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mai- P F 4 it 'f THE CARDINAL Manager Editor Assistant Editor . Advertising Manager Photographs Sponsor THE CARDINAL Third Annual Yearbook of the Arcadia School 1939 Arcadia Public School Arcadia, Oklahoma Ben Kenyon Jr. . Ralph Bottger Jeannice Hall Jack Kenyon Wallace Thompson B. W. Hogard 5 THE CARDINAL Q VW W.- ........ .. l STAFF Ben Kenyon Jr.. Ralph Bottger' Jeannice Hall Jack Kenyon Wallace Thompson THE CARDINAL DEDICATION For her loyalty to Arcadia High School, her limitless energy, efficient Work, unbounded enthusiasm and es- pecially for her sincere interest in the Senior Class of 1939, this third annual Cardinal is dedicated to Miss Florence Mahler, a charming personality Who gener- ously invests her vast talents in our school. THE CARDINAL SCHOOL BOARD' C. L. LeGrande, President. G. R. Rogers, Clerk. A. W. Olson, Member- We sincerely appreciate the interest the school board has shown in making' it possible for us to complete these four years of high school work. We are convinced that they have our inteirests at heart, for which We are: deeply gfratef ul. THE CARDINAL FACULTY B. W. Hogard, superintendent and science teacher, was born at Gainesville, Missouri. He has been teaching at Arcadia since 1934. He has been super- intendent for the past three years. Mr. Hogard received his B. S. degree from Central Teachers College. He is spon- sor of the senior class and the Cardinal Dale P. Hayhurst, principal and shop- work instructor, was born at Howe, Taxas. This is his second year at Ar- cadia. Mr. Hayhurst received his B. S. degree from Central Teacher's College. He is sponsor of the 4-H Club, Scout- master, coached the grade boy's basket- ball team and is sponsor of the Junior class. Louis J. Maynard, history and mathe- matics teacher, was born at Marshal, ArkanLas. He has been at Arcadia on? year. Mr. Mayifard received his A. B. degree at Oklahoma University. He is coach of the boy's athletics and spon- sc r of th. sophomore class. Ina Hammon, home economics and Eng- lish teacher, was born at Stigler, Okla- homa. She has taught at Arcadia one year. Miss Hammon received her B. S. degree from Oklahoma A. and M. Col- lege. She is spcnsor of the frshman class. Sponsor of -the 4--H Club. Florence Mahler, seventh and eighth grade teacher, and speech teacher in hgh school, was boin n ar Jones, Ok- lahoma. She has taught at Arcadia the past five years. Miss Mahler re- ceived her B. S. degree from Central Teacher's College. She has directed the Junioi and Senior plays this year. Mary 4Shannonj Ross, fifth and sixth grade teacher, was born near Edmond, Oklahoma. She has taught at Arcadia one year. Mis. Ross received her B. S. degr 5' frim Central Teachers College. She has coached the gi1l's basketball te m this year. Nel ie Underwood. third and fourth glade teacher, was born at Newcastle, Ok'ahoma. She has taught at Arcadia the past four years. She received her B. S. degree from Central Iea:her's Col-- legc. She is instructor in muiic in high school. Leota Sipe, primary teacher, was born in Wolf Citv, Texas. She has taught at Arcadia the past two years. She re- ceived her B. S degree from Central Teacher's College. She is also a music instructor ir high school. THE CARDINAL , SENIOR CLASS Class Colors .,,.. n ..,... Purple and Gold Glass Flower ...V4.,.,,..,...o.....,,l,,................,.,....,....,..,.... ,.... .... P il nk Carnation Class Motto .4...... 