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 - Class of 1935

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5 u 1 A Q , !. ,.. 'IJ 5 ,1 ,ffnmw ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,WYWW,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,7,,,,7,,,, H W ,,,, W ,, WW, W, , , , ,W ,, ,,,,, ,,,, ,, WW, ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 I , .. F , : 3 I W .' ,ful , , ,W 3f'i 4.5. N is ' l 1 , 1' , I ' 0 L--Ly' '- vi - X .J I l Q, -. ' I 'E N I . R , 1 1, F ' , 1 f 1 wi Q2 f f 4 4- ' - - ' ' Y " .... 1 A H' fs 14 7, f -1 vm' x 4 . i.. f . X 1 f ,mf -.3 4. .nga Y I .31 , 1 X wx .fy X .N 110 ' -ny , 1 in ff E E f 2 , x a f Q i c f ,E 4 ffl. "fn "--.-., -- 154 'I 3 fr W! 'x.,,,, ' E I ff 1 h- I, My 1hPArrz1 mn 55 2 59 E, i i E 3' l 1 7 4 E PUBLISHED BY : If THE 5 SENIOR CLASS 5 :X ! :XX OF 5 E n f ARCADIA HIC-E SCHOOL l n E i Q J t R . V' I, , i X 1 f E f fir.. .. V, if 1935 Q .f 1 E xy , . ffffr ffl kj. i 5 NJ: X rg ff ' p x N... s.. Y 4- ,. XT-...N XV , 1 l1f,b x ww..-.a,J'J L N w ' V, 1- ,ix - H--..-.. EL-A ll -fr 'I if, lxgiqb --.E,1:.'. frr A -u ,., ,, ,S N, ,,pr x 5.4,---s..n,," 4 ,Q X . X ff ti' Qvukxegs , .y L. I li, I X nn X- funn Q fffs ' -, -. -r Ngu-NR I 'N-Q 3 K ,- x 1 WNIUH J iflr' 'Te X V 'EvgjQ, H5 "i " ' J' EN 1 ' x,e'f-' V .I il NX lg Q r: X 117131 fgQfe4f! A li J J f, Q ,' ' ff ' M f g! M .. , gin ' Q NI' Q in Illnrrmzurh Nay this volume portray an accurate picture of student life and its achievements during the year 1954-1955. Erhiraiinn We dedicate this book, The Arcadian, To the Indian, First American, r Free in Spirit, Brave and fearless Alert in mind, Strong in body, Self-controlled, Self-disciplined, Worthy of our emulation. R 7J?'. ': HN QAIQJ ',-, . X YN 71 'ro-f' 3'-1 L- Uv' i,,f. f 1- 2 x N Nxwa X H wi ll! K .'4f..,.,':y A ,.., yi X RAN in :km fv 13 x, W AS. I 'Q 5 mb 'Ili ' W f 'Mx' . . Y " In gglf' . I : ff f wc af KRW 54 H2 IA d QQ' -1:3 ef 2' 5.2 ,lift C1 - .,1i " flff I F L Lf x Xgxxgxx ix -Im: , QT' Z pn9'91 1 ' 1 J A 'I' f JIU, L 'x I ,f ... W '1 V1 iffy!! .. w , 71::".' tx xx is X vs i G' P -. f Q , I I 1 1 'v l j 1 f -1 41 n A N'X If X I hVW I -N I! I 1. 'x gf r 1 f V! H l I , ,-,, W Q, A QS !j E 'N lil. uf! ! 'r 'lg .J f Im lllr l f f g Q 1' . Y l 1' ' 1 .KP Exp ! - 5 lr ,-.... 4- 1 ,-, kr . gw: . - 111. K' ,JJ Qlnnirnia ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS FEATURES MISCELLANEOUS X X u mm: nm W-.J E4k,Ay . M y Ai, Q A R C A D I A H I G H S C H O 0 L JL DL JL fx n n 7? A song of praise we bring to Theeg Arcadia High, Arcadia High-- Thy faithful sons and daughters we, Arcadia High, Arcadia High-- When on Thy threshold we appear, Thy halls of learning we revere Our hearts are filled with pride and cheer Arcadia High, Arcadia High. Our Alma Mater grand art thou, Arcadia High, Arcadia High-- To Thee we make a sacred vow, Arcadia High, Arcadia High-- Thru' years of toil and happiness We breathe thy name a soft caressg And when wefre gone, thy name Weill bless Arcadia High, Arcadia High. -- Mary Ellen Stapp -- jfJ?iE?ii xllsgyf NP mo FHL Qtudent of Arcadla Hlgh School FL H 1 ve y n1v0 blcn 'lHHlH The Qchool year of 1904 Q H ucoc ful year re th1ng 1cC0mpl1Qhfd Among uhwm the the W0 K1n mUqlC Pontl t tlPd out QQ 6 TCltC t 1bfompl1 Fmcnt LQC 16 'ml 1 tor vc 1 1 glful of th1Q felt, p4b11lly 1m-1 ulcut 1n1 b to lfel Tll IVWI1 1l'lf young people. P1l 1 wnl Cll. 'Ml con vutlvr. M001 y WllllHL K0 cflw l1Llf'l1 1 m Chl rWu,h lbCI y nloy I0 K fHT C KWlCh F1 Hof 0 nfl wo ll J-lf f lV' L11,1 1 1 71 'N P Wants 1nd Fr'1nds h1vc nf f 1 l1 vf nur QTK up 5 IH O U11 J 1'V l11C 10V Uni cd o tnc dbmlnd 1 "Pf M 111 01 tll 1 fOU T 11, 1Cf l 1 W INJT1 l 11 POINT L1l'l LT 1 V 1 V1 L1 1 L n Obllf fl QI' nm 1 1c0l 1 1 Ol 1 LF Pl L 0 ll 1 Tlll' 1 Cl 1 I T 1 fllll .L 4 1ll1 UW: 1 'll '11 X 1 lLT1T 1 K4 -KA . , fi, .0 . in M W 1 1 ff- 1 ' N, g U , . f 7 -75 las lie . NT 3 -ss ' . G :ut 1 ' gs lg , fi 4 ,. 'O 2 . U. f L,l1 -1 HF B g of ' -,- a ,' J, as 3 Q,-S 1 lm tbl 5 25 -Q fm: . L31 . ml st Qf-QS I f tlg A s'c diFeC 1 3 hm 1 1 Tl5-T fff 1'l L 4 1'm Qu' GS. xfr " so 3' 21 ,1's is thQ seen Q your that Ar :5ia hug vlx 51's 'test ,Q 3G,. Q 1 TMC jp ilt, has elf 'Qi 1,TflHQ wltl ',fJ stqdl , holy wh? 11s sl mn ull th ,lg ihv CNA, 'cur Q M Nd? ful 501 rl spfqlt - l 1'n f iues+ 5, lircrwtp in Qvory Jgy. Vt l1'y Hopv thwt you he C 1'fLyQd 1113 If wry F13 ., ,,N :pg 'MG, kyivgz, Thiw :owmunlty Mug mu inxfitmfui in y,u "' Q 1 ' mlfl 5 . 1 13' li 1 C'1CF'JwlCECl SLD tlmxt lid lH,gQlt Q. Q 1 . splvmllm :Ch1,l3j3tcw y d tint y u ffghi Hwv- thv ml"r,mgws OL 1 noi ,,' rm Pul,utg - . t,Q t ' 1 pflrx S OV'f1:nQJ,1w1a15Q. llv ncncptu IC oi tbl opg:W"u1tifs which I cj,11j05f brim pl- V 111,? 1 51-3,1 1111111-11 lfliit- lUYl tll HRZQ tkunt 1y,,. HLliEl tlnq bnlgt oil ylf ulllftlum. F'cn this lf'a1 f'y 'fy Kewl tlimt ft ga f,l'l nqut11'1 '11T l1 y 111 11:1-L: l1Q1i1'1 'IJ .l 1 T 41.1 Ol 1 lr? Only Hhw gauging ygwrw will ,'1. j,ll hom wgll tMlm gcli p'GPQTJS y,1 50? 521 iartg wwlsl jn1 ,,.. muet plug on thu lLTQLT sT:gb Ol lil l"' f, 3L1u1 03 y3u4fdQll plny1nfL1Cq lm? 111x111 :muy limlgml in fllll tlllt jyo11 lo, f'nl1 flwfl V' Lff 1 1 l.1,1H, 1s31u.l l l,g:11l, lfp- 1101112 iil1 pt Y 1l,j .3c1'o 1 gjuvv1s jfO'l V815 '1gw1ln'1m1r5f 1fP11lf1- ,Q1q no hull you to iwlie the Vmzt Of yllw 1rl'ltlug. 'W fish ?cP uwCF OV yOU thc fr, iqt 3141,- ff swcvhmp, ylyglnwnp fl1' wnQ USpfX1lVSf ?l11wrfly, 1'. Vs 7.fAlj1S S S4 J A 'K K 'EXE 1 -un " A ' , I i 91 A 1 A. F. l!0XYl.l'S, Supvrintendent B. S. in Education. K. S. T. C. M. A. in School Administration, University of Missouri Enarh nf 7 huratinn PETTET FOXYLER GUTMA N President Treasurer Clerk 'vii r-9' . 'Ar.. , , 5 I .f w . , . V ,, WN gi.. I .ii , v A -mv-H 1-il l'--lv-HF" ww' - 'www' 1 F' 5: f 4' " . 1 'W xp! J -fi 'V 'WV "U-I I J--dl f'24'L"'3""-71 1- . J. ' 5 1 'I V 1 ni, 0 .fi i FJ I it f 9 1 .,. - X EARL E. STOFK li. S. 'l'.1'., Pittsburg.: Industrial Arts ww . iliaruli M 'MQ 'DJJ J-. 7914. 1 G. M. AMOS Pniversity of Missouri Svienrr DONALD VAN ORSDAIAI1 Bakvr l'niversiIy omni rr:- Ma. M W ,vvvwwfvv 1 "Vi 1 I . " WML -lu-.u 'c'tL"- Tw A 4, U,.4MJi ' W low-4, ZA M' RIN A HEATH. fx-xus XVomam's Collrgxe Hume Evonomivs 014. 42:2 JWQJ 4.4, Em :- 1,9 AILINE BRIERLY l'nivf-rsity of Missouri - English C15 'Z- Qllnnzrn -:ILE ,'6'lRN 'Lv' "-' ,,., .,,X1b it ii' ,TAR hx-up I!f 'I V ' 1' ' K , SENIOR POEM We were Freshmen, wondering Freshmen ln the fall of thirty-one Learning the ways of High Sehool Yes, we had e lot of fun, Sometimes time has passed quite slowly And we've quite impatient grown Wishing we eould leave the sehoolroom Face the world 'upon our own', Yet somehow the years slipped from us Came the fall of thirty-four We were Seniors and felt important In u way unknown before. And new this year too has ended Looking heck, how short it seems And how preeious, hard work blended With enjoymentg fulfilled dreams. We are glad that we are Seniors Even though sed that we must part And we're looking toward our future Knowing we shall make our mark. --Mary Ellen Stepp, fs. ' :Sv 1" 5 p 4 F' Qwfgzgxwy 1 rf' 'YiV v- - Yi m1 ffi1 '7U3l iliunnmmnuiTrrznr1mnm11ul:1 mn1u.rnLIn "Q Sf, tix ' 1' mmmlmmm rn!r1nw1nluunm1'mmmmn1mrnm11umm1nmru1nnnummrmmmmnn1m1mmmnnmUnmnum1'mmn 1' ' 'f -' T . v ,, ' N. " ' "' "' ' ' K' X -' lu 4 ' ' ' A -N. T s ' qt' N ' ' i "Y: mf 1 .EW T SENIOR SONG There onee were some strong young braves And some maidens gay and fair Who reaehed their day to put Qside their plav And heavy burdens on their shoulders lay They erossed AlQebra's dark sea Braved the perils of History With staunch hearts they fought in the frey And eonquered each enemy. CHORUS O, the time is here for our last farewell pow-wow Our graduation--the realization Of the fondest hopes we ever dared to dream of Has come and brought us, our hearts desire. With our big ehief for a guide We have manned our small eanoe Through Geometry deep, then up the hill of Latin steep We have journeyed on our dark and toilsome way New Ue've reached this jeurney's end And a different life must spend ln the great world wide new without a guide We must win our way. . --Mary Ellen State. it 1 aa., - tw ' - 1- - 'X Hs? ' 'w -, 1 l .- -,si ,YH . c , y J, .M- ' nr- if' ,r arg ,-. K - ff 1-1 ., , .1 , ' 3 .. 5. A . :N - - V, Q-,,:3fk,MfS:,,. :W W u?,.li,.,m.'g'h wgigl . ,ln e - 0 lt. iF'4'3'1.' 5 '15 1 A 'A 4' - : b 'I , '-, 'l f - " , ar. ' W". 'jr f, i ' , ' t' 1 1.34. j. 2 - ,j ig-ii I f -5 ' A " 4 wk , . - 1--4vL:yitf.,f5Q.,.E:Q1 ,Y uf -A 5 I ,'. H ., 4 Y , f- gf ws' 12 4 , , ' E W , XL: 0 1 'G ' 'Sr . ,1 .S i i 1 fo, 1 ,P A iw' xiii ' 1 Hr , ,e n,n y ian CLASS OFFICERS ' BIG CHIEF- ------ --------- ------ -James Wyatt SECOND BIG CHIEF -------------- Frank Dolinar ' "fa 11559- laik an Him x 1 .fr - f ,v' 1 - . . . 'l -9- Bi ' - . '5- ,QYH-5 , " "', S rfiki rp 'ii S x. SCRIEE and KEEPER OF PELTS ----- Felix Shular Lifg A'14 .WF ' -A ' '-1335-i MOTTO--Out of school life into lifefs school. ,ii -A QQ COLORS--Blue and Gold. , gjaga 5"Q,rq FLOWER--violets . 