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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1968 volume:

ii taiGH? Mis. Us mal HKflBraKkit as l ' V. wninisrration HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Rich Peters Commercial Asst. Football Coach Jr. High Basketball Annual Staff Senior Class Sponsor Bill Cook Science Shop Basketball Coach Junior Class Sponsor Ben Burke Superintendent Music just camera shy Eldon Kieborz Football and Track Coach, Driver ' s Education, Physical Education, and Sophomore Class Spon- Roger Lucas Student Council History, Geography, and Government Victor Young Math Freshman Class Sponsor Margaret Kroese English GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY Mrs. Buck Kindergarten and First Mrs. Epley Second and Third Mrs. PvlcKenzie Seventh Mrs. Sampy Eighth Not pictured SCHOOL BOARD Max Staab Robert Fells Nellie Lou Petersen Robert Sestak Rolen Sell OTHER EMPLOYEES Lorna Drake Secretary Harold Elliot Custodian Bus Driver Chester Babcock Bus Driver Marv Greenland Bus Driver Lean Woody Head Cook Greta Coons Assistant Cook Martha Hawley Assistant Cook Betty Lee Assistant Cook A , Seniors SENIORS Beverly A. Gartside President Babette Sell Treasurer Sheryl L. Rounds Vice-President Cynthia L. Marco Secretary Mary Anne Gould News Reporter Bob J. Urban Dale E. Paider Shirley A. Lutz Dennis C. Lindell Larry G. Nagorski Dennis E. Dietz Donald E. Brown Karen E. Lewandowski Diane J. Sillivan Virginia A. Setlik ■ S3Lt - ■ -. , ,y. ■ 5 5 ■ - ». ?• — z — j - ' • H 1 » ' «■■« ' ' •• " « i«m .,, — " " " .— ► Underclassmen JUNIORS O ffl L. Sy brant T. Seaman F. Seaman SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN S. Rounds K. Hartman J. Bredthauer A. Johnson M. Dorsey D. Combs T. Petersen L. Lewandowski B. Lindell K. Miller EIGHTH J. Stonehocker R. Brown J. Hunt A. Ritz S. Drake SEVENTH SEVENTH A. Luedtke L SIXTH 4kl L. Wood K. Moody F. Beams W. Staab N. Summers G. Summers J. Masters G. Lindell N. Hartman D. Shultz J. Kerchal FIFTH P. Owens S. Marco D. Zauha S. Dorsey M. Hill B. Sahlie R. Leach D. Lewandowski K. Hulinsky R. Bredthauer M. Ericson FIFTH M. Ritz K. Leach C. Hunt W. Kremer K. Sestak D. Staab G. Lehn G. McKenzie FOURTH D. Woods S. Manning W. Petersen D. Drake FOURTH E. Drake L. Urban K. Franzen J. Crist J. Ericson K. Moody THIRD G. Dorsey R. Sestak J. Fells S. Parker D. Zauha C. Lewandowski G. Hil M. Owens C. Greenland • , y I M. Holcomb S. Votaw R. Votaw M. Nagorski SECOND FIRST IP M. Anderson M. Hulinsky W M. SiUivan T. Nickel SECOND D. Hill M. Sell KINDERGARTEN C. Leininger T. Holeman A. Nehls V ANNUAL STAFF Front Row: Jim Hawley, Diane Sillivan, Mary Anne Gould, Sheryl Rounds, Virginia Setlik, Paula Nash, and Ron Lewandow- ski. Middle Row: Ron Hurlburt, Lynn Sell, Cindy Marco, Babs Sell, Shirley Lutz, Beverly Gartside, Mary Cook, Karen Lew- andowski, and Doug Masters. Back Row: Dale Paider, David Scott, Dennis Dietz, Darwin