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 IVpncy lloLl t' Phoenix, Arizona iThis Is Arcadia 2. | a . wo .fr'i i roup of Mfr' buildings which have been erected to serve as a place of education. Well over two thousand people spend the majority of days for nine months on its campus. Why do they come? What is the result their presence? Are the separate expe- riences of each day related? Arcadia is a challenge. By virtue of simply attending it, every student finds himself in numerous situations which call for decisions and actions on his part. Con- sider what that includes. In addition to the study habits and classroom attitudes of each individual, it includes the perhaps larger area of associations outside the JlA a classroom in non-academic activities. Habits formed now give a good in- dication of your future life. You are in the process of forming a personality, but jremember a good portion of the individ- ual to come has already been established. It is worthwhile to consider traits already . acquired, in order to understand the capabilities now in your possession and their worth as concerns an adequate fu ture. j Your every action reflects youi jVS every thought. Take time to really re member all the experiences and relation ships of this year. Why did you become involved in them? What did you contrib ute to the situations? How did these ex periences, collectively, affect you? Accept another challenge. Answe these questions honestly. You'll not only know what Arcadia is, but what you are as well. i 3Challenge Long hours of practice plus maximum effort on the playing field were demanded of those who took an active part in Arcadia’s extracurricular athletic program. Concentration In addition to regular classroom stud- ies, students occasionally tested their brains in one of the testing programs authorized by the guidance depart- ment. Such aptitude and evaluation tests help teachers, parents and stu- dents themselves gain better under- standing of the capacity of each in- dividual. 4Table Of Contents Opening ......... 1-11 Faculty............ 12-31 Classes..............32-107 Organizations . . . 108-133 Activities.........134-157 Honors.............158-171 Sports .......... 172-203 Arcadia’s beautiful campus creates aji atmosphcce af-relaxaticin makes learning cjuaor. The unique and artistic architectural design makes a lasting impression on those who see it.Celebrities Reverend Humphrey (Andy Owen), Sargent Towers (Chip Parker), Reverend Toop (Art Piccinati), and the Bishop of Lax (Wayne Green) prepare to send for help in a scene from the first production of the year, “See How They Run.” 6Couples Couples are a familiar sight on every high school campus for at this time mature relationships are begun. Above arc Alan Babinski and Patty Verhocvcn. Clowning Comedy skits were a favorite part of the pep assemblies. Here Randy Wright and Susan Tonner show how the Titan always wins. Chatter Lunchtimes were spent in a hur- ried combination of eating and discussing. Topics ranged from school policies to international policies. At left are John Chap- man, Alan Babinski, Bruce Baker, Milas Kennington and Chris Pischkc. •7a i!mp mm ■111 fi i W 122745Congratulations Cooperation Producing a newspaper involves hard work and often more hours than the school day provides. At left Diane Propstra, John Barry and Carol Haugeland “paste up” during one of their evening sessions. Below, Judy Alexander displays her high kicking talent during one of the routines originated and presented by the pom-pom girls. Sue Ellen Cowic watches intently as Homecoming Royalty, Micki McFadden and Tom Farmer, exchange congratulations. Even the drenching rain of the evening failed to dampen the spirits of the proud pair.coordinator Mr. Scharf served as liaison officer between the administra- tion and the students. Above, he confers with Art Piccinati, student body president. Your fleeting thoughts give the spark of remem- brance to hundreds of related memories. One pic- ture or word suggests scores of others to the im- agination. A yearbook supposedly records the story of the year, but to do so in so few pages is im- possible. It can, however, touch upon enough parts of the story to enable the reader to construct the imagery of unmentioned portions. This book is a puzzle each reader should attempt to work. An event may be pictured, but only in the mind of each individual lies the emotion which best describes and completes the image. No two completed puzzles are alike, but each holds truth. Arcadia is a challenge: a challenge to identify and participate in truth. Classroom Teaching effectively in crowded conditions is a problem common to all departments. Above, business students work at mastering typing skills..V V VtV.V.V. Teachers, administrators, and district officials all strive to guide students in the ways most beneficial to the'learning process. Even though they give students an aura of facts to learn and a natural emersion of rules often result, complete mastery of these things is not their only goal. They hope, rather, to help individuals develop the ability to take each situation they meet and fit it construc- tively into their lives. y. 13School Board Sets New Policies DR. CHARLES HOLT, MR. BILL CLOSE DR. STEWARD S. FLASCHEN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS The Scottsdale School Board serves jointly as a hoard of trustees and a hoard of education. Both Scottsdale elementary and high schools fall under its jurisdiction. Consisting of five members, it meets frequently to debate and issue decisions on major problems facing the Scottsdale educational system. Their responsibilities are many and great. They con- trol employment and dismissal of administrators, teachers, and other personnel; they issue building contracts and arrange for adequate teaching facili- ties. Their largest area, however, is the determining of policy. 14 MRS. SALLY STIEG MR. EARL SUMERALL MR. KEITH TURLEYDrake, Scliarf Join Administration MR. JACKSON DRAKE, PRINCIPAL The administration of Arcadia High School is headed by the principal, Mr. Jackson Drake. He is assisted by Mr. A1 Scharf, assistant principal for student services, and Mr. Leonard Spooner, assistant principal for educational services. Mr. Drake and Mr. Scharf are newcomers to Arcadia this year. The principal has general responsibility in all areas of administration, deals with matters of school policy, public relations, and faculty super- vision. His primary concern is directed toward curriculum planning. The assistant principal for student services is in charge of the bookstore, health services, assem- blies. school activity calendar, major discipline problems, and student council. Responsibility for academic records, registration, schedule changes, curriculum, and guidance serv- ices falls to the assistant principal for educational services. 15 MR. AL SCHARF, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. LEONARD SPOONER, ASSISTANT PRINCIPALFive Counselors Guide Students RUTH DOWNEY. HEAD VERNA FEBUS WILLIAM HOLMES COUNSELOR Arcadia’s guidance services are associated with all aspects of the total instructional program and dedicated to learning and the general wel- fare of the students. The staff of five counselors assist all students, including incoming fresh- men, in ascertaining and determining their interests, goals, and potentials through individ- ual counseling. After studying and analyzing all available data, they strive to guide each student in realizing his full potential. MARGUERITE NEID JACK WEBB Judy Topolosky and her counselor, Mr. Webb, examine possibilities in curriculum choice. Judy, a junior, is interested in having all the prerequisites she needs to enter the college of her choice.Social Sciences Instill Patriotism WILLIAM M. BALTZ JAMES BYRKIT GORDON G. CASWELL ‘‘Instilling an intelligent and analytical patriotism in our students” is one of the major objectives of the Social Studies Department, says chairman Mr. Bob Finkbine. Other goals involve arousing an under- standing and an interest in the heritage of our nation. In an attempt to approach social studies in a broad and varied manner, many activities are planned for the classes. These include debating, writing poetry and essays, using radio and televi- sion, doing research projects and listening to guest speakers. American government, economics, and American history are the courses each student must face in his high school career. Elective courses offered include world history and geography. By making students aware of their duties and respon- sibilities, the Social Studies Department hopes to see the development of more useful citizens. ROBERT FINKBINE, CHAIRMAN DONALD W. PENFIELD RAYMOND JACKSON WILTON P. MOORE A. G. SCHIFINO THOMAS P. TEMPLETON 17English, ELEANOR CLOUGH Speech, Journalism Aid In JOSEPH P. COLLIGNON, MARCIA COUNTER CHAIRMAN COURTNEY HAMMOND CAROL HAUGELAND ROSEJEAN C. HINSDALEDevelopment Of Communication Skills LORETTA PROCHASKA SHIRLEY RUSSELL “A person is what he can express. Words essen- tially make up one’s personality,” states Mr. Joseph Collignon, chairman of the English Department. The areas included in Arcadia’s English program, Eng- lish, speech and journalism, strive to teach the basics of communications. Basic English courses are arranged in a graduated scale of correlated classes. Usually the student starts as a freshman taking English II and continues through English V. This provides a comprehensive study of all basic subject matter and prevents needless repetition. Speech is geared at improving the students’ tech- niques of verbal communication. The journalists are responsible for the production of the school’s news- paper, “The Arcadian,” and yearbook, “The Olym- pian.” Due to overcrowded conditions, English classes were forced to study in the journalism room. Above arc Frank Ziska, Mary Martin and JaDcannc Montgomery. 19Mathematics Essential To Everyone DOROTHY CAHILL SHIRLEY FRYE MALCOLM A. GARRISON “High school mathematics is considered basic train- ing for many occupations today,” states Mr. Jeff Larson, head of the Mathematics Department. The essentials of math arc needed in any approach one chooses to take to life. Arcadia’s program is geared to benefit prospective salesgirls, businessmen, and housewives, but also it provides plenty of challenge for the serious mathematician. One year is required for graduation, but ninety per cent of the students choose to go on to more advanced courses. Classes include algebra, algebra II, advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, analytical geometry and calculus. Classes are also organized to employ remedial, average, and accelerated approaches to the subject matter. Students are placed in classes after careful consideration of their aptitude, industry and interest in the field of mathematics. This is to in- sure that each individual student receives maximum benefit from his math program. on MIKE SVACO FRANCIS F. WILCOX JOSEPH M. YOUNG jU5fc.rn xvi. i ulAllied Arts Builds Confidence REGINALD E. BROOKS, MARGARET BURRELL CHAIRMAN DANA LYNCH HAROLD MILLSOP, “Knowledge is useless . . . unless we develop the x-' self-confidence to put it to use.” Development of this self-confidence is the basic reason for the allied arts program according to Mrs. Dana Lynch, dramatics instructor. Activation of much real talent is at least a notable by-product. Student participa- tion is based on interest in the available fields of study—art, crafts, drama, vocal and instrumental music. Individually and collectively the groups exhibit their skills in public performances through- out the year. JOYCE PIHL FLOYD P. WOODARD Allied arts offers many activities. Pictured are DRAMA: Chris Pischke paints scenery for one of the plays; ART: Dave Franke explains his picture to the class; MUSIC: Bill Quinn, Nic Hincr, and Jimmy Miller practice for a concert. 21Audio-Lingual Approach Tried "You cannot understand the motives or actions of a country without being able to speak the lan- guage,” says Mr. Alfred Heywood, chairman of the Foreign Language Department. The importance of intercultural exchange is the philosophy govern- ing the department. The audio-lingual approach was used in the Spanish classes. This involves imitating sounds and patterns heard, instead of seeing the written word. The technique enables the student to learn to think in the foreign lan- guage instead of English. Along with four years of Spanish, the department offers four courses in French, Latin, and German. The best moment of the German class is when everyone gathers around the piano for a song fest. MAURICE CARSON ROBERT R. GIBBONS ALFRED L HEYWOOD KATE REISS EILEEN SMOCKE EMILY STAFFORD JOHN A. WATSONFour Courses Offered In Home Ec EDITH LILLYWHITE CECELIA M. WITTY “Statistics say that a girl who graduates from high school today will he employed 25 years of her life.” This statement was made by Mrs. Cecilia Witty, home economics teacher. These statistics form the basis for a new philosophy in the teach- ing of home ec. The stress today is on home management, not development of skill. Arcadia girls may elect from four courses offered by the department. Homemaking I, specialization in foods or clothing, and human relations. The latter places emphasis on understanding of self and others in order to develop the art of “getting along,” and thus insure greater satisfaction from life. Janet Reis completes one of her cookin» assignments for honu-niakin» « lass. 23Advanced Science Program JOE DOLAN ALLEN GARDNER CHARLES HEWITT BAXTER HURN, CHAIRMAN Strong TOM GRASSL MERRILL E. LARGENT LINCOLN MAC PHERSON DAVID NEAL SAM ODELL 24Wide Diversity Offered In Science “Arcadia has one of the best advanced science de- partments in the state,” says Mr. Baxter Hum, head of the Science Department. We have well qualified teachers, a wide range of subject choices, and are attempting to increase laboratory facilities. Freshmen are required to take a science, but the department offers many classes including thirty of biology (three types), eleven of chemistry (four types), six of physics (three types), and two of astronomy and geology. 25 Dave Williams examines the heavens with one of the telescopes obtained by the Science Department this year.a New Machines Aid Business Skills “Our courses provide the two-fold advantage of personal and professional application.” Because of this, Mrs. Howard feels the Business Education Department, which she heads, has practical knowl- edge to offer every student. Subjects included within the field focus on business aspects ranging from basic principles to acquiring skill on a wide range of machines. This year a new IBM electric typewriter, a printing calculator, and a system of team teaching assisted in the presentation of sub- ject matter. PETER R. ANSELMO NATALIE HAHN WILLIAM E. HICKEY DORIS J. HOWARD, CHAIRMAN ED LITTLETON ARTHUR D. PETERSON 26 LARKY READER PAUL J. SANDER Nancy Cameron concentrates on drills to increase her typing ability.Safety Ed Stifles HOWARD AMERSON WESLEY R. BOWERS Possible Killers “Any driver is eligible to become an instrument of death, says Mr. Howard Amerson. chairman of the Safety Education Department. In order to avoid a fatal mistake while driving, the depart- ment offers students the opportunity to become more skilled and better acquainted with their cars and the state laws. Three new Plymouths are avail- able to students for behind-the-wheel practice. Driv- ing is done before and after regular school hours. “Shock films," reaction, glare recovery, and depth perception tests are all used in this program aimed at developing responsibility, and promoting safety among drivers. 27 Pam Draney becomes acquainted with driving techniques in one of the new Plymouth training cars.Body Development Taught In P.E. “The mind and the body arc essentially one. Roth must be developed,” states Mr. Bob Hendricks, head of the physical education department. This need for physical as well as intellectual develop- ment forms the foundation of the program. In addition to body development, the staff attempts to acquaint the students with a variety of activi- ties which will open an avenue for leisure time. Staff members also coach the interscholastic teams, pom-pon girls and cheerleaders. These are a type of accelerated activity for the talented few in this area. BOB HENDRICKS, VIRGINIA SLOBODNIK CHAIRMAN Nancy Baar, Cynthia Northrup, and Pam Engebretson practice to develop their skills in tennis. Iennis is only one of 28 many activities physical education students are introduced to.Creativity Goal Of Industrial Arts JIM MULLER, WALTER TAMASAUCKAS ROLAND WILLIAMS CHAIRMAN “We’re operating a creative, experimental labora- tory. not a glorified repair shop,” asserts Mr. Wil- liams of the Industrial Arts Department. Besides teaching the principles of construction and design emphasis is placed on increasing consumer knowl- edge. developing practical abilities in electronics, and in use and maintenance of common tools. The industrial arts field is a proving ground for appli- cation of knowledge in all fields. Courses of study include woodworking I, II, and III, in addition to mechanical drawing I and II. 29 Ken Schcitlin uses one of the modern electric tools employed by the Industrial Arts Department.Secretaries Aid School Operation ETHEL SALISBURY PRINCIPAL'S SECRETARY MADELENE DENEN ATTENDANCE SECRETARY SHARON KRATCH GUIDANCE SECRETARY GRETCHEN HELSER ATTENDANCE CLERK m REGINA MESSEC RECEPTIONIST FRANCES WALKER REGISTRATION CLERK IRIS WIDMARK RECORDS CLERK 30 HATTIE FREISE LIBRARY CLERK EMMA JEAN BUTLER LIBRARY CLERK JANE PLECAS NURSE GEORGE ROCKER BOOKSTORE MANAGERCustodians, Cafeteria Staff Serve CAFETERIA STAFF: Dorothy Roubal (Manager), Dorothy Cent, Leota Smith, Mary Geiger, Cora VanderPloeg, Frances Smith, Clara Johns, Daena Swaim, Edna Christen, Miriam Leggett, Mariam Plotner, Betty Wickliffe, Ada Weeks, Lila Erhardt, Lillian Laudone, Lois Steele. Not pictured is Ann Lazar. CUSTODIANS, Front row: Everett Carroll, Ernie Warring, Cal Evans. Back row: Sam Wineland, Andy Morel], Jack Comer, Clem Propheter, Dan Koronich, Watt Reynolds, Frank Smith, Otto Haberman, Oscar Snyder. Not pictured: Gordon Rappolee, Clint Tomlinson. 31ARCADIANS. These are the people who give a label attached to a group of buildings significance. Singly they are individuals; collectively they are students. In both capacities they share a common existence while trying to gain an education. Yet, probably no two of them are alike or even greatly similar. The meaning and achievements in his high school experience are what each person de- termines acceptable for himself. 33Arcadian Policies Set By Hume CHARLOTTE ADAMS... DOROTHY ADAMS . . . Girls’ League; Powder Puff. JIM ALLEN . . . Student Senate; Olympian Staff; Quill and Scroll; Transfer —California; N.H.S.; Lat- in Club; Band; Baseball. JOHN ARMATIS . . . Wrestling; Transfer — Washington; Wrestling. JANE ADAMS . . . Girls’ League, Sec., Sr. Rep.; G.A.A., Corr. Sec.; Y- Teens; Lambda Kappa Phi; Powder Puff. DON ADLER . . . Basket- ball; Baseball. JACQUE ALBRIGHT . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Adv. Girls’ Chorus; “Brig- adoon”; Powder Puff. LEONARD ARON . . . Student Senate; Fencing Club. ANN LYNN AUGUR . . . Girls’ League; N.H.S.; Transfer — Pennsylvania; Student Council; Math Club; N.H.S.; Golf Club; Orchestra; Chorus. MARILOU BAEHR . . . Band; Transfer—Illinois; Pep Club; Glee Club; Spanish Club; Art Club; Band. BARBARA ELLEN BAR- OLET . . . Student Sen- ate; Delta Omega; Y- Teens; Girls’ League; “Brigadoon”; “Guys Dolls”; Transfer — New York. A VIA.Barolet’s Voice Delights Audiences SUSAN BARRETT . . . Transfer — Washington; Girls’ Club. ROGER BAUM . . . KENDALI. BARTLETT . . . Transfer—Camelback r High. JANE ANN BECHTOL . . . Sigma Beta Chi; A.F.S.; Girls’ League; Drama Club; Powder Puff. MIKE BARTLETT . . . Sports Car Club. Sec.- Treas.; J.E.T.S. BERNADETTE BELI Girls’ League; Drama Club; Powder Puff. WAYNE M. BAUER . . . Football. NANCY BENNESON . . . National Honor Society, Treasurer; Sigma Beta Chi; Girls’ League. RICK BENNETT . . . Let termen’s Club; Swim- ming. TERRY BENZING . . . Bowling Club. DAVID BERESIC . . . J.E.T.S.. President: Future Scientists of America: Sports Car Club. JOHN BERRY . . . Rock- et Club: Bowling Club: T ransfer—Indiana. 35Brock Guides ’64 Olympian Staff CHUCK BISHOP . . . Baseball. SUE BLAZOK . . . Sigma Beta Chi, Treas.; Bowling Club; G.A.A.; Powder Puff. MARY ANN BISHOP . . . Student Senate; Sigma Beta Chi; Y-Tecns; Girls’ League; Drama Club; “Man Who Came To Din- ner”; “I Remember Mama.” THOMAS BLOCK . . . Student Senate; Arcadian Staff: Drama Club; Trans- fer—New Jersey; Student Council. SALLY BIMSON . . . BILL BLAKLEY . . . Key Club: Lettcrmcn’s Club: Basketball; Base- ball. JOHN BIRCH . . . Let- termen’s Club; Football; Track. LEE BLATT . . . Spanish Honorary. JIM BLY . . . National Honor Society: Swimming. MARK A. BOCCACCIO . . . Lettermen’s Club; Football: Baseball: Track: “Brigadoon.” GRETCHEN BOCK . . . Girls’ League: D.E.C.A.; Transfer — California: Girls’ League; A.F.S.; Spanish Club. RICK BOLTZ . . 7kFarmer Reigns Over Homecoming CARY BOWNE Wrestling. LAWRENCE BROOKS . . . Art Club. PAMELA ANNE BOYD . . . Student Senate; Girls’ League; Pep Club: G.A.A.; Powder Puff. JOANNE BROWN . . . Girls’ League; Y-Teens; Powder Puff. CARY BRADLEY . . . LESLIE ANN BRICE . . . Girls’ League; Y-Tecns; National Honor Society; G.A.A.; Pep Club; Drama Club. DIANNE BROCK . . . Student Senate; Girls’ League; A.F.S.; Olympi- an Staff, Editor; Transfer —Kansas; Student Legis- lature; Pep Club. JEAN BROOKS . . . Y- Teens; Girls’ League; Choir. RODGER BUFFMAN . . . Bowling Club; Transfer— Massachusetts; Frosh Boy Rep.; Latin Club; Foot- ball; Baseball. MARSHA BULLARD . . . Chorus; Transfer — Okla- homa. SUE BURDETTE . . . Delta Omega, Secretary; Girls’ League; Y-Tecns. SUSAN BURGESS . . . 37CATHARINE KOWENA BURNS . . . G.A.A.; Girls’ League; Lambda Kappa Phi; Powder Puff. BOB CANTER . . . Foot- ball; Baseball; Wrestling; Swimming. Florez Heads Senior Class MARY DIANE BUTLER . . . Mu Alpha Theta, Vice President; National Honor Society; A.F.S.; Powder Puff. PATRICIA MARIE CAREY . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Y-Teens. PAUL CALDWELL . . . GARY CALL . . . Drama Club; Band, Let- terman; Choir; Chorale; Football; Baseball; “Brig- adoon”; “Guys Dolls.” STEPHEN K. CAMER- PAUL CAMPBELL ON . . . Key Club; Foot- ball; Basketball; Track. CAROLYN CARLISE . . . Y-Teens. EISA CARLISLE . . G.A.A.; Cheerleader. PATRICK CARVER . . . DONNA CASPERGant Leads Efforts Of D.E.C.A. Club JOAN CHANCE . . . N.H.S.; A.F.S.; Spanish Honorary; Sigma Beta Chi. JIM CHRISTENSEN . . . Student Senate; J.E.T.S.; Mu Alpha Theta; Sports Car Club; Cross Country; Basketball. SHERRY LEE CLEMENS . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A., Veep; Y-Tecns; Powder Puff. JOHN CHAPMAN . . . Sports Car Club; Drama Club; Olympian Staff: “I Remember Mama.” RICHARD CHARLAND . . . Rocket Club; Bowl- ing Club; “Brigadoon”; “Guys Dolls”; “Bells Are Ringing.” CATHY CLARK . . . Girls’ League; Adv. Girls’ Chorus. TINA CLARK . . . Girls’ League; Y-Teens; Powder Puff. JIM CHAPMAN . . . DAROLYN COFFMAN . . Sigma Beta Chi. DONNELLA M. COLE . . . Fencing Club; Sig- ma Beta Chi; Chorale; Band; “Brigadoon.” VANCE A. COLE . . . Sports Car Club; Bowling Club; Chorale; “Briga- doon.” 39Gorbitz Comes From Peru LESLIE COPPINS . . . WILLIAM COWAN . . . Band; Cross Country; Track; Football. SANDRA CORRIGAN... Transfer—England. DONALD COX . . . Foot- ball: Track; Wrestling. SANDRA COLLIER . . . NANCY COUNTS . . . Girls’ League; Y-Tecns. MARTI COOK . . . Girls’ League; Y-Teens. CAROLYN COURTNEY JERRY CREWSON . . . Lettcrmen’s Club; Foot- ball; Baseball. SHARON CROFT . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; A.F.S.; Spanish Honorary; Arcadian Staff: Powder Puff. PETER CRONK . . Transfer—New Jersey. KATHY CROWLEY . . . Frosh Christmas Prom Princess. 40Under Foreign Exchange Program JERALD NORMAN CUCKLER . . . Biology Club; Art Club; Mu Al- pha Theta; J.E.T.S.; Fenc- ing Club. MARILYN DE VORE... G.A.A.; Tennis; Powder Puff. RICHARD EARL DAN- LEY . . . Transfer—Scotts- dale High. DONNA DE WITT . . . Chorus; “Brigadoon”; “Guys Dolls”; “Man Who Came to Dinner.” JIM DAVID . . . Transfer JOHN DAVIS . . . —Washington; Wrestling. EVELYN DEIKE . . . G.A.A.; Choir. JEANNENE DENTON... Girls’ League; Sigma Beta Chi. Chaplain; Chorale; All-State Chorus; “Briga- doon”; “Guys Dolls.” MARCIA DIBBLE . . . Girls’ League, Treas.; Na- tional Honor Society; Ar- cadian Staff; Powder Puff. CHERYL DIPLEY . . . KATHARINE DOMINICK . . . Drama Club; Rifle Club; Girls’ League; Pow- der Puff. ROBERT DORFMAN . . . 41 Houston Presides Over Senate SANDRA DORRIS . . BOB DRAUGHON . . . Lettermen’s Club; Drama Club; Football; Wres- tling; Baseball. RONNIE EGCEMEYER LEE EMERY . . . GEORGE DREGELY . . . RAYMOND W. DRESS- LAR . . . Transfer—Cali- fornia; Football; Track. SUSIE EDWARDS . . . Frosh Girl Rep.; Student Council; Student Senate; Delta Omega, Vice Pres.; Powder Puff. SHIRLEE EILEEN EM- ERY . . . Spanish Hon- orary; Girls’ League. CHARLES E. ERICK- SON . . . Lettermen’s Club; Tennis. MARY LOU ESKRIDGE MARY LOU EVANS . . . Girls’ League; Powder Puff; Transfer — Camel- back High; Girls’ League; G.A.A. 42Karales Elected Senior Girl Rep. EVERT FARMER . . . TOM FARMER ... Sr. Lettermen’s Club; Foot- ball, Manager. Boy Rep.; Lettermen’s Club, President; Football; 1 Basketball. D LINDA JEAN FERGU- SON . . . Sigma Beta Chi, Historian, Pres.; A.F.S.; G.A.A.; Cheer- leader. TOM FISSELL . . . Golf. PEGGY DEAN EVANS . . . G.A.A., Treasurer; Art Club. LYN FAUCHT . . . G.A.A.; Y-Tecns; Bowl- ing Club, Secretary; Cheerleader. KATHLEEN FALK . . . G.A.A.; Y-Tccns; Art Club; Drama Club; Girls’ League; Olympian Staff; Chorus. MIKE FENNELL . . . Wrestling. JOHN FLOREZ ... Sr. Class Pres.; Student Council; Key Club, Vice Pres.; Lcttermen’s Club; Powder Puff Coach; Transfer—Judson School. MARY FORREST . . . DAVE FOSTER . . . Transfer — Conn.; Or- chestra; Soccer; Baseball. THOMAS R. FOSTER .. . Key Club; Lettermen’s Gub. 43MacDonald Aids As Temporary Rep. HOWARD FREISS . . . Basketball; Transfer — Idaho; Boys’ Federation; Basketball; Baseball. TERRY GAMBLE . . . G.A.A.; Biologj’ Club; Band, Let ter man; “Leave It to Jane"; “Brigadoon”; “Guys Dolls.” GARY FRERE . . . Base- ball, Manager. BARBARA ANNE GANT . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; D.E.C.A.; Tennis. PAULA FRALEY . . . Chorus; Transfer—Texas; French Club; Music Club; Delta Rho. CAROL SUZANNE FRYE BARBARA FREDERICK . . . Girls’ League; Drama Club; Olympian Staff; “I Remember Mama”; Trans- fer—Okla.; Student Coun- cil; Yearbook. SHARYN CALWEY . . . Spanish Honorar)-; Fenc- ing Club. 44 DENNIS CEHL . . . GAYLE GIBBONS . . Chorus. RUTH GORBITZ . . . TOM GOUDIE ... Let- termen’s Club; Baseball.McFadden Shines As Miniature Queen FRED CRANZOW . . . Art Club; Band, Letter- man. BETH GREEN . . . Y- Teens, Sec.; Spanish Hon- orar)', Sec. • Treasurer; Girls’ League; -A.F.S.; Delta Omega. MARSHA GRUBE . . . PEGGY GYGI . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Y- Teens; Chorus. WAYNE GREEN . . . Drama Club; “Arsenic and Old Lace”; “Guys Dolls”; “Sec How They Run”; “Man Who Came to Dinner.” DIANA GREMANIS . . . SUSAN GREGORY . . . G.A.A.; Powder Puff. GLORIA G. GRIM DITCH . . . Any town; N.H.S., Sec- retary; J.E.T.S.; Girls’ League; A.F.S.; G.A.A.; Mu Alpha Theta; Span- ish Honorary. SHARON HADDY . . . Girls’ League; Tri-Hi-Y; Pep Club; “Brigadoon.” DANIEL J. HALL . . . Band; Transfer — Cali- fornia; Band. DIANE HALL . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Lambda Kappa Phi; Powder Puff STEVE HALL . . . Biol- ogy Club; Sports Car Club; Wrestling. 45N H S Honors Witty With Presidency KATHRYN HALLIDAY TOM HANBY . D.E.C.A. ANN HAYDEN . . . Sig- ma Beta Chi; Spanish Honorary; A.F.S. LAWRENCE B. HIBLER . . . Bowling Club; Chor- ale; “Leave It to Jane”; “Guys Dolls.” I PAUL HAPIP . . . J.E.T.S., Treasurer; Fenc- ing Club; Future Farm- ers of America; Mu Alpha Theta. KAREN HARPER . . . Y-Teens; D.E.C.A. RONALD HARMON . . . Spanish Club; Bowling Club; Football. MIKE HARRIS . . . Let- termen’s Club; Football; Basketball; Transfer — Texas; Football; Basket- ball. JUDY HICKMAN . . . Student Senate; Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Cheer- leader. MARY HIEGEL . . . TERRY ANN HILLIS... Girls’ League. LINDA HITCHCOCK . . . Girls’ League; Pep Club; Powder Puff.Ong Records For Student Body CAROL JEAN HOFF- MAN . . . Student Sen- ate; G.A.A.; Chorus. SCOTT HUDSON . . . WILLIAM LEE HOLM- BERG . . . Drama Club; Art Club; Olympian Staff; “Man Who Came to Din- ner.” SHARI HUME . . . Y- Teens, Pres.; Girls’ League; A.F.S.; Arcadi- an Staff, Editor; Quill and Scroll. ROBYN HOUSTON . . . Student Council; Student Senate; Student Body- Veep; Jr. Class Treas.; Delta Omega; A.F.S.; Powder Puff; “Briga- doon.” MARTHA JACOBS . . . D.E.C.A. I COLEMAN HOYT . . . Sophomore Class Pres.; Spanish Honorary, Presi- dent. KARLA JENNINGS . . . Y-Teens, Chaplain; Art Club; Choir. JENNIFER JENSEN . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Y- Teens. JODY JOHNSON . . . Sigma Beta Chi, Secre- tary; Girls’ League; A.F.S. TERRY JOHNSON . . . Golf; Transfer — Coro- nado High; Lettermen’s Club; Golf. 47Orth Is Veep Three Years Running PAT JULIAN . . . Wres- fling. TERRY JUNTTI . . . Lettermen’s Club; Track; Cross Country; Basket- ball. JUDITH ELAINE KAST STAN KATARSKI . . . . . . Lettermen’s Club; Band; Football; Wrestling. PAT JONES . . . Stu- dent Senate; Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Delta Omega. RICHARD JUSTER . . . Transfer — Kansas; Cont. Affairs Club, Sec.-Treas.; Political Affairs Club; Pep Club; Tennis. PENNY JONES . . . Stu- dent Senate, Rec. Sec.; Girls’ League; Y-Teens; Chorale; Band; “Briga- doon”; “Guys Dolls.” ALEXIS KARALES . . . Student Body Chaplain; Sr. Girl Rep.; Delta Ome- ga, Pres.; Girls’ League; A.F.S. VIRGINIA JEAN KAY DON KENNEDY . . . . . Band; Chorus; Trans- fer — Illinois; G.A.A.; Newspaper; Spanish Club; Band; Orchestra; Chorus. MAXINE KENT . . . Y- SUZANNE KERSHAW ... Teens; Pep Club. Frosh Sec.; Delta Ome- ga; Cheerleader; Key Club Sweetheart.Peterson Works As Class Sec. PINKY LA GROTTA . . . JOHN LAMANTIA . . . Y-Tccns; Art Club; Football; Track. G.A.A.; Powder Puff. LINDA KILLIAN . . . BARRY KING . . . Cho- rus. JOYCE KINKEL . . . CAROL KIRK . . . Chorus. JIM LANGLEY . . . Let- CURT LARABELL . . . termen’s Club, Chaplain: Football; Wrestling. JOE LASZLO . . . ROBYN E LEATZOW . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Soph. Class Rep., Treas- urer, Rec. Sec., Pres.; Cheerleader. 49Piccinati President Of Student Body DENIS R. LEWIS . . . Wrestling. KATHERINE LOVERCIO . . . Girls' League: Pep Club. NAN RUCKER LICK- LIDER . . . Drama Club: Band. JULIE LUPTON . . . Sigma Beta Chi: Y-Teens: Girls League: Art Club: Pep Club. Vice Pres.: G.A.A. KATHLEEN SUSAN LINDNER . . . Girls League; Lambda Kappa Phi; Powder Puff. CLARK LOHR . . . Dra- ma Club; Fencing Club;. Wrestling, Co-Mgr.; Trans- fer — Montana; F.F.A.; Rifle Club; Chorus; Foot- ball; Basketball. DIANE LINVILLE . . . National Honor Society- Girls’ League; Y-Teens; Chorus. JOHN LOOMAN . . . Student Senate; Bowling Club; Basketball; Base- ball. ‘ PATRICIA ANN LUTES laura McCarthy ... Chorus; Transfer — Sun- nyslopc High: Girls’ Glee Club: Tennis. LAURIE MacDONALD... Girls’ League: Delta Ome- ga; Choir; Transfer — Washington: Songlcader; Pep Club; N.H.S.; Girls Club: Student Senate. RON MacDONALD . . . Student Senate; Key Club; Letter men’s Club; J.E.T.S.; Arcadian Staff. 50Propstra Corresponds For Senate Patricia McDowell . . . Chorus. FRANK McEVOY . . . Chorus; Transfer — New York; Bowling Club; Chorus. MIKE McKEOWN . . . STEVE McMAHON . . . J.E.T.S.; Sports Car Club; Band. SHARON McFADDEN... G.A.A.; Y-Tcens; Delta Omega; Spanish Honor- ary; Pom Pon. CHARLES McNEILL . . . Arcadian Staff; Football. LEONARD L. McFORD . . . J.E.T.S.; Rocket Club; Rifle Club. Pres.; Choir; “Guys Dolls”; “Man Who Came to Din- ner." CHRIS MADDEN . . . Wrestling; Football. ROBYN MAGILL . .. . Girls’ League; Transfer— Utah; Student Council; Pep Gub, Pres. RICHARD MALONE . . . CHRISTINE MANNING . . . Drama Club. MANDY MARGUART... D.E.C.A.; “Man Who Came to Dinner”: Trans- fer—Penn.; Latin Club.Rebeske, McFadden, Orth - Stretch, GEORGE MERRELL. . . STEVEN JON MII.I.ER C. TANFIELD MILLER . . . Student Senate; Key Club; Olympian Staff; Transfer — New Hamp- shire; Rocket Club; Crew; Swimming. SUZANNE MILLER . . . A.F.S.; Spanish Honorary; A.F.S. CHRIS MARTIN . . . Lettermen’s Club; Base- ball: Football. MARILYN MILLER . . . Mu Alpha Theta, Treas.; N.H.S.; Girls’ League; Outstanding Jr. Girl A ward; Outstanding Homemaking Student Award. GLENN MEDECKE . . . Lettermen’s Club; Wres- tling; “Arsenic Old Lacc”; “Man Who Came to Dinner”; Transfer— Tempo High. STEPHEN EARL MIL- LER . . . Mu Alpha The- ta, President; National Honor Society, Chap.; J.E.T.S.; Football. BONNIE MITCH ELI G.A.A.; Girls’ League; Transfer — Camclback High; G.A.A.; Pep Club. JOHN MITCHELL . . . Transfer -California. BOB MOELLER . . . Band: Orchestra; Track. JAN MOENICH . . . G.A.A.Practice And Star As Dancing Dolls DAME MUELLER . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Transfer — Camelback High: Girls League; G.A.A. PATTI MURPHY . . . Y-Teens: Sigma Beta Chi: Girls’ League; A.F.S.: Drama Club. PAMELA NEW . . . G.A.A.; Girls’ League; Transfer — California: Senate; Soph. Council; Girls’ League. JAMES NICHOLS . . Lettermen’s Club: Foot' ball: Baseball; Track. JAMES V. MURRAY . . . National Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta; Band. WALTER NASH . . . Sports Car Club. Presi- dent: J.E.T.S.. Vice Pres.; Bowling Club: Fencing Club: Tennis. ANNE W. NAIRN . . . Girls’ League: G.A.A.; A.F.S.: Cheerleader. DANIEL WILLIAM NEL- SON . . . Transfer—Minn.; Chorus: Hockey. Man- ager: Football. LESLIE NORDE . . . DAVID OGDEN . . . Sports Car Club; Choir; Wrestling: "Brigadoon.” JOLENE OLSEN . . . G.A.A.: Sigma Beta Chi; Mu Alpha Theta. KAY O’NEILL . . . Girls’ League; Tennis. 53Seniors Work Toward Graduation ELAINE ONC . . . Stu- dent Body Sec.; Jr. Cl. Sec.; Student Senate; Girls’ St.; Girls’ League, Veep.; Bowling Club, Pres.; Span. Honor.; Soph. Princess. PAT PANELLA . . . Transfer—Alhambra High. SUE ORTH . . . Soph., Jr., Sr., Class Veep; Stu- dent Senate; Delta Ome- ga; Pom Pon. R. C. PARKER . . . Dra- ma Club; Transfer—Bos- ton; Soccer. DENNIS OVEREYNDER ANDY OWEN . . . Dra- . . . Transfer—Colorado; Hockey. CAROLYN IRENE OWEN . . . Drama Club, Sec.; Fencing Club; Band; “Man Who Came to Din- ner”; See How They Run.” ma Club, Pres.; Art Club; “Teahouse”; “Arsenic Old Lace”; “Guys Dolls”; “See How They Run.” BRUCE PALMER . . . Band; Transfer — Penn.; Band; Chorale. DINAH PASCHKE . . . PENNY PATTON . . . Chorus; Transfer — Min- nesota; Y-Teens. JANE PEARSON . . . Student Senate; Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Y-Teens; Pep Club. JOAN PEARSON . . . Girls’ League. 54With A Variety Of Emotions JUDI PEDOTE . . . G.A.A.; Y-Tee ns; Girls’ League; Transfer Carl Hayden High; Math Club. EDWARD PELSUE . . . Sporls Car Club; Quill and Scroll; Olympian Staff; Choir; Chorale; "Brigudoon”: "Guys Dolls.’ JOAN PETERSON . . . G.A.A.; Bowling Club; Sigma Beta Chi; Chorus; Choir; Chorale. YVONNE PETERSON... Senior Class Sec.; Stu- dent Senate; G.A.A.; Pep Club. ROLY PEARSON . . . G.A.A.; Transfer — Mas- sachusetts. ERIC PETERSON . . . Key Club, President; Lct- termen’s Club; Football; Track. GERRIE PEDERSEN . .. JOHN PETERSON . . . Track; Transfer — North High; Football. ARTHUR JAY PICCI- NATI . . . Student Body President; National Honor Society; “Man Who Came to Dinner”; “Sec How They Run.” CHRIS EUGEN PISCHKE . . . Bowling Club; Cho- rus; “Arsenic Old Lace.” PETE J. PITTMAN . . Student Senate; Letter men’s Club; Football Wrestling; Transfer — S Mountain High; Frosh Rep. LINDA PLOTKIN . . . Girls’ League, Sec.; A.F.S.; Band, Lcttcrman; “Brigadoon." 55P A U L B E R N A R I) PRATT . . . Lettermcn’s Club: Football; Track. SAMUEL RAGLAND . . . J.F..T.S.: Sports Car Club; Arcadian Staff; Tennis; Transfer- -Tennessee: Ten- nis: Football. JOHN RECER . . . Span- ish Honorary: Biology Club; Band. Letterman; “Brigadoon.” Smith, Peterson Reach Semifinals DIANE LOUISE PROP- STRA . . . Student Sen- ate. Corres. Sec.: Girls’ League: Arcadian Staff. BARBARA REBESKE... Student Senate; Girls’ League; Pom Pon; "Brig- adoon.” CAROLE ANN RABEY . . . Chorus: Transfer — Central High; Latin Club. HOUSTON REEDY . . . PAMELA PRICE . . . Chorus: Transfer Texas; Pan American Club: O.D. Ettes. JUDY RANAE RAWLINS . . . Transfer — Idaho: Pep Club: F.T.A.: Band. KARA REID . . . Girls JAMES REIN . . . League; Drama Club: Transfer — California. Nevada: French Club: Ski Club: Pep Club. JANET REIS . . . Girls’ League; Y-Tccns: Tri- Hi-Y. 56On The National Merit Tests JIM REPP . . . Wrestling. STEVE RHOADES . . . BRUCE RODIGHIERO RICHARD ALLEN ROG- . . . Transfer — Califor- ERS . . . nia; Track; Cross Coun- try. JEFFREY RICHARD. SON . . . Lcttcrmcn’s Club; Football: Baseball; Powder Puff. Coach. JOHN ROCKERHOI SEN . . . Sports Car Club; Choir; Chorale; “Briga- doon”; “Guvs Dolls"; Transfer—Calif.; Choir. DENNIS ROBERTS . . . Transfer — Nebraska: Football. CAROL RODE . . . Girls’ League; Transfer — Cali- fornia; Art Club. ELSIE JEANENE ROM- NEY . . . Chorus. JAY RONDEAU . . . Lct- tcrmcn’s Club; Wrestling. BONNIE ROPER . . . Art Club; Bowling Club. NANCY ELLEN ROSE . . . Student Senate; Girls’ League; N.H.S., Veep; J.E.T.S., See.; Spanish Honorary. 57Stromme Attends Girls’ Nation PAMELA ANNE ROSS GAIL ELLEN ROSCHI- EDWARD RO$S . . . VAL . . . Girls’ League: Y-Teens. PAUL ROWE . . . GILBERT RUDOLPH... Transfer — Calif.; House of Representatives; Sci- ence Club; Golf; Track. MARGIE ROTH . . . . . . Girls’ League; Drama Club; Pep Club; Powder Puff; “Guys Dolls.” RON ROTHGHILD . . . Girls’ League; Sigma Beta Chi; Chorale: “Leave It to Jane": “Brigadoon”; “Guys Dolls.” BONNIE ROWE . . . Girls’ League; Pep Club. HARVEY JAY SADACCA . . . J.E.T.S.; Tennis; Transfer — Spanish Club; Debate Club. ROBERT SANDERS . . . BETSY SANSON . . . Girls’ League; Delta Ome- ga- KAREN SARTEN . . . Girls’ League; A.F.S.; Band. 58Summey Gives Service As Treas. BARBARA SCHMIDT... Girls’ League; Y-Teens; G.A.A.; Art Club; Span- ish Honorary: Powder Puff. ELIZABETH SCOTT . . . Girls’ League; Lambda Kappa Pbi; Y-Teens; Powder Puff; Transfer— CLENN SCHULTZ . . . WILLIAM J. SHALL . . . Rocket Club; Transfer— South Mountain High. TERRIE SAUER . . Chorus. MIKE SCHURING . . GAYLE SCHAFFBER- GER . . . Delta Omega; Girls’ League; Y-Teens. Illinois. BRIAN SCHWINCHAM- ER . . . Drama Club. JAY SHARP . . - JOHN SHEETS ... Art Club; Chorus; Gentle- men Songsters; "Leave It to Jane.” CARL SHIPLEY ... Bi- ology Club; J.E.T.S.; Band; "Brigadoon.” JOHN SHIPLEY . . . Chorale; Transfer—Iowa; Science Club; Chorale; Football; Tennis. 59P eekes, Nairn, Kershaw, Leatzow CHERYL SIMSER . . . C.A.A. DAVID E. SMITH . . . Any town: Rifle Club: Lciicrmen’s Club; Foot- ball. SHEILA SIR RIDGE . . . Girls’ League: G.A.A. JEFF SMITH . . . TOM SHORE ... Key Club: Let ter men’s Club; Football: Basketball: Track: Transfer—Texas. LYNN SIGMAN . . Girls' League: 't-Teens. CHUCK SKINNER . . . RITA SLONEKER . . . Transfer — North High; Alpha Tri-Hi-Y. LESLIE DIANE SMITH . . . Spanish Honorary. President: Girls’ League. MARLENA SMITH . . . Chorus: Orchestra. PHILIP JEFFREY SMITH . . . J.E.T.S.: Basketball, Manager. DON SNYDER . . . Key Club. Sec.; Wrestling. 60Lead Yells, Up Spirit, Support Teams B A RR Y SOLLENBER- GER . . . Lettermcn’s Club; Arcadian Staff; Track. JIM STEWART . . . Picture Not Available KARL SPANGLER . . . Frosh Roy Rep.; Letter- men's Club; Wrestling: Baseball. MARY JOSEPHINE STEWART . . . Girls’ League; Y-Tcens. CHERYL STALLINGS... Student Senate; Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Y-Teens; Biology Club; Powder Puff. CATHERINE STEWARD . . . Girls’ League: C.A.A.; Powder Puff. VIVAN MARIE STABILE . . . Choir. JIM SPELLMAN . . Lcttcrmen’s Club: Kc Club; Football; Track Transfer — Minn.; Let termen’s Club; Football Track; Swimming. DON G. STILES . . . Track; Cross Country; Transfer — Mesa High; Movie Club; Key Club; Cross Country. JERRY STINES . . . Let- termen’s Club; Football: Cross Country; Track. TERRY STINES . . . Football; Basketball; Track. CAROL EVE STROM.ME . . . Girls’ Nation, State; Any town; Girls’ League, Pres., Veep; Delta Ome- ga: Chorale; “Brigadoon”; “Guys Dolls.” 61Woudenberg, Florez, Piccinati, KIM STUART . . . Mu Alpha Theta; J.E.T.S. JOHN THURSTON . . . Wrestling. KAY SUMMEY ... Sr. Class Trcas.; Student Sen- ate; A.F.S.; Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Y-Teens; Spanish Honorary; Sigma Beta Chi. JIM T1NGWALD . . . Football; Baseball. GAYLE SUTTON . . . Y-Tcens; Art Club. BARBARA TEJAN . . . Student Senate; Pep Club, President; Girls’ League. NANCY SUTTON . . . Fencing Club; Mu Alpha Theta; G.A.A. WILLIAM TERBOT . . . Bowling Club; Choir; Baseball. CHRIS TOLAND . . . Transfer — California; Council; Cross Country. CAROLYN LEE TOM- KINS . . . Soph. Class Sec.; Art Club, Sec.; Tri- Hi-Y; Y-Teens; Girls’ League. RON TRAINOR . . . BARBARA TRESTER .. . Student Senate; Girls’ League; Y-Teens; Sigma Beta Chi; Powder Puff; Transfer—North High. 62Vaughan-Attend Boys’ State i JANET TURNBOW . . . STEVE UHLMANN . . . Fencing Club. TERRY LEE TUBB . . . D.E.C.A.; Football; Base- ball; Powder Puff, Cheer- leader. JOHN VAN REUSEN . . . Lettermen’s Club; Basket- ball; Transfer — New Jer- sey; Baseball. MIKE TUREK . . . Stu- dent Senate; National Honor Society; Spanish Honorary; Band. FRANK VAUGHAN . . . Frosh Class Pres.; Jr. Boy Rep.; Student Senate; Lettermen’s Club, Pres.; Key Club; Football. LYNN DA VINEYARD G.A.A. BRADY LEROY VOGEL . . . Student Senate; Key Club; Bowling Club: Band; Wrestling. DANNY WALKER . . GREG WALSH . . . Transfer — North Dakota; Football; Basketball. TONI WANIC . . . Stu- dent Body Treasurer; Frosh, Soph. Class Treas.; Any town; Girls’ League; Twirp Attendant; Powder Puff. JOHN WARD ... Let- termen’s Club; Football; Track. 63Wanic l akes On Money Problems KATHLEEN WASH- BURN . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Bowling Club; Y-Teens; Powder Puff. JOHN WILLIAMS . . . LeUormcn’s Club, Sec.- Trcas.; Track. CANDACE WEEKES... Student Senate; Girls’ League; Cheerleader: Christmas Prom Attend- ant. LAURA ANNETTE WIL- LIAMS . . . A.F.S., Veep; Y-Teens; Junior Prom Princess; Transfer — In- diana; Y-Teens; Thespi- ans; Gamma Gamma Gam- ma ; Cheerleader. CHRISTINA WEIR . . . Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Tennis, Manager. BEVERLY WILCOX . . . Drama Club; Band, Let- terman; “Brigadoon”; “Guys Dolls”; “Man Who Came to Dinner.” PETER 0. WHITE . . . Drama Club; Choir; Transfer — Thunderbird Academy; Choir; Band; Orchestra; Baseball; Tum- bling. DAVE WILLIAMS . . . Drama Club. MARY WILLIAMS . . . RICK WILLIAMS . . . WHITNEY WILLOUGH- DENNY WILSON D.E.C.A. Student Senate; Letter- BY. . . men’s Club: Wrestling; Powder Puff, Cheerleader.Graduation Tops Four Years’ Work DONNA WINDHORST... Girls’ League; G.A.A.; Art Club; Transfer—Xavi- er High; G.A.A.; Art Club. J. D A N A WOUDEN- BERG . . . Boys’ State; Lettermen’s Club, Veep; Key Club; Football; Base- ball. CATHIE JANE WITTY . . . Mu Alpha Theta, Sec.; National Honor So- ciety, Pres.; Sigma Beta Chi; Chorale; Tennis. DENNIS P. YURESKO . . . Track; Cross Coun- try; Transfer — Michi- gan; Soph. Class Secre- tary; Key Club; Track. LINDA ZUIDEMA . . . k CHARLES THARP . . . 65Ambrose Serves As Boy Rep. Jack Adamson Margaret Akers George Alexander Judy Alexander Linda Allen Andy Ambrose Kay Anderson Larry Anderson Tony Arra Leslie Avant Marie Aycock Sam Baar Allen Babinski Terry Baccellia Bill Baker Bruce Baker Randy Baker Doug Baldwin Sharon Bancroft Bill Bann Wayne Barnes Ronnv Barr Ed Battersbcll Joan Bauer Bob Beal Jean Bcckstcad Kenneth Bennett Laura Bennett Dennis Benzing John Benjamin Kathy Bigleman Etta Blackmon Rick Blakeley Steve Blasnck Bud Blate Jackie Bleyer Craig Bluell Linda Bobbitt Ken Boron Mike Borsheim Susan Botsford Bonnie Boudreau 68Davis Boosts School Spirit Janice Boxven Steve Boyd Chcri Boyer Mike Braden Annette Bramlett Patricia Broeder Doris Brooks Starr Brooks Gary Brown Steve Brown Tom Brown Terry Bryan Barbara Buchanan Gregory Bucklcw Tom Buckley Emmy Bukcr Kathleen Burns Jim Busch Sandy Busser Dale Button Bryan Burton Mikie Byron John Caldwell Nancy Cameron Susan Cameron Robbie Campbell Pam CampodaU’Orto Dale Cannon Gerald Cardew Cissy Carruth Eleanor Carter Forrest Carter Chuck Case Cindy Caster Suzanne Chaillic George Chalagonian Jack Chapman Ray Chcnhall Melinda Chipman Clvnn Christensen Jane Christensen Harry Cipriano 69Arcadia’s First Barbecue Is Chief Garv Clark Mike Clark Terry Clark Tom Cole Joe Codings Chuck Colton John Conklin Roger Conroy Gus Contos Ron Contryman Robert Cook Sally Cook Connie Cooper Douglas Coppock Corinnc Corbitt Steve Craig Mike Cranny Robert Cronsbey Robyn Cummings Audrey Dalessandro Ron Daley Elizabeth Dalzell Bill D’Apuzzo Keith Danckaert Jean Davidson Bobbie Davis Cindy Davis Karen Davis Lynn Davis Nora Deak Frank Deakin Rosemary Deloian Ron Dcnckc Tim Deschler Raymond Detrick Jim DcVancy Mike DiCerbo Lesley Dicfcndcrfer Tim Dietz Jerry Dillon Pat DiTirro Sue Dixon 70Junior Class Money-Making Project Jean Dobben Caines Du Vail Vicki Eaton Hill Ebert Margie Eisen Carolyn Elliott Ron Finch Catherine Finney Barbara Fish Boh Fisher Jim Fisher James Fissell Avajon Fraizer Gretchen Frank Connie Freeman Nancy Freestone Judy Fuller Ronnie Furr Margie Gabbard Fred Gamble Patty Geiger Greg Gibbons Carol Gicszl Janice Gif fin Jerry Glover Linda Glover Penny Goeman Kathy Goldthwaite Sandy Gompf Bob Goodpasture Marilyn Elliott Stephen Ellis Jim Ellstrom Vickie Elson Teddie Englund Leonard Erie Kathy Etchclls Bart Faber Barb Fenner Bill Ferguson Cathie Ferguson Steve Fielding 71Hau gel and Keeps Senate Records Philip Graham Ginnie Grant Land Grant Jay Green Kathy Green Barbara Grigg Bruce Gulledge Alana Cullett Donna Gulnae Robert Gurrath Guy Hadden Heather Hafleigh Judi Hagcdorn Mike Hagerty Diane Haggerty Karen Hakes Janice Hall Bill Hamilton Vaunda Hammett Bob Hanan Janet Haney James Hanford Becky Hanna Robin Hansen Barbara Hardy John Harkenrider John Harper Ben Harvey Heather Harvey Tom Harvey Carol Haugeland Bill Hawkins Karen Hayden George Hayduke Gary Hendrix Jane Heringer Dean Herrington Joanna Hiatt John Iiilde David FI ill Jim Ilillebrand Scott Hilsabeck 72McLeod Labors As Corresponding Sec. Pat Hislop Jerry Miner Sherry llirt Becky Hitchcock Steve Hodgson Cinda Hoel Bill Hoffmann Cheryl Hogan Judie Holland Don Holm Tom Holmes Steve Holmstrom Mark Hopkins Jeannette Hough Lou Hudson Margaret Hull Bill Hume Sandi Humphrey Bill Hurford Judy Hutson Dewey Isaacs Kathy Jablonski Linda Kay Jamison Victor Johansen Bruce Johnson Lynda Johnson Michael Johnson Ron Johnson Carolyn Jones Gail Jorgenson Steve Joseph Charlotte Kamstra Jeannie Katz Linda Kaufman Pamla Keen Vince Keeton Beverly Keyes Charlee Klein Alan Keith Jerry Kelley Patty Kidwell Dennis KimballJamison, Scranton, Alexander, Terry Klouse SaumJra Knackstcdt Pam Knight Scott Koerner Linda Krahenbuhl Robert Krigbaum Robert Kuebler Lynda Kuebler Cheryl Kyff