'Tis not fashion, form nor state, but get up and Lget that makes one great First row: Mr. Hogard, Ralph Bottger, Della Marie Bottger, Jack Kenyon. Second row: Ben Kenyon Jr., Jeannine Hall. Third Row: Hazel Goedtken, Wallace Thompson, Laulra Doughty, Colleen Ecker. I THE CARDINAL SENIORS Ralph Bottger-"Butch" Ralph was born April 3, 1921, in Oklahoma City, Oklahofma. He moved to Witcher at an early age, where he went to school his first eight years.lOn graduation from tlhe eighth grade he transferred to Arcadia high school where he has attended for four years. Ralph is president of the senior class, captain of the baseball team and editor of The Cardinal. In his Junior year he won a trip to Chicago as a member of the crops judging team from Oklahoma. ' Della Marie Bottger-"Deleware', . I Della Marie was born in Oklahofma City, July 24, 1922. She attended school at Witcher for her first eight years and then came to .Arcadia high school the past four years. She has been a member of tihe basketball team for the past two years. In her freshman year she was Stunt Night Queen. ln her Junior year she won the Junior Scholarship medal. She is president of the Home Economics Club and vice-president of the Senior class. Her grades were third highest for the four years of high school work. Jack Kenyon-"Shorty" Jack was born, December 22, 1922, in Oklahoma City. He entered the Whittier School at the tend-er age of four years. He moved to Nicoma Park at the age of six and entered school tihere. He then transferred to Choctaw where he went to school for five years. Jack came to Arcadia and entered his sophomore year. He has taken part in athletics for the past two years, and has entered the Edmond Speech 'llournament the past two years. He has been a member of the cast in three high school plays in his junior and senior years. He is secretary of the senior class. Ben Kenyon, J r.-"Cob" ' Ben was born December 8, 1920, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He start- ed to school at Hawthorn, but moved to Whittier and lwithin a few years to Niconna Park school. At the beginning of the fifth year he started to Choctaw where .he attended through his freshman year. He then moved near Witcher and started to school at Arcadia as a sophomore. He has won the sophomore scholarship medal and is salutatorian of the senior class. He has taken part in three plays. Has won a first and a third in the Edmond speech tournament. Ben has taken an active part in basket- ball and baseball. THE CARDINAL SENIORS Jeannice Hall-"Carrot Top" Jeannice was born February 11, 1921, at Chillicothe, Texas. She entered school at Oakwood, Oklahoma, when a freshman and attended school at Ardlmore during her sophomore year. Jeannice came to Arcadia as a Junior. She was a member of the glee club, took part in thlree plays and is Assistant Editor of The Cardinal. Jeannice is valedictorian of the senior class. Hazel Goedtken-"Moose,' Hazel Was born at Windthorst, Texas, November 29, 19121. When two years old she moved to Oklahoma City Where she later attended school for six years. She then moved near Witcher Where she graduated from the eighth grade. She then entered school at Alrcadia and has gone here four years. Hazel has had a part in three school plays at Arcadia. Wallace Thompson-"Duck" Wallace