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1 -f U 'A Tw " S ff I N " W- NU LQ R J gk Q6 Q ' 1 so WQV ' 1 Wgjj W Am yy W 4199 0555 wif M W f U W WWQJ 0W,,,A ii 1 1- X 'WWW 7 Q Q f jg p , Q ,,if I , WQfffMgf0 W if "- Q X - L7 '79 +- ' W 0: ' f EA.. ' 1' f , ,f www, :. ft, , ,1 -ff' fi - f '1 - ' P .,,' -, , , ', -Q i 4 www "H a 75, Y A , ., -' ii. f. . 7 ' .. A C gg L H 7- v ,'TUW'fQ5 Tl?w'7?'5-Ef!"'fl:'f,,-vi?-"'1 13W'.'g1'GQQ'-5 Q,jiLW4'3"f'Q'2'l7i7"!,yL'jiii4JQl?",Q'!'Q,,A"KC "Q"VN'G"" ' ' C f A A .. V3 3, ,,u.,,?1,m5 ya ' My -, , L. 11 ' Ig.LI,i? 5-av : 5 . -. 1 K+ , V , Vp? ff J I .7 , ,qi A K , , ' V' V 4 . 1 3 JJ ww, sz gf fy 5 A 'Eff W Q' Y , xv -v V UO Xp YN Xsfj' Q, Q! 1 VD Q" Y 'K534 fi W ' NOX F05 xv, XO MU ', XCXQ' xv A N Q W X, .,-'f" M Jff, W X , 1 ya V M . K ,V li., :lx P ,, 5- QFJJQNQX .xx XX w Q V N fe. 5, ,N gif Q' ' w V Yi ' Q N' QS 4? um N6 N X vb Q Q X W 'QV 'QNX I I N 'WT X ml SX v 1 hs Ugx 'KI SIDE: 3 11.. 1-2 Z I K . V . EQ x1' W f X 3 953 21.51 ZX lx Fw A H I , V 9- , ,v .xy an 29,1 ,NI , We 'G' 1 1' XX wxk xxixi EXW f N Q V .' I K - x J ax 2 fl , ' mia 5 n ' "J i1f i7? 1. 2 ' ,QF ' QM 0 Nffxf ' U v V, W M bw kk f gg mx 9 1 U 4 3 N ' ' -- ' H :V , - -". XVAN 4' 4-,, V4 ---3Wf,f',,j' '--f V' 34 11 YK 5' ' 0 M vi, J 9 VY W? + if C x 9 WNW fp Cy fi? ,gfiqsy 9 nv V - , 1 5 CQ QXKSSY Rik mb by Jn 15?-mq3'2f-felis. . aw sv v if vi A L,wf ,3- A I , 7 - 5 + F' N Ng 5 X .,ff fb ., J' '2 jg 7 I UL! Lf X f WVR WV! Mlm 3 X M 53 , A M u " J! M- 4 9257 X + f P 1 M5 ' J , Q, .. SJ.. . ,- 95x 'W ' W 'A" X .3 fav , cz K 5 Q A ,QE E N Xb x f Q W6 E MQ,j'QwQ, Cf' Qx , ,,. , , K . 'X A . , Q 1" 'v .v., w' ' W ' ,'J'4f.1 X X ,L1 ,L g 'iff ','f' '.5"' x2'2 !Ax'. f 5, , 'Y' .MBE Vasu... "" V' uf 'fs' .I TL 5 X4 if zigim-z '-.gre by V fxiw-N cs'-ff N. ,A .' :- ' - , . ' f , . "R X 1 , A ' ,' W , r - A ,Hi . , f ri QS '-, 4 I . ' I , ' f A A 5 , .1 51 M , . ,. ,,,. , ,, - ,, M , ,,. gm , ,, ' lm H' a,Li.aLMu91.4z Q ' f ' ' 'N ff nf ww I VV A ,V V , yi? - fffyfff A 'X Z 1 55 ig ,Q . ef, Z va 5 I Y , W 1 .lf VV 3? W ARCADIA HIGH SCHGOL PHOENIX, ARIZONA Arcadia Students Worlied Hard, FAMILIAR TO all Arcaclians is The "Walk of Olives." Allrhough if is piclrurecl here as nearly deseriecl, sludenls use iT when going To The parking lor, To classes, or iusT walking around campus This is iusl one small parl of The ouTsTanding Arcadia l-ligh S h l g d C oo roun s. ' QPIEIXIIIXIQ SECTION ,.sss.,s,s,,sss,,,,s,s.,,s ss,sss,,, I FACULTY AND ADIAINISTIQATIQIXI ss.s,es ,,sss,, I 0 TABLE SEIXIIORS sss.,sa,.s,,ss,,.ss..ass.,ss..ssss,ss as,,,as 3 0 UNDERCLASSMEN,ss4asss,sss,,ss,,,sss,a,,s,, 62 OF ACTIVITIES AND QIQQANIZATIQIXIS ss,,ss,,,sa,., I IO CUNTENTS sciaoor LIFE,.ssss,sss..sss,,ssss,,ss I34 FINE ARTS .as,ai ss.s,.s.s I 44 HONORS sas.sss, s.s.sss,. I 56 SPORTS .sss,s ss.,sss.. I 72 INDEX ..a.., ..sass,.. I 98 Pla ed Hard, and Came ut on Top "SiH'ing. sfanding, sfudying under lhe library." The cool shadiness and lhe many 'fables under The library provide an ideal place for sfudenls lo congregale. During bolh lunch hours you can'+ even see across lhe circle because 'rhere are so many people slanding under +he library. Poslers. painled by various organizalions and classes did a lol lo bobsl' school spirill The newesi class al Arcadia, The freshmen, did Jrheir share ol The work, and really golf inlo 'rhe high school spiril. Piclured here: Tibby Jones. Kirk Williams, Tom Cooley, and Grove Green, +ry Their hand a+ a lillle sign painling. Everywhere You Go, Everyone The palm Trees. adding beauTy and maiesTy To The campus, sTreTch regally up To The clear blue skies. They are consTanT reminders oT The ideal climare which TiTans enioy ThroughouT The school year. Arcadia l-ligh School was builT and opened Tor use Tour years ago. AT ThaT Time The Class oT 1963 enrolled as Treshmen. and Arcadia's hisTory oTTicially began. ln- I963 Those same Treshmen were seniors, and They became The TirsT graduaTing class aT Ar- cadia l-ligh To have gone all Tour years here. AlThough There will be many, many oTher graduaTing classes aT Arcadia, The Class oT '63 is someThing special, and To Them and Their achievemenTs we dedicaTe This book. Led by ouTsTanding STU- denT Body oTTicers in Their senior year, The Class oT I963 made Their presence TelT in every school acTiviTyg leading The way Tor The underclassmen. Perhaps, TwenTy years Trom now, if The Class oT '63 has a reunion They can look back on This book ThaT com- memoraTes Their years aT Arcadia and re- member The good Times, The achievemenTs, and The Triendships ThaT They Tound here. IT you wanT To know how To wrap a goal posT. iusT ask a senior! From leTT: MarTy Williams, Dave Dre-blow, CharloTTe Schilling. Marcia HarringTon. Mike SmiTh, BeTsy Hodges, and siTTing on The goal posT is Chuck BuTler. BuT, you may be sure ThaT wrapping The goal posTs wasn'T The only proiecT of The senior class! 'Z Knows, the Big eans Arcadia CAMELBACK MounTain shadows The BIG A, and provides The background Tor This unusually diTTerenT school as noThing else could. Arcadia's circular archiTecTure has been a Topic oT discussion from coasT To coasT. and people have come Trom miles around To see iT. The BIG A is also noTed Tor iTs modern classrooms and TaciliTies. "JUST a Tew more buckeTs oT cemenT and They could've filled The whole place in!" was The crypTic commenT oT one Teacher as he looked ouT over The maze oT sidewalks ThaT crisscross The Arcadia campus. The paTTern They make suggesTs a modern painTing. "Give me an Al!" yell The cheerleaders, and The crowd responds wiTh an ear-spliTTing roar- "AAA". School spiriT ThaT was displayed aT all sporTs evenTs carried over inTo every phase oT school acTiviTy. STudenTs enThusiasTically plunged inTo all proiecTs oT The I962-63 school year wiTh a zeal ThaT earned Arcadia The TiTle oT The "BIG A." Yes. Arcadia was big in everyThing iTs sTudenTs parTicipaTed in This year and everyone knew iT. STudenTs who aTTended Arcadia noTic- ably grew a Tew inches as The repuTaTion and prowess oT The "BIG A" spread. RaTed among The Top schools in scholasTics, sporTs, and The Tine arTs. Arcadians were caughT up in The spiriT oT achievemenT, and swepT along To an enviable record oT success. ln a word, iT was a BIG year. rcadiags Campus Plays a Big Part Can lhis be lhe Twirp Prom??! Yes, conlrary lo popular be- liel, il is. Toward lhe end ol lhe dance, several mischievous boys slarled lo unoblrusively pull al lhe green and while crepe paper ceiling. Soon olhers had gollen inlo lhe acl, and lhe ceiling was suddenly enlangling dancing couples. Whal elemenls does il lake lo make lhe "BIG A"? Whal ingredienls are pul inlo lhe recipe lhal goes inlo lhe making ol a good school? ln lhe case ol Arcadia l-ligh School, lhe answer is relalively simple. ll lakes good sporlsmanship, qualilied lacully, a beaulilul and modern campus, clubs and exlracur- ricular aclivilies, an aclive adminislralion, blended wilh an all-round spiril ol enlhusiasm. "Arcadia" means more lhan iusl lhe name ol a high school lo lhe l8OO plus sludenls in allendance. ll means good limes, sludies, and lriends, coupled wilh an over-all sense ol organizalion. Thal's whal lhe "BIG A" means, and a lol more. To lry lo describe Arcadia I-ligh School lo some- one who has never seen il would be nexl lo impos- sible. Who could describe lhe spiril wilh which Arcadia is so liberally endowed, or lhe exhilaraling compelilion belween sludenls, and belween olher schools. The "BIG A" is lruly greal, lhanks lo lhe ellorls ol lhe enlire sludenl body and lacully. 6 i Top: Yearbook slall members work separalely or in groups lo pul oul lhe I963 OLYMPlAN. Bollom: Newspaper slallers Rosemary Moore, Kay Johnson, Denise Taylor, and Nick Nicholson examine dillerenl issues ol lhe ARCADIAN lo see il lhey have improved lheir slyle. DURING LeTTerman's iniTiaTion "seaTs" goT paddled, panTs were worn back- wards, and "l-lAlL LETTERMENH reverberaTed ThroughouT The campus. Above. George Mills climbs a pole under The library as parT oT his iniTiaTion. AThleTics' played a big parT in The liTe oi Arcadia sTudenTs during The l962- 63 school year. STrong Teams in all Three major sporTs-TooTball, baskeT- ball, and baseball-represenTed The "BIG A" in The AA AThleTic Confer- ence. Clubs and sTudenT acTiviTies sparked sTudenT inTeresT in school aTTairs. Par- TicipaTion was high, as several new clubs popped up on campus. Clean-up campus days and various service proi- ecTs were popular wiTh indusTrious clubs. Gaining needed leadership abil- iTy The oTTicers oT Arcadia's many clubs devoTed Their Time and Them- selves To TurThering The goals seT in The consTiTuTion oT The "BIG A." Club and thletic Activities Far LeTT: Mary KaTarski and Sharon Farmer insTrucT Terry Gamble in The arT oT iniTiaTion. Terryralong wiTh-seven oTher iniTiaTes. gained membership in Band LeTTerman's Club. CenTer: Doris Zesiger, Drama Club member, helps during The making OT scenery Tor an upgom- ing play. Far Righf: Gail Roschibal and Karla Jennings, Y-Teens, help wi+h The lv1archoTD1mes. X ,W W!! ..f I i ki ,Q 1' eywi ' '- , if M " Q '. X x K l ,X ' ' "" 2 1' 159- , Y - - ig af fx MM. ww Msg '- A, f ffffif 441 if 2 3 i 1 6, .ww Student Govit and Faoult c Cooperate STUDENTS ot Paul Sanders, Business Education teacher, soak up sons are varied, taculty members seem to like this out-ot-doors the sun during one ot their daily class periods. Occasionally atmosphere. teachers take their classes outside tor class. Although their rea- .Am .in Through the combined ettorts ot Student Council and Student Senate, the taculty and students ot Arcadia l-ligh School are brought into closer con- tact with one another. By learning each other's opin- ions and desires on matters ot school policy, the administration, taculty and students cooperate to torrn a more successtul school. Arcadia's "ship ot state," headed by Captain l-lil Brady, is sailing straight into a promising tuture. Certainly the "BIG A" is taking its place among the top high schools in the city, as well as the state. Top: Mrs. Gretchen l-lelser, Mrs. Iris Widmark, and Assistant Principal Leonard Spooner check over student tiles. Bottom: For some students the most tamiliar view ot the administration building is sitting on the inside looking toward the door!! to Further tudent-Teacher Relations I MEETING SECOND PERIOD, Sfudenf Council members George Dur- ham, Marcia I-Iarringfon, Barbara Haupf and Mike Neer form a dis- cussion group fo decide quesfions perfaining fo sfudenf acfivifies. Sfudenf Council, headed by fhessfudenf body officers, collaborafed wifh fhe adminisfrafion fo form new school policies. Through acfive leadership, fhe "BIG A" enioyed a successful year in afhlefics, scholar- ship, and enfhusiasm. Sfudenf Council acfs as fhe go-befween for Sfu- denf Senafe and fhe adminisfrafion. MIMI LUNDIN, Sfudenf Senafe secrefary, looks over her minufes wifh Senafe Presidenf Liza Bean. Befsy I-lodges, a Senafe member, falks wifh fhe fwo before fhe meefing. I NICK KARALES and Nelson Burns Iook over books in fhe I-Ionor Sociefy Book Sfore. Kay Benzel, salesgirl, wafches fhe boys carefully fo be sure fhey don'f read fhe books before fhey buy fhem. f f f Q. .W li 'ff I l , Wofffff 7! fwwff V MMM fff f f ff fffyf f I f W,WM4wffWM viz lib! Va 'L 4 .fffff-N f ww , f ff' fy , I' ,V ,V ff 4 My f f fy, X ISTR E11'1 dministration Nlerges W1th ,WMV gg-fy , W2 klwaywj, ,wwf 1 57 4 M X jj- ,,, ,, 3- V ff 1:3 J HIL BRADY Principal GENE EASTIN Assislanf Principal The adminslralion is 'lhe force behind all school aclivilies. The force Jrhal' guides, promoles and ofliciales. Headed by Principal Hil Brady, and Assislanl Principals Leonard Spooner and Gene Easlin, Jrhe Ar- cadia High School adrninislralion is one of lhe mosl' alerl and aclive in The slalre. The sign over 'rhe door of lhe Sludenl Services Cenlrer reads, "Welcome," and lhe office slail inside fries lo live up lo l'he promise. LEONARD T. SPOONER Assisfanl' Principal e JL School Board to Form New Ideas RAY DAVIS J. J. CONNORS AL FLOWERS Assislanl Superinlendenl' Assislanl Superinlendenl Assisranl Superinlendenl of Elemenlary and Sec- for Personnel for Business DR. CHARLES I-IOLT onclary Educalion Superinlendenl of Scolrsdale Schools Ll-CYD A, BIMSQN MRS. SALLY STIEG Presiclenl Clerk Board of Educalion BILL CLOSE REESE VERNER Member Reliring Board Member KEITH TU RLEY DR. STEWARD S. FLASCI-I EN Member Member Assuming Ihe posilion of Superinlendenl of Scolls- dale Schools lor Ihe Iirsl lime Jrhis year is Dr. Charles I-Ioll. I-Ie, along wilh Assislanl Superinlend- enls Ray Davis, J. J. Connors, and AI Flowers, is conslanlly Irying Io improve Ihe Scollsdale School Syslem. Cooloeraling wilh Ihe Superinlendenls and Ihe School Board members, Ihe principals ol lhe Scollsdale schools have Iurlhered Ihe educalional lacililies ol Iheir individual schools. To Reese Verner, we say lhank youl Allhough you are reliring from Ihe School Board, we know Ihal you will remain aclive in communily proiecls lor many years Io come. I5 Four Years of Good dvioo MRS, RUTH DOWNEY , , , Head MRS. VERNA FEBUS . . . counselor Counselor MRS. MARGUERITE NEID.. . . Coun- selor WALTER SCI-IWARZ . . . Co unselor N JACK WE-BB . . . Counselor COUNSELORS Verna Febus. Ruin Downey. Marguerife Neid, Jack Webb, and Waller Schwarz offer friendly advice and guidance fo all who enroll in Arcadia Hi. Teachers That Have a Purpose HOWARD AMERSON . . . Safely Edu- calion Deparfmenr I-lead: Safely Educa- lion. WILLIAM BALTZ . . . American Govern- menf, American I-Iislory, Economics. WALLACE BUMP . . . Librarian. BEN ANDERSON . . , Boys' Physical Educalion. REGINALD BROOKS . . . Allied Ar'rs Deparfmenr I-lead: Orclneslra. Tifan Band, Dance Band, Music Apprecialion. MRS. MARGARET BURRELL . . . Ar? I, II. PETER ANSELMO . . . Typing I. In'- Iroduclion +0 Business. ERNIE BULLARD . . . Biology. safew Educalion. X f 4' W ,ff 4 'NW fa 7' if 'gf ni ,,,,c fafaff , ,J ff av -f?v 1 L?i4saf" 'ff ' . 65 xf I f,,ff1V1' f ' ,, I. I ,','i f I ' I I 5fQ,!,f',' ' , 55,1-1 311,55 ical V- J' 1 .1 gfwf V. f 1 2,'g4,. ,. , Hfilu' ' Af - y V f", L i ,, ifiizf? I 'ri' 5 ' ' L riri I 'K 2. ' .ffww ,Y3,,nii 2gk 134 A ??Zff'lQQ I 3 1. l, -. 'L:19gQf'M,,L " ' V . Q- ,I ' Q I rwfgcfifff Qifnbffifiau 1 'V ,I 45. 5 , 1w4:3.M.:z,'3f2Qff'W: I ' in V' JAMES BYRKIT . . . Conlempory World Hisfory, World I-Iislory. I7 Good Citizensg Active in chool DOROTHY CAHILL . . . Mafh l, Al- PATRICK CARl.lN . . . Boys' Physical AFTQN CARPENTER , , , Yearbook Il gebra. Educalion. ll, Developmenfal Reading. DR. GORDON CASWELL . . . American Government Economics. CHEMISTRY classes learn by doing experimenls. Here Mr. Largenl' Teaches sludenfs how lo prepare for one. Science plays an imporlanl parl in our world foclay, and Arcadiffs Science deparlmeni' is well equipped fo prepare sfudenls for 'rhe 'Fu-I-ure, MRS. ELEANOR CLAUGI-l . . . English Ill, IV. and any Community Activities JOSEPH COLLIGNON . . . English De- GEORGE COWIE . . . English Ill, V. DONALD DEAN . . . partrnent Head: English V. IV. "READY, willing, and able," characterizes the Physical Education Department which specializes in body building, and stresses sportsmanship. Here Coach l-lendriclcs demon- strates the basics ot football to two ot his students, Tom Goudie and Craig Woodward. PHIL DEPPE . . . English iii, lv. JOE DOLEN . . . Physical Science People With an Important MRS- MICK' DOYLE - - - English ii, iv. ROBERT FINKBINE . . . Social science Department Head: American History. i MRS. HELEN FISHER . . . English IVA. MRS. SHIRLEY FRYE . . . Algebra IA, DUANE GARDNER . . . Human Anat- lV. ll, Analytic Geometry, Calculus. omy ancl Physiology. DR. CASWELL illustrates to economic students the importance economy. ot men, money, market, materials, and macliines in America's 20 Message to Share . . . MALCOLM GARRISON - - . Algebra MAURICE QARSON . . . French I, ii. I, Geomeiry. ROBERT GIBBONS . . . Spanish I, II, MRS. JUDY GRANGER . , . English ll. TOM GRASSL . . . Biology III. IV. Ill. FROM any angle maih problems are made in+eres'ring and demonsiraies The basic fundamentals of geomerry. easier by Arcadia's Marhemarics Deparrmeni. Here Mrs. Frye .H.S. Education Produces GLENN GROENKE . . . English V. De- MISS PAULINE GUINTI-lER . . . Girls' MRS, NATALIE HAI-IN , , , Shorfhand velopmenlal Reading, World Geography. Physical Educafion. I, ll, Typing l. Z Roland Williams, inslrucior in The lnduslrial Aris Deparimenl. displays handiwork of one of his LOU l-IALLMAN . . . Algebra l. ll. MRS. CAROL HAUGELAND . . . siudenis. Boys in The woodworking shop receive Public Speaking. an opporiuniiy io gain manual iraining. ROBERT HENDICKS . . . Boys' Physi- ALFRED HEYWOOD . . . Spanish l. cal Educaliong Physical Educaiion De- II9O: Foreign Language Deparimenl- parlmenial Head. al Head- 22 Efficient Citizens of Tomorrow uualllczao :luuclllo lxlicx von uuu lxuiuy uluwixalnu -'ir' Y "HH pracrice running The diHo machine during iheir U . bookkeeping Class' The Business Depa,-Jfmenf WILLIAM HICKEY. . . Audio-Visual, MRS. ROSEJEAN HINSDALE . . . 'rrains s+uden+s 'For secreiarial work. -I-YPIVIQ I- Journalism I' Newspaper' WILLIAM HOLMES . . . Woodwork- MRS. DORIS HOWARD . . . Business ing II. III, IV, Mechanical Drawing. Educalrion Deparimenial Head: Typ- ing I, II. gr-or N BAXTER HURN , , , Qhemysfryl Amon- REYMOND JACKSON . . . American MRS. BETTY JO!-IBSON . . . English Omy' Geology' Government Economics. II, IIIa. V 23 Active Teachers Sponsor Clubs FORREST JOHNSON . . . General Mallw, R MERRILL LARGENT... Aclva nced Chemislry l. Algebra I. 7 JEFFERSON LARSON . . . l5xlgel3,rd MRS. EDITH LlLLYWl'llTE . . . l'lu- ll, College Algebra, Trigonomelryi man Relalions, Homemalcing, Mallwemafics Deparlmenlal l-leacl. ED LITTLETON . . . Business Mallw, Business English, Typing l. MRS. 70 22' JoHNsToN . . . English A, ' ' ,MW ' 'lv , My MRS. DANA LYNCH . . . Dramalics. LINCLON MacPl-lERSON . . . Biology, Tlwealer Arls. Anatomy and Physiology. Promote ohool Spirit in Activities HAROLD MILLSOP... FREDRICK MOORE Chorale, Concert Choir, . . . Cratts. Freshman GirI's and Boy's Chorus. J WILTON MOORE - - - American JAMES MULLER . . . Mechanical I-Iistory, Civil War. Latin I. Drawing I1 II. MRS. LOUISE MILLER . . . English III. IV. DAVID NEAL . . . Advanced Chemistry SAM O'DELL . . . Biology. LEQNARD PELLETHRI , I l Safefy Edu II. CI19mIS+fY. PIWYSICS- cation, English IA. ....-5 Leading, Teaching, Helping, Inspiring, I DONALD PENFIELD . . . American ARTHUR PETERSON . . . Typing I, MRS. JEAN PETTIE . . . Disirilou- I-lisfory. General Business. five Eclucalion, General Business. MISS VIRGINIA POWELL . . MRS. LORETTA PROCI-IASKA . . LAWRENCE READER . . . Book- Girl's Physical Eclucaiion. English Il, lll. keeping, Office Machines and Office , Training. MRS, KATE REESE Q . . English IV' Qer- PAUL SANDER . . . Business Principles ANTHONY SCI-IIFINO . . . American man I, II, IH, and Business Law, Typing. HISIOVY- 26 ' Goals Met by .H.S. Teachers I I i MRS. PATRICIA SETTLEMOIR . . . Biology. MRS. EMILY STAFFORD . . French I, II, III. I X 4 'f fzifsaxwilff M f ' if '1 ",'I "', I IIII W I f Q nrii. f I . . ff K ' , 'ff Jw., j, S 5 ffee THOMAS TEMPLETON . . . World Geography- DEVON SI-IOWLEY . . . Science De- par+menIaI I-Ieadg Physics, Advanced Physics I, II. WALTER STODOI-IILI. . . . Consumer Chemisrry, Physical Science. MISS EILEEN SMOCKE . . . Larin I. II, III, IV. MIKE SVACO . . . Advanced AIge- Iora, Trigonomerry, In'regraIed Geom- eIry, Plane Geomefry. MRS. ELEANOR UPTON . . . Algebra JACK WATSON . . . EngIish III, Spanish I, II. I. 27 Learning Pro QICS Understanding .fnlf fin alll!! WILLIAM WIESE . . . Biology. DR. FRANCIS WILCOX . . . General ROLAND WILLIAMS . . . Woocl- Mallw, Geomelry, Algebra ll. working l. ll. MRS. CECILIA WITTY . . . Human FLOYD WOODARD . . . J.V. Band, JOSEPH YOUNG . . . General Malh, Relalion, I-lomemalclng. Boys' Chorus, Advanced Boys' and Algebra, Remedial Mallw. Girls' Chorus. Prep Band. Biology Club sponsors. Sam Oclel and Parricia Seiflemoir, loolc over bug colleC'IlOr1S of in'leFeS'f6d club members. They Keep System Running Smoothl , , AVQA 3 in 8 fn' SECRETARIES: Top Row: MRS. ETl-lEL SALISBURY . . . Principal's Secreiaryi MRS. MADELENE DEMEN . . . A'H'endance Secreiary: MRS. BETHALEE ELLSTROM . . . Guidance Secreraryg MRS. GRETCHEN HELSER . . . Arlendance Clerk: MRS. REGINA MESSEC . . . Recepiionisi: MRS. FRANCES WALKER . . . Regisirarion Clerk. Bo'H'om Row: MRS. lRlS WlDMARK . . . Records Clerk: MRS. HA'lTl'lE EREISE . . . Library Clerk: MRS. EMMA JEAN BUTLER . . . Library Clerk: MRS. JANE PLECAS . . . Nurse: GEORGE ROCKER . . . Booksiore Manager. CAEETERlA WORKERS: Seafecl: Ada Weeks, Ana Lazor, Gladys Armsirong, Mariam Ploiner, Daena Sevaim, Mary Geiger. Sfanding: Lillian Laudone, Lila Erliardi, Clore Johns, Cora Vander Ploeg. DOROTHY ROUBAL lCaieieria Managerl, Edna Clirisien, Lois Sieele, Frances Smiih, Miriam Leggerf. CUSTODIANS: Kneeling: Andy Morell, Wall Reynolds, Oscar Snyder, Cal Evans, Dan Koronica. Sfancling: Sam Wineland, Ernie Warring, Clini Tomlinson, Ken Ellioi, Evereinl Carroll. 2 2 4 x I E 2 1 S S Freshmen to Seniors - Class of 963 rjuns. P704 . 445 MARY SUSAN ADAMS. DON ADEN . . . D.E.C.A.I A.S.U. ANN ARMATIS . . . Girls' League: Sludenl Senale Transfer Tacoma, Washing Ton . . . A.S.U. ""w.. BILLIE JEAN AKERS . . . Rifle Club: Young Repub- licans: Pep Club: D.E.C.A.: Tennis Team . . . College. LINDA DARLENE AMBROSE . . . Girls' League: Sigma Bela Chi Tri-l-li-Y: Siuclenl Senalei Soph. Class Sec .... I College. W-"" gf SHAERRILL ASHTON SANDRA BALDRIDGE. LORETVA BALDWlN . . . , "Sherry" . . . Chorus: Con- Ari' Club: Concerl Choir ceri Choir . . . Secreiary. . . . A.S.U. ELAINE BALLA . . . Transfer RON BALLIETT . . . D.E.C.A, VERONICA BANN. RICK BARNETT . . . A.S.U.. Ohio . . . College. Pres.: Scolisdale DeMolay Coniracling. . . . A.S.U.. Business. First to Finish 11- Years at rcadia .eww SAM BARTALUZZI . . . S+u- LIZA BEAN . . . Nafional SHIRLEY BEAUCHAMP . . . CRAIG BEMIS . . . Transfer deni' Council: Varsiiy Traclc, l'lonor Sociefy: Siucleni Pep Club: Sigma Beia Clii Arcadia l-ligl1,California . .. Fooiball, Tennis: LeHermen's Council: Siudenf Senaleg Tri-Hi-Y, Sg+. ai Arms. College. Club: Frosli., Sopli. Boy Rep. Girls' League: Classic Co- . . . Medicine. Edi+or: Transfer Tucson. JANIS BENNETT . . . Y- KAREN BENZEL . . . Na- BILL BERAN- GEORGE BERNAL . - - FOOL Teens: Girls' League: Red Jrional Honor Socieiy, Veep: ball! TfGCl4 - -n - A-S-U. OF Cross . . . U. of A., Nursing. Tri-l-li-Y, Ve e p: Girls' COM+ Guard- League: Cheerleader: Trans- fer Pennsylvania. ROBERT WILLIAM BERTEL- STAN BIELESKI, EDWARD BISZANTZ . . . DIANNE Bonn . . . Aa. SEN . . . Le'r+ermen's Club: Varsiiy Fooiball Trainer: Lei- vanced Girls' Clnorus: Trans- Varsiiy Fooiball: Transfer +ermen's Club . . . College, fer Xavier. Tempe . . . College. Englneef- CI-IRISTIE BOSTOCK. JERRY BOUDREAU . . . J.V. I:oo'I'baIIg Frosh. Baslqelballq Varsily Traclcg Asrronomy Club . . . College. SAN DRA BOX. Send a Postcard to KRUX - ARMAN BRINTON . . . Transfer Flagslalf . . . A.S.U.. U. of A. STEPHEN D. BROMBERG . . . A.S.U., Business. JEANNI BROWN . . . Cheer- leader Capt: Girls' League: Della Omega Tri-Hi-Y: Trans- fer N.Y .... A.S.U. 7,.,,,,, ,, SUSAN BOX. CYNTHIA BOYER . . . Girls' Leagueg G.A.A.1 Y-Teens: Chorus: Powder Puff . . . College. RICK BRIGGS . . . ..I.E.T.S.Q DeMoIay: Band Lerfermanq Rocker Club: Dance Band . . . College. 34 ,agu- KENNETH BROWN. PATRICIA LYNN BRUINING . . . "Pa+" . . . S'ruden'r Sen- are: Girls' League: G.A.A.. Corr. Sec.: Foreign Language Tourn.: Leadership Workshop . . . A.S.U. CATI-IY ANN BRYANT . . . S'rucIen+ Senale All.: Concerl Choir: Beginning Girls' Cho- rusq Transfer Scorlsdale High . . . Nursing. Arcadia Hi h Wants a Jukebox NELSON BURNS. . . SaieTy Council, Veep: S'ruden+ Sen- ale: Var. Baseball: Leller- men's Club . . . U. of A. Cl-lARLES BUTLER, JR .... S+uden'r Senaie, Veep: Siu- denl Council: Eroslw. Pres.: Jr. Veep: Boys' Slale: Fool- ball: Transfer-Vermonl' . . . Polilics. ARTHUR BYRD . . . Transfer -Hawaii . . , College. LYN BYRON. ROBERT E. CADY . , . Lei'- +ermen's Club: J.V. Foolloallg Wresfling . . . A.S.U. JOH N CALL. ROBERTA CARROLL . . . fi "Bobbi" . . . Y-Teens: Girls' League: Olympian Slaffi , W Safefy Council: Transfer - l Cenlral l-liglw , . . College. li GEORGE CARTER. TODD CARTER . . . Transfer -New York . . . College. 