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■ o' j Ip f K » I xYi fiMs- O % C “T1XV O fc CP S J;c =L C v v - (N V- I V X k . n'nK r A W f v °V AV) V A ppi. i XF . ifX r' .c wt -fC, .jL B n yJU 1963 OLYMPIAN IArcadia Students Worked Hard, FAMILIAR to all Arcadians is the "Walk of Olives." Although it is pictured here as nearly deserted, students use it when going to the parking lot, to classes, or just walking around campus. This is just one small part of the outstanding Arcadia High School grounds. TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING SECTION ...... FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION . SENIORS.................... UNDERCLASSMEN ............. ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS SCHOOL LIFE............. FINE ARTS ............ HONORS .................... SPORTS ............. INDEX ..... ...10 30 ...62 .110 .134 .144 .156 .172 198 2L Played Hard, and Came Out on Top "Sitting, standing, studying under the library." The cool shadiness and the many tables under the library provide an ideal place for students to congregate. During both lunch hours you can't even see across the circle because there are so many people standing under the library. Posters, painted by various organizations and classes did a lot to boost school spirit’. The newest class at Arcadia, the freshmen, did their share of the work, and really got into the high school spirit. Pictured here: Tibby Jones. Kirk Williams. Tom Cooley, and Grove Green, try their hand at a little sign painting. 3Everywhere You Go, Everyone ■V-.v .-.v. -.-.V.-.-AV. .V.V.V.V.-. The palm trees, adding beauty and majesty to the campus, stretch regally up to the clear blue skies. They are constant reminders of the ideal climate which Titans enjoy throughout the school year. Arcadia High School was built and opened for use four years ago. At that time the Class of 1963 enrolled as freshmen, and Arcadia's history officially began. In 1963 those same freshmen were seniors, and they became the first graduating class at Ar- cadia High to have gone all four years here. Although there will be many, many other graduating classes at Arcadia, the Class of '63 is something special, and to them and their achievements we dedicate this book. Led by outstanding Stu- dent Body officers in their senior year, the Class of 1963 made their presence felt in every school activity; leading the way for the underclassmen. Perhaps, twenty years from now, if the Class of '63 has a reunion, they can look back on this book that com- memorates their years at Arcadia and re- member the good times, the achievements, and the friendships that they found here. If you want to know how to wrap a goal post, just ask a senior! From left: Marty Williams, Dave Dreblow, Charlotte Schilling, Marcia Harrington, Mike Smith, Betsy Hodges, and sitting on the goal post is Chuck Butler. 8ut, you may be sure that wrapping the goal posts wasn't the only project of the senior class!Knows, the Big A Means Arcadia CAMELBACK Mountain shadows the BIG A, and provides the background for this unusually different school as nothing else could. Arcadia's circular architecture has been a topic of discussion from coast to coast, and people have come from miles around to see it. The BIG A is also noted for its modern classrooms and facilities. "Give me an AM" yell the cheerleaders, and the crowd responds with an ear-splitting roar— "AAA". School spirit that was displayed at all sports events carried over into every phase of school activity. Students enthusiastically plunged into all projects of the 1962-63 school year with a zeal that earned Arcadia the title of the "BIG A." Yes, Arcadia was big in everything its students participated in this year and everyone knew it. Students who attended Arcadia notic- ably grew a few inches as the reputation and prowess of the "BIG A" spread. Rated among the top schools in scholastics, sports, and the fine arts, Arcadians were caught up in the spirit of achievement, and swept along to an enviable record of success. In a word, it was a BIG year. "JUST a few more buckets of cement and they could've filled the whole place in!" was the cryptic comment of one teacher as he looked out over the maze of sidewalks that crisscross the Arcadia campus. The pattern they make suggests a modern Promoting School Spirit EXEMPLIFYING THE CIRCULAR architecture for which Arcadia High is famous, this picture of the walk-way leading around the auditorium is used by hundreds of students daily. If students from Arcadia constantly complain that they're seeing "circles" you can understand the reason why! Students new to Ar- cadia usually don't have trouble finding their way around, but they do testify to the fact that their legs get awfully tired. 7DURING Letterman's initiation "seats" got paddled, pants were worn back- wards. and "HAIL LETTERMEN" reverberated throughout the campus. Above. George Mills climbs a pole under the library as part of his initiation. Athletics played a big part in the life of Arcadia students during the 1962- 63 school year. Strong teams in all three major sports—football, basket- ball. and baseball—represented the "BIG A" in the AA Athletic Confer- ence. Clubs and student activities sparked student interest in school affairs. Par- ticipation was high, as several new clubs popped up on campus. Clean-up campus days and various service proj- ects were popular with industrious clubs. Gaining needed leadership abil- ity the officers of Arcadia's many clubs devoted their time and them- selves to furthering the goals set in the constitution of the "BIG A." Club and Athletic Activities Far Left: Mary Katarski and Sharon Farmer instruct Terry Gamble in the art of initiation. Terry, along with seven other initiates, gained membership in Band Letterman's Club. Center: Doris Zesiger, Drama Club member, helps during the making of scenery for an upcom- ing play. Far Right: Gail Roschibal and Karla Jennings, Y-Teens, help with the March of Dimes. 8ATHLETICS played a big part in the curriculum of Arcadia High students during the 1962-63 school year. Talented boys and girls enthusiastically participated in all phases of athletic activity. Above, the Titan football team wins another game on their way to becoming AA State Champions. Take Up After-School Time for Titans Cindy Johnson, captain of the Arcadia Pom Pon girls, presents a cake to the Titan football team, prior to their play-off game with Flagstaff. Pom Pon girls: Jackie Lindstrom, Jerri Draney, Connie Clark, Linda Jam- ison. Barbara Rebeske, Peggy O’Gara (holding cake), Micki McFadden and Nancy Kelly. 9Student Gov’t and Faculty Cooperate STUDENTS of Paul Sanders, Business Education teacher, soak up sons are varied, faculty members seem to like this out-of-doors the sun during one of their daily class periods. Occasionally atmosphere, teachers take their classes outside for class. Although their rea- Through the combined efforts of Student Council and Student Senate, the faculty and students of Arcadia High School are brought into closer con- tact with one another. By learning each other's opin- ions and desires on matters of school policy, the administration, faculty and students cooperate to form a more successful school. Arcadia's "ship of state," headed by Captain Hil Brady, is sailing straight into a promising future. Certainly the "BIG A" is taking its place among the top high schools in the city, as well as the state. Top: Mrs. Gretchen Helser, Mrs. Iris Widmark, and Assistant Principal Leonard Spooner check over student files. Bottom: For some students the most familiar view of the administration building is sitting on the inside looking toward the door!! 10to Further Student-Teacher Relations MEETING SECOND PERIOD. Student Council members George Dur- ham, Marcia Harrington, Barbara Haupt and Mike Neer form a dis- cussion group to decide questions pertaining to student activities. Student Council, headed by the student body officers, collaborated with the administration to form new school policies. Through active leadership, the "BIG A" enjoyed a successful year in athletics, scholar- ship, and enthusiasm. Student Council acts as the go-between for Stu- dent Senate and the administration. MIMI LUNDIN. Student Senate secretary, looks over her minutes with Senate President Liza Bean. Betsy Hodges, a Senate member, talks with the two before the meeting. NICK KARALES and Nelson Burns look over books in the Honor Society Book Store. Kay Benzel. salesgirl, watches the boys carefully to be sure they don’t read the books before they buy them. II•►VV • A and NISTRAimONAdministration Merges With HIL BRADY Principal GENE EASTIN Assistant Principal LEONARD T. SPOONER Assistant Principal The adminstration i$ the force behind all school activities. The force that guides, promotes and officiates. Headed by Principal Hil Brady, and Assistant Principals Leonard Spooner and Gene Eastin, the Ar- cadia High School administration is one of the most alert and active in the state. The sign over the door of the Student Services Center reads, "Welcome," and the office staff inside tries to live up to the promise. 14School Board to Form New Ideas DR. CHARLES HOLT Superintendent of Scottsdale Schools RAY DAVIS Assistant Superintendent of Elementary and Sec- ondary Education J. J. CONNORS Assistant Superintendent for Personnel AL FLOWERS Assistant Superintendent for Business LLOYD A. BIMSON MRS. SALLY STIEG President Cleric Board of Education BILL CLOSE REESE VERNER Member Retiring Board Member KEITH TURLEY Member DR. STEWARD S. FLASCHEN Member Assuming the position of Superintendent of Scotts- dale Schools for the first time this year is Dr. Charles Holt. He, along with Assistant Superintend- ents Ray Davis, J. J. Connors, and Al Flowers, is constantly trying to improve the Scottsdale School System. Cooperating with the Superintendents and the School Board members, the principals of the Scottsdale schools have furthered the educational facilities of their individual schools. To Reese Verner, we say thank you! Although you are retiring from the School Board, we know that you will remain active in community projects for many years to come. 15Four Years of Good Advice MRS. RUTH DOWNEY . . . Head MRS. VERNA FEBUS . . . Counselor Counselor MRS. MARGUERITE NEIQ, . . . Coun- selor WALTER SCHWARZ . . . Counselor JACK WEBB . . . Counselor COUNSELORS Verna Febus, Ruth Downey, Marguerite Neid, Jack Webb, and Walter Schwarz offer friendly advice and guidance to all who enroll in Arcadia Hi. 16Teachers That Have a HOWARD AMERSON . . . Safoty Edu- cation Department Head; Safety Educa- tion. WILLIAM BALTZ . . . American Govern- ment. American History, Economics. WALLACE BUMP . . . Librarian. BEN ANDERSON . . . Boys' Physical Education. REGINALD BROOKS . . . Allied Arts Department Head; Orchestra. Titan Band, Dance Band, Music Appreciation. MRS. MARGARET BURRELL ... Art I. II. Purpose PETER ANSELMO . . . Typing I. In- troduction to Business. ERNIE BULLARD . . . Biology. Safety Education. JAMES BYRKIT . . . Contempory World History. World History. 17Good Citizens; Active in School DOROTHY CAHILL . . . Math I. Al- gebra. PATRICK CARLIN . . . Boys Physical AFTON CARPENTER . . . Yearbook I. Education. II, Developmental Reading. DR. GORDON CASWELL . . . American Government, Economics. MRS. ELEANOR CLAUGH . . . English III. IV. CHEMISTRY classes learn by doing experiments. Here Mr. Largent teaches students how to prepare for one. Science plays an important part in our world today, and Arcadia's Science department is well equipped to prepare students for the future. 18and Many Community Activities JOSEPH COLLIGNON . . . English De- GEORGE COWIE . . . English III, V. DONALD DEAN . . . partment Head; English V. IV. J? HIL DEPPE 19 "READY, willing, and able." characterizes the Physical Education Department which specializes in body building, and stresses sportsmanship. Here Coach Hendricks demon- strates the basics of football to two of his students. Tom Goudie and Craig Woodward. JOE DOLEN . . . Physical Science.People With an Important MRS. MICKI DOYLE . . . English II. IV. ROBERT FINKBINE . . . Social Science Department Head; American History. DR. CASWELL illustrates to economic students the importance economy, of men. money, market, materials, and machines in America's 20Message to Share . MALCOLM GARRISON . . . Algebra I, Geometry. MAURICE GARSON . . . French I. II. FROM any angle math problems are made interesting and demonstrates the basic fundamentals of geometry, easier by Arcadia's Mathematics Department. Here Mrs. Frye 21A.H.S. Education Produces MISS PAULINE GUINTHER . . . Girls' Physical Education. MRS. NATALIE HAHN . . . Shorthand I, II, Typing I. GLENN GROENKE . . . English V, De- velopmental Reading, World Geography. LOU HALLMAN . . . Algebra I. II. MRS. CAROL HAUGELAND . . . Public Speaking. Roland Williams, instructor in the Industrial Arts Department, displays handiwork of one of his students. Boys in the woodworking shop receive an opportunity to gain manual training. ROBERT HENDICKS . . . Boys' Physi- cal Education; Physical Education De- partmental Head. ALFRED HEYWOOD . . . Spanish I. 1190: Foreign Language Department- al Head. 22Efficient Citizens of Tomorrow practice running the ditto machine during their bookkeeping class. The Business Department trains students for secretarial work. WILLIAM HICKEY . . . Audio-Visual. MRS. ROSEJEAN HINSDALE . . . Typing I. Journalism I, Newspaper. WILLIAM HOLMES . . . Woodwork- MRS. DORIS HOWARD . . . Business ing II. Ill, IV, Mechanical Drawing. Education Departmental Head; Typ- ing I, II. BAXTER HURN . . . Chemistry, Astron- omy. Geology. REYMOND JACKSON . . . American Government. Economics. MRS. BETTY JOHBSON . . . English II. Ilia. 23Active Teachers Sponsor Clubs JEFFERSON LARSON . . . Algebra MRS. EDITH UllYWHITE ... Hu- ll, College Algebra, Trigonometry; man Relations, Homemaking. Mathematics Departmental Head. MRS. I. II. JOHNSTON . . . English ED LITTLETON . . . Business Math. Business English. Typing I. MRS. DANA LYNCH . . . Dramatics. Theater Arts. LINCLON MacPHERSON . . . Biology. Anatomy and Physiology. 24Promote School Spirit in Activities WILTON MOORE . . . American JAMES MULLER . . . Mechanical History, Civil War, Latin I. Drawing I; II. MRS. LOUISE MILLER . . . English III. IV. DAVID NEAL . . . Advanced Chemistry II, Chemistry, Physics. SAM O'DELL . . . Biology. LEONARD PELLETTIRI . . . Safety Edu- cation, English I A. 25Leading, Teaching, Helping, Inspiring, DONALD PENFIELD . . . American History. MISS VIRGINIA POWELL . . . Girl's Physical Education. ARTHUR PETERSON . . . Typing I. General Business. MRS. LORETTA PROCHASKA . . . English II. III. MRS. JEAN PETTIE . . . Distribu- tive Education, General Business. LAWRENCE READER . . . Book- keeping, Office Machines and Office Training. MRS. KATE REESE . . . English IV. Ger- man I. II. III. PAUL SANDER . . . Business Principles and Business Law, Typing. ANTHONY SCHIFINO . . . American History. 26Goals Met by A.H.S. Teachers MRS. PATRICIA SETTLEMOIR . . . Bioiogy. MRS. EMILY STAFFORD . . . French I. II. III. THOMAS TEMPLETON . . . World Geography. DEVON SHOWLEY . . . Science De- partmental Head; Physics. Advanced Physics I. II. WALTER STODGHILL . . . Consumer MRS. ELEANOR UPTON . . . Algebra I. II. MISS EILEEN SMOCKE . . . Latin I. II. III. IV. MIKE SVACO . . . Advanced Alge- bra, Trigonometry. Integrated Geom- etry. Plane Geometry. JACK WATSON . . . English III. Spanish I. 27Learning Proniotes Understanding WILLIAM WIESE... Biology. DR. FRANCIS WILCOX . . . General ROLAND WILLIAMS . . . Wood- Math, Geometry, Algebra II. working I, II. MRS. CECILIA WIHY . . . Human Relation, Homemaking. FLOYD WOODARD . . . J.V. Band. Boys' Chorus. Advanced Boys' and Girls' Chorus, Prep Band. JOSEPH YOUNG . . . General Math, Algebra, Remedial Math. Biology Club sponsors. Sam Odel and Patricia Settlemoir, look over bug collections of interested club members. 28They Keep System Running Smoothly SECRETARIES: Top Row: MRS. ETHEL SALISBURY . . . Principal’s Secretary: MRS. MADELENE DEMEN . . . Attendance Secretary: MRS. BETHALEE ELLSTROM . . . Guidance Secretary; MRS. GRETCHEN HELSER . . . Attendance Cleric; MRS. REGINA MESSEC . . . Receptionist; MRS. FRANCES WALKER . . . Registration Clerk. Bottom Row: MRS. IRIS WIDMARK . . . Records Cleric; MRS. HATTIE FREISE . . . Library Cleric; MRS. EMMA JEAN BUTLER . . . Library Clerk; MRS. JANE PLECAS ... Nurse; GEORGE ROCKER ... Bookstore Manager. CAFETERIA WORKERS: Seated: Ada Weeks, Ana Lazor, Gladys Armstrong. Mariam Plotner, Daena Sevaim, Mary Geiger. Standing: Lillian Laudone, Lila Erhardt, Clore Johns, Cora Vander Ploeg, DOROTHY ROUBAL (Cafeteria Manager), Edna Christen, Lois Steele, Frances Smith, Miriam Leggett. CUSTODIANS: Kneeling: Andy Morell, Walt Reynolds. Oscar Snyder. Cal Evans, Dan Koronica. Standing: Sam Wineland. Ernie Warring, Clint Tomlinson. Ken Elliot, Everett Carroll. 29Freshmen to Seniors — Class of ’63 MARY SUSAN ADAMS. DON ADEN . . . D.E.C.A.; A.S.U. BILLIE JEAN AKERS . . . Rifle Club; Young Repub- licans; Pep Club: D.E.C.A.; Tennis Team . . . College. LINDA DARLENE AMBROSE . . . Girls' League; Sigma Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Student Senate: Soph. Class Sec. . . . College. ANN ARMATIS . . . Girls' League; Student Senate; Transfer Tacoma. Washing- ton . . . A.S.U. SHERRILL ASHTON . . "Sherry" . . . Chorus; Con cert Choir . . . Secretary. SANDRA BALDRIDGE. LORETTA BALDWIN . . . Art Club: Concert Choir . . . A.S.U. ELAINE BALLA . . . Transfer RON BALLIETT . . . D.E.C.A. VERONICA BANN. RICK BARNETT . . . A.S.U.. Ohio . . . College. Pres.; Scottsdale DeMolay Contracting. . . . A.S.U., Business. 32First to Finish 4 Years at Arcadia SAM BARTALUZZI . . . Stu- dent Council Varsity Track. Football, Tennis: Lettermen's Club: Frosh.. Soph. 8oy Rep. . . . Medicine. LIZA BEAN . . . National Honor Society: Student Council: Student Senate: Girls' League: Classic Co- Editor: Transfer Tucson. SHIRLEY BEAUCHAMP . . . Pep Club: Sigma Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y. Sgt. at Arms. CRAIG BEMIS . . . Transfer Arcadia High, California . . . College. JANIS BENNETT . . . Y- KAREN BENZEL . . . Na- BILL BERAN. Teens; Girls' League: Red tional Honor Society, Veep: Cross ... U. of A.. Nursing. Tri-Hi-Y. Veep : Girls' League: Cheerleader: Trans- fer Pennsylvania. GEORGE BERNAL . . . Foot- ball: Track . . . A.S.U. or Coast Guard. ROBERT WILLIAM BERTEL- STAN BIELESKI. SEN . . . Lettermen's Club: Varsity Football: Transfer Tempe . . . CoNege. EDWARD BISZANTZ . . . Varsity Football Trainer: Let- termen's Club . . . College, Engineer. DIANNE BOHR ... Ad- vanced Girls' Chorus: Trans- fer Xavier. 33Send a Postcard to KRUX CHRISTIE BOSTOCK. JERRY BOUDREAU . . . J.V. Football: Frosh. Basketball; Varsity Track: Astronomy Club . . . College. SANDRA BOX. SUSAN BOX. CYNTHIA BOYER . . . Girls’ League: G.A.A.; Y-Tcens: Chorus: Powder Puff . . . College. RICK BRIGGS . . . J.E.T.S.; DeMolay; Band Letterman; Rocket Club: Dance Band . . . College. ARMAN BRINTON . . . Transfer Flagstaff . . . A.S.U.. U. of A. STEPHEN D. BROMBERG . . . A.S.U.. Business. JEANNI BROWN . . . Cheer- leader Capt.: Girls' League; Delta Omega Tri-Hi-Y; Trans- fer N.Y. . . . A.S.U. KENNETH BROWN. PATRICIA LYNN BRUINING . . . "Pat" . . . Student Sen- ate: Gills' League; G.A.A.. Corr. Sec.; Foreign Language Tourn.; Leadership Workshop . . . A.S.U. CATHY ANN BRYANT . . . Student Senate Alt.; Concert Choir; Beginning Girls' Cho- rus: Transfer Scottsdale High . . . Nursing. 34Arcadia High Wants a Jukebox NELSON BURNS . . . Safety Council. Veep; Student Sen- ate; Var. Baseball: Letter- men’s Club ... LT. of A. CHARLES BUTLER. JR. . . . Student Senate. Veep: Stu- dent Council; Frosh. Pres.: Jr. Veep: Boys’ State; Foot- ball; Transfer—Vermont . . . Politics. ARTHUR BYRD . . . Transfer —Hawaii . . . College. LYN BYRON. ROBERT E. CADY . . . Let- termen's Club; J.V. Football; Wrestling . . . A.S.U. JOHN CALL RITA JEAN CALL . . . Sig- ma Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Ar- cadian Staff . . . College. A.S.U. ARMIDA CAMPOS . . . Nursing. SANDRA CARNAHAN . . . Transfer — Formosa . . . Beautician. ROBERTA CARROLL . . . "Bobbi" . . . Y-Teens; Girls' League: Olympian Staff: Safety Council; Transfer — Central High . . . College. GEORGE CARTER. TODD CARTER . . . Transfer —New York . . . College, A.S.U.Arcadia’s Football Team — Best Yet JOE CAUDLE . . . National Honor Society; 8and; Letter- men’s Club; Wrestling; Track: Mu Alpha Theta; Any- town, Ariz.; Boys' State Gov. . . . Air Force Academy. WILLIAM CETTI . . . Band Letterman; Cross Country; Track; "Brigadoon." "Tea House" . . . College. KATHY CHANDLER. JOHN PHILIP CHASE . . . Fencing . . . A.S.U. ROBERT CHRISTENSEN . . . National Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta; J.E.T.S.; D.E.C.A. . . . A.S.U. RICK CHRISTMAS . . . Var- sity Baseball; Varsity Foot, ball; Lettermen's Club. TOM CHURCH. CONNIE CLARK ... Pom Pon; N.H.S.; Soph. Class Pres.; Delta Omega Tri-Hi- Y, Chaplain; Twirp Wk. At- tendant . . . College. LARRY CLARKE . . . Letter- men's Club; Football: Base- ball; Wrestling . . . College. GAIL COAR . . . Corale. RICK COOK . . . J.E.T.S.: Drama Club: Rocket Club; Fencing; Arcadian Sports Ed- itor: Transfer Scottsdale High . . . Engineering. DIANA COOPER . . . Girls' League; Transfer Bermuda; Varsity Cheerleader; Chorus; Drama . . . A.S.U. 36Titans Proved All-Around Sportsmen WILLIAM L. DAUGHERTY . . . Transfer—Iowa ... En- ter the Service. EDITH DAVIS . . . Chorus. TOM L. DAVIS III . A.A.R.; Transfer—California . . . Engineer. JILL DEDMAN . . . Quill and Scroll: Arcadian Staff: Trans- fer—Scottsdale High . . . College. U. of A. MICHAEL DICK . . . Safety Council . . . A.S.U.. U.S.C.. Pre-Med. LYNNE DOBBEN . . . G.A.A.: Pep Club . . . Beau- tician. JERRI LYNN DRANEY . . . Varsity Pom Pon; Delta Ome- ga Tri-Hi-Y. Treas.: Cheer Block . . . A.S.U. DAVE C. DREBLOW . . . Student Senate: Titan Band: Band Letterman; Transfer — Willmar High . . . College. NANCY LYNNE DRECHS- LER . . . Sigma Beta Chi Tri- Hi-Y. Chaplain; Spanish Hon- orary, Sec.