Hunt, Larry Nagorski, Bob Urban, and Dennis Lindell. Not Pictured: Dave Tuning and Don Brown. This year the Annual Staff consisted of the Senior Class and three Juniors, Paula Nash, Ron Lewandowski, and David Scott. It was sponsored by Mr. Richard Peters. Babs Sell was the editor. Many long hard hours were put into this y earbook, but in the end it was all worth it. MIXED CHORUS m — 1 1 1 1 w c HmH raffM 1 i 1 A mm i ci ■ j n ■■ Pwl hi K 1 P 1 14 1 ft jl I I |WW - GIRLS GLEE Front Row: P. Nash, K. Miller, J. Bredthauer, B. Lewandowski, B. Brown, and D. Murray. Middle Row: L. Lewandowski, D. Sillivan, L. Hunt, M. Cook, L. Ericson, T. Pierson, and S. Rounds. Back Row: C. Marco, M. Gould, L. Sell, S. Lutz, B. Gogan, P. Schmidt, and B. Sell. Front Row: D. Sillivan, P. Nash, K. Miller, J. Bredthauer, T. Peterson, J. Ericson, R. Brown, D. Owens, D. Combs, R. Nagorski, B. Lewandowski, B. Brown, D. Murray. Middle Row: L. Lewandowski, S. Rounds, L. Hunt, D. Masters, K. Dorsey, C. Gould, W. Hunt, R. Hurlburt, D. Lindell, R. Lewandowski, L. Ericson, T. Pierson, and M. Cook. Back Row: C. Marco, M. Gould, L. Sell, S. Lutz, B. Crist, M. Bred- thauer, D. Scott, P. Dietz, D. Dietz, R. Ritz, R. Luedtke, B. Sell, P. Schmidt, and B. Gogan. Not Pic- tured: D. Tuning. BOYS ' GLEE Front Row: T. Peterson, J. Ericson, R. Brown, D. Owens, D. Combs, and R. Nagorski. Middle Row: D. Mas- ters, K. Dorsey, C. Gould, W. Hunt, R. Hurlburt, D. Lindell, and R. Lewandowski. Back Row: B. Crist, M. Bredthauer, D. Scott, P. Dietz, D. Dietz, R. Ritz, and R. Luedtke. Not Pictured: D. Tuning. SENIOR BAND Front Row: D. Sullivan, K. Miller, K. Sullivan, B. Lewandowski, L. Ericson, J. Kerchal, S. Hill, J. Bredthauer. Second Row: J. Crist, L. Lewandowski, M. Dorsey, R. Nagorski, D. Hurlburt, R. Luedtke, D. Hunt, R. Hurlburt. Back Row: D. Sahlie, J. Fells, M. Hunt, D. Lindell, K. Hartman, G. Woods, B. Crist, G. Mckenzie, C. Drake, T. Peterson, B. Gogan. Twirlers: B. Wood, D. Murray, P. Schmidt, B. Brown, T. Pierson. BAND OFFICERS Front: L. Ericson, Sec.-Treas.; B. Lewandowski, Vice-Presi- dent. Back: R. Hurlburt, News-reporter; D. Lindell, Presi- dent. JUNIOR BAND W. Cramer, D. Lewandowski, F. Beams, B. Sahlie, M. Ericson, D. Staab, G. McKenzie, C. Bishop, P. Owens, S. Drake, M. Hill, D. Lindell, G. Lindell, L. Ericson, K. Moody, S. Marco, M. Johns, B. Woods, B. Drake, L. Wood, J. Drake, K. Sestak, R. Bredthauer, J. Masters, Director Mr. Ben Burke. ART CLUB K. Miller, J. Bredthauer, G. McKenzie, D. Sahlie, L. Ericson, S. Hill, J. Crist, S. Giles, Mrs. Mckenzie. Cheerleaders, Kneeling: S. Rounds. B. Gogan, B. Sell, B. Lewandowski, K. Lewandowski, T. Pierson, and P. Nash. Pep Club, Front Row: L. Lewandowski, D. Sillivan, V. Setlik, K. Miller, K. Hartman, B. Lindell. and D. Murray. Middle Row: L. Drake, B. Brown, L. Ericson, M. Cook, L. Sell, C. Marco, L. Hunt, and J. Bredthauer. Back Row: F. Seaman, D. Gould. P. Schmidt, S. Lutz, D. Nehls, B. Gartside, M. Gould, and