,” “I Remember Mamma," “Godot," “Flower Drum Song.” CHERYL HOGAN: Anytown; Girls’ League Council; Sigma Beta Chi. MYRA DAWN HOLBERT: Science Club Treas.; Adv. Girl’s Cho.; Mad- rigal; Transfer—Scottsdale High. TOM HOLMES: Student Senate; Stu- dent Council; Spanish Honorary; Wrestling; Transfer — Evanston Township. Illinois. MARK HOPKINS: J.E.T.S. Pres.; National Merit Finalist; National Science Foundation; N.H.S.; Latin Club; Mu Alpha Theta; Transfer— New Jersey. JANET LYNN HOUGH: Girls’ League; A.F.S.; Transfer—Tucson. LOU HUDSON: Frosh Class Treas.; Girls’ League; G.A.A. MARGARET HULL: Girls’ league; A.F.S.; Y-Teens; Biology Club. JUDITH ANNE HUTSON: Girls’ League; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y. BRUCE HUXFORD: Transfer—Mar- ion, Illinois. KATHY JABLONSKI: Sigma Beta Chi; Girls’ League. LINDA JENSEN: Girls" League; Transfer—Brigham City, Utah. BRUCE JOHNSON: Spanish Honor- ary. LYNDA JOHNSON: Jr. Class Coun- cil; N.H.S.; A.F.S.; Mu Alpha The- ta. MIKE JOHNSON: Varsity Swimming; Lettermen’s Club; Transfer—Virgin- ia, Minnesota. RON JOHNSON: Football Capt.; Baseball; Lettcrmcn’s Club. WILLIAM E. JOHNSON: Football; Wrestling; Lettermen’s Club. GAIL ANN JORCENSON: D.E.C.A. See.; Student Senate. CHARLOTTE KAMSTRA: Biology Club; Girls’ League. JEANNIE KAYZ: G.A.A.; Tri-Hi-Y; Student Senate. PAM KEEN: Chorale; Sigma Beta Chi; Girls’ League; “Brigadoon," “Kiss Me Kate.” “Flower Drum Song." JERRY KELLEY: Car Club V. Pres. JILL KENNEDY: Club Council Sec.; Spanish Honorary; Y-Tccns; Band Lctterman. PATRICIA ANNE KIDWELL: Girls’ league; Bowling Club; Tri-Hi-Y. CHARLIE KLEIN: Mixed Clio. LINDA KLEINZ: G.A.A. Sec. and Pres.; Girls’ League; Lambda Kap- pa Phi. SAUNDRA KNACKSTEDT: Adv. Girl’s Cho. PAMELA KNIGHT: Delta Omega; Madrigals; Girls’ League. SCOTT KOERNER: Wrestling; Let- termen’s Club. KIM KOPECK Y: Swimming; Car Club; Drama Club; Transfer — Grove, Illinois. LINDA KRAHENBIHL: Girls’ League; Adv. Girls’ Cho. LINDA KUCHLER: D.E.C.A.; Trans- fer—Wallingford. Pennsylvania. BOB KUEBLER: Track. CHERYL KYFF: Delta Omega Sec.; N.H.S.; Biology Club; Adv. Girl’s Cho.; Optimist Student of Month. GORDON LACY: D.E.C.A.; Fencing. DARNELL LADD: Lambda Kappa Phi; Girls’ League. BILL LAM AN: Car Club. NANCY LAMBERT: Girls’ League; Y-Teens; Student Senate. NANCY ANN LAMSON: G.A.A.; A.F.S.; Girls’ League; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Student Senate; Biology Club. JANE LAUBACH: A.F.S.; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Girls’ League. GREG LAUTEN: N.H.S.; Baseball; Basketball; Golf; Transfer — Mt. Prospect, Illinois. DENNIS LcFEBVRE: Track; Letter- men’s Club; Transfer—Michigan. ZOANNE LEININGER: Student Sen- ate; Girls' League; lambda Kappa Phi. DAVID LILLIE: Transfer—Utah. JUDITH LIND: Girls’ League. JACQUELYN LINDSTROM: Frosh Class See.; Soph. Class Sec.; Jr. Class Sec.; Sr. Class Sec.; Home- coming Attendant; Pom Pon; Delta Omega; Student Senate; “Briga- doon." SUSAN LINDSTROM: A.F.S.; Girls’ League. BEVERLY UNGAFELT: Adv. Girl’s Cho. SALLY LISKA: G.A.A.; A.F.S.; Pep Club; Girls’ League; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y. RICHARD LOCKETT: J.E.T.S.; Mu Alpha Theta; Swimming; Transfer —California. MIKE LOPER: Varsity Football; Var- sity Track; Lettermen’s Club; Twirp Candidate; Homecoming Candidate; Dc Molay. RONNIE LOW: Car Club. DOUG MAC DONALD: Varsity Bas- ketball; Lettermen’s Club; Transfer —Schenectady, New York. LYNN CHRISTINE McCASLAND: N.H.S.; Concert Choir; Adv. Girl’s Cho.; Band Pennant; Transfer — Pennsylvania. LAURA McCLURE: Band Lctterman; “Kiss Me Kate.” “Guys and Dolls," "Flower Drum Song.” PEGGY McMULLIN: Co-Queen Christmas Prom; Girls League Pres.; Sigma Beta Chi; Arcadian Staff; Pep Club; “I Remember Mamma.” MARY McNAMARA: “Jenny Kissed Me." MIKE McNAMARA: Jr. Class V. Pres.; Student Senate V. Pres.; Key Club; Pep Gub; Transfer—La Jol- la, California. DICK McPHERSONr Football; Track; Bowling Club; Transfer — Tcmpe High. DAVID McNULTY: J.E.T.S.; Chorale; Rocket Club; Transfer—North High. MIKE MAISEL: D.E.C.A.; Swim- nting. ROBERT MANNING: Student Senate. RICHARD MARGOLIN: Golf; Letter- men’s Club. GAYLE MARKOW: Olympian Staff; Transfer—West High. MARY MARTIN: G.A.A.; Transfer- Minnesota. DAVID B. MAY: “Brigadoon,” “Guys and Dolls," “Kiss Me Kate," “Flower Drum Song”; Football; Wrestling; Spanish Honorary; Lettermen’s 224Clui»; Thespians; Rocket Club; “Co- dot.” LARRY MEEK: Rocket Club. NANCY MEHAGIAN: Transfer-Cen- tral High. FRANK MENDOLA: Football Mgr.; J.E.T.S.; Rocket Club; Lettermen’s Club; “Brigadoon,” “Guys and noils," "Kiss Me Kate." PHILIP MESSEC: D.E.C.A.; Baseball. JIM MERCIER: Key Club. Football; Lettermen's Club. RICHARD MICKLE: Biology Club; Student Senate; Wrestling; Track; Transfer—Chicago, Illinois. DAVID MILLER: Track. JUDY MILLER: Adv. Girl’s Cho. SID MILLER: Frosh. JV Baseball. STEVE MILLER: Football; Track; Lettermen's Club; Transfer—Scotts- dale High. RICHARD MILOT: Bowling Club. WES MOHR: Lettermen'a Gub; T ransfer—Texas. JADEANNE MONTGOMERY: Y- Teens; Sigma Beta Chi; A.F.S.; Lambda Kappa Phi. DANA MOORE: G.A.A.; A.F.S.; Girls’ League, Tri-Hi-Y. ROSEMARY MOORE: Arcadian Staff; Girls' State; N.H.S.; Drama Club. VICKI MOORE: Girls’ League; Jun- ior Achievement. BRAD MORFITT: Lettermen’s Club; Cross-Country. BECKY MOWRY: Lambda Sigma Phi; Y-Teens. MAUREEN MURPHY: Pep Club. SHERRY NAI.DER: Thespians Pres.; Student Senate; Russian Club; De- bate Club; Y-Teens; Transfer—Salt Lake City, Utah. NINA NAUM AN: Mu Alpha Theta See.; Biology Club Pres.; Anytown; Student Senate; N.H.S.; Arcadian Staff; Quill and Scroll. ELBERTA MEERIEMER: Student Senate; D.E.C.A. NICK NICHOLSON: Student Senate; National Merit Finalist; N.H.S.; Quill and Scroll; Arcadian Staff; Olympian Staff; Varsity Tennis; Lettermen’s Club; Spanish Honor- ary; Car Club; Transfer—Texas. PENNY NORBIE: Lambda Kappa Phi Tri-!fi-Y; Transfer—Flagstaff. KAY NORRIS: Student Senate; Girls’ League; Sigma Beta Chi; G.A.A. REBECCA SUE NORMAND: Girls’ League. HELEN JEAN O'BRIEN: Girls’ League; “Brigadoon”; “Guys and Dolls,” “Kiss Me Kate,” “Flower Drum Song.” DENISE E. IDEAN: Adv. Girl's Cho.; G.A.A. RANDY IDEN: Varsity Wrestling: lettermen’s Club. SHARON OHMS: G.A.A.; Girls’ League. LARRY OLDEN: Mu Alpha Theta Pres.; N.H.S. V. Pres. PATRICIA SUSAN OLIVER: Girls’ League; G.A.A. ELLIOTT OLSON: T Remember Mamma," “Kiss Me Kate”; Rifle Club; Rocket Club. KAREN OLSON: Student Senate; Del- ta Omega Treas. STEVE ORTH: Varsity Football; Let- termen’s Club. DANA OVERMIER: G.A.A.; Art Club Treas. KATHY PAINE: Girls’ League; Thcs- pians, “I Remember Mamma.” KARL PAINTER: Transfer-Culver Military Academy. DAVE PDPANDREW: Student Sen- ate; Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Lettermen’s Club. PAT PAYNE: Varsity Football; Var- sity Track; Lettermen’s Club. JOHNNY PEARSON: Transfer-Cen- tral High. JIIDIE PEBI.ER: Lambda Kappa Phi Tri-Hi-Y; Adv. Girl’s Cho. RICHARD PENQUITE: Football; Bowling Club. HAVNE PETERS: Student Senate; Key Club; “Sec How They Run,” “Jenny Kissed Me.” J. DENNIS PETERSON: Track. BARBARA PHILLIPS: Tri-Hi-Y; JV Cheerleader; Girls’ League; Trans- fer—Tucson. RUTH PIERCE: Adv. Girl’s Cho.; Girls’ League; G.A.A. DEIRDRE PISANI: Lambda Kappa Phi Sec. DIANE PLEDGER: Pep Club; Girls’ League; Safety Club. GAYLE POST: Betty Crocker Home- maker of Tomorrow, Sigma Beta Chi. SUSAN PRATTL: Delta Omega; Y- Teens; “Kiss Me Kate,” “Flower Drum Song.” LAURIE SUE PTAK: Key Club Sweetheart; Homecoming Queen; Olympian Candidate; Pom Pon; Delta Omega V. Pres.; Student Sen- ate; Y-Teens; Mu Alpha Theta. BILL QUINN: Band Lctterman. JOHN W. RANBY: Varsity Swim- ming; Lettermen’s Club; Spanish Honorary. CHRIS REED: Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y. KAREN REID: N.H.S.; Spanish Hon- orary. PETE REPP: Homecoming King; Varsity Track; Varsity Football; Lettermen’s Club; Key Club. GLORIA RICHMOND: Girls’ League. KATHY RIGGS: Gold Key Scholastic Art Awards. LYNN ROBB: “Brigadoon,” “Flower Drum Song”; Madrigals; Girls’ League; Limbda Kappa Phi Pres. JANIS ILEEN ROBERSON: Arcadian Staff; Quill and Scroll; Thespians. STEVE ROBINETTE: Cross-Country; Lettermen’s Club; Varsity Track. JAN ROBINSON: C.A.A.; Girls’ League; Student Senate; Lambda Kappa Phi Tri-Hi-Y. MARY JANE ROCKER: Girls’ League; Gold Key Scholastic Art Award; Art Club. SUE ROPER: Jr. Christmas Prom Princess; Co-Queen Christmas Prom; D.A.R. Award; Art Club; Girls’ League; Quill and Scroll; Arcadian Staff; C.A.A. KATHY ROSE: A.F.S.; G.A.A.; Stu- dent Senate; Transfer—New Jersey. THOMAS ROTHWEILER: Concert Choir; Swimming; Art Gub; Car Gub. KAY ROUSE: Pep Club; Girls’ League; Transfer—Mesa High. JUDIE RUMMAGE: Jr. Class Girl Rep.; Jr. Class Council; Delta Ome- ga; Girls’ League; Lambda Kappa Phi Tri-Hi-Y. WALTER M. RUNGE: Varsity Golf; Lettermen’s Club. TOBY RUPERT: Transfer-Palo Alto. California. NANCY St. CLAIR: Epsilon Chi Tri- Hi-Y; All State Band; “Guys and Dolls," "Kiss Me Kate,” “Flower Drum Song." MARY JANE St. THOMAS: Student Senate; Girl’s Cho.; “I Remember Mamma,” Drama Club. LAURIE SALISBURY: Student Body Treas.; Student Senate; Soph. Class Treas.; Jr. Class Treas.; Girls’ League Treas.; Soph. Christmas Prom Princess; Anytown; Girls’ League; Thespians; Girls’ State; N.H.S.; Delta Omega; “The Man Who Came to Dinner,” “Jenny Kissed Me." NEIL SALMI: Rocket Club Pres.; Student Senate; Band Lctterman; J.E.T.S. DARRYLL SALSBURG: Football; Car Gub. HARRY SALZMAN: D.E.C.A. Treas.; Football; Basketball. BECKY SCHARF: “I Remember Mamma”; Thespians; Lambda Kap- pa Phi Tri-Hi-Y; Transfer—Coro- nado High. DAVE SCHEDLER: Varsity Football; Lettermen’s Gub. 225SANDRA LEE SCHORK: Art Club. JO SCHWAN: Sr. Girl Rep.; Delta Omega; Student Senate. LARRY SCHWARTZ: Basketball; Track; Car Club. FREDERICK C. SCHWARZE: Foot- ball; Track; Rocket Club Pres.; Biology Club Treas.; J.E.T.S. PAM SHAFER: Girls’ League; “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” “Guys and Dolls.” MARYANN SHALL: G.A.A. BARBARA SHEELEY: A.F.S.; Girls’ League; Transfer—Central High. CAROL SHEER: G.A.A.; YTeens; Varsity Cheerleader. ROGER SHEER: Drama Club Treas.; Arcadian Staff; Thespians; Wres- tling; Mgr. Lettermen’s Club; “Ar- senic and Old Lace,” “The Man Who Came to Dinner.” “Guys and Dolls," “I Remember Mamma,” “Jenny Kissed Me.” LINDA SHER: Transfer—Phoenix Country Day School. RICK SHULTS: Student Senate; Var- sity Basketball; Varsity Track; Let- termen’s Club. JEFF SMITH: Varsity Track; Letter- men’s Club. JUDY SMITH: G.A.A.; Girls’ League. LORRAINE SMITH: Student Senate; Girls’ League; Lambda Kappa Phi Tri-Hi-Y; Transfer—Cedar Rapids, Iowa. MARILYN SMITH: Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Delta Omega. ROBERT L. SMITH: Bowling Club; Concert Choir; “Brigadoon”; Trans- fer—California. SUSAN SMITH: N.H.S.; A.F.S.; Girls’ League; Spanish Honorary; Dance Band; "Flower Drum Song.” JIM SOLLENBERGER: Golf; Track. TOM SORENSON: J.E.T.S. JACQIJE SAUTER: G.A.A.; Lambda Kappa Phi; Girls’ League. STEVE SPELLMAN: Swimming; Transfer—Minnesota. ESTELLE SPEROS: Sr. Class Treas.; Student Senate; Sigma Beta Chi; Adv. Girl’s Cho.; Madrigal; “Kiss Me Kate,” “Flower Drum Song.” TUCK STEPHENSON: Sr. Class Pres.; Soph. Boy Rep.; Frosh Boy Rep.; Twirp Candidate; Olympian Candidate; Basketball; Varsity Golf; Key Club; N.H.S. GRETCHEN STERNBERG: Student Senate; Girls’ League; D.E.C.A. CLINT STIDHAM: Track; Band. ED STRUBLE: Varsity Band; Student Senate; Baseball; Junior Achieve- ment; “Kiss Me Kate,” “Flower Drum Song." STEVE SUGGS: Key Club Sec. MARK SULLIVAN: Transfer-Brophy Prep. SHIRLEY SURCENER: Biology Club; Cho. Lettcrman. RTUH SWAIN: Student Senate. GEORGE E. TANGUY II: Bowling Club; Transfer—West High. JOAN TAYLOR: Quill and Scroll; Arcadian Staffs SUE TEAR: Jr. Class Council; Stu- dent Senate; Girls’ League; Sigma Beta Chi Pres.; A.F.S.; Varsity Cheerleader. BOB TELLIER: Varsity Baseball; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Golf; Lettermen’s Club. KEITH THIMPSON: Varsity Golf; Lettermen’s Club. MARK THOMSON: Bowling Club. CLEDE TOMLINSON: G.A.A.; Girls’ League; Pep Club. JUDY TOPOLOSKY: Student Senate; Transfer—Columbus, Ohio. BILL TOY: Car dub. TRUDIE TROUTMAN: Girls’ League; G.A.A. Junior Achievement; Trans- fer—Mesa. SHEILA TUCKER: Spanish Honor- ary. JAMES Van HOUTEN: N.H.S.; Mu- Alpha Theta. GERRY Van REUSEN: Olympian Staff; Varsity Basketball; Track; Lettermen’s Club. JOHN VERBOUT: Student Senate; Varsity Football; Track; Baseball; Lettermen’s dub. LYNDA VERNER: Lettermcn’s Sweet- heart; Varsity Cheerleader; G.A.A. MIKE VIOTTI: Titan Band; Dance Band; Band Lettermen. HALLIE Von AMMON: Pep dub Pres.; Thespians Sec.; Drama Club; Art Club; Gold Medal Scholastic Art Award. CAROL WALLECK: Concert Choir; Girl’s State; N.H.S.; A.F.S.; Fenc- ing Club. LEE WALLEY: G.A.A.; Pep dub; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Transfer— Frankfurt, Germany. JANET WALMSLEY: Student Body Recording Sec.; Twirp Queen; Olympian Candidate; Delta Omega. JIM WARE: Student Senate; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Baseball. PAT WEBBER: Bowling Club. JEAN WEBER: Student Senate; Thes- pians; A.F.S.; Drama Club; Fencing Club; Make Up Crew for “Flower Drum Song.” JOHN WEIDEMANN: Car Club. BARBARA WELCH: Pep Club. CONNIE WELCH: Girls’ League; Art Club; Transfer—Orinda Cali- fornia. LINDA LEE WELLER: Girls’ League; Sigma Beta Chi. DAVE WERNER: Student Senate; Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; Basketball; Lettermen’s Club. AL WESOLOWSKI: Student Senate; Arcadian Staff. DAWN WHEELOCK: Student Senate; Girls’ League; G.A.A. ERIK WIDMARK: Varsity Track; Varsity Football; Varsity Basketball; Letlermen’s Club; Key Club; Titan Band. JOAN ALLISON WILCOX: Spanish Honorary. ALAN WILLIAMS: J.E.T.S.; Varsity Track; Lettcrmen’s dub; Biology Club. FRED WILLIAMS: Varsity Track; Lettermen’s Club. SHARON WILLIAMS: Thespians; Drama Club; Biology dub; Pep Club; Frosh Tennis. CATHY WILSON: Student Body Chaplain; Sr. Class Girl Rep.; Stu- dent Senate; Chorale; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Y Teens. KATHY WILSON: A.F.S.; Epsilon Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Transfer—Great Falls, Montana. DENNIS WOLFF: Varsity Baseball; Lettermen’s dub; Key Club. RANDY WRIGHT: Student Body Pres.; Soph. Class Pres.; Jr. Class Pres.; Boys’ State; Boys’ Nation; Anytown; Spanish Honorary; A.F.S.; N.H.S.; Twirp Candidate; Olympian Candidate; Key Club; “I Remember Mamma,” “Jenny Kissed Me.” SUSAN WRIGHT: G.A.A.; Cho. GAIL ZENOBI: Girls’ League; Stu- dent Senate; Delta Omega. EDDRA ZIEGLER: Student Senate; Girls’ League; Y-Teens. FRANK ZISKA: Frosh Class Pres.; Student Council; Student Senate; Lettermen’s Club Pres.; Arcadian Staff; Olympian Candidate; Delta Darling; Varsity Track; Varsity Football; Key Club. DONNA LYNN ZWAANSTRA: G.A.A. 226Abbott, Phil—105. 1«. 199 Aberg, Karen—105 Adam . Donald—75 Adam , James—75 Adam , Marilyn—10$. 163 Adam», Pf|ir—105, 168 Ahearne, Kathy—89 Airola, Anno—75 Airola, Evi—105. 168 Akers. Barbara—75. 160 Akers, Margaret—31 Albert. Samuel—75. 169, 172. 174 Albrand, Candy—105 Ale . Bob-89 Alexander, George—31 Alexander, Judy—31. 159 Alien. BUI—89 Allen. Linda-31 Allen. Lucy—105. 168 Allen. Marilyn—75. 159. 180 Allen. Mike—105, 128. 153. 166 Allum . Timothy—75. 160, 165. 169 Allen. Trey-89 Alter, Mina—75 Amberaon, Mary—105 Ambler. Allyaon—31 Ambrose. Andy-8, 31. 152, 153. 173. 174 Ammerman, Kathy—75 Anair, Steve—89. 198 Anderaen. Dana—75. 163 Anderaen, Merrll—105 Anderaon, Fred—89, 198 Anderaon. Helen—105 Anderaon, Jaraea—89 Anderaon, John—75. 160 Anderaon, John—75 Anderaon. Kathy—89 Anderton, Kay—31, 149, 160, Anderaon, Leonard—89 Anderaon, Mark—89 Anderaon, Richard—89, 160 Anderaon, Rick—105 Anderaon. Tom—105 Andrew?, Francie—105 Andrew . Mike—105 Apple, Suaan—105 Appling, Linda—89 Armstrong. Michael—105 Atwood. Judy—89. 166 Augustine, John—31 Auitin, Linda—75 Au tin, Roy—31 Au tln, Sid—89 Avanl, Le»lle-31. 153. 174, 175 Baar, Nancy—89 Baar. Sam—31. 172 Babin ki. Allen—32. 177 Baccellia, Rory—105, 168 Baecellia. Terry—32. 177 Bahl . Robert—75 Bailey. Larry—105. 163 Bailey. Michael—166. 199 Baker. Beth—105 Baker, Bruce—32, 124 Baker. Darld—75. 160 Baker, Randy—32 Baker. Ron-89, t63. 198 Bladwin, Doug—32 Rladwln, Sharon—105 Balia, George—89 Balliett. Doug—105. 166 Banburf, Steve-105. 117. 166. 199 Bancroft, Sharon—32 Barclay. Linda—75. 166. 175 Barnee, Fred—105 Barnes, Linda—75 Barnes. Sharon—75 Barnes, Wayne—32 Barnett, Brad—89 Barolet, Randy—105, 163 Barr. Ron—32. 201. 203. 201. 205. 216. 217 Bartholomew, Cliff—89 Bartolino, Jamie—10S. 168 Bartolino. Jeff—75. 172 Baltershell, Ed-32, 172 Batty. Marcia—75. 167 Bauer, Bob—89 Bauer, Joan—32, 180 Baumann. Bill—75. 16«. 171. 220 Baumann, Peter—89, 220 Baylees, Don-89. 170 Beadle, Steve—105 Beall. Karen-105, 168 Beall. Julie-32 Bean, Patricia—75. 175 Bean . Stephen—75 Beck. Su»an—89 Beck«lead. Jean—32 Bedenkop. Rick—75. 171, 191. 216. 217 Behringer, Nancy—75 Behringer, Steve—105 Belden. Betsy—105. 153. 164, 168 Belden, John—75, 161 Bellamy, Barbara—89 Bellrngrr, Oscar—33, 160 Bemis, Ronald—75 Benjamin, John—33 Bennett, Diana—89 Bennett, Kenneth—33, 171 Bennett, Marty—89 Benton, Bruce—75 Benua, John—89 Beniing, Dennis—33 Berg, Craig—89 Bergen, Kathleen—75, 161 Bergero, Kathy—105 Bergren, Robert—105 Bernard, Bruce—89. 198 Bernard. Miml—105. 168 Berry. Mike-89, 198 Bethall. Shelley—105, 168 Bethel), Candance—75 Beuerlein, Kathy—105 Beuerlein, Mary—89 Bierbaum, Leon—75 Bigleman, Kathy—33 Bimson, Walter—10S. 199. 207 Bircimthaw, Val—75 Birkhol . Bill—75. 171, 195, 209 Birkholi, Susie—89 Birney, Mary—75 Bisbee, Steve-75, 171, 193 Black. Carol—75. 157, 173. 182 Black. Cynthia—106. 163, 178 Black, Doug—106 Black. John-171. 192, 214 Blackmore, Mary—33 Blackmore, Stan—89 Balir, Jackson—89 Blakeley, Carolyn—76 Blakeley. Rick—33. 171, 214 Blakesley, Jeannette—106 Blanco. Grant—89. 163. 171, 205 Blasnek, Steve—33 Blatt, Amanda—89, 173 Blaxok, Karen—90 Bleyer, Jackie—33, 175 Bleyer, Steve—90 Block, Randec—76 Blom, Betty—90. 159, 175, 181, 182 Bluell. Craig—33 Blunda, Anthony—76, 157 Bly, William—76 Blyth, Nona—76. 132, 133. 179 Bock. Judith-76 Bohannon. Rill—106 Bohm, Doug—106 Bonds, Tammy—76 Boren. Ken—33 Borselll, Greg—106, 166 Bortheim, James—90, 163 Borsheim, Mike—33 Borup. Diane—106, 168 Bosley. Dave—106 Bottock. Frank—76. 198 Bottford. Judy—106, 182 Bottford, Susan—34, 182 Boudreau, Bonnie—34, 166, 175 Boulder, Pat—34 Bowen, Barbara—106 Bowen, Janice—34 Bowie, Jerome—90 Bowne, Sharon—90 Boyd. Casaie—90, 166 Boyd, Cherry—76, 173 Boyd. I.»urle—90 Boyd. Penny—34 Boyd, Steve—34. 177 Boyer, Cherle—34 Boyer, Marhy—90, 173 Boyer, Peggy—106 Boxeman. Beverly—106, 163 Braden, Mike—34 Bradley. Terri—76. 166. 183 Brady. Mike—76 Bramlett, Annette—34. 166 Brannan, Dawn—90, 103 Brannan. Jim—90 Brennan. Michael—90 Brewer. Cynthia—106, 168 Brim, Larry—90 Brinton, Landra—34 Brooks, Doris—34, 167 Brooks, Starr—34 Brophy, Bob—90 Brown, Bunny—90 Brown, Dan—90 Brown, Dave—106 Brown. Cary—35 Brown, Janice—76 Brown, Jeremy—35, 134 Brown, Lancy—76 Brown, Michael—76. 