3: A.s.u. RITA JEAN CALL . . . Sig- ma Bela Chi Tri-l-li-Y: Ar- cadian Siaff . . . College, A.S.U. ARMIDA CAMPOS . Nursing. SANDRA CARNAHAN . . Transfer - Formosa . Beaulician. Areadiais Football Team - Best Yet. JOE CAUDLE . . . National Honor Society: Band: Letter- men's Club: Wrestling: Track: lvlu Alpha Theta: Any- town, Ariz.: Boys' State Gov. . . . Air Force Academy. I-louse" . . College. Letterman: Cross Country: Track: "BrigacIoon." "Tea WILLIAM CETTI . . . Band KATHY CHANDLER. JOHN PHILIP CHASE . . . Fencing . . . A.S.U. ROBERT CHRISTENSEN . . . RICK CHRISTMAS . . . Var- TOM CHURCH. National Honor Society: lvlu sity Baseball: Varsity Foot- Alpha Theta: J.E.T.S.I ball: Lettermen's Club. D.E.C.A .... A.S.U. CONNIE CLARK . . . Pom Pon: N.H.S.: Soph. Class Pres.: Delta Omega Trl-Hi- Y, Chaplain: Twirp Wk. At- tendant . . . College. LARRY CLARKE . . . Letter- GAIL COAR . . . Corale. RICK COOK . . . J.E.T.S.: DIANA COOPER . . . Girls' men's Club: Football: Base- Drama Club: ROCkeI' Club? League: Transter Bermuda: ball: Wrestling . . . College. FGNCIUQT Arcadian SPOVIS ECI' Varsity Cheerleader: Chorus: itor: Transter Scottsdale High Drama , . l A-SU. .. . Engineering. Titans Proved II- round Sportsman WILLIAM L. DAUGHERTY EDITH DAVIS . . . Chorus. TOM L. DAVIS III . . JILL DEDMAN , , , Quill and . . . Transfer-Iowa . . . En- A.A.R.g Transfer-California Scroll. Arcadian Siraff. Trans. fer The Service. . - - EUQTUGGV- Ter-ScoHscIaIe High . . . CoIIege, U. of A. MICHAEL DICK.. . Safefy LYNNE DOBBEN . . . JERRI LYNN DRANEY . .. DAVE C. DREBLOW . . . CounciI . . . A.S.U.. U-S-C-i 6.A.A.7 Pep CIub . . . Beau- Varsify Pom Pong DeII'a Omea Siudenf Senafey Tifan Band: Pre-Med. Iician. ga Tri-Hi-Y, Treas.: Cheer Band Lerfermang Transfer - Block , , , A,S,U, WiIImar High . . . CoIIege. NANCY LYNNE DRECHS- LORRAINE DUNBAR . JANET DUNFEE . . . "Jan" GECRGE I-I. DURHAM II LER . . . Sigma Befa Chi Tri- Nurse, . . . N.H.S.: Mu AIpha The- . . . SIuden'r Body Pres.: SIU- Hi-Y, ChapIainq Spanish Hon- Iag Sigma Befa Chi Tri-Hi-Y, denjr Senafe, Veepg Tennis: orary, Sec.-Treas .... College. Sec .... A.S.U. N.I'I.5.: Mu Alpha Thelfat Classic Co-Ediforg Transfer- Ulrah . . . CoIIege. 37 ew Grade System Encouraged Better RANKIN POWERS DUVALL III . . . Student Senate J.E.T.S.: Lettermen's Club Key Club: Mu Alpha Theta Goltg Basketball Manager Transfer Calit .... U. ot A RITA EAKES . . . Girls League: Pep Club: Sigma Beta Chi Tri-I-Ii-Y, Treas .... P.C. KEN EALY. LOIS MARIE ELLIOTT . . . Band: Student Senate: Con- cert Choir: Band: Tri-I-Ii-Y, Sec .... College, Education. MIKE ELLIS.. . . College. DAVID Etsou. DWIGI-IT E. ECKI-IARDT... Frosh., Jr. Varsity Basketball . . . College. TERRY EDMUNDSON . . . Girls' League: Drama Club: Pep Club: Chorus: Varsity Cheerleader . . . A.S.U. GLORIA ECKLUND . . . Varsity Tennis: Y-Teens: Safety Council: Band: Tri-I-II- Y, Treas .... A.S.U. CHARLES ALLEN EMERY . . . "Chas" . . . Drama Club? Chorus: State Music Festi- vals: "CharIie's AurIt": "The Curious Savage" .. . College. ANDREA EMMONS . . . Y-Teens: Drama Club: Tri- I-Ii-Y: "The Curious Savage' . . . U. ot A. or A.S.U. PATRICIA FABENY . . Spanish Honorary Society Sec.: Transter Penn. . . College. fades From H Students SHARON LEE FARMER . . . Band Lelrlerman, Sec.-Treas.: T ll' Safely Council: Delia Omega Tri-Hi-Y: Mariner Scours, Pres .... College. MIKE FERGUSON. RICHARD FORD . . . "Rick" . . . College or Vocalional School. ROBERT FAIRFIELD . . "Bob" . . . Chorus: Olympian S'l'a'l7f . . . A.S.U. CAROLYN FALK . . . Ad- vanced Girls' Chorus . . . Secrelary. BILL FARMER . . . Lelier- men's Club: Tennis . . A.S.U. BILL GAGE . . . A.S.U. Marines. LEROY M. GAINTNER . . Key Club. Pres.: Leirermens Club: Na"r'l. Honor Sociefy Varsily Foolball, Swimming Track: Boys' S+a're: J.E.T.S. Pres .... College. GAIL GALLACEHER . . . X- Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Y-Teens: Frosli. Class Sec ,... of A. DOUGLAS FOSTER . . . J.E.T.S.: Sludenf Senare Alf.: Transfer Conn. . . . College. MARIE ANN FRENCH . . . D.E.C.A.: Transfer N. Dakola . . . College. LYNN FULBRECHT . . . Col- lege. Nursing. 39 Closed ampus Prevented Noon-Time NIRIVIAL GANGADEAN . . , PATRICIA GARDNER. SANDRA GILBERT . . . X- JAMES GILLARD . . . "Jim" Transfer Scoffsdale High. Club: Powder Puff Eoofballg . - . BOWIIHQ: Trdr1Sfer Camel- Transfer Camelback High . . . back l'lIQl'1 - - - U. of-A. Business College. PEGGI GILMORE . . . Thes- GLORIA GOOSTREE . . . JIM GREEN. GENE GRIFEITH . . . Naf'I pians: Girls' League: Trans- "Glo" .. . Spanish Honorary Honor Sociefy: Key Club: fer Calif .... College in Sociefy: Girls' League: Dra- J.E.T.S.: Mu Alpha Thefa: Eu- Calif. ma Club: Transfer Virginia fure Scienfisfs of America . . . U. of A. . . . College. PIEE GROUSKAY. RICH GRUNER . . . Bowling: SUE GUNNET . . . G.A.A.: RICHARD GUTHERIE. Transfer Camelback High Girls' League: Transfer Penn. . . . College, U. of A. . . . College. U. of A. Drag Races, Discouraged Ditchers. FRANK HAMILTON. DORRIE HANNAN' . . . MARCIA LEE HARRING- DONNA HART. Transfer-Conneclicul. TON . . . XAClub: N.H,S.: Sluclenl Body Treas.: Sludenl Senale: Sluclenl Council: C'irI's Slale: Sopli, Jr. Class Treas.: Safely Club, Pres .... U. of A. BARB I-IAUPT , , , Soph, Jr, NANCY HAVIGHURST . . . PHIL HAWKINS . Col- TERRY HAWKS . . . Con- Girl Rep,g S+Uden+ Body Y-Teens, Treas.: Sigma Bela lege, A.S.C , cerl Clioir: "Leave ll To Clwaplain: N.H.S., Pres.:Salie- Chi: Tennis Team . . . Col- Jane": DeMolay: Bancl . . , ly Council: SlucIen'r'Council: leqe- A-S-Ll Ariz. Slale Council Delegalei Tri-Hi-Y . . . College. RICK HENDERSON. SANDY HENDRIX . . . STUART HERMAN. DAVID HERSKOVITS . . . Transfer-Indiana . , . Mod- N.H.S.: Jr., Sr. Class Pres.: eling, Frosli, Class Treas.: Sluclenl Council: Key Club Trees.: LeH'ermen's Club: Eoolball, Baslcelball, Track . . . Col- lege. Seniors Glimpsed Colle e Life at JOHN HIEGEL . . . Concerf Choir: Transfer Scoffsdale Higli . . . College, Elecfron- ics. RKY HlLSABECK CO . . . Leffermen's Club, Veept Bas- kefball . . . College, A.S.U. JAMES HODDER . . . J.E.T.S.: Baslcefloall: Band: Transfer New Mexico . . . College, Engineering. JERRY HOGIN . . . A.S.U. SKIP HOLMBERG . . . Wresfling: Traclc: Foofball . . . Plioenix College. CHERYL HOLTSON . . . Y- Teens: Pep Club: G.A.A.: Transfer Scoffsdale: Tennis . . . Secrefary. 42 BETTE LOUISE HODGES . . . "Befsy" . . . Sfuclenf Senafe Alf.: Tri-Hi-Y, Sgf. af Arms: Safefy Club: Girls' League . . . College, U. of A. RUDY DON HODGES . . . "Curious Savage": "Briga- c.loon" . . . College, Air Force. CATHERINE ANNE HOE- KSEMA . . . Y-Teens: Girls' League: Transfer Norfli High . . . College. NANCY HOYER . . . Drama Club: Pep Club: Tri-Hi-YI Varsify Pom Pon . . . A.S.U.. Eclucafion. JEANNE HUGHES. ANN HUNT , . . Arcadian Co-Eclifor: Transfer Calif.. and Colo. . . . College, Eclucafion. . of . and A.S.U. Senior Days. , ,.,-'ggi 'SA I BILL JOHNSON. CINDY JOHNSON . . . N.H.S.: Sludenr Body Sec.: Jr. Class Sec.: S+. Senare Sec.: Soph. Veep: Pom Pon Cap'I'.: DeMolay Sweefhearl: U. of A. Sr. Princess: Homecoming Afrenclanl . . . College. KAY JOHNSON . . . Y- Teens: N.H.S.: Arcadian Sfaff. DONALD JACOBSON. MARY JANECEK . . . Y- Teens: Pep Club: Girls' League . . . College. LINDA JENKINS. ---k - ffffyfw vvf-- V H- M V-YY V - V . .,. ,Z,,,7,,,g..,, . .f,.,, ..,... . ,,.,. ., , , , ,of ,why ,, f MIKE JULIAN . . . Band: Wresrling . . . College. WILLIAM KAMSTRA . . Tifan Band . . . A.S.U. NICK KARALES . . . Lelrer men's Club: Varsily Baseball Olympian Sfaff . . . A.S.U RAY JOHNSTON . . . U. of A. Law School. BARBARA JORDAN . . . Spanish Honorary: Girls' League: Adv. Girls' Chorus: Transfer-Calif .... A.S.U. JEANNE JORGENSON . . . X-Club: Srudenl Senaleg Tri- Hi-Y: Concerl Choir: Trans- fer-Scollsdale . . . U. of A. Junior-Senior Girls Learn New MARY ELLEN KATARSKl Band LeHermen's Club, Pres.: N.H.S., Chaplain: Girls' League, Sr. Rep.: Olympian Sfaff . . . A.S.U. NANCY RUTH KELLY . . . Tri-Hi-Y: Pom Pon: Horne- coming Queen: Frosh. Home- coming Allendanf: Erosh. Girl Rep .... College. CHARLES KESSLER, TERRY KEARNEY. JlM KEEN . . . Bowling Club: JED KEITH. Eoolball: Baslceiballg Baseball . . . Medical Missions. GLENN KELTY . . . Fencing ROSE MARIE KENNEDY... MARY FRANCES KENT . . . . . . College. D.E.C.A., Sec.: Jr. Recl Cross Pep Club: G.A.A .... Col- . . . College. lege, P,C, LINDA KILPATRICK, RALPH KIMBALL . . . Nal"l SUSAN KlNCl'lLOE . . . Honor Socieiy: Mu Alpha Drama Club: HBf'igadOOn'lI Thela . . . College, Law. "Charlie's Aun'r": "Leave I1- To Jane": Transler-Camel- back High. Techniques for Powder Puff Game. CAROLE KINZ'-E - - - Olym- BoNNlE K1RcHoFF . . . Jon KLEIN . . . Transfer- CAROL KLINE . . . D.E.C.A.. Dian C0-Edifor: Delia Omega X-Club: Safely Council: Michigan . . College, Treas.: Powder Puff Eooiball: Tri-Hi4Y. Veep-Treas.: Girls' Transfer-Camelback: Slu- A,S,U, Transfer-SCo++5daIe I-Iighn, League: Quill 81 Scroll: denl Council . . . U. of A. College. A.S.U. A.l.P.A .... College. JACK KOPPEN . . . Varsily BARBARA KOS. BILL KRAHENBUHL . . . CAROL ANN KUCHLER... Foofball, Swimming: Leiier- Bowling Club . . . College, Concerl Choir: Transfer- men's Club . . . College, En- C.P.A. Pennsylvania . . . College. gineering. TIM KUMFER . . . Varsify ANTOINETTE KUPNIEWSKI ELLEN GWEN LACY . . . CANDACE SUSAN LANE... Baseball: Le+'rermen's Club: . . . G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Pep Band LeH'ermen's Club, Sec., "Candy" . . . N.H.S.: Girls' Transfer-Indiana . . . Air Club . . . College, A.S.C. Veep: Mariner Scouls, Sec., League: Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Force. Veep: Band . . . College. Slucleni Senale . . . U. of A. 45 Berlin, Cuba Crises Spark Student GREGORY LEE . . . "Greg" . . . Roclcel Club: Del Phi l-li-Y: Sluclenl Senale: Trans- ler-Brophy . . . College. U. ol A. LARRY T. LEWlS . . . Slu- clenl Senalep Banclq Boys' Chorus: Transler-Tucson . . . Doclor. DIANE LlCl-lNER . . . G.A.A. . . . Business School. SUSAN LOESCHE. MARILYN LUNDIN . . . "Mimi" . . . X-Club: Drama Club: Sludenl Senale, Rec. Sec.: Y-Teens, Sec.: Girls' League: Salely Council . . . College. TOM LYNCH . . . Leller- men's Club . . . College, A.S.U. BRECK LlLl.Yl3LAD . . D.E.C.A.: Varsily Traclc . . College. CLIFFORD NELSON LIND- BLOM , . . "Kip" .. . "The Man Who Came To Dinner": "Arsenic ancl Old Lace" . . U. ol A. AL LINDSTROM . . . Key Club. Sgl. al Arms: Salely Council, Pres.: Tennis: Base- ball . . . College. GE GE MALLON . . . Y- Teens: Transler-Scollsdale l-ligh . . . College, A.S.C. JOHN MANNING. JOE MANZO. Iniierest in International Affairs. WAYN E MCCARTH Y. KAY MCCURNIN . . . Trans- fer-lowa . . . College. ROBERTA MCDANIEL . . Girls' Chorus: Transfer- Plwoenix Union . . . Jr. Col lege. v ROBERT MCWARD . . . Var. Foolball, Wreslling: l.e'l'rer- men's Club: Trans-Tucson. MOLLY MEE . . . Sl. Senale. Cliaplaing Girls' League Pres.: Sr. Class Trees.: Trans Texas . . . U. of A. MARY ANN MERCIER . . N,l"l.S.: Tri-l'li-Y: Sl: Senale Arcadian Sfralifg Trans-Penn. . . . College. Sv- ii qi 4. il We .IQ A. , , Q 5 A fa ei, .V I as ,, iq. +,'1.,,, ,Lia ,. ci Q- . TE 5 " . N i. vzl, A 4 fn? " z "i,".'f. .Lo-1-ave-1. 5. U ,l .f A. .ga .2 E' 1 , PHILIP lvlARCACCl . . . Bowling Club: Eoolballg Transfer-lllinois . . . College. HANK MARTINSON. GARY MASCHNER . . . Band l.ellermen's Club: Newspaper Pliolograplwerg Cross Counlry . . . Navy. xl .Il PATRICK SEAN MQGINTY . . . "Pal" . . . Homecoming King: Foolballg Lellermen's Club, Sgr. al Arms: Track . . . College. STEVE McLEOD. JANE MCMASTER . . Y- Teens 1 Girls' League: "Cl1arlie's Aun'r"q . . , A.S.U. fi? College Representatives, Counselors CONSTANCE MILES MEU- JANET MILLER . . . J.E.T.S., LYNDA MlLLER . . . Girls' WARREN MILLER. DELL . . . "Connie" . . . Pres.y N.l-LS.: Sluclenl Sen- League: Transfer-Minn. . . . Tri-l-li-Y: Girls' League, Sgl. aley Mu Alpha Thela, Veep, Arl Teacher. al Arms: Salely Council, Trees ,,,, College, Sec.-Trees.: Tennis . . . Col- lege. ,ya-L EILEEN MONZEL. CAROL MOORE . . . Y- GARY MOORE. PETER MORRIS . . . Trans- Teensg Girls' League: Salely ler-New Jersey . . . Col- Councilq Olympian Slallp lege, A.S.U. Band: Tennis . . . College. TERRY MOULTON . . . REBECCA MUNNS . . . Dra- MlKE MURPHY. ROBERT NAlRN . . . Key J.E.T.S.7 Concerl Clwoirg ma Club, Presq N.l-l.S.q Slu- Club: Salely Council . , , Transler-Michigan . . . Col- clenl Senale: Girl? League, College- U- Ol: A- lege. Sec.: Sr. Class Sec .... Col- lege. 48 - g 53330146 to Seniors and Parents. MICHAEL NEER . . . J.E.T.S.: JOHN CHARLES NELSON TOM NEUS . . . Track: Lei- MICHAEL NEW . . . Roclcel' Newspaper Siaili: Siudenl . . . Aslronomy Club: Trans- 'rermen's Club. Club: Jr. Engineers Tech. Council: Dramalics . . . fer-Scollsclale High . SOCIGJVY - - - College. COIO- Transfer-IIl .... College. College, A.S.U. redo. CAROL NIELSEN . . . CORKY NORTHROP . . . NANCY O'BRIEN . . . Girls' KRISTEN ODEN. G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Pep Club: Varsily Baseball, Baskelball League:Transfer-Camelback Powder Puff Foolfball , , , . . . College, A.S.U. High . . . College. A.S.U. CONNIE OEHLER . . . Bowl- PEGGY O'GARA . . . Key LINDA PADOVANI . . . THOMAS W. PARKER . . . ing League . . . Business Col- Club Swee'rhearI': Safely Girls' League: Y-Teens: Safe- Na'r'I Honor Soc.: J.E.T.S.: lege, Council: Pom Pon: X-Club Iy Council: Powder Puff Foof- LeI+ermen's Club: Foofball, . . . College. ball . . . A.S.U. Track: Sr. Class Veep . . . Nuclear Physics. Red and Blue Days Signify School Spirit DICK PARRENT . . . Leller- rnen's Club: Varsily Eoolball. Wreslling . . . College, U. ol A. SUSAN PEACOCK . . . Y- Teens: Arl Club: Pep Club . . . A.S.U. BILL PEBLER . . . College. Foresl Service. DONNA PETSCH . . . Y- Teens: Pep Club: Girls' League: Powder Puff Fool- ball . . . Norllwweslern Uni- versily. STUART PETTYCR EW. l"lARL PIKE . . . Fencing Nal'l l-'lonor Sociely , . College, A.S.U. 50 FRED PETERS . . . Aslronomy Club: Roclcel Club: Bowling Club . . . College, Denlislry. SANDY PETERSON. KAREN PETKOVSEK . . . G.A.A., Veep, Rec. Sec.: Jr. Recl Cross: J.V. Tennis . . . College, A.S.U. I RICKY PINGITORE . . . Varsily Wreslling: Leller- men's Club: Transler-Cen- lral l-liglw. IVIARGRET PITTMAN . . . Transfer - Soulli Mounlain I-liglw . . . College, U. of A. CI-IERYL PLEDGER . . . N.l-I.S.7 Selely Council: Girls' League: Transfer-California . . . College, U. ol A. for a School Thatis Best in the West GIBSON PRATT . . . Key Club: Sludenl Council: Jr. Class Rep.: Golf: Le-+'rermen's Club . . . College. JOHN PROPSTRA . . . Pres. Frosh Class: LeHermen's Club. Pres.: Varsily Baslcel- ball, Foolball, Baseball: Key Club . . . College. Mme QUINN . . . Band Leflerman . . . College. GENE REID . . . Wreslling: Lell'ermen's Club . . . Col- lege. LAURIE RETTER. ANN RICHMOND... N.l-LS.: Girls' League: J.E.T.S.: Sludenl' Senale: G.A,A .... College, A.S.U. SHARON POLEN . . . Y- Teens: Girls' League: "Char- lie's Aun'r": "Arsenic and Old Lace" . . .A.S.U. LINDA POMEROY . . . X- Club: Varsily Tennis: Trans- fer-Bishop's School: Olym- pian Slalil . . . U. of A. JOE PORTER . . . Key Club: Le'rlermen's Club: Golf: Slu- clenl' Senalre . . . U. of A. SHARON REARDON . . . Safely Council, Sec.: Sigma Bela Chi Tri-l-li-Y. Pres.: Slu- denl Senale . . . College. LUCY REBELES . . . Span- ish Honorary: Bowling'Club: G,A.A.: Transfer-S+. lvlary's: Hair Slylisl. JOHN REBESKE . . . Arl Club, Pres .... A.S.U. Seniors Look Back on 4 Years of LEE RICHTER . . . Girls' JULIE RICKLICK . . . Bowl- CAROLE ROBINSON . . . ROBERT ROBYN. League . . . A.S.U. ing Club . . . Beaufy School. Fencing: German Award: Transfer - Wesf High . . . Medical School. EVERETT ROLLINS . . . Var- sify Eoofball, Baseball: Trans- DOROTHY VIRGINIA ROS- SETTI . . . Sfudenf Senafe: fer - Tempe l'lIQIW School Safefy Council, Sec.: Girls' - - - COIISQG- League: Tri-Hi-Y: Olympian Sfaff . . . A.S.U. DAVE RO UTT. CHERYL ANN SALINA . . . Y-Teens: Olympian 'Sfaff: G.A.A.: Lamda Sigma Phi: Transfer-Sunnyslope . . . A.S.C. STEPHANIE SALOIVIONE... S fu d e nf Senafe: Girls' League: Transfer - Soufh Mfr. High: Cheerleader: Sfu- dervf Council: Soph. Class Sec. DONNA JEAN SCHEITLIN . . . Bowling League: Safefy Council: Y-Teens: Girls' League . . . College, A.S.U, CHARLOTTE SCHILLING . . . Sigma Befa Chi, Pres.: Sfudenf Council. Girl Rep.: Sfudenf Senafe: Safefy Coun- cil: Y-Teens . . . College. Psychology. LINDA JEAN SCHLOSSNA GEL . . . Sfudenf Sena-Ie Y-Teens: Girls' League G.A.A.: Transfer - NOVH-, High . . . College. Achievements, Fun, and Friends Mi-:RY f-YY SCH!! D- . . . ,ISHN SCOELELD . . . ML: MF-.RY KAY SCOTT . . . PATRIA SCRUQQS Re: Ciess' Ee.-."'-g Ffcad- F,'pL5 TPeaa' NHS.: Key Cecres . . . Secreiary Cub, Pres.. Program M 'i',,S'2" CQ! 55 S:':" . Club' J.E.T.S.' Band' Vfrea- Qerr Side? Sena? G I CC' 995 fa.S.U. LV:-Q . . . Cdfege. League' TFEISEE' - N 1 . . . Ccfxege. RATRECVS ANN SEAR- JOHN SEDERSTROM . . JUD! SHEER . . . Sade? SANDRA SHELDON SEFNT . . . Y-7ee's' Tr'-H3 Track . . . F..S.U. Semafe f-fi' SHS' League? Y' E:wf"'g League' Ecwcfef Se5e+f Cord: Dra'1a Club? Fe: Eccabaf' . . Ccwece Y-Teews Pres. Treas: Lafnda U. :S fa.. SYgrrfa FF' . . . Cdlege. ,,,. T. ,L,,,,,, -,.- .. ., , ,, ,, .. ,. 4., y 1, , K, LARRY SEER . . . Drama RICHARD K. SHFELDS . . HERBERT ERADLSH SHOE- SANDY SHORE . ,. Cub- "Af55p'C fad Q5 V5r5'+! I-:gg-bil: Sider MFKER W . . . V'E'E7Lf E952 DeL'a Omega' SWS' V Laceu' "O'e Esc? ?m Hear- Senaae' Le?4errrem's Cfubt bafl, Eaielbafx fasebaflf Gf.f?.' Side" Se' ef" 'rarief - CFC, VTQ71- DeM:Fay' Efxe SC.67L'SLE of LeELer"e"s CLE: . . C35 Ccuege. 'ca' . . Ccffege. Ar"-er?ca . . . F..S.C. fege. Seniors Anticipate College Careers, SCOTT SILVER . . . College. A.S.U. DONNA SIMSER. JANICE ANN SISSON . .. "Jan" . . . Girls' League: Safely Council: Delia Omega Tri-Hi-Y: Powder Puff Fool- ball . . . College, A.S.U. CAROLE JOY SMITH . . . D.E.C.A., Pres.: Transfer - Camelback Hi I1 . . . Col- 9 lege, A.S.C. DIANE SMITH . , . Bowling League: Twirling: Ari Club: Transfer - Scorrsdale Higli . . . College. DICICSMITI-I . . . Leiler- men's Club: Foolball, Track, Wreslling . . . College. 54 CAROLEE SLATTERY . . . D.E.C.A.: Bowling League: Transfer - New York . . . A.S.U. CHARLES REED SMISEK . . . Olympian Slaii: Arcad- ian Slaili . . . Poliiics. ANDREW SIVIITI-I . . . Rock- el Club, Pres.: J.E.T.S.: Eu- lure Scienlisls ol America: Frosli. Eoolball, Baslcelball . . . A,S.U. DON SMITH . . . Bowling Club: DeMoIay: Transfer -- Scollsdale High . . . College. A.S.U. KATHLEEN SMITH . . . "Kay" . . . Girls' League' N.H.S.: Powder Puff Fool- ball . . . College, A.S.U. MICHAEL A. SMITH . . J.E.T.S.: Tennis . . . College Setting Examples for nderclassmen LEIGH SQUIRES . . . Trans- fer-S. Dalcola . . . College. MARY MARGARET STAL- NAKER . . . Girls' League: Eroslw. Class Treas.: Sigma Bela Clii Tri-Hi-Y: Transfer- Scollsclale High . . . A.S.U. JOHN STEELE . . . J.E.T.S.: Spanish Honorary: Baskelball: Transfer - Scollsdale High . . . College. DENISE TAYLOR . . . Ar- cadian Co-Edilori Pep Club: Safely Council: Y-Teens . . . U. of A. ROBERT C. TEMPLE . . . Key Club: Le'rlermen's Club! Varsify Foolball, Baseball. Baskelball . . . College. MARY RUTH TEMPLIN . . . Orclieslrag Plays: Transfer- Penna. . . . College. MIKE SOLVESKY . . . Wres lling: Lel'lermen's Club . . College. JANICE SPEER. GARY SPRINZL. DWIGHT L. STUART . . College, Colorado. GARY SWIFT . . . Lelfer- men's Club: B.A.A.: Varsily Foolball: Golf Team . . . College, Oregon Slale. SAN DRA SYLVESTER. nnual 'lSeni01'itis,, rips Class of 963 JOHN THOMAS . . . As- LINDA THOMPSON . . . DIANE TINNEY...Fencing: lronomy Club: Var. Cross- D.E.C.A.: Bowling League: Transfer-Wesl High . . . Counlry, Track . . . A.S.U. Transfer - Scollsdale High WOFIQ- or B.Y.U. . . . College. JOAN TOMICH . . . "Jo ani" . . . Pep Club: Sp-anish Club: Transfer - Missouri . . . College. MARILYN TOWSLEY . . . JOHNNY TROST . . . Bas- LINDA TUREK . . . Sludenl N.H.S.: Girls' League: Pep Icelball: Spanish Club: Bowl- Senale: Y-Teens: Transfer - Club: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Tri- ing: Drama Club: Transfer- Scollsdale High: Tri-Hi-Y Hi-Y: Sludenl Senale: Var. Virginia . . . College. . . . College, U. of A. Tennis . . . U.S.C. DAVE TURNER. PEGGY TYRA . - - X-Club NANCIE VOGEL . . . Girls' CHALICE VOLKMAR - . - League: Transfer - Minne- "Cug" . . . D.E.C.A.: Bowl- sola . . . College. A.S.U. ing League . . . College. BILL WAMSLEY . . . Olym pian Slalf: Key Club: Siu denl Senale: Transfer-Mon lana . . . Monfana Sfale Uni versily. as Their raduation Day Nears MAR I I-YN WASH - Y .- WILLIAM WATERMAN . . . D,E.C.A .... Gregg's Busi- Drama Club: "Leave I+ To ness College. ELIZABETH WEBER . . "Befh" . . . Drama Club, Jane": . . . "Brigadoon": Sec.: Concerl' Choir: "Brig- "CharIie's Aunf" . . . Col- acIoon": "CharIie's Aunf" lege. "Leave If To Jane" . . . Dra- ma Major. SUSANNE E. WELLS . . . Y-Teens: G.A.A.: Spanish Club: Transfer - California . . . College. PAUL ED WELSH . . . Erosh, RICHARD WHEELOCK . . . MARY WI'IITEI-IEAD . . . J.V. Foofballq Var. Baslcefball "Skid" . . . A.S.U., Engineer- D.E.C.A.: Transfer - Texas: Manager . . . College. ing. Navy. . . . College. FRANK WI-IITESIDE . . . Bowling Club: Tifan Band: Band Lefferman: Transfer- Oregon . . . A.S.U. MARTY WILLIAMS . . . Thespians, Treas.: Safefy Council, Sec.: Y-Teens: Girls' League: Olympian Co-EcIi- for: Drama Club: Sfudenf Sen. Alf.: Transfer - Ind. ...U.ofA. JIM WILSON . . . DeMoIay PATTY WINEGART . . . . . . College, A.S.U. Girls' League . . . A.S.U. or Beaufy School. LONA WINKELMAN . . . Girls' Chorus: D.E.C.A.: Teens Againsf Cancer . . , Beaufician College. 57 Baccalaureate, Commencement, Golden PRAIRIE WITKAMP . . . Girls' League . . .School in France.- RICK WOOD. CRAIG WOODWARD . . . Wresiling . . . Incluslrial Draflsman. LILY YEE. DORIS ANN ZESIGER . . . Y-Teens: Pep Club: Drama Clu'b: Tennis: Chorus: "Curi- ous Savage": "Charlie's Aun'I": Sludenl' Senaleg "Ar- senic and Old Lace" . . . College. JOHN D. ZIEGLER . . . A.S.U., Marines. 58 JEFF WRIGHT. LYNDA WYNN . . . G.A.A-I Bowling Club: Concerl' Choir: Pep Club: Girls' League . . U. of A. MARTAINE WYNN . . . Chorus: Sigma Bela Tri-Hi- Y . . . College. A.S.U. SCOTT ZIMMERMAN . . . Deivlolay . . . A.S.U., Ma- rines. LUCILLA ZINGALE . . . "Lucy" . . . Girls' League . . . Phx. College. BARBARA ANNE BEHAN . . . Girls' League: Cheer- leader: French Club: Sigma Bela Chi: Transfer - Judson . . . U. of A. emories for Departing Seniors VINCENT CARTER . . . JULIE ANN DURRELL . . . BILL LAMUTI-I JOHN MacDONALD J.E.T.S.: LeHermen's CIub: X-Club: Safefy Council, Key Club, CIwapIam Leflrer Varszfy Vffresflmg . . . A.S.U., Vegp: Sigma 39:5 Ch: Tri, men'5 Club: Varsnry poofball EnQ'ne9V'nQ- I-If-Y: Slrudenf Sena+e AI+.: - - - COIISQS. College, U. of A. X, ,J Ii IW I 11-1 ' Pi' if MM In u-4 SENIOR SPONSORS . . . Mrs. S+afforcI and Mr. BaII'z discuss pIens for Senior Week Aclrivi- Hes. 