'ii'f..f, i The Senior tribe can be distinguished from-the Q 6 others because we are those Braves and Maidens who are W. emerging from a state of savagery into a state of at least semi-civilization. We pride ourselves in being prominent in all ac- I tivities. The school was represented by our tribe in' i Declamation, Oration, Alto Solo, Tenor and Piano Solo. 2 We had two members in the Girls Quartet ,and Mixed Quartet and one member in the Boys Quartet: The Glee Clubs have always been composed of a large number of our tribe. We are very proud of the performances of our two Maidens in the One-act-play Contest. Gur- tribe has been outstanding in Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis and Volley Ball. Our Senior play, Hwhat a Familyu, was a comedy, and judging from the laughs, it was well liked by the audience. The POW Wow held Class Night was very picturesque and was enjoyed by all the Pale Faces. Although our tribe has always been small, we feel that we have accomplished ,- much for A.H.s. l Y' ., , . 5 1 QB. 45- , . .ju v rw, 'Lum tr 45' ' . .. A . . '.Q,-. A ' ' M 4 r sl -- -Vg F .3 .1-aw ci, 'E' -f.::-EUS" imma 'U Q' 5 X xx j 5n.,.1' -e , A 'VHQEP' "W 4 Wifi? q A Svrninrn 42" Mr? M- f14fw4Q776LZ24A3EZ:AaL4L4 db 4.44H4 Jamesglyatt--President, Glee wa' Football, Basketball, Baseball, Junior H Senior Play, Areadian Staff. HMiscnievous? lYll sayin Marguerite Lashmet-- T.N.T. Isabel Glor--volley Ball, Senior Play. HStudious and Sweet.H Felix Snular--Football, Baseball, Basketball, Seerotaryk Treasurer, Glee Club, Aroadian Personifiedln Marion Perry--Senior Play. HAll he needs is a chance.H Helen Davidson--Senior play, HWee but Indus triouslu Emma Dolores Limb--Girls Quartet, Mixed Quartet, Contralto and Piano Solo, Acoompanist, Band 5 Grehestra, Oration, Junior 8 Senior Play, T.N.T., One-aet- play contest, Aroadian Staff. nPaderewski of Tomorrowln Lester Godfrey--Basket- ball. NA Jolly Good Fellowlu ' Staff. Hlndifference - J mr- --F-,fe . , H .:, ' . -' ' -A ,mi f','r - : N , . , J: v nl 1, My W 4 . , "E . - 'Q "" is , 4 QQ? - " M' " Svvnfuw b,.o , v ,, .1 'ma -I u Frank Dolinar--Vice Pres., Foot- ' ball, Basketball, Baseball, Glee Club, Junior Play, Areadian Staff. 3' HHe's interested in--CSportsJ ' Alva Dickey--Glee Club, Quartet. HHis friends are everywbere.H Mary E. Hamilton--Tennis, Band, Glee Club, T.N.T., Quartet, Area- dian Staff, Volley Ball, Aeeom- panist, Senior Play. nI'll get there give me time.H ise Lyden--Glee Club, Quartet, Volley Ball, T.N.T., Coheer leaderj Areadian Staff, Senior Play. l Hwhat a Temper.n Oliver Perry--Glee Club, Senior Play. HLook out Girlslln Bob Williams--Basketball, Football, Glee Club. HAn Artist--and Howl!! Roy Clayton--Glee Club, Tenor Solo, Baseball, Basketball, Foot- ball, Junior and Senior Play, Band Rove Campbell--Senior and Junior play, Glee Club, Band and Orchestra One-act-play, Pres. of T.N.T. Club, Areadian Staff, Volley Ball, Deelamation. P HTo know her, is to love her.H Helen Lou f i l -Aw Dr' dur -. 5,4 .W 'X', 7 Mp' -" 251, " I' ' viii K 'Q n S Iduninrz O. Scott Leatherman F. Dixon Garten Gabel X G. Lyden Mg Fowler Myers D. Felt N. Vestal E. Underwood Thayer G. Riley Colson Moody Hueston W. Hamilton Aldrich M. Kopmeyer W. Hubbard Kenney Allister Jewel J. Kirksey Gorporon Grace E. Dolinar Stearns Kirk Troutwein C. Hizar M. Hubbard Giger "i 'ni ' llllllqliiiiimmwimmmm .NA-Exif' CLASS OFFICERS BIG CHIEF ------------------------ Opal Scott SECOND BIG CHIEF ----------- ---Loren Aldrich .SCRIBE ------ - ---- -------- Helen Leatherman KEEPER OF PELTS ---- - - -------- Earl Garton MOTTO--Wefve set sail, but not anchored. COLOR--Green and White. FLOWER--Rose. The Junior tribe of 1955 has been very active in extra-curricular activities. Junior members were in the Girls Quartet, Boys Quartet, Mixed Quartet, , and both Glee Clubs. One of their Braves was Bass Soloist. Many brilliant Football and Basketball play- ers have come from the Junior tribe. The Junior play, HAunt Smanthy Rules the Roostn, was enjoyed by a very large audienceg and the Junior-Senior Feast,--The social event of the year, was a great success. The aim of the Junior tribe is to be largest, most cooper- ative and beneficial clan ever to be graduated from Arcadia High School. . 1 1 5 T: 0 3 if "4 ,.1v An., R,-V , f .,,,.. x, If r Af , V l 'fi K Svnphnmnrrz CLASS OFFICERS BIG CHIEF ---------------------- August Weiss SECOND BIG CHIEF ------------- George Coonrod SCEIBE and KEEPER OF PELTS ----- Nellie Pence MOTTO--Swim or sink. COLORS--Blue and White. FLOWER--Tulip. The Sophomore tribe has accomplished msny tribal feuts in their two years of high school. Instead of letting the upper elessmen take the initiative, they have been right in the thick of all activities. Tribul members have represented our school in Cornet Solo, Soprano Solo, Girls Quartet, Mixed Quartet, and both Glee Clubs. They have been outstanding in all sports. 1 . 'Q 'iff Q ' 5' Snphumnrra L, ,- ' ' nf ' . x .Y .X 5-"Q ' . 7 f'E pf-11:1 if I1 ' 1 I 'YK August Weiss George Coonrod Nellie Pence Edna Faye Hizar Margaret Felt Marvin Davidsor Lucille Marcen Virgil James Edna Eggleton Lawrence Barnard Ruth Tyler Clinton Vestal Virginia Bowlus Orville Schilling Ruby Dunn N Mary Strite Herbert Willar Velma Eggen N Lloyd Dixon Blanche Brown , H N H Ruby Scnaub ' k d Deiiabeiie Teague l Doris Beals ' N 0 jr 3 Qi 2, U-A 34, lvl W 5 vii, r 14 Y QAfff?NdW 'P " 1sfkjiw,4jS:'1 '?lE9:'f I wax? 1 as ,J Elfrvsalyrnvn J. Fowler Clarkson C. Glor C. Clayton Erickson Bean Lilly PU.I',5S Potter Stacey C. Scott P. Campbell Farmer M. Weiss J. Underwood House C. Williams Hayes Marsh Mason C. Fowler W. Kopmeyer R. Shular I. Riley Pozich Potoehnic N. Allister Fouts Nerdelli McGavren L Owe Silvers Johnson Sheets Jn XN0 Fwovlrlerx cf',ikx"- X . EL! 1 ' Ervahmrn .. M- - ,5 'V 55-: . . ...Wm H.. ,g '4 N412 . " N if ,E I . CLASS OFFICERS BIG CHIEF ------------------------- Jo Fowler SECOND BIG CHIEF ----------- Raymond Clarkson SCRIBE and KEEPER OF PELTS ----- Eileen Marsh MOTTO--Good better best, never let it rest untill the good is better and the better best. COLORS--Black and White. FLOWER--Sweet Peas. The Freshman tribe began its quest for know- ledge in l926. In l954 they were admitted into Arcadia High as full-fledged warriors. They have been an outstanding tribe and have done many ad- mirable feats. Members of the Freshman tribe have been in both Glee Clubs, Football and Basketball. The suc- cess of these Braves and Maidens is due to their spirit, unusual ability and cooperation which should not pleasing results in their four years of High School. One of their maidens represented our school at the Coal Queen Festival. 9 .J A -f Em 1mmU7m. it m Q NT, i . r ' N Qi J , linnnr 'ilinll Scholarship letters are given each year to those students who have an NAU average in each of their sub jects for both semesters. The following will receive them this year: June Allister Virginia Bowlus Emma Dolinor Ruby Dunn Jo Fowler lsohel Gler Maxine Gahel The following students have two HA'eH and two HB'3H for hoth l Rove Campbell Juunitm Gigor Helen Louise Lvoen JLJL VJ'.".IL In n94'f. H H .I i. Mary Emzic Hamilton Willa Hamilton Emma Dolores Limb Felix Shulmr Rose Shulnr Ruth Tyler Dollie Stearns , Y ,wp n average of at let 1 ementer: Eileen Marsh Irene Riley June Thayer .5 er' R-fk.z -Qf"'i-I g XSS-J fif -lx p pn?-X A Qbrganizatinnz 'rw A . will X .X M n gi 'A 5 if ' -' - ,Q pq., '- " f Q2 Q -.ff 1- A Q iq Q, - A - 1. , l 4 A 'Sings 4 H Arrahianr Once again "The Arcad.ian" tion. This was accomplished -operation, unflagging zeal, bu co of maidens. itor-in-chief- sistant Editor ------- Literary Editor- Art Editor- - - Sports Editor- - Snapshots, Jokes Printing- - - - Business Manager Advertising- - - Faculty Advisor- rjj, -............. As - - ...- - -. - - ... - ...- -. .. .. - - .. - -.. -.... .. .. .... -- - - - --- .. .. - -. .. .. .... .- In publishing this book, Qtuif is ready for distri- only by the splendid and tireless efforts the staff which was composed of Senior braves and - Mary Emzie Hamilton - - - - - Felix Shular - -Helen Louise Lyden - - - - - Bob Williams - - - - Frank Dolinar - - -Emma Dolores Limb - - - - -Rove Campbell - - - - - -James Wyatt - - - - - - Mr. Stock - Miss Ailine Brierly the staff has worked very hard to please the studcrts. We hope this book will be a record of pleasant days spent in A. H, S. Dolinar Hamilton Bricrly Shular Lyden Limb Wyatt Stock Williams Campbell "nA"-7"-' ' THL'Q'l' XX' 9 :CU ' Q- R x. , Xi-'fig fix 1. . Gi. Qllnh 'V ,iv Hirst Row: Marsh Hamilton Kopmeyer Dolinar Thayer Colson Campbell Bowlus Kenney Beale Gahel Second Row: J. Fowler H. Fowler Heath Limb Scott Third How: Tyler Hamilton Lyden Shular Corperon OFFICERS President ------------ Reve Campbell Cheer Leader ----------- Beth Colson Cheer Loader- ----- - -Helen Lorise Lyden Sponsor This trih H'1a ffoar. Th every basketha icpend on them ttu i iglut tl1ei'v c of peepv maidens has eir plana were to have ll and football game. doing their part and u V wt for Arcadia High. - Mies Heath been outstanding lOOQ attendance Cnr: covlcl UIXIHYS rgina the boys 11111 1 1111111111 93' . : I q.,. , -up , rv' l A Q vggf hx 1 1 :N r .I x, lt,-L1 1 J, , 1 .A It N L, J -....,, E' -1. 