-Tress. . . .College. LORRAINE DUNBAR . '. . Nurse. JANET DUNFEE . . . "Jan" . . . N.H.S.: Mu Alpha The- ta: Sigma Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y. Sec. . . . A.S.U. GEORGE H. DURHAM II . . . Student Body Pres.: Stu- dent Senate. Veep: Tennis: N.H.S.: Mu Alpha Theta: Classic Co-Editor; Transfer— Utah . . . College. 37New Grade System Encouraged Better RANKIN POWERS DUVALL III . . . Student Senate; J.E.T.S.; Lettermen’s Club: Key Club; Mu Alpha Theta: Golf; Basketball Manager; Transfer Calif. ... U. of A. RITA EAKES . . . Girls' League: Pep Club; Sigma Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y. Treas. . . . P.C. KEN EALY. DWIGHT E. ECKHARDT... Frosh., Jr. Varsity Basketball . . . College. TERRY EDMUNDSON . . . Girls' League; Drama Club; Pep Club; Chorus: Varsity Cheerleader . . . A.S.U. GLORIA ECKLUND . . . Varsity Tennis: Y-Teens: Safety Council; Band: Tri-Hi- Y. Treas. . . . A.S.U. LOIS MARIE ELLIOTT . . . Band: Student Senate: Con- cert Choir; Band: Tri-Hi-Y. Sec. . . . College. Education. MIKE ELLIS . . . College. DAVID ELSON. CHARLES ALLEN EMERY . . . "Chas" . . . Drama Club: Chorus: State Music Festi- vals; "Charlie's Aunt"; "The Curious Savage" . . . College. ANDREA EMMONS . . - Y-Tcens: Drama Club; Tri- Hi-Y; "The Curious Savage" . . . U. of A. or A.S.U. PATRICIA FABENY . . . Spanish Honorary Society, Sec.; Transfer Penn. . . . College. 38Grades From All Students ROBERT FAIRFIELD . . . "Bob" . . . Chorus: Olympian Staff . . . A.S.U. CAROLYN FALK ... Ad- vanced Girls' Chorus . . . Secretary. BILL FARMER . . . Letter- men's Club: Tennis . . . A.S.U. SHARON LEE FARMER . . . Band Letterman. Sec.-Treas.; Safety Council: Delta Omega Tri-Hi-Y; Mariner Scouts. Pres. . . . College. MIKE FERGUSON. RICHARD FORD . . . "Rick" . . . College or Vocational School. DOUGLAS FOSTER . . . J.E.T.S.: Student Senate Alt.; Transfer Conn. . . . College. MARIE ANN FRENCH . . . D.E.C.A.; Transfer N. Dakota . . . College. LYNN FULBRECHT . . . Col- lege, Nursing. BILL GAGE . . . A.S.U. Marines. LEROY M. GAINTNER . . . Key Club. Pres.: Lettermens' Club: Nat'l. Honor Society: Varsity Football. Swimming. Track: Boys' State: J.E.T.S., Pres. . . . College. GAIL GALLAGHER . . . X- Club: Tri-Hi-Y; Y-Teens; Frosh. Class Sec. . . . U. of A. 39Closed Campus Prevented Noon-Time NIRMAL GANGADEAN . . . Transfer Scottsdale High. PATRICIA GARDNER. SANDRA GILBERT . . . X- Club: Powder Puff Football; Transfer Camelback High . . . Business College. JAMES GILLARD ... "Jim” . . . Bowling; Transfer Camel- back High . . . U. of-A. PEGGI GILMORE . . . Thes- pians; Girls' League: Trans- fer Calif. . . . College in Calif. GLORIA GOOSTREE . . . "Glo" . . . Spanish Honorary Society; Girls' League: Dra- ma Club: Transfer Virginia . . . U. of A. JIM GREEN. GENE GRIFFITH . . . Nat'l Honor Society; Key Club; J.E.T.S.; Mu Alpha Theta; Fu- ture Scientists of America . . . College. PIFF GROUSKAY. RICH GRUNER . . . Bowling; SUE GUNNET . . . G.A.A.; RICHARD GUTHERIE. Transfer Camelback High Girls’ League; Transfer Penn. . . . College, U. of A. ... College. U. of A. 40Drag Races, Discouraged Ditchers. FRANK HAMILTON. DORRIE HANNAN Transfer—Connecticut. MARCIA LEE HARRING- TON . . . X-Club; N.H.S.: Student Body Trees.; Student Senate: Student Council: Girl's State: Soph, Jr. Class Trees.: Safety Club. Pres. ... U. of A. donna hart. BARB HAUPT . . . Soph. Jr. Girl Rep.: Student Body Chaplain; N.H.S.. Pres.: Safe- ty Council: Student'Council: Ariz. State Council Delegate: Tri-Hi-Y . . . College. NANCY HAVIGHURST . . . Y-Teens. Trees.: Sigma Beta Chi: Tennis Team . . . Col- lege. PHIL HAWKINS ... . Col- lege. A.S.C . TERRY HAWKS . . . Con- cert Choir; "Leave It To Jane": DcMolay: Band . . . A.S.U. RICK HENDERSON. SANDY HENDRIX . . . STUART HERMAN. DAVID HERSKOVITS . . . Transfer—Indiana . . . Mod- N.H.S.: Jr., Sr. Class Pres.: eling. Frosh. Class Trees.: Student Council: Key Club Trees.: lettermen's Club: Football. Basketball, Track . . . Col- lege. 41Seniors Glimpsed College Life at JOHN HIEGEL . . . Concert Choir; Transfer Scottsdale High . . . College. Electron- ics. CORKY HILSABECK . . . Lettermen's Club. Veep: Bas- ketball . . . College, A.S.U. JAMES HODDER . . . J.E.T.S.; Basketball; Band: Transfer New Mexico . . . College, Engineering. BETTE LOUISE HODGES . . . "Betsy" . . . Student Senate Alt.; Tri-Hi-Y, Sgt. at Arms; Safety Club; Girls' League . . . College. U. of A. RUDY DON HODGES . . . "Curious Savage"; "Briga- doon" . . . College, Air Force. CATHERINE ANNE HOE- KSEMA . . . Y-Tecns; Girls League; Transfer North High . . . College. JERRY HOGIN . . . A.S.U. SKIP HOLMBERG . . . Wrestling; Track; Football . . . Phoenix College. CHERYL HOLTSON . . . Y- Teens; Pep Club; G.A.A.; Transfer Scottsdale; Tennis . . . Secretary. NANCY HOYER . . . Drama Club: Pep Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Varsity Pom Pon . . . A.S.U., Education. JEANNE HUGHES. ANN HUNT . . . Arcadian Co-Editor; Transfer Calif., and Colo. . . . College, Education. 42U. of A. and A.S.U. Senior Days. DONALD JACOBSON. MARY JANECEK . . . Y- Teens: Pep Club: Girls' League . . . College. LINDA JENKINS. BILL JOHNSON. CINDY JOHNSON . . . N.H.S.; Student Body Sec.: Jr. Class Sec.; St. Senate Sec.; Soph. Veep: Pom Pon Cap't.: DcMolay Sweetheart; U. of A. Sr. Princess: Homecoming Attendant . . . College. KAY JOHNSON . . . Y- Teens; N.H.S.: Arcadian Staff. RAY JOHNSTON ... U. of A. Law School. BARBARA JORDAN . . . Spanish Honorary: Girls' League: Adv. Girls' Chorus; Transfer—Calif. . . . A.S.U. JEANNE JORGENSON . . . X-Club; Student Senate: Tri- Hi-Y; Concert Choir: Trans- fer—Scottsdale ... U. of A. MIKE JULIAN . . . Band; Wrestling . . . College. WILLIAM KAMSTRA . . . Titan Band . . . A.S.U. NICK KARALES . . . Letter- men's Club: Varsity Baseball: Olympian Staff . . . A.S.U. 43Junior-Senior Girls Learn New MARY ELLEN KATARSKI ... TERRY KEARNEY. JIM KEEN . . . Bowling Club: JED KEITH Band Leftermen's Club. Pres.: Football: Basketball: Baseball N.H.S.. Chaplain: Girls' League. Sr. Rep.; Olympian Staff . . . A.S.U. . . . Medical Missions. NANCY RUTH KELLY . . . Tri-Hi-Y; Pom Pon; Home- coming Queen: Frosh. Home- coming Attendant; Frosh. Girl Rep. . . . College. GLENN KELTY . . . Fencing . . . College. ROSE MARIE KENNEDY... D.E.C.A., Sec.: Jr. Red Cross . . . College. MARY FRANCES KENT . . Pep Club: G.A.A. . . . Col lege. P.C. CHARLES KESSLER. LINDA KILPATRICK. RALPH KIMBALL . . . Nat'l Honor Society: Mu Alpha Theta . . . College. Law. SUSAN KINCHLOE . . . Drama Club: "Brigadoon": "Charlie's Aunt"; "Leave It To Jane": Transfer—Camel- back High. 44Techniques for Powder Puff Game. CAROLE KINZLE . . . Olym- pian Co-Editor; Delta Omega Tri-Hi-Y. Veep-Treas.; Girls' League; Quill Scroll; A.I.P.A. . . . College. BONNIE KIRCHOFF . . . X-Club; Safety Council; Transfer—Camelback: Stu- dent Council ... U. of A. JON KLEIN . . . Transfer— Michigan . . . College, A.S.U. CAROL KLINE . . . D.E.C.A.. Treas.; Powder Puff Football; Transfer—Scottsdale High ... College, A.S.U. JACK KOPPEN . . . Varsity BARBARA KOS. Football, Swimming; Letter- men's Club . . . College, En- gineering. BILL KRAHEN8UHL . . . Bowling Club . . . College. C.P.A. CAROL ANN KUCHLER... Concert Choir; Transfer— Pennsylvania . . . College. TIM KUMFER . . . Varsity Baseball: Lettermen's Club: Transfer—Indiana . . . Air Force. ANTOINETTE KUPNIEWSKI . . . G.A.A.; Y-Teens; Pep Club . . . College, A.S.C. ELLEN GWEN LACY . . . Band Lettermen's Club, Sec., Veep: Mariner Scouts. Sec.. Veep; Band . . . College. CANDACE SUSAN LANE... "Candy" . . . N.H.S.; Girls' League: Y-Teens: G.A.A.; Student Senate ... U. of A. 45Berlin, Cuba Crises Spark Student GREGORY LEE . . . "Greg" . . . Rocket Club: Del Phi Hi-Y; Student Senate: Trans- fer— Brophy . . . College, U. of A. LARRY T. LEWIS . . . Stu- dent Senate: Band: Boys' Chorus: Transfer—Tucson . . . Doctor. DIANE LICHNER . . . G.A.A. . . . Business School. BRECK LILLYBLAD . . . D.E.C.A.: Varsity Track . . . College. CLIFFORD NELSON LIND- BLOM . . . "Kip" . . . "Tho Man Who Came To Dinner"; "Arsenic and Old Lace" . . . U. of A. AL LINDSTROM . . . Koy Club, Sgt. at Arms: Safety Council, Pres.: Tennis; Base- ball . . . College. SUSAN LOESCHE. MARILYN LUNDIN . . . "Mimi" . . . X-Club: Drama Club: Student Senate. Rec. Sec.; Y-Tcens, Sec.: Girls' League: Safety Council . . . College. TOM LYNCH . . . Letter- men's Club . . . College. A.S.U. GE GE MALLON . . . Y- Teens: Transfer—Scottsdale High . . . College, A.S.C. JOHN MANNING. JOE MANZO. 46Interest in International Affairs PHILIP marcacci . . . Bowling Club; Football; Transfer—Illinois . . . College. HANK MARTINSON. GARY MASCHNER . . . Band Lettermen's Club; Newspaper Photographer; Cross Country . . . Navy. wayne McCarthy. KAY McCURNIN . . . Trans- fer—Iowa . . . College. Roberta McDaniel . . . Girls' Chorus; Transfer— Phoenix Union ... Jr. Col- lege. PATRICK SEAN McGINTY . . . "Pat" . . . Homecoming King: Football; Lettermen's Club. Sgt. at Arms; Track . . . College. STEVE McLEOD. JANE McMASTER . . Y- Teens; Girls' League: "Charlie's Aunt"; . . . A.S.U. ROBERT McWARD . . . Var. Football. Wrestling; Letter- men's Club: Trans-Tucson. MOLLY MEE ... St. Senate. Chaplain: Girls' League. Pres.: Sr. Class Trees.; Trans- Texas ... U. of A. MARY ANN MERCIER . . . N.H.S.: Tri-Hi-Y; St. Senate: Arcadian Staff; Trans-Penn. . . . College. 47College Representatives, Counselors CONSTANCE MILES MEU DELL . . . "Connie” . . Tri-Hi-Y; Girls' League, Sgt at Arms; Safety Council Sec.-Treas.; Tennis . . . Col lege. JANET MILLER . . . J.E.T.S.. Pres.: N.H.S.: Student Sen- ate; Mu Alpha Theta. Veep. Treas. . . . College. LYNDA MILLER . . . Girls' League; Transfer—Minn. . . . Art Teacher. WARREN MILLER. EILEEN MONZEL. CAROL MOORE . . . Y- GARY MOORE. PETER MORRIS . . . Trans- Teens; Girls' League; Safety fer—New Jersey . . . Col- Council: Olympian Staff; Band: Tennis . . . College. lege. A.S.U. TERRY MOULTON . . . J.E.T.S.; Concert Choir; Transfer—Michigan . . . Col- lege. REBECCA MUNNS . . . Dra- ma Club, Pres.; N.H.S.; Stu- dent Senate: Girls' League, Sec.; Sr. Class Sec. . . . Col- lege. MIKE MURPHY. ROBERT NAIRN . . Club: Safety Council College, U. of A. Key 48i oke to Seniors and Parents. MICHAEL NEER . . . J.E.T.S.; Newspaper Staff; Student Council: Dramatics . . Transfer—III. . . . College. JOHN CHARLES NELSON . . . Astronomy Club; Trans- fer—Scottsdale High . . . College. A.S.U. TOM NEUS . . . Track; Let- termen's Club. MICHAEL NEW . . . Rockot Club: Jr. Engineers Tech. Society . . . College, Colo- rado. CAROL NIELSEN . . . G.A.A.; Y-Teens; Pep Club; Powder Puff Football . . . A.S.U. CORKY NORTHROP . . . Varsity Baseball. Basketball . . . College, A.S.U. NANCY O'BRIEN . . . Girls' League; Transfer—Camelback High . . . College. KRISTEN ODEN. CONNIE OEHLER . . . Bowl- ing League . . • Business Col- lege. PEGGY O'GARA ... Key Club Sweetheart; Safety Council; Pom Pon; X-Club . . . College. LINDA PADOVANI . . . Girls' League: Y-Teens: Safe- ty Council; Powder Puff Foot- ball . . . A.S.U. THOMAS W. PARKER . . . Nat'l Honor Soc.: J.E.T.S.; Lettermen’s Club: Football. Track: Sr. Class Veep . . . Nuclear Physics.Red and Blue Days Signify School Spirit DICK PARRENT . . . Letter- men's Club: Varsity Football. Wrestling . . . College. U. of A. SUSAN PEACOCK . . . Y- Teens: Art Club; Pep Club . . . A.S.U. BILL PEBLER . . . College. Forest Service. FRED PETERS . . . Astronomy Club: Rocket Club: Bowling Club . . . College. Dentistry. SANDY PETERSON. KAREN PETKOVSEK . . . G.A.A., Veep. Rec. Sec.; Jr. Red Cross: J.V. Tennis . . . College. A.S.U. DONNA PETSCH . . . Y- Teens; Pep Club: Girls' League: Powder Puff Foot- ball . . . Northwestern Uni- versity. STUART PETTYCREW. HARL PIKE . . . Fencing; Nat'l Honor Society . . . College. A.S.U. RICKY PINGITORE . . . Varsity Wrestling: Letter- men's Club: Transfer—Cen- tral High. MARGRET PITTMAN . . . Transfer — South Mountain High . . . College. U. of A. CHERYL PLEDGER . . . N.H.S.: Safety Council; Girls' League: Transfer—California . . . College. U. of A. 50for a School That’s Best in the West SHARON POLEN . . . Y- Tcens: Girls' League: "Char- lie's Aunt"; "Arsenic and Old Lace" . . . A.S.U. LINDA POMEROY . . . X- Club: Varsity Tennis: Trans- fer—Bishop's School: Olym- pian Staff ... U. of A. JOE PORTER ... Key Club: Lettermcn's Club: Golf: Stu- dent Senate ... U. of A. GIBSON PRATT ... Key Club: Student Council: Jr. Class Rep.: Golf: Lettermen's Club . . . College. JOHN PROPSTRA . . . Pres. Frosh Class: Lettermen's Club. Pres.: Varsity Basket- ball. Football, Baseball: Key Club . . . College. MIKE OUINN . . . Band Letterman . . . College. SHARON REARDON . . . Safety Council. Sec.: Sigma Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y, Pres.: Stu- dent Senate . . . College. LUCY REBELES . . . Span- ish Honorary: Bowling Club: G.A.A.; Transfer—St. Mary's: Hair Stylist. JOHN REBESKE ... Art Club. Pres. . . . A.S.U. GENE REID . . . Wrestling: Lettermen's Club . . . Col- lege. LAURIE RETTER. ANN RICHMOND . . . N.H.S.: Girls' League: J.E.T.S.: Student Senate: G.A.A. . . . College. A.S.U. 51Seniors Look Back on 4 Years of LEE RICHTER . . . Girls' JULIE RICKLICK . . . Bowl- CAROLE ROBINSON . . . R08ERT ROBYN. League . . . A.S.U. ing Club . . . Beauty School. Fencing; German Award: Transfer — West High . . . Medical School. EVERETT ROLLINS . . . Var- sity Football. Baseball; Trans- fer — Tempe High School . . . College. DOROTHY VIRGINIA ROS- SETTI . . . Student Senate; Safety Council. Sec.: Girls' League; Tri-Hi-Y; Olympian Staff . . . A.S.U. DAVE ROUTT. CHERYL ANN SALINA . . . Y-Teens; Olympian Staff; G.A.A.; Lamda Sigma Phi; Transfer—Sunnyslopc . . . A.S.C. STEPHANIE SALOMONE... S t u d e nt Senate: Girls' League: Transfer — South Mt. High; Cheerleader; Stu- dent Council; Soph. Class Sec. DONNA JEAN SCHEITLIN . . . Bowling League: Safety Council; Y-Teens: Girls' League . . . College. A.S.U. CHARLOTTE SCHILLING . . . Sigma Beta Chi. Pres.: Student Council. Girl Rep.: Student Senate; Safety Coun- cil: Y-Teens . . . College. Psychology. LINDA JEAN SCHLOSSNA- GEL . . . Student Senate; Y-Teens; Girls' League: G.A.A.; Transfer — North High . . . College. 52Achievements, Fun, and Friends MARY ANN SCHMIDT . . . Red Cross: Bowling: Arcad- ian Staff: Quili Sere! . . . College. A.S.U. JOHN SCOFIELD ... Mu Alena Theia: N.H.S.: Key Club: J.E.T.S.: Band: Wres- tling . . . College. MARY KAY SCOTT . . Chorus . . - Secretary. PATRIA SCRUGGS ... Art Club. Pres., Program Mana- ger; Student Senate: Girls' League: Transfer — Nevada . . . College. PATRICIA ANN SEAR- JOHN SEDERSTROM . . . GEANT . . . Y-Teens: Tri-Hi- Track . . . A.S.U. Y; Bowling League: Powder Puff Football . . . College. U. of A. JUDI SHEER . . . Student SANDRA SHELDON, Senate. Alt.: Girls’ League: Safety Council: Drama Club: Y-Teens. Pres.. Trees.: Lemda Sigma Phi . . . College. LARRY SHER . . . Drama Club: "Arsenic and Old Lace": "One Foot in Heav- en": Transfer — Ohio. Mich- igan . . . College. RICHARD K. SHIELDS . . . Varsity Football: Student Senate: Lettermen’s Club: DeMolay: Fu ure Scientists of America . . . A.S.C. HERBERT BRADISH SHOE- MAKER III . . . Varsity Foot- ball. Basketball. Baseball: Lettermen's Club . . . Col- lege. SANDY SHORE . . . Y-Teens: Delta Omega: Girls’ League: G.A.A.: Student Senate . . . Cc':ege. 53I Seniors Anticipate College Careers, SCOTT SILVER . . . College. A.S.U. DONNA SIMSER. JANICE ANN SISSON . . . "Jan" . . . Girls' League; Safety Council; Delta Omega Tri-Hi-Y; Powder Puff Foot- ball . . . College. A.S.U. CAROLEE SLATTERY . . . D.E.C.A.; Bowling League; Transfer — New York . . . A.S.U. CHARLES REED SMISEK . . . Olympian Staff; Arcad- ian Staff . . . Politics. ANDREW SMITH . . . Rock- et Club. Pres.: J.E.T.S.; Fu- ture Scientists of America: Frosh. Football. Basketball . . . A.S.U. CAROLE JOY SMITH . . . D.E.C.A.. Pres.: Transfer — Camelback High . . . Col- lege. A.S.C. DIANE SMITH . . . Bowling League: Twirling; Art Club: Transfer — Scottsdale High . . . College. DICK-SMITH . . . Letter- men's Club: Football. Track. Wrestling . . . College. DON SMITH . . . Bowling Club: DeMolay: Transfer — Scottsdale High . . . College. A.S.U. KATHLEEN SMITH . . . "Kay" . . . Girls' League: N.H.S.: Powder Puff Foot- ball . . . College. A.S.U. MICHAEL A. SMITH . . . J.E.T.S.: Tennis . . . College. 54Setting Examples for Underclassmen MIKE SOLVESKY . . . Wres- tling: Lettermen's Club . . . College. JANICE SPEER. GARY SPRINZL. LEIGH SQUIRES . . . Trans- fer—S. Dakota . . . College. MARY MARGARET STAL- NAKER . . . Girls' League: Frosh. Class Treas.: Sigma Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y; Transfer— Scottsdale High . . . A.S.U. JOHN STEELE . . . J.E.T.S.: Spanish Honorary: Basketball: Transfer — Scottsdale High . . . College. DWIGHT L. STUART . . . College. Colorado. GARY SWIFT . . . Letter- men’s Club: B.A.A.; Varsity Football: Golf Team . . . College, Oregon State. SANDRA SYLVESTER. DENISE TAYLOR . . . Ar- cadian Co-Editor; Pep Club: Safety Council: Y-Teens . . . U. of A. ROBERT C. TEMPLE . . . Key Club: Lettermen's Club: Varsity Football. Baseball. Basketball . . . College. MARY RUTH TEMPLIN . . . Orchestra: Plays: Transfer— Penna. . . . College. 55Annual "Senioritis” Grips Class of ’63 JOHN THOMAS ... As- tronomy Club: Var. Cross- Country. Track . . . A.S.U. or B.Y.U. LINDA THOMPSON . . . D.E.C.A.: Bowling League: Transfer — Scottsdale High . . . College. DIANE TINNEY . . . Fencing: Transfer—West High . . . Work. JOAN TOMICH . . . "Jo- an!" . . - Pep Club: Spanish Club: Transfer — Missouri . . . College. MARILYN TOWSLEY . . . N.H.S.; Girls' League: Pep Club: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Tri- Hi-Y; Student Senate: Var. Tennis . . . U.S.C. JOHNNY TROST . . . Bas- ketball: Spanish Club: Bowl- ing: Drama Club: Transfer— Virginia . . . College. LINDA TUREK . . . Student Senate: Y-Tecns; Transfer — Scottsdale High: Tri-Hi-Y . . . College. U. of A. DAVE TURNER. PEGGY TYRA . . . X-Club. NANCIE VOGEL . . . Girls' League: Transfer — Minne- sota . . . College. A.S.U. CHALICE VOLKMAR . . . "Cug" . . . D.E.C.A.; Bowl- ing League . . . College. BILL WAMSLEY . . . Olym- pian Staff: Key Club: Stu- dent Senate: Transfer—Mon- tana . . . Montana Stato Uni- versity. 56as Their Graduation Day Nears MARILYN WASH . . . D.E.C.A. . . . Gregg's Busi- ness College. WILLIAM WATERMAN . . . Drama Club; "Leave It To Jane"; . . . "8rigadoon"; "Charlie's Aunt" . . . Col- lege. ELIZABETH WEBER . . . "Beth" . . . Drama Club. Sec.: Concert Choir; "Brig- adoon"; "Charlie's Aunt”; "Leave It To Jane" . . . Dra- ma Major. SUSANNE E. WELLS . . . Y-Teens: G.A.A.; Spanish Club: Transfer — California . . . College. PAUL ED WELSH . . . Frosh. J.V. Football: Var. Basketball Manager . . . College. RICHARD WHEELOCK . . . "Skid" . . . A.S.U., Engineer- ing. Navy. MARY WHITEHEAD . . . D.E.C.A.; Transfer — Texas; . . . College. FRANK WHITESIDE . . . Bowling Club; Titan Band; Band Letterman; Transfer— Oregon . . . A.S.U. MARTY WILLIAMS . . . Thespians. Treas.; Safety Council. Sec.: Y-Teens: Girls’ League; Olympian Co-Edi- tor; Drama Club; Student Sen. Alt.; Transfer — Ind. . . . U. of A. JIM WILSON . . . DeMolay . . . College, A.S.U. PATTY WINEGART . . . Girls' League . . . A.S.U. or Beauty School. LONA WINKELMAN . . . Girls' Chorus: D.E.C.A.; Teens Against Cancer . . . Beautician College. 57Baccalaureate, Commencement, Golden PRAIRIE WITKAMP . . . Girls' League . . . School in France. RICK WOOD. CRAIG WOODWARD . . . Wrestling . . . Industrial Draftsman. JEFF WRIGHT. LYNDA WYNN . . . G.A.A.; Bowling Club; Concert Choir; Pep Club; Girls' League . . . U. of A. MARTAINE WYNN . . . Chorus; Sigma Beta Tri-Hi- Y . . . College, A.S.U. LILY YEE. DORIS ANN ZESIGER . . . Y-Teens: Pep Club: Drama Club; Tennis: Chorus; "Curi- ous Savage": "Charlie's Aunt"; Student Senate: "Ar- senic and Old Lace" . . . College. JOHN D. ZIEGLER . . . A.S.U., Marines. SCOn ZIMMERMAN . . . DeMolay . . . A.S.U., Ma- rines. LUCILLA ZINGALE . . . "Lucy" . . . Girls' League . . . Phx. College. BARBARA ANNE BEHAN . . . Girls' League; Cheer- leader: French Club: Sigma Beta Chi; Transfer — Judson . . . U. of A. 5ftMemories for Departing Seniors VINCENT CARTER . . . JULIE ANN DURRELL . . . BILL LAMUTH JOHN MacDONALD . . . J.E.T.S.; Lettermen's Club; X-Club; Safety Council, Key Club. Chaplain; Letter- Varsity Wrestling . . . A.S.U., Veep: Sigma Beta Chi Tri- men's Club; Varsity Football Engineering. Hi-Y; Student Senate Alt.; College, U. of A. . . . College. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS . . Charlotte Schilling, Girl Rep.; Mol ly Mee, Treas.; Becky Munns, Sec. Tom Parker,'Vice-Pres.; Mike Neer Boy Rep.; Dave Herskovits, Pres. SENIOR SPONSORS . . . Mrs. Stafford and Mr. Baltz discuss plans for Senior Week Activi- ties. 596061Junior Class Officers and Sponsors JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . . . Seated: Sue Orth. Vice-President: Elaine Ong. Secretary: Merry McGwire, Girl Rep.; Robin Houston, Treasurer. Standing: Art Piccinati, President; Frank Vaughn. Boy Rep. JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS. Mrs. Eleanor Upton and James Byrlcit. dis- cuss plans for raising money for the Junior-Senior Prom. 62 The Junior Class started off this year with a bang, with the Powder Puff football game bringing out the tiger in Junior girls. Dur- ing the annual Junior Twirp Week, the Jun- ior Class officers and sponsors collaborated to further student participation. The Jun- iors also promoted candy sales to finance the Prom, and the foreign exchange stu- dent. The Junior-Senior Prom highlighted the year, as enthusiastic Juniors looked for- ward to their senior year.Juniors Start Off Year With a Bang! Charlotte Adams Dottie Adams Jane Adams Don Adler Jacque Albright Jim Allen John Armatis Leonard Aron John Augustin Barbara Barolet Mike Bartlett Kendall Bartlett Wayne Bauer Roger Baum Lynn Beason Jane Bechtol Sara Becker Bernadette Bell Nancy Benneson Rick Bennett Terry Benzing David Beresic John Berry Sally Bimson John Birch Chuck Bishop Carol Blackmore Bill Blakley Lee Blatt Sue Blazok Tom Block Jim Bly Mark Boccaccio Terry Boettcher 63Powder Puff Game Bring Rick Boltz Gary Bowne Pam Boyd Gary Bradley Kristy Brennan Leslie Brice Dianne Broch Jean Brooks Lawrence Brooks Roger Buffman Marcia Bullard Sue Burdette Susan Burgess Cathy Burns Diane Butler Paul Caldwell Cindy Call Gary Call Steve Cameron Paul Campbell Bob Canter Pat Carey Carrie Carlise Lisa Carlisle Jeanne Carpenter Pat. Carver Donna Casper Joan Chance Richard Chaplane Jim Chapman John Chapman Jim ChristensenOut the Tiger in Junior Girls Rosemary Christensen Roger Christopher Mary Ellen Clare Tina Clark Cathy Clark Ruth Clark Sherry Clemmen Darolyn Coffman Miranda Collet Donella Cole Vance Cole Roger Conroy Martha Cook Nancy Counts Bill Cowan Leslie Coppins Don Cox Judy Cramer Jerry Crewson Sharon Croft Peter Cronk Kathy Crowley Gerald Cuckler Richard Danley Dennis Davis John Davis Evelyn Deike Jeanene Denton Marilyn DeVore Donna DeWitt Marcia Dibble Cherrie Dipley 65Juniors Promote Candy Sales to Louise Domineck Bob Dorfman Bob Draughon Bill Drew Susie Edwards Shirlee Emery Lee Emory Mary Lou Eskridge Mary Lou Evans Peggy Evans Kathy Falk Evert Farmer Tom Farmer Lyn Faught Mike Fennell Linda Ferguson Joan Fish Tom Fissell John Florez Marry Forest Dave Foster Tom Foster Paula Fralay David Francke Gary Frere Carol Frye Sharyn Galevey Fred Gamble Terry Gamble Barbara Gant Dennis Gehl Bonnie Gerhart Gayle Gibbons Vicki Goddard 66Finance Prom and Exchange Student Tom Goudie Fred Granzow Richard Gray Beth Green Candy Green Jayne Green Sue Gregory Diane Gremanis Gloria Grimditch Marsha Grube Peggy Gygi Sharon Haddy Daniel Hall Diane Hall Steve Hall Nancy Hammond Tom Hanby Paul Hapip Ronnie Harmon Karen Harper Ann Hayden Dennis Hayden Cheryl Hedstrom Lisa Hedth Larry Hibler Judy Hickman Mary Hiegel Terry Hillis Linda Hitchcock Richard Hoefelman Carol Hoffman Bill Holmberg Steven Homstrom Barbara Hopwood 67Arcadia Girls Foot the Bill Robyn Houston Coleman Hoyt Scott Hudson Shari Hume David Jefferies Karla Jennings Jennifer Jensen Jody Johnson Pat Jones Penny Jones Pat Julian Terry Juntti Alexis Karales Judy Kast Stan Katarski John Kemp Don Kennedy Maxine Kent Suzanne Kershaw Linda Killian Barry King Joyce Kinkel Carol Kirk Jerry Klein Kay Kohlhase Sherri Kossnar Bobbie Kotz Kathy Krebbs Dave Laake Pinky LaGrotta John LaMantia Raenell LandtieldDuring Annual Junior Twirp Week Jim Langley Curt Larabell Joe Laszlo Robyne Leatzow Denis Lewis Nan Licklider Susie Linoner Diane Linville John Looman Clark Lorhr Kathie Loverchio Julie Lupton Pat Lutes Ron MacDonald Chris Madden Richard Malone JoAnn Mangione Christine Manning Mandy Marquart Chris Martin Harlene Mardian Bill Maxwell Sue Mazurowski Laura McCarthy Patricia McDowell Frank McEvoy Micki McFadden Leonard McFord Merry McGuire Steve McMahon Daniel McNamara Joan McNamara 69Junior Class Sponsors and Officers Charles McNeil Carol Mecey Glenn Medecke George Merrell Marilyn Miller Pat Miller Steve Miller Tanfield Miller Suzanne Miller Bonnie Mitchell Bob Moeller Danie Moeller Jan Moenich Karen Mullen Patti Murphy Tim Murphy Jim Murray Rolf Myklestad Anne Nairn Walter Nash Cathy New Pam New Nickie Nichols Leslie Norde Sandy Obenstine Dave Ogden Jolen Olsen Kay O'Neill Elaine Ong Sue Orth Dennis Overlynder Carolyn Owen Jon Ott Andrew Owen 70Make Plans for Senior Year Bruce Palmer Dianah Paschke Penny Patton Jane Pearson Joan Pearson Roly Pearson Judy Pedote Ed Pelsue Joan Peterson John Peterson Rick Peterson Yvonne Peterson Margaret Peyou Susan Phillip Art Piccinati Chris Pischke Pete Pittman Linda Plotkin Irvin Platt Marry Pobis Paul Pratt Pamela Price Jack Price Diane Propstra Carole Rabey Sam Ragland Judy Rawlins Barbara Rebeske Heston Reedy John Reger Kara Reid Jim Rein Janet Reis Jim Repp 71Gala Prom Highlights Activity John Van Reusen Steve Rhoades Dick Richardson Jeff Richardson Dennis Robert John Rockerhousenll Richard Rogers Jeanene Romney Jay Rondeau Bonnie Roper Gail Roschibal Nancy Rose Ed Ross Pamela Ross Margie Roth Ron Rothschild Bonnie Rowe Paul Rowe Harvey Sadacca Neil Salmi Bob Sanders Betsy Sanson Karen Sarten Tom Savage Gayle Schafberger Barbara Schmidt Glenn Schultz Brian Schwinghamer Betty Scott Susan Senske Jay Sharp John Sheets 72Filled Year for Junior Class Carl Shipley John Shippley Tom Shore Lynn Sigman Cheryl Simser Sheila Sirridge Chuck Skinner Barry Sollenberger Dave Smith Jeff Smith Leslie Smith Marlena Smith Truck Smith Don Snyder Jon Soule Karl Spangler Jim Spellman Vivian Stabile Cheryl Stallings Kathy Steward Jim Stewart Kim Stewart Mary Jo Stewart Don Stiles Jerry Stines Terry Stines Carol Stromme Kay Summey Gayle Sutton Nancy Sutton Barbara Tejan Charles Thorpe 73Viewing Senior Year With Enthusiasm John Thurston Jim Tingwald Carolyn Tomkins Ron Trainer Barb Trester Terry Tubb William Turbat Janet Turnbow Steve Uhlmann Frank Vaughan John Verbout Linda Vineyard Brady Vogel Danny Walker Greg Walsh Tony Wanic Kathy Washburn Candy Weekes Christina Weir Beverly Wilcox Dave Williams Laura Williams John Williams Rick Williams Denny Wilson Donna Windhorst Cathie Witty Whitney Wolloughly GlenAnn Wood Mike Wooden Dana Woudenberg Darlene Wright Dennis Yuresko Linda Zuidema 74Soph. Class Officers and Sponsors SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS . . . Seated: Audrey Dalassandro, Girl Rep.: Jackie Lindstrcm, Secretary; Laurie Salisbury, Treasurer. Standing: Andy Ambrose, Vice-President; Tuck Stephenson. Boy Rep.; Randy Wright. President. The 1963 Sophomore Class displayed all- around spirit by selling pennants before the football games to boost their class treas- ury. Since this was their second year at Ar- cadia, the high school routine seemed to be "old hat" to returning Sophomores. The Sophomore Class rated high in all academ- ic achievements, as they laid the founda- tions of a rewarding high school career. The Junior year is truly in sight for the Sophomores of 1963. SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS, Mrs. Patricia Settlemoir and Joe -Col- lingnon, get together to discuss possible future plans for the Class of 1965. 751963 Sophomore Class Displays Jack Adamson Margaret Akers George Alexander Judy Alexander Andy Ambrose Hallie Von Ammon Kay Anderson Larry Anderson Susan Applebaum Tony Arra Roy Austin Leslie Avant Vivianne Babienko Terry Baccelli Bill Baker Bruce Baker Randy Baker Doug Baldwin Sharon Bancroft Bill Bann Donna Jean Barker Sam Barr Ronny Barr Ed Battershell Joan Bauer Bob Beal Jeannie Beckstead Marilyn Begtrup Hurford Bell Oscar Bellenger John Benjamin Philip Bennel Ken Bennett Lynn Bennett 76All-Around School Spirit Dennis Benzing Kathy Bigleman Frank Bishop Etta Blackmon Mary Blackmore Rick Blakely Steve Blasnek Bud Blate Jackie Bleyer Craig Bluell Ken Boren Mike Borshein Susan Botsford Bonnie Boudreau Janice Bowen Penny Boyd Steve Boyd Cnerie Boyer Mike Braden Annette Bramlett Landra Brinton Pat Broeder Doris Brooks Starr Brooks Gary Brown Jeremoy Brown Joanne Brown Steve Brown Terry Bryan Tom Buckle Mike Burke Bryan Burton Jim Busch Sandra Busser 77Pennant Sales Before Football Donna Butkiewicz CHeri Butler Dale Button Mikie Byron John Caldwell John Cameron Nancy Cameron Susie Cameron Pam Campo Dale Cannon Larry Cappell Sue Cardeli Jerry Cardew Forrest Carter Chuck Case Cindy Caster Suzanne Chaillie George Chalagonian Jack Chapman Ray Chenhall Coette Childers Eddie Choate Clynn Christensen Jane Christiansen Harry Cipriano Gary Clark Mike Clark Terry Clark Tom Cole Chuck Colton Gus Contos Ron Countryman 78Games Boost Class Treasury Don Cook Sally Cook Connie Cooper Warren Cooper Douglas Coppock Corinne Corbitt Mike Cranny Robert Cronskey Marcia Crutchley Robyn Cummings Bob Curtis Bill Cushman Ron Daley Betsy Dalzell Jean Davidson Karen Davis Lynn Davis Stephen Davis Frank Deaken Audrey Dalessandro Rosemary Deloian Ronny Deneke Tim Deschler Ray Detrick Mike Dicerbo Leslie Diefenderfer Tim Dietz Skip Dillon Pat Ditirro Sue Dixon Jean Dobben Gaines DuVall 79High School Routine Seems to be Bill Ebert Margie Eisen Vickie Elson Carolyn Elliott Marilyn Elliott Stephen Ellis Jim Ellstrom Teddie Englund Leonard Erie Kathy Etchells Paula Eungard Greg Evans Bart Faber Bill Ferguson Cathie Ferguson Ronald Finch Kathy Finney Barbara Fish Bob Fisher Tim Fisher Jim Fissell Ava Fraizer Gretchen Frauk Frank Freedle Connie Freeman Nancy Freestone Donna Frick Bob Frye Judy Fuller Ronnie Furr Margie Gabbard Patti Geiger Carol Gieszl Jerry Glover 80'Old Hat” to Returning Sophomores Linda Glover Penney Goewon Kathy Goldwaite Sandra Gompf Phillip Graham Ginny Grant Land Grant Kathy Green Janice Griffin Bruce Gulledge Alana Gullet Donna Gulnac Donna Gumlic Heather Hafleigh Mike Hagerty Diane Haggerty Tom Hairston Karen Hakes Vaunda Hammett Bob Hanan Jan Haney Jim Hanford Robin Hansen Barbara Hardy John Harkenrider Ben Harvey Tom Harvey Carol Haugeland Bill Hawkins Mark Hawkins Karen Hayden Lee Headstrom John Heise Bill Henderson 81Laying the Foundations of a Gary Hendrix Jean Herringer Jerry Van Heusen Joanna Hiatt John Hilde David Hill Scott- Hilsabeck Pat Hilsop Jerry Hiner Sherry Hirt Becky Hitchcock Vickie Hitchcock Steve Hodgson Judie Holland Cinda Hoel Bill Hoffman Cheryl Hogan Don Holm Jeannette Hough James Van Houten Woody Howe Lou Hudson Margaret Hull Saredi Humphrey Judy Hutson Dewey Isaac Kathy Jablonski Jennifer Jackson l.inda Jamison Victor Johansen Bill Johnson Bruce Johnson 82Rewarding High School Career Gregg Johnson Lynda Johnson Ron Johnson Brad Jones Gail Jorgenson Steve Joseph Frank Juni Charlotte Kamstra Jeannie Katz Linda Kaufman Pam Keen Vince Keeton Alan Keith Jerry Kelley Brian Kennedy Bob Keubler Beverly Keyes Linda Krahenbuhl Patty Kidv ell Charleen Klein Linda Kleinz Terry Klouse Saundra Knackstedt Pam Knight Scott Koerner Kim Kopecky Linn Kriner Lynda Kuchler Cheryl Kyff Gordon Lacy Frankie Lake Bill Laman 83Sophomore Class Rates High Nancy Lambert Nancy Lamson Kerry Lamuth Steve Landry Jane Laubach Greg Lauten Betty Lawlus Zoanne Leininger Robert Levine Wally Linburg Judy Lind Jacquelyn Lindstrom Susan Lindstrom Larry Lipton Sally Liska Richard Lockett Mike Loper Ronnie Low Andy Lynch Janeal Maggard Mike Maisel Bob Manning Richard Margolin Mary Jo Martin Sue Marshall Linda Mattingly Dave May Bob Mayse Lynn McCasland Laura McClure Betty McCutchen Carl McGarey Dan McKeown Mike McKeown 84in All Academic Achievements Nancy McLeod Peggy McMullin Mary McNamara Mike McNamara David McNulty Terry Mechling James Meek Frank Mendola Jim Mercier Del Merrill Philip Messec Richard Mickle Melinda Milar Dave Miller Judy Miller Sid Miller Tom Miller George Mills Richard Milot Bob Monie Jo Montgomery Kathy Montgomery Dana Moore Rosemary Moore Vicki Moore Brad Morfitt Kay Morris Bob Moss John Moss Dusty Mower Becky Mowry Randy Muller Craig Murdock Nina Nauman 85Wright, Ambrose, Lindstrom, Jim Naylor Elbert Neeriemer Bill Nichols Nick Nicholson Pete Nikiforuk Paul Nikiforuk Karen Oatis Helen O’Beirne Larry Obenstine Denise Odean Karen Oatis Randy Oden John Oehler Susan Ohms Larry Olden Patty Oliver Elliott Olson Karen Olson Mike O'Malley John O'Neal Pete Orr Steve Orth Dannie Orton Kenny Ostermeyer Steve Oviedo Susan Ouren Dana Overmier Bob Page Kathy Paine David Papandrew Jim Pea re 86Salisbury Lead Class of ’65 Judie Pebler Richard Penquite Haven Peters Dennis Peterson Terry Peugh Ruth Pierce DeDe Pisani Diane Pledger Barbara Porter Gayle Post Susan Pratt Randy Pridgen Laura Ptak Gage Putnam Bill Quinn Jane Quinnelly Mike Rampy Jack Ranby Rae Rawlins Chris Reed Karen Reid Pete Repp Judy Reynolds Rick Rhoades Gloria Richmond Kathy Riggs Lynn Robb Steve Robinette Jan Robinson Mary Rocker Susan Rocker Harry Romanin 87Victory Dance Makes Money Sue Roper Jackie Rose Kathy Rose Tom Rothweiler Kay Rouse Tom Rowland Judie Rummage Walt Runge Toby Rupert Kenny Sage Darryll Salsburg Laurie Salisbury Neil Salmi Chris Salomone Harry Salzman Terry Sanders Jacque Sauter Dave Schedler Sandra Schork Karen Schrader Dick Schure Jo Schwan Larry Schwartz Rick Schwarze David Scott Linda Scranton Mary Ann Shall Tish Sheehan Barbara Sheeley Roger Sheer Sharon Shirley Linda Sher Robert Sher Ralph Shipp 88to Cover Yearly Expenditures Terry Shreeve Rick Shults Bill Simmons Larry Sipe Bob Smith Frank Smith Jeff Smith Judy Smith Kendall Smith Lorraine Smith Marilyn Smith Stephanie Smith Susan Smith Jim Sollenberger Harry Solzman Tom Sorensen Steve Spellman Estelle Speros Steve Spielberg Suzie Stanford Lisa Stapleton Gretchen Sternberg Mike Stevens Clint Stidham Susan Strauss Ed Struble Nancy St. Clair Mary Jane St. Thomas Steve Suggs Shirley Surgener Ruth Swain Steve Swift George Tanguy Joan Taylor 89Junior Year Clearly in Sight Sue Tear Bob Tellier Keith Thompson Mark Thomson Karen Tinney Darnel Todd Clede Tomlinson Judy Topolosky Bill Toy Mike Trollope Trudie Troutman Eugene Tucker Sheila Tucker Melodye Tunis Mike Turek Susan Tyree Barb Vehon Patty Verhoeven Lynda Verner Dennis Viges Linda Villarreal Kathryn Wagner Larry Wagner Rick Wallace Carol Walleck' Janet Walmsley Jim Walsh Jim Ware Glenn Wasson llene Waterman Jean Weber Pat Webber 90for Enterprising Sophomores Tom Wedel John Weidemaier Bill Weirich Linda Weller Barbara Welch Paula Welsh Dave Werner Al Wesolowski Dawn Wheelock Greg White Erik Widmark John Weidemann Laurie Wilkinson Alan Williams Chris Williams Penny Williams Sheeter Williams Cathy Wilson Janet Winkler Shirley Wisniewski Julie Woolley Randy Wright Susan Wright Sherry Yancey James DeVaney Carol Young Jeff Young Gail Zenobi Eddra Ziegler Frank Ziska Donna Zwaanstra 91Frosh Class Officers and Sponsors FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS . . . Standing: Frank Bostock, Treasurer: Johnny Guthrie. Vice-President; Tom Cooley. Boy Rep.; Chuck James. President. Seated: Susan Tonner, Secretary; Adele Piccinati. Girl Rep. MRS. HELEN FISHER AND ERNIE BULLARD. Freshman Class sponsors, look over past and possible future achievements of the Class of ‘66. 92 The Freshman Class of 1966 included 450 students from Scottsdale Elementary Schools. Although classes, teachers, and routines were new to this class with a spark- ling future, they participated in every phase of school activities. As the Freshmen set their goals, they became part of Arcadia. We are proud of them, and look forward to new leadership, spirit, and attitudes with the upcoming Class of '66.Fledgling Class Makes Good! Donald Adams Jim Adams Barbara Akers Sam Albert Marilyn Allen Jim Allums Mina Alter John Anderson Gary Armstrong Linda Austin Bob Bah'ls Dave Baker Jim Bann Linda Barclay LouAnna Barker Linda Barnes Steve Bartlett Jeff Bartolino Marsha Batty Judy Bauer Bill Baumann Patricia Bean Rick Bedenkop John Belden Ron Bemis Bruce Benson Cathy Bentner Kathy Bergen Randa Bernath Candy Bethell Leon Bierbaum Bill Birkholz Mary Ann Birney 93450 Freshmen Come to Arcadia Steve Bisbee Nancy Bishop Jeane Bissell Carol Black Carolyn Blakeley Randee Sue Block Cheryl Blum John Blunda Billy Bly Nona Blyth Tammy Bonds Frank Bostock Charley Bowers Naomi Bowie Terri Bradley Mike Brady Sharon Brill Janice Brown Laney Brown Rick Brown Kim Bruce Jamie Burns Tom Butcher Dick Butler Jo Butler Larry Butler Laura Butler Shirley Byrd Jim Caldwell Paul Caliendo Mike Call Scott Campbell 94From Scottsdale Elementary Schools Ronnie Cannon Shelly Canter Mary Carlton Ron Carter Bob Carver David Cast Judy Castleberry Pat Cazel Valerie Chadderdon Don Chenhall Vickie Chesley Diana Christian Frances Christmas Mark Clark Kathy Clinkingbeard Richard Coate Carol Cole Cheryl Cole Judy Conner Pat Conroy Tom Cooley Bruce Coppins Linda Corzine Don Courtney Valerie Crotzer Bill Crowley Dianne Cunningham Jim Daudet Dave Davenport Margaret Davis Pat DeBerge Connie Deschler 95109Fun, Enthusiasm, Sportsmanship With intense concentration. Coach Anderson and Coach Hendricks watch a play from the sidelines. Looking at the scoreboard from outside the A.S.U. stadium, one gets the impression that someone is giving a pretty good licking. Arcadia was giving it (39) and Flagstaff was taking it (6) as shown by this beginning of fourth quarter score. Chuck Butler is caught on the goalpost while decorat- ing it for a game. noArcadia Is as Big as Its Students With the coming of winter, students "imported" a truckload of snow to the snowless valley. Arcadia was greatly surprised by this "gift." At the last basketball game of the season, the Pom Pon Girls were given corsages in appreciation of their hard work and loyalty. Charlotte Schilling, Barb Haupt, and Marcia Harrington pin corsages on Connie Clark and Nancy Hoyer while Linda Jamison watches. The yearbook staff worked diligently to put out the year- book by the deadline. Nick Karales, Marty Williams. Dor- othy Rossetti, Mary Katarski, Bill Walmsley and Linda Pomeroy pool their resources to complete a page. IllStudent Council Represents Tom Cooley. Adele Piccinati. Chuck James Freshman Representatives Randy Wright. Audry Dalcssandro, Tuck Stephenson Sophomore Representatives Art Piccinati. Merry McGwire, Frank Vaughan Junior Representatives 112 Dave Herskovits. Charlotte Schilling. Mike Neer Senior RepresentativesStudents in an Expanding World STUDENT COUNCIL, representing the student body of Ar- cadia, promoted extra school spirit, and carried the name of Arcadia throughout the state. Besides sponsoring the Student Council District Workshop, members attended the Student Council Convention. There were also several rep- resentatives to the National Conference of Christians and Jews. During the football season, Student Council members were extremely active. In addition to presenting pep assemblies, they sold Titan ribbons, sponsored the game tags, and dec- orated the goal posts. The successful Mesa Motorcade and the Homecoming ceremonies and dance were also Student Council activities. As a special touch, telegrams were sent to the team before each game. When play-offs came, there was a huge bonfire rally at the stadium. The Council also made it possible to light up an "A" on Tempe butte with flares, and to signal each touchdown with a sky-rocket. Donald Penfield and the Student Council officers: George Durham, President; Liza Bean. Vice-President; Cindy Johnson, Secretary; Marcia Harrington, Treasurer; Barbara Haupt, Chaplain. In an active session, members discuss student government re- organization problems. 113Senate Reaches More Students STUDENT SENATE . . . Front Row: Mr. Penfield. Sponsor: Chuck Butler. Vice-President; Molly Mee, Chaplain: Mimi Lundin. Recording Secretary: Diane Propstra. Corresponding Secretary: Stephanie Salomone, Susy Tonner. Betty Smith, Patti Geiger, Gretchen Sternberg, Corey Winters. Row Two: Janet Miller, Nancy Rose, Becky Munns, Frank Bostock, Johnny Guthrie, Paul Caliendo, Gail Zenobi. Tibby Jones. Molly Spooner, Laney Brown, Lucy Stidham. Back Row: Haven Peters, Lorraine Smith. Landra 8rinton. Liz Kirchcr, Chris Salomone, Linda Turek, Laurie Salisbury, Karen Olson, Dorothy Rossetti. STUDENT SENATE, in its second year of activity, be- came an important part of Arcadia student govern- ment. It provided an organization through which stu- dents could participate more actively in student gov- ernment. Along with Student Council, the Senate helped with the homecoming dance and half-time cere- monies. Other projects, some in conjunction with Stu- dent Council, were carried out successfully. As the main project of the year, a fund to bring a foreign exchange student to Arcadia was started. Student Senate consisted of a representative elected from each second hour class. Senators met weekly to discuss student problems and activities. Through ac- tivities, the student is brought closer to Student Council and the Administration. STUDENT SENATE . . . Front Row: Barb Trester. Robyn Houston. Joan Bauer, Jacquelyn Lindstrom, Nancy Cameron, Betty Lawlus, Connie Lancaster, Linda Schlossnagel. Toni Wanic, Karen Sarten, Penny Jones, Ann Armatis, Jeanne Huvelle. Row Two: Linda Barnes. Judy Hickman, Lyn Faught, Janet Winkler, Leslie Avant, Andy Ambrose. Jim Allen. Gage Putnam Linda Kay Jamison. Ann Richmond. Sandy Shore, Sue Orth. Back Row: Mike Turek. Richard Shields. LeRoy Gaintncr, Larry Lewis. Dave Dreblow, Bill Wamsley. Ron MacDonald, Paul Hapip, Bill Hoffman, Leonard Aron. 114Honor Students Form Active Clubs NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . Front Row: Mr. Collignon. Sponsor; Connie Clark, Kay Smith, Sandy Sheldon, Laurie Retter, Barbara Haupt, President: Kay Benzel. Vice-President; Becky Munns. Secretary; Ralph Kimball. Treasurer; Mary Katarski, Chaplain; Gloria Grimditch. Dave Herskovits, Nancy Rose. Joan Chance. Row Two: Harl Pike, Lynn Fulbrecht, Kay Johnson, Janet Miller, Candy Lane, Janet Dunfce, Marcia Harrintgon. Mary Ann Mercier, Nancy Hammond. Bob Christensen, Joe Caudle. George Durham. Back Row: Jim Bly, John Scofield. Gene Griffith. LeRoy Gaintner. Tom Parker. Ann Richmond, Cheryl Pledger, Marilyn Towsley, Cindy John- son. Liza Bean. What could be more appropriate than honor students selling books? As a fund-raising project, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY members sold paper-back books pertaining to subjects the students were studying. As the year went by, more students who met the standards of citizenship, leadership, scholarship, and service were admitted. At a special assembly at the close of the year, several Sophomores of exceptional calibre were selected to join the honorary club. 6 No Hable Espanol? Then you can not be a member of the SPANISH HONORARY CLUB. Open to students who received a "I" in advanced Spanish, the club gave an opportunity to practice language skills in everyday situations. At their meetings, which were conducted entirely in Spanish, they studied books not regularly available to them. They also conducted skits, complete with costumes. SPANISH HONORARY CLUB . . . Front Row: Mr. Heywood, Sponsor; Mr. Gibbons. Sponsor; Pat Fabeny. Secretary; Leslie Smith. President: Beth Green, Vice-President; Shirlcc Emery. Historian; Elaine Balia. Sheila Tucker. Suzanne Miller. Joan Chance. Karen Reid. Lisa Heath. Row Two: Randy Wright. Mike Turek, Nick Nicholson. Coleman Hoyt. Gloria Grimditch. Sue Adams. Lee Blatt, Ann Hayden. Sharon Croft. Barbara Jordan, Kay Summey. Bruce Johnson. Back Row: Bill Summons. Richard Haefelmann, Jim Tingwald, John Steele. Danny Walker. John Reger, Pamela Burke. Gage Putnam. Barbara Hardy. Susan Ouren. Ron Harmon, Craig Bemis. 