'N SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS . . CI1arIo+'re Schilling, Girl Rep.: Mol: Iy Mee, Trees.: Becky Munns, Sec. Tom ParIcer,'Vice-Pres.: Mike Neer Boy Rep.: Dave I-IersIcovHs, Pres. 1 ff . f A - ,." ff ' , ff CA,.,4.: A -1 , ' ,W ' 5 1, .rig if 4 ,'fQ' fi 44, :ZX Q 11" as in v U LRCLAS E Junior Class Officers and Sponsors JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . . . Sealed: Sue Orfh, Vice-Presidenfq Elaine Ong, Secrefary: Merry McGwire. Girl Rep.: Robin I-lousfon, Treasurer. Sfanding: Arf Piccinafi, Presidenf: Frank Vaughn, Boy Rep. JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS, Mrs. Eleanor Upfon ancl James Byrlcil, dis- cuss plans for raising rnoneylfor fhe Junior-Senior Prom. 62 The Junior Class sfarled off 'lhis year wifh a bang, wifh fhe Powder Puff foofball game bringing ouf fhe figer in Junior girls. Dur- ing fhe annual Junior Twirp Week, fhe Jun- ior Class officers and sponsors collaborafecl fo furfher sfuolenf parficipafion. The Jun- iors also promofeol canoly sales fo finance fhe Prom, ancl fhe foreign exchange sfu- clenf. The Junior-Senior Prom highlighfed fhe year. as enfhusiasfic Juniors Ioolceol for- warol fo fheir senior year. N145 Juniors Start Off Year ith a Bang! Charloile Adams Dollie Adams Jane Adams Don Adler Jacque Albrighi Jim Allen John Armalis Leonard Aron John Auguslin Barbara Barolel Mike Barlleli Kendall Barlleil John Berry Sally Bimson John Birch Chuck Bishop Carol Blackmore Bill Blakley Lee Blair Sue Blazok Tom Block Jim Bly Mark Boccaccio Terry Boeflcher Wayne Bauer Roger Baum Lynn Beason Jane Bechfol Sara Becker Bernadelle Bell Nancy Benneson Rick Benneii Terry Benzing David Beresic '5 J f X Z Q 15 J 4' ""Yf-af-W4,. f' ,f,, 2 ,kg " 7 f ' I 'ff,fff,4 " ff Z , iff J gf fl X '85 my ff, 57' ll,27, ' Jffqz Powder Puff ame Ricli Bo-liz Gary Bowne Pam Boyd Gary Bradley Krisly Brennan Leslie Brice Dianne Broch Jean Brooks Lawrence Brooks Roger Buflman Marcia Bullard Sue Burderle Susan Burgess Calrhy Burns Diane Buller Paul Caldwell Cindy Call Gary Cal-l Sieve Cameron Paul Campbell Pa Bo Brings lv Canler Jr Carey Carrie Carlise Lisa Carlisle Jeanne Carpenler Pa+.Carver Donna Casper Joan Chance Richard Chaplane Jim Chapman John Chapman Jim Chrisiensen ut the Tiger IH Jumor G11'ls Rosemary Chrislensen Roger Chrislopher Mary Ellen Clare Tina Clark Calhy Clark Rulh Clark Sherry Clemmen Darolyn Coffman Miranda Collel' Donella Cole Vance Cole Roger Conroy Marlha Cook Nancy Counis Bill Cowan Leslie Coppins Don Cox Judy Cramer Jerry Crewson Sharon Crolr Peler Cronk Kalhy Crowley Gerald Cuckler Richard Danley Dennis Davis John Davis Evelyn Deike Jeanene Denlon Marilyn DeVore Donna DeWi'r+ Marcia Dibble Cherrie Dipley Juniors Promote Candy Sales to Tom Farmer Lyn Fauglwr Milce Fennell Linda Ferguson Joan Fislw Torn Fissell John Florez Marry Foreslr Dave Fosler Tom Fosrer Mr 4152 Mig? - . Louise Domineck Bob Doriman Bob Drauglwon Bill Drew Susie Edwards Slwirlee Emery Lee Emory Mary Lou Eskridge so eo g Mary Lou Evans ,s xi Peggy Evans Yi ' Z Ii Karlwy Fallc M 6 Everr Farmer if l S V ,..l. f 5 V :A . L -is , fi 4 5 'i vii ff' 'I , f,', 2 7 3 f -'ff ,N tif' " I' K , V ,ZA yy, , ', 31, ,wg , Yi- ,, .,. I .4 7? ' x 5, 9 44 ' , EQ f "' 1. I 'fo ,L 4 13 all 4 Paula Fralay David Franclce Gary Frere Carol Frye Slwaryn Galevey Fred Gamble Terry Gamble Barbara Gan? Dennis Gelil Bonnie Gerliarr Gayle Gibbons Vicki Goddard Finance Prom and Exchange Student Tom Goudie Fred Granzow Richard Gray Belh Green Candy Green Jayne Green Sue Gregory Diane Gremanis Gloria Grimdilch Marsha Grube PSQQY Gvgi Sharon Haddy 3 'Z 'W 4 W' ' '59 f gw-M11 ,964 M-N Z-aff' V fi' M. ...,- ,, f,1f,a,, r , Cheryl Hedsrrom Lisa Hedlh Larry Hibler Judy Hiclcman Mary Hiegel Terry Hillis Linda Hilchcoclc Richard Hoelelma Carol Hoffman Bill Holmberg Sfeven Homslrorn Barbara Hopwood U Daniel Hall Diane Hall Sleve Hall Nancy Hammond Tom Hanby Paul Hapip Ronnie Harmon Karen Harper Ann Hayden Dennis Hayden few K . f wa- A ..s 2 '- i ig? 4' 4 f F' .J .4.. , 'ii . R .. 1 X I .., r el gg ,lm fi 5 W . rf '-', Q A Arcadia irls Foot the B111 Robyn l-louslon Coleman l-loylr Scoll' l-ludson Shari Hume David Jefferies Karla Jennings Jennifer Jensen Jody Johnson Pal' Jones Penny Jones Pai Julian Terry JunHi Alexis Karales Judy Kasl S+an Kalarslci John Kemp Don Kennedy Maxine Kenl' Suzanne Kershaw Linda Killian V1 f f K, f f - A f f Q' f Q! , V , Barry King Joyce Kinlcel Carol Kirk Jerry Klein Kay Kohlhase Sherri Kossnar Bobbie Kolz Kalhy Krebbs Dave Laalce Pinlcy l.aGroH'a John Lalvlanria Raenell Landlield Durmg nnual Jumor TWIIP eek Jim Langley Curl Larabell Joe Laszlo Robyne Lealzow Denis Lewis Nan- Liclclider Susie Linoner Diane Linville John Looman Clark Lorhr Kalhie Lovercnio Julie Luplon Pal' Lures Ron MacDonald Chris Madden Richard Malone JoAnn Mangione Chrisline Manning Mandy Marquarl Chris Marlin l-larlene Mardian Bill Maxwell Sue Mazurowski Laura McCarJrhy Palricia McDowell Frank McEvoy Miclci McFadden Leonard Mclzord Merry McGuire Sieve McMahon Daniel McNamara Joan McNamara Junior Class Sponsors and ffioers ss X X Q ff f Jan Moenich Karen Mullen Palli Murphy Tim Murphy Jim Murray Rolf Mylcleslad Anne Nairn Waller Nash Calrhy New Pam New Charles McNeil Carol Mecey Glenn Medecke George Merrell Marilyn Miller Pal' Miller Sieve Miller Tanlield Miller Suzanne Miller Bonnie Milchell Bob Moeller Danie Moeller ,X Niclcie Nichols Leslie Norde Sandy Obensline Dave Ogden Jolen Olsen Kay O'Neil'l Elaine Ong Sue Orlrh Dennis Overlynder Carolyn Owen Jon OH Andrew Owen ake Plans for Senior Year Bruce Palmer Dianah Paschlce Penny Palion Jane Pearson Joan Pearson Roly Pearson Judy Pedole Ed Pelsue Joan Pelerson John Pelerson Rick Pelerson Yvonne Pelerson Y . Q if A i 21.--s.xi,fN X .W xx N Nw 3 n nJ P Jack Price Diane Propslra Carole Rabey Sam Ragland Judy Rawlins Barbara Rebeslce l-lesion Reedy John Reger Kara Reid Jim Rein Jane'r Reis Jim Repp 5, may gjcgl , ,V .f , Q, Q Q refs X He x A. Q? N ,, fi X if 4 XM as 'fig lviargarel Peyou Susan Phillip Ari Piccinali Chris Pischlce Pele Pillman Linda Plollcin Irvin Plall Marry Pobis Paul Prall Pamela Price ala Prom Highlights ACt1V1ty ee?-X 1 f as if 4 2 T93 , f rs Q. John Van Reusen Sieve Rhoades Dick Richardson Jeff Richardson Dennis Roberl' John Roclcerhousenll Richard,Rogers Jeanene Romney Jay Rondeau Bonnie Roper Gail Roschibal Nancy Rose Ed Ross Pamela Ross Margie Rolh Ron Rolhschild Bonnie Rowe Paul Rowe Harvey Sadacca Neil Salmi Bob Sanders Belsy Sanson Karen Sarlen Tom Savage Gayle Schafberger Barbara Schmidl' Glenn Schullz Brian Schwinghamer Belly Scoll Susan Senslce Jay Sharp John Sheels F11led Year for Junior Class Carl Shipley John Shippley Tom Shore Lynn Sigman Cheryl Simser Sheila Sirriclge Chuck Skinner Barry Sollenloerger Dave Smilh Jeff Smilh Leslie Smilh Marlena Smilh Truclc Smilh Don Snyder Jon Soule Karl Spangler Jim Spelflman Vivian Slabile Cheryl Slallings Kalhy Sleward Jim Slewarl Kim Slewarl Mary Jo Slewarl Don Sliles Jerry Slines Terry Slines Carol Slromme Kay Summey Gayle Sullon Nancy Sullon Barbara Teian Charles Thorpe ' 'idle l , . WK ,. in Vy - ., A I In L f,-r.,z ,r 4 in I , ileifj' a J J film-iC'f " ' V if-.ivy f ' J ,, y . J . 'Wx Viewing Senior Year ith Enthusiasm 1K ' Brady Vogel Danny Walker Greg Walsh Tony Wanic Kaihy Washburn Candy Weekes Chrisiina Weir Beverly Wilcox Dave Williams Laura Williams K raf 1? I ll 1' kv a 4 -5- , .,,G5m7'i: rae I 1 s rlle fs i" "" - A' .,,,1 D 'ef ' gi ' k,Vv , 5224 K: kkvr K K. , VY ' " - 4 K. . 'P ,j-: V Q K f. K ..-,, N + I if f iiik if ' T J ii ' 5 X T. ' . ' ML 'Wi ' ff, ,Sf fi '.'- R-'fi ,X V ' 1 i f i i .T Q ig f i -di , it Y4., 5 T el.Li T fu 'W' .M it Q Iii 4 Xa John Thursion Jim Tingwald Carolyn Tomkins Ron Trainer Barb Tresier Terry Tulob William Turbal Janei' Turnbow Sieve Uhlmann Frank Vaughan John Verboul' Linda Vineyard ,f ff.: , l I John Williams Rick Williams Denny Wilson Donna Windhorsl' Cajrhie Wiiiy Whiiney Wolloughly C5lenAnn Wood Mike Wooden Dana Woudenberg Darlene Wrighi Dennis Yuresko Linda Zuidema Soph. Class fficers and Sponsors SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS . . . Seafedz Audrey Dalassandro, Girl Rep.: Jackie LindsTrom, SecreTary: Laurie Salisbury, Treasurer. Sfandingz Andy Ambrose, Vice-PresidenTg Tuck STephenson, Boy Rep.: Randy WrighT, PresidenT. The l963 Sophomore Class displayed all- around spiriT loy selling pennanTs beTore The TooTball games To looosT Their class Treas- ury. Since This was Their second year aT Ar- cadia, The high school rouTine seemed To be "old haT" To reTurning Sophomores. The Sophomore Class raTed high in all academ- ic achievemenTs, as They laid The Tounda- Tions oT a rewarding high school career. The Junior year is Truly in sighT Tor The Sophomores oT I963. SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS, lvlrs. PaTricia SeTTlemoir and JoefC0l- lingnon, geT TogeTher To discuss possible TuTure plans Tor The Class oT l965 75 1963 Sophomore Class Displays Vivianne Baloienlco Terry Baccelili Bill Baker Bruce Balcer Randy Balcer Doug Baldwin Sharon Bancroll Bill Bann Donna Jean Barker Sam Barr Jack Adamson Margarel Akers George Alexander Judy Alexander Andy Ambrose l-lallie Von Ammon Kay Anderson Larry Anderson Susan Applebaum Tony Arra Roy Auslin Leslie Avanl' Ronny Barr Ed Ballerslwell Joan Bauer Bob Beal Jeannie Beclcslead Marilyn Beglrup l-lurford Bell Oscar Bellenger Jolin Beniarnin Philip Bennel Ken Bennell Lynn Bennell' All-Around School Spirit Dennis Benzing Karlwy Bigleman Frank Bislfiop Elia Blackrnon Mary Blackmore Rick Blakely Sieve Blasnek Bud Blare Jackie Bleyer Craig Bluell Ken Boren Mike Borslnein Doris Brooks Slarr Brooks Gary Brown Jeremoy Brown Joanne Brown Sieve Brown Terry Bryan Tom Buckle Mike Burke Bryan Burlon Jim Buscli Sandra Busser Susan Boisford Bonnie Boudreau Janice Bowen Penny Boyd Sieve Boyd Cherie Boyer Mike Braden Anneire Bramlell Landra Brinlon Par Broeder Pennant Sales Before Football W . .M Q X X X X XX X X X X X X, cXX.Xg K-XX. Xeon, . i. me L 4 A . XL., ' F' ,I if ' 4 X X '15 if Q f , x ' X k ,. X 5 xeoo a Siixkx , P , 8 X5 xslnw 1 f . " I-, 7 C W . I-Q '--X X i-a ' ff ,, ,z Xxfx :'K if.: Egg-f?fXlX S. 5. X- , I C X . pl 'J if xoo .-: I XL.. ag , is f X , 4, I Vx.kt it J SX I t ,kk X 5 . X X N V is k ,4 XXXK , viii' l 5 X XX-1X.1 .. X fX.XX XX X' . 31' qw ., : 5 iw ' X Yilxsi .3 C iifg. ' S X .c - ' x ' 1 . if- 4 i XX ,- QTY XXX X if QR' L X 3 5 . X QL.- Y v- - X Wa wr gf N 5 Q X. ,affi x Xfzgg gf, Nw' XX NX! HSN , Sri, i3N,3lX g,,,fs Xe., .X X ' xi 2 we XS + Donna Bulkiewicz Cheri Buller Dale Bul'fon- lvlikie Byron John Caldwell John Cameron Nancy Cameron Susie Cameron Pam Campo Dale Cannon Larry Cappell Sue Cardell Jerry Cardew Forresl Carler Chuck Case Cindy Casler Suzanne Chaillie George Chalagonian Jack Chapman Ray Chenhall X 4- ,L Q - 'M' if 5' ' A M X S Coelle Childers Eddie Choale Clynn Chrislensen Jane Chrisliansen Harry Cipriano Gary C-lark Mike Clark Terry Clark Tom Cole Chuck Collon Gus Conlos Ron Counlryman ames Boost Class Treasury Don Cook Sally Cook Connie Cooper Warren Cooper Douglas Coppock Corinne Corbill Mike Cranny Roberl Cronskey Marcia Crulclnley Robyn Cummings Bob Curlis Bill Cushman Ron Daley Belsy Dalzell Jean Davidson Karen Davis Lynn Davis Sleplien Davis Frank Deaken Audrey Dalessanclro Rosemary Deloian Ronny Deneke Tim Desclmler Ray Delrick lvlike Dicerbo Leslie Diefenderier Tim Dielz Skip Dillon Pal' Dilrirro Sue Dixon Jean Doloben Gaines DuVall High School Routine Seems to Barl Faber Bill Ferguson Calhie Ferguson Ronald Finch Kalhy Finney Barbara Fish Bob Fisher Tim Fisher Jim Fissell Ava Fraizer Bill Eberl Margie Eisen Vickie Elson Carolyn Ellioll Marilyn Ellioll Slephen Ellis Jim Ellslrom Teddie Englund Leonard Erie Kalhy Elchells Paula Eungard Greg Evans Grelchen Fraulc Frank Freedle Connie Freeman Nancy Freeslone Donna Friclc Bob Frye Judy Fuller Ronnie Furr Margie Gabbard Palli Geiger Carol Gieszl Jerry Glover N ld Hatw to Returning Sophomores Linda Glover Penney Goewon Kalliy Goldwaiie Sandra Gornpl Phillip Graham Ginny Grani- Land Granl' Kailwy Green Janice Griffin Bruce Gulledge Alana Gullel Donna Gulnac Robin Hansen Barbara Hardy Jolwn Harkenrider Ben Harvey Tom Harvey Carol Hauqeland Bill Hawkins Mark Hawkins Karen Hayden Lee Headsirom Jolin Heise Bill Henderson Donna Gumlic Heallmer Hafleiqlw Mike Hageriy Diane Haggerly Tom Hairslon Karen Hakes Vaunda Hammeli Bob Hanan Jan Haney Jim Hanford La mg the Foundations of a Gary Hendrix Jean Herringer Jerry Van Heusen Joanna Hiall John Hilde David Hill Scoll Hilsabeck Pal Hilsop Jerry Hiner Sherry Hirl Becky Hifchcock Vickie Hifchcock Sieve Hodgson Judie Holland Cinda Hoel Bill Hoffman Cheryl Hogan Don Holm Jeannelle Hough James Van Houlen Woody Howe Lou Hudson Margarel Hull Saredi Humphrey Judy Hulson Dewey lsaac Kalhy Jablonski Jennifer Jackson Linda Jamison Viclor Johansen Bill Johnson Bruce Johnson l Rewarding High School Career Linda Kleinz Terry Klouse Saundra Knaclcslecllr Pam Knighl' Scoll Koerner Kim Kopeclcy Linn Kriner Lynda Kuchler Cheryl Kyfl: Gordon Lacy Frankie Lalce Bill Larnan Gregg Johnson Lynda Johnson Ron Johnson Brad Jones Gail Jorgenson Sreve Joseph Frank Juni Charlolle Kamslra Jeannie Kalz Linda Kaufman Pam Keen Vince Keelon Alan Keilrh Jerry Kelley Brian Kennedy Bob Keubler Beverly Keyes Linda Krahenbuhl Parry Kidwell Charleen Klein T5XYT If Sophomore Class Rates High Susan Lindslrom Larry Liplon Sally Lislqa Richard Loclcellr Milce Loper Ronnie Low Andy Lynch Janeal Maggard Mike Maisel Bob Manning M Xi Q QQFX L an F! Nancy Lamberl Nancy Lamson Kerry Lamulh Sleve Landry Jane Laubach Greg Laulen Belly Lawlus Zoanne Leininger Roberr Levine Wally Linburg Judy Lind Jacquelyn Lindslrom ' r 'I ,Q ' - r Richard Margolin Mary Jo Marlin Sue Marshall Linda Mallingly Dave May Bob Mayse Lynn McCasland Laura McClure Belly McCu'rchen Carl McGarey Dan McKeown Milce McKeown 1 111 All Academic Achievements Nancy McLeod Peggy McMullin Mary McNamara Mike 'McNamara David McNul'ly Terry Mecliling James Meek Frank Mendola Jim Mercier Del Merrill Philip Messec Richard Mickle i if 3 -'F S Q ff-4 - is N? is ,. V4.5- Vx. fi-'R -N3 . 'B ,f -, xi! Dana Moore Rosemary Moore Vicki Moore Brad MorfiH' Kay Morris Bob Moss Jolin Moss Dusiy Mower Becky Mowry Randy Muller Craig Murdock Nina Neuman ff' at J. ,. 4 Q J. ,. , , ll" X QR J W , , , g , 3. Y 1 E 'E . c Q x 0 .w K. i , 'QV X I fexrl 1522 f .v V? auf - wi? uf I - is -' .5 ,gan in f N C gl N i o n yx Sig' 4 . i 4, -2 ,nf 'L v 11, A I if i 5 1 ' - A xx I., B at I ' Y X 1 i.-, A sa x lm Q l X x Melinda Milar Dave Miller Judy Miller Sid Miller Tom Miller George Mills Ricliard Milol Bolo Monie Jo Monlgomery Kalliy Monlgomery ,N i ii ' rw? 6 , affi.i5QB h Q , K X 1' a X ,N Q i D 'iii W A iiwgwmx 1 ' 4' K , df ii ff 4 V XX' f "fe, V, l al Wight, mbrose, Lindstrom, :"7:- ' 41v', K ii 5'3i1.'i:liL5 P N J' , 4 , X 4- , , ,-'Wg 1 i V K Q fir' ir Vi . fggiifl R il f r J ' J V g Z .... M, VV i YA -5 is F ., ' 1 g ' ff an ' ' 3 7 i Xlbz 5 7 7 V 6 ,,.,f i A Q ,J K. 5 -. .::.:- ,ff A ' A P f ' ' -' ,V , . ' .v - -' , ,-Qpgff , ,Q -',5:.3W,:',,,Q,, ' K ' I., ' kr ,xi ps 04 , f m ', ,P ,,h. P 'i N K fr K If V 1 fax-::,.1: if , wa ar . ,M-M.-,. .......,.....A.....f.m..... .....V...,.-....,.f...-...,..,,,..,.,.,-..,s..v.,v , M, JAM . ,0J..,.v, M...,.. Wpvfuv-J:-.fMmr,w-,4fwL-fiA4f2-,-f.v-wqwf-, rf if Jim Naylor Elberl' Neeriemer Bill Nichols Niclc Nicholson Pere Nilciforuk Paul Nilciforulc Karen Oaris Helen O'Beirne Larry Oloensline Denise Odean Karen Oaris Randy Oden John Oehler Susan Ohms Larry Olden Pally Oliver Elliolf Olson Karen Olson Mike O'Mall-ey John O'Nea.l Pele Orr Sieve Orrh Dannie Orion Kenny Oslermeyer Sreve Oviedo Susan Ouren Dana Overmier Bolo Page Karhy Paine David Papandrew Jim Peare l S21l1Sbl1I'y Lead Class of 96 J Judie Pebler Ricliard Penquiie Haven Peiers Dennis Peierson Terry Peuglw Ruilw Pierce DeDe Pisani Diane Pledger Barbara Porier Gayle Posi Susan Praii Randy Pridgen Laura Pialc Gage Puinam Bill Quinn Jane Quinnelly Milce Rannpy Jaclc Ranby Rae Rawl'ins Claris Reed Karen Reid Peie Repp Judy Reynolds Rick Rlwoades Gloria Riclnrnond Kailiy Riggs Lynn Robb Sieve Robineiie Jan Robinson Mary Roclcer Susan Rocker l-larry Romanin Y f f f f f A -9 151, "'- 4 gn, i , , M -.'f 5 i . Va Z 43 :lr f' 1' ? fa IW' X? if 1 ' f 2 . Q Victory Dance akes Money Neil Salmi Chris Salomone l-larry Salzman Terry Sanders Jacque Sauler Dave Schedler Sandra Schork Karen Schrader Diclc Schure Jo Schwan 4 erra , fs: Q' W yr If , 1 at fs f f ' if f ag? Za Y hi ii if 'Q f f Q i 6 lg ik' 59 Z ?: f M W few 5? fy' ,, 1 L V 1973 ff? , T il . .7 225 H !'ff1?P f . .. " as 1,,, . . 1 ja, , 55 f, ,.'L ,J , J 0 I C y . Sue Roper Jaclkie Rose Kalhy Rose Tom Rolhweiler Kay Rouse Torn Rowland Judie Rummage Wall Runge Toby Ruperl Kenny Sage Darryll Salsburg Laurie Salisbury ,ewef V, ff! , f Wiatr ' V ' , + f K Larry Schwarlz Riclc Schwarze David Scoll Linda'Scran'ron Mary Ann Shall Tish Sheehan Barbara Sheeley Roger Sheer Sharon Shirley Linda Sher Roberl Sher Ralph Shipp l to Cover Yearl Expenditures Terry Slireeve Riclc Sliulls Bill Simmons Larry Sipe Bob Smillw Frank Smilli JeiiSmill1 Judy Smirlw Kendall Smirli Lorraine Smi+l1 Marilyn Smil'l1 Sreplianie Smirlw Milce Sievens Clinl' Slidlwam Susan Slrauss Ed Siruble Nancy S+. Clair Mary Jane S+. Tliomas Sieve Suggs Shirley Surgener Ru+H Swain Sieve Swiil George Tanguy Joan Taylor Susan Smillw Jim Sollenberger l-larry Salzman Tom Sorensen Sieve Spellman Esre-lle Speros Sieve Spielberg Suzie Slanlrord Lisa Srapleron Grelclwen Siernberg W"w Junior Year Clearl in Sight Sue Tear Bob Tellier Keirh Thompson Mark Thomson Karen Tinney Darnel Todd Clede Tomlinson Judy Topolosky Bill Toy Mike Trollope Trudie Trourman Eugene Tucker Sheila Tucker Melodye Tunis Mike Turek ia! Susan Tyree eg si :., Q Barb Vehon il 1 'f ...- 75 .' "',: 4 ' ,..,Sf,U5 M , nf my W ,E Pariy Verhoeven .if - sims' - ar' .14 ff 4 Lynda Verner 'liii T r TX is T ,iii Dennis Viges ' "V A 7 V Linda Villarreal Karhryn Wagner Larry Wagner Rick Wallace Carol Walleck' Janer Walmsley Jim Walsh Jim Ware Glenn Wasson Jean Weber Par Webber Ilene Warerman 'f s sf! 90 . for Enterprising ophomores Tom Wedel John Weiclemaier Bill Weirich Linda Weller Barbara Welch Paula Welsh Dave Werner Al Wesolowski Dawn Wheelock Greg While Erik Widmark John Weiclemann Laurie Wilkinson Alan Williams Chris Williams Penny Williams Sheeler Williams Calhy Wilson Janel Winkler Shirley Wisniewski Julie Woolley Rancly Wrighlr Susan Wrighl Sherry Yancey James DeVane Carol Young Jeff Young Gail Zenobi Eddra Ziegler Frank Ziska Donna Zwaanslra Y .Q x XJ Kits 'ie . , .XJ . :'l i K KJ SJ ix. M4 M 5 , A W 4.:, Y . 3 1 ' F s ,, J I. J,f wx 15, J Q ky- V549 X " ":" 5?-.i - Q. Us r,,:. . ,ga .J gl 'w..,2f -. -fb i'--gy , : g Y-P X v Q- S x x x. Q N 4 Y s 1 . 5 . . ,. 1. se 'sf i n illi J X sf. J , iffy! ,ssy Y J In M li Q! ms J, 'rf ,M Je I J 1- 1 ag? V j ,x -1 Frosh Class fiioors and Sponsors FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS . . . Slanclingz Frank Boslock, Treasurer: Johnny Gufhrie, Vice-Presidenh Tom Cooley, Boy Rep.: Chuck James, President Sealed: Susan Tonner. Secrelary: Adele Piccinali, Girl Rep. MRS. HELEN FISHER AND ERNIE BULLARD, Freshman Class sponsors. look over pasl and possible lulure achievemenls of 'rhe Class of '66. 92 The Freshman Class of i966 included 450 sludenls from Scollsdale Elernenlary Schools. Allhough classes.. Teachers, and roulines were new 'ro This class wilh a spark- ling lulure, l'hey parlicipaled in every phase of school aclivilies. As lhe Freshmen ser lheir goals, They became parl of Arcadia. We are proud of Them, and look forward lo new leadership, spirii, and alliludes wilh lhe upcoming Class ol '66, Fledgling Class Makes Good' Donald Adams Jim Adams Barbara Akers Sam Alberl Marilyn Allen Jim Al-lums Mina Aller John Anderson Gary Armslron Linda Auslin Bob Bahls Dave Baker 9 Rick Bedenkop John Belden Ron Bemis Bruce Benson Calhy Benlrner Kalhy Bergen Randa Berna+h Candy Belhell Leon Bierbaum Bill Birkholz Mary Ann Birney Jim Bann Linda Barclay LouAnna Barker Linda Barnes Sieve Barllell Jeff Barlolino Marsha Bally Judy Bauer Bill Baumann Palricia Bean 4 O Freshmen Come to AICHd13 f 94 Sreve Bisbee Nancy Bishop Jeane Bissell Carol Black Carolyn Blakeley Ranclee Sue Block Cheryl Blum John Blunda Billy Bly Nona Blylh Tammy Bonds Frank Boslock Charley Bowers Naomi Bowie Terri Bradley Mike Brady Sharon Brill Janice Brown Laney Brown Rick Brown Kim Bruce Jamie Burns Tom Bulcher Dick Bulle-r Jo Buller Larry Buller Laura Buller Shirley Byrcl Jim Caldwell Paul Caliendo Mike Call Scoll Campbell 4- , From Scottsdale Elementary Schools Ronnie Cannon Shelly Canter Mary Carlton Ron Carter Bob Carver David Cast 4udy.QaS+IebffLY Pat Cazel Valerie Chadderdon Don Chenhall Vickie Chesley Diana Christian Frances Christmas Mark Clark Kathy Clinkingloeard Richard Coate Carol Cole Cheryl Cole Judy Conner Pat Conroy Tom Cooley Bruce Coppins Linda Corzine Don Courtney Valerie Crotier Bill Crowley Dianne Cunningham Jim Daudet Dave Davenport Margaret Davis Pat DeBerge Connie Deschler I Q f 4 fi W gffff Q I V i i K ft. , Classes, Teachers, Routines Jack Duianovic Linda Dunbar Denise Dunning Karen Dunn Linda Dulro Shirley Eclwols Peggy Edmunson Linda Edwards Dave Egizii Becky Elwrsam , .,., V! X f by if Q 1 , fy ff X 3,1 4 4' 'S A , lf Zazwb 19' ' 'Q Q Q f ef I' , WS? 5 . y Dan Dever Susan Dick Suzie Dickey Mark Dill Angela DiTirro Mia Dilson Dennis Dole Marllwa Dooley Greg Doyle Parn Draney Sieve Driggs Linda Duggan f i W 4 sf-f.f,ff ., ra ,J Q i y ff f YW lisa- X i s, , ? , ' 5 ,U I. ,J 3 ,V -fm-3 l ' -fg kgfwf ' . . a si or i ' .lii f ,f K I . V , Q J' '57 ,,,, , , W' N ' .1f'1",5'- M ' gp-7f2s.' 4 , sv f .fi il f lg 1 Linda Ellioll Pann Emerson Sieve Endicoll' Karen Erickson Buddy Evans Darryl Everharl' Nonna Eurard Jolwn Ewing Carrie Eallk Barbara Eenlsor Jack Flynn Jerry Eosler New to Future Class of 966 Dana Fraley Gary Freeman Mia Fullcerson James Gaininer Mike Galwey Ramesh Gangaclean lvlargarel Garcia Sarah Garrison Jim Grayson Jerone George Priscilla Genlry Sla n le Ge rslenschla f " if, Q f1,,, if ,gy f K -1,. 1, y ger I i ,424 Yr A L., 4 033, -- V 1, YW I 1 Grove Greene Lori Griffin' Chrisiine Griswold Karen Grouslcay Debbie Grubbs Elaine Guhfey Greg Gulleii Vic Guyan Phillip l-laag Anile I-laddy Randy Hageman Janice l-lall Carol Gelz Shiela Golden Coni Good Chris Goodman Rally Goodman Wayne Gordon Karen Jorgenson Kaihy Gossicli Diane Grady Rosalind Graham X s l 4135 2 5 ,ff 4 X W 7 ff , Z 'Pdf ff 3 2 I if 5 X 4 f " 4: A My fx :Z-is ,Q , ff ' Lf f x i M Q4 2 via A ' fi f , V w af' ' , sa , lg . Q, L,., 4 -8, Q, Q 4 42 wi: if ' as J r :haf - 1 -rf Q K l 1963 Freshmen Participate in . xx .s 1 'A Y' ee . ' iss ! 1'. i ,, 1 A , V --: . H , .fa 3 1:14 J 4 s 4' s 5 J sf fy w.,,,.,e?' 4 X I X ' ,V i , , k" ' ,- 11, 4 -X ,f" ' 'If' I A ' " Q A ,545 f. . gp ,e"ee' 2 M fee'eee 'f ,W . ...,, 3' ' ., ' "Ain: ff A aww w. , 1' , X- - ? ,. 1.1- ,5 5 24: , ff: ,ff -aw ff ff' " wil .. f i 5 N 1, x 4 4 Q ,gif , .a f , df 1 f , ' 1 , ,. ., . I I 2 I4 J ,V , , gf, 5 34,3 3 3 ,,,., ? J, ,J I J , W ,fx Q 'PX 'Q , , an 81 Ya . A ,X wg' N xx.. its Roger Halperl Johnny Haner Dave Hanlon Charles Hapip Joan Harkenrider Gary Harmann Kalhy Havighursl' Guy Hayden Sieve Helgeson Brenda Henderson Bill Hendrix Sieve Henes Phyllis Hennessey Bob Henry Pam Henson John Heringer Riclc Herndon Arr Hillier Nicholas Hiner Jeanne Hiwelle K -fs' A X , V 1,414 5' YL ,SX , 1 Pal Hobein Sandy Hodgdon Bill Hodges Frank Honsik Lynda Housloni Tim Hoyl- Gary Humphreys Sandy Hunlinglon William Hussey Helen Huricord Jeanne Huveille Carol lnscho Every Phase of ehool Activities 64 X Z A 2 Q. Q, R i W ,Vis s M lsgen-ff is L-E s Q .,,, M mx ,f 'SN is is Q Q 5 ZX Z x , fiflf W "'- ' W of 1 ng. Nancy lsbell Chuck James Gerri Johns Becky Johnson Janel' Johnson Lee Johnson Sue Johnson- Jerry Johnsion Cheri Jones Shirley Jones Tibby Jones Glenn Kapner Judy Kennedy Linda Kennedy Pal Kennedy Mike Kersiiens Jim Kuykendall Donn Kinzle Liz Kircher Chrisline Kiesiad 'fu J ,isa hx. 2, 1 3, 1 y 1 14 W 1 , . Karen Kleinz Lynn Klemmer Rick Knighl' John Knirsh Sophia Krain Mike Kraniz Karen Krebs Billy Kriner Gary Kron Bonnie Laion Alan Lam Regina Lange F Freshman Sports Lure Interested Boys 3, .v,'g AVI' f,,f - . I if Wg fair! f ' f ff ,XZ ffynlyi A ffff f ff: ' W f QM! 4 f , M! 1 I Wy! 4 i ff , If 'j Z f , W , 1 , f 2? i 9 fr IJ? wif i Rusty Lupton Joy MaGee Susan Manning Frank Mardian Ann Margolin Susan Maroney Warner Marshall George Mattingly Clitt May Bill McCarthy , :Q W., f, 1,111 rf -' -fi W: i ' 1 AM 2, , ' I' f 0 ,Z 4' wg '21 ' L 'Za 12 Kathy Larson Vicki Lawonn Larry Leach Gary Leiler Barbara Lewis Vicki Lewis Kathy Linder Bill Lindsay Gary Lohman Rick Looman Bob Lowry Randy Luke ff, ,,., ,V ,V ya 'ii' ' 7' ' ,y ,gy ' , ,, ff' ,Q ' v' ' Qf3j, L' ' f ftri L L L ' I f I .37 , .W ,VM ., ,iff , , Y fi , Wi ,,,, '3iffQ5,, V W X fn, , f f f X , A kms- v f , ,Q fa Q- ,N ,, Q af X 4' ff 'X as ' x so X QNX Q x R ,SX 6' l-larry McClue Jim McConnell Doug McCoy Jo-hn McGary Melba McKenzie Bill McNabb Martha Mee Margie Mehnert Laurie Melander Lynn Metcalte JoAnne Meyers Sharon Missner f ff . Viv X Zvi' 1 44, wa. lla to Gridiron, Court, and Diamond Curiis Miller Jim Miller Joe Miller Susan Miller Marilyn Milleii Cheryl Minclcs Sieve Milchell Wayne Monie Carey Moore Rory Moore Pal Morris off Q ,Jr jws ww-fu" Bill Nichols Phillip Norclberg Lynn Oboilcovilz Alice O'Brien Jim O'Connor Michele O'Connor Bob Ololen- Gene Olsen Lyn Olson Tim Ong Toni Oonlc Jerry Osburn Sue Morris Julie Moulion Nancy Mylcleslad Dawn Naar Merry Naumeiz Bill Nazer John Neal Joan Neilson Craig Neslaqe Gail Neugeloauer is IOI Upperclassmen ell Lunch-Line and Phil Overeynder Greg Parr Barbara Parker Howard Paulsen Connie Pearson Daniel Pearson Jim Pearson Terrie Perkins Bruce Pellycrew Tony Peyou Adele Piccinali Belsy Pierce Greg Pierce Palrli Pinnick Sleve Pleasanl Sleve Plolkin Craig Poller Linda Powell Jo Pulnam Kallwy Quick Julie Ragland Bill Ralslon Jean Rawlins Nancy Reader Frances Reid Kerri Riclmas Susan Rider Mary Rimsza Wanda Rippslein Lauren Roloerls Marcia Roegner John Rolwmer Elevator Tickets to Awed Fresh Allan Rolenick Jeanne Romney Louise Romney Jim Rondeau Cal Roolcer Prince Ronald Denis Roschival Barbara Roee Tawn Rudolph John Sandberg Ilene Saper Pam Scheidler Henry Schilling Bill Schlossnagel Pam Schneider Jerry Schrader Suzanne Schull Laurie Schullz Phil Sedgwick Linda Sharp Pam Sheels George She-ller Nancy Sher Wes Shonerd Lynda Sigmundson Bellie Simser Cindy Skalalc Richard Skinner Bob,Slider Belly Smilh Chrislopher Smilh At End of Year Freshmen Are Kallwy Sleele Dennis Sleinbauer Sandi Sleplmenson Lucy Slidliam Serena Sliles Sieve Slory Veronica Sloul' James Sulek Sue Swanson Sandy Swedlund ff' we 55' W ff 41 1' .' : 1 -, . 