171, 192 Brown, Randy—106. 207 Brown. Rick—76. 153 Brown. Roger—90. 153 Brown. Steve-9. 35. 171. 177 Brown. Steve—88. 90. 198 Brown, Tom—35. 160. 165. 169 Bruce, Jim—106 Bruce. Kim-76. 153. 172 Bryan. Terry—35, 171 Bryan. Terry—35. 171 Bubb. Priscilla—106 Buchanan, Barbara—35 Bucklew, Doug—90 Buchlew, Greg—35. 171, 192 Buckley. Ll -106. 168 Buenger, Barbara—106, 117, 168 Buffman. Barry—90. 168 Buker, Emily—35 Bulinski. Ray—106. 166. 207 Bulrarr, Debbie—90 Burger, Sue—90, 166, 183 Burke. Betsy—106 Burnett, Kathy—106 r ggy—W, 160, 164 Burns. Jamie—76, 164 Burns. Jamle—76. 164 Burns, Jennifer—106 Burns, Kathy—35 Burton, Bryan—35 Buseh. Jim—35 Butter, Sandy—35, 176 Butcher, Jackie—106. 168 Butcher, Tom—90 Butler. Dick—76. 171, 189. 205 Butler, Jim—106. 207 Butler, Larry—76, 170 Butler, Laurel—76 Butler. Linda—90. 167 Butler, Lloyd—90 Butler. William Kirk—106 Button. Dale—36. 171. 208. 209 Buxton. Susie-106, 168 Byron. Mikle—36 Cady. Bob-106 Cady. Mike—106, 166 Cahill. Mike—90. 198 Caldwell. James—76 Caldwell, John—36, 164 Caldwell. Mary-90 Caldwell, Tom—106 Calhoun, Bonnie—90, 166 Callendo, Paul—76 Call. Condle—106, 199 Call. Michael—76. 160 Cameron, Greg—160 Cameron. Nancy—36, 127, 175, 178. 181 Cameron, Susan—36, 127, 153, 175. 178. 181, 182 Campbell. Mark—106 Campbell, Robbie—36 Campbell, Scott—76 Canfield. Bonnie—90. 167 Cannon, Dale—36 Cannon, Ronald—76 Canter. Shelley—76. 175. 178, 180 Canter, Steve—106 Capprlll. Larry—36 Capps. Ann—106 Cardeli, Sutanne—36 Cardew, Gerald—37 Cardrw, Nancy—106, 153, 16«. 168 Carlton, Dave—106 Carlton, Shauna—90 Carlton, Mary—76 Carnahan. Bill-90 Carnahan. Crrald—106, 199, 207 Carroll, Linda—90 Camith, Cissy—37. 130. 154 Carton. Bill—106 Carter. Charlle—106. 166. 199 Carter. Forrest—30. 37. 171, 215 Carter. Laurie-37, 154 Carter, Para—91 Carter, Ronald—76 Carusetta. Danny—91 Carvalhedo. Anna Maria—9, 37, 146, 175. 178. 181 Carver. Boh—76. 170 Carver, Charles—91 Case. Chuck—37. 149. 16«. 172, 174. 179 Casey. Patrick—106, 166 Casper, Cheryl—91 Castady, Patricia—76 Caster. Cindy—37. 132, 133, 156 Castleberry, Betty—106 Castleberry, Judy—76, 183 Caxel, Patricia—76. 165, 176 Chadderdon, Valeria—76, 160 Chadwick. Susan—106 Chaillie. Rene-106. 168 Chaillie, Suranne—37, 173 Chalagoniaa, George—37 Chance, BM-91 Chapman. Jack—37, 176 Charland, John—91 Chenhall. Don-76. 171, 189 Chenhall, Doris—106. 16«. 168 Chenhall. Ray—37. 161. 170 Chesley. Vickie—76. 167 Chraacn. Peter—76 Childers, Coette—37. 166 Chipmsn, Melinda—38 Choate, Eddie—76 Christ. David—91 Christensen. Jane—38 Christensen. Nancy—106 Christian, Diana—76 Christian, Earl—76 Christian, Monty—91 Christmas, France —76, 153 Cipriano, Harry—38. 177 Cipriano. Richard—91 Clark. Barbara—106. 168 Clark. Bill—91 Clark. Cary—38 Clark. Mark—76. 160 Clark. Mike—38 Clark, Sutanne—106. 168 Clark. Terry—38. 171 Clatterburk, Janet—91 Clinkingbeard, Mary—76 Close, Chris—107. 117. 168 Coar. Jackie—107. 168 Cochrane. Bill—107 Coen, Creta—77 Coffer. Kent-91 Coffman. Gary—91 Cohen, Shelly—91 Cohen. Terry—38 Cole, Cheryl—77 Cole. Tom—38. 153. 170. 171, 203, 204. 217 Colling . Joe—38 Colton. Chuck—38. 125. 160. 165. 171, 189. 218 Conklin. John—38 Conner. Judy—77. 125, 143 Conroy. Patrick—77 Conto . Gut—38 Countryman. Ron—39 Cook. Mariann—107 Cook. Sally-39 Cooley. Pam—91. 153 Cooley. Tom—77. 145. 170. 171, 186, 191. 194. 217 Cooper, Connie—39 Copeland. Dorothy—107, 163 Coppint. James—77 Coppock. Douglas—39. 149. 161, 218 Corbitt. Corinne—39, 160. 169 Corbus, Patty—107 Cordry, Carolyn—91, 175 Corkhill, Bob—91. 153, 163 Coryell. Bob—91 Coryell, Roger—77, 153 Contine, Bob—107 Cowdry. Ken—91 Craig. Steve—39. 129 Crampton, Edith—91, 165 Cranny. Mike—39. 160. 171 Cranny, Renee—107, 153 Croft. Linda—107. 164, 168 Cronthey. Donald—107, 153. 176 Cronthey. Robert—39 Crook. Letitia—107. 168 Crossman. Paula—91 Crotser, Valarie—77 Crowder, Robert—77 Crowley, William—77 Curl. Sandra-91. 167 Currie. Claudia—107 Cushing, Lynn—91 Dalessandro, Audrey—39. 180 Daley, Ron—39 Daley. Terri—107. 168 Daly. Karen-91. 221 Dal tell, Barbara—107. 168. 221 Dalxell. Betty—40. 221 Dambrova, Betty—91. 175 Dambrova. Bill—107 Dana. Mark—199 Danekaert, Keith—10 Daniels, Sharon—77 Danley, William-91. 209 D'Apurxo. Bill—«0. 176. 177 Darrow, Carole—91 Daudet, Carol—107 Daudet. Jim—77 Davenport, Geoff—91Davidion, Jean—10, 166, 175, 181 Davi», Bobbie—8, 10. 110. 158. 180 Davi», Diane—91 Davit, Karen—40. 157, 173 Davi» Laura—91 Davi». Lynn—40. 149, 156, 172, 173, 174 Davi», Margaret—77, 125 Davi», Mike—10 Davi». Sandy—91, 167 Davi», Sieve—40 Day, Jim—91 Dayton, David—107, 163, 199, 207 Deok. .Nora—»0 Drakin, Frank—10, 177 DeBrrgc, Patricia—77 Drjohn, Sharon—107, 163 Drlmonico, Judy—91 Drloian, Koaemary—10, 166, 183 Drnrke, Gloria—91, IW Drnrkr, Kon—II Dr»rhlrr, Connie—77 Dctchler. Jim-107 De»chler, Tim—11. 171, 190, 208, 209 Dctmrr, Steve—91, 198 Dctrick, Haymond—41 DcVaney, Jim—41, 172 Dcvcr. Daniel—77. 171, 177 Diat, Bonita—107, 168 Dibble. Pat—91. 167 DiCerbo, Mary—91, 167 DiCrrbo, Michael—41 Dick. Suwn-77, 182 Dickcr»on. Kaicn—91, 175 Dickey. Suwn-77, 153. 180 Dicfcndrrfcr, l.e»lie—41 Dicti, Thoma»—91 Dictr, Tim—41 Dill, Mark—77 Dillon, Stewart—107 Dillow, Cheryl—107. 168 Dipley. Bill-91, 131, 198, 205, 206 Di Tim». Angela—77, 182 Di Tirro. Pal—41 Di Tirro. Tony—91. 198 DiUon, Ann—107 Dit»on. Mia—77. 161, 164 Dixon. Ken—91 Dixon, Sue—II Dobben. Jean—41 Dole, Denni —77, 160 Donovan, Helen—92, 164 Dooley, Martha—77 Dooty, Linda—107, 168 Dooly, Thoma»—41 Dorfman, Debl—92, 167 Down», Tim—92. 160 Doyle. Cre»—77. 160. 170. 171. 190 Doyle. Vicki-92. 164 Drancy, Pamela—77. 144. 159 Drigg». Mike—107 Drigg». Stephen—77 Duepner, Bonnie—92 Duggan. Linda—77. 153, 173. 175. 178. 182. 183 Dujanovic, Jack—77 Dujanovir, Kon—107. 217 Dunbar, Roiemary—107 Duncan, Janice—92, 167 Dunfee, John—92. 198 Dunn, Karen—77, 166 Dunning. Al—107, 199, 207 Dunning, Deni»e—77 Dupree. Melinda—77 Du»ton. Robert—77 Dutro, Linda—77 Dutro, Nancy—107 DuVall, Caine»—41 DuVall, Trudy—92 Dye ». Bob—107, 207 Faton, Christi—92 Eaton. Vickie—42. 167 Eberharl. Eunice—78 Ebert, Bill—42. 177 Ecrol . Shirley—78 Edgar, Bonnie—78 Edmundton, Peggy—78, 134, 161 Edward», Dave—107 Edward». Linda—78. 