115Bowling, D.E.C.A. Clubs Spark Interest BOWLING CLUB . . . Front Row: Mr. Johnson. Sponsor; Robyn Cummings. Treasurer; Larry Hibler. Vice-President; Elaine Ong. Presi- dent; Frank Hamilton. Secretary; Vance Cole, Sergeont-at-Arms. Row Two: Mary Hiegel, Lucy Rebeles, Christie Bostock. Lynn Davis, Patty Kidwcll, Rich Peterson. John Benjamin, Kay Summcy. Sue Blozok, Susan Savittieri, Patty Scargeant. Row Three: Pat Webber, Estelle Speros, Cindy Wicrschcm, Connie Ochlcr, Diane Smith, Lynda Wynn, Frank Whiteside, Don Snyder, Ronald Finch, Dennis Benzing, Ron Daley. Back Row: Jeffrey Young, Mike Braden, Glenn Kapncr, Richard Penquite, Jerry Glover, Bob Smith, Richard Charland, Mark Thomson, Randy Baker, Terry Benzing, Greg Gibbons. Dick Richardson. Another gutterball! Well, it's all part of the game. In order to improve their averages, students formed the BOWLING CLUB. Another purpose was to provide competition and experience. Naturally, the main reason Bowling Club has so many members is that bowling is fun! If you forget the gutterballs and "almost-strikes," you will find that this game relieves tension and utterly relaxes you. Also, for uncoordinated people, bowling improves grace, coordination, lumbago, and your danc- ing. As Bowling Club members have found, bowling is a modern-day cure-all! D.E.C.A. . . . Front Row: Mrs. Pettie. Sponsor; Rose Marie Kennedy. Secretary; Carol Smith, Vice-President; Ron Balliett, President; Carol Kline. Treasurer; Linda Thompson, Parliamentarian. Row Two: Marie French, Sandy Box. Chalice Volkmar, Carolee Slattery. Back Row: Marilyn Wash. Mary Whitehead, Bob Christensen, Don Aden, Breck Lillyblad, Stuart Pettycrew. Busy as the proverbial bee, that’s what D.E.C.A. was! As the members worked in various retailing and wholesaling jobs, they gathered "honey" (pronounced money) as well as invaluable experience. Because of the on-the-job training D.E.C.A. members received, they were better prepared to enter their particular field of interest upon graduation. Also, experience in business transactions made it possible to conduct all money-making projects so that they realized the greatest profit in every venture. The importance of D.E.C.A. to the individual members was realized by each, for they received the rewards of meeting and working with new people, and sharing many new ex- periences. 116Fine Arts Groups Lent Culture DRAMA CLUB. . . Front Row: Mr. Deppe. Sponsor: Chuck Emery, Vice-President: Beth Weber, Secretary: Becky Munns, President; Andy Owen, Vickie Elson, Sue Applebaum, Marty Williams, Randee Sue Block. Mary Stalnaker, Jean Weber. Janine Volkmar. Row Two: Judi Sheer, Karen Kleinz, Estelle Speros, Mimi Lundin, Ruth Clark, Nancy Hammond, Krcstcn Oden, Clifford Lindblom, Roger Sheer, Sheila Goldman, Steve Spielberg. Brian Schwinghamer. Back Row: Bill Holmber, Cherie Butler, Rick Cook, Sherry Missner. Dan McNamara, Wayne Green, Miranda Collet, Clark John, Paul Rowe. To boost actors’ morale, the Drama Club served donuts after the dress rehearsal for each play. The hardworking cast and crew looked forward to the treat supplied by this forward-looking group. In addi- tion to eating extra donuts, various members worked backstage on props and lighting while other members had acting parts in the plays. All this was for the If you draw, paint, or just like to dabble, you belong in the Art Club. They worked in every medium from chalk to oils in their various projects. For the Girls' League Christmas Prom, they made 60 feet of murals. Their chalk drawings de- picted various outdoor winter scenes in blues and lavenders. They also made posters for the First National Bank, which were displayed at the Valley Ho Hotel. Concert posters were another project. With all the experience and training, Arcadia could well have a future Van Gogh or Picasso. purpose of becoming acquainted with the theater— understanding drama and gaining a working apprecia- tion of theatrics. Drama members also read many plays and worked on skits during the year to gain more experience and knowledge of types of plays and characters. ART CLUB . . . Front Row: Mrs. Burrell. Sponsor; John Sheets. Vice-President; Kothy Falk. Sergeant-at-Arms; John Robeske. President; Darlene Wright, Secretary: Carol Tomkins, Historian. Back Row: Sandy Baldridge, Publicity Chairman; Sue Roper, Jerald Cuckler, Larry Brooks. Andy Owen, Patria Scruggs, Program Chairman; Cathie Ferguson.Tri-Hi-Y’s Spread Good Fellowship DELTA OMEGA TRI-HI-Y . . . Front Row: Mrs. Hahn. Sponsor; Miclci McFadden. Connie Clark, Chaplain; Betsy Hodges. Sergeant-at-Arms; Barb Haupt. President; Lois Elliott. Secretary; Jerri Draney. Treasurer: Carol Kinzle. Vice-President; Merry McGwire, Historian; Mary Ann Mcrcicr, Bobbie Davis. Row Two: Janet Walmsley. Joan Bauer, Robyn Houston. Betsy Samson, Pam Knight, Connie Meudell, Sharon Farmer. Susan Savittieri. Jeanni Brown, Alexis Karales. Back Row: Gayle Schafberger, Molly Mce. Sue Burdette. Susie Edwards. Jeannie Jorgenson. Karen Olson, Sue Orth. Carol Stromme. Sandy Shore. Audrey Delessandro. Cindy Johnson. Car oil, eggs, shortening, molasses, and vaseline were flying through the air in early October as DELTA OMEGA TRI-HI-Y held its annual initiation. Delta members made red and blue Titan yarn dolls for lapels as one of their initial projects. Numerous devotional services, combined with cook-outs, were held in con- junction with other clubs. In the Spring, Delta selected new members by having the girls write letters of quali- fication. Well, I never! Seniors licking lollipops! I’ll bet SIGMA BETA CHI TRI-HI-Y is behind this. Yes, in order to earn money to help a needy family at Christmastime, resourceful members found a project that boosted school spirit as well as being a “sure fire" money raiser. Titan lollipop sales were not the only projects, for “Fight" signs and service projects were also part of the Sigma Beta program. SIGMA BETA CHI TRI-HI-Y . . . Front Row: Mrs. Johnson. Sponsor; Nancy Drcschler, Chaplain; Gloria Eklund. Treasurer; Kay Benzel, Vice-President; Charlotte Schilling. President; Mimi Lundin, Secretary; Linda Ferguson. Historian; Jody John- son. Sergeant-at-Arms: Julie Lupton, Nancy Kelly. Row Two: Darolyn Coffman. Sue Blazok, Jolene Olsen. Andrea Emmons. Dorothy Rossetti. Nancy Hoyer, Marcia Harrington, Sharon Reardon, Mary Stalnaker. Laurie Retter. Back Row: Donnella Cole. Jane Bechtol, Ann Hayden, Joan Chance. Kristy Brennan. Julie Durrell, Rita Call. Patty Seargeant, Janet Dunfce, Shirley Beauchamp. Linda Ambrose. 118Safety, Key Clubs Stress Service SAFETY COUNCIL . . . Front Row: Mr. Amerson. Sponsor: Al Lindstrom. President: Nelson Burns. Vice-President; Connie Meudell. Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer; Marty Williams. Recording Secretary; Charlotte Schilling, Barb Haupt, Marcia Harrington. Dorothy Rossetti. Betsy Hodges. Row Two: Denise Taylor. Donna Scheitlin. Mary Ann Mercier, Robyn Houston. Julie Durrell. Mimi Lundin. Eileen Monzel. Marilyn Towsley. Donna Simser. Back Row: Michael Dick. Bill Baumann. Chuck Butler. Bob Nairn. Richard Shields. Ron MacDonald. Bill Wamsley. Cheryl Pledger. Promoting such things as driving with your eyes open and receiving points for not hitting pedestrians. SAFETY COUNCIL proceeded to rid our campus of "not-so-hot-shot" drivers. At an assembly early in the year, a movie recounting the tragedy that lies in store for careless drivers was shown. Safety was made into a good quality by the efforts of members working ceaselessly throughout the year. Which club has the largest percentage of front door keys? Maybe it's KEY CLUB, but we wouldn't swear to it! But for their great service during the past year, Key Club deserves the key to the community. By working at the Crippled Children's Hospital, they pro- moted a project that would never be forgotten by those they worked with and helped. Boosting school Dance. The proceeds from their many activities went to morale, a Slave Sale was held at the annual Spring the "Dollar for a Scholar" fund. KEY CLUB . . . Front Row: John MacDonald, Chaplain: Chuck Butler. Vice-President; LeRoy Gaintner. President; Dave Hers- kovits, Treasurer; Rick Wood, Secretary; Al Lindstrom. Sergeant-at-Arms. Row Two: Don Snyder. Rick Peterson. Bob Nairn. Joe Porter. Pat McGinty, Sam Bartaluzzi, Ron MacDonald, Mike Rampy. Tuck Stephenson. Row Three: John Florez, Ray Chen- hall. Bill Hoffman. Brady Vogel, Gibson Pratt. Andy Ambrose, Jim Mercier. Frank Ziska, Tim Dietz. Back Row: Tom Farmer. Frank Vaughan, Steve Cameron. Powers DuVall. Richard Shields. Dana Woudenberg. Bill Wamsley. Gene Griffith, Tom Foster, John Scofield. 119G.A.A. Sponsors Intramural Sports GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . . . Front Row: Janet Haney. Speedaway Manager; Candy Green. Badminton; Sue Roper, Basket- ball Manager; Jane Adams, Corresponding Secretary; Donna Simser. President; Robyne Leatzow, Recording Secretary; Sherry Clemens, Publicity Chairman; Lyn Faught, Junior Representative; Sandy Baldridge. Senior Representative: Lynda Verner, Sophomore Representa- tive; Karen Tinney, Sports Manager; Linda Kleinz, Volleyball Manager. Row Two: Adele Piccinati, Sarah Smith, Beck Ehrsam, Becky Johnson, Jan Brown, Anita Haddy, Danie Mueller, Kathy Etchells, Rosemary Deloian, Carol Ostermeycr, Cindy Skalak, Martha Dooley, Susan Manning, Rhonda Wright, Pam Henson. Louside Romney, Regina Lanser, Shirley Byrd. Judy Conner, Jeanne Huvclle, Marilyn Allen. Sandy Swedlaund. Betsy Pierce. Back Row: Donna Zwaanstra, Nancy Freestone. Shirley Jones, Margaret Davis, Elaine Guffey, Linda Duggan, Margaret Peyou, Alice O’Brien, Pat DeBerge, Frances Christmas, Mary Forrest. Strike four! You're in—GAA! Arcadia girls got to- gether for sports play-days every Saturday, and had intramural team competition every Wednesday. Pro- viding girls with organized exercise was one of the most important functions of GAA. It provides the perfect solution to President Kennedy's "Youth Fitness" plea. A variety of sports, one for each taste, was offered. Ranging from basketball to ping pong, each was thoroughly enjoyed, regardless of skill. For excepfionally active members, letter sweaters could be earned. Not to be overlooked are the qualities of teamwork, loyalty, and sportmanship acquired through an activity such as this. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . . . Front Row: Cheryl Vanderslicc. Connie Deschler. Carol Inscho, Erlinda Villarreal. Eileen Saper. Linda Edwards, Susy Tonner, Julie Ragland, Laura Williams. Betty Scott, Barbara Sheeley, Bobbie Dayis, Judy Smith. Carole Sheer. Marilyn Smith. Judy Reynolds. Row Two: Kay Norris, Margaret Webb, Patti Goodman, Niar Wall. Terrie Smith, GlenAnn Wood Karen Erickson, Lynda Sigmundson, Sharon Ohms. Dana Overmier. Anne Nairn, Diane Grady. Marilyn Elliott. Carolyn Elliott. Back Row; Pat Wilson. Rosalind Graham. Susie Dick, Michele O'Connor. Barbara Stanton, Ann Richmond. Christina Weir, Carolyn Blakely, Jane Pearson. Reita Weingartner. Terri Bradley. Bonnie Mitchell. Nancy Myklestad. 120Y-Teens, Biology Club Contribute Y-TEENS . . . Front Row: Sharon Haddy, Nancy Havighurst, Treasurer: Sandy Shore. Vice-President; Mimi Lundin. Secretary: Judi Sheer, President: Karla Jennings, Chaplain; Mary Jo Stewart. Carol Nielsen. Marty Williams. Laura Williams. Carol Hoffman. Row Two: Nancy Lamson. Kathy Washburn. Estelle Speros. Nancy Cameron. Linda Schlossnagel, Candy Lane, Nancy Benneson, Linda Turek. Betty Scott. Jane Pearson. Susan Savittieri. Bobbi Carroll. Row Three: Valerie Chadderdon. Leslie Brice. Elaine Ong. Susie Cameron. Ja Montgomery. Donna Petsch, Barbara Barolet, Darlene Wright. Shari Hume, Doris Zesiger, Patty Gardner. Back Row: Barbara Trcster. Donna Scheitlin, Nancy Counts, Ann Bishop. Tina Clark, Beth Green. Pat Carey. Lyn Faught, Gail Roschival. Lynn Sigman, Sharon Polen. Boys, if you want help washing your cars, ask a Y-Teens member. After their car wash, they have the experience. They are experienced at raising money, too. On Halloween, members marched in the fund- raising drive for UNICEF. Y-Teens also made turkey party favors for the children at the Gompers Clinic. As their largest project, they organized Teens Against Cancer as part of their club. Cacti and sagebrush, along with man-eating plants and plant-eating plants, were part of the many un- usual forms of life that became familiar to members of the Biology Club when they took their trip to the Boyce Thompson Southwest Arboretum. They also visited the new Arizoo, where the elephant, giraffe, and the Children's Zoo held the most interest for them. BIOLOGY CLUB . . . Front Row: Mr. Odell, Sponsor; Mrs. Settlemoir, Sponsor: Susan Cameron. Secretary; Alexis Karales. President: Nancy Cameron. Treasurer; Karen Kleinz, Janine Volkmar, Patty Kidwell, Lorraine Smith, Gary Lohman, Mia Ditson, Kathy Larson. Row Two: Priscilla Gentry, Elaino Guffey. Charlotte Kamstra, Shirley Surgener. Kathy Rose, Karen Reid, Cathie Ferguson, Steve Spellman. Ann Bennet. Carolyn Elliott, Cheryl Kyff. Back Row: Sandy Trapp, Carol Gieszl, Mary Rimsza, Donald Adams, Bill Bly. Dick Mickle, Jackie Bleyer, Greg Gibbons, Jeremy Brown. Leslie Avant. 121Lettermen Lead Lively Lives LETTERMEN’S CLUB . . . Front Row: Mr. Hendricks, Sponsor: Terry Kearney. Chaplain; John Propstra, President: Pat McGinty. Ser- geant-at-Arms; Dave Herskovits, Secretary-Treasurer; Corky Hilsabeck, Vice-President; Steve Rhoades. Mike Solvesky, Truck Smith. Jay Rondeau. Tom Goudie. Row Two: Richy Pingitore, Gene Reid. Bob Cady. Bill Johnson, Chuck Butler. Gibson Pratt, Nelson Burns. Dick Parent, John MacDonald, Brad Shoemaker, Sam Bartiluzi, Terry Juntti, Dick Smith. Tom Lynch. Row Throe: Mike Murphy, Rick Christmas. Tom Neus, Tom Parker, Richard Shields. Joe Porter, Bill Lamuth, Vincent Carter. Bill Farmer. Nickie Nichols. vPeff Smith. Back Row: Brad Morfiit. Ed Biszantz. Charles Tharp. Powers DuVall, LeRoy Gaintner, Bob Bertelsen. Tim Kumfer, Larry Clarke. Dana Woudenberg, Jack Koppen, Gary Swift. Nick Karales. "It can't be done!" moans John Propstra, president of LETTERMEN’S CLUB, as girls of all ages ask him how they can become members. He regretfully states that the primary qualifications of being a male is still in ef- fect. As far as anyone knows, there are no plans to ad- mit any girls in the near futitre, even though it would increase the attendance of present members. High on the list of annual activities is the traditional Spring initiation. Burlap underwear, frequent paddlings, and public declarations of loyalty to the club are just a few of the common sights. At the Lettermen's fall dance a new tradition was started. Keeping off of the "A" on the gym floor v as enforced with gusto by an exu- berant militia of members. Members also ushered at the Girls' League Fall Convention held at Arcadia. No, that isn't a faded athletic sweater. He belongs to the BAND LETTERMEN'S CLUB! The blue letter sweaters were seen only oc- casionally on campus, for only a select few earned the privilege to wear them. Members started the year off with a money-making- spirit-boosting sweatshirt sale. Only members of the band could buy the attractive, royal blue shirts with "Titan Band" written in huge letters. During the concert season, the club promoted interest in semi-classical music with big posters. When the band went on tour dur- ing the Phoenix Rodeo, they plastered huge signs on the buses telling the world that "We're from Arcadia!" The annual "surprise" party for Mr. Brooks closed the year's activity with a bang. BAND LETTERMEN’S CLUB . . . Front Row: Mr. Brooks. Sponsor; Mary Katarski, President; Ellen Lacy. Vice-President; Sharon Farmer, Secretary- Treasurer. Row Two: Beverly Wilcox, Linda Plotkin, Publicity Chairman; Mike Quinn. Program Chairman; Gloria Eklund. Lois Elliott. Back Row: Bill Cctti. Gary Maschner. John Reger. Fred Granzow. 122Fencing, Rocket Clubs Add Variety After being accepted into the French Foils, novice fencers were rewarded at the initiation party. During the year, they had fencing meets with several schools. Among these were A.S.U., Chandler, and Tucson. The most interesting meet was held in Mexico. After all the bouts, they had parties to cele- brate. At the state tournament on February 16, the French Foils took nine of the twelve trophies. They lost one each to Glendale, U. of A., and Eastern Arizona Junior Col- lege. During the French Foils' first year, they created an outstanding record. They have maintained it through the excellent coaching of Mrs. Howard and a will to excel. FRENCH FOILS . . . Front Row: Randy Sue Block. Jcanine Volkmar Susan Tonner. Susan Tryee. Sandy Stephenson. Carol Walleck. Row Two: Mrs. Howard. Sponsor; Karen Oat.s Nancy Sutton. Donnella Cole. Cathy Ferguson. Sharyn Galway. Row Three: Jerry Glover. Mike Galway. John Davis. Jerry Cuckler. Row Four: Chuck Case. Warren M.ller. Andy Owen. John Chase. Paul Hapip. Back Row: Rick Cook, Charles Hap.p. Dave Franke. Glen Kelty. Don Cook. ROCKET CLUB . . . Front Row: Mr. Hurn. Sponsor; Andrew Smith, President; Mike New. Vice- President; Neil Salmi, Secretary-Treasurer. Row Two: Bruce Pettycrew, James Van Houten. John Berry, Robert Cronshey, Kim Bruce, Leonard McFord. Back Row: David McNulty, Ronald Carter, Rick Brown, Stephen Davis, Rick Cook, Tom Davis, Rick Schwarze. The objectives of the club are to gain valuable tech- nical knowledge and exper- ience in rocket construc- tion, performance, and fu- els; and to participate ac- tively in this field by actual launchings. There have been six launchings which were conducted with absolute seriousness and caution. Going against predictions, the club has had no serious accidents. Launching facili- ties located north of Scotts- dale consist of a block- house, near and far obser- vation centers, a launch pad, electronic remote fir- ing mechanism, and an elec- trical communications sys- tem. 123Math, Science Important for Future J.E.T.S. . . . Front Row: Devon Showley, Sponsor; Dave Elson. Treasurer: LeRoy Gaintner, Vice-President; Janet Miller, President; Nancy Hammond. Librarian; Nancy Rose, Secretary. Row Two: John MacDonald, Harvey Sadacca, Dave Herskovits, Gene Griffith, Mike Smith, Joe Caudle. Terry Monlton, Gloria Grimditch, .Rick Cook. Row Three: Les Nordo, Jerald Cuckler, Truck Smith. Jeff Smith, Walter Nash, John Scofield. Tom Parker, Ralph Kimball, Joe Porter. Ken Brown, Mike McKeown. Back Row: Jim Hodder, Kim Stuart, Rick Briggs, Paul Hapip. Mike Ncer, John Steele, Poweres DuVall. Ann Richmond. George Carter. Andrew Smith. Dave Bcrcsic. Can you find the cubed root of 2,391 in your sleep? MU ALPHA members can't either, but they do come close. Speeches by prominent businessmen, educators, and scientists throughout the year, increased their knowledge as well as stimulated interest in mathematics. The students in Mu Alpha Theta are such good mathe- maticians that they received straight I's and 2's in their advanced mathematics classes. Guest speakers, field trips, demonstrations and films added interest to JUNIOR ENGINEERING TECHNO- LOGICAL SOCIETY meetings. Studying physical sci- ences and engineering informed and aided in prepara- tion for scholarships and college entrance. In order to be accepted into the club, students had to have a high academic standing and the recommendation of their science teachers. MU ALPHA THETA . . . Front Row: Jeff Larson, Sponsor; Shirley Frye. Sponsor: Gene Griffith. President; Janet Miller, Vice-President: Dave Herskovits, Treasurer; Sharon Reardon, Secretary: George Durham, Laurie Retter. Row Two: Marilyn Miller, Truck Smith, Steve Miller. Gloria Grimditch. John Scofield, Ralph Kimball. Nancy Hammond, Diane Butler, Keith Thompson, Jolene Olsen. Back Row: Dave Dreblow, Jerald Cuckler. Paul Hapip, Joe Caudle, LeRoy Gaintner, Bob Christensen. Powers DuVall, Cathie Witty. 124Their Year Marked With Success GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL . . . Front Row: Mrs. Lillywhite, Sponsor: Mrs. Neid, Sponsor; Connie Meudell, Parliamentarian; Jacque Albright. Historian; Jane Adams, Secretary: Molly Mee. President: Marcia Dibble. Treasurer; Carol Stromme. Vice-President. Row Two: Martha Mee. Frosh Rep.; Linda Plotkin, Prom Committee; Rosemary Deloian. Service Committee; Jeanni Brown, Sunshine Committee: Robyn Houston, Junior Rep.; Elaine Ong, Junior Rep. Back Row: Joanne Brown, Sunshine Committee; Eddra Ziegler, Soph. Rep.: Aud- rey Dalessandro, Service Committee: Laurie Salisbury, Soph. Rep.; Dorothy Rossetti, Publicity Committee; Sheila Sirridgc. Publicity Committee: Mary Katarski. Senior Rep. "Sure, any girl can be a member!" The only club that can say this is Girls' League. In addition to being a super- active club, it is also a super-sized club. On December 8, 1962, the State Girls' League Convention was held at Arcadia. Six hundred girls from I 18 schools heard a pro- gram based on "What a Difference a Day Makes." A week later, December 15, they sponsored the annual Christmas Prom. They also sold Titan sweat shirts and held a spring fashion show. The major activities were the Mother-Daughter Tea, and the Brotherhood assembly. All the money raised by the American Field Service Club went toward getting a foreign exchange student for Ar- cadia. $950 had to be raised by February 15. In order to help raise this large sum in such a short time, Girls' League and the Lettermen's Club both donated $100, and Student Senate raised money for them. 125 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE OFFICERS: Nancy Cameron. Treasurer: Toni Wanic, Vice-President; Robin Houston, Presi- dent. Standing: Tibby Jones, Secretary.Arcadian, Olympian Staffs Co-Operate ARCADIAN STAFF . . . Front Row: Carol Hougeland. Denise Taylor. Mary Ann Mercier, Ann Hunt. Row Two: Nina Nauman. Kay Johnson, Lynn Davis. Mary Ann Schmidt. Back Row: Ron MocDonald. Sam Ragland, Rosemary Moore. Gary Maschner. Who? What? Why? When? Where? The five W's of newspaper work were always in the minds of Arcadian staff members. If you asked it, they supplied the answers. Student Council and club news, the honor roll, the latest fads, and all the sports news v ere faithfully and fully covered. Wednesday nights were always hectic, for that was "paste-up" night. Last minute pasting and writing added to the un- organized atmosphere, but the staff always managed to pull through and get the paper out in time. By selling ads, the staff also helped finance the news- paper. With a record number of papers, the staff captured the life blood of the school on six pages. It was all done with talent and hard work. Mr$. Hinsdale checks a page of copy with Ann Hunt and Denise Taylor, co-editors of the Arcadian. 