'r f . 'iw va' . "4 , , T . 'ff l f V , as ' '- I Q 1 ,,.,y .ff . ,Lg mf- V .ff ' , ,- S ' wg ,Y by Q 1: 5 " ,si .V 9? 7-QW 151 3- :lf My ,gm f. ' '. 2, 4? 4. 1' , " Jig f y t, 'r , 'X' ,,. ,A 'V isa jg , g, f 341 , ' J - -'1-V " 9-ff T? " ge T e r ' . 1 : , , ,fi , , ' 4: ,1a,,g-,I , ' fi 2 ' I Y ' .., L a s '1' 351 'ff ' ff 5' -Q T ' , 4 , gg", 1. 9 , I r fl JefTSrniJrl1 Mary Smillw Sara Smil'l'1 Terrie Smillw Lynne Snyder Billy Spangler Dennis Spindler Donna Splonick Molly Spooner Clyde Slaggs Karl Slalnaker Barbara Slanlon Randy Swedlund Nancy Taber S+eve Tail Chris Talllon Anna Tanner Susan Tanner Susy Tanner Bob Taylor l-larry Taylor Niel Templel' Joyce Tlwees Sieve Thomas Thoroughl riented to High chool Dan Thompson Jim Thomson Sheila Trainor Sandy Trapp Bob Trui++ Ron Turnbow Penny Turner Terry Turner Pam Tyra David Valcho Bruce Van Valer Cheryl Vanderslice Valerie Walkins Mike Walson Carol Way Donna Webb Margare-Jr Webb Linda Weidemann Dibby Weigandjr Reila Weingarlner Diane Weir Alberl Wendl Paul Weslhoven Rick While Joe Vehon Bob Villoria JaniinefVoll1n'1ar Leanna Wade Mara Wagner Nira Wall Slephen Wang Elizabelh Warn Barb Walchler Debbie Walers ef' Wm 4? 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The yearbook sTaTT worked diligen+Iy To puT ouT The year- book by The deadline. Nick Karales, MarTy Williams, Dor- oThy RosseTTi, Mary KaTarski, Bill Walmsley ancl Linda Pomeroy pool Their resources To compleTe a page. AT The lasT baskefball game OT The season, The Pom Pon Girls were given corsages in appreciaTion of Their hard work and loyalTy. CharloTTe Schilling, Barb l-laupT, and Marcia l-larringTon pin corsages on Connie Clark and Nancy Hoyer while Linda Jamison waTches. Student Council Represents Tom Cooley, Adele Piccinati, Chuck James Freshman Representatives Randy Wright, Audry Dalessandro, Tuck Stephenson Sophomore Representatives Art Piccinati, Merry McGwire, Frank Vaughan Junior Representatives Dave Herskovits, Charlotte Schilling, Mike Neer Senior Representatives Students in an Expanding orld STUDENT COUNCIL, represenTing The sTudenT body oT Ar- cadia, promoTed exTra school spiriT, and carried The name oT Arcadia ThroughouT The sTaTe. Besides sponsoring The STudenT Council DisTricT Workshop, members aTTended The STudenT Council ConvenTion. There were also several rep- resenTaTives To The NaTionaliConTerence oT ChrisTians and Jews. A , A , A During The TooTball season, STudenT Council members were exTremely acTive. In addiTion To presenTing pep assemblies, They sold TiTan ribbons, sponsored :The game Tags, and dec- oraTed The goal posTs. Thle'i'successTul Mesa lvloTorcade and The Homecoming ceremonies and dance were also STudenT Council acTiviTies. As a special Touch, Telegrams were senT To The Team beTore each game. When play-oTTs came, There was a huge bonTire rally aT The sTadium. The Council also made iT possible To lighT up an "A" on Tempe buTTe wiTh Tlares, and To signal each Touchdown wiTh a slcy-roclceT. l Donald PenTielcl and The STudenT Council oTTicers: George Durham, PresidenTg Liza Bean, Vice-PresidenTg Cindy Johnson, SecreTaryg Marcia l-larringTon, Treasurerg Barbara l-laupT, Chaplain. ln an acTive session, members discuss sTudenT governmenT re- organizaTion problems. lI3 Senate Reaches More Students STUDENT SENATE . . . Front Row: Mr. Pentield, Sponsor: Chuck Butler, Vice-President: Molly Mee, Chaplain: Mimi Lundin, Recording Secretary: Diane Propstra, Corresponding Secretary: Stephanie Salomone, Susy Tonner, Betty Smith, Patti Geiger, Gretchen Sternberg, Carey Winters. Row Two: Janet Miller, Nancy Rose, Becky Munns, Frank Bostock, Johnny Guthrie, Paul Caliendo, Gail Zenobi, Tibby Jones, Molly Spooner, Laney Brown, Lucy Stidham. Back Row: Haven Peters, Lorraine Smith, Landra Brinton, Liz Kircher, Chris Salomone, Linda Turek, Laurie Salisbury, Karen Olson, Dorothy Rossetti. STUDENT SENATE, in its second year ot activity, be- came .an important part ot Arcadia student govern- ment. lt provided an organization through which stu- dents could participate more actively in student gov- ernment. Along with Student Council, the Senate helped with the homecoming dance and halt-time cere- monies. Gther projects, some in conjunction with Stu- dent Council, were carried out successtully. As the main project ot the year, a tund to bring a toreign exchange student to Arcadia was started. Student Senate consisted ot a representative elected trom each second hour class. Senators met weekly to discuss student problems and activities. Through ac- tivities, the student is brought closer to Student Council and the Administration. STUDENT SENATE . . . Front Row: Barb Trester, Robyn Houston, Joan Bauer, Jacguelyn Lindstrom, Nancy Cameron, Betty Lawlus, Connie Lancaster, Linda Schlossnagel, Toni Wanic, Karen Sarten, Penny Jones, Ann Armatis, Jeanne Huvelle. Row Two: Linda Barnes, Judy Hickman, Lyn Faught. Janet Winkler, Leslie Avant. Andy Ambrose, Jim Allen, Gage Putnam. Linda Kay Jamison, Ann Richmond, Sandy Shore, Sue Orth. Back Row: Mike Turek, Richard Shields, LeRoy Gaintner, Larry Lewis, Dave Dreblow, Bill Wamsley, Ron MacDonald, Paul Hapip, Bill Hottman, Leonard Aron, II4 Honor Students Form Active Clubs NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . F Barbara H-aupt, President: Kay Benzel, Vice-President: Becky Munns, Secretary: Ralph Kimball, Treasurer: Mary Katarski, Chaplaint Gloria Grimditch, Dave Hlerskovits, Nancy Rose Joan Chance. Row Two' Harl Pike, Lynn Eulbrecht Kay Johnson, Janet Miller Cand ront Row: Mr. Collignon, Sponsor: Connie Clark Kay Smith Sandy Sheldon Laurie Retter Lane, Janet Duntee, Marcia Harrintgon, Mary Ann Mercier, Nancy Hammond, Bob Christensen, Jloe Caudle, George Durham. Back Row: Jim Bly, John Scotield, Gene Grittith, LeRoy Gaintner, Tom Parker, Ann Richmond, Cheryl Pledger, Marilyn Towsley, Cindy John- son, Liza Bean. What could be more appropriate than honor students L No Hable Espanol? Then you can not be a member ot selling books? As a tund-raising proiect, NATIONAL the SPANISH HONORARY CLUB. Open to students HONOR SOCIETY members sold paper-back books who received a "I" in advanced Spanish, the club gave pertaining to subjects the students were studying. As an opportunity to practice language skills in everyday the year went by, more students who met the standards situations. At their meetings, which were conducted ot citizenship, leadership, scholarship, and service were entirely in Spanish, they studied books not regularly admitted. At a special assembly at the close ot the available to them. They also conducted skits, complete year, several Sophomores ot exceptional calibre were with costumes. selected to join the honorary club. SPANISH HONORARY CLUB . . . Front Row: Mr. Heywood, Sponsor: Mr. Gibbons, Sponsor: Pat Eabeny, Secretary: Leslie Smith, President: Beth Green, Vice-President: Shirlee Emery, Historian: Elaine Balla, Sheila Tucker, Suzanne Miller, Joan Chance, Karen Reid, Lisa Heath. Row Two: Randy Wright, Mike Turek, Nick Nicholson, Coleman Hoyt, Gloria Grimditch, Sue Adams, Lee Blatt, Ann Hayden. Sharon Crott, Barbara Jordan, Kay Summey, Bruce Johnson. Back Row: Bill Summons, Richard Haetelmann, Jim Tingwald, John Steele. Danny Walker, John Reger, Pamela Burke, Gage Putnam, Barbara Hardy, Susan Ouren, Ron Harmon, Craig Bemis. II5 Bowlin , DEC. . lube Spark Interest BOWLING CLUB . . . FronT Row: Mr. Johnson, Sponsor: Robyn Cummings, Treasurer: Larry l-libler, Vice-PresidenTg Elaine Ong, Presi- denTg Franlc l-lamilTon, SecreTaryg Vance Cole, SergeanT-aT-Arms. Row Two: Mary Hiegel, Lucy Rebeles, ChrisTie BosTock. Lynn Davis, PaTTy Kidwell, Rich PeTerson, John Beniamin, Kay Summey, Sue Blazolc, Susan SaviTTieri, PaTTy SeargeanT. Row Three: Pal' Webber, EsTelle Speros, Cindy Wierschem, Connie Oehler, Diane SmiTh, Lynda Wynn, Frank WhiTeside, Don Snyder, Ronald Finch, Dennis Benzing, Ron Daley. Back Row: Jeffrey Young, Mike Braden, Glenn Kapner, Richard PenguiTe, Jerry Glover, Bob SmiTh, Richard Charland, Mark Thomson, Randy Baker, Terry Benzing, Greg Gibbons, Diclc Richardson. AnoTher guTTerballI Well, iT's all parT oT The game. In order To improve Their averages. sTudenTs Tormed The BOWLING CLUB. AnoTher purpose was To provide compeTiTion and experience. NaTurally, The main reason Bowling Club has so many members is ThaT bowling is Tun! IT you TorgeT The guTTerballs and "almosT-sTrilces," D.E.C.A .... FronT Row: Mrs. PeTTie, Sponsor: Rose Marie Kennedy, SecreTary7 Carol SmiTh, Vice-President Ron BallieTT, President Carol Kline, Treasurer: Linda Thompson, ParliarnenTarian. Row Two: Marie French, Sandy Box, Chalice Vollsrnar, you will Tind ThaT This game relieves Tension and uTTerly relaxes you. Also, Tor uncoordinaTed people, bowling improves grace, coordinaTion, lumbago, and your danc- ing. As Bowling Club members have Tound, bowling is a modern-day cure-all! Busy as The proverbial bee, ThaT's whaT D.E.C.A. was! As The members worked in various reTailing and wholesaling iobs. They gaThered "honey" lpronounced moneyl as well as invaluab-le experience. Because oT The on-The-job Training D,E.C.A. members received, They were beTTer prepared To enTer Their parTicular Tield oT inTeresT upon graduaTion. Also, experience in business TransacTions made iT possible To conducT all money-malcing proiecTs so ThaT 'rheyrrealized The greaTesT proTiT in every venTure. The.imporTance oT D.E.C.A. To The individual members was realized by each, Tor They received The rewards oT meeTing and working wiTh new people, and sharing many new ex- periences. Carolee SlaTTery. Back Row: Marilyn Wash, Mary WhiTehead, Bob ChrisTensen, Don Aden, Breck Lillyblad, STuarT PeTTycrew. II6 l Fine Arts Groups Lent ulture DRAMA CLUB. . . FronT Row: Mr. Deppe, Sponsor: Chuck Emery, Vice-PresidenT: BeTh Weber, SecreTary: Becky Munns, PresidenT: Andy Owen, Vickie'Elson, Sue Applebaum, MarTy Williams, Randee Sue Block, Mary STalnaker, Jean Weber, Janine Volkmar. Row Two: Judi Sheer, Karen Kleinz, EsTelle Speros, Mimi Lundin, RuTh Clark, Nancy Hammond, KresTen Oden, CliTTord Lindblom, Roger Sheer, Sheila Goldman, STeve Spielberg, Brian Schwinghamer. Back Row: Bill l-lolmber, Cherie BuTler, Rick Cook, Sherry Missner, Dan McNamara, Wayne Green, Miranda ColleT, Clark John, Paul Rowe. To boosT acTors' morale, The Drama Club served donuTs aTTer The dress rehearsal Tor each play. The hardworking casT and crew looked Torward To The TreaT supplied by This Torward-looking group. ln addi- Tion To eaTing exTra donuTs, various members worked backsTage on props and lighTing while oTher members had acTing parTs in The plays. All This was Tor The If you draw, painT, or iusT like To dabble, you belong in The ArT Club. They worked in every medium Trom chalk To oils in Their various proiecTs. For The Girls' League ChrisTmas Prom, They made 60 TeeT oT murals. Their chalk drawings de- picTed various ouTdoor winTer scenes in blues and laveniders. They also made posTers Tor The Fi'rsT NaTional' Bank, which were displayed aT The Valley, l-lo l-loTel. ConcerT posTers were anoTher proiecT. WiTh all The experience and Training, Arcadia could well have a TuTure Van Gogh or Picasso. purpose oT becoming acquainTed wiTh The TheaTer- undersTanding drama and gaining a working apprecia- Tion oT TheaTrics. Drama members also read many plays and worked on skiTs during The year To gain more experience and knowledge oT Types oT plays and characTers. ART CLUB . . . FronT Row: Mrs. Burrell, Sponsor: John SheeTs, Vice-President KaThy Falk, SergeanT-aT-Arms: John Robeske, PresidenT: Darlene WrighT, SecreTary7 Carol Tomkins, l-lisTorian. Back Row: Sandy Baldridge, PubliciTy Chairman: Sue Roper, Jerald Cuckler, Larry Brooks, Andy Owen, PaTria Scruggs, Program Chairman: CaThie Ferguson. H7 Tri-Hi-Yis Spread Good Fellowship If "7 ,hh ,qw fir 'Yah iii? DELTA OMEGA TRI-Hl-Y . . . From' Row: Mrs. Hahn, Sponsor, Miclci McFadden, Connie Clark, Chaplain: Befsy Hodges, Sergeanf-af-Arms: Barb Haupf, Presidenfy Lois Ellioff, Secrefaryq Jerri Draney, Treasurer: Carol Kinzle, Vice-Presidenfg Merry McGwire, Hisforian: Mary Ann Mercier, Bobbie Davis. Row Two: Janef Walmsley. Joan Bauer, Robyn Housfon. Befsy Samson, Pam Knighf, Connie Meudell, Sharon Farmer, Susan Saviffieri, Jeanni Brown, Alexis Karales. Back Row: Gayle Schafberger, Molly Mee, Sue Burdeffe, Susie Edwards, Jeannie Jorgenson, Karen Olson, Sue Orfh, Carol Sfromme, Sandy Shore, Audrey Delessandro, Cindy Johnson. Car oil, eggs, shorfening, molasses, and vaseline were flying fhrough fhe air in early Ocfober as DELTA OMEGA TRI-Hl-Y held ifs annual inifiafion. Delfa members made red and blue Tifan yarn dolls for lapels as one of fheir inifial proiecfs. Numerous devofional services, combined wifh cools-oufs, were held in con- iuncfion wifh ofher clubs. ln fhe Spring, Delia selecfed new members by having fhe girls wrife leffers of guali- ficafion. Well, l never! Seniors licking lollipopsl l'II bef SIGMA BETA CHI TRI-'HI-Y is behind fhis. Yes, in order fo earn money fo help a needy family af Chrisfmasfime, resourceful members found a proiecf fhaf boosfed school spirif as well as being a "sure fire" money raiser. Tifan lollipop sales were nof fhe only proiecfs, for "l:ighf" signs and service proiecfs were also parf of fhe Sigma Befa program. SIGMA BETA CHI TRI-Hl-Y . . . Fronf Row: Mrs. Johnson, Sponsor: Nancy Dreschler, Chaplain: Gloria Elclund, Treasurer: Kay Benzel, Vice-Presidenfq Charloffe Schilling, Presidenfg Mimi Lundin, Secrefaryg Linda Ferguson, l-lisforiang Jody John- son, Sergeanf-af-Arms: Julie Lupfon, Nancy Kelly. Row Two: Darolyn Coffman, Sue Blazolc, Jolene Olsen, Andrea Emmons, Dorofhy Rosseffi, Nancy Hoyer, Marcia Harringfon, Sharon Reardon, Mary Sfalnalcer, Laurie Reffer. Back Row: Donnella Cole, Jane Bechfol, Ann Hayden, Joan Chance, Krisfy Brennan, Julie Durrell, Rifa Call, Paffy Seargeanf, Janef Dunfee, Shirley Beauchamp, Linda Ambrose. 8 Safety, Key Tubs Stress Service SAFETY COUNCIL . . . FronT Row: Mr. Amerson, Sponsor: Al LindsTrom, PresidenTg Nelson Burns, Vice-PresidenT: Connie Meudell, Corresponding SecreTary-Treasurer: MarTy Williams, Recording SecreTaryg CharloTTe Schilling, Barb l'laupT, Marcia l-larringTon, DoroThy RosseTTi, BeTsy Hodges. Row Two: Denise Taylor, Donna ScheiTlin, Mary Ann Mercier, Robyn l-lousTon, Julie Durrell, Mimi Lundin, Eileen Monzel, Marilyn Towsley, Donna Simser. Back Row: Michael Dick, Bill Baumann, Chuck BuTler, Bob Nairn, Richard Shields, Ron MacDonald, Bill Wamsley, Cheryl Pleclger. PromoTing such Things as driving wiTh your eyes open and receiving poinTs Tor noT hiTTin-g pedesTrians, SAFETY COUNClL proceeded To rid our campus oT "noT-so-hoT-shoT" drivers. AT an assembly early in The year, a movie recounTing The Tragedy ThaT lies in sTore Tor careless drivers was shown. SaTeTy was made inTo a good gualiTy by The eTTorTs oT members working ceaselessly ThroughouT The year. Which club has The largesT percenTage oT TronT door keys? Maybe iT's KEY CLUB, buT we wouldn'T swear To iT! BuT Tor Their greaT service during The pasT year, Key Club deserves The key Tof The communiTy. By working aT The Crippled Children's I-lospiTal, They pro- moTed a projecT ThaT7 would never be TorgoTTen by Those They worked wiTh and helped. BoosTing school Dance. The proceeds Trorn Their many acTiviTies wenT To morale, a Slave Sale was held aT The annual Spring The "Dollar Tor a Scholar" Tund. KEY CLUB . . . FronT Row: John MacDonald, Chaplain: Chuck BuTler, Vice4PresidenTg LeRoy GainTner, PresidenT7 Dave Hers- koviTs, Treasurer: Rick Wood, SecreTary7 Al LindsTrom, SergeanT-aT-Arms. Row Two: Don Snyder. Rick PeTerson, Bob Nairn, Joe PorTer, Pal' McGinTy, Sam BarTaluzzi, Ron MacDonald, Mike Rampy, Tuck STephenson. Row Three: John Florez, Ray Chen- hall, Bill l-ToTTman, Brady Vogel, Gibson PraTT, Andy Ambrose, Jim Mercier, Frank Ziska, Tim DieTz. Back Row: Tom Farmer, Frank Vaughan, STeve Cameron, Powers DuVaII, Richard Shields, Dana Woudenberg, Bill Wamsley, Gene GriTTiTh, Tom FosTer, John ScoTield. II9 .A.A. Sponsors Intramural Sports I GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . . . Fronl' Row: Janer Haney, Speedaway Manager: Candy Green, Badminlong Sue Roper, Baskel- ball Managerg Jane Adams, Corresponding Secrelary: Donna Simser, Presidenlp Robyne Lealzow, Recording Secrelary: Sherry Clemens, Publicily Chairman: Lyn Faughl, Junior Represenlaliveg Sandy Baldridge, Senior Represenlarivey Lynda Verner, Sophomore Represenla- fiveg Karen Tinney, Sporrs Manager: Linda Kleinz, Volleyball Manager. Row Two: Adele Piccinali, Sarah Smilh, Beck Ehrsam, Becky Johnson, Jan Brown, Anila Haddy, Danie Mueller, Kalhy Elchells, Rosemary Deloian, Carol Oslermeyer, Cindy Skalak, Marlha Dooley, Susan Manning, Rhonda Wrighl, Pam Henson, Louside Romney, Regina Lanser, Shirley Byrd, Judy Conner, Jeanne Huvelle, Marilyn Allen, Sandy Swedlaund, Belsy Pierce. Back Row: Donna Zwaanslra, Nancy Freeslone, Shirley Jones, Margarel Davis, Elaine Guiley, Linda Duggan, Margarel Peyou, Alice O'Brien, Pal DeBerge, Frances Chrislmas, Mary Forresl. Slrike four! You're in-GAA! Arcadia girls gol lo- gelher lor sporls play-days every Salrurday, and had inlramural Ieam compeliiion every Wednesday. Pro- viding girls wi'rh organized exercise was one of lhe mosl imporlanl Iunclions ol GAA. I+ provides Jrhe perlecl Ranging from baskelball lo ping pong, each was Thoroughly enjoyed, regardless ol skill. For exceplionally aclive members, leller swealers could be earned. Nol lo be overlooked are lhe gualilries of leamwork, loyally, and sporlmanship acquired Jrhrough an acrivily such solurion ro Presidenr Kennedy's "Youlh Firne-ss" plea. as Jfhig, A variely ol sporls, one lor each lasle, was offered. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . . . Fronl Row: Cheryl Vanderslice, Connie Deschler, Carol lnscho, Erlinda Villarreal, Eileen Saper, Linda Edwards, Susy Tonner, Julie Ragland, Laura Williams, Belly Scoll, Barbara Sheeley, Bobbie Davis, Judy SmiI'h, Carole Sheer, Marilyn Smilh, Judy Reynolds. Row Two: Kay Norris, Margarel Webb, Palli Goodman, Niar Wall, Terrie Smilh, GlenAnn Wood, Karen Erickson, Lynda Sigmundson, Sharon Ohms, Dana Overmier, Anne Nairn, Diane Grady, Marilyn Ellioll, Carolyn Elliorl. Back Row: Pal Wilson, Rosalind Graham, Susie Dick, Michele O'Connor, Barbara Slanlron, Ann Richmond. Chrishna Weir, Carolyn Blakely, Jane Pearson, Reila Weingarlner, Terri Bradley, Bonnie Milchell, Nancy Mykleslad. I20 Y-Teens, Biolog lub Contribute Y-TEENS . . , Fron+ Row: Sharon l-laddy, Nancy Havighursi, Treasurer: Sandy Shore, Vice-Presidenip Mimi Lundin, Secreiary: Judi Sheer, President Karla Jennings, Chaplain, Mary Jo Siewarr, Carol Nielsen, Marry Williams, Laura Williams, Carol Hoffman. Row Two: Nancy Lamson, Karhy Washburn, Esielle Speros, Nancy Cameron, Linda Schlossnagel, Candy Lane, Nancy Benneson, Linda Turek, Beiiy Scoli, Jane Pearson, Susan Saviiiieri, Bobbi Carroll. Row Three: Valerie Chadderdon, Leslie Brice, Elaine Ong, Susie Cameron, Ja Monigomery, Donna Peisch, Barbara Barolel, Darlene Wrighi, Shari l-lume, Doris Zesiger, Paiiy Gardner. Back Row: Barbara Tresier, Donna Scheiilin, Nancy Counrs, Ann Bishop, Tina Clark, Beih Green, Pai Carey, Lyn Faughi, Gail Roschival, Lynn Sigman, Sharon Polen. Boys, if you wani' help washing your cars, ask a Y-Teens member. Aiier 'rheir car wash, ihey have ihe experience. They are experienced ai raising money, ioo. On l-lalloween, members marched in ihe fund- raising drive ior UNICEF. Y-Teens also made iurkey pariy favors for i'he children ai ihe Gompers Clinic. As iheir largesi' proieci, ihey organized Teens Againsi Cancer as parl' oi iheir club. Cacii and sagebrush, along wiih man-eaiing planis and planl-eaiing planis, were pari oi The many un- usual iforms of life ihai became familiar +o members of 'rhe Biology Club when-iiheyriook iheir irip io ihe Boyce Thompson Souihwesi Arboreium. They also visired rhe new Arizoo, where ihe elephani, giraffe, and ihe Children's Zoo held ihe mosi inieresi for rhem. BIOLOGY CLUB . . . Fron'l' Row: Mr. Odell, Sponsor: Mrs. Seiilemoir, Sponsor: Susan Cameron, Secreiary: Alexis Karales, President Nancy Cameron, Treasurer: Karen Kleinz, Janine Volkmar, Paiiy Kidweill, Lorraine Smiih, Gary Lohman. Mia Diison, Kaihy Larson. Row Two: Priscilla Geniry, Elaine Guiiey, Charlolle Kamsira, Shirley Surgener, Kaihy Rose, Karen Reid,sCaihie Ferguson, Sieve Spellman, Ann Benner, Carolyn Ellioii, Cheryl Kylii. Back Row: Sandy Trapp, Carol Gieszl, Mary Rimsza, Donald Adams, Bill Bly, Dick Mickle, Jackie Bleyer, Greg Gibbons, Jeremy Brown, Leslie Avanr. I2I Lettermen Lead Livel Lives LETTERMEN'S CLUB . . . Froni' Row: Mr. Hendricks, Sponsor: Terry Kearney, Chaplain: John PropsTra, PresidenT: PaT McGinTy, Ser- geanT-aT-Arms: Dave l-lerskoviTs, SecreTary-Treasurer: Corky Hilsabeck, Vice-PresiclenT: STeve Rhoades, Mike Solvesky, Truck SmiTh, Jay Rondeau, Tom Goudie. Row Two: Richy PingiTore, Gene Reid, Bob Cady, Bill Johnson, Chuck BuTler, Gibson PraTT, Nelson Burns, Dick ParenT, John MacDonald, Brad Shoemaker, Sam BarTiluzi, Terry JunTTi, Dick SmiTh, Tom Lynch. Row Three: Mike Murphy, Rick ChrisTmas, Tom Neus, Tom Parker, Richard Shields, Joe PorTer, Bill LamuTh, VincenT CarTer, Bill Farmer, Nickie Nichols, JeTT Smifh. Back Row: Brad MorTiTT, Ed BiszanTz, Charles Tharp, Powers DuVall, LeRoy GainTner, Bob BerTelsen, Tim KumTer, Larry Clarke, Dana Woudenberg, Jack Koppen, Gary SwiTT, Nick Karales. "lT can'T be done!" moans John PropsTra, presidenT oT LETTERMEN'S CLUB, as girls oT all ages ask him how They can become members. He regreTTully sTaTes ThaT The primary qualiTicaTions oT being a male is sTill in eT- TecT. As Tar as anyone knows, There are no plans To ad- miT any girls in The near TuT0re, even Though iT would increase The aTTendance oT presenT members. l-ligh on The lisT oT annual acTiviTies is The TradiTional Spring iniTiaTion. Burlap underwear, TreguenT paddlings, and public declaraTions oT IoyalTy To The club are iusT a Tew OT The a new on The beranT common sighTs. AT The LeTTermen's Tall dance TradiTion was sTarTed. Keeping oTT oT The "A" gym Tloor was enTorced wiTh gusTo by an exu- miliTia oT members. Members also ushered aT The Girls' League Fall ConvenTion held aT Arcadia. BAND LETTERMEN'S CLUB . . . FronT Row: Mr. Brooks, Sponsor: Mary KaTarski, PresidenT: Ellen Lacy, Vice-PresidenT: Sharon Farmer, SecreTary- Treasurer. Row Two: Beverly Wilcox, Linda PloTkin, PubliciTy Chairman: Mike Quinn, Program Chairman: Gloria Eklund, Lois EllioTT. Back Row: Bill CeTTi, Gary Maschner, John Reger, Fred Granzow. T22 No, ThaT isn'T a Taded aThleTic sweaTer. l-le belongs To The BAND LETTERMEN'S CLUB! The blue leTTer sweaTers were seen only oc- casionally on campus, Tor only a selecT Tew earned The privilege To wear Them. Members sTarTed The year OTT wiTh,,a, rnoney-making- spiriT-boosTing sweaTshirTii'gS:ale. Qnly members OT The band could buyyiTl1e aTTracTive, royal blue shirTs wiTh "TiTans yisr Baind",wri++en in huge leTTers. During The concerTiseason, The club promoTed inTeresT in semi-classical music wiTh big posTers. When The band wenT on Tour dur- ing The Phoenix Rodeo, They plasTered huge signs on The buses Telling The world ThaT "We're Trom Arcadia!" The annual "surprise" parTy Tor Mr. Brooks closed The year's acTiviTy wiTh a bang. , Fencing, Rocket Clubs Add ariety ATTer being accepTed inTo The French Foils, novice Tencers were rewarded aT The iniTiaTion parTy. During The year, They had Tencing meeTs wiTh several schools. Among These were A.S.U., Chandler, and Tucson. The mosTginTeresTing meeT was held in Mexico. ATTer all The bouTs, They had parTies To cele- braTe. AT The sTaTe TournamenT on February lb, The French Foils Took nine oT The Twelve Trophies. They losT one each To Glendale, U. oT A., and EasTern Arizona Junior Col- lege. During The French Foils' TirsT year, They creaTed an ouTsTanding record. They have mainTained iT Through The excellenT coaching oT Mrs. Howard and a will To excel. ROCKET CLUB . . . FronT Row: Mr. l-lurn, Sponsor: Andrew Smifh, PresiclenT: Mike New, Vice- PresidenT: Neil Salmi, SecreTary-Treasurer. Row Two: Bruce PeTTycrew, James Van l-louTen, John Berry, Roberl' Cronshey, Kim Bruce, Leonard McFord. Baclc Row: David McNulTy. Ronald CarTer, Rick Brown, STephen Davis, Rick Cook, Tom Davis, Rick Schwarze. . . . F T R : R d S Bl k, Jeanine Volkmar, Susan Tonner, Susan TE'lilel.CSanld?llDTephensohTnCar?JlN Waallbcxlc. Riw Tivo: Mrs. l-loward, SponsorIJKGVGf1e?aJf'5' Nancy SuTTon, Donnella Cole, CaThy Ferguson, Sharyn GGlW0Y- ROW Thrgi' iris Oovjlg' Mike Galway, John Davis, Jerry Cuckler. Row Four: Chuck Case.. Warren MI Sr. H Y WI - John Chase, Paul l-lapip. Back Row: Rick Cook, Charles I-lapip, Dave Franke, Glen Ke Ty, Don Cook. The obiecTives oT The club are To gain valuable Tech- nical knowledge and exper- ience in rockeT consTruc- Tion, perTormance, and Tu- elsy and To parTicipaTe ac- Tively in This Tield by acTual launchings. There have been six launchings which were conducTed wiTh absoluTe seriousness and cauTion. Going againsT predicTions, The club has had no serious accidenTs. Launching Tacili- Ties locaTed norTh oT ScoTTs- dale consisT oT a block- house, near and Tar obser- vaTion cenTers, a launch pad, elecTronic remoTe Tir- ing mechanism, and an elec- Trical communicaTions sys- Tern. I23 ath, Science Important for Future J.E.T.S .... Front Row: Devon Showley, Sponsor: Dave Elson, Treasurer: LeRoy Gaintner, Vice-President: Janet Miller, President: Nancy Hammond, Librarian: Nancy Rose, Secretary. Row Two: John MacDonald, Harvey Sadacca, Dave Herskovits, Gene Grittith, Mike Smith, Joe Caudle, Terry Monlton, Gloria Grimditch, ,Rick Cook. Row Three: Les Norde, Jerald Cuckler, Truck Smith, Jett Smith, Walter Nash, John Scotield, Tom Parker, Ralph Kimball, Joe Porter, Ken Brown, Mike McKeown. Back Row: Jim Hodder, Kim Stuart, Rick Briggs, Paul Hapip,-'Mike Neer, John Steele, Poweres DuVaII, Ann Richmond, George Carter, Andrew Smith, Dave Beresic. Can you tind the cubed root ot 2,39l in your sleep? MU ALPHA members can't either, but they do come close. Speeches by prominent businessmen, educators. and scientists throughout the year, increased their knowledge as well as stimulated interest in- mathematics. The students in Mu Alpha Theta are such good mathe- maticians that they received straight l's and 2's in their advanced mathematics classes. Guest speakers, tield trips, demonstrations and tilms added interest to JUNIOR ENGINEERING TECHNO- LOGICAL SOCIETY meetings. Studying physical sci- ences and engineering informed and aided in prepara- tion tor scholarships and college entrance. ln o-rder to be accepted into the club, students had to have a high academic standing and the recommendation ot their science teachers. MU ALPHA THETA . . . Front Row: Jett Larson, Sponsor: Shirley Frye, Sponsor: Gene Grittith. President: Janet Miller, Vice-President: Dave Herskovits, Treasurer: Sharon Reardon, Secretary: George Durham, Laurie Retter. Row Two: Marilyn Miller, Truck Smith, Steve Miller, Gloria Grimditch, John Scotield, Ralph Kimball, Nancy Hammond, Diane Butler, Keith Thompson, Jolene Olsen. Back Row: Dave Dreblow, Jerald Cuckler, Paul Hapip. Joe Caudle. LeRoy Gaintner, Bob Christensen, Powers DuVall, Cathie Witty. 