Cordon Lacy Darnel Ladd Frankie Lake Rill I.aman Nancy Lamson Kerry I.amutb Connie Lancaster Steve Landry Janice Lanier Jane Laubach Greg Lauten Dennis LcFcbvre Robert Levine Zoannc Leininger Wally Limburg Judy Lind Jacquelyn I.indstrom Susan Lindstrom Beverly Lingafelt Sally Liska • Richard Lockett Mike Loper Pat Lutz Andrea Lynch Robert McBride, II Lynn McCasland Laura McClure William McGarey Nancy McLeod Peggy McMullin Joan McNamara Mike McNamara David McNulty 74Lindstrom Enliven Pom-Pon Line Dick McPherson Janeal Maggard Mike Maisel Robert Manning Richard Margolin Gayle Markow Mary Martin David May Rob Mayse Terry Mechling James Meek Jim Mercier Del Merrill Phil Messec Dick Mickle Melinda Milar Dave Miller David Miller Linda Miller George Mills Richard Milot Judy Miller Sid Miller Greg Moe Wes Mohr Robert Monie Ja Montgomery Dana Moore Rosemary Moore Vicki Moore Brad Morfitt Bob Moss Rusty Mower Becky Mowry Randy Muller Craig Murdock Maureen Murphy Sherry Nalder Nina Nauman Jim Naylor Elbcrta Nccriemer Bill Nichols 75Class Records Kept By Lindstrom Nick Nicholson Penny Norbie Susie Norniand Kay Norris Melon 0‘Beirne John O’Neal Larry Ohenstine Denise Odean Randy Oden John Oehler Sharon Ohms Larry Olden Patricia Oliver Elliott Olson Karen Olson Mike O'Malley Pete Orr Steve Orth Danny Orton Kenny Ostermcycr Sue Ouren Dana Overmier Steve Oviedo Kathy Paine Karl Painter Dave Papandrcw Pat Payne Judie Pebler Richard Penquite Haven Peters Dennis Peterson David Peugh Barbara Phillips Ruth Pierce DeDe Pisani Diane Pledger Gayle Post Susan Pratt Randy Pridgen Laurie Ptak Gage Putnam Bill Quinn 76Rummage Represents Junior Girls Mike Rampy John Ranby Rae Rawlins Gloria Richmond Chris Reed Karen Reid Pete Repp Rick Rhoades Kathy Riggs Lynn Robb Jan is Roberson Steve Robinette Jan Robinson Mary Jane Rocker Susan Rocker Harry Romanin Dick Romney Martha Rook Sue Roper Kathleen Rose Jackie Rose Tom Rothweiler Kay Rouse Judic Rummage Walter Rungc Toby Rupert Ken Sage Laurie Salisbury Neil Salmi Darryll Salsburg Sherry Salyer Harry Sal .man Jacquc Sauter Sandra Schork Becky Scharf Dave Schedler Jo Sehwan Larry Schwartz Rick Schwarzc Linda Scranton Pam Shafer Barbara Sheeley 77As Talented Actor Carol Sheer Roger Sheer Linda Slier Robert Slier Ricky Shulls Rill Simmons Larry Sipe Frank Smith Geoff Smith Judy Smith Kendall Smith Lorraine Smith Marilyn Smith Stephanie Smith Susan Smith Jim Sollenlierger Tom Sorensen Jon Soule Steve Spellman Estrelic Speros Steve Spielberg Susan Stanford Lisa Stapleton Nancy St.Clair Tuck Stephenson Gretchen Sternberg Mike Stevens Clint Stidham Rick Strawick Susan Strauss Ed Strublc Mary Jane St.Thomas Steve Suggs Shirley Surgener Ruth Swain Steve Swift George Tanguy Joan Taylor Sue Tear Rob Tellicr Keith Thompson Mark Thomson 78Juniors Sponsor Twirp Week Larry Tipton Clede Tomlinson Judy Topolosky Bill Toy Eugene Tucker Sheila Tucker James Vanllouten Jerry VanRcusen Barbara Vehon Patty Verhocven Lynda Verner Dennis Vigcs Michael Viotti Hallie Von Ammon Kathryn Wagner Larry Wagner Kick Wallace Janet Walmslcy Jim Ware Glenn Wasson llcnc Waterman Jean Weber Carol Walleck Leona Wallcy Patricia Webber Tom Wcdel John Wcidemann John Weidemaicr Barbara Welch Connie Welch Linda W'eller Paula W'elsb Dave Werner A1 Wesolowski Dawn Whcelock Greg White Erik Widmark Laurie Wilkinson Alan Williams Chris Williams Penny Williams Skceter Williams 79Wright Directs Class Activities Wendy Wilmanns Cathy Wilson Janet Winkler Shirley Wisniewski Denny Wolff Juli Woolley Randy Wright Suzi Wright Carol Young Jeff Young Gail Zcnobi Eddra Ziegler Frank Ziska Donna Zwaanstra onDon Adams Jim Adams Anni Airoia Barbara Akers Marilyn Allen Tim Allums Mina Alter Kathy Ammerman John Anderson John Andrews Gary Armstrong Linda Austin Dick Averin John Baehr Bob Balds David Baker Jim Bann Linda Barclay Linda Barnes Sharon Barnes Steve Bartlett Jeff Bartolino Marcia Batty Joleen Bauer Tricia Bean Steve Beans Rick Bedenkop Nancy Behringer Ronald Bends Bruce Benson Kathleen Bergen Dick Bergren Randa Bernath Candy Bethell Leon Bicrbaum Val Bircumshaw Bill Birkholz Mary Birney Steve Bisbee Trudy Bisbee Nancy Bishop Carol Black Sophomores Cooley, Green, Gaudet, 82Armstrong, Kron Star In Athletics Carolyn Blakeley Cheryl Blum John Biunda Bill Bly Nona Blyth Judy Bock Tammy Bonds Naomi Bowie Terri Bradley Mike Brady Sharon Brill Kick Brodman Janice Brown Laney Brown Mike Brown Kick Brown Kim Bruce Jamie Burnc Tom Butcher Dick Butler Larry Butler Laurel Butler Toni Caiola James Caldwell Paul Caliendo Scott Campbell Konnie Cannon Shelley Canter Mary Carlton Konald Carter Bob Carver Bob Cassidy Pat Cassady Judy Castleberry Patricia Cazel Val Chadderdon Don Chenhall Vickie Cheslcy Diana Christian Earl Christian Frances Christmas Mark Clark 83Cooley Lends Aid To President Kathy Clinkingbeard Richard Coatc Cheryl Cole Judy Conner Pat Conroy Tom Cooley James Coppins Linda Corzine Valarie Crotzer Boh Crowder Bill Crowley Diane Cunningham Jim Daudet Dave Davenport Margaret Davis Pat DeBergc Dcbi Derreberry Connie Deschler Brad Detrick Dan Dever Susan Dick Susan Dickey Mark Dill Angela DiTirro Mia Ditson Dennis Dole Martha Dooley Greg Doyle Pamela Draney Steve Driggs Linda Duggan Jack Dujanovic Linda Dunbar Karen Dunn Denise Dunning Robert Duston Linda Dutro Shirley Echols Peggy Edmundson Linda Edwards David Egizii Linda Elliott QAJames Serves As Representative Pamela Emerson Steve Endicott Karen Erickson Ruddy Evans Nonna Evrard Daryl Everhart Ramesh Gangadean Margaret Garcia Sarah Garrison Kathy Centner Pricilla Gentry Stan Gerstcnschlager Carol Getz Dick Gimbcl Charles Glasser Coni Good Jon Ewing Corric Falk Lyle Falls Barbara Fenton John Fenwick Doug Fieck Jack Flynn Jerry Foster JoAnne Freiss Mia Fulkerson Jim Gaintner Karl Galbraith Chris Goodman Patti Goodman Kim Goodpasture Wayne Gordon Kathy Gossick Diane Grady Jim Grayson Grove Greene Lori Griffin Patricia Groom Karen Grouskay Debbie Grubbs 85Goodman, Draney Are Pert, Pretty Elaine Guffey Greg Gullett John Guthrie Philip Haag Anita Haddy Handy Hageman John Hall Roger Halpcrt David Hanlon Rick Hanna John Haner Charles Hapip Joan Harken rider Gary Ilarinann Dale Harr Guy Hayden Bill Hendrix Brenda Henderson Steve Hencs Boh Henry Pam Henson John Heringer Rick Herndon Art Hillier Nicolas Hiner Roger Hinton Bill Hitehings Patricia Hobein Sandy Hodgdon Bill Hodges Sue Holt Frank Honsik Lynda Houston Paul Howard Tim Hoyt Garry Humphreys Sandra Huntington Helene Hurford William Hussey Jeanne Huvcllc Barry Hyland Carol Inscho 86Additions To Lively Pom-Pon Line Nancy Isbell Chuck Janies Gerri Johns Becky Johnson Belly Johnson Janet Johnson Lee Johnson Susan Johnson Jerry Johnston Sharon Jones Shirley Jones Tibhy Jones Karen Jorgensen Boh Juster Mike Kalupa Cas Karho David Kast Linda Kennedy Milas Kennington Mike Kerstiens Lynn Klemme Dcidre Klein Rick Knight Donn Kinzle Liz Kircher Karen Kleinz Janis Kistemakcr John Knirsch Sophia Krain Richard Kramer Mike Krantz Karen Krebs Gary Kron Jim Kuykendall Bonnie Lafon Alan Lam Regina Lanser Kathy Larson Bicki Lawonn Gary Leiler Rick Le win Barbara Lewis 87Mattingly Quarterbacks For Varsity Vicki Lewis Gary Lohman Linda Long Hoh Lowry John Luke Rusty Lupton Kevin Lutz Tony Lytton Joy MaGce Susan Manning Ann Margolin Susi Maroney Warner Marshall Marcia Mathicson George Mattingly Bill McCarthy Larry McClue James McConnell Doug McCoy John McGarey Boh McGee Bill McNabb Martha Mec Mary Mehnert Laurie Mclander Jo Meyers Jim Miller Susan Miller Marilyn Millctt Cheryl Mincks Steve Mitchell Sherry Missner Annie Mocho Tony Mocho Wayne Monie Carey Moore Michael Moore Rory Moore Sue Morris Joyce Moulton Christine Murphy Nancy Mykestad 88Jones Presides For Soph Class Dawn Naar Bill Nazcr Joan Nelson Merry Naumetz Craig Ncslage Annette Neugebauer Philip Nordberg Lynn Oboikovitz Alice O’Brien Bob Olden Gene Olsen Lyncllen Olsen Tim Ong Toni Oonk Jerry Osburn Carole Ostermeyer Phil Overcynder Evonne Parent Barbara Parker Howard Paulsen Connie Pearson Dan Pearson Rik Petersen Larry Petty Greg Pierce Patti Pinnick Larry Plotkin Allan Polenick Craig Potter Lynn Powell Linda Powell Harry' Prouty Katherine Quick Julie Ragland Bill Ralston Lu Jean Rawlins Nancy Reader Frances Reid Rick Rcimold Kerri Richas Susie Rider Wanda Rippstein 89Spooner Budgets Class Funds Lauren Roberts Marcia Rocgncr John Rohmer Jeanne Romney Louise Romney Robert Rommey Jin» Rondeau Cal Rookcr Barbara Rose Tawn Rudolph Linda Rush John Sandberg Eileen Sapor Richard Schickcr Bill Schlossnagcl Carol Schmitt Jerry Schrader Suzanne Sehult Laurie Schultz Ron Scott Steve Scott Phil Sedgwick Gretchen Sena Maryann Shall Lynda Sharp Pam Sheets Pam Shcidler George Shcllcr Nancy Sher Wesley Shoncrd Lynda Sigmundson Bettie Simser Cindy Skalak Richard Skinner Boh Slider Christopher Smith Jeff Smith Mary Smith Sarah Smith Terric Smith Lynne Snyder Dennis Spindler 90Tonner Works For Class As Rep. Donna Splonick Molly Spooner Clyde Staggs Barbara Stanton Dennis Stcinbaucr Sandy Stephenson Lucy Stidham Serena Stiles Steve Story Veronica Stout Diane Strawick Tex Sulck Sue Swanson Sandy Swcdlund Mary Jo Sykowski Nancy Taber Steve Tail Chris Tallon Anna Tanner Susan Tanner Bob Taylor Louise Tcffeau Joyce Thees Steve Thomas Susy Tonner Sheila Trainor Sandra Trapp Bob Truitt Penny Turner Terry Turner Ron Turnbow Parn Tyra Dan Thompson Barbara VanBuskirk Cheryl Vandcrslicc Marilyn Van Ordcn Bruce VanValer Joseph Vehon Janine Volkmar Leanna Wade Mara Wagner Nira Wall 91Web!) Records For Soph Class Steve Wang Elizabeth Warner Barb Watchler Mike Watson Donna Webb Margaret Webb Linda Weidemann Debbie Wcigandt Reita Weingartner Diane Weir Albert Wendt Ralph West Paul Westhoven Richard White Skip Whitley Perry Whittington Bonnie Wilkins Kirk Williams Susan Williams Patricia Wilson Stephanie Wilson Mike Windhorst Bobbie Winter Barbara Winter Carey Winters Randy Witkamp Alfred Witting Rita Wright Rhonda Wright Vivian Yee Mike Youngblood Gene Zaic Carole Zeller John Zlatich Pat Morris 92i.T.TiT-T-T-T-T-T-T-T- } ia|a|aia|a|a|a|a|a|a| I ■ I■ |a|a|a|a|a|a|•|a|a ■|■|■|■|■|■|■|■|■|■|■| |a|a| a|a|a|a|a|a|a|a Va|a|i I a | a | a | a | a | a | a I 'i' u■'»r i j iu »■ . ■ I »1 It.-.U-Jlh Mul i . ■» » t- » . r 1 j m j « i • r 11 T ■ v Xtiff ’ • FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS . . . StevC Brown, treasurer; Craig Stromme, boy representative; Mary Jane Kocour, secretary; Sharon Lillmars, girl representative; Brian Langston, president; Sandy Tejan, vice-president.Kathy Ahearnc Kobcrt Alex Bill Allen Fred Andersen Kathy Anderson Leonard Anderson Mark Anderson Richard Anderson Richard L. Anderson Linda Appling Judy Atwood Sydney Austin Ronald Baker Ceorgc Balia Brad Barnett Cliff Bartholomew Peter Baumann Boh Bauer Donald Bayles Barbara Bellamy Diana Bennett Marty Bennett John Benua Craig Berg Bruce Bernard Mike Berry Mary Beverlein Susie Birkholz Amanda Blatt Stan Blackm'ore Grant Blanco Karen Blazok Stephen Bleycr Betsy Blom James Borshcim Jerome Bowie Sharon Bowne Laurie Boyd Marby Ann Boyer Becky Brannan Jim Brannan Larry Brim Candidates Campaign And Class 94Chooses Officers In September Robert Brophy Bunny Brown Daniel Brown Roger Brown Steve Brown Doug Bucklcw Barry Buffman Sue Burger Phil Burke Margaret Burnett Michael Cahill Mary Caldwell Bonnie Calhoun Bonnie Canfield Shauna Carlson Bill Carnahan Linda Carroll Pam Carter Danny Carusetta Rusty Carver Cheryl Casper Bob Chance John Charland Kathy Christensen Monty Christian Cindy Clark Bill Clark Cary Coffman Kent Coffer Bill Collings Pam Cooley Cindy Coppock Carolyn Cor dry Robert Corkhill Paul Crossman Sandra Curl Karen Daly Betsy Dambrova Scott Danley Carole Darrow Geoff Davenport Diane Davis 95Freshman Football Squad Earns Ken Dixon Debi Dorfman Helen Donovan Tim Downs Vicki Doyle Donnie Duepner Laura Davis Sandra Davis Jim Day Gloria Deneke Steven Detmer Dawn Dewey Patricia Dibble Mary Di Cerbo Karen Dickerson Tom Dietz Bill Dipley Anthony Ditirro Janice Duncan John Dunfce Trudy Du Vail Christi Eaton Sam Edwards Larry Elkins Donna Eltz Pam Engebretson Jerry Esmay Bob Evans Mike Evans Bruce Feight John Fenner Gwcnn Ferguson Richard Fife Cliff Finch Peggy Fischer John Fondrisi Charles Ford Dick Foster Michel Franckc Stephen Franklin Craig Frary Karen FreemanChampionship Rating In Division Joyce Freestone John Fresc Georgia Freiburghaus Jacqueline Furr Mary Gabbard Mike Gallagher Tim Gamble David Garrett Brian Gcntcrer Dorinne Gibson Sam Giebelhaus James Gieszl Steve Gilbert Leslie Glover David Gnacdinger Esther Goldstein Kathleen Goddard Calli Golom Mike Gorges Linda Greer Steve Gregory Colleen Guffee Lee Gullickson Connie Haag Steven Haasis Bill Hall Raymond Hall Terr - Hall Betty Halliday Penny Hanan Steven Hancock Chris Haney John Hannon Ronnie Hanstein Jim Harkenrider Richard Hart Steve Hauser Greg Heckaman Susan Helber Harold Henderson Don Hendon Judy HendrixFrosh Thrilled And Bewildered By Boh Henschen Bill Henze Tom Herrick Boh Hervey Yvonne Hervey Gary Ilettlingcr Sandy Heverley Mary Hicgcr Carolyn Himes Barbara Hitchcock Jim Hix Kathy Hohein Chris Hoffman Dexter Hogin Kathleen Holdridgc Bruce Honsik Michael Hood Carolyn Horner Sandy Hovcy Bill Hoycr Steve Hudson Ray Hughes Sherry Hughes Hugh Hull Dean Isaac Mike Jacomet John Jason Susan Johnasen Merri Johns Marjorie Johnson Mary Sue Johnson Steve Johnson Raymond Johnson Deborah Jones Jean Jones Mike Jones Becky Jorgenson William Kalaf Jim Kane Kathy Karie Ed Katarski nnFirst Contact With High School Deborah Kautenburger Kathy Keen Darra Kell Mary Catharine Kelley Randy Kelly Marlin Kessler Marnie Kildow John Kilpatrick Lynne Kimball Malanne Kinkcl Karen Kircher Brent Klein Cary Kline Sue Klein Cynthia Knackstcdt Mar ' Jane Kocour Chris Koch Dennis Docber Lee Kohlhase Craig Komadino Carolyn Koppcn Thomas Kos Janice Kosanovich Richard Krewson Robert Kunde Karen Kuebler Keith Kumm Julia Lally Dick Lambert Laurie Lamson Cindy Lancaster Randy Landcfcld Laurie Landry Jill Lane Brian Langston Tina Lanser Jeff Larson Diane Laszlo Kent Lauten Bill Learned Bob Leatzow Errol Lee 99Steve Lombard Diane Love Barbara Loven Rickey Lyftogt Mary MacDonald Terry Major v Reps. Lillmars And Stromme Assume Bill Markham Deborah Mason Cindy Maxwell John May Bonnie Mayse Linda McCuskcr John McDowell Mike McFaddcn Chris McFarland Anne McGarcy Judy McMullin Christy McNeal Dianne McPherson Ann Mellor Mark Middleton Carol Miller Robert B. Miller Gail Miller Michael Miller Douglas Miller Robert Miller Mark Milieu Betty Milligan Ruth MillsPositions On Council Committees Susan Mills Raymond Milot Louise Mirza Connie Mitchell Judy Mitchell Colleen Moore Ted Myrick Cathy Nadler Gretchen Nairn Robert Naughton Fred Neal Nancy Neer Kendis Moore James Monroe Michael Monson Monty Montgomery Dale Mortenson J liPIidaJMstit Nancy Mower Dan Mowery Halerie Mumma Melanie Mundy Deborah Murphy Trudy Myers Jeanne Nelson Skip Nelson Kenny New John Nicholson Bill Nikiforuk Kevyn Noble Joann Nochta Cindy Northrop Candy O’Brien Sharon O’Dell Mike Oglesby David Oldham Pam Olsen Tom Olson Jim O’Neal Bruce Ong Benny Osburn John Ostaff 101Brown Responsible For Frosh Funds John Osterloh Mark Owen Dale Owens William Paine Debbie Parker Jo Ann Parks Lori Patrick Allen Peacock Bruce Pcaslcc Bill Pea Barbara Penn Mark Peterson Kandy Peterson Russell Petrucciani Vicki Petsch Gary Petty Cynthia Phillips Roger Pickett Sandy Picrcey Roy Pike Marsha Pierce Margaret Pischkc Jean Plott John Powers Gordon Pratt Lester Proctor Bob Prochl Jeff Ptak Philip Ralston Shirley Reich Kathy Reid Jon Reid Linda Reid Mike Rex Bob Rhoades Kathy Richards Deborah Rice John Richardson Carolyn Rippe Jean Robbins Gail Roberts Joe Roberts 102Post Of Secretary Goes To Kocour Sybil Roberts Kathy Rolfe Howard Romney Nancy Rondeau Jim Rose David Ross Anne Rost Tina Rummage Marty Rungc Cathy Rutherford Lynne Sale Randy Salyer Kathy Sarten Rick Savale Ken Scheitlin George Schilling Lynne Schuring Suzy Scott Linda Seeley Lisa Selin Becky Shallit Robert Sharkey Wendy Shaw Ann Shipley John Shoenhair Dianne Shrecve Gordon Sinclair Glenn Singer Steve Sirridgc Jeff Slider Thomas Skalak Richard Smetana Brad Smith Cheryl Smith John Smith Kent Smith Mike Smith Susan Smith Ron Soini Don Soini Kathy Solomon Ann Spielberg 103Langston Fills Position Of Prexy Bob Spiking Ken Spitler Donald Splonick Tony Standish Linda Stephenson Janies Stevenson Patricia Steward Diana Stewart Stephen Stewart Bob Stickle Duane Stiles Patricia Strauss Craig Stronime Debbie Strubel Loretta St. Thomas Guy Stuart Beth Sullivan Barbara Summey Scott Sutton Marian Swartwout Neal Sweeney Jessie Tanner Barbara Tash Harold Taylor Mary Ellen Taylor Melanie Templet Marc Taylor Cindy Teeples Sandy Tejan Craig Tenney Debbie Thomas Randy Thomas Kathleen Thomson Cindy Thurston Robert Tokar Patti Tomich Martha Toy Phil Trapani Kurt Trepel Bev Trcster Robert Tribken Jim Trimble 104Tejan Acquires Veep Title John Wickman Mickey Wien Sieve Wilgus Vivian Wilcox Karen Wilkins Bob Williams Darrell Truitt John Turner Linda Unglaub Margaret Vale Jerry Van Houten Rodney Van Nimwegen Barry Van Patten Tony Van Reusen Teri Van Wagenen Sue Vellella Henry Vervoorn Kenneth Vineyard Bob Wade Leslie Wagensellcr Candy Wagner Richard Wagner Liz Walker Marly Walley Glen Warner Bobby Warren Corey Wartes Janice Washburn Daniel Watts Joe Wechsler Phil Weber Kenny Weigandt Mary Weidemann Jan Welsh Linda Wcscott Judy Whiteside Harry W'almsley Mike Walsh Matt Walton Dick Wamslcy John Ware Wendyc Ware 105On Olympi H$s, Staff lcrry Woodward Carol Wright Britt Yaeger Doris Y ce Helen Young Car - Yuresko A,Sand Z.m«» Peggy Zamie Steve Zeisler Ed Ziegler John Ziska 106In Memoriam KKISTKN HKKNNAN Class of l X l "The Lord Gave, and the Lord Hath Taken A way . . . Organizations ™r—J€ vV'J belonging, an opportunity to partici- make-ifseful contributions, and to develop» I I - d talpnts are a part of the assets enjo d,.. who choose to identify theruaeh«ss with various clobs and' organi aKons at Arcadia. • to bring abdTit closer relationships r of ideas than are posajble-jn . 109Student Senate Affiliates STUDENT BODY OFFICERS . . . Robyn Houston, vice-president; Toni Wanic, treasurer; Art Pic- cinate, president; Nancy McLeod, corresponding secretary; Eiainc Ong, recording secretary. Student council started off the year with bang by sponsoring the freshmen elections, organizing pep as- semblies complete with skits, reorganizing Student Council, and developing the club council. The exist- ence of the Club Council meant better communication between campus clubs and the student leaders, more activities and better participation. Four new stand- ing committees were formed as a result of the re- organization with the boy and girl council represen- tatives serving as chairmen. The Activities committee, headed by Tom Farmer and Susie Tonner, was re- sponsible for assemblies, the carnival, and pep rallies. Unity and Spirit, governed by Alexis Karales and Chuck James, concerned itself mainly with promoting school spirit by planning pre-game rallies and skits. Judie Rummage arid Craig Stromme led the Public Relations committee that was responsible for all news- paper publicity for the school. Student body and class elections were the concern of the Inter-Club, Inter- Class committee headed by Andy Ambrose and Sharon Lillmars. STUDENT COUNCIL . . . Front Roiv: Ruth Gorbitz, Tibby Jones, Robyn Houston, Susie Tonner, Elaine Ong, Alexis Karales, Sharon Lillmars. Row Two: Chuck James, Judy Rummage, Nancy McLeod, Toni Wanic, Craig Stromme. Back Row: Toni Farmer, Randy Wright, Brian Langston, John Florez, Art Piccinati.With Council For Efficiency STUDENT SENATE . . . Front Row: Geoff Davenport, Larry Leesman, Matt Walton, Patty Verhocvcn, Jeanne Huvelle, Linda Duggan, Laurie Ptak, Diane Propstra. Row Two: Bob Moeller, Dave Papandrcw, Dick Averitt, Nancy Lamson, Candy Wcekcs, Pam Boyd, Grctchen Sternberg, Mike McNamara. Back Row: Dana Woudenbcrg, Skip Whitley, Harvey Sadacca, Barbara Stanton, Dianne Brock, Nancy Freestone, Sandy Tejan, Sherry Nalder. Student Senate celebrated its second year in existence at Arcadia. Each second period class elects a repre- sentative to this body. These representatives are to be spokesmen for the students to the student council and to the administration. Robyn Houston, vice-presi- dent of the student body, serves as President of the Senate. Other officers elected by the senate are Tuck Stephen- son, vice-president; Carol Haugeland, recording sec- retary; Mike McNamara, treasurer; Susie Lindner, chaplain; and Diane Propstra, corresponding secre- tary. STUDENT SENATE . . . Front Row: Susie Cameron, Robyn Houston, Linda Unglaub, Linda Wescott, Nancy Rondeau, Laney Brown, Tawn Rudolph. Row Two: Martha Mee, Linda Barnes, Kathy Paine, Molly Spooner, Julie Ragland, Eileen Sapcr, Nancy Rose, Kay Norris, Susie Botsford. Back Row: Reita Wcingartner, Margaret Webb, Karen Davis, Liz Kircher, Linda Elliott, Dorinnc Gibson, Sid Austin, Helen Donovan, Mary Jane Kocour. IllEditors Hume, Brock Guide ARCADIAN STAFF . . . First Row: Jim Hanford, Joe Miller, Jolin Berry, A1 Wesolowski. Second Row: Sue Roper, Marcia Dibble, Diane Propstra, Shari Hume, Lynn Davis, Carol Haugcland. Third Roiv: Vickie Hitchcick, Jan Volkmar, Peggy McMullin, Roger Sheer, Tom Black, Chuck McNeil, Barry Sollenbergcr. Every other Wednesday night meant long hours of work for members of The Arcadian staff in their “paste up” sessions. After this last session of writing, running off headlines, choosing pic- tures and arranging them all, the pages go to Davis Litho for offset printing. One of the biggest features of the bi-monthly publication was the Save Camelback Mountain Campaign in which Arcadia invited any other school in- terested to join in preparing petitions against building homes high on the mountain. More than 15 schools presented petitions bearing more than 11,000 names to the Arizona State Legis- lature in February. Among the other special projects by the staff were publication of a 32-page Christmas issue and the yearbook sup- plement. Arcadian editor, Shari Hume, and advisor, Mrs. Hinsd . Wor together during paste-up. mmPublication Of Paper, Annual OLYMPIAN STAFF . . . Front Row: Laurie Wilkinson, Barb Frederick, Dianne Brock, Terry Gamble, Kathy Falk. Second Row: John Chapman, Barry Sollcnberger, Andy Owen, Cindy Thurston, Jim Chapman. “Where is that group picture? Now I know I just had it! Who has my crayon?” Confusion? This is sheer bedlam according to staff members. Throughout the year, these 12 journalists worked meeting deadlines to produce the Titan yearbook, the Olympian. This year’s editor, Dianne Brock, was responsible for all final proofreading, layout designs and picture selections. Andy Owen and Barb Frederick worked as layout and copy editors respectively. Responsibility for taking, developing and print- ing of yearbook pictures fell to John and Jim Chapman. Business matters were handled by Terry Gamble for the second year in a row. 113 Editor Dianne Brock and Sponsor Mrs. Logan work witlr Tan Miller in planning the activities section.Pom-Pon; Cheerleaders Boost CHEERLEADERS . . . Bobbie Davis, Linda Verner, Candy Weekes, Robyne Leatzow, Anne Nairn, Suzanne Kershaw, Carol Sheer. Smiling and cheering arc the varsity cheerleaders as they . J.V. CHEERLEADERS . . . Diane Grady, Jeanne Huvelle, Pat pose for pre-season pictures. Wilson, and Susie Dickey, kneeling.Titan Spirit And Enthusiasm POM-PON LINE . . . Front Row: Susie Maroney, Judy Alexander, Linda Scranton, Patti Goodman. Back Row: Micki McFad- den, Barbara Rebeske, Pam Drancy, Linda Jamison, Sue Orth, Jacque Lindstrom. Arcadia’s halftime ceremonies focused mainly upon the dancing of the Pom-Pon Girls. The steps were made up and arranged by the girls themselves. Various dancing involving character parts were the following: hillbillies, pert gentle- men with canes, and cowboys with gun-and- holster. For football games the girls marched onto the field with the Titan Band. Tryouts for the girls are held in the spring with teachers and other adults as judges. 