was born near Vinson, Oklahoma, November 21, 1921. He moved from there to Witcher and then to Waterloo where he started to school and attended until he Was in the sixth grade and then moved to Navina Where he finished grade school. He then moved near Witcher and enter- ed school at Arcadia, Where he has attended the past four years. Wallace has been active in basketball and baseball, being captain of the basketball team. He has taken part in both the Junior and Senior plays. Laura Doughty-"Laurie" Laura was born at Wewoka, Oklahoma, February 2, 1921, She attended school at Ponca City, Holdenville, and Edmond before -moving to Arcadia, Where she entered the sophomore year. Laura has taken part in glee club four years, was a 4-H Club member during her sophomore year, and had a part in both the Junior play and the Senior play. Colleen Ecker-"Red" Colleen was born near Witcher, Oklahoma, May 24, 1921. She attended grade school at Witcher, entering high school at Arcadia Where she has attended four years. Colleen has been an active member of the basket ball team and has taken part in four plays While attending school here. She is secretary of the Home Economics Club. THE CARDINAL i JUNIOR CLASS Class Colors A ,. .4..s,. Pink and Blue First row: Mr. Hayhurst, Homer Schooling, Joyce Swearingen, Glen Baker. Second row: Mildred Bradley, Doris Jones, Jack Noel, Louise Burrow. Third row: Marguerite Martin, Wendell Dowell, Norma Dale Kennard, Arville Hensley. ' J THE CARDINAL 1 5 SOPHOMORE CLASS Class Colors ...... ..,.... G old and Blue First row: Mr. Maynard. Second row: Alvin Vinyard, Goldie Wall, Ruby Barefoot, Harlan Carr Third row: Jewell Weese, Lois Manning, Arthur Olson, Rosalee Thornton Fourth rowv: Margene Thomas, Vernon Sclhlooling, Clara Ruth Dowvell Clifton Lee. Fifth no-W: Marjorie Dunn, John Martin, Helen Johnson, Alleen Thorrnton THE CARDINAL C C I 5 FRESHMAN CLASS Class Colors , , , Pink and Green Class Flower i , , , Sweet Pea First row: Miss Hamrnon, Chester Hill, Winston Cleek, Mary Lee Waldrip, Second row: Eula Tuton, Maxine Rogers, Floyd Meneely, Norma LeGrande. Third row: Thelma Swails, Edward Lee, Jimmie Lee Burrow, Velda Mae Keasling. Fourth row: Dorothy Whiting, Ruth Elliott, Olgie Burrow, Herman Whiting. THE CARDINAL I 5 E l First, Second, Third and Fourth Grades First row: Mrs. Sipe, Mrs. Underwood, B. VV. Hogard, Georgia Ann Jennings, Carroli Olson, Georgia Ann Elliott, .l. C, Sprudlin Second row: Marshal Doughty, Jodie Zachary, Mildred Baker, Billie Dean Poplin, Wilmzu Lee, Steven Dugger, Lavoy Vvatson. Third row: Shirley Goodrich, Clinton Holbrook, Emma .lean Prewitt, Keith Wilson, Melba Copeland, Buddy Wickhani, Billie Dugger. Fourth row: John Edward Jones, Nina Belle Greenlee, liteighton, Roberts, J. R, Donnell, Naomi Cleek, Edward Lee Nickels, Joe Thomas Poplin. Fifth row: Wzinda Cowell, Charles Estell, Sherman Simpson, Wilma Stevens, Freddy Wilkerson, Cecil Williams, Charles VVebber. Sixth row: Clinton Holbrook, Elizabeth Greenlee, C. H. Enos, Ruby Santee, Richard Canada, Norman VV:ildri1J, Orville Whiting. Seventh row: Hudon Zachary, Dorothy Baker, Webster Watson, June Cowell, Floydi Hensley Nora Lee Poplin, Kenneth llugger I ' Nickels, Flora. Eighth row: ,Patsy Jones, Clifford Elliott, Martha Spradlin, Ca vin Womack, Dewey Pugh, Billy Pool. Ninth row: Roy Pugh, Henryetta Cowell, Junior Zachary, Paul