126for Best Journalistic Year Ever OLYMPIAN STAFF . . . Front Row: Carol Kinzle. Cheryl Salina, Carol Moore. Terry Gamble, Nan Licklider, Marti Williams. Row Two: Linda Pomeroy. Ed Pelsue, Dorothy Rossetti. Bob Fairfield, Mary Katarski. Jim Allen. Back Row: Bill Wamsley. Nick Karales, Chuck Smisefc. Chuck Henderson. Don Hodges. Deadline day! Why, I haven't even got enough pictures to fill up one page! Suicide, anyone? Of course, no one lumped off the library or had their hair turn grey, but there were many sleepless nights and chewed pencils to show that Olympian staff members took their jobs seri- ously. Using their original ideas, staffers v rote copy, made up headlines and planned picture layouts. Between this, they found time to sell yearbooks to the students, with the loosing team buying hamburgers for the team that sold the most books. They also planned and put on the annual yearbook assembly where they crowned Miss and Mr. Olympian. If that wasn't enough, they spent some of their vacation time preparing the summer supplement. Along with hamburgers, impromptu parties when the staff was in a slump made this class unusual. Staff meetings where everyone did nothing, staying up until dawn to write copy, trotting to the office to verify information—all will be cherished in the yearbook of memories. Caro! Kinzle and Marti Williams, co-editors, hunt for new ideas with the help of Mr. Carpenter. 127Record Crowd Attends Ceremonies Witnessed by a record number of students, both past and present, the 1962 Homecoming ceremonies took place in an aura of heavy suspense and gay frivolity. Last year's king and queen, Carl Granzow and Dar- lene Holman, crowned the new king and queen as the hushed stadium held its breath. Nancy Kelly and Pat McSinty were chosen to reign until the 1963 Homecoming. Their attend- ants were Cindy Johnson, Jeanni Brown, John Propstra, and Everett Rollins. At the 'dance following the game, class competition was stressed. Each class built a display on the "Mediter- ran Myths" theme. The winning dis- play represented the idea that the Arcadia football team did indeed have "The Midas Touch." It was created by the senior class. Homecoming attendants were John Propstra, Cindy Johnson, Jeanni Brown, and Everett Rollins. A very happy couple, Nancy Kelly and Pat McGinty, lead the procession off the fidld after they were crowned king and queen. King Pat and Queen Nancy share the dance that was reserved for them.Christmas Prom The fourth annual Christmas Prom was built around the theme of "An Old-Fash- ioned Christmas at a Ski Lodge." The walls were covered with murals depicting the various winter scenes you would see upon looking out of the lodge windows. The tables were decorated with red qnd white checkered table cloths, with center- pieces of pine boughs and miniature Christmas trees. A huge tree, strung with popcorn, paper chains, and old-fashioned paper ornaments, stood in a corner. The most important part of the prom was, of course, the crowning of the Queen. Last year's queen, Jean Wright, crowned Char- lotte Schilling as the 1962 Christmas Prom Queen. The princesses were chosen from the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes. The Princesses were Lolly Williams, Junior Princess; Laurie Salisbury, Sopho- more Princess; and Martha Mee, Freshman Princess. Sandy Shore. Gene Reid, Martha Cook, and Don Cox enjoy the romantic mood of the Christmas Prom. Jean Wright, last year's Prom Queen, crowns Charlotte Schilling queen of the Christmas Prom. 129Enchanted Garden MERRY McGWIRE and JOHN FLOREZ Twirp King and Queen JULIE DURRELL CROWNS MERRY McGWIRE as Robin Houston presents her with flowers. "Enchanted Garden" was the theme of the Twirp Prom held in the gym on Saturday, February 16. The mood was set by green and white decorations and round garden tables, with music by Carl Rit- ter. Last year's Twirp queen, Julie Durrell, crowned Merry McGwire as the new Twirp queen. Tom Park- er, one of last year's attendants, crowned John Flores as king. Attendants were Carol Stromme, Toni Wanic, Andy Owen, and Art Piccinati. TONI WANIC and ART PICCINATI Attendants CAROL STROMME and ANDY OWEN Attendants 130They Led School Spirit Pom Pon Girls and Cheerleaders 9 8 10 7 11 6 12 4 5 18 19 20 1314 3 15 1. Mickie McFadden 2. Jackie Lindstrom 3. Cindy Johnson 4. Jerry Draney 5. Connie Clark 6. Kay Peterson 7. Linda Ferguson 8. Anne Nairn 9. Robync Leatzow 10. Candy Weekes 11. Suzanne Kershaw 12. Jeanne Brown 13. Linda Jamison 14. Nancy Hoyer 15. Barbara Rebeske 16. Peggy O'Gara 17. Nancy Kelly 18. Bobbi Davis 19. Carol Sheer 20. Judy Reynolds 131Fight! Fight! Go, Team, Go! Give VARSITY CHEERLEADERS . . . Front: Linda Ferguson, Alternate: Suzanne Kershaw, Alternate. Standing: Sandy Peterson, Anne Nairn. Jeanne Brown. Robyn Leatzow, Candy Weekes. Come on! Let's hear you yell now! Let the team know you're here! . . . Remember, the dance starts step, turn, kick. There's the music! Good luck! . . . Pompon Girls and Cheerleaders were busier than you think. Besides what you saw at games and assemblies, there were a million and one 6ktra things to do. For instance, that new cheer or dance had to be learned and perfected. This en- tailed long hours of practice to make the timing precise. After school, huge, bright pep banners were painted and plastered on walls around the school. The Pom- pon Girls, along with Vaunda Hammett, our State Champion baton twirler, marched with the band during football season and in the parada del Sol Rodeo pa- rade in March. The lively cheer- leaders also decorated goal posts and made the hoops for the team during football season. Yes, this was all part of being a Pompon J.V. CHEERLEADERS . . . Knocling: Bobbie Davis. Standing: Carol Sheer, Joan Bauer, Judy Girl or Cheerleader. Reynolds. 132Your All for the Red and Blue Rick Wood. Chuck Butler, and Joe Porter demonstrate the basics of good cheerleading: see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. Rick, Chuck, and Joe helped the cheer- leaders during football season. VAUNDA HAMMETT— Arizona Grand Champion Baton Twirler mgmm — POMPON GIRLS . . . Front: Linda Kay Jamison, Alternate: Jackie Lindstrom, Alternate. Standing: Mickie McFadden. Cindy John son, Jerry Draney, Connie Clark, Nancy Hoyer, Barbara Rebeske, Peggy O'Gara, Nancy Kelly. 133134Titans Display Dancing Skill Above: Joe Porter clowns it up with his date and friends at an after game victory dance. Right: A pom pon girl? No. it's only Chuck Butler dancing to the fight song at a pep assembly. The victory dance after the Chandler game was a huge success, as shown by the very crowded gym floor. Everybody enjoyed them- selves immensely after the Titan's 8th straight win.Senior Stompers Squash Mints The Senior Stompers watch an exciting play from the bench. Phil Marcacci. Richard Shields, and Ralph Kimball dance to "On Wisconsin." The tension mounts in the locker rooms: the coaches are pacing back and forth; hardly a word is spoken. This is it! The big game of the season! No. it's not the state championship, just the 2nd annual Powder Puff football game. The crowd cheers as the Senior Stompers and the Junior Mints take the field. The Stompers, coached by Steve McLeod and Dave Herskovits. won the toss and elected to receive. Jeff Richardson, head coach for the Mints, gave his final instructions from the sidelines and the game began. Gloria Ecklund took the kickoff and returned it to the Mints 35 yd. line. A sweep right and then a reverse left put the Stompers on the scoreboard. In the second quarter the Mints drove downfield for their first score of the evening. The try for the extra point failed, and the score at half-time stood at 7-6, Stompers. The second half was a defensive battle, with no score by either side. The game ended 7-6, in favor of the Seniors. King Connie Muedell and Queen Dave Herskovits were crowned Powder Puff Royalty at the game December 6th. 1962.First Snow of Year "Found” Bobbie Carroll models two "finks '—little stuffed animals made by several girls during the year. "Ouch!" says Rick Williams while he is gently (?) per- suaded up a pole during the Lettermen's initiation. "Oh, these phony excuses!" exclaims Glen Groenke as Becky Munns fills out her return permit. The bonfire before the state championship game with Tucson Novem- ber 21 flamed up school spirit as well as a lot of Arcadia "Snow at Arcadia?" exclaims Julie Ricklick. Barb Haupt, Don Penfield, Bill Toy, Gene Eastin, and Hil Brady look on at the pep assembly before the state championship foot- ball game with Tucson. Betsy Hodges, Gail Gallagher, Sandy Gilbert. Jeanie Jorgenson. Donna Petsch, Sandy Shore, and Nancy Havighurst discuss the usual gossip at lunch while Gail finishes off her second hot dog.King John Florez and Queen Merry McGuire enjoy their reserved dance along with attendants Andy Owen and Carol Srommc. center, and Art Piccinati and Toni Wanic. right. Girl: How've you been lately? How's your car been running these days? . . . That's good. Say. uh. would you like to go to the Twirp Week dance with me? Boy: Well, er, I think my mother’s going to be sick this Saturday. But thanks anyway. Maybe we can get together later, but I've got to go now, so 'bye. Better luck next time. Was this the way it went for you? It was for some girls, but most of the boys came through and accepted. Brad Morfitt, Tuck Stephenson, and Randy Wright model the hats their girl friends gave them during Twirp Week. Twirp Week "Come on. just a few more steps," says Jay Rondeau to Dorothy Rossetti. Instead of just having girls carry their books to class, some boys had the girls carry them to their classes.Closed Campus Rule Posed Problems The Letterman's Club presented this tile mosaic Titan head to the school during a basketball pep assembly. Gene Eastin, assistant principal, and Hil Brady, principal, check the campus during the noon hour "riots" after the closed campus order. Students flood the ramps as they hurry to get home after a hard day.1963 Graduating Class Sift "WHwifei ■IflnTnl I IalaTn -Vassal gir SSI pTIJOv- MOST INTELLIGENT Leroy Gaintner and Janet Miller MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Ricky Wood and Marcia Harrington BEST DANCERS Chuck Butler and Peggy O'GaraPicks Senior Favorites MOST ATTRACTIVE Jack Koppen and Nancy Hoyer MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED George Durham and Liza Bean 143IAASh’ 145TITAN BAND . . . Front Row: Gloria Eklund. Gory Maschner, Lois Eliott, James Hodder, Paul Caldwell. Corinne Corbitt. Second, Row: Carolyn Owen, Nicolas Hiner, Patti Geiger, Chuck Case. Carol Moore. Laura McClure, Clint Stidham, Karen Serten, Richard Schure. Third Row: Mike McKcown, Terry Boettcher, Nancy St. Clair, Donella Cole. Erik Widmark, Bill Kamstra, Dave Dreblow, John Birch, Richard Hoefelmann, Jim Miller, Bill Cetti, John Call, Bob Dorfman, Frank Whiteside. Mary Jo Martin. Standing: James Murray, Ed Struble, Mike Rampy, John Guthrie, Reginald Brooks, conductor, Bill Cowan. Titan Band Marches Through The Arcadia Titan Band, under the direction of Reginald Brooks, played an active part in school life. At football games the band provided new pre-game or halftime shows all during the season. Members also provided side- line music, and music for pre-game pep assemblies. When the band put on a show, the Pom Pon Girls and Vaunda Hammett, the band's talented baton twirler, were fea- tured. The band also showed its capability when it was asked to give a half-time show at the All-Star College Bowl in Tucson. They gave a show of typical routines which had been practiced throughout the year. VAUNDA HAMMETT, featured baton twirler with the March- ing Titan Band, displays an example of what hard work and perseverance will do. Practicing incessantly. Vaunda has been the number "I" twirler in the state for several yeors. A LTITAN BAND . . . Front Row: Koy Anderson, Carolyn Tomkins, Penny Jones. Linda Plotkin. Wary Kafarski. Second Row: Ellen Lacy. Neil Salmi. Mike Cranny. Nan Licklider. Fred Granzow. Frank Smith. Laurie Salisbury. Jane Heringer, Sharon Farmer. Third Row: Terry Gamble, Steve Suggs, Daniel Hall, Larry Lewis. Beverly Wilcox, Rick Briggs. Bill Quinn, Bob Robyn, Stan Katarski, Chuck Colton. Jim Fisher, Bruce Palmer. Fourth Row: Jerry Van Reusen, John Reger, Mike Quinn. Successful 1962-1963 Season In addition to football activities, the band gave three excellent concerts during the year, and played for the baccalaureate and graduation cere- monies. The Titan Band also marched in the Parada Del Sol Rodeo Parade. As a special activity, the band went on a three day concert tour of South- ern Arizona in March. REGINALD BROOKS, director of the Marching Titan Band, sits at his desk in one of the brief periods he has free every day. A busy man. Mr. Brooks is the guiding force behind the success credited to the Titan Band. 147J.V. Band Has Active Year JUNIOR VARSITY BAND . . . Front Row: John Davis. Penny Goeman, Barbara Akers, Jane Laubach, Pat Wilson, Pam Scheidler, Anita Haddy. Mary Rimza. Randa Bernath. Sharon Galwey, Valerie Chadderdon, Suzanne Chaille. Second Row: Steve Spielberg, Tom Har- vey, Greg Walsh. Greg Doyle, Mike Call. Tim Allums. Bill Toy. Karen Dunn, Mike Hageriy. Lee Emery, Chris Goodman. Third Row: John Heringer. Oscar Bellinger, Gordon Lacy, Dennis Dole. George Sheller, Mark Clark. Cal Rooker. Bob Slider. Wayne Monie, Grove Greene. Milas Kennington. Fourth Row: Stanley Gerstenschlager. Mark Dill. Tim Hoyt, Terry Hawks, Mike Galwey, Paul Westhoven. Standing: Jim Thompson, Kim Kopecky, Rick Herndon. The Junior Varsity Band, which is the preparatory period for the Marching Titan Band, was directed by Mr. Woodard this year. The J.V. Band showed off its skills by presenting a half-time show during one of the November football games, and by marching in the Casa Grande parade. They also gave two concerts during the year for friends and par- ents. The J.V. Band distinguished itself by participating in the regional Music Festival in Tucson, and the Central Music Festival in Tempe. 148 Floyd Woodard, caught in action as he coaches students, is currently director of the Junior Varsity Band, and teacher of several chorus classes.Band, Orchestra Added Special Touch DANCE BAND . . . First Row: Mike Cranny, Nicholas Hincr, Frank Smith. Gary Maschner. Second Row: Rick Briggs, Bev- erly Wilcox, Bill Quinn, Ricky Herndon, Johnny Guthrie. Third Row: Frank Whiteside, Bill Cetti, Jimmy Miller. Stand- ing: Miko Quinn, Jeff Wright, Pianist: Prudy Voldeng. 149CONCERT CHORALE . . . Instrumentalists: Bill Hoffman, Dave McNulty. John Gutherie. John Call. Singers: Barbara Barolct. Terry Edmundson, Donnella Cole. Gail Coar. Becky Munns. Row Two: Margie Roth. Jeanncne Denton, Carol Stromme, Linda Zuidema. Row Three: Bob Robyn, Chuck Emery, Doug Coppock, Larry Hibler. Row Four: Don Conroy. Bill Pebler. LeRoy Gaintner, John Rockerhous- en, Vonce Cole. Chorus Groups Turn Out Fine CONCERT CHOIR . . . Front Row: Joanna Hiatt, Mary Stalnaker, Margaret Pittman. Lois Elliott, Jane Quinnelly. Sharon Haddy. Row Two: Vivian Stabile. Sherrill Ashton, Carol Kuchler, Joan Peterson, Susan Kinchloe. Sandra Sheldon, Karla Jennings, Robyn Houston. Row Throe: Loretta Baldwin, Evelyn Deike, Mary Hiegcl. Sherry Yancey, Lynn McCasland, Barbara Kos, Beth Weber. Cathy Baldwin, Shirley Beouchamp, Pam Keen. Row Four: Greg White, Bill Terbot, Bill Ferguson, Terry Hawks. Bob Smith. Ed Pelsue, Dave May. Row Five: Phil Marcacci. Paul Caldwell, Gary Sprinzl, Dick Charland, John Hiegel, Ken Brown, Bob Fairfield. Dave Ogden, Leonard McFord. 150GIRLS' CHORUS . . . Front Row: Cathy Wilson. Cheryl Kyff. Pat Miller, Carole Young. Lucy Re’oetes. Charlccn Mardian. Ann Armatis. Paula Welsh. Judy Miller, Barb Vehon, Barbara Jordon. Second Row: Coette Childers, Donna Barker. Shirley Surgener. Elaine Balia. Jacque Allbright, Peggy Gygi. Bonnie Kirchoff, Marilyn Begtrup, Kathy Montgomry, Cheryl Hogan. Linda Krahenbuhl. Susan Pratt, Judy Peblcr. Third Row: Paula Fraley. Gayle Schafberger, Pamela Price. Clede Tomilson, Jeneal Maggard, Lynn Robb. Pamela Ross, Jeanene Romney. Cathy Witty. Joyce Kinkle, (unidentified). Robyn Cummings. Nancy McLeod. Jeanie Davidson. Top Row: Roberta Mc- Daniel, Carole Rabey. Sue Blazok. Jean Weber, Rosemary Deloin, Patty Oliver, Pam Knight, Kathy Krebs, Cathy Clark, Gayle Post. Susan Tyree. Susan Wright. Sue Applebaum. Performances After Hours of Work BOYS' CHORUS . . . Front Row: John Beldon, Tom Butcher. Steve Mitchell. Jim Bann. Frank Mendola, Joe Vehon, Gene Olsen, Wes Shonerd, Jim Gaintner, Jeff Bartolino. William Hussey, Robert Villoria. Second Row: Bill Hendrix. Bob Draughon, Jerry Hiner. Mike Krantz, Bill Baumann, Paul Nikiforuk. Skip Whitley, Rick White, Jim O'Connor, Jeremy Brown. Third Row: Jerry Johnston. Dale Cannon, (unidentified). Larry Lewis, Karl Stalnaker, Doug Ficck, Philip Sedacwick, Terry Baccellia, Paul Messcc. Top Row: Gary Leiler, Gary Hermann. Warner Marshall, Vic Guyan, Dennis Spindler. Phil Hawkins, James Sulek. John Nelson, Joe Manzo. 151Drama Department Entertained Students "Drink up, Dearie," exults Mary Sfalnakcr, as Andy Owen unsuspiciously drinks some poisoned Elderberry wine. After he drinks the wine, they plan to bury him in the cellar, along with their other victoms. Clark Lorhr and Larry Sher struggle for possession of the dead body (?) that they put in the window seat for safekeeping before disposing of it in the Panama Canal, or cellar. Larry Sher, Clark Lorhr, Mary Stalnaker (back to camera), and Beth Weber rehearse a scene from "Arsenic and Old Lace." "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "The Man Who Came to Din- ner" were two outstanding productions of the Drama De- partment. "Arsenic and Old Lace" was presented in-the- round October 16, 17, and 18. It was the comical story of two sweet old ladies and their strange hobby. Other un- usual characters included their nephew, Teddy, who was digging the Panama Canal in the basement, and Dr. Ein- stein, the mad plastic surgeon. "The Man Who Came to Dinner" was presented in the audi- torium on December 13 and 14. The story portrays the pe- dantic Sheridan Whiteside and the havoc he creates during his "visit." Besides introducing a colony of cockroaches, 21 Chinese students, and three convicts to his adopted house- hold, he disrupts the usual sanity of the entire Stanley fam- ily. "Guys and Dolls," presented in the Spring, was the big mu- sical of the year at Arcadia. Along with the Twirp Talent Show, presented February 14, "Guys and Dolls" gave in- terested students a chance to try their hands at both music and acting. 152New Techniques Used by Actors Sheridan Whiteside, played by Mike Neer (seat- ed), looks scornfully up at his doctor, played by Chuck Emery. Rick Cook, Larry Sher. Kristen Oden, and Andy Owen pause for a picture during dress rehearsal of the "Man Who Came to Dinner.” Beverly Wilcox, playing the eccentric old maid sister of the Stanley family, pins a sprig of holly on their butler, played by Wayne Greene. Kip Lindbloom, far left, the son of the Stanley family, is grouped with Beverly and Wayne in this scene from the play, The Man Who Came to Dinner," which was presented in December. 153Arts and Craft Classes Paint, J AKS srD y)H££LS n lGNM tonplerc O - M j imrpluf CWip lCftTl0,J 0 y AQUANETTA. as played by Beth Weber, made her appearance famous "Aquanetta technique." Beth and Andrew gave the audi- at the February 14 Talent Show. Portraying her husband, Jack ence a tremendous chuckle. Ross, is Andrew Owen. Giving a near perfect imitation of the ENLIVENING the Twirp Week Tal- ent Show were Bob Robyn, Kristen Oden, Roger Sheer, Carolyn Owen, Chuck Case, and Don Conroy. Their rendition of an old-time "meler- drama" was very convincing. 154Mold, Sketch, Polish, and Learn PAT McGINTY and Mark Dill work on their projects in the crafts CLEANING her brush and paint jar after-completing a room. Pat is polishing a ring, while Mark cleans up after finishing his picture is Darlentf Wright. Students appreciate the art project. room sink when they have paint on their hands'or clothes. Art and craft classes have had a hand in the beautification of the Arcadia High School campus this year. Under the direc- tion of Mrs. Margaret Burrell and Frederick Moore, the fine arts classes tried their hands at different techniques in art work. A combination of talent from the art class- es resulted in the murals that covered the gym during the Christmas Prom, and for the scenery used in the Drama Depart- ment's plays. The craft classes made pottery and other articles of clay, as they learned and pro- gressed through the year. Hand tooling of leather belts, and making objects of metal also shows the varied equipment available to students. Learning to blend paint and paper success- fully, Mrs. Burrell's art classes have pro- gressed rapidly. The future artists of to- morrow are in Arcadia's art classes today. i STUDENTS in Mrs. Burrell's art classes work with the aid of easels and slanting tables.- .0 HON 157158Olympian Attendants Barbara Maupt Attendant George Durham Mundant Marcia Warrington Attendant David Merskovits Attendant 160Ciza Bean, Sandy Sheldon Co- Valedictorians George Durham, SalutatorianHomecoming; Traditional, Pat McQinty and Nancy Kelly 162Victorious Occasion ATTENDANTS: John Propstra. Jeannie Brown ATTENDANTS: Everett Rollins, Cindy Johnson Nancy Kelly squeals with excitement as she is crowned 1962 Homecoming Queen by Darlene Holman. Barb Haupt holds the coronation bouquet. The lights illuminating the football field were dimmed, a blue spot-light shone brightly, the band began to play the processional and the Homecoming Royalty paraded onto the field. The music stopped suddenly as the Royalty formed a semi-circle in the heart of the band formation. The stadium crowd grew quiet as Carl Granzow, last year's Homecoming King, crowned Pat McGinty Homecoming King for 1962! The audience displayed their delight with streamers and noise until Darlene Holman, last year's Homecoming Queen, crowned Nancy Kelly Homecoming Queen for 1962! The crowd went wild! Slowly, Royalty and Attendants walked off the field. The band then marched briskly off. The game continued and Arcadia, playing Kofa, soon seized its sixth victory to complete the evening's triumph! 