3 ,J :mgy.w.'yJwfH,.'J'wN lf- .' . ,jigs -'fi 2 I x , 1- ' ' - 1 . .. .p, I K ' if--,K-:js-,Jr a ?Kw ' , , , 7 -- Tex ,x.J,f' bf I a' W 5. fj.,-' fn DRAMATICS 7 ,- 2 g m " 71173 5"17""' M 1-413011 There were eight girls entered the Preliminary Declamation Contest. Reve Campbell, reading was chosen to represent the school in the Mo-Kan. - Declamation Contest. In Oratory, there were contestants in the preliminary. Emma Dolores Limb was our representative in the Mo-Kan. Oratorical She gave the oration, nSweet Water and Bittern written by G. W. Corporon. Neither Revo nor Emma Dolores plac- ed in these contests, but both girls did unusually well, and we are proud of them. HSQUARING IT WITH THE BOSSH CAST Jimmy Greening ------------------- -- ---- Beth, his wife ---------------------- --- Aunt Hortense, his aunt ---------------- Mr. Dunne, his nbossn ------------------ Aunt Clarissa, Beth's aunt ------------- Johnny Bender, the neighbor's boy ------ f Raymond Grace Reve Campbell Esther Underwood Carl Underwood Emma Dolores Limb Charles J. William We had hard luck in the One-act-play Contest this year. Due to an epidemic of measles, several of the cast were able to attend only a few rehearsals. However, we placed second in the preliminary and expected to go to the final at Mineral. To the disappointmgnt of the cast, we were forced to withdraw because of more sickness. We'ro hoping that we won't be handicapped in this way next year. I v 'fel !!InJa1l , hi ""'.'.s ,u.f three Contest. Q l Iulmulmun A Ia.. Q.w I kc 5150 1 . , . M N WHAT A FAMlLYiI2 Uwhat a Familyn was presented by the Seniors to an unusually large audience. The three acts were so full of baby talk, fits and practical jokes that everyone was practically breathless from laugh- ing. Doris and Sammie were determined that their father should not marry again. Bob, Marilee and . Gracie were as determined their mother should never marry again. When they learned they were already married, the fun really started. Bob's fits, Mari- leefs baby talk and Graeie's diabolical tricks al- most sent Henry to the booby-hatch and get many laughs from the audience. Doris' chatter a ont her operation and Sammie's ax scene had Mama Agnes about ready for an operation, herself and the audience was sent into convulsions. The two negroes frightened by ghosts added much to the play. At the close of the play everyone was reconciled to the marriage, includ- ing Aunt Lydia. CAST Agnes Martyn, a widow ----- ----- Isabel Glor -Bob, her son --------- ----- Marion Perry Marilee, her daughter ----- - - - Rove Campbell Gracie, her youngest child- - - - Helen Louise Lyden Miss Lydia, her sister-in-law- - - - -Helen Davidson Henry Turner, a widower ---- - - - -Oliver Perry Doris, his daughter ----- - - Emma Dolores Limb Sammie, his son ------ - - - - - - James Wyatt Begonia, darky cook -------- Mary Emzie Hamilton Nieodemus, colored handy man -------- Roy Clayton The clever specialties between acts were: Lazy Bones ----------------- Roy Clayton La Spagnola, Isle of Capri ------- Bobby Lee Adams Love Passes By ------------ Emma Dolores Limb Tavern in the Town- - - ----- Senior Boys Quartet The specialties and play were enjoyed by every- one. The program really was the biggest success of the season. , -- : . . QQF. 3 ,f my X n.Q V , nf . E ,, jay H , H QE? W ?ff,Qlg?QM Si s.fxF - ' ' 1 'Ewa +h if fits Q A. fevf, N Q 357'--Qgf' . 5 5 , , -fs-ai. v"' 1 , 'Ax N 1 11 my 41,4 up., -- p xx, TN. 1' - 11 fu 7 I liilfgr 4 1 I AUNT SALAUTHY RULES THE ROOST 1 Lunt Samanthy Rules the Roostn was a riot of laughs from start to finish. The play was directed by Miss Heath and the Juniors co-operated with herand made it a great G, success. Specialties between acts were: ,uStay as Sweet as 'giimh You Aren by Paul Garten, girls quartets, boys quartets, and ig accordian music from Botefuhrs. .E CAST Aunt Samanthy Simpkins, an old maid ----- Esther Underwood Serena Simpkins, her elder niece -------- Gpal Scott Sophie Simpkins, her younger niece -------- June Thayer Polly Paine, maid ----------- Mary Virginia Corporon Annie Ambrose, the village dressmaker- ---- Frances Fowler ' Blanche Bowers, a woman of few words ----- Mayme Kopmeyeng Lucien Littlefield, a farmer ------ - Carl Underwood Blair Boswell, who likes Serena- - - - - - Raymond Grace Frank Fairfield, who likes Sophie -------- George Biden Lawrence Lovewell, a stranger ------- -George Wm. Riley Buddy Baskins, the grocery boy ----- - - -Loren Aldrich . SYNOPSIS Aunt Samanthy was a ruling old maid. Her nieces, Sophie and Serena, are unable to go with their admirers, Frank and Blair, and the boys are afraid to come to the house. Polly is in love vith the grocery boy, Buddy, who apparently doesn't know she exists. So Polly gets some 'Love Powders? and plans to dope Buddy by putting it into the lemonade. Aunt Samanthy': rival for mayor, Lucien Littlefield, comes to call on her, and they drink the lemonade. You can imagine what happened. She gave Frank and Blair permission to come to the house. The old maids of the village came to call, and everybody was astounded at the actions of Aunt Samanthy and Lucien. When they come from under the spell of the 'Love Powdersf, Aunt Samanthy is her old :elf again, but it is too late to stop the girls. Aunt Samanthy decided to let Lucien run for mayor, and everything ends happily. , I' .44 xxx -:JV xl. so EFX ln' it 1.4931 rg' ,A , '. 'E sri 3 R Girlz Mlm, Glluh I I I 4 a 4 K Q First Row: F. Fowler, Tyler, Colson, Hayes, Stscy, Teague, Kopmeyer. Second How: Thayer, J. Fowler, Pence, Heath, Scott, Campbell Leatherman. Third How: Gsbel, Bowlus, Lyden, Hueston, Hamilton, Corpore Marsh. The Girls Glee Club composed of thirty memhers and under the direction of Miss Heath, won first elece in ar Mo-Ken l.' Music Contest for the third time in four years. The girls wearing white dresses and black jackets, made u very strikini appearance, The Glee Club practiced on two selections for the contest, and it was very difficult for Miss Heath to decide which of the two they should si Q, HSweet Deyn hy Handel was finally selected. The selection wee well sung, and the audience as well as the judie thor- oughly enjoyed it. .,..- V 1 at " ' fs ' 33" :fs T' Q' " TV 'MJ f ' s N n T ninn Tnininnn , . .,. b, , ,.. at 4 it T .. , , ,, , i , T , T iiiiiiiii in " - A R wg- ,y T , 6 oy I' f J Yj rr I T ,2 , tna Hamilton Colson Bowlus n Fowler Gabel Hizar This year Miss Heath had two quartets in of the usual one. At the first of the ear, they appeared as a double quartet, and y ater they were divided into two separate groups Near the close of the season, Maxine Gabel and Jo Fowler were replaced by Edna Eagleton and Ruth Tyler. The quartet chosen to represent Arcadia in the Mo-Kan Music Contest was composed of the following: Virginia Bowlus, Beth Colson, Mary Emzie Hamilton and Emma Dolores Limb, Their selection, with which they placed second, was HThe Rosaryn by Nevin. This same quartet, also won much praise from everyone by their splendid rendition of the number HLittle Pee- Weet,H which they sang a number of times during the year. Since these eight girls have worked together so efficiently, we regret the loss of the three Senior girls. Virginia Bowlus won first place in Soprano Solo, singing Ho Dry Those Tearsn by Del Riego. Our Contralto soloist, Em a Dolores Limb, who sang NThe Bondsmaidn by Lalo, also placed first. .Ji Vg, ,J 5 XAQS fsxvyl 11,1 ,QTL 051115 J. joy J y , L . v KN, L Y .41 4 1 J., a " ' M , Hgh IVIKLX X x ,-'I 1. Eva x E w 1-N. 1 wk N 5-ia.4' is 'V,. .Vf fb Q", 1 nc' L 2 fj"' Q 1 A 1. IHDQB C5122 Glluh i Williams, Campbell, F. Dixon, Clarkson, Shill- ings, Fouts, Jewell, Vestal, Bezich, Erickson. M. Perry, James, B. Williams, T. Fowler, Carton O. Perry, Underwood, Dunn, Kirk, Shular, Ames. Aldrich, Nippel, Dolinar, Myers, Dickey, Potter Lyden, Wyatt. First Row: Second Row: Third Row: The Boys Cleo Club was much larger this year than it has been in previous years. These thirty boys, under the ' t'on of Mr Amos worked very hard and deserve much direc,i . , s , credit. They sang HThe Winter Songu by Bullard and placed third in the Mo-Kan Music Contest. Mr. Amos also directed the Mixed Chorus which placed first. They sang HThe Morning lnvitationn by Vee 'T While the chorus was sinqing at the contest, th handicapped greatly because of an unfortunate at c -t to one of their membersg but they deserve much com nn- dation for going on and finishing their number in :nite of all disturbances. l 4 'argl ,ACS-X gf . ,, i I ': .' '-'nr' qu i q In D. 0 Bugs Clbrmrffr-in TF .f- y . is hx ,L up A, ,I M r I -97 " If 51:-ji it V '- 'A - 7 'fa ft fi . l A ,... V ,,. ,. A if ,Ile TTY? -3 kiwi il 1 5 fffly 4 , ,, ,. ..,........vJ i uuucn. Vdl'UUIl .Jewell ,Williams Perry EE?