Whiting, Anita Olson, Marvin Cleek, Roy Hartwig. THE CARDINAL Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grades First row: Mrs, lloss, Barbara Mae Swv-it Htirold Prewitt Fave Barefoot Sid L , ., . , ,. , ney ee, Second row: Frankie Gene Donnell, Ll 'd K ..,l' , f ' ' , oy easing Elizabeth Way, Albert Dugger Minnie Maude Thomas. Third row: Wanda Lee Dugger, Pete lflnughty, Floriene VVi1son, Bobby VVickham, lllerm-edes Roberts. Fourth row: XVayne Swails, Lois Fm-svlhe lra Fleek Alpha VVhiting, Mildred Copeland. Fifth rfm: Miss Mahler, Irma Faye Neff, llzirvey Donnell, Beth Simpson, Mary Marcine Olson. Sixth row: Raymond Donnell, Rose Mary Cowell, Betty Lee Bare, Junior Olson, Helen Marie Waldi-ip. Seventh row: Claribell Hensley, Jack Doughty, Ilena Tanquary, David Lee, Dorothy Canada, Eighth row: S, T. Harvill, Jaqueta We-ese, Glen Elliott, Pauline Underwood, Eulin Cleek. Ninth row: Lois Doughty, Wzxriten 'I'anquzu'y, Sterline Harvill, Houston Watson, Florence Santee. THE CARDINAL THE CARNIVAL The Carnival was one of the great events of the year. It was held October 28, in the gymnasium. Each of the teachers sponsored one amusement booth or more, as fol-A lows: Mrs. Sipe: Wild Man, Twin Calves, Fortune Teller.. Mrs. Underwood: Fish Pond, Marriage Bureau.. Mrs. Ross: Country Store, Miss Mahler: Bingo Stand. Miss Hafmmon: Lunch Stand. Mr. Maynard: Ball Game, Ring Game. Mr. Hayhurst: House of Horror. Mr. Hogard: Wheel of Fortune. The carnival was a great success and all reported it as one of the greatest events of the year. 4-H CLUB The Arcadia 4-H Club has made fair progress this year. At the first. of the year the following officers were elected: President, Alvin Vinyardg Vlice-president, Lois Manningg Secretary, Louise Burrow gi Slong' Leader, Thelma Swailsg Game Leader, Ralph Bottger. Our club was represented in the recreational contest at Putnam City. We placed first in song, second in stunt and games, placing us second in the County. We had six diezmonstrations and two timely topics entered in the Dem- onstration and Timely Topic Contest, held at Edmond. Louise Burrow and Thelma Swails are reserved champions of the County, with a dem--- onstration entitled, "Cream Puffs." Alvin V inyard is reserved champ- ion in Boy's Timely Topic. Thelma Siwails placed third in her Timely Topic. Our sponsors this year have been, Miss Hammon and Mr. Hayhurst. The members and sponsors wish to thank the Farm Wornen's Club for their cooperation in securing transportation and helping in our exhibits at fairs and contests. THE CARDINAL THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB presented FOOL'S HOLIDAY A Comedy in Three Acts by Myrtle Giard Elsey Wednesday, October 19, 1938, 8:00 0'cl0ck Jed Bradley .,.., Tom Bradley .... Clark Masters .J Tony Drew , J Mrs. Bradley . Thelma Bradley Bammie Bellairs Myra Haviland Grandma Havila nd Ina Hammon, Director CAST OF CHARACTERS ...M Colleen Ecker Mildred Bradley Ben Kenyon, Jr. .. Jack Kenyon Della M. Bottger Joyce Swearingen Jeannice Hall Louise Burrow ,. Hazel Goedtkin W 91, THE CARDINAL . fgfwrifrf N i AUNT SAMANTHY RULES THE ROOST The Junior Play was presented December 9, 1938. The characters were as follows: Aunt Samanthy Simpkins ,... c Serena Simpkins ,,,...,r,,A.,,.r.., Sophie Simpkins ,...,.,. .r,r,. Polly Paine .,....,r,r..r. Annie Ambrose .,.... Blanche Bower ..,... Luczien