163Christmas Prom Queen Charlotte dances with her escort for the evening. Dave Dreblow. 164 In order to be eligible for Christmas Prom Royalties, a girl has to be an active member of Girls' League. The names of the eligible girls are placed on posters around campus and the student body selects the candidates. Couples attending the Prom are given a ballot upon entering the dance, and vote accord- ing to class rank. The senior girl chosen is the Queen of the Prom and the Junior, Sophomore, and Fresh- man are the respective class Princesses. Charlotte Schilling, Christmas Prom Queen for 1963, is an active senior at Arcadia High. Her activities include being President of Sigma Beta Chi Tri Hi-Y, and a member of Safety Council. Also on her busy schedule are Girls' League, and being the senior class Girl Representative. Jeanni Brown and Molly Mee, both seniors, were attendants at the annual Girls' League sponsored function.and Prom Princesses Laura Williams, Christmas Prom Princess for the Junior class, is a transfer from Indiana. Her activities on campus include Powder Puff football, Girls' League, and American Field Service Club. Laurie Salisbury, Sophomore class Prom Princess, is a member of the Girls' League Council. Her other activities include being Sophomore class Treasurer, and a member of the Marching Titan Band. Martha Mee, transfer from Texas, was chosen as the Freshman class Christmas Prom Princess. Martha is the Freshman class representative to Girls' League Council. The results of the election were announced by Carole Stromme during the intermission. George Dur- ham, student body president, presented each of the winners with a bouquet of red carnations. After the coronation, the four couples took advantage of their reserved dance. Harold Kay and his Band supplied the music. LAURA WILLIAMS. Junior Princess 165 MARTHA MEE, Freshman Princess LAURIE SALISBURY. Sophomore PrincessMcGuire, Flores Chosen Twirp It was a dignified occasion. John Flores and Merry McGuire had just been announced as King and Queen of Hearts. Then just as they were crowned, the band, low on information but high on enthusiasm, struck up a lively, jazzy number. Expecting a softer, more flowing tune to correspond with the occasion, the Royalty stood looking at each other with dumfound- ed expressions. Immediately one of the sponsors heroically stepped up and informed the band direc- tor on the type of music expected. Soon a more appropriate sound was floating about the gymnasium. As is traditional at every Twirp dance, the Royalty and-their partners danced their soli while the students attending the dance gazed on. At the conclusion of their ceremonious ex- hibition, the band joyously played its choice of a "catchy" melody and the students joined the King, Queen and attendants whirling around the floor. The evening ended with the collapsing of the crepe paper ceiling, which climaxed the close of a memorable evening! 166Queen and King of Hearts CAROL STROMME. Attendant ANDREW OWEN. Attendant ART PICCINATI, Attendant TONI WANIC. Attendant 167ASU, U of A Senior Day Princesses Pretty senior Nancy Havinghurst was chosen by the senior class of Arcadia High School to represent them in the 1962 Ari- zona State University Senior Day princess competition. The Senior Day activities, held in November, attracted Arcadia students as well as those from all over the state. It gave students a chance to view the campus first-hand, and to attend an ASU football game, compliments of the University. Nancy's participation in extra- curricular activities this year includes "X" Club, Y-Teens Treasurer, and Sigma Beta Chi Tri Hi-Y. Chosen to represent Arcadia High School at the University of Arizona's 1962 Senior Day v as Miss Cindy Johnson. Cindy competed in the princess contest and was chosen one of the top ten finalists. An active senior, Cindy's activities include the office of Student Body Secretary, Delta Omega Tri Hi-Y, Captain of the Pom Pon line, and National Honor So- ciety. Traveling by car loads to Tucson, Arcadia seniors enjoyed a delightful "on campus" feeling. 168Bean, Caudle Served as Governors W iu; Chosen to represent Arcadia at Boys' and Girls' State were, standing: Chuck Butler. LeRoy Gaintner. George Durham. Seated: Marcia Harrington. Joe Caudle. Liza Bean. Each year students from schools throughout the state audition for All State Orches- tra. This year three students from Arcadia were selected for All State Orchestra. They were Lauren Roberts. Mary Templin and Jeff Wright. Ali State Chorus members are taken from all the high schools throughout the state. Arcadia students participating this year were, standing: Jean Da- vidson and Jennine Denton. Soated: Barbara Barolet, Chuck Emery and Becky Munns. 169Outstanding Students Merit PEGGY O'GARA, Key Club Sweetheart CLASSIC Co-editors.. Liza Bean and George Durham. Liza is also recipient of the D.A.R. award. Throughout the entire school year, honors and awards are bestowed upon Arcadia students. From academic typing to domestic cooking, students receive recognition for outstanding accomplishment in these areas. MARTY WILLIAMS. OLYMPIAN Co-editor 170 Gene Griffith, recipient of the BAUSCH and LOM8 Science Award.Titles of Distinction LYNN FULBRECHT, Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year CATHY HOEKSEMA, Best Business Student Award. Award. DENISE TAYLOR and ANN HUNT, co-editors of the AR- CADIAN. The ability to excel is not a rare asset for a student to possess at Arcadia High. For all the students have some degree of accomplishment within, and at Arcadia most of them try to apply it with an extra effort. 171 CAROLE KINZLE, OLYMPIAN Co-editor172SPO f 73AA State Champions LINEMEN . . . Front Row: Jim Tingwald. Bob Mc- Ward. Bob Draughn, Rick Hoefleman. Larry Clark, Jim Langley. Phil Marc- caci. Mark Boccacio, Gary Swift. Top Row: John Mac- Donald. Tom Farmer. Frank Vaughn. Ron Mac- Donald. Dick Smith. Rob Temple. Richard Shields. LeRoy Gainfner. Bob Ber- tleson. Jack Koppen, Richard Gray. SEASON SUMMARY We They Prescott 20 0 Catalina 37 19 Mesa 21 13 Scottsdale 44 0 Tempe 34 0 Kofa 26 20 Coronado 36 9 Yuma 8 12 Chandler 40 0 Flagstaff 39 6 Tucson 40 7 The 1962 football season began with Arcadia hosting their northern opponent. Prescott. This gave the Titan team a good start by down- ing the Badgers 20 to 0. The next week the Arcadia eleven chalked up a 37 to 19 victory over Catalina. Then Arcadia left their home field to play the annually tough Mesa Jackrabbits. The Titans came back with a 21 to 13 victory. Arcadia then played host to their cross-town rivals. Scottsdale. Arcadia's "wrecking crew," composed of Dana Woudenberg, Pat McGinty, and "Moose" Rollins, took command of the field to dam the Beavers 44 to 0. When the Titans trekked to Goodwin Stadium to meet Tempe, the Arcadia camp held its winning streak to crush the Buffaloes 34 to 0. The following week undefeated Kofa bowed to the Titans 26 to 20 after a tough battle. In the contest with Coronado, Arcadia downed the Dons 36 to 9. Then the Yuma Criminals stole a 12 to 8 victory from the Titans. Arcadia overpowered Chandler 40 to 0 during the last conference game. In the play-off game the Titans opposed Flagstaff and secured a 39 to 6 victory. For the championship match Arcadia conquered the Tucson Badgers 40 to 7 to gain the final award of AA State Cham- pions. 8ACKFIELD . . . Front Row: John Birch, Jeff Richardson. Jim Spellman, Dick Parrent, Pat McGin- ty. Paul Pratt. Sam Bar- taluzzi. Top Row: Jerry Crewson. Tom Shore. Ev- erett Rollins. John Prop- stra. Dana Woudenberg. Jim Nichols. Ricky Christ- mas. Dave Herskovits. 174nf Hendricks Guides Titans to State Coach Hendricks Head Coach Coach Hendricks, athletic director and head coach of Arcadia High School, is a graduate of Arizona State University, where he majored in Physical Education and Business. He played four years of football at A.S.U. and was All-Border Conference quarterback in the early '50s. After graduation from A.S.U., Coach Hendricks went to teach and coach at Scottsdale High School. While at Scottsdale he was assistant varsity football coach under Hil Brady. He was varsity baseball coach for four years and also coached Junior Varsity basket- ball. After four years at Scottsdale Coach Hendricks came to Arcadia as Athletic Director and Head Foot- ball Coach. Here he has made an amazing record for himself and the school. In four years he brought Ar- cadia two State Football Championships, one in I960 and one in 1962. The administration, faculty, and stu- dents of Arcadia would like to congraulate Coach Hen- dricks for his fine record at Arcadia High School. Team shows appreciation to Coach Hendricks aft- er State Championship Game. 175 Coach Anderson Backfield Coach Coach Hallman Line Coach Coach Grassl Line CoachTitans Take Eight in a Row Honorable Mention All-State All-State All-State Leroy Gaintner Sr.—G Gary Swift Sr.—T Richard Shields Sr.—G Bob McWard Sr.—G ■■■■■ All-State All-State Bob Bertclson Sr.—T. Pat McGinty (42) with good downfield blocking cuts out his path as he scores the final touchdown of the game as Arcadia defeats Kofa 26 to 20. Richard Gray Jr.—T 176 Dick Smith Frank Vaughan Jr.—E Jack Koppen Sr.—T Rob Temple Sr.—EWin Class A A Division 1 Championship Dana Woudenberg Pat McGinty Rick Christmas Moose Rollins Jr.—FB Sr.—HB Sr.—HB Sr.—HB John Propstra Everett "Moose” Rollins (33), with the help of the Titan Sr.—QB line, finds a large hole and lots of running room as Arcadia downs Prescott 20 to 0. Tom Shore Jr.—QB 177 Jeff Richardson Jr.—QB Nick Nichols Jr.—HB Jim Spcllmen Jr.—HB Jerry Crewson Jr.—HBTitans Dominate All-State Line Up Dave Herskovits Larry Clarke Phil Marcacci John Birch Sr.—HB Sr.—C Sr.—T Jr.—HB Tom Farmer Jr.—E Everett Rollins (32) plows 15 yards in the playoff game with Mark Boccaccio Tucson. Arcadia became "State Champions" as they defeated Jr.—T Tucson 40-7. . 178 Dick Parrent Sr.—HB Jim Langley Jr.—C Ron MacDonald Jr.-T Paul Pratt Jr.—HBMcGinty, Rollins Top Scorers in State John MacDonald Sr.—E Pete Pittman Sr.—G Dick Hoefelmann Jr.—G Bob Draughon Jr.—T Stan Katarski Jr.—T Rick Christmas (21) and Jim Spellman (22) down a Tucson Sam Bartaluzzi Badger after a short gain in the AA State Championship game. Sr.—HB Ed Biszanh Radio Everett Farmer Manager Tom Foster Manager Truck Smith T rainer 179Frosh Have Successful Season FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM . . . Top Row: Coach Littleton, Coach Jackson. Tony Peyou, John Anderson, Lorry Plotkin, Gary Leil- or, Rick Bedenkop, Tex Sulek. Tim Allums, Dick Butler. Gory Hermann. Bill Hitchings, Gary Kron, Mike Watson, Grove Greene. Coach Odell, Coach Carlin. Middle Row: Steve Bisbee, Steve Story, Dave Hanlon, Jim KuyKendall, Mike Brady. Don Kinzle. Tom Cooley, Kirk Williams, Frank Bostock, George Mattingly, Steve Tait. Alan Lam. Front Row: Dwight Whitley, Bill Ralston, Cal Rooker, Greg Pierce. Chuck James, Jim O'Conner. Jim Gaintncr, Jeff Bartallino, Don Chenhall, Chris Tallon. Bill Birkholts. Not pictured: Gregg Doyle. Pat Carlin Head Coach SEASON SUMMARY We They Prescott 40 0 East Mesa 25 0 Scottsdale 20 6 Tempe 6 6 Westwood 13 20 Coronado 25 13 Chandler 24 6 Westwood 19 33 Carl Hayden 0 6 Ed Littleton Back Coach Sam Odell Line Coach Larry McLue Manager Ray Jackson Line Coach 180J.V. Gridders Gain Experience J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM . . . Front Row: Tom Holm. Rick Schwartze. Steve Orth, Bart Faber. Ron Barr, Steve Hodgson, Jim Fissell, Tuck Stevenson, Chuck Colton, Bill Nichols. Row Two: Al Gardner, Woody Howe, Tim Deschler, Gary Clarke, Bob Beal, Gus Contos. Rick Blakely. Pete Repp. Dave May. Bud Blate. Daryl Salzburg, Vince Keeton. Bill Johnson. Bob Finkbine. Back Row: Ron Johnson. Mike Cronnong. Land Grant, Tom Hairiston, Alan Keith, Mike Loper, Ken Sage. Warren Coover. Dave Werner. Ron Deneke. Brian Kennedy. Scott Hilsabeck, Bill Ferguson. Dave Schedler and Steve Landry. Managers. (Not pictured: Erik Widmark.) Al Gardner Head Coach SEASON SUMMARY Prescott We 45 They 0 North 26 0 Mesa 7 13 Scottsdale 19 19 Tempe 14 7 Westwood 6 54 Coronado 38 13 Chandler 33 2 Westwood 6 13 Carl Hayden 38 18 Line Coach 181Titan Five Head for State VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM . . . Front Row: Brad Shoemaker, Corky Northrop. Bill Blakely, Terry Kearny, John Trost. Back Row: Rob Temple, John Propstra. John Van Reusen, Tom Farmer, John Steel. Corky Hilsabeck, Tom Shore. Coach Lou Hallman SEASON SUMMARY We They Washington 54 57 Camelback 55 53 St. Mary's 58 54 Kota 53 52 Yuma 78 42 Coronado 55 50 Scottsdale 45 42 Chandler 64 65 Mesa 53 64 Tempe 59 66 Yuma 56 42 Mesa 52 54 Scottsdale 50 58 Coronado 67 60 Kota 57 55 Chandler 67 73 Tempe 65 64 Glendale 65 62 Mesa 67 78 183Cagers Chalk Up Eleven Wins and Bill Blakely Guard Corky Northrop Forward John Van Reusen Center John Steele Center Guard Bill Blakely holds the ball while stalling in the Tempe game. Corky Northrop grabs a rebound in the Tempe game. John Van Reusen pulls down a re- bound in the Washington game. John Steele jumps against a Cor- onado opponent. 184Lose Eight for Outstanding Season Tom Farmer Center John Trost Guard John Propstra Forward Tom Shore Forward Tom Farmer blocks a Scottsdale opponent's shot. John Propstra attempts a jump shot in the Tempe game. John Trost jumps high to block a shot in the Mesa game. Tom Shore attempts a lay-up in the Scottsdale game. 185Beat Glendale in District Tourney 186 Brad Shoemaker drives against Scottsdale opponent.J.V. Basketeers Win 14 Out of 19 Front Row: Dave Werner, Bill Ferguson, Bob Tellier, Rick Shultzc. John Hildc. Steve Holstrom, Coach Gardner. Back Row: Jack Chap- .man, Pete Orr, Erik Widmark, Tom Cole, Don Adler, Tuck Stephenson. Ron Barr, Jerry Van Reusen, Dennis Peterson. SEASON SUMMARY We They Washington 50 33 Camelback 69 77 St. Mary's 50 47 Mesa 48 40 Kofa 54 38 Yuma 44 60 Coronado 54 37 Scottsdale 48 37 Cha.'dler 66 49 Mesa 52 41 Westwood 48 49 Tempe 71 45 Yuma 73 53 Mesa 52 41 Scottsdale 35 61 Coronado 49 48 Kofa 55 35 Chandler 39 51 Tempe 78 53 187Freshman Cagers Spend Year FRESHMAN "A" TEAM . . . Front Row: Tom Cooley. Gary Leiler, Bill Hitchings, Rick Bcdenkop, George Mattingly. Back Row: Don Kinzle. Phil Sedgwick. Glenn Kapner, Coach Odell, Dick 8utler, Gary Kron, Cal Rooker. SEASON SUMMARY We They Washington 31 45 Camelback 36 35 Saint Mary's 29 31 Tempe 41 23 Coronado 34 32 Scottsdale 30 41 Chandler 32 37 Mesa 31 40 Westwood 37 40 Tempe 34 20 Mesa 44 30 Scottsdale 37 52 North 51 50 Coronado 45 48 Chandler 53 41 Tempe 46 32 188 Coach Sam OdellGaining Skill and Good Sportsmanship FRESHMAN "B" TEAM . . . Front Row: Coach Heywood, Jim Thompson. Paul Howard. Kirk Williams, Frank Bostock. Tim Hoyt. Back Row: Bob Truit, Larry Plotkin, Bob Olden, James Sules, Larry Butler. Vic Guyon. Dave Hanlon. John Zlatich. SEASON SUMMARY We They Washington 29 37 Camelback 18 25 Saint Mary's 32 42 Coronado 30 47 Scottsdale 19 33 Westwood 21 31 Tempe 21 31 Scottsdale 25 40 North 23 42 Coronado 25 41 Tempe 31 32 189 Coach Alfred HeywoodVarsity Wrestlers Have Good Season VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM . . . Front Row: Roger Sheer, Manager; Coach Anderson. Back Row: Jay Rondeau, Scott Kear- ner, Rick Williams. Skip Holmberg, Tim Deschler, Joe Caudle. Vince Carter. Don Cox. Gene Reid, Jim Rondeau, Karl Spang- ler. Junior Varsity Grapplers Win Five J.V. WRESTLING TEAM . . . Front Row: Chris Madden, Steve Helgeson. Alan Lam. Tim Dietz. Wayne Monie, Denis Kimball, Steve Hall. John Armatis. Jim Busch. Back Row: Coach Littleton. Ron Deneke. John Thurston, Mike Watson. Terry Bryan, John Sandberg. Bill Birkholz, Bill Johnson, Dave Ogden. Ron Bcmis. Dave Maye. Bob Canter. Mike Fennell. 190Varsity Team Experts on Diamond VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM . . . Front Row: Coach Schifino, Jim Nichols. Bill Nichols. Rick Christmas. Tom Goudie. Nick Karales. Nel- son Burns, Terry Kearny, Gary Frere and Dave Schcdler, managers. Back Row: Jim Tingwald. Corky Northrop. Everett Rollins, Dana Woudenberg, John Propstra, Bill Lamuth, Tim Kumfer, Bill Blakley, Bob Bertelson, Rob Temple, Steve Landry, manager. SCHEDULE March 5 South Home 8 Phoenix Union Away 12 Camelback Away 15 Kofa Away 16 Yuma Away 19 Scottsdale Home 22 Coronado Home 26 Chandler Home 29 Mesa Away April 2 North Home 5 Tempe Away 6 Yuma Home II A.S.U. Home 16 Mesa Home 19 Scottsdale Away 23 Coronado Away 26 Kofa Home 30 Chandler Away May 3 Tempe Home Coach Schifino 191Junior Varsity and Freshman Teams J.V. BASEBALL TEAM . . . Front Row: Steve Boyd. Phillip Messec, Jim Von Houten. Bob Tellier. John Loomon, Sid Miller, Randy Oden. John Wicdcmaier. Rob Deneke. Back Row: Ron Johnson, Steve Orth, Ed Struble, Dove Warner. Tom Cole, Gary Clark, Steve Hodgson, Ron Barr. Chris Martin, Coach Carlin. March 5 SCHEDULE South Away 8 Phoenix Union Home 12 Camelback Home 15 Westwood Home 19 Scottsdale Av ay 22 Coronado Away 26 Chandler Away 29 Mesa Home April 5 Tempe Home 9 Sunnyslope Home 16 Mesa Av ay 19 Scottsdale Home 23 Coronado Home 26 Westwood Av ay 30 Chandler Home May 3 Tempe Away 192 Coach CarlinDisplay Skill Through Hard Work FRESHMAN BASEBALL TEAM . . . Front Row: Bill Birkholz. Chuck James, Randy Hegeman, Steve Tait, George Mattingly, John Rohmer. Jerry George. Tony Pcyou. Row Two: Bill McCarthy, John Neal, Tom Cooley, Cal Rooker, Jim KuyKendall, Curtis Miller, Steve Helge- son. Back Row: Larry Butler, Manager; Bill Spangler, Gary Kron, Gary Lieler, John Blunda. Harry Taylor. Rick Bcdenkop, Bill Hitchings. Dick Butler. Doug Fieck, Coach Littleton. March 5 SCHEDULE South Away 8 Phoenix Union Home 12 Camelback Home 15 Westwood Home 19 Scottsdale Away 22 Coronado Away 26 Chandler Away 29 Mesa Home April 2 North Away 5 Tempe Home 9 Sunnyslope Home 16 Mesa Away 19 Scottsdale Home 23 Coronado Home 26 Westwood Away 30 Chandler Home May 3 Tempe Away 193 Coach LittletonCindermen Exhibit Variety of Sports VARSITY TRACK TEAM . . . Front Row: Don Stiles, Bob Beal. George Mills, Jerry Stines, Frank Whiteside. Don Cox. John Birch. Brad Morfitt, Rick Peterson, Paul Pratt. Terry Shreves, Steve Cameron. Second Row: Pat Payne. Clint Stidham, Bill Ferguson. Forest Carter, Tom Nues, Barry Sollenberger, Tom Parker, John Ward. John Williams. Tom Shore, John LaMantia. Back Row: Rick Blakely, Jim Dau- dette. Frank Ziska, Pete Repp. Dave Miller. Gerry VanReuscn, Dennis Peterson, Richard Grey. Mark Bocaccio, Mike Loper, Bob Monie, Jerry Boudreau. John Thomas, Terry Juntti. 194 Coach MacPherson Coach AnselmoSkills Through Participation in Meets Mark Bocacclo in the shot put circle. March 13 Westwood 16 Tucson Relays 20 Coronado 23 Glendale Invitational 27 Tempe April 3 Chandler 6 Chandler Relays I I Coronado 16 Mesa 18 Mesa Tribune Relays 24 Scottsdale 27 Divisional May 4 Inter-Divisional Dave Herskovits in the broad jump pit. John Williams and John Ward go- Jerry VanRcusen in the high jump ing over the hurdles. pit. 195J.V. Trackmen Eam Laurels J.V. TRACK TEAM . . . Front Row: Ben Harvey, Chris Salomone. Fred Williams. Jim Fissell, Jeff Smith, Bill Ferguson. Second Row: Ter- ry Clark, Jim Sollenberger, Pete Repp, Gerry VanReusen, Dave Miller, Clint Stidham, Kendall Smith. Back Row: Mike Cranny, Steve Robinette, Bob Beal, Dennis Peterson. George Mills, Erik Widmark, Frank Zisza. Mike Loper, Dave Papandrew. Rob Monie practices clearing the pole vault bar. 196 Jerry Boudreau prepares to put the shot.Frosh Track Team Shows Potential FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM . . . Front Row: Henry Schilling, Randy Witkamp. Vern Cude, Ron Carter. Second Row: Terry Turner, Dan Widner, Larry Butler, Don Chenaucl, Grove Green, Larry Plotkin. Back Row: Jim Daudet, Dennis Spindler, Jerry Johnston, Craig Potter, Kirk Williams. Gary Armstrong. Cross Country Fourth in State CROSS COUNTRY TEAM . . . Front Row: Jeff Smith. Terry Clark. Chris Salomone, Fred Williams, Steve Robin- ette. Back Row: John Thomas, George Mills, Terry Shreeve, Tom Neus, Brad Morfitt. 197Golf Team Headed for State GOLF TEAM . . . Front Row: Coach Ray Jackson, Joe Porter, Richard Mar- golin. Back Row: Pow- ers DuVall, Gary Swift, Chuck Colton, Tom Fissel, Gibson Pratt. Girls Take to Tennis Courts GIRLS’ TENNIS TEAM . . . Front Row: Karen Erickson. Bonnie Kirchoff, Linda Sig- mundson, Betsy Dalzell, Miss Gunther. Back Row: Mary For- rest, Linda Pomeroy, Robyn Cummings, Gloria Eklund. Kathy Witty. 198Varsity Netters Have Good Season BOYS' TENNIS TEAM . . . Kneeling: Craig Neslage. Standing: Coach Odell, Sam Bartaluzzi. Bill Farmer. George Durham. Sam Rag- Jand, John Flores. 199 Sam Bartaluzzi John Flores BiJI FarmerHOWARD AMERSON . . . Sponsored Safe- ty Council, Letterman's Club: 15 years teaching; B.A.. M.A. BEN ANDERSON . . . Co-Sponsored Letter- man's Club: 4 years teaching; B.A. PETER ANSELMO . . . Assistant Track Coach; 5 years teaching: B.A. WILLIAM BALTZ ... 16 years teaching: B.A.. M.A. REGINALD BROOKS . . . Sponsored Band Letterman; 6 years teaching: B.A., M.A. ERNIE BULLARD ... 3 years teaching; B.S., M.S. WALLACE BUMP ... 13 years teaching; B.S.. M.A. MRS. MARGARET BURRELL . . . Sponsored Art Club; 9 years teaching; B.A. JAMES BYRKIT ... 6 years teaching; B.S. MRS. DOROTHY CAHILL ... 12 years teaching: B.A., M.A. PATRICK CARLIN . . . Freshman Football. J.V. Baseball Coach; 4 years teaching. AFTON CARPENTER . . . Sponsored OLYM- PIAN. CLASSIC. 12 years teaching; B.S., M. A. DR. GORDON CASWELL ... 21 years teaching; A.B., M.A., Ed. D. MRS. ELEANOR CLOUGH . . . Sponsored Y-Tcens; I year teaching: B.A. JOSEPH COLLIGNON . . . Sponsored N. H.S., Sophomore Class; 7 years teach- ing: B.A.. M.A. GEORGE COWIE ... 3 years teaching; B.A. DON DEAN PHIL DEPPE JOSEPH DOLAN ... 2 years teaching; B.S. MRS. MICKI DOYLE . . . Sponsored Girls League: 3 years teaching. ROBERT FINKBINE . . . Sponsored Key Club. J.V. Football Coach; 7 years teach- ing; B.S. MRS. HELEN FISHER . . . Sponsored Fresh- man Class: 4 years teaching: B.S., M.A. MRS. SHIRLEY FRYE . . . Sponsored Mu Alpha Theta: 9 years teaching: A.B., M.A. DUANE GARDNER . . . J.V. Football. J.V. Basketball Coach; 6 years teaching; B.S.. M.A. MALCOLM GARRISON ... 