L. Sybrant. PEP CLUB OFFICERS Seated: Paula Nash, Secretary; Terri Pierson, Treasurer. Standing: Lynn Sell, President; Mrs. Hurlburt, Sponsor; and Cindy Marco, Vice-President. FOOTBALL Sheryl Rounds, Linda Ericson CHEERLEADERS BASKETBALL BASKETBALL VARSITY Back: Barb Lewandowski. Middle Row: Karen Lewan- dowski, Terri Pierson, Babs Sell. Kneeling: Paula Nash, Barb Gogan, and Sheryl Rounds. VARSITY Standing: Babs Sell. Front Row: Sheryl Rounds, Paula Nash, and Karen Lewandowski. BASKETBALL RESERVES jagt .jy ..mfHt " " " % H S k Mr 9- Karen Lewandowski, Paula Nash Standing: Barb Gogan. Front Row: Barb Lewandowski and Terri Pierson. " A " CLUB Front Row: D. Owens, R. Lewandowski, A. Urban, K. Dorsey, D. Ohme, J. Hawley, D. Hurlburt. Middle Row: B. Urban, D. Lindell, P. Stonehocker, D. Paider, B. Crist, L. Nagorski, T. Hurlburt, R. Hurlburt, and W. Moody. Back Row: C. Gould, R. Setlik, P. Murray, P. Dietz, R. Ritz, D. Dietz, J. Bresley, D. Scott, and R. Luedtke. Not Pictured: D. Tuning. " A " CLUB OFFICERS J. Hawley, Secretary; D. Tuning, President; D. Scott, Treasurer; B. Crist, Sergeant of Arms; R. Lewandowski, Vice-President. Jr. Attendant: Paula Nash Sr. Attendants: Mary Anne Gould Berverly Gartside Queen: Karen Lewandowski Jr. Attendant: Ron Lewandowski Sr. Attendants: Bob Urban Dave Tuning King: Ronald Hurlburt ++ Mfir« i JR.SR. PROM % ' : ' ' i ' i ' • ; -.2 " .,- 7 " r --fZJ $. ;? H Kindergarten Attendants-Cindy Leininger, Terina Trotter; Queen Attendant-Karen Lewandowski; Queen- Bev Gartside; King-Ron Hurlburt; King Attendant-Dave Tuning; Kindergarten Attendants-Danny Scott, Da- vid Lewandowski. After a hearty meal at the banquet the Juniors and Seniors of 1968 proceeded to the Prom. This year the theme of the prom was " Cinderella ' s Ball " . Gold and purple streamers, which were the prom colors, were draped across the gym ceiling and down the walls. A large crown hung from the center of the ceiling, which was also gar- nished with several shields and emblems. A giant pumpkin along the east wall served as a ticket booth. The west wall was covered by a colorful mural and in the corner was a golden coach drawn by seven mice. The King and Queen of the prom were Ron Hurlburt and Bev Gartside. The Attendants were David Tuning and Karen Lew- andowski. The flower bearers were Terina Trotter and Cindy Leininger and the crown bearers were Danny Scott and David Lewandowski. The sophomore servers and skit members were: Chuck Gould, Wayne Moody, Linda Hunt, Dan Hurlburt, Pam Schmidt. Terri Pierson, Barbara Lewandowski, Tim Hurlburt, Dennis Ohme, Ron Setlik, Paul Dietz, and Steve Giles. HIGH SCHOOL PLA Y THE STUCK POT Seated: D. Sillivan, K. Lewandowski, B. Sell, V. Setlik, S. Rounds, L. Sybrant, M. Gould, D. Murray, P. Nash. Second Row: D. Paider, R. Hurlburt, L. Sell, M. Cook, C. Marco, B. Gartside, S. Lutz, D. Masters, R. Lewandowski. Back Row: B. Crist, D. Scott, R. Ritz, R. Luedtke, D. Brown, L. Nagorski, D. Tuning, K. Dorsey, P. Stonehocker, and Mrs. McKen- zie, Sponsor. " Oh, NO you won ' t!! " S. Rounds, B. Crist, K. Lewandowski, and D. Sillivan D. Sillivan, K. Lewandowski, S. Rounds, B. Crist D. Paider, P. Nash, and D. Tuning " Dancin ' up a storm ... " D. Murray and R. Lewandowski C. Marco, S. Lutz, B. Sell, B. Gartside COMMENCEMENT Mary Anne Gould Valedictorian Dr. Harold Ahrendts Chairman Division of Fine Arts, Kearney State College Darwin Lee Hunt Salutatorian B.W. Burke, Pastor J. Ray Stonehocker, and Ron Hurlburt A hearty hand-shake to a very deserving graduate. " It matters not what people think of you, but what you are. and so twenty-two more will look back on the " Malls of Ivy " 364 8 APOI. .! 40 ? ' ) 41 IJ L 4?. N |I A 04 % 2 A J ■ L ' 3 jdrA 16 " lb 14 FOOTBALL Back Row: Coach Peters, B. Urban, W. Moody, B. Crist, P. Dietz, R. Luedtke, D. Scott, D. Dietz, R. Ritz, R. Setlik, D. Tun- ing, C. Gould, T. Hurlburt, Coach Kieborz. Front Row: D. Hurlburt, A. Urban, R. Lewandowski, K. Dorsey, D. Lindell, D. Paider, L. Nagorski, R. Hurlburt, D. Ohme, D. Owens, J. Hawley. Scores: Arcadia 40 Taylor 7 Arcadia 25 Greeley 6 Arcadia 34 Ord Reserves Arcadia 30 Litchfield Arcadia 20 Callaway Arcadia 26 Loup City Catholic 13 Arcadia North Loup Scotia 33 S " • ' M Arcadia 18 Wolbach 19 ' - Arcadia 49 Palmer Is It That Bad Out There, Bill? I ' m All Chocked Up |Tp. jH A J A 1 ■l Don ' t Sit Down Yet! FRESHMAN SQUAD Back Row: A. Urban, M. Chelewski, D. Scott, D. Greenland, B. Sell. Front Row: J. Ericson, D. Combs, A. Johnson, M. Dor- sey, T. Petersen. B. Urban R. Hurlburt D. Tuning J. Hawley T. Hurlburt D. Hurlburt D. Ohme D. Scott D. Lindell L. Nagorski R. Luedtto R. Lewandowski B. Crist K. Dorsey R. Setlik A. Urban :4 m W. Moody C. Gould P. Dietz D. Owens P. Murray Coach Peters this is a Football! Patty Cake, Patty Cake As a whole our football season was good. We ended with a 7 and 2 rec- ord and a rating of 9th in the Omaha World Herald. We also won the LVSC Conference for the second year in a row. Our Freshmen who saw little action in our Varsity games, played two of their own against Palmer and won them both. With a little experience in the backfield we are looking forward to the Huskies having a fine season next year. Good Luck! Get that Pollock! TRACK Back Row: Coach Kieborz, P. Murray, D. Scott, R. Luedtke, D. Dietz, D. Tuning, L. Nagorski, D. Brown. Front Row: B. Ur- ban, R. Hurlburt, W. Moody, D. Ohme, D. Hurlburt, J. Hawley. Sure Wish I Had Something To Eat! BASKETBALL Back Row: R. Setlik, P. Dietz, R. Ritz, D. Scott, D. Dietz, R. Luedtke. Middle Row: W. Moody, P. Stonehocker, B. Crist, T. Hurlburt, R. Hurlburt. Front Row: D. Hurlburt, D. Ohme, D. Lindell, R. Lewandowski, J. Hawley. The Arcadia Huskies started out slowly in basketball this year losing their first four contests, but came on strong during mid-season. There was a three-way tie for the LVSC Conference title among