Littlefield .4,.. Blaire Boswell ....,,. Frank Fairfield .r...,.. Laurence Lovewell ,,..,., Buddy Boskins ...,..... . Louise Burrow Joyce Swearingen ., Dorothy Craun . , Doris Jones Mildred Bradley Norma Kennard c .. Glen Baker Jack Noel ., , Alvin Vinyard Wendell Dowell .. Arville Hensley The play was directed by Miss Mahler and sponsored by Mr. Hayhurst. J. S. It was considered a successful play. THE CARDINAL IN QUEST OF SANTA CLAUS One of the most outstanding programs of the year Was the Christtmas operetta, "ln Quest of Santa Clausf' presented by the grade school on December twenty-third. The story pertained to the adventure of Jane, played by Pauline Under- wood, who went in search of Santa Claus, Warren Tanquary. After hav- ing many adventures including lessons in helpfulness, unselfishness, kind- ness and love she found him. Mrs. Sipe, Mrs. Underwood and Miss Mahler were the directors. P. U. THE CARDINAL Y Darius Krupp , Priscilla Carter Marian Carter . Jill Carter .A..,.,... Jack Loring A...,4.... Frank Harlow Deliah Worts ...,..,. Henry Goober Susan Parkans Bill Wilkins ..,. THE SENIOR CLASS presented HOBGOBLIN HOUSE A Mystery Play in Three Acts Friday Evening, March 31, 1939 CAST OF CHARACTERS Ben Kenyon, Jr.. Hazel Goedtken Della Marie Bottger Jeannice Hall Jack Kenyon Wallace Thompson Laura Dougihty Arthur L. Olson Bluebeard Bronson , Headless Phantom .. Tlhue play was considered a lgreat success, and boast Director, Miss Mahlerg Sponsor, Mr. Hogard. l,...... Colleen Ecker Harlan Carr Ralph Bottger Doris Jones s a record audience. THE CARDINAL The boy's basketball lt-uni under the cozufliing of Mr. Louis Maynard feel that ilthougli not so many gzunes were won, that ll great deal was learned, Below '1 het of th gfllllifs Llllil SL'Ul't'S, BASKETBALL Arcadia 14 State Center 57 Arcadia 9 Luther 26 Arcadia 26 Edmond Tr. School 20 Arcadia 8 Jones 38 Arcadia 13 Deer Creek 37 Arcadia 22 Crooked Oak 23 Arcadia 22' Choctaw 21 Arcadia 19 Jones 27 Arcadia 6 Bethany 21 Arcadia 20 Bethany 21 Arcadia 32 Harrah 31 Arcadia 21 State Center 24 Arcadia 32 Crooked Oak 25 Arcadia 15 Deer Creek 34 Arcadia 12 Edmond Tr. School 16 Arcadia 20 Edmond Tr. School 25 Arcadia 14 Edmond Tr. School 36 The girl's basketball team worked hard and had a lot of fun and expeiience with Mrs Ross as coach, but it seemed that it was difficult to win any games. R.P8cC' THE CARDINAL v , ,,,, JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET' The flower garden motif was carried out in the annual Junior-Senior' banquet held May 4, 1939, in the Home Economics Room. The following? program was given: Chief Gardener ,, .. Ben Kenyon Lilacs .l.,.l .l..... . ,,,, L ouise Burrow Sunflower , ..,, .,,.,. .... . G len Baker Summer Showers ,... .,,.,. F lolrence Mahler Summer Rose . . . ,. .,.,l,, Ben Kenyon Iris , .,., . ,,... ......,.,. . Ray Rogers Green Bugs . .,o.. ....,., J oyce Swearingen, Doris Jones Spading Fork ,...., .,..... ,. .l..i.4..,l Mildred Bradley Frost .,.,.,..,..,.. ....l S upt. B. W. Hogard The banquet ended with a line party to the Broncho Theatre. THE CARDINAL BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Sunday, May 14, 1939 2:00 P. M. Processional. Invocation ,..4A, ,,,..,.. , ,.4A., A.A.......,...,. R e v . Maples Quartet .. ,. ....,.. Edmond High School Sermon ..V.oo, .o,.,, R ev. Warren Brulmfield Benediction ..,.,,. ..oo,...o...r..,4A.,,.,,....,...4,,... ..,. R e v. Maples Recessional O COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Tuesday, May Eighteenth 8:00 P. M. Processional Salutatorian ..4.. M ., , ...loo,...,.. ....,..l , . Ben Kenyon Jr. Sextet , .o,, , ,, , Doris Jones, Joyce Swearingen, Maxine Rogers, Thelma Swails, Louise Burrow, Lois Manning Valedictorian . . ,. .....i,,,.... 