115 Pom-Pon girls changed their uniforms and worked up hard routines for some of the basketball games. Above are Sue Orth, Judy Alexander, and Linda Scranton.TITAN BAND . . . Front Row: Patti Geiger, Donella Cole, Nic Miner, Jill Kennedy, Fred Gamble, Kevyn Noble, Janice Wash- bum, Kay Anderson. Row Two: Tim Allums, Dick Scliure, Clint Stidham, Laura McClure, Lucy Stidham, Erik Widmark, Greg Doyle, Nancy St. Clair. Row Three: Terry Camble, Vivian Wilcox, Mike Galwey, Linda Edwards, Bob Beal, Mike Viotti, Wayne Monic. Row Four: Chuck Colton, Jim Fisher, Bruce Palmer, Dennis LcFcbvrc, Daniel Hall, Beverly Wilcox, Tim Hoyt. Back Row: Mary Baehr, Stanley Gcrstcnschlagcr, Rick Herndon, John Reger. The Arcadia Titan Band, directed by Reginald Brooks, has acquired a great name for itself throughout the year. During the football season the Titan Band provided pre-game or halftime entertainment, highlighted by the baton twirling routines of Miss Vaunda Hammett. The band not only was required to memorize all their music, but on occasion learned intricate dance steps to perform while they played. These steps added new spice to the music. The band’s activities didn’t end with the football season. During the spring they held a concert that was appraised by all. I IA Mr. Reginald Brooks -Titan Band DirectorTITAN BAND . . . Front Row: Virginia Kay, Linda Plotkin, Pam Shcidler, Cathy Larson, John Davis, Chuck Case, Paul Cald- well, Steve Speilberg. Row Tivo: Barbara Akers, Corinne Corbitt, Neil Salmi, Mike Cranny, Mike Call, Frank Smith, Karen Sartcn. Row Three: Rob Monie, Bob Dorfman, Mark Clark, Dennis Dole, Cal Rooker, Jim Miller, Robert Goodpasture, Fred Granzow. Rack Row: Mike Rarnpy, Ed Struble, Jim Murray, Johnny Guthrie, Tom Brown. 117 Vaunda Hammett—MajoretteBand Gains Skills, Techniques JAYVEE BAND . . . Front Rotv: Wanda Rippstein, Darrell Truitt, Philip Trapani, Barry Buffman, Alan McNulty, Grant Blanco, Boh Corkliill, Louise Romney, Valeric Chadderdan. Row Tivo: Lee Emery, Dewey Isaacs, George Drcgclcy, Jon Western, Steve Harms, Kathy Sartcn, Gary Klein, Tom Herrick, Richard Anderson, Kay Rouse, Dick Krewson, Karen Dunn, John Wickman, Bob Slider, John Anderson, Chris Goodman, Kim Goodpasture, Mike Hogerty. Row Three: Mark Dill, Bob Stickler, Peggy Bunnett, A1 Wendt, Oscar Bellinger, Carey Winters, Beverly Wilcox, Mark Owens, David Baker, Stanley Gerstenschlager. Back Row: Tim Downs, Grctchen Nairn, jerry Van Houscn. If you play an instrument and are interested in learning more techniques in regard to music, then the Junior Varsity Band is for you! In this class the students learned band literature and other useful skills between practicing for games and parades. They also held two concerts; one in January and the other in April. One of the main objectives of the course was preparing for the Titan Varsity Band. The musical department at Arcadia offered a course for those students adapt at playing stringed instruments. The orchestra played at music assembly giving Titans music of a different quality. The course is a selective one. in that a student who wants to be considered for the course must audition so as to exhibit his knowledge of the scales, the keys, sight-reading, and rhythm. Offering danceable music is the main objective of the Dance Band. This group participated in assemblies and provided music for plays. The dance band consists of brass and wind instruments, a piano, and a set of drums. Mr. Woodard directs during a jayvec concert. He works with the 40-mcmber group each day.Special Music Groups Perform ORCHESTRA . . . Front Row: Jan Haney, Karen Hayden, Lynn Powell, Stephanie Smith. Row Two: Helen Jean O’Beirne, Glen Warner, Connie Mitchell, Pat Cazel, Joyce Moulton. Back Row: Don Cook, Steve Thomas, Vivian Wilcox. 19 DANCE BAND . . . Front Row: Tim Allums, Dick Schurc, Nic Hiner, Laura McClure, Susan Smith. Back Row: Mike Viotti, Milas Kcnnington, Jim Miller, Chuck Colton, Bill Quinn, Jim Fisher.Millsop Directs Top Singers CONCERT CHOIR . . . Front Row: Jamie Burns, Joanna Hiatt, Sandy Stephenson, Tibby Jones, Karen Erickson, Molly Spooner, Penny Turner, Mia Ditson, Lynne Snyder, Beverly Wilcox. Row Two: Cheryl Mincks, Sue Swanson, Joy MaGcc, Vivian Stabile, Lynda Witt, Martha Mcc, Peggy Edmundson, Sherry Missncr, Helene Hurford, Janinc Volkm3r, Sophia Krain. Row Three: Pam Campo. Margerat Webb, John Belden, Jeff Bartolino, Jim Gaintner, Ray Chenhall, Bill Terbot, Frank Mendola, Midge Galst, Kathy Krcls. Back Row: Bob Justcr, Chuck Glasscr, Jim O’Connor, Bill Baumann, William Hendrix, Dennis Spindler, Warner Marshall, Peter White, John Caldwell, Greg White, Dale Connon. Concert Choir is one of the most outstanding choral groups in the school. This year was spent in a varied number of ways: there were assemblies and special concerts given, and many hours were spent to make this choral group an outstanding representa tive of AHS. AH members have had one year of previous instruction. What is the goal of all singers at AHS?—undoubtedly it is to become a member of the Arcadia Chorale. This group has acquired needed techniques for pro- ducing a concert of the highest quality. Their many activities include singing at three formal concerts, prominent organizations, and various school assemb- lies. CHORALE . . . Front Row: Bill Hoffman, Donnella Cole, Vance Cole, Pam Keen, Truck Smith. Row Two: Linda Zuidema, Ed Pelsue, Carol Stromme, John Rockerhousen, Margie Roth, John Shipley. Row Three: Bill Ferguson, Joan Peterson, Doug Coppock, Cathv Witty, Dave May. Back Row: Jeannenc Denton. Vic Guyan, Penny Jones, Paul Caldwell, Barbara Barolet, Larry Hibler. 120100 Sing In Two Choral Groups ADVANCED GIRLS’ CHORUS . . Front Row: Cathy Wilson, Jacque Albright, Jane Adams, Lynn Robb, Judy Miller, Paula W'elsb, Marlena Smith, Joyce Kinkel, Sherry Hirt, Pamela Price, Rosemary Deloian, Mary St. Thomas, Paula Fraley. Row Two: Peggy Gygi, Barbara Buchanan, Barb Fenner, Linda Barclay, Coette Childers, Janice Giffin, Shirley Surgener, Saundra Knack- stedt, Ginger Kay, Judie Holland, Cheryl Hogan, Bonnie Boudreau, Denise Odean, Kathy Green. Row Three: Kathy Wagner, Mari Anne Cain, Becky Hanna, Judie Pebler, Lynn Klemmc, Janeal Maggard, Sheila Trainor, Betty Ann Johnson, Ruth Pierce, Carole Ostermeyer, Jean Davidson, Pam Knight, Clede Tomlinson, Linda Krahenbuhl, Jean Weber, Barbara Vehon. Back Row: Diane Linville, Susan Wright, Marsha Bullard, Laura McCarthy, Sherry Nalder, Sheila Sirriage, Cathy Clark, Carole Ann Rabey. BOYS’ CHORUS . . . Front Row: John Charland, Susan Johnson, accompanist; John Fenner, Bob W'ade, Jim Stevenson, Armand Zamiara, Matt Walton, John McDowell, Howard Romney, Mark Peterson, Tony Van Rcusen, Stan Blackmore, Craig Tenney, Dale Mortenson. Roiv Two: John May, Marlin Kessler, Lester Proctor, Larry Elkins, Kent Coffer, John Gulledge, Dan Kirk, Ken Scheitlin, Scott Sutton, Jon Reid, Richard Hart, Tom Kos, Ken Weigandt, Steve Stewart, Bill Clark, Don Splonick, Bill Learned, Bob Evons. Back Row: Donn Thompson, Dick Foster, Roy Hughes, Gary Hettlinger, Gerben Vervoorn, Ted Myrick, Harold Henderson, Bill Rogers, Marty Runge, Monson, Mark Anderson, Bill Hall. 121Voices Prep For Top Groups INTERMEDIATE GIRLS’ CHORUS . . . Front Row: Sandy Hodgden, Christy Tcffcau, Mary Menhect, Deborah Weigant, Sharon Lillmars. Row Two: Joan Nelson, Karen Dunn, Barbara Watchler, Pam Tyra, Terri Sauer, Lynda Houston. Rack Row: Cheryl Blum, Reita Weingartner, Carol Ciczl, Frankie Lake. Intermediate Girls’ Chorus is closely associated with the mixed chorus. Their activities require extra hours of work to attain the desired degree of perfection. Emphasis was placed on the quality of the whole chorus. The Intermediate Mixed Chorus, known to practice faithfully, gained much experience this year. Activi- ties consisted of presenting perfected assemblies for students and presenting evening musical concerts for all. INTERMEDIATE MIXED CHORUS . . . Front Row: Cathy Wilson, Terri Bradley, Deborah Mason, Henry Schilling, Jerry Johns- ton, Roger Coryell, John Anderson, Laurie Schultz, Karen Krebs, Barbara Fentcn, Gayle Schafbcrger, Carolyn Courtney. Row- Two: Susan Johnson, Laurie Melander, Barbara Lewis, JoAnn Friess, Carol Getz, Joe Vchon, Ronnie Low, Darrell Everhart, Vivian Ycc, Joleen Bauer, Karen Hakes, Marilyn Millett. Row Three: Leonard McFord, Steve Mitchell. Back Row: Carey Moore, Frank McEvoy, Phil Sedgwick, James Sulek, Tom Rothwciler, Gordon Lacy, Beverly Keyes, Susie Rider. Beverly Lingafelt, Donna DeWitt, Grctchen Sena. 122Frosh Girls Sing In Area, Dia W I I ARCA GIRLS CHORUS . . . Front Row: Mary MacDonald, Wendy Shaw, Pam Olsen. Cathy Rutherford, Gail Miller, Cathy Nadler, Leslie Glover, Donna Eltz. Row Two: Kathy Goddard, Susie Birkholz, Dianne Shrecve, Marilyn Likens, Sandra Curl, Karen Kirchcr, Gwenn Ferguson. Row Three: Patty Strauss. Kathy Richards, Sherry Hughes, I-ec Reich, Janice Kosanovich, Loretta St. Thomas, Ann Shipley, Gretchcn Emery, Sharon Bownc, Melanie Kinkel. Row Four: Janice Duncan, Jan Welsh, Jackie Furr, Karen Daly, Linda Carroll, Dorinne Gibson, Mary Sue Johnson, Cindy Tceples, Margie Johnson. Row Five: JoAnn Nochta, Vickie Raymond, Dawn Livingston, Rhonda Mott, Betty Milligan, Glorie Deneke, Debbie Murphy, Dianne McPherson, Pam Wood. Row Six: Chris Haney, Mickey Wien, Jean Jones, Mary DiCerbo, Linda Greer, Mamie Kildow, Peggy Burnett, Nancy Mower, Anne Rost, Diane Laszlo. Row Seven: Kathy Keen, Peggy Fischer, Lynne Sale, Cheryl Smith, Mary Weidemann, Barbara Tash, Mary Kelly, Ann Mcllor, Beth Sullivan. Back Row: Trudy Myers, Jo Parks, Lynne Schuring, Bonnie Mayse, Esther Goldstein, Sue Burger, Mary McKeown, Susan Howard, Karen Kueblcr. DIA GIRLS’ CHORUS . . . Front Row: Sue Scott, Karen Dickerson, Jill Lane, Bonnie Calhoun, Carol Wright, Carolyn Koppen, Tcri Van Waginen, Pam Carter. Row Two: Deborah Jones, Susan Johansen, Tina Lanser, Helen Donovan, Nancy Baar, Debbie Thomas, Debbie Strubel, Susan Hclber, Mary Jane Kocour, Diane Davis. Row Three: Karen Blazok, Robin Ott, Kathy Christensen, Jessie Tanner, Vicki Doyle, Jeanne Nelson, Marsha Pierce, Judy Atwood, Gay Guffee, Linda McCuskcr, Debbie Kautenberger, Trudy DuVall. Row Four: Nancy Rondeau, Candy O’Brien, Anne Spielberg, Kathi Ahcame, Ann McGarey, Martha Toy, Penny Turner, Gail White, Helen Young, Becky Jorgenson, Carolyn Cordry, Michel Francke, Carolyn Horner. Back Row: Wcndye Ware, Marian Suartuout, Judy Lally, Jean Plott, Debbie Parker, Linda Reid, Shauna Carlson, Paula Crossman, Barbara Hitchcock, Mar- garet Pischke, Linda Appling, Carolyn Himes. 123Sports, Science Interest Titans GIRLS’ ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . . . Front Row: Weir, Appling, Taylor, Tonncr, Woo l, Etchclls, Haney, Clemens, Lanser, Thomas, Brown, Naar, Haney, Golom, Ycc. Row Two: Duggan, Deloian, Miller, Trester, Piercey, Kildow, Noble, Haddy, Lill- mars, Behringer, Roberts, Gossick, Conner, Fenton, Rawlins, Engcbretsen, Leatzow, Kleinz, Wade. Row Three: Holdridgc, Welsh, Pischke, Brown, Grady, Stephenson, Washburn, Knackstcdt, Kautenburgcr, Guffcc, Inscho, Hanley, Vanderslice, Romney, Christen- sen, Eaton, Karie, Freiss, Wolff, Huvcllc, Gentry, Wilson. Back Row: Davis, Davis, Stanton, Johnson, Thurston, Tejan, Beuerlein, Harvey, Canfield, Baar, Reich, Freiburghaus, Burger, Cardeli, Overmier, Suartwout, Bennett, Eaton, Kircher, Taber, Swcdlund. Do you like competition in the field of sports, fellow- ship with others, and fun? Well, if you are a girl, you find these things in GAA. Robyn Leatzow, presi- dent: Sherry Clemens, vice-president; Kathy Etchclls, corresponding secretary; Linda Kleinz, recording sec- retary; and Jan Haney, treasurer, organized field days, service projects, and the mother-daughter tea. Como esta usted? Hola. Buenos dias.—These are familiar sounds when the Spanish Honorary Club meets. This club offers opportunity for students to converse in Spanish. The conversations are promoted by Coleman Hoyt, president; Shirlee Emery, vice- president; Beth Green, secretary-treasurer; Karen Reid, historian; Randy Wright, parliamentarian; and Ronnie Harmon, sergeant-at-arms. SPANISH HONORARY . . . Front Row: Ruth Gorbitz, Kay Summey, Valerie Chadderson, Pat Cassady, SueAnnc Miller, Dawn Naar, Nancy Rose. Roiv Two: Susan Smith, Linda Duggan, Ann Hander, Shirlee Emery, Corrie Falk, Bob Taylor, Coni Good, Suzanne Chaillie. Back Row: John Reger, Beth Green, Sharyn Gakvcy. Ron Harmon, Coleman Hoyt, Leslie Smith, Corinne Corbitt. Janis Roberson, Danny Walker. 124Groups Devoted To Scores, Stores D.E.C.A. . . . Front Roto: Barry King, Tom Hanby, Terry Tubb, Bob Dorfman, Pat Julian. Roiv Two: Barbara Gant, Mandy Marquart, Gretchen Bock, Judy Rawlins, Mary Williams. Row Three: Marilyn Devore, Lisa Carlisle, Lee Blatt, Carole Frye, Martha Jacobs, Nancy Counts. Back Row: Richard Charland, Stan Hall, Charlie Tharpe. Arcadia’s D.E.C.A. Club provided career-minded stu- dents with a chance to learn “the ropes” of better business. The participating students attended regular classes in the morning and held jobs in the afternoon. Mr. Sanders, the sponsor, and the officers, Barbara Gant, president; Barry King, vice-president; Mandy Marquart, secretary; and Stanley Hall, treasurer; said the program had given the members much more confidence when working with the public. Participat- ing businesses included clothing stores, drug stores, cultural establishments, and grocery stores. What is the Lettermen’s Club? It is a unique club for score-minded male Titans. This club, largest all- boy club on campus, is constantly concerned with school spirit, school appearance, and school reputa- tion. Their many activities included the annual ini- tiation, the spring dance, the selling of game pro- grams, and assistance at school functions. Of all the activities, initiation is the worst for new members. The wearing of crazy clothes and burlap underwear, the spankings in public, and the declaration of club loyalty upon request, all made initiates very un- comfortable. LETTERMEN’S CLUB . . . Front Row: Pratt, Richardson, Ziska, J. Williams, Cox, Madden, Spangler, Koemer, Rex, Pitman, Devcr, Mendola, Erickson, Spellman, Shore, Vaughan'. Row Two: Sollenberger, J. Stines, May, Sheer, K. Smith, Hilsabeck, Deschler, R. Johnson, Farmer, Gaintner, Bennett. Row Three: F. Williams. J. Smith, Langley, Birch, Grant, Rhodes, Widmark, Keeton, Orth, Crewson, Ragland, Moore, Boccaccio, Peterson, Cameron, Van Rcuscn, B. Johnson, Coach Amerson, advisor. Row Four: Nesligc, Florez, R. Williams, Tingwald, Werner, Carter, Margolin, Papandrew, Robinette, Katarski, T. Stines, Bucklew, Clark, D. Smith, Repp, Payne, B. Blakely, Potter, Cranny, Juntti. Back Roiv: Morfitt, Mills, Martin, Monie, Colton, Schedler, A. Williams, Brown, Schrccves, Spindler, Hillebrand, Carver, R. Blakeley, Bly, Ranby, Loper, Draughan, Tharp. 125Science, Car Enthusiasts Organize SPORTS CAR CLUB . . . Front Row: John Chapman, Jim Rein, Dave Odgcn, Mike Wooden, Denny Yurcsko, Jim Chapman. Second Row: John Rockcrhouscn, Walt Nash, Bill Drew, Mike Bartlett, John VanReusen, Sam Ragland, Mike Rampy, Dave Beresic. Listen. Do you hear the sound of a thousand feet? No. of course not. It is the sound of cars. The Sports Car Club must be holding one of its events. It’s too late for the Halloween Ralley, the Nite-Owl Ralley, or the Economy Run, so it must be either the Spring Ralley or the Easter Ralley. Here come the officers now: Walter Nash, president; Bill Drew, vice-presi- dent; and Mike Bartlett, secretary-treasurer. They say it’s the Rod Rally and that this, like all other events, is valuable in experience and competition. Frogs, worms, fish, or grasshoppers—what is it to- day? Actually more than dissection was covered in the Biology Club. One of the favorite club activities was traveling all over Arizona collecting specimens for examination. To be a member of this club, one must be a good biology student and must really enjoy biology. The club was led by Bill McNabb, president; Debbie Rice, vice-president; Marge John- son, secretary; and Mark Anderson, treasurer. BIOLOGY CLUB . . . Front Row: Diane Weir, Judy Mitchell, Judy Levine, Martha Toy, Sharon Lillmars, Debbie Rice, Angela DiTirro, Brent Klein, Bill McNabb, Phil Nordbcrg, Mr. Odell. Second Row: Margie Johnson, Linda Lockett, Sarah Garrison, Kathy Habein, Marsha Pierce, Joyce Moulton, Serina Stiles, Barb Fenner, Susan Beck, Mrs. Settlcmoir. Third Row: Deborah Mason, Mary Smith, Suzanne Chaillic, Carolyn Ryppe, Frances Christmas, Sandy Swedlund, Melanie Mundy, Laurie Melander, Pat Cazel, Carol Miller, Lynne Shuring. Fourth Row: Mark Anderson, Skip Nelson, Steve Mitchell, John McGarcy, Tom Herrick, Jaqjc Flynn, Paul Westhoven, Nicolas Miner, Guy Hayden. 126Stromme, Miller Guide Campus Clubs GIRLS’ LEAGUE . . . Front Row: Beth Sullivan, Bev Trester, Tina Lanser, Shelley Canter, Marcia Dibble, Elaine Ong, Jane Adams, Jacque Albright, Linda Plotkin, Molly Spooner, Laurie Salisbury. Row Two: Mrs. Lillywhite, Sponsor; Audrey Dalessandro, Laurie Lamson, Sandy Swedlund, Tibby Jones, Kay Summcy, Nancy Bcnneson, Jan Haney, Rosemary DcLoian, Joanne Brown, Mrs. Neidj Sponsor. Pep posters, service projects, coke parties, pep rallies, and also the Christmas Formal and the “Big Sister" program were all fall activities accomplished by Girls’ League. In the spring the mother-daughter tea was held along with many service projects. Carol Stromme, president; Elaine Ong, vice-president; Lin- da Plotkin, secretary; and Marcia Dibble, treasurer; all agree that the success of Girls’ League belongs to the teamwork and cooperation of its members. “Sound like Greek to you?! This club, Mu Alpha Theta, was formed to provide an organization for those students interested in math. Their officers, Steve Miller, president; Diane Butler, vice-president; Cathy Witty, secretary; and Marilyn Miller, treas- urer, arranged for guest speakers, field trips, and group discussions on the subject of math. Recrea- tional activities were also scheduled. MU ALPHA THETA . . . Front Row: David Hill, Lynn Davis, Jim Rein, Diane Butler, Jerald Cuckler, Carol Haugeland, Marilyn Miller, Mrs. Frye, Sponsor. Row Two: Robert Cronshey, James Van Houten, Dennis Roberts, Larry Olden, Joan Peterson, Larry Hibler, Cathie Witty, Leonard Aron, Truck Smith, Nina Nauman. Back Row: Mr. Larson, Sponsor; Paul Hapip, Ed Battershcll, Chuck Case, Jim Bly, Dick Juster, Bill Drew, Richard Lockett. 127Rockets, Service Spark Interest ROCKET CLUB . . . Front Row: Robert Cronshey, Neil Salmi, vice-president; John Berry, secre- tary-treasurer; Frank Mendola, Larry Meek, Philip Haag. Rack Roto: David McNulty, Rick Schwarze, president; Sam Baar, Chuck Glasser, Sam Albert, Kim Bruce, Mr. Hurn, sponsor. “5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 .. . fire!” These are sounds common to the launching field for Ar- cadia’s Rocketteers. This unique club not only learns about rockets, but also each member builds their own. The launchings are then held, and the data gathered from them is utilized in future projects. The officers have done a remarkable job in schedul- ing the frequent speakers, movies, and also the lessons on safety rules. Sigma Beta Chi’s thirty-five members helped to make Christmas happier for a needy family. Linda Fer- guson, president; Barb Trester, vice-president; Jody Johnson, secretary; Sue Blazok, treasurer; Jeannenc Denton, chaplain; Margie Roth, historian; and Car- olyn Elliot, sergeant-at-arms, guided the club through other activities such as selling lollipops, painting pep posters, and helping out at Perry Institute. SIGMA BETA CHI . . . Front Row: Judie Holland, Jody Johnson, Barb Trester, Linda Ferguson, Suzanne Miller, Susie Ca: on. Sue Tear, Peggy Gygi, Marti Cook, Kay Summcy, Cheri Boyer, Jolenc Olsen. Back Row: Jeannenc Denton, Ann Bishop, ttj Murphy, Kathy Krebs, Sue Blazok, Lynn Oboikovitz, Joan Chance, Nancy Freestone, Nancy Cameron, Julie Lupton, Estelle Ann Hayden, Sharon Croft, Joan Pearson.Honoraries Encourage Scholarship QUILL AND SCROLL . . . First Row: John Chapman, Kathy Falk, Marcia Dibble, Sue Roper, Jim Chapman. Back Row: Mrs. Logan, Dianne Brock, Terry Gamble, Carol Haugeland, Lynn Davis, Shari Hume, Mrs. Hinsdale. If you enjoy writing, are a junior or senior, and can boast of being in the upper one-third of your class, you can qualify for membership in Arcadia’s Quill and Scroll. This enterprising club served to encourage more students to become journalists by offering special recognition of outstanding efforts on the parts of students. The club stressed that the quality of the work is more important than the amount of work accomplished. Ask anyone if they had fun at Legend City, and they’ll tell you YES! One of the biggest events in the fall was Arcadia Day at Legend City sponsored by the National Honor Society. The day included going on all the rides plus a dance in the evening. Several more activities were planned by the officers, Cathy Witty, president; Nancy Rose, vice-president; Gloria Grimditch, secretary; and Nancy Benneson, treas- urer. Qualifications for membership were leader- ship, citizenship, scholarship, and service. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . Front Row: Jan Hall, Cheryl Kyff, Nancy Benneson, Nancy Rose, Marcia Dibble, Lynda Johnson, Nina Nauman, Diane Butler. Second Row: Carol Haugeland, Cathy Witty, Leslie Brice, Jill Kennedy, Joan Peterson, Lynn Davis, Marilyn Miller. Back Roiv: Mike Turek, Jim Bly, Art Piccinati, Larry Older, Mr. Collignon. 129Clubs Further Fine Arts Interests BAND LETTERMEN . . . Front Row: James Miller, Beverly Wilcox, Nancy St. Clair, Bill Quinn. Row Two: Linda Plotkin, Vaunda Hammett, Terr ' Gam- ble, Laura McClure, Neil Salmi. Back Row: John Reger, Fred Granzow, Nic- olas Hiner, Frank Smith, Reginald Brooks, Sponsor. “Three steps to the left—now three to the right. No! Keep in time with the music!” The marching Titans work hard to form the precise marching band that it is. Their officers, Fred Granzow, president; Linda Plotkin, vice-president; Terry Gamble, secre- tary-treasurer; Bill Quinn, publicity chairman; planned many projects such as providing free cokes for the band at the games and live entertainment for the students at lunch. This club offers a chance for furthering interest in music for all those interested. Do you realize all the preparation that is necessary to put out a commendable play? Many of the members of the Drama Club didn’t realize all the work involved until they joined this club. Drama Club, headed by Andy Owen, president; Carol Haugeland, vice-presi- dent; Carolyn Owen, secretary; Roger Sheer, treas- urer; Jean Weber, historian; and Lucky Lohr, pub- licity chairman; helped out with Arcadia’s plays, provided guest speakers for several meetings, went to see plays appearing around the Valley, and put on impromtu skits and pantomimes for the enjoyment of other members. DRAMA CLUB . . . Front Row: John Chapman, Marilyn VanOrden, Ann Spielberg, Judy Conner, Carolyn Owen, Penny Williams, Jean Weber, Kathy Paine, Kathy Falk, Nan Licklider, Michael Moore, Roger Sheer, Jim Chapman. Row Two: Glen Singer, Vickie Elson, Nonna Blyth, Sherry Missncr, Carol Haugeland, Lynn Davis, Linda Plotkin, Linda Zuidema, Louise Dominick, Linda Kauf- man, Helen Donovan, Betty Smith. Back Row: Andy Owen, Barb Frederick, Hallie VonAmmon, Chuck Case, Richard Charland, Chip Parker, Bill Hoffman, Terry Gamble, Wayne Green, Janis Roberson, Donna Webb. 130Houston, Roper Head Service Clubs ART CLUB . . . Front Row: Pam Englebretson, Bonnie Roper, Dana Ovcrmier, Phil Tropani, Bill D'Apuzzo. Row' Two: Lynn Klemme, Sue Roper, Mrs. Burrell, Sponsor; Mary Jane Rocker, Linda Kaufman, John Sheets. Rack Roiv: Hallie Von Ammon, Bar- bara Stanton, Sue Cardeli, Gary Yur- esko. The big news on campus this year was the presence of a new student: a foreign exchange student from Peru. Robyn Houston, president; Lolly Williams, vice-president; Tibby Jones, secretary; and Nancy Cameron, treasurer, organized other activities throughout the year. They painted pep posters, held bake sales, and had fund-raising drives for their activities. “Where’s the red? Do you have the blue? Oops! Wrong color!” Maybe the Art Club didn’t have this much trouble doing their school spirit tags, but they had their share. All eighteen members participated in making the signs and in working on the scenery for the Fine Arts department. Sue Roper, president; Lynn Klemme, vice-president; Linda Kaufman, sec- retary; Dana Overmier, treasurer, helped to keep these activities running smoothly, along with the as- sistance of Mrs. Burrell, sponsor. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE . . . Front Row: Shelley Canter, Kay Summcy, Nancy Cameron, Lolly Williams, Ruth Gorbitz, Robyn Houston, Sue Tear, Suzanne Miller, Susie Cameron. Row Two: Lynda Houston, Patti Murphy, Deborah Mason, Lynn Oboikovitz, Tibby Jones, Linda Ferguson, Sharon Croft, Joan Chance, Patty Verhoeven, Jane Lauback. Back Row: Margaret Hull. Susan Smith, Jane Pearson, Beth Green, Jody Johnson, Ann Hayden, Estelle Speras, Cathy Wilson, Diane Butler.Delta Omega, Key Club Aid School DELTA OMEGA . . . Front Roiv: Mr. Odell, Sponsor; Sue Burdette, Pat Jones, Margaret Garcia, Molly Spooner, Shelley Canter, Susan Pratt, Bobbie Davis, Micki McFadden, Cheryl Kyff. Row Two: Robyn Houston, Suzanne Kershaw, Alexis Karalcs, Pam Knight, Jacque Lindstrom, Laurie Ptak, Betsy Sanson, Patty Geiger, Janet Walmslcy. Back Row: Lynda Houston, Karen Olson, Audrey Dalessandro, Barbara Barolet, Beth Green, Sue Orth, Cinda Hoel, Laurie MacDonald, Susie Edwards. “Go Titans, Go!” was a familiar phrase painted on pep posters by the Delta Omega members. Along with the posters, they sold Titan doll pins, helped underprivileged children, served at the annual foot- ball banquet, and accomplished many other things. Their officers, Alexis Karales, president; Susie Ed- wards. vice-president; Sue Burdette, secretary; and Audrey Dalessandro, treasurer; organized and par- ticipated in the activities. The Arcadia High School Key Club fits many locks. Service is the most important one. With Rick Peter- son, president; John Florez, vice-president; Don Snyder, secretary; and Tuck Stephenson, treasurer; guiding their activities this year, they helped out with the annual Kid’s Day Celebration at Luke’s Air Force Base, made weekly trips to Phoenix Children’s Hos- pital, and served the student body in various other ways. KEY CLUB . . . Front Row: Warner Marshall, Don Snyder, Frank Ziska, Tan Miller, Jim Gaintner, Mike Rampy, Johnny Guthrie, Andy Ambrose. Row Two: Tim Dietz, Ray Chenhall, Skip Whitley, Chuck James, Land Grant, Pete Pittman, Jim Mercicr, Bob Carver, Tuck Stephenson, Pat Carver. Back Row: Ron MacDonald, Steve Cameron, Rick Peterson, Frank Vaughan, John Florez, George Mills, Craig Neslage, Steve Suggs, Erik Widmark. 132Science, Service Important Assets Y-TEENS . . . Front Row: Jo Montgomery, Carol InscHo, Sherry Clemens, Pali Murphy, Ruth Gorbitz, Diane Linville, Margaret Hull, Bev Trcster. Second Row: Pam Henson, Lynn Oboikovitz, Linda Barnes, GlcnAnn Wood, Kathy Falk. Joanne Brown, Jane Adams, Barb Trester, Sandy Picrccy. Third Row: Rcita Wcingartner, Nancy Taber, Susan Dick, Carolyn Tompkins, Shari Hume. Beth Green, Deborah Mason, Laurie Ptak. “Pass the soap, not the hose!” Where were you when the Y-Teens held their car wash? If you were a member, you were there helping. Y-Teens is a very active club doing such service projects as raising money for the leukemia drive and giving the Indian children of Guadalupe a Thanksgiving party. This year’s officers, Shari Hume, president; Susie Cam- eron, vice-president; Pat Murphy, treasurer; felt the club helped to bring about a greater understanding of themselves and their fellow man. No, they don’t tie themselves to fireworks and go into orbit! They are the Junior Engineering Techni- cal Society and the club is for all students interested in science. The club’s officers, Dave Beresic, presi- dent; Walt Nash, vice-president; Gloria Grimditch, secretary; Paul Hapip, treasurer; and Truck Smith, librarian; organized field trips to interesting spots in Arizona. Guest speakers were also featured at the meetings. J.E.T.S. . . . Front Row: Dave Bcrcsic, Walter Nash, Paul Hapip, Jim Rein, Truck Smith, Steve Hall, Larry Kibler, Sam Ragland, Leonard Aron, Jim Christensen, Charles Hapip, Kim Stuart, Robert Cronshcy, David Hill, Paul Rowe. Second Row: Dennis Roberts, David McNulty, Mike Bartlett, Stephen Davis, Neil Salmi, Rick Schwarze, Sam Baar, Steve Hines, Randy Luke, Mark Hopkins, Steve Miller, Ed Battershell, Alan Williams, Richard Lockett, Jerald Cuckler, Bill Drew, Mr. Neal. 133Activities are e picssi H«HB nalities. Ulten TmlWost memorable pa BiVjRol year are those experiences which me organized realm of classrooms and scgH fun ctions. It is through such candid situation H are able to discover the unique qualities of each of the individuals with which we come in contact.The incoming Queen. Randy Wright drapes cape over Micki McFaddcn's shoulders. The little noticed part of the game, players during a time out. ARCADIA OPENS FOR FIFTH YEAR. 2000 STUDENTS REGISTER AND ARE GREETED BY NEW ADMINISTRATION. Hopes run high for football season. Titans start with number one rating. RUTH GORBITZ, PERUVIAN EXCHANGE STUDENT. JOINS STUDENT BODY. Dancing during lunch? launch hour brings circle restrictions and recreation in gym lobby. During the pep assembly the pom-pon girls get their first chance to show off their legs. 136Enthusiasm runs high during first pep assembly. Spirits dampened; Mesa squeaks by Arcadia. FRESHMEN ELECT SIX OFFICERS FROM FIELD OF THIRTY CANDIDATES. Piccinati cast for lead in year’s first play. The out-going queen, Nancy Kelly backs up crown bearers, Jeff and Sue Ellen Cowie. Football isn’t all glory as Richard Gray and Paul Pratt show during a scrimmage. 137A SHOT RINGS OUT IN DALLAS . . . RADIO BROADCAST INTERRUPTS CLASSES . . . DISBELIEF AND HORROR GRASP STUDENTS. Pep assembly, barbecue, game are cancelled ... tests are forgotten . . . usual gaiety disappears . students gather for memorial assembly. JOHN FITZ SERAL$ KENNEDY BOSSES INTOPeace . . . That is my plea . . . I ask it humbly . . . I am not too proud to beg for peace . . . After all I'm just a lump of clay .’. . Scooped out of the river bank and molded to the shape Of a natural man . . . I'm just a lump of clay . . . A handful of water and A fistful of sand And a warm exhalation from God . . . Fifty per cent God And fifty per cent Just plain old river mud, that’s me . . . Sometimes I wonder if maybe God Isn’t beginning to wonder If it wasn’t all just a waste of breath On his part Mud being Mud God being God. I’m just a lump of clay . . . And I’m cornered And alone And Afraid But if you’ve listened to me If you will answer my plea— Do I have to be? Boys’ State Governor Howard Kirk addresses Arcadia students. 140 Underclassmen file into the auditorium for their Olympian pictures.“My dear Mr. Toop,” moans Miss Skillen as she helps the corporal. The intruder (Lucky Lohr) disposes of Reverend Toop (Art Piccinati). ARCADIAN ORGANIZES AND SUPPORTS “SAVE CAMELBACK CAMPAIGN.” Fine Arts department opened its production season with the dramatic presentation of “See How They Run.” Good crowds attend the showing in the round. “Everything’s under control now, Vicar. I’ll take care of this bloody ‘Commie’,” says Sgt. Towers (Chip Parker). 141Christmas Prom Queen, Lolly Williams beams while being congratulated by Elaine Ong. Dwarves join Mrs. Hinsdale in supervising the balloting. 142 Pat Carey and Jacque Albright cast ballots before entering the dance. Spirits soar as Titans trip Beavers for third straight year. GRADUATES HONORED AT HOMECOMING; McFADDEN AND FARMER REIGN SUPREME. The fantastic hand-painted mural by Sue Roper overshadowed the whole gym. , ...DELUGE ACCOMPANIES DISAPPOINTING LOSS TO YUMA District policies cause changes in snack bar. Students grumble at loss of usual powderpuff foot- ball game. USUAL ROUTINES ARE FORGOTTEN. SCHOOL CLOSED NOVEMBER 25 ON DAY OF NATIONAL MOURNING. Howard Kirk, Boys’ State Governor, makes dynamic impression during American Heritage Assembly. Juniors reschedule barbecue. CHRISTMAS FANTASY ANNOUNCED AS PROM THEME Barbecue held. Poor turnout envokes sharp criticism. While the girls gossip, the boys gawk! This beautiful tree was the center of attraction at the Christmas Prom. 143Titans got a White Christmas, not from the sky, but from a group of energetic seniors. It may be a novelty, but these boys seem to know what to do with it.Susi Edwards and Rick Peterson twist Tcmpe to death during the winter sports pep assembly. 400 TITANS FASCINATED BY “WINTER FANTASY” PROM DECORATIONS ARE SUPERB; ATMOSPHERE IS PERFECT. Tension mounts as Christmas vacation nears; concentration on studies is increasingly dif- ficult. Basketball team bounces through two opponents for successful start. Senior class sponsors winter sports assembly. SNOW HITS ARCADIA! VACATION FINALLY ARRIVES. Basketball games and wrestling tournaments continue through the holidays. Senior class holds battle of the bands dance which draws large crowd. Hadly (love you ever so) Madly emceed and judged the battle of the bands dance sponsored by the senior class. 145“But the broach was all you had left of Grandmother’s” weeps Katrin (Carol Haugeland). “I REMEMBER MAMA” CAST Katrin Mama Papa Andrew Owen Dagmar Christine Laurie Salisbury Mr. Hyde Nels Aunt Trina Nan Licklider Aunt Sigrid Aunt Jenny Carol Geizel Uncle Chris Jessie Mr. Thor kelson Roger Sheer Dr. Johnson Wayne Green Arne A Nurse Another Nurse Soda Clerk Madeline Dorothy Schiller .. Peggy McMullin Florence Dana Moorehead Barbara Fredrick Hell-Boy Extras Paul Rowe, Beverly Wilcox, Randy Wright, John Chapman, Jim Chapman. 146Even teachers take time out from busy schedules to eat. Model U.N. meets in Tucson with four Titans at- tending. Teenage traffic court finishes first six weeks. Four more Titans sit on fury in Scottsdale. VACATION ENDS; IT’S BACK TO THE OLD GRIND. Sophomores sponsor derby sale. Red and blue hats add color to campus and gym. Mrs. Logan and Terry Gamble are caught in the middle of a good laugh. Linda Sctraton waits for her part in a dance routine. 147Even the referees get in the act when the Harlem Clowns visit Arcadia. SEMESTER TESTS KEEP LIGHTS BURNING LATE. NEW POLICY OF COMPULSORY TESTS SCHEDULED ON STAGGERED DAYS SHOWS ITS EFFECT UNDER THE EYES. Work begins on Twirp Week. Theme of “around the world with Titan talent” is announced. Seniors are polled to nominate Mr. and Miss Olympian. Coaches begin organizing spring sports early. ARCADIA GETS ITS FIRST STUDENT DIRECTORY, TITAN TATTLER. Junior and senior girls begin practicing for powder- puff basketball. Leltermen sponsor gala party at Camelback Inn. SPECIAL ELECTION FOR STUDENT BODY CORRESPONDING SECRETARY SCHEDULED. CANDIDATES BEGIN CIRCULATING PETITIONS AND PAINTING POSTERS. Sue Orth represents Arcadia at senior day in Flagstaff.The people who think football is the roughest sport ought to go to more wrestling matches. Suzanne Kershaw, Elaine Ong, Sue Orth. Art Piccinati, Dana Woudenberg, and Frank Vaughan are placed on final ballot for Mr. and Miss Olympian. Ann Nairn . . . Cheerleaders like to cut up for the photographer. Bottom Row: Suzanne Kershaw, Ann Nairn, Candy Weekes. Second Row: Linda Verner, Carol Sheer. Top: Bobbie Davis. , -Lettermen hold a party at Camelback Inn. Fifty-five well-groomed athletes and their dates attend along with the coaches. The evening turned out to be quite a gala occasion. Some Dons got confused and thought they were playing soccer. Arcadia holds its first weight-lifting contest. New school records are set. Drivers Walter Nash and Jim Rein stop for a chat at a rally check-point. BASKETBALL TEAM INSURES A BERTH IN THE STATE TOURNAMENT BY DOWNING CHANDLER. — f I gQ Semester tests bring on the usual cramming, even by those who usually never study. Dam trolls proved to be a big nuisance to teachers during class.Posters dot school as four candidates vie for the job of Corresponding, Secretary. Laurie MacDonald, Al- berta Neereimer, Sue Burdette, and Lolly Williams campaign for the vacancy. Special second period as- sembly held. Student Council presents pom pon girls and cheer- leaders corsages at the last home basketball game. Robyn Houston and A1 Karales pin corsages on the cheerleaders. TEACHERS CHOOSE ELAINE ONG TO RECEIVE THE DAUGHTER’S OF THE AMERICAN REVOLU- TION AWARD FOR GOOD CITIZENSHIP. Four Arcadia senior girls are presented at the an- nual Saint Lukes Charity Ball. Sue Orth, Ann Narin, Sally Bimson, and Gloria Grimditch were among the thirty-two debutantes to come out this year. 151 Poster painting adds school spirit as well as makes more work for the janitors.Twirp Week arrives. Plans finalized for talent show. Balloting, held for Twirp Royalty. Linda Jami- son, Janet Walmsley, Caorl Haugeland are nominated for queen by the faculty. Mike Loper, Tuck Stephenson, and Randy Wright are chosen as King candidates. THE TALENT SHOW HITS. PAUL CALD- WELL AND ROGER SHEER PRESIDE JOINTLY AS MASTERS OF CEREMONIES. Senior girls try to spite senior boys and ask out sophomores. TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-ONE COU- PLES ATTEND THE TWIRP DANCE. JANET WALMSLEY AND TUCK STEPHEN- SON ARE THE RULING ROYALTY. FOR ONE NIGHT THE BOYS ENJOY THEM- SELVES AS THE GIRLS PICK UP THE TAB. The Twirp Royalty, Tuck Stcveenson and Janet Walmsley, dance together after being crowned.Junior class devises twirpies. The little red and blue cellophane pins sold for two cents apiece. Since the class had a monopoly they made money. Spring sports grind into gear. Track- men get new uniforms. Swimmers gath- er for their second year. Baseball be- gins practice, as does golf. All four teams have bright prospects for taking State. ARCADIA’S FENCERS CONTINUE THEIR WINNING WAYS. THEY WALK OFF WITH FIVE OF ELEVEN FIRST PLACES AT THE ARIZONA FENCING LEAGUE TOURNAMENT. LEONARD ARON AND SHARON GALWEY LEAD IN TRIUMPHS. Lolly Williams and Laurie MacDon- ald receive equal votes. SPECIAL ELECTION HELD. Ballet dancer Barbara Rcbcske dances Around the World. Vanco Cole and his trio of folksingcrs try out for the talent show. 153Mr. Woodard presents his girls’ chorus at their annual assembly. Twelve student orators speak at the state practice tournament at Alhambra High. THE TITAN BASKETBALL TEAM IS ONE OF SIXTEEN SQUADS TO ENTER THE STATE TOURNAMENT. CAMELBACK COMES FROM BE- HIND TO KNOCK US OUT IN THE CLOSING MINUTES. Arcadia’s fencer’s slash their way to victory. 154Mike Galwey duels with an open opponent. Three Titan wrestlers survive division wrestle off and head toward Tucson for the state championship. Jay and Jim Rondeau and Tim Deschler represent Arcadia. LOLLY WILLIAMS BECOMES OUR NEW STU- DENT BODY CORRESPONDING SECRETARY. f Pete Pittman casts his ballot at the special election for secretary. The Beatles and their bugging music infests Arcadia. After their appearances on the Ed Sullivan every- one discusses the bushy group from England. The Arcadia chorale in their normal pose, with their mouths open. 155With Arcadia overfilled with students, the walkways between classes are mobbed, The signing of petitions to save Camelback Moun- tain ended with the presentation of a 320 foot list of signatures to the Arizona State Legislature. More than twelve thousand students from seventeen high schools signed the petition. CAST SELECTED FOR THE THIRD DRAMA PRODUCTION OF THE YEAR. PAUL CALD- WELL, BARBARA BAROLET, CAROL STROMME, BILL FERGUSON, AND PENNY JONES ARE CHOSEN FOR THE LEAD ROLES IN THE MUSI- CAL “KISS ME KATE.” Mr. Deppe and His English Five classes film and review two television films. Arcadia’s sometimes golf coach, Mr. Jackson, takes time off to teach a history class. Art Piccinati chats with his date, Leslie Brice, at a dance.Tlie delegates from Arizona high schools prepare to present their petition to the legislature. With the first of March rapidly approaching the completion of the yearbook is near. As work on the Olympian ceases, so must the written story of this school year. The school will con- tinue to function for three more months. These months will he filled with emotions and events as were the past. As warm weather sets in the pace of school will slow down and the eyes of the students will turn toward the future. It is with the anticipation of these upcoming times that we end our written story of this school year and commit the remainder to your individual memories. Arcadia’s principal presents Jay Rondeau with a trophy for the quickest pin in the divisional tournament. 157Me only. These are the talent, determination, and feh themselves and merit t within the student bfldy? landing leaders. ho have utili ily to dk » of great ra Homecoming Royalty Tom Farmer Mickie McFadden Janet Walmsley Tuck Stephenson 163Christmas Prom Queen Lolly Williams Christmas Prom Princesses Tibby Jones Sophomore Tina Lanser Sue Roper r res h man Junior SHARYN GALWEY . . . Out- standing Fencer. Row One: LAUREN ROBERTS, LYNN POWELL. Row Two: Jimmy Miller . . . AU State Orchestra, NICOLAS HINER . . . All State Band. BETH GREEN . . . Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year. BARBARA BAROLET and JEANNENE DENTON . . . All State Chorus. SUE ORTH .. . Arizona State College Senior Day Princess. CHERYL KYFF . Business Student. . . Outstanding j 169DIANNE BROCK .. . Olympian Editor. SHARI HUME .. . Arcadian Editor. A picture of the Classic editors was not available, but this group deserves credit for their fine work. Student editors of the ('lassie were: Art Piccinati and Cathy Witty, seniors, and juniors Cathy Fergu- son. Larry Olden, Karen Otis, and Gretchen Frank. Sue Roper was in charge of art work. ELAINE ONC .. . D.A.R. Good Citizen Award. SUZANNE KERSHAW ... Key Club Sweetheart. 170Jane Ann Bechtol Dianne Brock Mary Diane Butler Joan Chance Marcia Dibble David Foster Elizabeth Green Gloria Grimditch Because of the high scholastic competition at Arcadia, the valedictorian and salutatorian honors were drop- ped this year in favor of the recognition of a greater number of deserving students. These students, the top ten percent of the class, were selected by their superior grades during all four years. Pictured are the upper five percent. Karen Otis is also among the upper five percent but her picture was not available. The next five percent are the following: James M. Allen, Leonard Aron, Ann Augur, Sally Bimson, James F. Bly, Terry Boettcher, Leslie Brice, William Drew, Shirlee Emery, Ann Hayden, Lawrence Hibler, Robyn Houston, Sharon Hume, Christopher Martin, Janies Murray, Carolyn Owen, Carole Rabey, Talbot Smith, and Nancy Sutton., Paul Hapip Lisa Heath Marilyn Miller Stephen Miller Susan Orth Joan Peterson Arthur Piccinati Nancy Ellen Rose Michael Turek Cathy Witty 171Sports offer a competitive challenge for those who are willing to accept strict training and hours of practice as part of their normal routine. These are the active participants, but there is more to sports than these few. No other area in school activities receives such enthusiastic and massive support. It is this combination of participation and support, not scores or rating, which makes sports a vital part of Arcadia. 1735 Points Makes The Difference The Titans needed five more points—only five points —and it would have changed the entire outlook on the Division One title for 1963. Arcadia, ranked first in the pre-season polls by coaches, sportswriters, and broadcasters throughout the state of Arizona, dropped their first season game to second-ranked Mesa. Then Arcadia recovered by just slipping past Chandler. A heroic 55-yard touch- down run by quarterback Nicky Nichols saved the Titans. Yuma Kofa fell second victim, and crosstown rival, Scottsdale, went down as always. Then Yuma upset Arcadia, 14 to 13. Tempe was held scoreless, 20 to 0, while Casa Granda never knew where the ball was; and Mesa Westwood spent two hours in their own end zone. Only Coronado tied the Titans, as both squads fought to a 6-6 deadlock. The season ended with a 6 win, 2 loss, 1 tie record—the third best Arcadia football season ever. Arcadia’s football coaching staff includes Ben Anderson, line coach; Lou Hallman, backfield coach; and Bob Hendricks, head coach. In the school’s five-year history they have seen two state championship teams. 174PAT Wins Game For Jackrabbits Quarterback Nicky Nichols (12) in last fatal end sweep during remaining seconds of Arcadia’s 13-12 loss to Mesa High. litans pictured are Dana Woudenberg (31), Mark Boccaccio (62), and Jim Spellman (22). Mesa 13 Arcadia 12 Mesa High eked out a 13-12 win over defending state football champ. Arcadia. October 20th in this year’s most crucial Class AA Division One encounter. The Titans, ranked number one in the state by the Associated Press, scored both of their TD’s on 70-yard drives, while the Jack- rabbits scored their TD‘s after picking up Titan fumbles inside Arcadia’s 20 yard line. The big boot was Mesa’s third period extra-point con- version which turned out to be the winning margin. First Downs Rushing Passing Yardage Fumbles Lost Punts Average Arcadia Mesa 14 6 135 123 57 0 4 2 1 65 3 48 Disappointed backficld coach, Lou Hallman, and head coach. Bob Hendricks, arc shown during final period of Mesa game. 175Nichols’ Romp Saves Arcadia Arcadia 21 Chandler 18 With only one minute and 55 seconds remaining in the game, Arcadia quarterback Nicky Nichols broke loose for a 55-yard scoring spurt to give the Titans a come-from-behind 21-18 victory ocer Chandler. Arcadia 26 Kofa 7 Titan fullback Dana Woudcnbcrg listens to defensive strategy from Arcadia coach Ben Anderson in Arcadia’s 21-18 win over Chandler High. The next week Nicky Nichols led Arcadia to a 26-7 win over Kofa in Yuma. Nichols was named Player of the Week for his performance. ERIK WIDMARK Junior Quarterback Arcadia quarterback Nichols is dragged down by a pair of Kofa Kings after a short gain. 176 NICKY NICHOLS Senior QuarterbackMighty Titans Conquer Big Rival Titan powerhouse that smashed cross-town rival Scottsdale High. Linemen are Frank Vaughan (195), Richard Gray (200), Mark Boccaccio (205), Chuck Colton (210), Dave Werner (180), Mike Loper (200), and Tom Farmer (195). Backs are Nicky Nichols (170). Jim Spellman (170), Dana Woudcnbcrg (205), and John Birch (170). JERRY CREWSON Senior Tackle JIM LANGLEY Senior Center Arcadia 19 Scottsdale 7 In the past three years that the rivals, Scottsdale and Arcadia, have been cutting at each other’s throats, the Titans have been doing all the cutt- ing. Since the schools first met in 1961, the Beavers have managed to score 13 points com- pared to the Titan’s 195! In 1961 Arcadia routed Scottsdale 41 to 6. Last football season the Class AA State Champs smashed the Beavers 44 to 0, while this year the score ended 19 to 7. John Birch romped for tallies of 41 and 12 yards, and Accounted for 12 tackles. T itans Beavers First downs 10 8 Yards Rushing 236 116 Passing 4 of 7 for 3 of 11 for 52 27 JIM SPELLMAN Senior Halfback STEVE CAMERON Senior Halfback 177Yuma Upsets Arcadia Homecoming MIKE HARRIS Senior End Yuma 14 Arcadia 13 Only Yuma stood between Arizona’s 1962 cham- pionship team, and it was a 12-8 upset they handed the Titans during the Criminal’s home- coming. This year they did just that—only this time it was Arcadia’s homecoming. Not only did the disappointed fans see the Titans lose their first homecoming game since Arcadia was found- ed, but the rain nearly washed everybody out. It seems to always rain at Titan homecomings. Only last year’s victory over Yuma Kofa was there no rain. Arcadia scored first on a 5-yard plunge by fullback Dana Woundenberg to make it 6-0 at the quarter. Then Yuma scored on a 14 yard pass play to Walt Perius, and then on a quarterback sneak. It was 14-6, Yuma, at the half. The Titans scored last on a 20-yard dive off tackle by Jimmy Spellman, who also ran over the extra point. FRANK VAUGHAN Senior End CHRIS MADDEN Senior Halfback Yuma halfback Walt Perius (22) sweeps past Titan end George Mills (66) for a 15-yard gain before being tackled from behind by Arcadia’s Bob Draughan (61). Yuma stopped all Titan hopes for a state comeback. 