4 Their Year arked ith Success GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL . . . FronT Row: Mrs. LiIlywhiTe, Sponsor: Mrs. Neid, Sponsor: Connie Meudell, ParIiamenTarian: Jacque AIbrighT, I-IisTorian: Jane Adams. SecreTary: Molly Mee, PresidenT: Marcia Dibble, Treasurer: Carol STromme. Vice-PresidenT. Row Two: MarTha Mee, Frosh Rep.: Linda PIoTkin, Prom CommiTTee: Rosemary Deloian, Service CommiTTee: Jeanni Brown, Sunshine CommiTTee: Robyn I-IousTon, Junior Rep.: Elaine Ong, Junior Rep. Back Row: Joanne Brown, Sunshine CommiTTee: Eddra Ziegler, Soph. Rep.: Aud- rey Dalessandro, Service CommiTTee: Laurie Salisbury, Soph. Rep.: DoroThy RosseTTi, PubliciTy CommiTTee: Sheila Sirridge, F'ubIiciTy CommiTTee: Mary KaTarsI4i, Senior Rep. "Sure, any girl can be a member!" The only club ThaT can say This is Girls' League. In addiTion To being a super- acTive club, iT is also a super-sized club. On December 8, I962, The STaTe Girls' League ConvenTion was held aT Arcadiai Six hundred girls Trom II8 schools heard a pro- gram based on "WhaT a DiTTerence a Day Makes." A weelc IaTer, December I5, They sponsored The annual ChrisTmas Prom. They also sold TiTan sweaT shirTs and held a spring Tashion show. The major acTiviTies were The MoTher-DaughTer Tea, and The BroTherhood assembly. All The money raised by The American Field Service Club wenT Toward geTTing a Toreign exchange sTudenT Tor Ar- cadia. S950 had To be raised by February IS. In order To help raise This large sum in such a shorT Time, Girls' League and The LeTTermen's Club boTh donaTed SISIOO, and STudenT SenaTe raised money Tor Them. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE OFFICERS: Nancy Cameron. Treasurer: Toni Wanic, Vice-President Robin I-TousTon, Presi- denT. STanding: Tibby Jones, SecreTary. I25 l 1 i i readian, 1 mpian Staffs Co Operate ARCADIAN STAFF . . . Fr0nT Row: Carol Haugeland, Denise Taylor Mary Ann Mercier Ann l-lunT Row Two: Nina Nauman, Kay Johnson, Lynn Davis, Mary Ann SchmidT Back Row Ron MacDonald Sam Ragland, Rosemary Moore, Gary Maschner. Who? WhaT? Why? When? Where? The Tive W's oT newspaper worlc were always in The minds oT Arcadian sTaTT members. IT you asked iT, They supplied The answers. STudenT Council and club news, The honor roll, The laTesT Tads, and all The sporTs news were TaiThTully and Tully covered. Wednesday nighTs were always hecTic, Tor ThaT was "pasTe-up" nighT. l.asT minuTe pasTing and wriTing added To The un- organized aTmosphere, buT The sTaTT always managed To pull Through and geT The paper ouT in Time, By selling ads, The sTaTT also helped Tinance The news- paper. WiTh a record number oT papers, The sTaTT capTured The liTe blood oT The school on six pages. IT was all done wiTh TalenT and hard work. Mrs. Hinsdale checks a page OT copy wiTh Ann l-lunT and Denise Taylor, co-ediTors of The Arcaclian. for Best journalistic Year Ever OLYMPIAN STAFF . . . FronT Row: Carol Kinzle, Cheryl Salina, Carol Moore, Terry Gamble, Nan Licklider, MarTi Williams. Row Two: Linda Pomeroy, Ed Pelsue, DoroThy RosseTTi, Bob FairTield, Mary KaTarslci, Jim Allen. Baclc Row: Bill Wamsley, Niclc Karales, Chuck Smiselc, Chuck Henderson, Don l-lodges. Deadline dayl Why, l haven'T even goT enough picTures To Till up one page! Suicide. anyone? OT course, no one iumped oTT The library or had Their hair Turn grey, buT There were many sleepless nighTs and chewed pencils To show ThaT Olympian sTaTT members Toolc Their iobs seri- ously. Using Their original ideas, sTaTTers wroTe copy, made up headlines and planned picTure layouTs. BeTween This, They Tound Time To sell yearboolis To The sTudenTs, wiTh The loosing Team buying hamburgers Tor The Team ThaT sold The mosT books. They also planned and puT on The annual yearbook assembly where They crowned Miss and Mr. Olympian. If Thar wasn'T enough, They spenT some OT Their vacaTion Time preparing The summer supplemenT. Along wiTh hamburgers, imprompTu parTies when The sTaTT was in a slump made This class unusual. STaTT meeTings where everyone did noThing, sTaying up unTil dawn To wriTe copy, TroTTing To The oTTice To veriTy inTormaTion-all will be cherished in The yearboolc oT memories. Q Carol Kinzle and MarTi Williams, co-ediTors hunT Tor new ideas wilh The help OT Mr CarpenTer. I27 Record Crowd Attends Ceremonies Wilnessed by a record number ol slrudenls, bolh pasl and presenl. The l962 l-lomecoming ceremonies look place in an aura ol heavy suspense and gay lrivoliry. Laslr year's king and queen, Carl Granzow and Dar- lene l-lolman, crowned lhe new king and queen as The hushed slradium held McGin'ry were chosen lo reign unlil Jrhe l963 l-lomecoming. Their alrlend- anls were Cindy Johnson, Jeanni Brown, John Propslra, and Everelrlr ilrs brealh, Nancy Kelly and Pal' Rollins. Al lhe'dance following lhe game. class compelilion was slressed. Each class buill a display on lhe "Medi'rer- ran lvlylhs" Theme. The winning dis- play represenled 'rhe idea lhal l'he Arcadia lioolball leam did indeed have "The lvlidas Touch." All was crealed by Jrhe senior class. l i lilornecorning allendanls were John Propslra, Cindy Johnson, Jeanni Brown, and Everelrl Rollins. I28 A very happy couple, Nancy Kelly and Pal McC5inly, lead 'the procession off lrhe Field aller 'rhey were crowned king and queen. King Par and Queen Nancy share lhe dance +ha+ was reserved lor lhem. Christmas Prom The TourTh annual ChrisTmas Prom was builT around The Theme OT "An Qlcl-Fash- ioned ChrisTmas aT a Ski Lodge." The walls were covered wiTh murals depicTing The various winTer scenes you would see upon looking ouT of The lodge windows. The Tables were decoraTed wiTh red and whiTe checkered Table cloThs, wiTh cenTer- pieces oT pine boughs and miniaTure ChrisTmas Trees. A huge Tree, sTrung wiTh popcorn, paper chains, and old-Tashioned paper ornamenTs, sTood in a corner. The mosT imporTanT parT oT The prom was, oT course, The crowning oT The Queen. l.asT year's gueen, Jean WrighT, crowned Char- loT'Te Schilling as The I962 ChrisTmas Prom Queen. The princesses were chosen Trom The Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes. The Princesses were Lolly Williams, Junior Princess: Laurie Salisbury, Sopho- more Princess: and MarTha Mee, Freshman Princess. Sandy Shore, Gene Reid, MarTha Cook, and Don Cox enjoy The romanTic mood OT The ChrisTmas Prom. i I l i Jean WrighT, lasT year's Prom Queen, crowns CharloTTe Schilling queen QT The ChrisTmas Prom. l29 They Led School Spirit Pom Pon Girls and Cheerleaders 9 8 10 7 11 6 12 5 13 4 18 19 20 14 3 15 2 16 1 17 Miclcie McFadden Jaclcie Lindslrom Cindy Johnson Jerry Draney Connie Clark Kay Peierson Linda Ferguson Anne Nairn Robyne Leaizow Candy Weekes Suzanne Kershaw Jeanne Brown Linda Jamison Nancy Hoyer Barbara Rebeslce Peggy O'Gara Nancy Kelly Bobbi Davis Carol Sheer Judy Reynolds Fight! Fight! Go, Team, Go! Give VARSITY CHEERLEADERS . . . Froni: Linda Ferguson, Aliernaie1 Suzanne Kershaw. Aliernafe. Sfanclingz Sandy Peierson, Anne Nairn. Jeanne Brown, Robyn Leaizow, Candy Weekes. Come on! Lei's hear you yell now! Lei ihe Jream lcnow you're here! . . .' Remember, The dance siaris siep, iurn, lcick. There's Jrhe music! Good luck! . . . Pompon Girls and Cheerleaders were busier Jrhan you rhinlc! Besides whai you saw ai' games and assemblies, There were a million and one exira ihings 'ro do. For insiance, rhai' new cheer or dance had io be learned and perfecied. This en- iailed long hours of praciice io make ihe iiming precise. Airer school, huge, brighi pep banners were painied and plasiered on walls around Jrhe school. The Pom- pon Girls, along wiih Vaunda Hammeii, our Siare Champion baion iwirler, marched wiih ihe band during fooiball season and in ihe parada del Sol Rodeo pa- rade in March. The lively cheer- leaders also decorared goal posis and made ihe hoops for ihe 'ream during fooiball season. Yes. This was all pari oi being a Pompon Girl or Cheerleader, I32 J.V. CHEERLEADERS . . . Kneeling: Bobbie Davis. Sfandingz Carol Sheer, Joan Bauer, Judy Reynolds. x 1 E 1 2 I 5 Z 5 i 1 5 134 i SCHOO .f Q -f iff-fx gf -- fi 3 2 f: 4:3157 Y,,-1-...Mug R ,MMM fp 4 iff -,mia ,fy f , f if 3 f Senior Stompers Squash Mints The Senior STompers waTch an exciTing play Trom The bench Phil Marcacci, Richard Shields, and Ralph Kimball dance To "On Wisconsin." The Tension mounTs in The loclcer rooms: The coaches are pacing baclc and TorThg hardly a word is spolcen. This is iT! The big game oT The seasonl No, iT's noT The sTaTe championship, iusT The 2nd annual Powder PuTT TooTball game. The crowd cheers as The Senior STompers and The Junior MinTs Talie The Tield. The STompers, coached by STeve McLeod and Dave l-lerslcoviTs, won The Toss and elecTed To receive. JeTT Richardson, head coach Tor The MinTs, gave his Tinal insTrucTions Trom The sidelines and The game began. Gloria Ecldund Tooln The l4iclcoTT and reTurned iT To The MinTs 35 yd. line. A sweep righT and Then a reverse leTT puT The STompers on The scoreboard. In The second guarTer The MinTs drove downTield Tor Their TirsT score oT The evening. The Try Tor The exTra poinT Tailed, and The score aT halT-Time sTood aT 7-6, STompers. The second halT was a deTensive baTTle, wiTh no score by eiTher side. The game ended 7-6, in Tavor oT The Seniors. ' King Connie Muedell and Queen Dave l-lerslcoviTs were crowned Powder PUTT RoyalTy aT The game December 6Th, l962 - HI, F1rst Snow of Year 'Toundw "Oh, These phony excuses!" exclaims Glen Groenlce as Becky Munns fills ou'r her relurn permi+. The bonfire before lhe s'ra+e championship game wilh Tucson Novem- ber 21 flamed up school spiril as well as a lol of wood. , at rcadia , Barb Haupl, Don Penfield, Bill Toy, Gene Easlin, and Hil Brady look on a+ 'rhe pep assembly before Jrhe slale championship fool- "Snow al' Arcadia?" exclaims Julie Ricklick. ball game Will! TUCSON. Belsy Hodges, Gail Gallagher, Sandy Gilberr, Jeanie Jorgenson, Donna Pelsch, Sandy Shore, and Nancy Havighursl discuss lhe usual gossip al' lunch while Gail finishes off her second hor dog. Rick Henderson, Don Cook, and Chuck Smisek gel' ready 'io cook 'rheir lunch oulside during 'lhe week of rhe closed campus riols. mlfffkflffffvifci ,. , , I39 King John Florez and Queen Merry McGuire enioy Their reserved dance along wiTh aTTendanTs Andy Owen and Carol Sromme, CenTer, and fxrT PiccinaTi and Toni Wanic, righT Girl: l-low've you been laTely? l-low's your car been running These days? . . .ThaT's good. Say, uh. would youlike To go To The Twirp Weelc dance wiTh me? Boy: Well, er, l Thinlc my moTher's going To be sick This SaTurday. BUT Thanks anyway. Maybe we can geT TogeTher laTer, buT l'ye goT To go now, so 'bye. BeTTer luclq nexT Time. Was This The way iT wenT Tor you? IT was Tor some girls, buT mosT oT The boys came Through and accepTed. Brad lVlorTiTT, Tuck STephenson, and Randy WrighT model The haTs Their girl Triends gave Them during Twirp Weelc. H '11 Y.-'FE ' 'W "7 'is v-9 Closed Campus Rule Pesecl Problems The l.eTTerman's Club presenTed This Tile mosaic TlTan head To The school during a basl4eTball pep assembly. STudenTs Tlood The ramps as They hurry To geT home aTTer a hard day M- X N, I ' ww. . . Q T . Q X x 1 A K X.. Q39 m A 2 in Yi. ix.. is X 11 .X 5' X Q S X. f 4 if -,FS ' . V Q .FSL ' J ' U12 Q W Ns X ik. H X x 5 . xv X X 1 Q: 'xxx vN-X X 5 X X .. ,img .. .ww N Q V .-.. , fc XX- Y, D l42 . .X my 4 5 , S l i ? X wx ' ' ax X ' -P -. A ' 'SSS ab w.-. V . ,. Qxk ,A "-. . ik XX X XX i . K- f 2 W. C81 ' Nw 831'-:xl Q' f.. x- -Q xkw Nix,-, QNX, .K .2- xml' x Picks Senior Favorites MOST TALKATIVE Joey Porier and Gail Gallagher MOST ATTRACTIVE Jack Koppen and Nancy Hoyer MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED George Durham and Liza Bean MOST FRIENDLY i AI Lindsfrom and Barb Haupif E n E 4 E I43 wwf ff M, 'VS f 4 f f , ' f MW f , w.f,,w"f 0 f 6 if 'X t QW Q, QVVJ fff.w4.f,,w,M-ff , qf"595"1 Win if I an 3 ' ' e f V231 s i e 1 275, 2 Wd 260' mf f f vm 'u '1 'ff' 2 , , M 1 , f WU , Qf , Xff ' ff ,, f f X ev TITAN BAND . . . FronT Row: Gloria Eklund, Gary Maschner, Lois ElloTT, James l-lodder, Paul Caldwell, Corinne CorbiTT. Seconcl.Row: Carolyn Owen, Nicolas l-liner, PaTTi Geiger, Chuck Case, Carol Moore, Laura McClure, Clinr STidham, Karen SarTen, Richard Schure. Third Row: Mike McKeown, Terry BoeTTcher, Nancy ST. Clair, Donella Cole, Erik Widmark, Bill KamsTra, Dave Dreblow, John Birch. Richard l-loeTelmann, Jim Miller, Bill CeTTi, John Call, Bob DorTman, Frank WhiTeside, Mary Jo MarTin. STanding: James Murray, Ed STruble, Mike Rampy, John GuThrie, Reginald Brooks, conducTor, Bill Cowan. Titan Band arches Through The Arcadia TiTan Band, under The direcTion oT Reginald Brooks, played an acTive parT in school liTe. AT TooTball games The band provided new pre-game or halTTime shows all during The season. Members also provided side- line music, and music Tor pre-game pep assemblies. When The band puT on a show, The Pom Pon Girls and Vaunda l-lammeTT, The band's TalenTed baTon Twirler, were Tea- Tured. The band also showed iTs capabiliTy when iT was asked To give a halT-Time show aT The All-STar College Bowl in Tucson. They gave a show oT Typical rouTines which had been pracTiced ThroughouT The year. -aff", VAUNDA HAMMETT, TeaTured baTon Twirler wiTh The March- ing TiTan Band, displays an example OT whaT hard work and perseverance will do. PracTicing incessanTly, Vaunda has been The number "l" Twirler in The sTaTe Tor several years. IAL , TlTAN BAND . . . Froni' Row: Kay Anderson, Carolyn Tomkins, Penny Jones, Linda Plolkin, Mary Kararski. Second Row: Ellen Lacy. Neil Salmi, Mike Cranny, Nan Licklider, Fred Granzow, Frank Srnilh, Laurie Salisbury, Jane l-leringer, Sharon Farmer. Third Row: Terry Gamble, Sieve Suggs, Daniel l-lall, Larry Lewis, Beverly Wilcox, Rick Briggs, Bill Quinn, Bob Robyn, Sian Kalarski, Chuck Collon, Jim Fisher, Bruce Palmer. Fourfh Row: Jerry Van Reusen, John Reger, Mike Quinn. Successful 1962-1963 Season ln addirion +o lioorball acliviries, The band gave 'rhree excellenl concerls during The year, and played for The baccalaureare and graduarion cere- monies. The Tilan Band also marched in The Parada Del Sol Rodeo Parade. As a special acrivily, Jrhe band wenl on a Jrhree day concerl 'four of Sourh- ern Arizona in March. REGINALD BROOKS, direcror of +he Marching Tiran Band, si+s al his desk in one of 'the brief periods he has free every day. A busy man, Mr. ,Brooks is The guiding force behind The success crediied +o 'rhe Tiran Band. I47 . . Band Has Active Year l JUNIOR VARSITY BAND . . . FronT Row: John Davis, Penny Goeman, Barbara Akers, Jane Laubach, PaT Wilson, Pam Scheidler, AniTa l-laddy, Mary Rimza, Randa BernaTh, Sharon Galwey, Valerie Chadderdon, Suzanne Chaille. Second Row: STeve Spielberg, Tom Har- vey, Greg Walsh, Greg Doyle, Mike Call, Tim Allums, Bill Toy, Karen Dunn, Mike l-lagerTy, Lee Emery, Chris Goodman. Third Row: John l-leringer, Oscar Bellinger, Gordon Lacy, Dennis Dole, George Sheller, Mark Clark, Cal Rooker, Bob Slider, Wayne Monie, Grove Greene, Milas KenningTon. FourTh Row: STanley GersTenschlager, Mark Dill, Tim l-loyT, Terry Hawks, Mike Galwey, Paul WesThoven. Sfandingz Jim Thompson, Kim Kopecky, Rick l-lerndon. The Junior VarsiTy Band, which is The preparaTory period Tor The Marching TiTan Band, was direcTed by Mr. Woodard This year. The J.V. Band showed oTT iTs skills by presenTing a halT-Time show during one oT The November TooTball games, and by marching in The Casa Grande parade. They also gave Two concerTs during The year Tor Triends and par- enTs. The J.V. Band disTinguished iTselT by parTicipaTing in The regional Music FesTival in Tucson, and The CenTral Music FesTival in Tempe. Floyd Woodard, caughT in acTion as he coaches sTudenTs, is currenTly direcTor oT The Junior VarsiTy Band, and Teacher oT several chorus classes. I48 - w,"1! I 9 fa J! fl if ff y X , , .I Band, Urchestra dded Special Touch Ni x DANCE BAND . . . Firsl' Row: Mike Cranny. Nicholas l-liner. Frank Smilh, Gary Maschner. Second Row: Rick Briggs, Bev- erly Wilcox, Bill Quinn, Ricky Herndon, Johnny Gulhrie, Third Row: Frank Whileside, Bill Celli, Jimmy Miller. Sland- ing: Mike Quinn, Jeff Wright Pianisfz Prudy Volcleng. 'xy X, ORCHESTRA . . , Fronl' Row: Mary Templin Lauren Roberis, Janel Haney, Second Row Karen Hayden, Lilly Yee, Sarah Garrison Third Row: Jeff Wright Slephanie Smilh Joye Moullon, Palricia Cazel. Back Row: Sie phen Thomas, Mary Pills, Daniel McNally. I49 CONCERT Cl-lORALE . . . lns+rumen1'alisrs: Bill Hoffman, Dave MQNul+y, John Gulherie, John Call. Singers: Barbara Baroler, Terry Edmundson, Donnella Cole, Gail Coar, Becky Munns. Row Two: Margie Rorh, Jeannene Denlon, Carol Slromme, Linda Zuidema. Row Three: Bob Robyn, Chuck Emery, Doug Coppock, Larry l-libler. Row Four: Don Conroy, Bill Pebler, LeRoy Gainlner, John Rockerhous- en, Vance Cale. Chorus Groups Tum ut Fine CONCERT CHOIR . . . Fronl' Row: Joanna l-liarr, Mary Slalnalcer, Margaref Pirrman, Lois EllioH', Jane Ouinnelly, Sharon l-ladcly. Row Two: Vivian Srabile, Sherrill Ashron, Carol Kuchler, Joan Pelerson, Susan Kinchloe, Sandra Sheldon, Karla Jennings, Robyn l-louslon. Row Three: Lorella Baldwin, Evelyn Deike, Mary l-lieqel, Sherry Yancey, Lynn McCasland, Barbara Kos, Belh Weber, Carhy Baldwin, Shirley Beauchamp, Pam Keen. Row Four: Greg While, Bill Terbor, Bill Ferguson, Terry l-lawks. Bob Smilh, Ed Pelsue, Dave May. Row Five: Phil Marcacci, Paul Caldwell, Gary Sprinzl, Dick Charland, John l-liegel, Ken Brown, Bob Fairfield, Dave Ogden, Leonard McFord. 1 GIRLS' CHORUS . . . Fronl Row: Calhy Wilson, Cheryl Kyll, Pal Miller, Carole Young, Lucy Rebeles, Charleen Mardian, Ann Armalis, Paula Welsh, Judy Miller, Barb Vehon, Barbara Jordon. Second Row: Coelle Childers, Donna Barker, Shirley Surgener, Elaine Balla, Jacque Allbrighl, Peggy Gygi, Bonnie Kircholl, Marilyn Beglrup, Kalhy Monlgomry, Cheryl l-logan, Linda Krahenbuhl, Susan Prall, Judy Pebler. Third Row: Paula Fraley, Gayle Schalberger, Pamela Price, Clecle Tomilson, Jeneal Maggard, Lynn Robb, Pamela Ross, Jeanene Romney, Calhy Willy, Joyce Kinkle, luniclenliliedl, Robyn Cummings, Nancy McLeod, Jeanie Davidson, Top Row: Roberla Mc- Daniel, Carole Rabey, Sue Blazok, Jean Weber, Rosemary Deloin, Pally Oliver, Pam Knighl, Kalhy Krebs, Calhy Clark, Gayle Posl, Susan Tyree, Susan Wrighl, Sue Appleloaum. Performances After Hours of ork BOYS' CHORUS . . . From' Row: John Beldon, Tom Bulcher, Sleve Milchell, Jim Bann, Frank Mendola, Joe Vehon, Gene Olsen, Wes Shonerd, Jim Gainlner, Jell Barlolino, William Hussey, Roloerl Villoria. Second Row: Bill Hendrix, Bob Draughon, Jerry Hiner, Mike Kranlz, Bill Baumann, Paul Nikiloruk, Skip Whilley, Rick While, Jim O'Connor, Jeremy Brown. Third Row: Jerry Johnslon, Dale Cannon, lunidenliliedl, Larry Lewis, Karl Slalnaker, Doug Fleck, Philip Sedaewick, Terry Baccellia, Paul Messec. Top Row: Gary Leiler, Gary Harmann, Warner Marshall, Vic Guyan, Dennis Spindler, Phil Hawkins, James Sulek, John Nelson, Joe Manzo. ISI "Drink up, Dearie," exulTs Mary Sfalnaker, as Andy Owen unsuspiciously drinks some poisoned Elclerberry wine. ATTer he drinks The wine, They plan To bury him in The cellar, along wiTh Their oTher vicToms. Larry Sher, Clark Lorhr, Mary STalnaker lback To camerai, and BeTh Weber rehearse a scene from "Arsenic and Olcl Lace." T52 Drama Department Entertained tudents l Clark Lorhr and Larry Sher sTruggle Tor possession oT The dead body Hi ThaT They puT in The window seaT Tor safekeeping beTore disposing oT iT in The Panama Canal, or cellar. "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "The Man Who Came To Din- ner" were Two ouTsTanding producTions oT The Drama De- parTmenT. "Arsenic and Old Lace" was presenTed in-The- round OcTober I6, I7, and I8. lT was The comical sTory oT Two sweeT old ladies and Their sTrange hobby. OTher un- usual characTers included Their nephew, Teddy, who was digging The Panama Canal in The basemenT, and Dr. Ein- sTein, The mad plasTic surgeon. "The Man Who Came To Dinner" was presenTed in The audi- Torium on December I3 and I4. The sTory porTrays The pe- danTic Sheridan WhiTeside and The havoc he creaTes during his "visiT." Besides inTroducing a colony oT cockroaches, 2I Chinese sTudenTs, and Three convicTs To his adopTed house- hold, he disrupTs The usual saniTy oT The enTire STanley Tam- ily. "Guys and Dolls," presenTed in The Spring, was The big mu- sical oT The year aT Arcadia. Along wiTh The Twirp TalenT Show, presenTed February I4, "Guys and Dolls" gave in- TeresTed sTudenTs a chance To Try Their hands aT boTh music and acTing. V New Techniques Used by Actors Rick Cook, Larry Sher, Krislen Oden, and Andy Owen pause for a piclure during dress rehearsal ol +he "Man Who Came +o Dinner." Sheridan Whileside, played by Mike Neer lseal- edl, looks scornlully up al' his doclor, played by Chuck Emery. ye' rw W '17 fjf Beverly Wilcox, playing lhe eccenlric old maid sisler ol: lhe family. iS grouped wifh Beverly and Wayne in Jrhis scene from Slanley family, pins a sprig of holly on Jrheir buller, played by fhe play. "The MGH Who Came +0 Dinner." WhiCh was presenied Wayne Greene. Kip Lindbloorn, lar lefl, +he son of Jrhe Sianley in DSCGmlDeF. 