173, 183 Edward., Sam—92. 103. 198 F.gizii, David—78 Ehrtam, Brcky—130 Ei»en. Margie—12 Elkin». Larry—92. 161 Elliot, Carolyn—42 Elliot. Marilyn—42 Elii», Larry—107 Ell i». Steve—42. 172 EUey, lane-107 Eltey. Jo Ellen—107 El»»n. Marcia—107 EI»on, Vickie—42. 179 Ella, Donna—92 Eltx. Eileen—107 Emenon. Pamela—107 Emery, Cretchen—92 Emery, Jame —108 Endicott. Joyce—108, 168 Endicott. Steve—78 Engcbrctton, Pam—92, 158, 176, 178 Englund. Teddie—42 Eriek»on, Karen—78, 161, 164, 173. 221 Erie, Leonard—12 E»may, Jerry—92 E»ten»en. Mark-108, 199, 207 Etchcll», Kathy—42 Evan», Bob—92. 167 Eve, Ron—108 F.vrard. Nonna—78 Everhart, Daryl—78. 164 Evje, Sharon—108, 168 Ewing, Jon—78 Ewing. Mike—108 Faber. Bart—42. 176 Falk. Corinna—78 Fall», Sherry—108 Farrington, Karen—92. 167 Farrington. Sharon—92 Fawcett. Pam—108, 168 Frlcht, Bruce—92 Felder. Colette-92. 172, 176 Felder, Harry—42. 66. 148, 149. 169. 172, 174 Felder. Rick—108 Fenner, Barb—43 Fenton, Barbara—78, 166 Fenner, John—92, 164 Ferguton. Bill—30. 43. 152, 161, 170. 171. 192 Fergu»on, Cwenn—92 Fergu»on, Stan—108, 163 Fieek, Doug—78 Fielding, Steve—43. 177 File, Ricky—92 File. Bob-78 File, Kathy-92 Finch. Cliff—92 Furr. Jackie—92 Finch. Craig—108, 166 Finney. Kathy—43 Fiorl, Gary—108, 199 Fischer, Peggy-92. 166 FUh. Barbara—43 Fi.her, Jim-43. 165, 171, 219 Fi»»cl. Jame.—43. 171. 195 FU»ell, Julie—108 Filch. Mardell—78 Flanagan. Kathi—108 Flynn, Diane—108, 168 Flynn. Jack—78. 171, 195 Fondri.i, John-92. 198 Ford, Charle»—92, 206 Fo.ter, Dick—92 Fo»ter, Earl—108 Fo»ter, Janet—43. 176 Fo»ter, Jerry—78 Fo»ter, Judy—92 Frailer, Avalon—43 Fraley, Dana—78 Francke. Michel-92. 164 Frank. Cretchen—43, 152, 164, 174 Franklin. Kenee-108 Franklin, Stephen—92 Franklin. Wayne-108, 199 Frary. Craig-92. 198 Fraxier, Cary—108, 207 Freeman, Connie—43, 167, 182 Freeman. Karen—92. 164 Free»tone, Joyce—92, 182 Frectone, Nancy—43, 1S7, 181, 182 Freiburghaua, Georgia—92. 182, 183 Frci»». Jo Anne—78 Free, John-92. 198, 217 Fulkerson, Mia—78 Fuller. Judy—44 Cabbard. Margie—44 Gabbard. Mary-92 Cage, John—108 Calntner, Jame»—78, 161, 170, 171. 172, 219 Clabraith, Karl-92. 164 Callagagr. Mike-92 Cal.t, Joe-108 Gain, Midge-78, 161 Calwey, Kirk—108, 166 Calwey, Mike—78. 160 Camble, Fred—41, 160, 169 Gamble, Tim—92 Gangadean. Kainevh—78 Carcia, Margaret—78, 181 Garland. Larry—108 Garrett. Dave—93, 220 Carri»»n. Mary—108 Garri«on. Sarah—78 Cately, Katherine—78 Geiger, Patricia—44. 160, 169, 180 Centner, Brian—93. 198 Centner, Kathy—78 Centry. PrUcilla—78. 167 George, Jay—78, 217 Cerbcr, Sheryl—106 Cerhart, Linda—44 Ger»ten chlager. Stan—78. 160, 169 Get . Carol—78 Gibbon», Greg—44 Gibson, Corinnc—93, 153, 180 Cieblebau», Sam—93 Cieul, Carol—44 Gievel. Jim-93. 171. 209 Ciffin. Janice—4S. 166, 149 Gilbert. Steve-93 Cirabel. Richard-78 Girard. Dori —108. 168 Clatter. Charle —78. 164, 172 Clover, Gerald—44 Clover. I.ealie—93 Glover, Linda—44 Coddard, Kathy—108 Cocman. Penny—44 Gorman, Randy—106 Goldie, Suxanne—108, 167 Goldthwaite, Kathleen—44 Cold.tein, E.ter—93. 166. 173 Coloni, Calli—93 Compf, Sandra—44 Cood. Coni—78. 173, 174 Coodman, Cliti»—78 Coodrean. Patti—78. 1S9. 180 Goodpaature, Kim—78, 160, 165 Coodpa»ture, Robert—45. 160, 165 Gordon, Wayne—78 Grady, Diane—78 Grady, Sharon—104. 108, 152 Graham. Phillip—45 Crant. l-and—45. 66. 121, 141, 171, 174, 189 Crant. Virginia—4S. 176, 182 Cray. Mike—108 Crayton. Jim—79 Greene. Grovr— 79. 171, 188 Green, Gwendolyn—45 Greer, Linda—93. 164 Creer, Sutan—108 Creger, Jani»—108 Gregory, Steve—93 Grider, Johna—108 Grigg, Barbara—45 Groom. Patricia—79 Grotchel. Richard—93 Groutkay, Karrn—79 Grover. Rand»—108. 166. 207 Grubb». Debbie—79, 182 Gruber. Lewi»-108. 163 Cuffee, Gay-93, 164 Guffey. Elaine—79 Gullrdge, Brucr—45, 177 Culledge. John-93 Gullrtt, Alana—45 Cullrtt, Gregory—79 Cullickton, Bob-106, 199, 207 Gullickton, Lee—93 Gulnac, Donna—45- 176 Gumlick. Donna—45 Cuthrie. Bob—108 Cuthrir. John—79. 170 Cuyan. Vic—161 Haag. Connie-93, 176 Haag. Philip—79. 169, 172 Ha.tit, Stevr—93 Haddy, Anita—79 Hafleigh. Heather—45. 129, 153. 159. 173, 180 IDgrdorn, Judith—16 Hageman, Randy—79 Hagrrty, Mike—46. 160 Haggerty. Allen—108 Haggerty. Diane—16 Hake», Karen—46 Hall. Bill—93. 164. 198 Hall. Janice-46. 149, 1S3 Hall, Raymond—93 Hall, Terry-93, 167 Hall. Terry-93 Hamilton, Bruce—108, 163 Hamilton. Paul-108 Hammett, Vaunda—46, 69, 162 Hammond. Jo Anne—108 Hanan, Penny—93. 176 Hanan, Robert—46 Hanrr, Johnny—79. 163 Haney. Chrit—93. 164 Haney. Jack—109, 166 Haney. Jan—46. 125, 16S. 183 Hanford. John—109 Hanley. Mary—79. 153, 183 Hanlon. Dave—79. 85. 170 Hanna, Becky—16 Hanna. Rick—79 Hannon, John—93 Hannon, Tom—109. 199 Hanoumi», Barbara—109, 165 llanten. Robin—47. 175 Hanitrin, Ronny—93, 117 Hapip. Charle»—79. 169, 172 Hardin. Ranrt—109. 173 Hardy, Jim-109, 199. 207 Harmann. Cary—79. 161. 171, 195 Harm», Rebecca-109. 168 Harm . Steve—93. 160 Harper, John—47, 171 llarri», Maedell—79 Harrit. Mike—109 Hart, Dick—93. 167 Harvey, Heather—47 Harvey, Tom—47 Haugeland, Carol—32, 47. 129. 149 1S6, 159. 172. 173. 174, 179 Hauler, Steve—93 llawkinton. Aliene—93 Hayden, Cary—207 Hayden. Guy—79. 169, 172, 173 Hayden, Karen—47, 179 Hayden, Terry—109 Hayduke, George—47 Hayne», Carol—93 Heckaman, Creg—93 Heckman. Jim-109 Hedford, Jim—47 llelber. Sue—93. 164 Helgeton, Steve—79 Heller. Reni—109 Henderton, William—47 Hendon, Don—93 Hendrix, Judith—93 Hendrix. William—79 liene», Jeff—109 liene», Steve—79 Henry. Bob—79. 171. 218 Hemchen. Bob—93, 198 llen»on, Pam—79 Henthorn. Willy—109 Heme, Bill-93. 160 Herringer, Jane—47, 167 lferinger, John-79, 171. 172 Herndon, Rick—79. 160, 161 Herrick. Tom—93. 160, 206 Herrington, Dean—47 Hervey, Bob—93. 198, 209 Hervcy, Yvonne—93 lfettlinger, Gary—93 Hiatt. Joanna—47. 149, 164 Hibner. Joan—79 Hieger, Cathy—109 Hieger, Mary—93 Hide, John—48 Hill. David—48. 66. 172. 174 Hill. Pam—109. 168 Hill. Peggy-109 Hillebrand, Jim—48. 170. 171 Hillier, Arthur—79 Hiltabeck, Jon—109 Hiltabeck. Scott—48. 171 Hime«, Carolyn—93 Hiner, Gerald—48 Hiner. Nick—79. 153, 160, 162. 165. 169 Hirt. Beth Ann—109. 104. 153. 168 HIM. Sherry—48. 149. 167 HUlop. Denni»—109 Hitlop. Patricia—48 Hitchcock. Barbara—166 Hitchcock, Becky—48 Hitchcock. Vickie—48 Hitchen». Sheri—79 Hitching . Bill—79. 171, 193. 201. 202. 205. 217 Hix. Jim-94. 198 llobein. Kathy—93 Hobein. Pat-79. 