23 years teach- ing; B.A., M.A. MAURICE GARSON ... 5 years teaching; B.A., M.A. ROBERT GIBBONS . . . Sponsored Spanish Club; 3 years teaching: B.A. MRS. JUDITH GRANGER ... I year teaching; A.B. TOM GRASSL . . . Sponsored Senior Class: 4 years teaching; B.A.. M.A. GLENN GROENKE ... 10 yoars teaching: B.S.. M.S. MISS PAULINE GUINTHER . . . Girl's Ten- nis Teams Coach; 8 years teaching: B.S.. M.S. Faculty Index MRS. NATALIE HAHN . . . Sponsored Delta Omega Tri-Hi-Y; 3 years teaching; B.S., B.S.. M.S. LOU HALLMAN . . . Varsity Basketball Coach; 10 years teaching; B.A., M.A. MRS. CAROL HAUGELAND ... 2 years teaching: A.B. ROBERT HENDRICKS . . . Varsity Football Coach; Sponsored Let.terman's Club: 8 years teaching; B.A., M.A. ALFRED HEYWOOD . . . Sponsored Spanish Club: 8 years teaching: B.A., M.A. WILLIAM HICKEY ... 4 years teaching; B.A. MRS. ROSEJEAN HINSDALE . . . Sponsored Arcadian; 3 years teaching: B.A. WILLIAM HOLMES ... 7 years teaching; M.A. MRS. DORIS HOWARD . . . Sponsored Fencing Team; 8 years teaching; A.B.. M.A. BAXTER HURN . . . Sponsored Rocket Club: 10 years teaching: B.A.. M.N.S. REYMOND JACKSON . . . Golf, Assistant Football Coach; 10 years teaching: B.S.. M.S. MRS. BETTY JOHNSON . . . Sponsored Sigma Beta Chi Tri-Hi-Y. 3 years teach- ing; B.A., M.A. FORREST JOHNSON . . . Sponsored Bowl- ing League: 14 years teaching; B.S., M.S. MRS. RUTH JOHNSON ... 12 years teach- ing; B.A., M.A. MERRILL LARGENT ... 4 years teaching; B.S.. M.S. JEFFERSON LARSON . . . Sponsored Mu Alpha Theta; 14 years teaching; B.S. MRS. EDITH LILLYWHITE . . . Sponsored Girl's League: 3 years teaching: B.A. ALMOND LITTLETON ... 2 years teach- ing; B.A. MRS. DANA LYNCH . . . Director of School Play; 5 years teaching: B.S., M.S. LINCOLN MacPHERSON ... 7 years teach- ing; M.A. MRS. LOUISE MILLER ... 33 years teach- ing; A.B., M.A. HAROLD MILLSOP ... 13 years teaching; B.S.. M.A. FREDERICK MOORE . . . Sponsored Drama Club: 2 years teaching; B.A. WILTON MOORE ... 4 years teaching; 8.A., M.A. JAMES MULLER ... 5 years teaching; B.A.. M.A. DAVID NEAL ... 4 years teaching; B.A. SAMUEL ODELL . . . Sponsored Biology Club: Varsity Tennis, Freshman Football, Basketball Coach; 9 years teaching; B.A.. M.A. LEONARD PELLETTIRI ... 5 years teach- ing; B.A.. M.A. DONALD PENFIELD . . . Sponsored Student Council; I I years teaching; B.S.. M.A. ARTHUR PETERSON ... 4 years teaching; M.A. MRS. JEAN PETTIE . . . Sponsored D.E.C.A.; 16 years teaching; B.A. MISS VIRGINIA POWELL . . . Sponsored G.A.A.. Pom Po'n. Cheerleading Girls; 3 years teaching; B.A. MRS. LORETTA PROCHASKA ... 14 years teaching: B.A. LAWRENCE READER ... 3 years teach- ing: B.S.. M.S. MRS. KATE REISS ... 3 years teaching: A. A., B.A., M.A. PAUL SANDER ... I year teaching; 8.S. ANTHONY SCHIFINO . . . Varsity Base- ball Coach; B.A., M.A. MRS. PATRICIA SETTLEMOIR . . . Spon- sored Biology Club; 8 years teaching. DEVON SHOWLEY . . . Sponsored J.E.T.S.; 9 years teaching; B.A., M.A., M.S. MISS EILEEN SMOCKE . . . B.A., M.A. MRS. EMILY STAFFORD ... 13 years teaching; B.A.. M.A. WALTER STODGHILL ... I year teaching: B. A. MIKE SVACO ... 3 years teaching: B.A. THOMAS TEMPLETON ... 6 years teach- ing; B.S.. M.A. ELEANORE UPTON ... 8 years teaching; B.S.. M.S. JOHN WATON ... I year teaching; B.S., B.F.T. WILLIAM WIESE ... 2 years teaching; B.S., M.S. DR. FRANCIS WILCOX ... 14 years teaching; B.A., M.A., Ed.D. ROWLAND WILLIAMS ... 10 years teach- ing. MRS. CECILIA WITTY ... 7 years teach- ing; B.S. FLOYD WOODARD ... 7 years teaching; B.M.. M.M. JOSEPH YOUNG ... 13 years teaching; B.A.. M.A. ADMINISTRATION HIL BRADY ... 22 years teaching; 5 years administrator; B.A., M.A. MRS. RUTH DOWNEY ... 15 years teach- ing; 5 years counseling; A.B., M.A. GENE EASTIN ... 8 years teaching; I year administrator; B.A., M.A. MRS. VERMA FEBUS ... 14 years teach ing: 3 years counseling; B.M., A.M. MRS. MARGUERITE NEID ... 10 year: teaching; I year counseling; B.A.. .M.A. WALTER SCHWARZ ... 8 years teaching 5 years counseling; A.B., M.A. LEONARD SPOONER ... 14 years teach ing; 9 years administrator; B.A.. M.A. JACK WEBB ... 8 years teaching; 3 year counseling; B.S., M.A. 200Student Index Adams, Charlotte—63 Adams, Donald—93, 121 Adams, Dorothy—63 Adams, James R.—93. 127 Adams, Jane—63, 110, 120 Adams, Susan—32, 115 Adamson. Jack—76 Aden, Donald A.—32, 116 Adler, Donald R.—63 Akers. Barbara Ann—93, 148 Akers. Billie Jean—32 Akers, Margaret—76 Albert. Samuel—93 Albright, Jacque—63. 110, 151 Alexander. George—76 Alexander, Jay Alexander. Judy—76 Allen, Jim—63, 114 Allen. Marilyn—93. 120 Allums, Tim—93, 148, 180 Alter. Mina—93 Ambrose. Linda—32, 118, 119 Ambrose, Andy—75, 76, 114, 119 Anderson. John A.—93. 180 Anderson. Kay—76. 147 Anderson, Larry—76 Andrews, Mike Applebaum, Susan—76, 117, 151 Armatis. Ann B.—32, 114, 151 Armatis, John S.—63. 190 Armstrong, Gary—93, 197 Aron. Leonard—63, 114 Arra. Tony—76 Ashton, Sherrill—32, 150 Augustin. John D.—63 Austin, Linda—93 Austin, Roy—76 Avant. Leslie—76, 114, 121 Aycock, Marie Baar, Sam—76 Babienko, Vivienne—76 Baccellia, Terry—76. 151 Bahls, Robert—93 Baker, Bruce—76 Baker, David—93 Baker. Randy—76, 116 Baker. Bill—76 Baldridge. Sandy—32, 117, 120 Baldwin, Doug—76 Baldwin. Loretta—32, 150 Balia. Elaine—32, 115, 151 Balliett. Ron—32. 116 Bancroft. Sharon—76 Bann, James—93. 151 Bann, Bill—76 Bann, Veronica—32 Barclay, Linda—93 Barker, Donna—76, 151 Barker. LouAnna—93 Barnes. Linda—93. 114 Barnett, Rick—32 Barolet, Barbara—63, 121, 150. 169 Barr, Ronny—76. 181, 192 Bartaluzzi. Sam—33. 119. 122, 174, 179. 199 Bartlett, Kendall—63 Bartlett, Michael—63 Bartlett. Steve—93 Bartolino. Jeff—93. 151. 180 Barton, Cyril Battershell. Ed—76 Batty, Marcia—93 Bauer, Joan—76. 114, 118 Bauer, Joleen 8auer, Judy—93 Bauer. Wayne—63 Baum, Roger—63 Baumann. William—93, 119, 151 Bauman, Katherine Beal. Bob—76. 181. 194. 196 Bean. Liza—II, 33. M3. 115, 143, 161, 169, 170 Bean. Tricia—93, 125 Season, Lynn—63 Beauchamp, Don Beauchamp. Shirley—33. 118, 130 Bechtol, Jane—63. 118 Becker. Sara—63 Beckstead, Jean—76 Bedenkop. Rick—93. 180, 188, 193 Begtrup. Marilyn—76, 151 Behan, Barbara—58 Belden. John—93. 151 Bell, Bernadette—63 Bell, Hurford—76 Bellenger. Oscar—76. 148 Bemis, Craig—33. 115 Bemis, Ron—93, 190 Benjamin, John—76, 116 Benner. Phillip—76 Benneson. Nancy—63. 121 Bennett, Ann—121 Bennett, Janis—33 Bennett, Ken—76 Bennett, Lynn—76 Bennett, Rick—63 Benson, Bruce—93 Benzel, Karen—II. 33, 115, 118 Benzing, Dennis—77, 116 Benzing, Terry—63. 116 Beran, Bill—33 Beresic, David—63, 124 Bergen. Kathleen—93 Bernal. George—33 Bernath, Randa—93, 148 Berry, John—63, 123 Bertelsen, Robort—33, 122, 174, 176, 191 Bethell, Candace—93 Bicleski, Stan—33 Bierbaum, Leon—93 Bigleman, Kathy—77 Bimson. Sally—63 Birch. John—63. 146, 174, 178, 194 Bircumshaw. Val—93 Birkholz. William—180. 190, 193 Birncy, Mary Ann—93 Bisbee, Steve—94. 180 Bishop. Ann—121 Bishop. Charles—63 Bishop, Frank—77 Bishop, Nancy—94 Bissell, Jeane—94 Biszantz. Edward—33, 122, 179 Black. Carol—94 Blackmon, Etta—77 Blackmore. Carol Ann—63 Blackmore, John Blackmore, Mary—77 Blakeley, Carolyn—94, 120 Blakeley. Richard—77. 181, 194 Blakley. William—63. 183, 184. 191 Blasnek, Mark Blasnek. Steve—77 Blate. Bud—77. 181 Blatt. Lee—63. 115 Blazok. Susan—63. 116, 118, 151 Blcyer, Jacqueline—77, 121 Block. Randee Sue—94. 117, 123 Block. Thomas—63 Blough, Byron Bluell, Craig—77 Blum, Cheryl—94 Blunda, John—94, 193 Bly. Jim—63. 115. 121 Bly. William—94. 121 Blyth. Nona—94 Boccaccio. Mark—63. 174. 178, 194, 195 Boettcher, Terry—63. 146 Bock, Gretchen Bock, Judy Bohr. Dianne—33 Bojan, Roger Boltz, Richard—64 Bonds. Tammy—94Boren. Ken—77 Borshcim. Mike—77 Bostock. Christie—34. 116 Bostock. Frank—92. 94. I 14. 180. 189 Botsford, Susan—77 Boudreau. Bonnie—77 Boudreau. Jerry—34. 194, 196 Bowen. Janice—77 Bowers. Charles—94 Bowie, Naomi—94 Bowne, Gary—64 Box, Sandra—34 116 Box, Susan—34 Boyd. Pam—64 Boyd, Penny—77 Boyd, Steve—77. 192 Boyer, Cynthia—34 Boyer, Cheri—77 Boyle, Nancy Braden, Mike—77, 116 Bradley, Gary—64 Bradley. Terry—94. 120 Brady. Mike—94, 180 Bramlett, Annette—77 Brennan, Kristen—64. 118 Brice. Leslie—64 Briggs. Rick—34. 124. 147. 149 Brill, Sharon—94 Brinton. Arman—34 Brinton. Landra—77, 114 Brock, Dianne—64 Broeder, Pat—77 Bromberg, Stephen—34 Brooks. Doris—77 Brooks, Jean—64 Brooks. Lawrence—64. 11 7 Brooks. Starr—77 Brown. Gary—77 Brown, Kenneth—34, 124, 150 Brown, Janice Rae—94, 120 Brown. Jeanni—34. 110, 118. 128. 131. 132 Brown. Jeremy—77. 121, 151 Brown. Joanne—77, 110 Brown, Mary Elaine—94, 114 Brown, Rick—94, 123 Brown, Steve—77 Bruce. Kim—94. 123 Bruining, Patricia—34 Bryan, Terry—77. 190 Bryant. Cathy—34 Buckley. Thomas—77 Buffman, Rodger—64 Bullard. Marsha—64 Burch. Mary Burdette. Sue—64. 118 Burgess, Susan—64 Burke. Mike—77 Burke, Pam—115 Burns. Cathy—64 Burns, Jamie—94 Burns. Nelson—II. 35. 119, 122, 191 Burton, Bryan—77 Busch. James—77, 190 Busser, Sandra—77 Butcher, Tom—94, 151 Butkievicz. Donna—78 Butler, Cheryl—78. 117 Butler, Chuck—4. 35. 114. 119. 122, 133. 136. 142, 169 Butler, Diane—64, 124 Butler. Jo—94 Butler, Laurel Butler. Lawrence—94. 189, 193, 197 Butler. Richard—94. 180. 188. 193 Button, Dale—77 Byrd. Leslie (Art)—35 Byrd. Shirley—94. 120 Byron, Marilyn—35 Byron, Michealann—78 Cady. Bob—35. 122 Caldwell. John—78 Caldwell. Paul—64. 146. 150 Caldwell. James—94 Calicndo, Paul—94. 114 Call. Cindy—64 Call. Gary—64. 146 Cali. John—35. 142. 150 Call. Michael—94, 148 Call. Rita—23. 35, 118 Cameron, John—78 Cameron. Nancy—78. I 10, 114, 121 Cameron. Steve—64. 119. 121, 194 Cameron, Susan—78 Campana, Anna Campana. Diana Campbell. Paul—64 Campbell. Scott—94 Campodall'orto. Pam—78 Campos, Arminda—35 Cannon, Dale—78. 151 Cannon. Ronald—95 Canter, Bob—64. 190 Canter, Rachelle—95 Cappelli. Larry—78 Cardeli. Susanne—78 Cardew, Gerald—78 Carey. Pat—64. 121 Carlisle. Carrie—64 Carlisle, Lisa—64 Carlton, Mary—95 Carnahan. Sandy—35 Carpenter, Jeanne—64 Carroll. Bobbi—35. 121. 138 Carter. Forrest—78. 194 Carter. George—35. 124 Carter. Ronald—95, 123, 197 Carter. Todd—35 Carter. Vincent—59, 122, 190 Carver, Robert—95 Carver. Pat—64 Case. Chuck—78. 123. 146. 154 Casper, Donna—64 Cast. David—95 Caster, Cynthia—78 Castleberry. Judy—95 Caudle. Joe—36. 115. 124. 169. 190 Cazel, Patricia—95. 149 Cetti. Bill—36. 122. 146, 149 Chadderson, Valerie—95. 148 Chaillie. Suzanne—78, 148 Chalagonian, George—78 Chance. Joan—64, 115, 118 Chandler, Kathy—36 Chapman, Jack—78 Chapman. Jim—64 Chapman, John—64 Charland, Richard—64. 116, 150 Chase. John—36, 123 Chenhall. Ray—78, 119 Chenhall. Don—95. 180. 197 Chesley, Vickie—95 Childers. Coette—78, 151 Choate. Eddie—78 Chipman, Melinda Christensen. Clynn—78 Christensen, James—64 Christensen, Jane—78 Christensen, Robert—36. 115, 116, 124 Christensen, Rosemary—65 Christian, Diana—95 Christmas, Frances—95. 120 Christmas. Rick—36. 122. 174. 177. 179. 191 Christopher. Roger—65 Church, Tom—36 Cipriano, Harry—78 Clare. Mary Ellen—65 Clark.Catherine—65, 151 Clark. Connie—9. 36. III. I 15. 118. 131. 133 Clark. Gary—78. 181, 192 Clark, John—I 17 Clark, Mark—95. 148 Clark, Mike Clark, Ruth Ann—65. 117 Clark. Terry—78. 196. 197 Clark. Tina—65, 121 Clarke. Larry—36. 122. 174, 178 Clemens. Sherry—65. 120 Clinkingbeard. Kathy—95 Coar, Gail—36. 150 Coate, Richard—95 Coffman. Darclyn—65. 118 Cole. Carolyn—95 202Cole, Cheryl—95 Cole. Donnella—65, 118, 123. 146. 150 Cole. Tom—78, 192 Cole. Vance—65. 116, 150 Colton. (Chuck)—78. 181. 198 Collett. Miranda—65. 117, 147 Collett. Paul Conner, Judy—95, 120 Conroy, Pat—95 Conroy, Don—150. 154 Conroy, Roger—65 Contos. Gus—78. 181 Contryman, Ron—78 Cook. Don—79. 123. 139 Cook. Rick—36. 117. 123. 124. 153 Cook. Martha—65. 129 Cook. Sally—79 Cooley. Tom—3. 92. 95. 112. 180. 188. 193 Cooper, Connie—79 Cooper, Diane—36 Coover, Warren—79, 181 Coppins, Leslie—65 Coppins, James Burce—95 Coppock. Douglas—79. 150 Corbitt. Corinne—79, 146 Corrigan. Sandra Corzine. Linda—95 Counts. Nancy—65, 121 Courtney. Don—95 Cowan, Bill—65. 146 Cox. Don—65. 129. 190. 194 Cramer. Judy—65 Cranny. Mike—79. 147. 149, 181. 196 Crewson, Jerry—65. 174, 177, 179 Croft, Sharon—65. 115 Cronk. Peter—65 Cronshey. Bob—79, 123 Crotzer, Valarie—95 Crowley. Bill—95 Crowley. Kathy—65 Crutchley, Marcia—79 Cuckler. Jerald—65. 117, 123. 124 Cummins. Robyn—79. I 16. 151. 198 Cude. Vernon—197 Cunningham. Diane—95 Curtis, Bob—79 Cushman. Bill—79 Dalcssandro. Audrey—75. 79, 110, 112, Daley. Ron—79. 116 Dalzell. Betsy—79. 198 Danley. Richard—65 Daudet, James—95. 194, 197 Daugherty. Bill—37 Davenport. David—95 Davidson, Jean—79. 151. 169 D'Apuzzo, Bill D'Apuzzo, Jane Davis, Bobbie Jeanne—118, 120, 131 Davis. Cynthia Davis. Dennis—65 Davis. Edith—37 Davis. John—65. 123. 148 Davis. Karen—79 Davis. Lynn—79. 116, 126 Davis. Margaret—95, 120 Davis. Stephen—79. 123 Davis. Tom—73. 123 Deak, Nora De Berge. Pat—95. 120 Dedman, Jill—37 Deike, Evelyn—65, 150 Deloian, Rosemary—79, 110, 120, 151 Doneke. Ronny—79. 181. 190. 192 Denton, Jeannene—65, 150, 169 Deschlcr, Connie—95, 120 Deschler, Tim—79, 181. 190 Detrick, Bradford Detrick, Ray—79 DeVaney. James—91 Dover, Dan—96 DeVore. Marilyn—65 DoWitt. Donna Marie—65 Dibble. Marcia—65. 110 Dicerbo, Mike—79 Dick. Mike—37. 119 Dick. Susan—96. 120 Dickey. Susan—96 Diefenderfer. Lesley—79 Dietz. Tim—79. 119. 190 Dight, Reardon Dill. Mark—96. 148. 155 Dillon, Skip—79 Dipley. Cheryn—65 DiTirro. Angela—96 DiTirro. Pat—79 Ditson, Mia—96. 121 Dixon. Susan—79 Deakin. Frank—79 Dobben, Jean—79 Dobben, Lynn—37 Dole, Dennis—96, 148 Dominick, Louise—66 Dooley. Martha—96. 120 Dorfman. Bob—66, 146 Dorris. Sandra Doyle, Greg—96, 148 115 Draney. Jerri—9. 37. 118, 131, 133 Drancy. Pam—96 Draughon, Bob—66. 151. 174. 179 Dreblow. Dave—4, 37. 114, 124, 146, 164 Drechsler, Nancy—37, 118 Drew, Bill—66 Driggs, Steve—96 Duggan. Linda—96, 120 Dujanovic. Jack—96 Dunbar, Linda—96. 120 Dunbar. Lorraine—37 Dunfee, Janet—37. 115, 118 Dunn, Karen—96. 148 Dunning. Denise—96 Durham. George—II, 37, 113, 115, 124, 143. 161. 169. 170, 199 Durrell, Julie—59, 118, 119, 130 Dutro. Linda—96 DuVall, Gaines—79 DuVall. Powers—38. 119. 122, 124, 198 Eakes, Rita—38 Ealy. Ken—38 Ebert. John Ebert. Bill—80 Echols. Shirley—96 Eckhardt. Dwight—38 Edmundson, Peggy—96 Edmundson. Terry—38. 142. 150 Edwards, Linda—96, 120 Edwards, Susan—66. 118 Eggemeyer, Ronnie Egizii, Dave—96 Ehrsam, Becky—96. 120 Eiscn, Margaret—80 Eklund. Gloria—38. 118, 122, 146, 198 Elliott. Carolyn—80. 120. 121 Elliott. Linda—96 Elliott. Lois—38. 118. 122. 146. 150 Elliott. Marilyn—80, 120 Ellis. Mike—38 Ellis. Stephen—80 Ellstrom, James—80 Elsberry. Vera (Susie) Elson, David—38. 124 Elson, Vickie—80, 11 7 Ely, Richard Emerson. Pam—96 Emery. Charles—38. 115. 117. 150. 153. 169 Emery. Lee—66. 148 Emery, Shirlcc—66 Emmons. Andrea—38. 118 Endicott. Steve—96 Englund. Teddy—80 Erickson, Karen—96. 120. 198 Erie. Leonard—80 Eskridge. Mary Lou—66 Etchells. Kathy—80, 120 Eungard. Paula (Susie)—80 Eurard, Nonna Jo—96 Evans. Buddy—96 Evans. Peggy—66 Evans. Greg—80 203Everhart, Daryl—96 Ewing, Jon—96 Fabeny, Patricia—38. 115 Faber, Bart—80, 181 Fairfield. Bob—39. 127. 150 Falk, Carolyn—39, 96 Falle, Corinna Falk. Kathy—66, 117 Farmer. Bill—39. 122, 199 Farmer. Evert—66, 179 Farmer, Sharon—8, 39, 118, 122, 147 Farmer, Tom—66. 119, 174, 178, 183, 185 Faught, lyn—66, 114, 120, 121 Fennell. Michael—66. 190 Fenton, Barbara—96 Ferguson. Cathy—117, 121, 123 Ferguson. Linda—66. 118. 131. 132 Ferguson. Michael—39 Ferguson, William—80. 150. 181, 194, 196 Fieck, Doug—151, 193 Finch. Ronald—80. I 16 Finney, Cathy—80 Fischer, Deborah Fish, Barbara—80 Fish, Joan—66 Fisher, Jim—80. 147 Fisher, Robert—80 Fissell, James—80. 181, 196 Fissell, Thomas—66, 198 Florez, John—66. 119. 130. 140. 166, 199 Flynn, Jack—96 Ford, Richard—39 Forrest. Mary—66. 120. 198 Foster, Dave—66 Foster. Doug—39 Foster. Jerry—96 Foster, Thomas—66. 119, 179 Fraizer. Ava—80 Fraley, Dana—97 Fraley. Paula—66, 151 Francke. David—66. 123 Frank. Gretchen—80 Freedle. Frank—80 Freeman, Gary—97 Freeman. Connie—80 Freeman. Ellen Freestone, Nancy—80. 120 French. Marie—39, I 16 Frere, Gary—66, 191 Frick. Donna—80 Frye, Carol—66 Frye, Robert—80 Fulbrecht. Lynn—39. 115, 171 Fulkerson, Mia—97 Fuller, Judith—80 Furr, Ronnie—80 Gabbard. Marjorie—80 Gage, Bill—39 Gaintner, James—97. 151. 180 Gaintner. LeRoy—39. 114. 115, 119, 122. 124. 142, 150. 169, 174. 176 Gallagher, Gail—39. 139. 143 Galwey, Michael—97, 123, 148 Galwey. Sharyn—66. 123, 148 Gamble, Fred—66 Gamble. Terry—8, 66. 127, 147 Gangadean, Nirmal—40 Gangadean. Ramcsh—97 Garcia, Margaret—97 Gant, Barbara—66 Gardner, Patty—40, 121 Garrison. Sarah—97. 149 Gehl, Dennis—66 Geiger, Patricia—80, 114, 146 Gentner, Kathy Gentry, Priscilla—97, 121 George. Jerone—97, 193 Gerhart, Bonnie—66 Gerhart, Linda Gerstenschlager. Stanley—97, 148 Getz, Carol—97 Gibbons, Gayle—66 Gibbons, Greg—116, 121 Gieszl, Carol—80, 121 Giffin, Janice Gilbert, Sandy—40. 139 Gillard, Jim—40 Gilmore. Peggy—40 Glover. Gerald—80. 116, 123 Glover. Linda—81 Goddard. Vicki—66 Goeman, Penny—81, 148 Goldman. Sheila—97. 117 Goldthwaite. Kathy—81 Gompf, Sandra—81 Good, Coni—97 Goodman, Chris—97. 148 Goodman. Patti—97. 120 Goostree, Gloria—40 Gordon, Wayne—97. 117 Gossick. Katherine—97 Goudie. Tom—19, 67, 122, 191 Grady, Diane—97, 120 Graham. Phillip—81 Graham. Rosalind—97, 120 Grant. Land—81. 181 Grant, Virginia—81 Granzow, Fred—67. 122, 147 Gray, Richard—67, 174, 176. 194 Grayson. Jim—97 Gre :o. Don Green, Beth—67, 115, 121 Green, Candy—67, 120 Green, James—40 Green, Kathy—81 Green. Wayne—153 Greene. Grove—3, 97, 148, 180, 197 Gregory, Sue—67 Germanis, Diana—67 Griffin, Janice—81 Griffin. Lori—97 Griffith, Gene—40, 115, 119, 124, 170 Grimditch, Gloria—67. 115, 124 Griswold. Christine—97 Grouskay, Karen—97 Grouskay, Piff—40 Grubbs. Deborah—97 Grube. Marsha—67 Gruner, Rich—40 Guffey, Elaine—97, 120, 121 Gulledge, Bruce—81 Gullett. Alana—81 Gulleti, Greg—97 Gulnac. Donna—81 Gumlick, Donna—81 Gunnct, Sue—40 Guthrie. John—114, 146, 149. 150 Guthrie. Richard—40, 92 Guyan. Vic—97, 151, 189 Gygi. Peggy—67, 151 Haag, Philip—97 Haddy. Anita—97, 120. 148 Haddy. Sharon—67, 121, 150 Hafleigh, Heather—81 Hageman, Randy—97 Hagcrty, Michael—81, 148 Haggerty, Diane—81 Hairston. Tom—81, 181 Hakes. Karen—81 Hall. Daniel—67, 147 Hall, Diane—67 Hall, Janice—97 Hall. Lynda Hall. Steve—67. 190 Halliday, Kathryn Hamilton. Frank—41, 116 Halpert, Roger—98 Hammett. Vaunda—81. 133, 146 Hammond. Nancy—67, 115. 117. 124 Hanan, Robert—81 Hanby. Tom—67 Haner, John—98 Haney. Janet—81. 120. 125, 149 Hanford, James—81 Hanlon, David—98. 180, 189 204Hannan, Dorrie—41 Hansen. Robin—81 Haplp. Charles—98, 123 Hapip. Paul—67. 114. 123. 124 Hardy. Barbara—81. 115 Harkenrider, Joan—98 Harkenrider. John—81 Harmann. Gary—98. 151. 180 Harmon. Ronald—67, 115 Harper. Karen—67 Harrington. Marcia—4. II. 41. III. M3. 115. 118. 119. 142. 169 Harshfield, Suzanne Hart, Donna—41 Harvey. Ben—81. 196 Harvey. Thomas—81. 148 Haugeland. Carol—81. 126 Haupt. Barbara—II. 41. Ill, M3. 115. 118. 119. 139. 143. 163 Havighurst, Kathy—98 Havighurst. Nancy—41. 121, 139, 168 Harris. Mike Hawkins. Philip—41. 151 Hawkins. William—81 Hawkins. Mark—81 Hawks, Terry—41. 148. 150 Hayden. Ann—67. I 15. 118 Hayden. Dennis—67 Hayden. Guy—98 Hayden. Karen—81. 149 Hayduke, George Heath. Lisa—67. 115 Hedstrom, Cheryl—67 Hedstrom, Lee—81 Heise. John—81 Helgeson. Steven—98. 190. 193 Henderson. Brenda—98 Henderson. Charles (Rick)—41. 127. 139 Henderson. Bill—81 Hendrix, Bill—98. 151 Hendrix. Gary—82 i Hendrix. Sandra—41 Henes. Steve—98 Hennessey. Mary—98 Henry. Robert—98 Henson. Pam—98. 120 Heringer, Jane—82. 147 Heringer. John—98. 148 Herman. Stuart—41 Herndon. Rick—98. 148. 149 Herskovits. Dave—41. 59. M2. 115. 119. 122. 124. 137. 174. 178. 195 Hiatt. Joanna—82. 150 Hibler. Larry—67, 116. 150 Hickman. Judy—67. I 14 Hiegel. John—42. 150 Hiegel. Mary—67. 116. 150 Hilde. John—82 Hill. David—82 Hillebrand. Jim Hillier, Arthur—98 Hillis. Terry—67 Hilsabeck. Corky—42. 122, 183. 186 Hilsabeck. Scott—82. 181 Hiner. Gerald—82. 151 Hiner, Nicolas—98. 146. 149 Hirt, Sherry—82 Hislop, Patricia—82 Hitchock. Becky—82 Hitchock. Linda—67 Hitchock. Vickie—82 Hitchings. Bill—180. 188. 193 Hiwelle, Jeanne—98 Hobein. Patricia—98 Hodder. Jim—42. 124, 146 Hodgdon. Sandra—98 Hodges. Betsy—4, II, 42. 118, 119 Hodges, Bill—98 Hodges. Don—127, 139 Hodgson. Stephen—82. 181. 192 Hoefelmann. Richard—67. 115, 146. 174, 179 Hoeksema. Cathy—23. 42. 171 Hoel. Cinda—82 Hoffman. Bill—82. 114. 119, 150 Hoffman. Carol—67, 121 Hogan, Cheryl—82. 151 Hogin. Jerry—42 Holland, Judie—82 Holm. Don—82. 181 Holmberg. Harold—190 Holmberg, Bill—67. 117 Holmstrom. Steve—67 Holtson, Cheryl—42 Honsik. Frank—98 Hopkins. Mark Hopwood. Barbara—67 Hough, Jeannette—82 Houston. Lynda—98 Houston. Robyn—62. 68, I 10. 114. I 18. 119, 125, 130. 150 Howard. Paul—189 Howe. Woody (William)—82. 181 Hoyer. Nancy—42. III, 118. 131. 133. 143 Hoyt. Coleman—68. 115 Hoyt. Tim—98. 148. 189 Hudson. Lou—82 Hudson. Scott—68 Hughes, Jeanne—42 Hull. Margaret—82 Hume. Sharon—68. 121 Humphrey, Sandra—82 Humphrey. Gary—98 Hunt. Ann—42. 126. 171 Huntington. Sandra—98 Hurford, Helen—98 Hurford. Bill Hussey. Bill—98. 151 Hutson, Judith—82 Huvelle. Jeanne—98. 114. 120 Inscho, Caro!—98. 120 Isaacs. Dewey—82 Isbell. Nancy—99 Jablonski, Kathy—82 Jacobs. Martha Lynn Jacobson. Donald—43 Jackson. Jennifer—82 James. Chuck—99. M2. 180. 192. 193 Jamison. Linda—9. 82. III. 114, 131. 133 Janecek, Mary—43 Jeffries. David—68 Jenkins, Linda—43 Jennings. Karla—8. 68. 121. 125, 150 Jensen. Jennifer—68 Johansen. Victor—82 Johns. Gerri—99 Johnson. Becky—99. 120 Johnson. Bruce—82, 115 Johnson. Carol Johnson. Cindy—9. 43. M3. 115. 118. 128. 131. 133. 163. 168 Johnson, Lee—99 Johnson. Gregg—83 Johnson. Janet—99 Johnson. Jody—68. 118 Johnson. Lynda—83 Johnson. Kay—6, 43. 115. 126 Johnson. Ron—83. 181. 192 Johnson, Susan—99 Johnson. Bill—82. 122. 181. 190 Johnson. Bill—43 Johnston. Jerry—99. 151, 197 Johnston. Ray—43 Jones. Brad—83 Jones. Sharon—99 Jones, Pat—68 Jones. Penny—68. 114, 147 Jones. Tibby—33, 99, 110. 114 Jones. Shirley—99, 120 Jordan. Barbara—43. 115. 151 Jorgenson. Gail—83 Jorgenson. Jeanne—43. 118. 