0.i..4.,...... .,... . . . . .. Jeannice Hall Commencement Address ,, , ,.,,i. Dr. Loren N. Brown Presentation of Diplomas ..,.. ...,., S upt. B. W. Hogard THE CARDINAL WHAT IF Chester were Peek instead of Hill. Marguerite were Dove instead of Martina Harlan were Buggy instead of Carr. Alvin were Orchard instead of Vineyard.. Louise were Mule instead of Burrow. Glen were Butcher instead of Baker. Jeannice were Room instead of Hall. Goldie were Ceiling instead of Wall. Doris were Spencer instead of Jones. Marjorie were Finished instead of Dunn. Edward were Grant instead of Lee. Eula were Four-ton instead of Tuton. Thelma were Whales instead of Swails. Jack were Canyon instead of Kenyon. Hazel were Goat-skin instead of Goedtken Colleen were Acre instead of Ecker. Winston were Sleek instead of Cleek. Clara Ruth were Towel instead of Dowell. Lois were Tanning instead of Manning. Homer were Learning instead of Schooling Cossette were Bill's instead of Williams. Floyd were Mealy instead of Meneely. Ralph were Blotter instead of Bottger. E 1 H THE CARDINAL SNAPSHOTS I. 'faking Life easy. 2. H. XV. and SIIOXVIHZIII, 3. Smfwuring Vitamin D. 4. Politiciug the Lffaclmr, 5. Puppy lover or Sillllvlllillgf 6. All smiles. T. Catch 'ex' Ralph. S. 1ii1'd's eye View of the play- grfruud, 9. Puls-e-wzllsics. 10. Forming the line, 11. Oh my, Oh my. 12. Three girls on donkeys, Clmxm Ruth, Thelma, and Euler. 13, Pee-wee. 14. Our tr2u1spo1'tatiu11. 15. Our Janitor, Mr. Good- rich. 16. Babius ut play. 17, The giant-stride in u:+e, 18. State Czlpitfjl. 19. MVS. Sipe's Boys. THE CARDINAL SNAPSHOTS 1. Speech tournament contestants. 2. The conference. 3. Mr. Hayhurst and freshman boys. 4. Lovesick. 5. "Babe Ruth" Thompson. 8. Camera Shy. 7. Ben with freshman girls. 8, Christmas op-eretta. 9. A lesson in posing. 10. Senior sponsor. 11. The festival square dancers, 12. Base- ball team. 13. Clifton Lee. 14. First Grade Boys. 16. Two school moms. 16, It must be the uniform. 17. Ben at the stick. 18, Taking life easy, 19. Mary Sz Pauline. 20. 4-H Club secre- tary. 21. A handsome quartet. 22. Grade children. 23. Everyday life. 24, Surrounded by red-heads. 25. Those senior boys. THE CARDINAL WE THANK YOU We wish to thank the following advertisers for their cooperation in mak- ing it possible for us to publish this annual at a price the students can afford to pay. Readers, please check through these ads and remember that these people are our friends and deserve our patronage. Staff and Sponsor 0 ADVERTISING SECTIO . . . . . .. 5,341.35 15:52-:5 i :E " f-: f:2:::::5:E :S f:5: nd f:::j.1::: sais Ednm ex 1: 'lffff 1 e .ai El 5? '15-5:53952 ine -:gssffg l Funeral H0 E p E SERVXC tag AMBULANC .2 ga phone 3 L 4 , .- f P r 92,5 if 5: 'I -:,:::::::2.,:E:: g.3:2.-:Ez .V ., 53 S951 5'-f2fZ1:-Q" ,, ff ?5'--5r515r515:5r5 mf' s- .32 . t 'Ig 5555555555' 925555725 '52 'V -. 5 .- :1:5:f:5:f.:5: fitffffifliic- ., li .- girirll-B-1-' '--312:-iff, . '. 475. I "'ffEQf"Ef-ziffffq. 