178Titans Tie With Dons, Beat Buffs Arcadia 6 Coronado 6 Arcadia met its record tie in five years as they fought to a 6-6 deadlock with the Dons from Cor- onado High. Statistics made the difference. Ar- cadia had 10 first downs to the Don’s 3; 190 yards rushing to the Don’s 23; 35 yards penalized to 15; and the Titans lost 6 to 8 fumbled to Cor- onado’s 1. Arcadia also had one touchdown called back. Arcadia 20 Ternpe 0 Dana Woudenberg scored one touchdown and kicked two extra points as Arcadia’s Titans blanked the fempe Buffaloes, 20-0. Jim Spellman scored on a 51-yard TD. Junior halfback, Scott Hilsabcck, leaps to avoid a Coronado tackier during the Titan’s 6-6 tie with the Dons. 179 It’s a touchdown for Arcadia as senior halfback John Birch plunges across the goal line for the Titan’s 19th point of the evening. Teammate Dana Woundenbcrg kicked the extra point to make it Arcadia 20—Tempo 0.Casa Grande, Westwood Romped On RON JOHNSON Junior Linebacker PAUL PRATT Senior Halfback GEORGE MILLS Junior End Arcadia Casa Grande Arcadia Westwood GEORGE MATTINGLY Sophomore Quarterback SCOTT HILSABECK Junior Halfback Arcadia’s 205-pound two-year All-Stater, Richard Gray, who made the major All-State teams as a defensive guard, exhibits the power which placed him on these top teams.Varsity Records 6-2-1 Season Dana Woudenberg congratulates Frank Vaughan during closing minutes of their final game. Dana was a 1962 All- State honorable mention fullback and 1963’s All-State de- fensive linebacker. Vaughan was a 1963 All-State honorable mention end. The 6’ 2” 195-pound end, and 205-pound Woudenberg were both members of the Scottsdale All-City team. Junior halfback, Land Grant, and a happy coach, Bob Hendricks, watch final moments of the 44-14 romp over Westwood. Mighty Titans watch second squad during victor)' game with Westwood. Pictured are Tim Deschler, Pete Repp, Dana Woudenberg, Nicky Nichols, Frank Vaughan, Mike Lopcr, Jim Langley, George Mattingly, and Tom Farmer. 181Jayvees Win Two Championships ARCADIA JAYVEES, champs of Division One . . . Front How: Stewart, Andrews, Brady, Spangler, James, Hanlon, Cooley, Armstrong, and Brown. Second Row: Komadino, Fissell, Peyou, Chenhall, Watson, Ralston, Kron, Gaintner, Flynn, and Rodig- hcro. Third Row: Pea, Bedenkop, Harmann, Greene, Plotkin, Truitt, Nazcr, and Lam. Fourth Row: Rooker, Butler, Hitchings, Coach Anselmo, Coach Carlin, Coach Gardner, Telgcson, Howard, and Birkholtz. After defeating favored Westwood for the Di- vision One championship, the Titan junior varsity squad, consisting of all sophomores, defeated an all-junior powerhouse team from Camelback High for the division One and Two champion- ship. Tom Cooley ran two TD’s and tossed a pass to Bill Hitchings for the third, in what Arcadia fans claim was the most exciting Ar- cadia jayvee game ever. SEASON’S RECORD 9 wins-—1 loss Arcadia 18 — Mesa 6 Arcadia 30 — Chandler 0 Arcadia 26 — Washington 0 Arcadia 18 — Scottsdale 0 Arcadia 19 — Cortez 0 Arcadia 33 — Coronado 0 Arcadia 0 — Tempe 7 Arcadia 27 — Alhambra 7 Tom Cooley sweeps end for 20 yards during his team’s 27-7 romp over Alhambra. He ran two TD’s and passed for two more. CHAMPIONSHIPS Arcadia 18 — Westwood 2 Arcadia 19 — Camelback 13 182Orchids Cop Division One Title ARCADIA FROSH. The “Orchids,” champs of Division One . . . Front Row: Stiles, Kirk, Iglcsby, Berry, May, Proctor, Stromme, Hughes, Major, and Finch. Second Row: Bayless, Frarcy, Weber, Zeislcr, Spitlcr, Sirridgc, Detmcr, Bernard, Avila, Hall, and Spiking. Third Row: Foster, Johnson, Hervcy, Dietz, Esniay, Hix, Ziska, Baker, Watts, Frese, and Gieszl. Fourth Roiv: Wise, Anair, Gullickson, Kunde, Brown, Coach Littleton, Coach Odell, Williams, Katarski, and Diplcy. (Not pictured, Steve Gilbert). Arcadia 6 — Mesa 0 Arcadia 13 — Coronado 0 Arcadia 18 — Chandler 6 Arcadia 19 — Tempe 0 Arcadia 19 — Washington 0 Arcadia 7 — Alhambra 7 Arcadia 6 — Scottsdale 0 Arcadia 6 — Camelback 14 Arcadia 26 — Cortez 0 Arcadia 7 — Westwood 6 Jimmy Gieszl scores winning touchdown for the Arcadia Orchids during the top freshman team’s 7-6 victory over Westwood for division title. Little workhorse Gieszl rounds end just before dashing into the end zone against Tempe. The Orchids’ 8-1-1 record was the second best ever. 183Pee Wees Have Best Season ARCADIA FRESHMAN PEE WEES . . . Front Row: Hoyer, Errol, Smetana, Gallachcr, Hanstcin, Hall, Carnahan, Van Patten, McFadden, Sinclair, and Hull. Second Row: Turner, Walmslcy, Ross, DiTirro, Feicht, Hood, Edwards, Richardson, Kohlhase, Lar- son, and Bauer, manager. Third Row: Coach Jackson, Anderson, Rhoades, Dunfee, Tribken, Fondrisi, Rose, Savale, Henschen, Scheit- lin, Baumann, Mowcry, Lcatzow, Owen, Truitt, Blanko, and Coach Ansclmo. Arcadia 20 — Scottsdale 0 Arcadia 13 — Carl Hayden 13 Arcadia 7 — Coronado 20 Arcadia 24 — North 0 Arcadia 14 — Maryvale 7 Arcadia 18 — Tempe 6 The 1963 freshman pee wee squad had its best record ever at Arcadia. Coached by Pete Anselmo and Ed Littleton they won four games, lost one, and tied one. They opened their season with a victory over rival Scottsdale, and then lost to cross-town Coronado. It was to be their only loss, for they next defeated Maryvale, tied Carl Hayden, and won both of their final games— romping over North High from Phoenix, and winning their last game against a strong Tempe High team. 184 A Titan freshman is brought down after a short gain against Mary vale. Arcadia won the game 14-7.Arcadia Basketball at Its Best The 1964 cage season at Arcadia was the best ever. Not only did the Titans finish with an impresive season (12-6), hut they produced the best Arcadia basketball team since the school was founded. After finishing the season with the school’s best cage sea- son, the Titans advanced to the state tournament and faced powerful Camelback High, the Division Three champions, and a strong favorite. Only luck, or fate, was with the Spartans that night for they came from behind in the final minute of the game to sink four straight free throws to pull ahead for the first time and win a 60-57 thriller. John Van Reusen scored 22 points in that game, and 353 in the entire season. 185Both Yuma Teams Fall Four Times COACH LOU HALLMAN Arcadia 69 Kofa 39 Arcadia 55 Yuma 48 Arcadia 57 Kofa 54 Arcadia 76 Yuma 46 Arcadia 63 Chandler 54 Weeks after the Titans defeated Chandler, 67- 64, in a thrilling contest, the Wolves fell for the second time on Arcadia’s home court, 63-54. This was sweet revenge for the Titans who lost twice to Chandler last year. Both John Van Reusen and Bill Blakely racked up a total of 30 points for the two games. Little Titan guard, Don Adler, scores on layup during 63-54 victory over Chandler. Coach Hallman, Tom Shore, Chuck Skinner, and Tuck Steven- son intensely watch their teammates’ progress in the Chandler thriller. 186Dons Win Thriller In Overtime I lie Coronado Dons stayed in Division One con- tension the hard way with a 73-70 overtime victory over the Arcadia Titans. Coronado, after dominat- ing most of the first half, fell behind by 10 before scoring eight points in the last two minutes to tie the score at 68-68. All three of the Titans top guns fouled out—John Van Reusen, Bill Blakely, and Don Adler. Arcadia had trouble setting up an of- fense, and the Dons outscored the Titans 5 to 2 in the overtime to clinch the victory. Craig Dar- rington and Jeff Mackey paced the Dons’ attack with 20 and 17 points, while John Van Reusen netted 27 points for the losers and Bill Blakely sunk 22. John Van Reusen also scored 27 during the Titans first loss to Coronado, 61 to 59. John Van Reusen tips in his 27th point during Arcadia's 73-70 overtime loss to Coronado. 187 DON ADI.ER—Senior Guard It’s no. 27 again, during first Don-Titan thriller.Cole, Barr, Other Juniors Shine Tom Shore sets up screen for teammate Bill Blakely. Blakely was the 6’4” forward Howie Freisc (43) helps Titans to defeat third highest scorer in Scottsdale. Mesa Westwood twice in ’64. 188Bill Blakely Keys Uphill Win Arcadia 71 Westwood 57 Bill Blakely took almost complete charge of the game in the final nine minutes as Arcadia surged from a 12-point deficit to a 71-57 de- cision over Mesa Westwood. Blakely scored 26 points, 20 in the final period, as the Titans scored more in the final period than in the entire first half, and Blakely scored more points than all the Titans scored in the first half. The Warriors led 30-23 at intermission, hut a fantastic 34-point fourth quarter by Ar- cadia massacred the all-junior team from West- wood. Arcadia 11 12 14 34—71 Westwood 14 16 16 11—57 Two days after the new year, Arcadia dropped Westwood, 57 to 54, in a similar contest. Arcadia 57 Westwood 54 BILL BLAKELY- Senior Guard From left to right are Tom Farmer, Erik Widmark, and Rick Shults. Both Widmark and Shults are junior guards, while Tom Farmer, the Titan’s All-State football player, is a senior. Farmer played his best game of the year against Camelback in the tournament game. 189Jackrabbits Shock Titans, 75-73 In a game that was nip-and-tuck all the way, Mesa’s Jackrabbits, led by Steve Skinner’s shooting, finally managed to pull out a 75-73 win over Arcadia. With 55 seconds left in the tilt, Arcadia held a 71-70 edge. Shortly after Skinner potted his last field goal of the game to put Mesa in the lead and three successful free throws in the waning sec- onds then iced the decision. Game individ- ual honors went to the Titan’s John Van Reusen, who scored 25 points. Mesa 83 Arcadia 75 Tempe 56 Arcadia 47 Tempe 62 Arcadia 57 Arcadia 65 SHS 57 HOWIE FREISE Senior Forward Van Reusen again scores 25 points, during 54-49 win over Beavers. 190Five Top Juniors Are Returning SENIORS ALL! Arcadia basketball players that have played their last game at Arcadia are from left to right, with their coach, Lou Hallman, Howie Freise (forward), John Van Reusen (forward), Tom Farmer (center), Tom Shore (center), Bill Blakely (guard), and Don Adler (guard). They composed the best Titan basketball team ever. JUNIORS TO WATCH TOM COLE (right) 6-4 center, was second highest junior scorer. RONNIE BARR. 5-9 guard, was highest junior scorer and best dribbler on ’64 team. PETE ORR, 6-5 center, was best (highest) rebounder on junior varsity squad in Division One. He should, along with Cole, help out Hallman greatly under the boards. ERIK WIDMARK, 6-foot guard, who, along with Cole, John Van Reusen, and Tom Shore could dunk the ball. GERRY VAN REUSEN, 6-foot brother of John, will help out under the boards and from the outside. 191Coach Gardner Has 12-6 Season Also WINS A 38 Kofa 23 A 44 Yuma 42 A 57 Tempe 40 A 61 West. 57 A 50 Mesa 49 A 46 Kofa 36 A 59 Mesa 48 A 58 Coro. 49 A 72 West. 65 A 62 Tempe 50 A 54 Scott. 54 DEFEATS Scottsdale 58 Arcadia 49 Casa Grande 59 Arcadia 40 Front Roiv: Grant Blanco, manager, A1 Wendt, Tim Hoyt, Bill Hitchings, Don Kinzle, Kirk Williams, Cal Rookcr, and Dale Button. Top: A1 Whitting, Phil Sedgwick, Bob Tellier, Dick Butler, Pete Orr, Larry Butler, Steve Thomas, Rick Bedenkop, and Coach A1 Gardner. Not pictured is Dick Averrit. Bill Hitclungs scores on layup during upset victory over Coronado. Don Kinzle lays in two for the Titans during that same su win against Coronado.Frosh Win 10 Straight, Lose Last 4 VICTORIES A 39 Scott. 38 A 46 Tempe 45 A 39 West. 36 A 45 Mesa 40 A 47 C.G. 31 A 52 Mesa 38 A 65 Chan. 39 A 46 C.G. 27 A 50 Coro. 49 A 69 West 52 COACH ODELL’S TEAM . . . Front Roto: Richard Smetana, Sam Edwards, John Frese, Ron Baker, Bill Diplcy, Lee Gullickson, John Dunfcc. Top Row: Bill Hall, Jerry Esmay, John Ziska, Phil Weber, Marty Rungc, Randy Thomas, and Coach Sam Odell. 10 STRAIGHT Coronado 49 A 35 WINS BEFORE 4 STRAIGHT Chandler 34 A 32 LOSSES: Scottsdale 60 A 40 Tempe 63 A 56 Coach Hewitt’s Squad Division Champs A 47 Scott. 27 A 37 Chan. 27 COACH HEWITT’S TEAM . . . Front Row: Charlie Ford, Tom Herrick, Brian Langston, Bill Markhan, Steve Brown, Ken Schietlin, Richard Savale. Top Row: Larry Lccsman, Dave Oldham, Jeff Ptak, Harry Walmsley, Bob Leatzow, Tom Olson, and Johnny Ostaff. Coach Hewitt, far left, had his best season ever. A 50 Coro. A 47 West. A 46 Coro. A 40 Chan. A 39 Mesa A 47 West. A 45 Scott. A 40 Tempe LOST ONLY TWO GAMES: Tempe Arcadia Mesa Arcadia 193Amerson Returns "5” All-Staters TRACK TEAM . . . Front Roiv: Frank Ziska, John Ward, John Birch, Skcctcr Williams, Del Merrill. Row Two: Tony Fondrizzi, Erick Widmark, Ken Bennett, Bob Hervey, Rob Monic. Row Three: Miller, Danny Kirk, Bob Henschen, Dan Widner. Row Four: Allen Williams, Jimmy Giszl, John Ware, John Harper. Row Five: Dick Averitt, Dennis Stiles, Hannigcr, Ron Mceke, John Black, Kirk Williams, Ken Smith, Gary Armstrong, Dave Miller, Clint Stidham, Grove Green, Pete Repp. Row Six: Rick Peterson, Steve Magill, Mike Loper, Jerry Johnston, Pat Payne, Dennis Peterson, Mark Boccaccio, Danny Williams, Dennis Spindler. Back Row: Denny LeFebvre, Bob Slider, Grant, Managers. 10.0 100 YD. DASH Carl Granzow 1962 10.1 Tom Parker 1962 10.1 B. Sollenberger 1964 10.1 Forrest Carter 1964 10.2 Terry Stines 1964 21.7 220 YD. DASH Carl Granzow 1962 22.0 Tom Parker 1963 22.3 B. Sollenberger 1963 22.5 Forrest Carter 1964 22.7 Terry Stines 1964 15.0 120 HIGH HURDLES John Williams 1964 15.5 Frank Ziska 1964 15.6 John Ward 1964 15.9 Clark Livermore 1962 13’ POLE VAULT B. Sollenberger 1964 12’ Don Stiles 1961 12’ John Birch 1961 11-6” Skip Dillon 1962 11’6” John Black 1964 TOP HURDLER, John Williams, has swept over the 120 highs in 15 flat, and the 180 lows in 20 flat.Relay Team Is Ranked Nationally Sprint Relay team which has clocked 43.9 (440) and 1:29.9 (880) are Forrest Carter, John Williams, Terry Stines, Barry Sollcnberger. 440 YD. DASH 50.5 Terry Juntti 1964 50.9 John Williams 1964 50.9 John Thomas 1963 51.5 Jeff Smith 1964 51.5 John Van Houtcn 1962 880 YD. RUN 1:57.0 Terry Juntti 1964 1:57.9 John Thomas 1963 2:00.0 Tom Neus 1963 2:00.0 Brad Morfitt 1961 2:00.0 Jerry Stines 1964 MILE RUN 4:29.7 Tom Neus 1963 4:30.0 Brad Morfitt 1964 4:40.0 Dennies Spindler 1964 4:49.9 Mike Rex 1964 4:49.9 John Thomas 1962 HIGH JUMP 6T” Pat Payne 1964 6’%” Paul Pratt 1961 6’0” Nicky Nichols 1963 5Tiy2” Don Evens 1961 6’5” John Slink 1962 Freshman Unofficial because of ineligibility ARIZONA’S BEST Two Mile Relay team in prep history: Jerry Stines, Terr)- Juntti, Brad Morfitt, and Terry Shrccvcs. Arcadia’s top quarter-milers are from left to right: Bob Beal, Steve Robinette, Bob Goodpasture, Jeff Smith, Terry Stines, and John Williams. Junior sprinter, Forrest Carter, and half-miler Terry Juntti are also outstanding quarter-milers. 195Outlook Great For Next Year Also WEIGHTMAN Rick Blakeley, 6’3’ 215 pound junior. SHOT-PUT 557” Rick Blakeley 1964 49’5” Joe Caudle 1963 48’8” Jerry Boudreau 1963 48’ Mark Boccaccio 1964 48’ Mike Loper 1964 DISCUS 145 9” Jerry Boudreau 1962 145 6” John Hickman 1962 145’ Rick Blakeley 1963 144’ Mike Loper 1964 140’ Carl Granzow 1962 BROAD JUMP 22’2i 4” Nicky Nichols 1962 21’9” Carl Granzow 1962 21’ Paul Pratt 1964 20’9” B. Sollenberger 1962 20’3” Gary Armstrong 1964 Sophomore record 196Frosh Squad Is Arcadia’s Best Ever 100 FRESHMAN TRACK RECORDS Forrest Carter 10.6 220 Forrest Carter 23.5 440 Bob Beal 57.0 880 Dennis Spindler 2:15 Mile Mike Rex 4:49.9 70HH Jerry Johnston 9.9 120LH Steve Lombard 14.7 Shot Jim Daudet 43’9” Discus Rick Blakeley 133’3” BJ Sam Bartaluzzi 19T0” HJ Nicky Nichols 5’8” PV Steve Lombard Skip Dillon 10’6” Bill Dipley Mike Berry ••Blakeley threw an unofficial 140 foot toss. ••Skip Dillon vaulted 11’6” two weeks after the 1962 season ended—his freshman year. Frosh vaultcr, Mike Berry. FRESHMAN RELAY TEAM, minus Jimmy Gieszl, are, L-R, Mike Hood, alternate Steve Lombard, Mike Berry, and Bill Dipley. These boys were one of the fastest 440 relay sprinters in Arizona for freshman, as they dipped below 48 flat. Dipley, Gieszl, and Lombard were all 20 foot broad jumpers, while Lombard, who stands only 5’5” tall, high jumped 5-8. 197Titans Are AA Division I Favorite VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM . . . Front Rotv: Ronnie Barr, Steve Tait, Bill Hitchings, John Looman, Denny Wolff, Don Adler. Row Two: Bill Blakely, Jeff Richardson, Gary Clark, Jim Tingwald, Ron Johnson, Tom Goudie. Rack Row: Dan Dcvcr, Jim Ware, Tony Pcyou, Bob Tcllicr, Chris Martin, Tom Cole, Dana Woudenbcrg, Tom Shore, Jim Nichols, Coach Skip Schifino. Baseball coach, Skip Schifino, returns three of the first string All-City players from 1963’s Scottsdale Progress All-City team. They are Nicky Nichols, Leading hitter; Jim Tingwald, outfielder; and Chris Martin, top pitcher. Honorable Mention, Bill Blakely and Dana Woudenbcrg also return to this year’s squad, who last year tied for the Division One Championship with cross-town rival, Scottsdale High. Skip Schifino claims that his pitchers were stronger than ever this year. Nichols, Martin, and Tom Goudie were his three top pitchers. 1981964 Squad Salted With Rookies Coach Schifino’s strength lies with the pitching of Nicky Nichols, Chris Martin, and Tom Goudic. Senior catcher. Bill Blakely, will be doing much of the work behind the plate, CHRIS MARTIN along with Jeff Richardson. 199Rondeau’s Are Arizona’s Best!! Bottom Row, L-R: Jay Rondeau, Bob Slider, Bill Spangler, Scott Kearner, Jim Rondeau, Coach Anderson, Rick Williams, Giris Madden, Bob Canter, John Birch, Tim Deschler, Don Cox, Randy Oden, and Mike Fennell. ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Jay Rondeau of Arcadia was voted as the outstanding wrestler. He also figured in a tournament oddity as his brother—Jim—also won a state championship. Jay, the state’s outstanding wrestler, is shown moments before pinning Scottsdale wrestler in Division 1 tourney. Timmy Deschler, Arcadia’s pride of the 180 pound class, is only RONDEAU BROTHERS, Jay, left, is shown with his state seconds away from pinning opponent. champion brother, Jim, champ of the 120 class. 200Jim Rondeau, Tim Deschler Return COME ON, JAY. Coach Ben Anderson gives last minute advice to Jay Rondeau moments before his match during finals of the Division One tournament. Both Jay and his bigger—younger brother, Jim, won “going away.” Jim awaits above. 120 pound state champ, Jimmy, only a sophomore, is shown here moments before winning the Division One championship for his weight class. The division tournament was held this year at Arcadia. 201AA Defending State Champions GOLF TEAM (1963 STATE CHAMPIONS) . . . Front How: Skip Whitley, Keith Thompson, Walt Rungc, Bob Henry, Jim Sollenbergcr, Tuck Stevenson. Back Row: Pat Carver, Wes Mohr, Richard Margolin, Chuck Colton, Tom Fissell, Terry Johnson, Coach Jackson. Not shown are Doug Coppock and Bill Hodges. Returning letterman from last year’s state championship team is junior Chuck Colton. Senior tennis player, Chas Erickson, is the top man on Coach Sam Odell’s squad. 202Guinther, Odell Coach Tennis VARSITY GIRLS’ TENNIS . . . Front Row: Linda Sigmundson, Grctchen Nairn, Karen Erickson. Back Row: Karen Jorgenson, Betsy Dalzcll, Cindy Thurston, Micki O’Connor, Connie Pearson. VARSITY BOYS’ TENNIS . . . Front Row: John Florez, Dick Juster, Sam Ragland, Chas Erickson, Craig Ncslage. Back Row: Bill Bauman, Roger Baumann, Coach Odell, Bob Juster, John Shocnhair. 203HOWARD AMERSON . . . B.A.; M.A.; Safety Educa- tion; Sponsor, Lettermen’s Club; Head Track Coach. BEN ANDERSON . . . B.A.; Physical Education; Spon- sor. Junior Class. PETER R. ANSELMO . . . B.A.; Typing I, General Business; Freshman Football Coach. Varsity Track Coach. WILLIAM M. BALTZ . . . B.S., M.S.; American His- tory, American Government, Economics; Sponsor, Fresh- man Class. WESLEY R. BOWERS . . . B.A.S.; P.E., Physiology, Bi- ology, Health, Drivers Ed; Sponsor, Tennis Club, Sportsmanship Club, Rifle Club, Wrestlock Club. REGINALD E. BROOKS . . . B.A., M.A.; Titan Band, Or- chestra, Adv. Ensemble, Music Appreciation; Spon- sor. Band Lettermcn. WALLACE D. BUMP . . . B.S., M.A.; Librarian. MARGARET BURRELL . . . B.A.; Art; Sponsor, Art Club. JAMES BYRKIT . . . B.A.; World History, American History. DOROTHY CAHILL . . . B.A., M.A.; Algebra I, Math I. II. PATRICK CARLIN . . . B.A., M.A.; Boys’ P.E.; Sponsor, J.V. Football, J.V. Baseball. GORDON G. CASWELL . . . B.A., M.A.; American Gov- ernment, Economics. ELEANOR CLOUGH . . . B.A.; English III, IV; Sponsor, Sophomore Class. JOSEPH P. COLLIGNON . . . B.A.; M.A.; English V, VI; Sponsor, N.H.S. MARCIA COUNTER . . . B.A., M.A.; English IV, V. GEORGE COWIE . . . B.A.; English; Sponsor, Student Council. PHIL DEPPE . . . B.A., M.A.; English III; Sponsor, Drama Club, Sports Car Club. JOSEPH DOLAN . . . B.S.; Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science; Sponsor, Sopho- more Class. ROBERT FINKBINE . . . B.S.; American History: Sponsor, A.F.S., Key Club. SHIRLEY FRYE . . . A.B., M.A.; Algebra I, IA,. Calcu- lus; Sponsor, Mu Alpha Theta, Lambda Kappa Phi, Senior Class. D. ALLEN GARDNER . . . B.S., M.A.; Human Anatomy and Physiology; Sponsor. J.V. Football, J.V. Basket- ball. MAURICE GARSON . . . B.A., M.A.; French I, II. MALCOLM A. GARRISON . . . B.A., M.A.; Geometry, Algebra; Sponsor, Fresh- man Class. ROBERT R. GIBBONS . . . M.A.; Spanish; Sponsor, Spanish Club. TOM CRASSL . . . B.A., M.A.; Biology; Sponsor, Biology Club, Freshman Class. GLENN CROENKE . . . M.S.; Developmental Reading, Eng- lish V. PAULINE GUINTHER . . . B.S., M.S.; Girls’ P.E.; Sponsor, Girls’ Tennis. NATALIE HAHN . . . B.S., B.A.; Shorthand II. Typing II, Personal Typing. LOU HALLMAN . . . B.A., M.A.; Algebra I; Varsity Backfield Coach, Varsity Basketball Coach. COURTNEY HAMMOND . . . English III, IIIC. CAROL HAUGELAND . . . B.A.; Speech, English III; Sponsor, Sophomore Class. BOB HENDRICKS . . . B.A., M.A.; Boys’ P.E.; Varsity Football Coach, Sponsor, Lettermen’s Club. CHARLES HEWITT . . . B.S., M.A.; Biology; Sponsor, Freshman Basketball. ALFRED I, HEYWOOD . . . B.A., M.A.; Spanish, Drivers Education; Sponsor, Span- ish Club. WILLIAM E. HICKEY . . . B.A.; Bookkeeping. ROSEJEAN C. HINSDALE . . . B.A., M.A.; Journalism I, Newspaper, Spanish I; Sponsor, Arcadian, Quill and Scroll. DORIS HOWARD . . . A.B., M.A.; Shorthand. Business English, Personal Typing; Sponsor, Arcadia French Foils. BAXTER HURN . . . A.B., M.N.S.; Chemistry, Astron- omy; Sponsor, Rocket Club, Freshman Class. RAYMOND JACKSON . . . B.S., M.S.; American Gov- ernment, Economics; Spon- sor, Freshman Football, Golf Coach. BETTY R. JOHNSON . . . B.A., M.A.; English IIC, II, III; Sponsor, Sigma Beta Chi. RUTH JOHNSTON . . . B.A., M.A.; English I, II; Spon- sor, Senior Class. KAREN SUE KILGORE . . . B.S.; Algebra I, Math I, II; Sponsor, Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Class. MERRILL E. LARGENT . . . B.S., M.S.; Chemistry I, Ad- vanced Chemistry I. JEFF LARSON . . . B.S.; Trigonometry, Advanced Al- gebra, Algebra II; Sponsor, Mu Alpha Theta. EDITH LILLY WHITE . . . B.A.; Human Relations, Homemaking I, II; Sponsor, Girls’ League. LINCOLN MacPHERSON . . . B.A.; Anatomy and Physiol- ogy; Cross Country Coach, Assistant Track Coach. DEANA LOGAN . . . B.A.; English IV, Yearbook; Spon- sor, Olympian, Freshman Class. ED LITTLETON . . . B.A.; Typing I, Business Math, Of- fice Machines; Sponsor, Freshman Football, Fresh- man Baseball, J.V. Wrestling. DANA LYNCH . . . B.S., M.A.; Dramatics, Theatre Arts. LOUISE MILLER . . . B.A., M.A.; English III, IV. HAROLD MILLSOP . . . M.A.; Freshman Chorus, Concert Choir, Arcadia Chorale. WILTON P. MOORE . . . B.A., M.A.; American His- tory, Latin I. JIM MULLER . . . B.A., M.A.; Industrial Arts; Sponsor, Senior Class. DAVID N. NEAL . . . B.A., M.A.; Chemistry, Adv. Chemistry II, Adv. Physics I; Sponsor, J.E.T.S. SAM ODELL . . . B.S., M.A.; Biology; Sponsor, Junior Class, Biology Club, Delta Omega, Football Coach, Bas- ketball Coach, Tennis Coach. DONALD W. PEN FI ELD . . . B.S., M.A.; American His- tory. ARTHUR D. PETERSON . . . B.A., M.A.; Business Prin- ciples, General Business, Typing I; Sponsor, Junior Class. JOYCE PIHL . . . B.A.; Crafts I, II, Art I; Sponsor, Art Club. LORETTA PROCHASKA . . . B.A.; English II, III. LARRY READER . . . B.S., M.S.; Typing I, Office Training, Notehand, Sponsor, Senior Class. KATE REISS . . . A.A., B.A., M.A.; German. JAMES L. REUTER . . . B.S., M.A.; Plane Geometry. SHIRLEY RUSSELL . . . B.A.; English II, V; Spon- sor, Senior Class. PAUL J. SANDER . . . B.S.; Business Law, Distributive Education; Sponsor, D.E.C.A. A. G. SCHIFINO . . . B.S., M.A.; American History; Varsity Baseball Coach. PATRICIA SETTLEMOIR . . . B.S., M.T.; Biology; Spon- sor, Biology Club. VIRGINIA SLOBODNIK . . . B.A.; Physical Education; Sponsor, G.A.A., Pom-Pon, Cheerleading. EILEEN SMOCKE . . . B.A., M.A.; Latin. EMILY STAFFORD . . . B.A., M.A.; French. MIKE SVACO . . . B.A., M.A.; Algebra II, Adv. Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry IA. WALTER TAMASAUCKAS . . . B.S., M.S.; Woodwork- ing II, III, IV, Drafting II. THOMAS P. TEMPLETON . . . B.S., M.A.; Geography, Geology; Sponsor, Senior Class. NELLIE C. WARD . . . B.A.; English II, III; Sponsor, Y- Teens. JOHN A. WATSON . . . B.A., B.F.T., M.A.; Spanish I, II. FREDERICK WHITNEY . . . B.S., M.S.; Adv. Physics II, Modern Physics. FRANCIS F. WILCOX . . . B.A., M.A.; Geometry, Math II. CECELIA M. WITTY . . . B.S.; Clothing, Human Rela- tions; Sponsor, Sophomore Class, Y-Teens. FLOYD P. WOODARD . . . B.M., M.M.; J.V. Band, Prep Band, Adv. Girls’ Cho- rus, Int. Mixed Chorus, Int. Girls’ Chorus. JOSEPH M. YOUNG . . . B.S., M.S.; Remedial Math, Algebra I. Adams, Lharlotte—34 Adams, Don—82 Adams, Dorthy—34 Adams, Jane—34, 120, 127, 133 Adams, Jim—82 Adams, Joyce—34 Adler, Don—34, 186, 187, 191. 198 Adamson, Jack—68 Ahearne, Kathy—94, 123 Airola, Anni—82 Akers, Barbara—82, 117 Akers, Margaret—68 Albert, Sam—128 Albright, Jacquc—120, 127, 142 Alex, Robert—94 Alexander, George—68 Alexander, Judy—10, 68, 115 Allen, Bill-94 Allen, James Allen, Jim—34 Allen, Linda—68 Allen, Marilyn—82 Allums, Tim-82, 119, 116 Alter, Mina—82 Ambrose, Andy—68, 67, 132 Ammerman, Kathy—82 Anair, Steve—183 Andersen, Fred— 4 Anderson, John—82 Anderson, John C.—118 Anderson, Kathy—94 Anderson, Kay—68, 116 Anderson, Larry—68 Anderson, Lenard—94 Anderson, Mark—94, 121 Anderson, Richard—94, 118 Anderson, Richard L.—94 Andrews, John—82, 182 Appling, Linda—94, 123 Armatis, John—34 Armstrong, Gary—82, 182, 191 Aron, Leonard—34, 124, 133 Arra, Tony—20, 32, 68 Atwood, Judy—94, 123 Augustin, John Augur, Ann—34 Austin, Linda—82 Austin, Sydney—94. Ill Austin, Roy Avant, Leslie—68 Avcritt, Dick—82, 111, 194 Avila, Alex—183 Aycock, Marie—68 Baar, Nancy—28, 123 Baar, Sam—68, 128, 133 Babinski, Allen—7, 68 Baccellia, Terry-—68 Baehr, John—82 Baehr, Marilou—34, 116 Balds, Bob—82 Baker, Bill—68 Baker, Bruce—7, 68 Baker, David—82, 118 Baker, Randy- 68 Baker, Ronald—94, 183, 193 Baldwin, Doug—68 Balia, George—94 Bancroft, Sharon—68 Bann, Bill—68 Bann, Jim—82 Barclay, Linda—82, 120 Barnes, Linda- 82, 111, 133 Barnes. Sharon—82 Karnes, Wayne—68 Barnett, Brad—94 Barney, Steve Bartlett, Steve—82 Barolet, Barbara—34, 120, 132, 169 Barr, Ronny—68, 188, 198 Barrett, Susan—35 Bartholomew, Cliff—94 Bartlett, Kendall—35 Bartlett, Mike—35, 126, 133 Bartolino, Jeff—82, 120 Battershcll, Ed-68, 127, 133 Batty, Marcia—82 Bauer, Joan—68 Bauer, Joleen—82, 122 Bauer, Bob—94, 184 Bauer, Wayne—35 Baum, Roger—35, 203 Baumann, Bill—120, 203 Baumann, Peter—94, 184 Bayless, Donald—94, 183 Bean, Tricia—82 Beal, Bob—68, 116, 195 Beans, Steve—82 Bechtol, Jane—35, 171 Beck, Susan—126 Beckstead, Jean—68 Bedenkop, Rick—82, 182, 192 Behringer, Nancy—82 Belden, John—120 Bell, Bernadette 35 Bellamy, Barbara—94 Bellenger, Oscar—218 Bemis, Ronald—82 Benson, Bruce—82 Benneson, Nancy—35, 127, 129 Bennett, Diana—94 Bennett, Kenneth—68, 194 Bennett, Laura—68 Bennett, Martha—91 Bennett, Richard—35 Benjamin, John—68 Benzing, Terry—35 Benua. John—94 Benzing, Dennis—68 Beresic, David—35, 126, 133 Berg, Craig—94 Bergen, Kathleen—82 Bergen, Dick- 82 Bernard, Bruce—94, 183 Bernath, Randa—82 Berry, John-35, 112, 128 Berry, Mike-94, 183, 197 Bethell, Candy—82 Bevcrlein, Maty—94 Bierbaum, Leon—82 Biglcman, Kathleen—68 Bimson, Sally—36 Birch. John-36, 177, 179, 201, 194 Bircumshaw, Valarie—82 Birkholz, Bill-82, 182 Birkholz, Susie—94, 123 Birney, Mary—82 Bisbee, Steve—82 Bisbec, Trudy—82 Bishop, Charles—36 Bishop, Mary Ann—36, 128 Bishop, Nancy—82 Black, Carol—82 Black, John—191 Blakeley, Bill-36, 188, 189, 191. 198 Blakeley, Carolyn—83 Blakeley, Rick—68, 197, 196, 199 Blackmon, Etta—68 Blackmore, Mary Blackmore, Stan—94. 121 Blanco, Grant—94, 184, 192 Blasnek, Steve—68 Blatc, Buddy—68 Blatt, Amanda—94 Blatt, Lee—125 Blazok, Karen—94. 123 Blazok. Susan—36, 128 Bleyer, Jackie—68 Bleyer, Stephen—94 Block, Randee Block, Tom—36 Bluell, Craig—68 Blom, Betsy—94 Blum, Cheryl—83, 122 Blunda, John—83 Bly, Bill—83 Bly, Jim—36, 127, 129 Blyth, Nona—83, 130 Bobbitt, Linda—68 Boccaccio, Mark—36, 175, 177, 194 Bock, Gretchen—36, 125 Bock. Judy—83 Bolt ., Rick—36 Bonds, Tammy—83 Boren, Ken—68 Borshcim, James—94 Borsheim, Mike—68 Botsford, Susan—68, 111 Boudreau, Bonnie—68, 121 Bowie, Jerome—94 Bowie, Naomi—83 Bowen, Janice—69 Bowne, Gary—37 Bownc, Sharon—94, 123 Boyd, Laurie—94 Boyd, Pam-37, 111 Boyd, Penny Boyd, Steve—69 Boyer, Cheri—69, 128 Boyer, Marby Ann—94 Braden. Mike—69 Bradley, Gary—37 Bradley, Terri—83, 122 Brady, Mike-83, 182 Bramlett, Annette—69 Brannan, Becky—94 Brannan, Jim—94 Brice, Leslie—37, 129, 156 Brill, Sharon—83 Brim, Larry—94 Brinton, Landra Brock, Dianne—37, 111, 113. 129, 171, 170 Brodman, Rick—83 Broedcr, Patricia—69 Brooks. Doris—69 Brooks, Lawrence—37 Brooks, Sean—37 Brooks, Starr—69 Brophy, Robert—95 Brown, Bunny—95 Brown, Dan—95 Brown, Roger—95 Brown, Gar)'—69 Brown, Janice—83 Brown, Jeremy Brown, Joanne—37, 127, 133 Brown, Laney—83, 111 Brown, Mike—83 Brown, Rick—83 Brown, Steve—93, 95, 193 Brown, Tom -69, 117 Bruce, Kim —83, 128 Bryan, Terry—69 Buffman, Barry—95. 118 Bukcr, Emmy—69 Buffman, Roger—37 Bucklew, Gregory—69 Buckley Tom—69 Bucklew, Doug—95 Buchanan, Barbara—69, 121 Burdette, Sue—37, 132 Burger, Sue—95, 123 Burnett. Margaret—95. 188. 123 Burke, Phil-95 Burns, Jamie—83, 120 Burns, Kathy—38 Burns, Kathleen 69 Burton, Bryan—69 Busch. Jim- 69 Busser, Sandy—69 Butler, Diane—38. 127, 129, 131. 171 Butcher, Tom—83 Butler. Dick-83, 182, 192 Butler, Larry-83, 192 Butler, Laurel—83 Button, Dale Byron, Mikie Bullard, Marsha Burgess, Susan Cahill, Michael 95 Caiola, Toni—83 Caldwell, James—83 Caldwell, John—69, 120 Caldwell, Mar '—95 Caldwell, Paul-38, 120, 117 Calhoun, Bonnie—95, 123 Caliendo, Paul 83 Call, Gary—38 Call, Mike—117 Cameron, John Camtron, Naricv—26, 69. 128. 131 Cameron, Stephen—38, 132, 17 Cameron, Susan—69, 111, 128. 131 Campbell, Paul—38 Campbell. Robbie—69 Campbell, Scott—83 Campodall’orto, Pam—69, 120 Canfield, Bonnie—95 Cannon, Dale—69, 120 Cannon, Ronnie—83 Canter, Bob—38, 201 Canter, Shelley—83, 127. 131, 132 Cappelli, Larry Cardeli, Sue—131 Cardew, Gerald—69 Carey, Patricia- 38, 142 Cari, Rick Carlise, Carolyn—38 Carlson, Shauna—95, 123 Carlton, Mary—83 Carnahan, Bill—95, 184 Carroll, Linda—95, 123 Carruth, Cissy—69 Carter, Eleanor—69 Carter, Forrest—69, 195 Carter. Pam—95, 123 Carter, Ronald—83 Carusctta, Danny—95 Carver, Bob—83 Carver, Patrick—38, 132, 202 Carver, Rusty- 95 Case, Chuck-69, 127. 130. 117 Casper, Cheryl—95 Casper, Donna—38 Cassadv, Pat—83, 124 205Cassidy, Boh—83 Caster, Cindy—69 Castleberry, Judy—83 Cazel, Patricia—83, 119, 124 Chadderdon, Val—83, 118, 124 Challic, Suzanne—69, 124, 126 Chalagonian, George—69 Chance, Boh—95 Chance, J.oan 39, 128, 131, 171 Chapman, Jack—69 Chapman, James—39, 113, 126, 129, 130 Chapman, John—7, 39, 113, 126, 129, 130 Charland, John—95, 121 Charland, Richard—39, 125. 130 Chcnhall, I)on-83, 182 Chcnhall, Ray-69, 120, 132 Chcsley, Vickie—83 Chipman, Melinda—69 Christensen. Clynn—69 Christensen, James—39, 133 Christensen, Jane—69 Christensen, Kathy—95, 123 Christensen, Rosemary—39 Christian, Diana—83 Christian, Earl—83 Christian, Monty—95 Christmas, Frances—83, 126 Christopher. Roger Cipriano, Harry—69 Cipriano, Richard Clark, Bill—95, 121 Clark, Cindy—95 Clark. Gary—70, 198 Clark, Mark-83, 117 Clark, Mike-70 Clark. Terry—70 Clark, Tina—39 Clemens, Sherry—39, 133 Clinkingheard, Kathy—84 Coate, Richard—84 Coffer, Kent-95, 121 Coffman, Darolyn—39 Coffman, Gary—95 Cole, Cheryl—81- Cole, Donnella—39, 120, 116 Cole, Tom—70, 188, 191, 198 Cole, Vance-39, 120, 153 Collier, Sandy—40 Col lings, Bill-95 Collings, Joe—70 Colton, Chuck—70, 119, 177, 116, 202 Conklin, John—70 Conner. Judy—84, 130 Conroy, Pat—84 Conroy, Roger—70 Contos, Gus—70 Contryman, Ron—70 Cook, Marti—40, 128 Cook, Robert—70 Cook, Sally -70 Cooley, Tom—81, 84, 182 Cooley, Pam—95 Cooper. Connie—70 Coppins, James—84 Coppins, Leslie—-40 Coppock, Cindy—95 Coppock, Douglas—70 Corbitt, Corinne—70, 117, 124 Cordry, Carolyn—95, 123 Corkhill, Robert—95, 118 Corrigan, Sandra--40 Corzine, Linda—84 Courtney, Carolyn—40, 122 Counts, Nancy—40, 125 Cox, Donald- 40, 201 Cowan, William—40 Craig, Steve—70 Cranny, Mike—70, 117 Crewson, Jerry—40. 177 Croft, Sharon—40. 128, 131 Cronk, Pete—40 Cronshey, Robert 70, 127, 128, 133 Crossman, Paula—95, 123 Crotzer, Valarie—84 Crowder, Bob—84 Crowley, Bill—84 Crowley, Kathy—40 Cuckler, Jerald—41, 127, 133 Cummings, Robyn—70 Cunningham, Diane—84 Curl, Sandra 95, 123 Dalessandro, Audrey—70, 127, 132 Daley, Ron—70 Daly. Karen—95, 123 Dalzell, Elizabeth—70, 203 Dambrova, Betsy—95 Danckaert, Keith—70 Dan ley, Richard—70 Danlcy, Scott—41 D’Apuzzo, Bill—95 Darrow, Carole 95 Daudet, Jim—84 Davenport, Dave—84 Davenport, Geoff—95, 111 Davidson, Jean—70, 121 David, James Lee—41 Davis, Barbara Davis, Bobbie—70, 114, 132 Davis, Cindy- 70 Davis, Diane—95, 123 Davis, Dennis Davis, John—41, 117 Davis, Karen—70, 111 Davis, Laura—96 Davis, Lynn—70, 112, 127, 129, 130 Davis, Margaret—84 Davis, Sandra—96 Davis, Stephen—133 Day, Jim—96 Deak, Nora—70 Deakin, Frank- 70 DeBerge, Pat—84 Deike, Evelyn—41 DeLoian, Rosemary—70, 121, 127 Deneke, Gloria—123, 96 Deneke, Ron—70 Denton, Jeannene—41, 120, 128, 169 Dcrreberry, Debi—84 Dcschler, Connie—84 Deschler, Tim—70, 181, 201 Detmer, Steven—96 Detrick, Brad—84 Detrick, Raymond—70 DcVaney, Jim—70 Dover, Dan—84, 198 DeVore, Marilyn—41, 125 Dewey, Daun—96 DcWitt, Donna—41, 122 Dibble, Marcia-41, 112, 124, 129, 171 Dibble, Patricia—96 DiCcrbo, Mary—123 DiCerbo, Mike—70 Dick, Susan—84, 133 Dickerson, Karen—96, 123 Dickey, Susan—84, 114 Diefcndcrfer, Lesley—70 Dietz, Tim—70, 132 Dietz. Tom—183, 96 Dill, Mark—84, 118 Dillon, Jerry—70, 197 Dipley, Bill—96, 183, 193, 197 Dipley, Cheryl—41 DiTirro, Angela—84, 126 Ditirro, Anthony—184, 96 DiTirro, Pat—70 Ditson, Mia—84, 129 Dixon, Ken—96 Dixon, Sue—70 Dobbcn, Jean—71 Dole, Dennis—84, 117 Dominick, Katharine—41, 130 Donovan, Helen—96, 111, 123, 130 Dooley, Martha—84 Dorfman, Debi—96 Dorfman, Robert—41, 125, 171, 117 Dorris, Sandra—42 Downs, Tim—96, 118 Doyle, Greg—84, 116 Doyle, Vicki—123, 96 Draney, Pamela—27, 84, 115 Draughon, Bob—42, 178 Dregely, George—42, 118 Dresslar, Raymond—42 Drew, William—42, 126, 127, 133 Driggs, Steve—84 Duggan, Linda—84, 111, 124 Duepner, Bonnie—96 Dujanovic, Jack—84 Dunbar, Linda—84 Duncan, Janice—96, 123 Dunfcc, John-96, 193, 184 Dunn, Karen—84, 118, 122 Dunning, Denise—84 DuPrcc, Melinda Duston. Robert—84 Dutro, Linda—84 DuVall, Gaines—71 DuVall, Trudy—96, 123 Eaton, Christi—96 Eaton, Vicki—71 Ebert, Bill—71 Echols, Shirley—71 Edmundson, Peggy—84, 120 Edwards, Linda—84, 116 Edwards, Sam—96, 184, 193 Edwards, Susie—42, 132, 145 Eggemeycr, Ronnie—42 Egizii, David—84 Eisen, Margie—71 Elkins, Larry—96, 121 Elliott, Carolyn—71 Elliott, Linda—84, 111 Elliott, Marilyn—71 Ellis, Stephen—71 Elson, Vickie—71, 130 Ellstrom, Jim—71 Eltz, Donna—96, 123 Emerson, Pamela—85 Emery, Gretchen—123 Emery, Shirlee—42, 124 Emery, Lee—42, 118 Endicott, Steve—85 Engebretson, Pam—28, 96, 131 Englund, Teddie—71 Erickson, Charles—42, 202 Erickson, Karen—85, 120, 203 Erie, Leonard—71 Eskridge, Mary Lou—42 Esmay, Jerry—96, 183, 193 Etchclls, Kathy—71 Evans, Bob—96, 121 .Evans, Buddy—85 Evans, Mary Lou—42 Evans, Mike—96 Evans, Peggy—43 Everhart, Daryl—85, 122 Evrard, Nonna—85 Ewing, Jon—85 Faber, Bart—71 Falk, Corrie—85, 124 Falk, Kathy-43, 113, 129, 130, 133 Falls, Lyle—85 Farmer, Everett—43 Farmer, Tom—10, 43, 66, 110, 177, 162, 189, 190 Faught, Lynn—43 Feicht, Bruce—96, 184 Fennell, Mike—43 Fenner. Barbara—71, 121, 126 Fenner, John—121, 96 Fenton, Barbara—85, 122 Fenwick, John—85 Ferguson. Bill—71, 120 Ferguson, Gwcnn—96, 123 Ferguson, Cathie—71 Ferguson, Linda—43, 128, 131 Fiebclhaus, Samuel Fieck, Doug—85 Fielding, Steven—71 Fife, Richard—96 Finch, Cliff—96, 183 Finch, Ron—71 Finney, Catherine—71 Fischer, Peggy- 123 Fish, Barbara—71 Fisher, Bob—71 Fisher, Jim—71 Fissell, James—71, 182 Florez, John—43, 66, 110, 132, 203 Fissell, Tom—43, 202 Fondrisi, John—96, 184 Fondrizzi, Tony—194 Flynn, Jack—85, 182 Ford, Charles—96, 193 Forrest, Mary—43, 171 Foster, Dave—43, 171 Foster, Dick—96, 121, 183 Foster, Thomas—43 Foster, Jerry—85 Fraizcr, Avajon—71 Fraley, Dana Fraley, Paula—44, 120 Francke, Michel—96, 123 Frank, Gretchen—71 Franklin, Stephen—96 Frary, Craig—96, 183 Fredrick, Barbara—44, 113, 130 Freeman, Cary Freeman, Connie—71 Freeman, Karen—96 Freestone, Joyce—97 Freestone, Nancy—71, 111, 128 Frciburghaus, Georgia—97 Freiss, Jo Anne—85, 122 Freiss, Howard—44, 188 Frese, John—97, 183, 193 206Frye, Carol—44, 125 Fulkerson, Mia- 85 Fuller, Judy—71 Furr. Jacqueline—97, 123 Furr, Ronnie—71 Gabbard, Margie—71 Gabbard, Mary—97 Gaintner, Jim—85, 120, 132, 182 Galbraith, Karl—85 Gallagher. Mike—97, 184 Galst, Midge-85, 120 Galwey, Mike-85, 116, 155 Galwey, Sharon—44. 124, 169 Gamble, Fred—71. 116 Gamble, Terry—44, 113, 129, 130, 147 Gamble, Tim—97 Gangadean, Ramesh—85 Gant, Barbara—44, 125 Garcia, Margaret—85, 132 Garrett, David—97 Garrison. Sarah—85, 126 Gehl, Dennis—44 Geiger, Patty—71, 116, 131 Gentener, Brian—97 Centner, Kathy- 85 Gentry, Pricilla—85 George, Jerome Gerstenschlagcr, Stan—85, 118 Getz. Carol- 85, 122 Gibbons, Gayle—44 Gibbons, Greg—71 Gibson, Dorinne—97, 111, 123 Giebelhous, Sam—97 Gieszl, Carol—71, 122 Gicszl, James—97, 183, 194, 197 Giffin, Janice-71, 121 Gilbert, Steve—97 Gillard, Bill Gillies, Mark Gimbcl, Dick—85 Glasscr, Charles—85, 120, 128 Glover, Jerry—71 Glover, Leslie—97, 123 Glover, Linda—71 Ganaedinger, David—97 Goddard. Kathleen—97, 123 Gocman, Penny—71 Goldstein, Esther—97, 123 Goldthwaite, Kathy—71 Golom, Calli—97 Gompf, Sandy—71 Good, Coni—85, 124 Goodman, Chris—85, 118 Goodman, Patti—85, 115 Goodpasture, Bob—71, 195 Goodpasture, Kim—85, 118 Gorbitz, Ruth-44, 110, 124, 131, 133, 168 Gordon, Wayne—85 Georges, Mike—97 Gossick, Kathy—85 Goudic, Tom—44, 198, 199 Grady, Diane—85, 114 Graham, Philip—72 Grant, Ginnic—72 Grant, Land—72, 132, 181 Granzow, Fred—145, 117, 130 Gray, Richard—137, 177, 180 Grayson, Jim—85 Green, Bcth-45, 124, 131, 132, 133, 169, 171 Green, Jay—72 Green, Kathy—72, 121 Green, Wayne—6. 45, 130 Greene, Grove—85, 182, 194 Greer, Linda—97, 123 Gregory, Sue—45 Gregory, Steve—97 Gremanis, Diana—45 Griffin. Lori- 85 Grigg, Barbara—72 Grimditch, Gloria—45, 171 Groom, Patricia—85 Grouskay, Karen—85 Grubbs, Debbie—85 Grube, Marsha—45 Guffcc, Colleen—97, 123 Guffey, Elaine—86 GuHedge, Bruce—72 Gulledge. John -121 Gullett, Alana—72 Gullett, Greg—86 Gullickson, Lee—97, 183 Gulnac, Donna—72 Gumlick, Donna Gurrath, Robert—72 Guthrie, John—86, 117, 132 Guyan, Vic—120 Gygi, Peggy-45, 120, 128 Haag, Connie—97 Haag, Philip—86, 128 Haasis, Steven—97 Hadden, Guy—72 Haddy, Anita—86 Haddy, Sharon—45 Hafleigh, Heather—72 Hagcdorn, Judi- 72 Hagcman, Randy—86 Haggerty, Diane—72 Hagcrty, Mike—72, 118 Hakes. Karen—72, 122 Hall, Bill—97, 121, 193 Hall, Daniel—45, 116 Hall, Diane—45 Hall, J. Stanley—125 Hall, Janice—72, 129 Hall, John—86 Hall, Raymond—97 Hall. Terr —97 Hall. Steve-45, 133 Halliday, Betty—97 Halliday, Kathryn—46 Hal pert, Roger—86 Hamilton, Bill—72 Hammett, Vaunda—72, 130, 117 Hanan, Bob—72 Hanan, Penny—97 Hanby, Tom—46, 125 Hancock, Steven—97 Haner, John—86 Haney, Chris—97, 123 Haney, Janet—72, 119, 127 Hanford, James—72, 112 Hanlon, David—86, 182- Hanna, Becky—72, 121 Hanna, Rick—86 Hannon, John—97 Hannigcr—194 Hansen, Robin—72 Hanstein, Ronnie—97, 184 Hapip, Charles—86, 133 Hapip, Paul-46, 127, 133, 171 Hardy, Barbara—72 Harkenrider, Jim—97 Harkenrider, Joan—86 Harkenrider, John—72 Harmann, Gary—86, 182 Harmon, Ronald—46, 124 Harms, Steven— 118 Harper, John—72, 194 Harper, Karen—46 Harr, Dale—86 Harris, Mike—46, 178 Hart, Richard—97, 121 Harvey, Ben—72 Harvey, Heather—72 Harvey, Tom—72 Haugcland, Carol—10, 72, 112, 127, 129, 130, 146, 167 Hauser, Steve—97 Hawkins, Bill—72 Hayden, Ann—46, 128, 131 Hayden, Dennis Hayden, Guy—86 Hayden. Karen—72, 119 Haydukc, George—72 Heath, Lisa—171 Hcckaman, Greg—97 Helber, Susan—97, 123 Helgcson, Steve Henderson, Bill Henderson, Brenda—86 Henderson, Harold—97, 121 Hendon, Don—97 Hendrix, Bill—86, 120 Hendrix, Gary—72 Hendrix, Judy—97 Henes, Steve—86, 133 Henry, Bob—86, 202 Henschcn, Bob—98, 184, 194 Henson, Pam—86, 133 Henze, Bill—98 Heringcr, Jane—72 Heringer, John—86 Herndon, Rick—86, 116 Herrick, Tom—98, 118 Herrington, Dean—72 Hcrvcy, Bob—98, 183, 194 Hervey, Yvonne—98 Hettlinger, Gary—98, 121 Hcvcrlcy, Sandy—98 Hiatt, Joanna—72, 120 Hiblcr, Lawrence—46, 120, 127, 133 Hickman, Judy—46 Hiegel, Mary—46 Hicgcr, Mary—98 Hildc, John—72 Hill, David-72, 127, 133 Hillebrand, Jim—72 Hillier, Art—86 Hillis, Terry—46 Hilsabeck, Scott—72, 179, 180 Himes, Carolyn—98, 123 Hiner, Jerry—73 Miner, Nicolas—21, 86, 116, 119, 130, 169 Hinton, Roger—86 Hirt, Sherry—121, 73 Hislop, Pat—73 Hitchcock, Barbara--98, 123 Hitchcock, Becky—73 Hitchcock, Linda—46 Hitchings, Bill-86, 182, 192, 198 Hix, Jim—98, 183 Hobein, Kathy-98, 126 Hobcin, Patricia—86 Hodgdon, Sandy—86, 122 Hodges, Bill- 86 Hodgson, Steve—73 Hoel, Cinda—73, 132 Hoffman, Bill-73, 121, 128 Hoffman, Carol—47 Hoffman, Chris—98 Hogan, Chery l—73, 121 Hogin, Dexter—98 Holdridge, Kathleen—98 Holland, Judie-73, 121, 128 Holm, Don—73 Holmberg, Bill—47 Holmes, Tom—73 Holmstrom, Steve—73 Holt, Sue—86 Honsik. Bruce—98 Honsik, Frank—86 Hood, Michael—98, 184, 197 Hopkins, Mark- 73, 133 Horner, Carolyn—98, 123 Hough, Jeannette—73 Houston, Lynda—86, 122, 131, 132 Houston. Robyn—47, 110, 111, 131, 132, 151 Hovcy, Sandy—98 Howard, Paul—86, 182 Howard. Susan—98, 123 Hoyer, Bill—98, 184 Hoyt, Coleman—47, 124 Hoyt, Forrest—86, 192, 116 Hudson, Lou—73 Hudson, Scott—47 Hudson, Steve—98 Hughes, Ray—98, 121, 183 Hughes, Sherry—98, 123 Hull, Hugh—98, 184 Hull. Margaret—73, 131, 133 Hume, Bill—73 Hume, Shari—47, 112, 129, 133, 170 Humphery, Sandi—73 Humphreys, Garry—86 Huntington, Sandra 86 Hurford, Bill—73 Hurford, Helene—86, 120 Hussey, William—86 Hutson, Judy—73 Huvelle, Jeannc—86, 111, 114 Hyland, Barry—86 Inscho, Carol—86, 133 Isaac, Dean—98 Isaacs, Dewey—73, 118 Isbell, Nancy—87 Jablonski, Kathy—73 Jackson, Jennifer Jacobs, Martha—47, 125 Hacomet, Mike—98 James, Chuck—81, 87, 119, 132, 182 Jamison, Linda Kay—73, 115, 166 Jason, John—98 Jeffries, Dave—47 Jennings, Karla—47 Jensen, Jennie—47 Johansen, Susan—98, 123 Johansen, Victor—73 Johns, Gerri—87 Johns, Merri—93 Johnson, Becky—87 Johnson, Betty—87, 121 Johnson, Bruce—73 Johnson, Janet—87 Johnson. Jody-W, 128, 131 207Johnson, Lee—87 Johnson, Lynda—73, 129 Johnson. Marjorie—98, 123, 126 Johnson. Mary Sue—98. 123 Johnson. Michael—73 Johnson. Raymond—78 Johnson, Ron—73. 180, 198 Johnson, Steve—98 Johnson. Susan- 87, 121. 122 Johnson. Terry—47, 194, 202 Johnson, William Johnston, Jerry—87, 122 Jones, Brad Jones, Carolyn—73 Jones, Deborah—98. 123 Jones, Jean—98. 123 Jones, Mike—98 Jones, Patricia—48, 132 Jones, Penny—48, 120 Jones, Sharon—87 Jones. Shirley—87 Jones, Tibby—81, 87. 110, 120, 127. 131. 165 Jorgenson, Becky—98. 123 Jorgenson, Gail—73 Jorgenson Karen—87, 203 Joseph, Steve—73 Julian, Pat—48, 125 Juntti, Terry—48, 195 Juster. Bob—87, 120. 203 Juster, Richard—48. 127, 203 Kalaf, William-98 Kalupa, Mike—87 Kamstra, Charlotte—73 Kane, Jim—98 Karales, Alexis- 18, 110. 132, 144, 151 Karbo, Cas—87 Karic, Kathy—98 Kast, David—87 Kast, Judy—48 Katarski. Ed-98. 183 Katarski, Stan—48 Katz, Jeannie—73 Kaufman, Linda—73, 130, 131 Kautenburger, Deborah—91, 123 Kay, Virginia—48, 120, 117 Keen, Kathy-99, 123 Keen, Pamla-73. 120 Keeton, Vince—73 Keith, Alan—73 Kell, Darra—99 Kelley, Jerry—73 Kelley, Mary Catherine—99, 123 Kelly. Randy-99 Kennedy, Brian Kennedy, Dom—48 Kennedy, Linda—87 Kennedy, Patrick Kennington, Milas—7, 87, 119 Kerstiens, Mike—87 Kessler, Marlin—99, 121 Kent, Barbara Kent, Maxine—48 Kershaw, Suzanne—48, 113, 132, 149, 167 Keyes, Beverly—73, 122 Killian, Linda—48 King, Barry—49, 125 Kinkel, Joyce—49, 120 Kinzlc, Donn—87, 192 Kidwcll, Patty—73 Kildow, Marnic—99, 123 Kilpatrick, John—99 Kimball, Dennis—73 Kimball, Lynne—99 Kinkel, Melanne—99, 123 Kirchcr, Karen—99, 123 Kirchcr, Liz—87, 111 Kirk, Carol—49 Kirk, Danny—194 Kisella, Joseph Kistemaker, Janis—87 Kjestad, Chris Klein, Brent—99, 126 Klein, Charlec—73 Klein, Deidre—87 Klein, Sue—99 Klein, Gerald Kleinz, Karen—87 Kleinz, Linda Kline. Gary—99, 118 Klouse, Terry—74 Knackstedt, Cynthia—99 Koeber. Dennis—99 Knirsch, John- 87 Koerncr, Scott—74 Kohlhase, Lee—99, 184 Komadino, Craig—99 Koppen, Carolyn—99, 123 Kos, Thomas—99, 121 Kosanovich, Janice—99, 123 Kotz, Bobbi—49 KJemme, Lynn—87, 121, 130 Krahenbuhl, Linda—74, 121 Krain, Sophia—87, 120 Kramer, Richard—87 Krantz, Mike—87 Krebs, Karen—87, 122 Krebs, Kathy—49, 120, 128 Krewson, Richard—99. 118 Krigbaum, Robert—74 Kron, Gary—87, 182 Kuchler, Lynda—74 Kucbler, Karen—99, 123 Kuebler, Robert—74 Kumm, Keith—99 Kundc, Robert—99, 183 Kuykendall, Jim—87 Kyff, Cheryl—74, 129, 132, 169, 170 Lacy, Gordon—74, 122 Ladd, Darnel—74 Lafon, Bonnie—87 LaGrotta, Pinky—49 Lake, Frankie—74, 122 Lally, Julia—99, 123 Lam, Alan—87, 182 Laman, Bill—74 LaMantia, John—49 Lambert, Dick—99 Lambert, Nancy Lamson, Laurie—99, 127 Lamson. Nancy—74, 111 Lamuth, Kerry—74 Lancaster, Cindy—99 Lancaster, Connie—74 Landefeld, Randy—99 Landry, Laurie—99 Landry, Steve—74 Lane, Jill-99, 123 Langley, Jim—49, 177 Langston. Brian—93, 99, 110, 193 Lanier, Janice—74 Lanser, Regina—87 Unser, Tina -99. 