139 Jorgensen. Karen—97 Joseph. Steve—83 Julian. Mike—43 Julian. Pat Juni, Frank—83 Juntti. Terry—122. 194 Kamstra, Charoltte—83. 121 Kamstra. Bill—43. 146 Kapner. Glenn—99. I 16. 188 205Karales. Alexis—68. 118. 121 Karales. Nick—II. 43. III. 122. 127, 191 Kast, David Kast. Judy—68 Katarski, Mary—8. 44. 110, III. I 15. 122. 127, 147 Katarski. Stan—68. 147, 179 Katz. Jeannie—83 Kaufman. Linda—83 Kearney. Tcrry- 4. 122, 183. 186. 191 Keen. Jim—44 Keen. Pam—83. 150 Keeton, Vince—83, 181 Keith. Alan—83. 181 Keith. Jed—44 Kelly, Jerry—83 Kelly. Nancy—9, 44. 118. 128. 131. 133. 162. 163 Kelty. Glenn—44. 123 Kemp. John—68 Kennedy. Brian—83. 181 Kennedy. Don—68 Kennedy. Judy—99 Kennedy. Linda—99 Kennedy. Pat—99 Kennedy, Rose—44, 116 Kent, Mary Frances—44 Kennington. Milas—148 Kent, Maxine—68 Kershaw. Suzanne—68. 131, 132 Kerstiens. Michael—99 Kessler. Charles—44 Keyes. Beverly—83 Kidwell, Pat—83, 116. 121 Killian, Linda—68 Kilpatrick. Linda—44 Kimball. Dennis—190 Kimball. Ralph—44. 115. 124. 137 Kinchloe. Susan—44. 150 King, Barry—68 Kinkel, Joyce—68, 151 Kinker, Samuel Kinzlc. Carole—45. 118. 127, 171 Kinzle, Don—99. 180. 188 Kircher. Elizabeth—99, 114 Kirchoff. Bonnie—44. 151, 198 Kirk. Carol—68 Kjestad. Christine—99 Klein. Charlee—83 Klein. Jerry—68 Klein. Jon—45 Kleinz. Karen—99. 117. 121 Kleinz. Linda—83. 120 Klemme. Lynn—99 Kline. Carol—45. 116 Klouse. Terry—83 Knackstedt, Saundra—83 Knight. Pam—83. I 18 Knight. Rick—99 Knirsch. John—99 Koerner. Scott—83. 190 Kohlhase, Kathy—68 Kopecky, Kim—83, 148 Koppen. Jack—45. 122, 143. 174, 176 Kos, Barbara—45. 150 Kossnar, Sharon—68 Kotz, Bobbie—68 Krahenbuhl, Linda—83, 151 Krahenbuhl. Bill—45 Krain. Sophia—99 Krantz, Mike—99. 151 Krebs. Karen—99 Krebs. Kathy—68. 151 Kriner, Billy—99 Kriner. Okey (Linn)—83 Kron. Gary—99, 180, 188. 193 Kuchler. Carol—45. 150 Kuchlcr. Linda Kuebler. Robert—83 Kumfer. Tim—45. 122. 191 Kupniewski. Toni—45 Kuykendall, Jim—99, 180, 193 Kyff. Cheryl—83. 121. 151 Laake, David—68 Lacy, Ellen—45, 122, 147 Lacy, Gordon—148 Ladd, Darnel Lafon, Bonnie—99 La Grotta. Pinky—68 Lake, Frankie—83 Lam. Alan—99. 180. 190 Laman, William—83 La Mantia. John—68. 194 Lambert. Nancy—84 , Lamson. Nancy—84, 121 Lamuth. Kerry—84 Lamuth. Bill—59. 122, 191 Lancaster. Connie—I 14 Landefeld, Raenell—68 Landis, Benny Landry, Steve—84. 181. 191 Lane. Candy—45. 115, 121 Langley. Jim—69, 174, 178 Lanser. Regina—99. 120 Larabell, Curt—69 Larson, Kathleen—100. 121 Laszlo, Joe—69 Laubach. Jane—84. 148 Lauten, Greg—84 Lawlus, Betty—84. 114 Lawonn, Vicki—100 Leach. Larry—100 Leatzow. Robyne—69. 120. 131, 132 Lee. Greg—46 Leiler. Gary—100. 151, 180, 188 Leininger. Zoanne—84 Levine. Robert—84 Lewin, Eric Lerner. Robert Lewis, Barbara—100 Lewis, Denis—69 Lewis. Larry—46, 114, 147, 151 Lewis, Vicki—100 Lichner. Diane—46 Licklider, Nan—69, 127, 147 Lillyblad, Breck—46. 116 Limburg, Wally—84 Lind, Judy—84 Lindblom, Kip—46, 117, 153 Lindner, Cathy—100 Lindner, Susan—69 Lindsay, Bill—100 Lindstrom, Al—46, 119. 143 Lindstrom, Jacquelyn—9, 75, 84. 114, 131 133 Lindstrom. Susan—84 Linville. Diane—69 Lipton, Larry—84 Liska. Sally—84 Lockett. Richard—84 Loesch, Susan—46 Lohman, Gary—100. 121 Lohr, Clark—69, 152 Looman, John—69, 192 Looman, Rick—100 Loper. Mike—84. 181. 194, 196 Lovercio. Kathie—69 Low. Ronnie—84 Lowry, Bob—100 Luke. Randy—100 Lundin. Mimi—II, 46, 114. 117. 118. 119. 121 Lupton. Russell—100 Lupton, Julie—69. 118 Lutes. Pat—69 Lynch, Tom—46. 122 Lynch, Andrea—84 McCarthy, Laura—69 McCarthy. Bill—100, 193 McCarthy, Wayne—47 McCasland, Lynn—84. 150 McClue, Larry—100, 180 McClure. Laura—84, 146 McConnell, James—100 McCoy, Douglas—100 McCurnin, Kay—47 McCutchen, Betty—84 McDaniel. Roberta—47, 151 MacDonald. John—59, 119 122 124 17 179 MacDonald. Ron—69. 114, 119 126 174 178 206McDowell, Pat—69 McEvoy. Frank—69 McFadden, Micki—9. 69. 118, 131, 133 McFord. Leonard—69, 123, 150 McGarey, Carl—84 McGarey, John—100 McGee. Robert McGinty. Pat—47. 119, 122, 128, 155, 162, 174, 176,-177, 179 McGuire, Terry McGwire. Merry—62, 69. 112, 118, 130, 140, 166 McKenzie. Melba—100 McKeown. Dan—84, 124 McKeown, Mike—84, 146 McLeod, Nancy—85, 151 McLeod. Steve—47 McMahon, Steve—69 McMaster, Jane—47 McMullin, Peggy—85 McNabb, Wilbur—IO0 McNamara. Dan—69. 117 McNamara. Joan—69 McNamara. Mary—85 McNamara. Mike—85 McNeill, Charles—70 McNulty. David—85. 123. 149. 150 McWard. Bob—47, 174. 176 Madden. (Chris)—69. 190 MaGee. Joy—100 Maggard, Janeal—84. 151 Maisel, Michael—84 Mallon. Gcge—46 Malone, Richard—69 Mangione. Joann—69 Manning, Christine—69 Manning, Bob—84 Manning. John—46 Manning, Susan—100. 120 Manzo. Joe—46. 151 Marcacci. Phil—47, 137. 150. 174. 178 Mardian, Charlene—69, 151 Mard ian, Frank—100 Margolin. Ann—100 Margolin. Richard—84. 198 Maroney. Susie—100 Marquart. Mandy—69 Marshall. Susan—84 Marshall. Warner—100. 151 Martin. Chris—69. 192 Martin. Mary Martin, Mary Jo—84, 146 Martinson, Hank—47 Maschner. Gray—47, 122, 126, 146, 149 Mattingly, George—100, 180, 188. 193 Mattingly, Lynda—84 Maxwell, Bill—69 May. Cliff—100 May. David—84. 150, 181, 190 Mayse, Bob—84 Mazurowski. Susan—69 Mecey, Carol—70 Mechling. Terry—85 Medecke, Glenn—70 Mee. Martha—100. 110, 129. 165 Mee. Molly----47. 59. 110. 114, 118 Meek. James—85 Mehnert. Mary—100 Melander, Laurie—100 Mendola, Frank—85. 151 Mercier, Jim—85. 119 Mercier, Mary Ann—47. 115. 118. 119. 126 Merrell, George—70 Merrill, Del—85 Messcc, Philip—85. 192, 151 Metcalfe, Lynn—100 Meudell, Connie—48, 137, 118, 119. I 10 Meyers. Jo Anne—100 Mickle. Richard—85. 121 Milar, Melinda—85 Miller. Suzanne—70 Miller, James—101, 146. 149 Miller. Curtis—101. 193 Miller. David—85. 194, 196 Miller. Janet—48. 114. 115. 124. 142 Miller, Joe—101 Miller. Marilyn—70. 124 Miller, Judy—85. 151 Miller. Lynda—48 Miller. Pat—70. 151 Miller, Tom—85 Miller. Sid—85. 192 Miller, Steve—70. 124 Miller. Susan Kay—101, 115 Miller. Tan—70 Miller. Warren—48. 123 Millett, Marilyn—101 Mills. George—8. 85. 196. 197 Milot. Richard—85 Mincks, Cheryl—101 Missner, Sharon—100, 117 Mitchell. (Bonnie)—70. 120 Mitchell, Steve—101, 151 Moeller, Bob—70 Moeller. Danie—70 Moenich, Jan—70 Monie. Bob—85. 194. 196 Monie. Wayne—101. 148, 190 Montgomery, Ja Deanne—85. 121 Montgomery, Kathy—85, 151 Monzel. Eileen—48. 119 Moore. Carol—48. 127. 146 Moore, Dana—85 Moore, Rory—101 Moore, Gary—48 Moore. Carey—101 Moore. Rosemary—85. 126. 6 Moore. Vicki—85 Morfitt. Brad—85. 122. 194. 197 Morris. Pat—101 Morris. Peter—48 Morris. Susan—101 Moss. John—85 Moss. Bob—85 Moulton, Joyce—101, 149 Moulton. Terry—48. 124 Mower. Russell (Dusty)—85 Mowry. Rebecca—85 Mueller, Danie—120 Mullen. Karen—70 Muller. Randy—85 Munns. Becky—48. 59, 85, 114. 115. 117. 150. 138. 169 Murdock. Craig—85 Murphy. Christine Murphy Mike—48. 122 Murphy. Patty—70. 125 Murphy, Tim—70 Murray, Jim—70, 146 Myklestad. Nancy—101, 120 Myklestad, Rolf—70 Naar, Dawn—101 Nairn, Anne—70. 132, 120, 131 Nairn. Bob—48, 119 Nash. Walter—70, 124 Nauman, Nina—86. 126 Naumetz. Merry—101 Naylor. James—86 Nazcr, Bill—101 Neal. John—101. 193 Necr, Mike—49. 59. 112, 124. 153. II Neeriemer. Elberta—86 Nelson. Joan—101 Nelson. John—49, 151 Neslage. Craig—101. 199 Neugebauer. Gail—101 Neus, Tom—49. 122. 194. 197 New, Cathy—70 New. Mike—49. 123 New, Pam—70 Nichols. Bill—101. 191 Nichols. Nicky—177. 70. 179. 122. 174. 191 Nichols. Bill—86, 181 Nicholson. Nickie—86. 115 Nielsen, Carol—121 Nikiforuk, Paul—85. 151 Nikiforuk, Pete—85 Nordberg. Phil—101 Norde, Leslie—70. 124 Norris. Kay—120 207Northrop. Corky—49 183. 184, 191 Oatis. Karen—85. 123 O'Beirne, Helen—86 Obenstine, Larry—86 Obenstlne, Sandy—70 Oboikovitz, Linda—101 O’Brien. Alice—101. 120 O'Brien. Nancy—49 O’Connor. Jim—101. 180. 151 O'Connor. Mike—101. 120 O'Dean. Denise—86 Oden. Kristen—49. 117. 153. 154 Oden. Randy—86. • 92 Oehler. John—86 Oehler, Connie—49. 116 O'Gara. Peggy—49. 133. 131. 9. 142. 170 Ogden. David—70. 150. 190 Ohms. Sharon—86. 120 Olden. Larry—86 Olden. Bob—101. 189 Oliver. Patty—86, 151 Olsen, Gene—101. 151 Olsen. Jolene—70. 118, 124 Olson, Elliott—86 Olson. Lynellen—101 Olson. Karen—86. 114. 118 O'Malley. Mike—86 O'Neal, John—86 O'Neill. Kay—70 Ong. Elaine—70. 116. 121. 62. NO Ong, Tim—101 Oonk. Toni—101 Orr, Peter—86 Orth. Steve—86. 181. 192 Orth. Sue—70. 114. 118, 62 Orton. Dannie—86 Osburn, Jerry—101 Ostaff. Dorothy Ostermeyer. Carol—120 Osfcrmeycr. Kenny—86 Ott. Jon—70 Ouren. Sue—86, 115 Overeynder, Dennis—70 Overeynder, Phil—102 Ovcrmicr. Dana—86. 120 Oviedo. Steve—86 Owen. Andy—70. 117. 130. 167. 152. 153. 123. 125. 154. 140 Owen. Carolyn—70. 146, 154 Padovani. Linda—49 Page. Alex (Bob)—86 Paine. Kathy—86 Palmer. Bruce—71. 147 Papandrew. Dave—86. 196 Parker. Barbara—102 Parker. Tom—49. 59. 115. 122. 124. 194 Parr. Gregory—102 Parront. Dick—50. 178. 122. 174 Paschke. Diana—71 Patton. Penny—71 Paulsen. Howard—102 Payne, Pat—194 Peacock. Susan—50 Peare. Jim—102. 86 Pearson. Connie—102 Pearson. Roly—71 Pearson. Daniel—102 Pearson. Jane—71. 120. 121 Pearson. Joan—71 Pebler, Judy—87. 151 Pebler. Bill—50. 150 Pcdote. Judy Pelsue. Ed—127. 150 Pcnquite, Richard—87. 116 Perkins. Terrie—102 Peters. Fred—50 Peters. Haven—87. I 14 Peterson, Dennis—87. 194. 196 Peterson. Eric—71, 119, 116, 194 Peterson. Joan—150 Peterson, John Peterson. Sandy—50. 132, 131 Peterson. Yvonne—71 Petkovsek, Karen—50 Petsch, Donna—50, 121, 139 Pettit. Sally Pettycrew. Bruce—102. 123 Pettycrew. Stuart—50. 116 Peugh. Terry—87 Peyou. Tony—102. 180. 193 Peyou. Margaret—71. 120 Phillips. Susan—71 Piccinati. Art—71. 112, 130. 167. 62. 92 Piccinati, Adele—102. I 12. 120 Pierce. Betsy—102. 120 Pierce. Gregory—102. 180 Pierce. Ruth—87 Pike. Harl—50. 115 Pingitore. Ricky—50. 122 Pinnick. Patti—102 Pisani, Dede—87 Pischke. Chris—71 Pittman. Margret—50. 150 Pittman. Pete—71. 179 Plaster. Mike Platt, Irvin—71 Pleasant, Steve—102 Pledger. Cheryl—50. 115, 119 Pledger. Diane—87 Plotkin. Larry—102. 180, 189. 197 Plotkin. Linda—71. 122. 147. 110 Polen, Sharon—51, 121 Polenick. Allan Polls. Mary—71 Pomeroy. Linda—51. 127. Ill, 198 Porter. Barbara—87 Porter. Joe—51. 133. 136, 119. 122. 124. 143. 198 Post. Gayle—87. 151 Potter. Craig—102, 197 Powell. Linda—102 Pratt. Gibson—51, 119. 122, 198, 194 Pratt. Susan—87. 151 Pratt. Paul—71. 178. 174 Price, Jack—71 Price, Pamela—71, 151 Pridgen, Randy—87 Propstra, Diane—71. 114 Propstra. John—51. 163. 177. 179, 122. 128, 174. 185. 183. 191 Ptak. Laurie—87 Putnam. Gage—87. 114, 115 Putnam. JoPam—102 Quick, Kathy—102 Quinn. Michael—51. 122. 147. 149 Quinn. William—87. 147, 149 Quinnelly. Jane—87. 150 Rabey. Carole—71, 151 Ragland. Julie—102 Ragland. Sam—71. 120. 126. 199 Ralston. Bill—102, 180 Rampy. Mike—87, 119, 146 Ranby. John—87 Rawlins. Judy—71 Rawlins. Jean—102 Rawlins. Rae—87 Reader. Nancy—102 Reardon, Sharon—51. 118. 124 Rebeles. Lucy—51, 116, 151 Rebeske. Barbara—71, 133. 131, 9 Rebeske. John—51, 117 Reed. Christie—87 Reedy. Huston—71 Reger. John—71. 115. 122. 147 Reid. Gene—51. 122. 129. 190 Reid. Frances—102 Reid, Kara—71 Reid, Karen—87. I 15. 121 Rein. Jim—71 Reis. Janet—71 Repp. Jim—71 208Repp. Peter—87. 181. 194. 196 Retter. Laurie—51. 115. 118. 124 Reynolds. Judy—87. 120. 131 Rhoades. Rick—87 Rhoades. Steve—72. 122 Richas. Kerri—102 Richardson. Dick—72. I 16 Richardson. Jeff—72. 177. 179. 174 Richmond. Ann—51. 114, 115, 120, 124 Richmond, Gloria—87 Richter. Lee—52 Ricklick. Julie—52. 139 Rider. Sue—102 Riggs. Kathy—87 Rimsza. Mary Ellen—102. 121, 148 Rippstein. Wanda—102 Robb. Lynn—87. 151 Roberts. Dennis—72 Roberts. Lauren—102, 149. 169 Robinette. Steve—87. 196. 197 Robinson, Carole—52 Robinson, Jan—87 Robyn. Bob—52. 147. 150. 154 Rocker. Mary Jane—87 Rocker. Susan—87 Rockcrhousen. John—72. 150 Roegncr, Marcia—102 Rogers. Richard—72 Rohmer. John—102. 193 Rolenick. Allan—103 Rollins. Everett—52. 163. 177. 178. 179. 128. 174, 191 Romanin. Harry—87 Romney. Jeancnc—72 Romney. Jeanne—103, 151 Romney. Louise—103. 120 Ronald. Prince—103 Rondeau. Jay—72. 122. 190 Rondeau. Jim—103. 190 Rooker. Cal—103. 180. 148. 193. 188 Roper. Bonnie—72 Ropper. Sue—88. 117, 120 Rodighiero. Bruce Rodighiero. Wayne Rook. Martha Roschival, Denis—103 Roschival. Gail—72. 121. 8 Rose. Barbara—103 Rose. Kathy—88. 121 Rose. Jacqueline—88 Rose. Nancy—72. 114, 115, 124 Ross. Ed—72 Ross, Pam—72. 151 Rossetti. Dorothy—52. 114, 118, 119. 127, III. NO Roth, Margie—72, 150 Rothschild. Ron—72 5 Rothweiler, Tom—88 Rouse. Kay—88 Routt. Dave—52 Rowe. Bonnie—72 Rowe. Paul—72. 117 Rowland. Tom—88 Rudolph. Tawn—103 Royston. Lou Don Rummage. Judy—88 Runge. Walter—88 Rupert. Toby Lynn—88 Sadacca. Harvey—72. 124 Sage. Ken—88. 181 Salina. Cheryl—52, 127 Salisbury. Laurie—165. 88. 114. 129. 147, 75. NO Salmi. Neil—72. 88. 147. 123 Salomone. Chris—88. 114. 196, 197 Salomone. Stephanie—52. 114 Salsburg. Darryll—88. 181 Salzman, Harry—88 Sandberg. John—103. 190 Sanders. Bob—72 Sanders, Terry—88 Sanson. Betsy—72. 118 Saper, Eileen—103. 120 Sarten, Karen—72. 114. 146 Sauer. Terri Sauter, Jacque—88 Savage. Tom—72 Savittieri. Sue—116, 118. 121 Schafberger, Gayle—72. 118. 151 Schedler, Dave—88. 181. 191 Schects. Richard Scheitlin. Donna—52. 119, 121 Schicker. Richard Schilling. Charlotte—4, 52. 59. 164. M2. 118. 119. 129. Ill Schilling. Henry—103, 197 Schlossnagel, Linda—52, 114, 121 Schlossnagel, Bill—103 Schmidt, Barbara—72 Schmidt. Mary Ann—53. 126 Schneider, Pam—103, 148 Schork. Sandra—88 Schrader. Jerry—103 Schrader. Karen—88 Schult. Suzanne—103 Schultz. Glenn—72 Schultz, Laurie—103 Schure, Richard—88. 146 Schuring, Mike Schwan, Joanne—88 Schwarze. Rick—123. 125. 88. 181 Schwartz. Larry—88 Schwinghamer. Brian—72, 117 Scofield. John—53. 115. 119, 124 Scott, David—88 Scott. Betty—72. 120. 121 Scott. Mary Kay—53 Scott. Steve Scranton. Linda—88 Scruggs. Patria—53. 117 Seargeant, Patty—53, 116, 118 Sederstrom. John—53 Sedgwick, Phil—103, 188, 151 Senske. Susan—72 Shafer, Pam Shall. Mary Ann—88 Shall. Bill Sharp. Jay—72 Sharp. Linda—103 Sheehan, Tish—88 Sheeley. Barbara—88. 120 Sheer. Carole—120, 131 Sheer. Judi—53. 117. 121 Sheer. Roger—88. 117. 190 Sheets. John—72. 117 Sheets. Pam—103 Sheidler, Pam—103 Sheldon. Sandy—53. 115. 150. 161 Sheller. George—103. 148 Sher. Lawrence—53, 152, 153 Sher. Linda—88 Sher. Nancy—103 Sher. Bob—88 Shields. Richard—53. 137, 176. 114. 119. .22. .74 Shipley. Carl—73 Shipley. John—73 Shipley. Susan Shipp. Ralph—88 Shirley. Sharon—88 Shoemaker. Brad—53. 122. 183, 186 Shonerd. Wesley—103. 151 Shore. Sandy—53. 114. 118, 121, 129. 139 Shore. Tom—73. 177. 179. 174. 183, 185. 194 Shreeve. Terry—89. 194, 197 Shults. Richard—89 Sigman, Lynn—73, 121 Sigmundson. Lynda—103. 120, 198 Silver. Scott—54 Simmons. Bill—89 Simser, Cheryl—73. 119 Simser. Donna—54, 120 Simser, Nancy "Bettic"—103 Sipe. Larry—89 Sirridge. Sheila—73. 110 Sisson. Jan—54 Skalak. Cynthia—103. 120 Skinner. Chuck—73 Skinner. Richard—103 Slatterly, Carolee—54. 116 Slider, Robert—103. 148 Smisek. Chuck—54, 127. 139 Smith. Andrew—54. 124. 123 209Smith. Dick—54. 176. 122. 174 Smith. Jeff—89. 196. 197 Smith. Carole Joy—54. 116 Smith. Christopher—103 Smith. David—73 Smith. Susan—89 Smith. Diana—54. 116 Smith. Don—54 Smith. Elizabeth—103. 114 Smith. Frank—89. 147. 149 Smith. Jeff—104 Smith, Judy—89. 120 Smith, Kay—54. 115 Smith. Leslie—73, 115 Smith, Lorraine—89. 114 Smith. Sarah—104. 120 Smith. Marilyn—89. 120 Smith. Marlcna—73 Smith. Mary—104 Smith, Mike—4. 54, 122, 124 Smith. Jeff—73. 122. 124 Smith. Kendall—89, 196 Smith. Bob—89. 116. 150 Smith. Stephanie—89, 149 Smith. Truck (Talbot)—73. 179. 122. 124 Smith. Terrie Eliz—104. 120 Snyder. Donald—73. 116, 117 Snyder. Lynn—104 Sollenberger. Barry—73, 194 Sollenberger, Jim—89, 196 Solvesky, Mike—55 Solzman, Harry—89 Sorensen. Tom—89 Soule. Jon—73 Spangler. Karl—73. 190 Spangler, Bill—104. 193 Speer. Janice—55 Spellman. Jim—73. 177. 179. 174 Spellman. Steve—89, 121 Speros. Estelle—89. 116. 117. 121 Spielberg, Steven—89. 117, 148 Spindler. Dennis—104. 151. 197 Splonick. Donna—104 Spooner. Molly—104. I 14 Sprinzl, Gary—55. 150 Squires, Leigh—55 Stabile. Vivian—73, 150 Staggs. Clyde—104 Stallings, Cheryl—73 Stalnaker. Karl—104. 151 Stalnaker. Mary—55. 117. 118, 152. 150 Stamm. Eldred Stanford. Susan—89 Stanton. Barbara—104, 120 Stapleton, Lisa—89 StClair. Nancy—89, 146 Steele. John—55. 115. 124. 184. 183 Steele. Kathy—104 Steele. Bob Steinbaucr, Dennis—104 Stephenson, Sandra—104, 123 Stephenson, Tuck—M2. 119. 75, 181 Sternberg. Gretchen—89. M4 Stevens. Mike—89 Steward. Kathy—73 Stewart, Jim—73 Stewart. Mary Jo—73. 121. 125 Stidham. Clint—89. 146, 194. 196 Stidham. Lucy—I 14 Stiles. Don—73, 194 Stiles. Serena—104 Stines, Jerry—73, 194 Stines, Terry—73 Stockman, Carol Lee Story. Steve—104, 180 Stout, Veronica—104 Strauss. Susan—89 Stromme. Carol—73. 118. 167. 130. 150. I 10 Struble. Edwin—89. 146. 192 St Thomas, Mary Jane—89 Stuart. Dwight—55 Stuart, Kim—124 Suggs, Steve—89, 147 Sulek. Jim—104. 180, 189. 151 Summey, Kay—73, 115, 116 Summons. Bill—115 Surgener, Shirley—151 Sutton, Gayle—73 Sutton, Nancy—73, 123 Swain, Ruth—89 Swanson, Sue—104 Swcdlund. Sandy—104, 120 Swift. Gary—55. 176. 122, 174, 198 Swift. Steve—89 Sylvester. Sandy—55 Taber, Nancy—104 Tait. Steve—104, 180. 193 Tallon, Chris—104, 180 Tanguy. George—89 Tanner, Anna—104 Tanner. Susan—104 Taylor. Denise—55. 119. 126, 6. 171 Taylor. Robert—104 Taylor. Harry—104. 193 Taylor, Joan—89 Tear, Susan—90 Teffeau. Christine Tcjan, Barbara—73 Tellier, Bob—89, 192 Temple. Rob—55. 176. 174. 183. 191 Templet. Melvin—104 Tcmplin. Mary—55, 149, 169 Tcrbot. William—150 Tharp. Charles—73, 122 Thees, Joyce—104 Thomas. John—56. 149, 194, 197 Thomas. Stephen—104 Thompson. Daniel—105 Thompson. Keith—90. 124 Thompson. Linda—56, 116 Thomson, James—105, 148. 189 Thomson. Mark—90. 116 Thurston. John—74, 190 Tingwald, Jim—74. 115, 174, 191 Tinney. Diane—56 Tinney. Karen—90, 120 Tipton, Larry Todd. Darnel—90 Tomich, Joan—56 Tomkins. Carolyn—74. I 17. 147 Tomlinson. Clede—90, 151 Tonner, Susan—114, 120, 92, 12: Toplosky, Judy—90 Towsley, Marilyn—56, 115, 119 Toy. Bill—90. 148. 139 Trainor, Ronald—74 Trainor. Sheila—105 Trapp, Edward Trapp. Sandy—105. 121 Trcster, Barbara—74, 114, 121 Trollope. Mike—90 Trost, John—56. 183, 185 Troutman, Gretrudc—90 Truitt. Bob—105, 189 Tubb. Terry—74 Tucker, Gene—90 Tucker. Sheila—90, 115 Tunis, Melodye—90 Turbat. Bill—74 Turek, Linda—56, 114, 121 Turek, Mike—90, 114, 115 Turnbow. Janet—74 Turnbow. Ronald—105 Turner, David—56 Turner, Terry—105. 197 Turner. Penny—105 Tyra. Pam—105 Tyra. Peggy—56 Tyree. Susan—90. 123, 151 Uhlmann. Steve—74 Valcho. David—105 Van Buskirk, Barbara Vanderslice.-Cheryl—105. 120 Van Houten. Jim—82. 123, l 210Van Reuscn, Jerry—82. 147. 195. 194. 196 Van Reusen. John—72. 183. 184 Van Valer, Bruce—105 Vaughan. Frank—74, 176. 112, 119, 62, 174 Vehon, Barbara—90. 151 Vehon, Joseph—105. 151 Verbout. John—74 Verhoeven. Patty—90 Verner. Lynda—90. 120 Viges. Dennis—90 Villarreal, Linda—90. 120 Villoria, Bob—105, 151 Vineyard, Lynnda—74 Vogel, Brady—74. I 19 Vogel. Nancie—56 Voldeng, Prudy—149 Volkmar, Chalice—56. 116 Volkmar, Janine—105. 117, 121, 123 Von Ammon. Hallie—76 Wade. Leanna—105 Wagner, Larry—90 Wagner, Kathy—90 Wagner, Mara Kathy—105 Walker, Danny—74. 115 Wall. Nira—105, 120 Wallace. Ricky (Ralph)—90 Walleck, Carol—90. 123 Walmsley. Janet—90. 118 Walsh, Greg—74, 148 Walsh, Jim—90 Wamsley. Bill—56, 114, 119, 127. Ill Wang. Stephen—105 Wanic. Toni—74. 114. 130. 167. 110 Ward. John—195. 194 Ware. Jim—90 Warner, Elizabeth—105 Wash, Marilyn—57. 116 Washburn. Kathy—74, 121 Wasson, Glenn—90 Watchler. Barbara—105 Waterman, llenc—90 Waterman, Bill—57 Waters, Debbie—105 Watkins, Valerie—105 Watson. Mike—105. 180. 190 Way. Carol—105 Webb. Donna—105 Webb, Margaret—105. 120 Webber. Pat—90. 116 Weber. Beth—57. 117, 152. 150, 154 Weber. Jean—90. 117, 151 Wedcl. Thomas—91 Weekes. Candy—74. 132, 131 Weidemaier, John—91. 192 Weidcmann. John—91 Weidemann. Linda—105 Wcigandt, Deborah—105 Wcingartner, Reita—105. 120 Weir, Christina—74. 120 Weir, Diane—105 Weirich, 8ill—91 Welch. Barbara—91 Welch, Connie Weller. Linda—91 Wells. Susie—57 Welsh. Paul Edgar (Ed)—57 Welsh. Paula—91. 151 Wendt. Albert—105 Werner. David—91. 181. 192 West. Ralph Wesolowski. Al Wesolowski. Joseph Westhoven, Paul—105, 148 Wheelock, Dawn—91 Whcclock, Richard—57 White. Greg—91, 150 White, Richard—105. 151 Whitehead. Mary Eliz—57. 116 Whiteside. Frank—57, 116. 146. 149, 194 Whitley. Dwight—106. 180. 151 Widmark, Erik—91. 146, 196 Widner. Dan—106. 197 Wierschem. Cindy—116 Wilcox. Beverly—74. 122, 147, 153, 149 Wilkinson, Laurie—91 Williams. Alan—91 Williams, Christine—91 Williams, David—74 Williams. Susan—106 Williams, Skeeter—91, 196, 197 Williams, John—74, 195, 194 Williams. Kirk—3. 106. 180. 189. 197 Williams. Laura—74. 165. 120, 121. 129 Williams. Martha—4. 57. 117, 11-9, 121, 127. III. 170 Williams. Mary Ann Williams. Rick—74. 138, 190 Williams. Penny (Sharron)—91 Willoughby. Whitney Wilson, Cathy—91. 151 Wilson, Denny—74 Wilson. Jim—57 Wilson. Patricia—106. 120. 148 Wilson. Stephanie—106 Wilt. Karen—106 Windhorst. Donna—74 Windhorst, Mike—106 Winegart. Patty—57 Winkelman, Lona—57 Winkler. Janet—91 Winter. Barbara—106 Winters. Carey—I 14 Wise, Doug Wisniewski. Shirley—91 Witkamp. Randy (C) —106. 197 Witkamp. Prairie—58 Witt. Lynda—106 Witty. Cathie—74. 124. 151. 198 Wood. Glen Ann—74, 120 Wood. Rick—58. 133, 119, 142 Wooden, Mike—74 Woodward, T. Craig—58 Woolley. Juli—91 Woudenbcrg, Dana—74, 177. 119, 174, 122. 191 Wong. Elaine Wright. Darlene—74. 117. 121, 155 Wright, Keene—106 Wright. Randy—91. 112. I 15. 75 Wright, Rhonda—106. 120 Wright. Jeff—58. 149. 169 Wright. Susan—91. 151 Wright, Rita—106 Wright, Nellie Wynn. Lynda—58, 116 Wynn. Martaine—58 Yancey. Sherry—91. 150 Yee. Lily—58. 149 Yee. Vivian—106 Young. Carol—91. 151 Young. Jeff—91, 116 Yuresko. Dennis—74 Zaic. Gene—106 Zeller. Carole—106 Zenobi. Gail—91. I 14 Zesiger, Doris—58. 121, 8 Ziegler. Johnny—58 Ziegler, Eddra—91, 110 Zimmerman, Scott—58 Zingale, Lucy—58 Ziska, Frank—91. 117. 194. 196 Zlatich. John—106. 189 Zuidema, Linda—74, 150 Zwaanstra. Donna—91. 120 211 jjj yyyi cij ut bjtsZLeJ - cL dtji .toy faujy cU.gLJJ Z M V £JJ jJjUi 4-s y)ujL jJuyztn ott4j JJ A- tv'- ZZiv Jx077 yl C6 C V cIs TZ JLW QxJVLZa jL ft-jstzv. ntLxj u tj ZMU)lly)lUyZ, cJuLU JUuL - vxy- c s « ; r' 3 ruzrr- 6a " 'Z'j ’ nz-z ? 'yyJZ 1o (rpyi-Kb y yw?p3r j  .0 o YtAIIOOKi  

Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Olympian Yearbook (Phoenix, AZ) collection:

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