153 -ll Fonda Arts and CraftC1asses Paint, IE lfgfwf SMC We ' AQQQMS HDTWCD lu 5.-fQ HEELS l WMSD 115, s f4i.Q'qeUC1f CGM fam lw9,q70hTIOlXl 4 i lea-C25 AQUANETTA, as played by Belh Weber, made her appearance famous "AquaneHa Technique," Belh and Andrew gave The audi- af The February I4 Talenl Show. Porlraying her husband. Jack ence a lremendous chuckle. Ross, is Andrew Owen. Giving a near perlecl imilalion of Jrhe af -K4 N 14?-ig. ix? 1 V gfifv !P I54 if f 1' ENLIVENING The Twirp Week Tal- en+ Show were Bob Robyn, Kris+en Oden, Roger Sheer, Carolyn Owen, Chuck Case, and Don Conroy. Their rendilion of an old-lime "meler- drama" was very convincing. l old, Sketch, Polish, and Learn of .,.. yes... ... . . . ., ..... . .. . . . . . .. . zyfxx. s - PAT MCGINTY and Mark Dill work on Their projecTs in The craTTs CLEANING her Abrush and painT iar aTTer-compleTing a room. PaT is polishing a ring, while Mark cleans up aTTer 'finishing his picTure is Darlene Wright STudenTs appreciaTe The arT proiecT. room sinlc when They have painT on Their hands'or cloThes. ArT and craTT classes have had a hand in The beauTiTicaTion oT The Arcadia l-ligh School campus This year. Under The direc- Tion oT Mrs. MargareT Burrell and Fredericlc Moore, The Tine arTs classes Tried Their hands aT diTTerenT Techniques in arT worlc. A combinaTion oT TalenT Trom The arT class- es resulTed in The murals ThaT covered The gym during The ChrisTmas Prom, and Tor The scenery used in The Drama DeparT- menT's plays. The craTT classes made poT'Tery and oTher arTicles oT clay, as They learned and pro- gressed Through The year. l-land Tooling oT leaTher belTs, and malcing obiecTs OT me+aI also shows The varied equipmenT available To sTudenTs. Learning To blend painT and paper success- Tully. Mrs. Burrell's arT classes have pro- gressed rapidly. The TuTure arTisTs OT To- morrow are in Arcadia's arT classes Today. K STUDENTS in Mrs. Burrell's arT classes work wiTh The aid of easels and slanTing Tables. 4, 1 I - ' f 4 V' W My, , f-, ,,1., K X f .- Q f" .f ff , 5 , f ,4 M ,-1. ,if X, , ,QXQX S vw w fig , V Q4 fi 7,1 , 5 , 44 'if 4. V2 :A H J. Q i l f ' - -W 2' ry R 4f5. A.-1' 1 - X ,"- gjy' V L ' Eg. ' " K, f ' C-:K .,. 4 , , ' 1 . , 5, 1-.4:'1 .- , ,ig pw! ' V wif? ., fp .-., 5, X 1 4 , f k 5 , 7 fi V W 79 11 ,Q -7 gy ,ff as .X 1 . Q17 X U Qi!! , .fl ,KS 7 ff 'f I , ,ywgwp .- 1 39 ' Q v k k N SE K '.,, Lzugysn pf: S' f 3 4 W ff xt 52 ,KS fp f M- Niwfw ,sxqmvx , 'Qi WX x X X QQ X XY Q 'A X Qx NK xxx xx QR Nm X gg yy ,Q-. ' ww NX gr X X 'EQ Q Abwvwwx vw JY 5 NN 5 fw, 1- X 4 Y f Q xx 52f,E,lI1g."3g , , X -13' Vip , N A , X ' W ' ' x.,. Q15 ,-ix? K- , H rx ff , ,Sw .A w X Q " N . 25955: -. ' V Q if N . N ,Qi Qi b X. g- il 2,11 Q X I ,K .35 S x Nqr, ZX ij' K ,: X QA, 39 'S , - A ' - X . x ' ' , a vg-5 4 -. Aff i if S '- g' ww ',p:e,::,-4' 1 vffwikbszfry J , ,, . .f 77,4 , f .6 Q xx ew' :-54,22,,4a'f11,f2f wc, lwfz fl xzcif-1 ff, 11521, :1zf 5':.L:-26145 '15-2f?1z:w:ff'f f-121-f k We-1f22'A12f2, rw , 1 WLM 1 K f ,ffm -, ' l m,,. , , ' . 4 7 158 'Qs ,M :cy QW, if, 1 gf f f ff ,,, uf f f f f ff! ,, , If ,K f ,fn 4, 'V 51211 Beam Sandy Slzcklou 60- Ifaleaicfvrians Qwrgc Durham, Salufaforian ,....n....i-1.- 4 w Homecoming Traditional l62 iotorious Occasion i l l ATTENDANTS: John Propsira, Jeannie Brown Nancy Kelly squeals wilh excifemenl' as she is crowned I962 Homecoming Queen by Darlene l-lolman. Barb l-laupl holds +he coronalion bouquet ATTENDANTS: Everell' Rollins, Cindy Johnson The lighls illuminaling +he loolball field were dimmed, a blue spol-lighl shone brighlly, Jrhe band began lo play The processional and The Homecoming Royally paraded onlo Jrhe field. The music slopped suddenly as lhe Royally formed a semi-circle in Jrhe hearl ol 'rhe band iormalion. The sladium crowd grew guiel as Carl Granzow, lasl year's l-lomecoming' King, crowned Pai lvlcGinJry l-lomecoming King lor l962l The audience displayed lheir delighl wilh slreamers and noise unlil Darlene l-lolman, lasl year's lflomecoming Queen, crowned Nancy Kelly l-lomecoming Queen for l962l The crowd wenl wildl Slowly, Royally and Allendanls walked oil lhe lield. The band lhen marched brislcly oil. The game conlinued and Arcadia, playing Kola, soon seized ils sixlh yiclory lo complele lhe evening's Jrriumphl I63 hristmas Prom Charlolfe dances wi+h her escori for fhe evening, Dave Dre blow. I64 ln order 'ro be eligible for Chrislmas Prom Royallies, a girl has 'ro be an aclive member of Girls' League. The names of l'he eligible girls are placed on pos+ers around campus and Jrhe sludenl' body selecis +he candidales. Couples arlending lhe Prom are given a ballof upon enlering rhe dance, and vole acco'rd- ing lo class rank. The senior girl chosen is Jrhe Queen of Jrhe Prom and l'he Junior, Sophomore, and Fresh- man are Jrhe respeclive class Princesses. Charlo++e Schilling, Chrislrnas Prom Queen for I963, is an aclive senior a+ Arcadia High. l-ler aclrivilies include being Presidenl of Sigma Bela Chi Tri Hi-Y, and a member of Safely Council. Also on her busy schedule are Girls' League, and being lhe senior class Girl Represenlalive. Jeanni Brown and Molly Mee. bo+h seniors, were aHendan'rs a'r The annual Girls' League sponsored liunclion. USED and Prom Princesses Laura Williams, ChrisTmas Prom Princess Tor The Junior class, is a Transfer Trom lndiana. l-ler acTiviTies on campus include Powder PuTT TooTball, Girls' League. and American Field Service Club. Laurie Salisbury, Sophomore class Prom Princess, is a member oT The Girls' League Council. l-ler oTher ag:TiviTies include being Sophomore class Treasurer, and a member oT The Marching TiTan Band. MarTha Mee, 'TransTer Trom Texas. was chosen as The Freshman class ChrisTmas Prom Princess. MarTha is The Freshman class represenTaTive To Girls' League Council. The resulTs oT The 'elecTion were announced by Carole STromme during The inTermission. George Dur- ham, sTudenT body president presenTed each oT The winners wiTh a bouqueT OT red carnaTions. ATTer The coronaTion, The Tour couples Tools advanTage oT Their reserved dance. Harold Kay and his Band supplied The music. MARTHA MEF, Freshman Princess LAURA WILLIAMS, Junior Princess LAURlE SALISBURY, Sophomore Princess MoGu1re, Flores Chosen Twirp IT was a digniTied occasion. John Flores and Merry McGuire had jusT been announced as King and Queen oT l-learTs. Then jusT as They were crowned, The band, low on inTormaTion buT high on enThusiasm, sTrucl4 up a lively, jazzy number. ExpecTing a soTTer, more Tlowing Tune To correspond wiTh The occasion, The RoyalTy sTood loolcing aT each oTher wiTh dumTound- ed expressions. lmmediaTely one oT The sponsors heroically sTepped up and inTormed The band direc- Tor on The Type oT music expecTed. Soon a more appropriaTe sound was TloaTing abouT The gymnasium. As is TradiTional aT every Twirp dance, The RoyalTy and. Their parTners danced Their soli while The sTudenTs aTTending The dance gazed on. AT The conclusion oT Their ceremonious ex- hibiTion, The band joyously played iTs choice oT a "caTchy" melody and The sTudenTs joined The King, Queen and aTTendanTs whirling around The Tloor. The evening ended wiTh The collapsing OT The crepe paper ceiling, which climaxed The close OT a memorable evening! . 1' I i E l lli ASU, U of A enior Da Princesses Chosen To represenT Arcadia High School aT The UniversiTy oT Arizona s I962 Senior Day was Miss Cindy Johnson. Cindy compeTed in The princess conTesT and was chosen one oT The Top Ten TinalisTs. An acTive senior Cindys acTiv1Ties include The oTTice oT STudenT Body SecreTary, DelTa Omega Trl HIY CapTain oT The Pom Pon line and NaTional Honor So- cieTy Traveling by car loads To Tucson, Arcadia seniors enioyed a delighTTul "on campus Teeling PreTTy senior Nancy HavinghursT was chosen by The senior class oT Arcadia High School To represenT Them in The 1962 Ari- zona STaTe UniversiTy Senior Day princess compeTiTion. The Senior Day acTiviTies, held in November. aTTracTed Arcadia sTudenTs as well as Those Trom all over The sTaTe. lT gave sTudenTs a chance To view The campus TirsT-hand, and To aTTend an ASU TooTball game. complimenTs oT The UniversiTy. Nancy's parTicipaTion in exTra- curricular acTiviTies This year includes "X" Club, Y-Teens Treasurer, and Sigma BeTa Chi Tri Hi-Y. I68 Bean, Caudle Served as Governors Each year s'ruden'rs rom schools lhroughoul' The sl'a+e auclmon for All Slale Orches +ra. This year 'lhree sludenls from Arcadia were seleclecl for All Siare Orchesira. They were Lauren Roberls, Mary Templin ancl Jeff Wrighi. Chosen lo represenl' Arcadia a+ Boys' and Girls' S+a+e were, s+anc.ling: Chuck Buller, LeRoy Gainlner, George Durham. Sealed: Marcia l-larringlon, Joe Cauclle, Liza Bean. All Slale Chorus members are Jraken from all The high schools Jrhroughoul fhe s'ra+e. Arcadia s+uden'rs parlicipaling Jrhis year were, sfancling: Jean Da- vidson and Jennine Denion. Seaiecl: Barbara Barolef, Chuck Emery ancl Becky lvlunns. I69 utstanding Students Merit PEGGY O'GARA, Key Clulo Sweetheart CLASSIC Coeeditorsu Liza Bean and George Durham. Liza is also recipient ot the D.A.R. award. Throughout the entire school year, honors and awards are bestowed upon Arcadia students. From academic typing to domestic cooking, students receive recognition tor outstanding accomplishment in these areas. I70 MARTY WILLIAMS, OLYMPIAN Co-editor Gene Grittith, recipient ot the BAUSCH and LOMB Science Award. Titles of Distinction LYNN FULBRECHT, Betty Crocker Homemaker ot the Year CATHY HOEKSEMA, Best Business Student Award. Award. CAROLE KINZLE, OLYMPIAN Co-editor DENISE TAYLOR and ANN HUNT, co-editors ot the AR CADIAN. The ability to excel is not a rare asset tor a student to possess at Arcadia High. For all the students have some degree ot accomplishment within, and at Arcadia most ot them try to apply it with an extra ettort. l7l I S? c Qx fi: . QV X x . Q .Q . 'Ex X N Q X X x . L KSQEQS: X f15,5M..::xx.j - .X-im, A ,. k.'k A '-.. - . - M X TQ.. ' M R m X . A si . xg Eg- A , .. 1' I i. 'S X W "N-.. ' l" 2 .XX 5 fa-. . QL I S' 0 " . X ,S ,sf GS ..,, . 9 U . . C ,,. W ' is . ff. -:-' O if Q, .. fl . . ...,N ,. NJ, . 1 , - .N X qu- I 3 7 X X, . x. . X X S.. . X .. 'N x X --1 -f-- .5 . . sf v .-sitif fl n Q- "Q 1 .K .wg uf.:-14: . w V t. New , . X. , 132225 W -. - wv 'N X1 ' 1 s f "AEG -nf SP S ! 73 ,M W AA State Champions ' W' f VY' WWW fc " iiiiiiw , jf "'f V, V,,V ,,,,,, VVVV , T , ,f,f y ,,', aff-47' I f if I, ,g X. . K ,f f f' ' k . 1 'Wi-"' - -5 Nffw" "flfN":r',ig:'.:,g,,, - a n ff f ' " ' I , LINEMEN . . . From' Row: ff f f' ' ' , ' f' ,WyW,qWQp'Cf'4 Cf,"f,f off , I q ' Jim Tingwald, Bob Mc- ,M T 5 ' Ward, Bob Draughn, Rick . 7443 711 ,iw 'N ,Q I-IoeTIeman, Larry Clark, ff fi' " f ' ' T' ni 4 wf ,-W, 'WZ me . . 1. I, 4 - i f 0 ag, , Jim Langley, Phil Marc- ' 4 ,, W. ,, ,' ' ' ' fc' 5, I 1 1 Z - - W W T ff y -C gm' ' ' V , 745 6 2 4? caci. Mark Boccacio, Gary in 7. 1 iii 4 7676 , R? ' , ..,. , V I 1 gf ' SwiTT. Top Row: John Mac- ? '..2zM4f ww f, ,,,,, 7 ' Z 52 'ff' ' Donald, Tom Farmer, if 0 -,. ' ' M' '71 ' , pr ' f f jf X f -I HW I 'Z 5 ' A 1 , i f I I 5415, Frank Vaughn, Ron Mac- I ' 4 . 4 wi W ' eu, 7 fw 561.1 : . M! Jiffy , f ff , ' , ,,,,, M f I ' Donald, Dick SmlTh, Rob uf "' ff, ZW f V I ,jug N M ' M , ,gy 7. 3 , X , gf Temple, Richard Shields, ' , gf ' I., jo ,, I LeRoy GainTner, Bob Ber- fl' Q? 1 ' 7 WN fye f" ! - I 17 I, f' ' iwrf 'f" 2 if -,g .. f, fffkf. gf, , f ' V - ,W 3' if K V Tleson, Jack Koppen, 'T f ' 5' i i f 'A 1 I 7- Q Rfchafd Gray' ,W I Z ISI I ' I 'qw "ff " ' L if, IZ if ., , Jl'iC'f."i.,, -, 11 K'4.,,74xfl FQ? , . ...G , . Q . ff5'cf'v"', i f , 441162 ,L1:'6fg,u:,' ,Jw-5 'ifjfw '?5sb"?1'1 f1rgffi.jQ?ff'7 ,ffmlffqfgfn-4f?fff:,,i ',EJ,w"'g:'-f:i'5 -f 5 "wifi aggyfyn fy "ff , 3 .'Af,,..wg,f 'w:,f,,r., v 1- .W W hwz, ,,,,,,g f, -J., ,uv 4. ., ,WM .,,, .f wg fl . ,, V hw-. ,V .- ,, I V ff Q, ,ag 1, -.fy-f,y,,p,,,f ,fm-.fd-Q x ,Q ::"f.,'y4fo,,- 4,..y-,fznmgff fy. eww- Y- If as -, in -01,-.F 4'e..f,w "Q",-fwf' , H. Z' M Af, f ' ,W 16 , ' J 242 16142 +lt 'ff..2 " .591 4:41-f.,": f ', I 1' f ew, ,:!:C?"' - 'f-Wr "'f'4Y'4a , ,,.i,f'tT',,2?',- ' - i isfff A0""'f7'W-iwvaffmf SEASON SUMMARY We They PrescoTT 20 0 CaTaIina 37 I9 Mesa 2I I3 ScoTTsdaIe 44 0 Tempe 34 0 KoTa 26 20 Coronado 36 9 Yuma 8 I2 Chandler 40 0 FIagsTaTT 39 6 Tucson 40 7 BACKFIELD . . . Fron'I' Row: John Birch, JeTT Richardson, Jim Spellman, Dick ParrenT, Pair McGin- Ty, Paul PraTT, Sam Bar- Taluzzi. Top Row: Jerry Crewson, Tom Shore. Ev- ereTT Rollins, John Prop- sTra, Dana Woudenberg, Jim Nichols, Ricky ChrisT- mas, Dave I-IerskoviTs. 74 The I962 TooTbaII season began wiTh Arcadia hosTing Their norThern opponenT, PrescoTT. This gave The TiTan Team a good sTarT by down- ing The Badgers 20 To 0. The nexT week The Arcadia eleven chalked up a 37 To I9 vicTory over CaTaIina. Then Arcadia IeTT Their home Tield To play The annually Tough Mesa JackrabbiTs. The TiTans came back wiTh a 2I To I3 vicTory. Arcadia Then played hosT To Their cross-Town rivals, ScoTTsdaIe. Arcadia's "wrecking crew," composed oT Dana Woudenberg, PaT McGinTy, and "Moose" Rollins, Took command OT The Tield To dam The Beavers 44 To 0. When The TiTans Trekked To Goodwin STadium To meeT Tempe, The Arcadia camp held iTs winning sTreak To crush The BuTTaIoes 34 To 0. The Tollowing week undeTeaTed KoTa bowed To The TiTans 26 To 20 aTTer a Tough baTTIe. In The conTesT wiTh Coronado, Arcadia downed The Dons 36 To 9. Then The Yuma Criminals sToIe a I2 To 8 vicTory Trom The TiTans. Arcadia overpowered Chandler 40 To 0 during The IasT conTerence game. In The play-OTT game The TiTans opposed I3IagsTaTT and secured a 39 To 6 vicTory. For The championship maTch Arcadia conquered The Tucson Badgers 40 To 7 To gain The Tinal award oT AA STaTe Cham- pions. Hendrlcks GU1d6S Titans to State Coach Hendricks, athletic director and head coach ot Arcadia High School, is a graduate ot Arizona State University, where he maiored in Physical Education and Business. He played tour years ot tootball at A.S.U. and was All-Border Conterence quarterback in the early '5Os. Atter graduation trom A.S.U., Coach Hendricks went to teach and coach at Scottsdale High School. While at Scottsdale he was assistant varsity tootball coach under Hil Brady. He was varsity baseball coach tor tour years and also coached Junior Varsity basket- ball. Atter tour years at Scottsdale Coach Hendricks came to Arcadia as Athletic Director and Head Foot- ball Coach. Here he has made an amazing record tor himselt and the school. In tour years he brought Ar- cadia two State Football Championships, one in i960 and one in l962. The administration, taculty, and stu- dents ot Arcadia would like to congraulate Coach Hen- dricks tor his tine record at Arcadia High School. Coach I-fend, cks Team shows appreciation to Coach Hendricks att- Head Coach er State Championship Game. Coach Anderson Coach Hallman Coach GVGSSI Backtield Coach l-me C0aCl1 Line Coach l75 Titans Take Eight in a Row Leroy Gainfner Gary Swiff Richard Shields B05 MCWafd Sr.-G Sr.-T Sr.-G SF--G' 1 A Bob Benxelson Pai' McGin1'y l4-21 wi+h good downfield blocking cuis oul Richard Gray gr'-Tk his parh as he scores 'the final louchdown of ihe game as Jr.-T , -Arcadia cle-fears Kola 26 lo 20. Diclc Smifh Frank Vaughan Jack Koppen Rob Tiample sf.-c Jr.-E Sf--T Sf--E in Class AA Division 1 Championship Dana Woudenbefg Pdf MCGin'l'Y Rick Chrisfmas Moose Rollins Jr.-FB Sr.-HB Sr.-HB Sr.-HB John Propsira Evereli' "Moose" Rollins l33l, wilh ihe help of The Tilan Tom Shore Sr.-QB line, finds a large hole and lois of running room as Arcadia Jr.-QB downs Prescoif 20 io O. Jeff Richardson Nick Nichols Jim Spellmen Jerry Crewson Jr.-QB Jr.-H B Jr.-HB Jr,-HB Titans Dominate All-Statb Line U Dave Herslcoviis Larry Clarke Phil Marcacci John Birch Sr.-l'l B Sr.-C Sr.-T J F.-l'l B i i Tom Farmer Evereii Rollins l32l plows I5 yards in The playoff game wilh Mark Boccaccio Jr.-E Tucson. Arcadia became "S+a+e Champions" as ihey deleaied Jr.-T Tucson 40-7. Dick Parrem' Jim Langley Ron MacDonald Paul PraH Sr-HB Jr -C Jr.-T Jr,-I-IB Fresh Have Successful Season FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM . . . Top Row: Coach Lilllelon, Coach Jackson, Tony Peyou, John Anderson, Larry Plolkin. Gary Leil- or, Rick Bedenkop. Tex Sulek, Tim Allums, Dick Buller, Gary l-larmann, Bill l-lilchings. Gary Kron, Mike Walson, Grove Greene, Coach Odell, Coach Carlin. Middle Row: Sleve Bislaee, Sleve Slory, Dave l-lanlon, Jim Kuyllendall, Mike Brady, Don Kinzle, Tom Cooley, Kirk Williams, Frank Boslock, George Mallingly, Sieve Tail, Alan Lam. Fronl' Row: Dwighl Whilley, Bill Ralslon, Cal Rooker, Greg Pierce, Chuck James, Jim O'Conner, Jim Gainlner, Jeff Barlallino. Don Chenhall, Chris Tallon, Bill Birkholls. Nol piclured: Gregg Doyle. SEASON SUMMARY We They Prescolrl' 40 O Easl Mesa 25 O Scollsdale 20 6 Tempe 6 6 Weslwood I3 20 Coronado 25 I3 Chandler 24 6 Weslwood I9 33 Carl l-layden O 6 Pai' Carlin Ed Li'H'le'lon Head Coach Back Coach I ..r', X if.: :if iv T f' - , X J 'i Q- 5 - - ' 'W daiffes xt K A ,N Avhh 5 , 'RQ 'X ' . A, yi, aff I 4 g isa 'ig?X?,?55g af y ' 2 J sei n faagfimsfiarg ' Sam Odell Larry McLue Ray Jackson Line Coach Manager Line Coach I 80 . . ridders ein Experience J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM . . . Fron'I' Row: Tom Holm. Rick Schwarize. Sreve Orlh, Bari' Faber, Ron Barr, Sieve Hodgson, Jim Fissell, Tuck Slevenson, Chuck Colron, Bill Nichols. Row Two: AI Gardner, Woody I-Iowe, Tim Deschler, Gary Clarke, Bob Beal, Gus Conlos. Rick Blakely, Pele Repp, Dave May, Bud Blare, Daryl Salzburg, Vince Keelon, Bill Johnson, Bob Finkbine. Back Row: Ron Johnson, Mike Cronnong, Land Grant Tom I-Iairislon, Alan Keilh, Mike Loper, Ken Sage, Warren Coover, Dave Werner, Ron Deneke, Brian Kennedy, Scoii I-Iilsabeck, Bill Ferguson, Dave Schedler and Sieve Landry, Managers. INoI' picruredz Erik Widmark.I SEASON SUMMARY We They Prescolr 45 O Norlh 26 O Mesa 7 I3 Scollsdale I9 I9 Tempe I4 7 Wesrwood 6 54 Coronado 38 I3 Chandler 33 2 AI Gardner Weslwood 6 I3 Bob Finkbine Head Coach Carl I-Iayden 38 I8 Line Coach I8l Qi Q , ffl, W ,4 ,1wff-wwf' ff f Aff: , ,ffV,M,,fyg,. fy,-f 2, 5,,,4, f Lf X 5: we ,yjQji'9f j f 'Niwqu QM f 4 ' H, fl' 1 , Wy! f ff 2? A W , f ff f 1 H -v Z aff c, J, Y 0 ,,," ' i 'Q M we ,pi V , , 43 1 fiiz, if V 54' 2 ' -fs, ,W i f , gy, A 11 ,1 lr Q . K ,f , 2 f 3 , my fy, 5. W L? , 5 V j ff, , 1, 7,5 f 1? f 4? 0, 4 , -Awami + f.g 1 f fy ff " ' ' OX , If , ? Titan Five Head for State VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM . . . Front Row: Brad Shoemaker, Corky Northrop, Bill Blakely, Terry Kearny, John Trost Back Row Rob Temple, John Propstra, John Van Reusen, Tom Farmer, John Steel, Corky I-lilsabeck, Tom Shore. Coach Lou Hallman SEASON SUMMARY We They Washington 54 57 Camelback 55 53 St. Mary's 58 54 Kota 53 52 Yuma 78 42 Coronado 55 50 Scottsdale 45 42 Chandler 64 65 Mesa 53 64 Tempe 59 66 Yuma 56 42 Mesa 52 54 Scottsdale 50 58 Coronado 67 60 Kota 57 55 Chandler 67 73 Tempe 65 64 Glendale 65 62 Mesa 67 78 Cagers halk p Eleven ins and Bill Blakely Corky Norfhrop John Van Reusen John S+eele Guard Forward Cenler Guard Bill Blakely holds 'rhe ball while slalling in The Tempe game. Corky Norlhrop grabs a rebound in 'rhe Tempe game. John Van Reusen pulls down a re- bound in lhe Washlnglron game. John Sleele lumps agalnsl a Cor- onado opponent Cenler 4 Lose Eight for utstanding Season Tom Farmer John TrosT John PropsTra Tom Shore CenTer Guard Forward Forward Tom Farmer blocks a ScoTTsdale opponenT's shoT. John PropsTra aTTempTs a lump shoT in The Tempe game. John TrosT jumps high To block a shoT In The Mesa game. Tom Shore aTTempTs a lay-up In The ScoTTsdale game. Beat Glendale in District Tourney l Corky Hilsabeck Forward Corky l-lilsabeck attempts a lay-up in the Camelback kame. I86 Brad Shoemaker Gua rd Terry Kearny Gua rd Brad Slwoemaker drives against Scottsdale opponent. Terry Kearny attempts a close slwot in tlwe Camelback game. . . Basketeers Win 14 Out of 19 Fronf Row: Dave Werner, Bill Ferguson, Bob Tellier, Rick Sh ll , J h H'ld S+ l-l ll C h G - man, Pele Orr, Erik Widmarlc-5 Tom Cole, Don Adler, Tuck Suleiuehenjorll, Rl9neBarniVierr3 SVra3rlnlRex1ZT1, DSrlcr:l2e35e1l?Zil::anl?ow. Jack Chap Coach Al Gardner SEASON SUMMARY We hey Washinglon 50 33 Camelback 69 77 S+. Mary's 50 47 Mesa 48 40 Kola 54 38 Yuma 44 60 Coronado 54 37 Scollsdale 48 37 Chandler 66 49 Mesa 52 4l Weslwood 48 49 Tempe 7l 45 Yuma 73 53 Mesa 52 4l Scollsdale 35 6l Coronado 49 48 Kola 55 35 Chandler 39 5l Tempe 78 53 Freshman Cagers Spend Year FRESHMAN "A" TEAM . . . Froni' Row: Tom Cooley, Gary Leiler. Bill l-liichings, Rick Beclenkop, George MaH'ingly Back Row Don Kinzle, Phil Sedgwick, Glenn Kapner, Coach Odell, Dick Buller, Gary Kron. Cal Rocker. SEASON SUMMARY l We They Washinglon 3 I 45 Camelback 36 35 Sainr Mary's 29 3 I Tempe 4l 23 Coronado 34 32 Sco'l'+sclale 30 4l Chandler 32 37 Mesa 3 I 40 Weslwood 37 40 Tempe 34 20 Mesa 44 30 Scollsclale 37 52 Norlh 5l 50 Coronado 45 48 Chandler 53 4I Tempe 46 32 I88 Coach Sam Odell aiming Skill and Good Sportsmanship FRESHMAN "B" TEAM . . . Froni Row: Coach Heywood, Jim Thompson, Paul Howard, Kirk Williams, Frank Bosiock, Tim Hoyr Back Row: Bob Truir, Larry Ploikin, Bob Olden. James Sules, Larry Builer, Vic Guyon, Dave Hanlon, John Zlarich. Coach Alfred Heywood SEASON SUMMARY e They Washfngion 29 37 Camelback 18 25 Saini Mary's 32 42 Coronado 30 47 Scorrsdale I9 33 Wesrwood 21 31 Tempe 21 31 Scorisdale 25 40 Norih 23 42 Coronado 25 41 Tempe 31 32 arsity restlers Have Good Season VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM . . . From' Row: Roger Sheer, Manager: Coach Anderson. Back Row: Jay Rondeau, Scoii' Kear- Iier, Rick Williams, Skip I-Iolmberg, Tim Deschler, Joe Caudle, Vince Carier, Don Cox, Gene Reid, Jim Rondeau, Karl Spang- er. Junior arsity rapplers Win Five J.V. WRESTLING TEAM . . . Eroni' Row: Chris Madden, Sieve I-Ielgeson, Aian Lam, Tim Dieiz, Wayne Monie, Denis Kimball, Sfeve I-IaII, John Armalris, Jim Busch. Back Row: Coach Li'r+Ie'ron, Ron Deneke, John Thursion, Mike Wafson, Terry Bryan, John Sandberg, Bill Birkhoiz, BIII Johnson, Dave Ogden, Ron Bemis, Dave Maye, Bob Canfer, Mike Fennell. l90 f Varsity Team Experts on Diamond VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM . . . Fronf Row: Coach Schifino, Jim Nichols, Bill Nichols, Rick Chrislmas, Tom Goudie, Nick Karales Nel son Burns, Terry Kearny, Gary Frere and Dave Schecller, managers. Back Row: Jim Tingwald, Corky Norlhrop, EvereH Rollins Dana Woudenberg, John Propslrra, Bill Lamulh, Tim Kumfer, Bill Blakley, Bob Berrelson, Rob Temple, Sieve Landry, manager SCHEDULE March 5 Soulh l'lOI'I'I9 8 Phoenix Union Away I 2 Camelback Away I5 Kola Away I6 Yuma Away I9 Scolrlsdale Home 22 Coronado I-Iorne 26 Chandler l'lOI'nG 29 Mesa Away April 2 Norlh l'lOmS 5 Tempe Away 6 Yuma Horne I I A.S.U. Home I6 Mesa Home I9 Scollsolale Away 23 Coronado Away 26 Kola l'lOVT1G 30 Chandler Away May 3 Tempe I-IOFNS Coacl1iSchifino K I9I Junior Varsity and Freshman Teams J.V. BASEBALL TEAM . . . Fronl' Row: Sieve Boyd, Phillip Messec, Jim Van I-loulen, Bob Tellier, John Looman, Sid Miller Randy Oden John Wiedemaier, Rob Deneke. Baclc Row: Ron Johnson, Sreve Orlh, Ed Slruble, Dave Warner. Tom Cole, Gary Clark Sieve Hodgson Ron Barr, Chris Marlin, Coach Carlin. SCHEDULE March 5 Sourh Away 8 Phoenix Union I-Iome I2 Camelback I-Iome I5 Wesrwood I-Iome I9 Scorlsdale Away 22 Coronado Away 26 Chandler Away 29 Mesa I-Iome April 5 Tempe I-Iome 9 Sunnyslope I-Iome I6 Mesa Away I9 Scollsdale I-Iome 23 Coronado I-Iome 26 Weslwood Away 30 Chandler I-Iome May 3 Tempe Away I92 Coach Carlin Display Skill Through Hard orli ERESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM . . . Fronl' Row: Bill Birkholz, Chuck James, Randy Hegeman. Sleve Tail, George Malhngly John Rohmer Jerry George, Tony Peyou. Row Two: Bill McCarlhy, John Neal, Tom Cooley, Cal Rooker, Jim KuyKendall, Curhs Miller Sieve l-lelge son. Back Row: Larry Builer, Manager, Bill Spangler, Gary Kron, Gary Lieler, John Bluncla, Harry Taylor, Rick Beclenkop Bill l-liichings Dick Butler, Doug Eieck, Coach Li+'rle+on. Coach LiH'le1'on SCHEDULE March 5 Soulh Away 8 Phoenix Union Home I2 Camelback Home l 5 Weslwood l-lome l9 Scollsolale Away 22 Coronado Away 26 Chandler Away 29 Mesa Home April 2 Norlrh Away 5 Tempe Home 9 Sunnyslope Home I6 Mesa Away I9 Scollsclale l-lome 23 Coronado Home 26 Weslwoocl Away 30 Chandler Home May 3 Tempe Away Cindormon Exhibit ariot of Sports VARSITY TRACK TEAM . . . Fron+ Row: Don Siiles, Bob Beal, George Mills, Jerry Siines, Frank Whiieside, Don Cox. John Birch. Brad Morrill, Rick Peierson, Paul Prafr, Terry Shreves, Sieve Cameron. Second Roxwz Pai' Payne. Clini' Slriclham. Bill Ferguson. Foresi Carler, Torn Nues, Barry Sollenberger, Tom Parker, John Ward, John Williams, Tom Shore, John LaMan+ia. Back-Row: Rick Blakely, Jim Dau- deHe, Frank Ziska, Pele Repp, Dave Miller, Gerry VanReusen, Dennis Peierson, Richard Grey, Mark Bocaccio, Mike Loper, Bob Monie. Jerry Boudreau, John Thomas. Terry JunHi. Coach Amerson Coach Bullard Coach MacPherson Coach Anselmo , Skills Through Participation in Meets SCHEDULE March I3 Westwood Mark Bocaccio in the shot put to Tucson Relays Dave Herskovits in the broad iump Circle' 20 Coronado PH' 23 Glendale lnvitational 27 Tempe April 3 Chandler 6 Chandler Relays I I Coronado I6 Mesa I8 Mesa Tribune Relays 24 Scottsdale 27 Divisional May 4 Inter-Divisional John Williams and John Ward go- Jerry VanReusen in the high jump ing over the hurdles. Pit- . 