-ich Shular At the beginning of he year, Mr. Amos had two quartets. These eight boys made several public appearances singing to-gether as a double quartet. Their selection, H1111 Take You Home Again, Kathleen", was enjoyed by everyone, and they were requested to sing it several times. The quartet chosen to represent Arcadia in the Mo-Kan Music Contest was composed of Charles Jewell, Thomas Potter, Earl Garton and Alva oys worked hard all year and re- Dickey. The b A ceived much praise from the Community. Earl Garton, who was our representative in Bass Solo, sang "The Mighty Deep" by Judd. Roy Clayton, our Tenor Soloist, sang NThe Jolly Rogern by Robinson. - v V..-W I. 'V' .'-- gs... ag Gump- hglwXf'S-1-1 W.. .Circa PM ' , ' A T it if-1 , " ma lg 4 4,73 -0. Q , i, M, MO-KAN VOCAL CONTEST For the second consecutive year, Arcadia has placed f first in the Mo-Kan Music Contest. Miss Heath, Mr. Amos, Mr. Stock and all the members of the Music Department work l ed unusually hard and were rewarded by one large trodiy and several smaller ones. Arcadia won first with 56 points, Minden and Riverton took second and third respectively. Arcadia placed in tht following events: Emma Dolores Limb Contralto solo First Emma Delores Limb Accompanist First Virginia Bowlus Soprano solo First Girls Glee Club First Girls Quartet Second Boys Glee Club Third Mixed Chorus First Their victory was celebrated by a school party at whi cfrds and various games were played. lee creams cones Wert serv U at the close of the party. NO-KAN INSTRUMENTAL CONTEST ln the instrumental music contest held at Riverton on April 4, Arcadia placed third. We only made four entries in this contest und placed in each one as follows: Emma Dolores Limb Piano solo First Dellabclle Teague Cornet Second Rot Clayton Trombone Second lnstrumental Quartet Third - . 1 mumwmuv 3 Eanh' 5 Back row: Potter, Stock, W. Hamilton, M. Hamilton, C. Clayton, R. Clayton, Teague. Front row: Aldrich, Myers, Marsh, Bowlus, J. Fowler. The Tribal musicians, composed of twelve players under the direction of Mr. Stock have made many public appearances this year. They played for all the basket ball and football games, and helped to put that ole fight in the nArcadianU warriors. The instrumentation and personnel are: Cornets--C. Clayton, Teague, Bowlus, J. Fowler, Marsh. Clarinets--Myers, Aldrich, Weiss. Tuba--Potter. Trombone--R, Clayton. Drums--M. E. Hamilton, W. Hamilton. Q fl! V-5 ' 1 4 , X 9 .Q , R 9 " I ' ' X 7 T, x A . .I '1,,if 1 K IH., .' .."-'- u y , , . Of . PT 'P- Nvil A fl' Q ' V - -...5 a 1, up Y VJ' '4 maint 1 N is CLASS NIGHT This year the Indian theme was used for Senior class night. The Senior braves, dressed in their bright Indian costumes, were gathered around the campfire smoking the pipe of peace. The Senior maidens in bright colored robes were grouped before the wigwams talking or making pottery. It was an impressive as well as picturesque and realistic scene. The following program was given: Class Song Class History ----------------- Isabel Glor Bob Williams Alva Dickey Class Poem ------------------ Frank Dolinar Waters of Minnetonka ----------- Emma Delores Limb Class Prophecy ---------------- Revo Campbell . Mary Emzie Hamilton Indlan Love Call' ' """' ' ' ' Emma Dolores Limb From the Land of the Sky Blue Waters ----- Class Will ------------------ Oliver Perry By the Weeping Waters ---------- Helen Louise Lyden Presentation of Trophy Case ---------- James Wyatt Class Song Since the large trophy won this year in the Me-Kan Music Contest was too large for our trophy ease and the case was already too crowded to display the cups well, the Seniors decided to leave, as their fift to the school, a large trophy case. When all the cups were polished ard placed in the new case, they really made an attractive dis play. The Seniors are hoping that A. H. Q. will win so many more cups that it will only be a few more years until an even larger trophy case will be needed. Sparta 0 ffihr 9 . J , ,v .y , ,, ,, ,,M, a 11 FOOTBALL This season was not so successful because we had only three lettermen back, and the majority of our players were small and inexperienced, Although the squad lost the majority of their games this season, Coach Vanorsdall could always count on them fighting until the whistle blew. Next year we will be fortunate in having eight lettermen who will strengthen the line-up of the Bear Cats. BASKETBALL Coach Bowlus was handicapped greatly this year by height and inexperienced players. At the beginning of the season, the material didnit look so promisingg but with hard work and much patience on the part of their Coach, the boys improved rapidly as the season progressed. Although the boys never won a game, they were never de- feated by a very large score. The annual Mo-Kan Tournament was held in Arcadia again this year. This was one of the most thrilling tournaments ever held in Arcadia. All the games were closely contested. Arcadia won their first game from Cockerill 28-14 and lost their seco1d to Hepler 55-22, Then they defeated Cockerill again 22-18 and were in turn defeated in their last game by Mineral 27-l8. gflgnj kai 1 ' I fin A.-...M .M ...,L....m,..i v 1 W" """ """ ", f"' 'X .1 F43QfFZ I Q-tri? Qi fi 5Hnnihall luulmmmulll - i 211'-v-'Yr-f v- -v-- ff James Wyatt Fonts Parton Myers Riley Mcaavren Coach Vanorsdaii Clayton william Davidson Shular Dolinar Lyden Dixon SCHEDULE Arcadia ,... - ...----------- Cockerill O Arcadia .... .... --- - Minden O Arcadia -- --- - -- - - Mineral 6 Arcadia -- -- - ------- Riverton 19 Arcadia -- ---- Gockerill 6 Arcadia ------- -Minden O Arcadia ------------ Mineral 27 111- ,, Q . "' ' " "" "' """""' " "' """ 'H 1' 121' ' 1' ' I ' "--" w ' q" ' 0 1 nv f y..',.. .wwf '-'- fALig'V' Q Nfdtiv . 1' ' W Freeman Dbcon--Capt., F. B. Rey Clayton--R. E. Pluyof OH Cats UQf9U59 ang He was in the game from start UffCU39, but he Cxcelled ln to finish and never failed to 1lNC Flunsig- H9 WQS the give a good account of himself. only Arcadian to make the Mo- I 4 KWH Al1'StUT Team' Marvin Davidson--L. E. James Wyatt--Q. B. Jim was Hsmall but mightyn and always played smart football. Offensively, he was an excellent passer, defensively, he tackled hard and always played a clean dame. Felix Stular--H. P. Felix was a triple-threat man. He could pas lug the pigskin. very deceptive, wa best broken field the squad. s, kick and Felix, being s one of the runners on Frank Dolinar--C. Frank was known throughout the League as one of the best snapper-backs. His fight and grit earned him a position as guard on the Mo-Kan All-Star Second Team. Bob Williams--R. G. Bob played a good dame both offensively and defensively and could be depended upon to open holes in the line. George Lyden--Capt. elect, H. B. George was a pillwr in the offensive drive this year. He made many a yard around the op- ponents ends. HDudeU, was chosen for the Mo-Kan Second Team, play a consistent game. He could snag passes and block punts ed efficiently. George Riley--L. T. George's weight and determi- nation made him a real tackle. George received honorable mention in the Mo-Kan Leasue. Clifford Myers--R. G. V HTippieH was a tower of strength intthe line. Many tackle met their waterloo when they dived against him. Lawrence NcGavern--R. T. Lawrence was one of the most aggressive players on the squad. He excelled in blocking and tackli ng. Neil Fonts--Sub. G. Neil played guard and was one of the main stays on defense Virgil James--Sub. H. B. Virgil always played a nice game at halfback when called upon. Albert Barton--Sub. Q. B. Barton was a good passfr and always did his share of the ball carrying. mnmuu umm vf7z f 9' f,, , ., . A .LT """"""" , W, 'X J fl H ,N . i 1 of ,fxrf L-,,jr7,I'3L Maakvthall 1,51 11 'jj J' il Jl ng .A x f'j 7 W x 1 vp A X1 li if W , WW 1pfXgjx1WIX ' '.QKR'xf U MA A tx . X. , my, VJ , XM Ax Az X ,NVQ af j ' fjef V K ,ix QQ 1 4121i rx -A EX?-Zi 5 H ii Wyatt Shular Myers Moody Coach Bowlua Wi11iams Lydcn Godfrey Graco SCHEDULE Arcadia 14 Gockcri11 Arcadia 12 Hoplor Arcadia 9 Libora1 Arcadia 9 Minden Arcadia 8 Mincral Arcadia 15 Riverton l ?4 29 10 15 50 18 1 . xl f, . X R EIEEQSQ . Nw , no " ' '- ' ' ' ' ' ' ' W" Q " 'W' V: E! if ,fYL? ,yy T ii M A Eazkvthall Jann, whfa t Jlm wont round, undor or ovor tho big boys and was not p t cular uhwcb routo he usod. Ho was a flash on tnc floor nd a DQTQ one to stob. Jim was soloctod as guard or tho Io Ran All Star Toam blnrtnob Hoody G Toody, vno lS tall 1no rangy, was an oxooptionally wood lloorman. Ho also oxoko lata tho scorini column of mo t nam and bookbt 1 couplo of fitld goals for good mtasuro. ,. -ls t --G. 1 I'v . 