175 Hockenberger, Jill—109 Hodgdon. Sandy—79. 109, 106 Hodge . Bill—79. 153. 170. 218 Hodgaon, Glenda—109, 168 Hodgion, Steve—48. 171, 188, 190. 191. 192 Hoel, Lncinda—48. 180 228Hoffman, BUI—4«. I IB. 14». 14, 175. 179 Hoffman, Chris—91 Hoffman. I.ynn—10». 164. 168 Hogan, Cheryl-». 4». 175, 178, 181 Hogln, Dexter—»1 Holhert, Myra—49. 166 Holcomh, Linda—109 Holdridge. Kathleen—94, 183. 221 Holland. Judy—I», 161 Holm, I on—I» Holm, Yvette—10» Holme , David—10» Holmes, Tom—19. 153. 173 Holt, Suxanne—7» Honsik. Bruce—94 Hood. Mike—94 llooten, Dave—109, 166 Hopkins. Mark—19. 66. 172 Horner, Carrie—94 Horning. Chris—10» Hough, Jeannette—4», 175 Houll. Kit-109. 160 Hovey, Sandra—94 Howard. Susan—94 Hoyer. WUHa»-94 Hoyt. Tim—79. 167 Hueh. Bill—104, 109, 152, 199 Hudson. Pansy—49 Huey. Steve—109, 166. 199 Hughes, Ray-91. 161. 198 Hughe . Sherry—91 Hull. Hugh-94 Hull. Margaret—19 Hume. William—171 Hummel. Jeff-109 Humphreys, Carry—79 Hunt. Randolph—109, 166 Hunt, Roslyn—110 Huntington, Judy—110, 127, 143. 168, 178 Huntington. Patty—110 Huntigntnn. Sandra—79, 179 Hurford, Helene—164 Hurford, William—49 Hutaey, William—79 Hut h, Judith—50 Huvelle. Jeanne—79, 126, 153, 158, 175. 181 Huxford, Bruce—50 Hyland. Barry—79. 157 Inscho. Carol—80 Isaac. Dean—94 Isaac . Dewey—50 Isbell. Jo»—110. 199. 207 Isbell, Nancy—80, 175 Jablonski, Kathy—50 Jackson, Jennifer—50 Jacomet. Michael—94 James, Bruce—110 James. Chuck—80. 170. 190 Jason. Jane—110. 164. 168 Jason. John—94 Jensen, Linda—50 Johansen. Susan—91. 167 Johansen, Victor—167 Johns, Cerri—80 Johns. Merri—94 Johnson, Barbara—110, 168 Johnson. Becky—80. 154. 173, 180 Johnson. Bobby—117 Johnson. Betty—80. 173 Johnson. Bill—50. 171 Johnson, Bruce—50. 128 Johnson, Jan—110, 168 Johnson, Janet—80 Johnson, Jody—110 Johnson, Lee—80 Johnson. Lynda—50. 149, 174, 175 Johnson, Lynn—110 Johnson, Margie—94 Johnson, Marilyn—110 Johnson, Mary Sue—94, 166 Johnson. Mike-50, 110, 171. 220 Johnson. Raymond—94 Johnson. Ron—SO. 171. 187 Johnson. Susan—80. 161 Johnston, Jerry—80 Jone . Carolyn—50, 153. 175 Jone . Cynthia—110. 168 Jones. Debbie—94. 166 Jong . Jean-94. 166. 175, 173 Jone . Mike—94 Jone . Shirley—80 Jone . Tibby—74. 80. 130. 144. 152. 174. 175, 178. 180 Jorgenson, Becky—94, 181 Jorgensen, Dave—110 Jorgenson, Call—51 Jorgenson. Karen—80, 221 Joseph, Steve—51 Juddy. Paula—HO. 168 J uster, Bob-80. 161 Kalaf. Bill-94 Kalupa. Donna—110, 168 Kalupa, Michael-80 Kaminska . Nancy—94 Kamstra, Charlotte—51 Kamstra, Pete—110, 166 Karbo. Cas—80 Karie, Kathleen—94 Katie. Mary-110 Karis. Andrea—110, 168 Karpinski. Terri—110 Kater, Van—110 Kaal, David—80 Katarski, Edward—94. 198 Kats, Jeannie—51 Kaufman, Linda—51, 176 Kaufmann, Anne—110, 168 Kaufmann, Robert—80 Kautenberger. Debbie—94, 163. 164. 183 Keen, Kathy—94 Keen. Pamela—51. 161. 181 Keeton. Nebbitt—110 Keeton. Vince—51. 171, 191, 194 Keith. Alan—51 Kelber. Ronny—110 Kell. Darra—94 Keller. Kay—110. 182 Kelley. Mary-91 Kelley. Chria-110. 168 Kelly, Deborah—94 Kelly, Jane—SI Kelly. Randall—94 Kelly, Robert—80 Kennedy. Brian—51 Kennedy. Jill—51. 149. 160, 169, 174, 175. 182 Kennedy, Linda—80 Kennedy, Patrick—80 Kennedy, Terry—110, 163, 199, 207 Kepner. Pam—95, 125 Kcrslirns, Michael—80 Kessler. Marlin-95 Keyea, Beverly—51 Kidwell, Patty-52 Kildow. Marcia—95. 164 Kimball. Dave—110 Kimball, Dennis—52 Kimball. I.ynn-95 Kimmell, Karen—110 Kinehloe. Pam—110. 168 Kinkel, Melanie—95 Kln le, Donn—80. 205 Kircher. Elisabeth—80 Klrchcr, Karen-95. 153. 167. 175. 178 Kircher. Pam—104, 110, 153. 168, 182 Kirk. Danny—9S. 164 Kissel. Nancy-80 Kistemaker, Alvin—110 Kistemaker. Janie-80 Kite. Roy—110. 199 Kjestad, Christine—80 Klein, Charleen—52 Klein. Brent—95 Klein, Deidre—80. 175 Kleini. Bill—110 Kleins, Karen—80 Kleinr, Linda—52. 183 Kline. Cary—95. 163 Klouse, Terry—52 Kmett, John—166 Kline, Donna—110. 168 Knackstrdt, Cindy—95 Knaeksteelt, Saunda—52, 166, 178 Knebel, Steve—95 Knight. Claudia—110. 168 Knight. Pamela—52. 166. 180 Knight. Ronald-95. 167 Knirsch, John—80 Koeour. Mary Jane—88, 95. 181 Koeb. Chris—95 Korber, Dennis—95 Koehler. Paul—111 Koernrr, Scott—52. 171, 209 Kohlhase, Lee—95 Komadino. Craig—95. 171, 209 Koopman, Craig—95 Kopeeky. Kim—52 Koppen. Carolyn—95 Kosanovirh, Janice—95 Krahenbuhl, Carole—111 Krahrnbuhl, Linda—52. 163. 166 Krahulec, Ken-95. 163 Krain, Sophia—80. 164 Kramer. Ron—111 Krrht, JoAnna—111 Krebs, Karen—80, 166, 181 Krewson, Dick—95, 163 Kron. Cary-80. 145, 170, 171. 186. 187. 189. 217 Kuebler, Karen—95 Kuchler, Linda—52, 176 Kuebler, Robert—52 Kumm. Keith-95, 16S Kunde, Robert—95 Kuykendall, Jim—81 Kyff. Cheryl—53. 174, 180 Lacy. Corden—S3, 176 Ladd. Allan-111 I .add. Darnel—53 Lafon, Bonnie—81 Lake, Frankie—S3 Lally. Judy-95. 167 Lally. Michelle—111, 168 Laman. Rill—53. 177 Laman, John—III Lambert, Nancy—9S. S3. 153 luimson. 1-aurir—95. 175, 181 Lamson. Nancy -S3. 167, 175, 176, 182 Ijincaster, Cindy—95 Lancaster, Connie—53 Landefeld, Randy 95. 167 Landry, l-aurie— 95 Landry, Steve—53 Lane, Jill—95 Uitgtton. Brian—88, 95. 152, 153. 170 Lamer. Tina-81. 158 Larabell, Diane—111, 168 Larson. Janet—111, 168 I,ar on, Jeffrey 95, 170, 198 Larson, Kathy—81. 153, 169 Larson, Kurt—111 Larson, Steve—HI laulo, Diane—95 I.aubach, Jane—S3 Lautcn, Greg—S3. 149. 218 Lawton, Brenda—111, 168 Lawsonn, Vicki—81 Leach. Larry—81 Learned. Bill-96. 164 Lcatzow, Bob—96, 198. 205 LeBarron, Sandra—111 Lederman. Barbara—111, 163 Lrdriman. Cindy—111, 168 Lee. Colleen-95, 167 Lee, Errol—96 Lee, Jonathan—S3, 163 Lee. Judson—96. 198. 206 Lersman, Larry—96, 206 Lefcbre. Dennis—54. 160. 171 Lciningrr, Karla—96. 176 Lciningcr, Zoanne—54 Lcnbcrg, James—111 Levine, Judy—96, 173 Levine, Robert—54 Lewin, Eric—81 Lewi», Barbara—81 Lewis. Vicki—81 Likens, Marilyn—96. 167 Liltmara, Sharon—88, 96, 116, 125. 161. 178 Limburg, Wally—54 Lind, Judy—54 Lind. Kathy—111 Lindlry, Linda—96 Lindley. Mike—111 Lindner. Peggy—111, 164, 168. 221 Lindsay, Martha—111 Lindstrom, April—111, 168 l.indstrom, Jacquelyn—8, 30, 54, 140. 159. 180 Lindstrom. Susan—54, 175 Lingafclt, Beverly—54 Lipow, Nancy—96 Liska. Sally—54, 175 Lister, Rickey—81 Livingston. Nancy—96 Lockett, Linda—416 Lockett, Richard—54. 172 Lohmann, Cary—81 Lombard. Linda—111, 168. 221 Lombard. Steve—96 Long, Linda—81 Loper. Mike—54. 141, 171. 190, 212 Love, Diane—96, 167 Ixsvcn. Barbara—96 Lowe, Ronnie—55. 