4 f H . . Trackmen Earn Laurels J.V. TRACK TEAM . . . Fron+ Row: Ben l-larvey, Chris Salomone, Fred Williams. Jim Fissell, Jeff Smillri, Bill Ferguson. Second Row: Ter- ry Clark, Jim Sollenberger, Pele Repp, Gerry VanReusen, Dave Miller, Clini Sricllwam, Kendall Smilh. Back Row: Mike Cranny. Sieve Robinelle, Bob Beal, Dennis Pelerson, George Mills, Erik Widmark. Frank Zisza. Mike Loper, Dave Papandrew. Rob Monie praclices clearing The pole vaullr bar. Jerry Boudreau prepares To pu++l1e shor. I96 Fresh Track Team Shjnws Potential A ,l ai ,fill FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM . . . Front Row: Henry Schilling, Randy Witlcamp. Vern Cude, Ron Carter. Second Row: Terry Turner, Dan Widner, Larry Butler, Don Chenauel, Grove Green, Larry Plotkin, Back Row: Jim Daudet, Dennis Spindler, Jerry Johnston, Craig Potter, Kirk Williams, Gary Armstrong. Cross Countr Fourth in State CROSS COUNTRY TEAM . . . Front Row: Jett Smith, Terry Clark, Chris Salomone, Fred Williams, Steve Roloin ette. Back Row: John Thomas, George Mills, Terry Shreeve, Tom Neus, Brad Mortitt. Golf Team Headed for tate irls Take to Tennis Courts GOLF TEAM . . . Froni' Row: Coach Ray Jackson, Joe Porfer, Richard Mar- golin. Back Row: Pow- ers DuVall, Gary Swi'F+, Chuck CoH'on, Tom Fissel, Gibson PraH. GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM . . . Froni' Row: Karen Erickson, Bonnie Kirchoff, Linda Sig- munclson, Be'rsy Dalzell, Miss Guniher. Back Row: Mary For- resf, Linda Pomeroy, Robyn Cummings, Gloria Eklund, Kafhy Wi+'ry. '98 Varsity Nottors Have Good Season BOYS' TENNIS TEAM . . . Kneeling: Craig Neslage. Sfandingz Coach Odell. Sam Barfaluzzi, Bill Farmer, George Durham. Sam Rag .lanc'l,Jol1n Flores. , A I , yt- , f 55 41' ,Xe Qi., sy. ws? f 4' Sam Barlaluzzi John Flores Bill Farmer f I99 HOWARD AMERSON . . . Sponsored Sale- ly Council, Lellerman's Club: I5 years leaching: B.A., M.A. BEN ANDERSON . . . Co-Sponsored Leller- man's Club: 4 years leaching: B.A. PETER ANSELMO . . . Assislanl Track Coach: 5 years leaching: B.A. WILLIAM BALTZ . . . I6 years leaching: B.A., M.A. REGINALD BROOKS . . . Sponsored Band Lellerman: 6 years leaching: B.A., M.A. ERNIE BULLARD . . . 3 years leaching: B.S., M.S. WALLACE BUMP . . . I3 years leaching: B.S., M.A. MRS. MARGARET BURRELL . . . Sponsored Arl Club: 9 years leaching: B.A. JAMES BYRKIT . . . 6 years leaching: B.S. 'MRS. DOROTHY CAHILL . . . I2 ears Y leaching: B.A., M.A. PATRICK CARLIN . . . Freshman Foolball, J.V. Baseball Coach: 4 years leaching. AFTON CARPENTER . . . Sponsored OLYM- PIAN, CLASSIC, I2 years leaching: B.S., M.A. DR. GORDON CASWELL . . . 2I years leaching: A.B., M.A., Ed. D. MRS, ELEANOR CLOUGH . . . Sponsored Y-Teens: I year leaching: B.A. JOSEPH COLLIGNON . . . Sponsored N.H.S., Sophomore Class: 7 years leach- ing: B.A., M.A. GEORGE COWIE . . . 3 years leaching: B.A. DON DEAN PHIL DEPPE JOSEPH DOLAN . . . 2 years leaching: B.S. MRS. MICKI DOYLE . . . Sponsored Girls League: 3 years leaching. ROBERT FINKBINE . . . Sponsored Key Club, J.V. Foalball Coach: 7 years leach- ing: B.S. MRS. HELEN FISHER . . . Sponsored Fresh- man Class: 4 years leaching: B.S.. M.A. MRS. SHIRLEY FRYE . . . Sponsored Mu Alpha Thela: 9 years leaching: A.B., M.A. DUANE GARDNER . . . J.V. Foolball, J.V. Baslcelball Coach: 6 years leaching: B.S., M.A. MALCOLM GARRISON . . .23 years leach- ing: B.A., M.A. MAURICE GARSON . . . 5 years leaching: B.A., M.A. ROBERT GIBBONS . . , Sponsored Spanish Club: 3 years leaching: B.A. MRS. JUDITH GRANGER . . . I year leaching: A.B. TOM GRASSL . . . Sponsored Senior Class: 4 years leaching: B.A., M.A. GLENN GROENKE . . . IO years leaching: B.S., M.S. MISS PAULINE GUINTHER . . . GirI's Ten- nis Teams Coach: 8 years leaching: B.S., M.S. 200 Facult Index MRS. NATALIE HAHN . . .Sponsored Della Omega Tri-Hi-Y: 3 years leaching: B.S., B.S., M.S. LOU HALLMAN . . .Varsily Baslcelball Coach: IO years leaching: B.A., M.A. MRS. CAROL HAUGELAND . . . 2 years leaching: A.B. ROBERT HENDRICKS . . . Varsily Foolball Coach: Sponsored Lel,lerman's Club: 8 years leaching: B.A., M.A. ALFRED HEYWOOD . . . Sponsored Spanish Club: B years leaching: B.A., M.A. WILLIAM HICKEY . . . 4 years leaching: B.A. MRS. ROSEJ EAN HINSDALE . . .Sponsored Arcadian: 3 years leaching: B.A. WILLIAM HOLMES . . . 7 years leaching: M.A. MRS. DORIS HOWARD . . . Sponsored Fencing Team: 8 years leaching: A.B., M.A. BAXTER HURN . . .Sponsored Roclcel Club: IO years leaching: B.A., M.N.S. REYMOND JACKSON . . . Goll, Assislanl Foolball Coach: IO years leaching: B.S., M.S. MRS. BETTY JOHNSON . , . Sponsored Sigma Bela Chi Tri-Hi-Y, 3 years leach- ing: B.A., M.A. FORREST JOHNSON . . . Sponsored Bowl- ing League: I4 years leaching: B.S., M.S. MRS. RUTH JOHNSON... I2 years leach- ing: B.A., M.A. MERRILL LARGENT . . . 4 years leaching: B.S., M.S. JEFFERSON LARSON . . . Sponsored Mu Alpha Thela: I4 years leaching: B.S. MRS. EDITH LILLYWHITE . . . Sponsored GirI's League: 3 years leaching: B.A. ALMOND LITTLETON . . . 2 years leach- ing: B,A. MRS. DANA LYNCH . . . Direclor ol School Play: 5 years leaching: B.S., M.S. LINCOLN MacPHERSON . . . 7 years leach- ing: M.A. MRS. LOUISE MILLER . . . 33 years leach- ing: A.B., M.A. HAROLD MILLSOP . . . I3 years leaching: B.S., M.A. FREDERICK MOORE . . . Sponsored Drama Club: 2 years leaching: B.A. WILTON MOORE . . . 4 years leaching: B.A., M.A. JAMES MULLER . . . 5 years leaching: B.A., M.A. DAVID NEAL . . . 4 years leaching: B.A. SAMUEL ODELL . . . Sponsored Biology Club: Varsily Tennis, Freshman Foolball, Baslcelball Coach: 9 years leaching: B.A.., M.A. LEONARD PELLETTIRI . . . 5 years leach- ing: B.A., M.A. DONALD PENFIELD . . . Sponsored Sludenl Council: II years leaching: B-S-I MA- ARTHUR PETERSON . . . 4 years leaching? M.A. MRS. JEAN PETTIE . . . Sponsored D.E.C.A.: I6 years leaching: B.A. MISS VIRGINIA POWELL . . . Sponsored G.A.A., Pom Poh, Cheerleading Girls: 3 years leaching: B.A. MRS. LORETTA PROCHASKA . . . I4 years leaching: B.A. LAWRENCE READER . . . 3 years leach- ing: B.S., M.S. MRS. KATE REISS . . . 3 years leaching: A.A., B.A., M.A. PAUL SANDER . . . I year leaching: B.S. ANTHONY SCHIFINO . . . Varsily Base- ball Coach: B.A., M.A. MRS. PATRICIA SETTLEMOIR . . . Spon- sored Biology Club: 8 years leaching. DEVON SHOWLEY . . . Sponsored J.E.T.S.: 9 years leaching: B.A., M.A., M.S. MISS EILEEN SMOCKE . . . B.A.. M.A. MRS. EMILY STAFFORD . . . I3 years leaching: B.A., M.A. WALTER STODGHILL . . . I year leaching: B.A. MIKE SVACO . . . 3 years leaching: B.A. THOMAS TEMPLETON . . , 6 years leach- ing: B.S., M.A, ELEANORE UPTON . . . B years leaching: B.S., M.S. JOHN WATON . . . I year leaching: B.S., B.F.T. WILLIAM WIESE . . . 2 years leaching: B.S., M.S. DR. FRANCIS WILCOX . . . I4 years leaching: B.A., M.A., Ed.D. ROWLAND WILLIAMS . . . IO years leach- ing. MRS. CECILIA WITTY . . . 7 years leach- ing: B.S. FLOYD WOODARD . . . 7 years leaching: B.M., M.M. JOSEPH YOUNG . . . I3 years leaching: B.A., M.A. ADMINISTRATION HIL BRADY . . . 22 years leaching: 5 years adminislralor: B.A.. M.A. MRS. RUTH DOWNEY . . . I5 years leach- ing: 5 years counseling: A.B., M.A. GENE EASTIN . . . 8 years leaching: I year adminislralor: B.A., M.A. MRS. VERMA FEBUS . . . I4 years leach- ing: 3 years counseling: B.M., A.M. MRS. MARGUERITE NEID . . . IO year: leaching: I year counseling: B.A...M.A. WALTER SCHWARZ . . . 8 years leaching 5 years counseling: A.B., M.A. LEONARD SPOONER . . . I4 years leach ing: 9 years adminislralor: B.A., M.A. JACK WEBB . . . 8 years leaching: 3 year: counseling: B.S., M.A. Adams, Charlolle-63 Adams, Do nald-93, I2I Adams, Dorolhy-63 Adams, James R.-93, I27 Adams, Jane-63, IIO, I2O Adams, Susan-32, IIS Adamson, Jack-76 Aden, Donald A.-32, ll6 Adler, Donald R.-63 Akers, Barbara Ann-93, l48 Akers, Bill ie Jean-32 Akers, Ivlargarel-76 Alberl, Samuel-93 Albrighl, Jacque-63, IIO, ISI Alexander, George-76 Alexander. Jay Alexander, -Judy-76 Allen, Jim-63, II4 Student Index Balliell, Ron-32, II6 Bancroll, Sharon-76 Bann, James-93, ISI Bann, Bill-76 Bann, Veronica-32 Barclay, Linda-93 Barker, Donna-76, ISI Barker, LouAnna-93 Barnes, Linda-93, II4 Barnelf, Rick-32 Baroler, Barbara-63, I2I, ISO, I69 Barr, Ronny-76, IBI, I92 Barlaluzzi, Sam-33, II9, l22, I74, I79, l99 Barllell, Kendall-63 Barllell, Michael-63 Barllell, Slave-93 Barlolino, Jeff-93, ISI, IBO Barron, Cyril Benzing, Dennis-77, II6 Benzing, Terry-63, II6 Beran, Bill-33 Beresic, David-63, I24 Bergen, Kalhleen-93 Bernal, George-33 Bernalh, Randa-93, I48 Berry, John-63, I23 Berlelsen, Roberl-33, I22, I74, I76 Belhell, Candace-93 Bieleski, Sian-33 Bierbaurn, Leon-93 Bigleman, Kalhy-77 Bimson, Sally-63 Birch, John-63, I46, I74. 178, I94 Bircumshaw, Val-93 Birkholz, William-ISO, I9O, I93 Birney, Bisbee Ma ry An n-93 Sleve-94-, IBO Blackmon, Ella-77 Allen, Marilyn-93, IZO Allums, Tim-93, I48, IBO Aller, Mina-93 Ambrose, Linda-32, II8, II9 Ambrose, Andy-75, 76, II4, Anderson, John A.-93, IBO Anderson, Kay-76, I47 Anderson, Larry-76 Andrews, Mike Applebaum, Susan-76, II7, ISI Armalis, Ann B.-32, II4, ISI Armalis, John S.-63, I9O Armslrong, Gary-93, I97 Aron, Leonard-63, II4 Arra, Tony-76 Ashlon, Sherrill-32, ISO Auguslin, John D.-63 Auslin, Linda-93 Ballershell. Ed-76 Bally, lvla rcia-93 Bauer, Joan-76, II4, II8 Bauer, Joleen Bauer, Judy-93 Bauer, Wayne-63 Baum, Roger-63 Baumann, William-93, II9, ISI Bishop, Ann-I2I Bishop, Charles-63 Bishop, Frank-77 Bishop, Nancy-94 Bissell, Jeane-94 Biszanlz, Edward-33, I22, I79 Black, Carol-94 Blazok, Susan-63, II6, IIB, ISI Auslin, Roy-76 Avant Leslie-76, II4. l2I Aycock, Marie Baa r, Sa m-76 Ba bien ko, Vivienne-76 Baccellia, Terry-76, ISI Bahls, Roberl-93 Baker, Bruce-76 Bake r, David-93 Baker, Randy-76, II6 Bauman, Kalherine Beal, Bob-76, I8I, I94, I96 Bean, Liza-II, 33, II3, IIS, I43, I6I, I69, I7O Bean, Tricia-93, IZS Beason, Lynn-63 Beauchamp, Don Beauchamp, Shirley-33, II8, I3O Bechfol, Jane-63, II8 Becker, Sara-63 Beckslead, Jean-76 Bedenkop, Rick-93, I8O, I88, I93 Beglrup, Marilyn-76, ISI Behan, Barbara-S8 Belden, John-93, ISI Bell, Bernadelle-63 Bell, I'Iurliord-76 Bellenger, Oscar-76, l48 Bemis, Craig-33, IIS Bemis, Ron-93, I9O Beniamin, John-76, II6 Benner, Phillip-76 Benneson, Nancy-63, I2I Bennell, Ann-l2I Bennell, Janis-33 Blackmore, Carol Blackmore, John Ann-63 Blackmore. Mary-77 Blakeley, Carolyn Blakeley, Richard Blasnek, Mark -94, IZO -77, I8I, I94 Blakley, William- 63, I83, I84, I9I Blasnek, Sleve-77 Blale, Bud-77, I8I Blall, Lee-63, IIS Bleyer, Jacqueline-77, I2I Block, Randee Sue-94, II7, I23 Black, Thomas-63 Blough, Byron Bluell, Craig-77 Blum, Cheryl-94 Blunda, John-94, I93 Bly, Jim-63, II5, I2I Bly, William-94, l2I Blylh, Nona-94 Boccaccio, Mark-63, I74, I78, I94, Boellcher, Terry-63, I46 Bock, Grelchen Baker, Bill-76 Baldridge, Sandy-32, II7, IZO Baldwin, Doug-76 Baldwin, Lorella-32, ISO Bella, Elaine-32, IIS, ISI Bennell Ken-76 Bennefl, Lynn-76 Bennell' Rick-63 Benson, Bruce-93 Benzel, Karen-I I , 33, IIS, II8 Bock, Judy Bohr, Dianne-33 Boian, Roger Bollz, Richard-64 Bonds. Tammy-94 Boren, Ken-77 Borsheim, Mike-77 Bosrock, Chrisrie-34. 116 Boslock, Frank-92, 94, 114, 180, 189 Bolsford, Susan-77 Bouclreau, Bonnie-77 Boudreau, Jerry-34, 194, 196 Burns, Jamie-94 Burns, Nelson-11, 35, 119, Burion, Bryan-77 Busch, James-77, 190 Busser, Sandra-77 Bulcher, Tom-94, 151 Bulkievicz, Donna-78 Carler, George-35, 124 Carler, Ronald-95, 123, 197 Carler, Todd-35 Car1er,Vincen1-59, 122, 190 Carver, Roberl-95 Carver, Pal-64 Case, Chuck-78, 123. 146, 154 Cady, Bob-35, 122 Bowen, Janice-77 Bowers, Charles-94 Bowie, Naomi-94 Bowne, Gary-64 Box, Sandra-34, 116 Box, Susan-34 Boyd, Pam-64 Boyd, Penny-77 Boyd, Sieve-77, 192 Boyer, Cynlhia-34 Boyer, Cheri-77 Boyle, Nancy Braden, Mike-77, 116 Bradley, Gary-64 Bradley, Terry-94, 120 Brady, Mike-94, :ao Bramleil, Annelle-77 Brennan, Krisfen-64, 118 Chuck-4, 35, 114, 119, 122, 133, Lawrence-94, 189, 193, 197 Richard-94, 180, 188, 193 Burler, Cheryl-78, 117 Buller, 136, 142, 169 Burler, Diane-64, 124 Bu'r1er, Jo-94 Buller, Laurel Burler, Buller, Burron, Dale-77 Byrd, Leslie lAr'r1-35 Byrd, Shirley-94, 120 Casper, Donna-64 Casl, David-95 Casier, Cynlhia-78 Casrleberry, Judy-95 Caud1e,Joe-36, 115, 124, 169, 190 Cazel, Palricia-95, 149 Ce1'1'i, Bill--36, 122, 146, 149 Chadderson, Valerie-95, 148 Chaillie, Suzanne-78, 148 Chalagonian, George-78 Chance, Joan-64, 115, 118 Clark, Brice, Leslie-64 Briggs, Rick-34, 124, 147, 149 Brill, Sharon-94 Brinlon, Arman-34 Brinlon, Landra--77, 114 Brock, Dianne-64 Broeder, Pai-77 Brom be rg, Srephen-34 Brooks, Doris-77 Brooks, Jean-64 Brooks, Lawrence-64, 117 Brooks Srarr-77 Brown, Gary-77 Brown, Kennefh-34, 124, 150 Brown, Janice Rae-94, 120 Brown, Jeanni-34, 110, 118, 128 Brown, Jeremy-77. 121, 151 Brown, Joanne-77, 110 Brown, Mary Elaine-94, 114 Brown, Rick-94, 123 Brown, Sieve-77 Bruce, Kim-94, 123 Bruininq. Parricia-34 Brya n, Terry-77, 190 Bryanr, Caihy-34 Buckley, Thomas-77 Buffman, Rodger-64 Bullard, Marsha-64 Burch, Mary Burdelle, Sue-64, 118 Burgess, Susan-64 Burke. Mike-77 Burke, Pam-115 Burns, Calhy-64 202 Byron, Marilyn-35 Byron, Michealann-78 Caldwell, John-78 Caldwell, Paul-64, 146, 150 Caldwell, James-94 Caliendo, Paul-94, 114 Call, Cindy-64 Call, Gary-64, 146 Cali, John-35, 142, 150 Call, Michael--94, 148 Call, Rila-23, 35, 118 Cameron, John-78 Cameron, Nancy-78, 110, 114, 121 Sleve-64, 119, 121, 194 Cameron, Cameron, Susan-78 Campana, Anna Campana, Diana Camploell, Paul-64 Campbell, ScoH-94 Chandler, Kafhy-36 Chapman, Jack-78 Chapman, Jim-64 Chapman, John-64 Charland, Richard-64, 116, 150 Chase, John-36, 123 Chenhall, Ray-78, 119 Chenhall, Don--95, 180, 197 Chesley, Vickie-95 Childers, Coelle-78, 151 Choafe, Eddie-78 Chipman, Melinda Chrislensen, Clynn-78 Chrislensen, James-64 Chrislensen, Jane-78 Chrislensen, Roberl'-36, 115, 116. 124 Chrisiensen, Rosemary-65 Chrislian, Diana-95 Chrislmas, Frances-95, 120 Chrisrmas, Rick-36, 122, 174. 177, 179 191 Chrisropher, Roger-65 Church, Tom-36 Cipriano, Harry-78 Campoda11'or'ro, Pam-78 Campos, Arminda-35 Cannon, Dale-78, 151 Cannon, Ronald-95 Canier, Bob-64, 190 Canier, Rachelle-95 Cappelli, Larry-78 Cardell, Susanne-78 Cardew, Gerald-78 Carey, Pai-64, 121 Clare, Mary Ellen-65 C1ark,Ca1herine-65, 151 Clark, Connie-9, 36, 111, 115, 133 Clark, Gary-78, 181, 192 Clark, John-117 Clark, Mark-95, 148 Clark, Mike Clark, Ruih Ann-65. 117 Clark, Terry-78, 196, 197 Tina-65, 121 118 131 Carlisle, Ca rrie-64 Carlisle, Lisa-64 Ca r1+on, M ary-95 Carnahan, Sandy-35 Carpenler, Jeanne-64 Carroll, Bobbi-35, 121, 138 Carler, Forresl-78, 194 Clarke, Larry-36, 122, 174, 178 Clemens, Sherry-65, 120 Clinkingbeard, Kalhy-95 Coar, Gail-36, 150 Coale, Richard-95 Coffman, Darolyn-65, 118 Cole, Carolyn-95 gi-1- DiTirro, Ange1a-96 Cole, Cheryl-95 Cole, Donne11a-65, 118, 123, 146, 150 Cole, Torn-78, 192 Cole, Vance-65, 116, 150 Co11on, 1Chuck1-78, 181, 198 Co11e1't Miranda-65, 117, 147 Co11e1't Paul Conner, Judy-95, 120 Conroy, Par-95 Conroy, Don-150, 154 Conroy, Roger-65 Conros, Gus-78. 181 Confryman, Ron-78 Cook, Don-79, 123, 139 Cook, Rick-36, 117, 123, 124, 153 Cook, Mariha-65, 129 Cook, Sa11y-79 Cooley, Tom-3, 92, 95. 112, 180, 188, 193 Cooper, Connie-79 Cooper, Diane-36 Coover, Warren-79, 181 Coppins, Leslie-65 Coppins, James Burce-95 Coppock, Doug1as-79, 150 Corbiit Corinne-79, 146 Corrigan, Sandra Corzine, Linda-95 Coun1's, Nancy-65, 121 Courfney, Don-95 Cowan, 13111-65, 146 Cox, Don-65, 129, 190, 194 Cramer, Judy-65 Cranny, Mike-79, 147, 149, 181, 196 Crewson, Jerry-65, 174, I77, 179 Croft Sharon-65, 115 Cronk, Pefer-65 Cronshey, Bob-79, 123 Crofzer, Va1arie-95 Crow1ey, Bi11-95 Crowley, Karhy--65 Cru+ch1ey, Marcia-79 Cuck1er, Jera1d-65, 117, 123, 124 Cummins, Robyn-79, 116, 151, 198 Cude, Vernon-197 Cunningham, Diane-95 Cur1'is, Bob-79 Cushman, B111-79 Dalessandro. Audrey-75. 79, 110, 112, 118 Daley. Ron-79. 116 Da1Ze11, Be1'sy-79, 198 Danley, Richard-65 Daudet James-95. 194, 197 Daugherfy, Bi11-37 Davenport David-95 Davidson, Jean-79, 151, 169 D'Apuzzo, Bill D'Apuzzo, Jane Davis Bobbie Jeanne-118, 120 Davis Cynihia Davis Dennis-65 Davis Edirh-37 Davis John-65, 123, 148 Davis Karen-79 Davis, Lynn-79, 116, 126 Davis Margarei'-95, 120 Davis Sfephen-79, 123 Davis Tom-73, 123 Deak, Nora De Berge, Pai-95, 120 Dedman, Ji11-37 Deike, Eve1yn-65, 150 Deloian, Rosemary-79, 110, 120, 151 Deneke, Ronny-79, 181, 190, Den1on,Jeannene-65, 150, 169 Desch1er, Connie-95, 120 192 Desch1er,'1'im-79, 181, 190 Deirick, Bradford Derrick, Ray-79 DeVaney, James-91 Dever, Dan-96 DeVore, Marilyn-65 DeWirt Donna Marie-65 Dibble, Marcia-65, 110 Dicerbo, Mike-79 Dick, Mike-37, 119 Dick, Susan-96, 120 Dickey, Susan-96 Diefenderfer, Les1ey-79 Dieiz, Tim--79, 119, 190 Dight Reardon Dill, Mark-96, 148, 155 Di11on, Skip--79 Dipley, Cheryn-65 DiTirro, Pa1-79 Diison, Mia-96, 121 Dixon, Susan-79 Deakin, Frank-79 Dobben, Jean-79 Dobben, Lynn-37 Do1e, Dennis-96, 148 Dominick, Louise-66 Dooley, Mariha-96, 120 Dorfman. Bob-66, 146 Dorris, Sandra Doyle. Greg-96, 148 Draney, Jerri-9, 37, 118, 131, 133 Draney, Pa m-96 Draughon, Bob--66. 151, 174, 179 Dreb1ow, Dave-4, 37, 114, 124, 146, 164 Drechsler, Nancy-37, 118 Drew, Bill-66 Driggs, Sieve-96 Duggan, Linda-96, 120 Duianovic, Jack-96 Dunbar, Linda-96, 120 Dunbar, Lorraine-37 Dunfee, Jane+-37, 115, 118 Dunn, Karen-96, 148 Dunning, Denise-96 Durham, George-11, 37, 113 115 124 143, 161, 169. 170. 199 DurreI1,JuIie-59, 118, 119, 130 Dufro, Linda-96 DuVa11, Gaines-79 DuVa11, Powers-38, 119, 122 Eakes, Riia-38 Ea1y, Ken-38 Ebert John Ebert B111-80 Echo1s, Shirley-96 Eckhardt Dwighi-38 Edmundson, Peggy-96 Edmundson. Terry-38, 142, Edwards, Linda-96, 120 Edwards, Susan-66, 118 Eggemeyer, Ronnie Egizii, Dave--96 Ehrsam, Becky-96, 120 Eisen, Margaret-80 Ek1und, G1oria-38, 118, 122, E11io1t Caro1yn-80, 120, 121 E11io1t Linda-96 E11iO1t 1.015-38, 118, 122, 14 E11io1t Marilyn-80, 120 E11is, Mike-38 E11is, Srephen-80 E11s1rom, James-80 E1sberry, Vera 1Susie1 E1son, David-38, 124 E1son, Vickie-80, 117 Ely, Richard Emerson, Pam--96 Emery, Char1es-38, 115, 117 150 153 169 Emery. Lee-66, 148 Emery, Shir1ee-66 Emmons, Andrea-38, 118 Endicolrt S+eve-96 Englund, Teddy-80 Erickson, Karen-96, 120, 198 Erie, Leonard-80 Eskridge, Mary Lou-66 E1'che11s, Karhy-80, 120 Eungard, Pau1a 1Susie1-80 Eurard. Nonna Jo-96 Evans, Buddy-96 Evans, Peggy-66 Evans, Greg-80 Everha rr, Da ryI-96 Ewing, Jon-96 Fabeny, Parricia-38, IIS Faber, Bari'-80, I8I Fairfield, Bob-39, I27, ISO FaIIc, Carolyn-39, 96 Faik, Corinna Falk, Kaihy-66, II7 Farmer, BiII-39, I22, I99 Farmer, Everr--66, I79 Farmer, Sharon-8, 39, II8, I22, I47 Farmer, Tom-66, II9, I74-, I78, I83, l8S Faughi, Lyn-66, II4, IZO, I2I FenneII, Michael-66, I9O Fenion, Barbara-96 Ferguson, Caihy-II7, I2I, I23 Ferguson, Linda-66, II8, I3I, I32 Ferguson, Michael-39 Ferguson, WiIIiam-80, ISO, I8I, I94, I96 Fiecic, Doug-ISI, I93 Finch, Ronald-80, II6 Finney, Cafhy-80 Fischer, Deborah Fish, Barbara-80 Fish, Joan-66 Fisher, Jim-80, I4-7 Fisher, Roberr-80 Fissell, James-80, I8I, I96 Fissell. Thomas-66, I98 Florez, John-66, II9, I3O, Flynn, Jack-96 Ford. Richard-39 Forresr, Mary-66, I2O, I98 Fosfer, Dave-66 Fosier, Doug-39 Fosier, Jerry-96 Fosrer, Thomas-66, II9, I79 Fraizer, Ava-80 Fraiey, Dana-97 FraIey, PauIa-66, ISI Francine, David-66, I23 Frank, Grerchen-80 Freedle, Frank-80 Freeman, Gary--97 Freeman, Connie-80 Freeman, EIIen Freesrone. Nancy-80, IZO French, Marie-39, II6 Frere, Gary-66, I9I FricIc, Donna-80 Frye, Caroi-66 Frye, Roberr-80 Fulbrechr, Lynn-39, II5, l7I Fuiicerson, Mia-97 FuIIer. Judirh-80 204 I66, I99 Fu rr, Ron nie-80 GaI3I:aarcI, Mariorie-80 Gage, BIII-39 Gainrner, James-97, ISI, I8O Gaininer, LeRoy-39, II4, IIS, II9 I24, I42. ISO, I69, I74, I76 Gallagher, Gaii-39, I39, I4-3 Gaiwey, MichaeI-97, IZ3, I48 Gaiwey, Sharyn-66, I23, I4-8 Gamble, Fred-66 Gamble, Terry-8, 66, I27, I4-7 Gangadean, Nirmal-40 Gangadean, Ramesh-97 Garcia, Margarer-97 Gani, Barbara-66 Gardner, Parry-40, I2I Garrison, Sarah--97, I49 Gehl, Dennis-66 Geiger, Parricia-80, II4, I46 Genrner, Kaihy Geniry, Priscilla-97, I2I George, Jerone-97, I93 Gerhari, Bonnie-66 Gerharir, Linda Gersrenschlager, Sianley-97, I48 Gerz, Carol-97 Gibbons, Gayle-66 Gibbons, Greg-II6, IZI Gieszi, CaroI-80, I2I Giiiin, Janice Gilberi, Sandy--40, I39 GiIIard, Jim-40 Giimore, Peggy-40 Giover. Geraid-80, II6, I23 Giover, Linda-8I Goddard, Vicki-66 Goeman, Penny-8I, I48 Goidman, Sheiia-97, II7 GoId+hwai'Ie, Kafhy-BI Gompf, Sandra-8I Good, Coni-97 Goodman, Chris-97, I48 Goodman, Pairi-97, IZO Goosrree, Gloria-40 Gordon, Wayne-97, II7 Gossick, Kajrherine-97 Goudie, Tom-I9, 67, I22, l9I Grady, Diane-97, IZO Graham, Phillip-SI Graham, Rosalind-97, IZO Grant Land-8I, I8I GranI', Virginia-8I Granzow, Fred-67, I22, I47 Gray, Richard-67, I74, I76, I94 Grayson, Jim-97 I Greco, Don Green, Beih-67, IIS, I2l Green, Candy-67, IZO Green, James-40 Green, Karhy-8I Green, Wayne-IS3 Greene, Grove-3, 97, I48, ISO, I97 Gregory, Sue-67 Germanis, Diana-67 Griffin, Janice-8I Griffin, Lori-97 Griiiiih, Gene-4-O, IIS, II9, I24, I7O Grimdirch, GIoria-67, IIS, I24- GriswoIcI, Chrisrine-97 Grouskay, Karen-97 Grouskay, Pifi:-40 Grubbs, Deborah-97 Gruloe, Marsha-67 Gruner, Rich-4O Guffey, Elaine-97, I2O, I2I Gulledge, Bruce-BI GuIIe'r+, Alana-81 GuIIeI'r, Greg-97 Gulnac, Donna-BI Gumlick, Donna-8I Gunnei, Sue-40 Gurhrie, John-II4, I46, I49, ISO Gurhrie, Richard-40, 92 Guyan, Vic-97, ISI, I89 Gygi, Peggy-67. ISI I-Iaag, Philip-97 I-Iaddy, Aniia-97, IZO, I4B I'IadcIy, Sharon-67, I2I, ISO I-Iafleigh, I-Iearher-8l I-Iageman, Randy-97 I-Iageriy, Michael-SI, I48 Haggeriy, Diane-SI Hairsion, Tom-8I, I8I I-Iakes. Karen-SI I'IaII, Daniel-67, I47 I-IaII, Diane-67 I-IaII, Janice-97 I-IaII, Lynda I-IaII, Sreve-67, I9O I-Ialliday, Kaihryn I'IamiIIon, Frank-4-I, II6 I-Ialperi, Roger-98 I-Iammeir, Vaunda-8I, I33, I46 I-Iammond, Nancy-67, II5, II7, I24 I-Ianan, Roioeri-8I I-Ianby, Tom-67 I'Ianer, John-98 Haney, Jane?