Arcadia, Callaway, and Litchfield. The Huskies defeated Litchfield by the score of 74 to 56 to win the District Championship. We made it to Regionals but Oh well, wait till next year! ■V J , ' K-fTTl ' ' . ' f . ' . ' ] , 1 1 J R. Hurlburt J. Hawley D. Dietz D. Lindell D. Tuning D. Scott Dennis Ohme Tim Hurlburt Paul Stonehocker Dan Hurlburt Ron Lewandowski Bill Crist JB Denny Lindell i r j jlV| I Krai 1 1 ' fill %il r-i, TwI ==% %m -. v ' «fV m. M 1 v 2x -- A - : 2 1 taiUl.V rCii C 11 . . %. 11 1 ' 11 I ? ill n Dennis Dietz Arcadia 65. . . . . . Palmer 70 Arcadia 50. . . . . . Amherst 68 Arcadia 46. . . . . . Spalding Academy 48 Arcadia 55. . . . . . Wolbach 66 Arcadia 46. . . . . . Loup City CC 41 Arcadia 52. . . . . . Greeley Sacred Heart 41 Arcadia 70. . . . . . Litchfield 58 Arcadia 61 . . . . . . Callaway 65 Arcadia 77. . . . . . West Kearney 60 Arcadia 72. . . . . . Taylor 51 Arcadia 69. . . . . . Ord Reserves 62 Arcadia 74. . . . . . Brewster 50 Arcadia 65. . . . . . Callaway 53 Arcadia 69. . . . . . Ashton 77 Arcadia 66. . . . . . Litchfield 86 Arcadia 47. . . . . . Sargent 42 Arcadia 49. . . . . . Pleasanton 46 Arcadia 78. . . . . . Oconto 54 Arcadia 63. . . . . . Oconto 44 Arcadia 74. . . . . . Litchfield 56 Arcadia 54. . . . . . Thedford 69 Ron Hurlburt JR. HIGH BASKETBALL Back Row: M. Dorsey, D. Combs, E. Gogan, G. Wood, B. Giles, P. Murray, D. Scott, M. Chelewski, R. Hill, R. Brown, Coach Peters. Middle Row: S. Rounds, R. Nagorski, A. Ritz, A. Johnson, G. McKenzie, J. Ericson, T. Petersen, A. Owens. Front Row: C. Person, D. Johnson, C. Drake, S. Drake, R. Hawley, D. Shultz, M. Owens. Huskie Supporters!! P. Schmidt D. Murray B. Brown L. Ericson Listen to Coach?? You must be kidding! PLEASE blow the whistle, Ref. The Volleyball team had a very successful sea- son. They took the second place trophy in the LVSC tournament— the first trophy to be won by a volleyball team in ten years. B. Goean L. Sybrant immmmmmmmm P 5| CO-OP 01 L COMPANY ICO-OP] Phone 789-241 1 Arcadia, Nebraska Ti re Battery Service Ca r Repa i r S- Auto Accessor i es The Home of Shurfine P roducts Best For Less TUNING TRADING POST Phone 789-2121 Arcadia fc AND „ ) HADDIX PLUMBING AND iiiiui HEATING Congratulations Seniors! Phone 789-3148 Arcadia, Nebraska We are Grateful to RAY ' S STUDIO Ord, Nebraska for our fine photographs Visit Home By Telephone NEBRASKA CENTRAL TELEPHONE CO. Pat Shultz Arcadia tytutdci Music 217 South 16th St. Ord, Nebraska 68862 Phone 728-3250 Musical Instruments records, sheetmusic Magnavox TV Stereos TROTTER GRAIN AND ELEVATOR Grain Fertilizer, Coal Phone 789-2141 Arcadia, Nebraska TROTTER SERVICE Gas-Oi 1 -Grease Jattery Service-Fix Flats Car Wash Phone 789-2292 Arcadia, Nebraska THE ORD BOWL Congratulates the Class of 68 1 OCCO FEEDS Best in the West Ottis Gartside Arcadia, Nebraska Phone 789-3164 Good Luck Class of I MASON MOTOR INCORPORATED It s The Friends We Make That Make Us Torino -Ford s