177 Lowry. Bob—81 Luck. Linda—111 Luke, Randy—81 Luke, Scott—111 Luna. Mary—111 Lundren, Jim—111. 163 Lundgren, Linda—111. 168 I.upton, Rusty—81, 171, 220 Lu . Dave—111. 199 l.yflMgt. Rickey-96. 167 Lyncb, Andrea—55, 153 Lytle. Jell—HI. 207 MacDonald. Dougla -5S. 205. 218 MacDowell. Robert—111 McAlister, Cary—111. 199, 207 McAlister, Larry—96 McCarthy. William-81 McCasland, Lynn—55 McCluc, Larry—81 MrClura, Laura—160, 165. 169. 173 McCoy, Douglas—81 McCuUar. Jennifer—HI. 168 MeCuskrr, Claudia—111, 168 McCusker, Linda—96, 166 McDowell. John—96 McFarland. Chris-96 McCarey, John—81 McCarey. Ann—96 McCarcy. William—55 McCce, Robert—81 McGinnis, Mike—96 McGinnis. Pat—111 McKee. Joe—111 McKcown, Daniel—55 McKcown. Mary—96 McLclIan. Scott—111 McMahon, William—112. 207 McMullin. Judy—96. 127, 129, 143. 153. 175. 178. 181, 182 McMullin. Peggy—55. 127, 142, 157, 178. 181 McNabb. Wilbur-81 McNamara, Joan—55 McNamara. Mary—55. 132, 133 McNamara. Mike—55. 152, 169, 173 McNral, Christy—96 McNulty, Alan-96. 160 McNulty, David—SS. 161. 165. 169. 172 McPherson, Dianne—96 McPherson, Dick—5, 56 Mabry, Margaret—81 Machin, Penal—96, 131 Madland. Paul—112. 166 Magill, Stephen—81, 176 Mabel, Mike—56. 176 Major, Terry—96 Manning. Jacquc—112 Manning. Robert—56 Manning. Susan—81 Manos, Sharon—81 Margolin. Richard—56. 171. 218 Markham. Billy—96. 206 Markow. Cayle—56. 155, 173 Mark . Jim-104. 112. 152 Maroncy, Suil—81, 159 Marshall, Susan—S6 Marshall, Vance—112. 167, 117. 220 Marshall, Warner—74, 81, 161, 170 Martin, Mary—56 Marlin. William—112 Mason, Deborah—96, 164. 175. 182 Massey. Leslie—96 Massey, Sharon—81 Mathieson, Martha—81 Mattingly, George—81, 171. 191. 209. 211, 217 Maxwell, Cindy—96 May. Cathy—112 May. Dave—56. 66. 149. 161, 169. 171. 173. 179 May. Elna—112 May, John—96, 167 Mayer, Robert—112, 163 Mayse, Bonnie—96 Mayse, Robert—56 Mcchling, Terry—57 Meek, James—57 Meek, Jerry—96 Meek. Patricia—112 Mehagian, Nancy—57, 176 Mrhpcrt, Mary—81 Mclandcr, Laurie—81, 166 Mellor, Ann—96 Mcndola, Frank—57, 164, 169, 171. 172 Mereier. Jlm-57, 170. 171, 187 Merrill. Dell—S7. 209 Mcsaec. Phillip—57, 176 Metcalf. Linda—112 Metcalfe, Robert—80. 81, 173 Mcndcll, Marcia—112, 221 Meyer , Jo Ann—81 Mickle. Richard—57 Middleton, Mark—96 Milarm, Melinda—57 Miller. Barry—112. 153 229Miller. Bob—96 Miller. Bob—96 Miller, Carol—97 Miller, Dave-57 Miller. David—57, 213 Miller. Gall-97. 167 Miller. Jim—65. 81. 160. 161. 169 Miller. Joe—157. 170. 173 Miller. Judy—57. 166 Miller. Leslie—112, 164. 168 Miller. Michael—'97. 155 Miller. Robert Dale—97 Miller. Scott—112 Miller. Sidney—58 Miller. Steve-58. 171. 191. 193. 196. 197 Miller. Sumo—81. 181 Milled, Maltilyn—81 Milled. Mark-97. 164 Milligan. Betty—97. 167 MilD. Ruth—97 Mill». Sumo—97 Milot, Raymond—97 Milot. Richard—58 Mincks. Cheryl—81 Mina, Lou Ur—97 Mitsner. Sharon—81 Mitchell, Connie—97. 16S Mitchell. Judy-97. 175 Mitchell. Steve—81. 176 Moerbe, Jim—112. 166 Mohr. Wesley—58. 171, 218 Monie, Robert-58. 171. 174. 214 Monie. Wayne—81. 160. 169 Monroe. Jamea—97 Monroe, Mary—112 Monron, Michael-97. 167 Monteaano, Mark—97. 206 Montgomery, LaDeanne—S8, 181, 182 Montgomery, Monty—97 Montel, Sharon-112 Moore. Barbara—112 Moore, Carey—81 Moore, Colleen—97 Moore, Dana—58 Moore. Ken—97. 177 Moore, Kendia—97 Moore, Kerry—112 Moore, Maraha—82 Moore. Rory-82, 171 Moore, Roaemary—58 Moor . Vickie—58. 167 Morari. Kathy—112, 168 Morfitt. Brad—6. 58. 171. 212. 213. 215 Morlilt, Keith—112. 199 Morgan. Melanie-82. 158, 161, 175. 178, 181 Mortal», Patty—112. 164, 168 Morris. Patricia—82 Morris, Tercaa—82 Mortenaen, Dale—97 Mom. John—58. 177 Mott. Rhonda—97. 167 Moulton, Joyce—82 Mower. Nancy-82. 97. 167 Mower, Rutty—82 Mowery, Dan—97 Mowry, Rebecca—58 Mumma, Haleric—97 Mundy. Melanie—97. 167, 175 Murdock. Craig—59 Murphy, Debbie—97, 164 Murphy. Maureen—59 Myers, Trudy—97. 16« Myers, Virginia—59 Mylkeatad. Nanal-82 Myrick. Ted—97. 164 Naar, Dawn—82. 173, 178 Nadler. Cathy—97 Naim, Gretchen—97, 153, 163, 183. 221 Nalder, Sherry—59. 157, 173, 179 Nalder, Suaan—112. 168 Nauman. Nina—59. 149. 153. 172, 173. 174 Nauman. Nona—112 Naumctx, FriU—112 • Naumeti, Meredith—82 Maylor. Jim-59 Naier, Bill—82 Neal. Fred-97 Neal. John—82 Ncer, Nancy—97 Neerlemer, Elberta—59, 176 Neill, William—112 Nelson, Jeanne-97, 166 Nelson, Joan—82 Nelaon, Skip-98 Neslage. Craig-82. 153. 171. 170. 220 Neiigebauer, Annette—82 Neugcbauer, Debl—112, 221 Neville. Jay—112 Neville. Mark—98 Neville. Robert—82. 160 Nichols, William—82 Nicholson. John—98 Nicholson, Nick—59. 66. 155. 169. 171. 173. 174, 220 Nickiforuk. Bill—98. 167 Nochta, JoAnn—98 Norbie, Penny—59 Nordberg, Philip—82 Normand, Rebecca—59 Northrop. Cindy—98, 182 Norris. Kay—59. 181 O'Bcirne, Helen— 59. 165 Obenstine. Larry—61 Oboikobiti, Lyon—82. 181 O'Brien, Alice-82. 164 O'Brien, Candy—98 O'Brien. Helen—112. 168 O'Connor. Jiro-82. 171 O'Connor. Karen—112 O'Connor, Katy—112 O'Connor. Michele—82 Odean, Denise—61 Oden, Randy—61. 171 Oehler, Charles—112 Ogden. JoAnn—112. 165 Oglesby. Michael-98 Ohms, Sharon—61, 167 Olden, Larry—61. 66. 148, 149. 172. 174 Olden. Robert—82. 173, 174 Oldham. David—9«. 198 Oliver, Patricia—61, 166 Oliver. Ruth—16». 112, 153. 168 Olsen. Gene—81. 177 Olsen. Pamela—98 Olson, Elliot—61 Olaon. Karen—61 Olsen, Lynellen—82 Olson. Mark—207 Olson. Tom—98. 218 O'Neal. Jim-98 O'Neal, John—61 Ong, Bruce—98 Ong. Timothy—82 Oonk, Toni—82. 181 Orr. Peter-61. 202. 203. 204, 205. 218 Orth. Steve-61. 171. 188. 194 Orton, Dannie—61 Oaburn, Benny—98 Osburn, Jerry—82 Ostalf, John—98. 206 Osterloh, John—98 Ostermeyer, Carole—82, 166 Od. Robin-98 Ouren, Richard—112 Ouren, Susan—60 Overeynder. Philip—82 Overmier. Dana—60 Oviedo. Steve—60 Owen. Mark-98, 160 Pace. Bill—112 Padilla. Richard—112. 199 Padovani. Jill—112. 164, 168 Paine, Kathryn—60 Paine, William-98 Painter, Karl—60 Palmer. Abby—82. 130, 155. 173, 221 Panella, Diana—112 Papandrew, David—60 Parent, Evonnr—82. 167 Parent, Karen—112 Parker, Debbie—98 Parka, JoAnn—98. 166 Patrick. Lori—98 Paul. Jahn—82 Payne. Pat—60. 171, 21S Payne. Rodger—113, 166 Pea. Bill—98. 198 Peacock. Allen—98 Peacock, Ann—113 Pearson, Connie—82 Pearson, Daniel—82 Pearson. Johnny—60 Pebler, Judie—60. 166 Pence. Steve—113 Penn, Barbara—98 Prnquite, Richard—60 Perkins, Terrie—82 Perl. Craig—113 Perl. Ronnie—98. 177 Peter», Haven—62, 133 Petersen. Phil—133. 