4 u 1. ,,1,, ,, 1 , Ill J. f -- - . FW -I , 14. L L . 1. r l .V 1. - - 1 g 'W v Q N 'X xx -- . TH r T, b y ., 1 ., L I3 'W '7 YJ L U - CS 1 1 f . .J X3 r. , . L - w .3 Clifford Hfors--C. HTippio'sH boi bt was gn ass t ln tho plays from tho tip. Ho always camo crashing tbrouth to mako his share of the points. Folix Sbular--F. nHandsomoH, who plovfd a vondorful Qano for bis fir t year on tho squfd, was in artist on onp band shots. Ho was a fast floorman and a Hood defensive nan. Goorgo Lydon--F. Goorgo was an idoal floorxan--Quick and deooptivo. Ho was a nsbarkplugu in tho tournament. Ono could always court on Goorgo boinq wnoro no was noodod. Raymond Graco--F. Q Althougb Raymond didn't start oach game, ht was roadj to go in and do his snaro. Ho always pluyod a good clean game of ball. Raymond will don tho oranqo and black tops afain noxt yoar. Bob Williams--G. Bob playod both guard and forward. Ho was a fastQnm and a great Qssot to his toam, Lostor Godfroy--G, Losttr did not break into onougn games to play the loading rolog but wnon ho was callod upon to fill a va- cancy, no mado a croditablo rocord for nlmsolf. r 1,043 4. H' 1 c , 1 X 44+-Wm-vfwvJ -EQ QFSXX7 u312"'Y!UPr'mm:nLm nm... ww 'v..,', 1 xx if six. ,X P ,fr ' . 4 ayir A - Svnrnnh 'nam Eazkrihall , 'rf' 4 First Row: Clayton McGavern Barton Potter Davidson Coach Van Orsdall Sparks. 6 Second Row: Jamos Dolinar Marshall I The second team, which was coached by Donald Van Orsdall, was composed of five Sopnomores, two Froshmen, one Senior and one Junior. This team was cbaraetvriztd by its unusual determination to fin .'.f undor any circum- stances. ln the tournament at Seammon, they won their first game from Liberal but lost their second to Rivortor They then played Mineral in the consolation game for tiizt place--losing again after a hard fought battle. SCHEDULE xAro1dia 40 Cockorill l4 Arcadia l6 Prescott l5 Arcadia l6 Hepler l8 Arcadia l7 Liberal i5 Arcadia l5 Minden 23 Arcadia 14 Mineral 26 Arcadia l2 Minden l5 - Arcadia 6 Riverton l6 Arcadia 25 Seammon 52 Arcadia l9 Liberal 9 Arcadia 24 Treeco 26 ,w gf KU' -3.45 4 at 1 151111911 Emil' M Lydon Gabcl Hamilton, captain, Stock, coach, Campbell Pchcc Fclt Eaglctoh Fowlcr Shular. Tho girls' vollcy ball team had a vcrv Successful Season. With more oxbcrlohccd pl ycra, Coach Stock was ablo to aovclop a such bottcr team thin last Tcar. In tho tourhamoht hold at Arcadia, thoy won their Flrrt ia from Cogkorill ana thoh camo back strong to ocfoat Wcat Minor l in tho aomi-finals. Arcadia lost to hihdoh in finals by a small margin. Thcy wcro proschtcc a lfffu second place trophy. SCHQWULE Arcadia 52 Cockorill 52 Jah. 4 Arcadia 55 Liberal 26 Jah. l8 Arcadia 8 Mihdcn 47 Jan. V25 Arcadia 8 Mihcral 47 Feb, l J vgm E5 'y i ' rjnxmuq13mz nEg1:gm111gl111hnimqg1 lyjmlninrxmlqxuyxwlrlmxirmliimlmmnunnmnnm ' B 0 :I 1z::umz1mm l1 n:11m nW dimm .1 M W1 X ' 7 7 f' ?' " ' ' " " g "1T' v .inf A j W , , A dME3Q'u Y C ,W 2' BASLEALL A1tMwuQh WF 1031 SQVOFQX Wvtitymdini Fliffrv ,' TPWV- w-tiwn list vcwr, wc ERA f mood bill Tvwi. lrciiiw VlW'x1 luv pry-twurnamwnt Maven, wimngf wwf Hmd 1'wip' G' . W thx tfwrmi fmt Arcadia wimicd R1Y+PkOr Eh' fEYPT iiwf H . WAPA W ?'w5vi EY 2 UPGPQ Cf G-Q. Nembfrw f Ywv rqUmQ 1 Hhmlvv, Dnllmur, Wyatt, Clmjtcm, MGFCWU, DS W'un, J1D w, HUHFVS, Uixwm, Nmrdvlli. f3d7?I1lIU1TljL Arcadia 4 Hcplsy 2 A11Hfv1l51 2 ffCTWlCfF 5 M- Q f. fo 1 'J ' , . X Q Rivorton 6 TENNIS Lngt fHUf Louis Corpcron won first in TYK mLtil'S ' tVv LG-Kwm WCTNLP TOUrnumcRt, and Paul Gnvf f'Y w K Qu? Jmhw ?i0rwmfQfvTf, xv? w wwf? f 1 Qwlr' VF nzwisamltfil Lvf r 1y Xiu iv1f,?lA:, Vlfwmvfi zHtw:n3i. fgirmwc H1116 AYWfHLf1iTU' ig. fwwlwvi Vit Viv prim? F WML: fvgr H-INFO thi fouFmiWfWL lx q ld, x do mwt kmvw A jurt whit ff k' ' will do. UQ vp- tw Tv VVNFiHUUi, lI'1 Nw 'lrifr guinfil- hy' ff:11,'7J Emzgi H: n.iliO1'1 wid 'Lu WP Vflip' fziVNI19'j kff QA1Tl,wY' V3,F'Qi1 ,T1yHPP f'F .Twyuyi lUf:1tt T Hmm mwt Vrrn duoldwd nw vu? whw will MQ fur TUDFVTK 1 Tlvfv TWP Qlrlpf url L f ! JOWULCS. ilhmturrn fix, if 'Y If --.S MISS ISABEL GLOR Ax-cadian Queen W WM ,, P 1 gi 1 MISS REVE FAMPBELL Most Popular Girl 1 1 1 I ' I ,. 1 ,X ,- " xi I 561 Q.4, Jiilff rf 1' R,-f f I 1 MR. FELIX SHULAR 6 ' 6 f Most Popular Boy J-all-1 ,4c,l,4fr-Q fwwmkv pQzH W!4Q 7?f,.,.ff"'f M, LW W W fs -had 4454 'CQ fdvffggf ' aa my W .Q qeffffa W ag Z! Mba- A06 . - FQ N,.64,,,-ff ffvffff A A. ,U my 7. i y,,,,,,, f" , 0 , V E 4477 ysffff K! f' ' 1, A--1 1 Q , 7Qf,g5,y ,A6.,.,6,..4 X 5,. -wi .1 Q. , 4515 -' " V 4 'ivjr 1- ' x 19353 if MISS JO FOVVLER Coal Queen L Q! MAJ? -ivan! ?a..f,d40""""' f6.,z',,,,,04g7MN'ff14foj- My ,050 fffff-M5 ""'g'6 fa-12154 mwzwfizgiz jg, A-VZ illllinrvllanvnxw K x j '4L.f i -1 Sept SCpt Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept is 5 4 5 7 10 ll 12 14 15 19 21 24 ' 1 ALENDAR Only 5 minute classes today. We're off to celebrate Labor Day. away from the Senior the election of class Sizzle! Sizzle! Stay Girls. The boys put officers over. Girls and Boys Glee Clubs started today. Look at the Babies! Well if it isn't our Freshmen girls being initiated. What's wrong with Miss Heath? She only pick- ed 5 Quartets. My Goodness! What an unearthly noise!! lt's the Band, but it wonft sound like that very long will it Mr. Stock? Rah! Rah! Rah! The T. N. T. Girls organized to-day. Tish! Tish! such rainy weather especially for Football games. No wonder Girard beat us 26-O. Poor Senior Girls. They had to give in again to the b0ys"'f91g,3Zf2 They picked out the Rings today. Mr. Stock gives demonstration of American History Class reading their lesson. Quite good! He should go on the stage. The T.N.T. girls practiced some 6th Hour. Sounds sort of tin-panny yet. But give em! time. My!! My!! Arma just beat us 20-O this evening. Say Opal whats the matter? George William uumnmunnun Sept. 24 Sept. 26 Sept. 28 Oct. 1 Oct. 5 Oct. 1O Oct. 15 Oct. 17 Oct. 18 Oct. 19 Oct. 2O Oct. 22 Oct. 24 Oct. 25 Oct. SO Q I S -ef J V! Ang? YS. 4 -n uf V r i 11 Honey waited along time for you this eve. What was that terrible noise at noon to-day? Oh! That certain gang of girls would insist on singing Cowboy songs. Hot Chai HIP HIP HOORAY1 We beat Cockerill this eve 12-O. Are we ever tickled. A quarrel between some girls, and our profess- ional Cheer Leader walks out. What Senior girls got the nick-name of Gir- dles? We picked our Coal Festival QueeH'to- day, and she's a little honey too--none other than Miss Jo Fowler. OH1 BOY! We held Minden back this afternoon O-O. Say Jo certainly did look swell tonight even though she was defeated. Started typing on the Public Speaking One- act-plays. Football boys lose to Mineral 6-O. Better luck next time, boys. Preliminary contest for Oration--Emma D. Lint won first. OFFICE! by thc THE SENIOR RINGS ARE DOWN AT THE POST A big bonfire and rally was sponsered Pep Girls tonight. Decorated Cars for parade and game to-day. We lost to Riverton lS-6. A truck load went to Minden to school party. Thanks Minden. Started on the Public Speaking One-act-play to-day. Senior Girls Volley Ball team, con- sisting of 5 members, defeated the Junior S. HAI HA! Peachy, Eileen and Revey got kick- ed off the school bus right down on Main St. Was their faces red? THR SENIORS GOT THEIR RINGS! Are they ever a proud bunch now. Frank and Marion get Mercury on Helen D. and Q fdiux-V nmmmx Nov. 26 Nov. 28 Dec. 6 Dec. 7 Dec. 1O Dec. ll Dec. 15 Dec. 14 Dec. 19 Dec. 20 ,Q V ,Vee F' Q jffx. 'I ' ' I 11 . in chapel weire gonna tell on the Juniors if they arenYt nice to us. Helen screams at Fort Scott boy, HHey you with the black pants on,H and then what followed. The Girls practiced with the boys Glee Club to-day. Every one is breathing easier hc- C2111 se six-weeks tests are over. WELL it looks like the Senior Girls just canft be defeated they defeated the Freshmen girls 24- l9. Alva Dickey just can't take it especially when he is sinEing'songs and turns around and finds out Beth and Revs are in the room. Helen Louise broke the record--set kic ked out of History for 2 days. Who broke the glass and spilled water all over the stage sixth hour? The Senior-Junior Voile Ball team beat the Sophomore-Freshmen team. Today was Declamation Preliminary. Revo won first place, Emma D. Limb won second and third W fl S The and Why thi tak won by Ester Underwood. Beginning Shorthand class ate cand wouldnlt give the Ad. typing class is every one all dressed? What do nk? It's the day for Annual pictur eri. What Red Headed Senior is it that goes the balcony window head first? Go Bob Drew names in Chapel for Xmas exchange gir get. TGC The hat Fra Rev ls canYt be satisfied with the name ord attendence. Mulberry Aluni Association present ten Honeymoon. lt was a good play. nk Dolinar, James Wyatt and Helen L e debated nThe Old Age Pension Law, the girl: mon. Debate was extended to Spk. class and then whoe school. The Jr. Play was a WOW! There w y to-day Ilflye you es to be out of Il . 