Newest 1 dea Sa les- Serv i ce Arcadia- •Loup Cit TROTTER- OHME FARM STORE Farm Supp 1 i es and Serv i ce Arcad ia, Nebraska Phone 789-231 1 WADDEL MOTOR SERVICE Auto S- Tractor Repair General Ti res Phone 789-301 1 Arcadia, Nebraska ARCADIA HARDWARE APPLIANCE What You Need We ' ve Got Phone 789-351 1 Arcadia HILL ' S IGA Complete Locker Plant Meat, Fresh Vegetables Frozen Foods Quality Foods at the Lowest possible prices HASTINGS-PEARSON MORTUARY Ord, Nebraska We have served Valley County and vicinity for 70 continuous years-a proof of complete satisfaction Ambulance Service Phone Ord 728-5191 ca 1 1 col lect 1 ORD CO-OP 01 L COMPANY Ti res -Batter i es-Gas-Oi 1 Paint -Accessor ies-Grease P rop ane and Tank Wagon Se rv i ce Phone 728-5781 Ord, Nebraska For a 11 Your Bui Id Contact ing Needs KOUPAL BARSTOW LUMBER COMPANY Phone 728-5851 Ord Good Luck Seniors JOHN JEWELRY Ord, Nebraska For the Finest in Jewelry To Put That Final Touch on Your Engagement Phone 728-57 Treat That " Ti red " Wife to an Evening Out ARCADIA LEGION CLUB Phone 789-2791 CHUCK ' S CAFE Wh ere Delicious Foods Soft Drinks and Ch uck ' s Smi 1 e Sat i sf ies Eve ryone Phone 789-9212 Arcadia , Nebraska ARCADIA HEALTH CENTER G. F. McKenzie, D.D.S. Office phone 789-2481 Residence Phone 789-2195 Monday-Wednesday-Fr i day Arcadia, Nebraska THE C0MST0CK NEWS The Largest Small Town Newspaper Contact Ed Kr i kac Comstock, Nebraska R. E. MURPHY FYPEWRITER CO. 518 West 3 " d Street Grand Island, Neb raska 68801 Te 1 ephone 382 ■9117 " If i t ' s for the Off ice- We Have 1 t 1 1 1 STAAB WELDING REPAIR General Farm Welding and Layes Sickle Sharp en i ng Custom P ipe Tra i 1 e r Bui 1 dir ig Max Staa ib Phone 789- 2772 SMITH MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Sales and Serv i ces Mar ine Center-Teraco P roducts Area dia, Nebraska Phone 789-3441 FAIRACRES DAIRY FARMS, INC. Nebraska ' s Most Modern Dairy Grand Island, Nebraska Eat Honey The Most Healthfu 1 Food SAHLIE BEE COMPANY Arcadia, N ebraska BANKERS LIFE COMPANY Des M oines, Iowa Spec ia 1 Floyd A. Loup City, Agent Raymond Nebraska Ph one 404 Other Contributions Arcadia Hotel-$3 John Nagorski-$l Louis Nagorski-$l Reed Schmidt -$1 We, the annual staff, would like to thank all of those who purchased advertisements and contributed to our annua fund. It helped to make this a successful yearbook. We would also like to thank Mr. Peters for sponsoring us .-1 $ V I t J " Ain ' t we cute! " " - " And now, ladies and gentlemen, I will insert this ball into my mouth! " Darwin-from diapers to diploma. " CONGRATS " ' Hey, getta load of this " Chop suey! " " You have to learn it at dress rehearsal or else . . . " -STUCK POT " Ball, ball, where ' s the ball????? " jLiJttfc ' ' The sky is ours; there is no limit CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER lassas - ... - ■ .- . .- ...• ». - I9853S: . I , .. » . ,. .--3 «

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