166 Peterson. Bill—133 Peterson. James—62 Peterson, Mark—98 Peterson. Randy—98 Peterson. Sandi—113 Petrucciani, Rusaell—98 Petsch. Vicki—98 Petterborg, Rex—US Petty, Gary—98 Petty. Larry—82 Petlycrew. Bruce—82 Pettycrcw, Jon—98 Peugh. David-60 Peugh. Steve—98 Peyou, Mike—113, 166 Peyou. Tony—82. 171, 19». 209. 217 Phillip . Barbara—62 Phillips. Cathy—98 Pickett. Roger—98. 198 Pierce, Greg—82. 198 Pierce. Marsha—98, 167 Pierce. Ruth-62, 166 Piercey. Sandy—98 Pihl. Craig—113, 199 Pike. Roy—98 Pinnick, Patti-82 Pisanna. Dede—60 Pischke, Margaret—98 Pledger. Diane—62 Ploegama, Lori—113 Plotkin, Larry-82. 171, 19» Plod, Dorothy—113, 168 Plod. Jean-98. 166. 175 Polenick. Allan—83 Pomeroy. Bruce—113 Pomwcoy, Steve—160 Post. Gayle—62. 149 Potter. Craig—83. 171 Powell. DeVan—90 Powell, Linda—83 Powell. Marvin—113, 163 Pratt. Cordon—98 Pratt, Mike—113. 117, 153 Pratt. Susan-62. 180 Preston, Leslie—83 Pridgen, Randy—62 Proctor, Lester—99 Proehl. Bob-99 Ptak. Jell—88. 99. 152. 170, 171, 198 Ptak. Kim-113 Ptak. Laurie—8, 62. 122, 138, 140, 147, 159. 170. 174, 180 Putnam, Gage—62 Putnam, Jo—83 Quick, Katherlno—83 Quinn. Bill-62. 160. 165 Quinn. Paul—113 Ragland. Jim—113. 207 Ragland. Julie—83. 175, 180 Ralston. Phil—99 Ralston, Richard—113 Ralston, Bill-83, 170, 171, 193, 19» Ranby, John—62. 169, 71, 173 Rawlins, Lujean—83 Raymond. Ray—113, 166 Raymond. Vickie—99. 167 Reader, Nancy—83 Rcbelsky, Janllee—113 Rcdnoe. Jim—113 Reed. Christie—63 Regan. Mike—113 Reich. Shirley—99 Reid. Jon—99 Reid, Karen—63. 66 Reid. Kathy—99 Reid, Linda—99 Reimold, Nancy—113, 16». 168 Reimold. Rick—113 Repp. Pete—63. 122. 141, 170. 171, 187. 188 Rex. Mikf—99. 171, 212. 215 Reyman, Kerry—113, 168 Rhoades. Marilyn—113 Rhoades, Rick—63 Rhoades. Robert—99. 198 Rice, Deborah—99 Rice. Sandy—113 Rich. John—113 Rich, William—99 Richards. Kathy—99 Richardson. John—99, 198 Richmond. Clorla-63. 167 Rider, Suxi—99 Rippe. Carolyn—99 Rippstein. Wanda—83, 160, 182 Robb. Lynn—63. 166 Robbins, Jean—99 Roberson, Charles—113 Rohcrson, Janis—63, 1S7 Roberts. Gail—99. 167. 175 Roberts, Joe—99 Roberts, I-aurcn—83. 162. 16S Roberts. Sybil—99 Robinette. Steve-63, 171 Robinson. Jan—63 Rocker, Mary Jane—63 Rocker. Susan—63 Roegner. Marcia—83, 166 Rogers. Bill-99. 16» Rohmer. John—216. 217 Koloff. Debbie-99 Romanin, Harry—63 Romney, Howard—99. 16» Romney. Jeanne—83 Romney. Louise—83 Romney. Norman—113. 166 Romney. Dick—64. 211 Romney, Robert—83 Rondeau, James—208, 209 Rondeau, Nancy—99, IS8, 16» Rook. Martha—6» Hooker. Cal—83. 160. 217 Rooker. Debbie—113. 168 Roop. Joe Ann—113. 168 Roper. Sue—56. 6». 127. 142. 148, 181 Roschival, Dennis—83 Rose. Barbara—83. 173 Roae. Jim—99. 19« Rose. Kathleen—64. 153. 175 Rosenau, Allan—113 Rosa, Dave-99 Roaa. Joel—113. 163 Ross. Sandy—113, 16». 168 Roat, Anne—99. 17S Kothweiler, Tom—6». 16». 176 Rouse. Jan—113, 16«. 168 Rouse. Kay—6». 163 Rowland, James—113 Rummsge. Tins—99. 167 Rummage, Judie—6. 6». 180 Runge, Martin—99. 206 Runge. Walter—6». 167. 171, 218 Rupet. Toby—6» Rush. Linda-83. 167 Rutherford, Cathy—99 Sage, Ken—64 St. 'Clair. Nancy—67. 160. 162. 169 St. Thomas. Loretta—100. 166 St. Thomas. Mary-68. 179 Sale. Lynne—99 Salisbury. Laurie—»9, 6», 132, 133. 138, 158. 180 Salmi. Neil-64. 160. 165, 169 SaWburg, Darryll—63 Salyer. Randy—99 Saliman. Bonita—113 Salxman, Harry—65, 176 Sandberg. John—83. 130 Saper, Eileen—83 Sarns. Rick—113. 199 Sarten. Kathy—99. 163 Sauter, Jacqueline—65 Savale, Rick—99. 198, 206 Scharf. Becky—65 Schcerer. Barbara—113, 168 Schcitiin. Doug—113. 166 Schcltlin, Kenney—99. 167. 198 Scheldler, Davr—65. 171 Schickcr, Sandra—83 Schicker. Sandra—114 Schilling, George—99 Schlossnagcl, William—83 Schmitt, Carol—83 Schmitt. Susan—83. 87, 153 Schneikcr, Pam—83 Schllellcr, Janet—99. 167 Schork, Sandra—65 Schult, Suiannr—83 Schult . Carol!—114, 168 Schult . Laurie—83 Schuring. Lynne—99. 164 Schwan, Jo—SO, 65. 180 Sehwarne, Rick—65 Schwarts, Donald—114. 166 Schwartz, Larry—6S Scola, Judith—114 Seott, Pam—114 Scott, Steve—83 Scott. Sue—99 Scranton. Linda—8. 65 Scruggs. Lisan—114. 168 Searle, Melanie—163 Seaton. Jim—65 Sedgwick. Phillip—83. 205 Seeley. Linda—99. 125 Seller. Cary—114. 166 Sena. Gretchen—83 Sexton, Dana—114 Sexton, Sandra—99 230s K 2 % 8 wiigd .-l5=Ettww tf r s « i»i s i « '« » J "9!»» i»Ht ricV33333»- • • V o O O 0 © 3 a J]i3 -I = !?WWf 5; si i t'ifliig ■ §t - a §fc - £ m NTo the student body: Now, as the final deadline is behind me, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped make possible the 1965 OLYMPIAN. There are many small jobs done by various people that are vital for a complete yearbook. The ladies in the adminis- tration office deserve recognition for their patience with leave permits and call slips. Thanks to the coaches who gave so much of their valuable time for accurate sports cover- age, and to the teachers who endured the inconvenience of picture taking and class inter- ruption. To one very special teacher, Mr. Richard Turner, yearbook sponsor, goes the largest “thank you” of all; thank you for the many extra hours of work you devoted to make sure the 1965 OLYMPIAN was the best ever, thank you for the 101 helpful sug- gestions regarding the yearbook, but most of all thank you for putting up with a some- times impossible staff. My thanks to Mr. Milton Bean, publishing company representa- tive, who was always ready with the answers to our questions, to Bob Wilcox Studios for the excellent job done on senior and royalty pictures, and to Kamera Korner, for the printing of our pictures. Very special thank yous to Nick Nicholson, staff photog- rapher; Cissy Carruth and Laurie Carter, faculty and senior class co-editors; Cindy Thurston, underclass editor; Abby Palmer, activities editor; Gayle Markow, honors and organizations editor; Heather Hafleigh, sports editor; and to Becky Ehrsam, who joined the staff second semester. Thanks to Carolyn Cordray, Frank Ziska, and Mike Baney for their aid, even though they are not members of the staff. The entire ARCA- DIAN staff deserves many thanks for the publicity for the OLYMPIAN and for main- taining peaceful coexistence in a sometimes crowded journalism room. The 1965 OLYMPIAN is a joint project of many and I hope it will be something you are proud of. Sincerely, Becky Johnson • 

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