123, 127, 165 Larabell, Curt—49 Larson, Jeff—99, 184 Larson, Kathy—87, 117 Laszlo, Diane—99, 123 Laszlo, Joe—49 Laubach, Jane—74, 131 Lauten, Greg—74 Lauten, Kent—99 Lawonn, Vicki—87 Leach, Larry Learned, Bill—99, 121 Lcatzow, Bob—99, 184, 193 Leatzow, Robyne—49, 113 Lee, Errol—99 Lee, Jon Lee, Judson—100 Lee, Windi—100 I.cesman, I rry—100, 111, 193 LeFebvre, Dennis—74, 116, 194 Leiler, Gary—87 Leininger, Karla—100 Leininger, Zoanne—74 Lense, Phil—100 Lester, Chris—100 Levine, Judy—100, 126 Levine, Robert—74 Lewin, Rick—87 Lewis, Barbara—87, 122 Lewis, Denis—50 Lewis, Vicki—88 Licklidcr, Nan—50, 130 Likens, Mari Lyn—100, 123 Lillmars, Sharon—93, 100, 110, 121, 126 Limburg, Wally—74 Lind, Judy—74 Lindlcy, Linda—100 Lindner, Cathy Lindner, Susie—50 Lindsay, William Lindstrom, Jacquelyn—67, 74, 115, 132 Lindstrom, Susan—74 Lingafelt, Beverly—74, 122 Liska, Sally—74 Linville, Diane—50, 121, 133 Livingston, Nancy—100, 123 Lockett, Linda—100, 126 Lockett, Richard—74, 127, 133 Lohman, Gary—88 Lohr, Clark—50, 141 Lombard, Steve—100, 197 Long, Linda—88 Looman, John—50, 198 Loper, Mike—74, 166, 177, 194 Love, Diane—100 Loven, Barbara—100 Lovercio, Kathie—50 Low, Ronnie—122 Lowry, Bob—88 Luke, John—88, 133 Lupton, Julie—50, 128 Lutes, Patricia—88 Lutz, Kevin—50 Lupton, Rusty—88 Lutz, Pat—74 Lyftogt, Ricky—100 Lynch, Andrea—74 Lytton, Tony—88 Mabry, Margaret McBride, Robert—74 McCarthy, Bill-88 McCarthy, Laura—50, 121 McCasland, Lynn—74 McClue, Larry—88 McClure. Laura—74, 116, 119, 130 McConnell, James—88 McCoy, Doug—88 McCusker, Linda—100, 123 MacDonald, Laurie—50, 66, 132 MacDonald, Mary—100, 123 MacDonald, Ron—50, 132 McDowell, John—100, 121 McDowell, Patricia—51 McEvoy, Frank—51, 122 McFaddcn, Mike—100, 1 4 McFadden, Mickie—10, 51, 115, 132, 136, 162 McFarland, Chris—100 McFord, Leonard—51, 122 McGarey, Anne—100, 123 McGarey, John—88 McGarey, William—74 McGee, Bob—88 Magee, Joy—88, 120 Magill, Steve McKeown, Daniel—18, 26 McKeown, Mary—123 McKeown, Mike—51 McLeod, Nancy—74, 110 McMahon, Steve—51 McMullin, Judy—100 McMullin, Peggy—74, 112 McNabb, Bill-88, 126 McNamara, Joan—74 McNamara, Mike—74, 67, 111 McNeal, Christy—100 McNeill, Charles—51, 112 McNulty, Alan—118 McNulty, David-74, 128, 133 McPherson, Dianna—100, 123 McPherson, Dick—75 Madden. Chris—51, 178, 201 Maggard, Janeal—75, 121 Magill, Robyn—51 Magill, Steve—19-4 Maiscl, Mike—75 Major, Terr -—110, 183 Malone, Richard—51 Manning, Christine—51 Manning, Robert—14, 20, 75 Manning, Susan—88 Margolin, Ann—88 Margolin, Richard—75, 202 Marquart, Amanda—51, 125 Markham, Bill—100, 193 Markow, Gayle—75 Maroney, Susi—88, 115 Marshall, Warner—88, 126, 132 Martin, Chris—52, 198, 199 Martin, Mary—19, 75 Mason. Deborah—100, 122, 126, 131, 133 Mathieson, Marcia—88 Mattingly, George—88, 180, 181 Maxwell, Cindy—100 May, David—75, 120 May, John—100, 121, 183 Mayse, Bob—75 Mayse, Bonnie—100, 123 Mcchling, Terry—75 Medeke, Glenn—52 Mee. Martha—88, 111, 120 Meek, James—75, 194 Meek, Jerry Mehnert, Mary—88, 122 Mclander, Laurie—88, 122, 126 Mellor, Ann—’100, 123 208Mendola, Frank—120 Mercier, Jim—75, 132 Merrell, George—52 Merrill. Dell—75, 194 Messec, Phil—75 Metcalfe, Bob Meyers, Jo—88 Mickle, Dick—75 Middleton, Mark—100 Milar, Melinda—75 Miller, Carol—100, 126 Miller, C. Tanfield—52, 132 Miller, Gail—100, 123 Miller, Dave—75, 194 Miller, David—75 Miller, Jim—21, 88. 117, 119, 130, 169 Miller, Joe—111 Miller, Judy—75, 121 Miller, Linda—75 Miller, Marilyn—52, 127, 129, 171 Miller, Michael—100 Miller, Robert—100 Miller, Robert B.—100 Miller, Douglas—100 Miller, Sid—75 Miller, Stephen Earl—52, 171 Miller, Steven Jon—52 Miller, Susan—88 Miller, Suzanne—52, 124, 128, 131 Millett, Marilyn-88, 122 Millctt, Mark—100 Milligan, Betty—100, 123 Mills, George—75, 132, 178, 180 Mills, Ruth—100 Mills, Susan -101 Milot, Raymond—101 Milot, Richard—75 Mincks, Cheryl—88, 120 Mirza, Louise—101 Missner, Sherry—88, 120, 130 Mitchell, Bonnie—52 Mitchell, Connie—101, 119 Mitchell, Jon—52 Mitchell, Judy—101, 126 Mitchell. Steve- 88, 122 Mocho, Annie—88 Mocho, Tony—88 Moe, Greg—75 Moeller, Bob-52, 111 Moenich, Jan—52 Mohr, Wes—75, 202 Monie, Robert—75, 117, 194 Monie, Wayne—88, 116 Moore, Colleen—101 Moore, Carey—88 Moore, Dana—75, 122 Moore, Kcndis—101 Moore, Michael Roy—88, 130 Moore, Rory—88 Moore, Rosemary—75 Moore, Vicki—75 Monroe, James—101 Monson, Michael—101, 121 Montgomery, Ja—19, 75, 133 Montgomery, Monty—101 Morfitt, Brad—75, 195 Morris, Pat—92 Morris, Sue—88 Moss, Bob—75 Moss, John Mortenson, Dale—101, 121 Mott, Rhonda—101, 123 Moulton, Joyce—88, 119, 126 Mower, Nancy—101, 123 Mower, Rusty—75 Mowry, Becky—75 Mowery, Dan—101, 184 Mueller, Damie—53 Muller, Randy—75 Mumma, Halerie—101 Mundy, Melanie—101, 126 Murdock, Craig—75 Murphy, Christine—88 Murphy, Deborah—101, 123 Murphy, Glenn Murray, James—53, 117 Murphy, Maureen—75 Murphy, Patricia—53, 128, 131, 133 Myers, Trudy—101, 123 Mvkcstad, Nancy-—88 Myrick, Ted—101, 121 Naar, Dawn—89, 124 Nadler, Cathy—101, 122 Nairn, Anne—53, 113, 149 Nairn, Gretchen—101, 118, 203 Nalder, Sherry—75, 111, 121 Nash, Walter—53, 126, 133, 150 Naughton, Robert—101 Nauman, Nina—75, 127, 129 Naumetz, Merry—89 Naylor, Jim—75 Nazcr, Bill-89, 182 Neal, Fred—101 Neal, John Neer, Nancy—101 Neeriemer, Elberta—75 Nelson, Daniel—53 Nelson, Jeanne—101, 123 Nelson, Joan—89, 122 Nelson, Skip—101 Ncslage, Craig—89, 132, 203 Neugebauer, Annette—89 New, Pam—53 New, Kenny—101 Nichols, Bill—75 Nichols, Jim—53, 167, 175, 176, 177, 198, 199 Nicholson, John—101 Nicholson, Nick—76, 207 Nikiforuk, Bill—101 Nixon, Patrick Noble, Kevyn—101, 116 Nochta, Joann—101,123 Norbic, Penny—76 Norde, Leslie—53 Nordberg, Philip—89, 126 Normand, Susie—76 Norris, Kay—76, 111 Northrop, Cindy—28, 101 Oatis, Karen O’Beirne, Helen—76, 119 Obcnstinc, Larry—76 Oboikovitz, Lynn—89, 128, 131, 133 O’Brien, Alice—89 O’Brien, Candy—101, 123 O’Conner, Jim—120 O’Conner, Michele—203 Odean, Denise—76, 121 O’Dell, Sharon—101 Oden, Randy—76, 201 Ochler, John—76 Ogden, David—53, 126 Oglesby, Mike—101 Ohms, Sharon—76 Olden, Bob—89 Olden, Larry—79, 127, 129 Oldham. David—101, 193 Oliver, Patricia—76 Olsen, Gene—89 Olsen, Jolene—53, 128 Olsen, Lynellcn—89 Olsen. Pan-101, 122 Olson, Elliott—76 Olson, Karen—76, 132 Olson, Tom-101. 193 O’Malley, Mike—76 O’Neal, John—76 O’Neal, Jim—101 O’Neill, Kay-53 Ong, Bruce—101 Ong, Elaine—54, 110, 127, 142, 167, 170 Ong, Tim—89 Oonk, Toni—89 Orr, Pete—76, 192 Orth, Steve—76 Orth. Sue—54. 66, 115, 132, 166, 169, 171 Orton, Dannie- -76 Osburn, Benny—101 Osburn, Jerry—89 Ostaff, John-101. 193 Ostermeyer, Carole—89, 121 Ostermeyer. Kenny—76 Osterloh, John—102 Ott, Jon Ouren, Sue -76 Overeynder, Dennis—54 Overeynder, Phil—89 Overmier, Dana—76, 131 Oviedo, Steve—76 Owen, Andy- 6, 54. 113, 130 Owen, Carolyn—54, 130 Owen, Mark—102, 118, 184 Owens. Dale—102 Page, Bob Paine, Kathy—76, 111, 130 Pace, William Paine, William—102 Painter, Karl—76 Palmer, Bruce- 54, 116 Panella, Pat—54 Papandrew, Dave—76, 111 Parent, Evonne Carol—89 Parker, Barbara—89 Parker, Debbie—102, 123 Parker, Reeve—6, 54, 130, 141 Parks, Jo Ann—102, 127 Paschkc, Dinah—54 Patrick, Lori—102 Paulsen, Howard—89 Payne, Pat—79, 194 Pea, Bill—102 Peacock, Allen—102 Pearson, Connie—89. 203 Pearson, Dan—89 Pearson, Jane—54, 131, 144 Pearson, Joan—54. 128 Pearson, Roly—55 Peaslcc, Bruce—102 Peeler, Judie—76. 121 Pedersen, Gerrie—55 Pedote, Judy 55 Peluse, Ed-55, 120 Penn, Barbara—102 Patton, Penny—54 Pcnquite, Richard—76 Perkins, Terrie Peters, Haven—76 Peterson, Dennis-- 76, 194 Peterson, Eric—55, 132, 145 Peterson. Joan—55, 120. 127, 129, 179 Peterson, John—55 Peterson, Mark—102, 121 Peterson, Randy—102 Petersen, Rik—89, 194 Peterson, Yvonne—55, 66 Petucciani, Russell—102 Petsch, Vicki—102 Petty, Gary—102 Petty, Larry—89 Pettycrew, Bruce Pettycrew, Jon Peugh, David—76 Peugh, Steve Pcyou, Margaret Peyou. Tony— 182, 198 Phillips, Barbara—76 Phillips, Cynthia—102 Piccinati, Arthur—6, 11, 55, 110, 129, 137, 141, 167, 171. 156 Pickett, Roger—102 Pierce, Greg—89 Pierce, Marsha—102, 123, 126 Pierce, Ruth—76, 121 Picrcey, Sandv -102, 133 Pike, Roy-102 Pinnick, Patti—89 Pisani, DeDe—76 Pischkc. Chris—21, 55 Pisccke, Margaret 102, 123 Pittman, Pete—55, 132, 155 Platt, Irvin Pledger, Diane -76 Plotkin, Larry—89, 182 Plotkin, Linda—55, 127, 130, 117 Plott, Jean—102, 123 Polenick, Allan—89 Porter, William Post, Gayle—76 Potter, Craig—89 Powell, Linda—89 Powell, Lynn-89, 119, 169 Powells, John—102 Pratt, Gordon—102 Pratt, Paul-56, 137, 180, 196 Pratt, Susan—76, 132 Price, Pam—56, 120 Pridgen, Randy—76 Proctor, Lester—102, 121, 183 Proehl, Bob—102 Propstra, Diane—10, 56. Ill, 112 Prouty, Harry—89 Prychodnik. Ronald Ptak, Jeff—102, 193 Ptak, Laurie—76, 111, 132. 133 Putnam. Gage—76 Putnam, Jo Quick, Katherine—89 Quinn. Bill-21, 76. 119, 130 Rabey, Carole—56, 121 Ragland, Julie—89, 111 209Ragland. Sam- 56, 126. 133. 203 Ralston. Rill—89. 182 Ralston. Philip—102 Rampy, Mike—77. 126, 132. 117 Ranby, John—77 Rawline, Judy 56, 125 Rawlins,.Lujean—89 Rawlins, Rae—77 Raymond, Vicki—123 Reader, Nancy—89 Rebeskc, Barbara—56, 115 Reed, Chris—77 Reedy, Houston—56 Reger, John—56, 124, 130. 116 Reich, Shirley- 102, 123 Reid, Frances- 80 Reid, Kara—56 Reid. Karen—77 Reid. Kathy- 102. 123 Reid, Jon—102, 121 Reid, Linda—102 Reimond, Rick—89 Rein, Jim-56, 126, 127, 133, 150 Reid. Janet—23, 56 Repp, James—57 Repp, Pete—77, 191 Rex, Mike—102 Rhoades, Boh—102, 181 Rhoades, Rick—77 Rhoades, Steve- 57 Rice, Deborah 102, 126 Richards, Kathy—102, 123 Richardson, Jeff—56, 198, 199 Richardson. John—102, 181 Richardson, Richard Richas, Kerri—89 Richmond, Gloria—77 Rider, Susie- 89. 122 Riggs, Kathy—77 Rippe, Carolyn—102, 126 Rippstein. Wanda—89, 118 Robb, Lynn—77. 121 Robbins, Jean—102 Roberson, Jams—77, 124, 130 Roberts, Dennis—56, 127, 133 Roberts, Gail—102 Roberts, Joe— 102 Roberts, Lauren—90, 169 Roberts, Sybil—103 Robinette, Steve—77, 195 Robinson, Jan—77 Rocker, Mary Jane -77. 133 Rocker, Susan-»-77 Rockerhauscn, John 57. 120, 126 Rode, Carol—57 Rodighicro, Bruce—57 Rodighicro, Wayne—182 Roegner, Marcia 90 Rogers, Richard—57 Rohmer. John—90 Rolfe, Kathy—103 Romanin, Harr)-—77 Romney, Dick—77 Romney. Howard—103, 121 Romnch, Jeanenc—57 Romney, Jeanne—90 Romney, Louise—90, 118 Romney, Robert—90 Rondeau, Jay—57, 201, 202 Rondeau. Jim—90, 201, 202 Rondeau, Nancy—103, 111, 123 Rook, Martha—77 Rooker. Cal-90, 182, 192, 117 Roper, Bonnie—57, 131 Roper. Sue—77, 112, 129. 131. 142, 165, 164 Roschival, Denis Rose, Barbara—90 Rose, Jackie—77 Rose, Jim—103, 184 Rose, Kathleen -77 Rose, Nancy—57, 111, 124, 129, 170 Roscchival, Gail—58 Ross, David—103, 184 Ross, Edward—58 Ross. Pam—58 Rost, Anne- 103, 123 Roth, Margie—58, 120 Rothchild. Ron—58 Rothwciler, Tom 77, 122 Rouse, Kay—77, 118 Rowe, Bonnie—58 Rowe. Paul—58, 133 Rudolph, Gilbert—58 Rudolph. Tawn—90, 111 Rummage, Judic—77, 67, 110 Rummage, Tina—103 Runge, Marty—103, 121, 193 Runge, Walter—77, 202 Rupert, Toby- 77 Rush, Linda—90 Rutherford, Cathy—103, 123 Sadacca, Harvey—58, 111 Sage. Ken—77 St. Clair, Nancy—78, 130, 116 St. Thomas, Loretta—T04 Sale, Lynne—103, 123 Salisbury, Laurie—77, 67. 127 Salmi. Neil—77, 128. 130. 133. 117 Salsburg, Ddrryll—77 Salyer. Randy—103 Salyer, Sherry—77 Salzman, Harry- 77 Sandberg, John—90 Sanders, Robert—58 Sanson, Betsy- 58, 132 Saper, Eileen—90, 111 Sarten, Karen—58, 117 Sarten, Kathy—103. 118 Sauer, Terri—122 Sauer, Terr)-—59 Sauter, Jacque—77 Savale, Rick—103, 184, 193 Scharbcrger, Gayle -59, 122 Scharf, Becky—77 Schcdlcr, Dave—77 Scheitlin, Ken—29, 103, 121, 184. 193 Schickcr, Richard 90 Schilling, George—103 Schilling, Henry—122 Schlossnagel, Bill—90 Schmidt, Barbara—59 Schmitt, Carol—90 Schork, Sandra—77 Schrader, Jerry—90 Schult, Suzanne—90 Schultz, Glenn—59 Schultz, Laurie—90, 122 Schure, Richard—119, 116 Schuring, Lynne- 103, 123 Schuring, Mike—59 Schwan, Jo—77 Schwinghamer, Brian—59 Schwarze, Rick—77. 128, 133 Schwartz, Larry—77 Scott, David Scott. Elizabeth—59 Scott, Ron—90 Scott. Steve—90 Scott, Suzy—103, 123 Scranton, Linda—77, 115, 147 Sedgwick. Phil 90, 122, 192 Seeley, Linda—103 Selin. Lisa—103 Sena, Gretchcn—90, 122 Shafer, Pam—77 Shall, William—59 Shall. Maryann 90 Shallit, Becky—103 Sharkey, Robert—103 Sharp, Jay—59 Sharp, Lynda—90 Shaw. Wendy- 103, 123 Sheets, John—59, 131 Sheets, Pam- -90 Sheeley, Barbara—77 Sheer, Carol—78, 114, 149 Sheer. Roger—78. 112. 130 Sheidler, Pam-90, 117 Shcller, George—90 Slier, Linda—78 Slier, Robert 78 Slier, Nancy—90 Shipley, Ann—103, 123 Shipley, Carl—59 Shipley, John—59. 120 Shoenhair, John—1011, 203 Shonerd, Wesley—90 Shore, Tom—60, 186, 188, 191, 198 Shrcevc, Dianne—103, 123 Shrecvc, Terry—195 Shulls, Ricky—78, 189 Sigman, Lynn—60 Sigmundson, Lynda—90, 208 Simmons, Bill—78 Simscr, Bettic—90 Simscr, Cheryl—60 Sinclair, Gordon—103, 184 Singer, Glenn—103, 130 Sipe, Larry—78 Sirridge, Shelia- 60, 120 Sirridgc, Steve—103, 183 Skalak, Cindy- 90 Skalak, Thomas—103 Skinner, Charles—60, 186 Skinner, Richard—90 Slider, Bob—90, 118. 201, 194 Slider. Jeff—103 Slonekcr, Rita—60 Smetana, Richard- 103, 184, 193 Smith, Brad—103 Smith, Betty—130 Smith, Cheryl—103, 123 Smith, Christopher—90 Smith. David—60 Smith, Frank—78, 130, 117 Smith, Geoff—78 Smith, Jeff—60, 195 Smith, Jeff—90 Smith. John—103 Smith, Jud Smith, Judy—78 Smith, Kendall—78 Smith, Kent- 103, 194 Smith, Leslie—60, 124 Smith. Lorraine—78 Smith, Marlena—60, 120 Smith, Marilyn—78 Smith, Mary—90, 126 Smith, Mike—103 Smith, Phillip—60 Smith, Robert Smith, Sarah—90 Smith, Stephanie—78, 119 Smith, Susan 103 Smith, Susan—78, 119, 124, 13 Smith, Terric—90 Snyder, Don—60, 132 Snyder, Lynne—90. 120 Soini, Ron—103 Sollenherger, Jim—78, 195, 20 Sollenbergcr, Barry—61, 112. 113 Soini. Don 103 Solomon, Kathy—103 Sorensen. Tom—78 Soule, Jon—78 Spangler, Bill—182, 201 Spangler, Karl—61 Spellman, James—61, 175, 177 Spellman, Steve -78 Speros, Estelle—78. 128, 131 Spielberg, Ann—103, 123, 130 Spielberg, Steve—78, 117 Spindlcr, Dennis—90, 120, 191 Spiking, Bob—101. 183 Spitler, Ken—104, 183 Splonick, Donald—10-4, 121 Splonick, Donna—91 Spooner, Molly—81, 91, 111, 120 Stabile, Vivian—61. 120, 127, 132 Standish, Tony—104 Staggs, Clyde—91 Stalnaker, Karl Stallings, Cheryl—61 Stanford, Susan—78 Stanton, Barbara- 91, 111, 131 Stapleton, Lisa—78 Steinbauer, Dennis—91 Stephenson, Linda—104 Stephenson, Sandy—91, 120 Stephenson, Tuck—78, 132, 163, 186, 202 Sternberg, Grctchen—78. Ill Stevens, Mike—78 Stevenson, James—104, 121 Steward, Catherine—61 Steward, Patricia—104 Stewart, Diana—104 Stewart, Mary Jo—61 Stewart, Jim—61 Stewart, Stephen—104, 121 Stickle, Bob—104, 118 Stidham, Clint—78, 116, 194 Stidham, Lucy—91, 116 Stikes, Don—61 Stiles, Dennis—194 Stiles, Duane—104, 183 Stiles, Serena—91 Stines, Jerry—61, 195 Stines, Terry—61, 195 Storey, Lawrence Story, Steve—91 Stout, Veronica—91 Strauss, Patricia—104, 123 Strauss, Susan—78 Strawick, Diane—91 Strawick, Rick—78 Stromme, Carol—61, 120 Stromme, Craig—93, 104, 110, 183 Strubel, Debbie—104, 123 St. Thomas, Mary Jane—78, 120 Stuart, Guy—104 Strublc, Ed—78, 117 Stuart, Kim—62, 133 Suggs, Steve—78, 132 Sulek, Tex—91, 122 210Sullivan, Belli—104, 123, 127 Summy, Barbara—101 Summcy, Kay—62, 66, 124, 127, 128, 131 Surgnner, Shirley—78, 121 Sutton, Gayle—62 Sutton, Nancy—62 Sutton, Scott 104, 121 Swain, Ruth—78 Swanson, Sue—91, 120 Swartwout, Marian—104, 123 Swedlund, Randy Swedlund, Sandy—91,126, 127 Sweeney, Meal 104 Swift, Steve—78 Sykowski, Mary—91 Taber, Nancy—91, 133 Tait, Steve—91. 198 Tallon, Chris—91 Tanguy, George—78 Tanner, Anna—91 Tanner, Jessie—104, 123 Tanner, Susan—91 Tash, Barbara—104, 123 Taylor, Bob—91, 124 Taylor, Harold—104 Taylor, Joan—78 Taylor, Marc—104 Taylor, Mary Ellen—104 Tear, Sue—78, 128, 131 Teeples, Cindy—104, 123 Teffeay, Louise Christie—91, 122 Tejan, Barbara—62 Tcjan, Sandv—93, 104, 111 Tellicr, Bob—78, 198 Templet, Melanie—104 Tenney. Craig—104, 121 Tcrbot, Bill-62, 120 Tharp, Charles—60, 125 Thees, Joyce—91 Thomas, Debbie—104, 123 Thomas, Randy—104, 193 Thomas, Steve—91, 119, 192 Thompson, Dan—91 Thompson, Donn—121 Thompson, Keith—78, 202 Thomson, Kathleen—104 Thomson, Mark—78 Thruston, Cindy—104. 113. 203 Thurston, John—62 Tingwals, James—62. 198 Tipton, Larry—79 Tokar, Robert—104 Toland, Chris—62 Tomich, Patti—104 Tomkins, Carolyn—62, 133 Tomlinson, Cleda—79, 121 Tonncr, Susy—81, 91, 110 Topolosky, Judy—86, 79 Toy, Bill-79 Toy, Martha—104, 123, 126 Trainer, Ron—67 Trainor, Sheila—91, 121 Trapani, Philip—104, 118 Trapp, Sandra—91 Trepel, Kurt—104 Trester, Barb—62, 128, 133 Trcstcr, Bcv—104, 127,133 Tribken, Robert—104, 184 Trimble, Jim—104 Truitt, Bob—91, 182 Thruitt, Darrell—105, 118, 184 Tubb, Terry—63, 125 Tucker, Eugene—79 Tucker, Sheila -79 Turek, Mike—63, 129, 171 Turnbow, Janet—63 Turnbow, Ron—91 Turner, John—105, 184 Turner, Penny 123 Turner, Penny—91, 120 Turner. Terry—91 Tyra, Pam-91. 122 Uhlmann, Steve—63 Ungloub, Linda—105, 111 Valcho, David— Vale, Margaret—105 Vanbuskirk, Barbara—91 Vanderslice, Cheryl—91 Van Houtcn, James -79, 127 Van Houten, Jerry—105, 118 Van Nimwegen, Rodney—105 Van Orden, Marilyn—91, 130 Van Patten, Barry—105, 184 Vaughan, Frank—63, 132, 167, 177, 178 Van Reusen, Jerry—79 VanReuscn, John—63, 126. 187, 188, 190, 191 Van Reusen, Tony—105, 121 Van Vaker, Bruce—91 Van Wagenen. Teri 105, 123 Whan, Barbara—79, 121 Vchon, Joseph -91, 121 Vellelia, Sue—105 Vcrhocven, Patty—79, 111, 131 Verner. Lynda—79, 114, 149 Vervoorn, Henry Gerben—105, 121 Vigcs, Dennis—79 Vineyard, Kenneth—105 Vineyard, Linda—63 Viotti, Michael -79 Vogel, Brady—63 Volkmar, Janine—91, 112, 120 Von Ammon, Hallie—79, 130, 131 Wade, Bob-121 Wade, Leanna—91 Wagenseller, Leslie—105 Wagner, Candy—105 Wagner, Kathryn—79, 121 Wagner, Larry—79 Wagner, Mara—91 Wagner, Richard—105 Walker, Danny—63, 124 Walker, Liz—105 Wall, Nira—91 Wallace, Rick 79 Wallcck, Carol—79 Walley, Leona—79 Walley, Marly—105 Walmslcy, Harry—105, 193 Walmslcy, Janet—79, 132, 163 Walsh, Greg—63 Walsh, Jim Walsh, Mike-105 Walton, Matt—105, 111, 121 Wamsley, Dick 105, 184 Wang, Steve—92 Wanic, Toni 63,110 Ward, John Ward, John—63, 194 Ware, Jim—79, 198 Ware, John—105, 194 Ware, Wendye- 105, 123 Warner, Elizabeth—92 Warner, Glen—105, 119 Warren, Bobby—105 Wartcs, Corey—105 Washburn. Janice- 105, 116 Washburn, Kathy—6-4 Wasson, Glenn—79 Watchler, Barb—92. 122 Waterman, Ilene—79 Waterman. Ron Watson. Mike—92. 182 Watts, Daniel—105, 183 Webb, Donna—92, 130 Webb, Margaret—81, 92, 111, 120 Webber, Patricia—79 Weber, Jean—79. 121, 130 Weber, Phil-105. 183, 193 Wechsler, Joe—105 Wedel. Tom—79 Wcekes, Candy-6-4, 111. 113, 149, 167 Weidcmaicr, John—79 Wcidemann, John—79 Weidemann, Mary—105, 123 Weidemann, Linda—92 Wcigandt, Debbie—92, 122 Weigandt. Kenny—105, 121 Weingartner, Reita—92. 111. 121. 133 Weir, Christina—64 Weir, Diane—92, 126 Weirich, Bill Welch, Barbara—79 Welch, Connie—79 Weller. Linda—79 Welsh. Jan—105, 123 Welsh. Paula—79, 121 Wendt, Albert—92, 118, 192 Werner, Dave—79, 177 Wescott, Linda—105, 111 Wesolowski, AI—79, 112 West, Ralph—92 Westhoven, Paul—92 Whcclock, Dawn—79 White, Greg—79, 120 White, Peter—64, 120 White, Richard—92 Whiteside, Judy 105 Whitley, Skip—92, 111, 132, 202 Whittington, Perry—92 Wickman, John—105, 118 Widmark, Erik—79, 132, 176, 188, 189, 116, 194 Widner, Dan—194 Wien, Mickey—105, 123 Wierschem, Harriet Wilcox, Beverly—64, 116, 118, 120, 130 Wilcox, Vivian—105, 116, 119 Wilgus, Steve—105 Wilkins, Bonnie—92 Wilkins, Karen—105 Wilkinson, Laurie—79, 113 Williams, Alan—79, 133, 194 Williams, Bob—105, 183 Williams, Chris—79 Williams, Dan—194 Williams, David—25, 64 Williams, John—64, 195 Williams, Kirk 92, 192, 194 Williams, Laura—64, 131, 142 144, 164 Williams, Mary Ann—64, 125 Williams, Penny—79, 130 Williams, Richard—64, 201 Williams, Skcetcr—79, 194 Williams, Susan—92 Wilmanns, Wendy—80 Wiloughby, Whitney—64 Wilson, Cathy-80, 121, 122, 131 Wilson, Denny—64 Wilson, Patricia—42, 114 Wilson, Stephanie—92 Wilt, Karen Wilton, Norman—106 Windhorst, Donna—65 Windhorst, Mike—92 Winkler, Janet—80 Winter, Bobbie—92 Winter, Barbara—92 Winters, Carey—92, 118 Wise, Douglas Wise, Dwight—106, 186 Wisniewski, Shirley—80 Witkamp, Randy—92 Wilt, Lynda—120 Witting, Alfred—92 Witty, Cathie—65, 120, 127, 129, 171 Wolff, Denny—80, 198 Wolff, Tamara—106 Wood, David—106 Wood, Glenn Ann—65, 133 Wood, Pam—106, 123 Wooden, Mike—65, 125 Woodward, Belinda—106 Woodward, Jerry—106 Woolley, Juli—80 Woudenberg, Dana—65, 111, 166, 175, 176, 177, 179, 181, 198 Wright, Carol—106, 123 Wright, Randy—7, 80, 67, 110. 136, 167 W'right, Rhonda—92 Wright, Rita—92 Wright, Suzi—80, 121 Yaeger, Britt—106 Yec, Doris—106 Yee, Vivian—92, 122 Young, Carol—80 Young, Helen—106, 123 Young, Jeff—80 Youngblood, Mike—92 Yuresko, Dennis—65, 126 Yuresko, Gary—106 Zaic, Gene—92 Zamiara, Armand—106, 121 Zamie, Peggy—106 Zcisler, Steve—106, 183 Zeller, Carole—92 Zenobi, Gail—80 Ziegler, Ed—106 Ziegler, Eddra—80 Ziska, Frank—19, 80, 132, 195 Ziska, John—106, 113, 183 Zlatich, John—92 Zuidema, Linda—65, 120, 130 Zwannstra, Donna—80"Where's the cropper? Throw me a ruler. Has anyone seen the senior layouts? Sorry, but this will have to he done over. But there's nothing more I can write about it! Don’t forget we’re working on Saturday.’’ So went the conversation during those hectic months when “deadline” was the dreaded word that kept us going. I he final deadline has come and gone, and, amazingly enough, we’re none the worse for wear. As we pre- pare to send the final shipment of copy sheets, I am left with unpaid bills, piles of unused photographs, bulg- ing wastebaskets, and a long list of thank you’s. At the top of the list is our advisor, Mrs. Logan, who is chiefly responsible for the fact that I emerged from this year with even partial sanity. She not only gave us moral support, but also piled up more working hours than the rest of us combined. Thanks cannot nearly express the appreciation and respect we have for her. Next on the list is the entire ’64 Olympian staff. Our book is a blending of all their ideas and efforts. They contributed more than a little time and patience to meeting deadlines and, more difficult yet, putting up with me. A special thank you here goes to Becky Johnson who devoted several evenings and many hours to writing our organization’s copy, even before she joined our staff second semester. Co-operation is a magic word in producing a yearbook, and we were fortunate enough to get plenty of it from all sides. The entire Arcadian staff, and especially Roger Sheer, helped make our task easier and much more pleasant. We are especially grateful for their willingness to make their last issue of the year a joint proj- ect of both of our staffs, in order to supplement our book. Also deserving of commendation for co-operation are the teachers, administrators and student body for their tolerance of our sometimes inconvenient picture taking and information gathering. We greatly appreciate the gracious services rendered by our publisher, Taylor Publishing Company; Bob Wilcox Photography, who did the senior pictures and other professional photography; Robert Bailey Photog- raphy, who handled all underclass pictures; and the Phoenix Ramada Inn, which made its beautiful lobby available to us. In concluding, on behalf of the entire staff, I wish to sincerely thank those who supported us most by buy- ing our product, sight unseen. We’ve worked hard, and we hope you like the result of our efforts. We have tried to present the highlights of this year in order that you might enjoy them again, preserve them among your memories, and perhaps gain a little insight concerning yourself and others. Dianne Brock Olympian EditorMP' J K -vf XXXX , y v£,- VSV', Xy y °iT vwf TiChuJ fckcv{- Xo 0-UfyMUtd Otif "Xc y L yAji- mXAi tz- tv-ejA ouy oJ S LXO tfouX drrXLj£L JU L. y{yL la zti ytXe— yy- '61"  9: - s •.Kr ■V 4 W!GH SCHOOL Vi 

Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

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