-81, I2O, 125, I49 Hanford, James-8I I-IanIon, David-98, I8O, I89 , Housfon, Lynda-98 Hannan, Dorrie-4I Hansen, Robin-8I Hdpip. Charles-98, I23 Hapip, Paul-67, II4, I23, I24 Hardy, Barbara-8I, IIS Harkenrider, Joan-98 Harkenrider, John-SI Harmann, Gary-98, ISI, I8O Harmon, Ronald-67, IIS Harper, Karen-67 Harringfon, Marcia-4, II, 4I, III, II3, IIS, II8, II9, I42, I69 Harshfield, Suzanne Harf, Donna-4-I Harvey, Ben-SI, I96 Harvey, Thomas-8I, I48 Haugeland, Carol-SI, I26 Haupf, Barbara-II, 4I, III, II3, II5, II8, II9, I39, I43, I63 Havighursf, Kafhy-98 Havighursf, Nancy-4-I, I2I, 139, I68 Harris, Mike Hawkins, Philip--4l, ISI Hawkins, William-SI Hawkins, Mark-8I Hawks, Terry-4I, I48, ISO Hayden, Ann-67, IIS, II8 Hayden, Dennis-67 Hayden, Guy-98 Hayden, Karen-8I, I49 Hayduke, George Heafh, Lisa-67, IIS Hedsfrom, Cheryl-67 Hedsfrom, Lee-8I Heise, John-8I Helgeson, Sfeven-98, I9O, I93 Henderson, Brenda--98 Henderson, Charles IRickI-4I, I27, I39 Henderson, Bill-8l Hendrix, Bill-98, ISI Hendrix, Gary-82 Hendrix, Sandra-4I Henes, Sfeve-98 Hennessey, Mary-98 Henry, Roberf-98 Henson, Pam-98, I2O Heringer, Jane-82, I47 Heringer, John-98, I48 Herman, Sfuarf-4-I Herndon, Rick-98, I48, I49 Herskovifs, Dave-4-I, 59, II2, IIS, II9, I22, I24, I37, I74, I78. I9S Hiaff, Joanna-82, ISO Hibler, Larry-67, II6, ISO Hickman, Judy-67, II4 Hiegel, John-42, ISO Hiegel, Mary-67, II6, ISO Hilde, John-82 Hill, David-82 Hillebrand, Jim Hillier, Arfhur-98 Hillis, Terry-67 Hilsabeck, Corky-42, I22, I83, I86 Hilsabeck, Scoff-82, I8I Hiner, Gerald-82, ISI Hiner, Nicolas-98, I46, I49 Hirf, Sherry-82 Hislop, Pafricia-82 Hifchock, Becky-82 Hifchock, Linda-67 Hifchock, Vickie-82 Hifchings, Bill-IBO, I88, I93 Hiwelle, Jeanne-98 Hobein, Pafricia-98 Hodder, Jim-42, I24, I4-6 Hodgdon, Sandra-98 Hodges, Befsy-4, II, 42, II8, II9 Hodges, Bill-98 Hodges, Don-I27, I39 Hodgson, Sfephen-82, ISI, I92 Inscho, Carol-98, IZO Isaacs, Dewey-82 Isbell, Nancy-99 Jablonski, Kafhy-82 Jacobs, Marfha Lynn Jacobson, Donald-43 Jackson, Jennifer-82 James, Chuck-99, II2, ISO, I92 I93 Jamison, Linda-9, 82, III, II4, I3I I33 Janecek, Mary-43 Jeffries, David-68 Jenkins, Linda-43 Jennings, Karla-8, 68, I2I, I2S, ISO Jensen, Jennifer-68 Johansen, Vicfor-82 Johns, Gerri-99 Hoefelmann, Richard-67, IIS, I46, I74, I79 Hoeksema, Cafhy-23, 42, I7I Hoel, Cinda-82 Hoffman, Bill--82, II4, II9, ISO Hoffman, Carol-67, IZI Hogan, Cheryl-82, ISI Hogin, Jerry-42 Holland, Judie-82 Holm, Don-82, ISI Holmberg, Harold-I9O Holmberg, Bill-67, II7 Holmsfrom, Sfeye-67 Holfson, Cheryl-42 Honsik, Frank-98 Hopkins, Mark Hopwood, Barbara-67 Hough, Jeanneffe-82 Johnson Becky--99, IZO Johnson Bruce-82, IIS Johnson Carol Johnson Cindy-9, 4-3, II3, IIS I3l, I33, I63, I68 Johnson Lee-99 Johnson Gregg-83 Johnson Janef-99 Johnson Jody-68, II8 Johnson Lynda-83 Johnson, Kay-6, 43, IIS, I26 Johnson Ron-83, I8I, I92 I Johnson Johnson Johnson Susan-99 Bill-82, I22. ISI. I9O Bill-43 Johnsfon, Jerry-99, ISI, I97 Johnsfon, Ray-43 Jones, Brad-83 Jones. Sharon-99 Housfon, Robyn-62, 68,gIIO, II4, IIS, II9, I2S, I3O, ISO Howard, Paul-I89 Howe, Woody IWiIIiaml-82, I8I Hoyer, Nancy-42, III, II8, I3I, I33, I4-3 Hoyf, Coleman-68, IIS Hoyf, lim-98, I48, I89 Hudson, Lou-82 Hudson, Scoff-68 Hughes, Jeanne-42 Hull, Margaref-82 Hume, Sharon-68, I2I Humphrey, Sandra-82 Humphrey, Gary-98 Hunf, Ann-42, I26, I7I Hunfingfon, Sandra-98 Hurford, Helen-98 Hurford, Bill Hussey, Bill-98, ISI Hufson, Judifh-82 Huvelle, Jeanne-98, II4, IZO Jones, Paf-68 Jones, Penny-68, II4, I47 Jones, libloy-33, 99, IIO, II4 Jones, Shirley-99, I2O Jordan, Barbara-43, IIS, ISI Jorgenson, Gail-83 Jorgenson, Jeanne--43, II8, I39 Jorgensen, Karen-97 Joseph, Sfeve-83 Julian, Mikefli-3 Julian, Paf Juni, Frank-83 Junffi, Terry-I22, I94 Kamsfra, Charolffe-83, I2I Kamsfra, Bill-43, I46 Kapner, Glenn-99. II6, I88 Laake, David-68 Karales, Alexis-68, II8, I2I KaraIes, Nick- , , , , Il 43 III I22 I27, I9l Kas'r, David Kas+, Judy-68 Kafarski, Mary-8, 44, IIO, , I27, I47 Kalrerski, S'ran-68, I47, I79 Ka'rz, Jeannie-83 III II5, l22, Kaufman, Linda-83 Kearney, Terry-44, I22, I83. I86, Keen, Jim-44 Keen, Pam-83, I5O KeeIon, Vince-83, I8I KeiII1, AIan-83, I8I KeiII1, Jed-44 Kelly, Jerry-83 Kelly, Nancy-9, 44, II8, I28, I3 I63 I62. Kelfy, Glenn-44, IZ3 Kemp, John-68 Kennedy Brian-83, I8I Kennedy Don-68 Kennedy Judy-99 Kennedy Linda-99 Kennedy Pai-99 Kennedy, Rose-44, II6 Kent Mary Frances-44 Kenningjron, Miles-l48 Kenf, Maxine-68 I, I33, KersI'1aw. Suzanne-68, I3I, I32 Kersfiens, MicI1aeI-99 Kessler, CI1arIes-44 Keyes, Beverly-83 KidweII, Pai-83, II6, l2I Killian, Linda-68 KiIpa'rrick, Linda-44 Kimball, Dennis-I9O KimI3aII, RaIpI'1-44, IIS, I24, I37 Kinchloe, Susan-44, I5O King, Barry-68 Kinkel, Joyce-68, l5I Kinker, Samuel KinzIe, Carole-45, IIB, I27, I7I KinzIe, Don-99, ISO, I88 Kircher, Elizabefb-99, II4 Kirchoff, Bonnie-4-4, ISI, I98 Kirk, CaroI-68 Kiesjrad, Chrisfine--99 Klein, Charlee-83 Klein, Jerry-68 KIein, Jon-45 Kleinz, Karen-99, II7, I2I KIeinz, Linda-83, IZO KIemme, Lynn-99 Kline, Carol-45, II6 KIouse, Terry-83 Knacksfedt Saundra-83 KnigI1I, Pam-83, II8 Knight Rick-99 Knirsch, John-99 206 Koerner, Scoflr-83, I9O Kohlhase, Ka'rI1y-68 Kopecky, Kim-83, I48 Koppen, Jack-45, I22, I43. I74, I76 Kos, Barbara-45, ISO Kossnar, Sharon-68 KoI'z, Bobbie-68 Krahenbuhl, Linda-83, I5I KraI'1enbuI1I, Bill-45 Krain, Sophia-99 Kran+z, Mike-99, I5l Krebs, Karen-99 Krebs, Ka'rIxy-68, l5I Kriner, BiIIy-99 Kriner, Okey ILinnI-83 Kron, Gary-99, I8O, I88, I93 KucI'1Ier, Carol-45, I5O KucInIer, Linda Kuebler, Roberf-83 Kumfer, Tim-45, I22, I9I Kupniewski, Toni-45 Kuykendail, Jim-99, IBO, I93 Kyff, Cheryl-83, I2I, I5I Lacy, EIIen-45, I22, I47 Lacy, Gordon-I48 Ladd, DarneI Lefon, Bonnie-99 La Grolrlra, Pinky-68 Lake, Frankie-83 Lam, AIan-99, ISO, I9O Laman, William-83 La Menfia, JoI'1n-68. I94 Lambert Nancy-84 Lamson, Nancy-84, I2I LamuII'1, Kerry-84 LamuII'1, BiII-59, I22, I9I LancasIer, Connie-II4 Landefeld, RaeneII-68 Landis, Benny Landry, Sfeve-84, I8I, I9I Lane, Candy-45, II5, I2I Langley, Jim-69, I74, I78 Lanser, Regina-99. I2O LarabeII, Cur+-69 Larson, Ka'rI1Ieen-IOO, I2I Laszlo, Joe-69 Laubacn, Jane-84, I4-8 Laufen, Greg-84 LawIus, Be'H'y-84, II4 Lawonn, Vicki-IOO LeacI'1, Larry-IOO Leafzow, Robyne-69, I2O, l3I, I32 Lee, Greg-46 Leiler, Gary-IOO, I5I, I80, I88 Leininqer, Zoanne-84 Levine, Roberf-84 Lewin, Eric Lerner, Roberi' Lewis, Barbara-IOO Lewis, Denis-69 Lewis, Larry-46, II4, I4-7, I5I Lewis, Vicki-IOO LicI'1ner, Diane-46 LickIider, Nan-69, I27, I4-7 LiIIybIad, Breck-46, II6 Limburg, WaIIy-84 Lind, Judy-84 Lindblom, Kip-46, II7, I53 Lindner, Calrhy-IOO Lindner, Susan-69 Lindsay, BIII-IOO Lindslrrom, AI-46, II9, I4-3 Lindsfrom, Jacquelyn-9. 75, 84 II4 I3I I33 Lindsirom, Susan-84 LinviIIe, Diane-69 Lipfon, Larry-84 Liska, SaIIy-84 Locke++, Richard-84 Loesch, Susan--46 Lohman, Gary-IOO, I2I LoI1r, CIark-69, I52 Looman, John-69, I92 Looman, Rick-IOO Loper, Mike-84, IBI, I94, I96 Lovercio, Kafhie-69 Low, Ronnie-84 Lowry, Bob-IOO Luke, Randy-IOO Lundin, Mimi-II, 46, II4. II7 Il8 II9 I2I Lupfon, RusseII-IOO Lupfon, Julie-69, Il8 LuI'es, Pai-69 Lynch, Tom-46, I22 Lynch, Andrea-84 Iv1cCar+Iwy, Laura-69 IvIcCarI'I1y, BIII-IOO, I93 McCarII1y, Wayne-47 IvIcCasIand, Lynn-84, ISO IvIcCIue, Larry-IOO, I8O McClure, Laura-84, I46 McConneII, James-IOO McCoy, Douglas-IOO McCurnin, Kay-47 McCuIcI'men, Belrfy-84 McDaniel, Roberfa-47, ISI MacDonaId,JoI1n-59, II9, I22 I24 4 I79 MacDonald. Ron-69, II4, II9 I26 I78 McDowell, Pal-69 McEvoy, Frank-69 McFadden, Miclri-9, 69. Il8, Mclzord, Leonard-69, IZ3. ISO Mc6arey, Carl-84 McGarey, John-IOO McGee, Roloerr McGinIy, Pal-47, II9, l22, I28, I55, I62, I74, I76,,I77. 179 McGuire, Terry McGwire, Merry-62, 69, II2, l40, I66 McKenzie, Melba-IOO McKeown. Dan-84, I24 Mclieown, Mike-84, I46 McLeod, Nancy-85, ISI McLeod, Sieve-47 McMahon, Sieve--69 McMas+er, Jane-47 McMullin, Peggy-85 McNabb, Wilbur-IOO McNamara, Dan-69, II7 McNamara. Joan-69 McNamara, Mary--85 McNamara, Mike-85 McNeill, Charles-70 McNuI'Iy, David-85, I23, I49, McWarc.I, Bob-47, I74, I76 Maclclen, IChrisI-69, I90 MaGee, Joy-IOO Maggarcl, Janeal-84, I5I Maisel, Michael-84 Mallon, Gege-46 Malone, Richard-69 Mangione, Joann-69 Manning, Chrisline-69 Manning, Bob-84 Manning, John-46 Manning, Susan-IOO, IZO Manzo, Joe-46, I5I Marcacci, Phil-47, I37, ISO, I74, I78 Mardian, Charlene-69, l5I Marclian, Frank-IOO Margolin, Ann-IOO Margolin, Richard-84, I98 Maroney, Susie--IOO Marquarr, Mandy-69 Marshall, Susan-84 Marshall, Warner-IOO, ISI Marlin, Chris-69, I92 Marlin, Mary Marlin, Mary Jo-84, I46 Mariinson, I-Ianlc-47 Maschner, Gray--47, l22, l26, I46, I49 Mallingly, George--IOO, I8O, I88. I93 Ma++ingIy, Lynda-84 I3I, I33 Maxwell, Bill-69 May, Cliff-IOO May, David-84, I5O, I8I, I90 Mayse, Bob-84 M azu rowslii, Susan-69 Mecey, Ca rol-70 Mechling, Terry-85 Medeclce, Glenn-70 Mee, Marlha-IOO, IIO, I29, Mee, MOIIyl47, 59, IIO, II4, II8 Meek, James-85 Mehnerl, Mary-IOO Melander, Laurie-I OO Mendola, Franlc-85, I5I Mercier, Jim-85, II9 165 Mercier, Mary Ann-47, II5, II8, II9. I26 Merrell, George-70 Merrill, Del-85 Messec, Philip-85, I92, I5I Melcalle, Lynn--IOO Meuclell, Connie-48, I37, II8 Meyers, Jo Anne-IOO Mickle, Milar. Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Richard-85, I2I Melinda-85 Suzanne-70 James-IOI, I46, I49 Curlis-IOI, I93 David-85, I94, I96 Janel'-48, II4, II5, I2 Joe-IOI Marilyn-70, I24 Judy-85, I5I Lyncla-48 Pal'-70, ISI Tom-85 Sid-85, I92 Sieve-70, I24 Susan Kay-IOI, II5 Tan-70 Warren-48, I23 MilIeH', Marilyn-IOI Mills, George-8, 85, I96, I97 Milol. Richard-85 Minclcs, Cheryl-IOI Missner, Sharon-IOO, II7 Milchell, IBonniel-70, IZO Milchell, Sieve-IOI, I5I Moeller, Bob-70 Moeller, Danie-70 Moenich, Jan-70 Monie, Bob-85, I94, I96 Monie, Wayne-IOI, I4-8, I90 . II9. IIO 4. I4-2 Monlgomery, Ja Deanne-85, I2I Monlgomery, Kalhy-85, I5I Monzel, Eileen-48, II9 Moore, Carol-48, I27, I46 Moore, Dana-85 Moore, Rory-IOI Moore. Gary-48 Moore, Carey-IOI Moore, Rosemary-85, I26, 6 Moore, Vicki-85 Morlill, Bracl-85, I22, I94, I97 Morris, Pal-IOI Morris, Peier-48 Morris, Susan-IOI Moss, John-85 Moss, Bolo-85 Moullon, Joyce-IOI, I49 Moullon, Terry-48, I24- Mower, Russell IDus'ryI-85 Mowry, Rebecca-85 Mueller, Danie-I2O Mullen, Karen-70 Muller, Randy-85 Munns, Becky-48, 59, 85, II4, II5 l5O, I38. I69 Murcloclr, Craig-85 Murphy, Chrisline Murphy. Milce-48, I22 Murphy, Fairy-70, I25 Murphy, Tim-70 Murray, Jim-70, I46 Mykleslad, Nancy-IOI, I2O Mylcleslacl, Roll-70 Naar, Dawn-IOI Nairn, Anne-70, l32, I2O, I3I Nairn, Bob-48, II9 Nash, Waller-70, I24- Nauman, Nina-86, I26 Naumelz, Merry-IOI Naylor, James-86 Nazer, Bill-IOI Neal, John-IOI, I93 Neer, Milne--49, 59, II2, I24, I53. Neeriemer, Elberfa-86 Nelson, Joan-IOI Nelson, John-49, I5I Neslage, Craig-IOI, I99 Neugebauer, Gail-IOI Neus, Tom-49, I22, I94, I97 New, Calhy-70 New, Milne-49, I23 New, Pam--70 Nichols, Bill-IOI, I9I Nichols, Nlcliy-I77, 70, I79, 122, l9I Nichols, Bill-86, ISI Nicholson, Niclrie-86, II5 Nielsen, Carol-l2I Nilrilorulc, Paul-85, ISI Nilciloruk, Pele-85 Norclberg, Phil-IOI Norde, Leslie-70, I24 Norris, Kay--I2O Norllwrop, Corky-49, I83, I84, l9I Oalis, Karen-85, I23 O'Beirne, l-Ielen-86 Obensline, Larry-86 Obensline, Sandy-70 Oboikovilz, Linda-lOl O'Brien, Alice-lOl, IZO O'Brien, Nancy-49 O'Connor, Jim-lOl, I8O, l5l O'Connor, Mike-IOI, l2O O'Dean, Denise-86 Oden, Krislen-49, II7, l53, I54 Oden, Randy-86, I92 Oeliler, John-86 Oelwler, Connie-49, II6 oem, Peggy-49, 133, 131, 9, 142, 170 Ogden, David-70, l5O, l9O Olwms, Sharon-86, l2O Olden, Larry--86 Olden, Bob-IOI, I89 Oliver, Pally-86, ISI Olsen, Gene-IOI. l5I Olsen, Jolene-70, IIB, IZ4- Olson, Ellioll-86 Olson, Lynellen-IOI Olson, Karen-86, II4, II8 O'Malley, Mike-86 O'Neal, Jol'1n-B6 O'NeiII, Kay-70 Ong, Elaine-70, II6, IZI. 62, IIO Ong, Tim-IOI Oonk, Toni-lOl Orr, Pele-r-86 Orllw, Sleve-86, I8I, I92 Orllw, Sue-70, II4, II8, 62 Orlon, Dannie-86 Oslourn, Jerry-IOI Oslall, Dorolhy Oslerrneyer, Carol-l2O Oslermeyer, Kenny-86 OH, Jon-70 Ouren, Sue-86, II5 Overeynder, Dennis-70 Overeynder, Pl'1iI-IO2 Overmier, Dana-86, I2O Oviedo, Sieve-86 Owen, Andy-70, II7, l3O, I67 l23, I25, I54, I4-O Owen, Carolyn-70, I46, l54 Padovani, Linda-49 Page, Alex IBOIJI-86 208 I 5 Paine, Kallwy--86 Palmer, Bruce-7l, I4-7 Papandrew, Dave-86, l96 Parker, Barbara-IO2 Parker, Tom-49, 59, II5, I22, IZ4, Parr, Gregory-IOZ Parrenl, Dick-SO, I78, l22, l74 Pasclwke, Diana-7l Pallon, Penny-7I Paulsen, Howard-IO2 Payne, Pal-I94 Peacock, Susan-50 Peare, Jim-IO2, 86 Pearson, Connie-lO2 Pearson, Roly-7l Pearson, Daniel-IO2 Pearson, Jane-7l, l2O, l2l Pearson, Joan-7I Pebler, Judy-87, I5l Pelinler, Bill-50, l5O Pedole, Judy Pelsue, Ed-IZ7, I5O Penquile, Richard-87, II6 Perkins, Terrie-lO2 Pelers, Fred-50 Pelers, I-Iaven-87, II4 Pelerson, Dennis-87. I94, I96 Pelerson, Eric-7l, ll9, II6, I94 Pelerson, Joan-I5O Pelerson, Jolwn Pelerson, Sandy-50, l32, l3l Pelerson, Yvonne-7l Pelkovsek, Karen-50 Pelscl1, Donna--50, l2I, I39 Pellil, Sally Pellycrew, Bruce-IOZ, IZ3 Pellycrew, Sluarl-50, II6 Peugli, Terry-87 Peyou, Tony-IO2, I8O, I93 Peyou, lvlargarel-7l, IZO Phillips, Susan-7I Piccinali, Arl-7I, II2, I3O, I67, 62. 92 Piccinali, Adele-IO2, ll2, l2O Pierce, Belsy-IOZ, l2O Pierce, Gregory-IOZ, I8O Pierce, Rullw-87 Pike, l"larl-50, II5 Pingilore, Ricky-50, l22 Pinnick, Palli-IOZ Pisani, Dede--87 Pisclwke, Chris-7I Pillman, Margrel-50, I5O Pillman, Pele-7I, I79 Plasler, Mike Plall, Irvin-7I Pleasanl, Sleve-IO2 Pledger, Cheryl-50, II5, ll9 Pledger, Diane-87 Plolkin, Larry-lO2. ISO, I89, I97 Plolkin, l.ind.a-7l, l22, I47, IIO Polen, Slwaron-5I, l2l Polenick, Allan Polis, Mary-7I Porneroy, Linda-51, I27, III, I98 Porler, Barbara-87 Porler, Joe-Sl, I33, I36, II9, l22 I43, I98 Posl, Gayle-87, ISI Poller, Craig-IOZ, I97 Powell, Linda--lO2 Prall, Gibson-Sl, II9, l22, l98, l94- Prall, Susan-87, l5I Prall, Paul-7I, I78, I74 Price, Jack-7l Price, Pamela-7I, I5l Pridgen, Randy-87 Propslra, Diane-7I, II4 PropsIra,Jol'1n-5l, I63, I77, I79, l28, I74. I85, I83. I9l Plak, Laurie-87 Pulnam, Gage-87, II4, ll5 Pulnam, JoPam-IO2 Ouick, Kallny-IOZ Ouinn, Michael-5l, l22, I47. I49 Quinn, William-87, I47, l49 Ouinnelly, Jane-87, I5O Rabey. Carole-7I, I5l Ragland, Julie--IO2 Ragland, Sam-7l, IZO, l26, ICN Ralslon, Bill-lO2, I8O Rampy, Mike-87. II9, I4-6 Ranloy, John-87 Rawlins, Judy-7I Rawlins, Jean-lO2 Rawlins, Rae-87 Reader, Nancy-IO2 Reardon, Sharon-5l. IIB, IZ4 Rebeles, Lucy-5l, II6, l5l Rebeske, Barbara-7I, I33, I3I, 9 Rebeske, Jolwn-5I, ll7 Reed, Clirislie-87 Reecly, I-luslon-7I Reger,Jol1n-7I, II5, I22, I47 Reid, Gene-5l, l22, l29, I9O Reid, Frances-lO2 Reid, Kara-7l Reid, Karen-87, II5, l2I Rein, Jim-7l Reis, Janel-7l Repp, Jim-7l Re-pp. Pefer-87, I8l, I94, I96 Reller, Laurie-SI, IIS, II8, I24 Reynolds, Judy-87, I2O, I3I Rhoades, Rick-87 Rhoades, Sieve-72, I22 Richas, Kerri-IO2 Richardson, Dick-72, II6 Richardson, Jeff-72, I77, I79, I74 Richmond, Ann-SI, II4, IIS, I2O, I24 Richmond, Gloria-87 Richler, Lee-52 Ricklick, Julie-52, I39 Rider, Sue-lO2 Riggs, Kalhy-87 Rimsza, Mary Ellen-IO2, I2I, I48 Rippslein, Wanda-IO2 Robb, Lynn-87, I5I Roberls, Dennis-72 Roberls, Lauren-lO2, I49, I69 Robinelle, Sieve-87, I96, I97 Robinson, Carole-52 Robinson, Jan-87 Robyn, Bob-52, I4-7, I5O, I54 Rocker, Mary Jane-87 Rocker, Susan-87 Rockerhousen, John-72, ISO Roegner, Marcia-IO2 Rogers, Richard-72 Rohmer, John-IO2, I93 Rolenick, Allan-IO3 Rollins, Everell'-52, I63, I77, I78, I79 I28 I7 I9I . 4. Romanin, I-larry-87 Romney, Jeanene-72 Romney, Jeanne-IO3, I5I Romney, l.ouis?IO3, I2O Ronald, Prince-IO3 Rondeau, Jay-72, l22, I9O Rondeau, Jim-IO3, I9O Roper, Bonnie-72 Ropper, Sue-88, II7, I2O Rodighiero, Bruce Rodighiero, Wayne Rook, Marlha Roschival, Denis-IO3 Roschival, Gail-72, I2I, 8 Rose, Barbara-lO3 Rose, Kalhy-88, l2l Rose, Jacqueline-88 Rooker, Cal-IO3, I80, I48, I93, l88 Rose, Nancy-72, II4, II5, l24 Ross, Ed-72 Ross, Pam-72, I5I Rosselli, Dorolhy-52, II4, IIS, II9, I27, I I I, I IO Rolh, Margie-72, l5O Rofhschild, Ron-72 Roihweiler, Tom-88 Rouse, Kay-88 Roulf, Dave-52 Rowe, Bonnie-72 Rowe, Paul-72, II7 Rowland, Tom-88 Rudolph, Tawn-IO3 Royslon, Lou Don Rummage, Judy-88 Runge, Waller-88 Ruperl, Toby Lynn-88 Sadacca, I-larvey-72, I24 Sage, Ken-88, I8I Salina, Cheryl-52, I27 Salisbury, Laurie-I65, 88, II4, I29 75, IIO Salmi, Neil-72, 88, I47, l23 Salomone, Chris-88, II4, I96, I97 Salomone, Siephanie-52, II4 Salsburg, Darryll-88, IBI Salzman, I-larry-88 Sandberg, John-IO3, l9O Sanders, Bob-72 Sanders, Terry-88 Sanson, Belsy-72, II8 Saper, Eileen-IO3, I2O Sarlen, Karen-72, II4, I46 Sauer, Terri Sauler, Jacque-88 Savage, Tom-72 Savilfieri, Sue-II6, IIS, I2I Schaliberger, Gayle-72, II8, I5I Schedler, Dave-88, I8I, l9I Scheels, Richard Scheillin, Donna-52, II9, I2I Schicker, Richard Schilling, Charlolle-4, 52, 59, I64, II8, II9. 129. III Schilling, I-Ienry-I03, I97 Schlossnagel, Linda-52, II4, I2I Schlossnagel, Bill-IO3 Schmidl, Barbara-72 Schmidl, Mary Ann-53, I26 Schneider, Pam-IO3, I48 Schork, Sandra-88 Schrader, Jerry-IO3 Schrader, Karen-88 Schull, Suzanne-IO3 Schullz, Glenn-72 Schullz, Laurie-IO3 Schure, Richard-88, I46 Schuring, Mike Schwan, Joanne-88 Schwarze, Rick-I23, I25, 88, I8I Schwariz, Larry-88 Schwinghamer, Brian-72, II7 Scofield, John-53, lI5. II9, IZ4 Scoll, David-88 ScoH', Belly-72, I2O, l2I Sco'H, Mary Kay-53 Scolf, Sieve Scranlon, Linda-83 Scruggs, Palria-53, II7 Seargeanf, Rally-53, II6, II8 Sederslrom, John-53 Sedgwick, Phil-IO3, l88, I5I Senske, Susan-72 Shafer, Pam Shall, Mary Ann-88 Shall, Bill Sharp, Jay-72 Sharp, Linda-IO3 Sheehan, Tish-88 Sheeley, Barbara-88, I2O Sheer, Carole-I2O, I3I Sheer, Judi-53, II7, I2I Sheer, Roger-88, II7, I9O Sheels, John-72, II7 Sheelrs, Pam-IO3 Sheidler, Pam-IO3 Sheldon, Sandy-53, II5, ISO, l6I Sheller, George--IO3, I48 Sher, Lawrence-53, I52, I53 Sher, Linda-88 Sher, Nancy-IO3 Sher, Bob-88 Shields, Richard-53, I37, I76, II4, II9. 122, I74 fm' Shipley, Carl-73 Mil li Shipley, John-73 Shipley, Susan Shipp, Ralph-88 Shirley, Sharon-88 Shoemaker, Brad-53, I22, I83, I86 Shonerd, Wesley-IO3, l5I Shore, Sandy-53, II4, II8, l2I, I29, I39 Shore, Tom-73, I77, I79, I74, I83, I85, IQ4 Shreeve, Terry--89, I94, I97 Shulfs, Richard-89 Sigman, Lynn-73, l2l Sigmundson, Lynda-IO3. I2O, I98 Silver, ScoH-54 Simmons, Bill-89 Simser, Cheryl-73, lI9 Simser, Donna-54, I20 Simser, Nancy "Be'r+ie"-IO3 Sipe, Larry-89 Sirridge, Sheila-73, IIO Sisson, Jan-54 Skalak, Cynlhia-IO3, I2O Skinner, Chuck-73 Skinner, Richard-IO3 Slallerly, Carolee-54, II6 Slider, Roberl-IO3, I4-8 Smisek, Chuck-54, I27, I39 Smiih, Andrew-54, I24, l23 209 Swifr, Gary-55, 176, 122, 174, 198 Smiih Dick-54, 176, 122, 174 Smi1h Jeff-89, 196, 197 Smirh Carole Joy-54, 116 Smirh Chrisropher-103 Smirh David-73 Smirh Susan-89 Smirh Diana-54, 116 Smirh Don-54 Smi1h Elizaberh-IO3, 114 SrT111h Frank-89, 147, 149 Smirh, Jeff-104 Smi1h Judy-89, 120 Smirh Kay-54, 115 Smi1h Leslie-73, 115 Smi'1h, Lorraine-89, 114 Srn1'1h Sarah-104, 120 Smirh Marilyn-89, 120 Smirh Marlena-73 Smith :Vary-104 Sr'n11h Mike-4. 54, 122, 124 Sr'n11h JGT1473, 122, 124 Smi1h Kenda11-89, 196 Smiih Bob-89, 116, 150 Smifh S1ephanie-89, 149 Smifh Smi1h Truck 1Ta1bo'r1-73, 179. 122, 124 Terrie Eliz-104, 120 Snyder, Dona1d-73, 116, 117 Snyder, Lynn-104 Sollenberger, Barry-73, 194 Sollenberger, Jim-89, 196 So1vesky, Mike-55 Solzman, Harry-89 Sorensen, Tom-89 Sou1e, Jon-73 Sreinbauer, Dennis-104 Srephenson, Sandra-104, 123 S1ephenson, Tuck-112, 119, 75, 181 S'rernberg, Grerchen-89, 114 Srevens, Mike-89 Slreward, Ka+hy-73 Sjrewarr, Jim-73 Sfidham, Clinf-89, 146, 194, Sridham, Lucy-114 S+i1es, Don-73, 194 Sriles, Serena-104 Srines, Jerry-73, 194 Srines, Terry-73 Srockman, Caro1 Lee Slrory, Sreve-104, 180 S1ou'r, Veronica-104 Srrauss, Susan-89 S1romme, Carol-73, 118, 167, 110 S'1rub1e, Edwin-89, 146, 192 S1 Thomas, Mary Jane-89 S1uar'r, Dwighr-55 S'ruar+, Kim-124 Suggs, Sreve-89, 147 Su1ek,Jim-104, 180, 189, 151 Summey, Kay-73, 115, 116 Summons, B111-115 Surgener, Shirley-151 Su11on. Gayle-73 Surron, Nancy-73, 123 Swain, Rurh-89 Swanson, Sue-104 Swedlund, Sandy-104, 120 Spangler, Karl-73, 190 Spang1er, B111-104, 193 Speer, Janice-55 Spe11man, Jim-73, 177, 179, 174 Spellman, Sfeve-89, 121 Speros, Es1e11e-89, 116, 117, 121 Spielberg, Sreven-89, 117, 148 Spinc11er, Dennis-104, 151, 197 Splonick, Donna-104 Spooner, Molly-104, 114 Sprinzl, Gary-55, 150 Squires, Leigh-55 Srabile, Vivian-73, 150 S+aggs, Clyde-104 Srallings, Cheryl-73 Sfalnaker, Kar1-104, 151 SWI11, Sfeve-89 Sylvesre r, Sandy-55 Taber, Nancy-104 Tair, S+eve-104, 180, 193 Tallon, Chris-104, 180 S1ewar+, Mary Jo-73, 121, 125 196 130. 150, Denise-55, 119, 126, 6, 171 Tanguy, George-89 Tanner, Anna-104 Tanner, Susan-104 Tay1or, Tay1or, Roberr-104 Taylor, 1-1arry-104, 193 Tay1or, Joan-89 S1a1naker, Mary-55, 117, 118, 152. 150 Sramm, E1drec1 Sranford, Su sa n-89 S1an+on, Barbara-104, 120 S+ap1e'ron, Lisa-89 S1'C1air, Nancy-89, 146 John-55, 115, 124, 184, 183 S+ee1e S+ee1e, Karhy-104 S'ree1e, Bob 210 7Tear, Susan-90 Teffeau, Chrisrine Teian, -Barbara-73 Te11ier, Bob-89, 192 Temp1e, Rob-55, 176, 174, 183, 191 Templer, 1v1e1vin-104 Templin, Mary-55, 149, 169 Terbof, William-150 Tharp, Charles-73, 122 Thees, Joyce-104 Thomas, John-56, 149, 194, 197 Thomas, Siephen-104 Thompson, Daniel-105 Thompson, Keirh-90, 124 Thompson, Linda-56, 116 Thomson, James-105, 148, 189 Thomson, Mark-90, 116 Thursron, John-74, 190 Tingwa1d,Jim-74, 115, 174, 191 Tinney, Diane-56 Tinney, Karen-90, 120 Tipron, Larry Todd, Darnel-90 Tomich, Joan-56 Tomkins, Carolyn-74, 117, 147 Tomlinson, Clede-90, 151 Tonner, Susan-114, 120, 92, 122 Toplosky, Judy-90 Towsley, Marilyn-56, 115, 119 Toy, B111-90, 148, 139 Trainor, Rona1d-74 Trainor, Shei1a-105 Trapp, Edward Trapp, Sandy-105, 121 Tres'rer, Barbara-74. 114, 121 Trollope, Mike-90 Tros1,John-56, 183, 185 Trourman, Grerrude-90 Tru111, Bob-105, 189 Tubb, Terry-74 Tucker, Gene-90 Tucker, Sheila-90, 115 Tunis, Melodye-90 Turbar, B111-74 Turek, Linda-56, 114, 121 Turek, Mike-90, 114, 115 Turnbow, Janer-74 Turnbow, Ronald-105 Turner, David-56 Turner, Terry-105, 197 Turner, Penny-105 Tyra, Pam-105 Tyra, Peggy-56 Tyree, Susan-90, 123, 151 Uhlmann, Sieve-74 Valcho, David-105 Van Buskirk, Barbara Vanders1ice,1Chery1-105, 120 Van 1-1ou'ren, Jim-82, 123. 19 Van Reusen, Jerry-82, I47, I95, I94, I96 Van Reusen, John-72, I83, I84 Van Valer, Bruce-I 05 Vaughan, Frank-74, I76, II2, II9, 62, 174 Vehon, Barbara-90, I5I Vehon, Joseph-IO5, I5I Verboul, John-74 Verhoeven, PaH'y-90 Verner, Lynda-90, I2O Viges, Dennis-90 Villarreal, Linda-90, I2O Villoria, Bob-IOS, I5I Vineyard, Lynnda-74 Vogel, Brady-74, II9 Vogel, Nancie-56 Voldeng, Prudy-I4-9 Volkmar, Chalice-56, II6 Volkmar, Janine--IO5, II7, I2I Von Ammon, I-Iallie-76 Wade, Leanna-IO5 Wagner, Larry-90 Wagner, Kalhy-90 Wagner, Mara Kalhy-IO5 Walker, Danny-74, II5 Wall, Nira-IO5, IZO Wallace, Ricky lRalphl-90 Walleck, Carol-90, I23 Walmsley, Janel-90. II8 Walsh, Greg-74, I48 Walsh, Jim-90 Wamsley, Bill-56, II4, II9, I27, III Wang, Slephen-IO5 Wanic, Toni-74, II4, I30, I67, IIO Ward, John-I95, I94 Ware, Jim-90 Warner, Elizabelh-IO5 Wash, Marilyn-57, II6 Washburn, Kafhy--74, l2I Wasson, Glenn-90 Walchler, Barbara-IO5 Walerman, Ilene-90 Walerman, Bill-57 Walers, Debbie-IO5 Walkins, Valerie-IO5 Walson, Mike-IOS, IBO, I9O Way, Carol-IO5 Webb, Donna-IO5 Webb, Margarel-IO5, I2O Webber, Pal'-90, II6 Weber, Belh-57, II7, I52, I50. I54 Weber, .lean-90, II7, l5I Wedel, Thomas-9I Weekes, Candy-74, I32, I3I Weidemaier, John-9I, I92 Weidemann, John-'?I Weiclemann, Linda-IO5 Weigandf, Deborah-IO5 Weingarlner, Reila-IO5, I2O Weir, Chrislina-74, I2O Weir, Diane-IO5 Weirich, Bill-9I Welch, Barbara-9I Welch, Connie Weller, Linda-9I Wells, Susie-57 Welsh, Paul Edgar llfdl-57 Welsh, Paula-9'I, I5I Wendi, Alberl-IO5 Werner, David-9I, ISI, I92 Wesl, Ralph Wesolowski, AI Wesolowski, Joseph Weslhoven, Paul-IO5, I48 Wheelock, Dawn-9I Wheelock, Richard-57 While, ereg-91, 150 While, Richard-IO5, I5I Whilehead, Mary Eliz-57, II6 Whifesicle, Frank-57, II6, 146, I4-9, I94- Whilley, DWIQITI-IO6, IBO, ISI Wiclmark, Erik-9I, I4-6, I96 Widner, Dan-IO6, I97 Wierschem, Cindy-II6 Wilcox, Beverly-74, I22, I4-7, I53, I49 Wilkinson, Laurie-9I Williams, Alan-9l Williams, Chrisfine-9l Williams, David-74 Williams, Susan-IO6 Williams, Skeeler-9I, I96, I97 Williams, John-74, I95, I94 Williams, Kirk-3, IO6, ISO, I89, I97 Williams, Laura-74, I65, I20, I2I, I29 Williams, lVlar'II1a-4, 57, II7, III9. I2I, I27, III, I7O Williams, Mary Ann Williams, Rick-74, I38, I90 Williams, Penny lSharronl-9I Willoughby, Whilney Wilson, Caihy-9I, ISI Wilson, Denny-74 Wilson, Jim-57 Wilson, Palricia-IO6, I2O, I48 Wilson, Slephanie-IO6 Will, Karen-IO6 Windhorslr, Donna-74 Windhorsl, Mike-IO6 Winegarl, PaHy-57 Winkelman, l.ona-57 Winkler, Jane?-9I Winler, Ba rbara- I O6 Winlers, Carey-I I4 Wise, Doug Wisniewski, Shirley-91 Wirkamp, Randy ICI-IO6, I97 Wilkamp, Prairie-58 Will, Lynda-IO6 Willy, Caihie-74, I24, I5I, I98 Wood, Glen Ann-74, I2O Wood, Rick-58, I33, II9, I42 Wooden, Mike-74 Woodward, T. Craig-58 Woolley, Juli-91 Woudenberg, Dana-74, I77, II9, I74 I22 I9I Wong, Elaine Wrighl, Wrighl Wrighl' Wrighl Wrighl' Wrighl Wrighl Wrighl' Darlene-74, II7, I2I, I55 Keene-IO6 Randy-9I, II2, lI5, 75 Rhonda-IO6, I2O Jeff-58, I4-9, I69 Susan-9I, I5I Rila-I06 Nellie Wynn, Lyncla-58, II6 Wynn, Ivlarlaine-58 Yancey, Sherry-9I, I5O Yee, Lily-58, I49 Yee, Vivian-I06 Young, Carol-9I, I5I Young, Jeff-9I, II6 Yuresko, Dennis-74 Zaic, Gene-IO6 Zeller, Carole-I06 Zenobi, Gail-9I, II4 Zesiger, Doris-58, IZI, 8 Ziegler, Johnny-58 Ziegler, Eddra-9I, IIO Zimmerman, Scoll-58 Zingale, Lucy-58 Ziska, Frank-9I, II7, I94, I96 Zlalich, John-IO6, I89 Zuidema, Linda-74, ISO Zwaanslra. Donna-9I, I 20 2II gil Qsiywenwwq "1 ' I i 1 1 2 ! 1. , 1- V, i F X R Q X 1: W QKMX ,HW . rg ft VOX W jqff YV? 'l ffxg X56 N EJ V V f , WJ? by 1 f "' f ' fy if , X W 5, M 5 Rwflgf SJ 'f V M Q Q mms fi! 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Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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