2 Sr. s they as a ed Man- ouise, av , , and Pub. ' i +34 i 05 ' --' f . 5, . LmmLUIMilIIHIUlUMHM!lII!lH'I!THl'IJIIllmM'FEWHU WHYmm1Imlm MMmiMDlMm lf,-' 4 .B Oct T Wov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov n 1 NOVQ Nov Nov Nov Nov ReveYs rings. Wefre improving. We beat Cockerill 15-6. School dismissed so teachers could get a swnple of what us poor kids have for 9 Mo. The Senior Girls Volley Ball team still undefeated. They beat the Sophomores 55-28. Election to-day--the History Class went Dem- ocratic, and the Constitution Class wont Republican. Play practice tonight on Kid- napping Betty. Played Football this afternoon because Minden has teachers meeting. The score was O-O. Who was Jin Wyatts girl? Wdtch out Revo! Minden well represented to-day. They came to visit school or to see Beth and Nell--we havenft decided. New scenery for stage. Play practice tonight. Mary Emzie broke the window. The plays are tomorrow night. Oliver almost knows his part. Miss Brierly flees from a mouse, and Miss Heath could win a high jump- ing contest--if she saw a yousc. The plays went off with a bang!! We took in 325.20--not bad for depression!! We lost a football game to Mineral. Janos and Felix were both hurt. Jim was out until late this eve. No Volley Ball game this evening because of Grade School Operetta practice. Injured football player, supposed to be dead, returncl to school. Declauation practice started tonight. The Senior Class was scolded for misbehaving 6 ' DFG tif. 21 DEC. 51 J. 1 JAl JAN. JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN JAN 5 4 11 17 18 22 25 24 25 28 50 I xmmmm ,.' x MMMQNQYZ-E 11 14k,Ay A' Aw I I' , J' u 11 Christmas chapel and exchange. Vacation until Dec. 51. Lost Basketball game to Carl Junction. Just back from Xmas. vacation. No holiday for New Yearfs. Can we take that? Certainly not starting this year right. Volley Ball practice being watched very close- ly. Mr. Stock must be going to pick the team. Ten girls chosen to play in game with Cockerill tomorrow night. Take a number from one to ten and guess what you have! Green Volley Ball suits!! Girls lost to Cockerill only one point. Organized Boys Pep Club today with Paul Campbell and Leo Strecker as Cheer Leaders. The boys went to Hepler, and so did a few of the girls. Both teams were defeated. It must be Leap Year girls because Beth takes her Girard boy friend to the door. One-act-play preliminary!! Measles and plays donft mix very well. But we won second.' Wow! what games!! Volley Ball girls won 55-26, and Liberal girls is second best in the League. Big snow storm! Some boys and girls go for a sleigh ride. Had Heap big time! finally made it back to school alas! It was to late to go to for the final One-act-play one was disappointed. The Underwoodfs this morn. But Mineral tonight Contest. Every The stove exploded at Senior Taffy Pull tonight. Minden made a clean sweep--won Volley Ball and two Basketball games. Reve and Doris Beals had their hose stolen. Why does Handsome wear a necktie since the Sr- party Thurs. night. Cockerill came up tonight for a practice game. We won QC-B. Why couldn't that have been a League game . mlm .. Feb. l Feb. Feb. 8 Feb. Feb. Feb 4 Feb. P-usb o Feb. Fifsb g ., I rrb. 5? X '- 1 J h, -1 gg. glx"2j':f""- , my In mmm IHTWmll m Oh, my goodness! That Mineral Band just ruined the Volley ball girls. If they bring it up hero we're going to give them sleeping powders. The T.N.T. girls accompanied the Volley ball and Basketball boys to Minden tonight. The Vollej ball game seemed to be quite funny. the way the girls laughed. Jo persisted in going to the wrong places on the court. Staff sold more ads than they did last year. Another basketball game and another defeat. Old Lady Luck must be against Arcadia. The annual epon- sered the selling of candy bars. Staff goes to Pittsburg again, Hr. Stock realli knows how to get ads. Revo and Jim are 50 minutes late and Emma Dolores is 40 minutes late. Really, NT. Stock, we promise not to do it, asain. Instead of Friday the l5, it is Wednesday thc l5 and we had bad luck as usual. Ue'vo to to hand it to the young man of today, he won't push a lady out of her seat and the older ones will. Thatfs 0.K. Peachy, you just push harder next time. Comic Valentines were received by a few of the girls. They were from Frontenac. Five girls who never at- tendee the dance tonight made life miserable for those who happened to be around the The first team went to Ft. Scott to play Basketball and were defeated l9-l7. Felix was really aeina to town. He made 8 points. Seniors have a Fudge party. Why were two Junior girls so anxious to be at the Sen or party? Mary Emzie re- ceived har proofs at the party toniiht. Was her face rod, and did everyone else Qet a good laufhl Mr. Bowlus took the Basketball boys to Pittsburi to seo a basketball name. Everybody is Qetilni excited over the tournament. lt starts to orrow. ln Pep cixpll toorv all thc VOllcv ball and basketball members jmvc a talk. Such a clever poem was dedicated to Rove, Helen Louise and hiss Brierlyi Arcadia won their fimf tonight. U ffihx 9 X wh! -WT'iaix'v M mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmqmniitmtxmmmiEQYQgxy mm11111m1mmnnmnmy1f -lv.. is-f fNQ39!u it ' 1 11 Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar A Tournament began to-night. Won our first game from Cockerill. More tournament. Arcadia lost to Hepler to- night. Selling lots of hot dogs and pop. Oh Boy! Are things going swell for Arcadia. The volley ball won second in volley ball tournament. Arcadia won from Cockerill and lost to Mineral. Jim Wyatt was chosen for the All-Star team. Some green Freshman took a spelling test to- day and said the definition of YPreliminary' was a place to put things to keep them cool. Mr. Lang from Mulberry talks on HSomeono is watching you, think it over.U Grade cards were given out to-day. Mr. Bowlus is getting absent minded. His fountain pen was found at the Bank where he had left it. VanOrsdall asked the advanced class to-day if they and Brierly would please postpone their discussion of the Senior play until later. He didn't bluff Brierly, however--she kept on talking. A group, consisting of 55 students went to Liberal to the Skating rink last night. Iver Y one had a very fine time, in spite of the many falls. Scandal! Who were Pete's and Jo's big moment in a new Ford VB? Well, fan our brow if it didn't snow to-day!! There was a grand row to-day when the Seniors told the Juniors there wasn't going to be any skating party. The Measles seem to be taking the school. S The Advanced shorthand class started transerib in their notes on the typewriter. Mr. Stock S and Ver il have a quarrel over Virgil's unty- ' ing fo's belt. L A . ,asa M igf155NaW PS--nmummmmmmmmmmmznnnththm:-mmqgrggFEg?x J mm:-Szzhzmmu-S-Imnmnmnnmnn-:Sl iqkway 9 Q5 f I M Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr f yy! To-night was the Music Preliminaries. Alto- Emma D., Soprano-Virginia, Bass-Earl, Cornet- Dellabelle, Girls Glee Club-Sweet Day, Tenor- Roy. Who were the Freshie and Senior girl who ran all the way to town behind a group of boys so two gentlemen from down South couldn't find them? The Seniors had Chapel this morning. Marion Perry returned to school to-day after being in the hospital for several days be- cause ef a cob fight he and Oliver had. A group of Mulberry girls were down to visit school. It seems that Bob insists on putting the ink roller on the Senior nuts, Helen, Rove. The Annual began work this morning and how. Which will probably keep several Seniors out of mischief. -F Oh we believe in Miracles strange as it may seem. WE WON FIRST AGAIN THIS YEAR IN MUSIC. BOY OH BOY ABE HE EVER TIOKLED. We're not bragging but its understood that HUhat we do we sure do good.H Had a pep chapel this morning and decided to have a party a week from this coming Friday. Seniors had play try-outs and play practice starts to- MOTTOWQ Emma D. just never get the point Cof a pinl to- night. Rey O. said, Hit failed to rcgister.H The boys Baseball team won their game with Hepler this eve. Not a bad start Boys. Why did Virginia wear one brown and one black shoe to school today? Riverton gave a program here to-day. Everyone enjoyed it. The Baseball boys lost to Hepler ln the game this afternoon. But wait until the Tournament. Boys arranged to scare the girls at play practice, Marion turned the lights on too soon. Mary Emzie, and Issbsl ',.. will have to wear rouge for a week to give them a little color. ,, afr + Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr May May May May May May May May 5.ff5ENqy " """ "" 1 , Hx ,' .gl an H ,xii 'f 1" y wil n 1 A 192551 7 Tonight was the Senior play. It was a wow! The receipts totaled S42.lO. Boy has the Annual started work today!! Of all the stencil cutting! The north office realy looks like a printers office. Helen