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' if .ww V 43,1-f..j::' " 1 f 1, 1 ' .-:aft wh, fp qi x 513 ?,, is 9 :sv vN J Q1 "5Qg"'fx" Ml, i l s-2 f' Q nb' 'VV' yes. ,lx GJ Rf, 3 A! six x f,,A.4qvr X815 X wifi' N '- vp 1? f 15 in f 1 ' .N 4. " " " 7:3.3:-11' '31-.5 5.-.5 .- THE CARDINAL oioixogufe- - - ------ - - BANK OF COMMERCE Arcadia, Oklahoma Bank with us where you are assured safety and service. Under super- vision of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which means each and every deposit with us up to 35,000.00 is insured by said Government Corporation. YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED. .-10.1111-:.:1i::-ii: 111-.,1111.11.11.1r U11-.11111111..1 4114.1111111111-111 Cauthorn Chevrolet Company I-"'-I -M """ j,Cljl,EVROLMET 5 I ll Phone 92 Edmond Oklahoma 1111111111111 Gordon White Lumber Co. Mule Hide Roofing Benjamin Moore Paints I Phone 108 Edmond 4:1911 1 1,1 1.1 .-.1 1,1 --1 THE CARDINAL 'a O OTIli1li0l1D1U1Wll1llNiIli1li13i1 l'i'i1'lPi1f 101 U !! !! !! !! l! gf OOMPLIMENTS OF I! ll !! H THE EDMOND ICE COMPANY !! II ij EDMOND, OKLAHOMA if II !! !! ll H Wax 1 121914110121 1 1 1 1 i 1 iq v,n1u1:1 1-1 Z 3 1 121 1 1 1-1-1 U H H Q! STUDENT CLEANERS Q !! ii PAAS FUNERAL H H gg ' u HOME !! !! CLEANING - LAUNDRY QQ and FUR STORAGE U o ., N lf 0 U 11 ii ii , , E AMBULANCE SERVICE Pick up Service at -L F Tuton Drug in Arcadia ii . 0 U li !! ii U 15 East Hurd H Edmond Phone 96 Edmond, Oklahoma I H ii 3 H ii n1 n141n1o11f11o:o 0 101 0.0 i THE CARDINAL 1 aiciapim 11111 xo.: I. ,Q 1-.Le :cEvu:.oa.-an-fi-into 1 :zap-1o1oqiuu:oi1 30101-uiuiuioiuapo THOMPSONE BOOK STORE LIBRARY, GRADE, HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE School Furniture, Pictur 117 North College vi 1 1 1 1 1 auayammqpngnu..-r....u MARl?i.l0T'lZ'gE 50 to 551.00 Eiigre The Big HHOME OWNED" 5 Store in EDMOND an nmnviouoimxcnm-ucnwoxwxazz1m4iz.'an-3:-uucgvaramvw :xc-1.-I. xumuupngmaniqn an qpinznixmzpimzuzmnmwi 'mamocuu TEXT BOOKS 0 Off ice Supplies ....i. .. v of Q : es, Typewriters, Magazines, Novels and I Edmond Q 'lf'll':::::::::':: i H i U 5 U MclVI1n1my Hardware E U i U H U VVe exte l 111 congratulat the ' ,efforts f the A. H. S. S n 2 E publish g this annual, I E Q Hardware - Furniture Q Electrolux - R. C. A. Radios E in A. B. C. Washers Aladdin Lamps g Gas and Kerosene Ranges and Paints f il E E! 5 Edmond, Oklahoma L ll l U I ll 0:0 'fro-sunolucb 2 aa ni as :ui 1141101011: THE CARDINAL 14io1o-'ic- Quia- 101:-uit:-an 14 10 1 1 1 AN OKLAHOMA INSTITUTION Selling to OKLAHOMA'S HIGH SCHOOLS Complete Equipment for Golf Baseball Truck Tennis Boxing Football Basketball Softball and Many Other Sports NORMAN Jail Eco. NORMAN, OKLAHOMA ci 1:1 iciul inlciciczci .111 0:0 0 04013 uit 2 it ini 1 1413011411111 if in FREED MERCAN TILE Groceries - Meats - Flour Dry Goods - Notions and Hardware Arcadia, Okla. 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Suggestions in the Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) collection:

Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 15

1939, pg 15

Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 13

1939, pg 13

Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 6

1939, pg 6

Arcadia High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Arcadia, OK) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 33

1939, pg 33

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