Louise and Reve went to Pittsburg today with Mr. Stock to collect for adds. It seems that Happy was called a HDummyH this after-noon. Was her face red and was she in a had humor??? Bob throws Happy out of the Annual room window this after-noon. She will learn not to pester the artist of the Senior Class. The Agriculture class went on a picnic tonight. It was an ideal day for a picnic. Tennis tournament today. Staff goes on a picnic and Oh what a time!! The Seniors gave their Farewell Chapel and pro- sented the Annual. The Junior-Senior Banquet' was tonight. Talk about your Banquets this takes the cake. The dance was afterwards. Oh! Words fail me in describing the dresses and suits worn by the different people. Baccalaureate tonight with Mr. Clayton delivering the Baccalaureate sermon. The Seniors have their day off and did they have fun? You're asking us??? Class night. Heap Big Injun Chiefs and pretty Maidens crowded the stage. And of all the pow- wow's this was the best known yet. Commencement Exercises tonight. It is good-bye, Seniors, we wish you good luck throughout your life. The 16 Seniors will ne'er be High School students again. School is out for the summer vacation, and all the Indians have gone to the HHappy Hunting Grounds,M Lift sl - , gif :qgthg , is if -lub: N-wefjypv 1 -',- ,ry . , Johnnie had 1 hilly goat N uf. U, ,. . A , up .,.-,. .KL . H- 9 ' Lx, V7 - A, thing , 1 WN? I N gs POET'S CORNER Thit made folks flit and flutter do 1 not much on milk or cream yywwyyy Yet he mude 1 classy butter! The televone rings and mi hart gee flop like 1 fi h in the deep hlu - . . 1 z . . 1 r V. " ' rw X Q r . g C . x 1f"Yrm m m 999'- lx 'D .3 1 J 1 i. . G . r " r n 3 L: -Q A . 1. ' 5. , S ,. S C fi have new nlls comin thru but l mite that the c dint nevur 4 me nevur 4 me... smwwsew I gave my order to the waiter, And got it 40 minutes later, To get it sooner I had orter Tipped thut sloth another quur JL 13. J-L ll. JL JL N. A A A fx A A A I'm sick of this cock-eyed depression, I'm tired of n flst pocket book, l'm dying to try s new dress on And not just stand outside and look. I'd like a new hut--kinda SUUPDY, A handbug to match would he nice, Some new shoes would make me quite happy But Gosh, I no gotta the price Donft worry if your job is smell, And your rewards are fewg Reme mher that the mighty Were once a nut like you. Or1liS X 9507: '75-X--X-QH? Mary had a little cow And, oh, how it did stutter. In place of every quart of milk It gave d pound of butter. .V-..V.JL.V..1JLJ-L n n in A 1 u ter, Moonlight, Roses, A maid und A man. June nights, Porch swings, Walking hand in hand. Old shoes, Rice, Orchids and sweet peas. Diapers, Fishy, Swinging on his knees. 9f'+C-+G-2?-?'c+59'c Q' ,nifex ffky 5-J 'I E57 Y' ni ' Names Frances Fowler Lawrence Barnard Beth Colson Don Nippel Helen Louise Lyden Felix Shular Ruth Tyler Loren Aldrich Eileen Marsh Leo Strccker Jo Fowler George Coonrod Rove Campbell Ray Dunn Virginia Bowlus Clarence Moody Isabel Glor Roy Clayton Velma Eagen William Kbpmeyer Nell Kenney William Hubbard Carolyn Glor James Wyatt Emma Dolinar Emma Dolores Limb Mayme Kopmeyer June Allister Blanche Brown Edna Eagloton Elizabeth Lilly Ethel Bean Cassie Scott Rose Shular Marquerite Lashmet Opal Scott SIDELINE Goes by Husky Barney Sea Hai Popeye HHPPY Handsome Rufus Frisco Een Silly Seph Red Revey Turkey Ginger Moody Isy Preach Blondie Dad Porter Cubby Carolina Jim Emmy Emma Dee Mame Babe Brownie Speed Lizzie Tat Cass Rosie Marg. Hoppal PEDIGREE JLJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJLJL .x n 1. u A lx In A fs fn as Favorite expressions 'Ats right. Good looking. Ch, Mona! Hello, Butch. Don't never do Betcha quarter. Gee fudge. Who told you? Hello, keed. I'm a-strecker! Ferraro's please. Oh yeah. How am I doing? Not by a long shot. Come up and see no You want too much. Good gosh. Well blow me down. Oh really? Oh yeah? Ah now, food-looking Sure enuff. You chicken, You're kiddin' me. You're tellin' me. I'm awful sorrow. I don't give a darn. Hot dawgs. Go chase yourself. You don't say. that. Scz you. Oke deke. Mercy. Aw, 20 on, You know. New what do you thin Brierly--UJohnny, give to a sentence using the word 'diadem'.H Johnny P.--0People who drink monnshine dgadem sight quicker than thQse who don't.U JLJLJLJLJLJLJ' J' . -JLN n n n n lx A A It n lx 1. June A.--HJohnnie told me last ni ht that I was the most wonder ful girl in the world.N Emma D.--HGeeI He ought to patent that before it gets around.u 'ff in-4. as .A I ' .5 -:gif 5.5 1 Sf 0 ivffimg-Q K x , ,... . ,,,..,,,,.,..,,.,.,,, 7' 'I in-j M HDon't move or I'll shoot! HAll right, my fr1end,H replied Mr. Bowlus, who was surprised by a burgl r in his house. Hwould you nd if I called my wife downstairs?H rying to spring something on me?H UNO You see, shefs been expecting a visit from a burglar for the last 20 years and I just want her to seo what one looks like The illustrated Bible had a strong fascination for mall Geraldine With the book open on her lap, she lookn ed up and aid H ther, o o s marry in heaven?H ' e Good Boo ays ey do not, Geraldine.H H ll, o ey marry in--in--the other place?n uppose not, my dear.H Geraldine shut the Bible with a bang. 'Then Ifm going to tay right here,H she said. Wife H u told me you w re at the office late.H Hubby U s, my e r dance, Hubby Hoh, that was not me, my dear. I saw that fellow there my elf, and he was awfully like me.H James 'I always kiss the stamps on your letters, becaus now that you lips have touched them.H Beth uOh, dear! and to think I dampen them on Tigers nose 'I dreamt last night I proposed to the sweet- t girl in the world.n - d what did I answer?H Freeman D Lucille M small Bo Fa her I don't remember Ask your mother.H y Pa, what did prehistoric monsters look like?H H K il . 3 . mi ' ' yy . . . T O A ' H O wwassss S L .' . , ' . S" 3 Mo d f lk s 'Th , k s th We d th ' H I S I . . V. z - ,, O ' : Yo e : Ye . d a .H Wife: HThen how is it the Jonesfs saw you at the H I 'M A A ' s I fwrfwww . 1 L - I k ' I . c H I swwssaw . I I . 3 L es ' ' ' : YIAH 4 Y. ' wwsssas P1 --l U , R , ' L t "" 5 I ' 'P , G WIIHmmI l mEE 1 ' ' s I II IIIIIIHI M I '-se-2' 'Z ' iggfxqg QiT :gl .Sie , 1: 'ii gfffa-is ,ff 0 4 -4- ,VV 5 'I M ' w e g", M- kbfyfff my 5 .M W D 59 I ,1 J 1 I -f .r MH I I THE ENGRAVINQS IN TI-'IIS ANNUAL WERE MADE BY THE WATEREOO ENGRPIVING Co ARTS fi CRAFTS BUILDING WATE R LOO IGWA ' IQIEIIEITIRE PI-IONE 408 PITTSBURG RANS QEFICE SUPPLIES PRINTING BCOKBINDIINIG q X " 1 I RHI T0 J" :i:n YY EEE R if V ' ! It ........... 'Z V. , xt iwi1im1m mmfmm1mnmmmml mmmmmmM X i vvw Mi YY' tt., ?' EnmmmmmmmWmWmf1mwEmmImm-mmm fnuumun WB ' ' -in-Q--G-1: y i Mc rme M gNEARDiAMON F Q eg g 'Q ha wk 0, N J- vv ' .. av-P FORMERLY E SAM gl OSCAR f GRADUATES DESERVE THE CLOYHQNG nr-'P SHOES it BEST FOR l UAMONDS MEN 3 BOYS WATCHES A SMVERWAREE 153 NORTH BDWY. Q ,E PUISWBURG KANSM PHTSBURG KANSAS Miss Erierly--Hwhat author is known for his vocabulary?H Leo S.--HWebster.N Miss Heathito students on hack rowDHCan you hear me back there?H Studentsiin unisonj HNOLH Lawrence BQon phonejz HWill you please put Vivian on the wire?H Lorraine S--What do you think she is--a tight-wire walker?H J-L.Nl.bLJLJ1.JLX. ff n u A A fn n Reve--HDO you believe therels a devil?H Helen Louise--UNO! lt's like Santa Claus. ltls your father.H Dl.:LJLJL..V..V.JL n A ax 1- 4. A n Isabel--USO Felix is teaching you baseball?H Maxine--"Yesg and when l asked him what a squeeze I! play was, I think he put one over on mc. ls the return of the long skirt due to modesty or despair? L if 1nmLiiqzmummmn u11m1:mnmm1m.1umxnn1nnmm1Imm 2 bij J' I Q I I I H .?,,,.,,,,,,,.,, . an---.-.J IDR 0 A Q II-'II O ZEIIDJAIFIISKDIPII PHYSICIAN AND SURGECDN RESIDENCE' 76 Orme 5 ARCADIA KANSAS DR. gig U M13 OPTGMETRIST WEAR PLUIVIB GIASSFS PI-IQNE 30 I Q 603 NBDWY. PITTSBURG KANSAS DR. IT. F Hamm DENTI ST TERIVIS- CASI-I PI-IQNE -4 7. AIQUDIIN 'VW3 I Im I, , RJ PETTET PHYSICIAN AND SLJRGEON PHONE 4 AIQQQADIA KANSAS -I-no--f I - 'V' . an---,.,. KI H. 5' Q m1 "K, N1 rmmmmmm -I' I M G Q RO KLQUEGER DRUG PATENT MEDICINE COSMEHCS FGUNTAIN smavscf , A'?CADV5 K 5N?5? . CEAEQEES MEAT MARKE T THE BEST :N MEMS PROMPT DELNERY YV . CASH ND CARRY STQJRE DRYGOGDS GRCDCERIE5 ALSO PETERS SHOES PHUNL 81 ARCADVX KANS. 'QMQQALM FUNEnfeAL HQmi5 : NXBUL ANC E SERVICE FLORENUE. GAFFNEY MGR. H.T.MOONEH!-W DIR PHONE 19 ARCASMA KANSAS A e lu lnmmmmnm ' ' U ' H ' ' ' ' - ' I ,N 1 5- ' fm ' xc N VJ I I II Enema swr wrng EQANKW TI-IE OLD RELIABLE DEPOSITS INSURED SCQTIS BEAUTY SI-IGEJPE PERMANEINIT3 ARCADIA KANSAS A SPECIALITY EXPERT COSMETISTE SERVICE ABCADIAWEE E ,PHQNE62 , KANSAS Mr. Steeklllfter trying first-hour classI--"Some tlme ego my doctor told me te exer early every morning fth dumbbells. Will the l please join t b f E b kf L R bf D ' VF th t p l d l d I He who laughs lest is dumb. MID-CONE PETRQCORIQ TI-IE PLACE TO BUY D-X MOTOR FUEL AND 760 MOTOR OIL ,ARCADIA I EEII Ie I KANSAS WT mlmm '- 'EV UiE2TH1mmmWmmmTHHm H- ,Yay Umm gT1m?QyiT'1!1yTg:n y1mMEmdTmmmgmum 1 Qf' T i. : Tu ' ' E. TT . nu-:noir EXEQTHHXIG THAT YCU CAN GIVE E THOSE WHO ARE NEAR AND DEAR E wsu PLEASE THEM MORE THAN YGUR PHOTQGRAPHSSAND WTTH EACH PASSING YEAR THESE TREASURED EEA CQRDS BECOME MORE PRECSOUS. EFWJQCETEQMA ATTHE EJEEZEEQEEUSEEBN STUDW THEY AEE BETTER. EOD!-NK, FINTSHING PTTTSBEJRGQ KANSAS T T T T E I I T, 4 --.... V- . ' --N y...1---- ' 1s1"""! -" I l- lm lll'IIlllIlIllllI'IIlIII'II'I'IIl Hmmmmm Im vu ..,, Aibn X ' -iz" ' i fa Cv? if ""NE"'39 umm E rg 1 ,. P U Q SATISFACTION QENERAL MERCHANDSSE 5 SERWCE ESTABUSHED 1905 , C PHONE 23 Q L WWA KANSAS 4 Eff T0 56.00 ' EVERYTHING IN POPULAR PRICE MERCHANDQSE 1 W-ARCADIA ARMA MULBERIT. BDUNTVQDNS EveaYTs-WG FUR PLEASING swans THE HOME AT LOW GUST LET US SERVE YOU PHONE 8 ARCALNA KANSAS I L ...... ' , 5 . nl. Ml, , 74,77 if i lEml!lN1T'IDfHIiH.UmmH I!IImEm H, V ' D51 LE ' ' r'1nnnm'v1m1"wrm1nmnmumrrm1unn mmm fmmm-11 rmrmmrmnn 'n'1mnu - - 4 -A E f FER AQR S GROCERIE5 . CLOTl-HNG ME ATS SHO E3 PHONE EARFADM KANSAS QUTMANQS AKEBQY E I A 11 A BREAD PA STREES PHONE 120 E ARCADIA KANSAS .........-X E I 2 5 1 I 4 CASH G AUN CD0 F LOUR FEED SEEDS MINNEAPOUS VXOUNE VVXPLEMENTS AND TRACTGRS PHONE 55 ARCADPA KANSAS ' lp .A 1 I 1 1 i ,v , , W , ,,, ,, , ,1nuuulv. I0 SI :AI 5 X .r fr I fmIIIImmmQii Ljlfif' I I: . '. ' I I Im: MiiII ", 'BH I LEX I '4 mirzfnmmmrmmmwIfu:munmgEggIi'IFIWgiI?:IjnjQiQ1gWW HLu15zfY1EnEmnmmm . II" ' ' X 0 Nix.,-,I ' II II fm H I I IVIUSICALI SUPPLIES 1 I 1 OF I I I ALI. KINDS I SPECIAL DIAIIOS IQ GIG I I II PITTSBURG KANS. II I II II ' I -. FII ,I II if I II II I I I II X 'I I ,ix tnnn-v--san. I I O ,QW I II If-Iacassw CLOTI-IIIXIG I DISTRIBUTORS III KANSII MEN AND Igqjws I GUI-FIIIERS I, I-IAT5 SI-IDE? CLQTI-IIIIIG I PII TSBURG KA III5. ""-I A I .. I I I ' .i""' H" ,,,,,..f I - ' I I is,- I I I I SIVIILINC3 SERVICE II-IARDWAIQE IPAINT5 ROOIIIII6 IIJRNIILIRI. I I I PITTSBUR6 GIPI ARD I I Y H I II I II I I I I I I III I, I. '6 I - I? QS LL 1 :Cui-E--I3,IE. CJUALIIv FOOTWEAR I FITTED BY XTQAY I-IOSIEIRY TCD I-IARIVIONIZE E 03 MBW Y. PIT TSBURG K ANS, - - -f ----J-I--,-aa-asf -"' -- -J , X 5, Q 'gf -:w i m1mmmH xnxmm X ,ra Fmmmmnmmn mmmWMEE mhigLmmmmmm K IN" ir, . 'XXI xxzuekqhgf 41 -7 1' G : 'nf 1' --- 4' ' I-.ff M Q , KF ggf'W"'N"f'22f1f'E'1f.f4f,.A-w GIRLS - MISSES - WOMEN READY TO WEAR STH BDWY. PITTSBURG KANS STYLE SHOP A QJAUVANCE SHOP Rajiv . 515 N. BDWAY. - I 412 N. Bowx-xv. WE INVITE YOU TU VISIT US WHEN IN PITTSBUEG. ALWAYS FIRST TO SHOW THE NEWEST IN LADIES APPAREL. YOUR BUSINESS APPRECIATED. HELEN LOUISE--Ulf wishes came true, what would be your first?H ' 1 ALVA--Hlwould wish--Ah, if only I dared tell you.H Q HELEN LOUISE--UGO on, go on. What do you think I brought up wishing for?H , wwwww A UNLUCKY MOTOEISTQhaVing killed the lady'S puppyD-- HMadam, I will replace the animal.H I i LADY--HSir, you flatter yourself.H TYPEWRITERS Sow RENTED AND REPMRED D y LQ, MOGESQAGCCE S H3 W. 5TmHJ,yyvyM N-PHQQU-Lrfig-rg? Pmssuas mms I E .fr , ,, , , V Y 1-1 , ' A f'GWX , ww- .7 X I ,i,-u , ,? f Y--iii,-i ' 'g ,. V ,iw iw Y W fr A V TmIH1IIl1mDjEwlIlTfITllTHIII1lIlIl1lITlH'1TI1'UI1'V?.THll1U!IlEljlE!!Ml mrmnmmmunmlmgrgnnxlmmmxugrmm X' 7' Ii xum1g!mgmW1x1v':rxyrng1111:rgmunrmyvmm1m1mgg - --t --- ,P I, E f f A ., .I 4 A af' I . 'Q'.s.,..:-' QZOMPKMNTS Town A XJXXUDLANID IO LQEQL MHAL PITTSBURG KANS, FIRST RUN PICTURES ONN i ANGLERS' PSALM A Ford is my carriage, I shall not walkg It taketh me to deep pooleg I swear beside still watersg My boots runneth overg My rod and my reel they comfort meg Surely piokerel and trout will follow me ll th d f l'f a o aye o my 1 e, And I will dwell in tho house of the Liars A forever. IYLDNYANQS SMART s,rifL,,nD f,xCLu5avc5 Bm Nor EXPENSQ-fs PITTSBURC5 A KANSAS -ll: ---f- .H--U , Ill, , I H, I KMA GARAGE GAS OIL AUTO ,ACCESSOR NES y ARC: ADVA R EPNRS KANSAS ii Q 'immm MWmmm T'THT THET H -I -. I me Lawyembgwaimv CQ. QUALITY Simca 1904 L coma uv AND sa Us I 123 N, Bnwv DITTSBUQQ KAN5. PHONE Seo ECQNQIW TCLQTHIIINIG wwaw CLQTI-IING - SHUE5 ' FURNISHINGS CAS!-I CUT RPTE PRICES I 408 N, BDWY . PITTSBURG KAN5. '2""""f--gf--- 3-ee, YL--ff 3,,ji'jv ggi:-AW Y - -ff, 2 1' :ii fi'-1 NELL--"Do you al ays think of me?" BOB Well, not exactly always, but whenever' I 7 th' k f ything I think of you." JO Do y ll w anxhahuto kiss yo h y t t g th la 'MIR INIA N If d ive saf ly h 1 k g h t giving the k th tt t it d s A t t le in time saves embarrassment. BE SURE TO vssn us WHEN YGU NEED GOOD SUITS Thema I CLOTHING SI-ICDES I GIRARD KAN5. MULBERRY KANSQI , , - 2 ,inn , 1, cu-so-Q. I Q11Lmmm ,r511x1x3wnp11x1 12' 1 4f'rinE:iixm1n:11rrnrmn'rnn. ' .,.q-s-up-. YHmmum1mnuH'7 Q 3 ' .v -uf 'J I We -M' ti OTJEUUMICODUR, S BDWAY AT STH. PITTSBURG WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE AND GOOD-WILL, EOLKS. COM IN ANY TIME YOU'RE IN TOWN. COMPLETE NEW STOCKS OE SPRING AND SUMMER MERCHANDISE NOW ON DISPLAY AT OUR STORE. HQME OWNED HQME CDPERATED .V ,-V I- Y . If she If she If sho If she If she If sho If she If she STATS If sho If sho If she If s A he If SHG im,IWm.W--- ,.. . JV.. K 1. 1- fx fx In talks too long--Intorrupter. wants to be an angel--Transformer is picking your pockets--Detector will moot you half way--Receiver. gots too excited--Controller. goes up in the air--Condenser. wants chocolates--Feeder. sings inharmoniously--Tuner. is out of town--Telegraphor. is a poor cook--Disoharger. is too fat--Reducer. is wrong--Rectifier. gossips too much--Regulator. becomes upset--Rovorser. V - Q, xg. 'O mms 3 . 'wx xy ,nw N4 . ' ,, S mf'-!111'1VlTM1WE1E1fEYU'1-,5lQ3L,i.. ,fi Vmmmfgin3f.Wfii --- he X ,lr e - Gxfi Ii!! 9 I 1 225.-r 1' . v fx. 'N 5 SEHKQDKBL SMFPLY CU: NOWEST aOTH PITTSBURG KAN5. JANITOR SUPPLQES GROUND EQUQPMENT GENERAL SFHOOL SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS we BUY , TRADE ,AND Sm," 1- ff"-' V V ,f,,,', 1 1:1 ' " ' 'nmnqnk eos for our fo1lies,H said Mr. stock. HYes,H agreed Tom F., HI like the women, too.H George L.--HDo you come from Boston?H Lester--UNO, I'm talking this way because I out my mouth on a bottle. :LSL NLJLJL A lx 7s n A Beth--Hwhot is the best month to get married in?H Mr. Bowlus--HOctembruary.U Beth--Hwhy therefs no such mohth.H Mr. Bowlus--HJust so! Just solu JLJLJLJL 'L lx A n A 'ix plTT5l3KJP,G'S LEADING STORE FOR BOYS ' 'YCDUTHS' "MEN PITJISBURQ-L , 1t JM 4 KAN5 'W gk W "gl mrrmumlm lmmmmm11m1m HQ Mg, N5 0 8' x f Q fl IMm'EfQlE ilmm1HUEml wwf? . 1 91 ' A .-. M- ,,,-,-,- i"'T. xv! I ,,-,.., H F1.Avan you e'Ar1'r FDL? ef if,---'---kg:-,,"""""'x,4,,.f" E3 mcznsw CQ enmzaas-my HQGH GRADE SCDDA WATER PHONE 1085 EDC?-4-6 N. JWY. PQTTSEMJRG KAN BE I uv.. 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Smile of plonsureg Smurks of hatog Snoers of soorng Will come to late. What is--is donog Our best is hcrog The book is olosodg Wofvo memories dear, . 4 x-M 8.- ,xx ,ff - 1 Q!QEQIMEQI IHlEH miEEUMmmLmmUH 'KK law 1 .V W ' X12 . .E x -L'-gf. , iv . J WI ' ' x AU PH S f7f7fQ42w ff iwwaw lfwmmw, QMWWMXQS4-'55 QZWMJJ A 29- if A K WV ' f SOM AQ? Z,.z,fA,ZfKM,.L4fJ'6f,ff35 "JG4xj15-H f057Julo"cj171-jt5"' X755 gli Z ' fZiz,z,-94-,QQ Q37 , WV-4 f:'L, '. 7' Wm " - 1 , f ' X S, if- ,ff ,x A in' Q-1, ,f 'mHmHEQMWimmmm1mMmM!1LWlH1mm mmmmmBm ,ff PHmmwHHfym11'1f!m'11mQ1H1LYf1'Hf'QWf?1fHWfHiWxYnWESW3Iff1Hmiwillivmmmmmlfnww le W I ,5- J i A 7727 M, fiiff , QQ-if mb GLMWZZ flww Lgifiifmff W 5ZM5"'MJf"""'L "Nair f fQ5L,f JQf,,7, 5MW,Z ,,g, MM7JIA"'JMf'j3f'f,1,,4 JM., . Af' fmmf Som-0LH!j'!Yqwag4JMMmJgL W vw- MW ffx xgggf 'M x 1 v 'Lf zz iIfE:.limHEmETL!TFHjllP,if1il j!TEUQ5 Y' 1'1m1mQE m q m '. f if W X' I ri ' Z 'W Q, gf, H K 1 ' My 'fl ,, pdf--C MGM ?Q,6M. , Qs 34-36 fffkfffffw iw, ,ww G, ,viz . f, ,fMM,, J-"C46"11'1 'A' A 'W' ' ' " I K ' K I 1 T f. -i,4,,,g Z, Lssuefi- Lf:-'Lfiff Aff-241-'Vi' 'V 5, 'V ff" ' ,,,,g,,,?2,,,n' . , 'Q f L Q-V' Qt", Zffif-1.241749 ' ' 1 'Y my .,aA.lAX' Q H' I -L 7!4xr1-10-uf' JILJJJ gli' ,fJ"0-4-:Ui-Ji-J f p' X. v I N 1, d ' 2 JJ44!XA.fv .f.4',,",frr-Jfvfrfuk-'I Vflrllxvv ,fwf J WJ V- ' Q 15.1-if iff? J.-Q f A , ' ff .4,:vJ Q "fx: , f ' , C1 ,Ly-.fy Q J ff , . - , ,fx ,A I . J If , r ' '71 Ju IZ!"-AQXQY7 iii,-ji, ' 'V !QQ,f -" " ' 1 , ' 4 f . N . f . l 1 , J' 5 1 5 3 Q 3 4 2 1 i 3 E , i a 5 s 3 5 i 3 , I E i 1 s 9: 5 i 5 mmm' . . g'.-gimu cmsin3:' wx-m'.mvu'Gma1xanilx-n: -aunfms.-Q.,-asm" ulllnrmmxasl- -.':.

Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, KS) collection:

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 56

1935, pg 56

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 54

1935, pg 54

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 44

1935, pg 44

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 27

1935, pg 27

Arcadia High School - Arcadian Yearbook (Arcadia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 37

1935, pg 37

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